Megadeth’s “New World Order” and “We the People”: Metal With a Message


The iconic heavy metal band Megadeth never shied away from controversial and politically charged lyrics. With album names such as Killing Is My Business…and Business Is Good!, Youthanasia, The System Has Failed and United Abominations it is not difficult to see that the leader of the group David Mustaine has strong opinions about lots of things and is not afraid to share them in his songs. Among his favorite topics: the vileness of the military-industrial complex, the hypocrisy of world politics and the brainwashing of the youth. Mustaine also often touches on spiritual topics, whether it be the black magic of his early years or the Biblical themes that appeared in his songs after his conversion to Christianity.

After nearly 30 years of existence, Megadeth shows no signs of taming down as Mustaine’s lyrics are as incisive as ever. Here are two songs from the band’s latest album TH1RT3EN that addresses topics such as the Illuminati, the New World Order and the fall of freedom. Nope, he ain’t no puppet.

New World Order – Lyrics

Where hath the apostles gone?
Joining hands with wicked ones
Revelation has come to pass, New World Order
will hold the mass
A book written by the man
used to control and command
All rights will be denied,
without the mark you shall die

No confession, all is known, all is known
New world order, you shall be shown shall be shown

Monitoring all wages
New world order comes in stages
Currency is obsolete
Feel the agony of defeat

Symbol of society today,
A must have or you shall pay
As humans flesh leads the mind
Just as a pawn the last martyr dies

No confession, all is known, all is known
New world order, you shall be shown shall be shown

Where hath the apostles gone?
Joining hands with wicked ones
Revelation has come to pass, new world order,
will hold the mass

We The People – Lyrics

Secret bureaucracy, it’s just a lie
The devil’s henchmen, in suit and tie
A sacred brotherhood, an ancient rite
Politicians and the double lives they hide

Violate your rights, no more equality
Surrender freedom, your Social Security
We the people face unconstitutional lies
In greed we trust, in revolution we die

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves
The land of liberty needs a regime change
Until you no longer know right from wrong
The constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s written on

Violate your rights, no more equality
Surrender freedom, your Social Security
We the people face unconstitutional lies
In greed we trust, in revolution we die
In revolution we die

Screams from the future, warn of calamity
The coming plagues of the new disease
The Illuminati, one world currency
One world religion, one world everything

[Solo – Mustaine]

Violate your rights, no more equality
Surrender freedom, your Social Security
We the people face unconstitutional lies
In greed we trust, in revolution we die

We the people face unconstitutional lies
In greed we trust, in revolution we die

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Megadeth are great, but you can`t beat Killing Joke!

With song titles like: The Great Cull, Fema Camp, European Super State, The Lightbringer etc..

Killing Joke are more than relevant to websites like this.

Here is the trailer for the documentary `The Death and Resurrection Show`

As a follower of Jesus Christ this gives me some hope. What a awesome example this guy is to go from the darkness to the light and put it all out there. So admire and respect him. Jesus will have the victory and these pawns who are blinded by the temporary gain, will discover one day they have been lied to, deceived and betrayed. They will pay for their decision. Forever. No thanks. I'll go with the one who will have the ultimate victory. That's Jesus Christ and I've got nothing to hide baby. Illuminate that.

" In greed we trust, revolution we die"?

Why dont you understand that these men are with the illuminati?

Why cant you understand that what theyre telling us is exactly what they mean?

They trust in greed and fear revolution and they theyre telling us to do the same.

Where is the fighting spirit in this song. Where is the resistance?


There's no such thing as the illuminati go to the nightclub get bottle service, spend all your federal reserve notes on jewelry and go home and watch bad girls club! You know why? Because everything is ok big brother is in control. Don't worry about your children getting a cavity search at the airport, the patriot act, or the NDAA only those conspiracy nuts worry about that crap. Who cares ithat Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Gaga etc keep covering their eye and doing very similar and strange hand gestures it means nothing!!! I wouldn't worry about flouride either cause its good for your teeth. I know some of you are concerned about BPA and other femenizing agents in your food supply but no need to fear $$$Viagra$$$ is here. I would never lie to you again I'm working in your best interest


Big Brother

They have good hair…

The new world order is here,I thought my country(Nigeria) was going to escape at least for a while and all of a sudden the government just started saying its time for the economy to become a cashless society where we would be using only credit cards.its still all talks now but I'm sure it would soon be implemented.well here we have it now,new world order officially starting in Nigeria.May the good Lord help us.and as for the band megadeath,I've never heard of them before

Speaking of the music industry, it seems Nicki Minaj had a glitch in her programming the other day whilst performing on the TODAY show.

