The Esoteric Interpretation of “Pan’s Labyrinth”


“Pan’s Labyrinth” is a profound movie telling the story of a young girl’s quest to escape the cruelties of Spanish Fascism. The movie also contains a great amount of occult and archetypal symbols telling another story: one of esoteric illumination through test of character and ritual initiation. We will look at the occult and archetypal symbolism found throughout the movie and their relation with Ofelia’s quest.

Pan’s Labyrinth (Spanish title: El laberinto del fauno) is a Spanish language fantasy film written and directed by Guillermo del Torro, director of The Devil’s Backbone, Hellboy and Blade II. The movie’s compelling storyline, rich mythological background and strange fantasy world caused many movie critics to consider it as the best movie of 2006.

Like many fairy tales, Pan’s Labyrinth is an allegorical story that can be interpreted in numerous ways and on many simultaneous levels. While researching this movie, I came across psychological, sociological and political interpretations of Pan’s Labyrinth, but almost none relating to the occult symbolism permeating the work and I’ve found almost nothing regarding its underlying esoteric story of initiation. This came a surprise as Del Torro  himself described the movie as a “parable” and the numerous references to occult mysteries certainly point this way. We will therefore look at the mystical and archetypal symbolism found in the movie and see how they fit into this rich story of esoteric initiation.

One of the reasons why the movie deeply moves its viewers is probably the presence of archetypal myths and symbols that deeply resonate in the collective and personal unconscious:

“Indeed, once upon a time is a good place to start with a film like Pan’s Labyrinth. It is a fairytale above all, an especially dark one too that contains all of those classic mythical archetypes of Jung’s collective unconscious. We think of, for instance, the evil king, the heroine in distress, parallel universes, chimerical creatures, and the marching battle between good and evil as portrayed in the story. These are all universal themes, patterns and character types we see in classical fairytales over and over again; the type that led Jungian analyst Donald Kalsched to assert that “When human resources are unavailable, archetypal resources will present themselves.” The same can be said of our lead princess, Ofelia. A girl stripped of humanity, crushed by grim realities and forced to draw upon the archetypal myths of the collective human imagination.”
– Psycho-Critical Analysis of “Pan’s Labyrinth”: Myth, Psychology, Perceptual Realism, Eyes & Traumatic Despondency

Movie Overview

The faun protecting Ofelia from the world’s cruelty

The movie takes place in the mountains of fascist Spain at a military camp fighting against the rebels. Ofelia, a young girl with a wild imagination, obsessed with books and fairy tales, travels with her weak, pregnant mother to meet her new stepfather, a merciless captain of the Spanish army. Upon her arrival, she discovers a labyrinth, and  meets a faun that tells her that she is a princess from the “Underworld”. He promises her that she can go there and be reunited with her father as long as she completes three tasks for him. In her attempts to complete these tasks, Ofelia is forced to deal with the reality of mortality, the absurdity of war and the meaning of self-sacrifice.

The tale revolves around the juxtaposition of the harsh and oppressive nature of the real world with the magical and sometimes disturbing fairy tale world of the little girl. The faun (named Pan in the English translation) is a horned beast that guides Ofelia through her initiation process and shows her the way to depart from the absurdity of the material world to re-enter the glory of the spiritual plane, where illuminated beings live: the Underworld.

Having “Eyes to See”

Placing back the faun’s missing eye

At the beginning of the movie, Ofelia is almost instinctively lead to a mysterious monument depicting the faun with a missing eye. She finds the missing eye and places it back into its socket. A magical insect/fairy suddenly appears: Ofelia’s magical quest can begin. There is a great importance placed on eyes and sight in the movie and this scene tells the viewers, right from the start, that Ofelia’s quest is occult in nature as not many have the “eyes to see” the invisible world she is about to experience.

“Having mentioned sight, the film has much to say about it. Guillermo Del Toro almost seems to presuppose that the viewer needs a third “Zen” eye to capture the quintessential truths buried deep within the film’s archetypal margins.  As Derrida posited, the most important meanings are not in the text itself, but “in the margins,” or subtext. In other words, scientists and secularists need to leave the theater.  When Ofelia returns the eye of the statue to its rightful place, her fantastical journey immediately begins. Her eyes allow her to see things both visible and invisible, real and unreal, which starkly contrasts with the fascist villain, Captain Vidal, one who punctures the eyes of others and believes not in what cannot be physically seen.”
– Ibid

The importance of the Eye is of the utmost importance in occult symbolism and can be dated back to ancient Egypt with the myth of Horus’ eye being restored by Toth. While the right eye is associated with the perception of concrete and factual information (male side of the brain), the left eye of Horus perceives the mystical, the spiritual and the intuition (the female side of the brain). By placing back the eye in its place, Ofelia restores the all-important balance needed to embark into her alchemical transformation.

Ofelia soon realizes however that the adults surrounding her certainly do not believe in what cannot be physically seen, making her quest quite a lonely one.

The Oppressive Father-Dictator and the Cronus Complex

Captain Vidal cursing at Ofelia

Once she has arrived at the war camp, Ofelia meets with her new step-father, the cruel and sadistic Captain Vidal. The character is a representation of Spanish Fascism and, on a philosophical level, of the oppressive material world most people abide in without questioning which prohibits the full emancipation of the being. This phenomena is known as the “Cronus Complex”, Cronus being the Greek mythological figure representing time, death and harvesting.

Cronus devouring his child by Goya

“The Cronus Complex is not a murderous tendency per say, since Cronus did not just got rid of his offspring, but a destructive ingestive process which hinders the child’s capacity to exist separately and autonomously from the parent. In consuming his child, Cronus does not only aim to annihilate him but does so by making him part of himself. According to Bolen, since ancient times, the Cronus Complex is a tendency through which male oriented cultures have maintained power. That is evident is systems such as Fascism, one of the most radical mutations of patriarchy.
– John W. Crandall, The Cronus Complex

Cronus is also known as “father time”. Captain Vidal is often shown looking at and maintaining his watch, time being the most damning limitation of the material world. Ofelia—and everyone around her—is terrified by Captain Vidal but, in order to complete her initiation, Ofelia will need to emancipate herself from this oppressive father figure and, most importantly, get in touch with her oppressed feminine and magical side. Restoring the equilibrium of duality is a necessary step in alchemical transformation.

The Faun and his Labyrinth

Disgusted by her new life, Ofelia is led by a fairy to an overgrown labyrinth where the Faun steps out of the shadows. When she asks him “Who are you?”, he replies “I’ve been called so many names that only the wind and the trees can pronounce. I am the the mountain, the forest, the earth. I am … a faun.” He then continues: “It was the moon that bore you. And your real father waits for your return, but first, we must be sure that you have not become mortal”.

In ancient mythology, fauns, satyrs and the Greek god Pan were somewhat similar as they all bear the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat. Pan is a prototype of natural energy and is undoubtedly a phallic deity, representing the impregnating power of the sun. The faun becomes a sort of spiritual guide to Ofelia, helping her through the actual and figurative labyrinth she must go through. Despite the faun’s monstrous appearance—which leads viewers to think at first that he is the “bad guy”—he is actually the only being in Ofelia’s life that understands her desire to “become more” and to reach her full potential. The actual “bad guy” in the movie is not the hideous creature, but the cruel step-father.

The Labyrinth

“Labyrinths and mazes were favoured places of initiation among many ancient cults. Remains of these mystic mazes have been found among the American Indians, Hindus, Persians, Egyptians, and Greeks.” – Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Found in the initiation rites of many ancient civilizations, mazes were symbolic of the involvements and illusions of the lower world through which wanders the soul of man in its search for truth. Pan’s Labyrinth is mostly a figurative one as Ofelia must avoid the pitfalls and the dead-ends of the material world in order to be reunited with her true father.

The First Task: Finding the Sacred Feminine

The first task given by the Faun to Ofelia is to retrieve a key from a giant toad who is sucking the life out of an ancient fig tree. There starts the quest of “returning to the womb” and the rekindling the oppressed feminine. The interior of the tree is damp and moist, symbolizing once again the womb-giver of life. The tree itself looks like a uterus.

Ofelia wearing a black version of the dress of Alice in Wonderland. Also, a picture of a uterus, in case you forgot what one looks like.

Ofelia’s trauma/fascination with the feminine principle is expressed many times in the movie, mainly through her weak and pregnant mother who ultimately has to give her life to give birth. In one disturbing scene, Ofelia sees in her Book of the Crossroads the outline of a uterus that becomes red, predicting her mother’s complications.

The Second Task: The Pale Man

Having successfully completed the first task, Ofelia receives a second mission from the faun which is the retrieval of a dagger from the Pale Man. There is however one important condition: She cannot eat anything there.

The immobile Pale Man with his eyeballs on a plate in front on him

The Pale Man is a big flabby creature sitting in front of a great feast. Looking around, Ofelia sees stacks of  shoes and depictions of the Pale Man eating children, which is, once again reminiscent of Goya’s depiction of Cronus. The Pale Man is  a gruesome representation of the oppressive powers of Ofelia’s world – Captain Vidal, Spanish Fascism and the Catholic Church. To further this comparison, a scene of Vidal having dinner with his guests, including a Catholic priest, is shown in parallel, in which nobody dares to question the Captain’s cruel motives.

Ofelia manages to retrieve the dagger, but on her way out, cannot resist the temptation of eating a big juicy grape, symbolizing the wealth accumulated by the Cronus figures. This awakes the Pale Man, who immediately places his eyeballs in his hands and starts chasing Ofelia.

The pale Man has is eyes in his hands, representing the fact that he can only sees what is palpable. It can possible represent the stigmata.

Ofelia manages to escape the Pale Man, but at what cost?

The Third Task: The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Faun was furious at Ofelia for giving in to the temptations of the material world and questioned her worthiness to become a true immortal. He therefore leaves her in coldness of the real world, where Ofelia has to witness war, torment and sadness. Shortly after Ofelia’s mother’s death, however, the faun reappears, to the great joy of the girl. He allows her to complete her initiation, but he demands her complete obedience. For her final task, the Faun asks Ofelia to bring her new born baby brother to the labyrinth at night during the full moon, the prime time to complete a spiritual transformation in occultism.

Ofelia must therefore steal the baby from Captain Vidal by drugging him and runs to the labyrinth, where the faun awaits her.

The faun awaiting Ofelia holding the dagger

The faun asks Ofelia to give him the baby so he can prick him with the dagger and obtain a drop of blood from him. Ofelia refuses. The faun loses his patience and reminds her that he requires her full obedience, but she still refuses. At this point, Captain Vidal finds Ofelia, whom, in his point of view, is talking to herself (as he cannot see the faun). He takes the baby from her and shoots her.

Ofelia laying bloody on the ground after being shot by Captain Vidal

Drops of Ofelia’s own blood falls into the labyrinth, thus accomplishing the final task required for her initiation: self sacrifice.

The Initiation

While we see Ofelia laying bloody on the ground, she is also shown in another realm, the Underworld, reuniting with her true parents.

Ofelia reuniting with her parents, symbolizing her successful initiation

The entire palace bears the shape of a vesica piscis, an ancient occult symbol representing the vulva, the entrance to the womb and the gateway to another world. Standing on three pillars, the father, the mother and the soon to be princess will complete trinity of the Underworld.  The faun greats Ofelia, telling her she did well by going against his orders and sacrificing her life to protect her innocent brother. Indeed, a strong will, sacrifice and rebirth are necessary for the completion of an initiation into occult mysteries.

Ofelia is then shown again laying on the floor bloody, making the viewers ask themselves: did this actually happen or is it all in the girl’s imagination?


In Conclusion

Pan’s Labyrinth describes the quest of a young girl unable to cope with the harshness of the physical world, where dehumanization and repression crush her innocent and playful spirit. It has been shown that children often psychologically respond to an unbearable reality by dissociating into a fantasy world, where magic, adventure and wonder are to be found. Ofelia is often reminded by her mother that “magic does not exist her and no one else”. The magical world however seems to exist beyond Ofelia’s imagination. One example is the mystical plant given by the faun, the mandrake, which was healing Ofelia’s mother from her ills, until she found it under her bed and, disgusted by it, burned it.

Ofelia with the mandrake, the “plant that wanted to be a man”. Its presence in the movie is a reminder that all magic is not fairy tales and that occult knowledge can have actual applications in real life.

The mandrake is an important plant in occult lore mainly due to the fact that  its roots are often shaped like a human body, complete with arms and feet.

The mandrake in ancient documents

“The occult properties of the mandrake, while little understood, have been responsible for the adoption of the plant as a talisman capable of increasing the value or quantity of anything with which it was associated. As a phallic charm, the mandrake was considered to be an infallible cure for sterility. It was one of the Priapic symbols which the Knights Templars were accused of worshipping. The root of the plant closely resembles a human body and often bore the outlines of the human head, arms, or legs. This striking similarity between the body of man and the mandragora is one of the puzzles of natural science and is the real basis for the veneration in which this plant was held. In Isis Unveiled, Madam Blavatsky notes that the mandragora seems to occupy upon earth the point where the vegetable and animal kingdoms meet, as the zoophites and polypi doin die sea. This thought opens a vast field of speculation concerning the nature of this animal-plant.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

This movie is one of opposites and reversals: reality versus fiction, good versus evil, innocence versus adulthood, feminine versus masculine, overworld versus underworld, etc. Even the very ending can be interpreted in two opposite ways: either Ofelia created a fairy-tale world in her head to escape real life and ultimately committed a form of suicide or she’s simply an awakened being who saw what the masses bound to the material world cannot see and ultimately completed her process of illumination to become a true immortal. The story is also an inversion of the usual paradigm for self-actualization: Ofelia’s transformation happens in the shadows and in the dark while enlightenment, as it name says, is associated with light; Ofelia’s illumination happens in the Underworld while spiritual transformation is usually associated with “the heavens”; the initiator himself, Pan, is a deity known for getting drunk in the woods and frolicking nymphs (and the odd goat) while illumination is based on the mastery of one’s lower impulses; the completion of Ofelia’s initiation requires her to crawl in the mud, be chased by a Pale Man and finally spill her blood while the usual path to illumination is based on the master of self and uncorrupted virtue. So what is the true fate of Ofelia? As the last line of the movie states: the clues to the answer can be found by those who have the eyes to see.




  1. Saw this a while back…didn't understand why they were giving it so much praises at the time. I guess i understand why now! Great article Vigilant

    • Seven Rayed God on

      Correction to all those reading this. Cronus or Kronos was not a Greek god but rather a Titan. Just figured I'd correct that minor mistake.

      • Well, he is a Titan, but Titans were also Grecian deities. Kronos may not have been one of the Olympian gods, but nevertheless he was a god.

      • Cronos was a titan. He ate his god children. Fearing that they'd overpower him. But the mother kept zeus alive and he came back and punished him that's why Cronos has to carry the temple that holds pandora's box on his back for eternity.

      • Please learn your Greek Mythology before you go spitting it around like some piece of chewing tobacco. Cronus is a Titan that was told one of his children would overthrow him on day, so he ate each child Rhea, his wife, bore him in order to keep the prophecy from coming true. Cronus was the father of Hestia, Pluto, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, and lastly, Zeus. When Zeus was born, Rhea couldn't stand to watch her children be taken from her anymore, so she gave Cronus a boulder wrapped in a blanket in place of Zeus. When Zeus finally gained enough power to defeat Cronus, he approached him and saved his brothers and sisters from the prison they had been held in, which was Cronus' stomach. After this there was a great war between the gods and titans, and eventually the gods claimed victory. Afterward, Zeus confined all of the titans, including Cronus, to imprisonment in the earth, and that's the end of that story.

      • i always knew there was something weird about this "childrens" movie im fourteen and the images in this movie still startle me woow! wow! and thanks about all the information about beyonce and rihanna havent listened to them since. one more thing when i was on the way to school i was listening to the radio and a christian hip hop artist called out jay-z,the people started to laugh like, "is he crazy calling jay-z out like that!" and i didn't really hear but i thought about what he said and what he said was "the devil promised you the world and a girl" and i was like "okay,he must be referring to beyonce wow! the world is so blind! WAKE UP NOW AND REPENT BECAUSE I BELIEVE THE END IS NEAR!"

    • Pan is another cultures view of the Baphomet. Pan`s Labyrinth is also VERY similar to Labyrinth which feature David Bowie who present him self as the Baphomet to Jennifer Connely. Which is also very similar to Wizard Of Oz.

      Self/Pain, The Journey, The Deity and The Reward. Which represents the Trinity, if your wondering. Self, The Vehicle, The Deity and Enlightenment. Which follows very simliar patterns to brainwashing aswell.

      For all the people just writing this off as evil. STOP. All the people are doing is using Energy/The Life Force/ God (for their own means) You can learn how to use it aswell and you don`t have to use it w/ the same intentions. Listen to the people, artist, musicians and occultists, the more you understand about them, the more you`ll understand about yourself and the world the surrounds you. Free yourself as they have done and use it for what YOU want of this place. Good or Bad, that choice is yours.

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Woe!!!!!! Be careful. The Lord also warns us about practicing crafts. His energy is here to accomplish His will. The energy that is spoke of in this movie is not of the Lord's. Please do not get it twisted.

        MIC 2:1 Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practice it, because it is in the power of their hand.

        When Moses went to Pharaoh on the behalf of the Lord to summons him to let the Israelites go, Moses did not use the energy of the universe (per se) to turn Aaron's staff in to a snake. Unlike the sorcerers, Moses ability came from the Lord. The Lord detests those who use magic and spells. His will shall be done and not ours.

        Exodus 1, 8 & 11:

        Then the LORD said to Moses, "See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron will be your prophet."

        The LORD said to Moses and Aaron, "When Pharaoh says to you, 'Perform a miracle,' then say to Aaron, 'Take your staff and throw it down before Pharaoh,' and it will become a snake."

        Pharaoh then summoned wise men and sorcerers, and the Egyptian magicians also did the same things by their secret arts: 12 Each one threw down his staff and it became a snake.

        Magic is never okay to practice. Anything that goes against the order of the universe, which God created is never acceptable. It is a forbidden practice.

        Read the following scriptures:

        You shall not eat anything with blood, nor practice divination or soothsaying (Leviticus 19:26).

        Do not turn to mediums or spiritist; do not seek them out to be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God (Leviticus 19;31).

        Now a man or a woman who is a medium or spiritist shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones, their bloodguiltiness is upon them (Leviticus 20:27).

        You shall not behave thus toward the Lord your God, for every abominable act which the Lord hates they have done for their gods; for they even burn their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods (Deuteronomy 12:31).

        And most important:

        Stand fast now in your spells and in your many sorceries with which you have labored from your youth; perhaps you will be able to profit, perhaps you may cause trembling. You are wearied with your many counsels; let now the astrologers, those who prophesy by the stars, those who predict by the new moons, stand up and save you from what will come upon you (Isaiah 47:12-13).

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Unfortunately, it is very sad that you believe in what you say. I live by the King James Version. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ. That is all I have to say about that.

      • Robin Goodfellow on

        lol your book was translated by a British Monarch and 33rd Degree Freemason and you LIVE by it? why not go get the sandskrit….or hebrew, translate it correctly yourself and then reassess what you have already decided by the true words of you're messiah… or just go buy Lord of the Rings that was written by masons too and is a much more stable storyline.

      • why wouldn't you pray FOR Satan?

        Pray for him to turn back to the light of God? to the light of eternity and Christ?

        He is a sinner like all others.

        If God forgives us, would He truly rebuke Satan if he came before the Throne with a TRULY broken and repentant heart?

        talk about counter-reasoning your own religion. I'm a christian as well, but come on.

