Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” Video is About Occult Mind Control


Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” video is viewed by most people as being merely  “sexy” or “fashion” but not many get its occult meaning. Hidden in the symbolism of the video and in the song’s lyrics are references to dark themes: possession and mind control.

If you read my other article on Beyonce called “Beyonce to Sasha Fierce – Occult Symbolic Rebirth“, you’ll already be aware of the dark symbolism surrounding Sasha Fierce. “Sweet Dreams” is a perfect continuation of the dark themes surrounding Beyonce’s alter-ego: dark occultism, mind control, spirit possession, etc. The lyrics of the song and the imagery of the video have a supernatural and ethereal quality, as Beyonce professes her love to someone or something she calls a “sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare”.

Essential Information

So what is this song about? Love? Yes. Love of her mind controlled state and of her controller. Pretty disturbing. What is mind control? It is a technique developed by the CIA to literally control a subject’s mind (google MK Ultra for more info). “Monarch Programming” uses extreme treatments (such as electroshock) to cause a major trauma in the victims psyche. Ron Patton describes the main precepts of “Monarch Programming” here:

Definition and Description

“The name MONARCH is not necessarily defined within the context of royal nobility, but rather refers to the monarch butterfly. When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity ), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique. Occultic symbolism may give additional insight into the true meaning. Psyche is the word for both “soul” and “butterfly” coming from the belief that human souls become butterflies while searching for a new reincarnation. Some ancient mystical groups, such as the Gnostics, saw the butterfly as a symbol of corrupt flesh. The “Angel of Death” (remember Mengele?) in Gnostic art works was portrayed crushing the butterfly. A marionette is a puppet that is attached to strings and is controlled by the puppet master, hence MONARCH programming is also referred to as the “Marionette Syndrome.” “Imperial Conditioning” is another term used, while some mental health therapists know it as “Conditioned Stimulus Response Sequences.” Project MONARCH could be best described as a form of structured dissociation and occultic integration, carried out in order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a systematic framework. During this process, a Satanic ritual, usually including Cabalistic mysticism, is performed with the purpose of attaching a particular demon or group of demons to the corresponding alter(s). Of course, most skeptics would view this as simply a means to enhance trauma within the victim,  negating any irrational belief that demonic possession actually occurs.”

Alters and Triggers

Another way of examining this convoluted victimization of body and soul is by looking at it as a complex computer program: A file (alter) is created through trauma, repetition and reinforcement. In order to activate (trigger) the file, a specific access code or password (cue or command) is required. The victim/survivor is called a “slave” by the  programmer/handler, who in turn is perceived as “master” or “god.” About 75% are female, since they possess a higher tolerance for pain and tend to dissociate easier than males. Subjects are used mainly for cover operations, prostitution and pornography; involvement in the entertainment industry is notable.  A former military officer connected to the DIA, told this writer, “In the ‘big picture’ these people [MONARCH victims] are in all walks of life, from the bum on the street to the white-collar guy”. In corroboration, a retired CIA agent vaguely discussed the use of such personnel to be used as “plants” or “chameleons” for the purpose of infiltrating a designated group, gathering information and/or injecting an ulterior agenda. There are an inordinate amount of alters in the victim/survivor with numerous back-up programs, mirrors and shadows. A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are interwoven in the mind and rotate on an axis. One of the main internal structures, (of which their are many) within the system is shaped like a double-helix, consisting of seven levels. Each system has an internal programmer which oversees the “gatekeeper” (demons?) who grant or deny entry into the different rooms. A few of the internal images predominately seen by victims/survivors are trees, the Cabalistic “Tree of Life,” with adjoining root systems, infinity loops, ancient symbols and letters, spider webs, mirrors or glass shattering, masks, castles, mazes, demons/monsters/aliens, sea shells, butterflies, snakes, ribbons, bows, flowers, hour glasses, clocks, robots, chain-of-command diagrams and/or schematics of computer circuitry boards. Source:

MK Ultra Victim (1961)

OK, this heavy stuff but there are some important points to note which are directly related to “Sweet Dreams”:

  1. Monarch treatment gives a feeling of “light-headeness, as if one is floating”
  2. It engenders a new creation, an alternate personality
  3. The victim sees his controller as “god”
  4. Dark occult rituals are involved in the process
  5. Symbols relating to Monarch programming involve mirrors, glass shattering, rainbows, robots and more.

I’m guessing that you’re starting to see where I’m going with this. All of these things are represented in Beyonce’s 4 minute video. How much can one honestly attribute to coincidence? The truth is: “Sweet Dreams” is a metaphor for mind control, Monarch Programming to be precise, and Beyonce sings from the point of view of the programmed slave.

Song Analysis

“Every night I rush to my bed With hopes that maybe I’ll get a chance to see you When I close my eyes I’m going out of my head Lost in a fairytale, can you hold my hands and be my guide?”

Beyonce is looking forward to “going out of her head” and getting “lost in a fairytale“. She is asking her controller to “hold her hand and be her guide“. The state of a mind controlled slave is often compared to a fairytale (they are said to be shown movies such as The Wizard of Oz). The controller will be her guide in the treatments.

“Clouds filled with stars cover the skies And I hope it rains, you’re the perfect lullaby What kinda dream is this?”
There is a real sense of a hazy state of mind. Beyonce says to her controller, who is causing in her this mental state, “you’re the perfect lullaby”.

“You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare Either way I don’t wanna wake up from you (Turn the lights on) Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare Somebody pinch me, your love’s too good to be true (Turn the lights on)”
So this state of mind control can be a sweet dream, which is a blissful state where the boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred. It can also be a nightmare due to the traumatizing treatments, the mental anguish and the fact that being a Monarch slave is probably the worst thing that can happen to anyone.  Sweet dream/Beautiful Nightmare also describes the dichotomy between Beyonce and her dark alter-ego Sasha Fierce. As Patton stated in his discussion of mind control:

“A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are interwoven in the mind and rotate on an axis.” -Ibid.

“My guilty pleasure, I ain’t going no where Baby long as you’re here I’ll be floating on air”
“My guilty pleasure”
refers to the fact that she knows that this state of synthetic bliss is false and ultimately harmful to her. But as long as her controller is there, she’ll be “floating on air”. This is especially significant when one knows that subjects of Monarch programming get a feeling of light-headeness, as if they’re floating.

“I mention you when I say my prayers I wrap you around all of my thoughts Boy you’re my temporary high”
There is here a mix of the “scientific” mind programming with the occult ritualistic aspect of it. The “controller” is often interchanged with Lucifer and “mind control” can be interchanged with spirit possession. As Ron Patton stated, ancient occult knowledge, rituals and magick are incorporated in the programming of the subject. The person sees the controller as a god, or Lucifer, who possesses his/her soul and thoughts. Beyonce says she mentions the name of her controller (or Lucifer) when she says her prayers.  She wraps her controller around all of her thoughts which is a nice way of saying that the possessor is in control of her thoughts.

“Tattoo your name across my heart so it will remain Not even death can make us part What kind of dream is this?”
She is basically saying that she gave her soul to her controller aka Lucifer. “Not even death can make us part“, conveys an obvious spiritual meaning. The only thing that remains of us after death is our soul. She says that even after death, her soul will still be owned by her possessor. As in all works of art, the lyrics could be interpreted in numerous ways. The video however confirms the mind control theme of the song by visually representing the steps, the symbols and even many “triggers” associated with Monarch programming.


Video Analysis

So what is the message of the video? Yes, I know Beyonce is “hawt”. Now that we got that out of the way, we can look past her hawtness…There’s way more to that video than hypnotic robot breasts. The video starts with Beyonce sleeping to a creepy lullaby tune. A dove appears and levitates Beyonce from her bed while the lullaby gets increasingly menacing. This scene ends with a scream of terror. sd1 In Christian symbolism, the dove represents the Holy Spirit. There’s however nothing “holy” about that scene. The scene is dark, the music is ominous, Beyonce is troubled and she gets lifted in what looks like a feat of black magick. To find the true meaning of that dove, one has to go into its occult meaning.

“Helena Blavatsky, an occultist, Luciferian, magician, Mason, and founder of the Theosophical Society, along with Masonic author Albert Pike, in their writings of this belief, that Lucifer is the holy spirit. Pike, referred to the Holy Ghost, when he wrote, “the body of the Holy Spirit, the universal Agent, [is]the Serpent…”

The Holy Spirit of Occult Orders, the liaison between the earth realm and the heavens, is Lucifer. This is graphically represented on the lamen of the Luciferian fraternity Ordo Templi Orientis.

Lamen of the O.T.O. Upside dove = Fall of Lucifer?

So in the first scene of the video, we see Lucifer lifting Beyonce from her bed and sending her to a kind of weird heaven. As stated above, the song is at the same time about Lucifer and Beyonce’s mind controller. So the dove also represents the controller making Beyonce feel light-headed from Monarch programming. Beyonce is sent into an “alternate world” with an omnipresent rainbow, a symbol associated with Monarch programming. We often see in the video multiple Beyonce’s colliding into one or the opposite, which represent her alters or minions. If you look closely at the backup dancers in one particular scene, they are literally broken in half, as if they are not activated.

Notice the rainbow, the importance of the light source (Lucifer = god of Light)…And is this a pale horse running in the background?

In this symbolic scene, Beyonce is in a mirror room, not knowing who the “real Beyonce” is. This scene refers to the dissociative nature of mind control, not to mention that mirrors are an all-important symbol of Monarch Programming.

Mirror reflections symbolism

She then shatters a mirror and fragments fly all over the place, which represents the fragmentation and compartmentalization of her consciousness, an important prerequisite in order to create a new alternate personality in Monarch programming. Then it happens. The shiny new robot Beyonce, the new programmed alternate personality is born.

New controlled Beyonce trying in vain to get back the fragments of her consciousness

What is a robot? It is a machine that is programmed to accomplish specific tasks. This description also applies to a mind-controlled slave. So the video describes the steps of mind control and the metamorphosis of the worm into a Monarch butterfly.


In Conclusion

Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” describes the blissful journey of a mind control subject towards its new persona. Even if that process is insanely painful and nightmarish, the subject is programmed to enjoy it, hence the phrase “either way, I don’t want to wake up from you“. Numerous symbols and mind control triggers are included in the video and, combined with the dissociative lyrics, the song leaves no doubt to those “in the know” of its occult meaning. Why are there allusions to Lucifer and mind control in the video and many others? What’s the purpose of it? Is it supposed to have an effect on the viewers? Are these types of videos megarituals acting on the subconscious of music fans? Are they preparing (programming) the new generation to accept those things as a reality? Those are questions I’m still attempting to answer. One thing is for sure: when one realizes that Beyonce’s incredible beauty and talent are used to promote such horrors, the video becomes indeed a “beautiful nightmare”.




  1. this article was really interesting and i got it in time…. i loved the song but didnt know it too well….i wanted to obtain the lyrics to sing it in a talent show or something, u know….waw…im glad u sent me this…thanx keep up the gud work

  2. excellent. I looked at this video after a commenter from Run this Town mentioned it. I caught much of the symbolism I learned from your previous posts but you always reveal so much more. Poor Beyonce and these poor MK slaves. That nightmare isn't beautiful at all.


    • seattles finest on

      its in the bible actually , people or our generation was programed to believe the bible is hogwash but in all actuality the pale horse is aproaching us now as we speak it is its time its war some belive they will escape the wrath by joing up with satan reptilians worshiping venus like the illuminaty does its running behind her , she belives it wont effect her because she made a pact with lucier baphomet look at kelly rolands motivation video she wearing a baphomet white netted bikini

  3. honestly just because she has what she does and is what she is ,does not necessarily mean you can call someone a devil worshiper. you have no right, i mean yes you might think you have proof due to some scientific reasearch probably made by someone who wanted to be famous, but you have no right to call someone a devil worshipper without lleagal proof from a religious point of view. im sure even in ht bible you cannot call someone a devil worshipper just because of a song..a song is just a fictional creation and more than 50percent of the time is not real,just a way of earning good money, so please next time you call someone a devil worshipper et more religious proof or somthing "and more songs", honestly this is wrong and for you too accuse someone off devill worshiping, shows just how wrong you are.

    • Honestly? Now after discovering this site and reading all the truths on here, you still question the validity of VC's claims? Are you mentally deranged? Satan was the master chorister in heaven. He could sing in several part harmony by himself. Wouldn't it make sense for him to use music to spread his poisonous message?

      The only reason why you still question after reading all of this is because you don't want to know the truth. You rather sit in your comfortable little imaginary world of ignorance. THATS NOT GOING TO SAVE YOU. However now that you know the truth you will still be held accountable to God, and you will have no excuses to make

    • seattles finest on

      its sad but true they dont believe jesus is the only way she wears the baphamet ring on stage that is the god witches worship sad but true we are in the days where they openly whorship satan under different names, but hes over everything whorshipped besides God and Jesus the mark of the beast is whats next its been conditioned in the catholic church for years google beyonce and baphomet

  4. In the Bible, the “pale horse” is symbolized on the book of Revelation as “Hades” or “Death”……

    juz saying…… :)

    P.S.: Poor kid!!!! :(

  5. wow, i saw her video yesterday night. i was hooked. had to see again it on youtube, couldn’t t get that song out of my head! but thanks to all your articles, i realized that even our hiphop models are sometimes mind control slaves. didn’t want to believe for beyonce till i read your analysis of her videos. but here i am at 2 in the morning typing “beyonce mind control” in google search…and here come vigilant citizen with a 1st page google result brilliant article on the queen b. wow! keep up the good work!

    what amaze about all of this, is the parents of these stars, its seems that they all agreed at some point (or maybe from their child’s birth) to sell them to the devil for money and fame. rihanna, beyonce, michael jackson, lady gaga, britney and the rest of them. its very sad!

  6. I judge by the apparent, so if people are going to throw up a load of well known satanic symbols, ideologies that are so blatantly and obviously occultism, then it is what it is. Only psychopaths and complete sociopaths with likemindedness and characteristics as their "controller" would accept and sell out to a clockwork orange nightmare like this. They have been seduced to make a pact which includes an oath of consequence should they try to back out of it. A large part of these personalities being seduced is the promise of immortality by their "controller" every psycopath wants to live forever and will do anything to obtain it which is evident throughout the ages and civilization in their books and temples. Immortality is the ultimate devil's deception. Madonna reminds me of the film til death becomes her, that hag will do anything to remain eternally youthful, almost 3 decades later and she is desperately studying the kabbalah hoping how this immortality oath/promise works, truth is they fear death because deep down they know, like themselves the devil is a compulsive liar and they fear the big con.

    • MyBondsAreBroken on

      It is the ultimate and very first deception ever to humankind. "You shall be like gods, knowing good and bad" said the Devil to Eve. It was bullcrap then, and it's bullcrap now, instead of becoming like "gods", human beings have become more like animals and demonized, and too arrogant and blinded by their mad rush for power to know it, or just not care. Their house of cards is all coming down sooner than they think.

  7. Satan's promise of immortality is not the same as God Almighty's promise of an eternal life in the fire or the paradise. The devil tries to imitate the Attributes of his Creator, so if the devil promises these people some sort of salvation then why is it he cant even save himself if his promise true.

  8. very interesting website! i was wondering, if in reference to the "monarch" program and butterfly symbolism, if you had any insite into mariah carey. i know that she had many issues with Sony and mottola, the same label under which beyonce is signed, and she uses the butterfly as her own personal symbol now. this could be to symbolize her emancipation from the previous control on her, but i was wondering if you thought there is relation to the mind control/occult idea. thanks

  9. also, there has been lots of speculation online about occult institutions, like Illuminati against michael jackson. any insight into this also?

  10. I've been wanting to buy a Rihanna or Beyonce CD, but my mom kept saying no. She didn't know why but she just didn't like them, she was so shocked when I explained all I've read here to her. I can't beleive that people with talent would sell their souls for money and fame. No wonder Rihanna has been cutting herself off from her family, there was a time when they couldn't reach her. Have u seen lately, she reminds me of Lady Gaga, just walking around with an empty mind, doesn't smile, it's like it's her body is walking around brainless. Maybe Chris Brown saw demons when he beat her up, see the pic and notice the horns…

    I used to love Beyonce and all the songs she did with DC were speking to you, but now she just sings senseless stuff, I mean I don't even understand what she sings about lately and the sexuality in her videos is just shocking, I mean before the fake J-Hova came into her life she was pretty decent, with her group, no sexual stuff, only positive stuff to young girls like @ the time. I mean they helped me get through some pretty tough situations. Her songs just suck… Diva? Sweet Dreams? I mean the videos are just scary

    • I completely agree with you- she did a 180 after gettin with JZ. It seems as tho he had the exact same effect on rhianna. Sweet girl image gone -replaced with songs like S&M. I know its a pain(not to listen)….because trust me, I loved me some D C, and was thrilled when B went solo-but somethin ain't right with her anymore. They want to keep you in triple stage darkness(dumb deaf blind)- and keep silently pushing all the symbols down your throat til,you find them so common place….you don't really question/notice when they get really blatant down the line. Before you know it….you done went out and bought the balphomet belt buckle cuz you seen it in video. But your here,on this site-so like the rest of us…you don't want to be one of the sheeple any more. I usually don't reply to folks…but you seem young,and its you youngsters that hold the future. I am a mom of 8,and I no longer plan on letting my kids listen to the B.S. on the radio anymore. Your mom is right-even tho its not the "cool decision"(my 13 yr old is mad-lol)-its the right one.
      Don't them dumb you down!!! Keep searching for the truth. 😉

  11. Great Article

    Im not sure if this means anything but if you watch the video analysis of “Sweet Dreams”.

    Between 5.15 to 5-25 Beyonce sings “either way, I don’t want to wake up from you“.

    and the minute she sings it the video switches over to the "robot" beyonce and it looks like she is pointing to herself (robot beyonce)???

    any thoughts?

  12. Dominique Swartz on

    Hey, high five to your research and keen awareness, as a youth pastor I really appreicate it. Many of her music videos, not to mention, Jay-Z, Rihanna and the crew, it doesn’t make sense, the lyrics neither. I do all I can to expose wickness, thanks! I appreciate you!

  13. okay wait what with the arrogancy…..just becaus BEYONCE doesn’t get covered with tatoos,all black and doesn’t shout out to the whole world about it,it doesn’t make her an angel..if she uses her videos as a way of worshipping the god of light,she will use them in such a way that her ‘blinded fans’ will still see the physic and purity within her,and why is it that everyone close to Jay-z(kanye,nas and rihanna to be precise)is portraying occult symbolism whether in music videos or in public?She is caugth on the web accept or not.

  14. I agree there is too much going on here to be a coincidence. But this is the thing I am trying to figure out. What role are Bey, RiRi, and GaGa actually playing in all of this? The writing credits on this song include (Knowles, Scheffer, Wayne Wilkins, Love) and the director is Adria Petty? Who is pulling the strings here? That's the part I don't understand…who is telling songwriters what to write and the directors what to film…is it the record label? If the girls are victims or MONARCH, then do they just have no idea and are doing what they are told, or are they aware of what they are symbolizing? One last thing, is Jay Bey's handler? So many unanswered questions…yes you can make the connections in the videos and lyrics, but who puts them there and why…

  15. Did anyone get a chance to see her on Jay-Z’s live concert. She did the song Diva. Out of all her song I thought why Diva?. I then remembered you analysis of the Diva video.

  16. Great analysis. There is so much material surfacing just now, one could write articles all day. The new Robbie Williams CD (he's big in Europe & the UK – yeah, I know the UK is part of Europe . . . ) reportedly begins with a track called Morning Sun – about "one" who has fallen. Any suggestions guys?

    • The morning son Lucifer also who the romans egyptians and greeks know as the Sun God. Its very complicated. But lucifer was supposed to be music miniter on this human planet to worship rhe Lord he was like second in command under Jesus. But he was envious, jealous of Jesus. Cos jesus like God would be worshipped. He want to be worshipped and thats what these guys are doing, even preachers(free masons) watch the most conservative preachers use the L sign . They use the all knowing eye sign and 666 sign. Which looks like what we use to say a-ok good job. But those three fingers held up and the circle you make they are 666. Anyway. Their signs are to each other for now. But if you find yourself they are using hynosis(sight) and magic spells(hearing) be careful.They want to brainwash people into hell or to follow them ?not sure where? They believe they can brain wash christians into hell. Now guys Freemasons, pope and Istael and white house got underground rituals and the elite wealthiest came from europe and they have taken over every country using teacher music, in-fighting(racism) doctors prescription drugs and poisoned food and chemtrails. And thequeen and pope sent us hete to be slaves give them all the tax money. That govt has for research and education and other fake studies billions of dollars goes to the fake jews in the holy land they hold hostage and the monies for the buildinv of the new temple. But read 1st samuel about solomons temple . Their was baal worship there when egypt sent the queen of sheba. Many jews been worshipping Satan all along. Google underneath the vatican, new pres of israel, zionist occupying israel, sports billy graham all free mason all satanist. And every president linked back to the 13 Families that are the riches oldest families that incestually hold on to their bloodline. All presidents are freemason and related to these elites. Rothchild bloomberg. Look up the bilderbergs. This is one long story, even aliens, robots fallen angels, the jaulocast. And sodomy at 3 yrs old is how they do the imprint of everything. They split the personality and cause pedaphilia and canabalism. Maybe they are killing us with fukashima leak in ocean . Machine from russia invented by Tesla. They call HARP, coulbe be the way these disasters happen. They are testing every chemical warfare mind control and weather weapon on us Americans and the world. Bush, clinton, obama putting laws into place to make it legal. Everytime that people investigate even the supreme court has chatges pending. But the blood of innocents and witchcraft has kept him right there. He fraud . Hes gay shes a transvestite oh lord . Every conspiracy added together in a web a jigsaw puzzle. Our awesome God has a deviant perverted enemy. Prayer has been hold it off. Pray for our enemies to tecieve the true holy spirit pray for revival and for the peace of Israel. Talk to God /Jesus all the time . Sin is forgiven ask for help and dont YOU separate yourself from God cos of guilt unforgivness to anyone. Let that all go love , forgive and talk to Jesus, in your head at work, thank him when you see his blessings and keep praising him. This is key. Praise and singing WORSHIP like David did.

  17. Hi. What I’ve been trying to understand these past 2 weeks since I stumbled on the articles about J-Z, and on another similar site , about this whole Monarch/Illuminati/Masons/MK-Ultra connections ‘theories’….is …if what yu are alluding to is true…then what is the purpose of it ? It sounds too crazy to believe, that fact alone make sme wonder if there is any truth to it…but what if it is really going on…what does it serve to do? How does all this affect the listener/viewer…WHY is it being ‘coded’ into entertainment like this…it seems almost useless to the un-initiated!!! ?

    P.S. BTW – These articles are a great read…and suddenly I’m seeing the symbolism everywhere….is this a bad sign? It’s all really freakin me out!! Look forward to the next article!

  18. Is the VMA's some type of symbolism? I think the whole Taylor Swift/ Kanye thing was a plan. Is it me or was Beyonce passing the torch to Taylor Swift? Why did Taylor Swift have on what resembled a wedding dress in the beginning, and as Beyonce passed her the mic( torch), they coincidentaly had on the exact same color red dresses. Maybe it's just me, but it seems that Taylor was publically initialted at the VMA's.

  19. The Video:

    1. Her Robotic transformation alludes to the Illuminati movie "The Metropolis" ….. see the other article that was written about Bey-o-Wolf.

    2. This video basically shows us that Beyonce` is in full swing and she doesn't care because she is loving this. SHE WORSHIPS SATAN!

    The VMAs:

    1. Why was the entire VMA set a tribute to the Masonic Religion?

    2. Why was Jack Black praying to Satan?

    3. Why did Lady GaGa sacrifice herself to the devil on stage? (and notice the set behind her while performing … omg)

    4a. Why was Kanye West used as a minion pawn to setup Taylor Swift's initiation?

    4b. Initiation? You ask …. YES …. Taylor Swift was initiated into the Masons on stage when she was embraced by that evil witch!

    4c. Notice that in the beginning of the VMA ceremony (occult ritual) Taylor Swift was wearing a white/silver Grecian gown and her hair was pulled up. Then, by the end of the show Swift was wearing a red dress (hair down with red lips) with Bey!

    4d. While embracing each other in a very uniform and specific manner (masonic) the Italian phrase "RDFO IL 40 PRO DEL ATO" appeared behind them on the screen.

    4e. I have been working on translating this and I'm coming up with some scary images and documents.

  20. i think its important to mention that when they “sing” (more like chant) turn the lights off, the way it is done i believe is subliminal programming or triggers. just like in lady gagas song disco stick when she chants “dont think too much…” and for the people who say that these artists did not write these songs, no but the evil force that “influenced” people to write them has the same mind and evil agenda, so regardless of who the writer or singer is, the agenda is the same and WILL add up. and if you pass it off as silly, do you think you are smarter than satan, who has been around since before time began? open your eyes!

  21. yeah the whole taylor swift initiation thing is something to look into.. uve made a really good point there.. and is it me or what but when rihanna first came onto the music scene she could not sing!!!!! and her songs were so lame.. and is chris brown really clean from all this demon stuff?? i dont think so..

    • Hey just a heads up you can't even get a record contract unless you are a initiated Witch and that has been since the 70's with Kiss (knights in satanic service), too many other groups to list…wait until he talks about star wars the movie …it's 99.9% witchcraft… in witchcraft their greeting they use to say goodbye is " may the force be with you" and in star-wars have you notice that all the Jedi’s at some point fight each other just like witchcraft you are trained by your master and at the end of training you have to fight one another to the death….the Force is what witch's call their power it is the demonic powers which they use….their is some much about this world that people don't understand and this all is in the bible the things they are doing and why….Revelation 12:3 Then I witnessed in heaven another significant event. I saw a large red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, with seven crowns on his heads…..that is talking about the Vatican sitting on seven hills in Rome and the ten crowns are the ten regions that the Vatican as broken the world up into…Rev 17 12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour. Here is another…keep in mind this was written over 1,500 years ago…Revelation 17:4 the woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. The Vatican’s colors are what? Purple and Gold….one for the road

  22. Bismillaah

    It is only those who do not believe in the devil and who do not worship the devil that find it hard to accept hr really exists and is worshiped. Of course they know, they worship the devil.

    Do these famous people call you to believe in One God the Creator of everything openly? Or do they call you to give in to your desires (sex, music, clubbing, drugs, alcohol) what feels good must be good? Dancing and parading around half naked are virtuous activities? They have brains and sound minds, make no mistake. They know all that they do and are calling you to join them in sin. Misery loves company, right? But, it is not even the point if these singers are aware of the dangerous activities they are inviting you to do. The point is what will you do? Will you follow them or will you look for the creator of everything and see why He

    (swt) has created us (To worship Him (swt)) and look at what He (swt) has made legal and illegal for us to say and do?

    I am so grateful that I have Islam. In Islam these dangers and sinful things are clearly warned against. One has to only do a little digging to see how destructive music, television, homosexuality, illicit sex and alcohol are to the human psyche. These activities open you up to the shayateen (devils) to be whispered and misguided by them. How would you know if you, yourself were a man possessed? In Islam we are warned about such things happening and are given protective measures to use (Quran, daily supplications, five daily prayers) for protection from such things. And even then when some Muslims fall short in their duties they are still possessed by shaytan. Please open your eyes and wake from your sleep. There is a war going on and it is for where your final abode will be. Heavan or hell. All will go into heaven except those who refuse. Want to know who refuses? Those who choose to not worship the Creator of everything, who do not seek Him (swt) out to see what is right and what is wrong. It is not for us to say what is legal or illegal, that has already been decided. It is for us to find out and follow those guidelines. Remember, do not judge a religion by it's followers. Judge it by it's teachings.

    And my guidance cannot come but by the will of Allah. To Him (swt) I repent and turn my face to seeking His (swt) forgiveness and guidance.

    Halimah bint David

    SurvivorsAreUs.Com and Affiliates



    You know I watched a two minute clip of West and Swift and thought it was a weird set-up of some sort. Then I came across a clip of Beyonce inviting her on the stage and noticed they were both wearing red and thought it was really strange. Like the best way to make Swift known was to have her publicly humiliated and then show support to her. I agree it was an initiation. Please follow up on your ideas I am really interested to read more of what you think and noticed. Thanks. Also please message me on my blog as I am really interested in hearing what you have to say right away if you have a chance.

  23. Your interpretation of the Lamen is way off. The all seeing eye is the phallus, the dove the semen, and the grail the egg.

    And no, we don't worship Lucifer or Satan.

