Symbolic Pics of the Month (02/13)


In this edition of SPOTM: Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and a whole lot of MK-Themed fashion. (I know, I did state last month that the SPOTM series of articles was over. I however realized that I wanted to discuss about a bunch of pics, so there you go).

Taylor Swift's Grammy performance was one, big, nightmarish tribute to an MK-Ultra favorite: Alice in Wonderland. When will the music industry tire of refering to it? Apparently, never. Here we see the Taylor with the White Rabbit - as in "follow the White Rabbit through the looking glass", a trigger phrase to encourage dissociation in Mind Control.

Taylor Swift’s Grammy performance was one, big, nightmarish tribute to an MK-Ultra favorite: Alice in Wonderland. The music industry apparently never EVER tires of referring to it. In this pic, we see Taylor and the White Rabbit – as in “follow the White Rabbit through the looking glass”, a trigger phrase to encourage dissociation in Mind Control.


The performance featured lots of dualistic checkerboard patterns, creepy clowns and some poor guy being tortured on a hypnotic-patterned wheel. MK Galore.

The performance featured a whole lot of dualistic black and white patterns – widely used in Mind Control.  Here we see a poor guy being tortured on a hypnotic-patterned wheel. MK Galore.


There was also a guy wit red on one eye (at the right of the pic) and a puppet being controlled by a giant "handler". Yup, MK galore.

There was also a guy with a one-eye thing going on (at the right of the pic) and a puppet being controlled by a giant “handler”. Yup, MK galore.


Carrie Underwood's performance ended with a bunch of Monarch butterflies leaving her dress - the ultimate symbol for Monarch Programming. The song she was performing, Blown Away, is about her killing an abusive father - something that can refer to the concepts of trauma-based MK and dissociation. The music video of the song also subtly refers to The Wizard of Oz (an MK programming tool).

Carrie Underwood’s performance ended with a bunch of Monarch butterflies leaving her dress – the ultimate symbol for Monarch Programming. The song she was performing, Blown Away, is about her killing an abusive father – something that can refer to the concepts of trauma-based MK and dissociation. The music video of the song also subtly refers to The Wizard of Oz (an MK programming tool).

Another prominent part of the Grammys was Rihanna. Here she is on the February 14th issue of Rolling Stone magazine giving the "one-eyed salute".

Rihanna was all over Grammys this year. Here she is on the February 14th issue of Rolling Stone magazine giving the “one-eyed salute”.


Ed Sheeran sang with Elton John. Here he is giving the salute in a pic that appear just before the Grammys.

Ed Sheeran sang with Elton John in the Grammys. And here’s a pic of him, doing something he didn’t really need to do.


Another important part of the Grammy's: Justin Timberlake. Here's his new album cover featuring a clever way of displaying the one-eyed sign.

Justin Timberlake: All over the Grammys. Here’s his new album cover featuring a clever way of displaying the one-eyed sign.


Speaking of wich, here's a commercial for Swarovsky featuring the one-eye sign.

Speaking of which, here’s a commercial for Swarovsky featuring the one-eye sign.


Another ad features a mask, a favorite symbol of Mind Control.

Another ad features a mask, an important symbol of Mind Control.

The fashion set "in 0 sense" features a bunch of MK-related symbolism. Even this title page has a bunch of butterflies, which hint to Monarch programming.

The fashion set “in 0 sense” features a lot of MK-related symbolism. Even this title page has a bunch of butterflies, which can hint to Monarch programming.


The "models" of the set are actually an amalgamation of many different women ; eyes from one, lips from another. This gives a rather creepy result and somewhat goes with the dehumanizing goal of MK-Ultra...And this girl has Baphomet horns as a hairdo.

The “models” of the set are actually an amalgamation of many different women ; eyes from one, lips from another, etc.. The result is rather creepy but it somewhat goes perfectly with the theme of Mind Control and its dehumanization techniques…And this girl has Baphomet horns as a hairdo.


In this image, the girl has a typewriter on her chest and, when each button is pressed, the letters appear to hit right on her mouth. Is she an MK-slave being told what to say? Also, that probably hurts - a subtle reference to the physical abuse of slaves? Notice the skull heads around her with mouth, nose or eyes removed - a symbol of the slave's powerlessness. Of course, one of the model's eyes is hidden.

In this image, the girl has a typewriter on her chest. If one would type of on it, the letters would hit the model right on her mouth. Is she an MK-slave being told what to say? Also, notice the skulls around or nose missing – symbolizing death and the lost of power. Of course, one of the model’s eyes is hidden.


Another "staple" in MK symbolism is Mickey Mouse ears (a reference to Mickey Mouse programming) and boy are they used in mass media. Here's Carly Rae Jepsen sporting them.

Another “staple” in MK symbolism is Mickey Mouse ears (a reference to Mickey Mouse programming) and boy are they used in mass media. Here’s Carly Rae Jepsen sporting them.


Former child star Dakota Fanning on the cover of Glamour.

Former child star Dakota Fanning on the cover of Glamour.


Chloe Moretz in Teen Vogue, sporting the ears but not particularly feeling in a playful mood.

Chloe Moretz in Teen Vogue, wearing Mickey Mouse ears – but not  really feeling in a playful mood.


In the same photoshoot, Moretz sports a cap saying "Brainwash", which kind of complements the Mickey Programming reference.

In the same photoshoot, Moretz sports a cap saying “Brainwash” and an All-Seeing Eye, which kind of complements the Mickey Programming reference.


This ad for SHS features a flirty girl being literally mind controlled by a little horned evil guy. That's a pretty clear reference to Sex Kitten Programming.

This ad for SHS features a flirty girl being literally mind controlled by a little horned evil guy. That’s a pretty clear reference to Sex Kitten Programming.


There is also a "men" version of the ad, where a young guy appears to be about to prostitute himself to an old(er) woman. Great messages coming from ads aiming teenagers.

There is also a “male” version of the ad, where a young guy appears to be about to prostitute himself to an old(er) woman…And these ads are aimed at young people. Why??


In the movie Les Miserables, the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye (cleverly placed as the logo of an optician) appears in a prominent fashion while the revolution was brewing. In some scenes (not pictured here), the eye is actually more prominent than the characters. Considering the fact that the Bavarian Illuminati was an important factor in the French Revolution, the presence of this symbol is a reminder of what truly went on - for those in the know.

In the movie Les Miserables, the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye (cleverly placed on the sign of an optician) appears in a prominent fashion in the scenes where the revolution was brewing. In some scenes (not pictured here), the eye is actually more prominent than the actors. Considering the fact that the Bavarian Illuminati was an important factor in the French Revolution, the presence of this symbol is rather appropriate and a reminder of what truly went on in those days – for those in the know.


A strange pic posted on Beyonce's Inatagram. It could refer to a relationship or could refer to the oath she had to take to become a music industry favorite.

A strange pic posted on Beyonce’s Instagram. It could refer to something as trivial as a bad relationship…or to the very dark side of taking an oath for fame and fortune with the music industry.



  1. I really hope you write an article all about the Grammys, since there were so many instances where I gasped at how "Mk Galore" the show really was. I think my mouth actually dropped when Carrie Underwood performed in her butterfly filled dress.

      • Taylor’s songs don’t have any bad meanings right. only on her performance. . i love her songs a lot! and the meanings was so positive!

    • I get a little concerned by comments like this, and I see more and more of them on here. We all know what these events are going to be, and yet people are still watching them? VC is starting to resemble some sort of gossip website. People are tuning into these events willingly, and then coming on here to vocally disapprove of what the stars are doing like it's any other scandal popping up on bullshit websites like Perez Hilton. I can't shake the feeling that occult symbolism is starting to fall under that category of celebrity drama. "Can you believe she was wearing THAT? OMG SMH" This isn't entertainment. Don't just watch it and be "shocked". We can't let it become trivial.

      Sorry to target your comment Melissa, but I see so much of this now and it's really unnerving. I recently saw someone comment that they only read this website for entertainment. Seriously folks?

      • This website is useful in examing the patterns found in popular culure. In my opinion, this website does not serve to condone the imagery found in the media; it's only purpose is to alert those who are unaware that there are sets of symbols being presented before us and that those symbols have meaning. If you were on a metro train and someone began to point out that there is a silent serial killer amongst the crowd, that would not be gossip. The above images are detrimental to the integrity of humanity and so they must be identified for what they truly are.

      • I totally agree. I havn't visited this site in. a while because it had taken a new direction. It seems like for the most part people are more concerned with what color the celebes are wearing and what signs they are flashing rather than whats in our water. Whenever VC does an article about somethings other than a music video, It gets little attention. They whould rather say " omg did you see what niki minaj was wearing" hello her name is(nikki minaj) did you think she was gonna wear a church dress?

      • @Noah I used to have the same opinion as you, however I now realized that they use those attention-seeking, fame hungry individuals to distract people from the real issues and also as a bait as many idolize them/their lifestyle. Contemporain gods/goddesses the lot of them, people send them gifts (ffs), pay the to meet them, they even commit suicide for their idols. Our stypidity is scary.

      • What is important to understand is that the industry and their minions of course know about VC. I am totally convinced they are here to trivialize what's really happening and try to steer the discussion away from MK Ultra, freemasonry, Illuminati, mind control into more everyday, common celebrity gossip.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I've also wondered too when you respond to the gossip are you giving your energy to them as well. I mean whatever question they ask on the gossip rags websites, whatever emotion thhat is created, that is what is given if someone responds. I was reading on a site, I think educate yourself that energy can be transferred online too and it is done using the simple letters of Xs and Os.I agree. I come here in hopes of exchanging information that allows me to gain knowledgeable information that continues to raise my awareness.Some of the conversations are so heavily mean spirited and cruel that some areas that I try to gain knowledge in only takes me further into the rabbit whole.The reason I come here is to get insight but some with so much knowledge don't have patience for those who haven't had access to knowledge like this in their environment. I livve in such an environment and don't think I'm trying to get out of it. This is sort of a safe haven from the cruel insults about intelligence. This gives me strength in my arguments against their lines of arguments as well as bullying too.So I do enjoy the information not gossip.

      • I understand where you are coming from Noah, and maybe my comment was misinterpreted. I just meant that back in the day it would take a lot for me to sit down and explain the things that I saw in the media and what I thought they represented.

        Having a couple videos/photshoots with people covering one eye or a butterfly in the background didn't seem to be all that intrusive. Whenever I would explain these symbols to people who did not research these types of things, they were able to poke many holes in the logic and say it was just "art."

        I'm saying now I think the industry is just throwing this stuff at us instead of simply hinting at it. I think that people can now see through performances like carrie underwoods this year or gagas blood bath in 2009 that this is not just art anymore, but something more sinister.

      • I say there needs to be more thought put into this instead of complaining that this is turning into a gossip site. This is not about delving into celebrities' lives, this is about showing who they're working for and the message that they're throwing out there to the vulnerable youth. The ones that will want to copy this lifestyle without knowing the evil behind it. More thought please less complaining, share the knowledge.

    • Taylor’s songs don’t have any bad meanings right. only on her performance. . i love her songs a lot! and the meanings was so positive!

  2. Living in central Europe I have no idea what the SHS is, but I would definitely refuse to buy anytjing from them in my life. The ads are just plain scary! What are they trying to sell – whoring around for some nasty creatures as a healthy lifestyle? Well, that's what the greatest part of popculture is trying to do, so I guess they are.

    The Rolling Stone cover seems to have one more symbolic feature – Rihanna's hair. The front half is visibly dyed blond, the half behind her back looks like kept dark. Couldn't this be also about duality?

    • Or it could just mean that she dyed her hair these colors a lot of people do that now. Dye their hair different colors and what not.

      • Dear Wow and SMH……..You have BOTH missed the point completely……….Go back to sleep………….with ya two toned hair………PEACE!

      • No, I'm afraid it is YOU who has missed the point. With the knowledge you have been given (thank this site for all of it) you have made the much expected human error of assuming that all existing circumstances draw back to the same principles — a gross oversimplification of the real world. These people are human, no different than you are. They have things they like, things they don't like, preferences, and things they simply want to try. Think about the last time you wore two slightly contrasting colors. How much would you have enjoyed being accused of satanic involvement due to your clear demonstration of duality? People need to stop expecting the very infinitesimal capacity of the human brain to be able explain the infinitely complex dynamics of the world. Because you end up doing mindless things like accusing someone of demonic affiliation based on the 350 year old practice of coloring the hair.

