Kerli’s Creepy Video About Mind Control


Kerli’s “Walking on Air” video is definitively a creepy one. The eerily dark atmosphere of the video is, however, not a simple question of aesthetics. It symbolically depicts the disturbed world of mind control experiments. We’ll look at the imagery surrounding Kerli and her video “Walking on Air”.

Kerli is an Estonian artist who was discovered by LA Reid and signed with Island Def Jam Music Group in 2006. She has a distinctive creepy-gothic persona, which makes her a quite original artist. While many fans are charmed by the twisted world of Kerli, those who are aware of the occult meaning found in her imagery can easily detect its connections with Monarch programming. As it is the case for many artists described on this site, Kerli’s photos and videos contain numerous hints relating to this practice and Walking on Air is the most blatant example.

Those who are not aware of the existence of Mind Control should first look into the research of the likes of Fritz Springmeier (here), whose work describe the origins, the purpose and the symbolism associated with mind control and its usage in the military and the entertainment industry. In a nutshell, Monarch programming involves making slaves go through dehumanizing traumas in order to force the fragmentation of their personality and the creation of an “alter”, which can be programmed by the handlers. The subjects are constantly monitored, drugged and abused. They have to submit to sadistic mind games and are taught that evil is good, pain is pleasure and so on. Here is a quick overview of Monarch programming by researcher Roger Patton.

Definition and Description   

“The name MONARCH is not necessarily defined within the context of royal nobility, but rather refers to the monarch butterfly. When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity ), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique. Occultic symbolism may give additional insight into the true meaning. Psyche is the word for both “soul” and “butterfly” coming from the belief that human souls become butterflies while searching for a new reincarnation.

 Some ancient mystical groups, such as the Gnostics, saw the butterfly as a symbol of corrupt flesh. The “Angel of Death” (remember Mengele?) in Gnostic art works was portrayed crushing the butterfly. A marionette is a puppet that is attached to strings and is controlled by the puppet master, hence MONARCH programming is also referred to as the “Marionette Syndrome.” “Imperial Conditioning” is another term used, while some mental health therapists know it as “Conditioned Stimulus Response Sequences.” Project MONARCH could be best described as a form of structured dissociation and occultic integration, carried out in order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a systematic framework. During this process, a Satanic ritual, usually including Cabalistic mysticism, is performed with the purpose of attaching a particular demon or group of demons to the corresponding alter(s). Of course, most skeptics would view this as simply a means to enhance trauma within the victim,  negating any irrational belief that demonic possession actually occurs.”   

Alters and Triggers  

Another way of examining this convoluted victimization of body and soul is by looking at it as a complex computer program: A file (alter) is created through trauma, repetition and reinforcement. In order to activate (trigger) the file, a specific access code or password (cue or command) is required. The victim/survivor is called a “slave” by the  programmer/handler, who in turn is perceived as “master” or “god.” About 75% are female, since they possess a higher tolerance for pain and tend to dissociate easier than males. Subjects are used mainly for cover operations, prostitution and pornography; involvement in the entertainment industry is notable.

A former military officer connected to the DIA, told this writer, “In the ‘big picture’ these people [MONARCH victims] are in all walks of life, from the bum on the street to the white-collar guy”. In corroboration, a retired CIA agent vaguely discussed the use of such personnel to be used as “plants” or “chameleons” for the purpose of infiltrating a designated group, gathering information and/or injecting an ulterior agenda. There are an inordinate amount of alters in the victim/survivor with numerous back-up programs, mirrors and shadows. A division of light-side (good) and dark-side (bad) alters are interwoven in the mind and rotate on an axis. One of the main internal structures, (of which their are many) within the system is shaped like a double-helix, consisting of seven levels. Each system has an internal programmer which oversees the “gatekeeper” (demons?) who grant or deny entry into the different rooms. A few of the internal images predominately seen by victims/survivors are trees, the Cabalistic “Tree of Life,” with adjoining root systems, infinity loops, ancient symbols and letters, spider webs, mirrors or glass shattering, masks, castles, mazes, demons/monsters/aliens, sea shells, butterflies, snakes, ribbons, bows, flowers, hour glasses, clocks, robots, chain-of-command diagrams and/or schematics of computer circuitry boards.


Some Kerli Pics

Many images relating to Kerli give a sense “broken childhood” and the “lost of innocence”, which is a reality of mind control victims. The main image found in Kerli’s website contains numerous references to Monarch Programming.

There are two Kerli’s in this image. The one in the background is the “old Kerli”, dressed in black lace, symbolic of submission (to her handlers). She is looking back through her mirror and is apparently crying. The Kerli in the foreground is the “new Kerli”, the alter personality holding a stitched up white rabbit. The stitches allude to the fact that the rabbit was once torn apart, an image of the fragmented mental state of the Kerli. In occult symbolism, white rabbits lead the subjects to an alternate reality. The White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland, a fairy tale commonly used in Mind Control programming , leads Alice through the Looking Glass. In The Matrix, Neo is told to “follow the white rabbit” in order to discover the Matrix.

Her logo, a reference to Monarch Programming

The next image might ring a bell for regular readers of this site. Kerli is surrounded with creepy toys, again referring to broken childhood and mind control. Her arms are symbolically placed in references to the hermetic axiom “As Above So Below”, as depicted in Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet.

Note the monarch butterfly on Kerli’s right arm, which alludes to the fact that she is mind controlled (programmed) into copying (worshiping?) Baphomet.

Kerli’s shadow bears butterfly wings, symbolic of her alter personality resulting from Monarch Programming
Kerli as a lifeless mannequin. Again, the separated body parts refer to fragmented personality
Notice above the eye-patch. As we saw in other articles on this site, the covering/hiding of an eye has become a typical sign of an Illuminati-related artist.
Another emphasis on a single eye

Kerli’s bio on Myspace seem to describe symptoms felt by mind control victims.

I cry a lot. Equally because of happiness and sadness.
I have at least 5 different personalities.
Crowds make me anxious unless I’m on stage.
I hear colors, I see sound
I believe in fairies.
I change my mind in every five minutes.
If I can’t write music for more than a couple of days, I loose it.
I make things.
I almost never feel like I belong. I am very uncomfortable having a human experience.


Walking On Air Video

At face value, the song is about finding happiness by believing in oneself and following one’s dreams. However, a deeper look into the video’s symbolism reveals another layer of interpretation relating to mind control. The title of the song itself refers to the feeling of light-headedness felt by mind control slaves during their trauma-based therapies. The first verse asks you what this song is all about:

There’s a little creepy house in a little creepy place
Little creepy town in a little creepy world
Little creepy girl with her little creepy face
Saying funny things that you have never heard

Do you know what it’s all about
Are you brave enough to figure out
Know that you could set your world on fire
If you are strong enough to leave your doubts

At the beginning of the video, a strange man (representative of her mind control handler) gives Kerli a gift:

It is a Kerli doll, which represents her alter personality. She brings it inside the house, which symbolically represents Kerli’s inner-consciousness.

Inside the house, Kerli and her alter personality are monitored by an “All-Seeing Eye” through a TV monitor. The fact that she is being watched by the TV (rather than her watching it) is representative of the mind-bending reversals found in mind control.

Notice the black and white dualistic floor, which becomes a Masonic checkerboard pattern further in the video

Then Kerli activates the ceiling fan and her whole world starts spinning, giving the same sensation felt by mind control slaves during traumatic experiences.

Kerli’s world is spinning

During electroshock therapy, mind control slaves are encouraged to “go to happy place” or to “go over the rainbow” in order to escape the unbearable pain. The lyrics of the chorus convey the same message.

Feel it
Breathe it
Believe it and you’ll be walking on air
Go try
Go fly so high and you’ll be walking on air
You feel this unless you kill this
Go on and you’re forgiven
I knew that I could feel that
I feel like I am walking on air

The second scene is also highly symbolic.

Kerli steps out from the wall into the kitchen. There is a total blur between reality and fiction. The bricked windows convey a sense of imprisonment and isolation. Her only escape is through mental escapism. Alice In Wonderland-esque reversals are found everywhere: snow emerging from her umbrella, cold oven and hot fridge.

In the third scene, Kerli is lying on a rocky bed, a play on the “pain is pleasure” theme in mind control.

The tear drops on Kerli’s face (symbolic of her pain) turn into butterflies. The transformation is taking place. Kerli’s handler than appears inside her mirror and orders her to go “through the looking glass”, another reference to Alice in Wonderland.

Through the mirror, the transformation has been completed.

The doll, Kerli’s alter, has reached maturity and is now in control of Kerli’s core personality. She has become the puppet of her programmed alter, which can be triggered at will by her handler.

Monarch Butterfly on the giant doll

Kerli is “freed” and released back into the world.

She however quickly realizes that she is (and probably always will be) bound by her alter personality.

In Conclusion

Although Kerli is not yet a big artist in the Americas, you will most probably hear more of her soon. She will be featured in two songs on the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack (how appropriate) and she is working on a new album. After reading this article, the logical questions are: Is Kerli an actual mind control victim, is she forced to incorporate those symbols into her act or is she willingly tackling those issues? Those questions are rather hard to answer. However, if we look at the music industry as a whole and the contents of recent music videos, we can conclude that imagery relating to mind control is becoming common. Other articles on this site have analyzed the same themes exploited by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce and others. Different artists are used to propagate the same symbolism to different crowds. Since her signing with Def Jam, Kerli’s love of creepy and twisted imagery (which can be beautiful in itself) has been infused with Monarch programming symbolism, thus making her another “puppet with no strings” in the music industry.




    • I can't recall what the exact source was, I believe the movie Human Resource by Metanoia Films, they described some of the early experiments done with mind control where children were given doses of LSD and electroshock. I believe most (if not all) of the children had platinum blond hair which was straight and with bowl cut bangs. I see the same trend in many of the current day artists. Not all have the platinum blond hair, but many have the extremely straight haircut with bangs of some sort.

  1. It's also interesting to note that she called Lady gaga out for copyig hr just goes to show you how hard they're trying to cover up all of this with foolshness.

    I got somewhat of a demonic vibe from the song, but he airyness of her voice in it made the lyrics feel empty and soul-less, I guess now I know whyy…

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say: really good analysis. On point and makes total sense. Even the whole connection between the smaller doll at the beginning and the bigger doll at the end. Makes total sense. Kinda scary…..

  3. I always find this stuff interesting. I don't try to get caught up in the "interest" of it. . that's my fall. However, great catch great catch I've been spreading small little words to people to view this site.

  4. Why does it seem to be a lot of Def Jam artist? They must be desperate for money or controll? I know longer see a cover up. What is the next plan of action they will take. It seems to be a process and by the looks of things we are at the next level. I hate to see what is coming after this!

  5. This video also has a lot of the same props used in the Paramore video all these fake magical places! Cut it out what an illusion " i'm walking on air, it's a bird, I can't feel my face" what coonery! What do we call that SKIT-SA- FRENIC, BI-POLAR, LOSING IT clowns

  6. You have missed something important, Vigilant: Picture of a mannequin. A ring (?) in a shape of an AK-47, aiming directly at her hand-covered (in a wound-covering gest) womb. Trauma via forced pregnancy and abortion induced on a fully-aware victim. Speciality of currently used programmes in the UK – Monarch and spin-offs (just seek the internet for blogs and twitters, where current and ex-servicewomen and men from MI5 and MI6 publish their revelations about i.e. John Scarlett – it's a nice piece of an affair, a needle stung into the all-seeing eye -at least temporarily – and no media would even dare to mention it with a single word…).



  7. believetheobvious on

    Wow u are always on point it took a while for me to believe but its all there. Funny how a lot of this tie into the bible aint? Self fufilling prophecy we do not this is only the beginning of sorrow the worst is yet 2 come

  8. I interpreted the song/video to be about separating your spiritual self from you physical manifestation. Also there is nothing evil about Baphomet. He is just a representation of the whole self:

    It is believed that within Levi's Baphomet, are contained the dualistic nature of life and the male female aspects of creation. The image combines both male and female qualities; one arm masculine, one feminine; the breasts of a woman with a phallic object on its lap; one arm pointing skyward while one pointing down, perhaps a representation of the Hermetic axiom "As Above…So Below". The illustration also shows one arm points toward a white crescent moon the other towards a dark crescent moon, perhaps a representation of the waxing and waning phases of the moon but it could also represent the duality of good and evil. On the right arm is written "Solve" Solution and on the Left "Coagula" Coagulation. These are references found in alchemy a study that Levi not only undertook but also wrote about in his books.

    Here is what Eliphas Levi had to say about the Baphomet image he drew. My thanks go to Christian Joachim Hartmann for providing me with this translation from Levi's book:

    "The goat on the frontispiece carries the sign of the pentagram on the forehead, with one point at the top, a symbol of light, his two hands forming the sign of hermetism, the one pointing up to the white moon of Chesed, the other pointing down to the black one of Geburah. This sign expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice. His one arm is female, the other male like the ones of the androgyn of Khunrath, the attributes of which we had to unite with those of our goat because he is one and the same symbol. The flame of intelligence shining between his horns is the magic light of the universal balance, the image of the soul elevated above matter, as the flame, whilst being tied to matter, shines above it. The ugly beast's head expresses the horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, solely reponsible part has to bear the punishment exclusively; because the soul is insensitive according to its nature and can only suffer when it materializes. The rod standing instead of genitals symbolizes eternal life, the body covered with scales the water, the semi- circle above it the atmosphere, the feathers following above the volatile. Humanity is represented by the two breasts and the androgyn arms of this sphinx of the occult sciences."

    What's evil about that? Seems like the opposite of evil to me. To each his own I suppose.

  9. believetheobvious on

    Oh vigil what is this about beyonce she says she no longer needs sasha fierce they are now "one" that means what? Did beyonce win her fight with the sasha fierce/jezebel demon or did it completely take over her and is decieving us? Im clueless

  10. Also in Jay-Z new song "Stranded" he aknowledged "The Heavenly Father" are they finally realizing the devl is a liar. Mabey the Haiti thing was too much for Jay-Z. Even Kanye went off ranting about the music game. Jay-Z made it easy for me to beleive he was a satanist, programmed whatever you call it. of some sort. I knew it was like a rule to dennounce God and never hearing Jay-Z clear the accusations up and continuing to dis Jesus and rep the Bopohmet, also rubbing off on others Rihanna & Kanye as if he was sticking to the code or something made me place him in the satanist catagory. Hearing him aknowlwdge the "Heavenly Father" put him in a different light with me. Mabey he is trying. He should step up to the plate and others (wayne, Ri, Ye) will follow. I say screw Satan and we all go out like "set it off" when the sky fall. The devel is a liar remember that! Hate/evil can never love, it's impossible to love your followers, you are hate, you are evil. So what can you possibly do for me besides hate me! Thats all you made up of what am I missing ?

    • That's the thing these celebrities are not awake and don't know that they are mind slaves that's why those celebrities and everyone in the world need to wake up and fight against this evil.

  11. I was always unclear on what the Baphomet actually meant. That is the main reason I consider them devil worshipers the bap. I never took the time to actually look it up. Only because the rest of the evidence against them proved they were on some other shish. Alister Crowley represents the bapohmet and I know he stand for no good. All the 66.. in Jay-Z, Wayne and other music means up to know good. I know God's motto is "thy will be done" and I know AC motto " do as thou wilt" which is totally against God. So I wasn't about to waste my time reading off into some devil book. It's all too fishy so why bother you don't even have to search the Baphomet it's enough fishyness on the surface. The Baphomet can have a duel meaning but when you put the rest of the madness together you get up to no good.

    On another note, can Yogi be the same as "walking on air"? I ask because Russel Simmons advertise yogi on the regular, I can't trust him for nothing. He seems to have an agenda of his own (he has his own site fyi and it's something I do not like about him). He is a founder of Def Jam and we know hollywood advertise nothing without you paying them. Even on twitter they get paid to drop names of buissiness? I am just asking. I could be wrong. I know nothing about yoga but something about getting in touch with your inner spirit or self and my question is yoga the same as "walking on air" ?

  12. I saw this Kerli advertisement before and found it creepy. Once again, great job Vigilant. Kellyann I doubt very much that Jay-Z is referring to our heavenly father, more to his. They are controlled to think that Lucifer is a God of Light, he was just misunderstood by God the father……

  13. @ Langan:

    Don't be so quick to sell everything out to satanism. While Vigilant is obviously really intelligent, and it's fair to say he probably knows way more about occult symbolism than 98% of his readers including me, it still all comes down to interpretation. Everything he writes can be looked at differently, for example maybe the torch that was handed to Rhianna in the "Run This Town" video represented spiritual knowledge to surpass the physical realm and become enlightened. The " I wasn’t about to waste my time reading off into some devil book it’s all too fishy so why bother" philosophy is one of the most dangerous mindsets to have. When your'e thinking like that, your no better than the people who are "unawakened" to these messages. You're just peering at it through a different looking glass.

    • It’s different to hear thoughts like yours… I appreciate it.

      i encourage all types of interpretations as curious minds help find the correct answers but it is very fresh to hear from someone that isn’t touting biblical anything/everything.

  14. vigilant. you have really opened my eyes, to a lot. thanks for all the help. May the Lord bless all of you and everyone who visits this site and allow you to see the truth for what it is. The end is near!

  15. @12 – Baphomet might not be evil, but some of his followers sure do try. Is Kerli with Alice in Chains? If not I bet there's gonna be some confusion.

    I used to love Alice in wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, it's sad to think that stories I considered artistic, fascinating and clever were actually mind control and insanity tools.

  16. Britt- What are you saying. At the end of the day "this world" has some fishyness going on. Not only in the music buissiness, goverment etc…It does not take a rocket scientist to know that. When you put it all together it's "pass the torch to Rihanna my u know what" what the hell she needs to be enlighten about. She should have finished school. The goverment aspect is way out of control. The music aspect only adds fuel to the fire. I am very awakened my badd it only took one resourceful video to figure it out. That was all I needed. Who wan't to become enlightened to all this hoopla. If you want to enlighten me enlighten me to God.Last but not least I called it "satanism or whatever" you want to call it. It's all wierd. No offense black people aren't on that enlightment crap. The Jay-z's and Beyonce's are fooling no one. They are getting paid and used at the same time to destroy the world. Also making money for the same people. It's enough eveidence clarifying these people are no good. So sorry your perception of my post was wrong. I know where I need to be and it's plain and simple "God" nothing about this is rocket science. Once again why read the devils book! FYI- "Al Mighty" and "Heavenly Father" is God above Jay-Z was very specefic. God can be seen as the devil to his followers but when you add "heavenly/Al Mighty you speek of the one and only God. I see the bridge buckling, mabey people are coming to their senses. it's not that "I am hard and I will stand my ground", now it's Heavenly father, I see a back turning agains evil horray. It's never too late to turn back. God's says those are the ones he love the most. The ones so far gone. So thank you but come again!

  17. Once again another great article, and as stated before and in other articles.

    The music industry isn't trying to hide anything anymore, the fact is that most people

    don't look at creepy or sinister images as anything out of the norm. Because while I know that this clearly represents mind control and some sinister images, to another person who doesn't realize symbolism would just say. "oh look she's a big doll thats cool or " I love butterflies"

    Thats why I am thankful for this site and my own upbringing to know when something just isn't quite right lol.

    But once again great article keep it up.

  18. I have a serious question. Can someone help me out. Since "enlightenment" is suspose to be so good, getting in touch with your spritual self and blalh blah blah. What exactly are they becoming enlightened about? What information do they so called "know" now. My guess is nothing, but since the people know so much about being enlightened and it is such a good thing. Can somone please explain what they are so informed about. My guess is no one can say. So please don't talk that enlighten crap to me unless you can enlighten me and I am waiting on a response VC mabey you can help me. Like they just know all about the world now, they are so enlightened now, they know the scerets, whooo scary, they don't know jack nothing. Please inform me about what they are so enlightened about. Let me help out nothing. It's BS

  19. Wondering about flyleaf… anyone have info on that band?? as always good job vig… I wish you could post faster but i realize knowlege takes time :)

  20. @ Vigilant

    Excellent work as usual. You are performing a needed public service. Your articles are well researched without any of the hysterical paranoia of other sites. I pray for your divine protection as you continue to expose this ugliness.


    How can you look at the hideous abomination known as Baphomet and not INSTINCTIVELY know it's a full blown representation of evil run amok on earth?? Don't fall for the okey doke. That thing is evil and is an important symbol to some very evil people.

  21. @29 – Langan, from my understanding, enlightenment where one begins to detach themselves from the trivial things in life so they can develop real understanding of the big truths of the universe, and in Buddhism ultimately pull their spirit off the death-reincarnation cycle. But I think I've heard that it can take millions of years and that there's some long-count calendar similar to the Mayans'. In Buddhism living a healthy, modest and properly ethical lifestyle while losing temptation and learning about your "chakras" helps your karma, in this and in future lifetimes and can help you eventually reach enlightenment. I'm not a Buddhist or an expert, I might've been wrong about something, but I agree with some of their concepts.

  22. Amore- Thanks for your response.- " Trivial things in life" -of little worth or importance.- " So they can develope real understandings of the big truths of the universe". 1st- these artist are displaying the exact opposite. (women)Through the vulgar dress code, sexuality, morally (men) I wish I could F every girl in the world, violence etc. You mis read my comment but you made a good point…So are we experiencing enlightment coming from them, or are we seeing the exact opposite. So back to my original question how are they becoming enlightened? " Of the big truths of the universe"- If any thing we seem to be on the enlightened end and the rest seems backwards.- I don't have to be enlightened or any thing, a little light shed was good enough for me. I am kicking rocks done lol. Thanks you made a good point in my defense

  23. Also first rate information!

    Stories relayed: Monarch "pupae" pre-programming – Media implant extreme sex fantasy bdsm unnatural acts…

    Pre-cathode: Chastity/Missionary/LightsOut/Respect/Procreation

    Post-cathode: Extreme Perversity Normalization Initiative (EPNI) – Inculcated hypersexual sodomomasonic dream sequencing. Expansion of polyamorous try-sexual youth culture to domination. SM Imagery Universal.

    Brain is opened for full Monarch Programming – Complete degradation/sexpuppetry advertised butterfly….

    Sickness spreading with spread of New Media. Ubiquity of Subliminal Pron.

  24. Thanks for this post! I am a fan of Kerli and also noticed the disturbing subtextual elements in her Walking on Air video. Music videos certainly have become much more semiotically dense over the past few years! I'm hoping that Kerli attains wider recognition because I think she is a very interesting and talented young lady. On the flip side I also hope that she doesn't get ruined by the fame machine.

    Keep up the great work!

  25. Hi. Great analysis, incredibly creepy video. Just wanted to let you know, she also has this video, Love is Dead, where she turns from old to young by the end of the video. Don't really know anything about that but at the end when she's her age now i suppose, she ends up with black wings. Amazing isn't it? Love your work, by the way. Aweeeesome! :)

  26. I think it should be a clue to people that they are getting very out in the open about the alter ego thing specifically. I mean, they are getting obvious with a lot of it, but if you pay particular attention, you'll notice a lot of alter ego stuff in pop culture right now. From Hanna Montana, to Sasha Fierce, the movies "Youth in Revolt", to "Avatar"(where a guy downloads his consciousness into a hybrid alien body being to infiltrate their population), to this new thing where celebrities are taking "alter ego photos", which I think first became popular on America's Next Top Model. Derek Blanks has practically made a name for himself just on doing these photos that juxtapose the same person dressed up in different costumes to represent different personalities in the same person. I'm not on Myspace, but I was talking about this to a friend and he said that it's popular to post the name of your alter ego in your bio or whatever. Maybe someone else can confirm that for me, but even if it's not widespread now, I believe it will be very soon. Why do you think this is? They are obviously trying to make multiple personalities cool (and I'm afraid to say it's working), but why? Are they preparing us for our own split personalities? Demon possession? Clones? All of the above? I have my own theory, but I would like to know if other people have noticed this and if so, what they make of it. Thanks.

    • Hi Dari, randomly came across your post when doing a search for youth in revolt monarch programming. I just watched the movie and saw a couple scenes that I feel gave an in depth look at what is exactly happening (I want to watch the beginning again to see if there is any other references earlier in the movie I missed).

      The first scene is when Nick and Vijay are breaking into Sheeni's boarding school at night. The two high school boys start out laying on the ground in their sleeping bags, while the two girls are laying in a bunk bed (a promiscuous girl is on the top bunk and looking down seductively at Vijay). Nick's alter ego kicks in and convinces him to ask to sleep in the bed, where a broken monarch butterfly is hanging on a string (video below). He gets rejected, goes to the restroom, and comes back to his friend having sex with the promiscuous girl. The scene ends with this dialogue (watch?v=Iq8xRvQVCoU) right before then the dorm RA comes in and runs the two boys off campus. (you'll see the monarch butterfly I'm talking about)

      The second scene is actually the last scene in the movie, where he finally completes his alter egos goal and copulated with Sheeni. He dresses as a woman and lies to the parents, who are Christian and despise the boy, about practicing church Hymns to get into the house passed her parents (the dressing as a woman seems to be a common thing for black males in the industry I believe, from watching Dave Chapelle speak on it, so it seems they are expanding upon that here). Either way he gets upstairs, explains all of his actions (well technically the alter egos actions), and finishes with his true self saying he loves her before the act. Afterward, it cuts to a scene with them in bed while the alter ego, looking smug, smokes a cigarette by the desk, with a FULL monarch butterfly on the wall behind him (I believe you see it one time before they copulate as well for a split second).

