Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/14


In this edition of SPTOM: Katy Perry, Tyra Banks, Willow Smith, Pharell, Kanye and more blatant proof that the entertainment industry is ruled by a “hidden hand”.


Sarah Hyland did a photoshoot for Flaunt magazine. It's all about her looking dissociated, surrounded with dolls representing alter personas.

In this photoshoot for Flaunt magazine, Sarah Hyland appears completely out of it and surrounded with dolls. In MK terms, she appears dissociated and surrounded with alter personas.


This doll kind of creepily looks like her ... but with buttons instead of eyes like in the movie Coraline.

This doll creepily looks like her … but with buttons instead of eyes like in the movie Coraline … which was about mind control.


She's playing with dolls but she doesn't seem to be having fun at all. Something's not right ... probably because this is all about mind control.

She’s playing with dolls but she doesn’t seem to be having fun at all. Something’s not right … probably because this is all about mind control.


According to this magazine cover, Tyrant Banks is a boss. According to that thing over one eye, the Illuminati is the real boss.

According to this magazine cover, Tyrant Banks is a boss. However, according to that thing over one of her eyes, she’s just another employee of the occult elite.


Nothing says "boss" like restraining head gear that covers the mouth and one eye.

Nothing says “boss” like restraining head gear that covers your mouth and one eye.


Basically every one of her pics features a one-eyed salute. In this one, she also looks like an overly-photoshopped android that's having technical trouble with its arms.

Basically every one of her pics features a one-eyed thing. In this one, she also looks like an overly-photoshopped android that’s having technical troubles with its arms.


The June edition of Ebony released four magazine covers dedicated to the four top black entertainers. Coincidentally, they're pretty much the four top black Illuminati pawns. To make things even more blatant, Kanye hides one eye for no particular reason (except for telling you he's an Illuminati pawn).

The June edition of Ebony released four covers dedicated to the top four Black entertainers. Coincidentally, they’re pretty much the top four Black Illuminati pawns (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Rihanna). To make things even more blatant, Kanye hides one eye.


Apparently, Rihanna is the "rebel" ... probably because he does exactly what she is told by her handlers.  In this case, she was told to stand still while her hair hides one eye.

Apparently, Rihanna is “the rebel”. There’s nothing more rebel than doing exactly what you are told by your handlers for most of your life. In this case, she was told to stand still while her hair hides one eye.


Here's Pharrell Williams in W magazine with one eye hidden by a twisty-screw thingie. I guess they're running out of ways to hide one eye.

Here’s Pharrell Williams in W magazine with one eye hidden by a screw thing. I guess they’re running out of ways to hide one eye.


Another magazine cover, another one-eyed salute. Remember that all of these magazine covers were released in the past few weeks. This is Brazilian actress Maria Casadevall on the cover of Top Magazine.

Another magazine cover, another one-eyed salute. Remember that all of these magazine covers were released in the past few weeks. This is Brazilian actress Maria Casadevall on the cover of Top Magazine.


Spanish actress Blanca Suarez letting you know why she's so popular in Spain.

Spanish actress Blanca Suarez letting you know why she’s so popular in Spain.


Another magazine cover, another one-eyed salute. Remember that all of these covers were released only in the past few weeks. In Katy's case, they're using Independence day to salute the occult elite.

Katy Perry in Cosmopolitan magazine. As the page says: “celebrate your independence” … by displaying your dependance to the occult elite.


Katy Perry also recently appeared in V magazine with Madonna doing some MK sex-kitten stuff. Here she is looking completely dissociated with Madonna whose probably telling herself that she's getting tool old for this.

Katy Perry also recently appeared in V magazine with Madonna … and they’re doing MK sex-kitten stuff. Here’s Katy looking completely dissociated with Madonna tied up and probably telling herself that she’s getting tool old for this.


Katy's boot hiding one of Madonna's eye while she's wearing an animal-print glove. That's 100% Beta-Kitten programming for you.

Katy’s boot hiding one of Madonna’s eye while she’s wearing an animal-print glove. That’s 100% Beta-Kitten programming for you.


Although displaying no discernable talent applicable to the entertainment industry, Kendally and Kylie Jenner are being pushed into the spotlight. Why? This pic pretty much explains it all. They're holding the hand of invisible shadow men. Who do you think these shadow men refer to?

Although they’ve displayed no discernible talent applicable to the entertainment industry, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are being pushed into the spotlight. Why? This pic pretty much explains it all. They’re holding the hands of invisible shadow men. Who do you think these shadow men represent?


The movie Walk of Shame is about a young woman dreaming of becoming a big-time news anchor. In the movie poster, the hidden eye tells you what it truly takes to be a big-time TV personality.

The movie Walk of Shame is about a young woman wanting to become a big-time news anchor. On the movie poster, the hidden eye tells you what it truly needed to be a big-time TV personality.


In the past month, we've seen that there's been all kind of weird MK-related stuff surrounding Miley Cyrus. Another chapter of this weirdness is the death of her beloved dog and the mental distress it caused her. A common technique used by handlers to traumatize their victims is to give them a pet and kill it off when the victim is attached to it. As if to traumatize her further, Miley's set features a giant scale-model of her dog with glowing eyes. Miley apparently breaks down every time this bit happens during her show.

In the past month, we’ve a bunch of strange MK-related events surrounding Miley Cyrus. Another chapter of this weirdness is the death of her beloved dog and the mental distress it is causing her. A common technique used by handlers to traumatize their victims is to give them a pet and to kill it off when the victim is attached to it. As if to traumatize her further, Miley’s live show features a giant scale-model of her dog with glowing eyes. Miley apparently breaks down every time this bit happens during her show.


In Finland, this is a stamp that you can stamp on envelopes. It celebrates Tom of Finland, an artist known for his homoerotic fetish art. Other than the fact that this not the kind of stamp you want little Timmy to have in his stamp collection, it is also a big one-eyed salute.

In Finland, this is a stamp. Yes, these government-issued stickers you put on envelopes. It celebrates Tom of Finland, an artist known for his homoerotic fetish art. Other than the fact that this not the kind of stamp you want little Timmy to have in his stamp collection, it is also a big one-eyed salute.


This is from Nike's website. The ad for these cool Nike shades features a skull with an Illuminati symbol on its forehead. Also, a Nike sign on one eye. It is not the first time that Nike has been featured here.

This is from Nike’s website. The ad for these cool shades features a skull with an Illuminati symbol on its forehead. Also, there’s a Nike sign on one eye.


The 9/11 museum recently opened in NYC. Along with it opened a gift shop that is full of weird, questionable, inappropriate, made-in-China crap. Amongst them is this shirt that says: "In darkness we shine brightest". Sounds like the slogan of the occult elite. Good job milking the biggest false flag event in US history for profit!

The 9/11 museum recently opened in NYC. Along with it opened a gift shop that is full of weird, questionable, inappropriate, made-in-China crap (i.e. a U.S. map-shaped cheese platter featuring hearts where the planes crashes). This is a hoodie that says: “In darkness we shine brightest”. It actually sounds like the slogan of the occult elite. Good job milking the biggest false flag event of US history for profit.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in symbolic pics.



  1. It's all about one-eyed pictures these days. How boring. They think they look super cool by covering one eye. They look like idiots.

    And the stamp… come on… that is just a mess.

    This world is definitely out of control now.

    • It always was out of control. These occultists are just trying to convince us that it is under control, or soon will be.

      It seems like shit is getting real, but mortal beings will never truly be in control.

    • Julia.With.Hope on

      I agree especially about the stamps. They are crude & not very tasteful. This is just proff that we live in an overs exulted world. I mean there are children that should be taken into consiteration when it comes to releasing images such as this so freely. But again no one cares about our youth or the messages we send out to them.

    • Its not about looking 'cool', its about following orders and taking whatever picture the photographer has been told to take of them. Its meant to subconsciously reinforce the idea that even our entertainers are under the control of the ruling elite.

  2. Citizen Pariah on

    I have to admit I don't buy magazines anymore, none rouse my interest. The contractions between the copy and the photographs seem to reinforce the cognitive dissonance set into the public psyche. Here are your heroes that we demand you worship, and they are powerful and independent whilst being shackled.

    It all is designed to confuse and split the mind. Keep up the great work.

  3. I' really getting tired of this sick f&#king world we live in. We as a people must starve the parasites that feed off our money and attention. I am an optimist so I don't believe that its too late.

    • Don't be tired of the world. Change it. You and everyone here has that power. And most likely they don't have to revolt against anything. They just need to stop participating in the system. Stop playing the chess game.

      Don't be afraid of death. They are not. One of the initiation rights to SKULL and Bones, and other masonic agendas, is have the initiated feel comfortable in death. To be born again from the coffin a new person.

      The only way we are going to get ahead is with stop being afraid. The moment we stop being afraid, is the moment things change..