      • #1: In our western music/film industry, one can never become world famous without the help of illuminaties. So today if Rehana is successful, it is because of them. She and her rivals like Gaga and Britney are talentless if we compare them to classical singers like Tarja.
        #2. On a photography or movie set, not a single leaf can move without the instruction of the director or photographer.
        #3. The society is influenced by those in the elite group. That is why, it is easy for us to unintentionally do what is demonic.

      • Thank you laura……and connected, duality is just ONE thing, how do you explain the rest of the satanic/illuminati symbols, references, subliminal messages etc etc etc……………..The best thing you can do is DISCONNECT from this post and this site completely……Thank you

    • RhiannaIlluminatiFan on

      Whats more interesting is how the visible part of her face forms a triangle. include the eye and you have a capstone.

  3. I love your symbolic pics of the month the last pic on beyonce's instagram i seen that a while back it gave me chills reading it thank you and keep up the good work!!!

    • Me 2! After I read that,I was like what the heck! I guess the darkness is a gift too. Poor girl. She needs help the kind that money can not buy.

      • at the superbowl, that picture of where she looks like a man, is that really real? or photoshop? it sure is creepy

      • Real… But if a camera was rapidly capturing your every move while you danced intensely, you'd have quite a few ugly pictures too… We all would in the same situation. Those errant images unfortunately have taken a life of their own.

      • Thank you for recognizing that!!!!!! It's a pretty quote. It just means that sometimes, when you think you've been abandoned, the ability to live on your own is actually a blessing in disguise. Slightly strange since her tour is called the Mrs. Carter show, which suggests her marriage is still strong. It's just about accepting the quiet and peace of being alone. Nothing more.

  4. Thanks for the pic of the month, I enjoy these articles. Interesting times we are in, it will be interesting to see if Peter the Roman becomes the next pope.

    • Good point.

      I was reminded of a book I had as a teenager and in fact it still sits on my bookshelf.

      Nostradamus: The next 50 years by Peter Lemesurier 1993, 1997 edition.

      In this as well as a Muslim Invasionof Europe and the repression of Christianity and persecution of the Church (Mainland Europe being predominately Catholic) it states that there would only be two more popes after John Paul II. Interestingly it also says about the famines, destruction of coastal cities and devastation of Britain also mentioned at the bottom of the link provided by Malcolm in response to you.

      May God bless you and Yours.

  5. TruthersDelight on

    It really sadddens me to see how people that are awake are so desensitized to this garbage already. The worst part is that those who are still asleep have no idea of the horrible meanings of the constant images they see in mass media, and turn a blind eye when you try to explain it to them. There has to be an easier way to circumvent the cognitive dissonance of the public. Especially those who don't dare to question anything the media tells them. God help us all!

      • i agree…it's ironic these idiots are more fanatical than anyone I know…bunch of boring preacher men/women morons. Oh, and they're not enlightened. They're pretty DUMB.

  6. TruthersDelight on

    By the way, great job VC. You've helped me learn so much in the past year and a half with this website and I am so grateful to see the world with a dose of truth serum. :) Keep up the excellent work!

  7. VG – I love the Pic of the Month Posts and am Glad to see another episode 😀

    Just some Additional Thoughts: (good point FREYA on Ri’s hair)

    – JT’s 20/20 also looks a little like a mechanical butterfly in his face

    – The Swarovski ad is obviously crystals, but covering her eyes/ face with crystals reminds me of the gem/ rock/ diamond programming

    – Also, Is it ‘innocence’ or is it ‘in zero sense’ ?? This kind of upside-down logic fits into MK thinking (i think). Just think about Alice in Wonderland’s ‘Sense is nonsense and Nonsense is sense’

  8. undercovervigilant on

    Hi guys,

    you should look up 'Ruud van Empel' he is an dutch photographer, and he edits his pictures very weird. He makes photos from different children and then uses other noses and other mouths etc. We had an assignment to do that too so creepy!!

    • He's popped up outta nowhere and has red hair too- something was said before about redheads having some kind of cult importance.

      • Sorry but this is hilarious. People can be ginger or brunette or blonde or something else. I don't think there's something special about ginger hair but only stereotypes cause this hair color is pretty rare. I also heard the same thing about blonde hair. So I don't think this is what we should pay attention to. I'm sorry for my terrible English

  9. Please keep the pics of the month coming! I look forward to it because it's a testament to what's going on in mass media, the music industry, and society as a whole. I refuse to become like the masses who take things for face value, to be fooled, and in the dark! I love the deep esoteric meanings and it really gets easier and easier to pick them out in the magazines, movies etc. Thank you VC for reminding us to be vigilant, to stand on our principles, and to know the truth for what it is because knowledge is truly power, When you have the knowledge nobody and nothing can suck you in nor control you!

  10. Post the picture of chris brown and rihanna at the lakers game where chris brown CLEARLY looked possessed. His eyes looked EXACTLY like rihannas eyes and i read on another blog from an INSIDER tht rihanna is in fact EVIL and is controlling chris brown. I’m shocked ppl can’t see this.

    • Where did you read that? Everything that I have ever read about the two of them only notes how crazy in love they are. Now, I've seen some stuff on youtube but it seems like for the most part people (gossip sites) tend to stay away from calling her evil. And believe you me I do believe she is indeed evil.

      • Yeah i agree, i mean all those egyptian tattoos she has , they must have an esoteric meaning as to why she REALLY has them on her body

      • Its called smh i was actually shocked because i had already felt something abt their relationship is indeed odd to me…

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I believe he has been re-programmed. He had an accident and then disappeared from what I understand. He hasn't said anything about the accident either and now he is like a zombie in a trance.

        Forgive me, I can't correct words nor seem to backspace to correct my logic here. I hope I convey the right meaning.

        I believe she may something to do with his programming. The bottomline, he should stay away from her because he beat her to almost death from what I recall. There is still no excuse for them being in close proximity. Like Tina Turner says, what'ts love got to do with this.

    • These 'celebrities' are tricked into what is called 'sitting in the chair', whereby they agree to hypnosis so that they can memorise their lines, lyrics, dance better, perform on punishing tours without getting tired, act better, sing better, etc. Once they are blanked out, evil spirits possess them and thereafter control their actions: promiscuity, drug/alcohol abuse/addiction; which their handlers then use to blackmail them in order to keep them 'in control'. Also, in most, if not all of, celebrity relationships, one of the couple is a handler of the other, and the handler is also a mind control slave. The rabbit hole is really deep…

    • Before they got back together, wasn't Brown slamming the illuminati? And his record getting blackballed? Looks like he headed straight back into the fire.

      • Notice how Chris brown wore all white n tht demonic whore wore all red. Ashton Kutcher ran a train on tht n it was written how rihanna was basically discovered at an elite party were they sleep with young bots and girls– n thts how JayZ discovered her. I BELIEVE EVERY bit. Its called n search under Rihanna. This man GOES IN on HER AND PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE

      • Boys*

        and ashton kutcher and wilma ran a train on that AS WELL AS CHRIS BROWN AND DRAKE #fact

    • I remember once Rihanna claimed that when her and Chris brokr up after the 2009 incident, she "taught him.everything he knows" and that he was more clueless/innocent before. I dont know how true that is, its just something I read a long time ago. Both Rihanna and especially Chris, were more 'normal' and 'innocent' a few years ago. Now they both look like tacky stoners half the time. They're both too skinny now and look ill. They both looked before before… Thats just my opinion. Rihanna does seem to be very interested in Chris though. Maybe they are just in love or whatever, but it seemed to me like Rihanna was doing whatever she could to get him back even though he was charged with hitting her and even though he had a new girlfriend….

    • And another thing–NOTICE how something ALWAYS happens before the Grammys? What happened? We lost Whitney last year, what happens this year? Chris Brown gets into a mysterious car crash?? And then is spotted at the (Roc Nation) brunch like nothing happened? I haven't heard anything about it since nor has Chris speak out about it. Thats strange to ME. Chris Brown was Rihannas sacrifice but he got away. I feel like RIHANNA is the one forcing the relationship and just wnt "let up" off him until she completely sucks his soul out of him–hence his caving in cheek bones
      -_- Rihanna is a demonic witch. Plain and simple. Her music makes me cringe although it is infectious. But i definitely feel in my soul that Chris is in trouble. They try n ruin his rep like they did Pac MJ and countless others–and when something bad happens , the public will sadly dismiss it

      • Prayerful Watcher on

        Actually, I think it's Riahanna that's going to be sacrificed. In fact, I'm willing to bet a small amount of money that she's going to join the 27 club.

      • Ive been saying that for along time myself, someone posted a comment on Keshas Die Young article on here saying she would probably join the 27club and then i said it wont be Kesha it will be Rihanna, there is a reason why she's always in the tabloids for Partying, drugs etc…… when she does die, people will automatically think it was because of the drugs and partying……..

      • truthseeker2013 on

        I also see it. It is definitely creepy.

        What is disturbing is and this is off topic but is how aware it has made me in my every day life.

        I was wattching an ATT commercial. It had a young beautifl black girl with a butterfly necklace speaking proper english with her diction enunciating words correctly. Now there's nothing wrong with this. Then there was another young black girl playing with her doll house. The buterfly girl asked the other girl why do you need cable in the closet? Her response was Yeah-huh

  11. Has VC done a piece on the Moloch owl? There’s a recurring symbol i’ve been seeing lately. That Beiber kid has a tattoo of it and Anderson Cooper (CIA pawn and master propagandist for CNN) held up a drawing of it at one of the fake Sandy Hoax interviews. You know…what pisses me off so much is that these people/creatures really don’t give a shit anymore, even after they have been called out. These artists and mainstream media like CNN are so blatant with their symbols and who they work for yet people still fail to see their crap for what it is.

    • You are right, he performed on S N L and flashed that owl tattoo all over the place it was grasping a key, there was also a triangle tattoo that kept popping out from his shirt near the collar bone- it looked like there was more too it that couldn't be seen but I'm sure it could easily be researched.

      • The triangle tattoo is part of the roman numerals birthdate. Its apparently his moms
        And the other one on top is a crown.
        But all together he has 10 everywhere.

  12. I taped the Grammys because I wanted to dissect the shenanigans, and whenever I saw the Illuminati staples I paused and just took a look at their lifeless faces. If you notice, they never really look happy, but all the fans in the front and balcony are going nuts. It's really sad.

  13. How is someone like Adele seem capable of having control over her music, which doesn't seem to have any MK overtones or Illuminati themes in it?

    • Adele is, like most pop stars, NOT in control of her music. She is given songs and people to work with to cultivate that "soulful" sound. The UK loves their blue-eyed soul.

    • You know there has to be something behind it. I loved Adele when she first came out but out of nowhere she was the it girl. I feel like you don't get that much of a jump if you were fully in control of your music, but if she is more power to her.

  14. When I saw the Taylor Swift performance I was like "yeah, that's gonna be on Vigilant Citizen" I can now spot what's probably gonna be written on here and I've been right so far haha.

    • I was sooooo disappointed when I saw that pic of my Cyndi, LOL! (I missed spotting the owl in the chair, though – good catch.) I also was a little surprised that she would put her son in the show, as I thought she was better than that. Oh well, I can pray for her, too.

  15. Harlequin Nameless on

    More about the grammys: I noticed when Prince (a known and admitted “slave”) showed up, he wasn’t quite himself. He was more like a blind old man who couldn’t see the microphone until he walked right into it. Hmm… an alter persona?

  16. Wow, interesting content in this article and the comments are great food for thought. I noticed Beyonce's one-piece jumpsuit she wore to the Grammy's was predominantly black with just a small section of white under her left shoulder…to me, suggesting that the dark side has won out in her life. Also, Jennifer Hudson wore a black top and white skirt when she performed at halftime. It SCREAMED duality. Now, isn't it interesting that the dark is on top? Again, symbolism at work suggesting that dark (evil) is prevailing over the light (righteousness). But we all know that righteousness WILL prevail in the end! Praise God for this!

