An Inmate Claims that James Holmes Confessed that he was “Programmed to Kill”


In the article entitled Was the “Batman Shooting” a Ritualistic Murder Carried Out by Mind Controlled Patsy?, I explained why James Holmes might have been a product of MK-Ultra. Now an inmate named Steve Unruh claims that Holmes confessed to him that he was “programmed” to performs the killings.

In a not-very-publicized article from the Denver Westword, Unruh indeed claims that Holmes told him that he was programmed to kill by an “evil therapist” – a very simple term describing what might have been his trauma-based mind control handler. He also reportedly added that “he felt like he was in a video game” during the shooting (which is somewhat how one feels when an alter persona is triggered) , that “he wasn’t on his meds” and “nobody would help him.”

Unruh added that “When he got out to his car, he wasn’t programmed no more”, meaning that he probably reverted to his core persona after the murders. Holmes has mentioned NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), a technique often by Monarch programming handlers.

“If one studies NLP, one will find that NLP books such as Basic Techniques Book II by Clifford Wright, teach people how to create dissociative states which are alternate personalities, and that they teach people how to develop different states of mind, and pseudo multiple personalities. It is difficult to express all the different cross-overs that NLP has with Monarch Programming, but at different times the concepts of NLP certainly would be helpful to the handlers.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Although most of the article in the Denver Westword is dedicated to discrediting Steve Unruh, those who know a little about Monarch programming might realize that his story might have some truth to it.

James Holmes: Inmate’s strange tale of “confession” and suicide efforts

Steven Unruh is having a hard time convincing anyone that he spent hours talking to Aurora theater shootings suspect James Holmes shortly after his arrest last July. Jail officials say there’s no way that Unruh could have had that kind of access. Yet certain elements of the story — which includes a description that resembles the headbanging routine that sent Holmes to the hospital last week — have been attracting attention from law enforcement and even families of the shooting victims.

“They’re going to try to discredit my story,” Unruh told Westword in a recent interview at the jail. “But I was able to have a four-hour talk with him. I talked him out of suicide.”

There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the tale presented by Unruh, a 38-year-old inmate with a long history of drug and theft charges. To begin with, his account of what Holmes supposedly told him is as bizarre as a William S. Burroughs fever dream. Also, Unruh just got out of prison last January after serving six years for methamphetamine and credit-card fraud convictions, and he says he’s been diagnosed as having a bipolar condition.

“It’s always been meth with me,” he says. “If I drink a beer or something, I’ve got the voices in my head that drive me to do more drugs. I’m really weak-minded.”

He’s going public with his account of an encounter with Holmes, he says, only after first trying to interest the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office in his story. He’s currently facing habitual criminal charges and had hoped to deal his way into mental health treatment rather than a twelve-year prison sentence. Although an investigator visited him, “the DA hasn’t been working with me,” he sighs.

What Unruh can prove is that he was booked into the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility on drug and theft charges at 6:44 p.m. on July 19 — just hours before the attack in Aurora at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Risesthat left twelve dead and dozens wounded. Unruh says he was still in the booking area when officers brought in Holmes, whose head was initially covered with a hood. Although Holmes was put into a cell by himself, Unruh says inmates in the area are able to communicate by shouting through a small gap in the cell doors, which move back and forth on rails.

“I didn’t know who he was,” Unruh explains. “I could hear some black dudes yelling from the other side, ‘You’re a piece of shit! Kill yourself!’ I had been in prison before, so they said, ‘Tell this dude he’s not going to be all high and mighty on the prison yard.'”

Unruh says he began talking to Holmes, explaining how poorly child killers are received in prison. Jail staff quickly covered the window in Holmes’ cell door with a tarp, but Unruh says he heard him pounding on the wall with his fists — and then running, slamming his body and his head into the wall. (Unruh described this action in an interview that took place several days before Holmes reportedly engaged in similar headbanging last week.)

“It went on for ten minutes before I couldn’t handle it any more,” Unruh says. “I told him, ‘Don’t be doing that. You need to repent to the people for what happened.’ He asked me to do an apology letter for the kids.”

Captain Vince Sauter of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office says that both the physical layout of the booking area and staff’s monitoring of the area would have prevented the kind of dialogue Unruh claims. “Even if they were in booking at the same time, they couldn’t shout from one cell to another like that,” he says. “For someone to say they were communicating with this person — it can’t happen.”

Lieutenant J.D. Knight, who directly supervises booking operations, agrees. “It would be virtually impossible for Mr. Unruh to have any of the communications he has stated,” he says.

But Unruh insists the sporadic conversation continued even after Holmes was moved to another cell in the area. He says that Holmes told him “he felt like he was in a video game” during the shooting, that “he wasn’t on his meds” and “nobody would help him.” He says Holmes also mentioned NLP — presumably, neuro-linguistic programming, a much-scorned and outmoded approach to psychotherapy — and claimed to have been “programmed” to kill by an evil therapist.

“When he got out to his car, he wasn’t programmed no more,” Unruh says. “It sounded kind of crazy. He was trying to run it by me, basically.”

Unruh has a phone number that he says Holmes asked him to call. (The number connects to the cell phone of a bereavement counselor, who says she has no acquaintance with Holmes or Unruh.) He has a form that indicates James Holmes tried to send him a letter, but it was rejected by jail authorities. (Knight says he has no record of any letter sent by Holmes to Unruh, intercepted or otherwise.) He claims to have received messages from Holmes via other inmates since that night, but he admits he doesn’t know if the sender was actually Holmes.

