Lupe Fiasco Calls MTV “Illuminati’s Favorite Network”


Apparently displeased with this article from MTV, Lupe Fiasco spoke his mind on Twitter about the network on October 21st. All I can say is: I couldn’t agree more.

Oh snap…MTV (illuminati’s favorite network) back on the attack…why can’t y’all just chill out? Salacious banality @ the speed of light? I think I’ve been very good natured with you. I personally know several employees of your company. You guys know me as well. I’m confused. Where is the true music journalism??? where is Suchin?!! What happened? Where are the honest critiques of cultural expression? For it’s not about being RIGHT it’s about being HOT. Fame over self-awareness and virtue. Hedonism over self respect. Celebrity over cerebral. A destroying force in our culture and society just like rest of the useless vapid spectacles that pour out of our tv’s and radios.

What are we supposed to be learning from you? What is your point? Do you have a point beyond corporate sponsored distraction? Your a materialistic shell of your former self that can only identify with celebrity pageantry and instant gratification. Corporate garbage pushing plastic lifestyles and wasteful, destructive behavior into the brains of the youth of the world. So when your relevance thins in2 a whisper & the stock price collapses and you have 2 come 2 grips with the mess you made. I’ll be here 4 ya. We’ll be here. With hands full of baby powder 2 smack some sense back into your body & a warm shoulder to cry on. We want the REAL MTV back!

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110 Comments on "Lupe Fiasco Calls MTV “Illuminati’s Favorite Network”"

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I thought lupe was down with the satanic order…is you notice his album cover, it has deep masonic themes on it. Also, in some of his video, hes throwing up the baphomet hand sign and wear a rosary wtih a skull on it?? It seems like he's well aware of what side he stands on, but its calling MTV because he was unhappy with their article on him…

Honestly lupe is da bomb, I agree wif every single line… Wish we have more rappers like him though. Mtv's shitty point blank

MTV= Masonic TV

Isn't he signed with Jay-Z's label?

i couldnt agree more.

" Can’t search for water, or grow your own food

Tell me what’s gon’ happen, when them stores close

And ain’t gon’ open up, no more?

That’s the realest s**t, yeah, you gon’ feel that

Hunger’s your enemy, but you can’t kill that "

lupes lyrics.. wow thats really got me thinking..

his talent, and intelligence just strikes me! especially for a hip hop artist considering the ignorant state that hip hop is in. mtv is straight up garbage, like a parasite that feeds off the stupidity of the masses in return giving them back stupidity. mtv is nothing but a masonic network pushed by corporate assholes to dumb down society and messing up this enire generation of young people. its about time someone steps up speaks the truth.

Go Lupe!!! thats an intellectual rapper for you…speaking the truth !!

i think i know why i've never heard of him… too smart and insightful. this culture is a waste of human light.

My goodness. Sad to see what they’ll do to shut him up. Jesus have mercy on his soul.

I don’t know how serious he is bout what he said, but i atleast agree with him here. Have you all seen the all seeing eye MTV shows (it’s got that star as the iris). Freakky. I agree it’s nothing new and MTV has always been a part of “their” propaganda, but their vocality as of late is reason enough for me to believe that the ill’s are up to something in the near future. I read somewhere that scientist today have enough technology to create a fake rapture…leading the way for the antichrist and blah blah. Just sayin, something could happen. Just be aware.

Too bad for Lupe. He wont be making any money soon.

Good on ya Lupe maybe it's finally hit home on that gigantic ego of the black gang dancing mentality that's pushed as 'reality' . About time they don't like what they sees……….time to wake up U.S en mass ….!!!

Sorry guys but this is not what it seems. You see, MTV has just released a supervideos series which features Illuminati symbolism thus they are trying to build some internet searches etc check it out

Vigilant, what do you think of Pink flashing a double Aok sign in her new video "Raise your glass"?