      I really want to watch the movie to see if a monarch butterfly evolves as his alter ego does as well. Either way, I believe the building of the monarch butterfly is a metaphor towards the merging of the alter ego with yourself, where it no longer becomes distinguishable to yourself. I believe most people these days are already acting upon an alter ego state, but the transformation has been subtle throughout the years. Early age promiscuous behavior, drinking at an earlier age, dangerous drugs at earlier ages, media influences, entertainment influence and the whole slew of common social norms that we are expected to act out in school/life or be labeled a loner have attributed to this transformation.

      I think the only reason is for it to be indistinguishable to each person, so their identity has become the alter ego. Any attack on that way of life becomes an attack on their personality. So you now can control them through each of their individual fears and quirks, based on an attack to what they consider their identity. I also feel that they are building energy for something…watching Rik Clay's interview has really shone some light on some of what is going on, I really suggest taking the time to listen one day.

      I'd be interested to hear your opinion. Thanks for making the post, somehow I had a feeling I would end up here when right before I searched!

      Peace and Love!

  27. Wow. I just realized something. This breaking and reprogramming is exactly what the U.S. did to African Americans. Could it be that as a people, they fragmented and now are more easily susceptible to influences in hip hop and entertainment. But that wouldn't explain why so many Caucasians gravitated to Heavy Metal in the 80s. Never mind.

  28. Nobody in the music industry is being enlightened about anything. Think of Satanism or being a free-mason as christians finally infiltrating government and having everyone in America slowly worship and love god. Although this seems normal, even to non-worshippers of God, some people may have other god's that they had before. So basically these music videos are an attempt to slowly desensitize the viewer to satanism.

    In the video I noticed some basic themes, black and white duality themes, she mostly wore either black or white clothes. The doll she is holding also symbolizes how a slave is given a object that they must always carry with them, once they lose it they freak out and almost "break down" or "malfunction".

    When a Monarch "patient" is subjected to LSD trips, they experience as if they are floating on air.

    The all seeing eye is a usual insignia of monarch slaves, but it also represents how they are always being watched or "handled" by a handler.

    The place where she was at, floating in some faraway castle depicts how castles and etc are created within the being and usually there are guardians that protect the castle and alters and etc.

    Notice the trademark insignia of a handler, a TOP HAT as worn by that guy in the beginning of the video.

    A handler is the current person administering and directing the slave, something like Jay-z does to Beyonce.

    That's why stars seem to always die from a "drug overdose" of some sort. Keep them dissociative so that they can't question anything in reality (which they can't do since they are so programmed anyways).

    The clock above her head shows how a slave has no grip on time, and cannot tell what time period they are on, nor whether if it is night or day, how old they are, so they are always frustratingly lost in time.

    Ah yes vigilant take note, the keyhole at the end symbolize how when a slave is spoken to by their handler it feels as if their attention is being focused solely from a very teeeeny tiiiiny point, as small as a keyhole and everything around the keyhole is PITCH BLACK, all the slave will hear is their handler speaking as if the slave is in a pitch-black room and the handler is speaking through a tiny hole. If you guys ever play the game KINGDOM HEARTS, it's about a kid named sora who is given a drug by his friend riku, called the papryu fruit, and ends up on a hallucating trip where he's flying and fighting the shadows.

    A monarch slave will experience that they are NOT even the person, but the shadow behind it, which is what the first creature you fight is called a "shadow". This game is ripe full of butterflies, bubbles, forgetting and recovering memories.

    Bubbles, the slave is told to lock all their bad memories into a bubble and let it float away.

    You have to buy the game kingdom hearts for the PS2 and play it. It's a great game with great mechanics, and is made by our favorite generation programmer, Disney!

  29. Vigilant can you give us a reason as to why these symbols are becoming more apparent?

    Are they(industry heads) plotting on something?

  30. @VC….uve done a great job in this one!!!……i followed ur site for less than a week now…from a friend's post in FB…

    yeah actually im so sad that artists of today resort to having fame by joining this occult groups or the illuminatis…..i hope MARIAH is not 1 of them coz she used Butterflies as her symbol(she even had a tattoo..ryt?)& Rainbow for her ALBUM COVER in RAINBOW album…..

    ill juz share 2 u of wat i juz thought uve missed…..

    1. GAGA'S BAD ROMANCE….in d beginning there r 2 guys in motion(right side)while d others r not moving……it seems like they look like d 2 persons(w/creepy face) JAY-Z's ON TO THE NEXT ONE video…

    2.Wen LADY GAGA stops d gadget(music player or sum…)..see d hand gesture@11 seconds of the song….& d PLAYER IS SLIGHTLY forming a TRIANGULAR SHAPE….its same in d new video of RIHANNA…..its d same ANGLE of dat GADGET…..

    3.@ 2:26 of d video BAD ROMANCE was a quick show OF OK HAND GESTURE….while showing her BACKBONES like an evil creature or sum( it givs me d creeps)…


    5. I also noticed d WHITE RABBIT IN PARAMORES VIDEO& LIL WAYNE'S VIDZ as well….

    ……..VChope u like my obsevations ….<<>>

  31. also I'm pretty sure you seen it but in the Johnny Cash video "God's Gonna Cut You Down," Jay-z's cameo alone has a whole bunch of symbols. From the baphomet to the skulls.

  32. Are these shills of the Illuminati even trying to hide their presence in the music industry anymore? I know that this video could be considered 'edgy' and 'artistic' (as well as effin' creepy), but it seens that every new artist to emerge has a persona that is completely innundated with this occult/mind control theme. To think that this shit is marketed towards the young. If I had any children I would try to steer them away from this 'entertainment' (ie: Disney) by ANY means neccesary. Can anyone shed some light on the 'bed of rocks' symbolism? BTW keep it up Vigilant, your work is greatly appreciated!


  33. Vigilant you are great,I think its really important for you to be doing this.Kerli seems to me like a crazy Ho.GOOD JOB VIGILANT! Notice how kerli in the mannequin picture has the same HAIR as lady gaga.It looks so similar.There has to be something up with that.Kerli Basically has adapted lady gaga's style.

  34. She seems raised in the Illuminati. Her crying, Monarch programming, alters, reference to color programming all in her profile seem to point to whistle blower Svali's experience.

    BTW… Everyone should google her. Awesome info, and she seems very genuine.

  35. I don't understand all of the pictures presented. I do however eat it up and reinturpret these type of videos for my own stage performances. They always seam to do well. Maybe there is somthing to all this symbolism? Thank for all your post VG. Chasity

  36. Wonderful video. It's about the transformation from wordly person to spiritual person.

    John 1-12

    Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God— 13 c hildren born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God.

  37. If you look at 3:01 through 3:03 you can see some illuminati hand signs. What's interesting is that 3:01 has her in a black outfit making a pyramid sign and 3:03 shows a white outfit with a capstone pyramid sign. This is the first time i've seen a capstone pyramid hand gesture. Does anybody know why the distinction would be made?

  38. Cant believe no one has mentioned the fact that the wallpaper is the BAPHOMET!!! Look at it again and youll see it lol,,, Great article as always Vig!!!

    Everyone Join the Forums and discuss this and everything else in more detail plus link this site to everyone you know Knowledge is Power and even God said his people perish for lack of Knowledge!!!

    Hosea 4:6My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee

  39. Someone asked if Yoga is evil…yes indeed. It is pagan worship, cleverly disguised as exercise routines. All those positions are positions of worship to pagan gods, and they set u up for demonic possesion, along with the chanting of mantras (magic words) and meditation (to connect you with the spirit world.) . Enlightenment is basically the establishment of that demonic connection with the spirit world, in which they can see things that the ordinary eyes cannot see. This is totally against God's will for man, not at this stage.


    i totally get why you chose that name, Cos you about to break. God Bless your foolish soul if you think there is nothing evil about Baphomet, He is in essence the symbol of satinism how can that be some thing good?

  41. This was a good article… I was wondering, do you think that these artists are freely submitting themselves this mind control or are they just doing what is suggested so they'll make money??? Do you think they're totally ignorant of what's happening?

  42. I've had her album for a long time. After discovering all this Illuminati stuff a few months ago I started noticing the symbols in her work. To make things even creepier- she has a song called "Butterfly Cry". The lyrics go:

    Did I hurt you?

    Did I ever make you bleed inside?

    Did I kill you?

    I didn't mean to make you hide yourself,

    Find you in you, beautiful.

    Do not grow the seeds of pain in you,


    Let the butterflies cry,

    Let them cry for you.

    You just dry your eyes,

    Because the world is wonderful

    Um…a handler talking to the mind control victim? Sure seems like it.

  43. What i got from this video is like you said the process of mind control, but the little doll first represents the alter personality, and after her transformation the little doll switched places with the real keri, and at the end when she actually thought she was dreaming the real keri is now trapped inside the little doll so sad. I will continue to pray for these artists as long as they are still alive they still have a chance to be free.

  44. @ 12 Baphomet may not be evil but it is being used so, as are alot of images to convey a certain evil.

    @18 Yogi is correct, heres the wiki definition:

    A yogi (Sanskrit, feminine root: yogini) is a term for a male practitioner of various forms of spiritual practice. In contemporary English yogin is an alternative rendering for the word yogi. [1] In Hinduism it refers to an adherent of Yoga. The word is also often used in the Buddhist context to describe Buddhist monks or a householders devoted to meditation. Chatral Rinpoche for example is a famous wandering yogi from Tibet.

    The Shiva-Samhita text defines the yogi as someone who knows that the entire cosmos is situated within his own body, and the Yoga-Shikha-Upanishad distinguishes two kinds of yogins: those who pierce through the "sun" (surya) by means of the various yogic techniques and those who access the door of the central conduit (sushumna-nadi) and drink the nectar. According to Ravi Shankar, Yogis can levitate and make their bodies disappear.[2].

  45. its impossible. I'm not saying my interpretation is right but there is no evidence to say that its wrong.

    I doubt that any of artists are mind controlled slaves like some website like psseudooccultmedia claim and I will continue to doubt that until there is hardcore evidence.

  46. Ignore my last post

    There is no evidence though. You can analyse the symbols to the cows come home but there is no evidence of all these artists being mind control victims. Its all open to interpretation. listen the lyrics. "feel it, breathe it an you'll walk on air". She could be saying that She's so confident that she could do anything such as walking on air even though its impossible. I’m not saying my interpretation is right but there is no evidence to say that its wrong.

    I doubt that any of artists are mind controlled slaves like some website like psseudooccultmedia claim and I will continue to doubt that until there is hardcore evidence.

  47. The "alice in wonderland" scenario, or any of the videos that incorporate occult symbolism — these are just themes. They have to portray something after all. Vigilant's analysis is just one way of looking at these videos. As you say, there is no evidence any of these so-called "artists" are being mind controlled.

  48. Interesting video but it has IMO nothing to do with mind control. We have a proverb which, literally translated, says: She did hear the sound of the bell, but doesn't know where the clapper hangs.

  49. I think the alice in wonderland theme is just simply something that is popular with the tween set, and that's why they use it with all the lady gaga knock-offs. Same thing with the occult themes — it's just popular with the younger crowd.

    OTOH, if you want to believe what Vigilant analyzes, and what other sites "say", then they will have you convinced of conspiracies everywhere. Some people like to see conspiracies everywhere.

  50. Yeah, this is the perfect video to cover. No portion of the video can be well-explained outside of the occult context beyond a simple "It looks real cool". It all seems to make sense.

    To Efosa: while this is true, there is no definite evidence, the amount of connections that can be made to the occult is startling. Particularly in the case of Lady Gaga. It's very odd that artists would so consistently incorporate these themes/imagery and have it all be a complete coincidence.

    I'm not saying I'm 100% on this Illuminati boat, but you can't sit there and deny all of it either. Because at that point, your skepticism is turning into arrogance and stubbornness.

  51. It's intersting to note the resemblance between this pictures and the female replicant from blade runner. In Metropolis, also, this theme of mind control and sexual slavery has been presented as a robot-like imagery.

  52. In a symbolic aproach to blade runner, we can say that the movie depicts the future of mankind as it would seem under de hammer of the new world order. The "new man" = replicant, is just a mind controlled creature(hence the robot/android-like symbolism) produced by the joint efforts of the state and big corporations.

  53. @ tinsel

    "Even if they really are “mind controlled”, who really gives a damn?"

    And who gives a damn if you don't give a damn?

  54. @ tinsel

    “Even if they really are “mind controlled”, who really gives a damn?”

    And who gives a damn that you don’t give a damn?

  55. Why should *you* give a damn if these alleged "artists" are mind controlled slaves? Do you think you will be their knight in shining armor? lol


    Good morning ;-). Indeed, why fear a symbolic representation as an absolute image or invocation of 'evil'. It is not as if we have irrefutable proof that Satan himself registered copyright for it. It is comparable to the swastika, symbolism tainted by abuse. Besides, the use of a goat already shows that Eliphas Levi was just having a try at depicting some concepts he believed to understand.

    Consider what we do to our children. We do not say to them: "Some people think the earth is round, and others think it is flat; when you grow up, you can, if you like, examine the evidence and form your own conclusion." Instead of this we say: "The earth is round." By the time our children are old enough to examine the evidence, our propaganda has closed their minds. – Bertrand Russell

  57. phishybongwaters on

    I'm back again to say : Interesting, but quite self serving. Is there an artist/video that isn't occultist Illuminati related? Better yet, post up your family albums, and I bet you dollars to doughnuts that I'll find hundreds of poses just like occult ones, proving once and for all you are a mind-controlled slave.

    Seriously, the Illuminati did exist, and many right now think they are part of them, but every famous person is a mind controlled slave and every second of their video is symbolism?

    do you ever stop and think you might be reading too much into it?

    the eye patch represents the all seeing eye? Why doesn't it represent pirates? Maybe a cyclops?

    The butterfly tattoo speaks of her being a MONARCH slave? Hmm, find me a young fake goth emo girl that DOESN'T have a butterfly tat somewheres.

    Yes i'm a skeptic, no i'm not saying you are wrong, I'm asking, have you ever stopped and thought you might be seeing what you want to see?

    the number 23, not the movie, the number itself. The 23 enigma right? Well it's complete bs, but if you believe it, you will see the number 23 everywhere. I think some of the same might just be happening here. Maybe i'll start dissecting your dissections of videos showing how the symbolism could be any number of things. You believe occult has power, and is control, so you see the occult in everything. I see a pathetically talentless whore whoring herself for fame.

    You see creepy toys as a reference to her broken childhood, I see creepy toys because she is creepy, and so are they.

    You see a mannequin with separate limbs as a reference to her broken childhood, I see a manaquin, because mannequins come in separate pieces. does this mean every clothing store is run by the occult mind programmers?

    Stop and take a breath and just look at some of the things YOU see in these videos.

    Then again, maybe you are right, it would explain how all these talentless hacks get music careers

  58. @aukosh January 25th, 2010 1:54 pm

    Who has that proverb? And what does it mean? lol

    It is a Dutch proverb "Hij heeft de klok wel horen luiden maar weet niet waar de klepel hangt."

    Literal Translation: "He did hear the sound of the bell, but doesn't know where the clapper hangs."

    Meaning: "He thinks he knows the subject, but the essence eludes him."

  59. @79 csc

    Why concern??

    Monarch Latah Sex Puppetry rampant and unrecognized.

    You reading this now: How do you know memory not wiped?? Why are you tired and drained?? Why bruised??? You could be sex puppet programmer both?? Who are YOUR victims??????

  60. Beautiful article even though i never heard of her i know now what she is into….Expose them and keep the wonderful articles coming.

  61. @Daciple January 25th, 2010 6:59 am :

    Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee

    Great quote… you should remember it when discussing Hinduism, Islam or any other ancient mystery religion that you claim is 'evil' since it's not in the Bible 😉

  62. Walking on Air…Prince of the power of the air….

    Ephesians 2:1-3

    1 And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; 2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: 3 Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

  63. well the elite

    like to think they are in control

    they dont realize

    they're being moved into positions

    for their love of gold

    you see love guide's all of us

    wether we know it or not

    the elite are damaged

    their hearts are blocked

    true love is something

    they just dont know

    its what made the seven sea's

    and the four winds blow

    and all the power

    is contained in the heart

    and when that wind blow

    the elite will part

    with broken minds

    evil slain

    what did they think

    their is no such thing as shame

    silly people

    thinking they are wize

    when higher nature come's it opens eyes

    and not the way they think it does

    but they sold their souls

    to hate instead of love

    on an agenda of world domination

    they will be blown by

    the forces of true liberation

    wize men know

    of what I talk

    come on people

    take a true nature walk.


  64. I don't see what's so "talented" about Kerli. They are becoming a dime a dozen. Mostly Kerli, Lady Gaga, and some others just look like fashion models, trendsetters. But "talented"? How so?



  66. This is my first exposure to Kerli and he song did not make me feel uplifted. This just made me feel sad for her and brought my spirit down. The creepy doll at the end is what did me in and her still being attached to that puppet string. The whole mood of this song is just seem delusional and depressed. Glad I decided to limit my exposure to the trash played on the radio and t.v. months ago. I don't know if she and others are possessed but I always go with my gut feeling about people and things in general. If I feel something is dark i don't listen to it.

  67. Is it me, or are these videos getting super weird over the last year or so? Whatever happend to videos tellin a story or having an interesting plot? This is not what's up!

  68. One reason that these symbols are becoming more apparent is to " Control the message " bcs they know people are catching on to the Illuminati and learning about their despicable goal , plus everything is tied into the New World Order and OBAMA is ushering the next phase of closer to a World Government , a one world dollar and hence why they are speeding up their agenda .

    Plus there's always a normalization agenda , making symbols part of the fabric of society and this phase will needed to be ahead of the main stream BEFORE the main stream knows about this evil as well as American Idol , its far off but that's the tipping point they won't wait for .

    This massive corporate controlled Illuminati agenda in my book ceases to make these complicit , greedy and cowardly worms "artist " , they are propagandist pissing on the history of REAL musicians who sweat and toiled in small bars and clubs , working their ass off to the top and didn't walk into a propaganda factory like American Idol to get anointed by executive pimps , pointing their greasy fingers at the Chosen ones .

  69. From other side of p on


    I have read few articles here about pop stars and their evolvement. This article have made me post here because i am estonian too. And sorry if i make some lingual mishaps:) Anyway, my point of view is rather positive for me and negative for you. I think and believe what you do is same as inquisition. The energy what these articles create is fear, hatred etc. It actually should be about courage, kindness and willpower. I understand that there may be greater forces in our world and conspiracy theories may me true, but searching for enemies makes enemies.

    People, go out, plant a tree, help each other.

    These young popstars need attention. They do weird things, creepy things but searching for some deep truth behind lyrics and super over thought videos and expressing this as a big threat is same ridicilous as pop music:D Ignore and this will never bother you again.

    As of my backround, how i ended up here.. I have a friend who is sort of a conspiracy theorist, but not fanatical. (I dont like any kind of fanatics, specially christians, eww..) I once saw him reading this page and i read it too. Some time passed and in our yellow magazine was article about Kerli and that she is a devils minion or something by americans:P So i hopped here again.

    In my humble opinion there are much bigger problems to deal with. As a nature lover, i suggest you all take some time to think about food, animals, overconsuming and overproduction. Take on some real problems, that have some impact to our surroundings, like living off grid, saving and helping poor people.

    And most of all, enjoy life:)

  70. Estonia is least religious country in the world. approx.85- 90% of estonians does not believe in God. so Kerli does not believe God anyway, what she believes is her choice, at least she does not believe some old man(so called Jeesus) who is sitting on cloud….. :)

  71. excuse me kittie and aff,if u two dumb heads dont wanna wake up and smell the coffee,u might as well jux get urselves a couple of tickets 2 the river,n drown.VC is tryin 2 save u two lost souls but the darkness seems sweet 2 u,if u dont believe it quit commin on dis site.I just cant believe u guys are so blind.foools!


  72. All of you people on here who are talking negatively about America because we're religious should get off of our American website. We were founded on religion (and greed mixed in here and there, I admit that). We certainly aren't searching for information on American artists in Estonia. And if we aren't a great country anymore it's because we started to behave more and more like a country like Estonia "where 85%-90% of Estonians don't believe in God" or Satan. Where does your country stand if you're jealous of us even while we're sliding away from #1. You guys must be like #213. If it sounds like I'm talking bad about your country…well now you know what that feels like.

  73. By the way, anyone who is singing in a distinctly American style and trying to become famous in our country is going to be critiqued by us. I hope that anyone else would do likewise. To some of us, a country with that much atheism is a country that is under very strong demonic influence. Because not believing in something that is real doesn't make it unreal. It just makes you ignorant. Don't import that ignorance and demonic thinking over here. We've done fine without it.

  74. just my 2 cents on

    It's a soviet KGB programming and soviet human breaking, not illuminati. They experimented in kindergartens, schools, in army. Now and then some people pop up, speaking, accusing some other people who collaborated with soviet occupants and for that collaboration they were privileged; people who worked in schools; then they say they are creasy, and … all will be forgot. Soviet collaborants and thier families are still in power in Estonia. Very much in power.

    How would you feel? After those experiments… Personal memories, or others. Unconcious. Some people may sing…

    Very good analysis.

  75. @deck

    America was not founded on religion, go look it up. What does "separation of church and state" mean?

    And almost all the founding fathers deemed Christianity stupid. And I quote: "Christianity…(has become) the most perverted system that ever shone on man. " Thomas Jefferson

    It's just Kerli's style, nothing else. I don't like it myself, but I'm not gonna call her a devil worshiper either.

    It's sad that majority of people in America are irrational – as in believe something without ANY proof and are SO certain about it too.


  76. Sure USA is a powerful and famous country – but this is because of the intellectual minority, whom many are atheist and agnostics(or doubters)…and do not forget the possibility that many who claim themselves to be Christians are actually atheist because they are afraid of your kind of people…

    On the level of ordinary population americans are, relatively to other western nations, dum…in my experience at least…

    Look this video, I sure you will be suprised who are actually atheists in you dear "one nation under God":

  77. @ Nielander

    First off I wanna say.. I hear ya man… Was like that when I read sites like this one, back in the day…

    But I started researching instead of dismissing.. Would say that is the first step to figuring out why each side calls the other blind..

    Its not all about demons and devils…. It is much more about symbolism and why they are there… Yes it has started with demons and devils, but evolved since then.. For some reason it has been carried through history since the beginning of time – and no one seems to know why… So here we are, wondering why.. Finding symbolism alot of places… Half propably made by people knowing as little as we do, and just seem to find the symbols fascinating (As do I)….

    What also strikes me as weird, is the fact that.. Apparently it has more value than fairy tales… Look at how many big shots use it… Look at where it is used… From The Beatles to Michael Jackson, make no mistake.. the SYMBOLISM is there.. It is undeniable.. As for the rest, well.. its guessing and theories.. Which, to me atleast, is a healthy thing… – And if you doubt these things I would be more than glad to provide evidence of that !

    Now, as far as dietys and other beliefs… I'm not really sure what to believe and/or think… People respond psychologically to alot of things.. thus also making mind control possible.. Have I ever encountered it.. ? Not that I am aware of… But again.. maybe I have in alot of lesser senses.. From public news topics such as; Anorexia, Pedophilia, Cutting, Emo… All of the sudden it flourishes.. People start doing it.. It becomes more widespread due to the articles than not… It affects you as soon as you become aware of its existence.. So I suppose life is a "mind control"… Some may experience stuff wilder than others (scizofrenia, drugs or abuse), but that it could be a part of all our lives, is a possibility…

    All the best,


  78. A picture is really worth a thousand words!

    Just looking at the photos is frightening enough. I didn't even play the video yet & I could tell this girl has the same aura as Rihanna & Brittany. God, the music business is really using these girls like rats in a science lab. The music industry has turned in the the Twilight Zone/witchcraft/science lab.

    I feel sorry for these girls who's only talent is music. Makes me think of that movie, Rosemary's Baby when the puzzle is unscrambled & it says: ALL OF THEM WITCHES! I'm scared to even think about buying any of today's music and how many artists in other areas, jazz, classical, country, western, bluegrass, etc, have been sucked into the Dark Side of this business.

  79. Ppl wake up and smell the coffee !!!!!This is real and all of u dumb assesthat doesnt believe in the Almighty are the ones that can easily fall into this illuminati trap.In my opinion, the reason that this is happening is bcause the world is coming to an end very soon very soon. And if you stupid enough to not believe this then fly off!! keep up the gud research Vigilant….Let me also point out that i was also sceptical.thesemasonic ppl has the power to do whatever they want to. those who dnt blieve inGOD or who doesnt believe that these satanic things exist is doomed doomed doomed…..

