Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/11)


It has been thirty days since the last instalment of Symbolic Pics of the Month and you better believe that the constant flow of Illuminati symbolism in mass media hasn’t stopped. In the December edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month: Sugababes, Kanye West, Fergie, Jessie J, Robyn and many others.

British girl-band Sugababes on the cover of Fabulous magazine, posing limbless with mannequins: a classic way to depict mind control slaves.


Kanye performing with a big Baphomet face on his shirt.


Jessie J giving a Mickey Mouse/One Eye salute on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s December’s issue


Fergie in what appears to be a tribute to Monarch programming: submission, degradation and…oh yeah…a butterfly tattooed on her ass.


Monarch Butterfly and One eye hidden. You know what it refers to.


Robyn doing it again.


Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti on the cover of L’Officiel. A butterfly wing covering one eye.


Eye inside a triangle…mmhmm.


Model Ana Buljevic just reminding you who she’s working for.


Norwegian singer Annie too



Ayumi Hamasaki, Japan’s “Empress of Pop”




She also brings that Sex Kitten imagery


Nicki Minaj: Yet another female pop star dressed as a robot, a la Maria from the movie Metropolis. In this performance, she is literally plugged into a giant machine that “feeds” her. What a great way to portray those running the entertainment industry.


Model Andrej Pejic (featured in previous Symbolic Pics) in a shoot alluding to multiple personalities


This is rather old but Dollhouse was a TV show featuring several types of MK programming. This ad shows a “doll” as a mannequin holding a gun: Delta aka Killer programming.


Prada ad


These ads for a Toy Story-inspired clothing really insist on that One Eye thing.




Even making the kids do it


This is just a great image representing disinformation in America. All of the other covers of Time are about revolts in Egypt. The cover of the US version? “How depression is good for you”. Can’t make that stuff up.

Thanks to everyone who sent in pics and keep them coming!




  1. Nothing new. I could post dozens of pics of some of my facebook "friends" doing the same one-eye/eye in the OK sign thing at parties and stuff. It's become not only commonplace, but trendy amongst the masses. Stupid, stupid herd. They don't have a clue that while they are flashing this thing for fun, it represents blood sacrifice, child molestation and abuse, black magick, and mind control.

    • the one with the little girl doing the "ok" or 3 6's sign over her eye just breaks my heart….. I wonder what her parents were saying/doing during that photoshoot…. "Your going to be a star sweetie!" -__-

      • YES! If they're addult and want to do it, fine! but just don't mix children in this stupid thing. This is just revolting, they're innocent! If you don't know what it means why you do it or instruct children to do it?

        This world needs God for real… :(

    • " Nothing New " , love these simplistic comments , that contribute nothing . Therefore WHAT , just be quite and don't talk about the new " Artists" doing it or being involved .

      This is a battle , a battle for the hearts and minds and anybody w/ a little common sense KNOWS , you don't let up , BECAUSE THEY AREN'T . Everybody participating is declaring what side of humanity they are on and I for one want to know who doesn't have the moral backbone or respect for society and future generations to REFUSE to participate in this MASSIVE , PERVASIVE Mind Control Campaign by the deviants who control " Entertainment " . Eternal Resistance is needed .

      Looks like Kanye has the role of pushing the Baphomet , he's been caught wearing those t shirts many times .

      • Voice of Reason on

        Note the placement of the baphomet head on this particular shirt. Instead of being located on the upper chest, where most T-shirts display their graphics, this one is much lower down, almost directly over his crotch.

      • Voice of Reason on

        Phallic worship is a well-documented element of Freemasonry and other pagan organizations. If he truly hated Satan, he wouldn't wear any satanic images on any part of his body.

      • VOR – if you look at Kanye's skirt, it looks like a "serpent bulge" getting ready to shoot into Baphomet's mouth. Kinky. I did a double take and had to wipe my eyes to make sure.

      • Does anyone else think its odd how China's media and entertainment industry seem to have little or no connection to the illuminati? Why is this?

      • The Baphomet imagery has become so synonymous with

        "Hip Hop" Culture, It's bizarre to think about the cultural

        fusion of heavy metal and rap music, since the 90's has only

        intensified in the past few years fusing goth with urban culture & music.

        Here are some insightful revelations for sure!

        AMERICAN HISTORY X LECTURE/ BET, Baphomet and the Re-Imaging of Rap Culture

        Revealing the Symbolism and Modern Rituals in Music, Fashion, &

        The "Entertainment Industry" Keep Up All the Great Work VC!

        Peace, Love, & Enlightenment My Friends

      • The picture sith the girl standing naked with butterflies nead her hand is not Fergie, its Cassie, Pufffys girlfriend. A book came out with a bunch of pictures that are like that picture. Sorrycant remember the name of the book

    • Curiouly I was just checking my facebook before coming to this awesome site and I checked a lot of people doing the Voor sign, and all the others signs as well…

    • Dont you think you taking it a lil to far? (not said in a salcastic tone) what im suggesting is that maybe you are seeing to much into it – I'm sure someone else with a different belief will look at those pictures and tell you another story – its what you chose to believe it stands for ultimately…

      • Yeah, you go ahead & bury your head in the sand like all the other sheeple out there. maybe the clouds are still made of cotton candy too…nope, thats not clouds,it the after effects of CONtrails.

      • I agree. Much of this stuff is open to interpretation by the beholder. The child showing the sign over the eye, is that signifying that the child worships "the devil"??! Of course not! The question is, do You understand the correct context that the symbols are used? I have yet to meet anyone who has committed their life to a doctrine of "evil" or of any "devils"! The people who are bringing about the New World Order DO NOT consider themselves to be evil! They subscribe to the Luciferian Philosophy whereby MAN is God! The problem comes in with their justification…"the end justifies the means." If they have to murder 6 billion people to accomplish their goal, then so be it. All of You who THINK You are "awake" had better realize the difference between knowing and believing. You think You know something until You get a clearer understanding of what You THOUGHT You knew!! "SEEK YE THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE" RIGHT??!!

      • i agree with steve, a lot of these artists don't think they're doing anything wrong, they fall for the 'end justifies the means' and that the NWO is the best solution for the world. or at least that's how they justify symbolising child abuse and mind control etc in their videos… i like to think some of them have a conscience and wouldn't openly want to cause hurt and pain to society, but feel that it's necessary to finally get the world under control and functioning better (that and the fact that working for the Illuminati ensures their fame and success!)

    • I'm surprise VC never caught the first "Toy Story" pic. It looks as if the girl is being hung by her braid. Her braid is the noose.

    • "…it represents blood sacrifice, child molestation and abuse, black magick, and mind control."

      I would love to see your proof of this, just because a bunch of people get together in secret doesnt mean that they are doing this kind of stuff, and even if some small amount are it doesnt mean that the whole bunch are,

      dont jump to conclusions just because you want to believe that people who are more successful then you are evil, thats just pure biased and illogical reasoning,

      im not saying that the things they do is right, it depends on every person, and they might believe that what they do is right,

      so before you have hard proof and evidence keep things to speculation and stop scaremongering, most of the people i know who believe in conspiracies are just as bad as the herd they seek to differentiate themselves from

      • Actually, most people that are successful have done some pretty bad things to get where they are now. There's been proof about cults and just pure demonic stuff that some artists have even talked about themselves (some speaking very general and others actually using the word "Illuminati").

        As much as it sounds so fairytale and just an excuse to hate on – it isn't that. It's unfortunately very much real as even now that many countries are in crisis, are being pushed and forced to join one government, the famous New World Order. As other users posted here, many of the "puppets" (artists, models, singers – overall media) aren't even aware of the malicious intent of all this and just promote the idea EVERYWHERE unknowingly.

