Lady Gaga Accused of Performing Satanic Ritual in Hotel Room


According to the staff at London’s Intercontinental Hotel, Lady Gaga left her room’s bath filled with blood. Her room’s housekeeper stated that Gaga was “bathing in blood as part of a Satanic ritual”. Is this true, false or maybe a publicity stunt? Not sure, but, in the light of previous articles, not impossible. Here’s an article from the Independent.

Lady Gaga left ‘blood’ in hotel bath

Lady Gaga allegedly left “large amounts of blood” in a hotel bath.

The eccentric singer reportedly shocked staff when she checked out of London’s lavish Intercontinental Hotel last summer and they discovered a pool of red liquid in the tub of her suite.

One housekeeper claimed the pop superstar was “bathing in blood as part of a Satanic ritual”.

She told website Truthquake: “Lady Gaga left large amounts of blood in the suite during a stay this summer. The incident was reported to the concierge, who was told to put it out of her mind.”

Other sources believe Gaga could have been using the red liquid as part of a “weird” stage costume or prop.

An insider said: “All of the hotel’s staff are convinced she was bathing in it or, at the very least, using it as part of one of her new costumes or weird stage routines.”

While it is unclear whether the liquid actually was blood or what the singer had been using it for, it is not the first time Gaga has been accused of unusual behaviour in hotels.

It has previously been claimed that she is terrified of evil spirits and reportedly has every hotel and tour venue scanned by a team of paranormal investigators before she will agree to stay there.

The ‘Edge of Glory’ hitmaker – who has previously said she believes she is inspired by the spirit of her dead aunt – allegedly splashed out £30,000 on state of the art Electro Magnetic Field meters to detect spectres.

A source said: “She believes in paranormal activity and won’t take any risks when she is on the road. It’s important to her to be safe from spirits.”

– Source: The Independent



      • I am surprised by some of these ignorant and derogatory comments.

        Vigilant Citizen has gone through quite laborious research over

        the past year, to construct a framework in which to view "GAGA"

        and the world in which she inhabits. In a previous post it has

        been documented that Gaga spends the majority of her time in

        Hotels, (when not at her Parents home) so naturally most of

        these rituals would undoubtedly take place in these same

        familiar settings. Why do celebrities stay at certain hotels?

        PRIVACY! Why do some hotel concierges make $30,000 tips?

        Because they can turn a blind eye and keep their mouths shut.

        They have seen and heard things you and I couldn't comprehend.

        When we get trickles of information out like this, we are only

        getting a slice of what has been allowed to slip though the

        cracks for public consumption. Understanding that people

        with mental imbalances have strange aversions, phobias, quirks

        naturally. Imagine what it's like for someone who has been

        PROGRAMMED to have specific triggers, their mind is a prison.

        Most of Lady Gaga's performances have elements of rituals and

        blood sacrifices, etc. and that's the "G Rated Family Version"

        Can you imagine what the real thing is like?

        My mind always returns to the American Idol Performance of Edge of Glory.

        That is a "family" show, and you have Gaga in the Baphomet Headdress,

        On top of "The Mountain", Doing a Fertility/ Sex Ritual in front of millions

        and then the couple jumping to their death in a satanic suicide pact!

        I cannot bring myself to hate or attack a person, let alone attack a person

        who is the victim of severe mental torture, psychological disorders, and programming.

        I can however, in my small way to help illuminate, and expose, and articulate to people

        what is really going on, not just to Gaga, but to countless others around the planet.

        I like to think Vigilant Citizen is a place where people come to be enlightened, and get

        away from the negativity and deception that surrounds us 24/ 7. But hey, I'm an optimist.

        Peace, Love, & Enlightenment

      • Yeah, @ Bravelion. Your right. Nothing ignorant but thats common sense to me. I still would slap her though. She choose to side with Satan. Just like I choose to side with God. So… smack!

      • Except, if all of this is true, many of these pawns are pawns against their will. It's been said in these articles numerous times.

      • Well Damn It... on


        WOW at your link. Karin Dreijer of Fever Ray/The Knife? They are completely independent and it's why they don't tour outside of their country much. What the fuck do I honestly have in my music collection which I utterly purged of this non-sense which hasn't been tainted?

        Screw it, I'm selling my last bit of music. I'd rather not listen to it all, this is too much.

    • But what does taking a bath in blood have to do with her being scared of evil spirits?? so thats why she has to take a bath in blood?? thats stupid thats just a cover up… shes the evil one.

      • To me it seems "artists" such as Lady Gaga have willingly chosen their path, as well as their master. I get the impression from Gaga that she has not been brainwashed or forced into leading an entire generation on the path to hell, but that she is doing so of her own accord. Such is NOT the case, however, with other Illuminati/MK-Ultra stars such Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, or Miley Cyrus who have grown up in the limelight and have been handled from a very early age. You can almost see the resistance, discomfort, and sadness in their eyes.

        In essence, I'm saying that there's a huge difference between people like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna who are making it quite clear that they are on the team of darkness because they WANT to be, and others who seem to have been tricked or manipulated into joining those forces from childhood on. I don't mean to hate on any of these people, but it's important to remember that each and every human being MUSt decide for themselves whom they will serve, and will ultimately be held accountable for that decision.

    • You do realise she get's covered in fake blood when she sings one of her songs in her tour..

      Where else is she meant to wash it off?

    • i think i got how the satan serves catch the souls…they play on the human weakness in front of the sexual instinct. They organise the masses with heavy sexual references and rituals which slave the participants to the pervert, dirty (to me disgusting, insane, animal senses) sensations coming out from those rituals. These impressions touch the most ancient and hidden wick part of the human nature which is directly connected to the first sin – the reason for which the human fall from heaven…it is the the sexual instinct. Once the person gives up in front of this coward impulse, that will stay inside as a most difficult virus coming out from time to time and torturing the victim always more powerful and demanding more craziness…i guess this is even more powerful than the hunger for power, money or else. The persons which get orgasm watching the suffering of others, are sick of sexual instinct. Those who use the power for killing masses in epidemics, wars, conspiracies, just being happy of unhappiness of the rest – are sick of sexual instinct. It is a kind of sexual pleasure for them to watch the suffering of one or many creature doesn't matter human beings or not. There is for example boundage – the sexual "game" which is based on the torture of the person…The sexual instinct is the main arm of evil.

    • I actually do not believe that Gaga is worshipping satan, but if one wants to last in show business nowadays, one has to admit it is better to be trash. I am not saying it is a right thing to be trash, but it is exactly how our society works. There is nothing satanic about it, it is just that she lives for her art and that she is pushing her character to the extreme while mocking social conventions. But if you look deeper into the character she created, you realize how ironic she is about the show busisness industry. As far as the Illuminati are concerned, I think that they are using elitist codes to make propaganda, but I strongly disagree with this kind of manipulation. I think it is wrong to take advantage of people's credulity to make money, but I want to be educated because the poor also diserve an education, and this is why I am intersted in their symbols. Knowledge is power, and I think it is the only way to counter them to learn about their codes and play a character against them, like Gaga. I believe truth is relative and that Gaga wants to shed light on the imagery by perverting it in order for people to know the symbols that the illuminati are using and recognize them. It is a lie in a way, but a very interesting form of counter culture, and a political fight against extremism, jingoism, … in my mind. Just think about it, peace to you all.

      • I understand that Gaga's behavior may be shocking for a lot of people, but I really think that her message is misunderstood. She said, and I believe her to be honest on this, that she wants to show the young generation that what society teaches them is wrong. I personally think that Hollywood is indeed teaching lies, I mean it is obvious when it comes to Disney for example. They are sending subliminal messages to children teaching them who and what is good and evil, but I say no because Hollywood's truth is xenophobic. I believe this is what Gaga is aiming at dynamiting from the inside, sending the opposite message. I admit to feeling far more concerned about the crisis and the poor than Gaga's bath which is doing some buzz but will not change the world. It is not religious comments at all on my part but a political stance from someone who thinks free masonry is a threat to democracy. conclusion : DO NOT BELIEVE EVERY LIE YOU HEAR ON TV. I know it is difficult to do because we are conditioned by our education and religious beliefs from our birth. I believe that knoweldge is power, so people need to do some positive thinking about what is going wrong in our world, and consider the REAL problems like poverty, discrimination, racism an so on and so forth. So I won't waste too much time on commenting her bath, in which I am sure the blood was fake, … I just wish to enlighten the debate, so I really hope you will not be too hard on me, seeing the other comments. PS: I am bound to cultural values and a believer, which is not, once again the point of my comment.

  1. LOL!!! I remember reading this on TruthQuake but it said that it was indeed blood from a Lamb or Goat or something…*smh* But I think she was on her menses O_O

  2. I wonder if they are balls where she's supposed to have a vagina? Lol. And Gaga will fade away soon. She's fucking weird and scary. She's just trying to entertain people through her peculiar acts but soon she will fade away. I prefer not to see her pics at night. I myself get scared..

  3. As disturbing as this is, it isn't that surprising. If you noticed in all her live perfomances "blood" is oddly present in most of them.

