Josie and the Pussycats: Blueprint of the Mind Control Music Industry


“Josie and the Pussycats” is a “girl band movie” aimed at children and young adolescents, especially young girls. At first glance, the flick seems to be one of those generic, God-awful teen movies. However, a closer look reveals how its overall tone and message are in sharp contrast to stereotypes of the genre. “Josie and the Pussycats” is indeed an acerbic critique of a morally bankrupt music industry. The most surprising thing about this 2001 movie is its frighteningly accurate predictions regarding today’s pop music and its Illuminati agenda: mind controlled artists, hypnotized masses, subliminal messages… it’s all there. This article will examine the movie’s themes and their relation to today’s music business context.

Josie and the Pussycats was released in 2001 by Universal. In music industry terms, 2001 is ancient history. Just to put you back in the context of the era: N’Sync were still singing Bye Bye Bye, Cisco wanted to see your thong-th-th-thong-thong-thong and everybody was wondering Who Let the Dogs Out. Teens were going crazy for boy bands like the Backstreet Boys and everybody was dancing to Ja Rule. So, yes, it was a long time ago.

Josie and the Pussycats came out during that period, but it seems to foretell the death of the era. The movie starts with members of the boy band “Du Jour,” a spoof on the Backstreet Boys, dying in a forced plane crash. The group is then replaced by a girl band with a semi-punky attitude and non-threatening pop rock music. This pretty much reflects what actually happened in the years following the release of this movie: N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys disappeared from the preteen music market and were replaced by Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, the Jonas Brothers, and so on.

The Jonas Brothers’ semi-punky attitude and non-threatening pop rock music replaced the Backstreet Boys. They’re the male Josie and the Pussycats.

Despite the movie’s apparent lightheartedness, it displays a harsh and sustained judgment of the music business. It is also severely critical of the state of America’s youth. Teens and preteens are constantly depicted as a herd of brainless drones who are incapable of independent thinking and prone to hysteria.

Preteens going crazy for the latest manufactured pop sensation.

But behind the usual “OMG these big corporations are so corporation-y” criticism, Josie and the Pussycats tackles, in an odd and humorous way, some of the darker sides of the music industry. These include the mind control of the masses and entertainers, and even the assassination of artists who rebel or ask too many questions.

The Boy Band That Knew Too Much

As stated above, the movie starts with Du Jour (the boy band “of the day”) enjoying their enormous success. In their private jet, the vain and half-witted group of singers complain about petty things to their record executive Wyatt, who acts more like a legal guardian. Or, in mind control terms, a handler.

The band then asks Wyatt about strange sounds they heard in the acapella tracks of their latest song… and they want some answers.

Du Jour asking their exec Wyatt the purpose of the weird background tracks found on their latest song.

Wyatt’s answer is quite extreme, for he and the plane’s pilot strap on parachutes and jump off, leaving Du Jour to die in what is afterwards called an “accidental” plane crash. This has actually happened in reality numerous times. Artists who start uncovering the darker side of the entertainment business, who ask too many questions, or worse, who plan to reveal these things to the public, are often dropped, publicly humiliated and scorned. And, as in Du Jour’s case, they are also sometimes killed for displaying such behavior.

Mega Records

Du Jour was signed with the world’s biggest record label, Mega Records. We soon learn that the company is much more than a record label.

Mega Records is, in fact, “in business” with the American government and the FBI to brainwash the “most influential demographic in the entire population”: the youth. While giving a tour of the label’s headquarters to visitors from foreign countries (who are there to learn how it’s done), Fiona, the eccentric CEO of Mega Records, has this to say:

“I’m sure you’re wondering why agent Kelly and the United States government would be so interested in what appears to be a record company. Well, I’m about to show you why.”

Fiona’s office then turns into an elevator and starts descending into a secret underground facility.

Fiona, the CEO of Mega Records, giving a tour of the secret underground headquarters of the label.

The label’s headquarters is, in fact, a control center for manipulating the minds of the American youth. It creates new fads, decides everything from “what clothes are in style to what slang is in vogue,” with the ultimate goal of making the youth continually spend money on one temporary trend after another.

Reality is, of course, more complex than that. Trends are (probably) not created in an underground control center in New York City. There is however truth in this near-cartoonish depiction of the music business. The entertainment industry is indeed connected to “higher powers” (as personified in the movie by the FBI agent) in order to sell the youth on the economic elite’s agenda. Popular culture not only attempts to sell products and brands to the audience, but also ideas, values and attitudes. In previous articles on the Vigilant Citizen, we have established that today’s agenda focuses on concepts such as transhumanism, Illuminati symbolism, premature sexualization, police state/militarization, and so forth.

Continuing her tour, Fiona says:

“But how, you may ask, can our operation be so effective? Sure these kids have brains like play dough, just waiting to be molded into shape, but something else must be going on, right?”

Fiona then explains that her label inserts subliminal messages in pop music in order to manipulate the youth into buying products and ideas. The label thus goes beyond the simple advertising of products. It conceals hidden messages in the music that bypass the audience’s conscious minds in order to directly reach their subconscious.

After the presentation, a foreigner asks Fiona “How can you control the rock bands? What if one of them discovers you are placing hidden messages in their music?” This is what she answers:

“Ever wonder why so many rock stars die in plane crashes? Overdosed on drugs? We’ve been doing this a long time. If they start to get too curious, our options are endless. Bankruptcies… shocking scandals… religious conversions!”

There are numerous real life examples of celebrities who have been silenced, one of the most shocking and evident being Michael Jackson. After decades of being controlled by the entertainment business, he attempted to break free in the late 90s. He even spoke out about it (see the article “When Insiders Reveal the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Business“). He then endured years of scandals, trials, public ridicule and financial difficulties. Michael Jackson still managed to keep singing and dancing, even organizing a world tour for 2010.  Since previous attempts to destroy him failed, MJ got silenced… by force. So, it would seem that ten years after the release of this movie, shady celebrity sacrifices are still happening.

New 3D Technology

In an attempt to “take things to the next level,” Mega Records develops a new technology called “3DX Surround Sound.” This new technology “makes the music feel like it is happening all around you.” All the kids who attend Josie and the Pussycat concerts or watch them on TV have to purchase this headgear in order to hear the music.

Hypnotized, mind controlled teens testing the new 3DX Technology in a Mega Records lab. Note that the girl in the middle is a “free thinker” that got kidnapped by the label in order to have experiments conducted on her.

Back in real life, we are seeing the commercialization of a very similar technology…

3D glasses are today’s hottest trend. They are required to view 3D movies, TV shows and video games. Will this 3D technology bring new brainwashing possibilities? You betcha!

Josie and the Pussycats: From Nobodies to Sex Kittens Programming Stars

After the killing of Du Jour, record exec Wyatt is instructed to find a new band as soon as possible. The movie makes it clear that talent is absolutely irrelevant. The label just needs a good-looking group and it will take care of the rest. Then we are introduced to The Pussycats… and their lack of fans.

The Pussycats performing in a bowling alley, with nobody listening to them. Most overnight successes start from humble beginnings, until the industry takes them, changes them and sells them to the public.

The rock band comprises three young ladies who wear leopard ears as a prop. It is quite obvious that nobody wants to hear their music and even their manager Alexander doesn’t seem to like it.

After hearing about Du Jour’s plane crash on television, The Pussycats leader, Josie, is motivated to “get out there” and obtain a record contract. At the same time, Wyatt is driving around in the small town of Riverdale, looking for a band to sign. Then it happens.

Wyatt literally runs into The Pussycats crossing the street. Some dudes coincidentally walk behind them holding a sign with “#1 Band in the World” on it. That’s pretty much all Wyatt needed to see to sign them.

Wyatt sits down with the girls and tells them how happy he is “to be sitting down with The Pussyhats.” He obviously knows nothing about the band and does not care. He then offers them a record contract with Mega Records. Josie wonders briefly why her band is being offered a contract by a label that did not even hear them play. However, her hunger for fame dispels all her doubts and the band signs the contract.

The Pussycats’ story is classic: a broke, struggling band attempts to become big by performing gigs; a record label offers a shady contract; the desperate and fame-hungry band signs, not knowing what they are getting into. For the band, it’s either taking a chance and signing the contract or going back to eating Ramen noodles in a crappy apartment. So, they sign the contract.

Right after they sign, the label subjects the group to a complete metamorphosis: a make-over to “sexy them up,” and a name change, from The Pussycats to Josie and the Pussycats. The group is now completely owned by the label. It has lost control of its image, its name and even its music, as it has been modified to contain subliminal messages. But those changes pay off, as they become a #1 band in less than a week.

Josie and the Pussycats partying in Billboard’s #1 spot
Josie and the Pussycats looking at the “Megasound 8000.” On top of “digitally enhancing” the singer’s voice (is it the ancestor of Auto-Tune?), the machine inserts subliminal messages in the music in order to convince listeners they love the band and to sell them products and ideas.

Mind Control

The movie also contains numerous references to mind control programming. As stated in previous articles, numerous celebrities have been subjected to mind control in order for them to become more easily manageable by their handlers. In bolder words, they become slaves of the industry.

From wearing cute little kitty ears, the group is now draped in feline prints, a mind control meme signifying a subject’s beta programming, also known as Sex Kitten programming. The fact that  they wore the ears before they got famous might signify the group’s predisposition to this kind of programming.

Monarch mind control includes numerous types of programming, one of them being Beta (or Sex Kitten programming). It is the type of programming that is the most used in the entertainment industry and it is coded with references to “cats,” “kitties,” “pussycats,” and also with the wearing of feline print clothing. This might explain why the producers chose to base the girl band on the Archie Comic of the same name. The symbolism was just too perfect.

The movie was based on this Archie Comic.

So, in less than a week, with the help of subliminal messaging, the group produces a #1 hit and sells out a huge concert. The group even earns the honour of meeting the label’s CEO, Fiona.

