Symbolic Pics of the Month (04/12)


This ain’t no April fools, all of the following pics are real. In this edition’s of Symbolic Pics of the Month: Justin Bieber, Taylor Momsen and a bunch of other Hollywood weirdness.

This disturbing photoshoot from Interview magazine features a sadistic “nurse” torturing a bewildered patient. There’s an obvious handler/mind control victim relationship depicted here.


Having victims tied and gagged up is the kind of crap MK handlers do to their slaves. Notice the emotionless look on the handler’s face – many handler’s are MK’ed themselves.


Another disturbing torture scene. I often ask this but…is this fashion? Really?


The victim appears to be prepped for sexual abuse. This is another “tool” used to program mind control slaves and I am not sure what “snuff”-looking shoot is doing in a fashion magazine.


I’d say she looks traumatized.


The cover Nicki Minaj’s new album puts an emphasis on the all-important one-eye symbol.


Justin Bieber hides one eye with a slab of meat. Interesting way to show who’s in charge of his career.


He also gets the crap beaten out of him by an unknown guy. While some might find this pic to be the most satisfying thing they ever saw, it still goes with this new trend of showing people being violently abused in photoshoots.


A poster for the upcoming Japanese movie “Helter Skelter”. It tells the story of a woman named β€˜Ririko’ (Sawajiri)Β  who received cosmetic surgery on her entire body, thus allowing her to become a shining top star in the entertainment industry. The imagery of the poster makes it clear that it is about mind control in the entertainment industry. The following movie trailer also places an emphasis on butterflies, even showing a Monarch tattoo on Ririko.



Yup, Japan is all into this Illuminati symbolism. This pic of Gackt is all about the one-eye thing.



…but it’s all over the world. We see here the one-eye thing on the cover of German magazine Tush.


Amanda Seyfried also has to do it.


This ad for the Cirque du Soleil has an open eye on America…shut eye on Asia?


Visa is also letting you know what they’re about (debt is slavery).


This photoshoot from Vogue Italia depicts perfect what mind control is about.


…the model also has to give love a Baphomet-looking head.


Taylor Momsen in an orgy-like scene wearing a shirt with a Church of Satan symbol, complete with inverted crosses.


Kris Kylie and Kendall Jenner (from the Kardashians) as creepy twins in a photoshoot that was featured on America’s Next Top Model. Notice the mom pointing to an image dividing a female body as if it was butcher meat. The fashion world loves dehumanization. And, as an added bonus, a creepy clown.


This poster of the “Immortal” tour is full of Monarch butterflies. Is it hinting to what happened to MJ during his career (Monarch mind control)?


Megan Fox as a plastic mannequin. A favorite way to portray Monarch slaves.


A “candid” picture by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson featuring cute cookies…with a bunch of inverted crosses on them.



    • I know, they are so stupid!

      And really, putting inverted crosses on cookies is just stupid…. Please people…

      • Well, great finds. Nothing new here:)… . What is new is they are being more and more blatant. I am bored of them truly. I see that the holly wood produces nothing holy or wholesome. Entertainment can really truly only be found in things that are free: smiling at babies, petting puppies and walking slowly after a day in the mill– rat race. You play with fire and you get burnt. "No more water, fire next time". I would like to take a break from my anger and say all the people in the photos are indeed victims:(

      • I know … that terry richardson guy is creepy and disgusting. and all the elites they're sick and perverted!

      • What do you guys think the America and Asia thing is about? I know that Asia is trying to stop "westernization" and doesn't allow the usage of google. Maybe its because google tracks them? What do you guys think?!

      • I want the truth on

        So far only China has banned Google. We don't need to say anything about North Korea, do we? xD The more open economies like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong readily welcome such Western firms, tech companies especially, with open arms.

        Japan always had lots of the symbolism mentioned on VC present in its media, entertainment, fashion industries, and even its own culture/religions.

        As with the "shutting one eye on Asia" thing hurhur, the governments of various "open" economies have their own ways of monitoring & controlling the people + shutting up detractors. I've observed long enough to come to that conclusion. Freedom of speech my a**.


      The magnetic field around the head is scanned as you are satellite tracked. The results are then fed back to the relevant computers. Monitors then use the information to conduct a "conversation" where audible neurophone input is "applied" to the victim.

      Human thought operates at 5,000 bits/sec but satellites and various forms of biotelemetry can deliver those thoughts to supercomputers in Maryland, U.S.A, Israel, etc which have a speed of 20 BILLION bits/sec each. These, even today, monitor millions of people simultaneously. Eventually they will monitor almost everyone…worse than any Orwellian "Big Brother" nightmare you could possibly imagine, only it will be a reality. Yet our world leaders, who know this, do nothing.

      Usually the targets are aware their brain waves are being monitored because of the accompanying neurophone feedback. In other words, the computer repeats (echoes) your own thoughts and then the human monitors comment or respond verbally. Both are facilitated by the neurophone.

      NB Whilst the live/human comments are individualistic and unrelated to the victims own thought processes oftentimes the artificial intelligence involved will parrot standard phrases. These are triggered by your thoughts while the human monitors remain silent or absent.

      To comprehend how terrible such a thorough invasion of privacy can be – imagine being quizzed on your past as you lie in bed. You eventually fall off to sleep, having personal or "induced" dreams, only to wake to the monitors commenting / ridiculing your subconscious thoughts (dreams).

      If the ability to "brain scan" individuals expands from the million or so currently under scrutiny to include ALL inhabitants of the planet (as per the Echelon surveillance system which already monitors ALL private/commercial telecommunications) then no-one will ever be able to even think about expressing an opinion contrary to those forced on us by the New World Order. There will literally be no intellectual property that cannot be stolen, no writing that cannot be censored, no thought that cannot be suppressed (by the most oppressive/invasive means).

      • Fear Not. If you don't believe in the almighty creator Yahuwah and Messiah Yahushua, you need to start now. These people are pure evil, they worship Lucifer. They have altered the scripture for a reason, because the only way is through Yahuwah / Yahushua. Where do you think they are wielding their power from, it is from the fallen a supernatural source. So for you to be atheist works out quite well for them. The only reason I say this is as a child I've had a great deal of paranormal experiences (generational). I have had experiences of a demonic nature stopped dead in it's track by calling up Yahuwah. People need to turn to the Father and turn away from sin and evil. The more you sin and live out of Yah's Laws you open yourself up to influence. (sorry about the rant but it's true) Oh and just a tip, they feed off of fear. It creates a very strong energy. I had an experience that was much like a near death experience and the first thing I was told was "Fear Not", I am always with you. He is always with you. Get down on your knees and ask for guidance, keep asking for guidance and for him to lead you to the truth. He will not let you down.

      • littleismuch on


        Usually the targets are aware………the computer repeats (echoes) your own thoughts and then the human monitors comment or respond verbally…

        u lost me there, hw do u become aware that ur thots r invaded.??

      • whats with the bald girl who looks like amber rose in the kris jenner and kardashian twins ad? is this ad trying to say something about amber rose? i mean i know that her and kim are beefing right know because of the who kanye thing but really in her mom's ad too? . . . .strange

    • They can watch

      They can listen

      WHO ARE "THEY"?


      (Corrupt "Businessmen" /

      Oppressive Government Agencies /

      Media "Invaders")

    • Well not to split hairs on semantics, but in fact they do have a mind of their own, but they also have one or more (usually the dominant minds) which belong to someone else…

      • It's obvious y asia has a shut eye..they can't control us that easily..our values r stronger

    • …but we all look monthly for them..?!
      Let me add some ‘hint’:
      If you should feel any ‘arousing’ (maybe even disgust) – copy that picture into the clipboard and paste it in your favourite picture-editor.

      Then try the following:
      a) convert it to ‘negative’ or ‘inverted’ – look for foreground-background inversions and maybe some ‘hidden’ symbolism or -sometimes- directly at some hidden text…
      b) (stand-alone or additional) look for ‘edge-enhancement’ and play around with the settings and be aware of textures which obviously don’t come from compressing algorithms…
      c) directly do some ‘glooming edges’ and vary the different sliders – and mostly find some hidden structures, which in many cases seems to be inserted text, sometimes plain computer fonts, sometimes freehand done, sometimes recognizable from symbolized structures, sometime from appearing colored edges…

      …if it don’t looks ‘random’ you mostly can be sure, that it’s intentional, no matter, if you can’t read it then ‘plain’ but feel some emotional arousal- it’s an ‘advertising (and MK) technique’ used by professionals.

      Do you remember the time when there were out some ‘find the hidden capricorn in the bushes’-riddles, where you had to flip, invert and rotate the magazine?

      Do you have any logical answer, why those ‘training-riddles’ are mostly ‘gone’ and all the world is
      distracted with logicals and ‘Sudoku’ (neither trains visual perception)?

      Search the net for ‘subliminals’ and be suprised.

      In very many ‘celebrity-pics (especially wallpapers from mk’d celebs)’ I found messages all over the pictures resp. prominent part over the body reading ‘sex/SeX/seX’ or ‘sexed’ or ‘Porn’ or ‘cutie’ or.. or..

      From my point of view, this is unconscious ‘worshipping’ of sexual materialism, intended to lead to
      ‘deadly sinful’ behaviour, imho.
      Real Love,

    • No not really. I know, I'm almost monarched and they haven't even electrocuted me. It's far more spiritual than you think. Ow, back of my head is hurting.

    • can't think of on

      not really shocked that VC would talk about Gackt..

      Gackt was a former vocalist of japanese metal band malice mizer before pursue his solo career.

      please check this before it's blocked too..

      MALICE MIZER – ILLUMINATI (that's really the song title)

      the song is good (if you enjoy japanese-rock tho), gackt is japanese king of rock. gotta say.

    • im just curious, are all 'slaves/puppets' tortured or are they simple asked to do something and they just obey for the money and success?


  1. Eugh there "plans" are pushing on forward, the uk government just released news that they will now be monitoring emails texts and phone calls. GREAT.

    • They have been monitoring calls and txts already. … its just that now its gonna be 'official' :-/ app. the photo shoots are disgustung. cant believe they can actually get away with it………..

    • My God, Is this Hollywood, and celebrities all about…Being slaves!!!

      God created us Free, why a man could this to himself..!!!!

      My heart raced frighteningly in the nurse pics…why in this age most people are sick, not speaking about the nurse only, but about the girl too, she might be a Massachusetts as well !!

      I'm not surprised to know that A Famous writer like "Paulo Cheulo" wrote a Novel "11 minutes" Describing Sadistic ppl that they experience the most joy ever!!!

      What a Freaky World!!

  2. I'm sure the fact that the movie is named Helter Skelter, like the whole Charles Manson killings has NOTHING to do with the movie's title right?

    • Ravendelasker22 on

      I found this pic remarkably similar to the Paul is Dead conspiracy, even using a Beatles song for the title was a nice touch.

      • Chaplain Frank on

        I happen to have some info on this Paul is dead "conspiracy." A special issue of Life Magazine reviewing past decades had an article about this phenomenon that they said was isolated to the U.S. This is what they reported. One after another DJ called each other regarding what one listener had proposed. The buzz then went across country. While Life editors were unable to track it all the way back to its source, they were able to track this back to Detroit.

        I lived in East Detroit at the time and heard all the theory before it was commonly out in the public forum. So I think I may have heard it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. One of the writers on our high school newspaper, who had an extremely creatively wild and vivid imagination, proposed all of the theory he had to me, as I was the paper's editor-in-chief.

        He shared the Abby Road Album cover's "28 If" (he was still alive) license plate and the bare footed Paul in black garb with his face turned, so it could be a double rather than really him. And he reminded me how most folk are buried without their shoes and socks. He also mentioned that when he played "Number Nine" backwards it seemed to say "turn me on dead man." Then after that litany of the ridiculous, he asked me what I thought.

        I told him "Charlie, I think it's crazy."

        However, knowing him I certainly wouldn't put it past him calling a couple of local DJs, who didn't know him like I did, who then got the grapevine rumor-mill going from there.

    • Actually, the film is based on a manga of the same name. I've read it, and it doesn't have anything to do with Manson at all. It's more a statement about fame, beauty, youth, and the outrageous things women will resort to for those things than it is about anything else. I didn't even see much to do with the Illuminati. But I'm sure the film industry will fix that.

      • excuse me, but i just said that its a weird name to name a movie to a man who was criminally insane and simply, that made a song named helter skelter it is about world coming to an end… i wasnt talking about if it was a manga book but simply put the guy made a song with the world coming to an end and he was in the entertainment buisness and comitted murders.

      • Besides his spirit which is everything. If he doesn't repent toward Yahweh, he will burn in everlasting fire. Quite frankly, I feel very hurt for his lost self.

  3. Justin Bieber said he's not into Illuminati but with those pics they (VC) posted, I'm wrong. Good job VC! thanks for making our eyes open

    • Most of these celebrities are not a part of the Illuminati, just controlled by them. The Illuminati are all about the bloodlines and if you aren't part of the line then you are merely a tool, though they use their own kind as tools all the time.

      • @They Live….I agree with P.Diddy being on of his handler…. I also wonder about his mother and is she was a handler also…there is a video where his mother threw him a maquerade birthday party with mask that looked like ritual mask..with black panthers and wolves in cages…all kind of stuff I thought that was really weird and very uncomfortable.The party basically was full of symbolism.Even the reporter kept asking Usher about the crazy mask..smh

      • I know it may be a bit 'out there' but it occurred to me that a lot of these current male rnb artists have had to model themselves/pay homage to the MK'ed/abused Micheal Jackson in the same way female celebs have to model themselves on Marilyn Monroe. Usher was the pioneer of this new era of rnb artists who dressed and danced like MJ. Then followed the likes of Neyo, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Trey Songz etc. Now we know MJ was a unique talent, but for young guys now to be biting his 'dated' style sooooo closely (ie from the 90's onwards) has definately not been fashionable for a looooong time! It looked weird to me when I first started to see it when usher came out, but has been replayed by so many others that it appears like the 'norm'. Many of those artists are similarly as f-ed up as MJ and dogged by rumours of abuse.

      • Usher left his mom in Atlanta to live with Diddy in NYC when he was 13 years old. The first album he released under Diddy's tutelage most of the material when released turned people off as it was way too adult for someone Usher's age at the time.

    • now seen the light on

      @Mossein, when I first saw User and Bieber together it was so obvious. Didn't matter what JB said besides is there ANY person who would freely admit to being in the Illuminati?