    • I think blood certainly has a dual meaning because it symbolizes life and death at the same time. Remember Dracula : "blood is life". I suppose the death part is symbolic and epitomizes a fake death before being reborn into a better and happier person through illumination or love and by seeing the light, meaning understanding what couldn't be understood before as a blind person, quite simply, but it is only one interpretation, … Makes it less frightening anyway. Just food for thought. As far as the bible is concerned, it says : "the one who doesn't experience death before dying of a real death will really die when he experiences death" if I remember well, I do not know the exact words. Interesting, to me and maybe to others, hopefully. :)

      • I would like to add more coherence to my comments on vigilant that for me and after much thinking on the subject, symbols are supposed to bring people together, but when it is used as propaganda, it does just the opposite, it is a loss of the symbolic, and people do need symbolic notions to guide them. Sorry, I am hard on you sometimes, but it is just that I want you to UNDERSTAND, so that then you can judge for yourself. I do not dislike all occultists, I believe some of them are good and some evil, just like in any other "religion", the difference is that when they hurt, they hurt real bad because they are powerful, and they sure hurt me. I want people to question themselves because it is the only way to know their truth, and I say "their" on purpose. I know enough about their symbols to make my own opinion, but I am just an educated Christian and not an Illuminati. I reproach some of them to tear people apart by misleading them through lies ( on TV for example) but not only, and think the answer is education, which is why I choose to be a christian, and not to be like them, even if tolerance is more than a virtue, especially through hard times. Please, don't think religion should be about anything else but love. I really do not care if it sounds naïve, and please see Gaga as someone who has taken risks to warn you when she knew she would be hated by religious extremists, I call some of them like this even if they are christians, like me. Religion is good when it is not about excluding those who are different. Thanks for your understanding. :)

      • One more thing about the imagery which can explain to some of you why I like Gaga so much : I know it might seem odd but part of my theory is that Gaga was metaphorically made fun of by the Illuminati when she was younger and that she is trying to reverse the roles by showing that she has taken the power over them. I suggest that she does this via a mirror effect. VC, would it be possible and how could she achieve such a trick ? How is the mirror effect affecting us ? How does it appear as brainwashing while it is just artistic creation, and in that sense, how is art a lie or not ? Could you please elaborate on this ? Thank you so much. I just thought it was not so crazy after all ! Anyway, I just wanted to share, I do not know if you can give us some feedback on this, because I know part of it has been evoked already. I just think it is an interesting way of seeing things that needs a bit more explaining.

    • i belive the demon not chasin after her but already inside her n grow with her..i think she is the one who need to be scan rapidly not the hotel funny cuz it is like she is looking in the mirror n being terrified by her own reflection.WAKE UP GAGA!!!

    • She actually believes she was attacked by demons who took her soul when he was younger. She's not weird she knows what she is aging with and I feel for her because in the end all the these material things and fame won't matter!

      • She is mostly expressing her own fears and trying to exorcize the demons in her head. I really do not believe that she is literally talking about the devil. But it does have a link with fame and our material culture, you are absolutely right. If you understand this, you got it all !

  4. "…scanned by a team of paranormal investigators before she will agree to stay there".

    she chose to be BFFs with satan so of course she goin to be haunted by ghouls n goblins everywhere she goes..what the heck goes she expect?! stupid cow

    • For my own clarification : If someone told you that he or she is an illuminati and that he or she would cast a spell on you for example, what would you do ? It seems to me, but maybe I am wrong, that you would believe him or her no matter if it is true or not. Of course, I do not mean that it would be stupid of you because you were conditioned to be scared of spells by society. Let's suppose it is true for a second, you would be right to be scared, okay ? But then if spells are true, it has no more religious value because it becomes science. Let's suppose it is false, would you be willing to believe it ? Probably not ! But then religion becomes questionable and lose its credibility, get it ? Does it make me a bad Christian to say this ? My point is : question your judgements, and remember that the only fear we have to fear is fear itself, rings a bell ? Why would a President say this ? This is exactly what gaga wants you to understand, the rest is literature, to me, though it makes people talk a lot, unfortunately.

      • PS : I will probably not get many likes for stating what may appear as the "ugly truth", but I prefer writing thought provoking thoughts or ideas and get no likes than saying that she is a bitch with no proof that she is and that it is not a game she is playing on us, to being a sheep and write like everybody else, just because they are writing it.

      • Like Gaga, I sometimes prefer a big bullshit over the truth, you know what I am talking about if you have just read me ! By the way, sorry for the typos, there are too many of them in my comments.

      • In case you are wondering what I mean, it is just that sometimes, when life is too hard on you, we all have a tendency to find shelter in our own desires and to make up our own reality. It is important to be free from judgement to understand certain things and I can assure you it is not to hurt anybody's feelings that I am saying this. I would not even dare disparaging my own faith as a Christian for a second, even if some of you will probably think the opposite. I totally understand and I am well aware that a lot of you are not ready to hear this, but even though what I say can be disturbing, and I know how it is because it sure took me a while to understand it myself, please consider that real thinking is painful. I am not talking about everyday gossip, but ideas that condition who we are as a person and as a society. I believe that even though people do not have as much access to culture as they should, they are intelligent enough to understand. I trust that you all have these hidden ressources within yourself, I really mean it. If you still see demons everywhere, I just hope it will not lead you astray and that you will always keep some critical distance from people who might use you. The elite knows about that, and uses it, not always wisely, so you might see your freedom threatened if you do not pay enough attention. My goal is not to convince you that I am right, but to give you all the background info that I have without being patronizing or imposing anything so that you can see for yourself. The occult is a personal experience that cannot be taught, and I experienced it beyond recognition, but we all do, so keep your eyes open, be vigilant, take care of yourselves and enjoy life. Do it for you, not for me. I believe in God, in the power of the mind and of the heart, I believe in you and I believe in me. For all these reasons, I do not condemn Gaga, but I respect all kinds of opinion. Peace always and thanks for reading my comment to the end even if you disagree with me. It is a long one, but I am a talkative person !

      • Also a proof that I am still a Christian : I left the university over an argument about religion with the Professor who directed my master's thesis because I understood she belonged to a frat (to sum up, I won't explain more because it is private), but it is clearly not a good example to follow. (I am 30 and I am pretty much educated, so that is okay.) I regret having done this although I resent this person a lot for some things that she did or said but I won't go back because I want to find a job, so for different reasons. So study hard and do not make the same mistake, it will not help you at all !

      • Another one of my Professors used to say that love couldn't be explained scientifically, otherwise it loses its "magic". They more or less openly see themselves as "magicians", and words or symbols are considered "magical" to them. How true about the love part, though it also took me a while to understand it. Anyway, as for the rest, I leave it to your judgement.

      • I am telling you these things because they won't tell you, just because they have given up on teaching how to make people think (for some of them), and I am not ashamed to say this, even if I look contemptous because it is criminal to you since people need to think to defend themselves at some point and with such a crisis, remember, "knowledge is power". I said it on purpose. To some of you, I might be a "slut" too although it is totally wrong. Plus, if you knew how much I do not care as long as it makes you think. I am a whore to the single thought and proud of it. I do not think she cares that much either about such gossiping. To some of you, I will just be stating the obvious, but, do you really have to take sides on this, Hum ! Poeple believe what they already believe in, for sure….

      • The truth you are looking for is right in front of you, only you will not see it unless you really want to accept it and as difficult as it is, no pretence or artifice, just nakedness. I cannot do it for you, only you can do it. But if I can help only one of you to achieve this goal someday, because it is a long process and requires some experience of life and harships, I will be the happiest girl in the world. It may help you in the end to go through difficulties more easily, because you will find it easier to concentrate on what really matters. You hold the key and the trick is in you. You can fool everyone but remember that the worst maybe to fool yourself. Masonic ? Christian ? Jewish ? Pagan ? No, it is just about being smart, as I am sure you all are. Many Christians can understand this WITHOUT being Illuminati, just like I understood it. Sorry if I am breaking it down, but I do not want to keep it to myself. I think people must know about this. Plus, this is why you are on this site so if you do not want the truth, you might not wanna ask for it. However, people need to believe, this is why religion is for, and God is not an illusion to me. I believe He is perfect, but men are not that perfect, and the difficulties we encounter is above all because we make mistakes. If society is corrupted, it is above all because of men, we all share this responsability, not only the people we dislike or disagree with, and not just the elite. Their message is a message of acceptance, after all, and I see it like this, though some people use it to wrong ends, (it is some kind of symbolic weapon or at least distortion in that sense, I guess), and I cannot tell you how many. It all depends. You do not have to agree with this, but what we sometimes consider evil is often just a lack of understanding, hence the necessity to think properly to become a better person and a better Christian or Jew or any religion you like. Peace and enlightenment. To be less serious : long one again, oops !

      • Please, do not be too mad at me if what I say disturbs you to some extent and remember that we all would like to live in a better world, including me. Oh yes guys, how I wish things were easier ! Please, if it does disturb you, learn to cool it a bit, relax and enjoy simple things. I do not know, go to movies, have sex ! … as you wish as long as it suits you. Thanks for reading me anyway !

      • In fact, you might as well just ……. DANCE! Just kidding, I do not mean dancing metaphorically, though, …. ! Too bad for you, you will have to guess on that one if you are curious about it :)

        Ok, I'll be nice : In fact, I am not so sure, but as dancing is an art to me, I suppose it is about expressing one's thoughts and emotions via artistic creation. I cannot tell you more because it would be just my interpretation. What I can imagine almost for sure is that art acts as a form of healing to Gaga, unless it consumes her like a monster, just like what I tried to explain can consume you if you take it too seriously or help you if you make the best of it. I am not that expert in symbolism, but at least I still have things to learn and roads to explore, so keep on posting your interpretations. Anyway, now that is gossiping, but it makes me lose grip on certain things sometimes, so need to be ashamed, because we all need it sometimes. Smart ? Crazy? Both ? I don't care !

