Britney Spears’ “Work B*tch” and Iggy Azalea’s “Change Your Life”: Two Videos Celebrating Kitten Programming


Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea were born on opposite sides of the world, but their videos “Work B*tch” and “Change Your Life” contain the same exact hidden meaning. Indeed, the symbolism of these videos are both celebrations of the mind control culture of the Illuminati entertainment industry, especially Kitten Programming.


There are plenty of differences between Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea: Britney is from the U.S. while Iggy is from Australia; Britney is a veteran in the music business while Iggy is a newcomer; Britney sings pop while Iggy raps. Despite these surface differences, they both ultimately work for the same bosses who use their sex appeal to push the Illuminati Agenda. Work B*tch and Change Your Life were both released around the same time, they both take place in a “Las Vegas showgirl” context and they both convey the same exact twisted message: Being an industry Kitten is great because it will make you rich, famous and even powerful. Both videos are all about glamorizing the Mind-Control culture the occult elite revels in – although it is all about violent, disgusting and sadistic exploitation.

While on the surface, these videos appear to be about “empowerment” (I hate that word), they are actually celebrating the entertainment industry’s exploitation of victims of Kitten programming. (If you’ve never heard of Mind Control or Kitten Programming, read this article first).

Let’s look at the insidious symbolism of these videos.

Work B*tch

When one knows about Britney Spears’ actual living conditions and mental state in the past few years, watching Work B*tch becomes somewhat difficult, as its message is ironic in the saddest way possible. In my several articles on Britney, I have described how, since her meltdown, she has become a literal slave, heavily medicated and with absolutely no power over her career, finances or personal life. Britney has been living under the conservatorship of various handlers since 2008, meaning that, during all of these years, she has never gained back control of her life.

Considering these facts, the lyrics of Work B*tch become somewhat disturbing, as they appear to be words a pimp who say to his “employee”. Or what a Beta Kitten handler would tell an MK slave (like Britney) …

You wanna hot body
You want a Bugatti
You wanna Maserati
You better work b*tch
You want a Lamborghini
Sip martinis
Look hot in a bikini
You better work b*tch
You wanna live fancy
Live in a big mansion
Party in France

You better work b*tch

In the song and video, Britney plays the role of the handler who is yelling stuff at her slaves … the same kind of stuff she is probably told on a daily basis. Like most of Britney’s recent releases, the song is almost ridiculing her condition, as if her handlers are saying: “Look at what we’re doing with her. We’re making her sing about her own captivity”. To make things worse, Britney sings the song with a British accent. While, at first glance, this fact might be trivial, remember that in 2008, when Britney went through a gigantic meltdown, she was caught speaking with a British accent – a symptom of Multiple Personality Disorder, which is itself a symptom of Monarch Programming. Here’s a 2008 article about the meltdown and her British accent:

Britney Spears Lapses Into a British Accent

Britney Spears has a new accessory to go with her pink wig: a British accent.

In the last several weeks, Spears, 26, has been videotaped numerous times trading her Louisiana twang for U.K. inflections.

“She had the English accent thing going the whole time” while shopping at Kitson last Thursday, according to a source. “It didn’t stop.”

Even when angry, the accent appears. On an L.A. shopping trip to Macy’s on Jan. 13, she screamed at the paparazzi, “Get out of my G—— face!” – in a British accent.

So is it all in fun or has she flipped her pink wig?

“When someone has dissociative identity disorder” – formerly known as multiple personality disorder – “each identity is split off from the other,” says L.A. psychologist Renee A. Cohen, who is not treating Spears. “Each identity would have its own name, memories, behavioral traits and emotional characteristics.”

Cohen says the critical question is: “When Britney uses the British accent, or appears to take on another identity, does she know she’s Britney Spears?”

“Otherwise, she could simply be behaving this way for attention, for sympathy, or any other reason,” adds Cohen. “It’s foolish to attempt to diagnose her without a formal evaluation.”

One possible influence could be Spears’s maternal grandmother, Lilian Bridges, who was originally from England.

Also, Spears’s new beau, photographer Adnan Ghalib, grew up in Birmingham, England.

According to paparazzi who trail the singer around the clock, one thing is for sure: the pink wig means something’s changing.

“When she puts on the pink wig, you just know something crazy is about to happen,” said one paparazzo.

– Source:

Knowing this fact, making Britney sing in a British accent is almost a code for showing that she’s embodying another persona. She’s a MK handler.

In the video, Britney bosses around Beta Kitten slaves around (they even have kitten ears), whipping them into submission and calling them bitches. Knowing Britney's condition, this is all rather twisted.

In the video, Britney bosses around Beta Kitten slaves around (they even have kitten ears), whipping them into submission and calling them bitches. Knowing Britney’s condition, this is all rather twisted

This scene defines the entire video. Britney is holding Beta Kittens on a leash, controlling them. She stands on an inverted pyramid, perhaps to highlight the fact that Britney is actually NOT at the top of the pyramid. She's, in actuality, at the bottom of it, not unlike these leashed kittens.

This scene defines the entire video. Britney is holding Beta Kittens on a leash, controlling them. She stands on an inverted pyramid, perhaps to highlight the fact that Britney is actually NOT at the top of the pyramid. She is actually at the bottom of it, not unlike these leashed kittens.

Some might say: “That’s an empowering video! Britney is being empowered! She empowers her fans by seeing her being so empowered!” Did I mention that I hate the word “empowered”? To empower means “to give power”. Watching a video does not give you power. It actually accomplishes the exact opposite. Those who use the word “empowering” to describe a music video remind me of a Simpsons line about the word “proactive”: “Excuse me, but “proactive” and “paradigm”? Aren’t these just buzzwords that dumb people use to sound important?”. 

Britney herself admitted that she was not “empowered” by the video. Shortly after the release of the video, Britney called a radio station and stated that she was pressured into its highly sexualized concept, something she wants to stop doing ever since she became a mother. However, as stated above, she has no power over her own life or work.

Britney Spears implies she’s being pressured to keep sexed-up image

Is Britney Spears being pressured to be overly sexual? That’s what the pop star implied during a radio interview.

Spears told a Boston radio show that she wants to be more modest but she’s pressured to maintain her sexy image. When discussing her latest music video for “Work Bitch,” Spears said she made editors cut out a lot of the sexed-up scenes.

“Oh my God we showed way more skin and did way more stuff for the video than what is actually there,” she said. “I cut, like, out half the video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children and it’s hard to play sexy mom while you’re, you know, being a pop star as well.”

The radio host then asked Spears straight out if she had people pushing her to shoot sexy scenes. She laughed and replied “Yes.”

She said in her ideal world, her image would be different.

“A lot of sex goes in to what I do… But sometimes I would just like to bring it back to the old days when it was like one outfit through the whole video, and you’re just dancing through the whole video, and there’s not that much sex stuff going on and it’s just about the dance.”


– FOX News, Britney Spears implies she’s being pressured to keep sexed-up image

Towards the end of the video, we see blindfolded mannequins being brought into the desert. They then explode.

Blindfolded mannequins represent the state of mind controlled slaves. Blowing them up into body parts represent the fragmenting of a slave's psyche into several personas.This image is used in several videos including Beyonce's

Blindfolded mannequins represent the state of mind controlled slaves. Blowing them up into body parts represent the fragmenting of a slave’s psyche into several personas. This image is used in several videos including Beyonce’s “Crazy”.

Work B*tch is therefore another tribute to Britney’s own mind control status. While her situation is sad and disturbing, however, it doesn’t stop new artists from following in her footsteps.

Change Your Life

Iggy Azalea is a rapper from Australia who moved to the United States at the age of 16. She soon got signed by Interscope Records and almost immediately embraced that sweet, sweet Illuminati symbolism.


A butterfly hiding one eye: That's Illuminati symbolism 101.

A butterfly hiding one eye: That’s Illuminati symbolism 101.

Iggy is now signed with Island Def Jam (also home to Rihanna, Kanye West and many others) and her single Change Your Life confirms that she’s there to push the Agenda.

Inspired by the movie Showgirls, Change Your Life depicts Iggy as a Vegas dancer and T.I. as a club owner. While this premise is simple, when ones understand the symbolism of the video, it becomes the story of a Beta Kitten being initiated in the Illuminati industry.

The glass of this picture frame is shown broken at the beginning of the video for no apparent reason. This can represent the fractured personality of an MK slave. While not ALL broken glass represents fractured personalities, this image fits with the context of the rest of the video.

The glass of this picture frame is shown broken at the beginning of the video for no apparent reason. This can represent the fractured personality of an MK slave. While not ALL broken glass represents fractured personalities, this image fits with the context of the rest of the video.

Iggy lays in bed with a baby tiger - a reference to Kitten Programming.

Iggy lays in bed with a baby tiger – a reference to Kitten Programming.

As its title states, the song is about Iggy apparently being able to “change your life” – going from rags to riches and so forth. Here are the lyrics of the chorus:

Imma change your life, Imma change it
Imma change your life (life)

Once you go great, you never go good
You never go back, even if you could
I’ll show you my way, I got that good-good
You never go back, even if you could

Have you ever wished your life would change?
Woke up and you lived your dreams
Baby I could help you make that change
I could show you how to do this thing

While these lyrics are as “empowering” as Britney’s Work B*tch, the video depicts Iggy as dancer who doesn’t like her boss/pimp. In other words, she doesn’t have power. Like Britney’s song, it appears that the Illuminati is talking THROUGH Iggy, subtly letting young people know that “changing their lives” implies being exploited by the Illuminati industry. We once again see a twisted association between “making it big” and being an industry Beta kitten and, through symbolism, the video shows Iggy’s initiation into the Illuminati industry.

Although Iggy does not appear to like the club owner played by T.I., she nevertheless gets intimate with him on the hood of a car. Why? Because that’s what Beta Kittens do. On a more esoteric level, she wears a red dress, the symbolic color of initiation.

Is her doing it with her boss/handler the requirement to her "changing her life"? Does this represent the ritual initiation into the Illuminati industry?

Is copulating with her boss/handler a requirement in order for her to “change her life”? Does this represent the ritual initiation into the Illuminati industry?

After the encounter, we see a new Iggy in town.

Iggy in front of a club named Cheetah - another reference to Kitten Programming. As if to denote her initiation, she is wearing a top featuring a big All-Seeing Eye. She sets fire to a car to represent the "burning" of her old self or her past.

As if to denote her initiation, she is wearing a top featuring a big All-Seeing Eye. She stands in front of a club named Cheetah, which is another clear reference to Kitten Programming. She sets fire to a car (is it her boss’?) to represent the “burning” of her old life.

In a scene playing in parallel to the one above, Iggy is shown dressed in white and being arrested by the police. While this might be her being arrested for setting her boss' car on fire, the scene is shown at the same time as the one above and not after it. The scene can represent what happens after initiation in the industry: the "good girl" dresssed in white is taken away while the Illuminati-girl dressed in black (with an All-Seeing eye) stays.

In a scene that is shown in parallel to the one above, Iggy is dressed in white and is arrested by the police. Did she get arrested because she lit that car on fire? If that’s the case, why is she dressed differently and why is this scene playing at the same time as the one above (and not after)? In actuality, this scene can represent what happens after initiation in the industry: the “good girl” dressed in white “is taken away for good” while the Illuminati-girl dressed in black (with an All-Seeing eye) remains.

Is that what Iggy means by “Once you go great, you never go good”? In the words of Iggy, once you’re initiated: “You never go back, even if you could”.

In Conclusion

Released around the same time, Britney’s Work B*tch and Iggy’s Change Your Life are similar in several ways: They both depict the artists as Vegas dancers, they are both drenched in Kitten Programming imagery, the lyrics are both written from the point of view of those controlling them and, more importantly, both have an psuedo-empowering message that revolves around the glorifying being an industry Beta Kitten.

Sadly, to “make it” in the Illuminati industry, stars must sell their bodies and give up their soul. This process is celebrated in these videos and sold to young girls around the world. Furthermore, as the MK symbolism of the videos subtly imply, these artists who “made it” are not in control of what’s happening – they’re actually slaves to their owners. Britney Spears’ life is probably the most transparent case of a pop star under heavy mind control. In a rare moment of clarity, Britney went on record and stated that Work B*tch went too far and was too sexual. However, she did it anyway … because Beta slaves do not call the shots in their own lives. What did Britney’s handlers tell her when she was opposed working on that video? “You better work b*tch”.



  1. Sad thing is my brother just loves the Brittany Spears song for some reason. He can't help but like videos with tons of symbolism.

    • Hopefully, your brother will wake up one day and get tired of his shiny new toy, Britney! I'm praying he'll mature and come around and see things are not what they seem. Or maybe something will catch his eye that doesn't work in the video and he'll begin to question what he's looking at.

      Just pray and keep praying for him . . .

    • I was with a friend this weekend when we heard it. She was like this is the most republican song I've ever heard. Meaning that all she got from the lyrics is you have to work for what you want to just have it handed to you. Thats the mind set all my friends have about all this stuff. They take it at face value and never think or looking to it.

    • when I saw Britney in the mv she didn't look comfortable at all. My friend likes it too she can't stop repeating the damn lyrics. I wonder if VC would do a review on the new song from Eminem and Rihanna they keep play that crap on the radio.

    • He just doesn't know better or understand. It's like somebody having a mental illness which means people who like this pop culture of destruction is not their fault.

    • ButtaFlyyTulsa on

      I'm the same way! I totally see and understand all of the meanings and the signs, but dang it man if this song doesn't help me on the treadmill!!!!

    • Dude!! the reason your brother loves them is the same reason teenage girls and young women like those videos. They're MADE that way – they're made to be liked!! Think about it – Britney does F-all to create a song – she goes to the studio and sings what's on the sheet. The PRODUCERS are the real talent here – both the music production & video production has been made to be liked. That's what they study – that's what they know. Its all to get sales and numbers and to get you to just be mezmorized – and they know how.

      PLUS – its on TV!!! which means that as soon as you start watching; you're in a hypnotic state (that's a proven fact) – you're still concious of course, but have you ever tried to get someone's attention when they're watching TV? – it always takes a few seconds. and that means the brain is in a state of acceptance!!

      Tell your brother to stop watching TV!!! especially Brittany and crap like that!!
      he wants music?? give him rock! and tell him to listen to music and not to watch it!!

    • AmberlySFisher on

      just before I saw the draft 4 $6860, I have faith that my brother realie taking home money in their spare time at their laptop.. there neighbour had bean doing this less than seven months and as of now took care of the loans on their place and bought a great Honda NSX. official websit……..


    • Inverted pyramid is the symbol for female (apparently mimicking the pubis), you'll often find them at point against an upright pyramid, representing male, and all an upright pyramid entails.

      An X is another sign they use, symbolizing the upright and inverted pyramids, yin/yang, completion; I suspect it's a power symbol.

      That the pyramid Ms. Spears stands on is white would seem to indicate she's got authority over the innocent/virginal girs/women who are her fanbase, who she drives into being eventual converts to the dark side.

  2. It's been rumored for a while now that Britney isn't the one singing her latest lyrics, and that's it some British girl with a British accent !

    • No, that's clearly her. When she went to London, on interviews she used a British accent, the same voice as her songs with British accent

      • I guess ! Though I do find it strange industry insiders were whispering that's not her on the tracks before the interviews and this song. I think Eve was the first one publicly to state such !

      • Of course she is singing, she's probably not very good live but is her voice all along…you can see the live concert at the begining of her career… god.

      • Do you not know what the word " latest" mean ? My gosh ! Still I find it strange once insiders started whispering, with the Will I am record and continue to whisper that it wasn't or isn't her vocals on her " latest" tracks she started speaking with a British accent possibly to cover her tracks. I can't remember the name but the artist name is even floating around !

    • It is probably a mixture of voices. And Effects. Somewhere in there is her own voice. But as i have never heared her sing live, or let her songs finish to the end, i can't say much more. (I can advise my system to everybody : turn the music down or have someone switch channel. As for the videos, some i see without sound. Life's way better that way.)

    • Issela Santina on

      I watched that video several times on TV (it reached top spot in my country's charts) and couldn't help but blurt out the words "mind control" when no one's looking! Also, there's an accent slip near the end of the song because at that part Britney sounds like she's tired of saying "You better work, bitch." in contrast to her British accent at the first few hooks. When my dad saw it he was like, "That's Britney Spears? Why does she sound so different?"

      And oh, I noticed her deep British undertone also in Scream and Shout (with Her "Everybody in the club / all eyes on us" was so low that I almost didn't notice the inflection but it got me confused. Was that really Britney on those lines? It's a big contrast compared to her sweet[ened] refrain hooks in the song.

  3. So materialistic especially Britney's lyrics .

    I also thought that the inverted pyramid was stating that in fact 99% of the worlds population are slaves.

    I mean they need labour and women to work due to aging populations (saw an article on Japanese companies really embracing women in the workplace as they felt the economy was suffering due to an aging population).

    Almost everyone becomes a wage slave, your compensation a roof over your head, a car, a holiday etc…
    not likely the lush and extravagant ones referred to by Britney though!

    • Well yeah, a roof over your head, etc is precisely what you deserve for the work you do. Everybody has to work to survive. That's just the way it is. Only a lazy, entitled person would whine about being a "wage slave." You are not entitled to anything.

