Symbolic Pics of the Month (11/13)


In this edition of SPOTM: Leona Lewis, Rihanna, Lebron James and a bunch of proving that Illuminati symbolism is omnipresent in mass media.


The 2013 fall-winter Louis Vuitton campaign revolves around Venetian masks - à la "Eyes Wide Shut". The short video "Initiation au voyage" (featuring David Bowie) depicts a "magical" venetian masked ball and Louis Vuitton released a series of pics showcasing the guests attire. And guess what: they're full of Illuminati symbolism. In this pic, the guy has an eye patch (hiding one eye). That patch has an eye on it as if to emphasize the one-eye sign.
The 2013 fall-winter Louis Vuitton campaign revolves around Venetian masks – à la “Eyes Wide Shut”. The short video “Initiation au voyage” (featuring David Bowie) depicts a “magical” venetian masked ball. Louis Vuitton released a series of pics showcasing the guests’ attire – and guess what? They’re full of Illuminati / MK Ultra symbolism. In this pic, the guy has an eye patch with an eye – to emphasize the unavoidable one-eye sign.


This guy is wearing a multiple faced mask - a theme that appears to be a favorite in "elite parties".
This guest is wearing a multiple faced mask – a theme that appears to be a favorite in “elite parties”.


A picture of a guest at an actual masked ball thrown by the elite Rothschild family in 1972 (read the article about it here).
A picture of a guest at an actual masked ball thrown by the elite Rothschild family in 1972 (read the article about it here).


Another guest sporting the "multiple face" theme. In MK Ultra symbolism, this can represent a slave's multiple personas.
Another guest sporting the “multiple face” theme. In MK Ultra symbolism, this can represent a slave’s multiple personas.


Don't think there's a better way of representing an MK slave's fractured psyche. Of course, this can only be a masked of a broken mirror, but, considering the imagery of the other costumes, there's definitely a multiple-persona theme going on there.
In MK symbolism, a broken mirror represents a slaves fractured psyche. Of course, this mask can only represent a broken mirror, but, considering the imagery of the other costumes, there’s definitely a multiple-persona theme going on there.


Eyewear made of hands (of MK handlers?). Also, her top features a multiple-face thing again.
Eye-wear made of hands (MK handlers?). Also, this guest’s top features the image of a Janus-like two-faced being.


Something "fashionable" is hiding one eye. Combined with the cherckerboard patter dress = This ad campaign is a nod to the occult elite.
Something “fashionable” is hiding one eye. Combined with the cherckerboard patterned dress = This ad campaign is a nod to the occult elite.


Rihanna on the cover of British GQ as a repitilian-eyed Medusa-type character with snakes instead of hair.
On the cover of British GQ, Rihanna is a repitilian-eyed Medusa-type character with snakes instead of hair.


In this pic, a snake almost strangles Rihanna while its head hides on of her eyes. Does this represent the "stranglehold" the industry has on her and other Illuminati puppets?
In this pic, a snake somewhat strangles her while its head hides one of her eyes. Does this represent the “stranglehold” of the industry Illuminati puppets?


The cover of Leona Lewis' single "One More Sleep" features a Christmas-themed one-eye sign. The Illuminati industry doesn't take holiday vacations.
The cover of Leona Lewis’ single “One More Sleep” features a Christmas-themed one-eye sign. The Illuminati industry doesn’t take holiday vacations.


"The Voice UK" finalist Vince Kidd is trying to make it big in the industry. In his video "Zoo", he's got one eye hidden by a monarch butterfly (representing Monarch programming).
“The Voice UK” finalist Vince Kidd is trying to make it big in the industry. In his video “Zoo”, he’s got one eye hidden by a monarch butterfly (representing Monarch programming). That’s like Illuminati 101.


Here he is in Pause Mag with a bunch of inverted crosses on his hat and a Baphomet pendant. He really wants to be part of that industry.
Vince Kidd in Pause Mag with a bunch of inverted crosses on his hat and a Baphomet pendant. Reality shows are a great way to recruit Illuminati pawns.


The Nike website dedicated to NBA player Lebron James features a bunch of icons describing his style of play. Almost all of them are Masonic. This icon contains a bee, a beehive and stylized compass.
The Nike website dedicated to NBA star Lebron James features a bunch of icons describing his style of play. Almost all of them are clearly Masonic. This icon contains a beehive and stylized compass, two classic Masonic symbols.


This icon clearly represents the ultimate Illuminati symbol: the All-Seeing Eye, surrounded by glory, inside a triangle.
This icon clearly represents the ultimate Illuminati symbol: the All-Seeing Eye surrounded by glory inside a triangle.


This icon features a pyramid with an illuminated capstone. At the center is an open book lit by candles, another symbol found in Masonic art. On the book is written "Thirty Four". In the website, it is explained that Lebron James increased his shots taken in the paint from 34% to 40% in the last ten years. That's great and all, but wouldn't it be more logical to put Forty on the book? Is it a coincidence that Masonry is comprised of a total of 33 degrees? Does "Thirty Four" represent the hidden step above Masonry...the Illuminati?
This icon features a pyramid with an illuminated capstone. At the center is an open book lit by candles, another symbol found in Masonic art. On the book is written “Thirty Four”. On the website, it is explained that Lebron James increased his shots taken in the paint from 34% to 40% in the last ten years. That’s great and all, but wouldn’t it be more logical to put “forty” on the book? Is it a coincidence that Masonry is comprised of a total of thirty three degrees? Does “Thirty Four” represent the hidden step above Masonry…the Illuminati?


