Sinister Sites – Illuminati Pyramid in Blagnac, France


Located in a suburb of Toulouse, the “Place de la Révolution” is probably one of the most blatant displays of Illuminati designs in existence: a huge pyramid hovering atop a map of the world. The symbolic meaning of this structure reveals a rather grim and elitist ideology and seems to confirm the conspiracy theorist’s claims: the world is lead by a secret cabal named the Illuminati.


The Place de Revolution is situated on a roundabout in the rather quiet commune of Blagnac in Toulouse, and a constant flow of cars drive around the monument every day. As is the case in diverse parts of the world, most locals find the monument that adorns their town “nice” and “decorative” without having the slightest idea of its deep occult meaning. To those who have “eyes to see” however, the Place de la Révolution clearly and unequivocally reveals the hidden force which shaped the past and is relentlessly working to mold the future. In this apparently simple structure are embedded the goals, the aspirations, the philosophy and the beliefs of the hidden elite who guide the clueless masses towards a New World Order.

Historical Considerations

The Place de la Révolution was built in 1989 to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of the French Revolution. Modern Historians agree that Freemasonry played a critical role in the unfolding of the revolution.

“If one desires to point to a major world event proven to have been inspired by secret society machinations, one need look no further than the French Revolution, which devastated that nation between 1787 and 1799. Revolutionary leaders, in seeking to overthrow the decadent monarchy of King Louis XVI, launched the first national revolution of modern times.

Although popularly believed to have begun due to a public uprising over lack of food and government representation, the record is quite clear that the revolution was instigated by cells of French Masonry and the German Illuminati.

The New Encyclopedia Britannica tells us that in France there arose a political system and a philosophical outlook that no longer took Christianity for granted, that in fact explicitly opposed it… The brotherhood taught by such groups as the Freemasons, members of secret fraternal societies, and the Illuminati, a rationalist secret society, provided a rival to the Catholic sense of community.”

Secret society researcher and author Nesta H. Webster was even more pointed, writing in 1924, “[The Masonic book A Ritual and Illustrations of Freemasonry] contains the following passage, ‘The Masons… originated the Revolution with the infamous Duke of Orleans at their head.'”

Author Bramley wrote, “During the first French Revolution, a key rebel leader was the Duke of Orleans, who was grand master of French Masonry before his resignation at the height of the Revolution. Marquis de Lafayette, the man who had been initiated into the Masonic fraternity by George Washington, also played an important role in the French revolutionary cause. The Jacobin Club, which was the radical nucleus of the French revolutionary movement, was founded by prominent Freemasons.”
-Jim Marrs, Rule By Secrecy

Far from hiding this fact, French Masons take great pride in this historical accomplishment. Many Masonic monuments were erected in France in 1989 to celebrate Freemasonry’s role in the French revolution. The one in Blagnac is however particularly revealing. It is modern, slightly futuristic even and focuses on “what is left to do” rather than “what has been done”. It describes a world united under the rule of a giant floating pyramid, representing secret societies inside the realm of the Great Architect.

The Pyramid


The pyramid is composed of a total of thirteen layers, the top two layers of which are separated by a metallic divider. If you have studied any of the works of art or monuments that were inspired by Masonic teachings, you will already know that the number thirteen is constantly represented in various ways. The bottom layers of the pyramid represent the lower degrees of Masonry while the top two,  which are separated by the divider, represent the Illuminati – the “hidden degrees”, the capstone of the pyramid. Every single time I talk about Freemasonry on this website, I always refer to those hidden degrees. This is where the “Truth” is revealed and where the decisions are taken. The bottom layers are simply a school of hermeticism and are a means to recruit “those who are worthy”. If you are a Mason and you are not at the top of the hierarchy, represented by the capstone of the pyramid, I am not referring to you and I never did (just had to make this point clear). It is interesting to note that the pyramid on the back of the American dollar bill also contains thirteen layers.

This pyramid is literally hovering above a map of the world in mosaic.


The symbolism here could not be more blatant. The pyramid, this symbolic structure representing secret societies operating on every continent, floats above the whole world, dominating it (some might say overshadowing it) and owning it.

Water in this structure also bears an important symbolic and spiritual meaning. Emanating from the top of the pyramid, water slowly trickles down each layer to finally end up on the map of the world. Water, a representation of divine wisdom, starts by gracing the top of the pyramid, which represents the “illuminated”, the elite of the world. From the capstone, water descends from one layer to another, “feeding” each Masonic degree with its share of wisdom. The symbolic end result is that the entire world is filled with (or drowning in, depending on the point of view) this knowledge.

When viewed in kabbalistic terms,  water flowing through thirteen layers or “channels” is a reference to Mem, the Fountain of Wisdom.

“Just as the waters of a physical fountain (spring) ascend from their unknown subterranean source (the secret of the abyss in the account of Creation) to reveal themselves on earth, so does the fountain of wisdom express the power of flow from the superconscious source. In the terminology of Kabbalah, this flow is from Keter (“crown”) to Chochmah (“wisdom”). The stream is symbolized in Proverbs as “the flowing stream, the source of wisdom.”

In particular, we are taught that there are thirteen channels of flow from the superconscious source to the beginning of consciousness. These channels correspond to the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy revealed to Moses at Sinai, as well as to the thirteen principles of Torah exegesis, the (superrational) “logic” of Torah.”

The Bronze Tablets


In front of the pyramid are two bronze tablets, which are very reminiscent of Moses’ 10 Commandments in shape, but engraved with astronomical and planetary glyphs instead of words. The rectangle slab of bronze uniting the two tablets bears the biggest accomplishment of modern illuminism: the Declaration of Human Rights.
The engraving is a reproduction of this classical document:


The Declaration contains many Masonic, Illuminist and alchemical symbols such as (starting from the top): the Eye of the Great Architect in glory, the Orobouros (snake eating its tail), the Phrygian cap (the red hat under the Ouroboros) and the fasces. Let’s not forget the two Masonic pillars on each side sustaining everything.

“At the visual focus of this illuminated document (and its copies), and set apart with striking contrast, we find a familiar Mithraic motif—a red Phrygian cap set atop the shining white steel of a weapon, itself braced vertically, Excalibur-like, into the presumed bedrock. Should one doubt the symbolic significance of this spear and its Mithraic equivalent, the sword or harpe, attention is directed to the fasces, or barsom,, which otherwise would remain inexplicable in this context. Also, the red tassel situated above the fasces is an important Masonic symbol for the ‘Mystic Tie’ that binds Masons, although they might be of diverse opinion and perspective, into a sacred band of Friends and Brothers; the knot or tie, however, is a more ancient symbol of cosmic trans-terrestrial Union.”
-Mark Hoffman, Freemasonry and the Survival of the Eucharistic Brotherhoods

In a documentary on Masonic monuments in Paris, Jacques Ravenne, a French author and high level Freemason said:

“The Declaration of Human Rights, which was created in France and gradually adopted around the world, was conceived, discussed and written in Masonic lodges before being released to the public. One can retrace those Masonic origins by the use of symbols, which bear little significance to the profane but are extremely important to the initiate.”
(Translated from French)

The most significant symbol is the Eye within the triangle, also found on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. It is an unmistakable symbol of the Mysteries of secret societies and became the most universally recognized symbol of Illuminism in pop culture. The entire structure is meant to resemble this Eye within a triangle.

A hole at the center of the pyramid stands for the Eye of the Great Architect. Notice the paths surrounding the pyramids are meant to resemble rays of glory.

Lequeu’s Quote

The creators of this structure inscribed at the base of the pyramid its true meaning. One inscription says:


which can be translated to


This phrase is a quote from Jean-Jacques Lequeu, a French architect from the revolutionary era who mixed Masonic principles with visionary designs.

The “angle” mentioned in Lequeu’s enigmatic quote is a direct reference to Freemasonry, where architecture and geometry are at the basis their spiritual allegories. The Masonic symbols of the compass and the square and considering God to be “the Great Architect” are proof enough of this fact. In the context of the pyramid however, the quote takes on a specific meaning. The “angle where the wise are gathered” most probably alludes to the divider placed towards the top of the pyramid, at the level of its capstone. As mentioned previously, the top of the pyramid represents the Illuminati, the hidden order which is only accessible to a select few. So the quote says: “True happiness is at the top of the pyramid, the Illuminati, where the wisest unite“.

