“Self Control” by Laura Branigan: A Creepy 80’s Video About Mind Control


Laura Branigan’s hit “Self Control” is the epitome of everything 80s, but is also the epitome of everything MK ULTRA: a disturbing story of an MK slave manipulated by an abusive handler.

Released in 1984, Self Control rocked disco clubs around the world as ladies wearing big curly hair and shoulder pads danced frenetically with men wearing thick mustaches and majestic mullets. All of these beautiful people sang “I, I live among the creatures of the night” without realizing what it truly meant. They thought it was about a girl enjoying the nightlife – but that is only the face value.

The video of Self Control adds a significant layer to the song, one that is rather troubling. The singer is stalked by a masked man, who eventually ends up shirtless in her bedroom. Combined with the MK symbolism peppered through the video, Self Control becomes a tribute to the occult elite, a promotion of its symbolism and a celebration of their most sadistic practice: Monarch mind control (if you’ve never heard of this, please read this article before continuing).

When the video was released in 1984, the music industry was beginning to adopt the music video as a promotional tool and Self Control was rather groundbreaking in its scope. It was also the first video to be directed by Oscar-winning director William Friedkin, the director of The Exorcist.

When hiring a director who is famous for terrorizing an entire generation with the story of a demon-possessed girl, a certain level of creepiness is expected. And Friedkin surely delivered. However, contrarily to The Exorcist, the most disturbing elements of Self Control are not in your face but are instead implied through symbolism.

If you’ve read other articles on this site, you will probably find the symbolism easy to recognize, and even blatant. In short, it is a shameless celebration of the occult elite’s mind control agenda during an era when only a few people even knew these things existed. Let’s look at the video.

The Night is Her World

An advanced interpretation isn’t necessary to understand that Self Control is not simply about “nightlife”. It is mainly about Laura Branigan losing her will, her power and her very self at the hand of a faceless being. The chorus of the song sums up the situation:

You take my self, you take my self control
You got me livin’ only for the night
Before the morning comes, the story’s told
You take my self, you take my self control

The line “you take my self” is very significant, especially in the context of mind control. In psychology, the “self” is defined as follows:

The “self” consists of a person’s conscious and unconscious aspects, their personality, cognitions or thoughts and feelings. All these traits or aspects combine together into the person’s core identity. Other synonyms for “self” are soul, ego, personality, or individual.
– Self, Psychology Glossary

The ultimate goal of an MK handler is to take the “key” to the slave’s core personality and to create a new, programmable alter persona. This is accomplished through trauma and dissociation.  In this context, “the night” becomes a metaphor for dissociation, the trance-like state in which slaves are forced into during programming.
On to the video.
The video begins with a doll with brown hair reminiscent of Laura.
The video begins with a doll with brown hair reminiscent of Laura.

In MK symbolism, dolls represent the malleable and controllable alter personas of MK slaves.

We then see Laura herself, looking somewhat zoned out.

Laura looks somewhat zoned out as he partner sleeps in the bed.
There is a man lying in her bed. We assume it’s her boyfriend.

Laura then gets ready to go out. She is helped by weird people who appear out of nowhere.

As these people appear, we begin to understand that what happens in the video happens mostly in Laura's head.
As these people appear, we begin to understand that what happens in the video is mostly in Laura’s head.

When Laura goes outside, her “mind control journey” begins – and there is no lack of symbolism representing this.

As Laura stands outside, two mannequins floating in midair (a great way of representing dissociative MK slaves) appear behind her.
As Laura stands outside, two mannequins floating in midair (a great way of representing dissociative MK slaves) appear behind her.

Right after she goes out, a luxury car pulls up in front of Laura.

The masked man appears to entrance Laura as he tells her to follow him.
A masked man is sitting in the back seat.

The masked man is the MK handler. While MK slaves are dissociated, their MK handlers have the ability to enter their mind and to control their thoughts and actions. The fact that this masked man is being driven around in the back of a luxury car implies his connection with the occult elite.

While dancing in a nightclub, Laura sees the masked man again. She follows him.

