Brown Eyed Girls’ Video “Sixth Sense” or How the Elite Controls Opposition


Backed by big money and millions of fans, the Korean pop music industry (K-Pop) has taken over the airwaves of Asia and the world. Although groups such as Brown Eyed Girls do not sing in English, they definitely bring to the masses the same Illuminati symbolism pushed by pop stars in the Western world. The video of “Sixth Sense” is a true manifesto of the elite, describing how it controls entertainers and uses them to indoctrinate the masses. This article analyzes the meaning of the symbolism in Brown Eyed Girls’ music video “Sixth Sense”.

In last year’s article Narsha and SHINee: Illuminati Infiltration of K-Pop, I looked into the symbolism of two popular K-Pop videos and how they fit in the global Illuminati agenda. Since then, Korean pop has only gotten bigger as record labels like NegaNetwork and SM Entertainment churn out new boy and girl bands at a hectic pace. These labels are almost “pop music sweatshops” as scandals have arisen regarding the mistreatment of K-Pop stars and the signing of “slave contracts”. These labels are, in turn, owned and controlled by the same elite global media corporation who own American and British labels and pop stars. In this context, is it surprising that K-Pop videos show its stars tied down and submitting to a totalitarian power?

The video of Sixth Sense from the very popular girl band Brown Eyed Girls, could not better portray the elite’s control on media and entertainment.  More than simply displaying Illuminati symbolism, the video presents the blueprint of how popular figures can be used to communicate a specific message using sex and music as an incentive. Each one of the group’s members are shown in a different position of submission, each representing the different ways the elite controls entertainers to serve its interests. While Myrio, Narsha, Ga-In and Jea appear to be rebelling against an authoritative police state, they are, at the end of the day, controlled opposition, serving in the elite’s Hegelian dialectic. Yes, all of these complex concepts are found in a K-Pop video intended for children and teenagers. Are they being warned or indoctrinated by the message of the video? Let’s look at the symbolism of the video and the messages it communicates to the viewers.

The Premise of Sixth Sense

The video takes place in the context of a totalitarian police state, where media is tightly controlled and people are tightly monitored.

The video begins showing police in riot gear and video cameras, setting it in a Big-Brotherish police state.

The regime is controlled by a masked figured named “the Absolute” (according to an interview with the lyricist of the group), who could easily be associated with the “masked” occult elite.

The Absolute looking over its army of riot police. Yet another music video getting young people used to the idea of an oppressive police state.

There appears to be some resistance to the Absolute’s regime, namely Brown Eyed Girls. They are shown standing in defiance of the riot police and appear to be taking a stance against the oppression of the Absolute. As an ultimate gesture of defiance, the group starts singing. Do they sing about freedom and liberation? Are they singing out what is on everyone’s mind? No, not really. The listeners are treated to the same pseudo-sexual drivel all pop songs numbs our brains with. Here’s a translation of the first verse:

Your thirsty face starts sweating
And your flesh is on the tip of my sharp fingers

The bubble in champagne
Explodes, good pain
No need to worry, love is just a game

What does this have to do with resistance? Not much. In fact, the song is about the exact opposite: Not resisting but giving in to the “Sixth Sense”. Are B.E.G. truly in opposition to the riot police or are they in fact on their side? The six-pointed star on the police uniforms represent the “Sixth Sense” so it would seem both sides are about the same thing.

The riot police wears a star with its lowest point red, symbolizing the sixth sense. In occult symbolism, upside down triangles represents the vulva, the feminine energy and reproduction.

What exactly is the “Sixth Sense”? Judging by the lyrics of the song and the symbolism of the video, it is sexual energy – the most basic and primal of human instincts. It is the easiest way to capture and keep the attention of an audience and is used ad-nauseam in pop music to generate interest in otherwise insipid songs. Pretty girls can make things such as a fascist police-state cool. On an esoteric level, reproductive organs are part of the base chakra, which can explain why it is associated in the video with the lowest point of the sixth-pointed star. While the five other senses send information to the brain to be processed and analyzed, the carnal impulse in humans bypasses all of that and directly taps into our primal urges. For this reason, sexuality can be (successfully) used to sell anything, including music videos.

At the start of the song, Ga-In immediately points towards her “upside down triangle”, singing “Touch Touch”. I guess that’s all there need to be known about  the  Sixth Sense.

B.E.G. is therefore singing about how great the Sixth Sense is, in front of riot police wearing a symbol representing the Sixth Sense. Are they really on the same side? It is still early to say, however the video goes on to show the backstory of each of the group’s members. In the video’s narrative, they each have been used by the Absolute in a different way, each of them representing a facet of Illuminati control in the entertainment business.


Facets of Illuminati Control

During the video, each member of B.E.G. is shown in a different setting, yet in a similar situation: They are all controlled and monitored by the Absolute and forced to play a role in the advancement of its Agenda. The character played by each member represents a facet of Illuminati control in the entertainment business.

Miryo, the rapper of the group as the “messenger”.

Miryo is shown standing in front of the luxurious palace of the Absolute. She is therefore “owned” by him and speaks for him (the double “S” on the palace stands for Sixth Sense). Miryo appears to be strong and confident but, upon closer look, we realized that she is actually tied down. She is forced to speak into microphones (representing the media) to transmit the message of the Absolute. This image represents the fact that artists are used as mouthpieces by the elite, who utilize their popularity and charisma to deliver messages. When Miryo signed that record contract to become a professional singer, she indeed became the property of the elite.

Narsha representing mind control and Kitten Programming.

Narsha’s character is very animalistic, sensually crawling around on four legs like a cat. She is wearing leopard-print shorts, which, as readers of this site know, represents Kitten/beta programming in mind control symbolism (see the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control for more information regarding Mind Control). She is also surrounded by animal cages, which represent the dehumanization and captivity of mind control slaves at the hands of their handlers. Actual MK slaves are said to be often held in animal cages to cause trauma. Despite her forced state, Narsha appears to enjoy being watched, which is how Beta Kittens are programmed to act.

Narsha is shown in juxtaposition with a cat walking around the elite’s palace, furthering the association with Kitten programming.

In an interview, the lyricist of the group Kim Eana explains Narsha’s role:

“Narsha represents the ‘sixth sense’ in itself, and embodies the animalistic lyrics in the song (such as “The tips of my sharp nails become embedded into your skin”). Since there is a recurring ‘jungle cat’ theme, Narsha was directed to act as wildly as possibly for the video. The lights inside the cages are flashlights, a symbol of constantly being watched and observed.  What’s interesting about her character is that although she looks afraid of it, she also seems to enjoy being observed.”

Jea, representing sacrifice.

At first glance, the scene featuring Jea appears to be somewhat poetic, with her floating in water and whatnot. On closer look, we realize that she is tied up to the piece of wood and is left there to die, in a matter vaguely similar to Christ tied up to the cross. We also realize that this is taking place in the pool of the elite’s palace. In other words, they placed her there to sacrifice her.

Jea therefore represents the ritual sacrifices of the occult elite. More than being simple employees, public figures that are part of the Illuminati industry sometimes become unwilling parts of Illuminati rituals. The lyricist of the group confirms that

“Jea represents the image of sacrifice. She’s tied to tree branches, an idea derived from religion.  Although the scene looks beautiful from afar, the viewer is able to see that Jea is being pressed down and chained.”
– Kim Eana

Ga-in, the traitor.

Ga-In’s character appears to have been beaten and humiliated by the Absolute’s regime as a result of being a traitor. She is now tied to a chair, between Masonic pillars and is being filmed by a camera. She is the “example”, showing to others what happens to those who attempt to go against the Absolute.

The Uprising

At one point, all of this singing and dancing apparently gets everyone riled up and ready to start a revolution. The members of B.E.G., who were shown above to be restrained and monitored, become aggressive and rebellious (although they never truly free themselves). The riot police feeds from this energy and become rebellious too. They are shown questioning themselves as they remove their helmets to reveal their faces. These soldiers are not simple pawns, they are young men with emotions and stuff. They turn against their ruler and rush towards him as water cannons protect the palace.

At that point, the mask of the Absolute is shown thrown on the ground.

The golden mask, representing the hidden, faceless elite is shown on the ground, leading the viewers to think that the revolt was a success.

The scene then reverts to reality and shows again the riot police about to rush B.E.G.

There is no uprising. The riot police is right where is was.

The rebellion incited by the girls was one big fantasy dreamt up by B.E.G. and the army. They are now back to the cold, hard reality: You cannot fight the Absolute.

Meaning of the Video

Under the guise of entertainment, the video of Sixth Sense gives its viewers a rather harsh lesson in power and politics. A basic analysis of the story, answering simple questions such as “who won the battle?” and “what’s the moral of the story?”, reveals that the elite won and that resistance is useless. In fact, there never was any actual resistance as B.E.G. were manipulated by the Absolute all along. The uprising was nothing but a mere illusion, proving to the viewers that they can be lead to believe anything they see.

Presented as heroes of the people, B.E.G. is shown to be inciting a riot and being agents of liberation. The only thing they however truly accomplished is a mere distraction, a temporary escape to a world filled with brave and determined people, ready to fight for freedom. This is what mass media accomplishes on a daily basis: Putting in the spotlight artists who are, in appearance, rebellious and uncompromising, yet following their messages is exactly what the elite wants the masses to do. In communication-theory terms, the viewers are subjected to a Hegelian dialectic, where a thesis and anti-thesis are proposed, but engaging in either one of them ultimately advances the agenda of the elite. In other words, it is one big circular mind-screw. Here’s a little description of how it works:

“For the elite of his day, and for the monetary elite today, the Hegelian dialectic provides tools for the manipulation of society.

To move the public from point A to point B, one need only find a spokesperson for a certain argument and position him or her as an authority. That person represents Goalpost One. Another spokesperson is positioned on the other side of the argument, to represent Goalpost Two.

Argument A and B can then be used to manipulate a given social discussion. If one wishes, for instance, to promote Idea C, one merely needs to promote the arguments of Goalpost One (that tend to promote Idea C) more effectively than the arguments of Goalpost Two. This forces a slippage of Goalpost Two’s position. Thus both Goalpost One and Goalpost Two advance downfield toward Idea C. Eventually, Goalpost Two occupies Goalpost One’s original position. The “anti-C” argument now occupies the pro-C position. In this manner whole social conversations are shifted from, say, a debate over market freedom vs. socialism to a debate about the degree of socialism that is desirable.

The Hegelian dialectic is a powerful technique for influencing the conversations of cultures and nations, especially if one already controls (owns) much of the important media in which the arguments take place. One can then, as the monetary elite characteristically do, emphasize one argument at the expense of the other, effectively shifting the positions of Goalposts One and Two.”
– Daily Bell, Hegelian Dialectic

Pop stars often play the role of “Goalpost Two” in entertainment videos, but the blatant symbolism of these videos show that they are truly working for the hidden rulers.

The final scene from Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)”, saluting the riot police. While, at first, Beyonce appears to be leading a resistance or a liberation movement, this final scene tells the viewers that, regardless what they just saw, she still obeys the orders of the powers that be. Like Sixth Sense, this video also emphasizes the power of sexuality to control the masses with lyrics such as “My persuasion can build a nation/ Endless power, the love we can devour/ You’ll do anything for me.”

Although the four members of B.E.G. were shown to be somewhat rebellious, the core of their message was, at the end, exactly what the elite wanted to communicate. The concept of Sixth Sense appeals to the shutting down of intellectual and cognitive functions to “surrender” to the mesmerizing effect of lust in mass media. It is during this somewhat hypnotized and slightly aroused state that messages can effectively reach the viewer’s brains with maximum effectiveness.

