BBC Uses a 2003 Picture from Iraq to Incite War Against Syria


When it is time to justify the invasion of a country that is of no threat to Allied forces, mass media deception kicks into high gear to sway public opinion. Only a few years after the “Watch-out-Saddam-is-gonna-nuke-us-all-with-weapons-of-mass-destruction” fabrication, mass media is now being flooded with horrible stories from Syria to incite people in Western countries to think “I hope we go in there and clean up this mess”. However, as it is often the case in war propaganda, lies, fabrications and deceit are used to justify military action.

A recent example of this is the BBC using a horrifying picture from 2003 in Iraq to illustrate an alleged massacre that happened in Houla, Syria. When a “reputed” news source such as BBC gets caught using fake pictures to demonize a country, one can wonder what other fabricated BS appears in the news and goes unnoticed. Here’s an article on BBC’s “mistake”.

Oops, BBC: Iraq photo to illustrate Houla massacre?

With the shock of the Houla tragedy ringing across the world, the BBC has released a story with a harrowing picture of rows and rows of children’s bodies awaiting burial… But isn’t that post-Saddam Iraq?

­Photographer Marco di Lauro who took the shot grabbed by the BBC says he nearly “fell off his chair” after finding the picture on the network’s website with a caption reading: “Photo from Activist. This image – which cannot be independently verified – is believed to show bodies of children in Houla awaiting funeral.

The picture was actually taken on March 27, 2003; it depicts an Iraqi boy jumping over dozens of white body bags containing skeletons found in a desert south of Baghdad. The image, which is published on Marco di Lauro’s website, is part of his story Iraq, the Aftermath of Saddam.

Marco di Lauro takes photographs for Getty Images picture agency, his works have been published across Europe and the US. But the indication that the BBC picked his image from the internet, not from official stock worries him somewhat.

What I am really astonished by is that a news organization like the BBC doesn’t check the sources and it’s willing to publish any picture sent it by anyone: activist, citizen journalist or whatever. That’s all,” the photographer told The Daily Telegraph.

Someone is using someone else’s picture for propaganda on purpose,” he added.

A BBC spokesman says the picture, illustrating Sunday night’s story “Syria Massacre in Houla Condemned as Outrage Grows,” was taken down “immediately” when the source was identified.

We were aware of this image being widely circulated on the internet in the early hours of this morning following the most recent atrocities in Syria. We used it with a clear disclaimer saying it could not be independently verified,” he added.

These words about information “which cannot be independently verified” have become a trademark of media coverage of the 14-month conflict in Syria. Before UN special envoy Kofi Annan brought his peace plan to the troubled Arab country, the Syrian government had remained reluctant to open borders to most international journalists.

But even now the bulk of information comes from people calling themselves opposition activists – via amateur videos uploaded to YouTube or eyewitness reports.

But sometimes it looks that the mantra “cannot be independently verified” serves as a disclaimer to publish information which wouldn’t stand a chance of ever being verified.

– Source: RT

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111 Comments on "BBC Uses a 2003 Picture from Iraq to Incite War Against Syria"

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This is incredible, the level of delusional psychosis and suspension of rational thought is staggering. THIS is how you leave yourself open to suggestion. Not one single person thinks 'someone got lazy and posted an old photo that fits the story (bar date and location) with a disclaimer. No, it's the New World Order and the bloody BBC part of it. Have you any idea how much the government of the UK, Labour and Conservative both, HATE the independent and liberal BBC. Any idea how much the Hatton enquiry hamstrung BBC kick the government and call them to account constantly. They'd rip chunks off each other given any chance. The BBC harangued the Labour government about Iraq, did everything to try and turn public opinion to the truth and the consequences. Oil men, defense corps, etc – yes, but the BBC, sh1t, grow the f*ck up and get a grip

the videos and pictures you guys posted have mysteriously been taken down.

beebeecee does this all the time, they do in aisia, sri lanka and they really messed up the translations in a certain country recently….

Regarding the recent shootdown of a Turkish aircraft by Syria, the question I have is whether the aircraft that was shot down was, in fact, an actual piloted RF-4E (Reconnaissance model) as Turkey/NATO are claiming it was??

I'm thinking it may very well have been something else altogether – the QF-4 UNMANNED Target Drone.