        And now going to what you said at the end, I really just see it as religion as well. You can have you overly devout old woman Christian who has restricted close minded ways, or the average Christian guy who does what he needs to do, whatever. It's the same with people who believe in conspiracies. There will be some that go in too deep and see things in a paranoid manner but there will also be the others that by just being aware are somewhat safe of what's to come. It's all about finding the balance between everything you know and being able to take it all in with an open, logical mind.

    • I'm new to this site and only slightly familiar with occult handsigns etc. What exactly is the one eye covered referring to? Perhaps someone could explain briefly? Thanks, Merry Christmas, will check back at a later time.

    • One-Winged Crow on

      But who spread this ? I think rappers/hiphoppers have been very influential. They love to appear on posters making all sorts of weird, mysterious hand signs. It makes them feel interesting, not to mention the power they wield over the mystified sheeple. So all these people just imitate rappers…. because it's the cool thing to do, whether or not they understand it is not an issue.

  2. Its deluded, this world is deluded.

    I mean, we're all used to see elder people do all this "illuminati, zionism worship" with the one eye and all, but when I see kids do it, it physically makes me sick. It just portrays how dark this world really is, what really goes on behind the scenes. Its as if they "don't care" at all, nothing new though ¬_¬

    This world is diabolical, but the funny about it is that the majority of the world don't even know, when they themselves try to stay away from the devil, saying the devil is bad, then you hear them listening to all these pop artists. Its not only artists that are mind – controlled, its the majority of the population of this world.

    Sometimes I think that the poor people in 3rd world countries who don't have the facilities

    (i – pods, computers, tv's) are better off than the majority of people who are not. At least they don't drown themselves in this satanic, Zionist industry. And yeah, this satanic regime is running out, fast. I believe Iran is the only fittest country today, they know the ins and outs of Zionism and if Israel want a war, Iran will frankly destroy everything of this zionism regime, (i'm not Persian, i'm Arab 😛 ) But I don't want to get political right now.

    Changing topics, last time i'm probably gonna say this on VC, but i've made a teaser regarding the Arab Revolutions, the more views the better. Its only a 25sec teaser, won't take much of your time
    Giving a voice to the voiceless is what I do but people literally hate me for doing so, follow me on twitter @SweetArabia

    Thank you to all

    I think I speak for all when I say, we've all seen this, and we know what to expect. The amount of one – eye pictures I see in the London Underground, and now there everywhere. Just be glad that we are the "few" that are educated about the harshness of reality of this world.

    God Gave Us Eyes So Lets Use Them

    Wake Up World, Wake The Hell Up. ¬_¬

    • Iran? you mean the country ran by Ahmadinejad who does the same masonic gestures of the "leaders" on the other side? I think an islamic uprising is bound to happen eventually but maybe it's part of the program itself. Try to stay true to your god(s), if there are some, you're gonna have to report to him eventually.

    • I'm from Iran and I find your post quite offensive.

      For years Iranians have been fighting for their freedom and their most basic human rights have been frequently violated by the current regime. This regime is nothing but a military dictatorship that uses religion as a mere tool for oppression. They imprison, torture and kill anyone who dares to stand against their atrocities. I believe they are just as corrupted as the illuminati if not more. The fact that they are your enemy's enemy doesn't automatically make them your friend. In the end they are all after the same thing: power.

      • I didn't mean to be offensive,

        I work for Al Jazeera and people constantly tell me that Iran is the only stable country, even Iranian citizens. Yes, Iran has its flaws, especially during the 2009 revolution but did you see what ahmadinejad did at the UN meeting in New York, he ousted Zionism so badly that UK & US diplomats stormed out, and maybe yes, it could have been a show but I doubt it. But you can't trust no one these days.

        Yeah I also saw a picture of the Iranian president doing the illuminati sign with the devil horns from his hands a while ago, but surely you can't use that to justify that he's part of this occult industry? As far as i'm concerned all the Arab people look up to Iran's strength, the Arabs who fighting for their freedom, they all say it.

        Iran has its own army, one of the strongest in the world, missiles that could frankly destroy america, compared to other Islamic countries, Iran is probably the best, in terms of not being controlled by Zionists or America, Israel etc.

        Iran doesn't need Power, it already has power, with China and Russia sitting behind its back. And what about Ayatollah Khamenei? Have you heard his speeches? About how muslims should unite all together and stand strong against the western world who try to control them.

        I hardly think some one like hm could be in this occult industry

        Then again I could be wrong, I mean, can we really trust what we "see"?

        Truth is probably deceiving.

      • you work for aljazeera??? that is so funny considering aljazeera was purchased by Fox News, maybe that is why you support Iran, the iranian people dont even support their government why should you?

        I guess this is another method the illuminati use, trick people into thinking there are good and bad guys in politics, NO they are all the same. They work for the same team, it is all a performance, a theatrical performance. Ahmadnejad is the George w. Bush of Iran.

      • Iranian government and their alliance, Muslim Brotherhood and Al-qaeeda are a part of Freemason agenda, don't expect any good coming from them, and Aljazeerah is just the worst of them all!!

    • Remember, "Divide and conquer", Hegelian dialectic. 33rd degree mason Albert Pike prophecy as follows. It is all planned.

      "The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

      • The day that happens, I will be standing on a hill looking at the last remenants of what used to be normalcy….watching the destruction of the world with a sick smile on my face, I will exclaim "It sure took long enough!" Kill them all & let GOD sort it out….

        This is the way the world will end-not with a bang,but with a whimper……

      • Wow, now that intrigued me. Looked up Albert Pike and saw that he lived BEFORE the two world wars – if he predicted the third one, he must have predicted the first two ones too. Do you have a source?

  3. I'm tired of this crap already. Really, are people blind or just stupid? Or maybe both? I don't want to live on this planet anymore!

    • i feel you. but… we need you. those of us that 'see' (with as painful and alienating as that can be) please know, that i think the world is a better place with you in it. even though i don't 'know' you, i feel you. thank you for paying attention. i'm happy you are on the planet. may the earth be returned to those who love her, to those who love humanity, and those who have no need for manipulating others.


    • I still haven't read all of vigilant's books to download but as there are people who are told that you have to have a demon because without one you are empty and the demon is supposedly like a guardian angel, I'd not be surprised that they are told that using these signs and symbols brings them luck. I think I even read somewhere that they are told that since Satan is the hero of the world, supposedly, in their thinking, they are not told that he was overcome already by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, they better follow him and that they'll have very special place with him in hell… you know, screwed up things like this. One day they'll however find out that the king of lies lied at them. Gaga does not feel well already, does she. All she needs is basically somebody who tells her, but who is this going to be?

      • Gaga is demon possessed. There is nooo way she isn't. One thing to be eccentric and as mad as a hatter and another thing to be utterly twisted. She gets all her inspiration from somewhere rather perverted and sick to the core. Those who have eyes they can see it. The same applies to Beyonce who happens to be more subtle than Gaga.

      • Have you see Gaga's "Paparazzi" Video? It is so thick with symbolsim it is revolting. And disturbing as hell.

  4. I love Ayumi Hamasaki. She started of by making music and lyrics all by her self. She got so popular it was kind of obvious that someone was medling in her talent. Nevertheless, she's far more talented, beautiful and better to listen to then Lady GaGa will ever be.

    • ayumi is simply anot on

      Ayumi has been releasing studio albums since 1999, like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

      For almost every single one of her album covers (she has A LOT!!!!!!), you see her in Illuminati-ish imagery, since the very beginning of her career.

