Lauryn Hill Ordered by the Court to Undergo “Counseling” Due to her “Conspiracy Theories”



The name of Lauryn Hill’s breakout album was The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill but it now appears that the powers that be would like her to record a new album called The Re-Education of Lauryn Hill. After appearing in court for tax evasion, Hill was sentenced to three months in jail PLUS she must attend “counseling” due to her “conspiracy theories”.

According to the IBTimes, Hill told the court: “I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them. I had an economic system imposed on me.” Furthermore, Hill also believes that artists are being oppressed by (what the article calls) “a plot involving the military and media”. Because of these statements, Hill was ordered to undergo “counseling”, which is a way of saying that she is mentally ill and that she needs some sort of re-programming session regain “sanity”.

In 2012, Hill published a thoughtful letter describing the corruption, the oppression and the control of the music industry and her desire to escape it.  In one part of the letter, Lauryn states

“It was this schism and the hypocrisy, violence and social cannibalism it enabled, that I wanted and needed to be freed from, not from art or music, but the suppression/repression and reduction of that art and music to a bottom line alone, without regard for anything else.  Over-commercialization and its resulting restrictions and limitations can be very damaging and distorting to the inherent nature of the individual.  I Love making art, I Love making music, these are as natural and necessary for me almost as breathing or talking.  To be denied the right to pursue it according to my ability, as well as be properly acknowledged and compensated for it, in an attempt to control, is manipulation directed at my most basic rights!  These forms of expression, along with others, effectively comprise my free speech!  Defending, preserving, and protecting these rights are critically important, especially in a paradigm where veiled racism, sexism, ageism, nepotism, and deliberate economic control are still blatant realities!!!”

(See my article entitled Lauryn Hill’s Tumblr Letter on the Music Business for the full letter).

Despite what mainstream media reports, Hill is not mumbling incoherent “conspiracy theories” but is rather speaking the truth. Her statements are a result of her first hand experience within the industry and her desire to not be part of its madness. Hill’s “theories” are simply an intelligent person’s clear analysis of a situation.

However, as American society turns into a real life version of the novel 1984, speaking the truth is increasingly considered to be a mental illness – one that needs to be treated and fixed. Does free speech still exist if saying the wrong words leads to a mandatory visit to a “mind doctor”?

I’ll just let Lauryn sing the final words:



      • Wat do have on it (ps3) a lot of ppl said bad stuff about sony wasnt michael sign to them

      • There is an article here on VC titled: "When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry" and there is also the video with Michael's speech.

      • You can search for it on Youtube. He did a speech against Tommy Motolla, who was the head of Sony at the time.

    • Lauren I think of the scripture in the Bible that was given to our people when we were kidnapped…..In the Last days all things shall be reviled.Thank you Lauren for representing those of us that know exactly who we are. Stay true to yourself. I love who you are and what you represent. I consider you to be of sound mind, and a soldier of Jah!!!!

    • But notice how she signs a deal with Sony after she got into trouble for tax evasion. I think they were pushing her to shut up like Kat Williams. So sad :(

    • she is a slave to money. Funny she wasn't singing this song and dance when she was making that $$$ from her so called "masters", but now that she is held responsible to pay her dutied tax to society, she cries slavery and tried to run from her responsibility. Back to Sony it is!!!

      • She actually gave everything up when she found out what the industry was really about. She wanted to use her music abilities to give a good, uplifting message to the youth. But once the music industry let her get a taste of wealth and fame they figured she would do anything to keep it. When she refused to sing and promote their agenda they threatened her and her family. She was completely cut out from being able to keep her career and went into hiding. Trying her best to support her family by other means. This is just another attack from the industry just like they did with michael jackson. The boy he supposedly molested spoke out once he was grown about how his parents made him lie and then they made lots of money. But they would never allow that to be televised in the US because they control all media. Yes he was different, but he was not a child molester.

      • not true, if u listen to the fugees it was very anti-establishment and she took a long break (probably because they wanted to change her) and then made a comeback by herself going hard against satan number one, and the illuminati/nwo (whatever u want to call it, number two. I could not see her selling out no matter who she signs with. Her most recent song "neurotic society" makes this clear. I dont think u could actually be someone who has listenend to her music over the years to be saying what you are saying

      • "very anti-establishment"

        while being signed under sony/Columbia Records, whatever.

        she got caught breaking the law and is attempting to make an excuse.

        She doesn't agree with the industry and the system? That cool. But, in order to live in america as a citizen, thats the system we have in place. You don't get to pick or choose if you get to participate when you live here. She made money in the USA you pay taxes on it.

        If you want to fight a system by going against you have to abstain from it completely. you don't get to participate in the parts you like and ignore the parts you don't.

        we have methods in place in this country to change the system if you and enough people agree that the system needs to change. Use those resources.

        I've yet to see an example of tax evasion that is anything other than personal greed thinly veiled in a mantra.

      • "If you want to fight a system by going against you have to abstain from it completely."

        Really? Really? …

    • She is not crazy she is awake to The New World Order . Laugh now you stupid morons. I'm not a expert but I've spent 5 years studding the NWO and Alex Jones and many like him are begging you all to wake up and fight.
      I used to be young and foolish too and think this was all pure insane paranoids . I'm now 52 and wide awake.

  1. Nicola cola on

    I absolutely love how she described her experiences. I don't neccessarily believe in these conspiracy theories since most of them seem a little outlandish but this site has helped me realize how cutthroat the music industry can be.

    • "Over-commercialization and its resulting restrictions and limitations can be very damaging and distorting to the inherent nature of the individual"

      This isn't a conspiracy theory, just an observation about how an unjust economic system can impact individual freedom. Unlike other conspiracy theorists, she never blames a small group of isolated individuals, but continually cites the music industry and mass media as oppressors of artists' personal liberty. She is no more of a conspiracy theorists than MLK or Gandhi — she is merely fighting for a slightly different cause.

      • She better wake up to the fact that we all answer to someone. just because she's making music doesn't change the fact that she, like all of us, must answer to someone. If she wants full creative control then she better pay for the productions costs. If not, then get in line behind all the people that sweat their asses off for a paycheck not doing something they love.

      • Just because many people choose to answer to an authority that they cannot see, hear, or touch — be it the U.S. government, God, or the "ideal consumer" — doesn't mean such a fate should be declared a universal law. I'm pretty sure that's what historians have called fascism, which is also the very ideology that was battled against during both the U.S. revolutionary war as well as WWII. If it is true, as the constitution states, that individual citizens 1) have a right to express themselves in their own unique manners and 2) have the right to assemble and protest against an unjust government, then doing both in a peaceful manner should be condoned even if for no other reason than to reinforce the rights that we all take for granted (regardless of whether or not we agree with the specific methods of protest chosen).

        Now maybe it is understandable that she should be made to pay all the back taxes or face jail time, but labeling her ideas as "crazy" and sending her to mandatory counseling sounds like something that happens in North Korea, not America. Maybe I'm making too much of the hypocrisy of a government founded on individual freedom attempting to use behavior modification in order to condition a dissident into conforming to the standard way of thinking and acting? Who knows anymore?

      • Just because many people choose to answer to an authority that they cannot see, hear, or touch — be it the U.S. government, God, or the "ideal consumer" — doesn't mean such a fate should be declared a universal law. I'm pretty sure that's what historians have called fascism, which is also the very ideology that was battled against during both the U.S. revolutionary war as well as WWII. If it is true, as the constitution states, that individual citizens 1) have a right to express themselves in their own unique manners and 2) have the right to assemble and protest against an unjust government, then doing both in a peaceful manner should be condoned even if for no other reason than to reinforce the rights that we all take for granted (regardless of whether or not we agree with the specific methods of protest chosen).

        Granted, if she hasn't paid her taxes it is understandable that she pay back taxes or face jail time. But ordering behavioral modification to condition a person to conform to the standard way of thinking and acting is something that happens in North Korea, but I thought America was better than that. Maybe I'm making too much of the hypocrisy of a country founded on freedom forcing their citizen to undergo mandatory counseling for their personal beliefs? Who knows anymore?

      • face in the crowd on

        Yo Mama, thats the thing. What if the entire point was, you answer to no one? It is called Free Will, at the center, at the core. This does not mean lie, cheat, steal, kill. This means, do those things and your psyche will be what chokes you out and your death will reflect the life you have lived. Irony exists, death can be a long drawn out thing, people confuse irony with karma. Its not karma. Ironic the author says US social system is rotting into 1984 conditions. What foreign entity waits behind the veil of the US flag? People hate America (the plan) but they should hate the City of London. Not white people, not new birth European (innocent) nor any race. Hate the Inbred, indoctrinated, rotted corpses of a human beings, most often talking a "money bag" of wind in finance, petroleum, capitalistic industry. Hate the ones with connections to the City who rape the ground we call Mother. If you think this is white America, case closed, you are fuhkd. This is a relatively small group (probably multi racial at this point) compared to the worlds population and race is not a point of focus. For this, I think she kinda took a step back because I am white and it does not make me feel like I am in 2013 (yes I am learned on slavery, real North/South American histories with emphasis on womens struggles) when she relates her plight (my plight) with slavery. Maybe thats what this is. Maybe I am too proud. I am not a slave because when shite hits the rotating fan of irony, I am not American but I was born in one place, geographically, but I am not an American, I am a person. I am free. I have free will. I answer to no one but myself, everyone operates on this rule set forth. Betray your inner nature, death becomes you. and I would die for my own morals, ethics, values. She is answering to her true self with all of this. Sony is not a human soul.

        Ironic she has the perfect set up and platform for possibly reaching a large number of people yet she has been…called a witch. Essentially. And no one connects to the obvious: this is the rotating door of history that teaches us of its fragility. Yet we keep walking through this boring revolving door. Problem. Reaction. Solution. They think they are going somewhere but…they are in circles. For shiz a person, a program or an algorithm is recording you viewing/following her case. People. Get ready to live or die for what you believe in.

        So. Is it…that you…are a devil or an angel here. Seems more likely you…just are. Shapeshifting through time at the blessing of observance of Natural Law. There is a message here. Sure, quantum mechanics are telling, super fascinating but Natural Law fuels millions and millions of years of progressive Evolution. It is a message imbreded into reality for us!! Hidden in plain sight. Seems like she is pointing a finger at the devil and she ain't afraid. I don't think she believes she is the angel here. She is just here. And to betray her inner soul is to become death.

