‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Max Spiers Found Dead Days After Texting His Mother to Investigate if Anything ‘Happened to Him’


British conspiracy theorist and UFO expert Max Spiers was found dead on a sofa after vomiting ‘black liquid’. This happened only days after texting his mother about investigating if something happened to him. 

Max Spiers, a 39-year-old father of two was found dead on a sofa in Poland, where he was invited to speak on conspiracy theories and UFOs. This happened in July and, since then, no post-mortem examination were carried out on his body. The death was ruled to be from ‘natural causes’.

Days before his death, Spiers texted his mom:

“Your boy’s in trouble. If something happens to me, investigate”.

Spiers, who claimed to be a survivor of a secret government ‘super soldier’ program, died suddenly after vomiting ‘black liquid’. His mother Vanessa Bates, an English teacher, told journalists:

“He was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists and had been invited to speak at a conference in Poland in July. He was staying with a woman who he had not known for long and she told me how she found him dead on the sofa. But I think Max had been digging in some dark places and I fear that somebody wanted him dead.”
– The Telegraph, UFO expert Max Spiers’ death prompts conspiracy theories

Bates believes that Spiers might have been poisoned.

“Max was a very fit man who was in good health. All I have is a death certificate from the Polish authorities that it was from natural causes, but no post-mortem was done so how can they tell that?

They are also refusing to release any paperwork about it to me because, absurdly, I don’t have his written permission.

He has a brother, Josh, and sister, Becky, who are both devastated, as are his two boys. We all want answers to this and I will continue to fight to get to the truth.”
– Ibid.

Spiers’ financé Sarah Adams told Yahoo! News that he was about to expose ‘black magic’ and well known politicians and celebrities.

“We were used to getting death threats or stuff like that from people but I think this time it seemed rather real. He’d been sent threats saying that him and me were going to die.

He was going to expose black magic. He was going to expose some of the stuff that he was working on involving political leaders and celebrities.

He planned on coming back here seeing his family and I was going to have his child. He had messaged me hours before.

It definitely couldn’t have been anything like suicide or something like that.”
– Yahoo! News, Here’s what conspiracy theorist Max Spiers was about to reveal before his death

North East Kent coroner’s office said that an investigation into Mr Spiers’ death was in its “very early” stages.

Was Spiers’ poisoned because he knew too much? Was he about to say too much? One thing is for sure, this death cannot be more suspicious.

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My heart goes out to Max’s family. Especially his two boys and fiancé. What a tragic loss for them. Was Max killed? It certainly looks that way. Why? Only the people behind his death – and God, Who sees everything – know. We’re all engaged in this spiritual battle whether we choose it or not. I believe what God has said in His Holy Word: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12). We’re on enemy turf, and our enemy, Satan, is a supernatural being who has been deceiving and destroying people for thousands of years. Satan’s strategy has always has been to get people to disbelieve God, doubt the truth, and follow Satan’s deceptions instead. Therefore, we should all the more consider God’s commands concerning how to… Read more »

Comments section making for a depressing read: Illuminati running rampant but the idiots actually aware of that fact are too busy arguing whose god has the longer penis.

Yep, we’ll definitely obtain truth and defeat the Illuminati by bashing each other’s religion – I’m sure God approves of such an intelligent response to the problems we face.

Grow the F up, bible/quran-thumpers. This comments section makes conspiracy theorists look like complete idiots. Perhaps show a little respect for Mr Spiers, instead, who may have been murdered just to give you something to talk about? F’n hypocrite dimwits.

Amen, Little Light…another part of satan’s deceptions is the belief in UFO’s and aliens…look up on you tube an interview with Joe Jordan who used to be a MUFON investigator…he uncovered something I had been suspecting for a long time but it is also something the UFOlogy community will not talk about..very interesting!! What people need to realize is that satan does not care what name you call him, could be David Koresh, Charles Manson, Allah, Mohammed, Krishna…as long as you take your eyes off of God that is all he wants! So satan will use different methods and doctrines of devils to deceive..

@ReadMore: A monolith has the idea that everyone within a :group” does things the same way. As to Christianity, yes, everyone one IS suppose to do the same way when it comes to the major tenants (who God is, what He allows, etc.) Like I said to your first KKK comment, does everyone claiming to be a “christian,” including churches DO these things? Of course not; you’ve already answered that question: when in human history have humans EVER done that? But Christianity isn’t about what humans think God is or has to say about their behavior.

Allah is Arabic for God and Mohamed was a man that helped free slaves liberated women and brought millions to God. But otherwise your point is understood. Just because we fear and don’t understand doesn’t automatically make it evil. Crazy folks are in every religion. Ever heard of the Crusaders? Just food for thought. God knows best, Be blessed and stay strong. Warmly and big hugs

This is not true. Arabs sold African slaves and used war to “convert” to spread Islam and Mohamed had a six year old wife and consummated the marriage at 9 years old. Women are considered second class citizens even here in Kuwait where I live.

