George Soros: Working for World Government and World Currency


George Soros is a Hungarian-American financier, a prominent member of the world’s elite, who is an important actor in the shaping of a New World Order. This former member of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has supported and funded numerous organizations and policies enabling globalization. He has funded Obama’s campaign and regularly visits the White House to ensure that his policies are being followed (which are in accordance with David Rockefeller’s).

The conference he is holding from April 8th to April 11th at Bretton Woods aims to discuss the “Reorganizing the world order” which  “will need to extend beyond the financial system”. Here’s an article on the subject from AFP.


Internationalist billionaire George Soros is holding his international conference April 8 to April 11 at Bretton Woods, N.H., the noted birthplace of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, where he plans to “rearrange the entire financial order,” as he noted in a November 2009 article in The Japan Times Online.

This “Bretton Woods II” comes along just as the Trilateral Commission will be meeting at the same time in Washington, D.C. With an apparent goal of creating nothing less than a new global economy, Soros is spending $50 million in New Hampshire to bring together up to 200 academic, business and government policy leaders under his Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).

As AFP goes to press, the attendees are to include ex-Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and World Bank executive and Nobel Prize winner in economics Joseph Stiglitz.
The conference is slated for the Mount Washington Hotel, site of the historic 1944 Bretton Woods conference, which established the post-World War II international financial architecture.

Soros chose this site because he expects his proposed reforms to be as radical as those promoted by British economist John Maynard Keynes, the much-praised “genius” of the original Bretton Woods project.

Keynesian economics have been portrayed as a cure to the Western world’s postwar devastation, in that governments were liberated of money creation restrictions imposed by the gold standard, even while global financiers controlled much of the world’s gold like they do now. Governments, under the new paradigm after the war, were encouraged to promote economic growth and macroeconomic stability by creating more debt-based money for everything that ailed the economy—debt that has brought most of the world’s economies to the brink of bankruptcy.

Now Soros comes along as the new Keynes to save the day by proposing another miracle solution to our problems, couched in lofty doublespeak such as “reform,” “cooperation” and “equal participation.” Soros is proposing the end of sovereignty as we know it.

“Reorganizing the world order will need to extend beyond the financial system,” Soros wrote in his opinion piece.

Soros is saying that a washed-up America should be replaced by a world government with a global currency under UN rule. He also advocates that China should be top dog while we play second fiddle. What Soros doesn’t say is that two decades of outsourcing U.S. industry, opening the borders and bankrupting the economy with pointless wars and other debacles have been intentionally orchestrated so that now international bankers can tell the world the system is broken and that the individuals who broke it need to show us how to fix it.

Georgy Schwartz, aka George Soros, is a Hungarian Jew who has been described as anti-God, anti-family and anti-American. By his own admission he even helped confiscate the homes of fellow Jews in Hungary in 1944.

In an interview with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes he said 1944 was the best year of his life. Asked by Kroft if he felt any remorse, he answered, “No, not at all; I rather enjoyed it.”

“No feelings of guilt?” asked Kroft. “No,” answered Soros, “only feelings of power.”

Soros made his first billion as a currency speculator in 1992 by shorting the British pound and causing misery to millions of hardworking British citizens. He went on to cause the 1999 Russiagate scandal, almost collapsing the Russian economy. It was described as “one of the greatest social robberies in human history.”

He did the same to Thailand and Malaysia in 1997, causing the Asian financial crisis of that time. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad called him “a villain and a moron,” while Thailand’s PM referred to him as “Dracula.” He also helped dismantle Yugoslavia and caused major trouble in Japan, Indonesia, Georgia, Ukraine and Burma by raiding their economies.

Soros also fosters cultural degeneracy by supporting abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, gay marriage etc. Soros funded Barack Obama’s campaign and often visits the White House.

At 81, taking down America appears to be his final challenge. “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States. The time has come for a very serious adjustment,” he said.


