Nickelodeon’s Illuminati-Themed Show “House of Anubis” Hits America


Nickelodeon’s hit show House of Anubis,  already airing in Belgium and Netherlands is due to air in the US for the first time in January 2011. An official trailer has been released and, boy oh boy, its hard to make things more obvious.

You’ve probably noticed:

Hidding one eye – from what I understand, this character is under the control of the owner of the House of Anubis.
Some sort of occult secret society ritual. The person is about to throw up the Rocafella sign! But seriously, this handsign is used by some circles to open actual occult rituals.
Stylized All-Seeing Eye, derived from the Eye of Horus in the logo….although its about Anubis…the god of the Dead.

House of Anubis seems to be yet another show bathing today’s youth in a precise set of symbols – that are also found in their favorite music videos and movies. Guess we’ll need to keep and “eye” on this show.

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I watch this with my child .it is all symbols and the movie is about ra needing a sacrvice .my child loves it we watch it so i can keep an eye on it its all the triangle and one eye watch a show you will see even more than you ever thought . I can see all the signs but im not leaving her to watch alone and not know whats going on .

I'm proud to say I'm 15 and I'm aware of this illuminati agenda, now if only we could open the eyes of others.

yeah well, I'm 16, a guy and I'm in LOVE with this show it's the best!
ok first things first, if you haven't watched the damn show why are you making false judgements and giving false facts? the girl (Patricia) is covering her eye, it's like their clubs code I guess they cover their eye and say "Sibuna" (Anubis, backwards so they wont get caught) when they're about to go looking for the hidden treasure. And yeah they do hidden rituals, which I didn't like. but anyway, Anubis is the god of embalming, not the dead!! it's totally different when you say "of the dead" get it straight yo! house of Anubis is awesome! but now they're showing it as PPV.. (-_-") anyway…
first, watch the show, THEN judge it.

This show is definitely illuminati mind control to the extreme, just another mickey mouse club. But on the serious tip people, educate yourselves in true Ancient Egyptian history. First off The God Anubis (or An-pu originally) has absolutely nothing to do with evil. He helps those who's heart is lighter than a feather make it through their judgement in front of Osiris and all the Deities of good( except the half lion-crocodile part man which eats your soul if you are evil).The few evil Deities are Seth and a few minor gods who was the brother of Osiris but killed him to take over his reign of protecting everything and everyone. So his Wife Isis and their son Horus(eye of horus) resurrected him but became The God of the underworld (we do all die, dont we?) Horus then was tasked with Avenging his father and Killed Set( restoring good to… Read more »

i just new this i just watched the earliest ep nd they said something about the all seeing eye anyone can research it says some pretty interesting things nd they plant all of this in these show so the kids that watch it wont notice nd willll grow up thinking that this stuff is ok i tell u this dnt watch this show u will bust hell wide open watching this crap thats just like saying it ok for my kids or kid to mess with this evil stuff nd its not im not one to judge ones parenting but its not recommended that anyone watches this now u dnt kno what ur inletting n ur ear nd eye gates

do u know what the name of the house mother is she got fired in the 2end 2 last one

I've been watching this show for a week and there's nothing wrong with it. The kids are trying to uncover a mystery in the house, not a big deal. You should really watch the show before screaming "illuminati!!!"

It has NOTHING to do with Illuminate, that sign the first girl is doing is just the sign of SIBUNA, a secret club of students, and its a Nick show, come on, do you really think Nick would poison your childeren with Illuminati bullshit.

Today was creepy! I must confess I like watching this show.

Ever since I started reading Vigilant Citizen I am more aware of the illuminati symbolism in the media.

In the show today some of the kids decided to make a club named Sibuna (Anubis backwards) and their secret "handshake" is them covering their eye.

All you have to do is type in Sibuna in a Google image search and you will see a bunch of kids and teens covering their eye to show that they are fans of the show. This show really is brainwashing children.

