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An Inmate Claims that James Holmes Confessed that he was “Programmed to Kill”



An Inmate Claims that James Holmes Confessed that he was "Programmed to Kill"

An Inmate Claims that James Holmes Confessed that he was "Programmed to Kill"

In the article entitled Was the “Batman Shooting” a Ritualistic Murder Carried Out by Mind Controlled Patsy?, I explained why James Holmes might have been a product of MK-Ultra. Now an inmate named Steve Unruh claims that Holmes confessed to him that he was “programmed” to performs the killings.

In a not-very-publicized article from the Denver Westword, Unruh indeed claims that Holmes told him that he was programmed to kill by an “evil therapist” – a very simple term describing what might have been his trauma-based mind control handler. He also reportedly added that “he felt like he was in a video game” during the shooting (which is somewhat how one feels when an alter persona is triggered) , that “he wasn’t on his meds” and “nobody would help him.”

Unruh added that “When he got out to his car, he wasn’t programmed no more”, meaning that he probably reverted to his core persona after the murders. Holmes has mentioned NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), a technique often by Monarch programming handlers.

“If one studies NLP, one will find that NLP books such as Basic Techniques Book II by Clifford Wright, teach people how to create dissociative states which are alternate personalities, and that they teach people how to develop different states of mind, and pseudo multiple personalities. It is difficult to express all the different cross-overs that NLP has with Monarch Programming, but at different times the concepts of NLP certainly would be helpful to the handlers.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Although most of the article in the Denver Westword is dedicated to discrediting Steve Unruh, those who know a little about Monarch programming might realize that his story might have some truth to it.

James Holmes: Inmate’s strange tale of “confession” and suicide efforts

Steven Unruh is having a hard time convincing anyone that he spent hours talking to Aurora theater shootings suspect James Holmes shortly after his arrest last July. Jail officials say there’s no way that Unruh could have had that kind of access. Yet certain elements of the story — which includes a description that resembles the headbanging routine that sent Holmes to the hospital last week — have been attracting attention from law enforcement and even families of the shooting victims.

“They’re going to try to discredit my story,” Unruh told Westword in a recent interview at the jail. “But I was able to have a four-hour talk with him. I talked him out of suicide.”

There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of the tale presented by Unruh, a 38-year-old inmate with a long history of drug and theft charges. To begin with, his account of what Holmes supposedly told him is as bizarre as a William S. Burroughs fever dream. Also, Unruh just got out of prison last January after serving six years for methamphetamine and credit-card fraud convictions, and he says he’s been diagnosed as having a bipolar condition.

“It’s always been meth with me,” he says. “If I drink a beer or something, I’ve got the voices in my head that drive me to do more drugs. I’m really weak-minded.”

He’s going public with his account of an encounter with Holmes, he says, only after first trying to interest the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office in his story. He’s currently facing habitual criminal charges and had hoped to deal his way into mental health treatment rather than a twelve-year prison sentence. Although an investigator visited him, “the DA hasn’t been working with me,” he sighs.

What Unruh can prove is that he was booked into the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility on drug and theft charges at 6:44 p.m. on July 19 — just hours before the attack in Aurora at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Risesthat left twelve dead and dozens wounded. Unruh says he was still in the booking area when officers brought in Holmes, whose head was initially covered with a hood. Although Holmes was put into a cell by himself, Unruh says inmates in the area are able to communicate by shouting through a small gap in the cell doors, which move back and forth on rails.

“I didn’t know who he was,” Unruh explains. “I could hear some black dudes yelling from the other side, ‘You’re a piece of s--t! Kill yourself!’ I had been in prison before, so they said, ‘Tell this dude he’s not going to be all high and mighty on the prison yard.'”

Unruh says he began talking to Holmes, explaining how poorly child killers are received in prison. Jail staff quickly covered the window in Holmes’ cell door with a tarp, but Unruh says he heard him pounding on the wall with his fists — and then running, slamming his body and his head into the wall. (Unruh described this action in an interview that took place several days before Holmes reportedly engaged in similar headbanging last week.)

“It went on for ten minutes before I couldn’t handle it any more,” Unruh says. “I told him, ‘Don’t be doing that. You need to repent to the people for what happened.’ He asked me to do an apology letter for the kids.”

