Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/13)


This edition of SPOTM is all about the One Eye sign. As the year 2013 comes to an end, it appears that the sign of the Eye of Horus is more ubiquitous than ever. It is in our faces, all around the world and in all types of media. Here are some examples.

Rihanna is the new face of Balmain fashion house. Unsurprisingly, the two promotional prics that were released feature Rihanna with one eye subtly but wholly hidden.

Rihanna is the new face of Balmain fashion house. Unsurprisingly, the two promotional pics that were released focus on Rihanna hiding one eye.


Someone defintely took some time to place Rihanna's hair in order to hide one eye. That's the kind of pop culutre we're dealing with now.

Someone definitely took some time to place Rihanna’s hair in order to hide one eye. Ads do not simply sell products anymore, they communicate something deeper about the system.


The poster of season 4B  was critised by actress Ashley Benson, claiming: “Our faces in this were from 4 years ago . . . and we all look ridiculous. Way too much Photoshop. We all have flaws. No one looks like this. It’s not attractive.”  What she might not realize is that everything was 'shopped to hide one eye of each star, making this poster a salute to the Illuminati entertainment industry.

The poster promoting season 4B of the TV series “Pretty Little Liars” was criticized by actress Ashley Benson who said: “Our faces in this were from 4 years ago . . . and we all look ridiculous. Way too much Photoshop. We all have flaws. No one looks like this. It’s not attractive.” More importantly, all four girls have one eye hidden, making this poster a salute to the Illuminati entertainment industry.


For some reason, someone thought of creating a TV show called "Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular". Who wanted to see Lady Gaga doing the one eye sign around a bunch of puppets on Thanksgiving? Apparently 3.6 million viewers (including a whole bunch of children) did.

For some reason, someone thought that a TV show called “Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular” would be a great idea. Unsurprisingly, it featured Lady Gaga doing the one eye sign around a bunch of puppets. 3.6 million viewers (including a whole bunch of children) watched this on Thanksgiving. They’re pushing it.


Here's Ke$ha wearing a One-Eye outfit with a One-Eye bandana and One-Eye right on her hand. In short, she is litterally draped in the symbolism of her rulers.

Here’s Ke$ha wearing a One-Eyed outfit with a One-Eyed bandana and a One-Eyed tattoo on her hand. Eye sore.


Candice Swanepoel for iD-Magazine is wearing Mickey Mouse ears (symbolic of Disney MK Programming) and has on eye hidden.

Candice Swanepoel for iD-Magazine is wearing Mickey Mouse ears (symbolic of Disney MK Programming) and has on eye hidden.


Another pic of the photoshoot, proving that the One-Eye thing was not an accident.

Another pic from the photoshoot, proving that the One-Eye thing was not an accident.


A poster of the upcoming TV series "Intelligence". It features a guy hiding one eye with a microchip. Do I need to say more about it? No, but I'll still share with you the plot of the show: "In Intelligence, Josh Holloway stars as Gabriel Vaughn, a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain. With this implant, Gabriel is the first human ever to be connected directly into the global information grid." Wow. Promotion of microchipping, transhumanism and all that crap all wrapped in one brainwashing TV show.

This is a poster promoting the TV series “Intelligence”. It features a guy hiding one eye with a microchip. Do I need to say more about what this represents? No, but I’ll nevertheless share with you the plot of the show: “In Intelligence, Josh Holloway stars as Gabriel Vaughn, a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain. With this implant, Gabriel is the first human ever to be connected directly into the global information grid.” In  short, it is all about the promotion of micro-chipping, trans-humanism and all of that crap, all wrapped in one brainwashing TV show.


Pink dressed as Marilyn Monroe (the symbol of Kitten programming) with one eye hidden and mouth "shushed" by her hand. Sigh.

Pink dressed as Marilyn Monroe (figurehead of Kitten programming) with one eye  hidden. Is there a female star in the industry who DID NOT dress up as Monroe? Not really, as it appears to be an “initiatic” obligation.


Speaking of Kitten programming, here's a rare photo of Britney Spears from 2000. She is literally bathing in diamonds which is coincidentally the symbol used to indentify "presidential models", the highest level of Kitten Programming. Of course, she is hidding one eye to make sure we understand what's going on there.

Speaking of Kitten programming, here’s a rare photo of Britney Spears from 2000. She is bathing in diamonds and hiding one eye with a diamond. She also has a diamond butterfly (representing Monarch programming) on her right arm. In MK symbolism, diamonds are the symbol used to identify “presidential models”, the highest level of Kitten Programming.


This is the cover of "The Ultimate Guide to Talent Agencies and Casting Directors". The One-Eyed picture however tells you what is TRULY needed to make it in the entertainment industry.

This is the cover of the book entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Talent Agencies and Casting Directors”. The One-Eyed picture tells you what is TRULY needed to make it in the entertainment industry.


Speaking of book covers, here's the cover of "Fashion Now", a guide of the most influential designers. In case you didn't notice: THERE'S A ONE-EYE THING GOING ON ON THE COVER!

Speaking of book covers, here’s the cover of “Fashion Now”, a guide to the most influential fashion designers. Here’s a surprising fact that you might not have noticed: THERE’S A ONE-EYE SIGN THE COVER!


Another edition of "Fashion Now".

Another edition of “Fashion Now”. I don’t get fashion.


UK "reality star" (the saddest star category there is) poses in underwear and hiding one eye. Just doing what he can to cling to some celebrity.

UK “reality star” (the saddest category of stars there is) poses in underwear and is hiding one eye. Just doing what he has to do to say somewhat famous.

"Urban model" Stephanie Santiago showing off her tattoo. Someone gotta pay for dem shoes, AMIrITe!?! No.

“Urban model” Stephanie Santiago showing off her tattoo. “Someone gotta pay for dem shoes, AMIrITe!?! LOL!”.

Stephanie and her friends really want to be part of that biz.

Stephanie again, with her friends, trying to look as Illuminati pawns as possible.

The City of Sydney's New Years Eye celebrations' theme is "Shine". It's symbol: A WHOLE BUNCH OF CREEPY EYE EVERYWHERE. According to Sydney residents, there are eyes everywhere in the city.

The City of Sydney’s New Years Eye celebrations party is called “Shine”. The theme? A WHOLE BUNCH OF CREEPY EYES EVERYWHERE. Posters of the event are currently all around the city.


Here's a poster promoting "Shine". Eyes everywhere around the city of Sydney. How nice and comforting.

Here’s a poster promoting “Shine”. Eyes everywhere around the city of Sydney. How nice and comforting.


There's even All-Seeing eyes on space satellites and rockeyships. In order words, people in Sydney will celebrate the New Year under the theme of them being watched all the time.

There are even All-Seeing eyes on space satellites and rocket-ships. This does not make me want to celebrate the New Year. It makes me want to go hide in forest, away from all of these eyes.


Here's the logo of Race 4 Chase - a Sandy hook victim. My stomach is queezing.

Here’s the logo of Race 4 Chase – a charity for a Sandy hook victim. I feel sick to my stomach.


It was placed inside a park in Newtown.

It was placed inside a park in Newtown. Speaking of which, one year later, is there any new information about the alleged shooter? No, nothing at all.


Here is what left of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Questioning the "official version" of the story with crime scene evidence is now quite difficult, isn't it?

In case someone wanted to go investigate the Sandy Hook crime scene and verify the official version of the story, here is what left of Sandy Hook Elementary School. That is how you destroy evidence.



      • There we go, now that you are no longer surprised it will be all the easier to control future generations. Thanks to VC's tireless effort to promote the cabal. Nice work VC, the check is in the mail.

      • You are completely wrong about that, frog. We must gain knowledge and awareness of what these sick satanists are doing so that we can purge their brainwashing from our minds. VC is not promoting the cabal, he is revealing aspects of how they operate, which is a necessary step in gaining the knowledge we need in order to harden ourselves and our children against their tactics.

        It is not promoting illness to diagnose it. Diagnosis is the first step in fighting the disease.

