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Pop Artists Featured in Creepy “Digital Death” Campaign



Pop Artists Featured in Creepy "Digital Death" Campaign

I am all for fighting AIDS and helping third world countries. I am even for the use of shocking material to make people aware of important issues…but there is something utterly wrong with this celebrity-centered campaign: it pure deshumanization.  Buy Life aims to raise money to fight AIDS in Africa and India, which is a noble cause.The marketing campaign however seems to be an extension of the “culture of death” that permeates today’s mass media.

Pop Artists Featured in Creepy "Digital Death" Campaign

Showing dead artists who “sacrificed themselves”, the campaign urges you to do the same by texting to “90999” – a rather odd choice of number. Some of the sacrificed celebrities are Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and Willow Smith. The website is filled with death and sacrifice-related elements. Here’s a screenshot of the site.

Pop Artists Featured in Creepy "Digital Death" Campaign

But the most disturbing aspect of the campaign is the “Buy Life” bar-code t-shirts that sets weird precedents.

Pop Artists Featured in Creepy "Digital Death" Campaign

Pop Artists Featured in Creepy "Digital Death" Campaign

There something intrinsically wrong with the concept of “buying life”. Is human life a commodity that can be dealt in a monetary transaction? Well this is the “face value” of the shirts and the message our brain subliminally registers. To make this even weirder, the barcode on the t-shirts are REAL. They can be scanned with a smart phone to effectively “buy life”. You therefore become a walking-talking purchasable product.

Pop Artists Featured in Creepy "Digital Death" Campaign

A charity is the ultimate way to introduce such things without getting any backlash. I mean, how can you be against curing AIDS? You can’t. Is charity being used to bring forth dehumanizing concepts into the mainstream? I sincerely hope not, but, seeing the budget involved in this, there might be a higher agenda there.

One thing is for sure: you’ll never see me walking around with a damn barcode on me!

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Pop Artists Featured in Creepy "Digital Death" Campaign

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Look at the obvious, gender-bending, intersex (hemorphadite) mexxage in the Willow and Jaden Smith picture. Willow (the girl) is sporting masculine "corn rows" while Jaden (the boy) dons feminine coiffed coils. Their pose is almost incensuous. What ever happened to fathers protecting their children? It's so disappointing to see children used as commodities this way.


im 15 also and so glad for this site my cousin had told me things like this and im happy more people know about it. but its saddening when i tell people at school and they just laugh and be sarcastic, i really just want people to know the truth, n then make your choice. i don’t even know what to do anymore i feel everything is fake, i kinda don’t want to go to school because i just want to focus on god and better myself, but its so hard when everything around is satanic, music, TV, etc. im seriously lost and upset because a lot of bad things influence me and bring me further from god, and i know your not suppose to fear, but i’m scared.


Cure AIDS my nose… Same ‘cure’ as Bill Gates’ vaccines.
90999 is an inverted play on two numbers – 606 and 666 – both associated with antichrist figure and both being whole or part of the famous number of a man (six hundred threescore and six).
Death is indeed becoming prominent – for a reason to come…


Remember Dark Angel? All the GMO people had barcodes on the backs of their necks. This is nothing new 🙂


P.S. maybe not that way exactly but some other charity because I really don't like the "sacrificing MY life" part of the campaing on the website. Even though it's not really happening I still don't even want to click on it. It's just the thought that bothers me.


Oh noes, it KILLS FAMOUS people too!

NOW I care.


All I can say is TRAUMATIZING! Seeing this was very psychologically traumatizing for me. I had to turn off the T.V. and regroup myself for the rest of the evening. If I were a celebrity I would not have even wanted to participate in this campaign. This indeed was not about raising money for AIDS on a deeper level. All the celebreties involved could have donated money to raise the specified amount for the cause. This is a specific attempt to perpetuate the culture of death. Celebreties beware: It has been said that art imitates life.



Making it "popular" to want to die for a cause. Making it you're responsibility to DIE to help others? what's next? Die to save the planet? they are already pushing that saying there are too many of us. And that "having children is bad for the environment".


i thought this campaign was messed up the second i heard about it. these celebrities are basically blackmailing their fans into donating their money. I wonder how much $$ these rich celebrities have donated, if any at all. I just read that kim kardashian made $8 million this year, donating 1/8 of a years income is hardly gonna break the bank…


Oh yes….THE barcode…just great.

and this is to help the AIDS victims in Africa…I am African, and I am aware of the horrors of HIV around me, its really sad. but to have to 'kill' few lives to save many, now thats just a disturbing idea…I think back, they imitate Jesus who died to save the lives of many, well except that they create diseases and disasters then later on, pose and saviors…


FINALLY! I was wondering when you would right an article on this retarded campaign. I don’t understand how they were trying to promote life with death. Especially since the charity is co-owned by one of the ‘deceased’. I have a huge problem dishing out cash to those that already have it to give. I discussed it on a post: You should check it out.


I totally agree… And Alicia has totally lost her mind. I'm glad I know about this website because the first time I saw the campaign I knew what it was about. Well they won't be getting a cent from me because I don't know if the money actually goes to charity or funds their secret agendas. They were better off dead and we didn't have to deal with their mindless tweets!

Managed IT Services

I just watched the videos with their faces reading their last testimonies with melancholy and pride.In turn, they plead for us to buy back their digital life.They can rot in hell for all i care.This is indeed creepy!!


I have just realised something about the texting number…. 90999 ; It's probably not linked but I realised it anyway.

9+9+9+9 is 36.

If you split the number up, 3 6 is 3 and 6 and what is 666?

3 6s!

It might be nothing, but there you go!


What I wanna know is how much of the $1,126,778 actually is going to AIDS research and how much is Kim Kardashian getting paid!

Total BS! Not only is the campaign's idea sick and wrong in general, but I'm sure no matter how much money these gullable people donate it wont cure AIDS

Samantha James Riley

This is a disgrace to what the human race has become. I am 15 years old, i turn off the tv and stay the HELL away from mainstream crap they have now.

But this is horrible, can these people actually be proud of what they've done and become? DIGITAL DEATH? BS!


oh ya sex sells also take a look at their logo on the women's breasts


Barcodes are associated with numbers at the bottom, except the marks at the first, middle, and end. Notice the marks of “||" these marks are the same marks at the first, in the middle and at the end! Its the number "6" Pick up a barcode and look at the number 6 now look how it is the same lines for the first, middle, Last. The number "666" is hidden in every UPC bar code! (If you don't believe it, get a bar code and look at it!) Terry Cook, the Mark of the New World Order, 1996: ". . . the entire system [UPC barcode] is very deceptively designed around the infamous numerical configuration, Biblically known as 666, the mark of the Antichrist or devil (Revelation 13:16-18). . ." (Terry Cook, The Mark of the New World Order, 1996, p. 376) Bob Fraley, the Last Days in America, 1984: "The interpretation of the Universal Product Code marks is most revealing in that the three numbers '666' are the key working numbers for every designed Universal Product Code. Every group of Universal Product Code marks has in it three unidentified numbers. All three of these numbers are 6, making the… Read more »


I am also a young follower of this site (14), and I find this very thought provoking


Poor willow smith..shes just ten! Even in her whip my hair video they were dancing on masonic checkboard patterns.


im still 15 but i understand all vigilant's articles well

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