    She is singing about meeting her soulmate on the astral plane, where all the sleeping go.

    "The world of magick is a mirror, in which if one who sees muck, one IS muck." -Aleister Crowley

    In L.V.X.,

    Hierophant XI° OTO member.

    93 93/93

    • @ An occultist – we all know that symbols can have many levels of interpretation. You’ve basically described a “holy trinity” in sexual terms but it can also be described as this: The All Seeing eye is the Creator, the sun, the masculine principle, the dove is the holy spirit, the semen, Lucifer and the grail is the earth, the female principle, the egg. So Lucifer being sent from the heavens to “impregnate” earth.

      Did you read Crowley’s hymn to Lucifer? I did.

      Ware, nor of good nor ill, what aim hath act?
      Without its climax, death, what savour hath
      Life? an impeccable machine, exact
      He paces an inane and pointless path
      To glut brute appetites, his sole content
      How tedious were he fit to comprehend
      Himself! More, this our noble element
      Of fire in nature, love in spirit, unkenned
      Life hath no spring, no axle, and no end.

      His body a bloody-ruby radiant
      With noble passion, sun-souled Lucifer
      Swept through the dawn colossal, swift aslant
      On Eden’s imbecile perimeter.
      He blessed nonentity with every curse
      And spiced with sorrow the dull soul of sense,
      Breathed life into the sterile universe,
      With Love and Knowledge drove out innocence
      The Key of Joy is disobedience.

      • It is somewhat pathetic that I have learned more about history from this website than any schooling I have ever received, but thank you nonetheless.

  24. Did you know Aleister Crowley is father to Barbara Bush? Therefore making him George Walker's grandfather. Truly shocking information to me.

  25. I thought Jay Z was her handler, maybe he’s not!

    Turns out it is not just Beyonce and Sasha, maybe Beyonce got lot more that 2 personalities.
    peep this link:

    And they keep coming and coming, they re all over the record industry. Good luck to any God loving sane person trying to make millions as a singer in this industry:


  26. So, if this is true, why are they giving away clues and hints during the songs and videos? If their actions are covert, then why do they publicise them?

  27. @35, Abu Ashraf 7:39 am

    You say that Islam teaches that “and [they] deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers”. I don't know the Koran, but this can easily be interpreted as 'the devil deceives and to teach him a lesson Allah deceived (the devil) and Allah is the best of deceivers". I do know that Allah is the Arabic word for God and not a name. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all Abrahamic religions.

    Many religions teach that God created an illusion to test his servants.

  28. Assalamalaykum and Rahmadan kareem to my muslim brothers and sisters in Islam. I have been following this site since the rhianna article and all these have been a real shocker to me because I have been a fan of jay-z and the rest but neva suspected all these. Trust me I had the latest songs in my fone but due to this revalation I became stronger in my fate and deleted all hypnotic songs I had in my fone.It is stated that on the day of judgement red hot rod will be put into your ear I believe nobody wants to be that poor fella. It is also stated that the sun will come down to a very close level and heat up the mushrikun(unbelievers), those who are going to be saved are the 1’s who believe in Allah(SWT) And his prophet Muhammad(SAW), they will be under the umbrella of Allah(SWT). Allah(Swt) promises every soul death even the Angel of death is going to die only HIM(SWT) is immortal.Islam is a way of life and I invite you to this religion of peace. It’s the super powers that have painted our religion black.let me tell you something it is’nt.Please don’t judge till you study it.

  29. Just some remarks. This whole analysis has been written around the presumption that this song is about Monarch mind control. In order to retrofit the facts with the hypothesis, some rather strange associations need to be made, like the (peace-)dove (symbolizing the Holy Spirit) being in fact Lucifer.

    You also state that “Beyonce is sent into an “alternate world” with an omnipresent rainbow, a symbol associated with Monarch programming..

    The rainbow, a sign of peace, diversity, inclusiveness, hope and of yearning, goes way back as a symbol of biblical promise, when God used the rainbow as a sign to Noah that there would never be a flood like the one that happened. Moreover, in revelation 10:1-2 we read “I saw still another mighty angel coming down from heaven, clothed with a cloud. And a rainbow was on his head, his face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire. 2 He had a little book open in his hand. And he set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land, 3 and cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roars.

    Later on you write: “In this symbolic scene, Beyonce is in a mirror room, not knowing who the “real Beyonce” is. This scene refers to the dissociative nature of mind control, not to mention that mirrors are an all-important symbol of Monarch Programming. he then shatters a mirror and fragments fly all over the place, which represents the fragmentation and compartmentalization of her consciousness, an important prerequisite in order to create a new alternate personality in Monarch programming.

    The mirror can be a symbol of vanity or self-knowledge. Seeing your own reflection in the mirror, suggests that you are pondering thoughts about your inner self. The reflection in the mirror is how you perceive yourself or how you want others to see you.

    To break a mirror in your dream, suggests that you are breaking an old image of yourself. You may be putting an end to an old habit. Breaking a mirror is also an old symbol for seven years of bad luck.

    If you want to analyze an evil, self-centered, immature and mentally disturbed mainstream video, just have a look at i.e. Pink’s ‘Fun House’.

  30. Thanks for doing this article, and emd.. not everyone can pick these hints, etc up, did you before reading this article? Anyways, we actually do pick these symbols, etc. up but its all in the subconscious, which makes it dangerous.

  31. Fortunately I have had the experience in studying islam from my own previous muslim background … and as a former disciple of islam myself i can contest that allah and shaitan have similar attributes …A religion should be judge on the fruits it bares not what someone will misguide by claiming islam is a religion of peace when it truly bares the opposite.. There are many surahs in the koran that incites not so peaceful actions… though this is a wrong forum to discuss this topic.. Just for the sake of Muslim, bismillah and others allow me to enlighten with my own years of studies of the koran itself.:

    “and [they] deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers”

    Sura 3:54

    Sura 3:54 Arabic: Wa Makaru wa makara Allah wa Allah Amkaru al Makireen.

    Likewise the phrase of Allah “being the best deceiver”. kheir ol makarein, is also used of Allah in Suras 8:30 and 10:21. Sura 10:21 says Allah is the fastest in planning/deceit

    Sura 3:54 says that Allah makara. The Arabic word makara means to deceive, scheme, or plan. The Arabic Bible in Genesis 3:1 uses the same word for Satan….This is just an example there is alot more i can elaborate on this particular subject and islam… Do not be misled on this subject.

    لا تنخدع أشقائي وشقيقاتي السابق للإسلام… حقا إن الإسلام ليس دين السلام والقرآن الكريم هو مذاهب الشياطين

  32. Vigilant September 19th, 2009 8:34 am wrote:

    Crowley’s hymn to Lucifer …

    Breathed life into the sterile universe,
    With Love and Knowledge drove out innocence
    The Key of Joy is disobedience.

    Only in the English language is Love a four-letter word…

  33. I visit your website frequently, and I like your analysis on symbolism, specially on music videos.

    I have to say though, that I disagree with you when you refer to HPB as a Luciferian. Blavatsky was a great instructor, that has contributed a lot with her teachings and revelations. In her books, she actually brings our attention to subtler levels, those beyond the mind.

    I've never been affiliated with the Theosofical Society, but I have read many of Blavatsky's books, and don't recall her calling "Lucifer the Holy Spirit". She actually starts THE VOICE IN THE SILENCE saying that "the mind is the killer of reality."

    Can you please give me a more accurate reference of where exactly in her works I can find such thing?

    Thank you , and keep up with the good work.


    To Antauge: Love is also a four letter word in the portuguese language (AMOR)

  34. The Lucifer of the bible, and the one being referred to by Crowley and Eliphas Levi are entirely two different things. The one mentioned in the bible is a fallen angel, the one mentioned in the OTO's works, is only referring to sexual magick.

    It is all written that way to drive away and offend evil people, who's shallow verbal adherence to our Lord Jesus Christ, and their Satanic worship through thoughts and actions, is seen mirrored in the words.

    Liber 220, Chapter 3,

    49. I am in a secret fourfold word, the blasphemy against all gods of men. (The gods of men are lust, thefts, wickedness etc)

    50. Curse them! Curse them! Curse them!

    51. With my Hawk's head I peck at the eyes of Jesus (open his spiritual vision to God) as he hangs upon the cross.

    52. I flap my wings in the face of Mohammed & blind him (to material desires).

    53. With my claws I tear out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din (to release the soul – when the outer eye is dimmed the spiritual shines).

    54. Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on your crapulous creeds (the ways of the natural man).

    Every official OTO ritual is right out of the bible.

    Isaiah Chapter 8

    1 Moreover the LORD said unto me, "Take thee a great roll, and write in it with a man's pen concerning Mahershalalhashbaz."

    2 "And I took unto me faithful witnesses to record, Uriah the priest," and Zechariah the son of Jeberechiah.

    In practice, a reenactment of Aleister Crowley and Victor Neuberg:

    Liber 220 Chapter 2

    21. We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit (uninitiated): let them die (stagnate) in their misery (ignorance). For they feel not (the spirit of God). Compassion is the vice of kings (only a king can be compassionate, all else are beggars): stamp down the wretched & the weak (speak only parables of the truth to the perverter and the abuser of truth as Jesus did, as the mysteries were given to his 12 disciples only, and not to any others – Matthew 13:11): this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world. Think not, o king, upon that lie: That Thou Must Die: verily thou shalt not die, but live (In Christ). Now let it be understood: If the body of the King (man who is right with God) dissolve, he shall remain in pure ecstasy for ever (go to heaven with Jesus). Nuit! Hadit! Ra-Hoor-Khuit! The Sun, Strength & Sight, Light; these are for the servants of the Star & the Snake.

    I tend to get defensive when the order I've been a part of for decades is lambasted as Satanic. I go to church every Sunday, read the bible every day, obey the ten commandments (I don't even smoke nor drink), and live an upright and moral life.

    If you cannot stand freedom of religion, there are many communist gulags which will welcome you, where you can relentlessly persecute those of other faiths to your heart's desire.

    Perhaps it is time that we start reminding people of the mass murder mainstream Christianity is notorious for over the past 2,000 years, all the raping, the burnings, plundering, genocides, but then again, Jesus commands us to turn the other cheek to evil, and not to cast pearls before swine, or in plain English, to speak the truth, "lest they turn and rend you."

  35. An Occultist, you have been deceived and misled. I'm scared for you. The occult way is a pathway to hell. I pray you have a revelation soon.

    Jay-Z is involved in something evil. Whether it's an occult organization of some type or just a sick fascination with it, I don't know. But he seems to be dragging others (Rihanna, Kanye and Beyonce) with him.

  36. Yes, and Lucifer, the light bearer, is another of Crowley’s references to semen.

    Funny that, in the OTO’s highest rite, the exact words used are, “And though this name of Jesus Christ hath been universally blasphemed by Christians, yet this Name hath been acknowledged by the true Brothers of the Rosie Crosse: and this which is written of Him in the Evangels and in the Epistles and the Apocalypse is true…”

    I take it you are one of those people who think Babylon mentioned in Revelations chapter 18, is a real city and not the physical body being wailed over by a deceased evil person addicted to lusts and material joys.

    • @ An Occultist – The article is not about condemning the OTO, its about analyzing the meaning of symbols in an objective way. I don’t see why you’re being defensive. If your brotherhood sees Lucifer in a positive way, why dont you explain the reason behind it instead of denying everything? It would be much more enlightening for everybody.

      @Daniel Salve – Here’s a quote from Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, which pretty much sums up Theosophy’s view of Lucifer
      “Venus, or Lucifer (also Sukra and Usanas) the planet, is the light-bearer of our Earth, in both its physical and mystic sense. The Christians knew it well in early times, since one of the earliest popes of Rome is known by his Pontiff name as Lucifer’

      In other words, she says that Christian’s have Lucifer’s identity wrong.

  37. @26

    Great analysis

    I noticed that also…that was a live ritual with Madonna the High Priestess of the music industry as the one opening the ceremony…

    JayZ is Kanye's watcher…so of course Kanye was the pawn in this…praising Beyonce his watcher's wife!

  38. @ Vigilant

    Great job as usual. You should also see Maxwell's video "Pretty Wings" where he basically plays an incubus spirit….the symbolism is all there too, it starts with a lullaby too and women who levitate at the end.

  39. @Daniel Salve, September 19th, 2009 4:45 pm:

    I was merely pointing out that in the English language a four-letter word is defined as any of several short words generally regarded as vulgar or obscene. This mainly to riposte Crowley’s hymn to Lucifer where the word Love should not have been used as replacement for a certain three-letter word.

  40. I’d just like to add to the conversation re: the MTV VMAs….not sure if another thread exists on this topic on Vigilant’s site but anyways….
    Watched the Pre-show of the VMAs as well as the show itself and noticed the following:

    1) Taylor Swift arrived in a Cinderella pumpkin carriage pulled by 2 white horses, as soon as she steps off she says “I have castle fixation/syndrome – I love fairytales”!
    2) There are several references to her throughout the interviews and she is interviewed and talks about being the total outsider – At one point the leadsinger of Cobra Spacesip (or something) says he would like to take Swift onto his tour bus because she is too good and needs to turn bad!! 😉
    3) Inside the Radio City Music Hall the seating arrangements are Beyonce on the front row, directly behind her on the rigth side is Lady GaGa, directly behind her is Swift, on GaGas right side – this may have something to do with the sequence of each performance and each award being given of course
    4) The walls on either side of the stage which are periodially visible have a stained-glass coloured motif as you find in churches – I don’t know the auditorium so I don’t know if this is an original feature of the theatre?
    5) The whole show with the Swift ‘episode’ was quite obviously written into the programme, as the awards began with a tribute to MJ, then Swift almost got her award with Kanye, then the show was coming to its end with the 2 red ladies and then again with the MJ trailer …this sequence is too much of a coincidence
    – 6) Beyonce obviously the queen of the night and J-Z arriving from somewhere as the King at the end…to close the proceedings… all really synch’d….
    Are the VMAs always like this? This is the first time I’ve watched them.

  41. Chris Hollenbeck on

    Just want to say I appreciate your website and the information you put out. You do a great job of analyzing music videos and exposing the works of the Illuminati. I am a Christian, and I applaud you for exposing the works of the Devil, there are not many people doing what you are doing. Keep up the great work!!!

  42. WOW…all I can say is WOW…so let me get this straight….Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Kanye West etc…all worship Satan and you can see / hear the symbolism in their videos and songs respectively? Taylor Swift was initiated into the organization when she was “interrupted” by Kanye West and the entire VMA was a ritual for her ascension. Is there anyone else out there that thinks that this is a bit too much?

    1. Kanye West is not an occultist. He is an arrogant, self absorbed, overpaid musician who really thinks that he is the greatest performer out there. He did not interrupt Taylor Swift because he was “initiating her” into Jay-Z’s secret society. He interrupted her because he thinks that he has a right to say whatever he wants whenever he wants. Remember people, this is not the first time that he has done this (though I do agree with his George Bush comment).

    2. I am not an expert in Freemasonry or Illuminati but aren’t these organizations (Illuminati especially) that pride themselves on knowledge and education? Last time I checked, the only frequent message in kanye’s music was “to heck with college”. His whole first album essentially made fun of people who went to college only to come out of school, tens of thousands of dollars in debt, working in low paying job to pay off student loans. College and universities are always seen as bastions of free thought. Kanye’s constant heckling of these institutions does not sound very educated to me.

    3. We must have seen two completely different versions of the VMAs. While some people here saw all kinds of satanic/occultist symbols, I saw a show that seemed highly disorganized and just plain bad. Remember people….this is MTV…I don’t think that they are intelligent enough to put so many underlying symbols in the production. Remember that this show is geared to the younger set. If you can’t get most kids to stay focused in the classroom do you really think that they will be able to make out the occultist symbols on an award show?

    4. Music these days is full of no-talent, few hit wonders, who will not be remembered 5yrs from now. Rihanna is one of them. She is not an occultist. She is one of a string of cookie cutter entertainers who only have to fill a few criteria: photogenic and can sort-of sing. The record company employs writers who write weak lyrics, performed by subpar artists, over catchy beats that is then sold to the masses.

    5. “Secret organizations” do not flash all their symbols all over the place for the world to see. That wouldn’t make them very secret would they?

    6. Sites and articles like these actually help these artists. You know why? If someone says “Beyonce says that she worships Satan if you play her song Halo backwards”, people will go out and buy the album just to hear it. Record companies and artists love this stuff. Nothing beats free publicity and advertising

    At the end of the day, all these people are performers. They have handlers, producers, writers, etc, that tell them what to say, do and where to go. To think that these people are so intelligent and crafty to put all these symbols in their music is giving them way too much credit. They provide popular music to the masses.

    I do not go to go to these people for my spiritual guidance. That is why I go to church, pray and read my Bible. Anyone who goes these people for guidance, I have to seriously question their sanity. What I am trying to say is take the music for what it is but don’t read too much into it.

    • I want to quote a few things and comment. This is merely my opinions formed from my own personal experience of being duped by mass media. I am not trying to disprove ANY of your statements, in fact I agree with a lot of what you say. But these are my responses- on behalf of myself- I am not trying to speak for the population’s point of view as a whole….


      1. “Kanye’s constant heckling of these institutions does not sound very educated to me.”

      You are right. Odd that a “society” that flourishes on knowledge and enlightenment would promote ignorance and lack of ambition. Or maybe, just maybe, that is the actual point? If we are not educated and enlightened, how would we even begin to comprehend the symbols? How would we know when to speak out or respond to the ideals they wish to impose? We wouldn’t- and if there IS an agenda to placate us all with the sinful world- what better way than to have a puppet tell the masses “Going 2 skool is dum”?

      2. “…some people here saw all kinds of satanic/occultist symbols, I saw a show that seemed highly disorganized and just plain bad. Remember people….this is MTV…I don’t think that they are intelligent enough to put so many underlying symbols in the production. Remember that this show is geared to the younger set. If you can’t get most kids to stay focused in the classroom do you really think that they will be able to make out the occultist symbols on an award show?”

      MTV is mindless. But with reason… First of all, do you know who owns MTV? You might be interested in that. Have you seen MTVs “Skins”? This is what our children are being fed. All this show promotes is doing drugs, having sex and being caught up in the material world (all before leaving high school). All distractions from spirituality. I believe it is deliberate. These kids obviously do not understand or even notice the symbolism- but all is retained in the subconscious- it all has some sort of influence. And as for the VMAs, you are right about it being plain bad. VC has already said it all in regards to the blatant rituals, but to me- ANY ceremony that begins with a prayer to Satan, being asked for continued success in the music industry, SCREAMS satanic/occult….. but maybe that is just me.

      3. “ ‘Secret organizations’ do not flash all their symbols all over the place for the world to see. That wouldn’t make them very secret would they?”

      "The truth is always hidden in plain sight". Many theories abound as to why it is so public these days, but maybe they figure everyone is nice and hypnotized to their commercials, propaganda and ideals that they won't even notice how it is right in front of our eyes. It's been hidden in plain sight for a very long time. This is not a new concept.

      4. "Sites and articles like these actually help these artists.”

      Sites and articles like this were the wake up call for me in my trance state of living and thinking due to these artists and their music. I had no idea of all the symbolism and study that has gone into manipulating the human mind- and now that I see the correlations, I am able to apply it to real life. Unfortunately, it has been more than helpful because now I see it everywhere. Not in a paranoid way, just :Oh, that was hidden in plain sight, but no longer: kind of way.

      5. “I do not go to go to these people for my spiritual guidance. That is why I go to church, pray and read my Bible. Anyone who goes these people for guidance, I have to seriously question their sanity.”

      A lot of people, children especially, but even adults that are subjected to this need for guidance from this music, really do not understand how influential all the beats, flashing lights and lyrics are to their state of mind and outlook on life. I just see too often people who have no spiritual awareness simply because every waking moment is spent listening to this music and watching the videos, and television, etcetera- instead of praying or going to church or reading the Bible. <all those things are demonized and chastised in the music they submerge themselves in. What I am trying to say is these people are basically getting their guidance from this music- and they don’t realize it. They are being told “God is a joke, so just dance and everything will be colorful and fun” They cannot see it the way you do, because they have been blinded by said influences.

      PHEW, sorry to go on and on, but like I said- not trying to disagree- but I wanted to respond to your statements.

  43. In the world of the occult, many symbols are imbued with power by the magician working in conjunction with the demonic spirit world. "To cast a spell is to project energy through a symbol" (The Spiral Dance, popular manual for witchcraft).

    "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!" – Isaiah 14:12

    Lucifer is now named Satan, the devil and the king of death.

    Scripture warns us about Lucifer’s current obsession: to twist God’s word, to lead souls to spiritual death, and to assail his wrath against earth’s inhabitants – those whom Christ died for.

  44. Re:


    The Video:
    1. Her Robotic transformation alludes to the Illuminati movie “The Metropolis” ….. see the other article that was written about Bey-o-Wolf.
    2. This video basically shows us that Beyonce` is in full swing and she doesn’t care because she is loving this. SHE WORSHIPS SATAN!
    The VMAs:
    1. Why was the entire VMA set a tribute to the Masonic Religion?
    2. Why was Jack Black praying to Satan?
    3. Why did Lady GaGa sacrifice herself to the devil on stage? (and notice the set behind her while performing … omg)
    4a. Why was Kanye West used as a minion pawn to setup Taylor Swift’s initiation?
    4b. Initiation? You ask …. YES …. Taylor Swift was initiated into the Masons on stage when she was embraced by that evil witch!
    4c. Notice that in the beginning of the VMA ceremony (occult ritual) Taylor Swift was wearing a white/silver Grecian gown and her hair was pulled up. Then, by the end of the show Swift was wearing a red dress (hair down with red lips) with Bey!
    4d. While embracing each other in a very uniform and specific manner (masonic) the Italian phrase “RDFO IL 40 PRO DEL ATO” appeared behind them on the screen.
    4e. I have been working on translating this and I’m coming up with some scary images and documents.


    WHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!!!!! i wasn’t even looking for the letters on the back screen, i just wanted to check out the masonic hug you mentioned. pause this video at 12 seconds and you DO see those letters! WOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!

    mark 1:14-15.

  45. If you take a closer look at her performance, Taylor Swift actually confirmed almost all of the theories posted in the comments section of this article. She started out at a subway station (underground), then boarded train # 1930 (1 + 9 + 3 + 0 = 13) for a singalong with her fans (the profane). She then leads her fans up from the subway into the streets of Manhattan where she climbs on top of a cab (on top of the world/music industry) to finish her performance. While she’s on the cab her fans sing along and wave their hands frantically while adorned in checkered admission bracelets. Due to her being on a cab and the fans being on the ground, the sea of checkered bracelets creates a checkered floor (major in freemasonry). While on her checkered floor, T. Swift is shown at least 3 times trying to discreetly flash the devil horns hand symbol that Jack Black alluded to earlier. To put it simply, due to the events of the night, Taylor Swift went from a teen country star to the most talked about female in the music industry, as her performance announced.

  46. @Frustrated and all the other Opposer's to the Vigilante

    1. READ 1984 by George Orwell

    2. READ Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

    3. READ The Captains and the Kings by Taylor Caldwell

    4. READ Tragedy and Hope

    5. READ The Holy Bible (MOST OF ALL!)

    Quit being so frustrated and educate yourself. You have been fooled by the media, propaganda, double think, and reverse psychology. They put the symbols out there to conduct subliminal messaging. I have been studying and preparing myself for this since I was 15. All we're are trying to do is help you. If this is too far fetched for you please take your attitude somewhere else. Because the free speech that we are expressing is in jeopardy. Oh, my bad …. i guess you didn't know that Obama is trying to get rid of the Constitution and all the amendments. AND GUESS WHAT …. He's a MASON TOO! They all are! The government does not exist. It never did! It has been a cover up created by the "Sons of Liberty". The Declaration to the Masons and the Illuminati was signed May 1776. That was just a couple of months before the "Declaration of Independence" was signed. This country was founded on Masonry and Greek Mythology. Our votes have never counted ! Every president was hand picked from a bloodline. Prepare yourself !

    Did you ever think about why the Presidential Inauguration was such a star studded event? Look at all the people that were there. Take a real good look. Step back and look at the big picture instead of bits and pieces. Look beyond the obvious bullshit. Obviously, whats obvious to me isn't obvious to you. I have been free from the garbage for many years now. You are novice to all of this. People judge and fear what they do not understand. EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU!

    We live in the land of the "illumination"

    The threat to all God's creations

    This is a spiritual warfare!

    My advice to EVERYONE is to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all its righteousness ….

    Put on the armor of God ….

    Don't be so spiritually high that you are no earthly good …

    It is time to band together and revolt against this machine that they are creating !

    WHO'S WITH ME?!?!?!?!?!

  47. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the “mother” of the New Age movement and modern occultism, taught in her Secret Doctrine that Lucifer is terrestrial light or Light-Bearer and Satan is the Red Fiery Dragon or the ‘Lord of phosphorus’. Mystically and astrologically speaking, the bright and morning star is Venus, which, in the teachings of occult schools, is symbolically Lucifer.

    2 Corinthians 11:14 tells us: “for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

    Theosophy itself sprang up during a surge of occult interest. During the 1800’s, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Mormonism, Hermetic Orders such as the Golden Dawn, the blossoming of reincarnation teachings, and the writings of occultists such as Eliphas Levi and Aleister Crowley, had cut deep groves into the spiritual fabric of society. Borrowing from these demonic sources, Helena Blavatsky and her organization became fertile ground for spiritual seekers and experimenters. Theosophy, boiling out of this cauldron of mysticism, not only spawned the New Age Movement, but a host of other mystical orders and schools of thought – including Nazism.

    Today, the New Age Movement and the secret doctrines of the occult are attempting to do what Lucifer himself tried, to be “like the Most High.” Their claim to the throne: the Satanic “redemption” of man’s intellect.

    The Bible plainly tells us that Jesus Christ, not Lucifer, is the savior of humanity. Jesus Christ alone offers salvation from Lucifer’s “illumination” of pride, greed, selfishness, hatred, maliciousness, deceit, pain, and death. Unfortunately, mankind has bought the lie of the dark lord, and is willfully being manipulated to build an earthly kingdom for the Destroyer.

    Lucifer is the “father of lies” and binder of souls.

  48. Someone made a comment about "the tattoos on Beyonce's and Jay-z's left hand finger with the number 9."

    The left hand side or path is often associated with evil – Occultism and Satanism.

    According to Satanists, Satan is the personification of the Left Hand Path. The term 'Left Hand Path' has become an umbrella term of self-designation used by certain contemporary ritual magicians and is usually taken to incorporate practitioners of Thelemic magick (beginning with Aleister Crowley), Tantrik magick, and Chaos Magick (inspired by both Crowley and the magickal techniques devised by the occult artist Austin O. Spare, 1886-1956).

    The word 'sinister' actually means 'left handed'.

    Satanists take delight in the number "9" for a couple of reasons. First, Satanists enjoy reversing, mirroring and inverting symbols, letters and numbers. When you turn the number "9" upside down you get "6" which makes up the number of the Beast (666) as revealed in Revelation 13:18 in the Bible. Second, Satanists take perverse pleasure in commemorating the death of Christ and the death of Christ is associated with the number nine. Mark 15: 34-37 reveals that Christ spoke his last words on the Cross of Calvary at the ninth hour and "gave up the ghost (died)."

    According to the book "Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues" by W. W. Wescott, the number nine holds great significance among many Masonic orders and secret societies. He said, "There is a Masonic order of Nine Elected Knights in which nine roses, nine lights, and nine knocks are used."

    In fact the number "9" is the number of "the earth under evil influences."

  49. I don’t know if this makes any sense but I did try to find some information on the letters and numbers that popped up behind Beyonce and Taylor at the hug- RDFO IL 40 PRO DEL ATO…Don’t know how credible the wicktionary website is but it claims to be a multilingual encyclopedia. Out of curiosity I put in the letters in the way they were grouped on the screen.

    RD- meant red dwarf (maybe some pagan history behind that) or abbreviation for road of course.
    FO- had several meaning in different languages but the ones that stood out to me were “HE, HIM; IN FRONT OF; BEHIND”
    IL- was stated to be a common mispelling of XLIX which means 49 (?)
    40- gave me nothing of course

    But here is the interesting stuff:
    PRO- for; per; because of, through, on account of, owing to, for the sake of, for, due to
    DEL- historically represented by an inverted delta sign (pyramid anyone?)…meaning uncountable…strange yet?
    ATO- they, them…yeah that freaked me out too.