On the other side is another engraving which says:


which can be translated to:


This is most probably the name of the actual structure, which contains obvious Masonic terminology and confirms the above interpretation of its meaning.

The “House”

The metal frame of a house surrounds the pyramidal structure. This represents the metaphorical creation of the “Great Architect”, a great temple, inside which divine wisdom flows freely. On the other hand, one can interpret this thing as a kind of prison. Notice how the tip of the pyramid reaches above the house.

Only the capstone reaches outside the confines of the house

Are the Illuminated the only ones able to escape the prison of the material world?

The Phrygian Cap


In the plaza surrounding the pyramid there are numerous columns, including this one, which bears a stylized Phrygian cap. This red hat, with its tip pointing forward, became the symbol of revolution in France and the USA. Once again, the origins and the significance of this hat can be found in occult mysteries.

“During the 18th century the ‘Mithraic Mysteries’ and its symbolism was of great interest to the Freemasons, and the conflation of the cap used in Mithraism with the Pileus led to the red Phrygian cap evolving into a symbol of ‘freedom’, held aloft on a Liberty Pole during both the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution .”
-Mark Hoffman, Freemasonry and the Survival of the Eucharistic Brotherhoods

Phrygian cap on the seal of the United States Senate

“As a Phrygian Cap, or Symbolizing Cap, it is always sanguine in its colour. It then stands as the ‘Cap of Liberty’, a revolutionary form; also, in another way, it is even a civic or incorporated badge. It is always masculine in its meaning. It marks the ‘needle’ of the obelisk, the crown or tip of the phallus, whether ‘human’ or representative. It has its origin in the rite of circumcision–unaccountable as are both the symbol and the rite.

The real meaning of the bonnet rouge, or ‘cap of liberty’, has been deeply obscure since time immemorial, notwithstanding the fact that it has always been regarded as a most important hieroglyph or figure. It signifies the supernatural simultaneous ‘sacrifice’ and ‘triumph’. It has descended from the time of Abraham, and it is supposed to be an emblem of the strange mythic rite of the ‘circumcisio preputii’. The loose Phrygian bonnet, bonnet conique, or ‘cap of liberty’ may be accepted as figuring, or standing for, that detached integument or husk, separated from a certain point or knob, which has various names in different languages, and which supplies the central idea of this ‘sacrificial rite–the spoil or refuse of which (absurd and unpleasant as it may seem) is borne aloft at once as a ‘trophy’ and as the ‘cap of liberty’. It is now a magic sign, and becomes a talisman of supposedly inexpressible power–for what particular dark reason it would be difficult to say. The whole thing is a sign of ‘initiation’, and of a baptism of a peculiar kind. The Phrygian cap, ever since this first inauguration, has stood as the sign of the ‘Enlightened’.”
-Hargrave Jennings, Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries

In Conclusion

The Place de la Révolution of Blagnac is one of those monuments which simply does not lie. It celebrates simply, and without any political correctness, the nature of the works of secret societies. The “Temple of Supreme Wisdom” is permeated with symbolism and messages directly alluding to Freemasonry and the Illuminati and hides in plain sight the true philosophy of our world leaders.

The French Revolution was mainly carried out by Freemasonry and resulted in a great political success – the creation of the French Republic – the ideals of which radiated across the world. Is it realistic to think that the work of secret societies stopped there? Masonic scholars believe that those events were only the beginning, the first necessary step towards an “enlightened world”. The fact is that History has been nothing more than a series of conspiracies. The French revolution was a conspiracy theory until it became a historical fact. In the same way, the New World Order is now a conspiracy waiting to become a historical fact. There is however no need to keep this conspiracy hidden, the masses are too ignorant to understand what is happening. They drive around monuments celebrating the imminent arrival of an Illuminati-lead New World Order but still deny its existence, automatically referring to those who claim it does exist as in need of  “tin foil hats”. Maybe they’re right. Maybe this monument is a big tin foil hat hovering above the world, reminding us daily how stupid we are.

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  1. lorena aguilar on

    your work vlows my mind! i would really aprecciate if you could make an article about twilight and Harry Potter im shure there are filled with dark stuff!

  2. Interesting, however with all the knowledge that you give out to the people that visit your site, what are we supposed to do with it? What can we do about it? Nothing really. It is crazy that all these symbols and structures are interconnected , but honestly there is nothing that can stop them but Jesus himself.

    • What we can do is expose them. Spread the word of the gospel on the streets. Christians have been ashamed to spread the word of the Lord because they listen to the people of the world and are afraid. Jeremiah 6:16

      New International Version (NIV)

      16 This is what the Lord says:

      “Stand at the crossroads and look;
      ask for the ancient paths,
      ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
      and you will find rest for your souls.
      But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

      We can't be ashamed anymore, we can't be afraid, and most certainly can't be embarrassed about talking to other people about God. We have to stand up for what we believe in, and not care what anyone says. We have to do what we can to save others from the upcoming disaster.
      God bless you. Take care.

  3. Also can you please take a look at Rihanna's new video (russian roulette) and Chris Brown's new video (I can transform you)–the beat of that song is so catchy which creeps me out. See if you can critique them both and bring out your findings on here. I am glad that you brought to light what is going on in music and pop culture I enjoy reading the articles even though I feel like a small pawn in their grand ideas I thank God that I am not helpless because I believe in Jesus Christ.

    • Autumn its not just that VC would like us to stop them as he/she would like us to become aware of what is actually happening and not be like the 'workers' in the article on Metropolis. The author would like us to have insight and not be left in the dark but to have some sort of enlightenment about whats taking place all over the world

  4. Thank you for this information, it is mind blowing of how blatent they now are, hidding nothing.

    But one needs to know what it means, and the more we learn, the more we can really see.

    We must pray that more eyes see before its to late.

    Thank you for your effort to show us.

    I do not think that there is nothing we can do, its like the flu scam.

    We can do something, refuse the shots

    (all part of the elite plan)

    • apathy, sin of masses on

      100 million people refusing to pay their taxes or shop at the corp stores would be something- THE BIGGEST THING. and it wouldnt cost you a dime.

    • As I have stated above^
      I will say the same to you, my friend.

      What we can do is expose them. Spread the word of the gospel on the streets. Christians have been ashamed to spread the word of the Lord because they listen to the people of the world and are afraid. Jeremiah 6:16

      New International Version (NIV)

      16 This is what the Lord says:

      “Stand at the crossroads and look;
      ask for the ancient paths,
      ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
      and you will find rest for your souls.
      But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

      We can't be ashamed anymore, we can't be afraid, and most certainly can't be embarrassed about talking to other people about God. We have to stand up for what we believe in, and not care what anyone says. We have to do what we can to save others from the upcoming disaster.
      God bless you. Take care.

    • Hi, I'd like to ask you to take a look at something that caught my eye: the human figures above the Human Rigths Declaration. Both feminine. One angel and the other mortal. look at their garments' color sets. What does the human woman resembles to you? To me, is the junction of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, straight from the Last Supper's scene (she's using their colors), and wearing another Mithral cap on top of her head, even though it is wrapped always in masculine conotation, breaking apart chains and fetches. The angel uses gray and pink ( being gray the moon, feminine color, and pink being a sign of friendship, alliance and mortality) pointing the left index finger down, usually, the less powerful hand, and, therefore, a sign of gentleness, but not pointing to what's written. Also holds a bright golden rod or flute with the full right hand, pointing toward the all seeing eye inside the triangle, which is bright golden as if it was the sun. A sign of imposition.
      A human with divine charateristics, from two pantheons (Christian and Greek), at least, and an angel with human pretentions, go figure!

  5. hi, could you please do something on harry trying to explain to some people that that is some crazy things in that movie,..but i need some proof/reasons.

