KONY 2012 Screening in Uganda Met With Anger


The screening of KONY 2012 in Northern Uganda was not met with the appraise it got in America. Quite to the contrary, Ugandans were appalled by the “Make Him Famous” campaign that gave Joseph Kony superstar status. I perfectly understand what they mean. The definition of “famous” is having a widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature. Synonyms of “famous” are famed, notable, illustrious, celebrated, eminent, distinguished. One does not need to be a specialist in neurolinguistics to understand that the “Make Him Famous” campaign might be perceived by the brain in a perverse way. And the Ugandans are not fans of the merchandising. Also very understandable.

Facing this criticism, representatives of Invisible Children stated that KONY 2012 “was targeted to educate a younger Western audience”. In other words, the video was tailor-made to indoctrinate young gullible American and European kids (as we’ve seen in the article KONY 2012: State Propaganda for a New Generation) and no one else. Good comeback. Here’s an article from The Guardian about the screening.

Kony 2012 video screening met with anger in northern Uganda

Victims of the LRA slam film which went viral across world as not representing them and say campaign’s merchandise is offensive

It had been viewed more than 77m times around the world, but not by those who know the Joseph Kony best: his victims in northern Uganda.

That changed on Tuesday night when thousands flocked to watch Kony 2012, the video made by a US charity urging a grassroots campaign against the fugitive warlord that has gone viral.

The film was projected on to an ersatz cinema screen fashioned from a white sheet, held up by metal poles, in a town park. The reaction? Puzzlement, then anger, which boiled over into scuffles and stone-throwing that sent organisers fleeing for cover.

There was particular criticism of the Stop Kony campaign’s use of merchandise, such as bracelets and T-shirts, which victims said they find offensive.

“People were very angry about the film,” said Victor Ochen, director of a local charity, the African Youth Initiative Network (Ayinet), which arranged the screening. “They were all saying, ‘This is not about us, it does not reflect our lives’.”

Ochen said he had wanted to provide an opportunity for victims to see the film made by the charity Invisible Children, mindful that less than 2% of Ugandans have internet access.

The video, posted on YouTube on 5 March and narrated by one of Invisible Children’s founders, Jason Russell, had drawn the support of celebrities including George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, but provoked criticism for oversimplifying the conflict and not making clear that Kony was driven out of Uganda several years ago.

Before sunset on Tuesday two metal rods were hammered into dry dirt and grass and a white sheet hoisted to create an open-air cinema in the mayor’s gardens in the centre of Lira, 220 miles north of the capital, Kampala.

Word about the “premiere” spread on local radio, drawing a crowd on foot and bicycle that grew over several hours and was estimated at more than 35,000 by Ochen, though others put it at more like 5,000.

The expectant, excited spectators, many of whom cannot speak English, included victims who have been left scarred and maimed by Kony’s atrocities.

But Ochen, whose own father and brother were abducted by Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), said on Wednesday: “Reacting to the film, there was a strong sense that the video was definitely not produced for an African audience, and that it was not sensitive enough to the victims.

“It was very hurtful for them and their families to see posters, bracelets and buttons, all looking like slick campaign ads of the person most responsible for their shattered lives. One young man who lost four brothers and one of his arms said afterwards: ‘How can anybody expect me to wear a T-shirt with Kony’s name on it?'”

He added: “For all the victims, the attempt to make Kony famous so as to prop up public support for his apprehension is laudable but the way this goal is pursued in the video is inappropriate and ignores their feelings.

“That fame is not what Kony deserves for causing so much suffering was one overwhelming reaction. People were asking: Why give such criminals celebrity status? Why not prioritise addressing the plight of the victims whose sufferings are visible?”

The screening ended amid jeers and scuffles, with some angry viewers throwing stones. Ayinet has decided to suspend planning screenings of Kony 2012 in other parts of northern Uganda indefinitely due to the hostile reaction.

Emmy Okello, a radio journalist in Lira, said: “I cannot understand the intention of this video. It is difficult to account to us if you are not including local people. What has angered people is that the video is about a white person, not about the victims. All of them came here hoping to see video that tells their story.”

Okello Jifony, who was forced to fight under Kony for 18 months, told Reuters: “We expected serious action, Americans fighting Kony like in a real movie.”

