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“This Too Shall Pass”: 3 Things to Remember Amid Coronavirus Panic

While mass media is steadily encouraging fear and panic, we actually need to calm down and take a deep breath. Here are some things to remember in these trying times.



"This Too Shall Pass": 3 Things to Remember Amid Coronavirus Panic

In these past weeks, we’ve witnessed a series of major historical events of a magnitude that is still difficult to fathom. With these events came a wave of panic that is palpable both on a local and a global level. And, in some ways, that panic is understandable. The specter of an invisible yet deadly disease spreading at an exponential rate has terrified humans for centuries.

At the time of writing these lines, we’re at this strange period of uncertainty where we have no idea where this is going and what kind of impact it will have on humanity. How long will this last? How many people will die? Will the world economy collapse?

This unprecedented situation has triggered in many individuals a great deal of fear and anxiety – steadily fed by a constant influx of alarming news by mass media. Meanwhile, while the masses are physically confined in small spaces and mentally paralyzed with fear, things are happening behind the scenes.

In these trying times, vigilant citizens need to be more vigilant than ever. And that means taking a step back, taking a deep breath and remaining clear-headed.

With that being said, here are a few things we need to remember now and always.

1- “This Too Shall Pass”

If COVID-19 is causing in you feelings of fear, panic, and anxiety, please repeat to yourself this timeless saying: “This too shall pass”. Because it will.

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln famously recounted:

“It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence, to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: “And this, too, shall pass away.” How much it expresses! How chastening in the hour of pride! How consoling in the depths of affliction!

Often found in wisdom literature of the ancient Near East, the adage “this too shall pass” aptly sums up the unconditionally temporary nature of human condition. It is a reminder that every single event in human history, whether it is a negative or a positive one, inevitably becomes a thing of the past. And, although there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel right now, this virus will also inevitably become a thing of the past.

The only question is “when?”. Not unlike all other living things in the world, epidemics rise, peak and decline. Sooner or later, this thing will peak and it will decline. In the past decades, SARS and H1N1 caused a great deal of panic. However, the only thing they are infecting now is history books.

While current world events might seem overwhelming, we still have full control of ourselves and our surroundings. Which leads me to my next point.

2- You Don’t Need Up-to-the-Minute News Updates

If you can take away one thing from this site is that critical thinking is required when dealing with mass media. Sometimes, it doesn’t have our best interest at heart and, sometimes, it is even outright toxic. As people are confined to their homes with little to do, the urge to keep up with the news is constant. However, not all news is good to consume. Some of it actually is vile, toxic crap.

For instance, an article in Canada’s National Post titled What might our lives look like when Canada is in the full grip of COVID-19? dug up an obscure report dating from 2009, quoted its grimmest parts and linked them to what is happening now. I will spare you the details, but the article talks about things such as “stockpiling body bags, choosing a central place where people bring corpses of family members and identifying hockey and curling rinks cold enough to be temporary morgue sites”.

The article brought forth no useful information, just wild speculations that poke on people’s latent fears. Gladly, not every reader lapped up the unnecessary fear-mongering. Here are two comments from the article.

"This Too Shall Pass": 3 Things to Remember Amid Coronavirus Panic

"This Too Shall Pass": 3 Things to Remember Amid Coronavirus Panic

Another article from another Canadian publication titled Cancel your March Break straight-up begins with these words:

“Fear is the right reaction to the coronavirus”.

I’m sorry, but no. The only time that fear is the “right reaction” is when a bear is chasing you and you need the adrenaline boost to outrun it. In the case of a global crisis with lots of moving parts that require careful planning, fear is not the “right reaction”. Fear leads to panic-induced, irrational decisions. And a prolonged state of fear can be extremely damaging for one’s mental health.

After a whole lot of fear-mongering, the article ends with these words:

“Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

I’m sorry, but no. Now, more than ever, we need to remain calm, rational and level-headed. And limiting our daily intake of “panic news” is a great start. Trust me, I know that it is difficult to resist the urge to grab one’s phone and look-up news articles about the virus. I sometimes find myself doing it without even realizing it. But it is simply not healthy or even necessary to do so.

You don’t need to get a mild panic attack each time the number of confirmed cases goes up a notch. You don’t need to mildly despair each time an artist cancels a world tour. More importantly, if you have children, they don’t need to see you turn into a panicky shell of a person. Which leads me to my final point.

3- Life Goes On

If you look outside, the sun is still rising and birds are still chirping. You are still on this Earth and you still have one life to live. Even if you are in lockdown, quarantine or whatever else, you are still in control of yourself and your surroundings. You still need to sleep well, eat healthily and exercise regularly. If you’re stuck at home, put down your phone for a while and use this time to take care of your people, read a good book, work on creative projects and, if possible, go outside and seek the healing presence of nature. Coincidentally enough, in my annual end-of-year articles, I constantly suggest readers to do these exact things. That’s because, despite the constant noise of mass media, the most important things in life happen outside of it.

