Lady Gaga: Another Pop Artist With a Strange Relationship With her Parents


Pop stars that are wholly part of the “entertainment machine” often have family members that act more as handlers. We’ve recently seen in Britney Spears is on Tour and is Still Under Mind Control that her parents have a tight control on her. Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson are also other interesting cases. Today, a NY Post article on Lady Gaga reveals that she too has a rather strange relationship with her father. He reportedly turned her into a “sexy queen” and she shares 50% of her revenues with him. Although the article paints a heart-warming picture of their relationship, some of the details are rather unsettling and that something more shady going on. Is he her handler? Whatever the case may be, she is another pop star with a bizarre relationship with her parents.

Lady Gaga gives 50 percent of her earnings to her father

How does the biggest pop star on the planet reward herself after she’s spent the past year touring the world, performing for President Bill Clinton, opening her own boutique in Barneys, releasing a high-fashion picture book, and prepping for her appearance on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”?

If you’re Lady Gaga, you go home to Mom and Dad’s and curl up in your childhood bedroom on the Upper West Side — which is what she plans to do this holiday weekend as her ABC variety special, “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving,” premieres Thursday night.

“She still doesn’t have her own place in the city,” one longtime friend tells The Post. “She and her family are very tight.”

OLD DAYS: The future star at a high-school dance with her father in 2004.

It’s her great paradox: At 25, Lady Gaga may be the most avant-garde performer of the last decade, a self-anointed Queen of the Freaks who reinvents herself with whipsaw rigor, yet she remains very much a nice Catholic girl who is most comfortable with 19-year-old sister Natali, mom Cynthia and dad Joe — who takes an unprecedented 50 percent of her earnings under their LLCs, Team Love Child and Mermaid Music.

She’s also bought a restaurant, one of her dad’s favorites on the Upper West Side. Formerly known as Vince & Eddie’s, it’s been renamed Joanne after his late sister. Celebrity chef Art Smith, who appears on Gaga’s Thanksgiving special, is at the helm.

But it’s the 50/50 split between Gaga and her father that’s most unusual. There’s only one other of its kind in the history of the music industry — between Elvis and Col. Tom Parker.

“There’s really no justifiable sense to doing a 50/50 deal with anyone in your career, other than someone you’re partners in a band with,” says Josh Grier, an entertainment lawyer who represents Wilco and Elvis Costello, among others. “Certainly no artist entering a management deal does anything close to that — a commission is usually 15 to 20 percent.”

That said, it’s quite possible that Lady Gaga, born Stefani Germanotta, believes her father has earned his share of her fortune, even though her success has allowed him to realize a lifelong dream: He now works in the industry, managing aspiring artists. Yet she likely sees this as further evidence of how similar they are; her adoration is unconditional. In January 2010, she told Elle magazine, “I’m married to my dad,” and that September, she told Vanity Fair, “I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve been in my father’s arms for two weeks, wishing [him]a Happy Father’s Day.”

In the majority of her interviews, her father is — aside from herself — the most dominant character. Though Gaga has given alternate versions of her decision to quit using cocaine in 2007, in the most consistent one is Joe Germanotta coolly assessed his daughter’s downward trajectory with one devastating line: “He looked at me one day and said, ‘You’re f–kin’ up, kid,’ ” she said.

Joe Germanotta grew up in New Jersey, a rock ’n’ roll fanatic who loved Led Zeppelin and Billy Joel and who perhaps overshared with his daughter along the way: “He was having sex with girls under the boardwalk in New Jersey before he went to see Bruce Springsteen,” Gaga said in July. “He saw a lot of himself in me. My first piano teacher was a stripper.”

Though friends describe Gaga as equally close with her outgoing, elegant mom, her primary relationship seems to be with her dad. Joe Germanotta was a frustrated rocker who made his fortune in hotel Wi-Fi, becoming wealthy enough to buy a duplex on the Upper West Side and send his daughters to the Convent of the Sacred Heart (yearly tuition averages $35,000).

FLESH AND BLOOD: Pals say that when Gaga struck it rich, dad Joe was just fine with her outrageous, hyper-sexy style.

Though in many ways a highly traditional Catholic Italian-American, Joe was also a progressive and permissive patriarch. When his daughter announced her career goal — worldwide pop superstardom — he didn’t scoff or even suggest a backup plan. He used his money and connections to hire the best producers, to book studio time for a demo, to get Stefani in the room with record execs.

In 2005, when she decided to drop out of NYU in her freshman year, Joe agreed to bankroll her for 12 months, paying rent on her tiny fifth-floor walk-up on the Lower East Side and hauling her furniture up the stairs.

“He is my hero,” she has said.

It was there, on the Lower East Side, where she met the only other man to compete with her father: Luc Carl, a bartender and failed heavy-metal musician who’s the subject of nearly every song on her multiplatinum debut, “The Fame.”

At the time, the power dynamic was reversed: Stefani was a preppy, sheltered rich girl from the Upper West Side whose teen idol was Britney Spears; Luc was one of the best-looking bartenders on the Lower East Side, dialed in to all the right parties and people, hired to lure the girls into the dive that was St. Jerome’s and keep them coming back.

At the time, Stefani was also performing as a burlesque dancer in downtown nightclubs and working out a more sexually provocative look, often walking down the street in fishnets, spike heels and heavy makeup, mistaken for a hooker or a transsexual, not caring either way. Her father, however, was appalled. Stefani told one friend that her father had reprimanded her for wearing underwear over her tights to a business meeting at Sony: “He said, ‘You look like a f–king slut!’ ”

As she began making progress, Joe was seemingly swayed by his daughter’s assertion that everything was in service of her art. He’s become so inured to his daughter’s outre costuming that he was recently shot at a party with his arm around Gaga, who was braless in a sheer top, nipples covered with black electrical tape. Perhaps his involvement in the industry accounts for the shift in attitude. Since 2008, Joe Germanotta has worked as a music manager, though none of the acts in his stable has yet to break. His daughter remains his most successful investment.

“Their relationship definitely improved as she made money,” says a source. “That helped substantially. I don’t know that it’s healthy. As soon as she started earning money, he said something to her like, ‘What man wouldn’t want you now that you’re becoming so successful?’ ”

Luc Carl both did and didn’t want her; she pursued him, hanging out at St. Jerome’s, the bar where he worked, until she got a date. It was a dubious achievement.

“Luc didn’t like pop music, so Luc basically didn’t respect anything she did,” her friend Brendan Sullivan said in 2010. Her friends were all confused as to why this smart, driven, charismatic girl was chasing a guy who treated her so poorly — cheating on her, mocking her for not being cool enough, deploring her ambition.

They’d break up and make up and break up again, and finally, ingeniously, she decided to use Luc right back, mining their wholly dysfunctional relationship for what would become “The Fame.”

“The concept she came up with,” Sullivan said, “is that she’s working hard on her music to impress this guy, but the harder she works on the music, the more it will take her away from him. So she wins and loses either way.”

Luc Carl and Gaga broke up — again — in May of this year, and though he prides himself on never giving interviews, he’s managed to monetize their relationship. This past Friday, Carl hosted the opening of Ludlow Manor, a Lower East Side bar in which he’s co-owner, and in March 2012, St. Martin’s Press will publish his first book, a motivational memoir called “The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds . . . Wasted.”

Sample nasty passage: “The truth of the matter is that I used to get more women when I was broke, flabby and completely wasted all the time — but those women were sloppy 22-year-olds, the kind of women who messed up my sheets and asked for cab fare in the morning. These women are known as cheeseburgers, by the way, and they’re to be enjoyed only once in a while, just like real cheeseburgers.”

Until their most recent breakup, Gaga would stay at Luc’s modest Brooklyn apartment whenever she was in the city, leaving her limo to idle outside all night, strolling to the corner bodega in full regalia, hailing the homeless man who serenaded her with “Bad Romance.”

This trip home, she’ll be with the other most-important and complicated man in her life — her dad. “As much as I want the world to be happy,” she said in July, “I just want my dad to be proud of me.”

– Source: NY Post



      • tiredsoiwokeup78 on

        Yea and ,just like Mackenzie Phillps in a few years Gaga will be on a Barabra Walters special crying her eyes out, confessing to the whole world how she use to have sex with her dad. "I'm married to my dad." Thats a beyond the creepiest of statements.

    • hey wasnt her "alter ego" on the MTV music awards named "Joe"? Is that a coincidence???? Did anyone else make this connection??? Why would u come out as a man named Joe which also happens to be your fathers name?

      • Perhaps because he's planted a version of his own personality as one of her altars? In the basic info on MK programming it says that the handler often puts a version of himself in there so that the victim believes they can never get away from them…

    • As long as everyone involved is concenting ADULTS, its none of anyone eles' business what they may, or may not do, behind closed doors.

      • If you've been abused and mind-controlled since you were born, it makes it difficult to actually be "consenting", even if you are technically an "adult". There are deep rooted psychological issues, and usually a person will obey their handler because that is what they have been raised/programmed to do. Of course to the outside world, it appears consenting.

    • it was clear that she had sex with her daddy, she is from satanic illuminati family, for them it is almost obligatory to do such disgusting things. Anything going aginst God's law is "must" for them, there was no need of ny times revealition to understand what is going on in such families as germanota's one…somebody say that the hell and paradise are on the earth already. And when i see such persons living in total disgusting reality, i guess this is what they call "the hell"…these persons live in the hell already now…those who admire this kind of life and wish to be as these "stars" are just out of mind…

      • I hardly know any victim of rape or incest that would shout it out loud in front of everybody. Usually, the real victims of child abuse find it hard to talk about their problems and it takes years of psychiatric treatment to cure if they ever cure. I know what I am talking about, since I work with kids who go through such problems. So, sorry but I don't buy it. Maybe you should meet someone who underwent these things to realize it is unlikely in Gaga's case. I don't mean to look down on your "religious" comments, but I sometimes wonder if schools have changed so much in the US since I left your country that people do not learn anything anymore. I mean, some comments do not even make sense scientifically speaking. It saddens me and make me mad. Peace anyway. I still hope I can enlighten this debate, but I am an optimist.