In Conclusion

By analyzing the political message of Sixth Sense, one forgets that this video is primarily aimed at children and teenagers. While listening to the music and admiring their idols’ dancing, the viewers are exposed to a powerful lesson that sticks in the subconscious mind: Resistance is futile. Even worse, resistance does not even exist as those who appear to be resisting are just leading you towards the elite’s goal. These kinds of propaganda videos existed under dictatorships, but today they are passed around as “entertainment”. They get massive airplay on MTV and millions of hits on YouTube. In reality, nobody is forced to watch these videos, but they are nevertheless quite popular. Is there a reason why people willingly subject themselves to this kind of elite propaganda? Yes. These videos appeal to their Sixth Sense … and people like that.




    • hi. they are not imitate anyone but they are part of same manipulate-mind-programing. all the showbiz in the world are controlled by those sick "illuminated of darkness". so never mind is Korean, Chinese, Russian, Rumanian, Japanese, Spanish, etc. every one have to do what they command. if not….. you know….. may have an "infarct", "drugs or alcohol overdose", "car accident", even "suicide".

      so don't be shame for they. they only want to be famous as many others stupid young on the world. you must have pity to them and prepare yourself to meet the worst nightmare in your life.

      because those symbols shown in those video-clips, movies, songs, publicity, all around us, are very profound religious meaning. they prepare us to give glory and worship to the lord of those illuminati. and that lord is Satan. did you ever heard about him. if not it's time to start search because this isn't a joke.

      you'll be amazed.

    • On the fourth picture (the one with the Riot Police standing in front of the newspaper covered walls) why does it have the word Resistance?

      People I know believe that the Resistance is what stands up to the Illuminati and all its evil forces. But I think maybe it means something else… Did I miss something in this article where you might of explained this??

      • If you look at the picture it says. BREAK in bold large font, and you could barely see the resistance part. its saying BREAK RESISTANCE/ STOP resisting. and because its the only word you can see, it also says BREAK as in BREAK down. Most of the Bold words that stood out were FEEL, BREAK, WATCH and Sixth sense. interesting stuff.

  1. Let's face it. We've already lost. Too many people are asleep and there's not really any hope in waking them up. They are brainwashed beyond repair. Have you ever listened to a conversation of a Bieber or Lady Gaga fan?

    • Music is the universal language. It speaks to all people no matter what the origin. It even speaks to you as you sleep. We can still fight this by changing the station. These musicians are only as powerful as we allow them to be. If we all suddenly stopped buying cd's and mp3's, stopped attending concerts, and stopped purchasing the things they are advertising, 'THEY' will drop them and move on to the next big thing. Trust me, you still have a say in what goes on 😉

      • Yes, but like I said, there are too many people asleep. We are greatly outnumbered. It will never happen, there will NEVER be the day when everyone just stops buying their CD's, watching their crap films, etc. It just won't happen. People have become complacent to control, they just accept it.

      • We NEED to be outnumbered, that's the sad yet hopeful truth. It's the only way the Bible's prophecies will be fulfilled.

      • I agree. Too often do I hear: "Okay, i have acknowledged that they are illuminati but I am still listening to it because, you know, it has a good beat". LIKE DUDE. I have a friend that is exceptionally spiritual and she knows nothing about the illuminati yet she still notices how easy it is to forget what's important and have your morals swayed when entertaining yourself with these shows and music. It takes a lot of will power to refrain from listening to the most popular artists but it is destroying humanity at an alarming pace. Thank you Vigilant :)

      • You may not be asleep, but the majority of people are . My stepmom is a perfect example; if me and my Dad are talking about something that requires actual critical thought than she doesn't listen and just says " I Dont even wanna hear it", how unbelievably ignorant is that? I would have to agree with @MoonMan on this one.

    • Never, say never.

      If you can save just a few, then you will have won. Resistance is not futile.

      All totalitarian governments eventually cannibalize themselves. A lie can not live forever, especially if it lives off of truth to carry it.

      The only thing you need to remember, is be not afraid. Even of death. Good is eternal, and so is your spirit. These savages who try to live off of material energy, can't reproduce and eventually die forever. That is why they are so concerned with deception, and trying to entrap the human spirit into being pawns to their plan, because they can't create. They only destroy.

      You choose which side you want to be on.

      • Your comment really gives hope and courage, so thanks. You are right, the elite will sink eventually and THAT is the time when people who still hold the truth will receive justice . We need to hold on.

      • hi free quent see on

        CHUURCH! as we say in the south! This is usually my answer to the naysayers. Revolution is inevitable and never futile.

        If we are the slaves .. which we are… we control the Masters power. Without us he is powerless, the plantation is empty and the crops are left to weed over and the livestock die! WE ARE THEIR POWER and we give it away effortlessly.

        If we could relinquish these plastic dreams of a happy material eternity, we could live freely. They tempt us with complacency and convenience…flat screens video games, ect shining glowing gadgets that "make our demanding lives, easier" rule our existence. As long as we think we need these things and their alike, we will be victims of maniacal greedy rulers while we sit comfortably on our plush micro-foam couches, rewinding our DVR's , and playing angry birds on our $600 IPADS. We must return to what is necessity.. not convenience if we are to be free.. This is what the world sages keep trying to tell us!!

        my three room shanty on the coast of barbados, a fine island man, my two cats, ORGANIC vegetation, and my herb await my arrival .. :)

      • That was absolutely touching.

        Your comment just inspired me and boosted my faith.

        God bless you.


    • I dont think were ever intended to win. What mater the most is to spread the words to those who want to hear and to keep your mind healthy and always ready

    • You're right. Whoever I show these articles to they think I'm stupid! And all those "insert music artist name here"-obsessed fans are so oblivious to what the music industry is doing to them!

      Btw, did any of you see one of the worldwide trending topics on twitter yesterday? It said: GAGA is our religion. Whoever tweeted this is fxcking crazy. *sorry for the bad word, I just had to say it*

      • It was probably tweeted by one of the thousands of NWO soldiers now occupying every social networking site. What better way to spread the disinfo than to infiltrate the new media and appear to be "one of us." And don't even get me started on CIA's infiltration of Facebook!

    • as you say, we have to face it. but did you know what is? i'm afraid you don't! actually i'm quit sure there are so few those who know. and the others are as brainwashed as those lady gaga fans. you see? there are ones who love lady gaga and accept nothing against their love and believe nothing they hear about she. you call them, "brainwashed". and there are also ones who don't believe nothing against their perspective of life, against their prejudices, against their religion, etc. what they are?

      if i tell you that the Bible is the truth, and what we are living now is the end of this world and those illuminated ones are the Satan's agents and they are preparing the world to worship Satan and very soon you and me will be OBLIGATED to do this (worship him) you will call me "brainwashed".

      you see? everyone thinks he is clever and know the truth and the other is stupid and know nothing. that runs this world. so? where is the truth? who is brainwashed and who is not. what is the meaning of those thing you see around you. what the aim is? because i tell you this: every single act, symbol, word, have a VERY DEEP meaning. did you know it? i tell you again: i'm afraid you don't!

      • @kamynante, Your question is valid. Who is getting brainwashed ? For the longest time i had that same questionning. The answer is simple: By their fruit you will recognize them. If you look hard enough, the fruit is always recognizable its either aimed at bringing light or darkness. When you watched that video, what do you see ? Liberation or control ? In order to do what they do, they need produce there fruit and spread there word. By your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned… all quoted from a wise man named Jesus

    • Princesa Malagueta on

      Hey!! Never say anything is lost! Don't forget that any social change has always been started by a small minority, sometimes just one person! All it takes is time, and the right conditons for a minority to become majority. And it happens much faster than you'd think! Just look at history, there's plenty of examples.

    • okay this isnt about lady gaga covering her eye anymore.. there are some twisted, pure-evil beings at power in this world plotting to install a totalitarian regime far more oppressive than anything humanity has ever seen. just saying, people should focus more on the political aspect of this all rather than the music

    • I disagree with you Moonman, it's not hopeless, not everyone who is inactive is due to laziness or indifference, some are inactive because of ignorance, and it's precisely websites like this one, and a relentless attitude on our part, that is going to bring actual and permanent change. I have to say, I found your post extremely suspicious, it has an overall message of "resistance is useless" and "they (the elite/illuminati) have already won" the same message in the fore mentioned video.

      I WANT TO REMIND ALL CHRISTIANS THAT: we serve Jahovah Nissi, which means Lord our banner or He who gives me victory. Also, (1 John 4:4) little children, you are of God and have defeated and overcome them (the agents of the antichrist), becasue He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Much love <3

    • You are quite mistaken, sir. You may have retreated, but the rest of us are still here, and there will be plenty more to come join us. Where there is God, there is hope. And believe me, God is alive and well.

    • Bean Head Hatake on

      "We've already Lost" That's loser talk! We have only begun to fight! As the vid don't show, the REAL REBELS prepare for the FIGHT to come to them, not go to fight. when protests occur the police come out to the protesters not the other way around and most protesters are Prepared to deal with the police. They bring water, food, gasmasks, and a lot of cameras to tape everything.

  2. I find it strange that people even find this kinda of stuff entertaining. What a weird and sad time it is for pop culture and mainstream music. I guess the majority of the world truely are subliminally mind fucked, cuz they would have to be to like modernday pop music

    • how can anyone like this crap its totally not artistic its just flat out stupid and in your face this is the Illuminati the song sucks so much.

  3. This looks extremely similar to the movie 1984. How can people not notice the blatant BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH tones.

    • exactly. so sad the top rated comment for this video on youtube is

      "anyone feel like this video has some deep meaning but you just can't figure out what it is?"

      uhhh HELLO!?!?! its not that deep its pretty damn blatant

    • Yeah, I was totally into the K-pop sound, but something made me feel uneasy and I was like who's pushing this, but it's that old eyed cyclops, the illuminati. Lmao

    • I know right. I thought the same thing about my use to be favorite Korean pop groups, but it happened just like it did with Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, etc, etc. :( These days you can't trust anybody…

    • I'm with you man, this is light years ahead of Miley Cyrus sucking on a sledge hammer………I can halfway accept that symbolisms, like products, can be strategically placed in a vid or movie, but I'm not buying all the satanic mumbo-jumbo. That BEG resist in the first place makes me proud of them……..

  4. This means that in 20 years there'll no more be "indignants", unless we root out the media, or the youth spending their time at it.

  5. Essential Truth on

    Wow…its so sad this sort of crap has spread to Asian society. I wonder if there's any links between K-Pop stars to the few major corporations who run the American music industry …since their messages seems to be the similar.

  6. Wow, that sucks. It's as though they're saying that you can resist but clearly illustrating that you can't resist. They're using false hope to make it seem like they have a righteous message when in reality it's just the same as all the other popular music. This is despicable.

  7. At least they don't hide their Star of David anymore. This symbol (also refered to as the star of saturn) is a major symbol among both the Jew and Masonic elements of the Anglo-American NWO elite.

    • Everyone keeps calling the six sided star the star of David. King David did not have a star.

      People you cannot fight evil with man made weapons. You need Godly ones. Salvation first. Jesus died for our sins and rose again over coming death. Have faith in the Gospel and be saved. Then put on your spiritual armor..The belt of Truth, the breastplate of righteousness, shoes readied from the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit, pray unceasingly and stand firm. Remember SALVATION FIRST !!! Praise you Lord Jesus !

  8. Yeah…Always a bad news… So, what can we do apart from praying and trying to save our own souls?

    No Future for the future.

  9. We may be already lost. It doesn't matter.

    Lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for.

    We come from dust and we end up as dust.

    All that matters is what you do with your life. It matters to you and it matters to me.

    Stay strong, my friends.

    Resist. Educate. Love unconditionally.

  10. If people continue to be cynical and weak e.g. 'There's no point' or 'We've already lost' then we really will. Just remember WE'RE the one's that are being Vigilant and are aware of what's happening by just reading this article alone, and it's important that we tell and inform others, rather than just being submissive, which is EXACTLY what they want. To put it in perpective is the Majority Vs. The Minority, at the end of the day WE are stronger together, not them.