Can you tell me the literature of it? About the african slaves… I’d like to read

Arabic word for GOD the Father is ALLAH, Jewish word for GOD the Father is YEHWEH, English word for GOD the Father is GOD. MOHAMMAD(S) and JESUS(A) are messengers/prophets according to ISLAM. SATAN is the devil/lucifer. I agree with you that UFOs aren’t really aliens but creatures of a different dimension living amongst us called JINNS. They like us, they have free will, they follow different religions just like us. But, there are deviants amongst them that are supporters of SATAN/Lucifer and those are the demons.

angels, inns, whatever they do have free will and many of them followed satan

Don’t try to equate the ramblings of a 7th century murdering madman with any form of intelligent thinking there Mohamed!

Draco, wind your neck in and show some maturity and common decency. My advice for you; don’t try to equate the warped, murderous behaviour of wahhabi salafi cultists with a religion that produced some of the greatest civilisations the world has ever seen.

Allah is “NOT” like the christian God!! Allah teaches to kill non believers. Christians don’t go around killing.

Not anymore, but have you ever heard of the Inquisition?

…froggie – you didn’t study history, then….?

The dark ages, protestant vs catholics what planet are you from???

Ummmmmm the Crusades!!!!!

Liar yes they do. They also steal land. Kill the occupants then have a thanksgiving meal each year to celebrate.
They also kidnapped millions of black people using ‘Christianity’ to force us to be good loyal slaves. Btw Jesus who’s name they changed to Jesus was black written all over the book itself. They gave us white Jesus lol. The Bible was written by black people for black people. Research it for yourself. Oh and black people are the lost tribes spoken of in the bible which only means those white people there now stole land and are trying to steal our birthright. They are impostors.

I think you have a rather selective recall of history or maybe you and your fellow Bible bashing bigots hope others do not know their history. Christianity is and has always been a violent religion and annihilated the populations of America, Australia, Africa and India. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan which have killed hundreds of times more than 911 is fully backed by Evangelical bigots like you. It has been a scourge to humanity. You and people like you are lying hypocrites and many people can see through you. Nice try.

crusades much??

Perhaps you should look into The Spanish Inquisition. (It’s true, nobody expects it..)

Hooray for thinking!!!

The Spanish inquisition was a defensive response to the almost successful Arab invasion of Europe. Things aren’t really as simple as your 4th grade world history book seems.

Please, just read a book or just google before using info you heard about instead of researched. This is what THE DEVIL wants …fighting, separation, killing, and death…be strong and preach love, tolerance, and peace…true God. Ask what prophet Abraham followed? Ask yourself what Adam, Mary, or Jewish Jesus followed? They prayed to God. All three religions lived peaceful amongst themselves in many countries for centuries so please don’t let media TV dictate your knowlege. We are all here with this message and have been separated since Babylon. These times call for our unity and strength because there is a Greater enemy. Keep it together folks. God knows best and May He guide us to truth and protection from Satan.Amen.

So what they prayed? That is no virtue at all. Abraham was ready to kill his own son because of “God” and to remind you, these times semitic people weren’t monoteistic at that time and blood sacrifice was rather popular. To be correct, Abraham just choosed the one god from many others who gave him the biggest profit!
Moreover, Abraham introduced the horrific abuse and trauma of 8-day newborns in circumcision! Just think how painful and traumatising this is for small human. And please do your maths and count people killed from the order from Yahwe and killed by Satan ind Old Testament. Ok, there are near million people killed at the sight of Yahwe and 10 at Satan. WOW.
People you have to think for yourself or you are already doomed.

Join the discussionWatcher

Abraham only circumcised but did not kill compared to those who kill and shed human blood based on religion and not for self defense.
Overall God gave His Only Begotten Son to be killed for our collective salvation (which shows even God accepts A Sacrifice meant for human good. *Note: Just This One Acceptable Sacrifice)

8-day newborn? I wonder which literature you had read…

What do you mean, “Christians don’t go around killing”?? What religion do you think the KKK represented? LOL CHRISTIANITY! Yet, they are never considered to be a terrorist group.

I mean really…

and how many people has the KKK killed since 9-11, pray tell? That defunct organization has less than 3000 members and even these are so castrated they hardly dare don the sheets in public. your appeal to such an obscure group as the KKK as “representative of christianity” just displays your ignorance for all to see.

Guys – WHO GIVES A S**T? We all have the same enemy. You’re getting wrapped around the axle of KKK and / or religion and it’s a diversion. Focus people on the real enemy. The entity genociding Palestinians and Saxons. They have no allegiance but to themselves and their agenda. We need to unit and fight or we are all doomed.

We all worship the Creator – let’s move on and focus on the real enemy – government and their puppet masters (the cabal).

Feces in a hot oven doesn’t make it a biscuit, no matter what it claims. Christianity actually has rules. If you don’t follow them, or make up your own, ala kkk any multitude of others, your claim as a Christian is FALSE. QED.

“Christianity” a monolith?
It has rules? How about regarding homosexuality, which is splitting the Anglican Church? How about Paulinism & the rejection of Phariseeism?

