“Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy” : A Creepy Children’s Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse



“Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy”, is a children’s book published in 1990 written by author Doris Sanford. According to the book’s description:

“The words of the text and the objects and situations illustrated are based on months of intensive research into the nature and practice of satanic ritual abuse. Any child who has been ritually abused will recognize the validity of this story.”

The book was marketed primarily to mental health professionals, school counselors, parent organizations, and support groups. The summary on the back of the book reads:

“When five-year-old Allison’s parents begin to see a change in her behavior at home, they seek professional help for her. They find that Allison and other children have been ritually abused at a day care center. Thus begins Allison’s recovery through counseling and through her parents’ affirmations that it was not her fault, that she is precious and loved, and they will keep her safe.”

While the book was probably intended to help children recognize and identify signs of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), it is nevertheless one the most terrifying children’s book ever written. The book is written in codes and contains symbols only SRA victims can recognize, which makes reading the book to non-victims a creepy and scary experience.

As stated in other articles on this site, SRA is a basic element of Monarch Mind Control. This book therefore reflects several aspects of Mind Control such the usage of drugs, of mind games, of ritual abuse, of Satanic ceremonies and so forth.

Here are some pages taken from the book.


This vignette refers to a "magic juice" given by the teacher which implies that children are being drugged at the daycare. The image depicts white rabbits in a cage which represent the children themselves. Also, these rabbits might be used to show children what would happen if they break the "circle of trust". In other words, they probably hurt the rabbits in front of the children.

This page refers to a “magic juice” given by the teacher, which is a code word for drugs. The image depicts caged white rabbits in a cage which represent the children themselves. The teachers (handlers) most likely hurt the rabbits to show the children what would happen if they betrayed their trust.


This creepy vignette mentions children being locked in. More importantly, the child says that he "got married today". Behind the mother we see a children's wedding veil. Although not explicitly stated, this vignette refers to SRA victims becoming "brides of Satan" through a terrifying ritual conducted by the handlers.

This creepy page mentions children being locked in. More importantly, the girl says that she “got married today”. Behind the mother we see a children’s wedding veil. Although not explicitly stated, this vignette refers to SRA victims becoming “brides of Satan” through a terrifying rituals conducted by the handlers.


On the day of Halloween (aka the day of Samhain which is believed to be a day where the veil with the spirit world is at its thinnest), the teachers are dressed as a witch and a skeleton. "Becky's birthday" will actually be an occult ritual.

On the day of Halloween (aka the day of Samhain which is believed to be a day where the veil separating us from the spirit world is at its thinnest), the teachers are dressed as a witch and a skeleton. “Becky’s birthday” will actually be an occult ritual.


This scary vignette depicts a naked child inside middle of a "magic circle" where a satanic ritual is about to take place. The teacher says about the circle "There is no way out because there is no end to it" which is the kind of mind freaking things handlers say to confuse and control the slaves.

Her we see Becky naked standing in the middle of a “magic circle” where a satanic ritual is about to take place. The teacher says about the circle “There is no way out because there is no end to it” which is the kind of mind freaking things handlers say to  slaves confuse and control them.


This page refers to a bunch of dreadful things associated with SRA : The handler becoming the "other mommy", the real mother losing her "title". More disturbingly, the text refers to the "movie star room" which is where ritual abuse is filmed by the handlers.

This page refers to a bunch of dreadful things associated with SRA : The handler becoming the “other mommy”, the real mother losing her “title”. More disturbingly, the text refers to the “movie star room” which is where ritual abuse is filmed by the handlers.


The child here refers again to abuse coded as "magic surgery". The "monster" in the child is probably refers to the fact that victims of SRA are assigned to demons during trauma.

The child here refers again to abuse coded as “magic surgery”. The “monster” in the child probably refers to the fact that victims of SRA are assigned to demons during trauma. Notice where the child pokes the white rabbit.


The mother describes the syptoms of a children with

Notice the dead white rabbit next to the child.

While the author of “Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy”, probably had good intentions, the book’s coded wording and creepy imagery is enough to traumatize a child by itself. Let’s say this wouldn’t be my first choice for a bedtime story.

That being said, every time this book – or SRA in general – are mentioned online (i.e. this BuzzFeed article or the book’s Amazon reviews) there are tons of comments insisting on the fact that SRA does not exist and that it is a myth that was propagated in the 80’s. My question is : How can one be so sure and convinced that something DOES NOT exist? Why would someone even take the time to stress the fact that something DOES NOT exist? What’s the interest behind this? Is this a case of “doth protest too much, methinks”?

Is it possible that some internet commentators are being paid to make sure that any references to SRA is fully discredited and ridiculed online? One thing is for sure, when one researches the history and the mechanisms of Mind Control, combined with the functioning of the occult elite, the existence of SRA is far from being a myth. It is a documented fact.

“In the McMartin Preschool case about 800 children were witnesses whose stories colloborated the SRA and programming that was done, but the media, and the judicial system were able to cover up the abuse and make it look on television that the abusers were the victims! It wasn’t until after the case was over and the property sold, that the tangible proof (the secret tunnels with paraphenalia) were found, and then the news media has covered that up too. The abusers will often wear masks and costumes.

Let’s say a programmer wears a Mickey Mouse outfit, and the child would remember and tell, “Mickey Mouse hurt me.” Now who is going to believe the child? The child has told the truth, but will be reprimanded for telling the truth. It doesn’t take long for a severely abused child, who has been programmed to keep silent, to learn that no one wants to hear the truth anyway.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave



    • Truth Seeker on

      Creepier than creep. So creepy. Why? :( this world is so sad to live in now. But I have faith and belief in God. I pray we live in peace

      • The world has always been a cruel and unforgiving place. We just need to muster up the strength and courage to persevere.

  1. I first read about this book on a BuzzFeed article but I'm glad you went into more detail. Thanks, VC.

  2. WOW. I had never heard of this before. This is definitely a creepy book and quite scary that this stuff actually happens.

    • I HAVE heard of it. You ought to read what they do to their OWN children! They want their females to be absolute slaves to males for one thing. Girl-children are raped before the "congregation" or whatever it's called by their fathers. Apparently a father who can't "consummate the act" – reach orgasm – can be executed then and there and BECOME the sacrifice (though I seriously doubt it happens to any of the higher-up "elites"). These girls are given to people they want to blackmail, bribe or whatever. One who got free needed reconstructive surgery so her genitals at least RESEMBLED what they were supposed to look like! The damage was done with a razor. Gives me goosebumps and case of nausea just thinking about it…

      The so-called "elites" are SERIOUSLY mind-ill. Sadism, and they have absolutely NO conscience. THAT'S how they can talk about their "Depopulation Agenda" requiring the murders of 90% or so of humanity and be utterly serious about it, and these creatures have power like NO ruler and few countries have EVER had! I want them OFF MY PLANET! There really ARE monsters in this world, and the worst of them look like anybody else. THEY are what has turned a planet that could easily have been a literal paradise by now, with people living hundreds, maybe even thousands of years, with spaceflight, colonies on other worlds, Lagrange Point colonies, you name it – and no one would be hurting for the barest of necessities! Instead, look at what we DO have, and then realize that you can pretty much thank THEM for this bloody mess! Why? So they can say they OWN everything and everyONE on this world. Incidentally, they had "our government" (the fake) collateralize US – We the People – for that last loan, so now they believe that they own you and me and everybody else in America.

  3. I also had terrible nightmares as a kid, and didn't eat for days.. maybe something else but this scares me :/

    • It is scary isn't it.

      I have very little memory of my life before 8 years of age, but since I was 15 or so, I've had little "flashes" of memory that I don't understand, and it scares me witless.

      I know I was subjected to some truly foul and sickening things, I know there was abject evil involved but whenever a memory begins to come clear, I have to block it, I can't handle it yet.

      I started speaking to my sister about some of these things about 10 years ago, when we were in our early 30's, and I wasn't surprised to hear that she has memories of the same things.

      I'm a Christian now, but for many many years I HATED God, utterly DESPISED anything to do with Jesus. I got deeply involved with demons and the devil and it almost destroyed me, (which of course, was meant to happen, I was meant to "self destruct" when I was no longer able to be used.

      Oops, I've written more than I intended.

      Anyway. I'm free now, I've begun to forgive both God and myself. Time to heal, time to live.

