Symbolic Pics of the Month (02/12)

The fashion shoot entitled "Kim & Luisa" by photographer Pierre Dal Corso appears to be heavily influenced by mind control imagery. In this pic, model's face is painted white, the same color of the mask she is holding, a classic symbol representing the MK slave's alter persona. The mask also hides one eye, another important sign used in mind control.

The first month of 2012 is over and boy did we see Illuminati symbolism across popular culture. Here’s the January edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month featuring Demi Lovato, Nikki Minaj, Beth Ditto, Dakota Fanning and a bunch of fashion shoots. Even Warren Buffett is in there.

This fashion shoot entitled “Kim & Luisa” by photographer Pierre Dal Corso appears to be heavily influenced by mind control imagery. In this pic, the model’s face is painted white to match the mask she is holding. Masks are classic symbols of mind control that represent the MK slave’s alter persona (masks are also used in actual mind control programming).  The mask also hides one eye, another important symbol of mind control.


Another pic emphasizing on the concept of the mask as an alter persona.


The model’s expressionless face inside a big eye…as if she is owned by it.


Same photoshoot, again with the one eye.


Here’s another mind control-inspired photoshoot by photographer BlanQ. Aptly entitled “Identity” (MK slaves lose their own identity and are programmed new ones) the shoot features the robotic models manipulated by hidden handlers. In this pic, the handler places a doll (representing the powerless slave) on the model’s head, while other arms control the rest of her body.


In this one, the handlers get a bit more “grabby”, demented and abusive  which refers to the sexual abuse that is inflicted on MK slaves to cause dissociation.


This disturbing pic (is this still fashion) portrays the total control of handlers on the slaves. They even hide the slave’s distress behind a forced (programmed) smile.


This image, used to promote Beyonce’s last album, caused some controversy due to the fact that her skin color was obviously “paled”. Looking further into the image, the animal prints and the blonde hair refer to Beta Programming (also known as Sex Kitten programming).


Speaking of Sex Kitten, here’s another combo of blond hair and animal prints. In Nikki Minaj’s video “Stupid Hoe” (the most disliked video of 2012) the rapper is shown dancing inside a cage, one of the Illuminati’s favorite ways to depict female pop stars. Definitely a recurring theme.


Demi Lovato’s ritualistic performance at the People’s Choice Awards. Dressed in red, color of initiation, Demi performs surrounded by Masonic checkerboard patterns, the surface on which occult rituals are performed in secret societies.



Mickey Mouse ears are also a favorite way to refer to mind control in pop culture.  As seen in previous articles, Natalia Kills is all about mind control.


K-Pop singer Ahn Sohee also rocks Mickey Mouse ears for no apparent reason.


Photographer Richard Burbridge also felt the need to use Mickey Mouse ears in his photoshoot. Inverted star and Baphomet head on the model’s shirt.


Lady Gaga photoshoot in l’Umomo Vogue. She is depicted as a fem-bot (mind control, transhumanism, Maria from Metropolis). Funny how pop stars, idols of millions of people, are openly showed as dehumanized, robotic figures…the exact opposite of what artistic expression is about.


An apt image to portray modern pop stars.


She does not seem to be in control of what she says.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu making the one-eye sign. Her videos PONPONPON and Tsukematsukeru (see articles here and here) are orgies of Illuminati symbolism.


Beth Ditto is the new face of  MAC. She is apparently celebrating her association with the makeup brand with a one-eyed tribute.


Actor Song Joon-ki in Vogue Korea. Vogue is a major “distributor” of Illuminati symbolism across the world.


Promotional picture for Dior


The cover of this issue of Cosmopolitan caused some controversy due to the fact that Dakota Fanning is a minor…and is surrounded with phrases such as “His best sex ever!”, “Too naughty to say here!” and “Um, Vagina are you okay down there?”


Fanning was also featured in this controversial ad for Marc Jacobs holding a phallic object. Working hard to normalize pedophilia.


Super-elite, multi-billionnaire Warren Buffett at a party organized by Jay-Z. As TMZ now likes to say, he’s “throwing up the Illuminati sign”.


See the Masonic symbolism on Buffett’s book cover



As always, special thanks to those who sent in pics!


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If Mr Buffett is here on the post, I'm totally interested. Just joking, nice post by the way!

I must disagree with you on the interpretation of the photo captioned "In this the handlers get a bit more grabby" unless you are referring to those handlers as being demonic spirits? When I first laid eyes on that pic and another one I knew exactly what the photographer was trying to convey.


Are the models/celebrities depicting these symbols because they are told to by the photographer/choreographer? Or are they actually influenced by MKUltra?

I guess my question is… have all or most of these models/celebrities been programmed?? or are they wearing these symbols and/or depicting these symbols without knowing?

ammm A)dakota fanning is 18, hardly p********a she's of legal age i'm pretty sure she can make up her own mind, B) natalia kills hasnt been successful commercially so i dont really get what people are saying if she's "sold her soul" shouldn't she be like uber successful by now(p.s her album is super awesome)…..this just seems like people reading too much into things but i suppose everybody needs something to believe and criticize!! i mean really i need like 100% proof before i believe any of this!! but this is a good site for a little giggle!!

Can u do a piece on O.J Simpson being in this? Cus I cant believe the man got a way with murder and what not, and there were hard evidence he commit all of those crimes. Did ''they'' protect him or did he just had a darn good lawyer?

I've known for years about all this kind of stuff. And it is so shocking and so clear, The longer it goes on the more obvious it becomes. I don't understand how people can't believe it Its soo in your face and obvious that maybe people think its too obvious to be true.