Please check out my new article if you want to know more about this very suspicious "incident".

This is yet another bizarre and disgusting scenario put up on the stage, in the hopes of causing uproar in Turkish people, giving somewhat an excuse for the invasion that'll be initiated by the puppet government in Turkey.

And as expected, mainstream media tried to exploit the "act" as much as possible, one of the pilots being an astronaut candidate, finding the boats of the pilots. The usual cheap tricks for playing into people's most intricate feelings.

One doubt I have about your unmanned plane theory – that would make just perfect sense- but father of one of the 2 pilots talked to the reporters and said he was devastated about his loss but didn't want a war with Syria. It'd have fitted better had he said he wanted revenge.

ahh such a pain to watch these clowns that are the Turkish government.

The Corporate bought Media really are the propagenda mouth piece for the Globalists.Propagandawith an agenda.They will repeat this war of aggression over and over with valor to condition and seduce us,at the point where someday soonit will be televised as reality.

What we all must remember is, as much as there is bad working against us we have just as much good working for us and in us. as my mum always says what happens in the dark will always come out in the light! Exciting times people lets not be afraid of the light 🙂

Good spot, popular mainstream media, I can't believe people still depend on it…

"In examining the CIA's past and present use of the U.S. media, the Committee finds two reasons for concern. The first is the potential, inherent in covert media operations, for manipulating or incidentally misleading the American public." — Frank Church

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." — William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." –William Colby

"An intelligence service is the ideal vehicle for a conspiracy." – Allen Dulles

if you dont eat your meat, how can you have any pudding?

who would you people want to run the world if not the bilderberg? maybe a homeless guy or stone occupy member? some one has to be in charge! wake up people. think for yourselves.

its so obvious that the elite control the media. that way, they also control the billions of people who watch t.v. by feeding us what they want us to belive. invariably, they control the world. pity though. feel scared and sad for the world and all its innocents.

It's doubtful that the photo showed what the Western Media said it showed when it was first released in 2003. Back then, the Western Media was trying hard to demonize Saddam Hussein. The Western Media also tried to demonize Muhammar Qaddafi. On 9/11/2001, the BBC's Judy Standley announced the "unexpected" collapse if WTC more that 20 minutes before it happened. See The BBC's 'WTC 7 Collapsed At 4:54 p.m.' Videos at

The BBC, and all Western Media, are propaganda mills for the NATO and Zionist fascists.

I'm from Serbia, or should I say what's left from it, and all of this sounds painfuly familiar… Starting with demonisation of Serbs and destroying Yugoslavia, up to funding Albanian terrorists (Kosovo liberation army) and building NATO bases, while mass media presented all of this as a necessity in order to keep peace in the Balkans. It's all a big game and we ain't winning. But the worst part is, when Serbian revolution began in 2000 and Milosevic was overthrown, we all believed that it was our choice, our fight and our victory. I was in the first lines in this revolution, coughing up tear gas and fighting with the police, and 10 years later I realized it was all part of the plan… CIA trained „our revolutionaries“ called OTPOR (eng. – resistance; you've probably seen that logo with clenched fist used in Libia later on), and the new government… Read more »

I did some work with the Macedonian Wolves…. they had the same conclusions….stay frosty brother.

I'm inclined to believe @syriangirl's report of the situation. Why? 1) All that combat footage you all see on the news about Iraq and Afghanistan is OLD. Look at the uniforms of all the guys in firefights. They are wearing desert camouflage clothing and green body armor. That outfit was on its way out in 2005. The same year much of the units arriving to Iraq were wearing the Army's "universal camouflage," the blue smurf crap. How is this relevant? The news media manipulates the view of the wars. To what end is the question we need to ask and find out. 2) Saddam, Gaddafi, and Mubarak were US government patsies. Lets not mention Manuel Noriega. They received millions of tax payers dollars in aid. Sure there was a fall out between the US and them a couple decades before. Who cares, they fractured the Middle East by being in… Read more »

i think he should talk bout the zombie apocalypse :

its crazy

PLEASE stop with this "zombie apocalypse" crap, it's called CANNIBALISM. I wonder how it would feel if your it happened to your family member and people were going on on and on about something FICTIONAL like zombies. This is real freaking life. People need to stop making light of it (even if you don't mean to, there's a mental dissconnect there when you can't acknowledge that cannibalism is catching on in our society)

Societal breakdown is starting to occur right before our eyes.