    • Amen. I used to be like "Hey, I'm crazy". Now, people ask me what I think about things they think point to the NWO. Go figure…

  11. Wow just wow. I feel saden by this but at the same time I'm not surprise though. I wrote so many lyrics against these people and haven't recorded my songs but rest to sure its coming soon. My friends and I know whats going on in this wicked world and even created our own group to fight back call Soldiers of the Streets. Believe me this isnt over not by a long shot!

  12. Cyberpunk, authoritarian, a dystopia. Look up these words if you don't know them. Our society might be like this in the near future :(

  13. vigilant, this is one of the most mind-blowing, absolutely insane articles ive read on your site. ive read every single article on this website. ive been following since 2009. i deeply admire your BRILLIANCE, bravery, and vigilance! will you marry me? just kidding, but seriously. completely mind-fucked. im fortunately able to comprehend all of this. i know it is EXTREMELY difficult to introduce people to this information. its also very difficult to escape the hypnosis we are all exposed to on a deeply subconscious level daily. we need to be careful of the television and music we listen watch and listen to. music can control you on a deep level. the only question i seem to end up with that never truly gets answered is: why? why do they want this power so badly? why do they want to control us? why do they NEED this? what do they want? whats their ULTIMATE goal, and why? :/ btw, you are definitely on a list somewhere for making this website….lol.

      • But masonic Jews are the ones who started all of those illuminati crap. They don't want Christ, they want glory. Did you know that 13 lines on American flag actually represents 13 biblical bloodline of Jew people?

        And the foreigner masons ALMOST all of them has Jew blood running through them.
        Most of the elite are Jews and from illuminati bloodline if you trace back their origins.

        With this I'm not saying ALL JEWS are masonic, many of them are intelligent and good people for example: Kubrick, Zweig, Anne Frank, etc.

  14. K-pop was easy to infiltrate; seriously, it's nothing but american music with some korean lyrics. They even use a crapload of english in a lot of songs. I used to like it until I realized this.

    It's sad seeing people using all these "peace signs" and not knowing the real meaning. I told my best friend about this video when it came out – she likes k-pop – and she just says, "you think too much. There's nothing wrong it's just music!" This isn't true; any kind of entertainment affects the subconcious, which is exactly what they want: mindless sheep. It doesn't matter though; these people will be receiving judgement soon enough. God bless:)

    • ~ your friend said "you think too much." no offense to you or your friend, but that sounds like evidence of mind control. thinking is the EXACT remedy for this.

  15. I used to listen to brown eyed girls because they were actually talented and not manufactured to be in the group like many others. But when their last cd came out there was so much symbolism and their music became darker. I knew it would be worse with this new album but not this bad. Good post VC

  16. I believe in the Urantia Book and, do not fear the Illuminati as, we readers of the U-Book believe that your "Thought Adjuster" (spirit of God within) effectively insulates any person of faith from their message. We need not worry about those of us on this site but, only those that are blinded to the truth: always; as the Bible says; "The truth will make you free"

  17. This concept reminds me greatly of 1984

    How O'Brian lured winston into thinking there was some kind of resistance but he was really just leading him to the Thought Police

    I can't say i'm too optimistic about where all of this is going but, all they can do is kill our husks AND ATTEMPT to penetrate our minds not our souls.This earth holds nothing for me

  18. Considering what's currently going on with the Occupy movement, this article is especially interesting and well-timed. I definitely get a "controlled opposition" vibe from the whole thing. But I remain optimistic that some good will come from it…I have to.

    • Funny, I too thought about "controlled opposition" in regards to the Occupy movement when I read this article. I also hold out the hope that something good will come out of it, that it's not part of the master plan. What amazes me is how blatant they are with their message injected into all aspects of the media, but only apparent to the few who can read between the lines (VC). A couple months ago I happen to catch the "Torchwood: Miracle Day" miniseries. Interesting plotline: an artificial "crisis" manufactured by forces behind the scenes, in this case "immortality." No one dies anymore. The subtle message here to the viewer? The dangers of overpopulation. However, you could still get sick or injured. Concentration camps spring up all over the world. People are categorized. Category one, no problem. Category two or three, those not in perfect health (the elite?) are forcibly shipped off to the camps for the "good of society." Don't worry, it's temporary. Everything will be okay soon. What's not told to the population in general, though, is they are, in fact, extermination camps. Mass-depopulation is the real plan. Wait, where have I heard this before?

  19. An excellent analysis once again, VC.

    You are especially on point when you say that while this sort of thing was once recognized as openly blatant propaganda from govts, it is now pushed to the masses as "entertainment" – which provides them the perfect "plausible deniability", in being able to paint anyone who breaks it down and understands its true meaning (like you, me and many others) as "outright crazy" or at best, we're just imagining things and making too much out of nothing.

    After all, it's not brainwashing or desensitizing the masses for specific reasons – it's ONLY a music video, done strictly for entertainment purposes – right??? :)

  20. I thought "Run the world" was incredibly obvious. Beyonce seems to be doing more police state stuff, the lyrical "persuasion" bridge, people in cages (also "get me bodied", and they follow her there), post-apocalyptic.. And Shakira's "She Wolf" video.

    I just watched the video and I gotta say B.E.G. sounds amazing. Great, passionate vocals and this disco thing they have going on. Shame the video is so evil. And you missed a few things, like the single eye that formed on the surveillance camera at the beginning and how the cat is a black cat, foreshadowing bad luck, in this case against the "resistance" shown in the video.

    Seems a lot of women have to be S-L-U-letter rhymes with B-Ty to get attention in the music industry these days, sad to see Kelly Rowland going down that route too.

    I'm not so sure I completely agree with your interpretation after having seen it, Vig. Seems to me it's more like they're saying 'if you resist we in power will fight back'. It seemed to me the girl who was chained before the mics tried to break free of them. Maybe I'm just naive, but it almost seemed like the video was kind of about the girls wanting to resist, but saying, 'yeah, it's hopeless. we'll be in big, big trouble if we do. We wish they were on our side (the fantasy at the end), but they won't be'. I dunno.. It's definitely very negative.

  21. This is just incredible. Scary but true. I've never commented before but this'll be my first due to my sister who's very much obsessed with these kind of Kpop music. I mean, ever since she's started liking them, she's had a change of personality. She seems to have that evil touch to her and she just shuts out everyone in our family too. I know there has to be more reasons to why she's acting this way but this might have something big to do with why she's all…. Weird and stuff. Thanks for this article, it's such an eye opener and hopefully when I show this to her, she'd accept it.

  22. Good breakdown VC~

    But lame video – who likes this stuff? I really wanna know…..Unoriginal, annoyingly repetitive and blatantly obvious. Tacky, low rent, NWO ho's selling police state via sexy(to some???)….sorry to be so harsh. Hope they make a turn around!


    I can’t be tamed, I can never, don’t touch touch, rush it, rush it

    My eyes that arouse you even from far away, guilty guilty

    Your thirsty face starts sweating

    And your flesh is on the tip of my sharp fingers

    The bubble in champagne

    Explodes, good pain

    (No need to worry, love is just a game)

    Hit that high

    *Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo)

    The music that will fill the space between us

    Pop~ (pop) Pop~ (hoo hoo)

    Out of breath, more than music

    Pop~ Pop~

    This feeling that I want to share with you is more than emotion

    Better than the love motion

    Don’t reach out on your will, just sit, sit, that’s right

    Wait for a chance and when you get it, kiss kiss, frenchy frenchy

    Higher up your sense

    And give yourself to the feeling that is climbing over that level

    Just like two animals trapped in a jungle

    (No need to worry, love is just a game)

    Hit that high

    In the dream that you have hidden your secrets

    I smear into it subconsciously

    Into that freer place

    Hey, live it up right away, huh?

    Just follow me as I escort you

    (New World) Look at this if you don’t think you’ll experience something dark

    (Follow me) uh (say my name) a little louder

    You won’t forget me, sing to me baby

    (Follow me) that’s right (say my name) gracias

    Can you follow?

    You won’t be able to forget this after hearing it

    Other music will get boring

    (Raise arms!) Halt and fire!

    No dearhearts….actually, YOU ARE BORING!!!!! I need to send an overseas telegram.

    'Do as tho wilt' much? Korean judas goats…..Jezebels for the NWO/Police State. Poor unsuspecting army toy soldiers……….the whole message is just pre-orgasmic and debauched. If anyone likes this, put yourself in a self imposed time out!!!! Straight up!

      • DANG straight she looks like Beyonce, B just wore a similar cat suit in the New Zealand tour when she meet up with one of our singers Stan Walker he opened her act and he got to met Beyonce. The suit she was wearing was the long version of that suit. Ironic: I don't think so, she will be meeting with those who are the New Lambs to the slaughter including her Asian tour BEG and K-Pop for sure that will happen.
        I believe it is called: Recruitment for the agenda.
        @sarah connor: Thanks for the lyrics cause I've never actually listened to them (until today I didn't know they existed) in it is dual speech, touch, touch. rush it, rush it, quilty, quilty. hoo, hoo,sit, sit, kiss, kiss, frenchy, frenchy.
        If my readings on Fritz Springmeier are correct this of course makes no sense to the Normal Masses, however those who have already been truamatised by the elite (as such) to the point where it is a part of the layering of themselves are now "triggered" by the duality in these lyrics (orders maybe?). The lyrics make sense to the ones who are "In the Matrix" hoo, hoo took the red pill (programmed)? Hence I feel the red is pointed out on the star… anyway blablablabla thank you for reading my insanity. I'm just throwing shit up the wall to see how it falls. But the country I feel it is subliminal messaging about is The French. Revolution hmmm how did that end. French Kissing??? LMAO – okay better go take my purple pill and have a nap.
        Any other possible senarios out there?

  23. Yeah she does abit!The outfits,hair and makeup really reminds me of beyonce!!!BTW I still thinks that this vid is about resistance!!But their other video Abracadabra is so weird!!I can see narsha mushroom haircut which covers only one of her eye!!!!DAMN ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. your site is truely a blessing,And for those creaming about the end of the world,please keep calm,we stil have time.the question is what will you with yours?

    Vc is like the blueprint and we have seen only few among the many signs of the end of days so keep cool and start choosing the things you feed your soul.salam

  25. I'm not worried tbh, as a christian (sorry to bring religious beliefs) i know they're gonna lose, its going to be hell for a while but they are going to lose. People forget when Hitler put his regime that there were resistances, not by adults tho, but by THE YOUNGER GENERATION, what the media doesn't want us to know is that our generation is bigger than the previous, hense why they're giving us no chance to do anything with out lives. We can bring change, WE are the things that the elite fear, they fear us remember, so we should remind them why they fear us.

    Remember it takes good to sit and do nothing for evil to succeed.

    • Yeah, there were plenty of resistances against Hitler during the Holocaust. Most by his own soldiers. Ever seen the movie Valkyrie? It was based on an actual plot to assasinate him.

      • And the plotters were all killed, while those who tried them mostly lived and did well.

        Never go against hte mainstream.

  26. I think that maybe, the "ultimate" goal is that of winning as many souls as possible for the devil…okok maybe you're an atheist or agnostic or something and this might seem an "imaginary statement", but honestly, if we look at all the symbolism used by them, we realize that these symbols are the ones of ancient religions who worshiped demons(gods) and who made ritualistic sacrifices. The new world order will be ruled by satan, and the "new religion" as I said, is not new at all, it is based on pagan religions. The devil always fought to deceive us, in all centuries, but I'm afraid that in this one he will finally succeed on a bigger scale. It is said that the one who will save his soul in the end of days(the days we live in) will be called a great man in the kingdom of God, because almost everyone will be decieved. Still, we all know who really wins in the end, and that is God. So don't lose hope.

    • Hi there!

      I would like to say that the ancients weren't idiotic, they had bases for what they believed in and sometimes had more fundaments than modern day religion.

      To you it may seem that they were deceived by Satan or something, but let me tell you that there is no Satan, there is no God, there is no Holy Spirit. Jesus did exist but his message got mutated into something different than what he expected.

