Monster High: A Doll Line Introducing Children to the Illuminati Agenda


At first glance, Monster High is just another trendy, fashionable doll line. However, looking at Monster High’s symbolism and at the videos relating to it, we discover that it is communicating many specific messages to young children, particularly to young girls. We’ll look at how this toy line is used to introduce children to some aspects of the Illuminati Agenda.

Monster High is a highly successful toy franchise that is somewhat similar to the Bratz doll line, as both are comprised of edgy, fashionable characters with attitude. Like many other toy franchises, Monster High is much more than a doll line: It is a multi-platform franchise comprised of toys, DVDs, a web series, music videos, video games, books, clothing accessories, and much more.

The brand distinguishes itself with its unique, twisted universe inspired by monster movies and sci-fi horror. All of the characters are either offspring of known movie monsters or some kind of undead zombies. While Monster High’s slogan is “Be yourself, be unique, be a monster!”, this franchise also communicates deeper messages to its young audience. In fact, a closer look at the stories in Monster High reveals that it is perfectly in sync with the Illuminati’s Agenda as it promotes themes such as hypersexualization, superficiality, a culture of death and even Monarch Mind Control. As seen in previous articles on this site, these themes are abundant in mass media and, the fact that they are present in a doll line for kids further proves that there’s a continuous effort to expose impressionable minds to a specific set of symbols and values.

This should not come as a surprise, as Monster High was created by the world’s largest toy company, Mattel, with revenues of over $6.2 billion per year. The chairman of the board of directors, Robert A. Eckert, is a long-time member of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs, the two most powerful elite circles shaping the world today. As you might know, company representatives who attend these elite meetings are there because their brands can help push the elite’s long-term Agenda. Powerful, world-reaching companies such as Mattel do not simply sell products, they sell a culture associated with them. Considering how children get attached and even obsessed with their dolls and the universe that surrounds them, what better way to reach young minds and to teach them the values of a New World Order future? Let’s look at Monster High and the universe it introduces to young children.

The Monster High Universe

The characters of Monster High are dressed in outfits that are rather inapropriate for high school. Also, their lockers are shaped like coffins and their locks are skull heads. What better way to introduce young children to the sex and death-obssesed pop culture?

The characters of Monster High are dressed in outfits that are rather inappropriate for high school. Also, their lockers are shaped like coffins with skull heads for locks. In short, it is all about pushing a culture of sex and death on young, impressionable children.

The world of Monster High is basically a high school populated with the offspring of famous monstrous figures like Dracula and Frankenstein. The characters wear outfits that lean strongly to the sexy side, making one wonder what kind of message this is delivering to Monster High’s target audience: girls under the age of 10. Even more disturbing, the back story and symbolism associated with many of the characters strongly refer to dark concepts, such as Monarch Mind Control (if you don’t know what that is, read this article). Indeed, most Monster High characters are either artificially created or a product of some kind of experiment and many of them do not really have a mind of their own. They are all literally dead and animated by some kind of unholy force. When one adds this fact to the symbolism and persona associated with each character, one starts to realize that Monster High is about a bunch of MK slaves. Here are some of the main characters:

Frankie Stein

Frankengirl is the daughter of Frankenstein. Her entire body is stitched up together by some mad scientist (Mind Control handlers). Fragmented body parts is a symbol sometimes used to represent to fragmented nature of MK-Slaves.

Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein. Her entire body is stitched up together and, sometimes, she loses some of her body parts. In MK symbolism, this represents the powerlessness of slaves and their fragmented nature. Also, notice her “logo” at the top right: fractured and stitched up skull – representing a fragmented mind.

Frankie Stein is an artificial creation put together by a mad scientist (a MK handler?). Her story states that she 15 days old (yes, days, not years). In other words, her alter persona was created by her handler 15 days ago. Her head is held together by two screws, symbolizing her not having a mind of her own. The screws are of different color because they are of different polarity, negative and positive. This refers to the concept of duality that is always inculcated to MK Slaves. To further emphasize the concept of duality, her eyes are different colors, her hair is striped black and white and her bio page states that her favorite color is “black and white stripes”.

Frankie Steincan eletroshock herself and others – a reference to electroshock torture used in Monarch Mind Control to program slaves.

Frankengirl electroshocked.

Frankie Stein electroshocked.

Here she is on a bedding set giving the One-Eye sign. Yes, little girls can now sleep draped in Illuminati symbolism.

Here’s Frankie Stein on a bedding set giving the One-Eye sign. Yes, little girls can now sleep draped in Illuminati symbolism.

Speaking of which, here's a Happy New Year one-eye sign by another character.

Speaking of which, here’s a “Happy New Year” message from Monster High with another prominent One-Eye sign


Operetta is the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera. She excels in the performing arts, such as singing and dancing. In some ways, she is the star entertainer of the group. Unsurprisingly, the symbolism associated with her fit right in with the symbolism associated with today’s real-life pop stars – i.e: the inevitable One-Eye sign.

Operetta is the musician of the group. As if to highlight her connection with the Illuminati music industry, there's always an emphasis on the one-eye sign. Like the Lady Gaga or Rihanna's of this world, she's always either hiding one eye or is wearing something emphasizing on eye. Also, her guitar is shaped like a coffin. In short she's an introduction to sex and death Illuminati music industry.

As if to highlight her connection to Illuminati music industry, all of the symbolism relating to Operatta (even her logo) revolves around the One-Eye sign.  Like the Lady Gaga and the Rihannas of this world, she is almost always emphasizing one eye. Also, I’m not sure how she can walk with these shoes – but that’s another story.

You’ll notice that her guitar is shaped like a coffin as well, because, apparently, death is so cool.

Operetta practices her music in a place called the Catacombs. The symbolism of her hideout is quite blatant.

Operatta's stage is "overseen" by a prominent All-Seeing Eye.

Operatta’s stage is “overseen” by a prominent All-Seeing Eye.

In short, Operatta appears to be telling young girls: “If you want to be part of the music business, you have to embrace this Illuminati imagery”.


As we’ve seen in previous articles on this site, Sex Kitten programming is represented in popular culture with feline prints and cat-like attributes on attractive girls. The Werecat sisters are all about that.

There also appears to be a lot of emphasis on Sex Kitten programming as a lot of its symbolism is reflected on some characters such Toralei and the twins Purrsephone and Mewlody (who don't not seem to have a mind of their own). The fact that Kitten programming is reflected on children's toys is quite disturbing.

The Werecat sisters’ symbolism is all about Kitten Programming. The twins (on the right) truly do not have a mind of their own.

The back story regarding the Werecat sisters is quite dark and similar to the story of many actual MK Slaves. The webisode named The Nine Lives of Toralei, describes how Werecat sister Toralei is an orphan roaming the streets who gets picked up, and locked up, by “the System”.

The Werecat sisters "behind bars" - or educated by the system.

The Werecat sisters “behind bars” … or re-educated by the System.

“Some children live in foster homes, or with adopted parents, or in orphanages, or with caretakers and guardians. Because these children are at the mercy of the non-related adults, these types of children frequently are sold to become mind-controlled slaves of the intelligence agencies. In review, remember that because many of these organizations are controlled by the Illuminati; an Illuminati slave may often work for one of these front groups, while the Illuminati maintain control over the base-program.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

The sisters are then "recruited" by the "head mistress" of Monster High. You'll notice that she is holding her hand in her hand, a way of showing that even MK Handlers are Mind Controlled themselves.

The sisters are then “recruited” by the “headmistress” of Monster High. You’ll notice that she is holding her head in her hand, a way of showing that MK Handlers are also often mind controlled.

Is Monster High actually an MK programming site? Hmmm.

Relevant fact: Marilyn Monroe, the prototype of Kitten Programing was also declared a “Ward of the State” and lived in foster homes during her youth. Another relevant fact: The father of MK-Ultra, Josef Mengele, experimented on thousands of twins to perfect mind-control techniques.


The Monster High website contains numerous animated webisodes that are extremely popular (each one of them has racked up several million YouTube views). While the main goal of these video shorts is to sell dolls, there is nevertheless a lot of symbolism in them. Also, some videos refer to mind-control concepts in a rather blatant way. Let’s look at some of these videos.

Dueling Personality

This video deals with the core of Monarch Programming: The creation of completely separate alter personas. Frankie Stein’s boyfriend, named Jackson, discovers that he has an alter personality that acts completely separately from him. At the beginning of the video he says:

“So every time I wake up in some dark alley alone and confused, its all because of him! I’ve got so much to say to that guy. But I can’t even confront him about it … because he’s me.”

Hyde, the "cool" alter persona has a tattoo around one eye, as if to emphasize the Illuminati Mind Control stuff underlying this whole story.

Holt, Jackson’s “cool” alter persona has a tattoo around one eye, as if to emphasize the Illuminati Mind Control stuff underlying this story.

In the end Frankie Stein breaks up with Jackson and his alter until they can “settle their differences”. Why are children exposed to this? What’s the point? I don’t think many young girls relate to this story.

Anyways, Jackson’s problems with his alter persona pop up in several other webisodes.

In the episode entitled "I Know What You Did Last Frightday", the head mistress triggers Jekill's alter persona using music - an actual MK technique.

In the episode entitled “I Know What You Did Last Frightday“, the headmistress triggers Jackson’s alter persona using music – an actual MK technique – because she needs the creative Holt to paint a mural.

Undo the Voodoo

Another webisode focuses on Hoodude, a voodoo doll that is having a bad day and, because he’s a voodoo doll, everyone at school is having a bad day.

Hoodoo is yet another character that doesn't have a mind of his own. Also, there's a one-eye thing is going on with the buttons.

Hoodude is yet another character that is artificially created and that doesn’t really have a mind of his own. Also, there’s a one-eye thing is going on with his different-colored buttons.

Voodoo magic is yet another very important aspect of Monarch Mind Control that is represented in Monster High.

“In discussing how trauma-based mind-control is done, voodoo must be included as a component. Many of the Mind-controlled slaves have had voodoo as part of their trauma, and many had voodoo dolls placed into their Systems. When vows and oaths are made, an object is given to the satanic cult or the Illuminati for the Keeper of the Seals to guard. If the vow is broken voodoo magic can be used against the offender by using the object given in the sealing.”
– Ibid.

To solve Hoodude’s problem, the girls at school ask for the help of Scarah the mind reader.

Scarah reads Hoodoo's mind.

Scarah reads Hoodude’s mind.

It is interesting to note that many actual MK Slaves receive ESP (extra-sensory perception) training – which include telepathy, mind reading and remote viewing.

Scarah then tells her friends that they need to literally enter Hoodude’s head to fix his self-esteem issues.


The girls enter some kind Mind Control lab to enter Hoodoo's brain,

The girls in some kind Mind Control lab to enter Hoodude’s head.

Inside Hoodude’s brain, the girls find the part of the brain relating to self-esteem and “reprogram” him to love himself.

Scarah reconnects two loose wires inside Hoodude's brain so he loves himself again.

Scarah reconnects two loose wires inside Hoodude’s brain so he loves himself again.

Hoodude can now look at himself in the mirror and loves himself again.

Hoodude can now look at himself in the mirror and love himself again.

In short, this video is about an artificially created “doll” that doesn’t act as expected. He is then literally mind controlled and reprogrammed to have more self esteem. Hoodude did not work at bettering himself or at accepting his flaws, some mind reader entered his brain to reprogram him. I don’t think that’s great lesson for kids.

There are many other Monster High videos that are filled with this kind of symbolism. However, I believe we’ve all suffered enough going through just these three.

In Conclusion

I can imagine some people reading this article and thinking: “He’s talking dolls and cartoons now? How about talking about the real issues like politics, grumble, grumble”. Yes, on a superficial level, talking about dolls and cartoons may not come off as “serious” analysis. However, we must remember that, for the powers that be, there is nothing more serious than capturing the minds of children at a young age in order to mold them for the future. For propagandists, there is no age limit for pushing a message. They realize that the younger the audience, the more effective their message will be. Marketing specialists know that brand loyalty is taught at very early age (i.e. Heinz Ketchup, Kellogs cereal, etc.) and propaganda messages simply another product to market.

So what kind of message does a franchise like Monster High communicate to children? There are several levels.

On a basic level, the characters of Monster High are obviously hypersexualized as they are dressed in outfits that can only be found in sex shops. Considering the doll’s target market (girls under 10 years old), we can imagine how this trains girls to believe that, in order to be cool, they have to be very sexy, very early. Then, there’s this whole death-worship thing going on, with coffin-shaped lockers and coffin-shaped cellphones and coffin-shaped guitars and skulls everywhere. Mix these two very visible aspects together and you’ve got the sex-and-death mass media cocktail that is constantly pushed to all audiences, but particularly young people. Furthermore, the characters in Monster High evolve in a context that is completely obsessed with superficiality, appearances and materialism – all values that are actively promoted to today’s youth. When Monster High fans grow out of their doll-playing phase, they will most likely start watching music videos and TV shows that promote the exact same set of values. Sadly, they will question none of it because they have been exposed to this Agenda since their tender youth.

On secondary level, almost everything in Monster High relates in one way or another to the dark, disturbing world of Illuminati Mind Control. The school can be likened to a MK-programming center, led by a “headmistress” whose own head pops off in a literal symbol of dissociation. All of the students are either artificial creations or zombies who do not have a mind of their own (funny how the line’s theme song ends with the words “Don’t you want to be a Monster too?” Concepts associated with trauma-based mind control such as alter-personas, duality, dissociation, kitten programming and even electroshock torture are represented in Monster High. As if that wasn’t enough, the whole Monster High franchise is laced with the Illuminati symbolism I’ve described time and time again on this site, proving that, not only is this symbolism not accidental, but that this Agenda is being promoted everywhere … even to young children who just want to play with dolls.

So why do they do this? Because, as Hitler stated: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”




    • I thought exactly the same thing – this sounds like an extension of Sucker Punch. Nothing surprises me anymore in terms of the Illuminati agenda. We must continue to fight them everywhere. Great article.

    • This isnt a reply to your comment (sorry)
      Look, i think you're taking this a bit too seriously.
      All the coffins and crap are just to enhance the fact that they are so-called "monsters". And the fact that they dress sexually is just so they can be more appealing to kids (for some reason 5 year olds are into that these days) Come ON!
      Do people really think that there's a conspiracy behind everything!!!??

      • Too many signs say otherwise. Like VC said its to start early so no one questions it later. Im sorry even if you dont believe in the illuminati why is it okay for little girls to play with sex and death themed dolls?????

  1. Why? Why is the world so messed up? Everyone asks this question…

    The answer is HERE

    1 John 5:19

    Jesus never questioned who ruled the world and even confirmed that Satan is the god of this system of things.

    • That is incredibly disempowering to humanity. I am continually stunned as to how frequenters of this site conceive that information of the utmost importance is withheld by the elite from the general public, but somehow a huge tome of wisdom like the Bible is allowed to float around. If the Bible had anything positive to contribute to humanity instead of consistently entrapping them in poor thought bubbles like "Satan rules all" it would have done so by now. Its all part of the same deceptive system.

      • Well, the Bible doesnt sell the thought that satan rules all, it lets us know that God is truly in control, He loves us and there is freedom in Him. Satan is in control of the world system but don't fool yourself into thinking the Bible is telling us that stan rules all….

      • If you seriously believe that the Bible has nothing positive to contribute to humanity then you haven't read it.
        Now THAT is incredibly disempowering to humanity.

      • AND… the elite have always attempted to rid the world of God's word and failed. Look at the Roman Catholic 'church' and the present push at secularisation.
        God's word will ALWAYS stand true, regardless of attempts to ban it and burn it and alter it.

      • ha. The Roman Catholic church was christianity for the first fourteen hundred years. Some northern Europeans branch off and modernize it and you think youre hot stuff. If you want to know something about the history of your religion check out A World Lit Only By Fire. Great read, those guys were so corrupt and crazy, just debaucherous. Also, it is the most brutal and aggressive religion in history, check The Destruction of the Indies. Although Islam is no slouch. Personally I believe it is a fairy tale created by the proto elite to mind control the world. Once they did that, now they can go to the next phase, no religion. Religion inherently gives belief in god and spirituality on some level, makes you think about things, creates community, culture.

      • "The Roman Catholic church was christianity for the first fourteen hundred years."
        Lol your comment starts out wrong from the get go.

      • THANK YOU!! lolol Jesus was crusified by Romans silly goose. The Apostles weren't Roman Catholics. Do you even know what the term 'Early Church' completely entails? And, since Jesus is our teacher, then it all starts with him. And HE wasn't a Roman Catholic. I tell yah, the ideology of people who refuse to do a little research.

      • No, the Apostles were Jews. Jesus being crucified by Romans means nothing, because there was no Christianity in Jesus's time. The Roman Catholic Church is Apostolic, meaning it descends directly from the actual apostles, and any priest can trace his lineage (of who taught who) all the way back to one of the original apostles. Whether or not Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodox is older than the other or the same age is debateable as they both claim to be the original "Christian" church. Before them, there were no centralized christian organizations, but various little groups spread throughout. So unfortunately, it is you who has not done your research.

      • Do you know anything about Paul the apostle? Or are you just re-writing stuff you heard somewhere in Catholicism? It is true that the Catholics preceded the Protestants, but the Roman Catholic Church was not the original church. Most of the New Testament letters by Paul were written to churches in Greece and Turkey. That was the early church. However, as Christians we are splitting hairs…because Jesus said God is a Spirit and must be worshipped in Spirit and in truth. The Body of Christ (which is the church) is not a denomination.

      • Awesome counter acting a book of belief and opinion with a book written on belief and opinion.
        Best just follow your own gut feelings.
        Don't follow someone else for they are just as lost as you.

      • Hmm…So why do History books get re-released constantly with differing facts? I'm not under the impression we get a new Bible every year. Same information year in, year out. Consistancy my friend.

      • All bibles are consistent? Wow I must be reading a different book… Only consistency is between the same publishers.. and even that is not always true

      • Child of Isis on

        I see your point on religion & sadly it's the easiest way to control the mind. If I want to control the masses go after their spirituality I mean seriously majority of this world populace is Christian. Wherever these missionaries have gone they have spread Christianity but I find it sad to go to another person culture and tell them god is the only way and that your gods are nothing but satan trying to tempt you from gods good graces….just plain sad. This is actually happening to these people on this island off the coast of Australia – Australian telling them they need cash when the natives have no use for it given them western clothing just slowly destroying their culture.

      • Your screen name says a lot about you. You come on a website that calls out the Illuminati, and yet you choose a name that is an essential part of the Illuminati itself.

        Every time somebody posts a comment about Jesus Christ, I find that you are almost always there to be critical of it. You skip any comments that promote any religion other than Christianity. You say things about Christianity which are false statements, as well. It's all very telling about you.

      • Child of Isis on

        What statements have i made about christianity that are false? Christianity is the largest world religion in the world thats a fact, i looked it up. Also i have not seen anyother comment in this thread that promotes another religion but rather talks about how wicca & satanism has its followers fooled, would that not be considered attacking?

        Im sorry if my opinions on your faith upsets you but most christians that i have meet within my life are quick to judge me because i do not follow the word of christ – i was a victim of bullying i don't likeit and i dont do it others.

      • warriorforChrist on

        amen and amen!!! As a Christian I agree that MH should not be targeted at impressionable children. I do know of some *adults* who collect them, who aren't into the death/mind control beliefs, they simply like them for the variety of characters and styles but I absolutely cannot and will not recommend or purchase them for kids!

      • You're saying that just because you want to ruffle feathers. You're angry about everything that happened to you when you were younger and now you've got a bone to pick with the world for failing you. I'm sorry the world has failed you, but it doesn't give you a pass. If you are honestly saying you would give your children hyper-sexualized dolls because you see nothing wrong with that then you probably should not have children. If you would do it just to piss off the religious people of the world, then you definitely should not have children, because children are not pawns to play with, they are gifts and the people they are given to are charged with the very serious task of raising them to be loving, thoughtful, productive members of society that will help advance us all and not bring us back down.

      • fyi, I had an awesome childhood and my mother raised me right-never done drugs,drank or engaged in any sexual activity. Also If I had little girls I would buy it for them and I'm not saying that to ruffle any feathers. Also the statement that I should not have children …really??? who are you…are you god…you have no right to tell me what to do with my body.

      • you don't have any right to tell someone they should or shouldn't have kids, so stop being a self righteous ass.

      • Exactly. So true.
        The growing hostility of New Atheists nowadays is pitiful. How they say the religious are to be ridiculed and are not to be tolerated because it's mankind's duty to rid itself of 'silly superstitions' that 'can't be proven'? For the atheists pushing that that are clueless about the mind control going on on their end, they've apparently not practiced what they preach.

        So many are being pied pipered to their doom. Then again, since I've heard someone say that an "eternity in heaven with God would be hell" to them, it seems there are some that are just fine with that.

      • C'mon guys, i'm not an atheist nor anti-bible, or anything like that. I only asked a question. My question was: how many things were supressed or changed or twisted from the bible, specially after the Nicaea Councils?
        I just think dogmas [religion =/= religiosity] aren't necessary to be good, to do good, to love others, and love God and the Creation. Am i commiting a crime for thinking like that, for asking questions?
        Peace to all!

      • . Look up the dead sea scrolls because they were copied faithfully by the first christians, the true word of God. According to that, the bible we have now is pretty faithful to those scrolls.

      • Lol no it isn't! The dead sea scrolls differ from our current bible in that it says blasphemous things like:
        -women are equal to men (Mary Magdalene was Jesus's favorite disciple to the jealousy of the others)
        -the Abrahamic God is not the real, true, God of the Most High, but a childish, selfish demi-god created without permission of the Most High God when the Sophia created something from herself without his knowledge (and the demi god sounds a whole lot like lucifer)
        -that there ARE other gods and goddesses, and that the jealous demi god, when he said "I am the only god, thou shall not worship any other gods before me" was proof of it. (Or why else would he say it if there was no one else?)

        That being said, I don't knock on anyone who believes the canonical bible entirely, but I am extremely open minded to knowing the truth versus sticking to tradition, and the gnostic gospels speak a lot of truth (to me!)

      • Please look into the Nag Hammadi Library and the story about the Demiurge. Satan created the material world, the world we live in. HE is the one who wants to be worshipped and punishes in the Bible., because he is jealous of the real source of all. Look into it!

      • The majority of what the Elite does is out in the open – on the news, in music, in movies, and even in books if society would bother itself to read any of them. And logically, the wisdom in the Bible is allowed to float around because the one in charge of everything requires it to be. Why? Because as with anything (and even all things elite-related), there's a choice. If the good is not as readily available as the bad, there exists no choice.

        The Bible has plenty to contribute to humanity – deciding it doesn't because you feel, in your opinion, that it hasn't (and perhaps choose to ignore the number of people that have and continue to reject it), has no bearing on the actual value of the Bible. It only has influence on one's subjective view of the situation. But likewise, the same can be said of the opposite – if the empowerment of humanity were really as much as it's supposedly cracked up to be, one would think we'd not be in the crap storm we're currently in either.

      • It's NOT funny how some people judge the Bible without reading it first. This system ruled by satan won't last long, God does not want this going on forever and if you read the Bible then you'd know that.

      • Since I'm a Bible-believer, I'm thinking maybe you meant to reply to the comment I was replying to?

      • Amen Brothers. I like to come at it from this direction. Do people like crime? Like…does it give them peace and good feelings when their car is stolen? Maybe some fun when a family member is murdered? How do you feel when you know you have been lied too? If you have children, does it make you feel like a complete parent, if your children rebel and completely disrespect you? How does it make your heart feel when you walk down the street and a group of men gawk at your wife, and you can only imagine what it going through their minds? Huh…Cuz the Bible handles all those situations. If the simplest of Truths were upheld, the world would be in a lot less hurt than it is now. People just REFUSE to be told what is good for them. Love you all!

      • the Bible only seems disempowering to those who WANT to see it that way. here's the rest of that passage to help clear things up.

        18 We know that anyone born of God does not continue to sin; the One who was born of God keeps them safe, and the evil one cannot harm them. 19 We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. 20 We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.

        21 Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.

        right now to people that don't believe in the Good News everything seems lost but the war was already won when Jesus died for our sins. the battle wages on in the world until Jesus returns. this world is temporary. there is a happy ending on the side of Truth. this wickedness in high places will be destroyed once and for all. Justice will prevail!

      • Child of isis on

        Well the bible says if a Manu don't believe somebody can die for your sins. That would be like you committing a murder or some other crime and let someone else take the blame

      • I was raised as a Christian and in my teenage years I declared myself an "agnostic"… Thats because I thought religion only caused problems, could not be proven and tgat the Bible was even discriminating against certain people. Im still not sure how much of the Bible you can take literally… However I have reconnected with God and my religion after certain events occurred that made me realise God is here and He is trying to communicate with us to keep us on the right path. We usually overlook the signs we get from Him and we forget about the pisitive things in our life. I dont want to go into detail about the type of events/signs I recieved that brought me back to God… They were small but meaningful and precious to me. All I can say is that my own eyes were opened and I feel more secure. I respect that other people have different views which is fine… We all experience life differently. However I just wanted to say that just because you can't see something, it doesn't mean its not there. I love science, but science actually does not explain much of what has/is happening in the world. Science is based on theories that can be proven or disproven at anytime (and some that cannot be proven in the first place). The Universe is such a grand amazing thing that it makes you wonder how it was created. People often say "the big bang", but what created that and what created the thing that created the big bang, etc… I find it harder to believe
        that the entire world comes from nothing… Thats just my own view.

      • WarForYourSoul on

        Yup, I always thought it was common sense that all life and the whole universe didn't come from nothing. I truly think that people who think otherwise are just not being honest with themselves. On that note, look up the Kalam Cosmological Argument for God. Glad to hear that you came back to the faith, don't forget only Jesus can provide eternal life because he=life. I hope you continue to grow and build up the body of Christ, God bless you on your journey :) always remember that there is nothing in the world more important than your relationship with the God and Jesus.

      • warriorforChrist on

        just come encouragement….you can take the bible literally because God is THE AUTHOR! He gave the authors of the book the words He wanted in there, and even tho it sometimes things seem to contradict each other, with a lot of study and understanding you'll see how powerful & truthful it is. I will be praying that you come to know Christ and realize He is the one who can save you & give you eternal life. :) :)

      • You know, I still don't know why people say God was the author of the bible…the only books of the bible he authored were old testament texts when he gave prophets divine inspiration and told them to write it down. God did not author any of Paul's texts or any other letters in the new testament, and the other books are just recounting the story of Jesus. I mention Paul's letters by name because many of his letters do not mesh at all with the teachings of Jesus (women should cover their heads and never speak in church? Jesus would beg to differ) AND on top of that serious bible scholars tend to agree that not all of Pauls letters were actually written by Paul, which is why there are such descrepancies. We have to realize that human beings put this book together trying their best to weed out the false documents from the real ones but not only were they not perfect, they also had their own agendas, if you know what I mean.

      • Child of Isis on

        What created God or was he just created out of nothing? As humans we are curious about our world and the universe and we have a right to question and learn rather than follow things or ideas blindly

      • The same question can be asked of the universe. How can something come out of nothing? That question goes both ways.

      • This questions assumes God is create-able, which is understandable but try to think of God as not a noun, but a verb. If you think of the universe as a factory making…I dunno, Ramen, God is not the ramen, the machines, or the factory itself, but the motion inside the factory pushing everything to creation. This takes a great deal of abstract thinking to comprehend, which is why we must accept our limitations to fathom exactly what he is and just trust that he is there because our 6th sense is always communicating with this concept we personify as God

      • HermeticWonderer on

        It seems to me that by simply calling something "satan" you make it so no other investigation need be done as to the source of this supposed "satan" – satan causes the music industry to be so bad, satan is the reason we are all getting cancer, satan is dumbing down our children, satan is waiting for you in that dark alley to steal your wallet. I know damn well there are many many demons out there and in the lower 4th but I am much more interested in knowing who is calling them forth and to what end they are working rather than just purporting they are here.

        I think it is ignorant at best to propose there is any one book out there in the public realm that neatly organizes the good and the bad. Its great to have a system of belief but not if it in anyway creates a false sense of "better than" or cuts you off from other possibilities of truth.

        And this sounds exactly like the NWO illuminati doctrine if I ever heard it –
        "Jesus never questioned who ruled the world and even confirmed that Satan is the god of this system of things. "
        Perhaps Jesus has some explaining to do. 😀

        Now everyone relax – we are SUPPOSED TO BE on the SAME SIDE HERE.

      • The Koran states that King Solomon used the power of the Jinn (demons) to build his temple. The Keys of Solomon has sections on how to conjure demons. The Cabalists are very involved in conjuring demons and using them for their own purposes. Satan is not one single entity. I think the term comes from shaitan (demons).

      • the bible does have some positive info but yeah most of the truth has been distorted by man.

      • WarForYourSoul on

        The Bible doesn't have "some positive info", it is God's word and message to humans, his most loved creations. I can guarantee that Christians have explained away whatever it is that is shaping your beliefs as nonsense. Please, you really think that you stumbled upon this secret information that proves the Bible to be incorrect and everyone else is just in the dark?? Don't just settle for the first few pages of lies that you read, read some defenses from Christian apologists and then make up your mind. The Bible prophecies regarding the end times are coming true. The Bible explains the current state of the world perfectly…ONLY the Bible. Life in Christ or dead in sin, forever…don't be fooled by the devil.

    • Sorry Jay, but even the bible is messed up. There was more than 500 versions of the bible, various councils for changing it throughout times. This quotation you mentioned must be from the King James bilble – an instrument for domination of the masses used by the elite. The teachings of Christ are superb, but how much stuff was supressed or changed or twisted to attend the ruling class? Think about it with open heart and follow your consciousness.