Fiona’s “hang out” room. Notice the painting on the left. Yes, this was years before the creation of the persona named Lady Gaga.

The girls soon realize that Fiona acts in a strange, dissociative matter, as if she were herself under some sort of mind control.

After the meeting, Fiona spies on the group using hidden cameras and learns that two members of the group, Melody and Valerie, are creeped out by her and flat-out do not trust her. So she decides to go with another tactic we often see in the music business: to keep the star of the group and drop the other band members.

In order to carry out this operation, the label proceeds to use mind control on Josie by making her listen to subliminal messages in her own music. The process completely changes her attitude and personality: Josie turns from a sweet and down-to-earth girl into an attention-hungry diva who is convinced that her friends are worthless. This scene subtly describes the hidden, mind control aspect that happens in the music business: label execs use mind control programming to create an alter persona in Josie, which they can control and manage at will.

Josie, in a dissociative state due to her mind control. Everything is “blurry” and “foggy” around her. She is completely dressed in feline prints, still representing her “sex kitten” programming.

Fortunately, Josie manages to snap out of her hypnotic state and learns everything about the 3D, mass mind control concert. Unfortunately,  her band mates Melody and Valerie have been kidnapped by the label and Josie must perform in the mind control concert to avoid the “accidental killing” of her friends.

Fiona shows Josie a pre-taped segment of MTV News announcing the “accidental death” of Melody and Valerie. This is a good example of media manipulation in order to protect the elite’s interests.

I will spare you the details of the ending, but I can tell you that it involves cat fights and the girls playing generic pop rock in front of a crowd that has learned to think for itself. Thank you Josie!

In Conclusion

The least we can say is that Josie and the Pussycats is an odd movie. It strongly criticizes some aspects of the entertainment business while perpetuating more of the same. One example of this paradoxical situation is the ridiculous amount of product placements in the movie.

As a running gag, the entire movie is filled with over-the-top product placements. Directors say no money was taken for these placements…

Some of those placements are pretty hilarious (see the box of Tide above), but in the end they too perpetuate the market ideology. Imagine me repeatedly punching someone in the face. Then when asked to stop, imagine me replying: “Can’t you see that I’m pushing this face punching to an absurd level? You’re obviously not getting the brilliant second-degree message here, I’m actually denouncing violence! So sit there and think about violence in society while I keep pounding this guy’s face.” Despite what is being said, the fact remains that pounding someone in the face is itself perpetuating violence… and this movie keeps punching the viewers in the face with product placements.

In fact, the entire movie’s message gives the same odd feeling. Its clever “behind-the-scenes” look of the music industry makes the viewers feel they’re “in on the joke,” making them comfortable enough to let their guard down. However, at the end of the day, the young viewers are still the butt of the joke: all of the sleazy and gimmicky tactics are being used on real-life viewers in order to sell them mind controlling music. Furthermore, the movie fictionalizes some of the darker aspects of the entertainment business, for example by making mind controlled artists something that one can “only see in the movies.”

At the end of the film, Mega Records’ mass hypnosis plans are uncovered, and the FBI (who funded the project) immediately attempts to dissociate from the label, even arresting Fiona “on charges of conspiracy against the youth of America.” The agent then privately says to Fiona: “We were shutting down your entire project anyways… we found out that subliminal messages work much better in movies!” This is the movie’s way of saying that even though it has let you in on the joke, the movie is still part of the plans. In other words, the biggest joke in the movie… is you.




  1. VERY insightful made alot of sense would have never understood or noticed if I had just watched the movie but you break it down soo awesomely 😀 That poster on the wall looks almost exactly like lady gaga this was years and years back, so much for her 'original' look just another puppet.


    • The poster really tripped me out as well. It reminded me of a music video of one of Hip Hops major rappers Nas who was in one of his first videos from his first album Illmatic. I cannot think of the name of the song at the moment but in the video, in a split second, Nas is seen throwing up the "Rocafella" "diamond" hand sign (which is later revealed as a masonic pyramid). Only Nas is not even apart of Rocafella, and this video was shot years before Rocafella was even created.

    • Yeah I saw it again a couple of years ago on TLC around midnight (It played religiously every night) I noticed EVERYTHING about it, but one thing I'm wondering is what is that symbol that Fiona is making with her hands in the portrait on the right? Also did anyone notice the ligatures wrapped around her left arm in that other screen shot? Remember Madonna's Die Another Day video? There's a lot of predictive programming/ whistle blowing… I think I may watch this movie again…

  2. check this! those target symbols in the plane are actually the symbols of the sun for egyptians. what i figure is the actual target superstore which is just like wal-mart – both reppin a sun symbol – know what be up. egyptian history gets tied in with this shit as well so i figured i'd just point.

  3. Always thought that movie was…. odd. Funny, but still odd. When I first saw it I didn't think too much of it. The section about "why do you think so many artists have overdoses, etc" made me wonder a little bit because of the whole Kurt Cobain/Nirvana rumors that I read at the time ( for info on THAT). Now knowing more about things in general about the industry, it made me wonder more when I caught the movie again on cable one night last year.

    Nonetheless, nice article and wonderful site – keep up the great work.

    • Kurt was mudered by Courtney who is a MK Ultra vicitim herself. It's my belief she used him as her blood sacrifice.

      • That is absolutely correct. I watched a documentary about 3 years ago, an investigation into Cobain’s mysterious death where a great deal of evidence was produced which proved she did it. They also presented an interview with the guy she tried to hire for the job and who thought it was all a bad joke until news broke that Cobain died of unnatural causes. Unfortunately for him he also died real soon after the documentary aired.

  4. Was wondering when you would get around to Josie. The movie is so in your face it's amazing for an apparent girl band brainless flick. I agree completely that ultimately the joke is on the viewer though. Great summary.

    • I saw the first 15 minutes or so of this movie a long time ago. I got an idea what whas REALLY going on during the scene of the boy band dying in the plane crash. THANK YOU vigilant and people like you. THANK YOU commenters for adding more info to enhance our knowledge. God said His people would perish for lack of knowledge.

      As a side note, I am susceptible to migraines and people like me and people susceptible to seizures are advised to avoid 3-d movies, tv, etc. Did you all know NINTENDO IS COMING OUT WITH A 3-D GAME SYSTEM IN APRIL!! Wonder if it will be on April Fool's Day?

  5. Wow this actually play out in the movie ? They go really deep huh ? 2001, where was I at ? Can't say I will be watching it. I make it my business not to watch these type of movies. You won't cash in on theories off me ! I know it's old but still, i'll pass and thank VC for the interesting write up !

  6. Great article! I remember watching this growing up, and obviously I had no idea then. Good insight, keep it up 😀

    • LMAO, you're downloading right MEOW! LOL…. Earlier today when I logged on, I saw this article & saved it to be read after I viewed the movie again also! I actually saw this in theater when it was released, my gf's & I were OBSESSED w/it, I think we saw @ least 4 times. Then a few years later I found the DVD @ Target & bought it. & Ya know ever since I've read the Gaga, Beyonce & others articles, this film was stuck in my head. I referenced it several times in the comments under the other articles & must say, I'm very happy this movie's FINALLY got its own! I remember having an uneasy feeling way back about it, it gave me night mares that Nsync was gonna be killed, lol. But after the first MK article here I instantly thought, "that's why this movie sorta creeped me out back in the day" No doubt that this film for shadowed what the "business" was/is/has become. Never ceases to shock me! Sneaky low down dirty bastards! Damn they had me brainwashed in 2001 (prolly even b4 that)

      So thanks Vig for the article!

  7. I never watched the movie nor read the comic, but I had seen a few videos on you tube pointing out the thing about the subliminal messages.

    What I think is NUTS! for lack of a better word…is the painting that very much resembles Lady Gaga…HOW DID YOU EVEN NOTICE IT?


    One of my uncles is in the industry, somewhat famous, I mean, he's played with Santana and won a few grammys, got played on MTV and a few movie soundtracks. Anyway, one day I asked him a bout all the "theories" about the industry and he told me something like…

    Well, it is not necessarily like they portray it. There is no CEO petting a cat while they make you sign your name in blood or anything like that…but let's just say there is a reason why even if I have gotten recognized as a good musician and had many opportunities, you don't see me in a magazine or getting endorsements, right?

    There is a reason for that. You will only go so far unless you want to compromise.

    And that was it…so..straight from the source.

    • I have a relative who was on the track to being a huge success in the 80's. He's still a "cult figure", in fact i flipped out in college when I found a friend had a picture of uncle on his door.

      My uncle even played pretty big role in major motion picture in the 80's. But after that he almost fell out of existence.

      Once I did a google search on him and found website after website claiming he was dead. The next time i saw him at a family reunion, I told him this and told him he should sue somebody,that he was robbed of what could have been an A lister career.

      His response was very strange. Not angry, but his eyes got wide and he shook his head emphatically NO. He wants people to think he is dead. I have no idea what happened but something spooked my uncle very badly.

      He is now in very bad shape economically, but he doesn't care. He has no interest of ever going back to Hollywood. Something is very wicked about the industry for sure.

      • Robin Shadowes on

        Ed Dames had just been on C2C. I wish somebody with the skill would remote view both the music industry and Hollywood. I'm curious but also sure they would see some really creepy stuff.

  8. OMG THANKU THANKU THANKU Vigilant. I have always wondered if music really had hypnotic powers over its listeners the way they portrayed it on the film ever since I first saw this movie. I think about this movie everytime I listen to music with my headphones and ever since researching this elite agenda through pop culture in 2009 I knew this movie had fortold today's music industry and FINALLY you have made a fact of my theory.