Just a bunch of emo phucking dumbritish kids. Most dumb fukcin show ever created. Some of them b*****s dont even have a natural British accent so they fake it. I hope all of the actors die in some kind of accident so i never suffer with tv shows like this.

I knew this show was bad ever since I saw the eye in the logo and an eye blinking in the background of the opening credits.

When I 1st saw the ad for it, I was like "Its official, no disney for my kids." The illuminati was the 1st thing that popped into my head seeing it. smh

one thing that was not mentioned in this article is that Anubis, the god of death (as he noted), is Horus's, the god of the sky/fire, half brother. they both are Osiris's sons but Horus's mother is Isis and Anubis's mother is Nephthys. "Anubis is a son of Ra in early myths, but later he became known as son of Osiris and Nephthys, and in this role he helped Isis mummify his dead father. Indeed, when the Myth of Osiris and Isis emerged, it was said that when Osiris had died, Osiris' organs were given to Anubis as a gift. With this connection, Anubis became the patron god of embalmers: during the funerary rites of mummification, illustrations from the Book of the Dead often show a priest wearing the jackal mask supporting the upright mummy. Anubis' half-brother is Horus the Younger, son of Osiris and Isis." also regarding the all… Read more »

damn!….that girl has one bigass hand/arm, like they shooped it.

only in belgium and netherlans will it air. so we wont need to worry about the youth in usa, i think these are shows that usually revolve around secret society in school and mysterious phenomena on school, maybe writers ran out of ideas or theres an over amount of similar school shows and want to do their own thing.

What bothers me most is the occult takeover of the TSA.

Seriously. Do some research into the Golden Dawn rituals, in particular "Theoricus." It's where they learn to control demons of the air. The Golden Dawn ritual wherein they receive this power has them state, "the powers of air witness my pledge."

They then are taught to salute the air by putting their hands above their heads, palms upwards. Just like the TSA requires people wanting to travel though the air (getting on a plane) to pay homage to these demons by giving the same sign.

Maybe the TSA believes that having passengers worship air spirits will reduce the likelihood of a disaster. Personally, I'll put my trust in JC and undergo the assault that passes for a pat-down before I'll worship demons just to get on a plane.

Aha! I knew there was something wrong with this show! House of Anubis, the name of the show gives it away! I mean c'mon, the Egyptian God of Death? That's just weird; just stick to I-Carly. We will just have to wait for future episodes to see if they continue this madness…..

They already have Nick and Disney, I pray they do not take CN.

damn man this is just overly blatant and a lot of people, more than you think are starting to catch on to this type of s**t. i saw this mess the other day on nicktoons, and I was just asking myself why? its bad enough with these god forsaken artist, but then they have to expose this kinda s**t to children. I only hope that more people wake up and realise this crap before it's too late…

i knew it! when i saw the commercial for this show i automatically hoped to see something about it on here.

you never disappoint, citizen!

Black people are the true people . If anything, "we" are the illuminati . The white man takes our s**t and act it out in rituals , music, movies and whatever outlet they can muster . Look up BRO PANIC on youtube .

i actually live in the netherlands. 1 day i was sick, nothing on TV. then i stumbled into this. I couldn't believe wat i saw. Now i am not one to see a conspiracy behind everything. But recently someone told me about illuminati and that kinda stuff. Some things i believe, most things not. But when i saw this i was like, damn maybe there is such a thing. and maybe it's bigger than i or everyone thinks. I think people should see and find out for them selves.

If there is evil, theres good too

Wow I just seen the commercial for the show today, I heard Anubis and thought : wait…..thats just crazy, they cant actually be doing this! smh

I mispelled it's next.I just can't type today.

Correct.My siblings and i were watching television and we saw this promo for the show.We didn't say anything-we could only look at each other.My brothers are 10 and 12 and they know about these things.And then people older than all of us don't know or simply don't want to listen.Then again how could you not?Symbolism is every where.I just hate that the nest generation like myself have to be brought up in this age.