      There's everything : Alter-ego/multiple-personality, one eye, leopard/kitten things, butterflies, transhumanism, mind-control, bird cages, etc.

      Her entire discography is like this big colorful Illuminati mess. Just go check her official website.

      All of these pop singers are not artists. They have teams of 98746023750475490867495 people doing a lot of the work and behind the scenes stuff for them.

      It's all sooooooooo very redundant at this point. The same things, always all the time.

      I mean of all the insects that exist….. why must we keep seeing butterflies everywhere? And Baphomets? And one eyes???? UGH, I am more than over it.

      • I co-sign with you on Ayumi. Besides, having lived in Japan for two years, I can see that they were so far gone long ago, especially those in metro areas in and around Tokyo. They are a culture about conformity, distraction and pride. Don't get me wrong, Japan is pretty cool, but their citizens' indoctrination began a long time ago. Afterall, Japan is the land of the rising sun. Ah, sweet allegory.

      • the butterfly is symbolic of mind-controlled slaves who emerge after their programming to become a butterfly, ie a different being to what they were before, ie a moth

  5. thechocolatemuffin on

    The guy with his eye inside a triangle is probably copying that pose Jay-Z did with one eye in a triangle. Can't they be more original, at least?!

  6. Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) has predicted the new world order, he said that the Babylonians (zionists) that used magic in prophet Solomons time (pbuh) this magic they practice could do much harm on this world, this people still exists today wonder how they controll this world yes with magic, they sell their soul to the devil (djinn) for wordly gains.

    • etruscan2012 on

      The Babylonians were Persians – only Muslims would equate Babylon with Zionists – you have been brainwashed too, Babylon is the Mystery Religions – Freemasonry, Rosicricians, OTO, Satanism

      You may not like Zionists because they stand for Israel – but don't make the mistake of confusing them with a Mystery Babylon that is anti-jewish to the core

  7. Voice of Reason on

    As unsettling as all these pics are, I find the most disturbing one to be the 'butterfly' pic of Cassie. In the other ads, the models appear to be mind controlled, but Cassie appears to be dead…dead and mounted in a 'shadow box', such as the ones butterfly enthusiasts sometimes use to display their collections.

    To display a butterfly this way, you have to kill it first.

    This clearly alludes to the fact that, not only do the Elite manipulate entertainers (and the rest of us), but that they also have the power (and, in their minds, the right) to decide when to kill us. I guarantee that this death imagery (while not new) will rapidly become increasingly prevalent in advertising of all kinds; as the Elite attempt to gradually desensitize the masses to the idea that humans have worth…and to indoctrinate them to the idea that killing them off on a whim is the absolute right of the rich and powerful.

    • Not defending this.. but i think the pic of cassie is more art than hidden agenda

      the pic of cassie's is actually for a photo book called "Culo" which is Iltalian for the word bottom/buttocks by Rapheal Mazzucco..

      it's basically a picture book but with pictures of womens bottoms

      Just google Culo by RaphealMazzucco

      • You are missing the point my friend. The buttocks are celebrated in such works because the Illuminati consider sodomy to be both the most spiritually refined form of sex and also the most psychically powerful. Sodomy – or "The Real Way" as it is known to the illuminated – is vital both to their own ritual practices and to the sex magick mind control techniques used to shape our reality and determine our actions.

  8. Their in ur mind&amp on

    This is getting out of hand when is it going to stop? The "masses" need to realize that it's more of us and less of them. They don't realize that they are helping them keep this a negative polarity and that it takes so much unfathomable negative energy to keep a negative polarity thats why they keep the symbolisim coming and flood the mainstream media with filth of no real importance and lies to us and tell us theres no cures for aids,cancer and herpes but look around you ;you have all the tools you need now it's up to you on how you use them

    • when i saw the picture you posted, i couldn't help but shake my head. I don't have any more words for how i feel about this country these days…

    • I talked to a manager at a US branch of a company whose corporate headquarters are in Germany. Even though they sell the same kind of products, there is one type for the US market, and another type for the German/European markets. (and it's more than different languages) When I asked why that way, I was told that the US and European markets have different expectations on what was made a "good" product, so two different product lines developed. It appears that in some places in Europe, they like more dials and more crowded interfaces, while in the US, they like simpler interfaces with ease of operation.

      Sounds like the same thing is happening is happening here: The US gets a cartoon telling them to "calm down, little one; don't worry about being worried" while the rest of the world get the real news.

  9. Good job, VC. Have you ever considered, or maybe you have, doing an older 'pop culture' dissection? I was looking around the other day at some Siouxsie and the Banshees vids and was noticing a thing or two. Just wondering.

  10. It really disturbs my peace that this Andrej Pejic is always dolled up like a girl. I'm not a fan of this androgynous agenda at all. They are starting this on the kiddos now:

    You’re all equal here: Swedish school bans ‘him’ and ‘her’ in bid to stop children falling into gender stereotypes:

    I feel psychosomatically violated for the men who look at his pictures and think he is an attractive female. It's deceptive, plain ol trickery, and goes against nature. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer gender specific roles.

    • oh my GOD reading about that school is so sick and mutated! such a satanic and arrogant rejection of the perfect and beautiful balances that God created in nature! insane!!

      • then explain why god has asexual reproduction? or why there are species who change their sex in nature? Are these not the works of God? What about Transvestites who are born that way (chuckle)?

        Obviously you are taking WAY WAY to heart Medieval Principle on the nature of Polarity which no longer float a boat in our understanding of Biology, Genetics nor Psychology. I highly recommend you break down and expand yr. reality tunnel before it causes you too much grief and aggravation.

        The only constant is Change.

    • TheWorkThatThey&#039 on

      It's not 'plain ol trickery' Don't you think this person would have a say in what he wants to wear or not? They're not forcing them.

      It has to do with religion, when you people say things like this, right? It has nothing to do with the damn Illuminati…sheesh. If there is, since they control industries, then they're going along with it….to piss you all off! And they're doing a great job! :)

  11. Hello I just wanted to say thank you very much for the information. So sad that there are STILL so many individuals who would scoff at this information. I've 'shared' this on Facebook with a disclaimer to friends to do their own research on this subject



  12. Killuminati---- Sier on

    Really sad the little girl in the toy story shoot. Notice her crown has squares and triangles but of course triangles are up top!

  13. Wow very disturbing & they really seem to use Andrej Pejic a lot i've notice in a lot of his pics he's normally wearing symbolic images on his T shirts now that i read VC's articles i've notice these things more & more.

  14. Well this is nothing new. I have seen so many of my friends doing these signs and I just shake my head when I see them posted on Facebook. Since they wont listen to me I have given up hope on them. It's the new thing now. Since all these rappers and singers are doing it they just follow them. I keep away from it and I don't even listen to music anymore. Thanks for opening my eyes VC to a 13 year old girl!

  15. From looking at the difference in the TIME magazine covers, it appears we are being censored now. I thought the cover was pretty random when I got it in the mail last week.

  16. When I first saw the picture of Cassie. I didn't think about anything esoteric. It was just beautiful to me, but what VC has suggested about the image can be plausible as well.

  17. Nicki Minaj not only is a robot but she has that pink hair thing going on too like we have seen with Natalie Portman amongst others.

  18. Well, I am waiting for Nero with the violin. It's the end. Lmao. I guess the American empire is less important to the Elite. The level of immorality is astounding– not. Everything is as it should be. I am so glad I don't look up to this people anymore because the barrage is incessant. It doesn't really matter what they do. The elite will fail as they have for "millenia " to completely subjugate the people. We are awake. I thank God.