  9. movies "in your face" like that only make me think that the true goal is to get people to really understand what goes on behind the scenes, and love the show business for what it is. I mean, " I not only love Lady GaGa but also the fact that she is mind controlled and that her music makes me feel a certain way that is somehow more pleasurable than being normal i.e. her music controls me". It's so cool to be uncool type of thing.

    • Question,

      Why would The Industry allow a movie to hit theaters that exposes THEMSELVES??? Doesn't make sense. I think you're still under the impression that the entertainment biz is ran by multiple corporations & one wants to expose the other of its evil deeds. But there really are only 2 (3 maybe) And I'm sure by now that number is reduced.

      Also, if they were TRULY trying to expose THEMSELVES… wouldn't they portray the evidence in a movie that was made for adults and not 11 yr olds?

      I'm with Vigilant on this one… they release these movies to fictionalize theories like this. So when a situation comes to light people will say "you mean like that stupid kid movie Josie & The Pussycats? GET OUTTA HERE". This is like that movie Toys. They purposely reveal the plan to make you believe it's all a joke. A comedy. And by the time you do catch up, it’s way too late.

  10. strange that the predictive aspects of 9/11 contained throughout the movie were not at least given an aside in the article. Otherwise, great article.

      • It has been a long while since I have seen it; but for example, as I recall, the plane that crashes and kills Du Jour is rather similar to Flight 93 that crashed in PA. In the elevator scene (referred to by VC in the article) the most prominent figure in the elevator is the arab. These are the ones I recall off-hand, but like I say, I haven't seen it in almost seven years and never saw anyone point it out anywhere (I had hoped to find some in the "9/11 Hidden in Hollywood" series on YouTube by Postman, but he had nothing either. Oh well)

      • The "Truth Movement" is another program designed to keep you chasing your tail.

        Young ones reading this comment, do not fall prey to the predictive, history repeats itself cliche.

        We were victorious in the Revolutionary War right? No. We replaced one corrupted system for another is all. You are witnessing the rise of a new corrupted system right now simultaneously as the current one falls. They will even chop off their appendages to see the new system set into place.

        That was a metaphor, here is what I meant:

        Catholic Church scandal

        Economic system compromised

        Political machine corrupt

        They are pearing down their own control apparatus (the big three) by revealing their own faults. The people will demand change after a little period of chaos and guess who will have a solution? (sarcasm) I would like you to meet the new boss, he's the same as the old boss.

        The real work is done within, so don't go chasin' butterflies!

      • If these "craftsmen" have anything to say about it then, yes, it does.

        My hope is that a few more people than yesterday "open their eyes" (sorry for the trigger) and that simple reaction will make a difference and forever interrupt the cycle. That's why I appreciate VC, he found an approach to reach an audience whose generation will be able to make my hopes seem plausible.

        Do your thing butter bean.

      • Thanks to AF for posting the elevator scene. After watching it again, notice how prominent the skyline is behind her as the elevator descends into the ground (as if the building is falling), this in conjunction with the arab that they place in the corresponding frames.

  11. I use to love this movie when i was a kid, i remember watching it like 10 times and i never really thought of the movie so deep, because i was young. I have to watch this again, but wow great article. Can you do a full article on Nsync or BSB. I love Nsync and i've seen in some of their performances during 2001 and 2000, they do the "devil horns" alot, but it's fast and they like shake their hand. PLEASE VIGILANT CITIZEN make a post about this, im in denial and i want to know the truth about Nsync and all those 90's boybands,

  12. Wow I remember seeing this when I was a teenager but, sadly, the deeper meaning went over my head. Thanks for writing this one, your website has truly opened my eyes to so much in the entertainment industry. Keep up the good work!

  13. Wo I am becoming so addicted to your website. I have read like all of your articles and I am always interested to hear about what else you have to say. Keep coming with the great article

  14. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Vigilant, you have been away too long. Thank you for this enlightened article. Okay, kudos to Du Jour for wanting to wake up America's citizens. Bits and pieces of things are coming together as the whole picture for me, specifically in movies. For instance, I understand why certain celebrities run in circles. After watching the movie titled Collateral, it dawned on me to acknowledge the reason for Jamie Foxx, Jada Pickett and mega-star Tom Cruise were arranged to be the characters. These people run in circles.

    There are some things in another movie Jamie Foxx stars in as well. If you watch the movie Any Given Sunday, you will see an image of the Eye in the Pyramid, Masonic emblem or the All- Seeing Eye. There is also strange music as Du Jour mentioned in the background as the players in the movie were playinging football to win a game, I believe the last game in the movie. What is up with Jamie Foxx?

  15. "Reality is, of course, more complex then that"

    Than* haha, sorry it just bugged me 😛

    However, great article once again, VC!

    I hope 2011 is great for you :-)

  16. @vigilantcitizen

    Could you help me to answer these questions?

    Why did the producer of this movie show us how the music industry works (behind the curtains)?

    There are some kind of "good guys" trying to help us to open our eyes or are these illuminatus so sarcastic that they show us what they do with us?

    Regards. Good articles and good blog!

    • Not sure if Vigilant has answered you, but I will.

      Basically to think all of this is a joke. A fantasy, comedy. When you are presented with this theory, you will automatically revert to this movie of your childhood and say "hey I saw this movie lol, get real". You will totally disregard the situation as fiction.

      if they were really trying to expose (themselves) why not make a more serious adult movie. Why put these ideas in a movie for kids?

  17. I watched that movie JUST a few days ago!

    I immediately got the message, 'cause imma huge fan of urs.

    I was praying u did an article on that and u did.

    Thanx a lot.

    God Bless! :)

  18. Yay!! you did an article on the link I posted on your Facebook profile!!! Thanks for hearing me :) Keep it up VC great work!!

  19. YAY!! Vigilant does it again. I came across this movie on cable a few months ago, and it was so good, I had to watch it twice. Not only for the obvious occult symbolism and stuff, but because they come out with the truth about the level of manipulation artist must go through to the get their music heard. And if they oppose, then some …you know, meet an untimely death.

    It's is amazing that you barely see half of these actresses in this film in any mainstream movies anymore after doing this film. The other thing to note is this that this movie came out before 2001. I doubt in this post-9/11 world, such films so critical of the music industry could be made and shown on a broad basis, especially with the backing of MTV.

  20. Two other things to point out. Notice the black and white masonic outline on the Archie Comic of Josie and the Pussy Cats, with of course the feline programming.

    Notice also the target logo in the beginning of the movie can also be taken as the all seeing eye or bulls-eye, which the logo really symbolizes. And it shows up in keys parts of the movie when characters are plagued with doubt, like it is watching them (and you).

    • the target logo is such a hypnotic spiral, its not even funny.

      check out time warner cable's logo too. that one is PRICELESS.

      • yes i see the time warner logo everywhere and it gives me the chills everytime. what about the logo for fidelity investments? it's classic illuminati symbolism, terrifies me… wonder what will happen to the money of people that invest there…

  21. If I’d watched this movie in 2001 I would’ve noticed absolutely nothing suspicious. And of course the music industry just wasn’t so blatant 10 years ago and before. It’s like every year since mid 2000s mainstream music videos have been making their agenda more and more obvious.

    Oh I fear for the millions of Lady Gaga fans who will become relentlessly immersed in her upcoming album this year.

    • @ABC…123

      'the music industry just wasn’t so blatant 10 years ago and before'

      It was, we just weren't aware. A few months ago I happened to watch an old movie about ABBA, movie that I haven't seen in more than 25 years; I was appalled to find almost all the elements in place, the checkered floors, empty stares, revealing outfits, daunting handlers, butterfly-themed jewelery, etc. It was what? the 70s? beginning 80s? Hard for me to settle but in the end I HAD to admit they were a sham too. But hey, there weren't the only ones. There was also Boney M for example (by the way BM's mime Bobby Farrell just died mysteriously in Russia in 'his hotel room' last week)

      • Robin Shadowes on

        I took this from Wikipedia. The ABBA documentary is from 1977, a time when one would expect less manipulation of this kind.

        "ABBA: The Movie is a 1977 feature length film about the pop group ABBA's Australian tour. It was directed by Lasse Hallström, who directed most of the group's videos. The film has become something of a cult film among ABBA fans. The film's release coincided with the release of ABBA: The Album, that year's studio album from the group, and features many songs from that album as well as many of their earlier hits, and one, "Get on the Carousel", unavailable anywhere else."

        I'm just gonna make a couple of comments about this case. After they split up in 82 or 83, the girls didn't have much success. I think one of the briefly collaborated with Phil Collins and the other with one or more of the Gibbs brothers. Nothing that actually has left any mark in the history of popular music. Only the guys have had some success with their musicals. Among the girls, especially Agnetha (the blond one) has gone into recluse, at some point she was even stalked by a dutch nutjob. Could that be just coincidence? Maybe she wanted to reveal stuff about the industry and they scared her into hiding?

        Perhaps Lasse Hallström was more cooperative since he moved to Hollywood in the early 90's and had a string of successful movies, The Cider House Rules, Chocolat and Gilbert Grape to mention just a few,

        He also directed Casanova with the now late Heath Ledger in the title role. VC has already been writing about Ledger so we already know something was not right with his untimely passing and this was one of his latter roles in life.

        Also tied to the same label of Polar Records is the fate of popular singer-songwriter Ted Gärdestad. He and his older brother Kenneth went up to the office in Stockholm and auditioned and immediately got a contract, a similar success story as to the Oldfield siblings in UK a couple of years earlier. He seemed to have been very happy early in life and even through the first years of success in the 70's. Stikkan Anderson, the CEO of Polar even had him go to California to work with the Toto crowd. After that things turned bad. He got recruited to the Moon cult in the 80's and was gone from the business for many years. He tried to make a comeback circa mid-90's. I remember this tv-show on swedish television. He was sitting by his piano and the interviewer practically had drag every word out of him. There was no joy in his face and god knows what this had been through. In 97 he threw himself in front of a train and today I'm wondering if that was really a suicide or not. Makes me think the Moon cult could very well be tied to MK-Ultra. Maybe he to was going to expose them and they shut him up for good? So not everything tied to the ABBA crowd is fine and dandy.

