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Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos



Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos

During the 20th century, urban environments got taken over by corporate logos. Studies have reported that an average person is exposed to about a thousand logos a day. Few people however ponder on the symbolic meaning of these marketing tools and their occult origins. This article analyzes the esoteric origin of some well known corporate logos.

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Logo overkill

Think about where you encounter logos on an average day: they are on household items, on cars, on clothes, in tv ads, on billboards, on insignas, all over sporting events and even on this very page (sorry). Logos are one of the results of extensive studies (funded by the Rockefeller’s  “Chicago School”) in cognitive sciences, neuropsychology and biology. Those studies constitute the core of  “marketing”, a heavily funded field which keeps its findings totally secret from the general public. Why are the findings secret? Well, if you knew why marketing worked on you, you wouldn’t fall for it anymore.

The huge visibility of corporate logos is also an opportunity for the elite to showcase their beliefs and their power. The same way occult symbols are inserted on buildings and sites (see the Sinister Sites section for examples), they are hidden in plain view on corporate logos.  We will now explore the origins and meanings of the symbols used in logos. This article will focus on the Winged Sun-disk and the Vesica Piscis.

The Winged Sun-Disk

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos

This ancient symbol is commonly associated with Egypt, although it was also used by Persians and Assyrians and also by remote cultures in South America and Australia. It consists of a Sun orb flanked by two wings. The Egyptians traditionally depicted two serpents on the wings, representing the goddesses protecting Upper and Lower Egypt. Thomas Milton Stewart explains its mythological meaning:

“Horus, the Virgin-Born redeemer of the Egyptians, came intro the world to destroy  the enemies of the great God, Ra. Therefore Horus changed himself into the form of the winged sun-disk, and took with him the Goddesses Nekhebet and Uatchit in the form of two serpents. After their successful war upon the enemies of Ra, Horus commanded Thoth, the God of Secret Wisdom, that the winged sun-disk with the erect serpents should be brought into every sanctuary of all the gods of the lands of the South and North.”

The author continues about symbolism:

“The symbolic points in the foregoing legend are very old, for they belong to the earliest period. The winged disk, which as a hieroglyphic means “to become – to be – to create,” is a part of symbolical ornamentation of every temple, displayed over every gate and doorway, and a symbol of the earliest expression of life after death that has reached our day.
-Thomas Milton Stewart, Symbolism of the Gods of the Egyptians and the Light They Throw on Freemasonry

The symbol is a representation of the ascension of the soul to the Divine, with the help of the serpents of wisdom and knowledge:

“And the meaning of the winged Sundisk is this, – It is the symbol of perfect Aspiration towards the Divine, of Purification of the lower nature, and of final ascent into union with the One.”
-G.A. Gaskell, Egyptian Scriptures Interpreted Through the Language of Symbolism Present in All Inspired Writings

Egyptian mystics used the winged sun for ritualistic magic and invocations:

“‘Emblematic of the element of air, this consists of a circle or solar-type disk enclosed by a pair of wings. In ritual magic it is suspended over the alter in an easterly direction and used when invoking the protection and co-operation of the sylphs.”
Hope, Murry, Practical Egyptian Magic

The winged sun is still being used today by groups like the Freemasons, the Theosophists and the Rosicrucians.

“The Winged Globe is pre-eminently a Rosicrucian symbol, although the Illuminati may lay claim to it, and it may be admitted that it is of Egyptian origin. The Winged Globe is the symbol of the perfected soul making its flight back to the source of its creation in the Elysian fields beyond.”
-Swinburne, Clymer, The Rosicrucians Their Teachings

So this ancient mystical and magical symbol representing the perfected soul has graced entrances for millenniums and is still being used for the same purpose. Here’s the winged sun used on Rosicrucian and Masonic buildings:

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Entrance of Rosicrucian Park

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos

The winged sun suspended over the Worshipful Master’s throne in the Egyptian room of a Masonic Temple Grand Lodge

Since the wings are the means of transportation of the perfected soul, this symbol has been used in the automotive industry.

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
The winged sun but with an all-seeing eye instead of the sun
Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Bentley logo
Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Mini Cooper logo
Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Harley Davidson winged logo
Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Aston Martin logo
Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Stylized winged sun-disk used as Chevrolet logo

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos

The Vesica Piscis

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos

This ancient symbol is the shape formed by two interlocking circles and is part of sacred geometry. “Piscis” refers to the fact that the middle section resembles a fish (piscies). Its mystical meaning has always been shrouded in mystery but most agree that it is meant to represent the feminine principle – the “vulva of the Goddess”.

“The Vesica Piscis, two interlinked circles, is also known as “the Yoni”. The name “yoni” refers to the middle portion of the interlocking circles, is derived from the Sanskrit meaning, “divine passage”. That the yoni is the feminine, the yoni should be viewed such that the divine passage becomes a correlation to sex, or male/female union. It is this correlation, and its relation to rebirth and regeneration that remains a basic truth at the very core of Occult structural foundations.”
John Yarker, The Arcane Schools

Early Christianity often represented Christ inside a Vesica Piscis, representing the womb of the Virgin and/or the gateway to the celestial world.

