Mind Control Symbolism in Russian Pop: Vintage’s “Mikkie”


On the Vigilant Citizen, we have shown time and time again that mind control symbolism is found in pop music acts. This disturbing trend is not, however, only confined to American artists. Mind control-related themes and symbols can now be found in pop music all across the globe, as a result of the globalization of popular culture. We will look at the themes exploited by one of Russia’s most important groups, Vintage, and explain their hidden meaning.

As seen in previous articles on The Vigilant Citizen, mind control symbolism is often found in the videos of young sexy pop stars who are on the rise. In most cases, the stars take on the role of the mind control victim in the videos, making the symbolism relating to it seem cool, sexy and desirable, while the idea of mind control is unconsciously planted in the minds of young people. Many  videos depict rather vividly the harsh reality of being  “puppets of the industry”, to a point that it is all out in the open, but most viewers remain clueless because they can’t see past the thin veil of symbolism found in the videos.  This phenomenon is not only found in America, but in all parts of the world: in this case, the Russian pop group Vintage (Винтаж).

The group—Anna Pletnev, singer and composer Aleksey Romanov and dancer Svetlana Ivanov—released a single titled Mikkie, containing all of the aspects of the Illuminati agenda.  The themes of mind control, alter-personas, abuse, sexualization, and dehumanization can all be found in this video, as well as in some of their previous works. So, before we get to Mikkie, we will quickly look at two previous videos.

Previous Works

Since their debut in 2007, many of Vintage’s singles have contained some sort of commentary on social issues, like prostitution and abuse. References to mind control were also present, although the way those references were presented, the videos seemed to denounce it.

Loneliness of Love – Одиночество любви

This single portrays the singer Anna as a doll who is forced to live the life dictated her “handler”, played by a little girl.

Anna shown as a doll in a package. Mind control slaves are often portrayed as dolls or puppets as they are controlled by a “handler”
The little girl places a naked “action figure” next to Anna, a reference to sex forced on mind control slaves to gain privileges

The lyrics of the song also point toward the futility of conformity and of a life dictated by someone/something else. The best translation of the song I’ve found is probably not 100% accurate, but it is enough to convey the gist of the song. Here’s a particularly significant excerpt:

And after? After
we’ll press the button on the remote
And go to heaven easily and neatly
Curved mirrors
Well, those whom we love
we’ll never be with
Why we have forgotten
that we’re people

At the end of the video, Anna breaks the white ribbons holding her, representative of her mind-controlled state.

Sleepwalker Girls (Девочки-лунатики)

This song describes the harsh realities of a prostitute, as prostitution is a huge issue in Russia. Embedded in the video are symbols relating to mind control: prostitution, ritual abuse and slavery often go hand in hand in Eastern Europe.

Anna holding a doll to give to her daughter. The dolls looks like Anna, representative of her core persona (the real her) as her alter is the dissociative prostitute

Anna gets beaten by a Jon, who then throws money at her.

Broken mirror representative of her fractured personality, fractured life

At the end of the video, Anna is shown giving the doll to her daughter, showing that she went through all of that crap to give her things. The doll also represents Anna’s core persona, which she transmits to her daughter, hoping she will lead a better life.

New Album

The group’s new album, Sex (very subtle marketing), seems to be targeted to a younger crowd and the social commentary seem to have been replaced by outright Illuminati symbolism, on par with what is found in Western pop music.

Cover of the album Sex. Going past the fetishist theme of the cover, the blindfold also represents the “veil” in front of mind-controlled victims eye’s, while the candles allude to the ritualistic nature of sex with MK victims.


At face value, the song is a commentary on popular culture and  mass production. The authors also say it is a tribute to Michael Jackson. There is another very important issue described in this video: mind control. As seen in previous articles, Mickey Mouse (especially the Mickey Mouse hat) is often used as a code for mind control in popular culture. The involvement of Disney and Disney movies in mind control programming have been documented by Fritz Springmeier (you can download his books for free here).

Many of the recent Disney movies and cartoons are used in a two-fold manner:

  • desensitizing the majority of the population, using subliminals and neuro-linguistic programming
  • deliberately constructing specific triggers and keys for base programming of highly-impressionable MONARCH children.

– Ron Patton, Monarch Programming

This video makes full use of the Mickey Mouse = mind control code. Mikkie (Mikey Mouse) is a symbolic representation of the artist’s alter personality—the mind-controlled facade—programmed to be a shallow entertainer.