      • Thanks for the details and yes it was that movie that I watched recently. I was trying to find solace in ABBA (my preteen idols) knowing they were the real deal but instead I stumbled upon an unexpected reality. Their behavior was so blatantly marionette-ish it hurt! They had no say in anything that was happening around them, being moved and removed from place to place like their instruments or the sound equipment. It was sad to watch and I regret I did. One would expect to see that to a new youngsters group like the Jonas Brothers not a 70s legendary, hugely famous grown-ups' band.

        By the way, did anybody know Frieda was a lebensborn child? Poor poor thing….

      • This whole thread is weird. I'd be curious to know how many more "secrets" we can learn about the music industry, given the mountains of books and investigative articles out there. The truth is a bit simpler but more boring: it's just another cruel, occasionally corrupt industry in which people's careers are entirely expendable. There are others (maybe someone should spend some time investigating the arms industry).

      • Robin Shadowes on

        He died the same date as Rasputin, the same city as him and one of their hits was titles just Rasputin. Could it get more weird than that?

  22. This same goes for DMX. He has been in jail so many times this is due trying to warn the public that the next time you listen to rap music, pay attention to their lyrics instead of bumping your head to the music. I always worried about Bob Marley. Bob Marley's death was also strange, but not as strange as Aaliyah's death. She supposely died in a plane crash. Which I think there is more to that story. Another thing not sure if anyone remembers when Martin Lawrence's scenerio. He felt as though somebody was trying to kill him and had a weapon with him. Was Martin telling the truth? Well noone believed him because every media outlet and magazines were labelling him as "crazy" or "ludacris".

    • yup! and Left Eye from TLC was in a car crash "accident" on her way to visit her roots and regain her faith. MJ is prime example. 2 Pac and LOTS LOTS LOTS MORE

  23. I think that your combination of other relevant articles you've written, use of real language and humour really makes your articles easier to read, but not convoluted and drab. The fact that you're basically building an entire system of references (SEE SEX KITTEN) (SEE EXPOSING THE INDUSTRY) etc is WONDERFUL! Make sure everything is backed really well because this site is going to be shut down soon.

    But think of how many eyes you've opened! I know you've opened mine (I'm 17) and there's no way to go back once you've seen the truth. Everywhere I look I see Bread and Circuses. It would be really great to see you do an article on counter brikolage and brikolage(sp?) techniques, for example how "rebellion" and "free thinking" punk attitudes are turned into trends, then seen as pass'e.

    Goodbye 90's.

    • I know what you mean. I am the same age as you and I started reading/watching about these conspiracy theories when I was 13, and I have tried to say to myself, "oh all of this, all of these coincidences are just not real, just in my little paranoid head. I should listen to my parents especially my Dad. He's a high-ranking military official, so he knows what he's talking about." But every single time I have tried to ignore all of this information, it just comes back to me and makes me realize, I can't ever go back, there is something to this. I really started all of this after Heath Ledger died, because he was one of my favorite actors, and his death greatly saddened me. It still does.

      Anyways, I wonder if my Dad, who is in the Air Force and works in intelligence, would ever lie to me. He seems so truthful, and yet, I still can't believe what he says.

      Good job to Vigilant Citizen, Nufffrespect (the first one who woke me up), Alex Jones, Robert Wanek, rageunderground, and countless other people and videos and such who/which woke me up. I may not be fully awoken, but I am most certainly getting there.

      PS Watch for me when I start writing books and directing films! I will keep y'all updated under this identity. It won't be for a while, for I am not even a senior in high school yet.

      PSS I apologize for the terribly long length of this post/random rambling. I hope you have not run out of patience!

  24. The crazy thing is R&b star Aaliyah died in a PLANE CRASH around the time this movie was released!! I'm not surprised at all, but no one should be.

    • Yeah I remember that was around the time she made her "more than a woman" video, which I think was the only videos she ever made where she didn't have a lock of hair covering one of her eyes, or was that just a coincidence…..? Maybe we'll never really know.

      • "More than a Woman" btw more good pop music, but, kind of bad… Sex, everything about it is sexually suggestive, flashy, lots of quick cutaways to speakers and people dancing to Aaliyah singing about sex, there's even a young girl quickly shown. Sadly it reminds me of this article and the reveal but more of the same thing.

        Still, her very last video released post-mortem and not one scene has her trademark, seductive covered eye…

      • I think Aaliyah's death has been more referred to as Jay-z's sacrafice rather than her punishment for trying to break out. By the way, Rock the Boat was actually her last video and the crash occurred when leaving the shooting location for said video. Jay-z was right in the middle of his initiation to the top levels around the time of her death anyway and the two of them were affiliated, there's photographic proof of that.

      • Yeah Rock tha boat was the last video she made and she died right after, but More than a Woman for some reason was the last video of hers they released to the public. Rock the boat came out October according to Wikipedia (i feel like they showed it sooner than that like in that summer shortly after her passing, but it was a while ago so maybe I'm wrong). The video for More than a Woman didn't come out til January 2002 the following year.

        Also I was wrong. Aaliyah did do one other video without her covered eye hairstyle: Try again.

    • You also forgot to mention that both Rosario Dawson and Aaliyah both dated Jay-Z… and Jay-Z is from New York. 2001 is also the same year we were attacked on American soil. Aaliyah died in a plane crash. Josie and the Pussycats, the movie portrays pop stars dying in that exact same way. That means in less than a year, one of Jay-Z's exes (Rosario Dawson) predicted the death of another one of his exes (Aaliyah) in one of Rosario's breakout roles, and then 9-11 happened right in Jay-Z's backyard. Its so weird how Jay-Z is the glue that holds all these strange coincidences together. On top of that he is already strangely connected to the deaths of Tupac, and Biggie. Seriously, was Jay-Z oblivious to all of this, has he recognized these coincidences himself, did someone have to point it out if he has, or did he have a hand in all of this… or maybe he only knew about limited information surrounding these circumstances before they occurred. Either way that boy be asking for trouble. Remember there is REAL footage of him punching a woman on youtube backstage at one of his concerts, and he was a complete hypocrite with the way he was behaving towards CHRIS BROWN when he beat Rihanna. I dont condone Chris Brown, nor Jay-Z hitting women under any circumstances, I just think it is weird that the mainstream media has not punished Jay-Z in the same way. He is LITERALLY able to get away with MURDER (especially if someone as stupid as OJ can)!!! Just ask Jay-Z's friend Kanye West, he just got the daughter of one of OJ's murder trial lawyers pregnant (Kim Kardashian). Oh, lets not forget that his alleged mistress died days before Beyonce announced she was pregnant with his baby.

  25. Eyes Wide Open on

    Nefarious 'Social Engineering' has been going on for centuries. Back at least to the invention of the printing press by freemasons.

    In the music realm, this nonsense predates Mozart (a renowned mason.) It reached insane heights though with drones like Elvis Presley (the 'face' on the mason's newly invented "Rock n Roll" (a phrase meaning "F*ck" … and really "We're gonna F*ck the mornonic masses") and especially in the Sixties with the likes of drones such as The Beatles and 'the evil Beatles" the Rolling Stones (both of whom had overnight rises from barely competent cover artists to so-called "genius songwriters" that actually mirror that of the band in this crock movie.)

    The effect that masonic tools like these had on the fabric of society (Drugs .. drugs .. drugs / rampant sex / death of proper Religions …. "aetheism" and the like / death of the tradition family / death of many fundamental traditions / 'New Ageism" and more obvious satanism / excess/ consumerism / stupidity / obsession to fads / etc. etc.) via their much publicised (manufactured) lifestyles of sin and excess and their insidious 'radical music' (actually created by others, in most cases) was collossal and irreversible.

    They are all manufactured "Idols" worshipped by the masses … a million "golden calves" as Exodus might put it!!!

    A small, albeit important, cog in a giant wheel. All but part of the inevitable satanic so-called "New World Order' of the freemasons that lies only a few years away (expedited by a few more false flag ops like "9/11" (in which, to refer to a post earlier here, no 'Arabs' or indeed crashing planes were involved) and escalation of the "global Warming" hoax .. and, if needs be, ultimately a 'UFO Landing' debacle.)

    The future is Hell, baby!! … literally!!

    • Ok. You, like everyone else here, seems to be taking my point WAY out of context (which is why I chose not to elaborate in the first place). First of all, I never said an arab was responsible for 9/11(you may thank your government for that), I was merely pointing out the predictive programing aspect of the scene which, in hindsight, I find interesting. As far as crashing planes being involved, I never said any of those are real either (you may thank your government for that), it was the similarities between the two stories that I was trying to point out which, in hindsight, I find interesting. Thank you.

  26. THANK YOU!…. I knew this!!

    when i started searching stuff about subliminal messages in songs, movies, ads…etc.. led me to the illuminati subjetc. and i kept searching more and more… now i analyze everything i'm listening, watching and reading.. everything makes sense now… and the same with this movie… i remember when i watched it i was like " yeah right this is way too absurd" but now… i get everything in that movie… but what makes me sad is that when i try to share this with my friends and family they think i'm crazy… or they get scarerd…

  27. Good thing hardly anybody watched this garbage when it came out. Josie and the Pussycats as well as all the other movie versions of classic cartoons being produced now a days all should be avoided, not because of what they represent but because they suck.

    I still don't understand the point about secret societies putting all these signs in music, movies, and television if they are trying to hide their secret agendas. It seems to me like they want everybody to know their business instead of concealing it, totally defeating the "secret" of secret societies.

    I hope no one misconstrues what I'm commenting about, it's just another point of view from someone who enjoys coming on this website and reading these intriguing articles. If there is a conspiracy they are not doing a very good job of hiding it.