  6. I don't get it. What is wrong with being enlightened and believing in human rights? What is it about the word 'enlightened' or 'enlightenment' that seems so fearful to some? What is the problem with 'human rights'? (though truthfully no secret society or non-secret society practices it from what I see).

    I don't even see what the big deal is about the Mithraic religion. It was a religion believed in in roman times, same as any other religion in today. So what?

    • Enlightenment is a code word for their schemes. Like communism is their PR code for one-world-government feudalism- with YOU as the slave.

      If you cannot look beyond the NWO false advertising, you're a slave already. "Liberty, Freedom, Democracy, Enlightenment" etc when used by these criminals is the packaging for Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc. THAT is the model…

      If that's ok with you- go live there.

    • there is nothing wrong with that been a illuminati or a free-mason its nod a bad thing, the ony thing that he is pointed out its that almost everything that in the world exist is controlled by the 1% of the population LIKE music, media, movies, religions, countries, almost everything and to elightened it means that the free-masons believe in a such higher power that illuminates them to have power and money and influence that's all

  7. Hey, i just saw the movie "The Men Who Stare At Goats" and there was the all seeing eye in the pyramid. I was amazed and my eyes have been opened. Thanks for the articles. Keep up the good work.

  8. Great job! The more and more I read your articles the more it becomes more obvious. Blatant actually. An awakening is happening and its powered by people like you. Soon the pillars will fall and we’ll have justice and live in peace. THANK YOU for opening eyes. If there’s anything I can do to help this website e-mail pleaseee! I have plenty of time to research and may be of some use. Great Job Vigilant!!!

  9. lucky soup doll on

    there are always two ways of looking at every phenomena.
    neither is ‘correct’.
    the question is, what does the union ‘look’ like?

  10. Secret societies are running out of time, so is Satan, they know that the time is ending for us all… So now they are not hiding their conspiracies, do you seriously believe that we are now learning so much about them because they were unable to keep things secret?… They are allowing us to see, what's about to come, because they are more than sure that there's anyone who can stop them.

    Look at MTV, look at television, look at music videos nowadays, they do not even hide the fact that they are satanic anymore, so long good old days when they hid satanic messages backwards on songs, now they literally speak about demonic possessions (Beyonce's Sweet Dreams, Rihanna's Disturbia) and are offering every big artist a way in… and now people wonder why artists who were so conservative like Alicia Keys are looking as if they were about to sell sex.

    It is so disturbing that they are not hiding it anymore, but it is even more disturbing the fact that people have been so dumb and blind doing as much as possible to avoid seeing the truth. I hope more than one is able to open their eyes, and see that these secret societies own our countries, they own the banks, they own the governments, they own the media, they own Disneyland and every single other fun source…

    I for once deleted every single atheist song of my ipod, also every song by non Christian singers, I stopped watching television and I am now reading about all the damage those bastards are doing to our world. Thanks for opening our eyes Vigilant. God Bless your soul.

    • Paco. I'd just like to say well done. Somebody in another comment asked: "What can we do?" Well you are doing it by dumping them out of your life. That's what WE can do to beat them.

    • Hi Paco,

      I am very happy that some people on here feel that they can do something about this, as individuals. It isnt easy to change or chose not to use tv, newspapers, and ignore alot of the music scene. I got rid of my tv about this time last year and havent bought newspapers/magazines for years. I find the music with this illuminati stuff boring by now anyway so thats easy. Ive found stuff (music) online that isnt laden with it and the freecycle website is good for getting things for free instead of buying. But I still feel like a spoke in the wheel and Im looking for a place to live where I can be self sufficient…

    • Amen~! Thanks so much for this post, as I am sure it has brought people like me hope.
      I've seen this symbolism ever since i had been growing up and never knew what it meant.
      Tv, music, cartoons… everything is really evil. That's not an opinion its a fact. I pray for
      the people of the world to open their eyes. God bless you and take care.

    • I agree with you but there is something that is of great concern THE PYRAMID in Egypt read your BIble
      Isaiah 19:19,20 this Pyramid is a sign a witness that God exists .Some people use the Pyramid with a upside down cross on it meaning down with religion .Go to the web site new world order its very interesting.

  11. lucky soup doll on

    also; the observed and the observer share an intimate relationship.
    it behooves the initiate to understand this relationship.
    reality solidifies in the presence of preconceived ideas;
    become fluid.

    • The UnInitiated Enli on

      well it always comforts me to know that the very ones who are chopping off our heads take pleasure and get amusement from watching our "headless" bodies running around the barnyard. But know this that not every "chicken" is "unIlluminated" and some of the "chickens" are very aware of what's going on behind the scenes and have figures out ways around the "Great Pyramid." remember not all life thrives in the Light.

  12. Part of the deal, for some reason I don’t understand, in order to bring around the so-called End Times, “All Will Be Revealed.” The Elites are obligated to show us, put it right out there, so everyone has the the chance to see the world as they do. But many cannot,, most are deluded and do not see. So all the secrets will be revealed, hidden in plain sight, as others have said, and the vast majority of the world will just stare and see nothing.

  13. Very interesting vigilant citizen. What about canary wharf, the one building that dominates the view in London. That has a pyramid with a ever flashing light at the top of the pyramid. Always thought that was unusual.

  14. Great job !!!
    Can you please show us anything about singers,politicians or actors to educate us like you did before. Because they are those who easily influence our society (young mass :future generation).

    NB: We must invite JESUS IN OUR heart,live with him and we shall be save.Therefore we will according his will and with his zeal influence the world.

    JESUS Bless all of us!

  15. I wish some of your readers would stop asking you to investigate this or investigate that.I feel you and many many others have shown us enough of whats out there,so that we may enable ourselves to do some research and draw our own conclusions right or wrong….Is this not why we have elites ?Because no one will get up off their arse and do thier own work always asking others to do it for us.

    Vigilant Vigilant … Eye saw a snake wrapped round a pine cone under a red capped mushroom in a shaded grove held aloft by a golden fairy… please tell me what that means .

    Yeah i know what it means m8 lay of the psychedelics..

  16. So the grand plan of the evil illuminati is to enshrine human rights?

    Please. The real evil is in all government everywhere. They elevate the rich and powerful over all of us.


    "The “angle” mentioned in Lequeu’s enigmatic quote is a direct reference to Freemasonry, where architecture and geometry are at the basis their spiritual allegories."

    Angles are also measured in degrees. Masonic "ranks" are also referenced by degrees. I would suggest that "angle" should also be interpereted here to refer to a particular level, or degree, of initiation (or higher).

  18. >>> Autumn November 10th, 2009 1:49 pm :
    >>> Interesting, however with all the knowledge that you give out to the people that visit your site, what are we >>> supposed to do with it? What can we do about it?

    If I had a buck for every time I’ve heard it…
    There IS something you can do.
    1. Don’t trust self-proclaimed “god-chosen elite” and its propaganda.
    2. Don’t fear them, they’re not immortal, neither invincible.
    3. Don’t take any favor from them, don’t give either.
    4. Don’t cooperate in ANY way.
    5. Spread this knowledge among the people whom you can rely on.

    • That means taking noncooperation SERIOUSLY-

      1. Disconnect your TV

      2. Dont buy their videos, dont click their sites, dont listen to their brainwash audio trash…

      There is actually much more we can do than we think.

      Hit them in the wallet ost of all!

  19. AppreciatesKnowledge on

    Someone commented:

    "Interesting, however with all the knowledge that you give out to the people that visit your site, what are we supposed to do with it? What can we do about it? Nothing really. It is crazy that all these symbols and structures are interconnected , but honestly there is nothing that can stop them but Jesus himself.'

    If you prefer not knowing you can always go back to your regular programming or back to sleep, whichever tickles your fancy. …And yes, Jah-Zeus will our LARD will rescue us in his superman outfit.

  20. People of the world need to wake and smell the coffee, this is a reality and the devil is roaming. One day we will wake up and not be able to say God I am sorry.

  21. Displacedcitizen on

    @ Bismillah786, I tought I was the only one that noticed an icy Leona Lewis with that dreadful make up in black. She looked like she was in mourning.