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I also found small bits of this article that don't ring true with what I've read about this Soros guy. From what I've read, he doesn't advocate China's takeover of the economic power but warns that that is the direction the world is heading. Granted most of the things I've read about him are most likely propoganda to paint him in a good light. That being said my father is a pretty fanatical critic of Soros and has shown me lists of all the companies he owns or has control over and it was pretty frightening. Dad's convinced he's the rising antichrist and everything he represents could definitely support that theory. If that's the case then the time is at hand. George isn't getting any younger.

With so many people waking up. Will these things we predict REALLY happen. I can walk around my school now and so many people know about these things. I had a shirt with lady gaga on it and the lunch lady (THE FREAKIN' LUNCH LADY) asked me if I knew that Lady Gaga was apart of a secret society. It slapped me in the face. People are waking up and waking up fast.

I wonder why most of the people 'worrying' about the economic outcome of the world are Jewish. Nobody does such an analysis today because it's sooo 'political incorrect' and sooo 'anti-Semitic' but I think one has to be either stupid, blind or conditioned not to notice that more than 90% of the world's big financiers are of Jewish descent. So, who are some of the biggest Jewish financiers? Soros, Volker, Stiglitz (actually apart from Gordon Brown, all of the people mentioned in the article above are KNOWN to be Jewish which of course doesn't mean Gordon Brown couldn't be too) Rockefeller, Bernanke (chairman of the Fed), Dominique Strauss-Kahn (director of the IMF who recently called for a new world currency… Robert Zoellick (president of the World Bank), Jean-Claude Trichet (president of the European Bank), Josef Ackermann (CEO and chairman of Deutsche Bank), Richard Fuld (CEO of Lehman Brothers), Lloyd… Read more »
I was thinking the same too. Financially the whole world is controlled by Jews. Retail companies, such as Gap, Victoria's secret, etc. All the supermarkets in England and the rest of the UK belong to Jews, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, clothing chains such as Next, Bhs, Topshop, Debenhams. The same in the US. Don't start with the entertainment industry. Can you find many producers, directors or even actors who aren't Jews. Even if 1 grandparent was Jew, they follow the religion. They're literally behind everything. They live and breathe for the money quite a few of them. They're supposed to be G-d's chosen race and they were the only ones who believed in one G-d when the rest of the world were into pagamism and gods. Svali was asked about it in one of her interviews several years ago and she said that Jews are welcome to illuminati as… Read more »
@ Kiri: People like that purposely make those statements, "Only apostle descendents can be welcomed into the Illuminati" to further a hidden agenda (converting as many people as possible to satan's kingdom). They will say whatever they can to discredit God's chosen people and Christianity, for that matter. Do not be duped into believing any of these false truths, because it's just another one of satan's tricks. He lives to divide and conquer. Anything to distract believers from the real truth… Which is that Jesus is the son of God and the only way to get into heaven. Don't let the media and satan's deception deter us from what is written in God's word. People are allowing themselves to become so desensitized by the things we see and allow. More of us need to stand up and put a stop to it. I wish there were people willing to stand… Read more »
@ Kiri: People like that purposely make those statements, "Only apostle descendents can be welcomed into the Illuminati" to further a hidden agenda (converting as many people as possible to satan's kingdom). They will say whatever they can to discredit God's chosen people and Christianity, for that matter. Do not be duped into believing any of these false truths, because it's just another one of satan's tricks. He lives to divide and conquer. Anything to distract believers from the real truth… Which is that Jesus is the son of God and the only way to get into heaven. Don't let the media and satan's deception deter us from what is written in God's word. People are allowing themselves to become so desensitized by the things we see and allow. More of us need to stand up and put a stop to it. I wish there were people willing to stand… Read more »
I am going to throw my hat into the ring. Mainstream media (which is heavily influenced by AIPAC) and they will never cover Jews United Against Zionism. Anti-semitism in mainstream is an over generalized term. Because of AIPAC- Zionism and Judiasm have been linked together- Anyone on mainstream who says something against Israel is immediately "Charachter assisnated" through terms like "Self-hating-Jew" or "anti-semite". There are many divides in Islam, Christianity, and Judiasm and we can not overgeneralize a group as a whole. Many can hide behind a false persona easily by being overgeneralized to a group use it as a sheild. All of the major religions have had their organizations infiltrated and currupted at some point in time in history and around the world, and all have been manipulated or influenced to ignore the tenents or commandments from scripture(s). That is why we have to seek Truth for ourselves,… Read more »

"anti-God, anti-family and anti-American. By his own admission he even helped confiscate the homes of fellow Jews in Hungary in 1944.