    • Zoolander is the grossest and tasteless movie I have ever tried to watch. Couldn't get past the first 20 minutes. That and Ben Stiller's sexually obsession (his movies always have something sexual/fetishist/deviant 'je ne sais quoi' about them) make the movie unwatchable..

  28. GREAT WORK! I began reading your articles over the summer, and about a week after I saw this movie was playing on VH1 and it took me 5 minutes to realize the meaning behind it, and to see how scary accurate it is. Please keep up the good work VC.

  29. Wow…you know what? Dr.Dre and Quincy Jones just came out with their own line of headphones that are supposed to allow us to hear music the way it should be heard according to them. Lady Gaga was giving away some some earpieces called, "Backbeats" I think. This is all just so annoying.. why can't they just leave things alone? Music can be just fine without all of this stuff if they would just butt out and let art be art. I guess in this case ignorance is bliss because now I can't even listen or just watch things now without noticing what I might be involved in. Knowing about what's going on is both a bad thing and a good thing. I'll never see things the same as I used too ever again. Oh well…have a nice day.

  30. Wonderfully revealing article, V.C. I never saw the movie, but now it's in my plans to watch it as soon as I can. It is understood that the Illuminati must reveal their plans/agenda and I know this falls in line with the "hidden in plain sight" tactic, but I am wondering what esoteric law governs that they must reveal their plans ahead of time. One example of this is seen in the movie "Knowing" where the Gulf oil rig explosion is shown on the news. I would understand if their plans were released as to cause fear and anxiety, but this is obviously not the reason since people who saw "Knowing" wouldn't have recognized the scene as an event that was getting ready to occur. Can anyone explain why the Powers That Be are bound by this "law" and where its origins lie? Thank you, V.C. for all your hard work and educating the masses who aren't afraid to explore the truth. Although, I must say that I'm very sad for the zombies who are too close-minded to understand that there are architects of destruction. They're certainly in for a rude, painful awakening. To everyone: Peace and Happy New Year! Keep your wits about you. I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be a bumpy ride.

  31. Ayethen White on

    I totally asked him to do this article! I watched it on usa a cpl weeks ago! Score! I freaked when i saw the article (didnt think hed do it), and immediately called my g/f! Yaaaay! Thanks vc

  32. "Furthermore, the movie fictionalizes some of the darker aspects of the entertainment business, by making mind control and other concepts something that one can “only see in the movies”."


    This is an example of hiding something in plain sight. By making the illuminati entertainment business the plot of a cartoonish teen movie, they reveal several truths while at the same time, discrediting what it is they are revealing. It's quite brilliant.

    Great article Vigilant =)


  33. wow my best friend and i saw this movie back when we were in middle school and loved it. i would have never thought then that i'd grow up to know what i know now and look back at this movie from a 'vigilant' point of view. makes me want to go rent it.

    • i did in fact watch the movie over the weekend. it was really funny and clever, i liked it more than i remembered.

      but i was bummed because i was looking for the lady gaga-esque painting on the left and i must have BLINKED because i didn't see it! good eye VC. i did see the one on the right though.

  34. WOW!!!!! never saw it. This reminds me of Zoolander- with Mogatu (Will Ferell) trying to manipulate the models with mind control to turn them into killers like an army- and "Jennifer's body" with the sacrifice to the devil so the band can be famous- THEY WANT EVERYONE TO THINK ITS A JOKE AND NOT HAPPENING AND EVEN IF IT IS, AS PEOPLE WHO DON'T BELIEVE IT YET WILL SOON, THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT, SO JUST ACCEPT IT. JUST HOW THERE ARE SKULLS AND DEATH SYMBOLS AND GOAT HEADS EVERYWHERE LATELY EVEN ON BABY CLOTHES! SO WE CAN GET USED TO THESE THINGS AS BEING OK AND SIMPLY AMERICAN.

    • omg that's right about jennifer's body and the sacrifice! i liked that movie i thought it was funny. and zoolander is hilarious, but yes there is mind control!

  35. and the Chapelle rumors when he went to Africa for a little trip. He even compared himself to Martin Lawrence and Mariah Carey- questioning, why all go crazy? They seem like strong, brilliant people.

    P.S. So happy that Mariah has finally found peace and most importantly, broke away and is still alive. Her ex-husband/handler now has another Latina wife that is being used as a puppet and "role model" for the Latino community.

  36. This was definetly my favorite movieof all, and I knew that they were trying to sell me their products and i knew about the subliminal messages, but i didnt know that they were forecasting waht was going on in this time,it was amazing to see the accuracy in which the industry is working on. amzing, and still dont know why I like the movie…Iwould like toknow what is going on in my mind???? neeedhelp or what? I have seen it like 9 times!!

    Thanks Vig for letus think more about it.

    • She's doing the same thing Lauryn Hill did. She's not down with all the evil parts of the industry!! And I don't blame her. It just shows that it's possible to get out. I just fear for her safety, if something happens we'll know it's not a coincidence. Let's just hope that nothing does happen and pray. I just hope that my other favorites will wise up and leave this mess behind too!! Like Janelle Monae for example, she's too good for this industry!

  37. I just had to comment again… I check this site almost daily, and since I've never seen this movie.. I decided to check it out. Thanks for posting this.

    It's not even so much that I would've never seen these elements, but your breakdown just made me more curious… and not only did I have a hard time getting through the movie (because of the ridiculous concept, horrible plot line, sad brainwashed teens and above all, ridiculous ad placements) this just confirmed for me to stay the hell away from all things "mainstream pop"… it's just beyond nauseating (as well as tv… I think I only watch it for the weather, though it remains just as unreliable as before).

    It's funny that the more people see this, the more there is a loss of audience to this garbage.

    It's also a little weird to see people so divided nowadays (I personally notice this between some people I know) in the sense of "realizing certain things").

    Anyways, happy new year- this year will be more amazing, the negative should be disregarded.

  38. I was going to say you over analyze everything as usual but this article got me. The one eyed painting is no coincidence. Finally a worthwhile article to read here.

  39. It's amazing how people are subjected to the actual agenda and still refuse to believe it exists. One thing I don't understand about the mind control agenda is: why are they putting it out there for the public to see? Do they really believe every non-celebrity is dumb enough to consider this movie's concept as "only make believe"?

      • Plus, it really doesn't matter who knows now. They pretty much see themselves at a "check mate point." The time when the pyramid will be completed.

        I harken it this way… and in may seem somber in a sense… The truth always comes out right before you die. Hopefully, this isn't the case.

  40. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    A quote from our very own:

    "Our greatest national resource is the minds of our children." –Walt Disney

  41. jamaican girl on

    hey i suggested that u do an article on this movie….great job vc…knew u would hit that nail hard on the head

  42. Watched the movie years ago. Didn't realize anything 'suspicious' back then. But when you pointed out Backstreet boys era ended, kinda remind me of Destiny's Child… the exact same form of 3 non-threatening girls became the new hit replacing the boys. And look who's the 'star' now… I guess Beyonce a.k.a Sasha Fierce is Josie.

  43. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Okay Vigilant, I want to explore and surf the darkside of the industry. Please apply your expertise to answer why have there been so many horror movies depicting Satan and taking control of people's bodies. I know your goal is to stay away from religion but isn't the darkside of the industry illustrating the darkside of Satan? Does the Illuminati not want the same thing as Satan, and that is to control our minds?

    I also noticed how the media uses the word "channeling" quite often. For example, a reporter on Good Morning America used this word to describe Gwyneth Paltrow's singing performance in her latest movie- Strong Country. I quote: "Gwyneth even channeled Faith Hill to perform gracefully on the stage as she performs in front of the audience in the movie." Okay, may not be exact wording but very close. I heard the word several times on local news and twice on The View.

    Another thing I thought about. The reason there has been so much of soft porn on family televsion, whether sitcoms, commercials or movies, is because….. Well, the explanation is very deep. That is why only married people should have sex. That is probably why the weaker person within the sexual relation often becomes possessive or obssessive. They cannot function very well in every day life without the person they spiritually intertwined with intimatel; sex over time does allow one to control the other. Do you think the reason Hollywood celebrities change partners as much as they do is because they are all in the same circle as well as socialize together at orgy parties. They may change partners in the spotlight, but deep down when they sleep with one, they are sleeping with the other. They all sleep with each other. May be too deep, but somewhat true.

    Enough of that, but there is deep thinking behind all of this stuff. I really do want to explore behind the scenes of things with these people. Somebody is chanting and/or conduting seiances. Is it Sylvia Brown? I am just saying per se. Are you able to take us a little deeper with your findings? If not, I respect that.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Michael J.C. O' on

      i feel you 100%. look at will and jada smith years ago coming out about their bisexuality, how they share partners and so forth. i think its sick. me personally i couldn't share the woman i love with another man or woman. to each their own but i still feel like that is something really really sick.

  44. Michael J.C. O' on

    that is so weird because i remember the movie only because i had to watch it with my little sister. lol hell i was 19 and she was 12 so nuff said right. i wasn't that much into it but a lot of the things you brought up did spark my memory. like what you said about the boy band dying in the begining and even that fiona lady. i wish i was more into this stuff when i was younger, but i know the whole object is to catch us off guard when we least expect it. i agree with you 100% on all the topics you've posted on this site. once again thanks for the insight and keep on exposing them. a lot of my friends have doubted me until i've shown them video clips and even brought them to your site so they can open up thier eyes and stop being blind. keep up the good work bro.

  45. Natalia Kills… is another one comin up in the school of the one eyed fools.

    i've been watching her career unfold since she was more hip hop and went by Verse, Then Verbs, then Natalia cappuccini,

    it wasn't until she met and signed a deal with him that she became Natalia kills, being all dark and creepy with mannaquins in her videos, singing about Zombies. She used to be an spirited young lady with a message. and now…well, you'll see… watch the zombie video. thanks will.

