Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)


In this edition of SPOTM: Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Ciara, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and…sigh…Smurfette. Also, more then ever, what the hell is wrong with the fashion world? Warning: the first five images are might disturb some readers.

This Vice magazine fashion shoot entitled "Last Words" is about how some female authors committed suicide. What is particularly disturbing about this shoot is that it is a FASHION shoot. The authors are wearing designer clothing and all of the items are credited so readers can buy them. This led many critics to state that the photoshoot glamorized suicide. In my opinion, it is a continuation of the culture of death that prevalent today in the entertainment industry.

This Vice magazine fashion shoot called “Last Words” reenacts the suicide of famous female authors. While the images are hard to watch, the most disturbing aspect of the shoot is the fact that it is a FASHION shoot. The models are wearing designer clothing and everything is fully credited so readers can buy the clothing. This led many critics to state that the photoshoot does actually glamorizes suicide and makes it almost fashionable. One thing is for sure, it is definitely a continuation of the culture of death that is prevalent today in mass media.


Reneacting a person's last agonizing moments to sell an attractive item of clothing is wrong on so many levels.

Reenacting a person’s last agonizing moments to sell an item of clothing is disturbingly wrong.


Irish Chang died in 2004, which is less than ten years ago. This is pretty much the very last thing people close to her want to see at this point and time.

Irish Chang died in 2004, which is less than ten years ago. I’m guessing that this is pretty much the very last thing people close to her want to see at this point and time.


"Wow, that's a nice dress".

“This is terrible. But, wow, that’s a nice dress”. Is that what you want women to say, Vice magazine? Really?


What is somewhat infuriating about this photoshoot is that it utterly fails at raising any kind of awareness or discussion about the issue. It is a typical bland fashion shoot with lifeless models that associates fashion with death. The photoshoot was removed from the Vice's website but is still in the print version.

What is somewhat infuriating about this photoshoot is that it utterly fails at raising any kind of awareness or discussion about the issue. It is a typical bland fashion shoot with lifeless models bearing no emotions at all because that is not “fashion”. In the end, it is another way of associating fashion with the culture of death. The photoshoot was removed from the Vice’s website but is still in the magazine’s print version.


If you haven't been "keeping up with the Kardashians" (why should you), Kylie and Kendall Jenner are the family's youngest girls. Apparently, they are being introduced to the whole Illuminati entertainment business world. In this video ad for the brand Pacsun, the sisters pose wearing hats saying "Brat" and other weird stuff. The ad ends with a short video looping them doing the one-eye thing.

If you haven’t been “keeping up with the Kardashians” (why should you?), Kylie and Kendall Jenner are the family’s youngest girls. Apparently, they are being introduced to the whole Illuminati entertainment business world. This  “back to school” video ad for the brand Pacsun ends with the sisters doing the one-eye thing using diamonds (Beta Kitten symbolism).


Here they are again, with the one-eye thing.

Another photoshoot, same one-eye thing.


Here's Kendall holding a rubber ducky. Also, mostly, she is showing that the industry has an eye on her. Literally.

Here’s Kendall holding a rubber ducky. Also, mostly, she is showing that the industry has an eye on her. Literally.


The company that makes this shirt uses this image in its catalog. It's like telling you: Illuminati.

The company that makes this shirt uses this image in its catalog. It’s all about surrounding youth with this imagery.


Being hip apparently now means being drenched in Illuminati symbolism. Here's an entire American Apparel collection solely dedicated to the all-seeing eye.

Being hip apparently now means being drenched in Illuminati symbolism. Here’s an entire American Apparel collection solely dedicated to the all-seeing eye.


Obey Clothing appears to be about satire of Big-Brother style propaganda. With its latest collection however, it falls right in the Illuminati's propaganda. This shirt says features one big inverted cross. If you read what's inside the cross, "Obey Posse" turns into "Possessed". That's fashion now.

Obey Clothing once appeared to be satire of Big-Brother style propaganda. With its latest collection however, it falls right into Illuminati’s propaganda. This shirt  features one big inverted cross, a favorite symbol of the occult elite. Well, it is rather a black magic symbol the elite wants the masses to embrace. If you read what’s inside the cross, “Obey Posse” turns into “Possessed”. Fashion.


They are trying to hard to get this symbolism to reach the youngest audiences possible. Here's smurfette doing it.

Smurfette doing it the one-eye thing. Never thought I’d be typing these words. But here we are.


The Smurfs 2 was released with a music video from Britney Spears - which features her children to appeal to the moms who will buy all of that. Unsurprisingly, she just randomly does this during the video.

The Smurfs 2 was released with a music from Britney Spears. The music video features her children, maybe to moms and to emphasize that the video is about “good, wholesome, family fun”. Britney still does this during the video, in a somewhat awkward, contrived way, as if she was ordered to do that.


Finnish singer Erin also had the urge of doing this right on her platinum-selling album cover. Thought Finland was safe from this? Nope.

Finnish singer Erin had the urge of doing this sign right on her album cover. Thought Finland was safe from this? Nope. In fact, she went platinum there.


Ciara's video "Super Turnt Up" is basically all about her being draped in that gigantic coat with matching boots. In short, it is written all across her "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn", a powerful secret society of the early 20th century in which was famously initiated Aleister Crowley. In short, the Golden Dawn is one of the ancestors of the secret societies running things now. Ciara's just giving a nod to her bosses.

Ciara’s video “Super Turnt Up” is basically all about her being draped in a coat with matching boots and dancing around with it. On the coat and boots is written”Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” which is the name of a powerful secret society of the early 20th century in which was famously initiated Aleister Crowley. The Golden Dawn is one of the ancestors of the secret societies that are in power today…and Ciara is dancing around with that name written all over her. I guess we know who owns her.


Ciara walking around with a big Baphomet head on her shirt. That's apparently how she rolls now.

Ciara walking around with a big Baphomet head on her shirt. Yup.


Tom Cruise's son Connor Cruise released an electronic music album. It features a very familiar symbol on it.

Tom Cruise’s son Connor Cruise released an electronic music album. The cover features a very familiar symbol.


Here's Tom Cruise's daughter Isabella Cruise walking around with a tattoo featuring a familiar symbol: the triangle and all seeing eye. A ladder leads to the top of it. These Cruise children sure do love that symbol.

Here’s Tom Cruise’s daughter Isabella Cruise walking around with a tattoo with the same familiar symbol: the triangle and all seeing eye. A ladder leads to the top of it triangle. These Cruise children sure do love that symbol.


Most people did not react well to Miley Cyrus' video "We Can't stop". After watching, people feel dirty, dumber and geniunly concerned for the future of our civilization...exactly what the occult elite wants. As this screenshot from the video suggests, Miley is not the mind behind all this, she is a puppet, probably mind controlled into pushing that agenda.

Most people who watched Miley Cyrus’ video “We Can’t stop” did not react well to it. People felt dirty, dumber and genuinely concerned for the future of our civilization. In short, it is right in line with what the occult elite wants. As this screenshot from the video suggests, Miley is not the mastermind behind this video –  she is a puppet, probably mind controlled into pushing that agenda.


Would you be surprised in seeing her repeatdely doing the one-eye thing in photoshoots? Don't be, because its happening.

Would you be surprised in seeing her repeatedly doing the one-eye thing in photoshoots? Don’t be, because its happening.


Miley: Stop.

Miley, I have one thing to tell you: Stop. Oh wait, you can’t stop. Because the name of your song is “We Can’t Stop”. But, seriously… just stop.


Previews from the new Hunger Games movie features this Monarch Butterfly headdress. Will there be a Monarch Programming-inspired plot twist?

Previews from the new Hunger Games movie features this Monarch Butterfly headdress. Will there be a Monarch Programming-inspired plot twist?


China recently unveiled the world's largest building. The cleverly placed reflective pool makes the building look like one giant eye. The name of the building is also very NWO-ish:  "New Century Global Centre". Illuminati symbolism is popping up everywhere.

China recently unveiled the world’s largest building. The cleverly placed reflective pool makes the building look like one giant eye. The name of the building is also very NWO-ish: “New Century Global Centre”. Symbols of the occult elite pop up in prominent places, yet most don’t recognize them. Use your eyes to recognize the eyes.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!



    • face in the crowd on

      Which only means, the kids get smarter! I see the kids getting smarter and less controlled, its awesome! two years ago this was not the case but, everyone, have faith in those fifteen and younger. I am late twenties and I swear, I see them getting smarter about their media choices! I have a theory! These mainstream fashion houses, artists (eh, fauxtists?), people…they PAY the MEDIA to PROMOTE their FALSE relevance/sales/social acceptance. TRUTH

      The Kard family, old Armenian, gold drunk lineage, are tacky. EVERYONE AGREES. They are tacky. There is nothing sustaining about their brand, their message, their lifestyle. They talk about things that…are not relevant to life. Ever. Its been years. Have they ever commented on wars, environmental crimes, politics, human/animal welfare, culture, history, physiology, psychology, engineering, fashion outside of conformity, or even education? I would not know, I have never watched one show of theirs or purchased anything that remotely resembles any of their media brand. Pacific Sunwear should create fashion as commentary on Fukashima, now…the beaches of California, Mexico, the entire Northern Hemisphere will never be what they were before, why sell clothes modeled by fake people to be worn in an environment that will not exist in twenty years? Pacific Sunwear is not and will never be Patagonia. Diamonds don't make either kid look lucky, rich or smart. They just look kinda eighties in a bad way, confused about style and life. Its quite sad. Kendill & Kyle both have eating disorders and have both probably boned a producer for media alignment already. TRUTH

      Miley Cyrus. Where do I start? I have never heard her music, I am in my late twenties. She simply can't sell music or her self unless sex or drugs are eluded to or involved. She pays media to broadcast her ratings and sales. Would she be successful at this without her Dad's money? No. As the KOOL KEITH song goes, "I don't believe you" and that song is my dedication to Miley. She is a complete and utter poser. She knows nothing about hip hop, hooker sheik, nothing about Compton, the Bronx, frankly, Miley Cyrus makes me embarrassed to of been born white in America, with blonde hair, despite my lack of choice in all that. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Miley. Kids don't like you or buy your music. Adults wish you would just…find another shtick outside of gold, hair dye and no pants. Peaches did that before you. Now its just redundant. Nice try though, Miley Cyrus. At relevance, momentary or long term. If Miley went Goth, people might feign interest. But go ahead and keep paying the media to tell us you, your brand and your music are good/profitable. "I don't believe you" TRUTH

      The VICE shoot. VICE sold out a loooong time ago, of course they want you to die and look fashionable! They too, agree, you waste "their" air/water/food/energy because the planet rotates for their aesthetics or rather, they now have clients who pay them enough to have content control and they are now sheltered enough from their readers to not give a fuck about possible decline in readership or back lash. So follow them. Now. (ha ha, I have a big light bulb over my head right now that is radiating the word "no") I know some talented fine art photographers and visual journalists, most of any VICE shoot is just…ugly and inaccurate. VICE is not sustaining and positive in terms of socio economic progression, artistic expression and human nature. VICE is not relevant to anything progressive. Read VICE and you de-evolve, again, pathetic/sad/irresponsible. Slightly funny anyone follows VICE. Tumblr has a lot of DIY stuff single people put up that really just makes rading/following VICE a waste of time. Lots of good stuff out there. VICE is not in competition with all of that. Kids, I think know, they should go to college to get a computer science/graphics/photography degree themselves and the stuff they create during a drunk night partying with other college kids will be 100x better than VICE shoots/editorials. TRUTH


      Patagonia, Soul Flower, Tiki Girl, Prana, Hel-looks, Kool Keith, Bijork, Ratatat, Tangerine, Fiona Staples, David Choe, Morsemmon, I could go on and on, there are so many good artists, musicians, photographers, fashion houses, causes and messages out there. Really. Pay no mind to and spend no money on : Vice, Miley Cyrus, Armenian media families, or any media family, Pacific Sunwear, and everything else the media shoves down your throat. True style, love, progression is looking for and at whatever everyone else is NOT and being happily drawn to it, to something different…

      rant over

    • ConfitaMaritaJalita on

      This website has great facts but is a little dumb. These people are not being brainwashed, THEY CHOOSE TO FOLLOW THE PATH OF THE ILLUMINATI.
      Being brainwashed … is something else… it would be like a sci-fi film. They are being dictated and told what to do, yes like puppets on a string, but they don't have to listen… they could always walk away BUT THEY DONT WANT TO THEY LIKE THE MONEY, THEY LIKE THE FAME!!!! Then in the end it messes them up, when their careers have gone down the drain.

      They could always walk away, it's just they know they will lose everything. Like they always say…. your signing your soul away :)

      • The only hurt themselves -unfortunately for them. That's the only thing I'm 100% in my life.

    • Sure the Cruise kids are sporting illuminati symbols. Aleister Crowley and LRH were best buddies, as LRH said in an old interview. LRH used Satanism as the basis for Scientology, that of which you don't find out until OT8 clearance.

      • I fear for the Smiths (Will and Jada) for that reason, and most importantly….their kids, Jaden and Willow!

      • Same! For willow i feel like she's growing up too fast and getting exposed to the sexual and materalistic side of hollywood (go see her new music video "summer fling) she's probably going to be an illumanati sex kitten, just saying

      • sad to say-she probably already is behind the scenes and probably has been for a long time-jaden too-boys to get free passes. Nothing is sacred to these people but satan-and satan requires their children from birth-wether its for a sacrifice aka miscarriage, or as a mk ultra robot.