While this advice might sound extremely boring and generic, this is what needs to be done right now in order to remain vigilant citizens. We need to remain sharp and focused, not weak and fearful. Because, at this point, it doesn’t matter where this virus comes from, what (or who) is behind it and how dangerous it really is. It already managed to shut down the entire world.

Soon, we will need to ask some important questions: Who benefitted from this situation? Who went for a power grab? What kind of companies weathered the storm? Where did the world economy shift to? What kind of local and global policies were introduced?

To properly answer these questions, we need to remain strong and watchful. Because, no matter what happens in the next months … this too shall pass.

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"This Too Shall Pass": 3 Things to Remember Amid Coronavirus Panic

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jimbo jones

Three things I have learned (so far)

1. The mass media does NOT have our best interest at heart. I suspected this before, but this level of non stop hysterical reporting is downright dangerous. Its time to completely cut ourselves off of this drug we call mass media.
2. (Most) People have lost their ability to think for themselves. A lifetime of being brainwashed has turned the masses into frightened children.
3. The corona virus does not scare me. What does scare me is what is happening to society and what ominous changes are yet to occur.


Don’t worry — it a fake. It all done to my country to forbid meetings and push biometry – I’ve tried to find these so called corona virused people. I find none , that all you need to know about war in Vietnam.


idiots like you make us look so stupid. just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist you absolute frootloop.


Yes Virginia, there is a sheeple in every pen…. you REM

the locust

rem — There is no need for your meanness. Everybody is entitled to their opinion…or only when it agrees with yours?
Do you have personal evidence of this virus? Or is your evidence totally based upon what the corporate government and corporate media tell you?
The corporate government lies, in order to start wars which kill millions. The corporate media lies, in order to sell stuff, even dangerous or poisonous stuff. They have no concern for us, only for the money in our wallets.
Given history, whatever they say should be questioned.
Again, do you have personal evidence?

Debra Toma

I don’t know, you. Can’t believe everything you hear and only. Some of what you think you see. We are being g manipulated. Seems to me, a guy who researchers bc has a lot more. Credibity than a guy who believes everything on TV without question.

Don't Panic

It is very real. Be grateful that no one around you has it. Infected or not, people are unable to be at the bedside of their loved ones who are dying from it. US funerals are now being livestreamed to prevent the spread of infection, it is that bad. The objective is to prevent things from getting worse. God bless you.


US funerals are NOT being live streamed. Stop with this tomfoolery. Talk about fake news & fear mongering!

Sad but True

True, many funeral parlors are withholding public services due to COVID-19.


Actually…there’s a funeral this week here in my town that I and my family can’t attend of a long time family friend…They’re only making it available to their family…

Miss Malevolent

Stepsister has it. But she’s a nurse, so that’s expected. She’s fighting it though, the symptoms are not severe anymore (she’s in her late 40s and healthy). She’s more worried about her finances after this than the illness at this point.


They never did and never will, although the inability of the sheeple to think for themselves is a real concern.


The totalitarian control unleashed using this virus as a pretext is what we should all be worried about. See Max Igan’s videos for insight on a complex and fast moving situation, a worldwide lockdown that goes far beyond fighting a virus. Also see “Event 201, a global pandemic tabletop exercise”, brought to us by the globalists, it is now yet another drill gone live.


I was wondering if this was live.


Sharing all your points. Especially number 3, this is what I ask myself a lot lately (though I should be distancing from rambling this into my mind). But as VC mentionned « who benefitted (benefits?) from this situation? »
Why do they want to keep us inside? What for? What are they doing probably in more bright light than ever and that needs us to be in quarantine, globally.
I read some old VC articles, the ones about the month of April, especially its last two weeks, and its symbolism. Coincidently (and I say « coincidently » with sarcasm) life (bars, restaurants, air traffic…) is scheduled to go on again around April 15th…
creepy creepy creepy

Bella Swan

Not to mention the asteroid swinging past the earth the last week of April. It’s been one HELL of a year so far. Can’t wait to see what April has in store, assuming the asteroid doesn’t hit. It won’t, but at this stage I just wouldn’t be too shocked…


How aware could you be of anything at all, when you choose to name yourself after the model of “mindless, vapid, female stock character”, promoted to literally encourage girls to be receptive to evil?

Bella Swan

Not that I owe you an explanation, but the name is Isabella and Bella is for short. Yes, I did add Swan to it because I like the way it sounded, but you need to calm down too. There is such a thing as too much, and you’re one of those people that needs to relax and not go off the deep end with every little thing lady.


Good point. Unless each citizen has his or her own medical lab with centrifuge, electron microscope, and other tools to study pathogens in a sterile theatre, there is good reason to question everything. We are not required to believe, like innocent children whose minds are filled with fantasy and unformed ideas, what we see in the media. The media does not exist for the masses validation, but to assist in their control, and to induce the populace to buy…things. I noticed your pen name and thought it pleasant, and it reminds me that Spring is nearly here in the Northern Hemisphere. How many people out there have experience studying infectious diseases, and how many have the stats and demographics, as well as the medical charts of people who’ve died in recent days to know, without a scientific doubt, that the deceased died as a result of CV19/SARS Coronavirus? We all need to think. And care first for our own well-being, our families, and friends. There is no freedom without the ability to say: No. And to question everything that makes little sense. Happy Spring to us all!