Thank you sir for all these articles in your website.They are all pretty enlightening.Regarding the 'the eye of Horus' I am reminded of the warning of the prophet of Islam when he said concerning the Dajjal [the AntiChrist], "I warn you against him; there is no Prophet who has not warned his people against him, even Noah warned his people against him. But I will tell you something which no other Prophet has told his people. You must know that the Dajjal is one-eyed, and God is not one-eyed." which means that these people are preparing for his coming which may not be long.

i promise when i was lookin at this show on Nick i saw it .. i was like this is a illuminate show . i willl NOT be watching it ..

Lady Gaga is probably going to make a guest appearance on the show. Jay- Z might join in.

What? It's not like they wouldn't be interested…

They are all pieces of s**t working for this Satanic agenda.

It gets more and more obvious to what their doing…..

This S**t Is Creepy.You Can Literally Find Eyes EVERYWHERE.Tv Shows.Movies.At Publix.HIDDEN ON MY DAMN T SHIRT!.How Can This Be Fake?

Pete as in 'agent J' aka MARTIN GILL….aka SAINT PETER of the ROCKEFELLERS?

The FAIRY RING of the jooish orthodox radio 'people controller' networks is down – it never really worked anyway.

The different coloured 'jewels' of other desks – i.e. 'lights in the centre of the fairy ring' – known as the sprinkles on the donut in relation to the Rockefellers – are now also 'under control'. The 'hole in the middle' as in CERN boxes acting as parasites upon the cabling of the UK are now 'dealt with' (they used to send back negative energy collected from microchipped slaves to this demonic organisation).

The ill cult paedophiles now all have microchipped penises which send the right signals to their brains.

What is left to do?

The NWO is finished.

I remember when I first saw the commercial on television. I said to myself "That, is the most blatant obvious Illuminati related show I've ever seen." Perhaps in their process of trying to dumb down society they got a tad bit 'dumbed down' themselves.

although i know about all these s**t going on in this world, i dont have the courage to tell others about it. i mean, i'm only fifteen, and when i tell my mum about this, she thinks i'm crazy.

There is a right way to inform people about this hidden agenda. If the person you are trying to wake up is a Christian, simply refer them to Revelations in the Bible and point out the obvious signs of how sin has become morally acceptable in our society, our technological advances, and the obvious signs of an attempt at the establishment of a One World government. If the person you are trying to wake up is an atheist, point out ways of how our govermnet is detrimental to our health and well-being by talking about the poisoning of our food and water supply, Big Brother, the FCC wanting to censor the internet, the corporatization of America, etc. If you introduce a conversation on these topics, people will more readily accept what you have to say because the evidence around them is undeniable. Once you whet their appetite for more information… Read more »

lol same here! my moms thinks im nuts whenever I tell about this stuff, though

And I'm pretty sure I saw a checkerboard floor in there….

I'm 15. Would've loved that show a few years ago – and never noticed the symbolism.

I am 14 and I've decided to disregard television as a part of my everyday life, it's not all that nesececary

Don't forget the Cartoon Network show called "Tower Prep" which is essentially the same thing as House of Anubis, except it's about children being kidnapped and waking up at a private boarding school where they are held prisoner. It includes it's own robe-wearing secret society called "Ravens", which is blatantly based on skull & bones, and the main character carries around a eyeball which is a clue about "The Cyclops" who is the creator of the school, and wears an eye-patch.

The "writer" of this clearly Christian (or perhaps, Catholic?) blog does realize that Freemasons, Illuminati and Occult are three different things right? lol

You do realize the Illuminati were nothing more than a group of people that instead of converting to the catholic church decided to take up science…and were driven 'underground' in Europe years ago. Occult and Freemasons are seperate despite rumors that the Illuminati and freemasons joined together at some point.

The fact that you mislead your daft readers into thinking there is more to these groups is amusing; considering two of them don't believe in the Christian God or Devil..and your subtle jabs at the Pagan religion don't go un-noticed either. Pathetic.

