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Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/18

In this edition of SPOTM: A hockey star, a basketball star, a music star, a movie superstar and a cello.




Auston Matthews is quickly becoming one of the biggest superstars in the National Hockey League which lead him to be featured in GQ magazine. The article is entitled NHL Star Auston Matthews Is Ready for His Close-Up, an expression that is very “Hollywood”. As you can see, the close-up is actually on the one-eye sign.

Here’s another pic from the same photoshoot. They want you to take notice.

And a third one. In short, this photoshoot, which features a 21-year-old hokey superstar, sends out a clear message: If he’s influential, we’ll get to him.

James Harden is a superstar in the NBA. That is the picture we saw everywhere during the NBA media day. The elite is telling you that they own this.

From hockey to basketball, we move on to soccer. This is Kevin De Bruyne promoting a new shoe. … by putting it on his face and hiding one eye with it.

As usual, the one-eye sign was prominently featured on the cover of magazines all over the world. The goal? Total visibility, complete control.

17-year-old Kaia Gerber is quickly becoming a fashion superstar. Here she is on the cover of  the October issue of Vogue Paris with makeup on only one side, effectively creating a subtle one-eye sign. So creative.

Meanwhile, Kaia’s mother – supermodel Cindy Crawford – was featured on the cover of the October issue of Vogue Spain. Her hair is strategically hiding one eye. So creative.

Speaking of hair strategically placed, this is Lil Wayne on the cover of Billboard. So creative.

This is the cover of Gay Times featuring YouTube star Patrick Starrr. Do YouTube stars need to be owned by the elite? You betcha.

This is the cover of Arte – an art review magazine. Yes, they used creepy wooden hands to hide one eye of the creepy mask. How can people not see the pattern going on here?

Arte is owned by Cairo Editore. Their logo: An all-seeing eye.

This is the cover of Exhibit magazine. The main thing being “exhibited” here is a big fat one-eye sign by Bollywood star Ashkay Kumar. They really love to use all kinds of ridiculous objects to hide one-eye. 

Everybody loves Idris Elba. He’s so cool and charming. Until he hides one eye with a plant because he must show his submission to the occult elite. This is getting ridiculous, though. I mean, what’s next? Hiding one eye with a cello?

The official website of the Oregon Symphony Orchestra features this guy hiding his eye with a cello. Dude, just put that thing down and stop it. Just, stop it. 

“Food artist” Tom Wolfe recently served hamburgers that taste like human flesh to people in Finland. As seen in previous articles, there’s a strange push to make cannibalism cool and edgy. This is the “main” picture associated with Tom Wolfe. Appropriate.

The Guardian recently published an article entitled: “Face time: is makeup for men the next big beauty trend?“. The main picture features the journalist hiding one eye while pushing the “feminization of men” agenda. The most upvoted comment of that article? “No”.

Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora are stars of the series Power. In this Instagram post, they’re submitting to the actual source of “power” in their lives.

As seen in my previous articles about Ariana Grande, everything about her has been very “Illuminati”. This is latest Instagram profile pic which was posted after she broke up with Pete Davidson.

For your reference, this is the last picture posted on Mac Miller’s (Ariana’s ex) Instagram account (which is still active).

Speaking of Mac Miller, a concert entitled “A Celebration of Life” is being organized in his memory featuring some of the industry’s biggest stars. It will take place on October 31st, the “spookiest” day of the year. As seen in the “Satanic Cult Awareness Guide“, October 31st is a high satanist “unholy day”. Also, it is followed by the Day of the Dead. All of this sounds appropriate to celebrate a ritual sacrifice. 

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.


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