  22. "This pyramid is literally hovering above a map of the world in mosaic. The symbolism here cannot be more blatant."

    This confirms something I have been saying for some time now. Although not as obvious, the same symbolism is present on the back of the one dollar bill. The pyramid capped with the eye is sitting on top of the words Novus Order Seclorum. This is, in fact, the same symbolism. The pyramid, with its all-seeing eye and all that it represents, is on top of (or at the top of) the New Order. This is symbolic and significant, representing the same idea portrayted here with the pyramid hovering above (a map of) the world.

  23. Are the Human Rights the same as the United Nation’s Human Rights? If Freemasons are serious about that this could be a pretty nice world to live in. Problem is, all Freemasonry acts from history involve unspeakably violent acts and devastation. I’m confused.

  24. Jah-Zeus, so funny on

    I never saw the name Jah-Zeus before, that is hilarious!! Kind of sad too, because there is just no organized group in opposition to NWO. In the name of Christianity some of the most brutal tortures have been committed and the bible is rife with contradiction and violence str8 from the hands of the good god. Even the whole concept of “with us or against us, thru Jah-Zeus or go to hell, take your pick” is insensitive and violent. If there is group who truly upholds the beliefs of that Declaration of Human rights and does not rationalize exceptions to it, then let me know. I want to join that group.

  25. Another great post. Thanks for all the work you do! I live in DC and recently bought a video camera. I’m in the process of making a clip regarding the new National Harbor featuring the ‘Awakening’ statue. I found it very interesting that the two piers leading out from the harbor from both sides of the statue point to directly to two very prominent buildings: The pentagon, and the Washington Masonic Temple. Additionally, the pillars line both entrances to each of the piers, with the spheres on top. Quite creepy if you haven’t seen yet.

    Never Yeild the Truth.

  26. OMG.
    Guys, who moaning about “human rights declaration” – you’ve never read it, right?
    So do it now, it’s pretty short. You’ll be amazed, with stuff like, any criminal can escape the punishment for any crime, complete stranger have the rights on all of your belongins, and you don’t have the right to do, what you want, in your own house.
    Yes, the title is misplaced. They should call it kind of “human slave rights declaration”, but in that case, sheeple will suspect something is wrong here.

  27. Governor_Claiborne on


    Isn’t the red Phrygian cap REALLY the prepuce or foreskin of a circumcised male?
    This is the pre-talmudic symbolism. It is politically acceptable to bring attention to
    the cap (jimmy hat!) as a symbol while avoiding the messy details of judaic superstitions.

    • Thank you for that bit- brilliant. The NWO- Bohemian Grove crowd are phallus worthippers afterall, so it makes perfect sense.

      Head of the penis=red cap when an obelisk is not practical. These scum are resourceful huh?

  28. Hi there!

    My warmest congratulations for you Website! As a Frenchman, I know quite a few things about the reign of freemasonry in my Godforlorn country… I was not aware of this pyramid in Blagnac, and I thank you for discovering it, but you may still ignore about other architectural highly masonic symbols in France. You have first the pyramids buit in full middle of the gorgeous Louvres palace (Paris) by President Mitterrand:

    They speak of themselves, do they not?…

    Then, last but not least, you have the "Catholic cathedral" of Evry (a satellite town near Paris) :

    Same remark as before… And mind you, this """Catholic cathedral""" was inaugurated by no one else than Karol Wojtyla (alias Pope John-Paul II). A truncated cone posing as a cathedral, and the man just did not stirr!….

    So if a Catholic (?) Pope does nos vomit when he sees such a masonic monstruosity, why should ordinary drivers vomit when they drive around Blagnac pyramid? Blindness is a chastisement for ALL those who ignore or deny the Holy Spirit.

  29. Leona Lewis has so doomed her soul… So sad… So so sad… She actually looked like a nice girl, but well, now she’s on the dark side. :( May she find the truth one day through Jesus.

    And it seems that satanists have found this website, they just come in and lie, and mock us… But really, with Jesus on our side, who can defeat us?. I hope more people open their eyes before it is too late.

    • Armageddon, that's where.

      The counterfeit NWO headed by Satan will be defeated by Jesus Christ, who will execute judgment under the authority of Jehovah God.

      That's why these are the last days of Satan's world. After Armageddon will be a paradise earth under God's Kingdom, but in order for that to come about then this evil must be flushed, & we humans aren't powerful enough to defeat Satan's network – you need someone more powerful than him.

      Whilst Jehovah God doesn't delight in the death of the wicked & would prefer them to attain to repentance, nevertheless, they have free will & they insist on spreading the life-destroying effects of evil, & so they will be removed.

      If they don't repent, then good riddance to them. I, for one, wanna live in a peaceful, just, loving paradise earth, where no one will fear tyrrany, terror or have to suffer injustice any longer, for the former things will have passed away. (Revelation 21: 3,4)

  30. Excellent again, Thank you for educating us.

    I also watched 'The men who stare at goats'. The cinema was full, I was wondering if viewers even cared to know what the symbolism meant. What do you think about the movie, VC? How about those who have seen it? Are we all blind? Are we all solely encouraged to consume, pay for entertainment and indulge in activities with immediate rewards?

  31. Wow, it blows my mind that there are 30+ people on the planet that believe the malarkey. Well I guess it just goes to show that Barnum was right.

  32. merci a vigilant citizen le parlement de camberra en australie est edifiant a quant un article avec les details que je ne rencontre que sur ce site d’exeption amicalement mohd

  33. Read Psalm 111…it say that the beginning wisdom is the fear of the Lord

    The importance of learning and knowing brings discernment…this is the basis of prayer.
    When there is nothing else to do, do this, pray and ask, and knock, and seek…
    and more will be given.

    When we know what time it is we are better able to see that there is nothing knew under the sun
    but the names of these things have been hidden in plain site…and under these things are great
    gatherings and ceremonies along with intended purpose the enslave humankind. In the seemingly
    awesomeness of the architecture of these monuments that denounce God, there is defilement.

    That;s what we do with the information. Pray and understand and realize these things must needs
    be but woe to them by which it comes. We are not to be ignorant of these things.

    Vigilant, thank you.

  34. If one doesn’t believe in Jesus (which is in fact the combined names of Jehovah and Zeus) it doesn’t make one a Satanist or any other “-ists.”

    • Firstly,

      Jesus name in Hebrew/Aramaic (language of the old testament) was Jehoshua, or Yeshua.

      Jesus name in Koine Greek (language of the new testament) was Iesous.

      "Jesus" (pronumciation in the language of the English-speaking world) was translated from the ancient Greek language.


      Jesus was a Jew and the Jews worshipped (at the time, but not now) the God whose name in Hebrew was Yahweh and in today's English language is pronounced Jehovah.


      Jesus always glorified Jehovah, and will do so again at Armageddon when he removes his enemies from his footstool, the earth, in an act of divine justice.


      Zeus has nothing to do with the path of the truth as he was a false pagan deity whose line stems back to the Babylonian gods who were fashioned after Nimrod, Sameramis and Tammuz who basically glorified man in his demonic efforts to defy Jehovah by following Satan.


      Though Jesus' name was not a welding together of Jehovah and Zeus, Jesus is definately from Jehovah God, and Jesus is not ashamed of that fact, and neither should we be, who seek to imitate Jesus as Christians.

      Kindly get your facts straight before disinforming the good public here. Thank you.

  35. OMG OMG -tries to calm down- okk so I found this SHOCKING ARTICLE about lady gaga new video it’s so shocking and it talks about the different meaning of her new video and blah blah untill I came across something , just check for ur self (u gotta scroll down)

    Scroll down, is like the 3 article I think, idk that site seems kinda new, but I already completly love it, but omg to that lady gaga thingy!

  36. The Truth hurts on

    The luciferians plan is to make atheists satanists , or they too will be put to death by the Neo World Order of the Ages. Fortunately, but sadly, hundreds of millions of lives will be destroyed by the insane liars we know are opening the gates to pain and suffering. The wealthy and corrupt are now as much a part of the lowest realms in society , drug cartels, child prostitution and muder for hire – those in the middle will be crushed by the bread makers and devoured.