Skip to 7:35 if you don't want to hear the 'interview'.

Also- Note that the interviewer asks her which alter he's speaking to. They don't even hide it anymore!

Gamma Ray also has an Illuminati themed album. Nice find anyway!

Just reading C. S. Lewis' "The Space Trilogy", and the third part ("That Hideous Strength") contains things discussed on this site: how the mass media brainwashes people, how Britain becomes a police state and the introduction of martial law, dissociated state of mind in those who have the wordly power, transhumanism, technomagic etc… Amazing read, I can only recommend to all who believe in Jesus and are curious about the real-life interpretation of the Book of Revelations by a "saint" like Lewis.

Symbols do NOT rule the world, however some folks would like them to. The Word rules the world, always has, always will, though for a time a thief has usurped some power. However, even that power is limited and he has to answer to the Lord Jesus. Not really buying Mustaine has converted unless he is very newly converted. A person truly indwelt by the Spirit of God will be brought to a holy, pure lifestyle (including their profession and the way they talk or sing and conduct themselves). As far as it being between him and God, I think not, as he has made his profession public. Though the Lord forgives us when we repent, we are also called to righteous living, not the "I'll do whatever I want, don't judge me living". We are not our own when Christ saves us and we are not free to do… Read more »

Converted in 2002

It's amusing that you state Jesus wasn't a rebel. Jesus was the ultimate rebel against the kingdom that man had made for themselves that happened to be ruling at the time, if he had not been, he most likely would not have been murdered. I understand your point, but you're looking at it in a transcendental point of view when these artists are rebelling in an earthly manner against earthly kingdom. Jesus rebelled, of course he did, but he did it peacefully. Every time we say no to NWO and to earthly things, we are rebelling and the more often we do this, the more we are transformed.

Dave used THIRTEEN because its been his lucky number. He was born September 13, started playing guitar at 13 years old, and this album is their 13th studio album to be released, so he said he would use this number, but if you still suspect you should listen to their older songs. the song "New world order" was actually a song from the early 90 's released as a Demo. "Foreclosure of a dream" is about economic depression, "Peace sells" is also about corrupt government. "Holy Wars" talks about people who kill. in the name of God. and many other songs with really interesting topics. By the way he won't play certain songs anymore because he is Christian, e.g. "Bad Omen" "Black Friday" and other songs he wrote while he was into witchcraft in his teen years.

I Forgot to mention the song "Endgame" really strong lyrics. the first few lines were straight on

"Peace Sells, but who's buyin'?" great song 😉

Gamma Ray is also another Metal band and also has a song called "New World Order". It's from the No World Order Album (2001). Check it out!

Groups like Megadeth are not supported or endorseed by the mainstream music industry.Those groups can use lyrics than the "controlled" pereformers can't.The quality of popular music began deteriorating since 1981 I was a teen in the 8o's .This coincides with the advent of MTV.MTV started showing their mind numbing videos in 1981.Maybe MTV was a major tool in the endeavors of the N.W.O. to dull minds with dull music?MTV has since branched out with their brainwashing "reality "shows.

New World Order is actually an old song… they just re-edited and remastered it.

I'll admit, that although I come to this site often, I have been a little sceptical about this whole NWO thing, but this article seems to be the final piece of the jigsaw for me. Anyone with an open mind can see that this world is truly f****d, and this simply plays into the elite's hands; they must be rubbing their hands with glee at how the masses are willingly accepting the propaganda and bullshit shoved in front of them. The NWO is coming one way or another and sadly there is very little that can be done.