        What is she has been trying to produce her own music? What if she donates willingly to the charities of her choice but not the IRS? That has just as much positive impact on a society as controlled social services (social programs, social psych research) or say…civil construction. At least I am of the opinion that yes, people need substance more than stuff. They need health insurance and the peace of mind to be cared for in old age to some civilized degree. They need clean air, clean water and most of all…clean minds. She's no angel. She knows what's up.

        Life is crazy if you comprehend it as different levels of progressive evolution so…guess what! There is a message left here for us, forget the reason. Observe. So, YO MAMA what if some of us DON'T answer to someone? Her new song is pretty bit chin, her lyrics do say quite a lot (thats the point) so..she is not singing "fu-la-la-la" anymore, ya know?

        So they said, "Bich, we are going to squeeze you some more, milk money, chump change, sign your soul to the devil" and what if she is doing exactly what she wants? She and I don't answer to anyone. Think about it.

        I have always said more people should infiltrate the system and demolish from within. Did you know radio waves are easily accessible however illegal to use without a license. Why? Thats…ironic! She is telling us, gtfo the revolving door and I firmly believe she answers to herself.

        You could of done something you love. And fought for a better society and gotten arrested and called crazy like her and the witches through out time? Money and fame are not a part of her value system. She started pointing at the devil, the devil don't like that. Maybe she wants to "stir it up". I sure do. Not in the peaceful way Bob intended.

        Finish college, love your neighbor, resist the belief your thoughts here in life don't dictate your death. Be right with yourself, and you answer to no one.

      • Very well said!! At the end of the day she's a true artist and she doesn't want her message to be compromised and also she wants to be justly compensated for it as well.

    • Funny when people say " conspiracy theories" when the evidence is right in your face. you just have to research for yourself.

      • Couldnt agree more Alex. Most people are sheeple and have no idea whats really going on and wont "Think For Themselves" and research on their own.

      • how important does it make you feel when you call people sheeple? what a way to rise above and hate, would you make a good illumintati soldier? Those who put themselves in a position of power and knowledge over others are, well aren't they referred to as illuminati these days ? The sheeple IHa ha. You people make me laugi sometimes, aren't you the ones who are pawns in the game. the likes of you are doing their bidding for them. they're very clever and so is this website. Gotta hand it to them. They are making soldiers of those in the know and creating a divide between them and those so called sheeple. Amazing!

    • The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was a master piece . Her music is sick and she open her heart out on that album her songs meant something . People think she's insane , but she's not shes on to something . I hope the best for her , I love her music .

      • I just don't understand how people can't put two and two together that it's a slap in the face of justice to try someone for tax infractions, and make part of their sentence to be re-educated by psych doctors for your 'conspiracy theories'. That sentence has jack shit to do with what she was being tried for in the first place.

        The IRS are the secret police of U.S. They have openly admitted to targeting conservative groups opposing Obama in the 2012 election. OPENLY ADMITTED IT! That's not me alleging it. They made a public apology. Well, they can shove their public apology up their asses. It's high time the IRS received a rectal exam and we the people audited them.

      • A group not supposed to conduct politics will be investigated if they do so. So what if it was the dummy parade?

    • MediaRotsYourBrain on

      How exactly is it outlandish if more and more proof is being revealed right in front of your eyes? We have been socially programmed to go with the flow and to not be different. Every single time they have a movie involving a supposed "Conspiracy Theory" those that believe are always depicted as some crazy, off-the-wall homeless hippy rambling on and on…..they never show a person with sound judgement, thought and the ability to analyze things logically. This is because they don't want people like you toe believe in "conspiracy theories" because then they'd have to be held accountable or have to answer for all the secrets they keep from the public. It was a conspiracy theory that there were secret societies involved with all our presidents and look now it is a reality. Not one president that got elected has done so without attending one of the top prestigious schools and being a member of a secret society. There is a video of someone interrogating Kerry during a meeting about his membership to Skull and Bones. While Kerry admits to it in his answer that individual is then tackled by police and arrested…..coincidence. NO

      Every artist that is relative and is in the "in crowd" has an alter ego, every artist keeps putting occult and esoteric symbolism in their videos despite who they are affiliated with. All would have been diagnosed with DID or Schizophrenia if they didn't have a "music artist clause." Every article that is released on here as well as others that are not here is piling proof that conspiracy theories are simply a cover to keep the powers that be from exposing their wicked ways. They have been slowly chipping away our freedoms all in the fight against "terrorism" and we have been willfully giving up our rights that were promised to us as Americans all for the sake of feeling "Safe"

      Lauryn Hill should pay her taxes despite her misgivings with the industry. By not following the rules she only discredits herself and any truth she may share with others. You have to ask yourself Nicola, do you not believe in the "conspiracy theories" because they are outlandish or is it more you don't want to face the truth and turn a blind eye. It's a defense mechanism because you really don't want to believe that the world is the way it is…but it is. They say ignorance is bliss but pretending not to believe and living in a "matrix" so to speak only makes the problem worse. If more people spoke out things would change. No one wants to be the nail that gets hammered…..but if there were too many nails the hammer would get exhausted and there'd be more public eye on the issues at hand.

    • There are outlandish conspiracy theories out there, but the fact they are doing this to her tells you she struck a nerve: she got it right about something she said. That definitely warrants a serious second look by all into what she said. It's much like the DHS declaring Ron Paul Voters, and people who believe in (and oppose) the New World Order to be a terrorist threat, tells you the people listed are on to something. If they weren't, the DHS would simply ignore them. Conspicuously absent from the DHS list are groups like the New Black Panther Party (a group whose very existence becomes FAR more infuriating when you read actual CIA documents proving the original Black Panther Party was heavily infiltrated by the CIA in order to place operatives into their ranks who would say outrageous things to cause the public to see them as lunatics [one such infiltrator, btw, includes the man who invented the fake holiday of Kwanzaa]- the original Black Panther Party was legit). Don't be too quick to dismiss her theories. She's gotta have something right for them to be doing this. This is Soviet Russian style censorship- just like the Soviets sent political dissidents to mental hospitals, after declaring them insane.

      • One problem is we are allowing are selves to use term…that media and other factors have put in place….the evidence is clear….but we still allow our selves to call the facts a compiracy theory…and when we know the truth we don't fight we do object in the manner our constitution… affords us…because we are afraid to stand up for the truth when…we are alone. The truth is thunderous….even if that truth….if enough of us stand up…and shake the shackles of fear that we permit to bind us….we shall win. Which in time shall happen…humanity is at war…and has been so since the beginning of time…it a war of good against evil. Satan is at the head of the army of evil and the Lord good is at the head of the army of good. God has granted Satan respight until the need of time. Is army may when battle after battle but in the end good shall win the war….and we need not fear anything that Satan and his men ion put forth….the Lord is All Power…and is quick to help his believers…it is scary what these folks are planning but remember that man plans and the Almighty God plans and he is the best of planners. Some of the good may have to suffer and will before the war is over but to suffer on the path of the Almighty…is a most wonderful suffering…for the reward from our lord…is great.

    • you don't huh? get this book and you may get more convinced: The Most Dangerous Book in the World, by S.K.Bain

    • I agree with her, none the less the "theories" she speaks is about what our culture has been enduring for a long time now, not really outlandish though. Again, in this country truth isn't an "accepted" thing, so of course the minute she starts to speak too much they'll find a ways to stop the "madness".

    • PEACE: do not allow the false programming of the pseudo-metric term conspiracy-theory to further stupefy you. There is truth in her words- experience…. grow and learn with an open mind

  2. Hope she keeps strong till the end, these sick demons can try and do everything to break her, but Good, Love & Truth will always prevail!!

      • Tell Him so, when you meet Him, after your physical life is over. If you can raise your soul up from the metaphysical floor to do so that is. Don't worry though. If you can't submit to Jesus, the merciful saviour, before your life ends, the time you spend before God will be short, if you know what I mean. As I do for all hardened sinners, I'm praying for you too to find and accept God's mercy and truth before that day arrives. Peace.


  3. Basically they wan to brainwash her to giv eup on her convictions as they fear her passion for truth. Pathetic…
    The US Just Tricks System, it is.

      • Because that's NEVER a possibility right? It must be some secret society thingy! No way something is just wrong with a person, it must be satan!

    • I am so sorry to let everyone know this but she has a mental problem and there is nothing wrong with having this happen! Instead of acting and making her letters sound like she is ill, why not just write it so it is clear and understandable!!!

      If none of you see something is wrong and she appears strange! I had a situation where I was driven nuts and I did not blame everyone for it I had people who were there and wanted me out of my job! 'so I understand what she is trying to say! I am an artist and yes it made my art suffer!!!

      But I never blame a whole group for it, look at her writings and see it is intelligent but misplaced with so many words! I hope she seeks help and fast, she does not even talk with others who are her dear friends, this can not help her at all!!

    • Legosstaykonnekted on

      It's up to us as citizens to stand up for what we believe in we can not simply hope to change we must live to change we all need hope this woman speaks with such truth it has an effect on the very evils that tread on miss hill artist of our country need to join arms and voice whatever injustice that may bring hope back into the lives of our brothers and sisters no mater race or creed we are children of our mothers and fathers so let us all hold a high respect to where we have come from so that we may continue down the path and follow our horizon thanks for reading

      • What's really happening? What happened to her to make her go into hiding?

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      To me it looks like a Mother's worry…hope they haven't threatened her like they did Dave Chappelle

    • We all can all feel defeated in the mist of a storm but there is development in trials and tribulations just probably not in the ways that we are programmed to see it. All I know when you have money or the access to money pay your shit off in full because they give it all to you to entice you into the life and always take it back through the way of tax evasion. When you get money find away to flip it and make it a clean transaction through you deed so that it can become bless money and a blessed situation through you and GOD.

      • Her being legally asked to go into counseling about her ideals for a tax invasion case is bonkers they have nothing to do with the other so I guess she is going Cedars-Sinai for her counseling.