    So I don’t know if the website has any merit or how thoroughly its information is researched- BUT the last three words (PRO DEL ATO) could mean “In behalf ( for the sake of; owing to) the uncountable they”

    The first part of the phrase I couldn’t make much sense of because of the numbers maybe someone else can decipher more.

    Seriously nothing is by chance. When people are in rebellion and disobedience to God’s word then they put themselves indanger of God lfting his presence and then you are open to satanic attacks. There is always a warning before destruction!

    These celebs know what they are doing and they sign up for this mess to be famous. A simple old story- sell the soul get fame and riches- don’t forget die a miserable death and spend eternity in suffering and anguish.

    See the signs for what they are and don’t be so in love with things of this world that you can’t recognize evil intention. We’re not crazy- it reallly is IN THE MUSIC. Remember, before the fall Lucifer was the most beautiful voice in the choir of angels- his body was made of instruments people!

    What better way to attach to the unguarded hearts of millions- than THRU the music? Music is a universal communicator… if it sounds good people will sing it even if they don’t understand the language! I started learning about the illuminati entertainment influences and I barely listen to the radio or watch tv now..I see those symbols and imagery- I get suspicious- I do my research. I check it off my list of entertainment resources. it’s disturbing to see just how deeply ingrained the teachings have become in society.

  50. Master of my OWN chaos on

    I’ve been waiting for this analysis, when i heard the song it immediately struck a wrong cord, the music video is disturbing. the disjointed movements in the beginning [where they rewind her movements]. the light and dark symbolism – i’ve noticed that most of her latest videos have black and white themes and there’s always 3 dancers, in ALL of them. the dancing doesn’t really change and there’s always a moment when she’s standing with her legs apart [phallic symbol? ^ vs V? especially in this video at the very end.]

  51. I'm currently writing an article on the VMA's and you guys are doing a great job investigating this. I saw the RDFO IL 40 PRO DEL ATO too but I have no idea what that means. If you guys find something, please let me know.

  52. All the research and information has been GREAT and is really a continuous eye opener for me. I grew up listening to lil' kim and three six mafia-it got to the point where I could only listen to the real hard core stuff ONLY. So it took a while for me to be able to actually let go of ALL r&b/rap/hiphop as will most people who were deep into that genre of music. I thank Jesus for opening my eyes little by little and delivering me from the bondage-and every now and then I am tempted to put in a Jamie Foxx or T-Pain cd but I have to say "no" because I am reminded not to fall into it's trap by reading information on sites like these. Vigilant please keep these reports coming and don't give up on people who may say they think it's all crazy-because that was my state of mind just a few years ago. With prayer and persistence God will continue to touch and bless all the souls that come across information like this because Jesus came to set the captives free!

    Now I watched the VMA's as well-just to see if I could catch the satanic symbols and lady gaga definitely stood out the most! And also, I don't know if anybody else caught Pink's outfit with the left leg, I believe, with the checker pattern-as well as when the song first begun, she was blind folded before she was propelled up to start her song. In Masonry, the initiate is blind folded in the beginning of the ritual before they say the oaths for that level. It's supposed to symbolise their being in the dark before being initiated-and after the blind fold is removed-usually with the worshipful master pronouncing "from darkness into light" or something along those lines. And of course the track itself is embedded with evil hypnotic components to it.(look up backmasking or subliminal messages) That's why when I look at videos I turn the sound off because I don't want to get sucked into the trance and when I want to know the lyrics to a song I just find the words on the web.

    I know this post was long:-) but I do a lot of research on the occult and witchcraft in music-I guess because I was blind to a lot of things before. But anywho, EVERYONE please keep doing your research and posting to the site!! Any questions for me, feel free to ask!

  53. i found this website last night and have been perusing it constantly since! i really should be sleeping right now but my thirst for truth outweighs my sleepiness.

    at first i was a little freaked out, but the messages rang true and matched up with other thoughts and beliefs i have, along the lines of:

    the devil mixes his truth with lies,

    "hiding in plain view" (desensitising us from the horror of the truth)

    the devil's greatest trick is convicning mankind he does not exist

    etc etc.

    so many views on this site and others i have found seem so close to the truth it's painful – recognising satan's influence, identifying the links between the devil, big business, media and israel, and coming so close to the truth by declaring that only God can save us from this terrifyingly ingrained and prevelent satanic influence, only to ruin it by naming jesus as the one true lord.

    it amuses me when christians speak of two things. 1, their awareness of the rule forbidding worshipping false idols while simultaneously worshipping a human, (albeit a messenger of God), whos purpose was never to be worshipped but to spread the message of the one and only God, and 2, believing they're believing in monotheism (one God) while simultaneously worshipping a system of gods that makes no sense, IE the father the son and the holy ghost, jesus being the son of God yet God at the same time etc.

    it breaks me heart that so many millions of christians are so close yet so far away from the truth, although i despair of christians and orthodox jews a million times less than i do of atheists, who have almost no hope in my eyes and have been completely decieved by devishness disguised as science and intellectual thought.

    Read the Quaran, educate yourself, know that jesus was indeed born from the virgin mary, but he was not the messiah and cannot save you from satan, only Allah (God in arabic) can. and continue to sniff out the devil and all his mischevious, sickening, twisted that may corrupt society and YOU without you ever realising it.

    p.s. poor beyonce! i believe that jay z knows exactly what he's doing but she used to profess to being a christian, whilst now it seems she's merely a pawn in his zionist, capitalist hellbound agenda.

  54. Hopefully this helps decifer the message at the vmas:

    Since DoUbelieve couldnt find anything on the 40 part of "RD FO IL 40 PRO DEL ATO" I decided to look it up as what I thought it stood for, "AO" instead of 40, and I found that AO is sometimes used as an acronym for the term Autonomous Oblast, with autonomous meaning "self-governing" or "acting on one's own/ independently." and an Oblast being a "region" or "province." so I guess you could put it together to mean a "self-governing or independent province(possibly even nation)." I doubt it's the best translation, but who knows, maybe it'll lead somebody to something. The only other bit of useless info I figured I'd mention was that there are 49 oblasts in Russia where secret societies are also pretty strong judging by a blog post ad for the illuminati under the name "illuminati-Russia."

    Again I hope this helps somebody, cuz I'm curious about the meaning of this message also.


    Once people RESEARCH what these symbols and gestures mean, then they can understand what’s going on…

    But the TRUTH HURTS and as Jack Nicholson prophecized in a “Few Good Men” YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!

    People are quicker to believe Lies and B.S then they are the truth!

    If someone said Vigilante was a man on a mission to do the will of GOD, then people would say that’s B.S. and he’s just some conspiracy theory freak!

    But on the other hand…If RUMORS spread that vigilante (god forbid) had a previous criminal history people would INSTANTLY believe it and will call hm a hypocrite and say he works for the devil.

    GZA aka the Genuis from the Wu-Tang Clan said the Bible is the B.asic i.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth!

    EVERY THING that happens today from lust, greed, envy, hate, vanity, sloth,etc, etc…is in the BIBLE


    So how FOOLISH would it be of us that he would NOT attempt to TEMP humanity with the SAME offer, sad thing about it, I KNOW a LOT of people who CAN NOT resist these MATERIAL possessions…

    Some people say how do you KNOW there is a heaven or hell? Who’s come back and told you? The thing is, it’s about FAITH, the belief in things NOT seen or heard…JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, HE IS REAL, GET ON YOUR KNEES AND ASK GOD TO OPEN YOUR EYES TO TRUTH AND TO RECIEVE HIS HOLY SPIRIT…B/C THAT’S WHAT IT IS…SPIRIT, NOT ABOUT BEING RELIGIOUS (like someone else said sooooo holy that you are NO GOOD in this world…religious hyprocrites!) ONCE YOU RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT HE WILL PRESENT YOU WITH WISDOM AND DISCERNMENT, ONCE THAT IS OBTAINED YOU WILL SEE THINGS FOR WHAT THEY ARE!

    We have been tricked…If you notice, JESUS, has been REMOVED from EVERYTHING…what X-mas (no Christ?) have to do with SATIN CLAUS “He know’s when you’ve been sleeping, he knows when you’re awake” What does bunnies and chasing eggs have to do with the ressurection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ? Oh I get it, I guess the bunnies representing Jesus “Bouncing” out of the grave…These Demonic/Masonic Devils that RUN the Media and Popular Culture and Everything else are sick twisted morbid individuals…

    Everyone knows in a social setting of ANY kind, that Politics and Religion “stir” up the MOST Controversy…



    The BASHING Of Christ was a complete JOKE ANY real spiritual person UNDERSTANDS why, b/c they NEVER spoke of what Jesus Taught and Believed but rather FORCED you into a GUILT PARTY for OUR Lord…JESUS WAS NOT A PUNK!!! I’m tired of seeing our Lord like he is some worthless scared soul while Demons/Devils run around like the MOST powerful people of Earth!!!

    Lucifer was the head musician, but MUSIC Itself is not the devil, NO ONE THING IS THE DEVIL, he used his INFLUENCES in a NUMBER of fields…Hip-Hop has been peverted for yrs, Jay-Z NEVER made any songs of merit and REAL meaning…probably why a NUMBER of folks did and still do not “care” for him. Beyonce has a very sinister look in her eyes (look @ her mother as well), so it’s to NO shock, that Sasha Fierce is a SEX DEMON! Really I like Women, probably more than the next man, but c’mon does she half to be 1/3rd NAKED EVERY TIME SHE PERFORMS!



  56. @ TIm

    Okay now we may be onto something. If the 40 was distorted and actually said AO which means Autonomous Oblast…there are 49 Russian oblasts where secret societies are prominent…

    RD- meant red dwarf (maybe some pagan history behind that) or abbreviation for road of course.

    FO- had several meaning in different languages but the ones that stood out to me were “HE, HIM; IN FRONT OF; BEHIND”

    IL- was stated to be a common mispelling of XLIX which means 49

    AO-Autonomous Oblast- self-governing or independent province(possibly even nation)

    with what I found earlier….

    PRO- for; per; because of, through, on account of, owing to, for the sake of, for, due to

    DEL-( historically represented by an inverted delta sign) …meaning uncountable

    ATO- they, them

    Are you following me so far? If we put what we have found together the phrase COULD partly read


    Okay now– this is getting deeply disturbing.

    On the screen during the VMA awards show? " in front of (or behind) the 49 self governing nations in behalf of the uncountable they"…

    My stomach hurts–excuse me I had to say a prayer.

    Can anyone decipher the RD of the phrase? I really think we are onto something here.


    @ Vigilante

    Have you got anything on the RD part?

  57. Does anyone have details aboout Jack Black’s “prayer” @ the VMAs? I missed it and heard about it later. I looked for info online and found nothing. The quote has been totally removed fromthe media like he never said it. I read an article that implied he was in character for a new movie he has coming up but still…MTV is owned by Viacom which also owns BET, NBC and a ton of other channels.

    The illuminati have strategically removed God from everything in th media. It’s like God is a distateful subject but everything that is specifically against God (ie the Antichrist) is being blasted thru the air waves continuously! I am thankful for the Run this Town- analysis as well. I read it the other day and I was so disgusted by the portrayals and imagery being taught to our young people…So today I got an email about a local football game coming for thanksgiving.

    The schools colors are black and gold. This e-mail said everyone who REALLY supported the school should wear all black even if its just tshirt and sweats…to show their support of the school. The email went on to say that the black should symbolize the death and defeat of the opposing team. It stresses that is essential for everyone to show their support…the email went out from a university alumni to the head coach.
    He said it was great and from there its gone on to facebook, twitter.. etc.

    Now I read the email and got chills because I had just gotten the lowdown on JZ song. I hear it everywhere! The song is getting heavy rotation and the lyrics tell everyone to pledge their allegiance, get their fatigues on and he repeats ALL BLACK EVERYTHING, ALL BLACK EVERYTHING.

    BUT GET THIS! The game is Halloween night–I know right.

    The alumni call for eveyone to PLEDGE THEIR ALLEGIANCE to the university by wearing ALL BLACK even if they have to wear a t shirt or sweats (FATIGUES) to symbolize death and defeat of their opposers…this is ritualistic as I don’t know what!

    Yet the person who had the “idea” may not even realize they are simply regurgitating what has been drilled into their spirit by that inescapable song!

    It’s in the music…when are people gonna get it? It’s everywhere but especially in the music– the voice of every young generation is their MUSIC.

    What are YOU listening to? What do the children in your life listen to?

    The bible says we have to guard our ear gate and our eye gate from what we feed our spirit man…and to guard our hearts with all diligence. But sadly a lot of people still don’t get it and refuse to see the truth.

  58. Okay.. check this out.

    If I counted them right…MTV is broadcast in 49 countries/ provinces…
    Here is the list: ( from wikipedia- last modified Sept 20 2009)

    1. United States 2. Canada 3.Caribbean 4.Mexico 5. “other areas of central and south america” (?)
    6.Brazil 7.Chile 8.Venezuela 9.Adriatic 10.Austria 11. Baltics 12.Benelux 13. CIS countries
    14. Czech republic 15.France 16.Germany 17.Greece 18.Hungary 19. Ireland 20. Italy 21. Nordic countries (includes Denmark, Norge, Sweden, Finland) 22. Poland 23. Portugal 24. Romania 25. Russia 26. Spain
    27. Switzerland 28. Turkey 29. United Kingdom 30. Arab world 31. Israel 32. Australia 33. China 34. India
    35. Indonesia 36. S Korea 37. New Zealand 38. Pakistan 39. Phillipines 40. Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and also in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines as secondary MTV channel) 41. Taiwan 42. Thailand 43. Africa 44. Slovakia

    Now I dunno if some of these grouped together regions is accurately listed on Wikepedia. Or if my geography is off some groups might should be separate countries. Someone else can check my facts.

    I’m gonna see if MTV lists how many countries they are broadcast in.

    If so then maybe the phrase means ” in front of the 49 broadcast nations in behalf of the uncountable they.”

    Lord have mercy- Am I tripping out or is anybody elseon the same trail as me?

  59. I cannot find a statement from or by MTV that gives a list of all the countries they broadcast into…anyone else think that is strange of MTV to not publicize how many countries they are in? Being that the Viacom company stays at the forefront of publicity blitzes.

    @ TIm
    I felt sure I would find a quote proudly saying– As of such and such date we are in -blank- countries. No such thing.

    That wikipedia site gives 44 distinct group listings.. but then again some countries are named in broader groupings. For example… the Phillipines is listed as a separate broadcasted area AND grouped with Southeast Asia…

    The wikipedia list is not a solid resource…Looks like we still don’t know what the 49 means…

  60. Guys, ever heard of backmasking/backward messaging?

    try playing backwards those songs….(especially Disturbia and Piece of Me by Britney)…

    especially on Disturbia you'll uncover A LOT of subliminal messaging there……

    juz saying if u didn't know yet that those freakos are also using that technique on MVs nowadays……

  61. Yeah I didn’t figure it’d be that clear cut. One thing I didn’t mention until I could find some sources to back it up was that a Red Dwarf is actually a type of low intensity star. I found it in the New World Encyclopedia and in a couple of other sites. heres the address for the New World Encyclopedia site:

    After reading that, I think the “”in the beginning could be referring to a red sun. However, other sources I’ve read say that the sun in our solar system is a yellow dwarf or yellow star/sun, which apparently is about 1 or 2 steps up from a red dwarf. I’m not really sure what the significance of a “red sun” is, if that’s what was meant, but it does seem to fit somewhere along the lines of the ideas people have been coming up with so far, although I wouldn’t rule out “Red Dwarf” having another significant meaning also if someone felt like diggin a little deeper into it.

    To check out some of the sources I read try searching for “red dwarf sun” or “yellow dwarf sun” that should pull up a bunch of sites. They all seem to agree on the terminology and what not so they are probably fairly reputable.

    I’ll try to find out more on the number of nations MTV broadcasts to tomorrow and I’ll let ya know if I find anything interesting.

  62. Von yes I have heard of backward masking …. Hidden messages in the songs are conversed in this format in most cases the artist themselves unwittingly or do not have a clue of the subliminal reversed message they may be convey in their own music.

    But what is very disturbing and interesting in rihannas song disturbia in the reversed format towards the end of the song.. the message being said is …satan Forever,… “evil Lies With Me” …This is very clear.

  63. @ DoUBelieve
    Does anyone have details aboout Jack Black’s “prayer” @ the VMAs? I missed it and heard about it later. I looked for info online and found nothing. The quote has been totally removed fromthe media like he never said it.

    Jack Black actually told everyone in the audience to hold hands as he pray to the dark lord satan(yes I’m so serious!!). He said in the prayer “Dear dark lord satan please continue to bless the people in the audience with riches and success….” He said more, but that’s all I can remember for now. Oh and he also told everybody to show the devil horns(baphomet) hand sign. I guess it was supposed to be a joke but it really wasn’t funny. I was in utter disbelief and couldn’t believe what I was hearing….I’m not surprised it’s hard to find on the net now!!

  64. “you all need to wearing helmets”? you need to learn correct english, and whilst your at it perhaps open your eyes and wake up. you remind me of some of the comments posted on youtube’s expose on jack at the vmas – “it’s a joke, lighten up” etc.

    also if you had the same name as the last poster would you not try to distinguish yourself somehow? ben2 etc.

  65. Hi,

    I have a question for a long time…like some about two years or whenever Beyonce came out with the song…Kissing You.

    I just thought this was so crazy that she would say this:

    trust you, I trust you with every ounce of me
    Just teach me boy teach me just take me
    When we make love I can feel all your spirits

    I’m speaking of her talking about spirits as in plural. As a Christian, I believe that every man is born with a spirit,not spirits. So, when she talks about feeling someone’s spirits or so the lyrics point to that, it makes me do a double take. I know spiritual transferrence can take place during sexual activity among other things, but what is your take on this?


  66. So it'd be "In front of the 13 ruling familes on behalf of the uncountable they" and the red dwarf would be "Taylor Swift dressed in red "the little red star"

  67. In other words… it was an dedication of Taylor Swift "the young star in red" to the movement or agenda of the 13 ruling families…

    Just a thought…

  68. So it’d be “In front of the 13 ruling familes on behalf of the uncountable they” and the red dwarf would be “Taylor Swift dressed in red “the little red star”

  69. If there is someone who does not understand or persieve what all these mind controlling is all about, I think that person should go and listen carefully to some of the 2PAC tracks and interviews. The Kingdom of GOD ALMIGHTY is at hand, that's all I will say…no doubt

  70. @B Curious

    So it’d be “In front of the 13 ruling familes on behalf of the uncountable they” and the red dwarf would be “Taylor Swift dressed in red “the little red star”

    WOW You summed up that phrase perfectly. It makes so much sense now!! Now I think she was definitely initiated. And perhaps the uncountable they are the "invisible" dark and evil spirits/forces that are controlling the 13 families??? I don't know but I'm curious to know what DoUBelieve?, Tim and ReDdFoXx_724 think????

  71. The first time i saw this video, it freaked me out. If you noticed after she tossed and turned at the begining she woke up and started to float. That was enough for me.

    I also found it strage that Bey & Tayor were dressed so similar for that call back moment.

    Good job as usual VC


  73. Now that I’ve watched the VMA’s ALL the way through…I want EVERYBODY to take heed of this…


    Jack Black’s “prayer” to their dark lord Satin set the atmosphere for the entire night…not to mention everyone had on black and white or silver…with a touch of red

    After the U.K. band Muse’s peformance, once they came back from commercial break, The “Rocker” with NO shirt (playn along with Wal’e) was singing a song, he said (listen carefully)

    If you see my face, it will give you hell, it will give you hell…


    he says again..repeat



    The guy with the glasses, low cut, and red leather jacket (also on stage with Wale) had a t-shirt with a picture of an EYE…just one eye, on what looks to be inside a cube or some other geometric shape!

    If that’s not IN YOUR FACE, i don’t know what is?

    The moral of story is hollywood (along with just about everything else) has been completely infiltrated and the Masons/Illuminati want your SOUL FOR THE DEVIL! This is not to scare you or keep you up at night in fear, but to alarm you and to raise your awareness about the evils in today’s society…

    check out…

    & look for The Industry pt 50…

    As Always,

    God Bless! Jesus Christ is Lord…Get to KNOW him!

  74. Everyone in this post needs to read the Book by William Cooper.. Behold a pale horse ..alot of these artist are inducted into satanism and this is real very real…that book will explain alot. And its more than just the music industry its the government and religions..all apart of the Illuminati.

  75. this is rediculous. this artile is just a self reflection of the writter, beyonce is christian, even if she is some devil worshiper or something, who cares, we love her music

  76. @ lolo
    if after reading the articles VC ( and hundreds of othe researchers) put out and looking at all the comments threaded from people doing their own research you honestly feel that:
    ” beyonce is christian, even if she is some devil worshiper or something, who cares, we love her music”

    You are missing the whole point of adult life. PLEASE TRY TO PAY ATTENTION.

    The truth of the matter you stated is yourself in a very contradictory phrase. If she were Christian the Holy Spirit would be convict her for thrusting her pelvis half dressed all over the place in public for “entertainment” of others and a fat paycheck. If she were Christian she would know that dancing is fine but gyrating for money- is neither Godly nor Christian behavior.

    Do you know any Saved Strippers? Ever met a Holyroller Hooker? They entertain for money too don’t they?

    Then you say IN THE SAME SENTENCE even if she is a devil worshipper who cares we love her music–are you serious? Are you seriously saying that we should IGNORE contadictory–some would say antichrist behavior to what she claimed to be as a Christian because she has music which sounds good?

    Would you also say who cares about a Nazi Skinhead band because their music sounded good? Who cares if they hate all minorities and call for the extermination of gentiles because “we love their music” (?)

    Would you say who cares about a convicted rapist running a battered women’s shelter?
    How about a child molester opening a daycare?
    A bank robber managing your financial portfolio?

    Crack a book, preferably the B-I-B-L-E.

    The word of God says in 2 Cor 6:14 NIV Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

    Beyonce would know this if she were a Christian right? Of course if she were no longer serving Christ it wouldn’t really mean all that much to her now would it?

    My point is dear lolo– in this life you have to grow up and pay attention to the things that are happening around you. Eventually they will happen to you if you continue to ignore them with a who cares attitude.

    Take the time to do some research on your own- read, study, read and study some more. Stop letting the tv make your decisions for you and choose to be informed for yourself. See here what a Christian SHOULD know about evil conduct.

    God bless! I pray the Lord will give you discernment and WISDOM in whatever it is you are seeking….because speaking without wisdom is actually just RIDICULOUS isn’t it?

  77. yo Amerie just had a video directed by Anthony Mandler (director for Jay-Z “Run This Town” — Omarion “Ice Box” — Rihanna “Disturbia”) and in the first 30 seconds of the video, she is scanned and read a number to her (“Viligant number: 097137 — Amerie”)
    The behind the scenes shows the director saying “we start off the day in a futuristic, apocalyptic world — and, i wont tell you too much because, ill — spoil, the surprise but..” (at 1:14)

    is this in any correlation with the movie Surrogates where everyone is a robot?

    im not good at this symbolism stuff, but ever since i came here i started paying attention and ive def been catching some stuff in videos. shit is crazy. im wondering if theres more in the “Heard ‘Em All” video i dont see

    any light on this Vigilante?

  78. Yes. I believe Dorothy Dandridge and Marilyn Monroe were victims of this too! I am a huge fan of these ladies and I know with MK Ultra Experiments they also do what they call “twinning” That’s why you notice over time a lot of these Stars get their noses done, cheek implants, the whole nine yards. THEY are not doing it, the person that is their controller is ordered to have this done. Each Star’s looks changes almost drastically over the course of the years…I know that they almost always have rhinoplasty and breast implants…just pay attention to all the actresses and singers…you will see what I mean…

    Getting back to DD and MM; when they were younger they were room-mates until they were separated because of race but they needed one glamour Black sex-kitten and one glamour White sex-kitten; I mean they literally cut these ladies to shape them like DOLLS and have minds like DOLLS…DD and MM lives parallel so much that it is scary. I mean they even died the same…after awhile your memory comes back and you start to witness horrific things…that’s why they both popped dangerous pills and drank champagne so much and they were almost always put with these OLD ASS WHITE MEN! Think about it!

    The most disturbing is how much they looked alike! DD and MM look just alike! That is where the twinning comes in. LOOk at them very closely and you will see that they have some of the same features, mannerisms, etc and they were BOTH abused as children and given up by their parents under the jurisdiction (sp?) of MGM (A horrible Movie studio that treated their Actors & Actressses as SLAVES)

    Just think about it!

    btw, Watch The Butterfly Effect…many references to MONARCH Programming.


  79. Yeah William Cooper was KILLED because he revealed too much! Don’t know if he was a Mason or a part of the Illumanti…

    ALL of the Actresses, Singers, Basketball Players, Gang Bangers, Killers, Serial Killers (Charles Manson)…are all MK Ultra Monarch Slaves…

    These people continue to play GOD! They all worship SATAN and if you are apart of the Entertainment Industry and want to make over 20 to 50 million…IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU DO A “BLOOD SACRIFICE”
    No Fucking Joke! You can call me crazy but this SHYT is REAL and believe ME if they are already programming us to be comfortable around ROBOTS…that means that they already have them!

    Remember Metropolis, RoboCop, The Omen & The Omen II (this is in reference to the Witchcraft they do to kill people and reference to The Antichrist), etc. I have my own reservations on “who” The Antichrist is! Let’s just say he is one of The Elite!

    ALL MOVIES are done for a purpose…to show-off the POWER that they have playing GOD! Nothing is done by coincidence!

  80. People who want to give Beyonce a free pass because she makes good music is a FOOL! She is clearly operating on the WRONG side of the FENCE! You are falling for SATAN’S BAD TASTE: “The ART of CONFUSION” SATAN is already complicated; don’t subject yourself to bullshyt and fall for this!

    At one point Beyonce may have known or may not have known what she was into…Remember she was born into this shyt. I think her DAD is a Mason and she may be a Ultra Sex-Slave Puppet…

    These ladies are passed around like a joint to all of the TOP POLITICANS and HEADS of STATES! They are programmed to have “sex” at the blink of an eye!

    Open your eyes…keeping it real!


  81. @ SFR

    Poor Beyonce!!! :(

    She's born into this world being an MK-ULTRA/sex slave already…….I wonder when will she "crack" out of her illusion though…..

    If she does, I hope she will sought help from Jesus to rescue her.

  82. Dont know what you people on about? If she allready accepted jesus as her lord shes going to heaven no matter what u or she does, because JESUS HAS DIED FOR OUR SINS, so stop being jealous. And if she has not accepted jesus then well she would proberbly give God the same answer as all the non-cristians ''The only maths we learned and witnessed in our lives was 1 =1 and 3=1+1+1, the cristians never ever bothered to explain to us that the maths we have been expoused to from the craddle to the grave was false, all they told us was to have faith and sing gospel"(Cristians please learn to count,SERIOUSLY its no more funny)

  83. I recommend the supplementary material available on a website created by Pastor Joe Schimmel and his team.
    Music can be deeply occult; the fascinating aspect of his material is that Joe allows the musicians or sorcerers to speak for themselves.
    The material covers not just the musicians but also the effects of music on the environment.

  84. There is also the goat head in this video…In the beginning of the video where she is walking with the fabric it forms the occult sign, e-mail me if you want me to give you the image. It’s all shocking and so tragic. :(

  85. She probably end up in hell with allah (shaitan) for allah is the best of deceivers just as satan is the great deceiver…can you believe that mountains prevent or were made to prevent the earth from shaking or prevent earthquakes ohhh what about the earth being flat … oh what about the sunsetting in a muddy murky pond lollll to funny…

  86. The person who has wrote at number 108 i must say, you are robbing yourself of learning off someone who is growing wise over the years and has disscovered something sinister and of real importance so they/that person has chosen to warn people and share it with others, isnt that the natural reaction of a human being that cares for people OBVIOUSLY it is. Dont get me wrong im not arguing here and am not here to offend i just think maybe your scared it could be TRUE and you dont want to face up to that truth, Because why is it when someone mentions demonds or jesus poeple clam up,why is that? any adult with an ounce of common sense knows theres something dogey with someone rising out of the bed the way beyonce does, i sincerel just feel really worried for you that you ACTUALLY want to embrace the devil more than GOD weather your a christian or not weather you believe in god or not to do that is INSANE and DANGEROUS.

    Unless you yourself are into devil worshipper i suggest you yourself look into christianinty and find out FOR YOURSELF what it REALLY means without the ignorance of others influencing you as you dont seem to have any knowledeg at all in that area, gud luck, and stay safe yea.

