The Economist: A Powerful Elite IS Secretly Running Things…but You’re Still Crazy


A rather strange article recently appeared in the Economist admitting to a global elite deciding issues in secret. The article still calls those questioning those methods “conspiracy theorists” and makes them sound crazy…even though they were right all along. Just to refresh everybody’s memories, here’s the definition of  “conspiracy”.

“a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act”

If we look at the Bilderberg Group, it is definitely made of secret agreements between two or more people. Are the acts discussed unlawful? They are surely undemocratic – little to no elected officials attend to those meetings. In a democracy, elected officials have the mandate to decide public policies. Not CEO’s of corporations.  I am only stating the obvious here, but the obvious does not seem obvious anymore.

Here’s the article from the Economist (whose editor attends the Bilderberg group

“YOU can do nothing against a conspiracy theory,” sighs Etienne Davignon. He sits in a lofty office with a stupendous view over Brussels, puffing his pipe. He is an aristocrat, a former vice-president of the European Commission and a man who has sat on several corporate boards, but that is not why some people consider him too powerful. He presides over the Bilderberg group, an evil conspiracy bent on world domination. At least, that is what numerous websites allege; also that it has ties to al-Qaeda, is hiding the cure for cancer and wishes to merge the United States with Mexico.

In reality, Bilderberg is an annual conference for a few dozen of the world’s most influential people. Last year Bill Gates and Larry Summers hobnobbed with the chairman of Deutsche Bank, the boss of Shell, the head of the World Food Programme and the prime minister of Spain. One or two journalists are invited each year, on condition that they abstain from writing about it. (Full disclosure: the editor of The Economist sometimes attends.)

Because the meetings are off the record, they are catnip to conspiracy theorists. But the attraction for participants is obvious. They can speak candidly, says Mr Davignon, without worrying how their words might play in tomorrow’s headlines. So they find out what other influential people really think. Big ideas are debated frankly. Mr Davignon credits the meetings for helping to lay the groundwork for creating the euro. He recalls strong disagreement over Iraq: some participants favoured the invasion in 2003, some opposed it and some wanted it done differently. Last year the debate was about Europe’s fiscal problems, and whether the euro would survive.

The world is a complicated place, with oceans of new information sloshing around. To run a multinational organisation, it helps if you have a rough idea of what is going on. It also helps to be on first-name terms with other globocrats. So the cosmopolitan elite—international financiers, bureaucrats, charity bosses and thinkers—constantly meet and talk. They flock to elite gatherings such as the World Economic Forum at Davos, the Trilateral Commission and the Boao meeting in China. They form clubs. Ethnic Indian entrepreneurs around the world join TiE (The Indus Enterprise). Movers and shakers in New York and Washington join the Council on Foreign Relations, where they can listen to the president of Turkey one week and the chief executive of Intel the next. The world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, a Mexican telecoms tycoon, hosts an annual gathering of Latin American billionaires who cultivate each other while ostensibly discussing regional poverty.

Davos is perhaps the glitziest of these globocratic gatherings. Hundreds of big wheels descend on the Swiss ski resort each year. The lectures are interesting, but the big draw is the chance to talk to other powerful people in the corridors. Such chats sometimes yield results. In 1988 the prime ministers of Turkey and Greece met at Davos and signed a declaration that may have averted a war. In 1994 Shimon Peres, then Israel’s foreign minister, and Yasser Arafat struck a deal over Gaza and Jericho. In 2003 Jack Straw, Britain’s foreign secretary, had an informal meeting in his hotel suite with the president of Iran, a country with which Britain had no diplomatic ties. But Davos is hardly a secretive institution: it is crawling with journalists. The other globocratic shindigs are opening up, too. Even Bilderberg has recently started publishing lists of participants on its website.

Some American organisations, such as foreign-policy think-tanks, are also well placed to exert global influence. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, for example, has established itself as one of the most globally trusted talking-shops, with offices in Beijing, Beirut, Brussels and Moscow, as well as Washington—though it has yet to fulfil the vision of its founder, Andrew Carnegie, who wanted it to abolish war. The key to wielding influence, says Jessica Mathews, Carnegie’s president, is “very simple. You hire the best people.”