Captain Vince Sauter of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office says that both the physical layout of the booking area and staff’s monitoring of the area would have prevented the kind of dialogue Unruh claims. “Even if they were in booking at the same time, they couldn’t shout from one cell to another like that,” he says. “For someone to say they were communicating with this person — it can’t happen.”

Lieutenant J.D. Knight, who directly supervises booking operations, agrees. “It would be virtually impossible for Mr. Unruh to have any of the communications he has stated,” he says.

But Unruh insists the sporadic conversation continued even after Holmes was moved to another cell in the area. He says that Holmes told him “he felt like he was in a video game” during the shooting, that “he wasn’t on his meds” and “nobody would help him.” He says Holmes also mentioned NLP — presumably, neuro-linguistic programming, a much-scorned and outmoded approach to psychotherapy — and claimed to have been “programmed” to kill by an evil therapist.

“When he got out to his car, he wasn’t programmed no more,” Unruh says. “It sounded kind of crazy. He was trying to run it by me, basically.”

Unruh has a phone number that he says Holmes asked him to call. (The number connects to the cell phone of a bereavement counselor, who says she has no acquaintance with Holmes or Unruh.) He has a form that indicates James Holmes tried to send him a letter, but it was rejected by jail authorities. (Knight says he has no record of any letter sent by Holmes to Unruh, intercepted or otherwise.) He claims to have received messages from Holmes via other inmates since that night, but he admits he doesn’t know if the sender was actually Holmes.

Still, Unruh’s story seems to have drawn interest in one unlikely quarter. He says Holmes told him he “walked up and down the aisles” of the theater three times before he opened fire, and that detail, if true, might have some bearing on the pending litigation by victims’ families against the theater chain. Unruh has paperwork indicating that he’s been in communication with at least one family member on that point.

Unruh’s story may well prove to be nonsense. Whether it’s his nonsense or Holmes’s own, the lack of answers in the Aurora tragedy has some people looking for whatever answers can be found.

– Source: Denver Westword


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An Inmate Claims that James Holmes Confessed that he was "Programmed to Kill"

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El Buscado

10 Facts Reveal a Conspiracy at Aurora Shooting August 4, 2012 Source: Rense 1. James Holmes had no job, was earning unemployment but was able to purchase almost $10,000 in weapons, explosives, and tactical equipment, and all within 2 months. The chances Holmes could afford to finance this operation on his own, wasn’t likely. Someone helped him finance the attack and following the money trail will locate the mastermind. 2. The testimony of 2 key eye witnesses contradicts the official story of one shooter and no accomplice in the attack. One witness testified that the tear gas canisters came from both sides of the theatre, a second witness testified that before the movie began he saw someone sit down in the front row, and shortly after sitting down his phone rang and instead of walking into the main lobby to take the call, he walked over to the emergency exit to the right side of the theatre opened the door and looked to be signaling someone outside the theatre. Shortly after the shooter made entrance through the emergency exit and begun his attack. 3. Evidence photos – Evidence photos of a gas mask outside of the emergency exit of theatre… Read more »

Say What

It gets creepier. "The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Senate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal."


Im sure Holmes was supposed to kill himself after his "work" was done, but something went wrong. I do believe this has something to do with his family and his father. when will people stop blindly believing everything the media tells them? we are so quick to believe what we are fed and label people as evil. People are evil alright, but not the ones we think.


I thought I'd research the "Joker" because I felt his annunciation of being the Joker had a much deeper meaning within all the elite's symbolism. I found this absolutely crazy when I found it….
3. A minor clause in a document such as a legislative bill that voids or changes its original or intended purpose.
— Second Amendment…The beginning of having the right to own a gun as obsolete, or–void.
And also these are interesting alternative meanings as well:
4. An unforeseen but important difficulty, fact, or circumstance.
5. A deceptive means of getting the better of someone.—-(AKA The masses)

I thought this to be very interesting as well as a few other things I came across….


The fact that this article went to great lengths to discredit Unruh, says they are trying to hide the truth.