      • " There was more than 500 versions of the bible"
        Translations =/= versions.

        "follow your consciousness."?
        Does VC have a section on the horrors of theosophy yet? If not, it's much needed…

      • all scripture has come from God and if we try to know Him He will reveal everything. our hearts deceive ourselves. open your heart and follow Christ consciousness.

      • god didn't write those books man did. if god wrote scripture why did he get so much about the universe wrong?

      • LOL What are you even talking about?! Man penned scripture with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. But you cant understand something you don't make an effort too. I dont understand Math, because I could care less about it. Dont argue something you aren't going to invest time into. Truth.

      • Child of Isis on

        They are pages missing from the bible had at Vatican City they have these room filled with ancient texts that is not opened to the public and in order to access it you have to permission from the pope himself. So yeah people have the write to question a book which has been translated countless times and things removed to fit the need of the ruler of the masses

      • That is exactly why you should read the Qur-an, never been altered, not one tiny letter and i find it funny that very very very few people mention the Qur-an and what Islam says about the things that are being discussed on this site on a regular basis……….Nobody hardly mentions the quran because this is the true book

      • Satan only cares to change the Word of God. When Satan speaks in the Bible, he quotes scripture, except he cannot quote it exactly. He can't speak the truth, therefore, he changes God's Word ever so slightly. Why does he do this? He wants to lead people astray. Satan has done exactly what he set out to do when he tampered with the English versions of the Bible. I would challenge Christians to prayerfully consider only using the King James Version. It has changed my walk with God. Also, a good read on the subject is Fox's Book of Martyrs. It is not my intentions to offend anyone, and I hope you will seek God's wisdom considering this matter.

      • The version is not the problem. The problem is how goodness is achieved. It's not something that comes easily and naturally.

      • warrior for Christ on

        It's also not something we can do on our own. No one is righteous. If we could achieve righteousness before a God who demands perfection, Jesus wouldn't have needed to have come to earth and died for our sins. I recommend Jesus highly. 😉

    • This info is for you all but the Bible and Torah is supposed to be exactly like the Quran until they were infiltrated – and different people will tell you different things that will contradict what the other person has said and then you dont know what to believe.

      The Torah and Bible have been corrupted the Qur-an HAS NEVER BEEN CHANGED, let me repeat it again…………NEVER BEEN CHANGED. Although the 3 original monotheistic religions are supposed to be exactly the same, with the same message, same intention (Christianity, Islam and Judaism)these 3 have also been infiltrated and corrupted, thats why you have to read the Holy Book, the Qur-an because it has never been changed

    • Exactly …. I agree with the Christ, and more so gnostic Christianity. I think the main reason he spoke out against the Jews because they were worshipping the wrong deity. The Creator of this plane….which I believe is "Satan" and why materialsim is abundant.

    • okay so the devil rules over the earth, what exactly is your point? god allows him to so what does that say about god?

      • It says He's given us a choice. We decide whom we will serve and where we will spend eternity.

      • Because we are tested throughout our lives. Our logic, reasoning and ability to comprehend are limited, so we have to trust in God without questioning Him. It's difficult, however not impossible.

    • once I opened a book [anyone remember the name of book?

      CAPTION….The real garbage pail children

    • yup!!!! those garbage pail kid cards were far more visually disturbing though…


      thanks for another valuable post VC =)

      • Yeah, there's a new line of them, staying true to old one, from what I've seen. I saw that they were selling these at Rite-Aid yesterday

  2. Indonesian citizen on

    Spot on VC! I remember a few years ago the fashion theme of "gothic style" was popular in Asia. My young niece was so into it, wearing black outfit with skulls and bones images all over. Parents should be more aware of what stuff they're buying for their kids and avoid the trap of doctrination that is indeliberately given to them.

      • Likely it was to present himself as a 'sacrifice' to the Beast. They wanted to wait a few more years before doing this, but something has caught their attention so that they cannot wait to implement it. That's what I think

      • My friend said it was due to the scandalous reign of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI just can't stand PJPII be canonized and be a saint. That may be the real story.

  3. Thanks a lot for this post, i talked with my sister of 8 years old about this, telling her about the skulls is about dead, and even if i don't aprove the glamour of dead on this cartoon, i told her that i won't ban it because she have her own decision to make (the good thing is we don't have a TV at home, so her exposure is when she visit other houses or at school).

    When the "children's day" came last year, all of the family gave her this dolls, a bunch of them, but i'm very glad because she didn't use it more than a week, and then she gave them as a gift to one of her friends, because she wasn't interested in them.

    I'm pretty worried about this, the highheels and the sex shop outfits also are very interesting for young girls, my daughter before this wasn't even aware of them, but now she are asking about them, about make up…. it's truly dificult to be a parent this day, and don't be one that ban everything on this world…. i try to set the example, not using make up or HHeels, eating healthy food and having time with my daughter. Thanks VC for helping us to be informed, and letting us know that we are not alone in this fight.

    • My daughter isn't interested in this stuff yet. With luck she won't be. I have seen these dolls in the store and thought their clothes and overall look was terrible. Very immodest and putting model-like looks above all else, plus everything revolving around death. I had no idea there was a show about them. Even at two and a half years old I teach my daughter to dress modestly and tell her why it is so important in a way she can understand. There are a lot better dolls in stores that girls can play with. I think the Adora dolls they sell at Target are wholesome. Someone let me know if I am wrong please.

    • I'm a great gramma. I grew up in the 50s and 60s. Things were going on back then, too, with imagery. Most of the pop-art, designs like the peace sign (actually it's a pentagram), and other things…free love, etc. are still unknown by most people as satanistic symbols.

      I'm not sure an 8 year old is old enough to really make a decision based on facts about things like these dolls. I guess for me, the symbolism alone (skulls, one-eye) would tell me that I wouldn't want them in my home, much less let my child play with them. I would be afraid that a spell would be cast on the dolls (it's done in the music business). But your little girl must be wiser than most because she has no interest in them. Thank God for that.

      I also wouldn't have let her give them to another child to be influenced either. To me, it's like passing along witchcraft, or something that is demon possessed.

      I do realize things are different now, even from when my children were growing up. But I didn't let my kids have things with certain symbols on them, or play with things that I felt uncomfortable with.

      I know you are trying to set an example, and hope she'll follow you. But peer pressure is huge now…much more than it was when my kids were young. Plus, there is much more exposure..everywhere..even in our schools. I'm not saying ban EVERYTHING…we do have to have them make some choices..but when it comes to their minds and souls, I would have to at the very least, have a talk with them.

    • What an awesome comment from a switched-on momwho really is trying to do the best for her kid. Brilliant

      The real shame is that you're even in a position where you to HAVE to combat this evil stuff.

      And thus the age of Kali Yuga comes to fruition…


    • I have a 10 year old sister and she hates these dolls anyway. She says they are creepy and they might give her nightmares. Not surprised.

  4. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    Vigilant says many MK slaves are trained in ESP, telepathy, mind reading and such…I don't understand why? Wouldn't encouraging psychic development enable the slave? It seems counterproductive. If someone knows the reason for this, could you elaborate? Many thanks. : )

    • When the mind is programmed to "obey" it doesn't really matters if you are a powerful person, even someone aware of his/her programmation could be activated at any time anywhere.

    • Their alters are trained. Even when Monarchs supposedly disengage from the program, there is no guarantee that they will be able to integrate their alters or their alters training.

    • I think…judging by what Arizona Wilder said…its important cus they take on the role or priestess at important rituals, for which such abilities need to be developed….so its some witch magic ritual crap! Them nutters!

    • Amanda Upchurch on

      Programming is layers soon layers of all sorts of things including these ESP abilities. ESP layered in is not counter productive for a slave only because they have so many alters who dont know the other is there and that is what they count on when they layer in things like that. So they will never be a threat unless they are able to break free of their handlers and heal by condensing or learning of their alters,which normally happens by remembering memories that seem like a dream. It's as emotionally tortuous for them to heal as it is for them to become a slave and takes a long time and a lot of work reliving things to become whole again. A lot of accidental deprogramming happens all the time before our eyes. Demi lavato, Brittany spears, Lindsay Logan. All the break downs. Then they "check in" to a "hospital" and magically come out all better. They attempt to escape and once again are reminded they can't. They go for reprogramming, it makes me sick. I am begging of all of you to write to and raise hell as an individual to these companies who would push these agendas on your children and on you. I know we all tend to feel like I'm only one small voice,but if we all put our one small voices together we too can be a force to be wreckoned with and stand up to this brainwashing and mind control of the little ones. If you feel inclined to write or call these companies do it don't ignore it just do it. Our future generations are worth it and so are our children today. Do it for those that won't. I make a commitment to do the same!!!!

    • Zig Zag Wanderer on

      Thanks for the responses! So strange how you can be so unaware of your own power.

    • The training also leads them to become spies and channels for the dark side this is all black arts stuff in another age these trainers would be burned at the stake

  5. there is something strangely arousing in their every move.

    preeteens shouldnt walk with the mien of a supermodel jesus christ

  6. I saw this show once and thought it was blantly illuminate bullshit. The younger generations are kinda fucked damn…

  7. Interesting how this is the same as Lady Gaga's Mother Monster and Little Monsters thing. I never liked gross out or ugly things as a kid, still don't, so I don't understand why these dolls are popular. Nasty to think of playing with something dead.

    • right. it was either baby dolls or horses or something like that, not dead creatures.

    • Have u seen the movie frankiweenie. My 6yr son come home from staying over a friends house furious that I didn't try to bring back his lost pet. After I watched the movie to see what he was talking about. I was angry and called the friends parents about the movie choices they allowed in their home.

    • These people are expert developmental psychologists. They are fully aware that between the ages of 7 and 14, children naturally look up to older, more experienced authority figures – parents, teachers, 'cool' celebrities etc. This is also the age when most of our lifelong habits are formed.

      If these authority figures buy such toys for their own children, and tell them that these toys are acceptable and even fun to show off in the playground, children will naturally enjoy "playing with something dead". Then, because daily practice and encouragement from the authority figures makes enjoyment of this activity into a habit, these children will, under most circumstances, unquestioningly pass such traits onto their own future generations. It's why most pop culture, though supposedly aimed at older people, is targeted towards the 7-14 age group.

      (Look at your own regular habits, even if you think yourself above these issues. Anything that we are exposed to aged 7-14 becomes a fundamental part of who we are for the rest of our lives, unless we are able to wake up and consciously make changes. )

    • I agree. It's creepy… Sexy, anorexic, narcissistic, emo, death dolls… For children… Grab your kids and Run!

  8. PS I also want to say, these dolls are promoting anorexia, too – huge bobbleheads on ridiculously skinny bodies, like how anorexia victims look like their heads are out of proportion inrelation to their withered limbs. Nice, Mattel.

    • oh shutup. just because they don't look like you doesn't mean they are indefinitely affiliated with any sort of promotion of anorexia. Visual exaggeration of reality is called art. How many cartoon characters do you see maintaining exact human proportions? You're just feeding blindly into the rally of negative accusations, because it makes you feel comfortable here. Have a mind of your own.

  9. These dolls have always been banned in our home. They got some as birthday presents but out they go! I didn't know it went as far as MK mind control but I could discern the sex/death spirit behind them. There is one little girl @ our daughter's Christian school who's family is obsessed w/ "The Nightmare Before Christmas". They literally have what I would consider a "shrine" of figurines/display of the characters in their home including a matching toilet seat. Their little girl brings her matching lunchbox daily ~ kind of sad really.

      • Yes but that was years ago when they weren't promoting this agenda as much as they are now, but now we are flooded by their symbolism EVERYWHERE AND ON EVERYTHING……Ya know what i mean, i watched alot of the disney cartoon movies but i turned out ok lol

      • The Nightmare Before Christmas doesn't promote anything sinister. It's a fairy tale about being happy with who you are.

    • Child of Isis on

      I like Nightmare Before Christmas nothing is wrong with that nor Frankenweenie which is my the same guy'all Tim Burton's work are gothic in nature. Also Monster High is awesome and I wish they had those dolls when I was young because I don't like Barbie and I hated my little pony.

    • You're right on! It is sad. And unhealthy and very demonic. For the unbeliever it may not be as obvious, but still….. Why would you want a generation obsessed with death, sex, materialism ect????? To control them!!!! Someone OUT THERE doesn't give a hoot about our children, their lifespans or their mental health and emotional state. Think about the sex trend among the young preteens…. Not even in high school yet. Think about the suicides that occur everywhere due to peer pressures and feeling "out of control with no hope". These Monster High Dolls aren't just an alternative to Barbie or something overly cute like ponies…. They are an actual evil thing…..teaching kids about satanic rituals, otherworldly practices and dark imagery. Do we really want our generation of children mimicking these???? That's the question we have to ask.

    • i so hate that movie, i did not let my kids watch it then after few years, we watched it and they agreed. Hopefully the mom will change her mind about the lunchbox.

    • I have played with these dolls since I was 8 and now I'm 13 and I can honestly say I love the dolls but it makes me mad that some of the dolls outfits are so short that when they bend over their butt shows. The shows are actually very interesting and it can give a good message to be yourself and be nice and kind. But I didn't like that they made a show because if kids watch that show they will want to make the dolls act just like the people in the show and they have no imagination. There are shows that are a lot worse. If anyone has ever seen gravity falls on Disney channel, u know it's way worse then monster high.

  10. jesus christ what happened to good TV shows for kids. (90s nick/disney anyone? not amazing but good enough)

    I mean come on people, look around you… you can so tell the difference with this generation (current 00s) and the 90s generation (like me, im 17) they're just getting dumber and dumber every few years….

    good children shows used to educate younger kids but now its pure crap. urgh. this is why the interenet is a great tool – my kids will grow up on blues clues, discovery kids (old) and will be educated out of this crap

    • Each generation gets bombarded with better and more obvious programming as their parents are less aware of it due to their conditioning and programming. This is done so as to not alert anyone – the point is to avoid mass revolts. Prisons are most effective when the bars are invisible. Combine this with the overeducation of citizens (really just government approved dumbing down programs that start earlier and are kept up later in life now), and we have entire generations that have ZERO critical thinking skills. Even when I was in school, and Im well past school age, I was one of the only students that scored high on the "critical thinking" and "reading comprehension" sections. I work with the public, so I can confirm….its getting worse.

      • Child of Isis on

        The parents can help educate their children at home – i mean thats what my did with me & my sister

    • better yet just don't let them watch tv and they can use their imaginations and play instead.

      • Oh, and back in the '80s, Nick was very big on telling the kids their parents knew nothing, and positioned itself as the only good source of fun information. I remember a commercial for bubbletape that went, "Your dad never had a mohawk, he plays bingo! Six feet of bubblegum for you – not them!"

    • Lol you ARE NOT 90's generation if you are 17 you were only just starting pre school when the 90's finished! I kinda enjoyed the way you proved your point, kids do get dumber as each generation passes

  11. I noticed that there are some shows that target little girls, but emphasize on "Teenagehood" like it's cool to be teen, they want little girls to start acting like teenagers

    • Your right, all the shows lean towards teenage life but when I was a teen I acted nothing like the kids on tv. Seems like all these "teenage" shows make all the adults act like idiots and all the children being the cool smart ones.

    • I learned about this in class. The word 'teenager' was introduced in the 60s with rock music revolution when the concept never existed before. That's why there was the Beatles hype, the sexualisation of celebrities and whatnot.The marketers realised that the "teenage" age range was the most profitable as adolescents had the most disposable income using their parents' money. Also they were already in schools that would indoctrinate them and they were exposed to media as well. Teenage culture has been exploited for decades, as you can see by popular music, it's all targeted to teens even if it's sung by 24 year olds.

  12. I felt this was a bit of a stretch in my opinion. I think it's just easier if parents didn't have a tv in their house.

    • The goal is to start them young…make all of this seem 'normal' and part of the peer-pressured culture.

      Creates a rebellious spirit (towards authority) at a young age that can be more easily manipulated and controlled.

      If my daughter were a little girl again these would not be allowed in our home.

      • I see nothing wrong with creating a rebellious spirit opposed to a meek follower of authority. I thought not being a follower is kind of the point…

    • or control how much time they spend in front of the TV set and what kind of programmes they watch.

  13. Thank you vc for being informative. Fell in love with this site from day one. Seen these dolls being a issue from a mile away. No one is safe from the agenda being implemented on them, especially our children because they hold the future. God's plan is in effect and he will correct these wrongs. Hold on people because the ground is only beginning to shift….

  14. Cartoons/dolls are an easy sell. Advertisers/marketers/brand managers know that this is the easiest way to keep kids under control.

    You can only be as 'illuminated' as the information you are privy to and the level of penetration/infiltration is directly proportional to so many factors such as age, maturity, parenting, environment, peers, society, laws etc.

    We can only do as much as to teach our children lasting values however, the onus lies with them in the end.

    Rather than watch cartoons, play video games or all such programs that promote the "illuminated agenda", I encourage my children to play in the yard, ride a bike, unravel puzzles, read a book every month, excercise etc.

    I can only do as much. In the end, I will fight for my children, and they will be a blessing to the world.

    • that's garbage and an illuminatti idea. every good person who can support children should have them.

    • My sons Nintendo AND xbox broke around the same time. I will NOT be replacing them. He was upset at first but has found that he loves books, puzzles and has taken up skateboarding really well. I encourage all parents to stop shoving electronics in our kids faces.

    • Just wanted to ask where did Ratchet come from? I know its a mechanism on my bike but I hear it describing a girl as ugly or disgusting. Is it a mispronounciantion of wretched?

      • I went on Urban Dictionary and this is what I found….
        "A ghetto girl who is loud and obnoxious and constantly causing drama and usually trashy."
        So yeah. 😛

      • It's not a mispronunciation more like a slang term. But it does have the same meaning as wretched does In the Bible :)

  15. My daughter is 5 and has told me she has an interest in "Monster High," several months ago–due to her friends having them at school. I explained to her that we won't buy those dolls or watch the show in our home because it promotes death. I get concerned when I see imagery that promotes death. I am not that old but when I was growing up the skull and cross bones represented death. Nowadays toddlers and kids walk around wearing skull and cross bone symbols, maybe because it's cool to them or that's what their parents choose to buy. As a parent I refuse to allow my kids to promote, watch, listen to, or wear death. I can remember growing up as a kid my mother used to let me watch all types of horror filled movies and shows and music. As an adult I have had to literally deprogram myself of anger, hate, hostility, and poor decision making. We wonder why everybody is angry or has a chip on their shoulder. We are literally feeding ourselves death and giving it to our children. I refuse to do this. Ultimately, I know my kids will do what they want when they are adults but I know in my heart that I am teaching what's right. What's ironic is that I spoke with a parent with grown kids this weekend, seemed like she was offended b/c I told her I monitor what my kids watched on TV.

    • ShadowOnTheWall on

      Hi Monica, I too had to "deprogram" myself. The thing is you really have to look at yourself with a distant critical eye, and when you are overfilled with self-esteem believing you can never be wrong, this is really hard to do. When I was eventually able to be honest with myself, what I saw when I looked back was really painful.

      I don't have children yet, but seeing all this around me makes me worried about their future even now. I am a teacher btw., and yes girls are totaly in love with this crappy dolls, and kids with poorer background who dont have them are making hell at home because of it.

      All of it is so, so sad.

    • When I grew up I actually became involved with the pagan esoteric occult groups and had to seriously deprogram myself. They put out all of this garbage on the media and then offer "New Age" spiritualism which is just old Babylonian garbage regurgitated.

    • Hello Monica, its nice to know at least some parents are Clued up on this whole subject

    • child of isis on

      Death is a part of life and you can't hide your little girl in a bubble for the rest of her life, she will eventually be introduced to this things and I hope you are preparing her for it. Yes skulls mean death but not in every culture,also I used to watch horror/thriller as a child along with playing violent videos games such as Mortal Kombat and was a huge fan of Britney Spears and Christina Aguleria as a little girl and I turned out fine. I have a couple of clothing with skulls and black lipstick and black nail polish and to many it means death but that is just in this western society, in asia culture white is the symbol of death. All these symbols and colors vary due to where you are in the world and this is what upsets me.

      May I ask but what dolls or tv shows can your little girl watch?

    • with all of this talk about skulls. i happened to go into my daughters drawers as i was putting her clothes away. almost every pair of pajamas and at least 50% of her shirts with design on them had skulls on them. skulls and peice signs. hidden in plain sight, no obvious but definately included in the pattern. i have a hard time believing that this is some type of coincidence or marketing technique. girls clothing can be cute without all that death. people need to really wake up. i CANT STANd when people say they let their kids decide what they want to do. if i let my daughter decide everything she would be eating ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner. PULEEZE! Im getting my cable turned off and by the way, all of those clothes are in the GARBAGE, not donated but TRASH!!!

      • I have not had cable in five years, and once you get rid of it you will NEVER want it back. Everything worth seeing on TV can be replaced by netflix, hulu, and you-tube anyway.

  16. I remember when my parents would never let me wear anything that had a skull on. cool, now i get it.
    Things like that make me wonder if i should have kids.

    • I don't think banning skulls as a decoration accomplishes anything. Symbols aren't evil, in and of themselves. But I agree that this cartoon sounds like something that kids shouldn't be watching.

      I mean, I can see why some people see skulls as morbid, but these mind control people have taken all kinds of things and given them sinister meanings, like butterflies and lightning. If we start avoiding everything they use, there won't be much left.

      Honestly, skulls are so over-hyped right now. They are going to be considered passe and trashy soon enough.

  17. Amazing article VC. I am stunned by the blatant, ' in your face' symbolism. Gaga has her little monsters, I wonder what her 'cut' is. The Frankenstein thing with bits falling off is a bit like all the media hype on zombies, what's that about? The phantom girl will be controlled by her father 'inside her mind', incest/handler mode. Kitten programming abundant with the others and slaves and handlers are all over the place. It used to be more hidden years ago so why are they so open and obvious now? I admit to feeling quite shocked and sickened by this attack on the minds of the young.

  18. There is a bit more symbolism at work here with the headmistress having a disembodied head. The Knights Templar were suspected of worshipping the head of John the Baptist, and a belief that St. John of Jerusalem (John the Baptist) was the real messiah is actually a powerful motif at the higher levels of esoteric secret societies. Johannism as it is called, was undoubtedly one of the doctrines that the Knights Templar encountered in the east that lead to the charges of unorthodoxy leveled against them. I find the stories surrounding the Templars and John the Baptist just as intriguing as the connection to Baphomet.

    Skull and Bones has a strange fascination with severed heads, as well. Most notably, it is claimed that they retrieved the head of Geronimo. Further skull-swiping is strongly suspected. Why the fascination with severed heads?

    Much like all of the peculiar story lines found in GI Joe episodes (see "The Gods Below" ), the powers-that-be feel like these "spells" are more powerful when cast upon impressionable minds which have no idea of the meaning or existence of such symbols and entities.

    • Many of the martyrs and Saints were tortured for days without any results. Finally they were decapitated.

    • Interesting. I've been studying the story of Salome, lately. A lot of important people seem to be obsessed with it. This adds a piece to my puzzle.

    • You are right about the "worship" of John the Baptist's head. I think it has something to do with King Herod who had John the Baptist decapitated and displayed his head on a platter. Many of John and Jesus followers and disciples were tortured and decapitated. I don't think they actually follow John or Jesus at all. The kings and pharisees actually followed the religion of Semiramis/ Isis which I posted about earlier. That is why the use the symbolism of the all-seeing eye of Horus (Isis son), etc. They considered John and Jesus to be false prophets. That is why revelations claims that the blood of the saints is on the whore of babylon!

    • Child of Isis on

      The head mistress is suppose to be the headless horseman but they made him a female character. When I have kids one day they will have monster high dolls – if I have any girls and only if they want the dolls

    • Funny you said Geronimo because that was the word used to confirm the death of Osama bin laden lol.

  19. tyler the creator on

    thanks alot!!! now i am gonna be scared out of my mind when i watch this show. Its my favorite…well was my favorite.

    • InputEqualsOutput on

      I can't tell if you're serious or not because if you were I would have to assume you are fairly young, definitely too young to be listening to filth like tyler the creator, not like anyone should in my opinion. That kind of "music" pollutes your mind and soul and has a terrible effect on your life overall, this coming from someone who only used to listen to rap/hip-hop until I realized how negative and superficial and egotistical 90% of it is. Over time you become so desensitized to everything that you don't realize what it has done to your life until you actively try to "resensitize" yourself.

      • I was being sarcastic. Tyler says some heart felt stuff I can relate to. Like "How can I wake up on the wrong side of the bed when I dont even f***in have one ."

      • InputEqualsOutput on

        Christian music, all genres…music with meaning that keeps you focused on what's important 😉 and my mistake tyler, hard to sense sarcasm on the internet but in my opinion, along with those few lyrics that you can relate to, there's a bunch of filth that is polluting your mind.

      • Child of Isis on

        Modern rap/hip hop is garbage , when it first began it had meaning and brought a message to the people

      • Child of Isis on

        They will always be music polluting minds i mean look wt th history of music. When rock n roll first started lots of parents didnt like it cause it was corrupting the youth and lets not break it down by race because whites that the music by blacks was corrupting the innocence of the white youth. Then those teenage griw up become parens and the next wave of music is corrupting our kids – its an never ending cycle really.

  20. Another doll to take a look at is La la Loopsy from MGA Entertainment. Little girls love 'em despite them being just plain creepy.

    • I would rather have lala than barbie or bratz or monster high. they look like a doll and are not oversexualized.

  21. My daughter is 4 years old and I never let her watch this show. It was because of the way they dress.. I had no idea about the illuminati symbolism! Love your articles VC keep up the great work!

  22. I love and collect these dolls. ********They're obviously homages to the old monster movies********** and their style is super cute. They've also gotten interesting designs as of late, and released the only mexican doll I have ever seen based off our Day of the Dead. So for that alone, this toy line gets major kudos.

    Operetta (the girl with the heart over her eye) is a reference to Phantom of the Opera, who has a mask covering half his face in the modern variation. (due to it being disfigured, not anything relating to the illuminati)

    Frankie Stein is a reference to Frankenstein, so obviously there will be stitching just like absolute masterful iconic makeup be Jack Pierce.

    Don't let common sense get in the way of your illuminati hard on though, Imao. 😀 Cheers!

    • Their style is so NOT 'super cute'! Children under 10 years old having dolls that dress so slutty seems really obscene. What ever happened to letting kids be actual kids?? for adults its a collector thing, I guess, but for children who are the products target audience, its terrible.

      • i agree …since when is dressing slutty super cute for little girls 6,7,8,9,and 10?????? or anybody for that matter?? this is marketing to children not adults…

    • And this my friends is what this franchise does to people.

      And Desi, seeing these things in this franchise IS common sense.

    • I agree totally with JesusKnight… These dolls are grossly inappropriate for young children. Provocative dress and split personalities are certainly not the messages that I want to be teaching my daughter.

      A collectible homage to the old monster movies for adults is fine if that's what someone wants to create, or what these actually were… But the target audience here is clearly impressionable children.

    • On behalf of Mattel I would like to thank you Desi for helping fund our operation! We can't afford our dungeons without your unquestioning support and idolization of our dolls. Thanks so much.

      • noneofyourbusiness on

        I never said anything about that, you're the one who thinks that. Don't put words into my mouth. Do you think the food we eat is part of "illuminati" too?

      • Yes, Monsanto is an "illuminati" corporation who have genetically altered our food which causes turmors to grow on lab rats and also causes them to become infertile.

    • Great press release style you've got there. You should be doing PR for large corporations bent on portraying themselves in a positive light…. Perhaps you already are? 😉

    • Its Glamourizing Death, sex, drugs, violence, porn, (not just this cartoon but alot of other videos, games, film etc) Its the same agenda being pushed through different avenues so the young people think its cool because of the way its being portrayed, but they dont realise the harm that its actually doing to them

    • I agree with you Desi! Some people have nothing better to do with their lives my girls have the movies,the dolls and some outfits. I don't understand how they can bash these dolls but its ok for their kids to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline.

      • Well kelly if your girls come up to you gyrating, touching them selves because they saw it on the telly and because they saw the dolls doing it (an example), you would of course tell them to carry on and encourage them i guess? hmmmmmmmmm, PEOPLE STILL DONT GET IT, I pray for your little girls Kelly

      • How old are your girls? So it's cool
        To you for your young girls to play with dolls that represent death, zombie, coffins, skulls, just dark place for a little girl to wanna be????? What about strawberry shortcake, or a happy Barbie doll??? THAT'S SAD… Smh .. Parents lets be JuSt LIkE this woman/ mother

      • I am okay with the dolls to extent. I watch those two shows and tim Burton but it is the parents who do not monitor or explain this topic I have issues. no on the shows though on mhs. they are pushing agenda I do not like and I will get clothing for the doll that are bit more. I will sew them myself if I must.

    • They look Anorexic to me. Which makes their various unstable backstories make more sense.

      I agree with the PR comment. Who "Major Kudos" or knows about a "Jack Pierce" iconic make up in a "toy Line".

      But it's more than toys you've got your Bedding Set.

      What a serene Bedding Set it is too. ;D

      I've known some Anorexics and that Bedspread captures their Mental State quite well.

    • Who's got the hard on? Enjoy your perversion all the way downstairs…. The lords of the underwotld are waiting for you….with your paycheck….

    • child of isis on

      some people will let symbols rule their lives thus scaring them away from anything that has a triangle, a pentacle,skulls, and whatever else symbols the illuminati use. All in all it sounds to me like a modern day witch hunt except they can't go out and burn the people at the stake.

      • Child of Isis, you must be brainwashed by the Gardnerian Wiccans. Laurence Gardner is a member of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court (complete and total "Illuminati")! Don't feel bad though, I used to be brainwashed by this same group! You need to do much more research into this subject. You will be surprised!