I just think Good always beats bad, One way or another. I just hope the New world order doesn't happen in my life time.

i think looking at this pictures won't protect you perhaps it is worse to pollute your mind with them

OMG when i see stuff like this .. i look past it but when i really read the meanings behind them i sometimes wanna cry because i feel so bad for these people… what is the world coming to? and why can't people be stars without all these strings attached!!! This is one of the reasons why im nervous about moving further into the "music industry".

Missing hyperlinks below pon-pon girl image?

Has anyone thought about how the fashion industry is trying to warn us because they are caught up in the mess, I mean if the Illumanti wanted to Brainwas us then the fashion world would be a little more subtle and not out right blasting horrors. The dakota fanning pictures is weird and gross but that is her choice in my opinion, if you think about it all the sexting and nude pictures that girls send to boys is way more horrifying than this ad and if you think that this ad is brainwashing young girls to be sexier well look no further than yourselves. It is natural to discover sexual things when you are young, but the desicions you make may harm you. what i am trying to say is that it is not brainwashing, its responsability and love that we need to be writing about!

That Beyonce album cover also has her hair style done to look like Micky Mouse ears.

The Dakota Fanning ad made me feel sick when I saw it first, it's such a blatant promotion of p********a.

Has anyone looked up the lyrics to Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe"? It mentions The Superbowl 2012, Michael Jackson's death, and has the line "Put me on the dollar 'cause I'm who they trusting". I couldn't watch the video, seems like something that is intentionally created to trigger photo-sensitive epilepsy. I'm not a sufferer and even I found it gave me a pain in my head for the few seconds I did watch.

I would like to know how blue ivy was created I mean it seems all too weird I felt like beyonce was never pregnat she was in shape too fast ( I know that is possible and she might used tricks) but however it stills weird was all too much announced like in the vmas or whatever and too quickly she gave birth I dont know but it is kind of confusing well I bet (I mean I sure) theres something going there (im sorry if my english is too bad)

@bravelion I find your site very informative to How the minds of many people are being munipulated to think,act,look,speak a certain way. I myself believe This has been happing for many years, many people have become unaware of this because we have been pre prepped for years and now its coming out full force and no one see it. I dont consider myself religous but I do have a personal relationship with Jesus christ. Its hard for me to understand how many people on here don't believe in God/Jesus christ but believe in The illuminati & New world order The bible speaks of this stuff through out Revelation you can find talks about it in rev. 13:11-18. The bible says many will be fooled let it not be us, Confess your Sins and accept Christ as your lord and savior He loves you more then you will ever know. I… Read more »

Jay z and Beyonce's kids name is Blue Ive which stands for B-Born L-living U-under E-evil

I-iLLuminatis V-very Y-youngest

Actually, the Nicki Minaj picture is her spoofing Lil Kim, so if you want to point fingers, point them at kim


This needs to be exposed to everyone who is blind!

-you guys SERIOUSLY need to go to youtube and search ("Girl goes to hell and lives to paint the tale") the lost caged souls look identically to the "handlers on the wall that are controlling the models..and its crazy how on the last pic with the girl on the red dress, the "handler" on the right has a a face of being tortured JUST LIKE THE PAINTINGS OF THE GIRL!..I made me realize how these people who are in this cult know really what it goes in the spiritual realm..and they use this as something the media can think of fashion and art? wow..i thank my Lord jesus for protecting with such evil that goes on in this world.

The colorful photo of the model with the Mickey Mouse ears and the silk shirt. On her shirt is something that appears to be two Baphomet heads but if you look closer its actually a three headed panther. Multiple headed creatures usually symbolize the multiple personalities due to mind control.

Can you give an opinion on this video?
Wonder Woman ft. Ai, Namie Amuro, Anna tsuchiya

I love it and Anna Tsuchiya is my favorite current artist. It seems to have quite a bit of indirect symbolism, especially in the colors and cameras, and Namie Amuro had some weird videos in the past.

The Dakota Fanning magazine cover stood out to me when I saw it on the magazine racks. Full of sexual references superimposed on the picture of a young minor girl. Wow…

And people get upset when M.I.A. flashes her middle finger during her Super Bowl half-time performance.

I have to ask all of you: Everyone is objecting to Dakota being on the magazine because of her age. Doesn't anyone find that magazine inappropriate no matter what the age of the model? Of course it adds another realm of perverse when it is a young girl, but this magazine makes women into objects that are solely used for pleasure. Wrong for any age. Girls learn that their worth is derived from the sexual pleasure they bring others (or even to themselves for that matter) according to this magazine.

Thank you for your comment. What you said is so true. There is so much 'evil fuel' that's feeding our sinful interests such as horrible magazines, movies, even weight loss commercials, which glorifies a woman's dependency on her body looking "sexy" or "desirable". The only sex or sexual nature that is not a sin is the one in a marriage between a man and a woman. So when there are magazines that have "sex this" and "sex that" all over it, we should be offended. But being that sin is upon us we may think nothing of public sexuality and sex being in our faces, it is considered "normal" or "not a big deal" to us because we are jaded and lost our innocence because of sin. So as Wow stated the magazine gives off terrible depictions of the character of women. Even look at how many women dress and… Read more »

Relax, it's just a trashy magazine. Everybody knows it, so hardly many people over the age of 18/19 -I suppose- buy it. It's boring at the same time, once you buy it a few times, you'll find they repeat the same articles all over again.

Last night's Super Bowl Half Time show should be addressed quickly! It woke me up out of a deep sleep, and when I awoke it took me about thirty seconds to realize where I Was and what I was watching. Creepy.

VC, did you "lock" the comments on the Amy Winehouse post? Yosan spoilt it with his comments IMO. Still looking forward to a post on sports, the Super Bowl inclusive and may Amar'e Stoudemire's older brother, Hazell, RIP.