    • truthseeker on

      Always spread peace and love, when people are united as a whole we stand stronger. Their goal is to divide people and cause chaos and instill fear within us. Never allow fear to take hold of you on a subconscious level no mattter how bad things get. The more we fear, the faster and greater we will fall and that is what they want. They want to control us by fear. That is what evil dictators like Hitler did to its people. We fight back with positive energy with the motivation to retain our rights and freedom. Please spead this message with everyone. We will not allow our country to be taken away from us, it's never too late.

  4. Well done Mr VC, you are awesome, especially for directly acknowledging the greatest false flag event in history.

    • BillitheCat on

      Really Well done! I think especially the 9/11 print shows who is REALLY behind the "terrorist" attacks from Sptember 11th… I never believed the official version.

      • I like your user name BillitheCat. My neighbor calls her cat Billi because I think it means cat in her native language. Consequently, we use it affectionately for one another too

    • Oh Yes! She's giving the good old Horn or baphomet salute! Texas Long Horns wink wink. Good Catch!

  5. cool but what's with the "made-in-china crap". good stuff comes out of china too, and crap comes from everywhere. check that

      • iPhones are trendy, but quality-wise they tend to break/crack easily and run out of battery fast. At least in comparison to some other phones.

    • I agree with you. There are recalls here and no one thinks about it that way. Aka baby food with bad metals in them. There are countries that won't buy certain stuff from us. One happens to be China. Why. Do they need our email address?

    • That is true.. For example, many people in Europe are against the Trans Atlantic Trade Contract with the USA, because we don't want that crap in our shelves, like genetically modified food (no thanks) or chicken washed with chloride (this allows farmers to raíse them in unhygienical condiciones, and then wash the crap away with chloride – forbidden in Europe, but the US want to introduce this here). And we don ' t want GMO food, or at least it must be indicated on the parking that there are gmo-ingredients, so the buyer can decide if he wants to buy that product. They are still negotiating, but US- industry does not want to write on the products if they contain gmo. Because people in Europe won't buy..

    • Julia.with.HOPE on

      Well when it comes to America paying tribute to Americans that died on an AMERICAN tragedy it would be nice to think that some AMERICAN saw this project through from beginning to end simply out of respect. However the images shown of the merchandise being sold is not respectful as a tribute so I guess it would make sense the got all of it madein some sweatshop in order to pretend they are doing something kind & make a quick buck- but that's how I see it.

    • Well said!

      Clearly some people aren't thinking clearly about who bears responsibility for what.

      Is the crap being peddled at the 9/11 Museum being peddled by the owners of Chinese assembly lines?

      No, of course not!

      It is being peddled to the American public by fellow Americans in New York City who conceived them, designed them, and spec'ed them. These Americans shopped around for overseas plants willing to crank out x many copies at a specified quality and specified price point.

      The responsibility for the crappy specs and low price point belongs to the Americans who conceived, designed, and spec'ed the merchandise, NOT the overseas plant that cranked them out according to the conditions of the contract. In this case it happened to be a plant in China. Tomorrow it could be a plant in Indonesia or Malaysia.

      The most egregious evil-doers in the world today are the Illuminati. The Illuminati are an Anglo-American cabal. What if anything do they have to do with China?

      Tyra Banks, Rhianna, and Katy Perry are not victims of the dictators in Beijing. They are MK slaves of Western elites in European and American power centers such as London, New York, and Los Angeles.

      Let's try to keep our eye on the ball here.

  6. Man, the illuminati or whoever are really unoriginal, that one eye thing bores the shit out of me and it's way too repititive.
    I mean I can't even imagine posing with one eye to be fun.

    • It's not fun, at first they did it willingly in a bargain for fame and power, now they do it unwillingly as soulless Monarch slaves. It's an advertisement for Illuminists worldwide that these models are available. The magazines are dual purposed. They serve as mindless Materialism for the masses, and a Monarch Slave Craigslist for faceless Illuminsts WorldWide

  7. Is it just me or does the 9/11 logo seem etched into our memories on purpose?! The number 11 represented by the twin towers seems like a very powerful symbol used to enforce their reality into our subconcsious. But I'm not buying it because I know that they're doing it on purpose to deceive us. Anyone else feel this way?

    • 9+1+1=11

      Occult numbers: 7,9,11 and there favorite 13.

      These numbers are used a lot during MSM news reports of psyops.
      numbers of victims=7
      Time of event = 11:09, 11:11 (1+5+5+0=11) etc
      age of victim=11 etc

      Date24 May 15:50
      would give us 2+4+5=11.11

      Its almost like a signature or code to the other perps to say "its one of ours"….

      • Those numbers have always mattered a huge deal to them. Well before their false flag attack. Remember Rik Clay started to piece it all together before they came for him and fed us a nonsense story about how he had dropped acid and scrambled onto the roof outside his bedroom window and the rest. Given that he was raised by two hardcore metalheads, it is not sounding too plausible. I believe that his boyfriend was possibly complicit in his death.

      • winston smith on

        While we're talking numbers, it recently occurred to me how arbitrary the speed at which the old LP records spin: 33 1/3 (their two faves – 33 and 13). Coincidence? I think not. It could've spun a bit slower to make an even thirty minutes per side…or whatever. Funny how the industry settled on that as a standard, and the manufacturers were forced to follow suit.

      • winston smith on

        Also, I couldn't help but notice that on so many of the old vinyls how prominent the speed of the record is. They're all the same, but somehow it was necessary to print it prominently, often in larger type than the rest of the credits. No good reason for it, as 78s disappeared, so a full-sized record had to be a 33. If you bought a single, which was much smaller, it was obviously a 45 (4+5=9 (!)).

        [Just recently started spinning my old stuff, so it's hard NOT to notice!]

  8. Washing brains is the opposite of washing your laundry – the purpose of brain-washing is not to clean but to put crap into a mind.
    First comes the brain softener (these over-hyped and under-talented Illuminati tools, singing their songs of submission to the elite). Once the brain is softened, the brain-washing is easy.

    Keep both your eyes open, my friends !

  9. I hate myself for knowing this, but the thing over Tyra's eye is called a Smize (smile with your eyes) and in her book Modelland when a potential model is chosen to become a supermodel (an elite model?) she is given a Smize to wear over one eye.

  10. EveryonewillBow on

    I think this website is way ahead of everyone by informing people. I strongly believe the Illuminati occult is becoming redundant in their rituals. However, the one-eye pictures are a demanded ritual.

    The same old rituals expressed by the Illuminati are tiring people while at the same time imprinting subliminal messages. What is sad is that people will give their minds (even to the degree of being demonized) to be used as the hidden board of Illuminati see fit all in the name of fame and money.

    Either these people are not realizing that their minds will be damaged permanently, or they do not care as long as they have a movie role, television spot, fashion clothes line, latest hit song, music video or whatever. However, I would not be proud to be a celebrity in this day in time.

    Apparently, the gifted ones cannot use their raw God-given talents. It appears that they must use the talents of those lurking in darkness. It is so obvious that the today's celebrities lack talents. There are only 2 out of 10 with noticeable gifts and talents. These people actually think they are gods and goddesses as a result. They are partly true. The demons within them recognize themselves as such, but the people themselves are nothing but bodies to host them in spirit.

    Can you imagine being slaves to Satan and his agents? No rest, no peace, no joy, no happiness and no way out. God bless those who committed suicide as the only solution.

    VigilantCitizen, I read somewhere that Joseph Stalin kicked the Illuminati Society out of his country. Do you have research and knowledge of this?

    • The Austrian on

      how can u "kick out" someone who hides in the shadows? im pretty sure what u read about stalin is nonsense. more like stalin did them a favor by hunting and killing every religious person he could find…

      russian revolution and communism comes from the illuminati.

    • captain obvious on

      Stalin kicked them out because he knew they raised him to his seat of power and he did not want them to take that back.

  11. Vigilant Vegeta on

    Has anyone ever heard the phrase "in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king"? Well, we are certainly not all blind and the one-eyed man is not the king, but really the false messiah.To Westerners the concept of the one-eye represents the New World Order, but to us Muslims, could be referred to as the Dajjal System. It is a network of occultist people, rooted deep within our government organisations, dedicated to the reality of bringing about the One-World government, under the head of the Lawless One (or al-Masih ad-Dajjal). When this happens, Satan will have achieved absolute rule, that is, until he is destroyed by the coming of Jesus. But this is his purpose, and I wanted to stress that both East and the West are pitted against eachother in battle for this purpose. Remember, symbols rule the world, not words nor laws and the one-eye symbolizes the AntiChrist. I have relatives in Saudi Arabia and the word amongst the local folks is that they've already started constructing a huge palace for his welcome, feel free to search on google if you dont want to take my word for it.

    Prophet Muhhamad said 'No tribulation on earth since the creation of Adam will be worse than the tribulation of the Dajjal'.

    May peace be with you all.

    • I can not believe what I just read.. Month ago I heard what the royal family and government of Saudi Arabia are all about..