    • Re: the sandy Hook photos above. Acutally, there's quite a bit of new info out on Adam Lanza. A book was just released about the shooting called “NEWTOWN: An American Tragedy”. There have been quite a few stories about him since the anniversary of the shooting.

      • VC said info about the shooter, not Adam Lanza. Adam Lanza's death certificate says he died the day before Sandy Hook.

  1. Yayks. Terrifying though not very surprising. The thing that creeps me the most is the Sydney picture. I mean, they're taking to a whole new level, even for those who are not interested in reality tv or music.
    Thank you again for the post.

    • If you remember back when Ke$ha was still new to the scene and did a number on the Aussie version of "The Voice" (I think it was that show) the one eye thing was all over that performance. I quite honestly think that our Aussie brethren don't even realize what is happening. Very sad really……

      • Please dont cast blanket statements over an entire populace of a country, Australians are no more or less oblivious to Illuminati symbolism than the rest of the world, also dont forget which countries are manifesting the lions share of this symbolism ie not Australia, are the 100s of millions in these countries aware of all this symbology are they?

      • I am another Aussie that sees this stuff and is sickened by it. This stuff is everywhere, businesses hire people to design logos for them and the people who design them all seem to be getting there ideas from the same mind. It's getting harder and harder to ignore. But the good Lord did say "Nothing hidden will stay hidden." so what do you expect to happen.

      • Hello all you Aussies! So happy that this is prevalent where you are. Of course, I'm not happy that this agenda is global! Truly sickening.

        By the way, the more I learn about Australia, the more I want to visit — I think you're all pretty awesome.

        Merry Christmas from the U.S. !

      • ^^^^ meant to say, I'm happy this information is prevalent where you are. Since knowledge is power and at some level, it believe this awareness will help protect us.

    • This world is headed towards destruction. It's crafty, so many can't see it. Please humble yourself and call on Jesus. Recognize that He is the creator of all things. He loves you and has a plan for you. He died for all the sins of the world and rose from the grave 3 days later showing Himself to be GOD in the flesh. Please repent and turn from your rebellious sins. Be willing and let Him do the rest. Please find a good Christian church and read the Bible daily. Thank you!

      • Right on, Eddie. It oftentimes saddens me that people who are in the know of the satanic conspiracy we're in seem to have no problem accepting that fact, but are still blind to the Truth that is in Jesus Christ. I guess we love our own sins too much to be willing to give them up and turn to Jesus… You might be in the know of as much as you want, but if you don't know Jesus, you're going down to hell as much as the "conspirators". They've just sinned differently than we did. We need Jesus for salvation. All have sinned and come short to the glory of God.

  2. Rihanna is so boring. but they have to put her everywhere bc she's doing the dirty work.
    that stoned cartoon snake checking out Candice's naked ass is pretty creepy.
    kesha just hurts to look at, she's really so lame.
    I REMEMBER that picture of Britney from so long ago! look how young and vibrant she looked, vs the sad tired looking Britney of today.
    I had no idea that sandy hook elementary was basically bulldozed. very suspicious. what a scary world we live in…

    • It was closed off for the demolition, and those involved had to sign non-disclosure agreements. Guess they didn't want them to say anything about the complete lack of blood in a so-called crime scene where twenty-six were reportedly murdered.

    • The construction crew had to sign documents agreeing to never disclose anything they saw inside the building. Many if us don't believe "Sandy Hook" ever happened. There are lots of interesting videos on Youtube that consist of news footage that seems to prove this claim. One side note: Antony La Vey's satanic church in San Francisco has one and only one satellite church anywhere in the US. It's in the same city as Sandy Hook Elementary School.

  3. "No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation." -David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

    Enough said.

    • "Ironically, given his criticisms of the New Age movement and his attempts to draw out of it a balanced, practical spirituality of service and human betterment, Spangler has been a focus of anti-New Age propaganda primarily from religious writers, some of whom falsely identified him as the "Director of Planetary Initiative for the United Nations," a wholly fictitious position in an organization with which he had no association. Likewise, the claim that he said that "no one will enter the New Age unless he or she makes a pledge to worship Lucifer and takes a Luciferic initiation," is equally untrue and is a quote invented by others and subsequently falsely attributed to him. Refuted, from his book "Reimagination of the World", David Spangler/William Thompson, p. 133.

      Dont beleive every single thing you hear man. Just pointing that out not saying I side with his beliefs.

      • *believe


        "Spangler says that 'Lucifer comes to give us the final .. Luciferic initiation .. it is the initiation into the New Age'. He also says that 'Christ is the same force as Lucifer … Lucifer prepares man for the experience of christhood …. Lucifer works within each one of us to bring us to wholeness as we move into the New Age'. 66 Spangler teaches that Lucifer is 'an agent of God's love'. 67 He believes that Lucifer is the angel of man's inner evolution, that 'the light that reveals to us the path to Christ comes from Lucifer…the great initiator . Lucifer comes to give us the final initiation that many people in the days ahead will be facing, for it is an initiation into the New Age' (ibid.)"

      • Lucifer = Christ, eh? That *sounds* all well and good, but I highly doubt that Christ would condone the acts of the elite in pursuit of the NWO: Mass murder, population control, poisoning human bodies and brains, mind control, torture, child abuse, dumbing down the population, brainwashing, and spreading negative energy. NOT very Christ-like AT. ALL.

      • Luciferians teach that Lucifer/Prometheus etc. is the real God, unlike Adonai, which is in some way the Gnostic "Demiurge", the Evil God, creator of the spiritual prison which is matter.
        M.P.B. in "The Secret Doctrine" equally expresses the same concept:

        "(…) Thus Satan, once he ceases to be viewed in the superstitious spirit of the church, grows into the grandiose image. It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God. Satan (or Lucifer) represents the Centrifugal Energy of the Universe, this ever-living symbol of self-sacrifice for the intellectual independence of humanity."

        Alice Bailey, etc. , they're all putting us in front of the same concept.

        To me, and to many NWO researchers, the ultimate goal for the Elite is to create a "platform" in which humanity is forced to worship Satan as the only God, hence they are theistic satanists/luciferians at the core; this is also what is predicted it's gonna happen in the Bible.

        No matter if Sprangler is wrongly linked to this claim, the authors of this speech indeed got the point pretty clear: the "New Age" of liberty, unity, etc. , is a false promise which is gonna lead into Satan's kingdom.

        See also Keith Thompson's material.

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    • In Islamic tradition it's written that the anti Christ will be one eyed. I personally believe that's the reason they're pushing this symbol. It's also relates to spiritual blindness where people can see the exterior but aren't able to see with true wisdom.

      • Or maybe it has to do with the Eye of Horus. The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. In certain dharmic spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, the third eye refers to the ajna, or brow, chakra. In Theosophy it is related to the pineal gland. The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.

        The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The eye is personified in the goddess Wadjet (also written as Wedjat, or “Udjat”, Uadjet, Wedjoyet, Edjo or Uto). It is also known as ”The Eye of Ra”.

      • I watched it on YouTube, there's heaps of them. But he's dead now, died at 34.. No surprise seeing what he'd been revealing to the world!!!

      • Thank you for posting this! I've never listened to his lectures before and I'm ever so happy I found out about him!

    • Maybe the reason why it is all over the place is to reinforce the programming. They're all over the place…that whole one eye pose….and the mind controlled slaves are all over the place too. Other things are used as reinforcement too. They're in music, TV, films. Everywhere. I mean, the programmers aren't gonna be right next to them all the time so it would seem right to have this all over right?

      Cut the work in half.

    • Occultists Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant talk about the Hand and the Eye as primordial forms representing the agency of magic. The Eye sees, and thus symbolizes consciousness, I think somewhat in the role of observer-created reality in quantum physics, where consciousness and observation can have an effect on outcomes. The Hand acts on what the Eye sees. In the Typhonian system of magic espoused by these occultists, the Eye is also the goddess Typhon and the Hand is her son the god Set. Combining them represents the entire magical universe and its encompassing world view.