      • Has anyone seen photos of Miley's poor little sister and friend? That is SICKENING! Poor girls:(

      • Jaden Smith is also reportedly "dating" one of the Jenner girl featured in this article.

    • my friend basically produced that album and there is no conspiracy about it. Sites like this just posts pictures selectively to fit there agenda this is so dumb.

      • you can't be in the music biz without signing onto the agenda. of course your "friend" is probably sworn to secrecy or just wouldn't be telling you the details

  1. that "fashion" shoot was sick… amazing how much these companies are trying to incorporate death into basically everything.

    • If you google images of the stylist of the shoot (Annette Lamothe-Ramos) you will notice her lovely eye of horus tattoo on her right arm–very much like the Isabella Cruise tattoo above. You can shoot her an email at

    • You guys have been saying the same thing for a least a year now. In comments from last years articles people are saying "oh wow, it's really out in the open now…it's so blatant now, not like before." It's the same amount of propaganda one year to the next. Just how you all say the end days are near and that we really are in trouble now. People were saying we're in trouble 10 years ago. Just stop sensationalizing.

      • Uhh thats cuz we are getting closer… tell me stuff aint worse now then it was 10 years ago.. its much worse in every aspect possible… w.e. praise jesus amen

  2. Vig, in the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy Peeta (the guy on the left in the image) DOES get mind-controlled as an assassin. Stopped reading after the second book after realizing what the series was about, but I've read the synopsis on the third.

    • yes that is true, mind controlled thru torture, but the books dont glamorize it the way fashion shoots music videos, etc. do. The books are an allegory to (hopefully) try and wake people up to what direction this country is heading towards.

      • I've heard Suzanne Collins (Author of Hunger Games) grew up in Newtown, Connecticut. Interesting….

      • Okay, she is the daughter of an Air Force officer. She wrote The Underland Chronicles which she claims came from Alice in Wonderland, when she was thinking about how one was more likely to fall down a manhole than a rabbit hole, and would find something other than a tea party. Time magazine (illuminati owned) review of Hunger Games: “Whereas Katniss kills with finesse, Collins writes with raw power…The Hunger Games and Catching Fire expose children to exactly the kind of violence we usually shield them from. But that just goes to show how much adults forget about what it's like to be a child. Kids are physical creatures, and they're not stupid. They know all about violence and power and raw emotions. What's really scary is when adults pretend that such things don't exist." Their perspective is that kids are "physical" and should be exposed to sex and violence at a very young age.

      • I'm sorry, time magazine is illuminati owned? I saw a cover of a time magazine that was titled "secret societies" which had all of the societies mentioned on this site. Including the illuminati. So I'm just askin', where'd you get that info?

      • Have you read any articles written here? If you knew anything about secret societies, you'd know the rule about having to reveal themselves in plain sight. It's some sort of karmic agreement they have. So yes. Time magazine is probably Illuminate owned seeing as how it's so big. If it wasn't, then it wouldn't be an icon like it is.

    • Vigilant failed to notice the Nazi salute the are making in the Hunger Games poster, as well as the bizarre way Tom Cruise' daughter is dressed. A see through black dress with her boobs on display, and a baseball cap?! It doesn't look cool or edgy, just schizo…

    • You missed out on the ends of a great trilogy. The Hunger Games more our leads exposed what the works would be like under police state and a NWO. Out was like trading a non fiction Vigilant Citizen writting.Those books showed all the possible horrors of the thing VC warns us about. The books covered surveillance, police state, mind control through trauma, and the elite running a new world order. If you can read about those things on this site, why did you have to stop reading books showing the possible horrors of those things? They were great and I am find have my children read them when they get older along with they can know the enemy and what they are capable of!

      • The problem is that when kids and teens read these kinds of books or see these movies it Normalizes these concepts for them . If and when the state does do some awful martial law-type thing, these kids will be accessing these books in their memory banks and They Will Be More Likely to Acquiesce, and not fight back. This isn't some tween version of 1984–this is Glamour-Pusses on Parade in Paramilitary gear. Preprogrammed to fight each other, rather than the authorities who are enslaving them. Double Plus BAD.

    • You missed the point, then. The sentiment of the books is abolish government and destroy ideology. At the end, as the rebellion begins to become almost identicle to the Capitol, the rebel leader is executed by Katniss and President Snow is trampled too death. Why you people think this movie is on the side of the Illuminati baffles me. And Peeta being brainwashed in the movie is highlighting the evil of it, not endorsing it. The antagonists are doing it…you people just don't get it. It's so blatantly obvious and yet it escapes you entirely.

      It's akin to when Eric Cartman makes anti-semitic comments and Jews take it as a legitimate slander without looking at the overall context of it and the bigger picture behind it. It's not to denigrate Jews, it's to denigrate anti-semites.

      The Hunger Games movies are the greatest pieces of anti-tyrannical government material this country's ever seen. Just because they aren't praising Jesus every 15 minutes doesn't mean they aren't your allies, you're just too religious and therefore, terrified, to watch anything that your supposedly loving god might send you to hell over. I'm not saying he couldn't exist, I'm just saying maybe it's time to face the probability that ambitious and ruthless men have twisted the teachings of Christ to serve their own tyrannical agendas. Maybe god isn't the sadistic tyrant who creates life only to send most of it to eternal suffering for the equivalent of jaywalking. Seriously, stop living in fear. If your god exists, and he's so great, I'd think, he'd want you to enjoy your life.

  3. vc, you skipped july :(
    happy (yet disturbed) to see this post.

    the fashion shoot is the WORST! check out urban outfitters website, everything has esoteric and illuminati symbols on it.

    • I think Urban Outfitters is owned by Anthropologie, which is loaded with owl symbols, pyramids, and the Mara Hoffman rug with the one eye thing (lots of one eye things) and octopus occult items. Too bad, because I like the store.

  4. The photo shoot is so disgusting I do not even know what else to say. Ugh!
    LOL at the *sigh* for Smurfette….
    When I first saw the new Miley video I was (again) at a loss for words. Significant influence has occurred because the entire thing was so very unlike her and what she has done before. Even her 'I am grown and not a kid anymore' videos with her dancing in a club and the other where she was in a bird cage, were more in line with her and just showing the transition between teen to adult, the gold teeth, ghetto clothing, humping air, twerking, grown people in animal costumes, doll kissing…….wtf ?? is so 'left field' I do not see how those that have always liked her do not see how contrived and influenced it is.

    • That's funny that you even watched it. I don't believe the excuse if "oh I I oh watch it to keep informed." Yeah right. It's been shoved in everyone's face and event though I'm on vine, twitter and Instagram I have yet to watch her trashy video. I have no interest to watch it so why have you?

      • Somebody needs to relax!
        Its not a crime to watch a music clip, different story if you enjoy watching it.

        She could say the same to you, you're on social networks such as twitter, instagram.. too keep updated with whats going on in the world or should I say "to keep informed". Same concept!

      • The odd thing was she/he/it answered the question so it really was not one, just a way to make themselves feel like they are informing and at the same time lift their little nose in the air. Trouble with that is is I would have to care for them to really feed off it (as that is what they are doing) and I do not.
        I think it weird to demand and be condescending to a person you do not know at all. Manners, old fashioned I guess, but they do work. : )

      • Stefanie, you really impressed me with the way you handled one of "these people!" Every once & a while, they crawl out from under that rock they've been under and try to cause pain to others because they are miserable…and misery LOVES company! 😉 You handled that very maturely with a lot of class. Go ahead, girl! 😉

      • Well complete stranger, its called 'none of your business' and 'why on Earth would you think you had the right to pose the question'? I do not really care what you think or do or how many media outlets you are 'on'.

  5. From someone who has struggled with depression & suicide those ads for clothing are disturbing & disgusting. People already have glamorized having mental health issues and now glamorize killing yourself? How sad. This is just one part of why our youth & world are effed! Humanity is truly doomed.

      • Well they actually do have pharmaceutical pills for depression. Just go and consult with your physician.

      • anti depressant pills make you more depressed and/or addicted to them…which is what 'they' want.

      • Is this the church of Scientology? Why the hate towards psychologist and psychiatrist?

        Maybe they are just people trying to help. As long as they truly want to help and use medication with therapy while connecting them to churches, social groups, ect. If you believe every pill is bad, that is fine. But do not try to convince others to follow you.

        By the way, do you take antibiotics or any other type of medication?

      • agree with bob-also for one they dont "cure" anything-for two doctors dangerously mix coctails of drugs they know nothing about but are funded to push, and for three alot of them have sde effects much worse than any symptom. Its just not worth it if you ask me-I wouldnt tell someone else not to if they wanted-but i certainly wouldnt encourage it to a random stranger. And no offense to you, just like alot of other things going on-people trust the mental health "professionals" way to much in my opinion

      • Is this the church of Scientology? Why the hate towards psychologist and psychiatrist?

        Maybe they are just people trying to help. As long as they truly want to help and use medication with therapy while connecting them to churches, social groups, ect. If you believe every pill is bad, that is fine. But do not try to convince others to follow you.

        By the way, do you take antibiotics or any other type of medication?

      • I was making a reference to them owning the pharmaceutical companies and keeping the population drugged. I wasn't joking about suicide.

    • Sorry to hear about your struggles. You should try using psychedelics. Magic Mushrooms or MDMA could really help you. Research it though!

    • Darling I understand what you mean cos I've been there and a lot of people in this world suffer as well plus we are all fearful at times,some are afraid about where our future lies but fear not because god is with you and he will help you make it through,being fearful can make you rely on god more because he always knows the score you can achieve if you believe,take all your fears to god take all your doubts to god and he will take on every situation,he may even send you people with wisdom , fear not my friend because god is with you! And he will help you make it through (: IF GOD IS WITH YOU THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU?

  6. Wow so blatant yet people are so delusional. What more do u need? I cant believe people still label us as conspiracy "theorists"

    • Foreal though, I feel weird calling myself one because it's NO. A CCONSPIRACY and anyone who thinks so has their head in the clouds

      • Embrace the conspiracy theorist moniker. It IS a conspiracy! They are conspiring. We can only theorize because the secrets are hidden and will not be acknowledged in the LIGHT—because they _can't_…

    • I show my friends these pictures but they still wont believe me :( Im the only one who sees it between my friends. And like the only teenager in my town who believes this… everyone else is focused on other stuff

      • Don't worry zheng we are on the same boat. Salvation is based on individual's faith. I'm not saying that dont try to warn the others but don't push too much. Maybe it is not just their time to figure it out but i hope they will learn about it soon before its too late.

      • You keep holding on and believe in your own future. The people in your town are apparently not the ones helping you forward intellecually, but that doesn't mean you are wrong. Because you think out of the box life won't be easy on you, but hey, i kow nobody who thinks life is easy. When you can't get a chance to get out, you could create one?

    • Well.. but we are conspiracy theorists. Since the phenomenon is merely "a subset of symbols is trending" and we try to explain it. There is nothing wrong in being a conspiracy theorist anyway. The real monsters have always been those who follow orders without questioning them. We also don't have a final theory. Are secret powerful societies slowly coming in the open because they don't fear the people? because they want to desensitize us? Are they instead way less powerful than their propaganda states, and trying to use our fear as "energy" to estabilish themselves? You see, lots of options.

      Of course, all these options leads to a resounding "f*ck them" for all I am concerned.

  7. lol wth is wrong with the world and the people in it, can't see whats infront of there eyes.
    just watched now you see me its full of one eyes aswell dayuum.

  8. What's most interesting is the "Obey" clothing line, which offers a clear view into the outrageous connection between The Obama Administration and outright Satanism….. the clothing line involves the concepts put forth by Shepard Fairey, whose trademark Obama painting designs were instrumental and synonymous with Obama's victories in the 2008 elections. This Obey clothing line has two clear cut relationships….. 1) a very powerful and overt connection with Obama and 2) a very powerful and transparent connection with Satanism and Luciferianism

    • Why only Obama? 99% of the politicians are in the same boat, they're scumbags. I see no difference between Obama, Bush, David Cameron, Hollande, Merkel, etc.

      Great majority of them follow the same agenda of power acquisition and domination. You can't pick just one! LOL

      • well there are a few minor differences but when both sides are willing to sell out the country to satan-those minor differences dont mean squat. But the obey clothing line designer made favorable paintings of obama and satirical pieces of alot of republicans. He made it very clear he supported obama and pretended to be anti-big brother up until obama won and then went to the most extreme satanic crap I have ever seen in a clothing line-but it was called OBEY from the very beginning which didnt sit well with me. The main people wearing it are surburban teens-I cant imagine why the parents would allow it

      • Obama is the only elite ruling class member absolutely associated with this outrageously Luciferian Obey Clothing line…… these others you mention are guilty of high crimes against the People as well…

    • a pair of sunglasses on

      I noticed this clothing line "obey" a few months ago becoming very popular, I was thinking about the establishment and how many ways they have pulled the whool over so many's eyes. As I was thinking all of this, a younger man walked around the corner and he had a shirt on that said obey. It reminded me of that film 'They Live'. I was lost in the deja vu from the movie, after he passed I wondered does he know what his shirt means?? Literally? Figurative? It's the shirt that he liked this morning for whatever reason… just to be trendy? Anyways I thought it over and the art style seemed very familier. I decided to research it and in 5 or 10 minutes realized Obamas connection. The upside down cross on the shirt doesn't surprise me… but it disgusts me how many will want that shirt because 'obey' is hot now.

      • So I guess we wear our Third Eye "They Live" Sunglasses while the Luciferians wear their Triple 6 Goggles

    • Everyone is guilty, Obama is just one of many.