  19. I just cannot believe celebrities don't know what these signs they portray mean… is heartbreaking but they choose to do it

  20. What are they thinking? Since when did covering one eye become so cool? If I was doing a photo shoot and I was told to cover one eye I would be like huh? Why?

    I came across some random article months ago, I think from lady gaga's former hair stylist. He claimed she has the triple six tatooed on her scalp and that she goes into trances and even levitates. Never saw it again or anywhere else so who knows if it's true or not.

    Also could you please do an article on her video for 'you and I'? Just watched it and as usual it's really weird and creepy but I'm sure I still missed a lot…

  21. I was wondering when Ayu was going to show up on this site…when I first started reading about Illuminati symbolism, I immediately remembered the same symbols featured in a lot of her album covers and music videos…robots, dolls, armed forces, and butterflies are common images featured in her music.

    I've also noticed the same with the singer Robyn (for example she has a song called "Fembot") but I just like her music so much that I can't help but listen to it…the funny thing is that she has a song called "U Should Know Better" in which she tells the industry that it "should know better than to f**k with (her)"…

  22. From my research I've figured out that the the baphomet symbol as it is on Kanye's shirt is representative of the womb. In magic they say to cast a circle for protection and we've all seen the pentagram drawn with a sacrifice strapped down it inside with the at the movies. the female uterus as it's drawn in Davinci's codex even looks remarkably like a satanic pentagram. I know there's a dozen layers to the symbolism involved as in the bisected brain of a human you will find what could easily pass as the Egyptian eye of Horus again it's just one facet of that symbol. With the propaganda people are bombarded with on a daily basis it can't be too long before we go into full fascist mode and they start rounding citizens up as enemies of the state.

    • explains why there is a serpent penile bulge about to protrude the baphomet then……are these guys expressive or what?

  23. please chek the pics of the videogame industry too. In games like assassins creed isn't hard to see wath i mean. starting from the logo of the assassins creed!!!

    • whatiswrongwiththese on

      seriously yes!I played assassins creed too,and in the middle of following the game's storyline it just somehow reminded me of this mind control satanic thing cuz it was so..i dunno,weird.have you played assassins creed 2?the ending was pretty creepy.ive finished playing it so I kinda forgot how the ending went,but was weird even my brother shakes his head and like,whats wrong with this game?oh and yeah,im just wonderin if you might know,are the templars in the game the same one with the templars of the illuminati?

  24. OMG guys stop hatin! Youre just mad youre not "edgy" like them.

    /end sarcasm.

    I think when we hear "edgy" these days they mean "stolen from a less conspicuous source than the usual garbage".

    How bout instead of hiding an eye, ACTUALLY POKE IT OUT! Thatd be REAL edgy ;p.

    • yep jealous of sodomy because we're masochists and we like it sort of rough

      yep jealous of orgies like it's difficult to join swingers' clubs

  25. We're fucked.

    Not because of Illuminati, but because of ordinary people who support them. It's all too obvious, a charade, a circus which everyone wants to be a part of. I know a lot of people who'd sell everything for money and fame, they find it completely normal as if it's the only reasonable thing today. I don't approve it of course, but sadly, in some way I understand them…

    There is no cure for this kind of pain.

  26. hahahahaha…………But they would all look so much prettier with both eyes on display! It always makes me suspicious you know, really, what is the eye that is being hidden? Infection? Is it a glass eye? Whats going on with the mysterious hidden eye!

    What a bunch of bimbos.

  27. It's a shame really with all of this conformity and monkey see/monkey do. Covering the one-eye is so silly and wearing garb derived from satanic cults is even more disgraceful. Is this considered "edginess" or initiations? I don't even listen to Kanye anymore. He's so far past beyond now than when he first came out. He's accepted into the entertainment's elite and he's just like the rest of them. All of them are pushing the same dark symbolism in their music videos and in how they dress, even in their song lyrics. I was just thinking about Adele the other day and how much I liked her first album which went largely unnoticed because Amy Winehouse was on the scene. Now, Amy's gone and it's all about Adele now. How interesting. They both hail from the same place but one is dead now and the other is emerging. Sad to see the imagery of the kid and Cassie naked with butterflies all around. Even sadder that I find butterflies actually gorgeous because God made them and have shameful it is now to see their beauty mired with occult references. It's pointless if all of these so called "stars" are in the know so to speak….if they truly were in the know then they would know how this all ends.

  28. Andy Irons. Incredible surfer. Died mysteriously.

    His sponsor Billabong has since been showing videos with him giving the one eye symbol through the hands ah la Jay-z. His emblem, created since he died, is a illuminati-esque triangle with an all seeing eye capstone.

    Has this stuff even infiltrated the surf world!?

  29. Triple A. Gent on

    Nice catch on the Time covers. I remain somewhat unconvinced about the importance of what costimes pop singers choose to wear, but this was a good one.

  30. Slowly the public realizes that sodomic sex magick mind control is not only real but a key factor in the reason why modern society has become so hypersexualized, deviant, and enamored of "rough sex"/BDSM over just a few decades. Many of the images above are designed to taunt us all by flaunting the Illuminated obsession with sex magick mind control techniques utilizing psychedelic semenancy and clitoral predestination among others.

    We went from Ozzie and Harriet to Rihanna and obvious BDSM sodomy being celebrated by school kids in just 50 years. Does anyone REALLY believe this is just how things devolved naturally? Look to EPNI and similar Illuminati projects for the real answers….

  31. i believe the victoria secret is on the illumanti thing. because victoria secret is the most biggest fashion show,many peole watch it. and its disgusting……. there actually commercials of models who are half naked on tv having our childrens see this (im 16). but it gets worst, the models are know as ANGELS…… and they have lingeria on with wings on them, saying that its sexy. aren't god angels poses to be beatiful and pure. and im watching (vs ), i think of devil angel, becuase they lingerie on with wings. there ain't nothing right about that. and i bet there some symbols in there somewhere, espiecally becuase its aired on cbs. and there performers were illumanti hoes.= JAY-z, KANYE WEST, AND NICKI MINAJ. and plus the models were saying its every child dream to be a vs angel/model. that when kids grow up they want to be models… just imagine a 5 year old girl, saying mommy/daddy when i grow up i want to walk around my underwear and bra and have the world see my body, with lots of make up and glitter and be paid lots of money. i believe the vs models are posed to positute, striped down wearing nothing with bra and panties and have the world see it and get paid for it and thats post to be art and beauty. plus i think the creator of vs secret, did he killed himself. theres something about victoria secret that isn't right. and people make it seem it's great please can you write something about victoria secret….. something isn't right , it's wicked. and the fuck up part is i was once wanted to be a victoria secret angel,because they make it so glamourise and shit.. ps(im actually a girl, and im 5'11 and fit a size 4, )

    • I actually sent a pic in from Victoria's Secret site for the pix of the month. I was browsing their catalog online and in the middle of all the pix was a model doing the eye in circled finger sign very casually mixed in with all the others.

    • Symbols are what we make them out to be though. The cross was originally considered an insult towards Christians and it wasn't until the second century that many begin to use it as we use it today. You can also trace back the All-Seeing Eye to Buddha and the early Egyptians, just as the Swastika can be traced back to the Egyptians. Frankly though, at the current point in time, I would be more worried about the man in the White House who said "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation" and omitted "By Their Creator" from the Deceleration of Independence rather than worrying about what musicians and actors are doing. For me, the biggest part of it is if you know if YOU are going to heaven or not and then spreading the Word to non-believers. The beautiful thing about knowing where you are going is to not worry if the world is ending tomorrow or a thousand years from now.