In countries where think-tanks are subservient to the state, such as China and Russia, foreign outfits such as Carnegie enjoy a reputation for independence. If they can back this up with useful knowledge, they can sway policy. For example, Carnegie scholars advised the authors of Russia’s post-Soviet constitution. And when relations between American and Russia grew frosty under President George W. Bush, Carnegie’s Moscow office helped keep a line of communication open between the two governments.

Such meetings are “an important part of the story of the superclass”, says Mr Rothkopf, the author of the eponymous book. What they offer is access to “some of the world’s most sequestered and elusive leaders”. As such, they are one of “the informal mechanisms of [global] power”.

Some globocrats think the importance of forums like Davos is overstated. Howard Stringer, the boss of Sony, is the kind of person you would expect to relish such gatherings. Welsh by birth, American by citizenship, he took over Japan’s most admired company in 2005, when it was in serious trouble, and turned it around in the face of immense cultural obstacles. He says he has enjoyed trips to Davos in the past but will not attend this year. He can learn more, he says, by listening to his 167,000 employees.

On the face of it there seems much to be said for the world’s shakers and movers meeting and talking frequently. Yet for all their tireless information-swapping, globocrats were caught napping by the financial crisis. Their networks of contacts did throw up a few warnings, but not enough to prompt timely action.

The limits of jaw-jaw

Jim Chanos, a hedge-fund manager who made his first fortune betting that Enron was overvalued, warned the G8 finance ministers in April 2007 that banks and insurance firms were heading for trouble. He made another fortune when bank shares crashed, but is still furious that his warnings were politely ignored. He thinks it an outrage that several senior regulators from that period are still in positions of power. And he accuses some bankers of “a wholesale looting of the system” by paying themselves bonuses based on what they must have known were phantom profits. He thinks they should be prosecuted.

Globocrats failed to avert the crisis, but they rallied once it struck. Rich-country governments acted in concert to prop up banks with taxpayers’ money. In America the response was led by a well-connected trio: Hank Paulson, George Bush junior’s treasury secretary and a former boss of Goldman Sachs; Tim Geithner, Barack Obama’s treasury secretary and a former boss of the New York Federal Reserve, as well as a veteran of the IMF, the Council on Foreign Relations and Kissinger Associates; and Ben Bernanke, of Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton and the Bush White House, who is now chairman of the Federal Reserve. The bail-outs were unpopular everywhere, but may have prevented the world’s banking system from imploding.

Governments are now trying to craft rules to prevent a recurrence. Lots of people have offered advice. Among the weightier contributions was a report from the Group of Thirty (G30), an informal collection of past and present central-bank governors. The Volcker Report, advocating a central clearing mechanism for derivatives trading and curbs on proprietary trading by banks, helped shape America’s Dodd-Frank financial-reform bill. The G30 is influential because it consists of people with experience of putting policies into practice, says Stuart Mackintosh, its director. So when it makes recommendations, they can be turned into action, he adds.”

– Source: The Economist

According to the article : a cosmopolitan elite—international financiers, bureaucrats, charity bosses and thinkers—constantly meet and talk. They flock to elite gatherings such as the World Economic Forum at Davos, the Trilateral Commission and the Boao meeting in China. They form clubs. Still, if you question this, you are a tagged as a “conspiracy theorist” and therefore a nut job.

To desire open, public debates between democratically elected officials is simply crazy. Either you accept undemocratic proceedings or you’re crazy. Are you crazy? Because if you have any concerns or opinions regarding what is happening, they are surely not rational. They are crazy-conspiracy-theorist-ramblings. That’s the underlying message of the article. I love those kinds of articles.

Thank you Bilderberg-owned The Economist.

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85 Comments on "The Economist: A Powerful Elite IS Secretly Running Things…but You’re Still Crazy"

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Men and women with lots of money and power meeting in secret in order to gain more money and power. That's just human history in a nutshell. Anyone who is appalled and surprised by this is really naive. If you had a lot of money and power, wouldn't you want to keep it and get more of it without everyone in the world knowing about it? Sure, there are definitely shady, possibly illegal deals going on and whatnot, but that's just business as usual. Humans are deceitful creatures by nature. How else do you think we got to the top of the food chain?