R.I.P Lupe

12 th Nov. City of the Lion in the Low Lands. Namaste, All this talent that is being wasted on MTV. Talent is not going to do you any good when you die. Only your spirit. And what take you with you as karma when you die? Did you make millions happy with your music? Temperaly happy? But what is going to happend to you in the next life? When you have died as a big popstar. But abanded, addicted, miserable, lonely, hunted by paparazzi and endless scandals, and almost without a soul because of the price of fame fortune and glory. Being sacraficed for another one to take place. Dumped like a used condom. That's a very low rebirth in the next life. So if you have all the talent in the world. Do your thing. But remember that your life can be ending in a split second. Every… Read more »

Did you guys see the amount of coverage lil waynes prison release was getting on the MTV news page. They were treating it like some prisoner or war who'd just escape from north korea

it probably was. I can't even listen to him or watch, it seems like he is literally manifesting those demons in him. Im actually afraid to, i used 2 feel spiritually dirty when i did. Same with Gaga. Well, i had an incident with her where i can't even look at her. Lil wayne is so possessed its not funny. Many people are influenced by demons, well, when we sin, that is the case, not forced, but influenced, but there are rare cases when sum1 is possessed and he is one of them. i wonder about T.i, i heard he is down, but why does he kept getting thrown in jail, don't you get covered 4 that when you sell your soul???

A few friends of mine had a theory of how his time in prison could have something to do with him reaching a new level in freemasonry. Any body have any thoughts?

it always takes something deep to set this kinda EMOTION FREE ::: first of all mtv – we all know what s goin down on dat channel secondary: the tips are actually good -> jerk mentalitly -> urban dictionray for definiton feel free to look it up but they are the kinda tips u need 2 surrvive in diz industry -> once u got in and don t want out LOL i dun believe he ( lupe ) would had said the same thing about mtv in case this articel had never been released . it s like u piss off ur wife. she ll say sumthing mean – > she might be right but she ll only say it cause she s mad and later on tell you I am sry baby i only sad it cuz i was mad LOL funny i spend time on posting a comment… Read more »

mtv has always been corporate and always been illuminati.

omg lupe is so cute i love kick push that was my song yall sorry but lupe is legend love him

KICK… PUSH…. COAST!!!!! Lupe is one of the most UNDERRATED M.C's out there & i stand by all what he is saying, we need to get this crap out of the youths minds. Respect!

Lupe is the s**t.. people are saying when was there a real MTV? And 'it's been masonic music from day one'…basically u guys are so convinced that every music video ever made has ruined the music industry and is being used to brain wash people…there was a time when music videoz were used to express the music they are portraying, now when you put a puppet arist like gaga or jay-z of course the video will represent illuminati…but u take an enlightened artists like Lupe Fiasco (who has had many videos shown on MTV) and you can't deny that it is adding to the culture, not taking away from it..Lupe's beef is that MTV no longer plays music and just a bunch of garbage tv shows…Im just rambling, this is my first post but hopefully i gotta point across…quit looking for negative messages in music videoz and start opening ur… Read more »

david bowie, whom lady gaga imitates, always had illuminati laced videos on mtv–and that was back in the 80's! mtv has always been corporate and illuminati.

I've always wondered why Lupe Fiasco was so underrated when we have idiots like Lil Wayne running around the industry on top. He's one of the best lyricist in Hip Hop. Let's hope he doesn't meet an end like Tupac.

oh kanye, wat happened to that dude?

im in love with lupe. he is a hero, so brave!

we need that.


Its sad but true many higher ups of mtv are pretty screwed up I've seen what they do to little girls and boys yes "little" just like when my uncle worked there he had a meeting at Disney World in florida and went with the network there but the scary thing was there were millions of artists and entruapenuerrs (I totally spelled that wrong) there and the meeting was underground? None of this made sense at the time until I started reading this blog and frankly it brings me to tears how as a 8 yearold I witnessed it seemed all strange to me. Even one day Mtv showed madonnas like a prayer video and when me and my sister watched it my mom said we began acting very strage muttering stuff that made no sense. Lupe is right mtv is evil. (Same with disney abc espn nickelodeon cartoon netwrok… Read more »

Im really tempted 2 throw out my tv, but my 4yr old would start foaming at the mouth. I remember on Gabba GAbba they had Jack black, uno the supposed comedian who prayed to satan at the mtv 2009 music awards in "jest" i almost flipped the tv over. Nothing is safe. i barely watch tv anymore. I believe in the blue beam project-look up.they can control your thoughts and emotions through the waves. Then people wonder why they are insane, get off the couch and take a breather from the idiot box or satan's playground.

my daughter watched the some gabba gabba episode

i can totally relate to your opinion

still i don t want my kids to watch mtv

same with disney channel and all dat hanna generic brand show material

it s hard to protect our kids from this garbage

stick to good ol books

easier said then done i know

I saw that You gabba gabba episode too.

Well my TV has been gone for quite a while now. Honestly, try it. After a while you don't miss it. The problem now is the internet and the video games. We've replaced TV time with Video game/internet time.

could we live without all of it? Don't know. We have to make a bigger effort. It's all poisonous.