    • That's true. But in a sad way, really. Has anybody else noticed that she is the way she is because of the way she was treated by others?

    • Did anyone see that Japanese photo shoot of gaga? She's totally nude! I would NEVER in my right or wrong state of mind do that sort of crap with my dad present, knowing, or with the potential of him going to know….eewwweee., gross…something is definitely OFF.

    • That would be a compliment on Gaga's part – She calls herself a freak.

      I don't think of it as an insult either. It takes all kinds to make up the world.

    • She's beautiful freak. She brings a different kind of light into music. It's darker and more secretive than others, but it's what makes her unique.

  1. They all (pop stars) have the same tendencies, life-styles, crazy relationships and meltdowns, even the same sudden-related deaths involving drugs and dying at a certain age. what more do you need to know everythings wrong with the picture?

  2. I don't actually hate this woman, I pity her instead. She's just like the rest. Brainwashed, raped, forced into being someone else. The list goes on.

    She just demonstrates how dark this world really is, I mean she "really" thought she was a man that day. Literally, peeing in the cubicle in the men's toilets.

    Look at her before she became like this, its just heartbreaking and the fact that her Parents could be in just makes it sickening.

    I wander what her "Marry the night" video will be, its her longest yet apparently.

    Although my mind is set of Florence + the Machine, check out their new video "No Light, No light", WOW. Shocking. I don't even wanna talk about it. Just look it up. I pity her as well.

    Changing topics, watch my video regarding the Arab revolutions, 25sec teaser
    Giving a voice to the voiceless is what I do, apparently i'm bullied for doing so. Its a horrible world out their people.

    Face it, we all can go on and on about this woman and the industry, just be glad that we're all aware of this shit, I worry for my younger brother, he's glued to Disney. Their all dancing and laughing on checker board floors, eurgh. its sickening.

    Go gave us eyes, so lets use them.

    Wake up World. Wake the hell up.

    • Have you ever seen "United States of Tara"? There's one episode where one of her newest men altars comes out and literally goes to the men's bathroom to pee in the urinal right next to her husband and brother-in-law. I kept wondering how she managed to do that without peeing all over herself because there's nothing to whip out, lol. Anyway, your comment reminded me of that and I'm pretty sure the exact same thing is going on with Gaga. She is just another mindless drone who has been programmed with multiple personalities designed to do certain things for the purposes of others. It's really sad how most of these artists live the same way…no control over their own lives even though there is that facade that they do to make the public believe so and usually traumatic backgrounds involving extreme abuse even though they may be unaware of it.

    • Not even 10 seconds into the music video, the notes I have taken explain this: "Crystal Skull.

      Checkerboard Floor.

      Voodoo Doll with candles around it.

      Throne simular to that of a Grand Master.

      On the throne is someone masked.

      The masked person goes crazy."

      That pretty much explains it.

    • I couldn't watch it…got to be careful what you let into your mind….wow…and half the comments are asking people to appreciate the "art". I sort of want to give up on people sometimes.

    • That Florence adn the machine song also has sone odd lyrics too and the album is called Ceremonials!!?

      Its even more poignant when you realise she is currently trying to break into the US market more!!

      • @Carolyn

        Florence + the Machine are not "trying" to break into the Billboard (American) charts at all. They made it to America & the charts making their debut at No.14 with "Lungs" 2 years ago, with their album still hanging in the 50's – 60's area still.

        Florence is well known in America and for a while now, "Ceremonials" made its debut at No.6 a few weeks ago. She was recently on SNL, a very popular american show, for the second time.

      • Florence is becoming very popular in the magazine VOGUE. she's been showing up in there a lot. i always thought that was strange considering that she started as an underground artist. she's suddenly "in" — is that an appropriate way to put it?

    • These Arab 'revolutions' what are they for? The people don't want to be oppressed but if they overthrow the government what do they require in its place? I'm assuming they want to be treated fairly, they want jobs and above all they want freedom. But are they're women free? Are they treated fairly? What do women get out of this? Will their world change for the better in the chase for freedom. Just one story about how Arab women demonstrators have been treated by their fellow countrymen.,8599,205

      For me, I have to say if you are fighting for freedom then you fight for ALL not only for men. And if you fight for freedom and oppress another group of people (WOMEN) then the freedom you are fighting for, you do not deserve.

      • Well… Freedom does noet necesarilly mean the same thing all over the world.

        We can not judge other countries with western ideology and terms. And real freedom , is freedom of the mind really (freedom is a state of mind like they say). When I look at how people force their beliefs and values upon others in our countries (USA, Europe), I believe that we wouldn't describe that as freedom either. Also, the way social pressure works isn't really freedom either…

        And even if the Arab countries fight for the same kind of freedom that we have, would they really be so much better off? Will our kind of freedom really work in their countries?

        I think the Arab nations are fighting and standing up for better living standards, more than that they're fighting for 'freedom'.

        That being said, it takes a long time to obtain freedom (the western view on freedom), you musn't forget that these people have only been standing up for their rights starting january-february 2011. They've succeeded in more (at least 3 'big' leaders have fallen, and by big I mean people who have been there for a long time, not that they were good leaders) that other countries who rebelled and had wars to obtain 'freedom'.

      • Are you sure Linda? I was told otherwise.

        But thanks for the insight, much appreciated.

        And the person above who said the arab revolutions only mattered to men and not women? Please do some research, have you seen the women in places like Egypt and Yemen? We all want the same thing. Women do matter, their fighting for their lives in these revolutions. Search up that lady who won the peace nobel prize for Yemen, she's a women, isn't she? Please don't fall into the western world and believe that simply because arab women wear full garments and burkhas that their mistreated or abused, (some maybe) but not all so don't generalize.

        Arabs want freedom, but what does freedom really mean? We don't want the western freedom because its not actual freedom. And yes the Zionists planned the arab revolutions but its back firing on them, nearly every city in America is flooded with protests. The world will break free, its only a matter of time.

        I believe the world will revolve around the Palestinian – Israeli conflict, and it is there where the big war will happen which has been prophesied in all 3 holy books. The final war to end all wars.

        Oh and thank you to ALL who viewed my 1st teaser regarding the Arab revolutions, much appreciated. Just giving a voice to the voiceless I get targeted so much for doing so. People hate me they find it so annoying when I talk about whats really going on in the world. So I merely keep it all to my self. And 2nd teaser coming out on 1st December and full video coming out on 18th of December, marking a year of Arab revolutions that started in Tunisia. Trying to get 1,000 views!

        Please follow me on twitter; @SweetArabia

        Thank you again to all.

      • @Murad, I'm not wise enough to give insights :)

        But didn't you see the date of the picture? It's posted from 2008, which is 3 years ago, which is more than 2 years before the events in Syria.

        That's why I can tell you with a clear conscience, yes I am sure that picture is not from the Syrian events.

        And what you said about women in the current Arab revolutions really resonates with me, their part is not a slight one. They are definitely strong but not in the twisted way Gaga mindlessly advocates for 😉

    • I think the world is beginning to wake up, the lion sleeps no more. I have noticed evermore people realising theres something very wrong with the powers that be. truthseeking and enlightening videos on youtube will always have their views and approval marked down – just an example of 1 way "they" are trying to stop people from seeing the truth. What can we, as people do to fight this evil illuminatti, visit for some answers. (he has them and can explain them much better than me)

      V.S keep up the good work – I am fascinated with the Sinister Sites , please try and do more of these articles/videos.


      • Yeah why does everyone like the one word comment? Why not converse about why you think they might have an incestuous relationship? Or, how about we stay on topic and discuss what the author is suggesting? Is she really being "handled" by her father? I do find it interesting that in the secret societies of old and new, they often promote sexual promiscuity and sexual energy. Gaga is surrounded by their occult symbology and in one instance is shot in some sort of Masonic temple. Perhaps her father may be connected to this. Whatever the case, it's obvious she belongs to the marketing of the occult to the masses.

  3. I really, REALLY, wish she would go down the same path as Britney. And soon, too. She deserves it more than all of the other pop stars. I go to art school and my blood boils every time she ensures us that her "work" is "art". She is so pompous and pretentious, hiding the fact that everything she says and does has all been done and practiced before. At least all of the other pop stars just admit what they are doing is pop. But no, Gaga wants a slice of the art world as well. She just gives a bad name to everything. I hope she kills herself. Go ahead and bombard me for saying that. She's the only person I feel that way about.

    • Everyone gets these feelings at times, when we love something so much (for you it is art) it is horrible to see that thing desecrated by the actions of others and our instinctive reaction is to hate, like you say your blood "boils". The body is not always right though and you can overcome your instinctive feeling of hate, which I suggest you do because no matter how justified they are they do nothing for you but create negative energy in your life. You say she gives a bad name to everything, remember that everything includes yourself. Lady Gaga is a human being, so are you, by hating her you are denying the love that your humanity deserves and this will have a subconscious effect on your own self worth. You don't have to agree with her, just forgive her for being as fallible as anyone else. I know this is harder than it sounds and I'm not trying to patronise you honestly. I have had many good reasons to hate people in my life, but each time I find myself hating someone I have been able to eventually forgive and love them again by remembering that we are all one and that to judge is to be judged and quite frankly we all come up wanting. Or hold on to your hatred, turn that negative energy into ambition so that you can show the world what real art is! Then one day when someone tells you that they don't like your art and it makes them angry that you call it art you will realise what a silly kid you were, but at least you might be famous, just like Lady Gaga.

