Jason Alexander on Britney Spears Engagement: “She Marries her Handler”



Britney Spears has been the subject of a few articles on this site – notably in  “Britney Spears, Mind Control and “Hold it Against Me”). What makes Britney’s case so special is that the highly publicized events of her personal life give a direct glimpse into the tightly controlled world of pop stars. This time, it is Britney’s ex-husband (of 55 hours) Jason Alexander who hints to the tight control imposed by her entourage. He told Us Today: “I think it’s fake and I think people are afraid to say it. It seems like a answer to the court thing. Sort of a nice way to sew it all up she marries her handler. That way she always has someone controlling her. It’s sort of sad.”

As we have seen in previous articles, spouses or relatives of pop stars often double as mind control handlers. Is Jason Alexander on to something or is he looking for publicity? Maybe both. Here’s an article from Huffington Post.


Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Slams Engagement To Jason Trawick

Britney Spears said “I do” in 2004 to childhood friend Jason Alexander, and the two were married for 55 glorious hours.

Less than three days after the pair exchanged vows at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, their marriage was annulled.

If you thought that was the last you’d ever hear from Britney’s first husband, guess again. Perhaps a torch still burns for Britney, because Alexander is not happy about her engagement to Jason Trawick, reports Us Weekly.

The one-time Mr. Britney Spears is currently training for the World of MMA fighting competition and must have been hit in the head one too many times, because he thinks the engagement is fake.

“If you look at all the pictures between [Spears and Trawick] there is no connection,” he explained to the magazine. “They look like they are going through the motions. It seems like an answer to the court thing.”

Alexander was referencing the conservatorship held by Britney’s father Jamie Spears, which will likely end when the star is married.

“Sort of a nice way to sew it all up, she marries her handler,” he quipped. “I think it’s fake and I think people are afraid to say it.”

Alexander likely blames Britney’s ‘controlling’ team for the annulment of their marriage, but it’s been nearly eight years since that night in Vegas, and even ex-husband Kevin Federline, the father of Britney’s children, is happy for her.

– Source: Huffington Post





    • eatingfood1324 on

      You know what is weird out of all of this. Yes she seems like a complete zombie lately but I think the guy they have her engaged to also seems like a zombie. Look at his before and after pictures. His body is more toned now yes probably all of the exercise but look at his face. His face has greatly changed you can see it in his eyes, they look shocked all the time like hes had shock therapy done on him. I dont think hes her handler, I think he is also a victim that they put with britney and have done mind control on him to control her. But I think they both need help.

      • probably because he's a mind control victom too

        often mind control victomns will be in charge of brainwashing and torturing other mind control victoms. theres a name for this but I can't remember it.

    • For me it's all a side show, circulated to get people to take their eye off the ball and distract them from their own lives. Know yourself, forget celebrity, free your mind from media stimulation and you will begin to see the truth.

    • A handler in Monarch Programming is the person who programs and triggers victims. Monarch Programming is a technique used to create mind controlled slaves. This horrid process creates an alter personality which is easier to control. It is basically a process of torturing the victim until they lose touch with reality, and an alter is born. It is named after the monarch butterfly, because of the metamorphosis that takes place; at first it is a cocoon, and then it turns into a butterfly. Same results are shown after the programming is finished, a new person is born. The process includes SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder).

  1. When I first heard the news, the first thing I though was, Yep! Handler.

    It's so sad to hear though, she's just being passed around as a money accumulator by these evil people.

    • OPENyourEYESNOWorELS on

      I thought the exact same thing! If I didn't read VC's articles, I don't think I would have known. I think Alexander is right. He was with her long enough to know where Britney was coming from and going through. It probably stuck with him and he does see the marriage for what it truly is.

      I think he may be in on it, but sadly, I think Britney is really in love with the guy.

      • Wouldn't be surprised if Mr.Alexander "dies" in the ring. They are going to want to shut him up. That or they know the average person thinks he's crazy (ie. He married Brittany Spears in Vegas) and doesn't care that he has something real to say. After all, the guy was on the inside without being part of it.

      • DisciplinedMind on

        I agree. Jason was only married to Britney for less than 3 days but he was reportedly her friend for 8 years. That's a lot of time to establish a frame of reference for a person's behavioral patterns, thoughts and motivations. If Britney isn't well enough to control her own life, then how is she well enough to go on a grueling tour?

        The mind-control (Monarch) programming explains her zombie performance of "Gimme More" at the VMAs several years ago.