      What I want you to listen, is that there is what you and me would call good and evil, but not in the sense of the good god fighting against the rebellious devil, but rather as two forces seeking the same objective using different methods.

      What we know as good loving others, and what we know as evil loving the self.

      Perhaps you won't listen to me this time, but I really want you to think that all major organized religions are almost the same as this kind of videos, they are public, and open to the masses, and therefore the elite must have put their hands on it. And even if you don't follow the Catholic church, or are a Protestant or whatever, your beliefs stem from the stem, of the stem of the stem of the original root, or original truth.

      Love, Jimmy

    • @jimmy

      i'd rather take my chances and believe in something that actually has had a greater influence in morality (if done right) than some ancient teachings that obviously went undercover but seem to start to reveal themselves again. where is the ancient civilizations now? you can't tell me that nature is just random. (tsunamis, earthquakes, etc…) these "ancient" civilizations did not survive their punishment for their wicked ways. period.

    • @prosperous

      Yes, what about the Greeks, the ancient Chinese, the ancient Japanese, the Roman, ALL the civilizations from America.

      They all had a system of moral, and it worked right, and if you believe that Christianism has had a bigger influence on morals, simply look at the origin of the word, it is Latin, and Latin comes from Greek, pretty much of our current civilization comes from Greece, Egypt and India and they all believed in something different than you.

      And most of the times nature itself didn't end their "wicked ways", it was other people, other armies, unless you claim it was the hand of god.

      So, don't dare to believe that you are unwipable and endless from this world only because you believe in the judeo-christian god, you are very wrong, we are all equal, you, me and the "barbarians"

    • @Jimmy

      Those pagan "systems of moral"s don't hold a candle to true Christianity (not to be confused with Roman Catholicism, which is repackaged Babylonian witchcraft/Mithraism/Roman pantheism with a pseudo-Christian veneer)… Both the Romans and the Greeks had their temple prostitutes, and in their bathhouses embraced pedophilia and homosexuality as "normal"…

      Ancient Babylon even practiced bestiality…! The Canaanites practiced ritual human sacrifice, burning their babies as a sacrifice to Chimosh/Molech/Ba'al for "prosperity", which is why the ancient Hebrews could not tolerate them as neighbors… All of this is evidenced by the archeological record, as well as documented in the Holy Bible… All of these pagan "religious" systems stem from ancient Sumeria, where Nimrod made himself out to be a god, and when he was killed, his wife Semiramis married her own child, Tammuz, who became the new god/king… which is glorified incest and pedophilia… The Sumerian system morphed into the Egyptian Osiris/Isis/Horus… same story, different names/dates/places…

      If you think that is the same "system of moral" as Christianity, then you are seriously deceived… or willfully ignorant… or perhaps you have fallen for the post-modern conceit of "relativism", which is riddled with logical fallacies and is an intrinsically incoherent and self-refuting worldview…

      • You're wrong. The Canaanites did not burn their babies as sacrifices for prosperity; that's propaganda. And there is no archeological record of child-sacrifice; in fact the archeological record suggests that there was no child-sacrifice, just a high infant-mortality rate. As for Nimrod, he was a legendary hero, and his name is not Sumerian. And not even in a myth was he married to Semiramis, who was an actual queen who lived at least a thousand years later. And Tammuz was not the child of Semiramis. Tammuz was a Sumerian god worshipped about 2500 bc.

        Where are you getting your information? I agree with you about "relativism" but your historical and religious facts are incorrect. The Sumerian system did not morph into the Egyptian. The worship of Isis, Osiris and Horus might have borrowed a few concepts from the ancient Near East but what the Egyptians did with those ideas was very different than what had existed in Sumeria or any other Near Eastern culture. I don't know much about Egypt but the pre-Christian religions of the ancient Near East were not evil.

    • @elijah

      You seem to know all the universal truths in the universe, tell me more…

      Historical records are never 100%, and this applies to my argument and yours, but yours addresses more specific "facts" than mine, because you simply can't claim that King X did this and that, or if he did, in what context he did it, because as humans we all have biases which are inherent to our perception, and most of the times we can't overcome them.

      And yes, that is relativism, and it makes more sense than a giant god that rules his minions on Earth. However, you might have some true in what you say, but it is deeply buried in a sea of perversions.

    • @ jimmy – Christianity is unique above all religions.

      To talk to your notion that "loving others is good and loving self is evil", can't be further from the truth that Jesus taught which was to "Love your neighbor as you love yourself". You can't possibly love others without first loving yourself! This is part of why all these other false religions are leading folks astray and this why we see the world as it is today.

      The more I see this nonsense going on in the world, the more I am convinced that Jesus IS the way and the ONLY way! I pray one day jimmy that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes because you ARE among the blind walking this earth.

  27. YES the girl being the "cat" does look like Beyonce and is SUPPOSED to. Look at the outfit in the beginning and look at the cover of Beyonce's 4. Same black "cape" and same outfit too. the hair is even 99% identical.

  28. Has anyone seen the lyrics to Emilie Autumn's upcoming song, "Fight Like A Girl"? They seem rather pointed, if you know what I mean.


    My heart is a weapon of war

    My voice is my weapon of choice

    An eye for an eye,

    a heart for a heart,

    a soul for a soul.

    We fight for the dream,

    we fight to the death,

    we fight for control.

    For there is no such thing as justice,

    all the best that we can hope for is revenge:

    A hostile takeover,

    an absolute rebellion to the end.

    This is our battle cry

    I’m giving you a head start,

    you’re going to need it,

    ’cause I fight like a girl

    I’ll get my revenge on the world or a least 49% of the people in it

    And if I wake up with blood on my hands,

    well, I know that you’ll understand,

    ’cause I fight like a girl.

    We are under attack

    What is the body count? I’ve lost track

    If nobody’s mentioned how this will end, then I’ll be the first

    there are more of US than there are of YOU, so show me your worst

    For there is no such thing as justice,

    all the best that we can hope for is revenge:

    A hostile takeover,

    an absolute rebellion to the end.

    This is our battle cry

    I’m giving you a head start,

    you’re going to need it,

    ’cause I fight like a girl

    I’ll get my revenge on the world or a least 49% of the people in it

    And if I wake up with blood on my hands,

    well, I know that you’ll understand,

    ’cause I fight like a girl.

    It’s so easy to kill,

    this I learned by watching you

    If I have to, I will,

    it’s not pretty but it’s true

    I am through lying still,

    just a body to be

    beaten, fucked, and if I’m lucky, left for dead,

    so WHO’S scary now?

    NO MERCY, it’s a bit too late,

    we’re following NO RULES, NO CODE, just wait:

    ‘Cause if we’ve got no honor,

    then we’ve got no shame,

    if it’s in self-defense,

    then we will take no blame

    This is our battlecry

    even if you’re only a boy,

    you can


    ‘Cause I fight like a girl,

    I’ll get my revenge on the world (or at least 49% of the people in it),

    and if I end up with blood on my hands

    Well, I know, that you’ll understand,

    ’cause I fight like a girl.

    What do you think?

    • When I saw the bit about fighting the 49%, I wondered if it was about democracy (the rule of the majority) allowing the 51% to do whatever they like and the 49% have no rights at all. As opposed to a republican form of government where you have the rule of law.

      I'm undecided whether I believe the rule of law is possible in a limited constitutional monarchy, such as the UK. I'm certain that a constituted republic is no guarantee of the rule of law being set aside in the interests of the powerful, as in the USA.

  29. "A basic analysis of the story, answering simple questions such as “who won the battle?” and “what’s the moral of the story?”, reveals that the elite won and that resistance is useless. In fact, there never was any actual resistance as B.E.G. were manipulated by the Absolute all along."

    -Hmm… reminds me of Occupy Wall Street, the protesters are just furthering what the elite want, which is a police state.

    • It's not controlled opposition to say you are fed up and out of options other than occupying public space and protesting.

      You all have participated in and allowed the elite to make you think that speaking up is useless for so long that when anybody genuinely speaks up you think they are part of the opposition.

      We the People should have done something like OWS when the unconstitutional Patriot Act was passed, but we didn't for fear that it would seem "unpatriotic" (talk about doublethink in action).

      We should have spoken up and taken to the streets when Nancy Pelosi said that impeaching Bush was "off the table" and would "threaten" democratic process, but we didn't.

      We should have spoken up and taken to the streets in 2008 when they took your tax dollars and used it to bail out the criminal bankers who created this mess we are in today. But we didn't.

      We should have ended the Federal Reserve years ago and taken to the streets over that fiasco (that subsequently is helping bankrupt this country) but we didn't.

      And now people finally are speaking up and you people can't WAIT to call it "Controlled Opposition".

      Real controlled opposition is doing exactly what the elite want you to do: shut up, stay home, and watch K-Pop. (And/or Beyonce.) The illusion of choice is what keeps the machine running.

      Occupy Wall Street actually caused people to get a little freaked out in the financial services industry precisely because discussions of the history of economics in this country were finally being addressed and the "illusion of choice" through where people's tax dollars all went in this was also being talked about as well.

      The untouchable, verboten, on-the-mountaintop conversations that should have been addressed in the media that weren't were actually the topics of discussion. The little man behind the curtain was exposed.

      So as for the topic of Controlled Opposition, take a look at how many hit pieces in the media about OWS's "lack of focus" exists and how much press saying they are all "smelly hippies playing bongos" hit the internet and television and mainstream media. Don't blame the victim on this one, Kiki.

  30. UniversalTruth on

    i thought that at first also… but i'm 28, and a lot of the music i 'grew up' with is loaded with this stuff also. i think it's more of a question of: will the listener make themselves aware of what is really being fed to them?

    think about the popular music of the early 90's.. like; "nothin but a g thang" or any other hip hop video… "i like big butts and i cannot lie".

    part of me has to agree with the content of this site based on overwhelming evidence, but part of me also thinks, "well, sex sells, that's been known for years… maybe i read too far into common marketing ploys…"

    i guess that second part of me, the human nature part, is still willing to dismiss this as fantasy. but like i said, the evidence is so overwhelming. great work here VC as usual.

    • I'm worried avid listeners will just dismiss it. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks and when the young generation is being persuaded so early on, it's going to be that much more difficult to make them realize until its too late

  31. Hi VC,

    Thanks for this article. I'm a Kpop fan and when I watched this video, it felt suspicious to me.

    I'm glad you explained it! (And it's meaning was just as I suspected!) Keep up with all this good work you're doing VC, I really appreciate it! :)

  32. VC, you are doing a commendable job. What I would like to put however is that there is need to present to your readers the BIGGER PICTURE. Why is all this happenning? Why has it been going on for so many years even after many lead characters have died? What is the ultimate goal? Who is their Leader? Just as they have infiltrated the Media, Music and Movie industry, Have they infiltrated Religion, Politics, Science and other facets of Day to Day life just to gain control of us? Why? What are they consistently and relentlessly pursuing? Do your Research. WAKE UP!

    • Instead of complaining and yelling pointless phrases like "do your research" and "wake up" did you try reading VC's other articles? He posted last week a very insightful and well researched article on the Illuminati and its purposes.

      This article alone answers most of the questions your are asking and there are many others. Maybe YOU should do your research before bitching at someone's hard work.

