Revealing Pictures From 1972 Rothschild Illuminati Ball


On 12/12/72 Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, member of the most powerful elite family in the world, held a Surrealist Ball at Château de Ferrières, one of the family’s gigantic mansions. While these events are usually extremely secretive, photographs of this particular Ball surfaced on the web. In short, it is a mix of an “Eyes Wide Shut”-style masked ball mixed with a Lady Gaga-style pop video. I’m not even kidding. Indeed, behind the fun and games, these pics reveal the underlying ideology and the mind state of the occult elite  – which is apparently also used in the countless MK/Illuminati theme music videos discussed on this site.

The invitation was written in reverse and required a mirror to be read. Inversion is a big deal in pseudo-satanic mind state.

The invitation is written in reverse. It required a mirror to be read. Inversion is a big deal in a pseudo-satanic mind state.


The Château de Ferrières was lit in red to make it appear as if it was on fire. This shot is almost identical to the Summerton Estate in Eyes Wide Shut where the masked ball took place.

The Château de Ferrières was lit in red to make it appear as if it was on fire. Scenes from Roman Polanski’s movie about Satan “9th Gate” were filmed there. In “Eyes Wide Shut”, the occult ritual takes place in another Rothschild mansion, Mentmore Towers in the UK.


Guy in multiple-faced mask. A similar mask is seen in Eyes Wide Shut (was the movie inspired by Rothschild rituals?).

A guest wearing multiple-faced mask. A similar mask is seen in Eyes Wide Shut (was the movie inspired by Rothschild balls?). Did this ball “devolve” into the debauchery depicted in the movie?


Lots of birdcages everywhere.

Lots of birdcages everywhere.





The host is dressed with a giant horned head.

The host is wearing a giant horned head. How appropriate.


These pop stars are not the first ones wearing horns all over the place.

Baphomet welcomes you.


Salvador Dali with a very weird image of Marilyn Monroe behind him. She died 10 years before that event. Strange way to portray her.

Salvador Dali doing his Dali face in front of his famous depiction of Mae West.


Lady Gaga is probably dying to wear on of those.

Lady Gaga is probably dying to wear one of these.



On the diner table are dolls that are dismembered or with a shattered skull. This imagery is also prevalent in countless music videos. Its all about the occult elite's MK culture.

On the diner table are dismembered dolls and cracked skulls. This imagery is also prevalent in countless music videos. Its all about the occult elite’s MK culture.


A mannequin-cadaver type thing.

A mannequin-cadaver type thing on the diner table.


Not quite sure what that is.

Not quite sure what that is.



    • I know this is off subject but ive been told the powers that be will put 322 in whatever they want to put their mark on.I went on the younger bro.facebook boston bombing when it was discovered they may be involved and on the very top of page was a video… him in car with friends doing different language impersonations I think the length was 322 and you could tell it was cut off he wasn't through with skit.probably gone now.

    • This shows you how you ca be manipulated. So they had a weird costume party. I don't see anything sickening or disturbing in any of these photographs. But as long as you are told that evil things must have been going on, you happily accept this without question. I do believe that these powerful families are in control, I do believe you will find selfish greedy sociopaths among such people, but this article alone doesn't prove anything other than rich people have extravagant parties. Eyes wide shut? Because they wore strange masks this means they had a m'k ultra sex orgy later in the evening? Some of you people have lost the ability of critical thinking it seems.

      • I guess we draw the conclusions by the fact that all of the imagry, costumes, center pieces and location seem to be on par with the other examples VC breaks down. Can you tell me you honestly think it is "normal" to have dismembered baby dolls as a center piece? I mean, I guess if this was a Halloween party I would agree with you.

      • Actually I am an artist and I have used baby doll parts and similar objects as what is shown here. I must be an m'k ultra slave and just don't know it. I am also really into doll houses. I am also really into eyes, hands, a variety of symbols. This has been true my whole life. Right now above the door of my business is a painting of a hand with an eye in the palm. By the way my grandfather was a 33 degree Mason. I'm not going to be afraid. what's the use? What are any of you doing other than sitting there at your computer imagining and visualizing the orgies which the elite are having. Don't you think there is something inherently wrong with that? Since you've never been to one, you can only imagine it. It is your mind which you are offended by. Stop worrying about freaky parties and orgies that may or may not have happened. There are plenty of real and proven beyond a shadow of a doubt scenarios that require attention. It's ALL BULL$#%¥!

      • Kurosaki Ichigo on

        I totally agree with you! People should worry about real problems that are affecting the world presently. Talking about things with no actual conclusive proof will get us nowhere.

      • Because I said so on

        if this is petty to you or you feel we are " conspiracy theorists" then why the hell are you on this sight??? Clearly this is not for sheeple like you. And you speak of us having nothing better to do?? Shouldn't you have something to do, like idk…being an artist SOMEWHERE else where your opinion is not needed, instead of trolling the damn websites bashing our beliefs???
        You probably are a Rothschild your damn self!!!
        Damn troll!!

      • Those masks are representations of the Egyptian God of the Dead Thoth/Hermes. He is a very important God in the occult world. He is known as Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice Great) which is why he is shown with three faces. He is the triple God of esoteric gnostic knowledge, the hidden occult world. So yeah, there is something to it! These people who worship him are the ones that we talk about that perform these sexual rites.

    • I'm pretty sure they're turtles, I found out that there is quite a bit of symbolism linked to turtles, just look it up.

      "A great deal of mythology exists in regard to the turtle. In the Far East, the shell was a symbol of heaven, and the square underside was a symbol of earth. The turtle was an animal whose magic united heaven and earth. The turtle is a creation of nature that carries its round shell over the ground, like heaven, and has a flat bottom, like earth. […]
      In the West, early Christians didn't like turtles, and they viewed them as symbolizing evil forces during war. In Greece, turtles were once believed to be citizens of hell. "

      • Really you do not want to see that movie. I did once, because the tv-host forgot to mention there are very disturbing scenes in that movie. Physical and mental abuse, torture, just plain horror. There seems to be a symbolism in it that refers to the political situation in italy in the last century. And as readers of this site might know, various references to the Elite.

        Only if you can stand to watch some very sickening situations of abuse and killing of youths!
        The director got killed . And the supposed killer has said that he was not the only one involved…..

      • It's not that bad of a movie actually? I don't know, I watched it when I was like 12 and just found it to be really, REALLY boring and somewhat obnoxious with a bit of symbolism here and there, though I suppose I was too young to appreciate it then (and probably still am seeing as how that was just like, a year ago)
        The book was pretty good, though.
        And to anyone who didn't know, there's a part where they eat feces at a dinner table, hence the comment asking if the original comment about feces was referring to Salo. 😛

      • Really, are we talking about the same movie? Must be, as you reference the diner-scene.. Did you see the full movie with the boys dancing and watching torture and killing ?? The word boring never came up in my head anyway.. Nausea, and the sickingen thought, that people are watching it and seeing it as amusement, was just another added level of unpleasantness. (Not in reference to you, by the way.)

        Cat, we are so very different. The tone your comment makes in my perception, is that you are desensitised, but as i do not know you , i hardly dare write that. And, wow, 12 years old. Although, that might be the clue to my psycholigical perception?

      • Yeah, I watched the full film??
        Different things bother different people I guess, and like I said, I was/am probably too young to fully understand the film, so that probably contributed to not really being bothered by it that much as well as other factors, but yeah. I just don't really find a bunch of young adults going through a bunch of sexual and mental abuse to be v. entertaining, even though from my understanding the film was also commentary on some political matters.

      • I also thing it is a matter of age. When you become older or a parent yourself things will become different for you.

      • I have to disagree. Young adults my age are far beyond any other kids ever were from previous generations. Nothing amuses us or scars us anymore. You can call it being "desensitized" but I call it being fearless. Also, Mr.Ddd, does that stand for dad? I think I may have daddy issues.

      • I am glad you have your humor on your side:-). And no, the name wasn't meant like that. But you are free to associate with it..As for the fearless, i call it misson complete for fluoride.

      • hermiticwonderer on

        exactly…mission complete to produce whole generations of children who do not flinch at the acts of murder, rape & peodaphilia.
        being "far beyond" is no longer a good thing.

      • Well remembered! Salo, the Pasolini film deserves an article here in VC! Shows the elite and their "fetishes" modus operandi. Sick film!

    • The turtles could be more about symbolism. If I recall correctly, they lay their eggs at night. I would say this is very much how the elite like to work.

  1. strawberry yogurt on

    Wow, I didn't even know Inversion a big deal in a pseudo-satanic mind state.
    Oh so that's why Rihanna had a tattoo written in reverse. I remember specifically it was called "Rebel Fleur". Ok it makes alot of sense now!

    • Actually her reversed tat says "never a failure, always a lesson". Her "rebelle fleur" she later got tattood on her neck and then came out with a fragrance with a similar name, promoted with the tagline "bad feels so good". Either way, the heavily occult theme of her tats, particularly the Egyptian influence, let's us know definitively know who she's working for…

    • Michael Lester on

      I'm sure you know that centuries ago,witches used to write letters to victims they would want to curse & write the whole incantation backwards.

    • I believe it is Audrey Hepburn. Look up some other photos of her from that time period and you'll see you are correct. Don't know why someone else thinks she looks like an ugly Jew. Kinda ugly comment, really.

      Movie stars look just like regular people in snapshots without the highly paid hair and makeup artist, lighting and photography. Don't be misled by the smoke and mirrors. That's what they want so you will feel inferior to the "stars". I know cuz I've met meany of them in "real" life.

      And for those who think a star like Audrey Hepburn wouldn't be at a party like this, think again. The "stars" have always had their masters.

      • It is Audrey – she has Nazi origins but as you may know, the underlying philosophies of the Nazis and the Ashkenazim are pretty much in sympathy with one another. Why do you actually believe Audrey was better than any of the others? She is an icon who gained a new lease of life after death so much like Marilyn, lives on and on. The character which she was most famous for depicting Holly Golightly, created the blueprint for how most young people at a certain stage of their life should (and do) behave and the subtle hints dropped about how she financed that lifestyle (the powder room, relationships of convenience, spying on lovers) strongly references at least one type of programming as well as glitches in her programming (when she goes beserk and trashes the room, other random acts of irrationality) . Vig could write at least one article on that film alone. She made it excusable, even loveable, to be aimless, reckless, hedonistic, relinquish one's identity like one would discard an empty bag. But of course, we all love her because who says we are completely deprogrammed ourselves.

      • I think the fact that she was all of those things, aimless, reckless, hedonistic, is more because of the time at which the film came out. It was aimed at young people who were rebelling against the rigid morality of the 1950s. But as I recall, I don't remember her being reckless exactly. I do remember her being confused about who she was as all young adults are. I'm not sure what you mean by relinquish her identity, she moved to the city and got a different accent but still remembered her family if I remember correctly.

      • It was aimed at young people who were rebelling against the rigid morality of the 1950s.

        Yes, but have you researched how this and other mass demonstrations of rebellion actually came about in the way they did and who was pulling the strings every time?

      • The rock'n'roll movement, feminism, counterculture – who was funding these, who were the early, key participants and in almost every case, what did their parents do for a living?

      • Blues is obviously the origin of rock and roll and if blues was born from Robert Johnston's encounter with the devil at the crossroads of highway's 61 and 49 then you know that Bowie is right in identifying it as the 'devil's music'.
        Sift through your CD collection and see how many artists manage to slip the word 'crossroads' into the lyrics at some point or mention certain numbers (61,49,9 eleven) or include key words (rain, rainman, cure, addressing praise to an unknown person where it does not completely make sense contextually etc etc.). Even I have not completely deciphered it.
        Even putting backmasking/blessing the master copy aside completely, witch language functions on two levels and most rock and roll lyrics are written in witch language either partially or entirely. Elton John has admitted that he has never written a song that was not in witch language as have many others. I could write an article on it.

      • You quoted that from John Todd. Do you have any other sources where you have heard similar claims that weren't influenced by him? I haven't found any so far and even though there was evidence (a lot of generalisations too) that he was a sham, a lot of stuff he said lines up with what really happens.

      • Well, I have been told by two musicians from prominent bands signed to big labels in the Industry that they have been inside the temple rooms for this purpose – they were happy to oblige because that is also their religion. Obviously, I can't be as specific as I would like but in one case, it is disguised behind a wall in the room which most people would think were the toilets full of black mirrored tiles and some of the mirror tiles are actually 2 way mirrors although most people would not actually check every tile.

      • No I wouldn't if one of those people meant a great deal to me. I would never put them in the frame, even indirectly.

      • Well, for example, I could come out with something along the lines of 'Mick's muzak contains the words A,B,C at times…' but that would only serve to boost your publicity and lead more people away from God, so I try to avoid going down that route – what do you say?

      • amaryllis,……Have you seen the 2001 film Josie and the Pussycats??, about a girl band being signed to a record label and the CEO of the label makes them put subliminal messages in their videos and a government agent is also working with the CEO, there is a deeper meaning of the film as we know what John Todd says about the Record labels and the music industry and what they do to the master copies……..Also interesting you said they were black mirrored tiles because aren't black mirrors used for scrying?

      • No I haven't seen it Blu. I have only watched a lot fewer films during my life than most people. Certainly less than thirty. I know some of the big directors though including a few inhabitants of the Holy Wood. All I will say is that they are bigger culprits than music producers. They are really the ones to look out for – they can be just awful. You often see people cutting their teeth in music before progressing to film after they have earned their stripes – rarely the other way round.
        I do believe that black mirrors tie into rituals used in several programming methods.

      • amaryllis, woah ive just found out right this minute (I saw the the slide frame on the homepage) that there is an article on here about Josie and the p-u-s-s-y cats…..weird

      • Interesting, thanks, I'm curious about that film now. Btw, I think the kid who wrote the latest Miley article pulled it yesterday as some posters were personally attacking him/her and saying it was not good enough for this w/s

      • Hey BluBoy, yes they were apparently but I feel afraid to really dig it as I would not want those people to know taht I am conveying details about their lives on here. They get crazy paranoid about things like that, just saying.

      • amaryllis, Interesting you mentioned black mirrored tiles, because aren't black mirrors used for scrying? hmmm….

      • God forbid women stand up for their rights! God forbid people get to choose NOT to believe in God the same way as you or at all. As if only people who believe in Jesus are moral and value goodness. Christians strike me as being one step away from extremist Muslims at times. You may not want to kill all the non believers but they sure do negate everyone else's choices if those choices are not in alignment with Christian beliefs. Oh- and rock and roll destroyed the moral fiber of the country because young people wore skirts and danced to that devil music.

        Does it not occur to you people that just because something is different, doesn't align with your perceptions, this doesn't automatically equate evil?

        Borderline personality disorders everywhere!!

      • Yes, it does occur to us. However, just because you may not see it as evil doesn't mean it isn't. Has that occured to you?

      • In Breakfast at Tiffany's she was basically a call girl/beta slave. Then she falls in love with a male beta. That's the premise of the movie. She also spied in WW2 and danced private ballet for the elite as a young girl. Danced rpivate ballet also suggests she was used by the elite sexually as ballet was originally a sexual dance once women began to be involved. It was essentially created so wealthy men could enjoy upskirt in the 19th century. Those ballerinas were also sexual toys on the side for rich counts and princes. Audrey ended her life trying to save starving children in Africa. I want to see that as commedable but knowing Europes relationship to Africa, and now KNowing Audrey's other associations it gives me the creeps. If you google it, there are a lot of other pics of her with G. Rothschild not just at this party.

      • All fact, and we are only touching the tip of the iceberg. Her husband Dr Dotti was actually one of her handlers

      • also "my fair lady"..she'd dropped from an naive of spontaneously jovial (child like) to a high society confined reborn "Butterfly", what a perfect MK-ultra mind control manual.

      • Her movies also promoted the burgepning diamond racket. Before Rhodes invaded Africa
        diamonds werent nearly the commodity they are today. They used Hollywood to promote it, with Hepburn being one of the main promoters.

        Weird coincidence, while reading these comments I'm also reading a novel that went off on a rant about Hepburn. Completely random synchronicity.

      • Yes, but I do think that she tried to redeem herself towards the end of her life by giving back to Africa in her own way. I think having Sean and Luca made her a better person.

      • yes it is audrey hepburn, im gobsmacked as I was brainwashed by her image of high morals.. ive just seen a pic of her and helena de rothchild at a race track in paris from 1966.. maybe she was a beta kitten

    • Just like Marilyn is not allowed to die because she lives on through Lindsay, Anne-Nicole, Madonna, Gwen, Scarlett in the same way, Audrey goes on and on through Lily Collins, Natalie Portman and so on. This extends the power of the programming as the beauty (or ugliness) of it is that it creates so much synergy that the phase of programming a human being is probably the shortest in the end, yet most researchers get bogged down by this idea of a patient lying on a couch stuffed full of electrodes.

    • That's because it IS Audrey Hepburn. And the fourth picture of the other woman in a birdcage is Marissa Berensen, a model and actress (Cabaret) and the gransdaughter of the designer Elsa Shiperalli.

  2. what's the saying that history always repeats itself. everything these satanic elite & their puppets do has already been done. their job is to keep the masses focused on their agenda but the only dif. now is that we are living in times where we MUST choose a side and stand strong. b4 they would try to hide things & now they feel like they have enough cattle to fight against the children of the ALL MIGHTY LORD YESHUA(JESUS). we are on full force spiritual warfare! all this music, art, clothing, etc…etc…is to desensitize people so it all looks "normal" but it's far from that. I pray the Wisdom & Knowledge & Guidance of our LORD upon all of us who carry HIS HOLY LIGHT! Peace in the name of JESUS. never stop seeking the truth……

    • I went to a lady gaga concert n had a blast. I like her. But afterwards I read about her n skip songs now n pray for forgiveness for liking her. I don't listen often anymore. I feel sinful. But we r sinners n almost all music is satanic. Thinking of finding a Christian station now. I don't know.

      • the important thing is now you know!! So don't kill yourself with guilt because God would not want that-just apologize in prayer and move on from the filth. Believe it or not there are a few very hip Christian singers-my favorite is the band Third Day. There is also alot of good anti-illuminati rappers, if thats your music. It is hard because alot of Christian music-well the lyrics are good but the beats are lacking. But there are a few great ones out there-you could at least fill up a cd or two to listen to. I have

      • Not sure if you're a metal fan, but bands like Extol and Living Sacrifice make some of the finest metal music around, with a Christian message. Heavy music with a heavy message. Check 'em out

      • Listen to John Todd talk about rock music on youtube. The audios of him are reportedly from the 70's and he was supposed to have disappeared shortly after making them. He claims to have been born into the illuminati and reveals secrets of his family and acquaintences. I don't know if it's true but I do know the man sounds very logical, believable and sincere. It's worth hearing.

      • John Todd was discredited but for me he is legit. After revealing things about the elite he mysteriously disappeared.

