The Occult Semi-Subliminals of Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One”


Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One” has many people wondering what’s the meaning behind the creepy images. The best way to understand the imagery is to understand the occult context in which they are used. This article takes a look at the occult meaning of the symbols found in this video in relation to Jay-Z’s affinities with secret societies.

Shortly after the American continent said goodbye to 2009, Jay-Z came on TV and said: “On to the Next One”. The video premiered on 01/01/10, which in Kabbalistic numerology equals 3 (0 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 1+ 0 = 3). The number 3 is an important theme of the video. The release date also contains three 1’s, which is reminiscent of the three bars representing Jay-Z’s album The Blueprint 3. This is just an example of the occult aura surrounding Jay-Z latest works.

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly suggest you read my first article about Jay-Z (Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” and the Occult Connections). The article goes through some of Jay-Z’s occult influences and his affinities with secret societies. I’ve noticed an increasing number of people wondering about the “creepiness” of some of their favorite artist’s music videos. Although some of the imagery is solely there for shock value or artistic aestheticism, an important portion of the symbols found in recent videos are directly related to the music industry’s peculiar brand of occultism. As seen in other articles on this site, the same symbols keep reappearing in pop videos, whether we look at Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jay-Z or whoever else will be “chosen” in the future.

Some people who read my first article on Jay-Z claimed that the symbolism I described was the result of coincidences or that I was “reading too much into it”. After viewing On to the Next One, many of the same people are now saying “he’s doing it on purpose, the symbols are too obvious”. How did something go from being accidental to being “too obvious”? It seems those who want to avoid the truth will go to any lengths to rationalize what is happening. Artists at the top level of the music industry are chosen by the elite (the common name for them is Illuminati). The initiation of the artists guarantees them success and exposure, at the cost of becoming vessels of Illuminati symbolism and personal sacrifice. If Jay-Z’s Run This Town left some people wondering if the video truly contained an underlying occult message, On to the Next One confirms Jay-Z’s affiliation with the occult elite.

Analysis of the Video

The video to On to the Next One does not contain a deep storyline and the lyrics are basically about Jay-Z bragging about how he’s a step ahead. So this analysis will mainly focus on the occult meaning of some of the images found in the video. They often appear for less than a second, I technique I like to call “semi-subliminals”. Some of them are apparently there for aesthetic purposes (unless I’ve missed something), while others are deeply occult.

Jay-Z the Holy

The background in the scene above incorporates strategically placed lights with Jay-Z standing right in front of them, making it appear as if he has a halo around his head. The halo is used in iconic imagery to identify holy or sacred figures.

Given the dark occult theme of the video and references to Baphomet (used by the Church of Satan), the halo takes on a sinister meaning. The one who refers to himself as “HOV” or “Jay-Hova” (a reference to Jehovah, the proper name of God in Abrahamic religions) might be sending the message that he is a god in a LeVeyan satanism kind of way rather than the “black gods” of the Five-Percenters.

“Devil Horns” hand sign while standing in front of a halo. Can Beyonce see his Halo?

The Bloody Skull

During the video, a black skull and a silver skull are displayed with liquid pouring on them. The symbol of the human skull has always been of utmost importance in occult Brotherhoods. The Knight Templars (ancestors of the Freemasons) made new members drink wine (representative of blo0d) from a human skull as part of their initiation. This practice is still found in some rites of Freemasonry.

“The Knights Templar were inveterate lovers and users of Human Skulls of all sizes and mediums, including both metallic and Crystal Skulls. The Templar identification with Human Skulls was reflected in one of the Knights’ preeminent symbols, the “Jolly Roger,” which is the recognizable pirate or poison symbol of a human skull surmounting cross bones. This symbol represented both the Templar ceremonial use of skulls as idolic images and even drinking vessels, as well as their practice of alchemy, one of the stages of which was termed “Deadhead” and represented cryptically as a human skull.

Human Skulls were popular among the Templars because they were believed to hold the spiritual power of their original owners – as well as to continually emanate this essence throughout their environment. The skull of John the Baptist discovered by the Templars during the Fourth Crusade in Constantinople was such a skull. The Templars claimed that John’s skull radiated the same kind of Holy Spirit power as it did when attached to the original body of John, and in order to empower their ceremonies and initiations they placed it on their high altars. Other human skulls particularly esteemed by the Templars were those that had been possessed by Christian saints and past grand masters of their organization. In order to amplify and conduct the power emanating from these skulls for ceremonial purposes they were often wrapped in a highly conductive metal, such as gold or silver, and then placed in energy-productive reliquaries made into the shapes of sacred geometric formations including tetrahedrons, octagons, and pyramids. References to Templar skulls wrapped in gold and silver can be found in some of the early Holy Grail legends.” – Source
Templar Skull

Remnants of this practice are still found in the rituals associated with the 33rd degree of some Masonic rites (i.e. the Cerneau rite) where the candidates drink wine from a human skull. What do they think of Christians drinking the “blood of Christ” during mass? That’s a whole other topic.

A reference to the symbolic blood drinking of occult initiations?

The Crow?

Two extras in the video seem to be a mix of Brandon Lee’s The Crow and Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight.


Disturbing fact: Both Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee died mysteriously during the filming of deeply occult movies. Ritual sacrifice? That is also a whole other topic. Other references to crows:

Dissing Jesus

Combined with Jay-Z’s track record of not too Christian-friendly lyrics, this image is not really surprising.


Baphomet Strikes Again

If you’ve read other articles on this website, you are aware of the usage of the likeness of Baphomet as an unmistakable mark of an “Illuminati video”. Baphomet is the horned idol reportedly worshiped by the Knight Templars and later used by the Church of Satan. Two separate Baphomet heads make short, almost subliminal appearances during the video.

Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet


In Conclusion

As soon as the video came out, I received tons of e-mails from people who have picked up on many of the symbols described here. This confirms two things: One, many people are becoming aware of the sinister symbolism inserted in videos and two, these symbols are becoming increasingly blatant. They are not hiding anymore. The industry WANTS to reveal its true nature. I believe there are two types of “Illuminati artists”:  the willing participants ( I would place Jay-Z and Lady Gaga in this category) and those who are clueless (Rihanna seems like the perfect example). Jay-Z, being the smart businessman that he is, knows that controversy sells. It is thus a win-win situation: Jay-Z gets the publicity he is seeking and the Illuminatus continue their mass indoctrination. But what will happen when the elites are done using Jay-Z as a vessel for their sinister symbols? Will they say ON TO THE NEXT ONE?




  1. there's also a third type: performers (i wouldn't call them artists anyway) who do not wish to be part of the illuminati agenda, yet are still forced to participate in it (like britney spears)

  2. Dear Vigilant Citizen,

    What is the significance of the crow? I was wondering because i noticed in his lyrics to Run This Town that he mentioned that their girls were black birds.

  3. @Deciple

    that was great. Its nice to knw there are christians who knw what they talking about.

    Jagga man is ugly just like his daddy the goat he worships. What does he even rap about? Makes no sense!

  4. First Judgement, Gods kill all dinosaurs with H5N1.

    Second Judgement, Gods destroyed the Atlantis with Tsunami and Earth quake, because they can heal themselves.

    Third Judgement, Gods will not punish human with Tsunami and Earth quake, unless we accept the punishment with viral infection.

  5. Jehovah is the “REAL” God’s name, not just in Abrahamic religions, is just simply God Almighty’s name. There’s many false gods out there, many wicked gods, none can measure up to Jehovah, he will bring an end to all those blaspheming his name and his son Jesus Christ….. just a matter of time!

  6. Unless Youtube has the whole Bible for you to read or listen to, I wouldn't call it God's letter. His only letter is the Bible, read it from start to finish if you really want to know the truth, all this will be explained much better if you read it and understand it. Not everyone understands it, some need a little help understanding it, pray to him to help you find that "clear" understanding.

  7. I cant believe how mad people get when someone does their own research on things that facinate them. This is an extremely interesting and well written article.

    • he v.c welldone cos u n all d positive minded contributors r doin a real good job, can u pls furnish us wit a list of all black americans especially in politics, movies n music industry who involved dis illuminatin n freemasonic bullshit so dat we can really knw whom we r followin, emitatin n listen to n who our real leaders r? thank u n JAH BLESS.

    • hey v.c welldone cos u n all d positive minded contributors r doin a real good job, can u pls furnish us wit a list of all black americans especially in politics, movies n d music industry who r involved in dis illuminati n freemasonic bullshit so dat we can really knw whom we r followin, emitatin n listen to n who our real leaders r? thank u n JAH BLESS.

  8. Musicians typically don't write or direct their own music videos, so anything occult-related would have to be the work of the person who created the video.

    I'm a hard pressed to understandout how rap musicians, who typically have the IQ of pudding have all of this arcane knowledge to deposit into their videos. Most of them can barely put a sentence together properly, and I'm supposed to believe they know about the Knights Templar?

    I don't think so.

  9. Heath died making the movie the imaginarian of dr panasis not the dark knight and lots of symbolism in that movie.

  10. I just started learning about the Illuminati, and your articles have helped me so much!

    Being a 15 year old girl, I always suspected something funky was up with the music industry.

  11. I was just coming on to tell everyone about the song that Agent 26 was talking about. Thank you #1372!

  12. You are a true genius. I love your articles.. They speak so much truth, and have opened my eyes.

    Sadly, I try to do the same with friends of mine. They call me stupid, and laugh. "Who even believes in this stuff anymore?" is something I have heard too much.

    I remember I saw this video on MTV while in Germany. This was before I ever started watching your videos. A lot of people would've called it, "Hot" and "Video of 2010" but I just thought it was pointless, confusing, not to mention creepy.

    I loved how you ended it too — made me smile.

  13. that is possibly the strangest and most unsettling music video i have ever seen. loving this website, by the way, so well written and well researched.

  14. A simpler answer is that Jay-Z is exploiting occult imagery for purely theatrical purposes. because, as you said, it works; the video inspires the exact mystery and intrigue he aspired towards…so, to be blunt, i think occam's razor wins here, but please don't stop writing your conspiracy theories. I find them at least as entertaining as the videos themselves.

  15. VC and the rest of you sheep. You people seriously need to be educated. This is the world in which we live and what you see happening is not "Satan", the only idiots that believe in Satan in the proverbial sense is christians. The new world order is imminent! If you read the christian bible you will find christ to be the cruellest, most ruthless bas**rd to have ever walked this earth. He allegedly killed thousands of people because it was "his will". WOW, what a great god! In modern days people aren't being killed as openly but know this, you will find a catholic priest fu**ing a school boy around every corner! HAHA. Never the less, in christian teachings one gets taught to not judge, WTF are you all doing????? Also its said that one should not love money or desire materialistic objects, do you enjoy being poor? Do you not want financial freedom? Never mind the fact that the catholic church's bank balance shows an 11 figure digit! Personally I love money, I enjoy sitting with my a** in the cream. Oh, and before you all start a blog for this or leave comments know this, I DIDNT make a deal with "the devil"! I didn't sell my soul! I didn't sign a contract with blood from my finger!

    Let me enlighten you, THERE IS NO CHRIST NOR SATAN! The only god is ME!

    • little wonda u r d son of d mornin u shameless demon, havin d nerve to com out in d open to defend him (jay z) what makes u tink u love money better dan d next man? n even if u do, do u hav to sell ur soul in xchange fr it? did d devil hand out a contract form jesus to sign wen he was on d mountain? it's all in d mind stupid. go n listen to d likes of dmx, nas, ludacris n tupac so u can get ur mind rite n ur game on track white boy b4 u get played like d b***h dat u r alongside d idol (jay z) u worship…B***H!

  16. My god. Why do we live in such a world of horrid? I wish we could just live in a world of truth. We do not need this illuminati s**t as our future for the world.

  17. he also has a small click for Saturn, thou yes its a black dice, its still on the side, and is a representation of saturn

  18. I myself has been waiting 4 someone to put this out there…… I’ve tried so hard to tell others but they just wont listen. Now that i have an website I will let them come stop by and make them believers thanks a bunch . This was an very intresting and eye opener for most .

  19. I remember when this came out, just like Benjamin Gray said earlier " it made me feel uneasy" and I thought it was the end of the world, but I couldn't take my eyes off of it cause i am a big Jay-Z admirer. I didn't even like the song until the video came out (but that is normal, cause I a visual person) and I realized the evil in it right away. I thought to myself "Is everybody right about Jay-Z or is he just using the media to his advantage?". i didn't even notice the evil in Run this Town, until I read the article on this site. I just thought it was a stupid video and I don't like Rhianna…! It seems like he is doing all of his videos the same (not that he was very creative with videos anyway) with the Black and White, and the imagery pop ups. Now it seems like the whole album is corrupting, except for a few songs that I think he always has for his underground hip hop appeal. Granted i did like those other songs before reading any of this, but they went from crappy songs to songs that seem evil….lol!

  20. Neither Brandon Lees or Heath Ledgers Deaths were mysterious. Brandon Lee was killed by head trauma caused by a stunt gun being fired too close to his head during the filming of The Crow.

    Heath Ledger did not die during the filming of Dark Knight. He died months later of a accidental overdose of perscription and non perscription drugs.

  21. VC- Please investigate Jack White of the White Stripes / Dead Weather. There are many occult references and symbolism in his music and imagery. He just collaborated with Jay-Z, as well. Very similar imagery and message.

  22. I am still a bit confused about this illuminati nd freemason stuff. i dnt even knw wat those organisations or societies are. Please explain. I am a Christian teenager willing to learn and add to my knowledge.I watched the truth behind hip hop which made aware of music but i want to be fully aware.


  24. WOW WOW WOW.All this is so scary and depressing.I dont know why people could be so stupid enough to sell thier soul for fame and fortune that would not last.I happen to be an aspiring filmmaker and it has been my dream since i was a kid.But all this has got me confused.You said the illuminati has taken over the movie industry.Does that mean that i cannot become a successful filmmaker without working for them.I could really use your advice on that and i need it ASAP cos am about to take a bold step in fulfilling my filmmaking dreams.PLEASE REPLY ASAP,

  25. The part in the article where he talks about the halo is half way true. Back in the day, artists put circles around the divine — and this goes for Christianity too. From there on throughout history, Jesus and Mary esp. were depicted with circles around their heads. It's funny how you think taking art history can do you no good.

    Not too sure how legit this article is.

  26. He didn't make the video. A White guy did. White people hate religion because it doesn't make money and keeps people from spending on them. If you want answers talk to the White guy who made it. Jay-Z doesn't give a rats a$$ about meanings, or any of that crap. He's asked the White guy to make a video and make it different. Jay-Z has to be provacative to sell records. Hell half of you could of made that video.

  27. Hi, I just want to say that in 1Peter 5:8 (King James Version) says this, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour". Everything we need to fight against this is already in the Bible. Satan comes to "…..Steal, Kill and Destroy"……John 10:10 (King James Version). No one will be saved because Satan/Lucifer has only one agenda to destroy God's precious creations. So Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce and a whole host of others are deceived by the great Deceiver. 2 John 1:7 (King James Version) says "For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist." So just like all these occult symbols were established many years ago….so was the answer to the world's problem!Amen….Please don't be afraid…. it's a lie from the pits of hell. The Bible says John 14:6 (King James Version) "Jesus saith unto him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me". " If you are a Christian get your life right! The time is short and God will allow Satan to have a season on this earth (Revelation 20:3). Also if you are a Christian start telling people about God's love……Share the book of John with people. Satan is anti-love and anti-creation! He wants to destroy us and He's got many people fooled. Thank you Vigilant Citizen for making this known, because now that I know I have cleaned up my life and I'm on fire for God! He loves you more than you know. The message of love is not the message the Devil wants people to hear. You want to know what God is all about? Read this from Galatians 5:22-23 (King James Version) "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law." Are these principles on the Illuminati's agenda? NO! God Bless, I am on this sight often so I will comment more. I love you guys and I only want to you to know How much the Lord God loves you and how he sent Jesus to die for our sins……..Lots of Love and Hugs …….TyTy Luv

  28. people need to wake up and realize that the GOD is within us im not a freemasion or any cult worship but i believe in myself and only me. Roman Catholics and all other organized Religions are just like the freemasons and all other cults, they all want the same thing and thats to be in power and to have money . We need to trust ourselves more, and saved the lost ones whether it my be to religion or the opposition societies. WE NEED TO LET THE WORLD THAT WE ARE NOT SCARED AND WE AINT GONNA LAY AND WAIT WE READY…

  29. Acts 13:8-12 New Living Translation

    Acts 13-8 But Elymas, the sorcerer (as his name means in Greek), interfered and urged the governor to pay no attention to what Saul and Barnabas said. He was trying to turn the governor away from the Christian faith.

    Act 13:9 Then Saul, also known as Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked the sorcerer in the eye and said,

    Act 13:10 "You son of the Devil, full of every sort of trickery and villainy, enemy of all that is good, will you never stop perverting the true ways of the Lord?

    Act 13:11 And now the Lord has laid his hand of punishment upon you, and you will be stricken awhile with blindness." Instantly mist and darkness fell upon him, and he began wandering around begging for someone to take his hand and lead him.

    Act 13:12 When the governor saw what had happened, he believed and was astonished at what he learned about the Lord.

    We can clearly see what happens to those who have dealings in the Occult world, they are blinded by darkness, begging for someome to lead them. Look at Lady GaGa, poor thing is screaming in agony, blinded by the hype of tangible things.

    I am a lover of music, however here over the past few years of my life the Holy Spirit inside me has started to hate the things of this world (todays music industry), whereas I have not been following todays artist like I use to, I still hear a little bit here and there buzzing through my younger sister and my peers. Example: I remember the first time watching the "On to the next one" video for the first time with some friends of mine over, I kept screaming, "DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?!?!?" We then had to rewind the video over and everyone was floored. I could't for the life of me understand why Jay-Z had this satanic video. Sighsssssss! All I can say is, thinking back to when Beyonce started her career she was so innocent looking (then), Rhiana has always looked strange to me, and Kanye has been out of control for a while, but nothing is to hard for God. There is still a chance for them even if they are followers of Satan: Matthew 12:31-32 NLT 12:31 "Every sin or blasphemy can be forgiven–except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which can never be forgiven. Mat 12:32 Anyone who blasphemes against me, the Son of Man, can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, either in this world or in the world to come. I pray all who are following this mess get blinders removed…wishing for death, but it wont come to you, sounds pretty antagonizing!!

    Vigilant, good site you got here, found it doing the research on this Illuminati stuff, pretty informative!!

    As for Morbid Angels, their fate…Their song spoke for itself.

    God Bless Yaw!!

  30. all of these things are not new at all. when cain left the presence of the Lord he began to be a leader of men into wicked courses. He and his offspring began to be the inventors of weapons of death, musical instruments, demonic practices, dividing of roots and all ungodly works. they changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped things created instead of the creator. the darkness blinded their eyes to the light of God. they were deceived by that wicked one. after the flood the same things began to happen. these things we have today are the same evils of old. they are the offspring of the fallen ones that rebel against GOD and His CHRIST.

  31. so very true!!! ppl dnt want to accept the truth bcuz of who they are, better open your eyes to the obvious and stop putting these ppl on peditstals!! i praise God and only God. what they are doing is an abomination and mockery of the Lord. they might be loving the fast life of fame and wealth now but it will catch up to them…trust on that! all this for selfishness and greed…its a real shame. they're so far gone, they do not even know what they truly sold their souls to.

  32. To rec exec: Jay Z received acknowledgement from the UN? Yes, the UN also forced the people in Africa to have sex with them in order to receive food. Just research all of the sex slavery and r**e cases that have occurred in the UN, you'll be shocked.

  33. I watched the video again, keeping in mind the resemblence of Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger in the 2 extras in the video. It seemed that the "Joker" charcter was trying to come out of uniform but to no avail. I also noticed that he seemed to be the only one with his back turned in the video like something was being hidden from him (?) and he seemed frustrated afterwards (rubbing his makeup off violently and trying to rip off his tie), yet, the "Crow" guy in the hoodie seemed perfectly ok with it. I also noticed the young basketball player looking overwhelmingly discouraged (maybe because Jay-Z set 'em all on fire???). These disturbing aspects and images are only otherwise random, which we all know doesn't exsist in Jay-Z's work…….idk

  34. Its sad how people can excuse Jay Z because of how big he is in the industry. He's spitting on God's name and that is the worst thing ever. People are just so ugh these days!! Im not gonna lie, I loved Lady Gaga and my boyfriend was the first to tell me about her… anybody would I brushed it off. But I prayed for guidence and for Him to open my eyes to this world and the music and saw this site and what others had to say. God works in mysterious ways and He will show you whats right and whats wrong. You just have to listen.

  35. @1222 Actually, there is an interview where he straight up says that he believes in God. He just says that he doesn't believe in religions because religions seperate people.

  36. BRAVO!!!!! Me and my husband both agree that if more people like u VIG would do more to uncover and expose the wickedness that surrounds our youth daily, then less killing and demonic actions would occur. If there is anyone else you can expose please do, keep up the good work!!

  37. OH YEAH…

    HE IS ILLUMINATI (Enlighten One)

    Just in case some one says "that has nothing to do with Jay-Z".


    I'll let GOD (THE CREATOR) Sort out His Triumphs and Failure.


    But he is With them.

    Let's just say…Even the Masons say that he is. lol

    Real talk (I encountered a few while Traveling "East").

    But there are Two Roads to that Game.

    So Don't let Anyone (Including I, if I was the type) Play you.

    All Comes from the Motherland (AKA Asia/Africa), if ya do YA research (Real Research).

    Now it's Used by Other means.

    But like any Group…There are God and Evil People in them.

    Selling ya Soul…that's a Whole other Ball Game.


    I Wish you All a Good Journey.

    Forgive my Inner Warrior if we ever come Face to face in the (Already Proven) Predetermined Wars to Come.

    In his very word…"IT'S JUST LIFE".



  38. I guess everyone needs a life here, right?

    So why are you guys here? lol

    Cause if ya haven't noticed…Ya reading the Info and Comments, as well. lol (Just being real..not rude)

    That means that you are ether Lukewarm, Afraid or confused. (But why dose it matter, right?)

    I do wonder what y'all mean by "Life", anyway?

    The English language is soo Twisted.

    Do ya even know what "Life" means?

    THIS IS LIFE. Can you Differentiate Living from EXISTING?

    Just Being able to Think and Live is Life. Even Death.

    I'm not saying where I stand ether….But Damn…I'm bored of this.

    If you can't see that over 1300 comments (just here) have some kind of Reason that Needed to be disclosed behind it, is Not having a Life….Then what is?

    Oh…Getting pimped by the System?

    OK…You Believe that. (No Biggie)

    All I'm typing (Saying) IS: If I were a Recruit….I would Know Who the Soldiers are, just by looking at this whole page.


    Life….Ya gotta Love it.

    Now I have turned Nothing (IN YOUR PERCEPTION) into Something….

    Now you Know where I stand….Or do you?

    I'll leave that up to you.


    I Trust Not a Damn thing. (NULL)

    We are Flesh and Flesh is a Vessel of Change.

    Even I can change at any time.

    We're All People at the end of the day. Life dose go on….

    But It's BEAUTIFUL to see who's AWAKE these days.

    You Will Cry for their Help…when the time comes…

    Cause even if it's all a bunch of Bull….What are YOU Prepared for?

    When Hitler did his Domination thing..Folks up stairs (Like the Skeptics here), didn't notice that the (REAL) Jews were being burnt and tortured. They were Blinded by his So-Called Christianity Movement and Health Care Plans….(Humph…Forget it…It will be endless in explanations) (RESEARCH DAMMIT..LOL)




    THE WAR IS ON!!!

    But in the end…..It's ALL a Role (NOT A GAME OR "CONTROL THROUGH DUALITY")….

    So Do not Hate



    But not all make it to that Level.

    Choose your Path…Talking and Typing will be Illegal and Useless here…very very soon….

    One Love ALL


    I may not be here to reply to the replies I get…please forgive….Still AM Flesh….Like you…..'LIFE"

  39. If you think this is not true research it. 1, Jay-z Deception & Jay-Z Forever young, Oprah Exposed, Beware of Oprah's New Age "Luciferian" Religion, Tupac on the Illuminati (Killiminati), Open your mind – Illuminati Symbolism try researching these

  40. haha why did you remove the first comment i put up along with the other one that was in capital letters



  42. Yea it is not just in music and movies. Notice the designs on clothes and accessories lately.

  43. I'd also like to add, why is it that Harry Potter, Twilight and Vampire Diaries are so popular right now? There is a whole lot of affinity for the occult, and it has been that way for years.

  44. I am very torn by what I have seen from Jay-Z. I really used to love and respect him, but seeing On to the Next One, and other creepy imagery makes me wonder what kind of stuff he is really involved in. I don't want to think he is in some secret society, but he definitely uses imagery from the illuminati. I don't know if some of the tremendous and unparalleled success he is experiencing is aided by the illuminati. I really don't know. I don't want to think the worst of Jay-Z and Beyonce, but the imagery and subliminals they use are very telling. There is a lot of demonic imagery in our society today. The illuminati rules over what we watch on TV, what we listen to, even what we eat. The illuminati makes it okay to strip, okay to engage in drugs, okay to engage in lesbianism and homosexuality, okay for little girls to get intimate and portray themselves as sex objects for grown men (you know which very popular actress/singer I am talking about). Reading this stuff makes me want to pop open my Bible and pray. I am a young black man, and I am closely going to guard my mind, soul and body. I don't listen to a lot of new hip-hop nearly as much as i used to. The corporate elite has robbed hip-hop of its soul and of its true essence. Notice we don't hear on the radio Public Enemy, Dead Prez, Ice-T, KRS-One, or any other artists that have something to say, and expose these evil societies. I have been listening to a lot of Tupac. He speaks some truth, and he seemed to know a lot of information about the evil of these elites that ran the country. The end is definitely coming. We don't know when. We have no clue when the end is coming. But those of us who believe and worship Jesus Christ, have to be ready.

  45. I just went to Chicago and there is a movie being released showing sameul l jackson, the jackson family and others associated with the socities.

  46. you guys know he does this for a reason. it gets ppl talking about and to watch/listen to his music. i am a 100% sure he is not in a cult. it sells soooo well and thats why he does it.

  47. I would like to point out that he uses a repeated diminished fifth note interval, in the only really "musical" part of the song. The diminished fifth, (a measure of a B natural to an F natural on the white keys of a keyboard) was thought to summon the devil and was banned from classical music way back when. thats all.

  48. i think jay-z is the devil!!!he"ll kill u alll!!!!the illumanatis gonna take over the world!!!get on your knees and praise the almighty dark lord SATAN!!!o mighty dark lord,destroy jay-z and lead the way for the followers of the creed.ALL HAIL THE CREED OF THANATOS!!!!!!!!!

  49. You know, no matter how many times I watch the video or listen to the song, that creepy beat gets stuck in my head.

  50. Here's some things I noticed:

    Bloody Hammer: sacrificial Murder

    Jersey with 00: virgin Gil, about 12

    White Milk – cum

    fingerprint – NWO Police

    Drummer with Face Paint – Illuminati disguise

    Rim Wheels – six pointed – Jewish Star

    Woman with covered eyes

    Jaguar – mayan GOD

    Skull with Cum

    Hoodie Guy – M&M in drag

    Burning Basketball – something to do with Racism

    Jocker – heath Ledger – Illuminati Sacrifice

    • Excellent and intelligent breakdown of this video VC. Thanks to you, in part I'll be paying more attention to subtle brainwashing I'm subjected to by the media.

      Seeing that was beaten to it I'll add the following to seattlekid post

      0.05-0.09 sec: Eye of Horus (Represented by the Fluorescent lights. Left side light blinks)

      0.12 sec: Jay Z makes the 'devil horn' hand gesture , with his right hand, Again at the 33 sec mark. Makes the same gesture with both hands at the 4.02 mark and finally at the 4.07, with his left

      1.56-59 sec: Seven of Spades(Tarot), represented by the seven bottles of Armand de Brignac. Same bottles shown again at the 4.03 mark

      2.15 –> 2.26 sec: See VC's article on Rianna's Umbrella video, which features Jay Z, to see the link.

  51. if a person of African lineage thinks it's wrong to follow their slave master's religion,then why do so many turn to Islam? Islamic tradesmen sold African slaves and European's bought them. Also, Egyptians in Africa owned slaves as well, and not all of the Pharoas were black, although they were african. They show pictures in thehieroglyphics of conquering Ethiopians and other African, Middle Eastern, etc tribes. Learn your history before making comments; many races have owned slaves through, and slavery is still happening in some countries. To the people who think JZ is Christain: he is not; despite his supposed philanthropic deeds, he got rich by making songs about making crack and selling it (as he so often likes to state in his music), pimping hoes, and treating women badly in general. This is definitely not in line with the Christian faith, or any faith for that matter. The skulls, blood, and other symbolism in this video suggest something dark, and it left me with a creeped-out feeling. This symbolism isn't pointing to anything happy, and he mostly talks about getting money, which seems to be the most important thing on JZ's list….being a moral person is not the message I got from this video..

  52. why are people posting the lyrics of the song we don't need to read the evil song duhhh………….Everyone please go to church and get saved please it's really not that hard to be saved by JESUS

  53. Go on youtube and research:

    Denver Airport Conspiracy

    FEMA trains/ prison camps

    John Todd and Music

    Bohemian Grove

    Satanism in Music

    Its really folks lets open our eyes and get the truth out there. Jesus Christ and His promises are our only hope!

  54. This video and JAY Z disgust me!! People are blind to these type of things going on though. This stuff is scary the Devil is nothing to play with or get involved with. God is not to be disrespected or taken as a joke. I love God and am way to scared of God's power to be fallin into Satan's traps. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Nas, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and whoever else is part of this Illuminati bull crap IM SOOOO COOL ON YALL. Yall dont even get played on my Ipod no more.

  55. Hey I another thought about this video. My favorite part of this article was the "idea" that the two guys in clown make up were "The Joker" and "The Crow".

    Well I'v been wondering about who the other characters might be. There drummer, i couldn't tell you since a few drummers have died within the last 20 years. The warrior girl I'm also drawing a blank with.

    However I had an idea that the dancing girl was "Aaliyah". When I first read the article I thought that because, well it was the only person that seemed to make sense. But then I remembered that Aaliyah was starring in an occult movie around the time of her death "Queen of the damned".

    Also, the most eerie part for me. Aaliyah died in a plane crash and the girl is dancing on luggage.

  56. When I saw the video last saturday at a bowling alley i felt very disturbed by it. I knew it had sympolism in it because the video had nothing to do with the lyrics

  57. Keep it simple….Life is not a complicated journey only we make it….Evil is evil….Good is Good… separate your thinking

  58. This is so not a coincidence. There is no way that the same things will be put into multiple videos by "accident". Also, I don't believe that he's doing it for attention…he's doing it to let the world know what he's really about and what's really been going on.

  59. Had to share this , Jay z has the line "Please allow me to introduce myself " on of songs right ! Guess where he got that ? Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil Lyrics just thought it was interesting and the Allister crowley thing his got going also inspired the rolling stones just thought it was a good link anyway , check it out.

  60. To Rec Exec's comment #15 I am in total agreement. Alot of people will not be able to understand occult symbolism due to the fact that it has always been associated with Satanism. This however is not true, the Knights Templar were persecuted for their worship of a "Dark" albeit "Black" Islamic God. Anyone that knows anything about the history of Masons knows that its orgins are from Egypt or Khemit. King Solomon, a self proclaimed black man, and the wisest man in the B.I.B.L.E studied metaphysics. I have studied with Masons, Moors, and Gods. I have deduced my own idea of heaven and hell and suggest everyone else here to do the same. You can not speak intelligently on something you know nothing about. Religion in this country has been a powerful tool used successfully by those in power to keep people dumb deaf and blind "ignorant". How can a person of African lineage follow their slave's masters religion.

  61. wow,i just joined tooday evrythng z so amazing almost unbeleivable but it all makes sense guta tell ol mi frendz am 13 nd theez pple's music z wat we teenagers dig innocently not knowing what's behind it, the other day i wz singing a wierd song i heard from a movie about sthg of 8, nd it's lyrics had ''am guna set mi soul o fire'' after singing the words thy sounded so wrong…tx 4 the info

  62. also in numerology 3 has a lot to do with communication and the arts. perhaps having it come out on a day that resonates with threes helps the influential power of it in that area.

  63. it was amusing that the image of the rosary with the bullets came on right after he mentiones obama, as obama has been looked up to as a messiah.

  64. I dissected this video. The Satanic images from the liquid in the video if you play it slowly you will see it a figure of the devil. From him using his fingers left finger (tail of the devil) right finger (horns of the devil). It's sad that these entertainers have sold their souls to the devil.

  65. Good article. If people dont believe this, they should read a bit more about satanic ritual abuses and mk ultra programming that is still going on. Check Cathy O Brien's accounts for example. Survivors will tell you that there's a high profile p******e network and satanic rituals going on. Im not saying Jay z is in this but I do believe that there's a network of very rich people and some of them are luciferians or something. Why is there such a strange ritual called "the cremation of care" in the Bohemian Grove (meeting point of the elite) ?

  66. ive alwaiz wondered why beyonce and lady gaga are so close like bff,s and their music has nothing in common genre wise. the telephone video is wierd cuz its supposed to be. they got what they were lukn for. the concept is not understandable and there is no meaning behind the video or the lyrics cuz that i how its supposed to be. they create that negative suspence so people keep trying to understand. do u get it now. in the bid to understand , you become intreststed and slowly indoctrinated into believing it make sense. they use psycological means to beat ur mind. rihanna and jay z too, a "friendship" that is kinda wierd. rihanna with no doubt in ma mind has very serious insecurity matters and that is evidetn in her relationship with chris brown.. he beats u up but u cant leave him.. jay z feeds on that insecurity and introduces her to this s**t and gives her a reason to feel secured.. get it?? wateva is happening is taking place for a reason .. there is a battle of good and evil ahead of us. all this is in preparation for that… whose side are u on?? jesus or satan… if this stuff does not make sense to and u are that scientific guy who wants to see evrithing he believes,, just let me say that u are not smarter than the elite( illuminati) and they started working millions of years ago for one cause onli… TO WIN SATANS BATTLE…. make a choice … good work VC.. keep enlightnening the people thats all we can do for noww.

  67. Why cant someone just interview JZ and get his take on this whole theory around him and B being evil. She use to be such a beautiful girl.

  68. I knew there was something off about this video, although i really liked it. Just like with the lady gaga and some of her videos. I hate the song at first and then when I see the video, I start to like it.

    The thing that raised red flags for me before were the two seemingly random characters in the video, the joker and the guy with the hoodie on. See i KNEW there was something queer about these two just being in the video. My thing was that Jay-z is a rapper from the streets and that's the persona that made him famous. Rapping about the struggles of mostly African Americans in an urban setting. So when I saw this video I just figured this was a testament to Jay-Z selling out hard. I mean, why the random white people in clown make up? Not to be racist at all, but seriously. If you are a rapper and you are making music about being a gangsta and how hard it is on the streets why the radom white folk in clown make up?

    Is that's what's in the streets now? If I go to Jay-z's old neighborhood do I have to be afraid of getting robbed by the Joker and his Emo side kick? What the f**k are you talking about Jay-Z, SERI8OUSLY?!?

    I don't want to be angry with Jay-Z because I feel he is under a power that is doing–or will do—worst things to him then I ever could.But what a disappointment to the black community—and really—the world! I had so much respect for Jay-Z, more so then for Rhianna, who really is nothing more then a pretty face, and Lady gaga who gave me the creeps immediately.

    I really thought you were cool Jay-Z, i really thought you had a good message for your people. F****n' waste…

    • nice contribution, we really shuld look up to ppl like ludacris n nas who r really doin a good job in d music industry n black community world wide.

  69. I am in complete agreement with number fifteen. People need to stop blowing what is considered art, not an occult, out of proportion. Thankyou 🙂

  70. I now understand now that SATAN, Is now using all this sign for us to be worshiping him.. he is trying a way to get into us… f**k rihanna, jay z, kanye west, lady gaga, beyonce and every other that choose to follow the satanic part………….. i stand with GOD , JEHOVAH.

  71. I love your articles, but I believe the skull symbol is actually symbolizing Damien Hirst's diamond skull; the most expensive piece of art ever made (50 million), as a means of association. After all the song is him bragging about how rich and famous he is.

    I dunno, I know that there is occult symbolism in the vid, but anyone who's studied art would be aware of Damien Hirst's work.

  72. you kno wat m glad thatt ppl like vigilant let us kno about stuff like this becuz if it weren't for him nd others we wouldn't know s**t nd we would b left in the dark when all this s**t comes true so fuckkk alllllll yallll stupid ass haters…..this is the reason for why we cant stop dis s**t cuz ppl like yall who dnt believe in it .yall lettin them win….all im sayin is walk into his with an open mind and try to understand wtf hes saying…..if yall wanna b kool nd support jay z rhianna nd beyonces dumb asses b my guest but u gonna wonder y yall burning in hell later good always defeats evil …..their f*****g puppets lol

  73. And the most amazing part is, even in the face of all these glaring signs, some people are still ignorant and trying to rationalize it.

  74. Has anyone taken time to read Jay-z's 'FOREVER YOUNG' lyrics? Could this be a hint of what the future holds for him?

  75. interesting stuff.. after reading this article i watched the video freaked out!!! but one thing i did notice, and i am too lazy to read EVERYBODY's post to see if anyone noticed too- , but did anyone see the smoke in the video blowing into the shape of Baphomet, the goat thing?? it appeared a few times and scared the s**t out of me.

  76. @ vigilant all the article are really great, i love them. I never liked Jay waaay before I even knew all this, but the information is still good.

    Just wondering about two new SONGS/ videos "Drop the World" by Lil Wayne ft Eminem and Drake's "Over"

    In both there is an display of fragmentation related to the whole mind control thing, as well as the flashing of one eye (Wayne pulls his hat over one eye a couple of times and in Drake's video a shadow is cast over one eye). Drake's chorus also might possibly refer to the disassociation of the mind controlled.