Great comment, Robert. If we look at past events, like 9-11, SH, Boston, we have every reason to question what we are told by mass media.
Corporate news coverage is like Skim milk,
99% FACT-free!


Your thoughts and phrasing remind me of another Robert, whose channel on YT I love…but I think you may be him, actually. Either way, I appreciate your words♡


Sorry, but there are NO asteroids swinging by earth. The firmament would kind of prevent a thing like that. Yes, we live under a firmament, or a dome if you prefer. “Outer space” is a farce perpetrated upon us all by NASA. We do not live on any ball.

Bella Swan

Two asteroids in April and Comet Atlas in May.


could you recommend some reading material on this subject? Thanks.


Exactly agree with all 3 points. Only one thing to add, I am afraid of evil that highjacked people’s hearts and minds

Billy Jack Galt



Another thing I had acknowledged while watching all the panic buy,was the fact that we totally depend on them, they control all our food chain and they can limit it or cut it any time they wish. Humanity’s main skill at the moment is spending and buying stuff. Growing our own food,cooking from scratch with basic ingredients etc all gone, no filled supermarket shelves , no life. Those who have the means,use it,use your land,farms,gardens.


This is why I started prepping 10 years ago. I believe in self sufficiency and being prepared for most anything. There was no need to panic buy because I had food/supplies already. In February, when I had a feeling this thing would get bad, I added a bit to my supplies with a visit to BJ’s. Haven’t had to worry about that since. I highly encourage everyone to start prepping (once there is the ability to, right now all my regular places I buy from our backed up for months). But it is nice knowing you and your family will be fine should anything bad happen (hurricane, pandemic, blizzards). Encourage you to garden too, cook from scratch, learn new skills during this quarantine.


It’s tough to start a garden when it’s possible they can be seized by the government.


Here, here! That’s the most sensible thing I’ve read on this so far. Let me also add that the Coronavirus was planted in China by the United States military. There is ample evidence for this. There is a technological and economic war going on between these two countries and this will bring China to its knees as well as make it look bad. When things like this happen you always need to look at who benefits from it – just follow the money. Same thing with 9/11. In my opinion the government of the United States, or whoever is behind it anyway, is the most dangerous and the biggest threat to the world. The CIA created all the middle eastern terrorist groups. I love the States and its people but you are all being lied to. As is the whole world.


Awesome Dude! Well said. From another Londoner.


Cheers mate, greetings from Finchley 😉


This is why Americans need to give up on this absurd “Left vs. Right” game: BOTH SIDES are part of this. The game is a distraction. The New World Order IS the American government (or else, it has thoroughly infiltrated both sides of the American government; “po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe”)…


Thank you so much Charlotte! The left vs Right crap is just a distraction.


You are correct. A few commenters above, I wrote this: Unless each citizen has his or her own medical lab with centrifuge, electron microscope, and other tools to study pathogens in a sterile theatre, there is good reason to question everything. We are not required to believe, like innocent children whose minds are filled with fantasy and unformed ideas, what we see in the media. The media does not exist for the masses validation, but to assist in their control, and to induce the populace to buy…things.

Miss Malevolent

This is a lie. You’re obviously a Chinese government person pushing Communist propaganda.

Davod sara

Ok pour usa qui a implanté le virus en chine mais la france la ministre buzin dont son mari yves levy qui a cree un laboratoire en chine dans la ville ou le virus est partie la il y a un soucis


Exactly. Every 20-something I know fervently believes what they see on CNN, is ready to actively evangelize the message further and will unleash vitriol on anyone who might express the slightest reservations or just suggest we take a step back in how we assess the situation.

Humankind is done. Educated people are begging to be treated like cattle. I thought “loving one’s slavery” was an idiom but it’s precisely where we are today.

I question everything

You are totally right, couldn’t agree more!

just me

Thank you for this important message! I was waiting for an encouragement, as I’m sure many of your readers were. I would also like to add something I’ve come to realize recently, while studying the book of Daniel, in the bible. While a visible war is afoot, an invisible, spiritual one takes place just the same. This is basically the underlying message of Daniel. God is calling His people to come to Him, to finally realize their slavery, and just like the Israelites before their escape from Egypt, to wish for an escape with God’s help. The bible offers a plethora of God’s soothing message, a testimony of His love for us, for example in second Timothy 1,7:
“For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”


I’m not sure what the latest figures are, but last check, the coronavirus fatality rate based upon the official numbers was 0.04%. This doesn’t factor in the masses of people who are infected and aren’t diagnosed. 80-85% of people show mild symptoms, or none at all.

Therefore the actual fatality rate is probably .01% or so, comparable to any normal flu.