      • For your information the Royal Saudi Arabian Family are not like the UK Royal family in which I mean that the Saudi Royal Family are between 4 thousand royals lol i know it sounds crazy probably you even might not believe me but it is true and in the Saudi Royal Family they have different kinds of royals who of course share the same ( the royal family name) and they come with levels too! Like King Abdulaziz he is the King that started to rule therefore his son is the Kind of Saudi and King Abdullah so when King Abdulaziz started to rule he also let his family to be royal not just his kids.

        And in the Golf of the Middle East in particular like Kuwait and Emirate and Qatar and Bahrain they share the same thing too! They have royal levels too!

    • ANY pure believer inviting peace and rejecting discord in this system is unwelcome, but few less so than an awakened adherent, be they Muslim, Christian, or ANY tradition or culture where social bonds are the fabric. it is better to keep people as caricatures to be manipulated for their foolish and wicked games.

      this is why the spread of multimedia entertainment to all corners is necessary, to erode and erase the traditional cultures and ways that have supported people for millennia and keep people ignorant to the natural law and world, and common sense and responsibility.

      my faith is strong that those who believe in hope fellowship in one another, no matter the differences, will prevail–

      Peace be with you, as well, Vigilant Vegeta, and those who also stand for peace for all!!! if you should ever come to a decisive moment in your life with another, always choose love, and you will never fail

      • Vigilant Vegeta on

        Turnkey, I agree with you wholeheartedly. What better way to usher in the NWO than to destroy everything we value and charish.

        "Say: If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings in which you delight, are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger, and striving in His Cause, then wait until Allah executes His Decision (torment). And Allah guides not the people who are rebellious (disobedient to Allah)." [Surah al-Tawbah, 24]

        Remember Satan's primary goal is to distract you from all that is true and pure, only to have you fall in love with the wicked temptations of this world, ultimately leaving one brokenhearted and morally bankrupt.

        Thank you again Turnkey and I will always choose love, never was the hater type!

    • I have googled about The huge palace for his welcome as you claim for the( Dajaal) and I found out that the Tower is Kingdom Tower in Jeddah and as the site says "The tower, overlooking the Red Sea, will feature a five-star Four Seasons hotel, apartments, office space and an observatory" and I know that Jeddah Tower was made by prince al waleed he is one of the richest man in the world! …
      I do not know if they are really expecting him (the dajjal) there are many accusations from muslims and christians and other religions who talk about him.
      But what I know according to Islam that the Dajjal is living on an island that no one knows and he was discovered by the Sahabi called Tamim Awas AL Dari and was a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad .

      • so this is the islamic story
        Fatima bint Qays said: I heard the voice of the caller, the caller of the Messenger of Allah saying: Al-salatu jaami’ah so I went out to the mosque and I prayed with the Messenger of Allah. I was in the women’s row that was closest to the people. When the Messenger of Allah had finished his prayer, he sat on the minbar and he was smiling. He said: “Let each person stay in the place where he just prayed.” Then he said: “Do you know why I called you together?” They said: Allah and His Messenger know best.

        He said: “By Allah, I did not call you together for an exhortation or for a warning. I have called you together because Tameem al-Dari was a Christian and he came and swore allegiance and became Muslim, and told me something which agrees with what I was telling you about the Dajjal. He told me that he sailed in a ship with thirty men of Lakhm and Judhaam and they were tossed by the waves of the sea for a month. Then they came to an island at sunset. They sat in a small rowing-boat and landed on that island. They were met by a beast with a great deal of hair and they could not distinguish his face from his back because he was so hairy. They said: ‘Woe to you, what are you?’ It said: ‘I am al-Jassaasah.’ They said: ‘What is al-Jassaasah?’ It said: ‘Oh people, go to this man in the monastery for he is keen to know about you.’ Tameem al dari said: When it named a man for us we were afraid of it lest it be a devil.

      • and Then we set off, rushing, until we came to that monastery, where we found the hugest man we had ever seen, bound strongly in chains with his hands tied to his neck and his legs bound from the knees to the ankles with iron shackles. We said: ‘Woe to you, who are you?’ He said: ‘You will soon find out about me, tell me who you are.’ They said: ‘We are people from Arabia who embarked on a ship, but the sea became wild and the waves tossed us about for one month, then they brought us to this island of yours. We took to the rowing boats and landed on this island. We were met by a beast with a great deal of hair and we could not tell his front from his back because he was so hairy. We said: Woe to you, what are you? It said: I am al-Jassaasah. We said: What is al-Jassaasah? It said: Go to this man in the monastery for he is keen to know about you. So we came rushing to you and we fled from it because we could not be sure that it was not a devil.’

        He (that chained person) said: ‘Tell me about the date-palm trees of Baysaan.’ We said: ‘What do you want to know about them?’ He said: ‘I am asking you whether these trees bear fruit.’ We said: ‘Yes.’ He said: ‘Soon they will not bear fruit.’ He said: ‘Tell me about the lake of Tabariyyah’ We said: ‘What do you want to know about it?’ He said: ‘Is there water in it?’ They said: ‘There is a great deal of water in it.’ He said: ‘Soon it will dry up.’ Then he said: ‘Tell me about the spring of Zughar (which is in the south of Syria).’ They said: ‘What do you want to know about it?’ He said: ‘Is there water in the spring and do the people grow crops with the water of the spring?’ We said to him: ‘Yes, there is plenty of water in it and the people grow crops with its water.’ He said: ‘Tell me about the Prophet if the unlettered; what has he done?’ We said: ‘He has left Makkah and has settled in Yathrib.’ He said: ‘Do the Arabs fight against him?’ We said: ‘Yes.’ He said: ‘How did he deal with them?’ We told him that he had prevailed over the Arabs in his vicinity and they had shown obedience to him. He said to us: ‘Has it really happened?’ We said: ‘Yes.’ He said: ‘If it is so that is better for them that they show obedience to him.
        Now I will tell you about myself. I am the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and soon I will be given permission to emerge. So I will come out and travel in the land, and will not spare any town but I will stay for forty nights, except Makkah and Taybah (Madina). They are both forbidden to me, every time I try to enter one of them, I will be met by an angel with a sword in his hand, who will bar my way, and on every route there will be angels guarding it.’

      • She (Fatimah) said: Then the Messenger of Allah struck the minbar with his staff and said: “This is Taybah, this is Taybah, this is Taybah,” meaning Madeenah. “Did I net tell you this before?” The people said: Yes. The prophet said: “I liked the story of Tameem because it agrees with what I used to tell you about him and about Makkah and Madina. But he is in the Syrian Sea (Mediterranean) or the Yemeni Sea (Arabian Sea). No, rather he is in the east, he in the east, he is in the east,” and he pointed towards the east with his hand. She said: I memorized this from the Messenger of Allah.

        so sorry I wanted to post it all at once but it was too long so I had to separate it lol.

      • Thanks for sharing. Where are these words taken from? The text is very interesting.

      • These are the Hadeeth (reports of the deeds and saying of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) ). You can find them online, and in relation to the day and age we live in, look up for "hadeeth on the major and minor signs of judgement day".

      • Thank you and you are welcome,I took it from the website but before I posted it I asked some of my Muslims friends if the Hadith is true and it is.

      • Yes, Taedei, I've read that before, interesting isn't it, all the hairy type beasts you see in the films, d'ya think its a reference to Al Jassasah (Big Foot, Sasquatch, Sully from Monsters Inc. and funnily enough his companion Mike has one eye which is an ode to the Anti Christ)……Just saying

      • You make a good point , I guess they just want us to be ready by using the the subconscious mind and take advantage like they always do!

      • Vigilant Vegeta on

        The Saudi Royals may not be the same in terms of structural heirarchy, but when it comes to deception, tyranny, and destruction, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. You know what else all those middle eastern countries currently share? The number of active major U.S bases.

        "The US Central Intelligence Agency has been operating a secret airbase for unmanned drones in Saudi Arabia for the past two years. The facility was established to hunt for members of 'al-Qaeda' in the Arabian Peninsula, which is based in Yemen. A drone flown from there was used in September 2011 to kill Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born cleric who was 'alleged' to be AQAP's external operations chief. US media have known of its existence since then, but have not reported it".

        It does not matter which planet they have the most money on. We live in a day and age where a man is judged by his net worth rather than his self-worth and character. The Saudis provided the platform for the Zionist state of America to murder countless innocent brothers and sisters. Where do we draw the line? While millions of muslims are starving from abject poverty in places like Somalia, Tunisia, Egypt, and Afghanistan. The ones Allah has blessed with the most who were just pious sheep herders a few decades ago, are the ones today neglecting their duties too busy competing in the building of vanity skyscrapers subhanallah! In Islam, it is haram to have combatants at war with other muslims stationed on your land but you would think they would already know that.

        Do not be so naive Taedei. You didnt't expect the website to say "Dajjal's Palace" in bold gold writing with a big all seeing eye did you? This project seems sinister because it is the same mountain Uhud where various hadith state the Dajjal will climb on and point out prophet Ahmed's mosque since it is not permissible for him to enter Medina. Dajjal's palace or not that was not the nucleus of my note and Allah knows best of course.