      • Dee — I am SO SORRY for what you've gone through. I send you much love and continued healing! Hugs.

      • Glory be to God that you found God in your life! I feel awful that things like this happen – it is very serious… And I cannot imagine what it'd be like to be in your shoes… I just hope that everyone that goes through something similar may find peace and healing in their hearts! Thanks for sharing your experience! God bless you and your sister! (I hope she is ok as well)

      • sweetjasmine on

        I am in the same boat with you Dee and SoulEater, I was hoping I wouldn't find this book relatable but I did in some of the aspects, of terrifying nightmares and the abuse [physical/verbal/sexual/emotional] and how I wasn't allowed to speak on it, up until I became 18 I was able to talk about years of the damage it took on me
        And I too wasn't a firm believer of God, I once was an atheist, turned agnostic, and now I'm a Christian and pray and talk to God almost every night, and never have I felt so much more at peace with myself, now that I could somewhat come to terms with what had happened to me as a child and early teen, some subjects are still rather triggering to me, and I find myself creating a wall and reacting quite negatively when it comes to family members trying to be affectionate with me, but I am slowly and trying to accept them and know that they aren't the ones at fault here…

        Anyways, aside from the small excerpt of my life there, I'm glad to see that we are finally being able to accept God, forgive ourselves, and have him willingly forgive us unconditionally and be nonjudgemental of our innocence and actions of today, and help us see the good and guide us through the right path, aside from the obstacles we may have to overcome

        I wish you two nothing but the best and happiness, and I hope to see you two become stronger persons and show them that they cannot control you nor break no matter what

      • To Dee-
        I also don't remember anything about my early childhood and also at around 14-15 few flash memories will come here and there.
        No known cause for me .

    • For those of you with real history, you have my deepest sympathy. I have no idea how it feels because my parents were fantastic but I always knew of others to whom things may have been happening and there are really no words to describe what i feel. For the others who seem to have randomly triggered memories as a result of digging this, please be aware that the therapy industry is big business and there have been too many reported cases of people visiting a therapist to deal with a minor anxiety only to be told that they were subject to sexual abuse in their childhood when this may or may not be true. Of course, once the claim is on the table, you would never leave it there and it inevitably leads to more sessions and massive fees being charged.I would never minimise anyone's misfortune but just an aside, I guess.
      Secondly, people always question what on earth they can do about what is posted on these types of websites – in this case, the practical action to be taken is quite obvious – don't create situations which make it easy for pae dos to do this to children in the first place and err on the side of caution as the perpetrators are often merely older children.

    • I read dead air and also the sequel abandon when I was a young teenager. Have never lost the interest in sra since then. Fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

      • Wasn't Dead Air written by a guy named Bob Larson. I saw larson as a guest speaker at a church back around 1985. very creepy and informative panel discusssion followed. There are many demons in our own shadow gummint

  4. Your speculation regarding the vehemence of naysayers is spot-on. I have seen the very same reaction from chemtrail deniers and have wondered the same thing: just because THEY don't believe in chemtrails, why are they so angry that I do? I don't get mad at people who teach their kids about Santa Claus (and that's clearly false), or at people with different religious or political beliefs than mine. So what's with the heat? It's the passion of the reaction that seems so odd to me.

    • I couldn't agree more. The vehement DENIAL that this could EVER take place is the scariest part of all of this, because it allows atrocities like this to continue under a veil of secrecy. People/trolls/shills on the internet who try to debunk abuse are no better then the clueless parents/teachers/counselors who refuse to believe children when they make accusations, and almost as harmful as the abusers themselves.

      Other random thoughts:
      – Who would actually BUY a book like this?
      – What "possessed" the author to write this in the first place if SRA is "allegedly" untrue?
      – The illustrations remind of the DIA murals. i.e. CREEPY

      • It seems like it would be used in a counsellors office as some type of therapy. I think most mental health people know nothing about this topic though so that book could do a lot more damage than good on the wrong hands.

    • Except parents don't "teach" their kids about Santa because they really believe he is real. It's a little different. Parents do it for fun and it doesn't create irrational paranoia like belief in chemtrails and SRA and Illuminati.

      • So you're saying that children spring from the womb believing in Santa Claus? That makes perfect sense.

        Just out of curiosity, where you do you think the missing $8.5 Trillion from the Pentagon went?

      • The points being made here, Spike, is that you are hurting your own side. If you honestly wanted anyone to change their opinion, then perhaps you should act less condescendingly and start to use real logic to make they (us) change their opinions.

    • Jellified Skunk on

      Ritual accuse is well documented, whether it is satanic or not. Though I have known ppl personally whom suffered at the have of a practicing Satan worshipper (the victims farther), primarily ritual in nature.

      Ppl who deny these things either are paid to or have never known an abuse victim. Even if it's not ritualistic in nature, children are abused daily, and ate forced to perform seed acts ( I knew a child whom was sexually abused as a newborn till she was 5yrs when her father was finally caught.).

      I used to perform various rituals by myself when I was confused and was interested in magic, I can understand how, if I were with someone else, it could easily turn sexual and/or violent (primarily because, had I not been a Christian, I'd have berm possessed from it, I obviously got convicted and stopped doing the rituals).

      Sex and magic often go together and the ppl who practice these things are not generally inhibited by 'motals'. Even c when they say they are. I am reminded of the original 'Wicker Man'. A very scary film about ritual sacrifice and a pagan and/or satanic community.

      It reminds me if how some Christians deny spiritual gifts such as discerning of spirits and the ability to see spirits, but I have that gift, and I know many others who do as well, I have seen demonic entities at the same time as my sister, and we were both terrifified. I am not one of those lunatics who believes in magic oil or find raining from heaven, that is silly, but I find the ppl who Denny these gifts need therm most.

      My point is, some ppl will not believe things if they have not seen them themselves, and others will deny them when they see them, it is sad, but true.

  5. Cryptapocalypse on

    If you spend any time on Amazon looking at reviews of any book that documents SRA or MK-Ultra atrocities, you will quickly notice some people who try to portray the authors' experiences as fabricated, and also portray them as mentally ill. All you have to do is look at the one star ratings to find these people. In my experience, when confronted and asked to support their positions, they have no justification. Sometimes they try to pull in information released by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation or even the James Randi Foundation (Mr. Randi a noted magician and "skeptic"), but when confronted with evidence that at least SOME of these criminal activities occur, they have nothing meaningful to say. I agree with VC that there seems to be an organized smear campaign against these authors. If you also look at the number of reviews done by these people, it is usually very small, as if the Amazon accounts were created with a specific purpose in mind.

    • Noticed the same thing myself. There's something very similar to what you described on that Buzzfeed article linked. This happens on a range of "conspiracy" articles and videos as well. Watch for posters who post multiple times, repeating the same thing with minimal variation. It seems too calculated and specific. Also posters who are overtly hostile and use derogatory terms to dismiss rational debate. Not to suggest that reasonable, genuine discourse doesn't exist on both sides, but there are obvious examples of information sabatoge. Snowden actually released a document revealing internet planting to be common practice. Look it up.

      Good observation, though. I like seeing posts like this that contribute to the discussion rather than the "omg smh" posts that have dominated the comments section here.

      • Cryptapocalypse on

        Thanks for your comments. I have seen the same kind of repetitive derogatory comments by the same person for different books as you have. I can tell you are also past the initial shock and disbelief phase and into the observation phase where it all begins to fit together, yet people look at you with a blank stare when you try to share what you've learned. I knew nothing about mind control until I had become familiar with methods used by generationally satanic families to prevent memory retention in children by creating split alters. Then I read that the exact same trauma-based techniques are used by other groups including government agencies. Then I find out about the false memory syndrome advocates who also happen to have a fair number of convicted pedophiles in their ranks. And on and on and on. If you haven't checked out some of the neurolinguistic programming videos, they are worth seeing as examples of how effective programming techniques can be on people who have no history of trauma. I appreciate this site because it compiles disparate examples of integrated and purposeful manipulation in a way most people can understand. God bless, let us not give up the fight.

      • I have seen the same on facebook, with the same person using multiple accounts to argue on an antivaccination site.