Don’t vote dumbass…you are too dumb

Oh, come on now. The KKK did not represent Christianity. They did not do the things Christ did. I could care less what they said to deceive themselves and others, their actions were not in keeping with followers of Christ.

Just like isis actiona are not in keeping with followers of Islam

Can I ask you. Did the “christian” founding fathers use the Bible to justify slavery and genocide?? Be honest.

aaaaand they arent even a relevant demographic of Christian population to be worth mentioning. Significant percentages of muslims admit they think killing in the name of islam is proper in every poll. double-digit percentages even in “civilized” places like the UK. the real number is probably far higher. throwing a tiny, statistically insignificant organization like the KKK into the mix is… laughable, at best. How many countries has the KKM invaded in the last 10 years? How many people have they beheaded in the last ten years? How many refugees have been displaced due to KKK violence in the last 10 years? Anyone who mentions the KKK in serious political discourse is obviously an NPR-listening, race-baiting twit who should be laughed out of the room so that the adults can resume the discussion without them.

The curse upon Ham influenced much of Western Christian racism & has deep historical roots.
Even in the last century Apartheid South Africa was founded upon these views.
The British National Party in the UK Rev. West is supportive of these views. In fact, these racist Christian views are gaining ground again.


Arab Christians use the word Allah for God! Like Dios in Spanish! It is simply the Arabic word for God. Just because the Arabic language scares you does not mean you can alter the meaning for millions of Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, and Egyptian Christians!

untrue. allah is the tribal moon god of mohammed, whom he elevated above all other gods, killing those who would not submit. there is no relation between this allah and the YHWH of the Bible.

Yahweh means moon!!!!

Because Arab Christians were forced into using the word by Islamists who got the word from pagan Arabs who worshiped the Moon.

Have you even bothered speaking to an Arab Christian before speaking out of somewhere else?
Ignorance to this extent is embarrassing in this day & age, even for a child.

muslim jihadis routinely destroy all libraries and archaeological sites they come across. it is ridiculous to assert the arab christians under their dominion have any knowledge of what was foisted on them. True history is the enemy of islam. arab christians who attended Western theological seminary (and subsequently learned the truth behind the origin of Allah as opposed to the God of the Bible) would not be so keen on retaining the term Allah any longer.

Christian did the same thing in Egypt,Iraq and America. They just do it under the guise of freedom.

Allah or Krishna are certainly not synonyms for Satan.

Tell that to the first Christian peoples i.e. Semites e.g. Palestinians & Arameans. The KJV is something far more recent as is the English it was written in.

LOL im surprised you got disliked for this! Then again its not surprising since a Christian professor at a Christian University was suspended for stating Jews, Christians, and Muslims all worship one God. We are living in times where biased views, serving an agenda, are uplifted and tolerant views are scrutinized.

Aliens = Demons

Or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Anon Fingers on the board of Keys


Why everything gotta be bible quotes…stop putting God in a religious box

I feel you. But people chose to believe in whatever religion for their own reasons. You maybe chose not to, and that is your choice. Everyone has a very valid point of perception of reality. In the same way that you don’t want someone to criticise you for your beliefs, allow others to have theirs.
That being said, the 41 thumbs down reminds me that VC is permeated with religious peeps. Just wade through and let people do what they do. Peace

“truth and light”…….why do you care? this person has their faith and you have whatever you have. why do people get so offended whenever God is mentioned? Maybe because what this person is saying is the absolute truth.


lol no. It;s because you are attacking their God and calling them false. Just as if I wrote here all the time preaching that Jesus was a false God and Krishna was the true God you’d definitely have some things to say about it…but you can’t put yourself into another persons shoes can you? You just have to assume people are offended because you have the only truth. You have no empathy or respect for other beliefs and cultures.

…hence the entitled and unchallenged N. American…

Blind goat, God has no religion. Shes is not talking about God…she quoting a book thats been edited beyond belief

Actually, it is the most accurate ancient manuscript in existence. I think you would be hard pressed to prove your statement that it has been “edited beyond belief.”

Edited? Yes. Does that mean all truth and wisdom has been removed from the Book? No. My intuition guides me and I can discern truth in the scriptures.

Please, enlighten us with some examples of truth. Then we can all discuss the spin and lies built around it, no?

No, I think what Truth & Light meant was the KJV bible has been thrown into the Mandela effect vortex. There have been a few scriptures that seem to have been altered like Matthew 6:9-13 which is the Lord’s Prayer, or Isaiah 11:6. There are other verses.

In relation to this article though, it does seem likely that Spiers may have been mk ultra’d by the government. I too, believe that UFO’s of the supernatural kind are indeed fallen angels. Maybe Spiers was just figuring that out himself, that all these people he was surrounding himself with were the Ephesians 6:12 of the world 😉

My thoughts and many many prayers go out to his family members, may they know the Lord and find refuge in His loving arms.