      • In my opinion he was discredited but a lot of stuff he said correlates to things we now know.

        And the amazing thing that should prove God is real and his love is forever is being able to listen to worldy music all the time, the the moment you find The Lord nothing you used to do or listen too is attractive anymore. Even if you tried to listen to it somthing inside you just says no.

        When you're filled with the Holy Spirit and the light of Jesus demons flee. Don't condemn yourself because God has already forgiven you. Just keep your eyes on the prize, your spirit will guide you to what's right and wrong even if you dont understand it

      • I believe what his claims were. When I listened to him it was my introduction to everything. He will earn a crown in heaven for helping save my own soul.

      • John Todds wiki paints him out to be such a horrid person but you have to wonder why. I can just imagine what they do to records…what they do now might be a different process but theres def still crap in those tunes that junk up your head, regardless of the magic.

      • I can't listen to any pop music anymore. i think even Christian rock is bad. I listen to classical, jazz, show music… no rock, pop, rap, or gaga, and i liked her, too.

        this is really real. You have to choose a master and me and my house will follow YEHUSHUA.

        On the good side, soon, we will get to be plucked out of this hellhole. Let those who choose evil revel in it while they can. All we can do is pray for them, and try to educate the blind sheep following along into perdition and doom.

    • wisdom & knowledge from god…..lmfao dont u remember god does not want u to have knowledge hence the reason not to eat the apple from the tree of life. i agree with u but leave that god crap alone

      • darkness comes on

        Randall, i agree. Lucifer is the true God of humanity, and he cares about his people quite a bit more than the imposter who claims to be our Lord. I admit that i envy the elites for their wisdom and knowledge about the Dark Side.

    • I can't believe how people on this page are so religious when religion itself was an ultimate government propaganda/apparatus to control the masses. This isn't about god vs evil.

      • Yeah, I'm completely baffled by the way people immediately turn to organized religion to soothe them when they get spooked by the idea of being controlled. It is and always will be the opiate of the masses. I was really interested in this Illuminati stuff when I began reading, but all the hypocritical Bible-thumping in the comments has totally turned me off. I'd rather listen to Lady Gaga than a self-righteous sermon from someone gobbling up the words of a pastor. It's pretty funny VC himself links to Fox News as a place to go if you can't handle the truth here — the community on this site would actually be just as comfortable over there.

      • Don't let the people who choose to talk religion turn you off. Religion has become almost a taboo in our culture. People aren't allowed to talk openly about it. I am religious but I can understand how you might not want to hear about it. But don't let that turn you away. Don't get mad at people for loving God and expressing it.

      • What is interesting to me is that people see all off this as an attack against Christianity, if this is all religious at all isn't there more questions to be asked? I feel like assuming ask if this is simply anti-Christian is a very shallow way to approach understanding the true agenda. There are more powers in this world than the Christian religions, how can anyone believe this is all just to go against Christianity?

      • Randall Schilling on

        Liz, do not watch TV. If no one watched it, there would be no Illuminati power so great to rule the world. They only have the power you give them. Read my book on Amazon. My whole spirit is within those pages. Entertainment should not be a sadistic affair.

    • Randall Schilling on

      You are so young to have acquired this knowledge. Your words are strong and defiant. I know there is much more you wish to say. I am a Christian myself. I see the things you see, but there is much more. That`s why faith is so important. We really do not have to worry with things outside our spirit. I was forced, as a child,into a world hardly believable. I have never commented on anyone`s writing before now. Read my book on Amazon if you care to absorb the danger in more knowledge. They will allow you to read the first few chapters for free. I also am a man crying out in the wilderness.

    • Yup. It's Audrey Hepburn. Good discussions about up top. It's hard to be a major Hollywood star without the approval of the elites. This is sad to realize…

    • I regret to say that really is Audrey Hepburn. As someone who loves her films and style, its disappointing to see her mingling with the Rothschilds but I think its important to remember that most famous actors and they are not necessarily members of the Illuminati and are willing participants. As VC pointed out, they are mere pawns and figureheads. The Surrealist Ball was just one of many balls Marie-Hélène de Rothschild hosted. Other celebrated balls included the Proust Ball in 1971 (a year before this one) and the Oriental Ball in 1969, the subject matter and themes not necessarily having anything to do with the occult. Judging by the comments and recollections about the balls, they seemed to fairly "harmless" events and was more of an excuse to party lavishly and extravagantly for the countess and her circle and to be featured in the society pages . It is interesting to note that while luminaries like Yul Brynner and Elizabeth Taylor frequented the balls, other famous people like Jacqueline Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis were snubbed. Of the balls, the Surrealist Ball was definitely the darkest themed and since we were not there, who knows if darker and debauched things went down that night. For me, it was a publicity stunt to distract the public from poking their noses into the other more clandestine affairs the other more higher ranking Rothschilds were involved in.

      For me, I'd rather that Audrey was a victim like her contemporary Marilyn. While the UN stinks like sh*t to high heaven, I believe she was genuinely concerned and compassionate about the children she visited and helped in the war torn countries she visited in Africa and Asia, as she was a war orphan.

      As for me, I continue to enjoy her films as I grew up with them. I love her style and by her own accounts, she was quite modest about what other people thought of her and was very uncomfortable with her own image, as she did not feel like she was ideal of feminine chic.

      I do no think there is anything wrong with watching her films or liking her in general. Based on some of the responses, it seems like its a crime or that your a dumb sheeple, mindless buffoon, etc., for even liking Marilyn, Audrey, etc., By that standard, we ought renounce our American citizenship since we use money with the all seeing eye on everyday and all that. Easier said than done, no? Just because I like Audrey Hepburn, watched Disney films as a kid, or ate chemically-infested food (I've stopped by the way) does not mean I swallowed up the red pill that is Illuminati infiltrated pop culture. There is nothing wrong with art, music, being famous, etc., but what the Illuminati have done to it is what makes it reprehensible and far from being enjoyable

      On a final note, Audrey's father was a Calvinist and while Audrey never professed to be a Christian, she knew perfectly well the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, etc. God and Satan (Lucifer), and it was ultimately between her and God on whether she reverted back to her childhood faith following her last years and UNICEF

      • We never see people like Brigitte Bardot or Alain Delon participate in such venues. Delon also expressed with sensible words his opposition to homophilia. Not in a homophobic, hateful way though.

      • ''Homophobic in a non-hatefull way''.
        Oh – how i would like to start capslocking a rude word right now.
        But i won't.

      • Anon…..Onassis and the Kennedy are two of the bloodlines that make up the "illuminati" (illuminati families)

      • I knew that lol but I just found it odd that they were left out of the fun and games. If important occultic sh*t going down during those balls which required all the members of the bloodlines and top-ranking elite to be present, I'm sure they would have been at the balls. Since they were not invited, it suggests to me that the balls were more of a social function / publicity stunt / bored,rich people partying like there's no tomorrow as Marie-Hélène de Rothschild wanted to be surrounded by the crème de la crème society and celebrity

      • Its because even within the illuminati families, there is huge competition and conflict with one another, they even betray and try and get one over on each other. Its not fine and dandy as we think it is

  3. It's like the richer they are, the more eccentric their taste becomes and the further away from decency & Christianity they stray!

      • Not surprised as they are usually nasty, greedy and concentrate on gratification of the flesh and other desires. Saying that many of the first Saints were coming from wealthy backgrounds, both males and females. There were quite a few that you can't even list them. But then again our era is at the bottom of the pit.

    • no Rissa, us poor people like weird things too. And guess what? I don't believe in the devil. I don't believe in the Vatican generates religious concepts, I don't engage in any form of churchianity. Some of us don't need religion to see what is happening around us.

      • At this point it is evident you do not know who Jesus is. That's too bad. He would love to know you. Try opening your mind to Christianity, not "religion." If you want to know the difference, it is out there for you to learn.

      • jesus was not his name. Christ is not a last name. I just love when people tell me I don't know who Jesus is. Do you know the abomination that maketh desolate? Do you know the mark of God which is referred to in Revelation? Seems if you have that mark you wouldn't have to worry about the mark of the beast. No offense but I'm not interested in eating Ezekiel 4 bread. But you can eat all you want to your hearts content,

      • I guess I don't understand your point. Jesus is the english translation of his name. He has many names, but it is the same person. You may know who Jesus is, but I meant you do not know who he is in the sense of a relationship. I may know of someone, but knowing them personally is different.

      • Jesus was just some cool Jew that walked around WARNING people of these cults and these lower astral entities that ruled them. Unfortunately, by the time his first students (the Gnostics) had begun to document what he had sad, they were already fighting over it. Most of the Gnostic materials were burned, anyway. Isnt that an odd coincidence?

        I think you know Mithras, not Jesus.

      • I think you need to do some research on apologetics. Each book in the Bible was chosen with specific requiremnents. They had to have been written by someone who knew Jesus during his lifetime, or their first generation offspring. The Gnostics did exist, but they weren't his diciples, they were a different group all together. Jesus came to give us the Good News. The Mithras argument is old and tired. It has been refuted.

      • Refuted, refused, approved, accepted – its all just words on a page to me. The winners have kept their history alive, so continue to read and accept what has been approved by them.

        Most truth, at one time or another, will be refuted.

      • C'mon… Art doesn't deserves to be judged in this way. Art is Art. Period. I remeber Hittler burning pieces of art that he and the nazis had considered "twisted" and "degenerated". Thumbs down for ya.

      • I never liked surrealism, it's a matter of taste. I was always into rennaissance so you can keep that and I can keep the other.

      • I agree with you that "Art is Art" but sometimes we have to look a bit deeper than what lies on the surface. If we idolize something too much, THAT should be a warning sign in and of itself. Why? Because we have to see who created the "art" piece. We have to see if they were insidious/sinister people. The only way to avoid all this paranoia (I have an iPhone, was Steve Jobs a decent person? I've watched an Alfred Hitchcock movie, was he who we think he was? etc etc) is to stop being so materialistic and addicted to all these pointless stuff. We need to remind ourselves that we are just ants/bees (have you guys noticed the sudden rise in the bee hive props used with entertainers? I was flipping through the channels on a Friday and saw the Ellen show have that then on a Saturday this guy was singing on a spanish-language network and saw the same background.) in their eyes. We must remember that the only thing that separates us from animals is the freedom of choice. If we didn't have a choice we'd be mating everyday and having children every nine months (in regards to women getting pregnant) like dogs, cats, etc do when they are in heat. I say all of this from personal experience, not because I am playing the "holier than thou" card. Everyday is a struggle. There are days when I don't even think about how selfish, lazy, and filthy minded I am but every other day that I do, I am thankful that I still have a conscience to bring me back to reality. Let's start with the basics (good thoughts, love, kindness, and generosity) then we can work our way up from there.

      • In the old days, art and magic were inseparable. Art was inherently talismanic, and still is to those in the know who produce it.

      • Dali was a great guy. For example, he refused to even see an art piece painted by a woman, based solely on her gender.

        Women are filth, so thumbs up for Dali.

    • That's the last thing I think about when see someone like Dali at one of these parties…im an artist, albeit not in Dali's class but nonetheless I know a sick scene when I see one and to praise Dali for his passion for dark imagery just for being in a photo with these Satan freaks is moronic…thats your typically dumb comment that this world doesn't need. He is with people who most probably fund terrorism and molest children. Try and look beyond the overblown cultural icon of Dali and see the sickness in these peopes actions.

  4. WOW – This is completely insane – and gross – and sad – and sick – and unbelievable – and pretty artistic in a sadistic way. I am both impressed with the costumes/masks and revolted by the gathering.

    • That's probably the reaction they were shooting for. I imagine Satan is happy with revolting people, yet the elite of the elite still participate in the debauchery. It's all about power and the lengths these evil people will go to for it. These rich and powerful people never tell about what a tough taskmaster their god is though.
      This "Eyes Wide Shut" kind of scenario also reminds me of ancient Roman gatherings depicted in the series "Spartacus," which always turned to orgies and sacrifice (with masks sometimes.) It's the rich and powerful doing whatever they want, including enslaving and killing the lesser people as a sacrifice to their gods. It's sick and I believe it's still happening.
      Ecc_1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

      • It's also what you were taught while you were growing up. If those around you teach you since birth that everything abnormal and decadent should be considered paramount and normal what are you supposed to do? We like it or not we are products of our envirnment more than anything else, we get influenced by others especially when we are infants or even young. That's why all the twisted individuals (Hitler and co) concentrate on misleading the malleable youngsters.

      • And that's why most religions baptise young family members as soon as possible…. And that's why there are religous schools too. Some others just blame secular, but please. All over the world indoctrination is a big thing.

      • I have to disagree with you. I was baptised when I was a few months old, nonetheless my visits to the church were always extremely limited and hardly forced even though my parent nowadays asks me if I went to the church and there is a religious holiday and it'd be good to go and fast and all this. Christians nowadays are very lukewarm in their faith and change religion at the drop of a hat. On the other hand other religious groups such as Jews and Muslims are very persistent. There is no way that they'd be wiling to change. The communities will ostracize you, isolate you. As to satanists, in that case they simply send you 2 metres under if you dare even to think about it. I do think the Christian communities are more tolerant than Muslims, Jews and the rest. However, I don't claim that the members are perfect and well behaved all the times. Tolerance and acceptance can be a vital part of their faith, you can hardly find Christians who will be willing to kill someone because of their faith or threaten you with death in order to persuade you to convert.

      • I see you point. But the killing, i think, is not in the name of religion, but because of the brainwashing people into killingmachines? Religion as i see it is overall corrupted, like the rest of mankind. But i do not see all believers, not all of society as corrupted, though. As a secular man, i wished there were more religious people focussing on the good, instead of letting them seduced by mind controllers acting as priests, popes, imams etc. into acts of violence, mental or physical. I don't know about the difference in tollerance between religions. All i know is, that i know a lot of christians who are not so holy behind their closed doors and curtains. But again, just like the rest of society.

      • Some priests might not be holy behind close doors which will affect only them unless they are trusted with kids. Everyone is responsible for their actions and themselves, so they will have to give an account for theirs. It doesn't really bother me how they behave nowadays as I don't trust them with something or someone. What I know is Christ is irrelevant to all that as He came to give and forgive. I am not willing to condemn Christ because some christians don't behave the way they should or because they get criticism from Christ's haters. Fair enough, christians have their own problems and you might find them/some of them irritating and dishonest. You have bad experiences with christians, however Christ is not responsible for christians' actions. If a priest is willing to promote violence, physical or mental, then he's an imposter who acts like a trojan horse and causes division. He'll be judged by some others powers for his actions, the same ones that will be judging the rest of us. Use your brain in that instance and remove yourself from this environment. You can't change people for what they are, accept what they are and if they are a bad influence on you simply move on.

      • If we want our own salvation, just stop worrying about what imams or priests or monks are doing. Just call out from the bottom of your heart to God, Allah, Yahweh, Whoever-Gave-Me-Life, lead me to Your Protection, to the Eternal Truth, whatever it may be. Then follow which religion that Higher Power leads you to, without bias. Maybe every religion has people that are corrupted, but that doesn't mean every *religion* itself is corrupted. And there is at least one religion whose sacred text remains unchanged by human hands to this day, a historical fact verified even by opponents of that religion. God wouldn't leave humanity with no guidance and Truth. So ask God and follow through with the response that comes in your heart, without bias. You might find that some (not all) of the things you consider indoctrination are in fact completely transparent to its followers, and are there only create a discipline that makes an individual STRONG enough to fight, and conquer, the evil powers that are being exposed on this website. Just like humans need physical exercise to make a strong body, maybe the spiritual soul needs it too. Why always assume that soul-fulfilling spiritual exercises could only be "rigidity" and "indoctrination"? You need to experience and research a bit more. Peace.

      • That is up to us if we are willing to hold True Faith. In the days pastors and churches wont help only real revelation of Jesus and close relationships with Him might deliver us.

  5. Please know that these parties still happen extremely regularly in France and Belgium (LA and London etc.). It would have been nothing out of the ordinary either then or now. It just happens to have attained folklore status in this case probably owing to the identity of the hostess.

    Real children are often present as well looking on from the sidelines at their parents and friends of parents. It does not seem particularly damaging at the time (is a bit like a big sleepover for the children and the masks are quite exciting) and of course, a lot of the sordid stuff happens after they have gone to bed and there are lots of 'staff' or mid-teenagers on hand to prevent children from seeing the EWS type stuff. The rumors about your father (or other relative) in the aftermath and arguments/hostility is where the real mindf**** happens. But that could happen within non-elite circles too and the elite love and dote on their children as much as any parent. They don't want to entertain the thought that their children will join them/take over from them/ even express interest or disgust one day. They kind of live in hope that it will all get overlooked and forgotten while they get carried away in the moment.

    I was the child hiding under the table at those parties and from a creative writing perspective, I gained a lot of inspiration and managed to baffle my teachers at school with my detailed descriptions!

    Btw, the adults all make it to church on Sunday morning. Just sayin'

    • Hmm…. makes me think of Alice in Wonderland and the fact that the author was rumoured to be a pedophile. Now re-read Alice in Wonderland as representing the perspective of a drugged child at a masked ball for the elite….I'm going to be sick.

      • No definitely mainstream church albeit in exclusive places such as Klosters and other wealthy-person's enclaves. Before you ask, yes, all the Jewish ones attended church as well. Just don't ask me why oin earth they would!

    • Why wouldn't they make it to Church and why would that prove anything? All the Abrahamic faiths worship the same Demiurge.

      • No, they don't. It may seem that way on the outside, but Allah is very different from Yahweh. God laid out his character in the Old Testament.

      • The New Testament was softened on purpose to change with the time and keep people enthralled…with the same exact entities/set of entities. Wolf in sheeps clothing is still a wolf.

      • I agree with Douglas Adams. The same trickster god that would leave something in the Garden of Eden and tell Adam and Eve NOT to touch OR ELSE it but then waits around for them to touch it is the same trickster god that will eventually catch you doing SOMETHING. What kind of a masochist would worship that?

        All the older material "proves" isn't truth – it just proves that the same entities have been around since Sophia fell, thinking they own the joint. "God" being one of them.

      • Allah just means God in Arabic. I'm Christian, and we call God Allah. It's also Allah in the Arabic translation of the Holy Bible.

    • The person who wrote this was a drugged child, who was probably seriously abused by these beings. And has no recollection of it (mk'd ). and the person who said about Alice in wonderland You hit the nail on the head! That makes a lot more sense

      • Wrong I'm afriad. You can be mk'ed without any drugs being involved and sometimes, seeing the trauma of others. I have never taken drugs (or been given them), legal or illegal or even had a drink so I have fully retained my own mind throughout my entire life. Could you say the same Jess? I think not. From your other posts, I can understand that you may not know much about these things so I will give you the benefit of the doubt but as I said, people love their own children very differently to how they relate to the rest of the world.

