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Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15



Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

In this edition of SPOTM : Madonna, Amanda Bynes and more proof that the fashion world is sick.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

Christina Pimenova is a 10 year old “supermodel” who was dubbed “the most beautiful girl in the world”. Her social media accounts are followed by over 2 million weirdos and feature a variety of pics of her that clearly sexualized.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

Most of the her pics disturbingly emphasize her legs and her behind.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

“Casual” pics of her showcasing her legs are often posted online, often triggering a string of creepy comments from subscribers.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

As if to indicate that she’s a product of Beta Kitten Programming, she is often pictured fully dressed in feline prints. The sexualization of children is still on the Agenda.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

When you’re a pawn of those running the Beta Kitten system, you take pictures like that. The caption of this image mentions that Nicki Minaj got “advice” from Britney Spears, Madonna and Beyonce. Conveniently enough, they’re all poster girls for the Beta Kitten system.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

Speaking of Madonna, here she is on the cover of Interview with what looks like a Masonic compass on her face. She is completely silenced by the mask – like a true puppet.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

Madonna annoyed a whole lot of people when she released pics of icons wearing the BDSM-inspired string mask she wears on her album cover. Seriously Madonna?


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

There is something about this proud face being forcibly laced with pseudo-edgy-trendy strings that’s insulting.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

Yes, she even did Jesus. #retarded


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

As stated in my last article on Amanda Bynes, she had a meltdown and tweeted about microchips in her brain. She was then forcibly took to an institution and is now under conservatorship of her parents. She was recently seen with JJ Brine who appears to be her new handler. He is an “artist” who claims to be “possessed by a demon” and whose last album is called “Charles Manson is Jesus Christ”. The name of one of his singles is “Monarch Butterfly”, which pretty much confirms his association with Monarch programming. On his shirt is written “The Devil is Lord, The Lord is the Devil”. That’s the MK system for you.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

The world of fashion has always been down with Satanism. Here’s a Gareth Pugh creation featuring a Baphomet head on a dualistic pattern.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

This dress features a checkerboard pattern similar to Masonic floors. The model is hoodwinked, the same way Freemasons are hoodwinked during initiation.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

A subtle inverted pentagram on the chest area.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

As usual, a bunch of celebrities in need of attention did the One-Eye sign during the past month. Here’s Amy Adams looking weird.



Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

Game of Throne’s Natalie Dormer doing the One-Eye sign in the December issue of Cosmopolitan.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

The Jenner sisters keep posting One-Eye pics to remind you that they’re a product of that system.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

Diesel’s new ad campaign solely revolves around models hiding one eye.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

The Wyld is a popular show in Berlin. Its advertising is all about the one-eye sign “illuminating” your world. The slogan Nicht Von Dieser Welt” means “not from this world”, which is somewhat appropriate.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

This toy called Evilstick was sold in dollar stores around the world. Who would buy a toy for their toddlers called “Evilstick”? Well, some parents did and they discovered something terrifying hidden inside.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

Inside is the image of a demon girl cutting herself with a knife. Yes. It truly is an evil stick.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in symbolic pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/15

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Holy goodness, that image inside the evil stick is beyond disturbing!!! I'm an adult and it scares me.. I can't even imagine a child's seeing that!

Now about that picture of Natalie Dormer, her dress looks like a metal robot body and if you look between the ribbons of gold, the background almost looks like the set of Metropolis!


I'm not big into this paranoia, but that Evilstick is one hell of a bad idea for a toy. I mean, is that a April's Fools joke?


How on earth is the evil stick allowed on shop shelfs- why has it not been pulled?


Under Natalie's gold outfit looks like the all seeing eye pyramid found on our money.


the second image after the madonna image, is NELSON MANDELA, the hero of apartheid south africa, freedom fighter, humanitarian extroirdinaire but the goons got to him as well with the 46664 campaign.
all world rulers, their religion, status, color, country, ancestry etc are all part of this elite one eyed club that controls everything…not even ghandi remains untouched!