    • No way she's in love with this man. She's a very confused woman who has no confidence whatsoever. With her good looks, youth, fame and huge bank accounts, she should be dating the best and yet I haven't seen her with a half decent one. She always has to be with inferior men. She has low self-esteem so she thinks she can keep the ugly/inferior men. It's time for Spears to stop being the martyr who hands the executioner the blunt sword and then meekly kneels down for some brutal hacking. It's one thing to be weak but another one to be stupid. I wish her good luck with this one but I have a feeling it will go down the pan big time and before we know it she'll have another nervous breakdown.

    • A monarch controlled person is referred to as a victim because of the extreme mental, physical and sexual abuse they endure.

  2. Did you really expect anything else…she will always be ”handled”, she makes those people alot of money…everyone can see she is a zombie…she has,no soul!!

      • Thanks for the link. There you go she's not in a good place, that's why she keeps taking stupid decisions. And obviously she can''t count on her family as they are too occupied riding that gravy train hard.

    • TO Wakeuppeople:

      You've said the truth!!! She will ALWAYS be in that tight circle unless a nuclear weapon breaks through that shield setup by the Illuminati et al, I don't see her breaking out anytime soon. And they must have paid Trawick off because he was seeing (lots of) other women & at one point, he was about to marry some other woman when he became Britney's financial manager.

      This is the best way to keep her under their thumbs for ever!!!

  3. Its like Howard and Ana Nicole. TOXIC – she doesnt need a marriage to her former manager to 'stabalize" her! This reeks of brainwashed, under the table, illuminati double dealing. Its a conspiracy to keep her jaded. Just like Ana Nicole, she doesnt even get how trapped she is by 'marrying' Jason Trawick. Its just a new way to exploit her and her fame. Poor poor Britney. And Jason Alexander is right about the lack of chemistry- Even when I watch the two of them in the Criminal video it just makes my skin crawl…he looks like hes leacherously all over her. And she seems unfazed like a programmed dead empty vessel.

  4. I really feel sorry for Britney, there's almost no words for it.

    It's extremelty sick and digusting how these people are controlling her and messing with her mind. Just like with the rest of the subjects.

  5. all of her marriages have been fake.

    i just saw her in concert, took note of all the symbolism we've seen on this site. she looked so tired and uninterested.

    so sad, poor britney -_-

      • She is under mind control. Why do you blame her? Oh yeah, you know nothing about mind control. That's why. Blame the handler, not the victim!

      • I dont think that they'll say, "Okay, we're gonna brainwash you, damn you to hell, and use you to push our evil Luciferian agenda, but you'll be famous!" to her :/

      • Think abt it people! Brittney was owned by Disney before she ever debuted as a popstar!! She never had a choice! She's been owned and pawned since she was a child!! and NO child would choose the kind of life she's subjected to now. Her dad traded her over for the money long ago. Her, Justin, Christina and Fergie were all in the mickey mouse club together as kids and look at them now~

        These people need prayer, not you wishing them to hell. NO human being deserves to go there.. It wasnt made for us.

      • This thing that "you/he/she never had a choice" is TOTAL NONSENSE. It's the same type of reasoning that come to the conclusion that gangsta niggers are like that because they were born in a poor neighbour… BULLSHIT. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE.

      • Don't Shoot ME on

        First of all Britney tried to break free so you can't blame her! They just trapped her again and probably threatened her family and destroy her!

  6. I knew the moment I saw that old man and Brittney "I was thinkin ok this guy looks like a handler and this reeks of illumnati control"

  7. Way to be "relevant" Jason Alexwhomever.

    I love Britney Spears. Of course I don't personally know her. But I like her music. And while I can't say I don't completely disagree with this article or past articles by VC, I think Jason Alexander is trying to get some $$$. Who does an interview for free? He's bitter & why would their "marriage" have lasted? It was probably something she did on a whim & didn't give much thought. We haven't all done that but we've all done stupid things.

    I'm happy for her and hope its real.

  8. In that picture of her she looks so…dead..Out of all of these MK controlled people Brittany has it the worst. I feel so bad for her :|! :(

  9. I just went to see Britney at her concert, and as a constant visitor of this site I took all of my knowledge with me.

    First of all the theme of the WHOLE concert "Femme fatale" is Delta Programming, she's an assasin programmed to "do her thing". The intro shows Britney escaping from authority or controlling figures, curiously enough, when she appears on stage she's tied up to a chair and the authorities are by her side, after 2 or three songs of being trapped in cages and behing bars, she manages to escape, however from this point on in every backdrop video in between songs we see a handler figure talking to her through a radio, giving her orders, oh did I forget to mention he's wearing an eye patch ? Yup, he only has one eye! (Shocking right?).