  17. BTW, I was SO disappointed after witnessing the symbolic light show on Carrie Underwood's dress. I mean, monarch butterflies? How obvious can it get? I too believe she's now victim of Monarch Programming. After being known for songs such as "Jesus Take the Wheel" and "How Great Thou Art", we've expected her to always be singing for Jesus. Her new video for "Two Black Cadillacs" is unbelievably eery and way out of character from the Carrie we are used to. I think she could use a lot of prayers right now for heavenly intervention before it's too late : /

    • I said the same thing about Carrie. I'm a huge fan of hers but when I saw that, I was like "Oh hell, not her too". I already knew what those butterflies meant. so sad. they getting everybody now.

    • I was looking at a song list on an old Destiny Child album and they had some gospel songs on there as well. I think that is just a cover up so people would say "No, they sing christian songs and they are Christians so they couldn't be into dark things". People become fooled by this. I've actually heard people say Beyonce is a christian so she can't be a puppet for the Illuminati. You got to be kidding me! Also, Rihanna is posting Bible verses on Instagram. Again trying to fool their fans. Pray for these people.

      • I saw a video about the freemasons and how they love to recruit unsuspecting Christians and turn them out causing them to possibly denounce Christ. :( thats what the enemy Satan loves to do is tear down believers and what better way than to get God's most talented creations. Only God knows if these poor women will snap out of it and turn back to their Heavenly Father before it's too late!!

    • Carrie also has at least one tattoo in her bikini area. Yes, I know most will feel that doesn't make someone "un-Christian" but kinda proves to me she's no angel, know what I mean?

    • Carrie has been controlled for some time now. Look at VC's past posts of pics of the month, you'll see a photo of her from Glamour magazine, June of '11 (if memory serves), doing the "one-eye salute."
      Also, she made her fame from American "Idol" (a blasphemous name right there), run by Simon Cowell, a known freemason. There's a photo of him on a jet ski with their logo emblazoned on the front of it! How proud a tool he must be to have a freemason decal plastered on his recreational watercraft!?
      Carrie had to "kiss the ring" years ago to get where she is. All the "Idols" have to sign their lives away to Cowell's conglomerate.
      Her early songs are a classic case of a wolf in sheep's clothing, sorry to say.

    • To be a part of the "industry" it appears you either conform or be cast out.

      It takes fortitude and character to refuse to participate.

      Sad thing is that this life is but a vapor. Eternity is forever. The choices you make in this life will determine where you spend eternity. Their choices are deadly ones. Is it really worth it?


  18. More predictable garbage from the Illuminati. MK Galore, Monarch Butterflies and puppets.
    Good Heavens, how long is this going to go on for?
    Wake up people!

  19. I know my comment will surprise many people. But after watching these many videos, and seeing these many pictures, I still DON'T get the whole idea of what's behind the "Illuminati" agenda, if everything comes from them.

    I understand all the symbolism and the blatant, constant efforts of the "Elite" to bring this crap. What I definitely DON'T get is, does this have any affect on anyone? Here's why:

    1. I fucking hate butterflies. So no matter how many pictures or videos I see of them, I still hate them, and will hate. So if the butterflies are depicted to trigger something in people, then it fails miserably when it comes to me.

    2. The all-seeing-eye thing, and especially, people picturing themselves with a covered eye, annoys the hell outta me. Seriously. What's the deal with telling picture models to cover one eye during the shots? Is that a magical enchantment? Do we get possessed by evil spirits by seeing people covering one eye and showing the other one? Those pictures are not a brainwash for me, rather, they make me want to punch someone right on the face. If nothing evil is produced out of seeing these pictures, then the whole thing of covering the eye is absolutely stupid.

    3. The last picture, Beyoncé's, is what shocks me the most. Saying a a box full of darkness is a gift, is very sick. The box or the darkness can be anything, from physical to spiritual, but thinking cool of something dark and even telling millions of followers to embrace and accept darkness, comes from a very twisted mind.

    One day all these "artists" will openly tell us to worship Satan, Baphomet, their asses, or whatever the fuck they want.

    • you are very angry. that means they are winning. symbolisms should not make you angry. dont hate butterflies because of the symbolisms. butterflies are Gods creatures. no reason to hate them!

    • The idea behind the illuminati is unsettling. It's the devil's plan to get as many people to blindly and willingly follow him. He's going to be destroyed along with the demons that follow him as well as any humans that want to to everything evil that pleases him. God the Almighty will get rid of the devil, his followers and cleanse the earth of evil. Satan hates God's children (us humans) and only uses them as puppets to bring in blind masses to destruction, does not want to be destroyed alone.

    • Its like your reading my mind. I understand what your saying and you dont sound mad at all. Its so stupid and annoying as fuck seeing loads of butterflies everywhere and 1 eyes being covered everywhere. And Im pretty sure we can find pics sumwhere of these "artists" wearing t-shirts that pretty much say "I worship Satan" or whatnot I mean few years ago at the VMAs Jack Black said Ok lets all say a prayer to Satan now. N he was serious. Im just happy that VC shows patterns in everything like how many pics of "models" or "actors" covering 1 eye or pics wit them wit butterflies could possibly be counted no wonder VC has SPOTM its getting so predictable and monotonous but so true trying 2 bring out the illuminati agenda. But your right I def dont feel brainwashed aftr seeing those. Its just the dumbest things ive ever seen.

    • I guess they like to show other similar minded they are the same. More like "hey look at me im like you". Now that i know that, its easier to ignore their message or whatever they try to sell for lies. Dont be fooled because their intentions are pure evil. The illuminati want to get rid of mass population. Anyway.. you end saying one day they openly tell us. Thats already happened, some openly admit to sheepishly smiling interviewers that they made a deal with the devil or whatver evil entity you may call them. While im a very sceptic person to start with i can tell by someones face if they speak about something they believe as truth. Beleive it or not these deals are really made, wether you believe them to work or not doesnt matter. I beleive they seem to benefit the ones making them. I also beleive you should never sell your soul as a joke or in truth. It took me years to awake and see that if there is good.. there must be evil.

    • Gaga also said ,"if you don't have any shadows you are not standing in the light" and she said that you have to embrace your darkness …

    • Many of these pop artists, Beyonce and Jay Z to name but two, have openly said they sold their souls to the Devil, or Rain Man. Now, symbols are supposed to have power. Carl Jung says as much. So then the more people who view your symbol the more power it generates. It doesn't have to have an effect on us. But it certainly effects the Illuminati power brokers. That's why occult symbols are found on libraries, legislative buildings, and in music videos. And to the initiated, these symbols convey meanings the rest of us can't comprehend. At least so I've read. But of course, disinfo is everywhere. The Truth is the One Absolute, but if it's hidden behind a screen of irrelevancy, who can find it?

  20. something is srsly going on.
    I'm still very skeptical and on the fence when it comes to illuminati symbolism but it's so in your face that it is really tough to deny what's going on
    Like it's different when it's just something everyone is doing- like when leggings made a comeback. but this is different because these symbols mean something, and it's being done by really famous people all over the world i guess. it's messed up.

  21. Glad you did this, I also noticed other creepy stuff in Les Miserables, like at the end when all the people who died in the revolution are 'bought back' and shown singing about the future… which I thought was kind of macabre and sad because it was a future they would never see…_And the part where Cosette's love interest, Marius, is dragged through the sewers and Javerts gun looks like its aimed directly at his butt as Valjean carries him away… I loved the film but once you learn about these dark forces and their signs and symbols you can't help but notice them.

    • CrippledKnight on

      Well, it's not only that, but to anyone who saw the movie, the part where he sings, bring him home, bring him home, he is singing right under the eye. On top of that another part where he sings: bring him blessings, the actor is singing and you cna only see him through a pyramid shaped glass.

      It's quite specific if you ask me.

    • They weren't "brought back" at the end. When Valjean was taken to heaven by Fantine, they find themselves in a perfect version of France, where the revolution won and "all men have their reward." It was heaven they found themselves in. They weren't brought back. If you noticed, the only characters present in the final scene were the dead ones. Therefore they were on another plane of existence. There's nothing creepy about that.

      • Oh right, it was heaven, oops.. Still the rest of the film has a lot of telling symbolism and ok the ones who died left a better future for the survivors and they were happy about that but it still seemed kind of sad that they were singing, so happily, about this great future that they would never see.. it made me feel kind of queasy..even tho they were brave and heroic they still had to die.. bittersweet at least.
        And that quote "All men have their reward" doesn't sound right either…so their reward was death…like their saying you can have peace but only in death – they were like suicide bombers promised 100 virgins in heaven as reward for sacrificing themselves..
        Its like the dead were celebrating their own deaths…its hard to feel happy about that regardless of the people they may have "saved" – the only survivors we really see are Cosette and Marius

  22. face in the crowd on

    Beyonce is so pathetic and narcissistic, she makes being a talent-less sell-out look easy.

    Probably because it is. Sucking genitals isn't hard.

    I will wait until she is so rejected and low, she plays bars or clubs to pay her bills. Then I will sneak in and throw rotten fruit at her for pushing the sexualization of young women onto pop culture junkies aka children!

    I have not recently cared enough to comment or drink the haterade but she, J hova (laughter) and any and ALL that connect with their greasy machine of tacky music, will get NO LOVE.

    I wonder where Dave Chapelle is. Immortal Technique? Everyone in the media eye is a disgusting human being and money will ensure their dirt plot, their place to rot, is bought and paid for.


    • I'm afraid it won't go down that way. Whenever these stooges reach the stratosphere of "success" that Beyonce now enjoys, they're foisted on the public as long as they're useful (Madonna, for example). If they break their programming and decide to "tap-out," or just fail to make the industry the money they expect, they seem to leave us, but always in a shroud of mystery. MJ, Whitney, Winehouse, Cobain are just a few recent examples (Britney was a close call), with only a single photo of their demise released, along with an instant declaration by the media of "death by natural causes," "suicide," or "drug overdose," before an investigation even begins, much less an autopsy.

      Rather than looking forward to the day you can pelt them with rotten fruit or whatever, we should be praying for these lost souls.

      • Addendum: I do understand your frustration, as these puppets do have a devastating effect on impressionable children.

      • Ya know something Watson, You are right, We should pray for them, i do agree with "face in the crowd" where he/she says that children shouldn't watch this as it does affect them in a way but also agree with you and i made a comment about the queen to my mam and she said that we should pray for them and that they find god

    • You are right my friend, but remember; darkness is never beaten by more darkness, only light could do that. I want to become a teacher and teach my kids already to stop watching tv

    • You're clearly delusional. I find it apparent your lack of ability, or lack of effort, to thoroughly comprehend what you're talking about, leading you to assume these gross over-generalizations are true, and your ignorant judgments inevitably follow. "Everyone in the media eye is a disgusting human being"? I'd be in awe if you didn't realize yourself after having taken a second look how undeniably loathsome of a comment this is to make. How much better are you than the people you speak of if you would deduce yourself to utter such a hateful remark instead of extending your arms to help, if they even needed help. Who are you to label another human being as disgusting? ALL of the people on this earth are GOD'S people, indefinitely including the people on your television. I would urge you think at least twice before you open your mouth to pass such verbal hatred to such a broad spectrum of people.

      "She makes being a talent-less sell-out look easy"? Besides the fact that this is simply grossly inaccurate, I don't really know how to address this statement without saying too much. If you've allowed your own subsections to contort the definition of talent, you are wrong, because then it becomes YOUR definition of talent, not THE definition of talent. You just seem to be so comfortably unaware, perhaps because a comment like this earns you the self-reassuring accomplishment of 56 gestures of support in this site's ecosystem? Certainly someone here would accept you for this comment. And even if that wasn't a particle of your intention, you still reside in the wrong, because it's clear that you haven't taken this woman into proper consideration before opened your mouth.

      My view extends far beyond this comment, but unfortunately I do not have the energy nor the time to continue to educate you. Rest assured that you're not the only one who my expressions apply to (hence the 56 people who approved of your comment.) In a broad summation, 99.6% of your comment is simply wrong, uninformed, saturated with underdeveloped posits. And, before you even think to reply, look up the term 'narcissistic', and watch more than a 2:00 YouTube interview of Beyonce to see if that description holds true. And if you don't want to do that which is necessary to make a legitimate judgement of character, than don't say anything at all.

  23. Welcome to the club Carrie, won't be long until she's in full sex kitten mode.

    Sucks such a powerful voice allows herself to be whored for darkness.

    • I know……..looks like Taylor Swift is in the process of it right now, have ya noticed how her image and music is changing from the first time she came on the scene……..