      • Kind, thoughtful, and wise words from you, Liz. However, I feel one MUST get angry at these so-called "icons" of pop culture that DEGRADE and DEMORALIZE our American culture and humanity as a whole. I'm not saying Lady Gaga is completely at fault here. Of course, the main culprits are behind the scenes, the puppeteers. But the fact that she actively accepts it, promotes it, even celebrates this decadence, is a valid reason to hate her. Britney, on one hand, has my pity, love, and prayer. She must have went through so much suffering and molestation as a child since she was in the business at a VERY young age. "Gaga" however, entered the business quite late in her life, and probably went without incest and/or molestation altogether. She was just a girl who was willing to whore herself out for fame and money. She, to me, is the worst of them all. She is the furthest thing from an artist. She is an evil, greedy, attention whore. She deserves worse than her predecessors. Much worse. I have much love in my heart for humanity as a whole, but for her, I wish her the worst. She is nothing more than an agent for demoralization and enslavement of the masses. A corporate whore, nothing more, nothing less. She deserves every bit of hate and suffering that's coming her way.

    • What Gaga does is what she herself thinks is Art.

      ''Everyone has their own opinion, their own idea of what beauty is.''

      – Rick Genest

      • "Gaga" and "thinks"… Doest Not Compute.

        Plus Rick Genest? What is he going to say? He probably got paid big time for being in her video and it was one of the peaks of his popularity.

    • ''She is so pompous and pretentious, hiding the fact that everything she says and does has all been done and practiced before.''

      It's tongue-in-cheek. Everyone knows Gaga lies and she plays with that. Her whole image is based off fibs, that's what made her. She's as good as said so.

    • Gaga is fascinated with old age poetry and music. She's into Romanticism fads like human/vampire and interpretability. Yet she leans toward the darker side of the subject. Nothing excites her more than to tap into supernatural powers with performance art. Her latest craze is that saying ''Never say a word you genuinely believe to be true''. So now she just says whatever the hell she feels like and bounces off the walls all the time. Does she really believe in all of that stuff? I consider myself too far from the subject to voice an opinion. But Gaga is no one's fool, that I will say.

    • Are you really wishing Lady Gaga–a musician, a singer, and I dare say, AN ARTIST–to commit suicide because YOU FEEL that her work isn't really "art" as she claims it is? And may I just ask, what the HELL is wrong with you? You think she deserves the same path that Britney went down just cause you don't agree with her music? You call her a greedy, selfish whore and say that's the worst kind of person in the entire world… but what about serial killers? What about rapists? Hitler? Stalin? Fidel freaking Castro?! Is she really harming anyone with her music? It makes your blood boil because you extremely dislike her work, but really, who are you to say who deserves to die and what-not? Your comments are extremely uncalled for. I like some of her music even though I believe she is in serious close ties with the Illuminati. However, I do not wish anything bad happening to her just because of the music she's created. You may think her music is atrocious and horrible, but there are millions of other people out there in the world who enjoy her music and are happy because of her songs and style.

      Really, you're being very melodramatic. I suggest you calm down and really think about the things you're saying or wishing upon people who do not deserve that. And I'm really shocked to see so many people liking your comment. Shame on you guys.

    • Yeah, well, If you had the animalistic crazy-bitch-cunt-faced fans that she has, which constantly feel the need to deity-liken on her websites, grope her during concerts, and jam things through her tour bus windows… You'd act like a harsh, *corporate whore* too.

    • If this isn’t a troll post then I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. “without incest and/or molestation” Just because she was older when she got famous she entered without incest and/or molestation? Really? She didn't go through any conditioning? I seriously hope this was a troll. I don’t care what someone’s opinion about LG is, but to imply that people conditioned with MK Ultra, VICTIMS, are just corporate whores is disgusting.

  4. Okay, first of all the dad- TOTAL CREEPER.

    It's odd that she has such an independent streak (for all appearances), but is sooooo tied to her father. What man brags about his sexual exploits to his DAUGHTER and then turns around and lambastes her for "looking like a slut"? Only to THEN turn around an be okay with it just because she's making money? What's that say about his opinion of the worth of women, specifically his own daughter?

    "Sure, honey! You can be a slut, but ONLY if it makes you money! If you're broke, you're only valuable as a virginal daddy's girl. What's that? Never mind all those stories I told you about the sluts I used to get- you're YOU- not them!"

      • Sometimes, when I am just sitting in my room or maybe out in a park I also scream "Daddy Issues".

        ~food for thought.

        ~eat it…


    • Well that's precisely it.. *that* right there is part and parcel of the emotional/mental abuse/mind control. It is only 'okay' to look and act like a slut IF you make money at it. He was throwing insecurity at her, consciously or unconsciously so that it would properl her forward in her career so that he (and she) could benefit. That's how it works in these things.

  5. YT Channel-TheGatewa on

    How could any father hold his daughter like that when she's wearing (or shall I say not wearing) that?Catholic?I'm Muslim and yet deeply concerned that the Catholic faith is associated unto that mindless,soul-less,stick called 'Lady' Gaga.

    • The Catholic church is part of the NWO, and always has been. Just look at the *true* history. Also, look up Svali on the Internet. She reveals quite shocking details of her childhood, and how she was forced to watch a child sacrifice in the bowels of the church in Rome.

      • A Catholic priest who performed quite a few exorcisms, claimed that yoga is work of devil because all those oriental religions are based on the false belief of reincarnation apparently.

    • Hmmm I dunno…

      Do you really think she's catholic, or that her father is catholic?

      I think she uses crosses and christianity as a symbol, to make her 'art'; kind of like what Madonna did…

      • That religion agenda is outdated. You have to have inside you God, nobody can force you to accept someone or something if you don't want.

    • I'm Catholic & she ain't. If she isn't living her faith (I mean really living it) then it's just a symbol to hang around her neck when the "more important" stuff is taken care of.

      • Do some of you guys realize how hateful your comments are ? You are against everything that do not exactly ressemble you : catholics, … And as far as LG is concerned, she is more catholic than you are. Religion is about love, it is not supposed to be about hate. This is so stupid it makes me want to throw up. It disgusts me, not only as a catholic, but as a human being. I do not understand this hatred, this is so stiple-minded and xenophobic. I mean, what is your problem ?

      • Ok, sorry, I realize that my comments are a bit too rough, but it is beacause I am angry.
        I am a Christian and I am fan of hers, as some of you may have noticed in some previous comments of mine on another article about her.
        I believe above all that religion is about love and understanding.
        Religious symbols, (I believe symbols are what brings us together), can be interpreted in many ways, and are constutive of our vision of good and evil as a person and as a community.
        Lady Gaga is playing with these codes, and I think that what she is trying to say is not all (although part of it is) bad or unchristian, even though her irony is difficult to grasp, because it doesn’t fit in what society has taught us ever since we were born.
        It seems to me that she is making fun of people who claim to be christians and do not act as such through her distorted imagery.
        I just wonder if someone else noticed it, because, to fight against hypocrisy surely fits in the Christian message, “thou shall not lie”.
        I believe that the lies I am talking about come from political propaganda, not religion, and that she is trying to dissociate both, unlike masons, in order for people to better understand each other.
        I do not like hatred of any kind, and hatred between christians and masons or other religious communities, etc is driving me completely crazy.
        I will stop there but do not hesitate to share with me about this, I would appreciate it. :)

      • And who are you to judge he faith? You dont know if she is catholic or not, and in which way she is practicing her religion… Be more tolerant plegase

      • Hello Billikitty.
        I didn't mean to judge anyone's faith but to try to make people understand that most of what society teaches us is wrong.
        I am sorry if I I looked intolerant and I hope that you will understand my move.
        Peace to you and other readers.

  6. First gaga comment p on

    Well at this point in time I'm not 100% sure that her dad's her handler, but they are definitely poster children for inappropriate father-daughter relationships. ‘What man wouldn’t want you now that you’re becoming so successful?’. He might as well wore a sign that says "I've at times contemplated about molesting my daughter"… If, which I hope does not happen because she is still a human being, Stef has a hiccup or breakdown in any sort of underlying programming sometime in the next decade or two then I'll be sure like Ms. Spears. The VMAs and shock tactics aren't damning enough evidence; for me personally anyways. I need to see her land on the news for something more than "pushing the envelope" (previous VC post? anybody? Bueller?….)

    BTW, in the "old days" photo im pretty sure the smile on soon-to-be-gaga is forced for the camera.

  7. YT Channel-TheGatewa on

    Sure,to some degree we have to feel pitiful for these poor souls,but one also has to understand that it's still the 'artists' making the decision when they sell it (their souls,that is).

    People aspire to be like them yet the only aspects of these celebrities' life that the public know are the ones which are presented in the MSM and,if the sheeple get really into them,some extra research like their personal history etc (urgh).

    These fools may gain all the material wealth in the world and appear to be some of the happiest people ever living the 'fast life' as it were,but people reading this (yes,you!) should know by now that in actual fact it's nearly the opposite.Appearance Vs Reality,and it's the perception of the latter one that the majority of people in this world lack.