    • you will find the answer if you properly research Islam…

      What do the Elite hate most? What is always portrayed negatively in the Media? Why the Arab Nations are always at War (being pitted against each other by our treacherous leaders who work for CIA)?

      There must be a reason for the above…

      Here is a hint for your above question: Once Allah's (God's) Apostle stood amongst the people, glorified and praised Allah as He deserved. Then, mentioning Dajjal, he said,: "I warn you against him (i.e. the Dajjal) and there was no prophet but warned his nation against him. No doubt, Noah warned his nation against him but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed."

      We call him by many names, Al Aawar Al dajjal (the one eyed deceiver) or al Masih Al Dajjal (the false Messiah).

    • yes you are right…Donald Marshall is exposing it. He is a victim of human cloning by the illuminati. He has experience with Vril repoids in secret cloning centres. They are assisted by the illuminati to parasite human brains…via the eye..This way they completely take over the person. The illuminati is controlled by these 'droned' individuals. Has been going on throughout history…Hence the obsession with the eye…even in ancient Egypt etc. Here are some links……….

      • DianeHelen Church on

        Thanks for the information. I have started to read about Donald Marshall, on his facebook page. He is very brave to be a whistleblower.
        I had wondered about the meaning of the one eye thing! So, that is the reason? They use the eye when they take over a body? That is so creepy and evil, yet what you say, feels like the truth.. UGH!

    • It represents the all seeing eye of Satan. The use of the OK symble is really the use of the mark of the beast symble. It forms 666 with the hand

    • They are waiting for the forth coming of their leader whose in turn one eyed person…this person is the anti christ a master of deception. These sick people have reached a very high level of control and power so that they are announcing it loud and everywhere…

    • When you have one eye, you have no peripheral vision. When you have no peripheral vision, you cannot see well. Also your brain has to work harder to process images.

  4. Not "my"Josh Holloway! :( The Sandy Hook one is ridiculous but not surprising, really. By the way, has anyone seen Joel Osteen's new logo? It also has an "eye" vibe to it, very disturbing also. And sad. :(

    • I know, not Josh Holloway! But he was in the TV series LOST. That show is full of symbolism including the episode titles. Remember the number and room 23 and the looking glass station? The duality of the game (black and white checkers). Courtney Stodden's husband was in the show too. And Terry O'Quinn who was in the new show "666 Park Avenue". There are many references in the LOST series to occult secrets such as the healing properties of the water in the temples and the crocodile god statue (messiah), immortality, serpent energy (electromagnetic), ankhs, you name it! Just look at the episode titles: White Rabbit, Numbers, Do No Harm, The Greater Good, The 23rd Psalm, Fire and Water, The Man Behind the Curtain, Through the Looking Glass, There's No Place Like Home, Happily Ever After, to name a few!

      • Not to mention the last episode(s) where they had all the symbols of the world religions together in one place. They could have made that show so much better, but of course they had to make it one big propaganda piece instead.

    • Had a look at Joel Osteen's new logo…yup, I see what you mean. Also, when you look at some of his pictures, very masonic,….so you can see who is puppet masters are. It's all about the new age agenda..simple!

      • Apalachian Redeem on

        May some one tell me when a boy becomes a man? …like, legally its 18. But, ethically its, like.. Is 12 bad? Fuk.. Im in Australia! Please help! And donate to my new computer lab at the Charter School. We had a dollar. Think he bought nuggets? Grrr! Awwwww rihanna looks ohh my… I mean… That first one.,. Hope my girls still up!

    • Omg Rain I frigin lovveed him too and until now,was very excited about his new show. Now he's joined list of celebrities who are lame sheep and can go fuck themselves. I'm going to cry for Josh now :-(

  5. The destruction of the Sandy Hook school really got me. Meaning we will never know what really happened there. Quite sad
    As for others, nothing new. #Really

  6. Crazy sick stuff. The sandy hook is off the hook crazy. Its bad enough the whole thing was a staged event now they put there signature on it. The whole one eyed thing and hand-heart sign is disgusting. I once saw a picture of Anton LeVay doing the hand-heart sign. I believe it was from a you tube video. Really wants to make you sick to your stomach with all this eye and hand signs going on. Because behind all the signs, evil lurks doing more dangerous things than we can even imagine.

    • The hand-heart sign is a reference to the "sacred heart" of Semiramis (AKA Asherah, Ishtar, Isis, Inanna, Kali). She is the "Mother of Darkness". Her initiates are known as the "Sisters of Light" but her Grand Dames are known as "Mothers of Darkness". Ancient priests would remove and consume the heart from a living victim in honor of her. Think of "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom". She is the consort of Baal/ Osiris/ Shiva. She is the "whore of Babylon". Her priestesses were "sacred prostitutes" and served in the temples to the priests of her consort.

  7. The Sandy Hook thing really got to me. I'm not surprised by that poster. Especially since it was a false flag event. There is a post-shooting photo-op in which Emily Parker (one of the girls supposedly killed) was shown sitting on President Obama's lap. There were 3 Parker girls and they chose the wrong one to sit on his lap. She is wearing the exact same dress that she wore in a family photo that the mainstream media kept showing of the family. Exact same dress, exact same girl and supposedly deceased, but sitting on Obama's lap after the shooting. Then there was the Facebook page for the victims that was created a day before the shooting. Then there was the song that the survivors sang "Over The Rainbow". "They" have their fingerprints all over this one!

  8. What???.. I'm an ex-lawyer who has given up her profession to enter the acting field. I'm not resorting to this bullocks to become successful. In God I trust

  9. I don't understand why anyone is "distressed" about a fake event (Sandy Hook) that happened in a fake world used as a message/false flag for its "inhabitants". Seriously, everyone needs to get a grip and realize NONE OF THIS is real. Don't get emotional over things that are not true/you don't understand.

      • There's more evidence to suggest it was a staged event than to suggest it was real. In fact, the only evidence to suggest it was real was the media's word. Too many conflicting reports, stories changing. No evidence of Adam Lanza's existence, Photoshopping galore and the shills are alive with the sound of bull…crap.

        There is loads of info if you just look for it. Try videos on youtube by reviewmanify, thepaulstalservice, max malone. Or just search for Sandy Hoax. Look at the evidence, then make up your own mind. Same for Boston Smoke Bomb.

      • Kids really died. I am related to family-friends of some of the classmembers who were killed.

        Who did the killings is another story…there are so many inconsistencies with the official story it would make your head spin. And now it's demolished so we will never know what happened.

        The crisis actors were put in to make sure the media spat out exactly what they wanted it to…

      • Yeah, I do believe that some of the children were really killed, I mean these people have no problem sacrificing children. But then there is Emily Parker. Why is she shown sitting on Obama's lap when she is supposedly deceased the day prior? Do you know anything about this girl and her family?

      • That wasn't Emilie Parker. That was her sister deliberately dressed and styled the same way so disinfo agents like Alex Jones and his merry shills could mislead us and make us truthseekers look stupid. Compare the hi-res version of that photo to hi-res photos of both Emilie and Madeline and you'll see she definitely resembles Madeline and not Emilie.

        There is way better evidence than that photo to disprove the official narrative. Don't be suckered by the shills.

      • MKK – I am very sorry that you were so close to such a terrible tragedy.

        I am surprised that the real family members of the victims were not interviewed, since the *actors* are the biggest reason, in my view, that so many people believe it didn't happen at all.

        When I saw the actors in videos, my heart told me I was hearing lies — I knew it for sure, even before I researched online to see that many others had the same gut instinct.

        It's such a terrible shame and it must have been very hard living in an area where this happened.

        Again, very, very sorry and I wish you a beautiful Christmas….many blessings.