Still, Unruh’s story seems to have drawn interest in one unlikely quarter. He says Holmes told him he “walked up and down the aisles” of the theater three times before he opened fire, and that detail, if true, might have some bearing on the pending litigation by victims’ families against the theater chain. Unruh has paperwork indicating that he’s been in communication with at least one family member on that point.

Unruh’s story may well prove to be nonsense. Whether it’s his nonsense or Holmes’s own, the lack of answers in the Aurora tragedy has some people looking for whatever answers can be found.

– Source: Denver Westword




      • Heres an interesting one.. I just clicked the link hoping to see an article about the prank call suicide from a “normal” website, Yahoo (“normal” I use meaning a more mainstream site) and I get Page Not Found!!…

        So articles about this “suicide” are taken off Yahoo.. But allowed on a “conspiracy theorists” site… Hmmm…

    • It's not only shocking but it's real. Search around the internet. Always ask yourself.. who gains or why? 90% of the time, you'll find the answer.
      MK Ultra is what most are suggesting with this case. If you check out videos on this, the government has been experimenting for decades on American citizens (without their knowledge) and even has a bill to support that. Search targeted individuals. You'll find thousands who are / and know they are being targeted. What help have they got? When it's terrifying as you say.. first you need to find someone 'who believes' you. That's the hurdle.
      Search Cathy O'brien and listen to her story. She survived it and they are still holding her daughter.
      Now the questions…
      Who gains? The corrupt USA government if they can disarm you. Their desire under the United Nations agenda 21 is to depopulate the world by more than 90%. They can't do that if Americans are still armed.
      Why? If they can grab your heart (killing innocent victims) you'll hate that people have guns.
      Psycho? If you notice most false flags by government, they really push that the killer was using drugs.. (Holmes, Lanza) If you seach One Trillion Dollar lawsuit against Media for Sandy Hook, you find links to the PROOF that Sandy Hook was staged. Again.. Gun Control.
      ALWAYS look at the bigger picture. Mainstream Media admitted they are losing the information war. They are OWNED by very powerful rich people who are focused on achieving their One World Order.

  1. I’m lost for words when it comes to this “tragedy” is it even a tragedy? My mind is rattled with all the half truths and information displayed in the media. This article has me even more lost, hopefully some day we will know the truth. I hope the families of the victims can find peace.

    • Have you ever known someone who has had a history with meth? to quote Craig Ferguson, "The difference between an alcoholic and a junkie: An alcoholic will steal your purse to buy alcohol, and then be consumed with guilt and remorse and drink themselves to death over it. A junkie will steal your purse, and then help you look for it."

      In short, while it's compelling, it's still a meth-head who is reporting he heard these claims.

      • well, chu…before getting all high and mighty about the whole sordid affair, the same logic could very well be applied to you. Have you ever voted? Have you ever paid taxes? If the answer is yes, then your "sanity" and well-being should also be questioned, because you have engaged in the same actions over and over, hoping for a different outcome, thus qualifying you for a straight-jacket. So, how is it that your lame statements should be given any weight? You are insane. Therefore, it follows that anything you say is suspect. "Have you ever known anyone who votes?" How then, given that you are just a sheep, should you be given any rights to make any kind of "pronouncement" upon anyone, when you yourself need help?
        You are either a shill or simply hypocritical and two-faced. Either way, shut up.

      • Really, Chu and Aelfric. Why would an inmate is a good question. Plus most druggies locked up tell true stories about their life even tho they have an history of addiction. I had a feeling "some type of mind control juju was going around this case" I was just waiting for someone close to him spill the beans. I felt it in my heart that what the media was portraying of him was not 100% sincere.

      • yikes. fortunately, i understand your anger.. but not directed in such a malicious fashion. yes, this world is insane. but to make a sweeping generalisation such as this, writing an entire paragraph insulting someone you don't know, speaks volumes of your character. i am proposing an opposing opinion, in saying junkies are notoriously good liars. that was all i said. do you disagree?

        i do understand mainstream media must be questioned. i also understand alternative news outlets must also be questioned.. just because you did not hear it on CNN, does not make it factual. i question everything, and, most certainly, i question junkies.

        united we stand, divided we fall. creating further division by snarling at random people on the internet is not the way this world must progress. please, help be the change you would like to see, instead of being consumed with doom and gloom. there IS a world outside of it, without politics, without taxes, without having to call people insane and telling them to shut up anonymously over the internet. you're better than this, and you know it.

      • and never was a liar .
        Like a lot of people-junkie, exjunkie or not- …
        It wasn't an opinion you're exposing cause you put it like it was true and justified …
        So you should go "question junkies", but for real this time .
        ( sorry I'm not trying to be mean or else, I just can't stand liars or people who judge without knowing nothing!!!! )

      • well, this quote is stupid and false .
        And I know what I'm talking about . A lot ofpeople who have been junkies in the past never stoled !
        this is crap and revolting .
        If you don't know or haven't lived a situation/experience, don't open your mouth about it if you know nothing cause it's bad and mean .
        PS : sorry for my english

      • I unfortunately have known people who have had a problem with the drug, and let's just say my experiences with them have been less than stellar.

        What really caught my eye, was the fact that this guy WANTS something.. did nobody else catch that?

        "He’s currently facing habitual criminal charges and had hoped to deal his way into mental health treatment rather than a twelve-year prison sentence"

        He's trying to get off light, after habitual drug and theft arrests. He just got out of jail and is already back in. No offense to the guy, I'm sure his life has been rougher than many, but.. he wants a lesser sentence. Yes it may be to straighten his life out and I sincerely hope he can do so, but he's got an agenda.