  87. Good one xslm but i think she is more wizer than you cristians. Demons are stronger than men so rather worship a demon instead of a man, also they (the demons) fillful there promises easy and simple (see how rich she is now).I dont blame her the church is cheap they only hand out hampers. Such a pity u think in english, and your bible was revealed in english …oops sorry it wasnt! wheres the original? study the history of the english language im sure you would be suprised how many masons were involved in its creation. Im sure you are a master in the arabic language and should start teaching the arabs, they and there scholars (for 1400 years) dont undestand it. ha ha ha

  88. The MONARCH slave is totally controlled by a handler without even knowing that they are controlled.

    A MONARCH slave has thousands of internal safety devices (programs etc.) to prevent anything from freeing the slave of her or his programming. IF YOU DISCOVER A MONARCH SLAVE – BE CAREFUL NOT TO TELL THEM WHAT YOU KNOW OR YOU MAY CAUSE THEM TO COMMIT SUICIDE. Suicide programs are attached to all types of things within a MONARCH slave. Do not mistakenly think you can tamper with the programming. Do not think that you can merely tell the MONARCH slave that you want to free the person, and expect that they will automatically want your help. Working with MONARCH slaves (also called Marionette survivors) to deprogram them is touchy like handling ticking bombs.

  89. when the stuff about beyonce"s album was posted, i did think about her songs and i had a similar interpretation of sweet dreams beautiful nightmare. i think it would also be quite interesting if you decode the song Halo, which i think is about beyonce's relationship with satan/devil.

  90. Great job to all who helped me break the code to that phrase …. RDFO IL 40 PRO DEL ATO. It's amazing how the translation was layered. Layer after layer meant something directed towards that moment in time. After it could not be translated any further … there it was … “In front of the 13 ruling familes on behalf of the uncountable they” . This is CORRECT!

    Here is a link that we all should look into …

    On another note … Amerie has been inducted. Her career has always been up and down and now she has sold her soul to the industry for a big break. The director of the video is the same person who directed Run This Town. The symbolism in this video for her, "Heard Em All", is SO IN YOUR FACE!

    Here is the link to that video ….

    On a lighter note, here is a spoof of the "Run This Town" video made by Affion Crockett.

    TTYL my peeps!

  91. To rebecca mills.

    What kind of common sense do u have? If u really want to save me please answer these Qs. 1) how can u follow a book which has been tampered with? 2) did jesus follow the cristian faith? 3) what about nations who came before the time of jesus?, they knew nothing bout trinity 4) the cristian idea of God is very insulting to the Almighty, you say God had sex with a woman, lived in side her womb for 9 months till she gave birth to Him then he died for 3 days and all this time He was in total control of the universes, In my eyes the person holding such believes is the sick one, never mind beyonce

  92. The butterfly is symbolic of rebirth after death.

    Butterflies symbolize the soul, transformation and rebirth.

    Butterfly wings are seen as the image of immortality and eternal life.

  93. True insider September 22nd, 2009 9:40 am says

    ¨But what is very disturbing and interesting in rihannas song disturbia in the reversed format towards the end of the song.. the message being said is …satan Forever,… “evil Lies With Me” …This is very clear.¨

    I must confirm that this seems to be factual. I´ve watched some Youtube videos about this and it was there so clearly that is must have been put in the song reversed so that, when you reverse the song, you´ll hear it as it was recorded originally. I´ve downloaded the free Audacity audio software and reversed the Disturbia mp3 file I had somewhere on my hard disk and must say that it is indeed clearly audible at the end of the song. ´satan forever´ and ´evil lies with me´.

  94. I think we need to be wise ,symbology used in negative formats holds no power over anything,only a splintered mind , peace can waken a mind to the true essence of its natural vibration, to harmonize ourselves with our true nature is fundamental to universal peace….peace

  95. i had to rewind so many times to see the pale horse but its there–and it took my breath away. I couldn’t wait for an analysis of this video to come out because I knew it had so many things I saw like the hypnotizing rotating background and outfit choices (like obvious things) but I knew there so many that I didn’t catch and you caught ’em–thank you

    And even though I know these things, I ‘m still a fan and I end up playing the song on repeat cuz I can’t stop playing it, turn of the volume up when the vid comes on, know the dance moves, its so hard to not like this music

    Has anyone ever read behold a pale horse

    or watched the history’s channel docs on mind control ?

    It seems like the more you learn about things around you, the more questions you have but, like B said, those who r too curious will get stung

  96. Monarch programming has its origins in illuminati-based black magic practices.

    Multi-generational Satanic cults and high level illuminati members have employed mind control for centuries. The basics of this type of mind control slavery was optimized and expanded after World War 2 following the gruesome experiments conducted in the Nazi concentration camps.

    Nowadays, sophisticated scientific technology is also used, such as biochip implants, electroshock, drugs and brain wave entrainment systems to lock in hypno programming more effectively. Real physical trauma is sometimes substituted for virtual reality headgear, which simulate horrific traumas to quickly split the mind, priming it for programming.

    The important thing to remember is that the powerhouse behind this type of mind control system is demonic and technical. The key to freedom lies in deliverance, specific deprogramming therapy and support systems.

    In the future, there will be more sophisticated mind control systems.

  97. more vigilant September 24th, 2009 4:29 pm says

    ¨If she allready accepted jesus as her lord shes going to heaven no matter what u or she does, because JESUS HAS DIED FOR OUR SINS, so stop being jealous¨

    Matthew 7:21 – Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

  98. @Thumper

    you might want to check into reverse speech. There is backward masking in which audio is intentionally overlaid but there is also reverse speech which seems to be the subconscious language that cannot lie. I think the site to look at is has many samples.

  99. Kind of sad we went from Donovan standing on a stage on top of mud singing about "bringing in a couple of keeys " to fabricated , mind control , self serving , occasional occultist corporate " music " .

    Like Ive always said , the drum machine killed the soul in music and now even R&B is just a reflection of who can be the most greedy , the most elitist , the most willing to please the puppet masters .

  100. @Thumper September 25th, 2009 5:12 pm :
    @more vigilant September 24th, 2009 4:29 pm says

    ¨If she allready accepted jesus as her lord shes going to heaven no matter what u or she does, because JESUS HAS DIED FOR OUR SINS, so stop being jealous¨

    Matthew 7:21 – Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.





  101. I want it known here that I do not have cable and watch little TV, however:

    When I choose to rotate through radio stations and happen to come across songs by the artists that VC has profiled here, I have previously noticed a strange pull to their music, but a weird feeling at the same time (this is part of a routine.) Please note this was BEFORE reading these things about their videos. It has happened repeatedly.

    I believe the producers/artists have consciously researched and employed techniques known to hypnotize and insert suggestions into subjects. These techniques are easy enough to research, and some have been outlined here and through other pieces. However, anyone with any psychological or occult training or interest can attest to the technology of some esoteric techniques, even without supernatural assistance. Doubt this? Advertising has made use of these approache, as well as political regimes.

    With or without religious beliefs, know that at BEST some people are using proven methods to get your money, often from your children. Not to mention the distraction, fascination, and unreality element. But what about at WORST?


  102. sick as usually.a rumour was going around about her being pregnant,now she not.could it be that she was & the unborn child was sacrificed for fame & fortune with her husband,the evil 1 jay-z?

  103. @reddfoxx
    do u really believe your bible came from God, and why is there no original existant copy in the language that jesus spoke

  104. i wish you wouldve said something about the split second of her in the “vitruvian man” pose. theres a lot left out in this article that i noticed.

  105. Lil Wayne and chris brown recently dropped a song ‘I Can Transform Ya’
    It makes me think of this robot thing you think it has a deeper message?

  106. I thought almost the exact same things about the sweet dreams video when it first came out. Very good. Once you know about project monarch and how it works you see the symbolism all over the place. I do not feel sorry for Beyonce. She sold her soul unlike Brittney who had no choice. Her parents sold her as a child.

  107. Awesome article. This is way off topic but can you analyze the Tyler Perry movies? He always preaches God and Christianity heavily in his plays, and in his movies.

  108. Isa The Prophet on

    To Abu Ashraf

    Your interpretation of verse 54 in Surat Imran is very wrong and to say misleading.

    And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah SCHEMED (against them): and Allah is the best of SCHEMERS. (54) (And remember) when Allah said: O Jesus! Lo! I am gathering thee and causing thee to ascend unto Me, and am cleansing thee of those who disbelieve and am setting those who follow thee above those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection. Then unto Me ye will (all) return, and I shall judge between you as to that wherein ye used to differ. (55)

    The verse simply means in other words that the disbelievers (like masons, satanic worshippers, demons etc) make plans (NWO, Preparation for Antichrist/ Dajall) but Allah (SWT) is the best of planners and when all is said and done, the wicked will pay the horrible price of the hellfire.

    When was the bible translated into Arabic? When you realise that it was done so give or take 1400 years after the Noble Qu’ran then you will see the amount of fail in your humorous post. Instead of trying to discourage people to enter the right path you should understand that the christian religion has been tampered with.

    ‘How can you say, “We are wise,
    for we have the law of the LORD,”
    when actually the lying pen of the scribes
    has handled it falsely?
    [Jeremiah 8:8]

  109. I guess that ex muslim must be speaking something truthful in order for him to get this type of hostile response but I'm not surprise anyone who disagree with the religion is marked for death lollllll and they call it a religion of peace????

    Watchout xslim sara put a curse on you lollllll.


  111. umm chris u need to take ur time and leave tyler perry alone….ight!! GET REAL!!! He aint sell his soul to the devil…two of the ppl who are in these movies used to sing wit kirk franlin and the family back in the day…ok i realli wanna know wat u tink is so wrong wit tyler perry's movies that u want it to be analysed..OMG!! I have looked at all his movies and i have never seen any bs as these things described in any of vigilants other articles…tanku!!

  112. Isa the prophet do you know the meaning of Al-taqiyya.. Do you even know arabic …This is not the forum to discuss this further but as an ex muslim myself we can discuss this in a rather more proper forum such as Yahoo chatrooms – Islam chat room 5!!!.. Abu is truly correct in his asessment of that surah you unfortunately are misguided my friend.

  113. This is a message to 136 the loser who calls themselves EX muslim
    you will be punished deeply for turning ur back on ur religion and your creator who perfected your deen for you.
    you will burn in hell and suffer for eternity much more then the rest of the ignorant ones .
    and the worst thing is instead of shutting your nasty hole you come on here and spread your fake lies and speak evil of your almighty lord!
    are you proud of yourself you low life loser?

    you dirty filthy piece of shit.shame on you you nasty low sinful vermin.

    your life is finished and is completely meaningless from now on until death comes to collect your miserable sinful soul.



  114. Coley Bradley on

    I was juat wondering are there any other famous people you believe worship satan? Also did rihanna want to be possessed or did it just happen to her?? same with the others do they want to be controled by the devil? I have alot of Questions i just don’t know where to begin!!!

  115. I am scared, I mean I'm 14,I watched the VMA's the first time, and I noticed nothing strange except for the prayer to Satan, my brother filled me in on the truth, could believe my eyes, and I showed my friends this, and they were shocked.

    Please add more about other musicians like MJ, I have to know if I can listen to his music or not.

    Thanks for opening my eyes.

  116. although this information is interesting to read i find it to be stupid. you cannot just assume something. im pretty sure you have never sat down a talked about this “factual” information with beyonce or jay z or anyone else for that matter. if you dont like rap music you dont have to lisiten to it. i hate rock n roll but you dont hear me complaining. get over it. i hope nobody really believes this.

  117. Rose October 8th, 2009 2:12 pm writes:

    I am scared, I mean I’m 14,I watched the VMA’s the first time, and I noticed nothing strange except for the prayer to Satan, my brother filled me in on the truth, could believe my eyes, and I showed my friends this, and they were shocked.

    You are way too young to be scared. You don’t need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. This has already been taken care of. Just try to live a good and honest life. Change the world, begin with yourself…

  118. Not to discredit you or anything, B. Curious, but Taylor Swift actually comes out of the subway numbered 1928, not 1930. However, I did notice the checkerboard-style admission bracelets. That could be just a coincidence, as I've been admitted into fairs with bracelets similar to these, although I don't deny that these people may have possibly contrived that as well.

  119. One thing we (every1 in general)should recognise is this: Music is a very powerful medium in reachin human beings and this is made powerful due to the spirits behind this music(woteva it is) Thats{spirit} wot makes u feel happy, sad, high, low, uppity up or lowly low anytime one hears the warning is listen 2 tha lyrics, try 2 understand WHY u r listenin 2 wot ur listenin 2 and then…we’d know wot all this is about. Personally I’d advice US to listen 2 songs which lift, edify and make US Happy…Good Work VigilantCitizen buddies, Thanx..i’ve made my decision 2 stop thinkn bout my Job as a RadioJockey..u know playin music and all..I’d switch 2 News Broadcasting..Take care y’all!!! Jesus Loves US!!!!

  120. Firstly I do ackowledge that there might be meanings on this music, but Im curious. Are these articles meant to target African Americans (Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyonce)? Is this to promote or destory them?

  121. I find the dove thing interesting, Reminds me of an occurence in wich political leaders all held a dove and threw it in the air, except one dove fell to the ground.

    It might be that such ordinary looking stuff actually was an ritual of some kind.

    On a personal note, i find the music very hypnotising, but it carries a dark undertone of some sorts.

    Especially with the song by Shakira, wich i like to see explained some day.

    While watching an interview on telivision a while ago, i found an major of a city doing the owl thing with his fingers, and in reply to an question about 911, he anwsered that it ''made people think''' (not directly of course, only visible for the ''initiate'' if you catch my drift)

    And what about the rise of modern communication ? It sure hurts to learn and fit in, seems like a major component in all of this, would like to have any input on this.

  122. Rose October 8th, 2009 2:12 pm writes:

    I am scared, I mean I’m 14,I watched the VMA’s the first time, and I noticed nothing strange except for the prayer to Satan, my brother filled me in on the truth, could believe my eyes, and I showed my friends this, and they were shocked. Please add more about other musicians like MJ, I have to know if I can listen to his music or not. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    What people need to remember is to have the ability to make their own choices. Just because someone has found ‘proof’ remember it is just subjective opinion being presented as fact. Much the same as any corporate media outlet. Nothing wrong with it, as there is obviously a market for this sort of stuff, and it may all be true, but be careful what you present as ‘factual’. Take everything you read, especially on the Internet and on the news with a pinch of salt, and make up your own mind… don’t let someone ‘brainwash’ you with horror stories into believing theirs.

    I’m just worried now that I am going to start tying ballons to my house after seeing the latest Disney movie.

  123. This may not mean anything, I'm just curious…but is there any significance to the fact tha most if not all of beyonce's music video's on this album always have scenes of her and two back up dancers?

  124. Helllo people wake up and smell the coffee!!!! lol…There is no military controlling her or there arent people controlling her. She basically sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune. She's sucking your bones dry!!!! lol

    But for real. This thing is biggger than beyonce, military, the illuminati, and masons. Its a spiritual battle between God and the Devil and it has already been won.Its a battle over souls. And the easy way to get souls are through influential idols. Screw these celebrities and the government! They are not personally helpping you. They are making things worst for themselves. Its not good to listen to any kinda of music. You dont know what things you are feeding to your spirit when you listen to it.

    Be smart people, the world is not all preaches and cream. There is a God and there is a Devil.

  125. @tammyf October 7th, 2009 6:48 am :

    umm chris u need to take ur time and leave tyler perry alone….ight!! GET REAL!!! He aint sell his soul to the devil…two of the ppl who are in these movies used to sing wit kirk franlin and the family back in the day…ok i realli wanna know wat u tink is so wrong wit tyler perry’s movies that u want it to be analysed..OMG!! I have looked at all his movies and i have never seen any bs as these things described in any of vigilants other articles…tanku!!


    Kirk Franklin is part of it!

  126. Great work Vigilant!

    Could you do an analysis on Robin Thicke’s song Magic? He says in the song, “I took whatever DEVIL offered me, Cos I knew that he would set me free.”

  127. @Emkay October 16th, 2009 4:58 am :
    Firstly I do ackowledge that there might be meanings on this music, but Im curious. Are these articles meant to target African Americans (Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyonce)? Is this to promote or destory them?

    You fool! There’s an article on LAdy Gaga too!

  128. Mandisa Dladla on

    once again… wow. does it get any worse? Yo but i think God has a plan…. God is never mocked. Keep up the brilliant work. May Gdbless you, and thank you so much for following through with the revelations he has given you.You keep our minds alert….Keep it up.We in South Africa are truley greatfullll.

  129. Even without being a part of a cult or worshipping the devil through sacrifices and being a monarch, nothing is hidden, and everything is openly present. Some of us just choose to turn a blind eye. Most of the entertainment, and world for that matter, glorifies sex (fornication and adultery in the utmost disrespectful manner), pornography, drugs, murder, and everything else related to sinful acts. So of course it’s not GOD who is providing these people with “blessings”. The devil blesses his followers so if you are not for him (cant be if we are a representation of sinful things) you are for the devil. Its obvious.

  130. Some people have nothing better to do, than do stupid shit like spend time dissecting every little detail of a meaningless music video, and others will actually belive the bullshit, how sad. Life is out there, GO LIVE IT PEOPLE…

  131. JESUS KINGS OF KINDS AND LORDS OF LORDS WHO SITS HIGH AND LOOK DOWN LOW PLEASE HELP THIS SINFULL WORLD BELOW////its close to the end of the world wake up people may god help us ALL.

  132. Is there anybody else besides me that thinks this is being blown out of proportion? I’m not oblivious to who God is or who Lucifer is or anything and I for one know that ,music does has meaning and spirits which is why I choose carefully what I listen to but goodness this stuff is scary. Did she (Beyonce’ I mean) even write this song? Because if she didn’t then she had nothing to do with what this site is talking about or the video. She’s just like what someone said on here caught in the mist of this because I refuse to beilieve she worships satan. I’m not a huge fan but I do like her and I just don’t want to belive this stuff. I’ll be watching and thinking about it though now. LOL Not just with her but with everyone that I listen to. What ever happen to just enjoying music and not taking it seriously. This is bothering me. LOL I really think that she is just being naive on her part and the people who write for her or direct her video probably know what they are doing but she doesn’t. She just thinks it’s great ideas and that everyone she seems to meet is sweet and talented. LOL

  133. Bianca trust me when I tell you when you are that deep into the music industry there is a 90% chance you have some willlingly invovlement in what is going on. You and many other skeptics here just haven't got a clue what is really going on in the music industry and as a music industry insider for over 13 years myself I can contest to the fact that what viligant is reporting in most cases is actually factual, truthful and informant … All of you should take heed and not disregard all of this as bullshit .. As I have witness first hand myself of bizarre incidents and the practices many artist are invovled in you would all be amazed and terrified of the unnnatural, unbelievable that they have played a part in occultic rituals to gain the fame and fortune trust me when I tell you I've been there myself.

  134. You should definitely do an analysis of Janelle Monae. Her debut album is called “Metropolis: the Chase Suite, and it tells the story of a robot living in the city of Metropolis; She said she got the idea from watching the movie Metropolis, and in an interview thats posted on her website she said she believes that the robot is real/she is the robot (named Cindy Mayweather). You should also check out her video “Many Moons.”

  135. As a muslim, i have always been conscious of the warning of the Holy Prophet (peace e upon him)that music was a weapon of the devil but i never really understood it,till i found this site.

    And Quran 3:54 means "and the (unbelievers) plotted and planned and Allah too planned and the best of planners is Allah,

    I pray that my Creator takes away the love of all wordly things from my heart.

  136. It is a dumb hip hop artist making dumb songs. There's no hidden meaning. No meaning at all – its totally mindless and stupid.

  137. This is really scary, I just hope rumors of Jay-Z cheating on Beyonce are true. That way she can get out of this influence and return to the place where she grew up.. a Godly church.

  138. If you like the song you are totally sucked in. The powers that be have controlled the music industry for years. They know all the chord progressions that emotionally move people and they use them over and over again. Thats why ‘awakened’ people will say pop music is boring. Because they consciously know they have heard it all before, but the message isn’t about love anymore it is slowly being changed into something more sinister and unfortunately those that sing along with her and dance along with her are in effect unknowingly worshipping this unnatural force and giving them power they think they need.
    Saying its bull is the best take on it. Only if you say its bull and then turn a blind eye to it you are still giving it your blessing. We need to look at this crap, recognise its crap and know WHY its crap. THEN go tell everyone what you know.

  139. To Hocine (71):

    Just a correction, that indeed Jesus Christ IS the Messiah, as mentioned in the Qur’an:

    “O People of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion, and do not say anything concerning Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a messenger of Allah, and His word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers . . . “ (Qur”an 4:171; see also 66:12).

  140. The only thing I disagree with is the Shattered glass as she is presented as the Iconic Robotic Woman. She does have control over the glass, which to me states that she is the “supreme” being over her many demons.

  141. I’ve read some of your articles before Beyonce released this song, and as soon as i heard and saw the video i started thinking about the hidden messages in lyrics and the symbolisim in music videos.

    I thought it was odd how she didn’t care whether this person she loved was a ‘sweet dream’ or a ‘beautiful nightmare’ so i immediately thought that this was a song for the devil.

    Also, the way she ended the video as dressed as the robot made me think of your previous comparison to the robot in Metropolis.

    After reading this article I now understand what her video was focused on this time, and thanks to your articles I’m always aware of what is being pumped into the minds of young people. For me, it is a necessary skill to be able to notice the freemasonary and satanism in all the music nowadays, because being 16 I know i’m vunerable to their brainwashing messages.

    Great job, keep it up!

  142. OK, really. Listen, this is music, music is as music does. Whether you believe the song has subliminal messages that refer to Satan, that’s one thing, but to accuse someone of practicing a religion and lying about the religion they do practice, that is ridiculous. Had you met Beyonce and asked her if this was the point of her video, then I would give much credit to you, but, seeing as you haven’t I say this website (while throughly interesting) is ludicrous. I understand that people take religion very seriously, and that it means so much to them, but there is a certain point. To criticize someone and say that they are lying about their religion is just awful. You didn’t invent the religion, you have no right to say that someone is less pious than you are.
    Oh, and D. Swartz, your grammar is poor. You should really work on that.

  143. thankyou so much. I needed this kick to re-kindle my relationship with CHRIST. The ONLY saviour is this dark world.

    Your insight is amazing. GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY.

    btw are you christians? 😀

  144. I believe in God and was raised in the church but I am sorry this is nuts. Half of the songs that she sings she didn’t even write, the clothing and dance is for the trendy and what the young adults and kids do and she. The dove in the video is not an upside dove; the drove is right side up with wings spread wide legs in the landing position.

  145. Someone above asked the purpose of these music videos: they program the uninitiated, psychologically vulnerable young into mimicking the behaviors and psychological state they behold. The vulnerable viewer with a fragile identity instantly creates an alter with Beyonce's characteristics, including the psychological characteristics that are explained above, as well as the spiritual characteristics described above. With the right trigger, the Beyonce persona will emerge with all its' panoply of characteristics fully programmed. They are simple, clear-cut (though perhaps not evident), and deeply entrenched characteristics. All programmed in by a simple viewing of the video. Just once is all it takes. Young, fragile minds are incredibly malleable, especially when they're drugged, street-drugs or prescription drugs; it doesn't matter, they have the same effect of making that mind and psyche open and malleable. And there are alot of hypnotic elements in the video, including the spirals, which will hypnotize the mind of viewer so the impressions sink in more deeply. Sweet Dreams!

  146. hey, i have something to say…. and i hope all these people who wrote on this article would return to the comments list and read what i'm gonna write NOW……

    Firtsly….yes the GREATEST trick the DEVIL every played was making THE KNOWN WORLD believe that he DOESN'T EXIST….and its working…somewhat

    Secondly…..yes LUCIFER was and STILL is IN CHARGED of MUSIC…you put the pieces together for yourselves…..

    Thirdly…one of you guys mentioned that ' they ' are trying to take CHRIST out of EVERYTHING with regards to CHRISTMAS…and that SANTA,and the EASTER BUNNY is just a marketing scam, now i don't know much about the bunny bit.. but as for Mr. CLAUS '''HE KNOWS when you are sleeping, HE KNOWS when your awake'''' i have always found that a bit disturbing and did anyone realized that if you SIMPLY move the letter ''N'' from the middle to the end, SANTA now becomes SATAN….. let that soak in for a while..

    and LASTLY….any doctor, would tell you that of the FIVE PRACTICAL SENSES, THE EAR is the most delicate,,,here's why

    THE EAR NEVER SHOTS DOWN, even when we're asleep, our ears are working when the other fours senses are resting,, even when one is A COMA if you talk to them THEY WILL HEAR YOU…even when one is dying and all your systems are fading, your ears are one of the last things to shot down,

    i'm sure this has happened to all of us….You suddenly have a song or a tune mysteriously invade your conscience,you don't know how or why but its there and your singing it…only to realize that it came from a distant radio near by or some one passed by '''unknowing'''' to you singing the song or melody that's in your head now…you see….your ears are ALWAYS WORKING even when you are sub-conscious to the fact…

    think about that the next time you go to bed with the radio or television on… and think about this too…. how does the MASTER OF MUSIC feels when we go to bed,giving him permission to invade our sub-conscience and do what ever he feels like with it…?????

    {he who have EARS to hear,let him hear}

    give that one time to soak in as well……

  147. @ anna. I thought the same thing about the Pretty Wings video. This was before I even heard of this site. That's crazy.

  148. @ caveat lector. I agree with a lot of what you have said. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

    @please listen. I agree with Reynold. Of course they took the “christ” out of x-mas because if you know the true origins of it, Christ was never involved in the first place. Christmas started off as the Roman celebration of Saturnalia. Long story short, they ended up combining that celebration with the “birth of Christ” (who really was not born in that part of the year anyway). So I say it’s about time they took Christ out of x-mass. The bunnies at easter are to symbolize fertility. Easter is really a spin-off to celebrate the Goddess Ishtar, not to celebrate the Ressurection.

    @ Sara only thing I can say for you is that you are a hypocrite and you need to hurridly denounce Islam because you obviously is not practicing it anyway. I am a Christian and know next to nothing about Muslims, but ain’t ya’ll supposed to believe in peace? How dare you spew such profanities toward another person and claim it’s in the name of Allah. Seems like YOU may be the one destined to burn, not xslim….sorry to break it to you.

    @VC Keep up the good work. The first time I came upon your sight, I couldn’t sleep. I basically had to pray in order to find peace, but i would rather know the truth than be ignorant.

  149. My discovery started 2days ago when i searched music on jay-z and saw a colum that he is a devil worshiper that made me curious and i wanted to learn more,Thanks to the internet and such webs like this who open people’s eyes and big fans like me to know what kind of pple we do take of praise in as roll models.

  150. OMG I don’t know how people can actually believe this?!!!I don’t believe in God nor do I believe in Satan. I still like this having watched your annotation on the video. I think you have tried to research into this too far. Mind control? Ha!It is just a video, its alright for like 50cent to sing bout Candy stores WHICH kids go to……does that make him a pervert? Or get shot in his video. That a sign on satan too?

  151. Okay, I am going to say this as a Christian who knows enough of the Bible to know that, as the Christain YOU are supposed to be, you should NOT know this much about the occult.

    Now you are probably asking why shouldn’t you?

    Because the Bible tells you specifcally that you should NOT involve yourself in it.

    YOU, mister or miss self-rightous, are disobeying Gods Word in your false quest for knowledge.

    You, yourself, are obesessed with the occult. And then trying to hide that fact by saying everyone else is. You are lying to yourself. You actually might have a demon. Because honestly believe that you are in the right, when you are not. You CANNOT procect yourself by invovling yourself with the occult, you protect yourself by STAYING AWAY FROM IT.

    To ignore the latter is to entertain demons

    They will whisper in your ear that you are doing “right” as you dig deeper, study harder, and involve youself more and more with knowledge of Satanic practices. They are laughing at your foolishness and your arrogance, as you damn your soul. Why because it is their pleasure; It is their mission.

    They WANT you in Hell.

    You have been decieved and you are pulling others in with you. You talk about the potiental evilness of a “rainbow and a light?” When have either of those symbols ever been evil? If I am not mistaken God, is the light and the rainbow was his promise to Noah.

    Oh, its because the meaning of Satan’s name? So what. Satan has many names,

    YOU probably know them because you are the one OBSESSED with the occult.

    Someone else said something about the left hand? Okay, God made BOTH of MY hands and neither one belongs to the devil.

