The Occult Semi-Subliminals of Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One”


Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One” has many people wondering what’s the meaning behind the creepy images. The best way to understand the imagery is to understand the occult context in which they are used. This article takes a look at the occult meaning of the symbols found in this video in relation to Jay-Z’s affinities with secret societies.

Shortly after the American continent said goodbye to 2009, Jay-Z came on TV and said: “On to the Next One”. The video premiered on 01/01/10, which in Kabbalistic numerology equals 3 (0 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 1+ 0 = 3). The number 3 is an important theme of the video. The release date also contains three 1’s, which is reminiscent of the three bars representing Jay-Z’s album The Blueprint 3. This is just an example of the occult aura surrounding Jay-Z latest works.

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly suggest you read my first article about Jay-Z (Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” and the Occult Connections). The article goes through some of Jay-Z’s occult influences and his affinities with secret societies. I’ve noticed an increasing number of people wondering about the “creepiness” of some of their favorite artist’s music videos. Although some of the imagery is solely there for shock value or artistic aestheticism, an important portion of the symbols found in recent videos are directly related to the music industry’s peculiar brand of occultism. As seen in other articles on this site, the same symbols keep reappearing in pop videos, whether we look at Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jay-Z or whoever else will be “chosen” in the future.

Some people who read my first article on Jay-Z claimed that the symbolism I described was the result of coincidences or that I was “reading too much into it”. After viewing On to the Next One, many of the same people are now saying “he’s doing it on purpose, the symbols are too obvious”. How did something go from being accidental to being “too obvious”? It seems those who want to avoid the truth will go to any lengths to rationalize what is happening. Artists at the top level of the music industry are chosen by the elite (the common name for them is Illuminati). The initiation of the artists guarantees them success and exposure, at the cost of becoming vessels of Illuminati symbolism and personal sacrifice. If Jay-Z’s Run This Town left some people wondering if the video truly contained an underlying occult message, On to the Next One confirms Jay-Z’s affiliation with the occult elite.

Analysis of the Video

The video to On to the Next One does not contain a deep storyline and the lyrics are basically about Jay-Z bragging about how he’s a step ahead. So this analysis will mainly focus on the occult meaning of some of the images found in the video. They often appear for less than a second, I technique I like to call “semi-subliminals”. Some of them are apparently there for aesthetic purposes (unless I’ve missed something), while others are deeply occult.

Jay-Z the Holy

The background in the scene above incorporates strategically placed lights with Jay-Z standing right in front of them, making it appear as if he has a halo around his head. The halo is used in iconic imagery to identify holy or sacred figures.

Given the dark occult theme of the video and references to Baphomet (used by the Church of Satan), the halo takes on a sinister meaning. The one who refers to himself as “HOV” or “Jay-Hova” (a reference to Jehovah, the proper name of God in Abrahamic religions) might be sending the message that he is a god in a LeVeyan satanism kind of way rather than the “black gods” of the Five-Percenters.

“Devil Horns” hand sign while standing in front of a halo. Can Beyonce see his Halo?

The Bloody Skull

During the video, a black skull and a silver skull are displayed with liquid pouring on them. The symbol of the human skull has always been of utmost importance in occult Brotherhoods. The Knight Templars (ancestors of the Freemasons) made new members drink wine (representative of blo0d) from a human skull as part of their initiation. This practice is still found in some rites of Freemasonry.

“The Knights Templar were inveterate lovers and users of Human Skulls of all sizes and mediums, including both metallic and Crystal Skulls. The Templar identification with Human Skulls was reflected in one of the Knights’ preeminent symbols, the “Jolly Roger,” which is the recognizable pirate or poison symbol of a human skull surmounting cross bones. This symbol represented both the Templar ceremonial use of skulls as idolic images and even drinking vessels, as well as their practice of alchemy, one of the stages of which was termed “Deadhead” and represented cryptically as a human skull.