        I'm not saying he didn't hear it, I'm saying junkies are great liars and he has an agenda to boot. Question everything, all sides, look at details. Question motives, because people have them.

      • That doesn’t mean anything. Truth be told that man is under mind control he and you just don’t know it. Do you think voices in your head is a normal disease? I bet he can tell the difference between a real human being and a voice. Six years, I doubt he was tweaking the whole time prices in prison are pretty high.

      • Craig Ferguson's quote is so insulting.
        Alcoholics have it easier because their drug of choice is cheap, legal, and available at the grocery store. If you get hooked to an illegal substance, you are thrust into circumstances a whole lot different. You are addicted to something very expensive, hard to find, and dangerous to obtain. If alcohol was illegal and $100 for a decent buzz, alcoholics would not sit so high and mighty in judgment above those addicted to narcotics. Alcohol is still the deadliest and most costly to society addiction in the US.
        To quote me: "The difference between an alcoholic and a junkie is that while a junkie will steal your purse, offer to help you look for it, get impatient and leave to later return with a false alibi as to there whereabouts, retire to their bedroom to shoot up their drugs as the guilt and remorse frustratingly impinge on their high, keep injecting more to unsuccessfully convince themselves that the high was worth the suffering they have just inflicted on you, until they overdose and die quietly in their bed; an alcoholic will openly spend a lion's share of their money on booze and bar tabs while you scramble to pay the bills, abuse you physically and emotionally for years and destroy your happiness and sanity while maintaining the guise of social acceptability due to their 'problem' being perfectly legal, thus enabling them to continue with their destruction of their life as well as yours unimpeded by drug busts that would send them to jail or rehab, until one night after laughingly stumbling out of their favorite bar, they get into their vehicle while completely wasted to drive home and get into a head on collision with a few innocent people unlucky enough to share the road with them, killing themselves along with 2 or 3 others in the accident."
        There. My quote is as fair as Ferguson's, which is to say not at all fair or considerate.

      • Sorry to put this so rudely. Get your drugs straight. A "junkie" is addicted to heroin aka "junk". Meth is chemically related to amphetamines which are commonly prescribed to children and adults with ADHD. They ENHANCE focus. Most people don't know this, but methamphetamine is also a prescription drug under the name desoxyn. This guy may be a criminal, but that doesn't mean he's off his rocker. He obviously wasn't under the influence of drugs during this time being that he's in prison.

    • Um actually inmates do lie and provide false testimony bc they use it as bargaining tools. Also it shows cooperation and looks good on their record in case they ever go up against a parole board.

  2. heaven for thugs on

    The truth is always out there for people to see. Unfortunately too few people are interested in the truth. This story will be gone before we know it. In fact I’m sure had v.c not posted this most of us would have remained unaware. Peace

    • The truth is always discredited because it always seems to come from the mouth of someone deemed untrustworthy, like a felon, an excon, a crackhead, etc. And if someone like you or me said it, we'd just simply be considered looney.

      • Notice how they give us an extensive look into his criminal history instead of just saying, it was so and so from the same prison. What he did to get there is so far irrelevant. Just because someone has a history of drugs and crime doesn’t mean they are completely nuts. I know plenty of people into drugs who aren’t the greatest people on earth but they don’t go around making up stories and stuff. Let’s not forget obviously this guy has had no access to his drugs for months. Whoever wrote this article is a fucking nut

  3. I think the Elite are totally brainwashing people to get guns out of the peoples hands. Look at Jovan Belcher, he shot his wife and kids then himself and that very night Bob Costa at his halftime show on sunday night footbal is advocating gun control. Kinda fishey to me. But one things sure there has been a lot of weird shootings in america this year and then someone always brings up the gun control question.

    • Costa is a filthy, lying KIKE. I saw the same piece on JEW-TV. The NFL is phoney-baloney FIXED. Google the fix is in. These Psy Ops/ FALSE FLAG "shootings" are 100% PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION. We are not going to like the Jew World ODOR solution either. I have been screaming about MK Ultra mind control for 20 years online, and I can now see that a lot of that info has gotten out to the drones. Luckily the pubics are buying up guns at unprcedented rates since these happened. AN ARMED SOCIETY IS A "POLITE" SOCIETY.

    • They do bring it up, I have been thinking the exact same theory. In fact, it occurs in every news shooting the "media" can find.

  4. The fact that this kind of stuff can actually happen is scary. People say it's crazy to think and that the guy was just "crazy." Yet they are the same people who dismiss mind control and programs like MK Ultra even though there are documents all over the internet to prove they are real. I personally think these kinds of programs still exist and still go on.

    First of all some witnesses say there was more than one person….so many things didn't seem to add up. It is a very interesting case.

    Was he programmed? Quite possibly, I don't discount it.

    • Hopefully, the mainstream media whores f*cked up this time and actually woke some people up with the way they have been selectively covering this story. I've seen at least one website calling for an unbiased investigation and has exposed the way some witness interviews were sneakily edited when shown on TV. People should be asking to hear more about the financial software Holmes' father was working on that could have brought down the Elite banking bastards.