You are the crazy one my friend. I agree the government is runned by 1-5 people. Powerful people that use the media , news , and politics as a cover for the truth behind the curtian. The president is mearly a puppet he has been since the cold war. When these selection of people were picked and now run the world and decide what marketing things will be in fad. Wether its a new car a new food or what ever they decide what the people want by puting it in commercials and advertising it and such. T.V is all sensored the news as well is all told what the people behind the curtian thing we can handle what they think we want to know. But some people citizens of america and other countrys know bits and pieces of the truth by listening to talk radio and other things online.… Read more »

By the way, Al Quaeda does not actually exist.

Well s**t, I guess we all better sit back and let this oligarchy give it to us where the sun don't shine. They've got every right to brainwash and poison us, send our sons and daughters to slaughter innocents in another country without cause, and just wait for the goodly Illuminati to develop a super virus that won't mutate out of control and lose its effectiveness after the first six hosts so we can finally have that five-hundred-million-man golden age. Our gods are just! Glory to them! A thousand year reich! All hail!

Let's lynch 'em. XD

"If we look at the Bilderberg Group, it is definitely made of secret agreements between two or more people. Are the acts discussed unlawful?"

It may be unlawful but definitely it's not illegal 🙂 Lawful and legal are two different but similar notions. They carefully craft their art in the borders of legalise 🙂

God save us from Zionism

Silly question, if only because I think it will provoke an interesting response, but:

At what socioeconomic level are you no longer able to privately talk about politics without it being a malicious conspiracy?

The real question is, Schadrach, do you understand that those at the highest socioeconomic are doing far more than just talking in secret? They are making the policies, setting the prices and interest rates, and deciding exactly how many jobs will be cut and/or slaved out to China and India for bottom dollar payscales. Not politely talking in private, but DOING criminal things in secret according to their own selfish motives and greed that we are told can only be done (legally) by the elected representatives of the people in a Constitutional Republic, in the case of the United States, as well as other "democracies" in the case of Europe and many other nations. So, while I do understand your point, I have to wonder if you understand that the question you pose is more than a little bit naive, considering the reality that those people in the upper echelons… Read more »

Revolting article! It says that you are right, there IS a conspiracy, and there ARE secretive meetings, where power-freaks decide major things about the world, but if you dare to deal with the matter you will be labeled a lunatic, because they are that powerful: they can make majority of the people think that people who point to the truth and ask questions are crazy. It is almost like they are laughing into our faces. But I don't mind. We will see who will be the last one laughing.

Like in the movie The International (2009) Freemasons kill inconvenient people.

In other words, this Economist article reeks of "nothing to see, move along. Move along."

Little do they know that they all are selling their souls. Everyone is in a race to the top, but there is only cannibals at the top.

From what I learned it wasn't really a conspiracy. The information was there. The documents were there….we just never paid attention. I mean sometimes the words came right out of the people own mouth. We were just too stupid. Anyway it's the way things are done and has been done for a long time. A lot of things done is for self-gain, political power, pure evil, mainly money & power…'s a mixture of many things. You have to ask who built this country, and where did they come from. What did we as a country get our selves into from the start of this country. The things is we are blotching a lot of things together ( politics, boule, masons, Illuminati, devil worshipers ) when in reality they may not actually go hand in hand. Where do we go from here & what exactly is the mess created & what… Read more »

I remember reading a New Yorker article on the Crash of 1907. While the story was interesting, it was a sentence towards the end that caught my attention; while I don't remember the exact quote I do remember what it imparted:

"The rich want the system to continue, as they would suffer. Ergo, they're benevolent rulers."

That's what The Economist's article is saying. That, and "Anyone willing to impugne the powerful are losers."

