Alien encounters ‘within twenty years’


In the past few years, I noticed a trend in mass media I call the “Alien Agenda”. From movies to TV shows to music videos to video games, the masses appear to be “prepared” to a contact with alien civilization. Chances are, “they” already know a lot more about alien civilizations than the masses do. Here’s an article from The Guardian regarding the likely hood of alien contact within twenty years.

Alien encounters ‘within twenty years’

A top Russian astronomer say he expects humans to encounter extraterrestrial civilisations within the next two decades

Alien civilisations

Alien civilisations will be discovered within two decades, according to a top
Russian astronomer. Photograph: -/AFP/Getty Images

Russian scientists expect humanity to encounter alien civilisations within the next two decades, a top Russian astronomer said on Monday.

“The genesis of life is as inevitable as the formation of atoms … Life exists on other planets and we will find it within 20 years,” said Andrei Finkelstein, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Applied Astronomy Institute, according to the Interfax news agency.

Speaking at an international forum dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life, Finkelstein said 10% of the known planets circling suns in the galaxy resemble Earth.

If water can be found there, then so can life, he said, adding that aliens would most likely resemble humans with two arms, two legs and a head.

“They may have different colour skin, but even we have that,” he said.

Finkelstein’s institute runs a programme launched in the 1960s at the height of the cold war space race to watch for and beam out radio signals to outer space.

“The whole time we have been searching for extraterrestrial civilisations, we have mainly been waiting for messages from space and not the other way,” he said.

In March a Nasa scientist caused controversy after claiming to have found tiny fossils of alien bugs inside meteorites that landed on Earth.

Richard Hoover, an astrobiologist at the US space agency’s Marshall space flight centre in Alabama, said filaments and other structures in rare meteorites appear to be microscopic fossils of extraterrestrial beings that resemble algae known as cyanobacteria.

Writing in the Journal of Cosmology, Hoover claimed that the lack of nitrogen in the samples, which is essential for life on Earth, indicated they are “the remains of extraterrestrial life forms that grew on the parent bodies of the meteorites when liquid water was present, long before the meteorites entered the Earth’s atmosphere.”

Will Katy Perry greet the alien by singing E.T.?

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Oh come on, this contradicts the common sense! They look like us? Haven't met them for thousands of years yet we will meet them in 20 years? Either someone knows something we don't know/ was seriously drunk 🙂

Convergent evolution. The idea that, when given similar (ecological) niches, wildly different animals/entities will end up adapting similar traits to adapt. An example is standing. Standing raises you up, and frees two limbs for other uses. Adapted by certain pre-birdlike creatures, it led to the Age of the Dinosaurs and then to Birds. Adapted by primates, you get humans. Chances are, if a race elsewhere is able to leap into space, it will first learn how to stand up. There will also probably be other adaptations which will need to be done before space travel. Diet (which Xs out the aliens in "V" as they were pure carnivoires), Eyes (a piece of evolution which has been shown to happen, not just in full but also with stops in between), Skin/Covering, size (try smaller…not too small, but smaller than the average human, I'm guessing) and plenty of other aspects I've probably… Read more »
Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News is the host of the half an hour program. I notice that he seems to flash masonic signs all the time when interviewing guests on his show. He had L. A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw on his show many of times and his gang signs increased as he interviewed them. L. A. M. and Rick also flashed a sign where their thumbs were pointing upward as their fingers interlaced one another in a pyramid fashion. Even when they filmed Professor Jacobs who has tenure at a university had his hand in that fashion. I do not think the information that L. A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw are giving lines up with the Word. The scriptures Jude 1:6 and Enoch 10: 6 -17 show that those fallen angels are bound up until the Day of Judgment. In other words, they are not loosed to… Read more »
Hey VC, this is really important and I hope YOU are reading this but I just connected something here. It might be nonsensical thought but REALLY take it in (please respond)! As I read your article above and listened to a conversation from '97 on the video I pasted, I connected something REAL. A HUGE reason why this NWO is such a big thing and all of these alien invasion movies are so "popular" now. In the phone conversation, the guy is in a panic running across the country in fear of being caught (mind controlled victim) by Area 51. What if this NWO thing wasn't accomplished by just US? The man stated that the government was going to wipe out hugely populated areas for easier CONTROL. Which can mean the government can play victim protecting the chosen survivors in the lesser populated states and have other governments from… Read more »

