Symbolic Pics of the Month (10/13)


In this edition of SPOTM: Amber Rose, Bono, Lady Gaga, Eminem and Miley Cyrus.

The September issue of Vogue contains a photoshoot dedicated to Google Glass - a wearable computer. The device has risen many privacy concerns as it can seemelessly record video and conversations without other people knowing. While this retro-futuristic photoshoot attempts to make this device stylish, it also manages to make it creepier than it already is. In this pic, the woman in white doesn't seem to like the woman in red. She is probably recording her face right now and will use facial recognition to get vengence.

The September issue of Vogue contains a photoshoot dedicated to Google Glass – a computer you wear on your face. The device has many privacy-shattering capabilities such as seamlessly recording audio and video without other people knowing. While this retro-futuristic photoshoot attempts to make this device cool and stylish, it also manages to make it creepier than it already appears to be. In this pic, the woman in white doesn’t seem to like the woman in red. She is probably filming her face. She will then use facial recognition and extract her personal info. Vengeance is coming soon for lady inΒ  red.


"Oh crap. These two strange women appear to be engaging in violent behavior. I better film the incident and forward the footage to the authorities using wifi. I love my snitch glasses."

“Oh crap. These two strange women appear to be engaging in violent behavior. I better film the incident and forward the footage to the authorities. I love my snitch glasses.”


The only model in the photo shoot without the glasses appears to be dead. And those with glasses appear are acting extra creepy around her, probably filming her instead of, like, calling for help or something human.

The only model in the photoshoot without the glasses appears to be dead. Why? And those with glasses are acting extra creepy around her, probably filming her instead of, like, calling for help or something that normal humans would do.


Amber Rose (Wiz Khalifa's wife) attended the Made in America music festival with an inverted cross stamped on her forehead.

Amber Rose (Wiz Khalifa’s wife) attended the Made in America music festival with an inverted cross stamped on her forehead.


Chilling with Beyonce. When these pics came out in September, Rose got accused of being a Satanist and an Illuminati pawn. She then retorted on Twitter that the inverted cross is known as the cross of St. Peter. Let me be the first to say this: this is BS. Nobody in the entertainment business wears an inverted cross to pay homage to St. Peter. NOBODY. Not even fervent Catholics.

Chilling with Beyonce. When these pics came out in September, Rose got accused of being a Satanist and an Illuminati pawn on Twitter. She replied that the inverted cross is the cross of St. Peter, a Christian saint. Let me be the first to say this: This is BS. Nobody in the entertainment business ever wears an inverted cross to pay homage to St. Peter. NOBODY. Not even fervent Catholics.


Death Metal musician Glen Benton sometimes wears an inverted cross on his forehead as part of his act. Is it a tribute to St. Peter? No, he's a Satanist. At least, he's open about it. Today's pop culture is all about deceit and hypocrisy.

Death Metal musician Glen Benton sometimes wears an inverted cross on his forehead as part of his act. Is it a tribute to St. Peter? No, he’s a Satanist. At least he’s open about it. Today’s pop culture is all about deceit and hypocrisy.


A Church of Satan altar. Are those crosses there in honor of St. Peter? No, they represent the inversion of Christianity.

A Church of Satan altar. Are those crosses there in honor of St. Peter? No, they represent the inversion of Christianity. I repeat, no inverted crosses in pop culture ever represent St. Peter, don’t let them fool you.


Miley Cyrus recently did a photoshoot with creepy-ass Terry Richardson. The result is, well, annoying.

Miley Cyrus recently did a photoshoot with creepy-ass Terry Richardson. The result is, well, annoying.


I can picture Richardson pointing his camera at Miley and telling her: "OK, now suck on your thumb. Yes, you're just an innocent little baby. That's so hot. Now hold your crotch with your other hand. So hot".

I can picture Richardson saying thisr: “OK, now suck on your thumb like a baby. You’re just a little baby girl. That’s so hot. Now hold your crotch with your other hand. So hot”.


She closes one eye in pretty much every pic she's in. Was she instructed to do that by her handlers?

Miley closes one eye in pretty much every pic she’s in these days. Was she instructed to do that by her handlers?


Cyrus is defienitly NOT the only celeb that did the one eye thing in the past weeks. Here's Lady Gag on the cover of ELLE.

Cyrus is definitely NOT the only celeb that flashed the one eye thing in the past weeks. Here’s Lady Gaga on the cover of ELLE.


Gaga posted this on Instagram. Apparently its a mask she did. A one-eyed mask. Why? Because Illuminati.

Gaga posted this on Instagram. Apparently it’s a mask she did. A one-eyed mask. Why? Because Illuminati.


This is the current promotional image of Eminem. One eye and devil horns. That the type of stuff you have to do to be able to stay relevant and get exposure in this business. Especially if you're signed with Interscope Records.

This is the current promotional image of Eminem. One eye and devil horns. That the type of stuff you have to do to be able to stay relevant and get exposure in this business. Especially if you’re signed with Interscope Records.


Madonna in Harper Bazaar.

Madonna in Harper Bazaar.


A Bulgari ad featuring the ex-first lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Mixing entertainment with high power produces Illuminati results.

A Bulgari ad featuring the ex-first lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Mixing entertainment with high power produces Illuminati results.


Bono showing off an award he received from Queen Elizabeth II...the same queen who have an award to mass abuser Jimmy Savile. Let's call this the occult elite award. And that's why Bono is hiding one eye with it.

Speaking of mixing entertainment with high power, here’s Bono showing off an award he received from Queen Elizabeth II – the same queen that gave an award to mass abuser Jimmy Savile. Let’s call this the occult elite award.


This image was posted on the Voice UK official Facebook page.

This image was posted on the Voice UK official Facebook page.


They're really trying to expose children to this Illuminati symbolism too. Here's a shot of children's TV show House of Anubis.

They’re really trying to expose children to this Illuminati symbolism. Here’s a promo shot of children’s TV show House of Anubis.


A page from a Target catalog. Well, maybe that was just coincidence.

A page from a Target catalog. Well, maybe that was just coincidence.


Other page from the same catalog. No coincidence. Pushing the symbolism.

Other page from the same catalog. No coincidence. Pushing the symbolism. Some might rationalize what is happening and say “well, that’s what trendy right now”. Who made it trendy?


The cover of Mel B (the ex Spice Girl) latest single. It features one eye sign with a head full of Monarch butterflies (symbolism on Monarch mind control).

The cover of ex-Spice Girl Mel B’s latest single. It features one eye with a head full of Monarch butterflies (symbolism on Monarch mind control). I guess she’s also doing what she has to in order to stay in showbusiness.


Big Brother UK is a show that is called...Big Brother. And it is about cameras spying on people to entertain the masses. The first show of the season featured a gigantic All-Seeing eye stage with people cheering all around it. That's how the elite indoctrinates people.

Big Brother UK is a show that is called…Big Brother. And it is about cameras spying on people to entertain the masses. The first show of the season featured a gigantic All-Seeing eye stage with people cheering all around it. That’s how the elite indoctrinates people.



    • Agreed, love vc!!!

      Even bands who are not mainstream are into this crap. I went to see my favorite band play at the House of Blues in Orlando called "Portugal. The Man" perform last night and the animated images flashing onstage in the background were eyes in inverted triangles, blinking one eyes, and eyes in rainbow patterns. When the band was finished you can purchase band shirts with goat skeleton heads on it, or a black and white one eye.

      What the heck is happening?

      • If they are playing "The House of Blues", one of the most mainstream illuminati-owned concert chains in the USA, then they are already bought and paid for. Just cause they're not superstars yet, doesn't mean they aren't being groomed for the position.

        IF they are really a non-mainstream band, they will probably answer fan emails directly. So why not go ask them directly what the imagery in their show means, and report back here with your findings?

      • Its odd because their song lyrics are very anti-government but their symbolism means otherwise.

      • This is a really great suggestion considering they probably would respond. I also love Portugal the Man, haven't listened to them in a while, but honestly am not surprised that a band of such an unkown stature is incorporating this into their stage show. I know local bands in my scene circuit that plaster this crap all over their album artwork, stage shows, and merch. It's tough to admit it, but this is living proof that the masses are still being indoctrinated, even in the underground counter-culture scene. Sad but true.

        Listen to Stray from the Path's new release titled Anonymous and see if there is a stark contrast to this "popular trend" that seriously needs some killing off.

      • "Even bands who are not mainstream are into this crap."

        Think about it? How many musicians do you know who DON'T keep up with the msm? Of course there will be the odd one here and there who rebels and wants nothing to do with it, but all in all, most aspiring bands these days will look on the TV and look at why some bands are successful and others aren't.

        When I was younger it was about writing good songs, with meaningful lyrics and a good rhythm. Today it's the opposite and all about the 'bling' baby, selling out to secure your future (although nothing's secure anymore) and trying to be the most outrageous in order to grab the limelight – negative publicity is still publicity!

        I was an up and coming artist. I performed all over London as well as running live music events. I can tell you that since I stopped nearly ten years ago, the situation is incredibly different. It's not that I'm far more awake than I was then, it's just there's more indoctrination through the msm.

    • I just wonder why the hell do they always cover one eye? I mean is obvious their part of some club, but no one ever ask them why the hell do they cover one eye, or does the photographer tells them too? If I came across an artist I wouldn't hesitate, to ask why they do it ? Wtf Miley, just stop I felt bad for you, but now she's taking it too far stop the BS you'll regret this later. Smh

    • I am amazed as well.

      I can't BELIEVE how many photos of celebrities and many other well known people are all standing around covering one eye.

      Never in my life, when posing for a photo, have I thought, "Gee, how about I cover one eye…or make a triangle shape with my hands and look through it….or hey, maybe I should hold my hand in the devil's horns position"……which in my Italian culture is The Maloik (Malocchio), or the "Evil Eye"…..and again, I never do this for fun or photo shoots, or God forbid, to put a curse on someone!

      Somebody HAS to be telling these celebs, especially young people, to do these things….period.

      Now, okay, there's a satanic agenda governing our world…symbols everywhere…people being brainwashed, controlled, manipulated, drugged up….scandalized cruelly by the tabloids and TMZ when they dare to rebel….

      But I have two very pressing questions:

      Why exactly is brainwashing even necessary at all?

      There are PLENTY of people, it seems, that would be very willing to do just about anything for money and fame….isn't that enough of a lure? And if these celebs are all expendable, then why not just cancel their contracts, or sue them, or do the blacklisting/framing/ostracizing that the hollywood tribe is already so good at?

      Why invest so much effort into MK ultra techniques when you can just say, "Look, it's my way or the highway…you want money and fame?, do these things, if not, there's 1000's willing to take your place."

      This would still be a nasty business, but at least the people involved would be practicing free choice and then dealing with the consequences thereafter.

      Second, is it effecting the subconscious of the audience when they see the "all-seeing eye" and celebs in every photo covering one eye? Is that what it is? And if so, HOW is it effecting the subconscious?….

      Are the satanists perfectly satisfied with the widespread exposure of their messages and symbols?
      Is that all they want? Or are people being effected on a deeper level than we know?

      By reading and becoming AWARE of these symbols and their influence, are the symbols actually losing power….being diffused somehow?

      Could that possibly be WHY we are seeing these symbols more than ever….incredibly blatant, in your face, and as insidious that ever: being displayed and modeled by children and catering to younger and younger audiences.

      So, is that all the protection we need….awareness?

      Not a day goes by where I don't see triangles and eyeballs and symbols everywhere I look….and when I do,
      I say, 'Oh, there's that crap again…" LOL

    • how about these examples:

      1) NCIS – "New World Airlines" on the episode when Ziva left the show
      2) Elementary: Sherlock is wearing the all seeing eye on his shirt
      3) Revolution: The bad guys (patriots) use the all seeing eye as their logo…
      4) Hawaii 5-0: all over the basement walls of a suspect house
      5) General Hospital
      6) Gravity Falls (cartoon) had the pyramid/eye as a key element in one episode

    • People should watch the film Aeon Flux with Charlize Theron. for the illuminati this ad and that movie is what their perfect future looks like.

      • What do u have on Charlize? I mean, other than playing in the movies endorsed by the Illuminati (which is nothing different from what every other actor in Hollywood does).
        That being said – she's one of the few who actually have a talent to act.

      • Aeon Flux was a really good movie – I think it made a great point. You have the two brothers constantly cloning themselves to find this so called cure to why the human race isn't repopulating but the younger brother is the really devious one because women are reproducing on their own and his killing any women that gets pregnant. Now the rebellion in this case starts off as good but even they have been manipulated till Aeon Flux figures out this whole thing and tells people that we can't keep cloning ourselves we have to live , so they break down the wall and go and live.

    • Speaking of creepy ads. Have you guys noticed how popular websites, such as Tumblr, love "fashion/alternative" images that consist of owls, bird cages, triangles, skulls, suicide, deer heads…. or is it just me? Why do I like these images? Why does my room consist of posters of Marilyn Monroe, Paris, Skulls (especially the ones with flowers, yes I know it's a cultural reference to Mexico's Day of the Dead which is odd, just like the religious feathers Native Americans use), and fashion magazines. I feel like a clone. I watch the shows everyone watches. Dress how everyone dresses. What's the point of this life? My dad told me this quote when I was younger and questioning the purpose of University after having been there 2 years. "We are all slaves. It is an inevitable fact. School will just make it easier/faster to unchain yourself." Realizing the truths of this world has just made me a more cynical and paranoid version of my adolescent years. I don't want to ever be asleep again but I don't want to be awake in this reality.

      • That's the beginning of awakening. You'll get through it. It's just the undoing of being programmed for a long time. I don't even own a television because of my awakening lol! I don't like or appreciate being manipulated and controlled! Thank God for waking up!

      • Oh my god so true. I have tumblr and a lot of peeps post owl pics wtf . Not only that when I went to buy at H&M, or Target theirs a lot of accessories and clothes that have an owl is annoying. Everyone says so cute wtf really haven't they seen the Bohemian club where the president , actors , business man come from all over the world to meet and plan who knows what. Theirs a giant Owl I mean wtf. Ignorance is a blizz and is true smh. I once liked owls but not anymore I thought they were smart creatures the night crowlers lol Crowly ewwwww fuck no!!!!!!

      • Don't forget that they are God's creatures, it has only man who has attached this corrupt symbolism to them. It is not their fault

      • okay but last time I check animals such as owls where created by God and given it an occult meaning is man made. These symbols are man made and we given them power.

        What is odd about the Mexican Day of the Dead? it's a day when mexicans honor their ancestors- what is so odd about that? everyone celebrates or honor those who have passed away in their own way.

      • Child of Isis – You said"What is odd about the Mexican Day of the Dead?" Well its that non-stop agenda of being obsessed with Death and promotion of it, the glamourizing of death, which is very prevalent today & all around us (such as in music videos, song lyrics, commercials, computer games etc.)

        Haven't you ever heard of the Santa Muerte???, A skeletal bride (This is the first Red flag for a start), She holds a scythe and a globe in her hands??? C'mon, You for real?……. right from the gate, you should be able to figure out that it's stems from a negative aspect, not a positive one………….& your user name just says it all

      • I responded to this earlier but i dont see , so here my response. No i never heard of santa muerta , im gonna have to look it up

      • JesusismySavior on

        what about All Saint's Day or Veteran's Day – those days people celebrate those that have passed away – will these considered evil as well?

      • Mexican Day OF The Dead has it's roots in the remembrance of the wicked people that died in the global flood of 2370 B.C. (NOAH'S FLOOD) so, it is a pagan and Satanic Holiday.

      • I looked up the day of the dead and it didn't say anything about remembering those that died in the flood in which Noah survived. Where did you get that information?

      • didsms – Great post, very realistic and soooo true as to what is going on right now in the world. Im so glad you're starting to realize but hold up………………this is nothing compared to what you may find out from now, with your own discovery and research.

      • School, if anything, ingrains more untruths into you. How does it make it easier to unchain yourself? These days, kids and parents think its a great idea to pay 40 grand a year to go to a big name school and graduate with no job prospects. Kids are graduating already owing more than most first time mortgages.

    • I was at the local college and came across a younger woman wearing google glass. she was wearing them doing a test of its capabilities for the company she works for that is gearing up to make apps for google glass.

      what she told me gave me a shiver. you think google glass is bad, wait till you see what the apps will do!

    • The Ok Glass command is laden with symbolism. It refers to the fairytale where the wicked stepmother regularly consults the occult mirror about ways in which to destroy Snow White. She is effectively saying Ok to the glass and allowing the occult forces to take over. Likewise, using that command with this phone is a nod to the same forces. i haven't even looked at the other commands.

  1. I wish a new fad would come about already. I'm sick of seeing this crap! I love how an idiot like Amber Rose tries to fool anyone. And why if they are going to wear the symbols do they deny their lord? You would think they would just declare it. I doubt the masses would even bat an a EYE. (Pun intended)

    • Sorry to break your heart…..this is no fad and its not about to disappear, until their leader…..satanic leader doesnt appear and take control of the world…..what a battle that will be….

      if you see youtube videos, you will know that every country in the world is preparing for his arrival. They have built mansions for him, tall sky scrapers and much more…….
      This is their homage to him, to let him know he owns them already…….they are selling their very souls for a piece of this evil, for fame, for money…….

    • Sorry to break your heart…..this is no fad and its not about to disappear, until their leader…..satanic leader doesnt appear and take control of the world…..what a battle that will be….

    • When I was in middle school like four years ago some catholics would wear that cross in their forheads mexicans x.x They'll tell is the st peter crap stuff. I will just laugh because they look stupid at first I'll be like it looks like someone got poop and just graffiti their forheads rofl.Amber rose wiz made you do it lol

      • Its called Ash Wednesday that goes on during Lent, thats why Catholics wear the ash in a shape of a cross on their forehead, get your facts straight and Amber Rose isnt practing Catholism, she is a puppet.

    • actually the funny thing about the masses especially the ones that call themselves christian is that they don't believe in the devil/satan/lucifer or whatever name you want to call him but they believe in God which I find funny. If you believe in God then you have to believe that he has an opposite which is Satan – there is no one without the other. God created opposites for a reason, he created angels – one become to prideful and fell and became Satan. God created man then woman , sun and moon,day and night etc. You can't believe in one without the other – it just doesn't work that way.

      • Child of Isis – Now this is good comment and great point you made. They do believe in God – But they see Satan as their God. The opposite aspect is one of the laws of the universe, which the Satanists manipulate and use to their advantage. Energy is one of the other ones, which we all know about too.

    • Yes, yes she is.. You can tell it's so fake, she is trying to be cool, but comes across as a pawn. sad, sad sad… Little girls are the ones that look up to her, and she is Sh**ing all over them.

      • PrairieMuffins on

        I don't think is Miley's choice. I think they are using this media attention to further torment her. Also to torment us.
        Remember how long she has been in the business. Remember what you know about Terry Richardson. Remember she is a slave. Remember compassion.

      • it is a disgusting tongue to boot. i dont understand how parents allow their children to follow people like her? Lady Gag[a] is appearing more tamer by the day. so sad really, but a sign of the times I suppose. i would hate for my adult daughter to appear like that. peace out.

      • well if parents would actually do their job of parenting and telling their daughters that they are beautiful then maybe they wouldn't be so influence by these artist.

    • yes she is-which I think is the intention. If it seemed like her doing-we may brush it off, but when it seems forced and akward it gets under our skin like no other. once upon a time, I think right after hannah montana was over, billy ray came out and said her handlers told him to mind his own business, and that he felt his family was under attack by satan. So what has changed since then? I think they are living under some serious threats for him to have totally dropped his stance like he has. But he was definately right-his family is surely under attack from satan. I try to ignore the whole miley thing because it gets me annoyed and that's obviously what they want

  2. Great pics VC! Always love getting these… Saw the Madanna pic's the other day and immediately thought of this site. Also in the pic with Beyonce and Amber… look @ Bey's hands. Miley is such a pawn; so sad for her… House of anubis and most of the other kids shows have all gone to witchcraft and Illuminati symbolism. I agree with Carol… Jesus IS coming… come Lord quickly.

    • It's not Miley! I am not trying to defend her, because I don't know her and don't like her music at all but in the end she is just a poor soul who is being used and is under MK influence.. Not Miley is disgusting.. It's the people who made Miley who she is (or appears to be)

      • I dunno , she looks like she is enjoying herself as she is corrupting the youth. I think she knows exactly what she is doing.

      • Did you see Tish poking her tongue out in their selfie today – I wonder if Tish is planning to emulate this shoot too?

      • Yes, I did. Without a care in the world eh. You know what at the end of the day. life is all about the CHOICES You make and I think Miley's parents made the wrong one, so it seems

      • you are right, life is about the choices you make. Miley is older enough to not have chosen to promote herself like she is doing, but she chose it and now she has to live with it. Same for the Kardashians – kim didn't have to make a sex tape with Ray J she had a nice career but she made it and she now has to live with people calling her a hoe/whore/slut/gold digger.

      • Well, she has just begun to dig herself into a proper hole by stating that she 'won't take advice from old Jewish men'. Oh dear … perhaps she does not know?

    • I feel sorry for her. When I see these images I wonder where her father is. I wish she knew how much God loves her.