      • Marie, I'm surprised at your response it comes across as both very judgmental and emotional.

        I think you will find that I haven't made a value judgement on being a wage slave but have stated the fact that nearly everyone is dependent on wages earned in order to live…. your argument is, in fact, not an argument as you seem to agree with me:

        ''Everybody has to work to survive. That's just the way it is.'' – indeed :-)

        Its also a fact that employees are compensated for their time with money – most earning just enough to afford the standard home, car, holiday etc and not the vast amounts required to comfortably purchase the things suggested by Britney, that is not whinging, that's a fact.

        As for implying that I may be a lazy, entitled person – really? personal insults on someone you know nothing off…. did you not see my first comment on the song being materialistic?
        Does that seem like I have or aspire to those things? or that I expect others either through inheritance or social welfare to provide them for me?

        I think in future you should take a deep breathe before responding to what has been written rather than what you imagine is being said.

    • Well, everyone expects to own that roof over their heads these days so they use that as a justification for denying themselves a proper life and volunteering to wage slavery. From an economic perspective, this should never have happened. Of course, those with a $5million home want a $10 million dollar home and it just goes on for ever and ever. It is not usually about paying for a roof, it has to be a particular roof in a particular part of the city etc etc. They are beating themselves up over it and turning themselves into miserable people because they have fallen for the big deception and actually forgotten that landowners hold the majority of all prime real estate worldwide in trusts and have owned it outright for centuries.

      • I admit that I have a lovely home but I am honest enough to admit that I would still have it if I had never been gainfully employed for a single day in my entire life. That is kind of my point. I know there is a big controversy going on in the UK about 'bedroom tax' and also single moms being evicted from their flats in the city – I noticed megaphones and leafleteering and I just thought that they come across as really entitled. Nobody is really entitled to that security. When I was stuck in a foreign country in an awful, smelly flat, I wondered if I would ever live in these beautiful places again. Infact, I wondered if I would wake up alive the next morning by the end. I never take these things for granted or assume entitlement automatically.

      • Oh, A., it wasn't meaned to slack you off in any way. Just in general. Overhere a lot of the bigger building companies are mason in more than one sense.

      • I know, I believe you D D d , as always! I just wanted to offer my views on something that bugged me.

    • The top of the triangle/pyramid is also underground and hidden leaving only Britney and the workers visible- interesting.

      This picture, the way they are tied up and the latter picture of the one b*tch being whipped reminds me of Huskies, Dog sledding….. mush mush pack mentality.

      • Exactly right on the hidden top of the pyramid, because we never see who's at the top in our society. We think it's the President or Congress, but truth is there could be a hidden power structure, and those hidden at the top who control the type of info/music/media like this that gets distributed to the masses for control and conditioning.

    • It's not that they don't believe. We are a part of this it's not the government or the music its us. We give them the power over us by accepting it. We No longer do things as a community we accept the filth thats given to us as normal and right.

    • D$sney is the most popular truth movement in the world today. They put out their sugary lyrics and fables and impose upon your children the disassociation that will be extremely hard to shift in years to come. The collective moral of their stories is a comprehensive and alluring value system. I visited a Disney store last week with a group of children (money left at home, of course!!!). They stepped through a portal at the entrance and came face-to-face with a magic mirror and a stack of magic wands which encouraged them to case spells.There were little video clips ghosting the mirror intermittently showing their great heroes and heroines conveying select sound-bytes of wisdom. I don't think that it is about selling their cheap plastic anymore (although they do sell a load of that too).

      • I asked my daughter who is 7 years old to name a Disney movie that didn't involve magick. She tried really hard, but couldn't think of a single one. Many of the shows on the Disney channel also feature some form of magick. I mean, that's ALL they do! I believe that they are perfoming "princess programming" on our children so that when they grow up they will be materialistic and interested in the occult. They will become bored by everyday things and God will not appeal to them. But that is just my opinion.

      • I agree, they do it so well and it goes on for so long intergenerationally as they target children via their parents/grandparents and parents/grandparents via their children.

      • The plastic arch with flashing lights was clearly intended for adults to pass through as well as children as was the height of the mirror and sizes of wands. Inevitably, I was led through by the hand at some point and cautiously allowed myself to walk through the experience whilst dodging requests for hunky, plastic princes and glittery, high-heeled jelly shoes.

      • My much loved lil' Grands are denied to me because their mother insists on using the tells-lies-through visions box as some kind of babysitter, and i protested this.

        Now, i don't get to see them.

        There's some of the effects of their mind control for ya!


      • The lion king doesnt have magic nor does robin , the rescurers, olvier and company the fox and the hound

      • Dey don't but they have beta kitten program in all over dem. look at hidden messages in the lion king and how he walks like a female to corrupt our kids. It's horrible an needs exposin as da perverted thing it be. Only god will save us and VC! Keep up the good works!

      • Um sweetie, simba doesn't walk like a woman thats just how cats walk. Have you even seen any actual footage of wild cats or even a house cat?

      • Princess programming really ? Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella and Ariel dont do much to help their own situation. Pocahontas was trying to stop two groups of people from killing each other based on their differences. Mulan took her fathers place and saved her whole country. Tiana was raised that wishing on stars was gonna get her restaurant only hard work. Merida didnt want to get married at a young age , rapunzel was shelter from the outside world by a woman who kidnapped her and belle wanted more outta life and jasmine didnt wanted to be treated like an object . So please explain how these princess will have little girls interested in the occult and matelistic

      • Dear ChildofIsis,
        I am not so sure on ALL Disney characters however do not expect anything good coming out of supposedly decent ideas. It is so often not what it seems… I am a man who work on remote locations. Some time ago we had several hours long breakdown on work site. So my coworkers were watching some DVD while I read Gospel on backseat of the car. It was comedy about some escaped convicts. Those convicts met some women who sang something rather weird.. you and me and the devil makes three… something really dark all of the sudden came upon me. This song from the movie which I was not even watching got in my head for two more days.. I could not throw it out of my mind.
        It was a comedy. If someone is amused let them enjoy. In MOST movies or even cartoons some unclean episodes are being inserted. This is not me alone..
        Waiting for responses. God bless.

      • Sounds like the movie with George Clooney " brother where art thou?" I never seen it but its a modern day retelling of the Odessary by Greek poet Homer I believe and those women would be sirens

      • ChildofIsis, hunny, baby, darling, sweetheart, pumpkin. Let me say this Walt Disney was a peadophile, a 33rd degree freemason. I'm afraid that's all the information you need. His movies are used on MK slaves because they contain "triggers". Its funny how they first show the Disney Films in Primary Schools (Infants). Hmm I wonder why? (Obviously I know why) You are nit picking but you CANNOT explain all the other aspects surrounding Disney. Its like you don't want to know the truth. Did you know that Snow White is a reference to cocaine and the 7 dwarfs are the effects after taking it???. Nah of course you never knew that. Ya need to go back to your Temple of Isis and do your homework.

      • Yes, some of the films they have shown at our school have been too much. Children have started crying and have had to leave the room. Great Christmas treat!!

      • What are you so frustrated about? There's a huge difference between informing and patronizing.. just because you don't believe this person knows as much as you doesn't give you the right to deliberately be a jerk.

      • Did you know that Snow White and a majority of other disney films are actually Grimm Fairytales that were never pleasant in the first place – disney just gave them a sweet ending. Pocahontas dies in real life, Ariel dies in her story , Sleeping Beauty gets raped and Rapunzel gets knocked up.

      • I totally agree with you Christina. You and amaryllis know what you are talking about and most importantly I UNDERTSTAND what write about. You said that's just your opinion but what you are saying…..That is what it is. Its happening right in front of our very eyes.

    • I went to youtube to watch the these videos (I like to see the finished product after reading a VC article, to see exactly what he was talking about) and the comments for the Britney video are FULL of people going on and on about how 'awesome' the song is, how hot she is, how great the video is. It's disgusting to see that many people who are blind and have terrible taste in 'music'. First, her 'music' is so digitized that it doesn't even sound like a human singing, it's purely computer generated. Then, all the comments about how hot she is in the video; I guess they don't realize she is airbrushed and touched up in the videos, she doesn't look like that in person (no one does). There are more sheep in this world than there are pastures for them to graze! It saddens me how blind society it, either they don't WANT to see or they are not intelligent enough to.

  4. And Britney's next song: "Perfume" will be about her relationship with her previous handler. I guess that would be interesting

  5. VigilantOzzyPie on

    LOL I hate that goddamn "empowerment" word too! LOL Since Madonna started using it in the 80's every 3 seconds now every single female singer seems to be obliged to parrot it when describing their work.

    • I know. So youre empowered. Then what? WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY GET YOU???? In the end, it only gets you….money. All money is essentially dirty, anyway, so what common person wants a billion dollars of it?

      Also, to claim to be empowered means that you have ACCEPTED that you are born without power. Um, no thank you.

      • Also, to claim to be empowered means that you have ACCEPTED that you are born without power.

        Also, to claim to be empowered means that you have ACCEPTED that you are born without power.

        (Just wanted to repeat it, to use the technics on another level :-))

    • I couldn't agree more! It seems that too often young women are fooled into behaving the exact opposite of empowered. As someone who has always advocated for women's equality I am appalled at how often behaving badly is seen as having some benefit. Now I'm told that stripping, promiscuity, even prostitution is "empowering" as women are now allowed to be sexual. Young women are exploited now more than ever before and the objectification of the female body is something they willingly participate in, calling it freedom. It makes my head spin!!!!! Our very language is turned on it's head to support the agenda of the illuminated ones.

      • I actually read a comment yesterday made by what sounded like a girl – she claimed that the country has gone completely conservative, as bad or worse than the 1950s, what with all the constant "shaming".

        I was thinking, a. this is CONSERVATIVE??? and b. maybe more things SHOULD be shamed.

      • Lolll, just because they are into baking cakes all over again and putting up floral furnishings

      • Yeah, what is up with this new term "slut shaming"? I mean what is dignified about being a slut?! If you don't respect yourself then don't expect others to respect you! I'm not being judgmental as I used to be one but realized that is because I didn't love myself. You are just filling an empty void with sex and there is absolutely nothing empowering about that! It comes from a place of low self-esteem so why is it being glorified?

      • @Christina · 3 hours ago
        Yeah, what is up with this new term "**** shaming"? I mean what is dignified about being a ****?! If you don't respect yourself then don't expect others to respect you! I'm not being judgmental as I used to be one but realized that is because I didn't love myself.

        >>> No Christina, unfortunately you love yourself and very much so. Judgemental people are cocky cryptoegoists. If you didn't love yourself, you wouldn't treat others suspiciously or had the desire to judge their actions. By jufging the others, you have a secretive need to look down on them. It makes you feel superior than them which indicates your soul is not in the right place. I'm just saying this to alert you and not to make you feel awful. I've been studying the wise words of many Saints and I reassure you everything indicates very strong weaknesses of character. It's actually a strength to not to love yourself and love the others. If you love yourself there are various ways to show it, among those is the need to criticise and judge other people which is more dangerous than to show your love regarding yourself through your vanity which is straightforward and easier to amend. The deep weaknesses are the strongest that the ones on a superficial level if I make any sense. Trust me on that, it is not nice but it's a fact.

      • Self-hatred comes from our own actions which we constantly make excuses for. There is nothing "spiritual" about self-hatred. Respecting yourself is not a weakness. Respecting yourself keeps you from being used and manipulated and following the wrong path. I appreciate your "expert advice", although not a fact as you state, but more of an opinion. Stating opinion as fact could be viewed as a form of narcissism.

      • You are right as it's only an opinion which was formed by reading what some Godly people have stated. Maybe I'm a sort of narcissist then. Another vice to add to a big list of many other weaknesses. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      • ''Selfhatred comes from our own actions..''

        No, i do not agree. It is often used as as tactic : induce it at another person and you have a little more control over their confidence therefore a little more benefit of the created doubt about everything.
        It cAn come from our own actions. But the judging, is a learned skill, not an instinct..

        Weird huh, that this subject has a complete set of analysations on this very website, too…!?!

      • Christina I found something about the guardian angel you allegedly come in contact and it's not good news I'm afraid.

        4. Meeting with the "guardian angel" (5)

        ["Dead" WARNING! In modern "magazine search" see something advertisements promising contact or connection with the guardian angel and such tricks – we noticed that readers are not toys.]

        A young Romanian deacon came to a monk on Mount Athos in the 19th century, confessed to the great Holy Mountain Elder Saturdays Cultural (1821-1908). Someday says: "Elder, please, tomorrow cited in the operation my mother, who slept and make the weekend."
        The old man was alarmed by this sudden information and asked him how he learned so quickly that his mother had slept in Romania (note that there were no phones).
        "I told my guardian angel," she said coyly Deacon. The old man was startled. "See that your guardian angel?" He asked. Deacon admitted it. 'How long?' "Somewhere two years. I was presented with companion in prayer. We tell them Greetings, do penance and roll spiritual discussions. "" Why, my child, so long, I do not mention anything? ". "I told my angel … that is not necessary."
        The old man drew attention to his young pupil that such a vision is not at all clear mind and invited him to submit his visitor to the test. Ask him to tell the "Theotokos Virgin" and make the sign of the cross. The young man suffered. The test was successful-the visitor did what he was asked-but the old man was not convinced. After two years of influence, a beginner is easy to provide the illusory idea that hears a hymn, or looking at the sign of the cross. And asked one last test:
        "The devil can not read a thought, if you stay inside your crypt and impalpable. So now I will do such a thought and you will ask your angel to reveal to you what I thought. "
        This test revealed the true face of "Angel": initially refused, then threatened the victim that the wickedness will lose its divine favor and finally appeared with dark and terrible form and assured him that "this time tomorrow" braced by a group of demons will take him to hell.
        The deacon was left alone, right ruin. Fled and ran into the hut of his spiritual. He grabbed his robe and did not leave, trembling more and more as the time approached to make the demonic threat. The elder Savvas knelt and prayed intensely, calling for God's help, and with the power of prayer, the next night passed without consequences.
        The young Romanian remained on Mount Athos and slowly matured spiritually and was ordained priest and. But throughout his life bothered by temptations, and remained in his soul Hacks of the trauma of that night and the influence of the two-year relationship with Angel, who was not an angel.

      • Because the media tells us to think it. A majority of growing minds will think it and who knows if they will be able to smarten up once public education and college loses its grips on their minds. A lot of people don't make it.

      • Thank y'all for picking up on this, as well as VC o' course! :)

        As an oldster, i remember when "porn" was some men's "dirty lil' secret". Mags, if dared to be ordered, came wrapped up so no one could see the covers. Fathers hid their stash out in the garage or in the basement so the children didn't see or know of it. In many cases, their wives didn't either, or would have put a stop to such practices.

        Then, in the 80's, women were told that they should "empower" themselves, and save their relationships, by not only accepting the men's porn fascination, but to "loosen up" and get into it with their men.

        Obviously, by the looks of "relationships" now, it was just another big lie to bring humanity down a few notches, back to the base lust instincts, rather than focusing on mental/spiritual/emotional development and evolution.

        Since the inception (release to the public at large) of the "world wide WEB", millions are now "into" porn of all and sundry catagories.

        Human evolution has ceased. We are now DEvolving, and it shows all around us.

        The "Fall of Rome" all over again, at least here in the US of A.

        And yes, Helen…even our language has been corrupted. "Gay" used to mean "happy", for ex.

        But…who gave us the language to begin with? Corrupting it, confusing it, changing it and it's users has always been a part of their plan.

        To really blow your mind as to how "they" use lingo as compared to the masses, get your hands on a copy of "Blacks Legal Dictionary" and be ready to experience a head trip.

        Knowledge is power. TC!

    • Feminism is one of illuminati's great successes, perhaps their greatest. It all hinges on that awful word "empowerment" that seems to put most western women (and some men) in a trance. It is a trigger word aimed at the masses but redefined as ONLY female related to fit the feminist mantra. It definitely does not mean male empowerment in this "brave new world", a world where the last thing the elite want is another MLK.

      • Another Martin Lu ther King? They'll take another. They only took him out when he started about class and stopped feeding fire to the racial crap.

      • Do you have proof of this? This isn't "feminism", you think whipping women in bondage gear is what feminism is about? That's ridiculous, feminists have and continue to strive for equality for both sexes, we see the pain caused by patriarchy to both women AND men. Why do so many people on this site abhor women having jobs, going to college and not having children until they're older, or even, refusing marriage and choosing a career over kids? It's not some "Illuminati plot" this was bound to happen, regardless.

  6. These ppl aren't happy, just look into their eyes just soulless …again thanks for the articles VC.

    I think we need to start focusing on the people behind the scenes, like the music directors, producers, managers of the music label. Creative directors.. Even the stylists and fashion designers who design these illuminati pieces.. I think when more people know what names and faces to look out for we can slowly start to rise against these evil people and openly shame them.

    • You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo right about their "soulless eyes". I was stunned when I caught a glimpse of Oprah's eyes on a magazine and they looked grayish-green, no soul, no brown colour whatsoever. I was stunned to see she too had given it up to the devil for money & fame. I was disappointed and I've never looked at her the same after that.

      VC, again, you just bring it and bring good and hard! The truth will set us all free!