      • Child of isis on

        I'm not a Wiccan but I respect those that do follow the religion , some of my friends are Wiccans

      • Your friends need to learn more about Gardner and the Dragon Court, Starfire ritual, Mothers of Darkness to name a few!

      • Child of Isis on

        I have friends that are christian, muslim, buddhist,hinduis, atheist,agnostic ,jews ,wiccans & i like them all just find. As for my wiccan friends it is their spiritual belief and i see nothing wrong with it and they have been bullied because of it sadly by people who call themselves christians.

    • Child of Isis on

      The skirts that they wear seem sort but i think it has to do with height . My little sister istaller than me & when we had mini skirts hers would look shorter than mine due to the wideness of her hips and her height.

    • I don't know why you got so many thumbs up for that comment.
      You're so utterly misinformed its not even funny.

    • je t adore toi je pense pareil et je collectionne ces poupees pas du tout illuminati

    • Thank u!!! I love and collect monster high also and people need to use common sense before judging them. This is the best comment I've seen. So thank u so much, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way desi!! But sometimes it makes me upset that when the dolls bend over u see their butts.

    • Well these DOLLS certainly are a hot topic lol. You know what they say about opinions so I hope people take this In the spirit it is intended. I respect everyone's opinion and their right to share them weather I agree or not. I do not feel the need to bash anyone else because their opinion differs from mine. I am simply stating my opinion so others know they are not alone in theirs. So here goes people say monster high "bad" video games "bad", Harry potter "bad", Halloween "bad" and wizard of oz "bad". My opinion things are what you make them you can find bad in a great deal of things if you look for it. I prefer and encourage my children to look for the good. My kids do these things with entertainment in mind for fun. They don't analyze it just enjoy. They play and have fun and relax, they read and have adventures in the books and relax. They have enough stress maintaining grades and doing their best in the sports they choose to be a part of. When they are playing with their toys, video games and reading books the last thing on their minds is if the doll , video game or book has an underlying agenda. So for what it is worth I believe I am raising good people who will go out in the world one day that will have open minds and hearts that look for the good and know how to relax and have fun in some things and be serious in others. I can not speak as to the thoughts behind making these dolls, video games and books but I can say my kids interest is entertainment. My kids all have rules regarding driving, makeup, clothing, internet usage and Facebook access so all of these things in my home are a non issue.

  23. No…wait…you dont need to even believe or care about Illuminati/MK Ultra to be uncomfortable with your child watching this show. Its creepy! COME ON! And the sexualised girls with these tight clothes and heels and intense make up?? Coffin?? Prison?? Heads coming off? Im 23 so I cant speak for teens or parents…just my opinion

    • ZuluGirl,, I agree Illuminati/MK aside, the tight, revealing clothing and symbols of death should be enough! People have become so deceived and desensitized, that they can't even see the obvious, let alone the subliminal. But, it is as God said it would be. Because they did not love the truth God turned them over to believe lies and practice all sorts of wickedness.

    • You sound overly sensitive. In face, I don't think children should be shielded from death. It helps them appreciate life. In fact, instead of hiding things, you should expose them and help them internalize it. Makeup is fun. You're demonizing things that aren't demonized. It's rather ennerving, in fact.

      It's only sexualized if you make it so. I don't find anything sexually stimulating about it, because I don't find things like that sexually stimulating. It seems like you're the one that has the problem.

      Oh, and GTFO with this slut shaming. Cheers!

      • Oh, and "tight, revealing clothing"?

        They're FASHION dolls. Who wants to play dress up with jeans and a t-shirt? How dull and boring.

      • Well the fact that that's the way how strippers & prostitutes dress to sell themselves and get actually PAYED for being "hawt" and sexually appealing to men should give you a hint :S …but maybe the whole world is wrong and people being turned on by this kind of clothing just has some issues and needs to see a therapist…

      • child of isis on

        a man doesn't need a women to dress half naked or wear tight clothing. She can be fully dress or in her sunday best but that won't stop his mind from thinking sexual thoughts about a female

      • You are absolutely right. It is not the woman who promotes the sexual thinking it is from the mind of the man, regardless of what the woman wears. Unfortunately, people here are slut-shamers, promoters of rape culture and the misogynistic type without even realizing it….

      • If these are "fashion dolls" then that is in itself part of the problem… When did it become fashionable for all teenagers to have the same thin body type and to wear hot pants to school??!

        And there is a very big difference between not shielding children from death and actively promoting it…

      • Child of isis on

        Lloyd see in the 1960's Twiggy was thin than supermodels before her thus hello skinny is the new look

      • Some girls find that playing dress up with dolls is insipid on its own. Everyone is different.

      • Ohnestly Desi, why are you on this post? You talk complete utter and absolute shite just like Lorena………Have a nice life playing with your Slut Dolls ;-P

      • Oh noes, not "slut shaming"! How dare people have morals and not want CHILDREN to think that hypersexualization is wrong! And just because YOU don't see clothes that look like sexy Halloween costumes (on a CHILDREN'S CARTOON) as "sexually stimulating" doesn't mean that child predators and other people don't. If you are an adult, you can do whatever you want. If you want to sleep around and cry because people are "slut shaming" your poor decisions, then that's your prerogative, but it is immoral and downright EVIL to push this sickness on children! And as a woman I will slut shame until the day I die. Why should I respect someone with no morals, who is promiscuous and incapable of restraint, dignity and self-respect? Every time I have had the misfortune to come across that asinine, moronic nonsense, it has always been uttered by someone who thinks it's just grand to "do as thou wilt" with zero respect or consideration for others. if it feels good, you'll do it, right? Well one day you'll see the error of your ways and that's something you'll have to live with but I will be damned if I'm going to stop voicing MY opinion on this evil because you don't like to feel bad about your degenerate lifestyle and your love of a stupid children's cartoon. Cheers right back at ya :)

      • Well said! "Slut shaming" is the most ridiculous twisted concept and I love the way you called it out.

      • I especially loved this part of your very articulate post:

        "And just because YOU don't see clothes that look like sexy Halloween costumes (on a CHILDREN'S CARTOON) as "sexually stimulating" doesn't mean that child predators and other people don't."

        People try to twist things around to make us decent folk look like we're the one with the problem…

      • We should not be creating divisions between one another, we should approach eachother with compassion and love. You don't know why an adult woman feels a need to sleep around, and you cannot judge. Just like I'm trying not to judge you for wanting to shit on your fellow sisters. Goodness.

      • One day you will see how the error of being closed and angry to people who make choices that are different from you has turned you bitter and dry. Have a beautiful life.

      • "slut shaming"

        >constructed by fat girls who don't want to deal with the consequences of their whoring around.
        >constructed by men who wanted to keep women in check.

        Slut shaming is a big thing in most parts. Keeps them in too. Having multiple partners is seen as slutty and decreases the woman's value to potential partners.

      • Thank You for this!

        This is the best response to that asinine 'slut shaming' whine, I have ever seen! I copied it and sent it to people I know.

        God Bless You!

      • U should look up henrymakow and read his articles about feminism and how terribly destructive it is cuz it was designed to be this way….. Feminism is destroying families and relationships and dynamics between men and women….most women just follow what is cool or what ever not thinking critically about what theyre doing not realizing theyre destroying themselves….slut-shaming is ridiculous as a concept cuz women werent made to become sluts and have that be "empoweríng" which it aint. This is something vc should write about one day i think….

      • You have absolutely no idea what you're criticizing… I swear these !@#$% comments are worse than the illuminati…

      • Child of Isis on

        How is feminism destroying families? Granted some of it is a bit overboard but there is nothing wrong with a women knowing herself worth and that some things you can do on your own.

      • Hi Desi, exposing/educating yourself about something and glorifying something are two completely different things. My daughter is 5 and I talk to her about death, she has had family members who have passed and we have had very open conversions about it. Playing with dolls/watching videos of cartoon characters who portray death as super cool and cute however is totally different , because death is not super cool and cute… if it was, our natural reaction to death would not be sadness and a sense of loss. Outside of the Illuminati symbolism, which I never saw until I read this article, I find the style of these dolls inappropriate for girls this age. It may be cute but would I want my 5 year old emulating this style? no I would not. I think the problem here is that these dolls are not marketed to adults as collectors items etc, they are being marketed to our kids who are absorbing everything around them and are in the process of forming opinions and ideas. I would rather teach my children about self respect and love than body exposure and the glorification of death.

    • At 23, you have the mature mind of a great person and i am so proud of you!!! Really,we don't even need the Illuminati to show us that things are OPENLY WRONG!!!! Even as an adult, i find all of it extremely offensive, sinister and I can prove that the kids don't learn anything good from all this behaviour: instead it glorifies these horrible things, & tends to ''normalize them'' that explains why anyone will pick up a gun & shoot people-kids-siblings-family members- all for the FUN of it! sick i tell you!

      Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

  24. They stole the idea from an old scooby doo movie were they went to an all girl school that were daughters of dracula, werewolf, frankenstien etc.. I loved that movie
    But this is retarded…

    • The show is retarded. . But I have no doubt they are brainwashing the kids..there parents for the most part pay no attention to what theywatch because they gotta work 3 jobs all day to pay bills… this is all planned.. to make people not have time for a revolution of they want to survive

      • "to make people not have time for a revolution if they want to survive"

        Yes, exactly….I think this all the time! The elite keeps the masses SO enslaved with survival and then SO distracted with mindless entertainment that very few people are actively involved in the communities and especially local politics. I think that stress and pure exhaustion could cause even the most well meaning parent to sit their child down in front of the TV just to get a rest….especially the single parents.

        Imagine if ALL of us were standing up for what we believe. If ALL of us actually showed up for town meetings, for statewide political agendas, etc…..imagine the difference that would make nationally and then globally?

      • My mom work hard when me and my sister was young but she still monitered what me and my sister watched;she sat down and watched buffy with me along with other shows like charmed and sabrina the teenage witch and sailor moon,xena,pokemon and much more. So the excuse that parents work so many jobs to me is rather silly – parents need to make time for their children.

        Also my mother didn't sugar coated the facts of life when it came to the sex talk she actually told us the proper terms for the male anatomy and female anatomy- parents today sugarcoat so many things and then when their child are teens they use fear tactics and then wonder why when they become 18 they act out. Everything starts in the home.

  25. Ohh… not those dolls again. I mean how can you sell dolls that promote death and sexuality to kids? I hate them they all are so perfect and they wear makeup and short skirts , now little girls dont realise but when they will grow up will try to look like that. I remember when i was young i wasnt obsessed with dolls i guess i had 2-3 (while most of the girls were having more than 10) and when i was 9-10 i started to hate them. not just monster high, dolls are superficial, unrealistic but girls still like them and most of them now are brainwashed.of course its not only media's fault but if their parents are brainwashed too then it's no hope for them.I am 14 now and i was exposed to all those things when i was young but never liked makeup or those type of clothing. i guess i am just lucky and maybe it was just a matter of taste who kind of opened my mind.

    sorry if my english is not so good

    • a lot of kids are trying to look like that even BEFORE they hit their teens.. its so sad!! Good for you that you found other things to interest you! 😀

    • You are an exceptional person- even at 14 you already know whats good for you- most people even older than you, cant seem to tell the difference- God has opened your own eyes- & by the way, the English is not that bad! Practice makes perfect. the more you speak, write & read, the more you know how to !

    • Yes FrostWolf its nice that you see it for what it actually is and that these symbols, messages enter our subconscious and remains an anchor in our brains without us knowing and we want to act like that, think like that, want to be like that without knowing it was the symbols/mesages that triggered it……………

    • This info is for you all but the Bible and Torah is supposed to be exactly like the Quran until they were infiltrated (The Qur-an has never been changed, not even one letter) – and different people will tell you different things that will contradict what the other person has said and then you dont know what to believe.

  26. Thank you for this article… My little sister, she's 5 has one doll and she was like monster monster high all the time… I admit i havent seen any of the episodes, but now with your help i wont let her watch another episode… Just like nickledon..banned at out home hehe

  27. Harlequin Nameless on

    I gotta admit, I never even heard of these….THINGS….until this article. Well, I’m certainly not letting these things in my home…

  28. north germany on

    Barbies have deep impact on some women's childhood, girls love barbie and wanna be like barbie, so many examples, or extreme sample the Russian girls recently, for next generation what kind a impact will these dolls with impressionable young children? they wanna be zombie? scary stuff

    • I agree. I hate it when people try to look like Barbie or other dolls. It is NOT attractive. There is nothing appealing about looking fake and/or plastic. I prefer people who look human and real… At least you know what they really look like and you know that they are sane and have a decent amount of self-esteem…

  29. What good toys are out there for young girls? Strawberry Shortcake is full of symbols, Barbi teaches you to be fake and anorexic. What about Littlest Pet Shop??

    • When I was little, more than anything I liked a teddy bear, an age-appropriate fairytale book or playing with my mother's old clothes that she gave me for dress up. When in doubt, I say revert to the classics. It's more affordable, too, instead of getting sucked into some corporation's entire line of plastic third world polluting crap.

      • Yeah I agree. I'm also blessed that she loves to draw and make art more than she likes dolls!! But boy oh boy when we are out and she sees those dolls she is all about them. Yuck!! Thank you for the helpful hints!! :)

      • Those are the things I liked to play with as a child, as well. My best friend and I had the best times when we were outside playing like we were detectives. We were little "Nancy Drews'"! The only supplies we needed were a couple of good sticks and our bicycles. Simple is better.

    • Child of Isis on

      Hated Barbie as a child – too Girly I was more into goosebumps,Buffy,charmed,Xena etc and played video games and read books I turned out just fine

      • Got into.the darker stuff when I was older. my sister guillotineed my barbies lol I like the concept not the target audience for I like tim Burton films but am not comfortable with the shallowness and tiny clothes. one can like this stuff but view it as art. do like the symbols associated with the dolls either.

  30. ShadowOnTheWall on

    I remember that once I saw a music video on mtv when i was pre-school age (I believe it was Falco but I haven't found it anywhere after I recovered it from my memories) where there were dancers going naked. It was absolutely during the day time. It was black-white. One of the women was pressing her breast on a glass covered with foam. Me, 6 years old at the time, took the example literaly and pressed my little naked body on the glass of the window when nobody was at home. I saw people were out but nobody was looking. Then I saw somebody turning and it was as if sth pushed my back or my brain started working again. I run away and I was so shocked of what I did. I had to question whether it was real but the foam on the window spoke for itself.

    I believe these things are very real and pure evil. May Allah forgive me and all innocent children whose soul is being stolen from them and may he find them and show them the way as he showed it to me in any way of monotheism. Amin.

      • Muslims worship Allah. The God of Christianity's name is Yahweh, which means I AM. Allah and the God of Christianity are not the same. Allah had no sons. Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God in Christianity. Muslims believe Jesus was just a man who was a prophet, he did not die and he will return with the Mahdi. T. W.

      • Also one of the main thing you need to know is that the Qur-an (Islamic holy book) has never been changed/altered/corrupted/infiltrated (people probably tried to) unlike the other books and that is why its a true account of what has happened and what is to happen………….Some of the stuff thats happening in this world has been prophesised in the Quran approx 1400 years ago. Science and Technology are telling you things that was in the Qur-an all them years ago……….trust me people Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world for A REASON……….PEACE

      • ShadowOnTheWall on

        thx guys :) peace. Allah is God, the One, the Creator. Jesus is his creation. Salam alaykum:)

      • ShadowOnTheWall on

        it is funny how people react to word Allah as if being pinched by a needle yet the main message of my post is ignored. is it normalized yet to see babies going naked watching telly? wow.

      • Welcome to vigilanti, some people are so stupid, they believe there is one and only way.And that the thruth lies only with them. That is the reason muslim, christian and jews are always at war one against another. I wonder where God say it is okay to hurt kill or oppress the other in his name.
        Sometime I think this comment are done by people to push normal people to stop visiting or commenting on vigi. Cause it does not make sense that theimportant issue U just raise will get those answers.

      • ShadowOnTheWall on

        thx Tamara, I personaly don't care what other people believe in, I only said what i felt in my heart after I shared my story with you.

        I am used to all kinds of agression from the unaware but sometimes it strikes me to see some insane conspiracy in truther site telling Jews are devil or Allah is devil. Ireally I would expect such things only from a loud sheeple, not from somebody blogging about one eyed trianglophiles.

    • Wow. Notice how the model stands just like the dolls with her bottom tipped up and knees and toes turned in. Sick.

      • I know ! how sick that she's posing instead of just standing there doing nothing ! and her body ! it's like those dolls too ! she must be evil ! /sarcasm…

  31. Seriously people?
    I'm 14,just so you all know.
    This article is unbelievably stupid.
    Why would you ban your kid something they want? It's just a doll not a freaking weapon!
    These dolls and the animated series have absolutely nothing to do with the illuminati.
    My parents never banned me from loving something.
    Also,the fact that the characters are ''deformed'' and have certain things (such as scars,stitches etc) makes them unique and different. What would the world look like if we were all the same? Those little unique things make them special and it actually teaches the kids that it's absolutely okay to be different. Would you tell your kid that it's not okay to wear a certain shirt just because of it's color? Would you tell them that they don't need glasses even though they do,just because it will make them different? Would you? Of course not.
    You are all overreacting.
    It teaches the kids that IT'S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT.
    Now,the clothes.
    Okay,they are a little exposing but it doesn't make them inappropriate!?
    And yes,they wear high heels but it doesn't make them some kind of a sexual simbol.
    I took some time to read the whole article and I can give you exactly every single fact completely different from what it says here.
    The person that wrote this clearly has nothing else to do than to diss a children's cartoon.

    And once again,this whole cartoon,animated series,dolls and everything including Monster High, IS NOT related to the illuminati.

    PS. the whole cartoon,same as their slogan, says – Be unique.Be yourself. –

    • Your response to this article just proves his point… kids have no friggin' clue!

      • Then enlighten us. What do you know of the subject matter at hand on this page? You love your dolls and their clothes, etc. I take it you are FOR little 10 year olds dressing like street walkers and acting like they've been programmed…WHY??? And just because a child wants a thing that does not mean they should get it. Responsible consumership would be ideal.

      • OH MY GOD.

        Just because she likes a doll DOES NOT MEAN she is for 10 year old girls dressing like street walkers. That is not a valid correlation.

        You see, the CLOTHES YOU WEAR have nothing to do with your actions. This is slut shaming, pure and simple, and has no basis in civilized discussion. Not educating your children about sex, not teaching them self worth, not spending time with them, that causes problems. But a small girl playing with dolls that she'll forget about in a year's time…The dolls will have no memories in her heart outside of "I used to play with them" twenty years down the line. I remember playing with barbies and doing things like dying their hair with chalk, drawing tattoos on their bodies, cutting their hair, giving long storylines I'm certain rival Twilight in ridiculousness, but wanting my body to look like that? I grew up during the time where "Barbie" resembled an overblown sex doll. I remember being mad when she got her "reduction" because my old clothes didn't fit my new Barbies. But as for the rest? Wanting to be her? Look like her? LOL what sort of idiots are you people. All these stories of "girls wanting to be barbies" are the anomalies to the norm.

        I was confident in my own body, with my own beliefs and I still am now. Now you mean to tell me that this young girl could not hold her own self in such high esteem? Or even have the gall to call her "unenlightened' because she does not share your beliefs? You are the one that needs to take a step back.


      • I did not tell her that because she loved her dolls that she was a bad person. READ WHAT I WROTE. All I said was she loves her dolls and their clothes. I did not say that that was wrong (or right); Even SHE admits they are "a little exposing" so don't tell me I'm slut shaming anyone. Obviously she already knows the clothing is a bit revealing even for her own age. And no, my kids did not have dolls like these when they were younger and they came out fine. That is not the issue I was talking about. PAY ATTENTION.
        I DID ask her (and still do) to enlighten us as she says that she knows what she is talking about on this subject. I was not being facetious. I want to know. What is wrong with that? Nor did I say that no one could play with them – I did not write that at all. Don't put words in my mouth.

        @ Lorena
        These characters are not deformed; they were not created to look like a person that has parkinson's, or some horrible skin disease, or any other disease or physical illness.
        They were created to look and act like they do for a reason, and that is NOT to be comfortable with being different; its to make us comfortable with being CONTROLLED, which is the WHOLE POINT of this article, not to mention site.
        And, no I do not and did not ever tell my kids they could not wear certain colors, what has that to do with this..

      • Listen here now!
        I didn't comment on this article to fight with people that are clearly against Monster High.

        And the reason that these dolls were made to look the way they look is simply because they are monsters. It's a MONSTER high school,get it? They are made to look different from other dolls,to be a bit creepy too.
        Some parents wouldn't let their kids ( – 10) to play with these dolls simply because they look the way they look. Why? Same as Desi said,kids under 10 will forget about those things in a year or two. It won't make them want to be like that! I don't want to be like any of the MH dolls,I just like the way they look and their personalities.

        ''And, no I do not and did not ever tell my kids they could not wear certain colors, what has that to do with this'' – Now on this part,the thing I was trying to say with the colors..
        Just because one shirt is black and the other one is yellow – you won't tell your kid that he/she can't wear the black one because it's black. The same thing goes for these dolls. You won't tell your kid that just because Monster High is different from Barbie,that she can play with them.

      • But hey, if the characters have to go to a special high school it doesn't show it's OK to be like them, just the opposite – that they have to be put in a place created for them because they don't suit the rest of the world. It doesn't sound like a healthy message either, it could make some kids/teenagers/whatever-they-call-themselves watching the show that if they can't get along well with others, they have to find their own "monster" pack. Which too often means drugs.
        Plus, it is easy to feel OK with being different when you have perfect body features, only some stiches that can seem like a mere accessory, so it's still displaying one true form of female body (yes, I realise it would be too expensive to sell dolls that aren't made from one mould, but still). The makers may mean well but their message is not really helping someone with any kind of disability or body disfiguration, only those with self esteem issues (and it won't be always the case). I don't say it's not needed, it's just something that have been done many times before.
        Before you look a me the same way you could look at the other people responding any of your comments: I love horrors, especially the classics. I love victorian fashion with most of the current variations. I own two cats and used to write stories about werecats. Yet I strongly dislike the characters' design.

      • @ Lorena, Check the definition of a monster in a dictionary and please don't let your cognitive capabilities go to sleep. if it's still In Action……………

      • NothingIsCoincidence on

        He wont let his kids play with MH dolls because they promote mind control and sex in young children(pedophelia), not because they are different…"different" is not a bad thing..whats bad is to purposely spread mind control and sex to young unsuspecting children like yourself and others. You see the world is not as it seems, things have double meaning, and its up to the person to decode it. this website is to help the average Amercian citizens understand how they are impacted negatively on a daily basis by something as simple as a childs doll. The doll itself might be harmless, but the intentions behind it are not. Just remember "QUESTION EVERYTHING!"

        Also you have to see that some of us adults are seeing things from a psychological point of view..
        one day when you are older you might have the advantage or opportunity to take a few classes in psychology maybe child development or Human growth&development ..then you would have a better understanding of how a humans mind works. Oh also remember this " REALITY IS STRANGER THAN FICTION".


        To other readers and contributing repliers: don't attack people with your words because they are stubborn, especially children..its not their fault. ..instead educate kindly. When a child makes a mistake it is a perfect time to teach something new..not to punish. punishment is never needed. #punishment vs. discipline.

      • You did marginalize in your comment. BIG TIME. And by the way, many if not most sex workers do not 'walk the streets' anymore. The Internet changed all of that, lol.

      • You need to be a saddo to pay for sex when they are plenty of hos for free down the pub, club, internet just name it.

      • used to be "street walker" did we Elle? lmao, you know what you are talking about on that subject dont ya

      • Child of Isis on

        They're monsters – I wouldn't expect them to look like normal people & the brats have a special line of dolls which are cancer dolls, I saw them in Toys R Us one day

      • Slut shaming is a good thing.

        God, I am so sick of feminazis whining and crying about slut shaming.

      • Child of isis on

        How is slut shaming a good thing? You have no idea why that female dresses the way she does or do the things she do. I used to slut shames females till i learn that a majority of women sometimes don't have a choice especially watch specials on human trafficking- how many of these women were probably stolen from their homeland and forced to work as harlots or women who thought they found the perfect guy to only realize he was a pimp. Slut shaming is wrong and no I'm not a feminist

      • Lorena, I am with you though I do suggest that you consider how corporations are extremely manipulative. They want your money AND want to manipulate your choices. In some cases they even want to impact you on deeper levels mentally and they will use your natural feelings and opinions to do it. Something may seem innocent but you should always question everything. Many people here are convinced that there is an agenda to mind control everyone alive, and it is done through toys, marketing, products, music, TV- anything you might come into contact with through media. I believe this is happening, but I also believe we as individuals have more power than we are credited with. Yes, they would use toys to have an impact. Yes, they want to impact people as young as they can. Babies are where it starts. How many products or rather 'brands' are promoted to be used with babies, that get the consumer hooked and the baby 'branded'? They see the little princess on the bottle, then want the sheets, the toys- even if it isn't about satan worship- it IS about getting your money!! It is about the MONEY for sure! You will have to decide for yourself about the other ideologies here. Just make sure when you think for yourself that you are truly thinking for yourself!!!

      • Child of Isis on

        I like how you mention questioned everything does that mean she should also question the belief in god and Jesus Christ as well? After all you told her to question everything

      • They tell these blind slaves they are free and highly educated whiles they march behind signs that would make a 15th century peasant run away in panic stricken terror. oh Knowledge is power

    • Geez you have NO clue I feel sad for you. Your attitude is just right, the kind the elite are after. it's ok to be different, it's ok to promote illuminati material is that what you're saying????

      • I never said that it's okay to promote it but also,Monster High does not promote it either. Have you even read my comment?

      • Of course I read it but by summing it up you seem so clueless. You're not comprehending the point of the article

      • Wow, it must feel wonderful to attack a 14 year old girl for expressing her opinion. Go ahead and keep insulting her because that will definitely make her change her mind…When people try to club others on the head with their beliefs it helps to solidify their own beliefs more often than not. Do I believe that corporations have ulterior motives for advertising? Yes, I believe that they are trying to make money! Advertisers are masters of manipulation, keep that in mind, but I think that some of the people who support the "everything has hidden symbols to control you" theory is extremely paranoid, but whatever, they are not hurting me or coming to my door trying to shove it down my throat. I believe some things might not be appropriate for little girls, but that is MY opinion.

        Lorena, I applaud you for speaking your mind, but I guarantee that conspiracy theorists are only going to attack you because your beliefs are not theirs. I think the advice given by previous commenters that you should question everything is fantastic advice; it is what I tell my children. Come to your own conclusions. It is important not just to live in the world but to try to understand and be apart of the world. I think you are at least going in the right direction, Lorena. You seem like a smart little cookie. Take care.

    • Im sorry, but this is exactly what the website means when it says "desensitising". WHen someone is continuously exposed to something bad, they become used to it, so it seems normal.
      Dressing in an exposing way IS inappropriate…especially when its targeted at kids.
      High heels are most definitely sexual….just ask any grown man
      etc etc
      Kids should learn decency, and to love beautiful things, such as good friends, or the beauty in nature, and not "dead" characters with stitches on them.
      Their "cool" little things, stitches, funky t-shirts etc are all focusing on material things. its Materialistic!!
      There are many MUCH better ways to teach a child that they are just right the way they are, but this is just NOT IT!

      • child of isis on

        Death is a part of life and you can't hide your little girl in a bubble for the rest of her life, she will eventually be introduced to this things and I hope you are preparing her for it. Yes skulls mean death but not in every culture,also I used to watch horror/thriller as a child along with playing violent videos games such as Mortal Kombat and was a huge fan of Britney Spears and Christina Aguleria as a little girl and I turned out fine. I have a couple of clothing with skulls and black lipstick and black nail polish and to many it means death but that is just in this western society, in asia culture white is the symbol of death. All these symbols and colors vary due to where you are in the world and this is what upsets me.

      • I appreciate that death is a part of life, and personally would not "hide" my child from death. If a relative, friend, animal etc dies then my daughter will be made aware of it and I will sensitively discuss it with her. Because then she is learning to understand death from me. In a sensitive, open, respectful and moral way, in accordance with our belief systems. I do not want, or understand the need for, any child to be exposed to the concept of death through a cartoon??! In this context death is there for death's sake… for example there is no benefit to shaping the locker like a coffin. So why do it???

      • Child of Isis on

        Because their monsters…. Everything in the world of monster high is supposed to creepy hence the skulls and coffins etc. if this was a Christian ration then I would except to see bibles cross etc. it just makes sense.

      • I suppose my issue lies with what I said in my original post then, that I don't see the need for children to be exposed to death/monsters at all through a cartoon that is supposed to be there for "entertainment" purposes.

      • Child of Isis on

        Then don't let your child watch it then moniter who see hangs out with and tell your family don't bring no illuminated music and toys into your home …simple

      • Your last comment seems to have a very condescending undertone? I have no intention of trying to control who my daughter can be friends with, and am an extremely tolerant and open minded person. That said though, as a responsible parent, I will be aiming to ensure that my daughter is exposed to positive and moral messages… If I feel that something opposes that (which I believe to be the case with Monster High) than it is perfectly justified for me to choose not to let my daughter watch it. Without being patronized.

      • Child of Isis on

        I wasnt trying to be condescending – but this what happened to my best friend her father is a pastor and everything was seen as a work of the devi; her parents wouldnt even buy the dirtdevil vaccum because the word devil was n the name sadly to say she rebel had multiple sex partners and has finally found a guy that doesnt treat like a sex object

      • @child of isis, everything you wrote sounds to me like you are demon possessed or at least under strong demonic influence. Even your nickname is worrysome. No surprise you promote the works of Satan and deny our Lord Jesus Christ. But be sure, one day EVERY knee will bow to Him, even yours. But then it will probably be too late, because you are in hell already and there is no escape from it for all eternity. I therefore ask you to repent and turn to God by believing in his son Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. The faith in Jesus death and resurrection will secure eternity in heaven for you. If you reject this again and again, one day God will reject you and make you a reprobate and then you will not be able to believe.