    • watch "miley cyrus Jolene" on youtube. She was an incredible talent with an amazing voice. The change in her is beyond natural…

      • I saw that video and she does have an amazing voice which why was hoping to would be a country artist but she wanted to be something more urban which in other words is a marketed product of a white girl imitating urban culture.

      • Those were her backyard sessions. She was going through a hipster phase. Now she's going through a "hip-hop" phase. Before that she went through a Rock n Roll phase. And even before that, a country phase. I've liked her since her Hannah Montana days. Not because I watched her disney show (my younger siblings did) but because of the teenager drama. Miley&Mandy> Jonas Brothers> Demi & Selena. She's always been a crazy/self-absorded brat guys. She is literally always looking for attention. When she doesn't get it, she cuts herself. (surfme.files.wordpress.c o m/2012/05/window-30-1.j p g) She probably saw how much attention Demi got over her self-harm. There were strong rumors that circulated that that's how she managed to hold on to Liam for awhile (their relationship problems didn't start because she cut her hair and started twerking, guys. This has been going on for a long time already.)

        Are you guys forgetting how she auditioned for her disney show? Look on youtube for it. She's had the same personality since she was little. My guess is that she was spoiled (Billy for the most part, then Tish) and still is, therefore she always craves attention and will do anything to get it.

        Remember the pe nis cake she gave Liam for his birthday? Remember the gay club in london? ( Remember the shower selfies she would send Nick Jonas? Remember the girl who introduced Miley and Demi to drugs? Anna Oliver (1.bp.blogspot.c o m/-fr695ukpeaE/TgKvHsBGJMI/AAAAAAAABGg/JDV_WlWH3R0/s1600/anna-oliver-and-miley-cyrus.j p g -Bindi before Selena, x17online.c o m/demiannajoeWM460pic.j p g, t1.gstatic.c o m/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS96jDv0RtURqgNyad1R3DG_cIEF99k5PPCXS4smAWkfZGlNyDBMA) Remember her older boyfriend Justin Gaston.

        She knows what she's doing (in terms of the illuminati agenda) Wait, correction, she THINKS she knows what she's doing. She has entered a sinister territory.

      • blackrocker4eve on

        Great post, ETA..Yeah I do remember all of this and I for one, agree with ya. I'm in the industry and I know for a fact that Miley was hand picked and brought to Disney. Granted, Miley has always had a naturally strong and independent personality but don't think for a second that youtube audition video was all Miley..It wasn't..Why do you think Billy was on the show with her? People seem to forget that Billy was/is a performer himself..He had one hit song and for some reason the media jumped down his throat for a harmless catchy song. If any other C&W male artist would have recorded that song, there would have been NO static. BUT because The ILL. wanted the media to treat Billy as an outcast then the stupid audience fell for it and Billy hadn't had a hit song since then. There are certain artists that are picked to be the GOAT and Billy was one. Ms Twain has had a VERY similar career as Billy. She's fared somewhat better but not nearly as well as she SHOULD have naturally. Naturally Billy would have damn near took over C&W because the public loved his Achy Breaky Heart, his image, the whole 9. But after some fanfare from the hit, then everything took a 180..

  3. The photo of Miley Cyrus sucking her thumb and grabbing her crotch is disturbing. And I don't know how anybody can look at the photo of Madonna and not see Satanism. Still manages to shock me every time how much people can turn a blind eye too.

  4. i dont know why i get so upset when i see miley cyrus…hahahaha…and the first pix..i could have sworn those were manequins…dang…:O

  5. I wish all this people realized how stupid they look with covering the one eye.. I know it's an agenda, but it's so overdone that they just look like idiots now. I almost want to laught at them for just being pathetic pawns.

    And that girl with the inverted cross on her face.. Wow. Why is she famous again?
    Is it now cool to shave a womans head?! I must have missed that memo.

    Google glass … this is just rediculous.
    Im starting to be embarrased of my spieces. It makes me want to puke.

    • "Is it now cool to shave a womans head?! I must have missed that memo."

      Yeah, you're kind of a superficial whore. Everything else in this article and you're worried about *gasp*! A woman with short hair!!

      Way to make chemo patients feel worse than they already do.

      • some woman prefer to shave their head because they don't wanna deal with their hair, it has nothing to do with wanting to be a man. There are tribes in africa where the women's head's are shaved. My mom taught me this 'if you can't manage a certain style, then maybe you shouldn't have it"

    • yes apparently it is cool for women to look like men and men to look like women. I guess it's sodom and ghomorrah 2.0. And she is "famous" for being kanye west's ex. Also in that same pic, beyonce is doing the devil horns sign, so we all know it has nothing to do with peter.

      • A demonised woman was screaming, the d3mon in her was screaming, that it'll make women like men and men like women. Unfortunately we live in the worst times of all. Even S & G would learn more tricks from us.

      • i.e. The entire set of VS (fallen) angels. The costumes, masks, choice of singers is all contributing to their cause.

      • Alessandra, Karlie Kloss etc are right on the gender boundary appearance wise. Mind you, I can say that if you make your weight drop way below what it should be in the name of spinning a fast buck on the catwalk, then your feminine shape kind of disappears altogether. Even after you return to normal weight (or more) , you will probably pay for it for the rest of your life even if people are not aware from just looking at you. I know so many girls who walked for the main houses during the last decade who could only feel normal having eating disorders forever more or could no longer have children. Their liquid diet couldn't have helped as well as the coke and loads of casual relationships. If you think Richardson is bad you should meet some of the ones believed to be nice. It is complete s***dom and even though I never, ever partook, it sure tainted my soul by association.

    • I believe Amber Rose is famous because she is dating Wiz Khalifa who is a famous rapper.

      You should listen to Korn's song called 'Illuminati" it is a very interesting song.

  6. OH NO!!!! Bono!!! Not You Too(U2)! I guess this explains the Reptilian Claw you perform under in your concerts. You know the 100 Million dollar Stage Setup which requires entire city blocks to be shut down, interfering with city traffic, requiring hundreds of tractor trailers enter major metropolitan centers just so you can have stupid humans dance around mindlessly under a Reptilian Claw

      • Do you know that only 1% of the money he raises for his institution, goes for charity? Yeah, he's now pay explanation before the law about that. Bono is such a phoney scumbag.

      • Know what you mean. So often Bono talks of his faith as a Christian. I was especially impressed when he said that grace is a much better deal than karma. Recently he was promoting entrepreneurship over charity to struggling economies so that they could eventually lift themselves out of poverty. A Christian in today's elite entertainment industry must face what the OT prophet Daniel faced in the ancient world power of Babylon. Way too much temptation to compromise one's faith.

      • Karma is not tit for tat, so whatever definition of karma he was talking about was probably not the right one. These people hide behind religion to sell their crap and control the masses, period.

      • anybody can say that he/she is a Christian but you can see it how they live their so called "Christian life"

        a true Christian should be a Christian by HEART and not by MOUTH.

      • He is not a Christian in any sense!!! just search Bono exposé video from GoodFight Ministries in Google, and you will see.

      • Not only that but his charities name is The "One" Foundation so not surprising only One Percent 1% of the charities income goes to charity. The other 99% goes to OPERATING COSTS. I liked old school U2 music but Bono's current position is Illuminated, Satanic, and Phony!!!

      • I was shocked a few years ago to find out what was happening at Bono's charities. How he wanted countries to forgive 3rd world debt but wasn't putting a dime into the charity. Said something like his time was enough. then in the same report it said the people who were running his charity were basically family and friends who were making very high salaries. I thought he was one of the good guys. He didn't deny it either. No Bono for me. Haven't listened to them anyway.

      • And when asked about this unbelievably low donation percentage, Bono's reps replied most of the income to the charity is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation…….. which means what? It means that the One Foundation is a front group for the Bill Gates Agenda….. you know Vaccines, Monsanto controlling interests, and of course NSA backdoors into Windows Operating Systems… Bill Gates and Bono are puppets of the NWO and are desperate to provide assistance to their Masters….. and their Masters ain't you!

      • If you ever had any faith in Bono then you'd be better off lying on the grass gazing at the chemtrails while eating pesticide-ridden GM sandwiches … Bono is A1, y'know?

      • Amaryllis…right, and don't forget the *round-up* chemicals sprayed on the grass before you lay down! lol

      • I never use round-up, only some stuff to get rid off the moss once in 4-5 years. You mix it water and then you water with the mix only the affected areas.

      • lol, but only roundup gets rid of japanese knotweed so I guess I would have to think hard about that one – or I could harvest and eat the japanese knotweed as it is edible and offer some to everyone else

      • who cares? let the Japanese deal with their weed. I use a knife to get rid off mine. Wear some gloves and dig. That's what I'm saying.

      • But do you live in a rural area or a built-up city? Much harder to attack and unearth the triffid in full view of judgmental people

      • If you’re super rich in the USA and you want to avoid paying taxes, you create a family foundation. (And there are only about 60 or 70 “Level Four” tax attorneys in the country who are qualified and licensed by NYU and the IRS annually to do it; generally one per state. One of them gave my friend the skinny on this. They must retake the Level Four license annually in Manhattan.)

        The rules are that you MUST give away 10%. The rest you get to spend on yourself, your houses, your offices, your property abroad, meals, travel, investments, etc, tax-free.

        So don’t be too impressed by all these people, these great philanthropists so-called. The government allows the super-rich to set themselves up as mini-governments, deciding who is going to get their largesse.

        There are all sorts of financial instruments you can use in a foundation that you can’t use otherwise, meaning ways of hiding money from a spouse or partner, and there are specific rules about holding property so that you can use it personally.

        My friend told me about a woman he knew years ago who was running her dead NYC artist brother’s foundation. She was dead broke before his death. After it, she was renovating a penthouse on Central Park West, flying first class to run fundraisers in his name (how she kept filling the foundation’s coffers), eating at all the best places with friends whom she claimed as foundation interest, and getting expensive beauty treatments daily. She bragged to him about the 10% rule. And everyone thought it was just peachy that she was so concerned about her brother’s name and work, and wowed at how selfless she was. Gigantic con.

        Needless to say, when I hear the word “foundation” I am not impressed, and I know exactly what is going on. Bill and Melinda Gates HAVE to spend that money.

        "Philanthropy” enables the rich to leverage their wealth so as to exert considerable social control and influence. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations, for example. It is how the wealthy avoid taxes AND shape the social environment to their liking. It also is how the fat cats co-opt the opposition to oligarchic rule. There is no such thing as an unselfish, humanitarian foundation in the fullest sense of the term. None which would support fundamental changes to our current system. They are instruments of power masquerading as charity.

      • Yes, but there is a fair amount of antiavoidance in place these days. I know because I have been trying to get a similar trust set up legitimately but I can't find anyone who wants to do it!

      • Most of the money from the charity is probably funneled into "programming" or something like that. Most of these "Illuminati" members funnel money from their charities into their secret projects. The Rockefeller Foundation uses charity to hide their funds.

      • They all do. Thats why charities are so popular now and such scams. The only ones Id trust are local animal shelters. You KNOW where that money goes.

      • You should see some of their city HQs – they are the most palatial buildings in the best areas and stand out even among the beautiful surrounding architecture – lots of direct (and proud) links to freemasonry too

    • Isthisheavennoiowa on

      While there is no excuse for misrepresenting the ONE campaign's efforts, Bono and his wife are known for making many charitable donations to all kinds of organizations out of their personal wealth. Just Google it and you can see these facts. If you are a true fan of U2's, you know that his faith is legit, and it comes through in the lyrics of their music. There are definitely culture differences between US and Irish christians, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't truly profess Jesus as his savior because he definitely does and is on record saying it, as another commenter noted in an article called "Karma vs Grace." In this article, Bono makes a clear distinction between karma and grace, and how much he prefers grace everytime.

      It is easy to get sucked up onto the bandwagon with this stuff – I can't explain why he's flashing the "one eye" sign in the picture, but from everything I have ever read on the man, I truly believe he has faiith in the saving grace of Jesus.

      • Well, as I have said on other threads, they sure give back in that sense but does it offset what they silently take away? Also, I wonder why he has always used the symbolism?

      • Next you are going to say that this buddy Bob Geldof is also a good christian when he is actually Ashkenazi (on the maternal side as well) and just like Bono, appears to amassed a large personal fortune on the back of his charity work rather than his music

      • well I can see why one would use symbolism – attention. If you are an unknown person and if you wanted people to notice you then post some occult symbolism – it's very simple. I have tested this idea out and it works. So a person doesn't have to sell their soul to get attention, if they know want people are talking about then they gonna give people something to talk about.

      • Bono was outed a few years back. Just because he says he is a Christian, don't be fooled.

      • @Isthisheavennoiowa

        This whole thread has provided evidence for you to follow up on and do research on your own. To come to Bono's defense by saying everyone who's criticizing him is on a Vigilant Citizen bandwagon, is just plain ignoring well documented frauds that Bono has become involved in. I'm thinking maybe you are on a Bono bandwagon actually. Your whole defense of Bono begins and ends with testimony provided by the Charity Criminal himself Mr.Bono. This website has extensively documented the connections between The Covered Eye pose and Luciferianism. Bono has posed in this manner time and time again. Your boy Bono serves Lucifer overtly and is working with some of the most high level criminals this Earth has ever seen. Criminals whose criminality reaches into the realms of Science Fiction. We are talking The Queen of England and Bill Gates some of the most ruthless eugenicists the World has ever seen, with the Queen's bloodline being involved in this behavior for thousands of years. Bono is mixed into this crowd and this is why he's making his way into the contents of a website devoted to exposing rampant Luciferianism in America. Your boy Bono is a Master Criminal who serves Lucifer. Back away from him and get a bigger picture and a better view. Bono is dangerous

      • In my studies of the elite, one of their esoteric beliefs I have come across, is that there must be a balance. For every 'detrimental' thing they do, there must be a 'philanthropic' gesture done as a balance. As I understand it, this is the reasoning for their many acts of charity. philanthropy.

      • Most of the money in his charities are unaccounted for and he IS in with high level members of the NWO. I mean George Bush claims to be a Christian and we all know that's not true! Wolves in sheeps clothing.

      • Hmmm…Sorry to shatter your happy little image of Bono, but I really recommend doing a little more research on the guy. He's what I would consider a wolf in sheep's clothing. I mean, even Kanye West (who is clearly a Satanist) professes faith in Jesus Christ, but that doesn't mean it's true. There are a lot of "fork tongued" people out there these days, and you really can't put stock in someone just because they claim to follow God, especially when it comes to celebrities.

        I just think it's a disgrace how many Christians have gotten sucked into U2 "fandom," because of this facade they present of being a "Christian" band. Some marketing genius merely recognized that there was a huge demographic that was being missed – the religious set – and used bands like U2 to rake in the dollars from that lot. They used to play some of U2 songs at my church in fact! Many of their music videos have a lot of occult symbolism. Tell me, why would a Christian band use such imagery?

    • Yes Im traumatized over Bono myself. He is so talented…some really freaky-deeky shit must go on in the entertainment industry. Most of these folks started out with high ideals and an artistic vision. What happens to them in between to get to this place is probably worse than we can imagine…the stuff of real nightmares…just kinda fucking sad for them, ya know?

      • So lame. Women decide a famous douchebag is sexy, so they blind themselves to the reality of who he is. It doesn't matter how blatant it becomes, he will have millions of shrieking little girls standing up to defend him, all just because they think he's sexy. It's a sickness.

        How the heck do you think he got to the top of the business in the first place?

        Do you understand that running a supposed charity is actually just a flimsy tax scam?

        He gets to pretend to be the good guy, while getting tremendous tax write-offs for the charity, and providing dozens of sycophants with highly lucrative jobs where they barely even show up to work.

      • You cannot even be in the music industry without submitting to the illuminati's agenda. Hence, the reason they are 'sooo talented', many have possessing demons (see Beyoncé/Sasha Fierce). So, don't be so envious or idolizing of these 'stars'. You don't really want what they have…

      • Demonic possession is becoming trendy or is it ? If the nation lost any moral and spiritual compass that is the only thing to remain. In place of one cast away coming 7 even more fierce ones…

      • Maybe, I was 'taught' that song Ride on Time by Black Box was crucial in pushing that part of the agenda but it never gets mentioned really so maybe it never had the intended effect?

  7. Geez. The worst part is just how ignorant so many people are today. On the inverted cross/Amber Rose's response someone argued with me that she was right because St. Peter was crucified upside down.

    The ignorance is saddening. Even as a child, before all this information was out there, I knew that the inverted cross was a symbol of satanism. I knew this because of a horror movie I had seen and my mother explained to me that the cross I was seeing in that movie wasn't the cross of Christ, (there was some terrible ritual going on in that particular scene).

    Growing up I later read books by Rebecca Brown and people who had dabbled in the occult and were no longer involved. There's so much out there, but people would rather believe that the world is all rainbows and sunshine.

    Sad. "My people perish for lack of knowledge". Indeed.

    • Ms. Adventure on

      … and yet that cross on Amber Rose's head is STILL less offensive of a marking than that ridiculous and ugly Wiz tattoo on her arm. Why do so many people in the public eye feel the need to blindly follow any and every trend that comes along?

      Oh well…. Fortunately I don't base my sense of fashion OR my spiritual beliefs on people like Amber Rose, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga…. or any shill, for that matter.

    • I too have read Rebecca Browns books. One that was very informative was "He Came To Set The Captives Free." This is a must read for all of you Christians out there.

      • my sis told me about that book! i havent read it yet, ifeel im not ready,she said before you open those pages, you have to pray up, because there is some serious SERIOUS nonsense going on in there!

      • Well, if you look across the range of best sellers, they pretty much ALL deal with themes like that. It is VERY rare to find a successful author who has steered clear. In paralell with the enter-tain-ment industry proper, It feeds the demands of a goyim public who can take a measure of enlightenment but only a very small dose sugared down with the usual much. I have noticed that non-awakened people have a kind of latent interest but they don't see it as fundamentally life-changing – it is more along the lines of 'Oooh, I would quite like to red up on that for an hour after which I will go back into masonic sleep mode where I belong'.

      • do you mean themes that involve witchcraft and the like? What would you have people read? Yes majority of books involve some sort of supernatural theme to their novels but what makes them different is how the author puts their own creative spin on the myth or legend what ever it may be. There are christian novels out there and last time I check the Bible is still the number one bestseller – i haven't seen book out sell that one.

      • Yea, you literally have to pray before reading the book to prevent a spirit of fear from coming into your life. The stories in that book are true and talk about what really goes on in the occult world with Satanism, witchcraft and music world. A lot of people don't know about the book and Rebecca Brown still remains an anonymous woman. She changed all of the names in the book for safety purposes.

      • I must check this Rebecca Brown chick out, Is it based on true life events? and why Christians though? Sounds interesting though….

      • they look like owl eyes prob why he always wears coloured glasses ive seen them with his glasses off he knows what he looks like all those rituals he's opened himself up to have had an effect.

      • are you serious? Anubis is the Egyptian God with the jackal head. He is associated with mummification and the protection of the dead as they entered the afterlife. He is also the guardian of the scales which is where the heart of the deceased is weighed against Ma'at. If the heart was heavier than the feather the soul is then devoured by Ammit.

    • It's clear that we need to monitor every episode of this show….. it should be outrageous if it's this openly Demonic… requiring the entire cast to pose with the One Eye, reduced vision, reduced consciousness Monarch Slave "Hand Over Eye" signs

    • The title of the show, Annibus, is a bastardization of Anibus, the Egyptian God of the Dead. He's a jackal headed god with the body of a man and usually depicted with two staffs crossed across his chest. He's a gruesome figure and means nothing good or life affirming.

      But Nickelodeon is a sick entity itself. Rumors circulating for years that the CEO raped Amanda Bynes and that's why she's so messed up.


      • then shouldn't you get off the computer as well. each internet comes with its little personal address that can easily be traced. so how bout not using anything electronic at all

    • Exactly. As soon as I saw that they were promoting this show, I told my little brother (who was 9 at the time) that he should not watch it and I went ahead and explained to him in simple but adult terms the underlying agenda of the show. ("Anubis is the Egyptian god of the underworld and would be considered as the Devil by Christianity. Our God is the one true God and shows like these try to convince you otherwise.")

      It worked! He watched everything but.

      I don't even think it still airs…

      • 'considered the devil by christianity' …. do you think that's a problem? I know you have your beliefs but don't you think telling a young child that a god of another person's faith is the devil is sort of wrong? I mean it starts off like that then it just evolves into something more and then you have these over zealous christians telling people of other faiths that they are going to hell because the God of the bible is the one true god. This is why mankind is so divided each one of us thinks our god is the right one.

  8. Okaaaaaaaay ……… glass. If I were Brin's estranged wife I would be seething at those given what Brin has been up to with the marketing manager who spearheaded that one!

  9. Gaga's mask is the kind of thing my baby would bring home … has she lost her artistic touch or gotten in with the KKK?
    Carla Bruni = presidential model now (literally) married to one who is also Polanski's mate so no surprises there at all.
    Very sad how parents live/compete through their children enough to let their obviously-too-young-to-decide daughters salute the devil in minor modelling campaigns.
    Eminem … it is not turning out to be a good year for him as he does not want to be a white rapper anymore … perhaps he actually wants to become a black opera star instead?