I can also do this. don’t underestimate God’s Army of light or his gifts he blessed his people with. Choose your side my side has been chosen all these years. Remember it is written


Maybe because the person is quoting a book to be divine truth for all, instead of encouraging using common sense to fight our earthly battles.

King james edited truth⁉️

coz ppl are brainwashed bible/koran/tora and other abrahamic religion 😉

While you are the enlightened one oh great tabula rasa?


VC is missing a key component of the Max Spiers story: His last interview. In that interview, he discusses encountering Michael Aquino (military/intelligence psychological warfare specialist, founder of the Satanic Temple of Set, mind control programmer, implicated in Presidio Army day care p*******e scandal) on “the astral plane”. Spiers said he and Aquino were “aware of each other” and that a “showdown” between them would occur in the near future. Mind control and pedo rings go hand in hand (Presidio, the Franklin Coverup, etc), and it appears that this pedo ring angle is what Spiers was investigating at the time of his death. Another consistent theme in Monarch survivor stories (Cathy O’Brien, Brice Taylor, “Secret Weapons” by Cheryl Hersha, etc) is psychic training (“THETA programming” in Fritz Springmeier’s terms), which it appears Spiers was subjected to, hence encountering Aquino (who Spiers says is “far from human”) on the astral plane.

What is an ‘astral plane’?

it means basically “talking out of the ass”

“going under fearsome frequencies”

The astral plane is the plane of “thought”…we are made up of three layers; the physical (our meat suit so to speak), the mental (also Astral/thought body) and the spiritual body; the soul. Your soul is “the real you” your true identity. You are your soul, which is always connected to “the collective consciousness” of aliveness/lovingness and eternity. (aka God) When we physically die, the two other parts of us, the Etheric or Astral Body and the Soul, detatch from the body, and the body starts to decompose. The Astral Body finds itself existing still, in the wolrd of “thoughts”. They are very real. What you think, so you become. The World itself also has three layers very much as we do. So when we die, we return to the Astral World which is very like Earth..but with one difference…The Earth is the realm where we move freely, and experience… Read more »

Lies and deception keep us asleep. Untangling from this wild hoax of matrix consciousness pollutes the spirit to the lower bringing you subject to its control.
If we refuse to awaken, we trap ourselves. Its time. Through healing and unloading the garbage fed to us and embace every small victory.
Choose for ourselves the collective consciousness that will grow us Godward into the higher.
I like you post..

You seem quite knowledgeable. Can you recommend some info for further reading? Thanks.

Some great spiritual teachers ( some might resonate with you, some may not. Choose): Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Wayne Dyer

Read the Bible. It reveals everything

the bible – one of the best story books ever written!

yes it is…HIStory!

There is no battle or awakening right now, you new age followers have been saying that since 2012. And the whole astral world thing seems like a deception but even so it’s not something to fool around with.

You’re using the internet. Utilize it.

Black liquid? You call that natural?
Im tired of hearing about all the eyes , and triangles and stuff, but we will never get any more news that that, because they keep killing the people with the juicy stuff.

Black magic too,sounds like they did it on purpose because of what he was working on.

I’ve just finished reading David Ickes latest book “Remember Who You Are:Remember Where You Are and Where You Come From”. Read that and you will see how the dots connect and what the fundamental agenda is. It’s a really long book, I read it on Kindle and the info says about 13+ hours to read. However it’s fascinating so well worth the time.

Should see the black and gold project of the illumanati on youtube

What caught my eye was the ”a woman..not known for long and..how she found him dead” quote that keeps popping up in all cut and pasted stories. (Sorry, this one too is just not giving any report other than what others reported..) Are we the public supposed to play Miss Marple and go look for the name and google the pics of That woman who not one journalist takes the time to to look her up?
Meager roll out of yet another head-off. The interesting things are said in the comments for sure. Just earlier someone mentioned the child abuse and monarch-links. Go look in that direction on high levels – the lead is stronger than the hints on ufo’s that pop up too.

You need to understand one major point. If you are going to investigate what most call conspiracy but you yourself do not recognize the real power behind it, then you are a dead man.

All roads lead to Hell and the prince of the powers of the air is at the end of all of them. JESUS CHRIST is God Almighty and if you do not submit tour self to Him you are a dead man.

There is absolutely no protection for those like poor Max who want to play around with Satanic alliances.. you want to make a name for yourself? This is what ignorance of the truth will get you, dead. You don’t know what you are doing.

Exactly Gary. If you do not have the power of the church and the holy spirit behind you, you are dead.

shut up… spewing bs propagande written by MEN 2000 years ago…. written by men…. this is a fact you dummy.

you need to follow your own advice….God is not a man that he should lie…He is HOLY Spirit, the creator of everything…men are brilliant, but not that brilliant to live thousands of years apart in different parts of the world, at different ages in their own lives and ALL come to the same cohesive storyline without divine inspiration!!