  33. I recently discovered this site after reading Fritz Springmeier's books & watching his Prophecy Club video presentations about Mind Control Programming… One thing is for sure, the same programming techniques that work on individuals also work in programming the Masses of society, using subliminal and blatant imagery and sounds to manipulate our willpower, and "controlling the debate" by defining our reality for us… by accessing the subconscious "collective consciousness" to create GroupThink memes…

    Another goal of theirs is to deaden our consciences and desensitize us by associating sex with violence, resistance with submission, etc… while disarming our Critical Thinking abilities to be able to discern right from wrong, good from evil by creating Cognitive Dissonance in their victims, which make us more prone to either embrace the authoritarian "Handlers" occult worldview, or slip into the morass of "Moral Relativism"…

    I picked up on some other symbolic themes in this video, such as the "Seal of Solomon"… It never was the Star of David, David's symbol was the Menorah… Solomon the son of David was the one who went after other gods, like Molech (ritual human sacrifice), and the six-pointed "Star of Remphan", hex-agram, is a symbol for conjuring demons according to the Kabbalah, which is why the Rothschilds had it as their crest, and put it on the Israeli flag…

    The interesting thing about all these videos (Gaga, Beyonce, ad nauseum) is how the riot-cops look like homosexuals, and the colored upside-down triangles as a part of & propping up the Mark of the Beast reminds me of how Hitler & many in the SS were butch homosexuals… (read the book "Pink Swastika" by Lively & Abrams), and many foot-soldiers in various fascist regimes have been gang sodomized in hazing rituals… just like the "Cherry Marines" (google & watch the "Kay Griggs interviews" to learn how rampant this is in the US military, she is the ex-wife of a military officer whose programming began to unravel and he spilled-the-beans to her when drunk)…

    Also, check out Russ Dizdar's website "Shatterthedarkness" to listen to mp3's describing "chosen ones" programming of satanic super-soldiers…

    And Dr. Scott Johnson has a watchman ministry called "Contendingfortruth" that has hundreds of teachings & goes into detail about all of this stuff…

    I believe the Illuminati have been active in both Koreas for over 60 years, during & since the Korean "War", where the CIA & the KCIA refined their brainwashing techniques (manchurian candidate programming)… it is no coincidence that the "Reverend" Sun Myung-Moon and his Unification Cult hails from Korea, that George HW Bush (ex-CIA chief) is/was a promoter of that organization, or that pseudo-Christians like Jerry Falwell receive multi-million dollar "gifts" from both the Moonie cult and the State of Israel to promote Ecumenism & Zionism…

    Just my two sheckels…

    • Good references! Thank you!

      Russ Dizdar and his Shattering the Darkness is awesome ! His book Black Awakening is specifically on the super soldiers.

    • Shattering the Darkness is informative, but geez – the guy needs to hire an editor. There were so many spelling errors and grammatical disasters. I mean, the guy has much to say, but the way the book is put together does a disservice to the message. Why not run spellcheck? I don't get it…

      • I agree… but Russ Dizdar is still awesome…

        I ordered the book before they put out the newer version that corrected the typos, but I have yet to read it because of the poor grammar… However, his radio programs are an extremely excellent source of information… his ministry is one of the few dealing with the SPIRITUAL WARFARE aspect of all this in a rational way… and Dizdar has hundreds of audio archives for free, and many courses as well…

        I highly recommend for anyone who wants to get brought "up to speed" on where we stand in Jesus Christ vs the powers of darkness…

  34. Kim Eana, mentioned in this article, wrote virtually all of IU's songs and will probably do so in her new upcoming album too.

    Look at IU's Cruel Fairy Tale (lyrics of course by Kim Eana), which is truly disturbing.

    Iu also spent some time in England earlier this year, probably for indoctrination. All of my predictions about her being occultic was correct.

    • I have a feeling that IU will probably be 'sacrificed' before she turns 25. She is not the kind of singer who survives teenage fame.

      Younha apparently resisted temptation and has been forever relegated to 2nd tier; apparently her parents knew what they were doing. Unlike her, IU had troubled childhood and is extremely ambitious.

      There is something very dark in IU's voice and singing style; now she is called the Korean taylor swift, but I think in a few years she will be known as the korean amy winehouse.

  35. Of course this would reach south Korea mre likely then anywhere else.

    South Korea in particular LOVE american music and always follow their trend.

    Although i know it has reaching many other areas too.

  36. Syrus Magistus on

    The Maharishi Effect proves that it only takes the square root of one percent of a population to create a positive change for the whole. Just meditative strategies to this. In other words, sincere rejection of totalitarianism in your heart. Don't count on some vaguely-worded symbolic imagery from an ancient prophecy to do the work for you. The only forces at work truly are the powers that be within YOU. Positive intentions are tenfold stronger by their very nature.

  37. BlackManGabbin on

    I think that the key effort comes from those that know this information like us readers. Knowledge is meant to be spread and if we don't spread it to our kids while they watch these videos that you know they watch then we are doing them a disservice and yea we lost. Educate while the message is being displayed. I did that with my wife and kids on the movie Sucker Punch and they were like ooh now I understand it. Each one teach one. Good work VC!

  38. hey vigilant, I've been watching this video by Justice – Civilization. It's a very very very interesting video to think about. The visuals with the lyrics are just – WOW.

    ^ I'm not sure if they're trying to tell you something or if they are pro-NWO.

    the bulls representing obviously civilization.

    It's everywhere. No running away except running away spiritually with the Lord and saviour – Yeshua/Jesus. Period. The only religion that's bashed.

  39. the lyricist actually said that the song and the video should convey the same message but do not nessacarally go together. you can watch the video or listen to the song apart but they both try to convey the same message. The whole basis of the new album is "resistance for freddom of expression via sixth sense" its all about telling there story through music and that music should be taken in through more then the 5 senses mainly the sixth sense which is inside us all.

  40. I think it is hard to come to an objective factual conclusion about the repetition of occult and mindcontrol/totalitarian themes in these music videos. All I can say for sure is that it appears that people within the entertainment business have co-opted certain occult symbols(occult symbols by themselves are not "bad", an ignorance many seem to hold) seemingly in relation with the themes of sex, violence, and mediocrity(especially with regards to the music). And these images certainly can act on a subconscious level as well as steer the direction of popular culture. The New World Order and Illuminati themes seems to be implied heavily, but it is still too abstract for me to come to a conclusion about such shadowy institutions. A financial elite certainly rules this world, but it still seems unclear the extent and full meaning of occult and secret societal dealings within this elite. Some of the elite have no dealing in what "the illuminati" has come to represent. I do think it very likely that esoteric knowledge is being used someway in conjunction with mass deception, but this is foggy territory, and my mind fills in the fog with horrors that sometimes aren't there. I think very few elite worship Satan outright, it seems generally an unconscious celebration of Mammom under the deception of freedom. The mind control/slave/hedonistic currents of popular entertainment signify a powerful negative force, but coloring in and detailing that negative force too much with speculation and theories can be mentally exhausting.

  41. About the star with pointed red inferior, I agree that this represents the vulva and feminine energy but, to me it also looks like the David Star. This is not surprising since most of the music and porn industry is being controlled by Zionists.

    Love and peace!

  42. i belive plenty of pepole have awoken to the elite. Every shut eye aint sleep. The info takes a while to sink in. Pepole dont want to belive that these kind of pepole exist in the world. It took me a while until i started the resarch and saw for myself the truth. Keep spreading the word. Great job vc. You keep me in the know thank you :)

  43. I stopped watching the TV two/three years ago, I stopped listening to the radio when John Peel


    I am a child of the 80's and what I've noticed is that, TV, Music and film have all been gradually

    targeting younger and younger people.

    While I understand why this is, What I do not understand is why only certain people can see through the so called mind control ?

  44. They used to be innocent and now they are with illuminati???kinda sad actually….even their label mates sunny hill is with illuminati too!!!watch sunny hill's midnight circus u can see there are a lot of symbols and message too!!!a lot of mannequin!!!!!!!!!

  45. Well I think the girls are unaware of it!they have no idea they are being controlled by illuminati.I think their label manager are the one who forced them to do such things.besides in Korea their system is artist has to do watever their boss says!problems of "slave contract" often occurred and they are bind with the labels for more than 8 years!!which is very long and unfair!!!!!!!

  46. I just love your deconstruction of pop music. Another great article, Vigilant!

    Speaking of symbolism, I was in New York yesterday to watch a huge K-Pop concert (which included SHINee and Super Junior, featured here on the website before) by SM Entertainment (one of the biggest entertainment management in South Korea).

    While I did enjoy the experience, I couldn't help but notice the Illuminati trademarks – one-eye references, pyramids, pentagrams, checkerboard patterns and more! They even did a short Michael Jackson dance number, which I thought was interesting since they are Korean after all.

    I suspect that the Elite are using K-Pop because non-Korean speakers don't understand the language but are still drawn to the catchy music and image of the artists themselves. I don't think K-Pop used to be this overt until recently, and it's disturbing to see how much it's changed over the years. It's just crazy.

  47. guys , by giving up and saying 'we've already lost' really annoys me . Are we or are we not God's army ? Did Jesus say 'they've already lost' ? NO . He did something about it . Until the very end ! THAT IS WHAT WE MUST DO ! We must spread this , make others aware ! Just because there are some ignorant people , let us not forget the people who AREN'T ! They are just waiting to be told ! If you give up, that is just as bad as being on their side. You're practically doing what they want. Which is not saving yourself or others – you're doing no better than giving in just like everyone else ! How can you proudly say you were smart enough to be aware of this when you did absolutely nothing. So God bless you all, and let's get whoever we can to save our sorry souls.

  48. DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR , do your jobs friends and wake up just one person you know. Don't waste time on people that are already awake. Be a David Icke.beware of sheeple. Get your fingernails dirty for Christ sake and dig up your guns !!"For this calls for wisdom let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number,it's number is 666." Satan must be stopped at ALL cost. He is loose and his time is short.We are the generation that will stop him. When people workout satan is real,he is finished… Good luck friends !

    • Prepare yourself and as many as you can because what is coming is not easy. There is no avoiding what is foretold and what must happen. It's going to get ugly and not all of us are going to be here to witness it.

  49. I'm so glad that there are sites like this. There is soooo much subliminal crap out there that can be interpreted in so many bad ways. One video can mean a couple of bad things. The end times are really near. We just don't know exactly when.

  50. Hi, Vigilant Citizen 😀 can you do a review regarding some of the tracks of Korean Girl Group, SNSD with their famous track, "Gee". They were mannequins during the first scene. I also saw a leopard print covering the portrait of their mirrors, there are alot of mirrors too. Also, their second popular track, "Oh!". LoL it was pretty creepy at the end. I think it has a lot to do with alter personas. I also noticed, all of their music videos contained checkered floors. Please can you do a review of them? Thanks ^^

  51. There were quite a few korean female celebrities who were 'suicided'. None of them were what I would call "first tier", but once in a while, there is always a young actress who 'commit suicide' for no apparent reason. I think they are sacrifices.

    The grandfather of K-Pop was the U.S military stationed in Korea; some koreans began performing in US owned clubs to entertain the US soldiers, and they graduated to make music for the koreans.

    Lee Sooman, the owner and head of SM Entertainment, used to be a folk singer back in 1970s; he was influenced by the music of US sixties, and even then , when few Koreans left that country, he frequently visited US to keep with the latest music trend and lived in the US for years until he returned to create the group H.O.T. on the 1990s.

    K-Pop is an extension of US Pop, stuck around the 1980s.

  52. Also Beyonce and Rihanna are pretty big in Korea too. Virtually all girls who want to sing memorize their songs and moves. In fact, since so many of them come to auditions with their songs, singing/performing their songs immediately disqualifies someone from consideration to join major korean entertainment company.

    Hyorin of Sistar is often referred as "Korean Beyonce"; She is another candidate for joining the Amy Winehouse club, since she was said to be in 'bad health' since she was young.

  53. I am not so much seeing videos on TV. but I give this a Quick look. Know that in every advertisement is a way to program to choose between brands and products. This is the same to choose a political religion. Dear people, know I teach myself Remote Influencing and what's the reality behind it. Know one thing : If your brainwaves are at the Beta-waves (or frequency), you have full control about a mechanism in your head that distinguish thouhgts (or incoming information), once the brainwaves drops to Alplha and further to Theta and Delta … The control unit is disabled, al what you see and hear can INFLUENCE YOU very deep in your conscious. So if you go to boom boom party times, they can defenitely program YOU. You have been warned !

  54. I tell my husband about this stuff & he looks at me like i'm crazy one of these days i'm going to make him sit here & read these articles!

