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“Cut the Noise”: My 2018 Holiday Post



"Cut the Noise": My 2018 Holiday Post

If I had to sum up 2018 in one word, it would be “noisy”. Because, well, 2018 was a year full of noise. And I’m not only referring to the constant noise emanating from the multiple devices that surround us. I’m also talking about the “weaponized noise” that is polluting mass media.

Here are two definitions of noise:

1- Any sound that is undesired or interferes with one’s hearing of something.
2- Irrelevant or meaningless data or output occurring along with desired information.

The general population consumes, on a daily basis, a great amount of mass media for information and entertainment. This content is purposely interwoven with a great amount of noise which only exists to anger, confuse and divide. Here are some specific examples that you can find online: A clickbaity headline carefully crafted to be infuriating; A meme circulating on Facebook distorting a divisive issue; A Reddit post based on a strawman argument discrediting an issue or a person; An accusatory tweet custom-made to stir up outrage and controversy.

In the grand scheme of things, none of these things are important yet they succeed in taking an incredible amount of time, energy and attention from people. More importantly, they contribute to creating a toxic social climate.

In 2019, we need to realize one important fact: Most of this noise is manufactured. Indeed, “weaponized noise” is a new form of propaganda. It is used to polarize issues and to cause a wedge between groups of people. The end game is simple: Divide and Conquer. They want to pit us against each other. Liberals versus conservatives; Whites versus Blacks; Men versus women; Whatever versus whatever else. We are being programmed to hate each other, and as a consequence, completely unable to unite.

Indeed, seeing the masses united towards a common goal is the ultimate fear of the elite. The best way to keep people under control is through perpetual division. To achieve perpetual division, you need to foment irrational hate. And to achieve irrational hate, you need to turn people into debased individuals who cannot resist their most destructive impulses.

In Their Image

As the public space becomes angrier, a culture of vengeance and retribution has emerged where people actively root for the destruction of those they don’t agree with. Are we going in the right direction here? Are those the values we truly want to live by? If not, whose values are we adopting? Think about it.

In my article The Sick, Twisted Messages in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, I explained how this Netflix series glorified vengeance against those we don’t like. Indeed, in the series, tormenting someone through witchcraft is characterized as “fun”. Furthermore, Satanism is sold as a way to be “free to love and hate”.

We are far from “love thy neighbor”. Is it a coincidence that, as the public space turns into a hateful, spiteful cesspit, a belief system endorsing these heinous sentiments is being openly promoted? Is the elite providing the masses with the perfect philosophical backdrop to justify indulgence in their basest impulses without any guilt?

Cutting Through the Noise

The Vigilant Citizen is not about adding to the noise, it is about cutting through it. It is not about taking a side, shouting slogans and generating more noise, it is about taking a step back, shutting up and observing what is happening. Instead of promoting division, this site is about unity through the understanding of universal truths.

2018 marked the tenth year of existence of The Vigilant Citizen and, throughout this decade, I’ve been highlighting a clear pattern of elite programming. Mass media is being used to wage a war against our minds, bodies, and souls. And the sooner we realize this fact, the sooner we can move away from it.

When the true nature of the elite is exposed, when its agenda is made clear and when its symbolism is decoded, lots of things begin to make sense. Their toxicity becomes so nauseating that it becomes impossible to ingest. The traps set up against us become obvious and easy to avoid.

In the past decade, we’ve seen a growing number of people actively seeking the truth and questioning mass media programming. This powerful movement of truth seekers has rejected the toxicity and the depravity of the elite and has reconnected with the good, pure and essential things in life.

Of course, the elite does not want to see this happening. This is why their propaganda is getting desperate. This is why they are bombarding us with weaponized noise. And this is why they are actively attacking and censoring those who expose the truth.

While mass media has always been tightly controlled, the internet allows the free circulation of information. And they want this to stop.

Staying Strong in 2019

Big tech companies have been hard at work purging the internet from content that goes against the elite’s agenda through various means: Reduced social media exposure, removal from search engine results and demonization.