It's like in one of the Hunger Games books. They find out that The Capitol was using old footage of the destroyed district 13. The Hunger Games is now and Idocracy is now XD

spoiler alert >.<

also guys the EU's economy is in a state of serious emergency……there's alot of craziness happening right….

saw this headline just now on bbc:

Russian policy on Syria is going to contribute to a civil war, the US secretary of state says, as the UN warns of a looming "catastrophic" conflict there."

"UN WARNS OF A LOOMING CATASTROPHIC CONFLICT" Yeah, they are definitely gearing up for war.

Thanks for reporting on this. It turns my stomach to see such blatant manipulation of the public. I often wonder how on earth governments can get so many reporters to do this kind of thing at once. The story on Syria has been obviously skewed from the first day it appeared in western media. This latest atrocity was reported very carefully in stages, to convince the average American/British reader: 1) OMG, look how evil the Syrian government is! 2) OMG, look how awesome President Obama is for condemning this act! …. and then, finally, 3) Look how evil Russia is for supporting evil Assad! It feels like the Cold War didn't ever stop. If I lived in Syria, I would be terrified. The US and Russia are both campaigning heavily to control the region for their own benefit. And what can the average person do to combat this? Very little,… Read more »
@julianol i think that Islamic groups or brotherhood are the Arabian version of zionism thats a fact they r both in the same place where do u think the word 'brotherhood' came from ? Isalmists now have reached highly important places in authority in egypt libya yemen and tunisia they wanna take over syria to spread this ideology which we as syrian ppl completly condemn and refuse it. I think the west owns Al Qaeda and 9/11 was an iniside job to distort the image of islam and to declare war against iraq and afganistan and the moment obama decalred the death of bin laden by us forces while we all know he had something wrong with his kidney or watever it was the beginning of new era of political islam as they say … an all that only to protect israel and the zionists interests in the middle east… Read more »

Just read this to confirm that the Muslim Brotherhood and the likes are indeed Zionists…


I believe the Nephilim are able to sire children. Don't need to look far for examples.

In Indonesia, there are a lot of cases whereby demonic beings called Gunderwo (or Genderwo), which are hairy, dark, and can imitate a man's physical image, raping women and these women sired demonic children and there are a lot of these children still living till today. And yes, cases such as these are still happening.

I f*****g hate the world I live in.


and yet, people believe what the bbc says about israel.

this fake photo actually instigated the murders of jewish schoolchildren in france.

i wish people would realize that every major news source is controlled and is a lie, and I wish alternate news media was given more attention and our news was more varied.

plus it ALWAYS creeps me out when all the news stations repeat the same things, word for word, on every channel around the same time. Jon Stewart actually compiled a clip of this happening about an issue for gay-marriage I believe. every single newscaster said they same dialogue, and it wasn't even "normal" dialogue. wonder who controls what is on ALL of their teleprompters?

Hey guys.. am syrian i come to this site2 yrs now an i love it :)…i know u wanna know wats all the mess in syria is about an i know u dont trust ur media so am going to tell u the truth (which ll be shocking to the most of u )….this fake revolution is led and funded by the west and the Arab Gulf …yes the Arab Gulf…this revolution is nt wat u think (peaceful protestors and the police is hitting and killing them) actully its completly the opposite way too much. Syria now my friends is drowned with islamists terrorists and illegal weapons wich is funded by the west and the islamist arab gulf… why? because they wanna help the west taking over the middle east and have the full authority on it (nwo=new middle east) . My ppl r dying in streets by bombed cars… Read more »

syrian girl. that's exactly what happened in the u.s. in the south.

but most people aren't paying attention.

they murdered or deported all original residents.

then they told all government contractors they could only hire spanish-speakers, so original residents could not resettle.