  80. @Monique

    Have you ever stopped to think(really think) of the possibility that maybe the belief in the existence of "almighty" is actually the very product of similar kind of brainwashing that witch are you talking about…

    If you like conspiracy theories, then you maybe you should watch the beginning of the movie called Zeitgeist…theres the real conspiracy…

  81. believe what u will Nielander, and i blieve what i blieve in. but maybe u should stop and think that this is what they actually want? ppl devided and its been happening since the begining. start thinking where you came from…………..

  82. Where the hell *is* Estonia anyway? What's its history? How'd it get its name? And how come they are 85 – 90% atheists?

  83. BTW….

    i have been in America severala times, and i have met lot of nice peole. I do think that people there are educated, but educated about their country and they dont care about other than themselves- well thats what i saw there.

    I know lot of goodhearted people there, and i do love that country… But for me as estonian i cant see why thei are so obsessed about their religion. Maybe is that we have bad experiens about religion in history ( when over half our people were killed because of that).

  84. In Estonia to be christian means to declare yourself mentally insane. Christian crusadors not only took our homes, they killed newborns and raped our wifes. 700 years in slavery and we should give a s..t about christianity.

  85. You mean the Catholic Crusaders way back when, actually went to Estonia? hard to believe they would even be bothered. So what's the ethnic make-up of Estonia?

  86. Oh baloney, Estonian. You and the rest of you are just making up this baloney about the Crusaders, and Estonia being a country of atheists.

  87. Also in Jay-Z new song “Stranded” he aknowledged “The Heavenly Father” are they finally realizing the devl is a liar

    James 2:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

  88. This blog were on our news sites and 85% of estonians use internet news sites and not papers anymore. This blog were in the rubric of funniest and absurd things. :)

  89. Good for the Christian Crusaders if they did all that too. Can't imagine why the outrage. But of course it is pretended. loll Still, I say if the CC did all that — GOOD. And so what?

  90. What "blog" are you on? You mean VC's site? And VC is your news sites?

    I don't believe any of you are "estonians". The statistical chances of baloney "estonians" finding VC's website just because he did an article on a talentless bimbo from some backwards country is, frankly, astronimical to believe possible.

    Please indicate your estonian email addresses here so we can check you out.

  91. You and your little cohorts are so fucking weird, you dumbass pissant ML. But a country that' was so frightened of German feudal rule that it'd rather declare itself irreligious because of their fear — sounds like a pisspoor bullshit country to me, all things considered. What you need is another Crusade to burn your asses quite off.

  92. nice way to talk to a woman ja sa mine osta omale ajud sa natsionalistlik that bitch.

    aaand theres no point talking to a person whose mom fucked a vegetable and gave birth to you: a narrow minded asshole with no respect for the existance of other nations.

  93. and i dont really recall ever being afraid of german feudal rule as u call it… but your its okay..ill forgive you:D

  94. And same to you ML, your mom and a vegetable and all too. And such lovely Estonian language you have! I imagine they all must talk like you! Especially if your biggest import is an airheaded talentless bimbo called "Kerli" (awww such a cute name!)

  95. Well you just don't know your own history, ML, and the German feudal rule and its associations to religion, and why now the backwards people of "estonia" are mostly irreligious (not atheists, as you call it — but IRRELIGIOUS. Big difference there bimbo.

  96. Csc – you are a quite a fuckface aren't you?

    Concentrated USA in a human form…I have two words as a ultimate isult to you – George Bush

    …so does that feel if you have had a president who's IQ is below a hundred?

  97. haha nice wanna be goth. No true gothic artist would be signed to that label. This chick is just another indistry produced genre wannabe

  98. ML there is no point to argue with overwighted nazi, he will never understand anythinng until some plane does not hit he's home. In fact it was funny.

  99. wow:D….

    im a bimbo ? thats a first… 😀 if i were a bimbo i wouldnt give a shit article or your comments… id buy a new nailpolish instead or smth..really lets just calm down… i know the history of my country very well and thats why i get offended easily when someone trashes it..its just sad that people still dont understand that estonia is independet now and not part of the soviet union or KGB or whateva…. Estonia has come a long way to get rid of that reputation…

    estonia is evolving every day(technology, economy ) if you compare russia and estonia…the only thing u get incommon is vodka…

    so please dont judge estonians… i know that estonians are mostly irreligious but im an atheist… one reason is because i was locked in a room and forced to read a bible…its sick honestly…

    and im not a big fan of Kerli but when someone trashes a fellowestonian i too get frustrated(its a thing among small nations…theres onli 900 000 of us)

  100. I think that's the key to all this pop idol worship, Truther — they are, simply put — industry-produced. They are created and put out there for worship, trend-setting, and bringing in the money.

    The only thing actually creative about these people (including Madonna) are the creative people around them that design the costumes, the seamstresses, the make-up artists, the hair-stylists, the nail and body paint artists, shoe designers and set designers. All that's needed then is to plug in today's teeny-bopper idol, all dolled up, or plug in today's rapper.

  101. Sorry Csc…

    The question was "how does it feel…"

    I guess you wasn't able to connect the dots on that one…

    Wow, you can use the internet…where did you learn that from – god?

  102. I am delighted to see a new report up. I would really love to see you do a breakdown of Peter Beale's The Last Unicorn. This was an odd "kids" movie from my very early childhood that definitely had a sinister tone, and whose meaning I always suspected of being dual. Many of us who read your work are in our early thirties and would love to see the connections made in the works of our own time. With this however, I can definitely encourage my children to give more thought to what is being put in their heads. I have let my oldest child browse your sight and she is in the process of making up her own mind. But even in her youth she sees the similarities behind the symbolism in every video. Every new thing she is exposed to on your site is an opportunity for her to assess information and make her own conclusions.

    To everyone who thinks that the readers and writers of this sight "see satan everywhere" – the idea I think is to be and remain vigilant, and try to be a concious partaker in what you view, rather than just an empty vessel for the filling. Even someone who ascribes to what they would define as rational thought understands that all art forms require a concious effort to ascertain their deepest meaning. Otherwise, Shakespeare was just a fool with a penchant for rhyme, and Picasso an incapable idiot with too many crayons. There is an obvious intention of many of these artists to convey a deeper meaning. Isn't it better to search it out than to simply nod your head to the beat? Anyway, better to be vigilant, than caught off guard.

  103. Guys, there is more than that. And we know it, but for the sake of humanity, the guys who is writing this and searching this stuff, is just as human as we. And i'm thankfull for his works, as i'm confident, that since some years only, sooo much stuff is happening, everywhere. The might have that power to control peoples minds but.. thats what minds are all about- controlling. If anybody wants to make somehting he think that is't very important for him/her, than shut the fuck off your MIND, your MIND is causing ervy single problem we have…

  104. just my 2 cents on

    Sorry for those bad comments from so called estonians. You see fruits of soviet education and soviet society followed by so called liberal society. They have lost not only religion but as well thier nationality.

  105. You missed the satanic/masonic hand signal at 3: 00, plus the black/white theme (a duality in the same persona). Very creepy, probably will be hyped to the nth degree like Gaga or that hideous Kesha girl. So blantant now isn't it?

  106. Having browsed backwards and read the earlier comments I must add that even if you don't believe in the occult symbolism within this video, you have to admit that this artist is geared towards young girls in the jr. high age brackett.? Do you really want your 12 year old admiring the s&m fashion that is promoted in these videos. What must it be like to have a daughter yearn for shoes that are designed so that when she is standing she must be kneeling? It is not just about the occult meanings behind the symbolism, it is about the unhealthy crap that is being fed to kids. Like Britney Spears, Kerli's album is not something most discerning people over 25 are going to purchase for themselves. There's definitely a connection between the way the entertainment industry has attempted to get our youth to view themselves, and the recent explosion of child prostitution and violence. In a civilized society, it is better to seek out the cause of the effect, regardless of religion or non-religion. If you don't have kids, you might – and then perhaps, the sinister side of what is being pumped into young minds might better hit home. At 32, I wish sites like these had been more available during my own teens, but with the recent explosions of technology I am ecstatic that my children have access to the ideas at the other end of the spectrum. That said, how you respond to statements that you don't agree with reflects who you are, not the statement that you are attacking.

  107. Nice observations VC, you have opened my eyes to these concepts so much that I hardly need the interpretation anymore to see what they are talking about in these videos. I also noticed that they showed many Fleur de Lis in this video. You do a great job exposing the symbollic connections in the music industry. Has anyone ever gone to ? This guy has done some good work on movies. Particularly "The Man Who Would Be King" how it has been retold many times and relates to The Book of Enoch. Pretty interesting stuff, keep up the good work at VC.

  108. I agree with you angelicgreen, but here we call it americanismus. To us it is like McDonalds, Madonna, Britney Spears. I think its americans how made these videos, its not some eastern europe vodoo.

  109. @READER – Freedom of speech protects even the unpopular viewpoint. I respect your right to feel the way you do and respond the way you do. If you hate the material here so much and despise the viewpoints of those who post here – why read it? Certainly no one is forcing your hand. The information here is available for those who want to read it. But, if this is just about exercising your right to speak freely – right on! You definitely seem to have a handle on that.

  110. @Estonian – I respect that opinion. For Americans though, we'd earn a lot more respect if we started questing what was in our McDonalds, rather than continuing to blindly gobble it down. The globalization of everything too – makes it really hard to point the finger at anyone directly. American-made can generally mean a whole lot of different things. Hopefully it isn't about finger pointing, but rather about sifting through what we're given to consume (food or entertainment) and determining if it is right for consumption. We are definitely a McDonalds culture – but it is good that we are beginning to question what we are being fed. While we are the obese nation – overfed on consumptives that we spent far too long NOT questioning – we also have a lot of international influence with the whole blind acceptance thing. Britney, Madonna and McDonalds sell just as well overseas. Kerli isn't a national creation, I think here, she is really being analyzed as the result of a far-reaching industry. The music industry is only successful when their product has an international appeal. I truly believe that her message and her audience would be the same regardless of her nationality – and that, if she weren't willing to portray herself as she does, some other young starlet would quickly be found to fit the bill.

  111. The recurrence of the following symbols: eyes, the color black, horses, fire, one arm up and one down, goats, horns, stars, triangles – allude to some sort of interior meaning – otherwise they would not be recurrent or so heavily embedded in current artistic works. Rather than seeking out symbols that are not taboo – the idea of the original artist would be to use different symbols. OR to admit that symbols that are constantly used are used constantly for their meaning. Surely Jay-z could find something other to do with his hands than making triangles around his eye. Or is it just that he is not very imaginative. That said, while the internet gives people the courage to offer up quick hard slaps, it should be noted that every reader here certainly doesn't practice the "turn the other cheek" philosophy that your hoping for.

  112. answer :estonia is in northern europe, estonia has been under sweden, denmark,russia germany( and many times…not willingly) and about the atheist thing- (crusadors took estonians homes and technically declared them pagans and turned them into slaves) would you belive in that jesus shit? estonians belive in what they do, not in a fictional charactar whose worshippers forced their religion with violence on to the estonian people.

    • That is a heart, actually. The fingers looming above it make me think of the Sacred Heart, but that's just speculation. She uses it now in her new slogan aimed toward a peace movement through her fans "Integrity.Love.Unity". I'm sure you can guess for which word she uses the heart symbol.

  113. well, i must say thankyou. i read this article and immediately went to the shop to buy her album.

    i think the imagery found in pop's latest videos is beautiful and interesting.

    using pop icons as billboards for the illuminati is genius.

    thats my opinion.

  114. Well done VC,

    I can see by the onslaught of oppositional and derrogatory comments on this string that your continued analysis of these videos is REALLY HITTING HOME with the sick monsters who are directing this filth into sub and unconscious minds of the masses.

    At the moment theyre trying to do a "Health Ranger/Shorty Awards discreditation" on you.

    It will not work.

    They covet our godhood but it will never be theirs.

  115. "PS– A person who rises from the dead, encourages you to drink his blood and eat his flesh, and claims the only way into a ficticious good place is through worshiping him is not a “savior” in my book…he is a zombie. What could possibly be more “occult” than that?"

    1Cr 2:14 The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

  116. @164 – speaking from experience, you may have gone out and and spent your money to buy Kerli's album, but it will be a worthless dust collector in about six months time, a year maybe. Then you'll know the real worth of such things when you can only sell it for about one dollar or fifty cents at a garage sale later on, when you've grown tired of it and have no use for it anymore. Meanwhile, the music industry made its sale.

    I agree, though, that I like the imagery in a lot of these videos and find them beautiful and interesting. Like the imagery in Kerli's video. It reminds me of the artwork of Tim Burton ('Nightmare before Christmas' , 'Beetlejuice' and others). I like his dark and quirkly artistry. I even bought 'Nightmare before Christmas', but how many times can one watch the same video? I couldn't get more than $1 at a garage sale. Learned my lesson, though, not to buy stuff that tomorrow gets thrown 'into the fire'.

  117. omg, it's a satyr hidden in Tarken's Bu Gece video at 3:15. And other than the female Fire Walker and the man with the rose petals, I hardly noticed all the other people in that video, besides the satyr. Odd.

  118. In the first picture at the top of this post, under Kerli's name, it says "love is dead". Probably the most revealing thing about her.

    1John 4:8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

  119. In reply to Langan on post 29 – the enlightened ones (illuminated as in those who belong to the secret society known as the Illuminati) 'know' (in their terms) that God is Lucifer which literally means the 'light bearer' when translated. The Illuminati is the ultimate secret society which has infiltrated all secret societies, religions, corporations and governments and only a select elite are members. Their main goal is to form a New World Order – global control by the few of the many. The select elite members are at the top degrees (33rd) of the Freemasons. When a lower Freemason gets to a certain degree through his devotion to his teachings it is revealed that the Masonic teachings show that worship is given to the bringer of enlightenment, power and knowledge – the light bearer – Lucifer! The Illuminati are illuminated (enlightened) with the knowledge of the reality of their organisation, their beliefs and their goals and swear by their oath never to reveal these secrets – otherwise they are sacraficed in the name of the brotherhood to Lucifer or one of the other demonic spirits in which they worship. They see themselves as the enlightened few of the dumbed down many – who have no idea to the extent of this conspiracy and even laugh it off as nothing more than a fantasy. The Illuminati know that the majority will never awaken to their presence and they know that even the ones that have won't be able to stop them – people have known for a long time about them and they've never been exposed properly – except for the time JFK did and was shot – and nothing more has been heard of in light of that speech he gave! They put their symbols in everything because most people don't really know what they mean and for those that do – they can't do anything to stop them!

  120. Estonian people of this website..

    Look around.. Have a look and the articles..

    Surely you know what symbolism is.. Your country has plenty of it… As you probably know symbolism has meaning… Check out the meaning.. That gives you a message, maybe not about religion, but also about people and the world in general.. You might learn a thing or two…

    Fair enough to diss people for being fuckfaces.. But, dudes and dudettes… If you want to discuss this properly you have to know what the fuck your talking about.. And I am not talking about how faithless your country is.. I could'nt care less.. I could care less though about the fact that you portray your country as a politically correct USA hating ignorant douchebag of some punk-ass-fuck-the-world-wannabe..

    You might learn a thing or two that isnt part of Idols, MTV reality or some other "real" shit… Scary huh'

    In fact, now that I think of it.. Estonians and Americans have alot more in common… Ya "SEE" ???? 😉

    All the best,


  121. They always use the same old tired images and symbols in videos.How many times have we seen this?you know,mannequins,puppets,dolls,mirrors,slow motions.Maybe it's on purpose,part of an ''agenda''.Personally, I think it's only artistic lazyness ,every one is copying everyone,very few come up with fresh ideas.

    ''Let's take a look at the ''young and lonely girl blues'' repertoire, it always sells''

  122. I'd like to know what role disney plays in all of this. Many artists including Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Paramore have used disney in their videos. Now I've heard all about disney being secretly satanic and cursing children in different languages, as well as the infamous "sex" subliminal messages. But I have always refused to believe that those claims were true. Can you do an article specifically on mickey mouse, the castle, and famous disney symbols exposing what truth there may be to the 'evils' of disney. (its gonna bum me out because I love disney, but I have to know.)

  123. Wait a second, TS. At the wiki site, they show an Estii Pank, 50 Kroon, with the reverse — and it's not the All-Seeing Eye. So which one is the real Pank? Offhand I would believe the wiki site. But if there really are any estonians here, they should know what the reverse looks like.

    Scroll down to the "Current Series", and it's the 6th one down, the 50 kroon.

  124. if you go to her myspace you see a large picture of her album cover, look at it closely and you see baphomet hidden in the covers design. creep non the less. just feels like another lady gaga/puppet of the music industries dark secret.

  125. just my 2 cents on

    Well, think, from where did she got all this staff? It's a lot of info from such a young lady. Does a one person imagine all it out? I don't belive. Behind it is a certain solid knowledge. It has actually been done to the people.

    Perhaps there are some people-advisors around her who knew , people who do not afraid and thought, that this is a good old KGB stuff to turn into the money.

    Eesti Pank – so called central bank – is not in the real world as a central bank, it's a puppet, it does nothing, regulates nothing. Real joke and deception. There is a lot weird things in Estonia – they call many things with sound names and the entities does opposite things, they speake one in media and reality is another. Things does not represent at all that what thier names represent.

    Same weird names as FED – federal reserv. As you know there is nothing federal and there are no reserves.

  126. Artistic freedom on


    Why don't you guys just leave Kerli (and other artists using their free expression) alone. If she is mind controlled, then they probably won't show it that clearly. Everybody including artist should have the freedom to use ANY symbols they like to tell a story without being 'huntet down' by your guys! The Illuminati does not have copyright to all kind of gestures and common symbolism, as such thing can be used both for good and bad. That artists tells a story or just like to hold one hand over one eye or making a triangle or whatever does in no way say that they are Illuminati's. Kerli might just be a clever girl telling a story about life, and she do that very fine if you ask me. And what about this site, where there are recommendations for numerology and Blavatsky, which are 100% Illiminati stuff. If you really wanna study mind control, then why don't you study the military or the many new age groups (of which many are based on theosophy)?

  127. just my 2 cents, do you even know what the hell are you talking about?

    Do you live in estonia so you know all about it so well?

    Eesti pank, estonian central pank regulates everything about estonian finances. And that what you say about estonian weird things, WAKE UP, this is russia waht are you talking about. When there was russian occupation in estonia, then yeah, things really were like this, because estonia was controlled by russia, but estonia is free now, so, time moves on.

  128. Artistic freedom on

    Hi again

    I forgot to say that if you really wanna study mind control then you should also check out the media's, especially the internet that are on they way of enslave us all. You might also also ask why I go against Theosophy. But that is because Theosophy is hardcore Illuminati occultism, just with other names. Actually The orders of the golden dawn (very satanic), was founded on the basis, that they wanted to revert theosophy back to the original western occult origin. And the Christ 'used' in Theosophy is by no means the spirit of 'Jesus of Nazaret', but a demon and so are all the Theosophical 'masters'. It is pure Enochian/Cabbalistic magic with other names. So be careful not become slaves of any of new age groups based apon this 'shit'. If you by the way wanna know the truth about Jesus of Nazareth and the reptilians, then you can check out this book, which you can read for free on the internet:

    / Peace /

  129. Climi's video is interesting.

    Since Vigilant is in the music industry in some capacity, it would be helpful if he would give some details into what goes into how a video is conceptualized, and who does the conceptualization. I doubt very much these interchangeable pop so-called 'artists' have much input into the theme of a video, so it's got to be someone else behind the scenes who comes up with the visualizations and conceptualizations. It would be very helpful if Vigilant would give some detailed insight into this process.

  130. @Silenus January 26th, 2010 8:03 pm

    omg, it’s a satyr hidden in Tarken’s Bu Gece video at 3:15. And other than the female Fire Walker and the man with the rose petals, I hardly noticed all the other people in that video, besides the satyr. Odd.

    That is not odd B. R., they even have a term for it… fixation.

  131. The intent of these videos appears to be the desensitization of people to satan, as Joseph states above in comment #40.


    1. Bad is superimposed upon the good (beauty is dressed in trashiness, with strange piercings).

    2. The spinning and clashing, repetitive patterns makes us feel unstable (when we are disassociated from God, we are, to varying degrees, out of touch with reality, or insane).

    3. Corruption of the young/innocent/females (it all begins with woman).

  132. can i also say that there on the tv screen there is one eye

    only one eye

    has no one else picked up on that?

    almost like big brother is watching you/new world order/illuminati kind of shit x

  133. FREAKED OUT 14YR GUR on


  134. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).

  135. Vigilant,

    I would like to second Occam’s Razor in asking about your own position as to why these symbols crop up so frequently in architecture, movies, symphonies, video games, music videos, sculptures, statues, corporate logos, paintings, pop songs, heavy metal lyrics, comic books, operas, road layouts, graffitti, tattoos etc, and have done so for centuries if not millennia?

    An outline of some of my opinions: I am a materialist, anostic bordering on atheist, and have studied psychology, sociology, history, communications and linguistics. I do not believe these symbols have any supernatural, divine or diabolical power behind them, but that is not to say that symbols have no power, merely that what power they do have over people is a function of the beliefs that people hold about them. i do not believe that these symbols belong to anyone, rather that they belong to anyone who wants to use them and mean virtually anything that people want them to mean. The meaning of any particular symbol can and does vary dramatically over time and geography and from (sub) culture to (sub) culture. People have been talking and writing about the diverse possible meanings of these symbols for centuries, and these commentators seem to play an active part in actually shaping the meaning of the symbols in question.

    I have enjoyed reading your work for some time now, since the articles about symbolism in various nattional monuments and famous buildings but am curious to know what opinions you have and how they may have shaped your investigative method. I welcome the comments you make in the conclusion to this latest article where you leave it open on the subject of why the Kerli video utilises the symbolism, is it an attempt by some powerful elite to mind control the youth of america via MTV, or is it an expose of those very mind control techniques by some “in the know” party within the industry (are they “goodies” or “baddies” basically). I am wondering if you have read the work of Robert Anton Wilson? How seriously do you take all this?

    Some of the people who comment on your pages seem to come from the christian right, and seem to interpret the use of these symbols as evidence of the hidden hand of satanists – who are working to bring about the apocalypse, presumably. It strikes me that a lot of those people are the white, middle class, suburban parents of the type of kids who are the primary market for MTV, and my personal spin on why this kind of imagery is turning up in music videos is that it causes a fuss amongst the middle classes, it creates a moral panic, it generates millions of column inches of free publicity and gets kids to listen to it precisely because their parents hate it. In the nineties it was marylin manson, in the eighties it was madonna, in the seventies it was led zeppelin and black sabbath, in the sixties it was the “bigger than jesus” beatles and their satanic magesties the rolling stones, in the fifties everyone knew that rock and roll was the devils music and elvis was banned from the waist down, in the thirties and forties it was jazz and blues musicians who sold their souls to the devil at lonely old crossroads, in the nineteenth century virtuosso violist Niccolo Paganini was also said to have sold his soul to the devil just llike robert johnson, he may not have started the rumour but he certainly played along with it..

    So do you believe in the big conspiracy? Do you study the symbols in terms of all the interesting things that people believe about them, in an objective way, or do you believe in the symbols themselves and have your own belief as to what they actually mean?

  136. @ml Those so called Christians who raped and killed your people were not christian…look up the true meaning of a christian person,… actually read the bible … a CHRIStIAN would never do that however people who wish to destroy the christian name which they did quite successfully i see.. would pass them selves of as that with there self written bibles…. idk how many people are in your country but so called christian and catholics raped and killed 10 million Africans…. and blacks are one of the most religous races so i seee no excuse.. educate your self….. and for the other please do make front of Jesus because no one is making front of you believing in nothing.

  137. The nationalistic bickering going on in this thread is a perfect example of how the antichrist will arrive and deceive many. We aren't educating ourselves. We're in a my country's better than your country pissing contest. We're divided and ready to be conquered.


    Sad state of affairs.

  138. Okay, it's no secret I disagree with you, and yes I did leave a sarcastic (and, by musical tastes, true) statement on your last article, but now I draw the line completely. Yes, I understand why you'd pick really popular artists – gaga, rihanna, Jay-Z – but Kerli? No.

    She has stated herself that the album 'love is dead' was written at a dark time in her life, and the imagery is centered around that. It some cases of it, I'm not sure, but that comparison to baphomet was definitely a false one. Yes, all the imagery, especially that eye on the TV, may be symbolic of all the sinister secret societies. However, they may mean nothing. Like in an interview, I believe she mentions that her homeland was under communist control in her childhood, and this maybe where the eye symbolism in the video comes from. I also believe that communism is, in theory, a good idea, but in practice, it is fundamentally flawed.

    I don't believe in a definite god, but still have faith in one, and I don't believe in the illuminati, and I usually get a chuckle from you conspiracy theorists. And these images having symbolism, I believe is complete bull, as I and a friend draw an eye similar to that of the eye of horus for a fictious nightclub idea, but I must ask you, have we been brainwashed? No! It merely emerged from our imaginations. Now I know you don't usually go for underground artists as they aren't in reach of the masses. I also happen to know of musicians who aren't popular as they are to articulate for popular music, and as far as I recall, articulate people tend to have researched this type of stuff.