    Even if these people are content with what they get in return for promoting sex,satanism,violence,sowing discord amongst the population and all the other negative crap;when the day of reckoning comes and they realise where they are going…well it seems like the most lucky and happy* people in this short life,are going to be some of the most unhappy,unlucky people in the next life,and for a considerably longer time.*if happy means living life on a schedule that is constantly controlled and monitored by evil,selfish human beings.

    • I agree with you there. They do make that choice. But what about those who're dragged into it from childhood? And what about regret, and forgiveness? Anyone can change at any point in their lives. Some are so blinded by the temptations of fame and money that at the point of making that choice, that they aren't entirely conscious of what they're getting themselves into, and when they do start to realize and regret, they find themselves trapped. I think there should be daa'ees particularly attached to inviting these people to the Truth, when they start crumbling and realizing the mess they're in, to liberate them from the Satanic cage they're stuck in.

      • Agreed. Some people are too black and white in their conclusions. This is a complicated business. Lots of perceived truths and half truths. With everyone thinking they have expertise on mind control/illuminati. Those people who may possibly have been forced into the industry in childhood deserve your pity and your judgement should be reserved for their parents. Gaga may well have in her20's when she broke into music but if this hold her dad may have over her veers into a darker abusive territory then she deserves pity also.

    • Actually, if you've been brought up as a mind control slave – which a LOT of these artists have – then you do NOT have a choice in what you will be used for. Please go and do some proper research on MKUltra and Illuminati mind control – Vigilant's E-Book or other basic articles will be an excellent start – and you may understand that it is the system we should be angry at, and her parents for subjecting her to that system.

      Then again, considering they love the whole 'generational family' thing (with the 13 blood lines etc), her parents may have well been chosen because they were mind controlled. A child of someone who easily disassociates is a much more valuable commodity for "them", because every generation will disassociate even easier than the previous generation…

      Please. Do your research and understand what you're really talking about.

      I'm sure some DO sell their souls consciously; but I really feel as they most have no choice. How can you have a choice if your mind is completely controlled?

  8. Her father is most absolutely her mind control handler. Prostituting her out to society as a whole and probably also more sinisterly to his friends and occult colleges. I believe that Lady Gaga has a child hood filled with deep trauma instilled by her family in keeping with the MK-Ultra themes. Almost always the father benefits greatly from selling out his child to the program including career opportunities and political affiliations. Lady Gaga is a tool of the CIA and the overall NWO agenda of the Luciferian Elitists. Her music and actions (obviously not her own) are the symbolic means in their media saturation. Lena Morgana was the sacrifice as needed. Lady Gaga is someone to really really feel very sorry for. She is constantly tortured, raped and compartmentalized further in keeping with her programming and her life is not her own. We should pray for her rescue and de programming. Please read Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Philips. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  9. Be more open-minded on

    Incest. He probably degreaded her during her childhood. Told her she wasn't gonna amount to anything, no man would want her and she struggled to please him to show him that one day she would and she'll do it all for him, to please him bc she wants him to be happy for her. Her mom was forced to shut up and probably beaten too No telling, they act like it's only them and no one else. Definitely fishy!

    • The pattern you describe of degrading the daughter does not necessarily have to involve incest, but is pretty common. Your post made me research the name of the woman who appears in the documentary "The Kinsey Syndrom"
      I think I discovered it shortly after I made an earlier post on this website about how homosexual sex practises are sadomasochistic, the female vagina has become apparently unknown and it is unbelievable that women like Gaga even promote such sadomasochism. Now having read about her father she maybe does not know better. It is hip in her circles to act this way and considered to be so cool and liberated. She is also constantly applauded by the media and her fans for being that way.

  10. Someone said that her act does scream dad issue..

    You can see so hard how much she longs for the approval of man. Obviously because she never had that approval from her own bio dad.

    It's very sad, because when we think about it… there is only ONE father that can fill that void we all long for. Especially females, We all long for our daddy's approval. However, my heavenly father's approval is what we really long for but don't realize it.

    I always tell people that we were all made with a hole in our heart and only God can fill that hole. :)

    I pray that soon she will realize that God's approval is what she needs and not her bio dad.

  11. Sacred HEart Academy is a "fake" Catholic School, it is really a "charm" school, which is what they call the schools where they train the elite diamond models for MK Ultra Sex slavery. This is so disgusting and so pitiful. The poor girl never had a chance,.

    • Do you have any proof of that? I used to take care of three girls that attend that school, and I have been there myself many times and it seems like a really good school.

      • despite that she's giving her pops 50 % of her earnings…i really dont see anything bad…besides that, everything else looks like speculation….i mean hell if i had lots of money and everybody loved my music i would probably dress like her or worse only cause i could….id put on tutus made out of teddy bears and glitter in my hair and 20 inch heels…and i would'nt have a care in the world cause i knew that people would love me eithier way cause of my music….yea she has issues, but which of us here is free from issues..her's are just a lil more public…i dont care for her music or her status quo…but given the circumstances i'd be doing the same as her…lol

      • I only know about her and all the others because of my travels to sites like these and maybe some announcement on Drudge or something. But music is in my soul and therefore I must research what is going on: I absolutely love these analyses Vigilant provides. That whole mind control business: that explains a lot about the formula the industry uses on the masses.

        I also have been reading about this Sacret Heart school in the middle of New York City that is primarily used for the MK-Ultra mind control. You can read it at this link here.

  12. Has anyone noticed that popstars seem to start off pretty normal at first……and as their fame and success progresses they seem to shift to things much darker….more vulgar…more POPular? Just as Rihanna was pretty harmless at the start of her career and lots of people adored her….and even as she became sort of a dark princess people just went along with it and stuck with her instead of questioning what was really going on….as if they are desensitized and just accept it

    • This is the third version that I read about how Lady Gaga made it in the music industry. From her being self made, to elder men having helped her to her father having financed it. It is also the fifth time that a change like this appears in the biography of a successful musician. I cannot help but think that there is a pattern to lure normal people in, to make them like them because they seem to be "like me" and then the shift is very difficult to make mentally by those who listen to their music, to accept that they are not as you originally thought.

    • I definately agree with that. Rihanna is very crude, vulgar and an overall wh*re. That's just the nicest way I can put it. At the beginning, she was a young black girl from Barbados, quite a clean image. Along the way she made it out to be she has always been a ''bad girl''. In her s & m it cleary outlines ''Princess Of the Illuminati. And apparently the ''situation with chris. Chris brown seems pretty fishy. (that's a discussion for another time)

      The meaning of ''Run This Town'' Umbrella, Disturbia etc I can name a list. she sold her soul for the $ to jayz.

      • Your ridiculous pseudonym discredits you from being objective about Rihanna but I shall answer you anyway. 'Fishy' is not a word I would personally use about Chris Brown viciously beating his ex girlfriend complete with blood,bruises and bite marks over her body. 'Fishy' is not what I would use when after Chris Brown abused her that night he left her on a side walk without a care for her welfare. I think the word to apply to his behavior is pure evil.

  13. Is that "Girly-Gaga" in her teen years before Daddy said: "I have money now for your sex change operation you were slitting your wrists for? SMH

    • I sometimes wonder if hes/shes a tranny…..(not that its really important to us)

      Maybe the process was repeated disturbing sexual rituals and the final result was this so called lady gaga. Doesnt matter, this lady gaga is just another pitiful mannequin waiting to be destroyed.

  14. How could you wear such a revealing outfit in front of your DAD??!! Those are not even clothes!! Yacch! Yach!!! Aaaaa!!!!!!!!! *puke all over the room*

  15. I once read an article that said that when she was a child, she was answering the door in her birthday suit.

    Speaking of pop stars and weird stuff…I once read a Madonna interview in a teen magazine when I was in high school (I graduated 20 years ago). When asked when she realized she was going to be a star or whatever, her reply was "when I was five I lifted my skirt and everyone clapped." Or something like that.

    • oh my GOD. that's a lesson for how we should be so careful about what messages we give to kids! we might just be laughing and clapping at their ridiculousness and have no idea what we're putting into their little heads! :O :O

      • Gummy bears? Doesn't this remind regulars here of the Kim Noble video where she tells her daughter not to take the sweets? Hidden in plain sight I tell you.

    • Cat and fiddle on

      I am speechless. This video is mind blowing. Is it meant to be autobiographical? There are so many layers its unreal. Is it meant to reflect how they were, "Groomed" to be artists in the Sacred Heart School? And if so, why are they allowing her to be so thruthful? AAAAHHH, its all so confusing!
      Thanks for sharing though.

  16. I'm assuming your new to Vigilant Citizen?

    A declassified CIA document dated 7 Jan 1953 describes the experimental

    creation of multiple personality in two 19-year old girls. "These subjects have

    clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep H

    [hypnotic] controlled state by telephone, by receiving written matter, or by

    the use of code, signal, or words, and that control of those hypnotized can be

    passed from one individual to another without great difficulty. It has also

    been shown by experimentation with these girls that they can act as unwilling

    couriers for information purposes." (CIA Mori ID 190684, 1/7/53)

  17. um, you are you that dumb? She's got her arm wrapped AROUND his neck and her elbow isn't in the picture. Just because it isn't doesn't mean its photoshopped.

    • "she loved Luc because much like her father, he refused to be impressed. she goes back to Luc because she can’t impress him and she loves it. leave it to a world of critical, underachieving people to dim the shine of such a great woman and throw dirt on her reputation."

      She loves being treated like crap? It shows low self worth on her part. I remember seeing a clip of Lady Gaga somewhere in which she is backstage before a show at a famous music hall. She starts talking about how she should feel great, performing at that famous location with a sold out show, she then started crying and saying how she still feels worthless, just worthless. I believe those tears were genuine, it made me see her in a different light. People don't feel that deep level of worthlessness unless they were made to feel worthless. I'm sure she does feel for people who are suicidal, I have no doubt she has felt that way herself on occasion.