  24. What was that little creepy old guy on the tricycle and did he quite The Raven? At the beginning of Taylor Swifts performance ??

  25. I'm almost certain that these celebrities who participate in such symbols are convinced they are relevant and interesting. At the end of the day the entertainment industry will be a business. So they will do what is considered cool. Gaga taught me that. lmfao But in reality lets just take a minute to stop and remember where we live. We live in a country that is most powerful and bullies others. We live in a country where the powerful people make BIG decisions not for "the individuals" but for the BIGGER PICTURE. For the NWO. To help OUR COUNTRY AND NO ONE ELSE. What I'm talking about is the saying, "Democrats are the lesser of two evils." It's one BIG ILLUSION! While we are going through these hardships, the music industry is pushed to reflect US. These suspicions we have about the illuminati are important but also ridiculous. Let's be real. THE GOVERNMENT IS ILLUMINATI. We know this. And they know we know this. But by spreading these symbols they're trying to scare us. Make us more confused. Get it? It is those who have the power to oppress the masses. That includes the music industry. Now don't be confused. The idea is to keep us distracted by these symbols in the industry because while we invest all this energy into it BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL PEOPLE are making BIGGER DECISIONS. It's not confusing to me at all. It's just sad that we waste so much time worried about the things that really don't matter.

    • infinitesub_routine on

      I totally agree Mr.Chino, this is similar to something I posted a while back, and it definetly rings true. How is it that people cannot seem to grasp that these are coordinated efforts to distract the masses in the guise of entertainment, while legislation is being passed and the U.N. is finalizing touches for a one world government as we blindly invest our energies on trivia that has a sprinkle of calculated "shock value" that leads one on to thinking that they are " in the know", when in truth THEY are the ones being mesmerized by this spectacle… perhaps not in such a direct sense, yet they are, and it shows on the comment boards when poor souls are feverishly feferring to God and spewing out hate or confusion, disgust. All of this designed to assist in the clearing of the way for the elite to pass the baton and conquer the next hurdle, ever closer to the finish line.

      • This make sense. You know there's this question, that I'd think most people were familiar with, but to some surprise, I've witnessed the opposite. That question is "Why?". Great, we've observed a plethora of individual accounts that seem to be at least loosely connected and all of which correlate to various occult concepts, but that is no accomplishment. NOBODY seems to be focused on what matters, the why, which drives to the root of the problem. These symbols are ubiquitously displayed on the front door of the industry that the critical mass watches most: entertainment. If they weren't truly meant to be discovered, then why on earth would they be divulged, rather, broadcasted in such a painfully redundant manner. People must think they're gaining the inside perspective of something secret, and that's borderline pathetic given the conditions.

        A spectacle it is, and a genius one at that. Sites like this convert nearly all of their traffic into devoted watchers of the entertainment landscape, because now it's become a game in which these people compete to spot the highest number of cues to 'occult symbolism'. The "Blades of Glory" reference in "Niggas in Paris" describes the intent of this organized spectacle rather well. It's a dialogue, and if you're unfamiliar, it goes like this:

        Jimmy: "So, Coach, I was thinking about the music for our routine."
        Coach: "Oh, really?"
        Chazz: "We're gonna dance to one song, and one song only: 'Lady Humps' by the Blackeyed Peas. 'What you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk? I'm a get you, get you drunk, get you drunk off my lady humps, my humps, my humps, my lovely lady humps.'"
        Jimmy: [disgusted] "I'm not skating to anything with references to lady humps.I don't even know what that means."
        Chazz: "No one knows what it means, but it's provocative…"
        Jimmy: "No, it's not, it's gross…"
        Chazz: "…It gets the people going!"

        Must I continue? I shouldn't have to, but I'll conclude with an interrogative summation, beginning with "why" — Why, wouldn't the people pioneering the industry whose sole purpose of existence is to deliver entertainment, streamline the exact items that have the power to attract, and thoroughly engage increasing masses of people, and in turn increase the dollar valuations industry sectors can attain? Once digested, it's simple enough; we live in a capitalist society. Yet people are continually blinded by the fantastical task of placing judgement on human beings which they've been 'awakened' to discover they're involved in what exists based on incomplete truths. These people are unaware of the fact that they have they're eyes peered to center stage, where such things take place, waiting for the next thing to happen, the next person to effectively add to the list of one-eyed individuals. They're assembling a line of knowledge that leads nowhere, but in practice, it's an activity to keep them busy engaging in what was purposed to be engaged with.

    • ShadowOnTheWall on

      rationally you are right, practically you are right. however, symbolism in "art" is of a relevant danger on a spiritual level and we ought not to dismiss that so plainly for the hardships in the material world (dunya).

  26. last night, i started imagining venturing into a very dark, yet sort of right into the devils den…atmosphere. i have potential to do this. i know people in hollywood, where i can actually go to these awards shows and parties. they know who i am. so what would happen once i do get into these places? nothing? or will they send the white rabbit for me? enticing me to follow the yellow brick road. then what? will i get drugged? will i get subliminal suggestions? will i get hurt? i am constantly wondering what will be revealed, or if i will ever be able to actually ask someone the truth, rather then everyone playing games with this imagery!?

    • face in the crowd on

      What? You are a groupie. Its not what you know in LA, its who you know. The problem is, in a meaningful existence, it is the opposite. It isn't who you know in life, it is what you know about yourself. Inside.

      You are the worst kind of groupie. Very sorry for the mean sentiment. You will be compromised in some fashion so really, go into the dark den of who ever and what ever and you can imagine yourself powerful, like I am sure the rest do…why on EARTH would you desire to exploit yourself out of some dense form of curiosity when all the observable reality on EARTH progresses and possesses you to vibrate on a higher, harmony with the rest of the living? Spend some time with a homeless mother on Skid instead of going to an industry party. Power is an illusion.

      LA is an illusion to powerful people. Fuck money and fame.

    • It's all up to choices you decide to make. It's all about being (or deciding to NOT BE) in the wrong place at the wrong time!!!

  27. I really didnt want to believe Chloë is part of it but my sister who doesnt really understand all this crap, told me about the pics. Even with little knowledge she figured it out.

    • Moon landing faked. on

      I don't actually think that she is. It is the teen vogue people that organize these photo shoots. The people in them often don't have anything to do with it, but I do hope she doesn't get sucked into it all.

  28. On the last post about the Super Bowl, another commenter suggested an alchemical theme of Nigredo (darkness) in the Super Bowl. He made such a clever argument, I wondered if we would see the next step, Albedo (white) with the Grammys. I guess I had my question answered!

    I am speculating that the Oscars will either be Yellow or Red-themed. It seems some alchemists skip the yellow sometimes. I don't know what next big TV thing is supposed to be. I don't really watch them, I just keep up with VC.

    Which begs the question…what is supposed to be the Philospher's Stone in "their" eyes?

    • pleasedontstop on

      Exactly. Now you're starting to read their symbolism on another level. Never forget these people think they are magicians.

    • Im not quite sure on this one but seems very likely,…………..Have you noticed the on the 12th picture where the girl has the typewriter……………..It consists of the 4 main colours of the alchemical stages (as well as the sacrificial colours because with it inclueds skulls) to achieve the "Philosophers Stone" – Black(nigredo), red, white, yellow/gold and the gold is very apparent

  29. I have a question that I've been thinking about for months, please can you guys help me out?

    I've been reading about Beyonce and having listened to Destiny's Child when I was younger, never forgot the 'Gospel Medley' they sang on their album. I'm a fairly religious person and was touched with the devotion they sang with.

    I can't seem to wrap my head around Beyonce and Carrie Underwood being part of this dark Satanic culture due to the fact they used to sing about Jesus, but have yet seen 10 times the evidence to support the Satanic theory.

    How can these artists possibly "switch" from their religious beliefs to support Satan and evil for a little power & money? It doesn't make sense. I'm a ''money" person, I'm all about success and building wealth, but if someone offered me money and success to give up my faith, I would INSTANTLY say "F*** this!" get out of the situation. Surely you can't be dumb enough to do something as serious as glorifying demons?

    Any thoughts on this switch from Jesus to Illuminati? Religious beliefs can't just be broken like that…

    • It's called Monarch Programming. look at Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" video.she was a gospel singer too and now look at her, a sell out and that video explains specifically what happened to her and how she is now. She's wide awake alright, she's wide awake about the illuminati if you really listen to the lyrics of the song and look at the video. it all makes sense.

    • It's easier and far more subtle than you think. Shallowly cloak the stuff in Christian symbolism and terminology, and your foot is in Satan's door (For example, Freemasonry is not considered in opposition to Christianity by most).

      Convince others that pragmatism (the end is more important than the means) is the way to go, and you've stepped in Satan's room. Every argument toward aesthetics (what pleases the senses) and a higher, more spiritual feeling/experience in connecting with God is just playing with another toy of Satan's.

      Over time, the person becomes convinced that this is the best way to get through life. They go through the rituals, they commit more and more sins, and every step brings them closer to fame and fortune and glory. They think what they are doing is the way to attain salvation for themselves.

      I don't honestly know if these people were really Christians or not to begin with, but slowly they are convinced they can achieve whatever they want (and worldly speaking, what more could they have?) The industry and their fans all act like they're gods anyway…

      I have been in acting a little, and from personal experience I can tell you there is a LOT of pressure to just do whatever "they" want. Don't rock the boat. You do want this part, right? No big deal, people do it all the time. Swear a little, kiss some person you don't know, act the idiot, eventually show more skin than you thought you ever would. Basically, little by little you are expected to prostitute yourself for your "craft".

      Some make it honestly, but it is very difficult.

      • Mrs. What and Why on

        It's hard to grasp how someone could turn on God for riches, fame, and power… but it happens. Either because they were a false convert or because they gave into the lust of the flesh. That's why we have stories included in the Bible that include characters like Judas.

        Read the parable of the sower to understand how this could happen…

        If Christian's don't guard their heart by reading God's Word, praying to Jesus, and preaching the Gospel to yourself (everyday)… we become vulnerable to fall into wickedness ourselves. King David said he hid God's Word in his heart that he might not sin against Him. If we should want to be controlled by anything… it should be the Holy Spirit.

        For those of you who have faith in Jesus Christ alone. . Keep your eyes on Him steadfastly.

    • It has to do with the company they keep:

      Proverbs 13:20, KJV:

      He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

      • That's so true. Don't remind me as I always used to get cross with the Sunday School girls when I was very young. One of the reasons I never wanted to be part of them lol, hence I kept my distance. We are such hypocrites, I am for one one of the worse ones. I gladly criticize others for things that after a while out of the blue it comes to my mind I once acted the same way. My hypocrisy has no limits. There is always enough room for improvement.

    • well mark, im a chirstian and i belieave they never loved jesus in the first place, becaues id they really did how can they cange him? imposible

    • It's called SELLING OUT! Instead of saying "No" I don't want to perform at the SuperBowl (in front of millions w/ duality & illuminati symbols & dark aspects – fire, Sandyhook kids singing at national anthem) she says, Yes! and I'll throw up the signs too. (That's the point of all this) That Beyonce was AMAZING. It was interesting to me that Michelle from Destiny's Child looked like she didn't want to be there. And how come Beyonce was the only that knew where to look into the camera. It is well put together. The SuperBowl Halftime show IS NOT A PERFORMANCE, it is a ritual, and a praise for whoever's performing. Remember Modanna as Queen with her ponds; Nicki & M.I.A. (who incidentally flips the camera off and angers idiots)

      These celebrities are not switching their religious beliefs they're being CAUSED TO QUESTION them after finally stepping back and taking at look at who they've become. Money's easily coming in and they have forgot what it feels like to DESIRE SUCESS, so now they desire something else…… These people WANTED TO BE FAMOUS and BE ARTISTS but they couldn't imagine being so influential. So when they finally stop and reflect on what they really represent, THEY CRACK! This is when the illuminati step in OR when it feels like people are controlling them. They accept that in order to continue being more and more successful they have to sell themselves out! Ever wonder why the fuck celebrities get to meet the President on the low, because they have they're own little armies of fans. They ARE the elite PONDS.

    • It's all in our design, advantage or flaw, of free will depending on the CHOICES we make. I've known people who spent the first 18 years of their lives heavily influenced by GOD and religion. Then they start hanging with alcohol and drug using non-believers one day a week, then two days, then three days, and before you know it they're hooked on commercialism and forgetting about their GOD and their learned value system.