    • These people are controlled as soon as they walk in the front Door so " Artistic Touch " is irrelevant and they are told what's EXPECTED of them . Puppet Masters Control the Creative Designers and the Creative Designers control the photo shoot or show …. and EVERYTHING is Scripted from the get go .

      First she attracts younger audience , then the planned conversion takes place to manipulate the minds of her young Naive fans … it's ALL PLANNED by the DEVIANTS in " Entertainment " .

  10. Celebrities will be blasphemous towards God and Christianity but you don't see them acting like that towards Buddha, Mohammed, etc..funny how that works

      • This is not the whole point. Point is that fury of hell is directed not to religion but to the Truth. Well organized secret societies are one enormous plot against the Anointed of God who we serve.

      • No, it's actually because there is and always has been a war against the TRUTH. Plain & Simple.

    • You must have been asleep the last 20 years or so……Islam and Mohammed have come in for ALOT of battering, blasphemous comments WORLDWIDE…
      Islam is a peaceful religion……can you stomach that after what you have read about it in the newspapers.

      Newspapers that are mostly owned by elite/illumanti/ashkenzi jews?

      Real Jews and Chrisitians and Muslims, have and can live in peace if this elite agenda was never on the table.

      As long as you keep shouting lies long enough, they become the truth.

      My God is one God, the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, John the baptist (also a miracle birth and cousin of Jesus), Mohammed (the final prophet and messenger of Allah), to name a few of the prophets……

      When these celebrities blasphemous against Jesus or Moses or Mohammed it hurts ALL MUSLIMS…
      as they are our prophets too…..but we leave it in the hands of the creator…..
      be prepared for the ONE EYE false messiah……the greatest test for mankind and the greatest battle of our lives……..

      • So could you explain to me how a religion that condones pedophilia, lying and murder is a peaceful religion?

      • Aaaaaa (U at the dentists or something?) I don't follow Luciferianism or Satanism so I cant answer your question. :-) You need to read & UNDERSTAND what "Willie" has posted below. Peace.

      • Not sure what was within your multiple stars. But where in Quran does it say lying is okay? the only time when a Muslim can lie is when they have to save someone from death or when his religion gets his life in danger. As for murder, its same as in Christianity. You can kill someone only if that person is the one who has come to kill you. In other words, in defense. By the way, this is the same law applied in majority of the "secular" wester countries. Thats why just to be in a war, US makes sure to first go for a false flag attack.

        Do your research. Wahabbi, the group responsible for brainwashing Muslims was sponsored by the government of UK. Also follow the rabbit hole. The leaders of most Muslim countries are now in the illuminati. If you dont believe this google the cops logo of Saudi Arabia.Otherwise, ask yourself why the middle eastern countries never help Palestine get back their land. It should be a peace of cake for them since as a group they are too many in number while Israel sits alone.

        An occult section of Muslim group is called Muslim Brotherhood. It was started by an Arab freemason. Muslim brotherhood has no connection to abrahamic religions. But in public, they like to show themselves as Muslim. They worship the Gods of freemasons and work secretly to influence the Muslim countries to get into war like state. What is funny is that despite being violent, neither Wahabbi nor Muslim brotherhood is ever blacklisted by the US. Neither of them is labeled as terrorist.

        Just as one rabbi once said, Islam must be destroyed and maximum Muslims must be killed in order make way for the "messiah".

        Research please in order to understand what exactly is happening behind the curtain. Think about that whole Al Qaida thing. Okay, according to media, this terrorist group had a massive base in Afghanistan and cells in other countries, but what for? I think the biggest problem is now being faced by Palestine. If al qaida was so lovely dovey about the safety of Muslims why didn't they do something about Palestine? Why do they always focus on murdering westerns even after knowing that the biggest culprit is Israeli government. I wouldn't blame the normal Israelies though. They are as oppressed as Muslims are in Palestine. NWO laws are well inserted within Israel. Going against the government there means being sent to jail.

      • Do you think that Al Queda is funded by them to create chaos and division? That this "war on terror" was engineered to monitor and control the masses?

      • Yes, Al Qaeda was created by the CIA in the 80's. Al Qaeda means Database – was the database of Mujahedeens which were selected to fight against Soviet Union in Afghanistan. US have trained, armed and funded this "warriors of freedom" . Nowadays, Al Qaeda turned into a scam, a total instrument of fear mongering. You see, US allied with Al Qaeda in Syria [the syrian branch Al Nuzra], funding, training and arming them again. History repeats itself in a vicious cycle ruled by the Elite. Irony of ironies.

        I'm not muslim, but i know that Islam is not what the propaganda and the mainstream media say it is. Islam is not more violent than Christianity is and was with all those holy wars, cruzades, Witch hunts, etc. My point is, Islam is about peace just like Christianity, you know what i'm saying?

      • Well said, all that ring-fencing of God and religious one-up man ship really detracts from our true purpose. There has been much Catholic bashing on here too. I am anti-Pagan but acknowledging the oneness of the monotheistic God does not amount to promoting DU

      • If the Abramaic faiths had any peace to bring, it would have been brought by now. Look for the movement to swing to eliminate them all by making them one.

      • No that is only the movement of unity shown on the surface. Every Abramaic faith has been infiltrated from within and these infiltrators have created the inter-religious conflicts and magnified in the media. There are regions in the middle east where the three faiths lived peacefully for years before the Rothschild machine went into overdrive. They don't play it straight externally or beneath

      • I disagree. Movements today are politically and control oriented, but one, just one, real, TRUE movement that pointed humanity toward peace and truth was allowed thousands of years ago?

        No. People do not change. Religion was allowed to be infiltrated because its based on political motivations, to get peoples money, and for control. Like L Ron Hubbard said, "Whats the best way to get rich? Start a religion." Old Testament God was too mean to pacify people, so along came the peaceful, graceful God of the New Testament. Extremely calculating and brilliant, as our rulers still are. And lets not forget about the Talmud, which overrules all of it.

      • Willie – OH MY GOD!! FINALLLLLLLLY! Someone who knows what they are talking about. All the imbeciles need to read & understand what you wrote, but they wont because they are r.e.t.a.r.d.s.

      • And how is it being fought? On computer screens like we are doing? Please, biggest fight of our lives. Thats the last thing they want. This will be a slow drip, an endless tightening of the boa constrictor around all of our throats.

        Big fights mean rebellion, and no one wants that.

      • @awake. Your philosophy sounds really lovely – Christians Jews Muslims all living in harmony under the same God. But that is not reality. The fact of the matter is that as a Muslim, you are serving a different god than I am as a Christian. Allah and the creator God Yahweh are not the same.

      • The only reason why it is NOT a reality is because of Luciferian infiltration within the main ranks of all 3 faiths which ensure that it will never be so. You only think that the notion of God varies because your leaders taught that you you and books were re-written. It is absurd how three Abramic faiths can acknowledge only ONE God and yet you believe this.

      • Me? nah … I have learned a lot from Sean Stone on this topic and he is definitely very clever. He was born Jewish, raised Christian and is now a Shia so he is pretty well qualified to speak on this matter. Are you Shia by any chance?

      • Im not actually but you've got to remember that these different sects, within the 3 abrahamic religions is also infiltration and none of these sects are mentioned in the Qur-an and/or the Bible. Christian is Christian, Jewish is Jewish and Muslim is just Muslim, not shia, wahabi, sunni, catholics, protestants, anglicans, methodists etc. & this is what leads people to say that the 3 monotheistic faiths have been created by man, when infact they have been INFILTRATED by the corrupt man……Yea Sean Stone sounds like he knows alot and judging by your comments and the fact that you've learned alot from him, sounds like he knows what he is talking about.

      • Some more infiltrated than others …I'm thinking of the Ism**lis for example – if they are Moslem then I am the Pope. I have a lot of love for the Iranians and the Palestinians.

    • They use the brown religions for other purposes right now, and I dont see any blaspheming. A Satanist should be representing Satanism, no?

      • they should-but they lie, pretending to be Christian, jewish, or whatever to deceive people into following them. Hey shout who you worship proudly, but instead they lie, manipulate, wriggle through the earth like their father the snake

    • um, I'm sorry to disappointed you but do you know how many attacks the religion of Islam has been getting??? the war on terror, 9/11 – all those are attacks on people from the middle east especially after 9/11 the american people have become very ignorant of islam and muslims because of the way the media constantlhy portrays them. So sweetheart christianity isn't the only religion that is being attack.

      • Tha's very true Ms. Isis – Again its the imbeciles that don't observe from a wider perspective.

    • what??? you do know now what happening now between palestine and israel don't you?? . you think drawing our prophet, killing babies, turn our image to terorist, call we are opressed by hijab, and all the bad image we got is not enough???

      and it something sickening. not to be PROUD of.

  11. why doesnt miley cyrus go work in strip club if she likes that attetention
    actin like a stripper nd shit she will have her audience

    thirsty wannabe thug gangsta rappers,
    Beetle juice

    If you cant show me some good credible music miley….
    go home please…. go home nd sleep forever.

    .# fuck snow white
    nd white creepy rabbits..

    • unfortunately, there is not much lower she can go … hey, if there was not an AIDS outbreak in SoCal she'd probably jump on that bandwagon as desensitization applies as much to oneself as it does wrt what you inflict upon your audience

  12. Miley is disgusting and a puppet. But ask her and I'm sure she'll tell you different. i saw the pics she did w/Terry Richardson. Even when she's performing she grabs herself. She's quite trashy. Google glasses. Oh brother.

  13. children’s TV show House of Anubis. Why Anubis?… It was something like god of death in ancient Egypt…
    An i thought better about Eminem…

  14. if you look fast and the pic that Miley is sucking her thumb, it actually looks like her vagina. she is wearing a ring that looks like her clit. for a while i thought she was with out panties. disturbing!

    • Wonderfull comment. But i wonder what drugs your one and are there side effects? And when my comment will float sourceless in webspace… :-)

      • Lovely to not alwayys be so serious all day long. But, man, i suppose clit has a neutral meaning to it as well , for not being *-ed. Who knew? (gladys, i am sorry, but i had a rough day)

    • You're right. I think that is intentional. The pearl on the ring is exactly in the middle, skewed on her finger.
      I am certain the photographer turned that ring on her finger.

      It is intended and arranged that way.

      • Would love to do some Rorschach tests with you and Fall !! And have some good photographer record your reactions :-)

  15. I know the St. Peter excuse is lame, but Glen Benton isn't the best example of… "satanist"! The guy is more fake than a 3 dollar bill! LMAO
    I like Deicide's music [yeah, i'm a metalhead], but Benton is kinda… poser! He said he would commit suicide by the age of 33, so… haha

    More creepy than Benton is that Nick's promo shot for House of the Anubis[???] – this is the real scary shit! LOL

    ps: someone [besides Sinead] must tell Miley to stop… ugh, it's so embarrassing. Makes me wanna puke.

    • ps: someone [besides Sinead] must tell Miley to stop… ugh, it's so embarrassing. Makes me wanna puke.

      You are so right!!! Someone else, or better yet, the more the merrier should tell her that her poses, performances are NOT sexy, just disgusting and trashy. Just gross!

  16. You state that not even fervent catholics wear the inverted cross. They might not but their leader the pope sits on a throne with one carved out of the back of it. Very blatant. That religion is immersed in the occult if people would just look at it properly. Also the cross the pope carries is an occult cross its bowed and Bono wears a miniature around his neck. If Bono is satanic, and I believe he is, what does that say about the pope who 'blesses' him. 'What they bless I shall curse and what they curse I shall bless' says God.

    • FINALLY!!!!!! I have been waiting for some one to say this….BLESS YOU.It definately isn't a religion,its a cult!!! The pope is part of the illuminati believe it or not.its just one of the many ways satan deceives people,making then think they are serving God when dey r really serving satan……

      • I have read that the Vatican has been infiltrated by the Illuminati, just like the corruption you see with high profile politicians and other leaders of the world. It was over time that this happened. I can only pray that religious leaders around the world and other high profile people can open their eyes and defy against what's evil in the world. However I think when there's a love for power and money does it allow the corruption to take place. People have allowed their hearts to be over come with greed and pride that they longer can see light in the world.

      • The Vatican IS corruption, not just infiltrated. It is everywhere for you to see, the manipulation, the symbolism, the control, the money flow, the covering up sexcrimes is just one example of misleading the ''masses''

  17. Ms. Cyrus is not all there. She has been switched on and left on.
    She will either burn out (because the human psyche can't sustain that craziness forever) or "they" will turn the switch off and she will see what she allowed "them" to do with her and she will go into deep despair.

    She needs prayer…if it's not too late.

    • There's her song I personally used to like in backwards youtube com/watch?v=I1lzYstqDzE I was so surprised and scared out at the same time. She definitely needs our prayers though she acts annoying and seems to enjoy that

  18. Does anyone else see that the hands in Kylie's pic have been photoshopped in? Look at the edges of the fingertips covering her eye.

    I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse though!

  19. Come on one eye artists, I thought you guys wanted to be unique!!!!! And if you are being told to do those poses, if the photographer tells you to put a finger up ur ….AHEM! you would ?
    Oh wait, maybe Miley already did.
    Putting all these images together with these symbols, it only screams one thing: Illuminati agenda!!!
    All these artists that support their agenda WILL NOT receive by ME one single like on FB, click on YouTube, website visit, program view or merchandise bought with their image. Can you imagine if I weren't the only one?

      • :) Yup, either slave or sell-out, no support from me. We dont need puppets as entertainment and/or distraction of what is really going on with the world. It is possible to not pay attention to them. Most of them, I dont even know who they are. I dont watch tv, buy magazines or support them in any way or form. Havent for years and I have got used to it. I feel bad for the ppl who cant see the connection.

      • I dont know who many of the famous people are anymore either or why they are famous in the first place. People will be like OMG you never heard of So and So
        I like it that way though. It makes me feel more empowered. I dont keep up with any of the gossip and I dont watch tv or movies. I just read and research and it is far better than the alternative.
        I could never go back to following all that nonsense. I wish others would do the same and see just how releaving and uplifted you will feel when you distance yourself from al the distractions we are being fe constantly.

    • You do know that there is any photographer requesting you do something … you have some input at the other side of his lens. Then there is Richardson (plus his entourage who never leave so would collectively testify against you if you spoke out). Nobody says no to him. He is the only photographer both Rotfield and Wintour have on speed dial.

      • sittingcoffin on

        There are a number of articles where models describe how they are talked into things. Its almost trancelike….I imagine what being lightly handled would be like.

    • I listen to a few artist but I don't buy the music – i get them through friends and such. As for tv I don't watch reality tv …its just stupid I prefer a show that has a really good story to it like Sleepy Hollow, the Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD,Witches of East End, Supernatural,Once Upon A Time, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland,Dracula,Reign and American Horror Story Coven. I really don't buy mags I prefer the punk rock, visual kei and lolita fashions, but yeah everybody likes what they like whether it good music or bad.

  20. Isn't the symbol of St. Peter an inverted Latin Cross?
    Also funny how that show is called "House of Anubis". Anubis was the Egyptian God of the dead if I am not mistaken?

  21. THE EYE OF MOLOCH! They no longer feel the need to conceal anything as most of the dumbed-down masses love this garbage.

    • Moloch is in the new show on fox called 'Sleepy Hollow' you should check it out. the plotline of the story is pretty much trying to stop the apocalypse from happening.

      • Well obvious end times is gonna happen , after all isnt that when jesus christ is suppose to return and fight the antichrist, however yoylu should hopefully you'll be raptured before that happens

      • I don't live my life hoping for a prediction to come true. Not even one that is publicized to thousands of years. The best rapture i had was a live version by Blondie, some years ago.

  22. THAT'S supposed to be madonna? what a joke! photoshop is such bs!! what's the matter, can't handle that you're over 50 now? get over it!!!

    all awful and creepy – for more miley – bare assed and minimal crotch coverage for all the pervs

  23. The staircase carpentry in the House of Anubis shows the eye on its side as a repeat motif – now that's bespoke carpentry for you!

  24. Madonna and Bono are quite high up in the ranks and much more stable than the dumb, puppet artists. They gained those promotions fairly early on and prominently display their stable alters on their own terms. They are clear about what is their role.

    • sittingcoffin on

      Yeah, can you imagine Madonna doing a Miley-like shoot with Richardson? Because the Harpers Bazaar shoot was done by the very same Uncle Terry. Indicates a lot. Madonnas at the top of the pops! lol

    • blackrocker4eve on

      Yeah but the one artist that opened the door for Madonna was Prince. If you think madonna and Bono are high up, then you won't be able to grasp how high up the ranks Prince is..Prince was literally doing ALL of what all of these artists are doing now back in 1980…When I first became aware of this site 5 years ago, my very first post was to the author asking him to do an article on Prince. That just proves that Prince is so highly protected that he can't even be touched by sites such as this one…Now you wanna talk about someone who is scary and extremely wicked is Prince…

      • Prince has since rejected the entire music industry and professed openly to be a devout Jehovah's Witness. At least he can say that much.

      • Isn't that just another image projection? I'd rather have him in charge of a brothel than sundayschool. Quite a brothel though i quess.

      • blackrocker4eve on

        Hello Insider but that's simply NOT true….lol..Prince has been on tour the last 6 months with his new band Third Eye Blind where he has the Eye of Horus flashing on a screen behind him through out the show. He also wears a Eye of Horus as a ring. The logo of the band is very similar to the Eye of Horus as well..So no, he hasn't "rejected" ANY part of the music industry..Me myself, I never bought into his "conversion" of becoming a JW which he had claimed to have done YEARS ago…I've worked with some of his ex bandmates and a lot of P's faith in JW was/is "staged" to make him appear like he has "CHANGED"…

      • Prince was 'emancipated' some time ago in more ways than one & insider has it right.
        Prince has his own Studio & record label (Paisley Park). Yes, in a way he has accomplished
        what other artists can only dream of……artistic freedom.

        As a Prince fan I can attest to the fact that he has cleaned up his act for sure. Many of his Old
        School fans can't believe he no longer curses or will play some of his staple material (erotic city,
        etc). Even though he is not currently touring w/ Larry Graham (composed One in a Million) he did spent a lot of time touring w/ him over the last few years. Any one who knows Larry Graham knows he is a hard working, talented artist who has payed his dues to the music biz. Larry Graham is an active JW who has encouraged Prince Spiritually & offered a hope of the resurrection ( Rev 21:3,4) of his newborn who passed away. This hope is what has truly changed Prince.

        Many religions are veiled w/ hypocracy. I can understand how ppl view them w/ distain at times.
        But if Bible principles are applied correctly they can truly bring satisfaction in ones life & offer a hope
        In this Wicked World that is soon to be cleansed. So I guess my question is: Would an artist like Prince who has already waded in the mire of the corrupt Music industry chose to go back & to that Occult based Corporate enslavement? Or would he chose to remain upbeat, separate from the Dark side w/ a hope of seeing his young child in a New World that will equate to Paradise? A lot is at stake for not only Prince but any one else who chooses the path to life. ")

        It must be difficult to be in the Entertainment Biz & try to stay away from all of the corrupting influences on a daily basis.

      • Yeah, I remember when he first talked about numerology and nobody seemed to know what the hell he was on about and as a small child, I was confused as to why they never had the capacity to even basically understand.

  25. Miley spends so much time with one eye closed she would find it easier to have the other one yanked out permanently. Perhaps she has been (falsely) programmed into thinking that she is some kind of handmaiden for the imminent return of her lord?

  26. that house looks like a dragon…I wonder why it is red (things that make you go hummmm) ;o)

    These comments are right on track! Google glasses… yeah, creepy does not EVEN begin to cover it. As always, I always enjoy reading the comments. Thanks ya'll!! A bigger thanks to VC for staring evil in the face and not flinching, as well as giving the lighter side of laughter to all these symbols. Because you taught me, I have taught my kids what to look for in shows, movies, signs, etc. Thank you ,VC!

  27. I like how you are getting more to point in your recent articles, as in your comments on the inverted cross and gaga's mask. Thumbs up.

  28. At least the ordinairy shop ad is honest about their target group. The list of salesmen to avoid keeps growing and growing. I am glad i live in a neighbourhood with old style shops, besides a few major ones.

  29. I was at work looking at an Earnshaw's magazine/catalog – a catalog for moms featuring clothes for "tweens" inspired by the pop scene – I kid you not, I saw a little girl with a fish toy over one eye and the fish toy was covered in 9's (upside down 6's). The whole catalog was creepy pervsville one eye sexualizing children central. Go to their website and look at the current issue – you can see the whole thing. The cover? What looks like a 9 year old sticking her booty out in leopard print pants with a heart painted around her face. Oh, and a blue wig.

    • Have you seen the Justice catalogs? I've got one and I'm going to scan it and send it to VC. The girls are dressed in animal prints (which is what Justice mostly sells). They are each holding candy over one eye. My sister in law bought my daughter clothes from this store and I won't allow her to wear them because they're skimpy animal prints (sex kitten programming).

      • Yes, I saw that! My niece has picked out a load of stuff for her Christmas outfit list. I won't be buying any of that!

      • I probably have but didnt take a real peak. Earnshaws had a very distinctive look and feel to it that caught my eye, so thats when I opened it. I see tons and tons of catalogs every day.