      Who are you dear previous poster to assume that we are underachieving people or that Lady Gaga is of any more value than we are? You are not the Creator so get off your high horse.

  18. I hope that was a father-daughter dance they attended. She's so beautiful with out the heavy makeup and crazy get up…oops..I mean "art."

  19. One must wonder where and why she came upon the MKULTRA symbolism for her pop music. It's not the sort of thing you wake up one morning and decide on, and it certainly doesn't make any sense to be so reticent about the meaning of such lurid themes that composite your whole shtick. Such spectacularly twisted and dysfunctional machinery couldn't have developed overnight.

    • @Syrus – Very well-stated; good point. This has crossed my mind as well.

      One could argue that MK imagery has pervaded popular culture for several generations… Still, Gaga has sure made it a point to bring it to the forefront, and one can't help but wonder why. Is she doing it to appease her label by flaunting the "latest craze"? Or is there more to it?

      There is definitely something strange about her entire rise to fame, and I don't mean her kooky outfits. I mean the fact that once it happened, it was SO fast, SO broad, SO ubiquitous. She has a HUGE marketing machine behind her, and you have to wonder WHY they are pushing her so much. (Ditto for the other heavy hitters of today, while other talented people wallow in obscurity.)

      If it weren't for all the creepy MK symbolism and all her other odd behaviour, I would probably find this article endearing and buy her whole spiel of "I'm just a nice, talented Italian Catholic girl from NY who worked really hard, got really lucky, and made it big. I love my parents and give them half of my earnings because they mean so much to me."

      Instead, this article adds another dimension of strangeness to the already strange Gaga story, making it sound as if "Daddy Gaga" was perhaps in some way "grooming" her for all of this.

      Wouldn't be the first time someone had a quasi-creepy show-biz parent who is heavily involved. In addition to the aforementioned Joe Jackson and Mitch Winehouse, there is Papa Knowles, Papa Simpson, Papa Spears, Papa Lohan, the list goes on… Makes you think.

  20. Anyone else find it funny that her male alter is also called "Joe"? Some kind of messed up tribute he made to himself when he was creating her new alter, perhaps? Also, who takes their dad to the school dance? :S

  21. I think NEW YORK is The Babylon talked about in the Bible,in the Revelation. Lady Gaga is from New York, so it makes since at that level too, IF y`all know what I mean:P

    Btw…I think her weird creepy shoes with no heels, you know`em!I saw Beyonce with them too(surprise,surprise)Reminds me of claws.Like the feet of the EVIL .

    Gotta have hope in Jesus now more than ever…

    • I know what you mean, after all its nickname is "The Big Apple" the fruit usually associated with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Also sliced in half widthways the apple reveals a pentagram (not necessarily evil but certainly mystical, with inverted pentagrams being adopted by Satanists). The city itself is a centre for distractions and idolism with songs that worship its streets and the slogan "I Love New York" to the point where you could call the city itself a false idol. However prophetic literature has a way of being reinterpreted by each generation to fit their historical circumstances, not that this is wrong it’s just that it doesn't necessarily mean the end is nigh and that Lady Gaga is the last scarlet woman we will see or that New York is the last Babylon we will see. I have a feeling the world will be in much greater darkness than it is right now when that time comes. The thing is God inspired the apocalyptic writings much earlier than it ever happened, Jesus himself 2000 years ago was saying that the judgement was soon. So why give us this warning for generations to struggle and worry over when they wouldn't even be around to see the end times anyway?! Because the real end time is when you die, every generation has a Babylon and a scarlet woman since the prophecy was first given. I'm not saying the world won't end eventually; it’s just that you need to give more concern to the end of your own life because you defiantly will be around to see that. Sure Revelations gives us many clues to help us understand who our enemy is and who our friend’s are in this life, but unless you pray fervently to God for him to bestow upon you the Holy Spirits gifts of prophecy and wisdom (both do not come easily, yet they will if you are pure of heart and have faith in Jesus), reading Revelations is going to give you no real secrets on the true final destiny of this world.

      • New York is not "Babylon". The false Vatican "2" Antichurch (as opposed to the true Catholic Church which, spiritually, departed Rome in 1958-1965) is Babylon (Rome in Apostasy). Makes sense, since Gaga and her dad are "Catholic" in name only.

  22. Quote from article: Joe Germanotta grew up in New Jersey, a rock ’n’ roll fanatic who loved Led Zeppelin and Billy Joel and who perhaps overshared with his daughter along the way: “He was having sex with girls under the boardwalk in New Jersey before he went to see Bruce Springsteen,” Gaga said in July. “He saw a lot of himself in me. My first piano teacher was a stripper.”

    'Overshared with his daughter' & 'He saw a lot of himself in me' (quite literally, perhaps) are both quite telling in how the relationship might really be.

  23. When I see her, I get a dirty feeling like she's filthy, like she doesn't wash regularly. Also, every person is born with the knowledge of what is right and wrong – she and her fame machine behind her are trying to create a new morality code by ignoring and turning inside-out the basic understandings of good and bad. Lady Gaga is not a person, SHE IS AN AGENDA! As long as we keep talking about her, we help her win. I hope she never has kids. Victory is ours, who know and follow all that is truth.

    • i completely agree with your take on gaga as 'an agenda'

      ..the worst part is all this ridiculous crap is now so blatant and in your face, you can't explain it to anybody else.

      here's my humorous extrapolation on the situation;

      1880: "back in my day, if you could see a girls ankle she was a slut"

      1980: "score! i got to third base with my best gal!"

      2018: "Mum, i'm horny, wanna play twister with dad?"

  24. We know which side she is at this moment, but i hope Gaga leaves this lifestyle someday, after all, shes mind controlled..We can't judge anybody, as a christian i hope God rescue this girl someday..Jesus said: Pray for your enemies.. We all know His teachings are perfect.

  25. Look, you guys are taking this way out of context. As for the sources most are bullshit, but the Luc Carl ones. Yes, she adores her father but I don't think he has his hands in her pockets but rather she gives her parents what they want. He's not her 'handler' and he most certainly does not think of his daughter sexually. You are all just misguided and confused. He couldn't even look at her when she did start off because he didn't approve of it. He's learned to apeprciate it now, it's art, her form of expressing herself. Leave it to be. You guys are always looking to find a flaw in but in this situation I see none.

    • I do not usually respond to comment's, but this one I could not let go. How idiotic must you be to see that Lady Gaga is doing the same thing that David Bowie and 50 other artists did "back in the day". Real art is not occult symbolism or blasphomy at every show. Art has been the excuse used for years within the realm of these brainwashed souls… If art is her cop-out, explain to me why these forms of blasphomy are not expressed towards other religions and only Christianity? Hm? Take up for this plain-Jane all you want, but do not keep giving her the same cop-out every other "monster" gives her. Take away the make-up, the awkward dancing, the mind boggling videos, and the ridiculous hook's from her songs and all you will have is another New York wannabe celebrity.

      You want to be famous or the next Lady Gaga people?? Go find the highest ranked music executive and tell them you will literally do anything to be famous. Guarentee you will have a ritual on your hands before you can say, "Make me a lunatic".

      God bless to those who still have faith and God help the ones of us who do not.

      • You said it all so truthfully… there is nothing special or unique about this industry toy. Her songs are awful and the only kind of clarity they have are sinister. It's so obvious that her fame wont last but a few more years cause she's really been trying hard lately to stay relevant after her latest album dropped big time in sales after the second week of release.

      • "explain to me why these forms of blasphomy are not expressed towards other religions and only Christianity?"

        Ahh, because she was born in a christian family, raised in a christian household and educated at a christian school. She's got plenty of material to mine.

    • You are the only person who makes sense here. This is exactly what it is – she is an unusual artist and there is nothing sinister like was suggested – makes me wonder what kinds of ugly, perverted thoughts are in the minds of all these complainers who exaggerate it. She's a brilliant artist and a brilliant businesswoman, and her father is proud of that. So is her mother. End of story.

    • They are "Catholic" in name only. And there are two Catholicisms; the fake one which is based on the false Vatican "2" council (1962-1965), and the Antipopes (since 1958); and the real Traditional Catholicism, which should be associated with the last reigning true Pope (Pius XII, 1939-1958) and all his precedessors until St. Peter and Our Lord Himself.

  26. "At the time, the power dynamic was reversed: Stefani was a preppy, sheltered rich girl from the Upper West Side whose teen idol was Britney Spears;"

    And so many of her mon'kies' think she's a hero, she's not weird she's stupid and loves them because she makes a big fat living off of them.

  27. My father would murder me if I so much as even THOUGHT about dressing like that and walking outside. If my hemlines aren't to the knee he thinks I'm dressing like a ho lol (But hey, I guess that's just daddy's for you. :) ) That's the weirdest thing to me, that he doesn't care that she walks around almost completely naked. My father would have already had a hernia.