      • i love you for saying that ^.^ totally agree! …. do not worry about the closed mind people, they will NEVER get it!

      • FellowTraveler on

        When I see a comment that looks like a five-paragraph-essay, filled with Bible versions and exclamation marks, I immediately skip past it. I'm sorry, but you need to realize that you're going to lose a lot of people when you start ranting and quoting vague chunks of scripture out of context. It says in your book "judge not, lest ye be judged." If you want open-minded people to listen to you, you can't approach them with a closed-minded attitude. The only people that read a rant like yours, with a dozen bible quotes of dubious contextual relavance, are people who are already Christian. I'm just saying. If Christians weren't so shrill, so harsh, (TYPING IN CAPS WITH EXCALMATION POINTS ABOUT EVIL AND SIN!!!!!), and talked to me like a human, maybe I'd give you the time of day. I'm just saying.

      • Travler as well on

        I have to agree with Fellow Traveler.

        A huge long list of bible quotes and CAPS LIKE THIS.

        Just be calm, and talk to people with respect and normality.

        We're all not so different than you think.

      • Peace-a distant drea on

        @ MariaHelFutura

        Did you just say 'listen to the occultist'.

        Wow, wow, wow, sorry to burst your bubble honey, but unsfortunetly there is good and bad, or good and evil, darkness and light. Unfortunetly, this movie is an inititiation to the evil 'energy' as you would like to call it. Dont be naive and 'open yourself to everything', cause then you could open youself to something evil.

        We as human beings are made up of the body (arms, legs etc), the spirit, and the soul. Since it is common knowledge now that spirtual stuff do exist (which you should know unless u live under a rock), then you should know that if you open up your spirit to evil/bad spiritual things, what will happen? you'll end up messed up and crazy with demons flying around your room, lol!

        So, you should be careful what you dable with and DO NOT open youself to all the 'energy's'.

        Now I wanted to write this comment without mentioning the obvious opposites:



        Holy Spirit/ Evil Spirits

        But which 'energy' would you open youself to? all of them???

        But I digress…

      • You go one of those opposits wrong God/Devil.

        The Devil was created by God as appossed to God's opposit, his ideaologies are misguided and evil for sure, but to say he is the opposit rules out any chance Satan has for the free will to become Good like God. If Satan is the opposit of God then so is the whole of mankind (anyone who has ever sinned or has the power to). Don't hate on Satan, pray for him. The opposit of God is the Abyss, where nothing exists.

      • Peace-a distant drea on

        @ 888

        Pray for Satan? What on earth am I reading here? what are you guys on? I thought that vigilant's articules were scary, but what is actually scary is the ideologies that some of you comment people come up with! what is going through ya'lls heads?? are u guys people with brains? or just walking zombies??? Lord have mercy on our future kids, if they have lost, and confused, dont have any idea or guidance about ANYTHING parents like ya'll, then God help us all.

        I'm done!

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Pray for Satan! Did I read it correctly. Where in this world do you learn your information? Satan is God's enemy. He renounces God and hates his people. He is working to overthrow God's throne and Kingdom, which are all wishful thinking on his part. Satan laughs at God and works overtime to cause the believers harm. We should only pray for human beings and lost souls. Furthermore, we should pray for for protection from Satan's snares.

        Please be careful. Satan is not to be played with at any time.

      • i loved this movie!!!! i actually don't see anything wrong with the symbolism either maybe because i didn't read the article lol

      • InChristwelive on

        Just a correction: we cannot pray for satan..he is irredemable. He's end is set….Hell is where he will end up. Only human's have te opportunity of redemption only if they choose to.

      • 'Pray for Satan? What on earth am I reading here? what are you guys on? I thought that vigilant’s articules were scary, but what is actually scary is the ideologies that some of you comment people come up with! what is going through ya’lls heads?? are u guys people with brains? or just walking zombies??? Lord have mercy on our future kids, if they have lost, and confused, dont have any idea or guidance about ANYTHING parents like ya’ll, then God help us all.

        I’m done!'

        Next time before you freak out like that and judge without any sense, please think about what 888 said. He didnt say pray TO Satan or wisdom Satan. Let me give you an example, and I just hope that you will understand, if not, thats also okay, we just share opinions here. So the example: there is a naughty kid in the kindergarten. He use to beat up and abuse the other kids. Leave the reasons why, we cant be sure about the things happened to him in his early life. Anyway, what matters, that his negative transformation had a zero point, and we would like to turn on his situation, if you like, help him. Because this is the only solution, if we turn towards him with positive feelings, instead of hatred, with we would become the same as him and which would just feed his anger and make him more 'evil', that is to say, more powerful, in a bad way. We realize what he does is wrong though.

        So what I think that 888 was trying to say, is that we shouldn't 'feed' Satan by evolving negative energies(yes dear, all of the followings, hatred, anger, anxiety etc….)

        Reading your lines I would like to give you a really harmless and pure advice, don't be so narrow-minded and too fascinated by your ideas. They are only yours, others can share it, but still it's your reality and other people can think differently. Things not always how they seem, before you judge, try to read between the lines, otherwise you are just fanatic which is one of the most dangerous and destructive power in this life…

      • Peace-a distant drea on


        I'm sorry, did I say I didnt understand what 888 said? No. I understood perfectly what he/she said. 'Pray for Satan'.

        Well inspite of how loving you may be, the Bible, yep, the Bible says that the devil is like a 'roaring lion seeking whom he may devour'. The words 'Roaring Lion' and 'devour' are seldom similar to a child in the playground. You dont Pray for Satan guys, you just dont. He was an angel that God kicked out of Heaven because he had pride and wanted to be praised by the Angels like God was/is. Now the Devil, who will never in a million years apologise and say 'let bigons be bigons' to God, is trying his hardest to take people like me and you to hell with him, because he does'nt want to be the only one in that horrible place full of torment. You should turn away from evil, not PEOPLE, but evil itself. not go and pray for it! who on earth tought you that? to love the devil?

        The devil wants to do nothing but kill you, he is the enemy. dont you get it. but you know, If you want you can go and give the devil, or the 'naughty kid in the playground' a sweet to show love and he will mostly bite your hand off! lol

        The devil has enough power to kill us all, and he definetly doesn't need your little hand to help him! He's got the most power AFTER God, so who do you think YOU are to help him! and help him do what…repent?

        Comparing the devil to a kid in kindergarding is a complete LIE from the enemy.

        Either turn your life to following the teachings of Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ,(ie be baptized in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38), receive the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:1-5, Acts 19. Romans 8 etc…) love your neighbor as yourself…and all the other commandments). OR dwell in the lies of the enemy. The choice is yours. Now I'm defnitely done!

      • Um, God definetly said to love your enemies right? So praying for the man downstairs sounds pretty right.

      • First time i "heard" anyone make the samesimilar argument that I believe in. Its our personal choice to decide what we will do with this information and power when its our turn at bat….

      • You like to quote the bible ay? Well How about the Beatitudes? Mathew 5:44 "But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" And as you rightly said Satan is God's and our enemy. There Jesus directly tells us to pray for our enemies, for god is love – 1 John 4:8 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love”.

        I believe that god loves Satan, and those we are all here as part of God's plan to bring him down from his high horse. Think about it, God didn't destroy Satan, just gave him the Earth instead of heaven. For all we know Satan could be God's ultimate prodigal son, are you going to be the "good" son at the party who is acting like a jerk and not understanding the love of the Father if Satan ever bows down to God as he should? I'm not saying go follow Satan, or do satanic things, but having forgiveness in your heart for him and don't hate. That is the best way to beat Satan, to prove you are superior, rise above the petty self righteousness. Jesus said "get behind me Satan" to Peter, as in come onto his side and follow him. Not "be gone" or "curse you" or anything disrespectful, but a plea for Satan’s repentance and allegiance. The way of Love is to make friends not war, and with Love everybody wins which is why it is all powerful. You need to pray for the Holy Spirit if you can't see that because it has become weak in you. I didn't learn of God's plan for Satan till I prayed for his soul (in trepidation because being raised a catholic the thought of praying for Satan is understandably radical) but the Holy Spirit was telling me to have pity and pray for Satan, and when the Spirit tells you to pray for something it is already in God's will no matter how Un-natural it may feel. Now I can't believe I'd never thought of it and spent so much time ignoring or hating Satan's existence, when in reality he deserves as much love and forgiveness as the next guy. You want to fight fire with fire and throw back to Satan as much hate as he gives us? You know what happens then? The whole damn pace burns down that's what! Yes we can help Satan, you know how? By proving to him that God is worthy of praise and superior to Satan by being the Lord's loving children who will be resurrected not by hate but by Love, and not in anger and bitterness but in joy and forgiveness. Satan will have no army of souls in the last battle, because evil destroys the soul, but the priests and priestesses of Jesus will be testament to God's power and superiority, as God is the only way to everlasting life and God is pure Love.

      • There goes a smart guy =], God didnt teach us Hate (thats against everything he believes in I was taught) so why not pray for the fallen angel? After all he kinda knows his fate, dont think he needs one?

      • Very well said! I tried to express the same thing as you, but you did it way more better than me! Kudos for you and I just hope, that more people will think like you and me.

      • Peace-a distant drea on

        okay 888, and all the other Satan loving people. I think when Jesus said 'love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you', He was talking about people, not the devil himself. The Bible, which yes, i do like to quote, already spells out what is going to happen to Satan and his followers in the end, which means we already know that Satan aint going to change, because it has already been revealed in the book of Revelations. So dont you think that praying for Satan will be a bit of a waste of time?

      • Peace-is a distant dream-

        You're a bit of a meanie aye? Seems like you go against God's teachings and are bitter about other people posing a point. Have an open ear, that's what God gave them to you for. I'm definitely listening to what you have to say and am not attacking you calling you anything that might offend you. The bible is kinda written in code and unfortunately we won't really know what God is trying to tell us until he comes (and what a great day that will be <3). But intil then, God bless you, and I hope you live a great life.


      • 'and all the other Satan loving people. I think when Jesus said ‘love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you’, He was talking about people, not the devil himself…'

        Peace-a distant dream? , yes, you are right, you THINK that Jesus meant that. But WHO ARE YOU to decide, what Jesus possibly thought? That's your interpretation, and doesn't mean that it's true. When we know a lot about something, a certain topic, a book, a person, whatever, we have the tendency to configure an infallible opinion and when someone comes with a different one, we just can't stand that. Faith is a good thing but blind beliefs are definitely not. I refuse you calling me or anyone here Satan loving people. I don't call you names, so please argue with respect and try to stay mature. I wasn't trying to convince you how to live your life so I'm asking you to not to do that. In front of God everyone is equal, God loves all of us with the same intensity, yes, even the bad people, or atheists, and I agree with someone here, if you don't understand love, you don't understand God, because God is love.

      • In regards to praying for Satan…

        If you're an empathic person like me, it's a temptation to go this route. Yeah, sometimes I feel for the guy.

        But wisdom says, is saying, to me, "let's try praying for and/or loving your fellow man first. Then, if there's time, we can focus on Satan."

        On the other hand, hearing prayers on his behalf from the saints of God might really piss him off so it could be worth it. Unless it's his own plan to get you in some delusion that keeps your focus off what really matters. Oh well.

      • I think we all need to take a step back for a moment. 888 while I applaud your peace loving ways, I have to disagree. I understand what your trying to say and I do wish there were more people who could choose to love rather than hate. And everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion and how they choose to live their lives. However, when it comes to the bible and the word of God, there is no opinions. It is what it is. You either choose to fully believe or you don't, there is no halfway about it. If you choose to follow Jesus and want to live a Christ-like life, you cannot pray for/to/with Satan. And you cannot choose which parts of the bible you want to follow. You either follow all of it or none of it. In regards to loving your enemies, yes it's true, God definitely wants us to do this, but not for satan. Satan cannot be categorized with the enemies God speaks of. God is speaking about our brothers and sisters. And no where in the bible is there any mention of loving or praying for satan. I challenge you to find a quote that specifically speaks to that, and if you do, well then not only will I eat my words, but you'll probably change my whole belief system. If your still unsure about this whole "praying for satan" business. Find a pastor and talk to him/her about it. I'm not saying the pastor will tell you that I'm right, but I'm sure they will make it make more sense to you.

        I hope I'm not sounding judgemental or anything, it's just that when your talking about the bible there is only one interpretation, regardless of how you want to interpret it yourself. There is no opinion, only fact.

      • dear 888, Im also a woman but Im not a Christian :) Im just someone who like to think, trying to live a peaceful life and by coincidence (or may not..) share your ideas, and especially the way you express them.

      • mistymountainhop on

        888 I just have one question and I don't mean this judgmentally or as a smart aleck but of what good is it possibly to pray for satan? What positive outcome can come from that? Okay that's two questions basically the same, sorry but please enlighten me if you will. Thanks.

      • MistyMountainhop, the positive outcome of praying for Satan (and everyone else) is "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.~

      • Vigilant Observer on

        Do you know why most people are afraid of dying, because we are never really sure what is going to happen to us on the other side, what kind of judgement is gonna be passed down on us. If you analyse everything, the meaning behind things, the obvious and whatever else is out there you will find that it all boils down to one conclusion, DEATH the great equalizer of men, rich or poor, ugly or gorgeous, kind or cruel, we all have to leave this world behind and face an uncertain future. Wide is the road to damnation and condemnation, narrow is the road to everlasting life and righteousness with God. I guess we will all find out if we were wrong or right when we leave this world. I personally will not leave my eternity to chance by playing guessing games, I have my guarantee of my destination…….DO YOU?

      • wow, another one whom thinks satan and lucifer are the same.

        lucifer is a fallen angel, the morning star cast to earth to rule the air and earth until the end due to pride of being created from fire and refused to bow to Adam.

        satan was the old serpent in the garden who temped eve, he seems to do Gods works as seen in Job while they chit chat over poor Job's fate. satan seems to be within Gods plans and I suppose lucifers fall was forseens as well but he fell whereas satan was seemingly created as is.


      • Peace-a distant drea on

        @ 777 oh dear, another confused individual with ideologies that only god knows where he got them from! lucifer and satan are not the same? WHY WHY WHY did u have to put your comment here, you just killed a perfectly good comment thread. couldn't you put it at the end? now this is going to start another train of arguments! jeeze..

      • 'Love your ENEMIES and pray for THOSE WHO PERSECUTE YOU' I think it is pretty clear who Jesus is talking about and as Satan is and ENEMEY and also one who PERSECUTES us, he is totally covered by that statement.

        777, where do you get this information? Revelation 12:9 says "The great dragon was hurled down—that ANCIENT SERPENT called the DEVIL, or SATAN, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him." Which is why I was led to believe that the serpent in the garden and the devil were the same entity. Either way it doesn't really matter because it or they have a bad reputation and talent for creating hatred in people, which is what I'm arguing against. I don't think I ever even mentioned the name Lucifer.

        And Confused I do believe your name is entirely appropriate. The bible is a book of inspired writing and witness accounts, yet it is also a political tool which has been edited and screened by the powers that be. It is very likely that the same Illuminati that this site tries to expose had a big say as to what went into that bible. The words in it that Jesus spoke and the prophecy of Revelations are the most important to me and also the fact that Jesus sent his Holy Spirit down so that we would not be alone once he left us is another main influence on what I believe. So don't go telling me that I can't pick and choose from the bible and that it's an all or nothing thing as if it were written in one go by Jesus himself, because if that isn't the case and the official bible is incomplete anyway as quite a few gospels and Coptic scripts were left out and it has since been found that these sources would have been just as authentic as the gospels left in. Jesus didn't say "Don't worry, read the old testament and you can write a new testament also so that you wont forget me” he never once made a prediction about a book put together by the Nicene council as being our guide, the most powerful Son of God does have to rely on us picking up a book to let us know the truth, how short sighted and small minded would that be?! He did however say he's send a messenger in his place John 16:6-8 "Because I have said these things, you are filled with grief. But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. When he comes, he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment:” Read about what happened to the disciples at Pentecost and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, because it is the Holy Spirit (which is in basic terms a guiding love of God [who let's remember is Love] and your neighbor) and belief in Jesus as the Messiah that makes a Christian, not a book.

        As for what happens to Satan in the end, that is a matter for interpretation, you might as well read Harry potter if you are not reading Revelations with help from the Spirit for all the info you get otherwise. I believe that Satan will show redemption and that the fire from heaven which destroys his army is likely to come from him, said army is going to be remnants from the transhumanist movement, stuck in material immortality and perfect pawns. What adds more weight to this theory is that Satan will be let go on purpose just so he can round up this army of the dead. It is a very elaborate plan which makes no sense unless there is a particular reason that God would want Satan to see the stark contrast between the hateful army he has amassed and the peaceful priesthood that God has raised. His eventual fate is indeed described as a fiery one, but if you have ever felt the Holy Spirit descend upon you, especially when you are in a state of doubt, you'd know it sometimes feels like a burning fever all over your body moving in waves almost as if flames are actually licking against your body. So who is to say that this is not the fire which he burns in? As for the torment, this is a flexible word and instead of physical torment I would imagine that the shame of knowing how much suffering was caused in vain by Satan's actions and finally having to admit that God and it's priesthood is superior would be a form of psychological torment, also it is self inflicted by guilt so once again God's reputation as Love stays in tact. So you see it is not as straightforward as you believe. If you read the bible without aid of the Holy Spirit then you are not guaranteed to get the intended message 1 Corinthians 2:11 "For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man's spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God." Once you have the spirit it is like you are reading a whole new book, and more then that once you have the Spirit when you read ANYTHING you can see God's wisdom shining through, for as Jesus said in Luke 16:17 “It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear than for the least stroke of a pen to drop out of the Law” Which is why I still quote from the bible and can appreciate other religious texts despite the manipulation that has taken place behind the scenes to push hateful agenda's. Our Faith, Love and Hope is what we should be relying on, not a book which let's face it has been used to justify all sorts of horrible things like witch hunts and bloody crusades. There are no opinions?! It is what it is?! Have you not noticed the many different denominations of Christianity that surround us?! Just have a good long think about that will you. When the bible (New Testament) was being written there was no bible, so what are you saying about the Christians at that time? I appreciate your suggestion of asking a pastor, but why would I do that when God gave me my own brain to think for myself with and also his Holy Spirit, which I hold in much higher regard then a mortal stranger who for all I know has never felt the Spirit in his Life?

        Thanks for your support mayaan125 and Kruppy; it's always a joy when I find other Christians who actually get the point. Oh yes and, not that it matters I guess, I am actually a woman not a guy.

      • Then you go girl, lol! Never really meet someone so knowledgeable! I'm only 18 and sometimes i really get attacked for my opinions (*peace is a distant dream*) so it's nice to hear someone who has the same view on things

      • Peace-a distant drea on


        Inspite of how wise you evidently are, you still have not anwered one thing. Since the book of revelations already suggests that satan/the devil aint going to stop wanting to destroy God's creation, then isn't praying for him going to be a bit of a waste of time? Dont you think that valuable prayer time could be used to pray for the people of the world, corruption in governments, poverty in countries,orphans, etc Praying that God would help those people you feel in your heart to pray for?

        Inspite of the knowledge you have, I think you are being a bit stubborn not accepting the fact that your idea of praying for the devil is a bit flawed!

    • It's full of New World Order agenda. Firstly they create war and nastiness(Vidal/Cronus) to then step in as the global Government (Pan) promising to save everyone. They promote the sacred feminine as good and masculinity as bad which is NWO 101 as they want to subjugate men, men being the most physically dangerous, most intelligent and most likely to challenge authority.

      The eye is of course an illuminati symbol.