“No feelings of guilt?” asked Kroft. “No,” answered Soros, “only feelings of power.”"

I guess its obvious that they are just using jews in Israel in Jerusalem for a certain goal they have their

they never cared about anyone but themselves

haven't you noticed in popular shows like Greys Anatomy they make a charachter jewish then they emphasize on the fact that they don't believe in god. I mean what is up with that I don't know much about Judaism but i now they believe in god and all the prophets like Muslims and christens

Hi Raphael! Just be very, very, VERY careful with what you say about Jews, and here is why. There are "Jews" who behave badly, like my dad: atheist, cruel, power-hungry, and there are real Jews, who love God and Torah and their fellow man. The real Jews are very unglamorous and their goodness is overlooked. And the King of the Jews, Jesus, said, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." I challenge you to PRAY for the evil men, Jewish and Gentile alike, that they would repent. I will join you. Why do I say to be very careful? God chose the Jews to be the "apple" of His eye, and it is through the Jews that salvation has come–Jesus Christ. God told Abraham that whoever should curse him (Abraham, and his descendents), God would curse. We see that with Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, Germany, England, and… Read more »

Thank you Jacqueline, ALL groups of people have their good and their bad counterparts, Good Jews, Bad Jews, Good Muslems, Bad muslems, and yes, Good Americans, and Very Very BAD Americans….The important part is recognizing them for what they are!

Thank you! The book of Romans explains how Gentiles have been grafted into the "Christian family". Thank God for Christ, or all non Jews would be lost. No matter what anyone says, Jews were the chosen people, like it or not. And yes, we must stand behind Israel.

The Zionists Jews, normal Jews are mainly against them as their belief core is too control.

Jacqueline, With all due respect, you have no idea what you're writing about. These so called Jews are in fact Khazars – and have absolutely no connection with Israel at all. They were a pagan Turkic tribe from the Caucasus Mountains. They converted to Judaism in the 8th Century under their King Bulan. Their symbol was the Hexagram, which is the ultimate symbol for Satan (you can research this elsewhere), and is the symbol they have used for modern day Israel. Their god is satan, and all those that follow him will worship these symbols too along with occult numerology, pagan dates, money, fame etc….this is what will define these people on judgement day. For those that wish to follow God through his word and son Jesus Christ, are saved through him. This was the purpose of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. To show that God so… Read more »

@Jacqueline "God told Abraham that whoever should curse him (Abraham, and his descendents), God would curse. We see that with Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, Germany, England, and the Muslim world."

As a Muslim myself, i think you'll find Prophet Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Solomon, David (basically, all decendents of Prophet Abraham) are held in the highest regard possible. WE DO NOT curse these prophets or their descendents.

I Strongly urge you to read up on Islam yourself before making such ridiculous statements.

The state of the middle east at present is all to do with the forces of the 'dajaal' (anti-christ) infiltrating all levels of world structure in anticipation of the cursed anti-christs arrival.

remember – we are all brothers and sisters in the same struggle, our enemy is the same.

Jacqueline I agree with you apart from one bit. Israel is created by Rotschilds and the flag has the star of Solomon.

The israeli flag in the Holy Bible is called, "the star of remphan."

