How the Animated Series G.I. Joe Predicted Today’s Illuminati Agenda


G.I. Joe is an iconic cartoon TV show that marked an entire generation of young boys during the 80s. Most fans still recall the main characters and the epic gun fights. But what about the storyline? A look at the TV series in today’s context is quite a strange experience: Many of Cobra’s “far-out” plots are actually happening today. Could G.I. Joe be a case of predictive programming? We will look at some G.I. Joe episodes describing the replacement of the US dollar and the usage of mind control on celebrities and civilians and see how they relate in today’s context.

As a guy who grew up in the 80s, I can personally attest that G.I. Joe was definitely on the menu in my after-school TV cartoon line-up. If you’re a younger reader, let me tell you this (at the risk of sounding like a grumpy uncle): G.I. Joe wasn’t your wimpy Dora the Explorer cartoon. It was a half-hour full of bad-ass characters face-kicking and laser-gun-shooting their way to victory. And that’s pretty much what I remembered of this TV show – laser-gun shootouts – until recently.

A reader of this site recommended I view a particular episode of the series called Money to Burn, which depicts in great detail a vital part of today’s NWO agenda (discussed later). I was in shock. So I watched other episodes in the series and this is what I saw: psychological warfare, tapping into occult forces to obtain political power, military research funded by huge corporations and mind control used on civilians and celebrities. The series pretty much summed up the entire contents of the Vigilant Citizen website. Most of the shady things are accomplished by Cobra Commander, the “bad-guy” of the show, who is a ruthless terrorist aiming for world domination. The Joes always managed to stop Cobra, however, dismantling his evil schemes in an orgy of laser-gun fire and spectacular explosions.

Cobra Commander angrily pointing at something.

Watching the shows today, however, was very unsettling: Because of open-access information laws and the Internet, it is slowly coming to light that today’s shadow governments are actually carrying out most of Cobra’s plans … in real life. News about these plans come on a daily basis in mainstream news (we do our best here at Vigilant Citizen to report them in Latest News section). Did G.I. Joe contain “predictive programming”, a technique based on planting ideas and concepts in the brains of viewers in order to make them seem normal and easily accepted when they actually happen?

Show Overview

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero ran in syndication from 1985 to 1989. The opening title sequence stated: “G.I. Joe is the code name for America’s daring, highly-trained Special Mission force. Its purpose: To defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.” The shows ended with a public service announcement, where the Joes gave safety tips to the children. These announcements always concluded with a now-famous saying: “Knowing is half the battle!”

A mustache makes you automatically credible.

The animated series was designed to promote Hasbro’s line of action figures of the same name. In fact, each episode purposely featured a different character in order to boost the associated toy’s sales. Maybe this is the reason why the Joes had relatively lame and clichéd dialogue compared to the more complex and interesting Cobras. Other than promoting merchandise, the series pushed an obvious pro-American-military-industrial-complex agenda, a reflection of the Reagan-era dogma happening at the time, which was characterized by a showdown with the Soviet Union. In this context, one might expect the Cobra Organization to represent the “evil communists” as was the trend in so many movies in the 1980s.

Surprisingly, that is not the case. The “bad guys” in G.I. Joe are actually funded by a huge American corporation named Extensive Enterprises and its reptilian leaders (wink to David Icke) carried out their devious plans from hidden “Cobra Temples”. These bases, established all across the world with no regard to national borders, were often situated in mystical locations, such as Easter Island or by China’s underground terracotta warriors (Cobras apparently believe in the powers of geomancy). In fact, the Cobra Organization bears few characteristics of a communist or “terrorist” organization and many characteristics of an elitist secret society in the style of what we call the Illuminati.

The “Cobra Command” shaped like an unfinished pyramid. This shape can be found in many instances in Cobra Temples.
The unfinished pyramid is today’s most famous Illuminati symbol.

Even more significant is the plot of the first G.I. Joe episode ever aired. In the mini-series, titled Pyramid of Darkness, Cobra seeks to take control of the world by shutting down the power grid of the Northern Hemisphere.

The Cobra elite visualizing their plans for creating a Pyramid of Darkness on earth. Creating a pyramid to keep the world “in the dark” is a powerful symbol for Illuminati control of the masses. The word Illuminati  stands for “the enlightened” … most of its power is based on the masses being as ignorant and dumbed-down as possible. In other words: in the dark.

As we watch later episodes, it becomes noticeable that Cobra Commander’s numerous plans to conquer the world are eerily similar to actual events happening today, 25 years after the broadcast of these episodes, in another example of how “science fiction” is indeed becoming reality. Here are some aspects of the Illuminati agenda that were exploited in G.I. Joe:

Making Paper Money Worthless and Taking Possession of People’s Gold

In the episode entitled Money to Burn, Cobra finds a way to instantly burn all of America’s paper money using a “thermo-molecular ignition transmitter”, effectively rendering the American dollar useless.

A scared lady seeing her money bursting into flames.

Cobra then addresses the nation through a TV broadcast (he seems to have easy access to mass media). This is what he says:

“Attention citizens! Due to the financial irresponsibility and incompetence of your leaders, Cobra has found it necessary to restructure your nation’s economy. We have begun by eliminating the worthless green paper, which your government has deceived you into believing is valuable. Cobra will come to your rescue and, out of the ashes, will arise a NEW ORDER!”

This is pretty deep stuff for a show aimed at children under 12. This speech basically outlines the modus operandi of the Illuminati shadow government: create a crisis, cause chaos, claim to have the only solution, get people to beg for that solution, and restore “Order out of Chaos”. Furthermore, declaring this New Order to rise out of its ashes is reminiscent of the Masonic concept of a phoenix rising out of the ashes.

There is truth in Cobra’s statement regarding the real value of  paper money. The American dollar has had no actual value since  1971, when the gold standard was abandoned by the Nixon administration. The American dollar’s value used to be based on a fixed weight of gold. Today it can effectively lose all its value and become worthless overnight, as its value is not backed by any tangible goods … and this is what was happening in this episode of G.I. Joe.

After Cobra’s announcement, the dazed and confused American people assemble before the Department of Treasury and shout “We want money!”, begging the government to provide a solution to their problem. The Joes see the situation and observe that “buying and selling has been replaced by rioting and looting”.

Then Cobra appears on TV again and says:

“Citizens of the United States, I am pleased to announce Cobra’s economic recovery plan! If you want money to buy food for your children, take all your valuables to the nearest branch of Extensive Entreprises. There, all goods will be exchanged for Cobra currency!”

Cobra presenting the new currency to be exchanged for people’s valuables, such as gold.

This exact phenomena is happening today. There is currently a sustained effort to take gold and other valuables off the hands of the public through “Cash for Gold” programs. You might have been assaulted by ridiculous ads like these:

Don’t listen to MC Hammer and Ed McMahon. Keep your gold and buy more of it!

In a hidden Cobra Temple, the heads of Extensive Enterprises show a rich client the “largest stockpile of tangible assets ever assembled”.

A vault full of the ignorant people’s gold.

Fortunately, the Joes come to the rescue, restored the American dollar and destroyed pretty much everything in sight, including the Cobra Temple. Yo Joe!

Mind Controlling Celebrities to Mind Control the Masses

Many articles on this site discuss the use of mind control in popular culture, a concept that might be hard for some to believe. Well, the Joes were fighting it back in 1986.

Sold Out Singers

In the episode entitled Rendez-Vous in the City of the Dead, Shipwreck and Snake Eyes (two G.I. Joe characters) enter a Cobra-owned night club named “Snake Club” (Cobra obviously knows the power of indoctrinating the youth through entertainment). There, a signer named Satin sings the praise of Cobra in the form of a love song. The singers’ backup dancers are dressed alike in Cobra-style costumes.

Backup dancers making Cobra control cool and fashionable.

Now, where did I see a famous singer performing on stage with dancers symbolizing the people’s oppression? Oh, right, right, right …

Beyonce making police in riot gear cool and fashionable at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

MK-Ultra Celebrities

In another episode, titled Glamour Girls, the show describes nothing less than the use of MK Ultra in the entertainment business.

Cobra Commander, with the help of Dr. Mindbender, strikes a deal with an international cosmetic tycoon. Cobra agrees to provide a constant flow of beautiful young girls to the company in exchange for a face-transplant technology developed by the tycoon. Cobra therefore launches “Operation High Fashion”, which aims to recruit young models, singers and actresses by catering to their dreams of being famous.

In order to lure these girls, Cobra sends them invitations to a photo shoot, which will appear in an issue of  “Glamour Girls” magazine, the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world – a publication that is owned by Cobra’s Extensive Enterprises (Cobra of course owns multiple media outlets, like today’s Illuminati).

Not surprisingly, all of the girls who received an invitation are ecstatic at the idea of appearing in the magazine and they gladly present themselves at the Glamour Girls building for the photo shoot. But they are being tricked: The camera’s flash sends subliminal hypnotic messages to the models, making them highly suggestible and easily manageable.

Once hypnotized, the models obey any command.

The models are then instructed to go to a “party” and they do so without questioning. In their mind-controlled state, the models dissociate from reality and perceive the party as being a glamorous get-together attended by classy gentlemen. When their hypnotic state wears off however, the harsh reality kicks in.

When the girls snap out of their dissociative state, one of them says “We’re not in Kansas anymore”. This is a reference to the Wizard of Oz, a movie that is used in actual mind control programming. Being in or out of “Kansas” is in fact a code word regarding a subject’s dissociative state.

All of the young girls and celebrities who fall for this trap are manhandled and thrown into a dungeon.

A celebrity trapped in a heavily guarded dungeon. Similar programming facilities are used in actual mind control projects.

The theme of mind control is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s fashion industry and it is often coded with the use of lifeless mannequins and Monarch butterflies.

Megan Fox in a mind-control themed photo shoot.

Fortunately, the Joes manage to track down the Cobra’s dungeon, punch everybody’s lights out and rescue the young ladies. Yo Joe!

Using Mind-Controlled Civilians in Secret Military Missions

In Operation Mind Menace, the theme of mind control is yet again exploited. In this episode, the Cobra Organization kidnaps civilians known to have psychic abilities, in order to harness their power and use them in secret missions.

Kidnapped civilians with psychic powers entering the Cobra Temple. The device on their chests are amplifiers. Similar devices are reportedly implanted in the brains of actual Theta programming victims.

In Monarch programming terms, this is known as “Theta Programming” and it encompasses the usage of psychic powers, such as extra-sensory perception (ESP), remote viewing, telepathy and psychic killing. Documents have been released proving that the CIA has been conducting experiments to harness these powers and to use them on the battlefield since the 1970s:

“THETA considered to the “psychic” programming. Bloodliners (those coming from multi-generational Satanic families) were determined to exhibit a greater propensity for having telepathic abilities than did non-bloodliners. Due to its evident limitations, however, various forms of electronic mind control systems were developed and introduced, namely, bio-medical human telemetry devices (brain implants), directed-energy lasers using microwaves and/or electromagnetics.”
– Ron Patton, Project Monarch Mind Control

“Theta Programming got its name just as the Alpha, Beta, and Delta Programming in part from the four types of EEG brain waves. Theta waves are frequent in children. (…) Psychic warfare became a branch of the Monarch Programming. This is the Theta Programming. It is the marriage of occult practices with state of the art science. The idea to be able to copy what Elisha did to the King of Syria (2 KG 6:11-12) when he “telepathically” spied on the enemy, discovered their plans, and thereby ruined their chances of success. Today this has been called “ESPionage”, and the U.S. Army’s term is “psychotronics”. Of course, the CIA’s position is that they couldn’t find anything that worked, but that is simply not true, because the co-authors know of many Theta alters and Theta model systems which have Theta programming which is successful.  (…)

Whether the public perceives Psychic warfare as viable or not, billions of dollars have been spent on it, and numerous Theta models produced. (…)

Since slaves can not be consistently given Theta programming, a surgical implantation of a sodium/lithium powered high frequency receiver/transducers coupled with a multi-range discharge capacitor was placed into the brains of Monarch slaves. This gives the handlers the ability to signal by remote signals to the victim’s brain. When the receiver picks up the signals they electronically stimulate certain areas of the brain which in turn triggers pre-set programming. Implants are now being placed in a high percentage of the Monarch slaves.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Mind Control Slave

These secret programs are slyly being revealed to the public in movies.  In Men Who Stare at Goats, the issue is presented as comedy. However, the movie is based on an actual US military project: Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon’s First Earth Battalion.

The First Earth Battalion was renamed New Earth Army in Men Who Stare At Goats, a unit using extra-sensory powers (ESP). The movie also vaguely alluded to the dark/satanic side of mind control in some scenes.

In G.I. Joe, the mind-controlled civilians talk in a robotic manner and are detained in high-tech facilities.

Mind-controlled civilians in Cobra’s high tech detention facility

Fortunately, the Joes tracked down the Cobras, rescued the civilians and kicked everyone’s ass back to sanity. Yo Joe!


In Conclusion

G.I. Joe is an iconic mid-80’s television series that undoubtedly impacted the imagination of an entire generation of children. The action-packed battle scenes, the memorable characters and the futuristic, sci-fi plots made the show a sure hit with young boys, especially. Watching these shows today, we discover that many of the Cobra’s plots have been a hidden reality and/or are slowly becoming reality. And these plans are not coming from “a shadowy terrorist organization” but from our own “elected” leaders and their elite rulers.

The Joes are presented as a group of all-American soldiers with strong values, fighting with integrity and honesty against an ever-plotting terrorist group. They are what the American army is supposed to be and the ideal image that the military-industrial-complex want us to believe. But the Joe’s enemies, the ever-plotting terrorist group is not a foreign menace: It exists within the system. In other words, if the Joes existed today, they would probably be fighting their own government , the hidden part of it … what we call the Illuminati.

So the question remains: Why did the series describe these sophisticated plans with such vivid details to its youthful audience? Was G.I. Joe one of the many TV shows and movies sponsored by the American government and the owners of the mass media companies who broadcast it? Were they preparing the youth to the revelation of realities by exposing it to them at a young age? Were they trying to warn the public? The creators of this show definitely knew the answer to these questions, and we should too. Because knowing is half the battle.




    • NWO are gentlemen, they tell you before hand in plane site what their going to do to you. now that you know what to expect.

    • Derall Probly Demons on

      Great article BUT, one should seriously consider that there is a higher, hidden (occult) intelligence to these things… The author of this article, along with the majority of people (whom are at least partly aware to the strong undercurrent of deceptive means and evil in the world, admits the phony surface level of "status quo / there's no such conspiracies and everything is normal", seem to implicate the "elite" or our elected leaders and the top echelons of big cooperations as the root cause and planners/perpetrators of such astoundingly sinister and extremely complex actions against the masses of humans they aspire to totally rule over…. And not only that, "they" even have the foresight and seemingly beyond human means to so thoroughly inject their far reaching future plans into the scripts, dialogs and themes of a great many (more then most know right now) of TV shows, movies, cartoons, music videos, etc…. One should not put limits on the potential of a human being, whether it be for good or evil.. But, considering the amount of ancient texts that speak of "the gods", "demons", "archons", "ascended masters", "fallen angels"… In texts that to this very day are still relevant and at least everyone alive now has heard or knows of: the bible, the tora, the Dead Sea scrolls, emerald tablets…. It seems quite foolish, naive, and very short sighted to believe that there isn't a "higher intelligence" to ALL of this, one that just because we cannot see, we refuse to believe exists… although, once your eyes are truley open, you being to see that this "occult world" have always been all around you, hidden in plain sight (but perceived as what "they've" wanted you to perceive them as).

    • It is always interesting to me how there is usually one, or a small group of people, who foils the plans of the secret societies. Are we being conditioned to not take action because some outside source will fix the problem?

      It is never the collective efforts of conscious beings who stand up for their rights, but some outside society which is responsible for the saving of a whole society. Wake up and stand up for your rights. Peace, one love, and freedom to all beings!

  1. there shit is in so many cartoons… then when we get older it's in us subconsciously and we are influenced to the agenda, unless some brave souls dares to wake ya up. One Love.

      • InfamousAvantgairde on

        The first episode of season 3 Gargoyeles actually speaks the Illumanti's name.

        "Is it wise to keep the illuminati waiting?" He replys.. "no"

        Creatures that are active at night yet turn to stone at sunrise.Life is the biggest Sifi ever known.

    • VC can you do an article about the latest Disney flick, Tron Legacy, I've never seen so much Illuminati propaganda in one movie. You can see this is the type of world they wish to live in and control.

    • why did the egyptians worship serpants, or the vedics/hindus. Why did the aztecs, or other native peoples.

      Why the serpant in the bible, or tales of dragons in Celtic and Chinese cultures?

      The symbolism is all around us, and david icke just took the time to look at it. Just because we can't visually see things, doesn't mean that its there. During the dark ages, europe thought the earth was flat while most of the ancient world already knew that the earth was round, and that we revolved around the sun, along with magnificant detail of stars and planets with out the use of telescopes? Hmm, who could have given them this knowledge if they had no telescopes?

      Today's history is tiny compared to the knowledge of our ancestors. That is why great libraries like the library of alexandria and in babylon/iraq were destroyed, because they contained knowledge far greater then what most people know today.

      • I suggest you look up the work of Alex Collier. There is a really good interview with him from year 94. Here is the link

        I have to say i NEVER believed in reptilian E.T. race…but now after a lot of research i do. It sounds ludacris at first but the more you dig in the more amazed you become. Think outside the box.

      • Worse yet, many now believe the reptilians aren't from outer space, aren't actual 'aliens', but the Nephilim and the fallen angels, which is why satan/lucifer is called a serpent in the book of Genesis. The 13 bloodlines are all from the fallen angels, and the Nephilim are mentioned in the Bible several times. They are the ONLY creatures which God Almight has NO mercy for and NO allowance of His Grace. They are evil and abominations of His perfect creation. When 'alien disclosure' happens, don't believe that they are our creators and are here to guide or protect or save us from any one or any thing. They are the source of all evil and they lie and deceive at all times.

      • Amen is the Reptilia on

        Dude saying "AMEN" is a homage to AMEN-RA (or Atum) the sun/serpent god of egypt. Every time you give spiritual respect to jesus' dad you are giving that emotional respect and spiritual energy to Amen-Ra – the very serpents behind this deception.

        The say Amen in Muslim faith after prayer too apparently. Slippery buggers aren't they: getting the entire religious world to give spiritual respect to the egypt serpent gods.

        So to summarise Amen Ra is the Serpent/Devil.

      • sorry to ask but are you here to misinform? Amen DOESN'T come from stupid amon-ra (which by the way is amon not amen!!!).. Amen is a Hebrew word and means 'so be it'. Please don't talk if you don't know what you're talking about.

      • Amen ra is not the enemy in this battle thats what the evil forces want you to believe. Why do you think they burned and destroyed the libraries of alexandria the same place where the true meaning of these symbols we point out everywhere were held. The evils have this info and deceive the public into thinking it is evil. The answers behind the unknown questions are in the stars literally. As above so below. Fyi to say amen ra and egyptian symbolism is evil is in the same equilvant as saying black people are evil because we invented it. Peace to the awaken souls and chaos to unawaken so they can open their eyes.

      • Thank you for pointing that out because it prompted me to research. The English and Greek use of this word is a transliteration from the Hebrew word a-men`. Which means "so be it" The root word in Hebrew from which it is taken (a-man`) means to "be faithful" , "be trustworthy".

        The Egyptian gods you speak of are spelled differently. Ra was a diety worshiped around the 5th dynasty and around the 8th dynasty the ruling class combined Ra with their diety Amun. various spellings abound; Amun, Atum, Ammon-Ra

        So the saying "Amen" simply means that one is whole heatedly in agreement with what has been said.

      • That the so-called aliens and reptilians are demons is true. But to say that the bloodline families are their descendants is a total nonsense as the devils DO NOT have the ability to reproduce, let alone with humans. This idea is very dangerous and people should be careful what they believe as some can also come forward and say they are descending from angels, or even Jesus Christ, which is also nonsense.

        God gave only humans the ability to reproduce and that's the reason satan needed to breed generations of wicked people to get the antichrist to begin with. He needs a real human, evil enough to be able to carry out his evil plans, ONLY because he cannot have his own kinship.

      • Ok' what is with all of you people on here praising god. Religion has been used to control the masses just as much as modern media. In my opinion, religion is there to to give us different beliefs so we thnk of ourselves as different from eachother to prevent us from uniting with eachother to overcome the oppression that is coming. we are being bought into an idea of slavery that we think is just everyday life. all the religions follow the same themes and without this evil character we all call satan there is no good character. Yin Yang dudes…and dudettes. oh and God only gave humans the ability to reproduce? really, your seriously going to say that like its a fact? ok what about every other living thing on our planet. I guess the stork brings all those baby creatures. oh but wait where did the stork come from? Come on, God is not the answer. Knowledge is and satan still scares people so that will continue to be used to scare us. Frightened people who have been pushed down to the position of a cog in a machine, with the constant promise of happiness and sucess, while never being able to make it. Be that due to lack of money for education or the feeling that there is no longer any hope in this world because the people DO NOT have the power. But those people will never stand up and fight when it comes time to. Only those who belive in themselves and their fellow man; and the possibility of a future where art and enlightenment are what we strive for, and not money so we can buy more stuff to "make us happy". They will be the ones who fight and protect those who pray to their God for protection. What is it you Jesus Lovers say when someone dies… oh, it was part of God's plan. Well, your seeing his plan right now and he gave you the devil to blame so you wouldnt point the finger at him. Much like our government gives its people the president.

      • This is becoming a common theme with some replies on this website by people with a similar outlook to God/ religion as yourself. Just because you don't believe in God does not mean he is not real.

        Most Christian Religions IMO seem to preach about God but still corrupt the core meaning and I have not been to a Church in 22 years because it felt contrived and saw this belief underneath it all, But what do people do but blame God especially when things go wrong or deny him altogether stating that believing in God will not save you coz you are doing nothing using any excuse just to not to have to deal with what responsibility there is in having to answer to a Moral God, (the Luciferians believe "DO AS YOU WILT") without answering to anyone (or so they think).

        But I agree that some religious people use the excuse that we are to be passive, but God helps those who help themselves. And why can't you have a belief in God and still do something to better yours and others situations, it's not one or the other, to save yourself you must deny God.

      • dude, please leave your anti-God comments to yourself.. i swear, they are just expressing themselves to the topic from what they know. Dont go knocking what they believe just because you dont feel the same way.

      • I would rather be a slave to God and Jesus than to Satan. You have to SEEK the truth, one of satan's greatest tricks has been organized religion each spewing half truths but in effect keeping people from knowing the whole truth that leads to eternal life under god. Is there a religion that does not have any graven images? God was very clear to his people not to have any images of anything on the earth, in the heavens, in the sea or sun or moon or stars Deut. 4:16-19 yet look at the majority of religions and they all have some form of idolatry. From Mary and the cross to the half moon etc… This is inexcusable before God. But not to worry God will make all things right.

      • Without Jesus there is no hope and you are already dead.

        Bible 1 John 5-13-15

        He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

        These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God

        And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:

      • And by humans you mean all living and breething creatures. Cause I could have sworn I just payed for my English Bulldog to reproduce……….I kno but I had to drop it…

      • you are partially right however wrong on one thing, the fallen angels that mated with the humans ended up bearing giant children called Nephilim, this is documented in Genesis and Numbers, however non of the blood lines are left, that was one of the major reasons for the flood, to kill them off.

        1. When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them,

        2. the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

        3. Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years."

        4. The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

        The second is Numbers 13:32-33, where the Hebrew spies report that they have seen fearsome giants in Canaan:

        32. And they spread among the Israelites a bad report about the land they had explored. They said, "The land we explored devours those living in it. All the people we saw there are of great size.

        33. We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them."

        and yes don't be fooled by these aliens that will come, all that was discovered in the ancient ruin drawings etc.. People will fall and believe that come in peace, they are nothing more than demons. Look at the tv shows they have, like V and The Event.

      • @ Silksoul @ Luke

        Here there is a huge misunderstanding of the Bible's words and it is very common today: people mistakenly think that the sons of God were angels (or demons) and the daughters of man were humans. This is incorrect. And here's why: When the Genesis speaks about 'the sons of God' who married the 'daughters of men' it points out to the descendants of Seth (the third son of Adam and Eve) who started hooking up with the descendants of Cain. This was forbidden by God since the times he had banished Cain from living with the rest of his family after Abel's killing. Cain had become a renegade, a human (human meaning in this case earthly, possesing only material or fleshy features as opposed to the godly ones that he had lost). But ALL of them were HUMAN in nature and had the same human features!!! The sons of Seth were considered the sons of God because (like the Christians today) they had the spirit of God upon them. And the fact that giants were born out of those unions was due to the fact that the mixing-up of the members of these two 'clans' was a terrible sin and an abomination in the eyes of God as today it is abominable for members of the same family to marry! Disobeying the rule set by God for coupling was abominable then and it is abominable today and the proof is that the kids resulted from these unions are cursed and often display physical, psychical or intellectual monstrosities. You have to understand that some of the rules that governed those days have changed but under no circumstances should a Christian believe that the demons were allowed to mate with humans. This in a very un-Christian idea because it gives much more power to the demons than they really have. They are spirits and having no material body it is impossible for them to produce semen, which is a physical matter. But even if they had (let's assume for a second they could somehow, 'miraculously' produce semen) it is in only God's power to give life. An embryo produced by a human and a devil couldn't live because God wouldn't give life to it. Only He could be born as a human (although spirit Himself) but this is one of the greatest miracles of Christianity!