      It reminds me of the green movement, superficially about saving the planet but in reality about death and control.

      • It's not because Satan needs you to pray for him, it’s so that you can prove yourself to be like God. I shouldn't have to spoon feed this to you but here is the whole passage in context

        Mathew 5

        43"You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor[h] and hate your enemy.' 44But I tell you: Love your enemies[i] and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

        If you look upon the devil as filth upon your shoe and have no love or compassion for him then you are not fulfilling your Christian duty as above prescribed. You can not harbor the Holy Spirit next to the spirit of hate for the same reason you can not love two masters. The devil is my enemy and persecutor, and for that reason alone I know he is far from God and far from happiness. I embrace the Holy Spirit and in loving my enemy am moved to pray for his soul as I would do for anyone whose need occurs to me.

        Luke 6

        32"If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' love those who love them. 33And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' do that. 34And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' lend to 'sinners,' expecting to be repaid in full. 35But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.

        Right here it says we should help our enemies and even lend to them without expecting any return. So yeah maybe our prayers wont change the course of history and what will be will be, but it will change yourself and align you with God because you have done a most loving thing; it is wonderful for the soul and pleasing to God. You have to be love to know love.

      • Dude u can't be like God that's what got the devil kicked out of heaven in the first place n why would u pray for the devil did Jesus pray for the Devil I can't say no for sure but I can say it doesn't say He did in the bible but it does say he rebuked him when he was prayin in the desert so all I'm trying to say is yea love your enemies but the Devil come on man really yea he's our biggest enemie but God made hell for that guy that's not a good thing so before you go around sayin pray for the devil think about it n I kno this might not change what u belive but I just wanted to have a say in this discussion n I think u should pray for yourself and ask God to give you wisdom & understanding of His word bc you clearly are lost. God is love and He is Holy therefor He hates sin and that is what the devil is all about ( living ungodly lives ) he is everything that goes against God and the bible clearly states that he who loves God cannot love what's not of God (Gods enemy) bc if he does he then becomes Gods enemy himself. God says if your not for Him your against Him. The devil has declared himself as Gods enemy so you do the math.

      • The Devil got kicked out of heaven for saying he was BETTER than God, not that he was like God. How can you believe that we cannot be like God? God is our Father and Mother; does the child not resemble its parents? Don't worry about me, I have prayed for wisdom and understanding, in fact it was the wisdom and understanding that God has given me that has lead me to forgiveness of the Devil. I know how you are feeling and that it seems very wrong at first, but that is because you have been taught to hate and despise the Devil from the very beginning, it’s like trying to tell a raciest that actually they are wrong about their beliefs because it is based on fear and prejudice. Re read your statement "God is love therefore he HATES"?! Now come on, does that make sense? If God Loves then sure God can hate, but if God IS love then how can God hate? God's enemy is hate, hate is not of God or Love. The Devil chose to be God's enemy, God taught us love and forgiveness of our enemies. Unless you are accusing God of being a hypocrite and contradicting itself then God must still love the devil despite the devils corruption.

      • Devil got kicked out cause he wanted to take his place, he wanted to BE God not be LIKE God. And since God made us in his image I'd onlhy imagine he'd want us to be like him as well. Adam and Eve were like him until they were tempted and now the world is all messed up.

      • JR thank you. Very wise and mature post. I think you have said it best. I don't know how we started discussing the movie and changed the subject to praying for the devil (which I have never heard of). The devil is the father of all lies. Satan is the enemy of God. He wants to destroy everything God has created. He is also called "the devil" (James 4:7), "the evil one" (1 John 5:18-19).

        Also, I am not sure why Christians are arguing with other Christians. Sounds like the devil is hard at work.

        Thanks to your post I feel that the truth has been stated. Although other people may continue to try to prove an opinion, you have written the truth for all to see.

        "He who belongs to God hears what God says." John 8:47

  2. Saw it a while ago, and the darkness was not comfortable all through the projection…

    I knew something was not right on there…

      • What do you mean wrong? The film is a fairy tale and filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro is using his vast knowledge in mythology to tell the story, it doesn't mean that something is wrong with it… Also, this "esoteric" interpretation is pretty much the "main" interpretation of the film. Nothing new here. The film can be interpreted (and should be) as a "it was all in her imagination" as a "it was all real" and a "metaphor for the Spanish Civil war". It works on all these levels and it's complex, deep and beautifully put on screen. It's a masterpiece.

      • This movie was on my mind today and VC finally interpreted it. When I seen this movie I have to say it was creative, but it never set well with me. It was very dark and tricky in the way that I couldn't tell what was really going on sometimes. However, it just never set well with me, especially the end where the girl gets shot and lives again in some other world. It was depressing. It seems these people with their movies, music, etc go through great lengths to put occult symbolism in their work. I find the final product isn't as great as what it could have been.

      • Although i do agree that the movie is quite disturbing, especially Vidals cruelty to the soldiers, it is no crueler or darker than real world wars and the pain inflicted by fascist dictators and organizations, i.e the Catholic Church during the Crusades, The Spanish Inquisitions, Crucifixions etc.. Guillermo Del Torro went to great lengths to represent Fairy Tales accurately, even in the Number 3 which is utilized quite often in classic tales like Goldilocks.. 3 Pigs etc, AND if you know anything about Fairy Tales, you'll notice that they rarely ended "Happily". Hansel and Gretel get cooked alive for Christ;'s sake. The beauty of the movie is that it is left to interpretation, that is is true to the format of a "Fairy Tale" in every aspect, and is a cinematic wonder visually.. and that little girl is an incredible actress.. your not supposed to be happy really, your just supposed to learn from it and be moved, and Vidal learned that time waits for no one, and his legacy dies with him.

      • You all are too blind to realize that the "darkness", as you state it, is uncomfortable to you because you were taught to shun knowledge. Why would god give us eyes, if not for true sight?

    • Hello to you too on

      Thank you! You're the first one who said it's a good movie. Yes this movie is amazing! I find that most people here dislike anything VC writes an article about, not 'dislike', but they think it's bad or negative.

      This movie is amazing! I love it!! One of my favorites, and the lullaby by Javier Navarette is so good <3, this article just made me love the movie even more!!!

      • Yes, I'm confused. Why are people talking about the film like it's "dark" or "illuminati". It's a fairy tale true to the form, with it's many dark ideas, characters and themes, not like freaking Disney's cinderella. THIS IS WHAT FAIRY TALES ARE! NOTHING "EVIL" HERE PEOPLE! I just don't want people misunderstanding the masterpiece of one of the most original filmmakers working today.

      • if these are what your "fairy tales" look like I dont want to know what your nightmares look like…..geezzz

      • That's right, don't look too far beneath the surface. You can stay in the box, but most of us would like to see what's outside of it.

      • I think that even if you present people with things that could awaken their mind, some people are just born sheep.

        This, I believe, is the case with many of the people in this forum.

        They use the term "illuminati" as something "evil" and probably don't even read half the articles and just post "creepy" "wrong" "evil" and put it on their lists of things to not watch, buy or listen to.

        There are many sites and videos talking about this on the internet, but most of them just say half truths or repeat something they heard, like parrots.

        What I like about this site is that whoever the author of the articles is, he actually knows a lot of historical and cultural background of whatever topic he decides to discuss and also does not label any of it as good, bad, christian or non.

        He just exposes the facts and let's people make up their own minds. Unfourtunately, the latter seems to be an impossible task for some people.

      • Oh god. I remember about a few months ago this movie came on tv and I thought hmm, ok that sounds interesting so i started watching it.

        Less than half an hour in I felt physically sick and had to turn the damn thing off.

        It's just sick. Not something I'd recommend at all.

      • Oh and Penny…use your brain. The reason why I'm so anti-illuminati isn't just to do with religion, but to do with morality. You might be comfortable with these occults brainwashing you. Myself….not so much.

        It makes me so angry that they think that they can try to force their beliefs on us in such a sly, disgusting manner. Children's tv shows, music, movies. It's wrong.

  3. Heard of this movie.. I believe I saw the commercial for this not to long ago. 1st off .. what a depressing movie! lol geez.. However I understand the symbolism behind this movie. The reality vs. fiction. Perception vs. reality. People in today society actually go through initiation process ( through any occult) just to seek a better life. Seeking that better life ends up in despair, emptiness, and it pretty much doesn't get you anywhere.

    But this movie is beyond creepy especially the part with the Pale Man.

  4. Loved this film when it came out a couple pf years ago. I was waiting for someone to dissect it, as i knew there wasmore to it that meets the eye!

    • Along with the comments of Pan’s Labyrinth, why are a lot of movies like this one with Baphomet in them. I mean come on- basically they are incorporating the Devil in their movies. Take The Chronicles of Narnia for example. In each of these movies, somewhere in them you will have a character that is part human looking with a goat’s head the prime characterization of Baphomet. And I found it pretty uncomfortable the way little “goat boy” was talking to the little girl in The Chronicles. Like he was talking to her with love.Look at the way he speaks to her as he holds her hand close to the end of the movie. History lesson: The goat boy named pan was really a myth creature who was really named Pan and he was a obsessed sex beast who would get great pleasure having sex with the nymphs or basically anything that moved. Just something to consider.

  5. It's an awesome film and that it has deeper esoteric meaning is no real surprise. Certainly it resonates emotionally and perhaps the deeper truths it alludes to are why.

  6. I saw this when it came out and it stuck with me.I had a hard time deciphering it at the time.This really helps.Thank you.

  7. such a good film. i could tell that there was esoteric meanings when i first watched it but my initial analysis was way off. still a fucking powerful film though.

  8. I saw this movie because a friend of mine made me watch it. I knew something was off with it! But then again, pretty much all the movies my friend shows me end up on this site…

  9. Pan's Labryinth was amazing and it really affected me when I saw it. A piece of art. Thanks for bringing to light some of the hidden meanings of this movie.

    • I think it is amazing how beautiful and artistic the work of the devil and his followers are. Not only shows in this movie, but several other movies and even buildings. It also is disgusting when you see the true meaning. Beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside

  10. Very interesting. Almost like Pinnochio with its occultic teaches. Very profound meaning. Maybe there are other worlds that we are not seeing, because we are so trapped up in this one.

  11. VC have you ever questioned if there actually are movies that doesn´t mean to have an occult meaning but they end up having one by the inspiration of the artists??? I feel like guillermo del toro is one of the few who still keep making movies just for fun and not only to deliver illuminati messages. By the way ive seen your reviews,and I have to say, You really really know a lot, but there is still a lot of spirituality you still have to research to understand some other much more terrible messages, I ve learned a lot from you, but I see that you fail to recognise a lot of messages That I do recognize, no offense at all man, im just letting you know that I would love to see you making better esoteric interpretations

    • Yes I agree this was artistic inspiration, but it was also illuminati based. Del Toro is a member my dear and yes this is the work of the illuminati. Clever aren't they

    • The challenge for many who believe there are conspiracies and hidden agenda's ( and I include myself in this), who's faith is Muslim or Christian (I'm Eastern, Orthodox Christian and found faith with EVANGELICALISM), and who also believe that "the elite", are Luciferian, Satanic, and occult, is to not group all who may have faith in PAGAN (non-Christian), esoteric and occult religions, beliefs, and practices together. Now while I cannot say for sure that DEL TORO is not in fellowship with the POWERS THAT BE, what I will say after having watched the "making of" and featurettes on the deluxe dvd of the movie, is Del Toro, does have a belief or will use myths, fables and stories of native and/or pagan religions. The problem is, since the "Illuminati's" beliefs are ofter steeped in the occult and pagan religions and symbols, any one who's beliefs are similar (i.e. Del Toro possibly, in his use of the occult) will seem to agree with elite, free-masonic, Illuminists. I believe this is why many within "the truth movement" who are Christian or Muslim, group FREEMAN, MICHAEL TSARION, DAVID ICKE, etc, as dis-informers (which they may or may not be). Now while I am Christian and have particular convictions about native, pagan, occultic, esoteric, beliefs and practices, I do not automatically label all who do as consciously evil. It's possible that those whose beliefs may be similar to the Illuminati can be unwittingly used to further the Illumanists agenda by virtue of this similarity and introduction of these symbols into the mass, media culture. This is what I believe is happening with Pan's Labyrinth and most if not all of Del Toro's films.

  12. I only watched this once a couple of years ago because I was at a friend's and he raved about how great it was. I had also heard a lot of rave reviews but I didn't like this movie at all. That faun just creeped me out, i forget all the details but I just remember not liking it all. I didn't like how dark it was and I kept wanting a bright ending to occur since it was so depressing but there wasn't one. It was a let-down, and I found the movie to be overrated.

  13. This is frightening! I remember watching it and was SO scared! I noticed a lot of fairy tales are like that though and I'm glad you did a post about it!

  14. To be honest I think it's impossible to do this kind of movie without having occult symbolism, it links in with the fairytale/myth stuff. I don't think it means that was their intention… Some of my art has had occult stuff without me realizing.

    Still, good job vig :)

  15. That was a good movie when I saw it, but I thought it was kind of creepy and too dark and overwhelming for a kid's movie for my daughter to see, also questioning why does the fawn looks so scary resembling the devil…Now I know. Thanks, VC!

    • Kid's movie? You're kidding, right? This movie was rated R. Just because it is a fairy tale does not automatically make it a kid's movie.

    • Um, not a kids movie! One of the best examples of masterful storytelling through film. It's very much about inner strength and faith.

  16. Bay State Observer on

    Another anti-Catholic and pro-Socialist film with occultic elements, like so many others that have come out over the decades.

    Many thanks for this article. I'll be telling any interested friends of mine to avoid this movie.

    • "Bay State Observer says:

      September 23, 2010 at 10:27 pm

      Another anti-Catholic and pro-Socialist film with occultic elements, like so many others that have come out over the decades.

      Many thanks for this article. I’ll be telling any interested friends of mine to avoid this movie."

      Bay State Observer, I respect your opinion however, who in the world are you,to be telling people what they should or shouldn't be watching. People should be given the opportunity to make up there own minds. You sound like some fascist, or communist yourself, just tighten those reigns a little harder hey.

      It is a great movie, which is open to many interpretations.

      Peace Out

    • Don't think so on

      So in opposition to fascism you go to the other extreme of Socialism?! It's not pro-socialism…it's anti-fascism! It's a great movie!

    • Fairy tales aren't all occult. This is a fairy tale & makes no political point other than the cruelty of mankind. I hope your friends decide for themselves!

  17. It's important to note that the 'initiation' the protagonist goes through is not a transcendent journey, but rather a descent into the underworld, portraying an earth-based chthonic practice, rather than the transcendent path of ascension found in most spiritual paths. Considering that the guide in this story is the nature god Pan, the undertones of pantheism color the entire 'journey'. Just like in Avatar, the audience is offered a window into the other world, piquing interest in spiritual paths that allow escape from the mundane, destructive world of materialism, only to be led into following an earth-based form of worship, instead of a truly spiritual path. Of course, nature is sacred and should be revered, but it should not be a substitute for the final goal, which is liberation from the realm of manifestation, attaining union with the eternal Source.

    Check out this article discussing similar themes in Avatar:

  18. Has anyone here ever seen the movie Silent Hill? It came out in 2006, I believe. I don't care to give a synopsis of the movie here, but even though Silent Hill had a completely different plot I see similarities in the whole 'what you think is evil is good, what you think is dark is actually illumination' theme. If anyone is interested watch the movie, as there is a lot to analyze there and the theme of the movie was that one must brave the ugly darkness in order to find the light and set free the truth. The protagonist in the movie had to go to the very bottom of this haunted building and walk in the dark past a lot of scary zombie-like bodies just to get to the room and find the truth she was seeking. Once in that room she was no longer looking at darkness, but surrounded by white light.

    Then I see here in Pan's Labryinth, one eventually learns that the ugly horned creature is actually there to lead the little girl on to a path to enlightenment and peace. The illumination that she seeks is actually underground. The mandrake was actually healing her mother, but her mother, being un-illuminated and turned off by its ugly appearance, burned it and then suffered the consequences of unwittingly destroying her one source of 'truth.'

    Vidal here not only represents Cronus, but he also represents (in my opinion) the old testament version of God. Powerful, vengeful, cruel, and fearsome, and yet despite all this apparently revered even by the priest. In Silent Hill the antagonists are super-conservative members of a small religious community…this agenda is so blatant. These aren't the only two movies that do it – there is a very obvious push to convince the masses through numerous movies that 'their' god is the right god, and that God as we know it isn't godly at all.

    I am admittedly not fond at all of the old testament (it is a large part of the reason I am agnostic) but this message the illuminati keeps trying to foist on us is fairly frightening to me.

    • Silent Hill was based on the game series and the movie, while following all 5 of the games (at the time), had a few character changes, namely Rose, was added since Harry was the original father character looking for Cheryl. Sorry, I'm an advid gamer and had to stand up for one of my favorite games.

      I do agree it is completely without a doubt occultic, but it's more to just scare you, no real deep extra esoteric meaning. Just your adverage story line of a small town that has their own cult and there isn't anything actually alive there.

      But, I could be bias 😉

      • I am not sure that your pointing out of various plot devices on a video game (character changes) has anything to do with what is being discussed apart from your express desire to be pedantic. Your vague comment “I do agree it is completely without a doubt its occultist, but it’s more to just scare you, no real deep extra esoteric meaning” misses the point totally. In both the film and the game, (Silent Hill) the main protagonist is dead from the begining and is stuck in a purgatory. They are on a journey looking for self emancipation, for their spirit to reside in heaven or hell. As in Pans Labyrinth, there are tasks to be accomplished that determines the acceptance into either realm. This is why there is a duality between perceived realities, but both are figuratively and literally sign posted. It is the internal spiritual struggle being played out. For example in the 1st game “normal” reality is perpetrated by evil bat demons. This symbolism is quite common and an obvious reminder of the perception and presence of evil that befalls humanity. It is quite a biblical reference. The occult underworld is revealed by the alarm associated with the clock tower, time being the obstacle from the material world to spiritual, triggered when a task is done. Being in the underworld is a test of the spirit, of temptation. Other common poster comments such “finding the truth” (what does that mean exactly?) are also dismissive and vague, when in actual fact there is something very specific going on in the entertainment you enjoy. You are not “seeing”. These types of metaphors have been in folklore for thousands of years. The article on Pans Labyrinth and similar cultural artefacts could go even deeper. But I guess it would be a waste of the authors time judging by the reactionary nature of most commentators.

    • You mean the Luciferian version of God!!!! There is no "Old Testament" God, and He isn't a tyrant. With the Catholic(Pagan) God, He is a vain dictator who forces the submission of humans to do what He wants. The Biblical God is quite different. I think that the Elite Luciferians are more sadistic and cruel because they do all kinds of evil things to children to do what they want them to do. They think that sacrifice and disassocation through trauma is the way to Enlightment. They are trying to push the fact that God is a tyrant to lead you the wrong way!! They don't want you to know that they are leading you to a horrible place that has unspeakable tragedies!!! The truth is that God loves you to pieces, and that He desperately wants you to live with Him!

    • i basically thought silent hill was a bad movie. now that im on lean, im getting some mixef feelings about it. sure its trippy but, i never really bothered view it in an pay attention to the whole plot, especially since its kinda boring, but just hearing that girl say that being a mother is being god to the girl, had me thinking. is the spirit of the dead girl, and her daughter equal. like spiritually?