Jacqueline, who said god chose the Jews? the Jews themselves? Christianity which is derived from Judaism? clever aren't they? to make everybody believe they are the chosen ones, chosen for what? if god had chosen them then the god must be crazy because he has let them down again and again and again according to the Jews themselves , they have been prosecuted, killed and burned because they are the chosen ones? would a good, loving god let his chosen people go through all this? for what? no my friend there is a reason for all this, and as long as you think there is a chosen race and a non chosen race you are duped. We are all humans, we are born equal and no religion have the right to make anybody chosen. Religion is for people who can not think for themselves and who have to follow somebody… Read more »

If the Jews believed in Christ, the rest of the world would have dismissed Jesus Christ. All the Apostles were of Jewish origin. There is a reason for everything and I would suggest to refrain yourself from being so aggressive. Someone I know very well was saying exactly the same. She actually went to a church and she expressed her opinion that if G-d cared about the world, there wouldn't be any famine, diseases and atrocities. Guess what? She collapsed in the church and she was taken to the hospital. Believe and don't investigate.

@ kiri what was the outcome of her condition? God said those things would be. Why would she have said such a thing in church and He's not of the world so why would he love it? Just saying, I'm aware she said it and not you. Just wondering why she would say such a thing.

@Freedom You are wrong my friend. God Himself said in the Old Testament He chose the Jews over the other people. And He didn't do so based on subjective preferences (like you would prefer a car over another) but because their ancestors were the only ones in the ancient world who had not forgot their divine origin and therefore chose not to worship the creation (animals, planets, the sun, the devils aka the deities) instead of the Creator. At the time their ancestors were praising God, your ancestors and mine were eating human flesh my friend and having sex with their children and pets… Yes He punished them a lot throughout history, He still does and He will continue to do so until at least some of them will learn their lesson.. Because unfortunately, over time they took after their barbarian neighbors and started doing what their ancestors did not:… Read more »

God Himself said it? O RLY.

Well we now know that America is not the chosen nation based on it's current legislation, gay rights, abortion sentiments, even it's gun laws are ridiculous by any moral or unreligious standards.

What i can tell you from my humble opinion is that while we argue whether or not the Jewish race are the covenantly chosen, we can also speculate that our beloved America might be one of the beastly kingdoms that give their power and authority to the Beast according to revelation. There you have it, clearly George soros wielding his influence from American shores for a one world government which is currently under way and there's nothing we can do to stop it.

Nicely said.

I know Jacqueline I know. Unfortunately only after posting my comment I realized I should have mentioned the difference between Jews and that they do not all belong in the same category. In my mind this is very clear but often when we write we are so concentrated at getting to the point that we forget to highlight the nuances.. Yes I know there are good, normal people among Jews, Torah observers and the real descendants of the house of Israel. My post was focusing solely on the Zionists and their powerful net.

Are you serious? The Israel of today is not the Israel that had a covenant with God. But like you said, there are real Jews who do follow the Torah and those Jews don't agree with the State of Israel. The history of this present "Israel" is atrocious. These people are Zionists who operate under the guise of being Jewish. Stop trying to evoke people's religious sympathy. It won't work. Evil is evil.

~A Chic Named Slickback

I agree 100% with you: there are good people among the Jews but today's state of Israel is an abomination. Although Jacqueline is right when she says not all Jews are the same, she is wrong when she alleges that (the state of) Israel's atrocities are God's willing. The modern state of Israel was created and it is maintained solely with the devil's help and the real Jews know that. That's why not all of them emigrate to Israel… The real Jews know the real Jerusalem will not be built by man as it will descend from Heaven.

I am sure many will disagree but I don't want to open a controversy. This is my personal opinion based on Christian teachings and prophecies and I want it to be considered as such.

I don't agree. The covenant promises were made both to true Jews(those in Christ) aswell as to the Jews coporately. Devil worshippers may have had a hand in re-instating the state of Israel in 1948 but it was all entirely within God's design.(Isaiah66:7,8)

God is sovereign: He has used Godless, profane nations like Baylon and Rome to do His bidding in the past and He uses profane nations like Britain today.

See Isaiah 45.

It was God who took the Jew out, it was God who brought the Jew back in; not because of merit but because He is first of all gracious(to all sinners), and secondly because He keeps His promises. And He made many to the Jewish state.

See Ezekiel 36.