Hello Syrian Girl, Very interesting what you say. For ages I have suspected this so-called 'Arab Spring' used by propagandists in West (and even some of alternative sources etc believe this) to be the natural demand for democracy in Middle Eastern countries as a sham. As uprisings sponsored by the very elite behind all the war mongering and evils going on in the world. So how do you then see the lynchpin to all of this globalist agenda, 9/11? I ask because many in the Truth movement will usually attack Zionism as beeing deeply involved in 9/11 etc etc but turn a blind eye to Islamic involvement. It is as though they cannot keep those two things in their head at same time as being party to a globalist agenda. YET soon after the attacks for example the Bin Laden family were allowed to fly out of the country when… Read more »

you guys have become so paranoid that you no longer see the truth, the syrian army is defending the syrian people? give me a break, 15,000 + people are DEAD, the only people in syria armed to the teeth are the syrian army, not the rebels. this revolution DID start out peacefully, but it was the regime that turned it towards violence. I hope and pray that your country sees peace, and is free from Russian and American/Israeli meddling, but your analysis is false, there is far too much evidence against what you are saying.

What you are saying here is clearly an example of disinformation. BTW, I am also Syrian from Damascus.

The regime (government/army/secret services) has on its hands the blood of the peaceful Syrian people who were demonstrating in the streets asking for freedom. There is some sort of conspiracy no doubt, but this does not give the government the right to kill the Syrian people (men/women/kids…). More than 15,000 people have been killed in Syria by the regime. The arrested people are estimated to be more 50,000!

Is not more than 40 years is enough for that family to leave the Syrian people make their choice of the president and government?

Freedom for Syria!


I'm disappointed a Syrian thinks the Arab Gulf would want this bloodshed to happen. I'm Emirati, and the massacres happening every day breaks my heart.

Apart from Syria,Nigeria is also been taken over,now the govt is calling on Western govts for help.

@ Faithful, it just crossed my mind to ask VC about that also.

VC, what do you think of the Miami cannibal case?!? They are blaming bath salts, bullshiette! Things are getting out of control.

I would also like to know what your views are on this issue.

so WTH is going on with the Zombie-like activity?? the man that stabbed himself & then flung his intestines & skin at the police along with the guy who ate the other's guy's face off who was shot and STILL eating at the other man's face??

o_O what's really good???

I'm sure many will disagree, but in a nutshell, demonic possession. Sure drugs may be involved, but that is just straight up demonic. I have a friend who lives down there and agrees on the demonic possession. Says he sees it all over. He also said this which I thought was interesting: ********************************************************** "Alot of the area down here was ruled by a tribe of Indians called the Caloosa. When settlers first came to this area they took note of the Caloosas who were said to have been extremely tall, cannibals, fierce warriors, and known to walk around naked. They were such a fierce tribe of Indians that all other tribes within hundreds of miles used to bring them tributes. They’ve dug up alot of the skeletal remains of the Caloosa Indians and I believe as do many others that there were STRONG traces of Nephilim blood coursing through their… Read more »

I agree with you that it is definitly demonic in origin, a rational normal human would not be capable of such hideous acts. But the Nephilim were hybrid offspring of the union between woman and materialized angels. They could not reproduce, and thus the theory that they had Nephilim blood isn't possible.

No doubt they had strong demonic presence in the tribe. That alone could do it. And since the fallen angels were not killed during the flood, rather thrown into spiritual darkness and chained (obviously so they could not materilize again in human form) the same demons are still around harassing humankind (and obviously possessing them, since they can't materlize the closest they can get to their perverted desires is by this means.)


I believe the Nephilim are able to sire children. Don’t need to look far for examples.

In Indonesia, there are a lot of cases whereby demonic beings called Gunderwo (or Genderwo), which are hairy, dark, and can imitate a man’s physical image, raping women and these women sired demonic children and there are a lot of these children still living till today. And yes, cases such as these are still happening.

Whether demonic possession, some type of bug, some type of brain damage due to all the CRAP we are being subjected to on a daily basis, or narcotics (all of which I believe can open you up to possession), I think most of us can agree this is straight from the pits of hell!!!

**Graphic**Another Zombie Case this week

hi sarah are you on youtube

been observing you for quite a while now?

and you seem to be really enlightened

pls post your channel if u are so i can follow you


More zombie stuff happening! It's freaking me out;

Does anyone have any information about the current situation in Syria? Any reliable information? If there's any truth about the massacres (especially regarding the killing of children) then I do support intervention. What are we going to do about it? We can't turn a blind eye to it. If we can't rely on the government to stop the injustices then what are we going to do. I feel terribly helpless.