      • @Raphael

        This is a common objection with why "sons of God" could not be nephilim/fallen angels/etc. There are more, as well as several reason why that disagreement has problems. But it is an argument worthy of discussion.

        A serious problem with your explanation however is about the different clans intermarrying:

        "And the fact that giants were born out of those unions was due to the fact that the mixing-up of the members of these two ‘clans’ was a terrible sin and an abomination in the eyes of God as today it is abominable for members of the same family to marry! Disobeying the rule set by God for coupling was abominable then and it is abominable today and the proof is that the kids resulted from these unions are cursed and often display physical, psychical or intellectual monstrosities."

        You have at least two problems with this section

        1) The bible says Cain was kicked out and had a curse, explicitly on him. It does not explicitly say any of his kids were cursed, nor does it say the kids were not allowed to marry any of Seth's offspring. I understand that's part of your whole argument of "sons of God" and "daughters of men," but if you're going to make an argument based on the bible, you have to show where the bible says explicitly the kids were cursed too, and that intermarriage was forbidden. The bible does forbid certain intermarriages, but that command doesn't come until much later (not in that passage, or even during that time period), and it is explicitly on religious cultural basis, not just on birth..

        2) You switched your arguments. First you say that there were giants (deformed folks) because the parents were from were different clans, then you said there deformities because parents were from the same clan.

        Maybe there was more you're trying to say, or need to add but you didn't write that here. Right now, what you've written weakens your argument.

      • The Book of Jubilee, a forgotten, yet valid book of the bible does reference fallen angels posessing the ability to reproduce with humans. The result of that union was used to explain giants, such as Goliath. Whats to say giants were the only product?

      • What do you think about Genesis 6?

        The Wickedness and Judgment of Man

        1 Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.

        3 And the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive[a] with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” 4 There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

        5 Then the LORD[b] saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6 And the LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. 7 So the LORD said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.” 8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

      • Inquiring MInd on

        The 13 bloodline families are clearly the Nephilim/Watcher hybrids of yesteryear-the only difference is that back then they called themselves the 'demi-gods', 'divine rulers' or 'god-kings'. The doctrine of 'divine right to rule' has never gone away, in fact nothing has changed since the Anunnaki established the first post-diluvian Monarchical dynasty in Sumer/Mesopotamia from which most of the bloodline families trace their lineage. It's also no coincidence that the wanton bloodlust displayed by the forebears of the global elite (the Nephilim/Watchers) and described so accurately in the many passages of the Book of Enoch matches almost exactly the pyschopathic characteristics of todays ruling power elite! The Illuminati serpent cult i.e. the 13 bloodlines/the global elite never relinquished their power-they simply went underground to pull the strings from behind the scenes.

      • Research into hollow Earth Lisa. Reptiles colonised Earth when humans were still monkeys. Technically speaking they were here before us, its actually their planet.

      • just wanted to say quickly that it is a myth that the middle ages thought the world was flat created in the Victorian english school system.

        Look in the sky, the moon is round, that's what we have forever believed.

        Bloomin great article again Vigilant !!!

      • Because we're in the western world, we have a lot of our perspectives of history from Europe and America. Not everyone believed the world was flat, and also Europe was barely as advanced as the Asian Empires and the middle east were at the time. The Chinese had already mapped out the world, and I'm sure they didn't believe it was flat. A lot of incredible science of discoveries came from Asia and the Middle East that the Europeans discovered years and years later.

      • In truth, my dear, "heliocentricity" has never been proven.

        And… If you really believe we went to the moon you have some homework to do…

      • In fact in the same way evolutionism is part of NWO teachings, so is heliocentrism. People need to understand that nobody can envisage to demote creationism and the very idea of God until they convince people that the Earth is not the center of the universe but a simple planet like any other. But if you take time and read the Old Testament you will find that not a single time is stated there that time is measured by the Earth' turns around itself and the sun, but by the sun's and the moon's turns (or miraculous stop Joshua 10:12-13) around the Earth.

        Same goes with what ancient people called aether: 'scientists' today deny the existence of aether but they 'fix' the discrepancies of their universe mass calculations by implementing this ridiculous and unprovable concept of 'black hole'…

      • Slight correction, they 'fix' their calculations with a purely theoretical concept of 'dark matter.' The only indication that 'dark matter' exists is the fact that the calculations don't make sense.

      • oops! you're absolutely right.. Although I had 'dark matter' in mind I somehow mixed up 'black' and 'dark'. Thanks!

      • Man, fuck david icke. And fuck you too for spouting his garbage. Stop listening to what he says. You will thank me later.

      • Man you sound just like me when it comes to Alex Jones (Kurt). That guy is an instigator and would run to the hills like a coward when the shit hits the fan…………………or come out of the closet about his true allegiance and try to justify it to all his followers.

      • I so agree! there are soo many things that we do NOT know that they are hiding from us! Just like the story, they basically want to dumb us down so we dont go snooping and looking for the truth. But the information is so overwhelming and scary some choose not to believe or ignore it! Our life is not our own? How is that freedom. We so have to read in between the lines and search for a deeper meaning. Money is the root of all Evil! i understand now, people will do anything for money, especially with the Illuminati, they use money as a way to lure you in. The eye is the passageway to your soul or the eye is the lamp to your body. They know this..thats why they try control us by what we see or intake into our minds and body! This is a cruel cruel world. Really is!

      • The Serpent was, for probably 20,000 years one of the signs of the Great Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, the Lady of 10,000 names, named Astarte, Asherah, Doni, and more…. in different incarnations all around the world. She was the creatrix, the giver of Justice, and more. Her consort was the dieing god, reborn each year, who became the new years child, the Green Man from whose loins came a growing things in Spring, who became her lover in the Summer, then died in the Fall. He was also called many names: Baal in the Bible, Surnunos and many others. She lives on, relicts in our language, as Mother Earth; He as the New Year's babe. The serpent in the Genesis story of creation was Her symbol of wisdom and eternal life. The Tree of Wisdom and the Tree of Knowledge were her sacred symbols. The Genesis story was expressly designed to denigrate her and prove the "superiority" of the new God. Ouroboros, the serpent eating its tail, symbolizing eternal life was another manifestation fo the Serpent. Google it, or any of the names I mentioned.

        Christians in the past tried to eliminate even the memory of them, culminating in the Inquisitions of the Medieval ages and witch trials of the 18th century. They have succeeded amazingly well; most people today have no clue about the old gods from which our modern religions have borrowed so heavily. If you are interested, read "The Masks of God" by Joseph Campbell, our foremost mythologist.. Some knowledge of real history would stand a lot of the commentors on this article well. Their ignorance is showing…

    • The serpent/dragon/lizard isn't a whole reptilian alien thing as David Icke proclaims. It is, or rather represents Satan/Lucifer, the battle that is being fought is a spiritual battle occurring on a material plain(earth).

      • Actually, they do exist on another dimension side by side of us. On earth we can’t see them so we use symbols and archetypes to represent them. What we’re actually doing by not understanding those symbols is keeping them here. The masses are worshiping these Luciferian types and nothing will change until we hit critical mass of consciousness and enough people wake up and send them packing.

      • your comment reminds me of the simpsons Halloween episode where all the ADvertisements come alive and wreak havoc. but Lisa came up with the idea that if we didnt pay attention to the ADs then they would lose their power.

      • Inquiring MInd on

        'Satan' is clearly an archetype for the Reptilian race. It's no accident that the Dragon/serpent is so highly regarded in terms of appearing on dozens of royal crests/coat of arms as well as signifying the archetype character 'Satan' in so many biblical texts (revelations for example) thats because the ruling elite who created Christianity and the Abrahamic religions are the 'Reptilians'. The bible is essentially a recycling of older Sumerian tales meaning one thing to the initiated and another to the 'profane'.

        'Lucifer' is really the Sumerian Prince Ea/Enki 'Lord of the Earth'. Lucifer was the step brother of Enlil/Jehovah/Yahweh and the leader of the deposed Anunnaki faction known as the 'Nephilim' (the fallen ones) also known as the 'Neter' to the Egyptians or the Watchers. Interestingly the Nephilim were also known as the 'Awwim' which literally translates into 'serpents and devastators'. The Nephilim/Awwim/Watchers are described in several texts as being 'serpentine' in nature-a passage from the Testament of Amram in the Dead sea scrolls is probably the best example describing the Nephilim/Awwim/Watchers in these terms i.e. Reptilian. You must keep in mind that the Anunnaki are the biblical Elohim and that they were also known by other names most notably "U-SHUM-GAL" which translates into 'great fiery serpents'! There are numerous passages in the Sumerian tablets were the Anunnaki/Elohim are described as being 'reptiles'.

        Truth is stranger than fiction…..Icke, Rhodes, Swerdlow, Collier, Schneider, Turner, Maxwell, Mack, Tsarion are on to something. Even NASA agreed in a study conducted in 1983 that 'ET' is most likely Reptilian in appearance.

      • Its actually all the other way around, they copied Christianity…

        take your zietgiesty bullcrap elsewhere please…

    • freemonarchslaves on

      Is David Icke right? …

      I doubt it… Although, I don't know if he is deliberately propagating theosophical / luciferian believes or if he himself has been deceived most part of his life. It would certainly be sad.

      Go to this link "David Icke Debunked" (or search it in youtube yourself).. It's pretty solid stuff..

      • InfamousAvantGairde on

        t I was thinking the same thing about David Ick and I think somethings up but somethings up with me too soo I think he has truth as well as disinformation.

        The hidden attack entities that can reveal them and that is one of there primary focuses.Sense he made it im sure he is speaking truth as well as disinformation.They have to sway you to do there work as much as possible.

        But yes the more you focus on them the easier they can manifest.We all are conjoined by our thoughts.The stronger you believe and focus on something it eventualy manifest.Every physical thing that you see here in 3rd density was created by a thought.The walls,cloths,down to the seed you birthed from.It is like the freddie crugger effect.

        It sounds simple but it is extremely complex because they also can do this.There focusing on you and constantly imagining your end and how they want you to end.uurr very complex but this is where parallel universes come into play.

      • Are you aware that Mr Icke has arthritis which is why he had to give up his profession as a goalkeeper to be a sports commentator. It's amazing what a bit of ignorance can cause people to accuse others of being. Knowing is half the battle, remember. And don't bother bringing up that issue with the photograph purporting to show David with his Freemason buddies, as it had to be messed with before being presented as so-called evidence. The man is simply trying to wake us up. He may sound liked he's off on one sometimes but, he is still on the side of the oppressed masses.

      • InfamousAvantgairde on

        Your heart shows the answers to these type of questions.Ask yourself.

        Awareness is the key.People like him are high priority targets.If an entity is not aware of him/herself he will be used.A higher density positive or negative entity could use the physical vehicle.Most likely negative,a positive entity would never go against free will.Sense he made it,its a great sign that he has past that test quite some time ago.They expect people like him to be dead by the end of adolescence.

        He channels.From what who knows.He is the filter.This is spiritual warfare,it is multidimensional.Disinformation as well as truth both lead to the same.knowledge.Knowing protects you thus raises awareness.if you see a cliff you wouldn't continue.But if you don't know what a cliff is then you have a problem.

      • Inquiring MInd on

        It's truly laughable that people are still trying to push the utterly debunked 'Icke is a freemason LOOK AT HIS HANDS!!" nonsense.

      • InfamousAvantgairde on

        Wow its crazy how insync things can be.I just seen terminator 4 ands its exactly what I was describing above.It makes sense.The Butterfly Effect of Cause and Effect..All those that will rise must rise."Do what thou will"….Do what is effortless.Do what it is that you will do.Your going to do it anyway.I have been attacked long enough.I will damadge them.Do note that they can see everything.You can't hide your thoughts,they moniter them.I'm "fucked" regardless so I have to fight or die.People tend to use there mind the best when under such pressure.

        If you wish to fight then know yourself,know your energy,know what you can take and know what you cannot.Study your numbers.It truly saved me from myself.Call me crazy,vida loka or w/e but I have seen them.Why do you think I know so much about them.Everytime they attack they leave a trail to learn from.So you can imagine what I go through on a daily bases.Although I may not post on any site again I will be back.I have learned what I needed here.The thoughts changed here.It can be done.

        please raise your vibrations or you will not last long.

    • I think it's a reference to Satan,the Bible calls him the Dragon and the serpent. I believe the true 'war' is going on in the spirit realm ..between God and His Mighty Host of Angels and satan and his demons (fallen angels)….and i believe we are in what the Bible calls the 'Day of the Lord'…its like the same 'principle VC describes 'what is really going on behind the scenes is being shown or told to us using this type of media….wether the writers of this program are writing these things knowingly ,(satanic involvement) or unknowingly , being 'used' by evil spirits to write these things, is another question…..Great job VC

      • Inquiring MInd on

        You mean 'gods' as in plural RE: the Anunnaki/Elohim who were the original serpent 'gods' in the original bible translations until this was conventional edited out and replaced with the singular 'god' archetype.

  2. Vigilant, what do you think of the new show GI Joe: Renegades? Eerily, the storyline's been changed– now the GI Joe's are vigilantes, and Cobra is now a powerful governmental-type organization establishing a new world order?

      • I've heard that too on Alex Jones' radio show. He has had that John Ronson guy on the show before and they talked about it. I'm not sure if he's the guy who "made" the movie though. I think he wrote the book it was based on or something like that. You could probably google it and find out for sure.

  3. The newest GIJoe series "Renegades" just started airing in the past month. It is a revision of the old story, but with cobra as a very "Halliburton" style of mega corporation, not yet outed as evil. I gotta agree that very strange things are afoot at the circle K.

    • saddened to see on

      the elitist groups (multi millionaires, people of great influence,) who for the most part are disgusted by our (the "lesser" of the bunch) exhistance. They run just about everything in this world all but the media entirely anyway. Funny all this wikileaks stuff is goin on at the same time huh?

    • the freemasons that owned the mass media like tv, radio, press and most of all powerful companies that one that control the world with publicity and politics.

  4. Great article. This is why I love coming to this site. Thanks Vigilant.

    I thought about this a couple of weeks ago, and why I picked up G.I. Joe the movie so I can revisit it. It is also probably why you don't see G.I. Joe int he context of how it use to be in the 90's anymore.

    I'll put thing one step more than predictive programming. I think their are some people in hollywood, and in t.v. and other forms of media or science who are in tune with what the agenda is and, like viigilant citizen, were trying to warn us a long time ago. However, tell the whole truth out in the open would be suicide, and even if they could, no one could believe them. SO they left these hidden gems in media, books and television so those in the know could connect the dots and see a greater truth to the future. During many times of persecution, fiction always was the one safe haven where the truth would lie. Thus the saying that truth can be stranger then fiction. If anyone doesn't believe me, I suggest you watch 9/11 in Hollywood on either youtube or on the internet, if it is still available.

    An eye opening reveal, that showcases at least 50 plus movies that dictate that 9/11 will happen, and frequently reference the TWIN TOWERS, Satan and the conclusion to a "master plan". There is also evidence that the attacks on the WORLD TRADE CENTER was also a occult mega ritual, and the towers themselves represented the the pillars of hercules, or the pillars JACOB AND BOAZ.

    If anyone has been reading any of David Icke's stuff (and others who have said there is a serpent force on this planet, alien or otherwise) you will also notice the constant serpent imagery found in all cultures through out the world, and how they were the original "DIVINE INTERVENTION".

    This lead me to want to take a closer look at G.I. Joe, because what better story dictates this epic battle talked about in ICKE's work other then the battle between freedom loving humans (or military propaganda) and the struggle towards a constant threat of serpent loving henchmen, who have the ability to infiltrate all forms of government, often use deception as their technique, and want to take over the world, along with utilizing things such as "TRANS-HUMANISM" (The character "Destro" comes to mind) and "REINCARNATION".

    It seems to me that the tagline of this show prevails: KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE!

    • My opinion on the idea of predictive programming differs. I don't think the purpose for all of the entertainment "predictions" were to condition us to accept them. And I'm less likely to believe that people tried to warn us through the medians of entertainment, though I do not disregard each possibility. In my own experience, I know that all forms of entertainment have one theme in mind, and that is to "entertain" us. What does "entertain" entail?

      When a group of individuals laugh at or criticize an idea coming from a minority, the speculators witnessing the interaction associate directed laughter and criticism as "obvious disbelief" towards that idea. We, the speculators, are "inherently"(though I would prefer the word "conditioned") favorable of what the majority believes. Entertainment is approached with the pre-conceived notion that whatever information is presented is to be laughed at or looked upon as absurd and unreal. When we tell jokes to our fellow man, we generally assert ideas that are far-fetched or uncommon, as in the likelihood of this occurring is a rarity, and that is "why" it is comical. When we are playful we are insincere, though not necessarily uncommon. That is the foundation of entertainment; to be insincere. Entertaining material is intended to be laughed at, or enjoyed in a "less" comically stimulating way, and the underlined "uncommon" theme still presides. I suppose entertainment incorporates a wide spectrum of emotions, and not just "funny."

      (It is strange to think about how our brains can convince us that films stimulating the emotion of fear are somehow entertaining to us, for it is quite evident that a majority of individuals enjoy the genre of suspence, terror, and horror. I think it may have to do with our natural tendency to be "excited" as a motivator in life, though I can never be sure)

      There are many factors to consider; however, it is unnecessary to explain further because all it takes for me to prove my point is for you to sit down with your family and watch an entertaining film about ghosts, and then try to explain to your family that ghosts exist. Instead of calling it "predictive programming," I prefer to use the phrase "reciprocated idealism," for that is what I perceive happening. People's ideas about what is reality is becoming reciprocated through the means of entertainment. A great example is the video game titled "Deus ex" which I have played through myself, because anyone who isn't a "sheeple" will find that the plot, events, and quotes in the game are disturbingly similar to our current political paradigm. The game, created in 2000, didn't even portray the twin towers in the environment, which should be a suspicion to anyone.("oh but it's just a game, it's not real") The game developer was questioned about this and he merely said it was coincidental. If that were the case, so would every other event in that game.

  5. ha ha the irony of it all is that we just stand and watch them go on with their plans. example Google buying all the other internet companies, I'm and tired of all this , by the way anyone know where i can watch the old G.I.JOE

  6. A friend of mine suggested that the cash for gold is one of the most evil thing to be happening today because they are getting ready for the NWO by taking away the one thing that doesn't devalue from the people, gold. This is confirmation, now is the time to read the Bible you will see more stuff being revealed in there even than G.I. Joe. Great article though, just goes to show how these things are being waved in our face and a lot of people don't even realize. *Sigh*

    • It's getting that way very fast – only:-

      "Into the streets they will throw their very silver, and an abhorrent thing their own gold will become.

      Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to deliver them in the day of Jehovah’s fury.

      Their souls they will not satisfy, and their intestines they will not fill, for it has become a stumbling block causing their error."

      (Ezekiel 7:19)

      Paper money will fail – about to happen, by the way.

      Gold and silver will go through the roof, and will stop trading, i.e. be withdrawn suddenly.

      Hunger and powerlessness will make people riot en mass, when they realise that they cannot eat gold nor silver, causing mass confusion and chaos, including violent chaos. People will become desperate.

      The elite, thinking they have masterminded this perfectly, will be in for the shock of their lives when Jehovah God finally destroys the entire system, only leaving those who want to do what is right in his eyes. God is the one person they are unable to control or bribe.

      No more deception, no more oppression, no more Satan. Only God can make this come about, i.e. someone who is higher in authority than Satan, who is ruling the world at present, these being the last days of his rule.

      Leaving mankind free, at last, to transform this earth into a literal, as well as a spiritual paradise, for us and our offspring to enjoy, forever.

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Well put, SuperNeutrality! Replacing money is in full effect now. People are purchasing with some forms of cards more so than cash. As for me, I do both. I refuse to buy in to that idea unless cash is no longer. At that time, the Lord will lead me. I shall followHis guide in accepting silver and gold to buy food. Judas accepted silver to betray Jesus.

        Silver and gold

        Silver and gold

        I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold

        No fame or fortune

        Nor riches untold

        I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold

        Don't give me a mansion

        on top of the hill

        Don't give me the world

        with a shallow thrill

        But just give me a saviour

        My life He can hold

        I'd rather have Jesus than silver and gold

        "What profits a man to gain the whole world and loose His soul"

        Teach generation and generations to come to refrain from accepting the mark of the beast. Stand for the Lord. He is our bread and water.

    • I believe those are just companys trying to make a buck… b/c there are also other companies that want you to buy gold… I actually see more commercials advertising that you build your 'porfolio' up by purchasing gold.

  7. The other half of the battle must be violence, lol, Maybe that's why we're told it doens't solve anything – because it does. lol

    • In America the corrupt government paid corrupt pastors to tell their flocks to get poisonous vaccines, surrender their firearms to confiscation when the military comes, report to FEMA camps. Just like during hurricane Katrina which could have been prevented/guided away and was most likely guided into New Orleans by HAARP they sent the army to go door to door stealing peoples guns.

      When the NWO goons show up tresspassing at my door and threaten me and my family, I may forgive them but thatll be after I blow their brains out. Anyone who tries to defy my and my families GOD GIVEN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS DOES SO AT THEIR OWN PERIL.

      Im not advocating violence I am advocating self defense. “Evil can only prosper when good men do nothing” Do not live in fear and do not be afraid to restore justice when you have been wronged because if you expect others to do it for you youll be waiting a while

  8. I didn't watch it much. I was more into "She-Ra". It may sound strange for a guy to say that, but hey, have you seen She-Ra? Wow!

    • She-Ra and He-man were meh, but given the choice, I would most certainly watch G.I. Joe over that show because only Transformers, C.O.P.S., The Visionaries, Thundarr the Barbarian, and the old-school TMNT shows were even REMOTELY close to the complexity of G.I. Joe and G.I. Joe was, head and shoulders above its competition, yes, even above Transformers.

  9. VC- Speaking of Christmas… Would it be possible to do a piece on the history of its pagan roots & how seemingly everyone in the west literally fights to be dominated by capitalists. First pledge of allegiance to the state as consumer then that of citizen. My wife needs to wake up and see the century of self.


  10. I wonder, though, why the Elite does not shut VC' s site down since there are so many things that are revealed here that are supposed to stay secret, right ?

    Aren't they pissed that it helps so many people wake up to the truth ?

    Same thing with David Icke and Alex Jones… why do they let them keep on informing people…doesn't that kinda screw up their plans, slowly but for sure ?

    Just wondering…

    • There are many answers for this question but to put it simply, you can't kill everybody who exposes a conspiracy while maintaining the appearance that there is no conspiracy. Someone who had proof or technology that was not available from countless sources and wasnt well known would likely be in far more danger. Look up what happens to people who go public with supressed energy technologies. There are things that if you talk about you probably will be in danger. Like even though we and our loved ones are being poisoned sterilized having our rights and freedoms trampled and told every child will be born to serve the world state, if someone were to post online that they or others should defend themself with the same effort and force used against them they would be lucky if all they got was arrested as a terrorist or some bull like that. What needs to be understood is that knowing is not enough, one must apply. And so long as people are sitting at computers not taking action in the real world, the distraction of the computer is sufficient. It is understood in behaviourism that you can alter somethings behavior by placing something in its environment. The internet allows access to unlimited amounts of information. At a young age ive been blessed to have access to countless sources of info my parents never could have when they were growing up. But how many people come to understand that they are being assaulted and sit at there computer talking about it complaining with others and arguing with others about who knows more and whose belief system is right. The point is the people working on the globalist agenda have been at it for atleast a couple hundred years and that means theyve spent quite a bit of time money and energy on it meaning right now theres PHDs with no ethics sitting in thinktanks theres politicians with no ethics passing laws phony scientists with climate bullsht etc every sell out working full time for their precious paper money so the agenda steams on full speed ahead with little to no resistance. To people immersed in the matrix the material available is irrelevant because they dont THINK, they are not open to POSSIBILITY and they have no care for TRUTH. They have been DOMESTICATED and lost their instinct for SELF PRESERVATION. When you warn them about fluoride or BPA or mercury or aluminum or aspartame or msg or any othe THREAT to their and their loved ones HEALTH and say dont believe me seek truth for yourself they cant. Their mind was closed to the possibility before they heard what was said. The truth is less important than maintaining the perception of reality. A wild (or natural it should be said) animal does not tell itself that the predator doesnt exist because the predator can't exist and cling to this delusion even as it gets eaten. The point is when people have been trained from birth and are chemically engineered (Bertrand russel impact of science on society 1953) they are incapable of actual thought so it doesnt matter what material is available, they have no desire to know truth and because their mind is closed they are incapable of perceiving or conceiving reality beyond their perspective.

      When the only people doing anything don't know anything and the only people who know anything don't do anything it doesnt matter how many websites are available online.

      • Excellent Post! So what is the solution? I guess there is none only to watch how all this turns out. Me being of Christian faith believe that God will have the last Word. But man it sure is dreary to see how all this is going down. God help us All!

    • All the high & might don't really care for the pawns, we mean nothing to them

      unless something in there plans really goes awry, we are expected to be the followers,

      no the fighters, they have the power, or so they think. But it is us that give them the power

      & it is us that can take it away, But we are sheep! following the crowd!

    • Essential Truth on

      VC – Two thumbs up for yet another great article.