God has not religion…enough with churchiology

was it real did it happen? Or was I simply a bright and imaginative child? Had to ask myself this my entire life. All my life I’ve ‘remembered’ being contacted by ‘beings’ who looked human but were telepathic. They had extremely advanced technology. I was in my backyard sandbox when they first took me. I was visited from age 5 till about 11. My family saw it as an imaginary game when I attempted to tell them. I’m 50 now and family members can testify I have been talking about this all my life, long before the Internet. I drove them crazy to use their wording, about ufo’s. I was taken to a military base where earth people were, and we’re obviously working with these beings. Beings who were telepathic just as all the other abductees you hear about say. They tested technology on me. One I remember the best… Read more »

Maybe it was the SSP (Secret Space Programm). Search for Corey Goode and his story.

I believe you. google Corrado Malanga he is an Italian UFO and abduction expert. you’ll be amazed at what you might find out

Do you think AREA 51 is heavily guarded because it may be a base for such things like MK Ultra

Doubtful. Does MK Ultra stuff go on there? Yeah. Is that the reason for all the intense secrecy? No. Rather, the intense secrecy is the *reason* for the MK Ultra stuff at Area 51. MK Ultra techniques are used on people who work there so they are unable to talk about it, don’t remember what they did there, or don’t remember even having been there. I’d wager it’s probably used extensively for performance enhancement (memory, cognition, endurance, etc), too.

Much of the early MK Ultra research was performed at public Universities, and MK Ultra/Monarch programming still goes on in universities, like, say, perhaps USC, UCLA, McGill, Princeton, Harvard, MIT, etc. Military bases and NASA facilities are also commonly named, like Tinker AFB, Offutt AFB, Barksdale AFB, Point Mugu Naval Base, NASA Huntsville, etc.

I would recommend you to read 1 book, maybe you will be able to find it on internet – “the world of jinn&devils” Umar al-Ashqar. You will find all the answers in it. The author talks much about things like your child experiences..

You are most likely a mind-controlled victim of the Great White Brotherhood and the C.I.A. They have underground bases in Mt. Shasta California and China Lake California. Those are the main ones. They have others. They are a cult based on the Theosophical Society. You may have heard of the Galactic Federation of Light which is part of the New Age conspiracy. They are former Nazis and eugenicists. Their former societies included the T.H.U.L.E. Society, Vril Society, Black Sun Society. These Nazis built the UFOs and created the mind control program. It is an elaborate false flag operation!

You may have also heard of Sananda, Sanat Kumara, Ashtar Command, El Moriah, Maitreya, The I AM, etc. Heaven’s Gate was one of their mind control cults. You may need a good de-programming. I would suggest Jennifer Freyd (daughter of Peter Freyd, the founder of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation).

Some additional info on the Freyds and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF): Peter Freyd was accused by Jennifer Freyd of being an incestuous p*******e. Peter claimed that was a lie, that unscrupulous therapists put “false memories” in her head. Jennifer went on to become a PhD psychologist. The FMSF is mainly composed of MK Ultra scientists, intelligence operatives, Satanists, and accused p********s. Notorious MK Ultra researcher Martin Orne (named by John Marks in “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” and Cheryl Hersha in “Secret Weapons”) is an original member of the FMSF advisory board, for example. Satanic groups, who have a vested interest in discrediting “Satanic Ritual Abuse”, which is inextricably linked to MPD/DID & Monarch, work closely with FMSF. One of the main Satanic groups pushing the FMSF line is The Satanic Temple, led by “Lucien Greaves” aka “Doug Mesner” aka “Doug Misicko”. Shane Bugbee, a writer for… Read more »

I guess the truth offends some people!

Try reading Fritz Springmeier’s “How the Illuminati Create a Mind Controlled Slave”.

I suggest writing everything down, as you recall it.

Like someone else said earlier, you cannot dabble with spiritual wickedness and principalities without gods protection. Even the angel who was sent to deliver the answer to Daniel went through emense warfare . What I find devastating is that so many ppl want to walk into and unearth darkness unprotected and end up like Max. These are are high level demons and strategists working to protect certain secrets and max Delved to deep.

From WikiLeaks – Worse than Treason So here’s the REAL story. Amb. Stevens was sent to Benghazi post haste in order to retrieve US made Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional oversight or permission. Hillary brokered the deal through Stevens and a private arms dealer named Marc Turi. Then some of the shoulder fired missiles ended up in Afghanistan used against our own military. It was July 25th, 2012 when a Chinook helicopter was taken down by one of our own Stingers, but the idiot Taliban didn’t arm the missile and the Chinook didn’t explode, but had to land anyway. An ordnance team recovered the serial number off the missile which led back to a cache of Stingers being kept in Qatar by the CIA. Obama and Hillary were now in full panic mode and Stevens was sent in to retrieve the rest of the Stingers. This… Read more »

Link to the Wikileaks email so that we can verify your story.

Reminded me of Phil Schieder who was touring the circuit talking about aliens and deep underground facilities. Found him dead within two years. He told everyone he would never kill himself. His death was ruled a suicide but he was strangled. He too was hanging out with an unknown woman before his death.