  32. I saw Jessie J last night singing live, and she really looked horrible, she also did devil horns and stuck out her tongue at the begining of her act her facial expressions were really creepy too almost scary lol

  33. VC have you ever considered that these pictures are not constant over all magazines, all media formats or even the people. maybe the photographer/studios decision on what positions to take. Instead of finding images which are illumnati related can you dig a little deeper?

    the TIME covers is interesting!

  34. I think Ayumi Hamasaki is a victim, because she has stated she will never write or sing sexually explicit lyrics, or dress like a whore, both standards she has kept. So a lot of these artists are probably unwilling participants…so lets not judge Ayu too harshly, she is at least able to stick to her morals!

  35. Yuck! this stuff makes me sick to my stomach. Just goes to show that satanic culture is taking over the world. Do these idiots actually even think about what they are doing or is money their primary goal in life? These people are nothing more than cattle. Shame on these people, have they no understanding?

  36. wow you guys need to see Lady Gaga's new video fro marry the night. it is soooooooooooo bad. the ending is the cherry on top.

  37. These pictures are so powerful. For people to overlook this as nothing are so blind. It has become severely blatant within the past decade. The Toy Story pictures are disturbing. Just such a bad vibe.

  38. VC, are you going to make a post about Lady Gaga's Marry the Night video? I got a bunch of referenced to mind control, but it would be nice if you made a post about it.

  39. Please also note the noose worn by the model in the Toy Story photo. Erotic asphyxiation is another key BDSM Illuminati sex favorite and Illuminati sacrifices not infrequently involve the sacrificial victim being choked to death while being sexually violated. Once such deaths were covered up as "auto-erotic asphyxiation accidents", but in recent years we have seen with the deaths of decadent monarch puppet celebrities such as David Carradine and Michael Hutchence that the Illuminated are increasingly eager to taunt and disturb us by making such ritual sacrifices obvious.

    Please note also that "toy" is also traditional slang for a submissive prison sex slave or "punk". A full analysis of the "Toy Story" series will readily reveal it to be entirely a code for Illuminati sex slave monarch rituals in which "puppets" are sexually dominated and degraded both for ritual and mind control purposes. In a very real sense, the plan of the Illuminated Ones is to ultimately make all of humanity its "toy"/"punk"/"sex slave" and to sodomize all of mankind both figuratively and literally in 2012.

    Time is running out….

    • Better watch out with this staff though. Only last year a guy I knew passed away during his asphyxiation session. If you play with fire you can get burned.

    • Your post reminded me of the Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka sex murders that happened up here in Canada about a decade ago. I think Bernardo raped one of the girls while choking her to death with an electrical cord…

      Come, Lord Jesus. This world is too through.

  40. I take your point. Why all of a sudden this obsession with modelling/acting the last 4-5 years? 1 or 2 decades earlier girls used to aim at higher education. If a child of mine ever expressed a desire to get involved with this kind of industry "only over my dead body".

    • – Why all of a sudden this obsession with modelling/acting – ??

      One obvious answer is the immense wealth, power and attention that goes to anyone reaching the 'top' of those fields. That would sure beat a lifetime of "Hi. Welcome to BurgerBox. My name is Peon" (insert joke here about someone named pee-on).

      Another thing to consider, and I'm making some stuff up here:

      Long ago everybody was a farmer and 'earned' enough food each day for themselves to survive.

      Nowadays, 1 farmer feeds a hundred people.

      So what do the 99 others do for useful work and employment?

      Success in the modeling/acting/music fields may seem like a goal worth risking one's soul for – especially since the price of higher education these days is beyond the reach of soooooo many people.

      What else is there to do? Where is the useful work?

      • Okey-dokey I understand where you come from. Sorry but sometimes I live in my own world and forget to put myself in someone else's shoes for a minute. However, there are other more interesting professions to pursue apart from those in the limelight. Surgeon would be one of them, being able to fix someone's deformities -cleft palete, burn scars etc and give them a new lease of life is truly fascinating IMO.

      • It's not their souls I'm worrying about, they belong to them they can sell them to the highest bidder if it pleases them. I just think we're surrounded with bad entertainers who are placed like lemons everywhere to offer what? Most of them can't sing for a toffee, they act no better than a piece of wood or they achieve their looks with endless cosmetic surgery. That gives the wrong impression to many kids who think they can make it and concentrate on futile things.

  41. its very obvios pictures…if they want to be inteligent or smart they no are being xD…its almost something that sounds…..please believe in that obvios pictures of objects women..please…believe in that bad thing

  42. Is is just me but do all the women look really trashy? They make me want to take a shower : / Whats the freakishly long fingernails trend? Disgusting. plus they all look really unhappy

  43. These pics really represents the obsession of those individuals in making their selves victims of "soul-sold" sacrifice and enticing other individuals to do the same.. Well sorry, you've not fooled me.

  44. Also, to add to the toy story picture, the scarf or hair braid around her neck almost makes her look like she's being hung or choked. It also kind of looks like a leash. Either way it's odd that it's even there.

  45. I believe that NOT to be Lady Gagags "stylist". Possibly, that IS Lady Gaga; out of her "costume". What a way to make a mockery of all the sheeple who follow their "agenda"..

  46. It's becoming annoying….Satan really doesn't have a creative bone in his body…same thing, over and over and over…

    As for the Time covers…why is the U.S.A targeted for disinformation, as opposed to the rest of the world? (Pardon my ignorance)

    • hmmmm…..why doesn't that seem to be the case? The most creative artists of the last century were either tied to satan, flirted with satan or were atheist (close enough to satan from yr. opinion) I would say that Christianity, whenever it rears its ugly head, does the most damage to creative inquiry and exploration…….NOT to mention that whenever It attempts to do art it does it in the most stifling and boring ways.

      Of course now you are going to bring up Art History……..which would be a terrible example or probably make yr. point even worse. Just more proof that X-tian Nutsos have been claiming the apocalypse for years (while nothing happens) & that they've called more people Satanic/Evil then should be considered funny. I think everyone has been called Satanic (including Christ!) at some point….. But back then the gungho pious had plenty of ways to drive these fairly innocent people underground…..while at the same time committing even worse crimes righteously in the name of G_D!

      • Nah, I'm not going to bring up art history, and I'm not going to argue with you…I have spent time with Jesus, then with Satan (awful!), and am happily back in the arms of Jesus, with a firm knowledge and understanding of the realness of both, and their worlds. Satan can safely be credited with any- and everything in this world that isn't authored by Jesus. And that's a lot of stuff….x

      • I disagree with your statement. They're not necessarily more creative/intelligent/talented/pretty/adding other qualities because they're associated with the fallen one, they're just shoved down our throats, advertised/celebrated/instilled into us, we're constantly spoon-fed due to the forces behind the mass media/education/politics/banking system. Show me the money to show you who rules.

      • last time i checked….nothing was shoved down my throat. specially not satanic…….Christian Evangelism on the other hand…..Mormonism……Jehovah's Witnesses…..the odd Hare Krishna or Scientologist here and there…….but certainly not satanic……specially not shoved down in any sense of the word. Unless you read way way way way way way way too far into things (good magical practice on seeing the divine everywhere… if you can only relax and think logically, a little occam's razor if you will?)