    And referring back to my sarcastic comment on your last article, the shirt that director was wearing – these bands are different. They don't try to cover up any satanic imagery. In fact, that's what appeals to their fanbase. These bands are the ones who will use this to deliberately shock.

    So yes, I may be riveting on about a load of rubbish, or I may not be. But all I know is that these images you have analysed in this video may be blown out of proportion in this analysis. I know I may sound stupid for saying this, but this to is a form of brainwashing – your theories are taken by some of the viewers of this site as pure fact. They produce personal paranoia, and they will end up taking an overly analytical view of the media and its images. Paranoia and fear can be used as ways to control people. It's why I hate conspiracy therories, why I hate all majority influence, and is why I have chosen not to specifically worship christianity. Some christians spread fear across various forms of media, especially spamming youtube videos. Westboro baptist church is the perfect example of the kind of people who have been brainwashed.

    I also remembering hearing how God was feared in medieval times, and was a tyrant. Yes, we have moved from these beliefs, but people still fear God. I ask you now – do I want to be in a faith which has fallen apart because of its foundation?

  139. Also, in every thread you have Christian bashers. However, I challenge all Christian bashers to give us examples of how Jesus…the Christ…the Savior…the Lord, has personally done you harm. Also, give us examples of how His teachings are harmful to humanity.

    Stop blaming the Lord for the evil that men do. People have free will–they make bad choices. It seems these days non-believers and so called Christians (the phonies) are all blaming the Lord for everyone's bad behavior. I believe He's the only one left who is trying to help you get your mind right enough to do the right thing. Ironic, isn't it?

  140. Hi.. I've been reading your articles and I somehow feel the same as i watched it myself…

    i'd like to ask you something if it's just fine with you…

    I'm a fan of Korean Pop sensation Jeong Ji-Hoon a.k.a. Bi (Rain) in english…

    He's got a song that caught my attention, it's title is "Rainism" I haven't seen the MV

    but there's something with it's lyrics…

    please if you have something to share, post it as well…

    Continue being a vigilant, me and my friends are beginning to share it with others…

    Thank you & God bless you…

  141. Awesome observations man! Please keep these analysis' coming. I saw a YouTube video of former Public Enemy member Professor Griff giving a public talk, and he mentioned this web site along with and The guy really knows what's going on in the hip hop industry, and is speaking out publicly about it. They are really throwing this stuff in our faces now. Revelation of the method? Your piece on Jay Z's new music video "On To The Next One" got me to look at it really closely, and I spotted a few things I have not seen mentioned anywhere yet. The video seems to me to have some kind of subliminal murder theme going on in it. Here is a YouTube video I did breaking some of it down –

  142. just my 2 cents on

    Well, you touched Kerli and someone observant put the link and write an article about it in our newspaper (opened the gate) and you got attention of (demons?), now we are here. We came thru magic mirror, which lets us see the world (internet). We didn't know about this site before but we know it now and I'm here to read and observ and comment you.

    Here is a lot of intresting stuff .

    I would like to read your comments about this video. I found it last year second half of december and I was so surpriced. Defenetly influence of demons. Watch that video… Does someone know what those red turned triangles above men are?

    What you think – are gangs under demonic control? MS13, Bloods, Crips…

  143. What is with some of you people, your on a site that has the power to open your mind so much to the truths of the world yet you still continue to babble on about ''The Lord'' and ''Praise Jesus'' and what not. I'm not saying jesus harmed me or were his intentions non positive, but i bet most people that challenge christianity arent. Jesus isnt the problem, the system of the church as an established religion is and its also got one of the biggest and loyal, legion of…yes mind controlled followers. The afterlife isnt full of angels with feathery wings. Life is a journey within a journey, an experience within an experience. we live we experience we learn, then our physical bodies die, and we move on. You reach heaven my achieving enlightenment, which is gained by knowing the truth.

    I'm sorry this has nothing to do with the vidvigilant, its just I found your site really helpful in linking up some things my mind couldnt put together yet. If you really revolve your life around the life of a human that lived 2000 years ago then potentially your being controlled just like the artists of the music industry we see every day. Also I think alot of people seem to confuse things literally. Symbols are the language of the illuminati and most of the secret societies, so just remember everything is symbolic in its nature. When you truly understand it you'll look back through your life and find that you yourself are even symbolic by nature.

    Fuck…sorry for the rant, please keep up the work. Extremely awakening site.

  144. AsleepAwake – You might as well Remove the AWAKE from your name…Jesus is LORD! You're telling me we reach "HEAVEN" merely by acheiving enlightment? Isn't that the same thing the SERPENT TOLD EVE IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN? No. you can eat from THIS tree, GOD doesn't want you to b/c he doesn't want you to gain TRUE KNOWLEDGE!

    "The afterlife isnt full of angels with feathery wings. Life is a journey within a journey, an experience within an experience. we live we experience we learn, then our physical bodies die, and we move on. You reach heaven my achieving enlightenment, which is gained by knowing the truth."

    How are you so Sure what the afterlife contains? If there is NO GOD…how did we get here? People parish for the lack of knowledge….You ask why do people continue to say Praise Jesus…ask the Satanist, whos plan is to bring about the kingdom of the ANTI-CHRIST…What does Anti Mean? OPPOSITE…If they are the Evil Entity who ULTIMATELY attempt to DESTROY the world…then what does that say about CHRIST??

    People better wake up, they want to CONTINUE to DENY this whole Satanic-Illuminati Agenda…but it's right there in your face @ least for those who have EYES TO SEE AND EARS TO HEAR!

  145. Were in my rant did i say anything about there being no god?? Plus its not as easy as just saying ''This place is heaven'' and ''This place is hell''. Just because jesus performed miracles for mankind doesnt mean we should praise him above every other human. Plenty of humans have performed acts of love and sacrifice, but just because there isnt a book about all of them no one remembers them. Not to mention you follow the rules out of a book not even written by jesus, your saviour, or your so called god. A book written simply by men who have said to have been guided by god….you've got to lol.

    The whole point I was trying to make was that we dont need to go to church,mosque or synagogue, or read a book,doctrine or scroll to tell us what we know. Every human knows the truth from birth, its by the time we can think properly for our selves and through the dumbing down of our parents, weve been distracted from the truth. We have all the knowledge we need in our own minds, its just up to us to remember it and link it all up, that is the way of nature. Not to sit in sum pointy topped building listening to some old white guy in over the top robes telling us how just to be born is a sin. I dont need to be saying this because people from all religions not even just christianity are waking up. I guaruntee you that in the next 50 years we will see the collapse of many establishment religions. I'm just trying to do my bit every day by letting as many people as i can know as well as follwing my path and my life.

  146. aren't art directors responible for music videos and shoots. don't forget that artists often work with directors and creative people who make the storyboards, not the artists themself. They just work their magic in front of a camera and do what they've been told, peeps….

  147. If there is a meaning for the insertion of common symbols in these videos, and I believe their is, it is important to not that a lot of the symbolism commonly used in these videos are inversions of other symbols. I read somewhere recently (perhaps here or some other site referenced on this site) that black magic is not a real magic, but rather an inversion of white magic, which is why the symbols can sometimes look so similar, yet slightly skewed. I think this is where peope make the connection between this type of information and Christianity, because there is a familiarity to what is being done.

    I am a Christian myself, but I do agree with SofD in that sometimes conspiracies (in theory or not) raise panic and incite fear. When I first began looking into this I found that there are a million links, with many people from around the world citing instances of illuminati symbolism and references to the new world order. It can be depressing if taken in all at once, and a little terrifying. I think the for me it has been easiest to take everything that I bring in with a grain of salt, and to ultimately make sure that I find time to back away from the computer. In the first week that I started studying up on this I watched nothing on tv, listened to no radio, I was paranoid and terrified because I recognized the undeniable truth in what I was seeing on sites like this. Now I watch what I want, but I find that I am less prone to want to watch or listen to just any old thing.

    However you take it, there is no denying that that the entertainment industry, the marketing industry and any other commercial giant has pretty much unchecked power. It is good to be wary of what is being placed into your head. I have stumbled across a few videos on youtube that point the finger at well known Christian preachers as well. Just because an individual comes in the name of Jesus Christ doesn't make him who he says he is. The idea, always is to be vigilant. I have found this site to be the most useful and trustworthy of many of the sites that I have browsed. There are other sites that really attempt to make a mountain of a molehill. I don't perceive that as being the case here. I think you can't bash the ideas here until you have taken the educational advice offered on the homepage and read up on occult symbology and its ideas and purposes. This is not all hokey. Many, if not all well known colleges/universities offer courses on or relating symbology – so from this we can see that there must be relevance somewhere. Symbology is a language all of itself, and humans have been using symbols to communicate for ages. My kindergartner comes home with smiley faces an stars on good work that she has done, and she understands the meaning of these symbols. If someone stamps a dollar sign on something we understand its connection to currency. We communicate with symbols all the time – it is not so unbelievable that the origins of symbols carry deaper meanings.

  148. @bla

    Some of them do. Some of them are probably as innocent to all of this as the rest of the unsuspecting world. But people like Jay-Z and Beyonce and Lady Gaga – they know what they do. I know they do, because they say it boldly, as often as they feel to do so. There is not a lot of shame in some stars' game and I don't think that you can be successful in the industry for long without being aware of its underworld. I think it is generally the agenda of the networks (many of whom use the all-seeing-eye for logos) that ultimately dictate how things will go down, and what will be depicted and portrayed.

  149. @ 200. AsleepAwake

    I hear you loud and clear you must know that we all cannot make it too the finish line. People like us must take up the burden of knowledge of self. I say continue your journey and grow and develop until you reach your goal, If you follow in his footsteps you will become what he is. Let the sheep misinterpret the message of christ, take no responsibility for their actions or lives, blame it on the devil and look to jesus to save them. Jesus suffered and went through his ordeals to show other human beings that there is only one way to live and that is FREE From the control of man and in tune with the inner self. The details of his journey have been greatly fabricated and almost completely destroyed by modern religion. Let the sheep misinterpret his message. My best advice is if you walk in his footsteps you will become what he is. Remain vigilant and in tune w/ self, we are all the children of god the message of jesus, buddha, mohamed and so fourth is all within us you just have to be in tune with self to listen.

  150. Asleepawake- " through the dumbing down of our parents" Did you forget some day we may be parents. We are the ones being dumbed down. So wouldn't you ask why are we dumbed down? This may be why perhaps just saying. What you said made no sense or actually you made a good point we are being " dumbed down" and like I stated some day we may be parents. So mabey we need to get this generation together and mabey we won't be dumbed down parents!

    Too bad you don't beleive in God he is awsome where is your faith. Who told you, you needed relegion to get to God. Every thing you said they changed about the Bible blah, blah, blah the men in robes…, you don't need it no way. So why talk down on God have faith

    To the people saying there is no evidence could it be you choose to ignore just saying



    "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it"

    I'm going with Christ on this one fellas!


  152. @206.Please Listen

    No fool we are made in the image of god. We are imperfect but rather than commit to being a sheep and staying stuck in this state, I strive for perfection and look for improvment WITHIN!!! Not the words out of another mans mouth or the pages of a mans book. You walk your path I walk mine.

  153. No MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN YOUR LIFE…YOU ARE NEVER TOO FAR AWAY FROM THE GRASP OF GOD! Duh we are made in his image how can you be far from something that created you. I believe in the unseen but felt hand of god. Not the vidal sasson just got his hair done in 234bc fabricated version of christ that you sheep tend to wordship. like i said do you I will continue to walk my blessed path and learn from the lessons

  154. “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it”

    Sounds like the okey doke to me. Go ahead and die behind the word of man. Hopefully your michelangelo's version of christ will save you.

  155. At 1:58, what is the symbol to the left of her on the wall? It's all alone, just there. It's creepy and I would like to know what it is. O.O

  156. Sorry for the double-post but it's a Fleur-de-lis. It has a ton of symbolism but which is it standing for in this video? *scratches forehead*

  157. Interesting about the scene with the windows. Windows can represent the eyes. These 2 windows are open (curtains flapping) but bricked up. Eyes wide shut. Another illuminati mind control slave reference.

  158. An indictment against today's pop culture. I thought this was interesting, and makes some good points about today's 'youth culture' and the music industry that feeds it:

    "For the first time in my life I watched a few moments of the television coverage of that silly ball-dropping ritual in Times Square on New Years Eve. …but watching that dismal affair in NYC was like watching ghouls dance on America's grave. Unsettling, to say the least!

    "It's pretty clear America is in deep trouble when the most 'moving' portion of our nationally-televised celebration came moments before the stroke of midnight when tens of thousands of our countrymen, some with tears in their eyes, began singing…John Lennon's socialist anthem 'Imagine'…It was truly an Orwellian moment!

    "With TOSHIBA, TOSHIBA, TOSHIBA flashing high over Times Square and fireworks bursting in air, the ball came down, the revelers went wild, and something called Rihanna began belting out her latest rap song while cavorting about like a demon on stage, groping her private parts as she went.

    "Stripped of the the shame of their own filth, the 'enlightened' ones have become oblivious to the fact that like the Hebrews at the foot of Mount Sinai, they too have been set 'naked among their enemies', lost their honour and stripped of the grace of God. …

    "If the spectacle at Times Square is any indication, prayer may be answered soon. For it surely was the face of a Godless people that stared up at the little ball in New York. It was a conscience-less, soul-less mob no longer in possession of enough moral fiber to even cover the eyes of little children while lewd 'entertainment' is performed by harlots and perverts.

    "What's to become of a nation incapable of determining right from wrong and using the full power of the global media to corrupt little souls and poilute innocent minds. What's to become of Americans whose last surviving moral code amounts to little more than making sure they keep themselves safe, go green, have plenty of illicit sex and part like rock stars?…"

  159. The part you left out was the fact the Geisha-fake-doll is walking down a hallway past busts of semi-Masonic symbolism. I spotted Athena, something Egyptian, something else possibly Beethoven or a member of the Freemasons.

  160. 'be alert', we're warned.'ua enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour'.the devil is a liar and when he tells a lie,he only does what is natural to that u know what he's doing,be on the watch.

  161. The HALLWAY scene is perhaps one of the most insightful parts of this video connecting it to secret society symbolism (rather that be Illuminati or Freemasonry).

    Can anyone identify the portraits on the walls? The busts are obviously symbolic, one is Athena, a common secret society symbol.

  162. But I don't really get it. Are these illuminati or freemasons people satan worshippers then? On wikipedia it says that many of its members are christians, jews and even muslims. Not that wikipedia is a reliable source… :-) And did Lady Gaga respond to the rumours?

    All I know is that I want to stay the hell away from these freaks…

  163. Good catch on the AK-47, Prometheus. I looked at that, but not carefully enough. (yeah, probably pointing to her womb.)

  164. just my 2 cents on

    No comments?

    That's the real stuff, poeple die in the real world. Artist videos don't kill anybody.

    Upside town triangle above human is a sing. This was the second time I saw it, in that video. About 9 years back one old healer said in a small group, that he heals people that way, that there is upside down above in every human a shadow of that human.

    Secret societies are showing you thier signs thru videos? If they do, so what? Be observant, notice, notice that they are stupid revealing themselves. Good videos of Maxwell, watched yesterday.

    I think that satan is in (some of ) you in attempt to destroy innocent artists careers and lives.

    If you believe so strongly, that strogly, that it blinds you, then you became the tool for evil.

  165. Artistic freedom on

    Hi Again

    What about thinking about that the real Illuminati probably don't call themself that anymore, and after all the revealing stuff lately, then the probably now use different symbols! For example they might now use a heart, a fruit, a dolphin, a panda bear, a smiley, a computer chip symbol (I am sure they do that), or whatever that might work fooling people. If you carefully read Fritz Springmeier's excellent books, then you can see that the magical system that they have used for thousand of years in different forms, is like a switch army knife that can be used for just about everything in all sort of forms. If you ask my then the best thing to do, is to just believe in God, and then just like the pink panther, you will succeed.

    Anyway, why not make some research in the computer gaming industry, as that is, I believe, massively used for mind control, and making 'zombie warrior slaves'.

  166. Artistic freedom on

    Ok, I guess that many ask what the heck I am talking. So let's break the ice (the very 'holy' secret). All that magic stuff is about finding your weakness, amplify it, until you become some kind of demon that fit in to the hierarchy. And then you 'become' chosen to become that kind of Illuminati slave (or what the devils name is). And of course you learn that becoming anything but some kind of slave (including warrior slaves) is impossible. Now you know …

  167. Templeton Peck on

    I's it just me, or does anyone else think that ol' Joss Whedon knows more than he's letting on? Because as entertaining as 'Dollhouse' is, I reckon I can see some paralells between the 'Dollhouse' universe, this video and the whole MK Ultra business. Same goes for his other show 'FireFly'. Not surprising as 'Buffy' and 'Angel' were both inspired by The Prince of Darkness himself! It would be great if you could do some digging into this guy and his material Vi.Ci, and maybe do some articles? Thank's dude.

  168. How sick and how sad. Our Youth is under attack so that the next generation is totally lost to the Talmudic Committee of 300, headed by Henri Kissinger.

  169. Another video to check into is Mariah Carey's new video, "Up Out My Face," featuring that Nicki Minaj chick. They start off as dolls wrapped up in these boxes with butterflies on them, it goes down hill from there.

  170. This is an important one:

    Did you notice that the girl sings about her having "an old blue hat"? Did you actually see it in the video? Did you see an old blue had anywhere in this video? No, you didn't. This is because it's reference to Israel. Israel's national color is blue and is also known as the old home. That's why she has an "old blue hat". Remember her singing about how she "with her old blue hat will set the world on fire"? I mean guys, these people are very open to us. They don't hide anything. They themselves admit all in these "Masonic" videos and movies. It's not hidden. It's not that they hide it. It's us that we are not seeing and understanding it. Get it?

  171. Sorry but I forgot to mention this one too.

    Did you notice that in the center of her diadem on the first image of this page there is a blue eye. Since when gems have pupils?

  172. Oh goodness. The comments on her Youtube videos seem very educated with VC ideas. I wonder how many are VC readers and how many just figured it out because it was so obvious!

  173. My take on the beginning of the song:

    The house is Solomon's temple, and the town is Israel which in the song is said to be town in this world. The logic behind this is because when the world becomes a one superstate (United Nations) the nations will become towns in it.

  174. I think this is interesting too:

    In the very beginning you can see the Hatter and some bushes in the background. On of them is glowing and looks more green from the rest. Guess what geometry shape is this. Yes, it's a pyramid.

    Also at 0:03 you can see a little ladder in the bottom right corner. This is the masonic ladder.

  175. I don't know if it has been said already, but in the shot where Kerli says "i love you" she makes the heart shape with her hands but also notice at the top, she uses two fingers to make the illuminati triangle. So her hands look like a heart within a triangle. Just noticed it…

  176. Something I noticed which reinforces the notion that she's being indoctrinated through the use of drugs in the symbolic programming she's receiving, is the way in which she dances, and her positioning in many of the scenes. Granted that her look is meant to be ornate, themed after the gothic lolita style, but her movements throughout the video are nearly entirely upper-body and hand gestures, with a bit of leaning around the hips. This is not the same kind of choreographed, cardio-esq workout which is featured in the majority of other pop videos, and as with everything which goes into a work of 'art', is arguably an intentional choice on her and the crew involved.

    It looks good, but if anyone here has been to a club, you know this is what the girls do when they're so wasted off whatever they've been using, they can barely stand under their own power. Their dancing instead becomes standing in place, slight swaying and arm movements, rather than even risking to take a step lest they fall over.

    As for the other positioning, she does walk carefully within the kitchen, but towards the start she is sitting with her legs splayed to the all-seeing-eye tele, and then later she is spread out on the rock bed. None of her dance moves suggest that she has the sobriety to do anything terribly coordinated.

  177. Whoa, What an analysis….

    but one thing that I don't understand about illuminati…

    Why in the first place they are promoting themselves in secrecy, putting their symbols all over the place(small, secluded, and unnoticeable if you don't rewind it and slowmo it over and over again)?

    because i believe that even society won't really give a damn,or even understand realize about those symbols, or even know and connect it with Illuminati? (except you guys who follow this website)

    As a part of society (and a faithful Catholic) I don't even realize those symbols, nor I even remembered about Illuminati or occultism that you mentioned. I just enjoy it simply as a form of expression, an art, or something like that, and so most of the society (i believe)…

    Therefore i confused with the aim of occults putting their symbols everywhere…

  178. Hey VIGILANT!!

    Just so you know, there's triangle symbolism on Kerli's face. the piercings, one beneath her lip, and two beneath her eyes,

    If I remember rightly, even as far back in Shakespears time, the triangle is not only illuminiti symbolism but it represents the ladder of power. God at the top, the the people going down the bottom according to earthly power, then the devil at the very bottom. Just read Macbeth, that's absolutely full of it.

    Well, on kerli's face, the triangle is upside down. What does that suggest? The ladder of power is reversed, and guess whos at the top?

    Thing is, she wears this trangle all the way through, and even on her cartoon promo pictures. Perhaps this is her way of saying that it dosnt matter if you're being reprogrammed, or whatever, before or after you're still a slave.

    SO we all walk around with these traingles on our faces? Perhaps we should actually take this in a literal sense.

    if you watch The human face ( ) you will see that we are actually attracted to traingles. Just a thought, really.

    I dont know what to make of that, its probably coincidence.

    However, I love your work. Please don't disapear.

  179. Honestly. The song sucks. So I doubt people even want to watch the music video… well besides 14 year old girls, and who cares about them.

    Thanks for the article though.

  180. Im so intrigued by these articles. I've never been the type to listen to conspiracies or the whole new wave of illuminati talk as I knew of the illuminati in its Ancient times when it was created for good and learning, but Im so happy I ventured on to this website where it has shown actual research into the claims as opposed to me hearing a whole mess of rumors with nothing to back it up. Im still looking into the symbolic meaning behind everything so Im on the fence. I actually like being impartial because Im looking at things from both points of view. Thanks for this website and very very very good analysis!

    Also In one of Kanye's songs he said

    "The Devil is alive I feel him breathing"

    Open to interpretation I guess!

    Oh and can someone tell me when the Illuminati came to mean a bad organization? When did that change occur? I remember learning about the Illuminati being opposed to the catholic church for being hypocrites and things of the sort.


  181. Any other info about Taylor Swift? For some odd reason I keep having a very uneasy feeling about her and have had that feeling ever since I've heard about her. Same with Beyonce. Great article by they way. I've read All of your articles and they parallel to the articles/testimonies written by the ex-programmers/exes of the freemasonry/illumunatti industry. Keep doing what you are doing. You are God's messenger.

  182. Vigilant Citizen said in the article: "The title of the song itself refers to the feeling of light-headedness felt by mind control slaves during their trauma-based therapies. "

    Trauma-based THERAPIES??? Surely you mean ABUSE. Vigilant, you talk like a handler. Are you one? Seems like you just gave yourself away…oops!

  183. Dude!u'v got ma prayers,i'v got ur back on this on.this is part of the war we gotta declare on the occult.hw many more lady gagas n kerli's nriris n beyonces n what have u r they gonna control n use against us?if u notice the trend,they get more brazen by the day.i'v had it up to here.somebody's gotta start praying that God would win back those poor lost souls.

  184. Artistic freedom on

    Ok, I've said earlier, that I didn't thought, that if Kerli was mind controlled, that 'they' would shown it that clearly. But then again after studying the video more deeply, then it is obvious that she looks very 'slain'. Now I've got the thought, that the trick could be, that if 'horny' guys start to 'worship' Kerli and want to be with her, then on some level they also accept becoming 'boxed' together with her and therefore loose powers. Many people might not even notice the symbols, but focus more on the sexual side. So, wake up dudes!

  185. The part where the strings from the doll are being cut is a simple warning.

    Cut the strings and you will die.

    The doll is being placed in a coffin. The scissor cuts the strings. And the coffin is closed.

    Other than that: excellent post. Love your work.

  186. Artistic freedom on

    Also please note that the whole environment around Kerli and maybe even her clothes, seems as it is made with computers. The 2 producers are experts in 3D animated virtual reality's. So it could be that Kerli was just singing and performing in a nice and cozy studio hoping to become a star, and afterwards all the graphics was added. If you think that it is not possible to do so, then look at movies like The lord of the rings or Avatar. Today that is very much possible, and one must also ask how much other media stuff is made the same way!

  187. One point you forgot to put was that when her dress turned BLACK, you saw the numbers 1-10 on it. In MK-Ultra mind control programming, I read somewhere that they make the person count 1 to 10 over and over again.

  188. This album cover has illuminati/luciferian signature written all over it. The branches form sixes and she has a damn all-seing-eye on her forehead.

    @Alejandra Lopes #243:

    Thanks for sharing the pic. "Clive D" written besides Usher, spelled backwards is Devil C. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  189. wow!! this is crazy

    i was just speaking to my cousin about this song(recently this weekend) and how there was always something eerie about it!!!!

    omg i knew it!!!!!

    this industry is so sad how they are all becoming puppet slaves

    makes me sick!!!!

