The Director of an Anti-NWO Movie Was Found Dead in his Home in Suspicious Circumstances


David Crowley, the director of “Gray State”, a movie about the New World Order and the occult mind-state of the elite was found dead in his home, along with his wife and young daughter. The Dakota County Sheriff’s Office stated that the deaths appeared “suspicious”.


David Crowley wrote and directed Gray State, an unfinished movie about the militarization of  police, the imposition of a martial law, high tech surveillance, RFID chips and the occult mind-state behind it all. The movie’s Facebook page states that the story is about “a wounded veteran who leads the insurgency against a corrupt Government after nationwide martial law has been declared.” Here’s the concept trailer of the movie.

In a 2012 InfoWars interview, Crowley stated that he felt it was his responsibly to spread the message about the possibility of a United States decline in wake of a New World Order. The interview describes the film as “a highly-anticipated independent film envisioning a brutal police state, martial law crackdown, complete with biometric identification, a ubiquitous surveillance state, and FEMA storm-troopers rounding dissidents up into camps.”

A poster of the unreleased movie Gray State.
A poster of the unreleased movie Gray State.

On January 17th, the bodies of David Crowley, his wife Komel and their five year-old daughter were found at their home.

The bodies of David, Komel and their daughter were discovered on Saturday by the Crowley’s next-door neighbor, Collin Prochnow. It was reported that the bodies had been inside the home for several weeks. Prochnow said that he had not seen any activity in the Crowley’s home since around Christmas, and he had initially assumed the family was traveling during the holidays. Prochnow said that packages were accumulating on the home’s doorstep and noticed that the lights inside the house were on day and night, so he decided to check on the family’s wellbeing over the past weekend.

Prochnow looked through a window of the house and discovered three bodies, along with a handgun, laying on the floor. A dog, which was alive, was also present. Audio from police radio obtained by revealed that police had found “several obviously deceased bodies in the front” of the home and there was a “very angry dog inside.” Police stated that the situation appears to have been a murder-suicide.
Deaths Of “Gray State” Director And Family Under Investigation, Ben Swann

The deaths of Komel and the little girl were ruled as a murder while Crowley’s death was ruled as a suicide. A handgun was found next to his body.

Apple Valley police Capt. John Bermel noted a few suspicious details, notably that there was no sign of violence or struggle on the crime scene and that a sliding door on the back had been unlocked and “slightly ajar”.

Apple Valley police Capt. John Bermel said that the medical examiner’s office did not find physical signs of a struggle on the bodies or inside of the home. Bermel also pointed out that the house was intact, although recorded audio of police had stated upon discovery of the bodies that a sliding door in the back of the Crowley’s house had been unlocked and “slightly ajar”. Bermel said “If there was a scuffle, you’d expect to find maybe something broken, maybe something knocked over.”

“There was nothing like that,” Bermel said.

Investigators stated that the last “verified activity” in the home was in late December.

Bermel said “What we’re realizing now is that there was some amount of substance use there, some financial stress and – as we’ve seen in some of the (news) stories — what we’re learning is there was starting to be some isolation,” although Bermel did not expound on the type of substance use. “What I can tell you is we are getting some indications of what may have contributed to this,” Bermel said.

Charlie Hubbell, an actor who appeared in the “Gray State” trailer, told that David Crowley “seemed more grounded and focused than would lend itself to anything chaotic.”

“The entire time I worked with him there was nothing aggressive or chaotic or strange or abnormal. He was one of the ones I was hanging my hat on, one who was going to succeed,” Hubbell said.
– Ibid.

While preliminary police reports state that Crowley resorted murder-suicide after months of depression and isolation, other observers believe that  he was killed by the very system his movie was opposing. Investigation is still underway.



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Killing him along with his family serves two important purposes for the rulers of this world: 1. Intimidates others from coming forward with material and media exposing their agenda 2. Anyone who thinks in conspiratorial ways is made out to the public to be depressed, suicidal, and a danger to themselves and others.

David Crowley, wife and daughter may they rest in peace forever. You did not die in vain. God will take care of these evil people. They will pay an eternity for what they have done to humanity.

Murder as usual. Blame the good guy….make it look like murder suicide. Those with a functioning brain cell know better. Those in denial will eventually find out especially when they start coming for them. I will die before I bow a knee to the NWO or the One World Religion. Killing people that expose the truth is really all the proof I need that the NWO deception is a reality. May God bless and keep all of those that have died/been murdered to uncover the evil that permeates this world.

I do not think this video and those behind it are what they claim to be. I'm not referring to VC, who is merely reposting it… but to those actually responsible for the content of the video. There are several reasons I think this. Firstly, doesn't this seem to be of absurdly high production quality to be coming from someone who is butting up against the industry and its lords and masters? Also, at the beginning and end of this video are places you can click to "help fund this project." That seems like a pretty nifty way to get the information on anyone who would be inclined to support such a thing. So there's that. Also… I did quick clicks pausing the video throughout, and there are several strange subliminals included in this trailer. I will list them here so you can look for yourself and give your opinion.… Read more »
I am unsure what I think the full purpose of this "project" would be. As I said, it certainly would be a way to easily gather names. With the "murder / suicide," that would only bring more public interest to the project. There is also no reason to assume that the murder / suicide couldn't have been faked. Just saying. No one saw the bodies but this Prochnow guy, and we're supposed to think that with their window wide open, no one saw them for several weeks? This director is a guy who obviously would have a pretty wide social network. One has to in order to oversee and achieve large projects involving loads of people (which this undoubtedly did). It is absurd to think that no one would have checked on them for WEEKS. He was a well-connected person working in the professional media world, not an old hermit… Read more »

They 'suicided' them.