    • smear campaigns are for any author who is some sort of "conspiracy nut" as they call them (or us). kevin trudeau who writes about the pharmaceutical and food industry and how they want to make us fat and sick for profit is smeared intensely on amazon, its amazing! his books "natural cures they dont want you to know about" have changed my life, and now he's in jail because of all his whistleblowing….any whistleblowers will always get smeared people, especially by such a mainstream website such as amazon….

      • If you like his books , get the book gut and psychology syndrom by natasha campbell mcbride. That book is gold. It helped me cure my sons autism and my cancer.

  6. OMG! Can Mind Control get an creepier? These poor kids but I can't believe how old this book is. Just goes to show how long this MK Control has been going on. It's totally SICK!

    • Hitlers little helpers (doctors /scientists) started it and the same doctors were taken in by the US who continued/advanced it with the KGB, all the while convincing the world Russia and the US were enemies!

  7. piscesanluvsgod on

    I wouldn't say creepy but it's a mind opener. I don't have children but if I do I would be very selective on where they go. This is far the best article ever parents of you have small children listen to them cause never underestimate your child.

      • You just have to be a realist. Is what is depicted creepy? Yep. But it actually happens, and at least this book exposes. That's far more constructive than the denialist campaign of creeps like Doug Mesner. For the victims, I'd think something like this would be refreshing in that it at least acknowledges that they're telling the truth. They don't get much of that, sadly enough.

      • "Is what is depicted creepy? Yep."
        Why did you type anything after that? I never said exposing it wasn't the right thing. who are you replying to

      • I apologize. I felt like some of the commenters and even VC to an extent were down on the author a bit, but I'd like to see more books like this bring the issue to light in order to break the seeming code of silence surrounding this issue. The content is only as disturbing as it is true.

  8. Now maybe part of the reason some people speak up against this being real is because anyone who's done any research on theology and the history of religion knows that "Satan"and the horned image associated with "the devil" were fabricated by the church to scare people and discredit pagan deities.

    I do not doubt that real people are doing evil things in the name of Satan and I believe that mind control happens all the time. But the people doing it are evil perverts themselves falsely doing things "in the name of Satan" or they are misinformed idiots themselves.

    • "Now maybe part of the reason some people speak up against this being real is because anyone who's done any research on theology and the history of religion knows that "Satan"and the horned image associated with "the devil" were fabricated by the church to scare people and discredit pagan deities."

      The devil is spoken about in the NT texts long before the church became a major power in the Roman Empire. There are original scrolls and text fragments of the NT still existing dating from these times (pre-Constantine) which have the same content as today's copies. So these sources were not forged in the middle ages or something.

      Also, if this is all just fabricated, why are all these powerful occultists so obsessed with it? Do you think YOU have figured it all out, and are more aware than some of the most powerful people on this world? Tame your hubris.

      • Well said, Satan absolutely exists and absolutely believes in God. He would like you to believe its all fabricated.

      • Satan may or may not be "real."
        Pagan deities may or may not be "real."
        God may or may not be "real."

        However, abuse itself IS VERY real, and the people who administer and receive abuse are indeed REAL. Why can't people see that?

        Perhaps the problem is that not all abuse is "ritualistic" or "satanic," and books like this might dramatize or exaggerate it to the point where it becomes less credible, thus defeating the purpose of fostering awareness and healing.

        For example, recently Woody Allen's adopted daughter accused him of molesting her when she was a child (another interesting topic for VC to cover). I for one believe her, and I believe that the media and law "shields" Woody from any ramifications simply because he is a respected, rich, famous filmmaker. (In other words, one of the "elite.") I think he probably DID do inappropriate things, but do I envision him doing so decked out in satanic garb with his daughter and some farm animals in the middle of an inverted pentagram? Hardly. I think that most abuse is more subtle and subversive than that.

        Evil can take many forms, and so can abuse.

      • Lets not forget, the word 'satan' means 'adversary'. Even Peter was called satan by Jesus, but he wasn't referring to the "devil". The word 'satan' should have been translated correctly, not transcribed.

      • Woody Allen's wife, Mia Farrow, was said to have been initiated into witchcraft on the set of Rosemary's Baby(directed by notorious creep Roman Polanski); a set witch included Church of Satan founder Anton LeVey, among other occultists. The link between entertainment "luminaries" and occult secret societies like the OTO, Temple of Set, Golden Dawn, Rosicrucians, etc. Is well established. I would be shocked if Woody Allen isn't connected.

      • That's interesting that u say that abuse can take many forms. I heard about a girl in my early school who wanted to commit suicidebecause of bullying. Bullying is also a form of abuse it can be mental and physical and the "victims" are also often ashamed to speak out about it.
        And it sometimes happen in front of the teachers and they be like " they're just playing" or "they're only childs" and the parents won't take the kids seriously.
        But this kind of abuse can destroy the kids psychologically and make them have a low self-esteem.
        We should sensibilize people at an early age about that.

    • Who cares if satan exists or not?! He certainly exists in the minds of those who do terrible things in his name. If you told a survivor of SRA the same thing do you think it would bring them any comfort either? No!

    • So I take it he hasn't introduced himself to you then? Then again, I guess you would also say that God doesn't exist either, because we are so complete as human beings that there can be nothing more and we are in control of our own destinities … hang on a minute, that's the Luciferian doctrine.

  9. I want to shed some light on why SRA is so held in contempt: SRA was heavily used by radical feminists (with "radical" I mean Valerie Solanas-"put all men in concentration camps"-radical) as another tool against "patriarchy" (i.e. all men are monsters and should be castrated). The fact that SRA victims also gave accounts against female abusers was brushed off with the excuse that these women were of course forced by men to do evil things, because women by themselves cannot to any evil of course, according to radical feminism.

    I am not a "sceptic", and I can't deny all the illuminati symbolism etc. going on, but I am also aware that SRA was subject to some gross abuse and libel. The antithesis to "Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy" is the book "Satan's Silence: Ritual Abuse and the Making of a Modern American Witch Hunt" which should also be read to get the whole picture.

    • "Satan's Silence" was co-authored by Debbie Nathan, a known hatchet woman for the L.A. Times who was at the forefront of the dishonest campaign to discredit the hundreds of victims at McMartin Preschool. Other "child abuse skeptics" who worked alongside her to discredit the victims at McMartin were Paul and Shirley Eberle, two depraved child pornographers who operated a grotesque, pedophilic and racist publication called "Finger."

      The disingenuous 'skepticism' regarding ritual abuse largely revolves around the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), which consists almost entirely of alleged and often convicted pedophiles, many of whom were, like the co-founders, accused by their own children of abuse. They have stopped short of denying the existence of any and all child abuse at all. Interestingly, the advisory board of the FMSF has always been a "Who's Who" of CIA psychiatrists, many of whom were involved in Project MK-ULTRA and related research. The FMSF, the Eberles and their ilk are known for attributing accusations of satanic ritual abuse to "feminists" and "lesbian cults." They know stuff like that is polarizing and are just trying to sell their BS in a way that is palatable to a certain audience. Believe me, it works the other way around too. You'll far more often hear "ritual abuse skeptics" saying that superstitious conservatives caused the "panic' regarding SRA.

      I believe that human beings are equal and that gender should be about as much of a factor in judging someone as eye color. I'm opposed to labels. Am I a radical feminist? And should the victims of SRA be blamed for distortions of their accounts by people with agendas, like this Valerie Solanas? At least as many little boys have complained about SRA as girls. Were they all controlled by feminists? And, as you yourself say, some of those they accused were women.

      • "I believe that human beings are equal and that gender should be about as much of a factor in judging someone as eye color. I'm opposed to labels. Am I a radical feminist?"

        No, you're are not. I am for equality too, but the peope I mean with "radical feminist" are the complete anti-thesis to equality. Positions like "boys cannot be abused, especially not by women", "in ALL cases of domestic violence, the man is at fault", "all men are rapists (and the only possible victims are female)" etc. is hatetalk and far away from equality.

      • By the way, thank you for the info about the authors and FMSF.

        I am still not sure what to make of SRA. I am on the fence about it, because the stories by the children often sounded too fantastical. In some cases, they even reported about supernatural occurences, like levitation and the like.

        Now that I am aware of all the occult stuff going on in the world, the prospect of the supernatural occuring in rituals is not so farfetched anymore.

        On the other hand, I wouldn't categorically rule out all cases of "false memory syndrome" – isn't that just another mind control like effect? It could be possible that psychiatrists are able to unintentionally induce that state (Bugs Bunny effect).