  28. seriously. 50%? no not 15 or 20%. he must really be doing her a favour as a sell out for 50%

    if i were her FINANCIAL advisor investing her savings then i'd need a payout, Lady: where you at i need 10 percent


    i know im really close with my father but so close when i only have HALF my clothes on?


    but watever helps them sleep at night

  29. In my opinion she won't end up like Britney. She's not like Britney. Britney is an actual brainwashed control pop star with little to do with her own "image". Lady Gaga we can say is the new Madonna. I call Madonna the Pop mafia Queen. She's the one who makes or breaks people in pop culture. She's the one who made "new age" a big influence in POP culture. (Kabbalah, witchcraft, "catholicism", etc…) But Madonna does this willingly. She knows who she serves, and she knows that she well be given supernatural abilities to speak, and act a certain way to entice society and bring upon some sort of rebellion that will only dig us further in the whole. Like Madonna, Gaga knows what she is doing and why and what her price is. Fame (influence, and power) for as long as she wants but has to do it a certain way to go with the "agenda". That is why Gaga won't fade away. Because the more she wants the fame and the "new world peace" movement, the more her life and music (spiritual) will pave the way to it. There is always 2 forces in life. The spiritual (good or evil) and the physical (perception). Now what side will you let influence you? Pshh for me I'll stick with the true Christianity, the following of Jesus Christ. (the son, the father, and holy spirit) God bless ya'll!

    • You honestly think Madonna was not a mind controlled slave?! Have a look at her history and her film clips, I mean, just read the lyrics to Like A Prayer:

      "I close my eyes… oh God I think I'm falling… out of the skies, I close my eyes… heaven help me… it's like a dream… no end and no beginning… he's here with me, it's like a dream… let the choir sing… when he calls my name, it's like a little prayer, i'm down on my knees, I want to take you there, in the midnight hour, I can feel your power, just like a prayer, you know i'll take you there…"

      — these for example CAN be interpreted as finding god etc, but they can ALSO easily be interpreted in the same manner that MANY of these MK stars (gaga, rihanna, britney etc) have songs that seem to be specifically about joining with their handler – and even the symbolism in those two verses and the chorus is kinda suspect — "I'm on my knees" – very sexual – "In the midnight hour" – the witching (occult power) hour… etc.

      In my opinion, Madonna was a slave, but somewhere along the years she was "promoted" to being a handler herself. If you do the research, you realise that even the Handlers are intensely mind controlled, by each other!

      I mean, look at her daughter Lourdes. Being groomed much????

      • um yeah either mind controlled to do a specific agenda or writing/practicing/producing on your own will being the key that opens the door to the next degeneration. Madonna was the mother of the 80's-90's and Millenium degeneration through music because she herself possessed the power from her "master" willingly. She won't destroyed by the companies. She is one with the companies. So with that I compared it to Gaga being the new key to the next door of degeneration that we see. People no longer look to Madonna for inspiration. (and i'm only saying in pop culture, because it's the music that influences the masses) It's now Gaga the mother of this degeneration to follow in footsteps. I mean look how pop music has dramatically changed after these women stepped into it. They are the vessels that their master talks through with their music and ideas all willingly by them. Just like many rock artist before their time (ozzy, the doors, so on…) now, people like Rihanna, Britney, Miley, Christina, Katy… are all puppets. These are the followers of Gaga now while Gaga will remain till old age doing what she does because she will always have that "force" to give her the "inspiration" like Madonna. But whatever… All these people will eventually be judged and if they don't surrender to Jesus Christ then they will not inherit the Kingdom of the Real and ONLY true God. Even the handlers are subjects to mind control. Mind control by Satan. So all this mind control/handler thing really is just a chain reaction from their "master" – pyramid affect.

        The only triangle i'll be part of is the one with the father, son, and holy spirit in each corner protecting all humanity that enters it. Not some triangle with the "god" on top and everyone else becoming less valuable as it descends. BLAH i'm done.

    • The Luc Carl part maybe correct i have to say. She wants him to like her. and maybe she has a bad taste for men because of her father. But i highly doubt her father had any sexual relationship with her. He didn't speak to her for months after seeing her show with lady starlight. Only after his heart surgery they became close again. My opinon is that her family just thought she was crazy and going against her wouldnt make anything better so they support her. After all she is a slave and no one can do anything about that.

  30. What woman here would hug their father so closely or even want to be seen by their father while wearing an outfit like that. Most normal people would at least slip a robe on….even a stripper would. so creepy!

  31. It's very odd that someone that grew up in the stereotypical "healthy" two parent household has such issues with dependency. Her industry friends can't understand the finances with her father, her childhood friends can't understand why she was so attracted to someone that treated her so horribly. It's crazy how people miss the duality with these artists. She's like the lion in a circus being tamed for entertainment and yet all she wants is to be at peace. I do think she really does love her father because she talks about him so often. I think "Speechless" is even about their relationship. However, I also think she's been through some things with her father that have caused her to be fine with the exploitation that she's suffering from now, otherwise she wouldn't have such a strong lust for being mistreated in her romantic relationship.

    Anyone else creeped out by the fact that she says she's married to her father? Meaning til death do they part 0_o

  32. I feel so sorry for her and I'm completely weirded out by the relationship dynamic yet not surprised, everything in this world is so twisted but yet it is glorified, everything is shrouded in deceit. these guys are puppets of the elite but the elite are puppets of demons and they of the devil but God has complete control. he has given all off us free will but it will end how he says it will regardless. God is just, but the world is doomed I think the beatles said it best, you say you'll change the constitution well you know we all want to change our head, you tell me it's the institution well you know you better free your mind instead, God and the holy spirit are the only salvation it will only get worse

  33. i knew this will be an issue a week before it is posted….. im kinda like to have a clairvoyance or premonition something like that….cuz all the things that my minds says happens a day or a week after.

  34. Poor Gaga. Once she spoke about a nightmare in an interview which her mother guessed as an Illuminati ritual when Gaga revealed her dream to her mother. Here is the article:

    “I have this recurring dream sometimes where there’s a phantom in my home and he takes me into a room, and there’s a blond girl with ropes tied to all four of her limbs. And she’s got my shoes on from the Grammy's. Go figure—pyscho. And the ropes are pulling her apart.”

    But it gets even stranger. “I never see her get pulled apart, but I just watch her whimper, and then the phantom says to me, ‘If you want me to stop hurting her and if you want your family to be OK, you will cut your wrist.’ And I think that he has his own, like, crazy wrist-cutting device. And he has this honey in, like, Tupperware, and it looks like sweet-and-sour sauce with a lot of MSG from New York. Just bizarre. And he wants me to pour the honey into the wound, and then put cream over it and a gauze.”

    Gaga was confused by her dream and turned to other sources to find out its meaning. “So I looked up the dream, and I couldn’t find anything about it anywhere. And my mother goes, ‘Isn’t that an Illuminati ritual?’ And I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’”

    She even consulted her good friend and mentor Deepak Chopra about past dreams. “The devil’s trying to take me, Deepak. I’m a good girl!” she told the spiritual leader, who eased her fears. – PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND BEING GOOD DOESN'T SAVE YOUR SOUL. "

  35. I remember reading an Lady Gaga interview where she said some really terrible things happened in her childhood that she could barely remember but of course she loved her parents.

    Is anybody surprised?

  36. K-Pop female artists usually go the other way – they severe relationship with their parents.

    Hara Koo(Kara) has not seen her parents for more than 5 years although they live in the same city. The former leader of T-Ara saw her parents for the first time in many years thru a show arranged by a TV program just for that purpose. A few members of SNSD, especially Yoona and Tiffany, rarely see their parents, which is even more strange since they seem to get along well with their respective real sisters.

  37. i don't know if anyone has posted this yet but i think this whole thing makes these lyrics from alejandro that much more creepy… "she's not broken, she's just a baby, but her boyfriend's like a dad, just like a dad." when i first heard this way back it really disturbed me, but now, the creepy factor just tripled.

    and great article, vc. 😀

  38. Gaga really just says it all. Indeed. Fuck the consequences, fuck the people who just don’t get it and fuck the labels which sit so eloquently on both our bottles and foreheads. Don’t stop what you’re doing, Gaga, because people need to hear it, they need to see what shit happens in the buisness and how shitty it is and how it fucks people's brains up. They need to see that Fame's not all peaches and cream and ordered gummybears and they need to deal with it.

    Instead of just going ''oh, monarch control! how horrid!'' something needs to be done about it, and I think Lady Gaga's getting that message across excellently. She's got bottle and her scummy handlers hate that, but she's put them in a rut and they can't shut her up. I love this bitch.

    • You are kidding me. She is doing EXACTLY what her handlers want her to do.

      She: – encourages early sexualisation of children

      – encourages extreme sexualisation of adult women (and the yearning for that in men)

      – sings really dark negative songs with powerfully negative/confusing/twist-the-meaning-around lyrics

      – makes film clips that obviously portray deceptive/vengeful/just plain mean acts as COOL

      – sometimes openly or just plain cryptically lies and deceives her fans and the general public

      – encourages consumption of everything from crappy pop music to the most expensive shoes on the planet

      All of these pop princesses are the MARIA character-agenda from the 1920s movie "Metropolis" – the all-seeing, all-dancing DISTRACTION to keep us in the system, consuming consuming consuming so that we forget that we're all hear to love ourselves, heal our past hurts, and essentially yes, save our souls :)

      I don't blame them; I know that this is becoming so blatant to allow us the opportunity to heal ourselves as an entire race: Before you can know what you DO want, you need to find out what you DON'T want!

      Blessings to all and remember – we have the power to change ourselves – and if we all change ourselves – before we know it, the world has changed too 😀 xxx

  39. Gaga is an attention-seeker, she probably subconsciously believes she's owned. It's about balancing out that emotional deficit. Nevertheless, no amount of notoriety will give her what she wants. Feeling as though we've missed out on attention is often behind outrageous behaviour, thus the reason behind her weird behaviour. That last picture with her father is awkward the least. I might have no clue really but who cares.

    ps. VC you're the best 😉 seriously

  40. slayer is born on

    She is truly bizarre. She said something about people not understanding her because of her wigs and makeup.