        Thank you for sharing one of my favorite hadith. It is truly scary how he is on earth with us right now as we breathe. I know the one-eye represents him, but what about the triangle? Perhaps there is a lot more to the Bermuda Triangle than we are aware of?

        Hadhrat Amr bin Auf (R.A.) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: "By Allah I do not fear poverty and starvation overtaking you, but I fear that you will have abundant wealth at your disposal as it had been at the disposal of the nations before you. You will then become extremely greedy in accumulating this wealth (showing no regard for Halaal and Haraam) just as the previous nations had done. This (greed) will be the cause of your ruin and destruction just as it destroyed the people before you". (Bukhari and Muslim)

      • Indeed they won't be talking about the "Dajjals" arrival but it was interesting to know about the tower too! Cos I have herd before that in some other country they are preparing for him and people talk about it so we should expect the unexpected which is scary lol.
        Btw loved your comment and thank you for sharing.

  12. Sanat Toma' on

    I hear there's an alternate dimension located in a parallel universe where there is a fashion Celebrity magazine cover that is not a salute to Projects Monarch MK Ultra, NWO, Illuminati and an Anti-Human agenda. You just have to search far and wide. They do exist, in a far far away land.

  13. Sanat Toma' on

    "Although they’ve displayed no discernible talent applicable to the entertainment industry, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are being pushed into the spotlight. Why? This pic pretty much explains it all. They’re holding the hands of invisible shadow men. Who do you think these shadow men represent?"

    They represent Men in Black or MIB
    Coast to Coast has covered and conducted interviews surrounding a mysterious shadow creature wearing a Hat referred to as HatMan. I believe this to be a tribute to the source of their location in "ManHattan". These creatures are common and are not as benevolent as these MIB films would have you believe.
    I could actually write on these creatures forever but I would rather begin a discussion on it right here. I want people's testimonies to MIBs or any knowledge you feel inclined to share. Let's try and pin this down

    • W.T.F are u on….they represent the occult elite the hidden hand of the entertainment industry …and every other industry..Sorry I don't mean the WTF are u on in a mean way….but comon buddy…

      • I can tell you are very informed in Matters of the occult. Clearly you have not heard or read John Keel's Mothman Prophecies where 100's of citizens of Point Pleasant, Virginia offered their accounts of Men dressed in Black visiting their homes and asking what they had seen. Apparently the Town was experiencing unusual sightings of UFO's and Mothmen and MIB all the time during the early 70's. To this day they have Mothman parades every year. There is a major motion picture based on the book, and the MIB movies are a spin off of the book. And to ridicule CoastToCoast AM which has 16 million listeners a night, and covers every subject under the sun, is just plain absurd. Maybe you should go to the Library and read a book. What do you think VC is referring to when he asks the question under that photo? Nothing?

      • Ridiculing comments is no substitute for actually knowing what you're talking about.

      • …and adds nothing except bitter disappointment to the conversation, which, as stated, adds nothing. Gavin must be one rankled dude…

        Anyway, keep it up, Sanat. You, on the other hand, IMHO, are adding literal food for thought to the thread.

        Hurrah for the red pills.

    • Erm no.I'm not rubbishing anything.Feel free to test my knowledge on anything you'd like? What's wrong with sports?
      Are u a girl?
      Just the comment on c.o.d and football…Hit me back on Facebook if u want? Gavin Lynsdale

    • Erm no.I'm not rubbishing anything.Feel free to test my knowledge on anything you'd like? What's wrong with sports?

      • You're funny I left a comment but it's in moderation. The origins of MIB go back to a John Keel book The Mothman Prophecies. The MIB movies are based on the accounts of 100's of witnesses John Keel interviewed in Point Pleasant VA during the 70s. It's a huge topic though. Shadow people, or dark quantum energy pockets, are Project Monarch or Occult 101 basics. They are used by Handlers to separate the brain hemispheres and interfere with the different alters abilities to communicate and re-assimilate with their core personality. This is covered at length in Fritz Springmeyers and Cisco Wheelers extensive studies on this topic. Orthodox Christians call them Demons. Modern Day Luciferians call them First Dimensionals. People on drugs call them moving shadows. Sports is Bread and Circus distraction and is a form of Mind Control. I guarantee you know more about men in tights playing with balls, than you do about the Occult. You have proven enough already

      • Men in tights playing with balls actually exist! Unlike men in black!
        Mmmm balls..balls in my mouth…
        Back to the serious stuff tho I thought you were going to test my knowledge on the occult.

      • Jesus taught love, we should love those involved. We should loved those that are confused and we should love who want to understand. How is love so absent?

    • These two girls have been increasingly used by their mother and the rest of the family to promote illuminati – their xmas card, the daughters baphomet tattoo on her finger, their skull rings, the advertising they are a part of…even Kim has enjoyed reveling in these symobolic gestures. Anything to get famous….they don't care. Even Kanye Wests concert was promoted on their show and a bunch of morons were signalling him with a pyramid shape with their hands etc. It's disgusting. See nodisinfo site – its interesting like this one.

  14. Sanat Toma' on

    Perhaps Madonna and Katy were chosen to cooperate in this blatant MK Ultra photo shoot as their names begin with (M)adonna and (K)aty. The whole operation is a spell on us right? "Spell"ings are critical when casting Spells on the Observer.
    Also I couldn't help but notice, do you think there could be a subsidiary Project MK Ultra spinoff known as Project LK Ultra. In the new addition to everyone's Finnish stamp collection, on the right buttocks there is written LK1KL. In combination with Elizabeth Banks new film WaLK of Shame there appears to be a lot of capital LKs everywhere in the poster. To her left is KZL Live at 5, but all the Letters are stacked on one another.
    LIVE @ 5
    I'm just saying I am seeing LKs all over the place there and in the Finland Stamp

    • You make a good point. I was wondering why stars of the caliber that Madonna and Katy are would be posed in such a tired, trite way. There is nothing "edgy" or fresh about this shoot; obviously, there's more to this than meets the eye. I think maybe you figured it out.

  15. Kanye is in great need for a wake up call. He is not a creative genius. And this whole one eye thing is boring, there is no creativity in fashion anymore.

    • TBH I think that Kanye is very in love with Kim but I have this feeling that he will be more worse since he married kim and joined Kim's family,I honestly think his career will fall down sooner or later.

      • You know what. If that does happen, I bet Kim will run to the hills and play the victim as she did when they whole sex-tape thing broke out. And what is worse, the public will buy into her BS as usual.

      • or the public will be made to look like they buy into it. the television uses a crowd of a million people (small amount of global population) to make it look as if the whole world loves justin bieber singing before that very crowd, which is supposed to be US, but is not US. because normal people dont care about that bullshit that much. few deluded people are used to paint humanity as insane, but we are not insane. suffering the exponentially increasing effects of cognitive dissonance, yes. but not insane.

      • you think most people are not insane? it must be me then, as i feel insane among other insane ones.

  16. The one good thing about Katy P's enormous slapper heel is that it highlights Madonnas totally black soulless eye. Her eyes have always been blue, but this contact lens (?) is not brown it is black.

    • katherine holmes on

      Black eyes are also a plot point in Tom Cruise's desensitizing new "blockbuster", Edge of Tomorrow (future plans much?) His eyes cloud over and become fully black, allowing him a kind of telepathy to read the alien villains' minds. Also, much transhumanism – the film serves as an industrial training video in how exactly a soldier would operate a lethal exoskelton. We are also treated to the sight of the leading man being shot in the head at least two dozen times. So, overall, a feel-good Hollywood joyride. blecch

    • Lol..thats sick…these people r just brainwashing people and to think some people dont believe its true…ignorance

    • This comment is hilarious, but honestly it probably is dangerous to lick the Stamp. The Beast always maneuvers multi-dimensional dangers into all it productions.

  17. If you look closely at the third pic of Tyra, she is making a devil horns hand jesture with her hand.

  18. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, these poor people must have no souls. That is what they are hiding with all those ridiculous things in front of their faces. Sad.

  19. Too many puppets out there but in the end they will be the ones needing help because they chose to sell there precious soul. God loves us all hes reaching out for us and welcomes us with open arms but yet some of us reject him due to the ignorance that the world has fed them but it is never too late as long as u have breathe in your body turn to God and he will save u from eternal torment that those who refused to believe in him and worship him will receive. Its sad but alot of people wont make it because they rather have money n fame..they are all miserable with the life they are living trust me…

  20. this is disgusting. how brained washed and money driven the media is.. and that 9/11 gift shop is just so tasteless ;[

  21. I wonder it these people actually know thay they are working for illuminati. I mean they can't be very intelligent if they don't. Do they ever even stop to think and question why they are covering one eye. Surely they must at least wonder whats it's all about. I suppose all they really care about is the money. I really pity these people who have literally sold their souls for this temporary life.