In my opinion Ailiens are just another way of saying demonic spirits as demons are said posess humans as well as inanimate objects. So with the illuminati and there demonic worshipping they are gonna cause inanimate object to be posessed by demonic spirts and have them float around and have them appear like aliens scaring the f**k out of the people of the world. Then the Illuminati will come and "save" us from the "alien threat" and we will be kissing there behinds and prasing them and give them all the power etc

Ok, I'm like twelve years old.. I've been reading vigilantcitizen and other sites or whatever for the past two years and so are the aliens coming in 2012 or what? I've been scared out of my mind since 2009. Why is the world so evil I just want to rip my hair out 🙁 I wish I can talk to god in my sleep. I'm confused so are they just going to jump out of nowhere in 2012..? Or what? What are we supposed to do if they do? Grab a stuffed animal and throw it at them? lol… I sound very stupid but I'm serious…

Aliens aren't real!!!! The bible says that Eve is the mother of all living so aliens discredit the bible. Also if people can believe 'aliens' have technology to make UFOs then why would it be far fetched that we have the technology. We do have the technology just not for the public.

By reading all the posts in this thread, I find funny many believe in the so called "aliens" and are falling for the project BlueBeam.

I don't get it, you guys are Anti-NWO but Pro-aliens?!?!?

Doesn't fit. And Bill Cooper explains it well why it is all a farce. And please, it seems you have all been brainwashed by David Icke!

This is akin to when they announced that they'd reach the moon before 1970.

Katy Perry will do more than greet the alien – according to her E.T. video. Nothing new under the sun.

Genesis 6:4

There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them.

I believe people have the wrong notion about God's laws. The Lord put His laws in place, so that His people may have life and more abundantly through Jesus Christ. Religions deal with specific rituals for various beliefs. Believing in Jesus Christ and choosing life by obeying God's laws are not a combined religion. People choose to obey His laws because of the love we have for Him. One day all people will learn who lived their lives in bondage and oppression v. those who lived their lives in freedom. I choose life. I choose not to steal, kill, commit adultery, and so forth. I choose to not slave to my sinful flesh. I believe people incoporate their beliefs in to ideologies and theories, because 100% of their lives is built around some forms of beliefs. I do not expect people to give their opinions without their beliefs. Think about… Read more »

I have to disagree, my only concern is to have a life as pleasant as possible, I choose to read about tptb and other facts and theories because I find it fascinating and fun.

The matter if I would go to heaven if there was indeed such a place? I'm a nurse I take care of elderly people, most of these people never believed in a God and, lived good caring lives.

What I want to say with this I wouldn't even want to go to heaven if the people I tended and cared for couldn't.

out peace.

UFOs and aliens in the universe are all distractions. The overall purpose of this is to have more and more people to doubt their belief in God.

I am sure the elites are busy trying to carry out their massive, contrite plan, but the Lord is always in control. We must stay focused at all times.

@Smooch. Thank for the comment. I read either "The Rise of the Nephilim" or something very similar advocated by Missler, or some other folks with very similar views. Sounds like we've been exposed to the same sources. I've also read, seen and hear quite differing responses from those who think all this is a "good evolution" for the human race. I've heard accounts from people, usually much fewer in number, who have been heavily involved in this, and then have come out of it say that the "good part" of this only lasts for awhile. You're told you're special because you're one of the few who can experience it, and sometimes get to do quite amazing things. But the piper always demands payment. The payment is severe, and its always more that what they were led to believe.

Everything is alive, even if perceived as inorganic, or plasma-based, or quantum harmonic resonance; what makes anyone think they are smart enough to know if those are intelligent or not? I suspect the Creator makes only alive things, and those plans are only dimly apprehended by most human minds. Aliens are to this world what you are to the dreams you experience; tricksters, dangerous shape-shifters, needing points of reference to participate and make the story real, in the form of symbols, shapes, sigils, events, and others to recognize them, and even be them, knowing it or not. There is fakery, and secret technology, and spiritual beings that put forth sound and light, and there is a place where these are not separate things. John, too, saw it, and it is a bitter pill to swallow. Read his Revelation, or Unveiling, maybe even John Keel, and the rest. Maybe these times… Read more »

if the western scientific investigators didn't have so much ego they could politely and lovingly ask Don Alejandro, the Messenger Of The Maya, Voice Of The Jungle, and Emissary of The Invisible Ones, how the "Invisible Ones" gave him his name "Wandering Wolf." It's a beautiful story.

when europe came to the americas, the tight relationship of inter-planetary alliances with some of the natives had to be somewhat slowed down with the 500 year dark shadow creeping along the land.