    • I saw almost the something.. & a little more.. Most people who join the occult are people who are hurt & start become lonely & (ofelia) so the devil comes in and lies to them telling them all these things that can happen if he follows them and all the rewards they will get in the afterlife (the faun)

  19. Pan means All or One; Labyrinth means Labrys the double sided Axe of Minoan Crete used in the Fasces, a symbol found in Union Square at NYC for Fascism. The Labrys represents the Golden Mean 1.618 to 1 found by measuring the periodic cycle of Venus (584 days) vs Earth (365) whichh forms a 5 pt star over 8 years around the Sun=1.618. Pan's Goat legs and horns represent the Scapegoat; new bibles change Lev 16KJV Scapegoat to Azazel to reflect this atonement of Sin by Satan rather than Jesus Christ; recall Heath Ledger was the Sin Eater; the Faun tells Othelia "It was the Moon (Sin) that bore you". Projectdarkbook/

    • I found your post the most interesting. Great knowledge and insight on the topic. I tried the link provided for more info but it didnt work.

    • Thanks for the comment. There are several crucial points where translators have tried to hide the truth of the Bible, the elimination of the proper name Azazel being one of them. The attitude of modern Christians is fascinating really. They acknowledge a spiritual God while at the same time attempting to deny the existence of the entire remainder of the spiritual realm.

  20. That was a great read and very insightful VC, as always, kudos.

    I have to say, I'm ashamed to admit to watching this movie in 07 and really enjoying it. At that time, I was in a really dark place and this movie resonated. Then I watched it again for fun this past year and found it to be very sinister and misleading. That stoned eye Ophelia finds is a definite exclamation mark for ILLuminati.

    Maybe it's a little out there but the scene with Ophelia and the Book of Crossroads shows something similar to a butterfly, possibly mind control?

    I also found it strange how the fairy and fauns would show up to her bed at night, I'm assuming midnight or after. Definitely sinister and wonder how I missed these signs the first time.

    • Maybe they appeared at night so that viewers who (like me) don't like believing in fantasy could just say "oh, the girlwas just dreaming all along (because she was asleep)". It may be part of the ambivalent nature of the film, whether you want to believe it was all in her imagination or whether you want to think that the magic aspects really happened :)

  21. I saw hexagrams all throughout the movie, including the flower at the end. And that faun gave me a strong sense of uneasiness. I knew from the beginning that it was evil… I told myself, "If he turns out to be a good guy in the end, then I KNOW he's evil."

    Great article.

    • I knew from the beginning that it was evil… I told myself, “If he turns out to be a good guy in the end, then I KNOW he’s evil.”

      In other words: if (guy == good) then guy = evil ???

  22. Hi VC. I enjoyed your review and think you have some excellent insights into the occult symbolism of the movie. I would add that there is an element of the myth of the minotaur with the labyrinth and the pan figure having a resemblance to the half-bull half-man monster.

    Another layer of symbolism is an anti-Christian theme. The fig tree is a reference to the one that Christ curses in Matthew 21:18-22. Pan is out to destroy Christianity. The toad represents perhaps the Catholic Church and the key is the Key to the Kingdom given to Peter. The pale man is perhaps a grotesque image of Christ with the eyes representing the wounds in His hands. The dagger is to be used in a human sacrifice which represents Abraham sacrificing Isaac. It is a reverse dismantling of Christianity. In the end the fig tree which had been cursed by Jesus bears fruit which indicates that Christ's power has been defeated. It's a sort of apocalyptic story in which the forces of the Evil One defeat Christianity.

    This is in fact in agreement with your occult interpretation of the movie. It is an anti-Christian and pro-pagan work. This is typical of Hollywood. The only thing different is that this one is done artistically. Hollywood prefers to get the most bang for the buck, so it dumbs everything down to attract the widest audience.

      • Thanks. I borrowed heavily from a review which interprets Ofelia as representing Spain and Vidal as representing the Fascism of Franco. In that review, the Frog represents Feudalism. See link below – "An Occult Spain Reborn from Paganism".

        No one seems to realize that the Pale Man represents Jesus. Perhaps because it is such a grotesque caricature of Christ. This monster is Christ as a mummy, as if he had never resurrected. He is sitting at a table that represents the Last Supper.

        There is an ancient Roman canard that depicts Christians as cannibals which Del Toro repeats here. In its modern form, Protestants accuse Catholics of being "cannibals" because we believe in the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine into the Eucharist.

        When Ofelia eats the grapes, she is partaking in the "communion". Then, rather than Christ entering her body, the monster tries to consume her. The eyes are probably some bizarre reference to Christ healing the blind. The whole seen is a parody and mockery of Christianity and in particular of the Catholic Mass.

        You can watch the Pale Man scene here:

      • Here's some more stuff I realized after watching the "Pale Man" scene again.

        The grape that Ofelia eats is sort of reminiscent of the apple in the Garden of Eden. In this case Christ tempts the woman and she "falls from grace" in the Devil's (Pan's) eyes. This ruins Pan's plan.

        One other small detail. The place where the dagger is stored is probably intended to resemble the Tabernacle where the Eucharist is stored and locked. The fact that there are 3 locked compartments seems to allude to Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice where there are 3 chests of gold, silver and lead which form a test. If the suitor chooses wisely and properly, he wins the bride. In this case Ofelia makes the right choice after some deliberation. And she obtains the dagger (a phallic symbol), but also a higher prize.

        Note also that in the "mystery cults" of the time of the Romans, like the cult of Dionysius (Bacchus – god of wine), there is a stage of initiation in which a "secret" object is revealed. Inevitably this is some sort of phallus statue. Surprise! Note also the decadent nature of the feast laid out before the Pale-man/Jesus. This is in stark contrast to the simple meal of bread and wine that Christ shared with the Apostles at the Last Supper.

        Just as in the Merchant of Venice, Ofelia's higher prize is that of a spouse. The Catholic Mass is a re-enactment of the Last Supper. There is a parallel to the wedding feast at Cana where Jesus turns the water into wine. And the Church is sometimes referred to as the Bride of Christ. Here Ofelia symbolically becomes the bride of Pan.

        It would make sense that Pan intends to take Ofelia as his "spouse". It seems that all the ingredients are in place for a Black Mass. The problem is that Ofelia has tainted herself by eating the grapes. This may have also slightly opened Ofelia's eyes to Pan's plan. She refuses to turn over her baby brother to him. All the same, it's not clear what Pan has in mind at this point because his wedding coronation plans have already been spoiled. Ofelia is seen "naked" by Vidal and he kills her. By "naked", I mean to compare Ofelia with Adam and Eve after they are cast out of the Garden. Ofelia has lost the "full" protection of Pan by her act of defiance of his will. Her two "guardian fairies" have been devoured leaving her vulnerable to "the enemy". (My guess is that in this evil and twisted tale, Vidal represents St. Michael who is the leader of the angels in their spiritual battle against the forces of Satan.)

        While Ofelia's death is not the perfect human sacrifice that Pan was looking for, it has some effect. Instead of opening up the Gates of Hell and allowing him to conquer Heaven as Pan had hoped, he has to settle for regaining control over the Earth. This is symbolized by the flowering Fig tree as I mentioned before. So now Pan rules absolutely over two of the three kingdoms – Hell and Earth – signaling the beginning of a new occult era. He will have to wait for a future time to make his assault on Heaven.

        BTW, the name Ofelia comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet. There are some parallels here with Hamlet seeing a ghost (Pan) and seeking revenge for the death of his father. The father's murderer has married Hamlet's mother, and this implies that Ofelia's father was murdered by Vidal. As in Hamlet, the audience is left questioning whether Ofelia is mad or not.

      • I don't get the significance of trying to relate any of the symbols or themes to Shakespeare. Shakespeare was just a man. A artistic, significant man, but a man nonetheless.

        So who cares?

        Your analysis is missing the bigger picture.

      • The idea that Captain Vidal represents St. Michael in Del Toro's mythology has some stark implications – it makes this a truly apocalyptic tale.

        It means that there is an allusion here to Revelation Ch. 12 which depicts the battle between St. Michael and Satan represented by a great dragon. There is a "woman clothed with the sun" that gives birth to a child. The woman is Mary and the child is the second coming of Jesus.

        St. Michael (as Vidal) is depicted as a homicidal maniac, when really he is fighting against the evil demons represented by the communists.

        The mandrake root is a sort of voodoo doll that represents the baby. It is fed milk mixed with blood to keep it under Pan's control. The blood is a sort of poison and the milk is just used to entice the baby (represented by the mandrake root) to drink it.

        In this story Satan (Pan) attempts to kill the baby Jesus as part of a Black Mass. But when this fails, the baby is kidnapped and we are told that it will be raised by Pan's followers with no knowledge that it is the Christ Child. Pan's followers are communists who are determined to destroy the Catholic Church.

        This explains the importance of Ofelia to Pan. It is not really her that he is after, but her baby half-brother instead. The plan is foiled when Ofelia is eats the grapes. After that Pan's whole plan begins to unravel – the mandrake root is destroyed; Mercedes is discovered to be a communist spy; and the full spiritual war is on.

        At the end Pan still attempts to open the portal to the underworld (Gates of Hell) but the tainted Ofelia refuses to hand over the baby. He asks her if she would sacrifice her own life for the baby's, and she says yes. His reply is translated "As you wish" but really he says "Thy will be done". St. Michael (Vidal) shoots her in the womb and takes the baby in his arms.

        You can watch the end of Pan's Labyrinth here:

        BTW, Michael means "who is like god". He is one of the archangels. Also, Carmen is important in Spain because of the Virgen del Carmen. This is the name commonly given in Spanish to Our Lady of Carmel.

      • I think it's a misreading to see the faun as a representation of the devil. Pan represents Dionysus, a pre-Christian, feminine spirit of life and joy. The judgment that the faun is "the devil" is a Christian judgment, and, in the context of this film, an incorrect reading of the symbolism.

      • Baba. I think you added quite valuable things and points to this conversation. I will definitely look at your site constantly!


    • Have you not considered that maybe the Catholic is a fat toad blighting the consciousness of humanity, especially in the wake of child sex abuses, a pope who quits that looks like evil incarnate – to prevent being prosecuted for his part in the cover-up of said sex abuse; and has billions in undisclosed wealth and real estate, but only offers prayers for their followers in dire need? Knowledge is power, but the Catholic Church would have you believe otherwise. This was not a Hollywood production. This is not a pro-Pagan film, you are twisting it to suit your own purposes.
      BTW the fig tree bears fruit as a symbol of a return to life. Not everything is against Heavenly Father, Jesus and righteousness. The evil one is Vidal. Not Ofelia.

  23. lots of directors are into making fantasy films with the esoteric element or they are simply building upon fairy and folk tales to suggest different themes and entertaining and educating storytelling. Guillermo del toro's directors commentary of Pan's labyrinth mentions about the development of characters as to why he wanted to them to be certain way and his personal interest of setting tales during the Spanish civil war, he being Spanish descent himself. The story is also heavily inspired by Spanish folk lore and lullabys. VC's interpretation and great work at the website is a great showcase of his power of interpreting the hidden and unseen, his political and esoteric interpretation is on the money. I personally loved Pan's labyrinth and Guillermo's other work. He has a thing for insects and reptiles, mythological storytelling, adolescent protagonists. I do sometimes wonder what if the directors or the filmmakers had no intention of conveying esoteric meaning but because maybe we are looking for things that were never there we start seeing them. I am a Muslim, and one of the signs of end of days is that we will not be able to identify truth from false and it will be a time of confusion. Certainly feels that way now.

  24. I just spit up water reading "Also, a picture of a uterus in case you forgot what one looks like." Truly hilarious.

    This analysis is very interesting, as your work always is.

  25. It's so interesting that even without knowledge of all the hidden meanings behind things one still has an innate feeling that something is just not right….

  26. Interesting how Guillermo del Torro's movies "Hellboy"and "The Devils Backbone" have to do with well, the devil. Evil will never prevail. Jesus very soon will show himself to every single person in this world and we will see who is worthy of worship and praise.

  27. I came across this movie while flipping channels, got one glimpse of the 'Pawn' (or is it Demon) and quickly changed it. I thought it was a horror movie until i saw the little child talking to it. It's horrible the kind of movies that are produced for viewing by children these days. What on earth????

  28. This could also be viewed in light of trauma based mind control and how it starts. There is nothing but trauma happening all around Ofelia. She dissociates into the world of the labyrinth, and the faun begins a princess-based programming. Ofelia's alter (the Ofelia in the labyrinth) is told she is a princess and to actually enter her kingdom she must submit. Notice the faun demands obedience. He is kind to her yet he leaves her in her reality of trauma and fear to "teach her a lesson" about disobeying him. At that time she is told she is unworthy to actually become the princess she is destined to be.

    When I saw the movie I thought the faun was a deceiver even after he showed himself friendly. The faun was the ultimate deceiver, bringing Ofelia not into life but into death under the guise of the greater good or self-sacrifice. This is what the shaitan does. He makes ill deeds seem good and good deeds seem ill. Had the faun been a true friend to her he would not have led her into a place of utter confusion where it is easy to be lost (the labyrinth). He would have led her to a straight path. Instead he introduced her to a place where he knows and presents to her the rules she must follow. She loses herself in the maze quite literally losing her life there. It was in truth a beautiful nightmare as it lead only to her destruction and death. It was no better than the reality she lived, which would have led her to the same fate. So the faun can't be said to have really helped her out of her situation. He only I guess helped her cope with her impending doom.

    • Well-stated. Granted, I have not gotten around to seeing this movie yet. (Although it is always on cable where I live.) But after reading this article and getting an overall sense of the plot, I see that one can definitely pick this apart and get many, many different meanings from the film. I got the same impressions that you did. I am actually surprised that VC didn't delve deeper into the 'programming' aspect of Ofelia's relationship with the Pan character.

  29. Well I just put the movie on my netflis list my boyfriend has been trying to get me to watch this movie for a while but I always refused thinking that it looked too gothic and demonic for my taste but after reading the breakdown of the movid on VC I will give it a try to see what deeper meanign I can get from it. From what I read up above it seems as if it is trying to give children the reality that there parent and there human life is really evil and the the Underworld and all things that look gothic and demonic is truth and really a world of light or as I would say a faluse light like the morning star aka Satan. Everything these days are about leaving what we see as natural and going to a world that in most regular terms would be preceived as evil to been seen as good. And I am guessing at the end the Underworld got more out of her and her life form then she really got out of herself and her real human life.

      • Lucifer is a Latin word (from the words lucem ferre), literally meaning "light-bearer", which in that language is used as a name for the dawn appearance of the planet Venus, heralding daylight. Use of the word in this sense is uncommon in English, in which "Day Star" or "Morning Star" are more common expressions.

        Time to get your head out of your ass Xian

      • Everything is about perception which means that none of our realities are an exact copy and you don't know me sweetie and your labels will never hold me or keep me in a box. If you don't like what I said then comment to to someone who may agree with you but insulting another person is really uncalled for and shows your maturity as a person.

  30. You made a mistake, Vigilant. CRONUS was the titan and a god of the harvest, CHRONOS was the god of time and they're separate deities.

  31. 'A message to y on

    VC, you seem to be attracting a lot of morons to your site.

    This somewhat detracts from the generally fantastic articles you write.

    Every time I come here to check out what's new, the comments seem to be getting worse.

    Comments should add to the article, not be full of 'i am fust!!' or 'I didn't watch this movie' (well then, don't bother commenting?) or even worse 'ur rong, u reed 2 much in2 this!!'

    Most sites similar to this have a fantastic group of people regularly commenting, adding real insight and different angles of perception… here it is (mainly) a battle field of cretins.

    What's more, the majority of comments seem to be from people poorly educated in this area and so reflect badly upon your site, espescially those calling the satanist/elite/zionist/masons/controllers 'the illuminati' continually – e.g 'JZ IS ILLUMINAITI!!!' ' – which in so many ways doesn't even make sense.

    People, do some more research and stop making yourselves and VC look stupid, this is going to spoil the reputation and credibility of this valuable website.

    It's like reading VC articles is more about the fad or something, rather than the actual info you treat us to.

    Your site is unique in the way you give us the occult undertones of Pop Culture, and so you are bound to attract people that are 'in to' pop culture and possibly give them their first taste of the REALITY we live in, but honestly most of the comments are so very pointless and often argumentative or just plain stupid.

    Keep up the good work,

    Peace love and happiness – a big fan from England.

    PS. People – please download the utterly FANTASTIC free books VC links to – these are rare and have invaluable info that will help explain the majority of articles and also life, The Infinite and reality it's self.

    • If you ask me, you three are the one's who need more "education". Your lack of compassion for the ignorant is outdone only by your short sightedness of what is being accomplished here.

      Vigalant has taken on the task of "opening eyes" of those who need it most. The zombies. He has chosen to get into the trenches and duke it out with the dark side. How terribly wronged you must feel that their (newly awakened) comments are not to your liking.

      Put your egos back in your pockets and turn on your stupid filters.

      • Do you even know who some of the authors of these comments are? The one's providing links to their works because they can't seem to get the following that VC has?

        VC has become a staple over at for cryin' out loud.

        Alright, I'm done venting. Just try not to pretend that your knowledge is light years beyond those who are begining to realize the parameters of their social engineering. Especially when you have made it clear that you don't understand that we are all in this together.

      • Agreed, we need to be patient with some people…contrary to popular belief "ignorance is not bliss". We all didn't know one thing or the other at some point and were very sturn in our beliefs but when the truth finds you…you are never the same. Everyone has a right to comment, whether we agree with them or not, it's an opportunity to teach..

  32. I love this movie, as you say many interpretations given to the importance of life on earth and and our struggle to preserve or recover in a figurative sense, then the fight against human temptations which results in spiritual death and finally self-sacrifice for the sake of others.

    Whenever I saw the movie as a Vitacor works to make to reach the favor of the gods.

  33. Why are people calling this movie disgusting and evil? Just because there's an Esoteric interpretation of it, doesn't mean it's meant to do harm.

    I think these things make the movie more beautiful. It's not about being repressed, or it's not glorifying being repressed or controlled, it's directly the opposite. I don't see how this can be considered anything but good.

    • So being decieved by a fawn to die to a life time of etenernal suffering isn't evil? A fawn clearly based on sex god "PAn" who molested children and animals, and who only appears to the young girl at night? I have actually read comments that satanists are "just promoting knowledge" by the uniformed masses, so having concentration camps to reduce the worlds population to 500 million and a world where sexual abuse of children is made legal and encouraged, none of that concerns the uniformed, whom seem to thing that these things actually advance humanity? If these Luciferian cults wanted to do just freak sex with other consenting adults, and had no population extermination plans, nor imposing their belief system on others plans, I'd be the first to let them just get on with it, but because they want to cause real harm to others I challenge it, if you dont challenge it your either wanting to be part of the extermanation of swathes of humanity or too blind to see at all what is right and wrong. Btw many folks call these people the illuminati, which is only partially true, for the illuminati died out with the death of weishaurp but he passed his organizational structure and ideas onto other torch barers, just like nazis no longer exist yet they do through neo nazisim so too does the neo illuminati still exist, you can't kill an idea, even one as odious as Nazism or World wide control and subjugation of humanity.

  34. You know…whilst I don't agree with anything you're saying VC I must admit that I look forward to reading more articles and actually enjoy your analysis for the sake of analysis. I watched this film a few weeks ago and I LOVED it. And I was also wondering why you hadn't done an article on it…but lo and behold you have.

    Let me just add…esoteric means private knowledge. It is to have secrets which all of us humans have…I mean you would not go around telling everyone your bank PIN number now right?