There's a creepy commercial I saw this morning, when my eleven year old brother was watching Cartoon Network.
I can't believe they would show something so dark and non-appropriate for young children, but it's not surprising since almost everything on TV is crap.

MTV isn't the only one dumbing down their audiences; CN is hard at work doing that as well with shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, and the list goes on. Very sad.

@lupe fiasco


It's interesting to read about Lupe's tweets but Kanye also has some interesting ones to read following his Today show appearance. Check them out:

"I wish Michael Jackson had twitter!!!!!!!" West wrote. "Maybe Mike could have explained how the media tried to set him up!!! It's all a f–king set up!!!

"This is rock and roll life my people…you can't stop the truth you can't stop the music and I have to be strong or 'they' win!!!!"

Read more:

There is the entire article. I think Kanye is speaking out.

Kanye is not speaking out. The only reason why he has so much to say is because he didn't like the way the interview went. If the interview would have went as planned would we be hearing from Kanye? Kanye is realizing he can kick rocks in the elite eyes and that was a blow to his ego. He is speaking out but not in the way you think, he is trying to get his foot back in the door, if you were speaking out wouldn't you try to get away. Kanye is speaking out because they won't let him in ! He is bamming to get in, not away…see the difference !

It's very difficult to trust any of the musicians now. I'd admit that he's speaking an honest truth but I think his motives could be totally absurd…doesn't mean I disagree with him though…MTV programz are soooo lame! and the music?!…..what music?…

Thanks for Picking up on Lupe Fiasco – Since his 2 year battle with Atlantic Records over a 360 deal. Which was solved by a fan protest in New York and Chicago in Support of Lupe, he has really begun to speak his mind even more (He did a lot before) and he’s begun letting little secrets like this MTV stuff out!!! Keep your Vigilant eye on Lupe he’s one of a kind

This guy really said it as well as anyone I’ve ever heard…inside or outside of the music biz.

Good for him, and thanks for posting it Vig.

It’s pretty awesome how everyone agrees here in the comments, too. That says a lot.

eyo Lupe is a talanted and influential guy! of course the illuminati would want him! but if they did offer and he refused then obviously his career wouldnt blossum as much as lets say Kanye west… lets face it this is satans world as the bible says and his people rule the entertainment industry

I have had the opportunity to meet Lupe when he toured Australia. I have to say from our conversation that he was very polite, very grounded and honest. Lupe is a practicing Muslim, so he has values that would be opposite to the Illuminati's, hence his frustration at MTV. He knows what is going on and does not approve of it at all. I would not be surprised if he starts to speak out more in the future.

PS: Vigilant I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU, I have been visiting your site for the last month or 2 and my eyes have definitely been opened……..

The "Old Mtv" What is that? Mtv was, is and will always be corrupt. I respect Lupe and being an English major i appreciate the grammer and word play, but moreso his stance. With that said, im a paranoid person/realist so i always have in the back of my mind the scenario that "they"let people like Lupe speak their mind just so they can get people like us riled up to further instigate controversy and chaos, which is what they build order from. I just found out Glenn Beck is a puppet. But good for Lupe, now lets pray they don't pull a PimpC, 2Pac on him.

It took you more than a minute to recognize GLENN BECK is a puppet…You must be a Faux News supporter

Actually im a political atheist(I luv that word got it from Gerald Celente) but i browse channels and used 2 watch him awhile ago, not faithfully, though. i was kind of turned off by all him emotions-stop crying i get it, we have no rights. Anyway, i believe Alex Jones is too. its like he sniffs cocaine then turns the microphone on, besides that i caught him in a couple of lies. We can only trust God, the bible tells us anyway "they" are here and coming.

I think Alex Jones is a puppet too. I'm not sure what his MO is though because some of the stuff he talks about is the truth. What I keep wondering is "what is the point of all this". Alex just offers panic inducing information, he rarely offers solutions that don't broadcast his website or could gain him financially in some way.

I use to believe in the guru too. The guy who keeps talking about the lizard people (though i never really believed in the whole lizard people story).

He's full of it too.

You said it right, the only person who you can believe in is God. I believe in God to but I am definitely a political atheist. I haven't vote in years, what's the point? they are all full of lies.

Yes Sarah Ben, and David Icke is another double agent as well.



Thanks for this link. I always had bad feelings about Alex Jones and David Icke. They are double agents, now I am almost sure.

see, the thing with Lupe is that he is real cool with Kanye, im assuming he still is. I mean how can you speak about this and your right hand man is part of it, blatantly. I don't know. I just wouldn't be suprised if…..