He added: “Why didn’t they use the real victims in this film?”

On Wednesday there were calls in Uganda to ban the campaign’s “Stop Kony” T-shirts from entering the country. One caller to a radio phone-in said: “The government must protect us victims not only from Kony but also from things that hurt us like these T-shirts.

“And as people of northern Uganda we will not accept anyone to cross Karuma (a bridge across the Nile that connects north to central Uganda) with that T-shirt.”

Al-Jazeera reporter Malcolm Webb blogged: “One woman I spoke to made the comparison of selling Osama Bin Laden paraphernalia post 9/11 – likely to be highly offensive to many Americans, how ever well intentioned the campaign behind it.”

Kony, a self-proclaimed mystic, is wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity.

On Tuesday a Congolese general said Kony and other LRA leaders have been chased out of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the neighbouring Central African Republic and no longer pose a threat in his country.

General Jean Claude Kifwa, in charge of fighting the LRA in Congo, told journalists: “We have reduced the capacity of the LRA. For us it’s no longer an issue of defence. It’s a public order issue.”

The comment follows a complaint by nearby Uganda that Congo was obstructing its US-backed hunt for Kony.
– Source: The Guardian

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Their "god" is money. An idol, a thing, they created. They love it. They kill for it. They lie and cheat for it. They worship it. They deceive and manipulate for it. Money is their god. The god of this world is money. Something people made. God didn't create money. Humans would be fine if we traded and bartered. I have some apples I grew and you have some cattle on your farm land. I trade you some apples for some beef. Get it?

hello. no one will probably scroll this far down to read this. im an 'aware' Uganda who feels the need to enlighten the situation for you. Joseph Kony has not set foot in Uganda for 18 years now. He has however been terrorising our neighbours for a long time. When he initially went to Congo, the UPDF (ugandan army) followed him across the border, with the sanction of Kabila (then congolose president). However the western powers didnt want this and sanctioned Uganda and tried to try our president for war crimes. Reason for this being that the UPDF was also on the verge of destroying congolose rebels. Now as you all know, the silicone that makes the computer, tv, phone YOU are using is sourced from congo. but because congo is a 'war zone' it is illegal to trade with it. therefore the sillicone in your technology is "sourced" from… Read more »

Thank you!

If you are not lying and and just some guy posting anonymously – why haven't you reported to every single news station you can get your hands on? You obviously have internet access. It seems like information such as that would be one of the most important things to be known, and not just anonymously posted as the bottom comment on an article from a site an extremely small demographic of people go to.

to the wired world

no im not lying. im a ugandan, but i lived in the uk for 15 years (not my choice, my my family relocated). as soon as i was old enough, i moved back to uganda nearly 3 years ago and would not live anywhere else if you paid me, especially america.

people travel, hard concept to get your head around, but try.

to the wired world?

you are seriously asking why i haven't informed the world. i have on this very site, but alas, just like i feared people like you are too prejudiced/stupid/racist to consider that an African can actually have something of importance or truthful to say.

your ignorance has unfortunately re-affirmed my own somewhat xenophobic (it means hating/scared of people from other countries) attitudes towards Americans that I have spent the last 5 years or so of my life trying to cast off.

Please before believing everything Oprah or Fox news tells you, try doing a bit of research for yourself. There is this great tool out there called the "internet".

Try utilising it, and your brain occasionally.

thewiredworld – as a visitor to the VC website, do you really think that if he sent his post to Fox, NBC, CNN, BBC, etc., they would start reporting "The Truth" all of a sudden? Why is he so hard to believe? Especially when his is more or less the same general story you'll get anywhere outside of propoganda media.

Thanks for your comment, myself as a South African also find the west to be culturally poor and find that they make use of naive gestures and feedback,

their culture driven by individualism…

we have 11 official languages…

there is a lot to be considered, and to be mindful of.

who can lead and preserve diversity, not sub cultures/fads and profits?