      Dirk – Have you seen Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory on cable TV ?…I could not believe what i was watching when i saw his WORLDWIDE WATER CONSPIRACY episode. I mean i dont know how he pulled that off with Time Warner approval.

      but then…Patrick is right….i dont think they care if we know their plans…they know we can`t wake up the world in time…they know they have the majority of the minds and souls out here…im sure most of you had conversations with some of these people you`d think are from another planet because they are so unaware and stubborn its like their in deep coma and your trying to wake them up… every time i have this sort of encounter it serves as a reality check for why things are the way they are today.

      Theres also been a trend recently where people in the news are starting to say half truths just to stay in existence due to low ratings and especially due to the power of alternative media like ….but almost in a way like their slowly introducing the NWO to people “in the dark“.

      For example ..Geraldo Rivera and his building 7 questions … im also hearing that Glenn Beck is changing his tone ( i could never watch this clown talk though…he makes me feel like im 7 years old when he speaks)..Rick Sanchez saying America`s media is run by Zionist….Lou Dobbs exposing Globalism….Anderson Cooper talking about a New World Order…etc.

      One thing i will never forget in my life is turning on my TV when i was living in Ottawa, Canada on just another day in 2006 and CTV news anchor Lloyd Robertson announced to me and everyone in Canada that the Bilderberg Group was in Ottawa that they were “Royals, Politcal power brokers and Industrial Tycoons“…and that it was a “secret meeting“ ( they had their mugshots on the front page of the all the newspapers in the city as seen in EndGame) and in a sarcastic tone he says says “…..could their objective be world domination?“…what did i do?…i laughed, rolled a fat one…& switched on the PS3 and continued with my day….(note. this was when i was “in the dark“ to all this)…i still laugh, roll fat ones and turn on my PS3 btw lol….i might be numb but im not dumb.

      • Jesse Ventura last week on our " water supply" was wild. So basically we owe china so much money they are allowed to take our water and sale it back to us. Did you hear the guy say that water is worth a nickle per gallon and they sale it to us for over a dollar, the toilet water at that. For all who want to check JV out tonight it will be on " the BP oil spill" Great article btw !

      • I see what you mean, I guess we just have to try hard and continue to be aware, stop watching television, eat healthy etc. for now…

    • They are convinced that nothing can screw up their plans. They are tricked into believing that Lucifer will win at the end but it is a lie. But, for now, the world is Lucifer's, who controls the Illuminati, and at the end God will win over Lucifer – but first, these things in the world must happen. Re Vigilant's site, just wait… I am sad to say, but most probably there will be a time when they will shut down even sites like this.

      • Indeed they will. Like in the ‘Animal Farm’: The pigs didn’t make all their moves at once but step by step. Yesterday they put a chip on my credit card and installed over 20 surveillance cameras in the grocery store for ‘my protection’, today they grope me at the airport for ‘security reasons’ and soon enough they will put an end to free internet speech to fight ‘terrorism’. Isn’t it heart-warming to know they do all these for our own good??

    • They don’t mind if a few people know, i say few because that is the case when you compare us to the majority who don’t know, because this info will incite anger, rage and when the axe comes down-civil unrest. Remember their motto-ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. They need chaos, things like war(which is also lucrative) civil unrest, etc. The own everything and know who is saying what. They can shut down sites, tv shows like this if they want in the blink of an eye. Why do you think they let Glenn beck cry like a baby every episode and talk abou them, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, etc-1- they know the majority will think they are looney tunes 2-the ones that do realize truth will either coware in fear or fight and die a quick death. First, simply you will be outnumber by the NWO army. Just because many say they will fight does not mean they really will. Many will succumb and take the mark-Trust. Everyone is big and bad when they are behind a computer screen. Tell them they won’t have any food to feed them or their family and watch how opinions about the NWO change. Only a few will refuse the mark and fight and die..,They only thing they are scared of you knowing is Christ -trust me. The bible tells us God will ALLOW this gov’t to reign for a short while as judgment to the world and to purge his children for their disobedience. This is a spiritual war. Even satan knows how the story ends that is why when the NWO come we will see a massacre that the Holocaust can’t touch. He knows he has a short time to wreak hell on earth so he is going to enjoy it while it lasts, but h has deceived his followers into thinking they might really win against the Almighty. Christians prepare for matyrdom, those who survive will only be alive to lead others to Christ. Those who don’t know him, you better get to. He is the only thing you will have when they strip us of everything. Remeber from the words of Paul Washer, “Jesus is not all we need, He is all we have”.

      • Its not all gloom and doom.. God's children will be able to see Him move like never before. Supernatural provision, just like he rained manna down from Heaven for the Israelites, he can and will do it in these times. He needs us to realize He is God.

    • To show the world that Americans are brainwashed from the pulpits to the gov., and not one person is going to do anything but do as their told by the gov.They're there for disinfo as well. Order out of chaos. Read Union Jack by Helen Peters. The Greatest Hoax by Charlie Samples. The Gods Of Eden by William Bramley. Only if one wants to get to the Real Truth.

      • Will says:

        December 12, 2010 at 2:38 pm

        To show the world that Americans are brainwashed from the pulpits to the gov., and not one person is going to do anything but do as their told by the gov.They’re there for disinfo as well. Order out of chaos. Read Union Jack by Helen Peters. The Greatest Hoax by Charlie Samples. The Gods Of Eden by William Bramley. Only if one wants to get to the Real Truth.


        You want "to get to the Real Truth" Will? Then I suggest you read the Bible — nowhere will you find Peters, Samples, or Bramley. You will, however, discover THE REAL TRUTH.

    • I wonder the same thing… you can't trust anyone. I don't read this stuff and believe it b/c Im "gulliable"… I believe it or at least take it into consideration b/c this stuff connects spiritually and it seems real to me. And if someone wants to argue that this stuff isnt true, it wouldnt hurt to cut the garrage out anyway… like listening to "secular" music… better safe than sorry. thats why I pray to the Lord and ask him to reveal things to me b/c I often wonder why VC is able to do this without interference… maybe its just a test to see how ppl will react when the truth is told and maybe to put everything out in the wide since NWO is coming anyway and ppl are going to have to chose whether to take the mark or not. I trust no one but Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

    • I wonder the same thing… you can’t trust anyone. I don’t read this stuff and believe it b/c Im “gulliable”… I believe it or at least take it into consideration b/c this stuff connects spiritually and it seems real to me. And if someone wants to argue that this stuff isnt true, it wouldnt hurt to cut the garrage out anyway… like listening to “secular” music… better safe than sorry. thats why I pray to the Lord and ask him to reveal things to me b/c I often wonder why VC is able to do this without interference… maybe its just a test to see how ppl will react when the truth is told and maybe to put everything out in the wide since NWO is coming anyway and ppl are going to have to chose whether to take the mark or not. I trust no one but Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

    • In a Satanic Ritual the Priest will tell the victim that they will be killed. In the same way They like to tell the people what is going to happen before it happens. It gives them more power when the victim knows what is coming but still is helpless to do anything about it.

  11. the biggest shock is that this show was actually meant for people around the twelve year old mark!!!!

    how could something like that even get past the tv network executives…just shows that when there is an agenda to be pushed no matter what it will be pushed…..there is so much going on to make us weak….food tampering…mind tampering…belief tampering…we are lost souls in a sick diseased world….not that i nessecarily believe in a return of christ… more inclined to believe it another lie to make us dependant on the return of a quick fix save(ior)…so we dont fight back for ourselves and sit around waiting while the world rulers take over but now more than ever and more so in the near future we will need some help BIG TIME

    by the way…anyone got a hold of the book ..the wormwood diaries by james mcknight….

    VC is you can …pleeeeaasssee somehow obtain that book and make it available on the knowledge files….

    • If it not were the stories/prophecies in the Bible that accurately describe what is going on today, maybe you'd have a point in my book. But too much of what is happening today is lining up to what is in the Bible. I would hope that you find the strength to open it up and read it!

      • Hey i guess I'm not alone..everytime I've tried telling my pals about all this stuff they laugh at me and ridicule me.. my hubby keeps telling me to stop reading 'my crazy stuff ' coz its of no benefit :( i guess the bible is true coz it says that the last days will resemble those at Noah's one listened till they were swept away..very sad indeed. Keep up the good work VC!

      • Charles Miller on

        My friend i do want to say that reading too much of this info. will have you focusing on nothing but negative things. Satan is the author of fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. It's ok to read these things for information but read the Word of God to know how to handle the enemy. When satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness what did Jesus do? He used scriptures against Satan. When we as a people study the word and learn and apply it then things will begin to change. Do not be merely hearers of the word and deceive yourselves but be doers of the word.

  12. Excellent work Vigilant, thank you for your analysis. Have you checked all the episodes? I remember this show vaguely (Im 21) and remember seeing it mentioned when looking up reptilian symbolism (I think it was a youtube vid Plausible points for the reptilian case. I believe they also mentioned conan the barbarian or heman.

    After reading the article I find #12. Apocraphe touched on a few thoughts I had. I also believe what we are seeing here may be a case of well intentioned individuals in the know who as said if came public would be endangered and not believed or remembered anyway so they used their status and skills as animators or writers or whatever to try to do what they could to not only convey the warning to those with eyes to see but to instill the will to fight evil and stand for what is right in the young audience.

    The reason I say this is that if this was "predictive programming" in the sense that I understand it, that is preparing unthinking masses for planned cultural changes or events so that when they arrive they don't think they just assume its natural, they wouldn't have the forces of good triumph over evil. The type of predictive programming Im referring to is all the constant "transhuman" agenda where it's cool to merge with the machines. And it logically makes sense to the trained masses because they are told they are just an animal. If you are just an animal becoming the borg seems like an upgrade because you have no conception of what that may mean for your spirit or soul. Or how if you try to watch a football game you will be subjected to no less than 30 viewings of the same fraudulent propaganda about car commercials "made with no carbon print" (you mean the gas all non plant life exhales and all plant life inhales to produce oxygen?) Not only is that impossible for countless reasons (the actors don't breathe?) it would be of no benefit to stop producing c02, it is essential for life but any and all. The purpose of the commercial that you are beaten over the head with again and again and again and again (translation=SUBMIT) is not to sell you the car. In the exact same sense that a McDonalds may open a location near a small business just to choke it out, or lower the prices at a specific location for the purposes of stealing customers from a small business because they can afford to do so having countless other locations and it is more important to eliminate competitoon, in the same sense the investment in getting people to submit to this fradulent propaganda of global warming is required for a "personal carbon tax" and rationing and charging people for the carbon emitted in their food preparation and getting to them and so many other schemes to MAKE MONEY OFF DOING NOTHING it will make the previous crimes of the bankers over the last hundreds of years look like a joke. Another example of predictive programming is that movie "pearl harbor" released in 2001 its nothing but emotive sequences designed to instill feelings of "patriotism" and hate, in other words to manipulate you emotionally so that when the next pearl harbor happens you are ready to sign away your rights and be used as an expendable pawn for foreign policy (ie. standardizing the remaining nations of the planet that havent had their culture stolen and been forced into the criminal banking system.

    The other possibility being something I have heard of but not being explained. It may also be referred to as predictive programming but is different than what I have been talking about, that these criminals need to tell you what theyre going to do to you before you do it, so that you are allowing them to do it, so you cannot say you were not warned. I ehard the example of it being likened to a vampire not being able to force his way into your home, you need to let him in (which sounds like how Satan would work, as all we truly have in this life are choices). Id be interested to know where that comes from.

    As for 911 being a ritual I havent researched that but I have seen the footage of what appears to be a demonic face in an explosion, the face also appears to blink/move facial features. If you look on youtube youll find it. I certainly cant explain it using what would be considered mainstream conventional logic and understanding of physical reality.

    Getting back to the point it seems to me the insertion of NWO plans into these storylines is more likely a warning of some kind from someone or more than one person in the know trying to do what they can to warn people who could see the big picture as well as demonstrating the importance of the struggle against evil

  13. Wow!!! is perfectly appropriate–thanks for keeping us up on the REAL news! Great job once again, and let's hope others are waking up that want to make a difference and pass it on!

  14. 80'S Cartoons were very sophisticated compared to cartoons of today. The plots were so detailed and creative.

    Any one remember cartoons like "Silver Hawks" and "Ghostbusters"? I remember Ghostbusters having a strangely political under tone that was interesting. There was a mayor or some powerful politician who wanted to shut the ghostbusters down…i don't remember why exactly, but of course, for political reasons. So even though the four ghostbusters were in business for themselves, they were constantly tied up by a lot of red tape and seemed to be getting arrested every other episode. There was also a lot of "secrets" that the ghostbusters learned, that these politicians did not want those secrets to get out. Secrets about life and death and the other world that the powers that be didn't want the public knowing, even though it involved the public.

    Also the lead character, Peter Vankman, had a very strange relationship with his father which is something more honest then i've seen in any modern cartoons. Modern movies even/ His father was a crook and dead beat dad and peter had to learn how to be a good man on his own.

    YO JOE! Eh…

    I guess the powers that be did to children's cartoons what they did to music…they dumbed it down. Now we have sponge bob cartoons. Sponge bob is a happy little slave that works as a fry cock and has no ambitions beyond that. I don't even know what other cartoons are out there because they are mind numbingly simplistic.

    Little cute animals and we keep them in balls and make them fight each other… yesh…though admittedly i use to be a team rocket fan.

    • Okay! I hit the nail on the head. In the movie the ghostbuster were arrested for violating the laws of the EPA=Environmental protection agency!!

      But they were set up. The politician was the one that really destroyed the environment and they got the ghostbusters to take the blame. Meanwhile, hell broke open….

  15. What about Captain Planet? There could have been a similar goal in mind with that show involving the green initiative and global warming.

      • Of all the corporate media, TNT was the most honest. Ted Turner was a cool old hippie who was tough with business, big on weed and was a true across the board man. I met him when I was young on the set of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie where my dad was one of the set artist. Though not personal or close friends, my father always described him as real, honest and grounded. By the way, I'm black. Like I said, true across the board.

    • Yes, but that cartoon (Captain Planet) WAS all about pre-planned and predictive New World Order promoting propaganda. G.I. Joe, on the other hand, WARNED about New World Order propaganda. Oh, and by the way, in the comics, sometimes, G.I. Joe fought alongside certain COBRA members (and ditto for the cartoon) against other forces and G.I. Joe had other enemies as well, though they usually worked with COBRA. October Guard was their primary enemy aside from COBRA at first but they learned to work with the G.I. Joe team and even eventually became a part of the G.I. Joe side of the conflict between them and COBRA.

  16. i always felt like something wasnt right about all the friggin cash4gold stores. I mean how can people be so naive and think money has greater value than gold pffft!!! Through history even in the bible gold has been the staple of the rich and powerful. Kinda makes you wonder huh? these people knew the value and the trends of it all these years. I always say if something or someone says something repeatedly whether it be propaganda,sale,belief systems etc etc… there is a good chance there is a flaw in the truth. Always think twice about making judgements or decisions the elite always find new ways to target there agenda.

    • The Israelites collected gold from the Egyptians before they left for the big exodus. " Exodus 3:22 But every woman shall borrow of her neighbour, and of her that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: and ye shall put [them] upon your sons, and upon your daughters; and ye shall spoil the Egyptians."

      That is what I think of when I see those cash-for-gold ads. The israelites are taking the gold of the unwashed masses, probably to put in the rebuilt Temple which is being worked on at this very time in Israel.

    • Gold is not just used in money, for it also has value in electronic equipment, which could become quite valuable in its own right.

  17. I "lolled"/ cryed for humanity at the same time……I haven't had these kind of moodswings since the "Worst 9/11 Memorials" post

  18. If you haven't already checked out the GI Joe Movie (from the 80's), you should… basically Cobra steals a giant weather machine (B.E.T.) from the Joe's to take control of the Earth. Their ultimate plan is to turn humans into reptile people… a race of people who were around longer than humans and who went in hiding for thousands and thousands of years. Cobra Commander is one of the lizard people, but because he's incompetent, the reptile people (can't remember their names) turn him into a snake…

    Its kind-of creepy how similar it is to stuff going on today… B.E.T. = HAARP. Incompetent Cobra Commander = George W.

    Anyway, thanks for your article… I was one of those young impressible kids who grew up watching and playing with GI Joes… now I can rewatch the series with a whole new perspective…

    • You touched on something I suspected soon after I woke up. That the reptilians are trying to turn humans into them. The food, the water, the air (less oxygen), vaccines, prescription drugs all seem contain nanotechnologies and they're just announcing now that they're "going" to start doing this. When they officially announce what they're going to do, they've already been doing it for a long time. These nanotechnologies not only work on a physical level to turn us into mind control robots, they also alter our dna. We've already seen mutations from drugs but they're not addressing the extent of the pollution. The blue sky, the air that seems clean is a hologram. I've seen the brown air concentrated over cities when the holograms failed. Scenery looked like it was out of a cartoon, like cutouts that repeated and looked flat. I also saw them and how they superimpose their image onto humans and work from another level. Take what you will from what I'm saying, but keep in mind that the things you're saying were deemed crazy only a couple years ago. There seems to be a new witchhunt for people who can see beyond the one world government issue and actually get a behind the scenes look at what's controlling them.

      • hiya pls can you elaborate further on this blue sky hologram pls?

        i did not hear about this before.

        i have heard that they are able to manipulate the weather to some extent and to bring down thick fog, cloud cover when needed so as screen us from activity in the sky but this is new i would be intrested to know more

        thank you

  19. Let's not forget the animated G.I. Joe movie that featured the HAARP-like 'Broadcast Energy Transmitter', and also included schemes of population reduction through biological weaons research sponsored by the ancient race of serpent people living under the Himalayas, who would use dream manipulation to motivate scientists to conduct their experiments.

  20. Don't think it's the "money worth more than gold," it's "I need money, so here's some gold."

    Remember in the seventies, people buying gold as it shot up in price? That's when people had money. Now, after fifteen years of indebted living and living beyond our means we're selling what we got to make ends meet (or get them as close as we can). And that gold can draw a decent amount of lucre to take a bite out of those longstanding debts.

    So no, it's not "gold is worth money," it's "I need money, not these chains." And the people sell off their glitter for a few sheets of paper.

  21. All the more reason, Mothers, to monitor what your young children are mindlessly watching… for hours on end. Wake up!

    • No, it is all the more reason for mothers and fathers to teach children to think for themselves instead of becoming just as draconian and Fascist as the New World Order as well as to not become paranoid helicopter parents, Miche.

  22. True knowledge is power, but knowledge also corrupts.

    We really are a doomed race! greedy, selfish.

    All to our own & forget the consequence until it's too late,

    or we have no where left to turn & sink to our knees & pray to the one

    who we have kicked in the teeth for so long!!! When will we ever learn?

  23. @Nova: watch a couple Spongebob episodes: it has Illuminati messages in it. And it's a reflection on what is going on in our society.

    • I've seen them. Yes, it's really twisted. In simpsons, Tom and Jerry, so many 80's cartoon.

      And at the end of the ghostbusters 2 movie? Gigantic pyramid where the evil demons come out. :(

      But i think these cartoons are trying to warn us. I don't know. They all were fighting against these bad guys and their outrageous plots to take over the world.

      • this is so intresting ive not been on this site for ages and am doing a lot of catching up now.

        i will say that i totally believe what you are saying about the cartoons, i was never a cartoon fa as a child (i was born 1982) i dont remember this GI JOE i dont know if it was popular in UK. I was different as a child though i used to read constantly, i preferred my own company to that of other children and tbh i have memories from when i was a child that are odd and since i discovered all this stuff on the internet just over a year ago ive remembered several other things and things that would not have seemed relevant are now making me wonder about some stuff tbh…my family and things that have happened in my life…my parents were UFO enthusiasts and attended early Icke conferences which someone has said may have made me more likely to be monitored possibly.

        well my daughter watches spongebob; its been one of the cartoons ive preferred her to watch, my kids are not like me they would wach cartoons all day and i refuse to allow it. The cartoons 'hypnotise' them. Its true most of them are absolute nonsense…I hate the american ones (no offense intended) where everyone is talking really fast and theres no intelligent storyline, like Phineas and Ferb




        So i definately believe they are leaking this info into society..

        yeh i have seen things on The Simpsons..i actually do watch that as I've got older but I will be looking out for things in Spongebob now…

    • TaniB says:

      December 10, 2010 at 1:25 am

      @Nova: watch a couple Spongebob episodes: it has Illuminati messages in it. And it’s a reflection on what is going on in our society.


      Talk about NWO agenda conditioning in children — watch anything "DORA". Take a gander at "Barbie" and the ultra metrosexual/feminized "Kens". Moreover, that 'childrens t.v." daytime programming that young parents sit their kids in front of to "babysit" them. Ever watch any of that? Let me tell you — it's nothing but brainwashing/conditioning into the One-World/Anti-Christian agenda.

  24. nice one VC! its truly amazing that this cartoon is actually aimed at really young kids// to them it is simply entertaining and innocent< but as you have pointed out there is something sinister behind these so called "childrens shows"

  25. Great article. Excellent Kansas/Oz Connection, I like to read your articles because I know a lot of what your talking about especially with the mind control you and I have a lot of the same sources, your work is extremely valuable, and if I had some money I would wish we could set up a time to meet and converse. Thanks a mill buddy.

  26. InfamousAvantGairde on

    Nice you mentioned Reptilians.Things like that can be a lil risky to say.You have plently clout though Vigilant.

    Those things…..if you dont believe you better believe because there not even half of what you have to deal with.

    It would make sense that the leaders of the earth would have such an inhumanly level of insensitivity.Its because there not and you can see the difference.There all delusional,extremely psychopathic.They all show signs of extreme wishful thinking.A 4th density(or deminsional) negative trait.

    You want to see them.There every damn where.Go watch CNN for five mins in look for gold pupils and ears shaped like a leaf.Or check John McCains delusional ass,he's a sight to see.There not expressing the full potential though.The real badass's are fully in 4th density unlimited to space and time.To 3rd density time is liniar and space is fixed.

    Not the case with them.They can successfully alter a persons life choices by entering at different key moments to change a thought to influence a different action all throught out your life in a single moment.(psychic attack'implanting thoughts and getting you to believe there your own,a lot of targets were framed as suicides but its psychic bombardment)And trust me I know.Im attacked up the ass.Its like a second density rat vs a human.The rat can be tricky but it can only do so much.You need to spiritually evolve to fight them.

    If you wish to see a pleasent 4th density entity stare at the(prefarebly blue)sky.There hard to focus on but notice the different dots of light moving.There everywhere and they remind me of faires ur something.Its either beings with bodies of light or energy.Either way its of 4th density

    • The belief in the concept of evolution pretty much negated a lot of other rather insightful things that you have said, sir. Perhaps you would have gone a bit better with choosing a different word or phrase to say, such as the part of the Holy Scriptures where it said something about "renewing your mind?"

      • Yes that show Gargoyles would be worth investigating, I dont remember much at all but I believe shapeshifting was obviously a prominent theme

      • razieel says:

        December 10, 2010 at 6:36 am

        Thanks for sharing the links, didn’t know the Gargoyle show was so blatant with it xD

        At the second part @ 3:29 the Illuminati pyramid flashes by. Don’t know if it’s used in the show more than this instant so I screencap’d it:


        The masses (from around the globe) are being prepared for the opening-up of somekind the pyramids. And when they are "opened", are we do expect a reptilian race (demons) to come slithering out enmasse? Our children (for decades) are being 'conditioned' to submit/accept/non-think — as well as everyone else now being 'conditioned' with all their iconography — and it's EVERYWHERE — the same repetitious sayings, images, colors, messages — it's all quite unimaginative and BORING (which, I think is also part of their agenda — repeate it so much until the masses are numb/bored to death – accepting as on auto-pilot (auto-observers) They'll soon be bored to tears with it all and simply too numb and too dumb to respond when the time comes.

    • OMG…Gargoyles was dense beyond dense! You'd get two episodes every half hour – one episode would be modern-day, the other in the past; and it seemed they were dipping into EVERYTHING during those half-hours.

      The first two seasons are the good stuff. The restart on the third season is considered inferior, watered down.

      And…it's by Disney. At the time nobody thought Disney would have gotten anywhere near that stuff, now (in hindsight) it seems they used the series to understand the symbolism and how it could be used in storylines.

  27. Interesting article. It's good to know how this old TV show has predicted, but I think it is not prediction, it is actually their PLAN and as usual they use media as tools to convey their agenda. Just like the movie Metropolis.

  28. As always, thank you for this awsome article VC!

    I wanted to elaborate on "they live's" comment…

    "The serpent/dragon/lizard isn’t a whole reptilian alien thing as David Icke proclaims. It is, or rather represents Satan/Lucifer, the battle that is being fought is a spiritual battle occurring on a material plain(earth)."

    I definitely have to agree with you on that note. Raised and educated in North America as a Muslim, I'm aware of what people are describing as serpents/dragons/lizards …are mentioned in the Holy Quran as "Jinns". They've been around just as long as we have. Remember the Qurans been around for 1400 years. They're known for taking different forms and misguiding mankind throughout history… leading to idol worship. I looked it up on wikipedia and heres what ive found.

    Jinn (Arabic: جن jinn, singular جني jinnī; variant spelling djinn) or genies are supernatural creatures in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings which occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. Together, jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of Allah. According to the Qur’ān, there are two creations that have free will: humans and jinn. Religious sources say barely anything about them; however, the Qur’an mentions that jinn are made of smokeless flame or "the fire of a scorching wind".[1] They have the ability to change their shape. Like human beings, the jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent.