    • They know! Or the particular alter that is operating the body knows. They are pre-triggered in these photos. They are with the Beast.

      • Popular teachers like John MacArthur say that you can take the mark of the beast (666) and still be saved. But what does the Bible say, “And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name”, (Rev 14:11). Please put your trust in Jesus, not man. He loves you and has paid all your sins on the cross. When He rose from His grave on the third day, He showed Himself to be GOD-in the flesh. Watch out for false teachings and world religions (e.g. Hinduism/Islam), as well as cults (eg. Mormonism/Jehovah Witness). The Bible says there is one LORD (Jesus), one faith (Christianity), one baptism (Father/Son/Holy Spirit = 1 GOD). Please read the Bible daily and find a good Christian church. Call on Jesus now and receive His forgiveness by coming to Him in faith and making the choice to repent (forsake your ways), and experience the radical change in your life as I have. Thank you. Jesus loves you!

  22. find real life old vintage magazines, or film reels, newsies, music videos, interviews, articles, etc… that predate the Internet. what many people share as a common heritage of "culture" in their youth is covered in these same repetitive images.

    the argument that "art" comes from a shared source is shallow, at best. it is contrived programming, with humans/artists/scientists/politicians/teachers, etc… as the puppets. Chinese finger puppets.

    go back as far as you dare, or can still find…

  23. The light of God is shining brighter every day on the underbelly of humanity… it's disgusting, disturbing and repulsive to watch the roaches split in all directions when the light hits them. But the good news is the places they are able to hide are become fewer and farther between as the light of grace, beauty, and evolution of consciousness continues to pick up speed… it's accelerating! and like the wheels of an 18-wheeler it will crush these roaches and we can soon be rid of this scourge on humanity and the planet. God bless everyone and much love to you all… spread it freely! <3

    • Yep. The word apocalypse means "UNVEILING". So it is not a destruction of the world. BUT A UNVEILING and forced destruction of the FALSE world…

      • I believe that the apocalypse is going to be a cathartic experience for believers in God. It will signify the full unveiling of consciousness and I would love to be a part of it.

    • The One Who Knows on

      Bit contradictory, I thought Christians refuted all claims of evolution as it disproves the existence of God. And without God there can be no Devil and therefore no Illuminati controlled by 'evil forces'

      • I Dont Know on

        For one that knows

        he was saying the evolution of the consciousness not that we evolved from apes ? every thing evolves just not from one thing to another

  24. The first thing I thought when I saw the last picture of the twin towers on the black sweatshirt is at the angle they are, they look like a triangle/pyramid shape. Sick….

  25. To use a talent one has to work hard to get skilled and if lucky develope one's own unique quality. Nowadays people are imprinted with shortcuts, being lazy at school, using devices instead of brains, staring at screens is called education lately.
    One of the shortcuts people see a lot is this one-eye-trick. Another is the pyramid. Repetition works.
    Even on these pages here a lot of people confuse stars with propagandapuppets, faces with hidden creative teams and karaoke with music.
    Glad we all mark out some of the problems so we will be able to see trough them in future and teach our fellow people…I hope not only on blogs or other electronic highwys, but in reallife too !!

  26. CodeNameRebel on

    I really feel sorry for kendall and kylie jenner,and all the other young hollywood who want so bad to make it in the industry….all we can do is to keep praying that God open's their eyes befor its too late….

      • I doubt seriously that the girls are being forced to hold hands with the "Djinn" and instead find it more probable that they are doing it willingly as something that was presented to them as "cool".

      • Lower dimensional dark quantum energies are the name of the game in Monarch Mind Control systems. They are the glue that holds the alters together, and simultaneously prevents the alters from properly knowing each other. The sooner we get to understand the basics, the quicker we can move towards deconstructing its influence over society. I'm sorry if people don't believe in entities that exist outside the parameters of the light spectrum with which our eyes interpret our 3dimensional reality. But this does not change the fact that these ancient dark matter systems exist. The Masonic Luciferian Illuminists are able to direct these lower energies at their target and interfere with humans ability to find harmony and organization in their thought processes. The Ancient Gnostic Christians knew this during the time of Christ and wrote about it extensively in the Nag Hammadi texts. Every ancient culture through modern day culture has described these shadow energies in their own way. They are the Monarch weaponry. We are being fed off of by the unseen world we do not believe in. This is how the Illuminati remains in control. By repressing metaphysical information such as the nature of extra-dimensional beings, they are able to limit our sense of possibilities. When you limit people's sense of possibilities, you forever keep them one degree from understanding the nature of their captivity. Clearly I would not expect anyone to believe this without proof. The proof will come in time. The information is out there. And I have experienced it firsthand myself. And these MK Ultra celebrity slaves are living with these creatures as we speak, and holding hands with them is as common to the Monarch slave, as us regular folk living with our family members or roommates. Talk about Truth being stranger than Fiction. The Truth is that we aren't being ruled by people who worship Lucifer, we are being ruled by Lucifer's human hybrid children. This is why the purity of the bloodline is so critical to the Ruling Luciferian elite. This is the Monarch genetic lineage.

        Sorry I didn't really mean to get that far out I just couldn't stop writing.

      • I am not suggesting that the photo is actually of extra-dimensional creatures. I am suggesting that the photo is an advertisement to other Illuminists world-wide that the Jenner's are comfortable living in demon filled Hell-holes with whatever Illuminist handler wants to buy them off as Slaves. However now that I am reminded that their last name is Jenner, I am absolutely positive that they are friendly with the Jinn

      • & that is one of the reasons why us humans cannot reach our true potential, Excellent comment Sanat.

  27. False Messiah

    Narrated Ibn Umar: Once Allah's Apostle stood amongst the people, glorified and praised Allah as He deserved. Then, mentioning Dajjal, he said, "I warn you against him (i.e. the Dajjal) and there was no prophet but warned his nation against him. No doubt, Noah warned his nation against him but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed."

    The following signs are ascribed to Ali in the coming of Dajjal:

    People will stop offering the prayers
    Dishonesty will be the way of life
    Falsehood will become a virtue
    People will mortgage their faith for worldly gain
    Usury and bribery will become legitimate
    There will be acute famine at the time
    There will be no shame amongst people
    Many people would worship Satan
    There would be no respect for elderly people

  28. Any mention of 9/11 was guaranteed to get the satanists crawling out of the woodwork and trolling to save their lives.. or perhaps that vital piece of hidden knowledge they simply do not want to be unearthed. I'm not going to say too much but that is the reason why they have come out in force in response to this SPOTM in particular.

    • Sanat Toma' on

      I just noticed something. Imagine that you have the Refrigerator Magnet letters of the acronym you have presented here SPOTM for Symbolic Pics Of The Month…. all these pics are Celebrities throwing Beast signs or advertising their commitment to The Beast System i.e. They have Willingly taken The Mark
      Symbolic Pics Of The Month=
      Marks Of The Beast'S
      In the field of Symbolism…… letters and numbers are reduced to what they really are "Living Symbols"
      An example of P and b being interchangeable would be
      I definitely think there is an absolute relationship between these Symbolic Pics Of The Month and Marks of The Beast

      • Sanat Toma' on

        And also agree with your 9/11 comment. That's what's important about this website is that we are discovering every current magazine cover is advertising their relationship with the NWO's outrageous attack on it's own people where they decided it would be fun to blow up Buildings with 3000 men, women, and children inside them.

      • I completely agree with you there. You are better than the enigma code breakers at Bletchley Park! Then again, we know how the dice were loaded during that war.

  29. Instead of whipping yourselves into a frenzy each time a celebrity appears in a magazine performing the photographical equivalent of a wink, why don't you just choose to look at something else instead?

    • The point of this article is just to present proof. I would say most of us here don't even read these magazines or any magazines at all but the masses sure do!! And most of them are totally unaware of what is going on.

    • Sanat Toma' on

      Wake up android, you are in the middle of an outrageous phase in the History of Humanity known as The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The Hidden Hand that is The Grand Architect of everything you do, say, think, and watch…. is busy revealing itself unilaterally through every medium that reaches into your living room, and into the corners of everyone's lives that you love. Your entire reality is being manufactured by a anti-human collective consciousness that is hellbent on imprisoning your consciousness in a normalized Matrix where you accidentally accept your servitude. The only thing that will save you is if you inform yourself and recognize The Beast's arrogant gang sign communication system. You are somewhat close to activating your brain cells, but yet you also appear to be so far. Your comment just isn't going to get you there

      • Sanat Toma' on

        This comment was a reply to another post and it jumped outside the thread

      • They even named the cellphones androids at one point when they could have used many other names instead. right now, the joke is still on us but it need not stay that way.

    • Instead of whipping YOURSELF into a frenzy each time people comment on here, why don't YOU choose to look at something else instead??

  30. I always thought Katy Perry looked a lot like a younger Madonna. Like she could be her daughter or younger sister. Interesting that they are doing this weird occult stuff together now.