      Now looking at those pictures of him I can roughly say he's new blood/"Fresh meat" and the bloodstains on his shirt; white=purity/innocence, red=initiation/sacrifice

      Yup, its pretty blatant.

  4. WTF?! The first set is so freaking disturbing. Really, what do they have to do with fashion?! It is sickening and traumatizing to even see the pictures. I really hope actual people were not used for them… I have no doubt by the traumatic look on the girl's face that she was actually tortured. Definte MK Handler/slave pics. :( As for the rest… just further proves the fact that Hollywood is nothing but a Satanic playground. I say that as an Atheist, which makes their motives seem all the more ignorant and silly to me. Just a reason to be as sadistic and primitive as they can be. They can't even be considered human. They have no heart.

    • I agree that the first photo set is sickening, but must also add that it is NOT a fashion editorial. Interview is a "entertainment" magazine; a compilation of advertisements and interviews from artists, musicians, fashion, culture, film, etc (thus the title). While there is plenty symbolism in fashion editorials and produced by certain designers, this particular piece was done to support an "artist" (if you want to call them that), not showcase clothing or trends in fashion. It's interesting to note the mag was founded by Andy Warhol, and this is not the first bsdm editorial the mag has featured…it's a mad, mad world.

      • Voice of Reason on

        Does anyone know the name of the 'artist' who designed this photo shoot? I'll bet his or her entire portfolio is based on this type of garbage.

    • those "fashion" pictures could be pictures of actual abuse. it might not be pretend. or that traumatized model is very good at pretending.

      • If you had any 'actor-training' you'd know that

        a) either (via russian trainer Stanislawsky) you have to 'play' something out of your life's experience and 'borrow the text' (else you cannot 'play' it in a convincing style)

        b) you have (american-hollywood-style) to be via 'Hysteresis' into the process which means, you'll be 'possessed' (as e.g. (not only) Johnny Depp indicates via some YouTube-Interviews)

      • Rockypriscillacoco on

        I agree that the first five photos are chilling, and quite possibly real. I enlarged the pictures and studied them, and here are some things that I noticed that I don't believe would be present if the model was 'pretending'…..

        •picture #1- the models feet are dirty, suggesting that she may have been locked away almost naked with no shoes in a dirty underground sort of torture chamber.

        •picture #2- when enlarged, the model appears to have a small bruise on her right outer thigh.

        •picture #3- the first rope is pulled very tightly under her breasts and the second rope is pulled extremely tight around models lower stomach, just above hips. It is pulled so tight that it is causing the models stomach to protrude quite a bit.  She is also pulled so tightly that she is forced

        to stand on her tip-toes.

        •picture #4- the ropes on her upper thighs and above her knees are so tight that they are digging into her flesh.

        •picture #5- when enlarged, the model appears to have bruising on her left wrist, right upper thigh, both shins and the top of her right foot.

        Even I these are fake pictures, they depict the truth of the horror that MK victims actually go through. If these are fake, that model chillingly nailed real looks of anguish, confusion and dispair.

    • Taken from Interview's website, the following caption provides insight into Steven Klein's "Institutional White" the photo shoot:

      "Strict institutional white is the new order this season. Clinically reserved and precisely tailored with maniacal attention to detail. Inspired by the legend of an actress who refused to conform through her descent into madness, Steven Klein conjures an imaginary tale of discipline, betrayal, will, and obsession. Frances Farmer will have her revenge" (

      It would appear, then, that the two female images–the tortured patient and the demented nurse–represent two sides of the schizo-split of Frances Farmer's personality. The fashion, it would seem, is the external marker of an internalized and sexualized surveillance and policing method that individuals inflict de facto on themselves in order to cope with a perverse contemporary American culture exported worldwide.

      Most ironic is the fact that this series of traumatizing photos is touted as revolutionary, rebellious, and ultimately feminist–the refusal to "conform" to gendered, societal expectations. Symbolically, however, the images reveal a message quite contrary. This photo shoot is a classic example of cognitive dissonance intended to confuse and distort.

      Moreover, the caption iterates a false perception of the iconoclastic Farmer, reified in the media through the film Frances, various plays, and a Kurt Cobain song. The essays at the following website clarify some of the myths of Farmer's life-story.

      • Those photos really are traumatizing. Unfortunately there are people out there who have witnessed or experienced actual torture and are left with the emotional scars.

        I honestly don't think those first few photos should have even been posted on here… even if for educational purposes, they really are disturbing and although not real, they probably still have a traumatizing effect on anyone viewing them.

        People should be disturbed by such images and if they aren't its because they have become desensitized which can't be good…

        VC please put up a warning next time.

    • This is a satire of what they do to the massive human mind… we could make our own fashion and art… but they are also trying to stop that with the internet "privacy" (more like freedom denial) acts. Just don't heed them… I know it's hard but just pleas try…

  5. LimeGreenWolf on

    Helter Skelter means something weird too, I forgot. But I remember John Todd saying that Charles Manson was the one who knew the actual meaning because he was part of the system. *shrug

  6. Additional to the German Fashion magazin: LICHTGESTALTEN = LIGHT-PERSONS. German word for shining celebrities. Or luminary, light-gestalt. you know…

    • :) I'm German too and I confirm what this person says!!! btw, I would translate Gestalten= characters, or figures…….which makes them seem more like a THING and not like a PERSON. right?

    • my oxford grand-dictionary also reads: fashion equiv. 'style', 'behaviour', 'own way of…' and the like. Imho a typical 'multilevel deception' playing around with personal use of words, implying/associating very often (esp. in English) other things than literally expressed… – to be sure: look to 'hypnotic techniques', e.g. at the Milton Erickson Foundation (using such for healing purposes)

    • Abomination!! This is not fashion.. it is a sick representation of what goes on in the dark side of all this and more..

  7. i seek the truth on

    Beyond Shocked, I mean I have seen some disturbing pictures in this past year alone, yet these are completely horrifying.

    • …and sorry: to be shocked (as for Americans) should imho be more youre reaction on that NOAA-deception which leaves the american Sheeple, which are now being confronted with a military dictatorship. Imho: that's the real 'violation'/'rape'…

  8. are people into this sick shit?!!?do they buy these magazenes and go "omg that's so sexy and trendy"!and it seems that the illuminati are growing bold,i mean taylor something has a live unedited picture of that goat thing that these people worship!eeeew! and hasn't part of the "unknowing masses" gotten bored with the one eye thing?even if most of them don't know or care about any of this,don't they see this as a bit monotonous?i for one would be bored with all the eyes around the media,maybe the illuminati'll start putting eyes on more er.. "interesting body parts" you know, from the belly button downwards,certain orifices away from the face…anyway,i as always,wonder the sales trend this month for the magazine that featured bdsm used in Mk Ultra.did they go up,down,were they steady,how did people react to this etc.sigh.everything is a lie,everything!and an ugly over sexualized lie not one of them cute little white ones.gosh,why was i even born into this cess pool of madness!the worst part is when you bring this stuff up in a conversation with solid evidence and get laughed at or called "loony conspiracy crackpot",workmates even begin questioning your work ethic and level of proffessionalism,family members think you've gone nuts and well,"friends" just laugh at you and eventually start avoiding you!at least here i can find people who are interested in the truth,no matter how ugly it is.cookies with inverted crosses seriously! effin cookies!

    • I can safely say that yes, a LOT of people are so invested in being 'cool' or trendy that they don't question anything at all if it comes from a source on high in media or fashion. And they'll patronize or reject you if YOU question it.

    • Totally agree with you! When you want to speak this out most of the people thinks you are the crazy one. But all this pictures are disturbing and disgusting! I'm happy that I'm waken up and that I can avoid this type of stuff. Didn't notice before but now I know I can look back and see that there is a connection with the things I already saw.

  9. I was so disappointed in Beiber. In the beginning he stood his ground very well.

    As a child I wonder how he feels ? I would say he wants no part of the Elites, but what is a kid to do at a photo shoot and the creep is saying ok put this slab of meat over one eye * think fast*.

    A few years ago it would have seemed like a cool idea, fast forward to the things we know now. It's not a cool picture it's an agenda. I feel sorry for the Beib. As an innocent child what is he to say no ? I only say this because it was always my belief most artist were in the dark just as much as us common people. So to learn what it really is what do you do when your requested to cover one eye ? Do you go to talking gibberish about the illuminati having most laugh it off, or do you go along ?

    I can see myself in the awkward situation and would most likely go along to hurry away from the creeps. I would be scared to say no to the creeps. Not only that you are kind of put in a bind ( which help the elites get their point across). Do you say no and give up every thing you have worked so hard for, or do you say well i'm just covering one eye, i'm not harming anyone?

    It just one of those things that in the beginning you have to be ready to let it go in the drop of a dime. My career is going great. Millions of fans, records sold, money….you have to be ready to say I"M DONE at any given time ! My last tweet as Thee Justin Beiber would be sorry fans. Delete account and purchase a one way back to Canada, name change, dye hair & thank God lol !

    Idk only trying to put things in perspective ? Every thing is going great and here's a guy saying cover one eye….ahh mommy. She's thousands of miles away * think fast* remind you this is a child ! Let it go before you are in too deep !

    • I can't believe you people are so blind to something so obvious, and so logical. Of course Bieber's in the Illuminati! It's the ONLY way a no-talent hack like him became so popular in the first place, like so many before him.

      • I thought it was VERY CLEAR to all that none of them are in the illuminati, but puppets of the illuminati, Elites, agenda whatever you want to call it. All artist do not seem to be pushing the agenda. Not that they are anti- illuminati….they are just artist who go unnoticed, lesser artist, low album sales, beginners, independent artist….Then you have the Nicky's, Gaga's, Rihanna's Beyonce's…..

        Justin always stated he was not illumniati, loved Jesus etc etc…

        I know I am being Naive but I believe half the artist ( Jeneifer Hudson, Rita Ora, Justin Beiber….)who say they have no clue of the illuminati…….it's not for them to know. Their job is to do…cover one eye, sing this song/lyrics, wear this, say this… BUT in a few cases "imo" there are artist who are fully aware of what's going on. They choose to follow. My disappointment with Justin at this point he chose to follow after it has been made clear. That's his business none the less but in the beginning I RESPECTED the fact he stood for Jesus & what was morally right THAT"S ALL. Like the Dave Chapelle's Lauren Hill's, MJ's, Tupac's…..

      • No offense, but the performers themselves are not the elite, therefor, they are not in the illuminati, they are merely consciously or unconsciously pushing the agenda of the illuminati, and as VC has said many times, really, we should feel sorry for many of them, because many of them have been through gruesome torture (that's what being MKed entails!).

    • Voice of Reason on

      It may be more complicated than that. If you're an artist and you protest against this type of photoshoot, the handlers may begin by threatening to ruin your career; if you continue to persist, they may threaten to kill you and/or your family and friends. It's also likely that a lot of the top celebs are 'chipped', not just to thwart potential kidnappers, but to make it impossible for the celeb to go into hiding.

    • In all honesty , Justin Beiber has probably been being groomed for this life as an MK-Ultra slave since infancy..

      • Honestly, Justin Bieber is a normal kid that comes from a normal family. I can say this with certainty because I know a close relative of his. Still, I'm continuing to pray for him because he's in a tough industry, and he could easily start the downward spiral.

    • Still Bieber is a child and there are many things that could be… But if he had a choice of stopping his career and to have his 'soul' but no money or keeping his career with money but no 'soul' then for me it's obvious that he choose the wrong side. But of there is a chance that there is MK control in the story then he doesn't have a real choice, then he is a victim/slave.

  10. Yugh the first photoshoot is so sick, well actually all of this is sick! Smh satan must be laughing at all the people who are denying that the illuminati exists

    • into the light on

      Not suprised considering thats where half of Hollywood's 'inspiration' for disasters/aliens creatures come from.

      Also, we've also got this Battleship movie coming soon with the not too subtle message of an NWO agenda much like the way ID4 had done many years.

      • yet this seems even more specific.

        e.g., bowing down of the human race towards loki (ppl worshipping antichrist),

        and the appearance of the dragon/beast

  11. these photos remain on

    Aren't a very large majority of Justin Bibiererette's fans 12 years of age or under? Shouldn't they be looking as such realistically gory, bloody pictures of their embarrassing idol?

    Are they trying to make plastic surgery more normal with movies like that? They'll probably want to move on to transhumanism, soon. They're going to make movies about a big star that looks like Arnold in the Terminator. Let's all be half robots.

    One eyeballs are here to stay. These people just don't know what to invent anymore.

    Torture is so foking disgusting and magazines are so wack. Who still buys magazines today, anyway? Such a waste of coins.

  12. Isn't Justin Bieber only 18/considered underaged in the States? How appropriate also showing a minor being beaten around *frowns*, effed up world.. :(

      • …sorry, your 'joke' for April Fools?

        If i had a little daughter appreciating 'Hannah Montana', let's say, 8 years old –

        she's using magazin 'add-ons' as make-up 'addtionals' …

        …and at the age of 12 her 'celeb' converts to a sex-craving lace-monster (like MileyCyrus – research those meanings!) …

        …it's still o.k. with that 'it's legal'-statement???

  13. Thanks VC I can count on you to spread the word at the start of a new month to remind us this still goes on and we have to keep being aware. All very disturbing as usual, but we are outside there box…

  14. Wow I just “Liked” your page on Facebook, I don't want to miss a thing! Good job!!! Well no doubt Justin Bieber is one of them. I'm film and tv production graduate, since I was a teen I use to fancy myself an award winning filmmaker and television producer, but now it is all clear to me why I'm still just dreaming…. My soul is priceless. The Holy bible makes it clear that the Beast gives them “Power” and “Authority” but in the end it all just lies

    • Or, maybe you're still dreaming because you're not very good, or not very motivated, or just don't know the right people to help you out. I don't mean to be harsh, but there are many Christian and/or wholesome films and shows produced independently outside of Hollywood and "the Industry," and it's kind of stretching to blame your personal lack of success in your chosen profession on the Illuminati.

      • It's obvious that Hollywood and the media is currently being toyed with by evil powers and principalities, but it's also for that same reason why the children of God should stand up and take charge what rightly belongs to God, but for some reason Christians just try to steer clear of all of those things and remain under the church building's roof where its safe and "holy".