  10. great article!

    Jayne Mansfield aericle plz? ppl need to know her story..very similar to marylin monroes.

    • grvnd reaper – I agree, she is mentioned briefly in the Marilyn Munroe articles on this website. But please look up this video on YT where Joan Rivers is interviewing Karla La Vey and are talking about Jayne Mansfield and also how she supposedly died – Reeeally interesting.

  11. Read a book called 'Ghost Girl' by a teacher named Torey Hayden. True story of a teacher who rescued a student from SRA. This book more than any I have read shows me these people are out there, hidden among us acting like the rest of us.

  12. " It doesn’t take long for a severely abused child, who has been programmed to keep silent, to learn that no one wants to hear the truth anyway.”

    That made me hurt to my bones.

    • And I know it to be true firsthand, and know there are so, so many more of us who know this is true!!

  13. This is so sad and scary because it's right there in front of our faces yet we are blind. Thanks VG for opening my eyes more and more every day =)

  14. The truth may set you free, and all, but it can be downright scary at times.

    Stay vigilant, folks!

  15. Every time I see things pertaining to this abuse I get sick, but my discomfort is nothing compared to those who go through it, so I keep learning and trying to figure out ways to make it stop. Knowing about it is the first step. I don't really know what the second step is; maybe just letting the victims know that we are listening and we care.

    • YES! That is a great 2nd step! My parents never believed me so nothing was ever done about it. I always wished as a child I would have had a way to let them know and understand. Consequently, I never talked about it again to my mother until I was an adult – because then I had the words and the life experience to say something she could understand…

      • I think someone should start some kind of Christian organization/ support group to help Men, women and children to come out of this. Some people get abused for years and years right into their adulthood because they don't feel they can escape, they wouldn't even know where to begin. I think sometimes that's why there are families that are born into it.

  16. EveryoneWillBow on

    Unfortunately, propaganda is still effective in today's society.. People can tell the mass what to believe and not believe. I am a believer of the Holy Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. I am a firm believer of the spiritual world.

    Until a person witnesses demons and Satan attacks, I believe that person will remain in the dark. By the way, Satan loves the dark.

    Because people choose not to believe, does not mean it does not exist.

    Because people cannot see it, does not mean it is not there.

    I say that to say this, do your own personal research and tell us what you believe and see after you finished.

    Thank you Vigilant for a well written informative article.

  17. There has to come a point (like now, maybe?) where the cures are explored. Endless obsessing with messings is not going to resolve anything. Yes, it is essential for people to understand SRA/Illuminati control and it's history, current intensity and end-game, the POINT of it all. Not, that we endlessly dwell on the problems without lifting our souls to the solutions. It's a tricky thing, this researching demonic realities for in the exposure, there is contamination with potential or actual entity attachments but as with homeopathic cures, a little toxic resonance can trigger self healing.

    The danger is that many get 'stuck' in the programme of continual exposure becoming victimised themselves in the process – particularly is there is a high emotional charge (unavoidable). Resilience can be built by listening to SRA healers who have broken out of the cabal/coven.

    This is the next step: solutions awareness and healing as the unfolding energies will result in just about everyone having to face and heal their own traumas.

    I recommend Jay Parker and his recommendations on EFT. There are solutions. The problems are within walking distance of our very front doors – the local nursery schools.

    • you are very right about focusing on solutions. I pray for the protection of children everyday & treat the children I meet with great understanding & kindness as a start.

  18. I am guessing Doris went through some horrible child ritualistic abuse herself to write it so well and TRUE.
    I am also a victim of ritualistic abuse as a child (from my boarding school). I know how hard it is to tell anyone, because no one believes you, the stories are so weirdly strange and unbelievable. This was probably written as personal therapy in mind, as well as a warning to parents and also to let a child know that they are not alone in what they are going through. Silence is one of the greatest weapons of Satan against us – because then we become alone in our minds and our hearts, and let him win because we have no clue that if we spoke out, something might happen that could rescue us. SILENCE IS DEADLY AND DANGEROUS – for US.

    Good job, Doris! And thank you VC for putting this on here.

    • Cryptapocalypse on

      God bless you and I hope your journey through life is wonderful and fulfilling. Despite the trolls and satanic shills who try to discredit those who speak out, please know that there are a growing number of people who understand. I pray almost every night that God will help children in bad situations. I can only hope He is answering my prayers.

  19. "Is it possible that some internet commentators are being paid to make sure that any references to SRA is fully discredited and ridiculed online?"

    By the way, this is a FACT. Some news media outlets have released articles a couple of weeks ago that, on this case the NSA, pays trolls and disinformation agents to ridicule the "conspiracy theorists" in threads and internet forums.

    • yep. It's a classic COINTELPRO/Mockingbird tactic. A few years back the US Airforce got caught hiring programmers to create simulated identities on Fakebook and internet forums for the purpose of propaganda, disinfo, agent provocateuring, and use in psyops (think about the fake facebook pages of the nonexistent victims-vicsims- of the Sandy Hoax psyop). Half of the trolls who start trouble on conspiracy forums likely don't even exist outside of cyberspace.

    • But this is modern media manipulation which happens across the Internet and gives us bad holidays, bad restaurant meals and so forth. It puts mediocre books at the top of the best seller lists and makes reality TV personalities (or lack thereof) into stars via the rigged voting systems. Why rely on reviews which represent a skewed sample of the real or imagined experiences of faceless people with who you have little in common?

  20. I have to point out that the "dead rabbit" is actually a stuffed rabbit, not a real rabbit.
    This doesn't make it less creepy, but I just wanted to point that out.

  21. I think that while some of the nay sayers may be paid to discredit things like this (I totally believe this by the way), I also think that others are LEAD to believe it and are nay sayers simply because it is too horrific to consider it REAL. People would rather sweep all the ugly things under the rug and pretend they don't exist. That's why discrediting things like this is so easy to do.

  22. Revelation20-10 on

    Reading this reminds me to pray for those who've been, or are being victimized. My heart breaks for them.

    @Pavlovs is right about the problem being within walking distance. A recent massive child-p**n bust spanned US/Canada and nabbed "respected" professionals in every capacity you can imagine – not boogeymen in the bushes. But doctors, police, social workers. Craziness!

    Just a few days ago I was listening to the radio (CBC?) and they aired a segment about SRA and how it was a mass delusion, or some sort of imagined thing carried over from the 80s. When mainstream media make a concerted effort to play down anything, they're attempting to manipulate public opinion. The question is: why? It's certainly in keeping with the times.

    Satan exists. But his days are numbered. He's been given temporary dominion over the planet earth – not a permanent sovereign rule. (Read Revelation 20:10 and learn about his final destruction by The Righteous Eternal Lord over ALL: Jesus Christ).

    God warns us in His Word, The Bible, of an end-times Satanic deception characterized by an increase in godlessness, and culminating in the reign of an Anti-Christ world leader (a false Christ who opposes God).

    No one can stand against this in their own strength.
    I'm trusting in Jesus Christ alone because I believe He is God Almighty, and He says there's no hope or life in this lifetime, or eternity apart from Him. I'm 100% convinced of that.

    I hope you'll search these things out for yourself. Do your due diligence and be certain that you are certain of what you believe. I believe your eternity depends on it. Don't get fooled by the satanic tide of deception or the scoffing of mockers who are deceived themselves.

    Love in the name of Jesus.
    God Bless YOU.

  23. pretty much says it all about where our society is heading that they have to even write a book of this nature. what's creepier than this book is how many people are assisting with this evil.

  24. I lived in Southern California during the time of the McMartin trials. I remember the claims of the children etc. The adults were convicted.
    Many years later, after the they had served much time in prison, the kids recanted their stories. They had been led to testify and make up stories by court physiologists, and police. This has happened before and since. False memories and implanted memories are not that hard to induce, especially in children.

    • They were not convicted, they were taken into custody with very high bail set until the trial. All of them were indicted. None of the children "recanted", some of the parents decided not to go to court because they did not want to subject their young children to extensive cross examination. Even though they had medical confirmation of sodomy, and some of the children had STD's. Apparently implanted memories are not that hard to induce in adults either. Smh.