      I don't fully understand the obsession with Obama, good and bad, but think it might have something to do with media. Try not to get tied up in the "left vs right" thing. It's all a distraction.

      • Absolutely agreed…….. the isolation of Obama in this instance is that he is the one Elitist Gangster that has a profound working history with this particular Satanic clothing brand "Obey"…….. we could spend a week documenting the high crimes against humanity perpetrated by both the Left and Right….. indeed we could document how they use the Left-Right system to keep everyone in the dark and always halfway confused…. with the additional purpose of giving the U.S. Citizenry the illusion that they have a choice in how the Country is managed

      • Have you ever noticed that on some coins the presidents face right and on others they face left. Ever wondered what this meant?

    • Yall do know that Shepard Fairey was a graffiti artist who made Obey into a brand and is pretty anti-big brother/ NWO with his designs right? Also the inverted cross is a catholic symbol. O.O

      • Explain to me exactly how he is anti-nwo. What is your proof? He made the Obama poster (NWO shill) and he has a major clothing line with a major corporation. Do you think that they would really allow that to happen? I think we all need to do a little more research on this.

      • This coming from someone who can't resist naming them self after a play on the word Lucifer (Lucy Furr)
        Unbelievable….. let's trust Lucy Furr with these new Revelations that the inverted Cross is actually a holy Christian Symbol…… as opposed to a bastardization of a Christian symbol…. I feel so enlightened thanks a bunch Lucy Furr

      • Hmm i looked this up some. Think it odd though to use the word OBEY to raise awareness, question, etc. I think even though he may have his philosophy behind it to what you are saying. These secret groups can definitely use it to their advantage. Anything can be twisted and used differently or go a stray from its original intent. Hmm subliminal comes a bit to mind for some reason. I have never heard of this clothing line until now. Say what you want about this site. I have learn much and always look into things further for myself. I am glad I stumbled on to this site.

    • Hi Friend, u ok? check out my comments on page 3 Christina, What do you think of Ciara's jacket and boots? Out of all the clothes and shoes she could have worn and she wears THAT one.

      • Oh hi BluBoy. Yeah, I'm okay LOL! I'm just irritated because of the OPSEC training I completed this week for the DOD. It kept calling journalists and protestors ADVERSARIES repeatedly and I've been pissed off all week! Anyway, Ciara's jacket is very disturbing as it reveals that they feel they have nothing left to hide. It is because they have programmed and desensitized the masses enough to accept this witchcraft. It is nothing but Baal/ Asherah worship and is now completely in the open. It is based on the same concepts of Thelema, Hermetic Gnosticism, Cabala, Occultism, and Enochian Magick. While they are a "milder" form of the OTO, they still accept the philosophy of the coming "golden age" brought on by the new world order ran by their initiated adepts.

    • Don't hate. Pray for them. That is what we should be doing. They are going to face the heat in the end but by spreading the word of God and praying we could help save these lost souls. After all, isn't that what we are here for?

      • In the past years I've began attending a church, something I felt God continually nudged me to do. Through true Biblical instruction, I have learned things I did not think before. For example, pray for your enemies. Likw most things in the Christian walk, it is actually much more difficult than it sounds. But it is the one of the things that forms the mark of a true Christian. It used to bother me when they would pray for "our 'elected' leaders"…but then I realized they are just praying that God would lead them to *the truth* and there is nothing wrong with such a prayer… our blood will be poured upon those transgressors, and that will make it worse for them…There will be real truth, real justice… Trust in the one Christ…

      • This really works and you are right kch. I had someone praying for me when I was involved in the occult. I didn't feel that God could love a heathen like me. He literally came in a dream and told me He loved me! I will never forget that feeling. I wish I could share it with everyone. Anyway, they deserve for you to pray for them.

      • you have a great point. It is so easy to become hateful-I'm very guilty when it comes to that-but then we are feeding right into satan's plot when we allow ourselves to become consumed with hate. I mean, we (those that believe in God) are the true targets of all this.

        "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

      • Most of these commentators show signs of being no better than those they oppose so righteously. Like we'd be trading one tyranny for another.

      • We discovered a huge flaw in the defenses Satan builds into mind controlled slaves: Anyone on the inside of a dissociative system is able to interact with God face to face, if they are ready to allow it. So we've been using this to our advantage, asking Him to minister in person to any alter we think is in spiritual trouble, whether it's ourselves, a dear friend, or a bitter enemy. It's often step alpha and omega to solving our otherwise complicated problems. We even had an unspeakably vicious internal programmer find out about the trend and demand an audience with Jesus Christ on his own terms…afterward changing his religion, job, name, and personality all of his own accord. Some of us have tried extending this tactic to outside people we suspect of having ritual abuse programming, and will pray that God visits "any alters so-and-so may have who need hope and options". We're not sure if it works on other systems yet, but Kesha seems to have improved a bit…

  9. I see so much content just like this every day now. Everywhere you look, nearly every music video that comes out has this symbolism. Mention what any of it means though and people become alienated. I am so glad for this site, and the community of readers who do indeed have their eyes open.

    • Exactly! Thas exactly what I was reflecting upon. People only believe what they wanna believe, don wanna hear the truth, and yet at the same time claim that they are "seeking for the truth".

  10. "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil CONTINUALLY, And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart." Gen. 6:5-6

  11. In an answer to the Hunger games picture:

    I'm guessing you haven't read the books, so I'll tell you. **SPOILER**in the books, Peeta is captured by President Snow and is tortured, starved and finally they use Tracker Jacker venom on him to "hijack" his mind and turn him against Katniss. So, yes, there will eventually be a mind control theme in the series. He is captured at the end of Catching Fire and in Mockingjay they learn what has happened to him, only after he snaps and tries to kill Katniss.

    • Sorry to all you young people who like those books, but that just sounds like an awful story for kids…I also hate the Twilight series. All these series that people get hyped up on, even the ones on TV and like the Fifty Shades of Gray stuff…I just can't get into it. It feels wrong.

      • There are three book series for youth that deal with gov't control – Hunger Games, Maze Runner and the best one- Divergent. I read them all with my kids – same message "Don't trust the gov't" It's like Gods mercy to warn this generation cause He knows they are not reading His Word. Oh Lord help us! We cry out to You!

    • Okay, so they turn the boy with the girlie name into an MK Delta. How original and uplifting. And the heroine of the story is already named Beta-kitten and we should root for her cuz she's a suh-vi-vah! Whoop-de-doo.

      Reality Check–you are being brainwashed every time you expose yourself to that book/movie.
      Read some VC articles before you hurt yourself.


        Wow. You are an idiot has obviously not read the books at all. It isn't supposed to be uplifting. It is about the reality of what our government does. It is about standing up against the elite. If you actually read the books instead of condemning them, you would know this. REALITY CHECK.

      • Read with open eyes on

        I agree. The books tell of what could happen if we continue on this path. It is about fighting against the NWO. Since we are all VC's here you can read that book with open eyes. It does not push the agenda. It reveals it, fights against it, and WINS! Damn the man!

  12. When I first saw Miley Cyrus's video I was disgusted. I don't watch MTV or BET but are they really playing that video on tv? It's like close to pornogophy to me. Agh! Gotta keep my toddler and new born away from this evil.

    • sittingcoffin on

      I had to take my bf to the emergency room and the "Blurred Lines" video was playing on VH1 in the hospital room. He FLIPPED. He was like THIS IS ON TV AT 10 OCLOCK IN THE MORNING?!?!?!?!?!?

      I was like, yeah, its VH1, its a music video. This is what its come to.

    • In my own humble opinion, you do need to keep your kids away from television! Record or buy the shows you like them to see. So you can avoid the horrible ways of advertisment and some disturbing contents aswell. If it can dumb down societies, it will defenitely dumb down kids !

    • In their district the three finger salute was traditionally used to mean thank you, admiration and good bye to a loved one. In the context of the books is starts being used as a sign of solidarity among the people that are rebelling against the Elites.

    • I see the symbolism in everything, maybe too much, but to me its just a variation of the 3/6 handsign they love to throw around

    • As elaborated as to it being something of solidarity, I must add that the 3 fingers can symbology has to do with the obvious 3. Trinity. Ever here the saying things come in threes? It is the second smallest prime number yet it has no ending when decimated to become 3.1415……. Infinity. The power of three. You know numbers never lie. Now the obey thing I not quite sure. I would say they got it from THEY LIVE. Get your bifocals on for the game is happening. For in all, technically we are in the hunger games.

  13. And people still can't believe it is real? UGHHHHH. But I guess we are all supposed to stand back and wait for the NWO to happen o.o

    • sittingcoffin on

      NWO has BEEN happening since before the Knights of Templar and all that. We are already run by a one world government….to not think so is to play right into their hands. We wait and they continue to chip away, move money and funds, and set up their new Babylons. It is notable to take a different look at history, to see the kinds of influential people that were murdered that were against the Federal Reserve. Lincoln, Kennedy, a bunch of dudes that went down on the Titanic. Also notable are the first families to get their hands deep into American soil, to taint it with the same agenda that had run rampant in Europe.

      America is merely a corporate extension of England.

  14. I hate to see pictures of Britney doing anything Illuminati. Not you Brit Brit… please… not you !! :-(

    And Miley Cyrus is… ugh.. who told her she was sexy? No, thanks.

    Those suicidal images are just disgusting. Aside from any Illuminati or elite thing, how can a magazine publish such crap? How many troubled youngsters can get inspiration to end up their lives by hanging, shooting or jumping from a tall building? Such publicity is dark, and evil.

    • The concept of the shoot was famous female authors who committed suicide. Vice had the shoot set up as re-enactments.

    • completely agree. unfortunately britney is now in knee deep herself. although its not exactly her fault, its the programming, so its not even in her control whats happening to her :'( i wish the best for her tho… :(

  15. Tasteless, cliche, ill-conceived photo shoot.

    Ugly, cookie-cutter, copycat rags for the masses.

    Trolls and celebrity spawn in goofy poses.

    I wonder what AC and the other original members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, with all of their intellectualism and "deep and esoteric" ideas, would think if they knew that their imagery was being appropriated by a mediocre C-level R&B singer.

    If Satan is real, he should be ashamed of himself and consider re-enacting one of those first 5 scenes.

  16. Thanks for posting this, VC! It's been a while and we needed our SPOTM fix.

    Can you please write an article about Leah Remini? With all of this exposure of Scientology and the missing Shelly Miscavige coverup, it's just begging for you to shed some light on the situation!

    • I Second that – with lots about Neil Gaiman's family's instrumental role in launching the scientology movement worldwide and the fact that his accounts have been published showing that he contributes huge sums to scientology even today (despite claiming to have broken all ties). Amanda Palmer's father was SeaOrg too (look it up)

    • Yes, Rissa, a great topic for VC to write about. I wonder if anything will happen to Leah Remini, now that she has disbanded from the cult

  17. I saw a young woman on the train yesterday in a shirt emblazoned with upside down crosses. People actually do buy this crap. Amazing.

    • Yesterday I saw a pre-teen I'd say 11-13 years old aprox, wearing leggings completly full of upside down crosses. In church. With her super happy mom right besides her, fixing her blouse & hair… REALLY??

  18. Two very young tv stars killed themselves this month. The girl in that 70's show and a young man(sorry I can't remember their names)…. This happened right the month before the comet ISON approaching …it could be a coincidence but knowing how things work I am thinking its possible it was some sacrifices..what's your take on this? Also I read your article about the hunger games and how teens killing each others could be sacrifices and for some reason I was wondering about the Trayvon Martin story ….A young man killed for no reason ,a huge story with holes in it ,ect…Zimmerman litterally walking free after murder…it just sounds too bizarre for me…

    • The woman from That 70's Show was an alcoholic and meth addict and she didn't kill herself she died of heart failure in rehab

    • The young mans name was Lee Thompson Young and i believed he shot himself to death. Another thing is Gia and Lee both died of the age of 29…….hhhmmm…..

      • Lee was also part of the disney machine..He was in a show with none other than Britney Spears's sister…. And yes the lady in that 70's show did die of a heart failure.Sorry .

      • Yea because they told you it was heart failure. There are ways to cause heart failure intentionally. Especially being in "rehab". Not much different from what goes on in mental institutions. Not saying they killed her but opening your mind to the possibility.

    • ConspiracyRealist on

      There's information floating around that Trayvon's father is a Grand Master Mason. If that's true, then it should put things into perspective a bit more.

  19. Guys, I'm born again and have been for awhile. I evangelize and attend church, I try not to swear and give into the flesh, but God teaches me more and more each day. When I get arrogant and believe that it's by my own doing, I have a straight two weeks of sin like I'm going through now. I pray, but I feel like my heart is still clouded for the time being. Please pray for me that I revert to who I was because of God, and I'll do the same for you. It's getting harder and harder, but we can do it.. no matter how much we slip, he'll pick us up if we ask! God bless you, and yours in the Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

    • Matt I have been in your shoes before. If you earnestly long for a holy life and even more so to do God's work it will be given onto you. However do not expect to grow overnight. Growth in spiritual things takes hours of prayers fasting days watching your ways and …then help from above comes. Remember Matt you are on the right path and eventually it is leading to more blessings to closer relationship with Jesus to more profound understanding of His will to supernatural guidance and better part in life everlasting.
      May the Lord bless you keep you and give all the strength you need. I will pray.