  46. heeeeey Vigilant are you from new zealand???!

    because i saw this movie has been playing non stop on Vibe since they had the glee marathon weird!!

    i hated this movie!! man!!! it was just weird and awkward when i watched it~!

  47. So are you saying that the producers of the movie are warning us from following 'trends' or the illuminati felt bored and decided to disclose themselves and their 'industry' and see how the public reacted?

    • The latter is a possibility. The Illuminati does that to show their power.

      For the ignorant it's like: "Look at these fools, it's right in their faces, but they don't see it"

      For those who know it's like a slap on the face: "This is what we do and you can't anything to stop it"

  48. I had watched this movie once… At that time it was just another stupid teen movie… but after reading this article….my views totally changed… now I understand its deeper, hidden meaning…

    and that picture of Lady Gaga-like woman is really shocking (nice observation)….its like everything is being planned well before…

    all this things drives me to only 1 conclusion "The days of Anti-Christ nearing…infact he is working and slowly poisoning the whole world…" We the children of God must stay vigilant and should not fall into this traps of Satan..

    All this clearly shows that our Christ is coming soon….

    God Bless VC for his work….

  49. What a hoot (in a sad way). The real irony is that even the FBI is a government shill set up to brainwash Americans into thinking the government is doing something to protect them. (Surprise – they're all accountants and lawyers)

  50. I loved this movie when I was a little younger, but, only because I aspired to be in an all-girl rock band and Josie and the Pussycats seemed to be the perfect icon as a kid. I watched this movie again (this past summer) and realized for once, what it was conveying to us. Why it seemed to have disappeared from my mind that you hadn't already written an article on this puzzles me. This is one of very few teen movies that isn't meaningless.

  51. i am SO happy that you mentioned something about the new 3D glasses and tv's that are now coming out. the first time i saw a commercial for those, my exact thought was that this was a new method to control people's minds. not only that, but i honestly think it's also a new way to dehumanize and continue on the elite's 'divide and conquer mission, along with video games and everything else that keeps people (especially kids) away from other human beings. i know this may be a bit of a stretch because i'm sure there will be more than one person watching the 3D tv and movies at the same time, in the same room. but the way i picture it is if there are more than one person watching (say, someone with 3 or 4 friends with him), i see everyone just sitting there getting into whatever they're watching, getting hypnotized in a way, and forgetting that anyone else is even in the room with them. think about it, now when you watch tv, you still turn to each other and talk and if you get into a conversation, then the tv just becomes background noise. if you have special glasses on and are watching 3D tv or a movie, you're less likely to turn away from it, and even if you do, i'm sure that once you look away from the 3D, everything in the real world will look strange until your eyes adjust. not only that, i bet the real world will start looking less and less interesting.

    and i've just got to say that this 'one-eye' crap in the media is getting SO ridiculous! i saw a revlon commercial for nail polish yesterday with jessica alba and EVERY single scene had her covering one eye. i don't see how anyone cannot have the question pop into their head, "what's up with all of this 'one-eye' crap?" that exact question came to me about 8 months ago, after watching the first music video i've seen in about 10 years. and about 30 minutes of asking myself that question, i found this website. (and i've been doing so much research ever since) thank you SSSOOOO much, vigilant, for answering my questions about this crazy world, getting me asking myself even more questions, and starting me on my road to awareness!

    • Just realized left eye of TLC always covered one eye or put a mark underneath her eye and this was way back in the 90's, guess its not a coincidence that she died in a car crash.

  52. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I like to visit this website to read other people's comments and responses to this topic. As I perused through comments, it came to me that the reason artists, whether singer or actor, possess the same traits and styles as those from the past is because these people channel the same demons/spirit. They are able to take on the same persona. For example, Madonna portraying Marilynn Monroe in her Material Girl video.

    Again this single umbrella topic is very heavy and covers a broad of sub-topics. It is easy for us to become brainless and not put much thought to it or become more observant as one of the respondents, who mentioned the one-eye usage in a Revlon commericial. She began her own research and came across this blog.

    I pray to shed light on the work of evil doers. I would like to read about research on the weird background music that are often played in music. This music is very noticeable in movies. It is similar music used when people chant, conduct sieances and channel spirits. I would like to know how this music affect innocent listners. Can anyone answer this. This places perspective on the fact that maybe the old people were right when they called all non-Christian music the devil's music.

    • InfamousAvantgairde on

      Thats a very good question.You seem sincere.

      Channeling is not that "hokus Pokus" tv comic and theres no rituals or sacrifices needed ur w/e.Simply put you just talk to yourself….for some.These are the more sensitive fact most people who can carry some kind of pain resevour.

      Your emotions are based off of electrical chemical reactions within the body that reacts from signals from the brain.This chemical reaction becomes consistent with a hurting heart.Just as something keeps hitting your arm in the exact same spot repeatedly,pain is used in this way.Eventually the area will become sensitive.

      These chemical reactions "heat you up" electrically and you become a much more dense(Metaphysical heaviness)Entity.You give off much energy.This is how dark ones feed.They love petty drama.This energy can be tapped by another entity and a channel can be created.

      There are many ways to channel but I can only tell what I know from experience.Angelic beings that communicate use extremely subtle messages.And you need a serious amount of awareness to catch it.(Those huntchs and little voices)The extreme of the opposite is pure possesion.

      They wish for the world to shun upon the emotions,sensitivity,and creativity and trade it for pure Logic,rational,unrelentless stubborness and materialism.As you do this you gain weight physically yet you lose it spiritually.You become a machine.Although you indeed are Gods in Physical warfare you will be slave to the untouchable.

      Sensitivity gives you your long lost sixth sense.Your other eye to see the other side.

      Channeling exploits your weak points through receiving unwritten information and/or "remote" controlling.And I must say,The "Good Guys" are quite intimidating.They shit on movies like the exorcist.The Problem is there debating on what to do with you.Believe it or not,you are seen as the most negative race in the "cosmic area"But its not your fault at all.You really have little control on what happens here.It would be unfair to judge you.So We come to attack the source of the issue.War has come.

      Haha I just channelled and they want me to type it.They love you.Im the physical outlet getting attacked and there joking around in shit>.>.All is well.

      The trick to channeling is letting your imagination free.But You need to BE FIRMLY GROUNDED.If not you will end up a nut.(Nuts channel alot by the way..Seriously).

      But yes you also will develop some type of alter ego or something.Its like I don't know what I want anymore.You grow and change so fast its like you don't recognize yourself anymore.Its like having no ego anymore.Like your empty yet full.

      Channeling can produce good but it says alot for the individual doing it.It brings so much stress and tension.They need an energized physical outlet.So most outlets are attracted to pain.Notice how much ridicule david icke got in his younger days.It has not left him.Yet even after all of that he still helps you.This has happened many times in your history.It seems cruel but its the karma.Karma is the reason why the situation is what it is.Anytime something has so much power over you in such a way.It is a clear sign that collectively you abused your power.Especially the white race.I mean no harm but it must be said.

  53. Excellent, this made me laugh:

    "Just to put you back in the context of the era: N’Sync were still singing Bye Bye Bye, Cisco wanted to see your thong-th-th-thong-thong-thong and everybody was wondering Who Let the Dogs Out. Teens were going crazy for boy bands like the Backstreet Boys and everybody was dancing to Ja Rule. So, yes, it was a long time ago."

  54. I watched this a montn or two ago specifically because of a video I saw on It was like they were mocking us! This movie literally put it all in plain sight for us, and some people are still idiotic with their heads in the clouds about this stuff! Amazing

  55. Josie and the Pussycats looks like a tribute to the Spice Girls' creators. The girls look very much alike in those kitten outfits and 'innocent-yet-very-sexy-little-girls' attitude. They were totally unknown before and their group was also created to compete with boy bands.. Here's what Wikipedia has about them:

    'In the mid-1990s, father-and-son management team Bob and Chris Herbert set about creating an all female group to compete with popular boy bands that dominated the pop music scene in the mid- to late-1990s: "The whole teen-band scene at the time was saturated by boy bands like Take That and the Backstreet Boys. In February 1994, Heart Management placed an advertisement in "The Stage" trade magazine asking "WANTED: R.U. 18–23 with the ability to sing/dance? R.U. streetwise, outgoing, ambitious and dedicated? Heart Management Ltd are a widely successful music industry management consortium currently forming a choreographed, singing/dancing, all-female pop act for a recording deal. Open audition. Please bring sheet music or backing cassette'

    Just like in the ol' American dream: too good to be true…

  56. During this era of boy bands and pop princesses they all spoke of breaking free of the record label

    The record label apparently controlled their artistic expression and they either switched labels or sang songs about it. However they never were truly free. The backstreet boys had a song released" the call" after they so called broke free and in the video out of no where one of the members picks up a baphomet ring. Also NYSYNC had a song called' bye bye bye' where they were literally puppets trying to break free. However little later the lead broke free of the band entirely and has gained great success and fame. These stories are so similar to this movie the musicians are exposed to the dark side they break free but they manage to stay famous. Why is that? Its because they are sadly not free and will remained imprisoned in their servitude until they want to speak out and are shown the report of their accidental death.

    PS I believe this was around the the time or rather the same year of Aaliyah's accidental death

    • You're right. Listen to Eminem songs. Most of them are either about being caged and promising himself to break free or death and the curse of being famous. Is he free now? Absolutely not. A few examples:

      In 'Little Toy Soldiers' he says:

      "There used to be a time when you could just say a rhyme

      And wouldn't have to worry about one of your people dyin'

      But now it's elevated cause once you put someone's kids in it

      The shit gets escalated, it ain't just words no more is it?"