The video starts with a happy family running into Mikkie and finding its dismembered parts on the street. More on that later.

We are then taken to a Mikkie production factory, where entertainers are mass-produced.

The subject of control wakes up to be programmed. A close-up shot of her eye reveals that she had been “computerized” or “robotized”. Furthermore, the entire choreography and the mannerism of the singers and dancers are extremely robotic and mechanical, which puts an emphasis on the soulless, dehumanizing atmosphere of the setting.

Emphasis on the single eye and mouth shut reveals that the victim is subject to Illuminati mind control. The importance of the single eye is discussed many times in articles on this site.

The subject’s handlers, the ones accomplishing the programming wear monocles (c0vering one eye), a symbol of power and of Illuminati control.

In this scene, the subject seems to be giving her “essence” to her Mickey Mouse clones. Notice the “leopard” pattern on her body a reference to  “sex kitten” programming in mind control, also known as beta programming.

“This is the second Greek letter, and it represents the sexual models and sexual alters that the Programmers are creating. The primitive part of the brain is involved in this type of programming. […] Beta alters generally see themselves as cats.”
– Fritz Springmeier, Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

Mickey Mouse is then taken out of the factory and into the “real world”. Mikkie becomes Anna (the singer) and she holds a lit candle in a scene that hints to her self-destructive nature.

It would be interesting to note at this point that Omega programming in mind control relates to self-mutilation and suicide, which causes the subject to effectively “self-destruct” on command or in particular situations.

OMEGA. A “self-destruct” form of programming, also known as “Code Green.” The corresponding behaviors include suicidal tendencies and/or self-mutilation. This program is generally activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy or interrogation and too much memory is being recovered.

– Ron Patton, Monarch Programming

Right after she symbolically lights herself on fire, the scene of the car hitting Mickey is shown again. On the street we only see Mickey’s “costume” (not Anna’s body) on the street. Is this an attempt by Anna to break free from her programming?

Mickey Mouse—Anna’s alter personality programmed to entertain the masses—is then shown dancing somewhere in Russia with everyday people. She is in her “entertainment mode”.

After the crowd is gone, we see Anna standing at the same bus stop, almost nude, seeming depressed and in pain. Even if her Mikkie persona is happy and cheerful, the “real Anna”, her core personality is sad, broken and in pain. And cold.

In Conclusion

Vintage is another example of the globalization of the symbols and themes found in the world’s pop music. Way beyond being the simple the result of a trend, the repeated and constant messages found in videos across the world reflect the presence of an effective agenda in global mass media.

Vintage’s last album, combining kiddie themes and music with overt sexuality and dehumanization, brings to the masses of Russia and Eastern Europe the themes the elite want the world-wide public to be exposed to, but with a “local flavor”. The same way McDonald’s adapts their menus to fit the local culture, Illuminati themes and symbols are communicated to the masses using local artists, who speak the local language and to whom people can relate. By slowly erasing the differences between cultures to instate a global, mass-consumption culture, the New World Order is not presented to the people through the voice of a stern dictator, but with the smiley face of Mickey Mouse.


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I do wish people would stop with using the word Illuminati for everything that is occult related, with this reasoning even the church comes under this banner, the reason i mention this, is because The Veil is mentioned within this article. The Illuminati is one of these veils used by certain groups. The Illuminati is the whole majestic 12 document thing again! it's a miss-direction technique used to waste researchers time and effort in chasing ''Red Herrings'', yes i know there is people in the world who call themselves such and even documented evidence, but the majority do not and this very vague term now used gives them more room to move and do what they like! Oh it was the Illuminati again etc….. so i fully disagree with the use of this term as it lumps all society's into one group and never gives an idea of who is… Read more »

Привет! Мы из России. Спасибо за обзор, дружище!
Hi, we are reading you and we are from Russia. Thank you!

the girls blindfold says 'f**k me'! and that is for the younger audience that is disgusting

I'm not a girl But not a boy A plastic dream I'm not a toy I live and I will never die Forever young Forever number one Mickey (10x) Mouse (4x) Mickey (10x) Mouse (3x) M-Mouse, Mouse Here I am My life belongs to corporations All the space and stars can be my decorations yeah I'm Mickey, Mickey Mouse (Ouw) Play with me And you will see i'm not expensive I want you I hope you want me too so be my guest I'm Mickey, Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Here I am My life belongs to corporations.