    • matt in my opinion-its not because you were arrogant-God is proud when we renew our faith-and you should be as well. But satan doesnt want to let you go-he has the whole earth but the only thing that truely gratifies him is taking the souls of the faithful and destroying them. So he will throw every temptation in your way and possibly even mess with you through your loved ones if they are weak and faithless-anything to hurt you and make you give up On yourself and your faith. Work through it-you can do it and dont worry-repent for the wrongs, it makes you stronger. Just as with any relatonship it takes work and practice resisting the temptations

    • Hey Matt
      We are all kinda wagon which is what has brought us here. You have to best be on your guard between the Summer and Autumn Equinox as that is the wobbliest part of the year in a spiritual sense.

    • The Christian life isn't about 'doing the right thing'. It's about a transformation of your character through the power of the Holy Spirit so you can reflect God's image. Christ death reveals your value to our Father!

      Read you bible to understand. Ask God, bring to him everything you are dealing with. You were created for so much more than the sinful life that the world promotes. Born again! The old is gone, the new has come! Let the old man die because you weren't created for it in the first place. The fact that you feel bad about sinning shows your character is changing. God bless and keep seeking his presence daily!

    • Stay in the Word alone!!……..We are already in the time of Tribulation/Jacobs Trouble!! (The churches are Babylon!! )

      • Not all churches. But if to take a look into TBN well… it seem the whole christianity is sold to lucifer. God would not allow this to happen!

    • Why do people find if so difficult to be "good" ignore the nasty temptations of evil. It is not that difficult to be good when you Love God,and want to please him, we are supposed to prove ourselves worthy of God.
      I guess that I am nieve in that I don't see why you don't get more pleasure out of squashing Satan than pleasing him.. It is not that difficult to not be self centered and selfish, when you love God.
      Stop saccoming to what you think is pleasure if it is wrong and sinful.

      • None of us are "worthy" of God. Rom.3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,. We are saved by God's grace(unmerited favor) through faith in Christ alone. Eph. 2:8-9 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.

    • Valerie McNulty on


  20. "Miley, I have one thing to tell you: Stop. Oh wait, you can’t stop. Because the name of your song is “We Can’t Stop”. But, seriously… just stop." VC cracking jokes. Love it.

  21. The guys in the Hunger Games photo – they are making what looks like a Nazi-greeting, but left hand instead of right….

    • Ummmm it was an American salute before the nazis bastardized it. It was used in schools. Why don't you crack open a history book?

      • The Swastika was also well-used in America before the Nazis remade it into their own image.

        I was in a Church that was built in the early 1900s, and their floor had swastikas going in both directions amongst the tiles used (other symbols were used as well, all of them having good connotations at the time).

  22. you should look into how iris chang died. It is a conspiracy on it's own. she was targeted, just like hemingway. so sad

    • i was scrolling for a comment exactly like this. Her third suicide note was very cryptic, almost sounding like she found out some info she wasn't supposed to know.

  23. There is no telling what they have been doing to the Jenner girls my heartbreaks for them. All smiles in front of the cameras but what happens behind the cameras we will never know.

    • claritychastaine on

      i think its pretty clear. They are grooming them to be beta slaves for the cause, like their older sisters before them. Their mother is truly a PIMP.

    • sittingcoffin on

      There was an article I read about how handled and controlled she is. The report was made during a junket, I believe.

  24. This is beyond disgusting thats why i have no interest in the fashion or entertainment world. I dont watch music videos, keep up with celebrities, or watch those stupid ritual award shows. I can only imagine what Lady Gaga will do at the music awards this sunday. Please analyze her new video Applause. A lot of imagery including their lovely Baphomet

  25. "There are aspects of my experience in Louisville that I will never understand. Deep down I suspect that you may have more answers about this than I do. I can never shake my belief that I was being recruited, and later persecuted, by forces more powerful than I could have imagined. Whether it was the CIA or some other organization I will never know. As long as I am alive, these forces will never stop hounding me.

    Days before I left for Louisville I had a deep foreboding about my safety. I sensed suddenly threats to my own life: an eerie feeling that I was being followed in the streets, the white van parked outside my house, damaged mail arriving at my P.O. Box. I believe my detention at Norton Hospital was the government's attempt to discredit me."- This is from Iris Chang's suicide note

    • I was in Louisville 2 weeks ago and it was under strange circumstances. Funny how Jennifer Lawrence is from there and just said that she feels like she's having a meltdown…

      • sittingcoffin on

        Jennifer Lawrence is VERY suspect…she shot to superstardom with no issue and the media bows at her feet. Think shes a plant.

    • It's funny, but every since I've started reading this site…or maybe, every since I've become more 'aware' and have been talking about this stuff to my friends, I start to randomly see white vans driving around my home that seem to have no business doing there. Either its a white van or a black van. Sometimes I feel like I'm just being paranoid…which is possibly true…or there can be something more sinister going on. Reading this note from Iris Chang just gave me the chills.

    • Perhaps this fashion shoot was a clue into the women who committed suicide and for those who can SEE to look further into their lives and deaths…All is not as it seems.

  26. I don't get how the Catching Fire one is evil/Illuminati – she's not consider someone to look up to by anyone and the antagonists are the NWO elite… but the rest are too strange to just be a conicidence

  27. Goodness. Was that really Miley Cyrus? I could never have recognized her. She has turned from a sweet sixteen to something sooooo bizarre. Saddening!

  28. Very good as usual, I just would like to comment that I think the Hunger Games books are very anti-illuminati. They are all about a futuristic United States where the people are pretty much slaved by the government. The main character Katniss is all against it. Effie, the one dressed in the monarch butterfly outfit is part of that elite pop culture, so I couldn't think of a better way to portray it.

    • The books were written by a Collins woman so that should tell you a lot! The Grand Mothers (of Darkness) are always Collins women! The book and movie engages you in child sacrifice and by watching you have become a participant. The cornacopia is one of their symbols. The series ends with the rebels being portrayed as more brutal than the regime by killing Katniss sister. There is a definite message here that humans are brutal no matter what. And that is their message. They feel that they control humanity by controlling humans brutality and animal nature. They portray themselves as the lesser evil and saviors of civilization which is not true!

      • sittingcoffin on

        Yeah, she lives there along with a BUNCH of other suspect folks, including the guy that died (ahem) that handled the props for the Batman movie which had SANDY HOOK on that map

    • When you say anti-illuminati what does that mean exactly. What are you against? Keep in mind that the Illuminati likes to portray things that seem to oppose their views while subtly leading you into agreeing with them. They control all sides. Do not be fooled.

    • Actually in the first book KATniss (beta slave name) keeps going on about District 13 and how it'll supposedly be their salvation from the horrors of her reality. 13 is one of the important numbers in Freemasonry numerology and of course alludes to the 13 "illuminati" families of the Satanic Freemasons. The author just so happens to be from the Collins family that is an illuminati family. Don't just rely on this site do some research and read up on it.

  29. You guys should check all the ''hipster'' fashion & jewelry on tumblr! Full of one eye/pyramid/bolts/inverted cross/butterflies and much more, you got it: illuminati symbols galore! t's so nasty and blatant it makes me want to puke, yet kids buy that crap and spread those pics thinking they're being cool. This generation needs a wake up call! ASAP!!!!

    • sittingcoffin on

      I work with the public. These attitudes extend back generations – people as old as 60 have come in with what I would deem "teenage" habits and dress. And manners, no less. It is a virus.

    • That's so true…there's a website that sells "edgy, vintage" clothing called, and all of their stuff is full of triangles, upside down crosses, eyes, and esoteric symbols. I don't get why these things are so popular???

  30. I don't think enough people have woken up :/ most ppl are blind. Even though we do know, we cant do anything to stop it so I guess we just wait for the NWO? How many years do you think it will take for the NWO to happen?

    • It is already happening. They have been moving their chess pieces into place for decades. The mainstream media has been complicit in covering it up because they are all owned by the same people. They have the NSA networks, Homeland Security, and FEMA in place. All they need is a major crisis and people will be begging for their takeover. Ever seen the movie "The Watchmen". Notice the eye symbol on the belt of the main villain who nukes those cities to bring in the One World Order.

      • I never said roll over and do nothing! Just open your eyes and don't believe their BS. Don't be dumb sheep and fall for their false flags and beg for more government intervention. Stand on your own feet and think for yourself. Don't buy their products and enlighten your friends.

    • sittingcoffin on

      We are already NWO. The point is to eliminate all thoughts of rebellion in a way that no one notices (because theyre all googling stupid stuff on their IPhone 7.9g722111). You cant do it all at once – that would create a rebellion. But their power structures have been pretty solidly in place for centuries. They just shoot any politicians or businessmen that tried to get in their way.

    • You cannot stop what has been ordained. Your best bet is pra(e)y without ceasing. Know you not that your body is but a vessel and the force within it hath the power to destroy and create worlds. Let not your heart be troubled lad. As to most people are blind, be careful for just because one hath two eyes doesn't mean the neurons comprehend. To answer your NWO to Happen? Laugh with me when I say it is a done deal. In short, it is happening NOW.

      Pra(e)y. Please careful use of prey but know pray conquers prey though you can prey on praying.

    • God you guys are hopeless. If you want the world the change, start changing yours. Love those you hate and accept those who don't accept you. Stop obsessing about the illuminati and start watching a good documentary. If you need an eye opener, i suggest you watch some Bashar videos on YouTube (channeled by Darryl Anka). And look up quantum physics while your at it. Reality is what you want and create it to be, and not always as it may seem. Trust me, there is no greater truth than that my friend. Peace

    • I agree with Beat. Don't listen to the people who say "we've already lost," in the fight for ours souls and our planet. If you just stand around and wait for it then you're part of the problem. If you want to pray, don't pray for it to hurry up and happen, and don't pray for Jesus to come and save us. He only helps those who help themselves.

      Pray for guidance, or insight, or courage, and find a way to fight back, even in small ways. Every day that you live not bound in the Blindness counts as a victory. Every night when you go to bed still owning your own soul, that counts as a victory. Every time you choose to do what is Right instead of what is easy or self-serving or harmful counts as a victory.

      If you notice someone who is Waking Up from the spell, help them to do so. If you see a kid wearing a Satanic image or logo, tell them what it is–maybe no one else will. When your neighbor is disgusted by some filthy image, point out the symbols, give them food for thought. The truth is, more and more people are Waking Up every day, and we are our own catalyst. Soon the Awake will outnumber the Asleep, and the 1% of the population responsible for this s*** will be called out and cast down from their high places. Their works will be torn asunder–not by some angel or superhero, but by us!

      It is already happening. They are losing. It may not seem like it, but it's true. They've been throwing everything they've got at us since 9/11, and it's still not enough to seal the deal and let Satan take his throne. That is their ultimate goal, but we Do Not have to let it happen.

      • The London Olympics showed the illuminati are not losing, not by a long-shot.

        And aside from EVERYTHING ELSE on this site are our unending death-orgies; aka, the "War on Terror."

  31. pass the peace pipe on

    i wonder if their recruiting because their #'s are down or it's their last breath before the fall. Anyway i cannot watch their crap anymore. Thanks VC … keep up the good work you do. Don't buy there fear … do the opposite LOVE and imagine a world with out them.

  32. Well it appears that the Kardashians are so much lamer than I thought. I don't think I've ever witnessed someone more illuminati carried than them. My question is, why are they even big. Like, congratulations you have a big ass and boobs… Seriously?? Why dont they make tv shows of other models or another show on tv telling the truth instead of people watching that crap. It screws with your head without you even noticing. So sad that Kendall and Kylie make the all seeing eye in an ad for kids. P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C!!! What does that spell!?!? Kardashian sisters!!!!!! 😀

    • tricksortreats on

      I think its pretty obvious that the Kardashians are already part of the Cult, and looking to gain more status. Their fame has nothing to do with their looks, but rather what they are able to provide on the flip side. Think sex slavery, drug running, money laundering, materialistic psyops…

  33. One of the most disgusting SPOTM edition in recent times! That Vice magazine photoshoot… man, that is absolutely hideous. So what's next? A necrophiliac fashion photoshoot? What about a coprophagic one? I hate to sound moralistic, but there is no more limits for bad taste and inelegance. SMH

    ps: Miley Cyrus? Makes me puke.

  34. I think the photo shoot with the suicide pictures symbolizes that women will die over fashion. That they will kill themselves over looking good. Such as anorexia. Or being slaves to fashion. It is really disturbing.

  35. Baby Vigilant on


    The illuminati are making it so obvious right now, it sickens me to think that 3/4 of the world are so oblivious to all this!

    This is so depressing :'(


    VC, please can you do an article about the whole Snowdan/spy thing. Would love to hear your opinion. x

    • Snowden is nothing but a hoax and a distraction, just like Manning and Hastings. Tied to Mossad too. Sad yet true

    • Thats a good number! 14 of the world is out of their hands. Better than what it was 10 years ago. We will keep evolving and moong forward and changing for the better i trust. We shall not fall.

    • This NSA thing is not new. We were warned several years ago. No one listened or paid attention. But this time, people listened, got up in arms and now "Chelsea Manning" is doing 30 years in a military prison.

      This is sad, but I'm praying for the day when something or someone brings down the Illuminati and puts a giant hole in their plans and their people. I'm praying one of them will be brave and turn against them like Leah Remini & that fake religion, Scientology.

  36. Bean Head Hatake on

    This just makes me sad! I really wish more ppl would see how they are programing up to look at these symbols, think they are cool and unique while keeping ppl in the dark about the evil origins of these "Fashion" Crazes! What really grinds my gears: ppl who don't believe or want to listen when u explain the truth to them. And ppl who listen and then say "Oh well, Such is Life" :(
    Great SPOTM I don't know when or if one month the SPOTM will be non-Illuminati :)

  37. lady gaga's applause video…

    I spotted one eye and a disturbing dark angel in that video. very disturbing. VC should make an analysis of that video too!