  190. i first saw walking on air early 2008,thought it was a cool video but didnt think about kerli since then.

    but i think kerli may be a witch(NOT JOKING) because at the end of december 2009 she came out with a video saying how lady gaga copied her and ever since i saw that particular video i have been OBSESSED WITH HER!!!!!!

    ive been watching her videos,performances, interviews and i feel like ive been hypnotized.

    she is VERY TALENTED but as far as the multiple personality…well she did say on her myspace that shes BI-POLAR :(

    even with all the evidence i still cant get enough of her.

  191. kerli did say that the big doll represented someone trying 2 hold you back from your dreams.

    so the string were cut and the doll broke free,but why at the end did we see kerli in a box being held by the big doll?

    is she saying that shes still under control of "SOMEONE"

    the other personality?

    aww kerli :(

  192. Next in line for the world is the legalizing of drugs.

    I am all for one world government or NWO – will sort out all of the crap we currently experiencing.

  193. I have no PITY for these types. I've been subjected to plenty of the same techniques. IF YOU HAVE A SOUL YOU CAN FIGHT IT. None of these souless puppets FIGHT.

    Mind control techniques do not work on the OBSERVER part of the mind (the SOUL that harbors self awareness).

    Genetic lines like "Kerli" are CHOSEN because souled individuals rarely incarnate into their toxic bloodline anymore. GOT IT?

  194. Although I applaud your efforts to expose occult symbolism in our culture it seems to primarily center around artist. I understand that a lot of these artist may be messengers/minstrels for secret societies, but I'm more concerned about the people who wield true power being exposed.

  195. An Observant Viewer on

    @Bewitched It sounds to me that you do not understand what BIPOLAR is. That came off to me as rather offensive seeing as though I suffer from it, it is a mood disorder, not a personality disorder. Educate yourself before you make a comment like that again.

  196. TO: DM

    ….yup, nice one, that is how they work don't they…lure them in with drugs, sex, whatev….

    "NWO will sort out all the crap that we are currently experiencing."

    REally??? WOW, cuz I thought it was the NWO Elite who chose to create the war on drugs, terror and every other war for that matter, in order to achieve the plan. Yes the plan, you know the one I'm talking about. I'm sure you are very well versed in the subject, Do us all a favor, take your disinformation and use it to light your soon to be legalized crack.

  197. @An Observant PEWwer, (doesnt BI mean 2)?

    i understand what HIGHS AND LOWS are but if a BI POLAR person goes through HIGHS AND LOWS that means that you can act like 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE right?

    your MOOD CHANGES and so does your PERSONALITY.

    its may be a MOOD DISORDER but your personality ALSO can go from HAPPY 2 SAD 2 ANGRY.

    so i think YOU need 2 educate yourself before you make a comment like that at me :)

  198. At first when a friend told me about this site, i came on and everything creeped me out. I was taking this site's word for everything, then all these comments about how the music industry is evil etc. It even made me afraid to listen to their (rihanna and lady gaga) music, but when I thought about it i realized that this website felt more evil to me, even cult-ish with the followers. The supporters were all like sheep or something. I thought for myself and i decided that this site was crap. You can say that i'm scared and that i'm doing exactly what "they" want me to do. I don't care, i know who i am and have the right to think for myself. But I do want to thank this site for introducing me to Kerli. The more i learn about her the more i realize how much you people are conspiracy theorists. Songs can be interpreted in many ways and you interpret it in the way you want it to be , good for you. Whatever. That's just my opinion. Think what you want.

  199. skye- How do you feel this site is creppy and all the infomation comes from the artist themselves it's their videos and photoshoots lol at you hun. I can see if these were VC pictures and videos he created.. What you said made no sense this site is very creppy why? due to the artist themselves. Next time sound a little more clever thanks

  200. Wow Skye, it sure is scary when fans say, " Good job VC" or "Yeah, I can see your point, VC"….shudder!, it's like a cult or something…yeeeeaaap, OK!

    Knowledge/Opinion that I can choose to believe partly, wholly or not at all is so scary,

    Personally I like being told what to think by the box in my living. It tells me that everything is good and totally awesome. That way I never think wow, that girl is actually acting really slutty, she's not wearing any clothes and really isn't a good mentor for anybody. Or that guy keeps talking about letting me have sex with him, wearing next to nothing and getting high off his material crap and drugs and alcohol and don't forget his magic stick. But hey that's just my opinion.

    Like, you know, whatever!

    Life totally rocks and I like stuff.

  201. Oh and Missa, I don't know when but someday soon I will be using your last line:

    "Next time sound a little more clever thanks"

    yep, to me that is just classic, great!

  202. You goons think this little girl had anything to do with the production or writing of this video your sadly mistaken. there is, no doubt it is rich with symbolism, but i bet she cant even tie her shoes and knows absolutely nothing about what it means, or what she has been forced to represent. I might add the song is rather pretty tho.

  203. I'm happy to say that I am not very concerned with any one artist, but the messages and symbols that a large number of artists are depicting. That is the big picture, and I'm pretty sure is the point of this website. All media is a form of propaganda to ease in the way of new ideas. So, I suppose I am a goon due to my wanting to read up on things that I myself felt were odd in the first place. This site did not really say anything I wasn't somewhat aware of previously. So, thanks for your irrelevant insult. Watch out for the goons who choose not to rely solely on what infiltrated mass media systems throw out to the general public as undeniable truths until of course they are refuted, they may actually have the ability for critical thought. Please continue to enjoy all your 'pretty' songs.

  204. i keep waiting for someone to take the next step and explain what the perceived threat is. i mean, most the symbolism will be lost on most people. how does this work to effect the masses. it is almost like on one level you have pointed out a bunch of symbolism and you have linked to an essay/book on mind control but i still do not see the explanation for how this helps the evil ones. i have an idea but am waiting for your explanation. because on a simple level, it seems possible to me that current artists are using symbols and ideas that have been underground for many years. and it is pop music so it is popular. i believe knowledge protects…but what is your theory about how these videos are changing or effecting viewers? much seems linked to the christian definition of anti-christ so if i don't believe in the christian faith or share christian fears then what should i take from this?

  205. p.s. remember the 80s…the cure and depeche mode and many others were underground or alternative…and the 90s saw all that was alternative/underground (not techincally all but much of) become popular. so why is this not just part of that trend?

  206. It never ceases to amaze me that people would rather beleive a lie than see the truth! It is obviouse to any sincere person that these artists are perpetuating these satanic and occult themes. To say that they don't have a choice over the messages in their songs or imagery in their videos is absurd. You always have a choice. The choice may be not to be famous. But these artist are willing to peddle this filth to the masses in order to be rich and famous. That is their choice. That should be of no surprise since "the world lies in the power of the wicked one". I have no doubt that satan is in control of the music industry in part if not all. But if you would rather be in ignorance than just rationalize it all away. If the latest catchy song is more important to you than 'the truth" the by all means don't let me ruin your bliss!

  207. GAbrielle the Angel on

    SHe did the triangle image at the end of the video. Im not even shocked anymore. WE are in the last days. The enemy is the Prince of this world, but my Christians bros and sis know how the story ends-HE LOSES. his army is here and so is the Lord. ya'll ready 2 rumble- prayer fasting, feasting on the Word.

    Hey, Vigilant please do an article on the occult Grammy. What was up with Beyonce and the marial law police was that a hint or was that a hint??? And Lady gaga-where do you start?? Lord help us.

  208. #39 Sao Paolo: Can't speak for hard rock, but I think a fair case can be made that ALL Hollywood/music scene is turning out to have mind control behind it — by design and from the beginning. For a real eye-opener, check out: and look at the 16-part series:

    "Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation" The writing style is TOTALLY entertaining.

    Turns out nearly everyone from the late 60's early 70s scene came from a military intelligence family (or mental institution!) background. Go figure. Here are just SOME of the names connected in a way one would never suspect: Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, "Papa" John Phillips (is that why he thought incest with his own daughter was normal?), "Mama" Cass Elliott, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, James Taylor. Lots of early deaths of people in that scene, too, …

    …and let's not forget the Charles Manson connection…

    I know, I know… it could all be coincidence, but when one sees how much "smoke" there is in McGowan's (how come I've never heard of this guy — he's amazing!) there has GOT to be a fire!

    Check it out!

  209. @Juniper: I've been wondering myself if Flyleaf (not exactly a self-proclaimed Christian Rock Band) has anything to do with Monarch Programming symbolism… I even threw away their album cause they were starting to creep me out. "All Around Me" is very ambiguous – as most of their songs are. Vigilant, I would love if you checked up on them… although I doubt that they have any videos out.

  210. An Observant Viewer on

    @Bewitched No, again, you're confusing what bipolar disorder really is with what people theorize mind control can come with, and that's multiple personality disorder. That's a very rare mental disorder that still hasn't had a lot of research done on it yet, whereas bipolar disorder is very common and very treatable. Bipolar disorder was originally called manic depression (which I still think sounds better, in my honest opinion) because of the altering moods between mania and depression. I'm not sure why you think bipolar disorder has anything to do with personality, because it has to do MOODS, specifically the alteration thereof, and bi means "two" where as multiple means "more than two." You do NOT act like "two different people" when you're manic or depressed because your personality does not change, only your MOOD. Also, what's with the random insertion of 'angry'? You don't get angry when you're bipolar…just sad and happy.

    Also, I don't think you should tell a person suffering from the illness itself to educate themselves. I believe that I got the full gist of it first hand, okay? And I can tell you right now, I do not act like a multiple personality when I have mood swings. If I have to convince you, read this article about it right here.

  211. the whole music industry uses hypnotic music to put over there views of what that want.the government uses it now to bring down society so people more and more rely on the government to protect them from what they think the world is really like.rap stars and rock stars make so much money that every kid wants to be like them,rich,lots of girls,famous.its a trap.uneducated youth,violence in the streets,drug dealing that the government seems only interested in punishing people rather then helping people with a drug problem,don't listen to anything that comes from any mass media outlet.its all mind control…..thank you FOX for the new iraq war……

  212. YOU need an explanation of how these messages are affecting the masses…..look at any young kid who says and acts out the values depicted in these songs. Are u blind. Are you not capable of critical thinking and seeing the bigger picture. I don't even have the strength to write out a proper explanation of why and how these messages are affecting us. Why bother? My words are lost on you b/c they didn't come out of a some news anchor's mouth first…the truth is all around you. People are becoming more and more superficial, materialistic and misguided as far as "freedom" goes. Because our wonderful 'idols' equate freedom with having sex and buying the newest shit. Sure, sexual freedom is good but is the ability to have sex the only way to measure freedom I know it's not, I really would like to believe that YOU do too. But, then again I don't believe in fairy-tales. I really wish that instead of trying to have someone else prove shit to you, you would take the info here and the practical info you can gather from the world around you and come up with your own conclusions. We've been told what to think for so long I can see now, that some of us have lost the ability to do think altogether.

  213. you know she has a song called butterfly cry.

    Did I hurt you?

    Did I ever made you bleed inside?

    Did I kill you?

    I didn't mean to make you hide yourself,

    Find you in you, beautiful.

    Do not grow the seeds of pain in you,


    Let the butterflies cry,

    Let them cry for you.

    You just dry your eyes,

    Because the world is wonderful.

    Let the butterflies cry,

    Let them cry for you.

    You just dry your eyes,

    Because the world is wonderful.

    Oh, because the world is wonderful

    I have been there,

    I used to belive there was no light.

    But I found out,

    Oh, life is far too short to fight.

    Loose yourself, let go of your pain,

    Taste the air you breathe and kiss the sky.


    what do you think about this vigilant?

  214. i was on her facebook page nd saw she kept making semi-cryptic status' like 'life is nothing but a dream' and I am not what happened to me. I'm what i choose to become '…hmmm

  215. check out dat p.diddy's song angels cuz d lyrics r 2222 strong i think dey have a secret meaning lyk he waz talkin bout d devil wen he waz sayin the angels callin

  216. i like butterflies. i'll tattoo one soon. it doesn't mean i respect the masons.

    church ain't gonna save you. they are the biggest manipulators. masons got nothing on them

  217. Mind control in music has been around since the Beetles. The boring Beetles were more puppets of the mind control game done by the Tavistock Institute which works directly for the Committee of 300. Read Dr. John Coleman book on these three hundred men who control the wealth of the entire planet, and all the sub-groups like Skull&Bones, The Cincinatti Society, The Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, The Vatican, The Fabians, You can watch Dr. Colemans videos on and about how the crimes they have committed against humanity, and how they have a depopulation program in place to bring population numbers to one billion using famine seeds (GMOs), allopathic medicine, wars and food contaminated with depleted uranium.

    If "we do not fight these monsters" as Dr. William Deagle warns, we all be their slaves for they now have technology that can do human cloning replication. The clones do not have a soul but the memories of the original human are transferred to the replica. Do not be surprised by this for one of their goons, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and CIA Director who created Al-Qaeda, wrote a book about "Technotronics", where he demonstrates this. When they released the news about "Dolly" the sheep, they had already done research on it for forty years. They too have a camera that can photograph one's thoughts. The technology that they keep hidden form the public is astonishing. Why haven''t they release it? Control, and more control over the population of the world.

    However the greatest crime being committed against humanity is the sexual rape of children which has its roots in the Babylonian Talmud which has influenced the Old Testament. The Talmud is an evil book written by filthy, psychopathic Elders and Rabbis who made a pact with Satan. This book "legalizes" pedophilia, incest, bestiality and it says that it ok. for a Jew to lie, cheat, break oaths with gentiles; and kill them indirectly. Isn't that what happened to the greatest teacher that ever lived which was killed indirectly by the Pharisees? Why is it that the Old Testament has been bundled into a single book with the New Testament when they have different messages? Although one cannot trust the teachings in the New Testatment either, for it was modified and tampered with by the Council of Nicea with the approval of Roman emperor Constantine. Why is it that Native Children are still being separated from their families and put against their will in foster homes and residential schools; and the most repugnant crime continues to be prepetrated against innocent children? Why were Missionaries trying to wisk away over thirty Haitian children over the border of the Domican Republic without papers? Religion is nothing more than another political party. Priests were the first bankers during the Egyptian civilization; they always saw that religion is the dope of the masses and a great way to manipulate and control governments and society. This is the ultimate mind control game.

    During the fifteen hundreds in Spain and France many Jewish people converted to Christianism to escape persecution by the Inquisition. But history is told by the same lyers that hold power now. The fact is that the Jews that converted immediately prodeded to form the order of the Jesuits which are famous for occult practices. These practices derive from the black magic of the Kaballah. The Jewish people know that they are subverters of nation's governments. It has been so from the beginning, and it is all laid out in "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".

  218. Hey Monkey Bean, Jesus Lived. Ancient Greek and Roman Historians write of him. He lived , was crucified at the hands of the Jews and the Romans and Christianity originated with him. Jesus still lives as always, in the hearts of his followers and the minds of his enemies. IT was never about the church.

  219. @!! i love your sarcasm. No, i never thought that was scary. What do you think i am- 14? I really want to know what make you think that i think that "life totally rocks and stuff". What you said really isn't making sense to me. I'm talking about using your head, your instincts, your gut feeling. I came to this site out of curiosity, i read a lot of the things and in the end i have MY opinion on it. I don't have to sound clever in everything i do – this is just a website. Don't take me wrong, i've never said that the whole mind-control thing doesn't exist. It's just that every little thing apparently has occultism to you. We all have different interpretations. You don't have to be hostile. Goodbye.

  220. Hostility is as hostility does.

    Just like when you said, "but when I thought about it i realized that this website felt more evil to me, even cult-ish with the followers. The supporters were all like sheep or something. I thought for myself and i decided that this site was crap" >>> I found it rude.

    Frankly I'm happy to hear that you aren't totally oblivious to the largest cult and brainwashing medium…T.V> >>>mass media! ALthough, I'm still unclear on how you perceive people who are going against the grain and who can acknowledge the evil in the symbols and messages pushed on us from the mass media as sheep. But whatever, I'm not being mean just to be mean, I'm being mean so that when people come on this site and try to label everything as wacked out, ridiculous or cultish, individuals who's eyes are just being opened aren't re-persuaded that in fact the mass media is right and the folks who speak out on these controversial issues are nothing but conspiracy theorist wackos. Because in these times we do need people who can think and speak outside the box. You know which box I'm talking about , at least I hope you do. Have a nice day! Seriously, I hold nothing against you or what you believe I'm all for critical thinking. I am against individuals who like you, insult this site and the people who can see the truth in it.. For everyone who feels like something just isn't right in this world of ours, YOU ARE RIGHT, and even if you don't agree with everything on this site I hope it at least helps to solidify you initial feeling.

  221. there is secret symbolism whitin the symbols them self !

    1-the all seeing eye comes from the eye of Horus which the third eye! common in all human or gods eye or spirit eye in ancient Egypt people spend many life time developing this ability

    2- the butterfly of course monarch but from Caterpillar to a butterfly is like from dense matter to lighter matter

    or energy hence spirituality?

    the lyrics

    Little creepy girl with her little creepy face

    Saying funny things that you have never heard

    Do you know what it's all about

    Are you brave enough to figure out

    Know that you could set your world on fire

    If you are strong enough to leave your doubts

    the reference hear is to FIRE THE GRID google it

    and yes the match did create flowers !

    and there is more

    Feel it

    Breathe it

    Believe it and you'll be walking on air

    Go try

    Go fly so high and you'll be walking on air

    You feel this unless you kill this

    Go on and you're forgiven

    I knew that I could feel that

    I feel like I am walking on air


    breath it reference to Prana Orgone energy Ki ka qi you name it its there

    You feel this unless you kill this

    its clearly the esoteric recipe for awakening !

    Flitter up and hover down

    Be all around

    Be all around

    first lyric is about unification of mind and spirit filter up your consciousness to hoover down you're spirit whitin you

    be all around reference to what ? omnipresence

    Basically illumination as she cuts loose her dark side

    and wake up free !

    the Plaiedian said that they are here among us and above us one thing they said is that rejuvenation and regeneration is going to become a widespread phenomena !

    Kerli in her other video love is dead imprints a secret message sort of speak

    This is the hardest part when you

    Feel like a vacant

    All that you had is become unreal,

    Collapsing and aching

    All I want

    All I want was right here

    But love don't live here anymore

    (love is dead, love is gone, love don't live here anymore)

    Love don't live here anymore

    (love is dead, love is gone, love don't live here anymore)

    in the video she begins old and winds up young

    now if love was a cure for old age we will all be young right

    but what about our consciousness is it young ?

    do we love life like we use to as a child do we embrace life in the now ?

    i believe the universe is conscious and even with the dark side working hard against it manages to speak to us if we stop look and listen .try this next time your feeling weird or upset around you re friend for no reason that you wish to convey imagine that that whatever is being said to you has a deeper meaning and youl get it ! sometimes friends say banality's at the top of their head not knowing there talking about something or they struck a deeper cord of truth within you !

    just as Obi wan mentor said to Darth Vader in the first star wars FOCUS IS YOU'RE REALITY !

    so they can symbolise all they want we know the artist is just happy to work with that famed director and is vision tied up in evil marketing but we can see and hear the truth and we will FIRE THE GRID

    so what do you think ?

  222. wow, all of your posts are so interesting. It would be interesting if you ever wrote about Revolution 9 by the Beatles. Haha.

  223. Okay the fire the grid thing is scary…we already are one. Human, with diff. thoughts, beliefs, principals and teachings. There is no need to do away with our "differences" they make us human. I firmly believe this Maitreya is leading us all towards the Antichrist. That's what I think. From what I've read of Newagers, they feel there is no room for Christianity, Judaism or Muslim sects…there can only be one, the amalgamation of these and other religions. Either you buy into this newage movement and become your own Christ~ Christ consciousness or move on from this plane, (death). Sorry but when an ancient book can directly speak on what is happening around us(Revelations), I feel the need to heed it's warning. But hey, that's just me.

  224. Okay the fire the grid thing is scary…we already are one. Human, with diff. thoughts, beliefs, principals and teachings. There is no need to do away with our "differences" they make us human. I firmly believe this Maitreya is leading us all towards the Antichrist. That's what I think. From what I've read of Newagers, they feel there is no room for Christianity, Judaism or Muslim sects…there can only be one, the amalgamation of these and other religions. Either you buy into this newage movement and become your own Christ~ Christ consciousness or move on from this plane, (death). Sorry but when an ancient book can directly speak on what is happening around us(Revelations), I feel the need to heed it's warning. But, that's just me.

  225. Holy poop. That was incredibly disturbing.

    When I heard that song on the radio I thought, "Oh, that's interesting, in a gothic-creepy style,"

    After reading this and watching the video i've come to a conclusion:

    1) All those celebrities have no clue what they are singing about. Other than Lady Gaga, seeing she writes her own songs. Rihanna WAS a good girl, and I personally love her music, but she and others (like Kerli and Beyonce) don't understand the deep symbolism in their songs.

    2) Kerli has mental issues.

    That's pretty self-explanitory.

    Feel free to email me.

  226. great job but you forgot the sign (HORNS" she did when she said "U KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU GO ON" after been transformed to a doll. and her shoes when she's on the bed, looks like demonic hoofs. Thanx and great job.

    • Um… Those a ballet boots… They're ballet shoes with heels… They are not meant for walking but for being ''pretty'' they're also said to be painful… How on Earth do those look like hooves? :/

  227. might be worth a punt for this skank getting to No1 in Uk charts. relatively unnown here now, she's presumably destined to take over from the current mind slave

  228. Artist learning how to manipulate the public is nothing new, but I feel like its been taken to a new level where the young are expected to abandon there old ways, submit to a new authority, and be highly sexualized blonde bimbos (Yes, even some of the black artists are going blonde.) for whoever desires them. Beyond images, some artists seem to use tones similar to hypno programs.

    Is it effective? I'd like to think I'm an expert on this subject, but I find myself becoming sexualized and open watching some of these videos. By the time I got to Paramore's vid, my brain had pretty much shut off.

    The VMA's had a lot of "leather" imagery as well.

  229. ok..i wondered what this was going to say about her. well i know her a little since she is a really distant relative of mine(believ it or not, but estonia is pretty small, so it's no wonder seriously), anyway i doubt that anyone "makes" her do all that stuff in her videos, since she is making practically everything by herself and even helped to produce her album(even if it doesn't say so on it). she wants to be different, hence her different style. and she has always been a little creepy, so it's defenitely not the music industry that makes her that way. and as much as i know at first when she moved to america and wanted to record her first album she had a lot of difficulties due to the fact that she was "too creepy" and the record company basically wanted her to be another stupid chick waching a car in bikins in her videos.

    about the mind control thing..she defenitely refers to her mind being controlled, but since she has been a little troubled like since forever, i don't think there can be drawn any kind of connection between her and illuminati. i'm not saying the connection doesn't exist, because i don't know that. but seriously..she has felt that she is being controlled since she was a kid so it's highly questionable.

    she is just like that. a little creepy. and her lyrics come from inside her not from someone controlling her mind. you would know if you listened to her older songs that she wrote when she was around 15 or so before going to the states.

  230. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I would like to recommend Fritz Springmayers book to everyone interested in mind control techniques. By doing so I have to forewarn everybody of its content. Creepy is not an accurate word to describe it…it is simply horrifying. Although I believe that I got a strong stomach, I was not able to read more than 5 pages at once. If You feel that you can't cope with the information presented in the book, then you should drop it, because you will be doing more harm than good to yourself.

    It might be right to visit AnonymousTruther channel on Screwtube BEFORE reading the book. He has got many videos regarding the mind control subject. In the next step You should check out Kathy o' Brians testimony with the title 'Trance-formation of America'(youtube). If you can digest the information provided by this brave victim of mind control, only then shall You proceed to the book. I ask You kindly to keep this in mind.

    Fritz Springmeyer:

    Keep up the good work Vigilant, may the Absolute keep you on your path!

    Greetings from Hungary: Gabe

  231. Dear Blue Spots,

    I do not mean to offend You or anybody, but the girl You knew is already dead. This little itch that you see in the vid is merely carrier of spirit entities, in this sense she is just a void shell or a glowe, nothing more than that. Beyonce, Lady Gaga and numerous politicians are no different from that.

    Dear Morpheus,

    You are right, every symbol has many many interpretation layers. If we would know everything what a symbol represents, than one could write a whole book about the meaning of the hexagram for instance.(if not more than 1) If somebody claims that this or that symbol has only one interpretation than that person is obviously trying to mislead you.

    Now to your first statement. I do not think that the so called 3rd eye is identical with the eye of Horus. Horus had 2 eyes before his left eye was blinded by his brother Seth. Again, everything is symbolic so this story carries more meaning than what meats the eye:). Your left eye is ment to look inside and the right to look outside( lunar and sonar eye they call it). Horus was blinded to his left eye so he lost his ability to look on the inside. There is no doubt in my mind that Horus is the representation of the one eyed the beast the bible mentions.

    If you follow this train of thought then you will see why the school of historism came to the conclusion that the history is repeating itself(which conclusion is true by the way, with the correction that it does not repeat itself but is rather consciously repeated by the true leaders of the world). Stay with me on this one: if somebody can't look on the inside than he/she has no ability to see the reflection-created by the material stimulus.