      • Child of isis on

        But that's the problem it's the parents job to teach their children they are beautiful just the way they are

      • Cherryblossomangel on

        THIS^^^ Thank you. I agree. Those dolls are ugly as fuck. Why weren't the dolls angels or pretty fairies, why ugly monsters??

    • All I'll ask you is that if it promotes being different why do all the characters/dolls look like super models?You've been duped by doublespeak. When I was in school there were kids of all different shapes and sizes. Today is no different. All the monsters here are superficially skinny and scantily clad. Why? We are being programmed daily to be more selfish and more material. Our current path has been planned for quite a while. The modern way we see ourselves has been artificially manufactured by corporations and the powers that be. You seem intelligent and of course you're going to be hesitant to believe something you love may have more sinister implications. The truth can be terrifying sometimes. I recommend you research the Century of the Self to better educate yourself about the psychological manipulation taking place on a daily basis.

      • Child of isis on

        Society itself doesn't even promote individuality so why except a toy to do it?

      • It is undoubtedly because of society and what is considered culturally acceptable that Monster High exists. Society as a whole is increasingly promoting the wrong values through various different mediums. What is particularly distressing in this instance is the fact that it is impressionable children who are the target audience. If we are willing to accept our young children being exposed to things such as Monster High, then we have no hope for returning to a society that focuses on the importance of internal characteristics and morals.

      • Child of Isis on

        Society's will always be corrupted that's history and life. Besides given America's history with race,religion,sexual orientation and gender I don't see this country becoming much of an society focused on morals and values

      • I appreciate that a lot of bad things have happened, and society has faced many issues over the years. But if Martin Luther King had said "society's will always be corrupted that's history and life", where would be now?

        Just because something seems unachievable does not mean we should not hope for better.

      • Child of Isis on

        Of course we can hope for better but given the fact that America is a country that has so many religions each with their own values and morals society will constantly butt heads.

      • I don't expect a toy to do it. But Lorena seems to think Monster High promotes individuality. I was just pointing out that it really doesn't. You judge someone by their actions not their words. Monster High says to be different but the characters are basically carbon copies of each other physically. Now if you said they were promoting anorexia instead of individuality I would be willing to agree with you.

      • cherryblossomangel on

        Woah, wait. I'm "sickening" skinny, so are you saying that I'm selfish and material when that's my body structure, genes, metabolism???? I eat more than my dad and I don't gain any weight. I've always been stick skinny. There's no problem that the dolls are skinny, the problem is the dark, ugly concept.

      • I'm skinny as well. I'm just pointing out the warping of Media values. Not everyone looks or has the shape of a supermodel. You tell me the type of beauty television values more? It's material beauty. That classic model look. Are you saying I'm wrong for suggesting they put in some more realistically shaped monsters? So that more people could identify with the show and not be programmed to believe if they're not rail thin they aren't beautiful?

      • It's most disturbing to me that they wear 8 inch heels and 3 inch shorts/skirts. They look like a bunch of prostitutes but honestly, most female cartoon characters are dressed in unrealisticly tall heels and tiny miniskirts. Take Winx Club for example.. they are all barely dressed and flying around in skirts. Panty shots anyone? They shove the shit in girl's faces starting early so by the time they're 10 they are well exposed to the concept of being sexual in dress and never realizing it is inappropriate. Soon they're teens dressed like sluts, screwing every guy who shows them attention and getting knocked up.

        Personally I abhor popular culture and every ignorant, talentless and OBVIOUSLY controlled 'musician/singer' on MTV and elsewhere. I was originally drawn to this post by the pathetic attempt by a 14 year old to comprehend the vast and terrifying reality of everything we have always known.

        My daughter will never be allowed to listen to bullshit like Justin Bieber, 1Direction, Bèyõncê, etc because I want her to grow up without all the sex, materialism and corporate whoring until she's old enough to understand that they are all useless and wasting space.

      • seikoocehtrofereh on

        Best comment ever, thank you for using word doublespeak..thats exactly what it is! which is exactly why they used monster people couldn't question..its that whole reverse psychology stuff..get it? they like to cover their asses up a bit.. so to speak..

        Also ppl….think! Mattel pays some average Joe big bucks to make a million dollar product?…NO..they have top knotch people behind doors…specialists..ok.. not some sassy young girl who wants to design a fancy doll. Its many people with knowledge in many different areas. Just like advertisement, you think companies pay tons of money for a stupid commercial? NO..they to whip up something real nice and mind controlling, something to mess with your emotions because thats when you start getting attached to their products. Also keep in mind, the most critical years of a human life is from conception to age 5, if they branded you then…your BRANDED for the movie BRANDED…lol.

    • You seem to be a very clever and articulated girl. Good points! Pay no mind for the rudeness of some. Ok, all that i asking you is to keep your eyes open and don't buy everything that mainstream media offers you. Analyze things carefully first. VC is just trying to help in it's own way. The fact that you came and commented here is a good sign.

      The main message of the cartoon seems to be: IT'S OKAY TO BE DIFFERENT. Of course it's ok to be different, BUT it's ok by THEIR perspective. They don't want you to make your own judgement with your own consciousness. They want you to see things by THEIR point of view, 'cause nowadays more than ever "misfits" are fashionable and profitable. IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY, the message doesn't matter for them, ok? Just money. And you are money for them, you are market. They don't care.

      • While she is clearly educated, she is blind at the same time. Everything in the corporate world has an agenda, and while on the surface the agenda would ultimately appear to just be money, there is an even bigger agenda at play. Any one that has been on this planet for more than a few decades can see that it has taken a more dark turn for the worse. She is still young, and at her age, I would probably have answered the same way. I mean I grew up in the era of Gangsta Rap. I can tell you that that era impacted the culture of this society and my community in a way that I didn't see at the time because I was…14! While these dolls on the outside are do not appear as sinister, clearly there is more to it.

      • Of course it all has an agenda, but do you avoid buying anything and everything because of that?

        And, what exactly do you think Monster High will do to our culture in relation to what gangsta rap did? A bunch of black dudes, and some black women, think they're 'hard' because they tote pistols and shoot each other over ridiculous things like what color clothes the other is wearing. It's gotten so extreme that they'll kill each other off eventually.

        How is it that you see Monster High affecting our culture? Does this show promote violence? No. Does it promote sexual behavior? No, only revealing clothing which is really not a big deal as long as sexual behavior does not accompany it, and it's up to the parents to assure that it doesn't. Does it promote disrespect, or mean behavior towards peers or authority figures, such as parents? No, it doesn't. So why do you have a problem with these dolls or the show? Because it's 'different' than what you grew up watching and playing with? Good. It well should be. There's a few decades between your child and yourself, and things change, whether you like it or not. It's up to you, as the parent, to instill positive values and morals and the ability to make intelligent, knowledgeable choices in your child.

        I think that, at the worst, these dolls could influence someone could become a mortician when they grow up, if you consider a 'fascination with death' type of thing. And what's wrong with that? They'll surely never be out of a job! 😉

        And at best, they could end up preferring to dress in a gothic or punk style, and regardless of what all you concerned parents think of that, it's their choice and there is nothing wrong with it, nothing at all.

        Appearance has very little to do with how a person is on the inside. That's something this show seems to teach – it's okay to be different, as long as you are a good person with love in your heart. Don't judge a book by its cover… which is a huge problem in society today, if you haven't noticed.

      • truthshallsetufree on

        She has outstanding grammatical skills for a "14 year old", doesn't she?!

      • That's because I'm educated unlike some people even older than me with worse grammar.

      • You have a lot more learning to do, darlin'. I do believe you're 14, because you said a few things only a 14 year old girl would think is true. For example, high heels and skimpy clothing are not sexual. Only a naive child, who has been soaked in this kind of material all her life, could believe such a thing. What is sexual is not decided by you. It has all long been decided, and hooker boots and trampy dress are toward the top of the list.

      • i find it interesting that a 14 yr old comes on to a site like this to dicuss the topic that we talk about right now. if you are 14 dont be so quick to judge you have alot of years to go and see things.then maybe the opinon that you have may change.

      • I won't change my opinion because of society and things other people say.
        And I don't judge,I'm just stating my opinion while people against MH are clearly judging it.

        Tell me now, you say that I (just because I'm 14) don't get this whole thing and that I trust those companies, Mh and that too much. You also say that I believe that all about MH is right.
        Well, the same goes for you. You believe that the illuminati signs are those ''peace'' signs over their eyes,the triangles and other. Why do you think it's true? Has anyone even thought about that? Why do you believe that THOSE signs are the illuminati signs? You're basically their minion. Believing everything they say.
        I'm done with this.

      • I'm not sure about Illuminati or Monster High but there is too much evidence to ignore. Lorena go and view all of the evidence. There's a TON of evidence proving the truth of Illuminati and that's even given by it's own members. So if they say its true… then what else is to be said?

        And children are programmed to believe in what they see on TV ALL THE TIME. Most children wear what they wear, sing what they sing, and do what they do based on what they've seen on television or in magazines.

        I deal with difficult children and I have one child who will not go on an escalator because of something he saw on Final Destination! A fear from a fake movie! A little girl who is disrespectful because she "LOVES" The Bad Girls Club and she repeat what they do. These are teenagers. I have two children who stomped a puppy to death because of something they saw on cartoons. These children sometimes believe they can be just like the characters they "love" so much!

        People that make toys have something you don't. Time, experience, and an agenda behind them. They target children with self-esteem issues and other issues and tell them how all they need is to get in your brain and change how you feel about yourself and if you're one of them, and believe them more than truth… you'll Bite. :(

      • THe truth is the truth and it is one. You cant fool man forever. He will know one day. Thats why were free……………compared to you.

      • I find it interesting that a 14 year old has a lot more sense than most of you fucking retards.

    • PeaceBEStill on

      This 14 year old needs to sit down.
      There is nothing normal about these dolls…period.
      You should not learn about self-acceptance from freakish dolls, that's your parents responsibility.

      Little girl, Take heed from your elders-it will serve you well in the future.

      When you learn to love yourself, you will see that these dolls are dangerous and lead to all kinds of regrets.
      Your uniqueness does not lie looking like death or a harlot.

      • How old are you,may I ask?
        Why do you think that just because I'm 14 I should ''sit down''. Just because I'm different,ay?
        ''You should not learn about self-acceptance from freakish dolls, that's your parents responsibility.'' – My parents taught me nothing! Nor did school! You know why? Because they can't. They could never teach me thing that I taught myself. Never!
        Oh I do love myself. I really do. And no,these dolls are not dangerous. Not even a bit. Trust me,I know. I'm the one that collects them.
        Looking like death? Well excuuuuseee me! I don't even want to answer this,it's beyond stupid.

      • "My parents taught me nothing! Nor did school!" Is there a reason why you're writing in past tense? At 14 years old, you should still be learning from your parents and school/home-school. I hope your parents still have time to teach you some respect. You should honor your parents. Kids these days, and yes, 14 years old is still a kid, lack respect for their elders. That's also one of the effects of the propoganda being rampantly spread today. Kids are being taught to disobey the proper authority. Being rebellious is being called "expressing yourself" or "artistic". The article on Monster High was not written to personally attack you for collecting the dolls. It was written to inform people of the symbolism/ agenda involved with them. Don't be insulted, be thankful that you are now aware and can move forward with caution. Part of growing up is realizing that you're not always right about everything. It strengthens you to learn from your mistakes. If you really want to "be different", realize that the masses are being hoodwinked by Illuminati propoganda. Wake up and don't take the bait! "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future." -Adolf Hitler

      • I'm not being a rebel or anything,I'm just saying the truth. And I do respect them but I learned more without them.

      • Child of isis on

        Not every adult deserves respect and you have no idea what her life is at home for her to act the way she does.

      • HahaThat'sRich on

        You're telling people to think for themselves… but not question adult authority. Do you see what you did there?

      • My parents taught me nothing! Nor did school!

        *Nor does school – It should say if you're 14, unless you're a 14 year old drop out.

      • Child of Isis on

        Why because she makes a few grammar errors you assume she's a drop out…really???

      • That is not what I meant -_-; I meant if she really is 14 then she should have said "Nor does school" instead of "Nor did school." She was speaking in past tense and since she was speaking in past tense it makes me wonder if she, or he, is really 14 years old.

      • the fact that you collect dolls just further proves that you aren't old enough to understand what everyone is trying to tell you

      • cherryblossomangel on

        This is what they aim – to make all these freak things seem normal. And sadly they're doing a great job. WAKE UP!!!! MONSTERS, DEATH, ZOMBIES ARE DISGUSTING. Just because they draw them like pretty girls, doesn't mean in real life these things have ANYTHING good to them! They are EVIL, UGLY , HIDEOUS and shouldn't exist. If you had deeper understanding you would know all this is AGAINST GOD! AGAINST BEAUTY, AGAINST GOOD. It's just ugly and evil. Why can't you see that? If you want to be pretty or skinny or super model like you need to be beautiful on the inside first. These cartoons lie about everything and want to mess what's wrong and what's right. I'm 19 years old and I used to be just like you when I was your age – totally delusional and brain washed. I had that attitude that I saw on tv, I was rebelling against everything, only cared about myself, thinking everyone else are stupid and didn't want to talk to them because I was smarter, prettier, skinnier, etc. I wanted to be famous, to be a star, escaped in my own world and it became hell. I cried like every single day for the past 5 years, had nightmares of demons that looked like the dementors from Harry Potter, I had fears.. And all was because of tv, a German band called Tokio Hotel and the Internet. God saved me. I've always been Christian but I lost my way, now God found me and I'm SO THANKFUL I opened my eyes! God opened my eyes. Jesus Christ literally saved me! I hope He will help you too to see how wrong everything is and to guide you.

      • I love how condescending you are … You are 14. 14141414. In 14 more years you will hopefully look back and say damn I was so ignorant. It happens to almost every adult. That's why we hate teens. This is why we hate teens. You are acting against yourself by validating everything we say about you. Stop using the fact that you are capable of using correct grammar to defend yourself.

        This paragraph is useless as you will not fully grasp the concept of being a teen until you are a teen no longer. You are young and like all the young, you believe that you are educated, indestructible and, if course, always right.

        Question: Do you still play with dolls? I find it hard to believe since you're so mature, but you're defending a Mattel money machine like there's somwthinh in it for you. There is not. The corporation does not give, only take. And take, and take, and take.

    • Lorena, you sound like a mature young person. But toys and animation do have coroporate and social programming sometimes, like Barbie, Disney, and the "princess theme" . It's not bad to watch these things, and it will not necessarily make you a "bad person". But that does not mean there is not an overall plan to program the public to see and think a certain way toward things, namely to buy products and become consumers. That is how they make money and continue to create franchises based on these fantasies. That is, in a word, social programming.

      • I agree, Lorena seems to be a thoughtful and mature young woman… Intelligent enough to see that brands and images are "sold" to us as consumers one way or another…You will even be taught in school (if you take Sociology 101) that media is one of the primary agents of socialization – the others are family, peers, community and the workplace – these all work toward teaching us behaviors, boundaries and norms. Sometimes we are taught things that benefit us personally, but not always. Sometimes we are socialized in ways that cause us to benefit others rather than ourselves.

        In our modern day, media (TV, advertising, internet, magazines, music, movies) is everywhere… And in the capitalist world, media is used as a tool to make more money for the elite (because yes, the media is predominately controlled by a few very rich and powerful groups who only want to increase their wealth and power). You, just like me or anyone else here, are seen as a consumer — someone to appeal to, someone to influence so your money will be given to this business or that. Corporations funnel millions of dollars into advertising campaigns… Why would they do that unless it gave them something valuable in return? They want your money. They want your loyalty. They sell appealing images to make money. They prey on our fears, hopes, and wishes to accomplish this (just google the history of PR and the Freuds)….Monster High is a product – it's not just a cartoon, it's dolls and other items…a brand, a franchise. The cartoon is just there to get you to want to purchase more monster high clothes, dolls etc.

        I don't think you're a bad person if you enjoy the product line, but I do urge you to continue thinking critically about products and how they are sold. As consumers, we have the power to say "no" – we can choose who to give our money to, and thus what to promote.

      • Child of isis on

        But you really don't have any money – it's just paper legal tender, also everyone in the United States as a social security numbers you're already slaves – look up the documentary esoteric agenda and there is a part about a persons name being in all capital letters.

    • Let's stop attacking Lorena. She is just stating her opinion. But let me just ask you this one question. If you knew that the corporation heads of this company were carrying out these horrible mind control experiments on girls your age or younger, would you continue to support them financially by buying their products?

    • It is so sad to hear from a 14 year old that their outfits aren't inappropriate or that scars and stitches are considered deformities.
      No one is saying that being different is bad; in fact that's why we are so against this kind of stuff, we don't want to be part of this. At all.
      You obviously don't belong here, please go back to shaking your booty to some Beyonce while wearing your favorite Jay-Z designed hoodie.

      • Really?
        I have never said that their clothes aren't inappropriate (I said they are a little revealing) and I did actually say that scars ans stitches ARE ''deformities''.
        ''please go back to shaking your booty to some Beyonce while wearing your favorite Jay-Z designed hoodie. '' – Now why do you think that I listen to some Beyonce and Jay Z shit? Well,I don't. I listen to Blood On The Dance Floor,Falling In Reverse,Marilyn Manson,Blink 182,The Maine,Panic At The Disco,HIM and other NORMAL no-autotune things. I'm not a fucking hipster and a girl that makes duck faces and reveals their boobs while taking pictures.

      • You have a serious potty mouth for a "14 year old" girl! I don't think you would have received the attention you've gotten here if you hadn't told us (several times) how old you are (supposedly). I think you came here to stir the pot, and you've enjoyed the confrontation. I've probably added fuel to the fire by even responding to you. Your comments are suspicious to me, and I think you're probably just trolling. We all fell into your trap by feeding the troll.

      • Marilyn manson? Ah it all makes sense now. Did you think that would make you respected?

      • He is also a high ranking member of the Church of Satan. He was supposed to take over after Anton LaVey. But Peter Gilmore took over instead.

      • 'Medication' is a widely used tool of the System. Psychiatric drugs are very dangerous, powerful mind altering substances. They destroy your mind and your ability to think independently or rationally.

      • What's your point? I'm not on meds and I have an IQ of 160 and am an engineer. What about you?

      • RestlessMuse on

        Much of Marilyn Manson's music at least points out what controls the media machine… for example The Dope Show lyrics:

        The drugs they say make us feel so hollow
        We love in vain narcissistic and so shallow
        The cops and queers to swim you have to swallow
        Hate today, no love for tomorrow

        We're all stars now in the dope show …

        … They love you when you're on all the covers
        When you're not then they love another

        The drugs they say are made in California
        We love your face
        We'd really like to sell you
        The cops and queers make good-looking models
        I hate today
        Who will I wake up with tomorrow?

        Is this not the anthem of the drug controlled wannabe celeb selling their soul and their body for fame that is fleeting at best?
        I just wonder if he is glorifying it or trying to demonize it…

      • He is demonizing it. I really enjoy Marilyn Manson's music, as a matter of fact, and if you watch his music videos, you'll see a lot of the same symbolism that Lady Gaga uses. Are these evil, demonic people because of that? No, it's for the shock factor, and Lady Gaga is picks up the fans who were too offended by Manson's stuff.

        Hey victim, should I black your eyes again?
        Hey victim, you were the one who put the stick in my hand
        I am the schism, my hate's a prism
        Let's just kill everyone and let your God sort them out
        Fuck it

      • "He is demonizing it". That's a classic justification response. I love how your kind tries to justify your behavior. You are a follower and non-thinker.

      • child of isis on

        why do you assume that because she is 14 that she listen to Beyonce or wears Roca wear? that is very immature for an adult. She has a right to voice her opinion just let everyone on this site and this the main problem with humanity. When someone has a different opinion or view that yours you're quick to judge them.

    • When I was your ageI thought I knew everything and I considered myself an adult, but guess what? at 14 you're still a child.
      Have you read much about the illuminati? I believe you should do a lot of research and educate yourself more about the things this blog talks about. I can tell you right now that nobody here cares about MOnster High, we do care about all the things they are disguising as cute, fun, trendy and innocent.
      I'm not a conspiracy junkie, but a lot has changed since I was your age, and obviously what they are doing real and it is working. To think that 15+ years ago parents were worried about their kids watching those "horrendous, evil" music videos and now we have to worry about harmless kid shows that are doing the exact same thing but with a cute friendly smile.

    • Lorena, Lorena, Lorena, where the fuck do i start, well let me keep this short and sweet because im sick of writing paragraph after paragraph for people like you…….YOU ARE WAAAY OUT OF YOUR DEPTH…..Hows that one for ya?……………PEACE

    • Oh and another thing, Lorena look at how many thumbs up points you have got compared to the people that actually KNOW what they are talking about……………………..Yeah exactly my point

      • Wel the thumbs up option is on the right hand side as you can see…………….Dumb as well as Blind eh

      • And this is why we're screwed. Lorena, at this point I don't care if you really are a 14 year old are a paid troll. If you don't want to see things that are put in blatant sight, then go elsewhere and obsess over dolls. At the tender age of 14, I thought I knew it all. Even had sex. And I grew up. I'm 22, and I AM STILL learning. You think some mass produced show/dolls/DVD/website is REALLY going to teach you something valuable? It's MASS produced for a reason. You don't need material or pop stars telling you how to be different. You need to develop your own strong mind. I agree, not all symbols are bad: triangles, skulls, eyes, etc… they're not bad in themselves, BUT when used in unison and coming from a western perspective, which we know has hijacked these symbols for their own agenda, it begins to make sense. I have a friend with a middle eastern boyfriend and he had a pyramid with an eye in the middle, but it was to ward off evil. I am not some crazy racist who thinks these symbols are evil objectively, however, seeing the context they are constantly being used and flashed, especially in western culture, which is being exported through production of pretty much ANYTHING nowadays (I.E. this show, music, movies, food, books, "ART")

        I was in Mexico not too long ago and there was a monster high performance; there were two dwarf women dressed up in goth stuff and an actual 7-9 year old wearing skimpy ass costumes and moving really sexually, it was disgusting. And now reading this article, it all makes sense. What you've got to realize is that it's a process; these things don't happen overnight. It's an agenda that stands the test of time.

        *** BTW I think this could've been a pretty cool concept had it been made for adults. I LOVE horror movies and this would have been kinda cool. However, again look at who it's being primarily marketed for, 10 years of age and below. So consider yourself even lucky, because you passed the threshold and may be able to think a bit more critically and question, although I have a feeling you haven't reached that point, at least when it comes to Monster High.

        The reality is, if you are really 14 and not a paid disnfo person, then you really don't know much and haven't grown up. You think you know everything and that is OK; don't take some of these comments to heart, these grown ups are being buttholes but only because you refuse to see, and thats ok too. But keep your eyes and ears open and maybe you'll begin questioning. Take a few media classes and some sociology classes, maybe even some psychology classes and you'll begin to see that EVERYTHING mass produced is in sync with the agenda; otherwise it wouldn't be mass produced. I hope you read this and at least begin to question.

        YOU ARE NOT DUMB and you are very worth it; that's why I think some people on here get frustrated, because they genuinely want you to stop your ways of thinking. Just look at the animation, if they really were about acceptance, then they would be all different shapes and sizes. These hoochies are all wearing heels and skirts, and again, taken the context of who its for, 10 years of age and below, it really is BAD. Barbies are still being produced, although proven again and again have negative influences on girls not only because of their unrealistic body portrayals but also blatant racism; and has it stopped, no. What makes you think Mattel has your best interests at heart? You don't have to agree, but never stop questioning and always be critical, even if it isn't cool (Which honestly, isn't at this day and age). Stay strong, girl. Never stop growing, always stay positive.

      • hehinteresting on

        Have you ever watched Sabado Gigante? Foreign countries aren't as sexually oppressed as the US.

      • Of course there will be thumbs up on comments that agree with the illuminati conspiracy agenda considering she's an outlier in this place and going against popular opinion.


        My god, trying to reason with you people is like talking to a Chinese person in English.

      • Lorena and Desi if you feel so strongly about Monster High why don't you go on their website and find your own forum where you can talk about slutty dolls with other girls your own age. If you don't agree then I really don't see why either of you are here. This is a page about SYMBOLISM and OCCULT IMAGERY that is hidden in TV shows and the like which is why we are analysing this one. We obviously all feel the same way so I really don't see you winning any arguments any time soon. Thank you.

      • You have absolutely no clue what you and talking about and are completely out of you element here.

      • Desi, dont even get me started with you, bottom line is You AND Lorena have been outvoted,…….BYYYYE BABE

      • child of isis on

        you and Lorena have the right to voice your opinion and it is hard to talk to others who say they are open-minded but once someone disagrees with their view they are quick to attack and tell you to leave the site or go and read the bible.

      • If it helps, there are people on here who are genuinely open minded and willing to engage in intellectual and respectful debate.

      • You have to at least know a little bit about the subject at hand to engage in an intellectual debate.

      • Strictly speaking that's not actually true. Anybody can be discussing a subject matter intellectually, irrelevant of their level of knowledge, provided they are using a rational rather than emotional thought process and are considering the problem intelligently.

        If we try to exclude people because of a lack of knowledge, then how would they ever learn?

    • Congratulations guys, you acted like an asshole to a 14 year old girl. Go pat yourselves on the back and toast over driving away a dangerous puppet of the illuminati. Cheers!

      • I agree! This has gotten well out of hand!
        Give the kid a break, we all had our chance to grow up, so give her hers. And on the age thing…its not my business to question it.

    • Okay Lorena, Im only 21 but Im going to give you a small piece of truth: at 14 you are a teenager, but of course that still makes you a child as well. I remember being 14 years old like it was yesterday. At that age you think you're mature and able to comprehend everything… But then as you get older you realise that what you thought you knew at 14 was not as much as you think. Kids grow up fast these days and try to act like adults, but they're still kids and they can be manipulated… I do agree with some of the things you are saying, but I also think that sometimes the media goes too far in exposing certain images and because people become accustomed to it, it begins to lose its shock value. This is kind of what this article is suggesting… Its not wrong for kids to play with toys and the monster theme doesnt bother me so much, but I do think it is wrong to make skanitly clad dolls who dress inappropriatley and are very skinny with big heads. They may be monsters with scars, but they also still look the same. A child's head is like a sponge, it soaks up a lot… So people should be careful about what their child is exposed to.

      • Excuse me, but I am in my mid-20s and I will tell you for a fact right now that when I was 14, and 13, and even 12 years old, I was doing just as Lorena is here – I was on discussion forums that were aimed at the 'mature' adult population, talking with others about interesting subjects that piqued my interest. I leaned to the more intellectual side of things, just as Lorena also seems to do, and yet I never did announce my age because I knew I would be doubted, disrespected, and talked down to if these people, who recognized me as their equal, knew how old I was.

        I, too, learned little to nothing in school. I taught myself everything I could outside of school, while also excelling in my studies. I have always had a high maturity level and an intelligent mind, and I have not watched television for 15 years now, by my own choice. I recognized the manipulation and subliminal messaging implemented in every aspect of our society and I chose not to take part in that. However, that did not mean that I didn't have interests, or likes and dislikes. I was, and still am, a fan of the 'gothic' type of things, and I primarily wear black, even though my mother told me it was 'wearing death,' etc. It is my choice, it is what I prefer, and it has nothing to do with what the media has told me – as I mentioned before, I have chosen not to expose myself to television (or magazines, etc) for the last 15 years, since I was just entering my pre-teen years. What say you to that?

        Let me inform you that I was indeed mature at 14 years old, more mature than nearly any adult I encountered and that still holds true to this day. I respect Lorena, not as a 'teenager' or a 'child,' but as an equal. In fact, she reminds me quite a lot of myself!

        Much love to you Lorena, you give me hope for the younger generation. You are above these blind followers. Keep thinking for yourself! As if I have to tell you, you surely will anyway.

    • RestlessMuse on

      First of all everyone, don't assume someone is not 14 just because the internet/text message culture hasn't completely ruined their grammar. I know many teenagers and pre-teens who are well spoken and can convey a thought successfully when written. (I was one of those 14 year olds,16 years ago)
      The very fact that Lorena took the time to read this article on this site shows a depth of intelligence that can be expanded upon with an open mind and education. I hope she did actually read it, even if she doesn't agree with it, because it will make her think, and she will begin to see things differently and notice the symbolism around her. Which she will, because it is inescapable.
      The fact is this show, as well as pretty much every movie, television show, book, music video, etc… features intentional symbolism. It's the purpose of these symbols that are up for debate.
      Knowledge is power my friend, and if the purpose of these symbols is sinister, then the show and the dolls ARE a weapon. A weapon used to sexualize and brainwash children and teens.
      Their clothing is fetish wear at best, especially the shoes. Operetta's shoes are pretty much the same as pointe shoes, or ballet boots which are specifically designed for fetish play and BDSM, which is very popular in hollywood right now. (
      I'm not saying that you should stop liking every show you enjoy or throw out all your cds, I'm just saying you should educate yourself and look at things subjectively. When I was a kid one of my favorite movies was "Labyrinth" and it still remain one of my favorites, but I can't deny the symbolism that fills it. Just follow your own advice and be unique, be yourself, and don't swallow what the media gives you because it's popular without examining it deeper.