There is definitely a larger agenda at play here. What that is exactly, we’ll know when we know e.g. will this be used to push a mandatory vaccine, a cashless society, and/or ______.

We’ll know when we know.

This chaos isn’t comparable to the Black Death in Europe. This chaos has been engineered, and is controlled. Now it is a matter of seeing how far they’ll take it, and responding accordingly to the best of our ability.


Same thing as the plague, look at Italy, LOOK AT IT.


The official fatality rate in Italy is still less than 1%, and again, this doesn’t factor in the thousands upon thousands who will never be diagnosed despite having the virus. Again, 80-85% of people show mild to no symptoms.

Italy also has a larger elderly population due to Italy’s low birth rates, which wouldn’t help matters any.

If you can find statistics on the number of deaths each year in Italy from the flu and pneumonia on average, this coronavirus will probably be comparable.

The Black Plague had a fatality rate of over 50%. No you can’t compare the two in terms of the threat of both viruses to human life.

When man fanatically tried to eradicate poverty from the world he came up with Soviet Communism and N--i Germany as a solution. When man decides to fanatically eradicate the flu from the world, he’ll come up with a medical tyranny unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Sickness, death, and even poverty, are part of life. We can deal with these realities in a responsible, balanced and compassionate manner, or we can hype them up and respond with hysterical measures to avoid the unavoidable. The latter never ends well.


Yes, Matt, you are most correct. Fear paralyzes people, even good and educated folks. Even the most empathetic and compassionate. The farce is costing people more than money. The masses are being lied to, and have been, long before 2020. In fact, The Black Death of Europe existed and flourished because most of the masses were illiterate, superstitious, not invested in questioning nature, God, kingdoms, aristocracy, The Church, and there was little to no viable hygiene as we have and understand it today. The masses had no idea what sanitation was; germs/microbes/pathogens were “evil spirits” or caused by the Devil. People were regularly in contact with filthy items/buildings/animal excrement and fluids, as well as human waste and fluids. Furthermore, there were three types of plague, and according to some accounts in the historical record, few healers existed, save for Michel de Nostradamus, who helped to heal plague victims with herbal protocols and treatment. However, that was in the 1500’s, and superstition, hearsay, and fear has not changed all that much. We must Question everything about this current manifestation of_____. Whatever the mass media, governments, and corporations are telling us. The World Management Team knows that most humans are often stuck… Read more »


Good points. Yes, our medical knowledge has come along way since those times. We have had the odd flu epidemic since. But not on the scale of the Black Death.

As noted in another comment, this is multifaceted. There are numerous angles we could consider it from, and they could all be correct.

Another possibility to keep in mind, is the powers that be often will pull back from an agenda, when they are ready, and then use this to discredit those who mused possibilities that never came to fruition.

For example, a vaccine will roll out, but they won’t force people to take it. Instead they’ll strongly encourage everyone get it, and most will. Then they’ll mock ‘conspiracy theorists’ who said mandated vaccines could be enforced, and smear us as being a danger to the community (for spreading such gossip and refusing to take vaccines, which puts everyone at risk, or so they’ll claim).

Troubling times my friend, troubling times (for a whole host of reasons). All any of us can do is speculate at this stage, because we aren’t in control of the levers of power.

God Bless


Your thoughts and phrasing remind me of another Robert, whose channel on YT I love…but I think you may be him, actually. ♡


We have to continue to factor in all the pertinent information as we assess the ongoing effects of this coronavirus:

The reason Italy’s death rate has been higher on average than other nations to date, is because 99% of those who have died were already suffering from other serious medical conditions. 49% of them had 3 or more other medical conditions. This is a significant detail.

Debra Toma

You mean, look at the TV? It’s not called programming for nuthin


The morality rate is less than 2% WORLDWIDE! The flu is more dangerous than the coronavirus! Stop buying into their fear based propaganda and do your OWN research! No one in my family that lives in multiple major cities has this disease and the same goes for pretty much everyone I know or have spoken to. The only ones I’ve heard that contracted this disease are their puppets. Something stinks in Alberquerque. There was a shitload of scientists, health officials, etc boycotting 5G saying it would severely weaken our immune systems over time if we are in close proximity of it. Wuhan was one of the first startup cities for 5G. Jot to mention the military uses the same frequency as a crowd dispersal weapon that a study has shown that prolonged exposure to this will be a detriment to your health.


It probably has something to do with 5G, a mandatory vaccination or the banning of E2EE. Goodbye privacy or body autonomy.


I’ve heard this claim. I’m yet to look into this 5g technology specifically though to be honest. At this stage, I suspect it’s a real flu strain that’s been sensationalized. When it comes to 5g, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is something to that too.

Debra Toma

Dana Ashley on YouTube has some great research


Thanks for the tip, and for sharing your comments.

Both situations, coronavirus and 5g technology, are new and ongoing, and it’s important we stop to take a deep breath as needed, while we continue to find our feet throughout it all.

The best thing we can do is stay calm and take any sensible precautions we deem necessary without falling into hysteria.