This MK Ultra thing is also very ancient.Its not something new. Psychotropics, neuromodulation,MDMA receptors, GABA receptors , Meu "U" receptors,adrenergic, serotonin , dopamine receptors……the ancients knew about mind control and delusional thought programming. In the rigveda , the mention of the mystical drink " soma" the drink of the gods is mentioned. Well it was ephedrine, tetrahydro "cannibol" or marijuana ( the drug of the cannibals or flesh eaters or the Shivites,rudraites) mixed with opium , which gave the ancient priesthood visions into the other realm. Similarly the vestal virgins of romans,the nauchni wallis ( dancing girls) of the Brahmin temples ,the sacred prostitutes of Amelia, mylelita or Venus,the androgynous priests of Judeophilstia who cut their own penises and ate them,the flagellates and whippers of the sacrificial deities spectra,the peuri or perfecti of the Gnostics ,the hangin priests of ancient Mexico who used to hook their backs on hooks and… Read more »
I always thought this campaign was strange. When I was in High School I first saw the Invisible Children movie and supported it whole-heartedly. Now, years later I'm in my last year of college and this Kony 2012 campaign pops up. At the time of the height of the campaign I didn't have internet access so I was out of the loop of the whole thing so when I started to see the advertising around campus for the Cover the Night Kony 2012 I was thoroughly confused. It looked like they were campaigning for Joseph Kony to become President and I thought it insulting that the slogan was "Make Kony Famous". Why was IC who knew the suffering this man brought upon those people in Africa trying to make him famous!? I put if off as a play on the words and it was to bring awareness about him, okay,… Read more »

Its all so annoying,really.its always help africa save africa and its really disgusting,it depicts us africans as handicapped people like we can't do anything ourselves,raise funds for africa donate to africa.sheesh most africans are capable of helping ourselves.we work we eat and feed ourselves.so they should stop showing only the parched and worst parts of africa alone they should start showing the beautiful parts too.we are not some charity case to be dealt with constantly

The T Martin murder screams out a ritual killing as well as the racial division you mentioned. Anything that the celebrities campaign for sends of warning signals in my mind.

VC should explain Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case which is to try to create division through race and political ideology so it will have violent backlash when George Zimmerman gets a non guilty verdict so the Gov't can implement martial law through NDAA, gun control and blame free speech. Tracy Martin who is Trayvon's father is a Prince Hall Mason with Illuminati imagary all over his Facebook and it's highlighted on YouTube. Robert Zimmerman is the name of George Zimmerman and coincidentally there is a man named Robert Zimmerman who was elected to serve as a Democratic National Committeeman from New York and still holds that position. He was re-elected in 2004 and in 2008. He was also a Trustee of the 2009 Presidential Inauguration of President Obama and worked for John Kerry and Al Gore's presidential campaigns. Then you have Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jessie Jackson who are also… Read more »

I didn't finish reading the article yet…so the part where you speak on making him famous I seen that someone posted that Diddy posted that on his and that was another reason for me not to take part in the campaign because that didn't make any sense and I started to question the whole Kony thing so I never watched the video….

watch this.. .http://www.wpix.com/news/blogs/lionel/
the one titled 'Phony 2012'

Read some stuff, and NYers who watch Pix11 10PM news faithfully, like me…Lionel just said that the only reason America gets involved with anything is if there is some financial benefit for us. He said that he had stated months ago that we were headed into Africa for their natural resources, and voila!…Kony2012, with Obama sending 100 (or 1,000?) soldiers to go look for him. Or, dig for more cell phone ingredients.

If they made the video with the intention of only Americans and Europeans watching it, they should have at least made one specifically for the Ugandans in order to prevent this anger and heartache. Not everyone has the same viewpoints of others.

Wish I had the time and resources, Id definitely run the "SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT: THE RAPING OF MOTHER AFRICA" campaigning and mobilize the youth to have xray vision for this BS and take action. There's a war for the hearts, minds, and souls of our young ppl, they are the catalyst of change! Either they will change the world by falling victim to the agenda or free us all of it!'

Im in optimist, and humans fortunately are still, for the most part, are inherently good. The youth want a cause to stand behind, we have to give them a legit cause.

nice try government!


why are people mostly blinded by the first piece of info that hits their plate, none of this would happen if kids got off facebook and read something that is more important than what someone status is. Some call us the facebook generation

Why, WHY do we just give in to opinions just circulating around the internet? I believed the Kony video and now I believe that it's not really that great…I AM SO WEAK!