        Or are we getting Secular Humanistic Atheism, Hippie Culture Agnosticism, Randomly Selected Cultural Paganism, Feminized Wicca, Kabbalah, new age Drug Culture, Artistically Minded Asceticism and randomly selected eastern spirituality mixed up again? I know, I know Really infringing on that old time religion's market share…..a little study in Gnosticism could clear that right up (or early church history that is not fictionalized or dramatized)

        Classical Luciferianism practitioners are still pretty few and far between…..gung ho metal heads are yr. average "Satanist". Ones who barely give a shit are mere nihilistic consumers and blindly rebellious air-heads….if they are serious, they join up with some "church of satan" coven/cult/naked drinking club…..more of an anti-church, dungeons and dragons escapist sorta ordeal. Some better done than others.

        Then it splits up in to even more splinter groups……not quite as plentiful or as diverse as yr. average non-denominational evangelical group…..except they are usually less directly affecting others, more clandestine & hush about their activities, care less about the community that does not directly involve them and are considerably less annoying.

  47. You can take off the Thrive symbol. The Illuminati don't own all one eyed images. In this case, it's an artsy interpretation of Lady Liberty waking up. I know the produce, he's just symbol illiterate and made a bad call.

    • And "Lady Liberty" may be a symbol of the goddess Ashtoreth. The proper name of the statue is Liberty Enlightening the World.

  48. And anxiety isn't good in any way…liars…the Prince of Peace doesn't want us to have even a bit of anxiety over anything in life.

  49. OMG!! I was the one who sent in those toy story pictures.

    So glad that VC was able to look at my message.

    Although I'm not sure if I was the only one who sent it.

    But still.. maybe he was able to read my message.

  50. Hey..

    Great article !

    Has anyone seen JessieJ on Tv where she wore a grey top, and it had two triangles with one eye ? Also once on Daybreak, her shirt in one of her performances had a weird looking eagle thing on.. wondered if that meant anything :S:|

  51. You missed Kim kardashian's checkered black and white lips! And, Katherine Heigl's daughter Naleigh in her Halloween costume complete with butterfly over left eye!

  52. Hey everyone, as Christmas holiday is starting to approach and putting up Christmas trees and lights and stuff. Not to down anyone or anything but I think everyone should look into what Christmas is really about I found some good information online that speaks about that its a pagan holiday and no one for sure really knows the birth of Christ and that has a lot to do with the real meaning of Santa.. you guys should really look into that…

      • I've been saying that for years, and people just think I'm killing the fun… I never said we couldn't have a season of love and giving it's just retarded to fool children with a real fictional character called santa and have young kids praise him as THE man of the season. WHAT MAN? If only humans would find healthier lifestyles rather than telling their kids to be nice or else santa/satan won't get you toys. Bitch please it's you mom's and dad's hard working money that's getting you that brainwashing toy to begin with, without really giving the thanks to who they really should, their parents and God for allowing their parents to give. <— now that is a real lesson. Oh no but I'm ruining it for the children because children really can't survive with santa/satan. Everyone will make fun of them… B.S.

    • Yes, Christmas is awful….once you know what it's all about you get a strange desire to go into malls with a bazooka and blow up all the Christmas yuck.

    • It has all become so obvious and out in the open now that I do believe the elite are openly mocking us and we the peasants who REFUSE to wake up are mocking ourselves. People are degrading themselves and their own souls by wearing and recreating the symbols of their own oppression. I can kind of understand busy, tired people being deceived even though it is so blatantly being fed into their subconscious. What I don't understand are people who have access to and read websites such as this and still refuse to believe that is an all out onslaught and campaign for our very souls. It gets frustrating that not even one star will be honest and truly and openly admit that they are doing the one eye and horns, triple six signs etc..because they are part of a luciferian cult. I know the dangers, probably a death sentence of speaking openly but still the denial makes me want to shake them and say 'just admit what you are doing and stop lying about it'.

  53. The Gaga stylist cover…"love sex magic"…wow. How obvious is that? I mean to those who know what sex magick is. Very blatant stuff. Once again demonstrating how confident they are in the general public's ignorance.

  54. Hey guys. I just want you all to know that every thing being talked about on this site is very true and even worse!!! Not only are celebrities targeted but everyday people also. It is basically anyone that is not for them and are clearly against them…whether rich or poor.If you decide to stand up to them you will be in for it and there will be few to help you. You will have to depend solely on the Lord. I cant say too much.

  55. All I can say is that these smbolic gestures are so passe' and B-O-R-I-N-G now that it is almost laughable at how desperate these so call "Illuminated" ones appear to try to be "noticed" now.

    So enough already… we get it… and we have openly and vehemently REJECTED it and YOU.

  56. VC said, "Model Ana Buljevic just reminding you who she's working for."

    If the illuminati controls entertainment/media, then are all celebrities aware that they "work" for them? I'm having a hard time picturing the logistics. ie Did someone approach, let's say Britney Spears, with an offer of outrageous success if she helps them spread their evil agenda? Or are all celebrities "mind controlled" and blindly do whatever they're told. idk. Makes them seem either really evil or really dumb.

    • Personally I think some of the musicians like Britney Spears and Michael Jackson are and truly were victims, largely because they were brought into it as children. I've seen photographs of Michael giving the triple six hand sign when he looked to be about seven years old, and with Britney there is of course the Mickey Mouse club. They are the ones who often try to break out of it at some point and end up paying the price. Then there are the ones who come in as adults and seem to know exactly what they are doing and seem more like handlers ie. Jay-Z. This has been going on though for a very long time in the industry. There are many valid reasons to believe that Kris Kristofferson is a mind control handler. The industry handlers of old seemed to almost always come from families with a military background. Dissasociation is the key word. I myself have Dissasociative Identity Disorder and didn't realize it until I was in my forties!! I could see this disorder in others but not in myself and that's because I was dissasociated! And I don't mean having multiple personalities, that I don't have.

      These victims in the industry are dissasociated and there brains literally block out things that are to painful to deal with. Time, age and education are I believe the only hope they have. Michael as he aged became aware and tried to break free and warn people and I believe Britney tried as well. Let's hope she lives long enough to find her way out.

      • Kris Kristofferson's eyes scare me in a very bad way. I don't know what the deal with him is but there's something not very nice I can't put my finger on.

      • A little background on Kris Kristofferson might help. His grandfather was on Officer in the Swedish army. His father was a US Air Force General. Kris is a Rhodes Scholar, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa at Pomona College in 1958. Kris also graduated from Merton College at Oxford University. He is a trained military and civilian helicopter pilot having served in West Germany in the 8th Infantry Division. He was offered a job at West Point as a teacher. He has also been fingered by ex mind controlled slaves as being a mind control handler and slave runner.

  57. maru. the free ant on

    Unoriginal, boring, lame. Models=robots, very sad!

    And yes, USA lives in a big bubble. Someone will have to pop it.