    • MK has probably been going on since the days of Ancient Egypt. I have met 2 victims PERSONALLY. One lived with me for 3 horrible weeks. Some call it the SILENT HOLOCAUST. IT IS EVERYWHERE, YET NOWHERE. We have all met them, but didn't know it. NEVER beLIEve the LYING MEDIA WHORES. The complete OPPOSITE is usually true. There is tons of FREE info online. Read Fritz Springmeier. He is very good at exposing MK. So good he did over 5 years in the Federal Pen. ALL Govts. are satanic to the core, starting with your local Freemasonic Police Dept. I am talking about BABY FUCKERS. These POS need to be ERADICATED ASAP.

      • foreverhopeful on

        im a victim.- partially deprogramed. since i was a kid. im 29 now. im scared. everywhere i go their there i think they are the majority where is it safe?

  5. Harlequin Nameless on


    I just wanted to say that while all this is going on, there are still people who call you silly and unbelievable. How can we back this up?

    • HereIsTheTruth!!!!! on

      I know exactly why James Holmes was used to carry out the murders.

      I don't want to get in trouble so I have to be very careful who I report this information to.
      But, time is short and I see that people don't want to be lied to anymore. So here it is.

      His statistician father, Dr. Robert Holmes, worked for companies that explored the concepts of “cortronic neural networks,” which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to think like humans.
      Working on elaborate projects for companies like DARPA and FICO, he "has been in developing predictive models for financial services; credit & fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models." –LinkedIn.

      There is something going on right now. It is called the LIBOR SCANDAL, the largest racketeering and money laundering scheme this world has ever seen, involving the disappearance of $48 trillion dollars. Dr. Robert Holmes, with his ground breaking software, helped pinpoint the exact bank accounts to which the money rests. It rests in the pockets of top government officials, CEO's, and International Bankers.
      He was going to testify.
      That is until his son was framed.

      At this point, I'd like to point out the importance of interconnectivity.

      Kevin Krim, a executive had decided to give the green light on the airing of a very important article. The article explained the details of the LIBOR case: the $48 trillion, the case number, the history aspect. It even went as far as naming names, many in fact.
      The very next day this article aired, Kevin Krim comes to his million dollar home to see that his nanny Yoselyn Ortega had murdered two of his three children. And, of course, the article was taken down within a matter of hours.

    • Even Wikipedia has info about MK now. Not entirely accurate b/c it says it STOPPED in the 60s. That part is bullshit but the sheeple believe Wiki so steer them there. Also, there is lots on MAINSTREAM info about it, like Dr. Ewan Cameron from Montreal. Also the Franklin Coverup is linked to MK, and also the McMartin Day Care Scandal which was swept under the rug.

    • I am a Survivor. This perversion has been amply reported, including the Mesa County DA Office, Colorado. Under Pete Hautzinger. Human experimentation was reported May, and June 2012 prior to Aurora. I feel for James Holmes. His Evil Therapist should be tried with the Death Penalty, as well as my Primary Care Physician, John Bratteli. Reckless abandonment of Obligations sworn by Professional Oath.
      I have since contacted NUMEROUS DIGNITARIES. We had one from Colorado that took our cause to the OVAL OFFICE, we were rejected race and gender discrimination. It is a matter of Public Record, National Security Issue.
      Human Experimentation is Malicious Violation of Executive Order 12333.
      Since then out of a report of 5 Victims, Marsha Yost survived roughly 1099 days of TORTURE, she was Gang Raped Murdered.. Another on Joy, had her BREASTS BUTCHERED from her body. By DEW Micro chip technology known to cause cancer in all test rats. Truly the most sinister stuff, beyond Nazi Perversion.
      The only way I know how to describe it, "Sold out to the Pedophiles". Sponsored by then acting Colorado AG John Struther's. This issue also sits in now acting AG Cyndi Coffman.

    • Funny thing is, you get the experts and talking heads who go on about how so-and-so was sexually abused and they wound up developing DID…but people don't stop to think that with MK-ULTRA and the like it's done on purpose…to create multiple personalities.

      Cognitive dissonance at work here…or what George Orwell would term "doublethink."

      • That's it…. you nailed it. Cognitive dissonance. There are certain conclusions that they don't want us to draw. That "you couldn't POSSIBLY draw…" Even though the clues & evidence are sitting right there.

        That's how I've seen dysfunctional people operating in my life in general…. they don't *get it* – their brain isn't making some critical connection — even though it's obvious to everyone else around them. Sometimes that may not be all their fault, colored by other emotional realities or brain imbalances as they are…. but sometimes it seems very willful.

        Sometimes, of course, people don't want to get it.

        You have to WANT to know the truth to "go there". You gotta want it!

        I work events in in Manhattan & the vibe I get in general from many people is that – it would be too inconvenient (to lifestyles, careers, social standing) to ask certain questions, to entertain certain realities – because of the implications for THEMSELVES. So they don't. And none of their friends do. So it's socially reinforced.

        The underlying vibe I sense, now that I think about it, from the relatively upper level echelon social circles is "I made it in. I'm in, I'm in…!" And now they want to stay in, to maintain their privileges.

        So you sense a great focus from many people on restraining themselves. Monitoring their behaviors, intonations, etc so it's pitch-perfect to whatever social group they're trying to stay in.

        It's kind of… acting, really. Acting out personas – which is a perfect environment for MKs to perform & to thrive, hmmm….. I'm sure I've brushed shoulders with many an MK without realizing it.

  6. I highly doubt that James Holmes knew that he was programmed. That's why I don't buy his story. It's not that I don't believe that Holmes is an MK Ultra victim, I just don't believe that he knows that he is a victim.

    • perhaps the real story is to be found about his father and his involvement with the government and the LIBOR scandal.

      the salacious or violent stuff is often a diversion from the banal evil to keep us distracted–there is a reason they like agents to be accountants.