      • There is no definite answer to everything actually, even when we sometimes need answers to our questions. BUT, there are only wrong answers when people do not distinguish between real facts and rumors, and it is not always easy, because there are lots of them around us. I believe it is indeed driving people crazy, because they do not know how to make the difference between what is real or fake anymore. I suppose a smart way of seeing things is to relearn how to make this difference using our brain, instead of taking truths that are handed down to us as the thruth. Now, I think this is a smart approach and I hope this will make sense to you, otherwise, I may not be the crazy one !

      • To those of you who think I am a bad christian, and I am sure most of you still do, I would just like to say that maybe they are just asking themselves the wrong questions, even if I also make mistakes, like everybody else. (As the saying goes : only fools never change their minds, so I hope you will not be too hard on me, one more time.) I meant every single word I said, even if it doesn't make it the absolute truth, at least it is mine.

      • Oh ! another thing : my message is not a sad message. A priest told me a while ago that the Christian faith was about happiness, so rejoice and be glad because your truth or the truth you are trying to find, even if it your own " find your Jesus, find your Kubrick" is always about love, which can "build a house or sink a dead body", hence the need to make the best of it. It is all in the lyrics. No matter if you agree with Gaga, she said it all, hence the necessity to listen to what other people say even if you don't like them. It will always help you, I think, … .

        Gaga's message is also a happy one if you look at it, weird, isn't it ? Actually, logical if you really listen to her.

      • Actually, it is all up to you. Do you guys wanna be "overprotected" like Britney spears, or do you want to to a free person ? Remember, they are doing it for "the fame", so if you want to play a "love game", choose love rather than fame, ok ? If you still do not get the irony, maybe you are not trying hard enough, so try again, or it will be "game over you lose" for you. Anyway, lyrics, how meaningful, sometimes, …. True !

      • Of course, I am talking about real freedom, that of the founding fathers of your country, not californication, LOL, but I am a girl, or rather a woman, so maybe I overthink and always speak cryptically, who knows ? I still leave it for you to decide.

      • For those of you who understand, I am glad that shadow is burned for you, (meaning that it answered your doubts), so that you can read my …… poker face :). Just teasing, but if you don't, maybe it is just that, like I said, you are not ready to hear certain things. PS : I am just a regular girl, like you, who wants to give a meaning to her life.

      • In other words, if you are not ready for those flashing lights (= to understand what it means), use your muscle ( = brain, brain is a muscle if you didn't get the innuendo). See how it works, and almost all of what you hear has a double meaning, this is what she wants you to get. Even your own words can be interpreted differently according to who you are talking to. This is called COMMUNICATION. Everyone in politics and in show busisness knows about it because they were taught so in Harvard or Cambridge, or I do not know. It doesn't make them all free masons, so this is the most difficult part to understand. It also proves that it is all about knowledge and not about worshipping the devil. In am not so familiar with linguistics, but there are more cognitive aspects to any art than you could ever imagine. this is why I encourage you to read, and not because I think you are stupid or cannot understand. This can become interesting and fun, so read instead of watching Gaga if you do not like her, but become educated fools instead of uneducated fools, it will always be better for you. Just think about it.It is a dizzy twister dance, for sure.

      • If you are in desperate need of religious metaphors, you might as well ask yourselves why sin and knowledge are so much linked to each other in the Bible. There is a reason to it, still for you to guess, ….

      • Also, about religion and sex, I believe that Gaga is bisexual because it sounds real to me, but I suppose it is impossible to know for sure, maybe she isn't. As I said, not every question can be answered for sure. At least, it sounds true in comparison with Katie Perry when she sings "I kissed a girl". Not that I don't like her at all, but, it is obvious that Katie is heterosexual. I am a heterosexual myself and I do not believe I can understand how it feels like to be a lesbian because I never had such an experience and do not wish for it, but it believe that it is wrong to use homosexuality when it is fake to sell songs, unless it is to help them. I am compassionate with them because it must be tough for them to live in a society where you feel rejected. I mean I do not think they are better than heterosexuals either, some of them are probably far from nice, but I do not believe that their objective is to manipulate us all the time. For example, I believe that the song "te amo" by Rihanna was written by men. There is also lots of hidden allusive thinking in this song. Just my point of view.

  5. I believe it… no one heard the story about her and her hair dresser??? I believe him too. You better believe things are getting ready to come to a head. I've only been alive 32 years and the world has changed so much from when I was a little girl. Murders, rape, and homosexuality has risen to a point I can't believe. People don't have the compassion that they use to.. I am gonna put alot more effort into loving and trying not to judge. I also am gonna try to build more relationships with all kinds of people. People say don't panic, but I hate seeing anyone suffer. And right now it's inevitable.

  6. well it so true because look at 2001 she was so normal and nice Then She sign the deal with the crossroad demon fro wealth fame and all and i bet it say you can have all of that for 11 year and then i have your soul so i think this year she might die just like all the famous other stars who people think they die of other stuff like natural causes but actually it because they had to pay there dept take for example that wine house lady she was a drug infected vessel and you could only see demons inside her she was trap in her mind trying to get out while demon took control of her body it really sad how much celebrity got famous over night because of this ritual and it didn't start 10 years ago it been there from the first person to go it and who control the world!!! the NWO and who Controls them ??? the demons not Satan but his arch demon in this case and his work is to get a message out For all to worship him take for example the president of America Obama he says ''YES WE CAN'' and when you turn it around and in alot of recording Go watch YouTube videos and other or even play it back round it says ''worship Satan'' that what it says and alot of other stuff you living in a world full of Satanism and that what e wants it goes from music To kids shows to movies to speeches just repeating them with out even knowing what they meaning is you giving praise to the pit lord even in video there so much messages !! so when you say lady gaga is evil you should know that when she in stage she is locked up in her mind and then the spirit take control of her so when she bath in blood it not her it The thing inside her that she sold her soul to That doing it she just lock in her head well if you want to know more the internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy just search it on YouTube and Google and yes i am a writer but no one would hire me to write articles even tho i know alot of what i speak of !! well hope this comment open your mind a bit




    • OT question here——————–

      But have you ever heard of PUNCTUATION?

      Just asking……………………………..

  7. So this devil idolatry doesn't lead to pleasant dreams? No S? If they are her friends what's the problem? Is it the spirits of dead Mormons she's worried about? People like Anne Rice who started out writing the non-consensual "Sleeping Beauty" heavy sadomasochism Trilogy have this supposed Christian period. Bob Dylan too… I wonder if that is to try and break a bargain with demonic forces they've made for money and fame? Then they drop the Christian stuff later – binding contract not to be broken???

    • Blimey mormons again. They seem to chase me everywhere even in my local library. Yep I had a lovely encounter with 2 mormonic sisters all the way from Salt Lake city today. I can now obtain a free copy of the dvd the restoration, truth restores spring 1820. Lucky me.

  8. She's afraid of evil spirits, but she supposedly performs Satanic rituals bathed in blood?!? Not to mention swearing to Lucifer…but she probably (like all Luciferians) believes that Lucifer is just a good guy, the god of light who tried to save humanity in the garden of eden by opening their eyes, and those mean evil spirits have nothing to do with him because Satan and Lucifer are not the same. So, in other words it's ok to bathe in blood when it's done for Lucifer because he's a good guy, but stay away from evil spirits because they're satanic, lol. Oh, the irony.

    • You cannot possibly know what "all Luciferians" believe. You would do well to stop being such a stereotype yourself. Ignorance is clear in those that speak ill of things they do not understand.

      • You cannot possibly know what "all Luciferians" believe. You would do well to stop being such a stereotype yourself. Ignorance is clear in those who speak ill of things they do not understand.

  9. lol.. don't you guys see what they are doing?

    trying to PUSH and FORCE spiritual warfare. by pushing all this illuminati and occult shit in the open they are forcing your hand to either go hard for God or accept the devil.

    they aren't trying to hide this stuff they're slowly making it mainstream.

    • The X- Rock Artist on

      Bingo! you got it! yes it now Open in your face straight up spiritual warfare!
      you are the only post on this site that has hit the nail right on the head!
      yes, it's been in your face all the time, right under our noses
      Remember that AC-DC song Hell's Bells?

      I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain

      I'm comin' on like a hurricane
      My lightning's flashing across the sky
      You're only young but you're gonna die

      I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives
      Nobody's putting up a fight
      I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell
      I'm gonna get you, Satan get you

      Hell's bells
      Yeah, hell's bells
      You got me ringing hell's bells
      My temperature's high, hell's bells

      I'll give you black sensations up and down your spine
      If you're into evil you're a friend of mine
      See my white light flashing as I split the night
      Cause if good's on the left,
      Then I'm stickin' to the right

      I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives
      Nobody's puttin' up a fight
      I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell
      I'm gonna get you, Satan get you

      Hell's bells
      Yeah, hell's bells
      You got me ringing hell's bells
      My temperature's high, hell's bells


      Hell's bells, Satan's comin' to you
      Hell's bells, he's ringing them now
      Hell's bells, the temperature's high
      Hell's bells, across the sky
      Hell's bells, they're takin' you down
      Hell's bells, they're draggin' you around
      Hell's bells, gonna split the night
      Hell's bells, there's no way to fight, yeah

      Ow, ow, ow, ow

      Hell's bells

    • No.

      Lady Caca is the biggest wannabe ever. An attention-obsessed lunatic.

      Point blank, bottom line.

      I will never understand why this Lady Caca idiot has fans.

  10. I don't get it. How are you going to say I like sweet iced tea, but don't like sugar. She like the devil but not evil spirits. They are both one in the same. Are they different? THE BOOK I read says to stay away from both. Bottom line is she needs to repent and turn from her wicked ways. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a miscarriage and ate the baby.