  6. The tiredness and lack of routine and need to conceal it from regular folk was harder than anything else. That is why I love having the chance to share on here without having to 'betray' anyone. At the end of the day, these are the people who have also provided love, warmth and a great lifestyle for their children in many respects. Like many others, it is possible to learn from their mistakes and never make those mistakes in your own life – as I have written elsewhere, I have always led a morally, righteous life and I am very proud of myself for it.

    • Sure people have many sides, just like the mask symbol of many faces, the occult people struggling inside and seems righteous and go to church on regular basis but there at night their ritual and party are different… and killing people its not right, there is no such thing as reincarnation, and satan is the deceiver

      • They only kill animals and birds, you get rich psychos who might kill people but they are probably outnumbered by regular ones who do the same

      • True but killing humans is obviously a big step up, no?They learn to shoot game from a very young age, take pride in displaying the heads and roasting huge beasts on their huge fires during their gatherings. It drove me to vegetarianism for many years. I recall one sicko who forced the bloodied head of a big animal onto a domestic cat and they fell about laughing while the children around shrunk in disgust. When you are in those families, weird things like that are part of everyday life and everyone is OTT, exaggerated, larger than life and trying to outdo their friends. For me, as a child witnessing this, I can barely remember a night when I was not abnormally frozen with fear at bedtime if I had to sleep alone – I have only lost some of that fear in the last couple of years actually and even then, not completely. I was the girl at college always happy to have friends couch surfing, not because I was extremely generous but just to get a good night's sleep myself. As a mom, I like to keep my children close too for my own peace of mind.

      • Holy cow on the cat on

        Yikes!!!! That sucks. The worse ull get at my family gathering is my drunk uncle sleep on the porch. The cat was safe from a real life animal head being attached to it. Gosh HELL is far worse then those parties though. It's no comparison. They laugh at the silly roastings but when they roast no one will be laughing at all!!

      • Aaww,… amaryllis you sound like you have been through so much and are a lovely person. Love that your children are in the front of your mind, that's the way it should be. I had terrible experiences as a child and my children are my world, they have all turned out well, happy, good friends, and life is treating them well. Blessings x

      • Thanks seiva, I try, I guess every soul has it's challenges. I live a very sedate life by choice – I certainly never partook of all that in my own right but I can't do the usual evenings out either – I feel the need to keep away from darkness in every sense. I never attended a single college party in my time, I have never been to a disco or a nightclub though my friends report back in great detail. I see it as the same.

        It is very strange because I have always been drawn to saving souls of people in the only world I really know well and I have friends in the Industry whom I know really well but I would never attend their concerts or listen to their music.

        My children have rarely been out after dusk either. It always signified so much during childhood. Even among sibling, we talked about possession and ritual and the devil every single day of our childhood (though never outside of our circle of course).

      • I don't know about you amaryllis, what I know is we used to be out in nightclubs and parties when we were very young and were never occupied with possession and similar discussions. You had a different youth methinks.

      • I have attended parties and nightclubs. I've seen friends of mine completely change when they are attending and even more when they are drinking or doing drugs. Doesn't that display a BIT of a negative connotation to it? Both are like a big orgy filled with people who unleash their demonic (they will say "free-spirited") side and use it as an excuse to "let loose". It makes me sad to think people change so much from the hs – college years scare you just because it is the "thing you do". Sounds like a load of rubbish/programming to me. On a side note, doesn't it scare you guys how attached we can get to fictional characters? I am currently watching 'Scandal' that's why I brought it up.

      • people change so much from the hs – college years scare you just because it is the "thing you do. Edit: people change so much from the hs – college years because it is the "thing you do"

      • It's offensive that you write "drove me to vegetarianism" as though that's really extreme or a symptom of psychological damage, when in fact it's an ethical lifestyle and a sign of an intelligent and perceptive mind. It also implies that you have now returned to eating flesh, which would mean you was never really a vegetarian in the first place. It's an identity, not a diet choice. So please educate yourself before bastardising our word.


        Regarding your experiences, I've strongly noticed that the Powers That Be promote cruelty towards animals as a means of de-sensitising people and making them mindless and obedient. They promote it so much that it's normalised and people don't even see it as cruelty any more, and anyone who has a stance against it is heavily criticised as "self-righteous" or "preachy" – even though most of us don't even dare to talk about such things. I've been a vegan for 8 years and still haven't "come out" to most of my friends, because I just don't want people to start on me.

        I strongly advise all VC's to ignore all the misinformation the media and the authorities have ever taught you, and go vegan. It gives you so much mental clarity and enables you to always see the woods for the trees :) The only negative is that you get discriminated against, but the remedy to that is to remain "in the closet" 😀

      • Don't take offence as none was intended. You are not the first vegan I have come across who has gotten defensive about dietary choices. I know a few raw foodists who knock the vegan diet on so many counts so I guess there is always someone going one better. However, it is very different to arrive at those choices happily through careful and considered thinking. I never. I was shocked into it so it was a reaction to a trauma which I hope has now passed. In any case, I was borderline eating disordered for many years prior to that as well as during that vegetarian phase and immediately after so food (and food identity issues) was definitely not something I would have thought much about. I taught myself how to cook (my mother couldn't teach me as she had been raised in a household with chefs etc.) and I have substituted out of it to set a good example to my children eat but I am still on the fence wrt it all.

      • Hey Squish, I relate! Your phenomenally healthy, not hurting animals/the planet/your body and YOU'RE the freak! How is that even….?
        Anyhoo, a word of encouragement -I just attended a big business luncheon and being the only Vegan at the table I can tell you I was the least pain in the butt there. The Paleo girl was just sacrificing her soul not to eat the hummus, the gluten sensitive man had it the hardest and watching someone eat a cheese burger without a bun was a bit disturbing. The worst part was that all of these people were lovely people being misled in an unhealthy direction and I just want to rip off my clothes and scream "who let the 41year old super model in?!!". Results speak for themselves. I'm happy, healthy and totally fulfilled. I only want to spread that and share in the feeling of really being alive and in harmony w/our amazing nature we came from. Yay!

    • Evil…sordid…selfish…elitist…ye, im sure they show love to their own. That means nothing when their kind sponsor terrorism around the world and are responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent children. How about they turn their attentions to thinking how their TRILLIONS of Dollars can stop this…oh sorry, they need all their cash to look after their kids and fund corrupt banks. I will keep in mind how loving they are to each other and how they attend church on Sunday. They have a soul…thanks for letting us all know that.

    • Yeeeesssss, last week in pinterest i found one board with her photos and there was two with covered eye. Then i started to think that probably it is the same old and now there is no doubts.

  7. I've said this here before, but occultists Austin Osman Spare and Kenneth Grant both explicitly referred to surrealism as code for the derangement of the senses that occurs when a magickal traveller braves the Abyss, the liminal space that leads to the Qliphoth, the dark side of the Tree of Life in kabbalah. There's an interesting book called Surrealism and the Occult that also has more info about the connections between the art movement and occult ideas.

    • Your's is the first comment that explains where the pop culture craze for all things illuminati-satanic came from. I know I had seen it before, but where? Then it clicked with photo Salvadore Dali, posing with his Marilynn Monroe piece and your comment of "surrealism as code for the derangement of the senses that occurs when a magickal traveller braves the Abyss". So Gaga and the rest are not so original as they are promoted to be.

      • I'm glad you found it helpful. Kenneth Grant was a protege of Aleister Crowley, and wrote a lot about Crowley's beliefs and his own. He founded his own branch of occult philosophy, the Nu Isis Lodge, of which artist Austin Osman Spare was a member. Crowley got his ideas from the Golden Dawn and other occult groups, and he was especially fascinated by Egypt, the Yezidi people of the Near East and the Dravidian cults in India and Sri Lanka, which are all possibly culturally connected. These men were pursuing something Grant called the Typhonian current, a primal religion involving the Son and Mother, expressed as Set and Typhon. Grant's books are mostly out of print but there are some PDF's online. The kabbalah is probably originally from a much older Near Eastern culture than the Judaic Semitic one, and the Abyss is connected to the goddess Inanna and her descent into the Underworld. I learned a lot of this because I was so confounded by trying to figure out what the Illuminati religion really is that I couldn't let it go, and had to read some very weird stuff to try to figure it out. I'm nothing if not stubborn.

      • PS – The most lucid explanation I have seen is that the "Illuminati" or whatever they are are the descendants of a Canaanite tribe who never accepted the worship of Yahweh and continued with a syncretic (culturally composite) old religion of the Near East. The other more out there explanation is that they are the Nephilim, the descendants of the fallen angels and ancient humans. This would also put their origin in the region of Canaan. There are also theories that they are aliens, human-alien hybrids, extradimensional beings, or descendants of advanced races that lived on Earth before modern humanity, possibly in Atlantis.

      • fleurdamour: You make an interesting observation regarding their descendants..
        Personally, I believe they are from Qayin (Cain), who murdered his brother Hebel (Abel). If one takes the time to read the genealogy of Adam, you will not find Qayin (Cain) mentioned??? So, who's seed is he from, and them?

    • fleurdamour, I totally agree with you. The Qliphoth refers to the reverse side (occult forces) of the Tree of Life, which is called the Tree of Death. This side represents the evil or demonic forces of the Qliphoth and then you have the opposite (duality), which is supposed to be the divine forces of the Sephiroth, from the Tree of Life.

      This is where a lot of photo shoots in high fashion magazines, music videos, ad campaigns, commercials, etc. get their inspiration from (& that includes inspirations from visions/dreams, apparitions, while in drug induced alters etc). Say for e.g. Lady Gaga is number one for pushing this aspect today, but of course she wasn't the first.

  8. thelaughingwiseman on

    To be honest, I think these are just a bunch of socialites just having fun. There seems to be nothing sinister going on in that time. Not like the meeting of the influential people in Bilderberg group. Not all things are bad or are a means to a terrible end for us. A great read none the less. Keep up the great research and articles.

    • Well, you are speaking in the post Gaga era where we are far too desensitised to actually take offence. Hedonism has always gone hand in hand with the greater evil – take the French Revolution, the Nazis, Gadaffi (apparently), Bohemian Grove. You can't bring about bloody decisions without ritual and ritual is never a sterile affair i'm afraid as the magick requires certain elements to combine and 'give rise' to events.

      • thelaughingwiseman on

        What is wrong with people celebrating their culture? That's how these people (Rothechild's and their socialites) interact. And you lumping different incidents and people together is just playing paranoia. There is a difference between knowing what is going on and opinion.

        Besides one person's perception of "evil" can mean considered "good" for another person in another culture.

      • Polanski the man has always been far more weirder than all his works put together. He was a Laurel Canyon guy, his involvement with Charles Manson has always been disregarded. Remember that lawsuit brought by the mother of an underage girl whom he exploited sexually and the reluctance to extradite him. Along with Woody, he is top-level protected Holy Wood Illuminati.

      • What is it with the term Laurel Canyon? It keeps being mentioned in these posts. Also, Woody as in Woody Allen or who? Further explanations would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

      • Laurel Canyon is a place outside of Hollywood, where a village is built. In that vilage something happened what atrackted several militairy families come in from all over the USA to live and work in the area. The funny thing is, a lot of those families would have children that became a lot of the most famous people in the music business as well as the hippy movement of movies. And a lot of those people died in strange circumstances, after living lives at the top of the entertaiment industry – all be it with drug addictions and dead dropping friends combined with regular setting fire to houses, it seems. The area is still very hot in business and some of the villagers even more. If they are not dead that is. Although things changed a little ofcourse.

      • Laurel is also a reference to the plant used by the ancient Oracles to induce a hypnotic state. There is also a movie (I can't remember the name at this moment) that was filmed in Laurel Canyon involving occult themes and ritual sacrifice. For the life of me I can't remember the name of it. Dang it!

      • The movie is to lead away too much attention from the real history and the real occupants of the area?

      • What's wrong, is that their "culture" celebrates rule of the worlds financial system and conglomeration of the wealth for one elite group…THEMSELVES… the expense of the rest of us. Helloooo??!?! …Illuminati 101?? Why is it so hard for some people to put all of this together and realize that something is very wrong here. Why are there always apologists like yourself coming in to deny it??? So WEIRD!!!

      • what sort of culture puts broken baby dolls on the table??? I think you don't know the difference between right and wrong.

    • Of course, I'm sure mimicking eating a woman's corpse and shattered babies heads are all just innocent fun and games. …Sod Off!

      • Not even Sherlock Holmes is that good. You can't take a couple pictures and say nothing sinister happened there. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't. But the fact is, we're looking at maybe 6 milliseconds outta maybe 6 hours, and maybe 6 rooms out of a hundred. All we can conclude is that the party is creepy as fuck.

      • That, and the fact that this family practically runs the world's financial debt mechanism….But oh, no they're good people. Nothing sinister there at all………HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • laughingwiseman: These ARE members of the Bilderberg group! The ones who are not are puppets (such as politicians, hollywood type wannabe's, etc.) who are there for their amusement! We, as members of the "peasantry" are also here on earth for their amusement. My Preble ancestors from County Kent, England were all members of the Free Masons, which is another "secret society" for the wealthy elite. The Preble reign lasted for several hundred years before descendents lost all wealth (money & power), and yet the Preble beliefs, self-rightous attitudes, and lack of morals still exist to this day. They too still made it to church every Sunday!
      The Bilderberg group; the wealthy elite; The Illuminati; the worldwide banking cartel; you can label them whatever you would like. They are all the same people; the top 1%. These are the people who control all of the banks (worldwide); the medical schools; the pharmaceutical companies since 1948; non-profits like the American Cancer Society, the AMA; chemical companies, such as Monsanto; most of the media outlets in the US; Wall Street; the Federal Reserve; FDA, USDA, EPA, the Presidency, most of the US Congress, and the US Supreme Court! Just to name a few. Check it out, there's a lot of research out there now from different sources for it not to be true!

    • Yes they are just having fun wearing masks of Hermes Trismagistus the Thrice Great God (hence the triple face mask) who happens to be a representation of the Egyptian God of the Dead Thoth/Hermes who is venerated by the occult world including Crowley! And not to mention the masks resembling Saturn representing the God Saturn (Saturnalia). The bird cages representing carrier pigeons (mind controlled couriers). Geez at least do SOME research. Do I have to do it all for you?!

    • agreed. as an artist myself, surrealism was just an interesting and innovative movement for me. dali is one of my favorite painters. surrealism was more about irreverence imo then some evil occult stuff. im a big fan of VC but i dont see anything really creepy about these pictures (except the dismembered baby dolls).

      people have costume parties. i dont think thats inherently evil. its the same as playing dress up when youre a kid. people like some forms of escapism.

  9. Kabbalah is (and always was) the main esoteric faith BUT it is the one we hear the least about. I see more and more subtle references to it creeping into videos and it is hugely significant but being a pay-per-degree of 'enlightenment' deal (much like scientology), wider dissemination of it's knowledge seldom happens.

    • Very interesting yet I don't understand why the elite carry on such rituals in the knowing that Satan will lead them astray in the end. I suppose the loyalty and urge to have it all now is what drives them. I wonder if there are few who wish to scatter yet hang alongside in fear of the tyrant nature of the higher ups! Must be a hard lifestyle to shake. I could say you shant do this nor that but I'm positive it's so much more difficult to astray. This group has a love for their religion and they gather in worship for a specific deity of course. I must be lucky the hand dealt to me in birth. We don't choose our bloodline. We do choose our fait. God bless you although you may be quite content.

      • Amaryllis,

        Given your past, I would be interested to know what your philosophical/religious/spiritual views are now. Not looking to debate anything, just genuinely curious as to what path you've found as a result. I am a Christian, but I have some ideas that are pretty different from what the mainstream church teaches. I feel like, as life happens and one grows, his/her views may be changed. It's easy for many to just accept what someone tells them spirituality and the scriptures mean, or to just ascribe to a certain doctrine because someone "says so", rather than to seek a matter out for him/her self. I wish I could have a conversation with you! I bet it would be EXTREMELY interesting. I LOVE talking to people from different backgrounds!


      • Hi Tiffany. You sound quite similar to myself in many ways. I consider myself firmly monotheistic and believe that regardless of all arguments, there is one God across all of the three major faiths. I have been morally damaged by a lot of what I witnessed during childhood – my mother's faith is supposedly monotheistic and highly respected by the Illuminati (all best buddies as evidenced in countless photos and newspaper articles) but I understood very early on that it was freemasonary /jewel programming/close ties to debauched Hollywood repackaged prettily.
        Being the youngest child I was lucky to cut ties with it sooner than my elder siblings who were fast-tracked into positions of responsibility despite still being children themselves and afforded extra privileges. Although my father was like a kid in a candy store and behind the scenes, lapped up the playboy lifestyle it opened up for him, he remained a tough critic of it at the same time and that is what aided my exit in the end. He is not a learned man, his own faith of origin was quasi-esoteric and a lot of what he said seemed ignorant, hypocritical and blasphemous for many years before it made any sense.
        Unfortunately, 60s music (without the sex or drugs) propped up my life for most of my childhood and youth. I don't think I felt I needed anyone else other than Dylan and developed an encyclopedic knowledge of his work. It was an unrelenting, visceral relationship. I cannot elaborate much but it directly determined the entire course of my teens and 20s including my marriage and friendships and brought me much pain and heartbreak. I don't see Dylan as an interest or hobby. Some people engage with his music at a level where it is their faith in a robust and complete sense. At least my own moral compass pulled me back somewhat and stopped me from emulating his behavior but I would say that it is a cult religion in it's own right. I felt little actual connection with God at the time but I never let go of my basic values and carried on reading the holy text. I realised that it amounted to idolatory and perpetuated angst and a kind of emotional arrested development and that the two were incompatible. As soon as I became a mother in my late 20s, Dylan had to go as I wanted my child to see that I had faith in God alone and that I did not 'need' any other power to define me. I still think that he is the most beautiful man in the world but I have no dependency on him. My faith in God gives me inner peace unlike my faith in Dylan which was basically tailspins and headrolls.

        I don't claim to be following THE single right path like some people on here – I believe that God will save the souls of good, well-meaning people from all three faiths who believe in Him and possibly others who have had no exposure to true faith but will obviously be given the chance to believe in due course. I believe that spiritual absolutism masks lack of true evolution and deeply insecurities. I am particularly wary of evangelism as I was married (for a long time and from a ridiculously young age) to somebody abusive who objectified me and claimed to be Christian on the outside but was completely Luciferian to the core in every respect and was (unsuccessfully) forcing me over to his way of thinking and attempting to act as my handler without the necessary prowess.
        I am now in my 30s and (kind of) free to believe in God and promote that in my own home without fear of criticism. I love being able to teach my children what I believe – it is the greatest honor afforded to me by God and something I never thought I would be able to do.
        I have fears but they do not plague me. I am spiritually self-assured enough to express opinions as my life has been characterised by having to suppress them and skipping along with the NWO agenda.