Al Jazeera <3 always delivering to us news that are free of any propaganda or bias

Is it? I pay attention to as many different sources as possible (when I'm interested in a topic), simply to see each angle of the propoganda. I would find it hard to believe al Jazeera is truly independent. In fact, I would venture to guess it is controlled by the same globalist forces CNN, Faux, etc., are.

The movy: A cry for help for children in terrible situations, in times of war.

Then mind-games, manipulation by adults!

Don't get powerless….

Support/save the children.

Choose for organisations as Warchild.

Donate! And save the children!

thank you VC for sheading light on this.

The second seal of Revelation is war, of which Christ says, "And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. . . . For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. . . . All these are the beginning of sorrows"

Peace, wisdom and enlightment to all.

That first picture saddens me…

This is not suprizing, if a lady like lady gaga , being the classic American look a like, can bath in innocent blood through a satanic ritual, the same American and Westerners can create war lord in Africa. Then they can turn these war lords into star for their demonic elite purposes. Not suprizing but this video shows how rude it is and how people can use little poor Africans to fulfilled their agendas. Sorry Africans.

The backlash was so strong they had to discredit someone as a fall guy –


Ofcoure they won't stop printing and wearing the KONY merchandise, they could care less about the Ugandan people and it's NOT the Ugandan peoples interest at heart. It's absolutely strategically planned out like the guy said which is why they must continue on with the plan. You claim to be for the Ugandan people and what to help them yet they tell you what will and you say NO, this is what will be best for you! GTF out of here with that rubbish!! PROPAGANDA ONCE AGAIN!!!!

OMG! Check this video/story out on TMZ about Jason Russell!!!!


I just read an article about it! WTF is up with that??? Stressed? Drugged? Somethings real fishy about this whole deal….

I wonder what is happening at the moment in uganda at the moment (well in the last couple of days), that TMZ is happily showing a man in the middle of a breakdown in public to distact people. hmmm

Watching that banal 30 mins of lies really gave me a headache. Did anyone notice the ridiculous amount of subliminal messages flashed for micro-seconds? Everything from the number 0 encircled at the top of a triangle to represent the eye of Satan (that bastard) to a half Kanye West/another guys face; At that instant, the word "power" is quickly flashed. I guess we all know who Kanye was referring to as the one with the "power". For some obvious reason this made it into this film.

I meant to write "past commentator".

I have no idea what happened to a past poster over here, Yomael. He just vanished. Has anyone heard of his whereabouts?

In one of his past posts, he said something that led me to believe he was going to go study with Native American shamans. Haven't seen anything from him since.

the correct definition is INFAMOUS- it means to be made famous by wrongful means.


is dude real

i have no idea why… and i'm not racist… and i don't believe it my right to judge people on the looks that God blessed them with… but am I the only one thinking there's something completely off about the very neat, well-dressed, white, dumb blond guys behind this? (no offense to white blonds…!) PR campaigns need to *look* good too… it's like the stars for the movie were also chosen based on looks. it doesn't fit. real activists don't look spoilt.

The african people from what I understand realy arren't waiting for all this attention

infact there was an ongoing peace dialogue before the ICC started procescuting, there after

all peace talks ceased.

From what I heard, the African's only concern is to get their lost children back, these people

in those dwellings don't have jails, they have a court that is very different then ours it's the mato oput


''returning members of the Lord’s Resistance Army and their victims together drink the bittersap of the oput tree so as to leave the sourness of the war behind them. ''


This is not about peace… at all, the African people only want the Lra to come out of the bush and leave the hate and anger behind, remember the LRA are mostly their children.

Shouldn't they have used infamous rather than famous?

I have seen the movie Thrive and I heard it was part of the "agenda" and to make a movement like Kony 2012. They talk about the secret societies and a lot of other stuff like they are on the "good" side. Has someone watched it? I would be nice if VC could make an artcile about it. The poster for it has one eye hidden and they have that "A ok" hand signal. I would really like if someone could shed some light on this. A lot of people are watching this movie and they should know what it's really about. Especially when it looks so convincing.


AFRICOM will not succeed in Africa, and will not hold us to ransom. besides they are hundreds of "Kony's" all over Africa, will they go after each one? There's always a motive, especially since as most people have pointed out, Uganda has recently discovered oil.

Thanks a million VC

Stay blessed.

