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Peaches Geldof Found Dead at Age 25: “Sudden and Unexplained”, a Year After Announcing Initiation to the O.T.O



Peaches Geldof Found Dead at Age 25: "Sudden and Unexplained", a Year After Announcing Initiation to the O.T.O

Peaches Geldof Found Dead at Age 25: "Sudden and Unexplained", a Year After Announcing Initiation to the O.T.O

Model and TV personality Peaches Geldof was found dead at her home in Kent, England on April 7th. Geldof was the daughter of musician Bob Geldof and Paula Yates (who died of a drug overdose in 2000).  Geldof’s death was deemed “sudden and unexplained”  and is currently under investigation. Authorities have however already stated that there was no evidence of foul play.

There is however one important element that needs to be considered while investigating her fate : She died about a year after announcing the her fans her initiation into the occult secret society Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O). On March 11th 2013, Peaches tweeted:

“#93 #Thelema #o.t.o for all my fellow Thelemites on instagram!”

Thelema is the name of the philosophy taught in the O.T.O. It was written by occultist Aleister Crowley.

Peaches Geldof Found Dead at Age 25: "Sudden and Unexplained", a Year After Announcing Initiation to the O.T.O

Peaches’ O.T.O. tattoo

Peaches Geldof Found Dead at Age 25: "Sudden and Unexplained", a Year After Announcing Initiation to the O.T.O

Peaches urged her social media followers to learn about the O.T.O, which caused a surge of interest for the secret society in mass media (well, tabloid news).

The O.T.O was mentioned countless times on Vigilant Citizen as it is one of the most powerful secret societies in existence today. Based on Aleister Crowley’s Thelema, the O.T.O revolves around the concept of sex magick to attain spiritual illumination. The O.T.O considers itself to be the true heir of the Knight Templars and the Bavarian Illuminati. Crowley’s texts also contained several thinly veiled allusions to human ritual sacrifice to attain magical potency. Was Peaches sacrificed?

Before joining the O.T.O, Peaches was involved in Scientology to then turn to Judaism, the religion of her husband Thomas Cohen.

While information concerning her death is still scarce, Peaches life had all of the bearings of an industry victim: She was born into an unstable, show-business family; She got involved in the entertainment industry early in her life; She developed relations with industry insiders; She dabbled with the most powerful spiritual currents of the occult elite; Finally, she unfortunately lost her life in “mysterious” circumstances, under the spell of an elite secret society.

We might be seeing, once again, the dark side of the entertainment world working its “magick” in plain sight.

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Peaches Geldof Found Dead at Age 25: "Sudden and Unexplained", a Year After Announcing Initiation to the O.T.O

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hhhmmm. I really believe that Bob geldof is somehow tainted, there's just something about him I can't put my finger on. he looks like a kind and charitable person, but looks can be deceiving. Very important fact someone mentioned. The statement from the husband and Geldof LESS THAN AN HOUR after her body was found. The husband says…… "My Beloved wife peaches was BELOVED by myself and her two sons"…….We shall love her forever"…WHAT? instead of someone with genuine initial shock saying…… "I'm in shock that this has happened" or "it has not sunk in". …..or simply just "I'm beyond grief and I don't know what to say" or something. The precocious official statements were contrived and suspicious. She was 25 for god's sakes not 85. It was almost as if they were expecting it and it had already decided upon what to say. Most family and friends just wait longer to even make a public statement after an unexpected death. Was it unexpected?…My intuition is telling me there is something not quite right. Furthermore WHY was there a black private ambulance at the her home after her body was discovered. Who called them? I've never seen a private ambulance… Read more »


In all honesty, the circumstances of death were immediately obvious, there was no suspicion, just an attempt to allow the family to keep things private. She was buried quickly too. I doubt there will be anymore genuine reporting surrounding the case and sometimes, this is the right approach to take.


Okay, I think it is okay to say that over the last few days of her life, there were so many internet search engine results on her computer re committing suicide whilst making it look like unexplained death, and the fact that she followed one of these through to the letter, that the Police were right in immediately declaring it non suspicious. That does NOT mean that satanism was not involved, infact, it confirms the contrary. It does not cleanly invade the soul or take over an identifiable section of your life, it actually infests it in an insidious manner blowing apart intents and motives in a way that a coroner would never try to pick apart later on. She will probably be reported to have had a medical condition because our masonically-grounded medical systems are completely about dealing with and treating the symptoms, never spending too much time on root causes.