You’re right. The tv is designed to program us as the name suggests. The US formerly deemed propaganda legal a number of years ago now, but the use of propaganda long predates this of course. Our oligarchs have successfully created an establishment and status quo we cannot trust, which puts us in a precarious position.

May God strengthen and guide us during these dark times.


I feel like this is just a way for them to force mandatory vaccinations. People will be so terrified that they’ll line up for those vaccines and attack anyone who won’t. Scary times.

D D d

People will feel so bad and in shock, they
will not notice the difference by the new and soon all around 5G.
But there will be a difference for a lot of us.
Remember and stay loud.


Why would they want to push a vaccine though? For what purpose? For money? To put something into it? Or something else?


I suspect a multi-faceted agenda is at play here, the Big Pharma angle being one of them. When it comes to vaccines there has long been a push for mandatory vaccination, the argument being “Those who refuse to get them put everyone else at risk”, which makes absolutely no sense of the vaccine works (as they claim it does). This is a big topic I recommend you research online. Many, including a minority of medical professionals, are concerned about the harmful substances they add to vaccines like mercury, and have linked them directly to the sharp rise in autism we’ve seen. We’ve been trending toward a medical tyranny for generations now. Big Pharma is linked at the hip to the global powers that be being driven by transnational corporations. There are many silent ways to kill people e.g. if you smoke you won’t die in a day, a week, or even a year from lung cancer or a related health issue. But you are far more likely to die prematurely in the long run. Smoking is an example of a silent way to die. Vaccines, depending upon what’s in them, very well could be part of such an agenda. See:… Read more »


Yup. This exactly. This is the dry run though, to gauge how everyone responds to this level of hysteria and hype. Look up some videos of The Highwire with Del Bigtree and Event 201. They had a simulation in October of last year of this pandemic happening from a strain of Coronavirus in pigs. It’s insanity. Bill Gates at the helms.


BK2020: Wherever there’s a questionable vaccine (population control and money to be made) Bill Gates is sure to be lurking nearby.


Eloquently stated, Matt. Thank you!


Wow! Excellent excellent thoughts my friend. Stay well and God bless.


Curious: Patented vaccines make billions of dollars for their creators, as well as cause injury, disability and death to many recipients. There’s plenty of evidence to support the above, if you care to look. Don’t just believe what you’re told, research topics for yourself.

P. Brown

I’ll take “to put something into it” for $200, Alex.


Thank you for the responses


Nope, money is not the thing, but total control of zombie like humans is. And wiping off lives that are useless for them. Vaccine contains particles that will be activated by 5G. So it is a kind of a biological weapon, if you will.

Debra Toma

There is also talk of making a traceable vaccine, so authorities could tell at a scan if you were cleared or not. It could be chipped


To put something else in it. Same as chemtrails and food additives and a million other things they do. To harm you.

Debra Toma

The mark


Revelation 13:15-18 the mark of the beast mandatory

Matthew 24:35 What will and will not be passing away

Revelation 21 New heavens and new earth


you are picking 3 statements out of a context , not much better than the news


Could be as simple as seeing how far they can push this before people sto them, a dry run for the real one


Yes. E.g. the 1990s “privatization” programs in Eastern Europe are today acknowledged (by World Bank, academia etc.) to have been largely an EXPERIMENT in “how societies wilk react to wholesale corruption and stripping of national assets.”

I sense something very similar is afoot today. Now that everyone on the planet has a smartphone and is on social media, why not TEST the aggregate effect of a ‘pandemic’, be it a real or a manufactured one. I’m guessing the puppet-masters won’t have had enough till people are looting and rioting.


Correction: The current fatality rate is 4.1% going by the official numbers. Apologies for the blunder. But the points still stand. Given 80-85% experience only mild symptoms, it’s very likely most people who contract this virus aren’t diagnosed. Whereas 100% of people who get real sick from it will be diagnosed. Therefore, I’m still guessing the fatality rate is easily less than 1%, and this 1% will generally be people who were already suffering from other serious medical conditions. It’s sad, but we can’t stop the whole world over a bad flu strain, and potentially plunge everyone into poverty or worse. Sickness and death are both a part of life. It’s great to take sensible precautions to reduce our risk of getting sick. It’s suicidal to fanatically stop the whole world as though we can avoid the unavoidable. If our governments were encouraging us to keep our windows open where possible, wear masks and goggles, and wash our hands regularly, etc, while still working and living life, that wouldn’t be so bad. Shutting down all our industries and tourism like this is the Back Death is disproportionate to the risk. We don’t see this hysteria when it comes to heart… Read more »


Thank you for (articulately) expressing my exact sentiments about this whole mess!


Google Agenda21. Watch Rosa Korie’s ‘Exposing Angenda 2030’ video on YouTube. There’s your answer.




Whether this Coronavirus is real or not, I believe that something sinister is being planned while Keeping the masses distracted by fear.. I think we need to take a good look at the Economist magazine cover from 2019 and the 2020 edition. There could be something that we missed…


The four horseman of the apocalypse are standing right around where Wuhan China is in the 2019 economist cover.