        Think of it like this, if you dropped your cellphone and realized later that you no longer had it, then retraced your steps and found some little kid playing with it would you A) tell the child it belongs to you and to give it back, or would you B) be too scared to approach the child and let him continue to have it while you still pay on that phone bill? Well Adam dropped the authority God gave us over all of the earth when he originally fell, but Jesus (praise to Him be) retraced his steps and restored it back to us- so now it is again ours to claim. Satan knows it quite well but is having a grand ol' time due to the ignorance of the Church. Sorry but it is true.

        There is no need to worry because God's will is perfect and he has already finished everything before creation began. Satan has already been defeated- there will not be any armageddon battle of good vs. evil in the middle east like the movies and so-called 'End Times' prophets say. Life will simply continue moving forward. The Kingdom is at hand, meaning it is here already. All we have to do it continue to press through keeping our eyes on God, and believing that we already have all the power and all things are possible through Christ Jesus. Yes there will be miraculous signs, but these "signs" will be performed by regular people all over the world, much like the days when God used Moses. These will be the signs that prove that we are one with Christ. Evil will implode on itself. Darkness cannot remain when light is shone upon it.

    • First thing that comes to my mind is economic or physical war with Asia. Japan's no threat anymore since 311. China is the big official threat now, isn't it? (Except if we're talking about Asia, not all Asian countries are an "enemy" to the US right now. Japan was on the U.S. and EU's sides against China regarding rare earth metals, and the U.S. and India have been trying to partner.)

      I'm not entirely sure if it means anything, but trying to re-gain dominance in the Americas is what I see at first glance.

      • You all realize Cirque is Canadian, not from the US. The picture is symbolic of where cirque has shows and that they are a global company. As in we have 22 nationalities on just our tour and we have shows everywhere. The rest is just more to show off the typical eccentric cirque makeup.

        No US India thing. Funny though. Not a big hidden agenda.

      • @Anonplease, I see you like to try to discredit me from different angles, not just the obvious radiation.

        While you try to twist my post around, it's easy to see that whether Cirque du Soleil is Canadian does not change my statement, as I referred to potential issue of dominance in the "Americas" (=North and South America).

        And I never insisted the eye closed over Asia was sinister, as you can see I said "I’m not entirely sure if it means anything", but was offering a possible explanation (to a question originally posed by VC anyway), which makes your trolling even more transparent. That and the fact that you claim to have inside knowledge on the Cirque du Soleil touring group, the nuclear industry, and the medical industry, which seems a little too convenient.

        In addition, you claim there is no partnership between India and the US, which could not be further from the truth and obvious to anyone vaguely following global economics (so, if you weren't familiar with the global situation, you'd have no basis to disagree with my statement unless you were trolling). – "A new collaborative agreement “is the latest step in the deepening cooperation between the U.S. and India on a range of clean energy and scientific fronts,” U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman said July 25." (July 28, 2011, US Embassy) – "U.S., India Partner for Evergreen Revolution" "As a result of USAID’s collaboration with the Indian government … " (November 2010, USAID) – ""Today, India and the US are true partners–in strategic terms, in economic terms, and in the development context," Indian Ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao said in her address to the Emory University on India-US Strategic Relations." (March 8, 2012, Economic Times) – "Washington: Describing India as a very important partner of the US, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, has said that India-US strategic partnership offers a pillar of stability amidst many uncertainties – political, security and economic – facing the world today." (March 22, 2012, Indian Broadcasting Network)

      • @Awakened – It's horrible that our veterans' radiation sickness has not been taken seriously by the doctors who treat them. Veterans Today covers the topic well, regarding the misleading science that is put out there, ensuring radiation victims won't get proper care. The same thing is going on with radiation from Fukushima and the errors of commission and omission with what is told to the public. Just try telling your doctor about oxidative stress to your cells and DNA from Fukushima in the air, and the food (which the EPA stopped testing June 2011, after it was showing up in the food), and see what kind of look or response you get. And if you push the issue, then what? Do you get called crazy? Set up to feel mentally like the woman in the "fashion" photos above?

        From Veterans Today:

        "As if written by a single hand, what knits together this body of information is that all of it is an expression of fraudulent science. Its reason for being is not to disseminate knowledge, but rather, to obstruct true understanding of the radiological and chemical toxicity to the human body contaminated by weaponized uranium. A more perfect example is nowhere to be found of the worldwide propaganda matrix that has been erected to control thought, quell vocal opposition and protect criminals from liability for producing illnesses in victimized populations."

        [The following regarding to free radical damage applies to radionuclides in general, and is going on in many Americans' and Canadians' bodies right now and for the past year from Fukushima, as there is no logical way it can't]

        "One example is particularly instructive. Oxidative stress is produced in the body when increased levels of free radicals, oxygen ions, and peroxides are produced which overwhelm antioxidant defenses. Under this condition, cells become vulnerable to adverse structural and functional changes. Free radicals can damage DNA, degrade mitochondria and cell membranes, interfere with intra- and intercellular communication, and obstruct proper synthesis of proteins, enzymes and hormones. In addition, oxidative stress can provoke an inflammatory response. It is by this means that combustion-derived nanoparticles are thought to produce their deleterious effects (Donaldson 2005). Internal contaminants that produce chronic oxidative stress and a chronic inflammatory response may be responsible for autoimmune-like disorders. Also, oxidative stress has been implicated as a causative factor in a number of diseases. It is also a major factor in the aging process.

        So the question need be asked: What do the authoritative studies on uranium toxicology have to say about oxidative stress? Outside of a passing reference on the subject in a couple of works, these studies are mute on the subject. But how can this be? Scientific evidence exists that internalized uranium produces oxidative stress."

        "Enough has been said to demonstrate that stale research on traditional forms of uranium exposure is inadequate in explaining internal contamination by weaponized uranium. So why do the published works in DU’s defense error by likening the two? The answer is, at this point, obvious. They are designed to obstruct understanding rather than further it. They are cleverly crafted political documents masquerading as scientific treatises. In the end, by their falsehood, they victimize us all."

        It's all a huge psyop.

      • Oops! My veterans radiation post belonged underneath Awakened's post about veterans and radiation, etc.! I don't know what happened there.

      • Nope, I am not a troll, love this site, always have posted. My eyes are wide open.

        I have over a twenty year career in medicine, while my husband is a musician. After over twenty years, he got this job, I quit my career and we have been living on the road ever since with Cirque.

        I get to see the, don't have to work and be stressed all the time. We are Christians, I visit this site for the same reason we all do.

        I am just standing up for two things of which I have a vast and intimate knowledge of. The us and India may have something going on, but it does not involve a circus company. BTW, MJ is standing that way because it was his iconic pose and his family was left in many decision making positions for the show. Which I am not a fan of. So call me a troll, but I've been reporting on crap all over the world from this,tour the last two years. Just got back from London, on the way to long bout in the US, with my med degrees tucked away. Not who I am anymore.

    • Too Many Covered Eye on

      I keep waiting for all these celebrities to stop covering their eye.

      Are we still going to see so many eyes in 2013? In 2014? In 1015, still??

      I mean come on. WTF? This is some kind of extremely stupid, never-ending joke.

      I've been visiting this website since like 1950, just to see if I will still find one-eyes…. and yes…. they are still here, in 2012….. everyone has done the eyeball thing, it seems…. I think they only forgot Celine Dion, at this point.

    • It means nothing. See my other post. Cirque has shows everywhere, many in Asia. I'll probably be there in a year or so on one of the tours. Cirque's fantastic, fabulous to our family and a great place to live and work. Charitable too. Not evil, nope.

    • It means: The American public is the one that can make a change due to the power of their government. therefore they are the target, especially young people, who need entertainment and idols to follow unfortunately. This makes for a very mentally overloaded, bombarded, entertainment dependent society… that if their eyes are not open… things will go downhill for most pretty quick. (That's what it means, they have heir eyes open on their target, the target is blinded) Asia has their own strong industry and it has been hard for them to break through in Asia. (Asia doesn't even like that symbolism… it just doesn't sell.. lol) With a few exceptions yet these exceptions know and plead for Asians to come together and counter it by making an even stronger and more united industry.

  15. You guy's should put an eye on the new Samsung ES800 and E7000 series TV's.

    Those thing's are so high-tech they are fitted with a camera and a microphone right there in your living room and yes, you are willing to pay for it.

    So the only thing missing on the brain-washing idiot box has finally been implemented and every government out there (ok, just make that the elite.) just had an orgasm.

    I so long for the day that the elite and illuminate cant hold up their bullshit any longer.

    • Voice of Reason on

      Hi! Can the camera and mic be disconnected without interfering with the set's picture and sound? If not, I'd throw a blanket over the TV when it's not in use.

      • As with all "new" and "improved" things, it's integrated.

        A blanket wont stop sound 😑

    • *That* is exactly what happens in the apocalyptic futuristic predictive 'New World Order' novel '1984' by George Orwell.. (which everybody should read as a predictor of what the NWO could be like if it ever really comes to pass..).. there are TV's that NEVER turn off and they can watch and listen to you… no way out… hmmmm, very interesting, how that is starting to happen now.. an d has been probably for a while in a way, maybe lo tech before, now higher tech than ever.. I think that's what all this 'Digital converter boxes' were about.. to be able to 'watch' and 'listen' to us.. there was some video somewhere on youtube where a guy supposedly broke into one of those and found a small camera inside.. that red eye if it's on just staring back at you.. it's like the red eye in Terminator movies.. remember?? I am speaking to whoever reads this now. I actually hide mine when not in use.. it's creepy!

      • As for sound… I used to have intense conversations on the phone in my room, but I really don't anymore, so there's nothing they would hear if they're listening except music and movies or TV shows playing on the computer… or my typing away…

  16. So my stomach was hurting at the 1st photo shoot pictures. That kind scares me! When I was small I wanted to be a singer. But now. . . forget it. I made a promise that I would listen to God when he calls and he hasn't called me to be a singer. So since I started to actually believe this site I told myself and God that I want to become a doctor. Being only 14 so far I have a long way to go xD but still it's whatever.

    • I hope you look into studying holistic and naturopathic health and not fall for the brainwashing most "modern medicine" has put into these quacks called doctors …..they basically all just work for pharmaceutical and vaccine.corporations who intend on reducing the population while making money off the people they kill

    • …..which i forgot to mention is also tbe symbolism of the photoshoot of the nurse….its more than an MK ultra controlled slave & handler situation…its symbolic of the.medical tyranny taking place in these times and acclimating ppl into submitting to the doctors they use to kill us

      • Exactly what I thought. It reminds me of the Nazi doctors. What worse fate than to be taken to a medical facility for fake "treatment", only to be tortured, harmed, traumatized. Medical doctors are made out to be like gods who can do any thing they want and who have the only valuable opinion.

        It's a dangerous setup we have right now, especially considering the multitudes of people in the US who are going to come down with radiation-related sickness (some already have been in the past year) but may be told it's in their head. The evidence is there, the numbers add up, but the coverup is vast. So what will happen when people try to come forward with their sickness? I guess just line up for their drugs and chemo and radiation treatment. I don't believe none of the doctors know what's up, though apparently some of them believe the propaganda and not understand the health threat from chronic low-level radiation.

        Not all doctors are bad, but I have seen quite a few sadistic doctors and nurses in my time. That's what makes this so realistic. I've seen not only the arrogance, the cruelty, but also the subtle glimpse of enjoyment of watching a patient suffer under their hands. How much you wanna bet some doctors go into medicine for that reason? Just like some firemen secretly have a fascination with fire.

        We have to preserve freedom of medical choice and alternative medicine, if we're to have the greatest chance of surviving.

      • It is not fair to generalize. I chosed to be a doctor because I wanted to help others. So please don`t put me on the same bag…

        Also I`ve been following VC for a long time, reading almost every article in his sites and I agree with every thing he publishes. And that fotoshoot with the nurse shouldn`t be consider fashion or artistic. It is plane horrible.

      • I have followed this site for a long time, but I can tell you that after over twenty years in Oncology trying to save people's lives, to help them I find that patently offensive.

        Also, my husband and I have been touring with Cirque for over two years. They are not MKed people. The company pushes nothing like that on anyone, they are extremely kind to the artists and families and are committed to much charity work. Some of us on tour have been with the company since the beginning. We are all normal nice people. Some of this is ridiculous.

        The fashion art shoot? Truly disgusting.

        Cirque has its eye on Asia too, we have a ton of shows over there, as well as every other continent on the planet. Canadian, yes, illuminati? No. Us, not Canadian. I'm the one who posts on all the security issues and cameras all over Europe and how it drives me nuts, yet due to constant travel I have to have stuff like FB, Skype and an iPhone.

    • Well said OjosPelados…..your hitting it right on point with the radiation sickness. EPA has simply raised the level of isotopes that "are safe for exposure "and to help deny the fact that many will soon die from it in masses. Then the quacks support it and tell ppl they're nuts n need psychiatric treatment rather than recognise they are indeed sick. Its happening to many vets coming home from war especially after being exposed to depleted uranium & the VA hospitals aren't showing any sign of compassion or empathy or medical concern for physical health. They jusy all becone psychiatrists n diagnose you with mental illnes now….when Obama care kicks in it willonly get worse……

      To the somewhat offended doctor….we may not be talking about you….and i hope not…..but you bette make sure yiur practicing the hypocratic oath and not the hypocritic one…..if you push vaccines and new drugs based on corporate kickbacks and representatives bribery then you and i know where you really stand…..and if ying

      • Sorry my phone messed up n i accidentally hit submit…..i was just gonna add that if you think its ok to give a child multiple injections of disease and carcinogenic carrying vaccines then your either a sick minded quack or a brainwashed one

      • I remember seeing a woman on TV who did not believe in vaccinations and such, they depicted her as an old crazy woman. She's probably a lot smarter than a lot of doctors.

      • Wow, really crazy and offensive now. I have my degree in nuclear radiology. I have used Geiger counters and a personal dosimeter everyday for over twenty years. Using isotopes. There is no low level radiation hanging around. My cousin, an airline attendant gets way more radiation than I ever did. From the SUN. so yes, there is low, low levels, but nothing close to anything scary. Nothing to hide. You definitely get more natural radiation than any other kind.

        There are new amazing laser knives and radiation doses have been continually lowered. Compare to the past where in WWII you had radiation sickness in the women who licked the radium paint off the brush tips to keep the tip sharp, painting glow in the dark watch dials or when they had unguarded X-ray machines to see your feet.

        We have been reducing radiation levels forever, as soon as the danger was learned of.