For those looking to explore metal music, I highly recommend IRON MAIDEN. They were demonised by the MSM and religious groups for their album Number of the Beast. The title track is about a man who inadvertently stumbles upon a ritual sacrifice. The song portrays the act in a negative light. Orwellian doube-speak from TPTB, i.e. They exposed the evil but were projected as the villains. IRON MAIDEN, through 15 studio albums; have shown they fly in the face of the NWO and convey a message of humanity. UP THE IRONS!

Iron Maiden are excellent musicians, however I implore you to look a little closer & you will see (unless you are blind) that there are masonic symbols in all of their albums artwork, stage shows, etc. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if I learned that some/all of them were involved at some level of "the lodge." Listen, I'm NOT here to dis Maiden, but I'm (more than) a bit disappointed that they're serving Lucifer. Bruce Dickinson is a major fan of Aleister Crowley's & aside from writing books on magic, he not only had sex with boys/children, but murdered them as well! He was the self-professed, "Beast" and "Wickedest Man." Lyrical content aside, they're fantastic. But, you are being influenced whether you realize it or not.

I've watched Mustaine from the start of his decorated career. Been a hero of mine since I was a teenager. He's the real deal and he has always had a strong awareness in his lyrics of the Elitist rule over the masses. For that matter an acknowledgement of evil itself.

Good article, VC. Dave Mustaine lived in the same town I do for quite awhile, and I met him during that time. He's a cool and down to earth guy, considering all he's been through with the evils of the music business. He's just like any other dude you'd see in a shop or whatever, but of course, his hair is kind of a big giveaway (lol), so obviously people tend to recognize him and start bugging him…more than he would like, I'm sure. But that comes with the territory of being a "star", and he handles it quite well and humbly, from what I saw. It's so great to see any major band putting out a positive message – and it's so rare, in fact, that it stands out like a sore thumb these days. Of course, it won't get the huge adverstising budget from the record labels like… Read more »

These mofo's cant kill us all. Someway we have to retaliate cuz this is ridiculous we neeD some type of network to shut this sh!t down! And if they are monitoring this website and try to hunt us down i hAve a glock ready for dem bastards! Yes to megadeth for their awareness bless them

Wow, didnt see that coming,

I love people that aren't afraid of anything; despite all the negativity speaking the truth will get you. Are all metal bands like this? If so, I'll listen way more.

this just shows that NWO is coming and its closer then you thought

they are already singing about it the whole song ( new world order ) is completely how iluminati looks like……this is damn scary and i see few more bands going like that too actually a friend of mine showed me that one band started to sing a song with underlined messege and started doing the iluminati simbols and made the public do the same ( it was on live ) sadly i dont know what band it is its just my friend said it

iluminati is taking control fast really fast…….but we cant even stop it yet atleast 😉

What a bloody s""t band.

It's a shame these sorts of songs are not being spread by more popular bands.

I have never heard of these peeps before.

How have you not heard of Megadeth? Songs like these will never be spread by popular bands, and Mustaine will speak his mind until the day he dies, u cant kill that mans spirit. He pretty much paralyzed his hand, lost all feeling in it and had to learn to play again, and after 30 years of thrash metal that will never be accepted by popular media, yet he still stays relevent and still plays side by side with these younger heavier bands, i have nothing but respect for Mustaine. I cant even imagine the war that goes on inside that mans mind daily, from speaking of black magic, to becoming christian, speaking his mind on the worlds elite no matter who its going to piss off, Mustaine will always be one of my favorite guitarists/lyracists.

Sorry if I offended you.

Nice to hear your opinion though and too be honest I agree.

Listen to "Peace Sells", the song was ahead of its time. He was one of the only few in metal talking about this stuff in 1983, and he never shut his mouth about it, very opinionated. They might have been one of the first bands to be a smartass as well, lol. Just the chorus alone, "Peace Sells, but who's buying?" thats awesome if u ask me.

By the way the song {we the people} is better than the first song posted { new world order. } Though both are good the second songs has a better choru and the solo guitar playing by dave mustaine is really kicking out loud and great sounding.

Tanks for another great post VC!

Ya.. I think i'll spend more time listening to Megadeath now!