Most of the symbols above can be found on this Masonic panel. Pretty darn obvious.
Most of the symbols above can be found on this Masonic panel. Pretty darn obvious.


Father Jim W. Sichko is a priest of the Diocese of Lexington, KY. He has ties with Hollywood and the political elite. Unsurprisingly, he is doing the One-Eye sign on his book cover. Lame.
Father Jim W. Sichko is a priest of the Diocese of Lexington, KY. He has ties with Hollywood and the political elite. Unsurprisingly, he is doing the One-Eye sign on his book cover. Lame.


PBS has recently introduced "Black Culture Connection", a whole subdivision of its operations dedicated to black culture. While I find it somewhat odd that black culture is "segregated" in its own section, the image used to promote it is very telling: It is about pushing the elite's agenda to this particular demographic.
PBS has recently introduced “Black Culture Connection”, a whole subdivision of its operations dedicated to black culture. While I find it somewhat odd that black culture is “segregated” into its own section, the image used to promote is even more telling: One Eye sign =  It is about pushing the elite’s agenda to this particular demographic.


A "vigilant" reader sent me this pic of the book section of a major retailer. Yes, along with the pseudo-occult theme that appears to be omnipresent in mass market "literature", the one-eye sign is prominently displayed.
A “vigilant” reader sent me this pic of the book section of a major retailer. Along with the pseudo-occult theme that appears to be omnipresent in mass market “literature”, the one-eye sign is also prominently displayed.

Thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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355 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Month (11/13)"

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That deluded antichrist father sicko is just a product of the post vatican II church. He is part of the Novus Ordo, engaging in full on ecumenism, freemasonry, theft and satanism all together all tied to the corrupt vatican of today. There are many(and growing) Traditionalist Catholics who object the papacy as it is now and how corrupt it has really become with their false doctrines and new rituals within the post Vatican II church. I myself am 17(fully aware of whats going on and not giving into the mainstream highschool rebeliious scene) and was a former protestant but now am an Orthodox Christian. The whole eye symbolism and 666 symbolisms are extremely prevalent in the post Vatican II church and their campaigns, dont be deceived by Pope Francis he is just an image.


Just one question: WHY ANY OF THE MAJOR RELIGION IN THE WORLD NEVER SPEAK OUT ABOUT THE ILLUMINATIS? Are the Catholics part of the One World Religion plan?
For me is very suspicious how the new pope is venerated by the elite and the Media… something is wrong here.
Jesus was hated and killed by the Elite…just saying.

There are thousands of videos on youtube from pastors/reverends/priests etc speaking out and exposing the freemasons/illuminati. Canon law of the Catholic church forbids members to belong to freemasonry or any other secret society.
The problem is freemasons have infiltrated every religion and politcal organization on earth, sometimes covertly….other times openly. Freemasons/Eastern Star are and were supreme court justices, presidents of every country, military leaders,religious leaders,royalty,entertainers,lawmakers,media executives and many more people in power. If you look up famous freemasons you will be overwelmed at how many masons shaped many aspects of the world we live in.

Are the Catholics part of the One World Religion plan?

Yes, look for the merging of Islam and Catholic. I have looked at this several times and keep coming back to the same conclusion: Anti-Christ will be the 12th Madhi of Islam and the False Prophet will come from the top of the Catholic church, probably Pope. Most people seem to focus only on Europe and do not consider that the ancient Roman Empire also included parts of the Middle-East.

Errr The 12th Mahdi of Islam is NOT the Anti Christ…..Idiot

Do a comparison of the Anti-Christ of Revelation and the Muslim Madhi, the descriptions are exact; appear on a white horse, rule for 7 years etc, etc. This is one aspect where many "scholars" have been fooled but some are starting to realize it. The Anti-Christ will not come from Europe.

I understand what you are saying but the Anti Christ is NOT muslim. His followers are going to be women and……the "jews" and yes he is not going to come from Europe but the Muslim Mahdi is going to coincide with Jesus, who is going to help kill the Dajjal (Anti Christ).

What you don't understand is that the Dajjal is going to use "magic", illusions to deceive people and make people follow him, so yes he can make himself appear as the final Imam, but it doesn't mean that he is. Deception – Key Word.

The Penitent Man Shall Pass

I think Passerby has a point. Islam denies that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God. As does Judaism. According to the Bible, that is the definition of Antichrist. Killing Christians is antichrist.

I am studying both Islam and Christianity. I believe both have a part to play in the world, but it’s clear that the Muslim Jesus–Isa ibn Maryam–fits the description of the False Prophet in the Bible, the Muslim Mahdi fits the description of the Antichrist in the Bible, and the final Dajjal fits the description of the Christian Jesus.

They parallel each other exactly. Not saying which side is correct, but the sides are clearly drawn for Armageddon.