      • Oprah is a major major puppet. This has been known for many years… Her .o.w.n network can also mean new world order perhaps?

      • wow you're right and they have it reversed which makes it even more significant since they like to reverse things.

      • Also remember that her production company is called Harpo, which is her name reversed…

      • She mentions "empowerment" on every one of her shows if I remember rightly (I used to watch it when I was a young child along with loads of other grown up stuff but never really did the Kids TV thing).

      • Absolutely!! You guys nailed it with this thread! If Oprah's first scheme was to name her magazine HARPO which is OPRAH reversed, then why wouldn't O.W.N follow the same guidelines and be a reverse of her actual intention? N.W.O

        Also I think it's important to point out here that a HARPY is:

        Har·py (härp) n. pl. Har·pies
        1. Greek Mythology: One of several loathsome, voracious monsters with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail, wings, and talons of a bird.
        2. A predatory person.
        3. A shrewish woman.

        And N.W.O is:

        1. Globalist Psychopath Mythology: One of several loathsome, voracious ideologies with the head and trunk of Fascism, and the tail, wings, and talons of an Anti-Human Luciferian death worship philosophy
        2. A Predatory System
        3. A System full of shrewish Men and Women

        Oprah Winfrey's Network equals New World Order worship confirmed! Let's not forget her chanting in front of an enormous audience that Obama is the Savior, The One, The Messiah who is here to save us from ourselves

      • She is dreadful. I have always found it remarkable that she constantly generates a very powerful, vicious kind of energy. I saw the harpy connection but your analysis provides great detaIL

      • Just curious -but what does eye color have to do with appearing soul-less? aka grayish-green vs. brown?

    • This is true, but most of the handlers and executives are all puppets as well. Even the shadows have shadows when it comes to the people pulling the strings.

    • I totally agree with you there. My husband and I were watching sportscenter last week and they were showing lebron doing a photo shoot. He was doing his usual symbolism ..but..then they showed the photographer and you could see him showing lebron what to do…telling him to do the 666 and also doing it over one eye. That was my first time ever actually seeing that. We always see the celebrities doing this but never the producer,photographers or directors.

    • I will actually try and do some of my own research into the big wigs behind the music industry, there is some literature on amazon I may purchase. There is also a book by a young lady who in the nineties used to manage hip hop groups I think her name was Rebecca Scott anyways I have the e-book I purchased.. I'm willing to email it to people free of charge if you want to learn more from someone who was actually a part of the game, she writes how hip hop slowly started to change when white Jewish ladies started to hang out at the clubs where her acts frequented and slowly took over her acts and saying how they could make them bigger for a cut of the profit… It's a powerful read even if only 70% is true a lot of it does make a lot of sense.

      • I believe it. Just look to the people that own everything that possesses the commoners mind – who owns the sports teams, the movie studios, the music labels, the television networks, the very megafoodstores at which we shop? Ill give you a hint – a majority of them are not just old white guys, like college teaches every generation of young minds. Lots of hatred and anger for the white man, no anger where it should be placed.

        Notice how sports has gone from a game people watched and bet on to a game where people obsess over everything and radio and TV has dozens of 24/7 channels discussing stats and future predictions to fill our minds with crap. Want to guess the ethnicity of who started telling the (formerly) white owners of sports team to use statistics in their play? The very first sports statistician, what do you think he was?

      • i like and respect your thirst for truth. a suggestion while you are going through the other literature,just give a read to 'the quran', the recommendation might seem out of context, but like i said your interest prompted me, all the bad propaganda against muslims and islam aside,for once read through with impartial-and your own-mind.

  7. It's sad that you get more and more artists that become mainstream and give up everything for this world. Like seriously, what is this life compared to the hereafter?


      • Oh for crying out loud Christinne!! Calm down, all this person meant was that they feel sorry for Britney; just cuz she's being made into a mindless puppet doesn't take the fact that she needs someone to help her and pray for her. She is still human you know.

      • Christinne why so snappy all the time? Why not feel sorry for Britney – she has been in the game for a long time, who knows what happened in her childhood

      • Exactly.

        & along this vein of thought, as it is her FATHER who is calling all of the shots in her life now, why so little investigation into HIM???

        He's been a part of this her entire life, and is now in complete control, yet no real exposes on him.

        curiouser and curiouser….

  8. Thats why underground artists are the best, because they still rap and sing about the important issues in life, not this illuminati shit.

    • …until they sell out or show their true colors that is (not all of them of course). just always gotta keep in the back of the mind, the flip side of the coin.

    • I wonder who got to Immortal Technique…. no real albums since 2002…… and his mix album with DJ Green Lantern had watered down content…. and his interviews with RT became safer and safer and wrapped up inside a Left-Right paradigm…. very strange…. I still think Dominant Species is the most powerful hip-hop instrumental/lyrical combination that has been recorded thus far

    • The record company "Strange Music" has kept it real since the mid 90s. I have been watching closely for over a decade now and they don't have Illuminati stuff in any of their artists' songs or vids and occasionally speak against it. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun, Stevie Stone, Mayday, Brotha Lynch Hung, and Jared somebody. Worth keeping an eye on IMO. Tech N9ne has been recording since 1985 without a scrap of symbolic bullcrap.

      • Good post, good info. ! TY! IMHO, Tech N9ne is one of the most talented people in the game. :) The guy is brilliant!

  9. It's getting a lot worse and accepted guess it's the hidden in plain view that the elite gett off on they know we know there symbolism and they laugh at us trying to tell the sheep I'm afraid these sheep will accept the nwo and will line up to get there microchip or injection when there nwo world leader orders them to I predict the next wave off coolness will be the celebs taking microchips or digital tattoos

    • Exactly. That's y tgey started chipping pets to test it out and mm ake people comfortable with the idea. We are def in the end times

      • I have heard Kim K has one in her butt as she is planning a new show which is presented from the perspective of her rear entirely – has gotten inflamed by the look of it!

      • Whoa…. The thought I just had is, if they don't already, which I'm pretty sure they do, is that cosmetic surgery implants could have UPCs or RFID chips on them, as in a tracking or point of sale capacity… I know I have seen on forensic science shows that sometimes a body is identified by their implants… Any surgery done like that, plates, replacement knees, breast augs, they all have serial numbers on them like parts on a car… It's could easily become RFID chips I would think….

      • Your multi-vitamine-, or prescriptioned pill could be laced with 'm, to take it to the extreme.

      • true which is why I don't do em now (despite being pretty hard core most of my life). You can get your nutrition from organic wholefoods and max out your diet with superfoods which are much better absorbed anyway

      • We don't do prescribed pills or vitamins either. Vitamins don't get absorbed by the body. I wouldn't mind some vitamin C though.
        amaryllis what organic wholefoods? They don't exist any longer since they have been spraying us. Besides the seeds are genetically modified. We are in trouble, please learn to face the music sweetheart.

      • Most of mine is grown in a air-quality controlled indoor hydroponics hub – practically everyone I know does this. There are a few things which wont grow in such an environment but mostly it works well and eliminates the effects of most pollution including chemtrails. I would like to explore aquaponics as that would also give us protein. The know-how is the pricey bit, setting it up is cheap as long as you have space. Otherwise, I still think that people should stick to organic as it has a single dose of pesticides as opposed to ten.

      • I apply the 70:30 rule. We eat this way 70 percent of the time and supplement with foods that draw out the effects of the poisoning such as tamarind and gm-free grains and sea vegetables. 30% of the time, we eat out at restaurants and whilst I do my best to avoid the obviously nasty places, I am resigned to the fact that we are probably taking them in (especially the meals down at the bowling alley!!)

  10. small correction – the mannequins being blown up are more similar to Beyonce's "Diva" not "Crazy in Love." On that note, some parts of the choreography in "Work Bitch" also reminded me of Beyonce's "Baby Boy" video. And the mirror scenes remind me of…well, a lot of things, but Rihanna's "SOS" and Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams."

  11. I know of these singers but I could not bear to listen to the music that they are programmed to perform. They don't even know how to write a note or play an instrument , their achievement wrt songwriting is not enviable and they have uni-dimensional personalities (or multiples thereof) but they manage to over – expose themselves in every way possible and play the PR game to keep the $$$ rolling in. Pointless, worthless, low brow … much worse than quality, intelligent, musicians who sell their soul for rock and roll.

    • SouthAfricanDude on

      Blues, Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal and Classical music are forms of art in my opinion. Not like the garbage of my generation today. What happened to good quality works? And fun? Real fun. Not plastic junk. Bleh. My opinion anyway.

      • Come on, that even sounded ridiculous. What is "real fun"? You act as if having fun is something that only older generations did, and as if it no longer exists. Quality works still exist. People like Adele, Lorde, and even Beyonce still make decent music, with strong vocals and actual meaning. Lots of the real, quality artists aren't mainstream anymore, though. That doesn't mean anything happened to them. They're just less successful.

      • People like Adele, Lorde, and even Beyonce still make decent music

        Decent to your ears maybe, waste of life having to endure it, to mine.

      • I am sorry, but i never considered beyonce's voice as a beautiful voice. Au contraire! Nagged me from the first note. There is a timbre in it she uses almost everytime, boring. She might hold a note, but when she does, i am not happy. Just a matter of taste.

      • When I hear Dolly Parton, and I just heard Heart cover Stairway to Heaven the other day… I just think… We're never going to hear voices like that again… Maybe Adell, but I'm just not a fan of hers… But there were so many great voices before auto tune, now there's just nearly nothing like that anymore…

    • I so agree. I find myself unable to listen to this stuff. This mind numbing and lets dumb down the populace and keep them in this distracted trance is what they are doing. So shallow its not empowering its degrading. Kind of S and M looking type stuff she is doing. Oh just to think that Shades of Gray is being made into a movie.

    • The elite have absolutely no concern with the quality of the music. They have changed music from something you hear to something you watch…

  12. pir8ofdafistula on

    I think Britney's been a Brit all along. Brit's run the world, the invisible empire. Rumour has it spears is a blood member of the REAL royal family, only she's been disowned for having a job. Bloomin' royals. They get right on my goat. Know what? That Churchill guy had the right idea during the civil war in the middle ages, he did. Down with the lot of em. Never been my mug of horlicks at all.

      • Cristinne, i agree in part. Don't forget that the British Royal Court [of bastards] are, according the hidden knowledge, direct descendants of the "chosenites", Solomon King, the pharaohs that were linked to the Khazars, the Hicsos, etc. I'm summing up extremely here, please make a research.

      • random mundane on

        C'mon Christinne…this pri8ofwhatever guy is taking the p1ss – should be obvious (especially when he got to the part about Churchill in the middle ages…).

    • I don't think so. She often looks tired, empty and sad. Like as if she don't want to do it in the first place, but she obeys her puppet masters like a robot. She is the puppet that has to get money for the big companies, sort of like hooker and pimp.
      She also has that typical Mickey Mouse club child career, just like many other sad examples.

      If any of those stars may have more control, I would say it would be Madonna.

      • Madonna is ten times smarter that Brit-bot … and some more. Poor Britney is like a kid on the verge of having a massive meltdown who has been given a shot of something to zombie-fy her even though her facial expression and lack of proper focus has not caught up at the same rate. I mean, being a young kid blank canvas was arguably endearing but not so much now..

      • WAY back in the day, when Britney Spears was The New Thing, I'll admit I bought her "Baby One More Time" Album ("Hit me baby one more time"…yeah, sure…she must be singing about blackjack). There were some behind the scenes videos; I think she is mentally challenged. I'm not trying to be derogatory or insulting saying that.

        Smart? Look no further than Ms. Stefani Germanotta. She looked what was required to become famous and did it; "Fame Monster" indeed. Example, she looked at all of Madonna's mistakes and avoided them. While some may be tempted to "sell their soul" (literally or figuratively, it's the same in the end) once they achieve local fame, others run toward it and embrace it.

      • Madonna wanted to 'rule the world" in her own words and seems to have at least taken the game in her stride, so to speak. She played it 'willingly enough' and she is at the top now, handling and 'ruling' and 'indoctrinating' other girls. That was a kiss of death for Brits that day on the stage with that old hag. Britney was 'sold' into Disney and her fate was sealed, till this day, we know and can do nothing.

      • I wondered if they now have to call her Brit alter forward to get her to do anything musically now and that's why she sings with the accent, as in if the regular "controlled" Britney still wouldn't comply they just have the British Britney do it instead…

      • "House Windsor" (Haus Windsor, perhaps, LOL) was originally "Saxe-Coburg and Gotha" until World War I, when the English decided that they hated the Germans, even though they had a bunch of them as their "rulers."

        As far as a royal connection goes…perhaps she is the product of an illegitimate birth, but that would be the extent of it, IMHO.

      • I think the royals knew the their name was not welcome to the English, so they changed it to the name of one of their castles. Windsor. I wish they knew theyre not welcome there now, nor in the other countries they 'rule'.

    • It's a possibility she may have a tinge of royal blood, but she wasn't disowned for having a job. She definitely grew up in Louisiana because she's a friend of mines cousin. My friend didn't even mention it to me for years because she was embarrassed.

  13. SouthAfricanDude on

    Aaaaand that's another reason for me to stay me and listen to good ol' rock n roll on vinyl. F*** the rest.

    • If you check out "They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll" on YouTube, you'll find that the "father" of rock and roll is also a member of the 27 Club.

    • Rock and roll IS the devil's music BUT if I had to listen to anything 20c onwards it would be exclusively that, without a shadow of a doubt. None of this trash.

      • Did you know that jazz was originally created in order to summon spirits? I'm sorry to ruin it for you.

      • Hm, you might gohoogle a combination of words including Mozart and mason…If you want just one example.

      • Even if Mozart was a Mason, I don't think they had the wherewithal to place the kind of mind control in the music that they have today. Today its a science. Back then, I lean towards more of music being a tribute.

      • It has been used abundantly in advertsing, so there are probably a few symbols and references to be found. But that's theory, as i do not have plans to analyse them myself.

      • The art of using melodic structures, rhythms and frequencies, to transform a mental state or emotions, is older than we think?

      • Yes, the Solfeggio frequencies and all that. Sound technology may have been very advanced in the past – I have not been unconvinced that it isn't one of our lost sciences.

        But, if you want to break down sound into those elements, your very voice becomes mentally and emotionally manipulative. True to a point, but I cant claim to agree that classical music from centuries ago can be of any use in the kind of "negative" mind control we have today. Youd have to put all music in it, every single piece, and all sounds in general.

      • Kind of missing where all this evil comes from…. It's a spawning of the master plan of the prince of darkness…. Who of course has had Its hands trying to mold the direction of our fate since the beginning time, so at that point, anything is possible…

        It's not the illuminati trying to do all these things to impress Satan, it's Satan moving them around like puppets making them think it's their idea, using them to deliver the world to him on a platter…

      • I've heard that about jazz (which I love) as well, and music in general. But who's to say that ALL spirits are bad?

      • ah yes angels are good spirits, however you never know with the wicked ones as they take different forms. So I don't bother with any spirits nowadays. I've become suspicious.

      • Exactly my point. Closing oneself off to ALL potentially inspiring, life-affirming energies/spirits can be as detrimental as accidentally being exposed to the wrong ones.

        … But maybe that's ultimately part of their plan.

      • I agree. We are esoteric beings from pre-birth to post-death and far before/beyond. We cannot deny the golden equation either. I am enjoying my studies in sufi Islam because it allows us to celebrate this.

    • I hate to rain on anyone's parade, and I love rock and roll. But rock and roll uses the same 12 tonal notes that are used in Bacchanalian music! In other words, orgy music! I don't think this is a coincidence either.

      • True Christina, but you have to allow yourself something and it hardly compares to all the other concessions we could make!

      • What do you mean you have to allow yourself something ? Even if it's no good ? That's like being kinda pregnant or kinda a rapist. Either you are or aren't into something. Not choosing is a choice all its own. And any concession is the same as any other because the end result is the same.

      • I dunno. I have tried the other puritanical extreme and it risks putting you completely out of touch with people for whom you need to remain relevant. You cannot assume that everyone around you has also sorted it out in their own minds, or will forever remain that way. What is the point of only associating with good people and closing yourselves off to the people around you to whom you should be trying hardest to reach? Or restricting your definition of what you believe to be good to Christianity when there are many good people out there who also believe in the oneness of God?

        Perhaps it is easier in a little community in the middle of nowhere where most people are similar. But in an urban metropolis with a constant influx of new types of people and experiences, I would say that it is just not possible. You have to acknowledge that you are not perfect and that God did not intend us to remain flawless, just constantly strive to be good against all odds.

      • amaryllis,
        I feel rather amused by your comment. ~ puritanical extreme and it risks putting you completely out of touch with people ~ .. Yeah right. I could care less about it as my life is not to be subject to someone's worldly opinion. As we all know how deep is worldwide plan running which is leading to damnation. Little doubt that "believers" as well as "truthers"are not exempt. I would say that the vast majority of three monotheistic religions adherents are nothing short of apostates. We are not living the way our forefathers lived. The way most churchgoers are talking spending time or living is no different from the way unbelievers do. Difference is stark if we to take a close look back how it was for centuries. While I am determined to keep my life in purity would I consider what others think ? Am I not to be disgusted by folks deeds,interests,daily talk and goals being very much aware of the filth they are in being still in church/mosque/synagogue/whatever ? The whole religious landscape is convoluted in such a weird fashion that it resemble minefield of a sort. Infiltrators got themselves in ALL world religions to prepare world for not so bright future. In fact they are more in there than in the government. As I learned in great details who is leading Christian churches in US it gave me rather bad goosebumps. For those already deceived learning the Truth is hard and the way out is even harder. Bible is not in any authority for most. I can do whatever I like and no one is to judge..

        Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14"For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it…. Let someone else to be "relevant". As for me it seems next step in relevance is Gaga music along with Kubrick movies and Osteen teachings. Just saying..

      • hvns, I cannot deny you are right on many counts but self-preservation can come at the cost of failing those who are within reaching distance of our help. If you had, say, a dear friend / sibling/ child addicted to say, heroin, would you turn away from them and let them self-destruct in their own little bubble just because, as a matter of policy, you refused to appeal to them in a particular language which made you uncomfortable which was the only one which they could understand? Surely finding a common currency to deal in is ultimately the key to preserving our family units and spreading good. I believe that we are all meant to worship the one God and there are some good (enough) people in all three of the faiths and possibly beyond as God judges every case on it's merits. The majority of people who identify themselves with those religions indeed fall short. This situation will necessarily deteriorate and corruption within the faiths will also strengthen as we reach the end. We are only answerable to God but risking one's own security and sanity to reach out to the unbelievers is surely a great act of charity regardless of the outcome.
        Not every aspect of unbelief is completely destructive either. When I was a kid and growing up, I worshiped at the alter of rock and roll for sure and Dylan may as well have been my god for many, many years. It kept me afloat when I might have drowned even though through the grace of God, I realized that it was not enough (and later that it was actually dispensable at which point, I chucked a load of highly-collectible stuff into the garbage). In all honesty, I still adore Bob Dylan and I have no idea what would happen to my faith if we ended up knowing each other (I have always avoided any opportunity that might get me there in an indirect way, believe me – most of my friends in the music Industry have covered at least one of his songs at some point and there have been tickets and backstage meet-ups pushed my way!).

      • I actually acknowledge that I may end up in hell because of it and knowing what he confessed during that interview, just confessing…….

      • amaryllis,
        I beg you never to mention h..l again. It was my way of thinking until one thing strike me – if Truth is revealed to me and God is still working on my soul (He sure does!) all of it could not be without reason. I hope to see most readers in God's glory if not earlier (no joke).
        Your response was not in vain. First two sentences struck me to the core. Cheer up!

      • Thanks hvns – I am a work in progress, I always will be and most strange of all, I feel that I am happier and luckier than most people around me most of the time as I am defining myself using a system bespoke to me as opposed to one handed down to me by the architects of the NWO. I relish my freedom from their common aims but I do fear that I don't do enough with it.

      • WHY do you "have to allow yourself something" when you KNOW it is bad for you and your environment?

        "Freedom isn't free".

  14. Amazing read VC! You've done it again. Only edit (or perhaps comment) I would make would be that I believe you're referring to Beyonce's "Diva" video, and not necessarily her "Crazy In Love" video.

    Keep up what you're doing, the enlightenment is going.

  15. This crap is just plain pathetic, knowing that people listen to it and regard it as entertainment is even more pathetic as well….. For those who can't or woun't wake up, sucks for you.

    • Exactly – I was going to post that maybe I am out of touch with the age group that has arrived on here since the previous article BUT I know kids in every age group who cannot bear it either. The way it dumbs them down is apparent in every single way they communicate. My own (much younger) ones are not remotely interested in trash music despite being played it at school (outside my control). They are a lot more eloquent and knowledgeable about history, nature etc. than some grown ups on here who show enough mastery to major in these trash videos and trash lyrics magna cum laude.

      • I am 21 and i'm so sick of hearing about it i totally believe in these disturbing expiriences and it makes me sick that people choose to live this way. I feel like everyone should just focus on being healthy and exercising their brains and body. Live as positive as possible!

  16. This stuff is just tiring and sickening. That's why I don't listen to mainstream radio anymore and have no TV.
    The sad thing is that many music videos(especially with women)are very close to softcore porn.

    Call me crazy, but it is very degrading and cheap. Porn becomes something normal, more boundaries broken, sex gets degraded and isn't something special and meaningful anymore, relationships lose their meaning as well, since it becomes "cool" to have multiple partners and that's probably one of the reasons why women still don't get treated equally.
    I'm so tired and disgusted by it, no matter how often they try to shove it in our face. Another good reason why I don't want to put any children in that messed up world(or better sinking ship).

    I also feel sorry for Britney and ever person that is forced to do that kind of stuff.

    • – "Call me crazy" –

      Dear Pest and anyone else,

      Do not demean yourself, do not lessen your words, by phrases such as this. You have the absolute right to your opinion.
      I thank you and everyone else for sharing your words and thoughts with us.

      Do not use words and phrases that lessen the power of your words and thoughts.
      Words have power. Thoughts have power. Ideas have power.
      When you demean yourself, you are destroying the power of your own words, your thoughts, your ideas.
      You are asking others to ignore you (as 'crazy'), you are allowing others to ignore your words as if they weren't important.

      Your words, your thoughts, your ideas are important. Keep that in mind, always.

    • It is normal to pick up an accent when you live in a forreign country. On a long stay abroad, i made up a mix of more than one accent when i had to speak english, because that was all i heared for weeks.

      • It's certainly normal to pick up an accent when living in a different region/country but not to sing in it. The best way to detect someone's regional roots/accent is when they get angry as their inhibitions are lowered.

      • Singing is a form of acting too. Why not give it a go, to mask the boringness of pitch-controls.?

      • Most performers who do voiceover work to supplement their main income can speak in an amazing array of accents

      • True, I live between a few countries and I speak in a range of languages and accents accordingly (although not sure whether that disproves or proves the theory!). You know you are OK if you are choosing the right accent for that particular context – lol!!!

    • But with Madonna, she did marry into the landed gentry and embrace British country life so it may have impacted on her true accent (whatever that is). Britney has basically shuttled between the trailer park, Tinsel Town and the MGM Grand – she never had a British phase and I doubt her grandmother spoke to her in a British accent either

  17. Same old song and dance. I thought this trend would fade after awhile, but it hasn't. The purpose of these videos has nothing to do with the artists themselves. The end purpose is to influence the viewers, who are people from pre-teens to early twenties . it is done as an economic-politcal influence to legalize prostitution for taxing purposes. As a spiritual-psychological purpose, to de-moralize the young generation by glamorizing sexual slavery. Prostitution is hell. Why does the caged bird sing?

    • And than we have Rihanna pole-dancing just because it's a rebellious act and feminist ( feminine ) as well, in other words "empowering!".. as prostitution has always been…

      • Depending on your concept of empowered, prostitution was at one time a holy business, with women pledging their sexuality to the gods and goddesses of the time. They would also heal men using their sexuality. Their lives would be lived in service to healing and god/goddess cults and for no other reason, by their choice.

      • Yes, temple prostitution, still going strong in certain cults you know. I know because a loser actually asked me if I were one because I have known a few people in rock and roll. I could have decked him given the amount of emphasis I place on living the opposite way.

      • Pledging their sexuality to whom? If you've done even a scant amount of research, you know who/what those "gods and goddesses" really ARE.

        As for men being healed via sexual relations w/temple prostitutes–that is what is supposed to happen between ALL men and women: bonding, healing and procreation. Why do you think the ills. work so hard to pervert sex and convince people it's just a commodity? Because through this bond we can commune spiritually and elevate each others' consciousness. They turn this gift we are given into a weapon against us, leaving the women demeaned and dehumanized and leaving the men angry and lost, without their most effective way of reconnecting with the Universe.

        Look at the mural in the Bank of America mural in VC's Sinister Sites articles. It's plain as day: the man is searching in a book, distracted from the plight of the woman, held captive on puppet strings inside of a big tv-like box. All he would have to do is reach out and free her, but the scheme is so perfect, it's like a catch-22.

      • How am I supposed to research where ancient Greek and Roman gods and goddesses came from? I assume its the same place that the Ascended Masters come from but theres no hard research on that because that's….pure assumption. I was just giving an example of another context of prostitution.

      • Sounds rather beautiful but completely spoiled by the fact that they have a whole list of clients, presumably?

      • Monogamy, ofcourse, sometimes my browser has a life of its own when i type and correct quickly on these busy pages….

  18. Same old-same old illuminati rag being dragged around again and again. Don't people get bored with this crap?
    How many of these girls that are told to 'work b*****' by their pimps/handlers really get to own Bugattis, Lamborghinis and houses on the Riviera? They only time they have it is on their pimps' or someone else's dime…and then they have to 'work' for it.
    The burning car obviously means the torching of the old life in Iggy's video but being arrested and dressed in white/cream/pastels like a business person means that she's 'made it' as far as the illuminati goes. To be arrested and then let out is regarded as a mark of respect in illuminati world as it means' bending the rules' to suit them.

    • yea.. same old shit just a different day

      sadly people somehow like to stay ignorant..
      its to comfortable…. so they keep eating….
      even though its regurgitated shit they grow numb
      or just dumn from this…

      • Look at the average IQ of these zombies! Many people are just lazy and unwilling to learn. They just don't care. You can't do anything to fix that I'm afraid.

      • You got that right!!!
        Some people are too frightened to open their eyes and ears to see and hear the truth.

    • Marozia, ive asked you this before, but you never replied. I asked whether you were from an illuminati family? The info you have previously posted suggested you had inside info. Am I right?

      • Sorry I haven't gotten back to you BluBoy. Yes, I do come from a high degree family. My father is a High degree Freemason among other things.
        I'm the youngest child of 12. My brothers and sisters have been well schooled in psychological trauma, but I was the maverick. My parents let me be, as I was the 'unexpected child' (not unwanted, though). I did all 'the right things' in the family, went to private school, went out with the 'right' guys, etc, but I just didn't conform to their psychological crap. I refused to do my debut, like my sisters did, mum & dad were disappointed, but they grudgingly accepted it.
        I married the man they chose, then divorced him and I was then able to marry my lovely 2nd husband (who is also an Illuminati family outcast, because of his metabolic disorder, phenylketonuria). Been married to him for 20 yrs now.
        Any more you want to know?
        BTW, I live in Perth, own two pitbulls, don't wear designer clothes and work for a living.

      • Thanx Marozia lol. Of course thee is loads I want to know but we don't have the time but what do you mean your debut? your initiation is that? and do you know about rituals etc?

      • You know, be a debutant, with the white dress, on the hand of your father, dancing, white flowers, shite like that. Being paraded around like a prime piece of meat. I refused point blank!!

        While I love my family, my sisters are damaged, one with serious depression that EST can't fix, one with a massive grudge against our mum and one in a loveless marriage in Beverly Hills. Brothers fared a bit better though, apart from believing everything the media tells them…YECCH!

        Being a mason's daughter, wife, sister, niece, aunt, great aunt, etc, yes I do understand a lot about rituals. Just see any Madonna/Beyonce, etc music video. They are all about ritual. The late Janis Joplin's concerts were likened to an invocation of the goddess Venus.

      • Interesting Marozia – my mother comes from a similar type of background and I also have a cousin of my age who is utterly and irreversibly screwed up in a similar way; she was actually the most apathetic of all, ironically. We don't see her because she was banished for being a weak and embarrassing individual who could not hack it in their world. Apparently, there are two people in her wider family who have suffered a similar fate but my mother has entered into a pact never to reveal their identities.
        Apparently, the British queen also had a cousin who was born with issues and was incarcerated.
        My siblings and others who played the game right are doing fine though ; especially the one married into the 13 bloodlines.

      • dude. i am so curious to find out more about you. seriously, do you have a blog or anything?

      • oi stop being gullible. They are messing with you, no way they'd be on the internet if this was the case. They would have them murdered, don't you think? Why do you think Svali was terrified and disappeared into the oblivion?

      • You are wrong. My family demonstrates a huge amount of love for me on a daily basis which I reciprocate – why on earth would they kill me? Daily life goes beyond your core set of beliefs obviously. If they killed their puppets in the music industry or a few patsies during ritual, then it does not automatically follow that they would kill their own flesh and blood. I have never bothered to really read up on the Svali case but I suspect that there were things in there which reflected the bad state of her own relationships rather than the chosenites in general. Indeed, my ex husband was a complete basket-case who was also capable of doing horrendous things but everybody knows people like that, don't they? My sibling is married into the 13 bloodlines but there is nothing wrong with the person whom they have married who have fully reformed their beliefs ages ago in line with the God fearing folk on here.

        Everyone in that world is open to discussing and discovering their inner faith as much as the next person. For example, we have persuaded my mom to accept God and to accept that when it is time, she will have a funeral in line with monotheistic beliefs rather than the ones she was raised in (we will be springing it on her relatives unexpectedly).

        By way of further example, I am formally learning about the Sufi faith and gaining a lot of enlightenment. If I declare myself a Sufi further along the line, nobody will say 'She's a Moslem, let's get rid of her'. There will be people in the wider family having a grumble but my main family will be most accepting.

  19. For the record, Britney Spears is adopting BDSM culture into her music video. You can see that with certain scenes involving whips, gags, handcuffs, and leather bondage lingerie. It's nothing more than normal sexual dominance and submission – a healthy sub-culture of sex that is widely practiced and accepted. Yes I do very much believe in the Illuminati, but please do not trivialise or bring down the BDSM community by mere symbols in a video. These celebs are just promoting alternate sex lifestyles, something which should be accepted by all under sex positivity.

  20. That photo with Iggy on the bed with the tiger reminds me of the scene in the movie Eyes Wide Shut when the NY hooker is on her bed also with a stuffed animal tiger, representing kitten beta programming. Kubrick showed the same thing back in 1999!

      • Speaking of Marilyns posing, Katy Perry did a total Marilyn spread in a recent magazine. ::yawn::

        check out her cover for her "Unconditionally" single – as above, so below. Must be another one of those subliminals she thinks are so cool!

  21. Thank you VC for not spread this crap by putting the respective videos on the website. Only the articles are good enough, don't need to give more publicity for those bastards.

  22. So the question really is – how many people are AWARE of what all this stuff means?

    I was at Home Goods today (for those not in the U.S., it's a chain of reasonably priced sometimes junk and sometimes cool stuff they get from all over the world. They do gadgets, clothes, furniture, bath stuff, and food.) I saw two of those "tea-for-one" teapots. They're a combination of bottom (cup) and a nested teapot (top) that holds excess tea warm while you're drinking out of the cup. They had only two on display:
    * Alice in Wonderland
    * Wizard of Oz
    Made me wonder who they were trying to trigger in that remote suburban store. The masses at large have no clue.

    • Since you mentioned Alice in Wonderland, have you seen the new TV show Alice in Wonderland. What is that all about, are they trying to trigger people nation wide? this is some scary stuff

      • The show is called once upon a time in wonderland its a spin off series of once upon time. Alice fell in love with a genie is on a quest to find and her enemies are the red queen and jafar. Both shows put a twisted on fairytales; its really good.

      • Thats interesting because I keep seeing adverts in the uk from different companies using Alice in Wonderland and Wizzard of oz – in their christmas advertising. As soon as I saw it I started to wonder if they are planning something around Christmas/new years?

        I heard someone mention the amount of Food being advertised on tv as well (this xmas) and the use of the word "FEAST". So I wonder if they are trying to set up a ritualistic 'Feast' before the sacrifice?

        There does feel like there is something in the air this Christmas, like the End Times are close at hand.

    • I love Homegoods! But they do carry some weird-a** merchandise sometimes. I've seen some real doozies. I doubt it's programming on the part of the store…. I'd look at the manufacturers first and foremost.

      For the record, what is this "tea" ritual of which you guys speak? I "get" the idea of drinking coffee or tea as a ritual, but what is the "esoteric" meaning of it? Anyone know?

      • It could perhaps refer to lacing the tea with drugs. Say for example, Magic Mushrooms which were used in the ancient times, for mind altering purposes and altered states of consciousness, are consumed through boiling and drinking, like tea and then the shaman and voodoo priests could communicate with the spirits through this mind altered state, The ancient druids were clued up on their so called herbal remedies. I'm not entirely sure but it could be that.

  23. 4 interesting Britney Spears anagrams
    PRESBYTERIANS – I listed this one because it is the only one word anagram of her name

  24. are you guys the least bit surprised? And all of you feeling bad for Britney… why bother…she doesn't feel for the society she corrupts, you or your children…she doesn't feel for anything. She isn't even real…seriously people…she has willed herself into the physical hologram we see on stage…so lets just stop feeding these demons our energy. Enough. This article also reminded me of a Halloween special of the simpsons…where all the corporate logos came to life and were devastating springfield… the only way to combat them… a catchy but "empowering" jingle… repeating "just don't look" if we all just don't look…they will die

    • She doesn't feel anything because she's been programmed not to feel. I feel bad for her because she was sacrificed on the altar of fame and fortune by her parents. What happened after they put her in the entertainment business was not of Britney's doing. Sadly, she most likely isn't even cognizant of her life but just does whatever she is told to do.