Israel will retun to the LORD some day very soon. He keeps His promises.

it all depends on how one interpets the Prophets. Most of their words have a deeper meaning which is neither evident nor easy to understand. For example when they prophesy about to the end of times, they call the people of Israel those people who believe and follow the Messiah (aka the Christians) (the ones about which Peter says that 'in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God') and they call Jerusalem or Israel the Kingdom of God. So what they are actually saying is that the true believers will get in the Kingdom of God. But there is great danger in taking the words of the Prophets lightly or literally.

"For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery– so that you will not be wise in your own estimation– that a partial hardening has happened to Israel, until the fullness of the gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved…" (Romans11:25,26)

So Israel's blindness is only temporary. Dispite the abominations being perpetrated by her inhabitants, God will fulfill the promises made to national Israel (when she turns to Christ at armageddon) because His promises are irrevocable.

if you check the scriptures it says "Revelation 3:9 (King James Version)

9Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

Keep digging as you will find they are not the true Jews. hope this des not offend but it is what the scriptures say. I can get more refs if needed.

you are so right. but of course they don't think we are anti-semitie! It's just some nonsense they want people to believe. because they don't like to be meddled with. so It's just a way to warn the people who wants to oppose them.

I am tired of this old piece of sh*t, György Soros.

Wow. This man makes me SICK to my stomach. Sheeple need to WAKE UP and SMELL THE SH!T that is going on…simply saying "oh youre just a weirdo for always thinking its a conspiracy" is letting it roll off your back and giving you ALL THE MORE REASON to kick yourself when it's just too late. When the world finally wakes up to no rights/liberties/freedoms and is scavangering around the streets looking for food while it's far too late…This may be the one time I'm really going to hate saying "I told you so." Random fact: Did you know Abe Lincoln's green back's (money) will STILL in circulation up until 1994?-Congress really needs to started printing it's own money considering the constitution gives congress that right, pull out of these BS scams (CFR,IMF,World Bank) and get itself out of debt and really be the leaders of the new world (the… Read more »

Currency for a one world government perhaps? ThE happy 666 tweet by Gaga is in regards to founder of Satans Church, Anton Levay, born 1930 April 11.

Finally someone explained the date. Thanks.

Just throwing in my 2 cents here, but ol georgie poo declared that he "owned" the democratic party.
Essentially he owns America right now and it explains the anti American agenda that is being pushed by the left wingers. You can't have a strong free America and a new world order

EVERYTHING IS FINE"…. These are the words that both your Liberal government and most media outlets are telling you… So….Lets take a look shall we? Just remember…..Everything Is Fine. We have riots and unrest all over Africa ,the Middle East and Europe…..We are currently engaged in 3 mainstream military conflicts, while many more loom on the near horizon….(Israel, North Korea, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, etc.) Not even mentioning the unrest being cultured by the left RIGHT HERE ON OUR OWN SOIL! But…… "Everything is fine". Gasoline is about to pass the $4 a gallon mark, with no sign of any abatement in the rising prices. Our oilnuclearcoal production is under attack by our own government, offshore drilling is denied to our own companies, while our government lends billions to foreign companies to drill in the SAME PLACES THAT OUR OWN COMPANIES HAVE BEEN DENIED THE RIGHT! The US Govt is handing… Read more »
Interesting article – George Soros does seem like a profiteering vampire. Unfortunately the end of the supporting article lets itself down when it refers to feminism, anti abortion- rights etc as cultural degeneracy. when millions of women world wide are being abused, killed and raped and do not receive equal wages as men for the same work – how can anyone call that degeneracy? I agree that some of the elite agendas social engineering agendas are suspect but that must not let us be blind to human rights and justice. Surely, despite globalisation, we are still trying to be understanding and tolerant of all peoples. To place all of these issues in the 'cultural degeneracy' bracket is just plain irresponsible. It would be more pertinent to highlight how people like Soros hijack and hide behind important movements and issues in order to discredit them and to confuse people. I am… Read more »

Because he and his ilk are above the law.