What’s really going to flip me out is if Jesus comes back having one eye… :/

I got this latest Louis Vuitton campaign via my email ( & a special VIP print catalogue) and I found the images quite disturbing and strange…I have purchased so many products from this brand over the last 25 or so years, but let me tell you, I will buy NOTHING from them ever again…

Pastor Sicko as well as the ad for PBS' Black Segregation Culture both flash the 3 6's aka the Okay sign.

That "A – OK" hand sign over the eye. The one with the thumb and index connected and the other three fingers spread.

Three Sixes?

That SICKO priest looks like he's just walked on set and donned the outfit for the day!
Does anyone else get that impression?
Like he is not of the cloth? An actor most likely, reminds me of stuff posted on the website well aware 1
It looks like a Halloween costume, and whomever mentioned a clown's outfit, YES! Exactly what I saw too.
This is a big joke, ……and everything is marketable now I guess!
"Books by pedo actor priests, coming to a bookstore near you"

I'm not religious, but I'm going to try to start praying now

The Young Adult books are ripe with this crap!!! I wish you could do a whole article on it. It's just as bad as music videos!

The key to understanding symbols, implications, and reasons for them to be indoctrinated in an increasingly open manner("hiding in plain sight") is to trace the origins and cross reference their uses down through the ages. The demonic images are indeed increasing. There is no other way that such overwhelming and frightening, inhumane material can be assimilated, except through constant repetition and now mass-marketing–teaching the masses. The technology is becoming more effective and realistic, so the brain-washing is not questioned by many. By studying world history(the victors, the vanquished, and the hidden histories) we will understand connections between wars, conflicts, religions, social movements. Self directed education is, at this point, the only way. Then, as many of us are doing, sharing it with those who will listen and who are beginning to wake up. I am quite sure that all of this has been said before. We have to start somewhere,… Read more »

So I did a bit of research on that Father Jim Sichko book Among Friends and was simultaneously surprised and non–surprised to discover that his Co-Authors Chas Allen and Johnathan Ryan have unusual skillsets. Chas Allen is best known for his book which details his involvement in one of the greatest Art Thefts of all time…… and Johnathan Ryan is a semi popular author who writes horror novels, with his most reviewed work titled Three Gates of the Dead. Is that normal for a Catholic Priest to write books with a major art thief and a horror minded novelist? I will say yes if that Catholic Priest just happens to hold 666 hand signs to his eyes on the cover of a supposedly Catholic biography. Also his book seems to have some marketing legs underneath it, I imagine Lucifer got the bill, his resources are neverending.

No wonder I have always felt like an outsider. I think I have always know on some deep level that something just was not right with the way things are.
And the MSM news, today's mass retraumatisation of our nation with all the Kennedy assassination anniversary coverage just has me thinking how bad it will get.

All these comments are great! I have noticed all the things talked about on this site since I started reading all I can on it for the past month, including the comments which contribute much insight. I follow links posted by others and learn so much more. I too have no one to speak to about all that I am learning, so this site keeps me sane although l am aware of the insanity of the truth i must now live with.
Thank you all for sharing, one day we may all be standing together against that which we are being warned about, standing in the Army of Truth prepared to exercise our integrity to the end.

LOLZ. these pictures show that the agenda of indoctrination is becoming more intense….imagine one eye seen on books, magazines and even on the books of some priests. mah godd

There are a lot of churches that have been using the triangle and sun and eye signs for centuries. In various combinations.

They just love that darn eye!

these are messed up

VC what about metal bands? Could you please check them out?

Miley Cyrus at the AMA…with the cats..kitty programming..

I wish Monarch programming is fake, like just an act by the illuminati to distract people from the real problem. NWO isn't a surprise to me but I never knew mind control was possible, is there anyway to reverse it?

Dear Zheng,
Whether we believe that mind control or programming are real it still out there. How you can explain folks who having multiple personalities? How can folks became mentally ill upon staying in certain hospitals? (notice not psychiatric wards). What are certain mental disorders in the first place? No one can deny that some of them are in fact inflicted not caused by natural occurrences. We can wish all of that fake however harsh truth is way better than the sweetened demonic lie.
It is possible to reserve it. Disregarding what kind of heavy satanic influence people are in God is all powerful. No one is beyond help as long as they are seeking help. I have got testimonies that are hard to believe however it does not make them less true.

Zheng, Yes mind control is real. Our government began doing it to it's own citizens, mostly children, after ww2. The CIA uses these Americans as sex slaves, drug mules, and secret info carriers. Bob Hope used them in the USO. They often access them to reprogram, but if they leave them alone, they begin to deprogram. If they try to tell people what they remember, no one believes them. As the memories come back, the programming breaks down. I wish the whole thing was fake too, but unfortunately it is real, and is done in many countries all over the world.

Anyone see the pic with The Muppets with Lady Gaga? She is giving the ole' one eye treatment..



Whoever wants to put ones life under curse Tarot is essential. So if you want to get some dark matter let do it. Please do not accuse Illuminati while doing what is totally your own..