  58. even in nicki manaj's song boom boom bass or whatever its called she has a lyric that goes something like "even scarier than the guy with the thing on his eye" These scum just adore the one eyed thing apparently because the antichrist is going to have some sort of eye damage. the bible descibes him as looking like a "deathstroke that got healed" could mean a big slash over the eye a missing eye. regardless. the illuminati are so stupid for worshipping lucifer some scrubby angel a fallen angel piece of trash. how pathetic. like ants worshipping a caterpillar when the caterpillar didnt create them…hes just a fat caterpillar wearing a crown saying "im almighty!" yeah right

  59. The problem with most of the public in america and some other countries is that they are soo engrossed in people like kim kardashian, music, sex, money and all things marterial that we have become oblivious to the changes that are taking place before our very eyes. Im sure that 2012 will be a year to remember…its hard to exscape the hold that it has on all of us, cell phones, FB, and all things that numb us to harsh realities and the ablility to think for ourselves…the agenda is set and they are getting everyone in place to usher in the new reality. I was listening to beyonce, the song countdown and in one of her verses she says " london, speed it up, houston rocket!!" what do you think she ment by saying that ??? Hmmmmm

  60. Tim hortons had its birthday three months ago.and i swear the symbols on the picture of promotions were so creepy. I know there's a butterfly in the middle…

  61. Watch on youtube:

    midnight sun -elena gheorghe

    The same elements, the same lyrics, the same act, the same kind of girls, the same signs…

  62. i've seen so many of Facebook friends do the same thing with the Okay sign and the eye not saying my friends are being controled by some dark force for the most part all of my friends are church going God fearing people however , really believe that with ALL the Lady Gaga hype the Eye in the Okay sign has been overdone and like you said has been made to look cool,Pimp, or trendy … However what it represents isn’t good… For example the cornuto sign is the sign of the devil or 666.. Most rockers and entertainers know this and flash it like its going out of style but many fans have no clue.. It’s all "Monkey see monkey do"… so our Facebook buddies are being strongly influenced by the powerful force know as Monkey see monkey do Syndrome 😀 its also a very good way to show how strongly the media Influences us

  63. This is just bizzare whats going on in the world…we raise kids infront of the telly and video games in the name of intertainment instead of encouraging them to go out and play outside.This is when they get exposed to all this crap and they think its cool and want to be part of this cool world they see on the screen.

    its not too late to fix this mess,we need to do things differently.We need to do things the way we did it as we were growing up.lets tell our kids to go out and play to stimulate their minds with nature….

    lets set up a bedtime and a "no telly after 9"rule….when we see or hear our little ones say something is cool when its not,correct them on the spot.You will be amazed how kids respond to such control….pure minds and hearts,as intended by nature.

    As for we grown ups,we need to come united.Lets forget race,colour and creed…lets think brother and sister….lets think mother and father…lets respect each other and where we can help with the little we have.Lets not love things more than our couterparts,like our car,house…these will come and go.But people are important to make you totaly complete and humane….

    Lets forget we are from different religions.Question is do we believe in God,if its yes then thats all that matters.If we believe in good and evil,that too is also enough.

    lets not accept what the devil has done to our once peaceful world..he is dividing us,making us fight amongst ourselves to proove our believes are better than the next.And behind the scenes,without out watch,he is grabbing the youth and inticing them with his beliefs….lets bond,lets come together,lets fight the devil among us.

    • A massively popular all around the world, with performances in america, russia, israel, etc, russian singer Vitas is in the illuminati. Men and women adore him and he is talented but it is because he did sell his soul for fame. Check out this song called "Soul":

  64. Question, so we see all these celebrities promoting the agenda of the illuminati by posing with hand gestures and symbols, etc, are these celebrities:

    a – under mind control themselves?

    b – not under mind control, and unknowingly promoting illuminati agenda?

    c – not under mind control, but knowingly promoting their agenda?

    d – others?

  65. the girl in the pixar suit looks like she is being hung by her hair.

    Of all the places for a pony tail to be. Suggest suicide much?

    And that girl is well over the age of wanting to wear pixar memorabilia.

    I don't know if the illuminati is as big as much of the internet information seems to think it is,

    but there sure are a lot of sick commonalities that emerge from all entertainment entities. No one seems to notice or care, I sometimes wonder what the point of caring is, but I would rather not be ignorant and know what I am up against.

    All philosophies speak of evil,

    Seems to be showing its face more and more

    with hollywood as its main vessel

    and the media, omni present to make sure

    everyone knows who is really in charge.

    And will project whatever they see fit for viewers to know,



    over watered with fabrications and celebrity gossip.

  66. I absolutely LOVVEEE the show Dollhouse. I've watched both seasons more than once from start to finish, but I have to say it's CRAZZZYY the amount of symbolism that show has. From certain props, to just the meaning of the entire show. It's an amazing show, but definitely is filled with symbolism from start to finish.

  67. I agree. The bible does talk about poeple making motions (or signs) with their hands. And feet think of the Nike symbol on shoes its a v.

    Proverbs 6

    12 A troublemaker and a villain,

    who goes about with a corrupt mouth,

    13 who winks maliciously with his eye,

    signals with his feet

    and motions with his fingers,

    14 who plots evil with deceit in his heart—

    he always stirs up conflict.

    • One-Winged Crow on

      Making motions with your hands while talking is not the same thing as those hand signs.
      In many cultures it is very normal to gesture a lot. Why should that have to do anything with illuminati ?
      On the contrary, the "illuminati" hand signs were (purportedly) devised by occult groups to carry meaning and be intelligible to the initiated only.

      And so all those celebrity rappers and hiphoppers who love to be shown on posters with penetrating eyes and making bizarre hand signs (they love having bizarre names too, did you notice) try to fascinate the unwary public…

    • One-Winged Crow on

      What about covering one eye with your hand ?
      It could be not related at all to any illuminati stuff.
      Why shouldn't you be free to cover one eye if you happen to feel like it at that particular moment ?
      It could be absolutely spontaneous.
      I know for a fact I have sometimes made this movement kind of involuntarily just because it felt it helped me to relax when I felt tension in my head.

  68. Been trying to figure out what's so disturbing about the Sugababes photo for days. They are life-sized sex dolls. Mouths wide open, ready for fellatio.

  69. As always so many interesting mind control/one eyed photo shoots. I just wander if the people in the photos even know what is up? Do they know why they are posing in such a way that is disturbing or rather strange. Do the models and celebraties even know about mind control, oz programming, alice in wonderland programming or jewel programming,hello kitty,disney-mickey mouse and sex-kitten programming. Do they rely only on someone else to tell them when they can move or breathe or what to wear etc. Do they not find it odd that so many stars and other entertainers have butterfly tattoos. Do they even know what the monarch butterfly programming is and that they may very well be under its creepy control. I find it all very, very strange and creepy as well as interesting. The more I see on the site the more I want to do my own research into his area. When do stars sleep? Why do most have other stars as god parents to their own children. Do they not have a family or get along with their own family members to have them be the god parent? Just wandering? Its all so weird. Keep them coming I love this and the break down of videos/songs and movies etc. When the entertainers put so much on their plate like fundraising for africa/diseases work for unicef/etc. have their own work and they promote themselves on every talk show latenight /daytime and then its put out a line of clothes or something else, when do they rest or sleep or have any kind of normal life at all.

  70. Dear vigilant citizen,

    i was on youtube the other day and came across a video of Jessie J claiming she doesn't know about

    the illuminati and she doesn't know what people are talking about with the one eye thing.

    maybe that was her in her real state of mind. but how could she possibly be in her subconscious

    state doing all this imagery and stuff ?

    Do you believe her? is she for real?

    please get back to me on this. thank you

  71. i had a horrible nightmare last night. it had many famous people in it doing all types of scary shit. i was shopping at h&m and all they had was Baphomet shirts and jewlery i cant remeber all of it but these images kept flashing of his face and i woke up sweating and screaming Baphomet and it was 3:33.

    • Wow, that's scary, especially it being 3:33 when you woke up. Perhaps it would be good for you to take a little break from reading about this stuff for a bit. It can get to you after awhile. Relaxation tapes and visualizations before going to sleep has helped me. I don't know if you are so inclined but if you are then saying a prayer as you drift off to sleep could help. I say something like the following sometimes when I have trouble sleeping

      "Watch over me, Lord, body and soul. Stay beside me through the night. Protect me from harm. Banish my fears. Send me dreams that are sweet, fill my heart with Your peace, set my mind at ease. And, at first light, please, restore me to new life. Amen."