How do you know this anon? Very interested in your replies. There has always been something so 'off' about her, while we all deal with things in different ways especially the loss of a parent. She seemed almost impenetrable with absolutely no warmth to her. Again, not judging, but I found it chilling when there was a young man she had supplied heroin to had died and the father said she rang to explain but sounded more interested in clearing herself than sad about what had happened. Maybe trauma hardens you, but it seems she suffered more than just her mother passing…

Anyway. Thoughts to those two beautiful young boys.


Remarkable story. Goodness, she was't the nice and innocent person I though. quite callous of her. I think perhaps because her dad's a high degree Freemason, that she has been tampered with in someway, meaning mentally and physiologically. very sad affair for her tow innocent sons involved. May God protect them.


Hi anon. How do you know about the search engine results on her computer? Still, I find it hard to believe that she would deliberately leave her children motherless, especially with her own history. Moreover, as reported, she had her youngest boy beside her; who would commit a suicide while looking after a vulnerable infant alone? Very strange.


As I said, I never knew her well and I am not her age but we were brought up in the same world and have many people in common. Re The computer search engine, I found out about it while on vacation in the Maldives (so much gets reported about our society by the outside press which would never be endorsed by the Rothschild press to be reported to us within this controlled bubble in which we live). I have cross checked with others who have confirmed that it is common knowledge. I feel terribly sorry for her family as I also passionately believe in attachment parenting and it must have been so impossible to build up a controversial public image as a poster girl for the movement whilst finding it hard to cope privately. By this time next year, I will also have two babies under two and quite frankly, I know it is going to be hard work, even living a low-key life.


can you elaborate on personal health problems that were caused by that eli roth guy?


Well, he had a tense few years, but you know what they say is the truth about certain supposedly incurable health problems – the cures have been available to a select few for a while and he is fine now as though it never happened. But who knows whether he bothered to tell people with whom he came into contact about the problem and whether they successfully sought treatment? I am guessing not.


Thank you for your interesting reply. It just struck me as bizarre that she should consider and actually do something like this whilst looking after her baby alone. However, people do the weirdest things and suppose she did end her own life, then in a way being with her baby while it happened was the perfect cover up to make her 'natural causes' death more believable. It would have been quite improbable had it happened to an AP mother in a rare moment of being baby-free.
Now that I think about it, her nanny's words that 'she tried so hard to be happy'(tried and failed?), as well as her novice's enthusiasm towards mothering, marriage and other aspects of her seemingly perfect life, repeating how happy she was all suspicious.
A hugely sad story illustrating that one cannot find happiness through others, even the closest and the dearest without being happy oneself..

All best to you with your babies, Anon. I'm sure that you'll do great.


Thanks Sylvia, I think she was an inspirational AP practitioner and unfortunately, the true facts of her death make it a sad day for the AP movement and a field day for the naysayers. It does highlight the fact that we cannot always forcibly think ourselves into a positive frame of mind and become our own gods as OTO would have us believe. I reckon there is a take home lesson in there somewhere about social media and how we can jazz up our persona and brighten our auras to dazzling levels without actually managing to elevate the sad, little person inside of us. There is a lot of emphasis in NLP and other therapies about imagining ourselves as bigger and better and more powerful than we are; however, conceding our vulnerabilities can actually be a lot more liberating, if harder said than done. Personally, I have decided to postpone trying for that next baby because I am happy with the children I have and on a personal level, that is the relevance of her legacy for myself – you cannot do AP properly and guilt-free with such a small age gap.


Oh my seems you have inside knowledge. I believe you. This is the only the second article I've commented on in this particular website. Although I have been coming on for a few years now. Yes indeed, there are many things that the press do not print, they only print the unnecessary or the stuff that is public knowledge already, and the inevitable facts bound to come out. All in all they print what the evil entities behind the scenes want to print. You be safe with your kids and family.


Exactly. Interesting post. No I did't know about that piece of information Anon. Are you certain, so you say she was searching how to commit suicide??. I have not heard this news. or are you saying that the police could make it look like she did.

The police and coroner could make anything happen when masonic mafia are involved. As they do with many suspicious death. I know with princess diana, they used an untraceple deadly liquid to inject into her. She was dead within minutes. Do you think they could have used this with other or Peaches in this case. hhmm. Well I believe anything is possible.