        That said, don't get me started on big pharmacy, they are the true devil in Medicine

      • @Anonplease: You are LYING or ignorant to say that there is no low-level radiation from Fukushima to be concerned about. You just proved all my points. And for you or any doctor to get offended over posts discussing medical tyranny (in general, obviously, we're not stupid enough to think that no doctor has a conscience, even though you are in a sketchy system) merely serves to distract from the points at hand.

        Those pictures are an extreme conclusion of the continuation of the current medical oppression. I think you should stick to the topic. Anyone can get horrified at the photos above. It takes a real thinker with a good conscience to admit the current situation is headed that way.

      • @Anonplease – just go to to see all the info you need about Fukushima. It's not a personal attack to say you're lying or ignorant to deny Fukushima radiation in the U.S. – it's truth. We don't need nuclear shills on here lying to us the way the news is already doing, for their masters the lying NRC, EPA, USDA, etc., all perpetuating the agenda of the IAEA and flawed ICRP models.

        Your claimed degree in nuclear radiology and claimed use of a geiger counter mean nothing to me. Anyone can make that up, and even if you are not making that up it doesn't mean you are not lying to us or reflecting the ignorance of the nuclear and accompanying nuclear radiology professions. The radiology orgs are in bed with I believe the IAEA, so I don't expect the full truth out of them either. If any of this is news to you, then you have a whole lot of reading to you before you can claim what you just claimed in that misinforming or disinforming post.

      • @Anonplease: and to call my statements "crazy and offensive" is not only typical disinformation troll speak, but is a blatant insult to me and whoever is discussing medical oppression (I assume you meant me and perhaps all of us). That's the second time you used "offensive", as in "patently offensive", which is an attempt to emotionally charge the discussion and take it off course. Nothing that was said was a direct offense to you or "naty", but a social commentary related to the original posts on this page.

        Your behavior also violates VC rules of comming, as well, which forbid "personal attacks and insults" and "trolling and derailing the conversation".

      • mistake – I meant "violates VC rules of *commenting" not "rules of comming".

    • Why do you no longer want to be a singer? There is nothing evil or wrong with wanting to make music. It all depends on your motivation. Did you want to be a singer because God placed a passion and gift of music in your heart? Or did you want to become a singer so you could be famous like some of the celebs that are out today?

      Please be careful when reading sites like these- yes the information is very eye-opening and revealing, but I notice that there is little to no positive articles on those who are NOT participating in the illuminati/satanist agenda. This site is about exposing what is evil in the entertainment industry and media- which is why you see many of the same people and places reoccur on this website. There are so many singers and artists in the world who are very successful in the music and entertainment industry that you will probably never see on this site.

      If God was truly placed a vision in you to become a musician then I say you better follow that vision. I have spent many years teetering back and forth on the vision God gave me MANY years ago for this same reason- first I wanted to do it, then I felt convicted because I thought that if you weren't singing Christian music than you aren't following God. This is NOT true. It is not about what you do as a profession that pleases God, it's the way you live your daily LIFE. It's about walking upright in faith everyday. YOU are in charge of your OWN life- that means you call the shots. For example: I had the opportunity to go on tour with Rihanna as a back up singer but I declined that offer because her music sends the wrong message. Now should I get the opportunity to go on tour with Alicia Keys, I sure would. Do you see the difference?

      Point is: don't give up on your dreams because of the sickness that is out there now. maybe you are the voice God wants to use to bring back those who are lost to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

    • its,okay to still want to be a singer dont let the illuminayi stop you.

      Sing independently for God and touch peoples hearts. I love songwriting and I will never stop because of the sad state of our world.

    • keep going… their targets are teenagers and young people with ought a strong sense of direction, dreams, and decision that are obviously prone to be more manipulated and heavily influenced by the entertainment industry.

    • He did say it (that he wasn't illuminati), it was on this site many moons ago. But another thing to take into account is that just because someone is in an illuminati or mind control themed shoot doesn't mean they are completely aware of the symbolism and what is going on, although they could well be in on it.

      Obviously they would have to be quite ignorant to partake in such sickening symbolic shoots and not ask questions about it if they are unaware of the agenda. I think it is possible that there is varying degrees of involvment in the entertainment industry. Some entertainers are undoubtedly well aware of what goes on. Others, though, may be completely oblivious to the depths of deception and depravity of what can only loosely be termed the 'entertainment' industry.

      • Just because a person claims something doesn't mean they are telling the truth. Calgon claims on Facebook and on their website that they don't test their delicious smelling products on animals. The truth is their products are made in China where legally they have to test on animals.

        JBiebs has been "going off the rails" since he cut his hair. He's a pawn, he's part of it, he knows what he's doing, and he's afraid of being broke and "a nobody" Don't be fooled by false claims; the evidence speaks for itself

    • …find out for yourself reading 'Springmeyer/Wheeler – deeper Insights…', looking for 'christian front alters'…

  17. Helter Skelter was also a song that talked about the world coming to an end. The man who wrote the song is in one of the cases of the most notorious crimes in U.S history his name was Charles Manson he and his family were usually always in trouble and Manson said himself "Prison is the only home he ever knew" Him and his family were also obsessed with occult and killed many people so yeah great movie title!

    • correction: "helter skelter" was writen by paul mcCartney, credited to lennon–mcCartney, and recorded by the beatles on their LP "the beatles, better known as 'The White Album.'"

      • I had heard somewhere once upon a time- perhaps a documentary called They Sold Their Souls for Rock-N-Roll I don't remember??- that manson actually wrote the song for the beatles???

      • Charles Manson POSITIVELY did not write the song Helter Skelter. The Beatles recorded a 27 minute version of this song on July 18th 1968 at Abbey Road Studios in London, England. Meanwhile, Charlie and his girls were living in California on Sunset Boulevard with Beach Boy, Dennis Wilson. Manson, however, is credited to writing the Beach Boys song "Never Learn Not to Love" on the 20/20 album.

    • Manson was involved ( like everybody else in Laurel Canyon) with The Process Church. I highly recommend everyone who is interested to read The Ultimate Evil but Maury Terry. It deals largely with Son of Sam, but ends up picking up the threads of the elites' cult, one branch of which is The Process. They wanted a race war in the US, as did Manson. Gee, anyone see current events that would fall inline with that plan? The threads and connections that your mind will start picking up on after reading that book are amazing.

      Also, I think the first five pics here look a lot like Maria from Metropolis.

      • Neil Young lived in Laurel at that time and said Manson was actually a pretty good musician and wishes he had been signed to a label – woulda' kept him otta' troubel etc.

      • Ooops-

        Neil Young lived in Topanga canyon at that time but hung out with the Laurel Canyon ppl

  18. The pictures also desensitize the masses who view it. How many on you wouldn't have cringed at the nurse Had VC not mention how horrifying it was? I didn't I was strolling my way down. Not realizing until moments later that those graphic pictures didn't mother me, think about it we've seen HUNDREDS of violent and sexual images in our lives… therefore were slowing loosing our humanity with the world. :( pray for our souls and the world, that we can resist this lethal evil through Christ our Lord.

    • I'm sorry but I think christ is praying you use the gift God gave us. A brain to live the only life we've got. In other words. We are too dependent on: their TV shows, their movies, their Iphones. Galaxies, too interested in their "starts". Stars shine when darkness comes therefore these are not true stars. You can change. You can: Go hiking, go bowling, travel, play games with friends. Watch movies that are not from this era and are healthier. Read, do sports, turn your phone off. Don't be a slave of your phone. You can knock on the lord's door and it shall be open, but it is up to you to walk through. There are a million things we can do to decrease their power. Don't loos that light in your heart.

  19. This is the worst bunch of pictures in a long time. The first five are disgusting and degrading. I wonder how the models felt during the shoot?

  20. Interview is an American magazine which has the nickname The Crystal Ball Of Pop. It was founded in late 1969 by artist Andy Warhol. The magazine features intimate conversations between some of the world's biggest celebrities, artists, musicians, and creative thinkers. Interviews are usually unedited or edited in the eccentric fashion of Warhol's books and The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again.

    I never realized how bizarre Andy Warhol was…those pics were beyond disturbing…keep your kids away from seeing that garbage. Stuff like that used to be sold in back alleys – now it's mainstream.

  21. Justin Bieber – "Growing Pains"

    Interesting choice of words – he is supposedly a Christian…I guess if he wants to go to the next level he will have to change in a big way – growing pains indeed.

  22. In the Michael Jackson photo, aside from the monarch butterflies, please note that his pose is one of the crucifix… in other words, he is being depicted as "crucified" or "Martyred". What better way to distract the public than the tragic death of their beloved king of pop?

    • hey did any1 recognise or knw tat was Nicki by just looking at the picture and nothing else around her?! indeed Justin is a growing pain, look at him ever since he had tat hair cut or his hair is begining to reduce at a young age hmmmm…..MJ…mmmmm….britney……mmmmm! everyone in the hooker.. sorry taylor whoever picture was a whore (or atleast depicting one) and she looked so at home Awwwww!!! CRAZY F**kers!!!!! speaking about nurse and medicine, wasn't obama's campaign based on that?! and he wants to run again?!! ILLUMINATI! Obama- isn't he apart of the Masons Clique?! who run the world?! ……… back to the nurse. she looked all dead and she looked like marilyn monroe! so nurse resurrected marilyn. 'MOM: Oh nurse marilyn my son has a brain tumor, plz help?!! NRMM: Oh no worries……. one eye……. we have the cure rite here just bring him into the music industry room where he can meet all the celebs. he'll be alrite! one eye…….. MOM: thanx! NRMM: here lets watch my little pony or katy perry's 'part of me' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Child: no i dont wanna. NRMM: shut up! one eye…………… heressssssssssssssss Nicki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      i'm jus kidding! thanx for all the help VC. i really appreciate ur efforts and readers thanx 4 ur debates!

      Galatians 6:3>>>>>>For if a man think himself to be

      something, when he is nothing, he

      deceiveth himself.

      oooh ooh ooooh did any1 actually listen to katy perry's 'in another life lyrics' a young old lady and a dead young bf. and did u notice when he touched her hand she was looking rite into his eyes?! ooooooh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

      speaking about 'touched' did any1 notice that the series came out after a movie was made about the same issue?! they dont want us to get enough!!! huh!

      Huh!!!!!!! Rick Ross— singing about Illuminati. the words made me so mad! and then he has this tour in a third world country! spreading the HUH word!!!!

      i'm jus talking my mind. i'll shut up now let u guys notice more and we'll discuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      THANX *Slimj*

  23. Some of these pictures should not be seen by the eyes VC. The first three pics, the sadism is contagious, just demeaning, no longer creepy its just horrific! I'd try to scrub those images off my mind.

  24. The last picture of the batch of cookies is so disgusting >.< I wouldn't eat those cookies.Even if Terry Richardson did bake them.. That's stupid it's soo ovbi and blatant. And so is the church of satan on Taylor's shirt. There are also one-eye shots for the little kid ads in Target promos just saying -_-

  25. I wonder why in all these fashion magazines Vogue ,Elle etc. they usually have a model posing with a goat-like animal or something like that. Does this stand for baphomet or satan or something.I'd like to know ?..

    • You're correct, no need to doubt yourself. c;

      The goat head represents baphomet/goat of mendes ususally, yes.

  26. The first 5 photos are sure NOT fashion! And I like fashion. This is just disgusting Porn!!! It glorifies violence and the outliving of a twisted mind! And "funny" that it is mostly woman that are playing those roles(mostly the victim role). Anyone who finds those pictures remotely attractive or even "normal" must be messed up in the head!

    And everytime I see such pictures I'm shocked! How deep can you fall to make such pictures? And the model that plays the victim looks scarily abused and empty! I really wonder that it was acting…

    And I agree, there is definitely a creepy, satanic, evil vibe in all of those pictures!:(

    • I was just thinking there are no men in that batch from the insane asylum. What is it about these women that just "begs" these photographers to tie them up and throw them around? Somehow, they can't get guys to be that willing until it involves a good fight scene. But at least they fight back.

      • Often those girls are desperate to get famous or money, so they are willing to do that sick stuff! Just look at the sick model industry! And it doesn't always mean that they like it!

        And then yes, there are also sick girls who have a fetish for that kind of thing! But again those ideas mostly come out of the heads from men and often such pictures are done for men. But I'm not completely blaming them, I wish the girls would show more dignity and wouldn't sell their pride and soul.

      • There was a collection on Vigilant Citizen with Naomi Campbell a few months ago – where she was torturing a male model in a "fashion" shoot. Try looking through the past few months of Symbolic Pics (I believe it was this past winter)

  27. Sick { one – word… sick. }. Nothing new, but every time you postem' they still make me wanna throw up. The people really must love their all mighty dollar and their endless inflated egos of self promoting or having so much exposure to advertise themselves. I forgot to mention the mind controlled handlers controlling the minds of many entertainers and other famous people. Seems to many that the lord is not fashionable anymore and satan is more trendy…. not to me he's not. I just find it strange that so many people even my own freinds, family and neighbors do not see where this world is headed. The first few pics are in no way fashion but rather pictures that rot the mind and burn through the eyes. More like some underground type of s&m magazine or some other dark strange adult magazine sure in heck is not a fashion style type of magazine. Andy wharol is a strange

    character anyway. So what if he created the campbell soup can designs I never did like his style of art work, but thats just me and my taste. Since the 60's this world has been going downhill fast. Evil is not new and has been around since the creation of man, but what man is doing now is far more dark

    and evil than ever before. Just watch the 11:00 pm news or look at the aol front page so much crime and distrubing news is told. The world doesn't half the time even bat an eye over it all. These photos show so much mind control over a person its just so mind boggling and scary. I try to look every day to find images and I see butterflies and birdcages alot but the one eyed images is hard to find. Thank you for posting the images it goes to show you the spiral downward position into the rabbit hole to hades this society and the world is headed towards. I think that if a young star rises quicky to the top and keeps going onward without some down time, then they are handled too much and under some form of mind control and headed for a world that is dark and evil. The J.B. pics shows just that. There cannot be any denying that the images in photos/pics, flims and music videos and some advertising commerical etc. are just nothing, there is far too many images that portray the same things in them. Darkness comes in streaming thick and heavy but the light of our father will find its way into our hearts if we let it in. Be strong avoid the new world order and follow God and your soul shall be saved.

    If you do not believe this than the darkness may just swallow you whole and spit out your soul.

  28. I think that Michael Jackson tried to destroy illuminati and that's what they killed him. Now they are trying to inspire Michael's fans to think that he hoaxed his death, because it will will lead them to wrong way. It means that entire fan community won't look up for actual facts about his death. Sorry for my English.