Please check the victims list from the theater. There are two men that work at the Aerospace Data Facility, located inside Buckley Air Force Base. They were both killed by Holmes. It’s not rocket science to figure out that the “bereavement therapist” and “evil therapist” Unruh speaks of is the “handler” from whatever US federal agency wanted these two men “dealt with”. They are the likely targets of a notorious top-secret program that was supposed to be shuttered decades ago but Admiral Stansfield Turner and George Tenet admitted to US Congress that it was not. The two therapist are ONE in the same. It’s Holmes’ therapist that offered Holmes’ notebook to law enforcement. Is she what is called a non-official cover officer with the heretofore unidentified US federal agency? This agency was created in 1947 to be a clearinghouse for sensitive government data. How did they become a paramilitary agency that has no morality to not “program” passive-aggressive, mentally ill people who are presupposed to do sociopath like things? Holmes was studying NLP. He was already mentally ill. His supervising classmate admits he was a perfect patsy. And he criticized Holmes’ early work. So the classmate was more than willing… Read more »


I want to also add that inmates in holding cells and prisons FIND a way to communicate with each other. Unless that cell was covered with glass, Unruh WAS in fact talking to Holmes. Inmates are a determined bunch of criminals. Some use polished stolen kitchen spoons as mirrors to tell when the “screws” or “bulls” (correction guards) are approaching. They also have learned Morse Code from Amateur Radio resources on the web and other places. They have adopted coded signals through rapping on wall or cell bars. They discovered that you can empty the water from their toilets and shout into them as the cell drains are connected. Also a very old children’s game known as “POST OFFICE” works rather well to communicate cell to cell in a 2-way fashion. It involves a human bucket brigade form of delivering verbal messages to your next cell neighbor. Unruh KNEW Holmes cased the aisles three times before starting his live-fire mission. This was NOT part of the news stories but probably part of the law enforcement eye-witness interviews. Why would Holmes case the aisles beforehand? To identify the two targets as Holmes must have been provided their photos from their contractor… Read more »


maybe it was the real James Holmes being drug off by individuals and thrown into a car?

i never thought the red-haired guy really looked like Holmes.


James Holmes is not the guy in the court room. They replaced the actual James Holmes with this guy who looks identical to him. GOOGLE IT!


This Guy was framed 100%


You should really do an analysis on the film adaption of Jack Reacher… some very interesting themes coming through in that story.


Someome had to let him in the exit door!! They are locked from the outside…..I refuse to believe just by luck,on this very night… was propped open. Something seems to be wrong with him,because most folks would rat their helpers out to save their own skin-but he stays silent. Sounds like maybe he really is unaware of what he has done.


The article was removed…


I work in a jail and can tell ya its very easy to communicate through the cell doors. There are windows, toilets, and spaces under doorways. In a booking setting there is so much going on that it would be difficult to stop communication between inmates. If we don't treat inmates like animals we can learn valuable information like this.


Maybe he’s trying to plead insanity. He’s aware of all of the theories that will surface, so he’s going along with the one that would buy him less jail time, and a nice padded room.

Pierre VT

I just like to say I have studied all this stuff (occult , ancient history , and stuff for 3 years)

This is the first time posting on this site , and yet this website was the first site that opened my eyes 3 years ago

So thanks VC your awsome bro

Anyway , I would like you all to consider watching
some episodes from Derren Brown where he demonstrates mind controll and influencing people with subliminal messages , also I noticed in the past enimem sang songs about killing kids



So, in his crazy a-s state of mind…he just "happened" to have a cell phone number that just "happened" to be that of someone who just "happened" to be a bereavement counselor, whatever the f--k that is. I mean, I know what it is…but, who DOES THAT? And why would he have the number of one memorized in the first place? This tidbit alone lends mad credibility to Holmes and Unruh. I mean, if the number had been to a florist or something, then screw 'em. But, the CELL number of an active counselor. Fishy.


So…how common is it to bring a suspect into booking with a hood over his head?


spit hood is very common


You are disgusting with your jew comments. Your “jesus” was jewish, show some respect idiot.


I've been in jail before, and inmates are very creative. It is possible for them to communicate with one another. My cell mate talked to some guys a level above us through the toilet. So when the officer says the two men could have never spoken is untrue.


so true


I found this article posted on a Natural Living website:

It looks like "conspiracy theorists" aren't the only ones wising up to the truth behind this tragedy.


404 article, not found



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