First of all let's not forget that 'conspiracy theory' has now become (largely thanks to the mainstream media) little more than another dumbed down cultural meme. For a start the idea of a 'conspiracy theory' view of the world immediately defines the world as operating *by default* as a 'non conspiracy' which is absolutely absurd! Even official history books tells us how absurd that idea is with conspiracies large and small shaping world events over and over and over again. World history is in many ways the history of conspiracy. The term 'conspiracy theory' is obviously being used as a form of 'aversion branding' designed to influence public opinion at an emotional/ subconscious level. One mention of 'CT' and we all now imagine tin foil hats and nutters and geeks in basements on forums… and now we being encouraged to imagine lunatics with guns as well. No one wants to… Read more »
If you people don't understand by now that wealthy, elite, crypo-Jews rule the world, then you will never understand why this world is so corrupt. These groups of cryto-Jews include: the Bilderburg, Illuminati, Masons, multitudes of political leaders, the entertainment industry and of course CEO's of major corporations and may others. They are in power to continue with their plan to destroy America and to dominate the world economy. They are controlled by greed, envy, lust and especially satanic worship which is the primary cause of destruction in the earth today. The apostasy is that most of them are descendants of the tribe of Dan, the original Jewish tribes from the Old Testament, who has rejected Christ as the Son of God and accepted Satan as their god. If you don't know this by now, consider yourself lost and clueless as to how the real world operates. Go back to… Read more »

I'm intrigued. How does one find more info about the tribe of Dan lineage and dogma?

ups sorry, I mistake the page, this comment is for other post haha

Why are you so sure that this things happening are made by "god"? after all we have read it's obvious that man can do all that thing with tecnology, and make you believe is god. And then, they run the new system.

excuse my language-


"The world is a complicated place, with oceans of new information sloshing around. To run a multinational organisation, it helps if you have a rough idea of what is going on."

And others don't.

Your suggestion the author of this site is intentfully embelishing a "spin" on it is a funny example of irony. Did you read the article in full? Good, don't, it is complete bullshit.

Resist their systematic response to our numbers. F**k The Economy and The Economist.

This is the problem we're facing as a people. We can read, but not comprehend. Brian is a perfect example of this.

my ex-boyfriend works for the club of rome and refuses to believe that they are pure evil.

i asked him a hundred times to leave it because his hands was full of blood. he didn't listen to me and we just broke up. i feel so sorry for him, i still care a lot about him, but seems that he was brainwashed and is completely blind about what this organization is about. to make things worst he has just married a woman that family are masons. sometimes i think he just married her to become a freemason. all that i can do is pray to jesus to save his soul, because i believe is loosing it. it's so sad…

By the way I do appreciate the response.

You're making this "You're still crazy" point without mentioning one substantial fact:

You guys suggest Bildeberg group is evil and secretive. The Economist does not. That's where you two disagree.

It doesn't contradict itself like you so passionately say it does, Vigilant. And I don't see anywhere in the article that strongly asserts conspiracy theorists as being "crazy".

You have to stop embellishing so much, VC. It's making you seem less passionate about the truth and more zealous about keeping your agenda alive. No different from any other political machine.

I am willing to bet you that the writers of the Economist are smart enough to know that broad generalizing statements about any group of people (regardless of if one believes them or not) is considered a "no-no" in modern day (American) society. And I am smart enough to read "inbetween the lines" and figure out that the writer of this article does not think highly of "conspiracy theorists". Even though he never comes out and says that publicly. As flips says, "…The writer slips the idea that you must be ridiculous to see a conspiracy early on. The rest of the article says how great and praises the elite ventures making it acceptable and pallatable that so much world power is thrown around a few elite in private (not elected, with private interests, no loyalty to a country or a people)…" Although I deem the term "praises" to be… Read more »

Holy crap! How did you comment from the future? Has Vigilant done a post on time-travellers yet?

Oh hey, it was a time zone deal. Stupid.

i am absolutely crazy. and grateful.

You know whats the worst thing about this illuminati thing is ive analyzed my whole childhood and life and everything that had deep meaning to me was connected to them in one way or another i feel so robbed of my idenity

You know what sweetie? I can totally relate to how you feel and have likened it myself to a 'death in the family' kind of feeling. Even though it stinks when you are going through it, like we all are, all the time, just in different places, it is a good thing to start realizing you are not just a product of your environment. You are not just a manifestation of all the crap you have been inidated with and all of it's shallowness, and materialistic nature, or vein patriotism, admiration of things topical in nature. You are much more than that…..and it is a good thing to start to realize. You new identity will be better, I promise.

@ "hmmm" : you've got to be joking. have some common sense.