    • That's kind of paranoid…………and unproven. I have NO doubt whatsoever that Lady Gaga is a satanist………………but child eater?

      Got proof of that?

      If not, quit making accusations like that. The woman is damned enough as it is without you adding murder and cannibalism to the mix.


      • She didn't make any accusations. She said she wouldn't be surprised if Lady GaGa had had a miscarriage and eaten the remains (or whatever….replying throws me all the way to the bottom of the screen where the comment form is located…too lazy to scroll up and look for it). That's not an accusation.

        An accusation would look like this: "Lady GaGa had a miscarriage and ate the remains!!!"

        That is an accusation. This girl, whoever she is, clearly did not make any accusations.

        And before you have a conniption fit and accuse me of making accusations against Saint GaGa, I am not saying she did such a thing and frankly I really don't care.

  11. This article just confuses me.. She is well aware of what she has gotten into.. Why would she hire a group of paranormal investigators well knowing that she has switched to the dark side. Besides, a simple "clearing" wouldn't mean they would leave her alone.

    It just doesn't make sense

    • There are many people who practice black magic yet still harbor great fear and anxiety in everyday life. They know these demons are real and once summoned, they can really fuck with your mind. That’s why a true black magician will go to great lengths to create a circle of protection around himself when performing rituals. Since Lady Gaga only uses black magic/satanism for fame and does not protect himself, he is very vulnerable. I believe that his handlers push him to go deeper into it and he basically has no choice in the matter now that he has willingly sold his soul. I use the pronoun “he” because I truly believe in my heart that Gaga is a biological male who had the operation. I also suspect that he is one of the “Franklin Cover Up” kids, programmed from childhood. He is their Chosen One. If you don’t know about the Franklin Cover Up by John DeCamp, you should definitely read this chilling book. Maybe the Anti-Christ is not a politician after all.

      • I agree with this. When I stopped believing in God at 13, I started getting very fascinated with dark things, and as much hatred I felt towards people, and as powerful as I felt (or wanted to appear to others), I still shaked and cried at night over fear and anxiety of the unknown. I used to be terrified by the idea of ghosts, and it was just miserable being an Agnostic, and not knowing anything about the mysteries of life. After believing in God, I'm not afraid of anything. I have more power than any Satanist ever will.

      • I can only agree with what 3 says, I've been through the same…..rejected God in my teenage years & got pulled deeper and deeper into the dark side. Demons aren't funny at all guys, they are real. They torture you on the inside and soon enough you get less and less aware of what is reality, you want to kill yourself so that the pain stops. You contantly come up with new ways to kill yourself. Your mind becomes desperatly wicked and it branches out into all directions. You shut yourself in dark closets for hours, hate yourself, suffer depressions….and are made to think that it's you yourself thinking and doing all those things and not sth dwelling within. The end of the story? Jesus came into my life and chased the darkness away and now I'm free! Cus his name is the most powerful in the Universe. True story :)

    • See if you make a deal with satan its not like after that you are in total peace. he is a mean motherfucker spirits start bothering you because you actually start seeing them because you open yourself up to it. They just scare the shit out of you even if you are evil. she is also 100 % possessed by some forces that are making her seccessful.

    • That is a very good question. For me, it is just that mainstream media is meant to follow people's tastes and not to make people think. I mean even serious magazines are trying to make more money to the detriment of quality information nowadays. I think it is a general trend our society is heading to. It is likely that everything will become even more sensational in the future years. Now let's not be hypocrits, we all watch some trashy images because they are imposed on us but also because we accept it to a certain extent. The question about Gaga is can anyone be a performer and a real artist in this day and age, knowing how much money is injected into show business, which is before all a business ? She is trying to show that it is possible but extremely difficult, and I think she leaves the question open to a certain extent. I also think it is possible, but not without a radical change of mentalities, because we would then all need to take a stance against the system of values which we were born into. It is difficult to fit into society in this case and the majority of us want to be like the others. So, how far are you ready to commit yourselves ? As for me, I admit I do not know how far I am ready to commit myself, because the world is in constant mutation, and I suppose the best we can do is to adapt while keeping some critical distance and trying to protect what is left of real freedom. Not easy, really. Peace !

  12. Actually i'll take that back. It does make sense! the spirits demand from her! like any deal with the devil, there are two ways. U don't always get what you want ultimately. There is always a price to pay. Maybe she is doing blood sacrifices to return a little in exchange for all that was given to her. Maybe they just want more and more..

    • It's a lot like the story of Robert Johnson, the legendary blues guitar player, who allegedly sold his sould to the devil – as depicted in the movie "Crossroads".

      Sold his soul for fame and talent, but it was never quite the "bargain" that he expected, as I'm sure it never is for anyone who does.

      One of the things he talks about is horrific, recurring nightmares – which he refers to as "HELLHOUNDS ON MY TRAIL". And I'm betting that shit is VERY REAL, whether you are awake or asleep. It makes no difference in the spritual world…they never sleep.

      Do they really think you make your "deal", and then just simply get rich, famous and happy??? Oh no, my friends…because making a deal with the biggest liar in the history of time is not a good plan, and you, as well as those around you that you love, will suffer for that fateful choice – constantly, and long before your death from this flesh finally comes.

      Evil forces, in whatever form, are not going to wait politely and patiently and let you have a nice, fun life here until you take your last breath on this earth, and then say, "Ok, time's up now, please come with us for the eternal torment of your soul."

      The moment that "deal" is made IS the moment when your eternal torment begins, because you have willingly rejected God and all forms of love, compassion and true peace – which ARE God, and His influence in this world.

      Choose wisely, cuz God will forgive us more times than we can count – but our adversary, Satan, definitely plays for keeps and knows no such things as tenderness, forgiveness or mercy.

      • I'll never forget I was watching this true crime story about this teenage kid who got deep into satanic worship. Anyway, he said he always felt rage, depression, just horrible emotions. Anyway, the enemy told him if he killed his parents the emotions will go away. ANway he decapitated his parent and in the interrogation room I will never forget his word. He said something to the effect of" Satan told me if I did I would feel better, but he lied. HE ALWAYS LIES" We have to remember the enemy is jealous of mankind because we are made in God's image. He wants to hurt God by hurting us.

  13. But to hire a group of paranormal investigators is like backstabbing her hosts… Like a big "f*ck u" in their faces. Its just so naive.

    It still doesn't make much sense :/

    • Yep, the scariest part is that most comments are sincerely wrong : it is all in your head guys, they are having have such hold on you it is gonna eat you if you do not take more distance with this. They are indeed realizing their objective : dumbing people down to the core by scaring them through religious symbols. It is a shame, but it is their fault as well as yours if you do not try to start thinking for yourself. Just saying this to help some of you who seem to be totally under control, so I reiterate : WAKE UP !

  14. When you truly become saved, you don't focus on judging people and putting yourself on a pedestal. You try to be the best person you can and you focus on building relationships with whomever. Especially those you think you're better than.

    • When you're saved, you know there is right and wrong. In fact there is still the constant struggle against it. To not say anything about the evil doings of a person is in fact, evil itself. It's not judging the person, that's for God, it's judging the behavior which can be discerned by the Bible.

    • I applaud your statement. The worst insult you can tell someone is that they are going to hell, and in my opinion we are not to say that. Those who say this celebrity or that rock star is going to hell are basically saying they are fit to judge as God. We cannot say what God plans for a person, so we should stop demonizing everyone and step off the pedestal. Also, we should not believe everything we read–it's as if people are trying to find examples of lost souls so that they themselves feel truer to their faith! But, I digress.

  15. The problem is, the public and industry let her get away with her antics. (costumes, behavior and transexuality and bi-sexuality) Yes, it bothers many people. Also it is very distubring and shocking. However, who else does stunts like this in our era today? (hence, which I do not support) Which makes "Us" the general public start to accept it. Even though we do not like it and it completly looks abnormal. So, being that she makes alot of money, glam, famous, and always on your t.v., internet article etc makes it tough to avoid her image and at the sametime the public gets use to her image and antics, therefore our younger generation and older folks accept it.

    I dont accept this stupidity. God bless and Happy New Year!

    • She is also a slave to the Dark One who made a tragic mistake and gave in to him…………………… me, that sounds like someone who needs our prayers that she will repent and be saved. We are ALL sinners…………………………..she just is too fame-obsessed to realize it.

      A little compassion and less judgement, please.

      Thank you.

      • I was too annoyed when I wrote that comment to care if I judged or sounded hateful towards her. Excuse me.

  16. She needs for all of us to pray for her. Instead of constant criticism and hatred, she needs all the prayer she can get. It's obvious she lives in fear, one has to wonder why. I'm convinced that if we pray incessantly for her more than we judge her, God will rescue her from the claws of her Satanic oppressors. She's dwelling in darkness, and she's dragging all her fans into the same abyss. If she were to turn from her crooked and obscene ways, I'm convinced many of her fans would do so too. Her music and videos are not only ruining spiritual lives but they are bringing nothing but darkness and negative influence on those who watch and listen. Please, pray for her and others like Rihanna, Christina, Pink, Jay-Z, Beyonce etc. They NEED God, just as we all do.

    • Our Children Cannot be Reasoned with regarding "LG", they are Lambs to the Slaughter, unless our kids are brought up in a Christian Home/Culture They will have No Protection on this Spiritual Attack!