    While this handler is giving her orders "You gotta be quick, you can't fight me, you can't escape, do your thing" We see Britney in hotel rooms as if she was secret spy on a mission, different passports with different identities (shocking right?) also she changes her hair with wigs. When the handler says to her "Do your thing" We see flashes of young Britneys videos and her in a Pepsi commercial selling products.

    At the very end Britney finally reaches her destination and appears behind the handler figure and says "You've been a very bad boy" and Kills him, just in time for her song "Toxic".

    This was the storyline of the whole "Femme Fatale Concert". As it has been mentioned before Britney looks like a robot, zombie, her energy is just low, she doesnt dance, and doesn't sing for almost the entire show, sometimes you can hear her sing live but is just for short periods of time.

    The show has a LOT of production in it to mask the fact that Britney is NOT the same anymore, she looks uniteresed and uncomfortable on stage, as if dancing was really difficult for her and you can see how she really struggles to be in place, mark and in time for every single move (her moves only consist in moving her head and arms and walking all around the stage and posing, the dancers do pretty much all of the heavy stuff, there are 2 choreographies that were COMPLETELY designed for Britney NOT to dance, only walk and stay on mark while the dancers do the show around her).

    When fans are brought to the stage during her song "I Wanna Go" they have to sign a contract that pretty much says you can't touch or get close to Britney (a Friend of mine did), there will always be 2 or 3 dancers between the fans and Brit. You can actually see on youtube videos, how they are carefully escorted to the stage and Britney is protected as if she was really scared of them, she nevers acknowledges their presence, Is just an act.

    Every single concert is EXACTLY the same, there's no room for spontaneity, she says the same things, everything is perfectly rehearsed. She doesn't even do soundcheck because guess what? She doesn't sing live.

    When she came to Mexico the newspaper had the following review "It's Britney and it is enough" saying pretty much that It didn't matter the fact that she didn't dance like before or sing live, It was a huge production and she allways will be "The one and only Britney Spears" and the fans still love her.

    She was paid to do a brief appearence on a TV spot promoting the "Teleton 2011" a fundraising event for disabled children. She said "Hello Mexico, dont' forget to support the Teleton, it's all for the kids…" As soon as she finished her eyes stop looking at the camera and look for someone behind the scenes as if saying "Did I do it right, can I leave now?, someone take this mich". A lot o people posted on Facebook this video saying how fake and uninteresed she was.

    However we all know know that this is a heavily controlled Britney and she's not her anymore.

    Like Katy Perry says in her song Pearl "Oh she used to be a pearl, she used to rule the world, can't beleive she's become a shell of herself…"

    • Finally, someone else who understands what the song "Pearl" is actually about! I even emailed VC and asked why he did an article on "Who am I Living For" and failed to mention Pearl, which is about selling her soul for fame, not dumping some controlling boyfriend.

      • Thanks, that song really fits Britney when I first heard it I thought it was dedicated to her, but it also fits for every single artist subjected to mind control for fame.

    • Not try to defend her or anything, but why should she kill her handler at the end? doesn't it rappresent some kind of rebellion? isn't it quite the opposite of the message the illuminati want to send? anyway great reveiw of the conert! it is so sad to see her in this state.

      • I asked myself the same question but it do not have the answer, maybe because her fans are wanting to see her "free and in control" So they can dance "till the world ends" with the last song LOL

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4OGqIE525g

      She is reading it from a screen and then she did watch like confused and looking for someone to say to her, you did it right!

      So strange that someone who has everything in life, can't make her own desicions.

      I wonder how she will be like when she does marry him, I do believe Jason Alexander for telling that she is marrying a handler, he had also said a year ago or something that Jason Trawick abused Britney right? maybe that was really false..

      However, he looks more like a dad figure than a husband or anything else

    • Damn…that most recent tour had to be the equivalent of a soldier watching clips of a devastating war he participated on replay. What ARE they doing to this young woman? Her last tour was like a slap in the face for her trying to get out while suffering all of those traumatic "Nervous Breakdowns" It was just TOO MUCH of an overload of symbolism. I actually just wanted to see the way people were saying she was a zombie on stage compared to her earlier days. I just wanted to see if what was going on was just that freakin bad. It is! And they are force feeding the reality of what is truly going on to EVERYONE as they cheer and beg for more. The tour has everything from her being caged and controlled & even hair covering one eye as she becomes killer (assassin…whatever) but check it out for yourself > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NZ8Fd5K0NE Even I could only sit halfway through it. If I were blind to the facts and what was truly going on then maybe I could have enjoyed what were once a few of my favorite songs but not even.