Human Skulls were popular among the Templars because they were believed to hold the spiritual power of their original owners – as well as to continually emanate this essence throughout their environment. The skull of John the Baptist discovered by the Templars during the Fourth Crusade in Constantinople was such a skull. The Templars claimed that John’s skull radiated the same kind of Holy Spirit power as it did when attached to the original body of John, and in order to empower their ceremonies and initiations they placed it on their high altars. Other human skulls particularly esteemed by the Templars were those that had been possessed by Christian saints and past grand masters of their organization. In order to amplify and conduct the power emanating from these skulls for ceremonial purposes they were often wrapped in a highly conductive metal, such as gold or silver, and then placed in energy-productive reliquaries made into the shapes of sacred geometric formations including tetrahedrons, octagons, and pyramids. References to Templar skulls wrapped in gold and silver can be found in some of the early Holy Grail legends.” – Source
Templar Skull

Remnants of this practice are still found in the rituals associated with the 33rd degree of some Masonic rites (i.e. the Cerneau rite) where the candidates drink wine from a human skull. What do they think of Christians drinking the “blood of Christ” during mass? That’s a whole other topic.

A reference to the symbolic blood drinking of occult initiations?

The Crow?

Two extras in the video seem to be a mix of Brandon Lee’s The Crow and Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.


Disturbing fact: Both Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee died mysteriously during the filming of deeply occult movies. Ritual sacrifice? That is also a whole other topic. Other references to crows:

Dissing Jesus

Combined with Jay-Z’s track record of not too Christian-friendly lyrics, this image is not really surprising.


Baphomet Strikes Again

If you’ve read other articles on this website, you are aware of the usage of the likeness of Baphomet as an unmistakable mark of an “Illuminati video”. Baphomet is the horned idol reportedly worshiped by the Knight Templars and later used by the Church of Satan. Two separate Baphomet heads make short, almost subliminal appearances during the video.

Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet


In Conclusion

As soon as the video came out, I received tons of e-mails from people who have picked up on many of the symbols described here. This confirms two things: One, many people are becoming aware of the sinister symbolism inserted in videos and two, these symbols are becoming increasingly blatant. They are not hiding anymore. The industry WANTS to reveal its true nature. I believe there are two types of “Illuminati artists”:  the willing participants ( I would place Jay-Z and Lady Gaga in this category) and those who are clueless (Rihanna seems like the perfect example). Jay-Z, being the smart businessman that he is, knows that controversy sells. It is thus a win-win situation: Jay-Z gets the publicity he is seeking and the Illuminatus continue their mass indoctrination. But what will happen when the elites are done using Jay-Z as a vessel for their sinister symbols? Will they say ON TO THE NEXT ONE?


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there's also a third type: performers (i wouldn't call them artists anyway) who do not wish to be part of the illuminati agenda, yet are still forced to participate in it (like britney spears)

Dear Vigilant Citizen,

What is the significance of the crow? I was wondering because i noticed in his lyrics to Run This Town that he mentioned that their girls were black birds.

Murder Murder Jay-Z!!


that was great. Its nice to knw there are christians who knw what they talking about.

Jagga man is ugly just like his daddy the goat he worships. What does he even rap about? Makes no sense!

I just started learning about the Illuminati, and your articles have helped me so much!

Being a 15 year old girl, I always suspected something funky was up with the music industry.

He didn't make the video. A White guy did. White people hate religion because it doesn't make money and keeps people from spending on them. If you want answers talk to the White guy who made it. Jay-Z doesn't give a rats a$$ about meanings, or any of that crap. He's asked the White guy to make a video and make it different. Jay-Z has to be provacative to sell records. Hell half of you could of made that video.

people need to wake up and realize that the GOD is within us im not a freemasion or any cult worship but i believe in myself and only me. Roman Catholics and all other organized Religions are just like the freemasons and all other cults, they all want the same thing and thats to be in power and to have money . We need to trust ourselves more, and saved the lost ones whether it my be to religion or the opposition societies. WE NEED TO LET THE WORLD THAT WE ARE NOT SCARED AND WE AINT GONNA LAY AND WAIT WE READY…

all of these things are not new at all. when cain left the presence of the Lord he began to be a leader of men into wicked courses. He and his offspring began to be the inventors of weapons of death, musical instruments, demonic practices, dividing of roots and all ungodly works. they changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped things created instead of the creator. the darkness blinded their eyes to the light of God. they were deceived by that wicked one. after the flood the same things began to happen. these things we have today are the same evils of old. they are the offspring of the fallen ones that rebel against GOD and His CHRIST.