      • amaryllis one thing we should remember as we talk about "evangelists" and "christians" is the fact that Church is being heavily infiltrated. It is done by high ranking luciferians. Some are well known (Copeland-Crouch-Hinn). Some not so.
        What I found rather alarming is your stand on three "monotheistic" religions. I would not worry who believes what just… The one only purpose for infiltrating corrupting Church of Jesus Christ on global scale is to prepare the world for one UNITED ECUMENICAL TOLERANT RELIGION.That will be religion of the antichrist. Check everything. And again.

      • You may be right hvns but (without meaning to cause offence) the problem is that I find most Christians dull and unappealing. Right now, I suspect I need more than Jesus to ground me and retain my interest. I am always drawn to particular types of personalities and trying to help them save their own souls. Even romantically, I have run a mile whenever a good, balanced, hardworking, decent Christian person has expressed an interest in me. that is why I socially restrict myself nowadays as I would rather be alone than hang out with very good or very bad people and I only ever encounter extremes and I probably don't want to know about those in the middle.
        The other thing I would say is that. I am disillusioned by secular education to the extent that I will be sending my children to Catholic school soon. I have massive problems with Catholicism but I will still afford them this knowledge as a without-prejudice choice as it is a better bedrock than the Rothschild educational agenda of the NWO despite the doubts, infiltration and scandals.

      • I have just prayed for you and your family Amaryllis. If you seek God you will find Him. Don't give up. Remember the battle for yours and your children's souls. Arm them with the word of God. x

      • Prayers are always most appreciated Orangefish, thank you. I do remember that battle and I am frequently reminded of the alternatives. My children have a better chance of making it than myself as they have known little about that world. Sometimes, I am tempted to take them along to meet 'the community' as I know they would be astounded by the lavish celebrations, beautifully decorated cake towers that seem to reach up to the ceiling and amazing presents given out to all of the children regularly. However, I am afraid that once we dip our toes in the water then we will become engulfed in it so I stay away and let them lead a more ordinary life.

      • I think I understand how you feel amaryllis. I came from a similar background and even though God came into my life, it was hard to accept the more mundane things and people. I was used to excitement and even though I knew that sort of excitement lead to self-destruction I still craved it sometimes. It is like a bad drug. And I really did't feel like I fit in with either group. I was lucky enough to find a very devout Christian man to marry who keeps me grounded! He keeps me thinking and that makes him interesting! He challenges me when I start leaning the wrong way. He can actually be a real pain in the rear sometimes! But he is very intelligent and uses a light touch on me. I prayed for a man that would be good for me and that's what I got :) It is still hard to feel like I fit in with other Christians knowing what I know. I think it is more important to have a personal relationship with God than to fit in with others. I have always believed that God is within us and we are in Him, that everything is connected through Him. I learned to accept other's simple faith and work on my own. That's all you can do. Sorry to proselytize but I felt that we could relate a little.

      • Thanks Christina, that is a helpful and interesting insight. I still feel that I am ill-equipped to support a normal man within a relationship but the wounds are still raw as I only got out a couple of years ago. I very much agree re working on one's own relationship with God rather than over-selling our faith to others. I sometimes feel that those who downplay the damage of this symbolism in popular culture speak from a sheltered perspective as if they got what they wished for in terms of ungodly entertainment, they would modify their take on the issue and if it was forcibly imposed upon them (like some appear to wish) the only real refuge that would present itself to them would be faith in God.

      • I agree with you 100% amaryllis, as my first husband was a satanic priest! He was also a narcissistic sociopath who caused great damage to my psyche and self-esteem. I lived in an "open relationship" because that is what he wanted and that's what I thought would make him happy. I didn't know how to make myself happy. I didn't know who I really was. I was called mundane, profane, or prudish if I disagreed. He put me through H3ll! I caught him with another man once and then with a 14 year old girl. If people only knew the damage these things do to your psyche. I spent years in therapy suffering from severe anxiety, depression, and panic disorder. I felt shear terror for no reason until one night while I was asleep I felt the presence of God and all of my anxiety and depression disappeared like that! It is like they have no clue, they think that it is all great and there are no repercussions to the "Do What You Will" mantra! Girl I think we understand each other!

      • Hey Christina

        I replied along the lines that we might have been married to the same 'thing' for all the detailed similarities but the post never made it through approval! Sorry to hear how you suffered in the aftermath of it all. Do you also feel an overwhelming sense of joy that you were helped by God to escape from a bad situation.

        In exactly two weeks, the courts will set in stone the contact arrangements up until adulthood because even those types of fathers are important . apparently. I am worried about the fact that the programming will be reactivated and I wont be able to stop it. He has already sent satanic literature to my son in the post, showing a burning voodoo person with one eye hollowed out and seeking his opinion and approval. Despite our experiences and those of others, there is no way to have a rational discussion about such fears with judges so I invest all my faith in the greatest Judge of all.

      • Hey Amaryllis,

        I am touched by your bravery, courage and dedication to the truth. It is very obvious that you are a genuine survivor, and your story, just shared anonymously, could help others who are still trapped in the same thing.

        I have frequently investigated these subjects and you may already be familiar with me. If you go to my website, divinecosmos with a com at the end of it, click Contact Us at the top of the page and then click on my name, you can get a message directly through to me so we can make contact.

        I am in contact with a variety of people who are involved in this in different ways, and I would like to hear more about your story of hope.


        – David Wilcock

      • I do feel great joy everyday thanks! I hope everything goes well for you and your son. My son still has contact with his father, but my son is not at all interested in the same things his father is. He sees that my relationship with God and my current husband is much healthier than his father's relationships. I could have bad-mouthed his father or prevented contact, but that would have made my son hate me. Instead I chose to live by example and let him decide. He is 17 and has grown into a wonderful young man! He knows his father's short-comings (and mine too) and chooses not to repeat them. If you need support or someone to talk to you can contact me on facebook. Search Christina Mowatt, Lawton OK USA.

      • Thanks Christina. Informally found out today that their contact will involve him flying in for a day out once a month which will be gradually extended by hours rather than days – nothing more is being recommended so I am praying that between now and next Thursday, she does not change her recommendations. You have done well, you should be proud to have produced a lovely young man like that!

      • We do chose our existence and exactly when we show up but we also choose how to use the tools we are given.

    • thelaughingwiseman on

      Kabbalah is an early form of Judaism… I don't see how it's evil. It's getting involved with one person's spiritual side. Judaism stems from Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islamic and Christian) I don't see how it's bad. We all try to seek some type of means to an end I don't see how seeking enlightenment is a bad idea. It's basically wanting a better understanding of the world around them and the world within them.

      • Knowledge alone is neither good nor evil, but can be USED for good or evil. Kabbalah can be used for evil.

      • Kabbalah is contrary to Torah which is given by God. Kabbalah and Gemarah are clearly satanic perversions to draw Jews away from God of Abraham away from Mashiah away from promises and plunge all those who dare to delve in it in snakepit of occultism.
        These two "books" having less to do with real Old Testament faith than Joel Osteen has to do with real Christianity. Do your own profound research.

      • I could do but I choose not to as I am sure it is obvious from the above that I like my Jewish music makers.

      • What does that have to do with talking about the Talmud? Or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which are being enacted as we speak. I do not know t he author(s) of the latter, but that certainly is the blueprint of what the earth is experiencing right now.

      • I know, I know, college teaches us that it was a "proven" fraud and all that. That is so reinforced in peoples minds that I had several longtime friends defriend me on social media sites, even though I SPECIFIED that I didn't think it was the cause for anything and I don't claim to know who wrote it. Fact is that the document WAS written, and if you read it, a bunch of stuff contained within it is being/been enacted since before and after it was written. Who wrote it? Possibly the Rothschilds. Possibly a group of elites. Reread the words and kind of….gloss over the gross ANTI JEW propaganda (which was in there to amp up Hitlers regime at the time, which Im sure had an expiration date on it from day one), especially considering that Id bet quite a bit of money that an Ashkenazi Jewish family had it drawn up. It was written, supposedly, to justify that Jews had an ultimate plan in a world takeover, but what if it was written by Khazars? They did fund Hitler, and he likely shares Rothschild blood on his mothers side according to several Rothschild history sites you will find.

      • The protocols are legit as they are being shown in everyday life – could choose to be a conspiracy theorist or maybe the document is just one big coincidence upon a coincidence upon a coincidence. Reread it with open eyes – travel being made more difficult, paper communication being eradicated, etc.

      • Well, there are 2 ways to go about Kabbalah. There is the hard and slow but right way through meditation and inner work. Then there is the short-cuts that most masters warn us against. I've been reading about their warnings. They warn not to use trauma or drugs which can lead to a psychotic mental breakdown. They warn that if you haven't done the inner work, then you can do real damage by using the short-cuts. I think that these MK programmers are using the short-cuts and doing real damage to these slaves. Used the right way Kabbalah can be used to attain enlightenment and inner peace. Used the wrong way could open the gates for Malkuth (demonic entities). Apparently there is a light side and a dark side to Kabbalah.

      • Actually, Kabbalah is ancient Egyptian mystic religion. The jews took it and manipulated some of the rules and spells.

    • I think you put that last one very clear. The main reason why it has to be paid for , is to keep common cattle-people of their premisses, i think…. So, if you would like to join them and do not have big money, you can be sure, you only will be used as cattle too, their cattle.

    • Kabbalah is not a faith.

      Many of the replies on this page suggest people are very ignorant, looking for 'spooks' around every corner, and are probably jealous they weren't invited to the party.

      The masks and hats are quite creative, much better than I could have thought of.

      What is sad is that these people in that strata only worship money, not life. Any connection to religion, occult ritual, what-have-you, is all superficial, just a facade.

      • Its the spiritually dead that are actually doing the most damage to this existence, and there are more and more of them all the time. Starting with the rotting at the top, families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the Kennedys. Look at a group of teenagers or a typical American family out to dinner – all zombies.

    • Not the kabbalah from the roots; maybe the distorced kabbalah from idiots thats dont even know what kabbalah name means. Go study for real before repeating things you dont have any idea where its coming from. So any way what kabbalah name mean? Search for good maybe you will be surpriesd and will learn one or more thing about.

  10. goes to show… money surely doesn't buy class!
    nice feces/turtle centerpiece. that nude cadaver – pure sophistication! and let us marvel at the dead dolls!

    • thelaughingwiseman on

      It begs the question, don't you think? What would you do if you have an enormous amount of money? Would you act elegant and sophisticated? Or would you spend a crap load on needless things?

    • lobsterquadrille on

      I dont' think its supposed to represent feces. I think its soil that turtles build their nests on. Hence, the turtle eggs.

    • It wasn't always that bad. 17 centuries ago or so many wealthy people were decent, honest and even died for their righteous beliefs. The last century or so you notice a profound decadence in everything. People have changed.

    • Agree – I could swear I've seen this on VC before. It's quite curious nonetheless.

      At first glance this party looks like the act of rich, bored people with too much time, money, and LSD on their hands. But the images certainly hint at more sinister practices. I wonder what happened to the person who leaked these photos……

    • There was a link on VC, i believe in the ''Wide eyes shut'' section, but it was in the comments. Amazed me too, when i clicked it.

  11. DUDE. that last pic!!! watch Hilary Duff's reach out and touch me video. there's weird caviar stuff in it too! looks just like these pics overall, honestly.

    • turtles were eaten by the ultra rich in the 1800-1900s in particular with the english aristocratic circle. 1 turtle would cost the same amount as the wage of a servant for the whole year. These guys would entertain a hundreds of guests, each having their own turtle. The cost is just mind boggling and heartless when the rest of the country were barely able to afford a living. Great doco on Duke of Devonshire who was famous for serving his guests turtles called Chatsworth House, its a BBC doco that just came out. The richer they get the stranger they seem.

      Not sure of what the display of these turtles represent but the turtle eggs are used like candles. That display would put me off my food. It looks so unappetising!

    • It's so sad that she is in "the dark side" somehow, that being the handler or the puppet… either way I don't feel comfortable listening to her music anymore… such a shame

      • I loved her first album. Hated the second. She became so famous after the second, I wonder why? Her "sound" completely changed. Some of her songs= ***Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)*** "The looking glass, so shiny and new, how quickly the glamor fades. You made a deal, and now it seems you have to offer up
        But will it ever be enough? (Raise it up, raise it up) It's not enough. It seems I've made the final sacrifice. This is a gift, it comes with a price. Who is the lamb and who is the knife?." ***Cosmic Love*** "A falling star fell from your heart And landed in my eyes I screamed aloud, as it tore through them and now it's left me blind. I was in the darkness so darkness I became." Also a song called, "Girl With One Eye" & "My Boy Builds Coffins" There's a music video for her song called "Drumming Song" which takes place inside a church. I remember already being a frequent visitor of Vigilant Citizen when that video came out and was clued in enough to see all the symbolism. Since then I've been watching her shed her "alternative" look to a more fabricated version. Also when Ceremonials came out, I saw the album cover and I was done. I do oddly love her song Seven Devils. :( I think it has to do with the epic ending for this show I watch called Revenge. I also here her songs constantly being used in the show Pretty Little Liars (alot of symbolism) and back when Gossip Girl was still airing, she performed there. She's best friends with Blake Lively who is very much "adored" in the fashion world (Karl Lagerfeld) and is married to Ryan Reynolds who was once married to Scarlett Johansson.

        Huge run-on paragraph huh? Also, I do not have a life. As if the paragraph above wasn't evidence enough…

  12. I just hope everybody else has a chance notice the predator circling us in the tall grass. I'm tired of watching history repeat like a clockwork monstrosity.


    • Exactly…these type of people(considered whether to actually call them people and not Satans whores) will and have consistently abused children and tortured animals. They sign up celebrities like Rhianna and other idiots who then force satanic ideologues onto todays youth, as that's the market these sick folks aim at. They believe they will be saved from death or purgatory by worshipping pagan gods…what I hope will happen is once they face their gods, that god laughs in their face whilst pulling off their arms and legs. All you morons who say "oh I love the masks and its so avant garde…" wake up for the love of god, these people are nasty bastards and your only comment is about their fucking masks and fashion sense. Morons!!

  14. It seems that society is brainwashed to think that anything excessively odd done by those with money is simply eccentric rather than interpreting their acts as the blatant occult/evil/satanic/mind-controlled behaviors that they are. Evil doesn't just showup as a little dude wearing all red and carrying a pitchfork…

    • Yes, 2 Corinthians 11:14 tells us that Satan appears as an angel of light, not darkness. People need to know the scriptures so they wont be deceived.

      • Yes, on a planet completely controlled by a few families, they would print bibles over and over again so people could have a chance at seeing real truth. They own the publishing houses, for Christs sake ::eyeroll::

      • Christina – the Catholic church is better than nothing. Most people seem to be raised with a completely absent sense of faith and ability to grow spiritually. At least Catholicism provides some of the currency needed to develop spiritual insight. I have my own issues with it but having experienced the alternative Rothschild way of educating children, I am now inclined to believe that as an educational framework, Catholicism is preferable and I am seriously considering those schools instead.

      • I'd avoid this kind of schools, Catholic and Church of England ones. The best would be to home-school your kids, however we are not allowed to do it in several countries, besides it's good for the children to mingle with other kids instead of remaining at home almost all the time. Grammar schools are the best, however they are full of snob people who always talk about money and so on. This type of environment is not good either as it indicates that everything in life should be money-oriented. I don't know, it seems to be such a complicate matter especially in our days.

      • I know what you mean Gladys but homeschooling is not an option here. I always wished I could do it and looked into it but it is not likely to become possible anytime soon. Agree re mingling with children esp if your child is quite unsociable!

      • The breadth of influence pressed on the educational system by the higher ups at this moment, seems at best to lie in Europe and the Americas. I wonder if the tentacles of educational malnutrition have extended beyond their initial domain, because apparently some "dictator" countries in the Middle East and Asia follow their own syllabus. Funnily accused of developing dangerous weapons, human rights abuses et all, its probably that refusal to be led on a leash that has got them those labels and very little to do with any truth in their charges.

        I guess it would be difficult for you and your children to move out to those places and make such a drastic change, but whatever you do, I wish you well.

      • Very true, we don't know how our human rights' records compare because we are not required to file comparable stats. I predict that there will be a huge clampdown on home educating in the next decade or at least guidelines requiring that an online syllabus be followed for those who substitute out of public ed.

      • Sorry amaryllis, I shouldn't offend others beliefs. I have just viewed the Catholic Church as a bit too ostentatious and ritualistic. But it is better than the alternative, you are correct!

    • That's the thing. Being "normal" and (don't we dare to be) moral, is extremely boring nowadays.

      That is, only if people are even capable of differentiating the concepts.

  15. Hoooooly Moly Vigilant Citizen…this is insane.. Just seeing the crap they wear and what they are into. We all hear of these weird things but seeing them for yourself. This was 1972 mind you, society has downgraded how much since then? this kind of weird stuff is passed on as a norm and was back in the 90's probably accepted too. It's just like the artists now that use their feces and bodily fluids on paintings of religious figures and (and) of little children with their stuff scraped all over it or images of dying children with blood and gore…hell fire burns bright for these sadistic psychopaths. In the end, we will have the last laugh because flesh and blood lasts only for a season…you all remember that. They have have billions of trillions of dollars but we are all on the clock in the end…and when your time is up…you have to answer for what you've done with your life whether you did nothing with your life or whether you spent your entire life growing off the pain and suffering of other human beings…we will all be judged.

    • Do i get a badge?
      God i hope i get a badge.
      I've been playing for this "most fun ever had on the planet" gig for 23 years so far, and might i say i dont need to harm another physical being to do so.
      Made mistakes sure but learned from them.
      So can i get a badge, is what im saying?

  16. Wealth and privilege are not the same thing – there would be people there who are 'initiated' but as poor as Job's turkey. Remember that scene from The Great Gatsby (not even in the book but morally speaking could've been all the same) – the structure of that film achieved the same kundalini in step-mode as EYS pointed out in the trilogy of articles.

  17. Mind you at least they are consciously acknowledging their satanism and blatantly parading it – every town has nightclubs and bars where ordinary folk are practising debauchery and hedonism in the name of fun and entertainment on a nightly basis. Just because they are too ignorant to face up to what they are doing it does not mean there is any difference. They just substitute the Cartier for $store horns and other props.A cheap version of this entire blueprint has been in mass production for years. There is no difference – just trailblazers vs. reactives

    • Overall sentiment taken, but the people above are obviously occultic satanists deviously and strategically attempting to gain complete control over the world at everyone else's expense…which is entirely different than mindlessly having a good time at the local pub on a friday night. I get your point in it's essence and I think we are on the same page…but let's not say they are anywhere near equal, even for a split moment. Also, I do appreciate your many insightful posts recently.