    Amongst archaeologists dealing with ancient Middle Eastern cultures, any spirit lesser than angels is often referred to as a jinni, especially when describing stone carvings or other forms of art.

    Inscriptions found in Northwestern Arabia seem to indicate the worship of jinn, or at least their tributary status. For instance, an inscription from Beth Fasi'el near Palmyra pays tribute to the "Jinnaye", the "good and rewarding gods".[7]

    In the following verse, the Qur’an rejects the worship of jinn and stresses that only God should be worshiped:

    "Yet they make the jinn equals with Allah, though Allah did create the jinn; and they falsely, having no knowledge, attribute to Him sons and daughters. Praise and glory be to Him! (for He is) above what they attribute to Him!" (Qur’an 6:100)

    Types of jinn include the shayṭān, the ghūl, the marīd, the ‘ifrīt, and the jinn. According to the information in the Arabian Nights, ‘ifrits seem to be the strongest form of jinn, followed by marids, and then the rest of the jinn forms.

    In Islamic theology jinn are said to be creatures with free will, made from smokeless fire by Allah as humans were made of clay.[8] According to the Qur'an, jinn have free will, and Iblis abused this freedom in front of Allah by refusing to bow to Adam when Allah ordered angels and jinn to do so. For disobeying Allah, he was expelled from Paradise and called "Shayṭān" (Satan). Jinn are frequently mentioned in the Qur'an: Surah 72 (named Sūrat al-Jinn) is named after the jinn, and has a passage about them. Another surah (Sūrat al-Nās) mentions jinn in the last verse.[9] The Qur’an also mentions that Muhammad was sent as a prophet to both "humanity and the jinn," and that prophets and messengers were sent to both communities.[10][11]

    Similar to humans, jinn have free will allowing them to do as they choose (such as follow any religion). They are usually invisible to humans, and humans do not appear clearly to them. Jinn have the power to travel large distances at extreme speeds and are thought to live in remote areas, mountains, seas, trees, and the air, in their own communities. Like humans, jinn will also be judged on the Day of Judgment and will be sent to Paradise or Hell according to their deeds.

    The social organization of the jinn community resembles that of humans; e.g., they have kings, courts of law, weddings, and mourning rituals.[13] A few traditions (hadith), divide jinn into three classes: those who have wings and fly in the air, those who resemble snakes and dogs, and those who travel about ceaselessly.

    n 1998, Pakistani nuclear scientist Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood proposed in a Wall Street Journal interview that jinn (described in the Qur’ān as beings made of fire) could be tapped to solve the energy crisis. "I think that if we develop our souls, we can develop communication with them. … Every new idea has its opponents, but there is no reason for this controversy over Islam and science because there is no conflict between Islam and science.

    I've watched endless videos online of the elite's satanic rituals, devil worship…etc. Its no secret that they have other dark forces working with them to bring forth their new world order. These demonic forces are the evil Jinns that coexist in our society. From the beginning of humanity, these Jinns have had a lot of influence on our world and how its shaped today. They'd morph into different things and fool people into thinking their gods. You have to ask yourself why 9/11 happened the way it did? Why innocent Muslims are perceived as ruthless, barbaric terrorists in the media? When in actuality Islam is a teaching based on love, obedience, and peace. We know who controls the media…we know their hidden agenda…they're just paving the way for the antichrist "dajjal"' aka false messiah's soon arrival…

    The belief is based around the events prior to the Day of Judgment around the Second Coming of Isa (Jesus), when Ad-Daǧǧāl who is blind in his right "eye", shall gather an army of those he has deceived and lead them in a war against Jesus, who shall be accompanied by an army of the righteous.

    He will appear somewhere between Syria and Iraq, at which time Prophet Isa (known as Jesus in English) will return and the Mahdi will come, the Dajjal will travel the whole world preaching his falsehood but will be unable to enter Mecca or Medina.

    My good people, we are living in the end of times and as you can see these days theres a big struggle between good and evil. I'm sad to say this but the evil is overtaking mankind more and more each day. The only way to fight against Satan's soldiers is to believe in your creator and have good faith because its not too late…were still living…but living still.

    Signs predicted in the Quran 1400 years ago about the coming of "dajjal" the antichrist.

    * People will stop offering the prayers

    * Dishonesty will be the way of life

    * Falsehood will become a virtue

    * People will mortgage their faith for worldly gains

    * Usury and bribery will become legitimate

    * Imbeciles would rule over the wise

    * Blood of innocents would be shed

    * Pride will be taken on acts of oppression

    * The rulers will be corrupt

    * The scholars will be hypocrites

    * Adultery will be rampant

    * The liars and treacherous will be respected

    * There will be acute famine at the time

    * There will be no shame amongst people

    * Children would challenge their mothers

    * Youngsters would perform marital relationship with their mothers

    * Many people would worship Satan

    * there would be no respect for elder people

    I can honestly say that all these signs are here today. Furthermore, these elites know very well who will be victorious at the end. Thats why their bashing Muslims all over the world in the media but by the grace of God, were still growing each and everyday. Take a look at this interesting video.


    • Deep talk brother! I'm Christian and we may disagree on the Mesiah, but we are both being persecuted by the teachings of Satan! Teachings of peace are slowly being replaced by the All Wicked. Did I say slowly??

    • Great insight and teaching. I'm a believer in the Catholic faith, not the catholic institution and you sound like a spiritual brother… the Living God searches hearts!

      • Agreed on many fronts with the above comments. However, on your point regarding the living God searches hearts, here is a warning from an angelic source:-

        “Get out of her, MY PEOPLE, if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues.” – Revelation 18:4.

        Here, we are being warned to flee from Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion, whose hands are bloodguilty before God – if we are to escape her judgment, which is about to break out.

        "For YOU yourselves know quite well that Jehovah’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night.

        Whenever it is that they are saying: “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape." ~ (1 Thessalonians 5:2-3)

        The living God does indeed search hearts, & there are many people deeply concerned about man's state of affairs.

        "And Jehovah went on to say to him: “Pass through the midst of [them], and you must put a mark on the foreheads of the men that are sighing and groaning over all the detestable things that are being done in the midst of it.” ~ (Ezekiel 9:4)

        However, to "MY PEOPLE" who are still in the midst of Babylon the Great, the exortation is to flee from it, before its destruction.

        “‘Therefore get out from among them, and separate yourselves,’ says Jehovah, ‘and quit touching the unclean thing’; ‘and I will take YOU in.’”

        “‘And I shall be a father to YOU, and YOU will be sons and daughters to me,’ says Jehovah the Almighty.” ~ (2 Corinthians 6:17-18)

  29. This is so amazing! I have been reading and buying the old GI Joe comics from the 80's the past few months and I was thinking this same thing! No joke I was going to make a you tube video about comic books of the past predicting our future, and it is even deeper than this article is going into actually!

    We are all one and some of us are on the same thought wavelength. Me and this writer were definitely in the same thought stream of consciousness. KUDOS to the writer! thank u!

  30. The so called "reptilians" are demons, and David Icke is a double agent.

    One of the reasons that G.I. Joe series came to life is that they wanted to program the then young boys to believe that American soldiers are the good boys, were the good boys and will always be the good boys. But is is all about cognitive dissonance, because in reality the soldiers are often mind controlled slaves who serve the Illuminati agenda of military state etc.

    Thanks for this article, brilliant. Also thanks for "the Man who Stare ate Goats" reference: indeed there is a Baphomet-altar shown in that film for a blink of an eye length, and also the goat (Satan), who shows the protagonists the way out from the desert.

    • kittypaw, you are full of crap. The soldiers were there to serve as an example for us to, gasp, FIGHT (not just the MEN, mind you, but the WOMEN as well) AGAINST forces like COBRA instead of siding with or becoming like them, miss. This was NOT programming, nor is it about cognitive dissonance or establishing a slave and master mind set, rather, this was a WARNING, much like what J.R.R. and Christopher Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Madeline L'Engle, and John White did in the science fiction and fantasy realms and like people like Joel C. Rosenberg are doing in the thriller/suspense/action/adventure/conspiracy/political thriller realms with all of their books. Larry Hama and the majority of the people that worked on both the cartoon AND comic book series of G.I. Joe were also ex-soldiers in real life, so they, like Tom Clancy and the other great political thriller/military writers, not only know what they are talking about, but they LIVED to tell the tale AND that they also have first-hand accounts of these things and/or accounts from their contacts and friends in high places. This is also why people like Dale Brown, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and Joel C. Rosenberg seem to get a lot of flak from the people that oppose their work (and in the cases of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn, and especially Tom Clancy, they end up having mysterious deaths) and you just simply do not know the whole story.

  31. Have a look at what Fritz Springmeier wrote about Walt Disney! Fascinating.

    I asked the VC for an article on Tim Burton?

  32. Hi, just wanted to reply to that, and quote John Lennon "Violence begets Violence", meaning if you were successful in violently overthrowing the New world order then you would be the masters out of violence, it's a vicious circle – this is exactly what we are peacefully fighting against through knowledge and greater understanding of the absurdity of war and power over each other. I hope you can see that. Whether religious or not we are all sisters and brothers, equal against oppression.

    Last word to John Lennon "Lets give peace a chance"

    • Very good. Also review the lyrics to "A working class hero is something to be." Directly related to all of this, as well as our responses.

      • Not trying to come-off too harsh, Asta — but, it's time to let the monarch, John Lennon, rest, along with his NWO "imagine" song. The NWO isn't interested in "peace" for anyone or haven't you noticed? In fact, they've been using their "celebs" to prepare folks for their "depopulation" crisis. They have been cultivating violence — agressively for quite awhile. In fact, Obama is a major player in cultivating multiple societial divisions – race, socio-economic class, religious — any and all kinds of divisiveness. Divide and Conquer is their game. Don't play along.

    • Yeah, John was a man of peace and where is he now? Dead. I think if he had a gun to defend himself then, the circumstances might have turned out different. Self defense is not violence, it is survival of the species. And if you survive that doesn't in any way mean you will be violent. Your comment lacks truth, facts, and substance. I am not a violent man, but if someone comes into my home to do violence to me or my family, they will be met with extreme force to defend my domain.

    • Asta, you are also full of crap, much like he was, for the Holy Scriptures even warns that violence is going to be the way of things until the final punishment of Lucifer. The Holy Scriptures even say, "In the last days, they will cry out, 'Peace and safety!' However, a sudden source of destruction will overtake them all in the end." YAHASHUA YAMASHIYAH even said Himself, "Do not think that I have come to bring peace. No, I have come to bring a sword of division!" Even in the Book of Luke, Chapter 22, and Verses 36 through 38, it mentioned the NEED for not only PERSONAL self-defense but that it also espoused the need for defending your family, friends, and strangers that need your help in your life. Were YAHWEHEL ELOHIM a pacifistic Being, then He would have been FAR more successful at His job. However, since the concept of sin, as well as the demon of sin, have entered into the world, YAHWEH EL ELOHIM knew that, from the beginning of time, that humans needed to defend themselves, their loved ones, and complete strangers from the forces of evil. This is why, contrary to the Lucifer worshipping mindset that kittypaw showed earlier to this website, we actually, gasp, NEED armed forces and armed combat!

  33. Another great article VC ^^

    Speaking of 80s cartoons, it reminds me of the animated film "Rock & Rule" from 1983. At one point the guys of the band are mind controlled to go back to their home town and play mellow music while the bad guy Mok (Molok?) takes the girl of the band. When the guys break free from the mind control thanks to being hit by lightning they don't remember what happened since the start of the mind control. What happened in between they only perceive as a dream. The girl is also mind controlled to sing in the last scene to summon up a demon.

    One of Mok's goons ask him if he knows the difference between good and evil to which Mok replies: "try to realize, there is no longer black or white, good or evil. We've evolved beyond that. We all must have our own personal view of right and wrong." Which is what the mystery religions and the black monolith found in many cultural references like the film "2001" refer to – human evolution beyond good and evil. Do what thou wilt etc…

    There's also a point where the lead guy singer of the band is given a hologram to watch to distract him. Mok says "I'm sure you're into reaching new levels of consciousness, aren't you?" and the singer responds "Yeah, we're into that kinda stuff. It's all we ever do." He's completely engulfed in the hologram to the point where he becomes unresponsive to outside stimulus – a reference to alpha state induction through tv?

    Occultism, mind controlled entertainers, the dumbing down effects of entertainment, it got it all ^^


    • Wow great find definately sounds like something to investigate the hologram does sound like tv, or the internet, or theories about ascension-distractions

      • @ Patrick

        I was wondering whether in future hologram becomes portable, obtain at a cheap price and place each hologram unit in each house?

      • Certainly seems to be on the agenda. Hologram technology has been available for quite some time, but there is the gradual process of acclimatization as with all things, like the 1st clunky ipod all the way to whatevers publicly available now. As the public we were never receiving the "cutting edge" of technology. I also remember what you're referring to being in a movie already (predictive programming) I think it was the movie with arnold schwarznegger in the future where he gets cloned or something like that, but there was a holographic woman in the house. Hope this helps

      • Also my understanding was that in Europe (perhaps Britain) when the TV was given to the public it was mandatory for it to be placed in homes. Im sure most all here are familiar with TVs built in mind control technology, how it hypnotizes by emitting frequencies received by the brain causing a zombie like "alpha state", its fun to show someone what a TV looks like when you view it threw a camera lense

      • TV is only mandatory through social peer pressure, not through law. However, it's interesting how in a year or so, analogue broadcasting will cease, to be replaced through digital broadcasting as it's easier to track programming that way.

        Also, the emphasis & funding for fast-speed internet being ensured & accessible in every community is apparently no problem, at a time when severe austerity cuts in public services are being implemented, kinda exposes their agenda too obviously, but then again, by all accounts, they are "behind schedule" & are getting desperate to roll out this new world order within a perceived time-frame of their numerological choosing.

        They'll fail, of course, Jehovah God will see to that through Christ, but that won't stop them trying in their "Nimrodian" arrogance to defy the true God.

  34. Nova ya filmation's ghostbusters, bravestarr, centurions,bionic six, thunderkats, galaxy rangers, defenders of the earth, sky commander, inhumanoids, starcom, captain planet, jayce and the wheeled warriors, dino riders, hehe the list goes on and on, the original g I joes by sunbow productions rock the dic productions changed abit of the story line, simga 6was sad, have a look at the joe comics!

    Nice article also take a look at robocop the tv series was watching that 2weeks back, watch episode 12 the human factor, it has predictive programming to 911, its even got a new terrorism police division, was kinda blown away at what I saw in that episode, damn watch it all the usa is like a 3rd world nation, in it, clean water is hard to come by, man there's tons of stuff within it, even a possible war that will be fought in south america jungles! w0rd

    • Oh yeah, Robocop is defiantly hinting at the transhumanist agenda.

      It's pretty scary when you think about it, a robotic cop (with the heart of a man of course) is set loose on the streets to fight crime. Robocops would be better for the NWO then human cops, robots can't be swayed with emotion and empathy.

  35. Im pretty sure Santa used to be Green and Coke had soemthing to do with the Red/White coulour change ..

    ALSO simple SANTA = SATAN

    and i agree the roots of Christamas would be a greta rticle for Vigilant to rly dig deep into ! look forward to it V.C

  36. I understand predictive programming to be the same as you describe it. But reading got me thinking, maybe they want you to put hope into a false saviour (messiah if you will). It's not realistic that a team of supersoldiers are going to save the day for us. But being programmed to think "yeah, that's how we'll be saved", we'll just sit back and wait while TPTB keep pushing their agenda. However, this is not majorly a physical battle but more of a spiritual one. That's why they work so hard at getting us unresponsive and breaking our will. The only way we can be saved at this point is more of us waking up and taking action, not through laserguns but through loving each other and spreading the information, creating the kind of neighborhoods of old were people actually talked to and cared for one another.


    • I understand what you’re saying however I think if superhero shows were meant to condition us to expect a savior, the show would be seen through the perspective of the masses, not the superheros. Eg the story is about normal everyday characters you can relate to and whenever something goes bad heros sweep in and save the day. From our perspective then were just the normal people and it the responsibility of the heros to save everyone. However these shows are shot from the perspective of the heros, as a child you identify with, relate to you want to be the superhero thats why I said before it may be about helping mold children to stand against tyranny, as a child watching you want to be the superhero not the ignorant powerless masses, so when you discover later in life this reality has manifested your more likely to want to be part of the solution then go back to sleep

    • Hey, razieel, you dumbass, have you ever considered supposed to be like the G.I. Joe team and to become the heroes ourselves? Wow, what a novel concept, am I right? However, with that being said, at one time, things could have been like the original G.I. Joe cartoons and comic books, but now it is more like the Resolute and Renegades storylines. The G.I. Joe people are still the heroes, though, regardless of the spin.

      • Hey, razieel, you dumbass, have you ever considered the possibility that, gasp, WE are supposed to be like the G.I. Joe team and to become the heroes ourselves, and especially the former members of the military that are also against the New World Order? Wow, what a novel concept, am I right? However, with that being said, at one time, things could have been like the original G.I. Joe cartoons and comic books, but now it is more like the Resolute and Renegades storylines. The G.I. Joe people are still the heroes, though, regardless of the spin.

  37. Wow VC….one of your best yet….coincidently just rented "goats" tonight….all seeing eye mural proudly displayed on the cover….

    I loved this cartoon as a kid…maybe it helped me to see what I see now?

    Thanks mate… your work…..

  38. Aww, the memories. I grew up in the 80s too, and G. I. Joe was my joint (along with Transformers). So you know how psyched I was when they made this into feature films. A few months ago, I saw an episode where Lady Jaye (my fave!) was going to be used as a sacrifice for some Destro's family cult ritual: Talk about masonic/illuminati right in your face–as a kid at that!

    • Love the quote at the front:

      "Destro has designed the program that creates rock and roll music."

      Predictive programming if I ever saw/heard it.

      (Ever listened to "Top 40 Music" lately?)

    • Motherspirit, you fell right for a trap of Lucifer when you said that rock music is one of his creations. First of all, Lucifer can not create anything but a counterfeit and second, he has to use what was already created by YAHWEH EL ELOHIM in order to create his scams and schemes. Third, YAHWEH EL ELOHIM made not only EVERY musical genre but that He also made EVERY musical instrument and, contrary to what you might think, that also includes, gasp, rock music AND electric guitars. Fourth, you need to abandon this wicked and Lucifer promoting concept that evil cultists like the Seventh Day Adventists, the Church of (Anti)Christ, and the like are promoting and you need to repent of your religious ritualism, idolatry, and witchcraft NOW, miss! These people proclaim that this music promotes those things, yet they are just as guilty of doing the very same things with the criticism of the musical genres and instruments. I have heard what THEY think that we should consider as "holy," "praise," or "worship" music and, in comparison to what I have heard in a funeral home, the funeral home music would be like listening to thrash metal when put side by side with that music. Did not the Holy Scriptures command people to SHOUT for joy for the praise of YAHWEH EL ELOHIM and to use ALL of the musical instruments that you have among yourselves? Finally, do not lean under your own understanding of things, let alone the understanding that someone else has leaned to, but, instead, consider the Word of YAHWEH EL ELOHIM as your ultimate source of everything, miss.

  39. Vigilant,

    I agree with JWSO. I'd really like to see an article about what Christmas really is, with the tree, presents, and decorations. Maybe even go into how every television series does a Christmas special. You could also tap into how it's commercial consumerism veiling the birth of Christ veiling occultist views and rituals. Not to say I don't believe in Christ, but even so I know that Christmas really isn't about God, and I'd like to be more informed.

    • ChrisTheMan, first of all, Christmas was not even promoted as a holy day, so the fact that the "Christians" are promoting it is a form of wickedness itself. Second, the "holiday" of "Christmas" was actually meant to accommodate pagan "converts" to the "faith" of the Roman Catholic "church." Third, and finally, "Christmas" and Boxing Day replaced Sol Invictus, Saturnalia, and the Festival of the Wolf, among many other pagan days, and the tree is an occult symbol. I could go on and on, but I am sure that Google will give you the research that you need.

  40. Another great article from Vigilant.

    Personally, I believe that the articles posted here are all true. The Illuminati agenda or whatever you call them is I guess, inevitable. It is bound to happen. All these things are expected to happen. In fact, 2000 years ago, Jesus already told us that the days are evil; that we are in a fallen world. But, do not worry. Jesus have already defeated the enemy 2000 years ago when he died for our sins on the cross. The enemy knows he is defeated. The least that he could do is drag as many humans as possible along with him when he is finally burned eternally in the lake of fire. To all the readers of this site, including Vigilant, I pray that you dedicate yourselves to Jesus because that is the only way to go to the Father. That is the only way to be saved. All the information here, I believe, are true but these cannot save you. Only Jesus can save you. Only in Jesus Christ that there is victory. We, humans are already victorious. We just need to claim it by repenting for our sins and accepting Jesus as our Lord and savior. Jesus is knocking at the door of your hearts ever since you were born. You just need to hear His voice. Open your hearts to Him and surrender everything to Him. And when you accept Jesus in your life, the Holy Spirit will dwell in you and He will guide you towards the light and protect you from the evil one.

    Friends, repent while you still have time. It's never too late.

  41. What's in a name?

    You may be interested in this item from the BBC's website dated 6th April 2006…

    COBRA: The UK's emergencies team

    Cobra is the dramatic name for the civil contingencies committee which leads responses to national crises.

    The group is named after the Cabinet Office Briefing Room A in the bowels of Downing Street where it normally meets.

    It has been convened in recent years for the 7 July London bombings, the fuel protests and 11 September attack.

    • That is interesting news, Tom. I know that this might be out of curiosity, but is COBRA like DHS, FEMA, the NSA, DID, DIA, CIA, and the lot of similarly functioning organizations in the USA in how it carries out its tasks? Please let us know the answer to that question. Thank you.

  42. Nice Article, I used to LOVE me some GI JOE and now that you mention it, it def has predictive programming in it, sadly all my fav 80's cartoons are straight up pimpin nothng but Occult and NWO themes. He Man anyone? That isnt Occult at ALL…

    Best part of the article:


    25% Red Lazers

    25% Blue Lazers

    Bahahaha bout fell out when I read that, Orgy of Lazers indeed lol

    • I agree for the laughs, Daciple. By the way, where did VC get the logo and, if it is his, can I use it in for an online store, please? Thank you.

  43. Many of the cartoons seem to be incorporating the youth and have been for years since television first came out. Nowadays you can see bits and parts incorporated in the cartooons. A good video on youtube is infant indoctrination which showcases multiple shows and how they place so much symbolism and subliminal message in the shows. You have Family Guy, Bill and Mandy, Spongebob, and so on hardly any show that is placed on the screen gets saved. But that is why we have to finally turn off the t.v. and do something productive with our lives instead of wasting hours getting fed what the programmers want.

    • Have you noticed the blatant ant-religion message coming from The Simpson's, Family Guy and American Dad lately? All Fox network…owned by Rupert Murdoch…who is cleary not one of the good guys. Pushing an agenda where people are indoctrinated to believe that modern science is the be all end all and man should look to himself for answers and that believing in God is basically dumb and unevolved. Of course, man will fail, be incredibly vunerable and be ripe for the picking by people like Murdoch. SMH

    • Lite77g, and yet here you are letting the Lucifer run businesses win and sticking your head in the sand and being a hypocrite by going online, which will replace television inevitably, sir or madam. Irony has eluded you once again, Mr. or Mrs. Pot Calling the Kettle Black. What you SHOULD be doing is making your OWN networks that promote your OWN viewpoints AND to get your OWN materials made! In this day and age, it actually is not that difficult to get your own news network if you can figure out how to do things right and if you have a small budget.

  44. @ Apocraphe. i totally agree with you. the best part is we all think we are smarter that the people of the past. we all think religion and symbols are just a bunch of bullshit created by man in the past because they were stupid, while in fact we are actually stupidier than them. we rather believe that we came from evolution which means everything was created by accident. we have been deceived and have been overly-dependent on our governments to the point that our survival skills are almost zero without them.

  45. Been up on the sciences…You can even check the weapons they where using…way ahead of the curve…Now they have a new one where they're on the run from the army ala The A-Team…Thats what happens when people discover the truth…

  46. This was a great post comrade, but where do you suggest that we start? It seems like a percentage of reasonably intelligent people are waking up to all of this information but there is no "point A" from where to start acting upon it.

    I, for example, am a twenty-two year old college student who is full of energy, in shape, ready to fight…and yet there is no "yellow brick road" laid out for me to follow. No "resistance" if you will, that I can sign up for and apply my enery to. I've tried telling people of all ages about whats happening behind the scenes but the saying "you can lead a horse to water…" stands true now and maybe more than ever. The friends that I know who are aware and accepting of this information have choosen to go on with their everyday lives and put it out of their minds so that someone else can deal with it, but I can't. Is voting the answer? Obviously not, the people behind the scenes have proven that they have control over that route. Do I sit home and hold my bible as close to my chest as possible? No. It may give me a sense of self comfort, but how is that helping my brothers and sisters throughout this country/world? Jesus was a man of action. Just because we know how the war ends doesn't mean that we stop fighting the battle.

    In my own free time i've stopped watching the news. When forced to watch it at work it sickens me that the about 50% of it is propaganda and the other half is fluff nonsense put there simply to distract us in between the propaganda. My music collection has basically diminished. My movie selection is down to documentaries and revolutionary films. I'm reading more books than ever before. But my question is: what do I do with all of this?