  31. Has anyone ever noticed Madonna has done projects with other MK victims too?..Britney, Christina, Miley..It usually happens at the "peak" of their fame when they are "transitioning" into a new bad girl persona or "embracing their sexuality". Smh:( Also when I found out about Miley's dog I immediately thought there was something more sinister to the situation. Ever since that happened she has become more and more lost. Her instagram is almost too painful to look at because all I see is sadness behind the whole mess. And to keep the dog statue there for her to perform in front of each night is just cruel.:/

    • Well it is the dog/god reversal just as decent performers would have religious images on stage in more innocent times.Miley Cyrus (Sirius = dog star) making you worship a beast via adoration of her performance. I'm sure that the rest of the Syria connection will unfold in due course and her popularity will only start to wane when Syria's people have been completely taken over by the real tyrant's of this world.

  32. truth teller on

    I just finished reading a book called The Most Dangerous Book In The World by S.K Bain. It talks about how 9/11 was a mega satanic ritual and it connects the dots very well. 9/11 was an homage to Satanist Aleister Crowley.

    The reason why homosexuality/bisexuality is pushed in the media as well as androgyny is because Satanists view the androgynous-bisexual person as the perfect human. Aleister Crowley was himself bisexual. This is why the elite support gay rights. It's not really about gay rights, it's about redefining gender and sexuality.

    • Agree with all of that. Makes me upset that so many decent people buy into their system of equalities without realizing what is really going on. A lot of sex magick ritual requires various acts of bisexuality so it is really a pre-requisite for a lot of their recreation and religion. Alice Bailey is probably laughing in her grave.

    • Craig in Boston on

      Barbara Bush is secretly Aleister Crowley's daugther, the product of a sex magick ritual fertility orgy. Thus, George H.W. Bush was Aleister Crowley's son-in-law, and George W. Bush is his grandson. Truth can be stranger than fiction. Seek Truth, and you will find Him…for He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

      • truthseeker on

        yes, there is a strong resemblance between aleister crowly and barbara bush, they look dead on alike. Probably why george hw bush and george w bush both became presidents. They were already chosen, makes you think the voting process is rigged.

      • Yes truthseeker, Presidents and Prime Ministers are SELECTED not ELECTED, say for eg. They already know who the next President of America will be after Obama and after him etc

    • truth teller, I know who Aleister Crowley is and what he is all about but why was 911 an homage to him or a resurrection of him? Was it because George W Bush became President in that year and he is supposedly the grandson of Aleister C? Could you please elaborate or anyone else…..

      • truth teller on

        I haven't done any research about the link between George W. Bush and Aleister Crowley but I will after reading the book by S.K Bain.

        Here are some chilling coincidences:

        – all of the Flight numbers on 9/11 correspond to an Aleister Crowley book

        – Men with the last name Crowley (Bill Crowley and Tim Crowley) were put in charge of airports on 9/11 as a wink to Aleister Crowley.

        Good stuff in the book that will send chills down your spine.

      • Thanks truth teller, I see what ya mean and tbh there is soo much info out there, you just gotta know what you're looking for

  33. As soon as I read about Miley's dog dying, I thought about how tila tequila claims that Nicky Hilton tried to kill Casey Johnson's dog. They're a very sketchy group of socialites.

    The picture of the jenners is very eerie. When looking at these pictures, I usually try to play devil's advocate, at least with myself to find a less sinister explanation. I can't think of any innocent/fashionable explanation for that one. They still remind me of the twins from the shining, which I think VC has compared them to before.

  34. I really don't understand why they get exposed like this. What's the purpose behind the one-eye symbolism? Isn't counter-productive for them to let us know they are involved in the occult? I really don't get it. Is it a magic ritual to evoke the AntiChrist? Why are they constantly covering one eye? Thanks

    • Sanat Toma' on

      When these celebrities/models/actors/musicians sign on with Lucifer and/or Ba'al they are forced to endure a process which destroys their Mind/Body/Spirit systems and leaves them imbalanced shadow shells of their original selves. They have received the Mark of The Beast and are left without their Souls/Spirits. They are now only damaged clones of their original structures and are 2 dimensional in nature with only a Mind/Body system with which to interact in the World. As you may know humans require 2 eyes to perceive the 3dimensional systems that are Length Width and Volume. Without 2 eyes we have NO depth perception. These forsaken soulless former humans have sacrificed their 3 dimensional nature and are stuck in a lower dimensional state. In a 2dimensional World, a being only needs ONE EYE to perceive its surroundings. They have been Lower Dimensionalized and are now Slave Puppet 2D Cartoons of The NWO and it's anti-human agenda. The photo shoots are advertising the status of these Monarch slaves to other Illuminists around the World

    • As this advertising of submission to the elite by celebrities is seemingly part of the "rules" of engagement and we, the viewers of these photos, etc., are obviously meant to see the celebrities submitting, my thought is that they are telling us what the "deal" is and if we choose to go along with it, even worship it (in the form of the individual celebrities) then we are agreeing with the "deal" as well and granting a passive permission for the elites (or Satanists) to do the same to us. And our children. And our children's children…ad nauseam.

      It's up to us to choose evil or not. It has always been our choice, our responsibility and our consequences.

      God has that much faith in us and loves us that much.

  35. As soon as I saw that Miley Cyrus's dog died, I questioned to myself if the poor thing was sacrificed to traumatize her. Then when the giant replica of her dog started being brought out during her show, I knew it. I'm so glad you said something VC!

  36. I'm never quite sure if I should feel sorry for these people who "do their own thing" by copying everyone else, or just burst out laughing at their ridiculous outfits and outlandish makeup. On second thought, laughing at both the "artists" and their satanic masters may be the best response.

  37. Wow! Didn't think they would cover their one eye…Errrr I wonder why they are doing that? :- /

    Lol at Tyrant Banks……Note that she is wearing a bondage inspired mask, it reminds me of something similar to what Gaga wore once, but hers was leather black with gold chains and what looked like a gold eagle emblem. It was weird. Also that Kylie and Kendall pick freeeeaked me out man, holding hands with "shadow men"…..note that they are wearing top hats, which should tell you who those "shadow men" represent and who is in charge & the rest of the images also reference who is in control. Peace.

  38. Nike swoop=Saturn on

    And the Nike sign is a ring of Saturn, the planet which they salute all the time in all of their rituals. Saturn represents death and also the finite universe within the bounds of time, and the material plane. In other words, control and limits

  39. The Kendall and Kylie Jenner Photo…

    The Shadow Men…

    They exist in the real, physical world. I had a run-in with one.

    It was a deeply disturbing experience for me.

    Seeing this picture scares the living shit out of me.

    They are not human. They wear those hats.

    • I go into detail over these shadow creatures in one of my comments and am ridiculed over it. Apparently no one has read Fritz Springmeyer's Project Monarch studies where it goes into detail how these demon creatures are injected into the Monarch slave's brain chemistry to interfere with the different alters' ability to communicate with each other and re-assimilate into their core personality. As soon as the Monarch slave begins to know themselves and overcome the trauma, the Imps or Shadow people jump into action at the command of the Handler. The Handler is somehow ever-present and is always at Damage Control full alert. VC readers appear to be more interested in those Hat wearing Shadow Creatures being symbolic of the Hollywood Elite Hidden Hand. I don't think it could be any more obvious that they are something way more specific and far out

      • I haven't read Friz Springmeyers Project Monarch studies.

        But you can bet your ass, that by the end of next week I will have.

        This is real.

        They are real.

        They aren't physical beings.

        If you ever met a 'Hat Man' you would wish you never had.

    • I got to the conversation late, but I'm curious to learn more about these shadow men. Have you read Hearts in Atlantis or the Dark Tower series by Stephen King? He talks a lot about "low men" who are inter dimensional evil beings. Now I wonder if he's giving us a glimpse into how these shadow men operate?

      • They are also jinn who take various forms. They are not all scary and alarming. Not towards women in any case. The problem is that the more that is revealed, the more they will be perceived which still amounts to the creation of negative energy. The black hats function much the same as black umbrellas (recall Rihanna, Mary Poppins etc.).

      • Thanks mrsh I will check it out. I used to read Stephen King books as a kid. However the more we know about Project Monarch, the more I wouldn't be surprised if King has some inside information about Extra-dimensional beings. King probably has friends in high places… er.. um… low places that are feeding him meta-physical info. I"m almost done with Hitchhikers Guide Trilogy, then I will move on to those you have suggested. If King is informed on the matter, then his "fiction" books will provide coloring to the topic at hand.

  40. blackrocker4ever on

    Gaga recently complained in the media that she is sick and tired of Katy "stealing" her act on Katy's new tour..No doubt that Katy has joined in on the visuals that for so long were associated with Gaga..That being said, I think The ILL is publicly taking a swipe at Gaga with this photo shoot of Katy and Madonna..Everyone knows that Madonna is Gaga's sole reason for even doing music in the first place, she is so heavily influenced by Madonna..So it's no accident that after it gets out that Gaga doesn't like Katy biting off of her, then here comes Katy doing a series of pics with Gaga's IDOL Madonna..I believe that The ILL is phasing Gaga out with Katy by putting her with Madonna, the Queen Witch..