    To create something utterly new it is needed to have the imprint of the outside stimulus. The next step is to compare the discrepancies between the outside perception and the inside imprint. By solving those discrepancies, in other words with the harmonization of opponents comes something utterly new to life. ( Think of the reproduction of the human species-just to mention 1 example) That is the only way to create something new. If somebody can't create something new than he/she is caught in the vicious cycle of repetition which is equal to hell, literally. (by the way this is what the transhumanist movement seeks to achieve, namely to create hell on earth–and seemingly every stupid *uck thinks that it is a hell of a good idea to live forever.)

    If you interprete my statements correctly, than You will see why our world is so 'effing' shallow( only directed to the outside) and why ignorance ( denying of the inside) is so omnipresent.

    Do yourself a favour and drop those misconceptions of pleidians and aliens and crap like that. You might be familiar with Aleister Crowleys statement which roughly says: The ancient mystery schools called them Gods, now we call them ghosts, and tomorrow we'll call them something else.

    Keep in mind the warning of the Absolute regarding Old Nick:

    2 Corinthians 11:14

    And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

    If You believe that I'm some sort of blinded fundamentalist, then think again. There has no and there is no greater evil in the world than the Vatican, which is described in the bible as the whore of Babylon. Freemasons, Illuminati and all this worn out common places are nothing but fronts for the Vatican. And as fronts, they can be sacrificied anytime for the greater "good" and this is egsactly what will happen. They will be the scapegoats or the fall guys, so that everyone can think that the evil is deminised and the good can rule.

    Watch the American dad episode called 'The rapture' and you will find this fall guy concept.

  232. I've read almost all of Vigilant's blogs but I'm still confused about one thing;

    Does this mean that these artists have been subject to mind control – meaning have they been broken down, tortured and programmed to embody another persona? And do they then perform their music in the form of their new persona to then control us?

    Or are the symbols, lyrics, hidden messages purely for the mind control of viewers?

    There's no question in my mind that these artists (Beyonce, Rihanna, Paramore, etc) have changed considerably over time from enjoyable, fun artists to dark, troubled individuals, (some even started this way (eg Gaga, Ke$ha) and I do feel that it is linked to these hidden meanings/symbolism.

    I'm just trying to make sense of why they do this? Is it to control us or keep them controlled? Or both?

  233. Also, a question for Vigilant – do you think Marylin Monroe was subject to mind control?

    Her life, personality, personal issues and death seem to be a strange set of circumstances. She just seems like she could've been an easy target.

  234. This song, Walking on Air, was actually used when the FOX TV Show "Fringe" was first being aired. And how fitting, Fringe is all about mind control experiments.

  235. Was just looking at your site…very interesting. Strangely enough, Yahoo right now has a piece on a sculpture in Indonesia of Obama holding a BUTTERFLY! 02/15/10. This world just keeps getting creepier and creepier the more I investigate.

  236. taken from kerli's formspring –

    Q posted about you and your music video. What are your thoughts on that? Are you really into occult and black magic shit?

    A -There is a lot of mind control going on. However, the conspiracy theorists seem to forget that the symbols themselves are not bad. They also seem to forget that these symbols existed long before someone figured out that they could manipulate other humans with them. Take a sword – u can attack a human or u can defend a human. With a symbol u can control or u can empower. U can use magic for good or bad. It's all just what u do with what u know.


  237. scary video and very gothic lolita/ Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland-esque.

    What's with the eye on the TV? Obviously occultish.

  238. Anticipate forced mind control upon common citizens in the years to come. There is a reason that FEMA camps are staffing foreigners and have elaborate subcomplexes where handlers can take those who are in custody. Cling tight to the Father Almighty. Know that the harder you are to break, the harder they will attempt to break you. Blessed are those who are persecuted in the name of Jesus and overcome. If you stand firm and as a result you end up in one of the million of empty FEMA caskets stacked along the Atlantic ocean shoreline, I hope to be alongside of you as we kneel before the King of Kings.

  239. Dear perechides February 14th, 2010 11:15 am :

    Nice one!! i admit to the eye of horus being a stretch but then again its as sane as any other depending on how you look at it .Dont get me wrong for it is just that a stretch and not a truth not to mee anyway it was simply to show that our lives are filterd true are percetions and beleif and that whatever perceptions and beleif you have thats what you will see for its from there you interpret reality.

    and on droping the plaiedien and et read about them b4 judging

    Barbara marciniak and Zacharia stichin genesis revesited

    but why do you quotes scripture and on the other hand denonce the corporation (tha Vatican) who has use it for milenia to control the consciousness of its followers ?

    christ consciousnes whitout ascension is like hiting the jackpot and starting the life process again !

    and for those who are like fire the grid is scary i did say google it there a story behind this none of what i wrote was out of synch it plain with meaning .

    by thye way this is not for you perechides .all it mean fill you r head with only greatness and you will feel it !!

    those artist crave to make good music the industry use it to sell and manipulate but if you actually take care of your mind and above all your interpretation you good to go .

    there a saying a man who knows is worth 2 that does not or is it more .

    ohh and to all of you satan this and that tell me what does a Budhist hears ?

    he who has no god or satan

    see you have to beleive to give it power

    the power is in you not in the music

    you are the on listenning

    you interpret it anyway you wish

    and i am not a new ager just a spiritualist with an open mind

    so free youre mind !!!!


  240. Taken from Kerli's blog @

    "She is now using a new pink blazon with the letter “K”, the MoonMarks and the third eye. As you must know, Kerli said that MoonMarks are used on her face to see the world with her heart, not with her material eye."

    She is all about spreading love, she said it best on her formspring that it's not the symbols themselves that are evil, it's what you do with them, as they can be used for good or evil, positive or negative, just like any weapon or tool.

  241. Regardless of what I just said earlier, I could not help but to be intrigued by the possibility of VC's claims. I'm also a huge Kerli fan and absolutely love this video, so I have decided to contribute to the claims. Someone above mentioned seeing the fleur-de-lis in this video, and another person asked where it was seen, so I have provided some screen caps. The symbol appears twice for a few seconds about half way through the video, it's on a single brick of the wallpaper… it's probably just for aesthetics though.

    Also, VC points out in his analysis of Jay-Z's "On to the Next One" video, that Jay-Z uses strategically placed lights around his head to give an illusion of a "halo."
    Kerli does the same thing multiple times with the clock in the background during the first and last parts of the video.

  242. @330 – This IS the original “Walking on Air” music video, you are probably thinking of her only other music video at the moment, entitled “Love is Dead.”

    @256 – regarding the dress, it’s simply inspired (copied) from the arts of Natalie Shau, here is a side by side comparative. It looks like it’s supposed to be a clock maybe, like the one in the video on the wall when she is wearing the white dress instead.

    Natalie also designed the artwork for Kerli’s album, and something tells me that there wasn’t some illuminati guy peering over her shoulder telling her to make sure there’s a “third eye” in there or whatever. However, I will indulge on this anyway. This is a stretch, but another reader commented on the “sixes” in the branches of the artwork, and if you look all the way to the far left in the centre of the cover art, there are three branches that make a backwards “666.”

    VC mentioned about her “looking back into the mirror” in the artwork on her website. The cover art for the back of the Kerli’s album is similar, and shows only one eye in her reflection, with her hair conveniently placed where the reflection of her other eye would be. So just another current female Def Jam artist with cover art where there is one eye covered (GaGa, Rihana)… except it’s on the back of the CD, it’s through a mirror, and it’s “not real.”

    Another quick note, I posted earlier that she has just recently replaced the butterfly logo with that Pink letter K with the all-seeing eye.×300.jpg The latin text translates to “Love is Alive,” which is the opposite of her albums title, “Love is Dead.” Any meaning in that?

  243. The video was so creepy. Kerli is creepy too. The way she dress as "goth" is way too much. The dolls, the set, the TV with the eye, the creepy guy, everything, its just so weird that people who even like her, liked her videos. Its super creepy and depressing. Is she an anti-Christ? I don't want to look at her face again, she gives me the creeps. Reading this article frightened me.

    Kerli, please don't turn your back on GOD, he will help you in anything you do. Just pray and have faith in Him.

  244. I was just wondering what you think about the lyrics to Kerli's Butterfly Cry.

    Lyrics to Butterfly Cry :

    Did I hurt you?

    Did I ever made you bleed inside?

    Did I kill you?

    I didn't mean to make you hide yourself,

    find you in you , beautiful.

    Do not grow the seeds of pain in you,


    Let the butterflies cry,

    Let them cry for you.

    You just dry your eyes,

    Because the world is wonderful.

    Let the butterflies cry,

    let them cry for you.

    You just dry your eyes,

    because the world is wonderful.

    Oh, because the world is wonderful

    I have been there,

    I used to believe there was no light.

    But I found out,

    Oh, life is far too short to fight.

    Loose yourself, let go of your pain,

    taste the air you breathe and kiss the sky.


    Let the butterflies cry,

    let them cry for you.

    You just dry your eyes,

    because the world is wonderful.

    Let the butterflies cry,

    let them cry for you.

    You just dry your eyes,

    because the world is wonderful.

    Oh, because the world is wonderful.

    Let the butterflies cry,

    let them cry for you.

    You just dry your eyes,

    because the world is wonderful.

    Let the butterflies cry,

    let them cry for you.

    You just dry your eyes,

    because the world is wonderful.

    Oh, because the world is wonderful,

    And yeah, because the world is wonderful!

    I just remember reading that the Monarch butterfly was significant. Thanks VC ^_^.

  245. well imma christian and all but iLoveKerli and yeahh i miqht believe a lil bit of it but maybe .. she just had a hard life as a kid youu know ? just leave kerli alone and let her live her life ! 😉

  246. She has a new video–the tea party. Still the same though, the dolls, the alice in wonderland theme, the triangles, the singing in mirrors, and a lot more creepy stuff.

  247. Vigilant Is Great on

    "At face value, the song is about finding happiness by believing in oneself and following one’s dreams." – The Vigilant Citizen

    NO! The first look I took at Kerli (I didn't even look at the dolls or any of the symbols) I could see that something was off about her. She has a trance-like stare that's just plain off-putting, her face is devoid of animation, almost like she doesn't have a natural facial posture and just allows her facial muscles to relax all the time, and she just looks like she's just seen a ghastly scene and is too horror-struck to react. Oh, and another thing… her eyes look glassy… too glassy… glazed over ALL the time like she's not looking at anything. Not to say she doesn't look good, she just doesn't look… proper, for want of a better word.

    Her song just is plainly and obviously dealing with occult connotations. It's not like 'Umbrella' or 'Telephone' where you would have to see the video and say "WTF WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE SONG!?!?!?!11?? No one sings about "walking on air" unless they are experiencing some otherworldly phenomena or out-of-body sensation from something. No one mentions the word "creepy" nine times in like 2 minutes. NO ONE cries tears that turn into butterflies (not even remotely concealable from the most ignorant of simpletons) or have walking mannequins and singing dolls (that will keep me awake for quite some time after watching the video in its entirety).

    "Do you know what it's all about? Are you brave enough to figure out?" Are you serious? This line alone casts a dark meaning upon the entire song and, well… it's obvious that they WANT people to be interested in these types of extraordinarily disturbing matters such as mind control, illumination and freemasonry .

    The signs are clear in this freakishly disturbing video… Vigilant pointed out the major ones but there are some subtle ones such as at 3:02 where she makes the sign of a heart inscribed within the masonic triangle (a favorite and cherished symbol nowadays!), showing that she loves being controlled by Satan and "walking on air". Disturbingly similar to other "artistes" work such as 'Sweet Dream' (not sure of the name) and 'Umbrella".

    The two headed goat above the all-seeing eye at 0:36 represents a… AHH you guessed it!

    The numerous piercings that appear ONLY when she is in the doll mansion place (compare 0:27 with 3:36) has some connotations of masochism and other symbolism that only leads back to other more twisted teachings.

    Bricked up windows that still allow breeze to blow the curtains? What more is necessary to see? Some vigilant observer pointed out that windows can represent eyes, and this symbolizes eyes open but blinded. When she is released, the brick fall away, allowing her to be "illuminated" to the outside world, through the eyes of those who control her (i.e; they control what she sees and when).

    The life sized doll was just plain freaking scary. Likewise even MORE in regards to the singing doll (hasn't CGI come a long way from pretty animations to demonism?). No need to expound.

    The strings attached to her arm after waking up was just less slightly disturbing than the singing doll being carried by a walking emotionless mannequin through a hallway filled with masonic symbols.

    As aforementioned in comments, there are plenty more connotation that would take me, oh another hour or so to point out and… well… I'm tired… some other vigilant soul can take over from here… Yada Yada Yada… beware of Satanist traps and attempts to poison you and desensitize the populace, and… uh…. yea… stop listening to Kerli…

    Thank you for true illumination Vigilant, shining light and exposing the seedy demon-riddled underbelly that has become the music industry …

  248. i think Kerli is an awesome singer and this song is very good,amongst some other good songs she has & personally i think she has very nice first off i dont know if i believe in all this "occult" stuff but it is very interesting to read..second Kerli is NO Lady Gaga,Kerli actually debuted way before Lady Gaga so if anything Lady Gaga has Kerli's style not vice versa……also i would like to know why there are only about 5 or 6 artists mentioned here?..

    maybe they all (the 5 or 6 artists mentioned here) work together and other artists have no idea about this? lol

    interesting site though

  249. When most celebs thank "god" they are usually thanking "god' NOT God there is a difference. The god of this world (earth) is the devil/Lucifer/satan (God's Word, the holy bible says so) God (with a capital G) is The Creator, Jehovah, who made all humans, angels and then one of His creations, the angel Lucifer, rebelled and was subsequently kicked out of heaven by God. Lucifer thus became the devil/satan.

    The demons (evil spirits) are those fallen angels who followed Lucifer and disrespected/disobeyed God by trying to take over heaven. Lucifer wanted to dethrone God and take His place due to PRIDE. READ THE BIBLE All of this is in it. God has His people, his side and god (the devil) has his people who choose to worship/follow/obey him by NOT pledging their souls/lives to the one true and living God and His son, the Saviour Jesus Christ. I THANK GOD THAT I AM A CHRISTIAN

    I will fight evil until breath leaves my physical body. Just say NO to sin and evil and say yes to God, repentance, holiness and the Word.

  250. when Jay-Z said "the heavenly father" he was probably referring to Lucifer (the devil/satan) notice Jay-Z has NEVER said that he is a Christian (a believer) and he has NEVER said that Jesus Christ is his Lord & Savior. Read the book of First John in the new testament of the Holy Bible. That's how you know a Christian from a deceiver/liar/non-Christian. Look at their actions. WHO are they representing? WHAT are they promoting with their music and videos? CERTAINLY NOT Godliness, holiness and Christian values. You cannot serve both God and money. It's either one or the other. These entertainers obviously serve satan.

  251. whats funny about this is that i hated this song but when it played i didnt wanna change the channel for sum reason lol

  252. i think lady gaga is a perfect example of this….im not sure about this girl she's new to me but lady gaga *shivers* soooo many demonic vibes come from her songs and videos! i won't even let my children listen to her music! god help them

  253. i really love kerli and i don't really believe in this stuff but i do find it interesting and also, i had heard about kerli before i ever heard about lady gaga and i've never read or heard her say that lady gaga stole her style, kerli is more fantacy and lady gaga is more fame and reality like paparazzi or telephone so big differents also their clothes are different kerli is lolita and also fantasy/sexy kinda stuff when lady gaga there is no word for her style lol if i had to pick some word its scifi.

  254. Funny now people sugar coat and defend this artist, yet when it comes to another they automatically jump in and start attacking and saying negative things about them. Makes me wonder if people are brainwashed… 😉

  255. Whether or not the such is 'real', I do know that I've actually gone through a similar ordeal to what you described as Monarch programming. I've never had any mental problems before it, nor have I ever done drugs…I was very little when it happened, and have since been trying to figure things out.

    Before reading this article, I didn't know that it actually had a name, but it sadly makes sense…I do like to keep an open mind to possibilities.

    I was shown the video by a friend of mine who told me about it, saying it reminded her of me for some reason…when I saw the video for the first time, I was stunned at how familiar every detail was.

    Even Kerli in the video, gave the feeling that I was staring at myself in the face.

    I'm not claiming I'm her, or anything weird like that….but it felt just as eerie as if it was me at one time,

    yet not…the sensation was like someone had just screamed my name, after years of isolation.

    I can relate to her music strongly, but I'm not sure exactly why, but perhaps I have found the reason.

    Thanks so much for writing this, whether or not it's true. Feel free to message me if you get any more info on it.

  256. did u know. this is so weird.

    messing with this stuff.

    aren't ou frightened?

    do u think we have a chance?

    the media, come to think of it, IS our life.

    it influences our thinking, our actions

    we are saturated with this.

  257. couldnt help but notice on kerlis album cover "love is dead" the crown shes wearing is actully like the triangle with the eye in it, and im pretty sure i saw that same crown on the "alice in wonderland " latest movie trailer.

    see for your self

  258. i tripped across this website today quite by "accident" and i have been shaken to the core. i cannot fully verbalize all i want/need to say. i will try to express what i can.

    i have suffered more as a "slave" in my lifetime than i can ever verbalize. i know my servitude was directly obtained as a result of my father's millitary service. did he know? i don't want the answer! the FIRST time i was raped at the tender age of 13 was NOT the end, nor was it the beginning. ( i was raped weekly for over a year supposedly without my parents knowing or noticing anything out of the ordinary) the resulting pregnancy and forced abortion that followed were NOT the end. and meeting my personal demon recently is NOT the end for me. i can only hope that my art (i paint) can express a fraction of what i am unable to verbalize. this goes deeper than any of you know and there are more of us than you can imagine. my psychiatrist wants to try electroshock therepy next. i wonder if i will will emerge as a beautiful butterfly? i've always felt more like a moth. (moths used to visit me at night in my bed when i was little)

    i want to close with this: there are beings walking the face of the earth that are so ancient that thier names have been forgotten. and i mean "good" AND "evil" beings. my demon is one of those. the day i learn it's name is the day all of this finally ends for me. so why do i try to hide from it? there is no peace for me. i call myself a black christian, suffering in the name of the lord.

  259. Your articles are interesting but unfortunately not far from being a form of mind control themselves.

    Symbols are indeed very powerful, but lose all their meaning when interpreted loosely. One symbol can hold many meanings depending on the context, and anyone who wishes to promote 'thinking for oneself' should be sure to mention this important fact and allow the reader to come to their own conclusion. Your theory can only really stand if you are able to mention and disprove all other possibilities.

    Not every butterfly you see is a direct reference to the Monarch program. Not every hourglass necessarily means death.

    Puppets/dolls/marionettes are popular symbols in art. As an artist myself, I have used them to convey feelings of loss of control, abuse and innocence etc. Feelings many others I know share. Many that are NOT all victims of mind control.

    References to pain/pleasure exist outside mind control as well. Meditation, spirituality, and simple BDSM are some common examples.

    Her Bio 'seems' to point to symptoms of mind control. What about depression? Rape/trauma/illness? Social problems? are these not possibilities as well?

    I have only mentioned a few things from your article, but its enough to point out my reasoning. You know how inkblots work. You know the power of conviction. One sees what one wants to believe.

    There is also an obsession with associating creepiness and uneasiness with evil. We are human. ANYTHING that is unknown to us will give us these feelings, but unless we face these things instead of running from them, we can learn what they truly mean and accordingly embrace or defeat them courageously.

    I am very much aware of the existence of mind control and its use. I do not dismiss the media as being a leading vessel of it. But if you are going to be vigilant, you need to open BOTH eyes.

    One can be blind in more than one way. Being misinformed can be just as fatal as being ignorant.

  260. I have just seen the 'Welcome to the tea party' video on Youtube. There is plenty of doll symbolism as well as triangles – especially at the beginning where there is a circle on top of a riangle. I bet that there will be plenty of symbolism in videos to come.

  261. I wanted to have written this in the paramore analysis but I couldn't write comments there so here it is:

    I love your analysis and for me the Paramore one was very well done but I think you're missing a point.

    You seem to mix Illuminati, satanism, masonary, mind control and nwo all in the same category. It's obvious that the media controls people's mind but this things are not all the same. Masonary isn't necessarly satanic (few of them are) and luceferian isn't necessarly satanism. I think that all this things might or might not be connected and might not all work for the same goal. I don't know, but I think that you sometimes mix things. Even if music industry is very ritualistic (which seems to be) it doesn't have to necessarly be satanic. Many pagan inofensive and not satanic cults and others have been confused with satanism by the christians to make them have motivs to kill and punish non christian people. Some pagan simbols were wrongly associated with satanism by christians.

    I think you're very good with symbolism but you're not being very accurate with the actual global meaning of that symbolism, the reasons it's used and who is in fact making artists use it.

    And another question, do some artists know what they're doing? Kanye West said in a concert that if he didn't the right things they would take him everything and that he was starting not to care about it and didn't mind losing everything. Are some of them mind control victims, others inocent normal people unaware of this but doing this stuff and others like Kanye threatned of losing everything?

    Was Michael Jackson trying to reveal something before he died (there are even theories that he didn't die)?

    Another thing, I don't know if you did an analysis of Kesha Tik Tok but I instantly though of mind control when she said this in the song: "you build me up, you break me down" or something like that.

  262. its a good thing i recently read a book about new age symbols and there meanings and how satanists use them. This artlcle was just what i needed to confirm it with todays pop artists and how they use all those weird signs , gastures etc…

    I love this site !!!

  263. . . .

    Darn it. . .

    I REALLY like Kerli. . .

    But, if she's been through this, and going through this. . .

    I have a question. Is Monarch Programming still happening? And, if you meet a Monarch slave, how should you handle it?

  264. at the beginning of the video she is in the black dress. at the end of the video the puppets wearing the black dress.

  265. You know, all this is seriously shocking, but i you know what i would love? For vigilant citizen to interpret the scary 3D-horror-fantasy movie "Caroline" ! here is a link describing the plot, but what are the occultic meanings? And have you wondered why they are all of a sudden doing things to do with "going to the other world?" Theres lady gaga- telephone, shes not picking the phone up because she's not there, so where is she? Paramore, brick by brick- the girl goes into another world and so on? Can you inform us? Keep up the gr8 work :)

  266. Thank you for providing me with information, there are so many people out there who are unaware of what is going on around them and these are the things we need to be made aware of and open out eyes and realize that these people are crazy. Is this the kind of artiste we want to expose our children to………….we is it? Think about it. They are not hiding anymore infact they don't care what they do and how they do because to the they are untouchable ………………………………………..but the Lord will have his day and they will all pay dearly. Thank you Vigilant & God Bless.

  267. I must say that I find these articles very interesting. They have really increased my enjoyment of all these music videos because now I see all the work that has been put into the symbolism. I don't think it's evil, I just think they like adding all this symbolism, and I enjoy trying to find it.

  268. fisrt, this song is creepy so the artist is…

    it seems she made a pact with that group just for fame, they'll giv ger everything she wants but she will be their puppet

    it's scaring noticing so many artists are becoming their puppets or selling their souls just to gain fame, money and everything that is material

  269. at 3.02 she does a heart symbol, but if you look closely, her thumbs are straight and her middle fingers touch creating a triangle with the seeing eye line at the top.

    I'm just pleased I like indie-folk lol.

  270. people dont get me wrong but the one eye emphasis is about a creature called "dajjal" that will claim to be god when it rises to power through its illuminati supporters. look it up.

  271. Hey vigilant, I have noticed some sacry

    in the video in the scene when kerli trought the mirror when she has become the puppet of her programmed alter, when shes singing like she has suffering, in the behind, there 2 lights that flashes like electroshock terapy >_< so scary

  272. This may all be happening just to set us up for the Rapture. All the people who truly followed Jesus and didn't let mainstream media, Satan, or anything else control their minds and souls will be taken. The rest who admired Kerli, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay Z, Lady Gaga, and damn, there are people who I'm leaving out but…they will be left behind. And when the Antichrist comes to take over the world the next generation, the younger audience (what mainstream media is targeted to) will be brainwashed into thinking mind control is cool. That it's good to let someone control you because you clearly can't control yourself and God can't control anything because why is this world so evil? This all really sets the foundation for the Antichrist. The next generation will be mindless sheep, just waiting to let someone make a puppet out of them. Satan has this in the bag once Jesus takes his followers. People who weren't really into pop culture will stand a better chance of seeing the light and turning to Jesus. I don't think people who were infatuated with celebrities have much of a chance, since they want to be just like their idols, but I'll leave a 0.05% chance for them. They better grab it, hell isn't one big party like oh-so many claim. Oh yes, the Antichrist just loves the "I-want-to-go-to-heaven-for-the-weather-and-hell-for-the-company" theory. There is no middle ground so anyone who isn't down with Jesus is down with Satan.

    This is my theory.

  273. I can't figure it out. When I was watching the vid for 'Tea Party' by Kerli, I noticed the connection between her and the Illuminati, and I was not even looking for it. I just noticed Triangles everywhere, and the third eye on the doll. So I looked it up. Tea party is full of this stuff! Absolutely full of it! I kid you not, almost every time I have paused the video, I have seen either some sort of triangle or one eye.