      • There is no such thing as "baphomet". It is an occult philosophy, not an evil being. It symbolizes the same thing as ying-yang in an albeit more grotesque package. But that was done intentionally to scare away people who are weak. Occult knowledge is not evil, its how you use that knowledge that determines good and evil. If you take the words of Christ allegorically rather than literally a whole new understanding will occur as to how to conquer evil. Simply believing in him is not enough, you must strive to emulate him and then you too shall be able to move mountains

    • You are absolutely right. It really also makes you realize that while it seems she "knows" what she is doing and enjoys it, she really doesn't know the half of it. She does need prayers and love. Not the sort of "love" she is receiving from her blinded fans, but true love and compassion, and again, prayers that she will return to God. These things will no longer haunt her when she returns to Him. I will pray for her, all of the others blinded like she is; those that are "famous" and those who are everyday citizens too blind to see. It is very tragic and saddening. I hope she is saved.

  17. I don't wanna be mean but i never liked lady gaga she strikes me as an attention seeker & i cant stand people like that i do feel sorry for her tho she thinks she has a mind of her own & she doesn't.

  18. lazymonsterboy on

    this is so easily explainable if only they knew where she was before she took a bath. She's coming back from a concert every night and has fake blood all over her. there are even pictures of her washing off the fake blood from performances. So chill…people

      • That actually does make sense…I think she's an evil bitch too, but let's not let paranoia blind us. Keep it simple. That is a rational and reasonable assessment. Could be true or she could have slaughtered a goat. Who cares, all we are doing is making her more famous by talking about it. We need to put our knowledge together and fight back. What did Christ do when tempted by the devil? He purified himself and conquered him. The way to fight evil is to kill them with kindness. You christians above all should know that it is for god only to judge. All we can do is know ourselves, purify ourselves, and love everything. That is how we fight back.

  19. "It has previously been claimed that she is terrified of evil spirits and reportedly has every hotel and tour venue scanned by a team of paranormal investigators before she will agree to stay there."

    LMAO.She is herself possessed and she don't appreciate the company of her fellows demons.

  20. Blood Bath

    In this variation, a man harnesses

    The Power of Blood to rejuvenate

    his career.

    A character, typically evil or

    sadistic, bathes in a bathtub filled

    with nothing but blood. Often, any

    blood used for such a purpose

    will be a type of Applied

    Phlebotinum intended to cause

    some fantastic effect on the


  21. an observation on

    It's probably a publicity stunt. Think about it…a large amount of blood was "found" and nobody at the hotel called the police? They would have (and rightly so) if it was anyone but Gaga. Also, it's so easy to test a liquid to see whether it's blood or not, yet the media claims it's "unclear" what the liquid was. Something is fishy about that.

  22. Lalagaga was probably just washing off the fake stuff she uses on stage. She didn't even have the decency to have taken the plug out though silly moo.

  23. Please, I've been to her concerts and she uses fake blood for performances. Also the tub was in one of her Gagavisions. Oh and If I say that I saw a unicorn does that mean its true? No, so this is obviously fake and people should just leave her alone.

    • Have you seen her videos too? Have you read VC's articles on these videos? Do you realize she uses double hints and cognitive dissonance all the time?

      And I personally can't figure out why on Earth London Intercontinental Hotel's staff would need to make up stories around LG.

      I won't "leave her alone" until I have the certainty that she has 0 fans. ZERO. Or at least, when everyone open their eyes enough so as to see her handlers' true intentions.

  24. LEAVER HER ALONE? You've got to be kidding us! I say don't leave her alone. Keep exposing her. Only her Nasty little monsters want her to be left alone. I want her exposed because this info is used for many different reasons. I use articles like these to explain why this type of music is not good for the children. Also its explains why selling your soul is deadly. Those in favor of not exposing lady gaga and the likes, my question is this, WHY THE HECK ARE YOU AT THIS SITE AND NOT HER WEBSITE? Who defends the wrong influences on our children and our country as a whole? Her monsters and her dad.

  25. This article certainly contradicts itself… They are claiming she was performing a satanic ritual by bathing in blood, however it's been made clear that she is afraid of evil spirits or things of that nature… This makes no sense to me! It's more likely that it was a costume prop versus "her performing a satanic ritual."

  26. Whether or not a stunt, she is definitely a tool for the devil. They're still promoting this evil and before you know, it will be a beauty regime . Sickos already use all kinds of stuff. I may be wrong but i'm sure there was a cream with animal embryos?

  27. loosethoughts on

    Lady Gaga actually has people believing she is "scared" of evil spirits? Don't make me laugh.

    I bet those so called "paranormal detectives and detectors" are meant to scan and cleanse the room of any holiness or good. How could the lady be scared of malevolent spirits but at the same time try to entice them with her very movements and thoughts?

    Something smells fishy here. It seems her handlers (First time I used the word but it seems to fit sooo well) have decided to give her a lighter image surely in an attempt to infiltrate into even more households via sympathy and manipulation; "Oh poor lady gaga, she is plagued by evil spirits, but is really noble inside. Her music must be a way of combating and coping".

    False, but what's the use. How many lady gaga fans visit VC anyways? I might as well be talking to a wall…

    But wait, technically I am, as I am posting this to a wall. However this wall will retain my memories and spread (hopefully) to other minds (and walls) across the globe.

    In the end good (God) will prevail (of this I have no doubt).

  28. She might have been just washing off that blood crap she likes to perform with either way she has some issues. I use to love her music I dont know why bc her lyrics suck and seem amature to me, but for some reason the darker her song seemed the more i loved it and felt like i could relate…but obviously i cant because theres no way im into death or satanism..just an unfortunate childhood

  29. Btw its hilarious how her "little monsters" defend the hell outta her (no pun intended) when they dont even know her. Doesnt the nicknames little monsters and mother monster tell it all? why would someone call themselves monsters when that name is usually refered to for unwanted creatures or evil people.

  30. I don't get it, if she was really performing a ritual, wouldn't she try to cover up the evidence?

    However, I am not surprised at her being scared from paranormal activities. Even though she must scare them away with her hideousness.

  31. What's really gonna blow your collective minds, is what you find out that the person playing the part of "lady gag-gag", is just an actress…

    There is a verrry big scam being played by those that control the media, and therefore, the minds of most humans…

    About 99% of what you see, hear and read about is all scripted & staged… Meaning, most of what you think is happening in the world, isn't… It's ALLLLLLLL faked…

    Don't believe me? Go to DallasGoldBug's site, and take a gander at how big their lie really is…

    Go on! I dare ya! ;-P

    • I've been to his site and watched a few of his videos. Interesting stuff. But where is the video where he mentions Gaggag specifically? Someone on David Ickes forum said that he claims Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga are the same person but he never said that. But I don't disbelieve that she IS playing a part to brainwash people. Her songs probably have satanic backmasking in them too.

  32. Been going on for a while.

    Read somewhere that John Lennon signed his soul to the Devil for twenty years of fame while they were still an amateur group. As it happened, he died nearly twenty years after the preported "Deal with the Devil;" even with a spell seemingly meant to counter the earlier one…

    There's also Led Zeppelin, another group that seemed to get a bit oversized. Everyone knows about Plant's fascination with Crowley, but I've always had a suspicion that it was John Bonham who made a deal with the Devil for ten years of superstardom. He was the one who died, after all, whereas Plant's gone on and become a crooner, of all things.

    • Yes, it was and is Page with the mighty Crowley obsession. but Plant was also involved in his own occult activities, actually. Perhaps why his very young son, Karac, died suddenly at a very young age from a "mysterious virus" that no doctors seemed to understand at the time, anyway.

      If you're interested, you can read much more about Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, etc., here:

      Put your seatbelts on….but enjoy the flow of knowledge.

    • I think it was more Jimmy Page who was really into Aleister Crowley, etc. Though I'm sure they were all into it to a certain degree.

  33. if the ‘gagster’ is not really bathing in the crimson cup, she soon will be. the cabal eventually kills off its own when they are no longer required. that satanic soft serve shit eventually makes even the diehards puke their innards.

  34. Lady Gaga performs EVERYNIGHT in a shower of blood onstage. Google her live "teeth" performances. It's obvious that she wants to SHOWER IT OFF.

  35. well well well the rituals aint working since she’s not doing too well ob the charts then huh??get over yourselves people.She’s a gimmick.part of the tour she has ‘blood’ ll over her.Probably was washing that.

    Some of you here are as brainwashed as the people you call sheep.Iv said it before and il say it again,all this popstars crap isnt important,there’s a bigger war going on,and most of you i think forget that and just sit here complaining about rich popstars who for the most part chose their over it.they dont care about you,you certainly shouldnt care about them

  36. This woman is a tool of entities whose goal is to destroy traditional American family values and institutions towards the end result of greater top down social control made possible by the destruction of moral values

      • @ X

        I most definitely agree with this. If part of the elite ( but not only in the US government) didn't spread so many lies, Gaga sure wouldn't be a rich girl, … even if they will make you think it is her fault, which is what they want you to believe. The record industry didn't want her at first because they didn't want someone having a different vision. The elite and schools are like a mould, so she had to be smarter and speak metaphorically. You do not have to accept this mould if you do not feel right with this, and there are many reasons to disagree with what the elite is wishing to impose on you. She is making it obvious because people do not seem to understand this. It is a matter of accepting what they want to force on us. Do not believe you have to follow them and go your own way, but always keep the faith, respect the institutions because there is no way out, and educate yourself. This is contradictary and this is how they got us all trapped. Clearly not funny, is it ?

  37. Lady Gaga (Gaga = name for babylonian sun god)…

    she swears by LUCIFER …. what do you expect?