I watched the video again, keeping in mind the resemblence of Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger in the 2 extras in the video. It seemed that the "Joker" charcter was trying to come out of uniform but to no avail. I also noticed that he seemed to be the only one with his back turned in the video like something was being hidden from him (?) and he seemed frustrated afterwards (rubbing his makeup off violently and trying to rip off his tie), yet, the "Crow" guy in the hoodie seemed perfectly ok with it. I also noticed the young basketball player looking overwhelmingly discouraged (maybe because Jay-Z set 'em all on fire???). These disturbing aspects and images are only otherwise random, which we all know doesn't exsist in Jay-Z's work…….idk

this is another example Jay trying make Roc Nation appear as some type of occult

Its sad how people can excuse Jay Z because of how big he is in the industry. He's spitting on God's name and that is the worst thing ever. People are just so ugh these days!! Im not gonna lie, I loved Lady Gaga and my boyfriend was the first to tell me about her… anybody would I brushed it off. But I prayed for guidence and for Him to open my eyes to this world and the music and saw this site and what others had to say. God works in mysterious ways and He will show you whats right and whats wrong. You just have to listen.

BRAVO!!!!! Me and my husband both agree that if more people like u VIG would do more to uncover and expose the wickedness that surrounds our youth daily, then less killing and demonic actions would occur. If there is anyone else you can expose please do, keep up the good work!!

you guys know he does this for a reason. it gets ppl talking about and to watch/listen to his music. i am a 100% sure he is not in a cult. it sells soooo well and thats why he does it.

if a person of African lineage thinks it's wrong to follow their slave master's religion,then why do so many turn to Islam? Islamic tradesmen sold African slaves and European's bought them. Also, Egyptians in Africa owned slaves as well, and not all of the Pharoas were black, although they were african. They show pictures in thehieroglyphics of conquering Ethiopians and other African, Middle Eastern, etc tribes. Learn your history before making comments; many races have owned slaves through, and slavery is still happening in some countries. To the people who think JZ is Christain: he is not; despite his supposed philanthropic deeds, he got rich by making songs about making crack and selling it (as he so often likes to state in his music), pimping hoes, and treating women badly in general. This is definitely not in line with the Christian faith, or any faith for that matter. The skulls,… Read more »

Keep it simple….Life is not a complicated journey only we make it….Evil is evil….Good is Good… separate your thinking…!

Check this Video Out by Bizzle – Christian Rapper… he sees the same thing as this blog

First Judgement, Gods kill all dinosaurs with H5N1.

Second Judgement, Gods destroyed the Atlantis with Tsunami and Earth quake, because they can heal themselves.

Third Judgement, Gods will not punish human with Tsunami and Earth quake, unless we accept the punishment with viral infection.

…says this lune

Unless Youtube has the whole Bible for you to read or listen to, I wouldn't call it God's letter. His only letter is the Bible, read it from start to finish if you really want to know the truth, all this will be explained much better if you read it and understand it. Not everyone understands it, some need a little help understanding it, pray to him to help you find that "clear" understanding.

my friend told me about this but i didnt believe it. but wat does the YOUNG mean?

i have been doing alot of research about the illuminati too ;&i can't stop 'cause it's so interesting

haha…they're going to tell jay z "we're on to the next one"

I cant believe how mad people get when someone does their own research on things that facinate them. This is an extremely interesting and well written article.

he v.c welldone cos u n all d positive minded contributors r doin a real good job, can u pls furnish us wit a list of all black americans especially in politics, movies n music industry who involved dis illuminatin n freemasonic bullshit so dat we can really knw whom we r followin, emitatin n listen to n who our real leaders r? thank u n JAH BLESS.

hey v.c welldone cos u n all d positive minded contributors r doin a real good job, can u pls furnish us wit a list of all black americans especially in politics, movies n d music industry who r involved in dis illuminati n freemasonic bullshit so dat we can really knw whom we r followin, emitatin n listen to n who our real leaders r? thank u n JAH BLESS.

Have you seen Kanye's Director for POWER – Marcos video – WAtch this video with a keen eye.

Break it down like science

Musicians typically don't write or direct their own music videos, so anything occult-related would have to be the work of the person who created the video.

I'm a hard pressed to understandout how rap musicians, who typically have the IQ of pudding have all of this arcane knowledge to deposit into their videos. Most of them can barely put a sentence together properly, and I'm supposed to believe they know about the Knights Templar?

I don't think so.

Heath died making the movie the imaginarian of dr panasis not the dark knight and lots of symbolism in that movie.