  41. I think Justin Bieber will be sacrificed soon. A few videos of him being racist just leaked but those videos were filmed 4 years ago. Why are they releasing them now?? I think they want to destroy him (I dont even like the kid but its obvious something is going on with him)

    • That's what the powers that be do – Build up people to tremendous heights and then brutally cut them down and the people of the USA can't get enough of it via People Mag, ET, etc. It's our own fault this happens. We eat it up.

      Justin B. happens to be really ripe for the picking a) because he's a boy and any pedophile worth his salt will tell you about the sexual brutality practiced upon boys in particular. Justin is like a boy prostitute whose pimp has decided to sell him out as rough trade.

      Poor kid. Pray for him.

    • truthseeker on

      Something seems to be going on with chris brown too…do you suppose the chris brown, rihanna situation was staged, that maybe someone else did it and the blame was put on him? Remember those who are against them are publicly humiliated. Just a thought.

      • Chris Brown is capitalizing on his selling out to the Beast. Reference Chris Brown "Black Pyramid" Label. Pushing Black Magic Pyramid iconography on to the Youth forcing Illuminati Cabal symbols on to the shoulders and skin of America's youth

      • This comment was posted as a reply to Truthseeker under Maggie's original thread concerning Justin Bieber's future. It posted there successfully, but also split off into an independent comment of it's own

  42. I went to Flaunt's offices once to see about an internship/work. They had an uber-creepy, cold, elitist, bitchy vibe. Didn't seem like a fun place to work. Wonder why. It's a true thrill to watch the gatekeepers realize the jig is UP.
    I believe they are getting nervous…

  43. King George I called for a New World Order on September 11, 1990. Exactly 11 years before.

    Benghazi–September 11, 2012. Exactly 11 years after.


  44. There is a blog by a Hungarian 'muse', as she calls herself, who says a lot of the designers are controlling the celebrities such a;s Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Kanye and others. You guys should check it out for the feedback

  45. For those who are fearful when reading about this continually disturbing symbolism, just remember one very important thing:


    Do not feed the fear with more fear, but bring the infinite presence of Love and Light to all things…..

  46. Oh gross. I had a look at the memorial apparel on the 9/11 gift shop website ( sorry VC, I really didn't believe it existed and had to see for myself) The memorial hoodie is folded to look like it's a body in a casket and that might be the most disturbing, disrespectful anything that I've seen in a long time.

    Looks like everything and anything is for sale in 'merica…yup, you can even buy souvenirs to flaunt your grief and remind you the mass death you probably witnessed on tv.

    This world is getting too weird.

    • Off topic, but the photos of the merchandise are AWFUL! Like bad, dark lighting, too small pics on etsy or ebay awful : )

  47. Truly disgusting and sad! the fashion industry is getting more weirder and weirder, I thought when the title comes to "FASHION" there shouldn't be models who act like robots … Sickening and Miley's dog is freaky and looks devilish ):

  48. I found this site a while back and have been reading it for a while now. I cant believe how much of this crap is out there. I cant stand to watch tv movies or read magazines anymore its all the same stuff. It makes me sick that I let all this stuff into my brain for alk these years. Thank you for pulling the curtian back from my eyes.

  49. Truth & Light on

    Sad world really. I see symbols on my way to work. It's all over. I heard Pharell so a luciferian. I was so disappointed.

  50. im surprised that none mentioned that finland'ish stamp with an ass. its so sad that scandinavia is becoming so degraded considering that region is home to a lot of great death metal bands

      • I actually said out loud before seeing your comment, "Are you kidding me?"

      • I used to always hear about how Denmark was supposedly the happiest country to live in, but somehow happened upon articles years back (of a truthseeking bent) that discussed this and told otherwise…

      • I'd better not describe what image came up here when reading the two sentences as one.
        But i get the point. I hardly see the scandinavian regions mentioned in occult context, or illluminati imagery. (And showing such cartoon on national stamps, is even to me bizar..

        Been to Sweden, seen a lot of let's call it obvious symbolism in referrence to occult, satanism, sunworship, pyramids and childabuse. Most of the time in a combination with religion, royalty and big money.
        In this context : has anybody a good picture of the statue in the front garden of the Drottningholm Palace?
        Nice way to greet visitors to the palace, spot the right hand.

    • you people obviously see death metal just as sheeple see these conspiracy things – through the prism of mass opinion. of course there are obvious satanic death metal bands like deicide, morbid angel, bloodbath etc. but there are quite a few of those whose members view death metal as ideology, not a tool to spread occult bullshit. if you want an example see misery index with their new album "the killing gods"

  51. look at Tyra's hand in the third photo (satanic horns) also, not sure if anyone saw the instagram photo that R&B new-comer August Alsiner posted. it was of him being hung (suicide sacrifice) wearing all black and the caption read "R.I.P August you will be missed". SMH i guess that one's a goner too. its sad really, i feel so sorry for all of them. this is no way to live life. i can't begin to imagine the pain and anguish that they really feel inside and having to fake it on the outside. they've been deceived to believe there is no way out and all hope is lost for them. But Jesus came to set the captives free. we must always remember to keep them and all other non-famous people like them in our prayers-not always ridiculing them for the terrible decision (to sell their soul and livelihood to satan) that they've made-but lift them up in prayers.

  52. Do people actually look at these magazines and think "cool" ? I have always thought that mega famous musicians, actors and fashion people were muppets. They always reeked of insencerity and fakeness. The "In crowd" people on megazine covers are always made to look like fools and anytime I have had the misfortune to see them in interviews they act like morons.

    The Glee cast is the perfect example of young people that act like "The Cool n tha' Gang" but they have a Pied Piper vibe to them. They are there to lead the young and impressionable to the real masters lair. Empty vessels given the keys to the city for the day – until their time is up!!!

  53. We have an art show in a n.vancouver, bc mall with art by dhildren from elementary and high school. The number of paintings I counted showing one eye and symbolism is telling of how much garbage is in their subconscious. There was one painting by a grade 12 student who went into the hospital with a serious injury. While he was on morphine he had a lot of dreams or imagery…he painted mostly beasts, skulls, pyramids, death, one eyed figures, tigers etc.
    Sad to see this…it is affecting our children.

    • so excited to see something about van – thats where I am, too. I see tons of symbolism around here, and came to think of it, they do call this place Hollywood North, so it is no surprise… dunno if you will see this, but email me if you ever want to chat more, I don't know many people who are up on this stuff writemarinas (at) gmail dot com

  54. Good job milking the biggest false flag event of US history for profit.

    indeed…thanks for saying this…and its catalytic effect it is still influencing every aspect of our lives.

  55. Many of the photos featured this month (Thanks, VC!) are blatantly promoting pedophilia.

    Watch out for that influence. It's everywhere you look now and there is a reason for it, so don't underestimate the power of images suggesting or blatantly promoting the sexualization of children.

    Cuz it's like this : Once the general population thinks having sex with children is yet another "OK" form of human sexuality (like homo, bi, etc. which is why the unwitting LGBT are being mercilessly exploited) and people begin doing it openly (and that's coming, no pun intended), people will no longer care about children in the same protective way, the family will be destroyed once and for all and we will be as weak and corrupted as can possibly be. Bestiality and cannibalism are also on the agenda. The word "bestiality" has has already been changed to the oh-so politically correct "zoophilia". Much prettier name.

    The decadent S & M photos of the (possibly) lesbian celebrities (Madge and Katy) are tired and old-hat to illustrate how numbing and lifeless the futures of the younger celebrities (and most of the rest of the population) will be. A deep and inescapable hopelessness is what those photos inspire in me and I think is pretty much the desired reaction.

    Also, never forget : 911 was the largest, most dramatic real-time snuff film ever made. Regardless of stolen money, conspiracies, politics, etc., I think this fact makes it very important. That and the additionally important fact that billions of people watched the snuff film together in real-time. Powerful stuff, friends. Please do not underestimate the outrageous evil we are up against.

    But never fear evil. It's very small and sad and is blown away by high level energy, also known as "goodness" and "love". Just don't buy their s**t, including crap at the world trade center gift store.

    • Vigilant Vegeta on

      If you reference Albert Pike's Three World Wars letter to fellow Italian freemason Giuseppe Mazzini, you'll see that these tyrants execute their plans with absolute mechanical precision. Heres the excerpt that validate your points.

      – The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

      Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion… We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

      Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.

  56. Madonna is so out of it. She's done this for way too long. Wonder who that old shrew will pass the legacy to. That stamp is..I think the English language is short on words that could describe it. Rihanna is a rebel, and Kanye West is a poet and a musical genius. *facepalm* Apart from the obvious, overused symbolism, why on earth would you buy a 9/11 hoodie? Hey, let's pay our respects for the victims' families by wearing an in-your-face reminder of a tragedy, albeit a staged one. What a fitting way of commemoration.