I'd have to answer your question with another.

How is it possible they DO exist?

I don't believe in the argument that because we live in this vast and great universe, life outside of our planet MUST exist. We see slight truths in objects that defy the laws of our physical realm but ZERO evidence for forms of life or even a hint of superior intelligent beings. That perception was created long ago from non-sense.


first off, i see a lot of comments disregarding the existence of extra terrestrials/aliens.

how is it possible they do not exist? with all of that universe out there you're trying to tell me that there isn't any other intelligent life? give me a break.

Falling skies, Aliens and cowboys, the Transformers movies are the latest. I actually liked the special effects in the latter but have to view it differently. Before it was Independence Day, Men In Black, Alien, even Marvin the Martian from Bugs Bunny etc. I even remember watching V and the final show V: The Final Battle in the 80's as a child. It's ironic how they always show the arrogance of Westerners thinking their technology (ak-47's and bombers) can kill the aliens. I will agree that the entertainment industry tries to make alien-theory appear comedic. I can't say for sure they do not exist but I think it's scientific arrogance that we're the only intelligent life forms throughout galaxies. That's ridiculous. Music industry, media outlets love to plant ideas if it's not aliens, then it's desensitizing to murder, wars and daily violence. The planting of ideas or the desensitization to… Read more »

yeah, i am also sick with this alien s**t…

my brothers believe the things that History channel feeds them about ANCIENT ALIENS…

i even had an argument on them with that stuff…

God bless us all…

Seems odd that in movies/songs and other forms of entertainment, we have seen a major increase in images and themes of UFO's and extra-terrestrial. There was a time (most remember) when strong sexual images and situations were introduced in entertainment and continuously invested major parts of our culture. Now, we are almost desensitized or used to seeing such sexuality in our society and our reactions are just as such. After a while, you begin to see a pattern developing here. The media and entertainment industry has a way of doing this to the masses, and I believe are currently exposing as much air time on extra-terrestrials and UFO's in order to achieve the same goal. Desensitizing our minds to the idea of aliens and how they may be perceived in order to truly mask the truth. I strongly believe these "beings" are nothing more than demonic forces induced to trick… Read more »

I also noticed this Alien trend.
Scarier – I've noticed way too much of human race – abandoned town- people dirty on the streets trying to stay alive. No power, no food, no cities or towns, no stores or ANY kind of life as 'we know it'.
Scares me – whatever 'they' show. .. seems to happen withIN 20 years.

yeah aliens AKA nephilims ….they'll return

i was thinking the same thing about the alien disclosure issue…especially after watching Transformers 2_revenge of the Fallen (angels). There's a crazy scene where the decepticons "go public" by blasting a video type message to the world. Its a movie worth revisiting to get a little insight 🙂

like this if your unemployed and commenting!

Aliens are fallen angels…period

and they are ugly –

uhm…"christian ideology"? , demons exist in all religions my friend. 🙂

I just gave an example of what I found out from my research…i don't hate any religion, please don't get me wrong. I only hate the thought of all religions being one, so religious diversity is great!

An exorcist or a monk could tell you a lot more about "aliens" than an "expert in UFOs" ever could. There were studies made on people who had encounters with aliens and they experienced the same exact symptoms people from the middle ages that saw demons did.

The lyrics from the modern-day music "masterpiece" E.T speak for themselves:

You're so hypnotizing

Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?

Your touch magnetizing

Feels like I am floating, leaves my body glowing

…..yeah , if that's not about demonic encounters, idk what it is.