Lupe is not real cool with Kanye… he worked with Kanye 2 years ago on a couple collab projects and now some of those songs are coming out Lupe has stated that he has no intentions of working with Kanye in the present.. same with when he worked with Jay z 4 years ago and not since then.

Lupe's on the new CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers) song "Don't Stop" CRS is Kanye, Lupe, and Pharrell. So I guess they are still working together, at least on wax.

Also I find it comical that in the MTV article they tell him to "call kanye West NOW" and then practically in the next breath they say "stop participating in supergroups" of which Kanye is a part. So lame. Lupe does not need to piggyback on Kanye for success. Ask any of his fans, he is doing just fine by us.

i love the fact that lupe fiasco is such an articulate intellectual…i mean he slaughtered the f**k out of mtv!did they even bother responding?na,they knew it would pretty much be suicidal.i just love f****n irony of it,b/c it goes to prove to you that mtv really is a corporate tool trying to disguise itself as a relevant rod…yet lupe,a guy who isn't even mainstream anymore manages to shut them the f**k up

He worded this BEAUTIFULLY. He is great with words and getting his point across. Reading through it I get sveral 'aha moments' of that that feeling ofsomething being worded so perfect that it couldn't be better. damn,

MTV is full of reality tv s**t! You can't watch it without seeing teens going crazy and do stupid things such as run naked or being disrespectful to their own parents. I mean it's not even about music anymore! It's about perverting the youth and make them think it's cool. Just watch one of those reality series for yourself and think about it.

Hey look what Kanye said:

"Maybe Mike could have explained how the media tried to set him up! It's all a f—ing set up!" he continued.

This isn't the first time that Kanye West has mentioned the late Jackson when discussing his own life as a controversial pop star.

"Jesus died for our sins, Michael [Jackson] died for the sins of our media. Jesus had the bible, [Michael] had Wikipedia,” said the Chicago MC recently during an interview with Minnesota radio station KDWB.

It was in this (grotesque) artcle that asked the question "Is Kanye West this generations Michael Jackson?"

Its funny because Vigilant had an artcle where Kanye acted like he didn't know who the "Illumanati" was. Yet here, he says Michael was set up. Kanye you know something is going on, stop being a b***h and SPEAK!

Kanye is way to popular to speak up right now. If he said anything about being against them, then who knows what would/could happen to him…

Beside the famous ppl they have already killed off (Michael Jackson, Tupac, Heath Ledger(sp), Brittany Murphy and many more). The most they can say or do to a person with Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyonce or Gaga's fame is call them crazy and/or discredit their character i.e Dave Chappelle, Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo, Michael Jackson (before they killed him), R. Kelly, DMX and others. They were or are all openly against the illuminati. Some of the ppl even had cases pending against them. And well you see what happen with those and what didn't happen. Anywho, when it comes down to everything if you don't have God in your life you can't be protected from their ways.

Amen Coco! Amen!

You know I never even thought about R.Kelly in the mix of this.

You think that whole thing with pissing on the girl was a set up?

That's a hard one. I mean there was video tape evidence…

Maybe them exposing the video for the world to see (accidently leaking it) was a set up, but im still inclined to believe that was him in the video.

What happened to D'Angelo? And whatever happened to Genuine. He was so big in the 90's, I heard he married some girl named Soliel and then I never heard from him again…

Go Lupe! This is what our ignorant brothers and sisters need from celebrities!

YAY LUPE! Bout time someone stood up to that piece of s**t MTV!

Honestly MTV stopped being relevant after Cobain/Pac/Big died.

Okay ,they were a little bit relevant with Eminem, but after eminem everything they pumped out was commercialized bullshit.

i like and agree with much of what he said, but was there ever a ‘real mtv’ with good intentions?

if you want to hear a REAL, SERIOUS rapper who knows his stuff, check out IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE!!!

Once upon a time, there was a good channel called MTV. They used to play great videos of great artists -Illuminati or not, at least that music was good-. But it changed, and became a senseless weapon to teach stupidity to a whole new generation, they dont even play music anymore (so why the "M" on MTV!!?), and the few music they play… well, is that bad that you dont even know if considering that as real music… so, this is this time: sick, stupid and sensless… Thanks Illuminati, for making for us another crappy channel, and encouraging us to turn off the TV and read a good book. By the way… worse than MTV, is it´s latin version… That´s really the worse!