      I suppose we need a catalyst to launch us. We are taught there is no physical proof of any GOD, and religion is a flawed interpretation of books written by humans and has been much influenced by the so called satan since the time of all of their inceptions. The U.S. govt school system is factually probably the most debilitating institution on this planet. Introduced here at the turn of the last century by the Rockafeller family. It's modeled after old Prussian, Germany's program to mold and control an entire populace. Some of the institutions stated objectives are to produce a population 1) Easily influenced and devoid of ability to CHOOSE to use their inherent ability to think and form opinions on their own. 2) Who feel unsatisfied and are driven to healing through a lifetime of CONSUMING products and ideals promoted by the "beautiful" people associated with so called satanic influenced entertainment industry.

      It All Comes Down To Choices We Are Allowed To Make Through The Way Our Parents Decide To Raise Us!!!!!!!!!!

  30. It is all accelerating….

    It was only a few short years ago that the public war first allowed to see hints of the Monarch sex slave program and were led to believe it involved only a handful of victims and required years of programming from childhood.

    Today we know that "Illuminati" sex magick mind control technologies make it possible to utilize the bodies of millions of people as sex puppets – controlling their bodies and their experience of "reality" remotely. Today the "Illuminated" are brazenly taunting us with our status as Monarch sex slaves.

    Look at the repugnant vice rubbed in our faces in the above imagery. We have the usual assortment of references to the anal "third eye" – yes, and we have the usual semenancy canvas masks, albeit here 'blinged out' with methamphetamine crystals. But here we also see some of the most direct references yet to the millions of citizens being remotely controlled as Monarch sex puppets.

    Please examine these images with the remote controlled brain cables very closely. Both images are dense with allegorical references to the most extreme and disturbing "illuminated" perversions. Those of you who have been studying these subjects as I have suggested will no doubt be able to identify many of them readily.

    • In a post a while back you were relating a topic to some ancient goddess and/or Greek rituals. I cannot find it and was wondering the specifics? I remember the reference because it was then that it was apparent it is being portrayed by most YA books out there. I read a lot of them mostly to find specific symbolism and mark them in my ebook app. The classic symbols are the most blatant "spiral staircase", "butterflies", "mirror shattering", "alters", "transhumanism" is not in just TV, Music, Media etc. They also mock blatantly "Darn intelligent, literate, current event watching kids. What is wrong with our education system these days? I thought they were teaching video games 101 or vapid and shallow gossiping skills, not useless things like critical thinking", "… they have the media in their back pocket", "… don't be an idiot. If it was on the news, it definitely isn't true", "and evil had hidden in the shadows, acting like a puppet master pulling the strings", the majority of novels out there are just as bad and appeal to the young masses.

      • You are very perceptive. The majority of "young adult" literature is written in house by the "Illuminati". In years past hundreds of skilled writers worked full time to generate these texts, but today most of it is written by computer. As you study the beliefs and practices of the "illuminated" you will see just how totally they have infected popular culture of all sorts. YA literature is merely one facet – albeit a very important one as many of their primary programming initiatives are directed, naturally enough, at young people. Their goal is always the same – to promote deviant thinking and inappropriate sexual arousal as a means to breaching the moral defense system and allowing the subject to be controlled and programmed completely.

        I do not know to which ritual you referring, but the majority of "illuminated" rituals are based around perverse and sacrilegious sexuality in one way or another. The details vary greatly depending on circumstances but depravity is always at the center of everything.

      • Dr. S, i have read your posts on this site and they are very interesting and one can learn alot but i wnatd to ask you have you seen in the Rolling Stone Magazine interview with lady Gaga and a dream that she has and that its a re-ocurring dream, please check it out and listen to what she says – It references the Film Hellraiser, its scary and she says that she looked up the dream everywhere but couldnt find it anywhere so when she told her mam about it – her mam says,………wait for it………. "Thats an an illuminati Ritual"……….what do you think? i want your opinion.

      • You are referring to the interview in which she described her bondage dream? Very astute of you to pick up on that particular 'dream'.

        The night that interview was published – there were celebrations held in "Illuminati" covens all around the world. Dancing, orgiastic sex, and drug taking went on long past dawn as millions of lower level "Illuminati" realized that this interview signified that the next stage in the their Great Working had begun. You see – this "dream" blatantly references a very specific "illuminated" sex magick ritual involving bondage, bloodplay, and lesbian fisting. These practices by themselves are ordinary enough of course – at least within "illuminated" circles – but what makes this particular ritual so notorious and exciting to all familiar with it is the extensive use of the ancient "Illuminati" holy honey. This sacred ointment has been produced by "illuminated" priests for thousands of years and plays a key role in many of the most licentious and swollen sex magick rituals. Traditionally the salve is made according to a secret formula but key ingredients include organic honey, rose water, semen (usually in a 50-50 ratio to honey), cannabis extract, and a variety of other psychoactive and aphrodisiac herbs. Modern day 'holy honey' often contains additional pharmaceutical sex stimulant aphrodisiacs and dissociatives. Participants in this ritual are typically smeared with large amounts of this revolving concoction before being penetrated in bdsm sexual rituals of the sort described in the dream to which you refer.

      • Woah!!! that is disturbing i knew there was some sort of esoteric meaning behind it, The dream was probably a vision that she keeps having but i wanted to know how do you know all of this? and where exactly do these covens take place and who are they made up of (what type of people? are they freemasons? etc.) you must have done extensive research or know someone who has shared this with you.

        i'm fuckin' amazed how much you know and how you described it in detail, please tell me more about any other "illuminated" Sex rituals you know, you should write a book coz i would definitely buy it

      • A full cataloging of "Illuminati" sex magick mind control rituals would greatly exceed the storage capacity of this site. They have been assiduously cultivating their twisted faith since before the pyramids were built, and since the core of their 'spiritual' practice revolves around deliberately deviant and sacrilegious sexuality, a huge percentage of their efforts have been channeled into creating ever stranger and more depraved rites. But even lay researchers can readily deduce many of the key elements in "illuminated" sex magick merely by studying the perversions evoked by modern celebrities and documented on VC.

        In my posts I reference many of the most popular paraphilias in "illuminated" practice, and studying these fetishes will 'illuminate' many details of Elite sex magick ceremonies, but just imagine extreme and sadomasochistic group sex orgies fueled by a wide variety of drugs in which both the "illuminated" and their Monarch sex puppet slaves perform depraved acts on each other while deliberately violating all manner of religious and social norms and you will have the foundation of most rites. These rituals take place everywhere – all around you – all the time. Freemasons have an important role but are merely one facet of a much more complicated picture.

        What most casual researchers fail to understand is that the "Illuminati" are in near complete control right now. They ARE the government. They ARE the church. They are the media. Not everwhere, and not openly, but if you live in most of the Western world or parts of East Asia you already live under "Illuminati" control and are having your reality manipulated constantly to hide this fact from you except to the extent that They desire you to perceive them.

      • I totally agree with you, i want to know more because i get it, alot of people dont and find it really difficult to grasp – I want you to watch the Arrivals, there are 51 parts, it tells you about freemasonry, hollywood, the symbols and numerology used in Modern Culture, Negative and positive energies and that basically our world is governed by supernatural entities and the illuminati do certain rituals to commune with these entities,it tells you loads of stuff but i want you to watch it because there is so much info on it and i would recommend it to anyone who thinks like you and i do and anyone who is a supposter of this site…………….But like i was saying about Gaga i truly believe she is into satanic occult rituals, she recently called herself the "Queen of the universe", i mean c'mon, i just really feel sorry for all the people who idolise her dont have a clue what she is REALLY doing and the message she is sending across…………….

      • Interested especially by the idea that in some cases They want us to perceive their control. I would assume that the Grammys and the Super Bowl and the poses and videos and comments of their pop stars are cases of them wanting people to be able to perceive them and find out more about what they're doing. Why?

        In my own example, the first I began to connect the dots about why the hell any of these people are this rich and famous and glorified in the media was seeing a mainstream (yahoo entertainment news, I beileve) article about Beyonce flashing a sign at the Super Bowl. Of course in their case, they perceived it and wrote about it in order to discredit the notion.

      • Read my previous posts in SPOTM and other articles for a more complete explanation, but in short, the "Illuminati" taunt us with limited awareness of their existence and sick activities because: 1) It sexually arouses, excites, frightens, and confuses the populace – all brain states that facilitate infection with mind control programming, 2) They feed off of the arousal and fear of the populace just as eagerly as they feed off of our stem cells and the other harvested biomaterials, and 3) They derive spiritual and sexual satisfaction from abusing humanity – to use the vernacular it "gets them off". Sadistically manipulating humanity and using us for their sacrilegious sex games is what the "illuminated" are all about….

      • Yes of course They are humans. Humans with technology far far in advance of anything known to the public. Humans who live like parasites on the body of the human 'herd' they so disdain. 'Elite' 'super-humans' (in their own minds) who secretly harvest vital tissues from unsuspecting citizens constantly. All this is well documented.

        They do anything they need to to pursue eternal youth and sexual vitality. Anything.

      • You are a shill spreading misinformation. The MKULTRA Monarch training is real, and it kills people and destabilzes democracy. Folks do not believe anything this paid professional propagandicist writes.

      • You are quite correct Malcolm. They have entire buildings full of people who work full time shaping how the public does or doesn't perceive them – a huge department devoted to internet comments alone. These "shills" jump into informative and well documented conversations that provide too much accurate information and derail them. Typically their posts are very brief and dismissive, without context, and disrespectful.

        Anyone who researchers these subjects at all knows that MKULTRA was VERY real and Monarch mind control programming is the key to how they murder, rape, and control us all. Those who mock the reality of these things are only enabling their own loved ones to be used in their disgusting orgiastic rituals.

      • I understand what you are saying, i want to know more because i get it and alot of people find that concept and illuminati sex rituals hard to grasp but and they dont get it, whereas i do – I want you to watch The Arrivals, there are 51 parts and its over 7 hours, i would recommend it to anyone who visits this site – its about who and what is controling the world, the illuminati so to speak, negative, positive energy etc, please just watch it…………You will NOT be disappointed.

        Also i wanted to ask you, you said on the night that lady gaga interview was published, there were illuminati covens celebrating – why on that night? was it a full moon, new moon, a pagan/satanic holiday? and why exactly did it signify the next satge in their Great Working?

      • The celebrations were spontaneous as the masses of low level "Illuminati" realized from Gaga's word's that their leaders had chosen to publicly reveal this key, previously sacrosanct element of their most unholy and depraved secret rituals. The Great Working has always been premised on the idea that it will be unveiled to the masses gradually – in other words, the "illuminated" have always intended to slowly tease the public with hints of their eventual fate before eventually revealing themselves completely just before the final act. Blatantly referencing the aphrodisiac "holy honey" in connection with the particular sex ritual described clearly indicated the "illuminated" were ready to begin the final stage of their plan – a plan in which the world loses all moral restraint and devolves into a planet ruled entirely by lust.

      • Ahh Riiight, i get ya now, it makes sense and that is where we are heading – One of the signs(In ISLAM) that the end times is near that Adultery will be so common, as common as donkeys/cows eating grass and eventually people will be having sex in the open and basically having no shame (This is where the lust factor comes in) and like you say that they are slowly revealing themselves, the symbols and the acts/rituals that go with it so people will accept that type of behaviour and that it will be seen as "cool" and that is the way to be…………Scary but so true.

        I also wanted to ask you do you know alot on the Kabbalah, Tree of life or the Qliphoth/Qlppoth? its quite hard and complicated to understand, i kind of get it but want to know what you know because im sure you could explain it really well

      • You are such a great story teller. What makes you particularly qualified to speak with such explicit insight (i.e. what is your relevant background?)

    • Monarch sex slaves are controlled only by signs, trigger words or cues that trigger post-hypnotic suggestions. Remote control of anyone is not possible.
      You are a shill feeding misinformation to the masses by wrongly suggesting otherwise. Cultural references to Monarch imagery will only work on those already programmed. The purpose of displaying the symbols to the public must be only to make people receptive to the symbols, for what purpose I do not know.
      MKULRA-Monarch mind control is nothing more than a toxic mix of torture and "truth syrum" (phenobarbital based) to cause a person to dissociate so they will voluntarily submit to being hypnotized whereupon post hypnotic suggestions are implanted by one or more controllers. The technology is ancient but has been refined in the last century by first the Nazis, and Russians during WW II, and by the CIA and now JTF.
      I was trained using Monarch, but not for sex. Don't fuck with the truth! #mkultra

      • I see I misunderstood your context-less post above.