What I would like to know is this….the admin or moderator of Vigilant Citizen….how are you? Are you OK? All this horrific and evil info concerning child rape and blasphemy must be having an effect on you. The saying that you can't lie down with pigs and not get muddy is true. I certainly hope you have some method for cleansing the filth from your aura/essence/soul. This isn't good for the soul. I'll be the first to admit how grateful I am that this website is even here. It has been wonderful to hear the exposure of evil. Thank you, VC. But this certainly must be having an effect on you. Out of all the comments I read, hardly anyone expresses any concern at all for the spiritual health of the messenger. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I'm concerned, I care about the effect this must have on you. I know I couldn't do this and be OK. I'm afraid I would be so angry and depressed, and even with Jesus Christ as Redeemer, the human soul isn't equipped to constantly withstand evil. It rubs off on you, eventually. Obviously, you trust Jesus, and I do… Read more »


glad to see your thoughts and prayers here, Kender. occasionally i will see things on VC's site that let me know that others share our gratitude, concerns, and especially good will and prayers for protection for Vigilant Citizen. and i wonder if, like us, VC takes a break from the darkness, perhaps toils on other aspects of this work (like the recently released book on this site), or just real life intervenes! this type of site no doubt requires a lot of research, reflection, as well as administrative/security maintenance as well. often it helps to get such a website going, and then open the doors for other to dialogue and create community content. as i often say here, we all have pieces of the puzzle, and are called to serve and love one another, so i am grateful for this meeting point for those of like mind. i can't tell you how many times the darkness of material has been balanced, and exceeded by the quality of peers and goodwill i have found here. it has brought me often unexpected hope in my fellow man, and i have felt the good intentions shared by many across the miles… my peace… Read more »

Thy Unveiling

Agreed, Turnkey! I often wonder about the man behind the posts but he is very careful to not reveal much personal information, which is smart of him considering the popularity and content of this site. It could be dangerous for him and his loved ones. I do not mean that as a threat towards him, but the things he reports regularly could put him as a threat towards what he's exposing. It's happened to others who were nowhere near as recognized or updated. And we all know how that can end when tptb decide someone is a threat. So we'll have to continue to love the work, humor, and the mystery of the Vigilant Citizen in order for him to keep doing what he does and for him to stay safe. It has got to be quite difficult for him to not only run this site, live his life offline (surely he has a career or job), but also to keep from accidentally revealing too much about himself! Even small things like "my wife and I were watching Netflix the other day when we noticed…" Or "my kids recently got hooked on these creepy toys…" Things which inspired a post,… Read more »


@thy unveiling…cool name! Yeah, I too wonder about VC, so grateful that people with integrity still exist! With all these websites giving information that has only recently been revealed to the world at large, it can be very difficult to maintain any sort of balance. This site has taught me much. You are NOT the only one who feels this way!! 🙂 wow, such difficult info to process! Yet, witness those who do not care about it…the difference is staggering in the behavior of the public. Those who "know" behave and act different from those who are "plugged in" texting, game-ing..their lives center around "jerry springer-esque" drama. It can be destabilizing..because the rules have been changed, and no one told us! (..or has it always been this way?) I try not to think too much about exactly HOW it may effect VC. It's too easy for me to put myself in his shoes, and imagine what is it like for him? The implications are very disturbing…for me. Which is why VC is doing this work 🙂 F*k tptb! Ther is only one power, Jesus Christ! All others are really, really bad imitations. I mean like, embarrassingly so. Tptb desire us… Read more »

Thy Unveiling

Thank you for the compliment

Speaking of people texting etc all the time, I read a text conversation between my friends 13 y/o son and another boy. It was mind boggling! None of it made sense. It was like watching two balloons repeatedly bumping into eachother. The 13 y/o's mom and I just shook our heads. There was literally nothing to the texts yet they went on for a while. Very unsettling. (An example: overuse of random smileys that make up an entire paragraph, "MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!", extreme confusion between the two kids "huh???", " yo bro", more smilies, neither boy seemed to understand what the other was saying. And these kids are supposed to be the future.)


I hear you. Lately I don't seem to connect with anyone as it is hard to see all this demonic stuff without getting effected. I hope this website will spread like wildfire and we can all meet one day.


VC demonstrates a badass sense of humor about this. He'd have to. Humor (even gallows humor) is a weapon.


Well, praising the name of the Lord (to me it's Allah) and repeating his verses, is a good way to reinforce your will in exposing evil, and it's a protection from being sucked by those bad feelings it gives, asking for mercy to the victims, justice to the offenders. God knows what he does, and those "handler" don't handle a thing about their next life. They've been given a delay, but it's not for their best.


Its not surprising to see all of these evil things. I'm 13 and I have done lots of research on these matters. To see this through my eyes is very normal


Notice that the game of thrones actress's robe hides a detailed pyramid behind its golden laces.


I want to kick the parents a-s who let their kids to those shoots.


"Game of Throne’s Natalie Dormer doing the One-Eye sign in the December issue of Cosmopolitan."