    • She signed the contract with Sony and the bad part is that it is a contract with debt on the front end so yeah they are going to stick it to her. This is the price of her voicing her message and GOD fearing intelligence. I will prey for this sista because the world is a Matrix of depression and oppression on so many levels its crazy and the whole is still getting deeper that why I think that God said in the bible that we do not fight against flesh but against the principalities in the air. It’s in the airwaves, through the brainwaves, sending vibration unto the masses affecting everyone judgment and sanity. That is always why he says that my people die from a lack of knowledge because it is the known and the truth of a things that we always seems to reject and once that thing becomes a monster then we suffer. Her being legally asked to go into counseling about her ideals for a tax invasion case is bonkers they have nothing to do with the other so I guess she is going Cedars-Sinai for her counseling.

  4. Her songs are too deep and inspire people.these corporations only want junk music to be main stream.They want girls thinking they're "bad bitches" thinking about sex and money.Men thinking about being "playas" and all that materialistic garbage they put out in the airwaves..god bless her,loved her when she came out.

    • I sorta think of her as the "Baddest" of all. She is clever as in clever like a fox. Terrifying them with the truth. Knowledge is Power. She is an academic. Those with ears let them hear. She strikes a chord every time she opens her mouth. I feel like she has been chosen to ultimately speak truths and she won't back down. Which is to say I have tremendous respect for Ms Hill. Anything but miseducated.

  5. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    OH.MY. GOD.

    They have the right to legally correct peoples thinking now????

    If she broke some tax laws, just make her pay the fines or whatever. Her intellect is still HERS and she can think whatever the hell she wants. Good grief. I knew the day would come where thinking outside the box would be government regulated, but it's still shocking to see!

    Whoops, I might need counseling for posting this now. Shit.

    • I totally agree. I am not a big fan, but when did we become a country where you could be "counseled" because of what you believe or what you say. The Soviet Union used to call it "re education camps" when someone needed to be counseled. Who gets to decide for her what is okay to believe and what is not okay to believe. I don't agree with her, but she has an absolute right to say or believe whatever she wants to. Now that I have said how frightening this is, will I be next?

      • Re education camps mushroomed after Stalin death. Under his watch all dissidents were promptly shot. Oh,yeah some were sent to places of no return but not for re education purpose.

    • app: They prolly get an email alert when a new article is posted. I notice you were only a few hours behind ZZW. Perhaps you should sign up to curb the jealousy?

    • theonlytruth on

      I don't want to be in your your skin US amerikans…I'm in Europe and I'm very glad I am. these following years will be hell on earth, but first for "the land of glory and freedom" – you guys are screwed !!!

      • It'll be there too don't worry. Just like the symbolism is there as we speak.

    • Right. My dad said that this country is becoming some of the things that he was taught in school, about communism and exactly what a country SHOULDNT BE.

  6. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    Just you wait. They will make her do an album now thats commercial and lame as hell and it won't even sound like her.

    Someone mentioned she looked like her spirit has been broken. Her art and her spirit were intertwined, so I'm sure if they control her art, it would take a toll on the spirit as well.

    • nofallenangel on

      I totally agree! They'll "Glam"her up to fit in with the nickis, beyonces & rhiannas. I see her putting up a fight refusing to change & next thing u know, she's gone… sad!!!

    • I can't see her complying with the record company's requests to conform to the usual crap. If she is not bound by contact, she could easily create some jams and put them on the internet as a free album. I would be willing to bet that she would gain enormous amounts of fame on her own.
      I just really hope that she doesn't turn into another Beyonce/Rihanna/etc because they are all tired and played out.

  7. Yep, she'll be blacklisted for this from the major labels. She should go indy! Write some songs while in prison and then on parole.

    • That's what I was thinking. There are so many Indy bands, because they want to do their music their way. This is why Willie Nelson and others left Nashville and are called "Outlaws".

  8. Been watching this Queen and her courageous attempts to shed light and hope to the masses and most of all speak light to the TRUTH about what is REALLY going on behind the veiled curtains of the music, video, movie and gaming industries, for almost 5 years now. Her persecutions will NEVER EVER make her weak, they only serve to strengthen her resolve.

    I am so proud of her and will continue to pray for her protection against these demons of industry. She is one of the FEW TRUE role models for our young women.

    • Your statement reminded me of Michelle Obama's praising of Beyonce.
      Although I do feel in Lauren's case, the praise is somewhat more due.
      In my opinion we are all equal. I wouldn't call anyone a Queen who isn't one by birthright…Just my opinion.

    • me too! I am seeing some negative comments about her and these are clearly not people who have paid attention to her music from her beginning! She has never sold out and i HIGHLY doubt she ever would. I don't believe celebs should ever be idolized or followed, but lauryn has been a great role model for humanity! I pray for her too, and know God is on her side and she is strong and 3 months of jail cannot break such a strong woman!

    • This is the problem. Anyone telling the truth is termed as conspiracy theorist. What they try to ignore is the fact that it takes critical thinking to understand conspiracy. We always say Illuminati controls the education system. This is true, but they do provide us critical thinking class in college which is a requirement for any student. But majority of the people fail to understand the importance of the knowledge it gives. I must admit that it is one of the hardest lower division classes. But things taught in it are so valuable. Americans seem to be too dumb to realize it.

      Just as morpheus says in matrix, people are so comfortable being in the fake system that they will even give their lives to save it. This elite group is able to get away with everything because of this.

    • Err, Gary, that's because people are scared of the truth, for it is unyielding and blissfully, remorselessly ignorant of such things as bias or alliances. They fear what they cannot control no matter what.

    • I think that why God said in the bible that we do not fight against flesh but against the principalities in the air. It’s in the airwaves, through the brainwaves, sending vibration unto the masses affecting everyone judgment and sanity. That is always why he says that my people die from a lack of knowledge because it is the knowing of the truth of a things that we always seems to reject and once that thing becomes a monster then we suffer.

  9. TheFreeLance on

    Ms. Hill needs to extract herself from the SONY contract ASAP, by any means necessary, and release all future works via Tunecore. Her publishing rights might be similarly jacked up, but start a Kickstarter from prison to buy them back.

    That is the SINGLE biggest mistake musicians make — giving up even a tiny portion of their publishing rights (assuming they actually write SOME of their own music).

  10. Another racist thing ! I will never ever listen to her music ever ! After she made that statement that she rather starve then have white ppl buy her album ! Zero kudos to you Ms Hill

    • Prove that she ever said that! It is a lie spread about her to keep people from her message. Just like everyone thinks she hasn't released anything because she "went crazy". Check your facts idiot!

    • Lauryn Hill is not racist. This was a rumor put out about an interview she did on MTV. In the interview she expressed support for black people but never meant that she disliked white people. In her own words:
      "There are a lot of young black girls who I meet in my travels who don't have a lot of self-esteem. So if I communicate to them that they're beautiful, no white person should find fault in that. It doesn't mean that young white girls aren't beautiful, because they are just as beautiful."

    • 13 Mitred Abbots on….
      Claim: During an MTV interview, singer Lauryn Hill said: "I would rather die than have a white person buy one of my albums."
      MTV would later announce the allegation against Hill wasn't true, but by then it was too late; the rumor was already in motion. In the wake of this controversy Hill did call in to The Howard Stern Show on 21 May 1996 to rebut the comment, and on numerous other occasions she denied saying anything remotely resembling the statement credited to her. During an MTV taping in 1998, for example, she maintained:
      You know, everybody has to be really careful, you know, what they … what they read and hear, because you never know what's true. You know, a couple of years ago some kid had heard that I'd said that I didn't want white people to buy my records, and that really, really hurt me a great deal because I like to think my music is really universal, you know, and I've been everywhere and I have fans everywhere, but because of some rumor that, you know, some radio personality chose to, you know, to say on his radio show, he had a bunch of people believing something that they'd never seen or never heard themselves but just heard a rumor.

    • Yes, black people are the most racist people on Earth, they even hate themselves and tri to steal other people's history but they are not the problem, The Jews are.

      • No she did not say that read the full interview . If u are here its for a reason because u seek the truth and not mass media bull fed to you. So this is another instance of media manipulation trying to paint a picture of a racist lauryn hill. Lauryn hill is far from racist shes she's against classification of people into any categories. Race is just a fake classification, I know this being half white half black, its impossible to fit into just one category! My actions and thoughts are neither black nor white they are colorless. Im so blessed to have free-thinking parents who loved each other and had me! Im gonna change the world and get rid of classifications. I do not blame u for ur ignorance I blame a destructive social system!! Culture may be the closest thing to "race" but its still just actions, traditions, beliefs. Categorized together, its all concepts, they do not actually exist in reality, only individual human consciousness. One love !!

        Opressive forces cant take away ur spirit so stay strong my human loved ones

      • Your statement really reflects the open minded, non-racist white point of view. Lol, clown.

      • Blacks are not the most racist and we have never stolen anyone's history!! Our history was stolen from us and recreated to appease the white man. They are trying to erase our true history and the fact that we are the origin of life. I have never felt ill toward white people ever but I've grown up with some sick and twisted white people who are still anti black to this day!! I don't hate myself, I love being a black woman for I am the mother of a nation. You need to do your research on blacks since you have so much to say about us. Watch Hidden Colors 1 & 2

    • so I guess you heard those words come out of her mouth….?? Oh you didn't?? I thought so. Why would a racist person be friends with Zach Braff and even attend his bar mitzvah??

    • Damn Coleen, with what Lona said, this either proves you're brainwashed, a tool for the oppressors, or both. Sick that people like you can exist and still think you're a decent person with such hateful, deceptive lies coming out your mouth. Reverse your course before it's too late for you.

    • Those were false allegations which she strongly denied. People who speak the truth are often villified through the media like this. Lauren has maintained that her music is "universal" and for everyone to enjoy.

    • i am black in my native language we have no word similar to racist we can only use it when conversing in English so i am left to wonder where it came from so at to learn who really is racist

    • she isn't racist she just didn't want ppl like beyonce n lil wayne to be the only role models our (black) child have. lil waynes music is vulgar and beyonce is always on stage naked. she just wanted the children to know they are worth more than that BS.