      • True, but various types of people appear to be regularly tripped out on substances which render them incapable of rational decision making in exactly the same way…. it is not just Britney. What are those souls worth after a while? They are worth little to anyone and are further compromised by a kind of relativist hypocrisy. I see it in my friends (whom I love btw). They don't see themselves as morally dissipated as the big-shock-value cases at all. They invent sub strata to try and accomodate and explain away their lusts and desires.

      • It is not that these people are worthless, it is that they are trapped by their own desires! They just don't see it that way. They don't realize that it is their desires that are controlling them and allowing others to control them. In a twisted way they believe that they are in control and "empowered" when in reality they are the source of their own entrapment.

      • Completely, and it does seem to bother them occasionally but they are good at self distraction coping-strategies and re-empowerment. All the BS lingo of course! Their reaction to being used by some guy they met online is to mope for a while and then bounce back by doing exactly the same thing over and over again

      • Ive been through it all – horribly liberal education, tons of TV watching, malnutrition in the form of soy and pesticides, fluoride for breakfast and dinner, substance reliance – all the tricks supposed to keep the common person down and sick. If I was able to wash my brain (still in rinse cycle tbh), any of them short of an actual mind control puppet should have a fair shot. But I am regularly said to be either angry or uninformed when I discuss things like the real history and purpose of banks or television as actual programming. Its not very encouraging.

      • How bad is soy (I say pushing five bottles of soy sauce to the back of the larder)? I have heard stuff but ignore and ignore some more. I figure that I cannot live without sushi.

      • Soy has been genetically manipulated a lot. And it is not always shown on the label, that is, if there is a label. So go look for the good stuff. Like with corn.
        I am told that in the u.s.a. it is forbidden to label gmo, is that true?

      • Its not forbidden its just not regulated like organic is. We cant get a GMO law passed. Not that it would help all that much…people don't seem to care or even know what a GMO is over here. I feel like Im the only one.

      • Soy is very bad. Tofu, soy milk, any food processed that lists "soy" as an ingredient. Fermented soy is ok – that's soy sauce. Soy mimics estrogen in ones system and also blocks nutrients from being absorbed. Pesticides are also mimics estrogen in the system. Its why boys are turning more into girls and girls are finding themselves overly developed at 9. 10, 11 years of age. Imagine what it does to our sexuality when we put babies on formula right after they wean themselves. Not good.

      • Explains why I have a very pretty boy I suppose (who is often mistaken for a girl). He loves soy products and has done since he was tiny!

      • amaryllis you should have breast-fed your child for years. And also you could buy organic milk or formula.

      • I don't actually mind it so much – I think he is amazing and he photographs beautifully. He has that kind of tall, skinny, androgynous male-model look. I don't understand boy's boys tbh – I don't think I could handle it if her were like most of the boys in his class – all boisterous and stocky and sturdy. I can still pick him up actually he is so light.

      • ahhh all mothers consider their kids cute. I bet the crows think the same about their own. If you breastfed your son, I don't see how he liked soy. Where did he get it from?

      • Yes I know but I am ex Industry myself so I am looking at it fairly objectively. He probably likes soy because he developed a habit at a young age thanks to me!

      • I am not one of those over-precious types talking up my own kid btw but vital stats speak for themselves surely and success in certain occupations is all down to a few numbers, mainly. I think that as a society, we are bad at comfortably acknowledging that people may genuinely be more beautiful/successful/wealthy than ourselves. Everything has to be leveled out and generalized just like you did above to make those who feel short happy. It is one of the drawbacks of the NWO that has been most welcomed by the insecure and comparative people to make them feel better. In the industries blatantly controlled by the elite, they are highly discriminatory in those respects and unapologetic about it.

      • Of course, it may just be that many of us don't care if we aren't movie star beautiful, or better than anyone else, at any one thing. The illuminati and their pawns can have their whole "beauty is everything" mantra. I know better. I know what matters.

      • good stuff and then they consider you abnormal if you give no toss. Even the little petty things that you might give a toss for a few hours, it makes you wonder why they mattered at that point of time.

      • Maybe it is the ''appearance''-thing? Make the outside more important than the power and abilities from within. And make people think that their eyes are the best asset to judge. I am glad to read all these posts that proves thinking and feeling have not been extinct yet.

      • I'm sorry to disappoint you my friend but they have gone AWOL. Sometimes we might have out of nowhere a kind of enlightenment.

      • a soul is a soul…its priceless…and impervious to the physical threats of toxic substances or mind control…nobodys soul is worthless…worthless to whom? god? nothing god creates is worthless…or you believe in god or you don't……you may love your friends but you're awfully judgemental of people just because they choose to sin differently than you

      • There are many schools of thought, that is Luciferian ones, which would beg to differ with you without even acknowledging God in all of this.I am judgmental but I am usually expected to pick up the pieces. The lack of value is not fixed (in most cases) and more importantly, is fixable but it is down to the individual person to do something about it; not just wallow in their past as a MK slave or play dumb. It is too easy to use the damage done to you by others (as detailed in these articles) to justify NOT doing anything. The challenge is to better oneself and still remain relevant in your world. I think that there are less judgmental people out there who are completely irrelevant and will never reach those displaying the objectionable behaviors.

      • we want to believe that…don't we…but we all have to consider the notion that she is just a greedy poptart desperately clinging to her youth and beauty….her and her family were tested by "god" and or "satan" and she failed…boo hoo…now we all have to suffer? I would spit in her face before offering a lick of sympathy

    • I believe she cares. But at this point fearful for her life if she doesn't go along with the agenda. Look at Michael & Whitney. It's no secret more money was to be made off them dead after a certain point.

  25. Having grown up in the Britney era so being fairly familiar with her big hits, this article made me realise the lyrics of Britney's biggest hits seem to chronologically tell the full story of the Sex Kitten transformation. (Remember, this is just an idea):

    Album: Baby One More Time
    1. Baby One More Time – the process of making the MK victim dependent and attached to the handler by using trauma techniques (psychological and/or physical (probably sexual). The most distinctive two lines are 'When I'm not with you, I lose my mind' and 'Hit me baby one more time'.
    2. Sometimes – the process of the MK victim 'coming round' to the idea of putting her full trust into the handler. 'I wanna believe in everything you say, cause it sounds so good' – the promises of the handler to make her rich and famous and happy. 'Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I'm scared of you' – shows the attachment formed through receiving both fear and comfort from the handler.

    Album: Opps I did it Again
    1. Opps… I did it Again – this is basically the story of the MK victim in the 'good phase' where the programming is working correctly. On the surface, the MK victim looks 'perfect', but underneath sex slave programming is in full effect.
    2. Stronger – this seems to show that the MK victim still has hope and is able to think at least slightly freely at this stage of the process. "I’m not your property as from today, baby" – the MK victim may think she can get away from a controlling boyfriend, without realising that when one handler goes, another one will enter.
    3. Lucky – continued theme of appearing to be perfect with fortune and fame, but actually being hopelessly miserable.

    Album: Britney
    1. Slave 4 U – the song tries to code itself in the guise of an average club scene, but this chorus in this context is just too blatant: 'I'm a slave for you. I cannot hold it, I cannot control it. I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it.' The MK slave is now resigned to her fate; her ability to free think diminishes.
    2. Overprotected – simply reiterating that every aspect of the victim's life is controlled

    Album: In the Zone
    1. Me Against the Music – duet with Madonna reads almost like a conversation between handler and victim.
    2. Toxic – same themes again: "It's getting late to give you up, I took a sip from a devil's cup" – telling us that the programming is now irreversible

    Album: Blackout (first supposed 'come-back' album post breakdown. Even mainstream outlets commented on how disassociated Britney appeared)
    Lyrics on all songs are simple and repetitive. All free will is now gone after programming break down and re-programming and the victim can only cope with parroting easy lines.
    This is around the time the public accepted, due to her 'mental health issues', that Britney appeared a bit 'off' and a general acceptance that lip-syncing was the norm.

    Album: Circus
    Another simple and repetitive album as the victim adjusts to re-programming.

    Album: Femme Fatale
    More lyrics mostly about sex. Post-breakdown, the focus seems to be off the lyrics (given the fact people wanted to point fingers at who was to blame for the breakdown) but symbolism in videos become more avert..until..

    Song: Scream & Shout – Britney's real 'comeback' where programming has finally settled down again (whilst leaving Britney as an automaton who has everything she needs to say in public fed back to her through an ear piece)

    Album: Britney Jean
    MK victim has become a public idol of the status of Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean).
    1. Work Bitch – this article. The slave becomes the handler and the journey is complete. Have we (the audience) become the automatons vicariously through worship of Britney?

      • Well yes it is, but I still just felt compelled to lump it in with her repetitive post-breakdown sex songs. Britney just simply says and sings what she is told. Recently I saw an interview with her on Alan Carr's Chatty Man (it's an English comedy talk show) and poor Britney was not even comfortable with saying 'b*tch' at first, despite it being the title of 'her' new song! It was so obvious how off she was, clearly being fed a dialogue through her ear piece until they stopped the interview to do some joke which allowed Britney not to talk other than saying 'Work, B*tch' over and over. Afterwards, I tried to find any mainstream outlet that said how odd she appeared but all I could find was something like 'Britney wears daring low cut top on Chatty Man' or something. So poor Britney will be whatever she is told to be.

      • No one talks about how off she seems. Christina Milian, I think, was a guest judge on American Idol and said that Britney couldn't put a full sentence together. That's the last negative thing Ive heard. Talking head interviewers are always discussing how great she looks and VERY up with the world in her interviews, I assume as per instruction. She wears sunglasses to interviews as if its unsafe for her to be talking to someone and looking in his eyes.

        That lawsuit brought against her by a former bodyguard claimed that Britney was hypersexual and all sorts of inappropriate with him while out of the public eye. That lawsuit was settled. Settled. Since Britneys image is to supposedly be oversexed, I don't know what use it is to settle a lawsuit that claims the same. Why not fight it? Because Britney isnt a reliable witness? Because there was actual truth to his claims that no one wanted getting out? To me, that whole debacle screamed "somethings wrong".

      • I just read an article about the bodyguard lawsuit, and I'm curious to think why people think Britney's dad is one of the 'bad guys'? I think some parents have their children effectively sold through blackmail, but in these type of situations the parents generally do not know what is happening and think their child is simply going to get fame and fortune and a 'dream come true'. At worst, they are usually pushy stage parents living vicariously through their child's 'dream'. The parent is then cut out from behind the scenes 'work stuff'. Although her dad has conservatorship over Britney's well-being, he seems to be using it to block Britney from people like Sam Lufti and other probable handlers such as boyfriends. I read that he specifically wants to keep them away from Britney's kids, possibly not wanting to take the risk of them becoming the next generation of MKs. If it is true that Britney has been through sex kitten programming, then she will easily form a slave-like blind 'love' to her handler which can be manipulated through psychological triggers, meaning she will actually want to stay with him (and in all of her lyrics the 'boyfriend' in the song represents the handler). I would suspect any boyfriends working in the music or entertainment industry (who dates their paparazzi for god's sake?) were handlers.

      • You haven't seen enough footage of her dad, then. Try to find the clip where her dad "surprises" Britney wearing a terrifying clown costume. Her mouth drops open and freezes in a very odd expression. Im sure it was supposed to look like surprise but it ends up looking….very weird. When he feeds her a meal of cheese grits, their whole exchange is creepy. I think these were both clips from one of her documentaries for mtv but I cant recall exactly.

        Also, within a few days of Cour tney Lo ve accusing her father of mole sting Britney, a judge took away her custody rights to her own daughter. That judge was the same judge that ruled over Britney Spears conservator case.

      • Hmm.. I've just looked up the clown costume bit and it seems really normal, unless you saw a different video to me? It's Halloween and he comes up to the window in his costume, the kids cry and then he takes of his mask and comforts them. Britney is laughing and says 'You know what to do when they won't behave' or something. I can't really find hardly any videos of him, but I've yet to find a strange one? I couldn't find the cheetos one on a quick search. In the video I just watched, Britney says something like; 'I wish I could just live on island with my kids and a man'… I think she has attachment issues towards boyfriends because they are handlers who know exactly how to psychologically 'break' female teenagers and thus set them up for a lifetime of dependency on men. I also think it is Frances Bean who wanted to not live with her mother.. probably because Courtney love is an on-off drug addict who has probably projected her own eating disorder onto her child? That being said, there is absolutely no way for us to see what they do not want us to see. I guess I there are two viable options: 1. Britney's dad once made a mistake by giving the music industry too much control of his teenage daughter because he wanted money, and now he is trying to rectify that mistake by blocking Britney from her 'boyfriend' handlers but not from her 'music' handlers. or 2. Britney's dad is a handler who wants to block Britney from other handlers because he wants her money.

      • Who dates their paparazzi.. Good one. Some even have their own ''reality-tv-show''. Just one short zap through an episode was enough for me to know there is a whole new kind of man i could throw up on. (When sick ofcourse, not for fun.)

      • Have you guys noticed in the beginning of "End of Time" by Beyonce (the song she used to open her concert/tour) it says "Don't fuck with me you're nothing" I heard it when her song was released but no one seemed to mention it anywhere. Until a month ago…

      • I've read a fair amount on the stages of MK programming through VC, and having grown up with Britney I was familiar with some lyrics. I started to think about them chronologically and realised that maybe Britney is being made to tell the story of the MK slave while we sing a long obliviously. I simply looked at the lyrics to all of Britney's biggest hits in chronological order and found out that they can easily be interpreted this way.

      • When "Hit Me…" first came out years ago, I found the lyrics to be extremely odd and disturbing. Why would anyone celebrate the ideas of obsession and abuse, and beg someone to "hit" them?! I understand that some people like things "rough"… but a 16-year-old child?!

        Some online articles/blogs at the time touched upon this and how it's a part of programming for both the singer and the listeners, but at the time it seemed far-fetched. Now, years later, seeing how her music, her career, and her life played out, I completely believe it.

        Great breakdown, Epsilon. (No put intended.)

    • Precisely Epison, Fantastic post actually – Hidden in plain sight, through her lyrics she tells her story, subliminally as opposed to publicly. You're one of the very few that realizes.

    • Hi, sorry I wanted to place my request somewhere but couldn't get/find the comment box, but you seem to know so much about this, for a long time I've been meaning to ask VC to elaborate or write something about the shoes, how, why and when did they became an icon, what do they mean, (my gosh!!LOL), I mean why are they such fetish(fetich???) are they to be interpreted as male domination??? phallic symbols??? I really hope you can answer me because its always running in my mind, I come here to read these excellent articles and always miss to ask due to distraction/absorbed with lectures, about this issue,
      Thankx!!! be safe!! : )

      • I have a neighbour-tomcat with a foot fetish. You reminded me of him. I wouldn't go into your request though, not here and not on vc.

      • I've never looked into the shoes. The stuff I say is not first hand, it is just from what I've read that makes logical sense. I'm just making plausible connections based on a theory that may or may not be true. I would say probably, that certain high heeled shoes are simply associated with sex. Heels are supposed to make you sexy, and the irony is that women are brainwashed into spending a lot of money on very uncomfortable, useless shoes (I have done). In my opinion, the whole point of the media tirade we face is to get us to spend money, be reliable on money, and think that money is the most important value. Thus those who have the money are able to keep the power. The only way to keep people from questioning the system whilst still believing they are free, is to make them dumbed down and obsessed with buying things that make them sexy.

      • Groomed into thinking it's sexy, i would rather say. Base of it is formed during very early years of being a child. So mothers and fathers out there, mind your attire..?

      • High heels cause the buttocks to be protruded/exposed for access – alluding to SRA programming. This is how one becomes 'illuminated' – through a nal inter course the brain stem is 'activated', as well as the very real torture and shame of it causing psychological disassociation. This is how actual mind control is effected. Another 'personality' (demon) is inserted at the point of disassociation, etc. There is much more to it, but this is what the shoes symbolize. I have noticed them becoming so much higher (you have even less control of yourself in them) and/or much chunkier/heavier, to me this seems like weights, holding you down. I have to laugh when I see everyday women in the grocery store or around town wearing these 'stripper shoes' and how ridiculous they look!
        Most people do things they don't even realize – i.e. boys with their pants hanging below their butts (prison signal for 'I am available')- THAT is the ultimate mind control.

        (I bet you put up a 'christmas tree' with a 'star' and you don't even know why…..)

  26. What can I say? When first I saw Britney's video, I noticed the exploding mannequin, the whipping and most of all… the inverted pyramid. That was just… too much. Too obvious. Extremely unnecessary and out of place. What need there is for an inverted pyramid to be at the desert, in the middle of nowhere? Absolutely NOTHING. So it seems like the creator of the video needed to place a pyramid somewhere in the video and since there was no way to place it with a rational, justified reason… and make it match the story (if any), he just placed it there.

    As a huge fan of hers, I feel bad. Bad because my girl seems to be chained to this crap of the Illuminati with no control whatsoever. Bad because my girl has no control over anything in her career (if there is any career left). Bad because my lovely, sweet, tender, cheerful and beautiful southern girl that I fell in love with back in 1998 is no more, but rather, all I have is a programmed persona that only follows the trend that she has been forced to follow. At times I wonder… is she really aware of the manipulation she is undergoing?