Glenn Beck out out a lot of information on this guy. I know he catches a lot of flack from people but he knows his stuff. Thanks for the article VC

Why is he a free man??????

What an evil and wicked man. In other words, this guy is a Jewish (or ZIONIST) Nazi.

Glenn Beck and VC make many of the same correlations and conclusions. Beck's show will be missed.

True, but BECK ripps everything off of the internet (without giving sources or credit), and then directs you to the wrong boogie man. Everything he talks about has been written 10+ years before them, and yet he doesn't direct anyone to those sources. He is a stooge or a gatekeeper, who will probably lead people through the wrong door and have them fighting the wrong people for the sake of keeping the masses distracted. Plus, he is on Rupert Murdoch's FOX NEWS channel which is the biggest corporate SHILL and ZIONIST/illuminati network in the history of television. Do you think they will let people find out the full truth? Did you ever watch the movie NETWORK. Beck is pretty much the main star in network, who tells people they need to get angry and makes a big show and fuss, but isn't really saying anything to the amusement of his… Read more »

If Beck were to TOTALLY let the "cat out of the bag", he wouldn't have been on the air as long as he was.

I never understood how Beck was so evil vs the next CT, yeah he may be a mason and most probably are, but I happen to like some masons. Sure he has said a few off the wall things, but who hasn't ? but him & VC discuss the same things, only Beck gets to them first. What you should have said was "Beck does not bring up fema camps & 9-11…" all things that can not be proven, all hearsay ! He has more of a historical, real life POV, and there is nothing wrong with that. The rest are like illuminati, devil worshipers, fema camps, masons, brainwashing….and none of this can be backed up, only to a certain extent. When it comes to history thats another story ! To me it sound like you are saying because he's not all fairytale, & because the focus of his show… Read more »

George Soros is the scum of the earth – a demon in a suit.

So true. And the funny bit is he's described as philanthropist.

From what I hear, his wife is quite the character as well. The sad part about it, they supposedly have Obama and the White House on lock smh ! George is also the main reason why Glenn Beck, who puts Soros on blast on almost a daily basis, is going off the air. From the few articles I did read, Soros spent millions of dollars to get him off air ! I don't know how true it is, but I do know GB, puts all his business out there ( where he spends his money, organizations he fund, his communications with the White House, all the info posted above by VC) , yeah he pretty much goes in on Soros and have been doing so for a very long time ! !

Here's how they're doing it here:

The writing is on the wall for all to see, Bretton Woods II. Now it will be interesting to see what was decided for the world at this meeting.

Can I just point out a glaring and seemingly purposeful attempt at misinformation in the quoted article on this page. "In an interview with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes he said 1944 was the best year of his life. Asked by Kroft if he felt any remorse, he answered, “No, not at all; I rather enjoyed it.” “No feelings of guilt?” asked Kroft. “No,” answered Soros, “only feelings of power.”" The above transcript is simply not true, while I don't wish to be defending someone like George Soros without knowing who he truly is, I think more people need to go out and find this information for themselves instead of believing what you read on "truth" sites… if you do, you often find there is a s little genuine truth within the truth movement as there is in mainstream media… both have an agenda, and both use massive amounts of… Read more »

Ok i dont like this guy but what is the problem with a world currency and world economy? specialization is great. although, buying local is easier sustainable….America does it best. We will fight those chinese till the very end, and by end i mean when jesus comes. So we will never go away.

cease with the Astrology talk.ok the elites study it but thats doesnt mean we should.its paganism your not to mold yourself into anything of this world or the heavens besides YHWH(yAHWEH) WHICH IS GOD AND THE SON YAHUWSHUA.