    The name Gaga or Kaka is an old Babylonian hermaphroditic deity. – The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria By Morris Jastrow, p.189

    Ishtar has many names – Anu, Anshar, Bel, Gaga, Gibil, Dagan, Shamash, etc. – The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria By Morris Jastrow, p.189

    Gog derived from the Babylonian deity called “Gaga” – Gog and Magog by Sverre Bøe, p.95

    Ishtar, the hermaphrodite deity of the Amorites, one of its name is Gaga. Reference : Atrahasis, By Albert Clay, p.32

    watch the movie heartless to see why she's scared of satan and his spiritual hierarchy after signing her soul away… For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36 KJV

    • What do you expect? Honor and integrity are neither fashionable or newsworthy right now. Besides, if you go to youtube and look for "demon reporter" videos, you'll see CNN probably has the lion's share of demon-infested tools.

  38. There may or may not have been a red liquid in the bathtub. This red liquid may or may not have been blood. It may or may not have been put there by Lady Gaga. It may or may not have been part of a special effect or costume. This may or may not have happened at all. Definitely calls for a major article and investigation.

  39. I used to really like her and think her weirdness was just an act. Now she just weirds me out, she really believes all that stuff. She does some pretty sick and disgusting stuff on and off stage, but, as usual, she's famous (and makes people money) so it will be ignored and keep escalating.

  40. Who knows if this is true. We are only reading the news that the media wants us to read. Still, good article. Thanks.

  41. So you think that the devil doesn't want us to reproduce? Why? The more people there are the more chaos there is and the more te devil strengthens. So do you think that some poor hillbilly with 10 kids, a divorce, and a restraining order is more or less with the devil than a gay? The reason more people aren't gay is simply cuz most people are straight. It's one thing to think that it's unnatural and it's quite another to compare them to rapists and murderers.

  42. To clarify: Satanists do NOT use blood for ANYTHING. Please stop thinking we sacrifice people and/or animals. It very clearly states in the Satanic bible that the sacrifice of ANY living thing is forbidden, which is more than can be said for the Bible where you will find RAMPANT sacrifices throughout. Thank you.

    • From Crowley’s “Magick in practice and theory” PDF:

      *This entire quote is from the primary text itself and the original quote in it’s entirety can be found on pgs. 77 and 78. Note the use of the word VICTIM in relation to blood sacrifice and most importanly note the last paragraph where he says “HUMAN SACRIFICE IS THE BEST”:

      “It would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice
      of those savages who tear the heart and liver from an
      adversary, and devour them while yet warm. In any case it
      was the theory of {94} the ancient Magicians, that any
      living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity
      according to the size and health of the animal, and in
      quality according to its mental and moral character. At
      the death of the animal this energy is liberated suddenly.
      The animal should therefore be killed within the
      Circle, or the Triangle, as the case may be, so that its
      energy cannot escape. An animal should be selected whose
      nature accords with that of the ceremony — thus, by
      sacrificing a female lamb one would not obtain any
      appreciate quantity of the fierce energy useful to a
      Magician who was invoking Mars. In such a case a ram
      would be more suitable. And this ram should be virgin —
      the whole potential of its original total energy should not
      have been diminished in any way. For the highest
      spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim
      which contains the greatest and purest force. A MALE CHILD
      of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most
      satisfactory and suitable victim. ”

      “For evocations it would be more convenient to place the
      blood of the victim in the Triangle — the idea being that the spirit might obtain from the blood this subtle but
      physical substance which was the quintessence of its life
      in such a manner as to enable it to take on a visible and
      tangible shape. Those magicians who abject to the use of blood have
      endeavored to replace it with incense. For such a purpose
      the incense of Abramelin may be burnt in large quantities.
      Dittany of Crete is also a valuable medium. Both these
      incenses are very catholic in their nature, and suitable
      for almost any materialization.”

      “But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more
      efficacious; AND FOR NEARLY ALL PURPOSES HUMAN SACRIFICE IS THE BEST. The truly great Magician will be able to use his
      own blood, or possibly that of a disciple, and that without
      sacrificing the physical life irrevocably.”

  43. ABOUT COVERING ONE EYE THAT PEOPLE MAY NOT KNOW ……THE ANTI-CHRIST WILL HAVE ONE EYE ……………………………………Zec 11:17 "Woe to the worthless shepherd, Who leaves the flock! A sword [shall be] against his arm And against his right eye; His arm shall completely wither, And his right eye shall be totally blinded."

  44. Ms. George, homosexuals were in the closet because people would murder them if they came out. Your argument is ignorant and scares me more then Gaga bathing in blood. Thinly veiled hate speech.

  45. Lady Gaga is a Situationalist International who is creating spectacles for a gullible audience. She is exploiting and degrading her audience because she thinks that she is holding up a mirror to us. Guy Debord described the decadence of the post colonial West and the nature of the spectacle.

  46. You guys are forgetting that this woman is likely a victim of monarch programming, have you all forgotten VC's articles about her father, her freaky cult ritual dreams, her latest 'marry the night' vid? I doubt any of her actions and behaviour is her choice, these women and men have their whole lives controlled, tracked and chained by those that created them, those that have abused them. Lady Gaga didnt sell her soul to the devil, it was given to "him" by the very people who should have protected and nurtured her. We should not be hating her or saying nasty things about her, we should be trying to free her, free all of those who are victims of the industry. The issue is not Lady Gaga, the issue is us, what we are willing to accept, what we are unwilling to sacrifice. Its true the world is fudged up, but we only have ourselves to blame.

    • If you want to help the fame-obsessed Lady Caca, a way to do it would be for all her monstrous fans to stop buying her music and stop going to her concerts.

      That way, the clown can leave the music industry alone. Indeed, Lady Caca ruins the music industry with her robotic, repetitive, corny, horrible music.

  47. "There's only 3 men I'm gonna serve all my life. It's my daddy and Nebraska and Jesus Christ." -From "You & I"

    Now what kind of satanist says she's gonna serve Jesus Christ?

  48. this story is so dumb. there was probably 'blood' in the bathtub because she uses fake blood in every one of her stage performances on the monster ball tour. terry richardson took photos of her a bathtub washing the fake blood off.

  49. Interesting, if this were really worthy of reporting on there would be yellow tape! But this is all part of the show…

  50. Those many kids or adult who desapear every day maybe are used for those sacrifice to satan…nobody never talking about that.

  51. Ok, I'm honestly a huge gaga fan and a huge fan of the website, and I went to her MonsterBall Tour and when she sang her song "Monster" she had fake blood on her arms/chest. She was probably taking a bath or shower in the hotel to wash the fake blood off. Maybe research a BIT more before assuming she's performing satanic rituals in a hotel? Thanks…

  52. What does anyone expect from a degenerate celebrity that has to dress like a whore to get attention on a stage?

  53. What I find very interesting about Lady Gaga is her supposed devotion to Jesus. It is so twisted. Of course you love Jesus, that's why you wear devil horns on your head…right? How blind can we be? Perhaps it is another attempt for the symbolism of unification with the pure and the profane. That also appeared very strongly in "Judas" to me. If we look at all these things she tries to represent, it is a confused mess. That's really what the occult is.

    I mean, pick a side. These people think that they can take on anything, from Christianity to Satanism and anything in between. Their desire, it seems, is to eliminate our own instincts of whats right and whats wrong. I'm not just talking about religion, I mean our own basic morality. VC has shown us many, many, examples of this, but for some reason, this article really made it crystal. You dance with evil, and yet, you cower from it? There is no power in that. You can't "raise your paws up" to capital "H.I.M." and then call up your paranormal investigative group that next day to expel all the "bad spirits".

    We see it very clearly, but her fans are too blindly devoted. I've been watching a lot of interviews with her, she always brings up her fans and how she wants to reach out to all the people who feel like a freak, or outcast. Of course, those people are more vulnerable. I'm sure we've all felt like an outcast at one time or another, I know I have, and when your in a really hard place psychologically and emotionally, you can be ready to cling to anything or anybody that makes you feel more acceptable. It is clever, manipulative, and evil. Not sacred, not "enlightened"…evil.

  54. Really is anyone surprised? It's Lady Gaga we are talking about jare. Even if they say it's not blood, knowing the person in question it's hard to refute the rumours

  55. lost in paradise on

    What do they mean by "it might or might not have been blood"?

    – Blood has a smell to it, it definetly does not smell like some kind of paint, sometimes it even smells like iron.

    – Therefore this probably was a publicity stunt, even though I agree with everything else you post here. It just doesn't make sense that you cannot tell blood apart from some paint. Also, if this was true they would have cleaned after them in the hotel before they left to not get caught.

  56. Lady Gaga always does things like that because she knows the internet very well! Isn't the internet what got her famous?

    Surely she does this on purpose to get a reaction from the masses. Its too obvious!

    anyway just my thoughts 😀

  57. That' cute and all that people use the power to add fuel to the fire of the rumors but I won't believe it till I see it.

  58. All this evil side of the music industry is clearly showed in the movie FAUST from 1973(if I'm correct). In this movie, the music producer signed a contract with the devil and then he tries to enroll artists. It's a movie but it's soooo true…

    If you don't know this movie, pls watch and you'll what the music industry really is.

  59. Once again Lady Gaga has worked her way into the media's eye just to be in the spotlight once more. I agree with 'EEE', should we expect any less from this pop-star crying for the publics attention?

  60. Ryan Martinez on

    I think this whole thing is to promote Christianity, if shes so concerned about 'spirits' all her followers will be as well.