      • Which child? Got any pictures? I'm not calling you a shill, but there is overwhelming evidence that these psyops are accomplished through media fakery using false imagery and a handful of crisis actors. No victims, just vicsims. I suggest poking around at, there is an 80+ page thread on Sandy Hoax. These crimes go off cleaner when there are no real victims or enraged family members to seek justice. There is ample evidence that Victoria Soto and many of the other vicsims never existed. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

    • I reckon that the system did not expect people to start questioning these "type" of events, as they would fear being labelled as cruel. But the shields have come down, for whatever reason people are really picking up on television fakery and obvious acting.

      As soon as people start questioning things and a real discussion begins, someone will step in and say "I know it is real, because I am related to so and so.." or "My mum used to cut Madonnas hair and she told us that she loves God, so therefore you are all wrong…".

  10. Alex vandenBerg on

    Thanks VC for the post. As usual, off the charts insanity. Not even subtle; blatant, in your face. Message: The Anti-Christ System is here. Sandy Hook tribute was especially sad and sick….

  11. Ke$ha loves those eyes a little bit more than everyone else tho'. She just can't help cramming them in.

    I do wonder whether the eye obsession ties in with lex talionis (an eye for an eye) which was central to the Babylonian legal system and still is important in Judaism. In displaying the eye on satan's behalf, these people are openly seeking retribution for the tort (Lucifer's explusion from heaven) in the form of monetary compensation (via the $ of the masses) as well as stealing their ability to view the world using both eyes.

    It is unfortunate that the way in which the story is recorded in holy books raises a disconcerting number of questions (purposefully, no doubt). Satan does hold a certain appeal for the artist, the rebel, the critical thinker and the Industries/I lluminati fully capitalize on this. You cannot fully rationalize the omnipotence of God using the tools of critical thinking alongside the scriptures without hitting walls. That is the reason why it is important to develop faith that does not restrict you to the words in a book and return to the time of mystic monotheism in order to develop your relationship with God.

    • You cannot fully rationalize the omnipotence of God using the tools of critical thinking alongside the scriptures without hitting walls. That is the reason why it is so important to develop faith!!! Yessss! Amaryllis! Yes!

    • Faith = the story of Christ. Without it we have nothing. That is why I believe in the savior. Faith is without seeing which means you look toward something subtaintial.. It is no mystery. The void is filled in that belief and the word only supports it. :-)

      • I am glad for you that you feel that way. Unfortunately, I don't feel it myself anymore .. well. not the second half of the story of Jesus anyway.
        I require my faith to enhance a peaceful life which is the aftermath of having scaled the depths of darkness and come through stronger with God's help. I don't want it to serve as a kind of prescription drug to prop up a person who would otherwise falter and stumble. In my many hours of suffering, only God the creator was there for me, not Jesus. I have a strange relationship with the life of this earth, I admit. I can have any of it's delights in abundance, even stupendous things, but none of it is intrinsically valuable to me. I have spoken to Christians and Muslims about the incentive provided by their respective faiths and they cite the abundant delights of heaven for the most part – beautiful houses with their own rivers, delectable foods. I have experienced those things already. They cite the infinite love of good people and those whom they love but I figure I have that too.

        I seek to play a greater spiritual role which does not involve committee architecture or organized faith and the unitarian God of mystic monotheism is the only One who allows me to earn those stripes.

      • amaryllis I don't think most people would be interested in big houses or food even though from what I've heard there aren't any rivers or sea in paradise. In paradise nobody needs food to survive either. What is the most interesting thing of all is to please your soul with peace, love and compassion. If the soul is content, that's all that matters.

      • I recall that I came across something in the Koran about "gardens beneath which rivers flow" (I learn about the Sufi faith these days). For the most part, I find that being a mother provides me with a huge amount of love and compassion and (most of the time) peace. I am an optimist, I could over focus on negative things that have happened in my life but I find that focusing on what is really great (there is loads) and practicing forgiveness makes me a lot happier. My soul is content.

      • I guess that I don't like the idea of people claiming to have suffered or sacrificed on my behalf ; whether it be Jesus Christ or my own mother. I am responsible for my own destiny, I don't want to feed off anyone's misery or negative energy and I can only ask Unitarian God to steer me in the right direction. I figure that it is very easy to end up in heaven or hell depending on when and what you bet,raise, call or fold.

      • Choice is a wonderful gift from God. I can't disrespect that! I can only agree to disagree in hopes that he could maybe reveal himself to you. I am not fond of "religion" especially paganized Christianity. We are responsible for our own sin, belief, and choices which at some point after life on this earth a call of judgement must be made. I can't lean on everyone in spirit ending up in the same place. A judgement wouldn't be necessary unless their were a way out of sin. Out of sin not by way of perfection u see, because that's impossible. Someone or somehow ransom must be paid to fill void for that which isn't holy in us -allow us access to that which is holy. Heaven is holy. How can imperfect people qualify? CHRIST. GOD sent. Through him by him for us. Bless you. I can't judge you or anyone else's choices. The Savior just fills those empty spaces for me. That substance gives me life. Everlasting apparently. :-)

      • Thanks for your insight. In extremis, I guess that it would be possible to make a series of good choices which reflect God's good guidance without ever actually acknowledging that faith. Surely that amounts to the same thing as consciously setting out to fulfil God's plan and achieving success in this regard? I certainly don't believe that everybody will end up in the same place. I certainly do believe in the Final Judgement. I do not believe that sinners will be cleansed and qualify for heaven.

  12. Lady Gaga is ugly as f*ck. She's a puppet in the middle of other puppets. The picture is actually right, it shows what she is.

    And Brit… not you Brit… not you again :-(

    • Because I love her like crazy. Yeah, she's only human. I am. You are. It hurts me to see her being part of this circus that has damaged her life so much.

    • Henson studios is a subsidiary of Disney. Just another avenue to pedal dark occultism and MK/Monarch imagery to the youth of the world. Think back to the beloved dark alchemical fable The Dark Crystal.

      Disney, of course, is one of the prime propaganda fronts of the NWO. From the fake moonlandings, to brainwashing films, to collaboration in the MK Ultra/Monarch programs as revealed by Brice Taylor and others, Disney has a lot to answer for.

  13. i think rihanna is going to get sacrificed soon. she is 26, same age as lady gaga (revealing too much through interviews) and zac efron (entered rehab twice for cocaine usage)
    anyone else notice that beyonces album dropped friday the !13TH! which is the same day as the colorado shooting on the eve on the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and a few miles away from Columbine high school where two students killed !13! classmates and themselves back in !1999!. The drama began at 12:33 p.m.

    • That made my stomach turn.She released that album at midnight to.She knew exactly what she was doing.That woman irks me to no end

    • Oh my God I had the exact bad feeling for these three too! When I heard about Zac going to rehab I was like uh oh.. plus he's doing movies again so maybe they want us to remember him before….. well. Plus we all know they love actors (Cory Monteith, Paul Walker…). As for Lady Gaga they could make it appear as a suicide b/c she's fading etc, and same could happen with Rihanna even though she's not really fading, just not releasing music.
      But I feel like they have done everything they could with Rihanna and ready for the next one.. (Miley Cyrus?)

  14. Riches upon earth for the sacrifice of their souls which will perish in hell. Their cheap material goods and ill-found fame will pass away. God have mercy on the souls of the damned.

  15. The mass manipulation is just SO unreal. The masses are so unaware of this diabolical programming that they are getting just by looking at an advertisement – or following a rock star – OR looking at a Sandy Hook Poster (that's just crazy). Not to mention the pedophile rings at the top that are surfacing. Wow. It really makes you ask – who/what is this species really? Scary stuff.

    • We just have to trust in God to get us through the current state of the world right now. I pray God gives us strength to resist evil and help spread love.