Wtf, they admit that the Bilderburg group led to the introduction of the euro, but see nothing wrong with that. So a relatively small group of unelected billionaires, financiers and monarchs got together in secret and decided that the whole of Europe was going to change its currency. Yet we are supposed to see nothing wrong with this and conspiracy theorists are still derided, for the most part (hopefully this is changing).

Why does the media never refer to the Mexican drug cartel as "terrorists"? Just some food for thought. I hope you will debate and spread this notion. thanks…

The Mexican drug cartel is not a terrorist group because they don't go around threatening to kill a mass number of people such as sending out videos saying they're going to bomb a train station. The root word of terrorist is terror and that is their business. The only people who are usually terrified by drug dealers/lords are the ones who can't pay up or have snitched. Drug dealers just want the business. They have no need to murder their paying customers and they only kill to gain revenge or send a message to those who decide they want their products for free. Although I'm sure that people associated with terrorist groups are also involved with the drug cartel.

Yes, they're both awful people, but not quite the same.

Maybe because terrorists have a megalomaniacal and extreme agenda, and those guys just want to be rich and powerful selling drugs?

the worst part is that all of this is public knowledge, but any mention of it or ask for it to be reported on, then people assume you are a nut, kinda like if you ask for answers on WW2, people call you anti-sematic. Dogmatic rulers are truly having it their way!


The article mentions Carlos Slim. He is one of the most evil men in the world!!!

Please watch the following video. The poor girl has obviously been very traumatized and is demanding her freedom as the Mexican police circle around her. Notice the symbol of the sun on the doors behind her. She is not in a safe place even though it is a public square. She mentions Carlos Slim and that he killed princesses and Mickey Mouse. Need I say more? She also speaks of cannibalism and people smelling of rotting flesh. If anyone can locate an update on this girl, please post a link. If Carlos Slim is a player in the Bilderberg Group, it must be dismantled because it is obviously infested with roaches and vermin.

What about the part of… Joining the us and mexico…

Those shown may be policing us.

This is all so sad!!! I hope someone rescues her, because it seeems like the police there are apart of the Elite, you know the local police being under mind-control. But then, all the police in Mexico are either corrupt or mafia.

The main reasons that it is beneficial and necessary for the ruling elite of our world (notice I say OUR world) to own and control the global mass media are: a) to own and control the ability to conceal and cover up their crimes, and b) to simultaneously allow and suppress the flow of information (propaganda) to the masses, in order to control what and how we think. It's really that simple. Just think of it as the largest organized crime syndicate in human history, because that's exactly what it is. Just as the cartels like the Mexican mafia or the fictional Sopranos pay off or kill a businessman, cop, judge or witness that threatens their "business", the same is true with the global elite, but on a much bigger level – literally buying corporations, CEOs, politicians from all nations, and obviously assassinating those who dare to oppose them and… Read more »
LBV you could not have said it better "We’re talking about the most evil people on earth here, and not coincidentally, the most wealthy – the two go hand in hand, you see – and they have no intention of ever losing their wealth or power. There are only two sources of power in the universe, and you can decide for yourselves which one the ruling elite serve." I think they have made it clear who they serve!! They don't even try to hide it. Here is a small sample of research and commentary from a friend on this very thing: I think what people need to grasp is the fact that the agents of NWO have repeatedly and publically let you know in no uncertain -in your face- terms they are Luciferians. They also publically let you know by a variety of ways that they, as such, consider Christianity… Read more »


Thanks for the link to that video. Very informative! He seems to have connected many of the dots associated with the mass animal die offs, the oil spill, HAARP, and many other activities.

Looks like my sister is going to have ocean front property soon and I need to move!!! I've felt this since the flooding in Australia though once I saw how far inland the water rose (approx. 125mi.).

Thanks again for posting that and may the force be with you!

Peace, everyone.

"If something happens in Washington, you can bet it was planned." -FDR The always frustrating thing about "conpiracy" basthers is that they can't even begin to believe the simple idea that ANYTHING is planned. For God sakes, the plethora of international groups meeting in secret to determine our fates has only multiplied over time. The elites of the world work overtime to concoct "solutions" to global problems they have created in the last round, or the round before that , at their globalist meetings – this time at Davos, last time in Toronto, or London, or Bohemian Grove – and the more educated the sheep, the more they cling to the "nothing going here, folks," mainstream press reports. The only reason we get any coverage at all of these types of meetings is that people come out in the thousands to protest and end up in violent confrontations with the… Read more »

*PLEASE see this CURRENT information and SPREAD like wildfire!!!*

HERE's more info (FEMA request for 14m Food Packets, Blankets & Underwater Body Bags):

Be Safe Everyone & God Bless !