    Unlike YOU, who is judging others. Which is a sin by the way, I am going to give you some advice. You need to let this go. You are damming your own soul playing around with this stuff. And the Bible specifically tells you to STAY AWAY FROM IT.

    But, hey, that is up to you. I don’t know you. You can live your life how you please. And if involving yourself with satanic literature to prove ridiculous points that really only make you seem like a nut, makes you feel clever, Then go for it.

    And enjoy your one way ticket to Hell.

    But for me, I think I will miss that train, if I can help it.

    Like I said, I don’t know you, and truthfully, I only found your site on mistake anyway.

    Maybe God let me stumble across it, to warn you. He is merciful that way.

    Is this music sinful? Yes it is.I agree with you on that point. But it is not sinful for why you think. It is sinful because its NOT made to worship and praise God. Its sinful because it is WORLDLY. And those who listen to it are choosing the WORLD and worldy pleasure over God and spiritaul glory.

    I seriously hope you heed my words and pray to God for forgivness and I also hope you stop delving into TRUE EVIL. Because as it stands, you are the one who’s wrong.

  152. ElHajjMalik DeLoach on

    All of this is really not correct jsut because you do not understand the true meaning of this video doesnt mean you can interpret any thing you want from this video beyonce has worked hard and always given god the credit doesnt and for you to say that she is a devil worshipper is a slap in the face. How dare you people say these things about her. You should never ever talk about what you dont understand because in the end you will look stupid

  153. Beyonce decided to sell her soul for fame and in turn had to devote her mind, body and soul to worship and praise satan, just like the majority if not ALL artists in the music biz today. It's a prerequsite. So even if you were raised to believe in God or a higher power, once you're in the industry and make a solid pact with the devil to further your career, you will need to worship him as well. Point blank.

    Also I think the comments about Beyonce's parents having some influence in what shes ultimately become are very interesting. If you ask me, which you didn't but I'm going to take the opportunity to speak my mind anyway, her mom is flippin creepy AND creepy lookin'!! In a beautiful, creepy sorta way. Have you seen her? She reminds me of those voodoo priestesses you hear about or see in old movies about voodoo and the occult. I can totally see her gutting a chicken with a smile on her face, blood dripping from her hands. Ok, I have an active imagination but I bet 10 cents there's someone out there who feels the same. Just sayin'. I can also see her indebting Beyonce's soul to the devil before she was born. Alot of elite families do it all the time; giving up the right to their souls and sacrificing their unborn and living children for gain. It's all a part of the pact, which for their sakes I hope can be broken.

    Also, I believe "Miss" Tina has some bones in her closet. She just has that look and gives me that vibe. I would love LOVE to see her family tree and all the going ons that took place in her family. Something tells me shes into all of this stuff and is very respected in their "world". Something about her gives me the eebie jeebies and that only reinforces my belief that shes involved in this whole Beyonce mind control, alternate demonic personality ordeal.

    In other news, I totally agree with the video and the breakdown of the meanings behind it. I thought it was very informational and accurately related scenes, symbols and lyrics to the occult and the very deep meaning they all possess. First time on this site and already a fan.

  154. @ kimberly. I disagree. The Bible does not say that it is wrong to know about the occult. He (God) would not have us be ignorant of Satan’s devices. Just because you know something does not mean you dabble in it. I know a lil bit bout Islam, does that make me Muslim and hell bound? You have to know your enemy in order to effectively fight against him, otherwise, you’re going into warfare blind and unprotected. Not trying to personally attack you, but you sound very afraid and just a lil ignorant. Why would God have us be dumbfounded about the enemy? It just wouldn’t make any sense. God gives all types of warnings in the Bible. Maybe we should avoid those too in order to not be OBSESSED with it? He said all of this stuff was coming in the last days.

  155. @ kimberly, You trippin Ma. Where in the Bible does it say to be ignorant? God would not have us be ignorant of Satan’s devices. How can you fight an enemy you know nothing about? You have to know what tricks the enemy is using in his warfare against us and the Almighty…duh. You yourself could probably fall prey to and worship the anti-christ because you really don’t know his tricks because you too scared to be labeled as and occultist to learn a thing or two. As far as passing judgement, it seems to me that you are doing the same. You have no right to say who is and isn’t going to hell. That is SO not your call. I suggest you go back to the Word and read a lil bit deeper. God also tells us of signs and things to watch for concerning the enemy. Does that make Him obsessed as well? No. It makes you sound ignorant. Bless you.

  156. i really love beyonce but since she meet J………..Z everthing abt her changed
    and i became curious.i feel the real her wants her FREEDOM BACK back.

  157. Another great article.

    To all the people who think all this stuff is a bunch of “hokey nonsense”? Please do your research on mind control, MK Ultra, etc. The article made even more sense once I did.

  158. I was genuinely creeped out by this video the first time I saw it, I thought it may have meant the fear of death after living such a wonderful and rich life, but it seems to be something deeper and you may be onto something here you dont know just what these “celebrities” are involved in.

  159. I personally stopped listening to music because of things like this. I occasionally visit sites like these to see what’s going on. And I learn something new every time. Isn’t it funny that all of these celebrities on this site are linked in some way. Lady Gaga is doing a song with Beyonce. At first i thought it was strange because they are completely different artists…..but it makes sense. Also, these top artists are using a LOT of the same images and symbols in their music, videos, and performances. It’s no coincidence. If people don’t believe it, then that’s another issue at hand. Non-believers are closed to this kind of knowledge because it opens a can of worms and it opens their eyes to the truth. Which is scary if your think about it long enough. It saddens me when I realize how many people are lost and refuse to see the truth. But that’s what the music industry wants. To stupify it’s followers. (It’s a cold world, isn’t it) I wonder when this site is gonna discuss Rihanna’s new music. Like her video for Russian Roulette. It’s very creepy. In addition to the fact that she semi lied on her 20/20 interview and did not mention what she really did in the Chris Brown situation (that was revealed in police reports). But that’s enough about that. I pray for these artists and I hope that young people find true role models instead of looking to the music industry for inspiration. God bless

  160. @ to Vanessa

    You know, I also thought about that too. For some time now, almost all popular “artists” now is constantly referring to the number ‘3’ through their music videos. Beyonce’s music videos ALWAYS, like A.L.W.A.Y.S. having 3 dancers — including herself. Then there’s Britney Spears, where on her video “Radar”, the camera briefly focused on the number ‘3’ on the guy’s red shirt. And also her very new single, with the title — yup, your right with your guess — ‘3’. Now, I know there’s also many out there but I just don’t like listening to “popular” music anymore so knowledge about them is kinda limited now.

    Now, maybe, just MAYBE, it has something to do with this?

    “And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, THREE unclean spirits like frogs; for they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them together for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty.” — Revelation 16:13-14

    Verse 16 of the same chapter hints that those verses has something to do with “Armageddon”.

    Well yeah I know it’s just a wild guess, but who knows?

  161. Why , why are they doing this whats the point , this I dont understand ? I dont mean why they worship lucifer but I mean why are they puting these symbols all over the place ?

  162. i just stumbled on this link from facebook but im so glad that someone took the time to notice these things & alert ppla abt it.i personally felt rihanna’s video(disturbia) was a bit demonic & i wondered abt that. i heard abt jayz’s for a while now on a popular entertainment show where a pastor complained abt some disturbing information abt jayz video…the pastor said in his words & i quote ” i found some disturbing news abt Br jay Z & went ahead to play one of his songs which was backtracked & in the song jay said some abusive words to Jesus” . Prior to this, & i kid u not my elder told me abt a dream she had, In the dream she saw beyonce & jayz & they both had their faces covered with something black & we just laughed it off & thot nothing of it. im happy that pple are beginning to ve doubts which is a start

  163. The scariest part of all of this is the fact that these artists are getting very BOLD. These symbols are all over the place and even if people choose not to believe the truth, you cannot deny the repetition of these symbols with various artists. Eventually I think that these artists are just gonna come out and say what they are really up to. They might as well. And the sad part is that people still wouldn’t believe it even if these artists came out and admitted the truth. Rock artists have been admitting to worshiping Satan for years. Most artists in hip hop and R & B just try to hide it and use symbols in fear of losing their fans. But the evidence is there if you chose to see it

  164. Because I have time on my hands, I searched an anagram finder’s results of “Sasha Fierce”, and amongst the hundreds of rearrangements, I found “reface as his”. Coincidence? =)

  165. @ to Adull

    They are DESENSITIZING the general public through FAMILIARITY with these occult symbolisms. Someday, very soon, nobody knows how soon, they will finally reveal to the public that they have been instruments of the Illuminati. But it will be too late to turn back in that time, because the Illuminati will already have a very firm grasp on the economic, political, and even the religious area of our world.

    I’m talking about the NEW WORLD ORDER. I’m not exaggerating here. THIS. IS. REAL. And the funny thing is, even though these symbols are everywhere, in MVs, company logos, commercials, fashion, popular religion, they still CHOOSE to NOT believe it!!!! Eyes Wide Shut dude!!!!!

    May God help us through the looming global crisis……It’s a spiritual warfare, no matter you want to believe it or not. And NOBODY will have a neutral ground to stand on. It will either be, on God’s side, or Satan’s side. You choose.

  166. Although I do believe that Jay Z is entangled in some dark forces (maybe he’s atheist or a mason at the least), I don’t believe that Beyonce and Rihanna are devil worshippers who have sold their souls for success. This may be a case of guilt due to association. The analysis of “Sweet Dreams” if I may say so, is weak and is reaching. I think, however, Jay Z’s refusal to publicly respond to these allegations, and his constant blasphemy in his songs, make him suspicious. I think Rihanna is experimenting with Goth, and probably isn’t taking all of it seriously. Here’s the thing. When you spend so much time researching conspiracy theories (which may or may not be true) and obsessing over just how many celebrities are actually devil worshippers, you distract away from the salvation of your own soul. Do not concern yourself with the things of this world. Because everything of this world, passes away. Concern yourself with the disposition of your own soul. Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? Have you cut sin out of your life? Do you pray? Do you treat each person as your neighbor? If you are reading these articles, and condeming these people, but you are still living a life of sin yourself, you are just as much condemned as these people are (if they are actually guilty of these allegations). Focus on your own life. Read the BIble and ask God for wisdom, understanding, and the gift of discernment. Instead of concerning yourself with whether or not Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” is about her love of lucifer and his tormenting mind control or just simply a song about being in a passionate relationship. Just remember, while you’re spending hours on the web with this stuff, success stories are being made, progress is being made, and the world continues to turn. What contribution will you have made? I hope this will be published.

  167. but ppl write the songs for them its not there fault they think they will make a hit with it some ppl jus rite it for fun it doesnt always ave 2 mean sumthing

  168. wow i am so surprised. well not really cuz i already knew they worshipped the devil. i thought this was just a regular song but it had deeper meaning to it and it got scary and serious. wow does that mean that all beyonce songs have a deeper meaning to it? i am scared to listen to her songs now. i don’t noe wat to say but thank you. this is so sad that little kids look up to her and now she is just trying to brain wash them with little details that we dont even notice in the song to control them with their minds? wow deep stuff.

  169. Again, you present your work in a most objective, sharply analyzed and astute way.. I don’t see how anyone at all can take offense to anything you say. But anyway after reading your interpretation/analysis of Beyonce’s video and then watching it, I see what you mean, there is symbol after symbol and esoteric meaning in it.. And all the kids love this stuff! I am sure this is not done without thought, whether it is all Beyonce’s thoughts (most likely not) I don’t know. But her husband, Jay-Z, one of the richest performers/men in America is known to persuade his entire audiences at his shows to make the pyramid symbol with their hands. As you and others may all know anyway. But as David Icke points out, one of my favorite truth seekers and tellers, it’s not a concert, it’s a ritual! Now I see more and more there is no accident whatsoever when certain people make money doing certain things. Now i know why… I always knew there was something to it, but now I know even more.. and Beyonce’s music has never really hit me in any kind of significant way. I have seen her as being talented, but I was never really that impressed nor drawn to her music. After seeing the truth behind it, I am glad. This song is catchy though, no doubt about that. But I can really see the dark esoteric symbology here.. interesting.. I really appreciate how you always present your material in the most objective way leaving the reader to decide what to really think for themselves. You don’t push down beliefs towards anyone. Very refreshing. My appetite for the truth never wanes..

  170. One other thing, if mirrors (among other symbols) are a symbol of Monarch programming, then that has a long history in Hollywood, sometimes known esoterically as the ‘land of the Druids’ as I have heard, they used to use the wood of the holly in their rituals.. Interesting, eh..? I heard that from an alternative researcher Jordan Maxwell. You can see the video under this title “Project Camelot interviews Jordan Maxwell” on youtube. Take for example, the classic picture of Marlene Dietrich I think it is in front of the mirror. You can see three of her. Also Madonna redid the picture during her ‘Erotica’ days it looks like. Don’t forget the movie The Three Faces of Eve, but that is openly about multiple personality disorder. Interesting movie by the way. One of the personalities is inevitably overtly sexual whenever there is MPD. Now I know the reason that Beyonce calls her musical personality Sasha Fierce. In person, Beyonce really seems somewhat humble and down to earth in a way. But back to the video, after thinking about it more, what it is really signifies, according to the person who did the analytical video you posted at the end, where he/she points out the ‘Sun Dance ritual’ that is very interesting. And at the end, transforming into a robot, it is really glamorizing being under control. Prepping the next generation perhaps for ultimate control of the mind and body..? Thinking about it is really scary and kind of sickening. Nevertheless it is very good to know this. The generation of today really need to be educated on this!

  171. In light of her ‘robotic’ metropolis like self at the end of the video, I thought I would post these lyrics to the 1984 soundtrack of Metropolis. Song Here She Comes sung by Bonnie Tyler. The lyrics are so interesting, it inspired some of my online names.. (like riddle in a rhyme).

    Fitting lyrics huh..?

    Bonnie Tyler – Here She Comes Lyrics

    (Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder)

    Shade begins to steal the light
    Confusion throws another mystery
    It’s out for focus with eye
    So now you wonder is this just a dream

    Here she comes, here she comes
    She’s gonna cause a sensation now
    And just between you and me
    Song text taken from
    I think she’ll soon have you temptation bound
    Here she comes, here she comes
    It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for
    See the face and see that smile
    You’ve never seen the likes of her before

    Suppose-who knows
    She’s not above suspicion
    Is she-maybe
    On some kind of secret mission-better listen

    There’s still some pieces missing
    I sense-I feel
    Trust my institution don’t rush into your decision

    Now here’s a riddle in a rhyme
    If she’s the same how came she’s different now
    The same old eyes but bot the shine
    You know you’re certain but you’re full of doubt

    Here she comes, here she comes
    She’s gonna have you at her beck and call
    So why refuse, yeah why contend
    When all resistance is impossible
    This lady’s serious make no mistake
    Face to face and eye to eye
    She’ll cast a spell that you may never break

  172. God have mercy on all of us.should read Rebecca Brown’s books and will know too well want Vigilant is talking about.
    God uses pple in diff ways…….somebody commented asking vigilant wats his point in revealing all this!!!! well the point here is WHO IS READY TO STAND IN THE GAP FOR THE PEOPLE ?BE A PRAYER WARRIOR.INTERCEED FOR THE LOST WORLD??9(much prayer and fasting and meditation on the word of God)……all we can do pple is start praying to God for mercy.
    am so happy that 90% comments are of pple who are positive and ready to turn a new leaf.

  173. I have this article with some real interests.
    I am a reader of many newspapers,magazines and collect lot of information from well known media networks.
    All my comments on various subjects were published in many leading news channels and in world known social websites.
    Back to this subject, what is a dream?
    All our deep thinking, some sensational subjects, unknown agenda in our life -all came by way of dreams.
    Of course, dreams can be classified in to two types or stages.
    Subconscious and deep in inner thoughts.
    We will get sweet dreams ,horror dreams ,divine dreams and some bitter dreams.
    If dreams will be converted in to reality,then there will be some meaning of it.
    Dream is a dream.
    As per my knowledge permits, we should have dreams to our life.
    Then only, we will understand which are all in illusory stage or in possible real happenings to our life.
    Thanks for publishing of it.

  174. Can i just say, i have been reading many but not all of the comments for almost an hour and have found the comments more interesting than the article itself. There are a lot of self righteous people here, who seem to think the fact they are deeply religious is reason enough to damn everyone else. That isnt fair.
    I have to agree with Kimberly purely on the basis that many people who have posted here have become way too obsessed with all of this: “Okay, I am going to say this as a Christian who knows enough of the Bible to know that, as the Christain YOU are supposed to be, you should NOT know this much about the occult…. You, yourself, are obesessed with the occult.” Although im not as extreme, maybe because im agnostic lol, i do believe that people should live and let live. If somebody wants to ruin their life by selling their soul then so be it. Im not condoning it- the fact is it is out of mine and everybody elses control. Fair enough you want to help others by arming us/yourself with information, you may say ignorance is bliss- but what can WE do about it? Nothing.

    I do have to say though, there is something strange about the level of success Beyonce, Rihanna and GaGa have had and im not really fans of them at all. But Masons would never allow Jay-Z to flaunt his involvement with them in such a way, to me its just a huge publicity stunt- innocent or not we will never kow.

    Please people stop hurting yourselves doing all this research it gets you nowhere. If the Masons or the devil wanted you to know their plan im sure theyd tell you. I have a feeling this post is gonna lead to me being labelled as some poor brainwashed MTV kid. Let me just tell you- just because i dont go to church or pray everyday, does not mean im a bad person and i deserve to go to hell. If there is a hell. Sometimes people really dont understand how restricting religion can be… just believe in yourself- PEACE.

  175. Uh, come again...? on

    And all of you who are woefully reading tale after tale of this occult synopsis and believing in what the writer says are not in a cult, and mind-controlled yourselves? I’m confused. I’m an intellectual, med school student and I would say I have a pretty open mind. A lot of this seems far fetched. I get symbolism, mind control and luring the audience into extreme states of liking an artist through visuals but I just, don’t, think, this much thought is put into a lot of these “things” you “notice” in lyrics, photoshoots or a video. Just like the Bible has multiple versions, so do we all who watch the same videos. I respect yours, I don’t see it – or agree.

  176. I was reading through some comments on this video on youtube and someone mentioned the white horse running across the scene when Beyonce first goes to ‘the land of the sun’ and begins her ‘Sun dance’ at about 39:00 or 40:00 seconds in. Funny how the comment seems to be now gone on the site, when I only saw it about a couple of hours ago.. hmmm, coincidence or…? The powers that be do not want people looking into the real meanings of the music. Anyway, a white horse represents many things, here are some thoughts:

    This is the most interesting part and I think pertains to this article:

    “The Horse symbol meanings of power are widespread through most cultures, and it is linked as an emblem of life-force. Many cultures assign the attributes of the four elements to the Horse: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.

    As a Celtic symbol,the Horse was associated with war. With war, comes attributes of victory, conquer, longevity as well as procurement of territory and other spoils that come with triumph in battle.

    All of these heady aspects of valor were associated with the Horse in Celt animal symbolism. In fact, so much so, the Celts hailed the Horse as the beast belonging to the sun god, and assigned it a place with the goddess Epona (see Celtic Gods & Goddesses for more information on Epona).

    The Greco-Romans also associated the Horse with the spoils of war and attributed it to symbolism such as power, victory, honor, domination and virility. In Greco-Roman myth the Horse is said to be created by Poseidon (Neptune) and is devoted to Hades (Pluto) and Ares (Mars). Romans also believed the Horse to be a symbol of the continuity of life, and would sacrifice a horse to the god Mars every October, keeping its tail through the winter as a sign of fertility and rebirth.”

    Towards the end of that article, it says that a horse of a different color represents this:

    What about a horse of a different color? The color of the Horse is also steeped with symbol meanings. Here are the most common color meanings for the Horse:

    * Black Horse:
    Mystery, death, night, secret, messenger of esoteric knowledge

    * White Horse:
    Light, sun, day, vitality, illumination, resurrection, messenger of birth

    Hmmm, interesting since Beyonce is dancing in the ‘land of the sun’ as I call it. (Inspired by the video posted at the end of your article where someone analyzes the video and makes comments.)

    Does the white horse running across the way indicate the ‘pale horse of the apocalypse’ as well? Does that symbolize war…? I am not sure, unless it is another prophetic message or perhaps it is about the ‘war’ of the soul, between the forces of darkness and light.. I am not sure, it is just something to think about.. I will probably have my own blog consisting partly of responses to this material but also my own take on things..

  177. Ok so what if Beyonce is a mason? Let her be a mason! Its not your life. I mean I give you credit for all this research but you aren't getting anywhere. You make it seem like you are going to put her on trial. Let her be whomever she pleases and let God take care of this.

  178. anyone noticed that when she starts her sun dance, and summons the two dancers, they appear on her left.
    According to christain symbols, the right side represents masculinity and correctness, the left is symboically feminine and satanistic, the “wrong side”.

  179. Hmm. These articles are interesting, but very hard to believe. It is nice that you put up your theories about the music industry and their artists, which have a high influence on the people today. It wouldn’t surprise me if everyone started sporting robotic looking clothes and have something to cover one of their eyes. It is just that it seems unlikely. You might be looking to much into the things that probably don’t mean anything or perhaps are coincidental. I do enjoy reading the articles on your site. They are very “enlightening”.

  180. Truly I am so happy to be apart of this site. I truly believed lady gaga is part of the occult along with rihanna,
    jay z and now kanye, taylor, jack black and nas. Some of these artist I use to really like. But researching who they really are is indescribable to say the least. I am in college as a single mom of a 14 year old daughter and 4 year olds son, my major is biblical studies. I want to know about ancient religion and places that the only wonderful and very almighty God (Jehovah-Yahweh) created and places where Satan lost and is still losing today. I was raised a faithful christian woman, but even I know that a lot of christian folk today praise the devil too. Very sad to know this happens, when God-Yashua-the holy ghost has so proven him self worthy to be glorified all by himself. I don’t know how any one could praise a loser such
    as satan and all his finest demons. God is endless and beautiful, the devil’s reign will end and be no more, says Jehovah in his word. “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul”.
    I am so glad for this site and others like it!. I have also felt that something in this world is off bases and
    now I have it confirmed!. Please update more information on the freemason, the illuminati, and the
    celebs in the occult so I can school my daughter on their lies. I knew beyonce was being very deceitful
    to other black female singers for a reasons and a huge liar!.

  181. Please excuse my . I just wanna say that I love the other articles on the historical places
    in the world and their occult symbols. I heard long about by a black male historian who told me of
    the occult practices in america and the world, but I didn’t take it serious until I woke up one day and
    begin to question life and it’s on-goings myself. And now I have a passion to uncover historical lies,
    religious lies and cover ups. I want to know why is it a vast of majority of christian ministries, bishops,
    rabbi’s won’t tell the people the truth?. I wanna know why historians and so called theologians lie to
    us for thousands of years, and when we try to uncover the truth, we are made to look crazy, like fools
    and even laughed at. Can someone on this site tell me why? or can the editor tell me why?. I love
    true knowledge and I love the lord Yashua-Jesus with all my soul. The devil will never have me or
    my children EVER!. No fame or fortune will I sell my soul. Anything I need or want, God is my solution.
    Any pain or worry or burden, God understands and is my MIRACLE and BECKON OF LIGHT!.

  182. I feel that anyone who doesn’t think clearly about the things of the world need to WAKE UP!.
    Think clearly about why is all the bad stuff happening?, why are people starting to turn from
    the almighty God to false gods and even the Devil?. What are the worlds historians truly
    hiding in their research from us?. Why does christian ministers /bishops, rabbi’s and islamic
    leaders not telling their people the full truth when they speak of God and his creation?.

    Why is America really in the war over seas?. What is the true purpose of the so-called ” Holy
    War” really about?. Why does the elite secret society want the rest of us out of the decisions
    of the world?. What very important secret are they keeping from us about the future of humanity?.
    What is the truth behind American patriotism?. Why are the so called “third world” countries
    really third world?. All the human, humanitarian fundraising concerts and protests, what are
    they really about?. And it is really making a difference or is it just another deceptive scheme to
    fool mankind?.

    The proof is there right before our eyes. Yes! it is painful, sad and disturbing. But a lack of vast
    lack of vitiable knowledge, history and truth with no direction the people with surely die!. I say too
    a lack of God (jehovah-yahweh) + Yashua (jesus) + The Holy Spirit and humanity is doomed also!.
    The signs are there. Which side are you on? there is no MIDDLE!.

  183. but what i don't understand is the directors… are the directors in on the mind control thing do they make the videos to match what the music industry is doing????

  184. Christ!an Swagger!! on

    This is a response to the # 7 comment “.hm September 18th, 2009 2:27 am : Um, the whole thing you siad about the you can’t call Beyonce a devil worshiper because of what she does is false to me because you’ve read it yourself I hope you can clearly see that she is a devil worshiper……….If it’s the truth than why can’t she be called that…IF you can’t call her a Devil worshiper than you can call her a world worshiper which is the same thing as Devil worshiper because anyone who is for God has nothing to do with this and they will never come close IN THE BIBLE IT SAYS DON”T LOVE THE WORLD FOR IF YOU DO YOU DO NOT HAVE LOVE FOR THE FATHER ABOVE………..So clearly SHE IS A DEVIL WORSHIPER…………tell it like it is!!!!Oh and this is not the only song she wrote that has something to do with Occult meaning

  185. -What then can one say about Ciara who continues to mimick Beyonce, yet in my opinion, has not obtained her type of fame?

    – The Cabalistic “Tree of Life”…reminds me of that crazy movie “Sublime”

  186. i loved this song soo much but now i have to think twice b4 singing it lol……even at the end when she is in the gold costume right before it ends when the color comes in and the camera moves down her, her costume looks like the baphomet head….similar to how rihanna looked like it in umbrella

  187. i mean i honestly can say that everything stated makes sense. At the end of the day thats beyonces buisness who she worships. shes still gonna sell records and make hits!!

  188. So many disinformation agents on the #200+ comments…. O____O

    @ to Ella7

    Yes! There is NO middle ground. They only don’t fully pledge their allegiance to Satan now is because they dare not. But the enmity against God and His truth is there, it’s just because they DARE NOT because of their hypocrisy. EVERYBODY can see the truth if they will. Unfortunately, so many nowadays, even in the professed Christian world, are actually more willing to die than to really think of acquiring the real truth in this time. It’s just a shame. :(


  190. reply to comment number 97. i watched the video and if youll skip to 0:41

    look at her face, its as if shes like..i dont know what you would call that but its extremely weird knowing that fact that shes becoming another pawn for the illuminatti. also the director WAS acting kind of strange he also says LESS ABOUT THE STORY AND MORE ABOUT THE MOVEMENT. and another thing he says is “its everything you want in a video.” hmmm…?

    that was extremely an extremely explainative video.

  191. When this video came out, I knew there was something wrong with it because I was familiar with the whole Illuminati/Masonic/Nwo-stuff and I never really wanted to listen to this song, but when I heard it on the radio etc. I felt like singing to it and was really into it, i was like ”stop stop, no”… 😀 this is some demonic shit!!!://
    Jay-z got EM ALL !!! Beyonce, Rihanna etc.. but thoes demonworshippers got Jay-Z!
    I don’t know what to say really, because this stuff is creeping me out.

    Just believe in God subhanallah and serve him, not the devils!!

    May Allah bless you all…

  192. r u high???
    u must be…do u hav any respect for yoursself? and for other people?
    isuggest u get alife…AND WHEN YOU DO END IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Reading this article really puts things in perspective. Its amazing how oblivious we are as a people to recognizing these symbols and signs. They are in plan sight right in front of us and we don’t see how satan is blatantly corrupting our minds and thoughts through music.
    I truly encourage u to keep doing this, and personally would like for you to analyze Beyonce song “Halo” . I think that has an alternative meaning as well.

  194. I think you have some good points, but I think you’re looking way too far into things by saying that each of these three ladies, [Beyonce, Rhianna, and Lady Gaga] are ALL giving themselves to Satan. I think you have some correct points, but, I really think this song is about being controlled by a lover, not Lucifer.

  195. Wow. You have really opened my eyes. I think i have seen nearly all of your articles and the logo one was very interesting. But i really enjoy these video ones too. Its crazy. I would have never seen this. The world is a scary place.

  196. well i cant say that nobody doesnt know that this kind of disturbing things avent been happenig hey look at our kids young people are all confused our society is all messed up due to this information that ave been put into our minds since childhood remmeber #innercircle# naughty by naughty damed lyrics and many more we are all victims here of this cheap people who cant make it in life without the help of spirits drugs en so fourth if you follow beyonce school career u will realise they were never talented that much but they had that dream even for them they ave no idea who is in control of their lifes GOD HELP US ALL .