  7. Let's hope the American community is willing to open their eyes and see the truth this time. Let's put the justice system to use for once against these evil people and bail this innocent kid out. That can be one of us next.

  8. BlackSmoove777 on

    Of course he was!! Didn't you see how he looked in the video of him at court??? These people are using the masses to carry out their agenda. God forbid that it happens to my family, friends, and myself. I am saved through Christ, and whatever New World Order that is coming up, my Lord will fight for me. Stay strong everybody.

  9. Sweet Funky Freedom on

    The coverage on Casey Anthony, James Holmes, Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman…that's the cultural cancer that annoys me the most. I can't express how disappointed I am when the public eats this shit up, discussing the events at work like brainwashed cultists, actually dedicating time out of their lives to give this stuff the attention it doesn't warrant or deserve.

    • Here's an even more relevant video from Derren Brown, "The Assassin", it should be shown to everyone who still wonders about this case:

      I actually first heard about Derren Brown at my school, one day we had a visit by a NLP-specialist. He held a speech about how great NLP was, and he managed to hypnotize a friend of mine (he basically got rid of her anxiety of public speaking in minutes! So it was a good thing in this case)… just kind of creepy that NLP was mentioned here too… the mind truly is weird, we must absolutely not underestimate those who can "control" minds…

      On a less "serious" note, weren't you killed by the CIA back in 1953?! D8

    • The shooter in the 1986 Batman comic intertwined with all this, is the only one who had orange hair. I found it interesting that he also had a gotee, what was described of the other "invisible" person seen that night…. I believe he is meant to resemble him, Arnold Crimp to further carry out the plan of symbolism. “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” (Rises) features a crazed man killing three people in a movie theater. In the comic, media then states that the shooting spree was inspired by Batman" fit's all together with the whole situation as well. Not to mention the numbers 1986.

    • "authorities" try to label truth tellers and seekers " mentally ill" ect when really they are sick. got some nasty shit brewin all over on many levels including northern kentucky

  10. ^Oops, my link for the Arnold Crimp pic (red/orange-haired killer) might not work. Try this link… and scroll down to the part that says "This page from the 1986 comic “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” features a crazed man killing three people in a movie theater. In the comic, media then states that the shooting spree was inspired by Batman."


    Classical music is the answer to exiting their bs learning disable crap called "music." Read shakespeare, read plato, read the KJV Bible, exit the jew show and grow a brain and water your soul.

      • The Jewish "people" OWN 90 something % of banking, media, PORN, white slavery, and everything else filthy. The Jewish "people" did 911, assassinated JFK, USS Liberty, Gaza slaughters, murdered between 60-120 million christians in Russia, murdered about 10 million Germans AFTER WW2. Should I go on?

      • The jews of today are not the real Jews, or chosen people, from the Bible.

        Revelations 2:9…"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but they are the synagogue of Satan."

        Source: King James Bible

        Do not trust any other translations of the Bible, for the KJV is only accurate translation of God's word.

        Check out this article:

    • And read the RINGING CEDARS BOOKS for believable options on how we are supposed to live OUT of the system, and INTO nature.

  12. I do believe that he was mk.just by the way he looked in court is a red flag,he looked like he didnt even know where he was.All the evidence collected also proves that he was not alone.

    • internet poster on

      maybe it IS made up. maybe the inmate was told to tell this story and Lt.Knight is part of the script. read my explanation a few posts down, by 'internet poster'.

  13. It’s clear people are making assumptions about addicts because of either an isolated event or hearing stories from friends, or even the media. I personally have lost nearly all of my friends to meth. Yes one of them does tend to get scandalous at times, but I will say an addict in jail tends to lose the scandalous part of addiction rather fast. For one they have no access to meth threw using such tactics as the punishment in jail is much worse. A level of peace is actually found by most addicts in jail, as they are glad to be away from most of the pressures that trigger them use. I’ll just say that between my experiences with what I hear from MSM outlet and a junkie, I would trust the junkie and day. Some lie and steal to get high.. And I doubt he got high as a result of this.. Also the sherrifs fails to mention why he changed cells specifically. Could he have maybe caught them talking, with nothing but time on hand, inmates find a lot of ways of communicating.

    • Yes nomnom, good points! The LAMEstream media is MK in itself. I beLIEve none of it. I have been inside and the inmates do amazing stuff like talking thru toilets. They are very creative.

  14. This story is meant to deflect from the truth: James Holmes father was onto a racket concerning libor. He was to testify against bankers. Hence the whole James Holmes psy-op in order to persuade him not to testify. Very simple. It´s called BLACKMAIL.

  15. Ms. black thing on

    This is analogous to Naked Lunch, by Burroughs, the authority always wants to make people look crazy and shameful, and YOU don't to be locked in a cell, sound proof, and talking to a alleged mental person to seem this way. This article opens the eyes of the wise but subtlety labels the wise, us, as crazy and if we knew something was going on, something strange, we might get locked up too, the NDAA law is passed and locking away an American deemed terrorist without habeus corpus is highly permitted by US government. We have to find ways to tell people what is going on without "sounding" mental, we have to reach them differently to prove the sacrifices that have been pushed by government before people become frantic and act mental. Most of the masses will act this way for it is the sane who are insane and the insane who are sane. Spread the news.

  16. this brings to mind the latest (now deceased) "serial killer" in the media, Israel Keyes. his background rings a few bells, VC.