    Britney Spears, I still love you. And I really hope that one day you will break free of all this chains that Illuminati has placed on you. May God set you free.

  27. The car burning on Iggy’s video reminded me of Beyonce's Crazy in love video THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED! Is it related?

    When I read carefully the lyrics, without singing them, it seems to me like the devil is talking.

    My heart feels for Britney, it hurts me that she's living this. I hope she doesn't unexplainably dies :(

  28. I just don't get why most people just don't believe it! The nonbelievers ignorance is simply because they are uneducated. Sad thing is, all the symbolism is blatantly everywhere and we all know Illuminati's agenda is just this. They took God out of everything school, books, etc. at this rate the future generation will think God is a myth. It is up to us as followers of Christ to teach our children to do the same and not expose them to the evil workings of the fallen angel – for as the bible does say God will win! I can't even let my five year old daughter watch tv anymore it's everywhere even in commercials. We must pray for all of these surrogates, pray for their salvation.

    • It is a hard thing to comprehend and accept if you aren't open for it or haven't witnessed it for yourself. The entire situation; from others not seeing/understanding what is going on to being aware of what is going on yourself…and doing what?… It can definitely be a sad and frustrating thing to watch continually unfold right in front of our eyes. Keep learning and stay grounded, I guess. Be as peacefully proactive as we can in our own lives at the very least…

  29. So what happens to these so called artists when there contracts expire? Are they obligated to re-sign? What would happen if they chose not to renew there contract, and take there money and move next to Eric Snowden in Russia?

    • They sometimes get a chance to flash once again in the limelight, but that's probably more to make the backcatalog sell, than to give the artist a chance. The rest moves on to smaller venues, when they are lucky…

    • They are taunted and made to feel rubbish and ridiculous for the rest of their time, unless, as D d d says, there is more money to be made, more minds to control and they exhibit that potential

      • Or jailed for tax evasion and sent to a mental hospital for "conspiracy theorists" (lauryn hill)

        Funny, as there do not need to be conspiracy theories when interests converge. Control of the masses is a converged interest of the controllers, simple as that.

    • Record contracts used to be "seven sides" or 6 1/2 albums. I think it is usually seven CDs or six and a greatest hits package. I think Spears' new album is part of a new deal, but I don't know who it is with or if she went on her own or started a vanity label like Apple or Maverick.

      If you go all the way back to Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and trace it through the Beatles and others, it is interesting to watch, especially the Capital/EMI, promotion machine work and change with the times.

  30. iggy has a song to called work. and she's basically saying the samething Britneys saying in her work song. is it a coincidence that they pretty much are singing the same song. I think not. think bitch.

    • Good for you. Do you like them with a side dish of diet-cola, msg ridden crisps and a fat pinkmeat hotdog?
      I am Just curious.

    • random mundane on

      Another "Simpsons" quote comes to mind here:

      "Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter."

    • WOW @sittingcoffin, DDd, Taedei and Random mundane y'all need to calm down. Am the same as well Leah and people are allowed to listen to what they want as long as they have a mind of their own and dont just copy what artists and trends are bringing out for the sake of it. I've never been one to follow trends or the masses regardless of what I watch or listen to..I can see through it and it's pretty much boring to me since I've been learning about this stuff for 4 years now and trust me if you pay 100% attention to this" iluminati stuff".guess what when you leave VC and your keyboards you stilll have to go out there and face reality (whichever one you subscribe to) and make your own decisions and live. VC won't be there. This site is full of articles that is still just someone's opinion formed through good analysis of research that is not unheard of nevertheless. I agree with most of it but not ALL of what is written all the time but it seems some people are acting like they belong to some VC cult..I listen to both music that lacks substance and music of substance (depending on my mood), e.g. SOS band, oldschool r &b/disco, 80s soul and still listen to mainstream nicki,rihanna ,beyonce etc when I just want a break. I meditate, have an education and don't "fitin. You need to find the balance that resonates with YOU not only what VC or anyone else says. I know it's hard to do but it's pretty much the same as being brainwashed if you let one person tell you what the truth is

  31. this title work b….. is perhaps designed to alienate fans so they would turn to a fresh miley.
    britney is meanwhile going to bring some money to some hotel, in a 2 year contract…. in other words the hotel is her greener pastures.
    maybe the nightmare will end well for her.

  32. I wouldn't be surprised if she becomes a sacrifice setup for miley cyrus to replace her. Although britney is "participating", meaning she's obligated to fulfill her duty, she's getting up in age. How much longer can she really survive? The salt in the wound is that she's not making any money for herself. It's all going to her dad, due to her being "unstable". It's rather sad that years have passed and her sister & mom seem to have fallen off the face of the earth.

      • Madge is well aware of the damage she's caused. Proud of it too. But she told us she wanted to rule the world 30 years ago.

    • Her father is a paid conservator, but her money is not necessarily going into his bank account. Hes supposed to control her spending because she cant be trusted to. If the programming is as complete as I think it is, she needs someone to do that. She cant even speak clearly or talk about anything specific (SHE COULDNT EVEN REMEMBER THIS VIDEO DIRECTORS NAME).

  33. I hope iggy knows she aint HIP HOP like AT ALL!!
    after that….shit….
    why would you try to empower women
    but be dressed like a hoe trough you whole short lived career… hoes aint no women
    no offence but they look like them but dont behave like them….
    hows are bitches and bitches aint shit but hoes nd tricks Hip Hop thought
    thanks to Dr.Dre now he is forming Future legends – K.Dot


    what person with common sense
    with an inteligent brain would feel empowerd by these humans you must be either very fuckin delusional or your mind is so stressed out by your constant dumbness that you fucking mk ultra programmed yourself into loving this so anytime you hear these 808s and these synths you go Berzerk…
    but hey T.I keep makeing that money just dont go buy a whole war ship and go back to jail…
    or something…

    by the way Eminems next Album is gonna be fuckingg Berzerk bitch ……

    nd leave britney alone she is a great musican nd has been succsessful for all these years
    her music is even so great that the navy was so gratefull to play it to somali pirates with a full arsenal
    and they where so in awe by her music that they fell on their knees thats how good it is….

    she is no result of an Evil King Kong programming Evil Gorillas to programm innocent Monkeys to puppets
    to programm generations and dumbdown the masses

    hit me baby one more time where she looks like a 10 year old dancing like a stripper and the whole world is celebrating her in theses well packed dysguised phedophilish like videos like in some weird animes…..
    m..i mean we are celebrating her talent and genius cause she makes hits and was going trough so much..
    and shes old so she is a Legend they all are they will never be forgotten….
    tell your kids…
    how confusingly dumb and blind our society ones was (before we figured out to smoke weed in the galaxy while floating in no air)
    things will change thats life-death
    ying nd yang
    nd all that ohterr shitt that has something opposite i guess…
    Cause like Pac says


    i know my speeling could blind the allseeing eye -.-
    but hey when you call yourself that dont expect shakespeare…

      • its a gigantic rant with an underlying crossword puzzle
        and the result is a phenominal riddle that stems from terrestrial beings that smoked weed feeding fromm ling lings brain at the same time lowriding ufos in the galaxy pulling drive bys on innocent asteroids while floating in no air watching Game of thrones…..thats how dinosaurs got extinct..poor lizards…

        i know its a little bit confusing….ignore it

        just think i said fuck these brainwashing one eyed cunts……
        shit like this makes someone wanna rant like crazy -.-

      • yeah i am making my own brain hurt sometimes reading these articles -.-
        frying to much leafs is just not healthy damned !!

    • Killuminati "i know my speeling could blind the allseeing eye" (Loved the fact you spelt spelling wrong lmfao)…..Shall we have a blunt? lol

  34. It's really sad to know that people do not realise the truth behind the entertainment industry. Every time I open youtube to just watch a music video I see illuminati symbolism in it. There would be some people commenting on the symbolism, only to be replied by other very hurtful comments saying how "stupid" and pathetic they are. It just disturbs me.

    • It is ironic that the stupid sheep call the informed stupid. It just goes to show how stupid they really are. They don't bother learning anything. They take it at face value which is why they are easy to manipulate.

    • I read one of the gossip sites that posts VCs articles just to make fun of them. I didn't quite understand what was being said until I read some background stuff on it and saw the patterns over and over again. I was like Alice in Wonderland programming, what the heck is that? No way. Now Alice in Wonderland is all I can see.

      Fun fact: Lady Gaga owns a dog that looks exactly like Toto from Wizard of Oz, and her childhood dog has just passed away. The dogs name was….Alice.

  35. Thanks. Well dissected and presented.. I hate that word "empowerment' too!! I'm in a group, attempting to rid myself of certain addictions. And attempting to find conscious contact with a power greater than myself. Though I struggle, and rebel, I still feel a sickening feeling when people bring that word into our meetings. It is the opposite of humility, of community, – it is selfishness and self-centeredness. But its dressed up to look like something else. I think this point is something you have brought out well in your article- how one thing is being touted as another. Its the deceptive nature of it these videos, that makes them so insidious. There's much more examples Id like to mention, to add to the discussions here. Cant think of it all now, but they have been on my mind, and this particular investigation of yours, is the most exciting for me- its hitting close to the mark. The stuff that is coming into my meetings, (and the stuff you bring to the table in your blog)-is very often dressed-up as something else. If it was straight up, it would much less creepy, and easier for kids today to see. But its diabolical nature, is its deceptive clothing. Ughhhhh. Puts the hairs on the back of your neck up. "Empowerment"- the kind being pushed here, is self-empowerment, ego-self empowerment. Thats the best language I can come up with at short notice- perhaps there are better words. Hope Im clear. . And- even though I struggle against surrender, humility, higher power, In fact, when people start this "empowering myself" crap talk, they do me a big favor. I think to myself- "well, I may have trouble with God, -but I dont want that creepy selfish stuff you've got, for sure"- so I continue to seek.

    • I seem to get your point. Be carefull with the kind of coaching you get. You are not stupid, so you see already a lot of the scemeing, even in the meetings. But please do not get paranoid and stay open to information from other angles. If your anwer is not of the religious type, that's okay. More ways to be human and develope yourself. Knowing drugs and bad habits ain't the thing is a big big thing. Stopping the abuse gives room for education!

      • Sometimes, we have to dig deep down and solve what damage has been done to us in childhood before we can stop self medicating with food, drugs, alcohol. Nothing to do with a higher power, for me. I had to figure out that everyone is just reacting to their own trauma, and to forgive myself what I had done to others in reacting to mine. Blaming anyone for your current state will NEVER help you. I knew that for years intellectually but I couldn't get the proper perspective and I couldn't stop blaming and feeling guilty as well.

        I hate to say it but the last bought of self discovery was aided by a quote from a side character on a Bravo reality show.

    • Letting go is the hardest thing ever. I had to hit rock bottom before I surrendered. You realize that you don't know everything, you can't control anything, you're not as wise as you think, and you can't do this by yourself! You realize that there is something higher and more powerful than you and you are a part of it.

    • Susan you are not alone,
      The very thought about empowerment that I will ever to be able to become significant in one's own eyes to reach certain levels to become somewhat conceited give me chills. Among the servants of God I would rather be the last one. Or at least start from there. He will never "empower" us. Just enable to do His work by methods of His own.

    • Who knows what has she done to achieve it! Maybe quite a lot. Her choice though, that's what she wanted. She looks after herself and the rest of us look after ourselves.

    • crappy outer suburbs of New South Wales

      I found it crappy too. I also found a lot of satanism is practised in NSW. Australia is one of the HQ for the church

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        That is very interesting to me amaryllis as I hail from NSW would you care to elaborate?

  36. One puppet is not indebted to another for recycling symbolism in their videos. They are not the ones pulling the strings and the same blueprint is rolled out for all to use. What is the point of drawing parallels between Britney and Beyonce for example? Neither are the brains behind the final product which is presented to you.

    • The point in discussing Britney and drawing parallels between her and other artists I would say, is that they are the product that is presented to us and the one that we consume. Of course they are not the brains behind the imagery they flaunt; that is consistently present in almost all of the arts and media! The point of it is that you have to stay vigilant and watch out for these artists that are red flagged on this and other sites because their message and it's delivery is the poison that will kill you.

    • The patterns, the puppetshow, the symbolism – it is all being used and reused. For veterans it might get a bit boring.( Like the current popmusic, ha ! ) But. It might be a way to keep the next generation informed and in connection with the so called stars/slaves/puppets/patients of their time.. ( and, i used the word veterans in general 😉 )

    • Are there any artists that participate in their videos concepts because they like and understand their programming? I saw a clip of Katy Perry happily admitting to her and the production team putting in a ton of subliminals into a video, and Lady Gaga….well, enough said.

      • Madonna definitely does, not sure about Gwen – she likes to think she does I suppose. Katy is docile, she rides at the front of the freedom train in first class, they haven't thrown her the curveball yet

  37. I really feel sad about these bad things that are happening esp for the young generation and I'm 25 but at least my life back in the day was much easier than now when we were kids we were simple and everything was nice (in a way which I mean that the illuminati was not SO widely open back in the day,now they are pushing the agenda) it just breaks my heart to see a lot of teens and even the people who share my same age don't understand what's really going on in this world … I may be 25 and my parents are not so religious but at least I am aware of what's going on and I really thank you VC for opening my eyes and giving me answers to my questions,it really means a lot THANK U!!!

    • Im in my 30s. Try talking to someone my age about ancient bloodlines or how America is ruled by the federal res erve and not people we vote for. Total denial.

    • In any case, the Halycon days and the Golden 50s were all a big con. The family was already in a state of decay and pretty much heading to where we are at today. It was all 'Honeyyyyyyyy, I'm home' while Mom popped some little helpers and puked into her Jello

      • Wasn't there a sitcom , very popular , in wich the husband used his fist and threatened to punch his wife a lot? I am not American, can't recall the name, black and white, apartment setting.

      • That one yes, thanks. Always found it strange growing up and seeing sometimes an episode or scene from that one !

  38. I accept all the references and the obvious allusions. However, Britney's lyrics in the first part of this article are just truth. If you want anything you have to work. We've learned that for the last 200 years. Nothing for nothing and very little for 5 bucks. True story.
    I don't take much notice of lyrics, but I do see the symbolism in the videos. It's really scary.

    • Yes, one does have to work to get by in life. But…most people don't work for luxury sports cars, mansions, etc. Most of us work to achieve and maintain a modest lifestyle and for the most part are happy and content with our lot in life. I am of the opinion that most of these stars who flaunt the symbolism have made a pact with the devil to achieve success, wealth, and fame no matter the cost. Most of them aren't all that talented and their success is hard to explain outside of the fact that they are being propelled by someone or something else.

      • True words indeed. The majority of these pop artist and entertainers lack actual artistic talent or skill, yet year after year they are still projected thru the media to the masses and it has to make one wonder "how did such and such artist even get a deal, or is continuously in new movies or constantly in the media". I total agree these entertainers have made a pact with Satan fir fame and fortune and undescribale riches. But all of the Devil's apples come with worms.

      • No wonder so many young people are dreaming of fame and fortune. They just see that talent is not required, consequently they might be thinking if the untalented ones can make it why not they?

  39. It's somewhat staggering, how powerfully pop-culture has latched on to dominance/bondage-play thing. Something that was a fetish on the general fringe hardly ten years ago is being promoted, espoused, and widely embraced as the norm. I've got nothing against folks who enjoy getting their rocks off by dressing up in latex and smacking each-other around or engaging in various fantasy scenarios, but I remember a time not that long ago when that sort of behavior, even among those who accepted it as just another off-shoot of that strange thing called human sexuality, was considered somewhat silly and not a thing to flaunt, much like those 'furry' people who have to dress up in giant fuzzy-panda costumes to get aroused.

    These days bondage, slave-play, and abusive sex are being promoted as the only real -good- sex. Intimacy is portrayed as boring, to be a considerate lover portrayed as being a wimp. You're not a man, pop-culture seems to suggest, unless you can treat the women in your life like meat. You're not a truly desirable woman unless you're willing to subject yourself to humiliation for the pleasure of men.

    Near every pop-culture music video has someone in a leash, a bridle or a gag, near every pop-culture staged performance features ladies in lingerie thrusting their asses up and pressing their faces toward the floor, and 50 Shades of Grey, as lackluster an air-port romance as any, is thrust forward as some sensational piece of sexual literature which everyone's just GOT to read, as it features a young woman relishing in abusive sexuality.

    It's a sad state of affairs, and reminds me in a strange way of War of the Worlds. This radio-broadcast, meant to amuse and entertain, is taken literally by hundreds, who panic in the belief Aliens are actually invading, and take shelter in the expectation the invaders are inbound any time. In the same way young people are seeing these fetishes being promoted in pop-culture and the porn-scape, and in thoughtless arousal come to believe that's actually what sex is -supposed- to be, and dive headlong into a fetish in the expectation that a happy relationship will result.

    • Yes, that was a good parallel – in posting that comment you have raised the IQ level of the average respondent to this article by at least twenty points – thank you, thank you!

    • It is being pushed on wide global scale,i think so too. Lidewij Edelkoort , one the trendguru's of the industry is rather fond of using it in the weirdest places fashion is involved. In a supposedly mainstream 'fashion event', she wanted fetishism as the theme for the bienale. Funny isn't it, going to the shows with your parents and kids and see variations of sm-wear and worse. Not that i am against the lifestyle or object to anyone living them out, i did not think a fashionbienale the right place for such theme. She got majorly paid for it as well.