I need to look at this again


The four horsemen are not on China. They are standing on the UK, possibly Ireland. Although seeing that is still very ominous


However, that could mean Northern Europe. Also, depicted on the cover is the pangolin animal on the lower left. Look up the pangolin and the coronavirus. Why would the cover published in 2018 show a pangolin, an animal suspected of transmitting the coronavirus to a human? Was this animal used to create Covid19? Another thing to note is that a panda is sitting at the top of the cover. Is the panda a reference to China?


Curious,i checked the cover of the Economist issue 2018,but see no panda,no pangolin…am i missing something ?


Search for ‘Economist’s “The World in 2019” Cover’. There’s a VC article on it.

James Taylor

Massive PSYOP,Massive BS.Hollywood is getting CV at a rate compared to the general public that does not make sense,unless this is an agenda and they are in on it.


Totally agree with this!


You STFU please, you uneducated fool. Such stupid words make us all look like you. It is not a psyop. It is deathly, and if you were to have seen the same videos I just saw, that come from inside italian hospitals… yet it looks like a silent war zone with people dying everywhere in the corridors… well you would reconsider your dumb opinion.

A TINY bit of research proves what I say. It shows just how lazy you are.


Italy is definitely getting it to due to such low population numbers, I agree with you, it’s a HOLOCAUST there, I also would guess their population is aging and dying, so this is how the elite will get rid of them.


You saw a video. And you believed what you saw. Alrighty then. I saw a video on Cinderella. I believe she’s a real person now.


The level of anger in your post leads me to believe that you’re simply incapable of having a rational debate, so attempting to reason with someone like you is most likely a waste of time and energy. Yet, and maybe because I have so much time on my hands (my industry is shut down until the end of April), I will try… If the powers that be are hyping up mass hysteria over a more robust strain of the flu, they are certainly going to get as much information out there that makes it look as bad as possible. I see it happening here in the US. The actual numbers of deaths are lower than the daily average death rate here in the US (150,000 a day). I think corona death rate total is 4,800 total. 10,000 people every year die of the good, old fashioned flu. Yet the only thing we hear on the news is deliberate stories of death and mass panic and fear. You are basing your entire argument on a video of pandemonium and death in Italy. China had similar videos out about a month ago. If I were attempting to promote panic and fear in… Read more »


that supposed pedo creep Tom Hanks getting it, highly suspect and seems agenda driven.

Persian cranberry

People are really dying, here in Italy. Schools are shut down until the third of lockdown on shops.Yesterday one of my neighbours HAS been Brought to hospital FOR covid 19; SHE HAS BEEN sick with fever FOR a week, and her daughter is now quarantined. I did underestimate this virus, dismissing it as a bad Cold. It is not. Stay inside, avoid gatherings and shop as much as you can close to your house. Sorry FOR my bad english.


They closed down schools, restaurants, my entire industry (hairstylist), and many other businesses at least until the end of April here in the USA too- that doesn’t mean anything, except that that is what the powers that be have done. I was sick with fever for a week with the regular flu years ago- I felt bloody awful- but I lived! I missed something like 10 days of work, and felt like utter crap. Even my hair hurt, and I lost my voice. But the flu has always been bad! 10,000 people a year die of the “regular” flu!!! Since when does that constitute shutting down life across the planet?


Thank you, VC. 🙂 I have been doing exactly that. I keep up with the updates on how to protect myself and those around me. Before sleep I check whether the government has imposed new rules I need to be aware of tomorrow when I go out. And that’s it when it comes to reading about this virus. Now more than ever, the power each individual has is displayed. I can’t stop the so-called elite from comitting their crimes against the world. But I can take steps to protect those around me and myself. Most importantly, I can turn my eyes away from mass media and fix my gaze upon God, who is there for all who reach out to him. He gave Jesus for us all. He paid the price it takes to allow God to renew us and work in our lives. All we have to say is yes. This pandemic has humbled me. It reminds me everyday that each day is a gift and that what I do matters. It matters a lot. And sometimes, when we feel so alone, powerless and small against giant enemies without mercy, be it a virus or bombs, it is a… Read more »

I question everything

Camilla, when I see people like you, I thank God not everything is lost.


Thank you, Camilla. Your words can help people.

Be good and make good choices

We are experiencing a huge life lesson. That our choices matter. Each one of our individual choices matters and affects one another. Even the choices we see as small or insignificant… Like what we choose to eat, watch, wear or buy. We don’t consider or if we know we turn a blind eye to how the product was manufactured or harvested. Many people around the world suffer and die for us to have food, clothes, water , products & goods at our reach. The corporations we all support knowingly or blindly are working against us. They fund our destruction world wide. Be conscious.. be good and make good thoughtful choices. Practice peace, love, freedom & justice.