Why do americans think they are the saviours of the world when they have so much corruption on their own doorstep? and why do the majority of americans support this kind of nonsense without question? have they no common sense? The people behind this have no love for africans, they are just after their natural resourses. "Kony 2012" indeed, just makes me feel sick knowing the games they play.

Finally! I did not want to point that out but I am glad the Ugandans did their job!

It's a shame giving so much credit to those warlords.

the first time I read about kony on vigilant, I thought that people were praising him.. It took me time to realise that this is to stop him.. I mean really ''Kony 2012''???? Does that sound like a campaign to stop him??? It doesn't to me. On the outside it looks like ''they'' want to 'stop' him but behind the scenes I think the illuminati are actually 'praising' him, I mean with t-shirts and everything written ''Kony''.. How about ''stop Kony'' hmm?? Anyone??

You are right, it sounds more like a campaign slogan. Maybe Invisible Children is Kony's Super-PAC.

When I first read it, I thought he was running for president. Who knows what the elite have up their sleeves… *eyeroll*

Oh, and I can't stress this enough.

Africa is a diverse continent containing many different countries and cultures.

Here in South Africa life is quite normal, we commute to jobs in the morning, have dinner with our families, go to clubs, have BBQ's etc There is a lot of poverty, crime and our AIDS stats are through the roof, but these are issues that OUR government needs to deal with. Likewise with Uganda, Kony is their problem. Unless they send out an invitation for help, leave them alone!

Not all of Africa is constantly in need of foreign aid.

ya its like there has always been this need to THINK ON BEHALF OF AFRICANS by the westns… trust u me its a big sign of personal interests pursued in the name of charity… they must go back to where they came from.

I have been to south africa and I have to say, you do have a beautiful country!

I wish people would actually talk to Native Ugandans before they decide this is a good cause. In all honesty, they want us there just as much as Iraq wants us there. If they needed our help they would have called out for it back in the 90s when this was a real problem.

And you know what? I think this whole "Africa needs fixed thing" just stems from racism. In the back of their minds they don't think Africans can handle their own. Like they are less of a person or something. Maybe I'm crazy but that's just what I see.

There are 2 aspects to this 'experiment'. The obvious one is building public support for increased military aggression in and against Africa, in order to steal yummy resources (coltan, for instance). People are sick and tired of the insane and DAFT war to forever prevent future terrorism by military means, so military aggression must be re-packaged and re-marketed as humanitarian efforts to stop some bad guy who may not even be alive anymore. The other aspect is the manipulation of the internet and of the people who use it. The internet is too big and diverse to control, so we have this experiment to see how fast propaganda can grab hold of people's emotions (find Edward Bernays, under "Read This First" at top of this page). Beware. my friends. of sudden 'popular' movements – the propaganda trick is to start something, pushing people's emotional buttons, using that to justify some… Read more »

Good post, I agree totally.

I'm trying to figure out what's worse… having total faith in one's government and what they tell you, or supposedly having a choice in what to believe in on the internet? I guess one thing people always expect is that the information being given to us comes from a friendly and reliable source.

Not everyone in this world wants peace and will twist the truth to get what they want…

Similarly the tri symbol in vc's main post on kony 2012 the symbol of peace, the inverted cross in a circle….is the same male in female symbology.. The little wrist band , with the string….with kony 2012 emblazoned on it…. Is yet again a totem to be worn on the wrist. These bands which people used to tie on hands are called "rakhis" in India , we're always there to seal the bond between lovers, brothers and sisters .A form of sympathetic magic.. Even Sargent majors in British colonial times to the present day and in common wealth countries wear the same wrist band….a seal of loyalty… The same bands were worn by the priesthoods of the ancients…. The symbology of the string or male or serpent, piercing a disk…a circular oval shaped artifact or the female…..is the same sex magic in totemism . Imagine people chanting kony ….wearing kony… Read more »
"Twin Pillars" – The first thing I thought when I saw the name "KONY" was KO-NY – Knock Out New York. I posted on the recent CIA article here that I don't believe in the "controlled demolition" theory of 9/11 because I happened to be on the Staten Island ferry that morning and saw the plane hit the second tower. I also worked in downtown Manhattan and saw (and smelled) the wreckage for months after, and that was not a nice, clean demolition. I trust my own senses, and I don't doubt the evidence of HOW the towers were brought down. But I am willing to admit that there may be a WHY behind the scenes of which I have no knowledge. And it does seem strange to me that a symbol of the sacred double mountain/axis mundi was brought down so spectacularly. Modern humans seem to hate and fear… Read more »
The breaking of the pillar is a symbolic worship, just like the breaking of the sword or Matka(water vessel). The cutting down of the phallic lord….Adonis, Bacchus, sabazius, osir,Dionysus. At the rituals of mourning, , the phallic statues were broken down by hammers and mournings began, with self inflicted pains and corporal mortifications. The women wailed for the "wailing one" and beat their chests or cut their hair. The men whipped themselves to collapse…after which oils was applied to the wounds and black clothes worn by the injured. Woman and men used to run naked in the streets, and hitting anyone they saw.. We also see the same ritual , in which phallic statues were smashed to the ground… Thrown from tall buildings into streets or drowned under the sea… The whole concept of cutting trees….was also a religious worship, where the god was cut down into pieces and from… Read more »