  61. holdonaminute on

    alright, i'm not defending her, shes obviously a mess and a publicity whore. But they said they didn't even know for sure it was blood! whats more likely, another controversial publicity stunt, or a real satanic ritual in which she decided to just leave the "blood" in the bath and not wash it out. I'm not saying shes not into dodgy stuff, but shes also out to cause a stir and get ye talking, and it obviously working. The stuff could have been anything, and why leave it there if some part of an esoteric ritual? I think this one was a wind up guys, just more attention seeking from an absolute disgrace of a human being.

  62. power of reason on

    The vomit reaction induced by 'lady gaga' is Interesting,

    Perhaps you are supposed to be convinced you live in a sick society.

    You don’t have to agree to this perception.

    As for the content and package of a Lady Gaga:

    Well, there is no content.

    So what’s the package? I’m not sure how sinister it all is:

    When a person purchases the gaga product they are paying for the shiny wrapping, the makers of the videos, the scene shifters, wardrobe mistresses, cosmetics firms, etc.

    A certain consensus is required to believe the nonsense that’s being shown. Otherwise there’s no effect and it appears for what ít is – a big mess.

    To a great extent the use of unreal role models and artificially put together idol robots is ineffective, There’s market saturation and instant copy catting and the social danger remains what it always has been: the realworld weapons in the hands of birdbrains.

    Incidental trouble starts if young girls think they need to deal with the gaga ladies and shape their realities according to the fad or dictate. It wastes a lot of a person’s precious time and earnings feeling obliged to apply two or three pairs of false eyelashes before being seen in public. Geisha girls wearing shoes that make their legs dysfunction.

    A gaga product creates side effects that can be demoralizing.

    The intentions behind this type of video seem to me to thoughtless yet malevolent. An easy way to make a living and get sensational applause by horrifying people.

    Anyone can haul out the aftermath of a surgical intervention and present it in as ugly and disturbing way as is possible. No talent required.

    Just one big car crash.

    Adam Curtis has contributed thoughtful work in the documentary ‚The Power of Nightmares’ showing how through abusing our new media, people can project nightmares onto whole societies for their own self centered reasons.

    Stefani whateverhername is surely not making many decisions regarding how she appears to other people. Learning dance routines and practicing music, travelling to venues, must take up her time.

    Hard to sustain a mental state like that if you think about it.

    If she had time – perhaps she would consider the damage inflicted on the society as a whole in portraying young women as mentally unstable sex toys in the way she does and the misogynism her type of imagery generates.

    • Great comment.

      I will differ with you, though, in the sense that she most definitely has talent.

      You sit down any one of the many overhyped "pop stars" in front of a piano or guitar and with onlt their voice, and you'll see what I mean.

      She certainly understands music quite well, but then…so does her master, the Dark Lord – and I don't mean Voldemort lol.

    • @ power of reason

      Your comment is interesting to me as a fan of Lady Gaga :

      I totally understand your concern for women's rights and for children's protection from such imagery. I would add that I believe Hollywood is just so hypocritical by praising puritan values ( Disney, ….) and early sex emancipation at the same time. Yet, it seems to me that gender inequalities stem from those puritan values, which Gaga is trying to question. I see there a paradox which cannot be so easily solved. Unfortunately, our system of values derives from those codes which one may choose to accept or to break. Pop music has already broken many taboos, while praising the same puritan ethic. Gaga is playing quite successfully with the imagery, as any really talented artist would do, which is why I like her and agree that she is talented. Some feminists might disagree with me, but I hope that she will be given credit for it, because it is not easy to resist this gender dictat and not clear how to deal with it to me, peace.

  63. midnight rider on

    So a supposed bathtub full of blood and no police? No greedy maid getting a bottle for the National Enquirer or Star? Seems suspect. And if it was stage blood, what a pig to not even drain it.

  64. The article mentions that she is terrified of evil spirits and scans hotels for dark energy before staying there. This is actually very interesting and revealing.

    I don't know how many of you have had experience with evil spirits, but I can tell you, this stuff is real. I had a period in my early to mid 20s in which I had to fight them off on a nightly basis. For a while I flirted with them, not knowing who or what they were and intrigued why they would take an interest in me. It was exciting for a while, until I made the mistake of essentially inviting them in… then, it turned ugly. It became clear that these were malevolent spirits, commonly known as fallen angels.

    The only way I could fend them off was by invoking Jesus' name. Lady Gaga, by embracing the Illuminati, has made a pact with these demons. It's how she has become famous, but now she is afraid of the evil spirits, and for good reason. They can torture you. They haunt you in your sleep, paralyzing your body and sodomizing you. It's real. Some of you may have had experience with this.

    Lady Gaga has made an awful decision by embracing the devil, and now she is trapped, haunted by evil spirits. I feel sorry for her in a way.

    On another topic, did anyone else find it interesting that she gave Mayor Bloomberg a big kiss on the lips New Years Eve in front of an audience of millions? I couldn't help but wonder if this was orchestrated as a way to help endear the American public to this billionaire mayor, as he steps up the repression of Occupy Wall Street.

  65. Sounds more like Voodoo (not hoodoo), or Wicca. Some voodoo rituals still use blood. Only a wiccan would call on an evil spirit and then perform a ritual to protect him/herself from the same spirit. But blood isn't an essential part of Wicca either. Or Lady Gaga could be a misled 'devil worshipper'. Actual Satanists don't utilize blood (animal or human) in any rituals. But it is a catchy headline;)

  66. Uuummm HELLO!! She married the"Night"AKA "Satan" we know who's side she's on and this is noit shocking to me there's sicker things going on than this so.. she performs satanic rituals in her performances for God's sake so this is not shocking or surprising at all.

  67. Prince had a girlfriend named Vanity! She was on one of the talk shows & explained why she left show business. One night after a show, she was taking a nap between shows and when she woke up, she was 3 feet above her bed, floating. She said she freaked out & she thought about the Exorcist movie. She was speaking in tongues & the devil wanted her to represent him.

    She said she was soooooooooooooooooooooo freaked out by the whole thing, she left show business for good. She returned to her real name, Denise Katrina Matthews, became a minister for the Lord and got married to a football player. The devil lives in show business because he promises riches if you push his agenda. There are others who have dropped out of show business for the same reason.

    Some of the actresses became nuns but to me that's a step backwards because the Catholic church is the devil and spends millions trying to tell people they are not in league with him, but they are.

    Gaga knew what she was doing. So did Bob Dylan, JayZ, Beyonce, Rihanna and many, many others who are constantly on the top of the charts. And lets not forget those in sports or other areas. I don't listen to her music and turn the channel when she's on.

    • So true I remember her too she was also in a favorite old time movie of mines called "The Last Dragon" and what's funny is that in the movie she had on some"Triangle shaped" earings which you see regular now with a lot of these pop stars.

  68. Every night, lady gaga descends into a pool of blood, where she then is recreated the next morning.

    Wait.. that means she never "actually" bathes.

    Fucking gross.

  69. "The incident was reported to the concierge, who was told to put it out of her mind.” Yup, nothing to see here, back to work housekeeper or you'll be docked a days pay…

  70. She "is terrified of evil spirits" but she works for & worships the most evil spirit! Then again she's right to be terrified, she's probably been posessed by numerous evil spirits! Better get used to it Gaga… you're heading for an eternity of rubbing shoulders with evil spirits!

  71. Blood offering to spirits are common in the Philippines but absolutely NOT HUMAN BLOOD and A BATH TUB FULL. Just chicken blood is required and um it's only offered when you have a new home not every moment you enter a hotel. Atleast people are slowly becoming aware she's somehow a freak

  72. Maybe she just washed off the fake blood that she used during one of her performances and didn't actually bathe in blood. Seems plausible.

  73. The TRUTH about the ceremonies she volunteers for behind closed doors to insure her success along with the guilt of secrecy causes paranoia, thus her "demons" will FOREVER follow her. U cant really escape whats in YOUR OWN MIND.

  74. On one of these posts VC talked about baby sacrifices and how those involved drink the baby's blood…I remember a commenter months ago saying something about how Beyonce was absent 5 years before her baby was conceived. Yesterday there was a blurb that she "miscarried" during those years…who do you think they're trying to fool?

  75. VC, just want to take this opportunity to say what a legend you are! The articles are great to read and extremely well written! Please can you do an article on Ivy Blue! Thanks :)

  76. I'm asking to myself if anyone else noticed that the tub appears frequently in several of Lady Gaga's videoclip… for example in the "Bad Romance"videoclip, in the "You and I" clip she bathes in a tub dressed like a mermaid, in the fresh new videoclip she bleach her hair in a tub after a raging frenzy, in "Paparazzi" a semi-subliminal shot shows a dead girl with rabbit ears laying in a tub… I suppose that the tub (and the quasi-drown experience) may be a rather important part in the Monarch mind control, and that Lady Gaga herself may had experienced a form of torture correlated. it's just a hypotesis…

    • I believe water and fire do have a meaning for the illuminati and that they are associated to purification among other connotations. I admit it is just my perception, so I am open to different interpretations. Brad, just because people make hypotheses you do not agree with and about complicated stuff that many people find difficult to grasp does not mean you have to be rude to them or say that they are insane. As for me, I do not think that Gaga was tortured, so I wouldn't push it too far either.

  77. Not true. London’s Intercontinental Hotel??? She's never stayed there darling. I really enjoy reading your posts about gaga but as a huge fan I really don't like this.