    • Devil's Advocate on

      OK, let's say hypothetically that SRA is all a big hoax, and all these kids had 'False Memories' implanted into their minds. They were told over and over again that horrible things happened to them, to the point where they now actually believe it….

      How is this "pretend SRA" any better than SRA itself? Is imagined trauma any less harmful than actual trauma? Who's implanting these false memories and WHY? How is this ANY different from any OTHER form of mind control?

      Instead of pointing fingers at the whistleblowers, why aren't we pointing fingers at the sicko perpetrators and accomplices who took part in this so-called "hoax?"

    • You are right to some extent. But telling tales at various points is a normal part of early childhood so why present it as a 'syndrome' and set up big, important institutes after it if there is absolutely no wider agenda in existence. You would be surprised how much children forget as a means of wiping out bad memories too but these are all normal, healthy coping mechanisms. It does not mean it never happened.

    • Your post reminds me the Memphis 3 case. Of course not every cases are real, but isn't difficult to imagine that this type of ritual might exist. Don't doubt the human capacity for evil.

    • What about the woman who wrote this book, do you think she is basing it on a false memory? You can't make this sick stuff up.

  25. At my child's pre-school, they went treat or treating at the City of Concord offices in California. What sticks out most for me that day is an individual who was dressed in a large red robe and a mask. There identity was completely concealed, but I believe the workers in the office knew who is was. Of all the costumed adults that day, I was tripping on that one and it's repulsiveness to me. I remember the satanic pre-school outbreak of the 80's and how there were also false flags swept among the true incidents. Those two things seemed connected to me–that individual dressed as an illuminati ritual participant and the satanic abuse of children discovered in preschools. I wanted to get between that creep and the kids.

  26. Creepy and SO sad the world is so evil. Something made me think about Lady Gaga's 'Little Monsters'….

  27. I appreciate this site very much but the McMartin Preschool case is a classic case of 80s satanic hysteria ( just like the Salem witch trials). I assume this book is also textbook hysteria

    • Misinformer. Bill you dont know what you are talking about or you are intentionally misleading.

      • That's quite a nasty claim. I have a phd in psychology and this is a textbook psychology case study… Anyone who studies or desires to work in child psychology knows the McMartin Preschool case… As well as a couple of other very well known cases (I.e. The West Memphis 3). Do your research… Don't be ignorant of truth. The truth that was revealed in the McMartin case was how easily mob mentality develops and the direct correlation to how media can influence hysteria. It is also a notable case in understanding how to psychologically question children – a world of change and advancement has been made in child psychology due to the MCMartin School case.

      • you're right to question me, rebeeca. just like you should question anything you read (especially on the internet) that doesnt have one professional reference to back up its claims. I read this site regularly – it helps me to think critically and look at societal events from a different point of view… but that doesnt mean that I believe verbatum what is written. Cheers

    • Ok, of course i believe in the cases of hysteria [not every case is real], but there is some cases that we can't deny the evidences. This shit exists, right?

      • Sexual abuse committed against children certainly exists; hysteria certainly exists; satanic ritual exists; and daycare centers exist… personally, I don't know if SRA committed against children at daycare centers exists; all of the evidence was gathered under extremely controversial circumstance and none of it would stand up in court (or a professional arena) today. But if those four elements exist seperately then they certainly could exist as a whole.

        A couple things are certain… this author is not a professional. One has to consider her desires to create and shop a book such as this. According to the internet, the author herself is not a stranger to controversy, either.

  28. Reading that story made me sick to my soul . How on earth can another human being do this to another human being its disgusting and mindblowing to know this still goes on today.

    • It's showing that satan is in all of us as god is. We are never carefull enough of ourselves.


  30. If you think this is bad check out Michael Aquino at Presidio and Alaska's Larry king

    • Yeah, Aquino deserves an article here on VC. The stories involving him seems taken from a horror movie.

    • DoesItMatter on

      It's Nebraska not Alaska…please at least keep the facts straight. It's statements like this that make those of us who actually study the topics embarrassed for our own kind. I know they rhyme…but this is a facepalm moment. Please don't voice if you yourself have no clue what you're talking about.

  31. Who read this book? Who let your child read this book ? What happend with people in XXI century? They are really as stupid as media wants know? It is ridiculous STOP watching TV (disney Chanell etc) at twentieth century were so many good cartoons [in my contry Poland and in Europe(no UK)] the USA's cartoons sux, sorry guys, it is sad, but true.
    Greetings from Poland

    • Maciej – While I agree that avoiding TV and other media is a good idea, the fact is that SRA is perpertrated upon children who are in the care of trusted adults (parents, teachers, etc.) The best parent in the world can't prevent things from happening to their child, no matter how careful, vigilant, and protective they are,

  32. Something about them finding tunnels after the property was sold gave me a strange feeling and made me think about Sandy Hook. Maybe that's why they were so adamant about demolishing it and why they were so secretive about it.

  33. It seems more like a book written for adults but made to look like a children's book. Kind of like that book "Go the f##k to sleep". It was probably written in that way to ease your average parent into understanding SRA.

  34. Other critical books get bad reviews on amazon too. Have you checked out "Tranceformation of America" ? It's about MK Ultra and stuff, it has the same reviews that say the whole thing is not true and it does not exist. Why would someone even put any effort into making a books storry sound bad or untrue? If you read a book about SRA or MK Ultra you just know that something is wrong in the world. If its all a hoax why would you even touch a book about, just leave it alone and don't write bad reviews about it! They really try to miscredit those themes as much as they can.

  35. "Reading that story made me sick to my soul . How on earth can another human being do this to another human being its disgusting and mindblowing to know this still goes on today."

    I agree with the about comment- this is sick. Just made me think of something though, about things STILL going on. If you think about it, it all could have started with one psychopath-born man who was absolutely sick and perverted…who abused a few little children (or just one). Those little children are messed up for life, and some (or all) repeat the cycle. The disease spreads. So of course this is still going on today. With the presence of therapy today I hope most abused are getting the help they need so that they don't continue the cycle of abuse. That's one positive note…

    You may be surprised at how many people you pass by on the street each day that have some sort of personality disorder (and are abusers and high-skilled manipulators of various forms) or plain sickos and sociopaths. I usually put this idea out of my head though. You've just got to pay attention to who you hang out with…especially who your children are with. Learn the red flags and don't deny your gut feelings- even if others dismiss them.

    • It did start with one psychopathic personality, his name was satan and he has propogated his beliefs just the way you describe

  36. Of course it is in their interests to shoot down every source of evidence re SRA especially wrt the 80s scandals. It works against their objective of signing up as many people as possible to corporate slavery especially mothers which has been one of the largest groups substituting into work at a time when they should be looking after their children. The number of low quality, badly run childcare settings has sky rocketed in the last 20 years and far too many children are farmed out upon the basis that they will emerge as more sociable/intelligent and the rest. All these places serve to do is sever the exclusive bond between the child and their primary care-giver and make them a candidate for these types of practices.

    • Agreed. And now there is talk on a federal and state level of mandating preschool. That is so not appropriate and it will be a breeding ground for abuse, sra, and the like to have so many little kids out of the sight of their mothers by mandating it.

      • I haven't even started on children's services, forced adoptions and the kids languishing in foster care who are shuttled around so often that they themselves would not be able to keep track of abuse even on the level of geography in the event of a vanishing paper trail or wiped computer database. In our country, these forced adoptions have sky rocketed in the last decade – it makes so many more children significantly more vulnerable to SRA and the rest. I have helped out two such children and saved them from the system by offering them a safehaven in my home alongside my own but I cannot save the tens of thousands who languish in the system at the mercy of bad people. It is really too sad.

  37. And that is just one of the reasons it has always been so important to me to keep my kids with me and be their caretaker and not trust them to strangers at a daycare or similar. Also, there have been several books written by adult survivors of sra. They are not a bunch of liars! I recently heard the story of a first responder that helped a grown female victim of sra. The victim escaped and ran out of the canyon nearby in a horrible state.
    I wont even go into details because i do not want to trigger anyone. But the fact is that sra is happening all over the place. Its a safer bet that it is happening in your town than not.