Running naked in the streets to the point of collapse – hmmmmmm…


Dude was arrested in San Diego, and supposedly the whole KONY 2012 campaign started there. San Diego is one of the places said to have had an MKULTRA programming center. There are several military bases there.

RE: "The whole concept of cutting trees….was also a religious worship, where the god was cut down into pieces and from the pieces something new was fashioned."

Reminds me of Inanna and the Huluppu Tree –


I've read an interpretation of the tale where the chopping down of the primordial tree was symbolic of the process of civilization. Forests make houses and furniture. And The Lorax movie just came out last week, about cutting down trees. From Illumination Entertainment.

@Fleurdamour: I’m not sure I understand why you discount the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, as well as WTC Building 7. Everyone watching the news at the time witnessed the second tower being hit by a plane (I was in my 10th grade Economics class taking an exam and I’ll never forget how my teacher ran out and brought the TV in so we could all see the coverage as it happened); however, that has no bearing on whether or not they were brought down by implosion. There are so many things glaringly wrong with the theory that the Towers “collapsed” because of impact damage or melting steel. The Towers were built to withstand such impacts and the actual temperatures within the building (at the point of impact) were never hot enough to melt the steel. But somehow, both Towers (all 110 stories) managed to collapse in a matter… Read more »

I have never heard a single person who like myself witnessed 9/11 in person support the controlled demolition theory. It's always people who weren't in NYC. And for the science behind it please google 'nova why the towers fell.' PBS show nova interviewed the designer of the towers and he explained structural elements that led to their collapse. I consider PBS a credible source. And if you still don't believe me, fine, you are entitled to your opinion, but so am I, and please respect that I don't share yours based on my own experience. I don't pretend to know everything but I know what I saw, and I have as much right to free speech as anyone.

@Fleurdamour: So the reporters that covered the event weren’t in New York, live as the action happened? And neither were the Firefighters who came OUT of the Twin Towers? What about the workers and civilians that poured into the streets giving interviews about the bombs and explosions that they heard going off around them. I‘m confused because these people were closer to the action than you were, on the Staten Island Ferry. And its funny that you should mention PBS since this is where Larry Silverstein admitted that WTC Building 7 was “pulled” which is a term used by demolition experts to describe a planned implosion. Why would I ever trust anyone who built or designed the Towers? Why would I trust their tainted and biased view of what occurred when they are absolutely involved in the cover up and are simply regurgitating the lies that the government would have… Read more »

@truth teller- Please re- read the part where I said that I have the right to hold and express my own opinion. And please re- read above where vigilant asks commenters to speak respectfully to each other. Esp the part about no insults or name calling.


I need not re-read anything because, as I clearly stated above, I could truly care less about your opinion; perhaps it is you who should re-read a few things. And as far as any disrespect, if you feel disrespected or insulted by my statements it is because the truth hurts. I didn't say anything insulting or disrespectful. We can agree to disagree or however that goes, but the truth will never change because of an opinion. I guess the sayings true; You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

I could care less whether Mr. Soros or the Koch brothers are behind this. Either way, they're trying to play the people for chumps in a whole new way.

I wasn't interested in the Kony Meme when I heard about it, and I'm less interested in it now.