    This film is NOT creepy at all and shame on you suck-up-douches to say otherwise. It is an excellent film seen through the eyes of a child the horrors and dreams an innocent has amidst a cruel world…something most of you middle-class folks who can afford a computer can't even dream of understanding. She begs to retain her humanity through fantasy, and the maker of this film (bravo to him) is not guilty of throwing occult meanings down other people throats. No, he is guilty of being sentimental and empathetic enough to afford his own time on such a movie. Thank you dude for bringing a beautiful story into this world.

    BTW…this isn't a story for children. It's not meant to be.

    • Just cause you lack eyes to see its creepy, so to quote the article, doesn't mean its creepy. The name Pan is a sexual deity that used to have sex with animals and children in mythology, Pan was a faun. You find nothing creepy about a young girl falling in love with a sexual molester such as Pan, who in the movie is only seen interacting with her at night?

  35. Wow, reading through some of the comments made me sad :(

    Lots of people seem not to have actually seen the film and are making general assumptions.

  36. I can be a little slow at times and I do skim me crazy but I didn't get the impression VC was saying this movie was evil. " this movie is one of the opposites and reversals…………………….." This man studied occult, he went to school for it. I never recalled him or anyone else saying all symbols and occults were bad. Just because one is use to seeing the bad side of occult does not mean you can't explore the other side or that there isn't one, or more to it. He spent his hard earned education money, or someone's hard earned money on the education of his choice. So of course what do we expect from him symbols & signs put your mouth where your money is lol I know I would. Nice well written article btw, you have great vision and understanding ! Thanks for sharing. Now I need to make the decision do I want to study occult, or is it something I have enough of. I need to put my mouth where my money is lol peace out.

  37. There is this kids movie called "Coraline" its really creepy it actually gave one of my students nightmares. Is it possilbe that a review can be done to reveal the occult symbols and meaning in the movie.

    • agreed…i saw this film last Christmas and was like…whoooaaaa. I would appreciate if you did and article on this movie as well VC.

      • If you ask most Christians they might say Harry Potter is 'evil and satanic' but it has a lot of Christian symbolism in it.

      • well as a catholic i wouldnt say that at all. I firmly believe if some one tries to use magic (if such a thing even exists) for good (so called white magic) such as curing people, stopping wars etc, it wont matter if the source isnt from god because the intention was not to do misdeeds but good, even if the way good deeds where achieved where ultimately false. God forgvies honest intention to do good but doing it with the wrong tools. This movie is about a young girl falling in love with Pan the sex god of pagan religions who had sex with animal and children, he only appears to the girl at night, is that not creepy? im not against all pagan deitys (even though i dont believe them to be actual deities but some manifestation of the physical world, which pagans ultimately worship is nature) but pan i most certanly hate for it gives people an excuse to say they agree with pan having sex with children. Im sorry but any belief system that says sex with children is ok, is seriously messed up. As for the catholic priests, yeah they where seirously messed up the ones who did those horrible things, they deserve jail, but it was not their religion that told them to have sex with children cause its holy, it was just them being evil fecks. A religion that actually says having sex with children is holy, like many occultic and a minority of pagan religions do, well don't u see that as dangerous? Maybe you will say end result is the same, but with the second case scenario, you have potential for far more abused people because people dont actually see themselves as doing anything wrong. Jail for pedo priests and Jail for "Holy" pagans and occultists, who have sex with children cause they think its somehow moral, cause PAN did it……

      • I saw Donnie Darko, and I didn't understand the esoteric implications of the film until I saw it for the second time after I began researching the NWO. I interpreted it as a spiritual initiation into the occult, as well as a re-enactment of the Egyptian myth of Horus' fight with his brother Set (if you look at the fight scene at the end, Donny fights with a bully named Seth, and Donny's alternate persona–the bunny rabbit with the one eye–is the one who guides him throughout the film).

    • A review of "Caroline" is needed especially since the book is being taught in most middle schools/elementary grades too – reading classes usually in 'group reading circles'. I couldn't believe it's on their 'reading lists' and grade-level ordering forms. So many 'indoctrination' books are being force-fed our kids by teachers without a CLUE. That book in particular is being taught around – you guess it – Holloween/October. It is creepy and it really has no educational value whatsoever for being placed in classrooms. Much like the Vampire series for high school reading. Does not belong anywhere – least of all in the classsroom.

  38. wow.. reminds me of alice in wonderland except freakier- i still dont understand the cat in alice in wonderland and the slaying of the dragon in the end..

    but this one was even more clear

  39. I saw the movie as well and considered it to be dark. I find it fascinating that the occult uses everything Catholic, but twists it. Just like the fallen angel knows truth, but twists things to be dark and eery, since he lost paradise, he wants us to lose it as well…. Sacrifice from Mass for sins, from the OT priest Malchezidac(sp?) bread and wine. The sacrifice was already made in the New Cov., we just need to see all of this through the eyes of faith, not the third "eye". John 666 is not believing in the body and blood of Jesus for us to eat and have life in us through the sacrifice of the Holy Catholic Mass. That He died and resurrected for us, so that we can be resurrected through Him, through faith, not the third eye. Faith is the third eye, without it, we can't understand spirituality or scripture that tells us everything we need to know, not some riddle or labyrinth. Same as Illumination, Jesus is described in John's gospel to be the light of the world, and to believe that God became man in Jesus is to see light and have life. So they twist truth, to lead us to damnation, not salvation. Just my thoughts! Love this website

  40. To clarify John 666 and the false imitation of blood sacrifice in occult that twists the "true" blood sacrifice in the Catholic Mass that was instituted afterwards at the Last Supper when he gave the gift of "transfiguration of bread into the body and wine into the blood" mirrored in the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor strictly to apostles that today are modern day priests…

    King James Bible: John 6:53-John 6:66

    53 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.

    54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.

    55 For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.

    56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.

    57 As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me.

    58 This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.

    59 These things said he in the synagogue, as he taught in Capernaum.

    60 Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard [this], said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it?

    61 When Jesus knew in himself that his disciples murmured at it, he said unto them, Doth this offend you?

    62 [What] and if ye shall see the Son of man ascend up where he was before?

    63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, [they] are spirit, and [they] are life.

    64 But there are some of you that believe not. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believed not, and who should betray him.

    65 And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

    66 From that [time] many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

  41. hey on pseodo occult media it mentioned that one could not have so much knowledge(without being one of them & still be how is that you knoow so much about all this? just curious bc your articles are really interesting & really creepy so yeah thanks for the info

    • a random thought on

      its called good observation skills and being able to retain large amounts of information in your brain. i have studied this kind of stuff for at least 10 years or so, religions,occultists,secret society's,the meaning of life and so on. i am still alive :) for now lol. i think you need to become a serious problem/ a thorn in there side before you get warned off. now although V.C. is doing a great job if people dont change there ways in living and supporting the companys they purchase goods from why would they even care what any of us are saying???

    • Del Toro can sometimes be challenging to interpret his own personal beliefs because he mixes and uses Pagan and Catholic symbols together, I believe Guillermo has shared that he was brought up Catholic though he is not practicing. It seems in his own journey, he is that he is trying to understand the faith he was brought up with, with these very archtypal stories and symbols. I don't think he is aiming to present a Catholic word view (i.e. Tolkein in the LOTR) through the use of pagan fables.

    • Where'd you get that idea?! The film is pagan through and through…although Catholocism IS a pagan religion!

    • WTF? what do u mean u dont have the knowledge to "decipher" this speech???? Theres nothing sinister behind this what so ever, its the TRUTH

  42. Why your articles become shorter and shorter…

    I like your Gaga's articles, more deep and lots of information…

    Thia articles about Pan's Labyrinth just something that I know already…

  43. Great article

    Also I'd like to know what's the symbolism in movies like Harry Potter and also The lord of the rings:that eye of Sauron seems like a blatant illuminati symbol

    Also I'd like to see a deep analysis of the Matrix movies and symbolism in videogames,i think you can find symbolism even in the Mario Bros video games,Iwas playing Mario 64 the other day and there was an eye in one of the courses,and also a pyramid and other things that looked symbolic

    • There would be a lot of "occult" symbolism in Harry Potter. Remember the story is based on "witchcraft" Hollywood would try to make it look as "realistic" as it can be.

    • Harry Potter has the great alchemical solar symbolism of the Initiation in seven levels that's been the path and aim of mystery schools since time immemorial – read Hans Andrea, the Dutch Rosicrucian, for a great explanation:

      And read "Stairway to Heaven" by Peter Levenda for a breakdown of how the archetype of the seven stages appears across cultures and religions, including Christianity (the kabbalah and merkaba mysticism of the books of Ezekiel and Revelations).

  44. once in a blue moon on

    please make a full analysis of Donnie Darko very popular and many people think it's so cool, I think you'd find a lot in there to talk about.

  45. This is actually a really good movie, but even as I watched it I knew there was a ton of occult symbolism going on there. If is funny because the director also did Hellboy II, I believe, which is also riddled with occult symbology. It was very interesting to read your breakdown. Thank you!

  46. I love this site and all my support to VC!

    I think the point of comparing the tree with the uterus is a bit too suspicious. Lets face it – the tree symbolizes the look of Pan (with its horns)

  47. It seems like a lot of people commenting didn't actually read the article.Or maybe as soon as they see the words deep,profound,esoteric or occult they automatically think it's evil or creepy.If everyone just buried their heads in the sand & cowered under their blankets like the evangelicals would have us do then the people with dark aims would posses all the hidden (occult) knowledge.The people with blinders on who refuse to look deeply into things are the ones most firmly under control of those who would enslave us.I commend vigilante citizen for his well balanced outlook.I think a lot of people commenting need to reread this article.He is actually praising this movie.

  48. Very interesting read! And I have to say there seems to be a huge number of similar threads running through Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream:

    Puck is comparable to Pan, the 4 lovers' perhaps represent Ofelia, & I expect we could go on. But there are similar themes of light & dark; the physical & mystical; sight & blindness; reality v perception. I wonder, therefore, just how involved Wm. Shakespeare was with the occult?

  49. I knew it. This would come here sooner or later.

    Trivia time: Paramore's "Brick by Boring Brick" was inspired by this movie.

    I'm still doubtful of this occult symbolism because all I see is bashing other people's beliefs just v=because ti's different from yours.

  50. I think you and your articles are awesome and all, Vigilant, but why has everything been so short recently? :/ It makes me kind of sad inside 😛

  51. Ofelia's return to the imaginal realm completes not a trinity, but a quaternity. Her litle brother is already there – if you will notice, the Queen is her mother from the "real world," but the King is not her stepfather – I believe he's her real father, the one who died. The quaternity is the template of the alchemical Royal Pair in successive generation: the King and Queen symbolize the "older" mature form of the Pair, and the Prince and Princess represent the Pair in potential. You need all of them for balance at the archetypal level of the psyche. Notice that the thrones are similar to those at Cair Paravel in Narnia – a fourth one will be added once her brother is no longer an infant – once the young male potential of the godhead develops in time and space.

    And I'm with the people who love this film and think it shows the positive side of illumination – the self-sacrifice of the little girl is the purest manifestation of love. She'd rather die than let Pan hurt her brother, so she passes the final test and goes back Home.

  52. Mystic Unicorn Aveng on

    This movie made me feel like I had been mentally raped when I saw it in the theater. They had many different versions of the trailer, one geared toward women and one geared toward men. The one that was most often played was made to feel like the movie was just a dark fairytale. What I saw in the end made me feel so gross and I felt very deceived. Anyone who can only look at the fairytale in this movie and come out ignoring the other fucking gross ass part is insane and sick in the head.


    I saw little kids in the audience, AMERICA YOU ARE FUCKED UP IF YOU THINK THIS IS OK!

  53. Thank you V!

    Before I read the article, and I know I will learn some things, I would just like to say that the Fauwn is the first known description of the satan figure ever known, and he was first known as HOURN who was (and pay attention) – The God of the 'HUNTER & THE HUNTED'.

    He is the lord of the world, by his first definition. The master of life and survival, and the symbol of the rules of nature.

    Satan has been refered to as 'Gods Lawyer'. While I take must deitys only on symbolic and metaphorical level, I still see this as the most precise reality of what the christians 'satan' really is.

  54. This is probably not relevant at all…but…have a look at the picture of the bloodied womb on the paper again…On the right hand side of the bottom picture doesn't the little smear look a lot like Charles Darwin???


  55. not a bad review, but the endings question leads a bit.

    The STORY ends with ophelia protecting an innocent and refusing to spill blood, and that was her completion. Benevolent.

    The fawn was a trickster and a liar, persuading her to do what was wrong, for fear and loss of power and opportunity. When she refused, HE SMILED. It was done, THEN he killed her.

    The death to me was wrapping up of the plot, and not really subsequent to the spiritual journey.

    Underworld. Afterlife. Both the same.

    Yes, they are very accurate in this film with the old celtic and pagan gods and beliefs, and they take it very deep into it's esoteric depyths, and do so accurateley…, but I see it as a story of what it is, and without proper celtic and pagan lore knowledge, the lesson can be lost, or a different lesson can be searched for, and found if need be.

    All in all, watch the movie, it won't brainwash you, and to think Ophelia serves any evil is PURE foolishness.

    Be warned, the director has some of the most visually accurate and unmerciful gore out there. You will cringe and turn away like I did if you aren't ready.

    • I agree that Pan is a trickster and a liar. He is encouraging her throughout the film to be selfish. And the thing is, you feel for her, because her life is so miserable, that it attempts to twist you into thinking that it could be right. I think that is what the film is really about.

  56. Excellent review Jay. I agree that there is only one character. All the other characters are different aspects (projections) of the main character. But there is an even deeper level to the movie. You have fallen into Nolan's trap. The director wants you to figure out that the whole thing is a "dream" in Cobb's mind. That's where he has led you just like Cobb leads Fischer along. And you have even swallowed the "idea" that was meant to be implanted in your mind like an "inception". And just like in the movie, you think you have figured this out on your own rather than having it imposed upon you.

    The whole movie is about MKULTRA mind-control. That is what I have revealed in my own review of Inception on the Public Vigil website titled "The mad world of Inception".

    If you want to no more, you'll have to read my review. :)

  57. this movie is about PAN, who is a Mythical god (under-god) who's queen has gone missioning, now yes there might be some symbols that are similar, but alot of the symbols are the same thought out history, most of them are already givin with in the stories of olf greek myths.

  58. I believe it is the right brain that is associated with the mystical and spiritual and intuition, not the left brain. And in the Egyptian myth, Seth steals the left eye of Horus. In the movie, Ofelia is putting back the faun statue's right eye.

    • Now, that, I'd love to read. Because it's obviously quite esoteric, but I wonder if maybe too much for its own good. 😀

  59. First of all AMERICANS ARE STUPID for bringing their children to see this movies. It wasnt mean to be seen by children, it was a FAIRYTALE FOR ADULTS. Why cant parents search what the movie is about before watching it and complaining. Jeez.

    And everyone has their own interpetation. Just because someone tells you this and that you will believe wow.

    • It looked very Burton-esque just from the posters. You can tell it's not a kids movie. Parents are dumb, or they just don't care?

    • Well first of all, parents in America don't even really care, they are too busy cheating, taking drugs, humping the neighbor's wife, arguing with their boss, showing off at clubs, etc.

      The state of the culture in America is just… laughable.

      Aside from that, the movie was never meant to be seen not even by unaware adults. That movie is reaaaaally meant to get occultism right into people's skull.

      But then again, like many in here said, Del Toro has always done esoteric films, and in Hellywood that shouldn't even make people wonder anymore.

      You know things have gone too far when Disney openly supports satanism.

  60. I've asked you to do the analyses of this movie and I'd like to thank you VG by the great article. I've been try to understand this movie and all the occult symbols that is showed along the same. By the perspective view it show pretty obvious the spiritual path that Ofelia have to walk since the early until the end of the movie.

  61. GREAT ARTICLE, i've always wanted to see this movie — i must more than ever now.

    AND DID ANYONE SEE WALL STREET 2??? THAT PAINTING OF CRONUS EATING HIS CHILD IS IN IT AND A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE FILM… WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE ELSE THAT SAW THE MOVIE… i was very glad to have read this article on friday and then ironically enough the painting was in wall street 2 when i went to the theater that night!!! (i only saw it because i didn't have to pay :P)

  62. The Fascists were fighting against the Stalinist Bolsheviks, so I'm not sure thatthis was good against evil, as the Bolsheviks were far worse. I believe George Orwell fought against the Fascists in Spain as he was a communist, but after seeing how eveil they were, he rightfully turned away from Communist matrialism. Otherwise the Jungian Metaphysics were spot on, excepting the politically correct view ie: communists good, fascists bad – silly politics. Peter

  63. Hey VC, I was wondering if you could do an analysis or Esoteric Interpretation of the book and 1984 film version of "The Neverending Story" I'm working on my own video, but I'd love to hear your views on it as well. If you haven't seen the movie in a while (or at all) or if you've never read the book, I highly recommend them considering your field of research!

  64. This is a spot-on analysis. My issue with the movie is that it seems to promote the idea that "death is the answer". For her to obtain enlightenment, her physical body must perish. That's a Gnostic idea. The movie is also gruesome and Del Toro seems to be unable to restrain himself when showing gore and bloodletting in every small detail, even in an adult fairy tale.

    While Pan praises her in the end for disobeying him, there is nothing about the ritual itself that suggests that any old sacrifice wouldn't do to unlock the doors to the Underworld.

  65. Ofelia (and the line of her father) died out.

    The line of Vidal and his baby son will live.

    That's the real meaning of this movie.

  66. Great article VC, and I would also like to make one more observation; the scene where she refuses to sacrifice her brother can also be interpreted as an inversion of the biblical story of Abraham's sacrifice of his son Isaac (or Ishmail in Islam). While Abraham acquiesed to God's demand to sacrifice his blood relative and thereby gain spiritual illumination, this particular scene required that Ofelia refuse to give the offering, and sacrifice herself instead. In a sense, the perception of the self is the paradigmatic difference in these two stories; while the Abrahamic faiths require their adherents to place their faith in the wisdom of the creator rather than their own erroneous inclinations (Abraham didn't want to sacrifice his son), the esoteric schools follow the opposing view, that trusting in the intuitive self is of utmost importance. This aligns perfectly with the self-deification that informs much of occultism. The inverse parallel follows the thematic juxtopositions of opposites and dichotomies that underlie the film.

    • Everything that satanists try to do is to take religious, pure and holy imagery/songs/traditions/texts/etc and make their own corrupted version.

      Did you know that the pentagram once was used to represent the 5 wounds of Jesus Christ?

      • Ever since man learned to draw people have depicted stars, so yes, any type of start drawing is as old as man kind, however, as a symbol, it was used before and during the medieval ages to represent the 5 wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ.

        Centuries later freemasons and talmudians and satanists made it depict magick and satanism, but then again. To each group it has a different meaning. And in the end a symbol by itself is nothing without a meaning behind it.

        So in a way you are both right and wrong, right because you were talking about the fact that a drawing may have several meanings and origins, yet however wrong because you didn't even pay attention to what I said, which is as well a very valid documented fact.

  67. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    This movie appears to be evil in an abstract manner. There are too many foul and obnoxious scenes strategically positioned in this movie. Vigilant, thank you for the silhouette blueprint for this movie. We as people allow so much to enter our minds that are not just innocent scenes from movies or harmless lyrics in songs regardless of the genre.

    I can recall telling my mother that watching certain movies were not harmful, but I was wrong. She was right. I thank her for monitoring what I watched to provide warnings.

  68. I really like this website and a lot of the exchange of information that goes on. What I cannot understand is why are most of the people on this forum and other forums that talk about this subjects, so closed minded after being exposed to the idea that there are things BEYOND what we are told and shown?