Enough said.

You all act like it's a choice for these girls……. It's not.

You have no idea the kind of torture they've unwillingly endured to make this s**t.

So before you make judgments, like, "Wow, they're going to Hell! How could they do that?!"

Realize that it's life or death for these girls already– they've been ritualistically raped since they were the age of the young girl in the video, and probably younger. Look it up.


The "leopard print" is actually Mickey Mouse's head. D:

People wanting to reply first = ego. Lower your ego people. People want to be number one just to be noticed. Deconstruct the ego, it's a part of being free from this evil system in place. Would make a good article, yeah?

I think it would be a grave error to think these symbols are being used to control a fraction of society who have been subjected to extreme mind control.

They are ancient geometric symbols found in nature used to manipulate and control ALL of society. We have all been subjected to mind control, believe it or not. It makes no difference to me.

Hey Guys

I see now that the so called world elite have hijacked something. What it is exactly I do not know but this hijacking has given them full control of the Global Mind or Global Ego. Through this they control all of our minds and egos. It sounds strange I know but I truly think this whole thing is so huge that its on this type of scale. The only way out is to realise that we are neither our mind ie our( thoughts) or our ego or our (emotions). We are unconditional Love.

En la primera muñeca, se nota que la muñeca tiene cuerpo de hombre…o sea esa muñeca es un varón transexualizado, un tranny. siendo este aspecto el más ignorado por las masas…todas las famosas o al menos la gran mayoría son trannys, haciéndose pasar por mujeres…la época de los castrati no ha pasado. Para el efecto del presente articulo la cantante es varón.

Corrección: En la primera muñeca, se nota que la muñeca tiene cuerpo de hombre … o sea que la muñeca es un varón transexualizado, un tranny. Este aspecto es el más ignorado por las masas … todas las famosas o al menos la gran mayoría, horrywood los está haciéndose pasar por mujeres … la época de los castrati no ha pasado. Para el efecto del presente articulo el cantante es varón.


what i don't understand, is why do people say it's the illuminati making these symbols. Isn't it the artist/record label trying to "quietly" hint at what is going on with the world???

Also note the occasional screaming of the word "ow," which could be a reference to jackson, but the startled tone says otherwise, more like electroshock.

But damn that song is catchy XD

Damn, I thought Russia was anti-Illuminati? 

Amazing article mr. Vigilant, as always. I've always disliked the way pop stars nowadays are selling themselves to the masses. There are lots of artists who began with their own style and suddenly, change to a more 'selling' appearence, specially female artists who begin to show more skin and become 'sexual objects' in order to atract the masses. With your articles i understand now that sex is just a way to dumb the masses with the hidden concepts you point (because we are humans, and it awakens our primary instinct. The easiest way to convince us something is 'cool'). Thank u very much for making this articles and try to give us the oportunity to question the validity of our pop-culture and everyday bombarded media stereotypes. PD.: Sorry, i dont have a correct english PD2: It's amazing how many ppl starts to dicuss things OUT OF CONTEXT. This space is… Read more »

Kanye West's MONSTER's RUNAWAY: LUCIFER/SIRIUS Rising – DNA, 23, Nephilim, Genetic Engineering, 666, Posthumanism, 2012, Ascension, 33, 9, Nibiru, the BEAST, Cycles, Cataclysm & the Red Aeon of Horus?!


God will always prevail. (period)

I cannot believe they would make it sooo blatant! its just sick!!!

Gosh, this annoys me so much! i think music artists like this should have their limbs SMASHED WITH A MALLET. Seriously, it pisses me off beyond belief.

And people say its rock and heavy metal that has all this in. Hmph. I can'tdeny when i say SOME, but if you were to compare my favorite Japanese heavy metal band to Lady Gaga, you'll see a distinct difference.

Honestly… 'Fans' who let themselves be fooled should have a pin through the joint in their fingers, and the artists who do this rubish should be beaten with a hammer. Then, they can have a taster session of Hell.


Damn, I never thought I'd be spooked out by Mickey Mouse.

God created man and woman and the devil and original sin and then impregnated a woman to carry Jesus so he could die and come again and save us from what he originally condemned us to? He doesn't have a "back" button?