    • Truth Hurts on

      Way to shove that foot in your mouth, huh? I bet u feel foolish for jumping to conclusions about ms. Hill. I really hope u dont listen to hip hop, calling lauryn hill racist? You must really think waka flocka got the hood singing kumbaya if you believe lauryn hill is a hate monger… maybe u need a reality check… just saying

    • Truth Hurts on

      Way to shove that foot in your mouth, huh Coleen ? I bet u feel foolish for jumping to conclusions about ms. Hill. I really hope u dont listen to hip hop, calling lauryn hill racist? You must really think waka flocka got the hood singing kumbaya if you believe lauryn hill is a hate monger… maybe u need a reality check… just saying

    • The statements you refer to Coleen are absolutely false. No proof has ever been offered and Snopes has discredited every reference to them. Don't believe everything you read or hear. This is just a rumor and one that should have been put to rest a long time ago.

  11. closeyomouth on

    I foresee a running to Cuba to be with Asata Shakur.

    She knows what that "Counseling" means. She the mother of Marley's… she's not getting swallowed by the system. She went, she stood her ground, and Ill bet my last dime She OUT OF THIS PLACE!


  12. innerspace on

    I think this site should do a review of Selena Gomez's song "Come and Get It". Sure, the symbolism in that video is not as blatant as some others, but it's definitely there, and one of her lyrics is "This love will be the death of me but I know I'll die happily". I think she is referring either to the love of the devil, or the love of fame.

    • Thank you, I knew something was wrong with that video and song. If you watch the video, it has mirrors in it too.

      • Lorraine Freeman on

        I agree. You will get nowhere on this earth by being good. You absolutely can get fired from many jobs for telling the truth, you can get fired for breaking from the "script" to do something good for someone, you can get fired for performing your true soulful art rather than the goop they insist you put out. But if she follows her god, her truth, her rightness, she may die but she will die happy.

  13. If you don't approve of the culture of confrontational and disrespectful hip-hop, then you have to be insane. This is what they are blatantly telling her, they want to reprogram her. If you haven't noticed, this is the new way to assassinate the artist who make you think, just as Marley, Marvin, Lennon, Hendrix, Tupac, etc.

    • I completely agree. They were all able to make people think…too much. It's much better that the public hear 'B#TCh, hoe' and 'Make it rain' in every song. I really wish I could sit down with the head of each record label and tell them how badly each of their artists suck.

    • Err, Chris, I don't mind THOUGHTFUL, resistant hip-hop. But not the Lil Wayne and other "Rap" shit. Kill cops, get hoes, and drugs don't cut it for me. It's not cool, and has some influence in how people behave. In summation, Tupac, Hill, and other thoughtful R&B artists work. Those aforementioned don't.

  14. She is a victim of her own poor judgment. She PURSUED a music career and was hugely successful at it with a GREAT album that was put out in a good light. She went and had a bunch of kids by a womanizer and found a brainwashing "Spiritual Adviser/Mentor" after things went south with Rohan. She had time, opportunity and budget to create another album, but wasted the labels time and money after they paid for her to reside in Miami with a studio for weeks at a time and turned in ZERO product. She DESTROYED the opportunity to work with the Fugees. She made 1.8 million doing damn near nothing, and didn't pay her taxes, and blamed it on SLAVERY. She needs HELP!!!

    • @tharealsosa on

      that lady aint took nobody budget an turned in absolutely shit..she turned in songs that were in tune with her life and spirit at the time and the white racist lable tried to do what they always do when a artist blows up,force her to make the second album super commercial.are you not listening to what this lady said in the letter blind mice? and btw it was not no 1.8 mill either thats another trick lables use to send u to the feds when you dont serve their purpose.make a hit record and get a offer to give up your integrity b4 u judge sumbody who been thru dat an did the real niga dont rule everybody..sum ppl will do 90 small ass days in order to maintain principle…black ppl need to start siding more with black ppl..stop loving worthless green devils and racist white ones.

    • I agree, TOTALLY, Deezy! She makes some valid points about the industry, but we cannot ignore her role in all of this. She needs help and she needs it yesterday.

    • How is it that we believe that we know exactly what someone else is experiencing…the only person that knows the complete truth about Lauren Hill is God himself. The societal and medical analysis for determining a person's mental capacity is skewed terribly…spoken words alone cannot determine whether a person is mentally ill, its just utter nonsense.and how would anyone speaking here really know any truth about Lauren Hill and what she needs or doesn't need, everyting in the media is skewed, not only about this artist but about every celebrity. Get a life folks, there are better things to do than comment on matters that you truly "know" nothing about. Bless Lauren and wish her well…don't let the boomerrang effect affect you!

      • Truth Hurts on

        I doubt those who claim to know what lauryn hill is going through have belief in God. Way too condescending and judgmental to be part of the family.

    • Deezy.. You are 100 percent right. Stop making excuses. she got brainwashed, witchcraft is what it is. I've seen it

    • She doesn't need help, nor do she deserve it. What she and every single woman needs is several kicks in the head. And then some.

    • You're just soooo jaded!! What the hell does who she had her children with have anything to do with her career. I see you have your own "logic". smdh!!

  15. I was wondering when more light would be shed regarding what happened to her career. She was made out to look crazy but now we see that she was just fed up.All that aside, she better get those taxes paid because the IRS is no joke.

  16. I Don't Think A Good Time To Speak Your Mind About What's Going On The Industry Is When You're In Court For Tax Evasion… While I Don't Think She Should Have Been Ordered To Under Go Counseling, Let's Face It..When You're Being Tried For Money You Owe, Bringing Up Your Conspiracy Theories Is Just Plain Weird.

    • Maybe she didn't bring it up in court – maybe the Judge did. It would be interesting to see a court transcript, & I bet one could be found. Maybe the whole tax evasion deal was an excuse to bring the smackdown. You know, the Under My Thumb thing – the justice you can't avoid, & the re-education forced on you attached to it. I often find it interesting to reflect on who the govt chooses to go after for "tax evasion" & the true reasoning behind it.

    • I think she's been framed… they tell her if she doesn't keep quiet then they'll cause this Tax Evasion thing… and she still said out the truth so … yeah.

    • I agree but I guess it was her truth. I would have been like I am just here to know the policies and procedures of how to address this situation as expediently as possible. The joke is they already know how she thinks they have listened to her music and it is every bit apart of her. Now they are trying to create a new artist or gimmick in her but if she is any less then what she has been or stood for the people will reject her. It is so dawn cynical it crazy I guess that is about breaking the woman mind and confidence down then about making music and adding as artist on you payroll.

    • she has been anti-establishment her whole career. so this is not something new she pulled out of her hat in court

  17. She dosen't need help and not to mention she left the music industry early and wrote a song explaining why..when she tried to make a comeback that's when all this happened there is no way in hell you should go to jail because the way you think

  18. She's a mixed bag to me. She's just another tax evading rich celebrity IMO. They all do it to some extent. I think the counseling is for more than just conspiracy theories, she does seem a little off to me in general.

    • dont you get it she was telling people that the illuminati owned irs made up tax charges to pay her back for her trying to warn people and expose the system that keeps society enslaved. She not crazy she refusing to make music with an industry that sends souls to hell, in the song she told you the illuminati and music industry plans in nut shell, they want to own your soul by getting you to worship materialistic goods and thier music and movie stars, just get out means dont worship entertainment stars and make your life more than aquiring wealth and buying stuff

      • She doesn't say they made up tax charges. She admits that she did not file 2005, '06, and '07 taxes because she wanted to remove herself from society (while living in a mansion in NJ) after alleged threats to her. During that period she made $1.8 million, and does not deny that she had the money to pay it.

        If she is against all that, why is she signing up with Sony? I don't get her.

      • she could of easily had her tax problems gone away if she would just conform but she is a fighter, like tupac,dmx,katt william,dave chapell. She wrote an open letter when her "tax problems" were first reported" And course she would never blatantly say that the Illuminati owned irs and record company fabricated chargers to punish her but she did infer it,read between the lines. She knows exactly what the music industry does to souls and all her personal convictions tell her she cant live with her self being apart of a machine that sends peoples souls to hell. thats why she went independent thats why she hasnt come out with a studio record in years, thats why the media is calling this very intelligent person crazy. Most young people sign egregious contracts hoping for dreams to come true she did like many ohers but she quickly noticed the evilness of the industry and she has been trying to get out but they wont let her. The illuminat is is so cold and strong now they are publicly sending this woman to counceling after she really told people about the evil system that enslaves society; that is like a huge slap in the face to her. Luckily for her since most people think she is crazy the illuminat dosent view her as a serious threat so her life will be spared but she will be made to suffer and look like a fool. She is a very brave woman.

      • one more thing if she conforms she will have a big comeback and you will see her on all types of digital and print media owned by the same conglomerate

      • naturalmystic on

        Yet she signed with Sony… Why speak out against the industry yet go back into it?? She may be a little off mentally…

      • The truth is she never filed taxes on her earnings, which is illegal, period. She would of gotten at least a year in prison but got it down to 3 months, maybe she'll even be out sooner. Sure, if she had better connections maybe she wouldn't be serving any time at all.

  19. I don't no her but still I respect her….the first woman to speak/stand for herself!!! Hopefully the rest will follow.

  20. I have heard from a number of people who were professionally associated with Ms. Hill that she was unpleasant and disrepsectful to them. These are not titans of the industry, but people working to make a living in the music business, and NOT people who would have shown her a lack of respect. This may be a symptom of mental illness, or possibly just a symptom of a truly nasty person.

      • naturalmystic on

        @Tracey, how do you know they are liars? You seem to imply that you know Miss Hill personally…how do we know YOU aren't the liar?

      • And who are these people Cats talk about?
        The only one would be the deep shits that have not obtained anything from Marley or Lauryn in studio?
        But why?
        For wanting to make money first and foremost before music.
        Fuck them.
        Start your own label.
        Record the music you like.
        Prepare your own shows.
        And fuck SONY entertainment.

    • Sinead used to get the same shit from her producers at some stage…
      Why should artists have to pay for studio time?
      Here's the question.
      When she made 1.8m, how much did the label do?
      Slavery still exists…

  21. music lover on

    Sell your soul or just stop making music…..sounds just about right for music nowadays. I salute her for standing up but challenge her to remain in that position.

    • Is what she is referring to supposedly the illuminati? I hear my grand kids speaking about musicians and stars selling their souls to the illuminati. What is that exactly? They are repeating what they hear but I just want to be knowledgeable to explain or correct when needed.