I suppose they could have set it up to look like something it wasn't. Who's to stop them from doing that to such a celebrity or even a lower profile person whom they perceive as being a threat, I guess. One thing I do know for sure is that on an intelligence level, every single public service and influential private organization with whom we deal is now completely integrated on the level of information-merging by which I mean, almost seamlessly so. If they feel you are worth it for reasons possibly unbeknown to you, then they will most certainly present themselves thus. Freedom is dead unless they perceive you to be part of the nameless, faceless sea of eventual depopulation who will be dealt with in due course without unnecessary expenditure. I know that most people would say 'Well we have heard that all before' but I am actually emphasizing this as fact, not speculation and from primary sources.


I'm on the same wavelength as you are. Although I have not witnessed anything from the inside. I know these things do go on as I read and research extensively about these matters from various sources for almost a decade.

These people who run the world do what they wish and to whom and when they wish. We have no control over this, as you put it there is no freedom. Some things you've mentioned most people would find implausible, not because they are not correct but simply because the average mind is incapable of comprehending such matters and will thus find it to easier to reject and deny it and carry on with their trivial lives.

I see more people are waking up from the illusion. it will take time. For all those whose lives have been sacrificed for the greater good. May God bless their souls. Amen.

Thank you Anon and God bless.


Many thanks for your thoughts AD. Unfortunately, these matters are likely to seem ever more implausible until we reach a point when it would be detrimental to even deal with them. I am reassured by the fact that the agreement of the victim is needed in a sense in order for their energy to be released into the occult rituals. We see how this is given on a generic level during mass rituals such as the Olympics and the Superbowl but I think that we are likely to witness much fine-tuning over the next few years. They will probably package it all up in a glittery pink box with a few idols stuck onto the military-themed wrapping but it will still be a legitimate choice. They need the truth movement to up the general level of awareness because they need to disseminate their sub-top-secret information in a timely manner.
Personally, I am much more focused on the wider political picture in particular, the Middle East and the Eurasian cradle as well as the spiritual development of my children.


Generational curses are very real. They are biblical. Unfortunately the innocent do pay for the sins of others, and this has been proven to the world throughout history. “that the punishment for sins can be given to the 3rd and 4th succeeding generations.”

What ever happened to the Roosevelt, Rockefeller, Astor, Dupont, and even the Kennedy families? The Johnson heir, who was a young girl like Peaches, died a few months ago as well. Do we see any offspring of those families as succesful individuals in their own right? Perhaps David Rockefeller could be considered “successful”, but his son also died in a plane crash on Friday the 13th a few years ago.

The only healing from generational curses is repentance. God is the only truth in this world of so much deception.


If you want to get away with a murder; kill a junkie. It’s really that simple.


Wasn't Peaches just involved with championing an investigation into one of those exploding pedi-scandle currently underway in the UK? ( a limited hang-out operation involving naming perverts long dead, already one foot in the grave, or otherwise deemed expendable?)

"Peaches Geldof could face a criminal investigation after she named two women who allowed their babies to be abused by the disgraced rock star Ian Watkins.
The daughter of Bob Geldof, the Boomtown Rats star, posted the names of two women involved in the case on Twitter after reportedly reading them on a US-based website. "
Telegraph 11/28/2013


Bizarre how her father Bob and now older sister Fifi have announced their engagements this week. It has got to be the biggest red flag of all.


Not sure about all this conspiracy tbh. Bit creepy joining the O.T.O but it was knownhere and there that she had addictions to hard drugs. My mum worked as a paramedic in London and has picked her up more than once when she overdosed. Her colleagues also picked up Amy Winehouse on several occasions too so not speculating here. Either way, very sad and 2 babies left without a mum…guess no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors.


Okay, so now we know Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose and was dealing with the addiction for some time. The coroner said 'heroin contributed to her death', where does this theory now fit with occultism and sacrifice?
Just a genuine question I have on this.

Ms. Adventure

Media reports are dubious at best, but it does seem she had an ongoing issue with heroin. IMO the obvious occult tie here is Crowley, who enthusiastically advocated heroin & other hard drugs in his writings. Peaches was an avid fan/follower of his 'teachings,' so this could have been a factor in some of her lifestyle choices.

For a recovering addict like Peaches, this must've been confusing as hell. On one hand, she was struggling to overcome and avoid the destructive powers of heroin. To stay away. On the other hand, she was reading and singing the praises of Crowley, who often sung the praises of heroin and its "mystical" powers. It seems very contradictory. (Cognitive dissonance indeed.) It's not a stretch to think that his writings could've "triggered" a relapse, or at the very least, piqued her interest in the drug. IF she was MKed and had DID/MPD as some speculate, this would only further complicate the matters.