    Why is everyone so quick to label anything considered "anti christian" as EVIL??

    I mean, REALLY?

    Have the past thousand years not taught us anything?

    Has christianity actually done great things for humanity? If so then how come the christian and catholic church, amongst others, have gotten so many bad things exposed about them? How come what is hurting a lot of society and the world in general is "religion" oriented. Mainly obssesive religion.

    How come if we look at history we can see that it's the catholic and christian faith that tries to keep people in the dark?

    Why are people so quickly to say "repent" and "go to Jesus" when they have not even seen the guy?

    I mean, last I heard it wasn't even a fact that he ever lived. And even if he did, so what?

    What has actually happened since the stories told in the bible supposedly took place?

    What GREAT miracles have been shown to us? I mean, by catholic or christian faith…or well, by any institutionalized religion, really. I'm not really wanting to make this post about being "anti- christianity" or catholicism.

    My great grandmother still lives and has told me that since she was 5 or 6 years of age people around her kept saying that "the end of the world was coming" and would point out at "disasters" and things happening in the world that supposedly were "warnings"…well, she's close to 96, so Jesus has sure taken his sweet time to show himself…hasn't he?

    It seems to me that even if people are shown the truth, they will take it and add the same old shit they were taught on top of it.

    They are scared of questioning and are scared of the unknown. They rather keep believing that the ONLY reason why they are here is to wait to die so they can FINALLY be happy and in the mean time we can be ashamed of being so imperfect, but still try to be like someone else, besides themselves, someone that they never really met, and who's actions at times, even if we are going by the bible, coran or what have you, contradicted themselves.

    Very simply put, you do realize that "Illuminati" means to be enlightened, right? It doesn't mean "evil", it doesn't mean "murderer" it doesn't mean "child molestor"…it means to have light. WHO THE HELL DOESN'T WANT THAT?

    How and why has that adjective become "a bad thing"?

    Yes, it is quite suspicious when things are hidden between the lines, when things are being fed to us through our subcouncious. If everything is right, why not show the things straight forward?

    On that same note, you do realize that the Catholic church and christian church does a lot of subcouncious programming and hidden imagery…?

    So the more you know, the more awake you will become.

    But being awake means to see things clearer, not to be afraid of everything and making the DON'T do list longer.

    Don't listen to this artists

    Don't watch this movies…

    Don't buy this…

    I guess the only good thing you can do is to wake up early every Sunday and spend half the day at church, right? That changes EVERYTHING.

    You are not getting the bigger picture. One of them being that our presence is ENERGY. Is more powerful than we think. That is why they get people to go to concerts, to put their hands a certain way. That's why they want people hooked to the TV, so they have their attention. Their mind.

    So you don't even question how the weather feels to you when you get out in the morning.

    The news said it would be hot. So it must be. Right?

    And if the news also said the world is a bad place then we must act accordinly too…right?

    When you decide to go to whichever temple, depending on your faith, you are giving away your time and presence, that which is you. And you are energy.

    If you weren't, if your mind wasn't so powerful, then why would they go through all this trouble and spend that much time trying to be in control of it or influence it?

    You are letting them tell you how it was and how it is and how it is going to be, whenever you decide to follow an institutionalized religion.

    Why would you give up the right to do that yourself?

    Why do you think that a book that was written so many years ago holds more weight and power than your own imagination or furthermore, your own experience in this life?

    I guess I could go on forever, but these are at least some of the questions I've been wanting to ask, as it is a bit frustrating that the more information that is exposed on this site, the more people limit themselves to answering back: "EVIL" "APPALING" "WRONG" "EW, NOT WATCHING THAT" "SCARY"

    You should be scared of the fact that it's been show you that the people in charge of many of the religious institutions are full of shit, people in the government are not looking after you, they are all part of a play, that includes Bush in the same way it includes Obama.

    And you should be appaled at the fact that despite this, you are still standing by what this institutions have "taught" you and you are still standing by what politicians have said.

    I do hope that someone at least takes the time to read this and gives some sort of feedback. Mainly from the author of this site.

    I will sign off with this…

    During the mexican revolution a lot of people had to hide their valuable things and gold by burying it in secret places in case the army came into their town.

    It was during this time that most of the scary stories, now urban legends, came to be.

    The reason for that is, that people wanted to keep others away from their tresures. So they would bury their gold up in the mountains and then start telling people in the village that they had seen a witch walking around there. That they had seen a spirit or heard a voice. So obviously people would keep away from that area thus making the chances of someone finding the gold even less.

    With that in mind I think it's "funny" how all the things that powerful people are doing, the rituals, the initiations, the beliefs they hold, are labeled as occult and therefore taken as "bad". So stay away from it if you want to go to heaven!

    Going back to the bible, isn't somewhere in there that "A tree is judged by its Fruit"?

    So if succesful people that have gotten to positions of power and knowledge are doing "ALL" the things that are "Evil" and "Occult"…shouldn't that make us at least re evaluate what we consider to be bad?

    I'm not saying that we should aspire to be like politicians, or that what they have done is good. – As I belive that the WTC attack was in fact a ritual – What I'm saying is that if someone kills a person with a knife, the knife itself is not bad. Is the use that the person decided to give it.

    So if this people have used this knowlegde to get themselves to where they want to be, and once they got there, decided to do what i would actually consider myself, evil things, that does not mean that free masonry or other kinds of teachings are evil. It just means "it fell into the wrong hands"…to put it simply.

    So why don't we take this knowlegde and re claim our power as individual beings and put a better more loving agenda at work?

    Why don't we come up with things to DO, rather than coming up with more things "NOT" to do..and more judging of other things…


    • Your entire comment shows how little history and facts you know. You should read a book once in a while. The ENTIRE western civilization was build under Christianity. And whether pagans and atheists like it or not, the Catholic Church founded the first Universities, Orphanages, Schools, Hospitals, Libraries, Research Centers, etc.

      Did you even know that the ONLY country were the false flag attacks against Christianity, besides in muslim countries, has been in the USA? Ever care to wonder why? It is called social engineering. Since day one Christianity/Catholicism has been the number one enemy of Communism/Liberalism/Anarchy/Freemasonry/Atheism/etc so do you even care to wonder why all those factions join forces to attack Christianity?

      If your sources all come from Hollywood and TV I'd say it's time to unplug from the Matrix.

      Do not be fooled by leftists and progressive, their only weapon is the ignorance of the masses.

      And seriously, at least try to make a point without showing your tremendous amount of hate towards organized religions and try to come up with your own ideas, you sound like a pre-recorded mp3 file. You should know that psychologically wise atheists and pagans are classified as immature and unrealistic.

      I do not mean to be harsh but really, wake up, read a book or even better read many, turn off the TV and come up with original ideas. Your speech is so old and so rusty that it hasn't been proved nor approved not even become popular because it is based on pure fantasy. And yes, paganism has never made it to the top.

      And just in case you are wondering what I am talking about all your ideas come from previous forms of heresies. Read about the heresies, read about what they were about, read about how heresies have been the predecessors of islam, freemasonry, etc. Just grab a book, knowledge is your friend, and pleaaaase stay away from the Lady Gaga type of speech or the Disney tv shows…

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Your repsonse made me laugh. Even though you spoke the truth, your mixture of rhetorical statements and set tone made me laugh. Thanks for sharing the info.

      • I just can not stand ignorant hate speech towards Catholicism/Christianity! Pagans, atheists, leftists, masons, etc. keep blaming the Catholic Church for all the bad things in the world and do not give the Church any credit for founding Western Civilization!

        And most of all people are so dumb and blind that they don't notice that the moment that society and nations started falling was when freemasonry and all the revolutions started! I guess people will finally learn that the moment you take God out of your society it starts tumbling down!

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Penny, there are a lot of things we can do. The Bible just provide us with commandments and laws so that humans are able to have order in their lives as oppose to chaos. We say we do not believe in that guy- Jesus, but take him away and see how much order will be here on earth.

      Miracles are performed every day by the Lord through His people. No, not you. You do not believe in Him. You will soon learn about that guy- Jesus who is the Lord- soon enough. Please remember you can always give Him a try. He loves you.

    • We are not to dabble in it Penny. We are not to dabble in it at all. And, as time is short now, I hope you figure this out sooner rather than later. As there are many people on this forum trying to appeal to the ego-based pseudo-intellect of others by trying to justify 'dabbling' in the occult; there are just as many Christians here trying to reach people with the Truth. The Lord's Truth will win. Stand in it and up for it, Penny.

  69. I loved this movie from the very first time I saw it! I wondeded if the part with the pale man had anything to do with Demeter and Persephone. I remember something like she wasn't supposed to eat while with Hades in the underworld and she ate 6 pomegrante seeds. This caused Persephone to have to live with Hades for six months out of the year. During that time, it is cold, and all plants die because of Demeters sorrow. When Persephone returns so does life and warmth. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

  70. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant, I must say that I like the previous strand of replies format. It is easier to follow people's comments that way, especially when they reply to other people's response.

    I love your analysis of this movie. Your analytical skills are far above average. Keep up the great work.

  71. Thanks Penny! VC's articles have inspired some of my own writing. He has made me realize that pop culture can be more profound than it may at first appear to be. Usually there are multiple levels of meaning, with associated multiple messages. I try to decipher the messages at the lowest, most subliminal level. As I explored these messages, I discovered that many of them are anti-Christian at the core. This paradoxically strengthened my faith in Christ and led me to the Catholic Church, which is actively working to fight the "culture of death". As a result, you will notice a decidedly pro-Christian and pro-Catholic slant to my articles. I used to get thousands of hits when I was more focused on the occult. The traffic to my site has been greatly reduced since I changed the focus to be pro-Catholic, but this is a small price to pay for my peace of spirit.

    There is a real danger with discussing issues related to the occult that people may become obsessed with it, even as they claim to be rejecting it. I was afraid that this might have been happening with my site and my readers. Thankfully, the effect on me was the opposite. It actually helped me to see Jesus in a whole new light. It also illuminated for me passages in the Gospel where Christ confronts demons. And helped me to understand the Church's teachings on angels. It even helped me to deepen my prayer life.

    It made me truly aware of the spiritual nature of the world in which we live. This is something that the culture we live in actively rejects. Reason and faith do not need to be at war with each other. Each has something to offer the other.

    Peace be with you,


      • Mosby. Yes, it's good that people are becoming more aware of the hidden occult messages placed in movies and music videos. But we need to be careful that this awareness does not become an obsession.

        In the most extreme cases, exorcists warn that demonic possession begins with dabbling in the occult. We need to be careful that in exposing these hidden messages, we do not open the door for satanic forces.

        This is always a dilemma that one faces when confronting Evil. We need to remind ourselves through prayer that we are all sinners, and it is only by God's grace and mercy that we are saved. Through this act of humility, we can better understand the nature of Evil and how it tempts us.

        Matthew Ch. 6

        "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Evil."

        Ephesians Ch. 6

        "Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens… And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. With all prayer and supplication, pray at every opportunity in the Spirit."

      • Hi Paco. I saw your comment over at Public Vigil.

        I took some time off to sort through my purpose in writing about occult messages in the media. I decided to refocus and dedicate my site to understanding the culture through the teachings of the Catholic Church. Much of this overlaps with my previous work, but hopefully the result is more inspired by the Holy Spirit.

  72. I was terrified when I saw this movie 4 years ago.My father said that we were watching night at the museum on DVD.Boy did he lie to us.I watched the whole movie,by the end I was scared out of my mind.Strangely I could only remember one part in the movie.The man at the dinner table.I think it's strange because that part had a reference to children,and I was 10.I had nightmares about that part for a long time.Maybe about 4 times a year.The weird thing about it is even though I was afraid to watch the movie I STILL WANTED TO WATCH IT AGAIN.It was this urge that I never understood.I don't understand it now like I didn't understand the movie.I didn't even know about the "industry" before this,but I knew something was wrong.Thanks for the article.Now I have to tell my friends about it.

      • Christianity Today is a 'front' organization. It's another infiltration and stay away from them or do your best to expose them.

  73. this is completely unrelated 2 the article, which was great btw. A bit short though. Does anybody remember how jay-z released on to the next one on the 1st of jan? 01-01-10? |||? A 3 lined symbol related to his latest album? So isn't it logical to presume that something, not sure what but SOMETHING ILLUMINATI JAY-Z RELATED is going to happen on the 10th of october? 10-10-10? |||? Three line symbol?

    I'm just counting the days…

  74. a random thought on

    To those calling this film evil and bad are being silly. OH NO a fairytail thats dark, well let me tell you if there was acurate film versions of most fairytails they would all be dark!!! ''Little red riding hood'' hmmm wolf like's to eat people, ''Hansel and Gretal'' a child eating witch, ''Jack and the bean stalk'' a human eating giant, the list goes on. nearly all fairytails are very dark in reality. In truth this fil m is a master piece of story telling and stunning filming. yes it holds alot of occult idea's within it but this does not make it evil. if people understood the occult properly they would realise the evil side of it is down to certain people and groups, NOT ALL OCCULT WORK IS EVIL. Most occult work is based around symbol's and idea's from the bible old and new testament both are the same base religion, just like islam, judaism,the kabbala,catholic,christian,protestant it doesent matter you are all following the same religion, the vatican is covered in occult symbols just for an lay off del toro and calling this film evil. good work once again though VC.

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Lucifer/Satan/Devil is very deceitful. Be careful in what you believe and share with others, especially the Lord's people.

      • a random thought on

        Everyone Will Bow- Christ Jesus says:

        October 4, 2010 at 7:18 pm

        Lucifer/Satan/Devil is very deceitful. Be careful in what you believe and share with others, especially the Lord’s people.

        what exactly do you mean by the Lords people? people that call themself christian? the jews? muslims? catholics? WHO!! becuase if your exluding people just becuase they dont go to church or abide by a certain religion or have much more open beliefe systems in there life than just the bible. then i say to you '' you are the one decieved by the devil into believing a destructive doctrine of anti-community.''

      • you are very ignorant. sorry but satan doesnt exist, hell he does but not in the way you northamerican chrstians think. occultism is not "bad" agains"holy" what you dont understand is that "god" or "tao" or YHVH or brahma or ala whatever you can call it, the absolute, is beyond your pathetic human dualitys of good and evil, and occultism is not dark, is about knowledge of the absolute, the life , love, and infinite beauty, is abot light, and knowing yourself becouse the SELF is the perfect image of ALL thats what thew bible meant by we are the image of god, and what occultism means with the macrocosm and microcosm.


        What you ignorant short minded U.S. christians ignore is that the Qabala and other parts of occultism like alchemy and theurgy are indeed the nucleus and true base of the real christianism, nothing to do with satan here. you are noot even in a real religion, what you belive was made up by greedee romans who where to beggin the enemies of christianity, and then by middle age misogynistic pigs who wanted money and power over the masses, ant finally by the ridiculus politic-pseudo-preachers that invented your imperilist country. real christianism is gnosticism, mysrtcism, alchemy, rose cross, thelema… that is the real meaning of the words of the true messiah, the solar word, christos.

      • im from mexico, sorry if i cant express to well

        You are very ignorant. sorry but satan doesnt exist, hell he does but not in the way you northamerican chrstians think. occultism is not "bad" agains"holy" what you dont understand is that "god" or "tao" or YHVH or brahma or ala whatever you can call it, the absolute, is beyond your pathetic human dualitys of good and evil, and occultism is not dark, is about knowledge of the absolute, the life , love, and infinite beauty, is abot light, and knowing yourself becouse the SELF is the perfect image of ALL thats what thew bible meant by we are the image of god, and what occultism means with the macrocosm and microcosm.


        What you ignorant short minded U.S. christians ignore is that the Qabala and other parts of occultism like alchemy and theurgy are indeed the nucleus and true base of the real christianism, nothing to do with satan here. you are noot even in a real religion, what you belive was made up by greedee romans who where to beggin the enemies of christianity, and then by middle age misogynistic pigs who wanted money and power over the masses, ant finally by the ridiculus politic-pseudo-preachers that invented your imperilist country. real christianism is gnosticism, mysrtcism, alchemy, rose cross, thelema… that is the real meaning of the words of the true messiah, the solar word, christos.

        hope one day you will see the tru infinite light and stop deluding about the devil

        and as mayan priests used to say: IN LAK'ESH (iam another you)

  75. My name is Gilles, from Democratic Republic of Congo, im leavin in KINSHASA

    There is peoples out there who not beileive in what is VC posting. I t’s ok, us people who beileive, we don’t have problem. You say like: a conspiracy stuff again!; BELIEVE IT OR NOT IT’S TRUE.

    I can understand those people, because they didn’t already saw paranormal thing; us In Africa we see that, we know that, and I lived that. Just to say to atheist that there is spirits in this world (good spirits and bad spirits); and if some one who love money, who want to get famous or whatever…. has a occasion to get involve on that to have what he want; I’m telling u he will probably do that. Atheism is a crap, and u atheist, u like to think that u’re good thinker, no,no,no people u’re so wrong; even a dog knows is master. I’m begging u to read the Bible; it cost nothing to do that. There is foul of lies today(TV, radio,books,…), pay attention on it because the devil is trying to remove faith on this world In several ways. Did you notice that on occidental TV programs they always talks about JESUS in bad way, or they discredit people who talk about GOD/JESUS, and you like fools believing on that, because a scientist say something you automaticly agree on that. Story in the bible are not myths. I will tell you just that: paradise, hell, spirits, devil, demons, Jesus, even sasha fierce exists; BELIEVE IT OR NOT, It is true. SORRY MY ENGLISH IS BAD, I’m a French speaker. Thanks to VC for is work. It’s a web site that I was looking for.

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Gilles, your English is fine. I like the information you shared. I was able to fully understand your written thoughts.

  76. forerunner777 has a Kanye West video where a woman is running through a forest and a tree looks like the one in this movie.i does have to do with a sacrifice

  77. off topic but kind of on- can u do an article on "book of eli?"

    seems like what can happen after nwo to any people left over- seemed positive, with denzel as the saviour-like character who brings back the bible that was missing from mankind- and the villain wanted it for eveil purposes of using it to start ruling people, which he never achieve- but it ended with the "west" that G-d let him to in his 30 years of walking – the land where people would appreciate it as California which I thought was ironic and killed it for me…

    • wow i saw it years ago.. jim carey's characted was def the devil who tried to be in disguise- and the grown ups all fell for him except for the smart kids – harry potter is more in your face – this is a real religion period point blank- but lemony snickets had deeper meanings

  78. a random thought on

    to the person asking about Shutter Island you need to research '' Monarch mind programming.'' and the ''MKultra project.'' just to get u started.This should help in understanding the film a bit better and the messages it portrays.


  80. Namaste,

    After reading this article I watched the film on a Belgian tv network. I had high expectations after reading this article and the comments. But I watched it in boredome and thought it was not that good. Ment to be artistical and original. But full of cliches and not scaryily as a good fairytale should be. But I am getting more and more critical about entertainmnent and art.

    And all the supposed Iluminati symbolysm I can't find. But I am not Vigilante Citizen or a follower. Still I respect the research that is done and all the explaining of the symbolism. Wheter it is treu or not, there is much to learn about all kinds of religions and how religion and mankind developed through history.

    But this movie was boring and is not a good art form to my standards. But who am I? Tomorrow I could be death and forgotten in a while. Just like all the rest in life through time.


    But maybe I should watch it again. Some day……..

    Ohm shanti.

  81. Why is there no updates from VC for so long? :(

    I have been watching Glee and I have picked up some symbols from there.