    • Say Prodigal, man I feel your pain! Matter of fact a tear came from my eye reading your post. I believe all we can do is spread the knowledge we have, keep the Bible close to us and wait for Jesus instruction. Just know that you are not the only one dealing with this!

      • We need to stay in His Word …and wait vigiliantly,prayerfully and patiently.,,,putting on the whole armour of God that we might STAND in THE EVIL DAY (Ephesians 6)…..( the Day of the Lord)…..we are the generation LIVING IN the very times all the Prophets and Apostles foretold!!!! (Mind-boggeling to say the least!!!)……remembering Jesus said "when you see all these things coming to pass,look up for your redemption draws near'…….MARANATHA!!!!

      • We must stand….even if we fall in doing so the seeds from our fruits will awaken many…….. I have many ideas , but we must act even if there is only a few of us we must band together and form a firm stances against what’s wrong…. And break the chains they drags with like dogs….We must free ourselves from this brain wash…. And rebuild our homes…..our cites ,states,, country,,, the world this government can’t not do it… ppl must do it WE MUST DO IT you must love your brothers, sisters, mothers, ect each who you have seen before you dear say you love GOD

    • Sorry I don’t have ‘The Solution’ for you, butI hope this helps…
      Knowing is half the battle! If these NWO types have been working for centuries, then consider that ‘The Solution’ may not come in our lifetimes. This is a long-term battle, and we must begin to think long-term ourselves. Educate your children – the next generation – and be sure they have the ‘knowing’ half of the battle covered. This may not be ‘The Solution’ but it is part of a long-term approach.

      • The illuminati want people to think that the solution wont come in their lifetime – it makes people more powerless, that way.

        No, these are the last days of their reign. Armageddon will see to it that their reign will come to an end.

        The solution is simple – take a deep breath and say out loud the following:-

        "I'm not playing your game any more."

        It's just a game of manipulation. Cease becoming entangled in it, to the extent possible.

        Be peaceable, but do not co-operate when they goad you into going to war.

        Keep your life simple. Get out of debt asap and dont get into debt again.

        Keep your integrity at all times. Do not look at their weapons of mass distraction, such as violent films and pornography – such things are designed to groom people into their way of thinking.

        Build up your faith in your creator, in accurate knowledge. There is no greater endeavour at this most critical time.

        These are some of the ways in which you can help yourselves and others to become more vigilant.

        The rest will come from God who will, at the exact precise moment, smash their system to smitherines.


        ‘“Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,” Jehovah of armies has said. ~ (Zechariah 4:6)


        You will break them with an iron scepter, As though a potter’s vessel you will dash them to pieces.” ~ (Psalm 2:9)


        "The utterance of Jehovah to my Lord {Jesus Christ} is:

        “Sit at my right hand Until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.”  

        The rod of your strength Jehovah will send out of Zion, [saying:] “Go subduing in the midst of your enemies.”

        Your people will offer themselves willingly on the day of your military force. In the splendors of holiness, from the womb of the dawn, You have your company of young men just like dewdrops.  

        Jehovah has sworn (and he will feel no regret): “You are a priest to time indefinite According to the manner of Mel‧chiz′e‧dek!”  

        Jehovah himself at your right hand Will certainly break kings to pieces on the day of his anger." ~ (Psalm 110:1-5)


        "Consequently he said: “Here is what Jehovah has said to YOU, ‘Do not YOU be afraid or be terrified because of this large crowd; for the battle is not YOURS, but God’s.

        YOU will not need to fight in this instance. Take YOUR position, stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah in YOUR behalf. Do not be afraid or be terrified. Tomorrow go out against them, and Jehovah will be with YOU.’” ~ (2 Chronicles 20:15, 17)


        The battle is between God and Satan. We need to be on the right side in order to survive into the real new world, and not the demonic, counterfeit facist one on the horizon. xx

    • What to do? What to do? Humanity is vibrating at a very slow rate, compared to how it could be (see the book Power vs. Force). Therefore, it is not as powerful as it could be. I think it's my duty to increase my vibratory rate if nothing else……just to contribute to keeping humanity's pulse happening. There's been such a huge effort to dampen that pulse.

      I choose sound to increase my vibration. Ever looked into 432Hz and 528 Hz music? Amazing. Holding babies helps a lot. So does loving a pet or just plain helping another. Of course, laughing as much as possible is fantastic. That's part of the what to do. I think we all have to answer that question for ourselves: What rings my chimes?

      Then comes what to BE. I have to BE while I'm DOING. right?That's fun too. I'm finding that it's a matter of allowing what is inside me to come out and express itself in the most caring, fun-loving and uncritical way. One more thing that we can all do: STOP COMPLAINING! Eliminate complaining from your life and magic happens. What would the world be like if nobody complained?

    • ProdigalSun,

      Your post very much struck a nerve. Especially because of your age. You're right at the age of my own kids. Your angst and plight is theirs. I see so much hope in your generation. You're the ones that I think may take hold of the truth of what is going on more so than the generations preceding you – the ones that have slept while their nation and civilization has been hollowed out to a husk that's ready to crumble. My kids know so much more about the real status of what is going down than I did at their age. It is evident that you do too. I was well into my thirties before I began to get a clue as to how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

      But I won't mince anything – the situation currently looks very, very bleak. For once in history it doesn't look like a human possibility to turn the tide. In the past, civilizations were localized and much more geographically isolated. When one collapsed due to the inner rot of their human malfeasance, other civilizations of people carried on elsewhere. When oppression and destitution were occurring in one place it was sometimes possible for a few to make their way to somewhere else to carry on life.

      Today, though, what is going down is going down for the entire globe of humanity.

      I woke up to this in the mid '90s. At that time I thought that, yeah, things would get tough but that eventually things could be turned around – that sense of optimism that we retain because it enables us to get up each day and face the world we live in. I went on to spend a half million dollars in making preparations to weather out coming rough times. I believed in the adage that if you saw difficult times approaching that it is prudent to prepare. My parents lived through the 1930's depression in their childhood – I've heard many stories of those days. I thought approaching hard times would be on that scale of comprehension and that one could prepare to ride out something like that. People would learn a bitter lesson through those hard times and we'd reform ourselves back to a more prudent society on the other side.

      Of course a lot has gone down since those days. And the spiraling decent into an abyss is becoming more intense.

      In the years since the mid '90s I've had much time to reflect on these matters. I eventually began to see that without perfect fore-vision I could never prepare for all possible scenarios. I would just have to be very lucky that my particular preparations were right for the situation that develops.

      It is clear that what is developing is a full throttle agenda to place the world under a control grid ruled by an elite strata. The Trilateralist of the '70s envisioned carving up three major administrative regions – much like as depicted in George Orwell's 1984 dystopia.

      Over this time, though, I also increased my awareness of the eschatology of what all is going on in the larger picture. And I am a follower of Yeshua. Yeshua, as was made clear in Chapt. 8 of the Book of Acts in the New Testament, is foretold and explained in Isaiah Chapt. 53 in the Old Testament. Verses 5-6 says "But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him. And by His stripes we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all."

      There is a great deal to go over to explain the eschatology of the particular times we live in. Here is a link to just provide a small sampling of things involved:

      The Fig Tree Has Budded

      What is getting ready to transpire is not something that will be dealt with and concluded by human means. It is our business instead to be girding up our very souls.

      I know this kind of message is not entirely welcome for a person at 22 years of age. I remember well that time of life. It is a peak time in our lives for shaping what we'll be about the rest of our days. There seems so to be so much potential, much to do and experience.

      At my age, I am now fully content. I had good adventure in my young adult years, went on to a satisfying career, and raised a family. It has been enough. All that I care about any more is for the likes of yourself, ProdigalSun. Your generation.

      We need not despair. Instead we need to stay focused, attentive. Yes, expose and enlighten to what is going on, but maintain honor (i.e., do not resort to actions that you would be ashamed of when standing in review). Those that oppress and do not change their ways are going to receive a comeuppance. For our part, we need maintain patience and steadfastness.

    • ProdigalSun,

      You say you're twenty-two, aware, inshape and full of energy and yet you're waiting around for someone else's "leadership" or for someone to provide you with a "yellow brick road"? You're reading about revolutionaries — I hope you're reading about our American revolutionists — they were, for the most part, much younger than yourself and they didn't wait around for someone else to "lead" them. No, they did not. Instead, they mustered-up the courage to lead themselves.

      What I found most refreshing about your post was that YOU do not sound like you bought into the "metrosexual" conditioning. YOU appear to be self-confident in knowing your a man and that IT IS your time to man-up and defend America. I suggest you research well into this area — keeping in mind that many militia organizations have been infiltrated. I suggest then that you begin your own, but research into what to look for regarding infiltrators and thier tactics. You will need to safeguard yourselves. Young American men need to find it in themselves to LEAD.

    • Right. We need a SOLUTION. What to do?

      The American SOLUTION is here:

      Don't give up on the Vote and the Constitution yet, please.

      If we have the energy to march, or quit watching tv, or whatever action you like,

      then we have the energy to all vote by Write-In Paper Ballots, to vote together for our group of honest citizens (including you) to retake control of Congress and the White House. Then, the new open honest Constitutional government of the most powerful country in the world can defeat the enemy.

      Only then can we behead every treasonous organization, both open and secret organizations.

      This website (VC) likes to use the term Illuminati. The international Rothschilds, who are self-described Jews, are at the top of the criminal elite, including the Illuminati, Bilderbergs, all the big banking, mega-corporations, governments, and Freemasons.

      Let's give nonviolence a chance in the next election. And then use our people power to enforce the proper counting of our vote. Otherwise, we have to start killing them, and they have the biggest guns, so the best choice is obvious, isn't it?

      2012. We can make it happen.

      • Right hand to God, I was just thinking along these lines last night during meditation. I was wondering how we as Americans (the real representation of our country) could effectively take our democratic leadership from the traitors currently in office, and on both sides of the party lines. I can’t wait to check the website out. LETS DO IT!!!

    • "While knowing the truth is a tremendous step for any person, it brings little comfort without a sense of direction. People need a defined course of action, a methodology, a way of contributing to the solution. The problem is that too many people sit and wait for the solution to present itself, or wait for others to take the lead, instead of going out and finding their own answers. I have often received responses to my past articles that sound like this:

      “Ok, so we know the economy is on the verge of collapse and that the government is corrupt. When are YOU going to tell us what we can do about it? What are YOU going to do about it? When are WE going to rally together and force the elites out of power?”

      These are the wrong questions. What they should be asking THEMSELVES is;

      “What am I going to do about it? When am I going to decide to take actions that further the betterment of our future? When am I going to stop waiting for others to tell me what to do?”

      People want times, dates, clubs, protests, official representation, political parties, slogans, sign-up sheets and bake sales, and most of all, they want a plan, a prefabricated plan clearly delineating the future of the movement. In the Liberty Movement, however, there is no such thing as a strategy set in stone, nor should there be. The primary reason being, the Liberty Movement thrives on individual action, not collectivist action.

      We would all love to have the remedy to our many ills packaged and bottled and sold to us like so much aspirin. This is not going to happen and I hope people stop holding their breath. In our situation, the only solutions that come easy are those that benefit the establishment, and not us. In fact, globalist peddlers today are lining up in droves to offer you their “leadership”, and an easy way out. Some people buy in, simply because they’ve never been forced to think for themselves, and they can’t fathom starting now, especially when it comes to something as seemingly complex and overarching as economics.

      I have no easy solutions to offer here. I have no magic tricks or cure-alls. All I have is the ability to clearly present the hard choices available to us. All I have is a manner of thinking that could stop globalism in its tracks, but the way this philosophy is enacted is up to each and every American individual, and not up to me. Effective real world solutions start with a powerful root principle. This is mine:

      Provide for yourself and for others those human necessities the oppressive system cannot or will not. Through this, you make the system obsolete. Eventually, the system will either have to come after you, or be forced to conform to you. In either case, you benefit."

    • I understand a lot of what you are saying, ProdigalSun, and I also agree with a lot of it, too, but, to be honest, you sometimes need to quit with the documentaries and revolutionary things because, contrary to what you might be thinking, even THEY might be influenced by the New World Order. Realizing these things as true would be the first step that you need to take in your in your life. The second step that you need to take is to either learn how to build G.I. Joe-like vehicles yourself and/or learn to get some training in learning how to build them yourself, kind of like those guys on that one reality show on I think that it was the Discovery Channel and that these guys are twins that also build things for the government. Third of all, you might also want to learn how to get in touch with people if your building skills are not up to snuff so that they can help you build these things. Fourth of all, you might also want to consider junkyards, and, in the future, aircraft and military vehicle graveyards as your source of raw materials. Fifth of all, you might want consider the usage of the services of the people that run junkyards, welding shops, and other things, along with ex-military personnel that are NOT haters of a one-state nation of Israel, that do not seek its destruction, and that will completely fight against ALL the wickedness of the New World Order to be allies with you in this fight as well as sources of raw materials in order to get those things built. Buying up some abandoned buildings, particularly warehouses and factories, and converting them might be a good idea as well as disguising them, for people will get wise to the plans sooner or later. I hope that gives you some sort of direction as to how to get things done, sir.

  47. I agree with many who have posted: This had everything explored previously on this site. I loved this article! I grew up watching Joe at 6am. When I saw the ladies dancing on stage, my first thought was Beyonce: scroll down and not 2 sec's later: there she was! LOL!

    This article was very detailed as the show definitely exploited the program and shoved in our very faces. I was very impressed and can see you spent great time writing it out.

    Thank you for your effort. It is well appreciated.

  48. our ancestors/ancient cultures existing today know everything that science is still trying to understand, they think our consciousness is like a babies just starting to learn how to walk, they know everything that we are trying to figure out and in fact think that it is ridiculous that we do our investigations only on the material plane which is superficial and rather boring, and that the scientists of 3rd dimensional reality can not ever experience the multidimensional reality of spirit, that's when you go to sleep at night, as the physical mother takes care of the material body, and your Father God of Wisdom (spirit) leaves his throne between the two physical eyes which is the 3rd eye and investigates the superior dimensions. I attended a live broadcast with the leader of the Maya, Don Alejandro (of course there are Maya who are over 100 years old only living in the mountains never to come down and what have you but..) and we were able to ask him questions and he said that their knowledge and culture came from the Pleiadies, that life came form there and taught them how to measure time, and once they were done measuring time they became the masters of time and were able to control it, and that they have been controlling time for five 5,200 year periods thus we are in the period of the fifth sun which is finalizing very soon so they have been controlling time for approx 26,000 years. Then we asked if they are still in communication with the Pleaidies and then he smiled, and nodded, saying "Always, that's why we don't have any universities or colleges, because our knowledge comes from a higher, more direct source."

    • Charles Miller on

      Your comment is very enlightening. I would like to know more. Please share your more of your knowledge. Also is there a web page i can get more information about your comment on?

      • InfamousAvantgairde on

        Cassiopeian Transcripts.

        it would be best to take it seriously.There power is strangely unique

    • WTF are you on anyway, hmm? Furthermore, did you ever consider the usage of proper grammatical structure and spelling in your writing, sir or madam?

  49. Very interesting…now wonder all us kids from the 1980s are crazy…I thought it was just promoting consumerism with the toys. The other big toy ad from the 80s was Transformers. Those two were my favs growing up and Thundercats, He-Man, Robotech, Voltron, etc…There are so many fan clubs and collectors, conventions and so forth that it's kinda disturbing now to think that it was just action figures that make the people spend all their time and money when they could be doing something constructive. Im talking about trekkies too. Transformers had some themes similar to G.I. Joe but they were much bigger and cooler lol

  50. Dr. Fred Bell and Alex Collier are amazing, you should check into their work. Dr. Fred Bell worked for the government at the age of 14 and tells of the government working with extra terrestrials and Alex Collier is a contact of the Andromedans. The more digging you do, the more it all makes sense.

  51. I also have a question about Julian Assange. I think that he was sticking his nose where it didnt belong and now all the sudden he has been accused of a sexual charge.. seems like a smear campaign to shut him him and deny his credibility. I get Fforbes magazine and this months mag has him on the front cover, reading "Julian Assange wants to spill your corporate secrets".

  52. Great article! I would highly recommend the newest GI Joe Cartoon "Renegade". This time Cobra has become a major pharmaceutical company and is all over the world. The GI Joes discover that Cobra is actually manufacturing Viruses, transporting weapons, and arms dealing. There were several nods to Icke's work in there as well!

  53. Xpose_the_Industry on

    This is disturbing on so many levels. They managed to get all this through from a television series directed at 12 year olds. It makes one wonder what other shows did they use to get a message through. Superman was used a figure that was invincible and a savior but the logo on his chest is really the baphomet. Pokemon was a series directed at little kids but the show's theme song heard backwards (backmasking) says 'I love Satan.' Yugioh was filled with illuminati symbols it's ridiculous. What are we allowing our children to watch? What has already been put into the minds of our children by now, especially with the new shows that are out now?

  54. This is a good site, I've been following this stuff for about 6 or 7 years now and seeing it come to friution piece by piece. A friend of mine showed me this site a little while back.

    Anyway, this is Interesting stuff here about GI Joe. That was around my time as a kid, however I never watched it too much, but this is interesting and most of what the article is saying makes sense.

    I have a question to the author (and many other people), not that I'm looking for an answer just "talking out loud" so to speak.

    Like, why do you people think that gold is worth anything?

    While I certainly am in 100% agreement about paper money, it is totally worhtless, but you can pretty much say the exact same thing for gold.

    Like, if shit hits the fan, what am I going to do with gold? The same thing I could do with paper money, absolutely nothing. Actually, at least with the paper money I could wipe my ass with it or burn it in a fire to help keep myself warm. Unless I am unaware of some sort of tangible use for gold, I believe it is just as worthless as paper money. Esepcially in a "shit hits the fan" scenario where food is scarce, nobody is going to give me food for my gold (unless they are idiots)

    • I was thinking the same thing…it's probably again just something we're supposed to argue about and waste time and energy.


    • Too true, about paper money and gold.

      Pretty soon, the only "commodity" worth anything at all will be one's integrity.

      If you keep it, it goes up in value, but if you sell it, it's pretty much game over.

      "For wisdom is for a protection [the same as] money is for a protection;

      but the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom itself preserves alive its owners." ~ (Ecclesiastes 7:12)

      Integrity (which involves exercising faith) is the key.

    • Of course it doesn't have an intrinsical value except for the one given by humans. But I suppose it's also the beauty, versatility, perennity, scarcity and impossibility to be artificially produced that also makes it valuable.

    • Gold, like silver, can be used to create a colloidal solution. Colloidal silver is used as a remedy for many diseases and infections. When I first used colloidal silver I discovered that my allergies and asthma have completely disappeared, and the onset of any illness is quickly overcome with a few doses of this solution. I'm not familiar with the effects of gold personally, but upon research I came across this video which seems to provide a solid understanding of it's uses.

      You and I can look back in history and see that gold has had a great significance in every time period. Aside from being a great conductor of electricity(the best I read), surely there is something more intimate between gold and rulers of great power.

  55. One does wonder if some of this is to send messages/triggers to the thousands of monarchs…mkulrta…chosen ones who are still out there. I am sure they monitor all of this type of info. Good insight,

  56. Great article I must say!! Our brainwashing has been going on for along time…as far as the reptilians are concerned, after watching the Arrivals (google it) I do beleive that they are nothing more then Satan's followers from heaven whom are part of a huge scheme to trick mankind into believing in E.T in order to show themselves in any form and have us accept them and the person they say we should allow to lead us…which of course is Satan their god and that of the illuminati. Watch the series The Arrivals, I stumbled upon it here and I am glad I made sure I watch all of it with an OPEN MIND!

    Peace and love brothers and sisters,

    Keep up the good fight!!

  57. "Did G.I. Joe contain “predictive programming”, "

    Not that I necessarily disagree, but it seems plausible that a group of cartoon writers sitting around brainstorming various ways for their cartoon-based fictional organization to 'take over the world' might just coincidentally come up with some of the same ideas as real people brainstorming ways to amass power and money.

    If you take two different groups of people, throw them in two different rooms, and ask them both to brainstorm solutions for the same problem, they might just come up with some of the same solutions independently of each other.

  58. I am from an older generation of TV watchers, So after reading your article I was inspired to check out a show from my vintage that i liked watching I had been meaning to look for it on Youtube for weeks now it's called SPACE PATROL a puppet show from the 60's i just watched the first episode for the first time since i was 8 or so it's called get this "Your Anus" here is the link .The concept is an evolved alien species hypnotizing the rulers of Earth The Space patrol network, so they can take over planet Earth they have decided force would not work only deception and mind control &possession, They beam electro magnetic waves at the Leaders of Earth , hmmmm very interesting. Interesting that the shows creators would choose Uranus as the home planet for the creatures intent on possession of man. Was it an accident or a hidden message referring to the lower regions being the source of malignant intent towards humanity ?Anyway it seems these concepts and technologies have been embedded in kids shows and been going on far longer than we realize. It blew me away to find this so called fantasy scenario of electro magnetic mind control being offered up to little kiddies like me all those years ago like it is something that of course could never happen in real life. But possible in the future, MK Ultra Monarch , Microwave towers , Digital TV , Hmm very very interesting !!

  59. This is an amazing article. That part about the collapse of the dollar and it not being backed up by gold, it really hit home especially since we witnessed so much of the aftermath recently. They've been planning this for decades creating all these recessions and so called "market" conditions people lose their jobs and houses while they are making money off of it. The next stage of controlling the masses financially will be through electronic money, and this has already started everything is done on account and credit cards. After the electronic system collapses, the only things left of real value will be precious metals. Buy gold and silver you may need it sooner than you think.

  60. "Space patrol" was funded and financed by a crowd called " National Interest picture production" ?? ever heard of a kids entertainment called that before ???? down the rabbit hole we go ??

  61. just a tad off topic, but does anyone remember the movie Toys with Robin Williams & LL Cool J? This was a movie about how the military took over a popular toy company to push its militaristic video games. The goal? To program children into becoming “pre-trained” soliders.

    I don’t think that movies or TV shows that have this subject line are trying to “warn” people that the situation is actually happening or will happen. I think (like VG said) it’s a skillfull way to introduce ideas, situations & products that people may be afriad of or at least aprehesive. All the while telling the people “this is FICTION, this isn’t real!”.

    On another note, does anyone other than myself ever notice that Beyonce (as pretty as she is) always has this empty drone like expression on her face? (see above^^) Almost like she’s waiting for someone to snap their fingers so she can wake up?

    • yeah that hit home for me too. Especially when i see Jay=z named the new rapper he signed "The New Wizard of the game" Nicki minaj twitted before her Mtv perfomance"im going to see the Wizard." They always have photos these celebrities posing as Dorothy and the gang.Craaaazy!!! Lord help us, Please.

  62. can you do an article on spongebob? there was an episode about squidward going to this secret squid cult and i remember there was an episode like this but they went to the future and man ray took over the world and they had to pay in man ray dollars.

  63. I saw an old episode recently where Cobra was using rock music and made the rock looking members of cobra form a rock band and they use rock music to control the masses. It's on youtube, its freaking crazy. I forgot the names of the cobra members but they are ones in the picture with the two girls who wake up from there mind control.

  64. Predictive Programming…. Sorta reminded me of Bryce Taylor’s book, how the mk ultra people would relay msgs to the elite… what better way to get a msg across to another person, hide it in a kids show.

  65. Many of you ask what to do. Many of you cling to your bibles out of fear and comfort, but what can it really do for you? Consider WHO scripted and translated the book: the same institutions and 'people' who form what we call illuminati. Dogma from your captors is NOT helpful. Bam.

    You want to know what to do to raise your vibrations to a higher level? Single form Tai Chi. (Not the "long dance" public forms you may have seen.) It's a complete system to raise yourself to a higher frequency, if you're up to doing the work on yourself. It's also a way back to our source of creation, or what we might call God. If enough people raise their vibrations, and I'm perfectly serious about this, the world may turn a little further away (instead of towards) the frightening imbalances that we're gleefully/woefully* plunging towards right now.

    *depends on which side of the balance and profits we find ourselves on

    • I feel sorry for you pink. You're on the same path as them, just don't know it yet. They're following similar ideologies of self elevation and 'illumination'. To evil there's only ONE alternative: God. Hope you realize this soon.

      • I think you may be mistaken, though I would like to know if there is more you can say about this and if there are any videos or articles relating to such. It is not merely about self illumination, it is about self awareness, and recognizing that we are all connected as "one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively." – Bill Hicks

        Raising our vibrational frequencies is in the direction of love, light, and truth, whereas materialistic value and guilt and hopelessness is in the direction of fear. God is the essence of us all, and we stray from that essence when we allow our egos to control our curiosity. We lose our connection when we believe we are powerless in this world, that our actions cannot hinder a "pre-determined" end. It is a fallacy to believe this because you can make changes in your own life right now that will affect who you will turn out to be years from now, and if a collective human consciousness works together, it can affect the outcome of all. The problem is, not enough people are aware of the light missing from their hearts, so we must continue spreading the truth and love, because you will give them light when everything else in their life has given them fear.