Regarding symbols and their meanings, something has long boggled me about the symbolism of broken mirrors. Evidently according to VC and others, a broken mirror symbolizes a fractured psyche/personality, at least in "MK" terms. I guess for an MK victim, this symbol will trigger them to switch personalities or forget who they are altogether…?

All of my life I've been led to believe that a broken mirror means bad luck. Seven years of it to be exact, if you believe in such superstitions. I am curious if there is a connection between these two interpretations, or if it's simply a matter of two tribes of people believing two completely different things.

If someone here knows, please 'enlighten' me. Thx.

All of my life I've been led to believe that a broken mirror means GOOD luck. If I am encountering difficulty and a mirror/glass/crockery smashes, I still tend to breathe a sigh of relief and take a moment to reflect. I have a huge broken mirror art piece in my house which my parents were gifted at Esalen (where I believe they met and got engaged) before they moved abroad. I wish I could show you in a photograph. It is made up of hundreds of broken mirror discs which are each slanted in slightly different directions. When you look into the whole piece, you don't so much see a fragmented person but hundreds of versions of yourself looking back at you, some more distorted than others (like early music videos). Nowadays, I think multiple personalities and I don't look so much but there was a long period of time… Read more »

Further, the breakage of the glass is meant to absorb the bad luck coming your way before it reaches you so it is thus circumvented. In sufi philosophy, people are advised not to drink from the chipped part of a cup – I think you are combining a number of bodily substances which have collective significance such as saliva, phlegm and even blood (especially if you cut your lip in the process). The broken cup is a mainstay of occult philosophy

Your comments are so interesting.

Yes, very. Some of it is common sense, I suppose, such as not drinking out of a chipped cup, some of it is news. I, too, find mirrors/reflective surfaces fascinating, even comforting, and I never knew until recently on VC that a broken mirror represents "multiple personalities." I've ALWAYS associated it with the idea of: "Oops! Now you get seven years of bad luck!!" (At this point with everything I've broken I'm allegedly doomed! Thankfully I don't actually think this way.) Growing up in the 1980s and seeing a lot of broken mirror imagery in music videos and TV, I assumed it had something to do with that. I suppose both interpretations are equally ominous and creepy.

Much obliged

Placing illuminati symbols has become mainstream fashion now and many apparel/clothing companies are adopting it. check out this link of prince peter collection and the tshirts are being modelled by Allison Harvard( she was one of the winners of America's next top model show ( girls with weird attitudes end up winning that show, the extremely good looking girls never win) and ariana grande . the team of tshirt designers are to be blamed.


Really sad to see what's become of Leona Lewis. Nice young girl from around my neck of the woods in Hackney, East London to this,,, such a shame : (

1 clue is nothing, 3 clues makes a proof, 1.000.000 proofs becomes normality


I discovered this site a few days ago, I feel like Neo who has taken the red pill :o)

To the webmaster : Did you see "Under the dome" ? It's full of occult symbolism like monarch buterflies. Could you make an explanation of this tv show please ?


Did you know the red pil is blue inside 🙂

Just messing.

Darn and I want to make it big as a fashion designer I'm a college student studying fashion and I one day want to have my own high fashion label but I don't know how I'm going to do that without being somewhat 'involved' I'm not great at anything else that doesn't consist of art so I'm stuck
Any advice will be deeply appreciated

Well, I guess you would need to retain as much control over the creative process and the supply chain as possible. Use independent photographers to shoot the campaign, innovative methods to promote that keep you away from the after hours scene as much as possible. My friend started off as a pattern cutter, honed her skills with the big name stores for several years learning merchandising and PR in the process, then she got her friends to model her designs (we did it free of course!) and she invited a couple of the titles to film a shoot at her apartment (thus retaining control of the backgrounds). She insisted on being involved in image selection to ensure the fidelity of her work. She has gone back to high fashion now – missed all the free gifts during fashion week, I guess!

The Louis Vuitton pics, well same 'ole same 'ole Fashion Industry full of sickho (see what I did there lol) Pimp Agents and Agencies. Rihanna – Well ancient Goddess Worship, the Isis tattoo alone should tell you that. Leona Lewis – Looks like she's doing what all the initiates of the music industry have to do to progress their so called "careers".Those Nike Website pictures are just…..f.u.c.k.i.n.g. weird I mean what the hell have to do with Nike and Sports?but of course we all know what they are trying to tell us and who is running the show. Jim Sickho's book is called "Among Friends" – Yeah we know that could be an esoteric meaning – and basically could translate as ~ "Only among the Initiated" ~…….

Exactly, we know what 'friends' he's talking about.

Orrr guys, I forgot about the SPOTM, Thanks VC. I just done know what to say anymore when you see the same sign s over and over again but I wanted to ask everyone on here, How many of you actually know why they do the one eye? Who is it a nod to and why is it also on the US Dollar as the Great Seal of the United States? Do you know why the capstone is suspended from the rest of the pyramid?? I don't think most of you know why and that it actually is a Hidden in plain sight representation of something that's going to happen in the future and of course that is where we are heading……….Also loads of people mentioning Jim Sickho and I agree, its very disturbing but WHY would HE have ties to Hollywood and the Political Elite, hmmmm he must have… Read more »

I can't believe a priest would have the 666 and eye of Horus sign on the cover of his book! What kind of priest is he?