      In 'Say Goodbye Hollywood' he goes even further:

      "This is not a game, this fame, in real life this is sick

      Publicity stunt my ass, conceal my fuckin' dick

      Fuck the guns, i'm done, i'll never look at gats

      If I scrap, i'll scrap like I ain't never whooped some ass"

      and later on:

      "It's like the boy in the bubble, who never could adapt, i'm trapped

      If I could go back, I never woulda rapped

      I sold my soul to the devil, i'll never get it back

      I just wanna leave this game with level head intact

      Imagine goin' from bein' a no one to seein''

      Makes you wonder, isn't it?

  57. wow, I didn't know the movie was about all this!!

    It's really shocking and funny because it has absolutely nothing to do with the original comics/cartoons lol

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Your blog is awesome, Truth777Exposed. Do you believe Princesses Diana's death spark the interest of many people like yourself and Vigilant to look for indepth answers? The Illuminati is a very evil organization. People do not believe that money is the root of all evil. Are you able to fully explain why the Illuminati demons hate true Muslims? I know one reason is based on their belief system, but what are the other reasons?

      Thank you

  58. loved this movie.. and remembered it well when a pic of the spice girls appeared and explained why some groups just dissappear… i was like thats why!!! lol..

    but seriously.. when i started reading VC thats the first thing that came to mind, this movie.. had everything that VC talks about..

  59. Dear Vigilant,

    I think you should write about this. It is alarming. In fact, it is plain frightening.

    At the moment in Russia there happens a discussion of the project named "Childhood – 2030".

    Among the matters discussed are:

    – New types of family (open marriages or Swedish marriges). The project offers to abandon the traditional family concept altogether in favour of the so-called "educational communities". Parental love is viewed as a factor impeding (sic!!!!) the development of the child.

    The parernts in order to bring up their children should get special licensing for parenthood. (!)

    The project also discusses such issues as downloading of the information into the human brain through the internet as well as general chip-implanting and transhumanism in order to produce children with certain characteristics, thus giving birth or creating an android child!!!! Again, children will be able to learn any profession by uploading a programme (yes, from the internet). Thus,there will no longer be any need in the universities or schools! Abilities and personal characteristics of the children will be programmed. They will be brought up by the robots.

    Apparently, the project will not be accepted now. But who is standing behind that? Guess?

    here is their website (all in Russian, alas)

    The most people are against this of course. There are expressed protests in the internet and all over the country.

    Please, post this information: I think people should know about a monster in preparation in Russia. This is plain horrible.

  60. I ran across a TV channel in my channel guide and noticed the logo was a butterfly. The channel is "Palladia HD", and its website says it was formerly It is owned by MTV Networks and viacom. Here is its website: Amazing how blatant they are with their logo about what their purpose is.

    • Thank you, feels good to know I'm not crazy. I was pointing that out to my boyfriend a couple days ago. He doesn't see the connection of butterfly symbolism. I told him something I learned from this website a while back—- if a word is not english or simply does not make sense, you should question its origin. "Palladia" what does that mean? What is the origin of that word? I am still puzzled by this, but everytime I see the fragmented and flashy monarch- all I can think is miiiiiiiind controoooooool >.<

  61. "the young viewers are still the butt of the joke" << im not laughing, and I totally got the real meaning behind that

  62. Very interesting jst shows hw stupid ppl can be,idolizing celebrities n singers that usually have no talent.especially americans cos they can't think 4 themselves & r brainwashed by media on hw to think n wat 2 think, jst goes with the flow…saw an article about people worldwide don't question the governments,they jst think governments wants best for the ppl..wat if they don't…jst got off topic bk 2 is full of crapt..go bk 2 old music eg maddonna there was a track where if its played backwards she says she is satan n whole load of crap..I jst dnt get the hype of disney stars,they jst so talentless..I mean my fwends who r 20 year old gals n they watch hannah montana I'm jst petrified.. n .n music now days is very catchy bt dumb,jst a form of brainwashing ppl indirectly..da song would be a hit 2day n stale 2mw…lucky me I dnt listen 2 music..

  63. thedevilcansuckmy on

    I remember that I saw the movie,but I forgot about everything.Great article!I saw the movie in the time in that I didn't know about the illuminati.

  64. loved the jokes that probably passed above all of the 10 years old viewers heads. like the cypress hill quote when Wyatt is trying to get Josie to listen to the mix, it was genius! not sure if even you guys noticed it.

  65. Saw this movie when it first came out, was still sleeping back then and saw it as silly entertainment. Looking back on it now all the truths were in plain sight. So many movies are like that, revealing truths and things to come while also programming the viewer on ideas, morals, values, behavior. It's like here's a bone for you guys, but make sure you don't stop consuming and treating one another as the enemy!

  66. A show that definitely told of things to come is the Twilight Zone, the classic ones from the 50's and 60's. There was one dealing with the power of music called "A Piano in The House," where a husband(an unlikeable character, mirrors the "elite" percisely) buys a piano for his wife. He realizes that when a certain tune is played for a certain person on the piano people's true selves and what they really think are revealed. He of course uses this to his advantage until it backfires on him. Just another showing of how those in power use music to manipulate the masses.

  67. i was wondering about the sudden popularity of the new beats by dr dre headphones and then i read this article wow…….

  68. I just watched the trailer for this movie on youtube, since it is not famous at all in France, so I've never heard about it. It is interesting to see that the logo of Mega Records looks like a pyramid with an eye on the top of it.

  69. That was awesomely insightful. The Gaga-esque paintings on the wall were crazy. Anyone who doesn't know that the music industry operates in this fashion is either deaf, blind of dumb. Would love for you to elaborate on actual deaths…Aaliyah, Tu-Pac, among others. Great work as usual.

  70. From the moment I stumbled across your website a year ago my mind automatically thought of this movie. Great job as always Vigilant citizen! I would love to see an article on the series of games put out by square Enix and Disney called Kingdom Hearts.That game seems full of hidden symbolisms referring to MK ultra:D.

  71. Wow! My views about Micheal Jackson's past is completly changed! I thought I knew my fair share of these secret societies but… Boy ws I proved wrong lol

    Thank you Viligant Citizen! This website is basically my sourse of information about the world these days! :)

  72. "N’Sync were still singing Bye Bye Bye, Cisco wanted to see your thong-th-th-thong-thong-thong"

    I know this is kind of random but his name is Sisqo, not Cisco.

  73. Everyone Will Bow- J on

    I still would like brilliant minded people or person such as Vigilant to explain the sudden rush to show many scary movies. There used to be one scary movie a year, but now there are more back to back being shown in the theaters. My sister became hook on these movies until my mother spoke with her. She frequently told her that something is going to jump off the movie screen onto her. I am specifically curious about The Rite featuring Anthony Hopkins (inspired by true events) and The Exorcist sequential movies.

    Why I am interested? Well, we speak of these celebrities often taking on another possessive form to alter their egos. These alter egos are sometimes spirits of people who passed on to the other side to ancient 800 years old demonic spirits. Through Beyonce and other rock band groups we learn that these spirits are real and they have names. I strongly believe Hollywood is showing the true darkside of the industry and the illuminati.

    Michael Jackson himself shared his experience of channeling Liberace, and how he would wake up with a song to write in his head. He described a room in his house with surrounding mirrors on the wall. I want to go all the way with this society. I would like to read a blog that discusses the religion of this organization that they are discreetly projecting unto the American people.

    Vigilant, please take on this project. Thanks

  74. I saw this movie on tv, i was wishing and waiting for you to brake it down. You have open all my family's eyes to these evil things. thanks v.c.

  75. do you guys remember "left eye" from TLC and Aaliyah, they both died pretty similiar deaths and all around the same times, and it just so happens both of them always did the one eye thing as well, Lisa was always underlining one eye with the black line and Aaliyah always if not most of the time had one eye covered with her bangs…i mean it could've just been a fashion statement but its way to creepy to just be some sort of coincidence…..

  76. One of my earliest memories as a little child in the late 60s was watching my brothers smashing all of their Monkies records on a rock outside our house because they found out the group was fake and the members didn't even play their own instruments. I rushed outside with a record to smash too, but was told it was a Beatles album and that was sacred music. Poor ol' John Lennon. Sacrificed by a yackadoodle anyway in 1980. Yeah, this has nothing to do with Josie and the Pussycats…Hmmmm….. Du Jour…. I want cream of brocolli today.

      • Jay z is actually speaking to the accusations of being a mason in this and denying it. he also does so in "hot totty" with Usher. I personally dont think there is anything wrong with this song. They are addressing the Free Mason issue and denying it.

    • made even more disturbing when you realise these guys are all peadophiles the girls in the video Im sure symbolise much younger girls & dead 1s I heard willow smiths whip my hair in reverse & OH dear god I nearly cried Ive said to vig he should add this to the existing post on willow.

  77. yikes, couldn't even finish that music video. it was disgusting. btw nicki's part was a pretty good demonstration of her so-called multiple personalities.

  78. Great Article!!! I have a request! Can you do something on that television series, "V"? Also, there is this series on NBC or CBS called "The Cape" and I noticed alot of things in it ,and I think you would find the Symbolism and story line abit prophetic.

  79. AWESOME! I was a huge Archie comic fan (until I recently found out they are Freemasons from a Masonic website!) and I was highly disappointed in this movie since Josie and the Pussycats comics were a big hit. I thought it was really weird, and the actors didn't do a great job at all… UNTIL I stumbled on this website! And I was actually going to send you a suggestion to review this movie!

    Oh, by the way, check out the all-of-a-sudden popular shoe designer Christian Louboutin's website below.

    It's pretty much a game of I Spy Iluminati Symbolism.

    Great job, Vigilant, as always! Thank you for keeping our eyes open.

  80. I knew something was up with this movie! I loved it too much and when I stared finding out the truth about the music industry, this movie popped into my head.