  30. sittingcoffin on

    Breaking news! Madonna now following Islam. So shes got all three major religions under her belt! As predicted, promoting uniting all world religions to make one, one religion, one hivemind, one everything. Thanks Queen Programmer Madonna.

    • sittingcoffin – I read that also, honestly, she really thinks she's in the know but she's just being used to generate money for the executives, but I would love to see how she's going to end up. She is called The High Priestess of the music industry and also WHY does she spend millions on the kabbalah centers when she's not Jewish, nor converted to Judaism. WHY? (Well of course I know why but most people don't.)

      • Great united lovely attractive religion is the coming RELIGION OF ANTICHRIST. It is the very platform satan incarnate will make first appearance upon. Beware of one united ecumenical tolerant religion – it is satanism in disguise or great Delusion well predicted!

  31. These stars are getting worse and worse every time I see them.
    'Kylie has joined The Voice UK' – more like 'Kylie has joined the Illuminati – Worldwide'.
    Madonna is a little to old for these stupid antics – but that's what the illuminati want, and that's what she gives them.
    Terry Richardson – YUCK!! Need I say more?

  32. knowyourenemy on

    Notice the RED HOUSE in the vogue shoot; clearly telling you who is behind all this, and what awaits people that don’t do anything.. that futuristic prison of the future is the ‘red house’.. the ‘red one’.. rot-schild (red shield)..the red eyed one (satan)

  33. I am sorry to offend anyone but Peter requested to be crucify with the cross being upside down. I don't believe her true words but she TRY hide that with trying to be a satanist

    • This story is a legend, it can not be verified. Probably came from the same people that said that Peter was the first pope, even though the Congregation/Church/Assembly of the believers had its headquarters in Jerusalem and were led by James. Peter never even went to Rome, ever.

      In another words, no matter how they spin it, the inverted cross is NOT in honor of anything good.

  34. Ohh Yesss, Always look forward to these, Thanks VC……. and "surfercajun" I cant believe you thought the house looked like a dragon because that's the first thing I thought. The House looks like the Head of a Dragon – – Miley looks coked out of her head, you'd have to be to do a shoot like THAT, her f.u.c.k.i.n.g tongue is boring me now its p.i.s.s.i.n.g. me off, there is another pic where she is PULLING the leotard UP…..just check it out….. (I wanna know exactly what her mom and dad thought) and I feel like getting that can and squashing it flat on that forehead. WHAT IS SHE DOING MAAAAN?!…..

    • Andrew dear, What ARE you talking about? "nice and meek?", "sweet attitude?", "mind gamer?". You obviously haven't read enough of my comments because what you'll find is the style I write my comments has ALWAYS been the same, long before one person even gave me a compliment & I am very grateful and appreciative of other peoples comments btw (Well the ones that know what they are talking about) and have always said "Thank-You". Just because I expressed my frustration and disgust (like everyone basically) in regards to the whole Miley business, my attitude has gone down hill??. Nahh i'm telling it how I see it. On the other hand i'm not here to candy coat things and talk about fairies and butterflies….Well….(Monarch Butterflies maybe lol). So your comment makes no sense.

  35. – Anubis = Egyptian god of death – – Dunno why Amber Rose is wearing that on her forehead, she's not with Kanye and also after what she said on the Wendy Williams Show, hmmm.

    What Bono is holding in his hand is very similar to the Maltese Cross (Or the Star of Africa diamond) and the 8 pointed star/ Star of Ishtar/ relative to the Satanic Wheel of the year. In the Fashion shoot with the kids, One of the girls look like she is wearing a t.shirt bearing the face of the Hindu Elephant God Ganesh. (very similar in regards to the face detail and the pink tones) & as for Lady Kaka and Mad-Donna – Ohnestly guys at this point I HAVE NO WORDS. Peace.

    • No, Anubis is NOT the Egyptian god of death; he merely is the conductor of deceased souls into the judgement hall of Osiris. There the deceased was judged based on their conduct on earth. The soul of one who lived a life of sin was devoured by the Ammit (the soul eater), while those who had lived a holy life were led by Anubis himself to Heaven.


      • Truth. Errr, Well he aint frigging American is he? you're the one that's getting it twisted, You knew exactly what I meant…..Anubis is associated with the Afterlife, Embalming/Mummification, protector of the dead – All that is related to WHAT?…….Death!! Its funny how a couple of people on here mention that Anubis is the Egyptian God of Death yet you haven't said anything to them but you reply to my comment…hmmmm, Well BRING IT ON with whatever you gotta say

        Your comment corroborates nothing so why don't YOU put your G-String back on and don't get that in a twist. :-)

      • Truth, i agree with you. Osiris is the god of Death not Anubis. BluBoy and Anti-you don't know what they are talking about.

  36. The photo of Miley sucking her thumb and grabbing herself.. is straight out of the Story of O. The young girl who "wants" to be like "O", is told do just that…. suck her thumb and masterbate. An attempt to combine a common self soothing mechanism of small children- sucking their thumb- and sex… yuck.

  37. This revamped Miley would be an easier pill to swallow if she wasn't completely and entirely void of any sort of appeal, visual or otherwise. At least other puppet-artists are easier on the eyes or charismatic but for her to be completely vapid and…well WACK yet have an immense following is simply mind-blowing. How my people have fallen…

    • The faces she makes are just terrible and just rediculous looking. I dont understand how she would think what she is doing looks good in any way whatsoever. And those clothes.. wtf?! These people are making a sick joke out of her. I just wonder if she realizes it or is oblivious.

    • You've hit the nail on the head. I've seen all of her pics made by Terry and i am just feeling confused. I can see why Beyonce has fans, I think Rihanna can be very sexy&provocative in her video's , even Britney, in her good days, had something about her that made girls wanna be her and guys wanna be with her but Miley is just pathetic. It looks awkward, sad, stupid, a parody, there is no 'sexy' in her poses or pictures. What is up with that? On one hand you have RiRi who licks her finger in a suggestive manner (we all know what that means) and on the other we have Miley who licks a – o_O hammer? Nobody gets it.

  38. I can't make up my mind about eminem, I can't help feeling bad for him because he seems to want escape from the music industry but he never does, maybe because he is in too deep and he will lose those closest to him :(

  39. Nickelodeon is certainly doing their part to push the symbolism. Their latest campaign includes giving us the 666 "ok" symbol while appearing to lower the letter "i" into the word. Satan is so smooth…

  40. The images of the kids in the Target catalogue is from Australia. That was the first time I saw so much symbolism in one catalogue-No doubt Kmart will follow in their next catalogue. Funny how in that catalogue, none of the adult models were flashing any signs. I'm new to all of this, and it's absolutely sickening too see just how prevalent all of this is.

    • You haven't seen the articles about him basically molesting models on shoots? They are handled into situations and then either refuse and get the boot, or comply and business moves on. Hes definitely on the handling scene. As soon as Laurie Ann Gibson moved away from Gagas camp, Terry moved in.

      • Yes but it's also the models' fault for putting up with him. Why do they want to wotk in a business that everyone is a sick puppy in the first place? Since they can't change the behaviour of Richardson or the mentality of the business they are in, it'd be wiser to change their own direction.

      • Riiiight. Itd be wiser to change all of our directions, then, as nothing seems to be getting any better.

      • Modelling is yet another part of enter-tain-ment after all – you can only go so far if you refuse to sacrifice your values

      • The working man is every bit the used indentured servant that any model is, they just don't have actual sex acts involved in their cog-like jobs.

      • sittingcoffin – Yeah I think that's why LaurieAnn got away from her, probably realized her satanic ways and did you hear what Lady Gaga's hairdresser Michael Pooter said about her, a couple of years ago this was, not sure if its true but ya never know…..

      • But all Laurie Ann deals with are people that are supposedly handled. She seems every bit the handler that Richardson does. I think all that Jesus stuff was a coverup for something else, probably just two stubborn females having differences. Leo/Aries combos are hard to negotiate, especially with an Aries as the lead.

      • I'm aries with a leo ascendant and definitely a difficult person. So difficult that there are times I can't stand myself. Nonetheless I get on exceptionally well with leo and gemini women. Always enjoy a nice chit chat with geminis and happy to let leos to lead.

      • I was referring to Gagas Aries with LaurieAnns Leo sun signs – with artists like that, it seems that they want to have a team that is ok with being in the background, and Laurie Ann started publicly asserting herself in a way that didn't jive with Gagas brand, ie arguing with fans online, getting overly involved in the creative aspects of her videos. At least that's what it seemed like to me at the time of the separation, and its not like youd ever get the real story from anyone involved. Laurie Ann still wants to work in those circles. I did find it funny that Terry Richardson stepped up when Laurie Ann left, a Leo to replace a Leo. Sometimes its easier to stomach the masculine energy of the sign when you are getting it from a man instead of a woman.

        From Making the Band to working with independent acts, Laurie Ann seems like a taskmaster to train beginners. People don't keep her around for lengthy amounts of time, but she always finds work.

  41. So, if you don't have the google glasses your are practically dead. Wow, that is how they are trying to up the image of this thing?

  42. Just to precise – Glen Benton cannot wears inverted cross SOMETIMES because he burned it on his forehead….it is a scar not ink stamp or something …

  43. After a while I get kind of used to this crap symbols, never the less it is interesting to see wich one eyed Minion doing there Minion Job this Month, but what realy creeps me out is the picture of Amber Rose at the Festival.
    The average People behind her looking really ill , bloated and lost.

    Sorry for my English and greetings from Europe.

  44. So if Satanism is the opposite of Christianity does that mean they don't commit genocide, don't molest children and don't sponsor wars? I'm in, I love peace and harmony.

      • I think you misunderstand.
        Christianity has been involved in many bad things.I don't mean your average christian,my wife is one and my mother in law. They are lovely people. Jesus had some nice ideas.
        I am saying, the Cathars were murdered by the church down to the last baby, the child abuse cases are well documented and many wars have been started by it and much much more obscenities. I mean the institution not the average person. (I can give you many proven cases)
        I am not ignorant, that's the point, I am very well read. I have read a lot of history and it is not pretty. What is the opposite of all this? That's all I'm saying.
        There is no need to be rude.


      • @other people: no reason to be rude to John, he has the right to state his opinion as well!

        @John: I'm not religious either, but lately it feels like it seems to be the "coolest thing" to mock religion. Sure there are bad eggs(past and today), but doesn't mean all of them. We don't judge the whole sport because idiots like Mike Vick committed a terrible crime. Why does it suddenly matter whether a criminal is religious or not? The criminal might be also a big fan of some singer, or likes a certain kind of sport, likes to eat a certain kind of food? Why do people just focus on religion?
        There are way worse crimes committed by non-religious people. Also lots of great things are and were done by religious people. Just because a few act retarded doesn't mean the whole thing is bad.
        Another thing that annoys me when people blame God on all the bad things in the world. But those problems are almost always happen because of human failure.

        Shortly; It is all up to humans how they use a tool.

      • John some men join the clergy to have easy access to children and commit crimes against humanity by hiding under that rock. Their motives are questionable, you can judge christianity due to the existence of some 'imposters'. That's the way it goes with cunning people with bad motives. They are experts at disgusing their real intentions. Christianity is no respsonsible for the behavious of such individuals. Those allegedly priests will be judged by other sources. The best you can do is not to trust an individual alone with your kids. If you try to protect them, you might be successful.

      • ah yes they blame God for everything. The destruction of S & G, the flood, now because God doesn't prevent allegedly cunning people from doing their deeds. I think they don't understand how God works. God wants absolute trust, I think this is the main key.

      • disneysthedevil on

        don't confuse catholics with Christians.. at least no the Vatican.. little ppl are true Christians.. the popes and those above were really on the other side since the beginning of christianity..


      • I meant nailed it. Even thurmond was churchgoer/churchmember. If lucifer comes nowadays he will be given nice spot on pew ( or rather at the pulpit).

      • I think the people in charge just wanted people to calm down and pay taxes, BAM! Create a religion.

        That's what L.Rob Hubbard did, and look how successful that was/is.

      • that's what the catholics did…
        true Christians like the greek orthodox never calmed down the people or got them to pay taxes :)

      • exactly,,, especially the bullshit sector called protestants that all the presidents have been hiding behind…

  45. I resume one far all (even if you are fan of a celebrity ): NO SALE, NO FAME. Simple as that.
    Every famous people are corrupted bu the system. That's it.

    • It's just like politics: You don't even make it to the ballot unless they are 110% certain that they have you "in the bag", either through blackmail, or because they know your past and have marked you as an immoral sellout.

      Look what happens when an honest man attempts to run for higher office, such as Ron Paul. The media all joins forces to erode his credibility and ensure that the people are never given a chance to vote for him.

      • Or maybe it's his wife and he wanted/was asked/ to marry into it. Marriage of conveniance is still popular and so are eugenics?

      • supposedly that's why they closed down their hospital floor in nyc,. to test the baby's blood in secrecy

      • Beyonce had a surrogate and needed an entire floor on lockdown to keep that as secret as possible, though her use of prescription steroids to create a bloated "Im really pregnant!" look and her collapsing prosthetic belly had already been revealed. I highly doubt an entire floor needs to be rented out to keep a simple blood test under wraps.

      • Quite possible … Prince William's wife Kate has also had similar issues (apparently wore a prosthetic bump) and shows no sign of having been pregnant a few weeks later. Apparently, 'their' baby will be christened in a ceremony involving being bathed in water from Jordan as all royal babies are subjected to this tradition. Not your regular Christening I bet!

      • He has paid his dues and comes from an IG worshipping family but he has no class or elite blood (nor has she). I think they are fervent devotees and major-league puppets who have profited financially beyond their wildest dreams; the satanic equivalent of the door-to-door-salesman who ends up running a catalog empire covering several states and controlling $$$$ of revenue. They would not sit well within the higher echelons of satanic committee, it can get quite intellectual at that level, Madonna and Angelina could bluff their way through though.

      • Makes sense. Sometimes I debate with ones like him given how certain bloodlines like to freshen up sometimes and pull a rags to riches plotline to promote their own. I like how Jay Z is supposedly this great, wise hip-hop intellectual. Seems as dumb as a stump to me, just money hungry like the rest, willing to be used himself and poison the planet with spiritual garbage to get his.


    • she was since the 80s just like janet and Madonna were here.. u just never knew her back then… they always did the 2 fingers under the eye thing like it's cool..just how janet did it in her dance moves since the 80s

  46. I am still amazed by the number of people who just don't get it. Specifically, those who read sites like this and are half-awake, but still believe that their chosen artists are the real deal. They want to believe all of the truth except the part where their favorite singers are in on it too. Then they go into denial mode and cling to falsehoods, to try and protect their own ego.

    "They" control ALL mainstream media. It is impossible to break through and become a "star" unless "they" approve of you and your act. Now and then they let someone like Bono play the role of the good guy, but it's exactly like Professional Wrestling – they are acting according to the script they were handed by their rulers. People like Bono are put there to hoodwink you even further.

    Get it through your heads, please, EVERY SINGLE mainstream star in music, television, or film, has already sold out before they were ever put in the public eye. It is a precondition of being seen by the masses.

    Independent music, film, and programming are everywhere on the internet. It's easy to find artists that are not corrupted in the system. But you have to turn off your mainstream television, magazines, gossip websites, and all the other crap you feed yourself. It's all lies. Stop being so lazy and trendy and sheep-like. Find and support truly independent artists who operate outside of the Hollywood machine.

    • Right on, right on. So right on.

      I was just thinking along the same lines – it happens on virtually every VC post. Those who have followed the company line on their "artist" of choice clings to their preconceived notions. Like this post and the resulting Bono (or "bone-hole") defenders, for instance, due to the lip-service he has given regarding Christian faith (with his fingers crossed, no doubt).

      Actions speak louder than words, people!

    • That's just because some of mainstream artists are really talented and make some good music. I mean Bono in this case. It's all about taste, not analysis. People can't live only by their intellect or common sense (sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker). You can accept this or not, but you can't avoid it.

      • I used to like bono… then after knowing who he really is and re-listening to songs you can tell he is not singing to a woman or lady, he is praising the devil.. or singing about new days.. he is talking about nwo… I don't know if its because I am looking to associate everything with something bad lately or if it was there but it does make sense..

    • exactly! that's what I thought about metallica- that were a truly good band.. but now that I go back to every album.. my goodness they sang about EVERY SINGLE THEME WE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT HERE…from "battery" (beating your wife) to "master of puppets" ( the govt in charge.. and we are puppets) "enter sandman" ( the word "enter" says it all= possession and never never land- the mind control and spirits summoning around children) to "fuel"- give me fuel give me fire… "oo what I heard. fuel is pumping engines"- metaphor for needed to be part of the fire so to speak, in order to make it…. to "hero of the day"- worshipping the current star who is trying to make it but won't last long… "death magnetic".. .. several songs about insane asylums…list goes on
      you can write a book about the themes.. ..

      also same thing about Madonna…

    • I know what you mean too but it is possible to get to the other side, acknowledge that your former idol worships the devil and still like some of their music and even listen to some of it occasionally. I feel that way about Dylan for sure. I went through a phase of complete rejection but I am reconciled to the fact that, like all of us, his songs are a mixed bag in terms of what they promote. Don't know about denser artists, but it's kind of complicated with Dylan really.

  47. i'm just disappointed with Em , he's been my fav rapper ever since i started listening to US hiphop , i know he says lots of disturbing stuff in his songs but i know by my heart that he is (was i suppose) not a cheap illu sellout
    i just hope this pic is his end game because before this there was 1 huge difference between him and other rappers(like kanye, jay and wayne) , no illu reference in his vids or other stuff

    • How could you honestly be "disappointed" in a guy who built his entire career on spewing the most vile, rotten, demonic, immoral, corrupting garbage at 10-year-olds? What did you expect of him, in order to be disappointed? That he would come out and say it was all a big joke, and that he's sorry for destroying the morals and minds of millions of young children? Are you really that naive?

      He could leave any time he wants. He could speak out any time he wants. He could tell you about his handlers any time he wants. He's got enough money for 10 lifetimes. His greed and evil is far stronger than any morals he may have had a long long time ago.

      • Not even Dave Chappelle had the balls to get specific about why he left Hollywood – he danced around it, but he still wants to stay alive.

        Unless everyone starts talking, its not exactly safe for Eminem to come out and speak the truth about his situation. He has a kid that he wants to see grow up.

      • I just don't buy that as an excuse at all. I have more balls to speak against power than either of these two, and I have no security.

        When you have that kind of money, it's tremendously easy to buy the best security in the business. You can go to extraordinary lengths to ensure your safety, for only a few hundred thousand a year.

        It is not their lives they are afraid of losing, it is their fame and money. Face it, they are selfish, have huge egos, and are addicted to the limelight. The only thing that would happen if they spoke out, is that they wouldn't be promoted as heavily by their bosses in Hollywood. They would not be killed.

      • It also seems to be extremely easy to get rid of security when they have seen too much, lately. Forever. And afterwards tell everyone stories that go on the world wide files forever. Never mind looking a bit further though.

      • Is that whats going on with Katt Williams? He speaks out and he gets nothing but police action and bad publicity.

        I don't know how to replace the monetary system we have right now, but as is, everyone needs to make income. Dave Chapelle has kids and a wife to support. He is good at what? Being a comedian. That's his career. Is it his fault that entertainment is infected with mind control thugs looking for everyone to keep their mouths shut? No. He refused a 50$ million dollar deal, dropped off the scene, went to Africa, and nothing but horrible things were said about him. He came back, did some interviews, dropped some hard facts (on Oprah and Inside the Actors Studio), and disappeared again. Hes recently tried some stand up gigs with very bad results. Intentional sabotage? Maybe. I don't begrudge him for trying to make a living at what hes good at, and he has the guts enough to keep trying.

        Words on a webpage do not equal the threat that someone famous brings when they speak out. No ones reporting on my thoughts and feelings, and Im sure they aren't reporting/slandering your name on the news.

      • They wheel out the crazy stalker phenomenon too when they want to demote a celebrity. It would seem as though the crazy stalker manages to run some of them out of town altogether. For others, it is applied less intensively and functions as a kind of threat to kick them into touch and hush them up. I know for a fine fact that it is a way of controlling their puppets. you never hear about the most attractive, alluring high earning puppets being plagued by these random stalkers, only those whose star is in descent (or due for it). Next thing you know, fans start becoming alienated wondering whether they are actually appreciated at all and the allure which was built up previously starts to fade before your eyes. From then on, they are on a losing wave because talking about it/not talking about it is all negative publicity.

    • when i read your comment the word naive comes in my mind. You really are!!! even if you admit he says "lots of disturbing stuff u still want and believe that there's nothing really bad about him!!!!

  48. errorsofrussia on

    Terry Richardson's 'work' is uber-creepy trash that tries to pass itself off as high-minded and edgy…

    Terry R must be on special retainer with the Illuminati…from madonna to Gaga to now Miley, it seems to be a right of passage for these servants of S*t*n to 'work' with him at some point in their 'careers'…

  49. The Miley Cyrus photo shoot with that guy next to her is also effectively topless with a checkered shirt/flannel, and she's sporting either a skirt or shorts that is effectively feline styled fishnet. So, she's effectively flashing the Illuminati Eye, Mason checkers, and beta sexual monarch control in a single photo.

