The Satanic Temple Unveils a Massive Statue of Baphomet in Detroit


The unveiling of the 9-feet tall and 1.5 ton statue of Baphomet took place in Detroit and was dubbed “largest satanic event in History”.

On July 26th, the Satanic Temple unveiled a massive bronze statue of Baphomet sitting on a throne, complete with two children look up to him in admiration. The unveiling took place in an industrial building near Detroit River after attempts to have it installed near a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol have failed.

The caduceus on Baphomet's lap is meant to represent an erect phallus. Combined with the two children, this statue is a true nod to the occult elite's favorite obsessions.
The caduceus on Baphomet’s lap is meant to represent an erect phallus. Combined with the two children looking up to him, this statue is a true nod to the occult elite’s favorite obsessions.

The unveiling was preceded by an event which gathered several hundred guests. Before entering the premises, guests were required to sign a contract “selling their soul to the Devil” – which was also a way of keeping protestors at bay. Attendees celebrated under red lights cheering “Hail Satan,” as bands and DJs performed on a stage beneath a big, red inverted cross. Officials of The Satanic Temple delivered speeches alongside a pair of shirtless men who held candles on both sides of the bronze statue.

Guest danced and cheered under an inverted cross.
Guest danced and cheered under an inverted cross.

Tickets to the event were sold from $25 to $75 and proceeds went to support abortion rights an important cause championed by the Temple. Its official website states:

The Satanic Temple (TST) supports personal choice in the context of abortion and, as part of a multi-faceted Women’s Rights campaign, TST is offering religious exemptions from arbitrary, insulting, and outright harmful anti-abortion legislation that has been steadily encroaching across the nation.

Without going into the pro-choice / pro-life debate, I can confirm you one thing : The true satanists of this world are  bent on child sacrifice. Practitioners of Black Magick (as represented by the inverted pentagram behind Baphomet) have always attributed to the blood sacrifice of children the greatest possible potency to accomplish rituals. While this might sound completely evil and crazy to regular people, these sacrifice HAVE happened and STILL happen, sometimes in the highest elite circles on Earth. So, while there’s a pseudo-political-liberal spin behind the actions of the Satanic Temple, the choice of this specific cause echoes the darkest of Satanic rituals.

One thing I found completely aberrant about this event is the mental gymnastics pulled by mass media to depict it  as one big positive thing that is not about Satan. They say it is about political issues … although the event was organized by the “Satanic” Temple … and that the statue was of Satan … and that people were yelling “hail Satan”. For example, this article entitled Why a Satanic statue isn’t really about the devil does its best to make the event about everything except what it is truly about.

The modern Satanic Temple has nothing in common with the  horror-movie conception of devil worshipers, aside from a penchant for black clothes and inverted crosses. The temple — not associated with the Church of Satan founded in the 1960s by Anton LaVey — views Satan not as an evil figure, but one who dared question authority. They see the human body as inviolable, and prize rationality and skepticism.

It’s on those grounds that the Satanic Temple has questioned corporal punishment in schools (the temple offers adherents who attend school in such districts a form letter explaining corporal punishment violates their sincerely held religious beliefs), and are suing to overturn mandatory waiting periods for women seeking abortions. Here in Michigan, the temple installed a “snaketivity” display next to a Nativity scene at the state Capitol in Lansing last Christmas.

The unveiling and literal worshiping of a gigantic Baphomet Statue is therefore disguised as an event about “rationality” and touted a necessary step towards a more progressive society. Even if the concept of Satan is deeply theistic, the event was praised by atheists groups everywhere.

In short, the unveiling of this 9-foot tall Baphomet statue is a perfect example of deceiving the masses into accepting and welcoming the cult of the occult elite. Even if media spins the issue and pukes out paragraphs over paragraphs of pseudo-political diatribes to rationalize what is happening, the symbols do not lie. A statue of Baphomet was unveiled.

Baphomet has been the idol of secret societies for over a thousand years – since the time of the Knight Templars. Today’s secret societies descend from the Knight Templar and literally rule the world. They are behind the biggest atrocities humanity has ever committed, from unjust wars to underground child abuse rings to blood sacrifices to MKULTRA to things we don’t even know about. The occult elite is a product of multi-generational Satanic families and the philosophy they embrace allows them delve into their sadistic obsessions with any repercussions.

So, no, this is not about “rationality” and women’s rights. It is about unveiling a statue of Baphomet and making it acceptable to the masses.


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…and this is just the beginning of the end…they are no longer hiding in the back rooms and cellars…they are in full view and totally unperturbed by the nuisance of any opposition…things have changed…for the worse…

Ahh the Cabal grows more bold. More plain sight than hiding these days. As evil grows the righteous must stand firm. Be not deceived by trivial issues of the world. The spiritual battle is raging. Constant prayer and thanksgiving are the sword and shield.