    • Why not analyze Katy Perry's new song "Roar"? It must be about Beta Programming. The lyric video is chock full of felines, as well as the actual lyrics. We all know Katy was Beta programmed when she failed as a Christian singer and became a pop-princess over night.

  38. Hi VC, greetings, a fan from the Philippines (from the other side of the world.)
    I remember VC wrote something in 2011 about Miley's father getting really concerned over his daughter. Now we're seeing her like that. I wonder what we will be seeing next.
    Back here, Charice is out of the closet revealing she's a lesbian. I don't know if her mingling with some people in Hollywood has something to do with it. She sang Pyramid for them.

    • Hey. I'm from the Philippines as well. I'm so glad i'm not the only one. Maybe there was something that happened to her when she was in hollywood. I thought that the death of his father is her blood sacrifice. We will get to see that in the future. Maybe they are postponing Charice's fabricated success so the blood sacrifice is not to obvious.

    • Yo there, fellow Filipino. Charice's case is a curious one, I'll give you that. I've always thought that the local media/industries here in our country wouldn't get involved in any of this mess, but then I see various photoshoots featuring known Filipino artists full of butterflies and our all-time favorite one-eye sign, then I find myself not so surprised. *sigh*

      • I've seen some photos from bench/ which have these symbolisms. One example is Lovi Poe's photo for bench/ body where she covers one of her eyes with her fingers. The fashion shows that bench/ holds also have a lot of occult imagery. There are also some local magazines that feature models/actors in outfits and sets which are laden with symbolisms. You can also see these crap in the music videos of local artists, an example of which is Karylle's "OMG". in that video, she repeatedly flashes that one-eye thingy. Though I can say that, in my observation at least, it's not as much symbolism compared to those that we can see from media originating from the west.

        But, honestly, I can only expect this "trend" to worsen in the coming months/years, especially now that some, if not most, of the youth in the Philippines are obsessed with western pop culture and K-pop (big players in spreading the agenda of the elite), and those local artists will surely incorporate more of those symbolisms from these foreign stuffs to their works so that they can also be "in".

  39. Here is Iris Chang's third suicide note". It is worth noting that she became severely depressed and checked into the Norton Psychiatric Hospital while trying to obtain audio recordings from US serviceman on her next book about the Bataan Death March.

    "There are aspects of my experience in Louisville that I will never understand. Deep down I suspect that you may have more answers about this than I do. I can never shake my belief that I was being recruited, and later persecuted, by forces more powerful than I could have imagined. Whether it was the CIA or some other organization I will never know. As long as I am alive, these forces will never stop hounding me"

    Days before I left for Louisville I had a deep foreboding about my safety. I sensed suddenly threats to my own life: an eerie feeling that I was being followed in the streets, the white van parked outside my house, damaged mail arriving at my P.O. Box. I believe my detention at Norton Hospital was the government's attempt to discredit me"

    It's scary to think what really goes in these "psychiatric" wards. The whole fashion shoot by Vice was abominable and a disgrace to the legacy of these extraordinary women.

    • Everyone should look into the women portrayed in the suicide fashion shoot. There may be other insights into their lives from an MK perspective…Like SYLVIA PLATH for instance.

  40. I am extremely disgusted by the photo shoots, they are romanticizing something sinister and painful to those who have experienced it, the worst part is that they're making it seem desirable and acceptable, which isn't. Many clothing lines are tying themselves into the cult more than ever before, we are part of a brainwashing society which doesn't leave much hope. I'm soon going to launch an anti- illuminati clothing line per say, I'm going to make a kickstarter to launch the project since I'm soon going to graduate high school and study graphic design, I would love to make perhaps a small change, but a change nonetheless a change against this agenda.

  41. do u guys know about this Disney kid who played "The famous jett jackson" killed himself? his name was lee thompson young…..

  42. i love checking out this site every now and then and have been a fan of it for many years now. all i want to say is sometimes you guys need to fully realize what you are talking about though and stop just posting things on face-value. Vice magazine has always had a way of mocking everything. they've done articles on cannibals, musicians, politicians, false-prophets, mexican drug cartels, north korea, transvestites, dominatrixes, indie bands, you name it. they simply don't care and will joke about almost anything (and if people are shocked or offended, oh well.) this has always been their journalistic style.

    (they also make amazing documentaries on so many world topics. check out their youtube channel or show on HBO.)


    • So mocking the death of those women in the name of "fashion" makes it right? Because it's their "journalistic style"? Give me a break. You're just making excuses for them. If they are going to make a mockery of something or someone, there's better ways to do it. Glamorizing death is not one of them!

    • That at least puts it into some context because I've never heard of the magazine before and it's hard to believe why any magaizine would create such a thing for fashion. I can see why it would be a mockery of the fashion industry because it is almost like something they would do. Maybe if they didn't pick real people who actually killed themselves I would get the humor, but these were real people suffering from mental illness…or maybe something more that drove them to do this. It's really tragic, I find it hard to take lightly because of the amount of suffering involved. Maybe it's not their intent (or is it?), but images like that can be very triggering for people who struggle with this temptation. Totally disrepectful to these women and their families.

  43. I saw a Smurfette advert at McDonalds, and I had the strangest impression…it was like the whole thing was drawn wrong. I then figured it out…

    Block out Smurfette's face, and it looks like a Smurf is about to sexually attack a tower of apples.

    Seriously, this is the ONE reason to go to a McDonald's.

  44. The Hunger Games is actually a very deep trilogy that portrays the struggle of the oppressed under the mighty elite. I associate The Capitol with a (not so) secret society. In the third Hunger Games book, Peeta is indeed mind-controlled through torture – He is physically and mentally tortured until he associates Katniss with enemy. The Capitol wanted to punish Katniss by having the man she loves not only not recognize her or remember what they accomplished together, but ultimately be the one to kill her (which he repeatedly tries to do). It is then up to the other characters to keep him away from Katniss and reprogram him (painlessly), and once he comes to understand what happened to him he attempts suicide. The Hunger Games is not a feel good YA series, it doesn't glamorize the mind control aspect, and it doesn't have a shiny, happy ending. Peeta and Katniss are forever scarred (physically and mentally). It's a very realistic look at being nothing more than a pawn to entertain the elite.

    • Why do you think that most teens and young adults cheer the gladiator child sacrifice scenes! It is subliminal programming to accept these sort of things as inevitable.

  45. Hi guys, I'm new here and I have a question.
    Since I haven't finished reading everything on this site (but intend to do so eventually) there's something that isn't quite clear to me: what would be the specific purpose of the illuminati symbolism? I get the part that allows us to recognize who's into it and a part of it but, what's the point? how could it affect us?

    These are honest questions so I would appreciate any responses on this.

    • My take, is that its more of a chest thump reveal on the part of the Secret Societies, like: "Here we are! We control everything! We Win! You lose! Welcome to our NWO!"

    • I think it's more for allowing them to recognize their people, kind of like branding them and letting them know who they work for. In paintings of famous people in history they're usually making a hand sign, gang members use hand signs…it's always been a form of communication and letting people know who you belong to.

    • “Symbolism is the language of the Mysteries; in fact it is the language not only of mysticism and philosophy but of all Nature, for every law and power active in universal procedure is manifested to the limited sense perceptions of man through the medium of symbol. Every form existing in the diversified sphere of being is symbolic of the divine activity by which it is produced. By symbols men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the imitations of language. Rejecting man-conceived dialects as inadequate and unworthy to perpetuate divine ideas, the Mysteries thus chose symbolism as a far more ingenious and ideal method of preserving their transcendental knowledge. In a single figure a symbol may both reveal and conceal, for to the wise the subject of the symbol is obvious, while to the ignorant the figure remains inscrutable. Hence, he who seeks to unveil the secret doctrine of antiquity must search for that doctrine not upon the open pages of books which might fall into the hands of the unworthy but in the place where it was originally concealed.”
      –Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

      “There is no question, therefore, that the work to be done in familiarising the general public with the nature of the Mysteries is of paramount importance at this time.” -Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy

  46. Anyone notice the current black and white clothing trend going on the moment, particularly the checkerboard pattern?

  47. hey, what about Lenka's "Everything at once" video. That's so full of this crap, I'm wondering nobody mentioned it yet

  48. Hey, VC. Another interesting set of pictures this month. *sigh* fashion.

    Well anyway, have you seen Lady Gaga's Applause video?:)

    • I've seen it and I liked the song but the video is totally crazy. Lady Gaga is an expert to delve into the realms of nonesense!

      • I actually thought the song was terrible when I first heard it, if this is supposed to be one of the better songs off her album then I don't think it's gonna do very well.

  49. Wow, the American Apparel line is scary. I was following the designer of the clothing line, Kesh (not Ke$ha) on Instagram until I saw pics of these clothes. Really scary.

    Off-topic, but I've been watching Big Brother on CBS and I noticed some Illuminati/Masonic symbols in the house decor: deer horns, a birdcage on the table in the living room. The fact that the show is called "Big Brother" and the CBS symbol is an all-seeing eye pretty much says everything. But watching a bunch of trashy people torture and traumatize each other and subject themselves to insane competitions for $500K is really sad.

    • sittingcoffin on

      This season seems totally set up. A "racist" white lady named basically Aryan? Yeah, she was a plant. More stuff to distract us from real reality, as our paychecks dwindle and the people coming out of medical school can barely tie their own shoes.

  50. They can all shove there eyes where the sun dont shine… biggest losers in the world are celebritys..but off course they think other wise..they ain't real there fake cool ppl wanna be posers.. we the every day ppl of the world with are head screwed on are shoulders right are the cool ones….

  51. the new cover for the latest issue of The Fader has Mac Miller not just covering one eye, but a cross he has tattooed on his hand is inverted in the picture.

  52. "On the coat and boots is written”Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” which is the name of a powerful secret society of the early 20th century in which was famously initiated Aleister Crowley. "

    VC needs to clarify exactly what he was insinuating here because the sentence obviously contains a typo. Anywhere, I think he was trying to write that "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” which is the name of a powerful secret society of the early 20th century in which Aleister Crowley was famously initiated. " That's nice and all, but he somehow "overlooked" the fact that Aleister Crowley was SUSPENDED from the Golden Dawn, before going on to start his OTO with its perverted rituals.

      • It's an avatar for Lady-Gaga-really-wants-to-lick-Natalie-Portman-like-Mila-Kunis-did, I think. Just a guess. Did you see the pics of Gaga at the art exhibit where she was dressed up like Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? She took a spoon and licked syrup from a naked model's crotch, which was "live art." Gross.

    • So why should we bother. Lady Gaga is so boring and irrelevant in my opinion. I can't figure out why people are still giving her airtime, headspace.

    • Fame really *is* a monster. It really changes people to shake their core beliefs in order to sell records, movies, clothes, etc.

  53. Anyone notice all the celebrity "suicides" lately? Cory Monteith (well, technically drug overdose), bachelor contestant Gia Allemand, Lisa Robin Kelly from That 70s show and Lee Thompson from Rizzoli & Isles. Someone on the CNN website was wondering what's going on with all of these tragic celebrity deaths lately. Mind control? Murder?

    • SACRIFICES – it's a super satanic year – many happenings in the sky as well, everyone that is part of that world is due for blood sacrifices. it's easier for them to sacrifice those they know are on drugs or going thru some kind of emotional stress, would never look like murder.

  54. I watched Serena Ryder's "stomp" this morning and the illuminati monarch program signs are so "in your face" I was disgusted! Also check Lana Del Rey's creepy video where she jumps from a bridge….

  55. The broader picture on

    The shot appears to be glamourizing death in an attempt to make unstable people more susceptible to It. Current affairs of the world, includes that killing yourself is empowering, honourable and fashionable. And through many countries demographics and mediums people are conditioned to believe it. Take music; Rihanna's Russian roulette song, euthanasia abortion, vaccination, self inflicted death is the order for the day!

    From a religious persuasion, it is Satan plot is to kill, steal and destroy, taking with him as many lives before end of time. Religion teaches us to cherish life, hence the reason for this element of the overall addenda.

  56. I'm sorry for Britney and most of all for her children. She appears uncomfortable the whole video especially when she does the one-eye sign. Lifeless eyes, hers.

    • It's weird to me how they always make her voice so electronic as if to enforce the idea or image that she is a robot. On her first album she sounds a lot more natural, her voice even goes deep, and she doesn't have too bad of a voice, it's not great but at least it's a unique voice. After that album she always sings in a higher, breathy tone that is so processed and generic sounding. It's like her voice isn't even allowed to have any identity. Everything about her is so manufactured. I also alway loved her natural hair color in her early videos, but she is forced to be a blonde.

      • Yeah, Britney actually has a nice voice – it was quite soulful when she was younger. But then record producers took her and changed her image and style… They make her voice sound more electronic than it needs to (still not as electronic as someone like Kesha) and its like they have completely manufactured her (most popular male and female singers are manufactured anyway which sucks). I do feel bad for Britney though, there's something so likeable and vulnerable about her.

  57. I can't think of anything besides a terribly insidious agenda that would cause them to make ANOTHER Smurfs movie.

    • One thing that I did like about the movie was that they filmed it in Paris and the louvre which I probably will never see in real life. I appreciated it.