    I want someone to answer me this:

    WHY is this particular artist so blatant with the symbolism?

    In addition, why have other Artists become to bold with their music videos?

    What does it mean?

  274. You can look at certain artists and tell what they are about. It is really sad to see that the music industry has taken this turn, especially since I wanted to be in the music industry. Now I'm not so sure I even wanna go or try that route. Why if basically the whole music industry is corrupted? SMH Looking at all their videos and signs that they are showing to express that these artists are Illuminati disgusts me!! BIG TIME

  275. seattlekid on

    There's more than that…

    Things are backward. The oven is frozen ice, the refrigerator is on fire.

    The bed made out of stones is a stone altar. She is being sacrificed.

    Upside – down bird. Canary in a coal Mine?

    The marionette / puppet is darn creepy.

    She wakes up with the string still attached. This reminds be of the Kaballah where the rope cord is wrapped around the arm. See the madonna video.

    Cool stuff.

  276. seattlekid on

    Also, those who are interested in how this type of brainwashing works: You should read about the "Landmark Forum", a business seminar that uses the same psychological methods of tearing a person down and then re-building them with the cult's point of view. It is very fascinating.

  277. You know, this stuff actually makes sense. that's why its so creepy; you wonder if its real or not. You think about it at night, and wonder if it's true. In the daytime, when the sun is shining, you dismiss the idea, but if you come back to this website and read about it all over again, it's creepy.

  278. in my opinion, the chorus says that you must accept evil in you.and the feeling is like walking on air…

  279. hey did you notice the time on the clock??. thats on the video.. will you please kinda explain that one..

  280. This might be a little late(384 comments so far good news indeed) but while watching the video I felt as though alot of the imagery was not only indicative of Monarch programming but also was used to generate extreme levels of cognitive dissonace. Having been following masonic imagery for years and closely watching the movments of high profile media stars I've found I don;t often react to psywar but here in that video I noticed in myself a sense of peacfull pleasure (which rationally is all wrong)

    I also found it very telling that her true self was in a house(her mind) locked in a box by her alter, alluding to some level of self awarness about her situation. Perhaps this is a case where she sought to buy fame and this life is the price she had to pay.

  281. WOOOOOOW JUST NOTICED THAT THE WALLPAPER IS BAPHOMET!!! take a close look at the beginning of the video and pause it, the wallpaper is baphomet.

    btw, thanks for all of your intrepretations, they are really helpful!! :)

  282. It doesn't have anything to do with the Illuminati, she's just emo.

    Crappy music doesn't mean mind control (although, somehow the general population listens to this garbage, so maybe so…).

  283. Stones e.g. "Bed rock" are used in Magick, lot's of music video's show collections of stones, like in the video "cry me a river" from Justin Timberlake.

  284. Crazy world hu..

    …the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad. Jeremiah 51:7

    Poor girl. I hate seeing them this way. Why do they choose this path? I cant wait till our savior comes down to finally take us away from this crazy mad world forever and ever..

  285. Thank you,

    My best friend put me onto this site as we are both Lady Gaga fans.I find your observatiuons it so uplifting&intellegent. I can so understand as i am a singer i guess i would have done anything to be famous. When you are creative& sensitive its very easy to be controlled. Now i am so glad i never made it in the music world as fame seems evil. Keep up the good work!

  286. Hi Chyna,

    I can so relate…Seeing the incredible transformation of these talented artists is so disturbing.. I considered music as a way of life& an outlet. Now its been used to manipulate people! Also loved your opinion Wcleave!

  287. Kerli has stated on her official Formspring:

    "what is the true meaning of the Eye that you use both In Their videos? There are people Saying it's the devil's work, but I know that's a lie, I want to hear from you."

    The eye is the all seeing eye, which could be called God, I guess. It's the highest truth, the laws of the universe above all the other laws, the one, LOVE.

    I don't understand why people wanna attach negativity to symbols. Some of these conspiracy theorists don't realize that by giving "insight", they are just making already paranoid people more paranoid. Most people aren't ready to receive this information and be wise enough to throughly search before they accept what they read as the truth…all it does is make them more scared. They see a symbol and think it's evil because they read so from someones home page, without even looking into or studying any symbolism first.

    Symbols are not evil. People who use them for evil are evil. Just because I'm aware of what something means doesn't mean that I wanna use it for evil.

    True, some people in power positions use symbolism for selfish reasons but I would never ever do that. I use symbols and numbers and colors because I'm fascinated by the hidden meaning of things and I wanna empower people. Where I come from, everything supernatural used to be our religion before Christians came and killed everyone that didn't wanna convert, so I have the hunger for magic in my blood. Also, coming from a place that has been under so many different occupations, seeing how much my relatives have suffered, my ancestors killed, I know how much people suffer when they are controlled and would never ever take anyones power away to gain more myself.

    Please, people…read about symbols and how far back they go and how many different beautiful belief systems they come from before u decide to trust some random web page u visited for 5 minutes…




    "I found on the youtube a video about you and some "illuminati" stuff.. what do you think about it?"

    I've already commented on this a million times. Symbols are beautiful and sacred and I study them and use them in my art. If someone wants to use symbols for evil and to mind control people, that's what they're gonna do. I'm not one of these people.Symbols themselves are not evil. People who use them for evil purposes are evil. Like a knife – u can cut bread with it and do all other sorts of useful things or u can go and stab someone to death. Doesn't mean the knife is bad. I wish people would just study symbols and think a little more and not believe everything they see and hear."

    "Why do u like skulls so much?"

    "I don't actually like skulls very much at all. For a while I was even completely against them because I tried to stay away from all the "dark" energy and symbolism. Then I kinda went ahead and realized that there really is no black and white, dark and light…that it's all just different sides of the same thing, equally necessary, equally perfect. I like that skulls add a little touch of morbid to something really fluffy. Morbid in a sense that it reminds me of my mortality and how important it is to be happy right now, right here."

  288. From Kerli's Myspace:

    Person: "Do you practice magic?"

    Kerli: "Do you?

    I guess u could put it that way. But labels are so dated. We are evolving into something completely different now so everything old might be a part of my life and I love where we come from but there are things happening now that no books out there write about. So it's all very exciting."

  289. "Well, I've only really done 3 music videos. Walking on Air was the big one. Then Love is dead which was a super small budget artsy video and Creepshow was just this animation team in Estonia who did it for the baltics:) But walking on air is the only one with my real vision. So waiting to make more of those real fairytale ones:)"

    Notice how she says Walking on Air is the only video of hers showcasing her real, aspiring vision?

    I am very suspicious. She states that "darkness is merely the abscence of light" and uses that as an excuse to pull these signs, because apparently, "they've been researched", and are not being used negatively. She's the first singer to admit using symbolism, so they ARE there. She's simply getting everyone cozy with the occult.

  290. From:

    Snippet of Kerli's Interview:

    K: I really love to create. I just created a street team online. It's kind of a street team/cult. It's called Moon Children, and it's for people who feel like they don't belong. It's pretty much about Indigo Kids, because I was always one and nobody understood me. I wanted to create a little community. There's going to be a master and he's going to be like Charlie from Charlie's Angels, but he's a guy with a hood and candles. He's a mysterious guy who gives the kids orders. I just want to create a fairy tale.

  291. Description From Kerli's "Moonchildren" Page:

    "Moon children are highly sensitive with a clear sense of self-definition and a strong feeling that they need to make a significant difference in the world. They are empathic and can easily detect or are in tune with the thoughts of others, and are naturally drawn to matters concerning mysteries, spirituality, the paranormal and the occult, while opposing unquestioned authority and contradictory to convention. They are also said to feel a strong sense of entitlement. Some beliefs hold that they are often labeled with the psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and also Autism, and that they become unsociable when not around other Moon Children. They are also believed to be prone to depression and sleep disorders such as insomnia and persistent nightmares."

  292. Has anyone noticed that as 3:01-3:03 the lyrics are "You know that, I love you" she makes a heart with her hands except the pointer fingers, which go upward to form a triangle above the heart.

  293. I really fail to see how this one is Illuminati…goth imagery always uses butterflies and creepy things and dolls. It doesn't mean mind control. These things are symbols for other feelings and themes too, you know. Such as the butterfly is a symbol for the psyche. It's also something fragile and beautiful. Transformation does not automatically imply split-personality/Monarch mind control!! That's really ridiculous. I'm an illustrator and I use butterflies quite a bit in my work and nope, it never means anything about mind control! Artists and musicians are free to express themselves how they want. Why do you assume that every single one is fitting into the Illuminati agenda? That just makes no sense at all.

    • @H Nobody said "every single" artist fits into Illuminati agenda. One must look at the entire context of an artist when looking at his/her symbolism. The "whole" of Kerli's art points towards mind control. Im not talking about random butterflies.

    • I agree with Vigilant. I am a person who is "into" butterflies for their spiritual meaning of rebirth, change, transformation, etc. I, however, am not a mind control slave nor do I "worship" Satan. As vigilant said you have to look at the whole. You have to look at the whole package. Flour is flour, but combine it with other ingredients and you have cake. Read the article again and look at ALL the evidence that points to her alluding to being mind controlled.

    • H no disrespect but, she said from her own mysapce bio….."I have at least 5 different personalities."

      that is sure fire proof of mind control.

  294. deeperpolitics on

    I met a woman who came to me for help/healing many years back. She had begun to remember that as a child she was put in a coffin for many days, There she was witheld food and water. It was more than likely, that in this coffin….this confine….her personality split. This was the beginning step where her 'handler' came into the picture. She told me the cult was called 'The Family'. Child incest and child pornography was encouraged and part of her upbringing. She was messed up.

    I, however, could only go by my gut instincts in my role as helper. She seemed to trust me …..and in that was able to eventually embrace all her personalities….to become whole again….and live in love–not fear.

  295. deeperpolitics on

    According to Dan Brown in his book "Angels and Demons"……the Illuminati were a secret society of scientists who banded together to resist the assassinations and murder of colleagues by the Roman Catholic Church. The Church carried out book burning….and burning of those educators whose views supposedly threatened Roman Catholicism. The Illuminati were attempting to preserve scientific discovery and free-thinking….while the Roman Catholic Church was attempting to control and dominate the mindset of the masses…..The Church was and has been involved in mind-control for well over five hundred years.

    Mocking the Church….exposing the corruption in the Church… would definately be on the agenda of Illuminati members if such a group existed today.

  296. Being a CPS investigator of nothing by sexual/ physical abuse, and having had 2 SRA cases on my case load thus far (both taken by my superiors), I can tell you this girl, Brittney spears, as well lady Gaga, that their eyes give them away. This prolem is wide spread with the programming taking place globally via TV, media outlets, schools, drugs, social norms dictated by secret organizations, DSM to define personalities that are not under control, considered ill. You know, we are all programmed to some extent, if that were not so than the "mob" would have already stormed the gates and taken the truth from them, and extinguished whatever forces on or under this planet that are assisting them. The baby boom, intentianal or not, took place. Right now we have the numbers and compacity to survive, but with bio weapons in our air, food, and our minds, we do not have much time left. Go to to get some more answers. There is so much evidence out there that sleezy, crack-head, devil worshippers have been ruling us that frankly it is overkill right now. It's really rediculous that we are all still staring at our computers, talking about this as if it's trivia. We are all truly asleep, I guess.

  297. Sleepy Head on

    The other articles are disputable, but this one, oh this one is just sick…

    Even if I had not read your other articles, after seeing this video I would definately

    think this video is portraying an abused girl, be it sexualy, be it mind controled.

    I mean just look at the scene when the old man knocks on her mirror and she wakes up scared,

    but obedient. And the dool, that was white in the beginning of the video, turnes black and is placed

    in a box as a gift…

    And the ending just says it all…

    • Waking up with the strings in her arm was like she's trapped forever. That is so scary to me. Even if she does make it out of the "box", look at the horrors that will surround her. Damned if you, damned if you don't. Terrifying. :(

  298. Im from Estonia and all i can say based on this article is that she is just another puppet in their system

  299. I actually liked her songs but it seems almost all artists are being used as puppets by the Illuminati.

    I am also from Estonia.

  300. nadja torres on

    i beleive kerli willingly uses symbolism of mind control in her video because her song is, in a way, about breaking free from that mind contol. she has said in an interveiw that in estonia, wich is where she is from, people are not encouraged to follow their dreams or break free from the crowd and they are encouraged to fit it and act normally. she believed otherwise & had a dream she wanted to follow & the encouragement to fit it & not break free may be in a way, mind control, because it is an influence & most people can be controlled by influence but the song IS saying to break free from mind controll or in other words dont follow the influence.

  301. I have always envied these people. Their lives are so easy, they work hard yes but life is so easy for them. I stumbled on this website while trying to understand Russian Roulette…then uncovered all these linked articles. Even if we ignore the symbols and just concentrated on the content of the music vidoes we can't ignore the dark side of all these videos. I noticed a change in the latest music vidoes; alot of them are using the whole robotic thing and i just couldn't understand. but after wishing my life was like Beyonce's or like Rhianna i realised where the mind control fits in. I guess it moulds a picture of the 'good life'. i guess it says you can't have that life unless you are so powerful and so rich. hence you have young people thinking that what living good is all about. We then try and mimic what these people do. The clothes and the way of thinking. My daughter who is 8 goes into a fixed trance like state when she watches the music videos and she tries to dance like Beyonce or dress like Rhianna. Why why why? The whole sexual theme is disturbing for anyone. i mean an orgy in a church? the guts to show that to the public. what does it say about you as as a person? I guess it screams errosion of your morals…lack of consideration for GOD and what he wants from us…what are we teaching each other? if you are a role model what legacy do you want to leave behind? It doesn't make sense and we would be stupid and ignorant to pretend something is not wrong here.

  302. Strangely, this video made me think of Coraline– a children's cartoon movie. Apparently, it is not only the showbiz industry exploiting same themes…

  303. Ok, the video is really creepy, I'm scared.

    You convinced me, I'm started to think that there is really something behind… but supposing that that is true, what's the point about making a video about mind control? isn't supposed that they want to keep it as a secret? does it have subliminal messages or something? don't get it.

    Going to keep reading your articles

  304. Man, oh man, oh man!!! The video is scary as hell! She's gotta be some kind of a witch or something to be into this stuff! IDK for sure, and even kind of liked the song, but whatever it is – it's just definitely NOT from God…

  305. Abad Alfonse Constan on

    Hello Vig:

    By the way all articles abut this theme are very good!!!

    But i´m bit dissapointed "Why" and "Dunno why" this idiots uses the "Temmohpab" symbol:

    "The name of the Templar Baphomet, which should be spelt kabalistically

    backwards, is composed of three abbreviations: Tem. ohp. AB., Templi omnium

    hominum pacts abbas, “the father of the temple of peace of all men”. According

    to some, the Baphomet was a monstrous head, but according to others, a demon

    in the form of a goat. a sculptured coffer was disinterred recently in the ruins of

    an old Commandery of the Temple, and antiquaries observed upon it a baphometic

    figure, corresponding by its attributes to the goat of Mendes and the

    androgyne of Khunrath. It was a bearded figure with a female body, holding the

    sun in one hand and the moon in the other, attached to chains. Now, this virile

    head is a beautiful allegory which attributes to thought alone the initiative and

    creative principle. Here the head represents spirit and the body matter. The orbs

    enchained to the human form, and directed by that Nature of which intelligence is

    the head, are also magnificently allegorical. The sign all the same was discovered

    to be obscene and diabolical by the learned men who examined it. Can we be

    astonished after this at the spread of mediaeval superstition in our own day? One

    thing only surprises me, that, believing in the devil and his agents, men do not

    rekindle the faggots. M. Veuillot is logical and demands it: one should honour men

    who have the courage of their opinions."

    "The magical

    androgyne depicted in the frontispiece of the “Ritual” has SOLVE inscribed

    upon the right and COAGULA on the left arm, thus recalling the symbolical architects

    of the Second Temple, who bore the sword in one hand and their trowel in

    the other. While building they had also to defend their work and disperse their

    enemies. Nature herself does likewise, destroying and regenerating at the same


    "Now, all the fathers of the Church, who have concerned themselves with Jewish

    symbolism, have recognized in the immolated goat the figure of Him Who

    assumed, as they say, the very form of sin. Hence the Gnostics were not outside

    symbolical traditions when they assigned this same mystical figure to Christ the

    Liberator. All the Kabalah and all Magic, as a fact, are divided between the cultus

    of the immolated and that of the emissary goat. We must recognize therefore a

    Magic of the Sanctuary and that of the wilderness, the White and the Black

    Church, the priesthood of public assemblies and the Sanhedrim of the Sabbath.

    The goat which is represented in our frontispiece bears upon its forehead the Sign

    of the Pentagram with one point in the ascendant, which is sufficient to distinguish

    it as a symbol of the light. Moreover, the sign of occultism is made with both

    hands, pointing upward to the white moon of Chesed, and downward to the black

    moon of Geburah. This sign expresses the perfect concord between mercy and justice.

    One of the arms is feminine and the other masculine, as in the androgyne of

    Khunrath, those attributes we have combined with those of our goat, since they

    are one and the same symbol. The torch of intelligence burning between the horns

    is the magical light of universal equilibrium; it is also the type of the soul, exalted

    above matter, even while cleaving to matter, as the flame cleaves to the torch. The

    monstrous head of the animal expresses horror of sin, for which the material

    agent, alone responsible, must alone and for ever bear the penalty, because the

    soul is impassible in its nature and can suffer only by materializing. The caduceus,

    which, replaces the generative organ, represents eternal life; the scale-covered

    belly typifies water; the circle above it is the atmosphere, the feathers still

    higher up signify the volatile; lastly, humanity is depicted by the two breasts and

    the androgyne arms of this sphinx of the occult sciences. Behold the shadows of

    the infernal sanctuary dissipated! Behold the sphinx of mediaeval terrors unveiled

    and cast from his throne! Quomodo cedidisti, Lucifer!

    The dread Baphomet henceforth, like all monstrous idols, enigmas of antique

    science and its dreams, is only an innocent and even pious hieroglyph. How

    should man adore the beast, since he exercises a sovereign power over it? Let us

    affirm, for the honour of humanity, that it has never worshipped dogs and goats

    any more than lambs or pigeons. In the hieroglyphic orders, why not a goat as

    much as a lamb? On the sacred stones of Gnostic Christians of the Basilidean sect

    there are representations of Christ under the diverse figures of kabalistic animals

    – sometimes a bird, at others a lion, and again a serpent with the head of lion or

    bull; but in all cases He bears invariably the same attributes of light, even as our

    goat, which cannot be confounded with fabulous images of Satan, owing to the

    Sign of the Pentagram.

    Let us affirm categorically, to combat the remnants of Manichaeanism which

    are appearing sporadically among Christians, that as a superior personality and


    power Satan does not exist. He is the personification of all errors, perversities and

    consequently of all weaknesses. If God may be defined as He Who exists of necessity,

    may we not define His antagonist and enemy as necessarily he who does not

    exist at all? The absolute affirmation of good implies an absolute negation of evil:

    so also in the light, shadow itself is luminous. Thus, erring spirits are good to the

    extent of their participation in being and in truth. There are no shadows without

    reflections, no nights without moon, the planet of morning and stars. If hell be

    just, it is good. No one has ever blasphemed God. The insults and mockeries

    addressed to His disfigured images attain Him not.

    We have named Manichaeanism, and it is by this monstrous heresy that we

    shall explain the aberrations of Black Magic. The misconstrued doctrine of Zoroaster

    and the magical law of two forces constituting universal equilibrium, have

    caused some illogical minds to imagine a negative divinity, subordinate but hostile

    to the active Deity."

    Eliphas Levi "Dogma and Ritual of High Magic"

    Eliphas may kick her asses if he lived.

    To me ,reader of Eliphas Levi books; this "CRAP" of Illuminati had "NOTHING" to do with the BAPHOMET occultism symbol.

    i think their only PURPOSE is "MONEY"……"MONEY"….

    and Yes Sir , they MAKE IT flow!!!!!


  306. This is SO weird.. about 2 summers ago iTune's offered this song as a free download and i've had it on my iPod touch ever since.. could this possibly have been planned?

  307. Tx for yet another excellent post! This is REAL! see “intheknow7” MK-Ultra Prog Guide… — this diabolical CIA-NSA Program from 1950′s never ceased and is more pervasive today than ever, and not limited to U.S. So many of your favorite celebrities (stars=pentagrams) are trapped under Mind Control, it’s easier to assume a celebrity IS, rather than isn’t! MK’s are used to entertain (distract) humanity while we spiral downward towards One World Rulership, wherein global management team envisions a world totally controlled by these human robots, used primarily to service elite players, perform incredible sexual acts w/their BETA Prog’mg (anything, anytime, anywhere w/anyone), couriers of coded Intel, drug mules and other nefarious deeds…BTW global elites prefer children! Every U.S. President from Eisenhower to Obama — of course he enjoys MK’d BETA Sex Kittens as all previous POTUS have…MK’s (boys/girls) are standard Presidential Perks!

    One of the most notorious/sadistic Mind Control Prog’mrs Sen. Robert C. Byrd (R-WVA) recently died; in control of the nations pocketbook as Chrmn of Senate Appropriations Cmte — Byrd made sure your tax dollars kept abominable MK Prog well funded. Yes, the person in charge of the country’s gov’t spending was a well known Satanic-pedophile, master/owner of MK’d survivor (victim) Cathy O’Brien (Google “Tranceformation of America”) Although concentrated in Hollywood/Music/Sports Industry, it’s also pervasive in political realm and why we can’t get a national pedophilia registry in this country!

    Are you awake or sleeping? The hottest politician in the country is a certified Mind Control Slave under control of sadistic MK-Ultra PIMP Heinz (Henry) Kissinger & Todd Palin? Yes, Ms. Palms & Pumps, the Alaskan Grifter…Sarah L. Palin is a BETA Prog’md Sex Slave/Human Robot — her over sexualized daughters as well, especially “Piper’s here today!” — MUST SEE “Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin”

    see how Heinz (Henry) Kissinger, global mgt team MK-Ultra PIMP gets down…

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  308. When I first watched the video of Walking On Air, I sensed that there was something not quite right about her. The video was filled with strange dolls, a sense of loneliness, weird lyrics, her soul-less voice and her style. They are all similar to Alice in the Wonderland movie and it's obviously filled with obvious occult symbols. Because of these reasons, I decided to visit your website and bingo! There was an article on it which is this particular one. Thanks for posting this, they were an answer to the questions in my mind. God Bless you.

  309. I'm Peyton, and I love Kerli. I'm just a teen but…I honestly love her. She is my idol. When I get older I am going to walk in her footsteps. I will try to be a singer, and if I ever do become one…I will thank Kerli even if she has passed when I get (May) famous, I will still thank her. I never had wanted to be a singer until I heard her Music. My friends tell me "Oh you'll never become famous." But I think there screwed up in the head to tell me I can't follow my dreams. (Kerli made me think of these dreams of being famous) No not to be famous….but to follow in her footsteps. Not act just like her if I get famous, but thank her and sing songs that are up beat, have a meaning, and freaking rock hard! Ha ha ha. (:

    Kerli (Moon Child) is great, I have also tried to learn her language. I started a few days ago. Not to well at it. ):

    But hopefully soon I will be!


    Hope you come to concert soon. If you do I will be There!!!

  310. Kerli does not use mind control in her videos and imagery. She may use symbols, but symbols can be used for good or evil purposes. Her message is to promote Integrity, Love and Unity. She has no interest in anything evil. Everything she stands for is the complete opposite of what the Illuminati believe in. Just look at any interview she has ever done. Kerli genuinely cares about her fans and wants to make this world a better place through her inspirational music. The bricks in the windows that break away at the end of the video represent overcoming repression. The tears that turn into butterflies represent the same thing. The video is all about the breaking free from control, not being controlled. And so is the song. Kerli did have a fucked up childhood, so that’s why the dolls are creepy. But, she’s trying to show how hope can come from despair and pain. Kerli is Love. <333333

  311. Without Kerli, Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce…

    The world would be a very boring place.

    Gaga is such an inspiration for many people and she saved me from suicide and depression. And believe it or not, there are plenty of Peace-Loving, good Satanists out there.

  312. Love this website but I have to ask. Can knowing all about this stuff really prevent any of it or what the Illuminati are planning with their New World Order. Can governmental laws be stopped that serve the interests of the elite. The answer is no. So the question to everyone is – once you have this knowledge – what do you do with it? It has taken hundreds of years, from way back when to bring about something that is horrific to this world – which is yet to come. I just want to know your views on that. Never mind the sold out puppets being used in the music industry – their souls will live forever in darkness which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

  313. k i read as many as the comments that i can and everybody is being so horrible to her, lady gaga, beyonce, to all of them if you guys r truly christan you should respect there religion im not christian im not even too religious but i respect each one of them who says that satan is bad the freakin bible was written by over 40 different ppl who knows what they were thinking when they wrote that im sorry to say this but who said the bible was right. who said those 40 whackos where thinking. you got to be accepting that it was written by some weirdos and maybe its the "correct" thing to belive in satan

    maybe im wrong but who eveer said the bible is right

    i dont belive in any of these. i dont belive in "god" or i dont belive in "satan"

    i just came across the fact that the bible was written by 40 different ppl

    so nobody knows whats correct to belive cuz we cant see past this world

    keep up the good work vc

  314. A small quibble –

    In the imagery, she was not freed when the marionette's strings were cut. She is placed in a box. They come back to that to underscore the point. She wakes up with strings attached, and then we see she's still in the box. It's only the appearance of freedom, but there's a reminder she is not free at all. She is placed in there and will not be removed.