This site has suffered from all of these things. However, it remains alive through adaptation to a hostile environment. One thing that I had to realize is that relying on big tech companies for exposure and revenue was a big mistake. For this reason, I undertook several steps toward complete independence.

One of these steps was creating a Patreon page where VC readers can contribute a small amount per month to help the site cover costs and fund new content. Many good sites and good people have disappeared from the internet and I won’t allow The Vigilant Citizen to go away. Not on my watch.

To the current VC patrons, I’d like to extend a big thank you for your support and your generosity this year. You are the backbone of this site and your contribution allows me to keep publishing articles about issues that very few dare writing about. Each new patron is a step towards independence and towards a site that is totally ad-free.

While I’m at it, I’d also like to thank everybody who contributed to this site in other ways: Thank you to those who enrich articles with their enlightening comments; Thank you to those who share articles on social media to help spread the word; Thank you to those who send in messages with tips, symbolic pics and helpful information; Thank you to those who participate in the VC Forums. You’re all greatly appreciated.

Throughout this year, a variety of topics were discussed on this site and many of them were rather disturbing. While I realize that this stuff can generate a sense of dread and disgust, I find it crucial to fully expose it. Why? Because it is right there in our collective faces. This site is about mass media and super-viral videos, not obscure stuff. And lots of it is directed at young people.

That being said, that doesn’t mean that we need to wallow in their filth. Once their sickness is identified, the next step is to move towards mental, physical and spiritual health. And what better time than the holiday season to go into full healing mode?

What better time to completely cut the noise and enjoy the silence of nature? What better time to purge hate and replace it with love towards friends, family, and community? What better time to do things that makes us a better person, in all ways possible? Because, in the end, that’s what being a vigilant citizen is all about.

Merry Christmas, happy new year and see you in 2019!


P.S. If you have learned anything from my writing on this site this year, and if you want to see it continue, please consider showing your support through Patreon. If you prefer, you can also make a one-time donation here. Thank you for your support!

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"Cut the Noise": My 2018 Holiday Post

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I’ve been coming to this site since ‘09 and the impact on my heart and soul has been immeasurable. Thank you for all that you do, VC. Happy new year!


You are truly and beautifully doing the Lord’s work. Thank you for everything.


He mentions the Lord and you mention God? What’s the difference? He didn’t mention religion and could have meant anything by his comments. Stop criticizing people for expressing their feelings and just be yourself. Otherwise you’re just part of the noise.


Thanks for all your work !


This was a very delicate and sensible message. Thank you. Happy holidays.


Well said VC! Merry Christmas everyone!


Been here the whole time. Thanks. All the best for ’19.


has it really been 10 years already? that’s so interesting because it was exactly back then when i found your site! Interestingly enough, if it hadn’t been for the evil vibes i felt from gaga’s music videos back then, i wouldn’t have googled evil symbolism in mainstream media and found vigilant citizen. so in a way, it was “good” that these bad things took place in order for some of us to feel a spark of curiosity within to research what this was all about. facing the darkness head on is one of the best ways to illuminate it. of course it would be better if there were no evil, but in this lower dimension we’ve been residing in, duality is part of the process of growth and enlightenment. thnak you so much for being there for us VC! much love to you and happy solstice and happy holidays!


VC, you are the best! Thanks for your amazing work!
My family and I are always reading your articles since the beginning.
May God bless you and Merry Christmas!


In a world full of noise, yours is the station I actually want to tune fully into! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done all these years.. And onwards and upwards! Just as yourself, we the listeners aren’t going anywhere 😉


Your work is great appreciated and because of you the truth is slowing getting out there. Thank you for your hard work and dedication VC! Merry Christmas


I´ve been reading VC since the very beginning and I can say without a doubt that it has maintained its position among my most favourite websites that I visit on a regular basis. I always enjoy (not sure if that´s the right word) reading anything that VC comes up with. Name of the website is absolutely accurate, cause it definitely made me a vigilant citizen throughout the years. Whether I read a magazine, watch a music video, download a new movie, or a series….I observe things and often can easily decode the hidden/subliminal message and that´s thanks to you VC. Often it´s so obvious that it´s ridiculous, but again without so many usefull information from your website it wouldn´t be like that. I can appreciate all these information also from a perspective of a parent, cause all this BS is surrounding our kids on a daily basis and the fight for our kids can be described as a fight of “David versus Goliath”. Many times I´ve managed to explain them the toxicity of what they see, or listen and made them look at it differently. Kids can understand things more quickly than adults you just have to show them, tell… Read more »


Thank you for being brave enough to expose the evilness that is happening in this world.
Keep it up and God bless you!