  16. Regarding Sandy Hook. It seems pretty obvious that the hoax is not just about gun control. It's reality altering.
    An idea which is fake but is perceived as being 'real' by the majority of society is allowed to grow and flourish in the mind, both on an individual and collective level. It's all about remodelling reality, in which society's perceptions are distorted and manipulated and in turn the consequences/reaction can be analysed by the ruling elite.
    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this. We all know that the (Sh) Sandy Hook children, sang and recorded Over The Rainbow, with it's references to mind control, but the song was originally recorded by Judy Garland who was signed to none other that Sandy Hook records. If you flip the poster from the playground, (26 playgrounds in all), the letter 'e' from the word remember – the only lower case letters, show quite a significant number.
    Also, like VC says there has hardly been any mention of the shooter Adam Lanza or his mother Nancy, just a relentless pushing of the '26'. Remember how the 2013 Boston Marathon held tribute to those 'killed' at Sandy Hook, the length of the race was exactly 26.2 miles. There is a video on You Tube that apparently shows some of the dead children alive and well and singing at the Superbowl two months after the event itself. Hidden in plain sight as it were.

      • I'm not sure about the numerological significance of the 26 by itself, but if you look at the date of the 'event' – 14/12/12, or 14/12/2012 it adds up to 11 or 13. 26 plus 11 = 37, or 3 x 7 (777). 26 plus 13 = 39, or 3 x 9 reversed – so another 666, along with the reversed 'remember'.
        The .2 added to the marathon (go sh sequel), was a nice little wink to those who never even existed and acts as a subtle reminder, while dropping clues that the whole thing was a hoax with 'their' fingerprints all over it. They can't help it. 2 plus 6 also = 8. Their number that signifies the new age or new beginnings.

    • The whole 'the children are still alive' thing doesn't make any sense with me. If that is the case then this disaster was not only a 'hoax' from the powers that be but also the many children and parents are also in on it too?

      How would they [the higher powers] not know that the children and families will spill the beans and tell everyone the truth?

      I'm not attacking anyone's opinions here I would just like some answers.

      • Plenty of shush money. The families work for FEMA, or they were actors who wouldn't dare to spill the beans because of the grave consequences.

      • Well… threaten to make the hoax real…. I think they could be persuaded to keep quiet, no?

        Or maybe these parents were members of the nearby Hiram Lodge number 18 Newtown?

    • The Sandy Hoax psyop is particularly odious. An entire nation mourns people who never existed, and those of us who see through it can either embrace the lie or look crazy to our blue pill friends and families. UFC fighter Ronda Rousey spoke up about Sandy Hoax being a staged event, and is now painted by the media as a WWE style villain. Far too many people derive their entire world view from the Tell-a-vision.

    • Reference on the Judy Garland signing with Sandy Hook Records. I could only find her signing with Decca and Capitol Records. thx

  17. This new documentary called "Sandy Hook – Creating Reality" just came out 2 days ago….. It is narrated by Sofia Smallstorm and features her profound research and insight. It is the most devastating Revelation of The Method that I have seen in quite some time. It is like she is a one woman Assassination Squad taking out NWO disinfo one Lie at a time. I normally don't suggest documentaries to VC message board because everyone is already so knowledgeable, but this piece of work should be on a required viewing list. She goes to the very depths of how a 2D televised reality dictates our beliefs and understanding of the 3d dimensional world, and illustrates this through the innumerable lies of the Sandy Hook fairytale. It is a mindblowing journey

    • Just finished it…thanks for the tip, Sanat.
      She covers quite a bit that's been out there for some time, but introduces some new perspectives, like calling three state agencies and the EPA trying to find out who cleaned up the blood of the supposed twenty-six victims. Not only did she receive no answers, she caught them completely off-gaurd – one official even responding "what blood?"

      Great doc – highly recommended.

    • Sanat Toma —

      I am halfway through it…..It's INCREDIBLY well done and very well researched.
      The woman doing the narration in SO VERY brave!

      Thank you for sharing the title of the video.

      It can be found here: youtube . com / watch?v=oqu5Yu6AdQY

  18. Gee, the illuminati are not very subtle, are they??!!
    No new information on Adam Lanza, probably because he didn't exist! The only photo I've ever seen is the 'black and white' version that's been bandied around.

    • That's right, and that photo has a fake quality to it, like a police computer image. I have not seen a photo of his mother who was reported to be a prepper. Demolishing the school! We all know that is hiding the evidence. No one in the town is allowed to talk with the press! We all know that is suppressing information. The number of charities associated with the victims that appeared within 48 hours of the event! We all know that is a money grab. Parading the kids around to sing at the Superbowl a few months later! Cruelty and propaganda combined. Hopefully more people will wake up.

  19. The Australian new years eve posters … predicting an event? The one eyed animals look like they have climbed the rather large trees to escape disaster. The second picture the waves or sea is rather high….. and there looks like some kind of explosion within the waves…. added to that space crafts and comments ???????

      • Great catch. I think you might be onto something.

        There's bound to be some kind of disaster to begin 2014.

    • Yeah, when I look at that poster in that light, dead trees, animals up trees, big wall of water waves in background,….winged eyes floating in space….who on earth would naturally think up such bizarrness?
      Fits with various `predictions` going around for coastal flooding/tsunamis coming to the world.

    • Dude…South Africa is riddled with worship of "hidden knowledge" and the "eye"

      Have you ver seen a Die Artwood video….makes me quiver…and thy are pretty famous in that region

    • But surely you know of the role played by magic in Africa? It is so intertwined with religion and culture that it would be impossible to separate out the different strands. How could someone be raised in Africa and not know that?

    • She's a Victoria's Secret model. (What IS V's "secret," anyway?) Their catalogs are LOADED with pix of her and her fellow models covering one eye and making the "shh" sign. I would reckon a guess that these women are "Beta Kittens" of the highest order.

  20. Don't react to all the eyes and bullshit they are showing you. They want people to stand up and fight against them so they can take all guns away and bring through new laws. Just sit back and wait what will happen. Symbols can't harm you, but if you stand up against them they will do what they do best – kill.

  21. I want to verify a few things:

    1). What exactly are presidential slaves? Are they BETA slaves of those in politics?

    2). What is the difference between Disney MK Programming and regular MK Programming?

    • 1) I think so, yes
      2) The "regular" programming depends on the person who does it, disney mk programming is the one going on in entertaintment industry by the occult elite. I don't see a big difference there, but as we know that disney young stars are programmed at very young age it implies that they need to have what it takes so the programming is done correctly since that very young age

    • With the prez slaves, they they are trained to be trusted with world secrets and to pass on messages from one leader to another. They usually come from good, albeit screwed-up families, started at a young age and respond well to 'code words'.
      The Disney MK and regular MK are about the same, but the Disney MKs are more outgoing personalities, so that the 'message' gets out to the public.

    • Answering your second question:
      My guess is that the Disney MK Programming depends on the desires of the kid being programmed from a young age (and of the parents of the target kid). In short, you're taking the kid's wish to become a star and using it to program the kid's mind. You get a quicker and more "sure" product that performs at will, so you can put out a sort of assembly line of them, with programmed kids ready to take the place of another programmed kid ready to move up to the next step.

      Regular MK Programming doesn't have the luxury of the kid wanting something, so the programming is rougher and more problematic. Success can lead to a stronger, more lasting reworking of the mind, but failure is more likely.

  22. Turn the "Race 4 Chase" upside down and you'll see 6.6.6 in the word "remember" (the 3 letters 'e').
    Why would they do this to Sandy Hook victims? Awful

      • Check out the video of the chief state medical examiner – Wayne. H. Carver's press conference if you haven't already. He looks like he dropped an acid and is tripping out of his mind.

      • That acid-association , i had it more than once i remember, thinking back. Nothing made sense.
        A very morbid puzzle.

      • Yeah, SH shooting was a very strange and it makes you question a lot,
        then they'll throw a graphic like this at us, mocking us with children's death…

      • Well if u believe in this then it makes since, but there are a lot of people out there that are disgusted by children. Many kill children to feed off of their energy. They use children to promote their agendas. There are top elite people out there that do not look at children like a normal person would; therefore abusing and killing children is normal to them. If u notice many publicized child abuse and murder cases are either never solved and the abusers get off (franklin cover ups, mcmartin preschool, Jon Benet Ramsey)

      • Many poor people are disgusted by children too though? Infact, I would say more. I was out today and I found that the wealthy childless couples were laughing along at my kids comments and admiring their wit. I rarely find that to be the case in the poor areas – they are sullen, tired, jaded adults everywhere, beaten up by the drudgery of the daily grind.