Dr. Fudge, the illuminati go back to ancient Babylon, actually. They, headed by Nimrod, where the ones who originally wanted a world government etc, and Nimrod was the first governor over men. He hunted men as well as animals, he was violent. When the Tower of Babel project was thwarted, they all dispersed and went underground from there. They are rearing their ugly head at this point in history (also known as going public) because they think they are at the point where they can actually pull it off. Have you not read Alfred Pike's extract on the 3 world wars from Morals and Dogma? Whether accurate to the dot or not, it does show the mindset of these people, and also shows that they intended to overcome the world to rule it, one step at a time. Look up Agenda 21. It's in the public domain and is quite… Read more »

Everything about your "comment" is wrong and misleading.

1- VC says he's a mystic Christian, not Catholic. Read his about section.

2- Your simplistic description of Illuminati and Freemasonry is misleading. It is much more complex than that. Illuminati was not simply about science, but about preserving Hermetism, occultism and ancient Mystery school rites.

3- I don't see anything on this site based on the "Christian god and devil" and I've never read "jabs at paganism". The author actually provides quite accurate descriptions of symbols, without any Christian slant.

Take your false accusations elsewhere, people here see through your bullshit.

i bet you guys watch this show more than your kids do…your falling right into their plan. seriously this website aint stoppin anything. you have to use force to get what you want (for you guys i assume its control of the world) so go kill the president and cause chaos and mayhem in the streets of D.C. then you can air all christian networks and no mtv or music channels. seriously you guys are all talk no action.

How do you know what actions we are putting into place inour homes?????

I was watching Spongebob with my son the other day and one of the characters was apart of a secret society which oddly resembled the Freemasonry. Spongebob and his best friend sneak into an initiation ceremony and I turned the channel after that. But the building was a pyramid and everyone had on red robes and hats with and eye on it. I think that is absolutely sick to put that in a children's cartoon.

ONE EYE in nearly every SHOT.

I Knew This Was Some Sort of Illuminati Show.

Well No Surprise, it's from Nickelodeon.

Are you frightened yet? Just one b.s. piece of propaganda after another. DUMMMMMMMMMB-DOWWNNNNNN idiots watching DUMMMMMMMMMMB-DOWWWWWWWWWWWN t.v.

It's scary how many parents will allow their children to watch this..totally unaware of the real meaning behind it. It's very scary seeing the indoctrination happening to the young children. younger and younger..they are being deceived. and their parents are so brainwashed!

Wow thanks VC!!! The first time I seen the preview for this show, I catched the symbolism very quickly! I thought you would do some investagating on this!

did anyone notice the masonic handshake?

You better tell it like it is.

Its becoming alot harder for us teenagers to find something thats not soaked with symbolism to watch or listen to these days =_= smh

I'm proud to say I'm 15 and I don't watch this bullshit.

I know what's up, and I know what's happening, thanks to VC.

When I first discovered the Illuminati and stuff, this was the first website I came to.

VC really helped educate me 🙂

Now I can protect myself and know the signs.

I knew something was wrong with this show, when i first saw the commercial i got a really bad vibe from it.

and i'm pretty sure the idea of one girl missing and the other girl 'replacing her' goes right along with the whole mind control idea. (Think christina aguilera's lyrics in her song that VC did an article over, "not myself tonight", which are "i'm not the same girl")

other lyrics in that song where:

I'm out of character

I'm in rare form

And If you really knew me

You'd know its not the norm………..

Cause I'm doing things that I normally won't do

The old me's gone I feel brand new

………I'm not myself tonight

Tonight I'm not the same girl same girl

…..Someone call the doctor cause I lost my mind

….In the morning

When I wake Up (not the same wake up shes implying)

I'll go back to the girl I used to be

also I just watched trey-songs/songz/whatever's video 'bottoms up' and was suprised to see checkered floors, as well as Minaj spitting the line "rest in peace Anna Nicole Smith" (or something very similar to the whole RIP thing).it's not article worthy, but wtf, I feel sorry for the people who don't see this stuff. I can't believe what I was blind to before sites like VC. I feel the most sorry for the people that have no idea about any of this, but also for the people who know about it but choose to ignore the facts.