Well to answer your question. I stopped watching popular TV for the most part. It is usually hitting against all the major religions- focusing on scandals, hypocrisy, and flaws of a few and overgeneralizing them to book or religion as a whole. The only thing that is not attacked on most shows is New Age stuff which is always pushed at the end with Disney Happy ever resolution, or you have the dark empty ending ending like "Law and Order" meant to question or ridicule humanity and religion (not everytime but enough to see a common theme). There is a major neglect that most of the monotheistic religions like Islam, Christianity, and Judiasm all preach Love, following basic commandments of how to be a good nieghbor (which most people follow) I like to watch the show "Family Guy" once in a while because it makes me laugh-but I do not… Read more »

oops, that was supposed to be a reply to "haha says . ."

got it

…As a lesbian feminist who believes in abortion rights to an extent and doesn't see negativity in sex education or atheism the second to last paragraph really caught me off guard…degeneracy? Seriously? I found the article very informative and interesting but that was just…I don't even know what to say to that.

"I always thought America had freedom of religion, which includes a lack thereof." Atheism isn't "not believing". It's believing there IS no God – it's denying it. There's a difference 😛 I would say it could be concidered negative since it's not scientifically proven? But there's noone saying you're not free to be an atheist. I concider myself to be agnostic, because even though I have a hard time believing in a deity, I'm very openminded(I hope) and if I "see the light", I'll probably convert to theism right away lol I concider the existance God to neither be proven or discredited to this date 🙂 "Though some feminists are extreme, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be an empowered female…after the whole world tries to keep you down and all." Yeah, and since Jews have been hated since ever, there's nothing wrong with having them rule the world's economics… Read more »

How does wanting to be treated like an equal human being equate to leeching the worlds wealth?
You are wrong, so yes I will correct you.
Feminism is not at all different from gender equality. In fact that's pretty much it's definition.
I don't see how having more strong powerful women automatically means that there will be more weak stupid men. They must have been stupid and weak to begin with if another gender being strong and intelligent threatens them.

The main goal of feminism is for empowerment of women and social equality. The "stupid weak man" thing is a common misconception about the view and goals of feminism. Actually its funny because the women who see men as lesser and claim to be feminists really are not feminists at all and are pretty much what make people think of feminism negatively. In reality they are just sexist themselves.

And that's my random feminist tangent haha.

Why, at the end of the article, are "feminism" and "atheism" states as if they are negative or culturally degenerate?

I always thought America had freedom of religion, which includes a lack thereof.

Though some feminists are extreme, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be an empowered female…after the whole world tries to keep you down and all.

So I wonder sometimes if we're fighting for freedom or if it's just two sides fighting for control by their beliefs…

Please research how the Rothschils funded The Women liberal movement…… why have the mother at home raising the children when they could be paying taxes too……? some very interesting articles about this subject on Youtube

Rothschilds ..

I agree Phoenix, I am not religious and I guess I would be considered and Atheist but I am still against a NWO and One World Government. And what is degenerate about homosexuality? Or marijuana for that matter?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with marijuana. NOTHING.

I'm not anti-gay, but homosexuals CANNOT reproduce. Elitists favor this, in order to keep the population down. Homosexuality is clearly being promoted, through music and t.v. Now we have celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, painting their male children's fingernails and toes. I now understand why elders say "What is the world coming to?"

someone pls enlighten me… how does he corrupt and destroy other countries economy, like russia, malaysia, japan and so on? he has so much power that he was able to leech the country's economy?

Not directly. He infiltrates his people at the highest economical levels in almost every country. It is harder to do so in countries where he cannot disguise them as ordinary natives because of the obvious racial differences (like in China, India, Japan, etc.). But in Caucasian or black countries this is as easy as pie. For example in Russia he had this guy, Mikhail Khodorkovsky (himself a Zionist Jew) who became almost overnight the wealthiest man in Russia (16th on Forbes) by owning the biggest petroleum company in that country (Yukos). Good thing Russians are not idiots and they put the guy behind bars before he had time to destroy everything.. But check the international brouhaha about how the 'poor guy' was Putin's victim of political 'rivalry'… This is so gross and blatant it makes me barf.. But there are other ways too. Don't forget that the national economical… Read more »

Putin is partially Jew. I can remember if his mother or is it his father who is Jew.

Send us Afghans to Israel and i swear we will conquer it in 10 hours or less the whole country something Arabs cannot do.