      • Yeah, just in the ordinary world thousands of kids are whipping boys and girls for stressed parents, who had the same treatment from their parents….on and on…

  23. Thanks, VC. I've followed the Sandy Hook 'event' from the beginning and I seriously hope my conspiracy conclusions are right, and that no-one actually died. If I am wrong, this is so disturbing. A money grab poster that clearly points out the extent the elites will go! I've got chills. Mimi, good call on the three e's.

    • I'm sorry to disappoint, but people need to know. Kids really did die. I have relatives who are close family-friends of one of the victims, and unfortuneately he is truly dead.

      How many died, and who pulled the trigger, are a different story altogether. I truly believe SH was a false flag event to trample the 2A. I thought so the day I saw the headline. What more emotionally effective than 20 innocent children?? And now that it has been a year, with a whole mess of inconsistent and suspicious evidence, I am still convinced.

      The fact that the school was demolished saddens me because now we can never truly know what took place. Same thing with the sign, but neither even surprise me. To me, this is just those responsible covering it up, and then rubbing it in our face.

      • They have no problem sacrificing children, so I believe that some of them did die. I don't believe the Emily Parker story though. Her father was acting strange and laughing before and interview as well.

  24. Me and my boyfriend saw the Lady Gaga Christmas show and I thought my childhood was ruined. Lady Gaga was in lingerie singing "take me to your Venus"!!! It was a lot of sexual symbolism. My own boyfriend does notbelieve in this stuff and he thought it was disturbing. But nothing like adding a educational signing part about all the planets. smh just a hot mess. We turned it off

    • Sydney was the HQ base for the church for at least 20 years. NSW is still dodgy. Saying that, Australia is NOT an inclusive country despite being multicultural, they have been slow to respond to the NWO agenda compared to the Anglo-US.

  25. The people doing these horrid things have an agenda in mind. We must resist.

    Here are things that I suggest doing and not doing. I am not perfect about my own recommendations, I say to be perfectly honest.
    Put lemon slices in your drinking water to counteract the heavy metals. Eat seaweed to counteract the fluoride in your water and to de-calcify your pineal gland (very important).
    Don't eat fast food. Don't drink sodas. These are poison to your system. Eat natural foods, eat fresh food. Your body will thank you for it.
    Don't watch TV and don't listen to the radio or any commercialized music. You can be the creator or you can be the created. You can entertain yourself or you can be entertained by others (and you don't know what their goal is). If you are listening or watching something, then their ideas are going into your brain. Shouldn't you be using your brain to send ideas out to the rest of us, instead?
    Meditate or pray — or both. I like to watch Spirit Science (hopefully available to you on youTube).
    Continue to read VigilantCitizen and to share your words with the rest of us.
    Always remember that I love you, even if we haven't met yet.

    Thanks for letting me be here,
    locust – literally one computer user stubbornly typing
    (that's an acronym, btw)

  26. Candice Swanepoel also wore the Fantasy Bra this year at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. She is also one of their most used models.

  27. Jahprovidethebread on

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    That Mambo art seals the deal for me. I noticed the other week a lot of their apparel had cycloptic people and animals. Thanks for waking me up to all this!!

    I think the race 4 chase promo also signals Horus by putting the 4 in a circle (sun. Squaring the circle?) and emphasising the A (Apollo).

    Thanks for all that you do and another thank you for posting much more regularly, your time and effort is appreciated very much around the globe!

    Let us all encourage one another to hold fast to our faith and not let our hearts be troubled.

    One love! One God!

  28. The eye of Horus in my opinion is the fav. symbol because it can be so simple to explain away into something it's not! I hate that symbol and I used to take pics and do my hair up over my left eye cuz I thought I was being "Punk Rock" I had no Idea I was Idol worshiping the "False God Ra" The devil and his ppl are good at what they do and I'm glad I'm no longer blinded to their BS. Thanks VC You Are A Blessing For Sure :)

  29. Hey, did you know that Bruce Jenner is originally from Sandy Hook? He represents well the unreality of the place. Superhuman sporting abilities followed by some kind of extreme gender shift and a face that appears to have shape-shifted more than extreme surgery could easily explain.

  30. Further to the comments on Sandy Hook …. Do you remember the efficient way in which they bulldozed the twin towers and replaced it with Ground Zero? And Brittany Murphy's home? They are very adept at hiding their trails. I reckon that there is an entirely new lay line road map up for investigation which would also imply a massive shift in occult force fields and ties in well with the Aquarian theory.

  31. Well I'm off topic again, oops. And as insightful as this article is, I just was dying to know if anyone else knew that when you ask Siri what July 27th, 2014 is, she'll say Sunday, Opening Gates of Hades….? REALLY ODD.

    • speaking of siri, I find it a little weird that if you spell it backwards its "iris" … reminds me of the one eye and the fact that they are always watching. could be a coincidence though.

    • It's because of Chinese Ghost Month. Hell&Heaven. Some occult / superstitious stuff of course.. Apple just left the "Heaven" part out of it.
      Siri is very weird to me, I dont like and dont know why..

    • Uhm wow its crazy how many peope have the iphone! I guess we'll see what happens then..haha btw what made you ask siri such a specific question?

    • I just heard siri is the name of the babylonian god, became isis in egypt.
      and iris//siri ! sometimes i have to laugh..!
      hidden religion and magic programming o f masses of people.
      egyptian pharoah bloodlines alledgedly…
      heirarchies and pointless agendas spewing endless bs and abuse.
      better use what energy i have left to live something worthwhile…i.e zero to do with any consensus status or big institutions.

  32. I'm not sure if someone has posted it before, but that hand sign where the index finger touches the thumb with 3 fingers up is actually 666.

  33. Looks like Ke$ha, shook the hand, that shaked the hand, of PT.BARNUM, and uncle Sam.uel.

    -Never agree on a hand shake-,..(Take the long way home, and say NO to this world, for our world is yet to come.)

  34. Michael Lester on

    Gotta hand it to the(the elite). They've got exactly what they wanted,that is more and more people being desensitized to all their occult(not so hidden nowadays) and masonic symbols. I for one,certainly am,its pretty much breakfast,lunch and supper in 2013. Just hate that it has to be in kiddie shows….but then again,that's why they're the elite.

  35. The Lady Gaga Special with the Muppets is on Netflix for everyone to see now at any time. :( And the outfit she is wearing with the first song is so inappropriate for kids as well as the songs. They also have Elton John on here, Kristen Bell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rupual! Are you kidding me? This cast couldn't be more sad. Thank God that my boyfriend and I decided now that we aren't having kids. I don't want to raise them in this horrible world, though a lot of good in it and beauty, I don't want them exposed to crap like this! Lady Gaga on here is just making me sick.

    • Oh you poor thing. We all know that decision was purely your boyfriends. If you want kids go and find someone else. Don't put off having kids because someone else tells you too. Just to keep your guy don't sacrifice motherhood.

  36. I can't believe how blatant and in your face the symbolism in the media has been recently. It's like they couldn't give a fu*ck who sees it and like they're throwing it in our face someway . . . they know we all know now.

  37. … all seing eye… yeah right…

    obviously you see everything with ONE EYE..cause you only got ONE EYE…seeing ALL with ONE EYE is not really an advantage is it?? one clear shot an its gone…. but…… they are great at making up illusions and pushing there own Bullshit…..

    Suck my EYES Iluminati !!!!

  38. Ironically reading an old book on folklore and mythology. Regarding the cyber dude with his microchip , the fact they name him Gabriel cannot be a coincidence as it is that Angel that sounds the horn for the end of the world.

  39. Eww, Ke$ha is a walking piece of trash! I rather see Marilyn Manson than this dumb tramp, at least he's intelligent. LOL

    It was taking a while to Gisele Bundchen pop up with this one-eye shit. But she's too dumb to know what's about, so she must have had some kind of "helping hand" 😉

    Stephanie who? Never seen this chick before.