    Thanks Vigilant! God bless :)

  81. What does anyone think of Chris Brown's "I can transform ya

    " song??? And the fact that lil wayne is in that video too….and Nicki Minaj also made a vid wit him

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      I think the Society is after Chris B.; afterall, he is true, genuine talent. He can be the next Michael Jackson. There are not many talented people in the music industry. Kanye has lost his mind, because he is not longer in control of his thoughts or actions. The upcoming young actors and actresses are brainless.

  82. ok think about how you sound going around talking about how the music industry is trying to control us. Last time checked i decide what i do not some artist that i can stop listening to any time i want. Sites like this have more control over people than artists do.

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      Okay Jeremy, I was going to ignore your comment, but I was compelled to respond politely. You stated that "Sites like this have more control over people than artists do." I am almost certain that you are 100% incorrect. It is a fact that things in this world are going to take place whether we like it or not and whether we agree or disagree. You have the freedome to choice to educate yourself by learning from Vigilant and his associates or remain brainless on what is taking place around you (the way illuminati prefers). Either way you are in control of you.

      If you surf the internet on this topic, you will see that events are taking place and it all all stems from the agenda of the Illuminati Society. If you do background research, you will learn that this Society has been around for centuries. Now, you see how you are in control. Take heed (notice) and learn. Knowledge is power!

      Incorporating their plan of having fascist police state has become a reality for many people. Have you not notice the enormous number of unmarked cars on the streets, roads and highways? What about people complaining how the police just search their homes without proper search warrant? Please research to know why this topic has become a concern for many people.

      There are many unrelated incidents that are taking place, and they all fall under the Illuminati umbrella. There are so many events that keep people's heads spending and eyes opened; well those who are on alert. Thanks to Vigilant he enlightens us with the background info. This organization is not just engaged in the music and movie industry. Think about who might be signing your pay checks! People are not always what they appear.

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Correction: There are many unrelated incidents that are taking place, and they all fall under the Illuminati umbrella. There are so many events that keep people’s heads spinning and eyes opened; well, at least those who are on alert. Thanks to Vigilant he enlightens us with the background info. This organization is not just engaged in the music and movie industry. Think about who might be signing your pay checks! People are not always what they appear to be (on the inside or outside).

  83. Ahhh… how pleasant it is to have ones opinions confirmed by another who's insights you respect :)

    I have always rated 'Josie and the Pussycats' as an excellent dissection of the commercial music industry and a must-watch film for anyone with an interest in these or other 'conspiracy theory' related themes!

    I wanted to make this comment as soon as I saw the email alerting me to the article – before I have even read it!

    I shall now actually read the article… 😉

    • Plus the plastic face and the dead eyes. And what's the glove about thinking about it – not completely human? Just having a moment. Thanks for letting me share.

  84. Interesting how no one considers that video being a visual art form that artists might use symbols as part of the art and not just put them there as part of some NWO conspiracy.

  85. Vigilant,I watched a very disturbing video :Natalia Kills-Mirrors and hope that you will write about it soon.

    best regards

  86. kanye west, jay z and nicki minaj MONSTER video is out and it is truly sick. Lots of Illuminati based items. The lyrics of course! The dual personality of the two Nicki's, I mean I could go and on. I know you have lots to say on that so maybe that could be a future piece.

  87. these vigilant articles are pretty good, but the majority of these comments are atrocities.

    How could they control your minds when you don't have any?

  88. "Artists who start uncovering the darker side of the entertainment business, who ask too many questions, or worse, who plan to reveal these things to the public, are often dropped, publicly humiliated and scorned."

    Something really interesting about that matter is the very well known case of Britney Spears' 2007 mental breakdown. 3 Years before, she leaked a song called "Mona Lisa" to radio, on purpose, by surprise and totally by herself. That really pissed off her record label, and her entire (by then almost finished) fifth studio album got shelved and scrapped.

    The song basically predicted her 2007 breakdown, and talks about how there was a whole plan to destroy her image and replace her with somebody else. The lyrics are very dark and pretty much explicit about the whole situation that got unleashed only 2-3 years after she released it to radio. I think it deserves a post because it's very interesting actually.

    • Mariah Carey was submitted to this suff too. Just look at her BREAKDOWN video, which has a huge butterfly in it, sex kitten transformation, and her being part of magic act with Bone Thugs (coincidence, I think not) N' Harmony. Alot of this stuff also happened right when she announced leavin Tommy Mattola, who was head of SONY MUSIC at the time. She even confesses in later interviews that living with him was abusive, and that she felt like a trapped prisoner. They pretty much had a say in everything she did and what she wore.

      2-3 years later she does have a nervous breakdown (remember when she came onto MTV and seemed like she was under the influence of something, taking off her shirt a what not) and almost died, but her mom saved her or something like that in rumored confessionals on the web.

      Now she likes to go as MIMI, which reminds me of Beyonce's alt personality, SASHA FIERCE.

      Sex kitten personality switch anyone?

      Working with Jermaine Dupri, who is known to be a handler and a known child molster as is the case when with Kriss Kross, is a tell-tale sign of the company she kept along with working somtimes with Damon Dash and Jadakiss. Jerrmaine Dupri is the one who helped her come out with the Emancipation of Mimi back in 2005. It so ironic (or planned) that she was controlled and manipulate by one man Matolla, and then throw into the arms of another man (Dupri) willng to maipulate her some more and bring out her inner sex kitten. Only recently, IMO, listening to her albums, does she seem to be trying to break away from her mold (as shown in her up out of my face video w/ nicki minaj, that she broke out of her doll house and is now trying to go back to doing stuff on her own.)

      Let's hope that there is life in her yet.

  89. Vigilant, PLEASE write an article about Niki Minaj. Her costumes and wigs show she has been programmed. She even samples other people's music. Hope she paid.

    Vigilant PLEASE write an article about Freddie Mercury and Queen. [Niki Minaj sampled music from their song "Flash" from the soundtrack to Flash Gordon.] From what I have read about the band and their music, this guy knew the truth. Yes he died of AIDS, but that does not mean "They" did not get a mind-controlled slave or paid someone to give it to him.

    There are so many movies, shows, and music videos associated with The Masons, Illuminati, MK-Ultra, "They," and others. Vigilant will have a difficult time keeping up.

  90. I love this movie not only for it's snarky, off-beat humor but also for its blatant honesty. I remember seeing it in the theater with my mom on opening weekend, and it totally tanked. The only other people there were a mom and her preteen daughter, and a lone creepy guy in the back. Yes, the message is that the joke is on us, but isn't that exactly what's going on in the entertainment industry? At least someone blew the whistle…and the five of us that were in the theater ten years ago heard it 😉

  91. I always knew this movie was part of this big conspiracy! What's also interesting is that this movie has been forgotten by many.

  92. and another thing. when folks say "well what are you people going to do about it, sit here and type about it?" I say this is a very good start. When people SEEK the truth they will find it. if nobody talks about it, reads about, even post about it, it remains"taboo". the more people like you share this info the better.

  93. Antonino Walton on

    the show used to be my favorite show and the movie was my favorite but then when i found out about the elite and illuminati i looked at this movie one more time and said wow that whole under ground thing is kinda like how the illuminati transfers things and messages to us also i noticed how the group dijour died that was kinda of like how the singer aaliyah died and elvis also they the put josie on mk ultra and when the pussycats was listening to there music tara reid who was supposedly a vegetarian wanted a big mac from mc donalds who food last forever

  94. jons brother DID NOT replace the bacstreet boyz nor N'sync! They came out in like 2006 !! those groups been over before the Jo Bros!! just wanted to point that out

  95. Do you guys notice when you have a nightmare like an illusion one one of my eyes open and it feels so evil and I start to see weird things and looked at my iPod touch and. See evil things and it happened twice so someone please tell me this happened before. All this one stuff makes a whole lot of sence

  96. What I don't understand is why, after reading this article, will anyone go running off to watch the movie AGAIN. Isn't there enough warning to kee you from going in too deep? We are the laughingstock indeed.

  97. technogal101 on

    I was little when i watched this and ddnt really knw the meaning, but now i see how it relates to todays music industry. It's like they knew all this would happen and maybe they were trying to warn us of what may come. And look at the world now, the music industry is filled with illuminati puppets. Thank Vigilant Citizen for opening our eyes.

  98. Josie and the pussycats has always been my favorite movie since it came, but there was somethings I didn't understand but thanks to this article all my questions was answer….

  99. The image with the paintings on the wall was really a great catch, but now that I see it, I think your analysis is a bit off, or perhaps just not quite thorough.

    The characters in the scene are moving from stage right to stage left. This is a common theater (and therefore movie and TV) symbol for evil characters. Also, I believe that paintings on the wall are meant to be interpreted in that order. This would fit with the "evil" characterizations in the scene and the tendency for satanic rituals and other things to be in reverse order.

    The first painting (the one on the RIGHT) is a depiction of Madonna: A nobody who was promoted into a pop star in the 80's and 90's. This movie takes place in 2001 when Madonna was almost a total has-been. See this image of Madonna for comparison:

    The second painting is Madonna's replacement as pop diva. Notice that the character remained the same, indicated by the similar styles in the two paintings, but only the "actress" had changed. This is Lady Gaga. See this photo of Lady Gaga:

    I think the person chosen to play the new pop diva part was an insult/joke on the masses. The "actress" Madonna was passably good looking, and so could be easily seen as having done a lot of this on her looks and by herself. Lady Gaga, on the other hand in my opinion, is quite unattractive and could not have created anywhere near this kind of success on her own. Perhaps this is why she was chosen. It would be easier to control a person who could never make it on their own.

  100. God damn it, it's all so obvious once you start looking– I came to browse this site after seeing a Youtube thumbnail of Katy Perry's Dark Horse music video where she is literally holding an Eye of Horus over one eye. I cannot even… and everyone is either completely ignorant or think it's all a big joke…

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