This may sound strange! The name kony…kone, cone is the name of the goddess Venus. She was the goddess of the cone and always depicted with pine cones.The conical hat of witchcraft and ancient priesthoods is a religious totem of worship.Similarly , the main logo of kony 2012 is an inverted triangle. The triangle going down or towards the earth symbolizes the male god in certain sects or female goddess in some other.It's is a bisexual symbol. The Egyptians had the upward triangle for the male, the Indians have the upward triangle or the mountain for the female…..these are interchangeable symbols… Venus was the androgyne Diety, always represented as an androgynous god or a goddess with a beard. 2012 or 2+1+2 or the mystical 5 is the number of the the pentagram, Venus, the same 3+2 male in female and female in male sex magic number. Venus , is both… Read more »

I knew something was fishy when i kept seeing ppl post "kony 2012" all over the internet. Child abductions, killings and etc have been going on in Africa for a long long time so why so suddenly does the U.S want to send troops over? How can people not see the big picture?? Kony 2012 sounds more like a campaign for presidency or such rather than trying to find a heartless murderer.

I am amazed. I remember when I had first learned about Kony in my English class. A teenager, who hates me and knows about the Illuminati, had a discussion with the teacher about sending money to get a t-shirt and bracelet. The child's mother wouldn't let them send an unknown source their money and information. The teacher agreed and so did I. It's not smart at all.

The funny thing about it was that she really knew about the evils of this world and would be ridiculed in class for her beliefs. Though she would send them money in a heartbeat. So sad.

I'm still having a 'creative discussion' with my mother about this. She says that I want Kony to continue hurting people…I never said that. I hate it when my words are twisted. My mother still has a lot to learn. As for my father-he just doesn't care.


you are wise beyond your years! I think we all have family members that we are trying to help to understand these things. Stay firm in your beliefs, and love your family anyway ;0)

My question is….. what happens now? Does America still send troops into Uganda and take over the oil there?

Of course, that is the whole point. Even if Kony were to have a change of heart and come out of wherever he is hiding and hand himself over, they would still find a pretext for invading the country. There is oil in Uganda and even more wealth in the Congo, diamonds, tanzanit and so forth. So if Kony were to do the right thing and say, okay guys here I am arrest me, the CIA together with the MSM would probably pour water over it and say no, that is not the real Kony, kill him anyway and then tell us tey are still looking for him. For the sake of African children…smh

I would love permission to repost this on Pinterest. I got into it with some supporters of Kony 2012 who were flooding my feed with that crap! I just want them to see what its really all about!

The only way to understand the African problems is to be there. Not by watching a 30min video and buying an "Action Kit".

It's all an illusion, a pretext to invade and colonize. Just like the old times…

Please, spread the true message behind this act.

We won't be fooled!

We can't leave Africa alone after our interference however we must not single out one terrorist (that is what he is – they are not only brown) and blame him for the faults of the entire country. Africa is a massive country with more assets and problems than I can imagine, so there will forever be people seeking to take advantage of it, foreign or domestic.

How do we stop this? Love and education. People need to know they are worth something!

Continent dude…Africa is a continent NOT a country. Its ignorance like that which pisses of Africans BIG TIME!

Please please please for the love of GOD! Africa is NOT a country but a group of many. What is that? Oh yeah a continent. I'm sorry that is just a huge pet peeve!

Africa isn't a country. It's a continent.

There is something wrong with that guy form the charity who talks on al-jazzera video…His body language…Eyes wide open- makes him look creepy…He says something that should be positive and shakes his head at the same time in a negative way…he looks like he is trying to sell it too hard…

I thought so, too. I honestly think that was 3d modeling. It sounds weird, but his body print motions are robotic and his skin is too smooth, looks like an animation made in Blender–but badly. His dialogue is also very odd and check out those eyebrows! Juxtaposition against the real film of the Uganda shooting with not-perfect light conditions makes it stand out.

After reading several articles and watching many videos, I've come to the conclusion that this is one big hoax. With all US Military invasions theirs an inferior motive and there's certainly one here. I know that the majority of the 'younger generation' only have good intentions but aren't aware of the true intentions of Kony, cough-PHONY-cough, 2012. I do think that some of the people behind the 'Invisible children' charity have a good aim but are so caught up in the hype they just can't get out. Is it actually to late to stop it?