  82. you are the lord you are the satan.. both archetypical extremes are just mirrors of you.. the perfect good the perfect evil.. you see the lord has all the ideals the laws the profits.. satan is the chaos woman.. creative.. yes.. left brain right brain you created your experience here on (h) earth you created what you are going trough in the form of a human being. you are a creating being.. all powerful wanting to learn his way here on earth. find ballance between the lower and the higher.. and that can only in the form of love where your higher you and and you lower you find eachother.. creating.

    do not mix them up with god.. who creates us all

    god is the void the all knowing the place where everything comes from where everything already happend all possibility.. it is all knowing. and yes the lord has a direct connection with it.. the lord .. your higher self. please please stop being ants.. .. how come god became suddenly a lord in the bible.. like he is your boss.. and thats exactly the extreme he is.. the lord is you..

    can you see how this would work out? if the lord is you ..and satan is you.. and there is a god that is everywhere with endless possibility..

    maybe you can take some responsibility for what you are and what you create..instead of pointing fingers at the mirror

  83. Hey all! long time since I posted

    My mom saw this movie and told me it was crazy and she didn't really like it!

    Great topic Vigilant. Hey LVB and stacynyc how are yall doing?

    • good thanks! in celebrating john lennon, i was looking up yoko ono and totally forgot she had a recent album called – "yes, i'm a witch"

      thought u would like that

    • Whenever I hear something 'I am spiritual and or/Christian but not religious' thats just sad, means you've been already successfully brainwashed by masonic ideology. They can do anything they want with u now.. when the Antichrist comes and does his magiK (or the demons for now) you'll be the first ones to hail him…because you do not have a religious practice…you can't distinguish demons easily…and will be the first ones to submit…all you 'spiritual' people take your spirit seriously…all the best tho..

      • I know. I find it sad too. But saddest of all is, for me, that I've been alone all my life, looking at everything. Seeing the freemasons for the knight templars they truly are, I've eaten psylocybin mushrooms and "found God" (which I didn't know he was lost in the first place..), I've used my gut instincts and intuition and found the Truth.

        If you don't klick the link I provided, then nothing's gonna help. Keep chatting about TV for all I care.

        Spirituality (atoms and electrons and the LOVE/dependence between them to make us seem "physical") is NOT religion. I'm not a Christian, and neihter was Jesus. He said Fuck governments and fuck religions because they are gonna make me into this fairy tale magician. What the freemasons have truly succeeded at is blinding us all so much that when the Truth finally does resurface like this:
        no-one is gonna believe it because of all the other google crap you can find. Unlike the internet, this is over 2000 years old. How is nature, cosmos, the objective Truth even comparable to religion?? You can see that the pope is evil. Just like Yeshua describes in the Essene Gospel of Peace. Now, go check out where the Essenes lived. Wikipedia.. Oh, it was in Palestine and still is! Says eveything about that troubled place (and the evil manifesto zionazi lizards of Isis-Ra-El).

        If you're still being dumb, get smarter! If you're only disinforming: Coward!

        Hallelu Yahweh!

  84. all that the mandrake the three like a not like iamamiwhoami videos are? try with that vigilant put iamamiwhoami in youtube, and look at her videos they tell the story of a mandrake that born from a three that looks like a vagina and have “sperm”…it’s crazy..but have symbolism.

    Oh other thing have you listen Marylin Manson “Four Rusted Horses” I was listen to that song very carefully and I give account that in the background it listen him or someone whispering something I don’t know what.

  85. All-seeing Eye Opene on


    You probably know the internet meme 'The Game',

    I was watching the video about The Game Day here:

    It sound like all fun, but in that video they suddenly say something like '..wants to enslave the world through mind-control' and a weird scene with an alien or somehing follows..

    Is this Illuminati related?

    And tomorrow it's The Game Day! I'm scared..

  86. ugh this one was boring..and the egoista one was time can you do something more interesting, like the dumbing down foods, or the 2009 vmas? thanks 😀

  87. people need to realize something: Jesus lived, died and rouse up. He is coming back, unfortunately for the unbelievers not in a state and nature they (forefathers) saw Him in his life on earth. tell ya ppl, it aint gonna be fun. so lets do this, we Christians better talk less about how religious and better we are and do more trusting in our God. lets just stay away from nonsense arguing about nonsense stuff, I mean we can kill each other trying to solve the illuminati stuff. so ppl, christianity is not a language (saying you belive in God and are saved) but it's the life you lead and it has less than what you say more about "ACTS". I must say though, I have become quite a fan of this site and vc's articles but I can't keep on being surprised by the new stuff published, or I will spend less time thinking about God. the reality is that the devil wants us to "realize" how much evil there is in this world, but there is more to it than that. the evil we see and hear is like the birth pains before our Lord comes. the earth and nature could not stand Him dying in their faces,and I tell you, the world is like groaning in pain coz HE IS COMING!!!!!. I pray I hold on…so tight and He never let go of me.

    bless you all

    (20 years old, am sure some will say "poor kid is just playing ignorance" yet am not)

    • Not really, people closer to the generations of Adam and Eve had very clear understanding that there is God. Over the years though, most people became forgetful or just preferred life by flesh, and started creating their own deities – i.e. paganism.

      BUT in all pagan faiths there is still One God (in most, 'He turned away' from us so we worship gods closer to us, in reality, it is just way to project one's will). In many, there is a version of a Great Flood. There is a common thread but once Christianity comes along, it opens up the real picture, and naturally many don't like it.

      Not until Christ, the only Begotten Son, came to unify men with God – those, who want it. He doesn't force the belief on you and you will never be able to be a Christian unless you decide so yourself.

      Most people don't understand the story of religions. They don't understand the clear line that divides those voluntarily of God and those who are voluntarily, not.

      It takes effort to understand these things and most don't want to put effort into changing themselves, because its the hardest thing – and impossible without God, because He is the creator. Remember that most of world's evil is by human choice that comes from our hearts and minds, and often with satan's 'idea' help.

  88. So simple.
    Precicely why ‘their’ lie is so elaborate, it’s the opposite of Truth.
    What if we all just laid down to feign death.. would Rockefeller/Rothschild still kick our corpses and nag us to still use their money system?.. Fuck it, I’m moving to the woods, and if any lizard dares follow me, it’s gonna be a pleasure chopping his head off and watching a pathetic fountain of blue blood squirt out =D

    Btw, “christ” means clean!.. Figures.. When you’re not filled with Satan (intestinal parasites/worms making you SICK), you’re clean. Just like Yeshua said himself, anybody can become christ like that. Check out the WHO logo!
    Hehehe =p

  89. To bad the article didn't bother getting into the absurdity of the vilification of the Franco side of the Civil War when really it was the communists that were the evil ones, the murderous ones that were murdering nuns and priests. Note the little girl is obviously jewish. More bolshevik Jew propaganda against white Christians defending themselves from the blood drenched Red Terror…

  90. WHAT, WHAT WHAT? Pray for the devil? Are you kidding or on drugs? Like someone else said his place to be is already in place. And anyway why would someone want to pray for the devil? What would you say to the FATHER as to why you are coming to him on the devils behalf? Forgive him for deceiving the whole world, forgive him for sending his demons after you. The devil is not a person why would such thoughts enter your mind? That's foolish and thats all there is to it. Foolish thoughts begets foolish behaviors. You are FOOLISH, empyt headed, and need to be redirected away from that apathy spirit that the devil has placed around you. There is too many things to pray for then to sit around and wounder if you should pray for the devil. You keep on praying for him and see if your prays get anwered. Dont forget about that lake of fire that hasnt been lit yet. Pray on that too….

  91. Just like Pan in this movie does it, so does every demon make YOU seem important.. and soon King or Queen, if you only find the right things and give them to the demon. In the end, you loose., both your innocence and your life, just like the little girl in this movie does in the end.

  92. @ 888

    Dude,if we could pray for the devil,don't you think he would have been saved by now and restored to heaven?Look,it's been over 2000 years and any prayer done about of the devil should be against him.Go get your bible straight and stop sympathizing with your worst possible enemy.I can see him just welcoming you into hell to reign with him in eternity.You'd better run if you know what's good for you.

  93. Hey Vigilant….have you seen The Guardian – Owl's of Gahoole? It APPEARS to be a childrens movie, but it completely went over my son's head – he's 5, except for the great 3D However, the symbolism in that movie is ridiculous!! I would love to read your point of view after you see it.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there…lol

    • the owl is very symbolic- the national bird of Greece symbolizing wisdom- also happens to be another symbol of the illuminated- along with the eye of horus, and the chandellier (seen a lot in fashion), and the skull and bones. You should look into Bohemian Grove. They have been worshipping the owl statue as one of the night's festivities. Lately dif owl theme movies are coming out.

  94. The film is actually about the journey of the adept. The journey to the war torn area is her entry into the cruel material plane of existence, Pan is her Holy Guardian Angel, the pale man was meant to represent Choronzon who rules over the material pleasures, which if one indulges in, one falls under his power, her journey into the tree Tifareth, then her death the entry into the palace of the king's daughter, as the Ipsissimus has no physical body.

    You should just join and get the real symbolism. The above article is quite wild.

  95. This article was written beautifully. I liked it a lot. I enjoyed watching this movie, it shows the dark version of children's fairytales, which in my point of view, is how they should be portrayed.

  96. Frater,

    The fact that Pan was chosen as the guardian is an OBVIOUS allusion to baphomet, or Satan (in Islam, Shetan). VC may be off a tad, but then again maybe you're f.o.s. and VC's correct. The fact that he got so close to the "true" meaning, according to you, means that he's not half bad. And with zero help. 😉

    Sectum Sempra

  97. People get smarter.There making movies about little girls befriended a satanic being who is god of pedophilia,homosexuality and sexual deviance,And giving it to your childrens cartoon network.Wake the hell up.

  98. One very important point has been left out.

    If she succeeds, she can return to her kingdom and wander "the seven circular gardens of your palace."

    Don't tell me it has nothing to do with the 7 candlesticks in the Bible (revelations 1&2)

    I would not be surprised if that palace is 'her body', with the 7 circular gardens being her 7 energy centra

  99. Well, the best way to find out where the truth is can be following prayer: "Jesus, please reveal me whether i should pray for satan or not." You're wasting your time and he may have fun of your argue.

  100. I was just wondering, Vigilant… Is Heath Ledger's sacrificial death similar to the self sacrifice of the girl in the movie?? I know that Heath's death was in order to complete his initiation, but could he have been somewhat compelled to do so? I mean, even if he were asked by Satan to simply kill himself, Heath wouldn't do so, maybe he was threatened, blackmailed about his daughter, lured into doing it??

  101. VIGILANT, WHERE ARE YOU?? I come on the site every week to check your analogies but there haven't been any! I've seen rihanna's rockstar and only girl in the world song, and from all that I've read on this site, they seem extremely dodgy..

  102. Good grief, you Bible lovers have no clue. Considering this is a conspiracy website we're on, isn't a given you guys should be a tad more skeptical about the big book? Firstly, it wasn't written by Jesus, it was written by people just as flawed as any other, with their own personal perks and biases. Secondly, it was written in another time, in another language, then translated, retranslated, copied over and over and over and over BY HAND, by different people at different times and places. And top of all that, it was scrutinized by governments and institutions who hand picked what THEY thought should stay or go to back their interests. How much of Jesus do you really think remained?

    • How on earth could the the Bible/New Testament be false or edited when he have 5,700 originial language manuscripts and over one million quotations of the New Testament from the patristic fathers

      • Exactly, and those are all fragments. Written mostly by anonymous authors heard from a myriad of sources, then translated then compiled. Cross checking these documents reveals many discrepancies. You can take the same passage from a greek and hebrew manuscripts and they can mean something absolutely different. That is what should be kept in mind. Why do you think there is so much contradiction in it? Not scholars nor theologists agree on what is undoubtedly canonical. Not to mention apocrypha, deuterocanonical and the variations of acknowledged canon books within different faiths. The Christian Bible as it is known nowdays is what has been consciously chosen at different opportunities to be there, so the least one can do is take it with a grain of salt.

        And even if both entire Testaments were certain to be canonical, there's just no way they could be applied literally. It was another time. We don't keep slaves anymore, or cut off limbs as punishment or restrain from touching women on their periods (not in theoretically civilized nations anyway). Why should we not examine, study and if willing partake in activities that were deemed, AT THAT TIME, as unholy, such as "any kind of magic" or other "forbidden" spiritual practices? Again, those texts are not the DIRECT words of Jesus.

        And if you believe firmly that all of it is true, then it has to be ALL of it, not just the passages that help your cause. So be careful when quoting away, two can play that game and it's easy to get burned.

        (I'm not replying all this specifically to you, but to all that condescending BS through the comments coming from people who seem to believe they got it all figured out)

      • -BlueMoon

        If you think the Bible was edited several times, doesn't mean you have to criticize the 'Bible lovers'. We all understand where you are coming from and you maybe true, but the way you worded you're words made it sound more like you were insulting Christians that don't really read the Bible everyday. All Christians are not necessarily Bible lovers, but we do believe in God, and it sounded as if you were offending us.

        Just making sure you know.

  103. Infamous AvantGairde on

    It is truly enlightening to enter websites such as this.For all those who wish to know,what was, forbidden is some food for thought.What if you was born withen light mans world which has a natural insecurity with the most high due to the fact that they cannot take the suns rays upon the skin.So fire is damned as evil because it scorns and torments them.

    Light cannot protect against the light.But those of darkness,when touched by the sun,are unharmed and only grow darker as when the flame has its eye on physical,the light that is casted transforms the physical to what it always was…..Darkness.The illusion is not darkness.It is light.For when all lights are out all become one with darkness.The sunlight is the masculine/feminine form of darkness while darkness is its feminine/masculine form.

    There is nothing but balance over balance.Too be illuminated means to remember your true self.That you always were/are/and will be darkness experiencing the infinitely Infinite all at once.There is no stopping us.For you cannot stop yourself."Better hope your heaven sent,and not hell proof"

    • Please cease this raciest bulls**t. You have been fooled by Satan into de-humanising your white brothers. Physics has proved that Darkness is a negative quality, it is the absence of Light, and how can we come from something that is not there? The white man is not insecure about God because we can burn, I’ve never heard such nonsense. I put it to you that the black man is insecure around the white man as the white man has oppressed them so much, this is why you have been so easily led into separating and elevating yourself above the white man. It is a backlash from the days of slavery, in the same way that the feminist movement was a backlash from the days when women were oppressed. Find balance in the scale and know that we are equal, anything else is a lie based on pride, insecurity and resentment.

      Neither light nor darkness are illusions, colour is illusion existing only in the mind to separate the different wavelengths produced when a surface only reflects back part of the Light spectrum. The very word illuminated means the shedding of Light on a subject. Your philosophy is so anti-white and pro black that even the light, which you must admit gives life to everything on earth, is de-valued as an illusion. Leave your mystery school, it does not serve you, you serve it, nothing that you have written here makes any sense. No good can come of what you are saying. I'm sure you will say that you are not racists and that you don't even believe in the idea of race. If this is the cases then you are none the less elitist and I can assure you, that view is just as bad.


      • InfamousavantGairde on


        well first I never said darkness wasn't negative.Negative is feminine.Darkness attracts energy.All kinds of energy but the most prevelent would be pain.Just as a female body already posses the eggs this is the same as darkness.Darkness just needs the charge.This is why dark things gather heat.It needs energy.Pain gives enormous amounts of energy.

        This is not the view of a raciest.I would consider myself spiritualy mature.Look at what I say without prejedice. I,ve commented much on the guidestones and have said everything that you said on equality.You accuse me of the same thing your doing but on a broader scale.Darkness and light is ONE.There is no one without the other.

        I've read some of your posts and I see that your devoted to christ which is fine.But do not twist what I say to meet your view of life.What you have read of darkness is not what I speak.

        As far as what I said about White Man it is what it is and we all can see this.Your right about Black Man.We definitely have a serious insecurity.But remember that what happened to us still runs within our DNA.You can see that were still recuperating.Just as a man would beat on his wife this is just the same. For blacks we have to suck that shit up,stop pouting all the time and deal with it.As far as whites your history says it all.Its definitely not shits and giggles.

        Seriously…I say nothing but the obvious.The time of racism has come and gone.We all have something to offer by being ourselves. You need a satan just as much as you need Christ.Without one then there's no point of the other.whos to save if nobody needs saving.Be thankful for what you have.Who knows what it would be like when it's gone.

        one last note to float your boat…… Go in a room at night and cut all the lights out.What do you see?I see everything returned back to darkness.I said this up top but I get hints that you might have missed it.Dont take life so seriously.

      • By negative I mean there is nothing there, it is a lack of something, and I’m not talking about the emotional idea of negative but the mathematical. I fail to see how this relates in any way to the feminine who is not a lack of existence like darkness is. Like I said, darkness is the absence of light, the colour black doesn't exist, it is basically the default setting of our eyes when there is no light to interpret as colour or brightness. So if a woman has an egg she is not in the negative because an egg is not a lack of something, it is something. Darkness does not posses anything but emptiness. Darkness does not gather heat because it "needs the charge" it is a consequence of photons getting absorbed by matter, as a consequence no photons hit the eye, no light is interpreted and so the default darkness setting is observed.

        Darkness and light are no more one then than + and – . Sure they relate to each other in that they are both in the category of perception, yet they really could not be more different and so do not exist together at the same time. I disagree when you say there is no one without the other, you need them both to know what it darkness is and what light is by means of comparison. However if there was only darkness or light they could still exist, we just wouldn't notice. To know something is to no it, or in other words to observe what happens when it is not there. For example you would not know hunger if your stomach was never empty, you would not know you were asleep if you had never experienced being awake etc. They are not one, they are 3 if anything, the particular catagory and the two opposits within that catogory.

        We don't need Satan because we need Christ, we wouldn't have needed Christ to preach to us and perform miracles and die for us if it wasn't for Satan, that much is true. There would be no spiritual battle to wage, or at least a far easier won one anyway. It is hard to comment as the only reality I know is one in which Satan is a problem. Christ having to die for our sins however is hardly a good thing and I'm sure that whatever alternative system of reality God would create for us would be wonderful.

        Go into a room, cut the lights and what do I see? You could say "the room returned to darkness" or you could say NOTHING which would be more accurate. If in your view for us all to be equal we all have to stop existing then what is the point of being equal if you do not exist to enjoy the equality? If you are saying we are dakrness then you are saying we don't exist.

      • InfamousAvantGairde on

        A little late but I understand what your saying.I use the term Darkness universally.

        I agree when you mention it mathematically.I dont agree about the negative =nothingness though.My view would be 0 being the closest number to represent nothingness but I would use it hesitantly.

        Remember that integers are the same numbers there just going opposite directions.Just as there is matter there is also antimatter.This may be what you mean of nothingness.Either way to treat a negative integer as if all of them equalled to nothing would be mathematically incorrect.

        Also maybe I didnt properly display my msg(Im sure I have)but what your saying sounds like what I have said just worded differently.

        What I meant about one needing the other is polarity.

        A good example would be electricity.To create productive energy you would need 2 basic things.Amps (charge)andOhms(resistance).Without either there could be no progress.What is so interesting is that the symbol for Ohms is the top half of an ankh or an inverted shape of overies.

        Darkness is not the realm of physicality so it can appear as of nothing but it is extremely passive aggressive.It is like looking at an ocean and saying nothing is there not realizing that there only looking at the surface.

        Little do we know that there are a great many ethereal planets in space that we cannot see.

        Just as a second density dog has no idea what color is it is just the same. We are trapped in physicality as well as forgotten who we are,a 3rd density trait.