  57. The first Sarah H. photo could have been passed off as, oh look she's as cute as a doll– until you see the next pic with the stockings and the pink pumps. Come on!

    In other news, when did Shakira become official World Cup songstress? 2010 and 2014?

    Kylie and Shakira are similar: international stars in the last century; American stars in the new century, complete with The Voice positions. You have to wonder if it's the nature of the music business or the nature of the world.


  59. Did anyone else notice that in the picture with the Jenner girls, Kylie is holding the shadowy "handler" hand while Kendall seems to be resisting it?

    • truthseeker on

      Not if you know what it stands for and you stay firm in your values and beliefs and seek the good in this world.

    • yes it can have an effect because evil spirits are in the air and they land through satanic symbols as too evil thoughts desires and sins. but there are people more or less susceptible than others.
      when you understand what is happening with the media, is better not to see symbols. or listen to that music or watching those evil movies.

  60. Here's another weird dog thing, remember how Amanda Bynes set her own dog on fire before she went into the hospital? And the shadowmen, 2 young girls just tried to kill another 12 yr old girl because they were trying to please some demon, I can't remember it's name. But it was on CNN.

    • fight4rights on

      There was also a case recently that a Ohio mom was stabbed by her 13 year old daughter, also influenced by slender man. The mom survived but it is a very disturbing case and I think all parents out there should monitor what their kids watch or read, especially stuff online. I feel like it was a real demonic entity that took over these kids minds. God should be present in our lives daily to protect us and give us discernment over the darkness in this world. Let us all be strong in prayer, and pray not only for protection for ourselves but protection for others and that they recognize God's spirit.

  61. CruxSacraSitMihiLux on

    I would like to point out to all focusing on the Illuminati that we are not to hate. Understand: this comment is not to condone the actions of the Illuminati, or any global elite. However, we are called to love others – even our enemies. Therefore don't hate the Illuminati – rather, pray for their souls. Recognize that these are still human beings who can be saved according to God's gracious Will. Pray for those who are victims of it, or are sympathizers for it, or live banal lives according to it – these people are not expendable. They are valuable souls who are misguided by the adversary. Do not adhere to their thoughts, their agendas, but do not hate. And if any are saved, forgive them for all their transgressions.

    I personally pray that every single person associated with the Illuminati and the global elite will stand with me – and you – in Heaven when everything on Earth is done.

    And if any of them are reading this – throw down the all-seeing eye, for truly I – and the Lord – tell you, it sees nothing. It sees something, but that something is nothing, and it will be even less come THAT DAY. Adopt the -cross-, and be saved. God lives today, and loves you much more than the adversary or any of Egypt's idols.


    • you are right, we must love others although some of us are spiritually handicapped and we struggle to do what we must.

    • Beautifully said. Made me turn my focus back to what we were created to do….LOVE! I wanted the fame and money and came dangerously close to it. Then my eyes were opened up by the truth. My love for God is so much more important than any riches or fame these misguided souls can give me. Blessings.

  62. Also, In the movie, Walk Of Shame, the main character is called Meghan Miles, MM, or the double M, I keep seeing this everywhere, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, Eminem, just about every evil character in the Supernatural TV Series, and many other places, can anyone explain the significance of the double M, I've only seen basic explanations on the web ?

  63. Why the artists should be like that???? Why in order to become famous you should do all these????
    Sooooo pitty…..I wish it would be somehow different….

  64. In regards to the stamp from Finland: I got to see some of the statues of the Baltic area recently.
    Interesting poses, but can someone explain to me why, in the lands of ice, snow, reindeer, Santa Claus, and Disney's Frozen, are some many of these statues as clothes-less as this stamp?

    At least the nudes in the museum can claim artistry with a heater.

    Sure the real human body has artistic flair. But in real life, if you add arrows, helmets, sports equipment, and scaled fish/serpents wrestling to bare bottoms and tender parts, you get hurt. What's so artistic genuine about this naked bravado? It gets old, and COLD, fast.

    Yet, I saw not a goose-bump in the lot of them….

    • In European classical art tradition nudity means purity of the soul. That's why mythological heroes were depicted naked (see Greek or Roman art) and the trend continued during Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassicism all the way to the 1920's. In classical thinking human body reflects the soul so a beautiful body goes together with a pure and heroic character.
      Northern Europe is part of wider European culture. Ever visited Renaissance churches or Baroque palaces? Plenty of nudity there as well.

      This is entirely different thing from the pornography the post stamps represent. I've noticed that some Americans have very one-sided view on human body, that all nudity is porn. But that's not the erality of the art history of Western civilization.

      And, oh yes, Disney's Frozen has nothing to do with Northern European culture, its just a silly Disney film.

  65. Why the heck isn't Beyonce's Time magazine cover here, she looks vapid and is wearing a white two piece. In the photo her head is covering the M letter of Time. The cover caused a controversy because of the attire she was wearing.

  66. They are all monotonously similar, all of the SPOTM. Why can't the illuminati do something a little different for a change instead of one-eyes, pyramids and such?

  67. I visited the 9/11 museum with my husband after reading this article. I found that there was a very powerful, melancholic energy present. I saw a lot of the merchandise but they did not seem to be selling much of it so possibly a marketing fail. We prayed there, quietly and thanked God for our lives as we both knew people who died in the attack.

  68. In the first photo, is something up with the hand signal/staging? Not quite an "as above, so below" but odd nonetheless.

  69. "I wish I was dead already," Lana Del Rey says, catching me off guard. She has been talking about the heroes she and her boyfriend share – Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain among them – when I point out that what links them is death and ask if she sees an early death as glamorous. "I don't know. Ummm, yeah." And then the death wish.

    Don't say that, I say instinctively.

    "But I do."

    You don't!

    "I do! I don't want to have to keep doing this. But I am."

    "Family members will come on the road with me and say: 'Wow, your life is just like a movie!'" she says at one point. "And I'm like: 'Yeah, a really fucked-up movie.'"

  70. Anyone else find the lyrics to Video Game by Lana del Rey redolent of child sexual abuse?

    "Swinging in the backyard Pull up in your fast car Whistling my name Open up a beer And you say, "Get over her and play your video games…" Just Wow!!

  71. Lana Del Rey interview –
    What about her video for Ride, in which she hooks up with a succession of older guys from biker gangs (it received criticism for, among other things, appearing to glamorise prostitution)?

    "OK," she concedes. "I can see how that video would raise a feminist eyebrow. But that was more personal to me – it was about my feelings on free love and what the effect of meeting strangers can bring into your life: how it can make you unhinged in the right way and free you from the social obligations I hope we're growing out of in 2014."

    How much did that video reflect her actual life?

    "Oh, 100%"

    Hanging out with biker gangs and going off with different guys?

    "Yeah," she says, looking away again with another awkward laugh.

  72. Clearly some people aren't thinking clearly about who bears responsibility for what.

    Is the crap being peddled at the 9/11 Museum being peddled by the owners of Chinese assembly lines?

    No, of course not!

    It is being peddled to the American public by fellow Americans in New York City who conceived them, designed them, and spec'ed them. These Americans shopped around for overseas plants willing to crank out x many copies at a specified quality and specified price point.

    The responsibility for the crappy specs and low price point belongs to the Americans who conceived, designed, and spec'ed the merchandise, NOT the overseas plant that cranked them out according to the conditions of the contract. In this case it happened to be a plant in China. Tomorrow it could be a plant in Indonesia or Malaysia.

    The most egregious evil-doers in the world today are the Illuminati. The Illuminati are an Anglo-American cabal. What if anything do they have to do with China?

    Tyra Banks, Rhianna, and Katy Perry are not victims of the dictators in Beijing. They are MK slaves of Western elites in European and American power centers such as London, New York, and Los Angeles.

    Let's try to keep our eye on the ball here.

  73. What I can't understand is that many celebrities are accused of being mind controlled (rightly so) and yet none of them come forward and admit that they are in therapy and have discovered that they are. Katy Perry is accused of being programmed. Why doesn't she come forward and say that she thinks she is or isn't? Rosanne Bar did admit that MKULTRA is strong in Hollywood, but she never said she was programmed, nor did she talk about her programming. Everybody symbolically represents mind control in videos, but no one admits that they are a victim.

  74. Just to let you know similar to Christianity where the number 666 is suppose to represent the devil or anti christ, in Islam the description of the Anti Christ is that he is a man that has only one eye! This is a 1400 hundred year old thing which you can look up. But it is of great concern how it is literally worshiped today.

  75. I think we need to start a new wave of expression in response to all this one eyed crap – the one figured salute. Here here.

  76. Power, it is a force of good and evil and with the people who have owned the power we are now aware of their real motives…trimming humanity for the sake of a planet that has been abused by their hands and each country controlling the weather and blaming it on their people, to control masses of people, perhaps this is for the alien reptiles that have long given them secrets to sources of technology= power.

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