As we see the masked man stalking Laura, we also see a bunch of masks behind him indicating that MK slaves have no face, are interchangeable and are also MK slaves with multiple personas themsevles.
While the masked man stalks Laura in the club, we see a bunch of masks behind him indicating that MK handlers are also MK slaves themselves with multiple personas.

According to a recent poll*, 100% of women would NOT follow a man wearing a mask (*not a real poll). So why does Laura follow him? Because she has no self-control. The lyrics of the first verse perfectly describe the mind state of an MK slave who is at the mercy of the handler during dissociation (aka “the night”).

In the night, no control
Through the wall something’s breaking
Wearing white as you’re walkin’
Down the street of my soul

The rest of the chorus is a rather poignant description of the mind state of a dissociated slave who lives in a dream world fabricated by her handler.

A safe night, I’m living in the forest of my dream
I know the night is not as it would seem
I must believe in something, so I’ll make myself believe it
That this night will never go

Laura cannot fight the will of the masked man and finds herself following him. He takes her to a hidden section of the nightclub, where we discover an Eyes Wide Shut-style masked orgy taking place.

Laura is symbolically taken to the occult elite's underworld where "Illuminati parties" happen ... and where she is likely used as a sex slave.
Laura is symbolically taken to the occult elite’s underworld where “Illuminati parties” happen.
The masked man then undresses Laura who has an entranced look on her face, as if she was under the spell of the masked man.
The masked man then undresses Laura, who appears to be in a trance, as she is “released” in the party.

This scene represents, rather literally, Laura being used as a sex slave in elite parties.

Laura, however, realizes that something is terribly wrong and attempts to escape. She soon discovers that one cannot run away from one’s own mind.

When Laura attempts to run away, hands stick out the walls indicating that breaking programming results in trauma and torture for MK slaves.
When Laura attempts to run away, hands stick out of the walls illustrating the trauma and torture MK slaves face when they go against their programming.
When Laura finally reaches the end of the hallway, we briefly see the masked man who was waiting for her the entire time.
When Laura finally reaches the end of the hallway, we see the masked man who was waiting for her the entire time.

Back home, Laura realizes that she is safe nowhere, not even in her bedroom. The masked man magically appears in her room … and he is shirtless. Shirtless!

The masked man then grabs Laura and copulates with her in a rather forceful way, implying that the MK handler is abusing the slave to further trauma and programming.
He then grabs Laura and has his way with her. MK handlers sexually abuse their slaves to further trauma and programming.

The masked man then magically disappears (he is in and out of her head). Laura then sits there, completely zoned out.

The face of trauma.
The face of trauma.

Laura then lays in bed next to her “boyfriend”, who was apparently sleeping the entire time. As he turns his head towards her, an awful surprise awaits her.

It's the masked man.
It’s the masked man again.

The handler is everywhere in the MK slave’s mind. He controls her thoughts, her actions, and her entire reality. She cannot escape him because he has the key to her core personality.

The video ends with a symbolic image, one that is rather disturbing considering the true meaning of the video.

The doll from the beginning of the video. Her hair is messed up, her dress is torn (exposing a breast). One of her eyes is closed - the Illuminati one-eye sign.
It’s the same doll from the beginning of the video but her hair is messed up and her dress is torn (exposing a breast). One of her eyes is closed – the Illuminati one-eye sign.

The doll was clearly violated, the one-eye sign indicates who is behind this (the occult elite). The creepy frozen smile on the doll is rather revolting. So, yup, this is not simply a song about “nightlife”.

In Conclusion

Upon close inspection of the song and video, Self Control tells the story of a woman who loses her entire “self” at the hand of a handler. She is taken to elite parties and, when she attempts to escape, she gets abused by her handler, who she can never escape.

Although released at the dawn of the age of the music video, Self Control already contained all of the hallmarks of an Illuminati mind control video. More than thirty years later, the same storylines are all still there, from the symbolism to the twisted hidden meanings. Today, more than ever, we see young stars singing about their state of mind control over catchy melodies, complete with creepy videos celebrating the occult elite’s MK system.

In short, Self Control is considered to be “one of the defining songs of the 80s” … but it can also be considered to be one of the defining songs of MK culture.