    I would recommend you to watch all parts of "Michael Jackson Symbolism" @Youtube. It reveals a lot of things.

  29. I recently learned about a man named Scotty Bowers. He has a book entitled: "Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars."

    It's not my desire to promote this book or muckraking, but I thought some of you might be interested in looking him up.

  30. 1 – God is real

    2 – Satan is real

    Hollywood is Satan's Industry and those who work in it are on his enchanted ground. You don't have to choose to follow Satan to be brought under his deception, power, and control. All you need to do is deny Jesus Christ. Really, it's that simple.

  31. I'm happy to see that you've been looking at Terry Richardson's photos. I look at his online photo diary every now and then. He has some pretty interesting photos. It's like having a first hand glimpse into that crazy, twisted world they call "fame."

  32. I feel as if music has just gone to waste. I can no longer trust any singers because they may either blatantly sing dirty/demonic music or "display" their love for Jesus by having a tattoo. I guess my only option is to turn to Christian rap or church gospel.

  33. Also, I'm so confused about Justin Bieber. His actions don't follow up with his words. He can say that he is a Christian all day, but does he truly portray himself as someone Christian-like? Like I said, I don't know what to believe anymore. Media is a total joke.

    • Do you believe it makes you better person or a serious christian just because they own a Bible, go to Church or getting some stupid Tattoos? I can buy a bicycle, but it doesn't mean that I will ride it. It is just superficial stuff! Lady GaGa claimed too that she is a christian and believes in God and blablabla, but you see what she is doing, same for many other stars!

      It is more or less a fashion thing and has nothing to do that they even like it! Besides that it sells better to the masses(especially in the USA where a high amount of people are christians)when a star is a christian or in some other religion that is hot now!:(

      Justin Bieber looks so stupid with his Tattoos! So unbelievable that he looks like a joke! And I wonder that it really was his idea?

      • You are so right. As the saying goes, "Attending church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to McDonald's makes you a hamburger."

  34. I have been telling people: Illuminati symbolism is the new black. And how can the first photos even be called "fashion" when there aren't any clothing in them? What are we being sold and why do we keep buying?

  35. its damn scary, most people say listening to their music is harmless, that you not supporting them by listening to their music since you not purchasing their items. its just dumb, its like befriending a satanist but you not worshippnig satan, if you lay with a dirty dog you'll get flees. its best to avoid their shit.

  36. My eyes have been opened so uch over the last few years and, I refuse to subject myself to this. I owe VISA? Too bad, I'm never paying them.

    I'm also going to refuse to put my money in the hands of corporations as little as I can. Besides, I haven't spent money through any "legal" channels in a little while.

  37. Geez, you guys are overreacting. Not everything in the world has to be light, there is a thing called balance – we all have a dark and sunny side. There is nothing wrong with using dark imagery for a photo shoot. Or any other creative outlet. Marilyn Manson was doin' it in the nineties. Lots of film directors use the dark side to portray certain esthetics. And Interview, by the way a magazine which is NOT made for children, does it too. Big deal. That's what art should do: cross borders. And that's exactly what this photo shoot does. Deal with it. Reactions like 'the most horrible I've ever seen', I mean, come on guys. Apparently you guys never watch a horror movie? Oh no, let me guess, all these horror films are probably Illuminati too. Please!

    • This has nothing to do with art! It is shitty Porn disguised as "art"!

      IMO, art is where you can see a talent, effort, beauty and uniqueness! Art should be something that not everyone can do unless you work really hard(otherwise pooping in a bag could be art too).

      These photos not creative or pretty, it is just glorifying a sick idea and fetish! Those are done for attention and that sick people can masturbate to it, nothing else.

      I agree, with the evil and good part you mention, but you miss the point here that the evil part is clearly dominating these days!

      • "pooping in a bag" actually has qualified as "art" in some places by the way. or at least almost.

        "Gilbert & George….Some of their work has attracted media attention because of the inclusion of (potentially) shocking imagery, such as nudity, depictions of sexual acts, and bodily fluids (faeces, urine and semen). The titles of these works, such as "Naked Shit Pictures" (1994) and "Sonofagod Pictures" (2005), also contributed to the attention."

        Also I was in an art class once (at an "elite" institute in Southeast Asia) and this "artist" was being show-cased — who clipped the finger nails off her guests and got snippets of their hair and created bizarre contortions out of these disposable artifacts of human nature, ultimately displaying her psychological problems as "art". She also had this photoshoot where she stripped Barbies and Kens and sat them naked next to each other on human (not doll) furniture and voila! Art!

        It would be nice if they offered classes on "Distinguishing Art from Porn 101".

  38. BeingCurious on

    Is Lil Wayne down with the Illuminati? He contradicts himself a lot. I know that he has a prayer tattoo. He also thanks God (who knows which one) whenever he wins awards. In his music videos sometimes he seems to refer to Christ. However, he does show a lot of Illuminati symbolism and his clothing line has all these demonic depictions. Vigilant, can you please write an article about this?

    • Don't waste your time on researching Lil Wayne. He's as blatant as they come.

      From Mind control assassins blog;

      Rapper Lil Wayne of Young Money/Cash Money Records says that he had been raped at age 11. He says that Baby aka Birdman [founder of Cash Money] took him into a room full of men and instructed a female to give him oral sex. It was undoubtedly an “initiation rite” and ritualized sexual abuse of children to deliberately create multiple personality disorders(MPD) layered with Satanism. Brian “Baby” Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records that “initiated” Lil Wayne into his New Orleans Satanic Hip Hop Coven.

  39. sick and twisted!!!!

    has anyone seen Sleeping Beauty? its got Emily Browning in it (from Suckerpunch) "Sleeping Beauty is a 2011 Australian erotic drama film written and directed by Julia Leigh. It is her debut as a director.[1] It stars Emily Browning as Lucy, a young university student who performs a special type of erotic service."- Wikipedia. the film pretty much highlights Beta programming on young girls by their handler (the woman who hires lucy for the job). theres a scene where lucy is lying in bed between two lit lamps (pillars) and her handler and an "important" elite client come in and sit on the bed.

  40. Mmm Mmm Fashion…Don't you all want to be apat of that?…Anybody?…..Anybody?….Nobody. Ok. Me neither.

    • Probably stand for Kardashian and Jenner on the surface. But re: symbolic meanings of letters:

      K=11, which is the number of the Qliphoth, the broken shadow sephiroth used in black magic

      V=meon, symbolic of the great goddess's v*lva, and also a Qliphotic symbol

      J=masculine deity

      The goddess in this context is Typhon, mother of the god who is Set.

  41. soylentgreenISpeople on

    I was shocked with Justin Bieber's pics. I understand that he just does what he's told but this is way much. Maybe at first he attempted to impose his artistic style and Christian beliefs but the people that owns him are conveying that he will do what they say or else! There are many ways of pushing artists to do things the don't like. It could be money or threats. Justin's "growing pains" are coming from learning the truth. He is not a Canadian boy who got lucky and was handed a big break. He is a dancing monkey, a money machine, a puppet. He better not fight back or he will disappear into the one-hit wonders oblivion. When the "romance" between him and Selena started around all media, I suspected she would be used to control and direct him. Selena has been in entertainment all her life. She is a pawn already. Selena and Justin are minor who take vacations together by themselves. It is no secret they have a sexual relationship. What better control weapon to manipulate a kid than offering a beautiful girl who's willing to do anything. Hollywood, Disney, Fashion and Music industry is ALL facade. The only real talents you need to belong are thirst for fame, full obedience, low or weak morals, and lack of self esteem.

    • A lot of artists say that they have religious morals and such; and yet they do what they do. Justin Bieber is not an exception.

  42. Hey

    I don't know if it's just coincidence or deliberate

    But check the second pic of the nurse shoot – where the girl is tied down on the bed.

    On the wall, it looks like there are two eyes watching LOL like I said, maybe just a coincidence

  43. Disgusted by the Evi on

    I thought it was quite odd to see Justin Bieber as being the winner for the best male singer of KCA 2012. He only had like 2 songs out this year that were not even on the top 10 list of the Billboard charts. This boy has gotten way too many girls mesmerized. It's quite obvious that the Illuminati is the reason behind is success. He really doesn't have an "amazing" or "inexplainable" voice.

  44. this is truly a sickening display of pics to me..i cant BELIEVE that tehre hasnt been an outrage withall these disgusting photo shoot pics of torture in fashion magazine. what is our world coming to? makes me hate america for not shutting down this sort of crap

  45. 1. So much for Beiber.

    2. Gackt looks like a hermaphrodite. Almost can't tell if he's male or female.

    3. TUSH, the T looks like an IUD (form of birth-control) which incidentally looks like a stylized part of the female anatomy (ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina).

    4. MJ's been made to look like Jesus with arms outstretched, white billowing shirt, long hair, and halo-type thing.

    5. Beiber seemed to have been officially initiated in the MTV's Kid's Choice Awards ceremony w/Will Smith when they both got horribly slimed.

    • Re: # 3, Tush Magazine (what a name) – the T also looks like the stylized ram's horns that are the symbol of Aries.

      And re: Tush, I commented elsewhere on this page about the haunch, the constellation of the Big Bear which the Egyptians thought looked like the hindquarter of an animal. The god Set was associated with it so I wonder if that title is referring to him or to Typhon, his mother.

      The magazine's other logo looks like the 'as above so below' Germanic rune symbol Ingwaz. See on this page, at the upper left.

  46. a vigilant citizen on

    Thank you for having such a great website. Thank you for taking time to spread truth. Thank you for sharing the knowledge God has given you!!!!! Thank you!

  47. These couldnt be any more sickening.

    The Jenner twins one is disturbing in many ways. What sick minds teh people creatign these have.

  48. This is one of the worst shoots I've seen in a while. I'm usually sceptical of this whole new world order thing, but this is undeniably disturbing. Does make me think about my own views of the world, and whether Christianity might actually be the answer to all this.

  49. TheIlluminatiFAILS on


    gotta laugh!


    even my donkey knows what those pic is about!

    Jeeesh may god protect us all from all those crazy signs !

    IN THE END GOD WILL WIN muahahaha! πŸ˜‰

  50. (wrote a post before but it didn't go through)

    Nicki Minaj seems to have an Eye of Horus.

    Besides the terrifying medical abuse scenes, the meat butcher diagram and the meat on Justin's face stood out as the most horrifying images here. Could it be a reptilian thing and they see us as food? I mean, a butcher diagram is a blueprint of the parts of the animal you are going to eat. Some people think they plan to eat us, so this is looking quite sinister to me, if by some crazy chance the theories were true (and would explain a lot of other things too). It was only recently that I heard much about the idea of evil reptilians lying in wait to harvest us, as I hadn't thought much about it before because I'm not up on alien or reptilian theories. And I never saw an alien or reptilian that I know of, so I didn't think about something I wasn't sure existed.

    And speaking of the Kardashians, Kim's been looking very doll-like lately. I also noticed something very oddly sinister and out of place about her Grammy dress this year. It looked like a Baphomet at first glance, as seen in the very conspicuous design on the front (contrasting color and everything). The more I stared at it, I thought it looked like an owl. Now I'm not sure if it's actually a reptilian thing, but I still do see an owl. Simplified versions of all those 3 images have can look somewhat alike in some ways.

    Lastly, what is that on Taylor's shirt? It doesn't look like the usual Church of Satan (Baphomet etc) logo, but I can't see the details well enough to get a clear picture.

    • Re: humans as food, I've been wondering if there hasn't been something going on for a long, long time with beings (Jinn, aliens, demons, whatever you want to call them) that have fooled humans into worshipping them, and that is why people have offered blood sacrifices for so long. The beings like the blood or meat or energy from the sacrifice.

      And re: the picture of the Kardashian’s mother pointing at the meat diagram, it made me think of the Typhon great goddess archetype. She’s pointing at the left leg of the diagram, and Typhon/Set is associated with the ‘haunch,’ which is what the Egyptians called the constellation of the Big Bear. The haunch is a leg, either of an ox or of Set or Typhon themselves. As the leg of Typhon, it represents the birth of her son, Set. This particular constellation has intense significance throughout human religion, found in everything from Taoism to voodoo. If there are indeed aliens interacting with Earth, this is one of the celestial quadrants that is a candidate for their origin, along with the region of Sirius.

      More about the haunch:;…

      • @Fleurdamour: I guess it's possible, about the beings getting people to worship them in order to get a blood sacrifice. I never looked at it that way, as being fooled into worshipping them (but it could be happening). Maybe it's because even the Christian God of the Old Testament demanded blood sacrifice, as well, until Jesus was offered as the proxy. So it seemed to me par for the course for deities, and it seemed par for the course to have to sacrifice *something* to whatever beings one is asking something of (with some exceptions – do angels ask for payment?). It's worth looking into. I'm certain that there is direct energy harvesting (not just from labor) going in the world right now, on what scale I'm not sure, by entities and possibly by adept agents of powers that be. I won't go into it too much here, now. The speaker in this video below says that reptilians get high from the adrenaline in the adrenal glands of humans (I think from eating them but I'd have to re-watch to be sure what he said). I find the idea similar to the idea put forth by some that when we eat meat, we are also consuming the distress chemicals of the animal released at the moment of death.

        I also know that certain entities and energy vampires, an energy harvest is enough, no blood necessarily needed to get the prana. Although consuming blood will probably offer a huge prana harvest, as well. It also seems clear to me that society is set up (and moreso recently, as time passes) for the people or beings at the top to take as much prana out of people as they can (through various routes – financial, straight energetic and often through emotions like fear, sexual, etc.). There also seems to be a correlation with some ancient cultures and the setups they had which involved leeching off the energy of the populace, whether by work or also by other more direct ways of harvesting energy (I haven't finished my reading on that, some of it is based on roundabout clues or claims by others).

        His information rings true to me, from my own prior knowledge. The new ideas he has for me, like about aliens, I will have to think over, but most if not all of what he says about aliens make sense to me. There is so much information out there, though, some sites with theories which are largely alike but with slight variations, so it will take a lot of research for me to decide what I fully think.

        As far as Typhon, Set, and the constellation of the Big Bear, I believe it is probably indeed relevant because I also noticed that she was pointing to the left leg and wondered what that might mean (you likely know left means female side). So I'll have to read more about this to see what all is in there, but a quick look at a search shows that there is much to see in there. I just don't have time to read it at the moment. All these clues help clarify what might be going on in the grand scheme of things, and there are many showing up in a variety of avenues.