    • Speak for yourself. I'm not into decorating with cracked baby doll heads and reptiles for shits and giggles. Now a pint and a bit of dancing, that's another story!

      • Thanks anon.
        Kublai – is it really another story? I'm not sure, you know. MY friends 'go out' to ordinary places and report back that this usually involves watered down elements of the same behaviour. the only thing that stops it escalating into full-on Rothschild debauchery is the need to work the next day (which the elite don't need to worry about) and financial limitations (ditto). If you are dancing to music that they have played a part in creating, both the music and the dancing (not to mention drugs, alcohol, darkness) leaves you vulnerable to possession. There are people who drink and drink until they black out in which case, where does their soul go during that time and what inhabits their body in the meantime? Never lose control of your mind and body if you can help it – even if it is just for the duration of a good, night out.

      • Thank you for posting all of this. Quite illuminating stuff, if you'll pardon the pun. Glad you were able to see through it.

        Any advice (timeline/location) for those who are prepping for a "big event"? I'm sure the details aren't handed out like sheet music at a Christmas party, but perhaps you've heard this or that or deduced something for yourself from what you have heard?

        Thanks again.

      • Well, they are mentioned in passing (I choose to ignore the details) and I have seen some insanely beautiful invites lying on coffee tables at the homes of others. Problem is that the events are about as hard to infiltrate as Bohemian Grove. Geographically, you are looking at private paths which wind on forever and appear to be going nowhere your SatNav would recognise, security is low-key but inflexible and they would recognise an outsider at ten paces I'm afraid. They often employ greeting codes which are a bit like speaking in tongues (if you understand that). There is no such thing as 'bringing a friend along at the last minute'. Not even the host would spring that on anyone else. Nobody would dare take (unmasked) photos anymore, not even the host throwing a birthday party for herself. Everybody knows everyone else, like forever. It seems fairly incestuous in terms of both genetic degrees of separation and in a who's-dated-who sense. Parties can be multi tier (I think this may have featured in that Great Gatsby film which was actually a fair depiction and demystification of the lowest tier?). But surely, ordinary clubs have VIP areas too, don't they where you have to pit $1000 behind the bar to get a table rather than stand? They are really not all that different what what I gather?

      • LOL! BTW is David Icke an insider who is misleading the masses with this bogus reptilian thing? I think he is part of this whole new age deception convincing people of a false flag alien invasion. I mean I'm from "dragon lineage" and I don't shapeshift! It's just a reference to their belief in enlightenment through kundalini (serpent energy). They're not actual serpents. Does it annoy you when people talk about "reptilians"?

      • I don't really follow Icke much as there seems to be an overwhelming amount of information put out by Icke Central. Well, he still retains a little credibility but only an iota more than Alex Jones. I think that his problem is that he has sold out at least in a financial sense, cashing in on this so-called conspiracy with long-drawn out rallies which are a bit Nazi in some ways and draw people in gradually through his inspirational speaking and flogging his son's band's rather poor songs. Surely the attainment of sensitive knowledge does not need such sugar coating?
        Wrt the alien theory, he managed to reduce himself to a complete laughing stock as he presented his theory with the gusto of a soccer commentator (which is exactly what he was before he was suddenly 'chosen'). He has been found to have colluded with certain interviewees in order to sensationalise his stories which also compromises his credibility. I don't shapeshift either but I was very adept at performing a range of other 'procedures' and 'communications' since early childhood long before Harry Potter came along although that was the main topic of conversation at home every day! My children know nothing of it, have not been exposed to Harry Potter and mainstream cinema and are aware that I disapprove of Disney and children's shows where magic is mentioned. I don't want to overload them with the details as it is potentially terrifying.

        There are stronger bloodlines than mine (maybe yours) as my father is a (kind of) outsider. My mother maintains that the power passes through the maternal lineage but I have spent most of my adult life feeling pretty powerless! My brother-in-law comes from one of the main Illuminati bloodlines and is of Ashkenazim origin as far as we can trace but he is a good, God-fearing man, albeit one who has a vast amount of power on a worldwide level. He probably got that job because he is a workaholic but you have got to question whether he was speciafically headhunted and nodded through upon the basis of his bloodlines?

      • I am what you would call a "mud blood" LOL! My father was a Hoffman (Bavarian royal lineage and Teutonic Grand Masters). But my family came over to the US in the late 1700s and established a very large plantation. My family lost their money in the Civil War and fell from "grace". Although my family still owns property, factories, and businesses they aren't part of any "high society". Although my relatives are/were members of city councils, etc. Let's just say I know how the good ole boy network works and there may be a few white hoods in my family! My father was subjected to experiments involving LSD and electroshock and he developed schizophrenia and MPD and DID. Our experiences may be quit different. My grandfather and all of his brothers were pedos and abusive. I had more than one "uncle grabby hands" and "come sit on my lap" and way too long hugs for comfort. My dad was a good man though! Most of the women in my family are psychic and precognitive. I am always having dreams that come to fruition and I feel people's energies and emotions. I always knew that my family was way different than everyone elses.

      • I cannot believe the parallels – unfortunately, my mother's ancestors were also involved in the slave trade (I obviously don't like that but it is historical fact and well before my time). My grandparents had slaves until half a century ago. I have NO idea what they done to them because even after they were freed, my uncles returned several decades later to find the slaves awaiting their return and wanting to be enslaved again voluntarily. Major programming at work there, I think.

        Grandfather made and lost his fortune twice.No grabby handed relatives tho'. Lots of magic, sightings, cures punctuating their entire history – collectively constituting the terms of reference by which we defined ourselves. I just knew that we were not like any of the other families at school and could never talk about it all. The only friend from outside whom I shared anything with was descended from 33degree (just didn't know it at the time). In that sense, we are kind of reptilian as we are as different to regular folk as it is possible to be in human form. I have always been conscious that there is a psychic shorthand in use throughout my life.

      • Yes thank you, that is what I was referring to. I have no desire to attend an elitist soiree of any kind. I've never been very impressed by celebrity.

    • Mind control psy ops does most of the work anymore. Movies, music, tv. They barely have to lift a finger and the masses are brainwashed. Ive noticed it in myself and others.

    • Anyone who celebrates Halloween is doing the exact same thing as they. There is no difference. It is 'the most holy' aka holiday for satanists. Participating in that unholy day is only supporting the whole system you speak against.

    • There is a difference between Halloween festivities and these twisted and soul corrupted freaks. Its fun for children on Halloween to sling on some horns and parade around like the devil, to practice ACTUAL satanic rituals is a world away from walking down the street for an hour looking for adults providing sweets. The malicious intent in what these filthy people are doing isn't a 10year old kid and the innocent act of enjoying youth. These folks welcome Satan into their lives as a lifestyle choice, they are not "sheeple" like the regular population…

    • Huge difference… massive!
      With respect you are not even in a position to have an educated opinion on pubs/nightclubs if you have never been to one. I agree completely that so many people overdo it and make complete idiots of themselves, black out, leave themselves vulnerable etc. but even then it's usually stupidity rather than organised, controlled debauchery and manipulation, such as you were brought up with… And don't get me wrong, I know of course there are people that prey on such people that may come from other circles, but your general people going for a night out is nowhere near the same kind of thing.
      I can see how much you care and love for your children too, but don't you realise that hiding them from the real world may not help them in the long run… A sheltered childhood is not going to give them the tools they will need to survive out there once they leave the nest.
      I mean absolutely no offence in saying this, and cannot imagine what you must have gone through as a child, although I had a very abusive childhood myself, but I think that your childhood may be having a negative effect on how you're bringing up your own children.

  18. Very satanic, Oh I do feel for these I-Rate Idiots. May YAHUA our HEAVENLY FAHER have Mercy On Their Souls! Once again VC Thank You For Revealing these PICS.

    • thelaughingwiseman on

      Yeah because something you don't understand and are uncomfortable with is Evil and we shouldn't comprehend a single thing of it.

      • Calm down! What exactly do you understand about it? Some of us are here to have a rational discussion about the symbolism. How about some input instead of insults. What is it that we don't comprehend?

    • I think they are slowly revealing themselves in the media to scare and worry us. Don't let this stuff psych you out. Its good to know its there but they can't take over your heart.

  19. WOW. I can relate some of this things to a lot of what pop stars do/wear today
    At first I did not want to see this, but as long as I do my research, I find more and more clues that this shit is TRUE and it's always been here.
    I dont care how much money these people have, what they do is bad. I'm happy most people are concerned and do know about this.
    Thanks for the information Vigilant Citizen

    • Many of us have known about this for decades.They actually sacrifice babies and drink their blood.They're luciferians and many are reptilian blood line.It is said that they must have fresh blood to keep them alive.Why do you think so many kings and queens are hemophiliacs?Research Ben franklin and the hellfire club if you still believe christians founded this once great republic that TPTB now call a Demoncracy.

  20. I hate admitting it, but that invitation is breathtaking, and creepy at the same time. It looks like it was handpainted. Oh if so much of the talent and true quality of the world were not channeled and funded and directed for subversive purposes…imagine what our art and styles would purely be like.

    • They invest a LOT of time, money and thought in those invitations – more than is even credible. You would not believe how much they are charged for them either. The invitations convey more than meets the eye and are hugely significant on informing on the subtler details of what is to come.

    • I know, right?! I wish they would work with us rather than against us. They have so much knowledge and wealth of information that could make our world so beautiful. Why not use their powers for GOOD!?

      • They are allowed to take wealth and knowledge. If God wanted to put a stop to it, it would have happened as it did in Sodom and Gomorrah. Or shall I say s***n has been allowed to give to his chosen ones wealth and knowledge. It's not accidental, there are reasons for those things to be manifested this way.

      • The answer probably lies in the spiritual realm. Jesus taught that humanity has infinite potential held back only by creeps like God, Allah, ascended masters, and the like that should never have had access to our planet. They are the Wizards on this planet of Oz. Some say there is a large battle being held there right now…..but most humans are quickly being robbed of their spiritual sovereignty through Iphones, technology, modern meds and education that who knows who will be left if the battle ever ends. The zombie apocalypse is here, and we are the zombies.

      • Amen! U said it!
        Soon children won't even have their own handwriting let alone think for themselves. And the elitists will be able to put robotic fake parts to cure their health issues while common folk haw to take time off work to go to physical therapy and doctors. They themselves will reach that robotic state and lose their own need to even feel.

      • You think you're pretty clever don't you by coming up wih that line "They are the wizards on this planet of Oz". Lmao, that's so cheesy…hahaha. You tried to sound cool but you failed. Omg, hahahha!

      • I don't have to think Im clever, I AM clever, but that was simply drawing an allusion – especially given the user written article on the VC community section as well as Oz programming which is so prevalent. Is this the kind of distractive spam the FBI gets its flunkies to send out onto message board?

    • That's where their talent and power comes from. I found out a favorite author was a member of the GD, I loved his books under a different name, but when I read some early works by himself under his own name, they were kinda bad. The writing was not good and the stories were sort of lame (but disturbing). I read some information about him and he was heavily into the occult and described that he became possessed and had another being inside him that wrote this stuff under his pseudonym.

      It's quite a common thing among artists, I read something too about beyonce describing how she can sing but not at the level when this 'sasha fierce' being enters her, she can reach higher notes. As well as many artist saying they do not know what the song they wrote is even about. I think it's where a lot of these people get their creative power, that's why most of them are so into it.

      • Yes, automatic writing, but it does not last forever, as much as they would like. Dylan once explained that he had no idea where those early songs came from and he does not remember writing them. If his authentic contribution is 1980 onwards then I reckon he is not as super-talented in his own right as I would have hoped!
        Author of 50shades appears to have no idea of where she got all that material from and insists that she leads a dull, suburban life as Erika Leonard, her real name.

        “the dog is not for sale, but you can buy that sound.”

      • Sometimes it is not just true but the whole truth could be even uglier. I recall some testimony from some rock guitarist back in 80's. He told that he felt like someone doing music with his fingers on live concerts. At first it was really scary. Later he got used to it. The end of his life is even more scary. Upon being delivered from this music and influence he got killed by demonically possessed person. Strange indeed.

      • ouch so he was killed by a possessed person. I saw a few of them on youtube, you have to feel pity for them. My mum heard and saw some in a church where they were taken by relatives to ger rid of the wicked entities. They were screaming, shouting, calling people names, saying obscenities and revealing the deepest secrets of the crowd. Not them of course but the entities. They knew everything that happened in the past. If you have holy water and approach them with it they get agitated. probably all the Rothschilds and illuminated are possessed anyway. It just makes sense.

      • @sittingcoffin I don't mean to be judgmental but there is something strange about you. Please sort it out for your own sake.

      • I accept your judgment although your opinion of me is none of my business. There is plenty strange about me, and sorting it out is probably the point of me being here on this planet right now. Or not. Im not quite sure.

        Sort myself out. That is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. Ive had reports done on me….one said I occupy rarefied mental space. Its not fun, so I don't recommend it, but that's where I feel I stand. I have also been told that I am the most insane sane person someones ever met.

      • Let me clarify further – if you consider a statement that someone has given you and find it to be true, that's one way of seeing truth. If you see that same statement and consider it a lie, there is still truth to be found – perhaps in the motivation of why it was said to you. That's part of what I mean when I say theres truth even in lies.

      • Yes Denzel Washington and Leonardo Dicaprionjave said that spirits Enter them when try have to play roles, and do a great acting job. Possession is part of the job and they mold empty souls for the parts! They have these ppl hypnotized during the Scientology lectures- who knows what brainwashing and opening up of the soul goes on in holy- wood.

      • I just noticed another thing about these books I had, the ones he wrote under the pseudonym., there is a symbol on one of them that always baffled me and wondered where it came from or what it meant. Last night I was looking at it and it jumps out at me, it's three 6's, and it's so obvious that I can't believe I never saw that before. it's just they were on the side and upside down with a bit of fancy design, there's also 3 triangles surrounding them. That was my favorite of his also, when I read it I would feel like a heavy dreamy feeling over me that would be relaxing, I'm not exaggerating that, I'm sure other people get that from their favorite music or favorite book. It's weird how it feels like they put a spell over you. I've also been meaning to get rid of them for months but it's been so hard to let go.

      • ..(continued)

        Of course they weren't innocent, some of the stories were dark, and I even picked up on some of it when I wasn't very knowledgeable but chose to ignore or not take it seriously because of the beauty of the writing. One of the stories from his book under his own name was about human sacrifice, and wasn't portrayed in a negative way, it sounded almost positive to me which was what turned me off from it all. The other stories were also unsettling.

      • They believe that offering yourself as a sacrifice is the highest honor. You are giving your energy to the group and "redeeming" those around you. I actually read this in Masonic handbooks about the rituals emplacing cornerstones which used to involve human sacrifice. Not that I believe this or that Masons practice this (they claim they don't). But I have read this information in various occult books. Not the ones that Wiccans buy at Llewellyn, but ones you won't find in stores from friends.

      • I don't want to promote the author. He was a little known author most people have never heard of that I happened to stumble across. The books are a mixture of poetry and short stories that had a mystical element which at the time I liked because I didn't really understand the language but now when I read them it is so blatantly occultish with invocations and some obvious demon character that drives people to madness or possesses people with its music. (and this was written before there was the music business)

      • what's the name of the books or author??!! why not spill those beans. not like its not public anyway, no?

  21. This reminds me of 2 Corinthians 11: 14-15

    14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

    15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

  22. Human beings are a strange lot. Capable of the hideous and kindly acts of mercy, There is at this time on earth nothing so dreaded as a deranged soul let loose. Art can reflect that, but if it IS that, there is something to worry about.

    • humans can also do acts of sheer beauty and kindness. Don't let this stuff turn you against humanity, because thats what they want!

    • We are all born pure and beautiful – even the people at these parties. It is our sick civilisation that is at fault and sick people who have come to promote it's tainted philosophies including those who try and offer better ways/cures/remedies/therapies/belief systems which take us even further away from God.

      • So civilization is to blame but not God? Wouldn't it make more sense that God (or gods) were to blame?

      • The God that was said to have created us knows ALL but yet we suffer so much. We are exposed to all kinds of evil and lies but yet couldn't that have been prevented? If you really think about it, it just seems so twisted.

      • The God that claims to have created us, in many different books and faith, is the same God as his counterpart. The Demiurge. Id say theyre rather a big group of trickster gods that trample on our infinite human potential from the astral realms to keep us here as playthings. Whats the best way to do that? Tell us we are slaves and consistently encourage war using tools like the elite to reward and reinforce that structure.

      • I think besides being born beautiful and pure, humans are also born with a capacity to kill, torture and torment for enjoyment. Not my favorite pet anyway, humans. But it's what we got to deal with, so common Life, here we go!

    • I guess we have to do this to drive home that they are running this un-civilisation and cult-ure and most people have no choice but to become a cog on their grand wheel in order to survive or at least make ends meet. Those of us who have the chance to opt out of that game and rely on our own strength, knowledge and resources should definitely not hesitate. I know of many people who are in a position to step off that train but carry on just because they can't cope with not being part of a controlled group after years of conditioning. Raise your own children, devote time and attention to the genuinely poor and needy and try and detoxify as much of your environment as food as possible.

  23. seams the ball is based on the paintings of dali…he is there and the head gear and table decs seam to be from sav's paintings

    • He loved to play head games, I bet the sicko was a handler/ programmer… What degree was he in the death cult, he looks like he is in full Masonic dress.

  24. Revolting. Typical of the Illuminati rich and useless.
    The symbolism is well known in those families.
    They've been well trained (mind controlled).

  25. I dont even want to know what went on, besides this 'party', in those castles. I have some information but the game is to silence the mind. Just sickening.

    • Well at least this one shows the 'beautiful people'. In reality, they are very much outnumbered by not-so-young-and-beautiful ones, should we say who throw all dignity and decorum to the dawgs – now that IS revolting! It was once said that these Pagan/Luciferian movements allow people to get their leg over who would not have a hope in hell of getting laid via conventional means.

    • To me that looks like a doped up version of Marilyn Monroe, with a nice divan attached to it so one can lay on her while enjoying the party?

  26. The tall hat with the drawers and multiple faces was obviously designed by Dali. The drawers were standard motif in his paintings, along with the egg on top.

      • Well they are all popping blue pills and having erm … unusual dreams and astral journeys and they share that inspiration around and recycle it through different media. They obv pay huge attention to old and holy primary sources too; one could never say that they were not well acquainted with those sources, except that they use it very differently to how you would.

      • Yes, yes, yes. You are correct sir/ma'am. Its visions from the astral and their drug fueled and ritual visions. Its a strange world indeed. I dated one of them and didn't much like the dreams I had at that time. They operate on another level psychically.

  27. It's creepy, and scary, but most of all…idiotic. I really can't get over it. As are the pop stars. Only someone 18 and younger would think this is cool….but perhaps that's what they're targeting. Lady Gaga is ridiculous. I used to like her music, but because she acts like such an imbecile, I can't even take her seriously. I definitely see how she's influenced by these sub-humans, or non-humans, or whatever the hell they are. How they did not crack up at this absolute nonsense is beyond me.