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos

The vesica piscis also has an important meaning in Freemasonry:

“The vesica is “a universal exponent of architecture or Masonry, and the original source or fountain from which its signs and symbols are derived— it constituted the great and enduring secret of our ancient brethren”
-George Oliver, Discrepancies of Masonry

Albert G. Mackey discusses the use of the vesica in early Masonry:

“As a symbol, it was frequently employed as a church decoration by the Freemasons of the Middle Ages. The seals of all colleges, abbeys, and other religious communities, as well as of ecclesiastical persons, were invariably made of this shape. Hence, in reference to the religious character of the Institution, it has been suggested that the seals of Masonic Lodges should also have that form, instead of the circular one now used.”
Albert G. Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

We can see a typical use of the vesica on a masonic seal:

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Seal of Academia lodge #847

Probably because of its association with sexuality, the vesica is used by clothing companies its also used by other brands

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Chanel Logo
Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
Gucci Logo
Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
DC Shoes Logo
Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos
MasterCard Logo

Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos

To Conclude

This is the first of a series of articles concerning the occult symbols in logos. I did not start with the most obvious or the most scandalous ones, but they are great examples of the depth of esoteric symbolism in pop culture. What is the point of inserting occult symbols in logos? Is it an arrogant display of power by the elite or a way to celebrate Mystery Religions? Esoteric scholars affirm that symbols have deep reaching magical effects on the masses:

“It is known that the Unconscious, whether personal or collective works by means of pictures or images, speech being a comparatively recent development. […] Magic […] speaks to the subconscious mind of man through the archaic images of its symbols and rituals, and thereby produces those “changes in subconscious” which the magician seeks.
– W. E. Butler, Magic; It’s Ritual, Power and Purpose

Considering the fact that members of occult societies like the Freemasons study Magic and the power of symbols, there is little doubt that many corporate logos apply this ancient knowledge. Some logos are even suspected to be sigils, symbols that have been magically charged to focus the subconscious to perform particular tasks. In other words, they’re more powerful than you think.


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Occult Symbols in Corporate Logos

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Hi Vigilant,
I just have to say that you have the most insightful views on the subjects at hand and I absolutely love that fact that someone out there gets that this is servious times we are dealing with.
The time of the Lord is at hand and it is so inspiring to see someone out there trying to get the word out.
I have just spent most of the afternoon reading several of your articles and im pretty sure im not stopping here.
You are always going to get mixed reviews, but the truth shall set you free!
All of God’s blessings to you!


Those here who are taking so much pride in scoffing at this post need to do some serious homework. To understand what is presented here, you have to change your perspective of the subject. When viewed as being “opinion” or “reading too much into” things, the point is missed entirely. It matters not that the common average agrees one way or another that symbolism through iconography is a tool of those who control this planet; all that matters is the fact that THEY (the ruling Elite) DO believe in it and use it frequently toward their own ends. This has been the case for millennia. Uninformed dismissals make as little difference to the truth of this issue than any of our opinions here who are informed on the subject. What matters is that those who make use of this “art” are OBSESSED with symbolism. Until you understand that, you can’t get a feel for why any of the above could possibly be true or have any subtle meaning whatsoever. Either way, you can think what you want. They don’t care what you think, and laugh at your ignorance. Such symbols are flaunted in our faces for the thrill that such… Read more »


Best comment on the subject! People really need to wake up. But this is what the Elite count on…..that the masses wills scoff at what those who are awake are telling them as just ridiculous conspiracy theories. SMH…

They Live

The Vesica Piscis also symbolizes the third eye.

mother of love

Please be responsible with the information you are putting out for impressionable minds to read. My 18 year old son has been visiting this website and now believes that corporations are trying to control us with symbols and subliminal messages. He believes that his generation is been manipulated to believe in evolution and to practice sexual indulgences so that they become zombies for others to control. I don't care about corporate symbology or logos, satan worship or whatever. I care about my son. God has the stuff that is too big for us to deal with under control. Stop filling your minds with this never ending search that is going to lead to nowhere. Ask yourself, what are you going to do to change it? Probably, nothing. So why go around mixing up your mind and other people's minds just so that you can prattle on about something that gives you a bit of fame but does nothing for the masses? The bible speaks of evildoers spreading themselves like a green bay tree, but eventually their arrogance, wicked deeds and greed will backfire on them. All we have to do is pray and do what is right. Sometimes too much… Read more »


poor lady…youre so confused..i hope your SON can talk some sense into you…WAKE UP


You should thank God your son didn't get stuck w/ a 1/4 of a brain and no courage like his mom.