        Thanks for the insights!

      • @ OjosPelados – You're welcome. Kenneth Grant, a rather strange man who formed the Typhonian offshoot branch of the OTO, has a lot to say about the significance of this constellation to the occult. There is also a book worth reading called “Stairway to Heaven” by Peter Levenda that outlines its occurences in religions all over the world. And maybe I just have too much of a modern mind to truly understand sacrifice, but it’s always bothered me that people would sacrifice some poor animal or another person to gain something they wanted from the gods. Seems very selfish – if you are going to make a real sacrifice, shouldn’t you be the one to give up something, and not offer some other being’s life? I thought it was part of the primitive mindset, undeveloped man’s inability to feel empathy or objectivity and maybe a satisfaction of his need for dominance. But if there is a real reason, some order of being that actually does demand that something be killed and which can then can actually produce a reward in compensation for that, it makes sense on a much more concrete level. I have no idea, it just seems to me that that explanation could fit some of the weirder aspects of this Illuminati complex.

      • History was rife with revolting human sacrifices to the demonic. Those who conducted these rituals wished to gain the favors of their patron deities (demons?) in wars and power struggles. Case in point, King Kamehameha, the Hawaiian monarch who unified the major islands, was said to have “roasted” his rival chief and sacrificed the BBQ’d victim to his war god in a temple. Chief Keoua The Roasted, was also Kamehameha’s first cousin. There are demons in flesh among us.

  51. i used to love fashion..but ever since i discovered all this crap, and that in order to be on top, you have to be a member of the one eye club, it turned me off.its sad that they go through all that just for fame and fortune!!!

    Now that you have an eternal soul and we will all give an account to God for all that we did. Good and bad. i dont want to be them for all the gold and fame of the universe!!!

  52. I have raised this question before on this site and I will do so again, and that is isn’t what we have presented to us here just a front for something else? I am actually a mind control slave myself. Freemasonry I hate and the Illuminati, thanks to the Internet, I have been taught to fear and hate as well. Most of the above pictures anger and disgust me, except for the star of Satan examples, to my shame. But out there in the big wide world Freemasonry is supposed to be about good, not evil, and the same goes for the Illuminati. I mean, come on, lets be real about this. These actresses, singers, fashion models… famous people who do this with the one eye covered with their hand, being pictured with monarch butterflies and so on could be just doing it because they are told to and for a handsome pay cheque at the end of it. It might all really mean nothing at all and doesn’t serve some greater purpose. I think rather select organised crime outfits, not necessarily Freemasonry, is involved in what is supposed to be this evil sinister symbolism that we are seeing in the media. Its just a front for something else, for someone else, somewhere far far away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and also New York City so thus shouldn’t be taken seriously. How can Freemasonry be all about being good men and women and charity, for the most part, but have this ugly side to it according to this site? Just who is to blame for dragging Freemasonry through the mud like this? Me? If so, it certainly has been purely an accident. I have read messages from Masons (on low and behold, a conspiracy website) and what I found out was very unusual and scary. I did feel the same way when I discovered Catholicism for the first time at age sixteen, but left that church soon after. I just came and went. I have never belonged to a church for a lengthy period of time. I think the most was two weeks. Please, these exposays might need a re-think, thats all I’m trying to say.

    • Freemasonry was infiltrated by these highly intelligent criminals, so i wouldnt trust the organization at all. There might be people among them who are good, but sadly, the ones who truly control them are not good at all. Also, i agree that organized crime is very deeply involved in the fashion and music industry, and even the military and justice system. These people are so good at what they are doing and hold so much power that they can actually do whatever they want. The fashion industry is not a "front" to something else, it IS the "something". It is basically a market for clothes and human bodies. It may involve drug and sex trade, and even illegal organ trade, which is also a booming industry. Just look at some internet based magazines like "LS Magazine" where they openly show children naked, or in clothes that even a grown woman would hide deep in the back of her closet. Its openly advertised pedophilia. Believe me its not just a "front". I would also like to ask you, how you came to the conclusion that you are a mind controlled slave. Its not something you can just wake up to in the morning and accept easily…

      • Oh so it is true? You can take the suited up criminals of this world, like the Sicilian mafia, and say that they are a part of Freemasonry? Or are these people purely I suppose, Freemason criminals? Well, the Sicilian mafia and Freemasonry, they do put goodness above all else for starters despite murder, racketeering and so on, so there I guess we all have it…. That is just stupid, because how do the, I guess, lower ranking Freemasons have all this supposed evil going on from the top of the ladder? They should perhaps just leave and take away some of their power by doing so. If they left in large numbers, they would alienate their leadership and then go elsewhere to be good little Masons how they want to be. A question is, why do Freemasons, in the fashion industry, of which most of your reply was about to me, allow these such evil and twisted fellow Freemasons, of whom I think they do identify themselves as being Freemason, and haven't woken up one day and thought of themselves as being so when they haven't been to a lodge, when they don't know any other Freemasons, as if Freemasonry has just been sprung on them one day seemingly coincidently, when that is so far from the truth, to give them a bad name with what these people supposedly do and the existance of these exposay sites such as this one? Finally, to answer your question, I am a mind controlled slave because I'm aware (and have been for a long time) I don't have control of my thoughts (and they are being read), by people, who fit the description of the things exposed on this site. I have a question for you, Lacerta, are you a Freemason?

    • The answer to your question lies in the symbolism- it's all in the symbolism and yes, it is really that simple. No dedicated mason is ever going to come out and give you the details about what goes on in their lodge meetings, of course not. Great acts of evil have always and will always be cloaked under great acts of good. If you don't buy what is written here, how about you go and do the research yourself? You'll find out quite easily just who this entity is that Freemasons basically worship and call God, there are even prominent masons who have come out and say that they worship Lucifer. It's all painfully obvious with just a bit of research, honestly. Maybe I'm over-simplifying things because my intuition is very to-the-point and accurate on many things, but to me the motives of these mystery religions is as clear as day.

      • I am also one of the people who haven't written Freemasons off. I have met and came across some amazing Freemasons. Even the ones I read about in the past seem to be great people who stood for great things black, white, etc with the exception of a few…..I too believe this group was infiltrated. It's the same as Jews of the Bible vs the Jews who are said to run and control everything. Too different groups of people with the same exact title " Jew".

        As I stated I believed the group was infiltrated, but I have came to realize Freemason isn't the only group infiltrated. Most likely the jew, Catholic church, Masons, education and every thing else under the sun.

        Sure some Freemason may worship satan, but it's no different from the ratio of people who aren't Freemasons that worship Satan. We all have different beliefs and Freemasons have the right to their personal beliefs as well. I'm sure there are satan worshipers, Catholic, Baptist, atheist, Jews and so much more in Freemasonry.

        I have always said evil hide behind & is used to give Freemasons & many other org's a bad name.

    • I am not a Freemason, although i have connections with all types of people from petty thieves to high ranking CEOs of private companies, so i have a lot of information to work with from top to bottom. There was only one freemason in my area who openly advertised freemasonry, and he was quite agressive in recruiting new members for their lodge. Im not sure which lodge he was from, and he was actually kicked out by the locals because he annoyed them with his occult philosophies and agressive recruitement campaign. We never saw him again… Who knows, maybe he moved to the USA (Im from Europe by the way).

      • As I said I don't know any Freemasons personally but I believe throughout my life I have crossed paths with quite a few. They say they don't have any enemies but that is a complete lie, they do. Like Hamas… an organised group of people, with religion (Islam), driving them to kill. If there is one thing I know about Freemasons, they are very cunning and need to be out-smarted before they try and pull something on you. Still, it is just stupid. Even if the Freemason lodge has been infiltrated, why do the good Masons allow the bad to have a place within their ranks? Does their evil leadership rule them with an iron fist? Just who are these Masons who are leading them this way? What are their names? That is just crazy.

        Well, I will continue to visit and read this site, very interesting.

      • @Bev

        I did not mean that these prominent masons had came out and stated that they as individuals worship Lucifer/Satan, I meant that they stated that the God of Freemasonry, 'The Great Architect' is Lucifer/The Light Bearer. One must swear their life to absolute secrecy to become a Freemason and you will always witness them doing good deeds, as is the blueprint of this widespread organization. Once a mason, you are one for LIFE, there is no way out of it unless you go to extremes and that isn't because of a simple physical issue either, it's very spiritual. Don't you wonder at all why such secrecy is maintained about the ritualistic aspect of Freemasonry and the true meaning to their symbols? The all seeing eye has always been linked to Lucifer and sun worship, never to God or any entity of good for that matter. Their goal is to deceive and with anyone blindly supporting them without any knowledge of the nature of the origin of the fruit they bear, they will succeed. Why does a God-fearing, loving, peaceful group of men need to resort to creepy rituals and ceremonies in front of altars whilst sporting all manner of Egyptian symbolism? This question answers itself.

      • Chaice

        Here you have such a secretive group of people….now all of a sudden there signs & symbols are every where, secret exposed. Of all places crappy music with crappy lyrics, crappy artist etc etc….yeah that makes the Freemasons look smart & enlightened ijs.

        I like what Freemasonry was founded on….would I say the same for Freemasons of today ? No. Their image is tarnished & by who ? Main thing as I have said there are jews then you have Jews. Same with Freemasons. On a lower level community wise I don't think it's that deep, or deeper than any other org. To pledge you have to be beat half to death but yet that's normal, no shocker there ?

        I agree with everything you are saying but I am not convinced it's freemasons. No I don't know what goes on inside. I'm just not convinced at this point !

    • The thing is, that if you look at freemasonry and their life philosophy, dualism plays a major role. the constant fight for balance between good and evil, black and white. They accept the fact that there is good AND bad inside a person, and a balanced person knows how to control these forces. That might be the answer to why they let bad people into this organization. They might think of freemasonry as a whole – as a single entity with a good and a bad side. They need bad people among their lines if they want to keep the balance, because basically thats one of the most important things they believe in. So they accept the bad people and use them to their advantage. But who really is leading them you ask? Well look up some lodges on the internet or wherever you may find information related to them, and find out who their members are, and look at the degrees they have. The 33 levels of masonry are not all there is. There is 13 more, which are one of their best kept secrets. Who they really are remains a mistery, but we can speculate on their identity (Illuminati).

  53. It is so tiring to spend most of your time with people who don't get this, and me, having a weak personality, I almost started to think "what if the problem is mine?"…but it is not. Most of the time my acquaintances-not friends, just like checking out clothes at the mall (that's perfectly normal I suppose) and when obvious symbolism appears I try to shut up, because they laugh at these things. They say they believe me with my "occultism"–they think I like occultism b/c I know the symbols, which is stupid. I tell them about the owl and they are like" oh, I love owls so much"- I'm like"ok they are cute, but the meaning is not" And then they say something like

    "Oh look at these pretty blue earrings…what, is blue also bad?" Even after reading VC ,they seem a bit uneasy, but they forget about it. For me, reading those stuff opened up my eyes, it completely changed my life but they are ignoring it. WHY?

    • Because it is comfortable not to believe, to ignore the writing on the wall and bury your head in the sand. Believing in you and believing that evil controls every aspect of their lives means they have to give up all of those things, give up the world they (think they) know and love all too well. Some people may never wake up because of the simple fact that they prefer not to, because it is too hard.

      Stay strong & stay in truth.

  54. These people are obviously being controlled by demons. MK Pics are totally demonic and I just can't imagine the price for these people to sell their souls. Nothing is guaranteed in the world that the have made for themselves. I am totally disgusted…….eeeeeeeeeeeewww!

  55. Phew! those first pictures with the nurse had me mesmerized. What the hell is that all about? Im mean, come on people, we are living in very sick times. The nurse looks very pale and emotionless, quite the opposite of what a nurse is supposed to be. This is absolutely disgusting! The things people will do for money is very interesting. Its easy to see that a very sick agenda is being pushed these days.

  56. These whole shits are events expected by the 'concious'. Little surprise. Let us all turn back to our creator for saviour and peace of mind

  57. I always appreciate virtually everything that VC places on this site and have for a number of years but I've gotten to the point where I wonder more about what is not seen or shown than what is. To me at least, the message of evil has been mainstreamed via all forms of media to the point where I have to wonder why placing little hints in pictures, in music or in TV/movies is even necessary anymore.

    Why? What's the point?

    Many if not most people born post 1980 have seen the lambasting of Christianity by media and many have come to believe that biblical teachings are just old stories. Many have bought into the new age ideas one sees and hears as being the way to proceed in the world.

    Many have forgotten Christ.

    That was the point when evil went mainstream in the 1960's via music, via movies, via television and via print. Now we have the internet too, the misinformation superhighway.

    I'm preaching to the crowd of good people here, of course, but isn't it amazing that what we read in St.John's Vision of the Apocalypse is taking place, right before our eyes?

    • Purification of the Symbols. Remember that these are individuals who live by a somewhat complex dogma and are heavily involved in witchcraft. These beings will continue to plaster their 'sacred' symbols all over everything until their New World Order is fully established.

  58. that first set… what.the.heck?! *blinks in disbelief* Thats a for real magazine photo shoot? eeeeep. seriously disturbing

  59. that's definitely REAL pics of MK Programming. Vigilant and also vigilants, please go ahead with a report of Hunger Games… that movie is sick and full of symbolism… martial law, apocalypsis, FEMA camps, one government, all people, houses, places are surrounded of cams, "genetically created bees", animals creation/clonation, and "tributes" (that are sacrifices).

    • @bitto

      I've just watched THG earlier, and all I could think about was "VC HAS to cover this". In addition to your list, there's also the concept of wild/weird fashion among the elite (is this linked to the strong bond of fashion industry to the illuminati?). There was also a device that could scan a blood type and determine whom it was from. I also spotted towards the end of the movie the table in which the nightlock berries were placed on, the table had some sort of egyptian sun disk kind of design. The logo of Panem is kind of boggling to. + it says in the book that all of this happens after some post-apocalypse on North America. 2012 perhaps? The media is definitely getting us prepared. My friend said that Suzanne Collins blatantly placed these ideas on her book, mainly the authoritarian and elitist society. Is she warning us or preparing us? This post is getting long I'm so sorry

  60. I truly believe that that "model" is an actual MK/torture victim.

    I believe she was actually tortured…you cannot "act" the look in the eyes…

    I believe these are pictures of an actual MK/torturing process

      • What can we do? If those individuals prefer to be tortured in exchange for being in some magazine, let them suffer the consequences. We can comment on but it's not up to us to control the actions of others.