    Miley is most definitely going for sex object/sex kitten status within the film/music/tv industry.

  50. This creepy photographer Terry Richardson reminds me of a weirdo pedophile, and he also took photographs of our PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! how disgusting is our society and what our times have come to, that our president chooses to take pictures with this weirdo… i could just imagine the prints that were not publicize of Terry and Obama..

    • Anyone who occupies such a high political office is complete dirt in my mind. Obama, any of them, theyre all lower than a try hard Beta Slave wannabe.

      • Ugh…that could be very dicey…things you can't unsee. In a bathhouse? With one or all of the three young men who were members of Trinity church who wound up murdered not long after the start of his campaign (whose family members have spoken out about the shoddy "investigations" into their deaths and have called for new ones, to no avail)?

        Nah, no one wants to see that.

      • I wasn't thinking about the lost obama files, photo's and diaries of everybody around him. More like what facial expressions the man has now, in close up by a ruthless soulflasher. And if he would have a sigaret dangling, or a joint, and if his wife would have a sit in with a ginmix in one hand. Or if it was just another 10 minutes on a scedule, with 27 entourage standing and waiting. That sort of curiousity, nothing more. Please no.

    • Obama is related to Brad Pitt (6th cousin, I think) so not so far fetched that This photographer would refuse to work with him

  51. Does anyone know why they also always use the v or peace symbol with their fingers? What does it really represent I wonder?

  52. wouldn't they like to know what they dont know – as they know very little but they act as if they know more – poor little lost and damaged souls they are … but that game is their choice – a pathetic and insecure choice – they dont realise those laughing at them – those that know .

  53. I saw those pics of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga before I read this. Again, they creeped me out like always, as did the rest of the pics. I am most surprised by Bono, as I am aware he is a devout Christian.

  54. IU just released her new single Red Shoes. Can't get more symbolic than that.

    Incidentally, long before Eunhyuk or any other 'initiation', one of IU's earliest photos (in fact her first famous photo) was eerily similar to the Carla Bruni photo, with two fingers making a V over her right eye.

  55. Wow, I read a previous comment on Earnshaw's magazine. That is some creepy shit right there. Gee, any of those kids getting molested? Naaaaww…..

  56. Wow, these pics don't seem like anything abnormal. However, now that I've been a born-again Christian for 31/2 years, they are disturbing, especially when Satan (father of all liars) leaves his tread marks behind. My beef isn't with Miley or Madonna, but instead with the demonic/wicked spirit that is enticing them and others. The Bible says that the natural man does not understand the things of the Spirit. All I can do is pray, lead by example, and warn people of the lies that Satan has entangled them in. If you don't know Jesus, He loves you and died for all your sins. He rose from the dead after being crucified for the sins of the world on the third day, proving to be who He said He was–GOD in the flesh (the Creator). Please be willing (repent) to turn from your rebellious, wicked, and perverted lifestyle, and put your trust (faith) in Him, and you will be saved. Please find a good Christian church and be aware of false religions/cults (i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Christian Science, Scientology, New Age, etc… Please don't wait 30 years to find the LORD as I did because the things of this world are so not worth it (i.e. sex, party, and drugs). Eternal judgement (Hell) is not worth those things. Thank you. Jesus loves you!

    • Eddie Buraye – Right, You stated "Please find a good Christian church" – EXACTLY!!! So you know YOURSELF that there are no good Christian churches because majority of them are pagan sun worshippers, disguising themselves as "Christians" – The proof is all there in them stained glass windows…..

  57. Target commercials on tv in Australia are full of symbolism also. It's fucked up how it has now just became a part of popular culture. Everyone's doing it.

  58. What do Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Bono, Oprah Winfrey, and many more celebs have in common? Well its them going to Africa to help the children. Wasn't there a scandal that occurred at Oprah's school in Africa? well that was prob overshadowed by some catastrophe around the word to make people forget that it happened. Wasn't Audrey Hepburn something to the UN and helped the children Africa? Yet we see her at the satanic ball, and she was in a movie written by Truman Capote. Jimmy Saville was a man who "Loved the children in the hospitals." He was friends with the Crown in England. As much as I love visiting England, there are some very strange things that occurs there. I wonder why Madonna moved there….I wonder why Gwenyth paltrow married Chris from Coldplay, then moved to England. Speaking of paltrow wasn't she bestfriends with Beyoncé & jayz (the pawns). Jay z named his daughter Blue Ivy (Blue being some sort of high masonic color or symbol, I don't know) What's with Madonna, Angelina, and Sandra Bullock adopting the African babies? (If it's just because they love them and want to help then its a good thing) but I can't help but think maybe there is something more sinister to it. Remember Joan Crawford looked like an excellent mother with her adopted kids, but didn't the daughter come out with a book saying how she was abused by this Hollywood A list star? I don't kmow…I am just saying… Speaking of England ; I remember watching the Closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics which, if one recalls was very dark and sinister. But I remember seeing the spice girls come out in those black rats (cabs they call them in England), and thy were singing their old hits. It was just odd. To add to the British invasion, I remember my favorite books growing up as a child were The witches (Ronald Dahl), and The Lion, the Witch, and the wardrobe (C.S. lewis) I believe these authors were citizens of the crown. It wasn't till I was older and was watching the witches, that I thought this is pretty sick (could be cuz I have a nine year old). I mean kidnapping children, and killing them and turning them into rats. Then I read that Ronald Dahl was raised in an orphanage (sea, sun, and Satan by bill Maloney/ Haut de la garenne/ Jimmy saville) then went on to serve in the military (mind control experiements etc). He also wrote Willy wonka (johnny depp) Wonder why Jonny depp always plays these demonic weird roles. Wasn't Johnny the one fighting for he Memphis 3 child killers to be released? now that the guy is free he and Johnny are best friends and have matching tattoos or something. Best friends with a Satanist (maybe) who sacrifices children…..What about C.S.Lewis? he was a Christian I think, but come to find out he was good friends with Alister Crowley's good friend (google c.s. lewis : the devil's wisest fool – jesus is savior site) Although it use to be a childhood favorite, I use to always wonder why Mr. Tummnus (the faun/pan) was crying when lucy woke up- it was because he molested her, I think… ALSO the white witch stabs the lion and the little things are dancing around and celebrating (Dionysus,bacchus,silenus and maenads- also mgmt. electric feel video). I could go on and on….David Icke was right about Jimmy Saville in 1999 and no one believed him (well maybe some) They laughed at Icke 30 years ago when he was interviewed on tv…..All I know is that I love his book the biggest secret….its hard for me to accept the reptilian story, but he is dead on about a lot of other things. They "The Brotherhood" are after the children. Children are easy to manipulate, and they are innocent…this is why when we go to the teen section in barnes and nobles all we see are books on witches and vampire, why we have Hannah Montana now a slut and glorified. The common theme in what I have written about has been and always will be children. They are coming for them and they are here…its up to adults and parents to take a stand…

    thx vc!

    • But the adults and parents have also grown up with this imagery and they are pairing it with poisons in the air, water, and food supply.

      We might not win this fight.

    • England is the masonic capital of the world as far as I know. If you look up Rik Clay and what he said about why the Olympics were held in London to hail the Age of Aquarius and a load more about lay lines and ancient burial sites and the Royal family who are actually German.

      • Weren't the British royal family of German descent, like the Dutch the Swedish, and so on and on and on..? I know they all share the same taste for warcriminals, too. To love, marry and spawn with for example.

      • Yes, and they sure look it. Don't know why those foolish royalists claim them as their own

      • sitting coffin – Exactly! The Financial Centre, The Spiritual Centre and the Military Centre

      • Indeed…all three adorned with obelisks as well.

        The Vatican obelisk, which was moved from Egypt, stands in the middle of St. Peter's Square, and is also a sundial (!). It is one of thirteen (!) obelisks in Rome.
        Then you have Cleopatra's Needle in London, again built in Egypt and moved. Visible from the London Eye (!), no doubt.
        And of course the one in D.C. – so much about that one as we know…

      • amaryllis, Yes where I was born in fact & their name is NOT Windsor. Its Saxe-Coburg & Gotha, a German Dynasty, which owns the Royal Houses of Bulgaria, Belgium and UK. Guess who the Chateau de Amerois in Belgium was built for? (Prince Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha). He was also a knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece – Nikolas Sarkozy was also a member, whose wife Carla Bruni, is featured above – Interesting isn't it…..

      • Yeah, funny that they are often as examples of how unattractive are the English when they are not even English.

    • Speaking of children….Stephen king always has novels involving crazy kids. In the shinning Danny had special powers and his dad had been touching him..also in the shinning there was a Rothschild weird scene with the man on bed in tuxedo and bear doing his thing to him..,In the movie children of the corn, the kids were all evil and killed the adults in the pet cemetery, the little boy who died was buried in a pet cemetery and came back to life with an evil spirit killing people… In the movie "it" the alien/clown (David icke reptilians) killed children, he ate them to gain energy? Which is what the satanist believe in…Stephen king says he randomly picked a hotel in Colorado to stay in and base his book the shinning off of…Colorado is where all of the military and satanist's no coincidence john carpenter made village of the damned (aliens in children bodies) "they live" aliens taking over sett while human were sleep … And In the mouth of mAdness – a movie about a demon writer sutter cane, who Is after the children and makes his fiction books reality. Like rosemary says in Rosemary's baby, " I'm not dreaming, this is really happening."

      • Denver is an odd place. I've never seen anything that odd in my life. It was like everyone was on something, out of a S King novel.

      • Did you happen to notice all the symbolism in their airport? The mural especially?? Go to the "sinister sites" section here at VC and check out the post, if not (and there are other write-ups on the web as well – it's notorious for sure).

      • For the most part, King claims to be very dissatisfied with the movie versions of his novels, that's why you see him redoing them with more of his input/direction. Kubrick made The Shining. Stephen King redid it for a 3 part TV movie years ago….it was terrible.

      • mzprincess – Yeeah, The "illuminati" do anything to pursue vitality and youth. They give away little snippets on how they function in movies/films etc. (e.g. The films and info you listed in your post)

      • Just left safeway and say a new stephen king's novel. Can anyone guess what it's about???? It's about evil children! Part 2 of the shinning, and I think danny is living with a "nice looking older couple" (rosemary's baby; sweet people who are satanist) It also looks like there is an alien force (reptilians) out to get children…..these people are sending us a message…getting us prepared for their arrival; although they have always been here……

      • Well carrie i dont see as evil more like a sad story of being bullied and living with a crazy mom

      • In another, less evil way, sharing the overabundance of a childs energy with an older relative like a grandparent can balance things out a bit. The grandparent picks up on the extra energy the child can carry around, and the child calms down. Its a mutually beneficial relationship, and likely part of why grandparents usually treasure their grandkids so much (unknowingly). Humanity is kind of a vampiric species by nature – we must steal life essence from other things to keep ourselves alive, whether it be plants or animals.

    • mzprincess – Yeeah Gurl, great post btw. I'm from England, born and raised so I understand what you are saying……….. Keep posting comments like this (I like to write in a similar style also). Very informative and I enjoyed reading it. But one thing I wanted to ask you is. How the hell did you make it so long?. It never allows me to do it & I have to split my post into like 4 parts lol

      • lol! thx funny thing is, is that I typed up more than that on my freaking iphone which was a nightmare, and didn't copy it and did something else and I went back to it and it was all gone!!!! I was so mad, lol….everytime I reply to these articles I am in a hurry and always on the move, so there are a massive amount of typos (sorry) I will go thru and respond to some of your writings…I have read some just haven't taken the time to respond (I did thumbs up though!) Your writings are well written and informative as well. Glad you are awake too! I am not sure why it allowed me to write so much without breaking it up….strange

    • Yes the white queen stabs the lion but you forget that aslan arose from the dead. The lion is an allegory for jesus christ because in one of the films Lucy asks Aslan " will i ever see you again?" to which he responds " yes,for in your world i go by another name" .

    • Do your kids have Halloween parties at school as well? I mean, they were not organized by the school in my day? I cannot believe that in these hard times, schools would manage to allocate budgets to that kind of pagan celebration unless there was a hidden agenda.

      • i dont have kids but yeah some schools have halloween parties but not for the whole school. Some teachers will be like if the whole class gets "A's" then we'll have a pizza party or holiday theme party. Some have dances but if you dont want your child to participate then tell the teacher, thats what i used to do when i was young, i dont celebrate non of the holidays except new year and kwanzaa

    • I wanted Madonna's boots in Desperately Seeking Susan. You know, back when there was hope, and excitement, and inspiration, and a starry look in her eyes…now look what the hell happened. People would be better off if they never achieve fame. Nothing wrong with success; wayyyy too much wrong with fame.

      • Although she made it very clear from her very first interviews, she would do anything to conquer the world, to have the best of everything and to make lots of money of fans. And she did. In a way i respect her ambition and hard work, not her motives or used form.

      • ever since "Starlight starbright" she part of it.. since the beginning….
        she paid prices..

    • One (arguably) positive thing about her is that she has never sugar-coated her staunch belief in the Luciferian doctrine (or even Kabbalah). She has not pretended to be otherwise or misled others- it is in-your-face, 'this is what I am, I sing what I mean / mean what I sing, here is a pretty book with nice pictures to clear up any remaining doubts'. She has apparently inspired a great many of these awful younger artists who have been aiming for the same brand of shock-value but attempted to achieve it via concealment and confusion.

      • She is one of the most determined people i know. I would not state she has not mislead others, though…

      • How do you feel she has done this DDd? I think that her Frozen video for example gave the most candid insight into that belief system … ever. Her offensive on stage antics and rants have always been trailblazing and unashamedly unapologetic

      • I think that, as an intelligent kid, she knew from a young age how people react to different things. The showing of bodyparts, the reaction to confrontations. By picking out or initiating confrontation she had upperhand and grew more confident. The use of rituals was prominent in her surroundings, and as a smart woman she learned the different levels of operating. And i somehow got the impression very early in her carier – she herself is manipulated into performing from a very young age. Way before going to some big apple. And yes, i think she is rather honest about her journey in her work. But i find it hard to listen to or watch for the last part of it. Just don't give a f*nger about 67 times l.u.v.madonna in just a few minutes. And toating guns over your audience's heads before preaching of love and peace just rubs me a nasty way. But i am fascinated by the way i am fascinated by her sometimes, let alone the biljons of other people showering her with bucks.

      • Yes, amaryllis, THAT video is very telling if you are aware. I remember watching that frozen video and thought it was really dark but didn't obviously know why, but now my jaw just drops to the floor, because I know exactly what the undelying meaning of the video is. Remember what she says about "that" belief system, that she is connecting to something that pre-dates religion……If you can connect the dots you'll be able to figure out why or even how she has rose to the top of her game.

  59. People will do Anything for some money and some fame! Guard your and your children's hearts and mind because Satan is working OVERTIME for their souls! God Bless.

  60. Please do an article on Lordes' Royals. I explained what I thought to my hubby (We can never be Royals meaning us ) and (Let me your Queen Bee, Let me be your ruler) meaning she's down with Illuminati.

    • killer queen fragrance by katy perry…all of these queen and witches stuff…that song is conditioning people to be mediocore….saying they will never have or want those things….this chic has an album with a song called "ribs" and "teeth or fangs or something" ……very sick stuff aimed at teens…btw shes performing in seattle soon at an event called "vampire night" go figure

      • oh my, we are attacked with this song, royals by lorde, like we were attacked with R Thicke's one during the previous season.

      • Luckily enough i was able to avoid hearing the one's by psy more than seconds. i always could zap, click away or yell to someone at the volume controls to put if off. Man, did i grew tired of him popping up for months…

    • Thank you for mentioning that song. This 16 year old "songwriter" comes out of NOWHERE with a single and an entire album ready to go and the radio is instantly all over it, as are currently touring singers and smaller bands making appearances. A single called Royals about how "we" can never be equal to royalty because of our blood, and its ok! We can do other things!

      All this while other Illuminati-support acts have albums in the bag for months and months now (Iggy Azalea, Azailia Banks) and cant get them released. What makes this 16 year old so great? No way in hell did she get signed, produce an entire self written album and have it go worldwide at 16. The math doesn't add up.

      • Sometimes it is a work in progress. I always thought that a guy named Justin got groomed years before him publishing. And that his handlers jumped the youtube-train whe the time was right for the cashing in of an investment. But that is just gut feeling mixed with propaganda probably.

      • Her case seems so glaringly obvious, especially given the lyrics of her "smash hit" and the name of her album.

  61. What do u expect from Eminem, he made a song about killing his ex wife with their young daughter featured on the track

  62. Beyonce is also doing the devil hand sign with her left hand in the picture with Rose. Very revealing pics this month! "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:11

  63. I'm always surprised how someone like Terry Richardson got so famous. His photos are not very good, I have friends that make better photos. Besides that, he is very creepy, wouldn't surprise me if he is/was involved into some shady business(probably one of the reasons why he is so famous). It is looks suspicious to me when someone that is super famous and rich, but doesn't really has any distinctive talent.

    Miley is just a puppet. Even years ago when she still was "Hannah Montana" she appeared very creepy and fake to me. And now she turned into that kind of creature I expected. Because there are/were too many of that kind before, as if there is a factory out there that build those stars.

    Also; never took Bono serious, he always was and is plastic to me. And I don't donate to big organizations, because they make big money with the suffering of others. I better help my friends and family or my community.
    Best thing to avoid all of this is turning the TV off and don't give things and people like that more attention.

    • Yes but the problem is that if you live in a segregated Stepford wife type comminity then you are only helping people like yourselves. I live in a city but there is still segregation like you would not believe. I am one of the few mothers that even bothers saying 'hello' to a range of people. Most stick to those exactly like themselves even though our children inhabit the same space for a large part of their life. You have to give back to people who genuinely need it and this may be in places you would hate to visit and people whom you would feel afraid to walk next to.

      • We all come from different tribes. I don't see anything wrong with anyone wanting to associate themselves communally with their own tribe.

        Places I LIKED to visit are now too violent to even think about going to, and that is not because a ton of people that look like me live there.

    • He is good enough at what he does.

      Bono was beautiful back in the day but I couldn't name a single U2 album. I remember when he was caught with Presidential Model Petra Nemcova who has pulled up the feat of posing nude in the same timeframe as being named ambassador-at-large for Haiti.

    • I did some research on Richardson, and he's just a really creepy scvmbag. He has been for his whole life. He seems very proud of being a complete degenerate. He even exploited his own mother on her deathbed, posting horrific pictures of her just to add to his fame.

      I had to research him because I immediately noticed the same thing you did: he has no photographic talent whatsoever. I am an amateur, and I can do far better portraits than he does. Some of my semi-pro friends would blow him away in any "blind" photography contest.

      Whenever someone rises to the top based solely on degenerate art and shock value, it is a sure bet that they had help from the filthy producers who love to push evil on our culture.

      • Sadly, most people are fascinated with dead, violence and sex. That's why people like Terry R. and other untalented "artists" are so successful. And the producers know that.
        The sad and scary thing is that those topics get more and more accepted and more limits of the extreme broken. Even scarier, people might act it out. Just look at the media today! Usually a sign of an coming end of an civilization.

        As for the donation; I better give my money directly in the person's hands instead of donating it to a faceless organization that keeps most of that money for them self. I don't want to support crooked businesses like that! IF you REALLY want to help other people in a different country, why not going there in person? I'm sure that helps a lot more and you can witness everything with your own eyes.

      • Death, violence and sex have been pushed on us for decades now. That's why most people are fascinated by it.

        Terry is somewhat of a handler.

      • He can be extremely funny though – I have seen him work the room a few times back in the olden days. He could dine out forever on those anecdotes.

      • I don't think highly of him at all but just thinking of some of the things I have overheard him say can make me laugh at any time.

      • Hey, he seems very much the life of the party. I wouldnt argue there. Its a shame that hes decided to indulge his sexual perversions in the way that he does, steal peoples energy the way that he does, but thats certainly not to say hes not fun or funny as hell in other situations. I understand you are not endorsing all of his actions.

      • How does Richardson steal people's energies? Hell is not funny btw. People who came back from there have given a very bleak account of that place.

      • I know, I don't endorse it, but those people who come back with bleak accounts have often clearly crossed over into the grey area of morality by voluntarily stripping off for him. He would not prey upon someone whom he perceived to be a lady, I can personally vouch for that.

      • I know someone that came back from meeting Jesus on the other side and said he was mean and angry, so how much stock are you willing to put into other peoples accounts of "hell"?

      • I can see why Jesus has every right to be angry about a lot of things, dunno about the means tho'

      • nice one sittingcoffin. Have you realised that you show arrogance? I hope one day you won't regret it because I never want to see you in a bad situation.

      • sittingcoffin, you are spot on. The elites have been, and are, pushing their own, demented values on us. It's probably their attempt to "become like gods", i.e turn us in their image.

  64. William Morgan on

    The house in the google glass ad is the really wild home outside of Lubbock Tx, called the Steel House. Saw it once on a road trip.