  66. real shit i feel like the gi joe cartoons weren't left for us as sum illuminati propaganda but more sumthing to foreworn us of the future….i dont believe that everything that has illuminati ideas is sumthing of evil but sum things of good and ideas and ideologies that may benefit us….i think that people need to open their eyes to wats going on around them and see all of the things that are so dark and stop pretending that we live in this happy go lucky society,…and i feel like its shows like this and things like this that should bring the evil powers to light but no one sees it…….they're all walking like sheep to the slaughter……..

  67. One episode that wasn't mentioned was the Invaders, about a fake alien invasion. Of course that hasn't happened, but there are so many rumours around and evidence that it might happen, I think the episode deserves to be in the list. I think it's interesting how in the episode the fake alien invasion caused GI Joe and the Russian counterpart to become friendly with each other like the speech from Reagan about alien threat stated. That an alien threat would unify people.

  68. Awesome.

    Side note, and it sounds funny, but there is ALOT of spiritual truths in the carebear series.. And especially in the movie Care Bears 2: A New generation. Essentially, the carebears monitor the health/love of the earth, up from above in the clouds. And theres a dark force on the earth decieving and manipulating mankind, causing conflicts within itself, creating seperation and ego.. Essentially, the carebears battle dark forces/demons by shooting love from their hearts. Also there is a scene of group healing, where the care bears circle a poisoned girl and all chant how "you ARE healed" repeatedly and she becomes better.. Anyway the care bears Is not so much as in the government conspiracy, but more so the spiritual war we are in and if you take away the concept of the "care bear" and their flying "cloud cars" away, and see it more as a story of the unseen spiritual warfare, then it is definitely remarkable and clearly written by someone who knows..

  69. Great article!

    Reminds of the writing style of Cracked actually … LOL Especially the graphic at the end :)

    Knowing is half the battle!

  70. I saw videos like these from a YouTube user: justinbrown88 I think it is, if you also look at the cartoon Conan, it is very symbolic.

    Conan – Reptillian shapeshifters, phoenixes, snakes who bite their own tales, pyramids, a whole bunch of other stuff- quite in your face. If someone has already mentioned this in a previous comment, my apologies (too lazy to read them…).

  71. Excellent article as always..

    I've been researching the illuminati and freemasons for well over a year now, and what they're doing is undeniable.. Still can't believe that the majority of the people mock it all as a 'conspiracy theory'..

    "we were conditioned to be ashamed of intelligence.

    Take pride in your brain, it's your chain that's irrelevant."

    "You better listen when I tell the television tricks you well.

    Don't let them dictate to you the definition of yourself.

    ‘Cos when it's said and done the products are all irrelevant.

    And a man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.

    The choice to keep you dumb, but don't mentally succumb.

    Take steps to reach your son, 'till your legacy is done.

    We are set to see a better dream, eventually will come.

    The equality of all and the supremacy of none!"

    Lyrics by rapper 'LOWKEY'

  72. Thank you for this article – only last week I was watching the first ever episode of Thundercats on youtube. I used to love that cartoon as a kid, I was shocked at all the symbolism involved in the programme.

    I thought I was reading too much into it (still wanting to love thundercats!!) but I came across your article and it all links in.

    Thanks again for your article

  73. wow very good article. The G.I joe writers knew more than we did crazy that all the things that has happened in the old episodes have went down today. keep up with the articles vigilant. :)

  74. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Is Beyonce fully aware of her role within this evil agenda? I guess I should not be surprised.

    I recently read in a magazine article that Chrisette Michele gives credit to Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. How sad and pathetic. She spoke of their courage to being free, and that she is coming out. She shaved her head. Is her new transformation telling her fans something. I love her first CD. Please do not tell me that the illuminati ungodly people in the industry got a handle on her as well. If so, how devestating. She is a deacon's daughter. People find it so easy to give up their spiritual beliefs. I hope this is not so for her.

    • Not sure. She was heavy into singing since she was a kid (was Famous in Houston at the tender age of Seven), showed up on Star Search, and was put through "boot camp" by her father (with the rest of the group) when she was fourteen years old. And she's twenty-nine years old…about the time when the training tends to break down.

      Depends on how strong she is. Strong enough, and she's likely been introduced to certain secrets (the ones that help heal the mind – don't be surprised if it turns out they have ways of transitioning stronger minds from fractured to whole-ish by combining large numbers of "alters" into the main personality).

    • If they got Lauryn Hill you know Crisette is easy prey. Lauryn was quoting scriptures in her albums, she did full songs about 2Corinthians. In her second cd, which was accapella and not as successful, she all but said the word illuminti. She spoke of the Bablyon, the music industry being evil, programming its artist, a hidden agenda. I mean anyone that did research and heard her album knew what she was talking about. Now she is on a comeback. Im not in the music world like that anymore but i get glimpses and i read she plans on doing a track with mind-controlled, homosexual agenda pushing Nicki minaj, whose mentor is possessed Lil Wayne. I also saw her pulling on stage with her at one of her shows illumanit's finiest-Jay-z and Beyonce. I almost shed a tear. They must have told her if you want to get back in the game, you better join the crowd cuz you can't beat us. 99% of these artist are either willing puppets or unwilling puppets for their agenda. The truth hurts.

  75. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    My last post for the evening. However, did anyone ever thought back to the time Africans were brought here to America to work as slaves and against their freewill. Well, are we not slowly going back to that, but this time it want just be Africans. Keep in mind that other countries used slavery.

    There were many attempts to establish the NWO but failed. Now it is different. People have become at ease in their comfort zone. For example, Black children have actually bought in to rap music as if it is the gospel. Black boys after a decade are still wearing sagging pants and black children are failing to expand their education, the reason their forefathers fought and died. I am a black woman. I see it so much, and I just want to cry out. The black parents are not telling them any differently.

    If this is taking place in the black race, just imagine what is taking place in the other races. The NWO agenda is going to have free course in all races to affect the children and sabotage their young minds. .

    • Blacks sold blacks into slavery just as Commie "American" politicians have sold patriotic Americans into slavery. There is nothing progressive about "progressives."

  76. Reptilians are physical Demonic beings…they are Fallen Angels,that are shapeshifters,Decievers, and come as angels of light..David Icke is not a believer in the Almighty God,so he is confused in his claim of lizard people.Men can be possesed by demons where the demon can reveal itself through the persons eyes (which we get the reptilian eyes theory).

    All of it is nothing more than demonic deception and confusion…just like Satan wants.They seek Worship

    Seek out the True and only God, which through Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour

  77. Great catch…. but as you start to unravel the deeper truths.. you will find a disturbing abyss that has driven many insane! Anyway, I'm sure my blog Think of the idea of putting this information into a children's cartoon, as a joke. "These people" have trillions backed by gold. And more. Material things aren't the real power, and keeping others in the dark is only the surface. Unfortunately, the 'light' they are hidding is for people's good. Society would not be the same if the 'truth' were known. That makes this situation out of control and un-reversable.

  78. Just wanted to quickly point out how funny and telling it is that the Cash4Gold celebrity spokesmen either filed for bankruptcy or flirted with it.

  79. So GI Joe was created to influence a generation of young men to do the bidding of _________ fill in the blank. It’s much simpler than that, it was created to sell dolls and make money. A voluntary exchange between a willing buyer (the audience) and a willing seller (the network) both benefited and acquired something neither had prior to the transaction in enough quantity to satisfy themselves. The audience had more money than entertainment and the network had more entertainment than money. A fair exchange consummated, and mothers everywhere were pleased to have a &frac12; hour a day of quiet.

    There’s plenty of historical fiction to draw from and create cartoons that some adults will find “shockingly" analogous to current events, or “discover” more serious motivations than a simple business transaction. It’s no different than finding parallels of one's life in a newspapers daily Horoscope.

    All the themes used in the cartoon are recycled, Rasputin, the Nazis, Lyndon LaRouche, all used similar tactics to steer people for less benign reasons, they wanted money or power. I wouldn’t waste my time trying to figure out what’s motivating the author of this article but it’s usually the first ones that come to mind, money, power, self-esteem (I’m enlightened and you aren’t) or perhaps just a paycheck from his editor.

    If you want to read some really funny examples of (I know something you don’t, but for a fee I’ll share it with you) look up Robert LeFevre and Guy and Edna Ballard who were in “direct contact” with a St. Germain. They created a large following, all with the goal of separating non thinking mortals from their money. Even a current member of congress was under “the influence” OC’s very own Dana Rohrabacker.

    Sorry Joe I’m not buying what you’re selling.

  80. I believe in god OBVIOUSLY! but i don't understand if they have so much power (the illuminati) why dont they just start their grand plan now like have a police state agenda and enslave us now i mean no matter how slow they do it people arnt just gonna be all happy to have their freedom taking away and everytime they turn around theres a prick with a gun! …… Why spend so much time trying to convince people to be enslaved when they dont care about our aproval in the first place?

    • All in good time Victoria. This is a hundreds years old plan and they can't afford mistakes or miscalculations. Imagine there were full generations of people who died dreaming of it:They are not in a hurry. But don't worry they're almost there. I say it won't take more the five years (max) before NWO and all the tragedies related to it become reality.

  81. Charles Miller on

    Personally, I believe that the articles posted here are all true. The Illuminati agenda or whatever you call them is I guess, inevitable. It is bound to happen. All these things are expected to happen. In fact, 2000 years ago, Jesus already told us that the days are evil; that we are in a fallen world. But, do not worry. Jesus have already defeated the enemy 2000 years ago when he died for our sins on the cross. The enemy knows he is defeated. The least that he could do is drag as many humans as possible along with him when he is finally burned eternally in the lake of fire. To all the readers of this site, including Vigilant, I pray that you dedicate yourselves to Jesus because that is the only way to go to the Father. That is the only way to be saved. All the information here, I believe, are true but these cannot save you. Only Jesus can save you. Only in Jesus Christ that there is victory. We, humans are already victorious. We just need to claim it by repenting for our sins and accepting Jesus as our Lord and savior. Jesus is knocking at the door of your hearts ever since you were born. You just need to hear His voice. Open your hearts to Him and surrender everything to Him. And when you accept Jesus in your life, the Holy Spirit will dwell in you and He will guide you towards the light and protect you from the evil one.

    Friends, repent while you still have time. It’s never too late.

  82. I was in an antique/collectibles shop the day after I first read this and came across a few VHS GI Joe tapes. I bought one, the front cover was Cobra Commander's face and the his caption read:

    "Helpless fools! I control your energy resources… Cobra stops the world!"

    On the back the description read:


    'Attention, nations of the world! In the last 12 hours, Cobra has launched an all-out attack on global energy sources! We have destroyed offshore drilling platforms in the North Sea, obliterated Middle Eastern oil fields, cut the Alaskan pipeline , and captured vital tankers at sea! We have complete control of your PRECIOUS ENERGY RESOURCES!

    The choice is yours! Surrender to Cobra… or face a NEW DARK AGE!"

    GI Joe Volume 3

  83. Raphael – you're just being fed sedation from your captors above. There is a creator, but they mask it and feed you dogma instead of something useful. Go back, re-read; I'm giving you something helpful. Good luck.

    • you are wrong pink. I know God on a personal level and nobody could have faked that for me. The way it has touched my soul and changed my life is beyond comprehension.

      And dogmas are not the goal of faith but merely guides or handrails to grip for support while climbing the steps towards God apprehension.

  84. Russ Dizdar says:

    December 10, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    One does wonder if some of this is to send messages/triggers to the thousands of monarchs…mkulrta…chosen ones who are still out there. I am sure they monitor all of this type of info. Good insight,


    I wouldn't have believed any of this, and frankly still have difficulty with all their propaganda. What has revealed the "monarch" "mkultra" "mksearch" etc. crap – hasn't been so much their efforts to shove it in our faces (as this is exactly what propaganda is for) but, the actual dead-eyed "celebrity-of-the-week" her/himself reveals. They're either drugged out of their minds or they're under somekind of hypnosis – they all seem to have the same dead-eyes whether they are modeling, photographed spontaneously, or performing (concerts, interviews – talkshows, film, ect.) no matter what is coming out of their mouths, they all have a VOIDNESS in their eyes – a shallowness to them. That they're willing to dress alike, look alike, act alike (usu. slutty or punky) is shallow enough – add the constant dead-stare and you have a devoid "celebrity". They only ppl in entertainment nowadays that appear to have something behind their eyes are the ppl the so-called "celebs" are hanging onto: agents, managers, directors, etc… for example. Anna Nicole Smith (and her son) always looked either stoned or under hypnosis (probably both) but her parasitic "agent/lawyer/leach" never looked either high or hypnotic – in fact, always looked "in control." Very much like the photographs of Timmy Geithner seated next to Barack Obama. Timmy looking at Barack to ensure he's still dangling on their strings and under their "control."

    So, it isn't so much that all this duplicated iconography (symbols, colors, physical hand gestures, etc.) that's clued us in — it's the SLAVES themselves.

    Exhibit A:
    **NOTE** the "artwork" behind the Hiliary Clinton and her Monarch slave. Why don't you give THIS IMAGE a gander VC and tell us what you think.

  85. So, it isn’t so much that all this duplicated iconography (symbols, colors, physical hand gestures, etc.) that’s clued us in — it’s the SLAVES themselves.

    Exhibit A:
    **NOTE** the “artwork” behind Hiliary Clinton and her Monarch slave. Why don’t you give THIS IMAGE a gander VC and tell us what you think. Do notice how natalie's tee is thrown back on her – incredibly wringled and, of course, she's braless. Ever see Hillary not perfectly put together? Notice her dangling 'name tag' on her twisted jacket? One wonders what these two were up too just before "photo shoot" time. Hillary looks like a deer in headlights — dead-eye-stare right along with her slave's dead-eye-stare. Here we have a Manchurian /Monarch photographed together. This photo is about as in-your-face as it gets.

  86. This stuff makes me want to stand up and do something. I'll be G.I. Joe and risk it all. I refuse to go down like a wimp. I'm going to be a soldier for the right cause. We all should. The worst that could happen is you lose your life. But what is life if you're being controlled every step of the way? There is none. It's a great illusion. One day we will all wake up with nothing. We will be empty bots merely living just to exist to be used. I don't want that.

  87. Someone mentioned a good point about SPONGEBOB, and I started to really decipher the characters. Here's what I came up with so far….

    Spongebob : content with living with mediocrity, going to work for little or no pay. Polished appearance, in shape. He is very naive, completely unaware of his surroundings or what is going on in the world.

    (represents: THE AVERAGE AMERICAN)

    Patrick : Represents : the overweight, unemployed, uneducated American with no goals or ambitions. Excessive eater, physically out of shape. Also, starfish are completely useless. (LIVING UNDER A ROCK…. hello?!?)

    (represents : THE UNEMPLOYED AMERICAN)

    Squidworth : Represents : the ambitious 'dreamer', who has dreams of doing other things, but in reality he is stuck with a 9-5 like everyone else. He wants to appear to be "greater than thou" or keeping up with the "joneses" when in actuality, he is a slave like everyone else in the world.


    Mr. Krabs : Represents : the Greedy individuals who capitalize off of the work of 'sheeple' like Spongebob and Squidworth. He put money over everything and everyone, including his own daughter.


    Plankton : the Greedy competitor who is on the verge of bankruptcy due to loss of sales from its competitor.


    (what other reason would he have to steal the Krabby Patty formula?)

    Sandy : The only female in the storyline. Not very feminine. Literally out of her element (air vs. water). Not the same species of everyone else, so unable to reproduce. (depopulation aspect, perhaps?)

    anyway, I thought about all of this and I was sickened. This used to be one of my favorite cartoons, until now. SMH *walks away*

    Sandy : Represents : the

  88. If you play games in Facebook, you'll definitely realize they kept promoting Cash For Gold. The more gold the faster you'll gain your EXP level.

  89. it's good to know that while you're discussing a serious topic (brilliantly!) you still have a sense of humor ^^

    on the other side.. how about the G.I. Joe movie? is there any traces of these hidden messages? perhaps you can write an article on the movie too..

  90. When I was a kid, there was this Saturday night television show I thought was strange, but really interesting. (That was way back in the days when Fridays and Saturdays were hands down the best nights to watch broadcast TV) It appealed to me because it was imaginative, the colors were not pervasively dark in hue, and now I realize, there was an intact family trying to help each other in this situation.

    I never saw a full episode of it because it came on at an odd time for me on Saturdays (I think my bedtimes were still at 8:30 then), and it turned out to be a very short lived series (8 weeks/shows or so). For years all I could remember of it was that it involved a family that got stuck in a parallel dimension, and spent the series trying to get out. Nowadays, the internet search engine is the thing to do with such lost recollections, but even with this tool, I could still never find any references to this show. Until a couple years ago.

    The title of the website made me laugh: for all of you who thought you were crazy, YES this show really existed. Some one had taped episodes of this same show on I guess cable TV, and was posting the full episodes on their own website (thank you person who ever you are). This year I finally got to see the full episodes of this mysterious show for the first time.

    And mysterious is the best way to describe it. The name of the show was “Otherworld,” and as I said before it was about an American mom, dad, brother, and sister who got lost in another dimension by of all things, entering a pyramid in Egypt on vacation while some weird star alignment was happening. Now, by this time, I have read or heard from various sources (like this one) the significances of particular symbols. But that kid inside me was hoping that suspicious pyramid reference was just an accident, or one of those things to make the plot hokey, but plausible. Of course, if you’ve been reading this site for any amount of time, you know it was no accident or convenient plot device. The show was replete was pyramids to represent the government in charge (which was often quite oppressive), and a whole host of symbology that I have known for the last many years to be occultic, sometimes drawn on a wall or building, sometimes as a physical prop.

    When DVD’s became THE entertainment media of the decade, we all became very familiar with the “Making Of…” section, to the point that now many movies parody them in their own DVDs. I would often watch portions of them because I was too busy to take the DVD out of the machine, but I didn’t want the TV screen to go blank/silent. One of the “sillier” ones I watched explained how the costume designer spent an enormous amount of time choosing which clothes a character would wear to show the development of the character. I say “silly” because at one point in the documentary, the designer was explaining her choice of pockets and purses the girl was wearing. Who in the world has time to dissect how the designs on some one’s pocket changes on a 19” TV screen?? Some of us have actual jobs!

    I bring this up because one of my favorite part about this site is reading through the comments, as they are quite lively, and give a good idea how “normal, maybe” folks would view the idea of New Age and “Secret Mysteries” symbology being purposely planted in seeming ordinary diversions like music, videos, cartoons, etc. A lot of folks think that it’s just “fun” and marvel with ridicule of how anyone could see any more in it than that. But I remember that costume designer. This particular movie was a “family fare” type, but it was a big budget movie in the theaters for the usual amount of time. I don’t know how much that costume designer got paid, or what the budget for costumes was, but I do know she spent at least 15 minutes explaining how her choices help make this “a great movie.” If the producers and directors of the movie did NOT purses and pockets were important enough to pluck cash down for it, it wouldn’t have happen, and certainly no DVD featurette would have been made about it. And that was just a costume. Think about the props, scenery, plot devices, etc. Many of you have said this, and it’s true: These things, especially in big budget productions, don’t happen by accident. If some one had to pay for it, trust me, there was a discussion, and if it’s anything like my job, it was long, detailed, and probably heated.

    So if you are consistently seeing symbols that are clearly coming from a related source (New Age, secret societies, mystery religions), which all the money and lawsuits that have to be accounted for, SOME ONE is doing this purposely. In my Otherworld show, those symbols were ubiquitous, and obvious. I do not know the agenda of that particular show (though the plots seem uniformly against the oppressive power), but I now suspect that may be why it didn’t last long. This article was about G.I. Joe (I can still hear the little chorus running through my head: greatest American hero, GI Joe is thereee…). Think about how many other sitcoms, cartoons, or series there are in which you can spot the same kinds of symbols, plot devices, and references. (Do you guys remember that very short lived show “Vanished” that cam out in ~2006? In it a senator’s wife mysteriously disappears, but all the clues to her disappearance are linked to Masonic/ Ancient secret society symbols and ciphers. If I’m not mistaken, both series, Otherworld and Vanished were on CBS.)

    One or two of these may be an accident. Three to ten of them might be a fad. But when it keeps coming up over and over again in diverse media, there is another explanation. It “could” be that it really is an ancient motif people like to exploit from time to time, like some of you say. The problem with that is motifs tend to be for well educated publics, ones who are familiar with classic symbols and ancient mythologies. The first time I heard the word “motif” was about age 8 while learning music to “Peter and the Wolf.” The piece I was learning was the “motif” for The Cat. I was probably the only kid in my grade who knew the meaning of that word for the next 8 years. If that is the educational level of most kids and teenagers, what are these motifs doing in a GI Joe cartoon? Or a Rihanna video? Or a Jay-Z song? If you KNOW a message will not be understood by the clearly “intended” audience, there is clearly another reason for that message.

  91. I love dirtygurls bl on

    Love the post on my favorite cartoon of the mid eighties, I loved G.I. Joe, that cartoon made me want to join the army when I was 18, i was going to be the perfect female soldier, like lady jaye, and scarlett. what's so funny to me is that my best friend she used to call me g.i. joe, yo joe! because I was in the rotc program when I was in high school and I had rank, my highest rank was being a master seargeant I had 6 stripes, and I was serious about the army, because I come from a military family my father was a marine in the 1960's in vietnam. anyway I came to my senses when I was getting phone calls from three branches of the service the army, the marines and the navy it was the way that the men who called me to talk about their branch of the service made me reconsider and not want to join, I have forgotten exactly what they said but it affected me to the point where I wanted no parts of the gulf war then, I went to college, but it's funny my brother followed in my footsteps watched the same cartoon, joined the rotc, and now is a soldier in the army over in afghanistan, I won't see him until 2013, please pray for my 30 year old brother and all of the men and women in all branches of the service who are fighting in my opinion for nothing, I say this because when my brother came back from fighting in Iraq in 2007 he was there for a year he came back so brain washed he was like yes drill seargeant, he was like forrest gump's character and it was scary.

  92. I love dirtygurls bl on

    loved your comment on the cartoon g.i. joe, I loved that cartoon in the 1980's, it made me want to be the perfect female soldier like lady jaye and scarlett, when I was in high school I joined the rotc and was in it all 4 years I had rank also I was a master seargeant 6 stripes so if I would have went into the army I would have been a high ranking brain washed soldier in the gulf war,what's funny is my best friend she used to call me G.I. Joe because the army green uniform I wore every thursday, when I turned 18 in 1990, I seriously thought about joining the army, as I come from having a father who was a marine, while I was that age I received phone calls from these three branches of the service the army, marines, navy, after listening to their sales pitch about why I should join, I just did not like the approach of how they were trying to get me to join, I reconsidered joining and went to college instead, its funny to me how my younger brother who is now 30 he's been in the army for 7 years he went to Iraq in 2007 and when he came back a year later he was like forrest gump Yes drill seargeant, the army is so great, and now he's back for more brain washing now he's in afghanistan for 3 years I will see him in 2013, please pray for the men and women who sign up for this bull, thank you.

  93. Uhhh….keep in mind, and I know this due to RAW (if you don't know him you should), but the first ever appearance of Saucers/Alien abduction was in the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Hasty Hare". Shorty after Flying Saucers have been in the Zeitgeist. Does this mean that the Gov't used Bugs Bunny to predate the Saucer craze? Or that people are more likely to ascribe to wacko, fear-based conspiracies when the images are flashed to them via the mass media? Occam's Razor, guys…

  94. what's the story on Ron Friedman, the creator of the series? I looked him up on Wikipedia but I didn't find much. Except for the fact that he's written for alooootta shows, many classics before G.I. Joe and not all animated. Seems like he could've been high enough to know a little something about the business. Despite its popularity, the show only lasted two seasons. Did someone yank it?

  95. YYYOOOOO JJOOOOEEE!!! I loved that cartoon when I was little. I have had 'flashbacks' of some episodes while researching what is going on today. Fun article. Now do the Smurfs, She-Ra, He-Man and Thundercats! Oh and Voltron.


    But fun stuff though. Definitley a good article.

  96. I'm so glad someone finally got around to writing on this topic of the occult in G.I. Joe, I've been a big fan of the show and have noticed the undertones for years.

    It's funny that in these shows that are meant to be fantasy that the only aspect that remains fantasy is the group of good guys with balls that put an end to the madness through violence. Everything else has become a sad reality.

  97. @ Raphael – No, seriously, reread my post. Dogma isn't a hand rail or any sort of a solution – it's a distraction from your captors. Learn the actual history of the bible…it's been worked over a bunch of times depending on who controlled the church at the time. (Never mind mistranslated/whole sections left out.) Spirituality doesn't rest in dogma.

    You may be communing with something orbiting our Creator, but at best, you're simply orbiting. Good luck, if you continue that path. Blind (unguided) faith is not a useful asset, when it leads you down the wrong path.

    On the other hand, if you and others here (who wish to do something about our global imbalance and whatever is coming out of it in the next few years) learn to clean your energy through moving meditation, and enough of us raise our life vibrations, we may effect a positive change. It's not rocket science or occult – true Tai Chi/Taoism is pretty darn old stuff – but I also understand if you doubt, if you're simply not ready, and/or just stick to what you know: the dogmatic tradition that's been given to pacify you and yours. But it IS a pity.

    Dogma is not useful for the truly spiritual problem at hand, as words are a man-made tool, ie false and not useful. Vibrating and cleaning our energy to a place where occult groups/corrupt leaders cannot touch us is a true action, and useful. I hope you can understand, or that someone else reading this will.