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I grew up with this song and remember always nagging my mind, the lyrics of this song thinking, “This songs lyrics are the answer to my life somehow.” I am an MK Ultra victim. The man I used to call Father was in the CIA before I was born. I had out of body experiences, I remember most of my trauma based ritual abuse, but most of the painful experiences are still blocked from my memory. I recently googled the line, “wearing white as your walking down the streets of my soul.” My google inquiry led me here. I appreciate that someone else sees the extreme symbolism and illuminati/satanic theme in this song. Back to that line in the song, I know what this line of the song actually means. Wearing white does relate to the precious, young age of your innocence, and these evil things start happening to you… Read more »

That is an incredible story and no one should ever go through those things. I hope you can escape and get help.

Hello VC ~ I did point out the Illuminati fest that is 'Self Control' earlier this year in your forums:

It would be worth your time to screengrab when Branigan first looks out her window… and check out the curtains. The lace curtain pattern around her has All Seeing Eyes all the way through it. No way can that be coincidental.

Wow. And I thought 'illuminati pop culture' only began in the 2000s, but it started much earlier.
Is it just me, or does 'Phantom of the Opera' seem to also contain some symbolic significance, with the masked man who lives in the shadows and seems to terrify Christine Daae into submission?

I totally agree, Madi. I’ve thought this myself. I used to listen to it but I don’t anymore. I think VC should do an article about this very popular musical. It’s not just the visuals but the melody in the music as well that draws people in.

OMG OMG This video is like the exact real story of "Thanks for the Memories" written by MK slave Brice Taylor. This book was so disturbing to read that I had to go to the prayer room in my house and pray before going to sleep. This book leaves the reader with SHOCK as to how evil this world could be and that satanists do exist and they torture their own children. The book is NOT for the weak minded, pleeeeeeease. The pdf of the book is free and can be got from website wikispooks Infact this singer Laura Branigan looks alot like Brice Taylor except that she has brown instead of blonde hair. Girls from multigenerational satanic families preferred blonde hair and blue eyed women because they were considered superior genetic features, race and could be easily mind controlled and have the mind split into multiple personalities. Brice Taylor… Read more »

Wow, Stop human trafficking……of all kinds

We often hear about collapsing relationships in the entertainment business and badly behaving people. But a lot of that "bad boy" behavior is actually — whether all these power players know it or not — a system of mental abuse that's at the core of the MK mind control system. We see grown men manipulating young women (and men) in media and romantic lore and it's presented as some kind of sexual fantasy and it is a sexual adventure to dominant players and their submissives. It's the only kind of "romantic" relationships most of these power players engage in: Trained, groomed lovers. Think back to the famous case of the Stanford White murder and Harry Thaw: Evelyn Nesbit was groomed by White to be his mistress (many mistresses from history were groomed in this way and lots of what's done in MK mind control has been done in the conditioning… Read more »

Pick up artist and general seduction communities seems similar in some ways. Illuminatti for losers that is, using learned human psychology behaviour to seduce women.

Great post, thank you Brother.
What about "Somebody's watching me" by Rockwell? – another song about our recent reality…
God Bless!

Mind control to Major Tom . . . .

Wow. Great find. Never saw the video, just heard the music. I do recall there was a big tiff at one point that Laura did not actually sing her own songs, but they were lip synched. Which would seal the Illuminati mark of double deception.

actually what happen to Laura was after her first hit Gloria, she wrecked her vocal chords and couldn’t sing for a while. They gave her formal singing lessons and realized that she had no lung capacity. Thats why the second song was in a completely different octave. Not as good, of course.

If you pay attention to the scene of the masked orgy dance, you'll see some children dancing with the grown ups too

Great analysis. My take: MK handler = Pimp. Same techniques just different markets.

I disagree. Unless these were Ms. Branigan words or the writer, I disagree with your definition. I think it’s about sex addiction. The masked man is her desire.