  17. I’m glad to have seen this. I’ve seen a lot of pictures saying the guy on the stands isn’t even the same guy who did the shootings. Any thoughts on this v.c?

    • internet poster on

      you just gave me a thought. what if the inmate was told to say this story to give credence that this IS the guy who did the shoootings and not a look-a-like. to throw off 'conspiracists'. kinda like how 'insiders' were writing books on how seal team 6 killled osama, saying obama white house lied about what 'really' happened. as if the writers were all against obamma, when they really wrote the books to give credence to the story that osama was killled by seal team 6. which is more than likely fiction.

  18. rather than say who is programmed and what models have symbolisms attached to them, can you explain HOW they program!?? what is done? we need to know specifics to further understand. so, NLP was used? NLP is taught to cars saleman to therapist and hypnotists to emulate the other persons mannerisms and movements, gestures and such, to make them feel more at ease on a subconsious level. what kind of 'trauma based mind control' do they use? we need to know the techniques.

    • @wanda, read Trance by Cathy O'Brien if you dare. It is a horrific story that you probably don't even want to know about. This book makes horror stories by Stephen faggot/pedo King look like fairy tales. This extreme trauma starts in the womb, by sticking needles into the fetus. Thousands of babies in cages wired to high voltage, and being constantly shocked as they piss, and defacate on each other! DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW??? This is just like the way TRILLIONS of animals are treated, and slaughtered every year. That is why I am a vegetarian and have been for 35 years. I had a MK victim live with me for 3 HORRIBLE weeks. She was clasSICK MPD. I noticed it after a few days.666 tattooed on her thigh, a whore/stripper. Yet she had alters that were vegetarian, and intelligent/educated. F. Springmeier has free stuff online about MK.

  19. Thank you so much for keeping me awake in all of these bullshit goin on. I'm migrating to California, in OC to be exact next yr. And I'm pretty nervous and skeptical to move into America. Now that I'm enlightened with all these crap, I don't want to migrate anymore but I have no choice (family matter). I wish I had enough money to buy myself a big beach house in a province in the Philippines and buy a farm and live peacefully there away from all these fucking crap. God bless us all. Let's all hold onto Him real tight!!

    • Exactly Jag! He probably never even heard the term MK before he met Holmes in lockup. We have to EDUCATE the drones about this. NOTHING has more of an effect on us than MIND CONTROL. Without it, we would be free. The Illuminati cannot control us without it.

  20. How to brainwash population through press

    First:discredit the sources
    Two:Label the story as inconceivable;with the help of some "experts'"
    Three:Tell a little piece of truth,so you can be trusted

    What a shame….

  21. but I thought if they were aware of what they did and what happend to them them would be prorammed to "Self Destruct" SUICIDE

    • things dont always go perfdct for handlers and trainers, if the victim drinks or smokes say, weed or take allergy pills or lack of sleep or anything any variable amount of variables can change outcomes oni different levels. to help you understand a little read the book ' false memories' by dean koontz it is fiction ut will you your brain ideas of possibilities and if you ask me hes one of them to be able to write it just so but anyway food thought

  22. idk… the article says he was incarcerated the same day of the shootings "just hours before". If he does have anything to do with this it would make sense that he would spread hogwash about james holmes. i mean for all we know everything could be orchestrated by the government that hide under the shadow of "illuminati" to distract the skeptical and suspicious, they know were eager to jump on the conspiracy train, we fear what we dont know right? plus the world powers also have the top intelligence departments obviously. its a fact that mk ultra victims are taken to army bases and other federal locations.

    • "Eager" to jump on the conspiracy train? Did you ever think that just maybe some people have 3 or more brain cells that actually work? Maybe they can see what you can't. Does that bother you? I just want to know the truth so I study topics most of you have never even heard of. I am not eager to jump on any bandwagon either. I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

  23. brittanyspencer on

    Awhile back the VC blogged about Robert Kennedy's assassin (, who claimed he thought he was at a shooting range when he killed Kennedy. Someone commented a link about a popular UK tv show, that is basically a British psychological "Mythbusters." This guy proves that you can use mind control to convince someone to shot someone else. It's fascinating, and scary. Watch it:

  24. 10 Facts Reveal a Conspiracy at Aurora Shooting
    August 4, 2012 Source: Rense

    1. James Holmes had no job, was earning unemployment but was able to purchase almost $10,000 in weapons, explosives, and tactical equipment, and all within 2 months. The chances Holmes could afford to finance this operation on his own, wasn’t likely. Someone helped him finance the attack and following the money trail will locate the mastermind.

    2. The testimony of 2 key eye witnesses contradicts the official story of one shooter and no accomplice in the attack. One witness testified that the tear gas canisters came from both sides of the theatre, a second witness testified that before the movie began he saw someone sit down in the front row, and shortly after sitting down his phone rang and instead of walking into the main lobby to take the call, he walked over to the emergency exit to the right side of the theatre opened the door and looked to be signaling someone outside the theatre. Shortly after the shooter made entrance through the emergency exit and begun his attack.

    3. Evidence photos – Evidence photos of a gas mask outside of the emergency exit of theatre 8 police reported that when they arrested the shooter in the white Hyundai outside of theatre 9 he was wearing a gas mask that would make 2 gas masks that were recovered. Also photos show the AR-15 propped up against the wall opposite of the fire exit door of theatre 9, police radio communications reported that night that the rifle was found inside the theatre, and even if the the AR-15 was discarded outside the theatre do you think the gunman was going to take the time to set the weapon down ? The Hyundai – why was the window missing? I thought he put up no resistance as he was being taken into custody?