In Latinamerica there's so many singers like this one, showing in their videos Iluminati symbolism… saddly they are all over the world… I notice that at the beginning of this video they show a little girl that's in the car and wearing a Hello Kitty's jacket… i think u know what's Hello Kitty… another satanic icon

When she opens her legs a “kaching” (like a cash register sound) sound is made. “Sex sells”

From 1:02-1:04 when her face starts smiling but goes back to almost apathetic it sounds like wires are shorting out or her control is trying to make her void of emotions.

I want to point out when Anna is in the tube thing with the mikkie mouse stamps all over her body it looks like one eye is covered with something black.


God is real. Grow up.


wa lang . . . . . . .!

correct. . . . . !

I remember when I first saw russian music videos on t.v, I was very impressed with the quality of the videos, obviously very expensive… but most kinda x-rated… I was wondering how did they get such money if their market is very small… they get only money from touring because all music in Russia is pirate and they play clubs not huge stadiums… I think whoever is financing this record labels and artists is definately dark… Look at this piece of "art", see what I'm talking about, it's Seryoga "Disco malaria" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE9dWPWR3MY&fe… I think Disco Malaria describes the new "decease" of the russian population… the lack of morals. Anorexia and obsession with beauty, love of money (even turning into a mail order bride to get a husband with money), fornication, no faith, drugs… I was once talking to an old lady and she told me her generation was over the… Read more »
You're absolutely right. It's a fact that Russian music business is unprofitable, yet the videos get more & more expensive & the number of Russian music channels constantly grows. What's even more amazing not a single governmental body puts any effort in fighting piracy. I used to think it was due to negligence, but know I am pretty confident it is deliberate policy. I mean what if all DVDs & CDs were licensed? – The majority of the populace would not be able to buy them. But since the pirate produce is extremely cheap – crappy Russian & Western music & Hollywood trash have been spreading for the last decade like virus! The corruption, dehumanization & degradation this virus has been inducing is enormous. I'm not an old lady, I'm only 25 years old & even I am truly shocked with the current levels of morality & integrity, especially among… Read more »


(i think its french or something)



Think globally. Act locally.

I live in Korea, and I've seen a lot of this crap on TV, the radio, and even on my cousins' iPods! Illuminati is going worldwide; all we can do is to resist… and never give up.

Lol I'm scared but oh well. As long as you've got God… God bless them though (the ones that don't know what they're doing) hopefully God can guide them.

You forgot this little bit:

that's right, a checkerboard-face.

It's only there for a few frames of video, but that proves this was meant to be subliminal. yeah you read that right- 'proves'.

GOD DOES EXIST. God created me, you & every other human being that is alive. God created nature, animals, etc. Either you believe and live for God OR you obey Lucifer (satan/the devil) and his demons. There are only TWO sides which are; (1) good or (2) evil. These 2 sides war against one another. That's why I allow God's Spirit (the Holy Spirit) to be inside of me, helping me do right instead of wrong. When you reject God you are accepting the devil. That's the choice you have made when you resist God and God's ways. There is no "neutral territory" or middle ground. Period. It's always either or. EITHER you are one of God's people OR you belong to the evil one. I GAVE MY LIFE BACK TO MY CREATOR, GOD, OVER 2 YEARS AGO. God's Word, the Holy Bible, is my guide that teaches me how… Read more »

Stop arguing about your irrelevant differences in views and look at the facts of what the media is feeding you. They are trying to brain wash and desensitize this generation to not want commited relationships and whole families. The whole basis of society revolves around the family unit and just because it hasn’t been right all the time doesnt mean it isn’t right. Don’t just look at all the negative examples look at all the positives of a whole family and what it produces in people. Sex is there for pleasure and procreation so if it is in the confines of marriage then it can function properly. If you have a warped sense of sexuality then you are going to think up wierd stuff to do and thats what messes up good sex. keep it real

Is there not any keyword, symbol, song that will trigger some mind control victims to switch to another personality ? So then we can trigger them while in an interview or whatever and maybe more people can see what is going on…. I just would like that more people know about this.