    I know I can’t be the only one, but the way some folk tell it, I may as well be.

    Makeup and wigs do not phase me. My makeup, other people’s makeup, small amounts or pouring all over a dressing room table, the sight, the smell, even the taste of makeup doesn’t irk me in the slightest. Neither do wigs.

    And perhaps because of this, I can’t really dig Gaga's obsession with it. Why I don’t love Pop as much. The drop-ins about art and describing it to no end in interviews…I just don’t get it.

    It’s a fascinating connective tissue to be sure, but I just cannot get myself to read more into it.

    Oh, I don’t know, just ignore me.

  41. The father is the first man the daughter falls in love with and the success of that relationship will basically determine her male relationships for life.

    Relatedly, has her dad spent the years since 2004 just with eating?

    • What absolute rubbish. Daughters do NOT 'fall in love' with their fathers.

      They love their fathers the same way they love their mothers, grandparents, friends etc.

      There is a HUGE difference between Romantic love (Eros) and the love between a father and a daughter. (Phileo)

      • Carrie female toddlers innocently look up to their fathers. They don't love them in a romantic way, they just admire them as they represent the first male role model in their lives, the male prototype.

        Why do you think women who are devoid of a father figure in their early years -if their father is out of the pic for instance- they repeatedly get involved romantically with much older men -I'm not talking about the gold digging type-. We all have our issues that derive from our life experiences, only different kind of issues. Nobody is unscathed nevertheless.

      • That's why it's crucial for children to have unlimited access to their parents. Only if a parent can cause harm to a child should be prevented from having contact with it.

  42. I don't see a problem with having a tight relationship with your father. this is ridiculous. and she explains all this in interviews. god, give her a chance. why do people have to criticize every little thing she does.

  43. Woah, her alter ego; Joe Calderone is indeed also her fathers name… She was all talking about how she wants to be with Lady Gaga. So its maybe a way of representing the super close relationship that they have. If you know what I mean… Ewwwww

  44. Well I can relate 100% to the last paragraph! And if I get where I am working towards in the present, or had as much money as she does, I would love to give 50% of my earnings to my parents, because there would be no chance of me being in that place, achieving my dream without all their help, and all their money, so I would love to give back to them as much as I could!

      • I know, my point is not everything in the article is not as bad as it seems!

        Call me naive, but I don't see "incest" anywhere…weird, yes…but incest, nope. What I disliked was the I-like-you-now-that-you-make-money part, although maybe is more of acceptance towards what she does.

        And for anyone wondering, no I am NOT a Lady Gaga fan, just trying to defend her…at all! Neither am I new to this site and the conspiracy theories.

  45. Jeremy from joburg on

    incest shouldn't b a surprise too us vc readers and truth seekers, we already know that its an important tool in shattering the Psyche to create a mind control slave ( that might end up going 50/50 with the handler) All this is very interesting but still distracting us from whats really going on. I urge u my fellow knowers, we are in the 11th hr soon it will b the final hr ( just Google y is 2012 the final hr ) they distracting us even us knowers from whats really going down

  46. Please VC do an article of the videogame Assassins creed!!! you will not regreat it. practically the videogame tell us our present fully dominated by the Masons!!!! The truth has me a little worried.

  47. I honestly feel shamed because me myself became trapped with the music I listened to and even the way I started acting. . . I need to break out of this, when you know the truth you look at the world in a completely different way its scary. I literally left my flat and didn't recognise the dark street.. That picture with gaga and her dad is just WRONG. I wouldn't even fathom my dad seeing me like that let alone his arms wrapped around my naked waist, with a pimps smile on his face. Just ghastly!

  48. loads of previous evidence that she's a daddy's girl and/or has daddy issues.

    if something shady is going on (and of course VC thinks so), not a good way in which to imitate Elvis or MJ

    could just be a method for giving daddy money, or something else logical manuever (tax/lawsuit shelter?)

    she's loaded anyway.

  49. This site has a number of articles linking music to mind control, police state, etc.. Have you noticed that there have been a lot of songs lately that contain the words "put your hands up"?

  50. This reminds me of Madonna was from Italian-Catholic family too. Wish I would have known what I know now back in the 80's.

    Anyway..I remember reading an article that Gaga said she channels her dead aunt. That must be her dad's deceased sister that they named that restaurant after, Joanne.

    It also makes me wonder if one of those ritual "blood sacrifices" had to be done for fame. There's always a cost.

    I just saw Gaga on an interview on Good Morning America, promoting her Barney's crap. She is controlled very well…I mean she talks very down to earth and is very likable and pleasant in interviews. These "handlers" do a good job at making their puppets front personality undetectable. In fact, so many of these news shows, like GMA are just turning into celebrity worship shows, picking up where Oprah left off. Robin was like "under her spell". Makes me sick and sad.

    If you are a parent you got to talk to your kid's about this stuff. Whether they or you like it or not.

  51. for all the crap i put my parents through growing up, i would have given my father(breadwinner) 50% of my earnings if i could afford it. btw, i was closer to my father than my mother too.

    • Really? I was closer to my mum, maybe because she was earning more than my dad and she was more generous. That's kids for you, always their best interests in mind.

  52. watcheroftimes on

    She is another puppet in the industry. Ultimately Satan is at the top and just influences people. John Todd touched on this but a lot of it was discredited after his criminal record was shown, however that record could have been fabricated to carry out their or rather his means. Ultimately to rule this world thus being God himself. Yes followers of this page this is a spiritual battle. Whose side are you on. Everytime you buy and listen to their music you are following into the trap. Many musicians have sold their souls to the Devil and demons actually influence and give them ideas for lyrics. Look it up, this is not a mindless rant. The words music, Muse, museum are all pagan. Muses were said to influence the arts. On ones birthday one was said to have their families present while they wished for a gift from the muses or genies. Everything in this culture is based on taking away from true worship because Satan wants us all to worship him. Gods and goddesses are actually data and the rest of the fallen angels stealing away true worship. But free will is ours so he must influence us and slowly steal our innocence and soul. Very few of the musicians and entertainers and rich and powerful are completely righteous, because most serve the devil either knowingly or not. Yes a lot do know they are serving the devil due to deals being offered such as Bob Dylan. Just something to think about.

  53. She appeared over here in the UK on X factor a couple of weeks ago and she came out of a Catholic confessional box with a costume which showed her head had been cut off and she was holding her own head if that makes sense.

    Anyway if she calls the stuff she does art, then I can now see why Tracey Emin nearly won the Turner prize for her art called "un-made bed"!

    BTW ga ga's record company is owned by the same company who built the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan – not a lot know that!

  54. wat is dat outfit really promotin teachin teenagers how 2 get molested. Gaga u need 2 remember ur biggest fans r teenagers and u wud want 2 teach dem d rite ting

  55. Speaking about strange things in music business,I would be very happy if you check out the new video of The Weeknd "The Knowing'' and write your thoughts about it!Thank you VC!

  56. some more thoughts:

    – she has a "Dad" tatoo (a heart with his name on it), another piece of evidence showing us the impact he has on her

    – her father had heart surgery a while ago (which she paid for naturally) and she almost lost him, making her even more close to him

    – Gaga has said that her mother helped her get into the Ny club scene: when she was about !5 years old her mother would take her to nightclubs and try to get her a gig. This is not a typicall mother behaviour

    – It was to my understanding that she still has her own apartment in NY, but very oftenlly goes to her parents.

    Overall, she definetly does have father issues, this of course does not necissarily meant that their relationship is incestuous. However, for Gaga and her father it could be insetuous, metaphorically, on an unconsious level: being devoted, some way or another, to eachother. The mother in these kind of realtionships always plays her part either by encouraging this relationship or beeing passive and letting it happen, therefore not protecting her daughter.

    During a girls' developement, one of the main goals is to realized that she cannot have a sexual or romantic relationship with her father. If this process succeedes, she accepts this fact and doesn't strive for her fathers attention, can have have healthy relationships with men, and doesn't feel the need to identify herself with her mother. In Gaga though, we have seen all three of these. She oftenly speaks about her mother, about how beautiful she is, how much she admires her. On an unconsious level, this shows that she would like to be her mother or at least be like her mother, because my mother is the love of my father (which she would like to be).

  57. JewHollywoodProducer on

    Gaga is in photo with Israeli blue leather jacket with metal studs on back in shape of Zionist Israel Flag.

    She is a Kabballah idiot, lost soul. Probably why so many other godless lost souls seem to idolize this lost soul.

    She said last year "I still snorts coke from time to time for fun and for artistic reasons and still eat out other women for fun"

  58. there is an interview she did with Barbara Walters that seems to suggest for anyone paying real attention to her words that she was made to go into the industry as this version of herself to "save" her dad's life. Whatever that means or whether she was somehow emotionally blackmailed…i don't know. But the interview is odd, leaves you wondering what has happened to this poor girl.

  59. We see what we want to see.

    It's no coincidence that Florence + The Machine has the same shit in their videos.

    It's no coincidence that these big artists flash their symbols…

    But what are we trying to focus on?

    Negativity surely does make the train of thaught be altered.

    But how crazy do we want it all to get?

    If you have kids… what do you want to tell them?

    Do you, from the bottom of your heart, want to show them everything we see here on this website.

    Teaching them how to tell right from wrong.

    It's a sick world indeed… but it doesn't start with a symbol.

    It starts with ourselves.

    The dualistic nature that we become aware of.

    We are not fighting for a country, gender or type of sexuality.

    What we want is to be ourselves.

    This will not last much longer.

    Atleast, it won't last forever.