  315. Kerli is not copying off of Lady Gaga. Kerli knew Lady Gaga before she was Lady Gaga and she did not look at all like she does now. Do you honestly believe just because someone's style isn't within "the norm" that it means they’re copying Lady Gaga? If anything, Lady Gaga is stealing from Kerli but no one knows that because Kerli doesn’t have the success she deserves. Kerli was planning on using harps in her shows and out of nowhere, Lady Gaga decides she is too and gets her harps from the exact same supplier as Kerli. I can’t believe you guys are going to say everything Kerli has worked so hard to accomplish is the product of mind control.

    Kerli has a perfect explanation for everything she uses in her videos and she is constantly hassled with questions about it. If you guys were musicians would you use some of things seen in the “Walking on Air” video? No, you wouldn’t. But then again, do you believe in faeries? Do you believe that ghosts are frequently in your house? No, you don’t. But these are things Kerli believes in. It gives you an idea where the inspiration for her crazy visuals come from.

    Kerli has a ton of inspiration for her music. She grew up in Soviet occupied Estonia and becoming a musician was unfathomable by her parents but she moved to the United States and did what she wanted to do the way she wanted to do it. Why is it said that ‘Alice In Wonderland’ references are bad? Kerli said the theme for the video was a “dark ‘Alice In Wonderland’.” The eye in the TV represents God, and that God is watching over her. Please re-watch the video and while watching it, remember the theme of the video is "an inverted house, where everything is functionally and, at times, visually the polar opposite of what its expected to be" (A quote from the directors of the video).

    “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.” VC is claiming everything found in this article and on this site is the truth despite total denial from Kerli and explanations from her.

    “She never belongs and nobody understood her but she had faith in herself. Therefore, she was walking on air” –Kerli.

  316. The inverted house idea:

    The window is a brick wall instead of being open.

    The wall is open to a forest instead of… well… being a wall.

    When she turns the fan on, everything else spins instead of the fan.

    The fridge and freezer thing is an obvious example of the inverted house idea.

    Also, the TV (which represents "the all seeing eye of God") is watching her instead of her watching the TV.

    The bed is a pile of stones which is the opposite of what beds are usually seen as.

  317. I could not help but wondering about thoose statue heads which could be seen on the right wall when the "big doll/pupeter" walket whit the pupet. Do any of you guys know who the statues are? And in the begining when she got the doll the clock arms pointed to 1 o'clock which is 13:00 digital time, 13 = deep masonic symbolism

  318. I was wondering if you did not notice this or if it just was to blatant to put in the article. The eye on the television, at the beginning of the video could represent the all seeing eye. I thought that maybe it could be representing that the Illuminati are in the media (television).

    Also there is a two headed goat in the picture fram above the television. Perhaps the goat is a reference to Baphomet? Also the two heads could represent two seperate personalities.

    Here is a screenshot with both the two headed goat photo and the eye:

  319. Hey, Vigilant Citizen, you have awesome articles about these Hollywood stars' illuminati thingy. You opened my eyes up. though, its seriously hard to avoid music, especially music from Lady Gaga. Its everywhere! Bad romance, Alejandro. Rihanna, to me, is a completely different case. She's like a woman, who is mind-controlled. And, rihanna, is NOT Rihanna. I wish someone could have stepped in& save her from stupid crazy Hollywood. yeah, lots of people wished to go Hollywood, but please think of th consequences, aite? Almost all th Hollywood stars have gone bonkers. In shopping malls, its worst. Th whole mall will blast out LadyGaga's music all over. In MTV movie awards, shows& perfomances of Lady Gaga, is indeed lunatic and stupid, not to mention, crazy to the max. May they awake to their senses. I love you, Rihanna. (: And, keep up this great work, Vigilant Citizen! You'll be rewarded for all these stuff, trust me. May god bless you. <3

  320. Ok. I am sick of all this crap about artists and the so called "illuminati" . Kerli has NO part in any illuminati cult or whatever, she even answers questions that people ask her about this stuff, and she clearly says she is not doing mind control or worshipping satan or any of that stuff, she has said in one of her answers to a question that she DOES believe in GOD, it may not be in the way some people do, but she DOES believe in him, and that she believes in angels and all that stuff, and she is always saying that she is about love and light, not satanic worship and mind control, so, I do not believe any of this, it doesn't mean that I am under their control or anything, Just because there is weird symbolism in her videos does NOT mean she is using illuminati symbols, EVERY artist uses symbols in their videos, some strange and some not. Those symbols that she uses are just her way of expressing her feelings and her creativity, like everyone else she uses music or "art" to release her emotions. I wish people will STOP disecting peoples music videos and making them evil and just actually researching the person and listen to interviews and see what they are really about instead of trying to get attention by tearing everyone else down so you feel better about yourself. It makes me sick to see people do this to such talented artist. LEAVE THEM ALONE! Sorry if i offended anyone (which I don't think I did) but I just had to get that out. No one knows the truth about someone else unless that person actually says that they do those things, and Kerli, like I said above, has clearly gotten annoyed by all this illuminati crap and has told her fans that she is NOT apart of any illuminati cult, that her music is HER music, and its all about expressing herself, not mind control.!

  321. Menemenetekel on

    @ 3:23 in the above video – if intentional it is clearly what is popularly called the "patriarchal cross".

    I'm wondering if you have any definitive info on this particular cross in the occult – obviously it has some similarities to the 'sigil of Baphomet' and other masonic crosses – but not exactly – I'm wondering if there is actual occult use of this cross elsewhere.

    Also – in the closing scene of the rocking doll – you'll notice the camera angle of view has been raised – the floor now looks like a stepped pyramid – 12 steps (13th the eye we saw earlier?).

  322. Kerli did grow up in a communist country in Europe. It wouldn't surprise me if this video, like many of her other ones, represented the communist regimes and torture tactics.

  323. hi

    i have read most of your blogs and i've been reading a lot recently about monarch programming and other themes related to the Illuminati,and many of the sites,like yours do make sense, but also i found some sites that i find it harder to believe what they are saying: for example,that there are reptilians and that all Illuminati members are reptilians

    well i find it hard to believe,but everything else, and the symbolism does make sense,so anyways i wanna thank you for sharing these blogs with us and i believe more in what you say also because you studied symbology and other subjects as you said in one of your blogs

    so i want to ask you ,if you know how many of today's artists were mind controlled victims of monarch programming? i guess it is hard to know,but i wonder if you can guess an approximate


    *i was thinking that maybe some artists are monarch slaves,others are only artists who have no clue about this,and others of those who don't know anything are told to add symbolism to their videos and photo shoots,and maybe paid to do it and maybe they are told only a little of the truth so they collaborate,and maybe even threatened,and there are others who are into freemasonry and they know part of the truth according to the degree they are,and maybe even some of them are programmers

    so this is my theory,what do you think about it?

    and also,please tell me if you believe in the reptilian theory?

    well thank you for your attention and sorry for extending my comment this much,but i really have a lot of questions about this topic

  324. i just copied the lyrics down

    La, la, la, la, la, la, la

    La, la, la, la, la, la, la

    There's a little creepy house in a little creepy place

    Little creepy town in a little creepy world

    Little creepy girl with her little creepy face

    Saying funny things that you have never heared

    Do you know what it's all about

    Are you brave enough to figure out

    Know that you could set your world on fire

    If you are strong enough to leave your doubts

    Feel it, breath it, believe it

    And you'll be walking on air

    Go try, go fly, so high

    And you'll be walking on air

    Feel this, unless you kill it

    Go on, and your forgiven

    I knew that, I could feel that

    I feel like, I am walking on air

    She has a little creepy cat and a little creepy bat

    Little rocking chair and an old blue hat

    That little creepy girl, oh, she loves to sing

    She has a little gift, an amazing thing

    With her little funny eyes of hazel

    With her little funny old blue hat

    She will go and set the world on fire

    No one ever thought she could do that

    Feel it, breath it, believe it

    And you'll be walking on air

    Go try, go fly, so high

    And you'll be walking on air

    Feel this, unless you kill it

    Go on, and your forgiven

    I knew that, I could feel that

    I feel like, I am walking on air

    Flitter up, and

    Hover down, be

    All around, be

    All around

    You know that I love you

    Go on

    Feel it, breath it, believe it

    And you'll be walking on air

    Go try, go fly, so high

    And you'll be walking on air

    Feel this, unless you kill it

    Go on, and your forgiven

    I knew that, I could feel that

    I feel like, I am walking on air

    I am walking on air

  325. Sometimes I feel like what you wrote describes myself. Like there is an Alter person in control of my core, that was not always there.

  326. While the author of this page is very good at connecting random things, testimony to the complex nature of the human mind and its ability to look for patterns, pointing out symbols and imagery in a video is a complete waste of time. Music videos are visual representations of the music, so of course you are going to find concepts and symbols and images from all over the place…it's called self-expression, but unfortunately you cannot express yourself without somehow using images others will recognize and relate to. A message sent is only as good as it is received. The most unfortunate thing about the author is he is trying to send out his message to the world and all its uneducated people with his own propaganda about mind control and other conspiracy theories. Of course there was research done by governments into mind control…but honestly, what will reading a blog do about reversing that? The internet was CREATED by government research people! They control the water you drink, the food you eat, the schools, the television/internet, the doctors, the prescription drugs…reading a blog connecting pictures and ideas will not stop the government or the devil or whatever else you want to call your irrational fears. Why be afraid of something you cannot stop?

  327. HEY VIGILANT!!……

    Was wondering if you caught some similar torture devices depicted in this video, as well as in other artists' videos: i.e…..those black point-shoe boots appear on the feet of Kerli in this vid while she's lying on the bed of rocks; Christina Aguilera wears them while portraying the sex kitten in "Not Myself Tonight", and Beyonce wears them in her "I Am…Sasha Fierce" promo photos. I figured these "ballerina boots" would be considered torture since they're impossible to walk in….take notice that NONE of these singers are ever pictured actually standing up in these things….it's impossible!

    I also noticed Kerli's long, sharp fingernails she sports….so do Beyonce, Pink, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna….another torture device?

    • bella….beyonce has actually had them on in her videos as well as rihanna….in which they are standing in them….i believe in beyonce's freak 'em dress….it was in one of the videos she release after "b" day came out…..but i wondered that as well….those shoes cant be just a fashion statement… one else is wearing them….

  328. Kristyn: "Creepy" seems to be a vibe in your music, and mentioned quite a bit in the lyrics to "Walking on Air" and of course "Creepshow"? What is the meaning behind these songs? Do you have a favorite track off "Love is Dead"?

    Kerli: Walking on Air is pretty much my story. It's about following your dreams and just going with the flow. All these cats and hats and rocking chairs are from my own life too. I always used to wear hats when I was younger. They were all like ten years old and looked really worn but It kinda became my thing. And I once rescued a homeless cat. I even got some kind of a disease from it. hahaha. Creepshow is about not belonging. Where I come from, being different is not really accepted, we don't even have any other nationalities besides Russians. Everyone is like living in a box. I always felt like I needed more of an open minded environment.

    So suddenly I was living in a more creative place but I couldn't really decide if I liked it. And it felt like even more of a creepshow than this little town environment that I wanted to get out of.

    from an article online….

    wooow! you could not say more about this chick than what she said about herself. notice how she mentions taking in a homeless cat…where did that come from.. when she was supposed to be talking about her favorite song?

    • A classic symptom of what is referred to by psychologists as clanging with a strong element of tangential thinking. Almost always a result of severe psychological trauma. Often seen in "schizophrenics" and those with severe "bi-polar disorder"…sorry I use the quotes because I don't believe in ridiculous psycho labels but in general they hold true as applies to the particular situation you are referring to. I implore you all though…don't hate these people because they are victims. If they have any choice it is simply the "American Dream". The ones that are the puppet masters are our enemies. I would be surprised if any of these musicians are even aware of what is going on after the programming they have experienced…and if they are their minds have been so corrupted that they cannot be blamed for their insane sense of action. Think of your own faults…see yourself in them, and apply it to help them free themselves…to repair the broken mirror…even if that means death for them or you because there are far worse things than death. Use tact and symbols…that is their language. Compassion is the bane of this particular enemy…use it.

  329. freemefromtheherd on

    At this point, I don't know what to believe. I discovered Kerli for the first time on youtube via the reccomended videos section (why it was reccomended is unbeknownst to me), and I became highly intrigued by this mysterious, odd little creature. Admittedly, I spent hours watching interviews and such with a bizzarre interest for reasons I can't quite put my finger on. Then, I heard something that led me to search more and ultimately landed here. She had said in an interview regarding "Tea Party" that people are stupid about symbolism and symbols can easily influence people. Then she quickly added that she likes to use symbols to positively influence. So then I began looking up what appeared to be blatant symbols only to discover that based upon what I had read, no positive inference could be made. I could very well be wrong, and perhaps searched in the wrong direction. Then I began noticing some of her contradictions. She said in one interview that (I wish I could cite them, but I didn't keep track at the time. These interviews were all on youtube though) She would never create pop "like shake your ass off music" because that isn't her, and if she did she feared that she would lose herself (this was part of a 4 part interview). Then in another one regarding her second album while in NY she said "it's really pop, I hate it" then in the same breath without missing a beat says "I love it". What is that? She also said, in a different interview again that she has a say in everything. It is all her and genuine; when it comes to her art she will not be involved with anything that deprives her of her creative liberties. Whether or not that is true, I can't say but that it what she said. She is very aware of whatever message she is sending, the question is: Is the message she claims to be sending a cloak to hide the true intention? These symbols, what purpose could they serve? I know many have said desensitization, but to what, triangles, goats, and all seeing eyes? Could these symbols possibly be activating the victims of this Monarch programming, a call out of some sort, a rallying of the troops? If we want to get really philosophical, couldn't this all be a ploy? Could the intention possibly be that they WANT us talking, thinking about it in our pop-cultures to divert the attention from more threatening global catastrophies or other danger? With all of the unknowns, nothing is truly outside of the realm of possibility. Perhaps the paranoia resulting from all this is meant to paralyze us in fear. In a way, we are all looking to someone or something to lead us and provide the answers. What if the answers that we are so intent on finding are inside us? I don't know, but what I do know is be careful of whom you seek for guidance or else you allow yourself to be left wide open to the very thing that you fear, if that makes sense to you at all. The internet can be a powerful tool in manipulation, because you never know who or what exactly is behind the monitor of your information. You can't interpret body language, posturing, or your intuitive vibe off of the author. Phew…that was a book, but I had to get that off of my chest or else I would never get to sleep tonight.

    • Could be sacrifice which certainly seems to be a prominent theme in their symbolism but I think it has more to do with enslaving the masses through consumerism. To be honest it's probably both and then some. Occult symbolism always has multiple layers…read The Bible, The Vedas, Sutras, or any great religious/philosophical/scientific works. Death by consumption is certainly on the forefront of Gaga's message. Look at "Telephone". Soda cans, cigarettes, food, honey (possibly symbolizing that which is sweet to the senses in general)…right along side chains, death, and prison bars. You do the math.

  330. You want to see a hot mess? Here's her Myspace pics of her "MoonChildren."

    For those of you not so familiar with the occult the moon AKA "The Insane Mother" is believed to be the "Mother" of the "Brotherhood of the Shadow" or as most here mistakenly call it "The Illuminati" and their ilk who work to essentially perfect evil believing that one may attain "enlightenment" through becoming purely selfish just as "The Brotherhood of Light" seek to attain enlightenment by becoming and helping other people to become completely selfless and altruistic…believing that enlightenment comes from denying oneself to work purely to benefit everyone and everything else.

    The confusion is intentional on the part of The Brotherhood of the Shadow. This mass confusion is what has caused worldwide religious extermination throughout history because people come to associate symbols such as the "All seeing eye", "the swastika", "the pyramid", and many others with a disgusting evil that, in their origin, these symbols never represented. Instead they are symbols of divine inspiration, evolution, and aspiration.

    Due to this confusion those who most actively work to bring this monstrous machine down are viewed to be the same malevolent horde as they are and, when uncovered, exterminated right along side them.

  331. Also…just as a side note…if you want to see through the confusion between the two brotherhoods look at the ultimate effect a given song, music video, movie, book, etc has on you and other people. Does it inspire people to selflessness…or greed, egoism, and hate. Often it is harder to tell than you would think because as mentioned in a previous post many if not most of the "evil" in there's world wears a mask of light. They act philanthropic by donating a few million here and there to various causes (which to most of these people, on a percentage basis, is the equivalent to us dropping our spare change in the Salvation Army can around Christmas), adopting children from "Third-World countries"(…to who knows what ends), and other such things. With the rest of the 99.999% of their time they devise methods with which to turn the masses into promiscuous,uneducated, egoistic, uninformed, couch potatoes who constantly poison their minds and bodies with drugs, alcohol, fast food, TV, and anything else they can consume.

  332. I would be interested in seeing a breakdown of her "Tea Party" video. It's obviously laden with symbolism and the fact that it is associated with "Alice In Wonderland" means it's going to be popular among tweens and teens…people my age.

    I noticed prevalence of inverted triangles in her video, and I'm anxious to find out what they mean.


  333. I would simply like to point out (I don't know if someone has mentioned this already, there were to many comments to read every single one), that Kerli grew up under Soviet Union rule. SHe has stated in many interviews that this was her inspiration for "Walking on Air."

  334. All-seeing Eye Opene on

    Don't you understand the end?

    The giant doll stands for Mary, who saves her by cutting the cords off.

    Of course the giant doll looks like her, giving the viewer a hint that only the puppet itself can choose to break free.

  335. i really feel very bad any time i read these articles cuz this guys don't really know what they are doing. tho we all know that they are doing the wrong thing, we should pray for them. condemning them will not change one beat. the earlier we know this, the better…..

  336. I find this video really interesting and the lyrics are good,

    the use of symbols in the vid and lyrics makes it a great song.

    The way it's looked on here seemes to be right to what the video and song shows.

    For those who believe in God as a good kind of thing:

    Lucifer and Satan is totally different. Lucifer is the first fallen angel, not a demon or devil.

    (In my belief he is the first one to have awoken from God's hypnotic power and think self)

    And i believe that there is no evil believes, only the people that doomes others belief to

    be the wrong one and therefore evil.

    And the end should be near if people continue to be greedy and selfish.

    If we humans continue to not care about anything but ourself.

    And if we don't put a bit of effort into not wasting what the earth gives us,

  337. I came across this video and thought of this post…i thought it strange that such a upbeat song be represented with such dark/weird images… at the end of the video it becomes very very obvious as to what was happening… there is a lot of symbolism in this video, many parts of it reminded me of lady gaga's bad romance video… anyway i thought i should share it to see what you guys think

  338. you think this is creepy although i hate to admit it one of my favorite bands the birthday massacre their video looking glass whether new or old material they have some pretty significant signs of mind control v_v

  339. I LOVE Kerli so I had to read this and I have to say I wasn't shocked. When I saw her logo as a butterfly I figured Monarch first. But it's still nice to read an analysis of her video. I'd always loved the SONG but actually hadn't seen the video until just recently. I have that album actually…

  340. This IS JUST ANOTHER Speechless Article.

    After Watching the Video I Was Scared.

    And SEEING so much symbols. its just woah….

    i felt like ONE EYE THERE. masonic checkerboards…

    BUT I FEEL LIKE CONTACTING ONE OF THE MASONRY CENTRES in My COUNTRY and research about this devil and satanic belief… if its real or a hoax as Wikipedia says

  341. How can they be so BLATANT in every single frame?????????The video was hideous. . .It screams ''Hey,I'm a Monarch too and I'm installing to your brain a program just in case we need more manchurians!!!!!!!"

  342. At one point in the video, about 2:38, her eyes are different colors. The right eyes is blue and the left eye is green (similar to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland's eyes). I guess that could symbolize the break between her two personas. Or something……Hey can anyone tell me what's up with the black dress? It's got numbers all over it……

  343. Jessica McConaha on

    Thank you for helping me.
    I stumbled upon this site by goggling "GaGa Illuminati". I'm a PROUD LITTLE MONSTER…
    Anyway, I'd heard crap about GaGa being evil, Illuminati etc…So I simply wanted to check it out…
    I like to do my research on things & understand both sides of a story before making a decision. You nearly had me convinced….nearly.

    So I started checking out your other articles on the music industry because music is a big part of my life.

    I stumbled upon this article & had to read it. I adore Kerli. and I love this song & video. <3<3<3

    But according to what she says:

    "I cry a lot. Equally because of happiness and sadness.
    I have at least 5 different personalities.
    Crowds make me anxious unless I’m on stage.
    I hear colors, I see sound
    I believe in fairies.
    I change my mind every five minutes.
    If I can’t write music for more than a couple of days, I loose it.
    I make things.
    I almost never feel like I belong. I am very uncomfortable having a human experience…"

    I must be mind controlled also! OMG. HELP!!…And I'm not even famous!? What a crappy hand to be dealt! :-(

    I cry a lot. Equally because of happiness and sadness.
    -This is called being a woman who has emotions. This is called compassion & empathy.
    -I cry when my daughter hurts because it hurts me to see my child hurting. I also cry when my daughter says mommy I love you. Because it makes me happy.

    I have at least 5 different personalities.
    -Again this is called being a woman, duh. Women have mood swings which can make it seem like personality flips to most idiot men.

    Crowds make me anxious unless I’m on stage.
    -When she's singing she's in her element & doing what she loves, naturally she should feel comfortable there.

    I hear colors, I see sound
    -This is called being artistic. It's also probably not meant LITERALLY

    I believe in fairies.
    -I believe in the Fae also. So do many people from Ireland. This has to do with religious beliefs I'm sure.

    I change my mind in every five minutes.
    -She could have low self esteem or second guess herself or again…she's a WOMAN!!

    If I can’t write music for more than a couple of days, I loose it.
    -If I have ideas I have to write them down or I'll forget them also. Duh. it's called having a busy life & not having much time to think, or being absent minded.

    I make things.
    -OH GOD NO…how horrible to be a crafty, DIY person!…I make things also

    I almost never feel like I belong. I am very uncomfortable having a human experience.
    -I feel the same way. I feel like an outcast or that no one truly understands me, sometimes I don't think I understand myself. it's called being HUMAN!

    …Again…nice writing, you all most had me.

  344. I think the military and the entertainment industry are not the only targets of Monarch programming. I have seen clues that Border and Immigration staff, Police civilians and strategic interest groups have been acquired. Someone wanted to work for the police in a very skilled role involving expensive training part of it was hypnosis (dual acquisition technically) and the funniest clue…they had to pay for it with their own money! I have also supposed that 3 clues in a geriatric ward suggest someone is experimenting with ways to subliminal influence Dementia patients. To influence them to give up and die quietly. I have supposed that street riots in London have ben a proof of concept that Monarch programming can disinhibit groups just as it can inhibit others. Sort of group stalking because Monarch now can be I suppose foisted on many people for a single task..a bit like Edward Bernays and the Engineering of Consent. Will Filer (Google with "NSA" and "sneeze" can explain how the trauma inductions I remember, have been replaced by electroshock and probably subliminal snuff videos, but I don'rt know for sure. In Homeland the hero tells terrorists the serial number of the Voice President's pacemaker and they use a laptop radio signal as used in medlabs to interrogate it and send his heart into its death throes. Well, my feeling has been they don't need a pacemaker, they don't need its serial number and they don't need a Pacemaker. If you think that is scary, just hope it is your "side" who have this ability and not any other side.I guess I can spread this assumption because if true it needs to be understood by all sides, for fear is a factor of trauma, without fear you have a symbolic pacemaker for as long as you can hold off such bullying. I have studied this ever since my first orientation in 2002 had me meet a man
    it took 9 years to realise was a wanted ex Nazi called Mengele. should explain this conceit. He came from a Eugenics/survival of the fittest /Ipsimus background. I am happy to say this seems to have been opposed in previous wars by the West . The criteria were based on what they did, not a faux perception, or what they believed. If you were a Government, unsure of your new Monarch bedfellow,they might demonstrate for example geriatric dementia patients given a shorter life, or the Department for Work and Pensions might copy Orwell's Ministry for Truth. Maybe (this is all speculation) you might see crowds created or dispersed at will as proof of concept . A powerful argument is you no longer need kill your opponents. If you were being spoken to power about these things. But more likely,than you granting a concession is that "Monarch"…skilled in the art, would simply use their patents and practices now embedded in the world )check out M.P. and media) and ignore any letters after your name

  345. "About 75% are female, since they possess a higher tolerance for pain and tend to dissociate easier than males."

    Actually, multiple studies suggest than men have a higher tolerance to pain than women.

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