Understand what this is. It's Psychological Warfare. Period.

Find your truth. Your Rock, and cling to it with all your might.

This too shall pass.

You're susceptible to new age relativism speak. There aren't many truths or your truth. There is only one objective Truth to seek and align your thought with.

sadly, as Reader said

Worship the singular, montheistic God, I respect you. Worship satan directly, I respect your choice, as a purist. Everything else, man up and go for the latter if you can't hack the former. Sitting on the wall won't get you anywhere.

I read in many articles that the one eyed symbol depicted in most of these pics (the thumb and pointer finger circling the eye) represents six six six. The thumb and pointer being the circular part of a six and the three remaining fingers representing the three stems of the sixes. All of this right in the faces of impressionable followers. Lord have mercy.

With the awareness I have gained from reading VC's website I am hesitant to continue getting the flu vaccine for myself and my children as I always have (though I don't know if he's ever addressed the vaccination subject. I haven't specifically read about that.) Is it truly for the public good or is it used for evil… somehow? I know this is probably a hot topic that could spark a bunch of debate… I don't mean to stir the pot but am feeling conflicted and am wondering what conclusions others have come to – do you get the flu vaccine or skip it? My husband won't take the time of day to listen to me or read this website so he already got it. When I told him I was hesitant this year he assumed it was because of the autism debate. I know that research was supposedly falsified… Read more »
Nicole — PLEASE so some research on all the toxins and chemicals put into ALL vaccines and injections. I was seriously harmed by a toxic injection in 2009….I have spent well over $20,000 healing myself naturally. If I had not been lucky enough to have savings to do this, I'd either be bedridden right now or dead. I am telling you the truth. Dig deeper and do NOT trust mainstream websites promoting vaccines or ANY injections — this includes the TETANUS shot, Heparin blood thinning shots….and ALL steroid and epidurals. Let NO injection be put in your SPINE, even if they say it's fairy dust — DO NOT do it. If one person listens to me, this post is all worth it. I'd do anything to spare someone out there the misery, pain, and fear that I suffered….and compared to what I've read out there, I was one of the… Read more »

ChloeBlue – I'm so sorry to hear what you've gone through and glad to hear you're ok. Thank you for your advice.

ChloeBlue is giving us all the truth about vaccines and our food and water supplies.

Listen to her. Visit websites for more info. Try Health Ranger and Dr. Mercola. Don't be off-put by all the products they sell on their sites. They are just trying to make a living while they write a ton of good articles that are important to your health and negotiating the treacherous waters we tread.

I bet ChloeBlue knows of many other much better sites than I do.

You're very welcome, Nicole.

Grow-your-own aquaponics is better than buying organic (although I understand the need to supplement). Very cheap to set up the system at home either in a garden or better for you still, a basement as you are also chem trail free with the latter. Raw food diet is great but difficult in colder climates, I do understand. Dehydrators make food more palatable and are the size of a regular kitchen appliance. Tamarind is good for trying to lower your toxic levels. Don't buy formula milk, it contains stuff you would never knowingly feed your baby. Failing human milk, there are many other milks better than that.

You wont need flu jabs because you will rarely fall ill in that way and when you do, you will bounce back within hours. I have not had a cold for years. Those whom you call the illuminati follow these things religiously. They all want to extend their lives (or at least the quality of it). Don't be a sucker for all the short-cut foods and processed rubbish. It will cost you your health. Don't believe in the need for comfort foods, two days off, take a rest after working. Push yourselves to your physical limit everyday and you will be surprised at how much extra energy it creates.

Hello Amaryllis — Do you grow your own food with aquaponics? Is it possible to grown everything you need this way?

Well, apart from eggplants, indoors, I have had success with a range of salads and veg enough to feed a small family. What I cannot grow, I either barter with other growers or grow outdoors and wash with a solution before consuming. If there is a glut and I cannot give it away, I dry it in my dehydrator. It is possible to set up an aquaponics system using fish which you can also eat but in all honesty, the climate isn't ideal and the best type of fish are not suitable. Besides, I am quite happy to rely on eggs from my chickens (we have done so well recently that I have been turning out hazelnut meringues every evening).

I think a rooftop garden on a flat terrace would be ideal and my next house MUST have one. I would have a glass house which would be temp controlled getting the sun all day and I am confident that I could triple my output. Basements are good but spooky and need lighting all day long but a glasshouse with solar panels would pay for itself in my opinion.

Just to clarify, eggs for protein rather than fish. the chickens add nothing to the process other than contributing to the compost heap!!

Amaryllis — it sounds like you have a perfect system to survive a food shortage. We'd all be pretty healthy on eggs and produce alone! ….and things like sardines in a can could be saved up in large quantities. I'm not in a position to do any of this now, but I'd love to know how to go about all of this. Yes, I'd like a glass house also, and I'd like to look into buying non-gmo heirloom seeds. Not sure who to trust out there though. SO many people selling things and possibly capitalizing on issues that we're all worried about in this world. Of course, many are trustworthy, but you never know.

You are sooo right Chloe, I'll have to copy and paste that somewhere lol.