I'm getting more and more speechless every day.


My comment to LVB should've been directed towards you for the video link. I apologize.

I guess my brain is taking a vacation today, which is unusual, but probably much needed. Thanks again for the link.


Sorry for the confusion. I still liked your comments though.

I suscribe to this magazine. I read about half of it.

I can't seem to find this article. Does anyone have the article name and issue?

This smacks of damage control. The message here seems to be: "Yes, we admit that powerful people have secret meetings to discuss world affairs (because we can no longer hide it), but don't worry guys, they're just a friendly, benevolent, intelligent bunch who want to talk global politics without facing the inconvenience of public scrutiny. Conspiracy theorists are right in that these kinds of secret meetings take place, but they're wrong in their suspicions of any nefarious intent on the part of the elites. Nothing to worry about!"

Agreed. In corporate America, CEOs often can't be bothered to do what's in the best interests of their employees because they're blinded by greed and drunk with power. But, we're supposed to believe these super connected, rich and powerful people are meeting to discuss the needs of all of us little people? Perhaps a few, upon their initial invitation, thought maybe that's what these meetings were about but I'm sure they quickly found out absolute power corrupts absolutely. Like I said, you can't even trust your local CEO, much less the most powerful of the powerful.

Ever read C.S. Lewis's "That Hideous Strength"? It seems to parallel this idea of a global elite and their ideas for everyone else.

Yeah i have that book and the two before it. Makes you think, what did he know because the three books have a very deep insight into how the ruling elite know more about this planet than us regular folk. Interesting side point however is have you noticed that anything with even a hint of the real truth is given to us in the form of a, and i use the term loosly, fictional account. So many alien movies, kids programs have so many immoral references. i feel like to protect my children we should live in a bubble (LOL) but that is not an option. We have t keep our eyes and ears open to see the evil before it affects us. I know so many people who seem to be asleep when it comes to seeing what is really going on. Musis is a big influence in that… Read more »

Sounds like more deflecting the issue away from the Jewish NWO.

We all know.

Daisy, you are so spot on!! This is what I hear many mainstream media commentators say in so many words it's like they can't quite bring themselves up to telling the truth and letting the chips fall where they may. it almost seems as if they have taken a sworn oath of duty to edit, sanitize, and cover up the real news behind these "not so secret anymore" meetings, featuring those power mad, global elitist war mongers, it's like damage control on steroids. Another thing that just makes my head hurt, because I can't understand it out right, so Daisy maybe you can shed some light or insight on another 'strange quirky' thing I notice about our modern day mainstream T.V. anchor people, especially the females, they will be reporting on a really sad or emotionally tragic story, be it the death or murder of an innocent child or a… Read more »
Bren wrote: 'Another thing that just makes my head hurt, because I can’t understand it out right, so Daisy maybe you can shed some light or insight on another ‘strange quirky’ thing I notice about our modern day mainstream T.V. anchor people, especially the females, they will be reporting on a really sad or emotionally tragic story, be it the death or murder of an innocent child or a horrendous earthquake that killed hundreds of people, then just a second or two after the last word about it, they will ‘smile brightly’ into the camera and anounce a station break, as though what they just reported on was a minor human interest story of no great concern." No you are not getting sentimental Bren (well you might be but that's not it! 😉 ). The entire 'news' format is to blame, the presenters (whether they are members of the CFR… Read more »
You are absolutely right about the fast paced delivery method being indicative of programming. Most programming methods utilize electronically produced lights and sounds as tools to make the subject go into an alpha brain wave state. If the repetitive beat is ranged between 45 to 72 beats per minute, many people will go into a programmable state with their eyes open. This is because this beat is close to the beat of the heart in a relaxed state. This is also why when people are watching television their eyes glaze over, their breathing becomes shallower, and their facial muscles relax leaving them looking kind of slack-jawed. This is from being in prolonged alpha state, and a semi dissociative state which makes the person highly suggestible. Why do you think companies spend billions of dollars annually on television advertising? Most "PROGRAMS" (hint, hint) are about 18 minutes long in a 30… Read more »