Aliens sure exist, just like Al-qaeda :))

Let's talk and see if we can get the Brotherhood to brood the moods. Only because most of you disrespect your Sisters and don't understand to think for two.. Projects ring Bells to learn the statistical curves, as papers clip your scripts, understand the twist to split your wrists, handcuffs hidden in these orbiting blimps… Norwegian Spirals, come my way if you hold sway, I'm reading "Carpe Diem" through your text in physiocyberkinetic space, and I can only romanticize the letters numerically for you all to understand logically…. Hmm, get my point? Let's go to the next coordinate, I think its about to get Serious, Sirius? Black as white my friend, truth spoken, I'm smoking with Tolkien. One ring to control them all, Halos hidden behind the Allspark, and the Flood is coming in. Scourge be damned now, we are all Forsaken, the Federation is hidden behind what ambivalence?… Read more »

Some exCeeDingly good ones lately IA :-p

I appreciate it Mrs. Connor.

I do not know if I have stated this before, but I consider your posts quite informative and your works' truly diligent. I think they are a valuable insight especially after being filtered through your watchful eyes. I would like to apologize for my previous errors/mistakes that might have offended you or anyone. I was just trying to tinker with my methods to best get across perceptions.

Thank you again and hope this message finds you well.

As Always,


Could you imagine they come to Earth and see people with the green/two antenna alien cartoons and the aliens are like "Fukn racist earthlings"

I am not religious at all but I believe in the Creator and I believe in Jesus Christ. I too have a similar experience as you have had. Many religious people have said that what I experienced was a demon or evil spirit. I thought it was due to exhaustion but I have heard similar stories from friends. This happened to me a year or two ago. I had just gone to bed and it seemed as soon as I shut my eye a force that felt like a large hand began to press my head down to the bed. I tried calling for my mother no words could come out and I could not even breathe. Then I called out Jesus' name and began praying for him to save me. And just like that I woke up and everything was fine. That was the most terrifying experience I've had.… Read more »
My first comment here! Sorry in advance for my bad English! I follow that side since a while, but the true reason why I write are the comments I keep reading! I can't believe how brainwashed and how fanatic people are not only by the mass media also by religion!!! Calling Aliens(better Extraterrestrials) "Demons"! How stupid is that? To me Extraterrestrials make a lot more sense than Demons. Demons are fictional to scare people. And with the Extraterrestrials there are more evidences, not only today also done far back in the past! The Universe is gigantic, and just look at our galaxy, so why should the earth the only planet with (more or less) intelligent life??? How can you blindly follow a book that was written and changed a couple times by HUMANS? Back in time people made up explanations about things they couldn't explain because they often didn't had… Read more »


First let me say that your English is just fine. I agree with most of what you say. What you have said is very concise and right to the point. I don't think that I could have expressed it any better than you have. You make more sense than almost anybody else that has put a post on this subject. Congratulations and I hope to read more from you.

the bible was written by 40 different men, they all had different occupations and lived in different time periods. and some how the whole bible is in harmony with itself.. that right there is proof that it truly is Gods inspired word. bible prophecy never failed and the rest of prophecies wont fail.

Too many cooks spoil the soup.-.- That explains all the inconsistencies and plotholes. And why all the changes? And why ALWAYS MEN??? And who came up that God is a MAN???

BTW; I really don't like how this website turns more and more into a meeting point for religious fanatics! That makes it really hard to take things here serious.

Religious fanatics?

wow… what a Dbag, you don't agree with a spiritual world? Not a RELIGIOUS world, a spiritual world.


Knock it off with the name calling. It serves no purpose.



Great post. Very refreshing to read. Keep it up, we need more voices like yours.

It's simple to see that religion uses the very same tool that the Illuminati has been using all these years to keep people in line: FEAR.

Fear to look beyond what they're told by a few people. Fear to believe in their own ability to reason. Fear of being secluded.


Please try to understand that your statement presents absolutely no evidence for your idea of God; I could have easily said that the very same Demon had possessed each of the 40 men and had them write the same thing. Pretty ridiculous statement, wouldn't you say? Replace "Demon" with "God" or "Flying Spaghetti Monster," it doesn't matter, its all a blind shot into the dark; all these scenarios are possible but not in any way provable.

I agree completely! I love the idea of reincarnation, because that way God is all loving, and gives you the opportunity to mend your mistakes, no matter how much time it takes you to learn the lesson, instead of punishing you eternally for messing up! Besides, I believe in reincarnation, because I've had "proof" of it in my own life.

People have turned very intolerant in here, when they disagree about the opinions of others, haven't they?