Be the Change

People suffer and die no matter what. Consumers are not responsible for corporate decisions and it is impossible to know the truth behind every aspect of every business. So much is just feel-good marketing and ideological rhetoric created to drive sales. The last thing we need is more obsession with consumer goods and self-preoccupation. Rather, we should be looking out for one another, filling needs, and treating everyone in a just, decent manner – with kindness and friendly, cheerful interactions. It should be like a job, except something we do not for money but out of Selfless Love. ❤️


I have heard that this is a great time to put up more 5G millimeter microwave towers without pesky people getting in the way of the oligarchy’s plans. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 plans are slowly being implemented, as many on the daily are becoming fully aware.

If this is a beta test on the masses by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be then this is also a prime opportunity to have a plan a and plan b. Get to know your neighbors whether in town or not. Grow vegetables and share with neighbors. Take care of the elderly in your location. Read what you can and share. Learn a trade or something that will help if the grid goes down suddenly. Don’t panic. Pay attention to the laws that are being put on the books right now.

They want us violent and stupid. Maybe they have been told all their lives that we are “useless eaters.” I don’t envy the super rich at all. They have the most to lose, and since I believe in Christ as my Lord and Savior, we know how this story ends. God bless and be well.


Thank you Caithleen. 5G wavelenght is so “tiny, fine”, that it goes through human cells. This wavelenght is tested by the military against “rioting people”. It burns not your skin, but your cells. Of course, they emphasize that it is a minor thing… and now, the 5G satellites are above us.


Is there a way to defend yourself against it? Does anyone know?

D D d

Keep asking questions ..out loud. In Holland even the pro have no information about it not-being-dangerous, but are still putting opposers in the tin hat catagory.
The research is private in most cases and all employees sign for secrecy, quite common even. And dangerous when it comes to these ‘tests’ on humanity.
Ofcourse the facts are there already. Just private/corporate information.
If it tumors a rat or a cow…
All radiation is cummulative too, and we have too much already! We are not doing well when microwaved.
Thinking straight costs energy too.


We are Fuked, Nuked, and done for, really. Ah well, soldier on!

D D d

Yes, survival is in our genes too..


I do not know, how to shield ourselves, but the first step is, to shrink the number of our electric devices and definitely say no to 5g (new smart cars will communicate with each other with 5g, too, allegedly it will help to prevent traffic jams, blabla) Don’t take it as the truth, it is rather free association, but it is strange that who have the virus, tell that they feel they are burning from inside and that is very painful. it is like what this wavelength does with people.

D D d

Someone mentioned Electro Magnetic Force/fields.
Check if you feel your ‘touch-lamp’.
A lamp with metal parts used as a switch, that is constantly under a electrical current, waiting for you to touch it to turn it on.

Do you feel it before you touch it?
Well, congratulations, you are very sensitive.

Pull that plug too when you need some rest.
Your ipad is vibrating in your hands? Put it down when you have a rash.


I just saw a commercial on TV for spectrum internet and they said 5g is here so you can purchase a plan now ☠️☠️☠️☠️

D D d

In the Netherlands the biggest company kpn lies about their testing grounds.
They refused answers to questions and ignored answering followup questioning about effects on life.


This article is such a relief for me. I have OCD and general anxiety, so I try my hardest to avoid reading/watching media reports as much as possible. Reading/watching too many coronavirus news has caused me so much mental stress and headaches. I pray to God that this dire situation ends sooner rather than later.


paranoia is normal in todays hell world, it gets worse each year and now it PEAKS, this is as bad as it’s been since 9-11, this a a MAJOR, MAJOR event that is going to really destroy Europeans, joo$/pharaohs really hate Euros and want to see them gone, as they always have, with tech they can now do it.


Hey Melissa. I am also an OCD sufferer. Just wanted to say you are not alone. My heart goes out to you and all others. Be strong and God bless.


Let’s allow ourselves a bag of positivity to breath in, and retake good energy and spiritual composure,with the will of live, in these Times of End, my brothers and sisters.

I love you so ❤

May God bless you.


Once one of my pastors said that he was not afraid to get close to a leper, because he had faith that, if it wasn’t in God’s will that he catch leper, than he wouldn’t. He was talking about faith and how we need not be afraid. Fear doesn’t come from the Lord.

With that in mind, take every word if this article to mind. I forwarded it to a few people, especially to a Canadian friend who has a cabinet completely full with toilet paper and still went to the store looking for more. Good thing is that they were sold out.


*get close to someone with leper


May your friend enjoy and gloat over his toilet paper stash!


Hahahahaha she said that she piles up on it whenever it’s on sale. But from the picture she showed me, she has a months worth stock.


Ya because in a life ordeath situation ,toilet paper takes priority one. It’s this funny paradox caused by the media I believe. They want you to panic and stock up but have somehow convinced everyone to only stock up on items useless for your survival. Bet some social engineer is having a good chuckle over this.


Exactly! I honestly haven’t figured out why stock up on toilet paper! Food and water I understand, but toilet paper?? If you run out, just shower, as noodle said below.

Common Sense

Toilet paper is sanitary; its use helps to limit the spread of disease, similar to hand washing. Please don’t act as though people who are stocking up have misplaced priorities.