  22. I wish all the best for her and any other TRUE artist out there who fights for the people. Some of these so called artists are just in it for the money, but someone like Lauryn Hill truly wants to make a difference in the world. I'm happy that no matter what, she stands up for what she believes in.

  23. She should pay taxes as we do pay at the first place. And now she is covering her greed with political talk about racism and stuff like this.

  24. Am I sleeping right now? Is this true? Where the freedom of speech and the freedom of thought? Is this really legal?!

  25. fleurdamour on

    She's right in her basic argument about self-expression, but I don't agree with her assertion that she has an absolute right to artistic control and to compensation on her own terms if she signed a contract where someone else put up the funds for her to record, tour, etc. She 's learned the sad lesson that the party that puts up the funds to finance arts projects is the party that has the last word of control of said projects. If she wants freedom, she's gonna have to self-finance, which would be easier for her than for many artists since she has a name and following already. And she can't expect the IRS not to come after her for back taxes just because the timing in inconvenient for her. The tax man waits for no one. That's been the downfall of many an artist before, as much as onerous label contracts.

    I do think the judge is way out of line calling for therapy, and if I were her or her lawyer I'd totally contest that.

    • Before you side with the tax man, watch ''Freedom To Fascism'' by Aaron Russo.

      You may find that you're being duped and unconstitutuionally robbed. Google it and watch it.

      • fleurdamour on

        I'm not siding with the tax authorities , it's just common sense. I bet you pay taxes, unless you are writing from jail.

    • Guess it depends what's in the contract whether she has that freedom or not. One hopes it was a contract forged by parties of equal footing, too. To often one side has the power to torque the other into lopsided agreements.

    • It's the timing the IRS shows up that is questionable, and why all this taxes are not paid by the labels.
      That is the real issue.
      And seeing the label takes care of everything, they should therefore also take care of this.
      You can't ask artists to not be realistic to please your own dreams and on another hand ask them to please pay their taxes.
      Some time someone will have to explain this to people like you…

  26. achill lee on

    America has gone back to the way it used to be because of their entertainment industry. I pray for Lauren Hill and everyone who made the deal to be freed from the violence of the devil and his followers.

  27. Robert Dunn on

    IT'S HAPPENING NOW! American artist sent to 'counseling' because of her 'conspiracy theories'! In Stalinist Russia you were called mentally ill and sent to asylums if you didn't like communism! What is by your opinions YOU are labelled mentally ill and can longer legally own a gun and are ordered to 're-education' session??

  28. How patronizing! Ordering her to get counselling because she doesn't follow the herd wtf, this is something she believes in… not an illness smh

  29. I think we should all send her letters of support and encouragement to stay strong and keep singing the Truth!

  30. servantofYah on

    She's got a new song called Neurotic Society you can find it on YouTube, that would definitely go well with this article….

    • Vigilant should add the video to this article it sums everything up so well and obviously pissed off the powers that be so much that they are trying to brainwash hill with these classes!!

  31. fleurdamour on

    It is interesting how when successful and indulged artists have a grievance, they always seem to think that they are the only person in the world this terrible thing has ever happened to. Ageism, sexism, racism, nepotism, economic control, being denied the right to pursue one's true interests and be compensated for them – that just describes the real world the rest of us are ALWAYS living in. She seems to think that she is entitled to being an artist and being paid for it, but that is conditional on fickle audiences and financial backing. If she doesn't like the world of the music industry, as far as I know she isn't being forced to work in it. But she might find the rest of the world is even worse.

    • I fully agree! That industry she complains about for its commercialization is making sure she gets (or at least was getting) paid! I totally get wanting to maintain some sort of artistic integrity and by all means, she should, but she should also expect to take the pay cut and take notice that that commercialization has helped many people get their music out there one way or another and that's something to be happy and grateful about.

    • These are very good points. It's like when a person who has a business is looking for an investor, if the investor is putting a lot of their money into this business, they want to own more of the company and have some control over it so they don't lose their money. So likewise, if these music corporations who are investors in an artist, are putting a lot of money into them, marketing them, helping them create their music, of course they are going to want more control over them, they want to make as much money out of them as possible. Some people don't want to give up control and ownership to another person, so they will have to take less money and take a slower but more independent path, otherwise you basically become an employee to them. So if they want to get popular fast, sign away ownership of themselves, and become an employee/puppet then that is the deal they made and they shouldn't gripe about it. An investor isn't going to allow someone to just do whatever they want with their money, it comes with conditions, it's their money.

    • Fleurdamour on

      I agree the music industry is messed up but when I read her letter I thought about a musician I know in NYC who works long hours in construction to finance his band's touring. There are so many wildly creative people on this earth and most toil in obscurity and adversity. Getting what you want in life isnt an entitlement, it requires hard work without guarantees. I've also grown unable to stomach tax whining from the elite – I made less than 10 percent of what she did in the same period but I paid my taxes. If she could prove she was in real danger and had to flee I'd understand why she conserved her resources but she didn't make that case.

  32. When they talk about her conspiracy theories, it seems wholly apparent to me that they were speaking about her comments on the economic system being forced upon her. True enough, it is, just like everyone else but by remaining American citizen, she is accepting the system.

  33. G. Y. Fortune on

    Lincoln, nor anyone, has freed the slaves. I know noting of this situation except what I have read here, and I see that it is as complicated as everything is. . Individual interpretations of our experiences in this world result from HOW each person perceives their own experience. No one is perfect. Sometimes, something really may be chasing you. Check these books, "The Sane Society," and "Escape from Freedom," by Eric Fromm, old and good–and lots more newer ones. Brainwashing is the natural order of human systems..

  34. it goes to show you, when you display an ounce of intelligence, it seems you become a threat! Nothing new there!!! In this society ignorance is bliss (to the powers that be)!!!! Imagine that, having to undergo "counselingt" based upon one's opinion!!!

  35. Vengance ia the Lords but its like where is the standard, and what is the standard that he raises up when lucifer comes in like a flood.

    Is it that Hill and all these 'defeated' people havent called on God???

    I genuinely want to know. Maybe they are all too far gone before the remorse kicks in? Though its never too late for salvation when you are still living right?

    I have so many questions that need answering. I thought the righteous were never forsaken….meanwhile the seemingly unrighteous like rihanna and them just be chillin.

    Why does the good get defeated and cheated..


      you can't hustle an honest person. the oppressor is defeating themselves by cheating the innocent. i can't judge Lauren, and neither can our systems. she simply may not Believe anything they say. so, my question to you is How can you defeat or cheat an Honest Person? consider your own question in more drastic terms. Why does the murder victim die? because the murderer is Accountable. hence, there is a God. and it is not seen in secular systems. Justice is as blind with human courts because humans cannot judge a human Heart. so, Why does the oppressor think they are not Accountable to God? perhaps they simply don't Believe in God. or they Believe in God, and simply hate God. here is another question. Why do some people Enjoy hurting other people?

      Malachi 3 is a good read to answer your questions btw.

    • Through out history gods people have suffered enormously compared to people who dnt live by gods standards…why? Because satan and his demons have taken over and they love to target gods people…they hate all that is good

    • 13 Mitred Abbots on

      You have read the Bible and you think that good people never suffer at the hands of evil oppressors? Lauryn is being put into "the belly of the beast" to scare her and break her. They aren't worried about the tax money. they print money all the time, backed by nothing but their word. It's a lot of money to you or me but to the billionaires in charge, the 1.5 million is nothing.

      Compare Lauryn Hill to Beyonce and you get the whole picture. Both are talented and beautiful singers, but compare the messages. One pretends to sing at the White House and one goes to prison.

      • Radical Sojourner on

        It always amazes me that Christians today think they won't suffer. Jesus came as the Suffering Servant; are we greater than the Master? See James, Philipians etc… (or just read all the epistles for that matter). Nowhere will you find a free pass to Easy Street in the true Christian walk. It is called Sanctification.

      • First radical biblical voice in comments!
        Wonder who you are. Your post is my thoughts…

    • itsoobvious on

      There are two is the creator one is the adversary…one came so we can have an abundant is here to I'll steal and destroy..the bible explains the difference between the two Gods clearly.

      • Radical Sojourner on

        Satan is a created being. Therefore not God. Christ, being God in the flesh, defeated the works of Satan and conquered death when He rose from the grave. We defeat Satan by trusting in Christ; we rebuke Satan by knowing the scriptures and knowing the truth. Please read the Word. Satan is not a god.

    • she does call on God openly in her music-the mystery of iniquity, i get out, and her newest neurotic society are just a few examples. dont believe the lies about her-the war is on her BECAUSE she openly worships God and not satan like most of their puppets. trust me, i have been listening to her music since i was about 16, i'm now 35

  36. thesameblood on

    i flipped.through channels on the television a.few.days ago or.yesterday and there was something about Hills current.situation on some celebrity gossip talk show. the host of the show said something along the.lines of " well duh, this is what happens, this wouldnt be a problem if you just paid your.taxes like everyone else, like c' mon!" and the audience clapped and mmm hmmmmed in agreement. it was a bit sickening to see that but not surprising. just another program ob the television to do just that; program.

  37. Makes me sick when artists like lauryn hill gets ridiculed,yes she evaded the tax man but that aint no big thing she was paying it back,they just want to teach her a lesson. The likes of Gaga,Rihanna and Beyonce should be punished for the sh#t music and sexulized crap they put out,I mean beyonce geting paid 50mil just for advertising pepsi,get real,her new tour is just to get women to dress overly sexy whilst using there body to turn men on.she lip syncs 80%of the time,she's an attention seeker. Good luck lauryn hill don't let them beat you.

  38. Truthers are now the minority and enemy of the state with nothing to protect us. This needs to stoped. We the people must change this paradigm. Don't give them the power to silence us.

  39. i think Vigilante citizen need to mention the time that she went to the vatican to do an open air concert and ended up telling the cardinals, priest to stop the molestation. One cardinal outraged translated what she said to the masses and she was booed and escorted out… months after she reported to be mad and started dressing and acing erratically. I think the hit Lauryn with a spirit blow.

  40. eish.
    at least there are still some trying to fight the devils
    hope she doesn't lose herself completely and still fights!