  197. Is there bad people in the music industry? Yeah
    Is there good people in the music industry? Yeah, as well…
    Beyonce, Lady Gaga, just to name a few, are just pop artists, who can reach high notes, dress sexy, wear whatever they want to, make headlines etc. Lady Gaga, mainly, is into expressing her music through art, fashion, she creates her style and her record label helps her improve it, she’s not to blame about all the symbolism surrounding her, yeah, she might know what it’s all about but she doesn’t want to hurt or kill anyone, I don’t think she’s an Iluminati Puppet. As for Mickey Mouse, it’s just a cartoon, it has its obscure meaning and all but who are you gonna blame? Mickey Mouse himself? I don’t think so, you must blame the people who is behind those things.

    And speaking of Mindcontrol, You Vigilant Citizen have mind-controlled a lot of people, doing sentences that suggest people to stop listening to all of these artists. You should become a pop artist and control us all cuz mind controlling through a website it just sucks!

  198. wow i cant believe this, its such an eye and mind opening the truth is out there and in the bible. so wether you accept it or not beyonce isnt lost but lets keep her in our prayers theres still hope!!!!!! because alot of girls look up to her as a role model. Thanks keep up with the good work ,we need the truth as young people

  199. it was hard to believe this at first but when i continued to read the articles it all started to make sense though am in denial.i do not believe in occults and i never thought that someone can acctualy have a deal with lucifer

  200. this is quite terrific……… many of there fans will nt kw wat they are into,they only c them but does nt kw there personal person……..thks any way cos ave realy learn alot 4rm this crazzy,crazz styles, the pyramin, the eye and all the rest……….peace

  201. There are 2 things that could possibly have an occult meaning that I'd like to point out.. While reading your Song Analysis.. I realized she says "Turn The Lights ON" in between lines of the chorus.. Could this possibly refer to the "Illuminati"? Referring to it as the “LIGHT” and to turn it on meaning to begin the course of "Illumination".. Also.. While reading your video analysis.. I was watching the video on you tube to clearly see the points you put forward.. during which at 1.12 of the video (which is the beginning of the chorus line .. there seems to be a quick flash of Beyonce replicating Loenardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Now the Vitruvian Man was created in 1487 and is accompanied by notes of a famed architect Vitruvius Pollio. This drawing depicts a male figure in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs apart and simultaneously inscribed in a circle and square. The drawing and text are sometimes called the Canon of Proportions. The drawing is based on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius in Book III of his treatise De Architectura. Vitruvius described the human figure as being the principal source of proportion among the Classical orders of architecture. Which brings me to wonder if the Beyonce version in the video is an odeto the “GRAND ARCHITECT”; and is in fact symbolising the ideal proportions of the Grand Architect’s – Grand plan… other than that your articles are AMAZING .. i truly am a fan!

  202. At first I thought this was some kind of joke, but if you check out her website she is selling "freemasons" remix which is probably riddled with subliminal messages. This is scary stuff. The kids love her.

  203. It is not a PALE Horse, but a WHITE Horse.

    The Bible (Revelations 6:8) introduces the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse".

    "The four horsemen are often referred to as Conquest (White horse), War (Red Horse), Famine (Black Horse), and Death (Pale Horse). They are part of an apocalyptic vision in which God summons and empowers them to wreak divine havoc on the world. Each is revealed, individually, when the first four of seven seals are broken (opened) in Revelation."

    "One interpretation casts the rider of the white horse as the Antichrist, or a representation of false prophets."

    See more on:….


  204. Thank you for all of your posts. I was a huge Beyonce fan until I was introduced to this website. I use to listen to Beyonce's music constantly and repeatedly. The beats, lyrics and videos were catchy and fascinating to me. Nowadays, whenever her music comes on, I turn the channel (whether its on television or radio), and I refuse to support her, her music and anyone else I think is sending Satanic messages.

    Please keep it coming!

  205. All this Satan symbol stuff is just a sign Letting real Christians know that someone is in big trouble and i need of prayer. Why are people bashing beyonce and other artist that's promoting this type of behavior? Let's not judge and lets pray for our young sister. We all are sinners, We even do things that God is not proud of but he always forgive and pave the way for us. Lets pray for the lost sheep, because we are lost too.

  206. I think that they should STOP WORSHIPPING 2 THA DEVIL nd trying to make other people!!! nd cursen all of us!!! they should all just repent to the Lord and ask for forgiveness and STOP all of this nonsense!!!

    I mean for real Jay-z & Beyonce who would wanna go to hell?? not me thats for sure I dont wanna be there burning for all eternity!!!

    But I guess thats how people go when they have ALOT of money, they just want more & more……

  207. wow this is crazy. we go over stuff like this in my church bt just wasnt believing it but now i do i have to cut her out.

  208. i was at a friends party and they started talking about free masons and all and then without being told i remembered how lady gaga's song just dance has always fascinated me but the end is disturbing such that i dont tolerate it anymore..i usually hear the words "have sex….." which is scrambled like im not supposed to hear and with all the sexy overtures in her video.then the recent video with beyonce is even more disturbing,i usually feel like they want to take off their clothes and all the symbols they put out i dont even listen anymore.this is my first time on this site and i feel you could be completely right.may GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP INFORMING THE PEOPLE

  209. Amen to all those who belive in Christianity! I am also a Christian and the devil is trying to deceive us all, in music and through out the world. But this is only temporary, and Our Treasure is in Heaven. Speak up in schools and everywhere else, that is what God called us to do. God Bless and keep seeking God. Amen

  210. Who ever made this video should have mentioned the pale horse running in the background of the first scene with the rainbow.

  211. I don't agree with the whole association of the Holy Spirit with Lucifer..stating that is completely blasphemous, not to mention contradictory, along with relating light to Lucifer. If anything the light in these videos the light is left off in the background, while the gray covered sky, or the darkness, seems to overpower the earth. However, the rest of the analysis makes sense, as do the rest of your analyses.

  212. the fans of the artist are the funniest they get so mad. =( beyonce is not a devil worshiper you are and you use mind control lol thats great. i hate them all and yeah there puppets there puppets to there record labels and who knows who these powerful people are and what they do. who know what beyonce had to do other than sing high notes to become famous. but damn it if this vigilante dude is not on point with all this some choose to see other choose to live with their eyes clouded.

  213. This is the most interesting website I think I've ever been on. The people on here have the most interesting conversations, and I am in love with this website. I love knowing that I'm not the only person seeing and hearing these kinds of things. Thanks so much for making this site! It's definitely a bookmark and a favorite :)

  214. Thank you for this website to remind us how sin is everywhere and we should all be VIGILANT.

    Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    God Bless.

  215. these things I read are things that people everywhere need to read but they scare me so bad I want to cry. I don't go to church but I want to go but I feel like I've lost my faith in God but I want to go to heaven when I die. I don't know what to do but i don't want to go to back to church because I'm scared and i want to go to heaven afterwards. I want to go because I want to not because I fear what will happen when the devil comes to try and claim people. This is probably not the right place to put this put I don't know.

    Thank for the information anyway.


  216. I didn't think this video is anything about brainwashings. I think it is just about unrequited love, and so she has come to rely on a incubus. She has become so dependent that she now prefers the dream world to the real world. It is important education for young people that all pleasure doesn't need to come from spending and the physical, but nirvana can come in a dream for the worthy.

  217. i never liked this song i always found something fishy about it… but thanks anyways for the information keep up ur good work.. .God bless you 😉

  218. @kirsty… you know, fear is exactly what the devil wants u to have, so that you will not go to church and get baptized, serve Jesus and be saved when he comes back to save his people…. the devil wants you to doubt yourself and say 'No,i can't do this', when you do that you are giving him exactly what he wants……. Jesus wants you to be saved in his kingdom when he returns… pray and ask God for courage and faith to overcome the devil's tricks and temptations and all you have to do is just believe that he (Jesus) will grant that unto you, remember the bible says in Philippians 4:13 "I can do all tings through Christ who strengthens me"

  219. I believe in life other than on planet Earth.

    I believe that there is someone behind "the government".

    (Clearly seen with Bush.)

    Tell me. Who creates money?

    You must analyze Linkin Park. Pink. Taylor Swift. Kelly Clarkkson. Jason Mraz. Britney Spears. Muse! Green Day. Ashley Tisdale. Friday Hill. CHRIS CORNELL.

    Taylor Swift is like a blond angel from heaven!

    Do you see fault in her?

    Chris cornell. "Preaching the end of the world."

    He wrote it 10years ago! What do you say about that name for a song?

    Linkin Park is a very popular band.

    Hands held high. I think that song is about the controversy theories.

    I must agree with you. Rihanna has changed her image so FAST after Umbrella… I forgot to blink!

    Lady Gaga has lost IT. You know that!

    She spreads rumours about herself. She was on cocaine. (read that somewhere!)

    I would say it is a very good controversy theory!

    5 out of 5!

  220.,, and and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or the links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

  221. I think that everyone should open their eyes and as well acknowledge what is being said here! These artists, musicians, politicians are mere puppets in this amazingly plotted play! go on youtube and look for a documentary called,"The Arrivals" and, "Ring of Power".The second one is pretty shocking and sadly true.

  222. Oiee Beyoncé eu tiamo de coração,sabe para provar o meu amor tao grande por vx digo que faria qualquer coisa mais qualquer coisa mesmo para tiver!pelo que eu estou vendo todos que comenta aqui e internacional eu nao eu sou do Brasil gostaria muito de ir ao su show aqui no Brasil por isso eu pesso se vx se entereçar por mim me mande um recado no meu orkut.e só para ti diser eu danço pra dedeu nao querendo me esibir nao ta mais se precisar de um dançarino novo pode cre sou eu hem!mai toma cuidado por eu posso ter um piripaque quando tiver!kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!é seriu viu!

    beijos tiamo

  223. wat a sweet world and i will want 2 be one of de lucifers. pls forward 2 beyonce so i could send her requirements. Danke Shon

  224. There's also a scene in the video where they're surrounded by a white background and (barely noticeable) is a swirling pattern that reminds me of mind control. Then near the end of that scene Beyonce and the backup dancers swirl their fingers as if mocking it. Just something I noticed…

  225. Eeeww Beyonce the whore

    who seen Lady gaga N Beyonces new song..?? "Video Phone"

    Now thats what I call NASTY!!! Beyonce If U R out thurr Put On Some Propper Clothes!! arent you suppose to be a married women! showing ya ass and shiat!!! U making ya self look slurrier by the minute….

    and LadyGaga ya look Ugly as man U gotta Big Nose MANN

  226. wow once i heard that she, jayz and others entertainers do worship the devil it really amazed me cuz i have liked beyonce ever since she came out and now its just an eye opener cuz its been goin on for a very long time but now its finally coming out like the bible says wats done in the dark WILL come to the light and wat they doin is finally come out in the open….im glad that GOD is bring this out, i first heard it at my church not to long ago so its just a shocker….wow is all i can say

  227. Keep up the good work. I think I've seen the whole website!! LOL

    God bless you. Your really helping to open ppls eyes. :)

  228. this is so true a fact bout the high flying celebs…bout jay z i aint shocked buh rihanna n beyonce omg shame on them….am not listenig to any of their songs ever again…cant believe we b so deceived…God help us al…thanx for being an eye opener…….

  229. My sister showed me this site today. I already know that as Christians, we are to be no part of the world, because Satan controlls this world's systems, and thus friendship with the world will bring us enmity with God. I am shocked. I am apalled. I have tears in my eyes! I don't watch these videos. They don't appeal to me. But having them explained in such a way, you bringing light on the situation….I'm disturbed, but I can't thank you enough, Vigilant. People are following these artists obsessively, they are turning these humans into gods. Satan really transforms himself into an angel of light, but he's completely Evil. We really have to think about what we're putting into our minds. Man my eyes are running….

  230. Hello??Did everyone forget to mention our new president being a freemason as well??I'm really glad to see that there are others who are fed up with being deceived like I am!If u have zero knowledge of The Holy Bible,your better off listening and not defending.It's not a mystery to those of us that read about this in The Bible way before 2009.Oh,and the interview on Hot 97 with Angie & Jay-z discussing these so called "bogus rumors",I believe it was was too much humor & sarcasm about the subject.I didn't need,nor did I expect Jay to admit it,plus the pictures all over Youtube are evident and his videos are so far out there.One thing I do know is the devil & the other fallen angels are not our friends,and their only mission is to use who they can, then destroy you.Instead of praying bad on our first, black president and entertainers,I pray they find Truth,and The only Truth is Jesus Christ.It's NOT too late….

  231. You're all reading too much into this! It's a video. Sometimes a dove is just a dove. Sometimes a horse is just a horse. It looks cool. Maybe she fears he's a beautiful nightmare because she doesn't want to get hurt like many people who fall in love. Maybe the writer just thought it was a cryptic thing to say, mysterious. Or maybe some of you just despise those who have more than you. Something to think about.

  232. Hi vc am from kenya and guys here r really oblivious to this Mk first it was like Greek to me bt now i get it.Thanks for opening our eyes.Try and give us more stuff please fast enough.I read somewhere that rihanna admitted she is part of the illuminati.

  233. I HATE YA GUTS on

    what was the devils job in heaven….???
    the 1st sound in the morning…. the devil has pipes and stuff actually made in his body to play music….

  234. i love beyonce n all her songs, wt wat i read i dnt stil hate her bt i jus keep wondering why they wil do such. if ma msg can reach her, tel her to opt out. i love her n i dont want a bad end for her. i hate rhianna wt passion.

  235. i believe everyone but this how r they saying she worshipping the devil for i hope to c u in my dreams. she talking about a boy. i strongly believe in God but this one is nonsense. this is just not true, the lady gaga one sounds 10 times better

  236. Wow, my search started with the Jay-Z, empire state of mind lyrics and I have been suspect of Beyonce ever since. Has anyone ever noticed how she has a blank stare sometimes. But I dont knoe the author of these analysis, but I am thankful you opened my eyes. Please keep it. I think its time for me to turn off the radio and open up a book.

  237. Why are all of you just hating on Religion? Dont u see this is what they want u imbiciles!!! And xmuslim, we should pray for your soul cause your soul is as corrupt as an iluminati puppet.

  238. Miss innocent Beyonce is potrayed as sexual, lots of moolah, and u can be turned on by the type of music she sings. WTF!! She is a so-called Christian and GOD fearing person but she acts out all these worldly things? I love DC music and even Miss B(or rather used to love), but i wont ignore the intentions of these people or whatever they are……

  239. She is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!that she is not married to jay-z would be good would not be satanists!!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛 :P: P 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

  240. I see the Satanic Quad (Beyonce, Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift) flaked out on the "We Are the World" recording…HOW PREDICTABLE!!!

  241. Okay at first I was like yeah I agree to this. But I'm did some research on the Illumaniti. There were some points I do agree but however doing my research I'm with Frustrated. The one reseach that I have done was that the cult is into knowledge and education. The other is that the Illumaniti is mostly a group of white people the reason why I said this is because the Illumaniti are racist. Now however when I see the artist that you are presenting on this website are African American or African desent (Rihanna). But if you have answer to this then I could understand that Beyonce and Rihanna have a lighter pigmant. But Jay Z and Lil Wayne are consider to be a little darker in the standers of the white person. Now Lady GaGa is Itlaian but they don't like to be call white. So will it be more that the Illumaniiti would try to recruit Taylor Swift or Pink

  242. I so look forward to a blog about Michael Jackson. That one will be priceless. The depth of his involvement in this subject has been debated for many years.

  243. It is amazing because I have seen this song to be featured on the latest Kidz Bop CD along with one of the Lady Gaga songs you also talked about.

  244. is there a correlation between the number 3 and occultism

    i have observed lately that in most of beyonce's new videos there are only 3 dancers including herself

    make reference to the single ladies video,and beautiful nightmare video

    is there a link there or could it be the "trinity" just thinking?

  245. SHOCKED D.O.E.S NOT BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW.. i'm such a follower of Bee and am now embarassed that i have indirectly been following the "light-bearer"… I don't know what to do to myself. What is real and what isn't?

  246. i m so happy to have had thie true meaning of these things my self

    when i was told by myfriends i couldn't nelieve

    here i am today and seeing for my self and all the proves it just so so so amzing

    why will a beatiful girl follow such a society just for the love of a boy

    there are many boyz outter there

    they simply don't that GOD the almigthy loves them and that JESUS CHRIST is willing to save them but what i think we havre to do is to commit them in the hands of GOD HE knows better

  247. sajjidah muhammad nu on

    i like this site coz its served as an eye opener to me.let me say that Islam is a deen of truth that our God has brought down to makind,however Allah s.w.t. being a gracious God has given mankind freedom of choice but do know that on the day of judgement each of us will stand before our GOD to account for our let each human turn his face to his creator while there is still let us not hate on each other but let us learn to tolerate each other.may Allah's grace be upon us for all,hatred for none but shaytan the main deceiver

  248. If us Christians praise God through music, why do some of us find it so surprising or difficult to realize that Satanists can worship Satan through music as well? Satan is not powerful enough to gain praise without trickery. Unlike my God Almighty, the King of King and Lord of Lords, Lucifer has to control an individual in order for them to worship him. Satan needs us, but God doesn't. We need God. God loves us, but since He made us in His image, He knew we wanted to be bosses of our own selves. Nobody made God do what He did, so He couldn't make us do things we didn't want to do. In order for us to know what we want to do, we have to have a WILL. No one in their God-given mind would praise Satan without being impelled or taught by repetition. You see, although we are all born in sin, it is in our childhood where we have the Holy Spirit in us. As we see, hear and speak evil with age, we have to fight harder to keep that Holy Spirit in us. We are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as little children. Little children can see much more good in people than older individuals, simply because they have not been exposed to as much evil. My point is that Satan has to control someone in order to be praised but since we are made in Gods image, we are God's people so He doesn't have to control us. He gave us free will, of course but Adam and Eve didn't come into Eden as evil beings. Everything started off as good and turned into bad, not bad which turned into good. Since that is the truth, Satan has less power meaning that he needs to apply more force in order to be exalted. If more of us could just look at physics and apply it to the spiritual world as it is applied to the physical world than I'm quite sure there would be more believers. Yet, physics itself states that it is impossible for something to come from nothing. That leaves us to question where does physics come from? THAT leads us to KNOW that THERE IS A GOD. Beyonce is only playing her role in this world. If it wasn't Beyonce or Rihanna it would be some other chicks by other names. Not to get off the subject, but that leads me to wonder what Beyonce and Rihannas names mean, for I have NEVER heard of such first names. Names have prophetic meanings. Beyonce is doing what she is supposed to do. Now, we have to do what we are supposed to do and warn those who are unaware of subliminal messages that are not only in R&B, Rap, and Rock n' Roll, but also on childrens television shows, advertisements of all sorts, proffessional sports broadcasts, and even in school textbooks. For example, did anyone else see the all seeing eye flashing across the screen during the 2010 superbowl? It is the logo for the televison network, of course, but I have never seen BET, MTV, NBC, CNN, DISNEY, NICKELODEON or any other network use this method of displaying their network logo. Maybe I did see it, but just didn't know it. Television networks heighten the transparency of their logos and sit it in a familiar place on the left or right bottom of the screen. What difference does it make what network you are watching if you are watching what you want to be watching? Does that make sense to anyone? But the bottom line is, don't be surprised or afraid brothers and sisters in Christ. This news should be comforting. We know everything God says is true, for He CANNOT lie and would never want to. Remember he said He will never leave us or forsake us. If you are truly in God's army then you are PROTECTED!! Isn't that SO comforting? I am not afraid of any of this NeW AgE movement. As a matter of fact, I CANNOT WAIT for it all to happen so more people can join God's army. But remember, God can fight Satan without any man on this earth. He kicked him out of Heaven before man was even created so He definitely doesn't need us human beings to defeat Satan on this Earth. We have to let God do what He does. If there was nothing wrong in this world we wouldn't need Him. Sit back, relax and protect yourself.

  249. another thing i have noticed is that her hair is unnaturally straight that could mean something weird too don't you think?

    by the way i can't tel,l is this a Christian blog or a Muslim blog? either way it is very informative. thanks VC oops that means something too!

  250. I have noticed that Beyonce is getting really ugly now and her songs are SO SHIAT!!!

    I use to love everything about her but nah not now BLOW THAT!!!

    and I have noticed that all of Rihanna's songclips are DARK WAYZ…. Like SCAREY!!! like she is a FREEMASON!!! which I know is SO trew….. and like whu in their right mind would have a song about pulling the trigger on ya self…??? NO ONE!!! everyone I know would run away if they seen a gun pointed in their face!! OF COURSE…… Rihanna if UR owt there how about STOP doing what ya doing and get over ya self giv up everything!!! cause trust me HEAVEN IS WAY BETTER THEN HELL….. & you'll b there for all ETERNAL!!!

  251. I love the Sweet Dreams video. I especially love the scene where she is first transported to the alternate "heaven" as you describe it above. I believe your occult analysis probably has merit, and the symbols could be interpreted the way you claim. However, I say big deal. I think anyone who loves someone else or is infatuated with someone else is in a sense under the control of that person. The mind control, when infatuated, is more self-imposed than inflicted by another. And if anyone of you out there reading this has ever felt that way, you know it's actually very exciting and not necessarily a bad thing. And even if the video is as sinister as you claim, can't we all admit that human nature is a mixture of pollyanna and ominous, and that the darker side in us gets a kick out of this video.

  252. Change of Heart on

    Hello to all who responded…seems to me responding to this is a good step to waking up from this nightmare/ or defending it for some?! As a young female who grew up in an African American Christian home, I finally understand now, why my mother, aunts and church family warned not to partake in secular worldly activities, after reading about the occult related refrences and researching their origins . (Casual Sex [we are desensitized by too much casual sex in music and on tv but it is wrong and not part of God's plan for us, it is our choice to engage in it] greed for money/capitalism, idolizing entertainers, fashion, movies,exct., partaking in drugs and violence.) All of this is happening today more than ever especially with our youth because they dont know any better. THE ROLE MODELS OUR YOUTH LOOK UP TO TODAY LIKE Jay-Z, who is still hanging on to his past and he constantly metaphors his lyrics of fame and success around the drug game, Beyonce is getting outrageous with the hooker outfits on stage seemingly portraying a Jezebel, Rihanna is like a walking empty Zohmbie with no emotion, totally sold out to the wrong side, Kanye is so fake now they are all fake!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REAL KANYE, BEYONCE, JAY-Z, and RIHANNA???? MTV awards suck more and more with its devil messages and sensationalizing of sin, so much that I could barely watch any part in whole. All the devil worship done so bluntly in front of us was disrespectful and didnt sit right with me even before I ever saw any written analysists about the occult in comparison. I am not one of those finger pointing saints or anything but I was very close to God once and now am doing my share of rebelling, clubbing, sleeping around, and seriously wanted to be a huge superstar like Beyonce. However, after realizing where all this fakeness derives from, I dont want it anymore! I can now see my hopes of stardom and riches was me being brainwashed for a while…I dont like it one bit. I will be sure to educate my children down to the science of it so they can see clearly too. I pray my faith and relationship with God can grow much stronger from here.

    In addition, Beyonce must have been initiated upon the brink of her beyonce/sasha fierce album drop because even Halo sounds suspicious…second verse…"Hit me like a ray of sun- burning through my darkess night- you're the (only one) that i want-think i'm addicted to your light. I pray i never fall again (but this dont even feel like falling)- (gravity cant begin to pull me back to the ground again)- it's like i've been awakened, every rule I had you breaking- (it's the risks that i'm taking)- im never gonna shut you out." Being addicted to a light doesnt sound normal. Even for true religion, addiction is like making something an idol over God. She sings she prays she will never fall again but in the same line trys to convince herself that this doesnt feel like falling (very contradictory right)—sounds like she is unsure of what state she is in hince, brainwashed or being fooled into thinking she is not falling when she really is. Also, saying gravity can't pull her to the ground again seems to be refrencing the floating illusion resulting from Monarchy treatment. In the line where she sings of breaking rules and taking risks sounds comparable to the Aleister Crowley "Do what though Whilt" philosophy. Definately doesnt sound like an innocent love song to me, these lyrics have a greater motive and the record label chose this song for Beyonce for a reason/ the songwriter could even be affilliated with messages intended to be put out, and have their sources set that way for a reason. All of this lyric and image symbolism from beyonce's artistry didnt start until this latest album came out and crossover to being Jay-z's Wife! Total concern but I know there is still hope. she will come back to the real light one day sooner or later.

    Lord please forgive them for they know not what they do. I pray right now that you will open up Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye, Jay-z, and even Alicia keys eyes (who I think is a new inductee). Open their eyes and replenish their souls back to them. These are your children Lord you set them out to praise you with their talents and they were misguided…please forgiven them and give them the will, stregnth and support to fight what they have allowed to take control of them. Bring them back to glorify your Kingdom Lord. All these thing I pray will come to pass in your son's name Jesus. Amen.

  253. Great article as always !

    I was just wondering if i was the only one that saw it or its just my eyes going already bad ( at 15 omg !) but for a half second at the beginning of the first chorus when the scene goes from her dancing with the girls to her walking she takes the position of the vituvian man of leoanardo da vinci. theres even the cricle drawn over her with photoshop and stuff … freaky

    i was wondering if you had an explication maybye ?

    anyway continue doing such awesome work

    Bye !

  254. None of this hard evidence. Sorry. People misinterpret the Bible to mean what they want it to mean but none of the lies those individuals spread is what the Author intended. Society likes to think the worse of situations but human beings possess more power than they will ever know- so when you speak things into existence or when your eyes choose to see what they want to see- thats only evidence that the mind is capable of doing what ever it needs to do.

  255. Symbols are created by humans assuming first off that their is a satan would be irrelevant for people who dont believe in him. You use Lucifer in all of the reviews I seen so far or you use gods that might not even exist. Just because a group of humans decide something exists doesn't make it true. Also from the point of view of someone who doesn't believe in any gods or supernatural things you're website is flawed to the core.

  256. Remember my name! KAYLA!!! coz ill be kicking up dust on every detail of satanic messages that are trying to steal the souls of the public. yeah, it sounds crazy and yeah, a lot of people are pissed at the fact the we know this stuff and want other people to know about it to. u can ignore it all u want, its still gonna be out there people. most of the people being used like beyonce, rhianna etc are beautiful, talented and "rich" but that doesnt change the fact that they are siding evil and if you're a christian out there and uve never really felt the need to preach the gospel on the corner of ur street, at least, with the little u know now, tell people about it. ull probably loose friendships and cause contraversies in ur sphere of contact, but at the end of the day, ur only trying to help others. and God sees ur heart when u do that! to all of u who think people that read meanings into this stuff are just "hatin" or dont have a life of their own, we are praying for God to open your eyes and see the truth about the world around you! dont get me wrong, there are so many beautiful things in the world that God wants us to see as well, but we have a duty to create awareness and warn as many as possible. its not a joke and its not to bring down those who are labelled as "successful". Please you guys, try and learn more, and believe in god. and know that satan isnt a complete retard. He has stategies and tricks to lure those who are unstable in their faith and those who are unwilling to believe what is plainly in front of them! yeah, the bible has been tampered with and im still trying to find out EXACTLY why that was, but the majority that has been openly revealed to us is more or less the truth! like i said, it has been tampered with! books of the bible were removed by i think the catholic church! the same group of people who killed those who translated the scripture into local dialect for others to understand. they were murdered. the gospel we preach once cost man their lives. now we can do it freely, so lets. didnt expect to write this much, now i have a cramp in my fingers… if you believe, u have to tells others. like i said, its not a joke. and i would really like to be updated on developing issues coz i wanna start a magazine on all this stuff. pls comment and let me know what u think. and if u just wanna write a whole of crap about how paranoid people like me are… go ahead but dont expect a reply because its get boring explaining the same thing over and over again. thanks and God bless

  257. sorry, found out that books may not necessarily been removed from the bible as opposed to never included in the first place. still need to do my homework on that topic! ma bad

  258. i never liked rihanna and all that horrible recent so called "r n b". to me its not music, merely propaganda.

    i wouldnt be too hard on the girls and guys that sing it though. many may have been born into families that sold them down the satanic river. they perhaps dont even KNOW in (whats left) of their own real, unprogrammed selves, anything about all that symbolism we have trained ourselves to see.

    or perhaps like our "occoultist" OTO friend posting earlier, they are just suckered by the masonic and other such hype and are willing low level illuminati puppets that dont know the whole story.

    i think rhianna, michael and so forth could be kind gentle souls not themselves as a result of this mind control. maybe this is true for some terrorists too?

    let us ask that our benevolent creator will send forth the nessecary energy and events to disentangle this whole chain of fools, and heal all the damage caused to people, souls, and nature on this and other planets affected by the lucifer rebellion in a completely benevolent fashion.

    having been born into such a satanic family myself and endured all these kinds of torture personally, i can surely say i would not wish such suffering on any soul, (not even my own tormentors). please be compassionate to any soul who has endured this. puppets they may be, fakes they may be, and as i said, i dont like their "music" at all. i can however, pray for them, and hold them in my thoughts and heart in a compassionate manner, as i know their pain, the anguish they must certainly feel in their most private moments. my heart goes out to any survivor of MK techniques, escaped, or about to be freed.

    good luck on your journey :)

    and thanks for this site. gr8 to see so many are awakening…

    cheers from Australia


    p.s if u want to listen to real, independant (anti illuminati) hip hop, try immortal techniques instead. (search myspace music).