  65. VC – Let's not forget that one of the castmembers on this season of Celebrity Big Brother was none other than beta sex kitten Courtney Stodden. They couldn't even have her away from her handler husband for a month, and had to bring him into the house at one point to monitor and try to control Courtney. Her behavior on the show was seriously disturbing, and some of her housemates spoke about how they "never knew which Courtney they were talking to."

  66. This is no longer shocking to me. It is everywhere. If people are not aware to this by now then they must be living in their own dream world. As I said in other posts. When you buy into these things and these celebrities, Miley Cyrus, Terry Richardson, Lady Gaga and the such; then you help keep these people on the top of the pyramid. It is YOU who is doing this, not them. So keep worshiping and caring what every single celebrity says and does and buy into the products that they are selling the images that they are projecting to everyone; and you will see more and more of this.

    I don't know why people are so shocked about this now when they play a huge part in it.

  67. I remember couple of years ago,people were dicussing in sites like this that Miley will definetely end up like Britney etc.Well,she is much much worse than Britney( in the way she is being used to be overtly sexualized young woman.)It's shocking to see how far down the ugly road the elite has gone in only few years!Britneys snake dances and kisses with Madonna would be NOTHING these days.Maybe still these Miley(Gaga,Rihanna…)poses are labeled as weird for the majority of people today,but soon the shock-factor disappears as the elite pushes (for examble this kind of SICK pics)their dirt in the media and young women will end up posting pics posing like MIley all over social media.
    We all know their agenda – Do it until it's normal.

    • they are speeding up their plans bcos they know they are running out of time they want to take as many people with them as possible to feed their huuuuge egos otherwise they run out of energy and fall flat on their faces life runs in cycles people are already looking for alternatives everywhere people are also fickle if they can be so easily guided down the path they can be easily guided up it all it takes is one magical moment to start a new trend and everything changes its how things have always evolved when all this base driven nonsense wears off they will all look at each other and wonder what happened their egos will struggle to deal with it… and so will their souls.

  68. They're all ugly these new stars, at least till ten years ago they could choose beautiful women for the entertainment industry. Maybe the beautiful were bold enough to go away. Miley Cyrus is ugly and also Lady Gaga germanotta is, Madonna is old, Britney Spears looks beautiful only when she's heavily photoshopped in the real photos she's heavy and piggy. The models of Vogue? Nothing to do with Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell…The Illuminati buy crap, photoshop it heavily and then you can see it's always Katy Perry level.

    • Miley is cartoonish; people like Madonna and Gaga are striking rather than conventionally beautiful, and yes, Madonnas youthful time has passed.

    • Don't you think that branding them 'ugly' is contributing to the objectification of women in a different way? It is not very gracious of you.

      • It's very easy to brand people with a bad attitude physically ugly. On the other hand if they have a nice attitude no matter how unattractive they look, you are fascinated by them, you like and respect them. You think to yourself this person is devoid of good looks or education, money, youth whatever it could be all of those aspects or some of them, nonetheless he/she has a smashing personality and good attitude so who cares about the other least important aspects.

    • What an remarkable comment, in a i-am-of -a-different-one kind. Years ago, the beauty-thing was less important, but talent got promoted – mixed with sex ofcourse. But nowadays, it is almost only about the pakkage/beauty. For the content, the music, the ideas, the voice-manipulation they have a complete industry to fill the void of the puppets' talents. I remember Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, The who, The stones. Their beauty was differently perceived, i admit, but warmer than lately. And televison like The voice, Starmakers etc. is not about talent i think, it is about looking for puppets while making money on ads and downloads.

  69. so, what's going on with Eminem now? seems like he's back and he came back to his handlers. so, he lost his battle for freedom. this is sick…i guess, there's no escape from this nightmare once you join it.

  70. Off topic (kinda) but has anyone seen the latest Smirnoff advert? I found the previous one with the black girl a bit disturbing and a little off but the latest one with the "Adam and Eve" couple is disgustingly off the charts.

  71. Also off topic; was watching a little X-Factor last night. I know, don't ask me why…anyway, WTF is up with this new, weird hand symbol? Not only were the judges flashing it to the contestants, but the contestant's families would flash it to the judges if they picked their kid/friend. Yes, The People in the Audience. It's like both hands together making a double "o" or something like that? It annoyed the crap out of me and happened all night. Please 'splain, Lucy, cause I haven't a clue. Thx!

    • haha i guess you mean the "heart" sign. its not an "o", its a heart. it means "love". i guess its the one and only symbol flashed nowadays that is NOT satanic.

      my name is not lucy, but im glad i could help! :-)

      • Oh phew. Thanks ! There's hope yet. And I'm showing my age. Lucy is Lucille Ball as in Ricky Ricardo saying "What did you do now…splain, Lucy!" πŸ˜‰

      • Not anymore. Google is atttempting to patent the heart gesture to be used in conjuction with their glasses.

  72. that photoshoot with miley is disgusting. she truly looks like a preteen doing very adult things. even that leotard portrays a very sexual act. i'm disturbed.

  73. I agree about Miley trying way too hard. And it is so obvious, sad and pathetic. I feel sorry for her just as I did when Brittany Spears was going through her weird stuff after her divorce. These people are total slaves. Some realize it and some do not I think. In any case what degrading behaviors we keep seeing over and over again. I couldn't have said it better after reading Sinead O' Conners letter.

  74. I have been reading this blog for quite a while now and it always tends to amaze me on how people do not notice these types of symbols everywhere. I knew and heard about how there are symbols all through out society but i did not know that they were so blatant that no one notices.

    I tell you the world is crazy! If you want to know what the future will bring those photos taken for the Google Glasses will be the future.

    Great Blog and Post Keep up the good work.

  75. The Target ads are particularly disturbing to me… sometimes with celebrities, you can never know who is doing it just be in the "in" crowd…to me, its most all simply vain and self-feeding off of the conspiracy hype (one of the downsides to your posts.) But when I see such things in target ads, especially with a bold $18 coupled with it (6+6+6) three girls, and a play on the 'speak no evil' set of monkeys insinuating kids are mindless animals who should shut up and see the ways of the occult, then there is simply nothing trendy or hip about it.

  76. Rose looks like a devout Catholic (not)…..lady gags getting same old same old just getting higher up in the nonsense oder…..Miley sighhh Miley Miley Miley poor girl. She is OBVIOUSLY programmed and the way that the media has been endorsing her just proves it. Great to see pics of the month !!!! Getting so disturbed about how obvious they are anymore. I'm afraid for my children and the coming generation. We must raise them aware and protect them.

  77. Madonna is too old to be dressing like she's twenty. Nobody listens to her anymore, I mean I listen to her old stuff like Vogue & Like a virgin but anything new she has out nobody cares. I'm in college I don't hear a single person yelling "Yeah, put that new Madonna on" so please Madonna just freaking retire.

    • Not a big fan of Madonna myself(don't like her personality), but nobody should be judged for their age and looks of what they can do or not. If you don't like it, don't look.

    • I'd rather see an older person, on stage or off, dressed up and showing colour, than being grey and dull. She has got the body for it and the mindset. (And i don't mean an overdose on occult or religious trash, just in general.) But i do think that, like you stated, that her latest music is not meant for college folk, but for a younger crowd then ever. That's a whole different subject though.

      • Also, i think , her fanbased is a lttle too broad -spanning generations – to be captured in the one-liner i was looking for. But for the grey-and-dull-escapistsof-riper-age, i used her name as an example. In real life over here anyway, people are judged by wearing bright floweral patterns, and shouting colours because that ''is only for young people'' . F*ck that, sometimes bad examples make good fun.

      • Funny you should say that – apparently she was channeling Michael Jackson's look today at the Kabballah service. She is smart getting into all that tho' … less likely to be thrown off the freedom train if you work your way up into management rather than remaining a puppet artist (which she was deffo in the early days).

      • She knew pretty soon the way to the top was via management and directors. Learn the skills from the creators and do bizz with the bosses.

      • I think that Sean Penn was the making of her in ensuring that she was steadily promoted through the ranks. I believe that not only was he obv her handler, he still is. She openly acknowledges her reverence for him and a month ago, she was performing in front of him but he may have been the only person in the audience for all she cared.

      • Milk was about a real politician who was a homosexual. How is doing a film about a real person that lived promoting sex between men? That's like saying a movie about JFK being killed is promoting gun violence

  78. Honest question from a music lover and long time reader. When an artist or band is dropped from a record label or they receive minimal support from the label, is it because they are not going along with the "agenda"? When I was growing up, I remember hearing that Led Zeppelin and Motley Crue were very blatant with their satanic message. My musical tastes went in the opposite direction (The Specials, Deee Lite, Crowded House, The OceanBlue). Maybe I'm naive but it seems like this agenda disappeared from music then reappeared in popular music. I mean, why be blatant about it with pentagrams on album covers in the late 70s/early 80s followed by a quiet period, then now with pyramids and eye symbols in the 2000s? I would be interested in reading about the music industry's agenda during the late 80s/early 90s. I appreciate the information & comments presented on this website, and I don't listen to Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, etc , nor does anyone I know. I'm not really interested in the puppets, they are a dime a dozen. I want the puppet masters exposed. I am a wedding DJ and I don't play this stuff either, probably because most of my clients are of an older demographic. When I used to work in a record store, the record labels used to tout how many albums were sold by a certain artist (when they go platinum,etc). In reality, the record stores would buy hundreds of CDs, sell maybe 30 or so, then ship the remaining back to the label. But the label would count the original stack towards sales. So, the record sales were never really there, which makes me think: maybe the masses AREN'T listening to this junk. Does that make sense? Or perhaps since Music Appreciation programs have been eliminated from schools, are today's kids more conditioned to listen to this junk because they don't know any better? I mean, this stuff is not music. Anyone who has listened to classical, jazz, world, oldies, etc can tell you that.

    • I don't know all the answers but I know one thing for sure, bands like Motley Crüe and Led Zepplin only influenced one type of audience in those days. In order to achieve their purpose in this satanic agenda, they have to reach the masses that is why it's more blatant Now and flowed into all genres to reach the masses. The symbolism is everywhere so they can desensitize the masses so when it is revealed that the devil is the god they serve people will accept it.

      • Thank for your reply Marley. I see your point in that those bands influenced a particular audience. I'm just wondering which bands were used in the late 80s/early 90s? Also, we didn't have cable, so not being exposed heavily to MTV probably helped. But even then, the videos I remember watching were simple, bands playing instruments and singing. Not much storytelling or symbolism going on.

      • My clients tend to have eclectic tastes in music, far from the mainstream stuff. It can be anything from bossa nova to folk to disco to doo wop.

    • A lot of apparently harmless, good-taste or positive music is actually just as bad as the blatantly satanic stuff. I was watching Grace Kelly by Mika today and could not believe that it is completely all to do with programming – it is all there, you could tick every box on the checklist.

      Wrt 80s stuff, Prince needs no introduction, we all know about MJ and how his songs read, Madonna (well…) so who is left?

      I mainly know about rock'n'roll and though it produces some amazing performers and draws in great physical beauty on both sides of the stage, in terms of spiritual merit, it is safe to say that you could write off the whole movement en masse.

      • Wasn't Ozzy Osbourne one of the first reality families out there? That whole ordeal was part of the agenda. Kelly and the brother (I don't know his name and don' t care) had no respect for their parents. The mother did not discipline the children at all. Which reminds me of another family that is famous for the daughter being "miley cyrus", the kardashians….their mother has no morals and she lets the children do whatever they want. I remember when Kanye use to talk about kim being a you know what….now he is programmed under that mind control….I wonder if he sacrificed his mother to become a bigger mega star….I wonder if robert kardashian was a sacrifice as well???? the kardashians and the osbornes always wore black….the kardashians has the checkerboard floor in their home (vc might have covered it) it is pathetic how people look up to these pawns…..oh well,,,till next time…

      • But what if you don't watch music videos? Does the "agenda" still reach you?

        Also, for me, Prince & Madonna & Michael Jackson represent only a fraction of the music from the 80s. There are LOTS of artists that created good music…. Joe Jackson, Level 42, Haircut 100, etc.

      • Listening to satellite radio and their channels that break up music into decades from the 40s to the 2000s, you can hear exactly when America went off the rails. 1960s, hands down. Its like I can hear the programming and the drug use and everything else.

    • ''..perhaps since Music Appreciation programs have been eliminated from schools, are today's kids more conditioned to ..'' I think you are on the right track there. Part of the dumbing down of society. To have someone exploring their creativity and posiblities, might lead to have someone exploring other fields with that same mind. Better to have not too much of that. But Madonna got a great idea for creative minds. Instead of getting your freedom back from the Shut-downers or help other be free, better to make art about freedom and share that on the web.

      • Thanks for your reply DDd. In addition to the lack of Music Appreciation in schools, I also think the passing of the Telecommunications Act in 1996 limits what music we are exposed to. As a result, playlists on radio stations were limited to 15 or songs. This is why you hear the same songs on the radio, all day long, day in and day out. But just like I get my news from anywhere but the mainstream media, I get my music from anywhere but mainstream radio.

        I'm just not ready to dismiss ALL music as part of an evil agenda. The music industry, yeah it sucks. But losing your morals to get ahead, aka selling your soul, can be applied to any industry really.

      • Very interesting convo here guys. To MIC: about the way the industry tabulates record sales…I have wondered about that for years. Even back when "Thriller" was eh-heh-hehverywhere, I knew no one who carried around that tape, or had it on vinyl, except one person (my friend's mother, but it was never on the platter when we went to use the stereo – lol).
        Symbolism was around back then, it was just more subtle (aside from the obvious metal bands, like Crue, Dio, W.A.S.P., AC/DC, Ozzy, etc.). Look up articles about Def Leppard in the '80s – their albums, videos, and stage shows were peppered with it. Same with Prince – again, subtle symbolism, but his message definitely wasn't, which was commonplace. It was more about the message back then, I think. And yes, I do believe you receive the message whether or not you view the videos, but the affect is different based on how malleable the listener is.

        You mentioned Joe Jackson earlier – I don't believe he was a full-on sellout, but I do think he came close. Had early success with the first two albums, then abruptly broke up his band after the second album and released a doo-wop jazz cover album (Jumpin' Jive, which tanked, and pissed off the powers that be, to be sure), then moved to piano-based composition. Stumbled into success again with "Night and Day," then changed course again. He ended up losing the publishing rights to his work with A&M, and I was never able to ascertain how or why. Maybe it was a result of not toeing the line? He ended up moving to Berlin, being fed up with the industry and the attitudes of those in the LA/NYC axis as a whole, as I understand.
        At any rate, just bringing him up as one example of what happens to musicians who refuse to be controlled. They suffer utter ruin, or at least have a very lean run (like JJ has), playing small venues and travelling on a shoe string budget, due to lack of exposure.
        Meanwhile, we continue to suffer utter bilge like old Madge the Pornographer and possible pedo, even though she has never done anything noteable, and would have been forgotten long ago if not foisted on the public by the media machine, year after freaking year. I mean really, when was the last time she did ANYTHING that anyone cared about!? It's been DECADES (shoot – even the infamous kiss of death with Brit-brit and Christina was how long ago?). Yet, she is worth bazillions, is always in the public eye, and plays halftime at the Stupor Bowl, in all it's occult grandeur. UGH

      • Thanks for joining the convo Winston and for the info on Joe Jackson. Love his piano work in Night and Day! Yes, working in the record store was when I realized that record sales numbers are fudged. This was about 15 years ago.

        You're right about musicians who don't toe the line – it seems many of my favorite artists fall into this category but at least I get to see them now in more intimate venues and actually have the opportunity to thank them personally after the shows. Some are bitter about their experience with the music industry (never getting paid for their work), but most are just happy to be playing songs in front of appreciative, though small, audiences.

        I wasn't into metal or Def Leppard when I was growing up, never thought it was "music", more like noise really. I feel the same way about Kesha, Katy Perry, Britney, all of them. Which leads me back to my original questions – 1) these are obviously puppets, but who are the puppet masters? Producers, directors, handlers? and 2) which artists were puppets in the late 80s/early 90s?

      • Looking for the puppetmasters you should aim higher … When you do the substractions there are only few companies/corporations, and their ceo's listen to advise and request to put a spin on records, content or performance. Who comes up with those? And why is there so much synchronization with other events and storylines? The ones behind it hide behind numbers. And plan ahead.

      • Interesting sub-conversation! I too am a music-lover and amateur musician. Time and again I've seen some artists get pushed down while others (the bigger "puppets") are pushed to the forefront. In that timeframe of which you speak (80s/90s), I'd guess that the biggest puppets were folks like G&R, U2 (*ahem*), Def Leppard, Mariah Carey, Madge (of course), and later on, Nirvana/Pearl Jam etc. Even the "alternative" and "indie" scene is alleged to be "controlled opposition." (Think Woodstock, Lollapallooza, Lilith Fair, etc.) I don't doubt it.

        Most likely the puppet MASTER were and are big producers and label moguls…. the Tommy Mottolas, Clive Davises, David Geffens of the world. As far as music production, I've heard many stories about producers like Mutt Lange being "slave drivers" under the guise of "perfectionism." Another big-shot during that time was R. Rubin, who's had his hands in many pies. I doubt he is an angel. I agree that anything that is pushed heavily and repeatedly onto the public, and anyone who is "in-demand" as a producer or collaborator, is at the very least questionable.

      • BTW, please pardon the typos. It was hard enough to get this comment posted in the first place. Apparently paragraph breaks are a big no-no. :-/

      • Know what you mean. Have been looking on both sides now for a while. The good ones seem to get usurped. Or mislead and have their ideas stolen. The independent starters get bought out or knocked out of the tradecircle. (The drugging of talent has been mentioned time and time again already here).
        (I don't mind typos, how could i ?!)

      • Thanks for the info Ms Adventure. Not sure if you're seeing the same pop up ads as I am, but on this page is an image for the new Pearl Jam album. It's red, black, and white with a large eye and lightning as horns. At least that is what it looks like to me.

        I've also read stories about the music moguls you listed.

      • I did not see the Pearl Jam ad here, but I saw the album cover elsewhere and was floored by how blatant the symbolism is. I bet we'll be seeing it in the NEXT installation of SPOTM…. and I almost wonder if the symbolism has become a deliberate marketing ploy.

        Speaking of symbolism and trends, I occasionally like to wander down 'memory lane' and watch music videos from the 1980s on YouTube. It is amazing how prevalent the MK symbolism was, although I didn't recognize it when I was younger. Black/white floors, mirrors, electroshock, broken glass, eyes, animal print, etc.

        Having said that, I applaud and admire artists who are brave enough and humble enough to back away from the spotlight and its suffocating contracts, and continue to make music for the sheer love of it rather than for fame and money.

      • Nasty i would call it. Frontman shouting out at people who want and need to defend themselves, generallizing violence to funnel mass projection. Ignoring basic human rights in the name of Something Better. Heared it all before. Strange man man, their frontman.

      • I always detested Pearl Jam – I was really too young to be into the grunge scene, but I felt like you had to choose between Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Ugh, never liked Pearl Jam.

      • Oh i really liked / loved some of their songs from the early years. But got bored with them somehow. Only a couple tracks remained. Rearview Mirror for example(, but i always wanted to have a sequel to that one – completing the story in it. Never came, in my opinion, as though the main character in it just returned to his master and accept the violence again. How appropriate..).

      • Please add to that list the people behind XIX ENTERTAINMENT – I have had the displeasure of getting to know one this week (not sure why I always end up in this position) and I wish I could have those X minutes of my life back to do something else more worthwhile …… like, anything (including watching paint dry).

      • Ha yes you weren't the only one pissed by that album. I did leave out "Beat Crazy," which was the JJ Band's third album. It was good, but not as commercially successful. "One to One" being the standout.

        And, yes Ms. Adventure (lol), look at the rise, saturation, and virtual disappearance of Shania Twain as witness to the power of Lange.

        Back to JJ: a perfect example of how he would spit in the eye of his masters (or was it arranged – one never knows for sure): he was booked on SNL in '85 or '86, after his "Big World" album, as musical guest. He chose to play "Soul Kiss," which was longer than the time allowed. In response to the time restraint, he abruptly stopped the song and states on the mic: "well they told me four minutes, so…"
        It was a song about how it's well nigh impossible to find sincerity.
        "All the record stores are filled with pretty boys, and their material girls,
        And even students vote for actors, then they'll tell ya it's a safer world…
        And all the hippies now work for IBM or want to take control
        Of faster ways to sell you food that isn't really whole…"

      • I'd like to post a few more of his lyrics that I'm guessing fellow VCs would find interesting…these were from a song from the largely overlooked "Blaze of Glory" album, called "The Evil Empire."

        There's a country where no one knows
        What's going on in the rest of the world
        There's a country where minds are closed
        With just a few asking questions

        Like what do their leaders say
        In sessions behind closed doors
        And if this is the perfect way
        Why do we need these g-ddamn lies

        This doesn't go down too well
        "we give you everything and you throw it back
        Don't like it here you can go to hell
        You're either with or against us . . ."