    I know that I also see what I want to see.

    Don't you think it's funny that we know nothing about the man running this website?

    Perhaps this website is a part of what you want to see?

    Perhaps that is a little confronting… way too confronting for a child that needs all the raising in the world.

    But sure, let's keep on having fun with our Rights & Wrongs.

    Our Yes & No's, pleasing our ego's.

    The only thing that is truly sick is that we see what we want to see…

    It's all in our minds.

    Spiritual welth is what we need.

    Everything else are obstacles & challenges.

    Just remember, "what holds us together is stronger than what drives us apart".

    Ya'll should listen to Gentleman some time.

    We can all sit behind our computers & look for all this stuff.

    But the only thing that is bothering me NOW- is the fact that I KNOW these things about illuminati symbolism & Shit… yes, it can stirr me up.

    But I know I have only myself to blame

    The rest is all up to me

  60. What father is OK with his daughter being naked in public AND, while naked, has his arms around her waist.

    THAT was one of the strangest and most disturbing pictures I have ever seen.

  61. Did you notice that on the Thanksgiving special, she said that "You and I" was about her Grandpa? If that song is about her Grandpa, that's also a sick relationship.

    • She actually said The Edge of Glory is about her grandfather, not You and I. You and I was written about Luc Carl, and she’s spoken of this openly.

  62. she has a love for her father no one as simple minded as the people using this site could understand. you have to view the world in such a beautiful way to truly understand her. have none of you ever wanted so badly for your parents to be proud of you that you'd give just about anything. he father made her feel as though she wasn't good enough and she more than rose to the occasion. do i agree with her father accepting her only after she had fame ? of course not. but knowing what it's like to feel that kind of abandonment mentally and know how awful it is to feel like a constant let down to those around you, i understand why she gives him money and other things. she loved Luc because much like her father, he refused to be impressed. she goes back to Luc because she can't impress him and she loves it. leave it to a world of critical, underachieving people to dim the shine of such a great woman and throw dirt on her reputation. i've yet to see this sight talk about her stance and actions against suicide or how she made a young girl's dreams come true by allowing her to sing on stage with her. i don't expect any of you narrow minded, "stuck in your ways" people to understand her artistic genius. "I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause God makes no mistakes." Oh how true that statement is. leave the woman alone.

    "Unintelligent people talk about other people

    Average people talk about events

    Brilliant people talk about ideas."

    please think about this a little before you continue on your rants. following some guy in his quest to ruin art and music for so many of us is not considered to be talking about ideas.

  63. i usually like most of your stuff, but this is total trash. She loves her dad, and really who wouldn't support their children after they get famous? I don't find any of that weird, she loves her father. I'd spend that much money and my parents too if i could! The whole "I'm married to my dad thing, sure, is a little weird. But people really say stuff like that all the time. She is not saying she wants to have sex with him or anything like that. You're taking something innocent and turning it terrible, perverse even! She talks about her mom a lot too, and her grandparents. My mom is my hero and I love her like that and I'd support the hell out of her if I made that kind of money. Step down.

  64. you're turning her love for her parents into something terrible. She loves them and teaches us to do the same. You're wrong this time. You just are.

    • Isaac – are you blind? Or are you just as sick?? NO father should be hugging his NAKED ADULT daughter – it's disgusting and yes she is naked with just a bit of mesh on her.

      NO normal daughter jokes that they are 'married to their dad' That comment comes from a very twisted and depraved mind. I already knew she was disgusting but this really makes me want to throw up.

      The world would be a much better place without her.

      • What is with your hatred issue? Admittedly it's unusual to be dressed in such outfit with your father all over you. But since we know nothing about the circumstances, we can't just assume they've formed incestuous relations. Gaga is weird but try to lay off, otherwise you might jinx the poor woman.

  65. Looking at her is like looking at a piece of a mirror into a disorted world and just knowing somewhere it makes perfect sense.

  66. It's really sad this girl's life was stolen by the industry.

    And even more sad that her family has been in it since the beginning.

    Dehumanizing much ? Her talents have been completely soiled.

    PS/ For the non-belivers, look at that sick picture what more do you want ?

    A sextape ? Come to think of it, it probably already exist somewhere…

  67. This is on point!! So weird cuz all day I was reading her “Born this WaY” album and I came to the very same conclusion.Her songs are ridiculous I never liked her. But now I feel sorry for her she is just another puppet to them used as a distraction for the masses. Kids idolize her and don’t even understan her lyrics for the real meaning without the catchy dance tune. It was outrageous she even got a primetime Thanksging special on hmmmm ABC owned by Disney. These are no coincidences. History doesn’t repeat itself it hs never changed!

  68. Lady gaga is showing allot of symbolism I would like it if VC checks Justin Bieber's version of "Santa claus is coming to town" I wouldn't usually listen to a jb song but when I saw the video you can clearly see mind-control from the mechanical hand to the wind up doll/dancer and ofcourse shorts of disney's Christmas elf program cartoon/film

  69. Just read this today in the local newspaper's section of entertainment. Lady Gaga was talking about having always been different but these particular words of hers caught my attention:

    "As an artist, that's something I prayed for. I really want to experience something psychotic and outer-body and magical and inconvenient to help breed my creativity, to push my tortured reality to the place of the double rainbow."

  70. She copies everything

    She’s an attention whore

    She’s far too pretentious

    She’s treated people terribly

    She joined the Illuminati on purpose

    She’s said awful stereotypical things about Gay people when she ought to know better

    But no matter how much Lady Gaga pisses me off, I can’t help but love her.

  71. In her song "you and i" she says the only men she serves is her "daddy, nebraska (whatever that means) and jesus christ" so for her god or god's son whatever she believes, comes last. That lyric always seemed odd to me because who would say they serve their father?

  72. Neither me, my husband, or children are fans of lady gaga. I have been a long time reader of vigilant citizen and am a strong believer in the illuminati and other conspiracy theories, but I have to say, this is pushing to far! If you have a close relationship with your parents and love them with all your heart, it is automatically incest? I am Italian and have a very close relationship with my parents. It is our culture to keep our family close and worship your parents. I'll agree that the second photo is a little inappropriate to wear in front of your father, but it also shows that her father supports her, no matter what it is. Something an Italian man should do with all his children. I loved my father, god rest his soul, and always will to death for being the first man in my life who loved and supported me. If that is wrong, then may god help you because there is something wrong with you to confuse that love for incest. God bless!

  73. Knowing the profile of parents who push their children into the industry it's sorta hard for me to blame Lady Gag for her behavior.

    She is a product of her age. Raised and corrupted by those she appears to most worship. She didn't have a chance. Raised by the people who raised and use her.

    If you really think about it she is to be most pitied.

  74. The resemblance between Joe Calderone,Gaga's alter-ego and her father is painfully obvious. For some reason,he gives me the creeps.

  75. " in my daddy's arms" sheesh but all of these mainstream controlled celebs have to be abused sexually by their family members it's the way they achieve the splitting of the personalities early on

  76. All of this is very sad to me i mean come on people look around you. with evolution other than becoming better our society keeps getting worse and we are all dumbed down like sheep or something and we shouldnt let this go on. what the gov is doing is "dividing & conquering". if more people tried to educate themselves they would see what is going on and if young people would take school seriously they wouldnt have to depend on becoming a rap star or whatever to make a living. as for gaga she probably never had her dad's support so she is now living to do everything to please him or make him "proud" but he is definetely her handler, i am very sure of that and both of em are devilish because i dont know what kind of father would do that nor what kind of grown ass woman would act like that and what angers me about her is the fact that she is proud of it like really? children looking up to these stars even though they are all worthless because they gave up their souls for worldly riches which is not worth it at all. just people please start watching with both eyes and be careful!

  77. Yeah, the creepiest part of this article is the sheer outfit with the electrical tape pasties. That is just super creepy and makes me cringe a little.

  78. Much of LG reads straight out of Fritz Springmeier's How to Create a Perfect Mind Controlled Slave book. You should read it for full info on how mind control slaves are fractured and controlled.

  79. My cousin was molested and raped at a young age (9 or 10) and when she finally filled a report after her 18th b-day, she later dropped it. She is now living with her father again and they admitted to everyone that they are together. He isn't her biological father but he raised her since she was a child. For the people saying that abused children don't scream it out to the world, look at this.

    • @ Mary

      This is indeed a really sad story which makes me feel bad for your cousin, although I don't believe it means anything concerning Gaga. It confirms that it is easy to have your life "controlled" and "destroyed" by the people who are supposed to be the closest to you in such cases. I was once violently mugged when I was younger (not by relatives) but not raped and it is hard to let go even if it is not physical but psychological, so I can imagine how hard it must be. I am so compassionate and hope that she will make it.

  80. Your right. I also think shes closer to madonna than to britney but i think she isnt as strong as madonna. Gaga is already breaking out and feeling regret and its only her fourth year being famous. In her song Queen she says " Tonight I will return the fame and riches earned. with you I'd watch them all be burned." and with that same lyric she has in the end of her booklet with all the thanks mentions and that lyric was for her family-Mom,Dada,Natali. And the only reason i think she lets the illuminati use her this much is for the fame and because she is obviously insecure. In her Marry The Night song she says "I'm a soldier to my own emptiness"

  81. stolensharpener on

    Wth. Ikr, how can a dad hold his daughter like that when she's wearing something close to nothing? What the heeeeel. I don't even hug my father, ew! Gross, creppyyyyyyy

  82. Semphoria Graccha on

    And so now VC i trying to suggest something disgusting about a close and loving relationship between father and daughter. Are there no depths you won't sink to?

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