You opened my eyes! Thabk you for that


Well said, thank you. All the best for 2019.


Thank you for your hard work.

‘Nationalism vs globalization’ has largely replaced ‘left vs right’, with the elites striving to achieve a globally controlled, but carefully divided, population.

It’s also what Alvin Toffler termed ‘demassification’:

A process in which a relatively homogeneous social collectivity (or one conceptualized as such) is broken down into (or reconceptualized in terms of) smaller, more diverse elements.

The decline of mass culture and mass society (also associated with audience fragmentation) as consumers have gained more choice of media content since the advent of satellite broadcasting and the web: see also mass consumption; narrowcasting; target audience.

(advertising) A basic format, appeal, or discourse since the mid 1980s, cast in terms of self-distinction and uniqueness in a massified world (see also advertising formats). Its themes include authenticity, creativity, play, reflexivity, and diversity. Products are offered as a way of standing out from the crowd or as props for self-construction.


Happy Christmas and wishing everyone a peaceful next twelve months


And the funny thing about ‘Nationalism vs globalization’ replacing left vs right is the blurred lines it creates, as you can be very liberal on a lot of issues but still believe that nations should be independent entities.


Exactly. There are also lots of confusing ‘non terms’ bandied about – ‘terror’, ‘brexit’, ‘fakenews’ etc etc that are so brad as to be meaningless but somehow threatening, which provides plenty of opportunity to sow confusion and fear, and to get people arguing with each other, blurring discussion into an anchorless shut fest. Happy New Gregorian Calendar year to anyone reading this and thank you again VC for all your great writing!


I try to read more books at night. The media is just too hateful for my taste and Hollywood tends to put the devil/satan/vampires and distasteful sexual jokes in EVERY (TV) movie now. Politically I agree with so many different people, we need to communicate better. But as you pointed out that is not the goal of the Elite. Thank you for keeping us informed about all the garbage that the Elite puts out to confuse and dull the masses. Wishing you a Happy New Year!


I look forward to this post every year.
Thank you for your good work.


I feel like the “noise” of pop music has become weaponized over the past few years. Seeing what passes as popular culture today makes me think Gen Z might be the most pathetic generation we’ve had yet. Even pop stars like Taylor Swift had catchy melodic tunes only about four years ago that would at the very least brighten your mood, but now everything you hear is just intentionally harsh to the ear and upsetting. Top artists seem to be sound cloud rappers with face tats, who promote extreme stupidity and actual death, or “feminist” artists like Cardi B or Arianna Grande, both who have songs with production styles that literally disorient and cause aggravation to the listener. And the masses are just playing this crap to their kids in the background, 24/7. I’ve had just about enough with this rock bottom Gen Z pop culture.


I found your site in 2013. Ever since then, I have read all the articles and eagerly awaited for more. There is no other website like this one. I have noticed that since you became independent your website no longer crashes on me. It used to start acting really glitchy every time I went on it, and then “poof” it was gone. and I would have to open a new tab bar and search for it again. It was just with your website too, not any other website. Anyway im glad you went independent! Yay! and THANK YOU for all that you do. You have a special place in our hearts!


VC, many thanks!

Truely, TVC is not merely about match-making hidden occultic symbols and their identification, but for understanding why they’re there – the big picture – the “elites” end-goal.
Which is a direct attack on our lives.
It helps greater perceive their wickedness.
Ever since I started reading TVC content, with every article published, I’ve limited myself greater to “mass-appropriate” products.
So.. More thanks man, God bless you more and more.

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