    • I'm younger then 18 and I don't see any of this as cool. Don't think just because someone is younger that they're dumber o. That they're under the influence of society to think this is cool.Looks llike you have fallen for societys tricks to think that younger= doesn't know much or uneducated

  28. The 2-faced mask fellow I believe is Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada (picture 10). It ALMOST looks like Susan Sarandon standing with him, but probably not.

  29. This is speculation on my part, but it seems like there may be a pattern to the costumes– each type denotes the wearer's place among the hierarchy. For example, the girls with the Birdcages are the beta/slaves, including our beloved Audrey; the men in tophats and no masks could be servants–waiters or even a male version of the beta playthings. The men in costume with tophats or other ornate headpieces are probably handlers and ranking members, with the guy w/the headpieace made entirely of eyeballs being super-elite. His companion is wearing deconstructed Mona Lisas, which must have a particular meaning, though I don't know what that might be. Anyone got an idea?

    And the man whose mask is many-faced–those faces are Mona Lisas also, and he has bugs crawling out of the "drawers of secrets" open in his tophat. (The open drawers are a recurring theme in Dali's works.) His companion is wearing the piece de resistance at such a gathering– a costume depicting Saturn himself, (note the elongated eye and the ring floating above her head) so I'm guessing she must be one of his favorites. And of course, the hostess is wearing her homage to her lord the baph, as a way of dedicating the entire party to him, perhaps?

      • Why wouldn't you? Pain in life has it's own place and this could be her way of dealing with the pain of what happened to her?

    • No biggie if you are asleep with your eyes wide shut. Dali was evil, he hurt small animals and people as a child and teenager. Surrealism was MK Ultra propaganda, Dali must of been a programmer, up there with Walt Disney. Seems like I remember Dali did Mona Lisa's face melting off and behind the face was a clock… I can't be sure, I majored in art and figured out then he was a sicko, I had not idea he was a high ranking member in a death cult, that worshipped satan.

      • I am actually surprised that it was not generally known that he was a major league sicko – people seem to have mistakenly took him for an establishment artist but he never presented himself thus as far as I know.

      • He knew very well how to play with several kinds of media, the mainstream media as well, as big money comes with that knowledge…

  30. baphomet head+rothschild+baby dolls+nakd female mannequin+ masks + God knows what else happened there = enough said and yet many comments underestimating what they represent. Couples of turtles are also used for neclaces and bracelets but I don't remember what their symbolism stands for.

    • Read "Hostage to Devil" by Malachi Martin, Turtle is the ancient symbol of devil / satan /lucifer. In the book it was a soul possessed by the evil spirit symbolized by turtle also one of most difficult to discover and one of most difficult to get rid off.

  31. Hmm.. Looks like fun to me & i'm insulted I didn't get invited. There are freaks everywhere, you know. Rumor has it that the festival at Bohemian Grove is people having sex in tents, live music, funny costumes, etc.. It sounds a lot like the outdoor psytrance festivals they have out here in the mountains except I'm sure the music is not quite as good at Bohemian Grove. Rothschild are just freaks with money. Wow, big deal. I'm not scared of the big bad wolf.

  32. A few posters were talking about TURTLES.
    Right, I asked my people about turtles as I have seen similar photos in the old albums. It ties in with Tinkerbell Programming (living forever, extending life). Turtles are considered the oldest souls in the animal kingdom and is a passive rather than proactive creature which acquires/manifests it's wisdom at it's own pace and kind of does it's own thing in it's own way whilst plodding along unnoticed.

    You can read a turtle's shell and belly in order to predict the future as they depict a map of the stars. Shell symbolises heaven, body symbolises the earth and underbelly symbolises the underworld. They believe that the creation of the universe was brought about via a turtle (hence reptilian connection I guess!).

    A turtle shell is divided into thirteen sections which references the thirteen phases of the moon.

    It's association with water also makes it the poster-creature for the age of Aquarius.
    Just to confirm, I don't believe this at all but it is the prevalent belief of the elite.

      • Terry Pratchett's discworld novels. I love 'm. Terry is in the know of a lot of ''systems'' and is very cleverly making use of it. A lot of the novels contain witches and wizzards, some of you might not like them? But read further and you will notice the humor and satire aimed at various people, cultures and culture.

    • "Elite" quote ( I hate using that term elite! Hence the quote marks because they are not elite of anything!)

      At any rate. One of their ilk ( May or may not be a Rothschild specifically) said:
      "We are slow like turtles, but we are merciless"

      In this i read they plan longterm, and multi-generationally. ( see the eggs) They do so with subterfuge, hidden as a sea turtle is hidden from view underwater. They plan their merciless designs then execute them without remorse. If it were a land turtle, perhaps the way they hibernate could be symbolic of re-birth like a phoenix is re-born.

      Sorry I do not have the name of who said that specifically at hand at the moment. Searching for it…

  33. So, they are implying their parties/idea of fun includes murder/cannibalism (body parts on dinner tables)? No way……(sarcasm)

  34. Typical jewish mental decadence. Money-jews ADORE this kind of perverse art, like they had in Weimar Republic or post ww1 Paris.

    • Don't you know any other people than jews that are like this? I do, and a lot of them! Just blaming jews, like some years ago (and nowadays with blaming all of islam/muslims?) leaves you in the hands of your big bad wolf, dressing up as non-jew…
      I use the word ignorant not lightly and not often. But hey, i am fed up with this kind of narrow-thinking. Yes, i do think you are igorant.

  35. "Bleach is healthy. it's mostly water, and we're mostly water. Therefore, we are bleach"

    -Prophet Nathan Explosion, Book of Metal, 36:8

  36. The first time I saw some of these pictures (I think it was on PakAlertPress) what struck me first was how many people in the pictures had (or pretended to have) red hair. From there I became informed on recessive genes (like the one which causes red hair) and their connection to inbreeding. It's a recognised fact that endogamous cultures will tend to have more people with red hair. It shed some light on why red hair was coveted at court in feudal times (gotta be more like the royal family, right?), as well as why the media seems to be pushing red-haired women. Inbreeding is of course well-recognised among these so-called elite families. The wikipedia article of the rothschild banking family of england still recognises: "Intermarriage within the family was an essential part of the rothschild strategy in order to ensure control of their wealth remained in family hands."

    The original photo set also had a comment about the tall hat being designed by dali, and it made me sad. Imagine trying so hard to impress people that you get a famous artist (idiot though he may be) to design your party hat. What a tiny person hides beneath?

    Not for all the tea in China.

  37. Wow, I would have loved to be part of this celebration.
    I don't know why people think it's evil, it's something different from what you know, so you assume it's bad?
    I see it as a Celebration of Love, Woman, Fertility.

    • Yeah Diana, you are totally right! Can't you tell how full of love they are?!

      Yes, let them eat the naked woman made of sugar because they want to celebrate woman!
      Let them put the women's heads in cages! What? They are just celebrating them!

      Who cares, just let them take apart a baby and why not break its skull too?! They can feast and watch their lovely creations! They are celebrating fertility!!


    • Her stylist has probably seen the same websites as we have.? Like some other unnamed singers, she likes to rip off style and visuals too, in my humble opinion.

  38. The cannibalistic, diabolical, reptilian/shapeshifting agenda.. All told in just a few pictures. These people are beyond just MK ultra..

    They just secretly giving you a glimpse of their true colors. The multiple mask… depiction of their shape shifting.

    The one with the horns.. Their divinity.. (crowns and horns we're often used as symbols of kingship and divinity)

    The dismembered children / dolls on the table. A sign of probably the human flesh they will crave later on that night.

    THe reptilian turtles mating on the table top.. a symbolic of their reptilian breeding and bloodline.

    The caged birds – the plight of humanity. Thinking they are free, but really just a bird in a cage.

    They love to just throw this stuff it in our faces

    • The dismembered children / dolls on the table

      The idea that they sacrifice their own children is generally untrue. They love and dote on them as much as the next parent. It must be viewed symbolically as alluding to loss of innocence and possibly, within the context of what was stated in Kpop article.

    • This was secretive. It is now from the 80s and 90s that it slowly came out and now in the 2000s it
      Is completely out. I think There is some kind of
      War going on with the elitists and they are not bffs like we think. The whole thing with the European union is the beginning. they are going to bring down banking systems until one is the winner who owns everything.
      They always saluted to the one eyed monster and believed to be reptilian decent or blue blood. I think in a sense they are not from the alien factor but that they are evil and it is the devil inside them. Much like the YouTube videos you see ppl trying to catch the snake eyes of presidents. That is just God showing you the true colors.

      • I have never seen a snake-eye-video or photo of celebrities that was not messed with, to be honest. Every picture i blew up to check revealed pixel-tampering

    • oh mine it was awful. I missed many parts of this movie due to its wickedness. Little J Depp, there is sth odd about this actor.

      • She allegedly had many miscarriages. It makes you wonder if she had them because she was on drugs, that's if she was on drugs.

    • Gladys – I wonder if there is a connection between the ballet and the 'miscarriages'. I remember that the Eastern European ballerinas would fall pregnant to their trainers (handlers) just so that those babies could be aborted as being pregnant for a few months would give them a strength that would make them strong in a particular way and more likely to win titles. There would surely be some magick underlying this practice.

      Not meaning to alarm anyone or go into any great detail on this one but whilst I maintain that the elite don't sacrifice children, there are rituals involving both spontaneous and non-spontaneous abortions. The children born live and healthy are considered special enough to make it against all odds.

      A lot of these people have children because they are 'required to' for various reasons unrelated to loving and nurturing them.

      • amaryllis, another user ("Christina") mentioned the Pink Ballet Ritual at the Chateau de Amerois , in Belgium(Mothers of Darkness Castle). It might tie in with that somehow but not too sure

      • Please explain the ritual spontanious abortions…where are they doing this and what is the reason?

    • If she was then, my heart breaks for her. I hate it when people like her and Marilyn are drugged, induced, and controlled to do things beyond their control and that no decent human being would ever subject themselves to…sickening and degrading…only the Illuminati are capable of ruining truly beautiful and remarkable people

  39. I went to Hoover dam last year the monument of the man holding wheat in hands standing in the water…. there is actually a man giant under the water laying on his side the man standing is strandled over him.Could that represent the fallen angels that are being restrained in the deep abyss till the time they are released .what a perfect place look on tribulation now website about hoover dam how its shaped like birth canal and symbology of birthing, water breaking antichrist birthed onto the one has ever mentioned or noticed man under water.

  40. The masks were inspired by Dalí's work, nimwits!!

    If you are against the iluminatti and against the system you guys have to try harder than this!!!

    host depicted as the elk is what startles me a bit but the rest, even the table is typical Dalí decor.

  41. Anyone notice the way that guy in the 6th picture is standing? One foot in front of the other.

    Is it some kind of masonic sign?

  42. what the hey!?

    and those poor turtles!

    whats scary is that these parties become more high tech. image what they doing now
    sick bastards

  43. Salvador Dali was a cruel individual, he would beat the crap out of his sister broke her face more than once. Disney worked with the sicko on a film Anybody know any thing about his ranks in the death cult? In art school I had to watch one of his films it' has always disturbed me spirituality

    Another film that made me want to off myself was That move by Oprah and Tyler Perry, Precious, it was an apparent spiritual attack.

  44. That's a portrait of Mae West behind Dali, not Marilyn Monroe. He made a work out of custom home furnishings resembling her visage.

  45. Joseph Horseradish on

    Oh wow! I wish I had been born early enough to have attended this party! All the beautiful costumes evoking our pre-christian pagan roots! All the surreal imagery! And Salvador Dali even! This is exactly the kind of event that I love to attend and create. More photos please! Very inspirational.

  46. When I was 15, my high school marching band won at a competition and everyone was invited to a party. After seeing a few of my classmates guzzling booze (and after being subjected to some suggestive comments), I called and got a ride home.

    Now had I even stepped over the threshold at this little soiree and seen this stuff–I would have hightailed it out of there YESTERDAY. It is THAT creepy!

    December 1972? I was only two months away from being born then. :)

    • Years before I was born too but you know what they say about that era – if you remember it then you were not actually there. We probably have a better insight than the oldies!

  47. why is this just now being posted? These images are very old and can be found months ago? What sparked this in todays news? Slow Day?

  48. Hmmmm, The Rothschilds eh, The Richest family in the world…….I couldn't expect anything less. but thanks VC of course. I just wanted to say how effin scary does this party look. I actually wrote about this party on a previous post and mentioned Audrey Hepburn and Dali. I also wanted to say there are few more pictures you can find on this party which VC hasn't added, which are also just as creepy but there is something so macabre about these photos, It just sends a shiver down ma spine, knowing what these type of people get up to.

    Also The Mona Lisa mask…..Its interesting that Britney Spears has a song called Mona Lisa, you should all check it out, The red-headed lady with the Saturn head-dress, which Gaga has also worn a few times (Please note Gaga is also a name for one of the moons on the Planet Saturn). On one of the other photos not shown, a lady has half her face and her upper body in gold leaf……

    Seeing though we are on the subject of the Rothschilds, how about an article on Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild. She has some interesting choices for her necklaces.

    • Thanks for mentioning that there are other pics. They even list the menu, which, is in french, but seems to have an odd play/twist to it. Lady and Sirloin?

  49. I bet ya this is probably one of the reasons we have Halloween parties today and dressing up and wearing masks and animal heads, which connects to Satanic rituals and invoking animal alters….. This whole party is encrypted with trigger codes.

      • amaryllis: It would seem that all the 'holi(y)days' that most peeps believe to be friendly and harmless, are basically 'smoke&mirrors'…..
        There are 7, Moedim (Appointed) Times, that the Creator has with ManKind..(Not Human), and all these substitutes have been put into place to 'source off' energy to their Faith?
        I have noticed, over the last 40 years, that the 'in ya face' attitude is being promoted very strongly in all forms of media on this Planet, days of Noah ring a bell?
        May YAH Baruch you on your journey…
        Free Choice, is all we have….

    • I have never enjoyed or cared for halloween….so many children go missing that night its crazy. Now you see adults going crazy over halloween….

      • Well, I object to those grown up goons hovering over their kids in silly costumes while out trick and treating. I opted out of that nonsense as soon as I could.

  50. Creepy from Audrey Hepburns wiki page:

     In 2002, at the United Nations Special Session on Children, UNICEF honored Hepburn's legacy of humanitarian work by unveiling a statue, "The Spirit of Audrey," at UNICEF's New York headquarters.

    The SPIRIT of Audrey?! *shudders*

  51. ughh this makes me want to vomit, the whole scene is so unsettling I mean who has fun surrounded by creepy & grotesque looking costumes? You can feel it in your gut that something's very wrong: everything's repulsively ugly and distorted, there's nothing entertaining and welcoming in that, what a scary event to be invited to.

    Btw salvador dali is one of the creepiest artists I've ever known, everything he makes is extremely calculated, there's no genuine artistic inspiration in what he does (that's my opinion): clocks/butterflies/eyes/deformed shapes/mirrors there's no beauty in his work, just a lot of off-putting imagery that clearly makes zero sense unless you're in the know.

    • I thought Dali was a schizo although he appears to be inspired by demons. More likely he was a satanist not a psychopath. Van Gogh was a schizo.

      • Not necessarily. Someone might have a mental illness which is irrelevant to satanism. On the other hand someone might be a satanist but is fully aware of what he's doing. Many Saints rectified it, however not evreyone can diagnose which case is each. Only the ones who have the holy spirit inside them. People like us are on a lower level. Van Gogh's mind was not in a good state as to Dali, he wouldn't socialize with the R…s if he wasn't involved with them in some way. Only guessing, no proof to tell.

  52. The birdcage in the hair was started by Marie Antoinette, who wore her hair in, back then, outrageous large up-do's with real birds in them. Mind control probably goes back centuries…

  53. Dont be scared..religion is a way 2 control the mind..there is no religion ..there's only stars above let them worship some crazy goat..nothing will happen…fuck the illuminati!

  54. Is there an admitted Illuminati? Or is it just anyone from a certain bloodline, someone who is an elitist among elitists, or…supposed lizards? (The first two seem feasible, but I've never bought into the reptilian part.)

  55. I hope this post catches your eye and that you respond. Ok I a question about the over to Rhianna 's album. What do you think was the purpose of the word Chalice being on it? I personally feel that it isn't supposed to be taken in the literal since. I feel like it's saying that she is a chalice for satan. Basically I wanted to get your take on it.

  56. Some of the comments on this thread have gotten pretty depressing? Why casually objectify a rag-bag of people from all over the world just because you perceive them as being wealthy and/or ungodly? How are you ever going to arrive at the truth upon the basis of shaky logical inductions? Most human beings, the illuminati included, are a mixture of good and evil. So these photos are not their finest moment but many of you cast aspersions, ridicule, over-speculate, objectify once again. Later threads identify them as animals, murderers, freaks, sickos, psychos.

    I have known people who could easily have been there and who could never be described thus. I think some posters have gotten carried away with the vitriol and refuse to acknowledge any common humanity between themselves and the objects of their voyeurism. They are NOT human embodiments of satan – they are human beings who have been misguided by satan just the same as ordinary people whom you may know (and maybe love).

    Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

    Surely we are missing the take-home lesson here; namely, do not judge or you too will be judged?

    • exactly amaryllis…which is why I felt compelled to defend the memory of Audrey and other naive participants …they could have been drugged, forced against their will, or nothing sisniter happened at all

    • Beautifully put Amaryllis. Thank you for putting this in the meta-context it belongs in. Please don't let some of the comments here dissuade you from posting – in their defense, for some this is probably akin to a young person going to a zoo for the first time.

      Some of the backlash we're seeing against this "elite class" is probably stemming from readers' gut-feeling that their own lives are not without fault, evil influence, and a penchant for satisfying their flesh.

      "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her" John 8:7

    • aww one of my favorite quotes from the Gospel of Thomas deadsea scroll

      "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" The Master Teacher, Jesus the Nazarene

      If humanity could live 80% of their lives this way, we would live in a more loving, tolerant, balanced world.

    • Amaryllis, I think there's more than a speck of sawdust in these "brothers' eyes", however, if someone is brought up in this environment believing they have to live like this, what can we do but feel bad for them. As a Christian, this (type of party and life style that gets made very public) angers me as it influences and deceives a lot of people leading them away from Christ. I feel very sad for anyone born into this and feels trapped by it. There is a better way and a way out of it and that is through Christ Jesus. There is no thing that He cannot overcome. Though I think some face a battle many of us could not imagine. May God strengthen them.

    • ah, "judge not, let you be judged," that wonderfully-taken-out-of-context verse that people SO love to bash the God-fearing people over the head with!

      how about we finish the chapter, shall we?