  41. The headline of the title says: Lauryn Hill Ordered by the Court to Undergo “Counseling” Due to her “Conspiracy Theories”…………..Dont they mean, they need to teach her a lesson for speaking out? I mean what type of "counselling" is she going to undergo? ………….But one of the best singers/voices out there though

  42. with brain mapping projects in the US and UK perhaps' thought crimes' will become a reality or people will be (re-)programmed,( re-)educated at birth to tow the line….. scary stuff.

    Ms Hill is obviously intelligent and coherent – far from crazy , shame she didn't use this to foresee that tax evasion, being illegal, would land her in the sort of trouble she had hoped to avoid.

    Two different issues: rights and responsibilities jumbled to confuse and mislead people.

    • i live in the UK and have E-mailed Amnesty International UK over the counseling due to her beliefs issue.

      If i were in America I would be finding similar organisations to raise concerns with, writing to papers etc., evil thrives when good people do nothing.

  43. Truth Seeker on

    We are Truth Seekers, not 'conspiracy theorists', TRUTH SEEKERS. Seriously these people need to get it right.

  44. Light & Truth on

    Lord No. I believe she signed a record deal to help pay off her taxes. They own her. Dont be surprise she recants what she said in the past

  45. All women globally should boycott taxation. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! It is an American historical ethic. Women are and have been underrepresented globally and historically and should boycott paying tax until that changes.

    • So you shouldn't pay taxes to your country (assuming you're an American), the one that pays for your roads, your hospitals, and your emergency services? The country that allows you to vote and actually let's you leave the house without your husband's permission? Sure, women should deserve equal rights in government and all that, but still, just pay your taxes. Even if sometimes our government spends our tax money the wrong way, taxes pretty much keep the country running. No taxes, no rights.

  46. Her tax evasion leads her to fine and setence, this part I can comprehend. But mandatory counselling ordered by court for what she believes in? Which part of law is written to given the court such rights? It does sound very north Korean to me.

    I love lauryn, love her music, love her courage, love her soul, I hope she can stay strong and sane amid her re-programming, for the sake of her children, please let her survive this.

  47. i believe Lauren and I hope that she gets the help she needs, not necessarily psychiatric but definitely spiritual help. I pray her strength. and pay your taxes file them and pay them, i have to pay mine. the industry will do what it was designed to do, lauren is a product and she is lucky she is still living, she may have a second wind left in her, the industry loves controversy anyway.

  48. You SaidWHat on

    First let’s start with I neither agree nor disagree with Lauren Hill. The chilling reaction is from the judge. To exempt someone from freely expressing themselves whether right, wrong, in agreement or not is nothing short of a communistic reaction. She said nothing about hearing voices or seeing green men. She articulated her thoughts without mumbling or becoming irrational. She expressed her opinion on society based on the fact that she is an artist and a descent from Africa, this is scary! Are we not in America? Do we not have freedom of speech? In order to have freedom of speech you first have to have freedom of thought! Thoughts are form concepts and opinions based on experience, knowledge or theory. Who is this judge to say this lady is mentally ill? There are people who hate one another for the color of their skin, hair, religion, weight, socio-economic standing, and so on…. Are they subjective to counseling to correct their behavior or thoughts? This is too far and too much…

  49. Oh my god…. I'm so thrilled, so excited, so worried at the same time… I wish there was something solid to support her.

  50. After reading the vocabulary in that letter I am almost certain that she is not crazy. That is the writing of an educated woman stating the horrors of the entertainment industry. God bless.

  51. As much as I like and respect her music, the main issue here is her failure to pay her taxes. This just gives her opponents the upper-hand to destroy her. May those who see beyond her human error rally around Ms. Hill so that she bounces back stronger than before and continue to shed light on this evil industry

  52. Well all they did was to just provide her with a public stage to voice her concerns. So in an effort to shut her up, they having given her the forum for her voice to be heard international. Idiots, your fears always manifest lol

  53. Christina Aguilera doesn't promote her albums anymore. Last time I saw her give an interview about some of the songs on LOTUS, she was letting out these sighs…Christina just seems disillusioned with the music industry in general.

    The last time she actually promoted an album was in 2006-2007.

    Christina Aguilera used to pride herself in being a true artist. These days, it seems like she's somehow being forced to record some very meaningless, generic pop songs. Her vocals remain oustanding and unmatched no matter what, at least…but as a fan, it's slightly frustrating to see her immense talent be somewhat wasted..

    Christina Aguilera says she is a huge fan of Lauryn Hill as an artist and vocalist. Christina listened to 'To Zion' on repeat.

    I wonder what goes on behind the scenes with Christina and her label.

  54. Real-Talk S.A on

    Lauren Hill is one of few real artists out there! her unpluged 0.2 album is full of truths about the real world and her lyrical genius is truly above most (maybe even all) of these award winning illuminati puppets! she uses her words to paint colorful scenarios of real life situations and she has never claimed to be more than human. can any one of you negative, judgmental and pompous commenters here claim to be more emotionally stable than her? if u do, ur lying! the word emotion itself describes the erratic movement of feelings. its only human to be emotional! and Laurens failure to pretend that everything is just fine in the world and her refusal to go along with what everyone else wants is inspiring to me and I respect her for that.

    if you here on this site looking for the truth and dogging on lauren, then you sadly missed the whole point! cos Lauren has been fighting for truth for so long

    • Yes Real-Talk, talk that real talk – All the people commenting on this post just keep repeating the same fuckin thing….."she never paid her taxes, she never paid her taxes, she never paid her taxes" – yes we have gathered she hasnt paid her taxes and now she has to pay them back…………… now what you gonna say????

  55. Real-Talk S.A on

    oh, I forgot to mention!
    Americans don't have to pay income tax! When the bill was passed, it happened over Christmas holidays and only three heads of state signed it, which is far below the required amount of signatures needed to make the bill lawful. Google it if you don't believe me, its one of your countries biggest secrets

      • Well, you just said we don't have to pay income taxes, but then you said the signatures were far below the minimum amount to make it lawful. What?

      • Real-Talk S.A on

        the bill to pass the income tax law had insufficient signatures on it to make it legal, that's how your heads of state dodge paying taxes aswell as the elitists or high ranking masons.

        I'm from south africa and I wish we were as fortunate. knowledge is power, power is control, control is the fruit of victory!

    • I haven't noticed that our tax dollars are going to keep the roads paved either-or at least the roads here in NJ. It seems like they just use the tax money for war, debt and oppression. Towns keep afloat by endlessly ticketing us.

  56. I really hope she doesn't come out of this a mind controlled slave, but if she does, we will all know why. My prayers are with her.

  57. Alex Souris on

    Lauryn Hill is a God sent. No weapons forms against the children pf the Almighty shall prosper. She's got a strong spirit no matter what she's been through and I don't think this small issue gonna break her down. Jah guide and Protect Lauryn… Keep up the Faith.

  58. Peace & love on

    Well done she has opened her eyes and seen the industry for what it is. I love her music, she has become spiritual. You go girl I am with you all the way. My thoughts are with, she is strong and I know she will defeat them. I hope she goes back to our mother land and be in peace one love Lauryn.

  59. I hope, she will keep strong. We all shall be praying for her. I just feel sad, that even if i keep on telling to my family about all the stuff u are posting, they treat me like a crazy and dont believe…

  60. There's nothing crazy about her statements, it's just that she's telling her truths to people whose job it is to take people's freedom from them and maintain the status quo. They could care less about the racism, sexism, etc of the music industry

  61. screw the record companies, but why did she sign with a label in the first place?
    one of the reasons that people know the fugees and lauryn hill is because her music has been pimped and pushed by companies.
    if she just wants to play music and be an artist like she says well then she can do that…she just might not make much money. it depends what she considers to be fair compensation.
    Prince got out of his contract and has been really successful without a major label..but he's Prince.

  62. Wake up People! on

    Your not alone Lauryn… I don't think your crazy, those counselors are brainwashed also! Keep your faith!

  63. Well if Lauryn is mentally ill, then so am I.
    The above excerpt from her writings bears the hallmark of a solid, soul sista who is deeply sensitive to the realities of life in America.
    Call me crazy, I don't give a hoot. I still say the truth can be stranger than fiction.
    Had she inserted "homophobia" in the paradigm of oppression she'd probably be at home right now sipping herbal tea and relaxing, fully confident that her pro-bono gay lawyer friend had things well under control.
    I've heard some bizarre stuff come out of the mouths of the likes of Lady Gaga and company, but hardly anybody bats an eyelid about that. Lauryn's right to use words like schism and hypocrisy to describe how she rightfully feels.

  64. This woman has been preaching truth and resisting the corrupt music industry for mover a decade. Not surprised they did this to her after she release the new single.

    Good luck Lauryn we are with ya

  65. Hi fellas.
    With the VC consent, i'm here to remembering you guys about the MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO in May 25th 2013. BE THERE!

  66. its.rian.yugu on

    Whats up with all the dumb fucktards clowining Ms.Hill's whistle blowing? These isms still exist and every PROPER truthseekers knows this to the core. Its one of the elites finest, oldest, most perfected techniques. Point blank: you can't be a racist and a truthseeker!!!

  67. The whole counseling thing is ridiculous. As far as the music industry goes, if she's with a multi-million dollar record label, she cant expect to have full creative control.. They don't care about the music they just want the money, thats not a secret. Hopefully L goes indie after all of this and gives the world another classic like Miseducation!

  68. So shes being thrown in a Soviet-style reeducation camp for expressing the highly controversial and paranoid conspiracy theory that the music industry cares more about money than artistic integrity? Jeremiah Wright was right: God Damn America

  69. As per my earlier post: E-mail and response from amnesty international UK

    USA, Lauryn Hill and counseling away ones beliefs.

    May 10 (3 days ago)

    to sct
    I am very concerned about the former song writer Lauryn Hill being ordered by a court to attend counseling due to her beliefs.

    These beliefs may be unconventional 'conspiracy theories' as the court stated or part of the post 9-11 truth movement popular in the U.S but to send someone for medical attention due to their beliefs as was stated in order to treat these away is disturbing and sets a potentially dangerous precedent.

    please monitor this, or make a statement about this case in particular as the USA should be setting an example as a democratic and free nation.