    I dunno if I'm just reading too much into what could really be for aesthetic purposes, i mean there are no baphomets or anything (i think), but perhaps some analysis is needed, tell me what you think.

  77. Great article but IMO, I think he's doing it on purpose for the shock value and EGO.

    I do disagree on your analysis of the "HOV" refferences to Jehova. When he mentions "HOV" he's reffering to the street-gang the "Hoovers"

  78. I find your articles very informitive please keep up the good work even if people think your nuts speek your mind This website is great

  79. my cousin was telling about they being in an occult..i did not believe her until i saw is frightening..more people need to becaome aware of this and stop listening to their music

  80. There might actually be some credibility behind certain cults and religious groups paying artists to put these symbols in their videos. I mean what artist wouldn't decline a couple of million for that… But all those things about them being "chosen" to become famous and do their bidding is far-fetched nonsense. Use some logic you guys, it's much easier to pay someone who's already famous than to go through the whole process of getting them to be famous.

  81. At 3:06 they show a dinosaur skull with what could be black oil poring overing it. At least twice before they show human skulls with I believe something black the first time and white the second time.

    This has me thinking of how the masons want to kill off 90% of the population. Just think: dead dinosaurs = oil money. Maybe "we should be afraid of what [he's] gonna do next" because there are plans to eliminate us. We're goin the way of the dinosaurs. Just like in the Telephone vid… everyone dying in the restaurant as Lady Gaga stands staring off in space.

  82. Excellent job on this one. On a positive note, many people are catching on to their blatant displays of evilness in the music videos. Sadly, there are still tons of people out there (mostly young heads) who refuse to believe the truth…

  83. Hey.. what do you think about Ke$ha? I personally don’t think she’s a part of this whole thing.. She’s just a drunkard.. but not a Satanist. I don’t know if this means anything.. but she does have a song called “Run Devil Run”, which does NOT praise the devil, it’s the exact opposite. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I think she’s okay. I’ve been looking for symbolism in her songs, but I haven’t found anything.. Maybe it’s just me?

  84. @ Aarhazz

    In tik tok she says something like: "you bild me up you break me down oh you got me"… Is it refering to mind control? And tik tok video is full of "subliminars" about money. Not occultism or that kind of symbols but it can induce even more consumism on people, I don't know.

    But yeah, she seems just like a drunk dumb girl. A Taylor Swift gone wild lol

  85. Is he doing this on purpose to shock everybody after the rumors about him being in satanic secret societies? If it's not it can't be a coincidence. It's too damn obvious. The first time I saw this on tv I was scared, it creeps me, and I'm not even into religion of any sort or whatever. :S

  86. Okay…I respect Jay-Z. Really, I do.

    American Gangster was a fantastic album, as were his others.

    But this new one…isn't the same.

    I don't care if he's a Freemason.

    Good for fricken you Jay.

    But what I DON'T appreciate is this stuff being thrown in my face.

    Keep your beliefs to yourself, and bring back the OLD music videos.

    What ever happened to having crews in your music videos dancing? Huh? I want THOSE music videos back.

    Something we can all dance and nod our heads to.

    Not creepy s**t that makes us NOT wanna buy your albums.

  87. What dese ppl are doing is not fair!!!! im so gonna delete jay-z's songs from my head! thanx vigilante..

  88. man….good analysis at first….i didnt like believe the symbolism n stuff…but htthe first time i watched on to the next one….i was lyk ok the imagery is disturbing…………man this n***a keeps gettin weird…..illluminati huh…it aint paranoia anymore is it…?

  89. ——>ILLUMINATI exists and they’ve taken control over the INDUSTRY.Artists are being manipulated and areforced to spread the occult to the world.However,I do think that most are reluctant to this,some don’t even know what it means(until now with all these articles,I think even the dumb-est can figure out)and some know about it but just follow it cuz the majority does.U said that Lady Gaga is willing to do it .Maybe ,becuz she shows it tooobviously and very often.However,I think her shoots and the meaning of her songs somehow express the factthat she’s struggling to get out of its control in vain.And also,her theme is not as dark as Rihanna (I think theproblem with this Good-Girl-Gone-Bad is much more complicated than that of Lady Gaga) and doesn’t relate much to devil possession and evil…(I don’t know if I say this to defend her but I guess it kinda make sense)
    CONCLUSION:The ILLUMINATI has not yet gained 100% manipulation over everyone.THERE”S STILL STRUGGLES among the INDUSTRY.I hope that someone would stand up to this dark organization w/o
    having to end their life tragically.

  90. What the 'elite' have in common in Western societies is primarily:

    a) Money


    b) Talent / intellect


    c) Connections – as a result of pedigree, said money, said talent/intellect, or having been in the right place at the right time.

    Most people are motivated by money. The search for money and the status, lifestyle and luxuries it can afford has been behind most of the atrocities committed thus far in history. Why do you need to talk about things like the 'Illuminati' to explain people's actions? Is it, perhaps, because you too — and I'm guessing you will be, as an American — are motivated, at least to a significant degree, by the desire for money and material possessions? Is this your middle-class guilt complex working its way out?

    Of course, I'm being silly. I'm speculatin' and conjecturisin'. That's what you're doing in this post, too, though.

    Basically, even if there is such a thing as an 'Illuminati', what you're doing here is simply using it as a term synonymous with 'the elite'. It's redundant. Who gives a s**t? Of course the 'elite' are connected to each other. Historically, we know this. In the information age, when everyone is connected by telephones, by mobile phones, by the internet, we most certainly know this. It would be illogical to think otherwise. To imagine that the members of the 'elite' are all working together with some common purpose, however, is, frankly, absurd. They're people. They're not exempt from human nature.

    Oh, and by the way, 'Illuminatus' is singular, not plural. Think of alumnus/alumni.

  91. @ Vigilant: could you explain the "ritual sacrifice" part to me further please? did you mean that they willing sacrificed themselves or am i barking up the wrong tree? thanks in advance to anyone who comments on this 🙂

    ohhh and also i noticed that Jay z seems to be wearing a necklace with a triangle pendant on it in the video but it's not very clear…could this be something?

  92. Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose well after the filming of The Dark Knight.

    Brandon Lee got shot during the filming of The Crow.

    So, this thing that they died "mysteriously during the filming of deeply occult movies" has no relevance. FACT.

  93. Just discovered this site and i've learnt so much!

    VC…could you please elaborate on what you meant by this?:

    "Disturbing fact: Both Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee died mysteriously during the filming of deeply occult movies. Ritual sacrifice? That is also a whole other topic"

    I'd really appreciate it since it's been nagging at me ever since i read it. cheers 🙂

  94. Fantastic article!! 5 stars.

    Also interesting how you point out the 'halo' which is essentially a symbol of 'divinity'. But you are correct about the context that it is being used in this video, obviously Jay Z is a left hand pather, and according to they're Luciferian doctrines, 'divinity' lies within and a man desires to become a 'god' himself.

    Also of interest is how many of these 'halos' can be seen on religious figures and ancient depictions of aliens in many different cave paintings throughout the world (Annunaki symbolism).

  95. well…f**k jay-z cuxz i dnt even like that n***a his mugg as big lips beyonce is too weird but very sexyy 4 him…no homo

  96. Ive been researching this since i first heard about it months ago and i actually am writing a paper for my english class on this subject. I read the first article about "Run this Town" and have been looking into all the history on this stuff. I have watched this video for "On to the Next One" probably close to 20 times and noticed something the very first time i saw it that no one else has commented about on either youtube or any other website. go to the 36 second mark of this video, the second time that black and white misty, foggy, lava lamp-esque matter shows up. pause the video there as soon as it shows up slowly progress the video but since its just a flash it isnt that long of a clip. notice how darkness is over light, not too interesting i know, but look at the very middle of the black matter, then look at the very middle of the white matter. it seems as if there are two characters whom you can easily recognize, with the dark one over top of the light one. since we dont really have one image that represents the devil himself, it looks like its a baphomet that is in the dark and we do have an image of jesus christ, and is that just a coincidence that his face is in that segment? no.

  97. Excellent article … Very interesting website …..I've seen a more telling and obviously blantant video recently on youtube.. I use to like this song never see the video until recently its called puppetmaster by cypress hill and dr dre…VC you should check it out..

  98. Thanku 4 confirmation and further clarity. I pray for any and all my brothers and sisters in Christ that our spiritual eyes be opened and that we have an increased desire to listen to music that will help our spirit grow and cause our flesh to decrease. In the beautiful and only name that makes demons tremble the name Jesus Christ I pray AMEN and AMEN. By the way, they have some awesome Christian hiphop music like Lecrae, Tedashi and Trip Lee to name a few. I found them on the gospel music channel on a show called hype and glory!!! And us Christians must wake up and know what time it is. Luke 21:36 AMEN

  99. Hey viglante,

    Im actually quite new to reading your articles and everything you seem to point out , id like to say i really like how you go above and beyond in taking what looks innocent but showing how its veiwed in another term and light. Like Disturbia and Umbrella , i thought of those songs mostly about being thier for you friends and how going through something tough it feel like youve no other route to go down, but thanks to your analysis ive learned to look at the outward appearance.

    Though in this video i spotted something i dont think any one else noted or not ( i didnt read all 1255 comments) so if someone did point out then im sorry for readdressing it but at 0:36 in the video thiers a puff of smoke and it dispereses symetrically , to look like something with horns , and being somewhat an artist i know things seem to look differnt from different angles , so i reveresed the image , and it clearly looks like goat head with a crown , and in the crown what looks like and upside down reflection of Christ , any thoughts on it?

  100. The meaning is clear.

    Jay Z continuoulsy chants – 'on to the next one'

    A black horse flashes up signifying the last horse of the apocolypse to ride – DEATH. Notice how Beyonce had the pale horse in her video – which is the sign of pestilence.

    Images of Dead actors who appeared in Occult movies are shown, which would seemingly have nothing to do with his psuedo subject of 'on to the next set of riches', but everything to do with Death and the ride of the last horse. Along with skulls his whole theme is death.

    He is singing to announce the ride of the last horse of the apocolypse. The Illuminati obviously believe their 'New World Order' is very near.

  101. now everyone recognize the devil sign hand symbol start analyzing most of your artists in their videos and live performances. they are secretly and quickly flashin the same hand symbol and you just don't realize it. this is way bigger than just Jay-z, Rihanna, Gaga, Bey, Kanye, etc. This is mostly all of your favorite music artist that has sold sold their soul.

    thank God for YOUTUBE. we can now watch clips of just about anything and pause or slow down the video to catch all of the occult symbolism they try to sneak by.

  102. About Jay Z saying he has the women & the other side have the men eeww.

    Ever thought it has something to do with the fallen angels mating with humans as in the Book of Enoch?

    These became demons :

    Ch 19 v1 And Uriel said to me: 'Here shall stand the angels who have connected themselves with women, and their spirits assuming many different forms are defiling mankind and shall lead them astray into sacrificing to demons as gods, (here shall they stand,) till the day of the great judgement in 2 which they shall be judged till they are made an end of. And the women also of the angels who 3 went astray shall become sirens.' And I, Enoch, alone saw the vision, the ends of all things: and no man shall see as I have seen.

    The Women be sirens.

    What is a siren? a seductively beautiful or charming woman, esp. one who beguiles men: a siren of the silver screen.

    Adjective: seductive or tempting, esp. dangerously or harmfully

  103. It is called Externalization. They throw the skull and bones, the Baphomet heads, etc., all over clothes, so people say, skull and bones, so what, its just clothing, it doesnt mean anything. And so on, if you google it, you see it on Miley cyrus, lil wayne, jayz, kanye, rihanna, beyonce, gag gaga, all of them wearing them around. They are externalizing the satanic pics so people get desensitized to it. Its a set up and people better flee away from it as fast as they can, or embrace it. You Choose your own path, but only One leads to life, Thank You Jesus Christ.

  104. As for these "artists" not having much say in their music videos??

    Beyonce has made it clear in almost all of her interviews, that she comes up with the "treatments" for her videos-So she is the one who plans IT ALL.

    And honestly-I can't see ANY of them being in something that they didn't want to be!!! They know exactly whats going on, and if it wasn't their own idea, they have still taken part in, and viewed their video!!!

  105. This was posted in the other Jay-Z thread-

    "Talon, March 20th

    I just reread the article and was checking the comments when i noticed yours and had a thought. In today’s society it is common to replace ’s’ with ‘z’ for various reasons, so with that said, JAY-Z, could actually be JAY-S, as in JAY plural, which would then mean, JAY JAY….you can put the rest together."

    I am reposting this, which I wrote, in the other thread-

    "We all need to stop this witch-hunt, for just a second or two, and remember a few things-

    How can we ever expect to be forgiven of our sin, if we, ourselves, cannot forgive?

    Rather than “Burn the witch”, we should really be praying for their souls! They might not realise what they have done, and are ignorant-So pray that their eyes may be opened, and they see the truth, and are saved my almighty grace!

    God wants us, his true believers, to try our very best to mirror everything that he is, so we need to pray like we‘ve never prayed before, and treat EVERYONE as we’d expect our Lord & Saviour to treat us-With mercy, hope, and love.

    This is very much a spiritual war, and you MUST keep your eyes on your personal saviour!!

    If you falter, for even a moment-That’s when Satan can get in, and that’s exactly what he’s waiting, and watching for!

    No one will know the end date-No one at all, except for God. It tells you that in the bible!

    But God has also told us what will happen, and what to expect in the last days…

    Some will have the wisdom to see what‘s unfolding… Maybe we are some of those people??

    Either way-I fully trust my Lord & God. He has NEVER let me down to date!!! I trust him with my very soul-Which is the ONLY thing any of us truly ever have. ..

    Just like perfection-I can 100% guarantee that he will take me, and his other true followers home to glory!

    When Jesus Christ returns it will be the most awesome, magnificent experience!!!

    EVERY eye will see him!!! Every ear will hear him!!! EVERYONE will bow down to his majesty!!!

    As Christians, we NEED to pray for the souls of those who have turned their back, or gone with Satan. We need to pray for the souls of those who don’t believe. As Christians, we NEED to do our job-And make sure as many people as possible are informed of our almighty God!!! Because if we do not, then we have failed our God…"

  106. the halo is not a christian symbol

    what u should speak on is the roman catholic church and how they invaded the true church THE Apostate church

    but i believe that u might be aa double agent

    or probly just unaware to some stuff

    if ur not adouble agent then sorry

  107. Did Anyone Peep The Reference of jayz verse in run this town where he says "were laughing at the otherside something they jealous we got a table full of broads they have a table full of fellas ewww" hmmm what does that refernce to maybe the tablw where jesus is depicted having his final supper with his disciples before the time of his demise i dunno you tell me

  108. p.s @ Melissa A- you can tell it's partly worked as whenever I hear 'Jehovah' now the first thing that springs to mind is Jay z due to calling himself 'the hova.' Not meaning to be blasphemous, as I hate all this satanism, I just mean I'm so used to hearing that name in connection with the rapper that it's the first thing I think of

  109. hey, great articles as always 🙂

    In reference to the two creepy-looking guys in Jay z's 'On to the Next One' vid resembling Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee, and your mentioning that they died mysteriously during the filming of occultic movies, I also remember hearing that on the set of the Exorcist (or the Exorcism of Emily Rose, I can't remember which) several people died. I've read your Stephen Gately article, and it was very informative, though I don't know if you knew that about 6 months before his death, him, the rest of Boyzone and Louis Walsh featured in an episode of 'Most Haunted' in which they visited a place where black magic had taken place in the past, and they were all dared to step across an upside down pentagram in which evil spirits had supposedly appeared in the past during ceremonies. Throughout the programme they kept making reference to how 'sensitive' Gately was and indeed he seemed pretty terrified. Also, your article informed me about the movie he was working on during, or before his death…that was occultic too, right? It would also be interesting to know if Brittany Murphy was filming anything around the time of her death, ok so it's unlikely ALL of these stars were sacrifices, some may have died naturally and with no connection, but given their relatively young ages…maybe not. Keep up the good work! =)

  110. One of the lyrics said it best, "Yall should be afraid of what I’m gon do next." Wow JayZ is dangerous. I wonder if his name is also trying to be similar to "Jesus" with JZ, would kind of be like JeeZ. Not sure, but wouldn't be suprised.

  111. Freeze Frame the On to the Next One video at :36 seconds and you will see an image towards the bottom of something that sort of looks like jesus holding the triangle symbol under what looks like a black demon raising both its fists in the air as if it rules the world.

  112. there something happening now in the music industry they die mysteriously.why?the devil gives u pleasure in one hand and take ur soul in the other.only those who read their bibles and say their prayers frequently will understand what i mean.

  113. Slightly off the subject, and on a lighter note-This is exactly why people should support their local bands 😛

  114. At this stage, I personally don’t think that there is anything that anyone can do…

    The ball has started rolling on what seems to be a "Final Conflict" type scenario, and “evil” appears to be getting more brazen as the days pass.

    If you believe in God, and the teachings of the Bible, you will have seen this coming for a long time now… But you can also take comfort in the fact that if this is what I think it is-It was always meant to happen.

    I can only speak for myself, but I feel so calm with the entire situation.

  115. dude u cant try to find symbology in anything or people are going to think your full of s**t. i think they ment to make the video like that to get a response. maybe from a cult or they just wanted to stur things up. but this video doesnt have anything to do with any occults present. its all mixed matched. i think jay z is obsessed with power it was a message maybe. maybe he was trying to get a point across. there are so many powerful people in the world. artist come and artists go. occults will always be there. billionairs will always be there. the black market will always be there. goverments will always be there. a rapper that makes 15 mill a year tell they get tired of him wont sorry. theres so much powerful people in the world u have no idea. they dont need jay z. the black suits might though but there hardly an occult. theres more money off the books out there than u cant possibly imagine there is no major occults that back the usa goverment anymore since the 50's. the goverment tryed to take control. the masons arnt americas occult anymore its within the goverment. occults and orginizations are spread widley around the world excluding the middle east KINDA alot of dirty money BLACK MARKET. ITS NOT ABOUT MONEY ITS ABOUT POWER AND GENIUS

  116. i am a christian and i know the truth about whats of God and whats not of God and jay z is not

    i recently just heard from my mom tha jay z in facts worship the devel he whears this jesus peace in run this

    town because like the artical he refering to himself as the johova if you cant see the simillairties idk what more evidence is needed but i believe that he and the followers of saitian because remembr saitain is the prince of the air wich is music wich in the music the lyrics was portrayed

  117. and me and my hubby were trippin out over what we felt was not only overt symbolism (with no basis???) but the subliminal propaganda- u notice with some of the images (specifically the image of Christ between the bullets and some of the more disturbing images) can only be seen when you can slow the video down…that seems weird to me

  118. i think it's funny that he's always aligning himself with aleister some commented how Jay-Z said he was the new 11 (not sure what Jay was implying) but when ACrowley became the head of the OTO he created the 11th degree which involved anal sex during his sex magick rituals (mainly of the same-sex nature- he believed this was how the most powerful forces could be attained)

    -from Lawrence Sutin's Life of ACrowley

    but i think it's crazy because AC was a known heroin addict (that experiment with everything from peyote to cocaine and beyond), openly bisexual, and just seemed like an unstable individual (spending his life cloaking his rampant, sexual behavior in dark mysticism)…y would u even draw a comparison between yaself and this

    shady figure

    PS lady gaga and beyonce's telphone video is deeply disturbing and inappropriate, ESPECIALLY for children (like most things on tv these days)..*pickin up a book n turnin off the radio n tv for a while*

  119. @mlif… the porpose it's also that your subconcious it's working constantly with what you "feed" it if I may say so. If you would know a little psychology then it's so obvious. let me tell you real quick how it works. The brain has 3 plans

    1- Conciousness (is what we use daily and we are aware of it)

    2-Subcounciousness (wich is that part of the brain that you are not aware of but constantly works and materialises what you think, creates your beliefs , opinions, states, etc etc etc)

    3- superconciousness (it is said to be the divine spirit within us, what Platon used to refer as "the perfect model".. )

    So practically we have to focus on the subconcious ! The subconcious is very sensible to images, sounds, smells, taste, touch. All 5 senses are registered by it and are constantly being "worked" by it. for example… if when you where little you were with your parents and eat a cake in a really happy day for you… years later even if you don't remember exactly why.. if you eat that cake you will like it because without you realising it , it remembers you of the happy day you had with your parents. (it's a very stupid example but anyway ) So in big lines they put their symbols in the videos because your subconcious is working with the images non stop in your brain… even though it may sound SF trust me it is not.. it was proven by science… So your brain will make you respond to these images in different ways in the future .. one of the ways is that for example after 20 years of seeing this horrible images… even though you know they are horrible.. when "they" put it all over and eventually make satanic rituals in public like they did at the VMA's.. being already used to it it doesn't seem so strange… like when that fat gay.. sorry guy said let's say a prayer to satan.. everybody took it as a joke and actually took each others hands and said the prayer… normaly that would ring a bell to people… as would the many strange shows and stuff that apearred on the stage! instead they just said "hmm, weird… but yeah" . (I hope I was coherent enough and you understand what I mean … I am really tired and maybe I couldn't expose right my ideas)

    @Daciple… man I love the way you express yourself… funny and TRUE! I agree with you!

  120. At the end of the video, he says that he has ways of getting "it", then two flash scenes, one is three bullets, the other is the head of baphomet. That's like shoving it in our faces.

  121. I MUST commend vigilant citizen for exposing these shocking truths about the disgusting occultism wrapped up and broadcast throughout the world in the form of "innocent" videos… THEY ARE NOT INNOCENT. They open up your mind to satan's influence. How people can idly sit by and watch these videos without realizing what the hell they are doing is appalling…

    Somehow, the world has become blind to blatant occultist symbolism, viewing it as just a plaything, to be dabbled into and viewed at will… People believe that "watching" satanistic practices is not the same as actually participating in them… THEY ARE WRONG. Just because the videos have catchy phrases and nice beats do not make them harmless… Subliminal messaging is rampant throughout this video… You cannot tell me that seeing a scantily clad lady dancing with in the dark with white spots on her face is just for aesthetic effect. There is some deep and dark symbolism within those images…

    Vigilant Citizen has outed his/her interpretation of the images and they are freaking spot on. Could not have explained more articulately or completely. Its obvious… the rise of no-talent figures such as rihanna and lady gaga to the top of the music career in such a short time cannot be due to hard work… Powerful people in powerful positions are being controlled by powerful spirits who are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    The gradual progression of imagery, from extremely subtle as in Umbrella to extremely blatant as in On To The Next One and Run This Town can only be attributed to some inherently and incredibly clever person or group wanting to publicly declare that they have control over the world's music, public icons, politicians and the operators of the industries… Whoever doesn't recognize this deserves to be enticed and possessed by the satanic connotations of this and other videos.

    As for me, that shall never happen. I shall never give in to the satanic innuendos piled high in these videos. When you sell your life to satan, he is going to screw you over… Enjoy life while you can Jay-z.

  122. Just want to add that the halo which he keeps appearing in front of is used in religious pictures which were brought on through time by the Catholic church. The Catholic church history started when Constantine and others help to mix the Babylonian pagan traditions with Christianity. In reality that is not a halo as some pictures and people make it out to be but its actually the sun. A simple research on Babylonian, Egyptian would show you that this is what they worshiped.

    This sun worship has been passed down from the beginning of time and was introduced to as I said earlier to Christians which eventually became the Catholic Church. If you see many pictures or artwork you will see that most of them dont have a halo but a ( sun ) shaped background on them. Lucifer whom is called the light bearer is the one illuminating mankind as they so believe. That is where the concept of illumination comes to play and thats why they related the sun primarily with Satan. Through the esoteric knowledge you become illuminated which eventually as you see in his video it will end up in the worship of Satan. Which is where the baphomet or the rams horn comes to play in the whole video,the baphomet representing Satan.

    If anyone wants to know more about these religious beliefs and their symbols should look into William Cooper who dedicated his life to expose these societies and their mentality. This link address below is a link to his famous Mystery Babylon series.

    And for the record ( No, Catholics are not Christians ) Many believe to be so but they are not. They are a mixed of pagan religious beliefs and Christianity which no longer can be called Christianity.

  123. Why do people freak out about freemasonry. You guys do realize that freemasonry isn't a satanic cult right? You should google it some time.

    • on one of ur posts, kanye did do the song jesus walks but i saw a vid where he said he sold his soul to the devil

  124. This is some eyeopenign stuff people. Vigilant u r doeing a great job man. Guess I wont be going to that JayZ concert after all.

  125. @1221, no the bars represent that he is a 3rd degree mason, and he said he doesn't believ in christianity so why would he pray to God? When he even said he bever prayed to god

  126. Also, the three horizontal lines represent the Blueprint 3. And the song Lucifer is about asking God to forgive his demons inside him for wanting revenge for the murder of his friend… not worshipping the devil.

  127. Now, I am a christian myself but i am sick of all the accusations of various rappers being satanic. I believe that this is an extremely well written article but I would beg to differ on some of the points made. First of all, Kanye West has a song titled, Jesus Walks, which talks about his belief in Jesus Christ. He is also frequently spotted in church. Secondly, although I agree with the blatancy of some of the symbols in his videos and clothing, Jay-Z has learned through many years in the game that any publicity is good publicity. One thing that needs to be realized though, is that the Rocawear symbol is a diamond. Jay-Z also refers to himself as Hova because he is the god of rappers. If you disagree with what Jay-Z is doing, the best thing for you to do would be to not write articles like these.

  128. so what if jay-z is knowingly putting his message in a bottle. this tool has been used long before these amatuers [rihana, jay-z, any ov your mentioned hip hop artists] does jay-z really believe he's at the left hand ov his black god? who knows… quite frankly, i enjoyed the creativity ov this vid even tho it does not even mount up to the people that have been doing it long before these beginners. example you may ask for? it would be my pleasure =]

    [in case coding malthfuntions] url –

    ENJOi =]

  129. i jus wanted to ask why u say that rihanna is an unwilling participant? i dnt really understand what u mean by 'unwilling' i mean she sings the songs and features in the videos even if she doesnt always write the lyrics right?

  130. Everybody needs to wake up and face the music before the music wakes up and faces us. (I mean, you. I'm already awake, mostly.)

  131. What has Satan ever done that was so bad? I've read the bible and it doesn't seem like he did anything that horrible.

    God though, he made Adam and Eve so that they would have to coopulate to generate humanity (would you f**k your sister, kevante?), he killed every first born of every family in egypt (would you kill that many babies even if they were the sons of heretics?), he drowned all of humanity only to spare noah &co (and you call 9/11 terrorism?) and he sent his son on earth so that he could be brutally mutilated and killed (would you send your son on a suicide mission in your name?).

    Don't get me wrong, I think that faith is a beautiful thing. But it's blind faith, the kind that makes you read religious writings in the first degree and fall victim to indoctrination that is the problem with religious people.

    I'd rather read the bible for it's rich symbolism and it's lessons about morals and human nature then live in fear of God or Satan.

  132. wow great job on this article and run this town one… if u havent already check out the arrivals series on … great stuff on illuminatti and the occult

  133. Who the f**k cares? How about you people start focusing on the real evils of the world? World Hunger, poverty, child prostitution, drug and weapon traffic, death penalty and war? By the way the real evils of the world have nothing to with Satan or God, they are man made.
    Besides what the hell is this “mass indoctrination” supposed to do? Transform us all into satanists? If people who believed in god were capable of the crusades, the inquisition and public executions, how much worst can satanists be anyways?

  134. I came across your article one night that I had time to finally search who the hell was "lady gaga". I just kept hearing about her everywhere. Than I saw some of her videos and I though they look superb, but at the same time I couldn't find a real meaning to her visual work. I'm sure that most of her followers dont understand as well. When I found your site, all I read made sense but I still wasn't fully convince. I started watching more music videos. And finally it hit me that you were totally right. Thanks so much for opening my eye. The first time I saw Jay Z video I was at a house party. The TV was on, but the music they were playing was really loud. I couldn't hear what Jay z was singing about. But I could see the video, I actually got sad for a minute because I just couldn't believe what I just saw. I saw all this crazyness on Nelly Furtado videos, Daddy Yankee and the new member Kesha! My God I really hope that people start listening I would not allow my child to listen or watch anything like this. This people are sick, and they're super evil!

  135. Man, the first time I saw this video, I was like, WHAT THE …? This is sooo not how a real hip hop video should be! Maybe a rock or heavy metal one. It's sad to see one of my favourite genres of music going literally to the dogs. The Bible is right. Things of the world are alwasys doomed to fail, so people, let's stick to what's holy and let go of what's not.

  136. Hmm… Pretty cool. This guy I know(name won't be stated) plays the hooded man in the video. I totally agree with the Illuminati and occult symbolisms in Jay-Z's music, but the extra's don't know of it; so don't get angry at them. Just get angry at the head's of the music and the makers of it.

  137. @1199, you're wrong, Beyonce has been in the illuminati since 2003. In the video Crazy In Love, Jay Z kills Bee and Sasha Fierce is born, metaphorically, Bee is dead and Sasha has taken over.

  138. Where do I start about how much this video creeps me out? A few things about this really stand out though.

    1. The bizarre cult-like chanting of "on to the next one" in the background of the song.

    2. With the exception of Jay-Z, everyone in the video has a blank, expressionless, and zombie-ish look on their face.

    3. The chest tattoo on the one guy, whether real or fake, is Baphomet-like.

    4. Baphomet-like images appear multiple times throughout the video.

    5. In the one baphomet type image if you look closely you can see a face in the background that appears like the worried face of someone trapped.

    6. A line in the song is "Y'all should be afraid of what I'm gonna do next."

    7. At one point, right after he says "I got a million ways to get it. Choose one", three images appear. One of balls of fire, one of bullets, and one of the Baphomet head.

    My interpretation of the video is this. The people with the mask or zombie like faces represent the lost souls of those already conquered. The bullets, the fire, and the woman jumping through the air with swords represent violent means of obtaining future victims. The title of the song means we've already got these suckers now on to the next one.

    People need to wake up as to who this guy (Jay-Z) really is! If he doesn't worship or glorify the devil, why the constant need for satanic imagery in his videos? Why would he make a track called Lucifer? The whole freakin song is about the devil! Notice, he uses the positive name Lucifer rather than the negative devil or satan. Why the need to dismiss or mock Jesus in his music? If you notice, the few occasions that reporters have felt bold enough to question him about these allegations, he simply dismisses it as people reading too deeply into it or getting the wrong idea. He's never specifically said whether he has an allegiance to God or the devil…

  139. I also noticed there was a jackal skull in the video. I'm pretty sure there was something about the jackal in the book of revelations. And I know they mentioned something about the jackal in the movie 6-6-6

  140. OMG. pause this video at 1:23, the flames appear to make a human skull which is just distracting you from seeing the image of the baphomet in smoke above it!!!

  141. A reply to 'Rec Exec' on January 3rd, 2010 8:03 pm ' who says

    'Another misinformed article. The video was directed by Sam Brown a director of many Rock & Roll vidoes a genre where these type of videos are accepted as “artsy” I am an Art student and love art. This is NOT art. this is DISTRUBING.

    1. Jay is seen wearing a Jesus piece throughout the entire video. (a sign of his christianity among the urban community) Makes no sense for a “devil worshipper to be having a sign of Jesus especially since you say hes becoming more bold with his images.

    '3. I’ve had the pleasure of befriending Jay while he worked at Def Jam everyone who knows Jay knows that he’s a complicated dude who is very spiritual he believes in God and tries to live like Jesus Christ hence his many philanthropist missions to Africa his acknowledgement from the UN for his positive work around the world.'

    Just because he visited Africa doesn't mean his a 'good' guy. The only god this guy believes is 'Satan'. If he really tries to live like 'jesus christ' as you say, why is it in his new music video 'empire state of mind' he tells Mary the mother of Jesus to bow down to his City: new york? Why did he make a song entitled 'd'evils?' and why does he tell us he never read the bible in his life (there is a video of this in youtube') and in his lyrics he says i quote 'I never prayed to god but to gotti' (geddit GOATti (that stupid goat head Baphomet?) *snorts* and why does he tells us that 'life starts when the church ends' and that 'Jesus can't save' even if 'you're a virgin' ? *GASP* he said that?!? ooooohh yes, in 'empire state of mind' and he has a song called 'LUCIFER'

    ANYWAY since you had the 'pleasure' of befriending JayZ. Can you give him a message from us? Tell him we got his message. Tell him he may now kindly f**k off. I have deleted the 'few' music i have of his. and when he dies he will have GOD to answer to. oh, didn't the devil INFORM him? He DOESN'T get to live forever. AHAHAHA. ta-ta. 😉

    p.s VG you rock.


  143. I didn't get a chance to read all of the comments, but I was wondering if anyone made the point that Heath did not die "while" filming the Dark Knight. He even did an interview afterwards stating that the joker had been his favorite character to play. He actually died while filming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

  144. wow having have read so much, am just atricious about the new music industry. I mean people have different opinions and stuff, bt at the end o the day, whats written in the bible is coming to pass. i mean this is really nothin compared to the real deal. Devils on the loose,he knows his time isreally too short. I mean i was a big jay fan, not so much becoz he really said anythng positive in my life through his music, but because he sipmly was cool.he had swag for me then, and when you a big fan, u agree with almost everthiing he does or say to a verge of refusing to even see when things can become harmful. this stuff is so real. for a fact thres good(Jesus) and evil(lucifer). the big part is where do u belong in the picture when Jesus Christ returns? Or when u die? times runnin out man. thanking VC for the cautions(tyhough too,curious about ur religion and beliefs).People gotta wke up. some are too deep asleep. music is a very strong instrument through which human emotion bieng depicted in song and spirit (whether gud/evi) feed too ones soul is passed from,to. so we really really gutta watch what we listen too. music says alot. this guys are lureing everybody to satanic practices without concious alert, to possess peoples soul without u even knowing. However want to ask what VCs real motive behind the website,which am really greatful for, but why do you care? whats it to you if people are mislead?

  145. @1183

    I guess you know what the video means because the director told you? I doubt that, and are you trying to say Jay is christian or something? Because if you are, you are mistaken, he said himself that he doesn't believe in christianity

  146. Satan was cast out of heaven. He was the angel of music. Music of this day seems to control the music business and people cannot go beyond what they can see to know whats really going on in the spirit realm. I always wondered why my mother was so strict on me listening to music like this & worldly music in general. It speaks death into our lives without us even realizing it…i tried to surpass the truth because as a teenager -you are drawn to these types of music. Ive seen the video earlier today and was convinced about how the devil has successfully controlled the world in our media and people are to ignorant to see the times that are coming and he's just sitting back and laughing as we hand him the trigger to our lives..& souls. I'm a growing christian and I THANK GOD for his mercy on my life…i just wish people could experience his love like i have…thank you father.

  147. "Be thou watchful, and establish the things that remain, which were ready to die: for I have found no works of thine perfected before my God. Remember therefore how thou hast received and didst hear; and keep it, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee." -Rev. 3:2-3;

    Recognize the signs of the times as they are becoming more and more obvious to the world as stated by the lord.

  148. J-jay z better stop what he is doing and he must ask for forgiveness and any one else that is following him! because one day this world will end ….and he is going to burn in hell!….and aint nobody scard of jay-z and he is not the first and the last… MY JESUS!!!!! IS SO HE BETTA GET THAT STUFF STRAIGHT!!! he is going to pay… cant murder JESUS because he is un stoppable…..he is my everything…he made this world not you jay -z so get over it you can never be him not matter what you say are do!!!!! so stay in your place….before god puts you there and you will not like how god moves you!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU SEE THIS MESSAGE YOU UNFAITHFUL,,,,,JACKASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. I've been reading into this whole Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye and Beyonce occult/Freemason/ illumainti thing. I'm a big fan of Jay-Z but this song and video "On to the Next One" is just too creepy. It's hard to get still images because they go by so fast in the video, but after reading about everything and seeing the video, I just got this ominous feeling. And what's with the bullets by chain of Jesus anyway? I also read your article on "Run this Town". I use to love that song now I cant listen to it without feeling creeped out. I also find it weird how both songs have a chorus or hook thats not easy to forget, it stays in my mind whether i want it to or not. I have one question.

    How many of today's artist or actors are involved in this? And how are we suppose to know what to listen to and what not to listen to?

  150. I enjoy seeing the obvious occult symbols. I must say, the video is amazing. I had just blogged about how I had seen at least 5 extremely obvious symbols, and now I came across this article! I am very fascinated by all of this and I actually enjoy watching videos from Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, and Rihanna. It's all so dark. I love your analysis on all of them too. It seems like it's a trend nowadays to have Satanic imagery/metaphors in music videos and lyrics.

  151. What about the obvious cultural reference to the Damien Hurst skull? I though the pouring of black paint over the diamond encrusted skull was somewhat representing having so much money that one could just dump paint on Damien Hurst's work? Not sure exactly but it seemed important.

    n June-July 2007, Beyond Belief, an exhibition of Hirst's new work, opened at the White Cube gallery in London. The centre-piece, a Memento Mori titled For the Love of God, was a human skull recreated in platinum and adorned with 8,601 diamonds weighing a total of 1,106.18 carats.[35]. Approximately £15,000,000 worth of diamonds were used. It was modelled on an 18th century skull, but the only surviving human part of the original is the teeth. The asking price for For the Love of God was £50,000,000 ($100 million or 75 million euros). It didn't sell outright,[36] and on 30 August 2008 was sold to a consortium that included Hirst himself and his gallery White Cube.[36]

  152. In regards to the three lines–

    I believe this references Aristotle's natural state model in combination with the Great Chain of Being–

    i.e. Things naturally progress through a series of fixed stages unless acted upon by an interfering force. The higher along the stages, the greater your development, or success.