      • @ b and @ raphael

        Quite the opposite – I am not condescending, I am realistic. Please re-read without interpretation. Also, I was raised as a Christian, but by someone who was also a history teacher. (Christmas, for example: not the anniversary of Christ's birth, but the result of a bargain between the Emperor Constantine and the pagans he was forcefully conquering. He allowed them to keep Saturnalia – please reread V.C.'s article on the significance of Saturn to our captors – in exchange for their conversion. Gave it a new name. Now, we have Christmas.)

        The history of the Christianity is plagued with violence and troubling information. The history of the various churches that have stemmed out of Christianity are full of violence: how can you ignore the initial spreading of the religion by sword, the crusades, the inquisition, etc.? Never mind that chapters of the bible were periodically rewritten for political gain, "lost," or "discovered" written in the current tongue of whichever century they were forged in. Nobody argues that Jesus was a good man, but rather that the institution that has profited off him has been tainted, sculpted and run by the same people that Vigilant Citizen warns us about. They are violent, and their goal is to dope you and mold you with their dogma.

        My intent is not to speak down to you, but to speak realistically to you, kid gloves off, as one adult to another. Your own ignorance of Taoism – no offense, but a lack of knowledge IS a lack of knowledge – is apparent in your muddled description of "Eastern Religion." Tai Chi and Taoism have nothing to do with brick-breaking, fire-walking, tantric sex, or ancestor worship. You have falsely lumped unrelated groups together – karate, shamanism, hinduism, and confucianism – and touched none of what I am talking about. True Tai Chi is a spiritual practice, but it is less a religion and more a philosophy/practice/way of moving meditation that puts us, body and mind, in harmony with the earth, the spiritual realm, and ideally, our true creator.

        But sadly, words ARE a false – man made – medium. Hence, why it is so difficult to communicate with you. Hence, why your prayers may not make it back to our source of creation, if they are in word and not energy form.

      • Do you really think the majority of people that identify as Christians think December 25th is Christ's birthday?

        Do you really think that people that believe in the teachings of Christ support every horrendous thing that has been done in his name by people that obviously didn't follow his teachings?

        Don't believe your own anti-Christian dogma… its rather naive and trite.

      • Hey b, way too many Christians do, which is evident in the current situation this country is in. If they'd been a bit more enlightened or truly on "Christ" path, they'd not let things get to this point (or worse) at all.

        The lot of them are just mindless Zombies who have been brainwashed willingly.

      • @pink elephant. (Interesting handle)

        ALL religions/philosophies at some point have figures in the histories that did atrocious things. In your comment (December 15, 2010 at 12:14 am) you talk about why Christianity's history is tainted, and why the philosophy you're espousing is not what others are claiming it is.

        The "pink elephant" is that exactly the same is true about Christianity: everyone claiming "THIS is what Christianity is" (e.g. kill the infidels and exploit people for money) does not necessarily represent actual Christianity, nor are they necessarily Christians, regardless of what they say. (people lied back then the same way they do now). At this point you are accusing your detractors of the same thing you're doing yourself.

        As long as there are humans on the planet, there will be trouble of some kind, committed by people who call themselves everything from satan to god almighty, or claim to align themselves with such. I'm sure Taoism has is own history of ugly if you look hard enough. If you want to say "Christianity has had a violent history based on A, B, and C," unfortunately this is a true statement. It shouldn't have happened, but it did.

        However if you say Christianity (or any other religion/philosophy) is therefore untrue or unreliable because it has a violent history, you have now expressed a subjective opinion. The truth of a philosophy is not based on its history but on the facts (based on reality) it claims to be true or false.

      • QED: you don't know much about the religion you were born in but you gave it up nevertheless. You say 'The history of the Christianity is plagued with violence and troubling information' and this very statement proves everyting: this is the history of the Catholic Church you are talking about, not the history of Christianity. And while it is possible I may not know much about tai-chi as I am not born in China, you on the other hand are born a Christian and you should have known your own religion better before deciding it was not worthy to follow.

        I assume you have never heard about the Orthodox Christianity. You know, the one entirely ignored by the West and by the mighty catholic church but who's teachings and rites are passed on from generation to generation since the time of the apostles and that of the first saints and martyrs. Now orthodoxy is not tainted by any of the 'plagues' you mention: there's no blood on its hands, it never killed, it never lied about its origin and it never mixed politics and power in its teachings among other things. It also doesn't have a human leader, or an intercessor between havens and earth as its only head is the living God, Jesus Christ. It's strange though that you mention Constantine the Great as he was the first roman emperor to embrace orthodoxy and implement it as the official religion of the empire.

        As for the 25th of December as the date of Christmas, I'm happy to inform you that IT IS INDEED Jesus Christ's date of birth (sorry ~b) regardless what others may think and here's a quick explanation: It is mentioned in the Holy Gospels that Virgin Mary received from Archangel Gabriel the news she will bear her Holy Son on March 25'th. And if you add nine months to this date you will come on December 25. Now how do we know about the March 25? Simple: We know the High Priest of the Temple in Jerusalem was that year Zachary, the father of St. John the Baptist. Now when Virgin Mary received the news about her pregnancy the angel also told her that Elisabeth (Zachary's wife) was six months pregnant with Saint John the Baptist. So if we count six months back we come up in September of the year before. As Zachary was High Priest that year, he was supposed to enter the Holy of Holies on Sukkot (or the Feast of Booths). And it is in the Holy of Holies that he himself received the news of the future birth of his own son John (you know where to find that in the Bible). So it was at this feast that Zachary met the bearer of news from God, Archangel Gabriel. Now let's calculate: Sukkot was celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei (an autumn month of 30 days which usually occurs in late September to October on the Gregorian calendar). So if on or about the 15th of September Zachary receives the new and we add to that date 7 days (the feast was celebrated during 7 days and the priest was not supposed to have marital relations with his wife) we come on September 22. So on or about 22-25 September St. John the Baptist was conceived. Six months later, on or about March 25th, Virgin Mary gets pregnant and gives birth to Jesus Christ on December 25th.

        The fact that Saturnalia was celebrated by the Romans (ah the Romans again :(() on the same day is true, and this is exactly why God CHOSE to be born on this specific date, because He wanted to erase that pagan celebration, to BURY it, to put His celebration on top of that of the demons.

        And the fact that Rome couldn't stand the humiliation of being second in rank after Constantinople and set out a parallel 'christianity' where she was leader, is neither Jesus Christ's fault, nor Christianity's. So the crusades and everything that followed is not part of Christianity. In fact even Constantinople was destroyed by the fourth crusade and this is especially sad because the Muslims, who were pagans, never ever did to it what the crusaders did. It is said that the Muslim conquerors were amazed by the beauty of Constantinople and their leader, sultan Mehmed II forbid his soldiers to pillage the town. In other words a pagan leader protected what 'fellow' Christians had savagely destroyed 250 years before in order to help Rome rise as the capital of Christianity.

        So learn your history my friend. And then yes I'm going to chat with you about tai-chi.

      • and by the way, how can you say tai-chi is spiritual when the very translation of tai-chi means "supreme ultimate fist", "boundless fist" or "great extremes boxing" and it is widely known as a martial art (where the word martial comes the Latin word martialis which means war and which also comes from the roman god of war Mars). Never an art of war (or philosophy as you prefer to name it) will be superior to a philosophy of love and peace.

    • I find it interesting how verbal, how critical over Christian religion are exactly those people who know the least or absolutely nothing about it. Have you known the first thing you wouldn't have talked like that. So I'm curious, where do you get your info? Who taught you how, when and by whom the Bible was written? Are you 100% sure those people really knew or even cared enough to know? What do you know about the last 2000 years of Christianity? Why was the world's history cut in two by Jesus Christ's existence? And who was He and why did He walk on this Earth?

      You people bowing down to far eastern religions are especially blind: look what their teachings did for their people, look how cruel their fighters are, how they have no regard for human life or human suffering. Look at their temples full of gold and riches, scented with the finest of incenses and crammed with food offerings for idle statues, monkeys and cows while crowds of people are starving in the utmost misery.. Yes, their priests do meditate and have lots of amazing skills: they break bricks with one hand or even their head, they can have virtually endless sex and walk barefoot on live fire, they can roll naked in the snow, lye down on a bed of nails or even take still beating hearts out of their enemy chests!

      And the sole purpose of all that is to 'upgrade' their spirit into a questionable state of self enlightenment. But what about their brothers and sisters, their babies and their elderly? Who cares for them? What do they live for?

      Isn't this sad and ridiculous in the same time?

      You would like me to meditate and I ask you: meditate of what? Of how I'm never going to be released from this apparently eternally recurring inferno? How after a life of pain and sacrifices all that awaits me in the end is another one? And that if I'm lucky enough to still be a human? C'mmon, his is depressing beyond belief!

      Thank you but I'm happy with my God. He promises and He delivers. He helps me, He tends for me and everybody else (you included) and He expects me to be just as good a human being as I can be, not a superhero. He is powerful and cares enough to take over when I'm weak. So I trust Him with all I got. And I wish you and everybody else just that.

      • Well, to be completely honest what we see today are just poor remnants of the glorious ancient Eastern civilizations. Whatever practices survive today are taken out of context and righteously followed by few. God is One and God is All. He/She (not gendered) is LOVE. Enlightenment is Human consciousness unifing with God consciousness (aka deliverance, the end of suffering and sin/karma). Do not think of yourself as a forsaken little soul, alone and thankful to still keep your humanity. The adversary`s main weapon is FEAR (it`s why these messages in videoclips are so transparent. The adversary knows we are not stupid – he just wants us to believe of ourselves as such, for he force us to adopt his mind and his devious perspective – in reality he wants us to KNOW, to use our brains and see the web, the corrption, the hopeless "future" and in so doing dispair. The best way to fight is to cut off this energy link and not feed the adversary with our negative sensations of fright and sadness)

        Planet Earth loves you, God loves you! You were not born into sin, but into blessing on this blessed, magical, holy gem of a planet! BELIEVE! Be proud, be HAPPY! Feel with your mind and think with you Heart! Do not give in, you are not alone! Be proud of your humanity and rejoice! And in so doing, you welcome Christic blessing into your heart so that darkness and tain will never bear the sight of you! 😉 <3

  98. Lol, I should make a mental note that I shouldn't read this article with my lights off at 10:30PM about to go to sleep. Gave me nightmares :(.

    On topic: wow XD I never knew they would show this stuff on TV for kids… it's like that Illuminati game in the 80's/90's that shows the future… huh.

  99. Hey can i just say ….thank you for writing this

    a while back i found an episode on you tube where some of the cobras
    are talking about escaping from gi joe’s “BLACK WATER PRISON” ….i mean … really?

    I started thinking about this when the first transformers movie came out ..and i heard that GI JOE was to follow
    i thought that was kind of strange that these movies would be making a comeback now

    then i started thinking about the whole reptilian connection and how cobra was not an army at all
    it was a terror cell and in the cartoon movie they dont even fight cobra …they fight the ancient reptilian aliens who are trying to convert humans to some sort of mutant race :0

    and look at zartan.. this dude was a shapeshifter

    i always felt that GI JOE was a major reason they were able to get america into iraq
    children conditioned from birth to fight terror … if all the theories are right GI JOE is a quite accurate depiction of the world power structure

    and the phrase “knowing is only half the battle”…this is the single biggest problem that we face today in society
    we all know that what’s happening is wrong ….the other half of the battle is acting on this knowledge

    people laugh at the idea but its obvious the impact these cartoons had on us

    problem is … there are no Joe’s coming to save you hahah

    transformers is the same if you look at it


  100. InChristwelive on

    This proves that we've taken everything that resembles humour and animation as good and ok for us to watch. They've infiltrated every evenue to ensure that their delish plans go ahead.

    When all is said and done. Who's side are you on?

  101. Very interesting!!!!! Frightening to know that this sort of trickery is being performed on innocent children, just like it was on me. :(

  102. What might be interesting is to actually track down the writers, should be easy enough, and ask them. i know that I have written things for MTV that rip off all the stuff I have read and that I am personally interested in regarding these topics. That doesn't mean I have any inside knowledge. Most writers are interested in stuff like this, because it's a damn good narrative. And it's easy to rip off. I want to be wrong on this. Like Fox Moulder, I want to believe….but as some one who actually makes this kind of stuff for a paycheck, I have borrowed these themes, like a DJ samples beats. I didn't dream them up. I just used them.

  103. NOTE: the light blue United Nations' look alike beret the "GI Joe" on the far right is wearing — top Joe image featured for this article.

    NOTE: the fist "power" salute the "GI Joe" on far left is demonstrating? Does this look familiar to anyone?

  104. Awesome article, brother!

    I loved G.I. Joe as a kid and still enjoy it. Some of those episodes were incredibly suggestive and possibly predictive programming… or did that 80's cartoon pave the way for our future by utilizing the most ridiculous and outrageous ploys, schemes, and tactics which the writers could come up with – that corporations, the media, and politicians see fit to utilize today!

    The way Cobra frequently played the victim in order to get the media and then the people behind them was a stroke of genius. Occasionally, it made the Joes look like vigilante thugs while Cobra appeared to me misjudged liberators who just happened to get bad press.

    A couple things you might want to touch on in a future G.I. Joe blog… the band Cold Slither using subliminal messages to control their audience and Destro's ancestral home being a subterranean goldmine of occultism, Satanism, and Lovecraftian horror!


    Venger As'Nas Satanis

    High Priest

    Cult of Cthulhu

  105. This is so stupid. If the Illuminati really controlled media, then why fund a cartoon show, several films and videos to embed these symbols, thus exposing the symbols, surreptitiously dropping their identity and establishing a direct connection to self-mutilating facts and exposing themselves to the ugly facts they need to face up to?

    If I were secret occult group, I'd actually use those shows to brainwash kids into thinking that they're being led to believe than a secret group like the Illuminati exists!

    Not so clever now, no?

  106. The Book of Jubilee, a forgotten, yet valid book of the bible does reference fallen angels posessing the ability to reproduce with humans. The result of that union were giants, such as Goliath. Whats to say giants were the only product of fallen angels and and human beings?

  107. or, how bout, GI.I.Joe is planting seeds in the minds of susceptible 12 yr old boys- seeds of hate and violence. Even if, in the end, the Joes still manage to defeat Cobra, there is a prevailing message that violence is the only way to defeat evil..

  108. The New World order is set up to take over the world in the name fo peace, buit it will be no peace, It will be witchcraft and evilness connected with the Freemasons, run by the Illuminati.

    do not play along and keep out of this as it is evil.

  109. "let me tell you this (at the risk of sounding like a grumpy uncle): G.I. Joe wasn’t your wimpy Dora the Explorer cartoon. It was a half-hour full of bad-ass characters face-kicking and laser-gun-shooting their way to victory."

    LOL – awesome! well said

  110. @ Abo

    Reading your questions I realize my wordy explanations generated confusion and for that I am sorry; it must be my English (which is not my first language).

    First of all I didn’t switch the arguments, what I wanted to do (apparently with little success :)) was to compare the laws of marriage that existed before the Big Flood with the ones that exist now. Because they are different: before the flood the sons and daughters of God were not supposed to marry the sons and daughters of man (Cain’s brood) whereas today (actually since the laws passed on to Moses) it is forbidden to marry inside the same family (which we know was allowed in the times of Adam and Eve). Also by mentioning the monstrous progeny resulted from such relationships I simply wanted to provide evidence that breaking those rules had and still has serious consequences, regardless of the fact that the rules have changed.

    Now back to the first topic, about how we know that the God’s curse on Cain involved his offspring too and how we know that Seth’s descendants were not allowed to marry Cain’s descendants.

    1. There are a lot of references in the Bible where it is made quite clear that God’s curses always involve both the guilty and their offspring unless they repent and are forgiven. But even when they are forgiven (which means they will be redeemed in the NEXT LIFE and can access Heaven) they still have to pay the price in this life. Look no further than Adam and Eve's story: 7500 years later we still pay the price for their disobedience (although it is now possible to become God’s children and get into Haven if we believe in Him and observe His laws). There are also several other places in the Bible where God asserts that He curses the kids for the sins of their parents and blesses the children for their parents’ loyalty toward Him: “I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.” (Deut. 5:9-10), (Exod. 20:5-6)

    2. Now, in regard to the interdiction of marriage between the two tribes, it is true that there is no written mention of it in the Bible but there are clear arguments which point to its existence.

    a. First of all Cain and his family were cursed and they left Adam, Eve and Seth’s family to live “out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden”. The fact that very fact that he left suggests Cain didn’t repent, in fact all he had to say was that his punishment was greater than he could bear and then hid from the face of God. And why would have God allowed him to distance himself from his brother if He wanted them to be together?

    b. The genealogies of Seth’s and Cain’s are listed separately. Actually Seth’s descendants are recounted starting with Adam and Eve and ending with Noah without any mention of Cain’s existence. One may believe they didn’t even live in the same time.

    c. Cain was afraid Seth’s family would kill him in revenge for Abel’s death. He even asks (and receives) God's protection in case he’d accidentally meet them. Doesn't it make it obvious that the tribes were not living together and that they only meet occasionally at least in the beginning?

    On top of everything, there is indisputable proof that the giants born from the mixing clans were ALL HUMAN:

    At Genesis 6:3, God says: “My spirit shall not always strive with MAN, for that he is FLESH: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years” making absolutely no mention whatsoever about any supernatural features of man (which they should have definitely inherited if they were from supernatural beings). Also at Genesis 6:7 God says: “I will destroy man WHOM I HAVE CREATED from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them”. Yet again He mentions man as solely His creation, not an altered creature resulted from its mixing with other species.

    The flood itself is the ultimate proof the giants were human: how could have demigods (or any creature possessing at least some of the supernatural features passed on to them by the demons) be killed by drowning?

  111. Excelent article! very nice written and detailed! Good job on joingin those dots!
    As a kid I was never drawned to watch GI JOE, now I know why, I dindnt want to let my subcounscious to be used to create the reality “they” want! My efforts were futile, unfortunately 😉
    Just want to mention someting for the sake of correction when it comes to symbology. The All seeing Eye Pyramid (dollar bill) is in fact an Illumintati symbol, its meaning is pretty straight forward, knowledge to only those on top. This symbol is an inversion from an older symbol, the pyramid with the eye in the middle (men that stare at goats, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus, etc), the mean of this symbol is also pretty obvious, knowledge for all the pyramid, for everyone.
    Symbol inversion, has been thru time one of the prefered weapons of choice of the illumintati, for they are fullt aware that beyond these physical battles, lies an energy battle, the eternal battle of good vs evil, light vs darkness, negative vs positive. By inverting a symbol such as the Suastika (known in the east as symbol of blessings and good luck) in the west, they managed to turn what was once a very positive symbol, into a very negative one (only in the western world.. good!). And so the same happened with the pentagram, the number 666, and a row of other symbols, were inverted for “improper” use by these half-breeds. Also this is the case with the Pyramid with Eye on Top, an inversion of the Pyramid with Eye in center.
    The ( very obvious ) presence of the symbol on Men That Stare At Goats and Dr Parnassus, can be interpreted in 2 ways:
    1) the Light forces have finally reached hollywood culture making machine and wanted to send a clear-cut message to the dark ones. this is also confirmed by the fact that the Illuminati would rather use their symbology in less apparent ways, and more subtle representation of the symbology.

    2) its full Illuminati fail, wrote the wrong symbol

    Im going with that first option, because Im very positve, and trully believe that the language of the symbols was taken from us a long time ago(along with telepathy), to be inverted and used by those “in the know” (top of the pyramid) that sought divide and control the humans. As we go through this process of transition, the truth will return, and with it also our original language of symbols and telepatic transmission will come back to us. Can you imagine how less ambigous communication can be if you use symbols and telepathy? very peaceful right? the total opposite of this super-ambiguous verbal language we were given long long time ago, when the first reptilian vessels cross-sectioned with our dimensional space and stared their rule.

  112. This is awesome, my friend told me about this site with the 1st topic being rihanna's umbrella, I kinda had my doubts on her song sfter seeing the music video clip as I expected a sweeter clip instead of a dark themed one … I think krystal meyers is walking down that path too, she's a gospel singer but in her latest album she sounds like a mix of kesha and katy perry which is very disturbing seeing that no one should sing to God sounding drunk especially in her song "shine" which she clearlyt states that it's a praise to God but it sounds way different than how a praise should … and she was wearing a shirt that had the eye of horus on it …

    question:are monarch butterflies and chandeliers masonic/illuminati symbols? I've recently bought a purse with pictures of them on it which i thought was cute till I came to realize that monarch butterflies are illuminati symbols but chandeliers? should I be suspicious?



  113. Hey vigilant…Jamaican girl here…u know that new movie…BLACK SWAN can u do an article on seems very fishy and u see themes like illumination and mind control and possession and a whole bunch of other stuff

  114. On the subject of kids cartoons there was a cartoon from Disney called the gargoyles which actually refers to the Illuminati in most episodes and makes references to the occult, what was up their sleeve back then when they were making these shows was it there to desensitize us for when we grow older?

  115. Ephesians chapter 6 tells us that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against the rulers of darkness and against spiritual wickedness in high places. Our weapon is the Word of Almighty God and it will not fail if we have the willingness to use it publicly. We are commanded to use it to bring down Satan's strongholds and it works.

    The mind control that was used on young boys in the 1980's was the lie that somehow the conflict could be won physically with G.I. Joe type guys and traditional military weapons. Those who believed that lie lost the conflict the moment they watched, enjoyed and believed in the cartoon.

  116. Stimulate the imagination of children. Make sure the parents pooh-pooh the idea. The mind of mush is hardened. Make the idea reality within 20 years. The deed is done.

    I started to say "I wish I'd thought of it." 2 seconds of consideration changed my mind. I don't want to be responsible for the agony shared by billions of the great unwashed.

  117. Here's the GI Joe episode they're talking about:

    My guess is that the two twins, the Crimson (blood) Guard, represent the Republican & Democratic Parties. Two sides of the same coin. Notice how they're dressed in red, white and blue. They hide they're true identity and put on suits for the sheeple to see.

    At the 9:00 mark one speaks and the other completes the sentence just like the illusion of the two party system. They contend that the "Cobra's money" is as good as any money even better. Sounds like they're talking about the Fed's Dollars to me…..

    They pretend to run a corporation in the cartoon when it's actually just the opposite in reality. Can you say oligarchy? Also notice how the Cobra Commander is faceless just like the Illuminati.

    Rev. 17-19 shows the end game fate of the Illuminati. If you want to heed Rev. 18:4……

  118. There were so many more episodes that show the New World Order content that was being stuffed into G.I. Joe plots. It’s sad. Could all this be coincidence? Doubtful.

    The Bible predicts the New World Order too and makes it clear that it is as its core headed by Satan. Here is a blog looking at what the Bible says about NWO.

    God bless and keep up the good work VC!

  119. i think i sold my soul… i do music… and i was ok… but i got really depressed because my family is poor, i have a son in which i can't even take care of, so i decided to sell my soul… i lit up candles and reapeted what i was told by some witch… and now im tormented at night, i can't sleep, i had a dream with a little green monster that almost felt real… i'll explain, i woke up in some kind of bunker or cave, i saw monitors and i was laying on a slab, i was laying to my side and there was something doing something to my neck/back of my head, i then tried to get off and this thing pressured me down, i eventually use all my might and fall to the ground and i land on top of this thing, green rectangle kind of eyes that stretch around his head, tenticles hanging donw where his mouth should be, and two little antennas, very skinny and frail, about the size of a 10 year old, i quickly punched it in the face and grabbed both arms, and i asked where are you from, and in a strange robotic voice it said "pleedess" or something along those lines, i then asked "what do you want from me then it trnasormed into something i can't described, it was a small mechanical box, it resembled a hand-held video game system, like the ones sega made back in the day, it was blue with red glowing lights and it had a screen in the middle, the screen was playing like a t.v. would flipping the channels, i remember it was football, and talk shows and everything else you would see just surfing the t.v., then i woke up in a terrified state, i can't sleep, there's something tormenting me at night, every night when i try to go to sleep, i feel footsteps on the bed, had a couple episodes of sleep paralysis which i never had before… but i hear music in my head, great music, with lyrics and all, i write it down and compse it, and it comes quite naturally to me… and my musicianship skills are now out of this world now… my lyrics used to be juvinile compared to the stuff im writing now… but yea off the corner of my eyes i see strange shadows but when i look nothing is there, i looked up possesion and kept surfing throught the pages and it led me here, i've heard of the illuminati but never did any research on it since i dont really believe in myths, but when i read this gi joe stuff, as i watched that show too, and all of you mentioning reptilians i got the goosebumps, because that little monster thing did resemble a reptilian like creature… i just dont know whats happening to me

  120. My heartfelt congratulations Vigilant. You're in Google's Suggested Searches for "Vigi". Keep it up, and you might truly change the world…

  121. Wow, those cash for gold things are in all the major plazas around where I live in Melbourne and I never really thought anything of them! This is an amazing article.


    the allusion to REPTILIANS has come back recently in rumors and youtube videos of presidents such as bush and obama being reptilian, like close ups where you see the slits in the eyes and the tongue come in and out of their mouth real quick like reptiles. I am sure for the most part they are altered images and a rumor. BUt why the whole reptile allusion? Perhaps a symbol of satan?

    I discovered an 80s series called "V" (for visitors)

    that shows how reptilian aliens disguised as humans came to take over the earth and they HEAVILY POLICED the earth in their take over. The people even have id's that look like cassette tapes that the reptilians have to scan. Their symbol on their uniforms looks like a slightly altered swastika.