  78. I'll admit I'm scared of evil spirits and I don't believe myself to be crazy or an Illuminatti puppet or whatever. But I don't bathe in blood, let it be true or fake … Somethings definitely wrong with her.

  79. Basalan Michael on

    Lol.!! this kind of purifity was so very ambigous because sense when i am tried to do this i can really handle my self !! because of the bad spirit.

  80. watcheroftimes on

    I'm going to be blunt. Music is derived from muses. Evil spirits which granted wishes on ones birthday. Or the tale of Aladdin and the genie. The truth is evil spirits exist. Read the bible and most things can be explained. This world is one based upon flesh and the fruits of the flesh like sin, lust, anger, wickedness etc. To make it in this world one must be worldly and you can judge them by the fruits they produce. Just like god will judge us on the fruits we produced. It's all in revelation and throughout the bible. Artists such as Kanye west, bob Dylan, and countless others have admitted to selling their souls. Look at their clothing and lyrics in their songs its obvious that they serve the devil. Jason Todd told a lot of people how the music industry was but the movie and every media source like BBC , cbs, etc are in on it. Elites are worshippers of the devil their master. Sounds bizarre I k.ow but its the truth.

  81. Hollyweird is full of satanic sick pedophile twisted druggy people! It's very sad and disturbing. But to blame all homosexuals is just ignorant… but

    Geezzz not all homosexuals are disgustingly bad!I agree that a good number of homosexuals are dirty, Sick and very sinful. Like the ones that are pedophiles, And The ones that sleep around a lot. But I disagree That all homosexuals are bad and sinful.

    Just because the "holy" bible indicates something being an "abomination" doesn't mean god agrees's it is. The bible states about slaves listen to your owners. and that wearing two clothes (fabrics) together (I think one of them is wool) is an abomination and also that eating shrimp is an abomination. That is all just extremely ridiculous.

    and you all that are spreading hate the homos or saying that were disgusting (all of us homosexuals) are being hypocrite! Why? Because God/Jesus teach to love thy neighbor!

    So shut up & look at yourself first!

    You all are sinners too heck probably even worse then the homosexuals you claim are disgusting sinners. You all have skeletons in your closets!

    No one is perfect.

    I do believe Some are born gay or bisexual. Some just later on Without any control fall for the same sex and someJust sleep with the same sex just to experiment andBe slutty (I agree that's wrong) I don't think being gay is a sin as long as you aren't raping anyone, molesting, nor sleepingAround with many others. As long as you are only committed to onePerson and it's based on love. You have to be in love with that personIn order for you to have relations with them. Same goes to heterosexuals. I don't think that's a sin. I am a lesbian and honestly can say I always seemed to have an attraction towards the my same gender. My first Attraction to my gender was when I was 5 yrs young. I didn't know what it was or it was "gay"

    Ever since I could remember I knew there was something different from me then most. I just knew I had that attraction with the same gender.

    I was a very weak, sad and depress person in my young teen years. Why? Because Society and ignorant people made me feel ugly of myself and made me believe I wasn't loved nor worthy of God nor a place with him. And the dumbness in me made me believe it was all true. But I've now come to my senses. I believe and found god. I believe we all need to get much closer with him. We are nothing without God. I'm glad I've gotten closer to God even though I'm a lesbian. A lot of gay people disown God because they are weak and because society (people) made them believe god hates them or disowns them which is far from true! Homosexualism has always been around people since the dawn of time before Christ. I am far from perfect and so are you! I am still a sinner just like you are. But I don't think it's cause I'm a lesbian. I'm a sinner because I cuss, sometimes let my anger get the best of me, think bad thoughts (ex: the murder should pay a very horrible way for what he did.) I try to be as best as I can and I pray and ask for forgiveness a lot.

    I agree that the media makes gays look bad and also the our own gay community makes all gays look bad at times it disgusts me they do such things. Hate is not godly and your only making Satan lucifer stronger with spreading hate against the gays or any group that's different from you. Lady gaga is a very funky character I have to agree But I do agree that it doesn't make sense how she claims she's "afraid" of paranormal beings but is in the occult. I guess she's just making it seem as if she's heavenly aka hypocrite. This might be a publicity stunt but this stunt she did has a very sinister meaning behind it either way. The women is giving us hints! As she is in her damn videos. May god be with her and hopefully shell find godGod bless everyone and pray for the children! Peace be with us all.

  82. Sorry to say, because there is some truth in all of the above, but:

    Lady Gaga is a sociopath, moving freely in a very sociopath type of business.

    She and her 'team' are like a mold on a long forgotten plate of spaghetti.

    Understand ( or overstand) what a sociopath is, then study Stephani's interviews, understand how she manipulates. Then study her 'art', to find out how she and her ilk leech on to Humanity.

    Albert Einstein once said: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

    We tried religion, we tried to understand mind control, we tried reason, we tried to understand and forgive her. Nothing worked thus far.

    I beg you to try to see her and the ones like her – whether it's in art, politics or whatever – as sociopaths. A new world will open.

  83. okay.

    This was during the Monster Ball. Lady Gaga covers herself in fake blood n her shows, symbolizing pain. This was after one of her shows when she was taking all the blood off. there's even pictures. gosh.

  84. People who associate with spirits come into contact with spirits who don't want to play by their rules and want something in return. So Gaga wants all the fame, but doesn't want to be bothered with the consequences. From the beginning, she has been invoking spiritism as part of her schtick. It would be nice if she was just making the whole thing up, but, unfortunately, she reeks of someone who is supernaturally compromised.

    God doesn't negotiate, there is no higher authority. Satan leads you to believe you can have something in exchange for something else. That's the difference. Satan makes you believe you can be "as God".

  85. I think it's funny how Micheal Jackson used to report false stories to the tabloids about himself and then he made a video about these stories " Leave ME Alone" acting like some kind of victim. He wanted the attention. And so does Gaga.

  86. All we hear is radio "gaga" … laying in goo goo .. lady goo goo metropalis robot limited A EYE intelligence.proper eye robot job….

  87. serpent and the rainbow film. classic example of wot handlers r like.based on true events to do with zombies using puffer fish i think jimson weed.theres also other ways and stuff, gaga is just zombiefied but i think deffo she accepts it and i think at beggining ,coz she didnt fit in at school,handlers feed off this and hollywood and once u mix with the other stars and stuff u get roped in like a peer pressure then u learn to accepted it even becomeing more eccentric with money power fame etc.drugs orgys allsorts go on then it becoms this kind of fashion with all the symbols alot of the stars have in music videos.then sum of these zombies wake up,like 50pence er cents . getting out of zombie mode and trying to break free..sorry spelling people.ive witnessed it these people make u feel special needed etc.well u know the rest ladies and germs….

  88. Mysticfire Wisteria on

    Merry Meet my pretties.

    Lady Gaga, as a fan and sister witch myself, she is a Satanist. It said it on the Fox News and internet. But all of these radicals and non-religious people-some of them- want to show her hate like they do me. But i am not a devil-worshipper, but a pagan. I wish i could meet her. I also support gay mairrage and gay rights 100%. I'm also bi. We wiccans,pagans and witches are not evil. Actually, im very good. And i do not have freedom of religion, my parents are radical christians, although i know not all christianity ppl r radical. blessed be. )0(

  89. Hey you know what lady GaGa is actually worshipping SATURN every moment every second in her concert!!!!!!!No one will be surpirsed to see this post in this website as those in this website are looking for lady gaga sataNic act.!!! whats more try finding some other of lady gaga sataNic act!!!THUNDERING TYPOONS !!!!!!!!! WHY DIDNT THE GOVERMENT BAND LADY GAGA FROM DOING SATANIC ACT SUCH A STUPID BERSERKING MENTAL GOVERMENT THERE IS IN USA……….I AM SO DISSAPOINTTED.. " DISGUSTING LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!"HELL"TO LADY GAGA AS SHE IS SATANIC!!

    Warn you guys who are reading my comment"those who choose to worship the devil,be prepared to pay a hefty price"!!!!AND I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN I AM A BUDDIST BUT NO OFFENCE GOD!!!!

    "ADIOUS PALS"!!!(adious=Bye)

  90. Every human being on the surface of this earth has the option to choose from right or wrong. You can not blame another person for making you do wrong. There is no justification for worshipping the devil. Do not take side with the gaga or you will be a devil yourself.

  91. she herself is an evil spirit.she looks so fucking scary and dress like demons,she conjured the demons for ritual and they love blood ritual.she is a fucking lair to say she afraid of them.

  92. I'm not surprised… I went to one of her concerts and I never felt so odd ever in my life…. I even told my sister in law that there was something evil about all her performance. I felt horrible… I strongly believe that's why she call all her followers, little Monsters…Never, ever again Im listening to her music or watch any of her videos…

  93. NotImportantAtAll on

    She's a Project Monarch kiddie. What IS "Project Monarch" you ask?

    Ohhh… it's nothing. Nothing at all. Not important.

    Don't worry about it. Put your feet up. Relax.

  94. Maybe she is in her period because she might of started and she stayed there to long and it started running i dont know thats what my uncle thought of that

  95. this is actually true.

    I am a hairdresser and have a male client who was tending to her backstage at one of her concerts in Melbourne.

    He confirmed that she does this prior to each of her concerts. He also told me he was invited by her to attend a ritual as part of an initiation process to have him break into the limelight.
    He told me that he was promised many things should he decide to go through with the ritual.

    Obviously for professional reasons, I am unable to tell you who he is as I still do see him now and then for occasional hair cuts when he is in Melbourne. But I can tell you he is a young naive boy who doesn't actually realise the consequences of what he's done

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