    • child of isis on

      I agree with you and yes the clothing is a bit to short and they wear heels which the whole high heels thing I really don't see a big deal cause some girls like to try on their moms heels. Anyway if most parents think that this dolls will influence their young girls on how to dress then something is wrong in the house. I had a pocahontas doll, a black barbie and a mulan doll and I never wanted as a child to wear make-up nor try to dress like dolls because my mom told me I was beautiful and maybe parents today need to tell their children that more and maybe they wouldn't be so influence by these artist and these toys. Also I don't agree with sheltering your kids from these Monster High Dolls – its better to explain to your kids why you won't let them play with these dolls than just banning them altogether because I have seen first hand just what happens when parents with strong christian beliefs keep their children in a bubble….it does not turn out good.

      • sickofseeingISIS on

        CHILD OF ISIS.. FUUUUCK OFFFFF. It's painful watching you defend the mouthy kid. It's also interesting and possible that you know her and are here to serve a purpose.

      • I don't like bullying and so if I see someone being bullied I will jump in – I was bullied in school and it's not fun. Also I don't even know the girl and replying with vulgar language makes you look real mature.

    • I like monster high. Always did. BUT I was aware of their illuminati and MK ultra thang looooong ago. Sure watch MH, play with the dolls, watch the shows (I do,a few weeks ago I watched scaris,something like that). I played with Bratz and Barbies (I use to love bratz but bleh) but I NEVER EVER wanted to be like them. I understand the corny elite's eviil plan, but it depends on the child education,values and knowledge. My mom always taugght me of what should I wear, why and tries to reason me. These days parents are used of the system to teach their children. My mom let me play with them, but she slap the daylights out of if she ever saw me with some of the clothes they were. I myself dont like skirts or dresses. I only have one high heel. So try to educaten your children, but like Desi said… BTW Love the article VC. Thanks for adding a few things I didn't know (stopped watching the webisodes).

      PS I'm also 14

      • Child of Isis on

        I still watch the web episodes and have the specials on my computer . I agree with you about the child's education values and knowledge. If a parent has instill these three things in their child then they should have nothing to fear. I had a Barbie when I was young and was a huge fan of disney films & I still am though I prefer traditional 2d animation but these never influenced me neither did Britney Spears nor any other specialized pop star. I'm 21 soon to be 22 and still a virgin.

        So if you're worried about your child being easily influenced by outside forces then maybe your not giving your child enough knowledge, values and morals.

    • Well, it's obvious you're not a 14 year old girl. Not even because of 'grammar' or 'intelligent discussion', but maybe the older folks don't know that 14 year old girls DO NOT play with dolls. Are you kidding me? You'd be hard to pressed to find a girl over the age of 10 still playing with dolls.

      Occultism in media/materials is undeniable. Designers themselves admit to doing it because of how popular the notion is. You can question to sinister nature behind it, but to say that MH has NOTHING to do with illuminati is simply wrong. Sorry darling.

    • @ Lorena

      Some sense at fucking last. Don't listen to these lunatics. Most are fundie bible-thumpers that try to instill their own opinions on their children in an effort to right whatever went wrong in their own lives. It's really very sad. I feel bad for their kids. These are the same people that will shame them when they begin to develop sexually and teach them to fear the natural process of death until they live in fear and spread the same kind of vileness as their parents.

    • iloveGod123 on

      Hi Lorena,

      With all respect but I see what your trying to say there is nothing wrong with being your self or to be unique thats not what the article is trying to say. If you pay close attention the whole music industry is runned by The Illuminati. Why do you think society is the way it is today? Drugs, young teens and pregnate ect. Because as young kids we were exposed to all of this inTv shows , songs ect. Im pretty sure it does have to do with The Illuminati. A whole alot of artist do the exact same symbols as these cartoons do. Any ways, what good does it teaches kids? What good message is it bringing to their lifes? Do you think its okay to show your sefl at ages 4,5,6,7,8, or what ever age little girls watch this show to be inappropiate showing exposing their bodys at souch a young age, do you think thats "Okay?" Of course its not. Any ways I hope you see what im trying to say. God bless you :)

    • Cheryl Charabin on

      Kudos to you for standing up to idiots. Goes to prove not all kids believe its wrong to be different!! These idiots find conspiracies every where but in their own lives. Goes to show who has the weak minds!! Stay true to your self, Be Unique, Be Yourself. My 11 yr old granddaughter loves these dolls, has everyone & has had them for 3 yrs. now. She, like you, believes there is nothing wrong with being different & shows it in everything she does & says but not because of dolls but because she doesn't want to be like everyone else. How idiots like this think girls should act or be is not an option with her!!

    • im 15 here.. but this rlly is what they are doing! i realized how bad this manipulation thing was before i even knew what illuminati was! that's exactly what they want you to think! they already manipulated you… "This article is unbelievably stupid." ??? "These dolls and the animated series have absolutely nothing to do with the illuminati" ??? that's exactly what they want you to believe

    • SailorMoonJunkie on

      First off I'm 13 years old DON'T dismiss me just yet! I am fully aware that I am not a voice for every child or teenager in the universe nor do I indeed to be but I do believe that it's a well known fact NOBODY deserves to be overlooked because of their age and range of experience. I'm weary of reading comments like "DUH YOU'RE JUST A KID KIDZ DUN KNOW ANYTHING" ok I exaggerated just a bit but no matter we happen to be growing up in this age and we have insight from a perspective you adults seem to have lost. We haven't gained wisdom that's why you guys are here to help us and do you really think we''ll be drawn towards your advice when your spiteful and condescending? Just remember before you try to shoo away younger people, the disciples pulled the same stunt and what Jesus tell them? "Don't cast them away for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" in short next time you want to be an ass just because someone doesn't think the way you do or happens not to be born in the Dino age keep in mind the power of the Youth is important even the Messiah knew it don't push the power into the wrong hands 😉 later
      P.S Hey Lorane thanks for posting your comment that way I knew which adults needed to learn some damn humility

    • I was totally against Monster High being apart of the illuminati. Monster High is so cool and I love what it's about with the whole "be unique, be yourself-" The "be a monster" bit is possibly a little bit thingy but I look over it.
      The clothes. Yeah they're a little short and tight but I think that's what makes Monster High different! The clothes are so unique. I'm not really into the fact that little girls dress up as them in costumes and stuff but that's their parents choices.

      I definitely think that Monster High is a tool to influence young girls by being bright and positive but if you're aware of what it's about then you can just enjoy it! I still love Monster High regardless of the illuminati parts. I'm 13 btw :)

  32. Philippa Dasher on

    Skegeeace, my sister sometimes calls her young son a "little monster" (he's a toddler). Maybe I should check out if she's Illuminati?!!! Or maybe not. It's a common phrase in the English language. Yes Shadowonthewall it's meant to be like a test tube in a mad scientist's lab, a common 'horror' staple, see Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

    • Philippa,

      Darling pls be open minded & not subjective in your decisions. These things are real and are designed to be surreal. you may think its a common phrase ( like they common- ize everything these days) like going half naked is cool, skull & bones are cool, fornicating is cool…etc Open your eyes love, Jesus is showing us things…

    • Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde?? You mean the story about the man with multiple personalities????

    • Hi Philippa – re Jekyll and Hyde, published at the fin de siècle – apparently one of the ideas behind it was the devolution of humanity, due to the epidemic of syphilis at the time. Mothers were terrified of being infected and giving birth to wizened, 'monkey'-like babies. The sheer poverty of so many people in Victorian England (at the time of the 'Empire'. Stolen riches from abroad for the few; slavery, poverty and destitution for the many) meant there was a huge undertow of slums, forced prostitution, STDs, etc. A lot of people were terrified this hidden undertow would swamp them. Also 'The Portrait of Dorian Grey' by Oscar Wilde – similar idea – the evil/dual side, that's hidden away/inflicted onto something else. There's a double/treble meaning (at least) behind a lot of English Lit.

  33. Sandile Buthelezi on

    Am not how many of you watch “Cartoon Network”, there is just too much of this stuff and I just feel bad for our poor kids.

  34. If you check out anything that has a scary, horror, supernatural theme then you can start suggesting that it is 'demonic' and genuinely evil. From there it's not too much of a leap to link it to Illuminati or whatever else you believe in. These things are cartoon-scary, there's nothing tangible there. Articles like this worry me, as do the comments by some people saying that stop their kids from viewing stuff like this. It reminds me of the parents who wouldn't let their kids read Harry Potter because they thought it was promoting 'satanism' and 'witchcraft'. I actually worry for your children if you put paranoid fears like this into their heads about stuff like this- you're probably doing more psychological damage to them and yourselves than this cartoon and the dolls ever would.

      • And I feel so sad for you both ;C you both should read more into this website. This is not being made up. This problem is everywhere and specially promoted by people with power and control on mass media who want us to think "nothing's going on". I'm serious. Go deep in this subject.

      • Ephram Ballini on

        where are these plebs coming from?

        just go about your lives, no need to post here

      • north germany on

        totally comes to my mind as well, if they are not awake yet, why protesting here, don't they read some other basic things hereo understand what are we talking about t??? if not, why not just go to monster high fan club website and blindly comment about how awsome it is, wtf

      • truthshallsetufree on

        Here lately, when I read on VC, there's a lot of comments trying to discredit the articles. These comments seem planted to me. I get the feeling that VC has gotten under somebody"s skin, and now they're trying to make him and all of us look like nuts. I'm with you, how do these people end up on this website if they're not reading about the Illuminati? I wouldn't be surprised if it's not the same person just using a different screen name each time. It just seems too fishy. Once you know the truth, nobody can convince you otherwise, therefore, these certain people are wasting their time. If these people truly are legit in what they are saying, then I feel sorry for them. It proves that the Illuminati message is getting through too many. Wake up!!!

      • Interesting point "truthshallsetufree", If they dont agree why are they on this site……..they should carry on doing what they are doing and let VC get on with it

      • child of isis on

        just because they don't agree with your opinion doesn't mean they should not voice it. You guys are not the only ones with an opinion

      • sakurasapphire on

        I picked that name specifically because I have read VC articles all of them & I know by choosing my screen name after a pagan goddess would get someone's attention and second I have been interested in the country of Egypt since I was a child and hope to someday visit that country.

      • Child of Isis on

        The blog as mean signed in as sakurasapphire. My real name is sapphire because my mother named me after her birthstone and Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom.

      • So I guess it is for the same reason I put 333 in my name! It is an occult number and gets attention.

      • Child of Isis on

        It's very easy to find this site. I found it by typing in my google search the world illuminati because I plan on doing a YouTube video about this subject matter and so like a good write/ journalist research is key unlike S.Meyer who do a bit of research on vampire nor werewolf myths before writing Twilight Saga

      • Child of Isis on

        So a person can't just disagree with what VC writes in his articles but they have to be a spy sent here to discredit him……….. Interesting………..

      • I ended up here via facebook. I read an article on the film Labyrinth and someone in the comments section had linked to the Labyrinth article here. Unfortunately you're looking for trouble everywhere but you'll not find any from me.

    • As a parent, I have to protect my child from unsavory things. I DON'T have to tell her why she can't buy the monster high doll. I can simply explain that I don't like the way they dress, and tell her she can pick from other options. Parenting is very serious. Little lives are in our hands. If you take that job lightly, you will regret it. I would much rather live in a nation of families that love and protect each other, than a nation of broken families where working parents dont pay attention or care what goes into their kids heads.

      • Child of Isis on

        You sound like my best friends parents when they refused to have the sex talk with her, and now she so had multiple partners and is getting married in two months

      • As a parent you do protect your child, but you DON'T control them. My daughter knows that the monster high dolls dress kinda provacatively, but she knows it's not decent to dress like that. She is also very aware that the cartoons are not real and neither are the dolls. TEACH your child to think for themselves….don't TAKE AWAY their chance to think, voice, and have an opinion. I'm glad they have the dolls and the majority of parents out there aren't close-minded as you.

        That's why so many of America's youth are killing each other, taking guns to school etc. The first chance they have to think for themselves and they can't make the correct decisions. Glad I am living in Canada where we teach our kids how to think for themselves and to make the RIGHT choices.

    • I am glad that you mentioned Harry Potter! By the way I am an ex-witch and occultist. JK Rowling is a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn which was created by Alistair Crowley. There is an immense amount of symbolism in Harry Potter. You might not care if your children are exposed to it but don't be surprised if they come home talking about witchcraft and wanting to be a wizard and then join a pagan group when they grow up.

      • Woooow!!! I never knew she was a member of the Golden Dawn. That does explain ALOT of things, however ive always thought there was more to her and ive just found out why, Thanx Chrissy333

      • Wow it's awesome to take things at face value on the internet ! /sarcasm… Oh and I'm not a fucking troll. Just because I believe a lot about the Illuminati doesn't mean I believe everything that VC posts here. You have to fucking think for yourself.

      • If you knew anything about the occult and those behind it you would understand the symbolism and the agenda.

      • Remember the character Sirius who can turn into a dog. As in Sirius the Dog Star LOL!

      • Sirius is also supposed to be the brightest star in the sky………say for eg when there is a sky full of stars, there is always one that is the brightest and that is called Sirius

      • btw Chrissy333, you said you were an ex witch and occultist, how deep were you into it? would you elaborate? have you ever evoked or summoned…….? (you know what im talking about) you know much about Kabalah?

      • Oooh, long story! About 20 years ago I was initiated into a coven. I grew up Christian but was attracted to the occult at a young age. My first husband was a Satanist, but I chose Gardnerian Wicca believing that it was the lovey dovey mother earth religion (you can chuckle now!) I became an "expert" at the Tarot and know most of the symbolism. BTW the Edward Waite (tarot) was a Freemason. I haven't summoned, but I have banished (dumb kids playing with occult). Yes I know Kabbalah, but have never practiced. I was more of a learner and not a practitioner (except Tarot)! I did participate in rituals where we invoked the goddess, but I never participated in any sex rites. That was more my husband's thing and the reason we divorced!

      • I am familiar with most authors of the occult (I like to read). The deeper I got the darker it got! Initiates don't know the truth! I got tired of the manipulation by the people around me and their dysfunctional drama. I had a dream about an angel who visited me and told me his name was Ariel and who comforted me. That was the end to my involvement in the occult! I am now happily married to a Christian man and have 3 children and wonderful family and will never go back to that life. But if you have any questions I'm happy to answer!

      • Have you read the books by Rebecca Brown MD? (He Came to Set the Captives Free and Prepare for War) do you think it is all true? because she's been discredited so bad, but my guess is that obviously she's being harassed ande defamed for exposing them…I do believe it is all true… what are your thoughts? also, did you have problems when you "got out"? Btw I'm so very happy for you and your family! really am (:

      • Thank you for the support. I have not read Rebecca Brown but I will! I don't know what her book is about, but I do believe if anyone tries to expose them then they will discredit them. I have read many ancient texts and writings from these secret societies. They tend to keep their knowledge to themselves so that they can horde it over us. But if you know what you are looking for it is easy to find. When Jesus came around he shared his knowledge and teachings with the masses and that is what made Him dangerous to the elite priest class! For example they drank blood during ritual from the "dragon queens" because they believed that it imbued them with eternal life. When Jesus came he nullied this practice by saying that He was the blood of life. He was saying that through Him (and not drinking actual blood) one could have eternal life. The priest class believed that they were the true descendants of the Gods. Jesus taught that we are all Sons (and Daughters) of God. Do you see why He was dangerous to them?

      • Yes I did have many problems when I "got out". Mostly mental. It is hard to break mental conditioning. My ex-husband was causing me serious mental anguish (he is a satanist, sociopath and sex addict!). The people around us were enabling him. I had a "mental breakdown" and did not leave the house for a year due to anxiety and depression. I had a dream in which Archangel Ariel visited and comforted me which brought me out of my fog! I know it sounds crazy but it's true! I left my ex-husband and the occult. God literally pulled me out of that situation! I have seen demon manifestation and experienced all kinds of negative energy around those people! I know that many people don't believe me but I don't care I keep on telling the truth! I had several years of therapy and medication to deal with my issues. I have been through Hell and I'm trying to help our younger generations from making the same mistakes. The media portrays the occult as something attractive and IT'S NOT TRUST ME! They're being deceived and that's why I come on these sites and blog away!

      • Yes indeed, Jesus came to confront various kinds of society groups and their beliefs, that's why he was not (and still is not) super accepted by everyone, specially the elite priest class as you say and the jews. And about your experience, I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that pain and depression, It must have been really terrible! I can only imagine. But praise God!, who took you out of there for a reason, indeed you're special to him! I wish an angel came and comfort me from time to time hehe, but that's just not for everyone. Not everyone can go on a spiritual war and put their faith where it has to be. I feel really sad for all the people that seem to be so attracted and obssesed with occultism and see it as "entertaining" and "fun" and can't see that it is all real!, and real people suffer greatly everyday because of this evil :( How can they entertain themselves by watching a representation of such activities? I really don't get it. But I'm glad that people like you and people like VC are here to tell the truth. Keep doing it! I do my part too. And I pray to God that He opens peoples eyes!

        Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

        Also, Do you have any book recommendations? About this subject and others too, if you have ;P Hope you're doing great and God bless!

      • 'Medication' is a widely used tool of the System. Psychiatric drugs are very dangerous, powerful mind altering substances. They destroy your mind and your ability to think independently or rationally.

        What are these ancient texts you claim to have read? And how is it you 'know Kabbalah, but have never practiced'? The only way to learn Kabbalah is through practice!

        You're right, I don't believe you, and that's because what you have posted here are obvious, glaring lies to those who really do know the occult.

        And, Wicca? Are you kidding me?? Once again, for those of us who know the occult, the 'chuckle' comes at the part where you mention how deep and dark you were doing your little Wicca magics, and playing with your Tarot cards.

      • Solange Amos on

        I believe you. When people dabble knowingly and unknowingly with the occult they are always targeted when trying to get out. People seem to miss the point that we are spiritual beings first and that there is a whole spiritual world of dark and light beings surrounding us at all times. Im happy for your new life as well. Go God!

      • Chrissy333, i have alot of questions tbh, Have you seen The Arrivals series?, (im always asking people about this on here) there are 51 parts, i have it on dvd, its over 7 hours long and you will be astounded and there will be alot of info that you can relate to im sure…….Also are you in the states, UK? where did these rituals take place? I have also heard that the sex rite rituals are the illuminati's main type of focus and that is what they thrive on,

        I wanted to ask you have you heard about the dream that Lady Gaga had and she was explaining it in Rolling Stone magazine, where sshe says that theer is a blonde girl and shes got hooks tied to all 4 limbs and there is a phantom pulling her apart and starts talking about cuuting her wrists and honey being poured into the wound, reeeally bizarre stuff,…………

      • Pleeease look it up because i want to know what you think – I asked another person on here about this dream (The persons name was Dr S and he gave me his answer on a previous post, i think it was the Symbolic pics of the month 02.13 but please check the recent articles for it and he mentioned it was illuminati holy honey and that sexual deviant rituals are their main focus)……….It was fuckin creepy reading his answer and the reson for this holy honey and what its used for……………also regarding kabbalah, they say its jewish mysticism but ive heard its really witchcraft and the tree of life represents alot of aspects regarding the occult such as: astrology, astronomy, divination (the major arcane of the tarot card), the 22 paths etc etc etc. What is the REAL and TRUE purpose for it and also the Qliphoth, this is supposed to be the negative side of kabbalah but can you please elaborate?

      • Also Chrissy333, have you watched the following films:
        – Constantine
        – Drag me to hell
        – End of Days
        – Hellraiser
        – The Matrix
        – The Sorcerer's Apprentice
        These films reference the occult deeply and would you say there is any truth to them because i think there is but it doesnt exist in this world so to speak (the physical plane) but in a world that is very clandestine, another dimension say…lower astral or the 4th dimension……….

      • Chrissy333, In regards to the Lady Gaga dream, please check out Dr.S's comment and replies on the first page of the comments on SPOTM 02/13,

        Also you said you have seen Demon manifestation, did they manifest into human form or did you see it in a mirror? what was it like/how did they appear? and do you know alot about demonology?

        In regards with you being an ex witch, what do you have to do become one? what does it entail, i want to know because im always hearing that madonna is one, Rihanna is one, beyonce and lady gaga are and that you need to be an initiated witch to get a recording contract, so im trying to add the peices together so i can get the whole picture……

        im looking forward to your reply to ALL my questions Chrissy so dont let me down …….lol

    • Paid to shill? on

      I have 3 children, my youngest is 15 and the other 2 are no longer minors. As their parent it is MY duty to ensure that what they are watching or playing with isn't Filth. And I consider the heavily laced symbolism in movies/tv and products geared towards them filth. It's my duty to battle the would be indoctrination of the elites.

      As for psychologically damaging them………. riiiiiight, whatever shill.
      If you don't know the signs and symbolisms that this article is talking about then I suggest you go somewhere and enlighten yourself. It is not some coincidence that the same symbols are being used through out media of all types, music, cartoons, videos, magazines, clothing and toys. All of it to shape our perceptions.

      Don't worry about our kids, ours are the ones that are marching to the beat of their own drums and not following the current illuminati endorsed trends.

      • Child of Isis on

        What do your kids watch or listen too? I'm highly curious given the fact that a majority of parents on this site refuse to Le their children watch disney buy monster high doll nor listen to certain artists. So I am being completely serious here what do you allow your children to listen to read and watch?

    • For me it is in no way similar to the fact that some people think Harry Potter promotes satanism.

      It doesn't even matter whether I believe in the existence of the Illuminati or not.

      The issue here is the fact that psychologically, it is proven that children absorb and emulate the choices and behaviours that they are exposed. They are young, developing socially, and very impressionable. I do not want my daughter to grow up admiring and imitating these dolls, or a lot of other things that she could be exposed to in the media.

      I don't put "paranoid" fears into my daughter's head. I just choose what I do and do not want her to be exposed to and influenced by. It's called responsible parenting.

    • Harry Potter does promote witchcraft, they're all witches and warlocks. Saying the opposite is delusional. Maybe it's better to just be honest and say that you are OKAY with a certain type of portrayal of witchcraft?

      How anyone could look at these images and think they are for children and are not promoting death and sexualization is delusional.

      • child of isis on

        harry potter is witches and wizards not warlocks and it does not promote witchcraft, none of those spells work. Also it is impossible to create any of the potions that are mention in the books and films, have you ever heard of a flobberworm? no I like harry potter its just a fantasy that is it.

      • Yes, but there are elements of truth in them films and books, like the whole concept in general, just because that particular spell doesnt work in the book, doesnt mean that other spells NOT mentioned in the book wont, ya know what i mean? but then again you probably still missed my point

      • Child of isis on

        I know every single spell that exist in the Harry potter books none of them work. Also certain aspects are true but a majority are not

      • I can't even be mad at you, because I used to love Isis and Harry Potter! I'm guessing you are young and new at the whole witchcraft thing! You should actually read some of Laurence Garnder's books and research the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court of which he is a member. BTW the temple priestesses of Isis were sacred prostitutes whose menstrual blood was sacred (starfire). Please do more research as they are not completely truthful with soft-core witches!

      • Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) was the one who created the Dragon Court, hence blood ritual and vampire legends, etc…

      • sakurasapphire on

        I am 21 about to turn 22 and I do not practice any form of magic nor witchcraft but I have friends that are Wiccan, along with Christians, Jews, atheists, Buddhist, and Muslim. I have like to learn about the supernatural because I'm a creative writer and am currently writing a novel

      • Have you heard of the Mothers of Darkness and the Chataeu de Amerois? Interesting subject.

      • …………Yes it is indeed, that spooky castle in Belgium, dont know much but i couldnt even imagine what goes on in there? I bet you know alot Chrissy333, seeing as though you said your ex husband was a satanist………….It was built for Phillip Sax-Coburg Gotha (i think thats how you spell it), which is in fact the REAL name for the Windsor Family (British Royal Family)…………… and what role exactly do the mothers of darkness play?

    • im well aware of the illuminate and fully against them but people are reading to much into shit just because your child has these dolls or watches these cartoons does not mean they will have control over your children in the future my daughter is brought up to be strong minded our kids will only be exposed to this kind of stuff if we do not monitor them or nuture them in the right way

      • Strong minded or not, nurturing them in the right way still involves a degree of censorship. Hence the existence of the TV watershed for example.

        The messages that are being promoted and the images displayed in this cartoon would not be considered suitable viewing if the show contained human actors dressed this way. It should not be any more acceptable just because the images are cartoons.

    • child of isis on

      it's the same when a person hears something in latin, they automatically assume its evil die to the fact the language is used in majority of horror movies usually involving demons and the devil.

      • changing your screen name so you can look 'supported' by others? uhmmm child of Isis you are something else! ahah

      • Child of Isis on

        I don't have to change my name to make sure my thoughts are heard thank you very much. I registered for this blog and logs me in as the name I registered with. Also I really don't care if a majority of you believers agree with me or not but I have a voice as well and my own mind and I will not be silent and hide because people don't agree with my opinion on things.

  35. Kushite Prince on

    Cartoons?Dolls? This is sick! These people will stoop to anything to spread their filth! Great post VC. Keep spreading the truth and exposing these sick bastards! Peace.

    • Seymor Butts on

      well i think he's spreading HIS filth, crap to be exact, just because he can relate everything to mind-control and slaves doesnt mean he has to pollute and bore the rest of the world with it. Let kids enjoy their toys JEEZ.

  36. I remember a book called "Saturday Morning Mind Control" by Phil Phillips about the problems of cartoons way back in 1991… very informative! Of course, folks that don't believe in monitoring their children's stuff just thought it was stupid. This stuff has been happening for a VERY long time now.

  37. Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  38. Thank you all for your comments and post. The deeper down the rabbit hole I go…the scarier it becomes!

    My 14 year son knows what to look for now. I guess I must be slow. One time he counted 13 devil hand signs on Disney one Saturday morning. I was amazed and praised him!!

    Keep the post and the links coming!!! I check them out! Thanks all!

  39. I fell for the agenda where death images (skulls) are edgy and cool along with the pyramid stupid i know but it just catches my eye & i love those monster high dolls ive wished they were around when i was younger. After reading this its understandable that these dolls are messed up for little girls, but cmon about the clothes.Barbie has been half naked all her plastic life,what do u expect from mattel. Even those Stardolls (think they just came out) are wearing skimpy skirts with heels thats just how it is. If you dont like it dont buy it

    • dontfallforit on

      Except…. that's not "Just how it is" ……..Its how THEY made it. There is another way. Don't drink the Kool-Aid.

    • But it's still there, on full view, in the shops. It's not just a case of: 'If you don't like it, don't buy it.' Don't underestimate the cumulative effect it has, not least on the subconscious. Particularly in children, perhaps …

  40. This reminds me of bratz dolls which taught girls to be materialistic and superficial, but with blatant amount of imageries of illuminati. They keep getting worse and worse with these creations. This shows how sanitized we have become to things that corrupt our minds..I'm fearful of the future to come.

  41. Saw these in toys r 'us in the UK last thursday, double taked and thought wtf??? Blatent Or what?????. Then VC posts this. Anyone who thinks these dolls are normal and unique need serious help. Agenda or no agenda, illuminati or no illuminati. The symbolism is there regardless, and it's just plain wrong.

  42. Awwww, crap. My 10 yr old cousin loves Monster High. I always hated how slutty the Monster High & Bratz dolls look.
    I used to play with a She-Ra doll when I was younger. Shehad boobs but they didn't look uunnaturally large or cartoonish. There is some strange desire to make young girls want to look like and emulate tramps. It bothers the hell out of me.

  43. One thing I always hate is why do ALL the dolls have to be so freakishly skinny? Most likely another reason why today's society has issues with their bodies. Another thing I hate(even as a kid)is that the dolls almost always have to wear high heels even if they are supposed to do a tough job.
    It is tiresome that female characters in comics, cartoons, movies, TV, etc often wear uncomfortable skimpy clothes, while the men wear normal clothes, EVEN when both of them do exact the same job. You can see that cliche a lot in SciFi, Fantasy and Military related movies. The woman(usually played by a skinny and sexy-looking actress) often half naked and high heels while she has to fight against some creature in a really unpleasant surroundings and her male partner(usually the main character!)wears normal clothes. Always find that very unrealistic and degrading which often ruins the movie or comic for me. It is like they still see and want that women are like a piece of flesh and just there for the guys!

  44. I Must say great article.. yet I think some of the commenters are very unknown of the fact that all this does influence you..
    Someone mentioned if you do not like it dont buy it..
    Easy to say when children are being exposed to material things 24 7 .. not only by tv or stores ut also with their friends and even their family members..
    Ofcourse Barbie idolizes being skinny and perfect, hello kitty is no better.. the list goes on..
    Just because you think thereis no harm in it, doesnt mean you are right or should give your child anything they want in their early life..
    People think because when we were younger it was not so obvious and in the face, this is not so harmful..
    My own sister in law has a daughter and she buys everything she sees.. never questioning if it is good for her..
    Theydont let her play outside or read a book before bedtime..
    The only thing they do is let the poor girls watch disturbing cartoons, so she stays sush.. the kid even falls a sleep at night with these cartoons..
    They think spoiling her and letting her bootie shake on very outrageous music is cute and funny..
    My boyfriend even sees this and thst somehow makes me think that not everyone is so brainwashed to think this media and government way of living is the only good thing to raise your child..
    Giving your children toys is ok, but exposing them to this way of thinking teens in high school should dress and act this way is not..
    Everybody is entitled to their opinion, however i am glad most readers on VC see the real deal and would prevent their innocent chidren from it.

  45. Jackson's hair is yellow on the edge. The shape of it seems to refer to a lightning which is a strong symbol of illuminati.

    • Lady Gaga is Fucked up FULL STOP & c'mon u lady gaga fans im waiting for all the comments for you to defend her…………………..