This is not really about mind control, but about experiencing the presence of demons that tend to be more evident at night, or when a person is alone. It is more about "night terrors" and related phenomena, which are not always terrifying and can be extremely seductive and attractive, often in a sexual way. The presence of a demon is felt in many ways, and one of those ways is a sense of losing control of oneself, of feeling one's will overpowered by a stronger will, and of feeling like doing things that you would not otherwise want to do (or not as much). It can also be associated with a "creative" desire to express what you've felt and get other people to feel it too. This happens to people even without handlers or any connection to the Illuminati. It happened to people before their was television and before there… Read more »
Don\'t dismiss mind control...
Mind control entails the use of demons… dissociating minds and inserting demonic influences. The “ruling elite” use it widely. I have known many who have been subjected to this kind of treatment… with handlers. Read Cathy O’Brien’s book “TranceFormation of America”… and weep. Yes, it has been used by those who want to dominate and control throughout the ages. Circumcision is a satanic ritual, designed to dissociate a child. I’ve met many who were raised in “the cult” – Luciferian cult – that runs the world. “Mind control” is the use of demons on a very organized level. After WWII, the CIA imported many Nazis to the US. Nazis were into the occult. Some were trained by the CIA to train children to “service” adults sexually. They held satanic rituals with children and initiated them into “the cult”. If you want to read more about this on a very core… Read more »

Self control was Branigan's most successful album – went platinum. Her cassette was on my player most nights. Check out the track Silent Partners NEVER released as a single.

Hi, I did listen to Branigan a lot in the 80’s too. If I remember Silent Partners was on the B-side of the Self Control single (vinyl).

I have to complete it, because as I see, you do not fully understand Illuminatis (New Agers) spirituality, but this is highly important to warn everyone, who reads it. "Laura then gets ready to go out. She is helped by weird people who appear out of nowhere". That are not weird people and not unfortunately not only in their mind. That are evil entities from the spiritual realm, that now are very fashionable and promoted all over the world in a plenty of crap books, sold in thousands. Those hidden satanists are calling them "spiritual guides" or "ascended masters", but some even use better manipulation to pool the wool over the eyes of people, being forced to go into spirituality (if you know on what it is based, you see it in most books, even of so-called expert ones – it is not readable for a person who does not… Read more »

I've never thought about the song that way, before you reviewed and discussed the video. A big thank you!

One of my favorite videos and songs of all time. I always share it on Halloween, it's so damn creepy.

The masked man also has red hands in the video, the "handler". It even glows in some of the important scenes.

PS.: The music is great.

That's awesome, thanks VC. I'm glad to see some 80's videos on here. The old stuff from back then is all loaded with exactly the same symbolism as the new stuff but back then nobody knew what they were looking at. Anybody interested in old examples, look at the album cover for Def Leppard Hysteria. Check out videos like Motley Crue's Smokin In The Boys Room or their vid for Without You, I think those ones probably have more MK symbolism in them than even Gaga. It's all the same stuff and it's pretty creepy. I had been reading the articles on this site for years and that's why I actually noticed the imagery in this video a couple of years ago when I was kicking back and having some beers while watching these vids on Youtube. Anybody who knows how to read these symbols and wants an interesting time,… Read more »

On the new wave front, "Union of The Snake" by Duran Duran suggests kundalini energy? In the video, led by a reptilian (in a Speedo bikini), Simon LeBon takes an elevator into the center of the earth where random orphans run around Nick Rhodes playing some kind of occult researcher (with mega-moussed hair) examining a scroll, before he is led back to earth in a state of amnesia. Maybe not as dopey and meaningless as I assumed back in the 80s!

You are absolutely correct. I have that Def Leppard Hysteria album. After learning about symbolism on this site, that is one creepy album.
80s hair metal was all about sex and those guys were mostly all on drugs. I wonder if they had any clue they were pushing agendas??

Did they know? Many of them did for sure, and promoted it in their interviews as well as their lyrics. At their concerts they go far out their way as well to promote it. Motley is a good example actually.

Laura was Leonard Cohen's backing vocal in the 1970's. Cohen is also deeply related with mind control.