        The information you describe was out of date 60 years ago. Even a child reading about these subjects for a school report can easily determine that the mind control technology you are describing involving physical trauma, archaic drugs like phenobarbital, and 'hypnosis' was obsolete by the 1950s. The technologies and drugs you reference were common in the 1930s and had already been replaced by more advanced methods by the times these ideas and phrases were first deliberately allowed to be leaked to select members of the public beginning in the 1950s. You are speaking as though Sputnik and radio tubes were the technology of today.

        Today it is all about quantum computers and remote control of humans at the brainstem level. Torture is only for ritual enjoyment and not necessary for programming, and the pharmaceuticals today are FAR more sophisticated than phenobarb. If you are a sincere but misinformed amateur student of these topics you would be well advised to read up. If instead you are working for Them there is nothing more to say. Good day to you Sir.

    • "SHS Teen Clothes" are pretty blunt! …they also use angel's wings in their brand logo…haha!

      just go ahead google them for pictures

      just like this right here….see the glittery slogan "goodbye innocence…with 2 hooker-like figures",
      while the "heroes of her childhood" are praying for her?

      I'm not quite sure about the strong lights inside the house…any clue?

      they have the same thing in the boy version

      The ad was made by noone less than GREY!

    • Touche! They just said he's dead. They wanted him dead and not caught alive. The whole thing stinks to high heavens. Where do we start with the LAPD?

      • there is so much that we aren't told about this whole situation, how it got started, and who is really at fault. lapd is a pretty messed up group, the media is not telling us the truth in what really happened

  31. What is the meaning of Rihanna new video Stay? Is Mikky Ekko representing her handler? Why is she naked? When she is singing she is not even looking towards Mikky. Its so weird. So in that case who does she want to stay? Im thinking its the demon inside of her.

  32. the perversity has increased highly in the entertainment industry. it makes me sad that theses people have allowed themselves to be tricked and mislead. blood money really makes one blind :( lets just pray that Christ intervenes in their lives. there is a way that seemeth right to man, but the end thereof is destruction Proverbs 14:12, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you Matthew 6:33

    • I read the book of Amos today….HOLY WOW. I wonder when the wrath of God will not be turned back for Three sins, even four; upon the world. Oh boy is is anger rumbeling.

      • Well since the Bible promises no pain, suffering, or negativity in the Kingdom to come, then I supose I agree with your comment.

  33. Carrie Underwood's metamorphasis dress opened with a magic mushroom, then transformed into twinkling stars and into a warm fuzzy feeling all over. LoL! She arrived on the red wearing a black silk cocoon dress. After the roses, I cant figure what that was…anybody? does anybody know what product that commercial was about with the sexy lady going to the restroom on the airplane and screaming like she's having an orgazm – and everybody, all guys, on the plane could hear her?

    • The Bar Rafeli make-out ad was disturbing as well – and gross. Thirty seconds of slurping? I don't care *who* is in the ad – no one wants to hear that. What was the point there!?
      How about the ad with the dude prancing around in his underwear? At a buddy's house for "the game," and his two-year-old daughter (almost three) went running to stand right in front of the tv as it started, stood mesmerized, then jumped around for joy after it finished. No wonder it's called "television programming."

  34. The Beyonce note is probably talking about the music industry. Jay-Z scooped her up at a very young age, and before that, she was sheltered by her father. So I doubt it's about a relationship.

    • I think its more philosophical – like learning from mistakes or coming out of a bad relationship feeling hurt but able to take something good from it like feeling stronger and wiser – in this sense someone gift of darkness can be a good thing.

      • Orrr Fuckin 'ell, give over Lisa, its about what the caption says underneath that pic – taking an oath, submitting yourself to the dark side, stop trying to rationlize what's right in front of you, we all know what that sentence means…….If ya dont agree, get off this post and get off this site

      • Don't be so rude and stop patronizing me. Can't you express yourself without swearing?
        Not everything is black and white, I know Beyonce is in way over her head but that doesn't mean everything she does is sinister or "a sign"………………

  35. VC i sent you guys a lot of info but i never seen my info on this site
    so i'm sharing it with you guy's cause vc will never post them.
    ps vc there are a lot more pics and more revealing if you guys need help just ask, i think there are enough people whou want to help you.

    lady gaga signs one eye during intervieuws

    and this is about a mk ultra victim who escaped got caught and never seen of heard of again

    Tila tequila is also revealing secrets about who she calls the others

    heres her channel….

    her websites: closed

    this video not from her but from someone else explains a lot too

    She has a new boyfriend, so they probably have her again.

    here's a article about? behind the scenes….

    Lindsay lohan acts weird,maybe she has something in common with Biritney s

    There's a new rappress called Brooke Candy, she openly admits she's a devil worshipper, a lesbian ans something about maried to the mob?….

    I think thats's enough for know or i keep keep going and you guys lose interest

    VC keep it up

    • Tila Tequila is not sincere. Look into the death of her ex-girlfriend, and how she tried to capitalize on it. Not to mention, her body of "work." This is just another way to get attention – she will never give you the *whole truth* – and will continue her smut-peddling.
      Otherwise, good post…keep it up…

      • Her bravery is commendable, but you're right, she's only halfway to the truth. What does she have to gain by talking about this stuff? Nothing. However, I watched some of her vids and browsed her website and she says little while saying a lot. She went more in depth about her bravery than any real info. It's true, it does take bravery to come against these people, but I didn't come away from it any wiser.

        I didn't know anything about her, but after some looking around I see that her whole career has been centered around her selling sex. Not prostitute-wise, but the influence of demoralization. Maybe her eyes have been opened to the way they were using her for their agenda, but she seems to miss the big truth that this war is a spiritual war. She's only a minor threat because if she was talking about the way to end slavery of the heart and mind, Jesus, she'd have the power they don't want people to know is available to them.

  36. Rihanna looks quite like beyonce in that picture… How coincidental that the caption underneath is "Crazy in Love" one of Beyonce's biggest hits ever.

  37. The last picture from Beyonce is a quote from Mary Oliver, who won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry in 1983. Not Beyonce's words. Just wanted to clarify that for the people who may not have known.

    • Thank you for clarifying that. I was under the impression that those were Beyonce's words. Still interesting though….

  38. Orwell's mentor on

    Thanks for the heads-up re: the Swarovski crystals, VC. I was literally in the process of buying a pair of their earrings. I read this article and immediately stopped that transaction!

    Don't need that dark energy on me or in my home.

      • Orwell's mentor on

        …and I’m surmising this is your attempt to belittle my comment in boycotting a product that markets the Eye of Horus and MK Ultra programming?

        Let’s face it, despite the fact that the general public may view marketing, politics and religion separate entities, they are all inextricably linked. Therefore, boycotting products that promote views that are not congruent with my morals and values is a stance I, and many others are willing to take.

        As well, if boycotting products wasn’t an effective measure, there wouldn’t be countries passing laws to make it illegal to boycott them.

  39. By the way just go into a bookshop if you want one eyed crap. I reckon 30 percent of covers support it. U.K. any way. Its EVERYWHERE. Going into the country and getting a break from it is nice!

  40. satan and his followers will be cast into fiery pit… which they will burn eternally therein.

    kingdom of justice is near… praise be to Almighty God, God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.

      • You got me in a bad mood, that's all.. what do you expect? to condemn people to eternal fire when I'm not much better myself, probably you and many others? They are awful in comparison to some nonetheless there is no question as to who is slightly better or slightly worse. We will focus on making comparisons? So it makes it better if you compare yourself with murderers and mercenaries. Call it hardened, call it whatever pleases you. I call it a realistic heart..

  41. wait, wait! the "french revolution" from les miserables isn't the actual "french revolution" but the 1832 Paris uprising, also known as "june rebelion" against Lousi-philippe changing inestable governments, I think that already by 1832 the illuminati where disbanded.

  42. I noticed at the Grammys they kept showing Beyonce's sister Solange. And she was wearing an emerald-colored dress and red shoes. I think these are references to the Wizard of Oz and they must be bringing Beyonce's sister into the flock. Also, Beyonce has dropped her father as her manager and never talks about her mother anymore. And she used to be so close to her parents.

  43. Also, I noticed Kesha was not at the Grammys. They must be really mad at her for her comment about having to sing Die Young.

  44. Ahem! And did anyone happen to notice damn near every female at the Grammy's was wearing black all night? It was so prominent, I was beginning to wonder if they were paying homage to someone who had passed away… Creepy…

  45. Beyonce actually threw up the a-ok sign at the grammys…she makes it perfectly clear who owns her. And that masonic dress though, way too blatant.

  46. I am so freakin' fed up with the ridiculous so called "music" of today. It got to a point where I decided to cancel every single tv channel and leave the Television to gather dust, as I am simply fed up with seeing their attempts to brainwash all of us into becoming their slaves.

  47. Wow…there are too many coincidences for these things to be merely coincidence. I don't want to believe it, but I can't deny what's in front of me. <sigh> What a way to turn the world upside down. Keep up the good work, VC! I enjoy your website.

    Has anyone seen the Britney Spears commercial for her "Fantasy Twist" fragrance? There's quite an emphasis on her hanging outside of a hotel room door numbered 515…perhaps May 15? The numbers equal 11.

    What do ya'll think?

  48. One more thing about Beyonce – her new movie – Life Is But A Dream – the title is from a children's rhyme, Row, Row,Row Your Boat. Must be an MK thing.

    • "Life is but a Dream"………. This could suggest Life is an illusion, Life is not real, Life is a nightmare, Life is a hologram………Basically life is not what we think it is, its everything but a dream and what do they say about Los Angeles – Its where your dreams come true or being there is like You are in dream like state………….Los Angeles, i should say Hollywood gives people a fabricated view on reality

  49. The little creepy guy on the bike with a torch above his head. Obvious. Also, Taylor's performance as mentioned was full of symbols. Beyonce's black and white outfit. Rhianna in red. The butterflies on Carrie made me ill. A full article on the grammys and one on Les Miz. Heck, I could write it. .

    In Les Miz when Jean Val Jean was singing Bring him home to Marius while in a triangle at a window. And the very sad "sacrifice" of Gavrush. The butterfly near Cosette when she was singing In my Life with Marius. I have always loved Les Miz. The movie made me look at it as a story of the elite always winning and creating a new world order after all the poor are dead.

  50. When I was watching the Les Mis movie this year, that giant eye kept bugging me so much during that one scene, where Hugh Jackman sings "Bring him home."

    I got chills…. Jean Valjean, the character is supposed to be praying to God for the safety of Marius, but with the giant all-seeing eye in the background, it looked like in the film he was making a bargain with the devil.

  51. Twitter:

    The forums will be down for a while for maintenance and update. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Some kind of easily detectable notice on the front page would be nice though..

  52. 12th picture don’t forget the 3rd skull covered mouth. 17th picture chef holding a pan full of ramen noodles messing the area doesn’t make sense.

  53. The picture with Moretz wearing a hat titled "Brain Wash" almost made me laugh – they aren't even trying anymore.

    "HURR DURRR lolz u think tha illumnati exist?! thats rlly wackyy"


    I assume u read about pistorius' story that even a kindergarten kid wouldnt believe it, that flawed it is…. IMO this is aimed at our gun wearing right again. I dont believe for a second oscar did this, the story just doesnt match, but he probably must pay for smth, poor guy…. All coming in due time, the incident, his punishment, Valentine day sacrifice+the right to wear a gun ban, go figure….

  55. I like a lot of stuff on this site, but seriously I think listing any picture with one eye covered up is stretching things too far. People perceive symmetry as beauty so if you cover up one eye you can't see any of the asymmetries in the face and the person looks more attractive. It's been proven time and time again in tests, people perceive somebody to be more attractive if the don't see the whole face.

  56. The Swarovsky crystals as shown in the above ads make me think of the MK reference to shattered glass, a million pieces of crystal breaking off into space.

    I did not watch the Grammies but the moment I saw this photo of the Carrie butterfly dress I was, as the British so crudely say, "gobsmacked".