    • "I don't understand the question" :( this is so sad, really. I feel bad for her sometimes 7.7

  46. The fashion industry are selling bras for 7-10 y/o girls sizes. The slogan is: "buy it now, tell dad later"?

    MTV's chairman Bob Pittman said: "At MTV, we don't just shoot for 14 y/o, we OWN them."

    The vice president of plannig for Nickelodeon [owned by MTV] Bruce Friend said: "In the last 10 years, we've seem a rapid development of upper age children. The 12-14 y/o of yesterday are the 10-12 of today. The rise of pre-teens is the biggest trend we've seen."

    The Nickelodeon researches found the results as: "by the time they are 12, children describe themselves as flirtatious, sexy, trendy, athletic, cool."

    Bruce Friend [Nick vice of planning] said: "By age 11 children in focus groups say they no longer think of themselves as children"

    Abercrombie & Fitch sells thongs for 7 y/o

    Calvin Klein was one of the pioneer fashion brand to use children in sexy sugestive poses in their ads by the 80's.

    Then i ask to VC: WTF is going on??? How can we explain this shit to the children?? What is the solution??

    • They're even getting to our young daughters through the genetically modified foods. It can't be coincidence that the majority of little girls are developing much sooner than they use to. My pediatrician was discussing that with me not too long ago. I'm so glad I live where I can plant my own garden!

  47. This is profoundly morbid! Now the image of "dolls" is corrupted. Dolls cannot be played or watched (in movies) for pleasure. The entertainment value of dolls is distorted. Nowadays, what is secure for children?

  48. Get out of America. Go live in the woods. Get your kids out of the schools and throw away the TV.

  49. Beligerent Bulldog on

    how exactly do they program 'mind reading and esp and psychic powers?' so is that stuff true?? can they really truly program someone to read minds?

  50. Lalaloopsy dolls are super creepy! They are targeted at even younger children. I agree, throw away the T.V.

  51. I don't get it, I'm sorry. Kids don't know anything about Illuminati symbols. A covered eye is just an eye. A pyramid is just that. Wouldn't it be more frightening if the children understood the concepts of mind control and then played with the dolls?
    If you just take something at face value wherein lies the inherent harm?

    • The problem isexactly that – kids are innocent, but are being conditioned not only to accept these symbols as normal but to love them, since they are associated with playthings, and kids bond with their toys. That way the kids won't question them later if they are rolled out in some socially horrific way. It's like the concept of the frog in a pot – if you turn the heat up gradually, it will be used to the changes and will stay until it boils alive.

    • That's exactly the point: desensitize kids since early youth, infesting their subconscious with symbolism like those, for in a natural way, superficially, the kids didn't know what's going on. In a deeper level, symbolism have an immense power over consciousness. So, the younger the "receptacle", the better for the inception of consumism.

  52. I read this article with an open mind and then I visited the website. They actually sell and promote doll "body parts. Personally I think a good argument can be made that anyone who thinks this is just another form of "Mr. Potato Head" should have his/her head examined. Now I understand the term the plea for people to wake up and see what is being done to our children. True, this is nothing new, but it does scale new heights in it's death symbolism and the perpetuation of the child coquette. Young girls are being given a role model that neither empowers them or elevates their ideals. Don't tell me it's all fun and games, or my reply has to be WAKE UP! See the ad below.

    " What would a half-mummy, half-gorgon creature look like? And what would that terror-rific monster wear? Now your ghoul can call all the design shots, building and decorating her own unique monsters, just like the students at Monster High! This frightfully fun starter pack provides all the body parts and fashions needed to make unique scary-cool ghouls! Girls can assemble and reassemble the pieces until their new creature is perfect — perfectly monstrous, that is! Simply snap them together to connect and create. Mix and match all the looks for more than 250 combinations! To expand the design play, check out all the Create-A-Monster Starter Packs (sold separately).
    Includes two heads, one hairpiece, a torso, and two sets of limbs (arms and legs)
    Also comes with two fashions and a pair of shoes
    Simply snap the pieces to connect and create
    Combine the pieces in 250+ unique ways
    Lots of spooktacular playtime!
    Each pack sold separately.

  53. when will it end? on

    i work in retail and i often questions parents buying these creepy dolls and their reply is well their horrible looking scare the crap out of me but my daughter loves em and gotta give them what they want…….. when i first saw these dolls i was disgusted and knew something sincere was behind them disgusting that this crap is pushed to kids cause the kids that buy them at my work look as young as 5 …..seriously people this dolls are evil

    Look like barbie = be anorexic

  55. These triggers and symbols have always been there, it's only now that people are realising the meanings behind it al. Flowers, butterflies, rainbows, bows, etc are all commonplace, yet few realise the significance they have.

    Colours too have an effect on the psyche and consciousness, these things are often unavoidable.
    they are in every area of life, but the more one understands about their meanings and effects the better. Everyone is programmed to certain degrees and they serve as walking triggers for others.
    Deprogramming is an extensive and complex task, one that few will employ.
    There are methods, but it is also an area fraught with complications, everyone thinks they know themselves and the way they think, but delving into your mind matrix is full of surprises need to be done with complete awareness and overseen by an expert who you can trust fully…

  56. Thank you, again, V.C. This is propaganda to grab the the children and even the parents.

  57. Why does Scarah not have proper eyeballs… they are all white; does that signify anything in particular? She is very creepy. And the voodoo doll looks like he has some pins sticking out of him; signifying he is cursed, is guess?? What do you think?

  58. At my workplace (littlle shop) I took all those MH magazines etc. away as soon as I saw them (in January). Also done for some other mags etc. If I can be effective about what is sold there, I make my move. This is one little thing but I am committed to do the difference. Step by step, day by day. One shop only but perhaps I can save some kids from this agenda. At least nobody has to spend their money on that.

  59. And he was arrogant (Pharaoh) , he and his soldiers, in the land, without right, and they thought that they would not be returned to Us.
    Qu'ran 28:40

    So We took him (Pharaoh) and his soldiers and threw them into the sea. So see how was the end of the wrongdoers.
    Qu'ran 28:41

    And We MADE THEM LEADERS INVITING TO THE FIRE, and on the Day of Resurrection they will not be helped.
    Qu'ran 28:42

    And We caused to overtake them in this world a curse, and on the Day of Resurrection they will be of the despised.
    Qu'ran 28:43

  60. Those dolls are hideous… Ew… Who would buy that for their child? Get them away from the computer/tv and give them a bike instead so they can enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise. Parents are rolemodels for their kids, especially at an early age. My parents were never my friends, they were just my loving but strict parents. As a stable and educated 21 year old I appreciate that now.

  61. Ya know what, what can i say apart from……..Here we fuckin' go again………….(REEEALLLY BIG SIGH)

  62. Great article VC. Just the other day i was with my niece who is 6 watching TV and a brat Doll advert came on. I told her I thought they were ugly and artificial and she told me she liked them because they were 'sexy'! I was shocked to hear her use that word and horrified that the weird dysmorphic dolls had left such an impression on her. Also I have seen her posing in the mirror in very sexual ways (on all fours wiggling her bum sort of thing) and I just despair because that behavior is so inappropriate at her age but she already wants to be sexy! What this sort of thing is doing to the future self esteem of these infants I don't know, but it seems the Illuminati is doing a great job at training our young girls to aspire to be objects for men rather then the active and intelligent human flipping beings they should be.
    Unfortunately my sister doesn't supervise my niece's TV time and I'm not around enough to look out for her and educate her on what being a woman is really about.

  63. there is also an anime called Amnesia, i'm sure you would be interested in that 😀

    a lot of checkered patterns and personality disorder.

  64. Oh, and those two things to the left and right of Operatta's stage look like those one-eyed creatures that were walking around at the London 2012 Olympics.

  65. Great article, VC!
    I also noticed that the star to the left of each character is an inverted pentagram.

    People need to realize that children are being sexualized at such young ages because there are global paedophile networks and getting very young children into being sexy works in these sickos' favor. Let's not forget about how STDs are becoming more difficult to treat because they are becoming drug resistant. I guess the death symbolism is more of a way of brainwashing the kids into believing that death is cool when they're dying from whatever STD and they won't feel so bad. LOL!
    Also, the theme of living forever through medical means is a huge topic these days. Transhumanism also falls under this umbrella. I believe the scarring on these dolls is to normalize what we're going to be seeing in a few years as people have surgeries to live longer and more plastic surgeries to remain looking young. You know, not all plastic surgeons are top notch and some patients do end up with hideous scars. I guess this show is going to help these people feel unique and beautiful. LOL!
    Humans are on the downward spiral and I don't see a way of stopping it. Sad indeed. I'm so happy I don't have kids.
    Also, the episode with Voodude seems to be normalizing antidepressants and how they rewire the brain to make one happy. Sick, sick, sick.
    Get outside kids! Get that vitamin D from the sunshine! Hurry! :)

    • Once you have knowledge of these symbols, you start to notice them with a lot of children's toys. My husband noticed a pentagram when my daughter was playing games on the American Girl website. The game is even called "Innerstar University". We did some research on the name "Innerstar" and quickly realized the dangers of it.

  66. i appreciate all the information you give and all the subjects you explore. they are out there pushing their agenda but its good to know there are people like ourselves who will fight against it and spread the word.

  67. I'm 18 and I never had a thing for dolls of any kind, I never wanted to "be like Barbie" even though I had many of them. Playing with the dolls didn't make me think that I need to be skinny and they didn't sexualize me at all. Now, I don't really like the Monster High Dolls but I think that the movies are cute. I don't understand the paranoia in all honesty. I watch the videos and I don't feel like I'm being "brainwashed". I don't like the movies because I think they're "sexy" I just think the jokes and personalities are cute.

  68. I have a four year old daughter who is always drawn to these dolls and products. I feel the same way about these and the bratz dolls….they are disturbing. I would never allow my daughter to play with toys that look creepy and sexy. This article opened my eyes to new info. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling.

  69. My first impression of this article is that "I'm not surprised". Thanks for revealing the corporate/world-control agenda in another of its many forms. I have always been opposed as a woman, to over-sexualization in media: music, videos, movies, cartoons, dolls. It is so difficult to maintain a sense of humanity in the world created by this programming. Protect your children's minds, and place different values in them to form a strong perspective to screen out what they will see in technology and media. It's hard enough being an adult in this world and to maintain your sanity.

  70. The Illuminati are not true Human beings, but subhuman ~bestial (as in Monkey / Ape) Hybrids. I just mentioned to someone yesterday, that because of their corrupted DNA, they produce "MONSTERS" when they breed (psychopaths, hemaphrodites, promiscuous creatures, etc. — only ~resembling real Human beings). The Illuminati have corrupt DNA, and they are NOT superhuman offspring of *literal "fallen angels", or of ET's. The "Mark of the BEAST" is actually in their DNA markers, people. The "fallen angels" their ancestors bred with, were earthly lower primates.

    The reason they promote this sort of degeneracy of the mind and soul, is because they (especially their leaders consciously) know themselves to be less than fully Human. And what they're doing, is trying to hook real Human beings into accepting them as 'normal'.

    It's a terrible tragedy, that the world is being destroyed by a subspecies of beings which are not fully Human. And yes, they are Satanic.

    • Debra, ive heard this before and i know that the illuminati worship the fallen angels (Satan's angels) but do you think they shape shift? (David Icke says this also)…….Say for e.g, are the Queen & pope not true human beings? I know their bloodline goes back to the babylonian kings and David Icke always refers to the illuminati and members of the Royal Family as reptiles/shapeshifters/Serpents, You have probably heard the term ancient astronauts/aliens – But really, these are actually demonic supernatural beings that can shapeshift (They are referred to as Aliens in our modern day/society)- But i want to know is, can the illuminati shapeshift them selves or do they just worship shapeshifters……Another thing is have you notices you never ever really see the queen and pope out an about all the time, WHAT DO THEY ACTUALLY DO ALL YEAR ROUND?

    • That is interesting. Is there an article or book you recommend that tells more about this "corrupted DNA" of the Illuminati? I am curious now.

      • Ive got at home The Biggest Secret by David Icke, another book is & The Truth Shall set you free by David Icke (i dont have this one but i will be getting it soon)

  71. I seen a commercial of this the other day and thought to myself "this ain't cute..what girl would want dolls like these?"…evidently its alot smh.Nice articles VC!!

  72. Many people might not realize that the original Barbie was copied from a doll named Lilli which was sold in Germany in the 1950's. Lilli was based on a cartoon character (from an adult themed cartoon). The toy company borrowed the look and just made her a little more "wholesome," gave her a Barbie dreamhouse and sports car and all that. The original character was not a nice, wholesome girl, from what I have read. So, kids' fashion doll toys "have a past."

    • Also Klaus Barbie was a famous Nazi soldier. Not sure if the name Barbie was inspired by him?

  73. VC, I dig your content. For Pete's sake, though, please spell/grammar check your articles! Good Heavens.

  74. I think it's absolutely disgusting that the world's "powers" are exposing our children to such awful messages and priorities. What happened to the innocence of youth?!

    All I want to do is raise my daughter to be safe and moral… It's hard enough worrying about dangers that exist on the streets, without having to battle against dolls, toys, TV and even bed linen every time we step into a shop or turn on the TV.

    What an awful and corrupt world this is becoming.

  75. I was waiting for this article! I had allowed my 6 year old daughter to initially watch Monster High cartoons since I had not noticed any overt symbolism at first. But then there was an episode about Draculaura meeting her old crush Count Valentine. In the episode Draculaura is enchanted with Valentine who tells her that he wants her heart. But it turns out that he actually "wants her heart" and was putting a spell on her to get it! I immediately knew that this was a reference to SEMIRAMIS the ancient Babylonian goddess (Queen of Babylon and Heaven and mother of the trinity). Semiramis was the mother and wife of Nimrod (builder of the tower of babel) whom she sacrificed at a New Year's ritual and then gave birth to Tammuz.

    • Semiramis was the source of ancient vampire legends as she practiced blood rites. Anyway, in Greece she became Venus and Tammuz became Cupid. Valentine's Day originated from the worship of Venus/Cupid and Semiramis/Tammuz. So to depict a vampire named Count Valentine as wanting someone's heart (blood rite and symbol of Cupid) was an overt symbolism of a paganistic blood ritual! Just saying! Consuming someone's blood or life essence endowed the partaker of their life force. Needless to say, my daughter is no longer allowed to watch the show!

      • Also other names for Semiramis were Kali Ma; think Indiana Jones when the priest rips out the heart and yells KALI MA! KALI MA! Other names were Isis, Astarte, Diana, Inana. The evil queen of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs uses Isis symbols such as the peacock throne and the heart and moon symbols on the box and asks for the heart of Snow White. Makes you think I hope!

      • If you're bored you can study the Sacred Heart of Babylon. I know I'm going off on a tangent, but that episode really bothered me!

      • Revelations refers to the Whore of Babylon, the Great Queen of Heaven Semiramis (Isis) who has been worshipped in many cultures and nations in this passage:
        And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
        With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
        And upon her forehead was a name written a mystery: Babylon The Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the Earth. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

      • Chrissy333, some great info, (im not trying to sound arrogant or big headed but im aware of the info you stated above btw) atleast you know what you are talking about, The beast that Revelations refers to and the 7 heads – i think this refers to the 7 deadly sins and the whore of babylon is referring to the modern day aspect of "The Lady in Red" (please note she is arrayed in scarlet/purple colour), can Men resist the temptation of the "Lady in Red"?? I dont think we can can we?. She is referenced in Movies, cartoons, games, music videos….When the Rihannas, Madonnas,Katy perrys dress in Red at award shows, appearances, that is who they represent. the lady in red is also mentioned in the Matrix by Morpheus, Wach the fim The Devils Advocate.

        also anyone whos watched the Arrival series knows what im talking about

      • ……..The "lady in Red" is Satans Secret weapon that represents the ultimate seduction for Man, she is everywhere and how many of us men will fall for this temptation?……….

      • Yes the Lady in Red refers to the Scarlet Woman. In ancient Babylon, Sumer and Egypt, the scarlet women were priestesses of Semiramis/ Inanna/ Isis. Since these women were believed to be descendents of the Anunnaki goddesses, their menstrual blood (starfire) was considered sacred as it endowed the kings with "eternal life". They were also temple prostitutes who consummated with the kings to ensure their divine right to rule (Virgin of the World). The dance of the seven veils of Isis was used to lure men into the temple. The scarlet women was not only a reference to the color of garments they wore, but also to their menstrual blood (elixir of life). So when these celebrities show up wearing red and Isis tattoos you had better believe it means something! Anyway, I do remember the Lady in Red in the Matrix and since the Matrix is a Gnostic themed movie then that means something too! I'm glad you caught on to that. She is a lustful distraction, a Marilyn so to speak.

      • Chrissy333 some women deliberately add to the meals of their partners their menstrual blood to tie them down and have the ability to manipulate them. Sad but unfortunately so true. Probably that's where this act comes from. Paganistic kind of ritual.

      • Yess Chrissy333, EXACTLY……….. i love how you know what im talking about and that we are on the same level, Please look at my reply when you posted about JK Rowling and you being an ex occultist, i asked you a few questions & i want you to tell me more.

        In regards to the "lady in red" have you noticed how Rihanna was dressed in red at the latest grammys, she has a tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis below her breasts and said that the tattoo represents her grandmother……Is Rihanna saying she is the grand-daughter of the Egyptian Godess Isis? (Modern day version) also on her Unapologetic Cover the name Isis is on there and her recent tour she named 777 to mark her 7th album and also did a photoshoot with complex magazine, shooting 7 covers,,,,,,hmmmm, makes me wonder man

      • Oh yeah, Rihanna is a "goddess" so to speak and yes that is why she has an Isis tattoo and is worshipped in the media. I also enjoy the fact that we are on the same level. It can be very frustrating trying to explain how these people are connected to the occult and secret societies. It's nice that someone else understands what's really going on!

      • I know thanks……also ive heard she is a witch? what do you think of this and how exactly does it work?

  76. @BluBoy @rose:

    They don't *literally shapeshift themselves; but they are demonically possessed, so there is a lot of supernatural hocus pocus (smoke and mirrors, like magic shows performed by stage magicians) around them, manifested by the demons. They have no real power, other than what is given them by Satan. And Satan has zero power against Jesus Christ / Holy Spirit. They can only make ~displays of power, to deceive and intimidate their slaves: us… but it is all false, like their Serpent Religion and their not-quite-Human genes. Another thing that makes them appear to us to 'shapeshift', is that as Human beings we often intuitively pick up on the very slightest, almost imperceptible irregularities in their features and expressions. Watch them on videos when they are making their flowery, forked-tongued speeches (they love being on camera and at the center of attention) — in slow motion, if possible — and notice their very evil, bestial, inhuman facial expressions whenever they say certain words, like: "Human beings", "Blood", "Children"… They can't hide their true feelings, although they try.

    • Possessed by demons, thus they obtain their supernatural powers. The powers don't belong to them, they are given to them by demons as they are their puppets. They go to Thibet probably where they master all the demonic gifts and talents. A monk who passed away in the 90s and othere children of God had given us an isight as to how and why they acquire their powers. They are not as powerful as the real children of God though. You know pure souls, dedicatedin doing the right thing who live for afterlife and not for the passions of the flesh. Wonderful saintly people indeed, especially if you take into consideration the length of their lives and the fact that they are made from flesh and blood which makes it easier for them to succumb to sinful thoughts and actions.

      • Any reason in particular it was in Tibet? i know its in the middle of nowhere so it kinda makes sense, but tell me more please Callie

      • I don't know to meditate, practise yoga and see visions of wicked forces that allegedly serve them and give them powers such as telekinesis etc etc. We are infested by evil that's what I am certain of.

  77. @BluBoy @rose:

    Anyone who reads the Holy Scriptures Bible, without merely accepting the standard interpretations that have been spoon-fed to us through various established religious dogmas, should easily be able to figure out that they — the Illuminati or "the Beast" — are ~Hybrids, subspecies of Humans, and not fully Human beings. They're the "Serpent Seed" (a figure of speech, but they do talk like the fabled Serpent of Eden: in riddles, lies, flattery… very charming and persuasive, yet deadly and dangerous).

    "Whosoever lieth with a BEAST shall surely be put to death." Exodus 22:19

    "… the days come, saith the LORD, that I will sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah with the SEED OF [HU]MAN, and with the SEED OF BEAST." Jeremiah 31:27-37

  78. @BluBoy @rose:
    "Neanderthal Anti Defamation Association. Protecting The Ancient Serpent Bloodline from discrimination, harassment and speciesism."

    Illuminati have long claimed to be Rhesus negative, and certain Rhesus negative individuals have long claimed to be "Royals", or Illuminati (some even falsely claim to be descended from Jesus Christ)… Here, Rh- Neanderthals (proven by DNA testing) admit to being of the "Ancient Serpent Bloodline". They seem proud of it, they're bragging about it.

    But, I don't know why they're so concerned about "discrimination", etc., when they hold all of the political and economic power. It's like the Mafia; in fact, the Italian, Jewish, Irish, and other ~Mafias are just sub-groups of the Illuminati. You don't get the best jobs and privileges, unless you are one of them, or you take one of their blood oaths.

    • Debra, thank you for your info, it just confirmed what i thought and wanted your opinion because you know what im talking about and you know what you are talking about :-)

    • In the Quran Debra, These fallen angels/ supernatural demonic beings are refered to as Jinn, they are very real but they are not our ancestors

    • Have you heard also that they come from the "Draco" (dragon/reptilain or sub-human race) constellation and really there are supposed to be 13 signs of the Zodiac and this sign is a Dragon?

  79. No wonder the world is so stuffed up with rubbish like this.
    Hitler was right with that statement "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future". Look at the work the Nazis did with the Hitler Youth!
    The Illuminati gets them while they're young, programs them and twists their minds. What better way to do it but through cartoons, action figures (I hate the word dolls) and clothing.
    Thank God my girls are adults, but I do fear for my grandsons with crap like this invading our TV!
    Good job as always, VC.

  80. This is for young girls? The characters look like something at a fetish ball, a themed brothel, or porn video. It will only get worse. I heard their goal is to eventually promote necrophilia to children. Once they get there its over folks.

  81. People might want to look to the original stories the monsters were inspired by…Frankenstein for example was written by a member of the elite-Mary Shelley. The occult wizards have long sought to control life and death (its a Luciferian thing trying to be greater than or equal to God). Jekyll and Hyde was about someone with multiple personalities. Dracula, about a blood sucking Count (again a member of the elite-it goes back to the bloodlines of the Dracul family) Dracul means Dragon …the Great Dragon Lucifer. Its all there people. Keep reading, go back into history, you'll see this stuff is not new.

    Also the illuminati (beginning to hate that term, more like the Black Wizards!) are still trying to control life and death with cloning and dna manipulation. Whoever tied this goal of controlling the human body into the plastic surgery craze was also very astute. IMO, the dolls look like they've already had surgery for those perfectly chisled faces and bee stung lips everyone is supposed to have. Tell me that's not dangerous imagery for young women!

    • You are totally right mitsouko………Like the saying, "You will never understand the present or the future if you dont know and understand the past", you have to keep going further back as this has formed what we call the world today

  82. great analysis VC. This stuff is really really sick and toxic. Parents, be vigilant. Don't let you children watch and buy these things. When I was a child (more tnan 30 years ago) cartoons, most of them, were about stories with good values background. Nowadays, the characters look evil.

  83. there is also an anime called Amnesia, i'm sure you would be interested in that 😀

    it has playing cards symbolism, (multiple) personality disorder, checkerboard patterns, multiple universe existence and good-looking guys.

    It'a about a girl who can't seem to remember her life before august 1st, so she's unwillingly exploring all possibilities with different guys as her boyfriend (possible handlers?).

  84. wow this gave me goosebumps . I try to prevent my kid sister from watching cartoons, cause a lot of them these days are filled with occultic propaganda. you should write about Young Justice. its quite an interesting cartoon, but the symbolism is so blatant, and its basically an orgy of new age, Illuminati and occultic propaganda and a huge sprinkle at mind control programming; blatantly discussing about alters and triggers. And to think that kids watch stuff like that, is just scary.

    we need to be vigilant of wat our kids watch, cause they are our future, and Satan wants them on his side, badly

  85. Was wondering when I get to see some condemning cartoons apart from "Disney" that are well illuminated.

    Good job VC, I pity the girls whose parents let them watch this crap and get brainwashed by it later on. Talk about opening your "doors" for attracting the pedos to enter without a fuss with the sex kitten propaganda and all that stuff.

    This is just pure evil.

  86. If you think about this whole agenda positively, it educates children to be expressive and one day change from the inside and then externally :) Beauty is skin-deep :) Symbols are pop culture :) Love you :)

  87. I took my 5 year old daughter to a holloween party last year. First thing I saw was another 5 year old girl dressed like a hooker. Couldn't believe my eyes. I whispered to my wife " can you believe this"?? My wife looked at the girl and said "oh, she's dressed like monster high"…

    • Thank you GoldOne, you just proved my point and there we have people like "Lorena" and "Desi"saying it doesnt affect kids…..

      • Yeah but who put her in that hooker costume in the first place? Parents need to take responsibility when it comes to parenting. Own up to it and parent.

    • Child of Isis on

      You do know Halloween is a pagan holiday right ? It's Samhain and its the day when the veil between the living and the dead is thin. Also jack o lanterns are put on porches to ward off evil and people dress up as monster so the demons etc wont attack them.

  88. Any parents reading, do what my wife and I did. Junk the TV. You won't miss it. I promise.

  89. I really can't say that it's surprising.
    I remember learning the literary formulas for Hero's Epic and Tragedy, and it's effectively easy to recognize books, movies, and plays using it in their plots.

    When you come down to it, books, movies, music, video games/games, and etc all possess symbolism and exposes audiences to a slew of ideas and pushes towards a desired conclusion. I didn't think of toys, but it makes sense.

    'If one controls women, they control the children, and so to goes the men'
    Essentially, if one controls how people perceive the world and interact, the person can effectively influencing society as a whole without actually being either confronted or even visibly caught.

  90. I am getting the sinking feeling that the public will not find the inner resolve, the necessary aggression, to effectively confront and neutralize the pervasive illuminist campaign. I must admit that the “people of the eye” are doing a great job of indoctrinating consumers. The kids have been shaped for years now to accept and gravitate toward things occult, whether we were aware of it or not. This message, as hideous as it is, is well packaged and sold, and we are partially to blame for its looming presence in our lives, because of our reliance on this world system. We have forgotten how to live without all the bells and whistles we think we must have, and I think we rather enjoy those bells and whistles. More than ever we (me too) let our fears dictate our manner of living, and the Illuminati know it. They are waging war with our minds, and we submit, because we enjoy being entertained by the very same industries the Illuminati control.

    It is logical that they are targeting the kids with this demonic stuff– kids love demons, chaos, and sexy hooker toys, because it mirrors their own desire to rebel. But how many of us indulged in a variety of rebellious activities with the onset of puberty without understanding the consequences of our rebellion until after the damage was done? The Illuminati believe the world is theirs, and unless we develop a weapon to effectively gouge out the all-seeing eye once and for all, it's curtains for us, so to speak. We are by and large an unsuspecting people. We refuse to come to the grips with the fact that evil is real, organized, and exceedingly ambitious. It wants to takeover and supplant, just as its original founder and primeval fountainhead, Satan was and is ambitious to do. The Illuminati are hunting us, and they aren't going to relax.

    We need to think outside the box. If we are serious about protecting what is left of our families, we may need to unplug. We cannot coexist with a predatory system. This beast will not rest until we have all been tagged, numbered, and given over as prey to the predator.

    The Illuminists depend on their ability to keep us in a state of ignorance. Those who are blessed to be “vigilant citizens” are in the best position to come up with a means of countering the trauma that our collective humanity continues to endure without cessation. These dolls will definitely sell, and kids like the above “Lorena” will get their parents on board with getting their wants met. Note the rationalization taking place in some of the comments above. Despite the hooker dolls flashing commonly known Illuminati hand signs, they conclude that nothing here reveals a connection to the Illuminati. The kids have already been indoctrinated, and default to “its harmless fun”, because they don't know that acceptance of this programming will come back to bite them. They don't have a problem with witchcraft, because who doesn't think Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the coolest, and who doesn’t love watching all the hotties do their witchy thing on “Charmed”? They have been beguiled by it all, and perhaps a good many of them will choose to dabble in “the craft.” Lorena argues, despite the character's flashing a 666 hand sign in our face, “have absolutely nothing to do with the Illuminati. Her parents, after all, have “never banned me from loving something…” perhaps more accurately, her parents, having long ago surrendered to her wants– never denied her. Does anyone see the egocentric line of reasoning here? Its entirely self-serving, obviously puerile. Emotional pleading works with parents. I know because I did it all the time quite successfully.

    Unless we stop bitching about the Illuminati, and develop some kind of out-of-the-box solution or combat strategy, I fear that even the most “awake” folks are simply going to surrender, having come to an exhausted “if you can't beat them, join them” mentality. Mind control works, eventually…

    • Cogito ergo sum on

      "…..We refuse to come to the grips with the fact that evil is real, organized, and exceedingly ambitious."

      Exactly why its so irritating when people say this stuff is not really happening its just the "Way Things Are". By refusing to look at what's in front of you, really critically examine at it, and at least ask where it comes from, you are giving it power over you. If you don't use your head your head will be used FOR you.