    Or, it could be the Great Chain of Being

  153. hey there VC this is really nice, i noticed a lot of symbols in that video too, i would like you to do a piece on Video Phone, lady gaga and beyonce, i noticed a lot of symbols in there too especially the all seeing eye thanks. also i think T.I is falling victim

  154. Good lord man, how far is your thumb from the pulse of American pop culture? Is Jay Z a member of a "sercert society", well yes, sort of, admittedly even; the 5 Percenters, based out of NYC, is an offshoot of Islamic traditions that teach that every man is god (notice the little g there). MANY rappers are a part of this secret language community. Mitch Horowitz even wrote a whole book out of the subject. What kills me is the reaching, the "Joker/ Crow" subtext is just silly. Skullface is more likely to represent any number of pop culture icons other than the Joker, and the "Crow" guy is more in line with the UK phenom of "Hoodies" then the Crow or for crap's sake any goth kid in the Village, just look at any of the covers for Heather Brewer's Vladimir Tod books. An f'n rip off (sorry Jay Z, I meant homage, pls don't sue). Your arguments on every level are invalid. Silly conjecture of a pop culture you simply do not or cannot want to understand. Almost every shot in this video is a "call back" to an obscure martial art movie (shaw brothers, for the most part), Otaku sub culture in general, and good old fashioned American pop culture for the win.

    You sir, are an hero. Now follow through and find your destiny where it is deserved.

    GGS – American pop culture scientist in good standing

  155. Does Jay-Z direct videos? Interesting theory, but ultimately the video is simply the directors and editors artistic impressions. Maybe they are the ones you want to focus on. I see evil symbolism in McDonalds commercials. C'mon

  156. No surprise. Even if Jay Z wasn't in all this, I still wouldn't like him. I have one album by him (with the hard knock life song) and I never bought another. He just isn't a good rapper. It's the lyrics and the beat of the songs that make him popular. Otherwise, he is just some goofy, mumbling person.

  157. Leviticus 9:4 "Also a bullock and a ram for peace offerings, to sacrifice before the LORD; and a meat offering mingled with oil: for to day the LORD will appear unto you."

    The pictures of skulls you placed beneath Levi's Baphomet are that of a bull ox (bullock) and a ram (male sheep). The head of the Baphomet has always been that of a goat. These two images transmit the message of making a sacrifice for peace.

    Violence is represented by the blindfolded woman with swords, notice that she eventually loses her footing and falls out of the picture.

    The skulls with blood flowing onto them represent sacrifice. If you want to get numeric with it, that only one skull at a time appears on the screen shows self sacrifice. (If it were implying mass death there would have been multiple skulls.)

    Also, you've misinterpreted the image from your "Dissing Jesus" section. Note the bullets on either side of the crucifix, they represent violence. The chain that runs from one bullet to the other is broken by the cross. The message here is logically that one can break the chain (cycle) of violence through faith.

    The skull faced character represents a frustrated self dying. The character with the crow represents the crow in mythology, which transports souls to the afterlife. Throughout the video the crow moves closer and closer to the old, frustrated self and at the end is upon it to take it away.

    The logical conclusion for the theme of this video is therefore "peace through self sacrifice (or overcoming the frustrations of your past) and not violence."

    Lastly, the halo around Jesus head symbolizes spiritual enlightenment, hence you also see it around the heads of other spiritual leaders (saints etc.) in classical Christian art. Under my interpretation of the video's symbolism J-Zee earns the right to be shown with a halo for delivering this message.

    Good try hoss, just a little too pessimistic in your paranoia.

    By the by, in the KBLH (cabala, kaballah, quabala) the number three is very significant. It represents understanding of the way male and female principles interact in the world. In other words it represents understanding of growth and prosperity from the personal level to the universal.

    Thanks for the books,

    –D.B. Watkins

  158. >>1181

    Try Azriel or Asrael.

    Jay Z and his posse can believe whatever they want to, it just makes me sick that they demean Christianity the way they do while pretending to be Christians at the same time; It's not even just at Christianity's checkered past or some of the bad things that other people who've called themselves Christians do, it's also mocking Christianity, and even some of the more positive aspects in it like they did in that "Haiti, mon amour" song, what phonies.

  159. Does anyone know who plays Azreal The Angel of Death in this video? The guy in the hoodie with the black painted lips?? I need to know!

  160. like alex jones proclaims on his fearmongering website,, THERE IS A WAR GOING ON FOR OUR MINDS… and really, you know, there comes a point where once you're, pardon the expression, initiated to these masonic/occultish/whatever symbols and things in the videos, you wonder if it's really just an innocuous hahahah look at us we're that cool and the whole satanism thing is put out there as an elaborate joke (BOO, WE'RE THE BOGEYMEN FEAR US HAHAHHAHA) or, really, if it's some sort of dualistic gloating of superority meant to be sinister but having plausible deniability in teh form of a joke.

    you know, i tend to believe what i read on this website in terms of the occultish breakdowns of all this s**t… i mean, when you read stuff like this about occult rituals and meanings and you buy into it, you're really at the mercy of the person who wrote the analysis, that is, unless you're up for a hardcore jaunt into some study and whatnot… but i tend to believe that pop music is inherently evil (even before i dabbled into this stuff i always saw the general point of all massmedia/pop-culture being to get people to want to f**k f**k f**k and make more kids to work more menial jobs and give up more economic empowerment to keep the great pyramid scheme of life going…. and now, well, let's just say that the term "pyramid scheme" has a wholly dualistic meaning)

    what amazes me about jay-z is that all of these double intendres are there for a reason… whether it's jay-z reaching the third defree off masonry (there's a jay-z deception series on youtube that really breaks it down) and now he's truly a worshipful master (he had been calling himself "hova" since the first blueprint album, which if you buy into teh jay-z deception the blueprints are signifying his going through the first three degrees of the brotherhood. and of course, the first blueprint dropped on 9/11/01, and the third one on 9/11/09.

    but moreso than others, jay-z seems to totally revel in this… teh do what thou wilt shirt, the egyptian three, the str8up baphomet heads, the halo, and even on the surface the straightforward lyrics of RUN THIS TOWN adn even the song on its own…

    but like, through and through there's either a sinister declaration or a really elaborate joke at our expense… i mean, look at his myspace page and scroll down past the giant picture of him and what do you see…

    i mean, i tend to believe in synchronicity over coincidence… growing up and into my 20s i always liked the concept of gnosticism, and not in a blasphemy type way.. not saying GOD AINT S**T IMMA BE A GOD, but you know, its a beautiful thought that maybe a speck of the infinite is inside of all of us and wisdom and knowledge can absolve all sins and transgressions and in the end there's levels of mystic greatness beyond the straightforward dare-i-say-profane world… then as time goes on and you research it, coupled around the time i was writing accounts of things happening to me like, a series of homeless people giving me clues on teh chicago L trains leading me to a train station where 5 people were waiting for me and declaring victory telling me i'm going to have whatever i want and then they leave and i met an odd man at the end of the train who said he was jesus' father… and then there were other people wearing bunches of the same bracelets i wear and people with tattoos of my number (37, which i later found out was the 2nd star number after 13… oi vey) i mean, you know, as you get deeper and deeper into this s**t at least it truly lives up to the billing as a mystery because, welp, it's a f*****g mystery.

    and you know, i didnt like jay-z at first and eventually i got into reasonable doubt in my lifetime volumes 1 and 2 and then like, i never cared for the blueprint s**t… and amazingly enough thats when he went on as hova and all this and that… i mean, the blueprint 1, the blueprint 2 would signify the first two degrees of masonic achievement… then the black album where he has a cap blocking out his eyes and there's songs on there like justify my thug where he says his power can stop god and of course there's a song lucifer and whatnot, but agian, i mean, this is all surely coinky-dink and all, but look at this again:

    how f*****g laughing at us is this guy? i mean, watching the "top 10" videos on the last hour of amtv this morning, aka the middle of the night/early-morning blocks of mtv where they run videos, the top 5 videos coming on down where a countdown of videos all featured on this site it was like a countdown of videos that could be seen as evil or at least menacing… and ig et it like, occultish stuff is more flamboyant and it's "cooler" than music about being nice and pious i mean they speak to the carnal desires of man, and going back as far as i could remember all pop music is meant to keep people drinking and f*****g and making more babies to pay more taxes and all… but like, really, it just amazed me.

    and then you see jay-z's myspace page is made by mind+ctrl design and it's like, is it hahahahhahaha at us? i mean, really, having trudged through many of these sites it all comes down to THEY'RE SO EVIL REPENT RAH RAH RAH you know and as an intelligent man ping pongs it's like, one side is the evil the money the do what thou wilt s**t, and the other side is like JESUS IS LORD DONT WORRY THEY'RE TAKING OVER THE WORLD THE ANTICHRIST IS COMIGN BUT IN THE END WE GOT YOU IT IS WRITTEN BOW DOWN REPENT BE BORN AGAIN

    and like, ltierally, every shape and symbol and logo and hand gesture and facial expression is some sort of of a nod to evil. i mean look at a capital A did the inventers of the english language when they came up with it go HEY HERE'S A PYRAMID WITH A CAPSTONE WE WILL MAKE IT THE MASCULINE VERSION OF THE FIRST LETTER OF TEH ENGLISH ALPHABET. i bet pythagoras was some sort of an occultish mason since all triangles are evil and like…;

    it bounces you around to hell/heaven/topeka-kansas and back… really. i mean these are called the (ancient/)mysteries(/of faith) for a reason… whether they be oldschool occultish neo/sun worship or whether they be the mysteries of christianity… i mean, i dont know if there was an actual dude jesus christ who was resurrected and this and that, im pretty sure jesus christ = greek term for one who was anointed and yeshua bin yosef was his acutal name (joshua, the son of joseph) and like… you know. who knows? the big christian hoedown in 325ad when the council at nicea came about and the nicene creed came and THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT came and then spirits = another name for demons three three lines the three sides of a triangle was christianity hijacked 300 years in by constantine seeing the cross in a dream (ask his son how nice of a guy he was… hell he even had all teh gnostic christians wiped out so they had to bury their s**t in the desert til the 1940s or something i believe) and like

    in the end i really think it's an individual thing… good and evil. i dont see questing for knowledge and believng that there is more to this and hte potential for hte human mind to expand and to be one in a synchronous flow with all around you to not be some auto-blasphemous affront to all there is… i mean, if that were hte case then it's a reality where it's told you're this power is that know your place bow down and worship and kiss a lot of ass and then when everything falls to s**t and the world is about to be destroyed you'll be rewarded with eternal bliss as opposed to eternal damnation.

    i mean, i always wonder if there's all these pervasive evil secret societies that run the world and mock us with music videos… isn't there a balance? where are the good guys?!

    maybe this all is a test… maybe we live in either heaven or hell, and maybe the world does go to s**t and it's up to us to stay righteous and proper and real in a world where it's so easy to sell out and go for money and then once you get power and money and prestige it's like f**k everyone else i gotta do my thing and me me me and if there was a forthcoming NWO that wanted to do evil population reduction you'd be like "well the calvinists called it the doctrine of the elect so i'm part of the elect do what thou wilt" and man

    it's maddening. i mean there is something here… one way or another, there is something to all of this… but much like looking for concrete proof of something beyond normal human perception abilities (aka, the infinite, aka god, in a finite world with linear timelines and etc) maybe finding out the answer to all of this is impossible.. unless i can streamline my skills and become some sort of a potential asset to these people and they do have a use for me… cuz i have weird things happen to me more often than not. y'all can see that i write and i quest for knowledge… and if i ever focused i can rap way better than this jay-z clown, and eminem… f*****g amateurs the whole lot of them.

    but my odd life has kind of kept me from being human… i dont have a job or status or friends really barely got laid at all (prolly 60/40 not trying and having high standards) so i dont really have… anything willing me to want to lust. i'm just kind of here, an inhuman human more human than human observer of it all… and eventually i started getting messed with. and i started noticing s**t. i'm a clever sort, then again, i think doctor who was written for folks like me to figure out truths about life, so what do i know? =D

    in the end, i can't see myself going for all of the bigtime stuff… i mean if i got a chance ot make megamoney i'd help them make money, but i'd probably be on an individual level helping out homeless and seeing the world cuz i nthe end, i think it's a big giant ride and we're just here for it.

    keep up the good work, keep vigilant… i promise someday somehow someday i'll contribute to the site… i'm almost 30 years old… if i can lose weight and get good lookign you never know, i might get nudged into this world… i mean, the one girl who wanted me in my life lived out on long island, was a bit whorish… possibly mind controlled (we were watching pulp fiction in a hotel room and all of a sudden it was like something triggered her and she went balls out naked lunch delirious and it was so wickedly intelligent and intense and like 30 minutes of str8up rambling and i mean, if she was taking the piss then she was way more brilliant than me and she blew by me and if she wasnt… what was that? she's on risperdal and lexapro. cutter. and her dad used to call the intenret "her dark place" and she was a bit whorish… she lived off of the long island railroad, babylon route… the w***e of the train to babylon?! when the train used to say THIS IS THE TRAIN TO BABYLON it always made me go whoa… heh)

    my bad for the ramble… this is an old thread and like, i just had to let it rip. especially when i noticed… today i mean comeon

    so yeah. you can ascertain what name i go by… hot for baphomet is a lark, cuz like, having no life whatsoever i just kind of troll around trying to figure "it" out, and having regressed from weird travelers showing up knowing about/me and details of my life and nudging me to write crazy s**t on theee ol emessiah livejournal (look around september, especially about meeting god in the subway) its like… this s**t is real, but if i talk about it i seem insane… is it rites? people doing recon on me? if so why, i never did anything… i never meant any harm. i went back to the profane after anoither guy playing god was there to make me miss a court date (i supposedly had the law offices of johnnie cochran representing me… i knew it was a treap, but i had to spring it. and then weird people getting transferred into my jail cellblock ((when i ended up spending 18 days in there for missing a court date and i got an unusually high bond)) showed up on the train 2 days after iw as out like boom right there and seemed to know more than they let on its like… wtf is this? is it "them" or is there some other sort of something that has an eye on me?

    * twilight zone theme *

    sorry for the rambling… this is what i do.. i'm quite good at it.

    # sinicalypse is hot for baphomet

  161. So true, the sinister intentions can be really well seen/felt while watching this vid. Great article as ever, excellent job.

  162. firstly, to the big {unfortunate} person wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyy up @ number 15 and 19 I HOPE YOU HAVE A BAND-AID FOR EVERY CUT cuz i'd hate to be in your shoes when the ENTIRE NEXT GEN.. MUSIC WORLD STARTS TO HAEMORRHAGE from the 'inside out' and your one of the BLIND FOOLS thats left to TRY to stop the bleeding….. wwhhhheeewww

    now that thats done with.. here's a question.. please dont get me wrong, i have a FULL RESPECT for all religions , there's ALLAH,MOHAMMED , there's BUDDAH and there's also what the [east indians] believe in MOTHER LUCTHMI {i hope a spelt it correctly, please forgive if i didnt } but what is it about that NAME???? what is it about that MASTERFULL name of J.E.S.U.S that pulls demons out of victims that heals the sick, that makes the blind see, that rises the DEAD,that even he himself was dead and rose again after three days? that makes these ppl {of today} fear him and wants to tarnish his name and wants to make us believe that he does not exist or makes his IMAGE a STYLE? or a {cool catch phrase] i'm talking about {JAY-HOVA} instead of {JEHOVA} please stop me if i dont make sense…but i think .i KNOW that in today's world NOTHING IS WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE ANYMORE… and every little foresight we're lucky to receive, we should share it with others {not #15/19} that person appears to be too far down the 'rabbit hole' ….PRAY FOR THEM ALL and move on.. keep up the good work VIGILANT.. and if your not too busy ..pls write me back..

  163. Worship my lord Satan!! Worship Jay Z!!!!

    im not seriously… but seriously…

    All you Bible-thumpers need chill out, contreversy equals attention and you're only boosting his ego more by giving him more attention, you douch bags.

  164. This video makes me sick,makes me sick to think that a hip hop icon of today will put this garbage in his video.There will be a change soon and its gonna be jay z and his crew falling off the map.

  165. it sucks sometimes to find out that your favorite singer or rapper for so long is apart of the whole devil whorshipping and sellin soul.. to me is it really that serious to sell your soul for all the money and fame… yeah everybody wants and need money.. hopefully they realize they selling their souls for money thats not even real.. paper haha lol. buy the real money silver dollar. any who>>> trey songz is gettin bigger and his music gettin played more and more on the radio he is everywhere aww gosh.

  166. I sure wish I had time to sit around and try to find hidden meaning in everything. Gee, all of us must be so blind. You know what. I think Mickey Mouse might be the Great Satan himself!!!!!!

  167. Does anyone know what the recurrent use of the three horizontal lines meant?




    They kept popping up whenever JayZ sang about success.

    Also, the baphomet symbols would repeatedly come up in reference to “ambition” and methods for obtaining success.

    Anyone know what the basketball and basketball player motiff means?

    Also, the image of the crucifix with the two bullets – that image came up once…. In reference to Obama.

  168. But what will happen when the elites are done using Jay-Z as a vessel for their sinister symbols? Will they say ON TO THE NEXT ONE?

    LOL! Dude thnx for the jokes, they kind of lighten up the atmosphere which is needed when reading things like this.

    But Right on Target with this video (as usual)

  169. great article.

    love the conclusion. on to the next one wid jay haha

    yeah i remember watchin this video.

    all these imagery was trippin me out.

    i thought to my self that this had to be much more than just art.

    esp wen the baphomets head appeared.

    i wonder what jay-z meant by 'yall should be afraid of what im gon do next'

    only Christ knows what the future holds.

  170. mAyNe Dats kRaZy ALl dIs kRaP wErE lIeS wE lIVE IN a NaTIoN dAt HaS bEeN liEd To….bUt pEoPLe DOnT tHiNk ThEsE dAyZ BuT At LeASt SomE iS TaLkIn BoUt iT…..??!!! tHAnKs FoE dA iNfO iT WaZ qOoD tO KnOW……..!!!!

  171. for our struggle is not of flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms Ephesians 6:12

  172. @ Vigilant I diging this one but however the last statment on the five percenter is very uncall for. 2 Blue Rose land Vigilant let me tell you what is a five percenter. You heard of the nation of islam right. ( knowing Blue Rose you might not know) Now the five percenters are a branch of the nation now the believes the white man is the devil and that the white men cause the black men nothing but pain and suffering for the past 400 years. Okay it was started in the 1964 now RecExc makes a point the bullet with Jesus next is a Jesuspice now it could have a meaning with all the sin that I've done he's by my side. On this website… it give u and Blue Rose the history of a Five Percenter. Now what Rec Exec said maybe he is sugar coating some things. However you said about the Five Percenters the have the same beleifs as the Nation of Islam. That God is a Black Man, All his Black Women are queens and they respect them as queens and that the White Man is the devil. So if Jay-Z have beliefs of a Five Percenter then there is no way he is worshiping Satan cause to the people of the Five Percent his a sell out for following the white man.

  173.…. this is a link to youtube with ozzy ozbourne singing a song to aleister crowley i must also note that ozzy aslo sang a love song to lucifer called NIB (nativity In Black)… What you are seeing in these videos and hearing in these songs is nothing new heavy metal and rock artist been doing this since the 60's… while in it has been going on covertly in hip-hop andd r&b for many years it just recently has become real blanting and revealing of occultic influence… But for those with doubt go to the link i've posted and watch and listening to the song maybe yo'll have a better understand who these artist are being influenced by.

  174. I agree with Jt January Post No. 42 The hooded character in the video looks exactly like Satan In The Passion of The Christ !! GOSH, WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE WANT ?

  175. WoW. Until five minutes ago I have been completely skeptical about the whole Jay-Z Illuminati thing. I always wondered why he would even want to be associated such a terrible thing but now I see why. I really enjoy his music and I don't want stop listening to it though. It's a tough call for now so I'll just say I won't be viewing any of his videos anymore. It's just that after seeing this video I had to look into it. Its not a coincidence at all. I am convinced now.

  176. I cant believe that ppl are buying JayZs music

    I wont even bother using my cap downloading his music illegally

    He should consider being a better role model

    Shame on all these stars who are abusing their fame.

  177. Great article. Scanning through the comments, it's pretty clear that people are in two distinct groups. They are either wide awake and understand what's happening(and tend to be godly people) or totally gullible ignorant fools who even go as far as questioning the existence of God. The latter are the ones who tend to think everything is just fine in the world, and they are the easiest to deceive.

    In these end times people are making their eternal decision, choosing sides RIGHT NOW. The battle is on and it's for your mind(and soul). Wake up!

  178. If JayZ was intelligent he would not be a Freemason, he would be on the right side of history. He has made his choice, and it rather reflects a lack of spiritual intelligence. He is being deceived just like all the other self centered dummies in the entertainment industry. Pathetic. Will they be surprised at the end…Satan is a LIAR.

    The difference between people of God and these people is that they believe the lie.

  179. Excellent article, as always. Keep up the good work , you are opening a lot of eyes. Thank you and God bless!

    Hey, they can have their Antichrist system for a moment in time, but boy, will it GO DOWN!!!

  180. 1But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.

    6They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth. 8Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these men oppose the truth—men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. 9But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone

  181. This is all part of the great deception. Just to be clear i am Christian i believe in Jesus as Gods only begotten Son. In the bible Jesus calls Satan the ruler of this world (John 12:31, John 14:30, John 16:11). The apostle Paul also calls Satan "the prince of the air" in Ephesians 2:2. I am convicted without a doubt that the Old testament and the new testament are Gods word written by His servants and that it is infallible. It is the book that has remained unchanged! To continue on… it is definitly true… Satan is the prince of the earth at this moment before God judges every created soul. Is it not obvious? according to this website alot of the gov't and media is controlled by Satan. Education is controlled by Satan (evolution teaches such things as there is no purpose for our existence and there is no such thing as a God.) And even religion is controlled by Satan. I personally dont believe in religion, I believe one can have an intimate relationship with God through His Son Jesus. But these things dont surprise me…. The end times are near and the devil is using every link he can take over to take as many to hell with him as possible. Rev 12:12 God bless….


  183. You know Jay-Z is very intelligent, and his album is the Blueprint 3 – the 3 highest levels of Freemasonry are Illuminati…Do you not think that this is his theme for the album? Just like Madonna did the 70s for Confessions on a Dancefloor. It's just a theme, a look, an image, you all need to get a life.

  184. And if you haven't noticed right now, this is merely recruitment my friend haha, you should do some bible studies if you're going this deep in, just don't get confused, though with your insight, i doubt you will.

  185. Rihanna my friend along with the rest of them, are far from clueless, only the newbies are clueless, but they will still be soon aware of it, and if they choose not to accept, they are simply discarded.

  186. GOD BLESS YOU ——–> vigilantcitizen



  187. from other reading of books, the woman with the two weapons in her hands reminded me of a book by rebecca brown where she was retelling her experiences as a witch ( which she further became a bride of Lucifer). she was explaining the fact that she was trained in martial arts to help focus her mind.

    Glad ure site is doing this and keep up the good work

  188. Like you say about Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger. Wouldn't you think if they were devil worshipers they would have had a better life and lived longer. I don't even think Jay Z or Beyonce are that good. I hate their music he is uglier than hell. if he did give his soul to the devil I would ask for better looks.

  189. I spotted some things in this music video not mentioned in the above analysis. There seems to be a subliminal storyline involving murder. The quick shot of the blood dripping from the hammer is giveaway to this part of the subliminal understory. I believe that the guy with the scull makeup is supposed to be the murder victim…or his ghost – really heavy and creepy stuff going on here. I sense there is even more. I will have to watch it closely several more times.

    Here is a YouTube video I did breaking down some of the subliminals in the video, including the hidden murder subliminals –

  190. say goodbye to hollywood,,DEJA VU,CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR,DR WEST ………..vigililant i want you to analyze those songz from eminem

  191. vigilant im shokced you neva made an analysis regarding EMINEM a artist that alluded to Demon possesion early in his career as a multi platinum selling artist………….he even admits that his slim shady alter ego ruined his family life and the death of his best friend and d12 member PROOF was A sacrifice for his fame………..listen to his latest song MY DARLING…………he says it in black and white about trying to fight his demon possesion

  192. Just a note to the The Vigilant Citizen- I have a master's degree in communication and your slogan is misleading. words in fact are symbols and are the most pervasive, and manipulative form of symbols

  193. holy smokes i knew it, prior to this video i knew that jayz was on the "dark side" i just didn't know he would be so blatant about it. it's only a matter of time

  194. Hmmm I wished you would have disgusted the women in the video. It seems as though one is a seductress drawing you in and the other is the goddess of death ready to cut you to pieces.

  195. Rec exec..after speculation about this video Jay z admitted that he doesn't believe in christianity..this contradict swhat you saying bout him(the face he's achristian and follows jesus) and you say you are his friend?..i actually believe that you are, and i think your a devil worshipper too!! why else would you defend him like that?

  196. In my opinion in this video Jay z is doing 1 of two things. Either he is mocking the rumours of him being in the illuminati, or he's trying to confuse people because they know too much. I just think that its satire. In a recent interview about the rumours Jay Z said this

    What he said in the interview is what he says in the song. " N-ggas stuck on stupid", He's saying the rumours are stupid., " I'm dodging raindrops .Meaning I'm on vacay chilling on the big yacht." Here its a double meaning he avoids the rainy weather by going on holiday on his yacht but it could also mean that the rumours come so fast they resemble raindrops and while they keep coming he doesn't worry, he just chills out.

    In conclusion I think he's playing games know , he wants this controversey. I don't think we should read into it too much .

  197. Well we may know that the guy with the crow tattooed on his chest represents Brandon Lee aka The Crow and the guy with Joker-esque make-up represents Heath Ledger aka The Joker. But who do the other people represent. When I saw the drummer, for some reason, Travis Barker came to mind. I don't know who the ninja chick represents or that scared-looking chick. All I really have to say is Jay-Z's vids creep me out and turn my mind to mush. For some reason, when I watch this and Run This Town and other illuminati music vids, i feel my soul sucked out of me. It's also when I listen to their music.

    PS VC, could you do an article on The Dark Knight?

  198. My friend told me about Jay-Z's affiliation with these sorts of things, but I found it unbelievable. This is really an awful shame. Also, on Jay-Z's clothing line (RocaWear?) he has fitted caps that has a gold sticker with a pyramid and an eye in the middle. Does that mean anything?

  199. I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned, but does anyone notice the guy who is supposedly Brandon Lee's The Crow actually has a crow tatooed on his chest? Also, that little girl in the video always looks scared… There's also some lyrics that popped out for me: "Be afraid of what I'm gonna do next." Weird video…

    Btw, "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown mentioned the whole skull Mason ritual thing… Vigilant Citizen, it'd be cool if you did an article on that!

  200. britney spears(3)-"living in sin is the new thing","i took a sip from the devils cup"(toxic) madonna(beautiful stranger)"your the devil in disguise"Carrie underwood(cowboy casanova)"hes the devil in disguise a snake with brown eyes" madonna-burns crosses in like a prayer..michael jackson- burns crosses in black and white.three 's on the staute of liberty in same video..jayz(doa video)burns crosses…jayz career alone is dedicated to satan..lady gaga(paparazzi and bad romance)full of goat heads and 6's,beyonce sweet dreams full of symbolism and rihanna umbrella goat head….my point u can't deny that all these musicians have one thing in common…the devil in there music videos and lyrics…im not sayin believe in God..even though hes clearly real…im sayin u can't deny the obvious…u either ignorant or u a retard if u dont see a reoccuring theme with todays music artist..and y would jayz admit to this…then people would def. stop and think for themselves…instead he'd rather get you use to the images and lyrics and break down societys morals…look at where weve come wehn i dream of jeannie came out ..exposin her belly buttn was pornographic…now look where we are…oh well everyman for him self!!

  201. Speaking of Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger, Aaliyah also died during the filming of a very significant franchise.

  202. The 'on to the next one' chant at the background of the song, somehow makes me think of those occult groups that would always chant something together in the same tone…

  203. I would like someone to research Illuminati beliefs with the Democratic-Progressive movement that seems to be going on behind the scence in Washington D.C. With that in mind search YouTube for videos where people like Reid or Andy Stern who has said "We will use the ppower of persuasion, if that doesnt work then we will use the persuation of power." and even look up where people in the progressive movement have used words such as New World Order and One World Government.

  204. so my question is, why would any of them WANT us to know that they are apart of this devil worshiping occult "ministry?" VC, you say that Jay-Z is doing for like, a win win situation sort of deal, but would'nt they want people to be oblivious to what they are doing? wouldn't they want us to be in the dark so they could keep us in an ignorant state??? someone tell me what you think please. my email is

  205. Correction in preceeding statement: "Jeezy is proclaiming that he used to play Kobe(23), but now he plays Lebron(24). "

  206. @ 14… You are clearly misinformed on the lyrics to Jay-z's Empire State of Mind, You claim that he says, "If Jesus playing Lebron, Im playing Dwayne Wade" <— 1st Incorrect ASSUMPTION, Jay actually says, "If Jeezy is playing Lebron Im playing Dwayne Wade"… Jay-z is referring to Young Jeezy's song "23,24", Youtube the song and you will see that in the song Jeezy is proclaiming that he used to play Kobe(23), but not he plays Lebron(24). Before I continue let me 1st say that Im not denying that there is estoeric meaning in this video, or any of his others, but if your going to state something you need to understand all of the facts. Jay-z does however say " Jesus cant save you, church ends where life begins" but, Listen to the lyrics before, even if the girl goes to church on Sunday, she's still sinning the rest of the week. And this all due to her obsession with the New York lifestyle. You have to look at it in the context of the song. It's about New York City. "…streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you…" The way you approached dissecting this song is all wrong because you failed to do the research, and truly look at the facts.

  207. Fret not thyself because of evildoers. Neither be thou envious of the workers of iniquities, for they shall soon wither and be be cut down as the green grass herb….

  208. Fret not thyself because of evildoers. Neither be thou envious of the workers of iniquities, for they shall wither as the green grass herb….

  209. Here in Los Angeles, On Sundays Stevie Wonder's radio station plays gospel music until midnight. At about 6pm Kevin Nash hosts a show titled Love In The Spirit. He typically has a controversial topic with an open forum for listeners as well as experts to call in with their opinion or knowledge on the subject. This particular Sunday evening, about a month ago, while tracking down a restaurant, I was tuning in and the topic was "WHAT DOES JAY-Z HAVE AGAINST CHRIST?" It immediately caught my attention. Kid you not, I love Jay-Z. For example, I bought 2 tickets at $200 a pop to see him last spring. But what I was hearing on this radio broadcast I could not ignore. They primarily discussed his latest song at the time New York and how his lyrics clearly denounced Christ stating," IF JESUS IS PAYING LEBRON, I'M PAYING DWAYNE WADE (opposition). That's blatantly saying if JESUS got his money on this person, then I got my money on that other dude. Not to mention in the same song he states, "JESUS CAN'T SAVE YOU…CHURCH ENDS WHERE LIFE BEGINS." There were several callers who phoned in with inside information as to Jay-Z's (as well as others in the industry and political eye of whom we would be shocked and possibly brought to tears) affiliation with the dark side. What amazed me was the reaction of most of the people I shared this information with (whom never purchased a Jay-Z cd, never attended a concert at $200 per ticket), they were so quick to defend him despite my supporting evidence. We need to start being cognisent and aware of what we are listening to. Yes the music sounds good. But what are we listening to? What are we supporting? What message are we sending? Who are we making rich while we struggle? We really need to hold ourselves accountable as well as responsible for being aware of whom we support. Jigga is clearly trying to pull the wool over our eyes. He is purposely putting these subliminal images before us, however they are becoming more obvious as the elephant in the room.

  210. @1104

    I'm referring to your number 7.

    The three milk bottles are first shown as grey, and then the light focuses on them and they turn out to be white or full of milk. This coincides with the lyics "I used to drink Cristal, them f*****s racist." Jay-Z used to drink Cristal, which is a Champagne brand. However the managing director of Cristal made some disparaging remarks about rappers drinking it. Perhaps the bottles turning white is to show the Cristal is racist as it is "only for white people."

    Jay-Z then says "So I switched gold bottles on to that Spade s**t." The video shows the drink referenced, Armand de Brignac which is a champagne bottled in gold and has a ace of spades in the label.

    Illuminati references aside I would have to say the Director is very skilled in symbolism.

  211. What is that drawing supposed to be on the back of Swizz Beats' jacket ? And why does it look just like Baphomet when he raises his arms at 1:48 ?? This just might be the illest rap video ever made (ill meaning bad not ill meaning good!)

  212. Though im sure the author will never read this id still like to say you definitely got one wrong. Thats not Jay Z with a Halo. Thats Circle and the Square. Square being the man, i.e Jay Z

  213. LMAO @ aes "! Sad to say that a lot of things that you use as so called evidence is not relevant. "

    Only to someone as yourself who will refuse to take a step back from their personal bias in favor of J and look at it objectively. Sadly you never will so its cool continue to pump yourself full of his Satanic Agenda and model your life after him and subject your children to it purposefully as well.

    If you wanna debate come join the Forums 8)

  214. This video almost made me physically ill.

    I have a few questions and observations which I need help with:

    1. What did you think of the woman gyrating on the crates? It looked like an altar of some form. Sacrifice?

    2. The vocal loop chorus is disturbing… It makes me think of a ceremonial chant used to channel some sort of action or frenzy.

    3. Could the basketballs be a symbol of fire & brimstone which are results of God's wrath as described in numerous Bible passages? If so, the fact that they are basketballs could be a visual reference to the urban demographic, or reference to yet another path that leads to fame, occult, and damnation…

    4. I read your previous article and explanation of "do what thou wilt" and the satanic path to becoming a god. Do the lyrics, " I got a million ways to get it" and "I’m on to the next one" refer to the many means of becoming a god in one's own way?

    5. After the introduction the woman on what appears to be an alter of crates, there is a bloody hammer… sacrifice?

    6. What is the significance of the young black woman in b-ball gear? She appears to be entranced… Scary, because African-American's are by and large a major consumer demographic… The pervasiveness of hip-hop misogyny has many young black women identifying with b*****s, tricks, hoes, and other sexualized images. The American (insert institution here) machine seems to be charging directly at African-American women.

    7. There are a lot of milk references… This seems to be a story about the arrival of the Beast. One of the women portrayed in this video is the bearer of the beast. (3 bottles of milk…. milk droplets… milk bleeding down the walls… milk from the shoe….milk over the skull…

    8. Dice… I know he refers to gambling references in his lyrics… If I may add my own interpretation… Jay-Z may be eluding to a dangerous game he is playing with both sides… perhaps he is trying to play both sides in his favor.

    9. 3:21 – Something strange happens… a subliminal over the dice?

    Thanks for the insight.

  215. Look VC I applaud your efforts. On this one and pretty much the basis of your site I guess we're gonna have to just agree tp disagree.

    Daciple, Man we jus from 2 different paradigms, 2 different visions and sights. We'll never see eye to eye! Sad to say that a lot of things that you use as so called evidence is not relevant.

    But one note before vanishing like Kaiser Sose.. Babies cry not as a pain not as orture or anything of the sort. They actually don't feel a thing. It is really a lung thing. Keep in mind they're in a dark, wet place for almost 40 weeks. They are being introduced to a thing called oxygen. But if you wanna continue to debate about your cause yahoo me snake_eyez727

    Peace god!!!



    Well you guys are right – there is an Illuminati, but you are giving us waaaay too much credit.

    I first joined in 1946 because I was smitten with a young man…oh George was such a cutup in those days, running around making “devil horns” on his head and making us all laugh.

    But seriously, we’re pretty disorganized these days. Karl Rove totally lost the meeting archives – thanks a lot – because he forgot to back up his computer.

    I won’t even tell you what Charo and Tom Jones did at last year’s Christmas – er, I mean Baphomet – party…

    Anyway, toodles for now – check into signing up with us in a couple of months though. We’re offering some AWESOME baseball hats for “March Madness.”

    Peace Out


  217. In on instance in the video it is real quick but Jay throws up the symbol for the 666 on his rite hand it seems like a three but pause and it's not. The dancing girls in the beginning of the vid are normal, later then become demonic looking covered in diamonds on there face. Lucifer was known for being covered in jewels or diamond. The Die in one of the clips has a 3, a 6, and a 1. From 3 6's comes one. The Die lights on fire, being born from fire. The Crow guy has a Phoenix on his chest. Which represents the rebirth and to be born from flame. Jesus is to return as the Messiah not to be reborn. Satins child will be born and eventually take up the mantle as the savior to those who are not dwelling in the lord. All heavy symbolic of the Anti- Christ. Oh the crow guy looks more like the Anti-Christ or Satin from the Passion of The Christ then The Crow. At first hes just standing there, then he starts bopping and finally singing along. Satan does use music as a vessel, why wouldn't he? He was in charge of the quire in heaven. Keep your faith and all is well but don't be blind to the negative and evil around us.

  218. HELLO DOESN'T JAY-Z HAVE A SONG CALLED "ILLUMINATI?" The chorus goes "lluminati wantm y mind, soul, and my body." Rocafella Records? C'mon peeps! Are you really this stupid?

    REC EXEC IS A MORON. And obviously not really a record executive. Jay Z just did an interview inwhich he stated he didn't believe in Christianity. To say "He WERZ A JEEZUS PEECE SO HE CAIN'T WERSHIP THA DEVIL" is ignorant, and naive. You can't have ever met any rapper and keep a straight face saying that.

    JayZ, Bey, and Gaga are all so heavily steeped in this symbolism to deny it is delusional.

  219. You also say "evil is a learned behavior. Case and point children are naturally happy, the first emotion they show is joy." I beg to differ the FIRST thing they do is CRY!!! It aint tears of joy!!! More over evil is INHERENT in all humans since birth. Dont believe me? Take 2 children just able to crawl put them in a pen drop in a toy they both like and see what happens… They fight until either you brake it up or one submits. If they had the power to do it they would literally kill each other for it. In fact what is the learned behavior is to do GOOD OVER EVIL!!! Humans are INCLINED to do EVIL, young children will take and steal from each other, they will hit and hurt each other, they will sell each other short and lie all the time!!! In fact the BAD KIDS are the kids whose parents DONT TEACH THEM GOOD OVER EVIL!!! If you dont teach your kid NOT to do bad things then more often than not the WILL DO BAD THINGS!!! You didnt teach your kid to be selfish did you? NO you taught them to SHARE!!! You didnt teach them to lie did you? NO you taught them to tell the TRUTH!!! You didnt teach your kid to steal did you? NO you taught them NOT TO TAKE WHAT ISNT THEIRS!!! That list goes on and on bro and you CANNOT deny this. If you do then that means your a terrible parent cuz your teaching them the OPPOSITE of what you should be!!!! My folks didnt teach me to be selfish I just was, they didnt teach me to take things I wanted I just took em, they didnt teach me to lie I just did it, no they taught me to do the OPPOSITE of all of that!!!!