Everytime I learn something new about the elite, I brainstorm ways to thwart them… And then I recall the book The Franklin Cover-up and realize the extent of what it would really take to put an end to this evil and end up just sighing and praying. Keep exposing it, VC!

The arms reaching out of the walls is a reference to "Repulsion", directed by Roman Polanski. In it, Catherine Deneuve plays a mentally ill manicurist who slides into a schizoid state after withdrawing from society; she encounters many such scenes. Probably an early MK cinema delicacy.

Thank you for pointing this out! Must try to find that scene.

The arms also appear in Ultravox´ video "The thin wall" from 1981 which also has av very strong symbological occult language.

aWWW what a shame about the video ( never saw it though funny enough) cause I really liked that song! Why can't songs just be about what they are singing about anymore….well, I guess some of them are now days……then again, most must be about mind control of some extent…especially now

(sounding like snoopy) BLEAHHH….

Great article. I’m thinking now if Sandra’s Maria Magdalene is anti-MK song.
You take my love
You want my soul
I would be crazy to share your life
Why can’t you see what I’m
Sharpen the senses and drawn the knife
Hold me and you’ll understand

I’ll never be Maria Magdalena
(You’re a creature of the night)
Maria Magdalena
(you’re a victim of the fight)
(you need love)
Promised me delight
(You need love)

Why must I lie
Find any prize
When will you wake up and realize
I can’t surrender to you
Play for affection and
Win the prize
I know those party games too

I’ll never be Maria Magdalena
(You’re a creature of the night)
Maria Magdalena
(you’re a victim of the fight)
(you need love)
Promised me delight
(You need love)

You are all self control yourself…

Peace VC…Awesome Post & Breakdown. As A Kid Watching MTV And New York Hot Tracks, That Video Always Creeped Me Out…Yes Indeed The Rabbit Hole Has Always Led To An Underground City…

Here’s the forum link where I posted the ‘Self Control’ vid:
Skip to frame :29 to see the All-Seeing-Eyes in the curtains that are more reptilian than human.

(Please delete typo message below).

Here's the forum link where I posted the 'Self Control' vid:
Skip to frame 5:05 to see the All-Seeing-Eyes in the curtains that are more reptilian than human.

wish I could read the article because I love your observations, but the dark gray and white page layout is making it impossible, causes eyesore and it even looks somewhat masonic???

At the ends it remains a dream. Where is the uncut video? are the men in power protecting their secrets as cleverly and discretely as they are doing with UFO.

And here I thought the lyrics were about literal creatures of the night that comes out uncontrollably? (Werewolves, shape shifters, etc.,)

check out the lyrics to Lourdes "Royals"

Stop trying to make lorde deep please.


Quote of the day: "According to a recent poll*, 100% of women would NOT follow a man wearing a mask (*not a real poll). "

Hahahahaha, f*****g stupid!!!!

I thought this video was creepy when I was a child but watching it again three dacades later it's even creepier.

Very disturbing.

I've gotten really good at this… I haven't seen the video before but the song recently struck me as mind-control related and i've been meaning to look into it so I decided to watch it before reading the article and noted the (rather tame) illuminati ball a la Eyes Wide Shut and the doll winking at the end. Great choice for an article.


Watch Olivia Newton John's music video for "Landslide". Mirror symbolism, crystal pyramid, robed figures, mention of rainbow in the song, Olivia's good/evil personalities and so on.

From Wikipedia:

Newton-John was born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, to a Welsh father, Brinley "Bryn" Newton-John, and a Berlin-born mother, Irene Helene (née Born), the eldest child of the Nobel Prize-winning atomic physicist Max Born.[4][5]
… Newton-John's father was an MI5 officer[6] on the Enigma project at Bletchley Park who took Rudolf Hess into custody during the Second World War.[7]

Literally, the first thing that popped in my head was David Bowie. In the beginning of the video, the clown-like lady who helped her get ready reminded me of David Bowie from Scary Monsters album. Then, later on in the Eyes Wide Shut part of the video, I reeled Labyrinth's masquerade in my head.

Strange fact is that Self Control is a song from Italian singer RAF, Laura made a cover of that, maybe their handlers loved the words in the text.