  37. ‘Human Rights’ are an attempt by the elite to hoodwink the masses to serve a declaration of independence upon God.

    We are born with God given rights and free will. We can either choose to serve the Heavenly Father or serve those who serve themselves.

    Excellent work VC, keep it up.


  38. hello again i know ive got tiping issues if not metioning my english (im mexican so please excuse me)
    I just wanna say how much im in love of what you do you have opened my eyes so widely and i thank you so much for that. I really wish you could do an article about Harry Potter, lets face it the phenom that it represents it can easily be bigger than any other like, music (Gaga, Beyonce or Rihanna) as well as twilight they have literally captivated millions of souls around the world! Please please please do something im shure you’ll do an amazing job as always! God bless you!!!

  39. You have a fantastic article again. Thank you very much.

    Between you, Texe Marrs, Matthew Delooze and a couple of others, I’ve learned a lot about all this. When I saw Obama in Berlin announcing he was a “global citizen,” and saw the monuments, I knew he had already been selected to win. I guess it helped when ABC said he was on the “World Stage” as well. And he also had one of his presidential speeches, stages look like a temple.

    Well, this all makes sense to me now, but for me to try to explain it to somebody else, I usually also that “tin hat”, conspiracy theorist accusation. I just wish the Sheeple would wake up.

  40. lol, everyone is saying how their eyes are opened. others asking what they can do about it, and trully thinking that their saved by jesus christ…truth is, he can do just as much as you can…NOTHING. why fight it, if jesus didnt want this to happen he would have stopped it rather than letting this be the driving force behind the WORLD. it is clear that the only get out, is to get in. Join the mason society. it is not “evil” yet the path to sucess. believe what you want. stick to your “jesus” and “god” while we run the world. i for one have many of the masonic believes (ex. all men are gods/do what thou wilt) but do NOT worship the devil. i believe in him jus as much as i do “god”, which is 0%. if your eyes are really opened that is not enough, act on what you now “see” and make smart desicions, but think, it is really evil simply to be powerful?…

    • Dear Josh

      If that is what you wish, carry on with it and lap it up to the hilt.

      However, know that it wont last, and that Jesus will speak up when it is time to do so.

      Why has he not done so till now? Simply because Satan has challenged God for the right to rule. Satan's rulership (or man's independence from God under Satanic direction) has been allowed, through free will, to play out until its conclusion, which will be Armageddon.

      Through it, we all get to witness just how far mankind will go in his attempts to rule himself without God in the picture.

      We have seen the drunken lust for power & wealth decimate the majority of mankind into slavery and poverty. And you ask whether it is evil just to be powerful? Well, judge for yourself. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

      Throughout history, Satan's legacy has shown us that we were better off in the Garden of Eden, with the world as our oyster. Now, we stand at the brink of social, financial, moral, environmental and spiritual disaster, as a human race, and still you think there's nothing wrong with the staus quo. You're entitled to your views, of course. But, bear in mind that you did not create your own life and neither have any of us. We did not design DNA and infuse life into it. We humans aren't able to direct own own steps without stepping in dog-poo somewhere along the line, metaphorically speaking, and yet we can rule over the human race and do a good job of it. It's time some of us went to Specsavers, methinks.

      In any case, whether I speak, or you speak, or anyone speaks, it doesn't change this fact:

      If there is a God, we will find out soon what he intends to do about this world in his wisdom (even though he's already forewarned us), but if there isn't (according to your opinion), then shame on the human race for allowing such abuse on such a grand scale on such an intelligent and powerful species. Well done, all you "powerful" ones. Very "enlightened", indeed.

      Narcissistic and evil to the core, is what this system's power structure is. If it weren't, then we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with.

      Building your house on a sandy foundation will ensure its collapse when the storm comes.

      Building your house on a solid foundation will ensure it lives to see another day.

      What's YOUR foundation like? (she asks, rhetorically)…

  41. I really enjoy reading your articles. It is so fascinating.
    Good thing is that people really are waking up.
    Talk to your friends. Spread the information.

    much love, Arthur

  42. @josh post 52 – you disgust me, disgust me through your ignorance (by choice or by actual stupidity? i don’t even care) and pig-headedness.

    do what thou wilt? proven motto of satanists and publicly evil men, yet you can adopt it without giving in the the devil you doesn’t belive exists (“the devil’s greatest trick is making people belive he doesn’t exist”)

    all men are “gods”? do some fucking research, it’s the first belief of satanists. your ignorance amuses me. thank you for the cheap laugh.

    i don’t even care enough to rip apart your stupid post any more. begone. pssshhh.

  43. @52 is a flamer everyone, relax. but he does make a good observation, that people who are enlightened enough to find this website sure all pretty ignorant about researching judeo-christianity. It is kind of sad how people can research and understand the masonic elements of modern society yet still believe in the santa clause-like human-created borrowed myth that is christianity. Just google it people.

  44. Hi

    Thank You for the excellent website and all your research.

    To see how one man escaped the trap of these secret socieities, please watch the 9 hour documentary “Interview with an Ex-Vampire: A True Story”, free on Google Video. Or you may
    order your own copy from

    In response to comment #2, “What do we do with this information”, please let me share an idea.

    Every believer in Yahushua Ha Mashiach (The Lord Jesus Christ) ALREADY has the required authority, weaponry and power to smash and destroy the authority, weaponry and power of these secret societies. This knowledge and undertsanding is the “Big Secret” that the bad guys spend so much time trying to prevent believers from understanding.

    The power of the secret socieities lie in their use of magik. Occult teachings are a RELIGION. Magik is a TECHNOLOGY. And that technology can be neutralized and destroyed by believers in Jesus Christ.

    Our job as believers is :

    1.) Clean up our own lives physically, metaphysically and spiritually so that the enemy has no legal grounds or “hooks” into us.

    2.) Learn Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance as taught in GOD’S word so that we can smash and destroy the systems of the bad guys and

    3.) Pray to find out EXACTLY what job it is that GOD has for us.

    And thats all. In fact, that is enough to keep anyone busy for the rest of their life.

    I wrote an article on prayer warfare that might be a good start for some people. It contains prayers as well as explanations and resources for spiritual warfare. You can read it at:

    And there is more in depth information at All the books and information are free.

    I hope this is useful


    Michael Relfe

  45. Love the work VC.

    however, I have to ask my fellow commenters here a quick question….I read all this talk about “oh no the masonic satanists” “oh but ill be fine cause i follow jesus” yet they say the bible is rife with contradictions and questionable motives…..soo…wouldnt that make the idea of Jesus a little questionable as well? Does anyone ever stop to think…maybe they are all made up stories? built up over the years for so long, that its just regarded as truth? There is always a duality present in all religions, stories, two opposites, opposing factions…..for instance the republic-democratic party turned into the republicans and democrats?? and you people believe this?? Think about watching a puppet show….you see the puppets, you listen to their problems, what makes them happy…their beliefs, there may be only two puppets, or a whole cast, each with their own identity, traits, actions…..but what no one sees or cares to notice after a time is that there is someone behind that curtain controlling everything….evveerrrryyythinnngg….what you see what you believe, what you love what you hate….There is a sense of being inside everyone of us that is the real source of power…..stop praying and hoping and find yours. Prayer is just a way of relaxation and coping….think about it….your praying to an INVISIBLE FORCE to help you……..remind you of anything???????????? Before the world can move in a better direction people must remember what it means to be logical and use common sense. If people were to use more logic, more things would be clearer about why we’re here and what we’re doing.

    • @Archimedes

      Just because a force is invisible to human eyes, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

      Don't believe me? Stick your finger into an electricity power source, or get caught up in a hurricane, just to see if electricity or wind exists.

      By the way, please don't try that at home, folks.

      Our eyes can only pick up & decode (see & hear) a tiny part of the broad spectrum that exists. Just cos we can't see something, don't mean it ain't real.