Yes, common sense is very common as the masses are complete idiots. Stupid comment & with your thought process you are very much a part of this problem.


I was thinking the exact same thing! It seems like someone made a bet or as a joke wanted to see if they could make people fight over freaking toilet paper. In the case of a real apocalypse, TP wouldn’t even be in my top 10!


People will find any excuse to fight, the natural heart of man being selfishly inclined.


The problem is that when people are prone to gloating, they place themselves at a greater risk of danger. Eg. Theft, violence, etc. Just be appreciative of what you’ve got and if you happen to have an abundance, use it to help those less fortunate.


you guys should really look into washing your a---s.


I use a small amount of TP to wipe after #2 then wash in the shower. Simple! And I always do this.


Baby wipes are much easier. Just sayin 😉

D D d

Some wipes contain softners that won’t stop working when the stuff is on your skin. Like a fabric-softner does.. on skin too.
Not all people can use that stuff without getting an itch.


Good point, DDd. Those with sensitive skin who are unable to find a suitable Fragrance-Free option should look into WaterWipes, made with 99.9% Water and a drop of fruit Extract.


Canadians are the absolute worst, amiright?

D D d

But their politicians are good looking enough to replace teenage idols on posters on bedroom walls… that is more than enoug rason to voteit seems. Overhere twentysomething religious politicians use botox like the next celebrity.


Makes sense then that celebrities are recruited for the UN. Blurring of lines and agendas. In this world, appearance is all that matters, hence the superficial puppetry. Reality is much darker and sinister than what the eye can see….


“If you look outside, the sun is still rising and birds are still chirping. You are still on this Earth and you still have one life to live”.

Perfect. I’ve been telling all my family and friends this.


As always. Fantastic job! You gave me a big smile on my face. Thank you!


Check out EVENT 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise


“Conrad” being Canadian financier Conrad Black founded the National Post in 1998 and was a member of Bilderberg’s steering committee for years, once hosting the conference. Black also served on the advisory board of the Council on Foreign Relations and belonged to the Trilateral Commission, the New Atlantic Initiative, the Americas Society, the Hudson Institute and numerous other organizations tied to the ‘higher circles’ directing global affairs. He belonged to the 1001 Club at the same time as members of the Rockefeller, Rothschild and Bechtel families, along with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who of course was one of Bilderberg’s founders. Black’s publishing company, Hollinger International, has had such august figures as Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington, Italian tycoon Gianni Agnelli and too many others to name here. Black, who entered the House of Lords on Oct. 31, 2002 (Halloween), has opined that child p---------y should be decriminalized. Black’s wife, Barbara Amiel (‘Lady Black’), has made similar statements in the past. Her cousin Rob Buckman was formerly president of the Humanist Association of Canada and chaired the Advisory Board on Bioethics of the International Humanist and Ethical Union. Buckman authored “Can We Be Good Without… Read more »


Thank you vigilant. Much love for you and all the world community, this too shall pass.


I’m not afraid of the virus…. I’m afraid of the aftermath of the unsustainable debt and inevitable financial collapse….

Debbie Larry

And what comes after that?
Mass poverty with its toxic fruits, China will exclude US from medications delivery.
That scares me.
National production of foods, meds and other important goods is essential.
Better safe than sorry!


“Extremely boring and generic”?, No, no, no.! This article was such a delight to read and truly what we need to hear. Unlike the fabricated media, your message rings true to the human spirit and thrives among nature and peace.

Milo Fan

Fear sells. A colleague of mine said she could not sleep after she read multiple online news articles last night. I said to her that those articles were probably full of ads and she said yes. Way more than usual. These media outlets are profiting off pushing fear and panic

Doug Miller

…and because the epidemiologists hate it, nobody is talking about Farr’s Law… the one from an epidemiologist that observed very correctly that epidemics follow a standard curve, a bell curve. And some indications are that China is already on the back side of that curve. Of course it is not discussed because it is hope and rationality not fear and hysteria, the elements those in control are using to herd the sheeple as they desire.


I was a bit paranoid about this a few weeks ago when no one else cared and i just KNEW it would turn into this huge thing and everybody told me to calm down but now im pretty calm about it and everyone else are losing it.. i think people will soon start to chill out tbh. It’s perfectly understandable that ppl are freaking out. My dad died in january and my mom has asthma and a bunch of other health issues so for that reason im extra careful and staying at home as much as possible etc. don’t wanna lose both my parents in the same year, especially not to a virus that probably was made by some rich baby-eating lizard aliens lol In a weird way though, i feel like this whole thing has made a lot of people more humble and thankful for their life, i hope so at least. There could be a positive outcome from this. We just gotta stay connected and healthy, and spread as much love and positivity as possible, while still being up-to-date with everything. I feel really bad for homeless ppl and folks stuck in domestic violence situations tho. i feel… Read more »


I’m sorry to hear about your dad. May God protect and keep you and your mom and all your family safe and healthy. My heart goes out to you.


thank you so much <3 God bless you

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