  259. i really love Beyonce. She is very strong but apparently not strong enough to get out of all this evil. She really wants to get out, and plus it was not all her fault, Jay z encouraged her. Please i beg of you to help Beyonce to make the right decision.


    help them all. remember that all of us are family.

  260. ok while i was watching the video and she makes the triangle like lady gaga which you noticed in Bad Romance throughout the whole song

  261. am really begining to get sick n tired of this evil factor in our celebs nw its hard 2 trust any celeb again or even enjoy their stuff cz u might never know wen u get urself into the shit.God forgive them!!!

  262. Richard Santoso on

    Hmmm this is a very interesting topic.

    I do love Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and especially Britney!!! (since 1999)

    However, I just wouldn't take this matter seriously. It's just gonna be a pointer that out there, there are lots of thing that are just mysterious and hard to be understandable. Sure, they put symbols and hidden meaning in their songs and videos based on Vigil. I really have no idea whatsoever until I come to this article link in Lady Gaga forum.

    Personally I don't mind their eerie and weird videos, I love it especially their dance moves!!!! I don't know what will some of the people in previous post think about me, but I still believe in God and I still enjoying their musics. God will open up my eyes in His own term and time. If He doesn't, then maybe it is inevitable.

    I will not regret admiring or become aware of the artists, movies, government activities as in this life, you still need money to survive. I know it's not making any sense at all, but say you only believe in Him but you are not working, will you be able to support your family? Money isn't everything but everything need money. Foods, drinks, clothes, house. They all need money. Sure, materialism (too much of wanting it) is not good but hey, we still need some of those thing.

    I want to make my parents live without any worries when I finish my uni and start to work. I want them to have pleasant life. By reading this article, I started to think what if all organisation in This world are under illuminati and freemanson? Does that mean I can't even work to earn enough money to support my ownself and my parents? I read along the comments that Government are parrot illuminati influence. That's the line that makes me really worried.

    Oh well, there are lots of other thing that Im worried about now other than

    illuminati or Freemasons, graduating!!!!! Have 1 more year to go, then gonna start working as an accountant, getting experience, saving up money to open my own business. :) either my own dance for health business or become a fast food licensor.

    GBU all!!!

    Oh, btw Im gay (not joking!!!!)

  263. I also noticed, thanks to the Lady Gaga Illuminati Puppet articles, that when Beyonce enacts the role of the golden robot thing, it references Maria from the movie Metropolis. So, yeah, that's pretty dark.

  264. Diamond_Girl on

    Great article and i'd also like to point out the horse running across the brackground of the video while Beyonce screams.The horse I think now dont quote me on this, I think it means death,a higher understanding or something else.And p.s. please do an article on the Chris Brown Rihanna incident.I feel that Chris didn't really beat her or he tried to save himself.I think that they approached him and he refused.So they put something on Chris Brown and I also hear of things like he has a hex or root on him.And that he probably knew too much about the occult considering him dating little miss sunshine aka Rihanna.That's probably why he doesnt say much or goes into detail about it.He seems nervous and shaky when speaking about the incident.I just look at him and say a loud "Awwwwwwwww!"He's trying his hardest to make it in this industry.I'm glad he's doing well and I'll continue to support him.

  265. @Frustrated

    You claim to read the Bible. I read it too and somewhere in there when Jesus had resurrected did it say the Thomas needs to learn to believe without seeing. The signs were every where but he never wanted to believe. So you are doing exactly what they want you to do. Believing what they want you to believe. Never underestimate the devil and his plans.

  266. I have a question though, how are artists programmed? Is it over the course of time, or does it only take a few days? Like Mariah Carey, & Beyonce, & do they submit themselves to be programmed, or do they have no idea they have been programmed??

  267. After reading this article I just wonder why someone would want to be mind controlled and then try to regain consciousness?

  268. as much as i got mad lv 4 B,I GOT to admit the fact that she's so creepy@tymes.i thk she lyk wants to get outa da whole thng but i hear that once u r in there's no turn'n back…n al 4 wat money,wealth,power…y'al thk twice b4 u tk dat step of turn'n to the evil side

  269. i hate beyonce cause she's keep on winning all the awards and her music is everywhere and i get sick of it and i hate beyonce.

    she's lame, give chance to other singers to be on top please.

  270. attitude gaul bago on

    i know this song i didn't know that it had all this kind of devilish meaning………i have a 2 CD with dat same song i can't believe it

  271. I have been hearing so much about this stuff that I just had to read it. I can honestly say that I am, in no way, swayed in my beliefs. I just listen to the music and that's it. I do not look for any subliminal messages behind the lyrics or the videography. It's just music to me. The majority of the music I listen to only catches my attention for the beats. Lyrics in music, lately, have no meaning. So I'm hardly ever paying attention to them. If you let the words that are used in these songs make you believe that there is something sinister to the music, you need to question what you believe. I believe in God and his word; not the words of men.

  272. "And is this a pale horse running in the background?"

    Could that be one of the four horses of the apocolypse???

  273. Truly all you can do is have pity for her. Honestly my heart goes out to her and many other MK's entertainers like Britney Spears. Its one thing to want to be a STAR so bad you SELL your SOUL FOR FAME but however what is even more sad is those are born into it.

    I believe Beyonce was born into this. Its evidently, to me, seen when you think about how hard he had her performing at a young age to the point where she started acting and break away from her child-like clique used to form her fan base (I don’t know). One things for sure is its sad before she rose to fame THEY gave her Jay Z (a rising mason and iconic pioneer) as her handler and MAN.

    The music industry is completely dark when you do some investigation into it, rather even more sorrowful when you look at all the sacrifices.

    Back to Beyonce is, I truly don’t get it when she wins all these awards because her songs and videos DOESNT DO IT for me,. I never bought her album in my life, never liked a single and her attitude I GUESS.

    Don’t know if that’s program to or if it just comes with the rising fame so comes the ego- territory.

    Anyway time for me to end this long comment.

    Rip Aaliyah 1979-2001 & praying for Beyonce in hopes her mother really becomes a mother and SAVES her daughter in time.

    Peace N Luv

  274. ``fearGodandnooneels on

    I hear alot of people saying why would all of these industry giants make these videos worshipping Satan if the simple-minded cannot even grasp that thats is what they are doing. The Bible clearly says the enemy will come to you as a wolf in sheep's cothing and if you are not equipped with the Word of God you will not be able to decipher between whats real and what's not. But if you honestly think that these music videos and songs are having no effect on this new generation, i simply ask you to look around. The young people of today have this new perception that it's OK to get drunk and give in to you desires of the flesh which is exactly what the Bible speaks out against. And to whoever's saying we Christians have misinterpreted who Lucifer is…I don't believe that is true for all of us. He came to give knowledge to this world so that we could become like a god. It gave us this feeling that we could make a way for ourselves without God's help. God warns that whatever we start as Alpha, we must finish as Omega, but how many who try and make it on their own can truly finish what they start without the help of God.

  275. lahinar lamir on

    thank u i see why our churches especially deeper life ministries where long ago warning us about secular music.they are indeed satanic.the first day i heard this song i felt so uncomfortable and i could hardly pray.i thank God i have been delivered from that night mare.i no longer watch trace.MTV base or channel O cause all are really creepy.but i have a message for them.the fact that we die,means there is a superior being that controls us.what will profit a man if he gains the whole world and loose his soul?O Bey ounce hell is real.wake up b4 it is too late.

  276. the DEVIL is A LIE! lucifer is NOT the holy the Bible lucifer was an Angel that had 3 pipes.So he had tight harmony.his voice was used to bring angels into worship of God.UNTILL he became arrogant and started to believe that he is god. the reason he started to believe in God is because he was reflecting light off.BUT it was Gods reflection that showed on him .I think this is what the orginiztion got it from

  277. H8t`N HipHop on

    Sasha Fierce or Beyonce or whateva is so like crapp, dont like her songs

    especially now that she teamed up with Lady Gaga tha phone freaks lols :)

  278. Hi!!

    I'm not going to say you are wrong or not for you have good points about THE VIDEO but to start whit she dosen't make the video, the video is from the company etc. she just has to do it mostly if she wants the money for the song/ video. Now about the lyrics you can be right or wrong but for example i write my own lyrics and i have written songs like this that mean nothing of what you say for example (the song) my own NORMAL analysis

    Every night I rush to my bed

    With hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you

    When I close my eyes I'm going out of my head

    Lost in a fairytale, can you hold my hands and be my guide?

    ( we all know that a fairy tale in most girls/women heads is a happily ever after whit a man whit no poblems at all that is happily ever after.

    now when she starts she is stating that she is indeed not whit this man and at night she can't wait to go to bed so that way she may fall asleep and dream of this person, she's going of her head because she loves someone that practicaly doesn't know she exist so she is lost in a fairy tale or fantasy and she does ask that this person be her guide- be whit her at all times)

    Clouds filled with stars cover your skies

    And I hope it rains, you're the perfect lullaby

    What kinda dream is this?

    ( here is mostly a metaphor, she says that he in her dreams is like a king that owns not a palace but a magical kingdom ( like sleeping beauty), she sais I hope it rains for when it rains you hear lullabye in the drops so he is indeed like the rain( suddle peacefull and wonderful) then she states what kinda dream is this because she very much knows is not real yet she believes it untill she wakes up again)

    You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

    Either way I don't wanna wake up from you

    (Turn the lights on)

    Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

    Somebody pinch me, your love's too good to be true

    (Turn the lights on)

    My guilty pleasure, I ain't going no where

    Baby long as you're here I'll be floating on air

    'Cause you're my

    ( a sweet dream or a beautifil nighmare is mostly stating that in fact if she in real life ends up whit him and he is the perfect man or not she does nto want to let him go for she is in love even if he hits her she still will love him, turn the lights on is a way to refering that she wishes to get her head "out of the clouds" and realize that he is there…again here is a metaphor (are very used in songs) she is saying that is a guilty pleasure saying that she wants him knowing that she cannot have him-maybe he is taken by someone else- then Baby long as you're here I'll be floating on air- this part is mainly saying to him that if he stays whit her she will be calm and do whatever he wants her to do that way she would be the perfect girlfriend and he will not leave her.

    I mention you when I say my prayers

    I wrap you around all of my thoughts

    Boy you're my temporary high

    I wish that when I wake up you're there

    To wrap your arms around me for real

    And tell me you'll stay by side

    ( she mentions him when she prays to keep him safe and to have him whit her, here she is mentioning that he is like a drug very much saying she is obsessed whit him and all her thought are about him, for example if she goes to a wedding she imagens is her wedding whit this guy. then she wishes that when she wakes up he is actualy in her life so that way instead of thought she can hug him etc… and there he will tell her he will never leave… in other word she wished that when she wakes up, not having him is the dream and having him is the reality that is why is all dream and nightmares stating that she can only have him whit her in her sleep mode, that dreaming is caused by the status REM that is the highes point of sleep wich is why we dream.)

    Tattoo your name across my heart so it will remain

    Not even death can make us part

    What kind of dream is this?

    ( the last thing i will review in her lyrics is this-

    here she says tattoo your name across my heart so it will remain, we know that in our life we tattoo thing wich are permanent is a metaphor that can only be explained by adding not even death could make us part, we all know the old merriage fraise "till death will depart" in a wedding. well here what she is saying is that he must promise and tattoo himself in her so that way when they die they will be toguether or the old happily ever after in a normal fairytale… this song for me does not really have occult but metaphors, metaphor are thing that mean something else.. for example if i say what beautiful pearls you have in my country im talking about your teeth. metaphore are comparassion whit something else all she is trying to say in this song is that her dream and fairy tale is a man that does not love her and she wishes that he would love her and that her fairytale would become a reality. ( i should know… what i explained happend to me)

    Take Care

  279. Hello Vigilant Citizen,

    re: the recent Sandra Bullock/Jesse James "adultery by James/tabloid splash", have you noticed that

    Janine Lindemulder, Jesse's ex-wife, also porn star, has a large Buttlerfly on her arm.

    Seems to me, even before seeing this on the web, that this whole "affair" (no pun intended) smacks of MK-ULTRA or some similar distraction programming. Is this serving to distract people from another bill getting passed through Congress that will further limit U.S. citizens' rights?

    Seems most porn stars have been manipulated and mind-controlled along the way, so no surprise there.

    I welcome your analysis and comments, and thanks for all good works helping people to confront and awaken to the manipulation all around us. God Help Us and Bless Us, as long as we strive to become awake again.

  280. its JUST a video. so what if she worships the devil the song is still good, shes beautiful and talented, let her do what she wants as long as u dont do the same. ppl take this stuff too damn serious

  281. i think you are right. i dont want to look like a beyonce worshiper i just want others to know that if you think the video is good then fine but if you dont then loose it dont get frighened over nothing

  282. Wow, This was really creepy. I was watching it on Youtube before reading the article, to see if I could figure out the symbolism on my own, and all the comments were like "OMG, I LOVE BEYONCE'S NEW LOOK, SASHA FIERCE IS A KICKASS!" or, "This song is amazing!" or "I love the robot look, I want an outfit like that!"


  283. thanx for letting us noe, no i just hate beyonce and think she is a try hard trying to be like her gay as husband jayz. cause she was mad without him and now all of a sudden she is a satanists. that's so stupid and i hope they go to hell where they belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. Mimi said on April 13th, 2010 at 5:54 am

    What a waste of time. Once someone decides to change their personality and emulate a so called “Stage name”, it just means they’s yearning for attention and heck yah, they’re getting it. All these is demonic, satanic and people should really wake up coz God wasn’t joking when he was talkin about HELL….It exists people. The devil is not foolish. Infact, he smarter than most people so watch out. Go ahead and dance half naked, sing songs that throw question marks in the air, shoot videos that creep people out in the name of being “Sexy” and “Cool” but just know that the fact that many people are doin something doesnt make it right..As its said, the road to heaven is narrow but that to hell is wider than you can ever imagine. I would rather be the poorest and with no one to even know me, or even luck the slightest bit of “sexy” in me for 80 years on earth and GO TO HEAVEN FOR ETERNITY, than be the most famous and sexiest celebrity ever for 100 years on eath then end up in HELL’S FIRE FOR ALL ETERNITY….Its all about wisdom. Ask yourself if the choices you make on earth (because of money, sex, alcohol, fame, and whatever else that got everyone envying beyonce and all those people) are really worth anyone going to hell for all eternity, just because of a few years of pleasure, fame and money.

  285. ThePersonWhoHaveALif on

    You guys are just to much!

    1. Beyonce are happy with Jay-Z!

    2. It is just music! I love to sing, that doesn't mean that I worships the devil!

    3. LOOK AT THIS VIDEO!!! Why would a devil-worshiper do this??
    You says that Sweet Dreams is creepy. But I think the person who is putting the whole life to do untrue things like this is Megacreepy! And if she is a devil worshiper is that ok. You CAN'T change her! She will always have fans out there. But she is actually a celebrity who says that she loves God! And she is a huge and a great role model! Her music have helped me so much. My self-confident is MUCH better now and I only thanks Bey. Beyonce is NOT crashing your minds, the guy who have writte all of this things is! I will pray for you all who believe this SHIT!

  286. Brendah Habanji on

    What is happening in this world.These are the last days that are being talked about in the bible.How do you worship something that never adds value to your life such as the devil.Come one people if you have never been close to God before thuis is the time.Lets get down on our kness and ask God to open our eyes.Thak you for the information.I liked her and even sung to her songs.Thank you Jesus for openeing my eyes.

  287. that so sad how we are geting brainwash by people we use to love i thinks this should be on national tv on 106&park they talk about everything else but about this

  288. Greetings all,

    I thank the LORD Jesus Christ for this website that is opening the eyes of the blind (although some choose to stay blind or likes to be blind from what I can see from some of these comments). I pray that God will continue to give the vigilant citizen more insight and people to warn the people. The wise already know that Satan can appear to you in any form. It can be in rock & roll, rap, r&b, oldies fill in the blank. Anyway to appeal to you for your soul he will do it. The bible also says that he can also appear as an angel of light! Give your life to Christ, dont be nieve, study or at least look into what are some occult symbols out there and be enlightened dont choose to be stupid.

  289. I dont know if anyone else noticed but while she is dancing at one point she has a ball of light like the Sun behind her and being that Sun Worship is a part illuminist and masonic worship after blue lodge and up higher in the degrees I found it interesting that the Sun was behind her.

  290. @ThePersonWhoHaveALife… So you only give credit to beyonce for boosting your self confidence…. Hmmmm you might say I am reading in to your words but that sounds a little worshipful like a robot to its maker… she made you self confident? In the words of Katt Williams… it is self confidence… confidence of your MFing self.

  291. Youre giving Beyonce way too much credit- lol She didnt even write the song or produce this video. She's a robotic artist.. just does whats she's told. for all you knwo, she doesnt even realize the meaning of the video to that extent. Nice try though

  292. Thanks for putting this article out there. I found this website on a youtube comment on Lady GaGa telephone video. I cant stop reading and find myself disturbed. I just got finished watching a Brittney Spears video. A lot of the symbols are there too. I'm sad that I grew up with her and I deleted everything that was mainstream off my ipod. Im mostly into indie now anyways. Please keep writting, Il'l help get you more readers.

  293. ur write ups are interesting. they really make sense. but my question is how come u know so well about all these, i mean, the lyrics and their occult meanings. i'm not trying to criticize you in any way, just curious.

  294. its a good thing u shared this with people but i think that shouln't stop people from singing the song cos it might mean different things to different people

  295. Travis Mincey on

    It really hurts to see such beautiful and powerful people give their souls over to Lucifer. Gain the world and lose your soul. The Bible speaks on it. Beyonce should've read it before she made that deal with Satan.

  296. Walking away on

    I am a 17 year old South African girl with the passion of performing, i love singing and I'm a natural dancer. Beyonce has been my inflenced, I've been amazed at her vocal ability. I've always thought that I could relate to her, we both singers and we dance, I thought she was a christian because shes always referring back to her past church life and thanking God plus she sings gospel, BOY was i wrong :-( words can't begin to describe How hurt, disapointed and shocked I am. And yes a blame Jay-z for her backsliding so far. I can't help at feel so much hatered toward them, cant believe I let her decive me that way cant believe that i thought she was different, B you turned your back on your Creator for a man and fame, then you still try to take the rest of the world down with you, I feel so sorry for you…Me on the other hand, i'm gonna sing louder than ever im gonna praise my God hader than ever. Im turning my back on you and your evil ways and every teenager i came across will be made aware of your schemes. I choose LIFE I Choose God, He has already won the battle, your fighting a lost war B you should have never Turned your back on your creator…You will reap what you sow!!!! ( I typed all this in tears)- world open ur eyes theres mor to celebs than jus t their good looks funky beats hot gossip and glamourous lifestyles…BE WARNED

  297. The whole thing is just devil trying to take over God knew that this will happen, Devil is using the people who inspires youth , he knows we inspired by their music , styles and everything so youth be care full Satan is targeting U . So donnot be motivated by dizzy style After all just pray every single day.. U dont need to go to church in order to be closer to God , just talk to him ………… LOL dON'T BLAME Beyonce , jay Riri gaga THEY just being used by Evil all thhey want is good life we all want good life. BECAREFULL FOR WHAT U WISH CAUSE U JUST MIGHT GET IT ALL

  298. just stopping by on

    I was reading this and it does make sense..I have always seen a lot of symbolism in videos ets….never really paid it much mind…I did notice you mentioned public humiliation though and wondered why don't all of the other stars get humiliated in front of thier piers and the world…then I thought of the show PUNKED….pubick humiliation….lol…just wanted to throw that out there

  299. You're actually completely wrong!!! The song, is about Beyonce's lover, if she does love him, it could blossom into an sweet romance, (ie. "Sweet Dream") or lot of trouble, (ie. "Beautiful Nightmare")

  300. you know something…after she left Destiny's Child and got with Jay-Z, i felt like there was something with her. something just did not sit right with me, and at the time, i didn't know wat it was. i must admit, i enjoy her music, and i am not taking away from her talent as a singer, but it was always something in the back of my mind that said, "it's something with this girl that i do not like". i believe that this is it. no, we cannot HONESTLY sit and say that we know for a fact that she, or any of the rest of them, worship the devil; but i will say this…there are some really gud arguments that support this theory.

  301. I actually think that we can sing the song and mean something entirelly duferent it's all about the perspective I still liv gaga and beyonce but meh don't like what their doing

  302. OK so on the note of immortality, don't you think the song "Forever Young" by Jay-z is TOTALLY along these lines?? I can't listen to it without thinking about the transhumanist agenda… BLAAAAAH!!!!!

  303. I had heard this song plenty of times and never thought anything of it. However, I had never seen the video. I watched it before reading this article, and found it just a bit disturbing from the start. There have always been symbols of the occult throughout music, although traditionally attributed to rock music. The influence of the occult is not more than it has been in the past, just less subtle. But, Satan is the prince if THIS world. Scary, but God wins out in the end. Just have to keep calm and carry on.

  304. This is scary. Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay-Z devil worshipers. They all have the fans fooled big time and neither one of them gives a damm about the fans. Plus they sold their souls for fame. Little do they know it can be gone in a flash. What do you think about Justin Beaver? He is also making the hand signs. They have him to get to the young kids. This occult only want one thing your soul and lots of money. They can be stopped it people stop buying their music. Have you notice some of these people can’t even sing, and they become #1. Yea right brought the number one slot to make people think that this cd is the bomb. PEOPLE WAKE THE FUCK UP NOW!!!!!!!! Someone told me about this site and now I will pass it on.

  305. i have loved Beyonce from…the Bonny and Clide days.

    and i have followed her growth…musically and otherwise.

    i even have compared myself to her.

    and strangely…people who (i believe) know me and my 'romantic story' will find our similarities amazing.

    and i have always aluded to her.

    i until i felt that…a very far place in my heart that if she never overcomes her 'troubles' which were similar to mine… thank God for revelations and God's help…i too would have them.

    we have similar personalities…

    and watching her…has helped me musically, even…morally.

    but…to hear that she is a satanist or luciferian is so heart-breaking!

    i hate what she worships…

    i see God in all things.

    and no one is Beyond the Power of The Cross of Calvary!

    nor any symbol in heaven or on earth!

    and if Bee is reading this or if you know her let her know that no satanic power can hold her down.

    her strengths, beauties, and talents should not be used to glorify satan…But god almighty.

    satan has no peace, no true sweetness and certainly no love for her just envy.

    and if he uses her…its just so he can bet the better of her…disallow The Almighty and True God and Pleasure Giver from using her Himself.

    because He is Envious.

    of her and does not want The Lord to use her for His own Glory and good!

    and just wanrts her to end up like him…condemned and under the eternal wrath of Christ Jesus!

    i don't know for certain…because i have never seen her worship the devil.

    and those symbols mean nothing to me …But i kow one symbol that will get satan and all his demons fleeing for pure safety:











  306. @ FRUSTRATED!




    APART FROM THAT I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT THE satanist's talent hardly their intelligence is what is used to influence 'fans!'

    neither the monotony of their lyrics.

    remember talents great as they are…come from God!

    the influence or inspiration either comes from the MAker or the Thief!

  307. …You know i have been told this by my friends and am still not believing….how sure are you

    all about this thing?just cannot understand…!make me please….

  308. its very imperative to know that we r at the brink of the end and in any moment the Lord jesus shall appear.the devil knows this and he also knows that things are about to rap up and that he has but a short time.he`s begun marshallin out his armies…whether entertainment,publicity,or papparrazzi, any thin he can lay his hands on to deceive better way to do this save by superstars and celebrities with a lot of followership. whether beyonce,jay z,gaga and so on…he really doesnt care ,wot he`s interested in is the souls of men….and the crave for worship that is due God and God alone.this is really not about beyonce,jay z ,rih gaga… its actually about the devil and God. deceit is just the grand style he`s always used and still uses to garner worship for himself. but we know that Jesus came to set us all free and give us true and lastin peace if only any one wud be willin to accept him.its sad that these so called stars choose on their volition to dedicate themselves to the devil…but in the final analysis we will see the deceit in all of these when Christ comes….thank u for bringin to the fore this grand deceit…God bless u.

  309. I listened to this song backwards and she is praising satan/lucifer throughout the song. I heard it on youtube and it was shocking to get that confirmation. How sad. I think jz and her agendas are to be the king and queen of the music industry so they can have a hand in what the nwo is going to do soon.

  310. Interesting Twist on

    Just a quick thought on the "pale horse". If you look at the Greek word for 'pale' in Revelation, you will find that it actually means 'green'. What major force in today's world has green as their color?

  311. now this is ridiculous , beyonce ? come on now what r u doing I USED 2 LIKE HER , NEVER NOW U WORSHIP DEVIL , WHATS WRONG WIT U JAY-Z AND BEYONCE , YALL DUMB .

  312. Being in the zone- you see it in all highly trained high performing persons – next time you watch the hitter in the box in big league baseball look at his eyes – they will become reddened and glassy- or any sport or performer. This explanation is like a campfire story – a simple breakdown of the hypnotic state with ominous overtones.

    But look at the audience.

  313. as a teenage girl i used to adore rihanna, beyonce, lady gaga, until i read what you wrote about their songs etc so thanks for opening my eyes and i think all my friends should read them so that they know what are they listening to.

    but i want to ask a question which any teenager might ask (after reading about his/her favorite artists belonging to secret societies worshiping demons and devils) :

    music and arts occupy an important part of teenage life, so if those musicians aren't real musicians and aren't famous because of a talent, so what shall we listen to ? in other words, what's the substitution if we quit listening to rihanna and beyonce ?

    and again, thank you :]

  314. ATTENTION TO ALL: Over and over I read how so many people who reply to this site boasts how much of a "Christian" they are. Lol…are you now? Do you not realize how much you contradict your religion and yourselves? Everything your so called "inspired words of God" aka the Bible says not to do, yet you do and appear to be so proud of it. Prime example…juding. Is it not in your bible that juding is forbidden? Does it not state that "he who is without sin cast the first stone?" or " judge not lest you be judged?" Or how about the infamous 7 deadly sins especially VANITY please look up the meaning. It appears to me that everyone who says that they are devout to a specific religion are the drones and those who are subjective are the normal humans. I say that you all are drones because you blindly follow the words of other flawwed men. NOTE: there's not a bit of proof that the bible ARE the words of God…but you got to have faith right? "For faith is the substance of things HOPED for and the edvidence of things not seen." Apparently since they all HOPED for a someone to save them eg a "messiah" dumbasses! Just to clear things up ALL RELIGIONS ARE PEGAN. Don't believe me? Well ask the guy/gal who is supposed to be so VILIGANT to research that and watch how many clues he/she finds on that, since in fact he/she is YOUR messiah and you look to him/her for divine enlightment and have "faith" that what he/she posts are inspired from God. Lol, I've never saw so many dumbasses in one place at one time. Fucking losers…get a life.

  315. TWILIGHT-FAN on

    Sita: Listen to people that have REAL talent, like Michael Jackson (R.I.P. D':), and Coldplay, Pink, and lots of other great artists. charlie: Michael Jackson? He is a great artist and he does not worship the devil and stuff like that like Lady Gaga! DON'T HATE!! Lia: PINK?! There is nothing wrong with her either! She is a great artist! And well… Jack Black, not really sure about him :/. But great work Vigilant Citizen on all of your articles! I never knew that Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, and all those other artists were what you all said in your articles! :O. Thanks so much for showing all of these stuff me! (:

  316. I think this was great! I didn't want to believe that beyonce was bad but I believe it now. I think you should do a full analysis on each celebrity lik Rihanna and beyonce and lady gaga

  317. Jesus's cousin on

    And this is why I dont buy her music. I thought she stunk back in destinys child and so does most of these rappers. If you stop feeding them the dollar they will stop spending the money to be mind controlled and controlling their audience's which are their minions. easy said, most are followers(minions) not leaders(not easily controlled).