      • DR. JAYE

        You are so right. No wonder Britney will not rebel. Her handlers are showing her the public does not care about her. They are acting out her life onstage and instead of helping her and saving her, the audience is cheering on her demise. How lonely she must feel. One can only imagine what must be going on in her mind. NO WONDER WHY she is frightened when fans are brought onstage to her. She must think they are blood thirsty maniacs. May she find the strength to be brave and leave the showbiz life when she wants to stop suffering bad enough.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut0VAk85s7c

      They're right, dancers were b/w Brit and the fans. At the end though, she lets them hug her at least. They don't look like full-body hugs, looks like she's giving side hugs and at the very very end, she shushes the crowd amiably. No, not a lot of energy, she's just bouncin & raising her hands, and yeah, she looks a little bored.

  10. Of course she's marrying a handler! I would think if you were too unstable to require a guardian, you'd be too unstable to decide to marry, to tour, and to have your children. That poor woman is a hostage and anytime she tries to break free, well it's like RoseMary's baby- everyone's in on it. She can't get out. I feel for her in so many ways being used and abused and obviously unhappy. She used to love performing and you can just see it that she doesn't enjoy it anymore. Everyone thinks she's some dumb bimbo, and she's quite intelligent. She's smart enough to know she is a prisoner.

  11. Don't you just love how they make him seem crazy…and the quotation marks on the word controling-just lovely… No matter what his motives were, what he said in this interview is true. And that is the end of the debate.

  12. I grew up listening to Britney, now I do understand in the earlier days she wasn't much better, but yes she did have a soul. This is so sad to see, I wish I had a bunch of money and could convince Britney to just come live with me for a little bit. I would try and help her :(

  13. the current society we live in is soo fake and crooked. no wonder it fails. every society fails. every empire fails. this one is no different..

    From now on, Humans WILL NEVER TRUST A GOVERNMENT. ever again! people will keep passing on the stories of whats happening to us.

    Allah akbar. happiness. health. family. joy. peace. love. cannabis. allah akbar.

  14. i almost wanted to stop believing that alot of our fave celebs/ movie stars are MK'd, but britney here is a prime example of how it is real. very sad. i hope this all comes to the public eye. and to those saying she will go to hell, dont you get it by now? you would think! it is called TRAUMATIZATION SINCE A BABY!! so at one point did she decide to just 'sell her soul', if she was lost since she was born!

  15. britney is a puppet on

    Britney Spears turned ONLY 30 years old at the beginning of this month. However, IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, she looks about 45 years old.

    I have never seen anything like it.

    The whole situation with Britney Spears always seemed very odd and fishy. Specially with the never-ending conservatorship. Maybe Britney wants things this way.

  16. Two words:

    Celine Dion

    "Dion emerged as a teen star in the French-speaking world after her manager and future husband René Angélil mortgaged his home to finance her first record." – Wikipedia

    "Dion first met her husband and manager, Rene Angelil in 1980, when she was 12 and he was 38, after she and her mother sent him a demo tape of a song they had written. They began a relationship in 1987, and became engaged in 1991. They married on December 17, 1994, at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Quebec. On January 5, 2000, Dion and Angelil renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas." – Wikipedia

    I'm not implying anything by posting this, just sayin!!!!

  17. Jesus Christ is her only hope. I'm praying for her….she's experiencing serious spiritual, mental and physical oppression.

  18. It's amazing the way the lambast this guy's persona for stating the obvious truth. I'm not putting my hands in the fire for a complete stranger, and I'm not about to have a "leave Britney alone!" moment, but honestly as a fellow human being I think it's totally sick and disgusting what Britney Spears' entourage and family do to her. It's as if I'm watching one of those stories in which the main character arrives at a village full of weirdos and odd happenings and in the end the character ends up burning at the stake as a sacrifice in some ritual performed by all the villagers.

    • Oh man, have you ever seen the South Park episode about Britney Spears, now THAT is ****ed up. And scary when you know the truth…

  19. I am wondering if Britney is one of the lucky ones. I feel sorry for the hundreds or even thousands for whom the programming didnt completely work or who for some reason or other just didnt fit what the industry wanted anymore. These people inhabit the inner rooms of sate asylums and such places, diagnosed as untreatable. Like the castrati of previous centuries who were thrown out on to the streets once their voices broke and it didnt sound good anymore, or the child prostitues of third world countries today who are also thrown out on to the street once they get a VD or are too haggard to be appealing to the roughest of men anymore, I wonder how many were started on the road of monarch programming but it didt quite work. Oswald Chambers wrote that facing facts as they are produces despair, not agitation or anger, but real downright despair.

  20. I happened to have the TV on during one of those morning shows yesterday and they were having the Hollywood gossip segment. Michael Jackson's grandparents re exploiting his children for personal and media gain. MJs father was his handler and what he didnt want to happen to his kids is now happening. So sad.