    You also state "So if I live in a house, what sense is it gonna make that the inside is lovely and plush and the outside beat to s**t? C’mon, don’t add up, the outside should reflect the inside and vice versa." Again you seem to read parts of what I post I specifically said that God can bless you financially and you can gain material things. But the point I made was that Jay-Z spiritual fruits are NOT GODLY so if you need to re read wth you stated to me. And just cuz the outside of the house is pretty DONT MEAN THE INSIDE "AINT BEAT TO S**T" but again that falls back to you refusing to see J for what he really is and stands for and how no matter what you cant see him in a bad light. According to what you have posted it dont matter what you say or do as long as you get that money then your blessed by God Physically and Spiritually.

    "Lastly, I never once came at you with no shots" Ya did homie, idc that you did but dont act like you didnt. "Open your eyes and your brainwashed mind. " " You Religious freaks" "God gave you a brain… Use IT!!!! ALL OF IT!!!" Those are direct shots at me(not you people) and my intelligence and my ability to reason plain and simple. Again i dont care that you take shots at me personally its cool I dont get upset at it but I do get upset when right before and after taking shots on me you tell me that you dont or wont lol.

    Also the whole "when saying you people I meant people like you, or whom I feel share the same views of their beliefs….I won’t step down from feeling like you fall in that category" So if I were to say (and I dont not believe this at all up front) People like you are lazy government welfare biters that do nothing but screw stupid women and leave them fatherless children smoke weed sell crack and kill each other all day… You wouldnt see that as a direct shot towards you and pretty much all black people? Come On Bro you would without a DOUBT. So sorry again you can try and dance around it but you called me personally ignorant and many other things multiple times. Again just man up and admit it its cool bro IDC that you say that stuff to me i just care that you tell me you dont!!!

    "U have yet to show me any real proof that this illuminati mumbo jumbo is anything." Well honestly I didnt think it was my job to point out all the proof you have google holmes start researching it for yourself. LOL i really dont think you read my post, you must just skim thru em, ya know kinda like what J said on Renegade. I keep telling you and anyone else I talk to on here dont take my word for it RESEARCH IT YOURSELF. I just hope you do it with an OPEN MIND. But again I already know your so redic bias towards J any proof your gonna dismiss lol.

    "Fat shout to young Hov, considering it not blasphemy to esteem himself just lower than God." Dude do you really know what you just said and equated Jay-Z with?

    Heb 2: 7Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands:

    8Thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet. For in that he put all in subjection under him, he left nothing that is not put under him. But now we see not yet all things put under him.

    9But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.

    Phil 2: 6Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

    7But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:

    8And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

    Man you just tried to equate Jay-Z with Christ!!! Umm ok then man 🙁

    "To be honest the whole t-shirt s**t, seriously? Big deal it’s fashion, so I’m supposed to look up the background of every designer that I like before I buy some s**t?" LMAO obviously you know NOTHING about what that stands for. Its not about a fashion designer at all. WOW the shirt is the slogan of Aleister Crowley the biggest Satanist in the past 150 years. He didnt design shirts he murdered and raped children for and in Satans NAME!!!

    Little info about what Mr. Crowley said and wanted to do:

    "That religion they call Christianity; the devil they honor they call God…it is their God and their religion that I HATE and will Destroy."

    "I was not content to believe in a personal devil and serve him, in the ordinary sense of the word. I wanted to get hold of him personally and become his chief of staff. "

    "After five years of folly and weakness, miscalled politeness, tact, discretion, care for the feeling of others, I am weary of it. I say today: the hell with Christianity,…. I want blasphemy, murder, r**e, revolution, anything, bad or good, but strong."

    This is a man that Jay-Z admires so much he sports his slogan on his chest in a interview so that the world will see it!!! If you really wanna know more about Mr. Crowley and his ties to music then read this

    I doubt you will but if you do then you will understand ALOT more about why I keep bringing up that Shirt and linking it obviously to Jay-Z and Satanism!!!!

    In your last post you went into your personal beliefs stating "I believe in the Holy Trinity, all the above" but then say "I will not fall into the rederic of oh well this is the only way mentality.."

    So you believe in Jesus but you dont believe "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John 14:6)

    You also state "let God work instead of do God’s work for him" Dont you think God WORKS THRU PEOPLE?

    Matt 28: 19Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

    20Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

    Just think if the Apostles and Disciples felt like eh I do me you do you!!! Do you think Jesus ever said that? Or taught that? Have you read Acts? Its all about the Apostles and Disciples going around the world teaching preaching and speaking about Christ!!! If you believe in Christ you should profess Him and say HE IS THE ONLY WAY. Not well you do whatev you want… That is the OPPOSITE of Christ that literally is "DO WHAT THOU WILT"

    Obviously your gonna believe in what you believe in and I am gonna believe in what I believe in. If you believe in Christ then you should spread the Gospel according to Jesus not you do you I do me. And the Truth of Christ is literally EXCLUSIONARY it states that ONLY CHRIST IS THE WAY THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO GOD BESIDES HIM. Jesus def taught this, He did not teach well you can believe whatev you want its cool you can still get to Heaven, yea Buddha yea go head trust him claim his name and teachings thatll get you to the Father.

    I do def believe in a personal RELATIONSHIP with God but God specifically tells us to spread the Word. He doesnt want you to keep it to yourself!!!

    Anyways bro you really need to as I keep stating RESEARCH MR CROWLEY RESEARCH THE ILLUMINATI RESEARCH FREEMASONRY AND COMPARE THIS TO THE BIBLE. I cant force you to but if you were to actually take the next few days to learn about these things then I am SURE you would begin to see what Jay really represents and what he truly wants from you. I pray you investigate into it brother and may God bless you and lead you to the Truth!!!

  220. @ aes

    The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled was Convincing the World that He Did Not Exist- The Usual Suspects

    Here is an insight of your background and mine: You are from the inner city w 2 professional parents who attended church regularly. I was raised in a middle class suburban neighborhood where neither of my parents were professional just blue collar 60+ hr work weeks and could hardly keep up with the bills. My mom had Faith in Christ but never attended a building regularly my father has nothing to do with religion. Both loved music and raised me on music of the secular world. They were all into the Beatles to Pink Floyd to the Doors on and on and on. I have had music in my life since childhood and was never told to think of it as Satanic or anything like that what so ever. I wasnt forced into any type of Faith but my Mom was always there teaching me about Christ, she planted seeds.

    As a teen is when Hip Hop took a big blow up in our culture 88 I was 9 by the time I was 14 it was becoming the juggernaught of Pop music it is now. I loved it. My high school BBall coach gave me Doggystyle and I pumped it non stop over and over for weeks and years. I devoted myself to Hip Hop became an inspiring Emcee. Also as a teen I began doing LOTS of drugs sex and drinking. I ventured many ave of faith from Islam to New Age to Wiccan and everything between, In fact I was AGAINST the Bible and Christ. I HATED the Word of God and gravitated to the all religions pray to the same God we are the world God is in us we can become Gods with knowledge we are evolving ect. You gave me some background on you there is mine.

    I am not like you seem to assume someone who was raised force feed a certain belief and am just spouting it back to you with no thought into what I am saying or believing. Up until about 3 months ago when I really started to research into the Illuminati and the connection to Hollywood and Music I loved Hip Hop!!! I listened to it NON STOP ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!! Again you seem to ignore what I keep relaying to you about these facts. I am not just some guy that has HATED hip hop since day one and was raised to believe these things since birth. In fact we come from what seems like COMPLETELY OPPOSITE upbringings just based on the bit you reveled about yourself. I took a step back and began to REALLY RESEARCH into the claims I had heard about MY FAVORITE ARTISTS AND MUSICIANS. After researching it the mountains of evidence stacked up so high that I could not any longer IGNORE what was staring at me in the face. As much as I didnt want to think this stuff is true I couldnt turn a blind eye to it if I was going to hold the TRUTH AS SELF EVIDENT!!!

    Anyways so you say that you pretty much rejected the Church (just so you know the True Church isnt a building or an Organization its the members of the Body of Christ those whom Believe in Christ as the One True Savior and Lord!!) because you felt that one that you attended didnt care about you but just the money you gave to it. Im just wondering did that Church you attended lock you out if you didnt tithe? Or did they still offer you the same exact message on Sun/Sat whether or not you put money in a basket? I have a feeling that you could go get the same message on Sun/Sat if you put in 0 bucks as the guy who put in 10000.

    So this "realization" caused you to leave the Church and I guess by your admission you gravitated to his J's message of from nothing to something. And if sites like this point out his blatant symbolism that is with out argument affiliated with Freemasonry and the Illuminati then they are just "Hatin"

    You say "Jay to me is a symbol since we wanna talk on this symbollic s**t. He’s a sign of hope! Keep pushin. Don’t let nobody tell you no!! So as far as the bad role model I don’t see it. I see the opposite"

    Ok I guess you cant understand what this site and more over I am saying about Jay-Z. I am not "Hatin" I am pointing out to you that no matter what your belief is he associates Satanic and Illuminati/Freemasonry symbols into all of his videos songs and even his clothing line. The "Roc Diamond" is the Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye of Horus. That is a FACT you cannot dispute this unless you want to be willfully ignorant and willfully blind.

    That link if you click on it shows you his "Roc Diamond" with his eye in it. That is done purposefully and no matter what you try and say it represents the Pyramid w/ the All Seeing Eye of Hours in it. The lower pictures show his clothing line which blatantly have the All Seeing Eye at the Top with the Pyramid Roc symbol the Freemason Handshake the Capless Pyramid all on the background of Sun Rays and Finally the whole damn shirt is surrounded by a SERPENT!!! Jay-Z is constantly displaying Freemason and Satanic Images in everything he releases. Why would someone who truly believes in the God of the Bible consistently display images that are know to outright and openly reject that God? Again I am sure no matter how much EVIDENCE I make you aware of you are going to reject it and insist that J is in no way associated with these groups. Sadly bro you are going to willfully pull the wool over your own eyes and seemingly wantingly be blind to the Facts!!!

    By the way here is the Official Symbol for Rocawear and the R that is stitched into his Jeans:… &

    Here is where he gets these images from FYI: The Rocawear Logo is the Virgo Symbol and the R is the Eye of Horus

    Again I can give 100's of articles that relate the symbols Jay constantly displays as being 100% Masonic and Satanic. I am sure you will deny ALL OF THEM.

    So you also state over and over Jay is a Positive Role Model he is the "epitome of from nothin to somethin" Ok but how can you believe in the Holy Trinity as you state is your last post but yet think Jay-Z represents a Good Role Model. I understand the idea of wanting to come from nothing to something but what about the process of GETTING THERE. Its okay to murder people sell drugs beat and pimp women have children help you run crack vials ect if it means getting you money??!! Bro how can you possibly say you follow and believe in Christ and at the same time say that what Jay represents is positive. The man is all about the LOVE OF MONEY, and you seem to condone anything that he speaks about in achieving this wealth. Even to the point of stating he is a role model for kids!!! WOW homie No he is not you DO NOT want your kid to follow after this man!!! You should want your kid to GET A RESPECTABLE JOB and get AN EDUCATION!!! Not pimp hoes slang crack get f'ed up and party!!! But again I digress, You have made it obvious to everyone who reads this post that you will never view J in anything but a positive light ever. In your eyes he can do NO WRONG!!!

    Also to the devil aspect. 1 re read my quote i lead off with 2 how can you possibly believe in Christ but deny Satan? Jesus and God CONSTANTLY speak of the Devil, Lucifer, Satan, the Man of sin the Son of perdition. Bro he exists, and you have fallen into the 1st trap he sets, making the world think he doesnt exist. Even if you DONT believe he exists the groups that J is affiliated with or at the very least displays their symbols on everything he releases def believe he exists and they are working to bring about Satan in the form man the opposite of Christ, The Antichrist!!!

    You say "There’s a chance we both can be right! But the minit you put a right or a wrong in front or stand behind one as more right you are not fully understanding the other side." Nah bro we cant both be right about this sorry either Satan exists or he doesnt point blank. You have to choose a side and its redic to say that if you choose a side you cant fully understand the other side. No I 100% fully understand the side of the devil doesnt exist and IMO and in the Word of God and the Holy Trinity the Devil exists. You actually rebuke your own logic in that assertion. I say the Devil exists you say he doesnt by your logic since you have picked a side means you dont fully understand the side of the Devil existing, In fact that whole logic means there is NO TRUTH about anything at all ever. Lol sorry but there are TRUTHS and there are LIES!!! You can either accept Truth or accept Lies period.

  221. Perhaps Lady Gaga isn’t a puppet.

    This is just a theory, but I believe that Lady Gaga (and Kanye West for that matter) could serve as double agents, trying to open the eyes of the mainstream.

    I believe that both are aware of proj.MK, the Illuminati, all of it, but haven’t yet suffered the various degrees of mind control, or maybe aren’t quite as “broken” as the others.

    Note that out of all the potential-marionettes, Lady Gaga is the most eye catching, draws the most attention to herself. Out of all the subtly of the others, she is the only woman being blatant with her symbolism (the same with Kanye. He’s seen as the one in the Baphomet shirt, instead of something downplayed like Jay-Z’s subtle Eye of Horus/Roccafella shirts or hats.) Few pay attention to those in the loop, perhaps Kanye and Lady Gaga are being more obvious than others to make mainstream sit up and pay attention. (This may account for the stunner shades/blind-shades. Not a covered left eye, but both eyes somewhat hidden, but still able to see out; to see the truth. A double agent of sorts.)

    I also believe this is why their combined ‘Fame Kills’ concert was cancelled. Maybe Kanye didn’t bounce to India to hide in shame after the infamous “I’mma let you finish” but for spiritual purification.

  222. Thank you for this site! I love how you dissect the videos using factual information but manage to do so from a completely objective viewpoint…forcing people to draw their own conclusions. Please continue the great work!

    <3 meee

  223. Even if people didn't believe in symbolism, they can't not believe that people like jayz/gaga/rhianna do. Like you said it's just to obvious.

  224. homeboy i agreed with ur articles completely i started reading them with the umbrella video and followed it to run this town and now this one, on to the next one! the only thing i dont agree with u on is rihanna im not completely sure she's not aware of what she's now apart of in fact i think she is aware and thrives on the darkness and illwill jay is trying to promote, i think she is down with it all!!!! HOWEVER, i dont think beyonce is aware of who her husband is and what kind of s**t he's into, im mean she's spent her whole life in the church and i hope she's not foolish enough to turn her back on the lord at this point, but it will all come to the light and we shall see, until then keep doing what u doing and i will be keeping an eye on my ex-idol!!!

  225. People will never accept that the industry is tainted with FMs and corporate instigators. It's so clear from this video and others, that they don't care if people see the symbolism. The FMs showing their signs is the next step to success for them, 'coming out'. In Jay Z's interview about this video, he's so laid back and fobbing everyone off, by laughing it off. For someone who is meant to have a good strict christian valued wife, he doesn't half act bothered. He denies Christianity, Islam and all religions, he does not believe in Hell. COULDA FOOLED ME! This video, is mad intense. So many FMs symbols, i actually felt scared watching it. The repetition in the background has gotta mean something i'm sure of it.

    I realised how quick all my friends are to defend beyonce, rihanna and jay z. To be honest, they threw up theyre hands and bowed their heads and yelled HOV. It's brainwashing to the highest degree. It's scary how much of a transition these few artists have gone through. Lady Gaga was no one, to most downloaded artist ever. Rihanna, from rags to riches. Beyonce, from good girl to bad girl. Jay Z to power hungry successful 'hip hop mogul'. It's mad scary how influential these people are in our lives, what we wear, buy, eat,say… We just gotta keep promoting knowledge, and one day- knowledge against these brainwashed hate incited fools will win.

  226. People will never accept that the industry is tainted with freemasons and corporate instigators. It's so clear from this video and others, that they don't care if people see the symbolism. The freemasons showing their signs is the next step to success for them, 'coming out'. In Jay Z's interview about this video, he's so laid back and fobbing everyone off, by laughing it off. For someone who is meant to have a good strict christian valued wife, he doesn't half act bothered. He denies Christianity, Islam and all religions, he does not believe in Hell. COULDA FOOLED ME! This video, is mad intense. So many freemasonry symbols, i actually felt scared watching it. The repetition in the background has gotta mean something i'm sure of it.

    I realised how quick all my frienda are to defend beyonce, rihanna and jay z. To be honest, they threw up theyre hands and bowed their heads and yelled HOV. It's brainwashing to the highest degree. It's scary how much of a transition these few artists have gone through. Lady Gaga was no one, to most downloaded artist ever. Rihanna, from rags to riches. Beyonce, from good girl to bad girl. Jay Z to power hungry successful 'hip hop mogul'. It's mad scary how influential these people are in our lives, what we wear, buy, eat,say… We just gotta keep promoting knowledge, and one day- knowledge against these brainwashed hate incited fools will win.

  227. @danny January 16th, 2010 3:26 pm

    Did anybody notice what barbara bush said on jan 14 2010 at 10:24 check the comments (960) just go up the page she said

    You surely must be joking, at least I hope so for the sake of critical thought….

  228. " By night I went out through the Valley Gate toward the Jackal [a] Well and the Dung Gate, examining the walls of Jerusalem, which had been broken down, and its gates, which had been destroyed by fire."

  229. For starters I never smoked or done drugs a day in my life, so that whole high thing is out the window.. Sorry 🙁 . Now to answer your question about being close minded, your belief system has had you make the choince that what you believe is law! Tha's fine and cool no harm no foul. Do you!! I however believe what I believe no matter what, I do, however, and will listen and take into consideration others belifs from an objective point. I believe in the Holy Trinity, all the above. I will not fall into the rederic of oh well this is the only way mentality..

    It (Christianity) is s'posed to be a lifestyle, sorry to inform it is not… So sad :(. It's a denomination, a sect a group. If you live like Jesus and really understand how Jesus lived, you'd see that Jesus didn't do a whole lot of judging and was not judgemental at all. Actually he was very forgiving. Maybe as a believer we should trade in some of that passion for Christ for the compassions of Christ. Maybe as believers we should do our Ephesians prayer and let God work instead of do God's work for him. My mother says God made the workd in a day… And it was good!! Meanin I don't know maybe he's a lil more adept than I am at gettin the job done… I'm jus sayin…

    Well to correct you for me I can't speak of Jiva, I will say this though. You speak of the leaves being sway with every wind of doctorine.. For some that may apply. For me? Nots'ma-ich (Borat voice) Reason being I don't base what I believe on doctorine. Actually very little of what I believe about anything is based on what is written or printed or on a doctorine. I base everything off of RELATIONSHIP. Sorry if that doesn't work for you, but it does for me. There is no question of if my heart is in the right place. Trust the last thing I wanna do is get you confused on what you believe or anything like that. But when people like you can't accept my arguments or points, and say well that doesn't matter all that matters to m e is thus and such…. I'm like beat it, the hell are we even talkin for? Why are you responding to what I say? It's a mute point, pointless to even talk to you. I can at least for Daciple say that there was a back and forth dialogue.

    And that's where you're wrong, the minit you say this is better than that, you seperate set aside. Segregate maybe in your language Sanctify. Tha's not what Jesus was about at all, Jesus if you follow any of the teachings of Jesus he brought together.The second you pull stunts like I feel like my "lifestyle is the best" (better than yours) you go into an area Jesus/God don't want you to go, you go into ostrisizing, never once in my bible did I see Jesus do that. God did it, but then He saw what his decision caused and hence you have rainbows, a symbol. It is about if you want to be technical to the letter of the law, about Growing up the Body of Christ. That and me having a relationship with the Almighty.

    Furthermore Ma… You ask the question of what my purpose is? It's s'posed to be what yours is, but I guess some of us missed the memo!!! Idk, I'm jus sayin… My purpose is to be a beacon of light in a dark place, let the love of God shine through me! Because amidst all the negative and evil out here, LOVE conquers all!!! I can attest to that!!! You make very little sense to say have no regard for Christ if I don't choose to believe in the devil… Huh?…. C'mon… seriously? Jesus= Real, all power, all glory, all honor… Devil =? You make it seem as if they're some Yin/yang connected to balance the universe. If there is a devil it is the sin nature in us all.. Get it right, cuz I know my s**t!!

    "Can’t nobody minister or talk to me like Jesus! Praise Him!!!"

    If that be the case, well praise'm saint!! But I for one want to believe what I believe not because somebody stood somewhere and taught me something and it made me feel good or feel conviction. I'm gonna believe it because I tried tested and proven it to be the TRUTH not a truth. And make no mistake at all da'lin I'm not frustrated or angry or whatever you wanna call it. I'm jus givin you the real from where I see it, if you wanna keep your eyes closed, cool, so be it…So maybe as a "Crhistian" who has actually tested and shaken his faith, and come back to the Faith bein THE TRUTH, being closed minded is a compliment. But for those who believe it based on "Spare- Rituals" nots'mu-ich!!!

    Lastly… God has never been playing and the spiritual realm has been moving and shakin so what are you sayin?

    If I don't knooow, Now I know?

    Heh, I've always known/

    Even to when I thought as a child,

    a child, but now I'm grown/

    So to clarify, the arguments of what is believed is not what frustrates me. What frustrates me is when you feel your faith (not you per se) being challenged, instead of defending your faith with faith you lash out and attack those whom bring other insight to what they believe. Then you feel like what you believe everyone should believe it because you do.. I feel like this, in my pursuit for perfection I got my work cut out for me. So for me to be worrying about someone else's imperfection, that takes me away from me being perfect… So lemme clean this up for you!! U just do u, I'm gon do me!!

    Anything elsh Shweethawt?? Lol

  230. When i first heard this on bbc 1xtra, it freaked me out. Just the repetition, but i started liking it so i looked at the video. is it just me or at 00:36, the ink splatter, jesus's face is smack bang in the middle of it?

  231. Oh btw has anyone made any sense of the chanting in the backround? (playing in backwards or whatever) Would be appreciated 🙂

  232. I just wanted to make note of the crows held in the glass cage, their positioning forms a pentacle star.

  233. @ Aes, why is having a BELIEF have to be religious. Christianity is a lifestyle not a religion. Christians follow Christ. Christian is my name, my subtitle, my way of living. I don't just talk about Jesus on Sundays I follow Him every single day. I do my very best to walk and talk just like him. It's never a religious debate for me. It's never that CHRISTIANS are closed minded. People like you and Jiva just get frustrated because we cannot be swayed, our vote has been made, we casted it and it stays. We're not blown by every wind of doctrine. Or by the doctrine of WHAT FEELS GOOD…DO IT! or DO WHAT THOU WILT. Christian is the greatest because it's not all about self. So @EveryKneeShallBow. Amen!! @Please Listen Amen and Selah.

    So…when you say close minded i actually appreciate that as a Christian i really do. Because i know God is real i know Christ is reallll i know the Holy Spirit is real. Can't nobody minister or talk to me like Jesus! Praise Him!!! Can't nobody Sway my vote so Close minded i shall be PA PA!! lol

  234. Aes are you high? You talk like you're high. Like i can picture a high person talking like that. It's amazing that you talk how you type. Like i totally get a "high" vibe from you. The occult does matter, the occult is big "pa-pa" as you would say. Gracious. People don't get that God is not playing no more!! There are things happening in the spirtual realm. And if you don't know now you know! WHAT PURPOSE DO YOU HAVE AES IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN THE DEVIL, HAVE NO REGARD FOR CHRIST. WHERE IS YOUR PURPOSE

  235. Did anybody notice what barbara bush said on jan 14 2010 at 10:24 check the comments (960) just go up the page she said

    960.Barbara Bush January 14th, 2010 10:24 am :

    Well you guys are right – there is an Illuminati, but you are giving us waaaay too much credit.

    I first joined in 1946 because I was smitten with a young man…oh George was such a cutup in those days, running around making “devil horns” on his head and making us all laugh.

    But seriously, we’re pretty disorganized these days. Karl Rove totally lost the meeting archives – thanks a lot – because he forgot to back up his computer.

    I won’t even tell you what Charo and Tom Jones did at last year’s Christmas – er, I mean Baphomet – party…

    Anyway, toodles for now – check into signing up with us in a couple of months though. We’re offering some AWESOME baseball hats for “March Madness.”

    Peace Out


  236. Hey so i am on your site almost everyday and i love your articles! I was watching this video and noticed when the fired flames up it a picture of jesus. Go to the 36 seconds of the video!

  237. the fiery basketballs remind me….a few wks ago. i was watching a paramount pictures movie and noted that in the beginning are lots of stars falling kinda like a meteor shower which then descend in an arc then form another arc (much like the halo in the vid) around a 3D pyramid-shaped mountain.
    some of the stars are comme the baphomet symbol. another interesting bit, yesterday i was watching music vids n saw a teairra marie (i think) ft florida track, cause a scene, what was interesting was the neon paint the dancers were wearing in the latter part of the vid. they had that same baphomet-type star on the left shoulder one dancer has the carter III symbol on the right leg. she still signed to rockerfella? thanks for helping open my eyes vig. i get wiser from your articles.

  238. so Mike didn't Overdose?

    Does this only refer to Music? Cuz I mean since we speculatin, Michael Jordan is an Icon and you know the s**t wit Tiger is hittin the fan :/ … I'm jus sayin though

  239. Yo stay with me money.. Because I'm gonna go back and forth with you, read and respond so let's get the proceedings proceedin this evenin…. Lol ( Jay line, my bad)

    1. Okay let's start here. I'll explain my JIgga-man logic, so stay wit me don't lose me. As a young black man having grown up in an inner city, I know what it's like to feel a sense of hopeless and desperation to get out, to get better. Youngest of 3, having 2 professionals for parents and still living right at our means I can kinda appreciate the desire for more and a better quality of living. Understand I was raised in the church! I loved the church, until… I realized that the church loved not me my tithes.

    So then I, ran up the town saught them dudes to trust/ I don't know what the hell they thought.. Them dudes is foul jus like us/ ( my bad another Jay line) Stay wit me..Long story short I struggled, and I had a strong relationship with God. Had a long talk asked y asked for the truth and the truth became revealed to me. I can't give you s**t! U gotta go out there and get it! Mind u I was taught secular music was of the devil and such music worshipped him. (On to Jay-Z)

    "In order for a man to survive he needs Hustle"

    I naturaly gracitated toward the image that Jay portrayed. from nothin to whatever I want. If tha's not enough to explain I'll go further. To me he is the epitome of from nothin to somethin. So when you get on websites like this it sounds like HATE. When a (pardon my vernacular) n***a gettin it you gotta notha group tryin to pull'em down. I my friends will be something! I can't allow you to say that just because I strive to do better and have s**t that I worship the devil. Jay to me is a symbol since we wanna talk on this symbollic s**t. He's a sign of hope! Keep pushin. Don't let nobody tell you no!! So as far as the bad role model I don't see it. I see the opposite, all the success he's recieved as a n***a from the hood accepted into corporate America, where they really don't like my black ass… But they gotta respect my paypa though, I say, kiss my ass! I told you I would make it YO!/ (my s**t: :)) I don't believe in the devil or the devil having power so he doesn't ewxist to me.. He's as real as the boogie man. Historically since the beginning man has looked to place blame elswhere when it is really an internal matter. A matter of the heart nonetheless. The whole devil, Satan, lucifer was a ploy used to say okay well now we can blame someone for our inner evil. Thre is no devil! He is used to represent the evil since God is good. It's too much to grasp that people have bad in them. Be4 I go to far on my Psycho analytical s**t. That evil inside us all is what makes us unique. The constant struggle of that good and evil. I do, however, agree the overall nature of people is good, it's just that evil is a learned behavior. Case and point children are naturally happy, the first emotion they show is joy. Which brings my next point, the belief system, this is all based on what I believe, I believe nothing is powered until you give it Power (over you) U know the whole bound.. loosed theory. Fear, faith thing. So tha's what I meant by attacking a belief system. I never debate with you on your beliefs, my thing is he Do U! There's a chance we both can be right! But the minit you put a right or a wrong in front or stand behind one as more right you are not fully understanding the other side. So in all your getting get an understanding!

    2. I don't know what comes next, I'll make this one a quick hit, as far as positive role model being killed off.. To be honest I don't see it! I have several positive BLACK male role models I feed off of and still to this day feed off. As far as in the publics eye I don't see it, I have several positive BLACK male role model aside from Jay-Z who I would like my son to be like. See to me a role model is human they mess up but they have what a lot of people lack Character. U can't buy sell nor imitate character cuz sooner or later the truth is gonna show. Truth is the whole Pac thing was him gettin pimped by his label so he like gotta get back type of thing. Yeah he had a problem with politics and the government stand in line who doesn't? I don't believe his death was a conspiracy I feel like he had made some bad decisions and connections and they bit him in the ass!!

    3. Yeah and tha's true Jesus did teach that, but those were fruit in the SPIRIT. These fruit refer to a inner quality of fruit. C'mon you know the man is both spiritual and natural. This flesh is merely a shell! So if I live in a house, what sense is it gonna make that the inside is lovely and plush and the outside beat to s**t? C'mon, don't add up, the outside should reflect the inside and vice versa. Another point of my opinion of Jigga. But then again there's where my beliefs stem, tha's what I was taught tha's what makes sense to me. And actually Jesus pose question, "what good is it for a man to gain everything and lose his soul?", furthermore I believe that all good things come from God. Yes even music is good!!! Stay with me I'm tryin to address all your concerns….

    4. Lastly, I never once came at you with no shots, I, when saying you people I meant people like you, or whom I feel share the same views of their beliefs. I was saying in general the people whom I had come in direct contact with, who expressed the same vantage points as you on their doggedness to what they believe. I feel that that type of bullheadedness shows ignorance. I won't step down from feeling like you fall in that category but I never once called you yourself ignorant. I mean it's like this is the shoe fits, when in rome… U put your shoes on like romans!!

    U have yet to show me any real proof that this illuminati mumbo jumbo is anything. All anybody has done is say hey this looks like this and this sounds like that, So this could mean this and this could mean that. At the end of the day it's all based on speculation. I'm sayin, who gives a sittin s**t?! And so?! If he is he makes good music he has multiple sucessful business ventures has an incredible nack for marketting.. Hey applaud the guy.. Fat shout to young Hov, considering it not blasphemy to esteem himself just lower than God. To be honest the whole t-shirt s**t, seriously? Big deal it's fashion, so I'm supposed to look up the background of every designer that I like before I buy some s**t?

    Wait I getit… We s'posed to go back to togas and chunglettas. No problema pa pa. C'mon people it's bigger s**t goin on here!!! Let's stop destroying and lets build!! and re-build, this Haiti s**t popped off and we talkin bouta damn shirt and symbols…

    Art imitates life, yeah but s**t get's real up in the Matrix/

    images, and usage of symbols is fine.

    But in this urban jungle you can't fake s**t/

    Yeah Jay may not be perfect, yeah he may say some s**t in his rhymes… get over it it's music!! Yeah he may not stand for exactly what I stand for, but epitomizes, s**t get's hard hey you can stand more. He's the hip hop Obama, sky is the limit. As long as you have a dream you'll never live it out completely cuz you'll never stop dreamin!!!!

    "Lil Boy from brooklyn,

    Made it out the Stuy/

    Girl from the southside,

    Made it to the Chi/

    That jus goes to show

    the limit is the sky/

    When life hands you lemons,

    U make lemon pie/"

    Jay-Z Freestyle on the Oprah show, if that ain't a pep talk I don't know what is?

  240. @Rec Exec is just another misinformed person being laughed at by those he associates with or he is in on Jay Z's mission to promote the dark occult by pretending that somebody masquerading as light isn't as dark as their actions demonstrate.

    1) Jay Z has outed himself as a servant of the dark occult. No, he is not the master or a master because he is being used. Probably he will find this out too late. The negative energy flowing from his constant worship of himself as a so called god and money means we don't have to condemn him – by his fruits we know him/

    2) The Five Percenters buy into the ultimate lie – they are so called 'gods'. The worship of oneself leads to the evi path. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, all the dark leaders in history have worshipped themselves/power/material gain. The Five Percenters can call themselves 'muslim' ti the end of the world but they are not. By real Muslim beliefs they are blasphemers as they worship themselves and denigrate God by calling themselves gods or believing they can achieve that state.

    3) The spin off sect in Brooklyn that rec exec refers to was noted for scandals including brainwashing and abuse of the followers, as well as other scandals. This is no advertisement for Jay Z to say he was associated with such degenerate people.

    4) Jay Z wears a Jesus piece mockingly as do a number of other rappers and celebrities who metaphorically spit on Christianity. His Baphomet imagery is not about balance – it is about occult worship. Note he goes to Africa and does these other things all with the new world order organisations that want to put humanity on a tighter than ever leash and want to de populate Africa. If he was genuine he would work with pro Black/pro African groups who oppose the evil of eugenics and 'population control' which is mostly code for reducing numbers of people such as Blacks. Middle Eastern people etc as well as the most vulnerable people who have no buying power.

    5) You can help defeat the barrage of Jay Z and others' propaganda. Don't buy anything of theirs, spread the world. They worship money and their overlords use them to make it.

  241. @aes lol hope you read the comment above me the AC site thanks JAY-Z hahahaha wow how much more proof do you need bro. Sorry if that one joking shot at you offended you that much it was a joke. I honestly apologize I meant it in jest and dont think any less of you or your intelligence as a Human Being. I was just trying to make the point which you make clear that no matter what evidence is presented to you, you will continue to deny that not only is Jay-Z a bad role model but he isnt in anyway involved with any type of Satanic or Illuminati affiliations.

    You are correct about the Dead Sea Scroll and I should of been more clear its the Old Testament, and I understand that somethings have been added to the New Testament but even the New Testament you buy tells you this.

    The point I keep making is simple Jay-Z is at best a terrible role model for people esp children (as a father if you have kids under 13-14 I hope and pray you dont subject them to his music) and at worst is part of the Illuminati who worships Lucifer. You STILL HAVE NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT HIS DO WHAT THOU WILT T SHIRT? Why is this? That will be 3 times I blatantly ask you about it.

    In the mass majority of my posts to you I havent focused on anything you believe in terms of your personal faith nor religion whatsoever. Everything I was speaking directly to you about concerned Jay-Z except for when you bring up MY FAITH and Belief in the Bible. I have no clue what you believe in nor have I asked or spoken about your personal belief system. I have stayed with you strictly to the topic of Jay-Z but you INSIST on bringing up MY faith into EVERY post about me lol its funny stuff. Wonder who is attacking whom on the case of belief of their personal Faith and Religion.

    As to that when have I ever once stated you nor anyone else cant believe in whatever they wish. I swear you really dont read what I type I have stated at least 5-10 times on this board God gives all of us the choice to believe in ANYTHING they want. I just make the point that there is 1 and only 1 truth and many lies. Thats it what can you not grasp about that?

    The funny thing about your last 2 posts is you accuse me of being closed minded fine whatev but look in the mirror, in terms of Jay-Z which is what 95% of our discussion has revolved around you my friend are close minded. Nothing I say or show you will EVER get you to admit that at best Jay-Z is a bad role model at worst he is part of the Illuminati. Just admit that NOTHING will sway you from thinking Jay-Z is a good guy!!!

    I also find it hilarious that you shrug off the extremely valid point I make about Positive Black Role Models being killed. You go off on a tangent about La Revolucion ect. That is sad if not only as a Black Person but as a member of American Society it doesnt upset you that Vocal Positive Role Models who want to bring about true change in Society are murdered off. And you go so far as to tell me to get the f**k outta here for mentioning it. Wow that just sad bro completely sad 🙁

    As to Tupac I mentioned that he sold his soul to the Powers that Be in exchange for the money women and power, the same as Jay-Z. Difference is 2Pac wised up tried to escape and got shot for it. He isnt a Martyr he just got what was coming to him, if you play with fire you get burnt and you dont bite the hand that feeds you. If Jay-Z ever tries and speak out about who it is that is running s**t Trust me he would meet the same fate as Pac.

    You can choose to look at it as art if you want thats fine, but doesnt the saying go Art Imitates Life?

    Again you bring up the Idea of Fruits in your last post. I have shown you that Biblically fruits are not material wealth gain or success. If you want to keep insisting that it is fine you can but that is NOT what the bible is speaking of when it talks about Fruits period. Again i can confront you with the same ? I posed last time that you ignored. If a man admits to being a Satanist say F' God and literally burns a Bible but is successful at everything he does and has great wealth to you that means he bears Good Fruits?

    Now please do not get the idea that I think that if one is wealthy that he has sold his soul and that the Lord cant provide people with Material Blessings and Gains, but again you need to realize that just cuz someone does have success or material wealth and gain that he is getting the Blessings from the Lord. I again point you to what Jesus taught but you ignored it in my last post and will prob ignore it in this one. He taught that one CAN literally sell his soul and still posses the ENTIRE WORLD!!! If you can not grasp that concept that we as humans can bargain w Satan himself and exchange our souls for material success and gain fine so be it.

    So we get this all clear and up front I have NOT ONCE EVERY spoken about your Faith and Belief System at all. I have only challenged you on the concept of Fruit and what is taught in the Bible and pointed out that you are completely and totally and utterly BIAS towards Jay-Z and I only mentioned all of that because you said "U even said you’re not a Jay-fan there my friend is a skewed bias if I’ve ever seen one" I made the counter point to you that it wouldnt matter which rapper you wanna choose Ill show you how they are affiliated in some way with the Illuminati. I guess you failed to read that.

    In just about every single post to me you mention that I am a Religious Fanatic or better yet Freak am closed minded continually label me as "you people" (being a black person wow lol really wanna use that term in describing someone) tell me I dont use my brain and am brainwashed . You also state that I am naive and ignorant. You also state I LIE on GOD.

    Thats whateve just dont ever state to me again that "I’m really starting to get annoyed and disturbed, but unlike you Daciple I won’t attack you or your character."