  40. Jacque DeMolay on

    I'm sure Spears has no children and a husband, unless he's totally fucked up also. Two zombie adults trying to live and maybe they stoled these children so they can manage the two adult retards' lives.

    • Well do you believe in God James? Because, quite frankly, it doesn't really make a lot of logical sense to oneself beyond a certain point if that is not the case. If I never believed in God and the Final Day, I would not stop to think about all this for even a moment. I would promote YOLO and party like its 1-666 for the rest of my damned life.

    • Power and control of anyone who watches/listens to such things and then just blindly follows the lifestyle , attitudes or actions they promote. This ultimately corrupts societies, communities and individuals on a global scale. Such corrupt morals then leads to chaos which gives authorities the excuse to dream up all sorts of repressive laws- to curtail our freedoms.

      Then there is the money to be made by pushing materialism… buy this, buy that.

      On a spiritual level they aim to obtain peoples souls for their dark lord by encouraging certain behaviours and decisions that violate Gods commandments.

    • They are after global.isation of everything and everybody. Humans, their life, their products, all resources, like air and water. The corporate cannibals behind the machine are only a few – their puppets are many and have spread all over. Even in your hometown there is probably something going on to manipulate politics and upbringing of chidren. Hard to spot sometimes, but after a little while you'll see patterns of behaviour or executive orders, and notice the puppeteers.

      • Yes, it is extremely strange how the manipulation and roots of the deception begins at baby group, where the staff keep 'interesting' notes and somehow know the staff at say, the local school or safeguarding board so new parents think they are going there to feel better when they could actually be landing themselves into a lot of trouble. One of the moms who attended went round telling everyone that she was depressed but her husband's family were helping her to organise herself. Within days, 'someone' told on her and today, I have heard that her sons don't even live with her anymore as she couldn't handle the extra involvement and walked away.

      • I have become increasingly self conscious about what I share about myself or my children to our GP, or even the children's teachers. Resources in the community that used to be available for support, now feel like data collection reciprocals.

      • My comments on this one seem to evaporate immediately after posting. So once again with less and i hope differents words…
        Be carefull with giving out rights to any institution. And keep track of your children. The ones with issues are the most helpless vicitms. Preditors know that verrrrrry well. And it is not just a Dutch thing.

      • Fatboy Slim (amazing person) put out a song/ video in the 90s called Praise You – most people didn't get it at all but he said at the time that it was dealing with a lot of the stuff alluded to on these types of w/s. It is quite cryptic but I am beginning to understand what he meant.

      • Glad to hear you say this (write rather) about Fat Boy Slim. I always liked his music, and now my pre-teen son is starting to listen to him.

      • Yes, I have always appreciated his music even though I am a rock chick. He is very level-headed. He has had issues with alcohol but it must be so easy for DJs of his ilk to err. I mean they are a little bit like handlers sitting up there bringing about a huge collective reaction in the crowd down below. I know a big DJ in Ibiza who has told me similar

  41. When I first saw this video my thought was that this is her song to keep her programming in place for her new big Vegas gig. It's a trigger song to enforce her programming and keep her money machine going through this new phase. If you want to live, and live this life, you gotta work Britney. Straight from her handlers, reinforcing her programming. I believe she really wants to be done, just be at home and raise her kids with a normal life. But they want to extract every million they can from her. If she doesn't work, she doesn't get this life. It's sick. I'm sure this song puts her in the altar they need her to be in for every show.

  42. Why do people watch or like this type of music and videos? It's perverted and violent and degrading. It makes me feel bad that this is what the kids like now. How programmed are they!?!?! What happened to music with actual melodies and harmonies?

  43. I guess that's wht Britney keeps on saying that the nest album is going to be the most personal album ever… explains everything…

  44. Off topic, but the new GQ magazine, UK edition should take care of November's Symbolic Pics of the Month. Damian Hirst behind the camera, Rihanna in front, pure evil.

  45. The British accent… she probably had a handler or handlers with a British accent. Think: Madonna and Guy Ritchie, and her mysterious British accent.

  46. there are things worse than physical death…

    and there are some things here that bring to mind the recent film, "The Counselor." it is filled with bits to analyze and digest, on multiple levels.

    • random mundane on

      *sigh* Fourth.

      You know, your intimate knowledge of her dreadful videos say more about you than VC mixing them up in the first place.

      • random mundane on

        What's sad is you lack the attention span to read through the comments, but know Baphomet Beyonce's videos so thoroughly.

      • I read everybody's comments, why does it matter? I just felt like writing that comment. You took the time to comment the other three people who wrote the same thing?

  47. Britney dropped by In:Demand for an interview with Alex James during her time in London two weeks ago:

    “I just wanted to do a video that was out in the desert for some reason I think you’re closer to God in the desert,” Britney says.

  48. "She stands on an inverted pyramid, perhaps to highlight the fact that Britney is actually NOT at the top of the pyramid."
    That says it all….very well put.

    • A pyramid is a 3d structure made up of little pyramid 3d structures within it -some are inverted others aren't. It is a bit like that Kaballah diagram but I cannot recall chapter and verse. Madonna could tell you where Brit is within their structure, I'm sure!

  49. Gosh! can't believe how vulgar the videos are now. People think this is so normal; the music industry leaves nothing to out. Now the ladies are rubbing their crouches.

  50. As someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder(who is in the final stages of integration) my heart breaks for Britney. Mainly because she seems so genuinely sweet and vulnerable. I'm not all surprised by the rumors of her DID. She been in the industry for a LONG time and I'm sure it's been her only means of survival.

  51. Once again…….Here we go guys and just like you said "Sarahnp" – same old song and dance. – You know the score hun. __WORK B.*.T.C.H!…… THAT is EXACTLY what they are making Britney Spears do until she dies. (Along with all the other starlets of the music biz) I feel sooo sorry for her. I wish I could help her. There are many articles of her on the web and the Daily mail in particular writes plenty of articles about her and one thing I can say is that she is photographed all the time dressed scruffy, hair a mess, dishevelled, disorientated. everything but put together and the saddest thing is that there is no light behind her eyes and there hasn't been for ages anymore – Not even a flicker and you can just see it. To me I can see her energy has been sucked out of her, its only a matter of time till we hear the "breaking news"

  52. Also do you remember Britney's song "Slave 4 U??" – Says it all doesnt it. She performed this song at the MTV 2001 Music Awards…….wrapped in a…….. snake. Yes, a snake and anyone that has done their homework knows what the snake/serpent represents. But let me ask those "mask the truth and don't want to hear the truth" type people out there. Why a Snake??? – Again its the "Hidden in Plain Sight" and people STILL don't realize. Even Her song rebellion and Mona Lisa…….I can keep going.

  53. "Also, Spears’s new beau, photographer Adnan Ghalib, grew up in Birmingham, England."

    Clearly whoever wrote that has no idea what a Birmingham accent sounds like.
    (Hint: Nothing like Britney's Lady Penelope accent.)

  54. VC – You forgot to mention that when Iggy walks in front of "Cheetahs". – This is actually a Strip Club. Even in the 1995 film "Showgirls" (A naughty film btw ;-). Elizabeth Berkley's character Nomi is a dancer at the Cheetah, and Gina Gershon's character Crystal tells her working at that club is like prostitution. Funny how its emphasized and focused in Iggys video……and after pushing Crystal down the stairs, Nomi then goes on to become "The Goddess" at the "Stardust – She now is The New Starlet, The New Show Girl. Symbolic meaning no doubt. I just thought this was quite interesting and worth mentioning it.

  55. Britney during her femme fatale tour said that femme fatale means empowered woman. No. It means tragic woman, which seems to be describing her… or is her french that bad?


    If you want Lamborghini's, mansions and parties with friends, you simply have to WORK FOR YOUR HANDLERS…… BITCH

    not about working hard anymore but WHO you work for and WHAT you work for

  57. I think its pretty presumptuous of VC to say 'knowing her condition'. Most of this stuff is speculative at best so passing this info as fact without any real concrete evidence is wrong. That's just my opinion anyways.

    • I think he's referring to her publicized mental instability and not her alleged 'kitten programing'. She is under court-ordered conservatorship after all.

    • Actually Maltese whose family immigrated to the UK before she became a war bride. B Spears' father looks very WASPish though. She's certainly partly of British/Irish extraction, those from down south are mainly from the British isles.

  58. Heya.

    Ok you're the first 'conspiracy theorist' in years that actually got my attention so well done for that. Only thing I can fault you on so far, is the upside down triangle. I'm into ancient symbolism, and an upside down triangle actually represents the feminine aspect. So, although I'm not saying it changes much of what you're saying, it could just be that she's standing on an female triangle showing domination over the feminine aspect, in this case, the 'kittens' below.

    • You are correct about the symbolism of the triangle, but keep digging. There are much darker secrets to be found. Those secrets involve human sacrifice, drinking menstrual blood, breeding, sodomy, bestiality, etc. The "illuminated" use ancient symbols because they still practice the ancient rites.

      • Some women are involved with this kind of activities even though they pretend they are followers of Christ. For instance abortions=human sacrifice, they breed with men other their husbands, sodomy & bestiality=don't start me with them, they also add m blood in their partners' food without their knowledge in order to control them. They visit mediums to cause trouble to others the nasty pasties. The world is not a nice place, however we have to make the most of it.

  59. Doesn't impressme much ofr iggy azalea. She can't rap she's in the game because she is pretty and have a big (and fake) b*tt (and also because she really get intimate with T.I i think :X)

    • Lots of discussions about T.I., his wife, and the group sex scene about on blind item sites. They even connect them with Satanism.

  60. Another Iggy video (not this one) was ALSO all about stripping, it was pretty gross. Stripping leads to dominating over men and taking their money and being free, that was the concept. She recommended that her fans watch Showgirls and Leaving Las Vegas because it would be "cool" for them to see her inspirations. ::vomit::

  61. If Britney feels so strongly about the effect oversexualized material can have on kids, she could 1. Retire from the music industry in protest or 2. Finance her career herself and put out the kind of thing she would prefer to, accepting the possibility of much lower financial returns. If she's truly a prisoner of her management, etc, then I feel for her, but otherwise she's going against her own principles for personal gain, and no amount of money or fame is worth that.

  62. I wouldn't be difficult for an experienced hypnotist to program a subject to act or talk differently when wearing a pink wig or another brand of perfume or shoes etc. Those items would be used as "triggers" to change behavior or accents etc.

  63. What about Rihanna? She's the biggest pop star out right now. She seems to be enjoying her life and all her fame and popularity. I'll admit, I've wanted what she has. It must be nice to have so many people love and adore you, have all that money, all that fame. Granted, she's controlled by the illuminati but she looks like she's still having fun. Shes always being photographed, getting high, hanging with celebs, partying. She doesnt even seem sad. Can you guys tell me your thoughts on her and how you think she's controlled by the illuminati.

    • Simple she enjoys worshipping satan and all the materialistic things in this world. And she has happily handed her soul to those people. Remember like iggy, rihanna went to states at a young age ( i think I read how she was like 17) to start her music career. That is enough time for anyone to let the wrong things be absorbed into their way of life… She is being used to show you what you can get for giving away something must living people regard as useless..(soul) but at the end of it, once they're done with her they'll throw her away..and I'm sure she would have a lot to exposé.Los they'd most likely kill her.

      The music industry is ruthless.. One if my relatives who is a singer (not in this country, but in Africa) says to my mum her aunt that she can't get anywhere cause the producers want to sleep with her and she isn't having any of it.. So they won't promote her music. It's sad because I said to my mum this is happening in the UK/US music industry to a greater degree. Women selling themselves short for a quick leg up into fame. Really and truly it is not worth it.

      • Also I don't know if it's just me and my wired way if thinking but does anyone else think that iggy azalea looks like the white version of nicki minaj… It's the eyes and the facial expressions.. Coincidental?! And they both rap, wear blonde hair, fake butt, dress trashy and have the same MK/illuminati symbolism in their music videos.

        If I'm seeing things someone tell me but that's one of the first things I noticed the first time I ever read about this iggy azalea chick. As I don't listen to mainstream music anymore so I had no idea who she was until a few months ago.

    • She may "appear" to be happy and having a good time, but behind closed doors you would never really know of her misery. It's all part of the business if you really think about it. They are "selling you a dream." It is easy for them to do that when they own just about every major record label and media outlet. They will give you a product (Rihanna) nice to look at, not very talented but can draw massive numbers of fans, they will use her to promote sex, drugs, deviance that her loyal fans will eat up and imitate in their own lives. In exchange for fortune and fame. Please remember that everything you see from these celebrities is carefully crafted. The albums, magazine covers, even those pics you see of them on vacation. They have controllers who decide what gets out. So you see them all happy and having a good time but when there are no cameras around, who really knows what goes on? Rihanna enjoys it all because she knowingly sold her soul over and there's no going back so heck..why not have a good time here on earth because when all is said and done there will be no glitz and glamour waiting for her on the other side.

      • You never know what's going to happen to Rihanna. She might regret her lifestyle and change before her death. Everything is possible.

      • You're right Steve. She may turn around. But we've also seen the shady ongoings of the entertainment industry. Those who start speaking out, or want out, are not let off that easy. Here's a girl who was so wholesome and transformed completely after meeting Jayz. She knows this and she knows what she is doing. She signed the contract. While I am in no position to judge her I say I wish her well because the choice is ultimately hers whether she wants to fufill her end of the contract, or leave and save herself.

      • You make a very good point Gwen, I've also wondered why when a celeb is papped they have up to 2+ minders! these people usually disguise themselves as managers but some of them especially for "A-list stars" are actually controllers…and keep them in check, I watched an interesting documentary on YouTube by a guy who says that a huge percent of the celebrity community have minders/controllers who tell what to do and who go with them everywhere.. While posing as a manager, body guard, even personal assistant.
        What's done in the dark will come to light. Be blessed.

  64. On an unrelated note, may I know if VC do an article about the Total Drama series?‎

    It is a very popular series up north and here as kids love the idea of a Survivor ripoff cartoon. They went full blown with the symbolism as of late, with the latest season's villain being a guy who is obviously MK'd. (covering one eye, multiple personality disorder etc)

  65. OH MY GOODNESS! slightly off to[ic but i just came across a new song/ video while looking online for the britney one. I am astounded its got it ALL!!! look up Young Rapunxel. SHOCKING!

  66. On an unrelated note, has anyone seen "American Blackout" on NatGeo channel that aired first on October 27? Holy hell. If it isn't predictive programming, I don't know what is. I think that might be the next "big thing" to happen to the U.S.

    • I saw the thing advertised and had a major 'What the fuck is this now…?" moment… a 'predictive documentary' on an entirely unlikely event as an excuse to portray America in apocalyptic shambles, doubtless suggesting society would collapse and moral decency would be a thing of the past if the power went out a long while.

      • 'predictive documentary' … if the power went out a long while..
        World as we know it has become increasingly fragile and interconnected.
        What is coming is way worse. But not entirely unexpected .

  67. Have to say I am surprised that VC didn't point this out in the Britney video analysis: she's standing in the middle of shark infested waters. If sharks circling around her to the tune of "work b*tch" don't aptly symbolize her current situation, I don't know what does.

  68. This reminds me of Lena Del Rey's born to die. In the opening scene she is wearing white, a sign of purity. She meets her boyfriend "handler" wearing a read bra, she makes out with him. Later she dies in a car fire. Omg is it just coincidence? Why the red and white symbolism in all of these videos? And all the car fires…I mean seriously!

  69. Its clear that even Britney doesn't like to act that way but she is forced by her handlers. Why I don't listen to pop music nowadays. Other than the shitty music, the artists are not as great as they were before.

  70. Nicole – about the blackout – endtimesforecaster.blogspot has a post on 10/29 about comet ISON and possible connections with a possible blackout on 11/28. It's speculative, and let's hope it doesn't happen, but signs point to the possibility. Worth educating ourselves about signs so that when things actually happen we won't be "in the dark" – pun intended.

  71. VC, you probably didn't mention these symbols for the sake of brevity:

    1. Both of them have extended choreographed dance scenes in these videos with women behind them that kind of look like them but have the different colored hair.

    Britney's platinum blonde dances in front of her alter girls with jet black wigs on yet mirror her movements. Iggy with blonde hair a big white feathered peacock crown (symbolic I'm sure) dances with her alter girls in bright white wigs.

    2. In the beginning of the video Britney is in front of a 3 section mirror singing numerous times, the mirror reflects her face 3 times. DID imagery

    3. There were masonic/occult pillars in the videos as well… etc.

    Too many symbols to name… You have taught me well, this is getting too easy…

    • There's a scene in Brit's video where a kitten slave has a "Beats Pill" Speaker (their new bluetooth wireless speakers) strapped over her mouth. She can't talk, but her mind-control handler can speak for her through the "pill" speaker. In the next scene, a female handler (maybe britney) is shown pushing the power button and turning on the speaker strapped over her mouth.

      Obvious mind control metaphor. Childs play. Shameful..

  72. Sooooo Britney has a movie being made about her life….and she wants Natalie Portman to play her..for some reason i find that odd!