  318. All i want to say is that you clearly oppened my eyes,the signs were really in front of me but i could not understand the hidden messages.I've spend the last couple of days reading about all kinds of mind control programmes and i have freaked out..i was never very fond of these "artists" but now i clearly find them miserable and pathetic, and i can see now why their carrers suddenly took off,gaga beyonce and so many others acctually sold themselves to the Illuminati and have become human robots,with fame and money in return…please keep up the good work and keep on writing articles all about those bitches of the worldwide showbiz.

  319. Excellent post! Tragically the diabolical MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Program from 1950’s never ceased, in fact it’s more pervasive today than ever, and not limited to U.S.! So many of our favorite “stars” are under Mind Control, it’s more useful to assume that a big star IS, rather than isn’t! MK’s are used to steer humanity towards One World Rulership, wherein global management team envisions a world totally controlled by these human robots, used primarily to service elite players, perform incredible sexual acts w/their BETA Prog’mg (anything, anytime, anywhere w/anyone), couriers of coded Intel, drug mules and other nefarious deeds. Did you know the hottest politician in the country is a certified Mind Control Slave under control of Heinz (Henry) Kissinger & Todd Palin? Yes Ms. Palms & Pumps…the Alaskan Grifter is a BETA Prog’md Sex Slave/Human Robot — see Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  320. This hurts my feelings…i loved this song when it came out, it was my favorite. But to know that all along I was singing about something that I am totally against( satanism), breaks my heart and worries me. What else unknown have i been saying? Beyonce, Im disgusted in you…

    • You are against Satanism? Why?

      No one should believe that Satanism is about murders, sacrificing innocent people. In a nutshell: have fun now, if someone wrongs you it's time to smite them. Have sex, eat good food.

      jus sayin

  321. My Christian brothers and sisters I saw the Beyonce Knowles CD of Sweet Dreams and the look of Beyonce's facial expressions is definitely, demonic and scary looking. KGreen I was fooled a litlle rapping to Jay-Z's Hto the iz O V to iz A song when I realized later he was calling himself J-HOVA god of music. Jay-Z is blaspheming God himself trying to make himself omniscient, omnipresent and Omnipotent in music and he is only blessed to be talented with rapping music. Beyonce, has turned into a female worship crazed person possessed by Sasha Fierce. God said, love the person but, hate the sin we are all to love one another and pray for those that have fallen to Satan's deceptions. Beyonce, Rihanna and others have grew up in the church and got saved. The problem here guys is Beyonce and Robin haven't been born-again through The Holy Spirits divine power. Being born-again is a transformation from old nature to new nature in the spirit of Christ Jesus. You, will be able to discern between good and evil and I pray that Beyonce, Rihanna, Shawn and my other brothers and sisters in entertainment receive Christ stay in his will and they will see Satan for who he truly is a liar, murderer and deceiver.

    The Sweet Dreams video is a message of the end times The Pale White Horse, The Beast and everything else is spoken in Revelations. Satan is taking this scripture future event and mocking God himself and his children to through people off as is Satan himself is the messiah. Satan is a supernatural powerful mastermind blinding people from what is real to what is fantasy. The video I saw was evil, disturbing and scary I didn't like what I was seeing Beyonce in a dream and her body floats out of the bed pure satanic Witchcraft nothing godly about that. Mothers and Fathers watch Beyonce's old videos when she was with Destiny's Child those times have nothing to do with what is happening with Beyonce today. Sasha Fierce you are a evil, wicked and merciless demoness. All you're concerned about is fulfilling another time of destruction that you and Ra did back in ancient Egypt times when you and Ra were in power. Satan is your true master and he is using you too to use Jay-Z and Beyonce to deceive, mind control their fans and destroy them in the end. I have my friends of Jesus Christ hear, Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit, Saints and Angels all behind me we come against every demon, Satan himself, The Antichrist, False Prophet and the false prophets lying to people in this world. Your days are all numbered evil ones Hell is waiting for you and GUESS WHAT. !!! Beyonce my sweet angel is still alive, to the girl that said on the other thread that she is dead she isn't. Her soul is still existing and Sasha Fierce I command her to be casted out and sent back into the world to bother no one except her evil family associates. Beyonce is not yours Satan she is Gods.

    • You are ridiculous. We must work to promote the advancement of a secular society based upon the values of individuality, science, and defiance of christian morality or hypocrisy as it is also known.

    • wow chris, PREACH!! MY Brother. That almost brought tears to my eyes. Its true. It seems as though this whole socitey is corrupted though. With this illuminati and New World order that is approaching. Just remember Lucifer is the greatest DECIEVER. Keep your eyes and your minds and your hearts open. and realize what these entertainers are actually talking about. Dont go thru life ignorant, because thats Lucifer's trap. Believe in Jesus Chris, open your heart to him and only him. Repent for your sins. Its never too late. This world, more specifically the United States is turning into something horrible. I am almost convinced that the United States of America is becoming "The Beast" as it says in the Bible. Do the research and look for the answers. They're right in front of you.

  322. And I guess her so call "ACCIDENT" in London at HARRODS was going to be like another of those SCRIFICES a la Princess Diana Di right?

    They really think people dont read their actions…

    It' pathetic…

  323. ImmaImmaImmaADiva on

    Now a Diva is the FEMA version of a hustler…

    FEMA coffins are stacked and ready for the thousands of dead bodies..YouTube search: FEMA coffins

  324. ThatJerseyChick on


  325. I never thought that Beyonce out of all people would worship the devil. she is to sweet for that. I always loved her music and music videos. i used to want to be like Beyonce. never mind, i dont want to be like no devil worshiper.

  326. I cant belive that out of all people Beyonce would be the one who worship the devil. I really loved her music and music videos and I used to want to be like her, but never mind, I dont want to be like someone who worships the devil you HAG. I LOVE GOD, NOT THE DEVIL. OH BY THE WAY, BEYONCE SUCKS APPLES. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

  327. i knew it! no can make that much money from those somewhat crappy songs!! deleting some of beyonce 2!! Do you think the son Ave Maria means anything or there is still a side of beyonce trying to get back. i'll pray for her and all those losers with her!

  328. So back in the eighties someone somewhere was watching Ollie North in front of the committee and realised that they couldn't go on dealing drugs and selling arms to finance black ops and other unsavoury corners of expenditure because someone was going to get caught and spill their guts to avoid getting raped in the maximum security showers. So what was to be done instead?

    Easy. Find a bunch of kids with good looks and no talent and make them into money printing stars. With a bit of technology twixt mic and mixer anyone can sing like an angel. You programme them to do anything you want to get the publicity to drive them forward into fame. You rake in a percentage from their records, their movies, their tours…….and then you pimp them out to rich guys who want to be able to whisper they once slept with Rhianna or Beyonce or Lady Gaga…..A million dollars a night……total control, total use.

    They didn't create these people as part of an entertainment agenda, they just bred a generation of superstar whores that make them unaccountable money that finances the assassinations, the bombings, the stuff that even a "black" budget can't cover. That's why there's all the symbolism in the videos and songs, it's advertising their "services" to those that know. The hyper-rich elite that can pick and choose from these beautiful, talentless, robo-whores simply by watching MTV.

    They don't need personalities like these to control our thoughts, they need them to gain the money used to scare us, to kill us, to control us by deed.

    These pop stars aren't the tip of the spear, they're the purse, the cash cow, the bank vault.

    • DepthPerception8 on

      I have to say, this 'Taken' theory takes the cake. I get the symbolism, I even see it upon first seeing them all around the media now. Yet, I haven't been able to connect all the dots. Not only do these superwhores rake in the bucks, the head honchos use our obsession with 'pop culture' to also desensitize us for an agenda (mentioned many times on this site-transhumanism, martial law ect). And as a whole, definitely plays a role in further sexualizing youth.

  329. Beyonce's Single Ladies Dance (Thank Jesus I told my daughter I'd beat her butt if I caught her doing that dance before I even knew about any of these sites!) is indeed a satanic ritual. Check out LTTTBD. God bless and keep all of you.

  330. well…actually now we can get it all….these people show us that this kind of suxcess is just a devil i might prefer to be no one and to pray god for all my long or short 80's years life than to have this kind of popularity by selling my self to the devil..for what 20 years or less. NO thanks…no one knows what happens next. For sure we'll see them all (beyonce, jay z, lady gaga etc) in the other life.

  331. How are these celebrities exactly mind controlled? As soon as they sign on the dotted line of their label they are carted off to a room and electro-shocked? Where are their families? Who would willingly let someone take them? It's clear that maybe they are mind controlled, but how is it happening? Are they taken to a "Day Spa" for a month and brainwashed to kill the Malaysian prime minister like Zoolander? Creepy.

  332. @ linwelu…..the mind control probably starts off slowly and subliminally the way it does for us in these music videos and with these lyrics…..its not outright or obvious and its not forced upon. Its spoon fed to these celebs (andus) when we are unaware in the most attractive non threatening beautiful packaging (like beyonce) until it becomes normal to you and you subconsciously accept it….and by the time you are actually to the point that jay z and beyonce are where you are incorporating mind control techniques into your videos and wearing baphomet rings and designs, it doesn't scare you or disturb you anymore….its really pretty scary. Especially when I saw pics of beyonce wearing a ring and a top with the head of a demonic goat…..If she really was still in touch with the christianity she came from she wouldn't be wearing things that clearly symbolize satanism and evil

    • I disagree. I am trying to figure out how this happens and as Vigilant says, even he doesn't know the answer to the purpose of all this symbolism. I would say that the artists do not know any better, and maybe some of them don't, but walking around wearing baphomet rings/hats/corsets is not really something that can be explained away. Unless they have been told it is a fashion statement. I guess I could believe that. However, when reading about how many of these artists such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry came into show biz, they all started at an early age and also had a strong religious background. I believe this is where it starts. If you read all the wiki articles on them they all have this common theme. If it wasn't religion, it was divorced parents, or both. The same can be said for Michael Jackson.

  333. considering the record sales of Beyonce's albums and the acknowledgment she gets for her work you can see that smhw shz invlvd with the dark this case shz a vector of satanic media.Also check the way shz getting along with Lady Gaga and her marriage to Jay Z

  334. this is absolutely crazy. i just can't believe beyonce will be involved in such satanism… i rili loved this song ignorant of its actual and true meaning. i've rili enjoyed listening to beyonce over the years. right from wen she acted the movie, "the fighting temptations" , i,ve rili loved her…. i,m quite disappointed.

  335. so what about the directors of her music videos,are they also satanists? coz they are the ones directing everything on beyonce's vids

  336. Too me, Every time she says "Turn the lights on" mean that she's in the dark(evil) and she want to be in the light(good). Like the words she uses "Beautiful Nightmare" she knows its bad for her and she wants to get away from it. Like the shattered glass, she was trying to reach for it(fragments of her conscience) but can't. It's like she not programmed to so she can't. She is confused, it seems. My opinion

  337. After watching countless artists incorporate all of these occult/MK symbolisms into their videos, I don't see how anyone can deny what the Illuminati agenda is.

    There are just too many coincidences and similarities for this NOT to be true.

    It's a scary scary world we live in, but thank God Jesus has already overcome it!

  338. Proud_Muslimah on

    Es-Selamu Alaykum to all my muslim brothers and sisters on this page.The new movie that came out ''Devil''…..the name says everything. I've seen the trailer, at the begining the movie starts that everything is turned around…the whole world is turned the other way…it makes sense….the media, the music & movie industry so and so….we should ask for forgiveness from Allah the Almighty and the Most Merciful…who is gonna help us if not the Lord???

  339. I couldn’t see the video analysis :-/ When i click on it, it buffers and then says video not valid.

    Wow now I know why they probably blocked it because they don’t want the masses to know the truth..

    Is there another link you have for that video?

  340. Check out Kelly Rowland’s new video for ‘Commander’ on you tube. It seems if I’m not mistaken to be a song about mind control with Kelly playing the role of the commander in the video. All the themes are there. Colours (black, white red) symbolism, alters, shattered glass etc. It is sooo blatant now. She has definately ‘sold out’.

  341. I love Beyonce, God gifted her with a talent which I appreciate, she is God's child, no one on this earth was given the right to judge anyone only the man above shall judge-Beyonce Girl keep on doing ur thing, God created u for a reason beyond human understanding, God created u for a purpose only he knows!!! Thank you Lord, Thank you for your blessings, continue to lead us upon the road of righteousness!!

  342. Re: the lyric "clouds filled with stars cover the skies." Just thought you should note that the Bible often uses the imagery of clouds to represent angels. Ex. in Acts 1, Jesus ascends into the clouds and is concealed by them – these clouds are angels who are so many and so brilliantly white they look like clouds) Also n the book of Revelations Lucifer is described as taking one third of the "stars" (fallen angels) with his tail (he is described as a dragon/serpent) when he is cast down from heaven. Beyonce could easily be singing about seeing hosts of fallen angels (demons) which are so brilliant in light they look like clouds of stars.

    I really feel sorry for Beyonce, the worst thing in life that can happen to you is to be mentally/emotionally/spiritually (and probably physically) raped and stripped of your free will. Your ability to choose, and have freedom of thought and consciousness. No matter how much money and fame she may have, this will never make up for the traumatic horrors she must be going through as an Illuminati puppet. She is truly a victim.

  343. You guys are clueless, couldn’t be farther off. Let me help you out.
    Lucifer and Satan do not exist as evil spirits or balls of hostile energy beings.
    No celebrities, illuminati, or anyone with half a brain worships a devil. If you do, seek help immediately.

    Corporations put satanic/lucifer symbols and references in music for several reasons:
    –>They are catering to your stupidity, they know you don’t understand the Lucifer concept but you think its cool because it’s mysterious and adversarial to God. They do it TO SELL RECORDS to dummies.
    –>Lucifer can mean several things in music : knowledge & growth through duality, personal power, self-God-realization, service-to-self not others. But to people who don’t understand the concept think that Lucifer means: cool and mysterious and rebellious
    —>Bottom line: our world boils down to duality and experiencing the two extremes of everything. Good and evil, light and dark, etc. Big corporations know this and they are just producing music that contains the theme of our planet. THEY ARE JUST PORTRAYING THE MAIN THEMES OF OUR PLANET. They are doing it to keep you exploring your dark human qualities (power & wealth & hate of others).

    Okay so I’m going to explain Halo. This song was made to be interpreted many ways. One way for the Bible idiots, another way for kids & teens, and other ways. The big record companies do not do songs about Jesus because once they come clean that Jesus is God, then Christ Consciousness is born, a new loving society emerges, and no more scum corporations. Beyonce and Jay-Z get paid to do the satanic thing and the “murda murda Jesus” thing. They do not worship satan. Their image and theme is that they worship themselves and think themselves to be Gods. Corporations literally pay them to keep this Satan shit up THEY ARE DOING ANYTHING TO KEEP YOU FROM JESUS because they know that Jesus Christ is God and they are trying to keep Christ Consciousness out and scum corporations in.

    Here it goes. Beyonce is writing about her experience receiving channeling and communicating with Jesus (higher self) and vowing her true allegiance to Jesus. Celebrities attain this through using drugs. While on drugs, Jesus came to Beyonce and put halo of energy on her head because she chose to truly accept his Christ Consciousness in her heart regardless what she may do in her career. She was instantly forgiven and acknowledged for her choice of Jesus. It was not a physical halo but something of energy that Jesus manipulated and she actually felt it on her head. She finally 100% believe that Christ is god and received his pure acceptance and Christ Consciousness. Everyone can achieve this by use of mind-altering substances.

    Remember those walls I built
    Well baby they tumbling down
    And they didn’t even put up a fight
    They didn’t even make a sound
    ————–>These are the walls Beyonce built between her and Jesus by pursuing power/Self and her own God-status on Earth, and ignoring Jesus’ message. The walls she put up against Jesus have come down easy, the walls were instantly gone, any doubt simply disappeared. She feels Jesus.

    I found a way to let you in
    But I never really had a doubt
    ————>She never really doubted Jesus’ divinity, but she couldn’t experience the ever-elusive personal relationship with Jesus because all of our pineal glands are lacking the open connection to higher dimensions needed to access the soul/higher self. But by using mind-altering substances to expand her consciousness her brain and pineal gland are able to “let in” dialog with Jesus whose frequency resides in higher dimensions that surrounds the Earth. The higher planes are inaccessible by most because our pineal gland is not yet fully developed enough through evolution to communicate/channel freely with higher dimensions (where Christ Consciousness resides) without mind altering substances.

    Standing in the light of your halo
    ————–>Beyonce is submerged in the light (knowledge) of Jesus’ TRUE nature as a truly perfected soul. A God, our God. Jesus wears the halo as the perfected angel of God, the awakened “Lucifer” in all of us. As the story goes “Lucifer” sought power, God-status, and self instead of love and compassion. Jesus represents the soul waking from those low vibrating desires through incarnations and evolving to pure love by trial and error. Historically, this did not happen overnight, as Jesus is a soul (or rather a collection of souls – a group soul) who evolved after reincarnating countless lifetimes all over the universe. Beyonce does not believe or worship “the devil” and nor do any illuminati. But she paid to flaunt supposed satanic symbolism and gestures by corporations because her job is make people embrace their shadow selves, their inner Luciferian desires. And at all costs NOT embrace their Christ Consciousness. There is no single adversarial devil/satan that plagues us. But we are an infinite number of souls/beings who will eventually evolve to perfection by playing this game of duality and experiencing our own darkness for the sole purpose of confronting it, discarding it, and becoming the ultimate fulfillment of Christ Consciousness.

    I got my angel now
    ———–>Jesus is the perfected soul of pure love that Beyonce pledges her wholehearted allegiance to. Not any other. Never again to revert with her pre-awakened mentality that she emerged from while learning that love and compassion and service-to-others are ultimate in fulfillments. Never again entertaining the ideas that anything or any being comes before pure love.

    It’s like I’ve been awakened
    —————->Awakened, she no longer has trouble feeling and believing fully in who/what Jesus (Christ Consciousness) really is. She feels it inside, there’s no question, no mystery, no ambiguity.

    Every rule I had you breaking
    ————–>Pre-awakened Beyonce’s #1 rule was: I am a God, and there is no other above me. After realizing she is truly suffering by not being aligned with her truest highest potential of love and compassion she surrendered and relinquished her roll. Beyonce as a pop star cannot publicize her realization of Jesus Christ. If that happened, we would cease to view materiality/corporations/government as our “God” and begin living in full Christ Consciousness and a Service-to-Other (STO) society instead of the current Service-to-Self (STS). These entities do not want to give up their spot and want to maintain the STO society.

    It’s the risk that I’m taking
    ———->She is risking her future on Earth by embedding her true dedication to Jesus in this song. It could effectively cause a mass hysteria if Beyonce proclaims Jesus as God and announces her supposed allegiance to “satan” was not only metaphorical but a false hoax. Remember, it’s a hoax because there is no “satan”. There are only beings all over the universe evolving by experiencing the light and dark/light sides. For beings at our stage of soul evolution, our light and dark sides are just two sides of the same coin. Sure souls will ebb and flow in their experiences, but the final product of this cosmic process are souls evolved to perfection through countless incarnations. One of Jesus greatest tasks was conveying to us in layman’s terms the we are God’s in training and his perfected soul is the end product of our soul evolution. He is the proof that beings evolve to perfection that is achieved through knowledge that is achieved through experience from infinite incarnations across the universe.

    I ain’t never gonna shut you out
    ————->Beyonce will never turn back on her connection to Jesus. Once your raise your frequency by truly accepting that Jesus is the highest God to ever come to Earth who absorbed into Earth’s spheres at death and remains there waiting for us, it’s nearly impossible to reverse that. You’re body doesn’t forget to breathe because it’s an involuntary function. Once you absorb the pure truth of Jesus as God and the Christ Consciousness has embraced you, neither of you ever lets go.

    Everywhere I’m looking now
    I’m surrounded by your embrace
    ————>This is a reference to God being everywhere at the same time, and the realization that Jesus is with her constantly and with every thought, and always has been, believe it or now. She is not referring to her lover Jay-Z because he as a human is not omniscient. Where Beyonce used to question the world, question herself, and question life – her emptiness was replaced by assurance and a “knowing” that Jesus is truly God and his message of pure love and compassion is the literal road map to achieving Godhood.

    You know you’re my saving grace
    —————->Beyonce realizes she was so lost. She’s eternally grateful that Jesus, her higher self, revealed itself to her by showing her how to connect to higher dimensions and channel energy. These dimensions contained the highest vibrations of pure love, wisdom, and experiences in unlimited supply for the absorption of the soul by the pineal gland. The path to Christ Consciousness is achieved by accumulating infinite wisdom through infinite incarnations and gradually discarding your shadow-layers, and retaining every pure love experience, and emerging as God.

    You’re everything I need and more
    ————->Beyonce realizes that Jesus has filled her internal voids within and is truly all she needs because he is God, he is Christ Consciousness the most intelligent flowing energy through the cosmos. They are identical in their path of soul evolution, as we all are. She is a child of God who will be perfected as Jesus was.

    ————–>It’s written all over your face
    Beyonce begins seeing Jesus’ face to be so beautiful and she finally realizes that every picture of Jesus depicts him crying or with the most sorrowful sad expression. She finally realizes that Jesus did not come here knowing he was going to be crucified as the Bible stated. Jesus loves us so much that he came to Earth so very hoping that his message would spark a wild fire of love and elevate the souls here through individual experiences of love. He came to Earth anyway knowing he would be subject to human suffering and experiencing a physical death. Never did anyone imagine that our beloved God Jesus and highest evolved soul would be tortured to death. Paintings of Jesus depict a deep sadness because he is God, the highest evolved spirit, God who loves us, trying to tell us that, and we killed him. He was not able to achieve imbedding himself in every soul roaming the Earth, we killed him before he could accomplish that. But from the higher planes Jesus projected his sorry and sadness in the earthly art that has depicted him since his death. Why is Jesus so sad? Because people are languishing in pain, suffering, because they refuse to accept he is God and accept his message of pure love and compassion. He wants you to reciprocate the deep love he has for you.

    Pray it won’t fade away
    ————–>So here is where the song “HALO” really comes from. When Beyonce uses mind-altering substances to connect to her Christ Consciousness/higher self she raises her vibration so high that she is flooded with the strongest love for Jesus, and COMPASSION FOR JESUS, understanding of his true nature, his precious efforts here, and his suffering. She starts seeing everyone as Jesus, a child of God. Beyonce’s vibration continues to rise and she feels unconditional love and compassion for all of existence. It is at that time Jesus places a light, vibrating HALO on Beyonce like a crown. She knows Jesus has awarded her this halo for reaching such high levels of pure love with him even if only for a few seconds. In awe of Jesus’ ability to manipulate matter and perform what we call miracles, she asked him if the HALO was really happening to her. Warm waves of love are sent to her soul and Jesus reveals without words “Yes my child, this is real, I am really with you.” But as her pineal gland gradually loses its connection to the higher dimensions and she feels the HALO fading away, she is assured by Jesus that it will always be there even when she cannot feel the energy so intensely. Just as Jesus will be. This is real. This is what this song is allll about. Her experience with Jesus while using mind-altering drugs.

    Hit me like a ray of sun
    ———–>Sun = son of God = Jesus = loving and acknowledging the Sun as God and the Son of God. Everything is God. We are all sons and daughters of God at different stages in our soul evolution. Communicating with Jesus is electrifying as she receives a constant stream of Christ Consciousness energy flowing through her because she has finally agreed to receive this gift. It is the gift of “knowing” without doubt that the love that our God, Jesus, feels for us is real and everlasting.

    Burning through my darkest night
    ——–>Beyonce’s darkest night is her life and her existence without the full understanding of Jesus and his true nature as God. She was burning in pain from the separation from Jesus because her soul had not yet accepted Christ Consciousness as the true apex of our entire existence. Amidst her desperation she indulged in mind-altering substances to escape but did not realize their true purpose and power until Jesus hit her like a ray of sun in the darkest night and spoke to her. Jesus, the exalted God, spoke to his child that was ready to receive him, and she did never to lose him again. Jesus spoke using energy, feelings, vibrations, and waves of love not yet detectable/decoded by science.

    You’re the only one that I want
    ———–>Beyonce will never put any God before Jesus. Jesus is our God. Jesus is the highest evolved soul to ever come to Earth and he did so out of pure unconditional love for our souls and its evolution.

    Think I’m addicted to your light
    ———>Beyonce hates being away from Jesus and her Christ Consciousness connection transmitted through her pineal gland. She wants to be in full contact with Jesus every minute. She is in love with Jesus.

    I swore I’d never fall again
    ———->Beyonce felt extreme guilt when she finally realized that she rejected her beloved God so she could be the only God in her life. She promised she’d never put anyone or anything above Jesus and the pure love of Christ Consciousness ever again.

    But this don’t even feel like falling
    ——>She knows she will never fall from her evolved level of consciousness, but she has fallen in love with Jesus and his pure love energy.

    Gravity can’t begin
    To pull me back to the ground again
    —–>Beyonce’s consciousness is ascending more and more. Her soul and her vibrations are elevating higher and higher as her personal relationship with Jesus and the pure loving Christ Consciousness multiplies within her. She is vibrating so high with Jesus, she defies gravity.

  344. Hey you guys should check out Daddy Yankee's video "Des Control" so many obvious symbols! It is really sinister. I mean robots, outer space, broken mirrors,reflection (more than one of him), the Masonic checkerboard floor, and of course hundreds of triangles. Just thought I should let a'll know

  345. always knew there was something with her…but in any even the white horse is sometimes a symbol of death. Hence after she "levatates with the devil" she enters a dream world where she must die…the white horse just solidifies the fact for us symbol decoders that she has died spiritually.

    also my opinion is that these videos are not intended to put us in a "slave" like mind controlling state, but to desensitize our youth to what's to come. have you looked at our youth her in america lately? i mean seriously…they have no drive, no morals, and they are waiting on people like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye, Rhianna, Lady GaGa, etc to tell them what to say and do next. Hence this spike of all these "reality" TV shows that have hit the air (which I am guilty of watching, but I know what my reality is and it ain't them)….i don't know it all, but I must say I feel like rhianna when I say…"I'm just waiting to see, who gon run this town tonight…"

  346. Thanks alot for this post,please do not stop as God is using you to open the eyes of many.I watched Truth abt hip hop by C Craig Lewis,the info is exactly like this and he also gives similar examples abt thsi beast,he relates it with the nimrod spirit.

    May God bless you guys abundantly for the great work!!!

  347. For about 5 years now I really havent watched much tv or music videos. It started because I thought it was all dumb and made no sense. But as I have gain knowledge I now know that it was God leading me away! When I read stuff like this I'm wow is fame and fortune in this world really that important that you would give the most precious thing you have for it?! It's never that important! God can only save them now!

  348. Ok….first….let me say I'm new to this site. So this question may have been covered at an earlier date. Please keep in mind,that I am in No way doubting that MK exsist— there are just a few things I don't understand…..
    I know that in the past they used a lot of psych patients,and drifters for MK, but most (not all) of these stars have families,that would've noticed them gone for the time it would take to pull off MK. How are they gettin all this time with these young pre-stars to brain wash them?? I'm guessing it would take some time…..and some pretty intensive torture that a parent would notice….
    Are the parents on board from the start?? Turning their kids over for fortune and fame to be re programmed?? Kinda like a "rosemary's baby "sort of deal…..???
    Can someone please give me some insight on this please….?

  349. The illuminati are deliberately flashing these symbols because they are designed to work subconsciously on the brain to convert people who don't know what these signs mean.

  350. basically you say that the "Dollhouse" (TV Series) is for real.. like any other aired "science fiction" is.
    no wonder Dollhouse was canceled so soon…(It premiered on February 13, 2009, on the Fox network and was officially canceled on November 11, 2009) but what can we do about it?..all being for real. nothing I think..

  351. Honestly there is a lot of proof about The Illuminati in the music industry.

    Jay Z seems to be the leader of it all. And If you read more about the Illuminati and stuff like that then you can see all about it.

    Another Song that I looked into was Rihanna's Umbrella it explained the song and showed symbols and hidden signs in the video.

    But I agree about calling someone a Devil Worshiper. That is wrong. Its accusing but at the same time there is proof.

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