  55. I used to like some pop music, up until the year 2007. But it's over now.

    It's all the same redundant, derivative stuff. It truly no longer entertains me. Not even the beats can save the song anymore. I don't like it. None of it. And I'm not exaggerating. The songs aren't good or catchy in any way shape or form to me. It's all just pure annoyance.

    Maybe it's because I'm no longer a child/teen who gets easily impressed lol? but all the popular music is actually really, really bad. It irritates my ears.

    These people aren't real artists. They're all puppets. Extremely manufactured to the max! This fact should be obvious to everyone at this point. It's laughable to watch all of these pop stars doing their fake rebelling, pretending to be epic rebels lol.

    I get NOTHING from these fake artists. Their voices, music, lyrics and redundant, extremely repetitive "illuminati" videos give me NOTHING. It's all excrement. Not inspiring.

    I mean Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney, Lady Caca, Justin Biebber, these Korean pop groups, Japanese pop groups, etc, etc, etc, the list of mediocrity is very, VERY, EXTRAORDINARILY long.

    I don't see or hear the entertainment there.

    USA, Korea, Japan, Europe, etc. It's all the same horrific and lame pop music and copy/pasted videos.

    How many times does a person need to see checkered floors or Baphomets or bangs covering eyes or police officers in a music video? The music industry is a very unoriginal, fake boring disaster. I can't even! A PURE MESS.

    I'm not a snob or a hater. This is just my personal opinion of the continually dull, tedious and stale, boring popular music that's ruling the billboard charts and whatnot.

    The mainstream music industry is so boring! Boring x 1 million. I disapprove immensely.

  56. Wow, I can't believe how dumbed down everyone has become because of the Illuminati. I can't even go to my AP classes without someone saying, "Let me see your paper." When I don't want to give them my paper [which I never do give it up] they want to call me stupid and mean. They had the resources [a laptop] infront of them, and they never used it. It just goes to show how ready this generation is ready for Elite control. If one can not succesfully research a paper with the resources actually infront of them, I don't know what this world is coming to.

  57. Whoa, thats crazy how all this is turning out, I wonder how the next generations are gonna be, it seems scary just thinking about, sex, riots, violence, sends a chill down my spine -_- Hey VC have you ever thought about making a videogame section about how the elite encorporates all this propaganda into games, such as Resident Evil, and all the big names of the videogame industry? I'd like to make one on your site. I've seen and played so many video games that have all this sort of stuff being brought to children without many people realizing, and I'm olny 16, I can give you details about various games that strongly show and say many things about the NWO. I'd love to work together for this page if you can please reply.

    • Here to wholeheartedly support this request! Seriously, video games have so much content to be discussed, I can't believe VC didn't make an article about it yet. I really need some insight on games like Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill , Fahrenheit, etc.

      And this is kind of OT, but I was also curious to know what VC thinks about online / card games that has kids spending a crazy amount of money on dumb CGI stuffs and freaking pieces of paper ( Can't seem to avoid asking, since this non-sense is all my co-workers talk about during the whole f*cking day. Drives me nuts… ).

  58. Whoa, thats crazy how all this is turning out, I wonder how the next generations are gonna be, it seems scary just thinking about it, sex, riots, violence, sends a chill down my spine -_- Hey VC have you ever thought about making a videogame section about how the elite encorporates all this propaganda into games, such as Resident Evil, and all the big names of the videogame industry? I’d like to make one on your site. I’ve seen and played so many video games that have all this sort of stuff being brought to children without many people realizing, and I’m only 16, I can give you details about various games that strongly show and say many things about the NWO. I’d love to work together for this page if you can please reply.

  59. I really like Kpop…I really like this song…I just don't know what to do anymore. Almost every artist I like have some type of elitist symbolism or Illuminati references. Are some just unaware?

  60. EDIT: I was wrong about the film "White" being a Japanese horror film, its South Korean. This makes no difference in what Im saying, as both countries' industries operate nearly the exact same way. But just to correct that..

  61. No wonder I avoided KPop when it bloomed rapidly on its wake. Those upbeat songs truly scared me to some extent and my friends are liking this brainwashed singers. I have one friend who is aware of Illuminati and yet she's still addicted to KPop. (and I hope she sees the light and stop listening to this crappy music…)

  62. Good thing OPM(Original Pinoy Music) isn't influenced with this BS yet… 😀

    we have one illuminati though…charice…

  63. I used to think K-Pop have wrong messages sometimes and evil but I still like it. I think K-Pop is using a lot of technique or methods to appeal to everyone and all audience. And it won't stop til everyone knows them. But what sets me thinking is why do they want to go global really badly? If they already earn good number of fans in Asia shouldn't they be humbled and appreciative instead of breaking into American and European market?

    Every K-Pop group every year go for Asia tours/ fan-meeting and eventually debut in Japan. And we are quick to fall for their cutesy personality and catchy beat. Their dance is also part in marketing their songs. They also focus on beauty too much rather than talents (but thats whole another topic).

    The bottom-line is their marketing strategy is too much. They call it Korean-wave and its hitting us like a tsunami. Its not cute anymore its become bothersome.

  64. As always, another excellent analysis by Vigilant. But he asks the question:

    > Are they being warned or indoctrinated by the message of the video?

    My understanding is, "both."

    Before I got saved I was looking for truth in all of the wrong places. A witch "friend" of mine let me know that the demons have to give us clues before they can act. In other words, they had to have our consent (at least passive). They have to give clues, and then we either have to ignore the clue, or else agree to it (or else we have to refuse, which bears its own cost…but which is obviously well worth it).

    All of this Illuminati mind control stuff is just Satan having to give the Creator's people clues as to what is about to befall them. Either they can snap their fingers in tune with the beat (and accept), join the mind-controlled, or else they can be vigilant citizens of the Creator's kingdom, and be aware of what is going on (and refuse to join in, or take part).

    We have recently been studying in Revelation, and I agree with the other person's comments, that we were intended to "lose." We are intended to be overtaken. This is how the faithful will be tested ("Here is the patience and the faith of the saints"). We have to be faithful unto death, and the crown of life. But it sure is good to have VC's analysis on these things, so we can remain informed.

    • I agree, the powers can't do squat without the Most High. The clues are so in our face now in all forms of media. Every tv show, movie, song lyrics…..whatever. They are giving clues big time. The media are satan's puppet prophet's of doom. People will see it when they are ready too. We must trust in the Most High God's perfect plan. No one said it would be easy. Keep the faith people.

  65. The way I see it, at 18 years old is… I've already been conditioned to like the elite artists. I love Beyonce, Gaga, Jay Z & Kanye (sometimes) and there's no shame in that. The difference between someone that's "asleep" and not "asleep" are those who sit on their ass, watch reality TV, let societies define what is considered beautiful or right, and they don't do anything or don't care about the bad things that are going on in the world either because society proves to us everyday that we really can't do anything or there clueless. Those that aren't asleep, spread the word, join organizations to fight against racism, corporate greed, etc. Too many people are getting wrapped up in this illuminati shit. Like we all know it's there. The symbols are obvious. So now it's time to take action!! Change how we see things. Talk about how most female artist are selling their bodies and how all the elite artists talk about are their money, cars, and woman. The problem is we all know what's going on but we honestly don't care. Why? Because "some things will never change…" ????? I don't fucking think so!!

    • Actually, you should be the change you want to be. You say you listen to Lady Gaga etc? Why? When you very well know there are subliminal messages. If you want to do something about it then stop listeining their music. Those artists are only as powerful as their fans let them be. If you really had a problem with people selling their bodies and lyrics that deal with money and cars then YOU would stop supporting them or listening to them. Practice what you preach.

      • It's very difficult to refrain from loving popstars when you've been fans of them for a long time. I used to be one of Lady Gaga's biggest ''Little Monsters'' and I still am to an extent. It's hard not to be. Once you've been a fan of a celebrity, there'll always be part of you that absolutely loves them, no matter what you find out about them.

  66. VC: Another great post. I wish you would do a review on Pink Floyd's movie "The Wall". You could really tear it apart and it would reach so many people of that generation. I would also love for you to do David Lynch's movies, especially Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire. I know he's exposing MPD's, and generational and/or satanic ritual abuse. You put things together so well. Thanks for all you do.

  67. Jimmy above thinks his clarion call to love one another is all there is to it, and (ludicrously) implies he's examined the pagan religious traditions of antiquity in sufficient depth to determine them all superior to the teachings of Jesus Christ. I'm sure that if one were to scratch the surface, Jimmy's idea of love is is enmeshed with his ideas of social justice, and in his mind, if the teachings of Christ do not comport with Jimmy's Utopian ideals, then Jesus is not Lord and the God of Christianity cannot exist. In reality, even a cursory examination of the pagan traditions of antiquity will show them to have been replete with human sacrifice, occult rituals summoning demonic powers to control other human beings, moral depravity on a scale not seen since the last few decades, and brutal repression of dissent. Not much has changed. Without realizing it, I'm sure, his language is rife with masonic symbolism, and masonry is nothing if not a pantheistic, occult brotherhood leading the dupes into servitude with the language of "liberty, equality, and fraternity." I'd recommend he read on the Internet the private correspondence of Adam Weishaupt, founder of Illuminism, and wake up to the reality that the worst oppressors preach the moral, ethical, cultural, political, artistic, and economic disarmament of the masses under the banner of "liberty, equality, and fraternity" as a means of enslaving them under the inevitable leadership of the illuminated elite. In the Western world the Christian Church has stood against such forces of darkness and yet Jimmy knows better, as does the fellow denouncing the Catholic Church, with the latter not realizing that if the Catholic Church falls, his world ends. I think it was the philosopher of history, Eric Voegelin, who said that if One were to come into the seething hell of pagan religions and make sense out of it all for the betterment of man as against the elites of this world, every knee would bend at the mention of His name just so long as it is not Jesus Christ. I feel sorry for Jimmy, probably well meaning, but as much under the influence of malignant forces as any of these pop singing groups.

  68. I am extremely frustrated that everyone I meet and try to enlighten with the truth keeps pushing it away and labelling it as ridiculousness. I have been called a "crazy idiot" several times by others when I attempted to show them this site and convince them of the symbolism and their meanings -_-. Why can't there be more people like you guys around me? I feel like I am the only realistic and sane person in my vicinity. Not a great feeling.

    • You are not alone, I've felt that exact same way many times. the trick is to not force truth on anyone. I don't know what your beliefs are, but if I may tell you what works in my life, I pray that God gives truth and revelation to the people around me, He guides them and provides them sources from which to gather truth, and sometimes He uses me and what I've learned through sources like this website, either way it's God who provides people with revelation, Him nobody can resist, there isn't enough stubborness in the world that can keep a person blind once the Lord gets a hold on them 😉 God bless, and much grace for you frustrated.

  69. Syrus Magistus on

    I'd like to add that this video is an example defeatist propaganda. We're not -actually- losing to the Elite. If we were, do you think they'd adjust their message accordingly? No! Enough people are awakening to this and it's definitely on a global scale. There's no reason to believe there is no hope for the same reason there's no reason to accept their warmongering anti-humanist regime just because it's -there-. We're better than that, folks. Have a little self-respect!!

    We're not sheep, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner this crap won't scare, intimidate, or demoralize you. Fear is our real opponent, and the Mind is its battleground. Accepting fear has defeated love is the only way these monsters can win, so you'd better believe they'll tell you it's hopeless. Until we're living under an open dictatorship, with human slavery in vogue with the public, then this isn't over by a long shot.

    • Syrus Magistus on

      And the sixth sense is INTUITION, NOT SEXUALITY. The ability to know right from wrong and danger from safety- THAT is your ultimate weapon against the Illuminati-style power elite. Sherlock Holmes could never solve this mystery, but you can! Just follow your heart to the answer. Intuition is more reliable than eyesight, and more ubiquitous than your sense of touch. It's built into your being, you just need to learn how to listen and understand the messages it gives you. This becomes easy with practice and a healthy lifestyle. You don't need any freaky bloodlines or mysterious mentors to help you with this one. You just need enough patience to learn which feelings to trust.