Phil Schneider is an excellent comparison. The more I learn about Max Spiers, the more he reminds me of Phil. Clearly Phil was a black project guy and was talking publicly about things he wasn’t supposed to talk about, and was killed for it. That said, not everything Phil said was true. It appears some of it was intentional disinformation on his part in an poor attempt at self-protection, some of it appears to be the result of “MK Ultra” screen-memories or other memory replacement/distortion techniques, and some of it is true. As such, it becomes very difficult to separate the fact from the fiction with Phil Schneider, and it appears to me to be the same with Max. Most likely people will be trying to unravel the real story of Max Spiers for decades, just as people are still trying to find the truth behind Phil Schneider.

May he finally rest in peace. _()_

Sometimes I do feel like a patient in mental institutions. It is bombarding me from everywhere. They are real and they are exist. Scary.

Clearly anyone who knows too much is bound to get taken out by “the powers-that-be” since someone definitely wanted him dead. Black liquid being spewed out is nowhere near natural but put that way as a means of a very bad cover-up to how the man actually died.

Another typically farcical cover-up by the elite-controlled media and authorities who say that he died of “natural causes” since I know any conspiracy theorist would get the same treatment of being “disposed” of.

If Spiers was on the verge of exposing Illuminati members then its no wonder why “they” dispatched him to make sure the sheeple remain blind and clueless to everything around them.

May he rest in peace

The powers that were…relinquish their power

Yes!!! Take back the narrative. Great post Truth & Light!

black liquid oozing from mouth or buttocks can be :
1- internal bleeding where blood has been “partially digested” by the body -> pretty liquid
2- rupture sleep : blood poisoning -> can be thick
3- muddy bile from the liver. -> very thick

True. My mom had internal bleeding from an ulcer she didn’t know she had. She passed out and then started throwing up black liquid.. Blood. It was really scary.

My mother died from lung cancer several months ago. She was also vomiting black liquid the day she died.

Definately, late Mr Spiers inhaled something he shouldn`t inhale.

My mother died from lung cancer several months ago. She was also vomiting black liquid the day she died.

Definately, late Mr Spiers inhaled somethig he shouldn`t inhale.

Please keep us updated

“Spiers’ financé Sarah Adams told Yahoo! News that he was about to expose ‘black magic’ and well known politicians and celebrities.”

People have been doing that for years, why him? What makes him so different?

Recommended reading on mind control: “Trance Formation of America”, Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips (pdf online) “Thanks for the Memories”, Brice Taylor “Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own, Vol’s 1 & 2”, Neil Sanders “The Franklin Coverup, 2nd Edition”, John DeCamp “Programmed to Kill”, David McGowan “Operation Mind Control”, Walter Bowart (pdf online) “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate”, John Marks “Secret Weapons”, Cheryl Hersha “The Control of Candy Jones”, Donald Bain “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create a Total Mind Controlled Slave”, Fritz Springmeier (pdf online) Other books that may be of value (but I haven’t read yet, so can’t say for sure): “Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control”, Harvey Weinstein “Journey into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control & Medical Abuse”, Gordon Thomas “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story”, David Shurter “Surviving Evil: CIA Mind Control Experiments in Vermont”, Karen Wetmore… Read more »

And obtw, Michael Aquino is mentioned by name by Noreen Gosch in her book “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home”, about her son, abducted Des Moines paperboy Johnny Gosch. One of the men in the car that abducted Gosch was Paul Bonacci, one of the key witnesses in the “Franklin Coverup”. In the documentary “Who Took Johnny” (which is on Netflix now and is excellent – highly recommended), there is a reference to “The Colonel”. Noreen Gosch, in her book, named “The Colonel”: Michael Aquino.

“Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon” by David McGowan is also very important and relevant, though not about mind control, per se.

When he talks about exposing “black magicians,” I think that goes in line with MonarchWorld’s comment. He was clearly doing research on the occult elite’s p********a practices/rituals, and perhaps he was getting too close to uncovering some particular individuals.

May The Formless and Only God Grant him light in his grave, Amen

I hear they are flying in the same coroner from the Scalia case……….

Max died 3 month ago, why did it take so long to make it to the public??

Anyone know what happens if you get to 30 and you’re an MKULTRA subject and they don’t make use of you? I have all the signs but I’ve never done anything big despite great abilities, I do not abuse substances, I do not engage in erratic or dangerous behaviors, I’m not impulsive, etc, but I have battled bad suicidal thoughts (I do have great control, don’t worry) my whole life, did a whole bunch of art with black and white patterns as a kid and was abused at a young age. Weird things happen to me all the time, although mild, I know they don’t happen to “normal people”. I’ve done lucid dreaming since I was five years old and I often have things that I want happen out of nowhere. My problems are solved too, no matter how big the problem, it’s always magically solved. Money shows up when… Read more »
@Dragonfly. I’ve come to learn that Mk Ultra is inflicted on a far larger portion of the population who ever get used in a “bug” way as you put it. At an early age kids are identified as candidates based on their abilities but more importantly on the access available to them. Kids in care are high on the list of course but also advanced kids as they are then covered by the excuses of extra lessons or courses or tests which the family and parents are then proud and honoured and allow access to their “special” child. Once MK’d the child goes out into the world and if they show up in a useful place or position then they are “activated” depending on their level of programming. This happened to a close friend of mine. She entered politics in her city and was so happy to receive an invitation… Read more »

Dragonfly, Have you considered you might not be a MK Ultra subject, but instead might have natural abilities? Sounds like you are clairvoyant and great at manifesting thoughts into reality. Read You’re a Medium by Sherrie Dillard.