Dear VC,

Thank you for keeping us updated on the various means of manipulation mass media use on us. The convenient rebranding of past war dramas definitely makes me, and I'm sure many others with me, see how we are slowly being driven towards a new war to fuel the international Ministry of War's eternal campaign to keep the war engines revving.

Syria lacks oil from what I have heard but only due to its key position in the Middle East could be an easy target.

What do you expect? The "media" says that they have killed another Al Quaida leader for the third time.

Wow i didnt expect that from the bbc. i wont be reading their news anymore.

BBC is the mouthpiece of Jews.. all the managers are Jews. They should call it Israel's pet.


I've got a question – why is it that the majority of people that frequent this site blame most of the problems of the world on Jews? I mean, I'm no Jew but I certainly have nothing against them. I'm just curious because I don't want to believe this site promotes anti-semitism. I've always had the notion that its wrong to just hate hate on a particular group of people based on vague assumptions and suspicions. Isn't that what the Nazis did? Seems kinda hypocritical to me. Hell, its outright prejudice.

The funny thing is that when you read journalism related to a subject you know well, you often see that either the journalist doesn't know what they're talking about, or they're trying to stop you from understanding what's going on. I see it all the time in the BBC's coverage of banking and economics. It's right at the bottom of the pile for me when I want to read anything about those subjects. Bloomberg's better, but it still seems to be misleading a lot of the time – I find myself reading the information but being very sceptical of their interpretation. And makes some howlers when it comes to discussion of economics. I can recommend, but even there I'm not always convinced. You really have to look at a variety of news sources and think for yourself. At least with the banking, it's quite mathematical and you can… Read more »

VERY important article VC. I am going to share it with some people I know. Thumbs up for you.

The BBC also had a bit proving Al Queda was a fabrication with hired hands for the month running around with Osama. Apparently they even had to bring their own weapons.

No organization so vast and influential is a monolith. The percentage of creeps in this civilization who would run everything into the ground to grab power is staggeringly small compared to what most people appear to think.

Remember: this is at most 1% of the total population involved such shenanigans, and they don't even benefit from the so-called maharishi effect when they work.

They have celebs believing this mess, reporting it!…I had to tweet to Chris Brown they were false pics …I hope he reads my tweet!…he posted on the topic three times smh….what a set up!

Thanks for updating the mobile version of this site.

what's the mobile version of this site plz?

The professionals know that emotion trumps logic when it comes to the masses absorbing news product. So they do not hesitate publishing falsehoods that promote their agenda, and then later issuing mea culpas and "retractions" or "corrections", know full well that the original item did it's job of stirring up emotions that the later revealed truths will have little power to change.

very well said.

yeah, the lies are front page news and the retractions are the tiny print on the last page.

Its unfortunate. God forgive us.

This does not surprise me at all in the slightest.

i remember when Fox news tried to say that the Apocalypse was happening at that moment lmao they are so fake. I laugh at them. Dumb ass reporters

I'm not surprised at all.
The BBC has taught us British Citizens that most arabs are terrorists in which most cases aren't true. They have a strong empire and the West is attacking the Middle East on every level, "ethnicly cleansing" all it's history and power. It's blatant propaganda here and we just need to turn away from the Tv and become self sufficient beings- in that way we stay strong and tactful when the bad does hit us. Least we won't be relying on the corporate fridge !

I'm proud to be part Arabic.

Here is the story of some real atrocities that NATO and the global mass media completely ignored and swept under the rug, ironically, because they were inconvenient to their goals at the time – and also because they had a direct hand in causing the atrocities by demonizing only one side in an internal conflict, while supporting and arming the others to provoke a larger war, as their excuse to jump in.

You will see that these same patterns of global mass media propaganda that were used in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan…are now being used in Libya, Syria, Iran and North Korea.

History keeps repeating itself, but not because they are stupid – it happens because this is exactly what they WANT to happen – pure and simple.