  46. Dear Vigilant. Thank you so much for researching and posting this very valuable information! It should be every concerned Citizen and parents duty to read these materials. I myself have learned so much about the vile entertainment industry and the corrupted elite in the past year that it seems like my head is spinning from all of the overwhelming mounds of wisdom that people like you drop!!…haha. But I have become so much more aware of the messages and symbols that we are bombarded with day in and day out.
    Once again, thank you so much for your intriguing exposes, they’ve thoroughly changed my mind, and for the better!

  47. Hi Vigilant, thank you again for everything ♥ .. i’m from Argentina and my flag has a sun on it. Also the “logo” (Escudo Nacional) of my country has two hands like making a deal, a sun above, and the Phrygian cap too, here it’s:
    so this must be pretty significant. In addition, the most important monument in my country is the Obelisk placed in the capital country (Buenos Aires)
    So please if you can tell me more about than what i’ve been reading on your site, let me know ♥
    a kiss

  48. Thank you for elevating my understading of my surroundings. I was always aware that not everything that is shiny and emmits fuzzy warm feelings is exactly beneficial to our existence. I ask you if its possible for you to also decypher the Argentine national emblem. This enblem contains a “red cap” and is highly regarded by Argentines as much as the national flag.

    I would also point out to you the “Obelisk” in Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina. This is a landmark where every kind of activity has happenned ranging from mass murders (during the Military Rule), Football World Cup Celebrations, demonstrations etc. The “Obelisk” or “El Obelisco” is a congregational landmark for all Argentines in times of joy, anger, injustice, national pride etc.

    I am aware you must be continuously requested to use your analytical skills to decypher many subjects. I also understand this is a time consuming activity and you may not have the luxury to attend to all the requests.

    I look forward to your future analytical observations and I thank you once again for your work and thorough research on a subject many are a oblivious to.

  49. Getz i was wondering the same! I would like Vigilant to analyze the situation…

    How you notice that? are from Argentina?

  50. Question for ALL. So only Christians are going be saved? If so which sect, (Catholics, Full Gospel, Baptist) Interesting since since its all based in the same teachings stolen from Kemite/Eqypt. Which according is all wicked, So Muslims are damned to HEll or something. WHat about the missing Books of the Bible they removed. Hope you dont think The KIng James Versions is the entire facts. Good facts here but dont just put all your faith in Church. How about some facts on the evilness of Catholic Church.

    • God is the Judge, not humans.

      I would suggest strongly that you take the time to investigate the truth, i.e. what measures up to the truth, and not necessary to be influenced by the religion one was born into, or the culture one was born into.

      It takes clarity of mind to do this but it results in clarity of heart, and when one has that, then one can know the truth and the truth will set one free.

      Also, as is advised to us in the Bible for people living in our times, keep on the watch, because the world is full of propaganda and we need to be wise as to what is true and what is not.

      To sharpen one's conscience and heart is the most rewarding endeavour that one can undertake, and it may just save your integrity at the end of the day.

      All the best. x

  51. Il est amusant, sauf que c'est à pleurer que tout ça ! Qu'on fait les "révolutionnaires", d'où donc est née la fameuse "République" et sa laïcité, sinon des 10 Commandements univsels et arreligieux , maquillés habilement par les "Droits de l'Homme" ! Qui en a initié la plupart des lignes, sinon "Pascal"…

    "Vive le sang, vive le sang, vive le sang d'hier"…… "boule de neige, et bonne année Grand"mère (autrement dit, hier c'est aujourd'hui, et la boule, qu'elle soit blanche ou noire, ne sera que l'humanité, par ses cycles, au delà du bien et du mal.

    Les républicains aimeraient trucider aujourd'hui les vainqueurs d'hier.. rassurez-vous ils donneront d'autres noms, ça fera d'jeune/nouveau- mais "y" couperont des têtes et feront de nouveaux élux illuminés d'aucune lumière intérieure, mais de celle des paillettes fugaces, momentanées.

    Abjecte superposition de mots et de morts pour se dire contemporains et en mouvemennt vers un futur.


  52. Dear Vigilant,

    Your points are well researched and have merit in your opinion of the interpretation. Great research and good job.I have two opinions to share.

    1. I have belief that freemasonry is seperated entirely from Illuminati as the basis for both societies are entirely different in their beliefs. The one is a society with secrets and is open to all and sundry ,devoid of belief, with an open door policy and the other is difficult to find with much secrecy and ties to religious fanaticism.

    2. The idea of enlightenment is not one of deciding whose religion is correct, but understanding the similarities in all of them. So, in my humble opinion, the word Apocolypse is directly translated to mean "the reveal" and not "The End" as commonly misbelieved. So I will ask, is it to be revealed to us that true enlightenment is the realisation that our focus has been on the differences, rather than the similarities we all share.

    You can interpret any information in multiple ways and for this reason I enjoyed reading your opinion. But in my lifetime I have accepted the realisation that I will never truly understand and have the pleasure to read all the information that I wish to. Just so much knowledge out there for the taking.

  53. I drove past it by accident on the way to see Avatar in 3D the other day…. It made me laugh after having seen it here. The world map at the bottom of the fountain under the main structure has been painted over in plain white paint….

  54. can you please do an article on the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident, because i have strong feeling that this alleged event didn't even take place. I believe it was just a stunt used to try and tarnish Chris Brown's glittering career. Can you find some evidence about this please.

  55. These are not just monuments to or about their secret work, they are the work. Public spells placed for people to participate in. Much akin to 'high places" or "sacred gardens". The Earth is being filled with them in different "inspired" forms. They work to enslave the mind of the masses with each viewing. For to stand and marvel is to participate. Once before they filled the Earth during times when the line between man and demi-god blurred. The earth was then judged evil and destroyed by water. We dig these type of works all around the world up and marvel. It is no mystery that evil is trying once again to raise its head and give man the forbidden fruit "you can be as gods". To those who think there is nothing that can be done, i say where are the Gideon's who cut down his father's sacred grove. Where are the righteous men and kings that destroyed the high places and slaughtered the false prophets. Every awakening and every revival that has prolonged God's mercy destroyed the evil and their public works.

  56. The new movie "Sherlock Holmes" tells about the new order beginings with the occult. the recent movies seem to be getting us use to seeing these things to not pay attention to up coming events.

  57.,, and and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or the links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

  58. why dont u guys try to look for answers in Quran? it's all there… the end is very near.. Dajjal (one-eyed) will emerged and confused us.. be prepared. May Allah blessed us all. Allahu Akhbar!

  59. I agree with Okiku I suggest people to actually take a good look at the Qur'an. When reading it please try reading it with an open-mind. Although I do not believe there are any faults there are quite a few people who disagree with some of the messages. Look at different translation of the Qur'an instead of one because that way you will point out similarities or make connections. As Okiku said the Qur'an foretells many things that are currently happening (some may say that the statements made are quite superficial and general but research, go through the internet, for some passages require deep thinking and excogitation to understand.)

    The Quran also explains events that will happen in the future some of which share similarities with the Torah and Bible (coming of the Beast, coming of the False-Prophet and the True Prophet (Jesus or Isa, peace be upon him, the Day of Judgment, etc.)

    Muslims believe that it was from the same God that created the original Bible and Torah so take a read instead of shunning it, it is really is a mind-opener.

    • @Drake

      I have to disagree with you regarding the same God authoring both the Bible & the Qu'ran, although I was under the same impression myself at one point, years ago.

      Not wishing to disrespect neither your beliefs nor the truth, but here is a website which contains insight into the origin of the deity known as "Allah":-

      I am not affiliated with the website, but it does summarise the point with regards to non-scriptural beliefs, & that, ultimately, they originate from ancient Babylon, hence the term in Revelation 18, "Babylon the Great", referring to the world empire of false religion.

      That might sound like a bold statement to make, & it is. Because, yes there is only one true God & yes many sincere people have fallen for the deception that any path leads to him. If that were the case, then this website wouldn't be exposing the occult tricks which are designed to hypnoise mankind into a stupor. Unfortunately, if truth be known, that's exactly what most religions have done throughout history – the "opium of the people". But, one needs to differentiate religion from truth – including amongst representatives from many "Christian" denominations.