I read about this story a few days ago and thought that VC would do a post on this (Thanks). I believe that Max was probably bumped off by TPTB – The mystery woman, the black liquid, no post mortem etc. It’s all too strange but not very surprising. I must say that I didn’t know that he was supposedly linked to Michael Aquino…very interesting.

I still remember seeing Michael Aquino and his eyebrows on The Oprah Winfrey Show back in the 80s (it may be on YouTube). I assumed he was an attention-seeking imposter who had been ejected from military service long ago. How wrong I was.
I would love to see Oprah asking about Aquino today.
Remember: white magick trumps black magick. You just have to be ready.

There is a really interesting post over on chris spivey . org about this bloke

Thanks Norma I checked that out. Interesting stuff. Is no one going to join the dots that a ‘famous’ conspiracy theorist and ‘super soldier’ no less doesn’t even have a website other than the one set up in his honour??! False flag and a lot of utter nonsense that we’ve lapped up from global mass media. Not buying it.

Norma I took your advice and read it, thanks, that was fascinating. I dispair that your comment only got 2 likes, it’s the most informative one I’ve read.

Rarely anything I read about the satanic occult circle shocks me anymore because I know how twisted and dark some of these people can get, but somehow this was really terrifying to me. Poor guy. It’s only a matter of time at this point before they’re ready to reveal the antichrist. The purging of any opposition is telling of this.

Max talked about visiting planet Mars – this sounds similar to ‘Barak O’ being teleported to Mars as part of a CIA project to teleport people , dont forget that most people who have become Prez of USA are former CIA employees or who had parents employed in CIA (eg.Both the Bushes, Barack’s grandfather was in CIA) . People who were part of the batch sent to Mars included Regina Dugan (current Director of Darpa ) , search jump room to Mars in internet and you will find many article about it. A guy called Basagio who was also part of it said that Barak O’s mother was overseeing her son in that project and that the participants memories of that jump room experience was erased to some extent. Phil Sneider also talked about memories of him visiting Mars.

The elite is trying to destroying the RESISTANCE.

Whenever people try to expose the politicians and mainstream leaders of their occult and black magick practices it never goes well.

Im sure I read that Sarah Adams wasn’t really his fiancee. She was outed as a satanist prostitute whom he had run away from to Poland. Just google her name and prostitute. There are loads of discussion threads on that webpage.

Same thing happened to David Crowley the director of “Grey State”.

What are chances of all these people investigating into these topics mysteriously dying for unexplained reasons and their deaths not investigated/covered up? There’s quite a few cases – several in very high places.

I wish this article cited more sources, though, but I guess that just calls for further independent investigation.

My condolences to Max’ family. 🙁

Isn’t it convenient that he was murdered in Poland.

Look to Charles Frith and Chris Spivey – This man is/was a shill.

Hebrew name for God sounds like yud-hay-vad-hay it’s four letters of the Hebrew alphabet: wisdom understanding knowledge and prudence-to make choices. Taught by Rev. Beatrice Hicks from Christ Gospel Church in Jeffersonville Indiana. She has churches all around the world. Look her up! She is a teacher preacher prophet and minister of God. She has done it all for 75 years. She is now 98 and still going strong today, thank you Lord.

Where is the data that was being released?? I just want a peek!

Sounds ludicrous. They talk like no one has exposed black magic, and Satanism. In fact, every theorist has exposed that stuff.. From Alex Jones (the shill) to every other person on YouTube. Murder? Suicide? Maybe he planned to kill himself there, and sent the text. Maybe murder… But I have a hard time believing he was murdered over something every theorist with a YouTube account has done.

Yes, because if if you want to kill a conspiracy theorist; you leave him with black liquid in his mouth. Please he was obviously attracting attention.

I know nothing about Spiers. Is it likely he’d be insane enough to kill himself for ‘attention’ or do you maybe think he faked his death – and then, why?

I hope you have something to back your assessment or you have behaved with extreme cynicism with a such comment.

Prime suspect … the trampoline.

… not to ignore the mischievous “Qareen”.

so he was a a winter solider? was his best friend name steve?

christian j pasquariello

I’ve been listening to a lot of his podcasts lately. He was HEAVILY on drugs. If you listen to the last interview he ever gave he was unintelligible throughout. Not saying he overdosed just throwing this bit of info out there. He was on to a very serious and very real aspect of the hidden controllers and have no doubt that he was very likely murdered.

