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Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under “Doctor’s Care” … And it’s About Mind Control



Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under "Doctor's Care" ... And it's  About Mind Control

After being released from the hospital but still under “doctor’s care” – which is often code for “reprogramming” – Miley Cyrus released a video for the song Tongue Tied. The video is, coincidentally enough, riddled with mind control symbolism. While most sources describe the video as “being about bondage”, there is much more going on there. The song title itself suggests being speechless and confused – a state that MK slaves know all too well. It is however the visual symbolism packed in this short video that says it all: It is about Miley Cyrus, a representative of Sex Kitten Programming, being controlled, handled and plastered with Mind Control symbolism.

Here’s the video (you probably should not watch this at work).

Judging by a great number of videos released in the past decade, taking part of  bondage-themed videos appears to be the only options for young pop stars who want to be “edgy, artsy and mature”. The fact is, bondage-themed material is now common because it is an easy way to represent these stars’ state of sexual slavery as representatives of Kitten programming. The symbolism in Tongue Tied is yet another video linking bondage with Mind Control.

Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under "Doctor's Care" ... And it's  About Mind Control

Multiple body-less heads – one of the many scenes representing the creation of multiple personas.


Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under "Doctor's Care" ... And it's  About Mind Control

On the heads appear kitten masks – representing Kitten Programming.


Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under "Doctor's Care" ... And it's  About Mind Control

For a split second, we see masks bearing Mickey Mouse ears (a symbol representing MK programming). Also, one of the eyes of the mask is cut out – the classic “one-eye sign” of the Illuminati entertainment industry.


Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under "Doctor's Care" ... And it's  About Mind Control

This image represents Miley in the music industry: Restrained, held by the neck by unseen people and her with hands tied behind her back.


Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under "Doctor's Care" ... And it's  About Mind Control

Throughout the video, Miley is shown being divided and sliced-up, representing the fracturing of MK slaves’ psyche. Added bonus: A tape hides one her eyes.


Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under "Doctor's Care" ... And it's  About Mind Control

The video ends with a telling image: Miley acts surprised while not being able to see anything. She’s wearing a mask with eyes on it that  covers her true eyes. This pretty much represents the life of MK slaves.

In short, the video is all about depicting Miley as being blind, controlled, confused and programmed. She cannot express what is happening to her because she is truly “tongue tied”. Seeing Miley Cyrus being used as the Illuminati industry’s favorite Kitten is painful to watch. All of the signs and patterns applied on other stars are being applied to her and, unfortunately, this will most likely lead to some kind of “breakdown” or downfall. While I hope she gets out of this mess, she’s one of most tightly controlled pop stars out there.


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Jolie Darling

I don´t get the frickin video. This just shows that the illuminati is stupid with containing their info and how much they respect everything they are about. Mostly satanic Shizz and other things like frickin BDSM! I know all about the things they do in the entertainment industry and the gov. They hide all this stuff. Just not good enough if a person like me, who has a 99 IQ test score, can see it everywhere. I mean everywhere people. I'm just lucky that my father, who I hope isnt illuminati knows that I'm not doing that shizz. I know I'm freakier than a forked-tongue, but I'd kill every illuminati person just to survive. I don't care if this is a terroristic threat you bastards! I want to be arrested. And that won't stop me from throwing knives either. I'm pretty sure even my mother doesn't know I can throw knives!
P.S. Just know that I'm watching you guys and my guns are ready for the day you try to take over!

Jolie Darling

That was a joke. I'm twelve years old. I don't even know how to use guns. Just knives. So know that everything else was true. I don't frickin care if that was a terroristic threat though. Jail would be better than Athens.

The Winter Soldier

I don’t care…I’m still going to applaud you! 🙂
I don’t know how to use guns yet either but I’ve gotten good with knives.
My dad said he’ll teach me soon how to use a gun.

You made an awesome comment and you should be proud of yourself! 🙂


0:44 She Purrs and "Got me. Alone. That Stockholm Syndrome"

"Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them."

Can it be ANY more clear? I think they're are getting tired of how slow we are to catch on. LMAO


idk but here's my theory, if there's a god there's a devil. and I do believe in demons and demonic possession. what if this isn't Miley anymore? what if her soul is trapped or long gone? what if the entity that is in her body is a demon who wants to use her body for fortune and fame? hence her wild and erotic behavior. how can someone who went from being a normal person turn into such trash and be so open to act this way. I don't think she's in her right state of mind anymore. I don't think she's even there at all. if they can take control over normal people like you and I what makes you think they wouldn't take control over a girl who's looked up to so much by thousands if people? "hell is empty, all the devils are here"


The world is an odd odd odd odd odd place.
Think I'll just hang out in my veggie patch for the rest of my years.


What's disturbing is her eye/expression behind the Mickey Mouse mask. She looks in need of help.


This is very scary. I'm glad I don't watch and listen any of those videos and weird music…


this is so wrong..however, bdsm is ok in a relationship with consent of BOTH PARTIES. however, how come the media only shows bdsm in a one-demensional way (aka the woman is ALWAYS the submissive one). I myself practice bdsm as a dominatrix and it annoys me to no end when bdsm is showed in a cookie cutter/vanilla way with the woman 100% of the time being the "sweet, subserviant little slave". A friend of mine believes there is a misogynistic (woman hating) agenda within the illuminati. what do you all think of that theory?


Well since the Rothschild family is basically controlling the world (the central banks etc.. and wars in country where their shitty central banks havent been placed yet..) they made a Men's Club (The bohemian grove) or sth.. and I guess thats where it comes from…


Why would these stars use such obvious symbols so publicly though? And why would it be allowed by the industry?


I am genuinely curious of this myself.


My opinion, is many people began noticing small signs, people started, starting posting videos, blogs, many others began to see it and so on and questioning it, so by throwing it blatantly in plain sight makes people not believe it and the best place to hide all this is in plain sight…


Very die Antword looking. If you want to see disturbing youtube their videos.

Jolie Darling

Oddly enticing though. This makes me want to watch it again so I can just understand her point.

Jolie Darling

that was disturbing. It is more disturbing than reading boyxboy ¨love¨ scenes. And I said reading, NOT WATCHING!


Woah…that's sick. :-/


last frame – 'eyes wide shut'? I often wonder what are these videos: parodies, or blatant demonstrations of power?


Did anyone else notice the swastika made by her body about half way through the video?


i dont disbelieve these theories but when you actually picture a person sitting in a room putting this video together with all these "symbols", it seems a bit ridiculous

ancient anarchy



Disney Channel is showing a movie right right as I speak with the premises of mind control. The main character is using her cell phone to control the boys and girls in her school to do whatever she wants them to do. Of course she uses it to her advantage and even has teen boys take their shirts off. Zapped is the title look it up. Brain washing even the pre-teens… Shameful


i'm pretty sure i heard her say 'stockholm syndrome' in the video, i researched it and it means:

Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness


Isn't it possible these ppl are just untalented and unoriginal? I mean gaga, Britney, katy Perry, Miley Cyrus… These aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed ..


I was watching this video and noticed where Miley is walking away from the camera with oil on her back with her arms out towards the end reminded me of something. It reminded me of a photo from Guantanamo Bay where a prisoner was covered in his own filth and walking with his arms outstretched.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it seems they've sexualized the torture photos from Guantanamo Bay.

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