    Thanks and regards,


    p.s This is not about her being jailed for tax evasion as that is a separate and legal issue , this is about her being 'treated' or counselled due to her beliefs and opinions.

    10:15 AM (24 minutes ago)

    to me
    Dear …..

    Thank you for contacting us about this case.

    At Amnesty UK we are involved mainly in campaigning and fundraising with our UK supporters. Amnesty's research on worldwide human rights abuses takes place at our International Secretariat (IS). I have passed your email on to them. You can read everything that we have published internationally since 1997 about the USA by visiting our online library: www dot amnesty dot org slash en slash region slash usa

    If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards

    Paul Snowdon
    Supporter Care Team
    Amnesty International UK
    The Human Rights Action Centre
    17-25 New Inn Yard
    EC2A 3EA

  70. foggybottom on

    I think Lauren did what a lot of artists think they can do once they find out what's really going on behind the scenes. She thought she could have her cake and eat it too. Remain famous and raking in the wealth all while covertly undermining the minute aspect of the crazy system that she's aware of. She couldn't possibly have known a great deal about what she was getting into so in thinking she could benefit from it while fighting it she's guilty of hubris at the least. I do.t really feel bad for her. I also dont think her tax issue is what it appears to be. She admits to not paying but that could be part of her deal or whatever. I just think its odd because usually people with this amount of money have people managing it for them. Who would prepare her taxes for the last few years and ignore the years she was delinquent? I doubt she does them herself. But again I don't feel bad for her. She's been a part of the machine for many years knowing it was corrupt. Whatever she did to warrant their scorn she knee what she was doing and invited it on herself. To be privy to whatever she knows would be such a gift to people who seek the truth and all she did with it was let it drive her life to the edge in jail with 6 kids…but hey we've heard her songs and she's still a millionaire. Hope she thinks its worth it

  71. TheBattleIsNotOver on

    Lauryn Hill is one of the best female artists ever and look what the media has made her look like. It really makes me wonder how artists like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna & Azelia (ew) Banks have made it. THEY ARE THE REAL ENEMY.

  72. Mindovermatter on

    I like how they "mocked" the term "conspiracy theories" till the point of when people question the ill acts of our society and government they'll just refer to us or them as "Oh just some conspiracy theories" they have devalued everything that doesn't agree with their programming. It's pretty sad to watch humanity unfold like this.

  73. Lauryn Hill has an amazing & God-given talent that NO ONE can deny!
    She has dared to speak the truth, and they have done everything to discredit & name her-to make her appear to be some kind of "crack pot", or insane…
    I know that Lauryn is a Christian & has a strong faith in God, and that makes her untouchable to them, because no matter what they do, try to say she is, or at very worst, if they take her life, she has God's backing, and Heaven awaits…

  74. i Hop they wont reprogramm herr the way i think they might pushin needles up her nose or some shit……i mean it is in jail we wont be able to see or hear from her…and i have been waiting for some real music wayyy to longgg

    i hope she keeps her mind strong and keeps her head up ….

  75. responsible citizen on

    Dear Ms. Hill,
    If you receive the benefits , you have to also pay back. The money in the tax system collected from you is what is used for the roads you travel on, the schools kids go to, the social security system, food for the homeless, etc. Sure you have the RIGHT to your art , but with that right, you also have the RESPONSIBILITY to pay your taxes!


      "Money Masters" is a 3 hour documentary explaining the corruption behind the financial system historically.

      "America: Freedom to Fascism" explains more corruption behind the elite and taxation.

      and as for "responsibility," what if you don't want to own ANY money in America? then what? it is Illegal to exist in America without money, let alone debate the tax system. the premise of money is a type of Slavery, like it or not. how does the quote go? "something of something is the root of all evil."

      no offense, but your post sounds like the "if you don't vote, you can't complain" jargon. i could be "complaining" by "not voting." watch "America: Freedom to Fascism." you will see former IRS agents not pay their income tax, AND WIN in court. under that premise, a "responsible" citizen should REFUSE to pay their income tax. it gets tricky when you are not "accountable" to corrupt systems.

  76. This is a very brave lady. How dare the courts tell her go to counselling because of her conspiracy fact embracings.
    As if the government is pure white, squeaky clean.
    They only want us to be robots.
    Go Lauryn!

  77. To the people saying "duh this is what happens when you don't pay taxes", may your chains rest lightly on your shoulders.

    Folks, tax evasion is the only course to take if you do not wish to feed this tyrannical regime. Living on a continent does not slip a bridle on you, only it's citizens, fat from the treasury will cry for that!

  78. I have just been told about this situation Lauren is in. You see, in the music world, the artist is controlled by the company she works for. Remmember our friend Elvis Presley? She sure was just occupied with putting more into pleasing the company or her fans, and totally forgot about the taxes. Yeah! Call it being irresponsible, but with their kind of life styles, partying, drinking, smoking, just being in touch with the "Names on their list" it does happen..

    Now as a black strong woman who is presently fighting INJUSTICE, may God help her, Amen!

  79. Good thing she gonna stay strong til the end, even if it means being set up for murder (MK, 2pac reference)

    May you keep up the truth and life exposed so that all will know the dark side of the music industry, but a real shame that those who own the industry, also own the government and legal system as pawns for their agenda.

    May you be blessed Lauren, well done.

  80. To call Satan a GOD is doing exactly what he wants…………There is only ONE GOD!
    The other parts of your comment are true……

    He [Satan]said: Because You have thrown me out (Of the Way), lo !, I will sit waiting for them, on Your straight path, then I will come in from before them and behind them, from their right and from their left and you will not find most of them Gratitude (for Your Mercies) ." [Quran 7:14-171]

    Satan promises the true ONE GOD, that he will attack humans in every manner possible.

    Keep your faith, stay strong and repel demons by your good actions……even a smile is a good action..

  81. Music Artists make most of their money from what are referred to as mechanical royalties. Mechanical royalties are the payment the music artist will receive per song per album sold. The current mechanical royalty rate is 9.1 cents per song per album.[3] For example if a music artist releases a ten-song album that sells five hundred thousand copies, the mechanical royalties would equal:

    500,000 (albums sold) x 9.1 cents (per song) = $45,000 $45,000 (per song rate) x 10 (ten-song album) = $450,000

    PLUS TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. This is their way of punishing her daring to try and leave the business! It is true. Artists can't get out. If weren't taxes it would've been something else. So in addition to paying the fine/back taxes and doing the jail time she has to go for 'counseling' for telling them this is all B.S. and it's true! Unreal. I will pray for her and her family. As for those saying she signed contract she has make money some how to pay the fine/taxes and music is how she makes money. They got her! smh!

  83. Right behind you Lauren, so many people are waking up to the truth. Yes, a lot of people don't believe the "conspiracy theories" because they seem far too big to possibly be true, but the sad thing is, is they are. We are a prisoned planet, and its our minds that they have in prisoned and this situation, its simply a woman who has woken up and tried to break free. Why else would they care what she thought, why else would they try to "fix her views" unless they had something to hide. Right behind you Lauren. Peace and love to your contagious heart. You are not crazy, you are awake.

  84. I read on diaryofahollwoodstreetking . com that she was avoiding jail by signing with sony. They are offering her a 2 mill dollar contract.

  85. There is nothing that the White man fears more than an educated Black person. We can have all the guns in the world, but they have more and will not hesitate to destroy any of us who appear to be standing up to fight back…But how they gonna stop us from waking up and reclaiming our right minds? You can kill a person,but not an ideal or a state of mind! Lauryn represents everything that they hate about us the most, and she has never been afraid to tell us about it through her music. To me she is Black Super Hero.

    • @NRC: No white person I know wants to "imprison" black people. Leaders or otherwise. Leaders, no matter what color, at some point, choose to control people because they can. Sometimes its a race thing, some times not. Hitler killed people because they were Jew (and others as well), and he was white. Jews aren't white white, but their skin isn't much darker then a "white" person's, yet he gladly had then tortured killed and worked to death. My point is, it doesn't matter the skin color, people will enslave or kill for their agenda, sometimes its the way people talk, it could be anything. I am sorry but putting all white people in a box is just as bad as what you say they are doing to black people(which they are not)..

  86. "Does free speech still exist if saying the wrong words leads to a mandatory visit to a “mind doctor”?"

    Yes? Especially if you're using your free speech as an excuse for breaking the law.

  87. They will call just about anything an "outrageous" conspiracy theory if it involves people in high positions of authority. However we're taught every day that conspiracies always happen, though *only* by people with no societal influence. Only "nobodies" conspire. Governments and corporations are innocent, and have merely a "few bad apples". It is a grand lie, as we will all learn on the Day of Judgment.

    The New Testament discusses a conspiracy as being very real. In the Book of Revelation, it's called "The Synagogue of Satan". Indeed it is real, and will be crushed by the Scion of Judah.

    The 9/11 atrocity was a black Satanic ritual. And it will not avail their cause. Heaven will triumph.

  88. If you listened to her lyrics, and innerstand what she is saying, none of you would have made any comments because your little whilred would crumble, she is challenging God/Jehovah and all the angels " i see past your disguises, blinding me with mind control, stealing my eternal soul" she real eyes the truth, that there is a war going on for our souls and even the so called good guys are not who you beLIEve them to be…. Wakey Wakey Sheople…

  89. This is so sad, such a beautiful and talented lady. God knows what kind of shit they'll try and do to her, it's so sad.

  90. I admire her for speaking up and she seems to have a better understanding of things now (she actually was on the Obama bandwagon),,,but i dont like her type of "race talk", it's full of the Illuminatti created "ethnocentrism for non-whites = Good/ ethnocentrism of whites = Evil" bias.

    Cynthia McKinney, now we're talking. She extends her hand to so-called "White Nationalists" and many extend their hands to her. One of her best friends is a Malaysian Muslim researcher who says that mass immigration and Islamization of Europe will end up in (planned) disaster and praises Jean Marie Le-Pen. You got to look at the Conspiracy for what it is without any kind of bias.

  91. This just proves they are trying to hide something or shut her up because of the counseling order. Why order someone? You can suggest, but order? They are trying to ruin her life and her image, and now her way of thinking. Fight Lauren! As long as you believe in the Most High God, they can't break you!