        There's a country that's great and wide
        It's got the biggest of everything
        Try to attack it and you can't hide
        Don't say that you haven't been warned

        You can't hide in a gunman's mask
        Or kill innocent folks and run
        But if you're good at it they might ask:
        "Come on over to the other side…"

        There's a country that's tired of war
        There's a country that's scared inside
        But the bank is open and you can draw
        For guns to fight in their backyard

        I could go on but what's the use
        You can't fight them with songs
        But think of this as just
        Another tiny blow against the empire

        Another blow against the evil empire

      • That's heavy stuff. I am a person that gets into the music first and later the lyrics (generally speaking). And i never really got so deep into his work, being rather young and a unstable mix of free spirit and oppression. I got the right impression though, i now realize, of him and his motivs.Glad to, i must add. But, no wonder why the (then still expanding) corporative bizz dropped him like they did. ((And, didn't some Bush-clown quote his lyrics, a few years later?))

      • I don't remember anything about his lyrics being quoted – and I was listening to talk radio (or "yak radio," as my uncle calls it) up until a couple of years ago (before I knew better). If you could give me something to go on, I'd love to look it up. I just tend to doubt that any stooge of Bush's on the hill would be cool enough to listen to JJ, but who knows.
        One last thing regarding his mysterious journey. I read his book "A Cure for Gravity" a few years ago. He only recounts his childhood through his early years as a traveling musician, playing for punters in pubs all around England. It ends without a word about his first record. I didn't think much of it then, but it is peculiar. Wouldn't that be a triumph worth mentioning? Landing a record deal after all those years on the road, almost destitute and wondering if it's all for naught?

      • The quote i mentioned was ''.You're either with or against us . . ." , in the light of the attack on the twin towers and the other tower that seems to be kept as unmentioned as possible in the press. But maybe it was an expression before mr.Jackson's lyric?

      • Yes, it's been around, and W put it on the map. The sentiment is expressed in quite a few of Twain's lectures (though not sure if verbatim).

        And you're welcome, MIC – it's a great read…hard to put down once you start!

      • "This doesn't go down too well
        "we give you everything and you throw it back
        Don't like it here you can go to hell
        You're either with or against us . . ."

        The elites always take, take and take. And give poison in return.

  79. I've been reading articles on VC for a few years now. One thing I really don't get is that people choose to single out certain artists/actors etc etc and believe that they are exempt from the awful reality of the entertainment industry. Once you are in it, you are apart of it, no matter how innocent they thought it was @ the start of their careers. Be it acting or singing or anything to do with indoctrinating the masses. ALL are corroupt and are paid generously to fulfil these horrible crimes against humanity. It was always created for this purpose, never for our entertainment. The sooner people realise this, the sooner we can wake up from these mass illusions. I am not perfect, I still listen to music and watch TV. However I am more aware then ever, its true purpose. And try hard not to get sucked in by all the fakery and matieralism. Thanks VC, you have played a big part in me being able to SEE!

  80. The poor cowards… They actually believe there going to propagate a dark kingdom, and expect it to last. Me o my… Well, we will just have to stay tuned, wont we. What grand times to live in. The hour is drawing near my friends. I hope you all are building your arcs. Metaphorically speaking….

  81. jatter the patter on

    these photos of miley look tamed infront of her other photos taken by terry raPerson but i still feel sad for her bc she seems under the influence of drug in this photoshoot actually shes a dumb women with even a dumber mom who would do anything for fame but those days aren't far when she'll regret for what shes doing now

  82. so did anyone notice Beyoncé's hand in the pic. also in a recent People mag article online Gaga discusses her Elle magazine cover and is talking about how she is no longer Stefani anymore. She says Stefani is a "tortured artist" and also states that no one understands "how many men (she) had to crawl through" to get where she is now!!! If that doesn't speak volumes, you have a lot to learn

    • Did she say that? Well you have to admire her honesty as we have gathered their ways to achieve and succeed. That's the way people are, accept them and move on.

    • But it fits right in with the videos of crawling almost naked on the floor for a camera, or a room full of partying high-rank-folk. Stefani might be honest, but not to warn, just to let young women know, that, yes, prostitution IS a normal way top achieve success, be it not always funny and lalala champagne – but it works !

      • DDd you have a valid point but how can you help others? They are free agents, they have to do whatever is convenient for them. I'm worried that we waste too much time criticizing and judging others instead of concentrating on how we can improve ourselves. You might not be like that, however many others are. I am certainly like that.

      • I know, yes. I. And i am no saint either, centainly not. Still judge though, part of my ever critical, but sometimes slightly lulled mind. So not always right i meant. And warning does not help so much i think, people still make their own mistakes. To be aware and able to catch someone who fell in one of life's little trap is a good alternative.

  83. jatter the patter on

    did you saw demi lovato new photoshoots for her new album its filled with symbolism covering eyes and butterflies..oh and also she seemed obessed over marlyn too

  84. Did anybody notice the artwork on Miley's thumb-sucking image? It seems to say something about deciples and some praying hands with lots of symbolism not used in Christian religion.

  85. I understand people criticising my previous comment about ugliness, but…my feeling is that they are not trying to "seduce" us any longer, there is an attempt to make the new culture strikingly unpleasant. Till the ninties there was a search for good-looking people and images, as if they had to seduce us, now it's like they want to "slap" our face. And Lady Gaga can sing at least, the rest is really cheap. Cara Delevigne, the new rebel-type of the fashion industry is way less beautiful than Kate Moss for example. They sell it as "beauty" why shouldn't I notice they are not? It's not me objectifying them, they sell the product as "beauty" and fashionable.
    Even for sex, Miley Cyrus is not hot, ask any man, Kate Moss was hot. Aishwaraya Ray was hot, what they sell now is cheap even for their own standards, and it's they objectifying women not me, and those women accept to be judged for their body, in fact they could cover up their bottom and sing, if they go on stage almost naked, show their bottom, pose topless they can't blame people for considering their beauty or cheap look.
    What do you think?

    • Cara and Kate are both too short and rather unpleasant as people. I think Christy Turlington was beautiful – infact still is. She was plastered all over the subway last week and the man going up in front of me had a great time savouring her image as far as the eye could see.

    • I am sorry, you come across to me as pretty conditioned. But with a hint of questioning and rebellion. I like that. As i did not think Kate Moss goodlooking, or Miley that bad (i asked some men, they would d* her they said), i can't answer your questions i guess. The word cheap i totally agree with.

  86. I think it's interesting that the woman in white is the only one without glasses. She is the only one aware of her surroundings. Among the disturbing implications, I think the simplest and most applicable to everyone is that it's not that far from how things are. I mean, aside from the good looks and nice clothes, it basically looks like a scene from a bus stop. "Technology" or whatever has already got us so reigned in that we don't care about common courtesy or, like stepping on cracks that will break our mother's back. So what's not to love about glasses showing an arrow that says, " turn right", as opposed to having to the burdensome task of looking at the world and choosing to turn right? Why bother with the exhausting trials of opening our eyes when we could just let someone see for us?

      • Polluted streetdrugs that rot the body from the inside out. Man, those vendors have no credibiltiy anymore. In the younger part of my life, it was still safe to accept an offer to splitt a little white lie in a club or at a party, but nowadays it could mean you'll really splitt. Unless you are able to test it, but hey, a lot of people won't have you being able check your drug for safety, better guess it and take a risk, you already did that getting it. (i say with a little sarcasm at some points)

      • I just saw a story on the news about it here in NY. It's from Russia. Being passed off as heroin. 30,000 people their are on it. It is made from household products, eats the skin away from the inside. Gives the user a "reptillian" or greenish look. It's made it's way here. It's taken introveiniously. Hearing them describe it was startling. Pray people

    • Here in Chicago, it's a counterfeit heroin drug called krokodil (crocodile). From what they say on the "news", it's heroin mixed with paint thinner, butane, and other shit. When ppl shoot it, they're skin looks like an infection at first. Then if left untreated, the skin sheds. There's been 5 reports of this here, but the drug originated in Russia.

  87. there is no god or satan and witchcraft/black magic is a load of bull but these pictures still disturb me. There is definitely some agenda being pushed here.

    • Of course satan exists. I have seen demons. God also exists and His name is Jesus Christ. He has done many miracles in my life.

      • Satan exists, I have seen things too (occasionally). Jesus exists. God exists. God is more powerful than either of the other two and anyone else you might care to mention.

      • Good. Bad. Regardless. We are never alone in this life. Or at least, I have never been alone.

      • yes, it is and I agree with a lot of it. I disagree with the last 15m where it appears to be pushing the new world order

      • I have also seen things as well. The most powerful entity that I have ever come in contact with was an angel (Ariel). He was very real, magnificent and full of God's power. It is difficult to explain. There are simply things that you cannot see on this earthly realm. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

      • You probably haven't seen an Angel. It was a demon. Only Godly, pure people see and also those people can disguise angels from demons. Like I had a dream of allegedly Christ on the Cross and the loveliest of all people Maria and I got excited because my silly mind thought I deserved the honour to have some contact with holiness. They were d3mons taking the biscuit. Like hives, they attack us everywhere even in our sleep. Christina do me a favour. Go to a good priest, confess whatever you see in your dreams, pray as much as you can, drink every day holy water and don't use any substances. They exist, everything you descibe exists however it's not what it seems.

      • Andrew – Im sure you the one saying about that Monk that saw a demon that looked like a monkey and his hair was snakes etc. ? Have you seen any btw?

      • I have seen a few things, not many or regularly you understand.
        Why is Andrew assuming that Christina is not good enough to see an angel? I know her to be so.
        I will tell you about one thing I saw when I was too young and unknowing to even have a valid reaction to it. It was a scorched black, charred, thin entity (head, arms and torso) with extremely straw-like hair and wearing a red toga-like cloth. Like a skeletal, black, large-ish voodoo thing. It appeared for long enough for us to have an extremely good look at each other before fading out into nothing. I was not scared, I did not scream or react much, I was young enough to think that it implausibly was my father but old enough to know that I had not imagined it … at all. After I left the living room and confirmed that it was not my father, I was still not freaked out, at all. I thought about it for years and years and never really knew where to find out more. I imagined it might be the way I end up one day for some reason or it might be a past ancestor. The first thing I ever did once I had Internet was to look it up and I found likenesses to it of course.

      • Why do you want me to see stuff like that? I'm not spiritually a Godly person as my weaknesses are plenty. Only people who are involved with the occult or Godly, pure souls can see things like that. Nevertheless my dreams are not that good although I pay no attention to them any longer. Since I found that most of my dreams are attacks, I'm not interested in explaining them. I don't want any involvement with the occult and I'd advise you, even though you won't listen to me, to avoid it too for your own sake. Take care matey and be nice.

      • Andrew, I wasn't saying I want you to see things like that, I was just wanting to know about your experience, that's all…….and I will be nice

      • I told you my experiences in the past. My dreams have been bad that's why I've been trying to do sth about it. Since I lack the ability why not have Christ to do it for me. I started going to confessions, drink holy water every morning before my day starts, use special incense in my house and so on. Other might want to have an involvement with the occult however some of us don't wish to have but out of ignorance we've had as we tampered with astrology and some other things that we used to thik they were innocent. I think the confession is the best tool of all. Take care bluboy.

      • Jamaal – You said you've seen demons? Can I ask what did they appear like and did you see them in your dreams? please do tell….

    • I sometimes wish you were right actually. Sometimes, I remember the delights of my previous life and I really miss the more colorful aspects of it .. the beautiful dresses, amazing holidays, fantastic meals out non-stop, the self-assurance of being on top of the world, idolized by many, unconcerned about the poor, the infirm as a matter of policy. I wonder, what if I returned to that beautiful cocoon and immersed myself in the arts and culture and acquired for a husband another beautiful, hedonistic wide-boy and closed myself off to the pain and suffering that is all around by chucking money at it a few times a year? What would I really lose? Conversely speaking, what has this awakening really given to me other than made me jaded and defeatist? Would my children have been any less happy if I was a carefree, materialistic mother?

      Spiritual life is sober and monochromatic compared to the life of plenty and the never ending amusements and high privileges that were all mine? I don't even belong anywhere on this side of the game. Even on here, I have been told by Christians that my belief in God is actually worthless as I have not signed up to their brand on a point by point basis. The doors to that world were always flung open and led from one beautiful experience to another. What is promised in heaven is more beautiful, it is true, but I wonder if there is a moral way of getting some of that shallow, freedom back in the life of this world without falling asleep all over again?

      My mother's faith seems to do that on a superficial level (secret society pay-per-degree of enlightenment, talk of God without demonstrating real faith) but I have a very inclusive view on what faith should be about and I know for sure that they would readily turf out and exclude outsiders which is why I have discounted it as non-genuine.

      • I focus on the natural beauty of the world and not too much on man-made religions or structures. Other Christians can see a bit two dimensional at times and frustrating! But you know the spiritual truths and the difference between them and the illusions. It is hard to fit in on the other side. You don't want one side and the other side doesn't want you! Materialism doesn't make you happy, but neither does monotony. Look for the beauty and godliness in everyday things (God's creations) like a flower or your son's smile! I know it sounds cheesy, but just be in the moment.

      • Thanks Christina, makes perfect sense and I know you understand the feeling of not fitting in perfectly with either side. I was just feeling a little disillusioned when I wrote that as my exH is very much pushing himself back into our lives since matters officially wound up a few days ago. My feelings are a bit all over the place and quite honestly, there is nothing to stop him daring to do as he please once again. He behaves as though nothing awful has happened during the last years – immediate wipe-out. He is channeling his lovely guy alter and doing well. I am going to have to really sort my feelings out as I cannot afford to reduce myself into a simpering little mess in response to it. I have refused his offer to pay for things for me, saying that I pay my own way. I have felt disconcerted how he has visited my house without asking to post a present and also run up behind us in a jokey way when we were not expecting to see him at that point. He is a handler and has started handling us again even though it is very part time. He has started sending me long emails which I have not replied but quite frankly, I am under attack spiritually speaking. I know I should FB rather than write it on here.

      • Stay strong amaryllis it's a test of strength and endurance. 15 years ago i followed my heart in face of great uncertainty and risk. 15 years ive figured that what started off as a music workshop for disadvantaged children has the potential to even change the making of a music industry contrary to the one discussed in this thread. Unlike many who readily resign their soul to a music industry devoid of love in my case it found me. Given enough cause there is nothing more powerful or potent than a young child's Will or the love of a child to change things for the better. No one knows what is around the corner i guess its why we call it 'faith'. Look for the beauty that exists around you as christina says miracles are abundant in every waking moment for those who see. What you have escaped from is nothing short of a miracle. Don't lose heart now instead have the courage to follow it God has a plan for you too you know. You may not enjoy the spoils of life you were once privy to but at least you now enjoy a freedom you could only once dream of. Soon enough doors will fly open that will make the one's you were used to look like cat flaps.

      • Thanks deja-vu, I know you are right and I have never been a patient person. Sometimes, the trivialities of life as played out in real time can obscure your vision but I am sure that I am navigating in the right direction unlike previously.

  88. What are christians doing here? The goverment/illuminati use religion to control the masses. Until you realise there is no god, you can never know the truth.

      • But then if there was a god wouldnt he have intervened by now and stopped those in power? You keep living in your dream world man.

      • Please clarify what you mean by them not needing to control us if there was no god. I can't fathom how that would be true.

      • Walrus……Because the illuminati want people to move away from god & one of the ways to do that is mass mind control, whether its on a conscious or sub-conscious level. You obviously don't know how the illuminati work, what they do, how they do it and why they do it, otherwise you would never have asked that stupid question. You are the one asleep in the dream world baby and ya need to wake up…..Quick!

      • No-one on here really 'knows' anything, they can only assume and speculate. Scientific knowledge points to there being no god and to me it seems more likely. Christians who are indoctrinated so much they believe in demons and claim to have seen angels (sigh) are never going to accept another opinion.

      • The human race is doomed if we hold on to these outdated beliefs. I am not going to say anymore on this topic because it is obvious you 'truthseekers' (lol) are just as blind as the general population. Perhaps even more so.

      • I sincerely hope you see something yourself which would lead you to realise just how wrong you are. The reason for our existence is not containable within the confines of your intellectual reasoning. And there is a lot more going on and that will come to pass which will make no sense to you at all. You hold great thinkers and leaders in high regards but they are almost as limited as those who follow their teachings. ?You have rejected, not disproved our assertions and that is indeed your choice.

      • and the label truthseeker is a misnomer because we kind of know the truth. What we don't know is when it will come to pass within an intertemporal context and how the finer details will be thrashed out. We already know enough to realise the fallacy of substituting out

      • The Human race is doomed, (for the ones that are asleep) regardless of what you said. All I'm going to say is if you cant "see" what is going on right in front of you, you really have no clue what is to come and what IS DEFINITELY COMING. Also if you believe in what you say yourself, why are you posting comment after comment on this site? Walrus baby, ya not making any sense…..

      • I have seen no angels in my life. I'm certain mine disappeared after all the things he witnessed.

      • Now you want God´s help to bring peace to the world? Is his fault that people choose to live in sin?
        We are evil, we cannot have peace by ourselves.

      • If people were asking God to assist them, they would eventually had the assistance. People sin most of the times due to the d3mons who put all sorts of ideas in people's heads. We are weak spiritually and the d3mons find ways to take us down. With our experince and strength and their experience and strength we can make any comparisons.

      • Prove that there isn't a God – put your money where your mouth is.Why on earth would God stop the pain and suffering and sins of this world if it was His decision alone to banish Lucifer and give man free will to live righteously or sin and/or repent etc. We are on trial in this life. We are allowed to be as bad as we like but we wont necessarily get away with it in the end. Nobody would have reached that end point to confirm or refute it's existence so logic dictates that we should err on the side of caution.

        One thing I would say is that we are not just lumps of clay with brains though. We are esoteric beings. We come into existence through magical processes we will never really understand and when our souls travel onwards after death, we cannot really know exactly how all that will feel or what actual experiences await us. We are mysterious beings with a propensity to understand ourselves on a metaphysical level. Only God can give us the power to do this in a safe and dignified way without falling prey to d$mons and unscrupulous people, cult leaders and secret societies. Every single one of us. Not just those who can pay $$, or those considered intellectually adequate. Everyone.

      • Besides the believe in what you call god, you really seem to be able to express what life is about. As i am no christian, muslim, or into other religion, i hammer always on personal development in a social manner, in a practical sense. The gray area in between seems pretty interesting.

      • Well put, amaryllis. Now it is you who is inspiring!

        I hope you are staying strong. And, your post about the delights of your previous life really hit home for me. I was in the same hedonistic boat for years. Shocking to look back on it all. I have to say, those days were "monochromatic" compared to life after my awakening. Consuming just for the sake of it – bringing immediate gratification, then on to the next thing. A vicious cycle!

      • Thank you both. I am told by some Christians on here that their God is different to my God. I think that's a damned shame really. It is a long time to wait and see whether you made the right choices and I find it even harder as an impatient person but , hey, why not?

      • No, I have never been either. I have got to the point where I feel that my faith goes beyond one of the three main labels of monotheism. I am liking certain niche groups within the main faiths. I am not catholic but I believe in specifically signing up my children for a catholic education as I trust that environment more than public education. I don't know where I will end up in terms of self-definition.

      • I know a medium who says the light that everyone sees during the near death experience is actually an archonic light, and to go towards it will end in a nice clean memory wipe and you will be sent back down to earth to continue to be food for the archons that still hold power over this physical place. Its a recycling bin, and will entice you with images of family members and a feeling of powerful love.

        This oddly correlates with an old friend I had that said he had a near death experience. He was adamant that we go into a light and have our memories wiped so that we dont burden our souls in the afterlife worrying about people we left behind. Why would a God so merciful erase all of our memories so that we can never remember why we carry certain scars into other lifetimes, never truly heal ourselves? He would, if he was, in fact, an archon needing to feed on dysfunction, chaos and fear, as this Satan seems to want to do.

      • the hard truth on

        amaryllis, you are delusional. We are just animals. Primates. Monkeys. Try to get that through your head. We are NOT esoteric beigns of any sort, and when you die, you cease to exist.

        This life, right here, is all you and i and everyone else is ever going to have.

        Deal with it.

      • Wlarus, i garee with you. There are no deities, spirits and afterlife, and the elites know it. They use occult and superstition to control the masses and brainwash their own.

    • I just love how everybody here is SO SURE that they KNOW the truth about divine entities and/or the lack thereof. And I love how so many people think that THEIR way is the ONLY way and the RIGHT way. It must be nice to be soooo enlightened!

      • I know a lot of different possibilities, and know what rings truer with me than what doesnt, but I also know that everything I "know" has the possibility of being complete crap. I dont think Ill ever be able to assign myself a dogmatic truth, because I know there is only uncertainty until death.

        Sometimes I envy that sense of being so sure in others, mostly I dont. But I also wouldnt wish my brain on anyone.

    • I think there is definitely a correlation between when U2 achieved superstardom, and when they "sold out." (… their souls to the devil) When "Joshua Tree" came out; when "With or Without You" was on ALL THE TIME; that's when they sold out.

  89. What can of sex party and drugs abuse that Miley is used between those photo shot? That guy Richarson…is clearly and abuser, a psico. Just check his face…and Eminem pictures…poor guy. Another slave who pretend look like immortal and powerful.

    • M Cyrus was born in an environment that allowed that to happen. In addition to that, she is probably extremely wealthy and surely famous, so nobody will ever tell her the truth out of fear. Plenty of sycophants around her, people pleasers. When we are very young like her we have a tendency to be more rebellious and capricious. Many people who have been in her shoes, would have a similar reaction. Soooo we are very fortunate we never had to be in her shoes.