Mee too!=) And like I said I totally believe in a higher power! Because so many crazy things had happen in my life! Can you tell me more about what happened to you? And I agree with the learning your lesson! Nobody is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, but does it makes you an evil person? I don't think so! The whole life is about learning, but it depends on the person that will learn something new or not! I'm very open for different opinions, I am fan of many different things, I have my hobbies and I totally expect that not everyone will share the same enthusiasm as I have, but I will not get angry and mean. That's why I dislike fanatics in any kind(can be Sports, TV, Music, Hobbies, etc), but the fanatics I fear and dislike the most are the religious ones! Why? Because religion is still… Read more »
@ Pest (had to reply to my own message to answer) It happened ten years ago, with my first love, but I just found what it means around 2 months ago…people call it "soul recognition", is linked to the whole soulmate and twin flame theory, but it my case, is like when you meet someone, but the relationship starts so fast, like you continue it in this life, where you left off in your past life…is not logical, is as if the two souls recognize and know each other, even if you just met. The other thing that happened to me was on my second day in London, I got out the wrong exit, and had this very old, big building looking down at me, and in my heart I felt "I'm home", so much happiness and peace, similar to when you leave your home for a long time, and… Read more »
@Pest… I completely respect your viewpoint on everything that you've said. but just 1 thing I don't really understand is that so many people claim to believe in a higher power… which you could call a supernatural entety… yet many of those find it soo hard to believe the word of the bible… i believe that just as we have the ability to belive in a higher power cant we also believe that this power will ensure that the tool it uses to teach it's word would be correct. I believe that the people who wrote the word we're filled with the Holy spirit and that it was honest truth originaly. You also talk about rules and regulations…. but the majority of these rules are there to protect you and the fellow humans around you… depending on whether you see the glass half full or half empty… it does make… Read more »

I've just watched a movie called paul about an alien called… paul. anyway its rife with the nwo agenda from indoctrination, desensitisation to the straight up ridicule & nullification of religion, christianity to be exact. dang! anyone seen it? I could write an article about it bt you would do a much better job vc. u really need 2break this one down.

Funny! I just posted this for Matmar a few days ago.

“Evolve This!” Hollywood’s Anti-Christian Agenda in the Film Paul

Sirius are you talking about the grandfather paradox?

Who, me?


Basically, there's an anecdote about this guy in the black ops who do work with this technology. He had daddy issues, so he traveled back in time to kill his father. Came back feeling great. Apparently it solved some deep-seated issues he had. The next day, he gets hit by a car and dies.

Apparently the greatest secret of the extra terrestrial cover-up is that the civilizations all around us are populated by people like us, many of them with genes similar enough to produce viable offspring. Human extra terrestrials, and loads of them. Oh, and their technology is way more awesome than any of that crap we see in films. The 'scary alien' trope is just a scare tactic.

Also, what I've been hearing about the so-called "Disclosure" agenda is that it's slated for a hell of a lot sooner than the next two decades. Try between a year and a half from to next month. The agenda's schedule sort of like this wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey… ball. But what I've heard more than any of this is that essentially all extra terrestrial visitors come from highly advanced spiritual cultures, as well as technological ones. I mean they've nurtured a vastly more intimate understanding of the universe we live in and we're a danger to ourselves and others if our technology evolves much farther without a serious overhaul in our understanding of I guess what you could call divine consciousness. Even the chaotic evil ones, which compose a vocal a minority, appear to be highly spiritual. One thing I've heard even more often than that is the reason we haven't already… Read more »

another Wilcock fan, I see 🙂

You bet your ass I am.

Sure they are already here

project blue beam is on!

Rik Clay (died already, maybe killed) talked about "aliens" appearing on the 2012 London Olympics.

Of course, they wil not be "aliens" in the conservative meaning. Those will be demons, in biomechanical bodies. Imho.

Water is just very good solvent.And the solvent is necessary for life.Of course such function may not be carried only by H2O but also by amonnia, liquid nitrogen Triton, Sulfuric acid Venus, liquid methane Titan and others.

I never understood the reasoning behind the water=life on other worlds. Just because it is true here doesn't mean it would necessarily be true everywhere.

Not that I believe in this crap, anyway.

Interestingly, Shyamalan's aliens in 'Signs' were afraid of water. Reminiscient of the Flood?