      It may not be popular to say it, but if one is honest with oneself, one will recognise this as truth: Too many religions are prepared to kill, abuse kids, lie, get mixed up with politics etc, in the name of God, but there aren't too many which are prepared to live by its code of ethics or principles. Hence why I say, the Bible is the Word of God and contains timeless wisdom therein which, if everyone actually applied the simple principles, the whole world would be a different place, whereas, religions are puppets, in effect, of the devil as they refuse to submit to God's actual will, but instead, they make up their own rules and caveats, manipulated by the politicians' various agendas, whose strings are ultimately being pulled by Satan the devil.

      There are many sincere and genuine people in false religions, hence why the angel at Revelation 18:4 says, "Get out of her, MY PEOPLE, if you do not want to receive part of her plagues", etc. If one is still in Babylon the Great by the time Armageddon comes, then the pursuit of truth and godliness cant have been high on one's list of priorities. If we hear the warning, happy we are if we listen. x

  60. OMG!! I can't believe it i work next to this place,(i live in toulouse) and i have never pay any attention to the Pyramid…

  61. To all believers in the world!!!

    Be very very carefull on who side are you on! USA and Israel are under control of these men who are preparing for the coming of the antichrist. Since most of the people support the USA and Israeli army and their actions ask your self: ''When this world comes to an end, on who side will I be on, antichrist (one-eyed beast) or on the side of the true saviour Jesus''? Please, think about that?

    We, believers in one and only God (Jews, Christians, Muslims) must fight together against these worshipers of Lucifer – those who believe that the beast (antichrist) is their god and saviour!!!

    • @phd

      That goes against the advice in the Bible, which states, "Take your positions, stand still, and see the salvation of Jehovah", as well as "They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world".

      ALL elements of this world belong to Satan, and his Kingdom exists, divided. Separate yourselves, therefore, and take your stand for the True God, Jehovah.

      When you see the religions being destroyed, remember that it is partly God's own judgment, as well as the rulers' own agenda, that is at play here, but then the economy will also be destroyed as well as the rulers and governments and all those who support them.

      These aren't my words, they are taken from the Bible, but yes, I endorse them fully, because it is God who will do the destroying and the fighting, not us. We are to step back and let him do his work of judging the nations, whilst we remain neutral. Whilst there is still time, seek the truth, cleanse your heart and help others to do the same. That is God's will for us at this time, because this world is going down. Dont go down with it by being deceived into fighting and getting involved with the destruction, cos then you will end up losing too. Trust in God, who will secure the outcome, just like he did in the days of old. And I mean, REALLY trust him. x

  62. I have been browsing your site for some time now, and think you are definitely onto something…. It's refreshing to see views that do not come from the normal confines of FOX, ABC, Reuters, etc…. Keep the articles coming..

    On a lighter note… That hat strangely resembles the smurf hat, from the friggin cartoon…. Sorry if this takes anything away from your great article, just had to post that fact… Because really it does haha…

  63. @Jonny: i also suspect that Chris Brown didn't assault Rihanna, as we were led to believe. I read online somewhere that Rihanna got injured during a ritual, shortly before that awards ceremony, that was why she couldn't show up. Note the pictures of the 'injured' Rihanna available online, u will see horn marks on both sides of d top of her head/skull, like a sharp object was inserted there. I bet someone in the Illuminati somewhere got the smart idea that if Chris Brown is framed to be responsible for d 'attack' on her, that it would boost the sales of her new, highly occultic album cuz people will have more sympathy towards her.

    Chris Brown basically took the fall for the illuminati….it is possible that he was approached by them to become their puppet and he refused,…and was therefore set-up in this horrible fashion to finish his career. But it seems he has joined them to some degree….check out his new video about 'let me transform u (into a vampire!)'.

  64. Are the symbologists that created this "Illuminati Pyramid" descendents of the same ruling elites who scripted the bible? Pity the uninformed "Jesus Cult" members who actually believe the fictions scripted by elite symbologists. There are also dozens and dozens of translations of these same fictional bible stories, which the naive uninformed believers take as the "gospel truth." So much is based upon interpretation, and yet, the believers all seem to think alike. Believe it or not but the three Abrahamic religions are all based on the ancient Egyptian religions and may yet kill each other off over their religious nonsense. It's really a shame that religious believers are too mentally lazy to research their own religions instead of blindly believing the scripts and their "pastors and masters."

    • No offence intended, but you obviously haven't taken the time to read the Bible, & just re-parrot the stuff your friends tell you. The Bible is far removed from those religions you mention, or should I say, they have removed themselves from the Bible as their standard, & are now steeped in Babylonian teachings & traditions.

  65. I just found out about this site today. I don't really understand the whole "mason" and "illuminati" and "new world order" thing (probably because I'm only 13), but it doesn't sound good from the way its written. I'm REALLY creeped out by all of the scary symbolism found in some of these landmarks. Ick. :[

  66. Thank you so much for your works to keep the masses informed of the dark secrets and symbolisms that are everywhere, blatantly put in our faces which to me doesn't appear to be that secret! I just have one complaint about the bronze tablets earlier in the review. It was stated that the tablets are reminiscent of Moses' 10 commandments. They are holy tablets indeed, but they are not Moses' 10 commandments but God's 10 commandments. The commandments are the holy law written with the finger of God and given by God to Moses. I know many can be misled by an error and I humbly ask if it can be corrected in the near future. Thanks again for your insight and please continue to share with us the many findings that you continue to make to keep us well informed and educated. God Bless.

  67. If this were true, then this site would have been destroyed by the Illuminati a long time ago. And there, makes it the perfect site to keep up and running as proof that they do not exist!

    • The UnInitiated Enli on

      You my friend, are an idiot. Not only an idiot but a blind idiot @ that. Do you not see the world around you.

  68. Do you guys notice that the masonic pyramid (pyramid with shiny cap) is now nearly EVERYWHERE?

    They are disguised as courts, libraries, shopping centers, cinemas, art galleries, offices, etc but in truth are TEMPLES that pay homage to the Sun, or Sun God Ra or to the sacred feminine (inverted pyramid).

    1. Zafer Plaza in Turkey


    2. Malaysia: Sunway Pyramid – shopping center. Designed as pyramid with cap that lights up at night.


    3. Slovak Radio Building, Bratislava, Slovakia – this is an inverted pyramid.


    4. Wafi Mall Dubai


    5. Pyramid-like building project in West Kowloon, Hong Kong.


    Vigilant, can you explain why these pyramid structures are appearing all over the world now?

    What is the significance of these structures to the masons? Are they beacons?

    Are they creating a network of 'negative/satanic' energy around the world?




  70. Surely our crosses and american flag pins will protect us from these devils!! -psht think a bit harder.

    Seriously though VC thank you for these posts, I very much enjoy them even though many of the commentators are too ignorant to understand what you're talking about.

  71. Hi, you could also take a look at the architecture of the European Parliament (Strasbourg, France); some say it looks like an ultramodern Tower of Babel.

  72. There is a similar Pyramid on Merrion Square in Dublin,with a flame in the middle(a real one), it is opposite an obelisk at Leinster House, with a flame( a gilt bronze one) on top Dublin is a city rife with masonic symbolism embedded into our Architecture. Even Dublin's Latin motto translates to "an obedient city is happy city".

  73. What's wrong with the Declaration of Human Rights?!?!? Yes, I agree any brainwashing and lying done by secret societies is bad, but seriously, don't you think you're disregarding some common sense here?

    • @ H – Nobody said the Declaration of Human Rights was "wrong". Please do not put words in my mouth. It is however a reflection of Masonic philosophy. That is simply a fact.

  74. hello i'm french you can read the books of rené guénon especially "the crisis of the modern world"

    it can help you understand modern world. there is another book call "the reign of quantity and the signs of the time" those books can change a life deeply. au revoir mes amis .

  75. As a French I sadly approve …

    Free masons are everywhere in this world. But now it's just natural. How many of our presidents were and are part of this ? The question would rather be how many were not. I've been following your website for a while now. It's really heplful. Thank you.