    • well, I think the solution is in education. Exactly what VC is doing!
      If everybody slowly wakes up, then we could boycott things, not buy CDs, not go watch shitty movies, turn off our "consumer" programming and think "do i REALLY need this now?" before making yet another brainless purchase. What damage would that do the the economy? The more awake ppl we have, the easier it becomes to encourage eachother to endure and be strong and to stick together. We ourselves could get organised. I think the revolution would be 'a change of thought' or mentality! Why do you think they wana put us to sleep in the first place? Waking up is everything!!! Imagine if soldiers realised they were being used, to start questioning the intention behind the order….there wouldnt be anyone signing up to the army. IMAGINE that, … people ACTUALLY SIGN UP!!!! I find it shocking…and soo sooo sad for the soldiers and families and the whole society that suffers under this.

      Of course, there will always be the people, who despite being shown the evidence, wana just go with the flow, or are just too scared to face the truth. These people will always huddle together, nomatter how small the group gets. In my opinion, this will split the society in two…at some point. And to all those who cling to the truth, because they are too comfortable (no, u dont have to be "evil" to be a follower)…remember that the truth is what it is; even if we deny it, we cannot change that it is. The key is to be truly honest with ourselves.

    • Child of isis on

      My mom was aware of everything I watched as a child which included Buffy charmed Sabrina and more. I often gotten bullied because I wasn't a Christian and because I wasn't considered a Girly girl; I like being an otaku ( Japanese word for nerd) and I have friends from various backgrounds and religions who love me for being me.

  91. I threw my 7 year old a Monster High Party last year. Shame on me ! Shame on me! I am a bad mommy!

  92. I've been reading articles on VC for a while now and I do agree that our children are being targeted. But we have all been targeted in the same way. But I think that the reason might not be as sinister as we want it to be. I guess the penny will drop when the "elite" switch on their mind-control machine, but until then I'm responsible for my own actions.

    I guess there might be some elite out there with a need to hurt people, but I think that we can all agree that the true evil lies in money and greed. That has always been a constant in our history and will never change.

    But something that I find more disturbing is the way that some parents distance themselves from teaching their children moral values, but take the moral high ground when it comes to which toys their children are allowed to play with. It allows for the child to make a conscious decision to WANT to find out why they are not allowed.

    Almost all parents give their girls little newborn baby dolls to play with. That did not make them want to have a real child of their own as quickly as they can. It gave them a means to mimic the actions that they saw in their parents. In this same way I see my daughter use her Monster High dolls to mimic situations and actions that happen in her daily life. Or even "worse", what she dreams up. But in no way has that lead to her becoming a "little monster". Why? Because as a parent I have spent time and effort to ensure that my daughter can distinguish between right and wrong and how to react in these circumstances, no matter how many symbols they use.

    We live in South Africa, so I have a lot more Third World (real) issues to deal with rather than worrying about if my daughter likes the skull necklace of her doll. Because, just like me, she will grow older and forget about these things. My daughter was told not to fear something that does not exist and monsters do not exist. It's not like I'm being haunted by the countless Disney horrors that I was submitted to, or that Skeletor will one day rule the world!

    Give our children a break and allow them to be children, just like you were given. Or, "enlighten" them with all this paranoia and ruin their childhood and make them fear everything. YOUR choice.

    • I get what you're saying, but what you don't see is that this is a SUBconscious attack on the psyche. It won't actually turn your daughter into a literal monster, but it will groom her further and further away from choosing what is natural into desiring the unnatural, the morbid etc.

      I do agree, however, with your suggestion to just teach kids basic moral values, and let them figure life out for themselves. However, very few parents or schools teach morals these days as they did in the old days. I wonder if it had anything to do with….ermmm CULTURAL PROGRAMMING over the years?!

  93. I am 34-years-old and I am not a parent but I have watched Monster High a few times and the cartoon didn't interest me, however, they are very similar to Bratz dolls. We have a group of offspring from famous monsters that we have come to know who are stylized to look cool. The females are very willowy and nubile. They all have relatively the same body type. They dress rather scantily and their tagline is Be you. Be cool. Be Different. or something other. And occasionally they even break out in mini-video dancing and singing. There is symbolism within the cartoons that does glamorize death and all things associated with death ie. skulls and bones, coffins, etc. Yet again the industry is pushing for death to be seen as cool and they want to tell you that it's ok to be different and yet the message is crystal clear: They're saying Be Like US! All of them have cool little accessories and the colors are vivid and just jump right at you and yes they will have episodes like when Frankie had her first day of school and she was feeling left out by the popular clique. They took a subject that a lot of youngsters can relate to and framed it within the construct of what they're really trying to say. Do I believe in the Illuminati? I don't know for sure but I do know that evil exists and industry, whether it's entertainment dealing with music, movies or books wants your kids to soak it all in like sponges without giving it a second thought because it's so popular and the masses do not question anything. When I see young kids wearing clothes with slogans on it like OBEY they have no idea what's the concept behind that. They feel a rapper or singer wore it on tv and it looks cool so therefore I'll look cool wearing it. Obey what or who exactly? See? No one questions it. Evil entities aren't after people like me. They want young impressionable minds and the hypersexualization of our society has been going on for decades. In music, clothing, song. It's pervasive and tempting and young kids are getting sucked in by the droves. I know a co-worker who lets her 5 year old watch Monster High. I don't think she should but you can't exactly tell someone how to raise their kids without causing offense. And I'm a huge Harry Potter fan but I understand how parents didn't want their kids reading books about witchcraft and wizardry or Lord of the Rings for example. Esoteric meanings and symbolism are cropping up all over the place and I don't know if the creators of such works should be thought of as evil but we need to definitely educate ourselves on all forms of what our children watch and take in. We need to stop being blind because if you think people like Josef Mengele was just a crazed lunatic who murdered millions of people along with Hitler, you'd be grossly underestimating that real monster.

    • ".. I don't know if the creators of such works should be thought of as evil "

      Godgifted, please look into the secret society affiliations of such writers as Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, Frank Baum, Lewis Carroll, W.B. Yeats etc.

      "…because it's so popular and the masses do not question anything."

      Why, Godgifted? Why is it so popular? Do you think the masses want to glamorize death, or is someone promoting an agenda here?

      Don't be afraid to ask WHY. You may not like what answer you see there, but the ugly truth must be revealed.

  94. I noticed that Frankie Stein has heterochromia (one green eye (left) and one brown eye (right). I believe that Josef Mengele did work on changing eye colour on slaves. Frankie's friend Hoodude was 'created' by her (his handler?). Robecca Steam (another Monster High student) is a 116 year old robot who is the daughter of a mad scientist (another handler?) .
    Many creations, many handlers.
    Hopeful this is helpful to VC watchers.

  95. i think i finally got the point of the anorexia agenda.
    if women are too thin they cannot produce children , periods cease etc.

    • It gets women out of the way altogether, if they are too weak from hunger to demand change, human rights, equal pay, etc. And it keeps them competing with each other and thereby distracted.

    • And the illuminati target the lower classes with this 'thin is in' and 'diet it right' business. No doubt to stop them from producing more lower class persons. B*****ds!!!!

    • It also, perhaps, makes women look like little girls. No curves. Thus promoting paedophilia/blurring the difference between adult and child. Another reason, perhaps, for brazilian waxes, the promoting of female body hair as 'disgusting'. Also – this cult of women being thin – it mixes the difference between the genders. Women are meant to be slightly fatter – ie softer, than men. It's part of the male/female difference. Aquarius rules unisex. 'They' utilise the energy of whatever astro era we come into, and twist it. Hence, we now have the promotion of the 'metrosexual' male, and the overly thin (no breasts, waist, hips), female. Unless with fake big breasts, naturally – things that can be bought(!)

  96. Issela Santina on

    My youngest sister was addicted to Monster High. Can't believe this is so much of an eye opener for me because when I first saw how obsessed she was with this, I was completely annoyed. Apparently dolls aren't so much my type anymore. I used to actually abuse them when I was a kid, and Mom would get a little mad because they were the expensive ones.

  97. What do you say to convince someone like myself that doesnt believe in what the author is trying to promote here?

    • You are obviously on this site for some reason or another, so you probably don't need to be convinced too much.
      The Illuminati are trying to infiltrate our lives through music, TV, and other types of media. You just need to look around you to see the illuminati signs and symbols all around us.
      Look more on VC site to see how they do it.

  98. These dolls, and others like them (Bratz, Winkz, ect.) are pretty damn disturbing, and always have been. Highly sexualized caricatures dressed in super-short skirts, fishnet stockings and hooker-boots being marketed to young girls is a pretty damn clear indication of the direction mass media wants to take our culture, and for no more nor less nefarious a reason than making consumer-slaves of each new generation. The sooner you can get girls to worry about looking sexy, the sooner they're going to be spending large sums of their parents money on that effort.

    • The sooner you can get girls to worry about looking sexy……

      And, unfortunately, the sooner the men will see them as sexualized beings thereby (yes it's horrible to think about) increasing the chance they will be tampered with from an early age. And what happens with more kids getting abused…more trauma = more split minds = more programmable girls = more programmable women = more programmable children (who the women will raise).

      Genius, really…… Evil genius.

  99. on

    This is all due to the introduction of PCB=Poly-chlorated-bifenyles;a synthetic chemical that imitates hormones;adding hormones to the human body can not happen without severe changes in all hormone-controlled areas,f.ex. it is the cause for girls going into puberty as 8-10 years old-with al the physiological AND emotional states belonging to puberty. while 14-16 used to be the norm.Also the man-breasts are caused by it,men never had breats before our time-or boys with ADHD .So you need to get your scientists to find an antidote for that PCB-and much will change.

  100. Not doubting the symbolism, but i think if you are going to target media id love to see you go somewhat deeper i.e. Game of Thrones, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy etc.

    • Try "True Blood", a horrible show that I cannot believe people WORSHIP. So disgusting and stuipd!

      • True blood is an asinine soap-opera with just enough blood and sex to fool some into thinking otherwise. Dexter, though not entirely without merit in its first couple of seasons, has grown increasingly nonsensical over the years, and should really stop. Game of Thrones is an entirely decent, if not exceptional show, based upon a popular series of fantasy novels. Whatever moral qualms you may have with tits, ass, and blood on television, I don't think that's VC's focus. I've never seen anything in Game of Thrones to suggest there's any 'Illuminati' subtext, nor have I noticed any 'illuminati' related imagery.

      • Omg I absolutely love True Blood!! Even though you reject it I'm glad you were at least tricked into seeing enough of it to know what its about :)

      • Child of Isis on

        I like true blood as well though I haven't read the books but I own the first novel of the sookie stackhouse novels

      • Give it up. Kick the habit. Take up Breaking Bad instead. You'll feel better for it.

  101. Learning from you here VC, I noticed these symbols immediately and would not allow my daughter to have as their popularity grew. My daughter is 8 now and after teaching her over a year information from this site, simple meanings and symbols, I felt confident that she was mature enough to play with them with her friends. She is saddened and confused at times on what play with or watch , and even sadder and more confused as she sees these symbols all over.
    Such a young but wise enough to know that basically society is trying to corrupt everyone, especially the children.
    Thanks for in depth meanings and information. I wish more people would read your site and I wish more people would share it with their children of any age.
    (I sat my daughter down and we read it together in fact).

  102. Light & Truth on

    Talking about Illuminati, who couldnt predict the new pope will be selected on 03.13.13?!? These ppl are so predictable!

  103. I thought a wholesome child's toy that promoted loving acceptance of differences was the Cabbage Patch Kids. You were kind-of adopting homeless babies with no idea what genetic background they really had…


    all kidding aside tho, it blows my mind that nobody really bothers to question what “side” vc is on. it’s all a bunch of crap tho cuz like, * yawns * more illuminati stuff through massmedia? talk about overkill. my sizzle entree wants a side of steak, nahmean?

    but since this is all overtly bible-thumpery to single out TEH EVIL ILLOMINATHZEEE!!!! (god i hate that word) i reckon we’re just gonna get the same ol stuff attributed to the new pop buzzword / (end-all/be-all) / “them” — aka the illuminati.

    cuz you know, a secretive cabal of brilliant people who wanna take over the world have such an easy go about it with a deep-rooted power structure in place of people whose religion’s damn logo is their own messiah dead on a cross. gee what are you trying to tell me?

  105. Man, it seems the crazy religious zealots have made their way to VC & are here to stay. Acrually pretty tired of seeing their lame comments when all I want to do is read other people thoughts.

  106. Thanx for this. I have a 5 yr old that literally act hypnotized when watchin t.v n this type of crap. She wont hear her name being called, or hear me tlkin to her when im right next to her! This whple t.v thing is comin to an end for her. I googled moster high about two weeks ago and im so happy to no my suspicionz r real n im not crazy. Thanx again

  107. I like the most of the VC posts and many of the information in this site make sense, but sometimes, like in this post, I just think things are a little exagerated, although it still makes some sense in the illuminati-thing.

  108. Thanks for spelling it all out! I can only add that monster-dolls are quite special. They are very well made and beautifully designed. They ARE aesthetically pleasing, more sophisticated than Barbies and better shaped than Bratz dolls. Other alternatives in the same price range are much clumsier. Really wishes attack on young minds.

    Some time ago a healthy initiative 'Get Real Girl' was totally wiped out:
    Yep, they were a bit ugly…

    You know where the 'Real Doll' ended up. sad

  109. These girls outfits just scream "RAPE ME!" red lips, high heels, short skurts, fuck, I mean artistically, the dolls are very creative but they should be directed to older audiences.

    • Come on. Nothing on a woman ever says "rape me." That's like blaming a store for having merchandise when it gets robbed.

    • Even if a woman is wearing nothing, she is NOT screaming 'rape me.' No one wants to be raped. Although those slutty clothes are horrible. Its hard to like or respect anyone who dresses like that.

    • Wow. No. Nothing should EVER scream "rape me".

      Rape is an evil act and another form of exerting power and control. Even if somebody dresses or behaves in such a way that they want other people to find them sexually attractive, that absolutely does not mean that they deserve to be raped.

  110. the only reason the illuminati is so blatent with this symbolism lately because they know their time here on the earth is almost up! don't worry guys we won't have to deal with this much longer!

  111. Thank you for this article, now all of my childhood favorites are owned and perverted by disney or mattel, think of all the classic stories and fairy tales and characters which have been given the 'treatment' and so subtly corrupted that even parents dont realize it….

    • child of isis on

      have you actually read the original fairytales…disney did not ruin them they were already grim and even legends about mythical creatures such as werewolves stem from something unpleasant. I read about the original story of the wolf man, he was a crazed man who rape young women and dressed in wolf skin which is why the story of little red riding hood is told to warn young women away from the wolves that prowl around.

    • I agree with Isis. Hansel and Gretel were eaten by the witch. The wicked stepmother wanted snow whites heart in a plate and died a horrible mutilating death. Little red riding good was eaten by the wolf, the end. Cinderellas evil step sisters mutilated and cutoff their toes into the glass slippers(which may have been fur slippers when it was lost in translation; as in vagina), sleeping beauty was raped in her sleep by the prince and had children while still asleep aka dead…no sweet, innocent childhood classics here.

  112. I think that if loreena really knew what was going on she would not be making these comments i hope she reads this one i am a victm of violent sexual crime at avery early age i did not have a childhood with innocent dolls i wish i did
    Now when i see these scary looking things i only remember the horrible things
    I think people like loreena are part of the problem even though she dont know it.
    i wish i could go back in time and relive my innocent years untouched
    I hope loreena a grows up soon and learns the truth

  113. Mountain king on

    VC, this illuminati symbolism is everywhere now, I don't think your gonna be able to keep up with it. For everything you expose 100 more things appear. They just elected a new Pope on 3/13/13. Very big things are coming our way it appears. I appreciate all you do on here and hope you can keep up. They know a great awakening is taking place and the cover is blown, time is short for "them", and for us

    • Mountainking on

      What I'm getting at is this…. They don't have TIME to indoctrinate another generation of kids. It's here, right now and the move towards the end game is upon us. The monster high thing was fine, I was looking for something deeper I guess….

  114. And that's why you switch your TV off people and introduce your children to the great outdoors!

  115. I like watching animated movies from time to time. But I've noticed there are not many of them that will make me feel good any more.

    Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie, Paranorman.. these are new childrenmovies, I mean cmon.

    • child of isis on

      Frankenweenie is created by the same guy who did The Nightmare Before Christmas. All Tim Burtons works are gothic in nature, Edward Scissorhands,Batman Returns,Dark Shadows,Sweeney Todd and many more; it should not be surprising.

  116. Absolutely disgusting. This is promoting an existing adult subculture associated with BDSM to children. These images are very popular in really dark roleplaying stuff. The dolls all look like child prostitutes, really, with their giant eyes and skinny bodies overly made up and sexualized. I can't stand it when kids shows have all the female characters in those tranny high heels, either.

  117. Child of Isis on

    I love the Monster High Dolls and I really don’t see the difference between Monster High dolls and Barbie and Bratz. The only big difference is that Monster High Dolls are well monster from pop culture and myths/legends from around the world and if I had a little girl I would buy here this dolls, I like them the are different and given the fact that they are monster and their whole theme is center on well stuff like Halloween and whatever of course their gonna have skulls it goes with the theme and each female character has a background that is based on their parent.
    Operetta has a mask like her father,hers just doesn’t cover her whole face.

    • You like them, but you're old enough to browse this sort of site and come to your own conclusions. This brand of dolls markets to girls who in many cases aren't old/mature enough to string a coherent sentence together. Should girls that young be concerning themselves with sexually revealing fashion, heavy makeup, and dating boys? This line of dolls and its respective media (cartoons, movies, ext.) all encourage these things in girls as young as 3.

    • Your name Child of Isis says it all to me. I used to be a worshipper of Isis. You need to read my comment about Semiramis/ Isis @Chrissy333 that I posted a few days ago. Your name implies that you have been fooled by the goddess cult.

  118. These dolls bother me so much! I'm 19 and still watch cartoons from time to time, I can't stand it.
    They're SO thin and as someone who has struggled with her weight her entire life, I can't believe what they're pushing on young children. It's so sickening.

  119. AngelinaVasiliev on

    Every time I read an article based on MK slaves, mind control and such it always reminds me of Britney Spears, i dont know exactly why it does since there are many others, but just reminds me how she shaved her head while saying 'they're not going to plug things into me anymore..' Or something like that. Poor thing. She probably didn't even know what she was getting into, she looks like such a nice person too. SMH. Thanks VC.

    • Yes, she said that she was sick of people touching her all the time and having their hands on her, but have you seen the state of her now? its a shame i dont think even she knows who she is and i really do think she's gonna die soon, the next sacrifice perhaps (Either her or Lindsey lohan)

      • AngelinaVasiliev on

        No, I try not to pay attention anymore especially with the false media and all, but now that you mention it I will look it up! :) Well this might sound strange, but maybe her death might finally mean the end to her suffering, what I mean is maybe that will be her way out even if she doesn't know it. Hopefully it won't be through sacrifice though!! I remember my sister and I had gone to her concert a few years ago and she just looked like a robot who was trying to dance, it just looked so.. Abnormal and well controlled. And with the MH thing, I think it's true that the kids are so used to seeing exposure on tv and mimicing what they see that its so normal to them now. That's why that 14 year old is so lost lol. The voodoo character is the one that stuck with me, I think VC also mentioned, why does he literally have to be controlled to like himself, like he can't possibly be happy without the controlling?? And all the signs are there anyway, plain as day, the one eye, the reptilian eye (green) notice one is always green. Anyway sorry for dragging it on, was just nice to know someone read my comment lol ^.^

  120. ashley stacks on

    So thrilled to see you posted about this!!! In my opinion the body on all the dolls is very lizard like. Not to mention how thin their legs are. I mean obviously they are extremely thin in general but ive been noticing on tumblr/fb people obsessing over having gap between their legs… its disgusting. The dolls have nothing to do with being different. If that was the case (which it never will be) we would see fat, tall, big noses, little lips, smaller eyes. I cant even with this doll line. God bless every one here educated themselves and VC.

    • Child of isis on

      There a difference between fat and naturally thick . America is too obsessed with this ideal look that most women who are thick are being called fat.

  121. Vigilant_Mommy on

    I've waited to see if VC would cover Monster High! Well done. This article only scratches the surface of the the Monster High craze. From the checkerboard hallways to the one eye symbolism, it's Illuminati 101.
    My daughter put me on to Monster High a few years ago, because she could relate to their motto to "Celebrate your Freaky Flaws." This article mentions a few of the characters but check out Cleo D'Nile, who's father is Rameses and older sister Nefra. Her favorite line is "Oh my Ra" because she worships the sun god. Another favorite expression that many of the characters use is 'Oh my ghoul" or "what's up ghoul friend."

    Besides the Merecat twins, Persphone and Meowdy (MK Kittens) or Toreli the other cat Other characters include: Spectra who is a poltergeist, Skeletora who's a skeleton aspiring fashion model/designer from Paris, Ghoulia Yelps who's the daughter of Zombies (btw-this doll once $11.99 doll is now selling for over $200 on amazon) and the list goes on.

    Our children are targets for sure. I encourage VC to continue to explore and expose the programming, toys, and music cleverly marketed to our children. The bible says "raise up a child in the way that they should go, and when they get older they will not depart." The enemy knows the scriptures and tries to turn it to his advantage.

    Thankfully, I'm raising my children to love The Lord, teaching them that although they are in this world they are not of this world. I explain the one eye symbolism to my daughter, have showed her the hand signs, hidden messaging and the likes of Rhianna, Jay-z, Beyonce, Kanye and crew. When she came home singing Fireworks, I had to show her Katy Perry's video where she admitted selling her soul. Obviously, I take care when teaching her…I dont want to risk completely frightening her she's stll a child. But, I say all this to encourage others to do the same. Our children will speak up and out. We just need to give them the tools, one of which is knowledge.

    VC, take a look at Disney's princess in the frog, also there's a Disney Fishhook's Episode(Principal Bea, season 2) that my mouth dropped when I saw it.. it has puppet references, secret society meeting, check out the dialouge from a scene where Bea finds out the lunch lady is a robot handler and she's been turned into a puppet and if she doesn't do her handlers bidding she'll never become a successful actress:

    Bea: You're a robot?
    Fishington: Affirmative.
    I was created to be the perfect principal. For 10 years, I've run this school while my creator took all the credit.
    Bea: Stickler built you?
    Fishington: Yes, but I've evolved beyond my original programming. Now, I shall be principal.
    Bea: A robot can't be principal. That's insane!
    Fishington: Affirmative. You shall remain principal.
    Bea: Ooh. Okay, then.
    Fishington: But you will follow all of my orders.
    Bea: Wait, wait. But you just said that–
    Fishington: If you were to step down as principal, my secret would be exposed. This school would be in chaos! And no one is going to be happy if that happens.
    Bea: Wait. But that means I'm just your puppet. You think I'm gonna let you get away with this?
    Fishington: You're not thinking of your future, Bea. What was it that you wanted? To be a great actress? Watch how fast I can end your dreams.
    Finberly: The funding for the drama department has just been cut!
    Bea: What? But how?
    Fishington: Resistance is futile.

    Proverbs 22:6- Train up a child in the way he should go,
    And when he is old he will not depart from it.

    • sakurasapphire on

      It's skelita because she is supposed be Mexican hence her day of the dead look which is when Mexicans celebrate their ancestors.

      -child of isis

    • Child of Isis on

      Cleo Di Nile is Egyptian so of course her catch phrase will be " oh my ra" . Each monster high character come various cultures around the world and so I'm glad the creators keep the culture with the characters.

  122. This is a great article.

    ZOMBIES: Somebody asked what all the hype about zombies is. Well, I was on the Henry Makow and Alex Jones Infowars websites and they said to beware of this agenda.

    We're being conditioned to get used to this and the LAW ENFORCEMENT, the DHS and the military are being DESENTITIZED so they will have no problem killing us.

    . It turns out WE ARE THE ZOMBIES and when the BANKSTERS and FED RESERVE collapse us for good and as we continue to be Displaced-Replaced by MORE Foreign Workers and ILLEGAL ALIENS, we will wind up like the Zombies because the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT Elite want most of us dead.

    This might sound bizarre but when one thinks about it, this should make sense.

    We're in big trouble and if you notice, Zionist Hollywood keeps pumping this stuff out.

  123. Response to Charlies Angels: Funny, II don't remember Charlie's Angels having all this death paraphernalia. I don't think this sounds the slightest bit like Charlie's Angels.

  124. Response to Lorena: Remember that statement: They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do not hear.

    There's a reason all this is going on. It would be wise to recognize evil when you see it instead of laughing it off. You might not be laughing when the 1-World Government comes to fruition and all this symbolism is their language.

    Many of us don't believe in their symbolism language, but the important and key thing is, they do.

  125. My 4-year-old cousin is so fascinated by MH, but I will watch her carefully. Sometimes, I worry more about the audience than the media who entertains it.

    Great article, VC. As always, I'll look forward to your future articles.

  126. I went to the wiki of the Monster high… Look what I found in the description of some doll:

    "Her special skill to control is called "Pollen Persuasion". By unleashing an amount of "special" pollen on a person, she can manipulate their thoughts and actions, but she can do this with only one person at a time. She is aware mind control is a questionable practice, but still does it if she feels the cause is worthy."

    • Child of Isis on

      Well given the fact that Venus McFlytrap is the daughter of the plant monster and know certain plants can cause hallucinations etc its not surprising this would be a power of hers

  127. A tolerant Atheist on

    faith is not about who’s right or wrong, but what you choose to believe.
    what’s the better story? a bearded man who creates everything in 7 days? a few guys who create different things (most of the time in a few days)? Some stuff that exploded billions of years ago and “made” us against all odds? (you have more chance to be struck by lightning 1,200 times a day.)…
    Just be tolerant with each others religion. I do not believe in God, but if I help people, if I do not steal, kill, bully. If I have compassion, if I give second, third, forth and more chances to people who have let me down. If I live my life seeing Christ as an example, but not as the son of god, does this make me a bad person? Will a merciful God deny me paradise just because I was ignorant of his existence, just because I chose to believe in mankind and not in Him? Well that is a God I don’t want to believe in.

    a tolerant atheist

    PS: my point is just that there are a lot of ways to “heaven”, you chose your way tolerate that someone else chose a different one.

    • You can choose to believe any way that you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
      "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." -John 14:6
      I'll be praying for you. I may not know your name, but God does. I hope you seek the real truth before it's too late.

      • Child of Isis on

        I'm pretty sure it says in the bible " thou shall not worship any other god for I am a jealous god". Also his is the same god who flooded the world except for Noah and his family because the human had sinned greatly which meant hell led men women children babies and the elderly. I have five bibles at home plus the Koran – I have nothing against christins nor their faith but it does bother me when people tell non Christian to find god before its to late. Majority of the worlds population is Christians and the history of Christianity and how it spread is filled with much bloodshed.

      • The history of the world is filled with bloodshed. Both before and after Christianity. If you think it would have been any different had Christianity not existed, you're sorely mistaken. Religions can be a powerful force and in the wrong hands can and will be used for evil purposes. You honestly believe that the leaders running the crusades were doing it solely for Religious purposes? History is heavily manipulated and I tend to believe the Crusades were about the elite gaining more wealth and more power. There are usually ulterior motives behind the accepted story.

      • Child of Isis on

        Every religion can easily be corrupted which is the main reason why I dislike organized religion . But Forgiven statement to the person above that he could believe in what he wants but he has to deal with the consequences and that god knows his name and hopes he seeks the truth……. He might as well tell the god he will burn in hell because he has not given his heart and soul to god. How can you tell someone you respected their spiritual choice but then say something like that?

      • I tend to agree with you on this point I just don't like it when people use the bloodshed of religion argument. The fact is regardless of what the Bible says no one can really truly know how God works. We know so little of this world both physically and spiritually. The way some people go around ignorantly condemning people to hell as if they themselves were God is troubling. The Bible and Koran weren't always around to tell people how to try and live their lives. Before that, did all people go to hell? I for one believe that if you are a truly good person in your heart God will accept you, regardless of whether you believe or not. A Tolerant Atheist does make a good point. If one was to live a life of purity and righteousness but never came into contact with the Bible or heard the word of Jesus do really think God would condemn that person to an eternity in Hell? I don't.

      • You said you had the Qur-an, this book has not been altered in any way, shape or form………i dont know if you are aware of this

  128. not for anything, i understand the undertone of the dolls and stuff of that nature, but i personally like the dolls, i think they are adorable..i buy them for me…i was always sick of barbie…and it's always one thing or another with every generation…before everygirl wanted to look like barbie, blond hair light eyes, small waist…at least these dolls have some variety, wether gothic or not…there will always be somthing for every generation…but parents should have more control over their own children, and if little girls want to be them so bad..look at the parents who buy it for them…i mean really how much can you really blame the toy companies, the reason why they sell so much its because they are in demand….people just need to take responsibility for their own actions, their own thoughts and do what they need to do to survive in this world, no matter how hard it is now, this is nothing in comparison to what it's becoming….

  129. Skyfall says it all.. M.. Orphans make the best recruits! What is to come of our future if this is just the beginning for these children? Death.. Death.. Death ..

    • She can't be older than about 8, surely?! She must wear/practice makeup a lot to be able to do that at her age. Also goes to show how much children do try to imitate what they see. It makes me sad to see priorities so wrong. And should children even be broadcasting themselves o n the Internet?

      • If you look at her Youtube Channel: KittiesMama, she has a lot of make up tutorials. She gets a little help from her mother at times. She even said in one of her videos, "I have the power to mind control and you will subscribe," something like that. She has over 100,000 subscribers and I'm pretty sure some of those are pedofiles.

      • Also just noticed on the bottom it says that she is actually using a monster high make up kit =/

      • Yeah, that's very disturbing to know they have a make up kit. I actually took some time and watched one of their episodes and I was bothered a little. I have an 18 month old daughter and I know as she grows up, she will be taught great things in life and none of this "grow up fast" crap.