Good girl!!!!!! You spread the word. It needs to be told and people out there need to LISTEN!!!! Vaccine damage and death is real. My son was damaged from vaccines and I'm glad I stopped getting them and starting researching the ingredients and the true vaccine history. If America is the most vaccinated country in the world then why do they have the highest infant mortality rates in the developed world??????? American children are the sickest in the developed word with 1 in 6 with a learning disability and skyrocketing autism and cancer rates???? Think hard people and start connecting the dots. They are destroying our youth and anyone else they can jab their poisons into. You cannot get health through a needle. Remember no one will be responsible if you are damaged or die from a vaccine because the drug companies and doctors have zero accountability. It is a… Read more »
Very provocative comment. I'll tell you what I have observed and how this particularly applies to Me Sixteen years ago, my sister got vaccinated as child with the usual vaccines they give babies at that age especially in this side of Africa(polio etc) Fast forward sixteen years later, my sister's bones now have a mind of their own. Sometimes she standing and then all of a sudden her legs get all stiff(like a crazier version of a muscle pull) You know the worst part? A neighbor's daughter who is in the same age range as her(one year younger) has a leg issue. Her's is bad, she had to use crutches. Doctors don't know what's wrong. They just deduced it's lack of calcium. My ex-boyfriend's sister(same age as my sister, and they have never met! Living states apart) also has a leg issue. Hers is worse than the previous. Crutches weren't… Read more »

Clearhaven — I am so sorry that your family has been negatively effected by these awful drugs and toxins.

There are many things that can help remove these toxins, nourish us, and help slowly repair the damage.

Hawaiian spirulina and chlorella is a good place to begin for detoxing.

Magnesium Citrate, D3, Selenium, and Silica are things many of us are deficient in and will help to repair bones.

And who gets common colds anymore? Everything is now "flu" today.

The whole thing looks like a racket, and unnecessary, and who knows what's in the stuff. And if one wondered in the past how they could predict the strains, the answer is they can't.

Don't do it. They are destroying your immune system and the effects will manifest for the remainder of your lives.

Adult swim always has weird illumanati type video bumps like a woman rising into the sky with imagery all around her, and they feature ppl in owl costumes all the time. I find it more of a coincidence that they share a children's channel ( Cartoon network )

What is everyone's thoughts on David Blaine? He has "esoteric" knowledge for sure, and there's a dark, creepy vibe about him. VC, can you look into this and other "magicians".

He certainly does Gwen, definitely, he looks like his energy has been drained out of him and some other force is occupying him to do "those magic tricks". & to all the people that are really clued up, we all know how he does "those magic tricks"

Yes, please! I've been waiting for VC to do an article exposing 'illusionists' for what they really are. So many people deny that Blaine and co have any actual abilities, and just chalk everything up to actors or slight of hand. I recently watched a video of the British 'illusionist' Dynamo performing for Samuel L. Jackson, where he broke a mirror with playing cards, and in the cracks of the mirror Jackson's random card of choice was shown, a 5 of hearts. He never even showed Dynamo the card. And I highly doubt that SLJ would 'go along with it'. That's just one example. But especially when they do mind reading, how can you explain that? Either they're all actors, or it's real. You can't read somebody's private thoughts about a distant memory never before shared, just by cold reading them. There is no logical explanation. And given what I've… Read more »

John Huffington is only because the demons know everything we all have done since we were born. Every detail of our past. From what I read they can't read our thoughts, nevertheless they are aware of some recurring patterns and also they implant thoughts and see how we behave or react once they implant them in our souls. Likewise we as humans observe how our acquaintances-family-friends-colleagues behave throughout the years and we know quite often their weaknesses, strengths while more than often can predict their reactions. It's called experience. If you genuinely confess everything you can remember, because let's face it we can't remember all our sins since there are so many, the demons can't see those sins as they are forgiven hence thay can't deliver the information to the humans who are possessed by them.

I'm currently a junior in high school and y'all do not know how many teens LOVE to flash the one eye sign! Nowadays, it is the new form of saying hello and its honestly saddening. Also, there's this really creepy guy in my class that ALWAYS wears a jacket with the All Seeing Eye surrounded by a pyramid. He wears that damn jack every single day even in hot Florida weather! And whenever you talk to him he's really monotone and robotic. The guy seems lifeless. There's seriously something wrong with him.

LMAO – that priest! He's also giving a Masonic hand sign with his left hand. Looks like a clown.

Love the VC community! Keep up the good work VC and all the readers! I wish i could be friends with each and everyone on this site 🙂 Knowledge is Power!

Own facebook? I wish I would connect with people right here..

This is sickening!

I was on facebook and this girl, only in high school, was posting some of her doodles she did in class. It was full of triangles and eyes…. I knew it was going to happen but since people are seeing it so much, even though when I explain it people say they don't notice, that they are using it without thinking. I do have to say I'm very proud of my nerd community! I love anime and anime conventions and I've made a lot of friends. They seem to post a lot of things like this and trying to expose it and explain to people what is happening.

Horror doodles. hmmm I do not know how to react.

This speaks to what poster gayst mentioned in earlier in these comments. Its definitely worth a read.