  70. Ok I'm sorry but people.. please refrain yourself. From what? From posting a bunch of religion-related comments. Don't get me wrong… I'm not against it, but it's just hard to take this website seriously when half of the comments are like "JESUS will save us. GOD IS WITH US." I assume a lot of you guys are Christians. I used to be one, but I moved on from it. Ever since I moved on from it, I feel better. I'm way more open-minded. Anyway.. my point is.. some of these articles have nothing to do with religion, but you guys always bring that up. Some of you guys always cite biblical passages and it makes me wonder.. whose really getting brainwashed. Always question everything. Believe in yourself the most.

    P.S. I don't deny God at all. Don't get me wrong. I just don't like reglion. It actually suppresses ppl. I mean.. just look at all the wars we had in the past… most of them are religion-related.

    • The White Snake on

      Dino- So very right. You want symbolism? Look at the sheer amount of times humans are compared to sheep in the Bible. Monotheism is the progenitor of sheeple, sometimes literally. (Just to show that I'm NOT playing favorites, many polytheistic religions also have their creator gods forging human beings as servants – same imagery, different names.) Talk about the blind leading the blind.

      The people quoting Bible passages should really read St. Augustine, Nathan the Wise, Socrates, and maybe even some Hume and St. Anselm. Note that two of those names are religious figures who actually thought about their own theology. Keyword: Thought.

      • Except the sheep is not forced to do anything by the bible's god. That's obvious in the NT, but even in the OT "the LORD" punishes later but doesn't prevent sinful behaviour. 'Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed' is a manifesto for the complete lack of control, the boss does not even show up.

        Also, while being sheep is a degradation when subjugated to a fellow creature, be it a fellow human or a more sinister entity if such exist, it's a promotion if compared a creator of the universe. A cursory reading makes clear that the sheep is infinitely more important to the pastor depicted in the bible than we are compared to the scale of the visible universe.

        This is not to criticize your or parent poster's position on belief, just pointing out some fundamental difference between something and its mockery. I can criticize some believers' position easily: it is not written to "wait for God to send its Son again and he'll set records straight". It is written to stay always prepared, choose the narrow path, and a lot of terribly clear things that I suggest believers to read, it's Plain English.

        I have issues with the "being open minded" argument of grandparent post: belief is "choosing after knowing you can't know"- If you mistake that for "blindingly obeying some dogmas" when it's clearly written that there will be false prophets, there is something wrong. Not necessarily with you, but with the way religions has been taught to you. You might call your new system of values "being liberated from religion", I may call it "being successfully trolled". But hey it's your choice and it's sacred and honesty towards yourself will probably let you live a fruitful life anyway.

        But, and here is the criticism, keeping an open mind is a joke when you either negate a god or atheism.

  71. i just started reading this particular publication a couple of month ago and in many ways i am shocked by what i have seen and read but in many ways i'm not. let me explain:

    now throughout of the history of life, there have always been certain things that i have seen, whetever it is was written in books, seen in cartoons, or told to me by my parent and by teachers. now according to what i have read from this newsletter these symbols of the illuminati have been shown in the music videos, (i remember the birth of music video and the creation of MTV and Friday Night Videos). if what you all are saying is really true then all of the world is bound for hell riding a rocket with cases of c-4 strapped to our backs becausr we all have to use the all mighty american dollar. there is no getting around it. we all have to use some type of currency in order to pay for we need like food, medical care, the roofs that are over our heads…etc..etc. this world is ruled by the concept of money. and no matter what country you live in, the symbol of the illuminati is apparent somewhere on its currency, whetever it is paper or coin and we have to use it in order to even exist here…

    the illuminati is tied into every stately form of government, and i'm not just talking about ours, but everybody's, whetever you are a 'democracy', a monarchy, terrorist group..etc..etc…their symbols are everywhere. it is visible in just about every form of religion, including christianity and wiccan because ALL religions tied into each other somehow. and please..don't get me start about with the educational process because the school systems today don't even bother to teach anymore. you are directed to wear the same thing, and learn just enough so you can pass their tests and if you don't pass their tests, you get tossed aside like trash; so easily disgarded.

    if all of this is true what i am seeing, then this issue is way bigger than this website because the powers that be are in control of the world wide web as well.

    what's going to happen to the world????

    somebody please help me to understand what i am seeing here…

  72. If you research the other meaning of "brown eye" you will understand. Sodomy is "The Real Way" to the Illuminated. It represents total control over a totally submissive and degraded humanity as well as celebrating the inversion of everything Good. They taunt us with such overt references to their sex rituals. Semenancy is only part of the problem….

  73. all this mindless behaviour like is this necessary? digging a deeper hole everytime as if i missed a funeral. like honestly all it leads to is self destruction, oh isnt that nice. they all know wat theyre getting into before they do it. at the end of the day, i dont need to trade myself in for fame. its getting lame with these illuminati idiots that dedicate themselves to darkness, someone needs to tell them its really getting tiring 😛

    i pray for them even though they're sick minded so they cant take the glory of God's power from me :)

  74. This is the same theme over and over and over again. Can't the population see it?

    The one eye theme, the secret police, etc, etc. Why don't people wake up and smell it.

    I've noticed for years the symbolism all around me, even as a young child. Thank goodness there are sane people out there who actually agree with what I've noticed over 40 years ago.

  75. I think with all these videos a little extra research is required. That is to look at the publishers and their agenda. You really need to talk to everyone involved. For example this could just be someone doing this because they thought it looked cool.

    I am a musician and have written a number of songs that could really be interpreted as having something to do with a global conspiracy , whilst I have no contact with Illuminati elites or anything of that sort (I'm sure I would be wealthier if that were the case!). Putting even a basic video to some of my songs would make it seem as if I were part of the conspiracy although I am not.

    So you would need to talk to the production crew, the record company, the lyricist, do a detailed psychiatric assessment of the artists basically a full inquiry before you could be halfway certain of any groups motives. This is why government inquiries are carried out at all.

  76. wow i really dont like this article. i have personally listened to this song and watched the music video times 1000 these past months. i am very educated when it comes to knowledge of the "illuminati" however this mv is up to interpretation. if u take it from a north korean point of view you can get a different message. i get tht narsha was a sex kitten (first time i saw it.) but the masonic pillars around ga-in do not fit (plus i dont see a checkerboard pattern to match). im not too fond of the "sixth sense" theme but it doesnt stop me from listening. im not in denail im just making a statement.

  77. The Secret Of My Lov on

    See, I was talking about this the other day. How "anti-heroes" are promoted for us as well as heroes (for example Eminem).

    If an artist truly wants to rebel against the industry, they need to give up their riches and sever their ties with the conglomerates (sp) that grip the music industry.

    Lauryn Hill, for example, made a resounding impact by just "vanishing" one day from the industry.

    I know a lot of us are waking up, but we must remember to keep positive and optimistic. Some people come off of VC straight onto YT or wherever and making hostile, judgemental comments to others who can't or won't believe this information – I mean, we can spread awareness, but we don't have to be d***s about it!

    There is no guarantee regarding information we're given.

    The guarantee is from the people we are, for that is how we're judged. This information is said to wake us up and suppress our EGOs and allow ACTUAL growth and realisation about our SELFs (the word SELFs being used as opposed to SELVES).

  78. just a thought on

    another artist you might be interested in profiling: Julieta Venegas.. I LOVE her, but I saw this music video today (for Bien o Mal)
    Butterflies EVERYWHERE. and yeah, it's played off as a joke, (kind of gross actually x3) but, there's a theme of monarch butterflies .. and Julieta looks robotic .. and everyone in the video is eating flowers..

  79. All i have to say is BEG have awesome voices i love kpop and you know you can never be sure also if this really was about the Illuminati don't you think they would try to hide it from you? Plus Brown Eyed Girls doesn't write there on music sometimes they do but most of the time they give them the music and they sing it. But i don't know it seems if this really was about the Illuminati they wouldn't have said everything they said when they were describing the characters roles. Plus this song is so realistic because in a lot of cases you wish but wising doesn't change anything you can't run away from reality you just have to except it, that its your fate you know.

  80. It is disturbing to realize that the current uprisings and Occupy movements of resistance to the corporate greed has to do something with the elites themselves trying to bring Chaos to their New World Order agenda. We need to be careful and warned the rest not to fall and be entrapped into this vicious plot. They want from some control to absolute control which might be even worse then now.

  81. Can someone please explain something for me?

    If all of these various videos dissected on VC are describing underlying mind, society, and government controlling organizations, why is the presented and described symbolism so blatant and obvious? Wouldn't such an organization hide such symbolism? Instead, they make it so obvious in these videos?

    Or would you contend that this organization is simply so powerful and pervasive that its presence as advertised in these videos is really nothing more than a calling card to an already obvious and prominent organization?

  82. You will hate me for on

    You people can call me crazy for this,but it will just show how YOU are ignorant and brainwashed yourself. (Just because you know that SOME (yeah,that's right..what you know is just a part of the big picture) things are lies doesn't mean you are fully aware!)

    Look at Pleiadians and Sirians! Just make a little research on the web about them.Don't loose hope! The illuminati will NOT win. We are not alone in this big universe.We got brothers and sisters from other planets with better technology and insights.''They'' want you to think that all other beings from different planets/dimension are bad.Well let me tell you..most of them aren't.Trust me! They know about our Creator. We ALL belong to Him!

    So just go and research about other dimensions and it's GOOD being!Become more spiritual too!Don't focus on the negative!That's what the elite doesn't want you to do!

  83. While this is a valid argument, considering they're in South Korea, I think the video in itself is more of a criticism to absolutism.

    The director of the video herself represented each of the members as you've said, but also said that the meaning of the video was that the B.E.G and the soldiers all hoped for a minute to over rule their leader (I'm assuming this alludes to some other country) and how both hope for freedom.

    Now a more literal meaning, yes the "Sixth Sense" as represented in this video, is the primeval sexual instinct, hence the 6 pointed star symbol explained in the article, I think, at least literal meaning-wise, what the song is trying to say is let go of your other 5 senses to "feel the rush" and the "high" of love.

    While I do agree with the fact that most music videos are made flooded with Illuminati symbolism, I think this video is set-up to seem like it, but it's really not.

    Also another thing about K-Pop, they copy concepts based off what's popular in the US, so Im assuming they must've gotten inspired of a Lady GaGa-esque look, most of the K-Pop bands are trained to be excellent singers and dancers, so I don't think they're really aware of this symbolism/etc , so it's not necessarily them. And K-pop companies themselves only strive to compete against surrounding music companies, so their greatest goal in the end is to get monetary revenue.

    While all the symbolism is/could be extremely true in american music companies, I'm not so sure if the same applies to korean…

    • @Sixth sense Your being ignorant, this isn't the only video like this in Asia. There's no way a normal person can come up with the script for this video and for it to reflect music videos like ones in the US and all over Europe. The agents of Satan have to be in more than one place. In order for Lucifer to rule over the world the whole world has to be under one government. So why spew music videos like this in the US and Europe but skip Asia. The US gets most of there imports from Asia. So most of the ideas the US gets can be from many other countries.

      Haven't you heard of Tank Man? The Elites in those Asian Countries have already shown how much power and control they have there.

  84. The video also makes reference to communism, the boys are dressed like the guy who stopped the tanks in Tiananmen and the villain uses much the color red and the star, obviously referring to China

  85. OK, so I've read quite a few of your articles now and I'm still pretty confused. A lot of what you're saying doesn't seem to make sense. Let's just say for a minute that you're right and there is a secret elite who believe that they can control the populace by means of magical words and symbols. If music videos truly are rife with occult symbolism, why is it there? Why would a secret society deliberately expose itself by littering music videos with its symbology? The only credible answer is that they believe these symbols have power. And in order for us to care, we too have to believe that they have power. But they don't. The idea that they do is irrational, prescientific, magical thinking. The truth is much more prosaic. There is an elite who rule the world, but there's nothing secret about it. Everybody knows who they are and what they do. They don't need mind control and satanic rituals to do it. They rule simply by dint of their immense wealth and power.