  21. I was wondering was the man her handler because he look at least 25 years older then her and the first thought that came to mind is that he is there to keep her settled. Looking at this mess I don't happiness in Hollywood. A handler so they are there to keep the illusions alive because she does look happy with him. I just wonder does he treat her nice to keep her happy or it is all for the camera and at night does he keep her in the coffin or locked in the closet.

  22. eyelovelefteye on

    I normally don't reply but…..

    @kayla123 I hope you burn i hell.Wishing death on an innocent mother of two who has no say in her music.Britney has been through alot of bull shit in her life & control was always a neccessity to her. She lost that with the conservatorship & now she can't even be alone with her kids…..Britney is nothing like K$.Quit pulling comparisons out of your poorly informed head.I honestly hope you have the inability to have children for wishing death to a loving mother.

    Britney needs prayers & not death wishes.

      • If you read any personal accounts of the Monarch mind control programming experience, by survivors such as Cisco Wheeler, then you will understand that these slaves are often chosen and programmed even prior to birth (traumatized whilst still in the womb). A child's mind is largely programmed within the first three years of life, when brain development is rapid and crucial. If the 'programming' is done by evil, sadistic masterminds rather than normal loving parents, then you cannot blame the child for what they are trained to be. On a positive note, there are those who do manage to escape and who find healing. I would pray for Britney, not condemn her (for those who seem to be doing that).

  23. Britney Spears life is not her own. That is the price she is paying for selling her mind, body and soul to the devil. She's a fool.

    • Me from Colombia on

      She did not sell her soul, neither her kids chose to be part of this mess. Britney's father is a pedophile who sold her to the system. All the Disney stars are mk'd and so is Brit. I can't even watch the Disney channel without feeling scared for those kids.

    • know your facts on

      She was around 10 years old when she signed with Mickey Mouse Club (Disney)….she NEVER had a choice.

  24. This whole Britney thing is confusing, I mean when did her programming start? is her mom in on it? Aren't monarch slaves kept on a short leash? Why was she allowed to have 'normal' freinds and marry one of her dancers? Maybe her DID developed as a result to her traumatic childhood (abusive pedo dad) and not necessarily fancy programming from an early age, and after she started to spiral out of control they programmed her? I always thought it was strange how her father appeared out of nowhere to be her conservator; I watched/read a lot of her interviews when I was a kid and her dad was rarely in the picture, always got this feeling that she didn't like him. God help her

    • MK programming is used with a lot of child stars. She was part of the Mickey Mouse club and all of the kids are programmed. Walt Disney was very much in step with this kind of programming. Most of the programming starts at birth, some when they are a young child. If the mother knows they turn a blind eye. The things they do to these kids are awful. When Britney looked like she was falling apart she was coming out of her mind control…hence the state of confusion. Usually when they can't be controlled anymore they are considered expendable and are done away with like Britney Murphy and her handler…of whom was her husband.

  25. I feel so sorry for Britney.Her eyes look so dead and soulless-she's clearly broken.I hate how they're trying to make Jason Alexander look crazy because he pointed out the obvious-that Britney's being controlled and isn't happy about being engaged to Jason Trawick-who,by the way,gives me the creeps.I wish she'd break away from her handlers for good-but it seems they won't let her go without killing her off first.

  26. eyelovelefteye

    She's the one who sold her soul in the first place. and for you to type behind your computer to tell me that i shouldn't give no death wish to her but you tell me "I hope you burn i hell." and "I honestly hope you have the inability to have children" is hypercritical to say. one day when your kid wakes up say "gimmie more" what are you gonna say then.Look to a kid their minds are young and when they listen to artist like her(or any other artist) they play a big role in their lives.They look up to that person. and sometimes kids would like to be that person.All was i saying in that paragraph that musicians play a big role in kids life and that you should watch out for which one they should listen to and one's they shouldn't and that she burn in hell or be put in jail. and i having nothing against her for being a loving mother nor her children,but just artist career choice.

    • @kayla I will preface this by saying I don't hope you burn in hell. I don't wish that on anyone because Jesus wants us all to be compassionate, empathetic, and forgiving to one another, just like He is to all of us.

      Now with that said, that applies to YOU too…you are supposed to be compassionate and empathetic and forgiving to everyone, including celebrities…for some reason people (fans and non-fans alike) have a very bad habit of treating celebrities as non-human. At no point are they ever allowed to just be human and make mistakes, let alone be human and be misled by no fault their own into a bad situation. You yourself condemned Britney to hell. That was wrong of you and that is the first reason why you're getting called out by others. If that is how you respond to people you don't like then I also hope you don't have kids, not out of a sense of being as cruel as you are but mainly because you'll impart that misguided and cruel train of thought on them as well, and the last thing this world needs is more heartless assholes.