Maybe you shall all look under the golden stripes…there're many masonic symbols as a ruler, compas, suns, horns etc…Well hidden though..;)


There's no way that last one is real…

Thy Unveiling

It is real. Very real. It made the news a while ago when a concerned parent discovered it when her two year old removed the foil. The store owner took no responsibility, claiming it was the mothers fault for purchasing it.


Hi VC…. wanted to say that your site is great, your articles are extremely well-written and informative, and I really appreciate your efforts to open people's eyes.
That being said, you normally don't show truly disturbing images on here and I am really wishing the "evil stick" would have come with a warning. 🙁 Maybe the article could be edited to include a brief note before proceeding further? I don't know if it's just me, but I can't get the image of the demon girl out of my head, it is truly, truly horrible. I'm not a sensitive "oh, this triggers me!" type, but I feel as if that image was a bit much for those not expecting to see stuff like that.
PLEASE keep up the great work, sorry if it seems like I'm being over sensitive, maybe it's just me.
Thanks VC!

Thy Unveiling

Its not just you. I can't bring myself to look at this article a second time because I don't want to see it. It was bad enough watching the YouTube clip a few months ago!

Absolutely terrifying that something so blatant would be in a kids toy. I know a lot of things marketed to children have their own subtle things to program them, but the keyword there is "subtle". Fisher Price, Little Tikes, or Disney would never dare make something like that available to the public! (And you can find lots of Disney stuff at dollar stores too, so that's no excuse for the Evil Stick)


I''m glad I'm not the only one, I NEVER, absolutely never comment on internet articles, but after waking up for the second night in a row with that image in my head it left me no choice. This really is such a great website, but I hope VC includes warnings in the future when posting images such as this one.


Evil stick is Absolutely terrifying!!! I can't believe they placed that awful demon inside. It scared even me and I think authirities should stop this suicide propaganda and lift a ban on shops selling these awful toys.


Natalie Dormers outfit is also covered in the illuminati pyramid if you look closely.


You have to do an article about the latest Sia video!!


Sia's videos have left me stunned for months now! I keep searching for you to write about them.


Same here! I know there is symbolism I am not catching. I feel it is full blown illuminati pedo bait

Thy Unveiling

The Chandelier video made no sense. What's a naked-looking child doing dancing all over an a bad one deli I king mental institution? I figured it'd show the singer swinging from a giant chandalier. The dancer didn't swing from anything, not once. Talented little girl, but disturbing video. Haven't seen the new one.

Repeated use of young dancers in music videos is nothing new. Missy Elliot loved having Allison Stoner in her videos before Missy disappeared from the scene. Her videos were pretty strange as well, though more in an acid trip way.

Thy Unveiling

Bad deli? Wtf? Stupid autocorrect! It was supposed to say abandoned mental institution


The singer or dancer didn't swing from anything because the song isn't about a "chandelier". She uses it as a metaphor. The song is about Sia's battle with alcohol addiction.


So I just looked into this JJ Brine character – he is one talentless person, despairingly begging for attention by meddling together all things he considers shocking or provocative. His music is amateur trash, the lyrics just as laughable as his attention-grabbing half-baked symbolism-overkill (of which I am rather certain he doesn't understand half of these occult symbols he is using). This guy couldn't be a handler unless he was being handled himself.


I just had a very quick look at him too. Found his Tumblr site, scrolled through very quickly as I didn't like what I saw 🙁 –


Thanks for posting the dresses! But those photos with the little girl are the worst! That clearly shows where the fashion industry leads to and that everything is controlled by (creepy)men. Most models that they normally hire are still too young as well(under 20),now the trend leads towards 10 year olds and younger. This is not the first time that VC posted such pictures. I wonder(and hope!) if that magazine and the parents get some negative response too(like it was with that other magazine). This is not normal and very creepy!!! Stuff like that makes me really angry and sad! I mean seriously! What kind of parents would allow that?
Another creepy thing is that evilstick girl! Wonder what the story is behind her and I hope nothing bad happened to her and that she is doing fine now.
Just those images alone are proof enough that the world goes downhill.

Thy Unveiling

Was looking up Kristina's parents last night. The mother did an interview insisting her daughter loves modeling and is a normal, happy child (coulda fooled me cuz the photos where she smiles are very fake, closed mouth, forced smiles. She looks unhappy) and that everyone who thinks the pictures are sexual need to see a doctor. Very defensive interview, yet the images that accompanied it show family photos where the mother is forcing the girl to pose with her. Even while bawling. She admits Kristina spends 4 hours a day 6 days a week in gymnastics. Showed pictures of that too; girl could be a contortionist.. Very flexible. Either way, the interview was not very convincing. Other than the mom saying "people claim I was a model. That is not true."