keep in mind, lots of news reporters are MK'd…

Very well said, Daisy. All we need to do to understand the intentions and goals of the ruling elite in modern times, is look at the patterns of what the ruling elite of any time in history have done with their wealth and power – they do everything that can get away with to consolidate wealth and power amongst themselves, regardless of what is good for the rest of us. There is really no difference between the elite of families of ancient nobility and their modern counterparts like the JP Morgans, Vanderbilts, Rothschilds, Schiffs, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Ted Turner, George Soros, the British, Saudi, Kuwaiti and other "royal families"… They want to own and control everything they possibly can, and in their very sick and twisted minds, no matter how much wealth and power they already have, it is is never enough. They want it all for themselves, and as little… Read more »
Here's something to make all of you think. Please bear with me — I DO have a point: Quite awhile ago, I was watching an interview — PBS, Nova, Frontline, can't remember — with someone whose name I can't remember. What I do remember is, he was one of the global elite, and had *extreme* wealth: He'd make a movie star or major CEO look poverty stricken. He was talking about how he was buying a ticket to go up on the shuttle and stay on the International Space station. OK. Boring. What's this have to do with this discussion, I'm sure you're all asking, right? Well, it's what he said about WHY he wanted to do it. Think about it — what would any of YOU say? To see space; to see the beauty of the Earth from space; for the adventure; whatever. You're all normal. Know what HE… Read more »

It's called Zionism…nothing more, nothing less.

Your observation, I absolutely agree.

It's strange, but on the other hand it makes perfect sense – they've been thoroughly exposed now, so what's left but misdirection and ridicule?

This article is for the mentality incapable of accepting American complicity in the 9/11 attacks (or indeed British complicity in 7/7). "If they meet, it's for our own good"…

Intellectual deception

Simply put!

This reminds me of the High Fructose Corn Syrup defense arguments. The studies being funded by the damn corporates who produce the product. Hilarious.

Best part was the fact that journalists could only attend under the condition that they do not publish any of it. That's not secretive at all. And since when do businessmen get to call the shots? It's sad no one realizes that rich/greedy/selfish men are the deciders now. No wonder I didn't learn s**t in government class.

is there a link to the article?

Yea, it's in the article.

The term "conspiracy theorist" has become a cliche that people automatically close their ears to. You can present a well-researched arguement, but as soon as it's labelled a "conspiracy theory", very few people will listen unfortunately.

When stories are reported in the news, such as celebrity deaths, the reader is often presented with just enough information to know what's going on, but not enough to satisfy the critical-minded–in fact, they leave just enough room for anyone to have his or her own theory about what happened, and then the discussions become so wild that people cease to listen to even the few that may have a point. Coincidence?

Convenient and clever "reporting", I'll say.

The words 'conspiracy theory' are a fnord

well thank god there's a lot of crazy people in the world!

My question is: What can we do about it? Honestly. Talking and awakening a few at a time isn't enough anymore! We need to revolt. THE WORKER BEES need to snap out of it and sting back.

You anit never lied.

The word Conspiracy is a "Spell"…cast upon humanity…notice, whenever you say anything that is too close to truth and sparks of conspiracy…your friends etc would automatically try to block you.

Its all part of our programming when we were born…I'm guilty of it..cos just for over 20 years..whenever someone said that Aliens control the world..i laughed it off and thought how crazy the guy i know better….

speaking of which, has anyone seen the show GI JOE RENEGADES. Totally speaks volumns about the illuminati/reptilian agenda. If you didn't believe in COBRA before, you will now.

I am glad this show is finally showing the connections between a corporate society and the public now, even as a kids show.

This, Nikita and V are the top shows on television which I feel portrays the secret undermining conspiracy behind the whole world out in the open. More than meets the eye.

Yes… it's funny that I starting watching it and then they had an article on here about the 80's series…Best place to hide is in the open…

VC, did u watch the game on CBS? the opening was a black n white chess board piece and they mentioned the QBs as 'headmasters'… its getting pretty blatant