    I have not seen Les Miserables yet but thanks for the heads up. I shall have a little fun when I do go… if I do. I tend to avoid putting money into Jewish coffers and that includes Hollywood productions.

  57. Haha – 'no more symbolic pics of month' he said

    Thanks for respecting popular opinion VC. Part of your site's impact lies in its visual content. Good work!

  58. I just had an epiphany. If we all spend as much time as we do wodering what the Enemy is trying to do; and spent it figuering out what GOD wants us to do, we could probably do a better job combatting the enemy. Since I see a lot of people on here saying 'What can we do?'. Well you can start by doing the one thing they DONT want you to do; and that is take a stand for morality and righteousness.

    And to all the people that are going to bother writing a response to how this is a terrible idea; you have a better solution? Christ is a fool proof way to stand up for what is right. I know that I'm going to spend a lot less time on this site, and more time seeking the Father, and finding out what he would have me do.

    • What they fail to realize is they are inadvertently worshipping the devil because they are paying him more attention than our Lord. That is my sentiment as well, all this time seeking and watching and trying to figure out the enemy is time that could be used seeking the father. We know the plan, we know the result we know the end game. Therefore we don't need to constantly try to reaffirm what is already known. After the truth is discovered this becomes a fruitless ritual and there is no need to analyze and waste time trying to figure out the machinations of the devil. It is what it is. When your eyes have become opened move on and seek your father, the one who will protect you and save you from this world.

      • YES! I'm so happy to people understand where my heart is coming from! It is also sad to know that some will pass over this without a second thought. Oh well. It has truely been the best blessing in a LONG time; me sitting down once again and re-committing my life to Christ. I didn't back slide as long as some, but that is not a boastful point. 5 years to long I was disconnected and disobeying the law. Although, I still have areas in my life that need adjustment, but I'm trusting in the Lord to help me sort those things out and come to full accordance with his Heart.

        Stay strong brothers and sisters!

  59. No it has nothing to do with these pics but here is a picture of Amanda Bynes dressed as Marilyn Monroe and there's one eye symbolism in it.

  60. Did anyone notice at the Grammy's when the host was kicking off the show and he mentioned justim timberlake and the camera goes to him, then he mentioned something about Beyonce and when the camera was on her she held up both hands looked staight into the camera and gave the ok sign at the same time on both hands.

  61. Great pics. There's more and more of this s**t just surrounding us.
    I wonder what you think about the Pope suddenly abdicating, without really giving a clear reason.

  62. Hey guys, the note from beyonce could be way more positive then we think; look at this.

    the post about 'It has been said that the greatest souls awaken through suffering. Darkness shows us aspects of ourselves that need work, which may not have been exposed to us if the Universe had not sent this suffering in the first place. The greatest prayer you could make would to not ask the Source or Universe to take the suffering away from you, but to instead have faith that everything that happens in your life is only happening to stimulate your spiritual evolution. Thank the Universe for sending you that suffering to help you grow and evolve. All experience is a blessing and happens

    Spirit Science and Metaphysics
    You don't have to suffer. Transform your Panic to Freedom'

    i really liked reading this and gave me some positive energy :)

    • that is interesting I might check that out. I have learned through reading about symbols and such that that have more than one meaning and it depends on how we as human beings used them.

  63. I'm glad the issue of the All-Seeing-Eye in Les Miserable was brought up. I watched the film yesterday and was totally freaked out. In one song in particular, the shot is more focused on the sign than on Hugh Jackman, who is the main protagonist, that one simply cannot but look at it.

    VC, since you've stated that the Illuminati had something to do with the French Revolution, is there any chance for a more detailed article on the subject, or a direction where one who "wants to be in the know" may read about it?

  64. the horned creature is actually pan or baphomet..I guess the message is that the minds of young people are under his influence and command

    • I had a dream of a thing similar to this one, smal and ugly, twice. Once it was trying to keep me on earth while I was flying very low & another time it was trying to stick a needle in my eyes. The looks are so similar apart from the hair which was pitch black and it didn't have any horns.

  65. The last picture is a quote from Mary Oliver – while Bey does Ms. Oliver a disservice by not appropriately quoting the author, the quote is meant to describe how one rises from a place of darkness to one of knowledge and understanding (could be a traumatic experience, a painful experience, a loss, etc). While it may be consistent with some of the things discussed on this site, I don't think it speaks to an oath of fame, etc. This one might be reaching a bit.

  66. I'm just getting him to this whole explanation of why the pop music world is increasingly filled with worse and worse 'stars' coming up with more and more debauched stuff, but it struck me as odd to see yesterday in the announcement about the Timberlake/Jay-Z tour that it will be 'either 11 or 13' shows, hasn't been decided yet.

    As I say, I'm a rookie so if any one could elaborate on how that strikes them, I'd appreciate it.

  67. Just when you think that you've found a musician who isn't involved in this crap and then she performs her new single in a monarch covered dress. >.< Good thing I've stopped putting my trust in this world.

  68. I watched this Nova show last night, and there is a section about 5 data collecting satellites launched by NASA in a geosynchronous orbit, ie, they orbit the earth at the same rate the earth turns so they always stay over the same point to collect information about weather, etc. They are coordinated so that NASA can combine the data from all 5 to get an idea of what's happening in a ring around the earth. It showed a diagram of the range field of each satellite, which, when combined with the path of their circular movement in orbit, mapped a gigantic pentragram around the entire planet. I would be VERY interested to learn exactly what location on the earth's surface each of them is stationed directly above.

  69. I also remembered something else – the name of the snowstorm last week, NEMO, jogged my memory that I'd read it in connection to Thelema, Aleister Crowley's occult doctrine. It refers to a Thelemic saint, someone who has crossed the Abyss (the negative sephirot Da'ath in kabbalah) and destroyed their individual ego in the cup of Babalon.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Isn't that Omen spelled backwards? How does that connect in with all the severe weather conditions we are having lately?

  70. What's disturbing is that these performances are given to an audience made up of others who have been programmed and are intended to trigger. Terrifying. Also very suspect about "what else was going on" for a half hour when most of our attentions were turned to a darkened stadium.

  71. Speaking of's a shame also that someone as beautiful & talented as Nelly Furtado, seems to now have passed over to the dark side and is blatantly serving the illuminati. If any of u have seen her last couple videos, u'll know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm too tired to recall the song names right now, but they feature her flashing the one-eyed sign about a million times, as well as in the latest one I just saw, it's very symbolic and reminiscent of a certain video a-la lady gaga.

    Also, can anybody remember when kanye west actually had that song about the Almighty King & matchless one, Jesus Christ..called 'Jesus Walks'?!? I'm still in disbelief now, as to how this one went from singing about Jesus Christ, to blatantly and in-your-face, singing (or rapping if u will) demonic songs/lyrics and openly serving satan. He shoulda' never hooked up w/ that piece of human garbage, devil-worshipping freemason jay-z..and beyonce a True Christian?? PLEEEZE girl, give me a break..she needs to actually READ her BIBLE, especially the part where God teaches that a TRUE follower of Christ should not marry a non-believer, as they will be unequally yoked; for light hath no fellowship with darkness..AND the part where Almighty God teaches that TRUE Christian women should 'dress in moderate clothing', in order to discourage men from lusting after them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't she do the exact opposite, most of the time half-naked or at best, wearing extremely revealing, sexy, and provocative clothing..yet sadly, millions of girls and women 'worship' her. Anyone feel me on this??

    BTW people, for those who truly care about serving the One True God..The TRUE Day of Worship, The Sabbath Day God refers to in The Ten Commandments, is actually SATURDAY..NOT SUNDAY. It was changed by a pagan emperor named Constantine-who worshipped the sun..henceforth, SUNday. Do the research, ppl, for your own good..God also commands us to tithe..we are most definitely living in the Prophesied 'Last Days', and our time to get right with Almighty God thru His Son Jesus Christ, is RAPIDLY running out…Check out for the REAL TRUTH AND FACTS about The God of the Bible…

    Peace, and God Bless u all, ppl :-)

    • A Corinthians chapter 7
      12 But to the rest speak I, not the Lord: If any brother hath a wife that believeth not, and she be pleased to dwell with him, let him not put her away.

      13 And the woman which hath an husband that believeth not, and if he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him.

      14 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy.

      15 But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.

      16 For what knowest thou, O wife, whether thou shalt save thy husband? or how knowest thou, O man, whether thou shalt save thy wife?

      17 But as God hath distributed to every man, as the Lord hath called every one, so let him walk. And so ordain I in all churches.

      • People are hypocrites. We judge/criticize each other however we commit the same and quite often worst shenanigans than others. I have a school friend with who occasionally I keep some contact. He's a baptist and a very strict one. 2 of his best friends who gather in order to study the Bible and pray started an affair. The man was married with 3 kids and his wife and the other woman were good friends for years. The woman who he had the affair was talking behind his wife's back that his wife at that time was interested in exploiting him etc. They are now together with a kid that is handicapped -he is born with half a brain-. My old school friend is preaching me about my lifestyle when I was in my early 20s because we took a holiday together and I met someone and he didn't. He still criticizes me for having boyfriends when I was single and they were equally single, however he supports a woman and a man who destroyed a long marriage while they were 3 kids. Talking about hypocrisy of the first degree.

      • George, the scripture you posted pertains to one who found the scriptures AFTER they were married. Remember, precept upon precept. You are not to go into ammarriage unequally yoked, but if you are already ?arried you continue to follow the scriptures and be an example to your spouse.

    • i have a screenshot of an all seeing eye AT THE TOP OF A PYRAMID in a hide and seek (object finding) app that is from Disney, I believe. The setting for the level was in Egypt…

    • It's a perfect distraction if anything, if you ask me. The whole thing is bizzare…was he set up? Did he really do it? Was he due on a sacrifice? I honestly don't know. The death of that country singer MCready is also sinister. She "used" a gun, killing her dog then the herself, so of course with that came along the gun control agenda and that she was a very troubled woman. I say she was yet another victim of the system!

  72. Wow this stuff just is ridiculously thrown at our faces. It's tiring and boring. Can't they just stop showing us they control everyone and just say what their agenda really is? Its like its an addiction looking for the symbols and subliminals. Oh VC, if you get the chance, check out the Lil Wayne Love Me Vid. I'm sure you probably already did. From bathing in blood, referencing Satan, monarch butterfly, reptilian type make-up, and bondage, its got the whole shabang.

  73. It really sickens me seeing them use mickey mouse ears for programming. Escpecially carly rae doing it just isn't cute when you learn the true meaning. Alsochloe setting there tryna be cute with that hat on clearly stating her dumb state.

  74. truthseeker2013 on

    This may be way off topic but it struck me when I was looking at the model depicting the one-eyed theme wither her hand and noticing her hand throwing the infamous masonic hand jesture as well.

    What jogged my memory was me watching some you-tube footage about Michael Jackson trying to warn us about the Illuminati and I happen to run across some old footage of Brooke Shields doing an interview. I can't remember the reporter she was talking to but it was what she said.

    I'm not sure if shhe was particularly talking about the power and influence that super models have but she made it clear they have access to a huge amount of resources and they "interact" with the highest echelons of the elites. That got me to thinking, what do they do behind the scenes. I was reading that MKs have levels and some of those roles they are carrier pigeons delivering messages to all world leaders. Does anyone have more insight? I've heard beauty queens are used in the clandestine sex rings for political leaders and I'm pretty sure super models are above beauty queens activities such as having private jets, limousines, and villas to entertain their guests. I also read on a site that many NSA agents are handlers who have 3-ring binders with the necessary codes for the MK, bank accounts codes, credit cards, among other things for their slaves.

    All this is happenong in plain sight when we see all these state dinners, that's when they conduct their business. I also read to be very careful because some photos have been photoshopped so I donn't know what to believe. The reason I say that is they show a picture of Sarah Palin at a state dinner and her purpose was to pass information on to state dignitaries among other things. They show a close up of her dress and it has stains on it that weren't food stains. But it was very apparent she was in a daze. The article said after she delivered her message, she received electro shock at the back of her neck either from a stun gun or and electric prod so the memory would be erased before her brain could process it into long term memory. Her handler is supposed to be her husband but you can't tell it from the photo you can only see a man's hand gripping her arm as if he was guiding her.