    The “Shine” ads are very funny: an eye with five five-pointed stars as eyelashes, i noticed the iris and pupil are kinda robotic. Saturn could not stay out! So as two towers and even fucking drones flying around! LOL

    The winner is: the creepy Sandy Hook thing. Get the fuck out of here with this horrid logo, man! The kid doesn't have fingers, and the sign is supposed to be a heart? Looks more like a vagina… with one eye inside, of course! LMAO

  40. In the second shine poster there is a hidden message written in the imagery that ends in "alive?" Question mark included…I can't make out the beginning though, any help?

    • You mean in the shape of the dead trees? I see it slightly. and whats with the panda with boots on, and one eyes monkey, both with glowing bits on their boots? and comet ison that was supposed to shine, but seems to have disappeared from view.

  41. one eye symbol everywhere- from international top stars to local celebs even here in little austria.
    im pretty sure the "stars" themselves often have no idea what they are posing for- it all comes from the photographers, directors etc.

    the question is: how is it possible that all those (often not even rich or famous) photographers and directors all share and spread the same stuff? i mean, do they have something like bilderbergmeetings where they all get their instructions?

    i highly doubt all those people get their instructions from a demons voice inside their head if u know what i mean.

    so again: what exactly makes the photographer in japan and the photographer in austria BOTH tell their models to cover one eye? in what way are they connected? how do they share their knowledge?

    who gives all those servants their marching orders and how?

  42. This is sick, is obvious the eye of horus is every where, here in Canada, on CTV channel they have a campaign for collecting toys for those kids who need " building a toy mountain", the logo for me its look like a pyramid with a big eye on it.

    • Hey!! Ya I saw that too and NO it's not just a Christmas tree they have no other reason to position the letter 'O' like that. It's a pyramid and an eye!!

  43. I don't know if it's just me but does the First "Shine" poster say DEAth with the trees?

    the first tree and the bottom branch form a D

    the second tree is Obviously a E

    the third and fourth trees sort of bend into each other to form an A

    the fifth tree is a lower case T

    and the sixth one is a lower case H if you ignore the smaller branch at the bottom

    Also there are 6 Creepy eyes
    (3 on the trees, 1 in the sky, and 2 on the Koala looking animals on the right of the 1st and 5th tree)

    There are also 6 trees and 6 animals (666?)

    • Quite possible–good catch. I was squinting & cocking my head to one side & all of a sudden the word just jumped out at me. Very subtle, very disgusting.

      • Yeah, i see death written in the 1st poster trees.
        Now i rekon…1st poster is impending death….big water wave building in background yet to hit…
        2nd poster wave has hit and different animals are alive….
        1st pic has indigenous austrailianamnimals….2nd has a leopard thing, a humanoid panda and a humanoid banana eating monkey,,,both with glowing boots…
        does it really contain a detailed message or was someone just tripping when they designed it?
        for sure the huge out of place water waves seem very deliberate.

        1st pic,,saturn, a comet, the moon? a levitating winged eye and some other planet in sky,,,sky half night time and half daylight…
        2nd, planets have gone, its daylight,just a mechanical rocket powered eye and a flash gordon type rocket, the city has disappeared under water.
        anyone else care to deconstruct these masterpeices…my brains aching now..!

  44. Post 9/11 the eye "thing" has become so ubiquitous, that what lacks in originality is compensated by a symbolic statement of fact. They've all turned a blind eye to the most glaringly obvious lie of recent history.

  45. New on the block on

    Hi am new to all this but very very interested! Please forgive my naiivity – What about Tom and Jerry imagery whats it teaching our kids? What about the Japanese ANIME cartoons – many I know are glued to them on the IPAD. Please help a newcomer….

  46. I always feel sad when I read about Sandy Hook. Yes I understand Obama wants to take away all the guns from civilians but to promote his ideas by killing innocent working American people and children. Just little children. In the most horrific way. Whoever planned this attack, especially on a school to promote some law is just cruel.

  47. Sandy Hook may be the most shocking but the brain chip is the closest threat. I was told by the Oxford university philosopher, Jeremy Naydler that the Ministry of Defence intends on making brain implants compulsory in newborns starting from 2035. However, 'Compulsory' in the modern world means that you've been brainwashed into believing something is necessary, and that you put yourself in a situation where it can happen, e.g. if you believe in letting men in white coats control the birth of your child and refuse to look at healthy alternatives. Being physically forced to do anything is still very much a secondary matter.

    The blasphemers can only apply that pressure if you choose to expose yourselves to their brainwashing. (I refer to blasphemy as it's the forgotten sin in secular culture. Desecration of the human is considered as being acceptable and fun, and by engaging in it, we're putting ourselves at more risk than we are immediately aware of.) Stay away from such a culture by doing simple things like eating real food so you don't develop their sickness, and by not engaging in their debased and time-wasting entertainment. Most importantly, protect your kids as they cannot choose. GOD is the only power. Remember what happened to Pharaoh? Even if they threaten you with force, they are powerless if you stay close to the protector.

  48. And what's the connection between the one eye sign, space travels and aliens? There are many Illuminati adds and movies making reference to spaceships, aliens, planets and stars, like the very famous Sirius. What do they know that makes them worship things from out of our planet? I don't know, but sometimes I think that they have contact with people from other planets, commonly called ''Ancient Astronauts''…

  49. The one for sandy hook was just sick…I myself didn't know they bulldozer the whole school…anything to destroy all the evidences…& the so called charity for the victims made my stomach turned…what does a little kid showing that damn all seeing eye have to do with those innocent kids who's lives where TOOKEN by the government have to do with a charity??? Lord have mercy this is truly one sick world we live in that's ran by the devil smh…once again well done post VC…

  50. Guys listen, The founding member of Three 6 Mafia, Rapper Lord Infamous was found dead from a heart attack on Friday 20.12.2013 – add all the dates up you get 11 (An Occult number). Do y'all think he could have been the Sacrifice for the Winter Solstice 2013???…..

    • Wait! Is that the one who turned his life around for Christ? Not sure ..but one of them got out of the group and became a preacher. Whoa!

  51. First there was this Sandy Hook FAKE crap and then there was the Boston Bombing with Sandy Hook participants and that whole bullshit set up!How dumb do they think we are….us " little people" ?Man,do they have a surprise waiting for them!!!

      • I'd say one of the reasons is to keep us fearful as a fearful population is easier to control. Unfortunately a fearful population can cry out for *new laws*. The only thing is most of us who are taking the blue pill are yet to work out that it is all engineered for the next agenda. I think one of the strategies is to make it look like *the people* want the changes. The sad thing is the American people don't realise that their constitution is dissolving the more laws they put in place. Americans need to fight to keep their constitution otherwise it will never remain the land of the free and brave. It will be the land of the captive and fearful. Just my thoughts:)

    • So apparently we are supposed to evolve genetically engineered monkey and panda humans, and platypus – kngeroos that hold footballs, and butterflies..!

  52. Illuminati<3er on

    Yeah, every single graphic designer and photographer out there is in on some gigantic conspiracy to do this.

    Makes perfect sense.

    And yeah, before anyone says it: I'm one of their agents.


  53. Gaga'snotilliminati on

    Lady gaga has been throwing the a okay sign over her eye since her very first video and every single one after, it's not illuminati symbolism, it's just the cool gaga symbol. Me and my friends do it all the time in when we pose for pictures. It's the cool thing to do, so get with the times .

  54. They destroyed sandy hook elementary!? If that doesnt scream "We need to get rid of ALL the evidence!" Then shit people need to wake up and observe whats going on! They are obviously hiding thubgs from us!

  55. Crazy sick bastards!!! This world is so wrong. I always feel that everything is not what it seems. Where is the truth? Will we ever learn the TRUTH or die like brainless puppets?