Introducing the one, the only, the Father of Lies: I've been here since the beginning Know exactly how you work I know all of your cravings Know what makes you go berserk Been lying from the start just to make you play a party in my infinite rebellion against the Father God Hate Everything he is And I make you hate him too Make you hate him with your actions it's so easy for me to do 'Cause you like it… Sin feels good for the ego… You love it… Oh, come on baby let your hair go And all the time, I'm winding you up Like my perfect little puppet, you're my favorite robot, welcome to the show but I'm watching you and all of hell is with me too, helping me make my lies look true Oh and there is a lie that works for everyone, everyone A… Read more »

excellent poem! that describes satan perfectly

his agenda IS to get humans (God's creation) to reject God & rebel against God's ways

that's what Lucifer did, he disobeyed God, he disrespected God & he rebelled in an attempt to replace God with himself


Hey, Look at what the girl in the car is wearing, HELLO KITTY? Beta programming.

Well they're more convincing than Gaga and I used to consider myself a Little Monster. I mean this almost makes me *wanna* be mk'ed 😕

Very sad how this has spread. One of your best articles.

Fantastic article vigilent, but you have forgotten to mention the fact that disney has also allowed it's most significant representative (that being mickey mouse) to be sexualized. mickey mouse women dancing around in thongs and the like.

you would have thought the oh so wonderful, family friendly ahem monster that disney is would have filed law suits and everything else in it's power to stop this copyright infringement even being released. OH. clearly not. disney doesn't mind too much.

Amazing article! Very eye-opening. Can you take a look at this video by another Russian band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFch7ZHfHIA. Tell me what you think.

And this is quite an interesting video to look at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl7trL03BLA.

I've noticed that foreign artists tend to follow American trends in music. Not to say that that these insights are incorrect, but could it be possible that this is a type of imitation merely to sell albums to a wider audience? After all, considering the following Lady Gaga and those of her ilk have, it wouldn't be difficult to see the profit potential in ths kind of mimicry….just a thought.

. I was once a Christian, then I became a Muslim, now I’m neither. I believe that religions seperate and divide people, a continuous us vs. them or “My religion is the true path.” “NO MINE IS”. I believe in one god but not the fables written by men.

the very foundation of separate religions is totally different! If you read for example Bible and Qur'an with open heart you will see the 'God' presented in those books is NOT the same

shes pretty….2 bad shes stuck in the illuminati….

Hi there!

I've been reading a lot about your analysis on music videos and I must say…ALL YOUR WORKS ARE WELL DONE!!! anyway, I was watching a music video of daddy yankee on youtube and I saw his new music video…I was struck by all these obvious Illuminati symbols and I though of this site….you should watch it… .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpoFBlH4wMI…and make an analysis of it.

Reggaeton was supposed to be a seasonal trend, everyone thought it was going to be over soon, the masses got tired of it quickly, but the media started pushing it like crazy. Daddy Yankee is an untractive dude with an ordinary speaking voice (just like Jay-z) but he has been empowered by the media like crazy and he has been on top for a while. I was thinking about this the other day… also his crazy song Gasolina was played all over the world and I recall the video with the undecent women, the fire… I don't have to see more, Daddy Yankee & co. are definately iluminati.

Ok,, how can these "artists" and die-hard fans think that these stretched out call-girl ads to pop music is anything more than a degradation of values and integrity and debasement of the human psyche. This was absolutely gross to me. If she isn't a mind controlled slave then she's just a sad, nasty s**t being pimped out to the world for fame and fortune. This goes for all of those "amazing" artists who somehow confused lingerie and sexual gyrations to clothes and dancing.

Good insight Vigilant

Though your work is quite informing about the knowledge some possess and use for nefarious ends I find it quite tragic that people are still pointing fingers rather than reflecting on themselves and seeing how they directly relate to such attitudes. There is no action without an equal and opposite reaction my friends. Instead of putting the blame on someone or a supernatural something let the healing take place at your level with you. I wish I could say this more clearly but many opinions are closed to the discovery or apocalypse as you will of what all this really means. This time is no time to fear, we humans are just young, and we are growing up, please take responsibility.

Great job, Vigilant. c:

Though, another thing I tend to notice with these videos – in relation to Mickey Mouse is Hello Kitty.

When the little girl jumped out of her car, she was wearing a Hello Kitty sweatshirt. Just as Lady Gaga seems to love the Hello Kitty everything; aka, her very suspicious photoshoot.

Just a thought.

Thanks again for these articles!

She looked really sad

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcaJIUBoMnw French pop ! Mylène Farmer !