    • Me too Rebecca. We might not know the gory details of every case but I think most parents would have heard the vague details. I have no idea why they would be so relaxed about packing them off to daycare before they can speak or use the toilet independently. The opportunities for abuse must be huge. As for sleepovers, in my city they seem to start at around aged 3 – I saw a little girl come in one Monday with her best friend and the father of the girl who had organized the sleepover, pressurizing the other little girl for a kiss repeatedly rather than his own daughter (and he is in the music industry), it gave me a bad feeling and I never really forgot about it. Sometimes, instincts do not mean paranoia, we have to acknowledge them more seriously.

      • I would add that the little girl in question whom I knew since birth who was delightful and well-behaved subsequently went completely off the rails and is now under psychiatrist. Of course, the parents look to blame everything other than the convenient reciprocal childcare arrangements which gives them respite and date nights.

      • Wow. We dont do sleepovers for our kids. I dont want my kids in situations where they could be harmed. Furthermore, i would never want someone to be able to falsely accuse me of anything. So no sleepovers allowed here.

  38. im not condoning this, but try to see things from their point of view. they are also programmed (the school teachers, and everyone in on it. they are helping to spead satans agenda. he is using them for his own gain, (to control gain over this world, as predicted in the Bible) however he will NOT win!!! pray for the victims of SRA, and remain strong within your faith f GOD! the true Majesty! He is our Creator, NOT the fallen one!

    • Absolutely true and when you can see right through it it is very difficult to demonstrate any respect for them on a daily basis and encourage your child to do so too. I always encourage politeness but never blind obedience. I have seen their facebook photos participating in dubious pagan rituals, I have observed them living La Vey's brand of Satanism in micro detail. I don't hold them up as role models and I let it be known well enough. It is witches and spells on a daily basis at our 'creative school'. It is their chosen topic. If we worship God and show him our respect, they cannot touch us and they instinctively know it.

  39. " How can you be so sure something doesn't exist?" I know right, my leprechaun comes worth me in my pocket as I fly to work riding my unicorn, and not anyone believes me!

    • Just because you don't believe in the devil (Satan) does not mean he doesn't exist. Want-to-be Satanist often get caught. But, real Satanists are generational and are seldom caught. People in the media like to make the exposure of the 80's of RA a case of mass hysteria at worst and at least, delusional. Gag orders were placed on police officers, and ANYONE, who wrote or spoke about these horrible crimes, were attacked by the media, and this was to "shut them up". Mind Control is a real thing, our government has been involved in it for over 50 years. I have worked with law enforcement and ministers for over 20 years. A good and very interesting book to read is RITUAL ABUSE: Canada's Most Infamous Trial on Child Abuse by Kevin Marron.

      Google Ritual Crime or Satanic Murders…..around the world. Exorcisms have gone up 700% in the last 20 years! By the way, if you dare to read in search for "THE TRUTH" about Satanism. Read, "Windswept House" by Malachi Martin, it is about global Satanism and Satanism in the Vatican, Malachi wrote the book as a novel, but on talk shows said, what he wrote was true. After finishing this book he was murdered. He was working on another book that would blow the lid off Satanism and those involved. Another priest, who was also working on a book exposing Satanism was also murdered.

      Years ago a popular Satanist's son said, the Satanist were going to take over the world by the year 2000. For the most part he is right. We are a society that is selfish and greedy, and morally corrupt, so much so, that the Muslims in the world hate us for spreading the filth around the world. Adultery, fornication, violence, murder, satanic music, that speaks of hate, murder, mutilation and the de-humanizing of women. At one time the Muslims admired us when we were a Christian Nation, that was superior, and talked well of itself. They hold high, morality, strength, and respect of oneself and as a nation. They also hate us for many other reasons as well, the biggest one is being friends with Israel. . But, I do not admire them or respect them in using "terror" to terrorize peoples and nations to conform to Islam. Killing innocent people using people as "human bombs" are NOT "freedom fighters…..they are murderers not soldiers of war!

      I believe this generation is the "last generation" of the closing of the "end of this age". I believe the Rapture is very close and the Tribulation is coming fast and furious at a world that has been blinded by Satan. During the Tribulation it will be a time of horrible horror in the world, the devil (Satan) will be unleashed with no restraints. Why? The Believers in Jesus Christ will be caught up in the air in a nano second to be with Jesus in the clouds. Those left behind, will witness the Satanist acting out in the open, no longer behind closed doors. The horrors in those seven years, if you added up all the terrible things that have happened in the history of mankind will look like child's play….it will be so bad .that men and women's hearts will fail them.

      But we have a choice. Life is made up of choices. We can choose Jesus Christ and His gift of Salvation or we can reject it, and suffer the consequences. Jesus came to save mankind from sin, and free us from the God of this world, Satan. When Jesus come back in the Second Coming…..not to be confused with the Rapture….Jesus will come back to re-claim the earth, and also save Israel.

      Where you will spend eternity? if you are wrong, it is a long time….there will be no second chances!

      • Yes Marie, very informative.This "world" is an illusion and life on earth is temporary and you are right, the time is getting closer & no second chances………..When that sun rises from the west and sets in the east the doors of repentance will close.

  40. I don,t think this is the only story, that carries similar motives and intent…..i get the feeling there are others …many in fact .x

  41. It's a fine line in the media between fact and sensationalism. Child abuse and satanic rituals exist separately
    and no doubt cross paths. Usually the government seeks to avoid hysteria so in the courts situations are cleared up as fast as possible. Later, decades later, when interest, witnesses, evidence have decreased more concrete information comes out, proving or disproving. As we saw with the revelation of the most heinous Jimmy Saville. Objectivity and truth seeking are required. Sensationalism is a double edged sword. Always ask: who says what to whom for what effect. And the timing of it all. Pray that the truth is revealed so real healing can occur.

  42. At the part about their "other mommy", did anyone else think of the book/movie Caroline with the Other Mother? Kinda puts a whole new spin to that story…

  43. Elizabeth C. on

    wow no words & on top of that the whole claim of the victims was ignored as lies Tragic

    in my childhood (early 80s) my parents refused to send me to day care b/c they didn't trust the managers & now looking back they saved my life unknowingly thank my stars

    but i never saw this book before & how its intended for kids is beyond anyone -.-

    thank u @ VC that the truth can be exposed in a rational/objective manner & opening up many people's eyes !

  44. Does anyone else have weird dreams of some one or some thing messing with them? Like pulling you or grabbing you? I am so annoyed it's like I'm dreaming and some one is trying to pull me off the bed then I wake up and feel scared! Sometimes I call out for God and wake up instantly and thank you God for that. Sometimes it lasts for awhile! It's so scary!

    • Yes, I suffer from sleep paralysis and have dealt with it for over 15yrs. There's always an evil presence in the room and my mind is completely awake but my body is still asleep. I have been attacked in numerous ways and have had the exact same thing happen in which you describe. It's very scary, but keep doing what you're doing. I have found that worshiping God by singing church hymns works very well for me. The demons flee and I am able to wake up instantly. If you can't speak, pray or sing in your mind. Hope this helps, God bless

      • You can ask god to cast out evil from your presence. It is taalked about in the bible. You can also ask god for a shield of protection. I do it every night in prayer with my kids before bed time. I have terrible dreams on the nights i forget. It seems the more you seek for truth, the harder satan works on you.

      • True…I believe I am a good person but I can't sleep , I feel like demons are trying to make me see things while I sleep. It's sick I even think sometime that I am maybe myself a monster because of those dream. Just hope that there is still some light…I ask God and Jesus to protect me in my sleep but I still sense evil…

    • Sometimes I know I'm dreaming and I asks for God's help and things instantly get better. It's just so uncomfortable. Lately things have gotten better but it's scary sometimes. I heard you just have to say like leave me alone or the word no and of course ask for God's help

      • I have weird dreams……mostly anxious ones. And I forgot to pled the blood of Jesus over my mind. I do believe these are satanic attacks. When we pray for others, and I do a lot of intercessory prayers for many people, that the devil doesn't like it…..especially when I pray for deliverance or for salvation for others. I think we are attacked when we sleep because we are very vulnerable when we sleep. I also believe we are living in the end time, and Christians are under great attack. We will see persecution in this country and in places it has already begun. If the world hated Jesus, he said, the world would also hate us too! Over 200 million Christians have been killed in the last 10 years…..all by Muslims, but you won't hear about it in the news media. Christians are being killed, tortured, or imprisoned every five minutes around the world. We will be attacked on all sides…..but remember that He who is in us, is greater than he who is in the world.

