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Introducing VC Resources

VC Resources is a brand new section on The Vigilant Citizen that will contain – as its name states – all of the resources necessary to be a true Vigilant Citizen.



Introducing VC Resources

Most articles on this site analyze occult symbols, refer to obscure esoteric concepts and allude underground practices such as Monarch Programming. This leads some many readers to ask: What is the source information it all? Most topics discussed on this site are completely ignored by mass media and when they do address these topics, it is basically to say “Move along, nothing to see here”.

The Vigilant Citizen has always been about the exact opposite: Encouraging truth-seeking through personal research.

The VC Resources section will gather all of the source information relevant to The Vigilant Citizen so readers can easily find credible source information corroborating what is discussed on the site. It will also feature reference articles that will explain, in depth, some core concepts in The Vigilant Citizen.

While VC Resources currently consists of various cornerstone articles from site’s archives (you should read them if you haven’t already), the section will soon be furnished with revealing documents, essential reference books, and informative videos.

Stay tuned, important information is about to be posted on VC Resources!


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Introducing VC Resources

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hey girl hey

As long as you keep writing I’ll keep reading!


I really love this idea. Will be a good place to start for people starting out or if you want to refer someone to read up on all this crazy stuff


Exactly. Drilling down to the bedrock will provide a much-needed foundation of the truth, especially for the skeptics.


Very cool!


Sounds like a great service, VC, having an actual archive of this sort of information should prove highly useful.

The Morbia

What an excellent compass to this broad field, you’re building here, VC. THANK YOU so much from Sweden!


Nice! I’ve been waiting for something like this. =)


This is wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work VC!!!


Thank you VC!


great!! looking fwd to it!

Michael Voulgaropoulos



Make sure you put Fritz Springmeier on here; people always sleep on Fritz and he had the most info of anything I’ve ever read. real insider s--t. I’ve been researching this stuff for over a decade.

Little Old Me

Knowledgefiles 2.0 YES!!!


Loved the idea, thank you VC!


Very cool!


or to get away from fake news…..

Wonderful idea for others not knowing as we are all on a learning curve in life.


Dear VC, the new twenty one pilots album is out, and there is something weird going on about it, about its lyrics, about its composition, and specially about the illuminatish videos. They’re one of the most famous acts right now, with two of their videos having more than one billion views. I hope to see an article about it here. Thank you for your work!


Analysze Jim Carrey’s paintings of Melania Trump getting shock treatment

No name

Thank you VC!!


Thank you VC. Greetings from Finland


I want VC to analyse ACS crime subjects and their cases.
Gianni Versace and OJ Simpson

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