  90. The symbolism clearly explains for themselves by the pawns who are indicating to the masses of who their "owners" are and not to mention the possibility of some of these people accused as Satanists due to their "symbols" in the form of tattoos on their bodies such as the iconic inverted cross.

    And of course, Good old Miley Virus who is truly living up to the name of her own song, as a complete "wrecking ball" who is clearly unaware of the potential fate that the "elite" would have in store for her (a possible Lindsay Lohan scenario perhaps).

    This is truly pure evil, especially with the references to Egyptian mythology and the darker references to it even though its mostly about the ever-infamous "eye of horus" and that ever-present horns of Interscope's enslaved artists who flash it with pride.

  91. Re the post about the drug that rots the skin from within it is called Krokodil, is similar to heroin but much cheaper to manufacture at home and gives users skin that looks … ahem… reptilian.

    • Man, I thought these bloodthirsty energies were supposed to be lightening up post the Mayan calendar ending. It seems like we are getting more stuff than ever thrown at our faces. Is this a sign of true weakening? Or that the darker side is in fact winning on multiple levels?

      • This year seems different tbh, can't put my finger on it. Truth is stranger than fiction though – my builders were stripping down the walls in my main living room and guess what…loads of satanic symbolism painted onto the brick and concrete of this old house. That paper has not been touched in years. I did not need them to point it out to me, except that they had found some the day before too ; a wall with 666 scrawled everywhere (surely could not have been done by anyone in their right mind). I was freaked out but quickly slapped some paint over it. I tried to explain it to them but all they said was that if it re-emerged under the new paintwork then they were so out of here! I dunno whether we are talking Greystone 2 or ex-resident Metalhead teen but in any case, obliteration has done me a lot of good and I am not feeling certain things/having flashbacks as if by magic. I would be freaked out in a major way if the symbols had not been placed there by regular humanoids though. It has thrown me big time.

      • I am dealing with it pragmatically as explained upthread. Don't want to get labelled something unsavoury, might be purely coincidental. What matters is that I know about it and I can do something about it.

  92. "Satanism is an INVERSION of Christianity…" Just check Madonna behavior and at the same time she wear a Christian crucify in every video and in every picture. Check the intro of MDNA tour, check her videos. They are really smart to push their agenda step by step. Young people started to believe that Madonna's sexual behavior is a Christian behavior. Beyoncé said in an interview that she is a devote Christian! That is the way they work: Introducing Satan without people noticed that. And at the same time this war against Jesus make me happy because that is the probe that Him is THE MESSIAH and Satan is The Antichrist. The Bible IS THE TRUE!

    • yes jagon if they are that bothered about jesus and the bible then it MUST be true otherwise why bother? ;)) not that i didnt believe already i just have my own interpretation rather than an indoctrinated version

  93. At the same time: Imagine a SATANIC SOCIETY. We can see how will be: TOTALITARISM and SATANISM walking together. That is way they use MIND CONTROL in Pop Culture. They hate smart people. They want SOMBIES PEOPLE. Check Gaga Born this way video: THAT IS THE KIND OF SOCIETY THEY WANT: A SOMBIE SOCIETY. Will be great to write a book about THE PHILOSOPHY AND POLITICAL VIEW OF THE SATANISM. But our present society and the Pop culture, the Music industry show to us their satanic point of view. A TOTALLY CONTROLED SOCIETY. And that system will be the ANTICHRIST. because I know that THE ANTICHRIST CAN BE A FALSE PROFET OR A POLITICAL SYSTEM. (sorry for my English)

  94. Hold on did anyone notice the devil horn sign in the beyonce pic? Yall was just talking about the inverted cross but meanwhile beyonce ass throwing up devil signs…

  95. And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into the hell of fire
    Matthew 18:9

    interesting how the bible mentions one eye and many entertainers/people cover one eye.

  96. I just wanna stab everyone in their covered up eyes and cut mileys tongue off. Call me old fashioned I know. I know these are mostly naive beyond ignorant kids but it's so blatant right now that it's obviously some kind of group they should be aware of. It's like that film "valkyrie" where everyone that is conspiring against hitler has their very own orange card to display whenever someone questions their loyalty or status. These celebs probably browse through magazines searching for their new fellow members daily.

  97. Guys, I need to ask someone this. I have been seeing the time 11:11 for a few months now, randomly I will look at the time when i'm at work & i'll see it at 11:11 (This was well before I even knew it meant something, well supposedly anyway) I've seen it on my mobile at that time and even at night time (23:11 or 11.11).

    Can anyone help me out?, I want a second opinion on this. Amaryllis, I bet you will know……

    • Hey Blue – 11:11 is the doorway between the third and fifth dimensional worlds and indicates that you are spiritually awakening. It is the code that unlocks your subconscious mind. When you see it, you should note down what you were thinking/feeling/listening to at the time as that would be a good basis to trigger off exploration of your subconscious on your own terms or conversely deactivate it if it starts against your will. For example, yesterday night, just after I went to bed, I suddenly started astral projecting. I do not care for it, I did not want it to happen so I used my own deactivation to re-ground myself. If you ever find yourself under spiritual attack by them, it helps to know how to counteract it.

      • Wow amaryllis, That's exactly how I feel inside as well – Spiritually Awakened – I've been doing my own research into this whole "illuminati" business for just over 2 years and the info that I've found out and learnt is astounding. (But there are sooooo many subjects you have to look into, to understand the whole picture) I know this might sound daft but its in these past few months I feel like I have been uplifted or released in a type of way. I feel like I've put the pieces of the puzzle together after two years of joining them together……… I took the red pill and couldn't believe it, Its Crazy man, Its just mad that sometimes even on the weekend when I would turn my laptop on and when the desktop would come on, I would look at the time and it would be 11.11am and this has happened on a Saturday AND Sunday, twice in a row. I did freak out a bit and knew it must mean something……..But does this mean I have the ability to astral project?

        Thanx for the reply amaryllis, You confirmed what I was feeling and thinking.

      • Well, Bluboy, I guess you would only know if you tried but I would recommend you don't try but if it ever happens anyway, you'll kinda know the answer to that. x

      • amaryllis – I think it has happened a few times, unknowingly, (but it didn't feel like a long time) but HOW is the best way to do it?……

      • This particular technique was pioneered by Robert Bruce is a good explanation.
        Step 1: Relax

        Relax your mind and body. You may choose to meditate or perform a series of very deep breaths. In and out, always very slowly. Make sure you inhale deeply and that your breaths are not shallow. If you know a good body relaxation meditation, use it. If not, you can tense your muscles and release them one at a time. Work from your toes to the top of your head.
        Step 2: Get Into A Hypnotic State

        After you feel fully relaxed, you need to enter a hypnotic state where your mind is at the edge of sleep and no further. Now lie down and focus on an object. Stare at it until you can visualize it perfectly even with your eyes closed.
        Step 3: Get Into A Deeper State Of Relaxation

        Now it’s time to enter a deeper state of relaxation. Your eyes are still closed and you are still visualizing your chosen object. But now you look around you with your eyes closed. Gaze into the darkness. After a while you may see light patterns dance across your eyes. Just ignore them and they will go away. Once they disappear you’ve entered a deeper state of relaxation. You will be so relaxed that you are no longer aware of your physical body. Once you reach this level, it’s time for step 4.
        Step 4: Enter A State Of Vibration

        This is the most vital step and it’s when you enter into a state of vibration. This state may take longer if you are new to this. When you do begin to feel the vibrations, your astral body has begun to leave your physical body. Just acknowledge this and feel the vibrations.
        Step 5: Control The Vibrations

        Focus on the vibrations as they travel throughout your body. Using your willpower, control them with your mind. As you feel them, try to control the frequency of the waves as well as stopping and starting them. Once you master changing the frequency and you are sure that you can induce them when needed, you’re ready for step 6.
        Step 6: Imagine The Rope

        Here is where you will exert your control and willpower. Imagining that there is a long rope hanging right above you. Without opening your eyes or moving your physical body, visualize yourself reaching up towards the rope. Once you grab a hold of the rope, bring your hand back into your physical body, slow down the vibrations, and end the session.

        After you become fully alert and awakened, move on to step 7.
        Step 7: Rinse And Repeat – Now Let’s Do The Whole Body

        Now that you’ve done a partial separation you’re ready to try the whole body. Repeat the previous 6 steps but this time, don’t stop at just one hand. Imagine your other hand coming out of your physical body and reaching for the rope. Slowly place hand over hand on the rope as if you were pulling yourself up.

        You may feel a little dizzy at this point and the vibrations will buzz at a higher frequency. Often people here feel paralyzed or shrink back into their physical bodies. But concentrate on climbing the rope. Don’t stop until you feel your entire self separating from your body. Finally you’re free! You will find yourself hovering over your body at this point.

      • Thanks for the reply amaryllis, Il have to copy and paste that somewhere lol, mind you it does sound quite complex and it could take ages. I'm sure some people smoke marijuana or take magic mushrooms to do it, am I right?, because I've heard apparently when you take magic mushrooms, you can come out of your body and see yourself……scary.

      • Maybe kiddo, but I have never done drugs or even had a drink in all my life so I guess dropping acid may enhance these things but I am sure that there are other ways too?

      • Do you know any Sufis ? they have a few exclusives on how to fast track to stage 3 of the process, if not further

      • No amaryllis, I don't actually but it sounds like it can take a while to get to the final stage…..Thanks for your insight btw

      • I've been seeing the 11:11 most of my life, but recently it has upped a gear and I'm seeing it much more frequently. I also see 9:11, 19:11 and 33 a lot.
        Interestingly enough World War 1 ended on the 11th November, at 11:11 so a triple 11. Also 11 is a very important number in occult circles.

    • Archons love to throw you little signs like multiple numbers. I would be wary of it and just ignore it. Its what Ive been doing. I only started noticing it after I read about the phenomena – but I could have easily have been seeing multiple number combinations for years without noticing. Every time I see a 11:11, I tell them to kindly eff off.

  98. Miley is invoking the Hindu Goddess Kali – who is the Goddess of Destruction. She is announceing the destruction of America. Google it.. Haha.. I find that Ironic since one of these pics is about the Google glasses. :)

    Have a nice day.

    • Kali is a fierce warrior against evil – a mother figure and a fervent protector of this realm, at least in legend. She is female creation energy and her counterpart is male static energy – a correlation, perhaps, between Gaia and her counterpart. She was said to have slain demons, and I see absolutely no resemblance of Miley to Kali. I see more Krampus/Krumpus in it than Kali.

      In Kali lies the potential for righteous rage, a purifying concept that this planet seems to need right now.

      • Don't make me laugh. Kali is nothing but satanic figure. Kali is just another ugly, horrible demon worshipped by Luciferians, black magicians and other sickos. Don't be fooled.

  99. Ok. On the Nicklelodeon House of Annubis, a young girl of 7 came to Sunday school and was gloomy. I asked her if she was ok and she said she had watched an episode of HoA the night before and could not get the images out of her head!
    Have you noticed how 3 6s are hidden in the staircase in that picture!

    • Vinny, that is an example of when certain images are shown, (which would also probably be trigger codes). It enters the subconscious and it sets an anchor in the brain, hence why she was gloomy the next day – which was obviously because of those images. Please also notice that in fact it was a 7 year old child, who obviously won't know what the images symbolize, yet she was affected in some way.

  100. i read a carefully dissected article about the story of O after seeing it mentioned above and it claims to be a fiction but it clearly isn't… The author had multiple identities, claims that the book she wrote was a "fairy tale" of another world. That it was apart of her life for a period of time yet now only exists between the cover of a book.. I haven't read it myself but from synopsis sounds ever so similar to these satanic sex rituals that really do happen… All about handler/Slave relationship. – yet the book was a love letter to a man she had an affair with? And it's fiction? I want vigilant to do an article of this book.

  101. Love how Blink 182 ditched Interscope records and spoke out how controlling they are. Now they released music to their fans WHEN they like and WHENEVER like a artist with full control should. We can live without their say so yknow guys!!

  102. I saw those Miley pictures already and they disgusted me, he just reminds me of a peodo and I know she is older now but she is still young and he's an old man. With not having a childhood I doubt she is grown up in her mind. It seems staged in a very perverse way and the clothing it horrible. I feel sorry for her she has no doubt been brainwashed and taken advantage of even if she wanted the fame when you are young and innocent its easy to be manipulated and you think you are in control…. I can see her going nuts like Britney and Lindsay

  103. Miley Cyrus is trash. She doesn't even seem to mind that she is. She seems to think she is wonderful. Any talent she may have is completely negated. I am so disgusted with her that I don't want to hear her music. There is no art here. As a young girl, she and her dad lived next door to Bob Hope. Not good. Bob Hope was an MKULTRA abuser and user. A lot of his slaves lived very close to him in the San Fernando Valley. But right next door?

  104. Should this all stop if we start teaching about morality as a separate subject to our children in schools lot better then sex education which leads to yoinv boys n girls giving practical lessons to each other in school halls, busses and even jainator rooms.

    We are part of the problem we let everything flow in name of freedom? What about the slut walk supporters did they missed the class of ethics n moral you don't stand up against bunch of men in armani suits but what is ethically and morally wrong and yeah not bringing religion when it comed these two topics I like talking about ssving the universe without the superman:). You ready?

    • See beyond the armani suits the physical ugliness of all. Imagine the ugliness of their souls too. That's what some see, the unattractiveness (physical and not), not their expensive parcels.

    • Sex education does not lead young boys and girls to want to have sex- a lack of knowlesge leads to wanting to have sex. Parents need to sit down woth their children and explain the anatomy of both the male and female body and explain to them why its better to wait or if they are sexually active tell them about the stds that they can recieve by engaging in unprotective sex because too many of these kids especially young woman are constantly told not to have sex without a reason why , they are not being told about their natural bodily functions as young women and some of are scared of sex because of the fear of being sent to hell

  105. what what WAATAA on

    i love how in doctor who they used the name Big Brother for the game show he got trapped in. had the same symbol too. a couple people trapped in a small apartment room, being watched, if they break any rules guess what comes along?! oh right death for not obeying the rules.

  106. I watched a video on Martha and the Vandellas, and I noticed they kept a teddy bear in sight. I thought about Miley Cyrus' VMA performance that included the teddy bears. It's been going a lot longer than I'd originally thought.

  107. Off topic but I am kind of freaking out about something I just posted and I would appreciate some words of wisdom from those in the know …
    my builders were stripping down the walls in my main living room and guess what…loads of satanic symbolism painted onto the brick and concrete of this old house. That paper has not been touched in years. I did not need them to point it out to me, except that they had found some the day before too ; a wall with 666 scrawled everywhere (surely could not have been done by anyone in their right mind). I was freaked out but quickly slapped some paint over it. I tried to explain it to them but all they said was that if it re-emerged under the new paintwork then they were so out of here! I dunno whether we are talking Greystone 2 or ex-resident Metalhead teen but in any case, obliteration has done me a lot of good and I am not feeling certain things/having flashbacks as if by magic. I would be freaked out in a major way if the symbols had not been placed there by regular humanoids though. It has thrown me big time.

    Now, i am thinking more along the lines of Greystone and certain programming I have heard about. Is it mere coincidence ie. Could it somehow have been placed there especially for ME???? Do I out their agenda too much or spend too much time dealing with it?

    • You told little about your connections links, but maybe more than enough. Do you know the history of the house? Might be of later concern though. Better clean up first, if not for your own good feeling. And be careful ofcourse! Keep a line open to someone you trust.

      • Nearly 200 years old, exH of previous owner was a DJ but I have no idea what happened to him as she was quite obv in an un-relationship with a high-ranking military person who slept in the dining room (yeah, right). Son was strange in many ways – Found S&M type contraptions drilled inside closet but figured that he might have used chains to secure high-value stuff to protect against thieves. House on adjacent plot was destroyed by fire about 100 years ago and people died. I have had less paranormal experiences here than at my childhood homes, I guess. Just issues with negative energy and flashbacks, unwanted astral which I have managed to circumvent, strange dreams.

      • Y'know what, I am going to be pragmatic about it – it may be related to demons but I am so not going there as I would be setting myself up for all kinds of problems and ishoos so…..
        I will work on getting rid of those triple 6s on the other wall (perhaps look into what I can write over them before painting them out)
        i will consider having the house blessed including the threshold
        I will step up the prayer and strategic placement of counteracting objects (although I have loads of this anyway and encourage children's prayer before bed etc)
        And I am sure all will be well.

      • Seem more connections to previous owners. And you are a very strong person. You need to be, for all the extra work πŸ˜‰

  108. Please tell me not all artists from Interscope are part of the occult. I just so happen to like a certain artist from that company and that artist doesn't seem to be all illuminati-like..

    • jbjk – I wouldn't trust any of these major record companies and the owners – Jimmy lovine, Clive Davis, Tommy Mottola, Rick Rubin, Lyor Cohen, Jerry Heller – Dont trust any of them. Not Ever……….& apart from Tommy, the rest happen to be……."Jewish".

      • Actually, Blu, Tommy is Jewish even though he was born a Catholic. He converted when he married Lisa Clark so their kids are Jewish too

      • Muslims & Jewish always have people converted like that. It proves he wasn't even a real Christi to convert for a woman.

      • As lovely as it seems as a gesture, those types of conversions rarely work out. Very different to converting due to your own personally discovered persuasions

  109. amaryllis, habibi means friend/beloved or darling – i just got a lil excited when i read "grasshopper's" comment because i always say ya habibi, lol

  110. pretty bizarre, except the bit about Glen Benton, (the death metal guy) he's not a satanist, it's part of his act to go with the lyrics he writes which arent as simple as the seem, read between the lines and they're much more political than just mindless anti-religion, he's a good guy shown in a bad light, if you meet him, it's guarenteed he's far more down to earth than any of these weird as fuck pop artists…

    p.s. yes I'm also called Glen, no relation haha

  111. Royal Christening today – you've gotta laugh ! Father Jewish via the maternal bloodline (and probably paternal too – who knows?). Mother Ashkenazim via maternal bloodline (Goldsmith and Temple – remember that Goldsmiths are related to the Rothschilds). And the church re conducting the christening….you've guessed it!!!

  112. The LION of Omega on

    These celebrities and the Babylonian philosophy they embrace will come to a sudden halt on Judgement Day. Right now they still laugh and grin and joke and fantasize about Satan's empire. What they have yet to discover is that the Prophecy will not be overruled. These people don't yet know how pathetic they truly are. God the Creator cannot be defeated. He and the Messiah will win, even if it requires all-out war. Armageddon? So be it, if the Father wills. The eternal Summer of Righteousness will arrive. The Light shall endure, even to the end of this Darkest of hours. The power of the Night will be subdued, and the power of the Day will triumph.

    -The Logos

    • They are deluded. You have to feel sorry for them as despite whatever they believe they have in reality they are the poorest of all.

    • ILaughAtTheeElite on

      Agreed. All these so-called "elites" (the Rot's childs, Rockefellers, UN, Jesuits, Masons, Bilderbergs etc etc) are nothing but a bunch of sad, pathetic, ridiculous and ignorant imbeciles dabbling with forces well beyond the comprehension of their tiny little mortal minds. They imagine they are gods, which just shows how ridiculous, pants-on-head retarded they are.

      They are less than nothing, and the one true God is going to show them how puny they really are.

      Oh, and i sure hope one of the elites, or their agent is reading this, so they'll know what we think of them.

  113. Can someone please explain to me WHY the hand over eye symbol? I understand the illuminati reference, but WHY? What do they think they are conveying with it??? What is the purpose?

    I understand this might seem simplistic, but after reading so many articles I'm amazed, and have non of the celebrities been asked WHY they do it?

  114. As soon as the hip hop and celebrity obsessed kiddies stop buzzing about the illuminati every time someone wears an owl, butterfly, animal print or flashes the one-eye it will die down. Once Tila Tequila and Kesha jumped on, it was over, tired. Indifference is the best weapon here folks.

    The overexposure reminds me of the Bart Simpson "I didnt do it" episode.

  115. Well, satanism is going mainstream. One day, if you are not a satanist, you will be seen as evil and need to be eliminated. The antichrist will not show any mercy to those who don't take the mark of the beast and worship him. Good to know that heaven is awaiting true bible believers who will resist him, no matter the cost.

    • But if the story of heaven is another lie? Maybe God doesn't actually exist, or just doesn't give a damn about humans? Maybe the elites are actually right, that Lucifer is the one who takes care of people? Or maybe the elitss have deliberately twisted the story of God and Satan, i.e made Satan appear as evil and horrible, and God as a monster? Maybe it's the other way around?

      • Sorry i'm high so i made a couple of typos. I meant to say that maybe God is the evil one and SATAN is good?


    • Well, i for one am against the elites, no matter what. If it costs me my life, so be it. Besides, if they kill me they'll just do me a favor, since there's Heaven waiting for me, and the deepest, darkest pit in Hell for them.

      I spit at them.

  116. Good job guys, it's amazing how stuff like this can just fly over our heads. I can see how dedicated you are to exposing google for what they're doing, especially since you're advertising their products on your website right below the analysis of the "evil google glasses."

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