I won't agree with the idea that they are going to look like us.Such phenomenon when two species look similar is called convergent evolution.I also can't agree that the chemical elements essential for us (O2,N2, C…) are essential for them too.Life is a basic ''property'' of the chemical elements and the the universe.The life-used bonding of the atoms depends on the eneviorment and there are a lot of possibilities for different stable chemicals in a same enviornment which would determ also different morphology.Surely, there is going to be some conevgent evolution but not with the power which we expect. I am going to study Astrobiology after years and I have some theories about the connection between life on other planets and the iluminatti.And also i think I have a scintific, evolutionary based explanation for the iluminatti.If someone is interested I'll write in the forum… I'm sure that sooner or late… Read more »

"Finkelstein" you say? Yep, a typical "Russian" surname that astronomer has… 🙂

You don't just have to be a Christian to know that aliens DO NOT EXIST. THEY WILL NEVER COME TO EARTH. Just be rational and think, there are a million things to question the likelihood of aliens existing. Be rational, if aliens existed, then why would they randomly come by and fly around earth creating 'crop circles' and then leaving? Where would they find the materials and technology to make these spaceships? How would they be able to survive in our earth without the immunity that we acquire at birth? and how would their spaceships fly when they are not made to any areo-norticle standards. Their so called spaceships do not go by any simple rules of flying.

Just be rational. Peace 😉

You're assuming that these "aliens" are coming here from another galaxy in the physical universe. Consider the data:

– observations see them accelerate beyond physical capability

– they make right angle turns at high speed

– they show up on radar

– they appear and disappear

– we find evidence that similar events occur throughout history and civilizations (in different forms; do your research)

– they always seem to have a spiritual message. What about helping us solve more practical problems?

– they are deceptive and manipulative

Read Jacques Vallee, Chuck Missler, and others. These sightings and experiences have much more in common with interdimensionality, with demonology, than they do with physical beings from another planet.

Simply put, they are the fallen angels, they are the ancient gods, they are demons, and we better wake up, because they ain't her to help us….kinda like how the US isn't really there to help Iraqis and Libyans either.

Absolutely agree with Darren! The appearance of so-called "aliens" has been described not only in tabloids of recent decades, but in very ancient legends of different peoples of the Earth. And the appearance of those "aliens" had always been seen in spiritual and occult context in those legends. So I also think that they are actually demons, fallen angels, jinns, no matter how you call them, from the parallel world. Many occultists believe they bring illumination and wisdom to the initiated, so that they could become "as Gods" themselves. In reality, though, they bring chaos and destruction in our world and endless suffering in eternal flames of Hell to those, who fall for their "light" and "hidden knowledge".

"You don’t just have to be a Christian to know that aliens DO NOT EXIST. THEY WILL NEVER COME TO EARTH." All your explanations make no sense! And look how vast the Universe is! Why shouldn't there be other life??? "why would they randomly come by and fly around earth creating ‘crop circles’ and then leaving?" If I would be an Alien, I wouldn't just land and say HI! First I would study the planet and its life on it. If the planet has intelligent life I would be extra carefully! You never know what would you cause to them and what they would do to you! If Aliens would land here, the Government most likely would catch them, and try to use their technology. "Where would they find the materials and technology to make these spaceships?" Lets start to look at our species. How much and fast our technology… Read more »


Great response. I'm glad to see that there are others that believe as I do. Keep up the good work.

Just because the universe is vast doesn't mean there are other life forms. Also what makes you think their planet would be vastly or even just a little different. Another thing( if you believe in evolution) we happened by chance and the chances that happened were next to none. What makes you think that any other planet was that luck??? That's like you winning an international lottery a thousand or even million times in a row( very unlikely) however I do agree about how flying in UFOs is possible, but that technology is already in use by the US. We've been testing things like that for a while. I mean don't you think that military being at an alien crashsite moments after it was downed is strange unless they had contact with the person( not alien) flying it

I believe aliens exist, the universe is too big for there not to be other types of life and beings, what men have explored of it isn't even a quarter, so how can we say they don't exist somewhere? The creation of all those other planets and so much other space would be wasted without that oportunity. For humans to think they are the only ones that exist in it relies on our own egocentric nature, didn't we once think the sun orbited around the earth, and not the other way around? Now, if the aliens we are going to see soon, some people say in 2012, are going to be real and not a creation of the elite, well that I don't know, with all the alien movies, I lean to believe the latter, but I still believe in extraterrestrial life. I hate the whole NWO movement, but I… Read more »

I meant "Prince Charles", my spanish and english circuits got tangled up in that moment hehe, also forgive me for all my grammar mistakes, I was really "caught in the moment" when I posted my message!