So I suppose then there should be no debate about the 10 commandments being placed and remaining in courthouses across the country nor should the image of Jesus be offensive….because those are "political" movements. The 10 commandments discourages murder, lying, honoring your parents, not stealing, being faithful to your spouse……..theft is a political issue as it can be linked to amount of people struggling with economy cause there's no jobs. Murder is a big issue and really people get murdered during wars civilians etc…… The future of tomorrow depends on today's kids and today's youth struggle. Yes the 10 commandments are also political as well….so if this satanic garbage can be acceptable so should 10 commandments. As far as atheists supporting Satanism…….a lot start atheist and turn toward satanism. Neither wants to believe in a God because neither wants to be told what's right, what's wrong, what's a sin and… Read more »

I can't believe those idiots signed contracts giving their souls to Satan!! That's not free will, that's a cult!
No wonder the world's in a mess with rubbish like this.
The children gazing 'adoringly' at Satan is probably more disturbing than anything else.

That's still free will.They're willing to worship satan and if that means signing a contract then so be it. These people have chosen to worship the devil like fools.

I have zero fear of any demons, gods and ghosts or politicians and bankers. What I fear are weak-minded followers with a strong conviction that they are following the correct path. Those are the ones who have an actual impact upon reality.

Let me make sure I understand you:
Are you saying that you have a strong conviction and
that your above statement and belief are on the correct path?

Exactly, the enemy targets children. He knows if he can get them young then he has a greater chance of destroying them. Egh! He is such a fraud! That’s why we must pray for our children constantly, pleading the blood of Christ over them constantly. The Bible says pray without ceasing. That scripture couldn’t be more important, we are in a spiritual battle and the only way to be equipped and ready is by praying, worshipping, and reading and living by The Word of God! But the great thing is the battle is already won!!!! we just have to be steadfast and endure

The trippiest part of this story for me is that the unveiling happened on Obama's 6th-year / 6th-month / 6th-day in office. (2378 days from 1/20/09 – 7/26/15). Massive 666 tribute indeed.

Only america would unveil a satanic statue. This is horrible!

Notice the human body with a horned goat's head, which is commonplace in Satanism, which is a mockery of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. The goat (or ram) head represents the Devil, the god of this world (II Corinthians 4:4). The two fingers in the air is a Masonic Handsign. Notice the 5-pointed Pentagram on his forehead. The two snakes show the duality between good and evil. The snake is the servant of Satan, as taught in Freemasonry. The goat's head is commonly revered in rock music. Baphomet phallus is Hermes' Caduceus – a rod intertwined with two serpents. This ancient symbol is has been representing Hermetism for centuries. The Caduceus esoterically represents the activation of chakras, from the base of the spine to the pineal gland, using serpentine power (hence, the serpents) or Astral Light. The wings are that of Lucifer, the fallen archangel. The pentagram or pentacle… Read more »

Hideous. I might just roll my eyes at it on first glance, if not for the kids depicted being drawn in by him and then it becomes more distressing. Even if you don't believe in God, Jesus, or Satan, this display is wicked and perverse. No ifs, ands or buts about it. The statue itself is dumb and holds no power, but the reality is that truly twisted minds want the youth to be immersed in darkness as early and as fully as possible. Sad.

purely arrogance of the people behind this BTW the Living God cannot be mock
well it aint a surprise cause ever since before Christ baphomet worship was practiced by some ancient people,
until now it still exist which shows that the world is still being deceive by this goat stones and manmade dogma.

Deutoronomy 4:28
And there ye shall serve gods, the work of men's hands, wood and stone, which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell.
Leviticus 26:1
You shall not make idols for yourselves or erect an image or pillar, and you shall not set up a figured stone in your land to bow down to it, for I am the LORD your God.

"Largest satanic event in History." Hmmm, I hear that they actually had a few hundred people in attendance. Billy Graham filled stadiums! These miscreants are irrelevant…and, certainly, not to be feared. Most of them were, probably, on the A/V squad in high school, mainlining Clearisil and playing "Dungeons and Dragons." They are, for all intended purposes, "dysfunctional."
We are in the most exciting period in human history. Prophecies are being fulfilled, the lines are being drawn…and the battle is already won. Be bold, be "vigilant" and keep the faith. Even if we are faithless, God remains faithful. There should be no fear or foreboding within us.

You want to talk technical is Christians can have their 10 commandments on a public building why not Satanists exactly. Does not better if you agree with that religion or not who seems to be a satire of religion to begin with. Freedom of Religion remember. We are a nation separated regarding religion and state. If one group does it then why not another.