    4. Radio communications from the night of the attack –
    *First report of suspects was two men fleeing the theatres both wearing back packs, what happened to these two suspects??
    *Reports of three people dragging an unknown individual into a non descript vehicle and speeding off
    *the majority of injured and witnesses were not given access to ambulances, they were trans-ported by regular vehicles to the high school. WHY?
    * Police radio that one of the shooters may be wearing blue and plaid shirt. Magazine and AR-15 dropped in theatre
    5. Pool of eye witnesses – It was reported that the theatre had over 300 people in it, there have been less than 10 eye witnesses and a only a few of those taking the spotlight ie. Jennifer Seeger. The KEY eye witnesses seems to have a fully rehearsed testimony but little given effort evaluating whether the testimony is actually plausible – Jennifer Seeger has consistently given a description of the shooter, that miraculously matches James Holmes to a T, even though she has told reporters that she was face down in the aisle, surrounded by tear gas and obstructing her view. Seeger describes the gas canisters exact color in the semi-dark and personally, I believe was impossibility in this scenario. She also mentioned hot shell casings hitting her in the forehead as the gunman sprayed the theatre. Is this possible? She was in front of the theater, was she not? Another point that should be noted is that for an event that involved 300 people, has a surprisingly low amount of postings on you tube, facebook, and Twitter. No one involved in this
    event is talking about it, beyond the small group that has been talking to national media.

    6. Holmes booby trapped apartment – How are we to believe a 24 year old, former Jewish camp counselor, gaming nerd, science rock star, Neuroscience undergraduate had skills to set up a system of explosive devices and booby traps that bewildered the FBI for two days?? Doesn’t seem plausible that maze of death was the work of one neuroscience student.

    7. Rumours of Holmes’s Neuroscience program being funded by DARPA – Neursoscience + DARPA + MKULTRA are marriages made by secret agencies of the US.

    8. Anti-gun agenda – Immediate notice how quick public officials were to talk to the media about antigun legislation. Bloomberg called out Obama and Romney to do something about the lack of gun control in the US and then excellent timing just before the UN introduces global legislation to ban private firearms in all UN member countries.

    9. That Holmes allegedly bought the guns legally, is the smoking gun the attack is being used as media glitz for the antigun/disarmament agenda, … intelligent people who were planning an attack like this would do everything they could to stay off of this registration radar, buying guns legally doesn’t allow one to do that. The attempt is to demonize the legal gun owner, claiming, Holmes wasn’t a criminal he was a normal guy who went crazy, and because he was able to legally buy firearms he was able to commit these attacks.

    10. The roommates – The initial reports were that Holmes was living with two other people, but once questions begun about who the roommates were, the story changed to no roommates, he lived by himself. The roommate story had to change because everyone was asking the same question; if Holmes had roommates who were they? Were they in the apartment with all of those explosives? Defies logic and reason!!! My inclination is to think there were no explosives in Holmes residence, but those responsible were buying time to construct a story as plausible as possible to include a booby trapped apartment when he conveniently informed police to keep from harm’s way after shooting 70+ people.
    The United States Government is become an asylum run by the inmates whose authority now includes to classify those sane and law abiding as criminal or insane. Should you question their version of their sponsored crimes, you are labeled a “conspiracy nut theorist”. You are only sane and law abiding if you believe them and should you become a danger of exposing their fraud, you will suffer character assassination or genuine assassination as John F. Kennedy Jr., whose aircraft was blown up July 16th, 1999 with an altimeter explosive on the empennage over the Atlantic approaching Martha’s Orchard Massachusetts. Why, because he would have endangered Ms Hillary’s run for the New York Senate and winning would give the Globalists a loss in having their lapdog in the State Department for the Syrian- Iranian War now underway by the UN and sponsored by the US State Department. Global plans are elaborate and far in advance of what the uninformed may imagine.
    Next on the agenda, disarm the United States populace by whatever means, armed sheep are a danger to the wolf, er meant Banksters and Global Illuminists whose illustrious crimes thru the FBI, CIA, NSA etc include President Kennedy’s murder, Twin Towers murder of 3000+ citizens, Vietnam War, Korean War, Gulf War including Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and now Libya, next Syria, then Iran. No saints in these countries but there are none in the US Government. Excluding some of the sheeple that praise them, because the prophet Malachi said: “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Still true.

  25. With the recent shooting in Sandy Hook, it looks like they're getting desperate to find ways to convince everyone to give up their guns. Making it so emotionally sensitive by having one of their FBI/CIA agents kill a bunch of children with their automatic rifles. They still won't get everyone to give up the Second Amendment, whether they false flag a maternity ward or a creche yet. Hence they're preparing for civil war.

  26. It gets creepier. "The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Senate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal."

  27. I've been in jail before, and inmates are very creative. It is possible for them to communicate with one another. My cell mate talked to some guys a level above us through the toilet. So when the officer says the two men could have never spoken is untrue.

  28. So, in his crazy ass state of mind…he just "happened" to have a cell phone number that just "happened" to be that of someone who just "happened" to be a bereavement counselor, whatever the fuck that is. I mean, I know what it is…but, who DOES THAT? And why would he have the number of one memorized in the first place? This tidbit alone lends mad credibility to Holmes and Unruh. I mean, if the number had been to a florist or something, then screw 'em. But, the CELL number of an active counselor. Fishy.