  104. wow. perfect info here. Thanks. i'm sad that this was one of my favorite movies. but glad that i am not blinded by the junk anymore. :)

    • AnonymousDislexicVil on

      What's wrong with a movie having symbolism? When understood it can heighten your perception of things and make you see the real message behind it. Why would you be sad that one of your favourite movies is rich in symbolism? Is it because you percieve this symbolism as evil? If you have any prejudice against occultism I suggest you look at it with a sense of humor. It was never about the devil stealing your soul, that's bullshit invented by the church. Don't approach the occult with prejudice.

  105. Finally someone sees it.

    Another well done analytical review.

    So the movie closes with, "the clues to the answer can be found by those who have the eyes to see." eh.

    How fitting.

    I found the movie to be one of the most disturbing I have ever seen. The gnostic – neo-pagan – occultism is just overbearing and extremely dark.

    The making the step father the boogie man was the next big clue — the communists, communist sympathizers, and their useful idiots on the left have, for going on a century now, been promoting their lies about Spain and the Communists' war against the Spanish Catholics and Carlists that they love to call "fascists." The book "Last Crusade: Spain 1936" by Warren Carroll provides solid, fact based, debunking of the leftist propaganda, fed to us as "historical fact," used to cover up the truth about the extraordinarily vicious Spanish Communists and the rivers of innocent blood on their hands.

    So the set up of the hapless traditional male as the villain served the purpose of unmasking the agenda right off the bat. When combined with the rest, it seems clear the movie is aimed at promoting the dark as light.

    I concluded the material was agenda driven and had the potential to be spiritually dangerous and stopped watching early in the movie .

    But then I saw how it was being just eagerly slurped up and gushed over seemingly by everyone else that saw it — and I found that even more disturbing.

    It is nice to finally read something probing a bit deeper.

  106. Also this movie could be a message for people to see that their physical life is only one lifetime in which pain, fear, love and joy can be experienced here, but in actuality it is never our last lives, as infinite energy. As she is seen dying, we see her alternative reality as her life as a princess who is loved and cared for. We are the sum total of all of our experiences. This movie has a positive message for all of us humans helping us realize that the pain and suffering we experience on this physical plane is only temporary and is purely for the experience. …we can never truly die as energy. Just as one older soul incarnated here to help move us toward evolution of the mind and spirit had said "Energy is neither created, nor destroyed".

  107. this is a great movie! its beautifully done…

    however i think it's funny how many ppl on here go off quoting the bible and/or saying Pan and Baphomet are the same…

    clearly you have your facts warped and misconscrewed…

    baphomet was made up a few hundred years ago and the image wasnt associated with witchcraft and such until around 1924 or something, it wasnt originally evil…. look it up geniuses – lol

    and the bible is a bunch of stories with multiple contradictions written/translated over and over again. unless you can read it in hebrew or one the original languages in which it was written i dont think anyone can say what the interpretations are..

    so basically dont rely on everything you read in the king james version lol

    one day the world will look back and think how silly people were going from a bunch of deities to gods to just 1 thats discribed different ways… they will look at the "believers" of these times the same way we now look at the ancient greeks, egyptians and so on–with a wonder how primitive they were to put so much stock in a book that no one agrees on.

    all of the things that happen in life are not a tricks that God or Satan is playing on us lol good grief

  108. Very interesting. I've been awake to the atrocities committed by governments and banks around the world and I've just started studying the occult.

    This was one of my all time favorite movies, now I see it in a whole new lite.

    Thank you.

  109. I'm a Muslim & I will tell you what is "Satan" in our religion if you want to read you are welcome:

    "Satan" in Arabic means "Shaitan" too close to the English word, but it doesn't represent the Satan as a name. this is the difnitive meaning:

    Shaitan is derived from "Shatan" and its meaning "the far one", Shiatan means anyone far from goodness, and who long stays in evil, and called on who rebel on Allah, whether of the jinn, humans or animals.

    The real name of the "Satan" you know then is not Satan, as we already said its an adjective, his real name is "Iblis".

    I will refer to god by Allah & Satan as Iblis,

    In Quran Iblis is one of the jinn, which are creatures made of fire not an angel which from light. He was serving in the heaven because of his good will & the extreme love & devotion for Allah, in many parts in Quran it's showing how Iblis speak respectfully to Allah.

    After the creation of Adam, Allah ordered all the creatures to prostrate to Adam, everyone obeyed except Iblis who claimed that he is better than Adam, since he is made from fire& Adam is made of mud!.

    as a result of three major sins disobeying, vanity & envy for Adam, he was banished from heaven, he was descended from his high place in heaven to became a demon in earth.

  110. & until now he is trying to wrong everyone, to show Allah that Adam & his children are worst than him, it's like he is telling Allah : " You see! this the creature that you ordered me to prostrate for! watch how can I turn them to be worst than animals. "

    see anything similar with Rhianna song umbrella?!

    the conclusion is, Satan is not only one creature, it's an adjective; Iblis is satan, some jinns are satans, some humans are satans, lady gaga is satan & sorry I cannot see any difference between her & Iblis, I used to love her but seeing how moral-less she is I cannot defend her anymore like I used to be, in every song she performed, she is representing one of the biggest sins in all religions & showing how nice it is, "drinking & losing conscious, Gambling, lust, greed, even killing! i don't know much twisted people this world can take anymore, even earth is rejecting us.

    & nobody do anything against his will, if this true then there would be no 2pac, no Bob Marley, no MJ, & there would be no reason kill who disobeys.

    Allah give us mercy, make us stronger, all satans are speeding their paces, please Allah bless us & give us the will to killuminati.


  111. behind teh veil on

    one thing i might add, with my zen eye ,,, is that ofelia is lucifer reborn,the test's she goes through start at the 'root' of the first chakra, in order to illuminate the 3rd eye the root chakra where the uterus is must be cleared in order to clear the way to the 2nd chakra according to many beliefs. my favorite part is the story of the rose on top of the mountain that noone in the village dared to touch since they would die, it is a metaphor for choosing death over life…the girl died for the boy the son of the man who as vigilant citizen said, is always seen carrying and fixing his watch, the step father is god and lucifer was born of god but did not serve the tyrant , always detesting him , just life ofelia, the twist is thhat lucifer dies for the son of god, symbolic of what you can say is jesus christ…. on a deeper level symbolic of the dog star disappearing in the sky before morning (ofelia died on the full moon when satanic rituals are held, precisely around 3 am (witching hour)).. this movie is amazing, im glad vig cit. wrote a bit on it, it is an incredible movie to analyze.

  112. Good lord, to all the people arguing about the batty bible stuff- knock it off and argue sensibly. You do not have to be a bible-quoting religiously dogmatic person to be deeply spiritual. No need to argue scripture. Here we need only do the basic things that are right and good, and nothing more. I would never live my life by a flawed book written by contradictory men. I am a good person, full of love for people and the world, and I was like that before and without the bible, thank you. God lives in ALL OF us.


  113. "Drops of Ofelia’s own blood falls into the labyrinth, thus accomplishing the final task required for her initiation: self sacrifice.

    The Initiation

    While we see Ofelia laying bloody on the ground, she is also shown in another realm, the Underworld, reuniting with her true parents.

    Ofelia reuniting with her parents, symbolizing her successful initiation

    The entire palace bears the shape of a vesica piscis, an ancient occult symbol representing the vulva, the entrance to the womb and the gateway to another world. Standing on three pillars, the father, the mother and the soon to be princess will complete trinity of the Underworld. The faun greats Ofelia, telling her she did well by going against his orders and sacrificing her life to protect her innocent brother. Indeed, a strong will, sacrifice and rebirth are necessary for the completion of an initiation into occult mysteries."


    entrance into the mystery schools of the east required a near-death experience

    not a death experience

    otherwise they wouldn't have many students matriculating

    but what could you expect from the father of hellboy, eh

  114. The article is interesting, but I'd correct a mistake. It was not her mother who casually one day found the mandrake, it was the father who found Ophelia under her mother's bed and this was how it got burned. After quarrels and fights.

  115. hey just a suggestion for an article or some stuff i was curious on


    the percy jackson series and the twighlight saga both seem to have a lot of stuuf from this site that has been mentioned

    i wonder if you could point them out for me and let the people know about innocent books being evil.

  116. What about the number 3? For example:

    the captain and two of his assistants

    the 3 little creatures that fly

    the boxes to open in the pale man's room

    Mercedes and her two assistants

    three sits when Ofelia returns with her parents

    more 3s? watch it again..

  117. The same Faun/Satyr that appears in El Laberinto del Fauno appears in The Chronicles of Narnia. They both seduce an underage girl [Faun/Satyrism, creatures known to love getting drunk and chasing after Nymphs] PanDEMONium… Uncle SaTAN… Substituting Initation into Christ with False Light… the Father of Lies who appears as an angel of Light. I didn't much care for the film since it just twists Archetypical Truths into Anti-Christic/Witchery. I only liked Ofelia in the film… but I'd like her better without the Lies witchcraft teaches through their "Horned God"… Satan.

  118. I don't know if anyone has noticed this too. I just remembered… another Film by same Guiermo del Toro: HELL BOY…. same LABRYNTH shown! Blood is also dropped into the Labrynth and it in turns summons another phallic associated character… RasPUTIN! The Labrynth is according to that movie opens the gate to the Ancient Ones [seen at the end of Cabin in the Woods and other H.P. Lovecraft inspired films and stories… detailed in SumARYAN myth and the Necronomicon]. Del Toro also directed CHRONOS I think… So it's obvious what you said about CHRONOS. PAN in turn is qabalistically associated with SATURN or Saatan [as pronounced in Japanese]. Roman God associated with Greek Chronos.

  119. request for coraline on

    Thankfully, I haven't watched this. I was planning to, but now my intentions have dissolved. Good God, i didn't expect the movie to be THAT evil.
    Could you do an article on the movie Coraline? It's about a young girl who's bored with reality and hates her new home. She finds a small door in the living room and crawls inside, she's taken to 'wonderland', if that's what you'd like to call it, where everything is fun and everyone has buttons for eyes. Could it be dissociation? Probably. But when she returns home, she longs to go back. When she does go back, she finds that she's trapped in her wonderland and cannot escape, the wonderland version of her mother locks her in the attic and intends to eat her or something along those lines. She then find s the souls of three kids who've been eaten by the wicked mother and she must find their eyes so that they can go to the afterlife. I can't remember the rest of the movie, but please do a write-up on it. It's much-needed.

    • You are correct on

      Yes, Coraline is also about ritual satanic abuse. You are right on about the buttons for eyes equaling dissociation, but it also represents how the people who engage in satanic activities actually get demonically posessed when they do their rituals. Take a look at the opening scenes of the film. Who is making that doll? Those aren't human hands…

      Also take a look at Coralines mother's hand gesture when she invites Coraline to stay in the (dissociative world). This is another movie where a child undergoes sick ritual abuse and must fantazise to get through it. The whoel thing is pretty sick and scary when you realize it. Also take a look at her friend Why-Be (as in "Why was I born") pretty messed up name, but perfect if you realize that he's abused too. He's bent double and looks beaten down. He's afraid of all the adults, especially his grandmother.

      I seriously wondered

      • You are correct on

        (Oops hit post too soon) who made this film. Obviously an insider. There are real satanists out there, and many of them actually have enough MPD to not even realize it but these things affect them or are created by them on a subconscious level.

  120. More to it than this on

    There's more to it than that. A lot more. Think globally when viewing this film. Ophelia represents all women, her mother represents the earth giving birth to a new age. Her mother struggles mightily. Her father represents an evil facet of the patriarchy. Also her father's symbol shown on his car is the Rothschild's symbol. Look deeper VC, but a good start anyway.

    • More to it than this on

      Also, the trials she goes through represent the trauma based mind control /satanic ritual abuse illuminati children are put through. Look through the eyes of a child dissociating and you will see that she is made to go through: blood drinking, blood letting, ritual abortion ( the little mandrake root represents a real baby, that's why it moved) the frog represents her doing some sick slimy perverse sexual ritual, she eats human flesh with the pale man etc.

      All the illuminati traumas seen through the eyes of a dissociated child who must fantasize to get through it all. Horrifying.

      • More to it than this on

        In actuality the faun is her abusive father/programmer, who is himself in an altered, dissociated state.

  121. Sarah m. meischer on

    have you ever notice that there is a faun in Narnia that named Mr. Tumnus? Gross, after reading and doing research here and there, for some sort of time, i came to a conclusion that this movie isn't just movie. it's full dark meaning and hints some sort of occultism, like when i saw Mr. Tumnus appear in half goat human shape, it was like my mind being hit, like who is also dressed up in half human-half goat? If you got the same thing in mind, then i guess you got it right.
    More over look at how they open the movie with Mr. Tumnus approaching some kind a girl like it can't be any more obvious, the girl named Lucy, in which remind who else in the esoteric thing has the same name? Lucifer. so i get now Disney, and also i saw a bull-like man that would look like minotaur so yeah this bullshit kind of getting more serious like introducing satanic bullshit to kids in more vague, cryptic ways. so they take people into introducing the idea that ' the evil-satanic bullshit is okay for you, just like in Disney movie'. especially for girls, look the way the faun-like figure approaching the little girl, is a way of saying 'evil is good (for your children) i kinda have an impression that he is targeting a little girl, so if the the girl saw a faun-half-goat human she will think it's just fine, and just approach it back like Lucy, God, it's so creepy! the esoteric meaning is way too blatant if you already know. they trying to planting the idea in our minds through the movie. but there's no way it would happen, not me, thanks to VC and his great articles, Good job in opening our eyes, so we can see that the world we live is not the world that we know,
    Now i know what they do, keep the articles going on VC!

  122. While I like the article, I disagree with it partially. My interpretation of the movie is:

    By setting the eye to the monument, Ofelia opens a path between the spiritual/occult and 'real' realms, probably in her consciousness, but subjective is related to collective, consciousness is related to reality. The right eye, which is associated with the perception of concrete and factual information, was missing. Without it, the fawn was left with only the left eye and thus confined to the occult realm. By putting it in place she let the fawn regain the ability to perceive her world and become connected with it. This occurred as she was in distress. Maybe distressed people can open such pathways through their consciousness due to the torment they experience, this is particularly true for more vulnerable people like adolescent girls or those without any support from society etc. Because for them the suffering is more intense and its harder for them to find hope.

    Now the fawn uses its regained ability to lead her into the labyrinth, which is a deviation from the straight path and also expresses the contrived and complicated nature of 'truth' as represented by the devil. Yes, I think the fawn represents the devil or Satan. It can also symbolize her unguided and inexperienced searching for an escape from the harsh reality of her life. The fawn acts friendly, so that she is deceived to consider it as benevolent. The labyrinth is dark, as it should be. It's a dark journey.

    The first task may represent the need to free women from oppression and let them find their own place or identity, and giving them the respect they deserve by freeing them from exploitation by the greedy male-chauvinistic society. It is true that religion talks about respect for both men and women and their proper place which both have and deserve, while the male-chauvinistic society demands women to conform and obey, forget their identity and holds man as the only and supreme standard, here apparently women will reach 'higher' status by trying to follow men and becoming similar to them as much as possible.

    Vidal may represent the pragmatist, ruthless authority which seeks to control everyone's lives and actions, probably in the form of a fascist state here. He kills her mother, even if unknowingly, by destroying the mandrake root. She had a grim prevision of this event in the Book of the Crossroads.

    The pale man probably represents the clergy, or the church. The food can symbolize religion, that's why the fawn forbade her to eat anything. The clergy is guarding the food, as if it's the owner of it. The grape she ate is a symbol of religion. I am a Muslim, I don't know for sure, but grapes are probably related to religious symbols of Christianity. Does Jesus use grapes as a symbol of religion when he talks about the growing of the grapes? The pale man immediately wake up and chases her to consume, the clergy is very concerned about the followers of a religion and can want to control an regulate them by 'integrating' them to the system they established. It is grotesque as it expresses the vile practices sometimes observed among the clergy. The eyes in the palms may symbolize the stigmata and indicate that the church is using the reverence of Christians for Jesus to serve their interests. I don't know if this is an attack on religion in general or a particular religion, but it's a fact that sometimes evil things are done in the name of religion, to serve the purposes of powerful people and to establish the need for an organized religious authority i.e. the clergy. Even if only few of them gets involved in such deeds and the rest are good, that does not eliminate or even reduce the need to point the evil. However, it can be that the entire clergy is being vilified here, I don't know. Anyway, her acceptance of religion infuriates the fawn.

    After the death of her mother, the fawn returns to Ofelia and with the intention to deceive her, commands to give her baby brother to the fawn so that it can kill or harm him. But she disobeys and protects him with her life, thus avoids the trap of deception. Finally, after death, she enters heaven?

    The first picture probably depicts rebirth. The fig tree symbolizes uterus, which she is entering. This is opposed to birth. Opposing elements, turning upside down etc. are pervasive in works embedded with esoteric meaning. Reality as it appears, is materialistic. Apparently we are bodies with souls. We see what's palpable, and things happen for material reasons. But truth is opposite, things happen for spiritual reasons, what cannot be seen is more real and we are souls with bodies.

    I personally dislike that the protagonist of such a dark and disturbing movie is a child, but it's not that surprising because it's not a children's movie. Though the protagonist is a child, which I personally dislike Also there is uncertainty, the end seems to be open to the interpretation of the audience. This is also usual, esoteric works always avoid being obvious or easy to understand. Those with eyes to and such sentences are probably common in such works.

  123. Onatienko and smooth chic, this is definitely NOT meant for kids. Just because it has a child protagonist and imaginary creatures that doesn't mean it's in any way unsophisticated. It's very much an adult film – just look at the rating and please don't subject children to its violence.

  124. This review happened along time ago but it really bothers me that you called Cronus the father of time, you are con fusing him with Chronos the god of time. Cronus was a titan, Chronos was a god.

  125. I live in a Madrid´s town near San Rafael and El Espinar in whose forest the movie was filmed and usually practice trekking through the mountains and the woods of the valley, I also passed several nights sleeping in an old civil war bunker in Cueva Valiente, where bloody battles took place filling the landscape of old trenchs, and believe me is a magical and mysterious place to pass a summer night.

  126. What a fascinating and beautifully written "review" of Pan's Labyrinth from an occult perspective. That is the best article I have read on this site. Thanks!

  127. Heard of this movie.. I believe I saw the commercial for this not to long ago. 1st off .. what a depressing movie! lol geez.. However I understand the symbolism behind this movie. The reality vs. fiction. Perception vs. reality. People in today society actually go through initiation process ( through any occult) just to seek a better life. Seeking that better life ends up in despair, emptiness, and it pretty much doesn't get you anywhere.

  128. Jackeline Matos on

    Hey can you please please please please please send me your name through email please I need it for my research paper!!!!

  129. Speaking of Esoteric interpretations of the film, don't just look for the Western Esoteric roots, there are also Eastern Esoteric undertones, such as the Pale Man's feast where Ofelia retrieved the blade resembles "The Feasts of Chöd" in the Tibetan tantric tradition: "The practice of chöd, or “cutting through,” is a Tibetan Buddhist meditative practice in which a person’s hopes and fears—as well as the three poisons of desire, anger, and ignorance—can be cut off at the root and abandoned. "

    "Chöd, like all tantric systems, has outer, inner and secret aspects. They are described in an evocation sung to Nyama Paldabum by Milarepa:

    External chod is to wander in fearful places where there are deities and demons. Internal chod is to offer one's own body as food to the deities and demons. Ultimate chod is to realize the true nature of the mind and cut through the fine strand of hair of subtle ignorance. I am the yogi who has these three kinds of chod practice."

    Source of ref.:

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