      The second reason you're being called out is because you're just flat out wrong when you say that this was Britney's "choice." I don't know why people insist on ignoring the fact that Britney has been in Hollywood – specifically, under Disney – since she was eight or nine years old (you're not the only one guilty of this). If you had an eight year old and she said "Mommy, I want to be a singer! I want to be famous, please! I'll do anything!" do you really think your eight year old would know what "anything" really meant? Would you judge your own eight year old for desperately wanting to be a star? I don't think you would, because you would understand that she's only eight and she doesn't understand what some people are going to want her to do just for the chance (not even a guarantee, just a shot) at being famous. You would understand that it's YOUR job as the parent to shield your child from that and that when your kid is older, she will understand and then make a decision on her own. Britney's parents are the ones who made the choice…they willingly subjected her to Hollywood and basically let the industry ruin her just so they could cash in on her success. And then they did it all over again with Jamie Lynn.

      I do believe Britney reached a point where she did make a choice. In fact I think she made a choice four times – once by marrying Jason Alexander, a second time by marrying K-Fed, a third time when she was going to release an album titled Original Doll (the lyrics from some of the leaked songs, like Mona Lisa, were rather telling), and a fourth and final time when she had her breakdown in late 07/early 08. Problem is every time she did she was just yanked back in. Her handlers made her annul the marriage to Jason; K-Fed turned out to be using her just like so many others in her life; Original Doll got scrapped by the label (though some of the tracks from it leaked, they're generally unknown to all but the most hardcore fans) so she ended up putting out Blackout instead; and after multiple, highly publicized "breakdowns' such as shaving her head, attacking a paparazzi's car with an umbrella, and locking herself in her bathroom with her sons and refusing to come out, they finally had her declared incompetent and put her in the conservatorship.

      This is the state she still finds herself in today – under tight control, heavily medicated and manipulated, and not allowed any spontaneous contact with other human beings outside her camp. When asked by a photographer why she cut off her hair she responded "Because of you." At the salon she said she was "tired of people touching me." How sadly ironic that her fans are the ones who are not allowed to touch her now, while the ones she was trying to get away from have a tighter grip on her than ever. Jamie Lynn lucked out, for some reason; when she got pregnant she left her Disney show and moved home to raise the kid. She was not forced to continue being a puppet for public consumption the way Britney is being shoved through despite obviously not wanting to be there.

      Do my last two paragraphs sound like the actions and statement of a woman who willingly chose to be mind-controlled to you?

      I understand that not everyone is fan of Britney and thus, wouldn't keep up with her every little move or whatever over the course of her career. But if you continue insisting that Britney ever, for even one second, had any control over her life after having all of this explained then I don't even know what to say to you. There has never been a clearer example of a victim than Britney Spears.

    • when it comes to "career choice" honestly thas barely even her choice, if it is her choice at all. Mind control and being programmed in every waay possible to the point that her life is not even in her control anymore, we really cant say anything abt her or Abt any other victims of mind control either. Only God knows what these ppl have to go there we have no right to criticize them for their "career choice" or the kind of music they make because if their entire life and all their choices that they make in life are being controlled and she has ABSOLUTELY little to no free will to do what she wants…. then honestly who are we to judge.
      May justice prevail upon these sick bastards who are working to ruin other ppls lives cuz they have absolutely no lives of their own.

  27. He probably wants to kill her and take the money when she dies. And you can also see how the huffingtonpost immediately tries to discredit him before even getting to his actual quote knowing it will work for the general public. People are so gullible, but soon they will learn…

  28. TO sarahec87:

    A reporter asked Katy Perry point blank about selling her soul. She said something amusing & funny but in the end, we all knew she had joined the ranks of artists who sold their souls. Perry's eyes no longer look blue or have their original color. They're some ugly ghoul gray-green shade & it's just a matter of time before she too joins Britney.

    I'm just waiting for the day when someone either rescues Britney, kills the people around her in some postal attack or the whole thing gets exposed and blows up in their faces.

    • @Apres Ski

      ^^Is this the interview you are talking about or is there a more recent one? This is actually the video that opened the "conspiracy doors" for me. Before that I had no idea about the Illuminati or the ways of the industry. I do believe that Katy Perry sold soul for fame, the lyrics to her song Pearl say it all. She was brought up with strict Christian values and when that career path did not work out she took a different route.