    I know you may have a lot to do, but if you could do the analysis of the last Lady Gaga video clip "Alejandro" it would be great. I thought I could find out by myself but I can't… the signs and symbols are obvious but their meaning is blurred.

    Thanks for everything

  76. 100: the day is not far off when writers such as these WILL BE killed off, as will Jeff Rense, Jack Van Impe, et al. Look at your question from another angle: WHY WOULDN'T NSA's ECHELON program SCOUR websites such these for 'easy pickings', you know, keep 'em going as a 'honeypot' to be able to ID potential "terrorists" (read: dissenters). WHY kill VC and MISS OUT ON getting all of his supporters to boot?? Make sense, no?

  77. Not surprising that 1989 prompted the advent of prolific masonic rewritings of global (as well as U.S.) histories and the development and installations of all their symbolic crap. Mr. NWO himself, George H. Bush took office on January 20, 1989 – big CELEBRATION in their sick, twisted world. George Sr. was a loser president so was his equally loser son, George Jr – but my, wasn't he, their "hope" celebrated. Naturally, Jr. took down the "towers" — Think September 11th and how significant that date is to these ASSHOLES.

  78. Don't get me wrong – Jimmy Carter, Billy Clinton, and certainly "Barak Obama" aka whoever he is — were and are bringing about their Massa's plan too.

  79. I am an up and coming rapper from Toronto. My website,, contains an ultimatum in which I have written:

    "The Revolution of the Mind is inevitable and soon shall the day come when the masses will realize that they have been brainwashed by the media and pop culture. That will be the day of the birth of awareness and equality."

    I also noticed that in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the middle where the red hat is, there is the shape of the head of Baphomet. This can be clearly seen in the picture of the actual stone tablet in this place. I also noticed that such a symbol is also in the logos for car componies such as Dodge. Cheers :)

  80. my CHILDREN.

    I have ARISEN.

    the WORD is complete.

    they cannot fool their GOD.

    in their miserable evil they have SEALed only their FATE.

    the straits are STRAIGHT.

    the pacific is PACIFIC.

    the atlantic is without BURDEN.

    the gush only the evil ones BETRAYED.

    my children: i have been watching with great care your discussions.

    i have kept your souls.

    i have completed you SACRAMENT.


    the next few years will experience TRIBULATION.

    fear NOT who you follow.

    me or obama.

    i have SAVEed you in heaven.

    on EARTH my WILL is followed.

    the rest is GRACE.

  81. i give you my mark

    its meaning CANNOT BE KNOWN


    7 7 7

    if it is in your hearts, and your minds have shame.

    remember eden.

    remember the betrayal.

    remember the evil serpent. its deeds. its plan to be worshipped.

    remember as CHILDREN. your prayers for salvation.

    angels hover as you read these words.

    commanded they are.

    when you feel not shy. when you feel no compromise between TRUTH and POISON.

    share the NEWS.

    people said. if JESUS AWOKE. in these TIMES.

    he would be STONED.

    no, my children.

    the only stone THEMSELVES.

    and the angels SHUT THEM IN THE LAKE.



    and THOSE who were permitted to inhabit the LOGOS.

    the PYRAMIDS.

    the OCTAPUS.

    the DRAWINGS.

    i have USED them to take SIN.


    they do not FOOL ME.

    they FOOLED themselves.

    7 7 7

    PRESENT an interpretation of the WORD as PERTINENT to MAN



    and the angels sung 'holy',, 'holy'! as the clouds parted and the light descended. the heavens sung. the HOLY SPIRIT REJOICED. lifted were the earths to the HEAVENLY REALM. WITHOUT a BENEATH they WERE. there earth received its GRACE and man rejoiced for he once more was in the fellowship of the ONE TRUE GOD. this time eternal. this time true.



    and GOD's promise was fulfilled, to glory worthy of his name. and that of MAN. glory was as infinite as that of the WORD. that of GOD and MAN. for MAN is GOD. that is the WORD. free is the WORD. love is the WORD. EVERLASTING SERENITY. GRACE. LOVE. and GLORY. and GOD said it was complete, THE WORD. and GOD saw it was GOOD. and GOD said it was GOOD. and SO it WAS.

  82. Bravo!

    Perhaps you'll soon have another exceptional article featuring the georgia guide stones? Plz? More ppl need to know.

    Thank you and God be w/you.

  83. The picture with the angles surrounding the pyramid is pretty heavy . I mean there are millions of people unaware of all this Illuminati , antichrist , false messiah thing going on . This is extreamly clever of them . It's a perfect plan to get the people to accept the antichrist and embrace him as the true messiah . That picture made me sick . The illuminati will be nothing more than disguisting sh*t on the ground . And if everybody could see the goverments real face and fight them instead of letting them control everyone, They would be nothing .

    I hope you all strenght and faith , we all will need it in times like this .

    Love and Respect .

  84. hey awsome artical i was wondering if you could an artical about the influencing on children in there t.v. shows thanks for your time VC.

  85. I don't think its futile to mention the smurfs as that is was I thought. The thing I would want to do now is watch previous episopdes of the smurfs to see of there is any symbolism in it.

    Thanks VC I'm encoraged by the number of non belivers who can clearly see what is happening in our world and how the sheeple are being brainwashed.

  86. of course you can do something, first help spread the message so every one would be worned, second try stopping what they give you by just ot having these things…

    finnally when the time comes to the great war, know on whose side you'll be the anti-christ side ( the man who they are waiting for who is a one eyed man [the eye in the triangle is his's] and god is not one eyed! )

    or our side…

  87. Hey There!

    I was living in the residence just in front of this pyramid. I am very surprised and kind of pleased to see that you had the opportunity to get pictures of this place!

    I had indeed made the link with the masonic/occult symbolism at the time I was living there.

    I would add that if you look at the rays on a google earth view, you'll see the rays forming a spider web across the land (one meaning among others)

    On the other hand ( I am French) French revolution was a scam. Thinkers and Leaders of revolution were finally all decapitated (by guillotine), and at the end completely different people took the lead for their own interests . Few years later Napoleon started his "world conquest" with a "coup d'état" taking advantage of the revolutionary state (without any of the former leaders/thinkers of revolution). I feel quite deceived and bitter when I hear nowadays politics sing French "Marseillaise" (which was a revolutionary song) as they do not belong in any way the to spirit which brought French civilian to fight against Slavery.


  88. hi my friend

    i work in iran and say about freemason by persian

    please check my weblog by

    i wrote a topic about freemason in japan


    • that website is their response to excellent sites like this one. They turn and try to say sites like this one are anti-semetic and are made be ppl who hate jews. A classic tactic that has been used for a long time.

  89. concerning the 13 layers or steps that make up the pyramid – is it just coincedence that in every home there are 13 steps required to traverse when moving between floors? is this a masonic reference that as the builders of our world we must effectively worship them by taking 13 steps everytime we retire to sleep at night or descend to work in the morning? am i just going paranoid out of my mind?

  90. The illuminati are not the only ones who can escape this material world

    its called spiritual Satanism, its nothing like all this illuminati crap! – research it before you bite at me… its all about meditations and improving your self.

    Illuminati are something else…

  91. And after Knowledge..there must be action. Do not allow them to separate us on the false concept of "race" gender, gender choice, color, religion, financial status. One humanity.

  92. how about the pyramid outside of louvre museum or Napoleon's Column in place vendom or the angel of liberty in mexico city or the white house or the obelisc in washington almost all the statues or signs are free masons

  93. I'm French and I have probably seen the picture of the Declaration of Human Rights a thousand times without paying attention at the masonic symbols :thanks for opening my eyes ; it was right under my nose all this time.
    Sorry for my bad English.

  94. Great job for the find, i live in France and there are hundreds if not thousands of such illuminati symbolisms in France but what else can we do about that? All this occultic staff require a spiritual battle since all behind it is spiritual in the occultic sense otherwise destroying one objet will not prevent another from popping up unless the source is destroyed will there water stop flowing

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