Look, I shouldn't reply to this, but I can't help it: a modern offensive war is different from fighting in the caves and between the bushes.

Lady Gaga Tweets:

"The Number of the Beast. Having' beers listening to Maiden w the New York Boys. Happy 666 Twitterland." 23 hours ago

THIS CONFERENCE TOOK PLACE and ended on the "Number of the Beast"

This is an obviously very significant date for the demonic elite.

she even made it so she would have exactly 666 tweets on her twitter that day.

from lady gaga's twitter a video she made…she says some crazy stuff in this video while having a chipper disposition.

Thanks for sharingthat. For some reason (don't know why) I thought something was odd about today's date and wondered if it meant anything. That "Tweet" spoke volumes about what that evil chick is really about.

If we can accomplish one thing, like shutting this demonic tool up (LADY GAGA) that would be great.

Not sure if I understand. How was yesterday or todays date 666 day?

yea me too – how does that equate to 666 day?

It should also be noted (even if you guys don't believe in astrology) that Soros is a Leo. Such as Rockefeller, Clinton, Obama, etc. (the list goes on and on)

This is very odd as well.

The elite for some reason always chooses Leos as the pioneers for IMPLEMENTING their destructive projects.

anyone who knows about astrology want to chime in on this ?

Leos are supposed to be natural born leaders and very determined,

and usually have a very powerful demeanor to lure people in

so could this be to deceive the general population ?

Leos are a fixed sign as are taurus and aquarius. Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Aries are Cardinal signs which means that they are natural born leaders. However, because a Leo is a fixed sign he is able to take a plan and push it forward much better than even the creator of a plan can.

There favorite signs are Scorpio and Capricorn. There's serious analytical, symbolic and empirical data to prove that but I don't want to post it right now.

Oops, used the wrong "their".

YES!! Astrology plays a HUGE role with the elite and how and when they orchestrate events. I believe that with uranus in aries at the moment and pluto in capricorn that it’s astrologically a more powerful time of the year for plans to be finalised. Leo’s are very domineering and bossy people who tend to be able to get jobs done alot better than other sun signs so yes there’s a reason behind everything. Births of major elitists is probably pre-planned so that certain people (e.g David Rockefeller) are born to a certain sun sign. That’s what all the major Royal families did for 1000’s of years.

Leo's are weak that's why they use them as puppets, not because they are "leaders" their vanity and ego are so big that they prefer to be famous puppets

Leo’s are not weak Lilith!! They are strong minded and determined people. They are not puppets at all!! That’s more like pisces and aries (E.g Lady Gaga).

Pisces are not ak? I'm stronger than the average person. That is why I am an independent, self earning woman. No, Leo's are the weak one's. I've just broken up w/ one who was a snivelling,mooching, wimp! I don't need a whiney man!

Please, both of you, realize that we are all one, and each sign evolves into the next, which was evolved into from the former. Weakness translates throughout every sign- it is a matter of how the individual chooses to dwell, on the positive or negative side. Just had to clear that up, because I understand where you each come from, I have known very weak leos, aries and pisces, haha just as I have known weak people from every sign. And also known very strong individuals- like I said, it's ones choice of how to dwell.

"Soros also fosters cultural degeneracy by supporting abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, gay marriage etc." Well…… I don't see how that is cultural degeneracy. >Women should have the right to choose. >I'm an atheist and I consider myself moral. And I personally think much of the Bible is immoral. >What is wrong with educating children about sex? They're bound to have it sometime and we don't want unwanted pregnancies. >People should be able to choose if they want to end their lives if they're in extreme pain and are going to die soon nonetheless. >Feminism? Really? >Gun control….. how is that a bad thing? >Globalisation is also important if we want a stable planet, we want a single democratic government and not various countries all fighting for control. However, is debatable. >Mass immigration is debatable. >And well, I happen to be… Read more »

You have clearly fallen for Soros’ brainwashing!

"Soros also fosters cultural degeneracy by supporting abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, gay marriage etc."

Are you kidding me? How is this degeneracy?! What freaking conservative moron wrote this?