    Lets get it clear holmes as much you want to believe that you havent attacked me or my character you mos def and assuredly have multiple times over and over. Just dont deny it bro thats all. I admit that I made a joke about your redic bias towards Jay-Z and that you are goin to stay closed minded to any negative information on him. I also have stated that you are washing your mind with crap when you listen to him but that is not at all to state that you are brainwashed in the sense you cant make informed decisions or take in other idealistics and that you came to your conclusions about life god ect without diligent research ect. You know what you accuse me of.

    In ending its safe to say that you love Jay-Z and no matter what info you are presented to you you wont view him in a neg light. So be it.And according to you I am a brainwashed Religious Freak who is naive and ignorant.

    Lets just let the posts we have put up express who is attacking whom.

    No matter what you either ignore huge points and questions I post to you or side step the direct question with rants on 2pac and revolution crap. In the end I hope you wise up and see what him and most all other mainstream artists want to lead you to. I also pray that if you havent you give your life over to Christ and even if you dont like me I have NO problems with you as a person what so ever and pray that the Lord blesses you and your family!!!

  242. Quote::: The industry WANTS to reveal its true nature..

    The industry HAS to reveal itself…It is all part of the GREAT PLAN..

    Vigilant is part of that plan..

    He is good at it too…

  243. And to address your powerful black man assassination theory. Dude! Off that!! Malcolm, Martin, Jesus maybe. 2Pac? Stop it!

    Here another dude making this "vigilant" aggressive poet his hero, and because his hero dies he's now a Martyr!!! I guess the powers that be killed Biggie too?!!

    Dude why don't you just form a band of brothers and lead a Revolution!!!

    "the Revolution will not be Televised" the fukk outta here wit that!! You people have no appreciation of art and entertainment.

    I'm really starting to get annoyed and disturbed, but unlike you Daciple I won't attack you oryour character. I on the other hand attack your words and or actions. The issue here is not what is being done, it's what is seen and what paradigm you view it from. I look at it as art. U people look at it as an attack on your God, for someone to express views and opinions that differ from what you believe. The greatest sin I feel is to mock God and deny his power. For he is real!!

    But unlike some whom I've had the honor of encountering I, when my faith is challenged or shaken don't lash out with anger, as history teaches us gets us nowhere fast and dead faster. I use an intellegent approach.

    I can't justify God being a good merciful and loving Father, but will have us live a sheltered, deprived, sad unhappy lives. Religion tells us a lot of what we can't and shouldn't do and offers suggestions on what shoudl be donefor fun and satisfaction. I don't feel what I'm being taught is the will of God for my life. I judgea literal tree by the type and the quality of fruit that come off of it. If it's an apple tree and it's producin withered oranges tha's a problem. Even Jesus said tree you s'posed to be makin fixed you're outta here, you're 86'd. and the tree died.

    C'mon B it's a lot of stories, the man with the talent, and he burried it?!!! I'm not gonna live miserable and struggle for a greater reward when I get to heaven. I strive to be successful and bare good fruit becuse I have a need for it in this life. And I being a good father want to leave an inheritance to my children.

    Think if I were created in the image and likeness of God, and I deny my inate instinct of Good, Love, Mrecy and Understanding, hos is it that I'm not denying the "GOD" in me. You people lie on God to make Him this Angered diety and this vengeful being, but teach that we should have compassion and be gracious to our fellow brothers. At some level you have to see that does not make sense. God gave you a brain… Use IT!!!! ALL OF IT!!!

  244. Daciple you pullin a Jiva moove B. Tha's why I have a problem and stay away from debates with you closed minded "religious" people.

    Now instead of addressing my arguments and the content of what I'm saying. U attack me. Instead of addressign the internal conflict you bring it to me. U get upset. A true sign of ignorance and maybe (from my standpoint) an attack on your faith. Look dude all I really was saying is everyone doesn't have to believe what you believe and you are in no position to judge. You Religious freaks are so "HELL" bent on what you believe you leave no chance of reason like hey could I be wrong. Another sign of sheer ignorance and lack of intellegence/ intellect.

    As in proving and disproving (just FYI) one starts by taking what they feel to be true and disprove that first, before even looking at the other possibilities as true or not true. Just further shows that some church going bible totin, holy ghost shoutin folks are so naive and ignorant. And they probably don't know what ignorance is. The lack of knowledge, uninformed, unlearned etc.

    Case in point every civilization believes in a sort of a higher power. We all believe in an origin that goes and starts way before us. This is not no damn coincidence. Open your eyes and your brainwashed mind. If you did research on various cultures and the belief system of that particular region, you'd see the bible is largely a collage of all those put together. Since a civilization such as our and less primitive cultures like ours are melting pots. But Unlike you daciple I feel like you are free to believe what you will..

    You trying to take credibility from what I believe doesn't add any credibility to what you believe… In fact when you attack someone based on what they believe, that actually makes what you believe less credible my dude..

    Oh yeah and that dead sea scroll is not the whole bible my dude!!

    Peace God!!

  245. @lady muck- keep raking the muck cause you got your s**t down pretty good.. only the music thing didnt start now, it wa always in it- even sinatra was one of them– back to pop culture- from madonna's first video- lucky star–(people think she just got into it- she sold herself to them just like mj from day 1) death metal – seen some slayer albums> baphomet all over them- list goes on and on …

    anyhoos true story i have a big marketing client- recently went to their office and low and behold they re-painted changed their colors to black and white all over the main office and when you walk in – they have a screen usually showing some of their clients they are promoting or some latest thing coming out in the marketing world- what do they have on the screen now> an eye ball- a human eye ball thats not moving or anything, no commercial or show, its just a human eyeball taking up the whole screen from 9 to 5 they have it up…

  246. @ Jack: I think Jany-Z and the director's responses is pure BS. Obviously they will never admit they are part of the illuminati/freemasons/luciferians.

  247. I'm not sure if you guys or Vigilant have read this yet, but Jay-Z recently addressed the allegations of him being a devil worshiper and the like. This quote is taken straight from

    "If people must know my religious beliefs, I believe in one God. I don't believe in religion. I don't believe in Christians or Muslims. I think all that seperates people. I think it's one God. I think it's all the same God, and I don't believe in Hell. Am I a part of some sect or cult? That sounds stupid to me. It's like ignorant to even say…I can't even get in a golf club in Palm Springs. I'm from Marcy Projects. Just think about that."

    He went on to say he doesn't believe there is one organization that runs the world, more like different cliques with large amounts of influence (i.e. Obama's circle).

    The director of the On To The Next One video says the general public is "visually illiterate" and got the message behind the video twisted. He says:

    "The idea is actually about a funeral for old imagery and ideas, hence all the gothic and oppressive stuff. I was also trying to contradict the excess of hip-hop videos by making something brutally simple and claustrophobic."

    So Vigilant, what do you think about Jay-Z and the director's responses?

  248. Black Magic when I use the term Magic and the meaning of magic I am not talking about saying a few spells and pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I am talking about the depth behind the meaning..

    Magic is not magic it just doesn't just happen there is a whole darker side to it, I won't try and get into it all as I don't clearly understand it myself and not sure if I want to..

    Magic falls under various catergoieres

    Witch Craft, Voodoo, Talking to the dead, Physic powers, the gift of second sight, reading tarot cards etc etc and so on and so on… the list is endless.

    In the Babylonian times they called it Sorcery and prayed to various gods, calling upon these gods for various things. Check out the book below by Leonard W. King. (I am not saying practice this for reference only)
    Now the Ancient Egyptian magic was similar to the babylonian arts now we all roughly know the Bible story about the Babylonian- Tower of Babel but what we didn't know is that the Babylonians developed an abstract form of writing based on cuneiform symbols not only that they had an advanced number system, in some ways more advanced than our present system!

    Okay so the story goes they offended god by building the tower so God separated the people to different lands and languages to frustrate their self-destructive plans. However he did not destroy their religious beliefs which is why maybe the Egyptian, Geek, Roman and many other beliefs are so similar.

    Now these Babylonians also believed in one god however the god they served brought them knowledge of sorcery and the dark arts. Now apparently according to the Bible when god banished Satan from heaven and his angels he fell to the earth and landed in Africa. It is said who ever controls Babylon controls the world! Now babylon on the map was not far from egypt as we can see on the map
    and according to todays Map babylon today is in Iraq When America went to war with Iraq people we confused on the real intensions. After taking over Iraq the United Nation started to re-build the ruins of Babylon I don't know about you but my alarm bells started ringing! !

    could this have been the real intentions of the US government for starting the war in the first place we just don't know.

    So anyway in Ancient Egypt and also in Ancient Greece they used various ways in casting spells and foreseeing the future. Many of which was the summouring of the gods or calling upon the gods whatever you want to call it. The greeks had the method of using various numbers and the astrogolgy of the stars.

    One method which stuck out to me was the use of certain method I know as Magic squares where you place certain numbers in a box with small boxes within it. We al learnt it in Maths in school ( i was always crap at it) however when you place certain numbers to add up to a total of 666 it calls upon different gods or demons. It is still used today by certain cults, and also the use of numbers such as 3. Numbers play a huge part in witchcraft if you look at a weeja board it is also numbered.

    Anyway maybe the book of the dead did or did not exist but all these things came out of babylon and egypt you can't ignore that and maybe when the Romans invaded and conquered Egypt they brought the knowledge of these practices out with them. Have you ever wondered why we only get taught Ancient Greek and Roman and about the Persians in History (UK student anyway not sure about the rest of the world). Why don't we learn about the English history or why does it only briefly touches upon the viking history or celtic which was original history of England why does the government push us so much to learn about ancient mythology. just look at our calendar and the days of the week Monday, tuesday wednesday thursday and so on are names of all gods so are the days of the month. The saying Happy monday comes from the celebrations of the gods for a christian country they sure are into the pagan ways. Maybe this was down to the templar knights history I touched upon before, how they had to hide all the pagan religious beliefs within christianity and the catholic church to keep themselves from being beheaded or burnt at the stake.

    When the Templar Knights escaped to the New world from Britain which was also named Atlantis before becoming America. They had plans using the Royalty and politicians they gained financial backing to turn the new world into the New Atlantis up holding the old ways of babylon. You dont have to look into the illuminati to look up the rise of atlantis you can search data on the UN yep that right the UN government and how they want to bring in a New World Order. One ruler to rule ALL nations, one currency to be used throughout the world, one governments and its rules. All these the idea of the Ancient egyptians and the Babylonians.

    A few months ago I came across this video about Bohemian Grove and the going on that takes place there by world leaders. They abuse children whom are under the MONARCH programming but that doesn't really shock me as occasionally we hear about the catholic church under investigation for the abuse of young boys under there influences so we know that does goes on and in away we have accepted it in a sub conscious way. There has even been cases of Homosexual activities that take place there (maybe jay-z is a member as your all calling him gay lol) where these going on have been joked about and even mocked in society today. What concerns me deeply is the worshipping of a certain statue or large rock shaped like an owl. There has been reporting of human scarifies which take place there. Yep these are world leaders that are in power or have been in power!! There are books written on it and they even had their own magazine which got published and documented videos (check them out for yourselves). so we know that these cults whatever you want to call them still uphold the old ancient ways and don't want you to know about it as it would cause a uproar even more so a revolution which they can't possible have as it would be the ordinary people would over throw the government and their plans would be destroyed!

    you all feel that their is more to just jay-z and his lyrics and symbols. the bible states not to worship false idols and hello but ain't you worshipping jay-z putting him on a pedal stool and referring to him as the greatest of all time?? also now him referring to himself as jay-hova as the almighty??? you got to remember at one time humans worshipping took place the where people were looked upon as gods. How people follow these pop stars today is ALMOST similar.

    Okay okay so you say he believes in jesus however jesus name isn't really jesus but Yahshua now why do we call him jesus well cause the ancient greeks changed his name, the translation of jesus comes from the name zeus??? okay wasn't zeus a greek god hmmm ??? so why doesn't anyone call him yahshua well that name was stripped along with yahweh which is the true name for the almighty!!

    Think about it the very people who worship satan (illuminati) are in charge of the world why the heck would they want you to call upon gods real name.. when you pray to god and using the name god you could be praying to any amounts of god as the egyptians referee to there god as god but only through his righteous name and by saying his name can you reach the true god.

    I mean you not going to address your friend as dave if his real name is pete??? and when you see pete in the street and start calling his name he ain't going to acknowledge you cause your shouting dave (go figure).

    so the what are the freemasons really following

    take a look at this video

    and also

    However whatever you believe in is what you believe in but research into everything… if you still want to believe it all bull s**t then believe that, it's up to you. No one is forcing religion onto you but you can't help wonder what if…. what if there is more to this that meets the eye.

    keep happy and love fashion 🙂

  249. @ Sophia, like Lovely said, in Islam when you commit a sin you pray and ask God to forgive you. What people fail to understand is that religion is between you and your God, you don't need to confess to anyone but your God and ask for His forgiveness.

    @Daciple, bashing us muslims won't change the fact that we were all created by the same Supreme Being. God could have made us all the same but He didn't, so you can bash us all you want but it won't change anything. You talk about the Qur'an as if you've read it from cover to cover. Please do a little research before you make comments that reek of stark ignorance, intolerance and hate.

  250. Daciple January 15th, 2010 1:27 am writes:

    And for your final point that the Bible is tampered with mans hands/fingerprints are all over it. Well I do understand that idea of the “telephone” game lost in translation ect. This is an attack I am used to I get it every single time I speak of the Bible. All I can do is refer you to the Dead Sea Scrolls. These documents were transcribed about 1900-2100 years ago and are almost IDENTICAL WORD FOR WORD to the Bible you can buy at any store. This speaks as a testament that the Bible has been reproduced more or less faithfully for over 2100 yrs and attests that it was also faithfully transcribe for the prior 2000 yrs before that.

    I must say that I largely agree with some of your last postings about how the whole gangsta ©rap and money, pimping, crime and bling idealizing hip-hop scene is presenting a very bad role-model while at the same time giving everybody, how ever slightly associated with it, a bad name.

    But I would like to bring to your attention this very interesting lecture by Professor Bart D. Ehrman on the topic of who changed what in the Bible. There have been some significant chances through the ages. A good example is that the famous passage about the 'woman taken in adultery' has not been found in any of the known manuscript until the year 1000 AD.

  251. @ Blue Rose: Please get a life and get the hell outta this website! If you're such a skeptic and you don't believe anything information posted by vigilant, then why do you bother logging on to the website and filling the message board with your ludacris comments? Please get a life, and allow other people to post their comments. Your comments are hurting my eyes, seriously!!!

  252. "Bava Batra tells of spies from the tribe of Dan who encountered the grandson of Moses serving as the priest for an idol. "What are you doing here?" the spies asked. "How could you be serving an idol?" Moses's

    grandson responded that he was there for the money. "I have a tradition from my grandfather," he stated, "that it is better for one to work in the service of an idol ("avodah zarah") than to rely on other people to support him."

  253. 1045 – Lady Muck: "their beliefs worshipping and dark magic (the book of the dead)."

    But I think your whole train of logic begins with a fallacy. There was no actual Egyptian "Book of the Dead".

    German Egyptologist Karl Richard Lepsius coined the phrase Totenbuch ("Book of the Dead"), after a study of the Pyramid Texts of the Old Kingdom to the Coffin Texts of the Middle Kingdom. These texts were a description of the ancient Egyptian conception of the afterlife and comprised also a collection of hymns, spells, and instructions to allow the deceased to pass through obstacles in the afterlife. Books were often prefabricated in funerary workshops, with spaces being left for the name of the deceased to be written in later. They were funerary rites. In fact, the Book of the Dead does not set forth religious tenets and was not considered by the ancient Egyptians to be the product of divine revelation, which allowed the content of the book of the dead to change over time.

    There is an element of religious ancient Egyptian magical thinking, and basically it seems to me very similar to the Ioa of Haitian Voodoo, "referred to as Mystères and the Invisibles. They are somewhat akin to saints or angels in Christianity[dubious – discuss] in that they are intermediaries between Bondye (Bon Dieu, or good god)—the Creator, who is distant from the world—and humanity." [from wiki]. Magic, in whatever culture it is found, explained the relationships between causes and effects using ideas people could relate to.

    I'm not sure the Egyptians practiced "dark magic" per se. I know you are thinking of Aaron's staff which, according to Rabbinic literature:

    "the staff with which Jacob crossed the Jordan is identical with that which Judah gave to his daughter-in-law, Tamar (Genesis 32:10, 38:18). It is likewise the holy rod with which Moses worked (Exodus 4:20, 21), with which Aaron performed wonders before Pharaoh (Exodus 7:10), and with which, finally, David slew the giant Goliath (I Samuel 17:40). David left it to his descendants, and the Davidic kings used it as a scepter until the destruction of the Temple, when it miraculously disappeared. When the Messiah comes it will be given to him for a scepter in token of his authority over the heathen."

    Thus the Midrash Yelamdenu states:

    "That so wonderful a rod should bear external signs of its importance is easily understood. It was made of sapphire, weighed forty seahs (a seah = 10.70 pounds), and bore this inscription דצכ עדש באחב, which is composed of the initials of the Hebrew names of the Ten Plagues (Tan., Waëra 8, ed. Buber). Translation of inscription: "To the extent of God let these come to pass".

    However, a Rabbi Teitelbaum teaches: " While it is common knowledge that nowadays all of magic is nothing but the clever art of deception and it is impossible to defy the laws of nature, most people believe that in ancient times there existed genuine magic or sorcery. These were secret incantations, a spell that witches used to wreak havoc on the laws of nature and make the impossible happen. They would change water to blood or make frogs; snakes or elephants appear or disappear at will. They claimed that they could talk to the dead or fly into the heavens simply by uttering some magical words…. According to the Rambam, the Torah forbids the use of magic because it is a fraud and based on the art of deception.

    in direct contradiction to other parts of the Rabbinic literature.

    Or perhaps the rabbis are saying that since the Jews are the "apple of God's eye", they alone can possess "true magical powers"?

    Black magic, in the sense you seem to be thinking of, seems to have originated with King Solomon. At least that seems to be where I have found it. Anyway, there seems to be a connection to him:

    "The Key of Solomon, in Latin Clavis Salomonis or Clavicula Salomonis, Hebrew Mafteah Shelomoh, is a grimoire, or book on magic, attributed to King Solomon, probably dating to the 14th to 15th century Italian Renaissance and presenting a typical example of Renaissance magic."

    "Many such grimoires attributed to King Solomon were written in this period, ultimately influenced by earlier (High Medieval) works of Jewish kabbalists and Arab alchemists, which in turn hark back to Greco-Roman magic of Late Antiquity."

    Referring to the Late Antiquity part of it:

    "The study of magic in the Greco-Roman world is a branch of the disciplines of classics, ancient history and religious studies. In the ancient post-hellenistic world of the Greeks and Romans (the Greco-Roman world), the public and private rituals associated with religion are accepted by historians and archaeologists to have been a part of everyday life. Examples of this phenomenon are found in the various state and cult Temples, Jewish Synagogues and in the early Christian cathedrals and churches. These were important hubs for the ancient peoples of the Greco-Roman world that were representative of a connection between the heavenly realms (the divine) and the earthly planes (the dwelling place of humanity). This context of magic has become an academic study especially in the last twenty years. Magic is generally seen as "any attempt to control the environment or the self by means that are either untested or untestable, such as charms or spells."

    Except maybe for the Jewish Kabbalists, who base their system on the belief they are the "apple of God's eye" and "the chosen" — so their magic is the true magic. Leastwise, that seems to be what they are saying.

  254. @ Lady muck A round of applause for describing the modern history of the Illuminati and how it has became prevalent in modern society. And yes I admit that without a doubt they have hid in Christianity via the Roman Catholic Church but so people dont get it twisted the Word of God existed before this existed thru this and will exists forever more. There is a huge difference between the Truth found in the Word and what these people practice and believe. The Bible actually denounces everything those people practice. As I stated before so people dont attack me on this, the Roman Catholic Church is at the seat of power in the Illuminati. They took the Word of God and have perverted it and incorporated all the Ancient Mystery Religions into it as Lady touched on with the moving Christs "birthday" to Dec 25 celebrating Easter ect ect. No "Christian" holiday has ANYTHING to do with Christ. ALL of them are just some Pagan Holy Day with Christs name on top to keep these Satanic festival on going. They do what they have always done, they stay hidden in plain site!!! Sadly the mass majority of people who follow Christ have no clue of this and are in fact being duped into participating in Satanic Holy Days God specifically condemns in the Bible.

    But Ill do you one better Lady Muck, if you read in Gen Chapter 6 it describes Fallen Angels coming to earth and fornicating with humans causing all of creation to go into chaos. This resulted in the Great Flood and almost the destruction of the entire human species. Well if you read in the Book of Enoch it describes in much greater detail the interactions of these Fallen Angels with humans and that they walked among us humans and gave us knowledge of all sorts of things. Medical Architecture Mathematics Astronomy ect. If you take this account into consideration then look at the Sumerians they say that Gods came from some planet and walked among them giving them knowledge and ruled them untill the great flood pretty much killed them all off.

    Well Gen also states the flood didnt destroy all of the seed of these Fallen Angels and some remained causing mutations such as Giants ect. I personally believe that these Fallen Angels gave to the Sumerians who passed it on to Babylonians and to the Egyptians the Roots of the Pagan Ancient Mystery Religions. I also believe that these Fallen Angels have visited Mankind through out History which explains why The Mayans Aztecs and other Ancient Civilizations all have similar Buildings Religions and Advanced Knowledge of Math and the Stars ect.

    I also believe that those seeds from the Fallen Angels that werent destroyed in the flood they are the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines which you touched on. I just took what I believe is your correct theory and took it back to the start of it all. I think those Bloodlines are kept in tact to bring about the seed for the Antichrist himself.

    I also believe that these Fallen Angels who are demonic are again contacting Mankind most people refer to them mistakenly as "Aliens" These Fallen Angels are going to come back again posing as our creators and saviors and try to get us to bow down and worship them as gods. All of this is spoken about in the bible and I could go into great detail about it pointing out chapter and verse to prove this isnt something I just made up outta my head but Im not getting into all that here.

    Just wanted to give you props on your run down of the Illuminati and expand upon it a bit. Once again round of applause to you Lady Muck 😉

  255. @ aes Bro you ride Jay-Z jock so hard I might hafta start calling you Beyonce. Lmao seriously in your perspective Jay-Z can do NO WRONG. I am sure if J puts out a song where he literally say F' Jesus (which he pretty much has but not in those words) F' the God of the Bible (which he has but not in those words) and I drink the blood of goats in rituals to worship Lucifer some how you are gonna say nah nah homie nah son it aint like that tho he really dont mean it I mean really he praying to God. LMAO your so unbelievably bias towards Jay-Z makes it pretty much impossible to have a rational debate about his influence and whether he represents a positive or negative role model let alone the fact that he is affiliated with Satanic Secret Societies.

    The fact that you cant even admit that the man is seriously a Terrible influence on children speaks volumes to how your completely bias towards him. You totally ignore my entire point about how any Positive Black Role Model is IMMEDIATELY assassinated and yet Black people who perpetuate all the negative and even now a days stereotypical images and idealistic of Black Culture flourish. Do you HONESTLY think that if Dr. Martian Luther King Jr. were alive today he would in any way support Jay-Z or any of these other rappers? Please dont kid your self if you think he would. He spoke the TRUTH and he REPRESENTED positive change and refused to bow down to the powers that be and change his message, that is why he was assassinated!!!

    I also think it is HILARIOUS that you think Jay-Z speaks "volumes" about positive ways of getting out of the Game because he mentions Obama (who is also affiliated with the Illuminati hence the reason he is the president but I am sure you will deny that as well) here and there. You seriously need to research the Illuminati then go back and look at all these videos and lyrics of his.

    You also remain mum on the "Do What Thou Wilt" T-Shirt I have mentioned a few times. What do you make of him sporting the slogan of the biggest Satanist in the past 150 years who referred to himself as the beast and 666 of the Bible. The man who says he will push his Satanic Agenda of "Do What Thou Wilt" thru all forms of media and MUSIC!!! Sorry homie no true follower of Christ or the God of the Bible would EVER be caught dead wearing that shirt!!! But go ahead and make some lame excuse as to why its cool and he really dont follow that teaching… 8(

    As for Oprah well man VC didnt make a video about her but yes I would and do immediately denounce her. She blatantly denies Christ to billions of people and even worse she teaches people to denounce him as well. I can not stand what she has brought to millions of her views w that Neo-Pagan lying blasphemous Religion she is spouting. That religion is actually the same exact Idealistic of the Ancient Mystery Religions re-packaged as "New Age" which if you research that is truly Luciferian worship. The same EXACT religion that Jay-Z seems to affiliate himself with along with ALEISTER CROWLEY (Mr. Do What Thou Wilt) and which is the religion of Freemasonry and the Illuminati. I am overjoyed that she is going off of the airwaves, maybe she wont lead so many more people astray from Christ now!!!

    And for your final point that the Bible is tampered with mans hands/fingerprints are all over it. Well I do understand that idea of the "telephone" game lost in translation ect. This is an attack I am used to I get it every single time I speak of the Bible. All I can do is refer you to the Dead Sea Scrolls. These documents were transcribed about 1900-2100 years ago and are almost IDENTICAL WORD FOR WORD to the Bible you can buy at any store. This speaks as a testament that the Bible has been reproduced more or less faithfully for over 2100 yrs and attests that it was also faithfully transcribe for the prior 2000 yrs before that.

    Again I am sure no matter what proof I offer you that Jay-Z is a bad influence you will deny it let alone come anywhere near trying to be open minded enough to discuss his affiliation Satanic Secret Societies. I too didnt believe at one point but the evidence is overwhelming. As much as I wanted to deny all the people I looked up to were apart of a Cult and wanted nothing but to lead me from God I cant refuse the mountains of evidence that proves that they are. I pray one day you will open your eyes and see the truth and stop washing your brain with that crap.

  256. I have been reading all the comments made and you all have really strong points of views, I myself don't think Jay-Z is the devil but I do feel he is playing with fire.. his mamma should have taught him that if you meddle with fire sooner or later you will get burnt.

    I too have my own views about what is going on in the WORLD (not just the music industry) today as it is a lot deeper than just music videos and Jay-z lyrics.

    Just a thought.. (don't throw stones at me, everyone is entitled to their own thoughts).


    Ages ago the Romans invaded Egypt conquered it and settled there for some time.. in doing so some of the romans also got to know the Egyptian way of life, their beliefs worshipping and dark magic (the book of the dead). so they go on to invade other countries, one in particular Britain. So they conquer England now in doing so they shape and change Britain creating roads, water systems, and change medical history also bringing over the egyptian beliefs which some have adapt as their own beliefs . so now the religious beliefs is in the British culture and the art of black magic which starts to get practiced by the kings and queens (Dark ages of Britain). Anyway the Knights Templar also take on the beliefs and dabbling in a lot of black magic, worshipping of different gods, etc etc… anyway a spy in the templar ranks reported their doings to the king (google it for yourselves as i can't be bothered explaining it all).

    'When the King Philip struck at dawn of October Friday 13, 1307,(which is where friday 13th steamed from) he was well prepared with a list of offenses with which the Knights Templar were accused. These are some of the offenses.

    1.. Heresy against the Roman Catholic Church

    2.. Rejection of Jesus Christ, as exemplified by spitting and trampling on the cross

    3.. Sodomy and other acts of homosexuality. Throughout history, these charges have been very common against orders that are confirmed celibates. Celibacy amongst men has commonly resulted in homosexual practices. (Today, we see a constant stream of homosexual activity by the priests of the Roman Catholic Church.)

    4.. Several of the French Templars confessed to witchcraft, including one of the King's spies. "Templars confessed to worshipping a bearded idol, apparently a head, which they called 'Baphomet'.

    This is a very serious charge, because it would label the Knights Templar as a Satanic group'


    Many of the members of royalty whom were also practicing the Templars ways hid this behind their religion in order to escape punishment. The worshipping of the gods on certain days became entangled into Christianity and a lot of the holy books we rewritten to maintain the pagan way of life. Example Christmas being jesus birthday which also happens to fall under the pagan worshipping of the feast of the Son of Isis?? and also New Years (and many more you can look up for yourselves).

    King Philip had many of the knights burnt in Paris many were tortured to obtain confessions of heresy. Some managed to flee the country and go into secrecy taking refuge in the New World (America) and other countries.

    So some of the Knight Templars settled in America forming again but under the veil of freemasons so they wouldn't get uncovered again and slowly started to build a secret society. The one's who were still in England hid under the religion of the Catholic church and Christianity. They gained power and were among royalty and politicians, they kept the templars believes going and handed it down from generation to generation. They went as far as taking the old egyptian knowledge of preserving the bloodlines (Blue bloods) until this very day. Controlling everything from the stock exchange to what goes in your foods and now the music industry.

    They want you to believe this is all a fabrication a knights tale but evidence of them can be seen all around the UK in the British culture, buildings and tombs also in the churches themselves and crests which are still used today.

    it goes a whole lot deeper and the templars can be seen in the Masonic today, which is why a lot of the free mason symbols is linked to satanic worshipping and illuminati.

    As for Jay (cracky) -z he could have just slipped one day getting out of the bath and hit his head causing him to go satanic… or he is involved into all that stuff.

    Like when he wore the T-shirt that quoted 'do what thou wilt" which was a linked to OTO (the Ordo Templi Orientis) occultist Aleister Crowley. hmmm whom is rumored to be the father of Barbara Bush!!!!

    But thats just coincidence of course with the symbols happening to be in the video and that saying just happening to be on his t-shirt. and the whole lady gaga just happening to be signed to Def jam back in the day which Jay-Z just so happened to be apart of…hmmmm

    just a thought……

    "do what thou wilt with google"

  257. well if you have done so called research then you know that, Man has his fingerprints all over the bible. Ironically you still believe it's from God. I find too many contradictions, I'll chalk it up to text and material being lost in translation. I mean hey, it can't be deliberate that Constantine reshaped and reformed the bible. The truth is that God loves all and will reveal himself to us all.

    Yes I did see that you said a small but that is too small to base a whole decade of work and catalog on some hogwash. Jay is more than just rap or a pop culture icon. In fact who he is is why he is an icon or has such iconic status. I mean it's getting old. you won't find me pushing my beliefs on whomever. Even if(and they are) our beliefs are based from the same premis. I do not, however, believe in calling someone evil and saying they are of the devil because they don't believe what I believe.

    And as for the whole black man and child thing c'mon B… Seriously?… If anything Jay speaks volumes to another way out of the "struggle"than jus rap the trap and the ball. He often alludes to Obama. I mean c'mon Oprah the first black Woman to… the list goes on, noone is questioning her beliefs and she has blatantly come with some off the wall s**t against Christianity. Ok, maybe just a lil questionable..

    Man look I think we are looking too much into this.. All us Freudians need to chillax, and stop over-analyzing everything. Calling everything satanic short of a t-shirt saying Jesus is Lord. And I'm sure if Jay- Hov had a t-shirt saying Jesus Is Lord on then we'd say something about that as well…

    So in the words of Rihanna

    Live your life

  258. He is so sensual. I can't stand it!

    The penetrating sound of the cymbals are heard, the vibrations still all movement in the room. Mystery and expectation is aroused among the onlookers.

    A visonary bare-footed woman pads softly to the center, her long black hair reaches to her waist, her dark penetrating eyes lowered — but her focus is the one man. Her forehead framed by a crescendo of gleaming jewels, and below a half-veil. The sussurous sound of her firey-red raiment richly decorated with beads, sequins, braid and embroidery, calculated to electrify the eye, is heard as she pads to the center of the room.

    Unexpectedly a gleaming silver sword is brought forth hidden from behind her back. She holds it tip to tip in front of her, and the dance begins.

    As she swirls and rocks her hips, the silver sword upon her head, the intoxicating cymbals accompany her movements — faster, faster — turns and circles and shimmies — and she becomes One with the Sword. She whirls like a Dervish in a sublime trance, a cobra movement in a figure eight.

    All eyes are upon her, but she moves closer and closer still to the One. She suddenly stops all movement, her rich silks swirl around her in a fire, as she slips to the floor, and allows the Sword to tumble down the length of her arms and presents it to him, her dark firey eyes lowered.


  259. Wow aes its useless with you lol YOU LOVE JAY-Z thats it no matter what is presented to you about him you WILL ALWAYS view him in a positive light. I picked 4 songs as a… wait what did I specifically say.. small sample of his Music. I have stated to you I have LISTENED TO ALL OF HIS ALBUMS!!!

    You can pick ANY EMCEE you want and I will show you how they are aligned with Illuminati if they are big and in mainstream, hell even lots of underground artists represent it. I unlike you am not bias on the aspect of the rapper, like I stated previously Nas was my fav, dude sold out he is aligned with the Illuminati. I can accept the truth even when the people I used to admire are shown to me in a bad light. The truth is the truth homie one day maybe you'll realize this.

  260. No matter how you want to view it Jay-Z and 99% of all mainstream rappers Glorify the Game. You can tell me that they dont but they do. They continuously speak about it in a GOOD LIGHT. In fact as a Young Black Male you outta be more pissed than anyone that Jay-Z represent Young Black Males in this fashion. He presents to them little hope of guidance out of the ghetto besides selling crack or maybe rappin. Why doesnt he promote education to them or more over why does he reject God and basically tells everyone to stay away from Christ?

    And bro to say my viewpoint is bias because I didnt like him as a rapper is redic. Nas was my favorite rapper only 2nd best behind 2pac. Does it make you feel better that both of them represent/ed the same exact things I am saying about Jay-Z? Only difference being 2pac wised up and tried to get the hell outta of it and then tried to expose them and he died for it. Think about it, last album was called KILLUMINATI!!! Kill the Illuminati. The organization he sold himself to in order to receive all the money and women. The dude straight up admits this over and over in his music that he sold his soul and he thinks he is going to hell for it. Look up 2pacs last interview he states that he planned on being HUGE as in he was going to start a political movement that was directly intent on exposing the Illuminati and being the power block to reduce their establishment. If anything I think your bias towards him cuz you LIKE HIM SO MUCH!! Lol

    Bro doesnt it make you wonder being a Young Black Male why is it anytime a Black Person who promotes positivity for the community is immediately murdered and killed? Why doesnt it piss you off that Black people who represent and perpetuate terrible ideologies about life love money sex and religion dominate Black culture but those who try and speak positively and speak about God ect are terminated?

    I personally dont care if Jay-Z or Nas or Wayne or any of these people sin on their own time in private what does anger me is that these peoples are promoting and teaching children to do this. They are promoting a lifestyle that is more akin to Satan than God. I feel as a person and member of the Human Race I should to try and make others aware of the agenda these people are promoting and what it is they are really wanting from you me and esp the children.

    As to the comment about Christianity Division and Bullshit again you and I have the choice to be slaves to whom we want but neither of us can have 2 masters, also there is 1 and only 1 truth and there are millions of lies. And in all reality the Word of God only states to be like Christ thats it.Trust and believe in Him and His works and none of our own. It just boggles my mind that people HATE that literally HATE that simple thing that is asked of them by the Word. Submit to Christ.

    Also why is it that you and everyone else pretty much in the world thinks that since I or any other person has a strong belief in the Word of God we are Roman Catholic and completely ignorant on all other subjects from Religion to History to Mythology. I personally have studied many many many different Ideologies and Religions. I know all about the Roman Catholic Church and will be the first to say that I do not agree with them what so ever. They have perverted the Truth of Christ and the Word of God and incorporated damn near all of the Pagan Ancient Mystery Religions and just put Christs name on top. In fact I believe that the Pope and the Vatican are at the seat of Power within the Illuminati you know the same Organization I think Jay-Z sold himself over too!!!

    Please dont for a sec think that because I hold firm to the Word of God I am some Sheep that follows a belief just cause a person in a robe told me to. I diligently and faithfully research into everything I hold as Truth and more than likely I have spent way more time researching about other Faiths besides Christ than most people have researched into whatever Faith they actually adhere to.

  261. 1028- I have been argueing with a, call them what you like all day about this " the demon said it's best to die" I come here and what do you know I see those lyrics. Anyway I said it was not a hel (here comes a new arguement lol) and God means "death" will be punishment for sins, and God's people will inherit God's kingdom so when I saw those lyrics…….

  262. Vardis January 14th, 2010 7:59 pm :

    @5 Minutes to Midnight January 14th, 2010 7:41 pm

    Vardis, can you make the prize for post #2000 to be TARKAN? I’d be sure to pay attention to post numbers then! Pretty please…. 🙂

    I’ll have him packed in a crate and shipped from Turkey in a jiffy 😉

    Oh momma! *swoon* Send him FexEx Express!

  263. All those links don't work, Vardis. But doesn't matter. I read enough of the Dutroux goings on that convinced me of a cover up going on at a high level. It's very disturbing, I saw a few pictures of what young children are made to do, even with animals. It's very hard to believe there are people out there with this kind of horrid mentality.

    The snuff films, too. That Nicholas Cage film, 8MM, gave me an insight. Also saw the film "The Lost Son", too realistic, gritty, the sound was bad though — connections to orphanages in remote locales. But I was shocked to think these things go on, at all levels of society. It's the child p*******e network on so many levels of society, not only the elite level. Everywhere.

  264. so in all those "3" maybe "4" songs, hol on lemme go count your references…. Got it 4 songs, you base his whole catalog on money and denouncing God. But the actual song Lucifer I guess he's praying to the devil ( when if you listen to the song, He's actually Praying to GOD) But no tha's jus him being a blaspemous bastard.. Yeah I know, and D'evil I guess he's not saying that he feels that he lives in a God-forsaken city where "D" (the) ills and evils of street life are prevelant. Thank you for proving my point you take a song and hol' on

    I know they think Hov thing

    Is Bling Blingin/

    Either they haven't heard the album

    or they don't know English/


    they take the single

    and single that out/

    to be the meanin

    of what Hov's about/

    That was fittin there, if you've never had s**t and you pray for s**t and never get your prayers answered. Then one day u get s**t and all that you pray for comes to fruition. U do a full circle and say well hey this prayer thing and this God guy must really like me.