      • I might watch one too. I have a young daughter as well and am so grateful that I had my eyes opened in time so that I can carefully select what is and is not appropriate for her. I just wish more people were aware too. I am really struggling to understand how anybody can think it's OK for their daughter to be on the Internet that way, covered in makeup and imitating a "monster". It really makes me sad.

      • It's worrying that the mother might get approached by men who are pedophiles because they have targetted her minor daughter. It wouldn't surprise me to say the least.

      • It is worrying. And totally baffling why somebody would be happy to expose their young child to a totally uncontrolled audience on the internet.

      • lot of the stuff made for girls have a make-up kit. If you look at the section at toy r us or any store for that matter that is for young girls there will be toys designed for girls because it's considered feminine. Young girls are given toy vaccum cleaner,playhouse,food,cookware, dolls and other stuff like that because it's consider something women do while boys get superheroes,gi joe and hardware stuff because that's manly.

    • Child of Isis on

      i like her videos, i see as cosplaying. Make up tutorials are useful when one needs to look like a character, shoot even dancers need to wear make up and actors

      • I don't think a child of her age should have that much experience with makeup that she is able to give a tutorial though.

      • Child of Isis on

        Well she learned it from her mother and didn't just pop up one day with knowledge on how to put make up on besides she might a career out of it or shoot she might get an oscar

      • Yep. Her mother's doing a fantastic job of pushing her into that industry. But as long as she gets her Oscar, never mind the innocence and preciousness of youth.

      • Child of Isis on

        Make up designing is a talent and most parents dont even encourage a talent or gift their child may have. The girl from what i see wears make up for this tutorials- dancers wear make up and so do actors so are they growig up to fast ?

  130. I don't care for the Monster High franchise myself. But I have to respectfully disagree on several points. You seemed to just superimpose the tenets of MK Ultra upon this show unnecessarily.

    Holt's alter persona – This is a common Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde tv trope. This is found in many shows, why does MK Ultra have to apply here?

    "headmistress" – It's a pun, with a monster-related spin. Why does it have to be any more than that?

    Psychic – so one girl's a psychic. there are entire shows based on psychics alone. Why does MK Ultra have to apply here?

    One-eye flashing, I'll give you that. Re-wiring the vodoo doll, I'll give you that? Maybe even sex-kittens I can give you that. But instead of desperately trying to link as many illuminati details as you can, why not just focus on the undeniable illuminati links like the ones I listed? But you should also consider the fact that occultism is sort of the 'rage' for designers (esp. stage designers) currently. Possibly thanks to you!

  131. Another thing to note is how blatantly racist the illuminati are. In this cartoon, there are THREE blond girls, one brunette and one redhead. The only single character of "color" has light skin and light eyes! The illuminati hate women as made obvious by the fact that they portray women as whores. They also hate black people and any other non-whites. Hollywood has very few A list celebrities that are Afro-American and when they are, they are usually light-skinned and trying to look white – case in point, Beyonce. There are occasionally dark-skinned stars but they are few and far between.

    • Child of Isis on

      Clawdeen , Cleo, Nefra ,Howleen & Robecca i believe are black female characters. Jinafire Long is asian , Skelita is mexican. Compare to most dolls i have seen they have a good amount of people of color. Also my sister has this dark skinned black bratz doll that was part of the campfire line.

  132. This fits in with the revelations recently that the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado had direct connections to John Ramsey (Jon-Benet Ramsey.'s father) in nearby Boulder, Colorado, and that both John Ramsey and Wayne Harris (father of Columbine shooter Eric Harris) both worked for subsidiaries of U.S. Air Force defense contractor Lockheed Martin . Ramsey and Harris were both top level military officers who went into software design for Lockheed Martin, and Harris worked for the division called Flight Safety Corp., which manufactures, with Lockheed Martin , flight simulator technology used by the U.S. Air Force to train their pilots.
    Some speculation is that Sandy Hook and Columbine shootings were mop up operations similar to Jonestown, where there was a scandal brewing to expose SRA activity at Sandy Hook Elementary, similar to too many people at Columbine High School discussing openly the satanic cult activity of John Ramsey and the death of Jon-Benet Ramsey. The theory is that they are done messing around and allowing SRA scandals like the McMartin Preschool and Presidio Daycare to emerge. They just go in and shoot everyone now.

      • not perverse dolls, perverse schools

        Monster High School, get it? Codename for Satanic High School maybe…

        Just linking this to the idea that SRA/programming is taking place in schools and daycares
        like McMartin, Presidio, Sandy Hook Elementary etc. Columbine High School may have
        been at the center of a programming cult.

      • Child of Isis on

        Im not sure what went on at Columbine High but most school shootings that i know of is the result of bullying. My mom taught me never let anyone put their hands on you. I was bullied in grade school all the way to high school- its not fun but what is truly sad is the people that just watched you being bullied and the teachers and the parents that dont do anything. Teachers punish the victim of the bullying for defending themselves so in the mind of the victim no one is trying to help and so they eventually snap and hello school shooting and then everybody wants to blame the media instead of taking the blame because they could have prevented this from happening by actually doing something.

        This guy in my english class in high school actually made a joke about me saying dont piss her off or she'll come back and shoot up the school

  133. People: GOD IS REAL !!!….but…so is the devil and his evil demons/spirits….just yesterday I dealt with evil
    spirits attacking a young man…they were controlling his body…for awhile, until he decided that he didn't want
    them in him…controlling him…etc….so…he asked GOD for HIS forgiveness, and then 'they' tried to 'choke' him,
    wouldn't let him speak, etc…there's alot to all this, but suffice it to say…the Bible states that: (2 Corinthians 4:4) 'the god of this world(satan) has blinded the minds of unbelievers…'…satan is the 'god of this world'…and he's
    very devious, cruel, deceitful….the complete opposite of GOD…that's why he(satan) loves to begin with little
    innocent children, because they're so vunerable…he's got his schemes and tactics and he knows the 'end of
    this world' is getting closer…please…don't take chances…if you're not sure about GOD, then, with all your heart,
    ask GOD that is HE's real, that you want to know the truth, that you really want to know HIM…read the Bible, but
    before you do, pray and ask GOD to take of the spiritual blindness…that you want to know the TRUTH about HIM…what if you died tomorrow?…then you will know the truth…but, by then, IF you didn't ask Jesus into your heart, did not follow HIS commandments, the ones HE wrote on tables of stone with HIS own finger….wouldn't it be better to spend eternity with GOD than with the devil and his angels being tormented
    for eternity?…not worth it….please….please….ask GOD to reveal the Truth of His Word to you….for years I've
    dealt people tormented in this world (mental wards, demonized, etc), and when they took GOD at HIS Word,
    God 'set the captives free'….and what a difference…and healings….joy…peace…love….SEEK GOD FIRST!!!

  134. There's nothing like conditioning young, malleable minds to these sort of things. I grew up with Barbie in the 1990s. I don't think it was as bad then as it is today since I didn't turn out to be very body/fashion conscious as some would think.

    But who knows what kind of person I would've turned out if I played with these ugly, creepy dolls and watched their webisodes. Poor kids today.

  135. I'll give you a hint to the keys… it has to do with Kabbalah and opening the third eye chakra from the base of the spine and is the reason why the sodomites in Sodom were punished. Give up?

    • Chrissy333, not sure myself but i will definitely understand the answer….. I know that…………does it have something to do with the 7 chakra points and the kabbalah tree of life/qliphoth? I'd like to know………..

      • Actually Chrissy333, i think the answer might be alot dirtier, is it something to do with anal sex? Also Dr S. has mentioned a couple of times on this site that the third eye is referring to the Anus………These Elite are truly disgusting people

  136. To anyone who's 'banning' any related tv show that has to do anything with these is not really helping the situation I think. You should teach your kids how they should not idolize any cartoons/ celebrities ect, but not hide them from it. At the end of the day they are going to see/hear about these shows anyway, and when they do, they will be more interested because their parents 'don't let them watch it'
    What will you do when they grow up?
    You won't let them out of your house?
    Demand what they should wear?
    I don't know guys, but from my point of view every tv show has symbolism in it.
    So what, you're just going to throw away the tv?

  137. Frankie wasn't created by a mad scientist, her father (Frankenstein's monster) and her mother (Bride of Frankenstein) built her. And all of the monsters have weird ages, Draculara is 1600 for example, Frankie is supposed to be the equivalent of 15-16 years mentally.
    The werecats are the bad guys on the show so if anything that should turn girls off to kitten programming.
    Operetta just has a stylized version of The Phantom's mask, if it were actually /covering/ one eye you might have a point.
    Jackson hates/dreads his Holt Hyde side; it's not shown in a positive light at all. His girlfriend even dumped him over it. And obviously he has a dual personality since he's supposed to be similar to Jekyll and Hyde.
    As for Frankie's hair, that's another classic horror throwback. What color hair did Bride of Frankenstein have? And the skimpy clothes got a re-design, they're more conservative now.
    The skulls and coffins are just to emphasize the fact that they're monsters, simply a goth-y spooky atmosphere enhancer. Older collectors are a huge part of the demographic as well, they're quite popular with 20-30 somethings. :)

    • certain things which are aimed toward children now have a more adult demographic like the tv series Invader Zim. it got pulled off the air because adults were watching it instead of children.

  138. When i was reading about Toralei i noticed that it said she roams the street until she gets picked up by the system or something like that, it made me think of a hooker roaming the streets to pick up a guy. have u noticed that most people call the hooker industry the system?and when i saw the pic of her i looked at the top of her shirt and notice how she wears an orange (the shade that matches her skin) scarf under het ripped jacket, and as i scrolled down to get to the pic i thought she was wearing a very revealing top that is showing the top of her boobs. idk reply to me if u agree or disagree

  139. I completely agree with this article. This type of agenda is becoming normal to our youth & it seems nobody is realizing what is going on. It's sad because little girls will look to these characters for how to be cool as they may already want to be older. There are many girls suffering traumas everyday and, having dolls like these to make them feel better about what's going on around them, it absolutely fits into the scheme of it all. When I look at these toys it reminds to talk to my kids about always having they're own mind about things, don't follow the crowd.

  140. Great article!! as soon as I saw the dolls at Walmart I knew I would never allow my daughter (4) to have anything Monster's High, but last year at halloween I took her to the local zoo for trick or treating and I was SHOCKED that MOST of the girls were wearing different outfits themed from the Monster's High . What shocked me even worse was that I could see most of the girls' underwear hanging out of their costumes and I thought to myself only a pervert would sell these costumes for little kids. Boy, was I right !! this is soo sick and disturbing. but it's really everywhere. the illuminati agenda is alllll over Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, even cbs,nbc abc & fox kid's shows. I monitor EVERYTHING my daughter watches but witchcraft and sex is everywhere.

  141. Monster High – the gothic dolls …woow I ´m fascinated with their stitches, electroshocks, dark theme and the skulls..I want to sleep in a grave have a spider as a pet and when I see a satanist he´s probably cool as f*** :/

  142. Michael Kirkby on

    Remember what the Jesuit said? He said "Give me the child and I will show you the man." 'Nuff said.

  143. I hate these dolls! They dress in the most revealing clothes, I'm 11 and I'm probably the only one in my school that thinks this. Everybody else I know that are my age love monster high dolls and bring giant collections of them to school.smh

  144. "At first glance, Monster High is just another trendy, fashionable doll line." Is that some kind of a sick, twisted joke…?

  145. sooooo this is for under 10 year old kids and parents actually let their kids watch this boring unimaginative stuff..? How is this popular? :/ I know all the cartoons i watched during my childhood had some subliminal messages but that was then..I was innocent and didn't know better. But this is different. This is more blatant and in-your-face symbolisms with tarty looking little miss things with a whole lot of attitude, and relationship breakups and creepy hoodoo originality,just crap tv. Throw out the tv or supervise what they watch, teach your kids to read more and meditate, take up art, spend time in nature,or tell them to go out and play with their friends..that's kind of what I did when i was 10..I WAS A KID and didn;t know half the stuff little kids know these days smh; things that are too big for them.

  146. Eulalie Cholmondely on

    I am writing a trilogy about an orphanage and a doll factory. This series will have loads of illuminati symbols. It's cautionary tale somewhat. Mainly trying to understand these people and see what happens when I write about things out in the open without being an actual memeber. I had weird things happen when I tried to write an college level paper on music business and MK mind control. I was told my sources were not crediable enough for a paper. So I had to rewrite papers on a different topic. Why? I don't know.

  147. OMG THAT IS SOME FUCKED UP SHIT. I know how you all feel, I was a victim of having questionable toys ruin my life. When I was a kid I loved my lego, little knowing how foul their influence was! They made me believe I would grow up to be a 3×2 red brick. I tried to kill myself when I finally realised the truth! I can't even have meaningful relationships because my brain was so hard wired to think in the WRONG way. I can't enjoy sex unless I have a big fat duplo in my ass. I started with lego but their size just can't do it for me anymore, man. I mean, I'm living proof that kids are really innocent and will be completely corrupted for life by the toys they play with. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO MORE CHILDREN!

  148. These dolls are so messed up! I have a 3 year old son so I regularly go by the toy aisle looking for deals, and even before I read the article, When I first saw those dolls, they creeped me out , and I was sad that they were being marketed to young girls, given their slutty dress code. This is just verification of my initial feeling. Thanks VC for another great article!

    P.S. Check out the "LaLaLoopsy" dolls and they have a new TV show on Nickelodeon, which if everyone remembers what those were in the old days, is quite fitting.

  149. I like the dolls and me an dmy daughter collect them…I know they have Illuminatti symbolism…but it s better than buying boring barbies….those are not exactly Illuminati but they show the perfect model of a blond and thin girls as the whole girls in the world have to be…so its another story. I realized since the start but i keep buying coz i love fashion and style and lil girls like dolls…but I educate my daughter with values, love and respect. So It think its the most important thing.Cheers

  150. I have to say I think this is totally innocent. The dolls look slutty, no doubt, but what I mean is that I think most of this is coincidental. If you have a franchise based around monsters, of course there will be skulls and coffins and spooky stuff used in props, logos, etc. I think the cartoons are stupid and unfortunately the outfits are skanky but before this there were Bratz dolls that were just as bad. It's actually a kind of creative and clever idea for a line of dolls, it's a shame they went this direction with it.
    1. Frankie Stein. This one is ridiculous. She's a parody of Frankenstein's monster. Of course she's stitched up. Of course she's associated with electricity just like the popular monster. Her head is fractured because the skull was opened and stitched back up with a brain. That's just the Frankenstein that everyone knows. I see nothing wrong with that. Any depiction of a male frankenstein monster will have the exact same imagery from the stitched on limbs to the funky skull.
    2. Operetta. Are you familiar with the beloved tale? For some reason it's not mentioned at all that the one-eye emphasis is simply part of the Phantom's design, in newer interpretations anyway. The broadway show and most recent film cover half of the Phantom's face because he is horribly disfigured. This one is completely ridiculous as well. She goes to the catacombs to sing because THAT'S WHAT THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA DID. He would write and sing beautiful music in the catacombs/under the opera house depending on the interpretation because he was an isolated character. You could mention SOME of that. Really.
    3. The Cats. Yeah, they're werecats or whatever. You'd expect them to wear animal print. There are only so many different monsters out there, and the number of different dolls they've come up with despite that is actually impressive. Again, seems innocent to me. I watched the episode. She was put in a pound with other stray animal-like creatures. It was more like juvy with police officers etc. She was a "bad kid on the street" and they locked her up. Nothing about mind control or abuse there.
    4. Headmistress. A play on the headless horseman. It makes sense that she'd be holding her head or it would totally defeat the purpose of having a monster like that.
    5.Duality guy. Jekyl and Hyde. Whatever. Again, a common "monster" and horror idea. It would kind of defeat the purpose of having a character with dual personalities if they were never shown.
    6. Couldn't find the last one. But going into another person's mind and seeing what makes them tick is a VERY common plot in cartoons. Just off the top of my head I remember Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob, Adventure Time, and many others doing just that. I don't see what's sinister about that.

    I see where the symbolism could be seen, but I honestly think you're looking too hard for it. If you looked hard enough at ANYTHING I'm sure it would be there. You're just seeing what you want to see. You guys, you must think for yourselves sometimes. Everytime I look at the comments here I see nothing but absolute concurrence from everyone. Occasionally there will be an article that I will even say points out something suspicious, but just make sure you don't believe everything you read here. Think about it for a while and form your own opinions. That is what truly makes an aware population.

  151. If you see a thing, you must say that you see it, whether it was what you thought you were going to see it or not. Otherwise you will only see what you were expecting. See first, think later, then test.

    If you have a prejudiced eye, you will find things that don’t exist because you are expecting to find something.

  152. I haven't even finished reading this but this doesn't sound like its for little kids. As you stated Why are children exposed to this? What’s the point? I don’t think many young girls relate to this story.

  153. I want to say if any of you have kids or the people of the furture don't let you kids watch or listen to certain things. Like when I was younger my parents made sure we didn't listen to beyonce and stuff. It was our choice when we got older if we wanted to. I think that had an inpact on why I chose to listen to certain people and watch certain scary movies. Like I watch scary movies but there are certain ones that I don't. Also I think thats why I believe half of this stuff on this sight. Now days kids are just listening to Justin bevaer and stuff and I'm like if I was a kid I wouldn't even know who that was. Its not cute for your kids to be listening or danceing to a song that they can relate to or these song tat 16 year and up people are singing. A5 and 10 year old should not be listening to that stuff. The should be listening to ABC songs and song that are going to teach them about education. Tats why kids don't know anything they know a lil wayne song before their ABCs. Last, but certainly not least God has had a major impsct on why I know these things are real so for all you people that don't believe its because you have noe belifs system of whats really right and wrong and whats good and whats evil.

  154. ChainOfEvents on

    Hitler also said if you can control sex you can control people…True fact, learned it in human sexuality class…and we all know what Hitler provoked..
    Also Alfred Kinsey was a HUGE influence in early human sexuality..and you guessed it..his major influence was Aleister Crowley..and what does he specialize in?…sex magic..look it up folks..moonchildren..idk etc. some research i don't remember the details lol.


  155. this is actually terribly sad.
    i remember growing up wanting to look like a bratz doll or one of those my scene things all the time, youre literally programmed into believing that that's an ok thing, and it's just sad. you're mind controlled by society and… dolls the second you can begin to grasp onto thoughts.

  156. You have gotta be kiding me RIGHT!!!! These are just dolls that were created up from our favorite monsters i see nothing wrong whatsoever with these dolls and my god if ur child is still playing with these dolls more than likely they are still young and sex, or DEATH should be the last qnd furthest things from the childs mind or even acknowledgement you its crazy no days how everyone wants to blame everything on the toy factories, video games etc…. how about maybe for once taking a step back and look at the BIG picture our kids first learn from us the parents and than from there every where else but if a child has a good up bringing than worrying about a bunch of dolls that are made up from OUR monsters as kids shouldnt be the problem i mean hell if your kid is playing with these dolls and ur worried about the "supposedly" sexual or death content then dont allow them to play with the dolls but as a mother if a 6 yr d little girl who just loves mh gang she doesnt even notice this supposedly sexual or death contentand if ur child has notice that then maybe as a parent u need to take a look at whats going on in OUR OWN HOME so for those of u who are offended by the dolls,movies or shows just look away but dont cause such outburst about this that it causes those of us who didnt even look at this in the same light as u ppl did to lose out cuz honestly MH does teach the kids to be unquie and not to be ashamed of who they are or what they may have different about themselfs and it also teaches them that even though they are all from different walks of life (of course them being dead) that they can overcome anything.and.hell i hope this actually pisses a few of u off like i said im a mother of a 6 yr old well im not that very old m only 26 and honestly i love MH just as much as she does if not more cuz im big into tattooes my husband and i are and im actully getting ready to start my whole arm sleeve an im having each of the mh girls skull logos tattooed on me so plz like i said this is not something we should even be descuissing cue if ur child plays, or watches the moveis tv show etc and is thinking of sex or death then maybe u should take a look at what they are hearing or learning at home cuz thats usually where that noneness starts

  157. Reading the divided comments on religion again it seems the divide and rule tactic has worked.
    Jesus came to teach us to love each other as we all the same despite the divisions we have been conditioned with.
    He wasnt concerned with religions and the hypocrites.
    Sadly it seems even now as then people were not ready to understand this.

    Wasnt it the devil in angel heart who said there is just enough religion in the world to keep people killing each other..or words to that effect. How true indeed.

    Protestant vs Catholic
    Christian/Jew vs Muslim

    Divide and rule people…wake up.

  158. Death and Sex are the twin drugs the Elites are pushing on humanity. Watching people die will be considered the ultimate sex act. Having sex, while watching people die, is slated to become the new spiritual orgasm. In fact, the moment of orgasm is a flash of death. La petite mort, French for "the little death", is an idiom and euphemism for orgasm.

    You are are correct, per your closing paragraph, children are being normalized to this new religion. The Elites want children, in particular young girls, to know their role in the world is to be sexual beings. To dress sexy, look sexy, act sex, and have sex constantly. Then to be fed to the Elite's god, Moloch, for death: the ultimate sex act.

  159. iloveGod123 on

    Dont let these type of things influnce you and your love ones, I say stay true to God communicate with him everyday and ask him to keep you away from these things and your love ones and may all you be filled with his holy spirit. God bless!

  160. …because when I was 6 I knew and understood everything there is to know about the Illuminati.

    WTF, dude!? Mattel wants to make money and yes, to do that they brainwash people, with commercials. Kids see these commercials, they want the toys, really reeaally want the toys, pretty please, if you don't buy them I'll start kicking and screaming! So parents buy these dolls, because they can't stand their kids and they're all out of wine and valium. Illuminati have nothing to do with it, it's just bad parenting.

    And another thing: multiple personalities, headless headmistresses, stitched up girls, Operetta's one-eye sign… I dunno, sounds a lot like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Frankenstein, the Phantom of the Opera… Ever read a classic horror tale?

    And why shouldn't their lockers be coffin-shaped? What other shape should it be? Everything at the school is shaped like skulls, coffins, bats, other "scary" stuff. They just pay a lot of attention to detail.

  161. vous etes sérieux ??
    Monster high est basé sur des personnages etant monstre comme son nom l indique, c est normal qu il y est des tetes de mort, ces poupées sont gothique !!
    On en a marre de voir toujours des poupées qui nous ressemble il faut que sa change un peu
    apres que mattel soit illuminati perso je n y croit pas du tout !
    Apres chacun son avis!! JE vous dit juste ce que je pense et n espere pas vous blesse :)
    Au lieu de parler de choses négatives sur monster high des choses qui sont surement fausses dites que pleins de petites filles et de collectionneurs sont heureux d ajouter ses poupees a leur collection!!
    Apres le cote negatif il y en a partout meme (soit disant)dans les kit kat avec le nombre du diable enfin bref je trouve votre article sans interet (exuser moi)
    Je vous souhaite de faire d autre article mieux

  162. Dear VC,

    Maybe I am just hypersensitive to this entire ‘Illumination’, but I must disagree with Your openind statement, that quote: “At first glance, Monster High is just another trendy, fashionable doll line (…)”.

    It so happens, I was spared knowing about this, yet another, abomination until I saw Your article. All I needed to see was the name of it and the opening picture.

    Let’s run an ultra-quick analysis on name and initial picture:

    1. NAME: Monster High.
    Monster – cool and trendy, right? After all things, that have to do with vampyrism, werewolves (slaughtering and drinking human blood/devouring flesh and getting others ‘infected’ with the same disease), attempts to create Golem in order to replace God in creation of life (golem, mind You, were soul-less, i.e. not exactly alive; Frankensteins monster was apparently one as well), ghosts, witches (sorcery, casting spells, witchery – let’s face it, if somebody finds it entertaining and fun, I urge Him to pray for a Spirit of God and protection of Christ before attempting to infiltrate TRUE circles, that practice it today, both in civilisation and in tribal circumstances of third World). Is that entertaining? WHUT?! Oh – yes…! Naturally, the more gruesome aspects are – temporarily – obscured from the view of consumers of that ‘product’. Long legs, curvy bodies, beauty faces and flashing [corrupted] flesh – yes. Young girls all want to be successful – in the end inborn and God-given need for love, succeeding and being approved can be so easily ‘amplified and misguided to become a roller coaster of self-loathing and self-deification, aiming at approval of ‘society’ and ‘peers’; therefore be empty yet cunning, beautiful yet ever self-loathing (lipstick, haircut and fancy dress from ages prior, through today’s botox and silicone implants all the way to a hundred years from now
    truly transhumanist body modifications, implantations of animal/human body parts, bionic and robotic components of any imaginable kind) in order to constantly improve in… being more attractive ‘flesh’. Yet, think highly of themselves and serve with this flesh only as high in social hierarchy, as they can aim. Oh, and onlooking parents (daddies) and older brothers/sisters of targeted young girls get this sublime paedophilia/oversexualisation/tittytainment/my daughter must also be beautiful and follow the rest in order to succeed in life (what life?! – one could’ve asked here…).
    High. As in High-school – authors would rush to explain. Yea, right… Rush is the key to the esotheric answer: Monster High / Monster Rush has many meanings and most have to do excitement of taking part in this particular and in general – MONSTROSITY. Is it trend, is that what gives rush – being a part of these abominations?! Well – let’s sprinkle it with some biologically stimulating beauty and sexuality for love-starved ‘sheeple’ (After all what could and should be enjoyed in privacy of ones’ own bedrooms can well become public entertainment for all to share and enjoy, right? ….right…?) and – yeee-haaah…! Let’s go for it.

    Monstrous rush. Oversexualised teenage victims/predators (oh yes, yes, reciprocity exists and altogether spirals out of control) /brainless tools. Hmm, let’s see what else. Oh not again… yet indeed, sickening lack of originality: one-eye (eye of the watchers->egregoroi-> b’nai ha’elohim -> angel(s)… yap, fallen ones – naturally, the ones who lusted after daughters of men perhaps…?, with the ONE in charge – million names he came by since the times when he used to be the covering cherub), skulls (god of death, anyone? Well – one of numerous facets of the very same guy, who wants to set his throne above the stars of God ever since) (*btw. can anyone, on rational basis, explain me, what is SO ATTRACTIVE in a piece of human carcass? I understand a lot, but how come no-one uses something else, like, I don’t know… pigs skull, or human pelvis or pigeon hip? Or a very modern aircraft, or whatever? Why 90% of time it absolutely irrelevant of object that carries it it HAS TO BE a human skull (well, right – occasionally a goats’ one)?! I mean what does human skull has to do with a church altar, teenage t-shirt or a brand of crisps or a car/motorcycle? Obviously nobody means to indicate some strange ties with the cult of death… who would be so sick, right?), chains, snakes, pentagrams/hexagrams (stars, sure – have You EVER seen a star, that has a shape/which rays form shape of a pentagram/hexagram/octagram/dekagram? Nope. Dot with a cross spreading from it – seldom yes. Light diffraction. But pentagrams?! And why do they always come from ancient occult sources and even admittedly do so…?)…

    Well. Yap. It just SCREAMS ‘You better worship Our God with Us or else’!/’Lucifer’/'(give him whatever name You want) rocks!

    Don’t even know how to describe my feelings. Just fed up… afraid to open a fridge these days, not to see Liars’ face popping up and offering himself. How many times can one say ‘no, thank You’? This guy is really, I mean, REALLY pesky…

  163. 77777777643gfg on

    I always watched animes, but not too long ago was made aware of the illuminati symbolisms, and suddenly I noticed them in a plethora of japanese cartoon shows, and we are talking classics from seventies and eighties, but of course more recent shows too (umineko:when they cry -one of them). I believe one classic anime was called Borgman, had episodes with an unknown observer looking through a camera that had a pentagram symbol on it, I guess just to underly that it was an evil character, but if I recall correctly it was the same show that had an eye within a triangle exposed as some ultimate evil cabbal-honestly, memory fails so I am not too sure about the title but it was for sure a cartoon from Japan.
    One day I was reading a manga for Urusei Yatsura, or was it Ranma (same author anyway)-and there on the bottom of one page baphomet…….My point is the agenda was present even in Japan for many years now.

  164. Monster High is not an llluminati symbol. Its a buisness about undead monsters. A little freaky,but stilll its not anything sexual. Besides!;High Heels…. There just flats with height improvements. The outfits are just what some teens wear.It inspires you to be YOURSELF!

  165. In any case, my sister didn't like them. Also,I think its not so popular here in India.

  166. I actually read the first book, never saw the show, but Reading this article does make me recollect all those hidden agendas. Wow. How deceptive, in plain sight. I didn't even realize. Creepy, but now I see how this will enslave people to the materialistic world.

  167. WoW and I do wonder what is wrong with the world its people like you that worry about stupid crap like cartoons and dolls. I feel sorry for you that you worry about this but not what our President is doing ITS A CARTOON look these monsters up. I really feel sorry for all of you.

  168. I think you should do an article on
    Lately its been filled with Symbolism and its promoting Disney and Monster high.

  169. Interesting enough, as i began to read this article…i say out loud: why is the girl's eye covered up? My 10 year old hears me and says, OH, Because she does music. Says a lot, doesn't it.

  170. arieschick420 on

    I totally get where people are coming from to some degree. I agree that programs and toys that are geared to our younger generation are over-sexed and just plain moronic. I'm not a fan of Bratz, Monster High, etc… I don't even care for Barbie, especially as of late. My 11 year old daughter isn't a big fan of those toys or programs either. People read into things way too much at times. I know there is a lot of subliminal messaging out there but I don't think it's helpful to focus on the negative. The problem is there are too many parents out there that are too absorbed with themselves to educate their children and let them know that they have a brain and a voice. I don't believe banning kids from certain things is the answer. If we don't talk to our kids and let them make their own choices, they will never learn to think for themselves. I've always shared my opinions with my daughter and let