  61. InquiringMind on

    What I can't figure out is how anyone would look at those pictures in the photo shoot from Interview magazine and actually think to themselves, "Hey! THAT is a nice white dress. I'd like one!" How they can even post images like that and claim it is fashion is disgusting.

  62. Secret agent man on

    Justin is pulling a Kanye. Look at kanye west with his college drop out album. He got the attention of the out casts [ie Lady Gaga]. Kanye was also all about Jesus remember his hit song "Jesus walks" if you look at the video its all these outcast from society coming to church and finding God and the people welcomed them with open arms. Mr West got into a horrible accident and it nearly crippled his mouth he was thanking the lord and all this and that. Im guilty i became a fan. Until he changed. Thats how they get you. They trick you into thinking there against the system but then comes the second or third album and its full of satanic symbols. SMH!!!!

  63. Every month Vc adds more and more countries that flashes the one-eye crap. The NEW WORLDLY RELIGION is officially here:(

  64. I'm friends with the person who did the "Amanda Sefried" photograph. He's not a Mason, nor does he have any hidden agenda. He and I both attend the same church, he's just a normal working class artist trying to make some extra money with his photos.

    Obviously some of the photos posted here are clearly all about MK Ultra and promoting that agenda, I'm not denying that.

    However, when I showed him his photo was on this website, he was quite perplexed and unfamiliar with MK Ultra, the Free Masons, the Illuminati or any of those things. It is quite possible that culturally, the "one eyed" photo trend effected his decision that day when he took the photo. I just encourage everyone to not freak out when they see a picture of someone with their eye covered in a picture. It's not always what it seems.

  65. i have enlightened many in my situation.

    They dont know what is happening to them, why it is happening to them. These experiments are for the gain of political warfare and to controll in the One World Order agenda.

    Many of us are targets and it is done to drive people to suicide. To find out your breaking point and the study of human behavior and ofcourse the privilege of the "mafia" and other criminals gaining access from corrupt government and deffence officials like the NSA aka big brother.

    Commanding people to kill themselves,commanding people to kill others,commanding peopl to do outrated activities through use of electromagnetic, silent subliminal messaging etc.

    In no time well be living in a state where we will be arrested for our thoughts.

    advice; Dont go around disagreing with anyone

    you may end up like me.

  66. The picture of Gakt is no surprise. I have actually, recently, been going through Malice Mizer's (his former band) catalogue and videos, and they have a song and a video called "Illuminati", that in itself is worth looking in to. So, its no surprise, to me, to see him in such a picture, though I have always liked Gakt, that doesn't mean he's not MKed, I'm more than certain he is sadly. :(

  67. So many comments…but wanted to say if not said already, those images of the woman being tied up by the nurse and tortured… that is TOTALLY S&M/BONDAGE filth. THAT is what the degenerate generational satanists want for "culture" world-wide as it energetically feeds their "master." Both our revulsion to it, and other's participation in it. There is hardly anything that passes for entertainment today that is not saturated with ritual blood sacrifice. One reason I still prefer Westerns…

    Thanks for the great work VC, and do keep it going!

  68. openyoureyesnclose y on

    Great post as always!!!

    I saw the episode of ANTM when they did that shoot, and it was creepy from start to finish. A GF of mine called in the middle of the show and said " I think they have that MK BS going on you tell me about" I could not have been more proud of her! VC, im doing my best to take the knowledge and "pay-it-forward"!!

    The fashion industry does so much for the sake of being avant garde…or atleast that's the cover up. The Interview Mag. photoshoot had nothing to do with fashion, as the only fashion seen, is that same outfit the nurse is wearing, which I may add never changes! So that makes this even more less about fashion. Who has a fashion shoot with ONE outfit!?

    Saw those cupcakes a few weeks ago on Terry Richardson blog along with a number of other disturbing pics… I really felt like I needed a shower and a cup of holy water to wash away the filth I exposed my self to.

    Nikki.. I really HATE HER and whats shes doing to young black women, what a disgusting role model!!! Along with her immoral desperation for fame, in the black community, she is a walking dichotomy for self hatred with her platinum remmey weave flowing down to her fake ass crack and blue contacts singing songs glorifying a whorish, materialistic, bisexual, lifestyle! I mean really .. in 2012 grown ass women (25-over)running around looking like her clone, defending this broad's every calculated "controversy", talking about they "barbies"!! Really.. a barbie, at 36?.. more like "Pre-Menopausal Penny" GTFOH!

    Hate to quote myself but hey.. I can:

    " This is all too redundant to be art, and too obvious to be coincidence"

  69. That first photoshoot is hardly about fashion. The model wears the same outfit throughout the whole shoot. They are feeding the public some totally f*cked up bull.

  70. this is kinda sad. even the part with jb… i remember seeing his movie and they would all pray before actually getting on stage. in an interview, justins mom said they where deep christians and if you ask me, she was always strict towards him, a good mom… but now i wonder if it was a lie, or if now that justin is older, he had the decision himself to make? hmm.

  71. There is a lot of blame being put on Hollywood for the disturbing images in 'fashion' and 'the movies'.

    Is there any evidence that the first set of images were even produced in California?

    Interview magazine is published in New York. The money for big-budget Hollywood movies often comes from New York.

    Hollywood makes the movies, but very often it's the elite in New York who bankroll the ones that push the agenda of the elite.

    Be sure to blame the right people for this sickening crap. Don't just bash Hollywood.

  72. The top pictures are truly sickening. They all are in their own way, but it has become so overt. They now want people to feel confused and thrilled by looking at torture.

  73. Maybe it's time to complain about this to the media in mass numbers just to scare them about this illuminati mind control symbolism. I've experienced mind control more then just seeing it in the media but actually becoming a MK ULTRA victim, I'm pretty emotionless except for anger so don't this is a joke. If you noticed the backlash towards the Kony 2012 propaganda there is enough of us to run our mouths.

  74. Ha, their trying so hard with these signs but will always ultimatey fail. This is not beautiful, cute, cool etc… and it never will be, nor has been. This is just sad, and im really starting to question why many people dont catch the signs since so many people are doing it and its so blatant. Ugh, what is this world coming to. And its sad because some of these "stars" ( and i use that loosely) grew up in Christian homes. e.g. Taylor Momsen grew up in a Roman Catholic Family. Its just so sad how they belittle theirselves by selling thier souls and sacrifacing their morals, so they can get controled, abused, and mentally "F'd" up. No, never is it worth it.

  75. "Yeah Bieber, you deserve it! Hahaha!" is the thing that I would have to say if I didn't know about this site. But seriously, even though I am a hater of Justin Bieber (because of how he acted to a fellow citizen of mine), that picture of him being beaten up is still not fair and plainly ridiculous.

    Is this what we are patronizing now? Slavery in fashion? kids/teens being punch like sandbag? Oh God, please help us.

  76. Ok this hits home to me now, because believe me or not, but I used to go to Sierra Canyon, which is where both Kendall and Kylie attend school. I was in Kendall Jenner's grade! I went over to her house for sleepovers, I was her friend. I was let behind the closed door which most people have NEVER been let through. It's sickening, because they never were this way…I swear to you they weren't corrupted…and now? I'm not her friend anymore…things have changed. They've become more evil, money hungry. Kim's sex tape "a blessing" upon the family. I sincerely, with all my heart, believe this stuff…this stuff is real you guys.

    • you went to school and hung out with her? have you noticed anything 'different' because it has been said that they are "MK'd" meaning, multiple personalities due to being traumatized since babies. have you ever noticed anything odd or unusual about their behaviours? or they were normal, like you said??

  77. Ohio Croatian on

    Those fu**** hypocrites in the fashion industry are "anti-fur" and "pro- PETA but, allow dehumanizing garbage like the lesbian-bondage scene appear in a fashion magazine. Unfortunately,the controllers of the "fashion world" allow young children to be used and discarded in third-world clothing sweatshops because they do not want to pay adequate wages to their workers.

  78. I don't get it. You people defend justin bieber by saying that he's not in the illuminati he's a part of it and then you go off to say that Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Nicky Minaj are all in it…seriously? What if they are being controlled too? I mean come on Beyonce and Jay Z? Theres no way she would have ended up with him if he wasn't so powerful and if he wanted her then he got her. As for Lady Gaga she is way to close to her father which could possibly hint to her handlers!

  79. So they aren't looking at asia all that much…?

    Maybe it means the illuminati are more based in America?

    And symbols. On cookies.




    You damn bastards….

  80. It's actually as if the world is in love with this evil though.

    There can be no doubt that we're living in the darkest of times.

    How much more of this can God stand?

  81. Did any1 notice the many opening doors symbol above Chris Jenner, the arrivals part 42 talks about it

    Keep in mind folks that the antiChrist (which is what all these inverted crosses ect symbolise) has to come out in the open as it has been stated… so this seems to me like this is their exposure more than anything. all this horrible cruelty have been takin place underground and behind the scenes anyway, and now is revealed to the world to c as the Bible predicted. shock n disgust is a normal reaction to horror, but somethin tels me the worst is coming. but the truth is Finally all their dark secrets will not only be displayed out in the light but will also be put to an end… believe it or not.

  82. What is all of this supposed to be about and for? I don't get it! New to this site. It all just seems sick to me.

  83. I can really read a lot in that picture with the Jenner's. The room is bright and looks seemingly cheerful and fun but you can see that it's actually creepy and sinister, just like the entertainment industry and everything the Kardashians are about. Kylie and Kendell are standing like soldiers looking ready to obey their mother's every whim. She's selling them, presenting the human body as being like meat. The dolls in front of the window, also looking at the chalkboard are a reference to mk ultra.

    • so you are saying this shoot is actually a 'cattle call' for her daughters? kylie and kendra….much like antm holds cattle calls for new model wannabees…

  84. Umm VC? I think you forgot Cody Simpson. Look through his pictures on Instagram and you might find one that has him and a few other people with their hands in their coats (I don't know what that hand sign is called, sorry..)

  85. TheFgttnAlchemist on

    I understand the stuff about Momsen with the satanic imagery. It's obvious she's a metal fan. Her music was described by her as what it would sound like if "Madonna and Marilyn Manson" fucked in an old issue of Revolver magazine. It's probably just image, like black metal bands and doesn't worry me at all. I see this kind of crap all the time.

    Now, the torture pics in the beginning… What exactly in the fuck is up with that? That's what sort of worries me. How the hell is that fashion?

  86. more boring dross from unoriginal minds.

    i really hope most of you are avoiding the telly by now, for our own good…


    what can you do in loving service to others today?

  87. did anybody watch the new movie "the divide" directed by Xavier Gens of " Frontiers " fame

    there is a pivotal scene in the movie which deals with forced mind control or puppetry

    and the reason why i mention it is because at the beginning of the scene the illuminati sign is shown up close next to the face of rosanna arquette's character marilyn who undergoes humiliating treatment much similiar reminding me of Lady Gaga .. but just watch the movie and check out for yourselfs how it plays out and how VC needs to actually do a article on it cause i thought it would have been on the net already i even googled it but nothing SO VC BE THE FIRST TO COVER IT . PLEASE.. AND KEEP UP THE INFO .. AS WELL AS THE GOOD WORK IN MAKING PEOPLE AWARE.. GOD BLESS.

    In the movie "the divide" the scene with the showing of the sign then the forced mind control starts at 1h.25m.40s into the movie…..

  88. This girl was not a willing participant (first photos) – look at her body, she is not skinny or toned enough to be a model. Her eyes tell a hell of a story in the first and last pictures and the torture photo is not photo-shopped! Take a good look at her legs in the last photo – model legs? or the way her handler is digging her nails into her arm??? It seriously bothers me that people are putting these pictures into mainstream – pictures of abused victims. sigh.

  89. I've been saying this for a while now but I strongly believe that Nicki Minaj wishes she was white.

    If you take a good look at her, none of her "new" features resemble anything of an African American woman. In the picture above, if you did not know who Nicki Minaj was, you would think that the photo was of a white woman.

    There was a study taken some years ago on young black female girls (elementary age) regarding their self-confidence in junction with their race, and a startling number of these young girls admitted that they wish they were white. The study concluded that this poor self-image had a lot to do with young black girls not having many role-models or fictional characters to identify with or look up to. Many of these girls even felt that they were inferior to the other kids and "ugly" for being black. (Forgive me for not having a source to quote- I'm sure you can google it, it's a well known study.)

    While over time this this identity complex is most-commonly outgrown, I would not be surprised if we were to see a gradual lightening of the skin ala Micheal Jackson on Nicki Minaj over the coming years.

    • Just as "popular culture" i.e. the media, Hollywood, the music industry etc has been used to mislead the youth of our society in every conceivable manner possible.. From getting young girls to starve themselves to achieve some "fashion ideal" to legions of young ladies dying their hair blonde to imitate MK-Ultra beta kittens like Marilyn and Britney so they can go forth and mislead the male masses into living through their lower selves the same thing is being used against many different races and cultures all over the world. The asian culture has a fixation with "whiter" looking females with blonde or snow-white hair, this is by design..No woman in present day society should be happy or content with her God-given looks and shoud be ready and willing to go through pain and agony to achieve some physical ideal originating God knows where.

  90. When i saw the story of Helter Skelter,, I immediately thought about nicki minaj and how she had to get surgery before she became famous. she even called herself the "harujuku barbie"

    • They are all altered physically. Marilyn, Rita Hayworth, Elvis got a nose job and his hair was dyed black.. Not just Nikki Minaj..

      • Of course they were altered physically. That's what puppets do, they obey their masters. When they tried to have Ingrid Bergman altered , she didn't stick around.

  91. This is so disturbing! With all the illuminati talk nowadays dont you think they get the propaganda these "fashion" photographers are using them to portray? Boy the power of money eh….

  92. Is Lupe Fiasco illuminati? I know he speaks out against them;however, what about his relationship with Jay-z? I absolutely love Lupe Fiasco latest album Lasers because it does not revolve around the typical fame, sex, drugs, and money. He reaches out to people and makes us understand the real matters going on in this uncontrollable world. Also, DMX has become a great, positive rapper after turning to Christ for help. I give him mad props for altering his God-fearing mentality.