Among Friends in Hell – Stories from the Journey into Lucifer's Arms
by Father Jim Super Sicko
with Chaos Alien and Johnathan Crying
Foreword by Chef John Beast
Coming to your nearest neighborhood Bookstore don't forget to stop by and grab a copy and get Loose with Lucifer. If you know the directions to the 2nd dimension of Hell, Father John Sicko will be signing copies of his new book at Beelzebubs Beehive Bookstore at 6 tomorrow

I miss Dr. S's comments. He used to comment on every SPOTM.

I know me too 🙁

My daughters 4th grade social studies assignment was to watch a short video about the 3 branches of US government. She was like, "daddy look at this!" All could say was "we'll…..s**t." You can see it at

So for this video at least, the Eye, capstone is the…. judiciary the third branch… the highest…. oo-er.

judiciary the third branch… the highest…. oo-er.

So true ! This particular branch is especially pervert and sinister in nature. Look on American history on the highest ranking occultists in the world – Like Goldwater Thurmond or even Arlene Specter they literally appointed judges on their own even Supreme Court ones!

Man, s**t is right. This is becoming ridiculous. Anyone else notice Washington in the plane throw up the three 6's errr I mean the ok sign? And the lyric about calling air strikes from home with invisible drones?

Why not mask the brandnames on the pics? A lot of ads for LV here it seems.

Lol, ddd, don't you think there are enough masks in that selection as it is ?!?

The whole lot of these pictures are terribly disturbing. I've even got my father reading VC (I know…I thought it would be impossible, but he's reading VC now!!).
The fractured mirror face mask was way too scary to look at. Just looking at that freaked me out.
Rihanna's snake hair, not only represents Medusa, but also says "Women's mysteries…KEEP AWAY", no doubt emphasising that she is a member of an illuminati woman's group.
Bees and beehives, while having Masonic representation also shows a connection to the Merovingian royal family.

Wow, my father would never read this and never get any of it!! He appreciates Beyonce videos though.

Yeah we all appreciate Beyoncé's………….errr videos, lol

A great deal of misconceptions would be avoided if only the real meaning of the eye in the triangle was explained on this site, in addition to why the 'illuminati' is trying so hard to publicize it. Unfortunately, only a magician would know this and since the author of this site has stated that he's not a practicing occultist, it's highly likely that not much will ever be understood from all-important symbol.

Found this on another site:

"In modern society where God has been replaced with science and government legislation takes the place of divine law, the all-seeing eye is usually equated with authority and surveillance. This interpretation can be seen in the logos of organizations such as DARPA in the US (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, founders of the internet) and MI5 (British intelligence) to name just a few. Both of these organizations could be considered the all-seeing eye of their respective governments."

That's not an occult interpretation of the symbols (from which they truly stem from). The eye in the triangle has not been adopted by Masonic and Occult Elite as a way of affirming their power, rather it's the very symbol that their powers are derived from. And, believe it or not, they're trying to SHARE that power with the whole world by constantly bombarding the YOUTH (because of their inquisitiveness) in the hope that they'll eventually figure it all out because it is within the capabilities of anyone human being who has the deciphered the meaning of the symbol to unleash these powers. Hint: the eye in the triangle is used as part of an elaborate ritual in ceremonial magic to conjure the spirits and dukes of hell or ANGELIC spirits that, upon successful conjuration, confer unlimited powers including the service of familiar spirits to the magician. Here's where it… Read more »

sorry for the typos. was posting my thoughts and not thinking about what to write

Could I kindly point out that Mr Vigilant may already know all of this. It is fairly well established stuff. He may have good reason not to want to lend it the power and spread the knowledge while rendering it dormant. Good day.

Guest — Thank YOU for all the information. Extremely interesting.

I would love to see articles written by you on this site!
In case you don't already know, this site allows us to post our own articles – It's a new feature created by VG. You seem to have a lot of in-depth knowledge that would interest all of us.

The thought of conjuring ANGELS is a beautiful thing…..but I, for one, would be too afraid to make a mistake and be in big trouble with demons! lol 🙂

yeah sure, i might submit something when i find some time.

guest, I copy and pasted that link and it was a nice interesting pic. It looked like a real life type of evocation. spooky.

yeah, it's the real deal….

Most symbols, and the eye definitely, have multiple meanings.

On one hand it symbolizes the Eye of Providence, or God, while at the same time it symbolizes the Illuminati being omnipresent.

Combine those two and it's a declaration that the Illuminati are microcosms of God and thus rule by divine authority, well also serving as a magical talisman to invoke higher powers to their cause.

"Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings" – Robert Plant (song was playing during this post)

So both ChloeBlue and guest's interpretations are correct.

One has to understand the concept of "as above, so below" and the Law of Correspondences to understand how talismans work and why symbols carry multiple meanings while at the same time only having one deeper meaning.

because everything is energy. If you understand the concept of energy and the laws of the universe you will understand a lot of things that go on

Uggghhhhhhhh seriously, we need to boycott everything these days

The world is a very messed up place. That's why Jesus so famously said, "Be in this world, but not of it." and VC is kindly helping everyone to see it, everyone who can see it, that is. I spent years in the fashion business and then in the film industry and I'm going to try to write an article for VC's new section in order to relate what I experienced, why I participated and why I walked away. Please try and remember not to judge the people involved in these images too harshly. They are deluded and seduced and, by worldly standards, doing what virtually all the world is telling them is the right thing to do – to become successful, famous and wealthy and almost no one, unless you have been in these people's shoes, can truly know what choices you would make under the same circumstances. Please… Read more »

very well said Gayst – thank you for that perspective. can't wait to read your post – please be speedy ! 🙂

Thank you. I've begun the article. Pray for speediness.