Actually, an American song writer wrote the song for RAF, so who know's what that song writer's agenda was about…

Reminds me of Pretty Little Liars, where the girls were trapped in a so called 'dollhouse', which looked exactly like their own house.
Also reminds me of *spoiler* The maze runner part 2, where they drink something and then enter a party and people are acting weird. They wake up in a house of a creepy man.

Laura Branigan died of a cerebral aneurysm in 2004. I sometimes wonder if aneurysm's are more likely to happen in those who're mind controlled?

Saw an old on with imagery. Tom waits blow wind blow

I remember when music videos became popular on MTV (cable) in the eighties. But I don't remember this video. MTV occupies a masonic temple at their building in Toronto, to which they added the sign "masonic temple." Some call MTV "masonic tv." I find it interesting that this masonic owned MTV produced such a video, directed by the director of the Satanic occult movie, "The Exorcist." Albert Pike stated that the 33rd degree is where masons discover that their god is Lucifer. This video was produced in 1984, showing an " Eyes Wide Shut elite party, but that movie didn't come out until 1999. Remember Red Cloak's chair with the 33rd degree Babylonian double headed eagle symbol? And that creepy doll doing the masonic one eye of Horus thing. I believe the 33rd degree masons contributed money for the government's MKULTRA monarch program to produce mind control slaves for themselves.… Read more »

That Masonic temple/MTV building in Toronto is so overt and sinister it is laughable.
I have had some sheeple acquaintances say I was "paranoid" after remarking at the symbolic building's current use and labeling. People like that use their ego to dig their heels in and insist that their ignorant reality is the only reality. Lost souls.

Art Bell plays this song A LOT on his new solo internet radio program (which he just started in mid-2015) called MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT. BTW, Art Bell is a FREEMASON. You have to admit, it IS a rather "catchy" tune!

I used to listen to the song a lot as a kid, but when I watched the video, was perplexed to say the least. The doll certainly does bring in monarch mind control. Scary, and dolls really creep me out these days. This is all very sad. Rest in peace Laura 🙁

Wow! This is a disturbing video by even today's standards and that's really saying something! I was a kid when this was popular. I cant believe how dark it is. We thought Laura Branigan was pure bubble gum. Sadly, Laura died in 2004 at the age of 47 of a brain aneurysm. Makes me wonder.

Actually, she was 52 when died, not 47. That's a common misconception.

Laura Ann Branigan (July 3, 1957 – August 26, 2004) as stated on Wikipedia and would have made her 47. Where or how did you come up with 52?

How about the 1988 song by Information Society "What's on Your Mind". The video has a lot of Illuminati and prophetic symbology of 911. Also, I like to think of FB when it says, "tell me what's on your mind" and how everyone willingly puts out all their info on FB, which is clearly the perfect intelligence apparatus for the TPTB. Glad I deleted my account long ago.

I was just dancing to that song in the car the other day..

I disengaged Fb earlier this year. Never felt better!

Missy Elliot just released a video today in which Pharrell says "Open your eyes, the joke's on you guys, and you ain't gotta be a MASON to see some of this sh*t on occasion." The video is full of masonic numbers, duality and one-eye symbols.

Pharrell actually name checks Hermes Trismegistus.

I read earlier this week about some type of alleged alien or missile project that was going on in LA nicknamed Wtf
Approximately 4 days later the video with comes out with Missy and Pharrell named Wtf

It also has the words Lucif on the side of the building with an arrow…..coincidence I think not? A shame I was really looking forward to a Missy comeback but we obviously know where she's going…

Plus Missy and Pharrell are actually marionettes (!) for a significant part of the video. Then they end up in Fema boxes.
The imagery goes on and on…

I found those boxes to be highly disturbing….

It's interesting that here we have Laura Branigan, haunted by her participation in this carnal netherworld, when about ten years later we get Madonna in "Justify My Love", kinking it up in black and white in a "Night Porter"-style hotel, eventually running from the scene, biting her finger and cackling like a witch, as if she has just completed some kind of rip-off and is fleeing the scene like a thief. I guess being too hardened to experience trauma is some kind of progress?