  92. I believe the Illuminati uses IRS as a way to get the attention of those who say no or attempt to walk away. I also believe once these people summons specific people for whatever reason, there is no way out. Lauryn has been getting around this for years. I guess this is the finale of it.

    Be strong Lauryn. I love you as a talented human being. You are a wonderful artist. Pray to The Lord within every day.

  93. Honestly. Fuck The Taxes cause they’ll look for anything to pin Ms.Hill Down – she’s way too honest & inspiring for their liking….and we all know what “counselling” means in this case =x

  94. While it seems she is getting shafted the woman is still a colossal racist prat with a huge chip on her shoulder. Can the slave bullshit too I'm white and I can tell you all my ancestors were practically slaves too or were worked to death in mines while living in squalor under a whip hand,do I whine about it as if it was me? Get over yourself you spoilt middlesclass bitch.

  95. I remember there was a point in time where, before her tax problems were exposed, the media painted Lauryn Hill as a psychologically disturbed person. It was rumored that she had been in an abusive relationship with her baby's father so she was "broken" in some way and that was supposed to be the real reason why she got out of the industry.

    I have heard this song before but I was thinking about the abuse she reportedly went through with her ex-husband and thought it was about him. But this article really opened my eyes to the real meaning of her lyrics.

    I have always held her in high regard and her song "That Thing" was undeniable in promoting self-esteem among the urban youth. She is and always has been strong so although you see her looking distressed in this picture, I know she will pull through.

    God bless

  96. " Hill was sentenced to three months in jail PLUS she must attend “counseling” due to her “conspiracy theories"
    Who sentenced her? what is his/her name..just so the community will know what they have among them.

  97. Boo hoo! You made millions of dollars and didn't pay your taxes? Way to be "the man"! she seems to be acting like that of which she says she hates, a spoiled old rich white man!!


  99. Pay your dues to Sony and get out. After reading your letter above, it is CLEAR you are have a sound mind and seek to express it. There are many people who want to hear it. I'm sorry they are doing this to you. Counseling? Ridiculous. Did you pay taxes? Tax returns can be contorted and if you were audited (contorted) and proven that you owe, pay it. Get it over with and then find the place where you belong and sing about that.

  100. Who's the creepy looking guy behind her and to the left in the picture? He is looking at her like he wants to hurt her……very strange. Hope she's ok.

  101. “I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them….." Well, let's see..Lauren was born in 1975 and slavery ended in 1865, so I guess that would make her parents at least 110 years old when they had her. Perhaps counseling isn't a bad idea.

  102. She speaks the truth & who ever it is that thinks otherwise needs to have a reality check, those who don't like to hear the truth are the ones who are the biggest hypocrites in this blind world. Love & Prayers for you Lauryn, keep speaking what is in your heart, there is people out there that can relate to what you are talking about, never mind the blind ones, they have tunnel vision & can't see anything that is truthful & a need to change.

  103. of course the artists are manipulated! but there are not they! in France also
    have had our share of "conspiracy theory" I love lauren hill, and her husband also
    a wonderful family! people who have a heart!
    I support
    a little french

  104. Now they wasn't us to turn for help the same system that caused the ills in the first place. Its like the men of the Tuskegee Experiment saying they don't trust the doctors and being sent for counseling to find out why.

  105. there's nothing wrong with Lauryn Hill she's a trooper by all means their just trying to destroy her image and assassinate her character;however, she will be fine

  106. Dear Lauren, I`m sorry you have been put through these trying times as a sensitive intelligent creative artist. Traditionally the artist as a free thinker is the frontline, avantgarde expresser, the "canary in the coalmine" for others who are not as articulate, to reveal injustice and question, and demand answers of the powers that be, who, in their ivory towers, exist blissfully unaware of how their policies affect ordinary people, and what time it is. No amount of counselling will do other than tell you to put up and shut up, in the present situation. I request that as a successful respected woman in art, that you bring it as a teacher to those who feel the same way but haven`t put it together, either in your music and/or in writing and on a lecture tour. I am certain you speak for many of us, perhaps more than you may realise. All the best.

  107. Twisted Martin on

    I think it's very interesting how when a white person makes a comment referring to "our system" and "race issues" regardless how radical and offensive it may be, it's a form of Freedom of speech. But when another racial background person makes these comments, there is a huge problem with society. makes me wonder who the real evil ones are. The same was said of Bob Marley, now these young white kids love him, wear his t-shirts, he's a legend now, but back then he was a threat. So we know what happens when you are a threat to the social structure…..

  108. These judges and the decisions they are rendering are frightening!!! And Lauryn have to understand she is not the only artist dealing with the realities of the system, they all are for the most part … just have to be strong and fight it … there is no other way.

  109. So now artists who question authority, make provocative, intelligent lyrics and are concerned about the world are 'insane' and those who make songs about being promiscuous, getting drunk, 'partying hard' and get off by 'twerking' and acting like a sex maniac on stage are considered sane. Welcome to the 21st century folks! It looks like it's gunna be a fun one…

  110. Stop whining and pay your taxes like the rest of us. If you don't like the music labels (and I don't either), don't use them. Find a company you do like, self-produce, or start your own company. But quit your bitching and serve your time for failing to pay your taxes.

  111. No matter how clear and pellucid the truth is, the world won't buy it. Why? Simple! THE WORLD HATE THE TRUTH! Its never gonna change till the end of time. For crying out loud, Jesus said said so too, so what do y'all expect?

  112. Frank Williams on

    Words of a true artist, unlike what passes for it these days. I hope she gets back to creating music. Nothing wrong with what she said. Being an artist myself I can relate.

  113. She has an opinion that some may not agree with, that may seem a bit extreme, but why is the court "ordering" her to seek therapy? Has she endangered herself? her neighbors? her countrymen? What's the imminent threat that would warrant such a need. Too silly. Let her speak freely. Let her go about her business. Relinquish the court order.

  114. The Senseable One on

    To all the a**holes who really believe she doesn't pay her taxes are plain examples of how the media has already tampered with your thinking span. Not because the MEDIA says she hasn't paid her taxes for whatever time mean it is true.She is a very powerful icon and you people need to realize that the media,music industry,some police officers,some judges in other words,most of the people in power are connected and their main goals are to destroy anybody who pushes for positivism. They know once we get a generation to think for themselves we would be able to see the REAL truth.So please don't believe everything you see on the media please and think for yourself!!!

  115. I 100% agree with her. I believe perhaps the 'way' she says these things to the public could be changed as you would have to really truly understand where she was coming from to get it without it sounding crazy. Unfortunately, a LOT of people do not understand at all/are not aware of what is happening out there. Hell, I don't know the half of it! But I do know that what she says is not crazy. She's a very intelligent and articulate woman who is brave enough to share her awareness with others. Only thing is, to many of those listening, it's as if she's speaking a different language. I say Lauryn, keep on preaching girl, you may need to dumb it down a little at first though.

  116. People with critical thinking skills and active minds understand that unscrupulous parties want to control a $16+TRILLION economy and all the accompanying wealth and power.

    People with lethargic, inactive minds sluggishly believe anything they are told and refuse to accept the possibility of conspiracies because their minds are weak and unexercised. THEY will tend to be in the lower half of the IQ scale. Those in the upper half of the IQ scale who refuse to acknowledge conspiracies are deliberately closing their minds to protect their economic and social standing.
    The definition of a "perfect Nazi" was: "An unquestioning, dutiful, expert TECHNICIAN. An Automaton trained to his task, who does not waver from his task." THAT is the reason for schooling in multiple disciplines, for "WELL ROUNDED" educations. The study of history and the Humanities/literature is denigrated by those who would enslave you …. to blind you to your slavery.

  117. Sad to see all you intellectual neanderthales comment on what you don't know. This lady is so talented and exceptional, shame on you for hating on such a beautiful human being. Enjoy the bliss of your ignorance ánd your miseducation in silence will you?

  118. Given that the trial judge has refused to comment on the counseling, and that Ms Hill has also not revealed the details either, and that this wasn't part of the public proceedings… I'm genuinely interested in the details. How did you guys find out, and what exactly is she being forced to do?

  119. The Government has no right to CORRECT our tHinKing!!
    Wtf!! When will the revolution begin?? Where are the protests to fight this oppression?? Wtf

  120. The truth shall set you free, indeed! Respect can be eternal for a legend, she crossed a dangerous line. I send positive karma to Lauren Hill, one love.

  121. janette reifer on

    This wicked system send Lauren Hill for counseling because it too obvious otherwise they would have send her to jail instead. Anyhow she is being send to counseling to make it seems as though she is crazy. Maybe with the medication that they would give her she might become crazy. They will keep at her because she refuse to bow. May the Most High God, God above all other gods. Trap these evil doers and bring them down from their seat and exalt the humble and meek. This I ask in you precious name. Amen !

  122. I think this site should do a review of Selena Gomez's song "Come and Get It". I genuinely want to know. Maybe they are all too far gone before the remorse kicks in? Though its never too late for salvation when you are still living right? .Men thinking about being "playas" and all that materialistic garbage they put out in the airwaves..god bless her,loved her when she came out.

  123. Is she a conspiracy theorist? Even a man who is wrong most of the time can get it right some of the time.

    She has a point; I am though concerned– not by her rebellion against the industry which she rightly ascertains is a pimping game — but the light and the hope gone from her face.

  124. If you don't want to be a part of the music industry, don't be a part of the music industry. Make your music and perform it for free. Find some other means of making a living while you do it. When you sign a contract, you are bound by the terms of that contract. If you don't like it, don't sign it. If you make an income, the government wants part of that income to pay for schools, roads etc. etc. It's the same for everyone, no matter what colour you are.

  125. Thelma Whitehorton on

    This is the Messenger. I know that this is still America. I also know that the jews have kidnapped America. How is it that two thirds of all American Citizens have lost their sense of country and know that our basic human rights are being stolen from them each and every day. Jews, are the culprits. Jews run this country. God has given me much power over the coward jew and I intend to use it. No, Lauryn they do not comspire. They, the jews have no need to conspire. They have already stolen America, but you have my word, they will be giving it back real soon.

    • Thelma Whitehorton on

      May God, in his wisdom and grace grant you the power to publish the truth. Lives are at stake here. Thelma Whitehorton, the Messenger of this world.

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