    Hey! I'm not sayin that I'm God

    But I work got-dammned hard/

    speaks volumes to him and his conviction to him using the Hov suffix. Hey if you don't like the dude don't like him. He's gifted talented sitting a top of the Rap world if nothing else.So naturally people hate it's a way of life for some, so I understand. His business ventures and marketting ploys are groundbreaking. Hey let's say he is a sadist, his gifts and calling is without repentance..

    On to the next, if you pay attention to what he saying the money is not an issue to him, he hasn't been masogonystic for a while, talk about something else on to the next

  265. @5 Minutes to Midnight January 14th, 2010 7:41 pm

    Vardis, can you make the prize for post #2000 to be TARKAN? I’d be sure to pay attention to post numbers then! Pretty please…. 🙂

    I'll have him packed in a crate and shipped from Turkey in a jiffy 😉

  266. @5 Minutes to Midnight January 14th, 2010 3:12 pm

    That whole Dutroux case was pretty disturbing, and all the avenues it led to. I don’t think I’ve heard about “X1″…have to look that up.

    There was, until recently, a very extended website online regarding the Dutroux and X-Dossier cases, but now I get a "can't find the server at; message

    Some of the information from this website has also been posted on

  267. @Daciple

    iKnow!! Why kinda sicko makes those kinds of barbies

    and on top of all that…..they're smiling

    *shivers* total creepness

  268. Vardis, can you make the prize for post #2000 to be TARKAN? I'd be sure to pay attention to post numbers then! Pretty please…. 🙂

  269. Here we go again!!

    I now see what the root problem is! We lack understanding. So I'm now like forget all the eloquence and whatever I'm gonna give you the real.

    Yeah the love of money, got you. The reason I brought the pastors and churches into it, is of the money game and a game of numbers, if a minister has a successful ministry he (she) tends to be pretty well off. I can name quite a few (another story) who are over wealthy.

    I read what you say, I have to respect it, unlike most I don't read one or a few lines and paraphrase. As far as the Jay-Z things you may have heard it but if you really were a student of the game you'd understand that he never once glorifies the hustle, I'm sorry correction, the dope game or pimpin in the literal since. U even said you're not a Jay-fan there my friend is a skewed bias if I've ever seen one. Of course you're gonna scruitanize someone you're not too fond of. I's human nature. I for one feel Jay, he's actually my favorite but I don't let my personal feelings sway what I believe. I thought D'evil was out of line,however, I still understood his point. I relate with him. On a social level as a young black man, you kinda have more roadblocks than the next man. As an inner city youth even more roadblocks so you put the two together then it looks Bleek (pun intended). He spits from the standpoint of never had s**t now that I got all I want, y'all didn't help me get it so kiss my ass!!

    And no I don't mean that what one does if it goes against God is ok. However, if u sin against God, who am I to judge.Tha's between you and your God. I got my own spiritual walk to worry about. I miss the mark… A LOT!! And I'm think I'm a pretty stand up guy, so in my strive for perfection and inner peace and balance I don't have time to get sidtracked with you and how you sin in my eyes.

    The slavery is based on division that christianity just screams!! Damnation to ALL… unless like get like me… C'mon that's not just bullshit to me. If anyone wanted to really look at things they'd smell feces also..

    In closing don't search for comfort and tranqility… Seek the Truth. You can't honestly make a ruling on justice until you know all accounts of the truth. Even the truth that is not your own.

    May I recommend if you're taking courses you take a world myythology course, or you look up the rise of the Roman Catholic, or even the Renaissance era. You'll be suprised at wht you find…

  270. @ vardis LMAO hahaha o lward that was hilarious!!! Idk if anyone will accept that gift hahahaha Good thing you put a disclaimer on there!!

  271. Instead of quoting the Bible to you lets have Jay-z tell you about what he thinks of God and the love of money ect.

    D'Evils-I used to say 'f**k mic skills,' and never prayed to God, I prayed to


    That's right it's wicked, that's life I live it

    Ain't asking for forgiveness for my sins…My flesh, no n***a could test

    My soul is possessed by D'Evils in the form of diamonds and lexuses …For the love of money, son, I'm giving lead showers

    Stop screaming, you know the demon said it's best to die

    And even if Jehovah witness, bet he'll never testify, D'Evils

    Dead President-I'll do you one better and slay these niggaz faithfully

    Murder is a tough thing to digest, it's a slow process ..Ahh, who wanna bet us that we don't touch leathers

    Stack cheddars forever, live treacherous all the et ceteras

    Regrets-My hand got this pistol shakin, cause I sense danger

    like Camp Crystal Lake and

    don't wanna shoot him, but I got him, trapped

    Lucifer-Lord forgive him

    He got them dark forces in him

    But he also got a righteous cause for sinning

    Them a murder me so I gotta murder them first…I can introduce you to your maker

    Bring you closer to nature

    Ashes after they cremate you bastards

    Hope you been reading your psalms and chapters

    Paying your ties being good Catholics

    I'm coming…This is Holly war

    I wet you all with the Holly water

    Spray from the Hetckler Koch auto

    Matic all the static shall cease to exist…And when I perish

    The meek shall inherit the earth

    Until that time it's on a poppin Church

    That is just a tiny sample of what Jay-Z talks about CONSTANTLY in all of his songs over and over. The love of money selling drugs murder and outright denying God and Christ.

    If that means He is bearing Good Fruits in your mind so be it. In mine and by the Word of God it isnt!!

  272. @Daciple January 14th, 2010 5:32 pm

    @ Vardis I await my prize excitedly LOL I will be checking the mail daily in anticipation and wonder!!!

    Maybe 2000 should get one of those Gaga Im a Monarch Bound Blood Sacrifice Slave Dolls

    The person responsible for post number 2000 will have Lady Gaga herself delivered to his/her doorstep, bound and gagged so that the lucky winner won't have to suffer her vocal protestations, singing or claw-like nails.

    She can't sing, cook, clean, mow the lawn or do the grocery-shopping, but she has been well trained in other practical areas like fashion or attracting attention. Please note that, once Lady Gaga has been accepted, she can't be returned or exchanged for the corresponding monetary value.

  273. @ aes Again bro re read my post in its entirety sorry but no Fruit is NOT"success at least good fruit" Nor is it " a money game" The love of money is what causes most of the worlds evil period. That love of money is what Jay-Z expresses along with most all Rap artists to everyone. Money over EVERYTHING including GOD!!!

    Matt 6:4″No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

    1 Tim 6: 10For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

  274. @ Jiva if this is the case " Anyway if Jesus had something to say and commented on stuff I’d give him credit and accept it" Then why do you pretty much from what I can see deny what He said when He was here!!!

    If He said I am the only way to the Father then why are you going to deny this and then get upset with me when I just point out His words to other people?

    For the both of you go head and believe anything you want follow whatever path you choose… let the words of man guide you if thats what you want.. Your belief system that you have shown to me can be summed up in one sentence "Do what thou wilt"

    Do you agree thats pretty much how we all should live?

  275. @aes READ BEFORE COMMENTING THIS TIME PLEASE -You dont even bother reading my posts to make this comment "It’s sickening, if you’ve never met or listened to a Jay Hov album." Here is exactly what I said "Just so you know I have studied Hip Hop and was in fact an inspiring Emcee. I listened to almost everything until BP3 Jay put out so I am not measuring the man by one verse or video but as you stated his whole catalogue of work"

    That means I have listened to Reasonable Doubt, In my lifetime vol 1 2 3, The Dynasty Blueprint 1, 2 The Black Album Kingdom Come and some tracks obviously of Blueprint 3.. As well as hearing him spit on multiple guess tracks ect. I personally didnt care for him too much when I was really into Hip Hop Reasonable Doubt is his best work strictly speaking on a hip hop level IMO. So fam get it right I listened to this man ALOT. I respected him as one of the top 10 rappers in the game. So sadly 95% of your prior post against me needs to be rethought out.

    I suggest this time you read that entire post and then this entire post before you respond.

    As to your slavery remarks I do not force anyone to believe anything I say nor do I force them to have to accept the Word of God or Christ. Nor do I nor any True Believer of Christ threaten bodily harm to those who dont submit to our beliefs thats a different religion that teaches that. You have free will God gave it to all of us so that we can choose to whom we WANT TO BE SLAVES TO.

    Rom 6:17But thanks be to God that, though you used to be slaves to sin, you wholeheartedly obeyed the form of teaching to which you were entrusted. 18You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness.

    Matt 6:4"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

    As to your "food for thought" what do you want me to say? I am not racist I believe most all people are good. I dont have a preconceived notion of what someone has to be like based on their Race culture or creed. And I really dunno what that has to do with our conversation. You just seem stuck on thinking Ive only seen and heard this one song and video so I have no basis to talk about Jay-Z in relation to his Fruits concerning the Bible.

    Also your comment about Christ and Unity if that is the case then why did He say this:

    Matt 10: 34Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    35For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    36And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

  276. U know what, Jiv, I'm not one to choose sides. But I'm with you on this one…

    Do you and let me do me. The way u live your life is between you and your savior. What I do I feel or "believe" is right based on what I believe but to force feed what I believe because I believe it I'd be foolish to do. Man they gonna spit it right back in my face.

    Furthermore judgment day is different for everyone. God judges the Heart!! What are you judging.

    Have we ever asked why our pastors are so much more well off than the congregations. "their don the work of God"

    Well a successful ministy is "judged" based on the people they bring to God and the number of members. Sorry to tell you this dude fruit is success at least good fruit.. Open your eyes it's a money game. more people bringing their tithes more money in the offering receptacles. A game of Numbers

  277. before i read VCs analogy, i just want to say….oh gawwwd jay-z what a pretentious load of bs! seriously, ok jay-z you staged the new york song thinking you were more importants than a yankees game (when in actuality no one even cared much less noticed) in the video, the one girl was dancing like beyonce does….does that mean beyonce is merely an object to him? i heard hes gay (or dabbles with men anyways)….

    anyways, who the hell cares about jay-z and his riches. hes over with….

    he sold his soul! im glad he gets to relish in his rain!

  278. @ Daciple

    No, I don't accept what you say, its fake talk to cover up the real hate underneath. Its not about love for you its about hate, those ideas stem from hate and division. Now tell me is your only form of a unified world a Christian one? From what you've said it would seem thats the only way for you but hey look around its not full of Christians so why don't you live and let live? Whatever someone wants to be down with whether its Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or whatever its all part of their evolution.

    No point asking me that question I haven't answered it cos I don't believe Jesus is gonna return in the form like he did in the Bible so I have no reason to answer it. Anyway if Jesus had something to say and commented on stuff I'd give him credit and accept it unlike stuff from yourself who's an imperfect soul whereas Jesus was not!

  279. So I guess that there is a conspiracy with proctor and gamble and evian water and stuff like that.

    Daciple c'mon dude or dude-ett you can't be that naive and shallow to think that if it's not the bible it's not true. Dude open your mind.

    On a scientific level, we use 10% of our brain capacity and of that 10 the average person only on a regular basis use about 7%. No dis to u but it seems like you are a reason for that. Not u per se ( so you don't accuse me of insulting or name calling like Jiva) but look at it froma wholistic point of view.

    I hope that you are one that feels like slavery is wrong and killing is wrong and that a house divided against itself can't stand. That being the case I will speak to you like this. If slavery is wrong (as they did to AFRICANS) so if you believe in equality then how can you believe that your belief system is better than someone elses. How is it that a bible quotin totin believer can go on perpetuating confusion and persecution.

    U come on a website naming scriptures to prove your bible scholar prowess and degree in theology or whatever. It's sickening, if you've never met or listened to a Jay Hov album. Honestly family you can't form an informed opinion. Sorry to inform you that, that my friend is pre judging. And I find it amazing you didn't address my "food for thought". Is there something that you would care to discuss. I mean Jesus was not about segregation or I'm sorry seperation. U can even call it sanctification, so who started this set apart thing?!! In fact I recall Jesus telling a know sinner Go on your sins are forgiven.

    Oh and one more thing I can't seem to remember that scripture where Jesus, again, let he who is without blame cast the first stone!!!!

    Maybe I should have said that a long time ago..

  280. @ Vardis I await my prize excitedly LOL I will be checking the mail daily in anticipation and wonder!!!

    Maybe 2000 should get one of those Gaga Im a Monarch Bound Blood Sacrifice Slave Dolls

  281. # 968 – AES – "every time a video plays or a song comes over any airwave a check is cut to the name of…"

    OMG if this is true, I'm GONNA make TARKAN RICH!!! He is so utterly GEORGEOUS as he takes me higher and higher in the FIRE of Bu Gece. I can't stop watching that video!

    I love him.

  282. Again Jiva is getting old correcting you on why I say what I say I have explained it before and Idk why you just cant accept what I say. I do NOT hate the people who have faith in Islam, I do hate Spirit who worked through Mohammad that created that Antichrist Religion. If I dont agree with someones belief doesnt mean that I hate them as a person nor am I meaning to DISRESPECT them as a person. Calling some one a loser rude, obnoxious, disrespecting sheep ect is hating on them as a person and DISRESPECTING them as a PERSON.

    You are sadly mistaken to think that when I speak to someone about their beliefs vs mine and I share mine with them and point out differences its out of HATE. No Jiva it is out of LOVE. I know you will find that impossible to accept thats fine, but I went over it in post #907.

    The same post where I asked you a simple question which you refuse to answer. Do you honestly think Jesus back then or when He returns allow someone to speak and teach Falsehoods around Him with out correcting them? And if He does correct them does that automatically mean He hates them?

    I know you wont answer that but again I make my point that I am NOT fueled in the least by Hate about anything nor do I hate ANY PERSONS. In fact its the opposite, Reread #907 if you want further proof that this is who I am and havent changed.

  283. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Foo Fighters song "All My Life" which contains the lyrics "Done, done, and I'm on to the next one" — Watch here: (at least this is a good song… Jay Z's music just isn't enjoyable to listen to)

    I also agree that the cover in reminiscent of the I Ching (not unlike the Dead Prez album "Let's get free")

    The only part of the author's analysis that I disagree with: it's implied that crows are associated with evil -which is simply not true. They are some of the most helpful birds around if you know how to listen.

    And I'm noticing a lot of people using the term "kids" when talking about children. The term "kid" is actually a baby goat. So when you use the term in regard to human children – you're referencing Baphomet.


  284. tsk….I wanted that book! Damn…should have paid more attention to the numbers. Could use a good house-keeper, manservant, cook, and grocery-shopper. Dang!

  285. @ 1001 daceitful — daciple sez:

    "You dont agree with my beliefs so you speak to me hatefully bashing me as a person and resort to name calling. "

    I've seen YOU in action with your entourage. Rather like the pot calling the kettle black, ain't it? You do have a way with spinning things, dontcha?

  286. @Daciple # 1000

    We have a winner. You'll be receiving the exclusive, signed copy of D. de Sade's masterpiece, "How to change my neighbor from a nuisance into a useful mind controlled monarch slave in 15 easy steps" home within two weeks. Please let us know if it has been helpful in turning some on the neighborhood girls into bondage barbies (this is explained in the second chapter of the book). The signed edition comes complete with exclusive handcuffs, ropes, various models of whips and the obligatory cattle-prod. Other interesting chapters explain: How to have my neighbor mow my lawn, How to make them deliver my groceries, How to use my slaves as furniture and of course How to build a dungeon.

  287. Christians who profess to believe in God, to pray to God every day, and to have a personal relationship with God are often abhorred to hear someone who professes to be a Christian who talks about the hierarchy of spiritual beings. It's as if their very monotheism were threatened by the thought of other spiritual beings such as Angels, Archangels, etc. Out of their awareness, people such as this have established a personal relationship with their personally assigned Angel (traditionally called Guardian Angel), which is good, but they refer to this Angel as God, which is not good.

    Let us be clear about what this means. When a person's only relationship with the spiritual world is the one that is regarded today in religious circles as the usual one, the one cultivated by a Church that fancies itself as enlightened, then that person only has a specific relationship with the spiritual world, a relationship which, although it is one of feeling, only concerns the protecting Angelos, the angel being with whom he does have a real relationship. And such a person then refers to that angel-being, the only being he can relate to and have certain feelings for, as his god. If he is a Christian he calls this angel-being Christ. He mistakes the angel-being for Christ. It is perhaps difficult to imagine this, but it is so. Protestant theologians who fancy themselves to be enlightened warn strongly against polytheism so that people should gain a direct relationship with the one being, Christ. But however much they talk to people about Christ, what they are saying about Christ refers solely to the individual's relationship with his own angel-being. Thus in our time monotheism is in danger of becoming the worship by each human being of his own individual angel.

    One consequence of this prevalent way of thinking of one God is similar to what is happening in the world today: each country wants to have its own god.

    In fact the monotheists of today each pray only to their own angel, but as the words resound together which each is speaking to his own angel in an egoistic relationship with his own angel-being, they think that they are talking of a god whom they all share. If this were to develop further, people as individual human beings would begin to develop more and more what we already see nations manifesting in a terrible way. Although still speaking theoretically of the One God, they do not seriously want to recognize this divinity, especially now, for each nation wants to have its own god.

    We see today numerous voices in the mass media saying things like, "We must get rid of sweat shops," or "We must have minimum wage standards for the whole world," etc. It seems as if so-called liberals today, who are in no way distinguishable from socialists of Steiner's time, are wanting to apply the standards of the most industrialized nation of the world to the least industrialized ones.

    Humanity today wants to apply the same yardstick to everything and invent theories according to which people all over the globe may be awarded the same standard of earthly happiness. Today's socialist thinks that certain ideas apply equally to human life in England, America, Russia or Asia. If every state were to arrange its affairs as socialism prescribes then the happiness which people everywhere dream about would automatically ensue. That is what people think.

    But this will not work, but will only cause endless confusion and chaos.

    Only those who can build a bridge from their soul to the objective facts can work in a beneficial way to shape earthly existence.

    People who perceive a lacking in their own souls project that lack onto the peoples of the under-developed countries and strive to get their dream from own soul implemented in the external world. This will not work. When they recognize their own projection and switch to working on their own soul in a real way to fill that lack, then the reality of the external world will reveal itself to them. What was previously felt as a lack, will be found to be a fullness when viewed from a spiritual perspective.

  288. @ Daciple

    Like I said keep faking it and live in the illusion like you are. I wish you well as well doesn't mean I accept your hate fueled views.

  289. @ Daciple

    You know full well the things you say in relation to non Christians are fueled by hate. Calling them evil is entirely negative. You're hating on a whole load of people ALL around the world. Thats what I have a problem with you don't seek to unify people you seek to create differences between us all whatever we believe. You hated on Muslims by dissing Mohammed just yesterday, its only cos theres hardly any Muslims who visit this site that they haven't ripped into you for DISRESPECTING their beliefs. And no I'm not a Muslim before you go there lol.

  290. @ jiva again with the Personal attacks and bashing of me as well as outright lying about who I am and what I believe. I am not hiding a THING you seem not to be able to distinguish between me not agreeing with a persons belief system but not saying ANYTHING about the persons themselves.

    Its pretty much the total OPPOSITE of what you do to me. You dont agree with my beliefs so you speak to me hatefully bashing me as a person and resort to name calling. I have never one said that any person on here was evil ever!!! In fact you today have done NOTHING but literally HATE me as a person. I have again done the opposite, I wish Blessings on you and all those who have come to this board over and over again.

    In fact the only other person that I had a running "beef" with in here has been Blue Rose/Na'vi or whatever she wants to call herself and Idk if you read my posts earlier today but even though I dont agree with her whatsoever in her believes and have pointed this out clearly I outright state hey its been a few days since she has posted I HOPE SHE IS ALRIGHT!!!

    So to the person I argued with the MOST on these board over the past month I before we even got into this spat showed CONCERN FOR AND WISHED HER WELL.

    Please show me how this is being hateful or calling her as a person or anyone else I have conversed with EVIL.

  291. @ aes did you read post #422?

    Again you think that Good Fruits in the Biblical Sense means Success in the Physical Realm, so according to you even if someone is OUTRIGHT Satanic and they are extremely successful then you believe they are actually producing Good Fruits? Have you ever thought that Satan can help humans achieve Material Gain in exchange for their souls? Can you NOT understand the passage I quoted to you from Matt 16:6 shows that humans can lose their souls yet still posses Material Success and Gain, to the point of having the WHOLE WORLD?

    Again Fruits in the Biblical Sense has NOTHING to do with Material Wealth of Success. So you know Im not just pulling this outta my head lets see what the Bible says about FRUITS:

    Gal 5: 22But the FRUIT of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

    23Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

    2 peter 1: 4Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

    5And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;

    6And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness;

    7And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.

    8For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor UNFRUITFUL in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    9But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.

    Phil 1:10That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ.

    11Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.

    So in the Biblical sense Fruit is NOT material gain or success it is Spiritual defined outwardly by ones works and actions. So Jay-Z may have plenty of worldly Fruits sure but Spiritually I do not see him producing Good Fruit, in fact I see him bearing the total opposite in other words BAD FRUITS!!!

    In fact our LIPS offer FRUIT Hebrews 13: 15By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the FRUIT of our lips giving thanks to his name.

    Jay-Z makes his Living off of producing Biblically Bad Fruits from his Lips. He is NOT praising Gods Name nor Jesus in his music he is outright hating and at times blaspheming them.

    Just so you know I have studied Hip Hop and was in fact an inspiring Emcee. I listened to almost everything until BP3 Jay put out so I am not measuring the man by one verse or video but as you stated his whole catalogue of work. And He is not producing good fruits in the biblical sense. He by his lips outright denounces Christ which no matter who you cut it is the opposite of what Hebrews states we should do.

    He also doesnt display many if any of the Fruits spoken about in Gal 5:22, Love and Peace are 2 lets see what does Jay-Z say about Love and Peace? From all of the Music I am familiar with most of the time he speaks on causing wars whether its against rival rappers the government or other drug dealers. He in his music hardly ever promotes peace and love. Gentleness, Goodness, Faith and Meekness. I dont see Jay promoting these Fruits either in fact most of the time he literally goes AGAINST them. How often is he talking about how much he wants to or has used Violence against others? How often is he promoting and suggesting others should do the same including Fornication Drinking Boasting of Self Selling Drugs ect.

    To you and if you think producing Good Fruits is strictly the Physical Manifestation of Wealth and Worldly Success that cool thats your opinion but that isnt what Jesus nor the Word of God means when it speaks of Fruits.

  292. He don't believe in muslims but he was paid to appear at a muslim function in St. Barts. His wife performed for a group of muslims.

    Shut up Gay-Z

  293. @ Daciple

    Why do you try and fake who you are? You hate on all of those people who aren't Christians and label them evil so that makes you Bible basher, beyond that I bet you're probably a racist, fascist and all the rest as well


    “I don’t know where it started. I don’t know where it came from. I really think it’s really silly. For the record, I of course believe in God, but I believe in one God. If people must know my religious beliefs, I believe in one God. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims. I think all that separates people. I think it’s one God. I think it’s all the same God, and I don’t believe in Hell. But as far as God, of course I believe in God. Am I a part of some sec or cult? That sounds stupid to me. It’s like ignorant to even say, and umm… I guess that’ll be the last time I address that. It’s ignorant to me”

    I can’t even get in a golf club in Palm Springs. I’m from Marcy Projects. Just think about that? People that control the world?

    Do you believe that those sort of organizations exist?

    I think there are cliques of friends that control things. I don’t if there is a devil worshiping sect. That’s a little Tom hanks. I believe there are cliques of people that control the world…but that’s just natural process. I’m sure Obama has his people and everything is good but as far as how far people are taking it…

    So you don’t intentionally do this to put people in a frenzy?

    I’m an entertainer at the end of the day. Maybe I’ll push your buttons but you know…

  295. First let me say I have a LOT of respect for this site and for what it represents…we should all be pushing for the TRUTH rather than blinding ourselves…we as The People need to recognize our power to make Change in WHATEVER we put our minds to…

    I also have touched on the topics of Satanism and Freemasonry here (Satanism) and here (Freemasonry)…then check back here later for more TRUTH about Jay-Z…I promise it will both prove and disprove everything you've heard on other sites…just like Vigilant Citizen, this is NOT spam or sensationalized conspiracy theory…people will continue to deny what is right in their faces because of fear and ignorance…let's hope that our sources will prevent them from perpetual denial…

  296. Your words — how true, aes. And let's not forget the spiritual revolution as epitomized in the movie "Avatar". Got GREAT reviews — but you'll notice the conservatives, neocons — and the "religious" — hate it loll And yet its message is something Jesus would have said.

  297. Since we're in a judging mode here!

    I'll respond finally for now by saying

    don't judge a book by it's cover, But if you will judge the total body of work.

    to form an opinion based on a biased opinion proves ignorance.

    Finances are not fruit, however success is. If everything I touch turns to gold and my name isn't Midas (sorry if you don't believe in Mythology, I do!) I would conclude that I have pretty good fruit.

    Only god can judge me is key. from an onlookers perspective it's only speculation to say that someone worships satan. I mean c'mon, those are harsh and extreme alligations. The problem with Religion from a historical stand, is that it never appreciated art. Art is not to be objective. So when one says "where Jesus can't save you" what is really being said from an artistic pov. I got it, I was fine with it.

    My purpose here is not to judge or redicule religion, however I need to express where I feel it (religion) fails and where I see it's short comings are. If you wanna look at things at face value. It's a system of control. A tool to maintain order. What certain (most) religions have done though is make it a rubric to measure ones righteousness. And c'mon everybody is just and right in his own mirror. I don't know how you are in your love walk. To be honest I don't care nor is it my business!

    My judgment is maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge and judgemental!!

    p.s. if you base your opinions on what you're fed and what people feel, that to me is dancing up a slippery slope.

    Food for thought: It's kinda like prejudging and prejudice. You remember all the tings you heard about a certain race, then you meet a person from that race, and a lot of what you heard was not true. How did you feel?

    Chew on that for a while!!!

  298. That whole Dutroux case was pretty disturbing, and all the avenues it led to. I don't think I've heard about "X1"…have to look that up.

  299. @ 960 – Barbara Bush – "I won’t even tell you what Charo and Tom Jones did at last year’s Christmas – er, I mean Baphomet – party…"

    Pretty please! Tell me!

  300. @ Vardis #964 – I agree with your assessment. I don't see Monarch programming being used in the music business, like with Gaga, and all the others. They are just doing their schtick, and it puts lots of money in the pockets of the ceo's at the record companies.

    But what about manchurian candidates? In the political arena, DID seems viable, like with the unfortunate Timothy McVeigh and the Montana Militia that got a hold of him. Other examples like Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby…so many others. Not to mention it was in the movie with Frank Sinatra about the making of manchurian candidates.

    Vardis @ 966

    "Even tho I dont agree with her on lots of stuff hope she aiight."

    aiight… alight. A Freudian slip?

    Linguistically it sounds like black street talk. I thought I saw the word "aiight" in a previous post long back, but I can't find.

  301. @ Jiva LMAO ok pour on some more insults hahaha that def proves to us all that indeed you are NOT "rude, obnoxious, or disrespecting" in the least. Again it doesnt bother me in the least but just for the record so people dont get it twisted I never once made any personal attack or name calling to you or anyone else on here. Also I have never been mean or disrespectful of any persons themselves ever. I may not agree w their idealistics or beliefs but I NEVER disrespected or spoken evil or hateful of any persons on here.

    Again May God bring even more blessings upon you and your household Jiva and I honestly want nothing but the best for you even if you hate me so.

  302. I bet Jay Z and Beyonce are happy since they're the highest earning couple this year lol! I couldn't believe it! Jay Z is totally lovin all the attention hes gettin from this new vid, he had SO many hits and comments in just a few hours! Till they were mysteriously removed lol

  303. @ aes Wow you think the Fruit that Jay-Z produces is good? You have no understanding of the Bible if you think by fruits its meant their financial profits. Sorry but to Judge Jay-Z by his fruits from a Biblical standpoint he produces terrible fruit. What does his entire concept of life revolve around? Selling drugs having sex drinking and having nothing but a good time and "Do what thou wilt" You know the T-Shirt that he was wearing…Look up who said that and pretty much coined that term. Jay-z never produces good fruits ever!!!

    For the topic of Judging read post 422 he breaks down the actual Biblical meaning of to Judge. People today think no one should ever say anything about anyone ever or it is Judgment and Christ taught against that. Sadly that is not at all what Christ meant about Judging.

    Also to try and compare Jay-Z and any ridicule he receives to Jesus is outright ridiculous. Jesus was perfect in EVERYWAY who NEVER sinned once who only taught love and truth to all and claimed He was the Messiah and Redeemer of Mankind. Jay-z is the TOTAL OPPOSITE!! He obviously sins like all humans but not only that he teaches people to follow after HIM and not CHRIST. He speaks nothing but hate and lies to children who he want to idolize him. He outright says Jesus cant save you and MOCKS GOD by claiming to be Jehova and then purposefully for mockery Spelling it WRONG.

    The only thing you say that is close to truth is that Salvation is found through Personal Relationship. Yes God wants you to have a Personal Relationship with Him but Salvation is found only through ONE NAME and that is Jesus, NONE OTHER. And no a building "Church" isnt where God is found but the true meaning of Church in the Biblical context is the Body of Christ, the Believers of Christ not a building or Organization.

    As for the Bible it is the Word of God and what did Christ say about the Word of God?

    Matt 4: 4But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

    You need to pick up the Word and re read it or just read it if you havent yet, if you in anyway think that Jay-Z bears Good Fruits according to the Biblical Sense(Matt 16:6For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?) or if you want to compare any "persecution" he receives to that of Christ.

    @ Jiva – Sorry but you have me wrong 1) I dont attend any set building or religious organizations 2) I have never spoken to a priest about anything ever that I am aware of 3) I do not blindly follow after any type of Faith as you so think I do. I have spent years researching and studying all types of Faiths and beliefs. In fact I had at one time completely rejected Christ and the Word of God and railed and attacked it and spoke evil towards those whom believed it.

    Also it does sadden me that people are turning away from Christ and the Word and that those of us who do stand up and proclaim it with no disgrace are vilified but it is to be expected and again as stated before although it saddens me it bolsters my faith for the Word say: 2Thes 2: 3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a FALLING AWAY first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

  304. He does have other songs on this satanic album. "Forever Young" is one of the most satanic songs I've ever heard. Full of lies and very seductive. And not even very good.

  305. Man my GPhi folks gonna love me for this one!!

    And let that peace that passeth all understanding guard your heart and mind!!

    to be perfectly honest I see no wat that this article and articles in the likeness do anything but add to needless division, a thing that religion, namely Christianity has been very successful in doing since forever. Man if VC was on such a righteous crusade then why divide and cause confusion..

    Daciple I mean you seem to be on q with your religious walk so it's good that "YOU" feel conviction about your support to secular artist and so called luciferaians. But when you try to condemn abd and bring conviction and condemnation to those who don't maybe share in your belief. Tha's why they call it a faith walk with, you walk it, with the understanding that if noone walks with you than it's just you and God. Tha's why footprints is so groundbreaking. If you believe that God Speaks to us all you let him bring the conviction. Like my grandmother and the mothers of my old church let go and let God. Meanwhile you just continue to pray!!!

    God bless

  306. @ Hannah Thanks for the support 8) Trust me Jiva dont get to me, I dont get bothered by people who resort to name calling and hateful speech toward me, in fact it does the opposite of what they want to me. It bolsters my faith!!

    Mark 13:13And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake Matt 10: 22And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake

    So its all good cuz even if she hates me to the point of my death as I person I love her and wish her nothing but Blessing for her and her whole family 8)

    Proverbs 25: 21If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink:

    22For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee.

    Matt 5: 44But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    So Blessings to Jiva and too you to Hannah may God be with you both 8)

  307. Another note… In the words of Jigga or Young Hov

    Some people Hate… But I think they've lost their minds!!!!

    Lol you gotta love it man.

    And big up to those devout Christians and over-zealous rligious freaks!! But between me and you whomever you may be, Church ain't the answer! No dis but neither is the Bible. Get so caught up in your doctorines, that you forget that the real way to salvation is RELATIONSHIP!

    I mean if you want an example look up the "Rich, Young Ruler"… In your bible, find a conspiracy theory in that! Lol.

    if you want to judge, judge the heart and the motive, which I may add that no man is capable of doing, probably because we are human not omnisceint, nor omnipotent.. Also not God!!!

    Not to sound too religious but one should judge a tree by it's fruit. I'm sorry to ride wit the boy young Hov but from my standpoint or perspective he seems pretty fruitful. They seem to be good fruit too!!

    Irony is they ridiculed and persecuted Jesus in he same way!

  308. @ Daciple

    Save your energy for church you need all the help you can get with the decreasing number of people who are interested in Christianity lol! And of course they would be with religious nutjobs like you around constantly imposing your Christian fundamentalist propoganda which you've blinded accepted from your priest cos of the li'l sheep you are lol!!

  309. @ Daciple

    I'd rather be how I am than like you which is rude, obnoxious, disrespecting and an annoying Bible basher!

  310. @ allison 965… Omg that is terrible.. Just what children need there own Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice Doll, or even better the I am a Complete and Total Monarch Slave to be Whored Out too by the Illuminati Handlers and Bondage Barbie.

  311. Don't let them get to you Dsciple! Speak the Word even in the face of ridicule!

    Ezekiel 39:6

    6 I will send fire on Magog and on those who live in safety in the coastlands, and they will know that I am the LORD.

  312. @aes You seem to think this is all a marketing ploy and you specifically state "It’s a marketting ploy, A very successful one at that. It’s a double edged sword on one hand it appeals to a broader audience and the other has questionable content, causing a stir. Thanks to people and places like VC someone is going to go out and buy the BP3."

    Has the thought ever crossed your mind that sites like VC have actually DETERRED people from buyin any albums from these artists? Have you read the comments on just this board alone? Plenty of people have outright admitted that they hadnt really noticed this stuff before and since coming to this site and others like it have decided NOT TO purchase any more of these artist albums.

    I can personally attest that up untill about 3 months ago I was very heavy into the Hip Hop scene, in fact was an inspiring Artist but have since due to the research on just how much Luciferiansim and Illuminati control is over the industry decided that my talents can be put to used elsewhere and have refused to listen let alone buy anymore albums from these artist. Not just Jay-Z but the whole entire Industry. So here is one person that sites like this has completely and utterly deterred the purchasing of all mainstream secular music. I am sure I am not alone.

    Personally I believe this is much further reaching than just a marketing ploy. These images are constantly repeated not only in Music Videos but every form of media and entertainment. From Music to every single Movie released to Video Games to the emblems of most Companies as well as Buildings and Monuments. If its strictly a "Marketing Ploy" by Jay-Z then why do all aspects of modern life bare these symbols? Check out the Sinister Sites and explain why idk the Washington Statute looks Identical to the Baphomet. Or the Israeli Court building incorporates the same images found in this video into it and are also reflected on the Mormon Temple Church.

    These arent coincidences they are found through out not only the entire modern world in media and buildings but is inclusive to all of history dating back to Pre-Egyptian life and civilizations. If you dig deeper than the Music video of Jay-Z you will see its much bigger and deep than any gimmicky marketing ploy.

  313. @ Aes you make a good point in paragraph 3. We're seeing examples of this everywhere. It doesn't matter what someone believes or doesn't believe at the end of the day we're all humans its a shame we can't work to look beyond ourselves at times and reach out for what is better for ALL of humanity rather than ourselves.

    Its utterly stupid to go around labelling people as evil. What does that solve? Absolutely nothing positive.

  314. @ Jiva no you dont have to answer me just makes you look shady when people pose simple questions on forums and they refuse to respond while at the same time asking or having on going conversations with others… Again Idc good dont answer we are all prob better off… Also why do you even bother responding period lol just be silent if you dont wanna have a conversation

    @ Vardis, no Freudian slip, aiight is slang for alright. Sorry I didnt use proper grammar. 8)

  315. You "people" never cease to amaze me!! I know most of what "we" base our lives on and our very "foundation upon is what "people" teach "us", but c'mon! Enough is enough!! If "we" really pay attention to what "they've" taught "us" (you get the point of the quotation matks), we'd see that everything that we know is based on a constant contradiction. Safety in numbers, but only a few will be chosen. U are made in the image of a "higher power" but it's blasphemy to accept and claim that you are a "higher power".

    Images blatent or covert aside, its just like Glen Beck discussions. It's controversial, and Jay and anyone else that studies media or media marketting knows that controversy or "drama" sells. Jay is on a quest to the bIlli status, just for those who don't know how this worx. every time a video plays or a song comes over any airwave a check is cut to the name of Shawn Carter!! It's a marketting ploy, A very successful one at that. It's a double edged sword on one hand it appeals to a broader audience and the other has questionable content, causing a stir. Thanks to people and places like VC someone is going to go out and buy the BP3.

    Point being, we wanna talk about people being blinded by the light, the same people showing us this so called light, is keeping us in the dark. The dark being this place that says that anyone or group that believes something different than what you believe is evil. Hence seperation is a major ploy those in power seek to use as a way to control the numbers. Is it more evil to say that I belong to a secret society, or to say that anyone who doesn't share in the same belief system that I do should die or deserves to be damned? I don't know you call the numbers.

    I mean, since we're in such state of thought and critical thinking. If we really wanna look at others under a microscope, let's put everyone under that fine toothed comb, even ourselves. People are falable, not perfect miss the mark etc.. So the day that we look at someone as more or less falable puts us at a dangerous place. Blaspemy to say that amongst the hip-hop world one is a god J-Hov ( a whole other story) because they've done more for the game than anyone before him. Or is it blasphemy to judge someone else as if we are God himself. I personally am not one to judge though, I was jus saying!!!!

  316. @Daciple January 14th, 2010 10:56 am

    Even tho I dont agree with her on lots of stuff hope she aiight.

    aiight… alight. A Freudian slip? 😉

  317. I really seriously doubt the whole mind-controlled, monarch slave aspect mentioned in this and similar discussions. I do agree that many people are being subconsciously influenced by the media. Subliminal manipulation and the work of e.g. Edward Bernays, "the father of public relations" and double nephew of psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud, are well know and documented. Mass-manipulation has a huge effect on our modern-day civilization.