I love how there's loads of people simpin' and supporting this statue like its been beneficial to their lives. So glad I can see what is hidden in plain sight. I bet there's going to be plenty of Satanic rituals in front of this statue/idol.

Please Brother’s and Sister’s read the book The Ladder of Divine Ascent Saint John Climacus,
many questions will be answered and for those who cannot understand what is happening and choose the atheistic path of nowhere they will understand that are the lost lamps and Jesus Christ as a Good Sheppard is waiting their return. Ask for him, open your eyes and ears Govern your soul with the 10 commandments of God, Love him with passion and he will reveal to you. Can you see your wireless internet ? but you still try to see God with your blind eyes instead of your heart in order to believe

Dear all Brothers and Sisters of Jesus Christ and Sons and Daughters of Virgin Mary unfortunately at that days Christians will suffer they will be tracked and traced in order to be vanished terrible things will occur wars and madness but God will not abandon his children the ONE the CREATOR the ARCHITECT of the world. Have in mind that at the come of his presence 4 signs across the 4 acres of the Earth will be seen as a mark the planet will be shaken the rich and corrupted will try to hide deep in the mountain and secret paths because of their fear. The Judgement day will be for dead and alive at that time everyone will be measured and weighted for his acts and the book of life will open for everyone. Evil is a fallen angel and will be destroyed once and for all because chosen… Read more »
Before the Evil establish government and at the duration of their ruling, World everywhere will be in a mess there will not be safety or stability crisis in all the planet people will have lost their beliefs and Evil will fulfill their atheist impassiveness with the ”new religion” food will be a total garbage human relations too, the core values of the family will be destructed, brother will be betray brother and the nature will be severed for the actions of the people everywhere as an act of freedom unseen terrible acts will happened the new Sodoma and Gomorrah will rise. The sun will want to be lost, the earth too, the climate will get sicker all the universe will want to get destructed the soonest because the 10 Commandments of God will be infringed and the people will have been ruled by corruption, hate, blood and inconceivable needs of… Read more »
I Bless God for allowing me to talk i am Christian from Easter Orthodox Church and i apologize for my bad English. I advice everyone to study the Apocalypse of St Johns was written in a cave in Patmos Island of Greece and God allowed to unveil the last days of the world. That days a world financial government will be established most of the population will have stamped by a bar code which unveils the 666 this code will be stamped on the head or the hand and will be used instead of the credit card it will be secure, easy, quick and they will convince the people that without this installment nobody will be able to buy from the markets 144.000 people will only refuse and move to the mountains to survive. The number 144.000 is not for accuracy but just to understand how few people will at… Read more »

Who like satan that’s the devil the devil try to take gods plays but God sent a angle to throw down satan and let him be there with satan dead people scream and a lot of people scream in hell

these people are ignorant, I would spit on your ugly statue and then knock it down.

what a re the fruits of this degeneracy and sin? Anyone following the poison water debacle in Flint-Detroit area? FULL of lead for at least a year, kids being mentally deranged and brain damaged. So bad folks now taking case to UN. This is where zio-Masonic darkness worship leads. ‘Wages of sin is death’ and they are literally getting what they paid for

Let the children come to me
Their mother loves me, so shall they

Whats heaven and hell?….i mean if you interpret a picture or symbol or statute as something right or wrong…it means youve accepted the ideology of whatever that idea is trying to convey….you can be anything you want..until someone changes that line of thinking….heres an example…someone invents life on the moon…then he proceeds to eradicate all life on earth…he makes laws..writes books..saying he created the NEW populated world….who in turn are controlled by machines…if you can control the environment around you..then you can manipulate it to your hearts desire…the scary thing is soon you wont have a choice…..comply or die!!!

I live in Detroit. Lots of people protested, and nothing has changed. I know some of the people involved in erecting this statue, and their personalities are completely different from a few years ago. I don't want anything to do with it, and I'm pretty sure they all sold their souls for a couple dollars. A couple of dudes also made out in front of it as it was unveiled. I didn't attend though.

Satan is coming to take over the Earth after Putin and Obama's World War 3 devastates the planet, WW3 will be the catalyst for the New World Order and Satan being worshiped as the world's one religion.

Please; Obama hasn't done anything against Putin yet and at this rate, it's unlikely he ever will.

also isnt strange that it was unveiled on the day bobbi krisitina died.i dont believe in coincidences.whitney houstons child sacrificied.

Dear Lord Jesus, Bless it!

It's crazy how people don't find the statue unpleasant or so out-of-place at all. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it.