    I'm just saying this just struck me as odd that this could be going on in plain sight as the media is telling us one thing about state dinners and other affairs are going on.

    • Truthseeker2013, Ive written this before on this site………Check out the story of Dutch Supermodel Karen Mulder……….very similar to your statement above because Karen Mulder basically said the same thing

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        @BluBoy. Thanks for the info. I have read the info about Karen Mulder here on VC. She is in my prayers and I hope she is delivered entirely from the evil clutches soon.

  75. I saw Les Miz and noticed that! I thought the eye was rather fitting as of what we know about the french revolution. And it was rather unsettling as in some scenes that eye was in the center of the screen and the actor was in the corner. It seemed very strange, although to be expected.

  76. Well i'm kind of new to this site and this is my first comment…. anyway, one of the things that i hate at those girls who appear here, is that except the sublimal message and the brainwash thing they are too perfect! i mean i am sick of those beauties , they are everywhere, ads, magazines….seriously, what are they trying to do? are they trying to create the perfect girls who look perfect and are as easy to manipulate as a puppet? and still most of us don't see it… they are like "so what? of course they put beautiful girls on the covers of the magazines". im sick of this world. it is too superficial. and this is not the only thing that i hate. most of the kids my age are too stupid and they try to be "different" and they call themselves "cool" and are obsessed with facebook, instagram, we heart it and "emotional" phrases. the truth is that they are brainwashed by the media and manipulated -.- but of course nobody believes me, im only a stupid nerd.

    anyway i know that i kind of changed the subject but this is the only site that i actually like and i don't have anywhere to post it.and sorry if my english is not so good :D.

  77. I have a theory that the superbowl halftime had an imposter beyonce, and the "leak" of ugly pics was on purpose to flaunt it.

    You're forgetting the abyssian lines at the grammy's, and all this other stuff references saturn more than mk ultra.

  78. *spoiler alert*
    1. "Side Effects": The premise is that a medication made her turn psycho. But no, the pharmacies and state/Fed still win in the end. 2. "The Last Exorcism part II" (preview): When she is driven up to the house, she has the "ok" sign (like the one Beyonce did at the Grammys) on the window of the car. Demon possesion. 3. "G.I.JOE" sequel (preview): Shapeshifting, some kind of devastating attack (nuclear-like) but it's still a 'fun-like' situation, trust the govt. etc. 4. "Argo, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty," etc. All nominated for best picture…when really, they are just pushing the "American Govt. Is Great" agenda. 5. "Oz" the "Magical Place." Uhm no, it's a fantasy. Brainwash and mind-control. 6. "Beautiful Creatures" lots of imagery and insight into the occult. 7. "The Great Gatsby" (preview) Yeah, though fictional, tells a narrative of elites, born into wealth, they live a glamorous life and that they have secrets. What else is new?

    HOLLYWOOD IS CORRUPTED, just like the government that owns it.

  79. Speaking of's a shame also that someone as beautiful & talented as Nelly Furtado, seems to now have passed over to the dark side and is blatantly serving the illuminati. If any of u have seen her last couple videos, u'll know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm too tired to recall the song names right now, but they feature her flashing the one-eyed sign about a million times, as well as in the latest one I just saw, it's very symbolic and reminiscent of a certain video a-la lady gaga.

  80. don't discontinue SPOTM, i think its the best part of your website, i've been viewing them every month since you started, you do a really good job with them and it's vital info that needs to carry on

  81. I don't understand…
    I love your articles, but many questions come to my mind. Such as, is this even subliminal messaging anymore? Why are they practically publishing all of this? To brain wash everyone that wants to "fit in"? I mean it's literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY. Are people really THAT oblivious?
    Perhaps the media has a higher goal?
    At the end of the day I really cannot say WHAT exactly they are planning, but it seems either not very well thought out, or perhaps it's beyond my understanding. Perhaps somebody could enlighten me.

  82. Was at Lenox mall the other day and all and i mean damn near all the stores had the one eye symbolism. I think it means we r being watched. Like day to day type stuff. Were pretty much screwed..

  83. I saw something intriguing at the mall a woman advertising a watch and it used an interesting one eye salute, the Illuminati are apparently playing the same mind "brainwashing game" in 2013 as they've been playing years before, I also have an interesting theory do some of these artists, actors/actresses pretend that they are for God but really are for secular agenda? and just say they are for God to make themselves look better so that every time someone wants to contradict them they have an excuse? or are some of them "pretending" to be pawns of the Illuminati to keep the money and the fame?

  84. @VC
    Can you please do a review of the Dreamworks LLC animation "Rise of the Guardians". I might now be able to spot most of the MK symbols there but i do believe that there was one message that was clear after the movie had ended
    "The Illusion must Continue. No matter the cost. They must continue to believe in what we want them to believe, in who we want them to believe. "

    Would love an look into this. :)

  85. That Beyonce not reminds me of the a movie I watched yesterday. About a a black box that should not be opened because the evil spirit inside possesses it's host and kills them. It also killed the young rabbi that helped to re-confine it back to it's box when he was driving to get rid of it.

  86. What a nutjob. Quit looking for meaning in every little thing. Guess what, usually the meaning of entertainment media…is entertainment.

    Sex sells, pop culture sells, stupid shit sells. It's not some vast conspiracy, it's not the Illuminati, get over it, the world just isn't as interesting as you want it to be.

  87. So glad you brought back SPOTM!!

    There are other disturbing images in the SHS ads, not to mention the campaign NAME of the line: "Goodbye Innocence"….and this is a clothing line for teens. So sad. Thank you for being VIGILANT!

    Below; a link to some pics from SHS…notice the comments on how much youth are LOVING IT.

    Another one I would like to see you spotlight is Karl Lagerfeld and his Chanel. I think that dude was programmed himself, before becoming a handler with handlers.

    • @ JP54…how did you come up with Karl/Chanel?

      "SHS Teen Clothes" are pretty blunt! …they also use angel's wings in their brand logo…haha!

      just go ahead google them for pictures

      just like this right here….see the glittery slogan "goodbye innocence…with 2 hooker-like figures",
      while the "heroes of her childhood" are praying for her?

      I'm not quite sure about the strong lights inside the house…any clue?….

      they have the same thing in the boy version….

      The ad was made by noone less than GREY!

      • BerryLover, (THis is JP54, btw…just signed in with the wrong name…)

        just Google Image "Chanel ad with bird cage" for one…too numerous to count. The whole 2013 18th century "look" might be from when????how about the Illuminati year 1776? Just sayin'. There is one very prominent pic in mags of a woman in black and white, with a mask over her eyes, reclining on a bed, with a birdcage…then, there is Karl himself…a piece of work. Not to mention his runway models look like very ugly dudes. Hey, isn't that Brad Pitt as a Chanel model? Just my conclusions from reading too much VC.

        Then, there is Valentino. Here's a description of his latest "art":
        Valentino’s designers took inspiration from labyrinths, producing a simple collection with bird, bird cage and butterfly motifs and splashes of Valentino’s signature red. Layers of organza were embroidered or painted, and it apparently took 850 hours to hand embroider a single organza skirt and jacket. Recognition and awe at this level of craftsmanship added another dimension to the collection’s desirability.

        To be honest, most crap that passes for Haute Couture crosses over from weird to evil IMHO…and the prices are most definitely from the pit. Who wears this junk and what is the point? Oh, Sally Field wore Valentino to the Oscars!

  88. Κύκλωπας on

    They have betrayed our parents' old rites by turning them into weapons. They don't deserve to be called the illuminated ones.
    Their betrayal has brought darkness and shame to us.

  89. Truthistimeless on

    I was recently in China and amazed at how many ads that had the hand covering one eye symbol were plastered all over the train stations.

  90. But Les Miserables wasn't about the French Revolution, it was actually a small-scale student rebellion that happened AFTER the French Revolution. However, I did notice the all-seeing eye the first time and it creeped me out.

  91. Les Miserables isn't set during the French Revolution, but 50 or 60 years after. Not that such a trivial detail should make a difference to anyone here…

  92. I like Taylor Swift but I'm just tired of all the love songs. The guy either doesn't know she exists,or they're in love or breaking up;it's annoying. Also I curious to why people always say turn to God? what if you're of a different religion? I just personally find it offense to tell people to turn to God, I mean what if that person is a muslim or a wiccan or atheists.

  93. The other day Senator Rand Paul quoted Alice in Wonderland while filibustering the nomination of the director of the CIA John Brennan. Coincidence?

  94. I have a question: These people that display the symbols (Rhianna, Taylor Swift), are they the victims? Shouldn't we be sorry for them? O they part of evil? If they are victims, what can be done to help them?

  95. I noticed something weird on K-pop group SHINee's new MV: Dream girl. As a k-pop fan, it hurt me to see them do illuminati stuff. Please do a review about it.

  96. northernlights on

    I know these so called music stars are programmed/controlled. However, what I want to know is:

    WHO and WHICH company creates the sets and stage designs, costumes, etc. Does anyone know?

  97. Just wanted to point out that the French Revolution is not the battle depicted in LE MIS. It is actually the JUNE REBELLION. No doubt on the symbolism but just no french revolution connection .

  98. lilyofthevalley on

    Hi , I wondered about the magazine cover with Dakota Fanning… the is an article about Billy Joel advertised. i once read that Christie Brinkley was an early Monarch Progammed sex slave.
    Thank you dor al your inspirational work here.
    Can anyone explain why all these symbols etc are so important to to the Illuminati and if I should sheild my kids even more than I already do?
    Thank you anyone in advance…big hugs

  99. I think the ad for SHS is (also) about a technology called OPTOGENETICS – optical control – a technology already here!!
    Specific brain cells are genetically modified to become sensitive to light, to a specific wavelength. This means implementing genetic modified structures into the single NEURON…
    Once the modified brain-cell is illuminated with "that" color, the behavior of the animal/human follows the instruction contained in that particular wavelength (what the master decided for you).

  100. I can't explain very good but i want to pay atention on J. Timberlake album's name.

    The 20/20 expirience

    It looks like not very good hided msg about what is expected or planned to happen until THE YEAR 2020.
    Might be interesting or important what he sing in the album.

    It'snot only about the method of what this 20/20 is shown but also because They have a lots of plans wicht they want to complete or start untilyear 2020.
    EU PLAN 2020 in example.

  101. @Buttas
    The reason why it is used in a sinister way is because Toy Machine is a sinister company (along with Foundation). Time and time again we’be been subjected to Ed Templeton’s highly symbolic artworks in the form of ads and board graphics. If only this site would do an article on sinister skate companies (eg. Emerica).
    P.S. I know that its a hard pill to swallow because I used to be a huge fan of Toy Machine even Alien Workshop until I could no longer deny the obvious

  102. Re: Les Miserables. You do know that the French Revolution was staged by the Freemasons and and Illuminati, don't you? 'Liberty, Equality and Fraternity' is NOT from the revolutionaries of that time, but is a unique Masonic term.
    What can one say about Chloe Moretz? She looks blank, anyway. She didn't need to post for these shots. The Illum have worked her over very well.

  103. I'm new to all of this, and granted alot of it doesn't make sense and the only conclusion that I can come up with is that something must be playing out in the background, like MK. However, are you guys saying that from now until the end of time nobody famous can have any butterfly broach or top or whatever without being targeted? Personally I think butterflies are quite cute.. I dunno. And dont they sometimes cover one eye to make an otherwise boring head shot a little more interesting? I'm not being weird, just curious.

  104. May I offer beachhutman on twitter.

    The end of a decade of resistance and rebellion.
    I look forward to the next one, sort of.
    I need corroboration and validation or I will be valedictory, things are getting a bit tight what with Optician field of Vision Tests allowing classic NLP delivery, if you are a suspicious type. I turned down the free hearing test with headphones (dual hypnosis acquisition?) had I done that I wouldn't be here at my computer at 5am.

  105. Knew about the Les Miserables being laced with Illuminati symbolism. A friend told me, it makes enough sense. Notice that in Cowboy Casanova by Carrie U, she's dancing in a room with checkerboard print singing,
    "He's a good time cowboy casanova leaning up against the record machine…
    Looks like a cold drink of water but he's CANDY COATED MISERY.
    A DEVIL IN DISGUISE, a snake with blue eyes,
    Gives you feelings that you don't wanna fight…you better run for your life"
    Really? Tell me I'm dreaming.

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