  93. The entire spin on Bieber's start was that he was the child of a single mom who posted his home videos on youtube, thus he was discovered. I'm not buying that. If you search youtube for videos, couldn't find any of him really young and the ones I viewed do not depict a prodigy by any stretch of the imagination… that he would stand out to a scout. However the few videos I've found he looks rattled, like someone is forcing him to perform. In one video he had been crying, you can see the tears in his eyes and he looks scared but is trying to sing. It is very creepy. I believe he is a victim. Maybe generational. I've read his mother was a staunch Catholic. He is definitely a victim and my heart bleeds for these children. Every one of these Luciferian's will meet the wrath of Yah for the sins they have committed against these innocent children.

  94. All these while, these superstars are nothing more than psychotic mind-controlled freaks. Look at what they are willing to do for fame and fortune. They know that whatever the fashion/entertainment industry commands them to do, they will have to do it like a puppy wagging it's tail and being obedient to it's master. That sums up what the business is all about, they are willing controlled by the Illuminati NWO to brainwash the masses.

  95. thats just disgusting how the hell can they stick that in a magazine and call it fashion? What's next a picture in Vogue of someone raping a baby? A satanic imitation of the crucifix? I wouldn't put it past them. The cookies are so horrible. There's really not much you can do except live your life and ignore there crap and wait for the rapture… ugh

  96. firstly, I wouldn't eat those cookies, they're probably drugged.. Secondly, I seriously doubt that those people were models, it just looks too real to be a photo shoot. Besides what better way to show us how they mk ultra victims than using actual victims and handlers?? Maybe the elite has become so blatant that they don't need to use models and actors anymore, and maybe it would be considered 'fashion' if the 'handler' changed her outfits… Oops I shouldn't be giving them ideas. Sorry.

  97. Hi.. I've noticed this Illuminati symbolism in Croatia too.

    Link to her latest performanco on the miss Universe contest:
    This singer has that empty stare in her eyes ever since she underwent transformation and became a huuuge star! Her singing and dancing resembles the former superstar Severina who has some blatant symbolism in every single one of her videos e.g and was associated wit numerous suspicious ppl, most likely handlers, but is now ''retired'' i.e. she gave birth two months ago, so Jelena Rozga took her place. A litle over a year ago Severina started speaking how she wants to become a mother, and at the same time Jelena reached instant mind blowing sucess but I couldn't figure how did she do that because her songs were mediocre. This makes sense to me, but others think Im dellusional and too much into conspiracy.

  98. Some of you have not done enough research. Its very possible for an MKd person to be Christian in one personality and Satanic in another….That's the whole point of MK and trauma….to create MULTIPLE personalities that can be satanic in the dark of night and christian during the day in front of adoring fans. Some of you are missing the whole point of the Trauma. Trauma is used to SPLIT the mind so you can be more than one person at a time. Bieber was likely MK'd from infancy he doesn't know what his satanic side gets up to when he's out of his body. When they are pushed on us so hard, and become so popular, they are usually the top of the line in MK'd Multiple Personality Disordered individuals.

  99. LMAO!

    This is not art this is the product of a rotting stinking overbred overfed overloaded population and culture.

    For christs sake I hope VC does not get overloaded with wack job "christians" they are just as supernatural and believing in profits or false prophets imaginary wacky stuff as the sicko satanist occults. Very disturbing.

    VC Rational minds please prevail. Get outside and get in the wilderness clear those insane thoughts out.

  100. Please view the new 2013 Ford mustang commercial on youtube. At the end they show a small girl in a pink ballerina outfit, but as the car passes and you see her reflection on its side, she is no longer wearing her pink outfit but she is in all black with huge black wings, like the movie black swan. Pretty pathetic.

  101. I just discovered this site about a week ago and have literally just spent the last few days reading as many articles possible.

    I have to say that at first glance I thought this was all just a bunch of conspiracy theory rabble.

    But now I have been enlightened and I'm starting to see this kind of stuff pop up everywhere.

    Also now when I remember all of my childhood heroes and even people I admire today, all I can think about is them getting bent over as a child and "Initiated".

    As I'm writing this, my daughter is watching Disney Channel, time to read a book instead.

  102. thirsty fish on

    Michael Jackson was killed because he was exposing them through his songs. he was not part of them.

  103. Anyone else notice the date on the photo of the cookies by Terry Richardson? Valentine's Day? So what does that say about love?

  104. Dazed&Amazed on

    I think we've gone beyond the point again that most of these artists are not "IN" the Illuminati, at least they don't start off this way. Once you have a certain amount of notoriety you become a puppet. Most of them probably would not know where to begin with what the Illuminati actually is. Justin represents one side and Nicki Minaj represents another. This is a woman who is obviously willing to sacrifice her soul for fame and fortune. Justin I believe is more like a Disney Kid type, too young to really know what the Hell he was getting himself into and unknowingly doing the same thing as Minaj. Not that I can stand either at the moment. Just saying.

  105. While watchin Bieber gettin the crap beaten out…..

    "While some might find this pic to be the most satisfying thing they ever saw….."

    IMAOOOOOO I'm sorry That quote just that just made my day L πŸ˜›

    • Be Good To Yourself on

      Vigilant Citizen's expose is saving many lives. You don't have to live in a war zone, to be a victim of the elite.

  106. Once again I urge you all – do not ignore the obvious! Do not get lost in the past!

    The sort of perverse BDSM sexual imagery displayed above does not merely depict sexual trauma programming carried out on a relatively small number of life long Monarch sex slaves – it reflects “Illuminati” sex magick mind control techniques currently being employed on tens of millions of people in North America, Europe and Japan alone. Most discussion on the internet and in popular exposes of Monarch programming are based on techniques long since superseded by more advanced “Illuminated” technology.

    In 1950 they still needed to inflict direct, physical sexual trauma programming on select Monarch victims – usually from childhood – in order to produce complete mind control. However in 2012 they have a population that has been PRE-programmed for most of their lives by Monarch control signals hidden in popular media (music, video games, movies, pornography) even as they have had the filthiest types of perverse imagery force fed them through these same channels – imagery and concepts that have become ever more deviant at an accelerating rate in recent years. Given this pre-programming of the younger generations and the swiftly advancing “Illuminati” technology, They are able to use sex magick mind control techniques (they blend ritual and hard science at every level) to seize control of human being remotely at will. YOU may have your brain hijacked at any moment and control of your body taken from you. If you notice missing periods of time, unexplained bruises/ligature marks/body fluids – there is a HIGH probability that you are being used as a Monarch Sex Puppet and having your memory wiped.

    Look at how violent sexual perversion and semenancy are promoted openly in images such as the above. Look at how eagerly middle-aged housewives line up to buy bestsellers about violent perverse BDSM sex. Look at the explosive growth in perverted imagery from the top pop stars.

    It is all deliberate – and all far more pervasive and advanced than most here realize. Good luck to you all.

  107. I am not embarassed to admit that I have hopes that Justin Bieber wouldn't be a part of this too. I'm still hoping he isn't actually, considering that he has been public about his belief that Jesus is his Lord and Saviour… =/ Though my hopes are probably going to keep going down and down. When I saw the promotional poster for his "Someday" perfume in one of the shopping centres here in Sydney I knew something was up with him. Like how, according to the poster, the elites are getting to him slowly & slowly (Beiber's head hiding one of the woman's eyes behind him & the seductive expression on her face, looking as if she's about to lick Justin's right ear). Justin, keep standing up for what it truly is that you believe in & don't just carelessly do as you're told. Most of all, remember that LOVE for money (not money in itself) is the root of all evil.

  108. Wow… The Inverted Cross on the cookies and the woman wearing the Church of Satan shirt was enough for me.

  109. Justin B was found online , YouTube , I don't think he's Illuminati because he always like we did this , i'm so thankful for the fans (beliebers) and to God , because in some careers , your forced out of your own will , to stay in the industry..

  110. This symbolic pictures, though disgusting, truly shows me the methods in which celebrities "have lost their minds" are being used and manipulated by their "ultimate owner" to do their dark bidding to the rest of the lost souls who have no clue about the ultimate plan that they will initiate to show them who is boss. Disgusting pictures yet reasonable meaning about domination and dehumanization.

    These people are definitely losing their self-conscience and becoming ever-inferior to the master portraying symbols with dark meanings in an "eye-deal" way.

    VC never fails to keep me updated on the evil machinations that could happen since the entertainment industry is being owned by none other than the "illuminati" themselves.

    Job well done.

  111. Here are some creepy photos from an amateur photographer from Norway along the same lines..

    Images of masks, butterflies, burning houses, etc. etc. and the big one! An image of a model with what else?! Mickey Mouse ears and no arms! Check out the photo entitled 'MUT.' The photographer states that she "likes to spice up the normality, and loves to take pictures of reality. There is a dark and hidden side in everything, and I love to discover and play with it. The truth is already twisted!! I seek madness, but fight evilness…" So, she has a desire to portray 'reality' and exposes the dark side to everything and realizes that is part of the truth. But it is st ill interesting to see the symbolic images she comes up with.. very interesting..

  112. I think you should include something about American Dad. Yesterday i saw a new one and a witch version of Francine (caused by Stan's intoxication) crashed into a building the way 9/11 did, soon followed by the words: It's time you knew the truth. (And for some reason, says it was witches). If you want to see it just go on youtube and write American dad bewitched. :/

  113. What magazine are the first 4 pictures from? I want to write to complain. Those pictures are absurd. How can they call tying someone up to a wall fashion? That is so disgusting.

    • Totally agreed, Marie. I am beyond appalled that that Interview Magazine "fashion shoot"(???!!!) Those are some of the most disturbing images I've ever seen. This is utterly sick and disgusting.

  114. it's all so in your face and everywhere because all this use of symbolism gives these devil worshiping crazies power because they are mocking God.

    well one thing is for sure is that at the end of time – the devil looses and so do all his little followers…

    at the end of the Bible JESUS wins – good always triumphs over evil…

  115. I regard myself as being very aware of the " agenda" in all its aspects and have been for many years.. but I was honestly shocked to see the pics from the magazine…Unbelievable..Things are really coming to a head and the time has come for everyone to choose which side of the line in the sand they walk. This crap is way on the other side from me and so many I (fortunately) know.

  116. inverted crosses on biscuits? please. turn the biscuit around.

    Baphomet? etymology of the word taken from its original roots means wisdom.

    Just because these people use these symbols doesn't mean these symbols carry are negative. There is no black magic, there is only magic. The tools of manipulation are simply tools.

    While its good to be aware of these things, they are necessary for the conscious growth of our species. One of the principle beliefs of the people behind these things is focus of energy. This is why in a church or a concert everyone looks at one person on the stage. Ask a stage performer if they can feel this energy. Therefore, continued focus on these negatives only lends them power.

    Stop the focus, stop the power.

  117. Just google image search 'Interview magazine' and look at the horror that unfolds as your scroll down. Occult imagery, blood, hands over faces (mind control)

    google search 'complex magazine justin bieber' has a lot more pics of justin bieber getting pummelled

    • do all 'slaves/puppets' get tortured, or do most simply obey for money/success/fame. im not a huge fan of the Beibs, but its hard to believe that a kid would endure so much pain :'(

  118. As for the first few pics, I see this all the time in BDSM. I guess the difference is that with BDSM its mutual on both parties. One agrees to be trained as a slave a one agrees to be the master. Its hard for me to tell if its honoring bdsm or mku. either wåy its inappropriate. But I like bdsm

  119. k i just realized what i said. Im guessing bdsm is a more mainstream way to make ppl love being controlled and introduced to mku. i cant figure it out anymore. eithe® way bdsm is fun. lol

  120. Okay this is my first time commenting on this site but I have to point out something disturbing here. I know that a lot of these models pose in strange ways for photographs. Is the person in the first few photos displayed (the torture scenes) voluntarily posing or is this someone who this is really happening to and the woman with the keys is really doing this (for real)? Look at the girls feet they are dirty as if she's been there for a long time. Look at her face she looks like she's in pain and so out of it! This girl truly looks as if this is for real. She looks so tramatized. I can't believe that they would even put this shit in a magazine. That is not fashion at all its torture scenes.

  121. Slave to the world on

    If you look at Justin you can see his semi hiden eye it's sorta of opened & in his interviews he like Katy Perry seems to act as like they don't believe being a celebrity is all fun n games which it isn't n they even seem to look all scared n terrifed when people cheer nwhen there performing with the symbolism there is hope for them if you look at their eyes you can tell maybe someone can help with breaking chains by which their enslaved. By the way does anybody feel creeped out n viliated when they see the eye Ina pyramid or Is it just me oh n is the Arab world also illmnati please answer thank you

  122. i belive in god hes the only one who can save you not satian dont belive me if yaw want but ill see you burning in hell

  123. Interesting cookies…I had heard that the heart shape is also an evil symbol and has nothing to do with why we think we celebrate Valentines Day. I teach preK and do not even need to teach them the heart shape. They all know it because they see it everywhere. Just another thing to add to the list of ~Do I want my child to know this?

  124. So I'm dying to know more about this , please help me understand :
    1. Who are the people in charge of getting those exact photos with specific symbols on top of the covers ? is it the celeb it self who orders in the contract that there must be a photo with 1 eye folded ? is it the photographer ? the manager ? the editor of the magazine ? who is in charge that this will happen ? or is this a coincidence since there are not so many possible poses and symbols in our hands?
    if you answer this, do you know of any evidence for someone actually giving an order to do so ?

    2. How exactly do those specific symbols effect our minds? do they have hypnotic powers? are they only for showing off ? if so- do you have any kind of backing for this ?

    3. Isn't it more reasonable that some people are being greedy,megalomaniacs, narcissistic regardless to a cult ? say for example due to the fact that we live in a society that is capitalistic and far from nature and children adopt to it ?
    Thank you ,

  125. I think the platinum blonde model in the initial photo shoot(the nurse) is Karolina Kurkova, ex Victoria's Secret Model and alleged MK Ultra Monarch doll, so this makes sense.

  126. Jed H. Covington on

    My ones only has one eye. He said he lost the other from a bb gun when he was a kid, but all this makes me wonder if he's really some kind of illuminati secret agent sent here to spy on Me. He also has a picture of a butterfly in a freaking frame!!! WTF should I do? First I need to destroy that picture – that's for DAMN sure!

  127. When i saw those 2 pics of justin beiber i almost cried.I would have never had thought that they would even control him like that!I feel bad for him :(

  128. Oh dear. First few pics were very disturbing. Like with the video Love Me by Lil Wayne, how is this pretty at all? It's NOT. Period.

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