    • Don't despair…these bastards will pay when they die. They have truly created very bad karma for themselves. Justice will come. Chin up. Your heart is in the right place! :)

  56. On christmas eve ,I walked into a mall to visit The Bodyshop and saw 2 of their ad posters in which the models have one eye closed. I am located in a city in southern India by the way. I wonder what kind of message The Bodyshop was trying to convey by having their ad models covering 1 eye.

    • Yeah I purchased a pair of boots online without seeing the brand who makes them. I brought them through the seller…. When I got the box. It had masonic NWO symbolism all over the shoe box. I couldn't help but role my eyes!# Then I looked at the name of the boots and they were called….wait for it….DR DOOM in capital letters..LOL!# I felt compelled to write to the brand and say to them : Hey this kind of symbolism is getting old and tacky. Yawn Not going to buy your stuff in the future. There is a park not far from where I live and it has a eye on a pole that you can turn around in the playground area. Must say it looks so out of place and creepy. I'm also noticing this symbolism on electricity boxes at sets of lights. Their truly ramping this shit up. It's just about everywhere you look.

  57. I just thought the other day whether the eye symbolism couldn’t represent The Eye of Horus as the one nation, Egypt, that thought they were gods?

    Egyptians were claiming to be gods themselves. Unlike other nations who had deities such as the Greek gods and goddesses or other nations with their pagan gods. Leciferianism also claims that you are a god and you can do, achieve, heal and change everything with just a thought process (if this was so, why aren’t we flying or levitating already?) Nevertheless, Luciferianism is a notion that is spreading super fast! Be your own god and “do what thou wilt”. Be like Egyptians, you are a god! And a symbol for “I am a god” is the eye.
    Just a thought…

    • Yes, there are alot of people waking up out of poverty and dark ages beliefs…who then jump to I'm a god…lights and power etc…maybe its an inevitable stage for many to pass thru.
      Problem is, that creating from ego /mind simply creates the opposite of whats desired simultaneously….which then must be suffered by the person concerned,,or shoved onto others.

      Once I became bored with that nonsense, I'm attracted to stay centred, to honour peace of heart over control trips.

      Global dark ego coming to surface now as predicted, so its best to re-integrate and digest ones own darkness as a whole individual (half dark, half light). No preference.
      Otherwise all that happens is most people fragment their darkside,,and it just appears as scary stuff and abusers in front of them/// their own dark empowerment simply gets used by less scrupulous types to work their agendas.

  58. What frightens me, no one ever brings up the fact that there were two shooters not one. And if you think about it, it would be two shooters that killed some many kids and teachers at on time. One person can not be in two places at a time. The other shooter gets away and now they have to place the blame on someone. This entire Sandy Hook Shooting was a set up from the beginning. Two many holes in this story.

  59. Saving Mr. Banks movie poster with Tom Hanks as Disney himself covering one of Mickey's eyes with his arm. Coincidental? I think not.

  60. The Sandy Hook "evidence" was destroyed just like WTC on 911 — Govt officials cordon it off, ban investigators and ship it out as rubble.

    The Josh Holloway vehicle "Intelligence" is just a serious version of Chuck — looks awful.

    • erm if we were in their place, we'd be the same or even worse. Why do you think we don't want everything the have, because we won't be able to control ourselves. They don't have it nice as we might think. They get more aggravation than us. The less you have, the less you have to lose, the more you have the more you want and the more you might lose. If I make any sense.

      • I don't envy them at all. I love my anonymous and humble existence. I would imagine there is nothing satisfying about selling your soul to a dark force. My conscious would never allow me to sleep at night! I think too much money and power corrupts the minds of most. Most of the actors and singers are too busy living up to the *image* or being everyone else except themselves and then when their hung out to dry they end up soulless and lost with no identity. Is it any wonder…their so insecure, confused and diva-like. Their rich with possessions but poor without substance, values and good faith. Their just selfish mindless pimps going along with the agenda.

  61. Sandy Hook was modeled after the three pyramids in Mexico.One represents the sun the other the moon and the last is called the pyramid of the feathered serpent but known as the pyramid of sacrifice for slaves and ritual child sacrifice.The complex in mexico was made in sandy hook but just on a smaller scale.The place in Mexico is called tiotewacan,sorry 4 the spelling.

  62. very informative as always!!! The sandy hook playground was a very sick and twisted one by those so called ruling elite trash!!

  63. So just what was John Carpenter saying when he directed They Live back in the 90's? More and more, it is apparent that there is a secret society here that only a relative few can see. And those that can see are ridiculed by those who are all too happy to go with the flow.
    Anyone that thinks the continued pictures and stories that show up on VC are just coincidence or indicative of those who enjoy conspiracy theories are complete idiots.
    I mean, dear God. What will it take until people see what is happening?

  64. No one noticed the panda bear with TWO eyes and a heart on the new years posters? Or how about the rodent with two eyes as well? Both of these animals have red eyes. Or what about the planet Saturn in the sky? Or how about the ALMOST full control of the whole scene, just the small single animal (one per picture) that is not yet under control.

    I mean if you want to talk about symbolism then EVERYTHING has a purpose of being on there. Most of these people see the eyes yet they do not even look at the context it is in.

    Does the single animal per picture represent the small amount of people left that are not yet considered "drones"?

    Does the monkey and bear both wearing pants have something to do with each other? The monkey representing a slightly intelligent man kind (knows that it is naked and thus ashamed, thus proving some knowledge). While the bear representing mother nature? I mean we use "Smokey The Bear" to represent saving forest fires right? And this bear has a heart on it. So is all that is left to control the "Big Picture" to take over the planet on a earthly scale? As in "once we control the forests there will be nothing left"?

    Idk just things that I can see. . . . Take your own view on the things noted.

  65. This is how you destroy evidence that was never really evidence. AKA – FAKE sandy hook shooting. didn't happen. All those money generating charity funds were to funnel money to the Greenberg family. Shameful!!

  66. A complete eyesore that definitely got my own eyes bloodshot red from seeing all those annoying eyes, and that poster promoting Josh Holloway's TV series 'Intelligence' gave me a direct link to the events that will happen according to the biblical book of revelations.

    And hats off to Lady Gaga for promoting illuminati praise with the classic "eye for detail" on that Muppets Special giving the kids the wrong idea that its cool. Although I've not seen the program on TV, I can still get the idea within it since Gaga is one of the "elite" members involved in this evil deed anyways.

  67. The reason these deviants are so Blatant is because THEY CONTROL the Reporting , Discussions on TV . It's simple as that …..

    With all the blather about religion on CNN infotainment for the masses , they will NEVER bring up the Devil's Horns or One Eye as an issue , same reason you won't see a Documentary About Pedophilia in Hollywood , same reason you won't see " To Catch a Predatory " Show in Hollywood or New York . Same reason why Beyonce is never criticized for sleazy behavior or why Rhianna makes video about S&M is never Discussed or even brought up .

    The Main Stream doesn't know the extent of Occultism for the simple Fact , FOX , CNN , NBC , ABC are all mouth pieces for Hollywood , knowing what to cover or more importantly NOT to cover and there is no variance of information allowed .

  68. Has anyone ever wondered if maybe they are doing it to make you go ape shit over all the Illuminati that are everywhere? I almost wonder if it isn't some silly inside joke, at your expense.

  69. Wearenotamused on

    Now the one-eye thing has happened on "Super Fun Night". The "Cookie Prom" episode features Kimmy with her right eye bandaged. The left lens of her fake eyeglasses was broken, but Kimmy's right eye was bandaged. Continuity gap, or secret meaning?

  70. To the One who commented about V.C being affected by all the Evil Bullshit that is in the world ..ofcourse if he is a Moral human being he has to be very deeply affected.. Even Christ who is God , even in his suffering he wept over Jerusalem and those who would Crucify him on the cross..
    V.C has the consolation of Christ,but to suffer is un-avoidable, to be detached would be to be Not so spiritual as God wants it.. May be New age people are taught the detachment but it's a spirituality about the self and feel good things like transceding the ego.. All nonsense.

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