OK so if theres no god and no aliens, that leaves us with what? idiot humans? yep thats it…

Spiers was full of sh*t, no offense. He was a T.I. which means he was basically a beta tester for new mind control technology. He was never a “super soldier” and never had any information not given to him by his handlers, who are CIA using satellite, radar etc. to project information in the minds of T.I.s.

Many T.I.s are tortured. Look up “Active Denial Service” which burns crowds from a distance. They test that on men, women and children first and call the victims crazy. As a result of Max’s torture he appeared to abuse pain killers, which he nearly overdosed on in England.

Sounds like he has actually died from a drug overdose and the “black goo” is a delusion by people surrounding him. Otherwise, where are the photos of the goo?

Typical elite brainwash and lie right up there. Dont forget people, these guys could try to argument that 0=1. And the worst part is that people belive what they say ….

Wow, you sound like you know facts about this even though we know you don’t.

I do. You can see videos of Max admitting he went to hospital, and the guy who went through his bag and found the drugs as well. I can also tell the TIs and know that “Super soldier” is just a bullshit CIA script used on the TIs. 10$ he was always texting his mom that he was about to die. TIs are kept in a perpetual state of stress. It’s to break their minds/get them to take drugs etc.

No, he wasn’t ‘always texting his mom (or anyone) that he was ‘about to die’ .’ Although I do have some very ominous messages from him 5 days before he was dead, directly related to Aquino and related matters. Of course, a lot of what you say about the programs is true. Yes, he struggled w/ drug abuse most of his adult life, he discussed it openly. But, as is usually the case, these media reports are just the ‘fluff layer’ of details. There is much, much more to the circumstances ( and PEOPLE) around this, spanning 4 months. Suffice to say, these people were highly aware of how easily (so they thought), his death would be written off as a casualty of his drug history. Understanding as much as you obviously do about the programs, I don’t have to draw the rest of the picture for you. And there… Read more »

More will come out soon.

Who are you? Prove your credibility or your statements are meaningless. You could ve just a psychotic posting for all we know.

Vomiting black bile is a symptom of liver disease caused by alcoholism. It is easy for someone to claim to be sober while having a secret addiction. It can also be a symptom of ulcers and other gastrointestinal conditions. The cause of the black goo is most likely medical rather than magical.

But how do we know there was ever any black substance? No photos. Probably a hallucination. TIs can be made to see a beautiful plate of food as literally human excrement, as told by a prisoner in Butan. The remote mind control technology is that effective.

This Spiers story is just selling more scripts for more naive targets to believe while they are being led down a perilous path by the CIA.

Lol, feed the Black Goo hype.

that guy was on drugs in all interviews i have seen. he might be dead simply because of overdose.
he was just slurring totally ridiculous stuff all the time… is there anything remotely interesting of all his
“theories” and “findings”? pls lighten me up if so! but dont come with any “astral experience” s**t.
btw if i want someone to investigate my expected death i would at least give hints where to search. i would not only message my mom “if i die, investigate”. come on wtf. there are liars and fakers for profit on both sides. stay sceptical, folks.

According to Spiers’ mother Vanessa Bates, he was, in fact, a recovering heroine addict and it was no secret. She say he had been clean for a while, but the toxicology results has not come back (the interview is from Oct 13). Speaking of his Spiers’ final interview, Bates said she thinks he sounds “high”, but harbors suspicion that a drug was administered surreptitiously, and both she and the interviewer find the interview to have been oddly exploitative with little or no regard for Spiers’ obvious distress. I, for one, am not naturally inclined toward believing “astral plane” stuff. Like so many other things, the subject of psychic abilities is full of hucksters and hoaxers. However, psychic training, i.e. “Theta programming”, is a consistent theme among credible Monarch survivors, and military and intelligence agencies- both East and West- have had a documented interest in psychic phenomenon. As with Monarch mind… Read more »

Your comment is most revealing. You claim to have watched him in multiple interviews, but then you make a blanket statement about the conspiracies that he talked about being ridiculous. Max Spiers is not a person you would be watching without an interest in his information or conspiracies in general. He was far from mainstream. People who find his theories laughable wouldn’t be watching. If he was so nonsensical, why are you on another “conspiracy” website attacking this man who in your view peddled bullshit for a living.

Your presence and your comment is a contradiction to any discerning individual.

You will need to do much better than this.

Everything he said was complete laughable bollocks. When he was born, for example, half his body was yellow and half purple. Ffs. He wasn’t murdered, just took too many drugs and drank too much. People lap it up because they have no discernment. The entire super soldier thing is just bogus nonsense for clueless people who get all their information from YouTube. Did he even die? Whole thing is pure disinformation. Black goo? Wake-up and get smart.

Here we have a perfect example of a nwo-related agent. Just as the other three posters above. I wonder how much you were payed to speak badly about him?

I’d say cancer? Either stomach or intestinal. Just sayin maybe gay p**n and butt hole rupture?