        The Lord is coming soon. The Bible speak of the Dead Sea splitting into two separate sea just before Jesus come, I believe it is in Isaiah. My husband and I were in Israel in 1986….and drove along side the Dead Sea and it was all one sea! Go Google the Dead Sea and you will see two separate seas!!!!
        Why do you think the world hates Israel and the Jews?? It is because they were given the Word of God, and that Jesus Christ was a Jew…..and Jesus followers (Christians) will be hated too because of the Word of God! We are God's witnesses to the Word of God. When we are Raptured out of here, the ball will be back in the Jewish court to witness the Word of God (144,000) of them. To do the job they were meant to do. We too have a job…..to be light and salt in this world of Darkness. We need to stand up and speak out….and witness to the lost. Time is short. God Bless <><

      • I want to make a correction…….it was not all Muslims but mostly many were Communists countries as well……Russia, China and other countries……sorry for the slip up. God Bless <><

    • There are practical steps which can be taken – removes images with eyes from your bedroom, including photographs (human or animal), don't watch video/TV with the symbolism or mnemonic circles (included most news intros) for sigil magic is hypnotising and opens up those pathways – they usually flash the seal of solomon (pentacles) along with certain other symbols to draw your mind into their scheme.

      • Of course, pray, pray and pray some more. Don't turn to medics for the solution – they don't deal in demons, they deal in drugs (big pharma). these things can become bad very quickly if left unaddressed. Purposefully calm yourself right down on important days in the satanic calendar and pray harder on those dates.Thursday nights are when the souls of every dead entity get to roam about so try to stay home if you can or don't wander about in the dark if you can help it. keep your children indoors when it gets dark if possible.These are small details and I'm sure they sound absurd but as I have said before, my companion is a man of God and a prominent exorcist who is trained by Jinn masters and I am simply trying to share his knowledge.

      • Thanks everyone basically I am just praying every night asking God to watch over me. He is so amazing and I don't know what I would do without Him! I just need to not worry and have faith. Think positive and live my life the best way I can. I don't like the things that are happening to people. It's wrong and sad and I wish the best to everyone. I will always stand up for who I believe in and I don't care what anyone's negative thoughts are. Peace and love to everyone :)

  45. I suspect I may have undergone SRA ….I knew about the wedding ceremony…the nightmares and the locked doors to clasrooms before I read this article. I also have a few strange flash memories from that time I could never place.

    • Sorry to hear that trilby. You lived through a live Nightmare. Is there anyone you can talk to??

      Beware of opening doors to the supernatural. I had to learn to close the doors in my life (by repenting and turning to the Lord Jesus Christ and being obedient to His Word. We are told to put on the Armour of God, DAILY! We are in a spiritual war! It will not end until we die or are taken in the Rapture.. I was into the occult and the New Age. It's a long, long story and I am trying to finish up my book, editing it….called, God's Lamb Has Been Sleeping. I was a "baby" in Jesus Christ and I never studied God's Word. Having experienced evil supernatural experiences, I RAN to a church that my girl friend went to. Confess the things I was doing and repented not only to the minister but had also repented to the Lord. I did not know what I was doing was wrong…..that's because I did not know my Bible. The Bible says my people perish for the lack of knowledge (knowledge in the Word of God). Since that time in the 60's….I took two courses on the Bible….one was five years and the other was two years. I took one at the church I was going to at the time and the other one which was five years was with Bible Fellowship, a Christian organization. Trilby, we are all sinners saved by GRACE, God's grace is available to all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, follow Him in the Word of God, and are obedient to the Word of God. We will make mistakes, sin, hurt others and ourselves, but when we repent to God, He picks us up to take on another day. The Holy Spirit lives within us, we need to be sensitive to Him for He will lead us into all righteousness…..if we seek God in His Word. We need to ready the Bible daily to wash us of the corruption of the "god of this world" (Satan).

      I have a friend who had under gone SRA or Mind Control as a child. Later, in life she mostly gave herself over to the Lord, claiming that she is a new creation in Jesus Christ. But, she does have a counselor she see now and then over the years. There are organizations you can research on line and contact for help. Again, I am so sorry for what you've been through. This is world wide. It is not new. It's just that some have broken the "silence".

      The law enforcement in our area and in the US, had no clue about Satanism and other religions involved in "ritual crime" until the 80's. I attended a law enforcement on SRA in Idaho in the 80's. I also talked to local law enforcement authorities where I live and in a town next to us. The officers had no Idea what was taking place, although they thought it was strange and bizarre, their superiors sent a few of them to Idaho, too. When Kilroy was murdered in Mexico in the late 80's early 90's it blew the myths apart. If you look and search for the truth you will find it. But, Satan is hard at work to keep it out of public view. Thanks to VC it keeps it in the open…and more and more people are becoming aware of it. We need to keep VC in our prayrers, for protection both spiritual and physical.
      I use to have a lot of books on SRA, but I sent to my friend, minister and writer Fred DeRuvo. You can find his books on Amazon. I worked on several book with him as a researcher. One book is called Satanic Strategies: Luciferian Control of Society and the Visible Church in the Last Days. I think you can download the book for free on his web site,www. Study Grow Know. com He has lots of book you can download for free. I hope they can help you. God Bless <><

  46. Dispicable practices. I imagined myself mowing down the teachers w a machine gun after removing the children. At least it's a guide so you can be alerted on what to look out for.

  47. Today, i discovered that the younger generation are actually quite knowledgeable about paedophilia; more so than I thought possible. I overheard some children at a social function who were around 12 years old. They were teasing each other about it incessantly – calling the boy called Pedro a 'pedro-phile' and the other boy called Lester 'Mo'. I have to say, these were otherwise impressive and articulate middle-class kids.

    • Just to add that these kids were completely paranoid about adults whom they never knew. Whether subject to certain parental influences I do not know, but they would not so much as sit next to an adult male let alone socially interact with one. They were very much assuming that they were in the company of paedos because they were in an unfamiliar situation.


  49. I don't knw wht to say… But did anybody ask why they market it to school councelor, teachers and parent org, support group, ok for parent org, support group, maybe of help, BUT as for school psychologist n teachers that gives me mixed reaction, WHY, i think a teacher or shrink may decide why don't i try it and see if it works…. Jst outloud thought… Frm Nairobi Kenya

  50. This is really sad and heartbreaking to read of things like these happening to innocemt souls. May Lord Jesus do right by everyone going or have through this. And vc readers can you please pray for me as Im going through a very difficult time and Ive got no one to talk to. I have find my faith being tested beyond my strength and Im really losing this battle. Im really sorry for going off topic in the second paragraph, its just that Im really losing the battle for my soul and sanity. Thank you

    • Don't lose the battle or they win. Times like these are foretold in the Bible. Put on your spiritual armor & hang tough as a child of the Living God. God is still on the throne.

    • I will pray for you Tumi. I am not of the same faith but my companion is an exorcist and I know a lot about how these things can grip your very being. Plese don't lose your faith or let go of your soul and try to hold onto your sanity. Just pray as much as you can, only to God, nobody else. Sincere prayer is never wasted.

  51. my BFF's mom was a school district counselor and has heard stories from kids about SRA in homes. She always had to alert authorities but never got much follow-up about what happened after any criminal activity was reported. It never made the papers though but those stories in particular have always haunted her. She never disclosed names to us but I believe these stories 100%, you would too if you could see her face.

  52. Article totally creeps you out.
    Fritz has written the definitive works on Undetectable MK Slaves…

  53. Child Protective Services has possibly become corrupt and infiltrated by pedophile rings who use it for kidnapping children. Research state Senator Nancy Schaefer, she was looking into this and some suspect her and her husband were killed as a result.

    To me it's very believable that SRA exists.

    We should keep our eyes wide open and fight back against these people.

    • Not 'possibly', definitely and have been for a while. But they are above questioning, of course. They represent the awful 'middle management' people a few levels up from the bottom of the illuminati pyramid who exert control and oppression over the large number below them but are despised by them as well as by those higher up.

  54. oh my goodness…this made me tear up…Lord Jesus…..these kids are the most miserable humans on earth…nobody wants to believe this, but i know its real!

  55. Who is Fritz? How was he able to write all those stuff about mind control i mean how could he know all about it? Is there anyway I can contact him to ask him questions? Thanks!