      • Unless you're housebound because you have chickenpox. Then you remain in your house and read as much as crap as possible.

      • Thanx Sarah not only you're an amazing mother/wife/sister/counselor and who knows what else, to top it off you're also a spiritual mentor in a female form. We can always count on your maternal instincts. You're truly the personification of mature nature.

  72. The Sugababes and Dollhouse covers seem to me like they are trying to get us to accept nudity. The mannequins are unclothed for a reason. We focus on the symbolism and ignore the nudity. One more breakdown of morality gets slid right in.

  73. Adam Lambert retweeted a post from a twitter page called the Illuminati ,"If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time."

  74. Am not surprised at all .it is all written in the book of REVELATION,its a great sign of the end-time. Christians out there be vigilant.this life is more than our every day activity.serious activities goin on in the spiritual realm from chidi

  75. Being that I work in retail i'm always seeing illuminati and other satanic imagery in clothing. Butterflies are abundant on girls clothing, so are peace symbols, and the five pointed star. And for the boys, skulls and cross bones and other satanic looking stuff. And a LOT of Hello Kitty. I use to be addicted to hello kitty at one point, and stopped when i was growing in faith of Jesus, I didnt force myself to not like hello kitty anymore because of faith, but its something that just happened. Since accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior and the only way of salvation for us all, I look at things completely different. I was NEVER an atheist but i never really knew Jesus, but Thanks to God I do now.

    During my time of growing in faith i was also becoming aware of the illuminati and other evils related to them. The bible does tell us about such powerful people who dwell in darkness, Ephesians 6:12 in the bible (King James Version), warns/hints to us that we will deal with such as the illuminati (of course the actual word is not in the bible, at least i don't think it is). I dont know everything, and i dont know everything that is in the Bible because i have not read it entirely, and I do not want to know everything about the illuminati but I am not blind either, and God in the name of Jesus is allowing me to grow in wisdom and see the world for what it is. The illuminati are depending on people having their eyes closed and not seeing, and they know that many will not know and see, and if people hear about them they know many people will not believe and think its too far fetched to be true.

    Seems to me that satan is using them just get back at God, they think they are better than God just as satan thought as well, and in turn they are using their slaves who are basically, programmers, entertainers, politicians, leaders, presidents, and anyone else who is lured into their cult with lies for exchange of wealth and prestige and etc, just for world dominance. The Bible teaches us there is no satisfaction in gaining the world, if you are to lose your soul. GOD is in control and JESUS is the TRUE LIGHT. The illuminati lost and so did satan. As someone said in a past comment ,"Jesus is the cure".

    • "Die Religion … ist das Opium des Volkes"

      Religion is, indeed, the self-consciousness and self-esteem of man who has either not yet won through to himself, or has already lost himself again. But man is no abstract being squatting outside the world. Man is the world of man—state, society. This state and this society produce religion, which is an inverted consciousness of the world, because they are an inverted world. Religion is the general theory of this world, its encyclopedic compendium, its logic in popular form, its spiritual point d'honneur, its enthusiasm, its moral sanction, its solemn complement, and its universal basis of consolation and justification. It is the fantastic realization of the human essence since the human essence has not acquired any true reality. The struggle against religion is, therefore, indirectly the struggle against that world whose spiritual aroma is religion. Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness. To call on them to give up their illusions about their condition is to call on them to give up a condition that requires illusions. The criticism of religion is, therefore, in embryo, the criticism of that vale of tears of which religion is the halo.

      Karl Marx

  76. Lindsay Loham doing a Marilyn Monroe photo-shoot for Heffner, ominous for her though she might think that by doing this she wins THEM over to her good side now that she is off rehab and so needy

  77. This is mind-blowing!

    Why is the States trying to hide its people from the truth?? It wont succeed im telling you. And all these messages are a perfect example of subliminal messages!!!

  78. I have a butterfly in my back and has nothing to do with the fact that Im the governments slave, I just had 15 years old and did it to do a methamorfosis or what ever I thought I needed to do to change and actually happenend. but i recognise im a slave …

    Anyway it has nothing to do with what i said above, but guys most of you seem to be intelligent so why would u refer to religion all the time. we all know "Religion is the opiate of the masses" , they just want us to stop using our brains ! no one has de demon inside them, their are just ignorat puppets of people with the napoleon complex.

    • TheWorkThatThey&#039 on

      It is so easy to use religion against people or for religion to sometimes lead people against each other. But it usually has to do with people who take the words of whatever religion they're from and turn them into something…alarming…which is not.

      Religion, churches… < I don't relate to all that stuff. My GOD loves all people. Good people. I don't read the bible, or go to church, but I do believe in a GOD, a God that does not discriminate or hate.

    • One-Winged Crow on

      If you read the writings by the old Christians of the first centuries A.D., you'll see they were far from being brain dead ! They are not the same people as those living today. Possibly those that want to control the masses discovered the potential of religion in controlling the masses, so they are using it. This implies of course it's not Christians who are behind it.

  79. Man I just can't get over that first Toy Story pic.. the girl looks like she is on a noose, and about to be strangled by what would be considered a form of beauty (her hair). Makes me glad I went through reading and interpreting symbolism in school before it realized teaching that was a bad idea!

  80. TheWorkThatThey&#039 on

    This whole covering one eye thing is really ridiculous. I don't see anything creative about it. Some people may know what they're doing but others don't. Let's not generalize…stuff like generalizing is so easily done here in America.

  81. seems everything is been controlled by them what should we

    non-illuminates (wear) cause for sure the lord shall and always

    keep his children……………………i am so confused

    this post is from africa and we are against iilluminatii and all

    these innocent killings and wars also wassup with all

    the naked videos ………. iiluminatii disgusts me

  82. Well .. I've read about this and I also have some friends that are aware of this stuff. What surprises me is that many of my acquaintances are laughing on the subject. You can look to Romanian singers and you will find that most of them are somehow taking you to think they are marionettes. Men and women. Girls have eye-glasses that actually cover the eyes so they can not see. It's a kind of submission and mind control technique. Look at Andreea Banica – Electrified, Corina – Monkey Funky, Andra – Telephone and others. Search them and you will convince yourself. It seems that this Illuminatti thing is everywhere.

    • nice work u r doing, such hard work need apriciation.

      i am an indian girl born and brought in hindu riligious valus, never ever thought of the explanation you have given to each little detail. spacial thank to gaga who made me think.

      i study litrature and philosophy and one question comes in my mind whenever i read your articale why this same repitation over and over ,are they out of ideas or people are dumb, are they just copying what other are doing to make us think.

      all over the world u can see the trace of voilance, no offence i think cristianity has done more worse then any religen, in our daily life we also say god is not halping but we never talk about any saton who can save us, if ther is they not in mainstrem public life.

      i think this the problem of being too morden or scintific approch to life were we tend to question everyone even presence of god.

      my advice is: belive in something ,someone, evean a sotne, fallow the path of humanity, give respect to every riligon.

  83. To those of us who know this symbolism, we catch it right away. However, I know even for myself I was completely ignorant to everything illuminati until about a year ago, and sadly I assume most of America is also…probably including that little girls parents. :(

    • One-Winded Crow on

      I think many of those who make those signs are just imitating what they see their idols doing. They don't know or don't care about the purported meaning of those signs. You can't call that evil or dark, just ignorant and – well, maybe a little stupid also.

  84. 'These ads for a Toy Story-inspired clothing really insist on that One Eye thing…'

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