    What is said here and elsewhere about monarch slave programming sounds problematic in that it seems to lead to or tries to achieve Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) in the victims, a condition in which a person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding this topic. Viewpoints critical of DID can be quite varied, with some taking the position that DID does not actually exist as a valid medical diagnosis, and others who think that DID may exist but is either always or usually an adverse side effect of therapy. DID diagnoses initially appeared to be almost entirely confined to the North American continent, but later surveys found cases on other continents but at significantly lower rates

    It is of course possible that in some very small circles this might be happening. One example could be the testimony of X1 in the Dutroux case who was also diagnosed as suffering from DID. But it is not clear if information regarding Dossier X-1 has been manipulated by the press in order to boost the sale of newspapers. There seems to be research done refuting some of the more remarkable claims from X1 concerning the terrible murder on Christine van Hees (she was at school that day) and the murder of Katrien de Cuyper. It seems not very likely that DID, as a deliberate result of MC, could be implemented on a large scale since it is sometimes a very noticeable mental affliction.

    Any input on this?

  318. not a word from the muslims and their religion of peace on the sophia question about jesus teachings on forgiveness of sin…maybe the jinn got their tongue, ese? Andale!!!

  319. Not that I am complaining but anyone noticed Blue Rose hasnt posted in like 3 days? Wonder if she died or something she usually posts at leat 30 posts a day…Even tho I dont agree with her on lots of stuff hope she aiight.

  320. Does the person who posts comment #1000 get a price, i.e. a signed copy of the book "How to change my neighbor from a nuisance into a useful mind controlled monarch slave in 15 easy steps" by Donatien Alphonse François de Sade 😉

  321. Well you guys are right – there is an Illuminati, but you are giving us waaaay too much credit.

    I first joined in 1946 because I was smitten with a young man…oh George was such a cutup in those days, running around making "devil horns" on his head and making us all laugh.

    But seriously, we're pretty disorganized these days. Karl Rove totally lost the meeting archives – thanks a lot – because he forgot to back up his computer.

    I won't even tell you what Charo and Tom Jones did at last year's Christmas – er, I mean Baphomet – party…

    Anyway, toodles for now – check into signing up with us in a couple of months though. We're offering some AWESOME baseball hats for "March Madness."

    Peace Out



  323. Joey January 14th, 2010 7:09 am writes:

    @ 5 Minutes to Midnight – Puppets pulling the strings of puppets….that’s how it works…..

    At the core of the matter there are not even puppets, only confusion resulting in division.

    Divide et impera is self-defeating.

  324. Ugh at all the religion wars… please stop, it's boring.

    Jay Z apparently has addressed the illuminati rumours and denied them. A bit strange considering this weird video. Messing or not, you don't play around with symbolism like that to rile up a few people on the internet… you don't know what you are unleashing. Just like noone on here would play with a Ouija board.

  325. @944 irule – not so hard to understand man….in the old days John Gotti and Al Capone and the rest would deny they were mobsters but everyone knew and better know and that's how they liked it. Israel denies it has nukes but needs everyone to know it has tons of them. The system of control requires a combination of ignorance and fear and plausible deniability in order to work….

    @ 5 Minutes to Midnight – Puppets pulling the strings of puppets….that's how it works…..

  326. Hey Vigilant I know you read these comments so Have you ever thought of delving into recent and modern past movies and doing exposes on them? The Hollywood Illuminati Satanic subliminal symbolism is abundant and would give you a huge catalog of things to bring to light. It seems you mainly focus on Music Artist why not bring Hollywood Artist and Directors to the masses and their links to blatant Sun and Illuminati symbolism. I am sure you are a very busy person but just a thought and a suggestion to keep things fresh so you dont have so many posts on the same subject. Lol it does lead to getting off topic and I will admit to it being part of that trend lol

    Anyways always love your articles and I constantly direct peoples to the site to expose them to the truth. E.g I dunno if you seen it but Jesse "The Body" Ventura has a new show called Conspiracy Theory on TruTv. Its not bad but can be corny but considering its Mainstream Media he actually talks about things people prob never thought about before such as HAARP Mk Ultra and Monarch Programming ect. Any who he spoke about 2012 this week and underground bunkers and to my astonishment he mentioned Denver International Airport. So I got on his forum and linked your article to everyone there so they can get much more detailed info about it than what Jesse went over.

  327. play the video and pause it at 36 seconds and you'll see the face of Jesus kinda small in the smoke (not the heavy part of the smoke. and at 1:39 in the video at the smoke again and u will see the head of the devil. strangely it looks as if the gave it a body too…chest and shoulders i mean

  328. Watch The Part Where They Have Jesus' Face In The Smoke At 36 Seconds Into The Video! Its Not In The Thick Part Of The Smoke Though. Just PLay It To 36 Seconds And You'll See What I Mean.

  329. That's what I'm inclined to believe, Sherlock @ 948. There is no way Jay-Z or any of them have the sophistication to do these videos.

  330. @ 942 – Bipin – "Yes – Latah initiation through sudden shock or horrific imagery then use compulsive imitation to imprint monarch sex slavery. This is favorite method of many right coast dl. Neurolinguistic metaprogramming normally with multiple meanings – literal and occult. This latah monarch submission."

    But Bipin, these sound like sophisticated MC techniques – not something one would expect on the DL, record company-owning or whatever, penile-tatooing tradition thug would know the first thing about. On the contrary, I would be more inclined to think that sophisticated MC techniques would be being used on *them*, in some fashion. In which case, who's doing the LMS?


    Touché. So what was the overall direction Jay was looking for?

    He gave me a very loose brief, and made it clear that we should be progressive with the video. All the imagery was thought up by me and was a response to the track itself. For those interested, the idea is actually about a funeral for old imagery and ideas, hence all the gothic and oppressive stuff. I was also trying to contradict the excess of hip-hop videos by making something brutally simple and claustrophobic.

  332. 925 – Gay-Z – "Red Rum was also a racehorse who achieved an unmatched historic treble when he won the Grand National in 1973, 1974 and 1977. Maybe depicting one of the most famous racehorses in history might be a veiled reference to Red Rum and thereby to muRdeR."

    OK, I see it now, in the context. The horse on the plaque probably is Redrum. Someone had the sculpture and decided it fit into the video. Makes sense now.

  333. I dont understand you guys. U say these guys are blatant and are just coming on out with it. But when Jay – Z denies it. He's hiding again? You cant have it both ways. Jay – Z was on radio today saying hes from the projects and he cant even get into a golf club. lol He doesnt even believe in the devil.

    I dont know people will believe what they want but the man has come out and denied it so thats enough for me.

  334. latah tech developed by french intel during indochina war based on local latah tradition…very secret. stolen by monarch program and refined. now lms trauma sex programming puppets extruded.

  335. Bipin January 13th, 2010 10:03 pm writes:

    Yes – Latah initiation through sudden shock or horrific imagery then use compulsive imitation to imprint monarch sex slavery. This is favorite method of many right coast dl. Neurolinguistic metaprogramming normally with multiple meanings – literal and occult. This latah monarch submission.

    When you mention Latah, are you referring to the culture-specific syndrome? This would limit it to mainly adult women from Southeast Asia and possibly French-Canadian lumberjacks in Maine (Jumping Frenchmen of Maine), the Ainu of Japan (imu), Siberia (miryachit) and Yemen. Or are you using it as a general term for someone falling into a trance and enacting repetitious verbal and/or physical automatisms triggered by the startle reflex?

  336. Yes – Latah initiation through sudden shock or horrific imagery then use compulsive imitation to imprint monarch sex slavery. This is favorite method of many right coast dl. Neurolinguistic metaprogramming normally with multiple meanings – literal and occult. This latah monarch submission.

  337. @ 935 – Bipin

    LMS is a programming technique? I would think "I'll shoot you if you go to the media" is simply putting fear into the viewer — or the satellite of groupies, drug addicts looking for some money, not to do it — things like that.

  338. @ Sherlock Laughing at us while we Laugh @ you. Do you really expect these people to stand up and say "Yea o yea hell yea we are straight up worshiping Satan homie. Isnt is obvious sheeeit mayne dont you see the Baphomet up in that beeatch, I mean how damn obvious you want us to be like yanowatImean. Jeah look we got Christ between bullets and s**t son yanowatImean direct reference to us shittin on dat Homie rite yanowatImean."

    They aint gonna come straight out and say we worship Lucifer we belong to a Secret Society that worships Lucifer as God and we are tryin to lead you your kids and the world away from God so that you will accept the Antichrist. Obviously if they said that then NOONE would ever buy this crap again and prob would see that aspect of mainstream music collapse overnight.

    Sadly the mass majority of people even when confronted with overwhelming evidence that JayZ and 99% of mainstream huge artist are either controlled by or outright in bed with the Illuminati who only wants to bring about the NWO and the Antichrist still deny it and refuse to accept the Truth. Sadly 80-90% of the population are either completely Ignorant of the facts or when exposed to the facts are WILLFULLY IGNORANT!!!

    If you come to this site and read every post from the Sinister Sites to the Videos and still say that there isnt an organization that is collectively assembled as One with some kind of intent and purpose that is blatantly displaying their symbols thru out the world via Buildings Music Movies ect then you are 100% WILLFULLY IGNORANT!!!

  339. "seems to me to be about projecting pre-existing beliefs and desperately looking for things that confirm them"

    Exacty what you would expect one who is conspiring with the masonic reptilians to say!!

    Case closed.

  340. Swizz Beatz Talks "On To The Next One" video:

    "I don't think about that. I know that's a billion percent not true. The video displays another level of art and creativity from two great minds: the director and Jay — and myself, bringing the collaboration together. It's no satanic ways around me and that's for sure," he explained. "I'm with Jay — I never see none of that stuff around him unless he's hiding something, which I doubt. C'mon, man. That's silly stuff. That stuff you don't even comment on; we on to the next one."

    "I'm aware of the stir the video has caused and what people are saying," the clip's director, Sam Brown, told "I think when you're dealing in abstract imagery people are going to want to draw lines between things and make sense of it. However, I've always felt that the viewing public was, in general, extremely visually literate. They don't always want or need things to be spelled out for them. One of the great things about music videos are they can be enjoyed purely visually — it doesn't need to mean anything or make any sense. Conspiracy theory is another thing entirely, and seems to me to be about projecting pre-existing beliefs and desperately looking for things that confirm them. There is imagery in this video that is drawn from all over the place. None of it is owned by any one culture or belief system. You can connect anything if you try hard enough, and make it mean anything you want it to."

    "It didn't look like we was worshipping the devil," Swizz continued, speaking on behalf of himself, Jay and Young Jeezy, who are all featured in the video. "It was easy. The song, the chemistry between me, Jay [and] Jeezy is a natural flow. When you put that in front of the camera, it's natural. Jay was on set, I think, for only two hours. I was on set for like, an hour. Same thing. Jeezy was there. It was real quick. The director took it and went on to the next one. … I never expected the video to come out like that … it's like a portrait. It's like a canvas he took, which was the green screen, and he took that canvas and really painted it Murakami, Basquiat style. There go the results."


  341. @Bipin January 13th, 2010 8:45 pm

    Both a cover up of the rumors and a reference to penile tattoo tradition in thug dl societies. No hits without bending over in the pentagram for execs…… everyone knows.

    LOL, chocolate starfish… a.o. album by Limp Bizkit and a former Australian rock music group

    These guys don't hide anything though, and I don't mean the hot models 😉

  342. Lol @ gay-z I simply asked early on if you read the bible, thats it, I still see no message that I need to refute that you have posed therefore I dont need to discredit you other than making an obvious point that you will never answer a simple question. Also how can you say I dont think for myself? Do you know me? Do you know what things I have studied that lead me to my beliefs? Do you know if I have experience or belonged to other Faiths or Belief systems? No you dont you just assume like most ignorant people that anyone who has Faith in Christ cant think for themselves and are illogical and cant have possibly researched other faiths and beliefs.

  343. @929 – Yes it is true about the cover up but you see in the lyric is not just perversity but attempt to program viewer into latah monarch submission state.

    "that’s gay

    I aint into liking dudes no way

    but get a pen I can tell you pricks my plans for the future

    I’ll never make the news again my man’ll shoot you"

    Both a cover up of the rumors and a reference to penile tattoo tradition in thug dl societies. No hits without bending over in the pentagram for execs…… everyone knows.

  344. @CallipygianHacksaw73 January 13th, 2010 7:58 pm

    But I highly doubt him, or any of his follows, would catch the significance of the horse with the Grand National racehorse, would you? It’s a pretty obscure reference, don’t you think?

    As a matter of fact I would and did (though this may very well be a fruitless lead, it was just an idea I had after seeing that Lil Wayne photo), but I sometimes analyze these videos to death. Some collect post-stamps, I have other hobbies ;-).

    Moreover, all this communication isn't meant to be understood by the general public. They are sending messages to those who know what is going on wherever they are. Obvious symbolism might be directed to what they probably regard as the unwashed masses. All IMHO of course 🙂

    The horse might also be a reference to one of the horses of the Apocalypse.

  345. It sound to me like you all keep proving each other points. Muslims and Christianity is pretty much the same. We say potatoe they say pa tat toe, same thing…Muslims are much more strict..God commands Christian to follow the same rules but this is "Good ole America" and it's rules, what rules. My point you all seem to be telling each other the same thing. It's the same when you untwist the understandings

  346. @Daciple January 13th, 2010 7:43 pm

    Also gay-z its funny how you still kinda like shiva refuse to answer simple questions posed directly to you, makes you seem shady and suspect in my book LOL Any questions posed to me I answer…

    When not being able to refute the message, try to discredit the messenger. A trick much, much older than you my friend. I even make it easy for you by using a handle with the word gay in it, though in jest to an amusing previous post regarding hip hop and homosexuality.

    It is difficult learning to think for yourself. This takes time and effort but as it has been written Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.. So keep trying…


    I believe Sophia asked about the question of forgiveness of sin as taught by Jesus Christ. Your response says you can ask God to forgive YOUR sins. But what do Muslims think of the teachings of Jesus Christ about forgiveness of the sins of OTHERS? I believe you side-stepped the answer.

    In fact, ANY representative of Islam is welcome to answer the question on the teachings of Jesus Christ about forgiveness of the sins of OTHERS. I'd really like to know.

  348. Again Gay-Z you dont address my question to you and again all I can keep saying is you believe that if anyone speaks about the Word of God and teaches anything from it they are not only lumped in with the Pharisees but are also False Prophets lol Ok buddy and again there is a mirror look in it lol I would ask you more direct questions about your beliefs but I understand it futile you wont answer them…

  349. In fact, the more I think about the homosexual references in Jay-Z's lyrics, I can see where he might take advantage of the "gat" here and there (and pay them off with things:

    I take the cake from under the bakers thumb

    I bake the cake and two it up from one

    but threatens, in his lyrics, to have anyone killed if they bring it to the news:

    I’m thee public industry #1

    public industry #2 is my whole crew (R-O-C)

    now I aint cool with who like me or who like you

    that’s gay

    I aint into liking dudes no way

    but get a pen I can tell you pricks my plans for the future

    I’ll never make the news again my man’ll shoot you

  350. @Acetothermus Amorphosporangium read post #892

    There are damn near 1000 comments on here I have already spoken about the Jay-Z video back 700-800 posts ago, there really isnt much else to talk about regarding this Video that hasnt been addressed 3-5 times already. Hell I was the first one that posted the link to what J was talking about the 3 STRIPES back in post 149 that has been posted at least 5-6 more times as recent as 855 by dalioness.

    What else is there to say? Do you have anything new to contribute to the thread that I havent said or hasnt been spoken about 500 posts ago?

    If not then stop getting angry that people are talking about other subjects otherwise post some new material that is more relevant than just talking smack to others and attacking them personally. O n since you hate it so 8)

  351. Redrum and murder, I'm hardly surprised there. It's in Jay-Z's lyrics that you brought up from his la, la, la (Excuse Me Again) song, and this part here:

    I’m thee public industry #1

    public industry #2 is my whole crew (R-O-C)

    now I aint cool with who like me or who like you

    that’s gay

    I aint into liking dudes no way

    but get a pen I can tell you pricks my plans for the future

    I’ll never make the news again my man’ll shoot you

    I think it goes pretty much with the territory of these mindsets. (Murder, that is.)

    But I highly doubt him, or any of his follows, would catch the significance of the horse with the Grand National racehorse, would you? It's a pretty obscure reference, don't you think? I doubt if he even has a say (all that much) in the content of his videos, that is to say 'put in the horse on a plaque'.

    Interesting observation, though, pointing out the horse on the plaque.

  352. @Daciple

    Lol @ Gay-Z so according to you NOONE should EVER speak of the Word of God huh or else they are automatically IYO considered to be lumped in with the Pharisees.

    Ok, I'll take the bait one last time…

    Did you know that the word prophet comes from from Greek prophētēs, from pro for + phanai to speak. Thus its literal translation is to speak for God. When someone claims to speak for God but does not (maybe because he/she does not understand the topic correctly), then this would automatically make such a person a false prophet.

  353. @5 minutes to Midnight January 13th, 2010 6:11 pm

    The horse in question is upon a plaque, so I presume for those who love horses, such a plaque would be something that would attract them to purchase it and display in their homes.

    The horse appears to be a light or saddle breed (as opposed to a sport or gaited horse). Since there might be significance to the horse in question in Jay-Z’s video, I am thinking then it might be a Windsor Grey, the kind used by the Royalty of the UK in ceremonial processions.

    There are a zillion breeds, so it’s hard to pin down.

    I am so terribly curious now what your hypothesis might be!

    When you take a look at:

    You'll see Lil Wayne with the text Red Rum. Notice the open handcuffs around his neck depicting the number 3 (like Jay-Z's three stripes). They are not very original naming it Red Rum, since this was already used in the 1980 psychological horror film 'The Shining' directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. In this film Danny has written "REDRUM" in lipstick on the door of Wendy’s bedroom revealing itself in the mirror to be "murder" spelled backwards.

    Red Rum was also a racehorse who achieved an unmatched historic treble when he won the Grand National in 1973, 1974 and 1977. Maybe depicting one of the most famous racehorses in history might be a veiled reference to Red Rum and thereby to muRdeR.

  354. I'd like to slap off those dark sunglasses straight off'n his smiley face.

    The issue here is suppose to be: The Occult Semi-Subliminals of Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One”

  355. Also gay-z its funny how you still kinda like shiva refuse to answer simple questions posed directly to you, makes you seem shady and suspect in my book LOL Any questions posed to me I answer…

  356. Judges 19:29

    29 When he reached home, he took a knife and cut up his concubine, limb by limb, into twelve parts and sent them into all the areas of Israel.

  357. Lol @ Gay-Z so according to you NOONE should EVER speak of the Word of God huh or else they are automatically IYO considered to be lumped in with the Pharisees. Wonder what that makes you my friend, who wants and is quoting to me the Word of God you know like what I have been doing… Humm the mirror look in it lol 8)

  358. @Daciple

    One last remark and then I'm going back on-topic. Do you know what Christ had to say about the religious establishment, Torah scholars and guardians of the law in his days, you know the ones who claim to know God's will and 'teach' it to the masses.

    Jesus said, "Woe to the pharisees, for they are like a dog sleeping in the manger of oxen, for neither does he eat nor does he let the oxen eat." (The Gospel of Thomas: 102)

    But before you go apoplectic by a quote from an apocryphal document for a school of either early Christians or Gnostics, the same idea is expressed in the officially sanctioned Bible.

    Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to. (Matthew 23:13)

    And I haven't even started quoting Matthew 23 for some real fire and brimstone against self-proclaimed teachers concerning the things of God…

  359. Wouldn't life be so much more interesting if any of this was actually true?

    Unfortunately, it's not.

    I can draw special symbols and join secret clubs and pray to Jesus, Satan or the Easter Bunny until I'm blue in the face and nothing…will…happen.

  360. Yes I do I am upfront with my beliefs in person or online I hold to the testament of the Word of God and pray that I never back down when challenged about my Faith even to the Death which I believe my holding to it may just lead… Unlike you who even w anonymity wont answer me about my direct question to you about Christ nor your Faith if you have any at all O well…


    I believe Sophia asked about the question of forgiveness of sin as taught by Jesus Christ. Your response says you can ask God to forgive YOUR sins. But what do Muslims think of the teachings of Jesus Christ about forgiveness of the sins of OTHERS? I believe you side-stepped the answer.

  362. False teachings lol! Man how do you interact with other people of other religions? I highly doubt you spread the Word like you do on here to them in this fashion! But then you can over the internet with anonymity which is why you do it on here lol. Utterly hilarious

  363. Lol!! Again you attempt to analyse me and again you are wrong lol!! But its certainly entertaining lol

  364. "Converts" I dont even know what you believe in, I can only guess its some form of Buddhism with your name, and I dont want to necessarily convert anyone to any set Religion only to read the Word of God and come to Christ thats it. If you choose Christ awesome glad to hear it if you reject Him so be it, its your free will. And that post isnt only for you its for anyone who thinks I am or those who speak out about False teachings are Judgmental of Peoples. 8)

  365. @ Sleepin Jiva I dont attend Mass thanks, and again you make a point to me that I am some how Judgmental of a Person when I am only Judging a teaching. You seriously in all honesty think that Jesus would have back then or when He returns allow false teachings wo rebuking the person but still love them?

  366. @ Daciple

    Don't waste your time writing essays for me I'm not gonna be one of your "converts" save it for your Sunday mass lol!

  367. As for the interview w Jay-Z, I believe he said what he believed in which is Freemasonry. There is only one God Lucifer and there is no Hell in that belief system.. "do what thou wilt" t-shirt is a testament to that belief system.

  368. 877 – Gay-Z — "Speaking on horses. Does anyone know/recognize which specific horse (name) is depicted in the video. I have an interesting hypothesis"

    A VERY stimulation question! I had a boyfriend once, horse-shoer by trade, so your question piqued my interest.

    The horse in question is upon a plaque, so I presume for those who love horses, such a plaque would be something that would attract them to purchase it and display in their homes.

    The horse appears to be a light or saddle breed (as opposed to a sport or gaited horse). Since there might be significance to the horse in question in Jay-Z's video, I am thinking then it might be a Windsor Grey, the kind used by the Royalty of the UK in ceremonial processions.

    There are a zillion breeds, so it's hard to pin down.

    I am so terribly curious now what your hypothesis might be!

  369. So you dont think that Jesus told people that they were wrong if they were teaching Falsehoods? I do believe that Jesus was compassionate and loving. I am not saying anything about the persons themselves not you nor anyone else here at all. But yes I will speak up when people say things that I believe go against Christ and His teachings and Word. Do you not think it is better to try and point out glaring falsehoods in teachings about Christ now so that people can come to repentance before Christ does come back and there is no such thing as Grace?

    Is it better to be so accepting and tolerant of other teachings and beliefs that are in direct contradiction to the teachings and beliefs of Christ and the Apostles and Disciples that it may lead them to Hell, or is it better to point these differences out so to possibly get them to research further into and lead to repentance?

    I go with the latter over the former and if you dont agree so be it. You would rather let someone enjoy and revel in their own beliefs no matter what they are even if it could lead to their eternal damnation than express and show that these teachings and beliefs may very well lead to condemnation not by me but by GOD.

    I dont judge people at all I judge the teachings period. I dont condemn anyone all I state is what Christ taught that is it. You dont agree with it fine thats up to you, but if you truly believed that Christ is the way the truth and the life then you should point people towards Him and not ignore false teachings and idealistic that they are clinging holding to and teaching to others.

    Those who follow Christ are to judge the doctrinal teaching of preachers and teachers by God's Word. You seem to hate when I publicly quote Scripture so here is the Chapter and Verse where we are to JUDGE the teachings of preachers and teachers. Matthew 7:15-20; Acts 4:19 17:10-11; 1 Corinthians 10:15 14:29; Titus 1:10-16; 3:10; Hebrews 13:7; 1 John 4:1; Revelation 2:20-24

    Again the Word declares that those who follow Christ are to Judge all teachings against the Word of God and that we are to guide people to Christ and point out and correct teachings that go against the Word. And again I do not Judge any person here I am sure most everyone here is Good peoples and I would never say hey your horrible PERSON for your beliefs. I also would NOT try and fight or harm or attack any person for their beliefs ever. Although I can not say for certain that people on this board would say the same of me.

    There is a difference of Tolerance and Love of PEOPLE and a difference and Tolerance and Love of their beliefs!!! If the case were that by me pointing out the difference these people are professing and teaching that go against the Word is not Tolerant of them as People then I guess ALL THE DISCIPLES APOSTLES PROPHETS AND CHRIST were not Tolerant of them as People because through out the Old and New Testament all of the afore mentioned people ALWAYS denounced ALL teachings and beliefs that were AGAINST the Word of God.

    We both know that is not true in the least. all of those people LOVED Humanity and they said what they said to steer people away from an eternity in Hell and towards everlasting Life in Christ!

    That is my intent so again please realize I do not Judge People themselves but the teachings which by the Word of God all those who believe are in fact TO DO!!

    Also please dont for a minute kid yourself and think Jesus would back then or when He returns allow False Teachings to be taught without Him condemning the Teaching then correcting the Person and directing them to the Truth all still while LOVING THE PERSON.

  370. Christians drink the "blood of christ " well wine or cranberry juice during communion to give recognition to Jesus dying on the cross.

  371. Jay Z hardly says anything of any real insight in that interview, he's loving it and milking the publicity lol!

  372. 904- I just saw it, you beat me to the punch, he said nothing, he beleives in one God and that is him Jay-Z Johova lol- nall he siad he has no relegion, he does not beleive in muslims, christianity and he beleives in one God and he call himself God

  373. Man bore your ass I am not none of BluRose find a child to play with. BlueRose is gone but her name is still ringing. I thought VC asked to stay on the topic ! Haters fall back lol not

  374. Lol!!! Once again my friend you are completely wrong lol! Man this is too funny you think you're really clever. Contrary to your newly formed opinion of me i'll set you straight I have NO problem with Jesus in fact its quite the opposite. I do believe that he taught tolerance and love for ALL of God's creation which I seek to do. Unlike myself you seek to judge people based on the things they follow and you don't have a right to diss like that. I pointed out that is opposite to what Jesus taught. I don't have a problem with Jesus I have a problem with your poropanda, hate and the effects of it when all people no matter what they believe deserve respect, compassion and love. There's nothing wrong with that.

  375. Daciple-At the end of the day it still says appeared. I take as spritually appeared and what about the part, Jesus is God. I am pretty sure Jesus was made in his father's image and could perform some of the things God could do..It was still Jesus purpose to be known as son of God and to preach the kindom of God, not beleive Jesus was God. Jesus is the way to come through him

  376. Again Sleping Jiva you just dont like posts about Religion YOU dont agree with, If you agree with them then you give them props otherwise you say you cant stand reading them. In fact there are like 2 others who said something about Christ and you made the same types of remarks to them. Maybe you just dont like Christ idk. Lol So you think I am close minded and Judgmental fine so be it but Jesus never taught that there are many paths to GOD He taught that there is just one thru Him no other. I am sorry that that upsets you.

  377. @ gay-z I understand comprehend what I read- Ive studied many different paths and do not EVER accept dogma or any set religious belief. Way to side step my question and side step me calling you out on your false assertions about me in concerns to Blue. Again have you even read the Bible?

    @QK you might be speaking to me I believe that God did come to earth and walked with people. Not only as Jesus but Gen 18 specifically states God came as a MAN to Abraham ate with him(only flesh can eat so its more than an apparition) and spent hrs or possibly days with him. If this is true which it is who is anyone to say God couldnt become Incarnate as Jesus and spend years with us?


    1And the LORD appeared unto him in the plains of Mamre: and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day;

    2And he lift up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three MEN stood by him: and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed himself toward the ground,

    3And said, My LORD, if now I have found favour in thy sight, pass not away, I pray thee, from thy servant:

    4Let a little water, I pray you, be fetched, and wash your feet, and rest yourselves under the tree:

    5And I will fetch a morsel of bread, and comfort ye your hearts; after that ye shall pass on: for therefore are ye come to your servant. And they said, So do, as thou hast said.

    6And Abraham hastened into the tent unto Sarah, and said, Make ready quickly three measures of fine meal, knead it, and make cakes upon the hearth.

    7And Abraham ran unto the herd, and fetcht a calf tender and good, and gave it unto a young man; and he hasted to dress it.

    8And he took butter, and milk, and the calf which he had dressed, and set it before them; and he stood by them under the tree, and they did EAT.

  378. @ Daciple

    Hardly, I dont like reading YOUR viewpoints! Your viewpoints and posts are extremely narrow minded, judgemental and serve NO positive purpose but to create differences between people. You just can't let ANYONE express their own views without condemning them and stating that the only way to God is through Jesus and Christianity. Look around you the world if full of people with differing viewpoints, different religious or non religious views ect. You clearly don't practice love and tolerance of these things with Jesus who you're constantly referencing taught. THATS what I have a problem with and where I challenge you cos you're posts have halrdly anything positive to say to anyone.

  379. @Daciple January 13th, 2010 4:24 pm

    Second the quotes you posted show nothing that refutes anything that I said. And I have read the Bible front to back and read it daily how bout you?

    But, friend, the important question remains: did you understand anything about what you've read? Or did you just accept established dogma.

    I shall argue that to seem to speak well of the gods to men is far easier than to speak well of men to men: for the inexperience and utter ignorance of his hearers about any subject is a great assistance to him who has to speak of it, and we know how ignorant we are concerning the gods. – Plato

  380. Daciple- I could be wrong the post were so long. My comment was towards the person who said Jesus is God and God walked the earth amoung people. So I could be wrong too much info lol

  381. @ Dalioness its cool you deny Christ thats your belief and just as you say in post 858 you are free to "endulge in it as much as you like but know there are consequences to everything."

  382. @ Gayz First when did I say anything about Blue Rose and spamming Comments? I call her out on her beliefs and said that she posted under many names and then linked them together so I could make people aware that she has multiple names she posts under. I also then go over some of her beliefs and then put her to the test over her beliefs and the Word of God. I also laughed at her originally on post#149 because she was going crazy on some person that was trying to befriend her but instead she said that person was me. I never said anything about spamming or going off topic or anything like that ever. So you ought to retract that false statement you made of me.

    Second the quotes you posted show nothing that refutes anything that I said. And I have read the Bible front to back and read it daily how bout you?

    Third I laugh that you say I post so many "off topic posts" I have posted 17 total posts 18 including this one outta 850+ of which 9 of them are condensed into 3 just because I have a lot to say on some subjects. So that makes 12 total posts in this ENTIRE board and at least 3 of them are DIRECTLY related to the Jay-z video. The others are points I make to what others say on THIS board or who directly take opposition to points I have made such as this post here. LMAO you damn near covered that spread yourself in just the past 2 hrs. You've made 4 off topic posts in 2 hrs or 1/4 of what I have posted in 9 days considering Ive been posting since Jan 4th.

    @ sleeping jiva post # 883 you state you hate reading sermons from religious fanatics, kinda funny since in post 857 you give props to dalioness for stating what is pretty much Islamic viewpoints but I guess since he touched on Buddha its cool and you delve into your beliefs as well on that post. LMAO lets get it right you only dont like reading sermons from "religious fanatics" that you dont agree with 8)

    @QK I am not sure where you stand at all your own comments seem to be polarized against each other. You seem to kinda attack me for stating that Christ is God Incarnate then agree with me that God appeared to him in post #884. The only time I spoke of God appearing to anyone was God appearing to Abraham IN THE FORM OF A MAN. He was there w Abraham as a MAN and He was even eating with him… Gen 18:8And he took butter, and milk, and the calf which he had dressed, and set it before them; and he stood by them under the tree, and they did eat.

    The funny thing is that I agree with you that at the end of the day it is about God and we are wrestling with Principalities and Powers so I guess I am confused that you are trying to attack me when all I am doing is teaching the Word of God which you just stated "IF YOU REALLY BELEIVE THE BIBLE YOU WOULD KNOW IF THE RAPTURE TOOK PLACE IT’S SOME INSTRUCTIONS YOU NEED TO FOLLOW,"

    As to the staying on topic my original posts were indeed ON TOPIC and I spoke about the video the symbols ect ect ect. But people start saying things about Jay-z and that he is a christian ect ect ect So I replied to that and so on and so forth where yes 1000 posts later with hundreds of different topics being asserted about many different things its not going to be about Jay- Z and this video. How many things can be said about it that havent already?

    And like QK stated at the end of the day this is about the spiritual warfare that is going on and Jay-Z is promoting one side of it. I am promoting what I believe to be the other side of it. So yea I am going to speak about Christ and his teachings on a post about Jay-Z and his satanic symbols.

  383. @ 863

    Way to misread Jay Z's lyrics. La is slang for weed, the reference to Oprah (moving weight=selling drugs + a fat joke on O), and baking a cake are all drug references. You were really reaching with that wack analysis and that's the kind of reactionary thinking that makes this site hard to read sometimes. And I'm speaking as a former hardcore fan of Jay Z who has been very disillusioned with him since BP3. I agree that there is some funny (possibly satanic) business going on in this video. But it strains the credibiility of the argument when people just make stuff up out of thin air to justify their point.

    BTW I also agree that there are a lot of closeted/undercover homos in the music business and Hollywood. And it is pretty intriguing to speculate on celebrities that might be on that list. But all this specualtion quickly turns into rampant homophobia with all the Bible and Koran thumpers on here. For the record gay does not equal satanic. Nor does it equal anti-nuclear family. Just because there maybe some gay stuff mixed in with all the ritual abuse doesn't prove the point either.

  384. @Sleeping Jiva January 13th, 2010 2:59 pm

    @ 877 I know! Its ludicrous I’m SO sick of reading “sermons” and essays on unrelated topics! It’ll be good when theres a general forum but then I know we’ll just get all of that there too

    But I still have to tryout that recipe for rum balls ;-). I had to LOL at some off-topic exchanges though, even fanned the fire a bit. Mea culpa…

  385. @ Daciple (and perhaps others)

    Sorry buddy but what i said was clear: to reject any of the prophets as PROPHETS is to nullify ones Islam, Islam does not teach that Jesus was a Son of God nor God incarnate, so there is no twisting here at all rather it is your lack of comprehension of what I *actually* said. Islam teaches ONENESS of God, not Trinity.

    As for why we may accept some parts and not others, first of all an orthodox Muslim should not refer to the Bible as evidence for anything to begin with. With that said, since we do believe that there were Prophets and Messengers before Muhammad, we also believe they were given revelations/books. Qur'an being the last revelation until the Day of Judgement acknowledged previous books, HOWEVER it also warned that men distorted them, confirmed the truth that was in them but also refuted the distortions (additions, subtractions, deletions, etc). AS for a Muslims view on the Bible, we cannot possibly know which parts were distorted and which weren't, however those that agree with the basic concept of who God is we have no problem with albeit we do not refer to any of it as evidence. I'm sure you as a Christian would know that the Bible wasn't the first and only Book revealed to mankind, so do you then reject the revelations/commands given to Prophets before Jesus? Also, do you understand that even in Christianity there is a concept of abrogation, for example certain commands and prohibitions that were previously in place have been abrogated with the New Testament?

    I'm sorry I couldn't read through the rest of your comment as I'm really not interested to be honest, I've already studied both quite extensively and it all only reaffirmed the truth which I know to be in Islam.

    Best regards

    VC (and others) I'm not sure if this was already mentioned by someone here but I just found something interesting (to me at least), that could be relevant to Jay Z's explanation of the three lines. He said they represent "the original three", and towards the end of this video there is a mention by a former Freemason that originally, there were only three degrees of Freemasonry. I thought there may be a connection, anyway, have look if you'd like:

  386. Thanx VC for opening up our eyes!

    to all of you… if you don't know to what music to listen to these days….

    Listen to MUSE !

    He is def anti illuminati…

    You can see this especially in their last album "the resistance"

    songs like, "mk ultra, uprising, unnatural selection, united states of eurasia,…

    Also in his other albums they're refering to the illuminati… just check their lyrics!

    And they're great to listen to 🙂


  388. @QK

    Don't even bother! Daciple is just gonna inflict another one of his propoganda, Christian loving and all other religion hating sermons on us lol!

  389. 865-Dacaple it clearly states God "appeared" to him! Jesus was son of God and a prophet and mohummed and moses were prophet's but they were not Son of God. He also clearly states John 10- He is son of God several times. Then he states they are one. Duh he like specially created him as his son, and also to come to earth the preach God's Kindom……Christians twist the Bible and Muslims twist the Koran- Koran states women are to be controlled by men, meaning they are to perform their wifely duties, but Men are susposed to be Godly so when you are under a Godly control you know how run the house hold and every thing should fall into place. When a Muslim was showed a Koran saying Allah stated over and over again sucide was not OK the muslim response was " we don't have the same weapons our enemies have " thats what you call twisting the word..and it happens a lot with Chrisatian and Muslims

  390. @ 877 I know! Its ludicrous I'm SO sick of reading "sermons" and essays on unrelated topics! It'll be good when theres a general forum but then I know we'll just get all of that there too ¬¬

  391. @QK January 13th, 2010 2:24 pm

    Gay-Z- when did God come to earth or did I miss something? What relegion beleive that? All yall sound wrong!!

    I was replying to Daciple who claimed to know for certain that God came to earth. Although I don't like bible-thumping, I felt the need to quote two passages disproving his claims.

  392. Hey Vig

    Thanks for your hard work …. one day you will see how much you've helped some get out of the dark.

    Umm, can you

    1.edit out swear words, some have interesting points but the crapmouth detracts.

    2. move newest comments to the start like youtube, oldest last

    3. This guy is interesting .. esp. on MK Ultra >>>
    4. my site is …. mainly testimonies of people who went to hell – if it lines up with what Jesus and the psalms and the bible etc say about hell, you do NOT want to go there.

  393. Sleeping Jiva January 13th, 2010 2:11 pm :

    Honestly the religious fanatics on here NEVER give it a rest! GET A LIFE and concentrate on the topic at hand!

    And the most hypocritical part of it is that Daciple was among the most vocal in demanding that Blue Rose should shut up because (s)he derailed the topic. I believe that Daciple is certainly runner-up with the amount of off-topic posts.