      6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

      7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

      8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

      9 Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?

      10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?

      11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

      12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

      13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

      14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

      15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

      16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

      17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

      18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

      19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

      20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

      21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

      22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

      23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

      25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

      26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:

      27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

      28 And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine:

      29 For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

      hmm, it seems that we ARE to judge, and the spiritual discernment is paramount to our relationship with our Redeemer.

      • No we are not here to judge, however we are weak hence we succumb to this dreadful habit. Likewise, we might be into gluttony, carnal desires, theft and so on.

  57. Dorohu'sProtege on

    The candles in the last photo look a lot like turtle eggs, in sand, which is how seaturtles and tortoises often lay their eggs– they dig a hole in the sand and bury them.

    • I don't know why, but I find it highly amusing how upset people are about Audrey being there. Maybe its because I never bought into the myth of Hollywood actors/actresses as some sort of saints/angels/perfect people. We would flip our lids if we knew the dirty secrets of all the Hollywood A-listers from now back to the beginning. Of that I am sure!

  58. Going back to the cadaver , it is very fashionable for models walking for the big design houses to be made up so that they effectively morph into this dummy/alien form on the catwalk. They then proceed down the catwalk as though on an assembly line in a factory making mannequins and the editors make sure those pictures reach the consciousness of every girl/young woman they can possibly reach via their readerships.

    • amaryllis you seem very fair and in touch with what you have to say on any of these illuminati subjects.I would love to chat with you sometime.

  59. Oh my God, the picture of the doll without legs on the table…

    This week I watched the videos on ritual abuse that somebody uploaded to youtube. The channel is pretty good.
    The French children speak of how they were abused by their fathers and that their fathers belonged to a groupe of people who put children on a table like you can see on the picture above, surrounded by candles, are then abused before they have their arms and legs sawn off!!! The documentary explains that all this is filmed for what are called snaff videos, which are sold for 20,000+ Euros. The girl with the curly hair explains that she felt some kind of entitlement, because she was allowed to watch it all, which other children were not. She said that the kidnapped children were kept in cages and had to watch it all however until it was their turn to be abused and killed.

    The journalists consulted a psychologist in Berlin who explained that she had worked with many such abused children and that they all speak of their experiences in a very diassociated way. To her everything they say is very credible, because even after years they remember the details and never contradict themselves.

    • I know a lot of people how consider dying and suffering as a.m.u.s.e.m.e.n.t.. Just put on the lelevision on a random picked night , or even early evening. I know a lot of people driving slowly to watch an accident on the other side of the road. I know people who kill animals for sports.
      And none of that ever in a snuff movie, but in real life. Just normal people, so it seems.
      Snuff is a totally different order, but its public is human too.

      • The people curious when they see an accident are just stupid, in my opinion, and because of their lack of attention to their own driving next in line for another accident?

      • Well they are. I've done it myself, hence I am stupid. what do you want now, to claim we are not? There you go, you have won the argument.

      • To me none of the things that you mention is amusing. I noticed that the television gives us detailled instruction on how to kill people. The moments that I switch on the television these days are very rare. It is all the more amazing that I did so just as the interview with the Roman Polanski rape victim came on.

        I think that many people drive slowly to see what happened, not to entertain themselves, just to understand the situation. And I think that this is the reason why people stare at anything unusual until they understand what it is about. After having endured the video with the children, I have little further incentive to also watch the videos on ritual abuse in Germany, because I expect the things that they say to be very similar. I will do so however, because I have this feeling that one day it'll be important that I know these things.

  60. The girl with the curley hair, I think, said it all, because she met Belgian Dutroux with her father so that there is a connection between their abuse in France and what Dutroux did. But it seemed that the legal system in Belgium had an interest in keeping it all a Belgian affair with no connection to France. She was deemed to not be credible by them. Every witness in the Dutroux case who was about to speak out because they had discover something or got in contact with somebody because they wanted to speak about it, died shortly afterwards.

    One of the suspects who appear in the video admitted that he attended orgies with groupe sex at the Château de Faulx, but never had anything to do with children or their abuse, kidnapping or whatever. The documentary claims that the castle is the meeting place of a "Christian Lodge" and as there is always some kind of major misleading, I think this is the one. It is well known that 30% lies are hidden amongst 70% truth, it is up to us to spot the lies. We know what orgies and satanic abuse is about. If you want to call that "Christian", well the Bible does teach us about satan and his demons.

    The television stations that broadcast the documentaries are both private and public, even though I do not particularly trust the ZDF either, because they advertise with "you can see better with the second (channel)" and with it come celebrities who cover their one eye with two fingers. Whenever I hear the slogan I turn it into "You can see better with just one eye". 😉

    The children whom you can see in the videos are all living at hidden places now. I am not sure however how safe those hidden places really are given the connections of those television stations. Whom can you trust nowaydays? Apart from God and Jesus Christ?

    It is amazing that Audrey Hepburn and Polanski are also mentioned here, because about two days later I discovered that Penguin file "Breakfast at Tiffany's" under "gay and lesbian". I had a look at that section because I was curious what they consider gay and lesbian. I could not remember anything lesbian or gay about the movie however, but as they also listed Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf, I googled the author and it turned out that he was an openly gay man with connections to Warhol. We all know how abusive Andy Warhol was. Audrey Hepburn played in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" for those who don't know.

    And then on Friday, I happened to switch on the television and zapp to BBC World just as an interview with the woman started who had been raped by Roman Polanski. She said that she and her mother had never thought that somebody who was this famous and respected would ever do anything like this. Which was apparently why her mother let her go to the photo shooting with him on her own. She was given champagne, 12 years old, an thought that this was part of the work as a model. When she changed shirts, he kept shooting and she said that possibly she lacked some inhibition that she should have, but she had no idea what all this would turn into. She was aware however that she'd have some difficulties to explain the topless photos to her parents. She was additionally given pills and eventually she was raped which lasted 10 minutes. Afterwards her mother went to the police with her and this was where it turned especially nasty for her, because the police and others doubted her credibility.

    Back to the image of the dolls on the table… I forgot to mention that in the book "The marketing of evil", the author explains that children are aborted in the U.S.A. in a very similar way. To abort a child, the body parts are torn out of the woman's womb. Somebody like an assistant doctor in training then has to put the body parts together to see if they had everything out of the body. This is usually the moment when the person realizes that this is not just tissues that everybody speaks of but actual body parts. And the woman notices that she was lied at in that respect when she feels how the child inside of her struggles against being killed, against being torn into pieces. Is it true that in the U.S.A. children can be aborted right until shortly before their birth? There is an amazing parallel to the children who have their arms and legs sawn off for those snaff videos.

    • Yes, all true. The Ardennes region between France and Belgium is particularly disturbing – full of fairy-tale-like forests and isolated houses … really the stuff of nightmares and the ideal place to put the blueprint into practise. I feared that my own would suffer such a fate if I had not taken action as all the signs were on the wall. However, fast forward a few years and you get dimwits saying that children should be made to see fathers who are potentially capable of doing this to them because they haven't the faintest idea of how bad ritual abuse can be and if you start to try and explain, you can tell that they think you are a kook and nobody's going to be busted any time soon. The Franco-Belgian elite culture is morally flawed in a much deeper way than people are actually aware and the tolerance on the parts of the mothers is inherently higher. Stop this civilisation, I want to get off!!!

      • France seems to be the hub of Monarch programming IMO. Johnny Depp lives there with his supermodel girlfriend, and Scarlett Johansen lives there with her French journalist fiancee. I have no doubt they're caught up in this spider web.

      • Yes. In my own life, I suppressed all my opinions for many years and played out this disassociated, Lolita, child-bride role within that elite culture. I lost two viable pregnancies completely owing to the wishes/actions/blueprints of these people and it will blight me forever that I was too controlled to get out sooner, especially since I never loved him for even a day of my life.

        But, as is apparently common, the programming started unraveling at age 30 – it does not/cannot go on forever. I craved the love of God and wished to pray to him but it would have been impossible to do this openly. I had lovely family/friends who passed through there like ghosts but I could not share it with anyone and every time I tried to tell my mother, she was not supportive of my desire to get out as she had endured worse, she said.

        I was told that I was the one being controlling, that I was stupid, irrational, dumb even though I had been a shining star throughout my education and my handler was completely fitting of these labels with nothing to show to the contrary. I expected to die that way eventually and moreover, take it all to my grave. I was willing to be abused in every way as long as my children were left unscathed and unaware but in the end, he turned on them, they hated him anyway and that was the point at which I knew we needed to get out even if it cost us both our lives as we would probably die anyway so the best-odds dictated that we should do our best to escape.

        I have to thank a beautiful man whom I met when our sons were babies. He was the first male friend I have had as the marriage was a bizarre affair which did not involve friendship first. He will never read this as we are not in contact anymore. Despite being in a famous,cool band he gave me his time and exclusive attention and I grew to love him even though things never progressed beyond emotional as that is not what I wanted. I never spoke to him about the mess I was in but I sensed that he picked up on it anyway when our families spent time together . He appeared to adore me and built me up and made me feel that my opinions were worth a lot – he gave me back my voice and self-esteem. For the first time in my life, I learned that it was possible for me to feel love within a relationship, just not the one I was in. I used that strength and validation when all odds were stacked against me. He was not a man of God (your regular rockstar) but he unknowingly helped me and reached me and helped me become human again and reach towards God.
        I am damaged by these people and I don't think I would ever enter into another relationship as I have some of the currency but not enough to go the distance. Th other person would have to be prophetic and lead the relationship a great deal without turning into a handler.

      • Wow amaryllis, that is an amazing story. I am so glad you escaped and found the love of God! Many people don't understand how the love of God saves people like us. Keep your head up. Stay strong. God bless you!

      • Two examples of many, just off the top of my head. UnfortunatelyI'm posting from my cell phone and don't have time to do all your research for you.

      • AmeroisDarkness on

        There was a multi-millionaire socialite GIGI JORDAN who killed her little boy in a ritzy NY hotel and then tried to kill herself but she survived. She explained that she did it because her son was being abused by a group of satanic pedophiles! Interestingly, she was from Belgium. She was also the president of a pharmaceutical company. Big pharma is a good place to look for the sickos involved in these games as well. Strange murders take place with the big pharma execs.

      • Apparently her first husband was connected to the Mafia. It makes ya wonder how far up the pyramid the mob is and how involved they are in mind control and pedo rings.

      • Thanks Silke – it only sounds exhausting after I read back what I have recounted. Otherwise, I am grateful to have got out more than anything else and to have found my old friends from whom I was banned from speaking for over a decade. Their lives are much as I remembered – single, carefree whilst I have been through all this, but their company is still a great support to me.

    • Wow…..thanks for the info Silke, When you say snaff, don't u mean Snuff videos? ….Oh and have you heard of the Chateau de Amerois in Belgium?? (Mothers of Darkness Castle) Its supposedly where they do Satanic rituals on children and also MK Ultra programming…..

      • Yes, you are right, snuff is the correct spelling. I thought it was wrong that way and thus wrote snaff. As so often the first tought would have been the correct one.

        I googled Chateau de Amerois and from the pictures that came with the google search results remembered that shortly after I discovered Vigilant Citizen's website three years ago, I also read about this Chateau de Amerois and was horrified to read that supposedly a pregnant woman is killed there every day and her blood used to write in a book the things that have been achived towards some goal during that day. At the time I was clueless about satanism. Shouldn't somebody miss all those missing pregnant women?

      • It might sound far fetched but those pregnant women could have been missing children. Those children that disappear off the face of the earth have to go somewhere. I personally believe they are taken from their families an put into these satanic groups. held captive for however long they are needed and then killed. Weather they are still children or pregnant women or even pregnant children/ teens.

    • Just wanted to answer you that it's not true that you are allowed to get an abortion up until just before birth in the U.S., unless you find a "doctor" willing to do it illegally. Also it's not done by pulling the body to pieces, the baby comes out in one piece. Anyway abortion is allowed up until 24 weeks I believe but there are people pushing to make that 12 or 21 weeks I think.. I personally hate abortion but it's been a pretty hot topic in the last few months.

      • But they don't so it that way – try opened out wire clothes hangers? Also, as someone mentioned before, they control big pharma in a way which allows them to pick out their candy like personal shoppers. They can take any quantity of anything they like at any time (think about what they did to Lohan). They give out drugs to depressed people and those with cardiac issues which have side effects that compound the health problems tenfold. Most people would be better off never touching those pills. Prominent scientists research and validate but if they ever try to speak out, the elite press a switch on their career.

        Think about the whole formula milk scandal in Africa where Ne s tle was telling the moms not to feed their own babies and getting them dependent on their expensive rubbish, leading to even more babies dying due to it being mixed with contaminated water. I never, ever fed that filth to my own and I would encourage everyone to do the same.

      • No, it is true that abortion is allowed up until birth in the US, it is called partial-birth abortion–where the baby is partially delivered and then killed by the "doctor" before the child is fully delivered. There has been a huge social/political war fought over this and unfortunately some years back, during Clinton's presidency it was finally declared legal on a national level (although individual states could outlaw it). Also, recently some states have, mercifully and thankfully put an end to and made illegal other certain abortions/age limits. Also, there is a type of abortion where a child is taken apart in the womb. ALL abortions are brutal, no matter how they are done. They are all unthinkable. The ripple affects of sorrow and destructiveness go on and on and on. I know, because I've lived with them. Only the LORD helped me begin to heal from it. Only He could. If there are other post-abortive women and men out there reading this, please know there is healing and there is help. There are post-abortive Bible studies for men & women that can truly work miracles.

      • I have always been passionately anti-abortion even before I developed my spiritual side – a relative of my mother fell pregnant as soon as she married but had an abortion just so she could enjoy her planned, extended honeymoon. She never displayed any remorse and was actually quite proud of the way she played god (went on to have other children on HER terms, or so she believed and used that as proof that it was a good decision to make). There are women trapped in elite circles who are just as against abortion but if they do not voluntarily succumb to a medical abortion then 'they' have a way of setting up a specific horse-riding/minor car/impacting domestic accident to bring about the same result. I was put through this twice, the third time, I was not prepared to suffer again so I managed to hide the pregnancy for six months until it was viable (you have strong stomach muscles in your twenties – wouldn't work now!). I lied when I had to, fully encouraging my handler to go on repeated skiing trips and visiting friends on islands around the world and live as hedonistically as possible. Anything to keep him away from me and my secret. After he returned, I pretended it was an unexpected thing by which time I was fully medically registered and surveyed. He STILL asked me if I really wanted the baby. When my son was born, he accepted him because he was male, strikingly handsome (for a newborn) and looked much more like him (very light colorings and the special illuminati facial features). I thought that would be enough to save him from his father's wrath but time proved me wrong.

      • Thanks Christina, we are as recovered as we could realistically hope to be. ExH still retains a real fascination with my son as he was conceived on the Autumn Equinox and born on the following Summer Solistice – this was one of the main reasons why he accepted him at the start even though he did none of the usual dad things. Next Thursday I will find out exactly how their relationship will progress in the future and we are reduced to a case number and at the mercy of people who know nothing about SRA and would not want to know if you began to explain it to them. I can only pray.

      • I watched Höllenleben in the meantime and wonder how many children from different countries they need to tell them, the authorities, very similar to the same things that happened to them?

        It is interesting that the woman said that the ring on her finger as a girl meant that she was "available for everything" and the tongue stuck out by her sister meant that "she was also useful for something". There are quite a few musicians of whom you can see pictures with their tongue out.

        I want to add something: when I saw pictures of Dutroux I noticed that he looked very similar to Brandon Flowers at one point of his career. Or better the other way around, because I have this funny feeling that Brandon Flowers was styled to look like Dutroux. I am clueless when Brandon Flowers looked like this, but you can see the pictures when you picture google him. He wears a beard the very same way that Dutroux did. I wondered if this was done on purpose, because it must have a terrible effect on victims to see a musician who looks exactly like their abuser. I can imagine that Brandon Flowers himself isn't even aware of how similar he looked to Dutroux at the time. And then they called their band The Killers… :( Some of the victims must have thought they were going totally mad now?

    • Just a normal party on

      How ironic for Audrey to have been there when she had suffered a few "miscarriages" herself and then to see those dead baby dolls on the table….Why, its almost as if someone WANTED to trigger her!! *sarcasm*

  61. Wow I looked up to audrey hepburn, I feel like a complete idiot now. Well it makes sense, Mel ferrer has been said to be very controlling towards his wife audrey. I read somewhere that a friend came over to their place and he noticed that Mel provided very light food for audrey to keep her skinny. That article also said that Mel hit Audrey's elbow with a fork during dinner because her elbow were on the table and he said that wasn't lady like. Theres not much evidence but it's possible that Mel could've been a handler

  62. Its all dis-information. We hear the rumors and call it evil. We separate it from our daily worker life. Then we eat, work, play, in the funnhouse of the Illuminati, with cult-ure almost paralelled with what we think is going on, on the other side of the spectrum, except it was a bluff. We are doing and paying and praising these dark constucts, not against our will. It started with the volume down low, slowly cranking it up. Is the Cross a trigger code in history for the "Handled" to respond to?

  63. that's why Lady Gaga dress weird: she's Illuminati members

    and the party of that Jewish Billionaire family makes me barf

    also, the reason Lady Gaga wearing Flesh in MTV VMA 2010 is: to attracts the Jinns for the masonic ritual that disguised as MTV VMA 2010

  64. Maybe it's me, but when you look at the 'baphomet welcomes you' photo, it looks like in the background a little human with weird legs is holding a candlestick in the form of a trident.

  65. Some of you have commented about this being a Halloween party, but it is not. The date on the invitation is 12/12/72, and knowing how these fiends operate, that date was/is probably chosen for a specific purpose. Is there some annual ritual that occurs on or near this date? Or maybe it's due to the double 12's? IDK. Just trying to make sense of this disgusting debacle….

  66. I don't see anything satanic here. The masks represent Salvidor Dali's love for surrealism and the dada movement (explains broken baby dolls). Dali became a devout Catholic in his later years. I don't think he was a Satanist. This looks like a party with a bunch of rich people celebrating the surrealist movement. However, the baphomet horns and masonic top hats are interesting…..

    • You might want to look into the Surrealist movement. How it started, and who was involved in the beginning. If you do your research, you'll see it dovetailed with the Spiritualist movement in the 1920's which grew out of the occult societies at the time like the OTO and the Golden Dawn etc. Freud's writings were also part of the genesis of Surrealism. If you don't know how these things connect back to the NWO and the Luciferian movement, you should keep researching. And don't ever stop to think you know something until you've kept going back to the source.