  58. Interesting: A high-end perfume company is advertising a new "Club" collection. Each fragrance in the collection pertains to a type of club, and when you buy that scent you also become part of that "Club"….Then they send you a littel token with a number on it that tells you where to go to join up! The perfumes are $250 a piece. Here's one of the descriptions:

    "For its exotic and glamorous profile, Ivory Route is surprisingly refined and restrained. It possesses a mysterious antique richness, and its gentle heart seems to keep in mind the delicacy with which real ivory must be handled."


  59. Duncan Lawson on

    There are few things in life more fundamentally unsexy than Miley Cyrus and Miley Cyrus trying to be sexy is one of them.

    I know you say you can't Miley but please just stop it. If you're reading this Miley, please stop. Think of what you're doing to poor old Billy Ray. It might inspire him to take up singing in his pain and that would be TRULY demonic and evil and just plain wrong.

      • Duncan Lawson on

        Guess not. Oh how his achy breaky heart must bleed. Or not. Can't believe he sold his own flesh and blood for a Grammy and a perma-mullet. And never even got the Grammy…

  60. Actually, people might want to take a closer look into the women depicted in the sucide photoshoot. They are all either early prototypes of MK ULTRA programming, have been touched by it, or spoken about it in their works. Electroshock, forced stints in mental institutions, psychological abuse and connections to the eilte or groups that were fomenting the elites plan in the background of all of these women. This has been brewing for a while!

  61. The hunger games butterflies dress is Alexander McQueen (spring summer 2011)
    You can't see it at style dot com.

  62. The broader picture on

    my earlier one didn't make it…anyway its all so said! it's real ppl! we need to start looking out for each other more, eating right, studying more and sharing this info. Sad thing is when you share with others they think you got some mental health problem.

  63. I literally couldn't give two craps about celebrities and I don't feel sorry for them…except for Britney. I don't know why because her story is the same as everyone else's. Maybe it's because she's one of the few that fights back and she lost?

  64. I knew Iris was not right," her mother said. "She couldn't eat or drink. She was very depressed." She asked if Iris had any friends there she could call for help. One of the veterans — a colonel she had planned to meet in Louisville — came to the hotel. Smith said the colonel spent only a short time with her. "She was afraid of him when he showed up," Smith said. "But he spoke to her mother on the phone and told Iris, 'Your mom is on the phone, so it's OK.' "

    That afternoon, she checked herself in to Norton Psychiatric Hospital in Louisville, with help from the colonel. Through a third party, the colonel declined to be interviewed….

    "First they gave her an antipsychotic, to stabilize her," her mother said. "For three days they gave her medication, the first time in her life." (The family would not name specific drugs.)

  65. Jay z was seen recently wearing a shirt of Satan having sex with Jesus. I think jay z is a p.o.s. and will burn in He'll. That is all thank you. I thought you were going to put that pic in this article. No worries if any one wants to see this blasphemous stupid shirt that he's wearing for proof look it up in the website Jacky jasper will tell u some shit too.

    • I'm glad that wasn't shown in the article. How much more disgusting can he be? Considering he's so open about his involvement, I don't think it's even necessary to discuss him on this site.

      • Jay is one of the most disgusting humans. So ugly in every way. Can't stand him or tolerate him.

    • Jay Z will be the one having sex with Satan when he is in hell! Satan will probably put a bag over that ugly mug though!

      • So it exhilarates you to see others go down eh. I actually feel sorry for him, me and everyone else who follows the wrong path and self-destructs. It's not something we should celebrate.

      • Come on C. can't you spot a joke every once and a while 😉 I laugh about myself too, only not in combination with a pineapple.

  66. The hunger games actually about the people rebelling against an totalitarian government (that's similar to ours) and it makes sense that Effie wears that costume symbolizing monarch programming since she is from the "Capital" so maybe the movie is trying to open our eyes?

    • Do you really believe that the major movie corporations (especially Lions Gate) would allow this movie to be made if that were the case. Come on!

      • Have you actually read the books? COME ON! Jesus, for people who claim to be in the know, you seem very dumb. I'm a very big believer of VC, but he obviously never read the book series nor have a bunch of you sheep. The story is ABOUT STANDING UP TO THE ELITE/GOVERNMENT AND REBELLING AGAINST THEM.

  67. The Jenner/Kardashian family is so annoying. They're notas Iinteresting or attractive as they think they are… And they're definitely not that talented. Please get real jobs and contribute something of actual significance in your life. You know the world is a mess when people in sweatshops work a whole day for a barely a $1, while people like that Jenner-Kardashian clan don't do anything for millions. Thats the most screwed up part of today's world.

  68. Just saw Toy Story 3. Article please. Butterfly room, caterpillar room, too much! Ken telling Latso he was at the top of the pyramid?? what a mess

  69. Extremely disturbing but very good pictures, VC. Hopefully, this will inspire people to see how they are being controlled through fashion, music, films, etc,.
    'Obey Posse' really disgusts me. Around the area where I live, many buildings and bus stops were painted with the words 'obey the hive'. That made me so mad, I rang the Council and wrote to our local member and told them that I was extremely offended with those tags and to please get rid of them. What surprised me the most was…THEY DID!!! I've never seen them again.
    It looks like Mama Kris & Mama Tish have raised their little girls to be good little Beta Kittens looking at these pictures.
    BTW, does Ciara know what the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was? Or is she just wearing all that stuff to 'be in the crowd'. Also, did you all know that Aleister Crowley was a British Intelligence Agent?. "Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult" by Richard B Spence is a very good book to read. I just loved it.

  70. The youngest Jenner girl just celebrated her 16th birthday with an Alice in Wonderland themed party. Madonna threw herself a 55th birthday party where she dressed as Marie Antoinette but had one eye covered with a patch.

  71. Short4NoReason on

    I don't remember Ciara being this extra until she got all involved with Future…need to research him too! I feel like he has joined them as well!

  72. The Iris Chang story is very interesting. Something else that stood out to me was that she committed suicide with a gun. This is type of suicide is known to be a very uncommon way for women to choose to die since it destroys the face. Women typically use pills or other methods that keep their looks intact. Just another sign that her decision to kill herself could have been "implanted"/triggered from elsewhere.

  73. the inverted cross trend is absolutely infuriating. it is SO outrageously blasphemous and offensive (and really tacky and ridiculous-looking too). and the toolbags who have been called out for wearing inverted crosses always seem to have the same stupid thing to say for themselves: "oh, but the inverted cross is actually the cross of st. peter and he thought that he wasn't good enough to be crucified like jesus so actually we're doing a great and uplifting thing by wearing it! derp!"

    of course, how silly of me. lady gaga was only trying to make a pro-christian statement by wearing a huge red leather one right over her… stuff.

    give me a f*cking break.

  74. I don't like this nazi like gesture from Hunger games. It's very dangerous to play with things like this… Americans probably were not affected that much by the war. But Europe was really devastated and lot of innocent people died. Even german were mostly victims. They were just manipulated and sacrificed by the elite. Ordinary russians and germans had no hate towards each other. Somebody made our grand parents to fight with each other.

  75. VigilantYoung on

    The third picture down, the one of Iriah Chang, I had to look closer at. Is it just me, or does the hand actually holding the gun, look like a man's hand? Her hand on the outside appears smaller, and paler. Just my mind?

  76. scorpiorisingeyes on

    Interestingly taken from her Wikipedia:

    Chang suffered a nervous breakdown in August 2004, which her family, friends and doctors attributed in part to constant sleep deprivation and heavy doses of psychologically damaging prescription medication. At the time, she was several months into research for her fourth book, about the Bataan Death March. She was also promoting The Chinese in America. While en route to Harrodsburg, Kentucky, where she planned to gain access to a "time capsule" of audio recordings from servicemen, she suffered an extreme bout of depression that left her unable to leave her hotel room in Louisville. A local veteran who was assisting her research helped her check into Norton Psychiatric Hospital in Louisville, where she was diagnosed with reactive psychosis, placed on heavy medication for three days and then released to her parents. After the release from the hospital, she continued to suffer from depression, side effects of several medications.[13] Chang was also reportedly deeply disturbed by much of the subject matter of her research.[14]

    On November 9, 2004 at about 9 a.m., Chang was found dead in her car by a county water district employee on a rural road south of Los Gatos (California) and west of State Route 17, in Santa Clara County. Investigators concluded that Chang had shot herself through the mouth with a revolver. At the time of her death she had been taking the medications Depakote and Risperdal to stabilize her mood.[13]

    It was later discovered that she had left behind three suicide notes each dated November 8, 2004.

    "Statement of Iris Chang" stated:

    "I promise to get up and get out of the house every morning. I will stop by to visit my parents then go for a long walk. I will follow the doctor's orders for medications. I promise not to hurt myself. I promise not to visit Web sites that talk about suicide.[13] "

    The next note was a draft of the third:

    "When you believe you have a future, you think in terms of generations and years. When you do not, you live not just by the day — but by the minute. It is far better that you remember me as I was — in my heyday as a best-selling author — than the wild-eyed wreck who returned from Louisville… Each breath is becoming difficult for me to take — the anxiety can be compared to drowning in an open sea. I know that my actions will transfer some of this pain to others, indeed those who love me the most. Please forgive me." [15]

    The third note included:

    "There are aspects of my experience in Louisville that I will never understand. Deep down I suspect that you may have more answers about this than I do. I can never shake my belief that I was being recruited, and later persecuted, by forces more powerful than I could have imagined. Whether it was the CIA or some other organization I will never know. As long as I am alive, these forces will never stop hounding me. Days before I left for Louisville I had a deep foreboding about my safety. I sensed suddenly threats to my own life: an eerie feeling that I was being followed in the streets, the white van parked outside my house, damaged mail arriving at my P.O. Box. I believe my detention at Norton Hospital was the government's attempt to discredit me."


  77. There is a Twilight Zone episode called "The Eye of the Beholder." I don't know if anyone has seen it but it paints a huge picture full of symbolism.

  78. Thanks again for your insight, VC. How about a segment on K-Pop, one day? They're rife with Illuminati symbolism, now. More than ever.

  79. Cory Monteith- appears to have been a very tragic ACCIDENT…BUT WAS IT REALLY???!!!!!! I feel strange vibes. The usual Drug thing..hotel..alone.. Maybe it isn't a conspiracy but something just feels like it is:( Even my mother commented saying that was strange and she usually isn't the first to suspect a conspiracy.
    In the last year glee hasn't seemed as watched as before. Although, they did create a great platform and brand of themselves. Now they have many new viewers and fans watching Glee. He was the guy who opened up about the drug issues, doesn't that make the perfect target? The timing is strange as well i find.
    Thought I'd share incase 100 other people hadn't done so already. Please do write about what you gather up incase you do find something. Good looking out!

    Does anyone else find this suspicious?


  80. Someone mentioned the butterfly dress from the Hunger Games designed by Alexander Mcqueen – well look up how he died (very familiar story) even though the brand continues in his name with a life of it's own and huge Illuminati following (just like Marilyn). Gaga was wearing it a few days ago.

  81. Thank You VC, I've been waiting for like a year for these lol. Not surprising of course but I must say the one picture that DID surprise was Ciara wearing THAT Jacket and THEM Boots……. Has she really got a jacket and boots on that says "Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn????". Are you kidding me? Really?

    I don't care whether Aleister Crowley was expelled from it, suspended from it or got detention from it. The reason is why the fuck is Ciara wearing clothes that says Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn????. I can guarantee you that no-one will have the REAL answer to that. As far as I know its a magical order, an organization of Witchcraft, Ive heard that C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkein were members and I also learnt from "Christina" (another frequent user on this site) that JK Rowling is a member of this organization, which I never knew but made a lot of sense since the series of books (Harry Potter) she wrote and became famous for are about what??? none other than Witchcraft of course.

      • WDDB, Im sure thats what she said years ago, when she first become famous but im going to try and find the interview or video where she says that.

      • She wrote it at home, on a train, in a cafe…she's got a files of notes and drawings of her own books. She's got documentaries and many videos backing it up too. You guys are stretching for stuff that isn't there at this point.

    • That mess about J.K. Rowling started on blogs and is just rumors. There's no evidence to it and you probably won't ever find any.

  82. …….Another member was a guy called Arthur Edward Waite who was a freemason and co-created the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. Bram Stoker was also a member and we all know which Novel he became famous for. Too many occult dots to connect, far too many if you ask me but keep up the good work guys and of course VC.

    • I used to be very skilled with the Waite tarot! Also something interesting you might want to look into. Bram Stoker was a member of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court who claim to be ancient dragon/grail families. Info is on www. dragoncourt. net

      • Thanks, i read that also about Bram Stoker and wasn't Vlad the Impaler one of the founders of that Dragon Court Society, but I will check that website out.

      • Yes, Prince Charles himself claims to be related to him. He owns property in Romania and travels there often. He's very passionate about preserving Transylvania and has been doing a lot of restoration work. Prince Harry also spent Easter in Transylvania last year and said transylvania is in his blood.

        Also interestingly, Robert Pattinson is related to Vlad because he is distant cousins with William and Harry.

  83. Oh I forgot to mention the death of Lee Thompson Young, which I can see a few people already have. This guy died on Monday 19.08.13, a day before the full moon and I could see the Full Moon when I was driving home the next night. He was 29 years old. 9+2=11, 11 being an occult number. I think his death was a ritual sacrifice no doubt!

  84. VC, would you please do a write up on Romy Schneider's unfinished film, L'Enfer (1964)? The lighting Henri-Georges Clouzot used in the clips and personal bits I've seen are sinisterly hypnotic. MK bait, perhaps? This would be an interesting research article. She's also an entertainment figure who 'suicided' later in life as well.