    I agree, let's get on-topic again, though this Jay-Z thing seems already like a horse beaten to death.

    Speaking on horses. Does anyone know/recognize which specific horse (name) is depicted in the video. I have an interesting hypothesis

  394. Honestly the religious fanatics on here NEVER give it a rest! GET A LIFE and concentrate on the topic at hand!

  395. @Daciple January 13th, 2010 11:57 am

    As to your second comment on those who believe in Christ worshiping a man, sorry but no we worship GOD who came down and became Incarnate so as to be the perfect sacrifice to make atonement for all of our sins for those whom believe in Him. In your religion it is wrong to think God can become a man, well then you havent studied the Bible what so ever, for even in the old testament GOD came to earth as a man and interacted with the prophets and peoples.

    Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!' (Matthew 7:21-23)

    At that time Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure. All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him. (Matthew 11:25-27)

    There are countless more like these. It seems that you have never read the New Testament yourself.

  396. @ 869

    Only he doesn't focus on the topic of the article to keep the comments section relevant. He spams and is just plain looney.

  397. And, for my final comment on this thread – I just have too much to do, sorry – I'd just like to say that…wow, really? Just *reading* and *repeating* the contents of the Satanic Bible, without any embellishment of my own, and without even *accepting* the contents thereof as personal truth…turned me into Satan?

    Awesome! 😀

    I guess Our Dark Lord really *does* offer major power! I guess I should be a Satanist, now…I mean, I'd basically be worshiping me! Man, I read the Bible, but it didn't turn me into *Jesus*!

    …you realize how stupid calling someone Satan is, right?


  398. @bleu January 12th, 2010 11:06 pm

    Nous, le peuple français sont des lâches sans épines et les noix fanaticals tout comme le bleu se leva.

    You mean in the same way as the 'courageous' U.S. senate and house of congress renamed French Fries to 'Freedom' Fries and called the French people 'garlic eating surrender monkeys'. I must admit that I had to laugh about the latter though :-). How quick the U.S. forgets who supported them when they refuse to participate in a crime like the stealing of Iraq's oil. Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L) my a$$$…

  399. 'gat' — it's in the lyrics:

    Ever seen a watch surrounded by this much pink ice

    Look but don't touch, muthafucka think twice

    Cuz this gat that I clutch gotta little red light

    Need a light?

  400. @Loc:

    Hi! I know it's been a while, but I have, you know, a life.

    If you're even reading this, I'd just like to make it plain that I did NOT 'make up' people arguing for symbol-free entertainment. Go back and read any of Vigilant's previous postings – in fact, I think the one I'm immediately recalling is the Pinnochio article. You'll find people in the comments lamenting the fact that there are no 'pure' alternatives to symbolic movies and music.

    On the subject of religion, I have no animosity towards those who believe, UNLESS THEIR BELIEFS RESULT IN EVIL ACTIONS. I am not even religious. I value ACTION above thought and belief. Unfortunately, many people who claim to be spiritual and good are the exact opposite, and I like to call them out on their hypocrisy.

    And, sorry – you are a subculture.

    3. Sociology.

    a. the cultural values and behavioral patterns distinctive of a particular group in a society.

    b. a group having social, economic, ethnic, or other traits distinctive enough to distinguish it from others within the same culture or society.

    You have a set of shared values (there is conspiratorial evil afoot, people are being mind-controlled, etc.), shared behavioral patterns (searching for symbols, interpreting them, etc.). And yeah, you're all crazy, but frankly, that's what makes you all so charming. ^_^

  401. @ 863 -I thought the theme was the occult side, and this is more occult than I expected \\\\\\\

    I'm thee public industry #1

    public industry #2 is my whole crew (R-O-C)

    now I aint cool with who like me or who like you

    that's gay

    I aint into liking dudes no way

    but get a pen I can tell you pricks my plans for the future

    I'll never make the news again my man'll shoot you

    I forgot where I saw the word 'gat' from, but it does come up in slang:


    synonym for ass [Submitted \\, \\ Gay Slang]

    Talk about occult hidden meanings! Learn something every day.

  402. To say that O no I believe Christ was a Prophet and He came to earth He was real thats what it means to believe in Christ is completely FALSE. Satan will tell you the same exact thing. What Satan will not tell you and will lead you and the world away from is that Christ is exactly what He said He was and what His disciples knew and said He was:

    John 20:27Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.

    28And Thomas answered and said unto him, My LORD and my God.

    29Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

    Thomas calls him GOD and Jesus doesnt rebuke Him at all in fact He states you believe I am God cuz you see me blessed are those who havent seen Him in the flesh and still believe that He is GOD!!!

    But o yea Islam teaches that Christ never died nor resurrected does it… Again making Christ a Liar!!!

    O and here is what happens in the Bible when people claim they are God and arent and DONT immediately give the praise to God… You know what Jesus did when Thomas called Him God…

    Acts 12: 20And Herod was highly displeased with them of Tyre and Sidon: but they came with one accord to him, and, having made Blastus the king's chamberlain their friend, desired peace; because their country was nourished by the king's country.

    21And upon a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration unto them.

    22And the people gave a shout, saying, It is the voice of a god, and not of a man.

    23And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost.

    Humm looky that an angel of God killed HIM because he didnt deny that he was a god, but Christ didnt deny He was God to Thomas… Wonder why?

    Christ is the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through HIM not Mohammad not Buddha or Krishna not any other name or person, Just CHRIST alone!!!

    Jesus and Paul both taught of false prophets coming that will teach falsehoods about Christ and that we are to be Vigilant about those people and to REJECT them. You have the free will to believe in whomever you want I personally follow the Word of God and it states:

    John14:6Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Acts10: 10Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.

    11This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

    12Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    Matt 7:15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    16Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    17Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

    18A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

    19Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

    20Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Muhammad shows his roots by his fruits that of murder and fornication of children braking peace treaties and such)

    Gal1: 6I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:

    7Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

    8But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    9As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

    Plain as day it is taught against False Prophets that teach a False Gospel and Christ other than what was taught during the times of Christ's DEATH. Those who teach and even Angels who teach a False Gospel are to be accursed!!! Sorry but the teachings found in Islam were NOT taught by Christ nor the Disciples nor the Apostles and therefore are to be rejected and the Word of God states these teachers should be ACCURSED!!!

    Islam picks and chooses which parts of the Bible it wants to believe is real then everything else they dont like that doesnt fit what the false prophet Mohammad made up and taught they say was altered. Either you accept the Word of God and what Jesus taught and spoke of Himself or you reject it, dont pick and choose.

    I pray you repent from these false teachings and stop teaching these lies as truths and accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord. I pray you begin to confess to men Christ as the only Savior and Lord and none other besides HIM. You have the right to choose whomever you wish to follow God gives you free will but Christ taught simply

    Matt 10: 32Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

    33But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

    May God Bless you and your family in abundance and lead you to the Truth of Christ!! 8)

  403. As to your second comment on those who believe in Christ worshiping a man, sorry but no we worship GOD who came down and became Incarnate so as to be the perfect sacrifice to make atonement for all of our sins for those whom believe in Him. In your religion it is wrong to think God can become a man, well then you havent studied the Bible what so ever, for even in the old testament GOD came to earth as a man and interacted with the prophets and peoples.

    Gen18:1And the LORD appeared unto him in the plains of Mamre: and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day;

    2And he lift up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three MEN stood by him: and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed himself toward the ground,

    3And said, My LORD, if now I have found favour in thy sight, pass not away, I pray thee, from thy servant:

    The LORD YHWH appeared to Abraham as a MAN there is absolutely NO other way to look at this text. He also spends Hours possibly days conversing with Abraham as a MAN!!! Read the text it is clear as DAY!! So who are you or any other person able to say that God cant manifest Himself in the Flesh. If He can do it for Hrs or Days then why not YEARS to fulfill all of the Prophecies the true Prophets of GOD spoke about Him thousands of years before He came in the flesh as Jesus Christ?

    And you say that Jesus never made a claim that He was God, lets see what the Bible says about that:

    John10:30I and my Father are one.

    31Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.

    32Jesus answered them, Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of those works do ye stone me?

    33The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.

    Humm Christ says He and the Father are one and the People try and kill Him cuz He "makest thyself GOD" because He said He was GOD!!!

    Sure you can deny this and come with the easiest fall back most of you do, O o the Bible was altered but the Koran is perfect it hasnt been altered. Good ol standby lol but still if you do that then again you deny all of this then you REJECT CHRIST and everything the Prophets before Him spoke of HIM.

  404. @ Dalioness … You said #851 "but if he/she rejects so much as one out of the line of Prophets/Messengers, including Jesus, then he/she has nullified their Islam." and #853"I see how you would think otherwise though, being that you/Christianity took to worship a man, a Prophet of God who never presented himself as God to the people"

    Its funny you should say such a thing, Lets see what the Bible says about this:

    Matt 20: 18Behold, we go up to Jerusalem; and the Son of man shall be betrayed unto the chief priests and unto the scribes, and they shall condemn him to death,

    19And shall deliver him to the Gentiles to mock, and to scourge, and to crucify him: and the third day he shall rise again.

    Mark10:3Saying, Behold, we go up to Jerusalem; and the Son of man shall be delivered unto the chief priests, and unto the scribes; and they shall condemn him to death, and shall deliver him to the Gentiles:

    34And they shall mock him, and shall scourge him, and shall spit upon him, and shall kill him: and the third day he shall rise again.

    Jesus out of His own mouth states plainly so you nor any other Muslim or any other religion can deny this, that He will be condemn to death be crucified to DEATH that He will DIE and rise from the grave on the 3rd day. What does your religion tell you? Does it not state that Jesus DIDNT DIE that He was spared death by Allah and instead some other person was placed on the cross with the image of Jesus' face making Allah a liar to those who witnessed the death of Christ and a liar out of Christ Himself for not fulfilling His own Prophecy concerning Himself? The basis of Christ in Islam denies Christ Himself and according to your own words before it can even start all Muslims nullify their Islam!!!

    Also John 10:4I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.

    15As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.

    17Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again.

    18No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again.

    Again Christ teaches that He will DIE and Resurrect and Also teaches that He has the power to Resurrect Himself a claim that is later made about GOD HIMSELF!!!


    Matt20: 28Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

    So which is it cause you cant have both either you can reject what Christ said of Himself and still keep your "Islam" or you must admit that Islam is wrong and Christ DIED on the cross!!

  405. What the poster said about most hip hop thugs being on the DL is true….. my friends have "known" several of them in the clubs, and everyone here has heard the stories. Worst kept secret in this city! 🙂

    Just look at some of the lyrics…

    La, La, La (Excuse Me Again)"


    Whooo! Whooo!


    Memph Bleek always smoking that La, La, La


    "La la la is old school nyc queen slang for a stiff penis. Goes back to the Paradise Garage days…..more than one of the first gen of thug rappers were regulars at Paradise! 😉

    [Verse 1]

    I know my English ain't as modest as you like

    But come, get some you little bums

    "DL hip hop slang was heavily influenced by the English/Jamaican roots of early hiphop. So "little bums" means tight twink booty….

    I take the cake from under the bakers thumb

    I bake the cake and two it up from one

    "baker's thumb" similarly is old gay cockney rhyming slang for c*m…….cake of course is the sphincter so you can figure out the rest…."

    Then I moved to weight like I'm Oprah's son

    Uh, I show you how to do this son

    Young don't mess with chicks in Burberry Patterns

    "The rapper has moved on from teenage boys and now is into heavy and hairy "bears" like Oprah (another story altogether….). The rapper instructs a young lover in proper technique for a threesome with his heavy "bear" daddy and warns the young man to stay away from women……not only because they are not men but because of their terrible fashion sense…."

    Trust me…..all you have to do is go down to any Christopher Street or West Hollywood bar and ask…..everyone knows what time it is….. 🙂

  406. Hmmmm I would rather be one of the big three then an atheist whom are narcissist, deceptive, egoistical, radical for the most part and if you look at the last century atheist have killed more people then all the religious groups combined I wouldn't put much stock in trusting an atheist they are more liable lie or to turn against you then any of the people who are in the big three religious groups you've mentioned.

    Another note when someone follows jinns and incubus for their own pleasure and calls them the enlightened ones wouldn't that be in the class of fanaticals too lolll.

  407. It looks like there's a big sprinkling of hard-core religious fanatics and haters representative of all the three big ones. Might be best just to become an atheist. Long live the Enlightened Ones.

  408. @856:

    My battery died before I could submit my lenghty response to your above comment and I don't have time to write another response to such ignorance all over again. My advice is it is best not to assume as most assumptions are usually wrong if not baseless, that said no I am not a convert. I type english here as this is a website in english. If mastery over arabic language is a sign of ones' Islam, that rest assured I am surprised that you were ever a Muslim to begin with, since you displayed such level of ignorance in the matters of language alone that I am not in the least bit interested in your further ignorance in terms of religion. besides the fact that I do not have the time nor the desire to debate, refute, or even "learn" anything -let alone matters of religion on which my afterlife depends- from someone in a "islamic chatroom" or "yahoo chat'. As a former Muslim surely you know unrelated men and women are not to be in seclusion, which yahoo chat amounts to. That said I must say your above attempt to defile Allah/God and His last revelation which is the Qur'an is a huge fail not to mention laughable, and anyone who reads the Qur'an-in english OR arabic- could easily refute you, without even having additional knowledge in the matters of language/languages. Although both are semitic languages, the meanings of the Qur'an-and any other text for that matter-must be interpreted based on the criteria, norms, culture and standards of the language in which they are revealed or written. If I want to interpret a text in hebrew, I must stick to the the standards of hebrew, I cannot interpret them based on the norms of arabic, english etc. This is just a basic concept that I wanted to point out, there is much more that you obviously have to learn but knowing the kind of people you represent, I have no time to deal with your deceit and lies or just plain ignorance. Take your pick, as actual knowledge on the subject is something you clearly do not possess. And as supposed former Muslim, I am surprised that you would even invite me to chat with you on "yahoo chat". CCC.

    That said, my comments were to correct some statements and possible misconceptions stated by some here, by no means do I intend or wish to make VC' website a platform for religious debate as this is not its purpose.

    So have a jolly time in your endeavors whatever they are, because surely the time of bliss will not last for all eternity, so if putting your own personal spin on Islam brings you such joy, endulge in it as much as you like but know there are consequences to everything.

  409. Good interesting posts by dalioness

    I've read so much rubbish on this forum such as Eastern religions being evil and utter nonesense like that that its nice to see someone who actually has some understanding on subjects besides from Christianity. If people spent more time educating themselves, mixing with people they'd learn a lot more and have less extreme views and needs to convert people with their useless propoganda.

    I don't agree that Buddhists worship Buddha though, they seem to look to Buddha like people in all religions do to understand ways for spiritual advancement. Buddha isn't their God but someone who achieved their ultimate goal to reach a state of nirvana. So in that sense he is a teacher just like those within all religions.

  410. @dalioness .. since I assume you are a convert and as a former muslim myself raised in an Islamic country and have study koran since early childhood allow me to address and give a simple small sample of the subject of deception or being deceived by referring to sura3:54 and who I come to believe who allah really is .

    "and [they] deceived and Allah deceived and Allah is the best of deceivers"

    Sura 3:54

    Sura 3:54 Arabic: Wa Makaru wa makara Allah wa Allah Amkaru al Makireen.

    Likewise the phrase of Allah "being the best deceiver". kheir ol makarein, is also used of Allah in Suras 8:30 and 10:21. Sura 10:21 says Allah is the fastest in planning/deceit

    Sura 3:54 says that Allah makara. The Arabic word makara means to deceive, scheme, or plan. The Arabic Bible in Genesis 3:1 uses the same word for satan do you follow me.

    Please forgive me fo straying off the subject but couldn't resist addressing dalioness…..There is much more I can address about Allah, muhammad , Islam and Koran but this is not the proper forum to address such but I will invite anyone to discuss this further in islam chatroom 4 and 5 in yahoo chat.


  411. @848:

    Dude, the man told you himself what the 3 lines represent, albeit he wrapped it in mystery. He said the 3 lines represent the "original three" and never said whom he refers to as the original 3. So the people can only continue to speculate, which in turn creates more publicity for him (read more dollars in his pockets).

  412. Just dawned on me that you put Buddah and Muhammad in the same category and this doesn't come as surprise since I've heard other uneducated and ignorant folk say the same.

    For your information, Buddah is worshipped and has nothing to do with the Abrahamic religions, whereas Muhammad isn't worshipped by Muslims (in fact it is forbidden to worship/supplicate to anyone besides God himself). I see how you would think otherwise though, being that you/Christianity took to worship a man, a Prophet of God who never presented himself as God to the people, in fact it is quite the opposite, if you are a serious student of the Bible. It just goes to show how to many people approach study with pre-conceived notions, so much so that they can recognize the obvious meaning of texts and instead make texts fit their pre-conceived ideas.

  413. Belief in ALL of the Prophets is one of the pillars of Islam and rejection of any one of them is unbelief in the eyes of God who told us about them. This is what Muhammad conveyed.

    Speaking of this, someone else here said that Jesus is most hated by the world and that Buddah and Muhammad aren't as hated. I do not know which world you live in, but if you know anything on the global scale you will see that Muhammad/Islam is the most hated, hence the need for the misleading propaganda about Islam in the media and everywhere you look. No Muslim hates Jesus and I highly doubt that anyone else who isn't Christian -aside from Satanists that is- hates him. Perhaps it seems that way to you since you think the world is made up of United States of America and you judge the whole world based on what you see on the little black box in your house or read in your paper. I've never read a more ignorant comment.

  414. @846:

    Submitted comment to early, needed to add that in fact, one can believe that Muhammad is the last Prophet all they want, but if he/she rejects so much as one out of the line of Prophets/Messengers, including Jesus, then he/she has nullified their Islam.


    Islam= arabic for submission to God

    Muslim=one who submits to the will of God (all inclusive)

  415. @846:

    You are wrong or purposely deceiving, Muslims believe that Jesus is a great Prophet and Messenger, and that Muhammad is the LAST of all Prophets. Your saying "True" is deceiving as it leads people to believe that Muslims do not consider Jesus as a true Prophet. My advice before you start preaching and teaching, equip yourself with knowledge and truth so that you do not deceive (if deceiving isn't your goal). If however you simply speak based upon guessing and what you read/heard here and there, then just don't put yourself forward to speak at all. This is one of the reasons the masses are still ignorant to so many things not to mention hateful towards anything outside of their own personal world and lifestyle. Get your facts straight.

  416. I picked it up right away. I was watching Time Square's New Years party when they annouced Jay-Z's new video, and it was obvious to me that there was a clear message against God. I pointed the images to my roomate but he thought that I was crazy. It's sad when you can't convince people after confronting them with the facts.

  417. well the thing that i'm most concerned about that seems to be the most recurring is the 3 horizontal bars. What does the symbol mean? I can't find it ANYWHERE. It must be important somehow and I feel a little helpless not knowing.

  418. Je ne suis pas fier d'etre français ou de vivre faible a ete de pays comme la France, vous avez tous a comprendre que mon pays est spirituellement mort qui nous manque le courage de même sur nos propres ailes … Je suis tellement ashame.

  419. This HAS to be true because why are they suddenly putting images of the baphomet in their videos & why is it there so much.Like Lady gaga's videos its there everytime and now in this video. Definitely more than just a coincidence.

  420. Yeah they prob will say on to the next one. I hope he know White America will use any n*gger up and when they are done with him they will spit him out like gum. He better take notes from Tiger Woods and O.J. Simpson. He think he's Frank Sinatra, they are going to show him that Frank Sinatra is deceased and he's just the common drug thug on Marcy Projects. He thinks this stuff is funny and cool, but God don't play. He doesn't want to feel God's Wrath.

  421. I don't know if this means anything but has anyone seen the cover of the Alvin and The Chipmunks movie or it might be the soundtrack to the movie. Anyway, it shows Alvin covering one of his eyes with his hat. I also find it strange that they chose to use "Single Ladies" as a Chipette song, you know everybody is for some odd reason addicted to Beyonce, I think its satanic myself.

  422. The guy that looks like the Joker is Drums of Death. He deliberately dresses up as a voodoo zombie according to his own words. . .

    "The paint was put on Drums of Death when I was cursed in Haiti. It’s as alive as he is. Colin, I mean me… I’m Kid Twist, always have been, but I wouldn’t ever really say I am Drums of Death. Everything, the process of the music and performance are so far removed from Colin Bailey. Sometimes I wonder how far this separation will go…”

    Rather interesting song titled Drums of Death performed by K-Solo from the album Tell the World My Name. 1989. Could pass this interesting link up

  423. You're always on point with these types of artists and videos. I love it. Keep helping others to see the truth..

  424. this video is completely demonic! there are way too many images (that pop up quickly) that reveals his connection to the occult. for example: the very last time we see the second set of horns (baphomet)…..if you look real cafefully…you will see a sillouette of a body (that looks similiar to the Crow dude in the video) underneath the horns. wow!

  425. Ya know Steve #829, that sounds like a wild accusation but you're not the first one to say that. Pimp C has a clip on Youtube where he threatened to expose all the gayness and he made it sound like there was a lot of it in HipHop.

    Cee #825, (wow we're using numbers to respond to each other; good job Vigilant), I went to the youtube post that you mentioned and that was very powerful. VIGILANT CITIZEN, CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE AT POST #825. If that guy is correct then that's some really big information.

  426. @ #820 LOVELY, thats interesting though that Tiffany Evans would sign with him at this current point in time.. i heard recently that Beyonce's father is actually divorcing Beyonce's mother.. maybe he doesnt approve of all this weird s**t thats going on and Tiffany Evans clearly doesnt either. so who better to sign with?

  427. I don't know about this illuminati/NWO/mason stuff but a lot of the imagery in modern hip hop is actually coded references to gay sex. Most of the biggest male stars are on the DL and are proud of their thug leather culture but need to keep it quiet in order to maintain sales. This is the worst kept secret in the industry and anyone in LA or NYC in the biz will be able to tell you the stories……the "b*****s" are just for show. Only one or two of those thuggish rappers actually like girls…..Maybe some of them are into this other political stuff too but I promise you the main thing is c*ck……

  428. I have been reading your articles and others for quite a time now although this is the first time I'm commenting. I still have mixed feelings about all of this, not because I try to avoid the truth because I do not even listen to music – not at home, not in my car, I do not even buy or own any albums. The first time I was exposed to these theories was on Youtube and it was purely accidental, however I felt I wanted to know more about it. As I said, I still have mixed feelings, I am certainly not naive to think that the industry is completely positive, but I am also not sure if I can be 100% convinced that the negativity that we all know exists in the industry stems from the "Illuminati" and such, simply because we do not have undisputable evidence. Yes, the symbols, some of the lyrics, the success of some of the artists etc etc etc, they all "could" be interpreted to fit this theory of a cult, but they could also be interpreted in other ways and fit other theories very well as well. As I watched this particular video, I couldn't help but think that perhaps Jay Z included these clearly obvious symbols in his video only because he knows of how a group of people interpret them, so perhaps he is simply mocking, something that is quite believable if his apparent character is considered, he is definitely not a dumb person. He also knows that there is no such thing as bad publicity, so in reality he has very little to nothing to lose. Also, I do not doubt that he profits -in one way or another- from every click, every youtube download, and every google search -even if you are only doing so for educational purposes. Reality is, the majority of people will continue to buy records etc, if not his than someone elses, and if all of the artists are being used for the same purpose, than really none of this will affect them or their supposed goal one bit. And yes, if it is such a secret, than really the symbols etc wouldn't be displayed so blatantly, I'm sure they could achieve their supposed "mass control" and brainwashing agenda without exposing themselves in such a public manner. But, what do I know? The only thing I DO know is that while all of this "could" indeed be true, none of it would be considered as strong evidence in a court of law, because you do not know for sure, 100%, their reasons for incorporating these symbols or even what they mean to THEM.

  429. @15 Rec Exec.

    How old are you? Everything I want to say has already been said to you, except this…Jay-Z didn’t study 5 percent, he studied under Dr. Malachi Z. York for years before he became an artist. With that said, I encourage you to do your own research.

  430. why would sum 1 make a website about all this if this was a secret it's not a secret any more is it. why would this secret organisation want us to see all this information if it is so powerfull. is it because they !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and how did this information spil. 2012 is two years from now

  431.,, and and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or other links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

  432. @ vigilant

    jay Z is not an Illuminate. (he can't be, it's based on bloodline and apparently Jay Z does not fit the bill) lol. But he is a part of the Ordo Templi Orientis (the O.T.O. is very similar and very closely linked to freemasonry) and many of the people in the music industry are (it's mandatory and if they want to be a "star" then they have to shut up and put up). The repetition of the number 3 means that Jay Z has reached the 3rd degree and he is now a Master Magician. And he wants everyone to know apparently

  433. Hey Vigilant,

    What do you think of the lady in white with whiteblonde haire and sticks/staffs in her hands that leaps later in the video sort of flying? and the sad female basketball player and basketballs on fire?

    Can't tell if you answered already since there are too many posts here to check.

    please answer. btw, how old are you?

  434. *Applauds Pakistan Tiger*

    And idk if anyone has heard this, but you remember Tiffany Evans? The young lady who spoke out about Rihanna and all the occult things happening in the industry? Well she just signed with MATTHEW KNOWLES….kinda weird she would sign with the Father of a woman(Beyonce) who is married to a man(Jay z) who is f*cking the woman that she spoke out against, (Rihanna)

  435. Vigilant is goint to have to start banning IPs like some other sites do. It happens to every site once they reach a certain level of popularity.

  436. It has been pointed out that when Jay-Z video's are shown on BET, illumanti commericals come on for example the light bulb commerical. However that is not my point. BET aired their annual New Years count down and it last pretty much the all day. On twitter Jay-Z states he is the new 11. At about video # (counting backwards) 40 I told myself Jay-Z would be # 11, and I was took off my feet when he actually was # 11. You can go check right now. Mabey it just happened like that but I doubt it!

  437. Paki tiger just ignore her though she is annoying like lu said stick with the topic its obvious she doesn't have a life but in here but on to my next point you should do research and an article on the rainman and its meaning in the occult world.

  438. Blue rose trust me viligant will post a new article when he feels the time is right not when you want to who the heck do you think you are and if anything you are ruining this comment section or blog spot with your stupid unrelated topic so why dont you stick with you stupid incubus, jinns or whatever else you are into on your own time dont bring the bullshit here sicko.

  439. @♥ Blue Rose ™ January 11th, 2010 4:07 pm

    I've just read Vigilant's post (#791) and hope that a forum will be put online for general discussion. He has certainly been very forgiving regarding some less on-topic exchanges on his blog. More than 800 comments is a lot, certainly is you have to read it on a mobile device.

  440. Lovely,

    Thanks for the response. I'm not here 24/7 either so I understand. Just wanted to ask because I've heard plenty about the 'other' point of view, but its always from second-hand sources.

  441. Oh theres lots of rumours that he was killed off by them too on sites and that the charges that were brought against him before his death were because he didnt wish to be a part of them and wanted to move away. But again its all rumours! I'm not sayin I believe this stuff lol.

  442. Theres WAY too many random comments on here 🙁 I can't be bothered spending time finding someone's about Tupac and the Illuminati since I've lost it lol. Would take forever 😛 Anyway, theres lots of rumours about this it seems but if you look and listen to his lyrics he spoke out a lot against a variety of things including the "illuminati" when he was past the money, fame and girls phase lol :P.

  443. all thesse people going on about new world order and illuminati is all stupid

    thesse celebrities are just immatating aliester crowly, who beleived in mystism and themela, nothing evil

    there not gonna take over the world!!

  444. @ Vardis – " Isn’t that what U.S. police look like these days when dressed in riot gear?"

    Indeed. And I'm glad. I'll give them directions!

    As you see, only you and some others are allowed to talk about other topics. Due to the dry snitchers, who have absolutely nothing to say — inane garbage at best — apparently they've been emailing Vigilant and now he will not allow me to post…unless it's "on topic" — but I cannot lower myself to their level and their mentality anyhow and talk about the idiotic things they talk about.

    All I wanted was for Vigilant to come up with a NEW ARTICLE. Even if it were an old one of his, and he made it the newest topic — ANYTHING WOULD DO THAN THIS IGNORANT AND STUPID CHRISTIAN CROWD AND THEIR *COUGH* — "RESEARCH" LOLLLLLLLLLL

    I hope the New World Order comes down HARD on them. And I'm not just whistling Dixie.

  445. @♥ Blue Rose™ January 9th, 2010 10:47 am

    I finally got a chance to check out the video links you sent. I LOVED every one of them (plus the D.M. one sent, that I saw). Just a few quick notes I took down – and these videos DO look good for analysis:

    Bat for Lashes – Pearl’s Dream: Fire walk with me motif of lodge, wolf – I liked it!

    This is a deep one. Funny that you mention 'Fire walk with me'. I have only recently obtained all seasons from Twin Peaks. I never watched the series when it was aired, but some details from the storyline caught my eye. Just finished watching episode 3. But before I'll have a go at the other episodes, I'll treat myself to a evening watching La cité des enfants perdus (The City of Lost Children, 1995). Those French certainly know the art of surrealism.

    TRANSISTER – Look who’s perfect now: GOOD.

    “Got my feet on the ground, got my head in the clouds ” as she talks to the various “head spaces” – image of the dove in subway car

    That certainly ain't no frigging dove ;-). Notice the similarity with Paramore's 'Brick By Boring Brick' lyrics

    Well make sure to build your house brick by boring brick

    or the wolves gonna blow it down

    keep your feet on the ground

    when your head's in the clouds

    Well go get your shovel

    And we'll dig a deep hole

    AVE ADORE – shades of Nosferatu (“you’ll always be my w***e”). mannequins in the store windows — the making of the Monarch slaves. Obligatory black and white tile floor. Loads of imagery – Dionysian Bacchanalia . The princess with the crown. The bright light at the end. “we must never be apart”

    Among one of the most expensive video-clips made until then and what's even more remarkable, filmed in one long take. Notice the two cops @0.59 guarding entrance to the red room. Isn't that what U.S. police look like these days when dressed in riot gear?

    I have another intriguing one with a lot of occult symbolism and even featuring Catholic nuns on the warpath 😉

  446. Yall need to leave Blu alone. She is obsessive, but dang you can't tell she has no life. I see other issues. Be considerate and show respect. This is not you all site and VC asked nicley. So what is everyone else crying about. 2 cents is two cents. It all adds up ! Take VC's advice and stay on the topic. Don't do the same thing he asked her not to do. move it on stop hating and dry snitching!

  447. Sleeping jiva I agree this site is sure getting a bit weird with the strange comments not related to the topic and this weirdo Blue Rose is much of the blame….. If you would like to see articles that says it is not an Illuminati plot , occultic in nature, satanic I believe their are altenative sites just google and you'll find your way home.

    • just read this…. watch out for it,

      Jay-Z nabs UK X Factor winner Cher Lloyd adding another hot woman to his Roc Nation empire. She is officially signed to Hova’s label.

      However, Will.i.Am may be a little upset as he was battling to sign her as well. In fact Will had already recorded a track with the up and coming bombshell as he Tweeted, “When should we we release the track Cher.” via his Twitter.

  448. good article. keep it coming. hey vigilant, u should do one on beyonces "videophone"…it's leaking with occult symbolism!!!!

  449. The point is- Some people are lost, I have stated before I once was my favorite artist stalker, but now I have been informed as to why I was stalking lol, but seriously some people needed a step back. I know I did ! It's all about getting a grip and controlling the situation not letting it controll you! More are lost than you think and if you knew better you would do better !

  450. The "Joker" looking man looks more like a skull painted on his face…notice the black around the eyes and black on the nose with the black lines on and next to the lips. And the cloaked figure looks like the satan figure from Passion of the Christ. Hopefully you will breakdown the video of Beyonce and Lady Gaga's Videophone soon.

    I've studied for years the occult and government ties but never bothered to look at music until a family member sent me a link to your site. It's scary how easy it is to overlook whats in front of you hidden in plain sight but why should I be so surprised because the uneducated and young mind are easy to influence, pervert and manipulate.

    Keep up the great work Vigilant.

  451. BIG BROTHER is described as the Goverment watching, or should I say having their eye on you (computers, cell phones, neighborhood cameras, stop light cameras, etc)! The term is linked to someone watching you close without you knowing! fyi- How it fits into the show I don't know, I have never watched it!

  452. @ 15 Obviously, if you are making the decisions and are "in" on these individuals image, and you sat they are christian, are they not wondering what they hell they are doin'. Are you just on here to find out what people are saying and telling them? BECAUSE if you are a christian and you know what you are putting out there, you have the respondsiblity to change that image. Are you telling us that they have NO power over their image, and the anti-christian elements. People can throw a cross all about the place and it don't mean crap! Crosses in Hip Hop have become a fashion statement. On top of that he calls him self jehovah, I don't care how he spells it, it means the same thing. In Judaism and Christianity to call oneself that is blasphemy. ANY AND ALL CHRISTIANS KNOW THIS. And so claiming that he is christian while he is promoting in the least WITCHCRAFT, because that is what it is, is ANTI-Christian. He has too much money not to be able to control his image.

  453. DANIELLE…thanx for the link reg the last ever uk celebrity big brother! Very interesting! Celebrities takin part include; Vinnie Jones, Heidi Fleiss, sisqo,ivava trump, stephanie beacham,…aswell as born again christian stephan baldwin and british rapper Lady Sovereign who is signed to JAY Z label, or has something to do with him! All her clothes seem to be from JaYz rocawear label!

    Check put this link.

    (Original post) Hi Ireally enjoy reading your articles as they have made me very aware , and opened up my eyes to things I wasn’t aware of before,and didn’t even know that were going on! Keep up the great work!

    I would also like to mention: Celebrity Big Brother which is on every evening on uk tv (channel 4).

    I have noticed things during the start of the previous serious, you are presented with a lot of flashing images,which seem quite creepy, but I didn’t think much of it, but as I have been reading your articles and learning how to recondise the evil out there, this time around I have noticed a lot of ‘unusual’ things!

    The theme of big brother has really changed…the program starts with an image of an eye burning on fire!

    Also during the start you see flames and writing in the flames…which says something in referance to’hell’ being ‘within’!

    Also in the launge there is something which resambles a bull with horns! Aswell as a simular image on the enterance door, the celebrities had to walk through the door, with sisqo even askin ‘is that the devil on the door’?

    The house has a lot of red black, aswell as flames on the walls! The hoast even welcomed the housemates byreferring to the house as hell.

    Their first ocebraker task on day one was; how many celebrities can fit in a mini…but what I thought was strange, was that the mini was. Made to look like a devil, complete with a tail and horns! it looked very strange, seeing all these celebrities trying to squeeze into a little car dat looks like a devil !?? You should look into it, would be interesting!

  454. People need to read the lyrics as well! First off he dis the jonas brothers for being virgins, which is an act of their faith and then toward the end he tells us he connections, MJ at summerjam (Micheal Jackson or someone else) Oprah chilln in the projects and he has Obama on text. FOR REAL? And him quitting the label refers to him leaving rocafella and going to live nation to create Roc Nation. I see trouble brewing.

  455. He's a worshipper of the devil. You convinced me. Now what? Everyone wants to prove he worships the devil. Ok you did. Now what? What's the point?

  456. Well, if Vigilant had been more quick in putting up a NEW article — all would have been well. 10-4. And over and out!

  457. Okaaay this site is getting TOO weird lol! Good idea for a general message board but I wonder how crazy and random that will get 😛 oh the Michael Jackson article idea would be GREAT!

  458. Is frantz connected to this incubus or whatever you had sex with before blue rose … I am confused with these sexuaL fantasies of yours.

  459. frantz, your soft whisperings of the sacred fire that flickers in the quiet depth of the Temple of Aphrodite on the island of Kypros, have I longed for, as I come to you draped in a gauze of moonlite raiment, slipping quietly to your feet, my arm resting upon your strong, god-like knee, gazing up into your deep, deep eyes.

    Eros, tilts up the centre of his bow, and lightly strikes the string as it resounds with a full harmony and asserts that it possesses all the notes of a lyre; and swift are the eyes of the god as they recall, I fancy, some particular measure.

    I think I will have to fly now, as I sense Vigilant giving me the Eye , I think 🙂

  460. Whoaaaaaaa!!!!!! Blue rose what the heck was that all about lol you sure have some very creepy admires and how to pick them.

  461. My dear Blue Rose it has been a while since we have encounter each other in the darkness of the night thus the world must know we have a personal union with each other. You and I will spend eternity with each other supplementing the very fruits we bare here in the physical realm my darling my intent is to pleasure you beyond belief therefore indulging you further more until that appointed time to journey gently into the night my dear.

    Always know my darling our love is sacred we are intwined spiritually for all eternity and thou shall know I am here for you for you have called upon one such as I thus I use this temporary host fingers to publically declare our union and for you to know it is time for our reunion and celebration soon as you sleep upon the darkness of the night.

    Yours Truly

    Love frantz.

  462. 4th dimension beings, jinns, incubus you know what you are on to something now can you plzzzz elaborate on your sexual experience with incubus and perhaps with the jinns?

  463. I'm sorry to rattle on so, but in 1:38 you see the Fire Walker (the woman in the beaded) mask who is able to touch the 3rd dimensional woman about to be seduced. So the 4th dimensional beings, not only can participate vicariously, but actually *participate* in the seduction!


    I guess, perhaps the 4th dimensional beings can be equated with the "jinns".

  464. At 2:58 "come break free of your chains" as the woman looks in the mirror it suddenly smashes outwardly. She is now on the plane of the 4th dimension, the seduction to begin, as the 4th dimensional beings vicariously look on, suggest, and direct the seduction.

    What a wonderful video! So reminiscent of Fire Walk With Me.

  465. “Saturn is the opposite to Jupiter; his symbol is the cross above the sign of Luna (1711 ). He is the Satan, the Tempter, or rather the Tester. His function is to chastise and tame the unruly passions in the primitive man.”

    -J.S. Ward, Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods

    SATURN is the unknown man in Tarkan's video at 3:14 – 3:16. The question is: How the hell did he get in Tark