  73. I was so pleased to see you post commentary on "Brit's" new and extraordinarily powerful video. I am glad that this one did not slip past your radar, except you only skimmed the surface of it's many layers and depth.

    Please be aware that you mispelled the name of this video/song. It is not "Work B*tch" but rather "Work B**ch" (the "t" is an asterisk). Why is this important? I'm glad you asked…

    The number 9 is heavily embued in the symbolism of the video, from the number of dancers (eight) plus Brit (one) to the license plate on the car ("BB 72" = 7 + 2 = 9). Now, if you take the numerical value of the letters "workbch" they add up to 80. I believe the asterisks have a numerical value of 0.5 each, which gives a grand total of 81.

    Why is the number nine so prominent? Again, another good question. I am really no expert on such things, but a quick internet search will reveal what a powerful number this is, with unique transformative properties.

    As for the asterisks, I could not find any writings on their numerological properties, so this is pure speculation on my part, but I find the idea quite compelling: I mean, what value would YOU attribute to an asterisk? It is clearly not zero (yes, clearly) and one is already taken, so why not 0.5? Indeed, I suspect that this new "discovery" is one of the key messages being conveyed by this song. Even more, in a world full of old symbols gaining new uses and popularity (e.g. ampersands, hashtags) perhaps certain folks see certain benefits in the evolution of an ancient science.

    I do hope you're reading this, VC. My apologies for the rambling. I think this may be the most powerful video I have ever encountered, and I wish that I had greater expertise to inform my opinions. Still, you did mispell the song — tsk, tsk! As punishment, I think you should look at the video again and count all the mannequins. For a greater challenge, try to count the number of slaves.

  74. I have finally switched over to listening to a majority of Christian music, esp in my car. When I flip back to pop channels I remember why. I am not missing anything.

  75. hello i'm from Brazil. Its sad . britney sings…nothing, just about sex! Here in Brazil we have some examples too. I hate this but we must pray for all of them. God bless!

  76. I feel like a new aspect of what the Illuminati entertainment industry is trying to convey focuses on the idea that these girls are actually planning it all out ahead of time, instead of simply being pawns and puppets prostituting their gifts. That seems to be the spin they are putting on Miley's VMA shit show par excellence. Weeks later, MTV released a weird Miley Cyrus docu-nonsense about her new 'movement'. She talks about being compelled by some far-reaching artistic vision that made the VMA performance just exactly how her creative genius envisions the latest expression of herself as an artist. What the fuck ever.
    These two videos seem to be conveying the same 'empowerment' message. Every good thing to come along and capture society's attention, like the idea of the empowerment of women, s soon after perverted and twisted to suit the abhorrent Agenda. They take the momentum created by society through awakening consciousness and attempt to sway the energy to a darker place where enslavement can be maintained.
    Sites such as this help prevent them from doing so.

  77. I don't think British accent thing is anything artificial for her. I do believe that she's programmed, but that accent just says that she was just being herself. Her parents came from Britain. She still has relatives over there. Don't you think as a child, she was used to that accent at home? She's the only one in the industry I am sympathetic to. I feel someday they will end up killing her because she is too upfront about her morals.

      • She goes to church every Sunday, she admits to being uncomfortable as a sex icon, and (as far as celebrities go) she's got a great family ethic. Add that to the fact that she's been able to resist mind-control in spurts every so often and then rebels against her handlers and you can see why she poses a problem to the industry.

      • D D d,
        I got your point all too well. Things about certain god (call it gawd instead) occultists worship church occultists attending faith occultists are being ready to proclaim showing me nothing more but the depth of infiltration on ALL levels of society.
        More to the story. Check Strom Thurmond church memebership. The fact that they are everywhere is one more proof that humanity is up to certain events on global scale.
        As for me I will stand firm as my faith wont be subdued by wardens of dark.

      • Calm down tiger. There is nothing you can do if you get no assistance. Just think only with God's assistance you can get somewhere. Try to become less arrogant, we all have this problem, you are not alone.

      • Steven,
        I do acknowledge own weakness. No reason to humble down even more as all I can be is but a scum and refuse of the world (ever read st.Paul?). We as being the called ones do not belong to it…
        As for sure thing He is more than able to make me stand. To the very glorious end.
        Waiting for answer

  78. I have Britney's new video. I have viewed it more than 40 times, sometimes going through it frame-by-frame.

    THERE ARE NO KITTEN EARS! Why do you exaggerate/lie when you write?

  79. "Once you go great, you never go good" could also refer to a loss of innocence. Being "great" by the world's standard means rejecting what is good, wholesome and pure. It's also an obnoxiously arrogant lyric.

  80. People should probably focus more on their well being then who was the next robot to shake their body parts. Honestly who cares! If we don't involve our lives in that mess then we won't be forced to think about or follow "celebritied". We all need to save our money and eat right.

  81. "22. Continue discrediting American Culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American communist cell was told to eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms".

    "23. Control art critics and directors of art, museums, our plan to promote ugliness, repulsive and meaningless art".

    Does this sound familiar to you all?

    Congressional Record Appendix
    January 10, 1963
    From current communist (Masonic) goals
    William Cooper RIP

    • This is the reason why I have trouble with the whole Illuminati thing. These are Communist goals. Communists set them up to destroy the U.S. from the inside and since Communists have a public face, it's easy to peg all of this messed up crap going on in the country on them. However, George Washington also wrote in a letter that he feared the Illuminati had made its way to America. Maybe the Illuminati and Communists are two sides of the same coin?

      Like I said, Communists are a more open organization; however you can't deny that the Illuminati has a huge presence in the media. 99% of music videos, album art, and/or stage props for mainstream artists have a pyramid and all-seeing eyes. It's kind of confusing.

      • They are similar. Mabe communism was invented and practised as an experiment for the coming world order. And K Marx is said to be relatedf to a certain family, one out of the 5 most powerful ones.

      • They are promoting the same agenda – when I was a child, one of our walks home took us past the graveyard where Karl Marx is buried. My friend's mother used to tell us everyday that was where God was buried. My friend (now an adult) still completely believes this.

      • Highgate Cemetary (where Marx is buried ) is off a very steep road, called Swains Lane, that has very few houses on it. It is not a road that people walk up unless they are going to the Cemetary. ( I lived in Highgate for many years).

      • Sure, we used to spend time in graveyards (including that one) but in this instance, we were basically going home from the park and Swains Lane is not the only way in (as you should know if you lived there) – it is the only one open to the PUBLIC but there are a few private points of entry as well as private roads..

      • For God's sake why did you go to the cemetery? That's a place I wouldn't like to visit and that's coming from someone who has worked in the admin department of the council crematorium/cemetery. Even during the day it gave me goosebumps to drive across the place. Those places remind you of being nobody. On the other hand it gives me joy to visit the places where the relics of Saints are kept. I wouldn't mind that.

      • I dunno really, to touch base with dead ancestors, to read, to chant and burn incense, create art (crayon rubbings) , chat, tidy up between the little stones, play, pray, take home souvenirs … we visited cemeteries more than any regular day out – several times a week. It does put things into perspective. Don't like the sound of crematoriums though.

      • There is a book called Marx and Satan by Richard Wurmburd.

        People always discuss Marx but he was heavily influenced by and worked closely with Engels and was even financially supported by him. Engels was an atheist and like many social scientists of the time very into the works of Hegel connect the dots to the Hegelian Dialect, the Hegelian god (the idea in which the State is ultimate)etc…..

      • Yes, it is thought that communism lies at the heart of NWO as well as the scientology agenda… and lets not even get onto JFK

      • amaryllis,
        Interesting info on Marx. Hey I have heard that some occultists are having regular meetings on this cemetery. To this day. Is this true?
        One more thing. Many of his books are not known and kept hidden from public eyes. What else – founder of "philips" Dutch corporation were his relatives. Connect the dots..

      • Yes, regularly …and many bands perform there unannounced on important dates which often coincide with the date that their records are cut. It is in the least communist neighborhood imaginable ironically.

      • Actually the area the cemetery is in, is home to Putin, so I wouldn't say it's the least communist neighbourhood possible. I don't see how any band would be able to perform there, as there is no room. Additionally, there is no way the Highgate Society would allow it. I have a good friend who lives across the street from the cemetery, her living room over looks it. I will ask her about said concerts, but I suspect they are nothing more than an urban myth.

      • I personally know groups of singers who have done so (I don't mean bands with a truckload of equipment though I suspect it is not so far-fetched). Whilst the area may have communist roots, these are buried deep in it's past. Unless your friend was initiated how would she even know?

      • Most of the cemetery is closed off to the public and has been for the last 20 years. It is very much by appointment only so maybe you are talking about the generally accessible part and I am talking about the closed off part??

      • That means that philips is also Jewish, like the German Braun etc.. philips is also part of the rothschild branch by any chance? they are everywhere

  82. Actually, taking on different accents is rather normal when one hangs out with people from different countries. It happens naturally, especially to those with abilities in music and foreign languages. Just like many people begin to inadvertently mimic the speed and tone of voice of another person during a conversation, they can start picking up on the accent.

    • Madonna and Johnny drop big time I remember in the early 90s like how are they British all of a sudden.. Butt they also live there… However I do think there is some significance, maybe it is thought of as an elitist accent? Gaga does it too..

  83. VC, can you please post an article discussing the purpose of Miss Universe. I was watching MU2013 and during Miss Universe 2012's final walk at the end(oliva culpo) she very out of place threw up the horns of course saluting who she serves…

  84. Dear Britney (part one)

    There are many of us that would love to come rescue you because we know "the core" of you is precious and beautiful, dear and sweet. However, at this moment you would see that rescue mission to be another "traumatic experience" (abducted by aliens maybe?) and that is not what we want to do to you. One day there will be a resistance that will rise to help people like you in the future when you are ready to be deprogrammed. Just hold in there girl keep keeping alive, hold your dear sweet children close to you. And pray with us that a saviour is coming.

    Some of us are feeling your pain even if you cant (you hurt a lot) some of us pray for you that you will one day be free of the world and it's demand on you to make "Programming Videos" that may entice and program young children. It must be horrible also to know that you may be sacrificed one day "thrown from the gravy train" because someone younger, prettier and possibly more talented needs your spot. I hope that day never comes around, I hope that if and when it does that you would have strengthened in time and refuse to listen to your suicide programming. Britney (if that is your name) please hold on please be wise enough to keep them interested in you until you can find a way out.

    From a loving friend

  85. The sharks as well. She's surrounded by sharks with nowhere to go on a tiny island. It's basically saying she's trapped. And it also says a lot about the company she keeps.

  86. my brother just linked me this site on facebook. it opened my eyes to the world going on. i love all music. and i like these songs,., but it gives me a new way to look at them and like them now. rather than just a catchy beat , it;'s now about the actual meaning behind the songs [ pop culture songs]. very informative article. i can't wait to read more!!

  87. I read an article that played a soundbyte of Britney saying she was uncomfortable with the Work B**** video. She said she's a mother and shouldn't behave like that. I wonder what kind of punishment she received from her handlers after saying that. You've got to give her props, though. She's one of the few who dares color outside of the lines and stands up (even if it is subtly) to Hollywood.

  88. Seen Iggy doing her ritualistic thing with Robin Thicke – you can't deny that they have a good diary system in place if nothing else! Meanwhile, poor Miley, afraid of being outdone, goes one step down the ladder of self-degradation on a stage somewhere else with a drag …. except that Ri-Ri's already done that one as has Gaga! So original is all of this!

      • I believe that the tobacco industry is single-handedly responsible for having created the financially-driven beast that is European football which has seriously dumbed down the white, European, working class male to a new low of denseness and slobbery. It has proven itself as A class opium for the masses.

  89. excellent analysis by reader "epsilon". I remember when circus came out I was like wow she's openly admitting that her life is a circus. The same way you go album to album with all the stages you can do that with Madonna as well. The difference is Madonna was too much into controversy and being sexual that no one really got it and people didnt pay attention like we are now. But believe me it is the same thing. I'm sure with this video the whips alone should be found disturbing and the way everyone is tied up. It can't get more blatant and there is no way that is Britney actually controlling other people. This is def what is going on in her life. As for iggy, that is too too bad because being a white Australian female rapper she was almost different…almost. I seen other videos of her and they have her exposing young children, primarily blacks, and I thought something isn't right. In order to even make a presence In the industry she made her own video for her first release " p@ ssy". You have to do an article on her too.

  90. Note the letters on the necklace Britney is wearing – "CHAOS",

    as in Order out of Chaos, as in Novus Ordo Seclorum, as in New World Order

    technically, we are all 'their' bitches and slaves. Most just don't yet know it. When most know it, we may have a chance of breaking the machine from whence we were birthed.

    Disobey much.

  91. I agree about the word empower. If you can be "enpowered", to be given power, you could also be unempowered or disempowered, your power taken away. It does refer to "allowing" someone to have power or NOT and therefore controlling that person.

    • f*ck them, they are nothing. Thay are only allowed to have power on earth, they'll die and they have no power as to where they will be. Their bosees, aka d3mons are shaking like leaves in front of the Holy Trinity. I want to see what power thay have regarding the Holy though instead of terrorising some little humans like us.

  92. Its a shame that they've sold their soul to the devil to eventually become popular at the expense of being "owned" and dominated, and yeah I hate that "empowerment" word too.

    The puppets just keep coming in unaware of what doom they may face once they enter the music industry, especially when interscope is just nothing but an agenda-pushing entity on behalf of the higher-ups.

    The kitties are always a clear evidence of MK ultra as it just keeps coming and coming again as it does not cease like a raging wildfire.

    And so I wonder, when are "they" gonna be done with Britney? especially when I have a fair idea of what may become of her eventually just like those before her.

    And that Australian rapper Iggy is doomed to suffer just like the rest before her or who are already in (like Britney), with a "no-exit" policy.

  93. I don't know if anyone is into any occultism, but in occultism, an inverted pyramid is a very strong symbol. In alchemy it represents water and the female; being that the inverted pyramid represents the female sexual organs. Inverted pyramids are starting to pop up everywhere in mainstream media like movies, and music. I know iron man was transformed into having an inverted triangle powering his suit and life. British band muse opens up their concert by being inside a pyramid which then drops them off and becomes inverted on top of them as they sing. The inverted pyramid is supposed to represent the other brotherhood: LUMINARI…

  94. Disgusting people are buying into this and it is having very negative effects on western society. If I had a daughter, I'd be very concerned indeed.

  95. Iggy's video reminded me slightly of Kat Graham's 'I Want It All' music video, which also randomly features a tiger and a strange eye flashing thing at 1.40. Maybe just because a lot of Kat Graham's music videos use weird symbolism, like unnecessary eye patches in 'Sassy' and a whole screen of pyramids in 'Power'.

  96. The pyramid Britney is standing on is really in your face. It looks like she is on top, but in reality it is the bottom of the pyramid and she has no chance getting off it on her own. And obviously she did not get up/down there on her own either. Someone put her there and makes her perform.

  97. Intrigueyourmind on

    Am I the only one who notice the connection, between Iggy video and Beyonce video in love. It's the exact same beyonce setting the car on fire and becoming huge! Iggy setting the car on fire and watch what she becomes. They only duplicate the obvious!

  98. I am wondering why you allow the sexist advertisements? They undermine and detract from what you seem to be trying to do? Is it not somewhat hypocritical to vilify the music industry (and I do believe they are villains) for the sexual exploitation of women and then profit from the same sort of thing by enticing your readers in the same sort of way for profit?

  99. Pony Play. That is what you are seeing in this video. There is so much kink here, it's insane. Not "kittens", ponies.

  100. These videos have a lot of mannequins. Obvious representations of how disposable they are to the eilte and how empty they are in the head.

  101. do you think that getting in drugs everyday and drinkink alcohol until you pass out if fun or amazing! let say anne hathaway or jennifer lawrence you don't see those girls getting in problems with men of being a slut or having alcohol problems SO when you see someone as wasted like Lindsay Lohan or Rihanna you understand those people only can support their life being drunk all the time. DO YOU THINK THAT'S THE TYPE OF HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE YOU SHOULD HAVE? No.

  102. I heard Iggy Azalea's song Work and is it just me or does it sound just incredibly depressing? The story of the song is about her as a 16 year old Australian girl ending up alone in Miami, there's hints in the song that she might have been sexually exploited, rather than all this Illumanti talk, my first thought was where the f*** were her parents? And secondly, why hasn't anyone gone to jail? I'm a 32 year old man, I don't have any kids yet, I don't know much about feminism, but these were the first thoughts that came into my head, it really feels like Iggy is a victim, there's nothing empowering about the song, it totally bummed me out if anything.

    I remember spending a summer in Paris when I was 17, and it being slightly scary in the banlieu where I stayed, but I was a fairly big guy capable of looking after myself and Paris really wasn't that bad, i had a good time out there, made good friends . Iggy was 16 and alone in Miami. This isn't empowerment, it's putting young women at incredible risk, I really hope Iggy comes out and tells the full story about what she went through and it stops other girls from putting themselves in harms way

  103. That is the reason why subterranean designers would be the greatest, simply because they nevertheless hip hop as well as perform concerning the essential problems within existence, not really this particular illuminati shit.

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