  85. I was at Walmart last night and when i saw a shirt that had the grim reaper holding a skull and in the skulls head was the all seeing eye in the pyramid!

    There trying to make it fashionable? and yet there are so many signs and people still don't believe! like lady gaga's new music video to Jay Z's song Heaven. why doesn't anyone believe something is up with the industry!!!

    its every where now and there making it a fashion statement and making the Illuminati a social thing and be popularized by people. and people called my crazy :/

    so many peoples eyes are wide shut and are blind.

    • Maybe they are under a massive spell. Besides, if you don't believe in afterlife and all that, then you are not willing to accept anything else. Everything appears to be surreal to you.

  86. One of the kids in my high school got a similar tattoo like Isabella Cruise's, but bigger and more detailed. When I asked him why he got it, he said it's because it looked cool. I asked him if he knows what the symbol represents, and he said yes and doesn't care. I was shocked. No wonder the elite have some much control over the masses.


    Has anyone else noticed that some artists are taking the Triangle and turning it upside down? VC, can you do research on what that means and the possibilities of certain artists using this as a way to say "we're against the illuminati"?

    • Yes, once meant killuminati but I think that reversal of symbols, just like reversals of numerologically significant numbers reinforces rather than contradicts the original message. There are schools of occult though I wont go into which tell stories that are designed to be processed in reverse in our unconscious minds

  88. The colors black and white are used to trigger Monarch Mind Control victims to ready themselves to switch personalities when required by their handlers, owners, abusers, etc. Notice to vast numbers of Hollywood performers that wear black and white. That will give you an idea of the number of individuals under Mind Control in Hollywood. Lord God, please save this nation and release these victims from their abusers and bring the truth out into the open.

    • Let's take your words at face value.How do you explain though the possibility that adults can obtain many personalities and have them switched? You must get trained when you are a child, you can suddenly while you are an adult start acting like that.

      • Yes, adults can be programmed Callie. My father was one of them! He was experimented on when he went into the Army in the late 60s. He was given LSD and electroshock. He was never right after that is what my family told me. He developed schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder and spent many years in and out of VA and mental health institutions. I remember him telling me about his electroshock "treatments" as a child. I didn't understand these things then but researched them when I was older and this is how I came to know about MK Ultra several years ago. He had a fairly normal childhood up until then so I don't think that they just pick children to program. They can program adults as well. I believe that he had the religious programming as he would always talk about demons and angels. He talked about end times and dragons and claimed to speak in tongues and crazy stuff like that.

  89. Juan Guillermo on

    I was in a clothes shop here in Spain called Pull and Bear and the amount of illuminati symbolism was crazy. This culture of death must be pushed back with a culture of awereness and love

  90. Glad you put that warning up VC about those photos being extremely disturbing! I was stunned when I saw them glamorize death. HOW COULD THEY? Where is the outrage of the public? I can't believe people aren't being outrage by this. Why are mothers protesting these photos? Why hasn't the news picked this up & blasted it all over the news?

    Thanks VC because I will look at these companies very differently.

    As for young Jenner- Kardashians, I'm sure Kris is just thrilled with her percentage as their manager. Did you know she started a church on her property and has it all setup to collect donations? I'm sure that's where Kris meets the devil & has her long conversations with him. WOW!!!

    This stuff just makes me pray harder and more than once in the morning and once before I go to bed . . .

  91. Its tiering and it seems nobody is doin anything… like their train never seems to stop running…

    But US all of US that take this shit serious and keep up witth VCs Articles
    Can Change shit..
    If we keep thinkin and invest into the Future… and that is our Children they are the Future….
    i know everyone keeps sayin this but thats really what it is nd what the PLAY nd COUNT ON
    US NOT taking care nd educating in these importent matters…

    And we can spark their brains educate them into open MINDED good HEARTED PEOPLE
    so they have the strenght to end this Bullshit..
    I mean how oldd are these so called masterminds they were born wayy backk everthing nd the Laws of LIFE show US that erverthing in this World has an END…

    Nd shit these psychcopaths they are dieing..
    but they have their followers….in check…
    so WE need to have our own FOLLOWERS nd LEADERS that is what we own the WORLD for being controlled by these SICK EVIL Mineded people for to longg….


    EDUCATING THE Future about these problems
    OUR children….

    So they can CRUSH these SickassBastards in 2050 to INFINITY…….

    #Fvuck your skeem Justin Bieber #my Daugther wont spend shiatt on yo lame ass.

    • Guess you are not a believer in the End Times then? We can only do so much, educate those whom we love, we cannot change the ultimate conclusion only our discrete outcome.

    • Furthermore, our children are influenced more widely than we could ever hope to control. My youngest wants to 'be a rockstar' even though I have kept him away from certain music. They regularly watch/listen to this stuff at their 'creative' school. I let him watch the Jonas brothers thinking they were 'a bit better than some of the others' and immediately noticed the red/black flooring and various symbols on their clothes.

      • The oldest Jonas brother, the one who is married, was wearing a shirt with alestair crowly on it. He cannot be so ignorant to not know who that is, especially with the rest of the symbolism that was on the shirt as well.

      • I guess, not forgetting the fact that they are Disney protegees with their own Disney show.

  92. Don't blame Hollywood, blame the people who buy into the propaganda. The Hunger Games was a huge hit. And why was it? Because the masses went out to see it and made the lead actress a huge star! Blame yourselves for supporting it. YOU make these celebrities into celebrities by buying their music, and going to see their movies. YOU are holding up the pyramid, and keeping the elite on the top.

    • well its not that simplee…..
      propaganda is manipulating the masses
      and not every single human being is a Albert einstein -.-
      and a large amout of the peoplee that buy the records and watch the movies
      are kids our teenagers and i meann theere brains havent even stop growingg theres are diffrences in adult brains and tteenagers and kids andd all that science shitttt…..
      so its not that simple -.-

      # justin bieber iss done more exploting pleasee..
      #sayy hello to austin mahoneee

      #real music is dead
      #fvuck hashtagss -.-

      • Yes it is that simple.

        And your horrible writing is a prime example of why not every single human being is a Albert Einstein as you put it.

        Where do kids and teenagers get their money from? Do kids and teenagers support themselves or do their parent support themselves. People need to start taking responsibility of their OWN actions! It is VERY simple! You are very misinformed or just ignorant or just a troll.

  93. For those aspiring authors out there, nice tales are no longer going to make it. The only books which have raked it in have been those which promote the agenda/NWO in some way or another. Rowling (Golden Dawn) was only groundbreaking because it cemented this rule into place

  94. Who actually buys a t-shirt with an eye on it, or an upside down cross, thinking – "Oh yeah, cool. This is the look I'm really after."

  95. There is an episode of Family Guy where it shows Miley Cyrus being programmed and how "Miley Cyrus is an android." Making it pretty obvious…

  96. Im a 16 year old currently studying fashion and clothing in college because I love being Creative and designing and making my own clothes which makes me, one day open my own clothing store. But seeing all this stuff going on in the fashion industry makes me worried and lost because it seems you have to promote at least a certain aspect of it for your clothing line to be big and I want it to be big but I'm to concerned because i love god and I will never promote this sick culture. I really need advice thanks. Btw I'm really sad for the Jenner girls I really like them I'm afraid of what goes on behind closed doors.

    • Deedee, you answered your own question in your comment. You said you loved God and want your clothing line to be "big" and you will never promote this "sick culture." GOOD. Then promote your own GOD-LOVING CLOTHING LINE and stand up for your beliefs! There is a HUGE market of God-loving people who will WANT your clothes and are craving something positive for themselves and their children! It will be challenging because you will be around a lot of people in college who will try to sway you and turn you to the dark side, so get with some good people and stay strong, girl!

    • So you want to be big in business. Big in fashion. Never dream small, i guess. But work hard for it, create chances. Promote the helll out of it, so people can pay big money for it, so you can buy big things. And live in a big house. And do good with it. I hope.

  97. This is absolutely shocking.
    Well, not really. It was bound to happen, but the way it's just accepted by the masses is just..shocking.
    Although not many people believe in the Iluminati's existence, they have probably been exposed to some info about it and brushed it off as bullshit. This is at least what I've noticed with people I come into contact with.

    When I first saw something about the Illuminati, it was back in 2008. 5 years ago. Of course the symbolism was still present and all, but you didn't see all that much. At least not to the point of being on clothes.
    To me it's just kind of weird to see this everywhere now. Again, just part of making it normal. But I wonder….
    Do the people who brushed it off as bullshit see this and rethink their stance on this?

    Also, the photoshoot was just tasteless and disgusting. I mean, holy shit. Glamorizing suicide? That far?
    Fuck it. What more can we expect from the fashion industry that is run by the elite. Just like everything else.

    • Maybe they glamourize suicide to influence young people to commit suicide. People who commit suicide apparently go to hell even the young ones who don't have as many sins. They collect souls, they want to go down and take everyone else with them.

      • It's the throwaway concept … throw away your health, then your family, your soul and finally your life but that trash can is not marked for any old dump.

  98. I think all of the stuff in fashion is simply a trend… occult stuff is easy to look up in the internet age, and people that are in creative fields are using it aesthetically, NOT because they're initiated in to some group. I like reading VC and think it is an enlightening website, but I don't necessarily agree with conclusion you're coming to with these symbolic pics of the month. The illuminati/satan/all seing eye stuff is a rebellious aesthetic "punk" or "skater" look that is in right now. And the all seeing eye symbol has endless meaning behind it. An eye in a triangle is aesthetically pleasing, and it technically represents the third eye or spiritual enlightenment, not just the NWO.

  99. Trends are what shape cult-ure and our collective unconscious. Trends are important especially in our hyper-visual world. They are not as transient as they used to be. The whole third eye/new age concept is anti-monotheistic anyway. I read somewhere (and agree) that the biggest trick theat has been pulled off last century was that God does not exist and the biggest one this century will be the fact that Satan does not exist either. While, all the while, all this is going on and the mark of the beast and the ways of living associated with it seep into our increasingly desensitised souls.

  100. I've been fascinated by VC posts but never replied to any. This suicide-fashion one however is very chilling. The Iris Chang photo stood out because it shows a man's hand on the trigger while her hands cup his. And of course a quick search of her name reveals the unsettling suicide note the left behind about being spied on by the government. Shortly after reading this I then find out her husband designed spy equipment and remarried her lookalike named Iris Cheng!

  101. I put myself through Miley Cyrus' latest video. Disgusting, and curious to note that, near the end, she wears a shirt that has the Greek word "phore" backwards: the word means "operators" as in one who operates a machine.

    It is very telling that they don't even try to hide it anymore.

  102. And they say that death and sex appeal is "fashion"…..even Tommy's two children are as well illuminated as the rest of them models and the celebs especially our old friend Miley Cyrus who is just badly exposed as to who owns her including britney.

    Right out in the open, yet very hard to recognize is the usual thing with them "elite" people. But only the very few of us can see right through them thanks to VC.

    Society continues to be forever degraded into the images of the secret societies. And that damn one-eye symbol is just always getting into my nerves, its like the illuminati have no other way of representing their dominance.

  103. That's why kris Humphrey 72 day marriage with Kim k ended he properly saw the dark side to the family when the camera stopped rolling and didn't want anything to do with them. Or he just simply wanted her money lol

    • Actually Kim dumped hm – publicly before she even told him lol. But yes, im sure he's glad he got away from that crazy family, they're all attention seeking nut jobs.

  104. omo, awon eleyi ti ya were sa!!
    Anyway, this is too repititive to be coincidental.

    Anyone who has an ear to hear, let him/her hear and most recently "SEE".

  105. The plot of the new tv show, "Dome" surrounds some strange riddle, "the monarch will be crowned." The characters in the show are trying to figure out what it means. I wonder if there is more advanced symbology for the dome entrapping this small town. In the last episode, there is a voluntarily collection of everyone`s firearms. The one gun owner in the show that refuses to give up his guns is shown to be unstable. Eery other gun owner in the town peacefully surrenders their firearms mindlessly when asked to do so voluntarily by the sheriff or mayor or whatever. These are the types of shows consumed by the 50% that are hypnotized by the efforts of the evil forces vying for control.

  106. Sigmund Freud's Ego on

    Just a thought but couldn't the all seeing eye be an adaptation of the pineal gland (the third eye)? I was on nicki minaj's instagram and she had on a Marilyn Monroe shirt and for her caption she said, "Marilyn on da D&G tank top. What could b beta? #NiggaWeBeenOn". Here's the link: The reason why I commented on that is because she used the word beta instead of just saying betta or better. Instead she said b beta/which "b" is for beta and we all know that Marilyn was a Beta sex kitten. There is also an agenda being pushed into this industry it's crazy. You got rappers wearing skirts/dresses, leggings, blouses. Its crazy. The whole Michael Hastings thing is bazarre too.

    • There is more to it than the all-seeing eye being the third eye. It is a reference to Horus who had his eye gouged by Set. Horus is the one-eyed god.

  107. This is the worst i have ever seen! I am from GHANA in West Africa and the youth here are so much into these illuminati stars from Britney Spears to Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga….even our local tv particularly a station called VIASAT1 seem to promote the illuminati agenda and its so bad. Many are ignorant of these demonic manipulations and its affecting most of the youth here….and many who hear about these things find it hard to believe…..My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ please help me pray for my country that the Lord should open the eyes of the youth to accept the truth

  108. Sister Friday on

    Not surprised that the Kardashians would resort to exploiting their children (aka child sacrifice). The youngest daughter, Kylie (?), just had a 16th birthday party with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Smh…what profits a man (or woman) to gain the whole world and lose their soul. Sad!