I don't think It was a retaliation.I think they're pushing for chaos and conflict and the movie contained resistance In the form of violence and warring with the enemy.That's what they want to promote and by killing this man and his family , they help build up a rage In people.That Is the whole purpose of their plan. Order out of chaos.

A House Divided …25 And knowing their thoughts Jesus said to them, "Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand. Clearly satan's agenda is to divide – be it race, class, religion, lines of government etc. Now closely consider "knowing their thoughts". The NWO agenda is to be an omnipotent and omnipresent as possible. Knowing ones thoughts like that of Jesus would allow them the power and control they seek. Don't think that 1984 was written in 1984 or by accident. Smartphones, computers, webcams, tvs, smart cars (satellites, GPS…) etc. are all designed to track and ease-drop. I feel that I have caught myself up in the web of technology to the point where I can't get out. When is the last time someone used a land-line to make a call? Even some of the poorest people on the… Read more »

This isn’t the first whistle blower death to follow an appearance on Alex “Stratfor” Jones’ sheeple disinformation show. Look up the DC Madam. Did he offer eulogies for the suicided? I don’t know but doubt it.

The NWO is violating their own safety manuals (1984).


Either they are desperate, or they think their NWO is already unstoppable (public opinion be damned).

They serve Lucifer and share his tratis: arrogance to the point of stupidity. They will share his fall, no doubt.

Rest in peace and thank you for fighting for the truth, David. I believe he's in peace with his family in a better place than us… I just cannot wait to watch the demise of the elites – It's predicted and it's coming. They think their plans for a New World Order will be successful, but it won't, they are actually stupid! Their karma will worst than any karma any human being had to suffer – they made a whole world to suffer, so their future is not so bright… Something tells me their plans won't be successful in the end and their karma, worse than anything imagined… They think they are so clever but are actually quite stupid! So ironic that the military bases where they are going to hide is called D.U.M.B.S.! 😀 There's something out there bigger, better and mightier than all of us that will sort… Read more »

No mention of gun shots heard, either…

The last scene in the trailer depicts a man wearing all white with blood over his garment suggesting he'd been chopping off heads with the guillotine showed there, while someone (possibly the man in the white robe) yelling in the background "…every enemy of the state!" This is clearly an allusion to the beheadings that are to take place in The Great Tribulation. Let it remind you that the second coming of Christ is right at the door. Do not get left behind.

Is that what you are goin to do “WAIT: Wheres your Millitia???

I am no David Crowley, but I can appreciate some of the hurt he must have suffered, and the weight bearing down on his shoulders. I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life. As much as I did to awaken family, friends, and even people I didn’t know, it hasn’t been nearly enough, and it cost me and those I care about, so very much. I pray David was the person we thought he was, and not another 'actor', the likes of which we see regularly, Sandy Hook, Boston, Paris, Colorado, and on and on. I choose to believe, he had the strength to endure it all, despite all that he came to understand. I won't believe he was pushed to such desperation as the ‘machine’ says he did. I want to believe he was a good father, husband, and a good man, and that he had no other… Read more »

The Jew is no longer @ your gates, but has come to roost, I know your Militia is waiting, 😉

How many tough as nails men will collapse under the weight of watching their children paying for the parent’s stupidity and laziness, and that of their grandparent’s generation as well? For it is we that are middle and older aged adults, and our parents who fought yet another contrived war – WWII, who slept when we should have been vigilant, and silent when we should have been shouting to make people recognize the ‘machine’, the ‘Beast’ that was devouring all in its path. And to those who were bright enough, and aware enough to see and understand what we were doing to ourselves, the slow suicide of the nation most of us thought was the greatest nation on the planet, who cried out to the deaf, dumb, and blind, from me alone – my deepest apologies. We let you, and ourselves, down. If you called out or wrote about the… Read more »
Look how complete the trailer is – you dont even need to see the movie to know the whole story. I dont think the movie was ever going to be released. Consider the type of people who were supporting it, folks like Alex Jones which we know arent honest people. The writers and directors are both called david CROWLEY and danny MASON. well that is pretty weird. Also quoted from an article on the neighbour who discovered the bodies: "He came home and said there were dummies [mannequins] on the floor. And a gun," his wife Judy told the Star Tribune. "To me, they just didn't look human," said Prochnow, who had assumed the Crowleys had gone out of town for a while. So suspicious, I dont know what to think .I think maybe this is bait or something. I never heard of someone finding dead bodies and thinking they… Read more »

The neighbor’s (Prochnow) wife/Mother? gets onto the Crowley Memorial FB page and slanders David. She’s active on it nearly every day…

They were killed….it is obvious….the truth hurts…I agree with anon…they will share Lucifers fall, no doubt and THEY know who THEY are…

Was the movie finished? If so, when will it debut?

do these people who thrive and live of spreading and doing evil realize, i mean really recognize that they are indeed going to a special place in Hell when they die? and they WILL die. how are all the riches in this world worth an eternity in Hell? I'm not even a religious person but i know that your soul and consciousness, your energy and the energy you put OUT in the world is what matters. Hell, Hell, Hell…..whatever and wherever that may be you sick, twisted, psychopathic F****ks will spend eternity there. That is the only consoling I can give myself. Please rest your hearts and soul in peace crowley family.

Follow the money.

Sounds like Crowley met the deep state up close, the same way Gary Webb did.

The dog was still alive.

I assume he got his water from the toilet, and I’m afraid I know exactly what he must have been eating.

Whoever did the wetwork was sloppy, though.

I would say to sloppy a way for the elites to do away with someone. Perhaps he really did it himself, you know, for self promotion. It happens.

It figures this would happen. I’m deeply saddened by this. May they rest in peace.

This is why we need to stand up and fight back it doesn't matter if they have the money we outnumber them we have to destroy these sociopaths who consider themselves god among men.