Great comment!!!=)

Would be a huge waste if we would be the only ones!


As I learn things incrementally (And slowly, I might add), I am less and less convinced that what we will see will by less likely extraterrestrial beings within our universe, but rather inter-dimensional beings, or else fallen angels, demons. And make no mistake, they will not look gruesome, as either aliens or demons are depicted in popular culture. They will look beautiful, far more beautiful than anything we have seen thus far. Some of the most vigilant (No pun intended, but certainly applicable) among us will fall to their knees in awe.

Don't worry, if either the aliens, a massive earthquake, meteorites, tsunamis, whatever, they will surely hit the United States

–No offense intended, just watch some hollywood movies–

JOHN 16:33

Fear not! God has overcome the world! Hang onto that line of scripture when/if some type of project blue beam occurs and don't be deceived but test every spirit, be it man (for each man has a spirit) or spirit/illusion.


"What were the days of Noah like? Men were giving their daughters in marriage to the Fallen angels (messengers) and their offspring became the mighty men of old, the giants of the ancient world."

I read ur comment and decided to go read thru genesis myself (the amplified version) and didn't read anything along those lines…wud u pls direct me to where you read this in the bible so I can read it for myself?

Thanks so much…

Excellent question. Genesis 6: 1-6 or so. "And there were giants in those days, and also after that" implying that what the fallen angels did with mankind before the flood, they did after that in the land of Canaan. That's why the Israelites encountered giants there too. Book of Daniel: "And they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men": the last kingdom is going to be a mixture Book of Jude, verse 6: And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. The Books of Enoch and Jasher, which are referred to in the Bible, go into greater detail on these events. Google "Chuck Missler Nephilim" and you will get excellent teaching on the subject. He also has an excellent book called "Alien Encounters". Steve Quayle's book on giants.… Read more »
I know that most of this website's visitors are religious, so my opinion will probably be mostly rejected, but I am compelled to say this for anyone who might be interested. If you do research into the many of the world's ancient societies, you will see striking similarities in the stories/historical accounts that these civilizations left behind. Start by observing all of the ancient monuments/buildings/stone hedges built worldwide. When you think of "incredible ancient monuments," maybe the Great Pyramids of Giza or the Stone hedge come to mind. If you do research into how impossibly well made such monuments were built, while taking into consideration the lack of technology and brainpower our ancestors had, it becomes clear that they have HAD to had help! Remember that these seemingly miraculous events didn't happen in just in a few places, but in many many other places on every continent (a few of… Read more »


You're right on the money. The "Gods" were the ancient astronauts. Why else would there be such a jump in intellect in order to build all of these structures starting about 10,000 years ago. Those on this site should consider that what they refer to as "Demons" were most likely from other worlds also but simply looked much different than us. The ones that they refer to as "Gods" most likely looked much as we do. With the universe being so incredibly large I'm sure there are probably millions of other worlds with intelligent beings. Some much more advanced than us and others far behind us.

If we were to visit some of these worlds that are far behind us I'm sure they would refer to us as "Gods" also.

Hypothesis: What if these ancient gods were the same as the UFOs we see today, and they are not who they claim to be? Google "human or cattle mutilations" and see what these things are up to. Study what they do to abductees. They are not friendly, they are deceptive and manipulative. So, what if the ancient astronauts were actually the fallen angels we read about in the Bible? The dragon has always been the bringer of wisdom, of knowledge, and that description goes perfectly with the serpent's desire in the garden. He sought for Eve to have her eyes open, and become like God. In the bringing of wisdom and knowledge, it was they who inspired the building of these sites. Ask the local tribes in some of these areas, like South America, who built these ancient cities, and the reply is simply, the giants built them. The giants… Read more »

What if? What if? What if?

There is always going to be a what if. What if what you believe is completely wrong?

The reptilian extra-terrestrial beings are already roaming on Earth. Our government is hiding it from the mass public, of course .