  67. RIGHT< JUST FOUND OUT FROM SOMEONE WHO WAS ACTUALLY AT THAT ONE … most of the guests never knew about the occult agenda and still don't know – though that is not to say that nobody knew. The dress code was kind of dictated to them. There was like a fantasy dressing up room full of boxes, props and rails from which they had to pick stuff out – a bit like a kids fancy dress party – everything available was kinda outrageous, art inspired and (if you like) symbolically themed. They weren't all stoned and making out – it was a proper party and quite formal in many ways (there were many people there from outside the inner circle including celebrities in front of whom such behavior would not have been appropriate at all). It seemed weird but that aspect of it went over people's heads as the party progressed.
    Apparently, there was no EWS style orgy afterwards although there was a SEPARATE party in the grounds a few days later which was apparently quite wild but nothing to do with this one.

    • I'm sure not every party they throw is serious business and it also doesn't mean every single person that attends is aware of what really goes on. Thanks for sharing that information. I don't think there'd be pictures if anything really sinister was going on. Sounds like whoever gave the party was definitely into something.

    • ,Perhaps, with the excessive future planning they do, it was a party for the elite to not only mock the attendees, but for them to have, on hand, photos from a party to "leak" at their discretion. They obviously plan for us to know, and to discredit our knowledge…who knows how long they've been in the works on this?

      • Well, it's no different to leaking pictures of Miley and the bong or Brooke Mueller and the crack pipe or Farrah Abraham's tape and all the other trash that is designed to enthrall and distract the goyim?

  68. Down at our equivalent of the $ store, they have started advertising halloween really early this year – I heard the strangest things over the tannoy this afternoon – such as "Make sure Mom looks like the perfect devil with a pair of our red, shiny horns" "no party would be complete without our glow in the dark skeletons and fake blood pinata' …'make sure your little monsters are dressed top to toe in our witch and ghost outfits and eyeball headbands'…… REALLY, wtf???? To all the doubters out there, surely the smart money is on believing in God, just in case you are being sucked in by the ungodliness of this damned civilisation and the joke will be on you? I am not one to split hairs about what we should call him, just find him within your own terms of reference.

  69. Quoted from "How the Illuminati Create An Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave" PAGE 333

    USO magicians were found to be the most overall popular USO show. The International Brotherhood of Magicians is intimately connected to the occult world and puts out a magazine The Linking Ring. Under the auspices of the USO the country western's industry's roots developed. The country western industry became a front for drug running, money laundering, and white slavery for the Programmers of Monarch Mind Controlled Slaves… Over the last 45 years perhaps the most popular place for couriers to be signaled to meet was by someone holding a bird in a cage or at a shop with bird cages. The allusion to carrier pigeons is so obvious… "Speaking of Wrens" a cartoon by Bob Hope shows Bob chasing a girl with a bird cage saying "tweet, tweet, tweet". Hypnotic commands are given 3 times. What seems like a harmless cartoon is more like a signal telling people that Bob Hope is in charge of a flock of carrier pigeons (couriers) which we know he was.

  70. Christianity has been dragged and watered down even to the point of a title such as religion. It's bigger than religion. Simply put its Christ- inanity over the years the sabbath has been displaced to Sunday and all those crazy pagan holidays that are totally irrelevant just waters it down. I go into a church and it's extra flamboyant while the preacher asks you for money over and over again. Paying tithes is a must but it's jus gon too darn far. That's not real Christianity and I suppose that's sum of the reason why these so called Christians blend right in with the world. A change will come either by choice or the hard way. (Rapture)

  71. The one picture gave it all away… This party and its theme, art, decor, masks, etc… were produced by Salvador Dali himself. Dali claims to be the reincarnation of hermes. Nonetheless Dali was very much apart of the occult society and was a pop figure of his time.

    PooP culture is the indoctrination of the masses into the mystery religions.

    • True – I would reel off a list and you might not have heard of half of them but what's the use? You only need to know what you are going to do about it. I understand the compulsion to dig and dig but learning too much about the minutae of these belief systems does not really help arm your soul against what is to come … you have to be honest with yourself and know where to put up the stop sign

      • yes how far down the rabbit hole do we need to go before we put up the stop sign? Fed up of all the lies i dug deep very deep until i realized that we are at our most powerful when we act with love. We are curious by nature and by nature we are also conscious conductors with the god given ability to create. This is our divine purpose. The elite know this and it terrifies them. Mind control is therefore a weapon that figures highly on their radar. Indeed from the moment we are born we are indoctrinated with their fear and lies. We become obedient to their law and distracted away from universal law. Why does God allows this? God cannot experience itself in the realms of a dualisitc 3rd dimensional vibration. Simply put Gods light shines too bright! God would extinguish everything in sight! This is where we come in. God experiences itself through US. And for this to occur we need to be separate from each other. From the moment our umbilical chord was cut we lost our connection. Our souls main purpose ever since has been to rediscover this connection and manifest this awareness into a conscious state of being to create a physical reality that reflects our divine inheritance here on earth. "thy kingdom come thy WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven". We need to remember that we have the tools to create this if only we used them. It is not up to an external god being to do this for us it is up to us to do this for ourselves and for each other. This is our souls lesson. We are all divine sparks part of the one body of creation that we will all one day return to. We all have a part to play in helping Gods plan to unfold. God loves us all equally. This is why we must work hard to prevent ourselves from judging one another. Some of us will learn our souls lessons sooner than others. I imagine the elite know this yet they are happy to stay put and keep hold of everything they own. From this current 3D perspective it is easy to understand why it is difficult for them to let go of everything. They have most to lose. I imagine they have also been told they will gain eternal life? I'm afraid it wont be in this lifetime or in any other lifetime for that matter until they too learn their soul lessons. Those of us who combine heart with knowledge will be the ones who move forward into the next stage of conscious evolution. The question is how many of us are going to take this evolutionary leap? From homo erectus to homo sapien to where next? …homo what? luminous? Oh the irony! Once we become more aware of the connection between the brain and the heart we will soon realize that it will be those who are ready to share their knowledge and love with everyone else who are in fact the luminous ones.

  72. There is nothing outside of Gods Will. God created it all. The good. The evil. God created evil. Why do you think God is allowing all of this to happen?

    • Yes, and nobody is clearer on that than the so-called 'elite' at the top of the pyramid. And guess who are the people who would like you to believe otherwise and have fashioned an entire civilisation in order to mislead you into believing otherwise. When you get thrown the curveball, you'd better know how to catch it

  73. Pure evil at its worst, it just keeps getting darker and darker with the themes that all relate to the elite and their so-called supremacy.

    Its definitely a clear reflection on today's artists and musicians who "commit to the cause" for the elite's agenda, not to mention Lady Gaga being the most clearly exposed one for the very few to recognize.

    Creepy just doesn't seem to describe this mess…..but darkening is what I would call it.

  74. I did a quick search on Salvador Dali's artwork. Found some very interestng symbolism I would like to share. In his work "Cruxifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) he portrays the cruxifixion of Christ on a cross based on "sacred geometry" and below is the black and white checkerboard floor pattern. Dali described this work as "A great metaphysical work". Then there is "Shirley Temple, The Youngest, Most Sacred Monster of the Cinema in Her Time" which features her head on a sphinx with full breasts and a bat above her head. It is said to represent child sexualization in Hollywood. "The Lugubrious Game" features feces, castration, masturbation, and sexual desire. The "LaGare de Perpignan" features the railways station where Dali claims to have had an experience of "cosmogenic ecstacy". The "Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity" is self-explanatory. "Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man" depicts a man being born from an egg (ophitic).

    • Hmmm i didnt know about all this! i studied dali in my art history classes as school and we never touched on these creepy paintings. he just seemed like an eccentric that painted some trippy stuff to look at. i used to admire him as an artist, this new info is very disturbing.

  75. There is a connection between satanism, ped o ph I'll ia (have to spell this way or it will get dotted out, have no idea why) and the elites. Satanism plays a major role in these twisted symbolic ideas these people have. Remember the mcmartin preschool "scandal?" Well it wasn't a scandal it was for real.

    There was a police officer/investigator who supposedly committed suicide. He was actually a whistleblower. He originally was assigned to investigate a murder involving the ex wife of one of the famous righteous brothers. Their children went to that preschool and it started from there. There also was another investigator ted gunnderson

    He found turtle shells and dead turtles in the tunnels.
    This is a whole international satanic underground circuit. I can't type this all right now. Please watch bill Maloney on you tube sun sea and Satan. This is a great documentary. He and David icke were on to jimmy staville many years ago. Look up Fred and rose west. How were these people able to have a neighborhood dungeon without higher echelons being involved. These people were satanist as well. Colorado is a satanic headquarter. It is known that the elite live in rural placement to achieve their satanic agendas. There is a satanist abortion doctor in Colorado who is known for dressing up in robes and performing rituals. Wonder why crazy stuff occurs in Colorado. Jon Benet was a satanic ritual

  76. oops…hit submit unintentionally…
    That last pic looks to be a reptilian fertility bit… with the ALL SEEING EYE at top of pyramid

  77. Yeah… if anything, this party was themed after and therefor, decorated around the artwork and artistic concepts of Salvador Dali.
    Even the table decorations could have been a personal request made by Mr. Dali… He IS pictured above as an attendant of the whole thing.

  78. About the satanic & pedophile practices of the English royal family:

    "[…] The Templar’s Castle affair in 2001. I’m now going to demark myself from David Icke. Though he also talks about the Satanic practices of the Royal family but add they’re all reptilians. David icke’s sole purpose is to set us to false leads. This story is very serious & was entirely covered up to blackmail the perpetrators.

    In 2001, most likely in the Alpes Maritimes & very likely between mid-may & mid-august, France was plagued with rumors among the secret services that the public masses never heard about unfortunately. Each year, a great satanic ceremony was settled in a Templar castle in Cagnes sur Mer by & for the English Royal family.

    The cream of the Satanist elites was to be present including many members of the MI5 & MI6. The program included orgies, tortures & murders of a high number of children & adults. Thus, they needed a great quantity of preys that were locked down in the basement, where the rituals also took places. Let’s add all these people were completely high, almost hypnotized & role games got thing even more confusing.

    What happened in 2001 is that many victims actually escaped [10]. This caused a great mess in the surrounding countryside & also the intervention of the local police. They called the English military which expatriated the English Royal family members, especially William & Philip, hidden until the waist under potato bags[11]. This way, most of the French cops & the English military men present never knew who the people were swiftly hidden away in the back of an anonymous van.

    84785378_oEverything could have gone for the best if only a copy of a video shot during the rituals in the castle wouldn’t have ended up in foreign secret services. The CIA & the Mossad seems to own their copy, & a number of copies are available for sale all over the world.

    Apparently many English Satanists are under the threat of blackmail which costs them a lot since this affair came out.

    Why don’t we, the good people have any right to know anything about this story & furthermore about all the geopolitical consequences as we still seem to bear its aftermath 12 years later? Now it is clear that nothing has changed, as impunity reigns over those cocaine-addict psychopaths who rule the world.

    Question: How many children & adults (mostly women) were massacred during those blood bathed rituals? & when this all damn things will ever stop?? […]"

    • Well "royal family" (You're not one of them are u? lmfao) that's very interesting. Its f.u.c.k.i.n.g. crazy the shit they get up to. I just cant believe they kill all these people and are allowed to get away with it.

    • Haha – you mention my exH favorite place in the world where he would visit often despite not having close ties to that region – I am now wondering….

  79. they be looking stupid while satan stray em away …..the almighty God is watching em ..Christian..Muslim ..stand together against this EVIL

  80. More pictures to add to the info from March 20th, 2011 time frame for this site (according to the way back machine.)
    Good info.

  81. I have to say, so many of the masks are Very well done, highly original and unique. I really wonder who the artists are who did this work. The hidden people behind the scenes. There is a ironic quality,( I can't quite put my finger on,) how the talent, genius and originality of a artist is somehow superimposed onto the person who buys their work. In this case the masks . The true creators of all this opulence, very wealthy people surround themselves with, paintings, architecture, etc. are the artists and crafts people.

    Oh….after writing this, I see now the masks are being attributed to Dali.(and his helpers no doubt) No matter…my words stand. Surely other artists have been involved over the years.

  82. Who exactly was invited to these things?
    I want to see what families were on the guest list and see if the same families are still as prevalent in the industry today.

  83. Donna Brisendine-McD on

    this is just wierd!!
    I wonder if all of these people who attended were actually aware of what they were participating in…….

  84. I am researching Dali as much as I can. The dada movement was a bunch of bohemian artists protesting the atrocities of WW1. So it was an anti war effort. Surrealism grew out of dada. When you see a broken baby doll, it is not Satanism, but a war protest.
    Dali has been associated with Disney (worked as an artist for Disney briefly), and Bob Hope appeared at one of his parties. He obviously knew the Rothchilds since he was the main guest of the party. (Dali probably designed the table center pieces and provided make up and hats for the guests.) His art has some MKULTRA references such as bird cages, masonic hats and checkerboard floors, pyramids, all seeing eye of Horus, butterflies in the 1950's, and clocks. I don't understand his use of Jesus on the cross. Was he a Catholic, or was he mocking Christianity?

  85. VC this party is modeled after Diner de Tetes (Dinner of the Heads). It was actually a historical dinner party in France that civilians would host to secretly mock the aristocracy and politicians. Guests would fashion a head-piece that mocked someone "of power", for example it could be as simple as wearing a Hogs-head mask.

    Now-a-days a host might pick a theme such as impressionism, surrealism or jungle and your guests are required to wear a head-piece or face-paint that reflects that theme. I've actually hosted a few diner de tetes and they're quite fun, people love themed costume parties.

    I do agree the Rothschilds are nothing but evil, and theres tons of satanic symbolism in these pics, and they were also mocking the civilians by having this party.

    The last pic reminds me of a scene from Marquis de Sade's 40 Days of Sodom, where the sadists force the kidnapped children to eat feces for dinner with them. That movie and de Sade's books are the most disturbing, yet most revealing diary (disguised as fiction) exposing the world's elite and religion.

  86. Page 1; The hostess is not wearing goat horns like Baphomet has, she has deer antlers on. The last photo is two sea turtles doing a chest bump covered in seaweed.

  87. Oh my, I never would have guessed these pictures existed in public! Thanks for bringing to or attention. I have to peruse and read more thoroughly now, saw my comment would be #666 synchronistically enough. WOW… this is just…well, not really shocking I guess!

  88. This is pretty ridiculous, but when u got the power to rule and control the world, y not? Although a lot of posts here are spiritual…blah blah blah… there is no such thing as God/Satan, etc… all this is BS in my opinion… its just another way of controlling people….that is what religion is and always has been, a way for a minority of the elites to control the sheeple masses… I totally follow the Karlin philosophy, more like common sense… the only truth is that the few with power control the world and make every decision, all the stuff you see on the news is pure puppetry, dont fool yourself, its basically the movie " They Live" and we are in it…

    Question is will common sense prevail, will we finally wake up or is it too late, unfortunately speaking too many people I have come across presents a sad conclusion, we are doomed, and that is reality… There is a solution to all this, it goes back to what is at the source of all that is wrong, or a some might argue what is right on this planet, and that is $$$$$…simple, money has corrupted and will keep corrupting every person, no question, any1 can be bought and sold, that is human nature, our flaw, we need to get away from the monetary system all together, maybe try an alternative resource based economy, but will it change anything, greed will never diminish from our urges…

    these are just my thoughts, please comment if you wish, thank u 4 reading

    • Well since you belive in no God, you really have nothing to worry about. You can do what you want and not be morally responsible for your own actions, since………obviously you will not be held accountable. Also, since you say there is no God, then….we are not doomed anyway (as you put it) since there is no point in life, live…then die. Seems pretty simple. SO yea, who cares what they do and how they do it!

  89. Of course that's Audrey Hepburn [In all likelihood a Hapsburg]……they love their little cryptic games. She was a U.N. tool. Just like Jolie and Pitt, they have front row seats to Davos every year. Jolie has that Metamucil face on all the time. Something appears to be jammed up her ass or just abject distain for her fellow man.
    I also believe the woman sitting with Dali is Sally Kellerman. Fresh off her new found fame from the film M.A.S.H.. Consorting with these cretins did nothing for her career.

  90. Calm down, kids … If you knew anything about art/cultural history you'd stop trembling in your Underoos and know that what you're identifying as Satanic is merely a compendium of surrealist tropes. This ball was hardly a witches sabbath or Illuminati celebration, it was merely an expression of fashion-meets-art-meets-high-society exclusivity … in other words, an excuse for people with money to get dressed up and have fun. Gawd, you guys are limited in your thinking: THAT'S what's really scary.

    • Ok, who puts dead fake baby parts on a table for "fun"??? I dont care HOW MUCH money I have. Dead kids are in no way fun!! You ever been to war? You ever seen a kid blow to pieces or dismembered by a fanatic? uhh….yea, thought so. It aint that funny.

  91. Eyes wide shut goes back to the "The Dream Novelle" from Arthur Schnitzer from 1925 and I think he also knew about those balls and so on. Vienna was the home of many Rothschilds….

  92. The last imagery is of 2 turtles, in some kind of clinching mode around eggs. Could this be a symbol of the elites going slowly in their progress of their agenda. Laying their eggs, and seemingly battling out or confronting over certain subjects, but in real is agreeable over their ancestry and the destiny of the children (Eggs=projects/rituals/conspiracies. THey are just moving slowly towards their final goal, multiplying their agenda and plan for end-goal. —->Slowly progress, patience and devotion will get their end-goal met. They are turtles, who stick their head out and make some moment. THen go into hiding for waiting to come out and see what their offsprings become. Just laying on their eggs….waiting.

  93. These people have unimaginable wealth, so they are free to do whatever they wish.

    The people here apoplectic with judgement might do the same if born into these rarified circumstances. These uber-elites reflect humanity free to pursue their wildest and most lusty imagination.

    Perhaps they are steeped in the occult, but I'd need proof, as opposed to pictures which could be imaginative costuming, not evil.

  94. I guess I understand why the Situationists were dismissive of Surrealism in the late 60's and 70's, with this type of crap taking place. I'd hazard a guess that the actual members of the surrealist movement (Dali was ousted 30 years before this shindig) found this derivative tribute a blasphemy.

  95. This party is a little strange, But then Dali was strange. His art was very bizarre. I think the stuff under the turtles may be insects. Dali included a lot of insects in his work.

  96. these sick mtfkers I do know now that satan does exist which means there is god right. I just really wanna know something which no one have thought about don't think I'm crazy ok, forgive me if I say this but do these satans have god in jail or in a cage or something cause all these symbols and things that's are wearing all represents something eh mi right ? So in this case shouldn't we do something about is cause of the goodness of our people and one more thing even if we'd to kill these mtfkers family lol then aren't we goieng to hell fk I'm stuck and I do really need to know what the fk is happening to this planet cause it won't last any longer I see bad dreams lately earth is ending.

  97. Take a look at the picture with the horned girl. Its a masonic meeting. Guys with white Gloves and roses. its so obvious when u have masonic knowledge…

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