    And this was the 80s!!!!!!

  123. if they try any black magic on you, buy seven black tourmalines and tape them to your chakras, they wont be able to do a thing. They use ancient knowledge of the energy body, our true body, to remove you from the physical plane, no evidence, nice and clean. Why do you think illuminati harass people as they line them up? weaken the aura to get to the chakras! Why do you think the energy body and black magic is just 'hocus pocus'? because that way no-one ever uncovers their secret to their rule.


  124. Transformers included very similar themes. In fact, there was an episode with a GI Joe crossover which involved transhumanism.

  125. All this corruption leads to one road, ask yourself:

    -Who were the writers for these cartoons?

    -Who owns the media outlets?

    -Who run the banks?

    Answer? The Jews………..FACT

  126. Inquiring MInd on

    You mean the 'gods' as in Elohim. In the original writings of the old testament the 'gods' were described in the plural as 'Elohim' not the singular 'El' as in one 'god' as would later erroneously appear in the re-written sanitized versions of the bible. In fact the Anunnaki (those who from heaven to Earth came) are the biblical Elohim. Christianity is a pantheistic religion posing as a monotheistic one!

  127. I stumbled upon your website last year and saw your commentary on the 2009 MTV VMA's and everything your said was right on the mark. Thank you for this website.

    In addition, is it just me or has anyone else seen a similarity between the movie SALT and JULIAN ASSANGE? She (Salt) and other children were adopted at young ages by a male cult-like figure, and "mind control" was used to make adult soldiers out of them as they grew older. Julian Assange, too, was adopted into some sort of a cult. And although the mainstream media ALWAYS says "Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange…" The real truth is, Assange was NOT, in fact, the founder! Check out cypherpunk on Wikipedia…

  128. this means that the makers of this show were involved in illuminati stuff since they know what to do before it happened

  129. "Scientists have found a way of deterring litterbugs, in an experiment which could also aid the fight against other anti-social behaviour.

    Researchers at Newcastle University alternated hanging posters of staring human faces and posters of flowers on the walls of a cafe. They then counted the number of people who cleaned their plates and rubbish away after finishing their meal in both situations.

    In a paper, which is published this week online in the American Оournal Evolution and Human Behavior, the research team, lead by Dr Melissa Bateson and Dr Daniel Nettle of the Centre for Behaviour and Evolution, describe their findings.

    During periods when the posters of faces were on the walls, watching over the diners, twice as many people cleaned up, compared to the periods when the pictures of flowers were overlooking the diners, when more litter was left for cafe workers to clear away.

    In a previous study in 2006 the same scientists looked at the impact of images of eyes on contributions to an honesty box in a tea room. They found that people put nearly three times more money in the box when there were eyes compared with flowers.

    For this follow-on experiment, psychology student, Max Ernest-Jones, eager to explore whether the honesty box findings would extend to other forms of cooperation, spent many hours sitting inconspicuously in the corner of the café recording customers’ littering behaviour.

    Dr Bateson, who led the research, said: “These findings reinforce the conclusion from our previous research, that the presence of eye images can encourage co-operative behaviour. We think that the images of eyes work by making people feel watched. We care what other people think about us, and hence we behave better when we feel we are being observed.

    “We found that the impact of the posters was a lot greater at times when the cafe was quiet. This makes total sense, because we would expect real people to have the greatest effect on the feeling of being watched and hence swamp the effect of the posters during busy times.

    “This study has implications for the fight against anti-social behaviour. For example if signs for CCTV cameras used pictures of eyes instead of cameras they could be more effective.”

    The study is based on the theory of ‘nudge psychology’ which suggests that people may behave better if the best option in a given situation is highlighted for them, but all other options are still left open, so the person isn’t forced into one particular action. In effect you ‘nudge’ people into doing the right thing.

    Dr Bateson added: “This study confirms that the display of images of eyes has broad potential as a ‘nudge’, not just because eyes grab attention, but because of more fundamental connections between the feeling of being watched and cooperative behaviour.

    “Even painting a pair of eyes on a wall may be useful for preventing anti-social behaviour in quiet locations.”

    Provided by Newcastle University"

    What do you think?

    • Concerned Citizen on

      See, this is what we are up against. The Illuminati have University researchers working in full time jobs spending lots of time and effort researching how to mind control people.

      You often hear people complaining, "Why isn't anybody doing anything, why is nobody resisting?" The reason why is because the Illuminati has spent a lot of time, effort and money into research like the example you gave. Research into mind control techniques.

      Another mind control technique is coffee. Have you noticed coffee places springing up everywhere recently? Well, according to research, coffee makes people more compliant and agreeable.

      So, coffee shops with lots of eyes on the walls will be something to expect in the future… for a compliant dumbed down sheepish population.

  130. Intriguing article. Thanks for writing and sharing.

    Has anyone checked out the episode synopsis for M.A.S.K.?:

    According to Wikipedia today: M.A.S.K. (which is an acronym for the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand), was a hybrid of popular era cartoons G.I. Joe and The Transformers. It featured a special task force featuring an array of characters, led by Matt Trakker, with transforming vehicles engaged in an ongoing battle against the criminal organization V.E.N.O.M. (an acronym for the Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem), with an emphasis on super-powered helmets called masks worn by the characters on the show.

  131. Michael J.C. O' on

    i don't know what state you're in but out here there is a tv station called the Hub. basically another family channel but what i've been paying attention too was all the things that you just mentioned in this article. they've been running old g.i. joe cartoons as well as transformers and its weird that you would bring this up since i've been thinking the same for months now……. keep up the good work bro.

  132. VC will you be doing any investigations into Video Games at any time…I've been playing a game called Assassins Creed and picked up on a few conotations like mind-control and things like the Knight's Templar and some arabian assasins brotherhood who have some Illuminati and Freemasonry connections….

  133. Don't forget the episode 'COBRA World' where Cobra Commander buys a theme park to mask his shady operations…The mind control researchers will recognize the parallel to DISNEY WORLD (and Land probably) being an important mind-control programming center below it…

  134. Raphael, I think what you say is true, but how do you explain in Genesis where it says that the fallen angles mated with human women and had children (the giants)? Also read the Book of Enoch. This is spiritual warfare of Jesus using the rebellion of evil beings to bring the world under His rule. You don't just hand over the keys of a Ferrari to a 5 year old, and God won't just hand over being one with Him and in His family. We gotta work for it.

  135. Maybe some of the directors and producers wish to give inside information from the secret societies to the general audience through some movies,cartoons or songs.Information that is not used to brainwash,mind-control or indoctrinate it's recepients into the world of the occult, but to warn them about the occult.Not all of them are deranged,evil or demon possesed, but they realized to late in what mess they have entered.If they leave these secret societies, ransoms are put on their head and could be executed.So they found a more elegant way to spread the truth through their work.Movies like The Matrix,They Live,Eyes Wide Shut,The Truman Show or 300 are some of these examples.These are not productions that have the role to put us asleep,but to wake us, to make us wonder…

  136. Shutting down the power grid of the Northern Hemisphere is not necessary a symbolic language.I recommand a book that was written by one of Phillip de Rothschild mistresses:''Atlas Shrugged''.In it is described a step-by-step plan of the Illuminati's to take over the world:they take control over the majority of the world's corporations (oil,food,electricity,industry etc.)They bankrupt & destroy them until they destroyed the currency of the whole World, and still be so financially strong they would withstand it.Now what will happen to the common man?He was programed to depend on these companies, to depend on the system.He would be nothing more but a dog who begs food from it's master.They'll have the resources, we wont.We will be the peasants of a new feudal age and this is the time when the Antichrist (the king) arrives with the resources the Illuminati have been stocking and promises us a wellfare that should have been ours in the first place.

  137. Let me give you a clear classification of the first 4 levels of the illuminati pyramid from head to buttom.Many occult researches tend to mistake the upper sections of this pyramid because they exclude the demonic presence.Like i said in other comments, this conspiracy is not led by humans, but by demonic forces and their master, Lucifer (the serpent->that's why the cobra is in the top of the pyramid).

    The capstone is the Rothschild Family or Tribunal that rules the Illuminati, they were the creators of it. The eye is Lucifer, their god and their voice. The first 3 top blocks are on every pyramid.

    The Top block is The Council of 13, also called The Grand Druid Council.They only take orders from the Rothschilds and nobody else. They're their private priesthood.

    The Council of 33 is directly under them, that is the 33 highest Masons in the World.

    The Council of 500, some of the richest people in the World–there are 500, actually, some of the richest people and conglomerates in the World–it's their real financial power.

    The Golden Dawn is the 4th block and it's the Rothschild's private coven in England.

  138. Lucifer and his angels chose the Rothschilds as the purest of the occult belivers in the 17th century.That's how wicked this family is.In the 1600's they were known as one of the greatest black magicians in Germany.The sons and daughters of Mayer Rothschild migrated in different parts of Europe and expanded their empire.Under orders from Lucifer, they chose London as a strategical headquarter (let's not forget that England was the home of the demon worshipping templars after they were expelled from France).Let me give you a tip:Lucifer doesn't shows himself very often.But when he does (when he communicates future plans to members of the Rothschild dinasty at certain meetings) he does it at one of their residences in England.I don't know wich one, search google and wiki to find info about their mansions.Have you ever wondered why there is a large amount of hauntings and strange phenomena along the teritory of Great Britain.That's were these creatures chose their headquarter.I believe it is the teritory with the most powerfull cultists that ever lived on the face of the earth.It was the place where powerfull secret societies took birth:Druids,Freemasonry,Golden Dawn,O.T.O.

    • C.H.A.R.L.E.S on

      yo Joe Blow, they're not aliens, they were in earth living underground, befor man-kind was civilized, check out G.I. JOE the movie.

  139. Gold is as usless as the money.They both have symbolic value.The Illuminati will depreciate it as they will do with the money.If you want to survive this crysis here's a primitive, yet certain way of comerce an by extension, a certain way of living:barter.If any of you have the possibility,leave the cities because all hell will break loose in them.They're the devil's playground and i don't think i'll have to give you many arguments in the suport of that statement.All the secret societies' social experiments are put to practice in the urban territory. Invest in farming, grow vegetables, raise livestock, anything that will make your survival not depending on the system.Now, take my country for example.In the communist period agriculture was the leading and the most prosperous occupation in Romania.After the ''capitalists'' came, apart from not investing in it, they convinced the inhabitants of the villages (their most importantant tool was the media,of course) to take the way of the ''simpler'' and comfortable city life.This was the plan in the more civilized countries years before this, to make man forget how to grow his own food, how to create his own neccesities, to be dependent on the ''nursing'' of the system.Now, i have a message for those who think that farming is a lower occupation than their intelectual jobs or asspirations, than their college diplomas or their position in certain enterprises:how will you be able to think or to work when you'll have nothing to fuel your brain with,when the system takes the food off your table or the conforts in your life.When it'll fire you and throw you away like a used rug.I believe, just like the symbolic values (money,credit cards,gold,), the symbolic jobs will be eliminated as well, because the Illuminati want the humans to depend on them at a primal level (what to eat,where to sleep,what to do when they're ill).They don't want a human that will stand up for himself, or one who knows how to suvive individualy.They want an impotent human, that can't fend for himself, that is dependent on the system they have created and by extension, is dependent on them.A perfect slave.

  140. Extra-sensory perception , remote viewing, telepathy and psychic killing (this practice it is also called The Evil Eye) are capacities of persons that are members of secret societies and are usually possesed by demons.In the Bible there is a case of two apostles of Christ that visited a fortune-teller.They exorcised the demons out of her and at the end of the meeting, the witch had no powers what so ever.

  141. There was a statement that caught up my attention in one of the upper fragments of Fritz Springmeier book:''Theta waves are frequent in children''.You see, children are more susceptible to paranormal activity than the adults.The argument of this statement is told in the book of Genesis.

    Adam and Eve didn't had the mentality of a grown man and woman.They were pure, innocent and naive, just like children.They couldn't make the difference between good and evil,right or wrong,true or false.Now, that's when Lucifer appeard before them (knowing that they couldn't identify him as the enemy).

    They realized these concepts, too late, after they have eaten from the fruit of the tree of knowledge,the tree of knowledge of good and evil.After that they became intelligent and they were able to separate the right from the wrong.

    You see,unlike many evolutionists (i'll write about Charles Darwin and his occult affiliations in future comments) may have told you, Homo Sapiens (i believe it was the first and the last aspect of the human race) wasn't to bright when he was created by God (he didn't even wear clothes, but that was okay because he was protected from the elements by The Creator)."Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven''(Matthew 5:3).

    When God created Lucifer, he wanted to make him the greatest and the most beautiful creature that was created.Unfortunally, he made him a bit too powerful, too inteligent and Lucifer persuaded and manipulated some of the other angels to rise against God.After God banished them from Heaven, He decided to make a more loyal servant, not that powerful, not that intelligent.He had created man.

    I believe that God decided to test the effectiveness of this new creature and put him in charge of guarding the Tree of Knowledge (i believe it was some kind of safe where God stockpiled some of His knowledge,informations). Lucifer was jealous on this inferior beeing and decided to get even with God, decided to corrupt man.Now, Lucifer believed that, if humans had access to that information (most of it, he already known) they would become more ''illuminated'', more awary of the possibilities that this new gift could provide them, they would become emancipated, questioning the submission that they had towards their Creator and even riot agains Him (just like Lucifer and his angels).

    After that, you know the story.God banished them as well,retrieved some of his protection and left them vulnerable against the elements (natural phenomena,animals) and against the demonic corruption.After that, Lucifer took man under his ''prottective wings'' and man started to decade from generation to generation.

    But God felt sorry for his creation, he wanted man to repair his ancient sin (disobedience) and he promissed him a Redeemer, a vehicle between His Divinity and man.It was Jesus Christ.Till the day of Revelation,humans are constanty put, through their lives,to chose the purity,innocence,morality and obedience to God or to choose the ''gifts'' of Lucifer.

    Now, in the times of the Antichrist (i believe these are), this choise is easier than in the ages past.Will you take the ''Mark of the Beast'', the ''comfort'' that Lucifer promises you, or will you take the harder, yet safer way to the Kingdom of God, the road of the cross, the road that Jesus took?

  142. Now, returning to Fritz Springmeier' statement, just like Adam and Eve, children can't identify the demons as the enemy.They don't have the knowledge to reject them.So, these creatures usually take the form of innocent play mates:other children,imaginary friends(by the way, there is a show on Cartoon Network (you probably noticed the masonic black & white boxes in the logo) a show called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends;those are not imaginary friends, those are representations of familiars,demons and the media makes them look friendly and is promoting to children the idea of having one)),old persons,even deceased relatives.Now, these creatures use your children as gateways (sometimes possess them) to enter your home and to destroy the balance of your family, they take plasure in terrorising humans, they take pleasure in making humans fight one against eachother, they take pleasure in rupturing the equilibrium, the relations between members or friends of the family, they take pleasure in isolating one's mind and depress it.You hear these days more and more about depression.Not all forms of it are mental diseases.Some are of demonic possesion especially those who led to suicide (rejecting God's greatest gift:life) (in demonology,are the so called demons of depression, apart from other unnatural feelings and emotions that are connected to other demons).One of the books that i recommand is Rosemary Guiley & John Zaffis – The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology.But i warn you, don't start practicing demonology, just study the enemies of man and God, see what makes them tick.You'll see that they live in a paralel world, with a paralel hierarchy formed of demons that have their known place and grade in this hierarchical pyramid (kings,princes,marquis,dukes,generals).This pyramid is connected and rules the pyramid of leadership (with it's own kings,princes,presidents,generals,commanders) that they have created on earth.Now returning to the children problem.If you notice that your children start speaking of or with these familiars, try to isolate these kids from these influnces.Talk to them more often, convince them to start making real friends, to talk and play more often with other children, to find other hobbies, etc.In serious cases of demonic interactions, ask them for informations about their ''so called friends'' and do whatever is necessary to explain them the true nature of these beings, scare them if necessary but do whatever it takes to put and end to these communications and interactions.

  143. I've been trying to tell everyone I know that if they WANT to be lied to, watch the evening news; but if they want the truth, to watch science fiction and action movies of TV, like "The Matrix" or "Enemy of the State" or even "Conspiracy Theory" – largely to no avail. People either can't, or just don't want to, handle the truth.

  144. Lmao When I Started Reading This, I Just Had The Sudden Urge To Start Running Around With A Laser Gun And Start Blasting The Illuminati 😀

  145. thanks v.c for ths article.

    i have being following ur site since i discovered the truth behind beyounce,etc and also how gi joe was used to predict the future. Looking for infant indoctrination i realised we av being programmed a long time.

    Thanks for that. I also want you to look into ths series Avatar the last airbender. I found sm few disturbing facts esp, book three avatar aang. It also predicts a fight at the end of the world.

    Nw speaking of musicians being puppets its the same in africa here. Leaders are post drunk. There is war cming up every where. And currently leaders are tryna dsorganise libya n north africa as a whole. The music industry i knew when i was a kid changed and nw what do we c ; just a bunch of rappers who rap n sing about sex, drugs, money n voilence no one seems to rap about the hustle and life they av lived and being through.

    The real master minds are the ones we shd target with the help of the puppets. In Ghana, sm years back an armd robber led to the arrest of a renowned army sargeant. That is what we all shd target and achieve.

    I neva realised all ths until i was 13 yrs. Nw im 20. I believe most african leaders are evil n are members of the illuminati and the free masons. So do also look into the case of africa too for me.

    Also look into this cartoon series, the adventures of jackie chan, it also has mind control facts, demon possesion and all that demonic activities, thanks

  146. I remember GI Joe and I'm a girl (we balanced it with my little pony and Barbie, etc). from the 80's. I remember mostly Cobra and the later villian Serpentor. What's disturbing in one way is that we were given a message early on and our parents probably didn't notice it either. The Reagan years were conservative but in a way I think it protected our generation from the pc-correctness, it's o.k. to be a freak, genre of music and pop culture that is dominant in today's society.

  147. The Joes are not alo on

    As both an animation and conspiracy theory entuziast I have been noticing that more animated shows have such themes running and most are indeed from the 80s onwards.

    For example, the idea of secret government projects concerning aliens, programming and genetic experimentation and mass deception are the subject of several episodes in the new 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja TUrtles (aka TMNT 2k3) cartoon. An alien invasion is even faked by such an agency (project Blue Beam anyone?) in order to gain public support and more funding from the US president. In another VERY notable episode it is explained that Wall Street is placed on the site where an alien C`thulu "matter lord"-like being landed in a meteor ages ago. The natives tried to destroy it,seeing how it was pure evil, but the early American settlers were enchanted with promises of money and riches and thus worshiped the beast. Thus, the worshipers became the richest men on Earth. The beast has ways of manipulating intimate fears against its subjects thus making it very hard to escape its grasp. Needless to say, the episod is HEAVILY laiden with Illuminati symbolism (including the eye and I think the checkered floor).

    Another series, Justice League, has loads of episodes focusing on government consipracies, mind control and an entire arc dedicated to this in its 'Unlimited' season (Cadmus arc, I think all of you here will love the character The Question). The new series, Young Jusice episode 1 (also focusing on Cadmus, but better), aptly named 'Independence Day' is a lullaby to Illuminati agendas. I highly recommend the latter as it is just perfect! Youtube is your friend 😉

    And these are just examples off the top of my head. It`d be interesting if VC did an entry on the 'silent wars' certain animated shows fight with the Illuminati. It`s just awesome!

  148. Perhaps the "Real" Illuminati are sitting at the top of their capstone skyscraper watching old stories of Cartoons to draw their next plan.

    "Gee brain what do you want to do tonight.

    Same thing we do every night pinky, Try to take over the world!

    Its pinky and the brain, Yes pinky and the brain

    One is a genius the others insane,

    Their laboratory mice, Genes slashed and spliced,

    Their pinky, their pinky and the brain brain brain brain brain,

    Before each night is done, their plan will be unfurled,

    by the DAWNING OF THE SUN, they'll take over the world,

    Their pinky and the brain, yes pinky and the brain,

    Their twilight campaign is easy to explain,

    To prove their mousy worth, they'll over throw the earth,

    Their pinky yes pinky and the brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain brain,


  149. Your facts are a little skewed. The United states abandoned the gold standard in 1933 to allow economic flexibility to combat the depression. What Nixon did in the 70's was to abandon an American promise to fix the price of gold at ~ $35/oz which had been made in the post-war erra, allowing numerous countries to peg their currency to the US Dollar (seems REAL bright in hidsight doesn't it).

  150. Some of these are so untrue. Your thinking way to hard about these things. If you have a problem with whats out here in the world, then dont watch/ look at it. Life is precious, dont waste it on a conspiracy.

  151. TheManOfSteel on

    Hi! Nice article. But have you watched the latest g.i. Joe movie now? G.I. Joe retaliation. I just watched last night. And i feel like there's a hidden message on that movie. Especially when on the weapons summit part. Where every country like NoKor, India, China, Europe and USA fired their nuclear weapons. I just feel something fishy. Hope you can do some research. Thanks!

  152. Thanks for kicking my @$$ back to sanity everytime I read your articles. YO VC!

    I agree with the guy who brought up the latest GI Joe movie. They are Joes fighting their own government. Do you think this new, updated movie is meant to trigger what they have already planted in our minds as boys?

  153. VC….. you're so funnayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Yo Joe! (Not to take away from the gravity of what we read on this site about the state of our world, but if you've inundated yourself with information to the point where your head hurts, it's nice to find the humour where we can, is it not?)

  154. I watched about 20 episodes on my own after stumbling into the GI-Joe phenomena. I forget the episode, but I wonder if it will be frozen chocolate fudge bars that will "turn into led" in our children's stomachs… The indian joe says he just got done shooting a commercial and it was for chocolate fudge bars that were basically poisoned. According to Fritz Springmeier, the Illuminati plans to poison candy…

  155. I had just started college when this show came out, and personally I had no interest in it until the Christian body decided that this and every other toy/cartoon series that came out about that time proclaimed that they were Satanic. In this case due to Cobra and equating it with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, so I watched few episodes with some friends. Maybe I was too old to enjoy it, but then again I'm not a big fan of mindless violence. The series still does nothing for me, but I did enjoy the movies which the tech from those may come to pass in another 30 years. If you are interested in why the Church was up in arms, check out the book Turmoil in the Toy Box by Phil Phillips.

  156. I read some of this to my son, who is currently watching the very episodes that I had to suffer through thanks to my brothers (crazy laugh =P), and as I read, I had to stop several times to wipe away tears of mirth. He said that Duke usually ended up being captured by Cobra and was subjected to mind control. What is it with blue-eyed blonds and mind control? Wasn't the girl on "V" that the reptiles captured, tortured, and programmed a blue-eyed blond? Anyway, on the "Pyramid of Darkness" episode, they have mysterious black cubes (symbol for Saturn) they use for mind control – really? This stuff is just ridiculous to the rational person, but serious business to the Illuminati. I found this article highly informative and entertaining, I laughed until I cried at the author's summaries of the plots ( yo Joe!). Now remember kids, knowing is half the battle! Yo Joe! = )

  157. I'm late to arrive at this article. Amazing. Mind blown, for sure. So the children, mostly boys, are now about 28-43 years of age. In middle age prime. In their collective un- or sub- conscious lies these stories, or rather rituals, that are reaffirmed by the "reality" of the media news story. Of course, there is nothing new to the ancient story lines. Nothing new under the sun. So the stories are archetypal and our social reality is archetypal. The generation that is in its prime has been prepared to accept what is happening. I've got to recommend Michael Hoffman's book, "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare". Wake Up!

  158. You forget to mention to link one thing: Destro's M.A.S.S. Weather Alternator device on the H.A.A.R.P. Who inspired whom? This G.I. Joe case is peculiar.

  159. Nope. PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING is using quantum physics to get YOU to EXPECT a certain outcome. When you expect and look for a particular thing, according to quantum physics, you make that thing real. They decide on their plan of action, and then present it as entertainment, so that you will then look for these things and help to actualize it. It's why the 'news' is being pushed onto us on every channel: so they have enough people LOOKING FOR the things they see in the news. Notice that your friends who don't watch the news are not nearly as afraid and sure that the government is out to get them as people who watch the news. What is the point of news programming BOMBARDING us with the feeling that we need to fight people of a different race, a different religion, a different nationality? What is the point of news bombarding us with government officials and rich people getting a slap on the wrist for things that poor people are jailed for years for? So that you come to EXPECT it and actualize it in your own reality. Quantum physics in predictive programming: program in your mind the reality that they want so you expect it for yourself.

  160. Should check out the MASK series too.. its perhaps even more far out in places but overlaps with HEAPS of todays conspiracy 'theories'

  161. I think it's crazy how when everything's so out in the open, the majority of people don't believe it. With all the evidence in the world, people STILL can't comprehend some of the simplest ideas and facts. This is why God doesn't show himself, to be honest. Because if He did, everyone would STILL deny his existence! Subhanallah (Glory be to God)!

  162. PsychoLogik on

    G.I. Joe: The Revenge of Cobra (1984) The GI Joe team must face Cobra's latest plot to conquer the world using a device that can control the weather.

  163. Check out the GI JOE episode "The Wrong Stuff" where Cobra takes over all television in order to promote its "social philosophy". It's pretty amazing.

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