That's my take on it, assuming heroin was the true cause of death. I hope she is now at peace, wherever she may be….


Thanks Ms. Adventure- food for thought.


@Dee: A. Crowley (btw a ‘god’ of the Beatles and other ‘stars’ like Led Zeppelin), closely linked to such interesting figures as elusive Baron von Sebottendorf (Hitlers’ elusive godfather-figure, a double-agent in service of MI6 and OKH, who introduced him into teachings of Mme Blavatsky), Bush family (rumours are rather convincing as to who was Barbara Bush’s biological father), advocated a ‘philosophy’ (cooked-up hogwash, that Crowley himself proudly attributed to his co-operation with a demon, which he portrayed looking eerily similar to common ‘grey alien’) which can be summed up in the following way: 1. Drug yourself out of your mind with the hardest drugs you can possibly use; 2. While in stupor, f*ck yourself to the brink of lethal exhaustion; 3. Reaching the brink of death/mental collapse (MPD/DID) await demonic contact to become possessed and gain insights/powers; 4. After a few repetitions (surviving them, that is) – start considering the following: a) creating a moonchild, ie. baby possessed from conception, which has powers and abilities and is MPD/DID; b) mock human sacrifices; c) real human sacrifices (preferably intelligent, healthy male babies); Later the high law of Thelema, ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’, coupled… Read more »

Grim Reaper

just another worthless and meaningless life going to its just reward.


#TEAM_ PEACHES #TEAM_ PEACHES. Now begins the big cover up. Tom Cohen, frontman of a PUNK band is now described by an anonymous source as a "straight family man" who never even knew about the drugs and was simply never in the frame… is that plausible?
British newspaper shows him SMILING and out with a girl whom everybody knows was more than just his friend in the past.
Cohens are indeed immune and completely above scrutiny


Indeed, doesn't he look relieved? The grieving widower was certainly looking rather content and relaxed with his female companion. Strange.
The Daily Fail also described her troubled last months, which could be only summarised in one word-'disaster'. Of course everybody knew. His father is a social worker, right?
I really hope that she wasn't using whilst pregnant, but who knows? It seems that most of this earth-mother persona was a charade, so perhaps she didn't care about those boys as much as she portrayed it. Her new life was a source of income and media attention, her journalism was always about herself and her life, if I'm not wrong, so the boys provided something nice and lucrative to write about. Of course, she loved them, but only as much as a heroin addicted mum can love her children.
Anon, do you think they will be well looked-after or is the Cohen family also weird? They are the true victims here..


Well, they are weird, that's for sure but not celebrity weird like hers was. I don't begrudge Tom his ability to look cheerful but if he was really all that pained by her death then you just wouldn't be caught smiling in that way a couple of days after the funeral. His sister Holly definitely never liked or trusted Peaches and I think the general consensus is that she let them all down and duped them into believing she had reformed, especially her own children, they were disgusted by her hypocrisy and dysfunction and are drawing a fairly neat line under it. If the Thursday-Monday at grandparents was a regular arrangement then her attachment parenting was pretty much part-time and she probably put in less overall hours than average. I question whether she ever did practise it at all. It never actually made sense, knowing what she was like before and seemed like a minor miracle. You know what they say about things that sound too good to be true… they usually aren't! I suppose that the more she wrote about it and constantly photographed it, the more hemmed in she must have felt by the whole mothering experience. She… Read more »


Still #Team_Peaches! She enabled them to have a fantastic relationship with the children which suggests that she was aware of the risk of her early death. She probably thrived on the risk of combining motherhood with rock'n'roll and the occult. At least she proved that is actually impossible.


I just saw on Yahoo news that she is said to have died from a heroin overdose. A saw a comment and the person was speculating that she was killed bc she was investigating that pedophile ring that involved celebrities, well respected people, and elite people in high places. Apparently, no drugs or paraphernalia were found in her home.


