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The Meaning of Melanie Martinez’s Bizarre New Alter-Persona

With her new album “Portals”, Melanie Martinez introduced her fans to a new, bizarre, and slightly horrifying alter-persona. What is the meaning of this thing? Here’s a look at the symbolism surrounding this album and its first single “DEATH”.



Melanie Martinez is one of those artists that is constantly praised for her creativity and inventiveness. That said, when one analyzes her works, we end up finding the same exact messages and symbols found throughout the music industry. As such, despite being “different”, Martinez ultimately fits the industry’s many agendas. That’s the price to pay for a lucrative contract with Atlantic Records.

In my 2019 article The Sinister Messages of “K-12” by Melanie Martinez, I described the disturbing themes surrounding her act: The sexualization of children, Monarch mind control, satanism disguised as feminism, and, of course, the omnipresence of the one-eye sign.

One-eye sign = Owned by the industry.

While Martinez has been enjoying massive support from her fans and the industry, she’s also been facing controversy. In 2017, a female friend accused Martinez of rape during a sleepover. While she was never formally accused, the stink surrounding this story keeps following her.

Also, there’s Martinez’s creepy alter persona named Cry Baby.

Suggestively sucking on a pacifier while in her underwear: The Cry Baby probably pleases pedos.

Throughout her career, Martinez has been accused of sexualizing babies and children through weird photoshoots and music videos. In fact, the comments on several of her earlier YouTube videos are turned off because people kept pointing out how they disturbingly mixed kiddie stuff with overt sexuality.

In short, Melanie Martinez would probably benefit from a fresh start. And to reinvent herself. And that’s exactly what happened. Like, big time. She’s been reinvented so hard that she’s not even human anymore.

Melanie Martinez’s new alter-persona for the album Portals.

Sadly for Martinez, this new creation did not help her remain clear of controversy. As soon as she released some pictures of her new albums, she was immediately accused of copying Björk.

Left: The cover of Melanie Martinez’s album Portals. Right: The cover of Björk’s album Fossora.

So what is Martinez’s new persona supposed to be? My first instinct was to call this four-eyed, slightly horrifying creature “Fungus Demon”. However, on closer look, it’s actually a four-eyed, slightly horrifying nymph.

Nymph, in Greek mythology, any of a large class of inferior female divinities. The nymphs were usually associated with fertile, growing things, such as trees, or with water.
– Britannica, “Nymph”

The Portals album revolves around the concept of Melanie Martinez dying and being reborn as a nymph – a female spiritual being associated with nature. Or a disgusting Fungus Demon. Whatever term you prefer.

However, the symbolism surrounding the album alludes to a darker concept behind Martinez’s transformation: Monarch mind control.

Portals … to Monarch Programming

An important theme of Portals is the infinite cycle between life and death. The first track of the album, appropriately called DEATH, begins with these words:

Death is life is death is life is death is life is –

The last track of the album, titled WOMB, describes the process of (re)birth. It ends with the words:

Life is death is life is death is life is –

By describing life and death as an infinite cycle, we are reminded of the ancient concept of reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical belief that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life’s actions.

With that being said, when one considers the visual cues surrounding this project, this cycle becomes a metaphor for the death and birth of new alter-personas as a result of Monarch programming.

In Monarch Programming symbolism, butterfly wings represent a “programmed” MK slave.

Prior to the release of Portals, Martinez cleared her Instagram account and posted pictures and videos documenting the “birth” of her new alter-persona. The symbolism is rather blatant.

The first picture posted on Martinez’s accounts confirms the death of Cry Baby – the old alter-persona.

A butterfly on a tombstone: Death and rebirth through Monarch programming.

In another post, we see a black butterfly flying around the egg in which this new alter is developing: Monarch Programming.

The nymph emerges from the body of Martinez with butterfly wings: A great way of depicting an alter-persona created from Monarch programming.

In the first single from Portals, Martinez announces that she’s “back from the dead” … in a symbolic video that makes it clear that this is not about literal death.


The video of DEATH was described as being morbid and all-around creepy. When one understands the underlying MKULTRA narrative behind it, things become creepier.

The video begins with some furry animals burying Cry Baby – Melanie Martinez’s old alter-persona.

As you can see, there are a couple of white rabbits looking over the gravesite. As seen in previous articles, the symbol of the white rabbit is extremely important in mind control. In Alice in Wonderland (an important MK programming script), Alice is told to “follow the white rabbit” through the looking glass. In Monarch programming, MK slaves are also told to follow the white rabbit (the handler) through the looking glass (dissociation).

In Martinez’s previous project K-12, white rabbits were oddly reminiscent of MK handlers.

In this scene from Martinez’s movie K-12, she is tied up in an electroshock-type device under the watchful eyes of white rabbits.

In short, the rabbits in DEATH can represent MK handlers who are overseeing the creation of Melanie Martinez’s new alter persona.

In the grave, Martinez’s dead body starts singing. The thing on her chest is a cocoon inside which the nymph alter is developing.

Above the grave, the white rabbits “summon” the new alter in a ritualistic matter.

Meanwhile, the lyrics of the song say:

Doing all your witchcraft to pull me inBurning all your sage to connect our line

The nymph alter-persona emerges from the cocoon.

As the nymph rises, she’s held back by her umbilical cord.

When that umbilical cord is broken, the nymph is freed and completely independent from the dead body. Similarly, new MK alter-personas are completely independent of the core persona of the slave.

The nymph and the furry animals dance around inside the skeleton of some dead person … which is rather creepy.

The new persona stands over the old one. Judging by the number of swords, they really want Cry Baby to be dead. However, she’s still singing, which reminds us that this is not about physical death – it is about alter-personas.

The scene above appears to be inspired by the 10 of Swords tarot card.

The card represents destruction but also rebirth as symbolized by the golden sky beyond the dark clouds.

In Conclusion

DEATH exploits a theme that is often found in modern pop: The death of a persona and the birth of a new one. While there is a spiritual and mystical dimension to Melanie Martinez’s exploration of death and rebirth, the symbolism surrounding the project also points to a process that is much less organic: Monarch mind control.

While this interpretation might seem far-fetched to some, it is actually in perfect continuation with the symbolism in Martinez’s previous works. Her previous alter – Cry Baby – was a sexualized child that lived in situations that symbolically represented the status of an MK slave such as a doll house or a school (that’s actually a programming site). In Portals, the MK narrative remains, but in a context that is much more dissociative.

In short, despite the creativity of Martinez’s project, the underlying themes are quite common in pop music. They’re a reflection of the occult elite’s culture of death and its celebration of Monarch mind control.

And that is the story of why the most “trending” artist of the moment is a Fungus Demon.


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