  86. Anonymous Refugee on

    Those who are aware of the actual agenda and the structure of things which are hidden. Are, in fact, going to attempt breaking free and to expose those behind the mask. They are going to use the people of the world to do this…not only to save themselves, but also to save the world from a fate the masses have yet to see.

  87. 2011 is being marked as the "Year of the Revolution". It started with Tunisia and seems to be ending with the "Occupy movement". I have a strange feeling that this has been in the making for some time now especially when you consider that they've been planting the "2012 end-of-the-world seed" for the past few years and the pope along with politicians and artist calling for a NWO every opportunity they get. Something big is in the works for 2012 where they'll be able to start the implementation of a NWO; all the signs are there. Yet, even with all their planning and scheming, everything was already prophesied so I'm not really worried. I'm not even gonna put up a fight with 'em in terms of protesting and such. The only fight worth fighting is the one within myself. Blessings everyone.

  88. of satan God says…..

    Ezekiel 28:13

    Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

    using the gifts that God gave him to destroy God's creation

  89. If " Al Qaeda " had same power and Influence , same intentions it would be called Terrorism . They are committing crimes against society with their brain washing …

  90. Always remember we can always destroy all the cameras in the dark of of night and get rid of aqll the traitors while they sleep. they have to sleep at one time, we will always be watching them.

  91. I love what you stated there: "You cannot fight the Absolute". I believe no matter how influential these demon-influenced music is, they are just wasting their time. They're fighting a hopeless fight; leading a hopeless rebellion.

  92. hm, the song is about love, lol. Ga In's lover was killed by the gold mask dude, in the song, they dream about a revolution. It has nothing to do with the illuminati.

  93. i believe the victoria secret is on the illumanti thing. because victoria secret is the most biggest fashion show,many peole watch it. and its disgusting……. there actually commercials of models who are half naked on tv having our childrens see this (im 16). but it gets worst, the models are know as ANGELS…… and they have lingeria on with wings on them, saying that its sexy. aren't god angels poses to be beatiful and pure. and im watching (vs ), i think of devil angel, becuase they lingerie on with wings. there ain't nothing right about that. and i bet there some symbols in there somewhere, espiecally becuase its aired on cbs. and there performers were illumanti hoes.= JAY-z, KANYE WEST, AND NICKI MINAJ. and plus the models were saying its every child dream to be a vs angel/model. that when kids grow up they want to be models… just imagine a 5 year old girl, saying mommy/daddy when i grow up i want to walk around my underwear and bra and have the world see my body, with lots of make up and glitter and be paid lots of money. i believe the vs models are posed to positute, striped down wearing nothing with bra and panties and have the world see it and get paid for it and thats post to be art and beauty. plus i think the creator of vs secret, did he killed himself. theres something about victoria secret that isn't right. and people make it seem it's great please can you write something about victoria secret….. something isn't right , it's wicked. and the fuck up part is i was once wanted to be a victoria secret angel,because they make it so glamourise and shit.. ps(im actually a girl, and im 5'11 and fit a size 4, )

  94. Do you think many of these artist understand what they are representing and pushing out in the public or do they just think it's "cool" like the masses do?

  95. interesting what you say about the cat symbolising kitten programming. i remember even as a child wondering why there were so many cats in so many michael jackson videos.(smooth criminal, black or white, do you remember are the ones i recall specifically) they were always…. just there.

    very random.

  96. Okay…as a fan of BEG I have to say, Us fans don't really look behind the things like you do, we just look up to our favourites it isn't that we are brainwashed.–

    After all normal people who not interested in this kind of stuff would not know what Narsha-nonna is doing is something involved with Mind-Control, all that person would think she is mimicing a cat…

    So all you say you are awake and not sleeping is shit, all you do is bash everyi dol with this Illuminati thingy…if you are really interested in that go to the library and read about that and other stuff you want just ignore Music. And before you say I'm a Gaga fan no I totally HATE GAGA and all the USA singers

  97. That's some pretty creepy stuff. Given that I only actually learned what the Illuminati was a couple days ago, I'd like to think that other people are in a similar position. Half the time, I'm not even sure what these videos are trying to communicate so I derive whatever meaning I like from them. I usually take the lyrics at face value too so whatever satanic message they might be trying to communicate is lost on me unless it's blatant. Videos usually start to worry me when they include recognizably Christian imagery and that's because I'm pretty stuck on the idea that the media is more likely to use Christian imagery against Christianity rather than in support of it. I watched Bbi-Ri-Bop-A once and once was one too many. I got a bad feeling about it pretty early on.

  98. when you write the article liek that and interprets it that way, or reading too much into what its about that actualy enjoyign the music it self, then sure it is demonic. when i saw it i was impressed by the qaulity of the vid, the voice, and the acting. no where near my mind, where have i thought about reblleious is futile, actualy by the end of vid, the moral i got out of it was, these girls has attitudes, stand up for them self, and that cannot be held down. by the end of the vid showing a flash back or you call it "dream" which is the last scene where the battle begins. i dont think of it as they dreamed up, but to show they stood their ground while soildiers rushes in. and sometime movies do flash back of moments to emphesize its importance.

  99. Just wanted to add a couple of thoughts. Did anyone else think that the girl representing sacrifice was laying in what looked like a very large crown of thorns? Also, could the gold mask on the ground represent that the antichrist is ready to appear, and he's not afriad to show his face? Just curious.

  100. come on!! I don't even know the song till I watch the MV. Then again when I read the title 'Sixth Sense', it is already obvious! but can't blame them too. Still not sure who to blame, still they were lead by people behind the band and companies.

    And incase you missed something from the video (no one mentioned about it), but if you look carefully at the first picture in this post, you see the mic. In the post, it mentioned 'Messenger', but almost everyone missed the 'Triangle Eye(s)' in that scene

  101. Simply said, um, personal belief… (connection here)…

    Computer-chipped Americans: The idea that "It is a good idea, to get computer-chipped!" So many "good things" can come of it! Yet, some are open-minded/skeptical enough to see a down-side to this. Good! So, take the idea of "human-beings" being "computer-chipped"; they'll receive: speedier medical care, precedence, the buying and selling of goods and foods. But, if not chipped? "Criminal !!! Hey, buddy, to bad for you!! Find your own way!!!!"

    B/c, after all, what do you have to hide? Just get chipped…Simple! It isn't about that, it's about the right to decide! Our God-given right to have the Free-will given us!….It is about, "It's my body!" Just as our right from the creation of human-kind to decide.

    Then, find comparision with that of 'the Beast' (somewhere in Rev. ): "And, those who did not receive the mark, could not by or sell (all these other things). There is a real interesting book I'd read some time ago, but now cannot remember it's title…..Guess I'll just leave it at that.

    And, who said it was useless to resist? Perhaps, as in, "singular & one" (an individual); but if people began to ban together, to "open to greater consciousness", who knows?..

  102. paranoidandriod on

    I've been sort of addicted to VC during my brief school break.
    Reading through your breakdowns of conspiracy theories (they may be facts but to the public eye, they ARE conspiracies) sort of lifted this veil that has been shielding my eyes all my life and put all the pieces together.
    Even though the messages you bring across are pretty heavy, I'm trying to not let this knowledge make me more paranoid than I already am. Instead, I'll try to be a little bit more inquisitive about the significance about worldly issues and not just discard them aside as I usually do.

    I chose to post a comment here since I was a Kpop fan starting when I was 14. At that age I was really naive and was finding something to identify myself as. At first, when a friend introduced me to this group called 2pm through one of their variety shows, I thought that it(the prospects of the variety show) was quite lame honestly. But then as I found out more and more about the group, I kind of forced myself to be a fan. Yes, I was/am a sheep.
    (What makes it worse is that the reason I was so attracted to this group was due to a controversy surrounding them at that time.)
    As I became a fan of 2pm, I got to know Kpop. What brought me away from all that craziness, the Korean Industry (trust me, Kpop fans are O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D and good at that) was common sense really. I thought it was wrong that I'm supporting groups that are produced by huge companies, especially when I know that these are the companies that exploit these "idols".
    By that time, I've already wasted a year/ two years on Kpop and of course I regretted it(I mean, I bought tickets to see this Kpop show, who wouldn't regret wasting their money on this shit).

    When I "recovered" from my 2pm craze, everything changed for the better honestly.
    I became closer to my siblings and all, but most importantly, I wasn't BRAINWASHED anymore.
    At that time, I did read up on how illuminati are linked to MJ's death and how Pop music sort of convey all these symbols but I didn't know what these symbols really do/mean..(until I took the time to read most of your articles.)

    After the Kpop thing, I was pretty much neutral to any type of music but I was inclined to non-mainstream music. Not really underground music, just music that is non-pop. Radiohead (which I can't seem to listen now maybe cuz I'm not depressed no more HA), The Strokes, Lights etc.

    Being so dependent on music everyday, I'm sad that music, something so beautiful, can be contorted into something so evil… For example, music can be used to desensitize people(especially children and teenagers) to evil agendas. I mean, at the end of last year and at the start of this year, I was even getting friendly with the Korean world/Kpop (without the obsession to 2pm) and was really really starting to appreciate Kpop for what it is per se. Now, t is hard for me to even listen to music.

    On a side note, its funny… I had no idea that when they say "sell your soul (to the devil)", they mean it figuratively AND literally. I was always so scared by that phrase. No wonder my religion(Islam) bans music:/

  103. nice to see kpop and jpop covered on this site.
    Recently I spotted videos like these that immediately made me think of monarch mind con and similar topics covered here, but the one recent vid I saw that stands out to me is by "Andamiro" called "Waiting". She also released a song called "hypnotize", but I did not find it too symbolic.

    Others to check out IMO(if you are familiar with vc articles things uh pop so to speak)
    1.Kan Mi Youn-"Won't see you" aka 안만나
    2.2NE1 -"I am the best"
    3.Hyuna -"change" (dances in front of lucifer symbol )
    4.4Minute -"volume up"

    PS: Sorry if these were covered already. I am new to this site.

    • gah for got to add,
      on youtube you can click to see english lyrics for "waiting"…. really quite interesting and fitting

  104. Before I knew about the whole agenda, I would love watching these kinds of videos for the primary reason being that they would like VC said tap into my primitive sexual drive and be alluring. Thinking about it, I was under their spell so to speak. Fuck!

  105. Bean Head Hatake on

    VC You blew my mind. I have read many of ur articles and this one has shown me how Intelligent, wise, and thoughtful you are. U took this "Just another Out There" vid and broke it down into something so deep n alarming that my 12 y.o. cousin could understand and believe. WOW!!! I wish I could call and talk to you I have so many questions to ask. :)

  106. Emilia Tokes on

    And maybe you are taking this just way too far. I mean it's just ONE song and ONE video clip among a billion others like 2Ne's I'm the best or TOP's Turn It up – are there also Illuminati in there ? How about Big Bang's Monster ?

    Maybe the Illuminati do exist and the probably like to play chess with the proletariat little commoners but if we can't even enjoy a song without getting into such deep levels of analysis – what's the point of creating music ? And I don't believe that one or a few songs can change the world. I'm a kpop fan but i also love Combichrist and Zeromancer and they are far from jolly submissive guys, especially Combichrist.

  107. Brown eyed girls are fucking genius. Instead of everyone blaming them for writing dark music and calling them "iluminati" You could appreciate how amazing this song and its meaning is. Yes, its dark. But its them fighting back against the system telling them fuck you we literally won't do what you tell us. They aren't idols. They have choices in music and concepts somewhat. They are different than all those manufactured bands. Think about it.

  108. "Strength is not in power. Strength is in TRUTH"
    St Alexander Nevski, winner of Kulikovo battle against Mamai's horde which greatly outnumbered St Alexander's force.

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