That is right. Just some further thoughts. Obviously, there are contaminated batches of heroin doing the rounds on the celebrity circuit, nothing new there. There was a window of opportunity to dispose of paraphernalia before the police arrived especially if you knew where it was and what it was as I am sure Tom did. What does it really matter anyway? Redirect attention towards finding some obscure, middle-man pusher in the layer cake in order to completely divert that attention away from the fact that she was demonically up to her eyeballs in dead occultists and suicided rock stars and actually died in the hanging man tarot position. Recall John Todd and the way in which specific demons are attached to rock music. Elliot Smith's music (just like Nick Drake's) carried an extra dose of negative energy due to their respective suspicious deaths and she was obsessed with fusing her soul to his. I have had similar rock fixations in the past so I completely emphathize. She was also involved in the Kabbalah; beyond the level of 'lets wear red bands and drink $100 bottles of water. The Zohar is the most potent, literary and oratory power that has ever… Read more »


I believe when you feel a pain inside of you, you are attracted to likeminded souls. She clearly hadn't met anyone she felt matched her inner torment and as you said, felt compelled towards Smith.

Wasn't aware of the complexities of Kabbalah, just started reading into that one….

P.s anon, is it for want of a better word, 'safe' to enjoy sad or angry music? I love me my rock & roll bands or all kinds and creeds, but obviously the frenzy that is so attractive about these shows also makes me wonder.


I agree with you regarding the pain but it is possible to talk yourself into magnifying it and wallowing in it. This culture has always glamorized angst. Rock & roll (the music as well as some of the people) have helped me through some strange episodes of my younger life but it does not cancel out your own demons in any way; the fact that it reaches you and you feel enveloped by it (almost found and identified) is only temporarily numbing at best. I find that the absence of my dependency on it has had a good regulating effect on my own emotions and self-esteem but then, I am older and I have other crutches which have minimized it's importance in my life. That said, I never went for the live music performances even though the guys in bands would tell me that this was the true experience of appreciating music and the reason they were in the industry. What you describe is probably the same thing. I was always a purist, solitary listener. Nor did I ever allow myself to become acquainted with the music of musicians whom I had befriended until there was a certain distance. It… Read more »


Eons ago I used to be a huge Courtney Love fan, another lady with both a huge darkness and great light, until I saw through the veneer of celebrity. I agree with you about making a choice, I choose the light now as I learnt a long time ago the hole only gets wider and more isolating the more you choose to focus on it. The Neitsche quote about the abyss looking back feels apropriate. Thats why I dont like to check into sites like this too often, wonderfull infomative as they are. Controlled hedonism if there is such a thing seems like a happier medium, at least for me too.

Musicians run to another set of rules like actors, although ironically I've always found the latter to be more unhinged, seeking 'something' and generally wonderfully slippery eels. Great to party with but not to be involved with.

You seem like a very wise and interesting person anon, I could pitch questions to you all day. Lots of love and light.


Much obliged, Wisdom. Could not have put it better myself.


Ofcourse she died of an overdose…….
News tells that she was obsessed about her mothers dead.


Why is anyone surprised. When Satan is through with you he kills you.


I have met this girl a number of times, in a social settings…. She always seemed lost and insecure within herself. Always looking for validation from outside sources. When I heard this news, it did not surprise me at all. There are a number of girls, wandering around on the fringes of their parents wealth and fame, that are exactly like peaches.



Hardcore Hank

150,000 people die every single day, most of them are Christians, Muslims and Jews. I think there is a conspiracy for you to investigate.


Indeed. There is a war against God and religion that has manifested even before Jesus Christ. May God help us to help ourselves, and each other and to fight against these evil entities that are trying to eradicate everything we stand for and may they not succeed in capturing our minds and souls. May we be free from the indoctrination, false teachings, propaganda and negative way of life they promote and may we be the ones to defeat our arch enemy and the luciferian worshipers. Hope they burn in hell and they will. Amen.


yes, @hardcorehank you’re right, and its perpetrated by the same elite spoken about in the death of this Peaches kid.

Zahra Ansari

Her mom died in very similar circumstances too…. weird.


It pains me to witness the mindless masses respecting these foul individuals.
To illustrate the point- so called star peaches geldof had about 200 000 followers on twitter. Each and every one of these 200 000 are stupendously ignorant. If I wanted a role model there are many to aspire to with excellent qualities.

Black Mamba

Sad? Why is it sad? She chose to go down the road she took. Her life choices. This is the consequences of her actions. I don't feel sorry for her one bit.


Why would they sacrifice a famous person who openly announced her affiliations with their network?


to make an example of her.


Is 25 the modern day 27?
Hmmm….i just always saw 27 as the 'martyr' age for mysterious deaths(jimi hendrix DROWNING in wine, for example).
Then again 25 could be interpreted as significant in many ways, also…
Hope St. Peter has some answers for me if im not lucky enough to attain them in life.


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