To a degree I understand the mothers frustration with the accusations. However, the rest of the interview does nothing to help her image.


I recommend everyone to watch the film Men, Women & Children. It greatly covers parents and the relationships with their children – including one as you have described above who "pimps" her daughter and sees nothing wrong with it, until society makes her think twice. Good post Thy Unveiling.

Thy Unveiling

I shall have to check that out, thank you!


never in my years has it ever occurred to me while posing for a picture to cover an eye with my hand, or any other object. NEVER. that is all.


Don't bother! Just be your normal, loveable, illuminati-free self!!

Thy Unveiling

While really into Sailor Moon and Japanese culture, I did the V over the eye thing that they do. I see a lot of regular girls do that, never knowing the symbolism

Thy Unveiling

Stupid phone glitching! I was going to say "symbolism behind it"

Same with funky hat poses. People do staring-from-the-side-from-under-a-hat poses. Again, usually unaware of anything sinister behind it.

One thing I see too many people do is the devil horns. Before 2010 I was one of them. Believing its a "rock on" salute, or not even realizing they're doing it at all (holding a book open when the pages flop, an innocent baby who's never seen it, etc) some insist its not an evil sign at all but is a protective ward instead. Those people then credit Gene Simmons mom for that, which says it all right there.

But yeah, randomly covering one eye altogether and there's no pirate or surgical patch involved? Not so much.


I heard the alternative was that Ronnie James Dio created it because of his Italian heritage- it's called the malocchio. I know this hand symbol because I'm also of Italian descent and my momma always taught me never to point the horned hand at anyone or you are cursing them.

Thy Unveiling

Yours sounds more accurate, whereas the Gene Simmons tale is probably a fallacy fed to the public dumb enough to buy it. I think the horns signal likely has many variations of "origin"


I have a comment about Madonna. I was revisiting her videos from the 80s and 90s one night. They are (thanks to the likes of Luciferian mole David Fincher) loaded with occult, dark, sacrificial images ("Express Yourself" and "Bad Girl" chief among them). In one of her earliest videos, "Papa Don't Preach", the video shows a "teen" Madonna sitting in her childhood bedroom, hugging a pillow, waiting to tell her Dad about her pregnancy. Hanging off the bedpost behind her is a Pink Panther stuffed animal, a leftover from childhood. Not only are we dealing with beta kitten imagery with the panther symbol, but the doll is missing an eye! So we see a wrecked- looking pink cat with one eye looking over her shoulder. This Luciferian imagery has been there since the beginning of her career.

Madonna is scheduled to perform at The Grammys this year. Some have hinted the performance will included Gaga or Arianna Grande. Whose life force will Madge ritualistically inhale this time?

I am ready to leave this world at any time. No second thoughts – I'm outta here


hard not to feel that way, anon, many of us share those feelings. try to find the gift of each new day where you can, and live in love. blessings to you.

2nd opinion

I just watched Papa Don't Preach and I didn't see anything really sinister. The statue of liberty is a symbol of Semiramis and Madonna wore a striped shirt (duality), other than that I think you all may be getting carried away.

That being said, Madonna is an evil old hag now and should've retired after Ray of Light album.


Look carefully at the scene I mentioned specifically. She's about to tell her dad she's pregnant. She's holding a pillow and sitting on her bed. She's in her bedroom.

I made up my mind! I'm keeping my analogy.


"I am ready to leave this world at any time. No second thoughts – I'm outta here"

I feel that, 100%. I also feel like I have work to do before my time to go is here, and some responsibility to try to be a light and resist all of this evil. *long sigh*


Don't worry brotha, Jesus is coming back soon. Then we're outta here stratosphere! In the meantime we have to keep fighting the good fight.


I didn't know about David Fincher, I can't believe his career it's "normal", he was born in 1962, in 1984, when he was only 22 yo, he directed commercial for Nike, Coke, Pepsi, Levi's, Budweiser, Chanel, and also music videos for Madonna, Aerosmith,Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson.
Sound strange, right?Some help from "above"?


madonna, always offending people and then laughing her sinister laugh, justifying herself as "cutting edge" – SO OFFENDED by those photos of honorable men and leaders bound up by her nonsense.

that berlin tv ad reminds me of an egyptian woman –

the evilstick IS AWFUL WTF!!!!!!!

"Forgive them for they know not what they do"


But they DO know what they do. No free passes this time. This time it's war.

dark knight

the girl from a berlin ad is holidng also a mask represents her alter persona, one eye and inverted pyramid on her head

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