    • What's wrong with an Alice in wonderland theme it's a good theme for a birthday party the cake was pretty cool and anyway I would love to have the opportunities they are having. And again a lot of girls Kylie and Kendals age dress older than their age it's just because they are in the public eye they think they are being over sexualised. They aren't being slutty or anything. I even met Kylie once she's really nice. It doesn't look like she's being controlled what what I saw.

  109. Can't wait for VC to analyse the VMA especially mileys can't twerk for her life Cyrus she looks like she was high with the tongue wanging what was up with the teddy bears

    • It was last nights performance that got me interested in this site. Who can deny an agenda at this point. What are they doing to our children, and why?

    • Those teddy bears looked like sad, drugged out slaves. She definately looked like she was given something. Billy rae and Tish were so proud with their tweets "Thanking God for so many blessings" "God is good.I am so blessed"….They love money so much they refer to it as god. Wonder how much they sold her for.

      Also Robin Thicke has been quite the handler lately…

    • Most definitely interested in VC's thoughts on VMAs as well….. I witnessed Lady Gaga do the Triple 6 over the One Eye gesture in the first 2 minutes of the event…… in fact I suggest that VC go with the comment board blueprint where posting small to reg size Jpeg picturess in the comments is enabled…. most of the subjects discussed on this website deal with visual evidences

    • Miley was channeling Kali the Hindi goddess by sticking out her tongue. Kali is a tantric figure whor represents CHAOS. And death.

    • VC could have a field day with that hot mess. I refuse to watch the Miley performance, but from what I've seen in pics/clips, it is clearly another twisted onstage "rite of passage ritual" that has become de rigeur at the VMAs.

      It reminds me of Britney's performance from 10 or so years ago, when she stripped down to little more than a flesh-colored bodysuit and shook her hips and a** to show the world that she "wasn't a little girl anymore." And just like sheep, the public gasped collectively at how "shocking" and "inappropriate" it was. (While some of them were equally titillated by it, which is no accident.) There is definitely a pattern at play.

      Personally I find the Miley performance straight-up SAD and pathetic on many levels. (Britney's infamous "I'm a grown-up hootchie now" performance looks downright classy in comparison.) Miley may have been having fun up there (she appeared to be high as a kite), but she looked like a complete fool and showed the entire world what kind of puppet she so obviously is.

  110. I can't believe what is going on today. It's becoming more prevalent. To what end?
    I am still in shock after watching the VMA's last night. Children are being desentized. Soon they will literally being killing puppies on stage for the "shock" factor.

  111. But the inverted cross is a catholic symbol… For someone who talks of the occult a lot you sure mix up your religious symbols quite a bit VC… sloppy

    • You are correct, "The Cross of St. Peter."

      But, who said the catholic church wasn't satanic? Or any organized religion for that matter.

      The early Christian church was far from organized and had nothing to do with power structures. The early church was about love in Christ and your neighbor. Simple.

    • They clearly are not promoting Catholicism with that upside-down cross, and no Catholic would ever wear or display an upside down cross either as a piece of jewelry, on a shirt, or in their homes – particularly one that said "ObeyPossessed" on it.

  112. The Golden Dawn strictly followed a judeo Christian worldview, which I'm sure Aleister Crowley was at odds with, dedicated everything they do to God, practiced a form of Christian Kabbalah, and all of their members took an oath against evil magic. They were nowhere near being Satanic and there is no agenda being pushed here: you are all just getting trolled by some two bit hooker that doesn't even know what she's wearing.

    also Yeats was a member yet nobody mentions him, and the tarot cards were used as Kabbalistic meditation devices that allowed one to understand the different manifestations of God like Jacobs ladder.

    Nice face palm, VC.

  113. I have been a follower of this site for years, and I believe a lot of the things you post. However, it is obvious you have never even read the Hunger Games series and are simply making naive, preconceived judgments. If anything, if you read the Hunger Games series, you would love it. It is about people starting a rebellion and overthrowing the government. I think it is telling that Effie Trinket is covered in Monarch butterflies– she is a citizen of 'the Capitol' and is brain-washed, basically, and wakes up when she sees the brutality of their ways. Katniss, the narrator of the story, does not like the Capitol or their ways. She becomes the symbol of the rebellion because of her acts of defiance against them in the arena. This series is so in depth. It makes me sad that you automatically dismiss it's depth and the fact that it can open eyes, and instead trash it. Please don't. It just makes you look bad to the people who follow your site and HAVE read the books.

  114. Almost everyone here tell you, spread the news, people need to know this etc bullshit, maybe to some point yes, but you need to be very cautious with this, many people just don't have stomachs for it, they can even say its bullshit, but this will be wearing them down more and more. One story. i know some guy, heavy pot user, there are times he is after the pot very happy (exctatic even, thats why he will never kick it im afraid), but more often he is deeply depressed, i know this is probably some kind disorder (bipolar or some other shit) or possessed (every drug open the door for it), but he licked this occult stuff very narrow, from some Youtube videos, and he is now out of control, after pot he just screams in fear/terror, he screams he want to sell his soul, his mother have photo of of pope JPII and teared it down in craze (well we know vatican is strange and probably very dark place, but to many people Pope, church means only good things). i dont even want to know what he would do if he would find this site….his wife is terrified of him, i think if he dont lose the pot he will end in mental instution, or even worse dead. SO THE PUNCHLINE is be cautious, people need to know of this in their own terms, this is not some conversation topic, this is very real, very dangerous…

  115. Not sure if anyone else already mentioned this, but…

    In addition to what VC wrote, the words on the "Obey shirt" are also a spell; like "Abracadabra" in black and white (duality).

    Connor Cruise's ad includes not just the All-Seeing-Eye, but inverted triangles as well, signifying "As Above, So Below"/Baphomet/sex magick, etc.

  116. As for the Hunger Games, if you've read the books you know that Peeta undergoes MK-Ultra Delta programming. The author of the series says she wrote it to explain the effects of war to her children, but she used to write television shows (Clarissa Explains It All) so I think she knows what's up.

  117. Every time I try to tell my friends or family about all this they just don't believe it! Ahhh I don't see how they can't see the blatant satanism in ALL media? It is everywhere now and I have a five year old daughter who rarely is subjected to any media. You all do you realize what society will be like and the generation of our children when they are adults?! There will be no talk of God at all! It is our jobs as parents to keep our children away from all media and instill out Godly values in them! They "industry" won't win if we don't let them!

  118. Yikes…the two characters in the Hunger Games still look like they're doing a Nazi salute too…
    And poor Britney is gone forever I'm afraid…she tried to get free a few years ago but she's tied in for life.
    Aaaaaaand I no longer want to shop at PacSun anymore haha

  119. I saw that demonic upside cross sweater advertised in an airport near London and I thought about a verse from Revelation "and all his followers shall wear the mark of the beast". It made me sick to my stomach. Thanks VC for getting the OBEY clothing brand the attention it really needs!

  120. I've loved Vice magazine for years and they have a history of photoshoots like that and it doesn't mean that viewers imitate them at all. Long live freedom of expression.

  121. WickedSmaatGuy on

    My dad used to tell us to be like Buggs Bunny and NOT like the Smurfs. Buggs Bunny always found a way out of his predicaments by using his brain and outsmarting his adversary. The Smurfs always ran away and had to ask poppa-smurf or grampa smurf what to do; they couldn't think for themselves. It doesn't surprise me at all to see that little whore Smurfette doing the one-eye thing (hahahahaha).

  122. I noticed that in the second Kendill & Kyle pic where they are standing, one looks "open" and the other one looks intentionally "closed"…interesting!

  123. I see in here that many people are hating on these celebrities… I mean, I know it's sick and depraved, but they can't help it. They been programmed with torture-based mind control techniques since birth probably. They have who know how many alters who take over their body. We cannot possibly fathom the pain, abuse, neglect, and torture they have gone through and still do go through. It's sick. Being r*ped at age 2 and pimped out ti God knows how many people… electro-shocked… forced to participate in or forced to watch murders… it's mind blowing!

    And I can't begin to understand how many people in the world are blind to this… I truly can't…

    All I can do is pray for them. Pray that God give them some peace and comfort, even if a little, while they live and that somehow they see His light and break out of this bondage. I pray that the world sees… Until we reach Heaven there will never be peace. It will just get worse… And unfortunately these people are all chess pieces… But all I can do is pray and show love to my fellow man.

    That's all we really can do at the end of the day.

    God bless you all. <3

  124. You can't fight against "stupidity" & if some girls want to be bimbos & boys want to be boofheads, well we live in a democracy., where we only have one right. The RIGHT TO BE STUPID!
    So as I say, monkey see (Joowood spewing slime & crap on screen), monkey do (love this crap)!

  125. The worst is that now….everyone is starting to talk about them (illuminati) " its like a house old name now" maybe its there cover ID to something bigger. maybe the "illuminati" isnt the real name but the scape goat.

  126. PierAutoVancouver on

    We are all, globally being conditioned into excepting the inevitable. Television is being used as the vehicle to deliver the 'message'(s), for lack of any better term, to the masses so we will not become uncontrolable or refuse accepting the truth that we've been lied to since day one.

    There is a God – it's just not what we were told it was.

  127. I disagree with Catching Fire. The plot itself isn't about mind control, though Katniss plays the role as Peeta's lover when she really isn't in love with him. Of course this all changes throughout the trilogy's plot.

    They can place these symbolic parts in the film, as some of the actors may be pushing the agenda.

  128. I was watching Ciara's video, "Sorry" and saw the baphomet image on the right night stand in the bedroom scene. Time: 4:28.

  129. I was going to buy a Michael Kors purse then I realized how hypocritically stupid I would look walking around with the letters MK all over my bag

  130. this is scary. it seems like any day now, with all the NWO stuff going around that our lives are gonna change for the worst. it's just so sad and frightening that i can't keep looking at all of this.

  131. Just wondered if it ever crossed anyone's mind that maybe these ppl aren't being influenced by crazies, they get money, and with that comes a lot of responsibility. Hence being god-like. They have to take control of their world(life), or who else will the govt. seriously… Yeah right. Everyone should be held to the standard of providing for themselves. Then their family. Then their community. But who with all the negative Illuminati bashing would want to be responsible for them selves in an entitled civilization such as ours, where ppl think they deserve something for nothing. If u don't like your life, financial situation, etc. etc. then look within yourself and ask what you are doing to cause your lifestyle. No excuses about past, ethnicity, etc. etc. We all have the ability to do something about our circumstances. Successfully ppl are successful because they put fort effort, not sold their souls. Because these ppl do something for themselves and and act despite their conditions, that is god like. I can't c the negative in that. God created us all in his image. What is his image…GODLY? How do people miss that?

  132. I wonder if the death things are not meant to say literally kill yourself. Symbolically to me, don't u have to die to be reborn? Who literally believes you can be reborn without getting who u are as a "sinner" (someone who falls short), completely put behind u. Nobody thinks that is strange… Ppl say they are reborn then do everything the same the day after as they did before. Everything the "Illuminati" supposedly do is supposed to b symbolic…yet nobody looks for the symbology…strange. Christ had to die to be reborn.

  133. smart people know that illuminati and its associated cults are fake religions set up by false 'prophets' who are sex-deprived, depraved, paedophiliac etc. They believe alien culture is the origins of the human race etc and that's why you have all these stupid movies with superheroes (hybrid aliens) etc and a ritual sacrifice culture… But what is so ironic is that they use the Bible as a source material (ha ha ha!!!!) so in a way, they are more orthodox than traditional Christians as they take the Devil (source of light/knowledge giver) etc literally and all those accounts of the whore of Babylon, the Reveletions etc.. (fatalism) and they believe Aliens built the pyramids (again, knowledge-givers etc). They've built up all this secrecy around it, but you know many cultures and religions around the world, it's embedded in their culture and it's an open secret (whether you believe in it or not). .. e.g. Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, Indian, Native American, even Greek/Norse mythologies, Chinese animalism (dragon) etc etc. It's totally ludicrous that illuminati cults believe they have esoteric, specialist knowledge. It's rubbish and they're illiterate and backward people. Because, Abraham didn't 'sacrifice' his son and if the illuminati believe that the Biblical God was an alien, then aliens are clearly saying "NO" to sacrifice and teaching idiotic, gullible mankind the right way. Also, in the Bible it says God created man in his image that does not necessarily imply that God is the Alien God (after all, who made the aliens? who made the universe?). All I can say is that no matter who belongs to the illuminati, they are the most stupidest, backward, ignorant, gullible, sycophants, murders, pimps, paedophiliac, sick, disgusting, arrogant, dumb 'people' in the world. And pimps in the music industry can't even get their own women, they way they debase women in a video is sad, depreciating, desperate. Your pimping talent that you don't even have by pretending that can market them to fame, success. Rubbish, you're all sick, sad, perverts. It's a free world…if you believe in alien heritage stuff, it's out there, openly it's no secret. Most of it is pseudo-science because nothing is proven. I despair at the stupidity of humans, when the world is beautiful and free- don't abuse your life and especially, others.

  134. The fashion shoot photos reminded me of a bit from a cutesy chick flick, 13 going on 30. Jennifer Garner works for a prestigious magazine and at one point they need to do a magazine makeover. Her blonde back-stabbing friend comes up with "fashion suicide… It will blow your mind". I don't know, throwing that out there. I don't believe in coincidences.

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