Caesar Lion Cachet


You do not seem to understand that God is a mix of extraterrestrial power that came to earth to rape the primitive man on his way to intelligence. With only one purpose and that is to create a slave race to dig gold.The so called gods have left you behind as a unfinished creatures lost in the dessert of ignorance like hairless dogs in the winter just bread for fun… But you have also to realise that a part of the lowest race of these extraterrestrials are living among us and consuming the missing children and feed themselves of your horror and suffering. They work for your shadow N--i government, Kings and Queens, Mafia and all the mind controlled patsies around you. You must understand that the deeply sick evil power of Satan exists and the only way to fight it is THE TRUTH… So become a truth-full HUMAN and you will b safe !


I think the point to take is that we should be aware of these companies and their underlying agenda and beliefs. The powers that control. Would you rather we were the unaware zombies they want us to be. Knowledge is power. With enough awareness , we can revolt and go back the way in life. Stop destroying everything for profit and maybe even start talking to our neighbours again .peace to the world


Hate to burst bubbles, but he is right. Do your research! -a mother of love as well telling a mother to research out of love!!!


Santos Bonacci is giving great lectures on all of that on you tube, and explains in details many of the symbols. Check him out if you want to expand your knowledge.

Serpent Spotter

Go down any main street in England and you will see the 2 serpents in the logo of The British Heart Foundation. It's so obvious,I wonder why it is not on any symbolism archive that I have come across. This super-rich charity,just like their pals in Cancer Research UK,have no intention of finding cures,just to keep the masses ill and ignorant. Meanwhile,they torture animals,including dogs,whilst rejoicing at the fools who raise millions of pounds for them. They are the ones who David Icke calls Big Pharma,and are NOT here to cure people.

mugumya eliya

thank you my fellow


Wow, this stuff is pretty cool, but its hard not to get all fearful about it.


the The Vesica Piscis is very simple actually, but, you can't understand this unless you've had the experience of infinity. i think there are various 'eastern' words for this same thing. what is being presented is what the gnostic traditions speak of, this reality being somehow 'project outside'. so, this worlds 'god' is representing its 'creation' in that form. when you get two 'opposing' waveforms, a 'male' type energy and a 'female' type energy, when these two waveforms interact and 'pass' by each other the 'shape' that is left after the 'interaction' gives rise to a physical form, hence the reason why the outer parts of the circle are clear and the center is colored in. to represent the 'non-physical' giving rise to the 'physical'

JC Holy Man Payne- The KIN of Holy Jesus Christ

they are prophetic significance

I Be Ra You Sin Obey Me

i/bəˈrɑːk huːˈseɪn ɵˈbɑːmi(I)

i be Ra h(8) u(you) sein(sin) oba(obey) me

Do you think that strange?

Radium on the periodic table of elements has atomic number of 88. RA 88

The international symbol for HATE is 88.

It's the presidents name.
Barack Hussein Obama II (US i/bəˈrɑːk huːˈseɪn ɵˈbɑːmə/, the 44th President of the United States of America.

His Secret Service code name is

Renegade or deserter of the faith and having allegiance to another.

kinda scary huh?
OS2 Jesus S Aaron Uni Peg Unix Eisus Christ Payne


Are you a Werder Bremen fan?


Check out the logo of The British Heart Foundation. It's so obvious,the two serpents meeting in the heart shape.

Serpent Spotter

one of the most obvious Illuminati logos is frequently overlooked. I refer to the serpents on the logo of The British Heart Foundation. These people torture dogs and other animals in their labs. Another Illuminati money making machine,Cancer Research UK,changed their logo from a dotted pyramid with a different coloured dot at the top to a letter C with dots on. Had somebody told them that their logo was dodgy?


Great material. Unfortunately, far from complete…


que le diable les port avec lui las bas dans les tenebre tous ce qi apartient a des iluminati. merde alors incroiable nous some infeste de iluminati dans tout le monde et mem les guere ce fait acoze de leur plan de ce enrichire de plus en plus.


The Chevrolet symbol is a Wolf's Hook, not a Sun Disk.


the DC logo stands for droors clothing,i wonder about guys like Ken Block who owned DC with Damon Way,but have since sold the company to a larger clothing company.They are very closely linked to people who now make shows for MTV and you just have to watch one show like Jackass or Viva la Bam to realize these people don't care about how modern society runs as long as they have lots of money and can do what they want…the original DC logo was in lower case letters in a circle……there are Elements in skateboarding that were never there before pushing towards controlling the kids who originally never wanted to be apart of society…………money and mind control….



i was trying to check the second part. Can anybody help?


Hey, you saw the curch where J. K. Rowling used to go. I saw on her wikipédia's page. The symbol is in vesica's form and there is the burning bush. Tha is relacioned with freemason too.


Then that is what they are doing.

The corporations and people in power know that these symbols have a deep effect to every human beings sub-conscious, and by using these symbols they get you to buy their stuff and manipulate you.


Overall good article, but DC shoe company.. really? I forget the original meaning of DC, but it in no way has a deep meaning. Skateboarding is an industry that was founded by people with a passion for the sport. Now things have changed and of course corruption has made its way in. We're getting a bit over analytical lol

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