  29. Im sure Holmes was supposed to kill himself after his "work" was done, but something went wrong. I do believe this has something to do with his family and his father. when will people stop blindly believing everything the media tells them? we are so quick to believe what we are fed and label people as evil. People are evil alright, but not the ones we think.

  30. I just like to say I have studied all this stuff (occult , ancient history , and stuff for 3 years)

    This is the first time posting on this site , and yet this website was the first site that opened my eyes 3 years ago

    So thanks VC your awsome bro

    Anyway , I would like you all to consider watching
    some episodes from Derren Brown where he demonstrates mind controll and influencing people with subliminal messages , also I noticed in the past enimem sang songs about killing kids


  31. Maybe he’s trying to plead insanity. He’s aware of all of the theories that will surface, so he’s going along with the one that would buy him less jail time, and a nice padded room.

  32. I work in a jail and can tell ya its very easy to communicate through the cell doors. There are windows, toilets, and spaces under doorways. In a booking setting there is so much going on that it would be difficult to stop communication between inmates. If we don't treat inmates like animals we can learn valuable information like this.

  33. I thought I'd research the "Joker" because I felt his annunciation of being the Joker had a much deeper meaning within all the elite's symbolism. I found this absolutely crazy when I found it….
    3. A minor clause in a document such as a legislative bill that voids or changes its original or intended purpose.
    — Second Amendment…The beginning of having the right to own a gun as obsolete, or–void.
    And also these are interesting alternative meanings as well:
    4. An unforeseen but important difficulty, fact, or circumstance.
    5. A deceptive means of getting the better of someone.—-(AKA The masses)

    I thought this to be very interesting as well as a few other things I came across….

  34. Someome had to let him in the exit door!! They are locked from the outside…..I refuse to believe just by luck,on this very night… was propped open. Something seems to be wrong with him,because most folks would rat their helpers out to save their own skin-but he stays silent. Sounds like maybe he really is unaware of what he has done.

  35. You should really do an analysis on the film adaption of Jack Reacher… some very interesting themes coming through in that story.

  36. James Holmes is not the guy in the court room. They replaced the actual James Holmes with this guy who looks identical to him. GOOGLE IT!

  37. maybe it was the real James Holmes being drug off by individuals and thrown into a car?

    i never thought the red-haired guy really looked like Holmes.

  38. sonofthunderboarnerges on

    Please check the victims list from the theater. There are two men that work at the Aerospace Data Facility, located inside Buckley Air Force Base. They were both killed by Holmes. It’s not rocket science to figure out that the “bereavement therapist” and “evil therapist” Unruh speaks of is the “handler” from whatever US federal agency wanted these two men “dealt with”. They are the likely targets of a notorious top-secret program that was supposed to be shuttered decades ago but Admiral Stansfield Turner and George Tenet admitted to US Congress that it was not. The two therapist are ONE in the same. It’s Holmes’ therapist that offered Holmes’ notebook to law enforcement. Is she what is called a non-official cover officer with the heretofore unidentified US federal agency? This agency was created in 1947 to be a clearinghouse for sensitive government data. How did they become a paramilitary agency that has no morality to not “program” passive-aggressive, mentally ill people who are presupposed to do sociopath like things?

    Holmes was studying NLP. He was already mentally ill. His supervising classmate admits he was a perfect patsy. And he criticized Holmes’ early work. So the classmate was more than willing to throw Holmes under the evil-therapist’s bus (so to speak). Did she “dangle” a NLP federal grant to the classmates to find her a likely candidate? Many Canadian and US colleges are already working under this same infamous grant.They all sign NDA’s (non disclosure agreements) to keep their collective mouths shut about it. Holmes’ attorney should subpoena the classmates and have the judge order them to speak candidly. It wont work with the so-called “therapist” as she was highly trained in Williamsburg VA to resist interrogation, even in a court of law.

    • sonofthunderboarnerges on

      I want to also add that inmates in holding cells and prisons FIND a way to communicate with each other. Unless that cell was covered with glass, Unruh WAS in fact talking to Holmes. Inmates are a determined bunch of criminals. Some use polished stolen kitchen spoons as mirrors to tell when the “screws” or “bulls” (correction guards) are approaching. They also have learned Morse Code from Amateur Radio resources on the web and other places. They have adopted coded signals through rapping on wall or cell bars. They discovered that you can empty the water from their toilets and shout into them as the cell drains are connected. Also a very old children’s game known as “POST OFFICE” works rather well to communicate cell to cell in a 2-way fashion. It involves a human bucket brigade form of delivering verbal messages to your next cell neighbor.

      Unruh KNEW Holmes cased the aisles three times before starting his live-fire mission. This was NOT part of the news stories but probably part of the law enforcement eye-witness interviews. Why would Holmes case the aisles beforehand? To identify the two targets as Holmes must have been provided their photos from their contractor ID badges from ADF.

      Also WHO bobby-trapped Holmes’ apartment like a US Navy Seal “sapper”? Not Holmes as he was smart but not that smart. Law enforcement say that apartment was wired by a pro who knew what they were doing. Obviously it was probably meant for Holmes to clean up loose ends when he returned home from the ill-fated mission. She (evil therapist) obviously “programmed” him to off himself in the prison cell. But “they” always have a backup (contingency) plan. The bobby-trap was probably for Holmes NOT law enforcement. Just imagine the collateral damage at the apartment building. The sociopath (or psychopath) was the agency director who assigned (sanctioned) this psychopath”evil therapist” to complete her nefarious mission to silence two government contractors “who knew too much”?

      Is this ANOTHER problem with David Patraeus that needs addressing?

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