      It starts off "she is a pyramid" which sounds very occult (oh how they love their double meanings), but I believe is a biblical reference-

      "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body," (1 Cor. 6:19-20). She was a spiritual person but "defiled her temple" for fame and fortune, and lost her pearl. Pearl is also a biblical reference meaning Jesus, or way to heaven-"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it." (Matthew 13:45-46) And now she has become a "shell of herself". The "him" she refers to in the song is the industry, or the devil, who has offered her material things at a great price.

      I went to her concert a couple of months ago and her performance to this song was very interesting. First off, she went into a different persona named Kitty Purry, where she put on a black cat suit. I think this represented the real Katy because while dressed like the cat she sang a couple of songs that sort of told a story. First she sang Circle the Drain which is basically about being fed up (this song may or may not be relevant to the "story"), then she sang E.T. which is about how she was completely seduced by fame and money, in her performance she was carried around stage by a bunch of male dancers. The next song she sang was Who am I Living For which is about how she is torn between right and wrong, but still greatly tempted. Watch the performance to this song!


      After she "breaks free" she put on a sparkly robe and sang Pearl. She was raised on a pedestal several feet in the air until the image of a beaming sun is directly behind her. I believe that this represents the "shell" not the pearl. I think she is saying, "Look what I have become, an empty idol". Then she goes on to tell her fans "you don't have to be held down; you don't have to be a shell", another words do not compromise your values for material things. Then she literally says "I woke up; I used to be a shell; no one can take my pearl". I honestly think that she already wants out of the industry and that soon we are going to start seeing weird things from her in the media like we did with Britney Spears. I mean, remember her stupid VMA cheese hat thing that was supposedly used to enforce control like a Sim? It looks like they have already started tightening the leash.

      fast forward to 3:45 to see the sun goddess reference

      p.s. Is there an easier way to check your comments and feedback without having to scroll through the entire page? I happened to notice your reply by chance.

    • That girl's soul is not completely lost until she has crossed into the afterlife. I really think the whole "selling your soul" phrase/rhetoric is to cause people to think that once it's done, there's no hope. "I've sold my soul and the price and my reality is hell but what's the point, there's no hope" It's all a LIE.

      Katy knows the truth and she rejected it, hopefully she'll wake up before it's too late and remember what she was taught as a child. That Jesus Christ, God Himself manifested in flesh is Lord of Lords and The First and The Last. HE has the final word. He is anyone's only Hope. People don't want to believe now but one day, the truth will be undeniable. There is true hope and salvation but we all have the choice to accept it or reject it.

      • Yes, I agree with you. I think she that is why at the end of the song she says "I woke up and grew strong, and I can still go on, and no one can take my pearl." She realized that it is a lie and no one can actually take your soul, but now she is trapped by the industry or maybe even her love of fame and riches. I think within the next few years we will be hearing about her being involved in scandals on the news just like everyone else who tries to break free.

  29. TO Pest

    Britney is on her way out & Gaga is just beginning. Her latest song, "Marry the Night" is just the beginning of her career. This year alone, she made over $65 million!!! How she gonna get out now with that figure? How much do those soulless devils take of that $65 million? How much longer can she put up with them? Is she too going to marry & have "little monsters" by some soulless handler like Spears? Even now, she's talking about having a baby with Trawick! YIKES!! More mind control children growing into mindless controlled adults.

    I just pray at some point, that system completely breaks down. And when it does, it will be something they completely missed. And remember, her mother broke down and let those soulless devils take her sister, get her pregnant & keep her under their thumbs. So that cycle isn't going to break anytime soon unless one of their children totally rebels and starts sabotaging the business from the inside out. How many people know about mind controlling artists?

    I just read that Florence & the Machine are quite open about their programming and are absolutely happy to go along with that "program". I was stunned to read that David Bowie also was into it as well & didn't mind going along with it because he too was into it before he became a musician in the public eye.

    I'm beginning to realize that all the music I've known since I was a kid has been coming from Mind Controlled Adults!!! And that's a lot of music . . .

  30. @emm

    Thank you for submitting a thoughtful and compassionate response.

    Oftentimes the ignorant and hateful nature of the article COMMENTS on VC trouble me as much as the subject matter of the articles themselves. God help us all.

  31. a regular VC reader on

    Look at how the huffington post twists it to make Alexander appear as a paranoid jealous freak. ''Even Federline is happy for her,'' -well of course he is! being one of her previous controllers/handlers, it must please him to see her under someone else's control. ''a torch still burns'' I doubt it, I think he pitty's her and is glad to have got out.

  32. Britney has been controlled since a very young age and has made lots of people rich and it's not going to stop anytime soon. I found another article online from 3/10 and it mentions how Spears' father is the one pushing the relationship to go further.