We need more artists like Lupe, who cant be seduced by stuff like money and fame, but they really want to give a message… good for him!!

Why doesn't MTV at least stop hiding behind that stupid music television moniker and change it's name to RTV for reality television because at this point that's all it is. I'm happy Lupe spoke out about this brain washing sellout of a channel. For the people that say mtv was ALWAYS illuminati maybe so but there was a time when Lupe could've have had his vids played in regular rotation no matter what content was in it i.e 2pac. Now we get '16 and pregnant. Because that's somehow musical, positive and entertaining. -_-

MTV actually write articles like this wow. Sound like an unprofessional feud. You would think they would be more buissiness savvy than this. They are getting bold picking at artist. Anyway why do the artist fake like they write the songs when in reality they don’t? LF said in an interview the label sent him songs that he was not feeling, and the B.O.B song is a label song, I guess the artist is just a vessel. Now we know where all the funny buissiness comes in at with lyrics and treatments. With that being said I understand both parties. They want him to walk this way and talk like that, but not what LF had in mind. If he don’t want to play by company rules why deal with company ? I respect his battle but I wouldn’t want no parts of these proven scums ! I hope he… Read more »

Most rap artist write their verses. Bruno Mars produced and wrote the HOOK for nothing on you, B.O.B Wrote his verses. Not really a big point, just wanted to clarify

He is just jumping on the “expose the elite” bandwagon. The is no such thing as the “old MTV” It’s masonic music from the beginning. All the celebrities are getting their images attacked for being elites, and they are all rushing to expose each other in order to keep their street cred. The truth is no one gets on TV much less MTV without their “initiation”

Let's just say I remember when you didn't have to deal with wall-to-wall illuminati on MTV. Just a band playing a song, or some odd stuff that was different enough. Even the million-dollar extraveganzas (by, say, ZZ Top) didn't pile on the symbolism. The less controversial stuff by Rhianna piles on more illuminati stuff than ZZ Top did back then.

Of course, the people in the know HATED "eMpTyV" back then. We knew a bad thing back then when we saw it, innocent-looking or not.

Not necessarily. Many of these artist have no clue what they are representing. You can't expose something you know nothing about. I'm sure that MTV was never truely "legit." But that doesn't mean that many of the artists and people behind creating MTV weren't in it for the love of music. It's just a sham now because it's become so apparent that the goal is making as much money as possible instead of elevating great musicians. Most of these people (pop stars) don't even write their own songs. The real talent is hidden behind something fake- an exact regurgitation of the way the ENTIRE world works.

Noone follows evil blindly. They either know and don't care who's souls they bring down with them or they only care about how many souls they bring down with them. Point is they KNOW what they do.


Wow….darn right! Incredibly well put…he couldn't have put it any better, actually.

Well said that pretty much sums up the entertainment industry.

Ahh, Touch the Sky… Ahhhh good Kanye…. :-<

Lupe ripped that verse.WHen i first heard him i wanted to marry him.

All Falls Down was a glimpse of "good" Kanye. That dude is long gone.

Yea, I agree! I personally believe they got Kanye to be down with them when his mother died. That's when I start seeing the major changes in him and his music.

Yea, I agree! I personally believe they got Kanye to be down with them when his mother died.

when he sacrificed his mother for da fortune n fame u mean, what r all these things worth without ur family n loved ones to share it with…?

If only more artists and actors were like this, it s clearly all about the money now. What ever happened to the days when albums were just released bcos these people liked performing. When you truly love wat ur doin the money should matter.

P.S. Kanye is the last person anyone should want to be like.

Kanye West is an illuminatti puppet as well. He's not the same his music sucks compared to his old stuff. Kanye, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z etc are all decensortizing what is abnormal as normal. TV and radio is trying teach us to be accepting of everything and that is a horrible thing because we are losing our standards.

Well said Lupe. The only thing that bothers me is, when was there ever a "Real MTV", or when were they ever good? MTV was the beginning of the end, in terms of music culture.

MTV successfully hid that fact from us somehow, or were we successfully blind at first ? You know that scientific fact with the frog : put in boiling hot water, it jumps out of it automatically. Put it in cold water that you slowly boil, and it dies in it. MTV did the same, to me, they had an agenda that they did not make that obvious before, in oder not to shock and lose us, but rather get us accoustomed… slowly and efficiently…

You the man!!!!

I don't know if you're speaking about me, but I'm a girl lol.

you the MAN GIRL!!!


I was thinking the same thing. It is worse now, though. But, it's always been garbage-y to some degree.