Very well said! This^

Very interesting things you said! I agree with you and I think too that those images are in fact quite dangerous. I will read your post too ^^

Thank you.

"It isn't lack of imagination, it's the domination of your imagination that they're after by instilling these images into your mind through the sheer power of repetition, exactly the same way you learned the ABC's as a child by repeating them over and over." Wow, how absolutely profound and simple the explanation is! Many of us have been asking, "What is the point?" over and over when viewing these repetitive symbols. I've been thinking that just by becoming *aware* of them helps to diffuse their power. Your explanation resonates as much closer to the truth, it seems. I'd like your input on this: Our minds and thoughts and imaginations are being threatened, yes? We are being herded into the one-mind mentality and being encouraged to be as docile as possible, yes? When we learned the ABC's, it was to prepare us to read, write, and communicate….. But, what IS IT… Read more »
ChloeBlue, your questions are very provocative (in a great way). I want to think about them deeply before I try to answer them. Right off the bat, though, to take your apt analogy a little further, if we were taught the ABC's in order to communicate and they are the basis for all structured thought, then what is the language these symbols and images are the building blocks for? One eye – well…if someone actually has only one eye they lack depth perception. Everything appears very flat. Peripheral vision is severely limited. It is a point of view that can be called myopic (which means nearsighted or lacking in discernment and long range planning). A cyclops: A one-eyed brutal giant with inhuman strength. The butterfly – metamorphosis from egg to larvae (caterpillar) to beautiful winged creature that feeds on the nectar of flowers (which are the sex organs of plants).… Read more »
Hello Gayst — Thanks so much – I love the way you express your self. When you said, "It isn't lack of imagination, it's the domination of your imagination that they're after….", I thought immediately of one of my favorite researchers, writers and whistle-blowers: Jon Rappoport. I get his e-newsletter and he's always just blowing me away with his immense knowledge and the very direct and powerful way of revealing illusions after illusion….lie after lie…etc. He has a large body of archives of his articles covering many important subjects that he shares freely, but the rest is for purchase. Reading his stuff feels like having the inside of my head sand-blasted….seriously, sometimes it's just all too much! LOL Love it though…..all the things I research can cause fear and confusion and sometimes I do envy the ones who can be blissfully unaware, since I used to be one of them…..but… Read more »
I love Jon Rappoport as well and am a subscriber, too. I archive some of his posts because they are so valuable and mind-blowing to me that I want to be able to go back and read them multiple times. In other words, I know what you mean about Jon Rappoport. I'm sure you wouldn't go back to being unaware because knowledge truly is power. I spent many years being really fearful of what I was seeing and the more I saw, the more scared I got until, finally, I wasn't afraid anymore. Instead I was free. Or free to the degree I was willing to bring the truths I had seen to the front of my mind and live with them out in the open, in the fresh air. I'm writing a book. It's autobiographical fiction and I'm trying to craft it into the culmination of my experiences, in… Read more »

g.a.y.s.t – Fantastic post btw and also including your comment further above. I'm also looking forward to reading your article about your experiences within the film and fashion biz, which I think is depraved

Thank you. I've begun the article. Hope it doesn't take too much longer. You're right. It is depraved.

ChloeBlue, you asked "What is the end Game?" ……"They" are preparing the world for the arrival of the AntiChrist, you need to read "Rich's" comment further above.

I feel sorry for some of these celebrities and models. I am a bartender in NYC and I've worked with some extremely talented people who wanted to make it so bad – nobody wants to end up as a bartender or waitress when their dream is to be an actress or artist. I often wonder how it feels to finally make it only to find youre now an illuminati slave! How awful would that be! I am also an artist so I know how it feels to be looked at by society as a loser who never "made it big." After researching all this stuff though, I realize that I and all the others who do some dumb job instead of making it big-we are really the lucky ones!

Wow Eve! I too live and work in NYC this spoke volumes to me as well as Gayst's post.

I know it's old, but Google "David Lee Roth illuminati" and in one of the pictures you'll see the most obvious masonic illuminati symbolism ever.

Is that pronounced "sicko" or "psycho"?

VC, did you happen to see the Jimmy Kimmel birthday episode? A Band sang him a song but it was all dark and they sang about "the day Jimmy Kimmel died." It was a really off performance that seemed nothing to do with his actual birthday. Please watch it and tell me what you think!

Yeah, the band The Killers, and that was *supposed* to be humourous. I had it on while working the other night, and it couldn't be ignored – I didn't hear or notice anything that was on before that segment for at least twenty minutes! [I only have antenna channels, so the choices are limited.] I turned it off. The guffawing of the trained seals in the audience almost made me nauseous. Bunch of cretins!