  56. Woaah!! this is sickening! kind a coincidence that VC mention this while I am interest in HBO TV series "True Detective". The case story heavily contain SRA . . .

  57. To a victim of SRA it is actually quite liberating to talk about their abuse and "get it out of their system" especially since they are forbidden to talk about it by the handlers and to this end, the book creates a relate-able scenario and code words the child can identify with, which is a good thing in terms of therapy, encouraging the child to talk. At this point, the book cannot create more trauma than there has already been done (and cannot be undone), the only option is to teach the child to process the trauma and move on with their life.

  58. How well the dark satanic symbolism is covered up within that dreaded story book is quite creepy for sure. No surprise the media covered up the conspiracy or are paid to do so because of the fact that "the higher-ups own them" anyways. May God help us all.

  59. SRA is an urban myth.
    Not a single recorded arrest or conviction in the entire world, in the entirety of history…has ever found evidence of this bulldust.

    • The Austrian on

      "in the entire world, in the entirety of history"- try some books or webbased research before u make an embarassing statement like that.

      • To clarify then:
        Multiple law enforcement and investigative agencies have documented the SRA hysteria that pops up from time to time. Not a single one has ever found evidence of this being anything more than hysteria.
        No evidence at all. Nothing. All this documentation is easily found and read on the web.

        Try to give time to all sides of the argument whilst doing your 'webbased' research instead of just blindly believing the first hyped up conspiracy site you come across. A good start would be searching 'a prodigal witch' on google. If you do that and educate yourself on the SRA hoax, you will also find that basing ANYTHING on quotes from Fritz Springmeier also instantly kills any credibility you might have had.

        And then maybe you won't make embarassing statements like your reply.

  60. Truth & light on

    Am wondering who is/are going to be sacrificed for that oscar win for lupita nyongo. Reminds me go Jennifer Hudson's win

  61. In middle school, I went to St. Rose Academy (SRA) and it was run by Domenican nuns. Talk about programming! It just dawned on me that Satanic Ritual Abuse has the same acronymn as the school I went to. Catholic school can be pretty creepy, and this one was held in an old mansion on the southside of town. I'm sure it was haunted and we weren't allowed on the 3rd floor where the convent was located.

    • Madonna studied in a catholic school if I am right and I too have heard that catholic schools aren't good for children in terms of teaching good morals.

  62. clearly if a child is coming home and saying he is "hurt and badly" there must be some physical signs. Now any moron knows that a young child making these remarks would be examined by their parents over their entire bodies. there is no possible way for any adult to achieve penetration without damaging surrounding tissue which is easily clinically observed. Do you actually think inflammation in and around the genitals would go unnoticed. The child;s whimpering and attempts to soothe would be very noticeable. I had a child in pre k in the 80's and I can tell you that if i perceived any marked changes in affect or behavior it would not have been accepted with the types of excuses you are suggesting here. You are bathing a young child and fail to notice either irritation or bleeding in sensitive areas. They would scream at bowel movements until healed. Who would ignore that without examination. Really
    this is preposterous.

  63. The 7th episode of true detective show us what these rituals really look like. The connection between this show and this article is really freaking me out.

  64. soylentgreenISpeople on

    I can`t even imagine the author Doris Sanford pitching her book to the publishers. How could the publishers think this was a viable idea for a book -even if remotely related to mental health-? And to think they came up with a SERIES of books titled ¨Hurts of Childhood Series¨…creepy to the max!

  65. This comment may not be related to this article but it definitely relates to other articles like symbolic Pics of The Month – Jared Leto has jost won supporting role Oscar for his role as transgender and he's been regulary featured in this site.

  66. "For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim. For evocations it would be more convenient to place the blood of the victim in the Triangle — the idea being that the spirit might obtain from the blood this subtle but physical substance which was the quintessence of its life in such a manner as to enable it to take on a visible and tangible shape.

    Those magicians who object to the use of blood have endeavored to replace it with incense. For such a purpose the incense of Abramelin may be burnt in large quantities. Dittany of Crete is also a valuable medium. Both these incenses are very catholic in their nature, and suitable for almost any materialization. But the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best."

    –occultist Aleister Crowley

    • well Crowley will never have the opportunity to hurt a mosquito, let alone a human being. Bye to him and his perversions.

  67. I was interested in computer graphics and came across an article in a technology blog about Pixar which was a graphics/animation company and it has an animation software called "Marionette", Pixar was later acquired by Walt Disney company. As soon as I came across this word it reminded me of this website in which I came across the word "Marionette Doll Programming".
    I feel sorry for the children who underwent this abuse and it must have been difficult for these children to express to their parents about what had happened because some parents just don't take a whatever a small kid says. This article opened the eyes to parents so that they would choose their day care centres with caution.

  68. The only thing that I cannot get is how this freaking book was marketed primarily to mental health professionals, school counselors, parent organizations, and support groups!!!!!!

  69. Who does things like these???? Why would they do things like this to CHILDREN????? How can they rationalize doing this..this makes me so mad…its so unfair

  70. The Austrian on

    "My question is : How can one be so sure and convinced that something DOES NOT exist?"
    i cant help but think tis is aimed at j. williams who wrote that highly controversial readerarticle about cults lol.

    "SRA is a basic element of Monarch Mind Control"
    is it not the other way around?

  71. It ought to be reiterated that the book was aimed at improving dialogue between victims and practitioners. it was not aimed at the majority of posters on VC or their children. Secondly and following on from the latter, does it really matter whether or not you choose to believe it really happened? There is nothing more soul destroying for a child to muster up the courage to speak up about abuse, only to be discredited by casual observors for who it lies beyond the parameters of their life experience.

    • I would add that our entire super-structure is ultimately geared towards forcing mommy to send the children back to the abuser. You would be so surprised, don't be sidetracked by a few clever resources or the odd caring carrot.

  72. VC this is an excelent article, I would like you write more about books and cases based on Satanic Ritual Abuse.

  73. Good timing on this article considering the subject is being covered in True Detective. I would like to see your analysis of this show. Only 8 episodes.

  74. I absolutely hate that this happens to children. God hates it to and those who partake in this dark twisted evil will be in deep DEEP trouble when they stand before Him. Sick. My heart truly breaks when reminded of this reality. Never having kids. The world is too far gone. Jesus come quickly.

  75. Matthew 18:16
    It's sick sad and perverted. I'm glad one day we will all be standing in front of The Great Judge and give accounts for our every deed and these people will not go unpunished!

  76. You will probably get destroyed for that comment, but I really appreciate it. The point of a site such as this is to keep one's mind open, and to see possibilities beyond those that are spoon-fed to you. Once "conspiracy theorists" become just as rigidly fixed in their worldview as the other majority of the population; then arent we guilty of the exact same thing we accuse the "sheeple" of? Personally, i'm interested in exploring any and all facets of a topic that might lead to the truth, which sometimes will be something far beyond popular opinion, but othertimes won't be anything nefarious at all. Not making any rulings on this book or SRA in general, because I havent personally researched it enough to sway me either way. Just glad to see alternative opinions that are articulated in a considerate manner.

  77. Spike, i'd put a link for you, but I don't think VC would permit spamming in here, so why don't you go search on Youtube this video:

    How The Government Can Destroy Your Reputation

    I bet you'll like it.

  78. Spike seriously nobody is going to bite. So take your fishing pole and cast else where. Peace.

  79. From the article:
    "Is it possible that some internet commentators are being paid to make sure that any references to SRA is fully discredited and ridiculed online?"

    I believe it is.

    So, are ya "Spike?"

  80. Spike, either you are a paid/ non-paid zionist shill, an ignoramus or are completely stupid.
    I know SRA exists! Deny it all you want, your politically correct zion trash does not work on me.

  81. My adopted cousin endured SRA as a child, caused by her own mother. She blocked out the abuse. The other day she told me that she discovered a book in which my aunt documented the things that she told her happened. So it does exist, sadly. Thank God my aunt and uncle saved her life.

  82. Jessica, go to Youtube and see this video:

    How The Government Can Destroy Your Reputation

    You know, some "theories" unfortunately are becoming facts. We can't deny it anymore.

  83. Oh please! Spike already said that abuse DOES exist. They're actually saying that the SRA specifically is phony. You are all so blind.