This is just all part of the elites plan towards one world government…new world order! For the past three decades they have been neutralising all counties and regimes they deem as threatening to their plan. All the wars fought by western nations, then all the african and middle east uprisings last and this year, the collapse of the economies in europe. All meant to bring fear chaos and helplessness, until they bring forth the "solution"! This has been planned decades in advance and is at its end stages.

i totally agree to you…they have to manipulate us into believing that the one government is the only solution so they are creating chaos and war.

it is so sick…but people don't really care, they just live their ordinary life

sadly, we are so small and powerless

I know we aren't getting the truth about what is happening in Syria but it does seem that many innocents are being massacred…I don't know by who or why but it is happening and to sit back and just feel saddened but doing nothing is WRONG imo….the sad thing is that if war happens, it's not the innocents that will ever benefit from it. Syria is just in a terrible place right now, my heart weeps for the people there…it's just horrible…

the middle east will explode in an atomic way soon, it's just a mess right now….oh and then there's the euro coming close to the brink of falling apart…

cue antichrist?

Wow love the new look to the website, especially the mobile version 🙂

… And I even highly doubt that the picture of this "tragedy from Iraq in 2003" is on the up-and-up. I think there's a high probability that the photo is completely staged anyway. What would be the practical purpose for a tyrant to stack bodies like that???

What I don't understand, is why are they getting so sloppy. They really don't care anymore about putting up an image anymore.

The story was already written and they just needed to find random pics off the internet to fit the story. That's how pathetic and lazy their getting and when they get caught (oh we didn't verify that). WTF?!?!?!

What kind of reporter never checks the facts or verifies a story? Oh a fictional writer making a manuscript.

I wonder whether they were always this sloppy, just now we're able to catch them in their sloppiness.

because now they are really strong and close to their goal…

they wont acheive their goal, they ate cowards, we the people have to go to the source and bring a wrath of justice upon them, they are evil and thoughtless people, we need to unie as 1 to beat the so called eliye, forget about their puppets and concentrate on them, youtube this : who's in the new world order, FIMA. And plans on implanting micro chips for full human domination, fema cog plans total takeover of society under economic collapse. THIS IS URGENT YOU SPREAD THIS, YOUR LIFE DEPENDS NDDS ON IT. checkout congressional bill HR645, amer declares its own citizens terrorists, you have no rights at all, fima have undergtound cities built, 3, 70,60 concentration, camps, google earth this

All of this is brilliant bull s**t already. Can they just do what they're going to do and get it over with already? I am so fed up with the games they play with their little images and hidden symbolism. So childish.

So what is really going on in Syria? I can't trust any news outlet, so if anyone has some real information on what is going on over there, can you post it please?

Remember when there was a western media blackout in Syria? This was about 4-5 months into the uprising and the world was just starting to pay attention then suddenly it started changing…the whole thing was just weird to me.

Derek — first read Comment #19 here, then read up on "core" nations and "gap" nations as outlined in "The Pentagon's New Map," a 2005 book by Thomas P.M. Barnett, a Defense Department professor at the U.S. Naval War College. "Core" nations are those that are already playing the global government game. "Gap" nations are those that are yet to be assimilated. Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya were once "gap" nations and we have seen what happened to them. Syria, Iran, and North Korea are some examples of current "gap" nations.

But North Korea is one of China's pawn, I don't think it is a gap nation at all.

9/11 – the gift that keeps on giving…….

Wesley Clark 4 Star General:


They are a little out of order, and a few years behind, but burning the midnight oil nonetheless.

Syria's 'rebels' are Western backed/funded Al-cia-duh's…..

NATO and CIA Covertly Arming Syrian Rebels in Order to Weaken Iran:


Engdahl: CIA plays ugly role, trains Syrian rebels:

Just trying to usher in WWIII……………….

You are mistaken there. Its Bashar Al-Asad who is western backed. Unlike Qathaffi or Mubarak. The people want Bashar gone, and he is still there? There are DAILY massacres in Syria carried out by the army against anybody who opposes bashaar. And the world sits by and watches using this situation to create world war three

what actually is happening in syria is fight between the shiites and the sunnis. sunnis are in the majority (60%) but Assad is a shia. and obviously there is interference from israel and iran. the shiites are brutally killing the sunnis and Assad is acting God.

farah, arent the sunnis is syria backed by saudi arabia, which is a big fat a** minion of the us in the middle east ? Know your enemy.