    "Spears and Trawick have been dating since early last year, and despite all the rumors that the pop princess was desperate for the William Morris agent to put a ring on it, an inside source said that it was really Spears’ dad Jamie that was pushing the relationship due to Jason’s “good influence” on his troubled daughter."


    • @emm

      thank you for that long paragraph of yours.i see my wrong. i appreciate that you took the time to write that out to me and not blabber about anything what that asshole said to me.but there is one thing i do dis-agree with you though how am i flat out wrong? she chose to be a(n) artist,that chose was her. and btw i wouldn't have children in my life to much to take on. i want to take care of me,myself, and i.I to live problem-free. besides i'd be to scared to give birth. and when meant "burn in hell" i wasn't typing with hatred and with intention i meant be what else can we do with her. but thanks anyway have a nice day :)

  33. when i first heard britney was dating her agent i knew he was her handler and was probably performing brain wash tatics on her.

    I dont think he's looking for attention i think he's just saying it like it is. I wasn't surprised that they were getting married either. Have you seen her mama im in love with a criminal video, her now fiance being her criminal handler (because what he is doing is against the law). In the beggining of the video it seems like britney was leaving one handler for another handler. Really sad.

  34. This is really sad. I like Britney though. When I'm watching vids on youtube and i point out that stuff doesn't seem right, I get attacked. I feel like "am i the only one that recognizes these things?" It's like her fans just live for her and will not look at the bigger perspective. They think everything is "ok" and that she is still "killing it". It's insane. I don't know, should I still listen to her music? I have lots of her songs on my ipod, I don't even know what to think anymore, Britney is not in there anymore, she's a complete different person.


  35. oh and another thing, why the media constantly praising her now? They know she's like a robot, this is like movie or something!

  36. I think that death is the only way of relief for britney from her controllers 'cuz even if she is dumped by her controllers, she wont be able to lead a normal life 'cuz of all the memories from the programming and also her personalities, also the media wont let her lead a normal life. So she must die peacefully and live in the afterlife, the life she never got to live now.. May the lord come to her rescue..

  37. in couple of months from now we will see how this story unravel , i can't help it but i feel like they are setting her up , if she dies they will cover it up as suicide or they'll blame her "new handler" smh

    i pray for Britney she's just a puppet … :(

  38. So Britney has a sexual relationship with her professional agent, he's one of the only people with access to her, when they get married he'll be the one in control of her money AND basically her, yet she's not sane or together enough to do anything or control her own money, but yet still is enough to decide to get married?

    Seems legit.

  39. "Handler" is often used synonimously with "agent". Jason Trawick is Britney's agent. Sorry for giving you some perspective. Believe me, I AM open-minded, but this website fails to convince me again.

    • Have you seen pictures of her ex-husband? Definitely she's controlled in a bad way. It's such a shame cause she has a fantastic voice and she should be able to make it relying on her talent only.

      • I just realized that all this lot Spears, Aguilera, A N Smith, the one who passed away last year Britney Murphy and so many others seem to get married or whatever to some really unattractive Jewish men. It makes you wonder how controlled they must be, unless they are attracted to their awesome characters. It's just odd.

  40. of course they're going to make it look like jason alexander still holds a torch for her, when in reality he's just saying the truth…just says a lot about our media and who's side they're on

  41. Really this is Trailer Park Trash who just squeeked thru u think she had alot of influences around her jeezzz to pick a qualified mate u got to be drinking the Kool-Aid too…

  42. Well at least he is speaking the Truth. I love how the huffington post tries to say he has been hit in the head "one too many times" maybe he is speaking out for a little publicity, but the man is telling it how it is. Good article VC.

  43. Flob0t Deactivated on

    "Britney Murphy"

    Have you ever looked deeply into her eyes in her films? In my opinion she always looked like a robot, or had those "dead eye" "crazy eye" looks. Ignore everything about her and just watch her eyes throughout her films, spooky!

  44. its so wronge. shes the next michael, watch her death be a ginormous world wide epidemic all the while being set up. i will cry if she dies..or just be really depressed.

  45. This is just one tiny example of a worldwide disease amongst the chosen ones and whoever or whatever this Jamie Spears is or is not, he certainly benefits from the prostitution, rape and merciless exploitation of what is supposed to be, his daughter. Is this why yids have kids?

  46. Kevin Ferderline will be sued up the wazoo if he says anything bad about Britney. This Alexander guy has nothing to lose.

  47. I met that dude once in LA. I was with a Realtor friend of mine who showed him a house for rent on the west-side. He seemed down to earth.

    Funny.. at the time I had no.idea about ALL this going on right in front of our eyes.. Illuminati, MK ultra, horrible-ness.

    ..but I do.now!!.

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